No Agenda Episode 1012 “Value Convo”

oh yeah you remember fat Betty atom
curry this is no agenda from northern
Silicon Valley where it’s raining cats

and dogs
I’m John Steed Evora yeah this is not
like Europe they’ve even given up on
polar vortex and any other explanations

just like it’s damn cold people really
snowing in Rome yeah is it actually the
UK no this somewhere the dad on the TV
that snowball fights in Ireland yeah

that was never supposed to happen again
except in snow globes I wish we had a
clip of that it was never a clip there
was an article it was an article here we
go the NHS that’s the UK healthcare

system the bosses warned of perfect
storm minus 16 degrees centigrade
blizzards norovirus and flu is piling
pressure on over stretch hospitals

amidst the worst winter ever huh about
that huh
it’s pretty bad its largest there in
November and it was freezing then yeah
yeah well we’ve always said be on the

lookout for the Little Ice Age for
global cooling how they how they laughed
at us John well we figured there was a
plot to kill kill people because there’s

nothing to do I say just gonna kill
people yeah I’d rather have it a little
warmer honestly I think Texas is doing
okay but man still it gets chilly here
we’re still sometimes in the 30s oh we
haven’t really hit the thirty sure at

all Alfred yeah for Texas that’s cold
how was it in the future well let’s see
who’s gonna go next I think we nailed it

John I think even better than I expected
I hate to gloat but
you know here’s here’s what we found out
with the black widow Hope Hicks

resigning it now it all falls into place
Ivanka Jovanka that’s Jared and Ivanka
you know they have a name together
Jovanka they wanted general Kelly out

because he was in their way he’s telling
him what to do he’s got power they don’t
like it they got power over daddy the
Trump knows that Jared’s got to get out

he is totally toxic and what’s up with
the way that guy is an alien who’s
totally toxic
doesn’t he have more clips of him
talking no he never talks or rarely so

Trump doesn’t have the heart to fire him
because you know you did daddy’s girl’s
husband so he says Kelly what can you do
I got it and just to say a downgrade I

mean that’s not just getting rid of
someone that’s insulting them and
kicking him on the way out he’s like why
don’t you go sit in economy class you
slave you’ve been downgraded so Jovanka

want Kelly out Trump doesn’t have the
heart to fire Jared and you can never
fire Ivanka of course all this went down
while she was in conveniently in South

Korea makes so much sense oh by the way
just as a quick aside so I’m watching
the Olympics word and she’s like with
the president and his wife in South

Korea in the same booth and behind her
is the north as the North Korean woman
and when there’s there’s a bunch of
other people around there but I have to

say said it then they never mentioned
that they’re panning and this there’s
the president in South Korea they never
mentioned she’s there but I have to say
and she looked great what she’s wearing
some big furry thing she is so

identifiable you bunka yeah oh yeah I
mean in a crowd it’s like it’s like wow
there’s Ivanka sitting right there I
didn’t I knew she was identifiable I

didn’t know how identifiable she – it
looks a lot like an alien she has a very
good Sheen about her face and anyway
let’s talk about what happened to the

aliens so Jared gets downgraded which is
just view
I mean that’s so insulting and of course
the guy is toxic and now we know what
was happening because hope Hicks resigns

in my mind she was indeed Jovanka spy
and she purposely dropped the news of
Porter her boyfriend kind of having this

abuse history and got the blame pinned
onto Kelly trying to get him out that
was the whole strategy I believe you

might I think it’s a valid dirty one
listen let’s listen to the we have the
rundown here and by the way I am
shattered boy come on the Black Widow

she was great for the show the other way
we’ll have other things I don’t know
what she’s gonna do I well before I play
my whole picks clips I want to play this

little little ditty here on BBC News
which is on the top of the list and I
want you to tell me if there’s a little
piece of discrepant information in here
that I’ve never heard a reassuring

presence that Donald Trump at the White
House and as you say comes just out the
day after it was announced that Jerry
Schnoor his son-in-law has lost his
clearance Ivanka Trump has lost her
security clearance

you know that inner circle is shrinking
and that churn that we’ve seen at the
White House is just unprecedented Brian
thanks for joining me I presumed it was

true but I hadn’t heard it either that
Ivanka also got downgraded I started
looking into it mm-hmm and I there was a
there’s a couple of for one thing that
Democrats had been calling since July

you and I you and I were calling for
them to get out well no but the
Democrats have been conscious
pacifically for a Monica to lose her
security clearance I couldn’t find any
particular reason why but they were a

bitchin and moanin and then there was a
couple of vague articles suggesting she
might have but it never got much legs
and if you have your your communications
director whole pics covering for it for

the Jovanka you would the news would
never get out but maybe it’s true
when this guy was just reporting it it
would make nothing but since I’m sure

there were several downgrades that we
didn’t hear about the one that everyone
cares about I didn’t clip it but man did
they love giving out the address of his
building that he owes two billion
dollars to the to the Chinese for never
hear anyone talk about real estate that

way it’s always he’s building in New
York is building in Atlanta no now it’s
so let’s play a hole picks abc1 this is

with you yeah that major resignation at
the White House hope Hicks the
president’s longest-serving aide with
the president even before his campaign
just 24 hours ago on Capitol Hill

answering those questions a source
telling ABC News she told house
investigators she had occasionally told
White Lies for the president she is now
stepping down now this is another thing
you know you got to kind of start to

listen to the to the sources that say
stuff I mean this is a closed tearing
meeting behind closed doors and she’s
barely even walked out and they know

that she said yes I sometimes tell a
white lie but yet there’s no official
source for this how does this work why
was it even behind client closed doors
if they immediately had this information

if it’s even true where does it hurt her
confirm it no this was launched and I’m
thinking there’s a bunch of memes in
fact if we listen to that that’s why I

divided this damn time is what yeah this
is no I want you to stop this is divided
into four sections for reasons that are
obvious as we do it but even within the
sections there is misinformation

misdirection whipsaws with ABC yeah
NBC’s just as bad but ABC is I may be
the worst and it’s and you listen to
this like why are you bothering to do a

hit job it makes no no sense and you
start to realize it’s really very subtle
it’s just like it’s like drums liar no
it’s just this part of the part of the
rotation Trump’s a liar yeah

there’s other stuff in here that’s kind
of interesting occasionally told white
lies for the president she is now
stepping down tonight the White House
says the timing of this resignation is

coincidental and tonight the growing
list of departures right there on your
screen a little more than a year into
this administration starting with
Michael Flynn the firings the
resignations one more key name added to

that list tonight
Vulpix ABC senior White House
correspondent cecilia Vega leading us
off less than 24 hours after hope Hicks
emerged from nearly nine hours of
testifying on Capitol Hill any collusion

tonight the president’s closest aide and
longtime confidant wait did someone just
yell any collusion nine hours of
testifying on Capitol Hill any collusion

I’m just gonna start saying that to
people in general hi I’m Adam nice to
meet you any collusion
aid in longtime confidant unexpectedly

resigning from her role as
communications director sending
shockwaves through the West Wing the
official line from the White House Hicks
has been thinking about leaving the job

for some time and wants to spend more
time with her family her family now they
her family now of course there’s two or
three elements here that we’re looking

at besides what you’ve already caught
yeah I was which is the obvious which is
any somebody yelling – sure let’s clip
is that nuts

it’s just to put in your inner listeners
mind a collusion element because it’s
really not in there otherwise there’s no
information in any of this but you might
as well get it and get in there so we

got the three things we got the trumps a
liar we’ve got the collusion which is
just artificially inserted and then we
have the White House in a turmoil which
is another checklist item well it was
more than turmoil that she didn’t say

chaos which I had expected she would she
what does she say oh yes shock waves yes
shock waves shock waves the less is
different than what they’re describing

cuz they saw these guys there were five
with all these people they’ve lost yeah
but it’s a literation with a w so
wave through the White House the West
Wing sorry shockwaves in the West yeah
that’s because they probably have
somebody on the staff that’s that’s like

you that really loves love rich and
extreme and they should have used chaos
yeah cuz that’s that’s the mean but okay
so okay we go on you got a should have
you’re right it’s just it’s Tourette’s

it’s great okay I did clip two but the
news comes with Hicks under fire for
that testimony telling congressional
investigators under oath that she
occasionally told white lies on behalf

of the President of the United States at
twenty nine years old she became one of
the most powerful players in the Trump
White House Oh pics is a tremendously
talented person she started off with us

right from day one
by the president’s side through the
campaign hope swears hope hope come here
home coming home
get up here hope hope it’s the legendary

hoping this is very shy she’s actually
she’s a very shy person but she’s a
great person she’s done an amazing job
before that in Trump Tower as an
assistant to the billionaire businessman

a former model she joined the family
working on Ivanka Trump’s fashion line
now she helps run the White House her
handwriting right there on the
president’s note reminding him to tell

those grieving families from Parkland I
hear you hmm
okay couple things here first of all is
is the way they it wasn’t a whipsaw it’s
something else and I don’t know what it

is but it’s taking it so you’re so the
stream-of-consciousness roles in a
certain you’re listening and you hear
the following if you just listen to the
words or you just saw a transcript would
go like this she admitted to saying that

she told white lies for the president
Thank You Donald Trump
yep it could put that in for no reason
so in other words Thank You Donald Trump

for making me tell white lies I don’t
know what to but the subconscious is
gonna deal with when it hears those two
things in a row but that’s what you
heard you heard he told she told white
lies Thank You Donald Trump build a wall

and then there was that thing at the end
it was the I’ll play at home on yeah
baby back it up now she helps run the

White House her handwriting right there
on the president’s note reminding him to
tell those grieving families from
Parkland I hear you which is insinuating

that the president can’t even write his
own thank-yous and I hear yet his own
notes and the stupid thing about say
thank you to everybody makes him sound
like a complete moron

and and whether she wrote that I don’t
know did they did she ever say she do we
know for a fact well I know I don’t know
about that but I’ve looked at her
mannerisms how she interacts with other

people because I’ve never heard her
speak except for that one thing when
Trump brought onstage that’s about it
I’ll bet you she’s really good at
communications I have a yeah the profile
kind of fits the way she interacts with

people I think she’d be really good and
I bet she was good probably good writer
she could be but but what introduces a
couple of more topics in the next part

special mini clip within minutes of news
of her departure the president releasing
a statement saying she is as smart and
thoughtful as they come a truly great
person I will miss having her by my side

but when she approached me about
pursuing other opportunities I totally
understood chief of staff John Kelly
calling Hicks strategic poised and wise
beyond her years to say that she will be

missed is an understatement
but her tenure in Washington not without
scandal Hicks was involved in crafting a
misleading statement about that now
infamous trumped our meeting between Don

junior and the Russians that one yeah
now because he apparently crafted the
memo that’s
we don’t know nothing wait let’s give

this let’s back up on that all right
what wasn’t the same media accusing
Donald as the one who did that memo that
he wrote the whole thing in charge Don
juniors a moron or Eric’s a moron he

could hide if he wrote it yeah I
remember he wrote it and pasted it into
an email so junior could just go yeah
that’s what I have all of a sudden she
crafted it oh yeah yeah she may be too

we John she may hold the key to
everything with the Russians or were
they meeting with this Russian lawyer
that or a lawyer from that’s just the

Russians Russian hey they were there
with the Russian salad dressing ah it’s
gotten pretty crazy you know just as an
aside now all of a sudden there’s the

the MSNBC I’ve been watching them every
day starting you know like 6:30 in the
morning yeah yeah yeah yeah you get the
bong check out the bomb now you know you

know it protects me the holy herb
protects me from the beat yeah so now
it’s well you know called for Russia to
hack Hillary’s emails and they play the

little sound bite out of context of
course because it was a joke and now
they’re saying and then two days later
they publish those emails the Russian
WikiLeaks but those were the DNC emails

they even confused about which emails
that are talking about this just going
round and round and round in circles and
oh they yeah they do that I got some
more clips later on the show that again

they bring in old stuff and they try to
try to shoehorn it into whatever their
narrative is use the word but I have to
and it’s just I guess it works if you’re

really stupid I would say most people at
this point are they’ve been stupefied
well they’d been stupefied so let’s go

to finish this this guy up more recently
she was at the center of the firestorm
over the departure of former staff
secretary Rob Porter
Houston amid domestic violence

allegations and you know remember that
she’s the one that at least that was the
reporting that she wrote the press
announcement about this I mean either

she did it said hey Rob boyfriend yeah
sorry you got to do this for me cuz we
got to get Kelly out for the you know

for the country or just like if she was
also with Lewandowski I believe she was
dating him on the campaign she’s just a
dangerous I have more time with her
family understand but if she actually

you know you use this guy and remember
that was everyone was was blown away by

this like holy crap of course it was a
PR disaster couldn’t get away from it
but the way it went boom all of a sudden
he had she’s dating him we find that out
boom the guy has abusive background boom
John Kelly is an asshole for hiring him

we got to get Kelly out get Kelly out
it seemed so coordinated I think they
want Kelly out but who is they Jovanka
yeah they just no anyway it doesn’t

matter I’m sorry for taking us on that
detour no no I think I think it needs to
be discussed and I kind of reminded by
there was somebody else that was working
it was banned Banyon he was having he

was butting heads with Kelly too and he
because he and there was somebody else
that felt thinking well if you was if
you find away it was somebody else that

was or and maybe everybody can go in and
out and in and out and Kelly says no you
can’t keep going in and out of here now
we got things to do here yes and if you
remember the special interview I did
with Steve pathetic

the Kelly is the deep state guy from
military intelligence who are running
this president and from the way I see it
I think they got every douche bag out at
this point I don’t think there’s any

more you know potential risks left are
there is any way is there anyone left
from the Trump Tower scene no but Conway
might be Conway’s still in there but

she’s a political operative she’s been
around yeah that’s true so she and she
probably goes along with the program
just of the hangers just Jovanka hanging
out those two and they were you all

they’ve been downgraded so now it’s
another gringo in the office no no no
except the classified were doing
classified you get out get out of here
get out of here you happening yeah maybe

maybe we’ll get down to business now
finally when all the morons hanging
around more recently she was at the
center of the firestorm over the

departure of former staff secretary Rob
Houston amid domestic violence
allegations Porter and hope were dating
and she helped craft the
administration’s defense of him when the

news broke tonight the White House says
none of that is linked to her departure
the timing just coincidence
so let’s get to cecilia Vega live at the
White House tonight and Cecilia hope

