No Agenda Episode 984 “Show X”

my voice is too fast Madame Curie
Jhansi Devorah 23rd 2017 this is your
award-winning game our nation Media
assassination episode Niner this is no
agenda curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where it’s a beautiful

Thanksgiving Day the sun is shining the
turkeys are roaming around the
neighborhood it’s unbelievable I’m John
C Devorah those Berkeley turkeys there’s
turkeys all over the place happy

Thanksgiving everybody
we should be shooting them they won’t
let us can’t shoot the turkeys Happy
Thanksgiving John Happy Thanksgiving to
you and happy Thanksgiving everybody out

there so this and yes we should reveal
that this is a pre-recorded show
actually realize when I said
broadcasting live like more or live to

tape I’m live I’m a living I’m a live
guy especially so because snow yeah
we’re taking Thanksgiving and the day

after off because nobody nobody listens
to the show on Thanksgiving although if
they do they’re gonna get a good show
anyway yes and it’s not gonna get a live
show and what they will get as is almost
customary on the No Agenda show is an

explanation of the true story of
Thanksgiving I wasn’t planning on it oh
you always do the story it’s like the
night before Christmas book how can we

have a show on Thanksgiving without you
telling us the true nature of
Thanksgiving well I’ll do the short
version okay ready yeah it’s bullshit
I’ll miss all the corn and the and the

stuffing in the turkey and they never
really happened that way no there was a
couple of holidays this is a very
carefully outlined on my blog you can
look up Thanksgiving truth justice

Thanksgiving on the blog and there’s all
the stories are those two posts that
discussed this and Thanksgiving was you
know there’s a harvest festival these
different things that took place in the
16 is 1700s but Thanksgiving really

became kind of an official thing during
the Civil War and it was Thanksgiving
for you know the thank you you know what
kind of celebrating the dead soldiers

more than anything and we give
Thanksgiving for being alive more or
less Lincoln initiated it then it became
a national holiday over time but it all
really stemmed from this these
Thanksgivings that were proclaimed every

so often a numeric throughout American
history and then the one Lincoln did
December so what seems to be the one
that’s stuck and so they worked it out
and they’d be then they reengineering

overtime to make it seem it was this it
was something where the Indians and the
and the Puritans were ever they were the
people that were living around the 1700s
in the United States we’re having these

yearly dinners together as if it was
like you know and yeah kind of like on
the Upper East Side Manhattan so wait a
minute if our Thanksgivings bullcrap is

the Canadian Thanksgiving also bullcrap
course it is well just a different date
there’s this uh the first two so they
made bull crap out of bull crap that’s

even worse no we didn’t even celebrate
the Canadian Thanksgiving on the show
which is it is it before ours oh how can
that be I don’t get it the first we’re
number one of everything

hey pull the rug out from under us so
they did earlier okay right there yes
this is this is a special show we’re
naming it show X because it’s going to

replace all the two hundred episodes two
hundred point one or two hundred point
five yeah 200 point six two hundred
point seven two hundred point eight this
would have been two hundred point nine I
believe yeah but our
our onion was kind of rotten we did have

a producer say you know I just started
to show like around 500 and this onion
approach you have toward the show 200 is
not working for me I started thinking

about it it’s kind of lame so we’re just
doing one from scratch I do have some
clips from the earlier shows Wow very
good very good answer to help because
there’s about two or three things that

are better explained and what is the
point what is the point of this show for
people who are new who have not listened
to the 200 series yes the point is that
and the point is you know we all we need

an introductory show so why does this
show exists what are we doing what to
show how to get started how to get to
here right and I think that would this
show should answer all those questions
plus answering the Thanksgiving question

all right so do we want to just start
with how we got the how the show started
a lot of people don’t like do have a
couple of things here that kind of will
ease us into this well let me first let

me set the stage a little bit
hey where it was end of 2007 I was
living in Guildford in the Gitmo nation
GMT which is south of London and I was

traveling back and forth between London
and San Francisco for it was it was
probably still pod show at the time I
believe it was initially yes and so I’d

be in Paju it became me via shortly
after I got there okay so I would be in
San Francisco for about two weeks at a

time was really it was actually pretty
rough going back and forth two weeks
away from home and then you know then
back for two-three weeks and then back
again it was although I did get a lot of
cool gifts from Sir Richard Branson I

got the bathrobe I got everything you
know and after I stopped travelling that
much it was about two months and then
you are now at plastic level you get
nothing you slave well I was like the

top I was in the top level of
Virgin Atlantic of the loyalty program
no of course I won’t be getting did they

be giving you a foot massage every time
we came near pretty much but then once I
stopped that that one are we real I see
yeah yeah that stop real quick yeah what

good are you in are you to me now
nothing exactly so how did we meet not a
different thing we meet on a podcast
where we ordered I was on the Skype
maybe I don’t really actually had talked

about this well enough that I clipped it
from the show the Early Show ah so we
could just listen to the how did you
meet and this is an enhanced version
from 2010 curry have our unique

relationship how did you guys meet did
you hit it off right away I’ll tell you
something I found in my crap that
arrived from from the UK I found a
videotape of the CNET pilots where we

actually first met for the very first
time alright Frank that was in 1993
three or four maybe I think was three
yeah and I and I’m gonna get one of

those VHS to DVD nice to to transcode
all this stuff but this was when CNET
did not have a website in fact I
registered and said to Halsey

miner hey dude you know I’ll do your
email if you want you know you might
want to have a web thing that I think
that would be more appropriate for what
you’re doing here but our I dub and you
were doing kind of a McLaughlin group

type roundtable as the pilot for that
show while the sound quality is
outrageous I got better ones than that
oh my goodness no I I have to say that
of course I know how stuff should sound

but the idea was my idea behind you know
podcasting was not only we have our own
little transmitter which is basically
your podcast feed and your mp3 file but

also you should be able to do it on your
laptop you should be able to do it
unreasonably you know medium to
higher-end prosumer equipment that
should be possible and I was always out

to prove it and this was not a good
example of it it sounds like I have an
echo even I have a better example this
is when the period you kept telling me
over the probably over

years you were complaining to me that
you were baked oh and I might comment
back to you most recently was well you
didn’t sound it you know even though

you’re married I’ve been stoned it
didn’t sound like it that’s my
recollection and you never did sound it
but your attitude has changed I didn’t
realize it oh for example and you just

bitched about the sound which needs to
be to a different clip this is a clip
when Obama got elected that night mm-hmm
this is a clip of the show at the
beginning of the show and this this is

the clip 11 5 2007 Obama just got
elected we started started doing a show
this is something you would not do today
you would not allow and you feel this is
appropriate to rebroadcast it’s only

because it’s funny
it is November 5th all across Gitmo
nation it is quite a special episode of
No Agenda mainly because it’s early

morning here for me today and late night
for John exactly the opposite of how the
show is usually done which means it’s
time for no agenda coming to you from a
very exhilarated and excited morning

here in the United Kingdom Gitmo nation
East I’m Adam curry
I’m John C Dvorak and I what is going on
there didn’t remember but this this was

one of those we used to have these
moments and I forgot about it where they
owe I remember it’s speeding up a lot I
don’t remember a lot of a lot of slowing

down that’s pretty outrageous it’s
horrible and but here it is this has
been this is back in the day and your
attitude about this is not what it is
anymore is one of the things we do

matically will talk about today which is
that of the show naturally evolved and I
would listen to a lot of old shows to
put this together and I realize that
this show wasn’t any good until show 101

welcome our new obama overlord do you
have a voice processor on your new setup
john what’s going on why would you get
breaking up when you said it sounds like

it’s on you have like a date-date
a Darth Vader voice oh yes well it’s a
midnight you know stop Obama President
Obama you are my president we have a new

president well you know the funny thing

is protei you didn’t get to watch shows
cuz you were sleeping but there was a
big gathering outside of the White House
they’re also saying you know because we

could something you know we always tried

to reconnect it was like crap that’s
true there was no attempt to reconnect
there’s no attempt to do anything it was
just like that the whole show if I
recall if I recall correctly it allowed

this is this is a minor point I remember
that I was in Guilford and it took like
six months to get an internet connection
which i think was maybe well when you

you move from Guildford you left
Guildford you went to Amsterdam yeah but
before before that actually well in

Amsterdam you talked about this problem
and then use because I brought up the
apparently virgin net or something has
some deal they were trying to do yeah

but what I recall ultimately doing is I
had a I was at h SP di whatever dongle
which was you know kind of that woo
before before 3G even I think well maybe

that was 3G in the UK and I had to
position it in a certain spot so would
get the right connection and the whole
show ran on that it was like an

emergency situation if we doing
something from my hotel room that works
pretty well
technology has been our friend over the
years there’s no doubt about that it has
helped extremely to be able to just to

do the show yes I agree and so anyways
but that had changed that’s changed a
lot in fact it turns that we’d talk

about this a little bit on show 200
aware that’s when I believe you got all
your you got geared up I don’t know if
you have that fancy device that you that
you have now but you were you got a

whole bunch of new gear at show 200 do
you have a clip of that cuz I have no
idea what I had because it was just like
hey we got a bunch of new gear I do have
the way I do have the opening a show 200

somewhere I don’t know why it’s a deuce
opener right okay deuce open let’s see
maybe I can tell you what gear was just
from listening to the sound they opened

fire first Public Safety is a friggin
Jhansi Devorah is May 16 2010 time for
kid mo nation media assassination
episode 200 this is no agenda in the

morning to y’all

curry I think not regarding mediocrity
this is number 200 from northern Silicon
Valley I’m consider French I just wanted
to see if I could throw you off guard

you can always throw me off guard in the
morning to you my friend and in the
morning to everybody listening yes and
congratulations John because you have
new gear well ya know congratulations on
200 episodes yes I think it’s pretty

amazing I think it’s a it’s a beaten now
again with the echo well is that
something of from the clips or was that
exactly how you came off the show but it
sounded like haha I remember I remember

this period cuz I was in Los Angeles and
I think this is when I started using
everything on the laptop I’d like to set
up a lot because it had onboard

processing but there was a slight delay
in my headphones when I was speaking
right you did that was four years
recently I was years I did this that
would drive me nuts shit was not easy

but you get used to it after a while
and then when you take the headphones
off then you can’t think you sound like
a moron my voice is too fast well one of
the things we did in the original show

200 and we’ll get I think back on this
track which is we took questions and we
answered a bunch of questions yeah
that’s where we got the you know where’d
you two guys meet and once you start the
show and then we had to be discussed in

as much detail it was a I would say that
the 200 shows having read listen to them
they’re terrible scratch yeah a new kind
of terrible yeah well at least it’ll

sound good yeah well I am Oh is
everything sounds good now so the sound
I will say whenever
that happened I think it was I guess it
was in Texas yeah must have been in
Texas when I got the universal audio

device and now with that really changed
everything that that changed my world it
changed your attitude
yeah now I want to be perfect every time
sure yeah we changed your attitude you
have a you’re more of a perfectionist

but let’s listen to is this some we
didn’t put on the show show it 200 let’s
listen to the one of the things I’ve
noticed about their early shows as
there’s latency to the that’s to an

extreme I don’t know why anybody listen
to the show but let’s listen to the
opening of the first show do we have a
date on this or do I guess I mentioned

it in the opening or not that was the
nine or eight 26 2007 yeah welcome
everybody to a brand new program on the
poncho Network which could be titled a

number of things we chose no agenda but
it could be the show with no imaging no
no no content yet the only thing it is
is two guys with an idea of putting

together a what we call it John a
genderless show a genderless show
exactly John see Dvorak in California
Adam Curry here in London something we

cooked up I was in like a four minute
phone call hey we should do a show
together okay let’s call it no agenda
okay and here we are well of course the
basis for show like this and I think

everybody out there who’s ever had a
canoe has kinds of conversations with
friends they occasionally especially
when the conversations go on and on
stage you know that would have been an
interesting thing for other people to

listen to true true and I think
basically and I’ve in fact actually
showed my wife because sometimes she
does a news analysis over the phone
sometimes it’s pretty pretty astonishing

