No Agenda Episode 1073 “Boof a Lemon”

I’ll take the opium and warm orange
juice please
Adam courage Jhansi Dvorak’s 2018 this
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assassination episode 73 this is no
agenda Silicon Valley where we’re

waiting for the another preset for show

everybody we’re on the money we’re here
no it’s three in aronia three three

three three neuro a three in a row
man things late I cry for humanity why
is this no this is what’s going on

oh the cabinets oh I cry for Humanity no
one knows what how destructive this
really has been it’s very very very very
destructive probably yeah I mean beyond

what people read no one has even thought
for two seconds about what this kind of
conversation does to people
and there were people on c-span reliving

abuse I mean there was people everywhere
were reliving abuse this this I’m not
kidding this was really I thought it was
very irresponsible um what took place

here did you hear this woman on c-span I
was watching c-span why some IO deed on
c-span and in one of the recesses they
took some callers and it was a

heart-wrenching and a Valley Park
Missouri Democrats line yes I’m a 76
year old woman who was sexually molested
in the second grade this brings back so

much pain I thought I was over it but
it’s not you will never forget it you
get confused and you don’t understand it
but you never forget what happened to

you without my family I would never been
able to go through this and now I’m 76
years old and I thought I was over it
until I heard that happened to someone
else and it’s just how old were you at

the time you know have you marched
around the school because back then

because it couldn’t let you out and I
would see him I would get so upset and
get so upset I’ve had a weight problem
my whole life because I was so afraid
and we’ve talked about this you know

people have severe weight problems often
comes from abuse and they want to be
seen as being unattractive as possible
so no one will mess with them and all
this stuff is coming up because of

what’s going on and this is jamoke here
sitting there yeah when I was growing up
and they had sensitive topics on the
radio of course this was Dutch national
government-run radio I remember that

would always say periodically throughout
any program where there’s something that
might might affect you they would say
give people standing by if you want to
talk to somebody you can talk off air
you know if you you want you can give

you a referral
to someone else now no no no just how
old were you what happened and I’m
married I have a wonderful family I have
a wonderful husband and a child of great
great grand children and grandchildren

and I thought I was over this and I have
not brought this up for years until I
heard this testimony and it’s just
breaking my heart
bring – thank you thank you very much

for sharing a story there’s some abuse
right there thanks for sharing your
great now you lost next give a
Republican sob story but I do mean that

I mean sensitive severe lack of sympathy
file you know it’s one of those things
because it’s c-span they usually usually
they’re used to crank calls yeah but

they’re not used to that and I think the
guy just choked yeah yeah but it but my
point is yeah I’m not gonna have fought
him the way you just did because I think

he just choked ok drawer stuff I don’t
know if the c-span got some ratings I’ll

tell you but but the overall point has
got to be made is that the Cavalier news
with which people are speaking about
this particularly politicians
pundants and other giant heads on

television he’s really without any
regard there really doesn’t just no
thought went into it zero which you know
which is par for the course but I think
it used to be different like well

there’s no this is good then people
think about this stuff you know at least
give me a hotline number of a place to
call if I’m if I have something to say I
like right but to let that little bit
there you might be right about it’s like

why are we doing this without having
some you know a safety net yeah there’s
not a what’s the whole thing it should
be giant

it’s a giant joke oh yeah it is I would
wager to say there’s not a single woman
who has not thought about some event in
her history during this
this shit show that’s been going or if

you were not just women but you were
talking about the go through the darts
and you’re it’s pretty gross yeah I’ve
been groped by a man I’ve been I’ve been

a assault a sexually assaulted by men
yeah no no you didn’t do it right
that happens in Amsterdam you know like

I was a I guess I was a a Twinkie
looking guy in gym guy come on like hey
yeah okay yeah yeah get off of me which
I have another question

um do mom’s no longer teach their
daughters the old knee to the groin
trick I haven’t heard this come up in
the conversation once and I remember my

mom very clearly telling my sisters but
also me if there’s anyone if anyone ever
is doing anything you need them right in
the groin as hard as you can do it yes
as hard as you can

yeah you have to do with enthusiasm yes
sure like you mean it
is that not taught it anymore is that I
just wonder dude I don’t know the
millennia never thought about it but it
should be taught it’s a very good

methodology for but you know unless the
guys wearing a catcher’s baseball cup
yeah well I remember my mom had two that
she had that sitting up is anything you
just need a guy as hard as you can in

the groin apparently works with women as
well and she also had this really she
had a a charm bracelet and I’d always
fascinated me I didn’t and while I was
thinking of this yesterday this came to