Hicks releasing a statement of her own
tonight David she is she says there are
no words to adequately express her
gratitude to President Trump not that
long ago right here in the West Wing she
tearfully thanked West Wing staffers she
is a very beloved member of this

administration her office was right
outside president Trump’s Oval Office we
can’t emphasize enough how much of a
trusted adviser she was to him her
actual departure date could still be
weeks off David but this has been a very

key role and a tough one for this White
House to fill hope Hicks is now the
fourth communications director to come
and go I think was Rachel Maddow who had
a huge screen on full screen last night

with tiny little print of all the people
who had been kicked out and that had
communications director another
communications director he had another
communications director they just loved

our mood she of course of course well
even really a communication structure is
there for some other purpose we’re never
sure all right or to help get rid of
somebody it was somebody else had to go

no it’s buzz Spicer resident Spike yeah
Spicer he was there the longest yeah he
had to get because he was a bonehead
right right and so scaramouche came in

to get rid of him and and oh no rats
Priebus he had to get rid of Reince
Priebus that was the right right and so
scaramouche came in and then kept
accusing Rance Priebus of being the

leaker yeah most barely he was well
sadly I think that what and I really
mean sadly I think that now that we have
the military in control of the White
House because that’s the way I see it

yeah well if you look around this seems
to be an extraordinary number of
military guys including the chief of
staff yeah can I move off the Black

Widow to go where I won’t need to go
with this then we you might as well let
me see let me just double-check so I
don’t bring an old clip in later I don’t
think I have any more clips on her all
right yeah so will with Kelly in charge

and we’ve seen the buildup in
Afghanistan but we still have this issue
in Syria and mind you this is about the
Golan Heights oil it’s about this still

about the pipelines and we and we have
to come up with some kind of ruse to
make sure that we can stay there and
we’ve already heard the rumblings all
yeah chemical weapons chemical weapons
and now this

new evidence tonight of a sinister
partnership between Kim Jiyoon and the
murderous regime of Syrian President
Bashar al-assad a United Nations source
tells CNN North Korea has been sending

supplies that could be used to produce
chemical weapons to Syria the source
says a new unreleased UN report based on
a secret investigation found that parts
including valves and thermometers used

to turn those chemicals into deadly
bombs have been shot by Kim’s regime
because North Korea is the world’s
largest stockpile of chemical weapons
and the technology to produce it and
Syria has repeatedly used chemical on

what wait wait wait what did he say
let’s listen again let’s go to the
videotape beam it’s very alarming
because North Korea has the world’s
largest stockpile of chemical weapons I

thought we got rid of the chemical
weapons we got rid of the chemical
weapons in Syria north now North Korea
has the largest you ever heard this
before no it’s from a secret report from

sources so how could we know we don’t
know nothing now let’s just stop a
second there making North Korea to be
the bad guy in every way they can and so
you think they’d be under massive

scrutiny now we know that they have not
just some chemical weapons but the
world’s they have the world’s biggest
supply more than we have yeah really
shut up were you asking questions

it’s from the secret report and we know
it apparently I think he actually says
we those chemicals into deadly bombs
have been shipped by Kim’s regime it’s
very alarming because North Korea has

the world’s largest stockpile of
chemical weapons and the technology to
produce it oh and Syria has repeatedly
used chemical weapons and continues to
do so against its own people so this is
fantastic you you can blame the bad guys

that are uncheck able and then well you
know if he’s doing it against his own
people he’s doing it again right let’s
let’s remind everybody about the
research that was done on that that that

first chemical attack that they tried to
wear the red line yes yes because the
Obama administration was just debunked
yeah I every
known expert in the world that these
bombs were not from Syria they were from

the rebels they sent the chemicals to
northern England they were checked out
and the minute the results came back
Obama has forgot about the red line
because he didn’t want to attack under
false pretense new facts well luckily

this came up in the State Department
brief where’d you get this clip by the
way let’s see um and I think CNN is all
in on it you know they’ve got Barbara

Starr at the Pentagon Wolf Blitzer with
IDF we’ve got Anderson Cooper with CIA’s
just one big hornet’s nest of bullcrap
so you know this is total propaganda and

someone they got nobody watching that
that Network I’m not doing that bad no
Heather Nauert the who’s the only

another cutie left in the administration
now that the Black Widow is gone but so
Heather who has an interesting style
she’s asked the question about this and

about this reporters report in the New
York Times that North Korea’s thought
New York Times yeah let’s let’s not
forget the new news reporting the New
York Times that North Korea’s been

shipping supplies to Syria that can be
used in or for producing chemical
weapons I don’t know if you are familiar
with that report what your reaction is
I’ve certainly seen that report that is
something I’ve seen reports of that

report let me say that because the
actual report itself has not been
released this is something that the
United States has had concerns about for
quite some time that North Korea
especially as North Korea becomes more

desperate that they look for different
creative and horrific ways to try to
make money to fund their criminal regime
and when I say criminal regime I mean
their illegal nuclear and ballistic

missile programs if they are selling
goods material whatever you want to call
it that regime and that is exactly why
we stand so firmly behind our policy of

denuclearization on the part of this
administration and on behalf of the
world and I love
typically like well that is a report
that you know didn’t no one has seen
that’s just from sources you don’t know

nothing I haven’t seen it but it’s like
well I haven’t seen it but I heard the
reporting sounds sounds right to me
who wrote this story at the New York
Times yes well this is well this is

interesting this is written by oh that’s
the LA Times I’m sorry one thin New York
Times okay okay where is it that’s
interesting oh jeez I can’t get it with

Bing it can’t be no I can’t Bing it
here we go you went okay so they’re
saying un links Korea to Syria’s

chemical weapons program so this is a
United a court this is all according to
a United Nations expert Michael Schwartz
SCH wir TZ and looks like the UN is his

beat yeah what else do you want me to
say boss so this sounds like you know

I’m sad about this I’m also soldiers in
the UK are now getting anthrax
vaccinations due to the North Korea

threat which they what yeah they
typically don’t they’re experts or
there’s not only gas and nukes yeah and
these guys there’s racks load them up
with anthrax

really uh-huh and and then you know what
also happened in at the Olympic Games is
the the main Nago our main negotiator
with who speaks with North Korea and

tries to work with the North and the
South he quit
and no one wants to talk to the North
Korean so I feel a setup coming and I
don’t like it at all

and I think we’re gonna do some more
nasty business right right in Syria to
protect the interests in this case again
of the big resource companies I wouldn’t
be able to argue yeah this sad it’s sad

that’s coming okay I’m from untrim on
time Oprah Winfrey now last I heard she
was not going to run for Presidente

but I think she’s changing her mind oh
USA Today big profile piece not only
just an article but they did a whole
video with Oprah and I’d like to share

that with you
well Oprah Winfrey run for presidents
over yet before Oprah 2020 started

trending and people saying that she
should be running for president in the
next election that if we could have
someone like Donald Trump win with no

political experience certainly Oprah
should be running and it actually picked
up a lot of steam 7 million tweets about
20 2004 20/20 yes like the speech hit me

I had a little tear in my eyes since
then we’ve heard statements from Oprah
saying that she doesn’t have any
intention of running for the Presidency
it’s it’s just not in my spirit it’s not

my DNA while we certainly have no reason
not to talking to her recently it’s a
little bit more nuanced I pay attention
when you have that many people saying

something I thought well she I’ve never
in my life ever ever imagined that I
would be in politics and I’ve always
said no no no no no am I supposed to at

least look at that question cuz I had
enough people billionaires calling me up
saying I can get you a billion dollars I
can run your campaign and I actually

went into prayer about it like God if
you if you think I’m supposed to run you
gotta tell me and it has to be so
earlier that not even I could miss it
now I hope so she’s actually talking to

God no no no no no no no she’s waiting
for him to talkback which Joy Behar
would consider mentally ill I mean how
crazy is these people are nuts are Mike

Pence iam when he speaks to God he
speaks back he’s mentally ill Oprah says
God you make gotta make it loud enough
for me to hear she’s not mental well

he’s not a Republican yeah I know that I
hope every night I say a prayer please
let Oprah run please oh yeah that was

great please could you imagine
Oprah Trump debate oh man oh this would
be so beautiful

I think likelihood of this getting that
far is nil really I’m not so sure I’m
not sure about that it’s just a
publicity stunt it may be the following
and that’s what they said about Trump I

never said it they never said a day they
III that was that sounded pretty serious
I think the following could be in play
let’s bring up

Oprah’s profile politically see what you
know what kind of money you can dream up
get thing you know she just thought like
she needs the money but do you have a
bunch of money get a bunch of support
and then figure out who to really run
and then have Oprah throw her support

behind that person that give them an
extra boost like a movie okay well if
you could name one person who has
oppressed is is the book
Oprah’s the bookmark right now right but

she’s not yet well how about this Hisle
the place
oh no I think she’s the the anoint her
okay place holder and anoint her yeah
when Oprah says yes you my child are the

chosen one but I’m still gonna pray it
will be so beautiful and I know she
would fix the Austin library of our

homeless Rob oh we need a report on that
I went I went what are you done
what with the with you gotta be more on
Oprah I have nothing I don’t know you

had me jacked up about the whole idea
well I just thought the whole report
showed some serious interest in her from
day the media being completely insane
yeah you don’t realize that Donald Trump

was fake running for president since the
90s yes not like a day just came up with
but I mean okay go ahead okay a little
background before you discuss the

library yeah I did I looked at the clip
you sent me it really wasn’t it wasn’t
good for the background or so I don’t
have a clip but when we win this twenty
one hundred twenty five million dollar
library was planned in Austin the main

question that appeared as well will it
just be like the old library which was
kind of in a park setting so it was much
easier for you know people experiencing
homelessness to kind of walk up and hang

out this place is huge since I want to
go see it you know people are very
worried about what was going to happen
with Austin librarian we heard that

worried about you no one’s worried about
me dad so the place is big and it’s
interesting as the common areas and the
I would say conference areas because it
seems to be quite a business they have

multiple conference rooms you know what
you can do I guess anything from 50
people to probably they got a 250 seater
it’s each floor of these five floors is
like huge open space with places to sit

and hang out and then what seems like a
third of the space is books on the other
side so I went in I hadn’t been into the
library it’s good that they have books
yeah but it seems like there’s more

space for conferences and hanging out
than books
oddly meetups every floor had at least
three clearly identifiable people
experiencing homelessness so I saw about

15 maybe 17 and this is 11:30 a.m. when
I went and and I’ll say that these look
to me like people who actually are

experiencing homelessness there they
don’t seem to be crazy strung out on
drugs it’s definitely not a good smell
and you know some are yeah they’re just

hanging out are they even reading you
know like opportunity to read align oh I
didn’t see anybody reading I didn’t see
anyone assisting with help helping them
with resources to find a way out of the

problems they’re in there was none of
that and people just ignore them just
walk by so even begging you no no no no
one was begging but I but it was very

sad you know I just got a sad emotion
over me when I saw it like yeah there
you go
Austin the the outpost of liberals doing
so well for our citizens no nothing

nothing at all and these are really in
your most of them are older yeah you get
to it yeah I think for 50s I’d say 50 no

I’d say 60s I’m just one donation away
but I’m gonna go again I’m gonna keep an

eye on it I just you know in all the pre
promotion about a year ago for this
library oh we’re gonna have all kinds of
resources will help everybody there’s
none of that going on nothing at all

none of it they’re just being ignored no
one wants to deal with them people walk
by him just like San Francisco and just
step over them no one cares
yeah well as services would be pooping
in the library yeah well who knows who

knows how far this will go but I did see
what was this I saw an article in the
times I think yes New York City
libraries there now handing out narcan

in fact that’s there’s a law Cuomo
signed a bill into law that added
libraries to the list of institutions
like schools that are authorized to

possess and use narcan only one can
possess and use it I’m just telling you
that’s what it says I don’t see why you
couldn’t maybe if it’s federally funded

okay or something something like that
and and I wonder if that’ll happen if
we’ll if we’ll have a cup our first
overdose in the Austin library I have no

idea how the I’m sure it’s bad but you
don’t hear much less they’re gonna go in
the other direction anytime students
from what I can tell no no there is no
one there helping these people exit

experiencing homelessness no they don’t
know what to do so well that was a
boring report on my leg all right all
right that I didn’t want to have to pee