I’ll have you ever had the shows I do
with Patricia with my wife yeah same
kind of thing it’s great conversation
yeah right I think you know to some
extent Don and drew and so almost

everybody who you know like to chat you
know pretty much provides this kind of
inter entertain
Wow this is before I figured out the
wonderment of the noise gate well

there’s that and I also like cuz I never
heard your show and your cuz oh no I
knew that I almost wanted to stop the
clip and say just so full of crack was

full of crap doing this sort of thing
you have to be full of crap to keep it
moving to keep it movin along baby and
so the show was begun as a lark well the
idea was just a conversation okay at

which of course it turns out that that’s
not what we do best what we do best is
clips and analysis and stuff like that
the conversation does yeah it’s kind of
interesting we have some letters I’m

we’re just gonna start reading some of
these questions in a minute and a lot of
it is like again it’s talking about
restaurants review restaurants again and
all the stuff we used to do but in this
in this first show that I want to get
this out of the way this the clip is

called the first discussion of show
length which by the way will amuse
anyone who listen to the seven and a
half hour show in our No Agenda No
Agenda yeah three four topic sounds

about about right maybe if we do it once
a week
yeah I think that’s a good I don’t think
week I don’t think we can sustain this
length because sometimes I mean the the
interview you had with dr. Ron was worth

discussing for a while yeah true okay so
what we’ll see but this I would say I
agree this is maybe a little bit on the
long side but just under near forty
minutes then what’s the max that’s just

a clip off at the end of our show these
days man I got 40 minutes of Clips left

over but again I have to say a lot of
this is down to technology and just
bandwidth alone to be able to but I
remembered clipping stuff from from the

from the web’s it took forever you click
you wait I mean it took hours longer
than it does today
then even though you know now I have a
whole system didn’t do we didn’t do long

mini clips rate I remember there’s
nothing shows that four clips from me
you know three from you four from you
three for me it wasn’t a lot
I do remember when I got one of my clip

said I do have this clip which is this
is the first mention of a clip and the
style in which we execute the clips I
received in my email this morning
several sound clips which John has

apparently he’s got some form of an
agenda today and has prepared something
and the note said for the show please
don’t listen so I did not oh yeah and
and that really started well we have a

theory it which is based on broadcast
experience that yeah if you rehearse
something or if you set something up or
if you agree okay we’re going to talk

about this or we’re gonna you know worse
here’s your punchline it always sucks it
everyone mainstream I mean you see it in
talk shows you know at the way the guest
is flummoxed and then the host says well

wasn’t there something about your dog
that you want to talk about you know
that the coax the idiots along and we
found that well I think we aways
throughout the years we continuously
tried to set up something and we try a

bit from from time to time pretty much
no bitch networker the ones that we had
lived from scratch yes exactly and and
all media would be so much better if it
was well you can’t

television little more difficult but it
would just be so much more better and
and really from a production standpoint
once I got this piece of software called
audio rack suite which is an open-source

piece of gear that a couple of radio
guys put together years ago and they
kind of stopped developing it because it
was done that nothing left to do so

hopefully if a new Mac OS comes out and
we’re all forced to upgrade I can use it
but what’s great about it is it’s just
dragged from a 5v or from a finder you
just drag in these clips and you know
through through MIDI it opens up a fader

it’s very it’s much easier for me to
just immediately click and go you say
something I look at the misspellings on
your clip list I figure out what you’re
talking about a drag it a and click go

and that’s how cuz I have no idea what
these clips are today even it’s really
technology that has helped I will I have
to say that well you’re also
outrageously talented
at work in a system that you designed

for yourself you know what’s interesting
because I’ve been looking I you know
I’ve been talking about transitioning to
Windows and I’ve been looking for a
similar system and you know disc jockeys
today they don’t do crap they don’t do

any work anymore they don’t have to
select anything and put it into a into a
player or you know like well gee back in
the day we had the songs on a cart and
you know big magnetic the carton goes in

you start the cart yeah these days they
got a playlist they’re pretty much
tracking ahead of time they record their
voice bit they schedule it in they go

you know sit on a groupie for a while
and it’s very hard to get the old-school
technology for making radio as the boy I
still see what we’re doing yeah I agree
yeah that’s the end of an era no it

truly is it truly is so we had the we
played the original opening opening at
first show ahead here is the let’s go
into the when when I think the show

really got good is when we gave up on
our idealism of no jingles no nothing
was it really idealism or I think it was
I think we were trying to figure out the

format and we started with a widget so
we’ll just talk and we’ll have a little
conversation and then you know I think
both of us felt like that’s missing a

lot but you have apparently some moment
in time when we first started doing this
or what I have a number of clips that
kind of relate to that but first I want
to get to the what triggered our

deciding to do a mockery of radio itself
and which is the weenie and the butt
clips yeah
and the and so I have them I took this
is from show 200 I took these three

clips out of that show and so we hear
them again this explanation you start
with I got three theirs origins clip
weenie in the butt in context we open we
would open the show the show that has no

jingles no sound effects no agenda and
you handed me
a copy of the family guy with the
episode weenie and the butt and that
really got the G because again we’re

both radio freaks and we figured this
would just be funny to do and it kind of
stuck and I think that it would be fun
that’s also where 8:00 in the morning
came from by the way and it’s such a
take off on the morning zoo format and

which we both I would say love and hate
at the same time lows of course now it’s
just so old-fashioned but when you
listen to this you can understand why
radio guys get off on weenie in the butt

that’s about two minutes this pre-roll
watch your favorites anytime for free in
the but here live at the Quahog Air Show

we’re all ready for the weenie
sound-alike contest I don’t know but I
don’t think they can say my catchphrase
because they know funny and if you think
you can say that just like weenie here

you could win ninety seven point one
dollars for the cool weekend ahead

and welcome back excuse me I got to find

a lost kid can I use your mic that’s
what she said listen I could really use
a hand here that’s what he said Stewie

Griffin will you please report to the

radio booth Stewie Griffin hey that’s
quite a voice you’ve got there you ever
think about doing radio well I’ve
listened to a lot of radio Peter and
Lois leave the radio on when they go out
so I feel like somebody’s home

well here’s my card call me if you’re
interested okay we’ve got our first
let’s hear weenies catchphrase Dan no
funny I think we have a weed and that’s
Dicky the punch line donkey on 97.1

sadly I’ve done many programs for real

like that yes in fact on the original
show you went on and touch and actually
did a number of them I’m sure maybe it

may be in the second clip let’s play the
second set okay so we kind of decided we
didn’t decide it just happened what’s of
the show by the way four people were
asked all these questions it’s really an

evolution yeah we don’t have meetings we
don’t read no in fact that’s if there’s
a rule we generally agree not to talk
about what we’re going to talk about

because we know that what will happen is
we’ll start talking about it and then we
bring it up on the show and then it’ll
always suck there’s like yeah it’s like
it’s been rehearsed
yeah there’s no tension there of course

you ran into Jeff Smith and so we ended
up getting a bunch of these jingles and
things which some people complain about
but it paces the show well it is a
mockery of the the other model and but

it adds kind of a nice I don’t know what
it is the atmosphere is improved by it
the in the morning thing is used as a as
a rim shot generally so it should be and
it is often so I say something funny

which is very common on the show and if
you go off on a tangent
so we have a bunch of these things which

we use and now that we had a couple
questions that’s an old radio trick for
a Segway it’s it’s really it helps
transition the listeners brain from one

segment to the next it jars you for a
moment there and if you listened to our
last show show 200 Adam was going off
the deep end on some topic he kept I was
way at least two three minutes overdue

to stop it and I told him to play the
Adam Curry’s pet peeve of the day jingle
which I knew what transitions they would
do would you know stop him in his tracks

it also stops me you’re right yeah it
works perfectly that way so the show
hears from one of our listeners the show
you do today is very different from the
show when you first started eg personal

anecdotes are gone no they’re not audio
clips and jingles are now prevalent
originally less than an hour week is now
four hours a week and listeners are now
asked to contribute cash is the show

where you want it to be are you planning
more changes we show just evolved so we
don’t plan anything all the although we
do things individually that may or may
not stick I thought I’m on board with

the evolution there’s nothing is
absolutely nothing is planned I have my
own things John has his things sometimes
we might send each other a link from
time to time and and even then usually

the link doesn’t get discussed because
we saw well whatever he’s over but we
have a couple of common interests of
things that are funny that we think are
funny usually they have to do with

mainstream media I didn’t realize we had
the in the morning jingles that quickly
already I guess that was yeah the Jeff
Smith sort of sir Jeff Smith did that

well actually I tried to find out where
this stuff was first coming from so I
did a little research and we can play
the let’s play the third clip of this
particular origins clip but I then I
want to I’ll give you some genesis it’s

stuff it’s kind of interesting I think
that’s that’s the most fun is when we
when we rag on mainstream media and pull
it apart and simultaneously open
people’s eyes as to what’s really going
on in yeah on television you know that

may have been triggered by the weenie
and the butt episode probably though the
family got because once we start once we
can’t start mocking that model we
started looking at the media bitching

about it generally on a higher plane I
believe then the people at Fox have ever
thought of and we started we realized
that it was actually energy we were
entertaining ourselves and we knew it

was very valuable information and we had
the time it’s not like anyone can’t do
this but most people work for a living
if you’re to have a job at Goldman Sachs
and you’re there till you know 7:00 at
night and you have to get in early

ever I’ve ever been and you have the
drink all day which seems to be what the
jobs about and strippers you know what
strippers you don’t have time to go and
start digging around these stories to
find the one you know the missing

element or the the kind of the crazy
connection but you just haven’t got time
to do it and then you know the fact that
the mainstream media doesn’t do it and
they don’t is just makes you wonder
I have February 8 2009 the in the first

in the morning
clip yeah it sounds by right and that’s
by the way one of the reasons I’m glad

we doing the show from scratch is
because I listened to the original shows
200 points the 200 point X and there was
a lot of us just ad libbing you know
like I don’t know when we did that I

think after about a year we did we got
some real numbers now then you’re right
it was 2008 and I’m in 2009 and that’s
only really three months into the show I

have a cover here’s a good example of
what we’re talking about no that’s just
more than three months it’s 2009 maybe
this is a copy then oh no that’s right
no was today wasn’t over a year what am

I thinking yeah mm huh
I mean just let me just play the ones
that he sent us at that time
we still use him yeah what I was

thinking is only about three or four
months after we started taking donations
right different big gave different
origin periods we started taking
donations in late 2008 and he invites

the show 68 here’s what the show opening
in February 1st 2008 or 2009 show 68
here’s what the opening used to sound

like it’s time once again for the weekly
adventures of crackpot and buzzkill
live from Gitmo Nation West in South
West wait I’m in East from South West
London I Madame Curie I’m John see

Devore here in Silicon Valley North that
was John C Dvorak oh yes so yes you did
and that that is Gitmo Nation West I’m
in Gitmo nation east fresh back and get

mo nation East where things are falling
apart and the Brits have finally started
to grab for the pitchforks and torches
there were riots in in Geneva yesterday
mr. right a plane is that Geneva but

yesterday the the British also not riots
but the they’re calling Gordon Brown on
his bullshit the the workers at what is
it total and a few other outfits and we

have a wild wildcat strike yes if that’s
what I sound like when I’m baked for
sure yeah
it could be you probably we’re baked

yeah but it was like did leg and all
those shows we’re not good in my opinion
oh it’s nice durable yeah I know it does
so I’m surprised thank you for staying
with us the few of you who have yeah and

that people go back and listen from
episode one and continue to listen and
all the way up to to today’s shows how
it’s doable hey when do you want to do
some some questions when I do those

after we go through them okay we do
that’s good so we get some of the stuff
I also have a fantastic I so got it okay
I’m fast

not that fast a me I love that fantastic
me I love that fantastic
what was that about if she was just
baked eggs okay now here’s the tool to