me I wrote it down she had this little
charm and like it was probably about um
I’d say half an inch by half an inch
square and it was a little silver box
with a lid and in it was mechanically

folded into this very small box a $10
bill which you know back in the 70s Wow
in $10 bills you know I was like a
hundred bucks and were more– much more
in today’s money and that wasn’t you

know it’s like yes I have this charm and
of course I don’t need it anymore but I
hate always had this charm bracelet on
when I went out is if I ever needed to
get a taxi back I could take care of
myself and I had my own money in my

charm bracelet and I would need the guy
in the groin if he got fresh with me
none of that is is discussed anymore
madam maybe I’m wrong I just don’t hear
it yeah maybe that’s part of the new

the new voice you have a nice proper you
have to be nice to me you can’t miss him
and roaring it in the groin no so I did
I don’t know I

I did go I watched everything I’m sure
you watch just about everything
I watched just about everything I
couldn’t take it I I listed the the
entire how long is seven minutes of her

her testimony with that up speaking 100%
vocal a little girls voice
yes yes well you’re right the little

girl’s voice was very for a doctor in
psychology and also for a doctor in
psychology to do a polygraph isn’t isn’t
that like a medical doctor going to a

witch doctor I mean isn’t there if
you’re if you’re a psychologist
according to the intelligence agencies
just kind of something it easily be
defeated but apart according to at least

one of the documents about this there’s
a lot of bullshit flying around it’s
really annoying is that she was never
asked about Cavanagh specific Cavanagh
specifically she just asked about the

incident and she seemed like she may
have been hypnotized or something well
I’m gonna tell you this junk I’m just
saying up front the only the only thing
the only question that matters right now

in America today and I’ve seen it in
Europe as well I follow the European
publication’s is who do you believe like
it’s a binary thing I’m with you oh no
you know the guy the guy is is there’s

no question if you look at him you know
he’s got the Roche rosacea cheeks the
whole thing the guy isn’t I didn’t think
about this at the time it doesn’t I
don’t know if it’s gonna affect his

judge if he’s an alcoholic or he I know
he’s worried he was he may not be
so let’s just establish we both agree
the in this when regardless of what
happened or did happen they both were

lying about all kinds of stuff and and
the discussion of buffing or both Falls
or whatever there’s much in terms which
at the time referred to to having drinks
up the butt

oh is that what it referred to yeah oh
god if you remember the 80s barely if
you remember the eighties you didn’t do

them right okay now there was this
discussion that kids were doing this
because they didn’t want to have alcohol
on their breath and they had all these

issues and so they turns out that you
could take alcohol up the butt
and that’s what his references were I
love how you I love how you say that

it turns out like some massive discovery
you can take out all of the but yeah you
can get so good a buzz without having
you know having a drink and I guess they

were employing this practice and in high
school or wherever and it was it wasn’t
really discussed in detail uh at the
hearings which by you had to do a little

research to find what the hell they were
talking about the guy said it was a bit
of flatulence joke
yeah the flatulence joke right that was
a that was the get-out-of-jail-free card

to say that but it was still does not
what it was it was taking alcohol up
okay now do you have this on what
authority yeah and I’m blue or been

dictionary ah well there you go
after page about it and in context
that’s exactly what it was I mean if you
think about it in context of what these

guys were doing and I love beer and all
the restaurant right it was all totally
these guys were a bunch of drunks
they’re a bunch of prep school this is a
I don’t want it i we have prep school
people list of the show very few of them

made the Eagle Scouts let me start with
that premise right prep school boys were
and I know we have something listed the
show and they’d like to show but I’m
gonna say this anyway many of them know
I’m right

generally jerk-offs yeah and drank too
much they were privileged they act
privileged they’re part of the elites
you know you know I’m gonna play

something that supports what you’re
saying and it was something that I
didn’t really consider and he called me
about it but he actually recorded a
video one of his famous video Steve

botanic had a thought on this whole
thing which is not what anyone is
thinking at all he of course is our our
psychological warfare expert he has some

standing in in the matter but yes listen
to his take on this whole circus this
week we have witnessed a total circus of
buffoonery on both the Republican and

the Democratic side this was not about
alcoholism this wasn’t even about the
rape of women but this was a death was
about collusion of people who went to

the same schools and had the same
religion let me be very specific among
the Democrats and Cavanaugh every one of
them almost almost every one of them

went to Yale University among the
Republicans four out of eleven that 36%
are Mormons let me be more specific
when amy klobuchar was asking I like his

clover chariklo boxer that’s her new
name by the way it’s not Clovis yards
Club Locker yeah it’s Steve he’s in the