I peed on my leg I didn’t want to have
to pull this out this early I’m gonna do
it I’m pulling it out I have here a clip
that I believe will annoy you to no end

are you ready to hear my clip that will
annoy you
yes waiting okay stand by and listen to
Ella Fitzgerald annoying John see the

in my humble fashion when you said you

so I think this is a fractal somehow

because we have sure loaded up there
didn’t she and four of them and the song
is from button 61 or something it may be
earlier I mean they’ll if this Joe is

that repeat pretty much in the 40s yeah
but and but how about the and by the way
when you hear very early stuff which I
think may go back into the 30s but then
pretty sure it does she was one of the

best singers in the history of the
country sure she was but she’s using the
words like devotion so this is just
something old coming back again yes now

that you brought that clip in sure I
have no idea that song I’ll look it up
it’s this wonderful smile oh that’s why
that’s during that era when they did

these long intros before they actually
sang the song oh I didn’t know that yeah
there was a period of in fact it came
and went Crosby did it for a while I
came in the 30s mostly they would

imprint they’d introduce the song with a
bunch of blather and then they’d kick it
out k kick it in it’s almost like James
Brown yelling hit it and Rick and the

song bring it up right and so they do
introduced the song with a bunch of
bullcrap at the front end of it and then
they’d they’d bring the song and it made
waste almost 30 seconds so oh man what a

horrible trend that was I guess any
examples so I ran into I just I will say
this since you brought it up and I’m
yakking about this and the reason I’m

yakking about in the first place because
I did discover a cache of Paul Whiteman
and Benny Bing Crosby and all that a lot
of was this an online cache or was it
been buried to someone’s backyard Inc

from I think 1925 to 1935 which is the
ear I were all this cool stuff took
place this was a torrent
it was available as a torrent but it was
all of it it was on they

have on one in one archive they’ve got
every single Paul Whiteman song from
that era and every single Crosby song
from that era and then that led me

because I was looking for something else
that led me to something I’m gonna
recommend which is I think it’s oat OTR
cat and I believe is dot-com OTR cat
old-time radio catalogue has got the

moon collection of obscurities that I
have ever seen they have like every
single this or every single that that he

sells he sells these huge collections of
hands is always an mp3 form and he’ll
send you a CD of like thousands of
things for eight bucks this guy but wait

if you order now he’ll send you two CDs
with thousands of things for just eight
it’s unbelievable what this guy’s
collected that’s good contact Matt do
you now do you actually sit and listen

to these and go hahahaha sometimes they
do chuckle there are some old radio
plays I really enjoy ah but there is the
thing I got in contact which I disobey

this obscure yeah it’s pretty damn
obscurity and you know you thought the
library report was boring I will mention
this that apparently he has anyone who’s

collected OTR knows that the series of
radio shows called The Fatman done by
this American actor he grabbed up all
the copies and all the transcripts and
destroyed every bit of them and all you

can get from fat man is stuff from
Australia and remakes but he says
there’s some that were discovered
recently I’m just so excited anyway I do
have your annoying word of the day but

I’m gonna try and do that trying to
annoy you every show and you’re annoying
word of the day is such as in what’s the
sitch John oh I’m gonna use it what’s
the sitch did you get the sitch well the

sitch is from oh man
oops it was a it was a cartoon was that
Inspector Gadget no no no no he was

there’s some cartoon girl
hopefully the troll room will no bit
yeah that will do it too by the way then
I have to know where it comes from

yeah I got it Kim Possible Kim Possible
Kim Possible say everybody she’s
impossible what’s the sitch okay she was

kind of hot too cartoon character okay
back to the bong okay alrighty then that
was enlightening

yes people learn something you always
learn something on this show I was once
again delighted with the little show
that we had the other day when Trump I
think this is his new thing I like it

just like was daca which strangely we
don’t hear anything about it anymore
I’m sure the deadlines coming up in a
week or so we’ll start hearing about it
but you know he brings in everybody all
the senators and the ones you know the

ones that he likes or whatever it is and
then let’s talk about this on live
television that was so cool yesterday
you thought so I got a clip I got a clip
this play you know you play which clip

is it jump on guns divide-and-conquer
ABC as you know the other firestorm
tonight Republicans reacting at this
hour to what they saw from the president

today at the White House he was sitting
with Republicans and Democrats on guns
and school safety saying he supports
what many of the Democrats support
universal background checks among other
things pushed by the students and

families in parkland Florida but tonight
many in his own party are now living
before the television cameras at the
White House the most Pro NRA president

in history gathered together a group
including some of Congress’s most
forceful advocates of gun
roll when I see some folks that don’t
say nice things about me and that’s okay

because if you turned that into this
energy I love you but I don’t care
and sitting in that room the president
repeatedly took positions that put

himself at odds with the NRA and
Republican leaders in Congress he
embraced Connecticut Democrat Chris
Murphy’s call for background checks on
all gun purchases and idea Republicans

have voted down again and again yeah I
thought that that to me was not the best
part the best part is this so I just
curious as to what you did in your bill

a lot of people are afraid of that issue

raising the age for that weapon to 21 so
you’re afraid of the NRA I love the guys
face that was that was Bell yeah things
they talk about it’s that one topic that

raising the age is the only thing there
was concerned about not because it means
anything but because there is a an
actual calculation of lost sales that
you can make yes this is a huge issue is

huge for the money but if we now look at
what happened with right pretty much the
same day there was no waiting this we
don’t wait anymore to politicize dead

children why bother
this has moved straight into the news
cycle here is the his Nadine Smith she
is really one of the hijackers of the
kids original March idea which was

planned for April that she now shows up
as the leader of the no NRA money
campaign but she’s really from equality
Florida and she runs a whole bunch of

other different nonprofits some of which
yes indeed are funded by our Hungarian
friend and I think the the
politicization was purely for one goal
to defund not the NRA but to defund

Republicans who take the NRA money
and you know this shaming and calling
out and you know you have to stand with

everybody and say I pledge I won’t take
money from the NRA
at the same time defunding the NRA by
you know getting now they definitely
have some issues with the insurance

companies who are you know who run their
their big gun insurance if you kill
somebody and sure shoot somebody
insurance as well as you know all of
their partners I think it was a pretty

well coordinated attack I don’t think
it’s enough
they gotta keep it going because you
know they they have to show continuously
that Republicans are taking NRA money

well here’s this little exchange on am
joy before she goes off the air
cancelled too bad well very simply we
are aiming to break the stranglehold
that the NRA has strength rationale gun

policy we know what to do to stop these
mass shootings we know what to do
because we’re in this country we’ve
we’ve banned assault weapons there you

go you know the things that Mary Ann
hammer said lead us inevitably to a road
where our children go to school and
armored trucks with you know rifle
towers in every school that is not the
path that Americans want and I think the

students the survivors of the Parkland
shooting are saying it in the most
compelling way they’ve said that
politicians have abandoned us and we
demand better and we have failed young

people by letting the NRA dictate policy
all across this country and block the
things that we know work to save lives
you hear that she went from we know what
to do right into we need to block the

NRA it was nothing else but that there
was some things where we need to block
the NRA that’s going to stop people from
coming beat children so no NRA money is
two things it is a pledge by candidates
that they will not accept NRA money or

support and it is a pledge by voters
that we will vote against any candidate
who takes even a penny we believe I
would vote against any candidate that

took a pledge I’m not voting for
somebody who’s gonna take pledges and be
a band
have to abide by somebody else’s what
they want I want them representing me
and my community that’s what I’m doing

my elected officials I don’t want them
having I didn’t like the guy who was
doing the no more taxes pledge to that
guy who’s kind of disappeared from the
scene why am i why is that guy taking

the pledge to someone that’s not in our
community he’s representing us he’s not
representing these people he’s taking
plow take a pledge I’m pledging take
their money bullcrap I agree with you

it’s two things it is a pledge by
candidates that they will not accept NRA
money or support and it is pledged by
voters that we will vote against any
candidate who takes even a penny from

the NRA we believe that we’ve got to
draw that line very very clearly you
know is your is your campaign
florida-based or you try to take this
national no this is national it’s a

grassroots effort it’s grassroots yeah
it’s real grassroots on my grass words
and in particular I said we’ve got to
draw this yes it’s also the Sandy Hook

what’s the Bloomberg money Michael
Bloomberg that’s what is it called I’ll
come up with I’m in the sand and so far
we’re hearing from candidates the the

country not just in in progressive areas
but in deep red Pennsylvania of a
retired police sergeant and army vet
who’s running for the family was the

first to say you know so we think this
is the moment the tide changes yeah and
they’re they really are all over yeah
and this is all part of the 2018
elections these they’re they’re not only

they are abusing these children they’re
really sucking the life energy out of
these children I mean really bent and
putting your duties have you ever looked
at Soros blood of children
I love infant blood quickly let’s play

the cards gonna play an example of how
horrible these children’s lives are now
with their parents abusing them putting
them on television and I want to go to

teacher with a gun oh good
NPR oh yeah let’s put my kid on NPR this
is just the beginning of a little
segment which they put together
there’s no such thing as a little

segment on NPR but okay um hold on a
second now there’s two clips yes here we
go I’m sorry just the amount of the

wrong clip here we are the past few
weeks my house has been command central
for supplies for teachers whose rooms
were shot up and may never be reopened
more markers into Connors car Connors
cars taking markers this is my life now

helping my mom organize supplies from
around the country then meeting up with
friends before counseling oh my god then
speaking at a rally or visiting

memorials in the park dangle media to
check my posts about gun control if you
just listen it’s much sadder than this
right now over 2200 people have seen my

tweet and 46 people have liked it 20
people have retweeted it and now I’m
wondering what my other tweets look like
so I’m gonna go to boo this is my mom

when she’s alone hey mom
my mom’s been checking it with me a lot
her name is Lisa Glassman okay so how
are you feeling right now for real tell

me what’s going on in your mind and
stuff this sounds like the Kardashian
mother almost like oh hey kid we’re on
the road radio let me tell me it for
real how you doing how you’re really

feeling what’s in your mind and stuff
this is child abuse um a lot a lot is
only gonna my mind obviously
there’s so much that I have to think
about going back to school me my my

Twitter life my activist life poor kids
they got Twitter lives activist lives

and their beings wither life yeah this
is my activist life yes sir yeah god
yeah but that’s just you know we don’t

have the category I’d give you a
pathetic tweet of the day
yeah it is that bad all right teacher
with a gun story this way I don’t know

there’s another thing I there’s another
thing that was them but let’s just stick
with the teacher and the gun thing for a
sec okay let’s talk about this the
teacher with the gun story part one this
was was this the coincidental even said
we should arm teachers and to a new

school scare we’re following tonight
this time a teacher with a gun what
other categories could we think of
teacher with a dill dog teacher with you
know a chainsaw what else could the

teacher have and to a new school scare
we’re following tonight this time a
teacher with a gun barricading himself
inside his classroom and in firing a
shot students running in fear and here’s
ABC’s Steve osunsami on that front this

was the panic this morning during third
period at Dalton High School north of
Atlanta after police say this popular
social studies teacher had a breakdown
and locked himself in an empty classroom

with a handgun he was telling people to
go away the principal who was outside
the door says that 53 year old Randall
Davidson wasn’t making sense and fired a
bullet through a window they immediately

evacuated the school the school’s armed
security officer was off campus the only

person with a gun was the teacher well
done beautiful coincidence just be
yeah this was done because Trump has

said they wish it armed teachers we got
it made this story a coincidentally
comes up showing that if a teacher has a
they’ll go nuts and by the way I kind of
agree with that I think in today’s

school system the teachers are so
liberal and left yeah that I don’t know
if anyone could even touch a gun without
getting the shakes oh oh well there’s
this thing on that’s going viral it’s

it’s not Anderson Cooper himself it’s
kind it’s almost like a look-alike of
pooper AB it’s a CNN piece and it’s you
know the reporter goes and learns how to

shoot an ar-15 it’s really fun it’s
hilarious and there’s millions of it I
want to talk about that but let’s play
clip part two of this clip because
there’s a element in here I have to ask

you about
police say the teacher agreed to
surrender police tonight are announcing
charges including aggravated assault and
carrying a weapon on the school grounds
the teacher has not yet entered a plea

okay Angra vated assault I don’t think
you can be firing a weapon through the
window at school
yeah they got to call it something big
call it fire at discharging a firearm

within the city limits which almost all
cities have that regulation that’s this
means maybe there’s more to destroy your
school properties another thing maybe
there’s more than assault involves