February 5th 2009 genesis of the in the
morning this is and this is this is the
first time we did two shows a week this

is the first is the opening from the
first thursday show just like Doublemint
gum we’re now twice as nice with the
premiere edition of the weekday no
agenda it’s crackpot and buzzkill in the
morning coming to you from Gitmo nation

east in southwest London I Madame Curie
and I’m John Cedar Park here in Silicon
Valley North also known as Gitmo nation
period ah what do you mean I don’t get
my piece of Gitmo anymore you know you

get to be getting mo nation whatever
east and there’s Gitmo nation west
should be China it’s all one big Gitmo
nation man so I noticed that Rush
Limbaugh now has a Gitmo a nation

thinking ah you’re kidding me he calls
it Gitmo nation literally no it’s
something else but it’s similar I’m so
happy we got your you to sound better on
this show yes I know I sound like I’m in

a bucket horrible this is with ten days
later when we started getting the the we
got all those clips in from Japeth but
we it took really about a month or two

before they were organized to what they
are today here’s an example of how we
tried to use or you you were the guy
doing it how you try to use them early
well you know what are we talking about

here it’s I’m sorry original opening to
1509 okay well make sure you play the
right one originating from opposite
corners of Gitmo nation
screwed it up already with Adam Curry

and John C Devorah coming to you from
Gitmo nation east in the southwest parts

of London in the curry Terrace I Madame
Curie oh that was even a pre-production
example of our opening yeah something I
think was young Paul s who put the whole

thing together and I know it’s Dave Fox
I know that’s the voice Dave Fox very
famous he’s the voice of iHeartRadio you
got a great voice we’ve just been you
although it’s the music that ultimately
we use for our opening is I think it

comes with Apple with what is their
program logic it’s because you know from
time to time people go hey man they
stole your opening tune man like no not

really it’s like it’s free yeah well so
yeah we’ve kind of evolved and I think
this show really started to get better

by show 100 and show 100 right decided
to listen to it again and this is the
show is interesting because you were
gonna quit the show oh that’s it before
him but you know it wasn’t easy to talk

you out of it
but then when we listen to show banana I
didn’t realize two things and the show
and Hunter was a major production with
stuff I don’t even remember for the life
of me it was a long time – was it far

for then four eight four then it was
four now it’s like yeah yeah so so I
don’t think you’re gonna remember a lot
of this stuff but let’s listen oh boy
four people want to reminisce or never

gonna guys just set the stage I had left
my first wife I think I was in Amsterdam
with my second wife and if she wasn’t my
wife I would think you were hanging out

with it yeah yeah but it was I wasn’t
that was in a dark place
yeah maybe what the show was it was
pretty different let’s try it
Jhansi Dvorak countless stories covering

the entire scope of real news and
factual journalism from aviation to
avian flu from tax dollars to taxonomy

broadcasting from every glistening
corner of the earth to bring you your
bi-weekly get mo nation publication
working tirelessly to entertain and

educate the righteous crowd lend them
your ears because Sunday May 31st 2009
the crackpot and buzzkill present to you
the 100th episode of No Agenda streams

drops and forms all created and
providing the citizens of Gitmo nation
the true identity of they and why the
new york times harbors ill will against

pronouns wine and food real news shadow
puppet theater and of course fractals
for 99 episodes strong nice producers

listeners and your donations make it all
happen i’m korean john c Dvorak invite
you to tune into a hallmark event of
Gitmo nation No Agenda number 100 on

Sunday May 31st 2009 ecstatic to bring
you this very special announcement
Bandon missile silo in Gitmo nation

south near Dallas Texas I’m Parker r
Snyder and now on with the countdown
we’ll see you Sunday May 31st
Madame Curie Jhansi Devorah oh yeah it’s

time for episode number 100 of your
Gitmo nation publication it is the 31st
this is no agenda is no agenda coming to
you from a beautiful

I mean stunningly beautiful Amsterdam
the Netherlands right on the canals with
the Sun streaming in it still Gitmo
though I Madame Curie and from an
overcast northern Silicon Valley I’m

John C Dvorak that was ladies tomb that
yeah it is the morning where you are

it’s the morning that was like Chloe’s
in the morning under a real long
foreplay and then almost premature
ejaculation well at least you got to
think about running an hour late work

really sucks so bad everybody how you
doing there’s no agenda episode number
100 good to be with you I’m very excited
what’s your wine interject yes please we

have a bunch of people that have written
in saying there was no episode 22 and
this is not really a episode 100 yeah
and you know what Amy Winehouse is
really important just saying yeah did we

not do an episode 22 what happened I
don’t know but it doesn’t make any
difference because since we had the one
expurgated episode this would still be
episode 100 no matter what but it’s

thought this will be a controversial
episode 100 because of the of the count
it was a count and because of the show
that we put in the can and never realize

you’re right now we didn’t put it in the
can oh I did in the trash can and then I
emptied the trash it’s gone the bits are
gone there’s no whatever anywhere except
for the second half you have the second

half of episode the the lost episode
right right lost episode so we’ll call
it 100 seems like a good idea we had to
be introduction yeah that was good we’ve
got a new jingle by the way which was

sent to us by a good buddy and the Jeff
Smith you want to hear it sure go for it
it’s really for later on on the show but

a chance to play it twice so listen to
this miss come once again to help
support No Agenda
my friends Adam and John keep the show
going on to drop a coin in the bucket

today Dvorak org slash in aim you could
even be knighted what’d you say

I just myth man you slay me I love that
fantastic I wish I had that one you know
what happened to it I have no idea that
whole opening – I don’t remember that I

don’t remember I mean I heard it would
Snyder but I don’t know who that is
it since you were you know you
complimented me very nicely you do that
all the time about the production but
man I gotta compliment you on putting up

with me yeah yeah there’s that sometimes
it must be difficult but I will see ya
and the funny thing is about that show

and I listen to and I listen to it I
didn’t remember that opening and I
didn’t remember I kind of almost
remember the Jeff Smith jingle do what
you used later in that show and then I

don’t think I said that then it
disappeared I have no idea what I and I
would mention that after you that
disappeared we haven’t heard from Jeff
again now I hear for me that right he’s
saving children in Africa missions

African I was cool guys like that
so I find that to be interesting I have
in this huge collection is a discussion
that we will probably get into a little

bit here which was and it might stem a
little bit from the clip that you have
of the NPR lady yeah you want to hear
that play that first and then we’ll play

our discussion about advertising this is
start answering questions yeah this was
Vivian Schiller at the time she was the
CEO of NPR and we were on her on her
tail although I can’t remember why but

we didn’t like her and we thought and ER
was full of crap and and then somehow
she was doing a Q&A
this genius clip came out of it because

I think we were always saying you know
oh I remember what it was it’s like hey
they’re doin call-to-action so you know
they don’t have advertising but then
they would say well you know this is a
this program is brought to you by

Squarespace and then they would do like
a you know go to Squarespace comm which
they only did for a little bit because I
think they got you know they’ve gotten
some trouble for it but we were calling
them out on hey you’re just doing
advertising you’re calling it something

else and then Vivian Schiller gave us
this beautiful clip okay moving on to
money how our NPR is corporate
underwriting revenues holding up in the
recession and what about foundation
grants two different stories

underwriting is corporate underwriting
is is down it’s down for everybody I
mean this is this is the this is the
area that is most down for us is in

isn’t sponsorship underwriting
advertising call it whatever you want
oh yeah and she was gone after that yeah
well she wasn’t doing well there and

she’s I don’t know where she still you
can follow her on Twitter she didn’t she
go to the New York Times yeah then she
left there though I think she went to
Twitter maybe oh that’s right yeah yeah
yeah bouncing around doing I was really

getting certain jobs bounce around what
happens when you’re no good yeah when we
had we made this little discussion very
early on about advertising from a

content creator perspective and it was
good and I believe it’s because I was
act is we’re still early was in the
first couple hundred shows and you’d get
the you’d get the comment from somebody

some expert about how why don’t you go
what are you doing taking donations why
don’t you get advertisers
why don’t you can find advertisers this

shows any good it would fight you’d find
advertisers and you get this from people
about why don’t you using advert in and
advertising is not for podcasters with
the exception of a very few people

advertising that doesn’t work for crap
it doesn’t work that you you have to
split the money with somebody else they
ad sales guy it creates a layer you have
to take grief from advertiser you have

to do
meeting show and it’s one of our themes
but here’s a little discussion we had on
the topic I thought would be worth
clipping and playing again radio is
terrible 17 minutes of programming and

13 minutes of commercials you know make
your choice
right and how much is your time worth so
I’ve used that argument but then I also
find another one which I really haven’t
exploited on the show but you know

because people do this production well
it cost a lot of money to make a movie
what about a novel novels are one of the
first into one of the first businesses
that are directly used or supported good

point you buy a book a good point and
you read the book and you know you’ve
already paid your money no of course
unlike our show the book you pay in
advance for the book and you pay in

advance for the for the Avatar movie
you’re paying advance for a lot of these
things we don’t do that we’re more of
the church model where you you know if
you don’t like the sermon you don’t have

to put anything in the coffers but it’s
the same thing your books are user
supported and wears no ads in a book no
and what and once you get over the
personal hurdle coming from mainstream

wear by the way we hate commercials I’ve
always hated commercials okay that’s
when the GVR such a good god say no but
I mean just even as a creative as a
creator of content online oh I got it I

got it
hit the commercial break I gotta
interrupt your flow watch one of these
shows anyone listening to this on Fox or
in places and they get somebody in a

really heated debate but they’re on a
hard break yeah I’ve seen this with Tom
Brokaw and the president and and they
got some some guys screaming his ear
counting down the commercial and the

president’s actually just saying
something really interesting yeah it’s
annoying it’s very very annoying as a
creator to go through that
then yeah it was kind of weird at least
for me it was you know you feel

embarrassed to ask people for money and
there is a psychological hurdle and but
once you’re over that got over it pretty
quickly that’s easy sailing you know I’m

glad you got that clip because that is
that’s a message to podcasters
everywhere this is your biggest hurdle
I’m convinced of it the minute you go to
the value for value model which I don’t

think we had coined yet here know the
model was there but not the actually I
think you had coined it a little bit
because I remembered being in that
longer even if I could make that clip
longer I think it might be in there it

was the beginning I agree I think you’re
right it’s a dis hurdle there’s two
hurdles I saw one was doing it just
doing it just you know jumping in the
pool and the other one is is taking it

so seriously
that you really becomes part of your
life you don’t you know you’re not just
goofing around
right and you mentioned the net clip in

that longer version about tip jars and
how stupid it is it be so passive you
can’t be passive you have to be
aggressive yeah and also what we I think
we figured out pretty quickly that it

was a mistake to limit what people
wanted to give by saying odd chip in
chip in $3.00 chip in well now that you
mention it I didn’t have this in my

notes but I was thinking of a couple of
examples of that one was the mistake
podcasters making podcasters should
obviously I think if you listen to this
is that they go to cheap yeah they’re

looking for a dollar
well that nickel show which is which is
very much the NPR model I might add now

they always don’t have to do anything
more than that nowadays because they
have giveaways and they and they have
this big underwriters yeah and tote bags
tote bags and coffee mugs but I was

thinking about this because I noticed
that once we kind of opened it up and
created the executive producer in
knighthoods two different tracks for
to start doing it they would give more

money into the support for supporting
the show they would give more and with
you know knowing that their notes gonna
be read or whatever the rationale is but

when you had it we had it for a while
two dollars a month right which is how
it kind of started stupid stupidly and
that would have you know but there’s
still actually one or two guys they’re
still still on that track sure through

the old PayPal account – yeah that’s a
loser and when I see people with this is
like oh you want to do this and we need

to want to get this a bunch of money and
it’s to a dollar
you’re gonna get to pay you know fifteen
cents a show that’s kind of the low end
thinking really hurts you and I’m gonna
give it my favorite example of this