Mormons let me be more specific when Amy
Club ocker
was asking questions of Kavanagh who
went to Yale Law School I was wondering

why is she so adamant she went to Yale
then I looked at Tori Booker who that
what I called the pixie from New Jersey
flitting around standing up making a

drama of himself he’s Spartacus and then
I said I wonder where he went to school
it was Yale University but folks he got
a degree at Oxford now let me tell you

something about Oxford you pay for that
degree including Gorsuch you can get a
PhD at Oxford University in England
for a minimal son some and just by the

teacher some liquor and you can read a
book and write an essay that’s true
well I would if I knew about this right

that’s how you get a PhD but if that
wasn’t enough then I look at Sidney
Blumenthal and I looked at his totally
reconstructed face there’s no job his

face and I said my god
doesn’t he look familiar I wonder where
he went to law school it was yeah folks
then I looked at Whitehead Sid Charley
Sidney Sheldon Whitehead his father went

to Yale Whitehouse Whitehead white his
right house I think you know what he
said was right running against another
candidate in Rhode Island who also went
to Yale and was installing bones and

guess what Whitehead went to Yale
Cavanaugh went to you so what exactly do
we have here we don’t have Republicans
we don’t have Democrats what we have is
a major geriatric unit with Grassley 85

feinstein 85 other people the average
age of both groups was about 232 but
then I noticed there were Mormon women

for ethical behavior and they came after
for Mormons one was Orrin Hatch the
second one was I
it’s orrin hatch Mike Lee Jeff Flake and

Mike crap crap all from Idaho I’m sorry
I didn’t pronounce his name but all four
Mormons on 11 different Republicans
that’s about 36 percent of the

Republicans were Mormons almost 80
percent of the Democrats were from Yale
University so I’m wondering where
exactly is the representation of America
from the south of west from Texas from

Howard University it turns out only one
woman went to Howard University miss
heiress I was gonna rap on that only one
person may have gone to Columbia I don’t
know who it was but guess who also went

to Yale University every one of the
Democrats who said let’s turn it to the
FBI guess who went to Yale call me went
to Yale and the present head of the FBI

Christopher ray was also a Yale graduate
now isn’t this amazing that
most of our government including the
Clintons the bushes john bolton bob

woodward dave martin all went to you and
what i’m saying is this is a school that
should cease and desist exporting out
the second quality intellects that we

have and the sociopaths that are coming
into our lives
let me quote Abraham Lincoln he said any
person can handle adversity but if you
want to test that person give them power

thank you and good night yeah we got to
close this school this school is the
well that’s what someone from Harvard
might say yeah that’s the other elitist

school which seems have been kicked out
of office and replaced by the Yale ease
and that started with Bush the
skullenbones Colin bones you love the
cheerleader literally yes skull and

bones and skull and bones and Kerry was
Mary yeah everyone was everyone all
these Yalie guys and gals it’s a known
fact that Yale has been dominating the

political scene so you also think that a
lot of these young people would would
know what was going on what really
happened because Yale stories are Yale
stories and don’t they talk to each
other they must of course they do they

there were some things in the timeline
that I found interesting for instance
according to club bucker
what’s that what’s a global shark club a

car bike club occurs as lavaca cat it
could be predicted out great dr. Ford
sent her letter when there was still a
short list

it was he wasn’t the nominee it was not
that’s according to the timing that we
know about which maybe we don’t know
anything that to be true or not true so
if she sent it while he was still on the

shortlist I think that’s a very that
that slanted a little bit more in her
okay don’t you think dad no I just think
it’s the whole thing is rigged it’s

something phony about the whole deal it
really bothers him finally yeah and I
finally found the I found the nut and
you have a bunch of eclipses yeah I got
some stuff you know just just I’ll do on

the letter for one moment this was the
for me the funniest moment of the entire
eight hours that I saw was at a certain
point points are made about this letter
and the three parties that had the

letter it was Feinstein it was a shoe
and it was the lawyers and who could
have leaked this to the media so well
Diane it must be you and this was just

the funniest exchange I’ve ever heard
mr. chairman let me be clear I did not
dr. Ford’s allegations I did not leak
her story she asked me to hold it

confidential and I kept it confidential
as she asked she apparently was stalked
by the press felt that what happened she
was forced to come forward and her

greatest fear were realized was realized
she’s been harassed she’s had death
threats and she’s had to flee her home I
was given some information by a woman

who was very much afraid who asked that
it be held confidential and I held it
confidential until she decided that she
would come forward mr. chairman would

would the ranking member
answer a question please if I can I have
great respect for senator Feinstein
we’ve worked together on many topics and