assaulting some maybe there’s more to
the story you don’t know well if there’s
more to the story
hey why am i listening to this network
news reporters they’re not gonna tell me

what that more to the story is well you
do that because that’s your job that’s
what I do is what we both do well how
about this then NBC MSNBC think it’s a

very bad idea as well they all do but
yes but not for the reasons you might
think you say because the teachers would
be outfitted with a handgun which is

obviously very inferior compared to an
ar-15 let’s take a look at what teachers
we up against if they were armed with a

handgun and confronted with a weapon
like an ar-15 an ar-15 style rifle well
that’s a semi-automatic weapon meaning
the fire it fires one round when the

trigger is pulled then automatically
reloads the chamber making it ready to
fire again handguns can also be
semi-automatic but some like revolvers
they’re not meaning it can take a lot

longer to fire multiple rounds another
big difference the speed of bullets the
ar-15 can fire bullets between 2,800 and
3,000 feet per second a 9-millimeter
handgun between 700 and 1100 feet per

second the ar-15 can hold much more
ammunition so it’s the bullets come out
just fast yeah so if you shoot at the
same time you’ll never kill them because
you’ll be dead first and then a handgun

a typical ar-15 magazine holds 30
bullets while a 9-millimeter handgun
holds 15 magazines that hold more are
available for each firearm one doctor
who has seen ar-15 personal injuries

gives a stark comparison of the damage
each firearm can do to a person’s body
she says quote routine handgun injuries
leave an entry and exit wound and linear

tracks throughout the victims body that
are roughly the size of a bullet when
she saw the damage from a parkland
victim she said the organ looked like an
overripe melon smashed by a sledgehammer

with extensive bleeding yeah thanks for
that now you look at the Ludacris report
it says you know the idea is that you

have something something to protect
yourself and you can you know wing the
guy or shoot him it doesn’t make any
difference the speed of the bullet as
long as you hit him but let’s listen to
Larry O’Donnell’s interpretation

unbelievable let’s listen to Larry’s
interpretation tell me what’s wrong here
mm stop the hammering mm 182 miles per
hour that’s how fast the bullets were

moving when they came out of the barrel
of that ar-15
how fast were they going just 200 or
2,000 miles per hour yeah feet per

second maybe 2,000 miles per hour but
2700 feet per second okay well that’s

that’s you you have a sonic boom yeah
what do you it at 2,000 miles an hour –
so he’s full of crap – thousand 182

miles per hour that’s how fast the
bullets were moving well let’s think
about it it just didn’t I don’t want to

do the math is just well but if he’s
2,700 feet per second then you divide by
Stephanie feeder in a mile
I don’t know maybe this correct yeah
it’s beside the point it’s like

ridiculous who cares I think it’s a
bullet you can hit with old blunderbuss
you get hit in the head your dad stopped
the hammer and ar-15 and Marjorie
Stoneman Douglas high school last week

mm 182 miles per hour 3,200 feet per
second that’s what those kids were
trying to outrun now this is now this is
you can outrun the gun you can’t outrun

the bullet from the assault rifle 3,200
feet per second that’s three times
faster than the speed of a bullet
leaving the barrel of a nine-millimeter

handgun with a high-capacity magazine
the ar-15 can fire maybe 90 or 100
bullets in a minute a hundred in a
minute and you pull them pretty fast a

concealable handgun can fire maybe 15
bullets Oh
so they’re really on this faster faster

Bullet theory as the reason the point of
this is that I think it has to do with
well you we know one thing for sure they
did the modern weaponry called the ar-15
which is so modern it is actually

introduced in 1956 has got to go
according to WHO according to the
Democrats is there all that you can tell

this is dis no are you no great don’t
care they don’t care you actually don’t
well they don’t care at all they just
want to win the elections they don’t pay
you not gonna be back on my ass my own

thesis yes I’m gonna wrap this up
well you can’t wrap it up because I have
a couple clips left okay well yes all
right well I have some stuff that folds

into all of this so I’ll listen to your
clips go okay so I have this is uh again
Muir and this is they’re talking to the
kids after we went back to finally going
back to school and I want you that got

two clips this is me earth the first
date teased the ammo some ammo
information then they paid do the payoff
in clip too but you haven’t played clip

one and we’ll go from there when it all
happened meantime we’re also learning
about the stunning amount of ammunition
gunman left behind at the school Victor
a kendo at the scene tonight

the walk to school unlike any other
before it students returning carrying
flowers greeting officers some with
signs of encouragement my school would
never be the same it’s changed forever

the students first stop their fourth
period class the same period they were
in when the shooting began the idea to
allow them to spend time with those

students they were with when the shots
broke out when I got into the classroom
it was kind of like everyone’s daddy’s
how they’ve got a little silent the
freshmen building where the attack
occurred closed it will never be used

again a reminder that the school is far
from whole it was a weird strange
emotional day also in my Spanish class
especially because one of our students
didn’t show up today because he was

one of the 17th
okay I listened to that clip again
through the speakers now I realize what

she said because when I first heard it I
had deconstructed to say that’s very
exciting oh I don’t know I think she
said that no she said upsetting oh okay
that ruins your does it ruin your gambit

no it just that was just the commentary
cuz the gambit is still the tremendous
amount of ammunition that was left
behind that that mirror teased at the
beginning of this clip but he also

teased it in a in one of those to
embrace interstitial interstitial yeah
and so he’s teasing that but meanwhile
that you heard all this blather you
didn’t hear what what’s the number what
did I miss

how much tremendous amount what can I
have a cache of ammunition you leave
behind go to part two a law enforcement
source tells ABC News Nicolas Cruz left
behind nearly 180 unused rounds and one

of the magazines were covered how to
swastika on it
yeah what okay 180 rounds which is okay
big deal uh which I guess if you don’t

know what it made five I guess is too
many bullets for most people so he had
five or six was the swastika got to do
with this story white national why not
he did not no of course not I haven’t

seen pictures of anything white
separatist yes white nationalist white
nationalist trump supporter supposedly
had Kevlar vest on all kinds of stuff I

don’t know we don’t know we’re not gonna
know no one cares
defund the NRA go dims that’s what this
is about isn’t screw the children by the
way hog kid the one who’s making the

rounds the so-called guy he’s he’s you
watch him he’s gonna be a media
personality he’s got he’s got to learn
but he’s got a good voice yes smooth

skin yeah yeah no I’m telling him watch
this guy a couple years watch this guy
watch this guy now I have my own clip
about the classes resuming at the high

school today’s students began the day by
returning to their fourth period class
that’s the class they were in and the
students they were with during the
shooting sandwich said one of the worst
things about going back to school is the

people you’ll no longer see in
classrooms and the hallways good friends
we lost my glasses I have like two of
them and magnetism is gonna be very very
off seeing the teachers and their in the

students sitting in there and not them
so it’s gonna be very difficult for that
the building where seventeen people were
shot and killed two weeks ago will no
longer be used it’s going to be

demolished and replaced with less space
school administrators had to draw up a
new master schedule to find rooms for
all the classes and students there were
some 150 grief counselors on hand today

to help students plus lots of therapy
dogs also ponies and a goat what is it
with goats no idea why are goats so
therapeutic aren’t they like a symbol of

Satan or the devil why what is up with
the therapeutic nature of goats I’ve
owned goats not a fan of the goat yoga
but it yes you feed them you turn around

those little crackers they’ll just run
up and eat them but you’re right in the
back of the knees and you buckle over
and they jump around whew that’s funny
to them cuz you fall over bad they have

a sense the healer has a plus yeah but
don’t but the hand that feeds you yeah
anyway the pediatricians of America have
a solution for all of this we know what

to do it’s very simple I think we’ve
been talking about the war on crazy
since well Sandy Hook for sure but
before that we’ve been talking about the
idea well first of all we know Columbine

has to be one of the early yeah we
weren’t doing the show we weren’t to run
the show no we weren’t but we were doing
a show in that thing in Colorado Aurora
ah that’s where it comes from yes the

war on crazy we saw what the weird Ahlul
with the red hair and the bug eyes so if
you saw the little show the president
put on with the his lawmakers you know
there was conversation well you know we

got a you’re crazy
you’ve got mental health no gun for you
on the list on the list you and whatever
this list will be if it’ll be the mixes
the the firearms database or

or whatever list there will be that’s
the beginning of the end of the Republic
because the next step is ah you know I
see you’re on the list
yeah maybe you shouldn’t live with near

the school you know maybe you should
actually just now not even be in 200
yards of any children before you know it
you got a big problem on your hands and
the pediatricians of America are helping

this mission come to fruition it’s not
uncommon for teenagers to withdraw from
their parents to cut them out of
communication and sometimes parents
don’t want to pry adolescent

psychiatrist Rachel Zucker brott says
this dynamic is one reason teen
depression can go undetected so often
people are suffering on the inside but
it might not be obvious on the outside

and sometimes it gets misdiagnosed
because sometimes teenagers who are
depressed are actually acting out and
misbehaving and instead they are looked
at as being hostile or bad when in fact
they’re really suffering from depression

soccer brats says this is a problem
she’s an associate professor of clinical
psychiatry Rock Colombia most teenagers
with depression don’t get access to
mental health care in fact about 50% of
teenagers don’t even get diagnosed to

address this the American Academy of
Pediatrics sounds like fresh fresh
market meat new guidelines call for
universal screening oh let me just
they’re calling them just roll that back

cuz this is important they’re calling
for new guidelines address this the
American Academy of Pediatrics new
guidelines call for Universal screening
for teen depression what we’re endorsing
is that everyone who’s 12 and up be

given at least once a year for their
school physicals or their sports
physicals depression screen that is a
self-report questionnaire these
questioners ask about whether they’ve

been sad and irritable they asked about
whether things that used to be
interesting to them are now boring they
asked if they’re having difficulty with
sleep either too much sleep or too
little sleep sucker brats says families

also need to know where to go
parents go to their pediatrician for
vaccinations for a high fever but don’t
realize that when there are emotional
problems or behavioral problems that

their pediatrician is going to be an
excellent resource often the best place
to start that’s right get them all
drugs people you know some drugs come on
listen but this is the fact that the

school is doing this well this is the
whole thing everything’s are is just a
conspiracy against the country I have
one last clip because I this is a clip
I’m just at there’s a local clip dad

this didn’t get any any attention
anyplace else but I’m wondering because
if you see this kind of concerted effort
especially with this teacher with a gun
I’m wondering if other local areas this

is in the Salinas Valley this is KSBW
Channel eight I’m wondering if this is
happening just randomly around the
country but it’s not getting national

news just to excite the locals because
it’s Florida story let’s face it it’s in
let’s face it there’s thirty three
thousand schools the likelihood of you
know it being your school is nil but

people get excitable but then you say
how’s Florida Florida’s kind of nuts
anyway so this is a local story this is
the Tulare County middle schoolers good
stuff Thank You Gina and this is new

tonight a Tulare County deputies say
they have arrested two girls who they
say were plotting an attack on their
middle school deputies say a tip led
them to investigate the two
thirteen-year-old girls in the city of

Pixley investigators say they had been
the two had been making threats against
their school they found a gun and
ammunition in their home deputies say
the girl’s parents are assisting in
their investigation simple story yeah do

you want you could pop this baby
anywhere in the country do it whenever
you want you could pop it in Canada
anywhere I think you were incorrect
about the Canadians not being allowed to

report on shootings I got I got I got a
lot of feedback on that well I got a lot
of feedback there is there’s a do
something they have a limitation of what

they can report there’s a game you can’t
minor you can’t you definitely can’t
mention their name well you can’t do
that here either really this all you
know here that’s it in Michigan names of

these girls at thirteen year olds well
how about this mm okay
I don’t think we play by those rules and
armed us media at all if there’s a
chance to abuse a child for ratings

we’re all over it thank him some credit
named him
well if the kid is about your yakkin
away they can name him because it
becomes a different situation but they
can’t name rape victim okay it’s okay

but people are can say my – is anyone
else hearing these little anecdotes
about over here – teen – 13 year olds

yeah they’re plotting against the school
they found a gun whose gun was that the
parents got it could have been anybody’s
gun dude one of the girls have a gun no
this is me – story not hashtag but just
oh yeah we got a gun story everybody all

right here’s a time for the meeting you
know how it works I do want to point

something very troubling out amidst this
conversation combo a mrs. convo of SSRIs
income in combo a convo of SSRIs in

combo with all kinds of access to
weapons with video games social media
violence in general there’s a whole
bunch of things going on but your kid

may not necessarily have to be depressed
to be drugged up the way they want them
to be and it this was interestingly
enough this played on Fox on Tucker’s
show I never expected him to get another