Andrew Sullivan they had a right wenge
yeah he was a very famous what he’s a
very famous blogger wasn’t he’s gonna
create an online magazine just about him

and he did and he’s had a yearly
subscription of something that he was a
yearly subscription very rigid and we
are open to any amount of money more
like a church I’d say but he had this

you know $24 a year or something like
that and you get this access to his
thing which of course we need to just
say this only works if you produce an

outstanding product if you don’t have
that then she’s not gonna happen and
quite honestly listening to some of
these old clips I’m amazed yes so then
so that you’re actually killed your own

argument yeah now so Sullivan I don’t
know this story to be absolutely true
but I do know that Sullivan opened up
because he was very famous at the time

and I think he has some like 10,000 or
20,000 or 50,000 subscribers I remember
the number was he was making a million a
year that’s what I remember that was a
million a year why didn’t he keep just
doing that

what are you because I believe it fell
off like it does with all these other
subscription models PayPal kicks you off
you lose this guy you lose that guy they
stop subscribing they fall by the
wayside we have a lot of people

overboard it doesn’t work
I think he probably wasn’t making a
million a year anything became less and
less and then nothing I just don’t think
that the idea of having a simple

subscription as your only source and
I’ve seen podcasters try to do this the
malla we attempt to do and they keep it
they limit it they automatically limit
it yeah we give them money it’s 19 bucks

you can give them 19 bucks but you can’t
give them a thousand which is the which
is the downside of patreon patreon is
set up in the wrong way in mind is very
limiting for example if somebody says

watch these patreon
well we’d there’s other reasons we don’t
use patreon mainly this their contract
we don’t like it
yeah but we have like every couple shows
we have new offerings and there’s just

you know set up using paypal and you can
set up a new you know we get some
special deal sometimes it’s open
donations a random donation and seven

times out of ten it’s the producers the
listeners themselves who come up with
some crazy idea that we then adopt yes
yeah like 69 69 we have the hams with 70

see 73 73 we have 800 8 4 boobs I mean
this is all stuff we didn’t come up with
it this no yeah we could have but no
yeah we did well the boobs I don’t know

how you could come up with that or the
little boob 600 600 up with little boob
we could have but we didn’t do somebody

else that’s a great one to know and it’s
just it’s just a mile that we put
together I think works better than
anything else I’ve seen out there we’ve

you know tried to get other people to do
this exact same model cuz I think it’s a
good model for anybody and it stems
pretty much from dedicating ourselves to

the model and not even thinking about
advertising and at the end taking a risk
we took risk you think so I never
thought much as much about this I gave

up my job at my own company
yeah yeah you did what you took a risk
because you gave you quit you were but
you were fed up but also I I couldn’t I

couldn’t sell it to myself Here I am you
know at a podcast network which you
can’t monetize the network you know
trying to make cheap content and put
stickers all over it you know with

advertising and meanwhile the real fun
was doing the No Agenda show and it was
just like this is really I love this I
love that was hey I enjoyed this here’s
how much I thought it was worth that is

so much more fulfilling than gee we we
got all the views we promised there’s
engagement boom yeah thanks advertiser
Oh sucks yes in some BOTS through and
have them click no I don’t want to talk

about that but anyway so that’s the way
the model came about and I think it was
I think it’s good I mean we have our ups
and downs it’s not very consistent
unless there’s some gimmick or something

fancy going on or it’s an anniversary
you know it is you we struggle I mean it
might as well be this is probably let’s
do this is our little donation segment
well hold on let me interrupt you

also the Jeff Smith and we want to

mention the we’re not gonna thank
anybody on this show or the next for
that matter and so anyone who
contributes to these shows these
particular shows like if you send

something in over $50 today it will be
on the suet show 986 986 that will be on
yeah that’ll be the 30th the last day of

the month
yeah and so we’ll do a big donation
segment which believe me were used to
although a combine a couple of show is
probably it actually combined three

shows yeah and there’s so be retime z–
longer than usual but did you know
people at this time of year they’re not
just thanksgiving nobody’s listening but
like the donation segments those who

don’t know how to get through it and
they miss important things we tell it we
have good stories within the do we make
the donations segment thank you
interesting thank you this is this and I
think it’s very entertaining another

point that needs to be made but just
since we’re the granddaddy’s of the
podcast here for the moment if you got
to make it interesting yes so just
sitting there and just you know yeah

thank you for this solji for that no man
and somehow we roped ourselves into
playing classic jingles and all kinds of
stuff for people
which I think does make it interesting
yeah cept when they all ask for the

exact same jingle one person after has
read random the random number theory but
anyway divorced at work /na we’d
appreciate if we got some help for this
episode which we are making an effort to

do yeah and I would like to thank
everybody you know for 10 years we’ve
yeah for the better part of 10 years
we’ve successfully been able to create
this with you thank you so much and I’m

not just thanking you for I’m not just
thinking you from the bottom of my heart
drove my wife’s Baltimore Ville it’s not
just the contribution through money it’s

the it’s everything it’s all the stuff
that you guys helped produce with I mean
that is the true community and luckily
there’s an understanding the only way if
we can do our job is if you support us

and it works and I think you know maybe
maybe maybe sometime in the future
someone will go hey look what those guys
were doing back then maybe it’s a
possibility and that will bring us out

of this segment into the questions I do
want to just mention since we pretty
much mentioned every single 200 dot

whatever episode that even even with our
model and this is important we have the
most mess up donation address in the

Dvorak org slash na you go on the street
do a Jimmy Kimmel man on the street 9
out of 10 people can’t even spell Dvorak
let alone like they get to this to the
URL but this is the magic of what we do

vollrath org slash it works jingles work
they were we use a lot of old tricks and

if only the new broadcasters would
understand that these old tricks still
work they were developed over time when
radio was King back in the good old days

and actually after radio got knocked out
of being King it got even better in
terms of the tricks because you had to
use more of more tricks because you’re
competing with televisions right so

radio really gotten to the point I mean
the morning zoo model is not something
that would do well in the 1930s and
Scott Shannon still does it on CBS FM in
New York where I learned how to do it he

still does it the number one station in
New York believe it or not no still it
still holds water
well you mentioned a second ago that
what will people who look back on and

think of this show I don’t think they’re
gonna think much of the first hundred of
them but after that I think we got on a
roll and and that brings us the question
from Larry hey okay

cop-out question calls it may I please
ask how do you how do you two experts
want to be remembered a hundred years
from now oh okay well

yes sir I you want me to go first so
that you can have another answer I would
like to I would like to be remembered by

what what I fancy the most is when
people send me an email and say wow you
really changed my life or you help me
with my kid or something is going better

because of the show that is something
you rarely get in mainstream coming from
that world PBS throwaway product we give
the crap throw it out you know done we

got it used to move product it’s yes
it’s not about the show typically in
mainstream this is about the show and
this is and over the over time I think
that we discovered ourselves that we

were actually helping ourselves deal
with the insanity that was good that’s
going on in the world which is possible
in a no small part thanks to the

you know people are getting ill from
this stuff I think we kind of naturally
identified it and it was I thought I
always found them good for myself like

oh I hi now that I’ve talked with John
about this and we’re laughing about
these morons all this idiocy they do
instead of being afraid or scared or or
worried or you know and any number of
things that it’s usually intentional so

I would like to be if someone somewhere
said at a hundred years to know hey
those guys you know that apparently they
really help people out a lot with their

format with with their stylings it’s a
good as answers I could come up with Oh
cop-out yeah come on give it a shot John
I kind of want to be remember for some

original thinking that could be
documented I like the idea of helping
people I think that people getting

whatever they get out of the current
version of the show and the show I think
is versioned I think you have your
original show and then the show we
talked about restaurants and we that
anyway that was the show is also a bit

about our lives because we did that as
you know I wouldn’t see you for several
weeks or whatever and then I’d be in San
Francisco we go and we go to a it was
kind of cool because I had the me via

credit card and we go to a restaurant I
bet yes that was very good we have to do
yeah we have to have a meeting and some
research we have to discuss we were
totally just raping a totally raping

them you could we could have done better
exactly we’re nice guys we didn’t want
to make it too crazy but yeah that was

and people did like that and I think
people in fact I want to move to a
question from the Twitter’s what we
talked about all kinds of stuff that
bothers us or yeah the food stuff was

always good weed I think we still do
that to a degree here’s a question from
Adam pert why the vinegar fascination
this has just become a running gag I
guess but maybe we should look I’m

supposed to do but I’ve come once like
did I have a problem with some of these
little books of these I stopped stuff
you have a problem with any book yet
since I’ve known you since we done this
show you have not published one book so

one of the things that I’ve had a
fascination with is these is people who
think that that big what’s called a

mother of vinegar which is a big gob of
cellulose that actually produces vinegar
because it’s a form of a cedar bacter
not the normal ones design links I think
is something is the name of it and it

produces a toxic vinegar it that makes
you give you you have stomach aches for
nausea or heartburn for up for a long
time trying to get that out of your
system and people still make vinegar

from it I keep wanting to do this book
as a public service there you go tell
people this I’m sorry helping people
once again
yeah helping people once again so that’s

the dead so I’m I keep reminding myself
to finish this but guy actually here’s
what here’s what my problem tends to be
do it this sort of book and nonfiction
is that I do all the research I got all
the research done and then I find

what I need to find out I know I know
what I need to know ah then they might
so go do something else cuz I forget
about it I understand yeah well I know

you a little bit so I understand your
step now that works do you know what I
got an email from Andrew scripts credit
spread of something I’m not sure on to

pronounce his last name John would you
consider indexing specifying clips you’d
like to run on a show by number telling
Adam simply something like play clip
three Oh how incredibly boring yourself

Robin well it’s what it is that comes
from this guy obviously listens to okay
Mark Levine has some of these other guys

and sodas I think to an extent Savage
does this yeah
they say clip three go Wow and when the
gal play clip three cuz that’s what he

does just playing clips
there’s no I Adam doesn’t obviously
remember this because he would have said
something already
I tried oh you didn’t try a numbering
system yes you’re right I recall right

you basically told me the pounce
Salty’s refuses to do that because he
feels like a monkey oh that’s not why
well no that’s not why it’s gotta be an
element no I find it actually much

easier no of course not now I know you
pretty well
so I know you know yeah you can pre
guess the clip yeah when you’re talking
so that’s what I do
and there’s a video out there on YouTube

called how the sausage is made you can
see it and you hear you hear John
talking are you talking about okay blah
blah whatever the topic is and you can
see my mouse like cause if this one is

it that one okay I know what it’s
talking about drag it in
maybe there’s a two different thing in
the two Clips with the same topic I’ll
drag them both in get ready to start
it’s it I like being able to start a

clip without you saying anything at all
no Q no yeah that does happen on a
really great show and this is all

terminus show is good uh it’s smooth as
silk I’ll be yakking about something and
he will see that what I’m talking about
as a clip you see the clip and then I
will just stop talking to that pause and

you’ll nail it and when you listen to
one of those shows and there’s an there
not every show but there’s a more than
you’d expect it’s dynamite yeah and and

that’s why it’s the many people
professionals say did you guys edit that
show how do you gee how much work do you
put it into that no we do it live would
you would live so that’s the real reason

and it is I think it’s annoying play
clip really play creature was not
necessary he’s not we don’t have an

engineer we’re working on the show
yeah the engineer is not part of the
show on those on the Rush Limbaugh Show
I mean snidely comes in once in a while
to his headphones but we don’t get to
hear him know just it’s the

old-fashioned one guy yakking and and
yeah it’s because of our combined
talents that the show that the show
actually works and it’s cost-effective
because you know you’re professional