I believe what you just said can you
tell us that your staff did not leak it
so she turns around to someone behind
her I don’t believe my staff would leak

it I have not asked that question no I
mean how in the world that get in the
hands of the press the answer is no have
you asked your staff no my staff did not

leak it yes one woman behind her pardon
me well a Jennifer reminds me I’ve asked

her before about oh that’s true well
somebody leaked it if it wasn’t you well
it was I’m telling you it was not I did
not I mean I was asked to keep it

confidential and and I’m criticized for
that too
no I am yeah yeah I like that though
what since Ford went right to the

Washington Post because she was so
concerned about confidentiality that I
wonder who’s really behind all this and
the other element was what fine stores
now Trump calls her fine Steen

not on purpose what fine Steen is
Feinstein is sad
apparently did she was being stalked and
tracked by the press they were hounding

her yeah well they argue about it but
this is before yeah was so somebody knew
about it before anything because what
would the press be behind a hurry of
course as I said this is every race very

sketchy sketchy this is this is the most
inauthentic piece we’ve ever seen
everybody was lying everybody
everybody it was it was purely political

everyone was lying I think the judge is
lying to save his ass I think the the
doctor I’m not sure where she’s coming
from but she’s not telling the truth
mrs. everything’s a lie everything

that’s that is the only way to look at
it it can’t be she all I stand with her
I believe
no impossible and will we ever know the
truth probably not well the FBI’s gonna

do something they weren’t gonna find I
tell you this guy is not going to be
confirmed not going well that’s the idea
yeah not going to happen
did that way you can leverage the

election because when he gets confirmed
or not it’s not beside the point they
got a win they can’t let the Democrats
take over the place so let’s see in fact
there was they can go a lot of different
directions let’s stay with the cabin I

think I do have a little one clip this
kind of ass and a side clip which is how
the seventh investigation what it’s
really gonna be about new them it’s this
is the FBI seventh investigation

background or what what what what’s in
what’s it going to entail flag for
joining us George Cavanaugh has
undergone six background checks how will
this investigation be different well
obviously those background searches are

specific as to his character first the
six times every one more extensive than
the next as he moved up the ladder and

this one though it has to do with
additional evidence that was presented
at the hearing
ie people were named a diary was used
there were other people that have come

forward other people who have made
allegations all those people will be
interviewed as soon as possible
we know that dr. Ford was administered a
polygraph test is that something the FBI

will also administer the FBI will not
administer polygraphs because it’s not
evidence it can’t be used in a criminal
case we don’t use them in a criminal
case it’s an investigative tool she’s

already passed that polygraph but we
would ask those people who the
particular the polygrapher is is this an
expert I don’t know where this person
was I don’t know who the polygrapher is

but obviously whatever was said it’s
already been out there it’s something
they’ll look at okay but we would never
use it they’re not going to use it in
these interviews they’re going to go out
and conduct this investigation in a

thorough manner as quickly as possible
and then they will report no opinion
they will report that to the people who
are on the committee worn flag

you very much for joining us you what
does she say one flag worn flat one fuck
so this polygraph thing is also very
annoying you need to know what the

questions are a polygraph is not you
know there’s not like a lie-detector
test and you sit down there’s a they put
nodes on you take hey did that really
happen yeah you pass no it’s not that’s
not that’s not how this stuff works at

and and I think there were only two
questions that were shared with everyone
from that polygraph test is completely
that’s complete theater posturing and
more proof that this is just all kinds

of just more proof that something’s
amiss about this investigation the
following dr. Ford’s statement Jessie
her attorney demper Katz has just put

out a statement and this could be a big
problem in terms of potentially blowing
up this tentative deal we keep hearing
about to delay this only one week
because listen closely Denver Katz

dr. Ford’s attorney a thorough FBI
investigation is critical to developing
all the relevant facts and dr. Christine
Ford welcomes this step in the process
and appreciates the efforts of senators
flake Murkowski Manchin and Collins and

all the other senators who have
supported an FBI investigation to ensure
it is completed before the Senate votes
on Judge Cavanaugh’s nomination that all
sounds positive here’s the bad part for
the Senate leaders no artificial limits

they say as to time or scope should be
imposed on this investigation what does
that mean
that means that dr. Ford’s team is
saying no to a one-week deadline as the

president has ordered and Senator flake
and others have have promised to and
they’re also saying no limit on scope
well what does that mean well the Senate
Judiciary Committee said the deal is

that they’re only looking at current and
credible allegations as in the dr. Ford
allegations that are considered current
before them and consider credible even
the president said that dr. Ford was

credible in her testimony yesterday
meaning if Michael avenatti or someone
else comes up with something new over
the weekend or next Tuesday or next
Wednesday that might not be deemed
credible and is not currently before the

Judiciary Committee they were not
supposed to look at it dr. Ford’s legal
team is saying the opposite in this
statement that it should not be a
one-week limit and that they should look
at anything and everything that is just
what conservatives feared and now dr.