Pharma ad in his life so that’s kind of
interesting but listen to this great
drug you know it might be like your
thesis you have a you have a base thesis
which is that you want to scare people a

waiver so they actually did gravitate
toward it so your wrists will kill you
well I’m gonna buy some this could be a
good one but this drug you know we have
an obesity issue in the United States

certainly young people and children
there’s a lot of obesity problems
because we’re not actually eating food
we’re eating plastic mac and cheese and
we have licious wood delicious wood

fiber chips and here’s a drug that will
fix it and listen to how it does it
and what the side effects might be kids
help control cravings and lose weight

with Contrave it’s fda-approved
to help adults who are overweight or
struggle with obesity lose weight and
keep it off Contrave is believed to work
on two areas of the brain is believed by

the way is B I love that it’s always
believed Contrave is believed to work on
two areas of the brain your hunger
center I’m so hungry
ice cream french fries to help control

cravings one ingredient in Contrave may
increase suicidal thoughts or actions
and some children teens and young adults
in the first few months don’t really
need to play it beyond that why because

it’s doing why is it yes of course it is
it’s it appears or is believed to talk
to your pleasure center and you’re

craving center in your brain yes that’s
an inhibitor yes sir and now the selling
is it is a diet diet medication stop
with that joke good calling me sir what

why does it bother you so much
no is it because you actually didn’t
serve in the military and you’re
embarrassed yes no that’s not in the

it’s the I think it’s disingenuous stop
hammering even contact me increase
suicidal thoughts or actions in some
children teens and young adults in the
first few months serious side effects
are mood changes like depression and

mania seizures increase blood pressure
or heart rate liver damage glaucoma
allergic reactions and hypoglycemia boy
you don’t have to go into all the other
side effects but I really like the first
few months the first says it’s for
adults but then it be careful because it

might cause suicidal thoughts or other
aggressive behavior in children in the
first few months so they’re gonna
they’re going to recognize either for
adults or is not then why would you say

the first few months with kids because
that’s in their social the target
audience yes get them on this on this
get him on the drug
hey fatso take this drug and with that

I’d like to thank you for your courage
and say in the morning to you John CUSD
stands for chuckling Dvorak in the
morning to you mr. Adam Curry in the

morning all ships at sea boots on the
ground feet in the air subs in the water
and all the games and nights out there
and in the morning to everybody the
troll room handing me one-liners and
other fun things man in the morning –

Darrin O’Neil we used Darren’s artwork
for episode 10 11 the title of that was
vasectomies and dogs not cryptic at all

and this was the image of the FBI empty
tip jar you know I’m not sure what it
was but we liked it actually got some
compliments – it did it did

so we thought it it did have two
dimensions of humor the tip jar being
empty so there was two messages there

and the fact there was a tip jar at all
yeah it was just a nice piece we looked
at the other stuff we do is are we
getting we’re having we’re doing more
longer debating about these these

artworks unless somebody comes up with
something that’s just unbelievable
that’s also sometimes the quality is a
lot of quality yeah this harder to
choose from shit John’s going like yeah

not really
whatever you want curry sometimes we
have a lot of high quality art and
sometimes a lot of really low quality
low fidelity yeah and sometimes it’s

like I just missed the mark but
regardless we are extremely nice um
reminders put some reminders out there
do not use our pictures yeah do not use
episode numbers do not use episode

numbers unless you in this is a one shot
but I would rather eat sometimes if it’s
a good piece maybe submit two pieces one
with an episode number two go one
without you can do that and it is a
great contribution to the show it really

does help it it’s magical we are one of
the only shows that does that and make
sure that the lettering
some of the details is a little bigger
than you’d normally like because we want

to make sure it’s readable in the
shrunken form yes yeah in the two fours
in me Adam warn you so I can’t read it
that’s what he says your impression of

me is uncanny
and truly it’s unbelievable I know
people have I’ve done it on the phone
with people and they sound just like
hurry so that there’s a couple of tips

no agenda our generator calm Thank You
Darren O’Neill and thank you to all the
artists who are always contributing it
is highly appreciated although in waves
things go often
now I haven’t really received any new

end of show mixes for a couple of shows
except for Chris Wilson who seems to
have nothing else to do in life but
create another mix for the boys he
actually gave us one this is a it’s kind

of a throwback to when we when we all
have answering machines now of course we
have voicemail but I think if you use
this as your voicemail your your

answering machine member those you had
celebrity oh you make up the do the
whole tape mixes yes so pretend we’re
still in 1982 and we have answering

machines this might be a good one the
person that you’re trying to reach is a

douchebag please check your priveledge
and try again I think I think I should
put that on my voicemail at a place at a

time but it’s still good it’s still yes
I heard let’s thank a few people
starting with Dame Schwartz Dame
actually I think it’s I said named

Schwartz a dame I think is Judy one oh
three three three three she’s in Boerne
Texas Wow
this is fantastic and what is that the

message is even more curious the message
and I looked and looked and looked I
could not find her listed emails and of
any short using different verses of the
name Schwartz with a tea without a tea

and she says aptly John you are an angel
from Dame Schwartz Wow okay I wonder
what spurred that compliment on I

probably said something I think you know
it I will say in the newsletter you did
mention that 1012 was an interesting
angel number but that has nothing to do
with the 103 333 what’s interesting that

you would be danger that is the angel
connection huh anything so well maybe
she’s a psychic
well Dame Schwartz thank you very much i

I don’t know what your standing is in
the peerage ladder but well she’s at
least the Dame we know she’s a dame
already well let us know we want to

upgrade your title appropriately then
thank you for your courage yes thank you
Jenna D’Amico in Bellingham Washington

thank you john and anna for the greatest
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Artie in Moscow and they at the press
room now listen to you at least once per

month I guess they never got the word
one for money it’s twice a week now sir
oh I’m sorry you’ve never been in the
military if oh it always gives us

something to talk about I also find
myself trying to reason with the
Washington i’ts
she’s in Bellingham liberal okay I’m
sure and pointing out things I’ve heard

on the show yeah well look stop right
there why you’re in Washington you don’t
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resist me much thank you and looking
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I did want to mention one more

promotional item from a dude named Ben
his name is Ben
he calls himself a dude named Ben I was
just listening to 10/10 laugh my butt
off when I heard Cash is racist just so
you know I work at the local casino here

they will not take $50 bills because it
has grant on it because he killed a lot
of the natives I guess it’s an Indian
casino so he purchased cash is racist
calm and that is now forwarding to the

no agenda show website what they won’t
take 50s because grant is on it yes sir
oh I’m sorry I’ll stop doing you keep

doing sir doesn’t start doing it to you
no just say everybody you can say the
only one I’m going to say it to you sir
I play it quick I got a quick eye so

cats how do you ask for that please no
sir it’s so nice to come home and always
be loved you know and look forward to

coming home and saying is this someone
from the comic book podcast or it was
part of a longer story and I said this

story’s so stupid and boring and then I
heard this guy and I said well it’s
before the cats show there’s a big cat
show somewhere huh and so I took I said
you know what I’m gonna maybe start

thinking about instead of even talking
about the story just talk just do the
ISOs yeah that’s all you need is the
best part yeah it’s the best part now I
agree I agree

it’s like vasectomies and dogs but knows
what that means I don’t even remember
why we came up with it doesn’t matter I
do oh yeah so okay you know I have to I
have to stop you you have been saying so

a lot thank you okay I actually caught
myself when I said it but I didn’t say
thinking that he wasn’t doing it that
much but but the fact that you said that

indicates otherwise let’s just
there he goes yep
let’s play this clip this is just a
little California politics thing

wrapping things up I thought this is
kind of interesting is the Cal damn we
just had their convention the Democratic
convention the state white kimono so
what do they do with this convention
what does it mean they here’s what we’re

gonna run and who’s good who’s bad and
then they they I guess promote and for
the local state like Feinstein for
example okay are you ready for the quick

now it’s a commitment 2018 some big
headlines from the California Democratic
convention in San Diego today an upset
for the state’s longest serving u.s.

senator dianne feinstein she failed to
win the official endorsement of the
state party challenger kevin de Lyonne
secured 54% of the votes
that also was not enough to win an
endorsement the party also did not

endorse Tony Mendoza he just resigned
from the Senate event a sexual
harassment investigation to other
embattled lawmakers were endorsed during
votes in January the party supported

Christina Garcia before several people
came forward this month with claims of a
hostile work environment harassment the
party also endorsed Senator Bob
Hertzberg before the results of an

investigation into inappropriate hugging
oh my goodness the place is falling
you gotta get out of that place man
inappropriate hugging it scares me oh

wait do you think that’s scary listen to
this an inland empire city is banning
distracted walking yeah in Montclair
pedestrians cannot be on their cell
phones or wear headphones or earbuds

while crossing an intersection the city
officials say there’s been a big
increase there in pedestrians dying in
crashes the penalty if you get caught a
$100 fine the first time up to 200 bucks

the second time if it’s within a year of
the first offense and up to 500 bucks if
you’re busted again
ya know distracted walking for you
I would like to see him give one ticket

out little on three or four well it just
seems like a big game with some of these
bullcrap losses put him on the book so
they can just harass individuals yeah
it’s also virtue signaling in a way

what’s that black guy doing in the town
here what’s that black guy doing in town
it’s no worry I’ve never seen him before
are you channeling are you channeling a
Democrat now I’m channeling a cop a
Democrat Cup in California in California

yeah this is my Democrat cop guy yeah
what are you gonna do we’re gonna do
good buddies in town you’re walking
around I don’t know how is he homeless
you think no I don’t think she’s not

carrying a bag or anything but let’s see
we can get him roust him say he’s
wearing a head is he wearing those buds
I think so yeah well that is what that
laws for I love it now we had to have

pedestrian deaths on the East Coast but
the New York Times writes about this and
they are pretty convinced that marijuana
is to blame that people get people are

getting stoned and walking into traffic
according to the New York Times no I
don’t I somehow I don’t think so I have
some standing in the area I don’t think

so so we talked about the social Nets
all right you talk about Scioscia the
Scioscia the social Nets yeah I’m just

gonna do this to it until you just get
so mad at me no so you get ax a grows
well there’s a lot going on with the

sotius we have well first we have the
the algo the face bag algo has changed a
lot of complaints but what do we find
out today that Donald Trump the

president’s face bag page engagement has
declined by 45% following the algo
change Muslim that there ought to get

Trump well you know the the accusation
is they’re out to get
conservatives of any kind or anything
that just doesn’t die that’s probably

yeah and I think it’s true for all of
the social Nets yeah a bunch of San
Francisco liberals but the the most
egregious is what YouTube is doing and

this kind of happened over the past day
or two the Southern Poverty Law Center
is assisting YouTube in policing content
on their platform the left-wing
nonprofit has recently come under fire
for labeling legitimate conservative

organizations as hate groups it is
currently one of more than 100
non-government organizations and
government agencies in Union contrasted
flaggers program that helped police

YouTube for extremist content ranging
from so-called hate speech to terrorist
recruiting videos I think who is this
woman that Liz no that’s a crappy ass

thing I just wanted a clip I didn’t want
to read it just to break it up just
someone else reading the story you got
it I think the social Nets are in big

I really don’t see any evidence of this
no I think they’re gonna be in in some
in dire straits is wishful thinking now
there’s legislation coming there’s
legislation coming already there I think
they have egg on their face as they have

to have 10 just for YouTube alone 10,000
people to monitor the content what
happened to their their AI in the
machine learning and all that I got none
of that they have none of it just none

of it and I I’m telling you they’re
going to come out with some kind of
social net ledge I can do this forever
maybe that’s a show title social net

ledge about it the problem with that
being as show Tyler’s ledge yeah it’s
impossible to spell in any way that
would make sense

I just felt led GE and it would be a pun
man would be good but I mean so you
don’t thinks I think that this is going
I don’t think so yeah yeah we already is

wishful thinking I think this has been
going on because
wishful thinking without face bag we
lose half of the cool stuff to talk
about I don’t want it to go away I think
it’s going to go away or not people will

stop using it this happens we’ve seen
this to think that any big pet geo
cities myspace AOL I can go on forever
that I can go on forever intent say the

following nothing has gone away without
being replaced by something slightly
better or different enough I agree with
that so something would have to replace

face but we’ve never but we’ve there’s
nothing on the on the horizon and nobody
like Google or all these other experts
they can’t seem to put anything together
that is even a moment not even a minor

threat well I’m just looking at the
overall media landscape how the social
Nets are being discussed what the convo

is about the social Nets and we’ve never
had a big community before a big website
that was making people sick like this is

that that’s us at the show well but
people are starting to catch on we’re

noticing more and more things how you
know professor Ted would be very proud
when you hear this report a group of
doctors say kids use so much tech that
they cannot hold a pen or pencil because
they lack the hand strength in dexterity