you’re a broadcast professional I hear
when you’re ready for the clip eyes I
often miss guess it 3/4 times I’ll start
the clip and you usually have a little
bit of pad in the beginning of your

clips and I’m sure people have heard
that you know the clip will start you’ll
hear it and you’re talking hope stop
rewind stop rewind stop rewind yeah
someone even suggested yeah you should

get a red light no yeah but you press a
button you press a button I go oh okay
no now the there is of course a way to
do it where you could be starting your

own clips but what’s the fun of that
again yes and I could actually change my
rig and have a I could actually do the
clips from here I just need to change

everything yeah I could put a mixer in
here and I could do that yeah I can run
my own clips but the way it works now
it’s so interesting and I think it’s it
kind of works a little better that’s a

little more honest this is a clumsiness
sometimes it’s this charm
I think I agree Dean Reiner says I’m
aware of the lack of consequence to this

question but to whom or what does Adam
announce the to whom or what does Adam
announce the knighting x’ and then he
has K what huh
to who or what do I announce the

knighting x’
yeah I’m not sure what this means does
he mean the music now I say to whom who
you who’s in who’s the audience I guess
the audience I asked the the Dames and

the the dames and knights to be I asked
them up on the podium next to the
lectern and obviously down in the in the
hall is the round table without the

existing knights and dames they’re all
sitting there watching I mean I don’t
understand what to what the question is
yeah I think you answered it Conor
Jarrett your thoughts on the future of

podcasting do you see it being value for
value model or a hell of Schilling
tongue brushes and razor blades yeah I
think that’s what it’s gonna be
I mean just talking brushes yeah and
razor blades sure not a lot of people

will do this model so if you think I’m
just saying what it will be in the
future to look at it everyone’s doing
advertising yeah I don’t think that’s
100% agreement nobody wants to do this

model I mean we do have Jen Brian II she
does the smile she does quite well for
herself and you mental and I think yeah
it was helped but there’s other people
that could do this model then they just

won’t pull it they won’t I don’t want to
say who it is but there’s somebody that
this version of this model but they use
patreon almost exclusively which I we
believed to be a mistake and they once

said they can’t totally get into the
model because this person once said I
don’t think I’d feel comfortable taking
checks and Adam and I discussed this
every once in a while we know who it is

we discuss it and you shake your head
why wouldn’t you take money I don’t
understand I don’t know I wouldn’t feel
comfortable I taken money from pay I
mean I can take two check this gets

comes in the mail from patreon but I
won’t take a check from out listener why
and in fact you you’ve kind of made a
hobby of looking into all these
alternative forms like pop money in yes

what other ones I bet they’re probably
more not money right now through a
credit union does work checks work great
and everybody wins that checks everybody

wins you know there’s no cost that’s
fantastic no cost and the bank has to
pick up a it helps the mail it keeps the
US Postal Service in business this is a

very good thing these checks yeah yeah
we like the checks yeah and there and
sometimes they’re pretty some people
send their own check from their personal

account through the mail with their own
it’s not a check its content yeah its
content that’s what it is exactly
allen-bradley why do you interrupt Adams

professional well-written show opens
with duck calls and sound effects I do
that I don’t do that that often oh yeah
I just think you don’t do it often

enough you started doing that a couple
years ago and that’s more than that five
years ago I’ll say yeah and it’s very
began now it began with a slide whistle

you start a slide whistle slide whistle
ain’t no harmonicas yeah harmonicas and
slide whistles and I think it was your
like a spike jonze thing just you know

once tomorrow just throw them in there
holy spike jonze another jingle like
thing for a transition or or an accent
or yeah and that that we also have the

bells of course I think I stole both of
those you you started with a slide
whistle I got a slide whistle that’s
you got a bell I got it I got a digital
well I have real bail there’s the real

bail and here’s the digital bail nah
okay well you got two bells then I have
a gong anyway what yeah here’s my
question to you just right near your

Shea’s lungs where you are now
yeah what what noise makers do you have
just give them to us one by one okay
I’ve got to the recorder the off-key

recorders I have to I’m gonna play that
thing and you’re gonna be wow I had no
idea it actually wasn’t broken no
there’s no way look there’s no way this

thing is broken it’s not broken you
you’re not doing it right
I’m doing it wrong I got I got chimes
yeah I got the Gong sounds what chimes

these chimes I don’t blame that much
because they’re kind of set over here
and you can barely hear I’m uptaking
near the mic so I ever really they just

stay there I’ve never really used them
much I got the to sound makers
electronic sound makers like this one
and and this the other one you gotta buy
this one’s got four by five it’s got

twenty buttons on it the other one has
four I have a bunch of harmonica some
different keys I have a hands length
I’ve always got this ready I have that

horrible sounding this thing oh no no
that’s a bad one people get very
triggered by that thing yeah I don’t

like it and it’s at his Hertz
mm-hmm I hit it with a piece of plastic
this time so you couldn’t really hear it
but oh my god yeah that’s what the
teacher we got that because a teacher
was using that in class to get the the

children’s attention to make them submit
it did yeah I got this
yeah I have the duck call I have the
moose call or deer call and these are

all right at my fingertips give us them
give them to us oh okay well right my
fingertips but swish them aside and
here’s the yeah I got this this is a

good one I forget about this all the
time I need to wring it I got this thing
this yeah that again which also sounds
like this I got this that I don’t use it

that much I got this and your family
gives you these things as gifts for

birthdays and Christmas don’t think a
Hillary pin yeah that’s not right at my

fingertips it’s on the table
let me take a spin around here in this
chair should be one in a pile pile of
paper to classic yeah this guy yep I got

this guy I got that way I love that one

I only have three no I only have three
noisemakers I got actually this is this
is not a noisemaker this is my
instrument yeah I’ve gotten pretty good
on the slide whistle well that’s not my

day if we both have kazoos I don’t know
where mine is

there’s my kazoo you don’t need as many
noisemakers because you have the
soundboard yes I do have this I got that
yeah I have one of those I lost it and
the most important one is this I use

this from the Ming we can make a lot of
racket now so that’s what we have uh
Alex B writes will you continue the show

for the rest of trump’s first term like
you promised right after he was elected
I keep hearing jokes about exit

strategies and he hints about quitting I
know it’s selfish but I would hate I’d
hate it if you quit too soon since I

only started listening right after Trump
was elected know what in a disaster of
my recommended suite of antivirus
software and other tools I use the vast
and I you you don’t use AVG no no I

switched to a vast long time it I use a
vast free and I also use Spy Hunter yes
I have a lie hunter yeah spy hunter

under it does a trick yes Adam when did
singing along to the ride of the
valkyries when did that began I had what
makes rituals like that so impolite Lu

but let me answer for him before he
answers which is he’s superstitious
yes different notice you hold any other
superstition outside of the show Oh tons
of superstitions yeah yeah it’s all part

of the Tourette’s obviously I don’t
remember exactly when it started I do
know that we were talking about or I’m
sure was something came up on the show

that Hitler’s guy Goebbels the PR guy he
would always play the ride of the
Valkyrie before Hitler did an important

big speech I thought well you know
that’s a good idea
I’ll get everybody kinda it’sit’s and we
have a very good version of it too with
the fat lady even though we’ve never
seen her we just you know you imagine

it’s like she’s a
nice plump lady who’s singing that this
note that no other ladies look like you
can do that unless it looked like that
that kind of operatic I can use oh yeah
this is perfect and gee I don’t know
then somehow saenko to my okay Nathan

have the game of thing I don’t know
where that came in no I don’t know the
one thing that song is not kept on the

recordings no it’s so it’s impossible to
track down when that happen because we
don’t record that part of the show well
I do on the backup recorder but I always
delete that

yeah you can’t keep all that stuff so
we’d have to go through show off their
shows where he first did it we first did
Sanko DeMaio and then you did it and did
it it is my recollection you didn’t

didn’t did it one time you didn’t do it
and there were some follow up with the
show and so you made the assumption that
it was the sang code missing saenko
timaeus and to this day if you miss sang
code Amalia you’re very upset yes and

there’s a lot of people listening to the
show have no idea what this is because
it’s always on the live stream is never
in the show itself someone came up with
a with an abbreviated version in which

is kind of like a break glass in case of
an emergency if I miss saying saenko
DeMaio at the right point you know it
makes no sense to start the whole thing

over again instead we have this version




yes and we also have is the lady you got

a couple of shouts like that that’s also
it’s also yeah it is superstition but
it’s kind of like getting ready for the
big game I take this seriously you know
I was like yeah it’s three hours where

you know we’ve been up for hours getting
everything ready
no I’m psyched getting psyched that’s
what it is getting psyched yeah yeah
it’s like a football game honky Tonk

Willie writes your show is immensely
educational as such without certain
background information much your
discussion lacks the necessary context
for new audience numbered members this

is one of the reasons we do this jugular
show every so often here’s a few items I
think would be good to address we’re not
gonna address any of them probably will
this I’ll list them an exposition on

pipelines would be good Nordstrom suds
sued stream guat Qatar Iraq blah blah
blah okay is he saying that would be
good to have that they know we’ve done

it before there’s a show dedicated to
him yes that’s exactly why I’m so
surprised I don’t know that he knows
what show it is to yo you can look it up
like read this list as a long list by

the way we’re not basically gonna be
able to address it on this show TTIP the
trans-pacific partnership said that and
other huge trade agreements that are not
opaque a roadmap of liberals and
conservatives classic and modern laid

out on top of current Republican
Democrat ideologies hawks and doves and
where the neocon straight into the mix
globalism vs. nationalism what they
really are versus what people think they

are like people on the street bit-bit
with people thinking socialism sounded
pretty good
people think globalism one big groovy
Global Village five or one two three

four five the economic hitman style of
exploitation you explained it fully
several years ago and now just refer to
it by name expound on this Ukraine at
number six Ukraine hits at least four of

the above so that’s a rich subject for a
recap seven to seven countries in five
years also we do that
yeah in fact it now is really imply

again he says he gets a lot of play on
the show but I can hardly remember the
thinking behind it we are spreading
democracy giving the finger to Russia
there was no thinking behind it when it
first showed up no there was no thinking

behind it which is something that was
total West Clark he want to go to
Episode four 26 July 15 2012 that was
the pipeline report and that is the

episode where we discuss all of that all
of those pipelines and the and
everything behind it and that’s been an
ongoing ongoing thesis we don’t talk
about that much anymore a lot of these

projects have been stalled and the focus
is a bit off of Ukraine now but that is
that’s and that was also thanks to one
of our characters on the show back in

the day mr. oil if you remember him yeah
mr. oil was a commodities trader traded
oil a Russian guy living in the UK and
he explained to me you know how
everything really revolves around oil

and it’s transport and not just oil but
also gas and so you know then we
understood the gas part and once we got
that then you understand all the
problems with Russia you understand the
tension with the EU

4:26 is a good episode four to six any
show notes calm there is also we have to
we we are the two of us are accepting of
the fact that we are in a petroleum

economy yes
which a lot of people are just in denial
about and it’s not just what you put in
your motorized vehicle either it’s look
around you every since the paint is your
belches to paint is your rayon shirt

such as Crocs
it’s everything Crocs at Crocodylus
exactly ok onward he says seven
countries in five years okay a democracy

versus Republic forms of government and
we talk about that every so often you
know this is one of the things that
should be taught in high school thank
you and we can’t really pick up that
much slack and without boring people to

that’s all we do I mean we do nowhere to
educate you we’re here to deconstruct
news yeah we’re trying to help you
understand what the bullcrap is how it’s
made why it’s made and what’s ultimately

behind it and in and to some degree on a
grand scale what the moves are meant to
be in the world it’s it’s kind of a
small world when you look at the map but

yeah for us it’s like okay this is why
this is happening and he says episode
200 X is a perfect place for a rundown
on the best port wines for the last 100

years as well as notable vintages of
French Reds and any interesting
California wines yeah it is a good idea
we’re not gonna do it though for the
regular show restaurant reviews are

always welcome because they visit the
bay area but anyway yeah we do what we
can I know there’s a lot of back
references that really Bert’s new
listeners because we don’t we do we do

reference a lot I would say but yeah I
think what is often difficult is our
nomenclature that’s in in in off show
life and in show life I have a hard time
remembering people by their actual name

and so I give them names and people
around me usually figure out who I’m
talking about
and I don’t know we just kind of stuck
we do a lot of that on the show we have

nicknames for everybody usually
disparaging yeah they tend to be that’s
hard for people because it’s one of
those things no finally this is kind of
interesting he says I’m a loud speaker

guy and only twice in ten years have you
said anything about your home speakers
okay my speaker setup it currently is a
it’s a combination of speakers that I
have rigged together but my favorite

normal speakers adult Quist DQ tents
which can be had for about 600 bucks if
you shop around but you do need
subwoofers now he says you need at least
12 inch woofers or I’ve made that

opinion but ice said I have 15 inch
woofers I actually have two sets of 15
inch woofers no not eight JBL’s are two
very large boxes of
sir when Vega 15 inch woofers you know I

had a friend of mine is this back story
friend of mine used to still still as a
major speaker designer and he while he
was working for Cerwyn Vega he sent me
these two boxes of china woofers and

I’ve been using them ever since they’re
dynamite and so I don’t know if they’re
even available to the public
turn down your speakers another classic
another classic you remember that no

this is something that needs to be
mentioned since it is and all the other
the show and all the other thing it’s in
all the other 200 dot foo episodes John
does not use headphones he listens to

everything on speakers in his studio
which was a problem for a while there
for a number of reasons that’s actually
how we started using noise gates because

I could hear my voice coming back
through your microphone with a delay of
course thanks to Skype and as it was
horrible I had turned the speakers way
down alright it worked in some

environments where the speakers were a
mile away there was a some magic
distance you can put the speakers and I
had him way out there but ever since he
got his thing perfected I could buy get
the speakers anywhere doesn’t he just

doesn’t bounce back on him don’t have
any issue at all but it is a style of of
radio just call it radio not using
headphones that is you know and I can’t

do it
you can you like it you preferred I
can’t I need to hear exactly what’s
going on and you just know for some
reason you don’t yeah you don’t need I
really like it a lot better free air and

I got this first time I ever saw any
been professionally used it was when I
was floating around promoting a book and
I got to go to a lot of radio stations
around the country and the one thing I
noticed is that no two radio stations

were the same which is anything but
standardized and I was up in Vancouver
Canada there’s a talk guy up there named
Bill good and Bill good was freeform he
wouldn’t even let me put you know we two

of us had a microphone and we jacked
away and it came out fine and then I
started various over time I developed
the ability to do it because you do have
to be a little conscientious about your

well your miking yourself exactly huh
yeah it’s and everyone’s well I kind of
I kind of go off axis like this but but
generally speaking I’m where I’m

supposed to be either a professional
professional pronunce the cater here’s a
question from wait weren’t ready to go
my question i from Jeff j2h John what

other jobs you currently have
besides the show right now I’m just
writing a column for PC Magazine and

trying to finish some books I also do
the dhm yeah I was going to say help ugh
I’m plugged up eh employed Andrew
Horowitz’s we run out on Tuesday and he

runs a chatroom live with livestream too
and I liked it because I used to always
have a job we’re working for some
financial publication and this keeps me
in the game I get to you know hear

what’s going on with but mean just
Horowitz is in the business yeah yeah
yeah I don’t have any other job this is
my job
this is what I do Brian Brian
edelyn rights as anyone ever contacted

either of you two guys after they’ve
been featured negatively in a clip
deconstruction maybe a PR person or an
angry fanbase of that person we remember

anybody getting irked by presentation no
I can’t remember I mean lots of people
get earth about stuff we say no I know
why would they you mean like a

politician or a syllabus or PR person
that doesn’t want us talking about
something like Monsanto I mean we are
older older shows which concentrated a
lot on Monsanto Ian had a jingle that we

haven’t played for a long time
you’d think they would be the one I said
would you know now that honestly I think
people just think that’s a podcast it

gives a crap I honestly believe you’re
right and and they’re wrong they’re
absolutely wrong it’s like you know even
people always say you should you know

get some press gonna Pia we’ve done this
from time to time to try to do
interviews then it really works you know
if if we could get on Joe Rogan show and
I’d like to let everybody know I’d love

to go on Joe Rogan John would love to go
on Joe Rogan that’s never worked out
I’ve never been officially invited I
don’t know so that’s kind of stuff works
very well yeah cuz he’s got a good

audience a big one yeah
does Adam still have his bar of gold and
all of his Bitcoin ask dr. Chris well
the bar of gold no no we lost that in

divorce one I do not have all my Bitcoin
I still have some but I’m I’m not really
gonna sell it I got it for nothing I got

it from listeners from the daily source
code you know it was just like yeah yeah
he said when it was new you could you
could you bought a pizza for a thousand
Bitcoin yeah and I don’t know I said I’m
I think I live true to our standard of

what bitcoin is I don’t care yeah maybe
one day it’ll be a million of yeah not
that you could sell it all it’s a little
secret about Bitcoin even through the
exchanges now you can sell I think two

thousand dollars worth a day now that’s
really gonna work okay here’s the gears
of beauty this is we have these
listeners Jeremy’s being one of them in

Canada in the morning please please
please please take a good look at the
Flat Earth movement it’s real and you
would not want to miss the opportunity

you have now to be on the cutting edge
of the discussion either way I will
always be your lifetime supporter stay
Jaron well we did a couple of Flat Earth
episodes yeah

actually and it was very difficult
because John you know of course would
just scoff at every every 30 seconds I
don’t remember what episode it was it

was it was not that long ago oh wait
maybe it was about a year at least a
year ago yeah we’re always on the
cutting edge of that kind of stuff now
yeah is there anything more we can say

about it No
you know there’s just there’s nothing
else to say unless there’s some
revolutionary breakthrough but that’s
also not what we do
yeah well we deconstruct news stories
yeah if it’s in the news then yeah then

it’d be fun to talk about it but it
really isn’t and nor do I expect it to
ever be no yeah well it’s interesting no
one’s asked about our climate change
skepticism not yet I mean it might be in

this notes because we’re gonna get it
get through some of these getting in
getting on with the show here okay is
from dean warm ale he says when adam
nights producers he uses the phrase i am

very proud to announce the nights of the
kb what does kb stand for or mean I’ve
never said that I don’t remember it

either I think what he’s hearing is I
pronounced acavie
that’s what I say I hereby pronounce the
KD so maybe he’s hearing announce the

Kate the KB yes pronounce the Kate V yes
pronounce the Cape I don’t think it’s a
real word it’s something I picked up in
the 80s in the late 80s from Scott

Shannon because he would say he would
talk about I’m your pronounce to cater
on duty and it just kind of stuck and I
don’t know as I’d like pronounce to Kate
this is a stupid word but it’s for our

official ceremony so it’s it’s it’s it
is let it be so written okay V now some
people have taken advantage of this show

questions moment I’m gonna read one of
them I’m gonna ask you the question why
won’t seagulls fly over Bay’s what
question is this because they would be

okay are there any more legitimate
there’s plenty is it in the Twitter’s
now that I actually I just retweeted to
see if I can get some more that’s really

not enough much it’s maybe I maybe I
have to look at at your yeah this should
go to you as well as me okay what Brian
Wallace what are the night levels and

what do they mean
AG night can assign name but no
territory what are the in show donation
levels 50 100 guests names and locations

only yes a good question what are the
best way is to send money and a note if
you want to avoid paypal fees would this
method also apply for donations by
cheque so the best way is to just drop a

check in the mail yep with a note box
339 El Cerrito California 9:45 3 oh I’ll
repeat it box 3 3 9 El Cerrito

California 9:45 3 oh and then you could
put in it you put it you know since some
some bottle of wine no you don’t do that
they well you can if you know how you do

it but most people it caught the night
levels well they’d go to Devorah org
slash peerage dot HTM which amuses that
and you know and it does yes except it

needs to be caps HTM no it doesn’t well
it’s not the way I have it done I don’t
cash may actually destroy it it might
not work

well here’s there’s a good one that this
one I sent you you want to explain it or
is it is it all evident on that one page
the thing that’s on that one page you’ve
got all the levels the levels the

executive producers associated actual
producers and the below 50s I don’t
think that’s that’s okay
de Voort out org slash
n/a explains a little bit of the

executive associate executive producer
producer stuff but what we have is that
200 bucks you get an associate executive
producer at 300
or 333 is what it’s supposed to be you
get an executive producer ship and then

you can write a note and we read the
note and you get to use that on your
LinkedIn that’s the most that’s the most
of in elsewhere I mean this is efficient
it’s real it’s a real good thing it’s a

little more symbolic but you can call
yourself sir you’re no less symbolic
than the British Queen gives out now
that’s what I’m thinking that’s what I
think is no less important a knighthood

from the British Empire right with our
knighthood you get a cool ring and
sealing-wax and yeah they don’t give you
nothing oh they give you something to

hang around your dick like you’re gonna
wear that anywhere the ring now that’s a
useable object yeah here’s a question uh
who is that dude void 0 you guys keep

talking about ah dude void 0 yeah good
question guy it became very when I was
in Los Angeles and now we’re talking

2013 I think it became very expensive
and very tedious to manage the amount of
downloads that were being performed on
our shows and it would say expense was

really the number-one thing like holy
crap and get most slave and mr. oil set
up an infrastructure for us and they
found this you know I think it’s called

OVH a really cost-effective way to set
up kind of your own content distribution
network and they were they were using
that for their own stuff and they were

hosting us and over time they went on to
do some other things and then void zero
mark who lives in throwning in the
Netherlands he was already kind of a

part of the crew and he said well you
know I’d really like to take this over
and I’d really like to set it up
properly and get all the right things
and all the right redundancy and then
here’s here’s what’ll cost and we’ve

looked at it like holy crap that’s very
cool you want to do that and and that
and it fit within the budget of the show
and he’s been doing that and now he
always had a couple other people come in

and out
throughout the year serve em roses is
helping Aaron errors helping this is a
lot of you know professionals these are
weapons-grade IT professionals real
dudes named Ben I’m gonna say this we

have to remember that when we started
this show we were doing this for we’re
doing it on the me vo served
infrastructure huh
and so wasn’t causing us anything and it

was but that didn’t last forever I could
the company’s not even there anymore and
that’s when we had to start making these
changes that I Adam took care of most of
it with his suave debonair way of way of
moving these things around good work at

him yeah thanks John
and I should point out that John does
everything else when it comes to
administration of the show and Eric the
shill and Mimi we need to mention these
these good fun said budge killed you and

you’re working for us right
that’s right until you take said screw
this I can make real money coding
JavaScript what am i doing so we have a
question that applies to Adam I think

it’s an interesting one this is from
David Bush
why does Adams say he has Tourette’s
I’ve never heard any evidence of it ah
Tourette’s comes in many forms my friend

now I do have a mute pedal specifically
for this reason which I acquired only in
the last two years I think and that was

during a sniffing episode yeah where I
just had this incessant need just
talking about it makes me want to do it
so I’m gonna try and not do that I can
assure you has Tourette’s eivin’s yeah

but it’s mainly tics it’s mainly 2 6
most people have tics have Tourette’s
but often it manifests his way in itself
in very interesting ways thank God for

the mute adult let me just tell you that
but I can control it to some degree
certainly the the guttural stuff like I
got that I can you know that’s why I

never want to do television I hate
television because it’s I can’t do it
anymore I can’t even keep my head still
it’s horrible
he has the second question what is m5m
well I think this stems from it may stem

from a conversation about the boob
donation being 800 eight and hacks or
we’re gonna use a one instead of an eye
and the three instead of an e and you

use a five instead of an S those
mainstream media yes MSM or m5m which
has now become our thing and that really
caught on
surprisingly yes people use it

constantly why can’t you guys say sis
admin isn’t that dude named Ben thing
played out wow I have no idea what he’s
trying to get out there well maybe I see