British pediatricians are blaming the
erosion of basic motor skills on the
changing culture among parents who rely
heavily on technology pediatric
occupational therapists Sally Payne told

the Guardian quote it’s easier to give a
child an iPad that encouraging them to
do muscle-building play such as building
blocks one mother admitted to reporters
that she had only given her son high
tech gadgets to play with leaving him

unprepared for grade school the mother
also telling the Guardian said quote
when he got to school they contacted me
with their concerns
he was gripping his pencil like cavemen
sticks a 20-17 study found at the screen

time of children under two years old was
linked to delays in them learning basic
expressive speech as a toddler
no muscles to hold a pencil yeah what

are you doing wait what is this rubbery
kid doing here
he’s got no muscles as bones are gone by
the way the Zephyr just went – eleven

oh they’re late they’re very late uh
what is it gonna say about this oh yeah
so there’s all kinds of studies coming
out now do you know how much what kind

of a mom is giving the kid that’s due
every mom are you around kids even how
about this Theodore I have it I have the
adorable okay twice a week right and I
don’t see him with a Viper with an iPad

no Jesse’s such a nutcase she’s gonna
definitely be you know not gonna let
this happen she’s gonna make the kid
give him a piano or something look at
who we’re talking about you’re talking

about the Dvorak clan that’s very
different from you know the most most
people in the pinyon in the unit in the
Milky Way well that’s probably true but
the parents had two children in the

stroller I see it all the time yeah
there’s actually a stroller that has an
iPod holder holder there’s no it doesn’t
surprise you yeah no it’s the Japanese

strollers got the iPad but it’ll
surprise me doesn’t surprise me do you
how many hours a day kids have so called
screen time well what do you mean by
kids ah not black because there’s a

second statistic for black kids little
black kids are luckier if it’s lower so
this typical screen time is eight hours

no no just a teen a teenager Oh a
teenager teenager yes but how much crime
believe me black kids in America that’s

where the study was done ten hours oh
that’s not good and the correlation is
that more screen time equals poorer
performance poorer health poorer

everything no well that’s why the blacks
would have more screen time we’re trying
to do everything we can to
getting normal you’d be into this into
the whatever mainstream well I do

believe I do believe I do believe I
believe I believe the banter but you’re
in a good mood you did exceptionally

good mood today I’m not sure why did you
get lucky last night’s me Mira now she
can see I spoke to her yesterday she’s
not she’s not with you I’m just trying
to help you you out yeah she’s trying to
help me

um no shoot now I forgot what I was
saying you talk about screen time I was
talking about you know trying to get the
kids into the mainstream and they’re all
getting sick yeah well they’re getting
sick and I think that the human body is

is self healing and it will eventually
start to reject things that are bad for
it I I just don’t see my keys back your
thesis yeah I think the acceptance is
waning people I see kids well they

certainly are no longer on the face bag
they’ve been dumbed down to Instagram so
you’re saying the body’s self-healing
that’s why people get addicted to
opioids or die because that’s their
methodology no no I’m correct I yeah I

think that’s that happens also know that
people are starting to reject it and it
is possible I think they’re starting

kids I see more and more kids and
parents getting wise to the health
issues surrounding this and stories like
this I’m just looking at the media
landscape I think that there that we’re
gonna see some some real blowback but

you’re right nothing will change until
there’s some kind of alternative people
love the social media it’s adorbs then
the sound is good when I say if we can

get you to do it right you will it’ll be
the best thing ever
yeah I know if I can manage it but
people love everyone I know I said well
get your back off listening is unhealthy

I’m not a member I don’t use it I don’t
even good you know I got nothing to do
it I don’t have a fake membership in the
background or anything like that how do
you do it how do you get by how do you

keep up with your old friends from high
school well look look I’m yeah but who
asked friends in high school there’s a
lot of
we’ll do that here to you oh yeah you
remember fat Betty she’s really a doll

now she’s lost a lot of weight I still
hear this oh this girl who I grew up
with paw as she was hot back in the day

I hear that a lot actually I think I
hear women do that more often I think I
don’t know what men do I had I don’t
stalk anybody in Aires bag cattiness so
I’m listening to different podcasts yes

it’s there’s a new one that came out
what’s the name of that this is a the
beacon or what’s it called a free beacon
which is a new source that we yes yes
sure yeah very good reporters there they

seem to know what they’re doing and they
have good good perspective on things so
the couple of them two of the women who
I’ll leave their names out of this and a

couple of the guys they had they decided
to do a podcast on number three and
they’re saying this is the best podcast
so far on anything and what they tend to
do is they drift off into pop culture

and do exactly what you’re like talking
about and here’s just a segment of their
analysis of The Bachelor TV show
Chris Harrison says it all the time but

I think this one was was true it was
we had Becca k’s ex-boyfriend of seven
years return fly out to peru and
randomly show up and talk to Ari and I

have to say I would have walked away
with Becca K’s ex-boyfriend in a heart
in a heartbeat no no no he was he’s way
better than Ari are you kidding he is

it’s incomparable how much better he has
been re brought her flowers he brought
her flowers he wanted extra extra drippy
yeah you didn’t wash out hair all these
trips either like Ross actually you know
he rocks pay for the dollar flowers give

me a break what a bunch of like sloppy
you guys are spewing right now
ah man that’s 49 seconds of my life I
never went back never get longer but and

by the way I had to run that there I had
I don’t want to tell any podcasters how
to do their job
we’ll do a seminar someday but I had to

run that thing through a compressor and
to make it have the levels even some
reason or up there this is all over the
map and I mean you could the waveform
was like frightening to look at but they

they had the it’s just they started
going into this gossipy discussion of TV
shows they actually believed that
reality TV is real back

yeah they believe it’s real and it’s not
being directed and I told him to watch
my favorite show on in this regard if
people don’t have a clue

which is unreal which is uh nothing
lifetime networks and unreal is a drama
but it’s about to behind the scenes I’ve
heard of this of a reality show is
starring constant Zimmer

who plays the most evil person director
producer imaginable she’s great
and this thing you watch this and you
and you know what they’re doing is the

Ritz probably pretty close to what goes
on it’s just nasty well you know because
you kind of mentioned to women
it was the two women that were bickering

yeah they’re the ones they’re going of
how handsome the guy was right in that
they would steal from the other girl
that they would do that in a heartbeat
there’s a there was an article from the
University of Arizona about hostility in

the workplace discrimination hostility
what are the other words here well
across three studies they found

consistent evidence that women reported
higher levels of incivility from other
women than about their male counterparts
and they called this the queen bee

syndrome oh yeah
in fact quit that’s exactly yeah I know
this syndrome I’ve and that’s the phrase
I’ve I’ve heard before I had not heard
this or what do you know about the Queen
B syndrome it’s women it’s like alpha

versus beta males you know when they get
you know they try it one of them tries
to boss the other the queen bee tries to
take over the place she’s like an alpha
male type huh it causes all kinds of
problems and rifts women have a lot of

they bicker a lot hmm I was talking
about that sort of thing I was looking
at Camille Paglia had I liked her I
think I read this essay was it unpopular

won for her base oh they’re always
unpopular yeah but she’s such a great
writer and she is going on about IQ
camera I may I’ll try to figure it out
for next show we’ll have the link and

put in the show notes but in there it
was a new I think it ran in USA Today or
or this graph ran in USA Today was
Camille doing her normal anti-feminists
feminist rants and in there they had

this chart and one of our producers sent
this little article to me and they had
this chart and I actually went back at
her with some but this chart being added

by an editor mm-hmm because it obviously
had nothing to Camille wouldn’t put it
in there and in the chart they make the
claim they make this claim 21 percent of
all women have been forced to have sex

in the workplace really this bullcrap
I doubt if 21 percent of all women have

ever had sex in the workplace ever let
alone be forced
that’s an outrageously high number
that’s that’s they’re saying that 21

percent of all women have been forced to
have sex I don’t believe that number
either and where is this office for some
what office is this where can we I don’t
know any guys have all the guys I’ve

ever worked with
and I’ve worked in and out of offices I
don’t know anybody who’s had workplace
sex I do know that in my my first big
company think new ideas yeah

some of the dudes named Ben and I was
friendly with them then of course the
day there was one who had had sex with
someone else from the office on my desk
hahahahaha one of those Seinfeld episode

where George Costanza has workplace sex
not forced but workplace sex with the
cleaning lady in the office I think

certainly around the media companies
there was a lot of sex going on shoot
man you go the White House hope Hicks
but let that be one person right it’s

not 21 percent no cocaine forced to have
sex let me give you allow this bullcrap
and this stuff gets propagated allow me
to give you another stat and this may be

true I don’t know this is from Marie
Claire who used to be my client so I
still read their newsletters and see
what’s going on doctors have finally
ruled menstrual cramps are as painful as

heart attacks Wow yes I’ve heard this
was all over the tweets hmm okay
everybody’s retweeting all the women are

retweeting oh look look look
told you so yeah by the way I should
mention your differs per purely CBD is
quite a very very good for menstrual

cramps yes really helpful drink it is
tea oh yeah yeah definitely yeah but I’d
love to I’d love to hear from our female

producers yeah how many how many people
were either made and how bad does a
heart attack hurt I don’t know I haven’t
had one of those either well if some
woman has had both a heart attack and

menstrual cramps which would be if you
had a heart attack I’m sure you have
both I’d like to hear that and I’d like
to hear how many PID R from everyone
saying I’ve never had sex in the office

I’m assuming that I want to know how
many people have had sex in the office
or know somebody who’s had sex in the
office and how many people would know if
somebody was forced sex in the office
because there should be thousands of you

according to this because if you go to
21% well recall the incredible statistic
of people with obesity
that 40% in the studies said you know

they wanted to be invisible because of
some kind of abuse
so there’s definitely abuse in the world
and a lot of it and maybe John you and I
were just dudes you know what do we know

we’re not you know we know enough that
that common sense it kind of takes
precedent over crazy statistics that are
bullcrap this is the same thing where
they’re claiming all these we did a

bunch of clips on this with all these
supposed to college sexual assaults many
times amounted to nothing
there’s no sexual assault well I guess
the definition is what is forced sex I

don’t think it’s hard to figure out what
forced means now force is easy you’re
right I don’t know well we’d like to
know about that we’d like to know about

none zero I’d like to know about the
severity of the menstrual cramps and
I’ve been advised if I just keep talking
to you eventually I find out how bad a
heart attack is I thought it was a mean

joke honestly that’s the best roll room
for you they just mean yeah you’re
laying in that material so much because
it’s me slapping stuff New Zealand
another local boots-on-the-ground report

we need has a rabbit problem and they’re
going to deal with it by releasing the
rabbits yes with hemorrhagic disease is
that where you just fizzle and bleed on

the inside just bleed that’s like your
bowl about your eyes out your ears out
your fingernails and is that the same
with rabbits yeah when they get big ears
I’m reading this BBC article and you

know the question of course is you know
how will they die and they say well you
know a miserable death no they don’t say
that they said no you know some did some

just die quickly I don’t think it’s true
so there’s this virus it’s a it’s a
Korean strain of hemorrhagic rapid fear
rabbit RHD v1 – k5

let’s fix the animals internal organs
ever works out by the way but the
rabbits are red gets ruined US and New
Zealand there’s a huge problem with the

rabbits you know in in Australia in
Australia the Kangaroos and that’s
they’re not liked yeah but they’re not
gonna kill kangaroos their indigenous
rah excuse me

they have entire programs to kill but
not eradicate them just mean eradicate
they have to eradicate the rabbit so I
gotta eradicate can remember I went out
with a roo shooter and he had you know

40 tickets that means he could shoot 40
kangaroos that night the kangaroos are
in that country yeah what do we do what
it’s like a population in Australia

another 40 million in history 40 million
oh look 40 is just nothing how many how
many people 10 million how many sheep
yeah and how many of them look really

uh-uh-uh-uh-uh brother
yeah I’m sorry yeah they should be the
hemorrhagic fever was was curious to me

yeah it is very curious can we play some
clips yeah I have a clip of this is the
big scandal Jeff Sessions they’re trying
to get him to quit too by making a

mountain out of my balls every time
Trump tweets if I can just back you up
for a second will you have asserted
previously and I’m kind of on board with
it his sessions he’s got the double

pension ready to go so be double dipping
making all kinds of money he actually
wants to be forced into retirement
that’s kind of I think it’s been your
your assertion it’s getting closer but
that doesn’t mean that ABC has to has to

pretty much lie their way through this
story this is Jeff Sessions versus Trump
the president tonight taking aim at his

attorney general Jeff Sessions this is
not new but what is new is that the AG
is now firing back here’s ABC’s chief
justice correspondent Pierre Thomas the
president has made his frustration with

his attorney general well-known for
months I am disappointed
lately general yeah he should not have
recused himself including me tonight for
the first time Attorney General Jeff

Sessions is firing back
it comes after this tweet today from the
president slamming sessions the
president belief sessions has not done
enough to investigate allegations the
FBI abused surveillance powers in the

Russia investigation the president
tweeting why is a G jeff sessions asking
the inspector general to investigate
potentially massive fines and abuse will
take forever has no prosecutorial power

the IG and Obama guy why not use Justice
Department lawyers disgraceful
after months of responding
diplomatically to the president’s

attacks today sessions stood up to the
president writing in a statement quote

we have initiated the appropriate
process that will ensure complaints
against this department will be fully
and fairly acted upon if necessary as
long as I am Attorney General I will

continue to discharge my duties with
integrity and honor and Pierre Thomas
with us tonight live from Washington and
Pierre some critics tonight even some
Republicans say the president’s trying
to influence or pressure the Justice