I just had that clip dude named Ben from
because it came from the Senate didn’t
it yes it came from the Senate with the

I think was Chafee yeah I think this is
it that’s a jingle this Chafee grilling
somebody and she couldn’t come up with

an answer and she says it’s some dude
named or guy named Ben and he said yes
he actually said it yes it was somebody
named Ben and then he said what did some
dude named Ben yes that’s right that’s
exactly what he did it was this were

team from it was Lerner was a loner yeah
I think she’s the one that said it
wasn’t it maybe could have been that’s
when all that all the day all the date
attacks dated disappeared or something

yeah thing you know that she should be
in jail
why does Adams shout through the opening
of the show oh well that’s all part of
it I mean don’t you hear with this it’s

a weenie in the butt moment I’m not
really shouting I’m tall I’m jacked up
I’m yeah Jack down and I’m also timing
it I’m back timing what I’m saying into
the so that it fits in the in the jingle

and I’m want to have a good cue for Jon
so that he knows that he can come in and
do his Zephyr thing or whatever it is
this effort went by yeah if it bothers
you fast-forward John Tucker’s asked you

say the word ice though quite a bit what
isn’t I so another great question a good
question not a great question a good
question I so I as though
say it once before but yeah means

isolated but isolated yeah typically an
iso in broadcast is either a microphone
or a camera which is recording
separately from the main signal from the
main program so that you can later take

bits out of that and use that separately
and ISO ISO just a abbreviation of
isolated yeah but just from Charles
Charles couch how many hours a day or a

week do you guys spend watching news or
other m5m there you go m5m broadcasts
all right you go first well yeah I’m
gonna add this to it so we can answer

both same time other than m5 and what
sources do you guys use most frequently
for research including public commentary
or public sentiment all right I’ll go
first we well I watched television
mostly to get content which annoys

everybody in the family when they want
to watch something else
luckily nobody likes TV probably I don’t
know three or four hours a day every day

at least sometimes longer if I get
caught up in something on c-span which
is where you can get caught up in
something yeah I’m guessing it’s about
right three or four hours a day now pick

up stuff from the internet too it’s
because there’s a lot of places to just
play for all practical purposes play
clips right I I watched much less
television than you do I think but I

have all day the entire damn I’m either
listening to I’m switching between CNBC
CNN Fox Fox Business MSNBC rarely do I
listen and that’s just listening I’m

just listening to it and I’ll pick stuff
up and I know that I can then go back
later and find find it online which is
where I have a whole system for
recording clips which is pretty easy I
subscribe to I think last count probably

4,200 RSS feeds which I’ve built up
throughout the years and it’s all in
proprietary well it’s an open source but

for private air system the freedom
and that’s all part of the show notes
which you know really it flows very
nicely so stories are not only
aggregated but if I want to keep that

story and put it into the show notes or
use it for the show then it creates an
offline version there’s a whole bunch of
cool things about it then on show days I
subscribe to a number of YouTube

channels and I’ll look at those and see
if there’s anything there that I like or
something that I made a note about I’m
continuously sending notes to myself an
email that I’ve tried many other ways

but just works best for me I just send
the note to myself in email because I
can do it anywhere I am any device it’s
I can do it and then you know so the
morning of the show I’m up probably at
quarters 6 my time and I’ll start

collecting all those seeing what those
stories were about maybe I’ve already
written some stuff down but also I get
so much from the producers I mean

there’s a lot that comes in and a lot of
it is unusable but still someone sends
me something I’m gonna go take a look at
it so there’s a lot that I get from
there so I’m really consumed by it all

the time and then Tina the keeper she
comes home and she’s got things that I
haven’t even heard of she’s got a whole
different source of stuff it’s just
she’s feeding me articles it’s it’s a
lifestyle it’s not it’s not and to me

it’s not like number of hours it’s what
I do it’s it’s all the time
sure sure Charles finishes up with this
last question as a group of Mir what
should I buy my wife for Christmas Day

my day mode of course is obvious of
course there you go I got another
question we get a lot of people wanted

about the m5m thing interesting
interesting interesting and get it so
well adopted but so many did they’re
just doing it and you got what does
double nickels on the dime mean and

what’s its origin my impression is that
it’s an amount of money but I could
never come up with the actual value it
represents alright well that was a one
of our again one of our producers was I

believe this to be sergeant for
Castaneda okay sergeant Fred who I
emailed with just the other day because
I hadn’t heard from on the show and he

was sick for a real long time his
Vietnam vet and all kinds of Agent
Orange related issues and his mom wasn’t
due it’s all kinds of crap going on his
life but I think he started off in fact

he often would show up if I was
somewhere in Texas even not just Austin
but you know I think we were in Dallas
and he showed up and he would have
double nickels on the dime and that’s

$55 in 10 cents and he would have $55 in
in paper and then ten cents taped to it

and I mean other than that and some
other ones aren’t there some other ones
there’s double nickels on the dime
besides boobs and small boobs too but
none of them really caught on like

double nickels on the dime I mean
there’s yeah there’s probably about 20
of them but that’s the only one there
but I mean there was something that was
comparable to like double nickels yeah
this is stuff to me is magical and when

people come up with these ideas
numerology is I’m in my later life I’ve
become somewhat obsessed with numerology
and mathematics and the stuff that

catches on with people it’s it’s
something profound I I don’t know
exactly how it works
but people really like certain numbers
it feels good they’re drawn to them yeah
we had a long streak with 69 69 yeah

what and we stopped why we stopped when
we didn’t have one no the idea was we’re
gonna go as long as we can and then
funny thing the woman who came up with
the idea Kari shurn yeah she went

overboard she went overboard and we
haven’t heard from her and she but she’s
when I came over the idea because she
was sending us she was doing a book if
she was doing a marathon it’s a no

agenda stitch to her ass yeah and
I miss her come let’s shake this is
perfect yes and she came up with this
idea and then we said we would just keep
doing we play the jingle intro is like a

segment yeah and until until nobody gave
him one day about a year into it took
about a year nobody gave 6969 they tried
to restart it but we refused and now

it’s done it’s dead it’s over it’s gone
yes not to be resurrected Dale asks he
just wants to know what Mike you’re

using n headphones well we know your
headphones how about your mic I’m using
a right now I use a bunch of mics I’ve
changed mics I like the the heil PR 40

generally speaking but right now i’m
using a condenser mic that is a I think
it’s a C ad a CAD and I think it’s the

model is the 9000 or the 3000 which is
the Chinese mic you’re really into
microphones and building your own
microphones and getting you know

elements from China and doing stuff yeah
well I’m not that nuts but yeah I have a
collection and it’s not a big clash I
haven’t I know a friend of mine used to
work at the tech TV is a real mic

collector and he’s got everything
imaginable it’s just like he’s got no
Inman’s and all the Sennheiser old ones
from the 40s I can I think nice ribbon

mics so I’m using the electro-voice re3
20 which I’d like to tell you using the
road I was using the road procaster yeah
until genes or genes the Duke of Texas

he said you have to try this mic out and
I never gave it back to him I said screw
that I bought a new one and sent I
didn’t I didn’t want to risk buying the

same model with it sounding different
what is what is genes
what was it Evie what it’s the it’s
electro voice isn’t it yeah

electro voice yeah but it’s the re Romeo
echo three to zero hmm now headphones
I’m very particular about my headphones
because I’ve been wearing headphones

since I was 14 and looking at my volume
knob I have about half a knotch left
this is not a good thing by the way no

that’s not a good easy I used to be real
part I want over the ear I want them to
close I want them to fit snugly I wanted
that you can’t have anything leaking to

see I can put my cans these aren’t that
big actually this is the the sony MDR
75006 professional and from time to time
you can get a deal through amazon

they’ll sell them for like 90 bucks or
something and I have three pairs of them
I do wear them out after a while
what are you here sweat no the cables

get all frayed and and yeah if they get
a lot of use they’re on their off there
hang in there fallin eventually they do
break after a while but you wanted to

get the it’s the seventy five or six
professional anything else is not a good
reference so they have too much low end
and you can get fooled by that if you
really care

Tim Kilkenny he says I’m familiar with
the Mike Singletary legendary rant about
hitting people in the mouth but never
figured out how it became the official

formula for the show I’ve been listening
since 2013 I’ve never heard the original
of the of this phrase phrase mentioned
thanks for all you do what does this is

one of those loop I’ll play this just so
so you can hear it
our formula is this we go out for your
people in the mouth

I’m pretty sure someone sent that to me
pre-mixed like that and I had no idea
what it was I sent it to you are you
sure you sent it to me yeah yeah cuz it

was one of my favorite it was a cos I
they played that it’s a local commercial
I remember you telling me what it was
about I didn’t realize you would sent it
to me oh there’s a lot there’s a lot of
stuff we don’t remember well this is a

local commercial they played here to get
fans for the 49ers to go to the games
during single Terry’s era when he was
the coach and what had happened is I
sent it to you and then we played it

once we entered that and that’s kind of
what involved I think the hitting in the
mouth and then for some reason I’m not
sure why but you adopted it you took it
and started playing at every show at
that one moment like it like I was one

of your superstitious moments well yeah
and then you added out-of-the-blue you
added the kicker there’s a kicker on
that thing now

and here’s the nutty thing so these are
two clips and I always play them the

same way and logic would dictate that I
kind of mix that into one clip I’ve just
been doing that for so long I start one

and that’s know that game yeah and
usually I play in between the little dip
there at the end well this particular
combination of another thing you did and

just stayed with it I never said
anything one where the other I like it
but the it just those two clips together
was actually a moment of genius because

they really sound like a clip yeah like
a whole thing it’s not like two things
that you’ve combined because it’s got
the same tone to it yeah and it just
stuck and it was a I can tell you

approximately when this came to be
because it was the last season of Mike
Singletary in San Francisco and by doing
a quick search of Mike Singletary Mike
Singletary I have no idea who Mike

singled he’s the coach yeah I was the
coach uh-huh and he was a tough guy
tough guy right tough guy and he was

with the Niners from let’s see you some
looking at his wiki page career history
yeah San Francisco 49ers from 2009 oh
he’s the head coach from nine to teeth

he was there for two seasons and or
three nine no just nine and ten so he
just had to be done probably in that era
of show 100 really it’s a long time ago
that’s why you don’t remember any of it

so cuz it was really just too long ago I
was like that’s what you’re baked to
this so he was um he was you know he
didn’t do it he was a lousy coach but he

was a great recruiter they put together
this fabulous team that when the next
coach came along they could do you know
they had his great player so it didn’t
take much and then of course I’ve

noticed this in football and
and business you can put together a
great team but you can’t manage it well
but the next guy that comes along
because you’re such a lousy manager that
everyone looks up to the new guy right

and but he’s got all this stuff in front
of him he’s gonna just kick ass and when
the new guy starts putting his guys in
the team falls apart again I’ve seen
this over and over and over again is

what happened to the 49ers right anyway
yeah so that’s been around here’s a
question have you ever had any
interesting theories regarding space

over the years asks smile for camera on
Twitter space yeah like what
well there’s moon bases Israeli ones
don’t outer space Wow okay and space I’m

a big fan of a big fan of the space
elevator yeah that’s a good one huh we
don’t do that too much anymore

nah no no time for his jokey we don’t
have time for it even though I truly
know about the Israeli moon bases yeah
to the point that you were denying that

they were Israeli for a while until
someone finally found the clip I’d
forgotten yes but they are Israeli yeah
another here’s another question but fm5

am i think it is John where’s your
keyboard great question
I think I figured out my own already
this says Dave Duncan but you you’ve
been saying in jnk a lot after donation

notes okay and I had no idea what this
is one the really should listen to the
donation segment yes because there’s a
lot of stuff that shows up in there that

litany based on the hours of contact I
think I figured out what it means no
jingles no comments yes maybe I missed
the introduction of that abbreviation
she says maybe we should put a glossary

together what’s interesting is no one
has asked about the origin of karma they
haven’t I’m

gonna ask you right now when did we
start doing that well that wasn’t us
again this was a suggestion by I think
somebody suggested it or or we da this

one guy have to research again I thought
this will be in the next show I guess
okay one of the not the next show we’re
doing in this linear fashion by the next
version of 200 point X I do remember

it didn’t really catch on until someone
sent us the karma jingle which is this
you’ve got karma revealed a couple of
times we keep forgetting and dotting

though she does the show I don’t think
I’ve forgotten too and that jingle seems
to have some magical effect imagined or
otherwise and once it started we started

using it we started getting feedback
there I got a job just after you played
the jingle and the next thing you know
we’re doing it all the time
ya know and then it was I need jobs
karma and again I don’t know where this

showed us jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s
vote for jobs word showed up well I
started Kate yeah go ahead I did develop

that clip because we had play we had
been ridiculing Pelosi with this jobs
jobs jobs thing and I found a clip of
the little kids screaming yay and I put
it together do you thought it was

hilarious I still think it’s hilarious
it is funny and because it’s just weird
and so that began the job then you
attached it to jobs karma cuz somebody
we were giving karma away for all kinds

of stuff but then you decided to make
that special number with the jingle and
now we’ve got like three or four
versions of it yes never be testing and
that’s a tough that’s a tough one to get

to the bottom of but it does as you said
imagined or not it does seem to do
something for people how many times we
get a note saying I asked for jobs karma
got a job and then we got the f cancer

karma all this stuff now I don’t think
cancer but it certainly makes people
feel better and I think there is
something of the power of people hearing
something and I don’t know there’s

there’s something to it as you said
imagine or not I tend to err on the side
of there’s something to it for real
yeah yeah I’m not gonna argue the point

see what else we got back you know how
much time we’re probably out of time so
we’re not gonna get to a lot of this

let’s just do a couple more yeah we are
we are getting up there we’re done a
couple more okay let me try Chris
Cochrane see if he’s got anything just
all he’s got a GP actually is more of an

interesting point about are the opens
yes does MailChimp count opens on an
iPhone they better and they do because
mostly I think it’s like 70% of the
people that nowadays that’s nice we

didn’t really talk about we didn’t
really talk about the newsletter which
is I think an important part of our
model yeah no one really asked about the
news I’m asking about the newsletter

it’s C it’s something you do twice a
week with the this’ll takes a lot of
effort you don’t just whip up a
newsletter sometimes I do know you don’t
but the newsletter came about because

well it’s important we need to remind
people what’s coming up we got a show
and I let me mention something that the
other podcasters don’t ever think about

this is for you guys you’re invested in
your podcast you’re doing it daily
you’re doing it weekly whatever you’re

occasionally nobody else but you is
thinking about this podcast they will
forget about they may enjoy the podcast
you may think it’s fabulous they may
send you money they may buy products let

me use your codes but they’re not
thinking about it they’re not like and
when Tuesday morning comes around of
Europe your podcast is not on their mind
no so they really do need to be reminded

that you exist and not just once in a
while they have to be routinely reminded
that you exist now I knew this but I
didn’t do

newsletter until I don’t know two or
three or four years into the donations
thing and I just started doing once a
week newsletter I knew it would it does
did jack up donations not always but it
did enough so that you had to do the

newsletter because once you see the
difference between your income with the
newsletter without the newsletter it’s
obvious you have to do this damn
newsletter cuz people just don’t they’re
not thinking about you you’re not the
most important thing in most people’s

lives no and then at the point at where
I was no I felt I could do twice a week
and I know if I did a third newsletter a
week you would probably help too but
that’s the reason it is to keep people

keep you in their thoughts it has to be
done but like everything we do it’s
entertaining you try to put some of the
nice spin to know I try to make it funny

and you do things that I don’t think and
I don’t think any other broadcast
organization would put together a
product like you do know because you get
fired yeah why is that why do people get

fired over things that are clearly
it’s very puzzling to me it’s a fact
it’s the puritanical nature of broadcast

no it’s it’s the incompetent nature all
rod casting executives there you go yes
there’s expired their suits they’re
hired for a job and they dig you know
everything if reflects them so something

went south with some bad version of the
newsletter you know is something you put
the wrong cuss word in there or
something its offensive or somebody came
back they don’t come back on the right

or worse the advertisers start
complaining yeah well that’s what it
always that’s what it is
we don’t want to piss off the
advertisers who are God in mainstream
and in all commercial broadcast couple

more quick questions James Buhl what are
the dudes named Ben we thought everyone
knew but it’s a it’s a computer or sis

op it’s just admin here I got it I think
this is the clip it is the closest the
Treasury Department Inspector General
has come to acknowledging potential
criminal wrongdoing in the Lois Lerner

are you investigating any potential
criminal activity the entire matter
continues to be under active
investigation yes sir for potential
criminal activity yes that revelation
during a rare late-night hearing in

which the IG disclosed his office has
obtained a 30 mm Lois Lerner emails from
backup tapes stored at the IRS as
Martinsburg West Virginia facility IRS
officials have maintained that the

emails were gone destroyed in a hard
drive crash I’m advised the actual hard
drive after it was determined that it
was dysfunctional and that with experts
no emails could be retrieved was
recycled and destroyed in the normal

process last night’s testimony suggests
the IRS made a less than vigorous
attempt to track down the emails and
then when you go talk to the IT people
who are there in charge of them they
told you that they were never even asked

for them is that correct that’s pretty
oh crap it’s not on that clip oh no
that’s a totally different clip I’ve
never heard before oh man I can’t got
Lerner it’s got something to do Lerner

she’s the one who said it well that’s
what they had in the beginning of that
clip about Lerner Hollis yeah they
mentioned her missing cliff yeah it’s
there you got it somewhere let me get to
Rebecca sure keys question what is the

email situation what is the proper
address to send emails to the No Agenda
show for donation notes well from if
it’s a donation it should be your note
should be in the paypal a box which is

offered to you after you click on the
button you go to a second page and
there’s a box there says or even on the
first page it says no to vendor or
something like that this is best done on

a computer because I think there’s a
different experiences that pop up on
mobile phones
maybe sorry yeah baby but there’s a box
yes but she also asked and did you just

send it to no agenda show at de Bourg or
anything else but you could get lost
that’s the problem now where do you send
top-secret information that’s just as
far as I know it’s sent to Adams missing

his PGP keys right pub key
and that is and that works
and I’m very careful with what people
send me now my own email server and

anonymity is assured if you send it to
me and specify that you says the email
situation is confusing a confusing mess
and needs a formal guide we need a

formal guide for a lot of stuff I think
the glossary would be another good
example work so people get a clue I will
tell you this I’ve been working on a FAQ
oh oh

when FAQ for about a year and I keep
forgetting I’m working on okay you want
me to put it on the list and remind you

from time to time and it might be a
better yeah okay adjacent rice I
switched over to my own email server for
your mailings and haven’t had an issue
received since then oh good
yeah well that means it’s not working at

all you using some sort of blocking or
blacklist and we’re on the list I guess
one of the way I wonder what he’s set up
yeah it’s not working yeah cuz MailChimp
they they’re pretty good they have you

know they have all the authority and
they’ve paid all the all the shysters
their Vig to get delivered so yeah
usually it should come in Jim Buell says
is there any reason you attach so much

significance to the number 33 a good
question yes this goes back to what was
the name of the series Rubicon I think
oh that’s a good point yeah maybe

Rubicon was was part of this yeah
Rubicon and go ahead which you can get
by the way I think they bet they put it
back up on Amazon no I’m good
I would watch this series but what it
does is it expresses this codes that

people use in the intelligence community
is not to just communicate but the
signal it’s mostly signaling and we
believe 33 we believe this for a long

time in fact we had a segment on the
show for a while where Adam would read
from a Google search almost on every
show for about it I don’t know about six

months he’d do this all the 33
references that are in the news it which
is still probably not a bad idea once in
a while huh yeah well it’s your idea and
one of the things that we’ve noticed is

that 33 crops up in very strange places
for very strange reasons at least 33
killed in the Democratic Republic of
Congo freight train Justice League
number 33 see there’s it goes on and on

yes 33 s everywhere and so we’ve decided
that it’s signaling but we don’t know
what it’s signaling we have my ideas

when it might be signaling we don’t know
what but we do mention it and we’re
preoccupied with trying to figure this
out and it’s gotten you know it may be
coincidental that the 33 level Mason you
know is that something to do with it or

somebody but I think that’s mostly they
just took that number for that reason it
might be a nod to the Masons I don’t
know we don’t know but it’s but if you
see it in a news report it’s you just

started noticing it and it may also be
just you have cop out on jure knows part
just like 1/3 33 something like that but
it’s it it pops up in all these official

notices and stuff that often already
smells like bull crap to us like okay
there’s a 33 just pay attention to it
that’s all just pay attention it’s a
little signal and you never know we have

time for two more okay two more would do
two more and sorry for everyone else who
wrote in but I think you got your
money’s worth anyway uh well here’s one
this is kind of insight baseball by

Miguel gun solves our Gonzalez Mexican
do you really have two sword sounds for
the knighting z– I always find it
surprising that John can find his
keyboard or but no you can’t fish you’d

say can’t find his keyboard but finds
his sword sound there this explain the
producer ship it’s not really the same

as Hollywood because producers never get
the economic returns from the show if
you know Hollywood
the only thing we can’t give you is you

know hookers and blow although those are
if you’re a knight that’s what you get
but with producer ships no yeah you said
it you said it best if you know how

Hollywood works but you are but you are
doing this because you get value out of
so yeah the value you receive is what
you put into it

Emilio Hernandez what is the process for
selecting jingle worthies jingle worthy
jingles worthy for show debut can both
of you talk briefly about your

background that we did that already and
how they helped you become the best
podcasts podcasters for the best podcast
in the universe and I think we discussed
a little bit of that but what about the
process for selecting jingles I’m not

sure what he’s asking well like if he
had a jingle a that he put together
oh here’s how it works you send it I
listen to it if it’s shit I’ll say
thanks it might use it my not if I think
it can be fixed I’ll give you feedback

that’s pretty much it it’s yeah it’s
probably use about half the jingles were
scented you think that’s a good number
uh no more than that I’d say more okay

he wants to do some jingles that’s my
but do a few because it’s like the art
okay thanks a while to get the hang of

if you see something say something
fact-check falsehood bullshit

that’s one


there’s just a little SH morges board a
variety that you could pursue and I have

one last question I’ll just read this
one where in the world is Victoria
noodleman Kagan Matt wait we have that
one we don’t know where she is no I

think she’s retired she’s doing
something look she’s up to no good
Victoria Kagan noodleman all right I
think that’ll do it

well that was time worthy walk down
memory lane yeah it’s kind of odd
it’s just kind of odd yeah
well we will be back to deconstructing

very soon we have another special show
which will not be like this one coming
up and then
we blast off until the end of the year

god knows what’s gonna happen
yeah another reminder Dvorak org slash
and aid yes continue your support please
and have a happy Thanksgiving what’s

left of it and I know you’re celebrating
because you’re certainly not listening
to this that’s what this podcast is for
listen later all right coming to you
with the special show X here in downtown

Austin Tejas Capitol the drone star
state still female region 6 on the
governmental maps in the morning
Madame Curie and northern Silicon Valley

even though I’m not really here I’m John
C Dvorak we will return in just a few
days right here on no agenda until then
adios mofo