Department with his words and tweets
like the one today that’s right David
President Trump in that tweet told
sessions to use Justice Department
attorneys telling him how to do his job
but tonight sources say the message from

sessions was blunt let me do the job as
I see fit or fire me fire me were never
used this is bullcrap it was so clear

the message was clear yeah there I know
well there’s a lot of lying going on
Thomas is one of the worst at this you

can parry him me do do basically have
the same he has the same kind of gig on
the show as Jeff Pegues does on the CBS
I can’t even run Jeff Pegues material

because I’m just stealing Jeff Pegues
mature because he never
makes these screws up screw ups I’m
sorry Jeff Piquet’s is great yes
although it’s not a fantasy poop guy
poop yeah he’s much better I agree

well there’s a lot of lying going on
surrounding the rather long combo that
went on in the in the house regarding
cyber and we had general Keith know I’m

Keith uh
these are uh Keith Rogers from the NSA
oh no it’s just no it’s it’s the other
guys same name as the other Rogers yeah

Peter Roger I know it’s not angry thank
John Jeff one Ron Joe my good Mike Mike
Mike watch Mike Rogers got it all I

heard for the past 24 hour news cycle
which I watched diligently for all of
you it is our job is Trump won’t even
let him defend us against the Russians

in exactly that voice by the way so the
concept is that the Admiral himself who
was running the NSA said well you know
the president won’t let me do anything

he hasn’t given me the order and and
just everyone’s outraged because this is
an act of war as Pearl Harbor you know
how can they know the Putin he loves
them is resolution in plural where’s the
Pearl Harbor worse than Pearl Harbor and

yeah Trump it was a quid pro quo was
collusion the WikiLeaks emails whatever
but even in their own reporting it’s not
the truth Heba Rogers tells the Senate

Armed Services Committee he’s neither
requested nor gotten additional
authority that’s it I mean I don’t I’ll
play the rest of the clip but he hasn’t
requested it either I’m gonna play this
38 seconds the whole thing but just this

Edna Rogers tells the Senate Armed
Services Committee he’s neither
requested nor gotten additional
authority to act against Russian
election interference here’s Connecticut
Democrat Richard Blumenthal pressing him

on what that means
you mean leading the witness would you
agree with me that the Russians have you
know Raven heard from the oh yes sir I
think that’s
they’re doing it with impunity they
could care less what we think they’re

continuing to attack us yes sir so thus
far the response of the United States of
America to this ongoing attack has been
completely inadequate
it hasn’t changed the calculus is my

sense I’ll still Roger says it’s not his
place to tell President Trump what he
should or should not do about Russia
and and that was from NPR and they had
the facts and the guy said I I haven’t

requested any additional powers what
does that mean like I can find that
additional parses Heaney none none it’s
no Blumenthal’s a douchebag yes well we

have a report on the Russian hacking
they brought two experts into the PBS
news hour and this went on forever by
the way so this is a very short the

short beginning but it’s worth
commenting on welcome to both of you to
the NewsHour David Becker to you first
in some what did the Russians do to
election systems in this country in 2016

nothing what we know from testimony from
the intelligence community and elsewhere
is that they attempted to probe or scan
several state systems probably most
notably voter registration database

systems Jesus a lot of attempted
probably probe or scan or almost all of
those scans and probes were unsuccessful
there was one instance in where they
successfully accessed voter data about

70,000 records or so in June and July of
2016 but no records were altered or
deleted and I’ve I don’t know if it’s in
this report but what I hear about this
story is you’re they were planning to

delete people I mean is that really
their plan we’re going to delete people
from the database yeah yeah yeah yes by

the way if you one time I went in to
vote and my name wasn’t there for some
reason and I just said my name’s not
you’re supposed to be here and I just
showed my driver’s license they gave me

yeah yeah every ballot I voted of course
and that works in every in every state
that way yeah I think maybe this maybe
five or six states we have to prove
citizenship of the United States but

yeah you know I have two drivers
licenses that doesn’t prove citizenship
but you know while you’re in California
you just need to have no need just need
a piece of paper with your name on it
just a piece of paper with your name on

it yeah I scribble my own name lenore
yeah good to go yes we also know from
the intelligence community and from
multiple investigations all around maybe
they can go in and clean up the database

a little bit while they’re in there
yeah just fix the records you know we’ve
got some duplicates guys you can do that
leak these guys don’t have their rows or
yes stardom from this to fix this for
them perfect hey why isn’t it playing

what happened of 2016 but no records
were altered or deleted we also know
from the intelligence community and from
multiple investigations all around the
country that there were no successful

efforts to I’m sorry to interrupt again
but I’m surprised they haven’t said they
could bleach bidat I mean something like
that a little more creativity people who
to change votes or change boat totals or

tallies throughout the United States
news mara what about what happened in
your state of Connecticut we know there
was an effort made by the Russians there
yes we were one of 21 states apparently
that were scanned at least by Russian IP

addresses again our firewalls and our
systems held they were trying to get
into our voter registration database
which i think is similar to what

happened in the other states I think the
good news is they didn’t get in and I
think that’s pretty much true in all the
other states with that one exception
that David mentioned and and Denis
Merrill staying with you what evidence

or belief do you have right now that
they are continuing to try to do that in
this 2018 midterm election year well I
do think the threat of Russian

interference in our elections is real
I’ve become convinced of that not only
by what has happened but what could
happen I think we’re all on alert now
that there could be other attempts I

honestly think that the biggest goal
that they have at this point is to sow
distrust in the American public in their
elections that may be the most dangerous
thing of all well you are doing Lee

you’re carrying Putin’s water then baby
so distrust now I did I thought about
this because I’ve heard this mean before
you have to this is I think this is what

the because they can’t really find the
rush is actually doing anything as if
maybe they can’t maybe they can and
maybe it’s not even the Russians just
Russian ip’s I mean I could can I just
I’ve told the story before I’ll be brief

about it for the newbies here in the
best podcast in the universe if I go to
look at my email server but I run my own
if I look at it right now I will see ten
scans a second from China from Russia

from all over the place and they just
scan and they just scan imports the
drawing passwords your pew pew pew pew
pew pew this happens all the time is
nothing special nothing it’s this so

distrust this is that is the soul of a
so W distrust I bet you if I went out to

the street even anywhere California
whether it be more you know believing
that this kind of thing might be going
on and asked about if people are

starting to distrust the system because
the Russians are behind all these hacks
or they’re trying to hack this bullcrap
nobody’s even thinking that but they’re
keep promoting the idea that is though

Russia’s are trying to sow distrust yeah
well the only people doing that or the
nor the ambles sowing distrust them the
ones who are bitchin and moanin I don’t

think people care I don’t think people
care that’s the point I was trying them
out yeah I think the the NR a thing is
better that’s it’s a better tact no they
gotta keep ugh is multiple fronts
multiple fronts of attack yeah but you

know nothing’s gonna this is gonna be no
Muller report by the election he would
be crazy to do that he’ll be insane yeah
we have another story local you just a

lot of locals I know it today’s local
day for me this is a story did you get
this off my you’re a you’re a D TV
antenna yeah I get off the OTR the OTR

that’s what I mean
the OTA OTA old-time radio OTAs
over-the-air yes that one yes uh this is
a big story around here and never though

and the Chizzy about it this is the tech
buses buses are being targeted by some
gunmen oh and these are the tech buses
that were first targeted by feces and

puke and piss bags yes explain the tech
bus okay
well Google but these are mostly most of
these tech buses nowadays are Apple

buses ah there’s apparently a lot of
Apple employees live in San Francisco
and they don’t like the idea of
commuting to Cupertino every day because
it’s during any kind of reasonable hour

of commute that’s over an hour drive and
it’s a pain in the ass and then you know
then they gotta look for parking so it’s
a pain in the ass and Google’s got a lot

of people live in San Francisco because
they’ve all live in San Francisco said a
Redwood City and so they have to take
these so they came up with this idea of
these tech buses and there’s buses have
your like city buses they have stops

them and they picked up the tech workers
and the tech workers go down the
peninsula to the offices of Google or
Apple or whoever it is that’s hauling
them down every Google and Apple or the

big they all get on the bus wearing
their Google glass we are going to work
we are going to work no because that
that’s so passé now it’s not even funny
now so so people have been worked by

this because their things are clogging
up San Francisco streets there’s so many
there’s like I don’t how many is there
100 nutshell looks quite unless quite a
lot there’s a lot of buses and they’re
all these bands did you see like three

or four buses in a row sometimes I’ve
never seen that one of these buses oh
there’s just in the news I don’t go to
San Francisco that often play say cuz
it’s too much poop over there anyway so
on the street on the street when you’re

walking sidewalk you know you think
these people would curb their poop I
remember the signs curb your dog I don’t
think that I think that’s a phrase from

the shays now it’s so old
if the gun uses that because if you give
you poop in the keurig off the curb into
the kind of like the street but that
curb air if it rains it’ll wash the poop
into the sewer sewage system but if you

just pooping in the middle of the
sidewalk it’s disgusting
as if the others not anyway back to the
story let’s just play clip one oh yeah
the damage they damage windows they’ve

dented the exterior of the vehicles over
20 strikes in the last 45 days nice one
too many targeted by a freeway gunman
only on 7 now exclusive new details

about the unusual step that police are
taking to try to catch their suspect
including even calling in the FBI good
afternoon thanks for joining us on Larry
deal and I’m Kristen Z in for AMA dates
the attacks happened on shuttle buses

along Interstate 280 but the CHP
revealed today that when the bus has
moved to highway 101 the gunmen followed
them there
oh man they’re taking shots at the bus
these some guys fired from Apple oh that

could be yeah
pissed off if it’s just an Apple bus
yeah the story seems to be centered
around Apple buses mm-hmm
of course they’re reporting on this is

pretty lame because just at the end
except one yes yeah clip two kind of it
shows you white well I think it’s Lane
with since mid-january the CHP says at
least 20 charter buses have been hit

with bullets from either a BB gun or a
rifle oh wow okay geez that was no good
what kind of beat me against just a
bullet yeah that was bad this is like

eek well here’s a tip don’t watch local
TV it’s stupid it’s really stupid
I’m coming around to it one of our older

ideas before the show and this came to
me actually I’ve been doing a lot of
research about networks and value you
know one of my main mantras is you can’t

monetize the network and what I mean by
that is not even a mantra is like a pet
peeve yes and what I mean by that is
that when you have a network of people
doing things which is what Twitter is

and so there’s really only one company
that has figured out how to do it really
Google is the one that does it right but
even the face bag you know yeah they’re
the only game in town and they’re trying
to keep people locked in but the

swirling is slowing down slows down
their home you really can’t do it it’s
just you know the the minute you have a
network of content that is made by other
people you can’t monetize off of it it

just doesn’t work I’ve seen it we don’t
see it happening Facebook is an extreme
outlier for a number of reasons but if
you if you look at our own network so we

have a network and then you really got
to take your mind out of the idea of
Facebook is like some magical place on
the internet it’s just the website it’s
no different it’s just you know they got

more servers but it’s no different from
the bits and bytes that we send around
the universe on this show so these
networks are created they’re not
proprietary they’re run over the
Internet and our network is is of all
these different skill sets and interests

and and money there’s all kinds of
things that flow around in our network
and I think it’s incredibly in fact I’m
working on this as a new phrase that the
network is actually the value and

strangely enough what you put in you get
equally out what you need if you really
contribute to it and the reason I’ve
been looking at this is a buddy of mine
who I I’ve worked with him for I go we

go back 28 29 years he’s starting a
music company ico an initial coin
offering which we talked about doing for

our show and the idea that I had was we
figure out how to how to launch our own
token our own altcoin if you will and

then every everyone participates and we
all get rich and we all retire the hosts
and audience at the same time so
producers and executive produced
everyone just retires because we made

money and now that I’ve really looked
into how this works and he’s been
bugging me says can you do you want to
help with the marketing I’m gonna do it
it’s like I’ll probably be in Holland

next week we’ll still do the show but
I’m going to learn how this works and I
think I’m coming up with an idea
that will actually work for our show

with our own cryptocurrency that if we
it will that will actually show the
value of our network and I said I know
it sounds a little little them

incomplete at this at this time there
are a min sorry
theremin you caught me off guard and now
we’re talking everybody that’s right the

no agenda coin I’m working on it it’s a
very very interesting thing that’s
happening with these icos very

interesting ok so I well I mean I’m not
gonna discourage you I know you won’t
you’re gonna go off on your own anyway
doing some idea that you think is
valuable because when I delete that’s

why I say this is a dog no no I don’t
know I mean there’s a bunch of people
that have been telling us to do this
yeah we’re gonna help you know they like

I said they can help let me ask you a
question John do you buy stocks you buy
bonds do you buy stocks and bonds do you
buy stocks or months just answer the
question do you buy stocks and bonds not
nuts as much as real estate do you want

to get rich I’m gonna make you leave
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starting with James O’Brien with one two
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Connecticut is either we have a couple
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Wow that’s nice thanks again how
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where the rabbits are and this is what
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okay I’ve no idea
I’ve no idea Nicolas Oman 75 Dennis
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blow or what you mr. Brian Hoffman I
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75 75 sir Chris of the low Earth orbit

Houston Texas 55 10 and now I said we
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oh shut up now that’s when you were
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five four three two US Steve Purcell in
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rich in somewhere in North Carolina I do
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actually a car this is the 5150 which is

the general code for insanity
that’s right if you’re a cop you call it
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the air pollution district and if you
think witless when Barbara Boxer wanted
to have a ride home with you unless she
never wanted to ride home with me well
that’s curious I’m sure you were too

dapper looking young man I was
definitely but I was never in the
situation where I because I knew got the
word don’t be around well let me tell
you something have you seen her recently
no dodged the bullet my friend she has

had so much work done that her eyes are
crooked her mouth is crooked her nose is
crooked that was pretty good thank you
for the best podcast in the universe has

been quite some time and I’ve donated I
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bastard also I keep forgetting to send
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been a longtime listener remember some
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you really say that or am I making this
crap up question mark question mark
smiley face all right you might have I
don’t know you did yeah I remember

saying it because I was looking over the
candidates and I felt that he was
unelectable Goss was before we knew how
it all worked well it that that and
before right yes yeah before we yeah

maybe that was it but I had this I had
the bunch of guys I listed as
unelectable and he was one of them right
uh anyway that’s rich somewhere in North
Carolina all right I’m sorry to read

that note because I don’t mind calling
myself out for errors yes and that was
an error and you know we’re not here to
be what do you call it where you’re
never wrong because we

you mean us what do you call everything
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doesn’t make a lot of sense but does
happen jonbi tennis in West Linn Oregon
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can I get a birthday shout out his
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night that’s pretty cool jobs jobs jobs
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Johnson and Floyds Knobs Indiana Indiana
has got a lot of weird towns yeah my

favorite being knob own I like Floyd
it should be Floyds Knobs I’ll be even
better well it might be but it says
Floyds Knobs you know ok we don’t laugh

about the names here on the no agenda
show no we never do anything like that
it’s too juvenile yes Michael Robinson
as our last guy he’s from North

Melbourne Victoria Australia want to
thank all these folks are helping
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and a
here we go we have a couple of birthdays

some belated Kim says happy birthday the
surreptitious night of the Marin
Headlands and this goes back to the 20th
sir Brian Murphy says Marin sorry the
Marin Headlands bride sir Brian Morgan

says happy birthday to his son Jack he
turned thirteen years old and for today
we have Jenna D’Amico 33 on March 3rd
and Samantha gandi says happy birthday
to her sexy man friend Khalid Aires

happy birthday from all your buddies
here at the best podcasting in the
okay we have two knighting x’ wait a
minute let’s see that Erik didn’t put

his full title in here where was it
what’s his name um it’s Martin Bill
Martin bills yeah what is his list to be

I like to call her a Dietrich I’m
looking don’t think he puts one in here
where the hell was it
I remember he said something about it
I’m not crazy I finally reach my

knighthood have been listening since
your two or three doesn’t say this is
very strange
oh no no I see I see what happened no
it’s a bad it’s a bad line break that

actually belongs to okay I got it
sorry about that bad line breaking
bullet belongs to Joseph Harrell
okay no there we go that’s what I needed
hello you sword yeah I’m sorry here it

Joseph Harold Martin bells gentlemen you

are about to join the very exclusive
club known as the No Agenda roundtable
for the Knights in the Dames
and I’m very proud to stand here next to
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let’s head on over to no agenda slash rings and Erica show
we’ll take care of you
don’t want to be a douchebag

mr. Baker has upped his peerage status
and from today forward henceforth shall
be known as the fight counts of Diablo
Valley sir Baker congratulations and

thank you also for your courage in
supporting the best podcast in the
universe your no agenda show all right
that worked yes I have see I got a

couple things I want to play here yes
remember major Garrett you know him
right the worst I remember me he’s isn’t

he CBS yeah major Garrett he also does a
podcast Oh terrific
hey buddy does a podcast everybody does
a podcast these days yeah anyhoo do you
have one who doesn’t have a podcast yeah

Jim Lewis ah well they were talking
about Trump and Putin and what can we do
about Putin and I learned some
interesting news I have every
expectation that they will continue to
try and do that but I’m confident that

America will be able to have a free and
fair election that will push back in a
way that is sufficiently robust that the
impact they have on our election won’t
be great that is the voice of CIA
director Mike Pompeo January 29th 2018

in a BBC interview Jim Lewis vice
president senior vice president at the
street to Center for Strategic
International I love how he’s trying to
do his radio voice do you hear that he’s

right yes he doesn’t talk like that on
television he’s really trying to do an
announcer guy thing this is a problem a
lot of these a lot of pros that move
from I mean it’s not like he hasn’t got

a great job at the network but they go
to podcasting they I don’t know what
they think it is hmm well it’s not it’s
not a great sound for him

bill January 29th 2018 in a BBC
interview Jim Lewis vice president
senior vice president at the strategic
Center for Strategic international

studies is our guest here at shake-a the
other things to talk about there
confident America will have a free and
fair election then he says will push
back in a way that is sufficiently
robust what does that mean

we don’t know that’s been one of the
problems and the previous administration
struggled with it as well my my favorite
is still and discussing with them what
are things we could do back to the

Russians one of the ideas they had was
well suppose we leak Vladimir Putin’s
Botox injection schedule I said is that
the best we can do we know what that is
yes stern all the time as he can’t move

his face you know for the guy I mean
he’s probably gets a little maybe I
think he was being truthful I think

Putin does use Botox why Oh lots of men
do it these days John I get accused of
it all the time bees do it even little

podcast to do it we got I need a song
day let’s do it let’s do it let’s Botox
our face you’re in quite the mood today

yeah I’m telling you something’s going
on yeah well we know that in certainly
in California there were you live John
the Democrats are very clear but just

all leaders there are very clear why
they want immigrant workforce because
it’s cheap right exactly we need these
these fruit pears tomatoes yeah you know

in my theory of the cycle of history and
history repeating itself it just gets
better when you think about you know all
these combos going on about illegal

aliens voting and we might get to a
place where we’ll say well I’ll tell you
what okay we had some illegal aliens
voting but we’ll count those like

one-third vote see then we’ll really
have subhumans because they’re only
worth the third of a vote picking stuff
in the fields for the same Democrats who
did this with slaves yeah it’s really

it’s a cycle man it’s coming around
anyway in Canada Naevia do they have
their own desire for a cheap labor as
witness here

the room yay Justin talking us through
in quite frankly the most common
complaint I get some Canadians from
Canadian businesses from from people in

general is you’re not bringing in enough
immigrants and and that’s that’s a rare
thing in this world they once over that
cheap labor to businesses there’s a rare
thing business is asking him do you

wonder why they want it Justin yeah they
exactly what else what they want is he
this guy he can’t be that dumb he just
can’t be idiot I mean they’d like to

point the finger at Trump is being
stupid but no no no
Trump’s actually run businesses he’s got
other things going on he may be
dim-witted about certain things but this

guy is just dumb yeah sorry can it
Canadians that’s why they’re not
donating anymore there wasn’t one donor
in that list today that was from Canada
what did they hate us now because we’re

we’re why they don’t know mmm I don’t
know I’d have to go back over this
Ishmael we we need more immerseus things
we can it we need more immigrants
listening to this fine one mail Berta
more immigrants please willing to New

Jersey I’m looking no there’s not a
Canadian in the in the group okay was
bad oh good news the German rail
Deutsche Bahn DB has decided they will

not be naming one of their trains after
Anne Frank after all
they do see that it may be not a good
idea remember that I told you this story
that they were thinking about it yeah I

remember vaguely yeah well now this yeah
you know we got some feedback we
understand it’s a little controversial
to name a German train after Anne Frank
and please don’t email I would say that

just up sending his mixed messages it
really is
and you don’t have to email me about
Anne Frank I know all about it
cuz you know where you’re gonna get are
you gonna get the whole Anne Frank’s

diary wisdom written by her dad they
didn’t have ballpoint pens yeah yeah
Baldwin pants before they were all
pointing I will tell you there’s a lot
of fight over the rights to Anne Frank’s
name there’s two groups and they fight

through the courts all the time who gets
to call themselves the official Anne
Frank this or that it’s a mess yeah all
right well I’ve got I got that little

clip of wolf Oh
the writer who did the Trump book is
eating crap he’s gotten his decide he’s
going off the tour is over
well he you know what happened in

Holland is he got excoriated and then
again I believe in maybe I don’t think
it was there but an Australian Morning
Show well this came after what happened
in the Netherlands where for some reason

that the journalists ever since they
caught the ambassador lying about he had
said somewhere well in Holland they have
no-go zones and they like politicians on
fire which of course as far as I know

never happened in Holland and they
called him on and he’s like you look
like a douche and now the Dutch press
whenever they have someone an
international controversial figure they
ask in that you know in their typical

rude way and it’s not that the Dutch
arute it’s just how they sound
hey what about you today mr. ambassador
you said the politicians on fire very
you see the flame man that’s that’s how

they’re asking questions these days and
so they did this to Michael Wolfe about
you know the insinuation that he was
having sex with yeah was it supposed to
be with out with the the poll picks no

no no the the woman the senator the
Feinstein uh-huh that doesn’t matter
I’ll come up with it here I’m Martha he
walks off the set you said during a TV

last month that you are absolutely sure
that Donald Trump is currently having an
affair while president behind the back
of the first lady and I repeat you said
you were yeah I can’t last week our

you bet lift instead I quote I do not
know if the president is having an
do you oh the president and the first
lady an apology mr. Wolfe I can’t hear

you Joe hello last month you said you
were absolutely sure that the president
was having an affair
I’m not getting I’m not getting anything

you’re not hearing me mr. Wolfe I’m not
getting anything no we were hearing each
other well just before I thought it was
a very genius move on his part

well like he actually starts to answer
the question you’re not hearing me no
and I can’t you know he does this it
sounds like he was hearing him and then
he walks yeah I thought it was a good

way to do it
hey they should have yeah well he
canceled his whole tour now cuz they’re
going oh I wonder how sales are is he’s
still top of the list

yeah he’s gonna walk away with millions
of dollars from this book right okay
yeah he’s done yeah he’s not doing any
ads it’s not adding to the sales figures
I mean most of these tours are bogus

anyway once you get your initial
publicity in and out of the way like
Dick’s Sporting Goods
it looks like native advertising and
it’s on every Network yeah it’s it’s
what everyone does you jump on the

bandwagon for commercial reasons yeah
they are exploiting children as well yes
they are well I know you gotta go I
don’t have to go I’m calling time one

way no I see yeah no I will get two more
clips then okay yeah actually I’m just
to do one more clip and then we can kill

it and I can move these comes forward
but I do want to play this clip this is
the santa cruz homeless encampment is
another local story and they moved him
and then they gave us some numbers that

are interesting in Santa Cruz the San
Lorenzo Park Bench limbs homeless
encampment all shut down next
the city plans to open another temporary
site on a River Street it’s a fenced
gravelled city-owned lot or food and

other social services will be provided
it will cost about ninety thousand
dollars a month to operate through June
the river street location is set to open
this coming wednesday so ninety thousand

dollars a month or a million dollars a
more or less isn’t that a lot well how
many people are they going to well they

don’t say but it shows like maybe 40 50
people won’t they just give them the
money yeah I don’t know I’m torn about
that it doesn’t matter under a certain

amount that you just can’t live anymore
certainly not in California you just
can’t live no there’s whatever I don’t
know what the poverty level is or what
but it’s wrong hundred grand

yeah that’s poverty in California it’s
pretty high it can’t be a hundred
transitory your voice high it’s not

thirty is high yeah you just you just
can’t you just can’t live there and the
pants also AG we’re in California if
you’re gonna be up in Tulare County if
you’re gonna be up and by Yreka

if you’re gonna be you know on the
Oregon border which is white Rica you’re
it’s not gonna be the same as the fear
and San Francisco Bay Area Los Angeles
why don’t they just build up build a

library seems to be great they like it
and the homeless people love their
library now I’ll have another boring
library report on Sunday yes we need
another boring library report I will do

my best
yes sir
okay alright but that’s your show for
this moment we are back on Sunday and do

it twice a week these days and please
remember us for that at Dvorak org slash
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working on it yeah

it’s better than some of the other
things I’ve heard like that network is
the computer if she sun microsystems
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Austin Texas the capital of the drone

star states we are on FEMA region 6 and
all the government maps in the 5 by 9
clue do in the common law condo in the
morning everybody a Madame Curie and
from northern Silicon Valley where’s

actually stop training which I find
something of a relief it was supposed to
be a downpour that’s gonna last all day
and all night but it’s sunny I’m John C
Dvorak we return on Sunday right here on

no agenda until then adios mofos
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have understanding reckoned the number
of the goat but it is a magic number
it’s number is 33
okay I gotta say something here

the ghost scream is banned from this
show we Came we saw he died amen kiss
mine die

what difference at this point does it
we need to kill them we need to kill
them bomb them bomb them bomb them bomb

them again
here in my house

we need to kill them we need to kill
them already

does it make and take that to the paint

bomb them again OPO> oh this is a

twist I did not expect Oh