Ford’s the team is opening the door more
stalling oh yeah oh yeah this is just
going to continue and it’s really you
know this country America was already
divided I mean you go over to Europe and

everything ever was like ah
sure boy yeah Republican Trump he did it
but here this division and now you’re
dividing men and women and this all
kinds of long-term goal it must be a

goal because they’re succeeding they’re
succeeding you can’t you can no one can
have a conversation if someone says to
you hey who do you believe you said I’m
sorry I had a root canal and I missed

everything doughnut bit on the fall for
this trap don’t answer the question I
really I’m really I’m not educated I had
a root canal I’m sorry I missed it
why don’t you bring me up to speed

that’s the only thing you can say no you
don’t need to say that now we have this
say just sound of sod off sod off now we
have this other meme propagated by

radio talk show guy is in michaelsavage
michael michael savage savage nation
well whatever but it’s he it’s it’s
being tweeted everywhere and he read it

very seriously on the air and so i
presume there’s something to it dr. Ford
happens to head up the CIA undergraduate
internship program at Stanford
University which is very honored to

itself how did you get the job well
listen carefully Christine’s brother
Ralph the third interesting that the
word Ralph comes back for some reason I
don’t know why I just tickled me he used

to work for the international law firm
of Baker Hostetler the firm that created
fusion gps which is the company which
wrote the Russian dossier Baker

Hostetler is located in the same
building with the CIA operates three
companies called Redcoats Inc Admiral
security services and data watch who
runs them they are operated by Ralph

Blasi ii he happens to be the father of
dr. Ford and Ralph the third but it gets
even deeper Christine and Ralph the
thirds grandfather was Nicolas deke form

former CIA director William Casey
acknowledged dekes decades of service to
the CIA a spa the spook spot even this
sounds like a great conspiracy theory to

me I have not been able to corroborate
any of this no in fact I had a great
little back and forth to some idiot on
Twitter mm-hmm know if you saw it was
pretty funny no I did the note which was

had the outline of this information I
said I don’t know this doesn’t this
sounds like a very convenient
explanation and it needs to be verified
yes and the sky chimes and he says well

that’s very unprofessional of you to
post this you should post it only after
you verified it and so I went off on I’m
saying professional I’m what am i a
professional Twitter guy I do I get paid

by Twitter I’m a professional a fact
check that check for unprofessional
didn’t treat something give me a bra
John I hate to break it to you but since

you lost your your column you’re not
even a professional anymore just a
podcast podcast get off a Twitter you
podcaster I will say this at the savage

is pretty good not taking in a lot so I
don’t know where he got this he never
says he’s got no references off the top
of his it wasn’t off the top of his head

cuz he read it right and I have no idea
but he’s got a lot of context he’s been
doing this gig for a real long time
unless somebody really special but he’s
got like five five massive things in
there one she she buggers master train

spooks at the undergraduate program at
Stanford I mean what Oh such a program
ID but she doesn’t she’s not even listed
it on staff okay that but that’s what I
mean all this stuff is not healthy it is

in fact I got a very nice note from
producer Lisa Adam this whole thing with
Kavanagh has triggered all my universe
be friends again

it’s like the hash tag me to switch was
flipped back on again so much someone
has even organized a get-together to
literally flip tables and punch things
thank you

I got a readers too but she just thank
you for your sanity because seriously
without no agenda I’d be a mess right
now along with all my friends and
there’s this eventbrite that she sent me
the link to it’s called the rage room

it’s scheduled for October 14th flip a
table flip a district and here we go
description who who should come angry
rage-filled women who would enjoy a

chance to let it all out and are
committed to changing the status quo and
electing women into office that will
rage against the patriarchy tickets $25
all proceeds go to Emily’s list here’s

what we’re gonna do
it’s on Sunday October 14th from 2 to 5
we’re doing this in time to contribute
for the midterm elections where Wendy’s
house in Evanston you don’t need to know
you don’t need to know her to come let

out the raid she is
and has rage how show up please bring a
bottle or bottles of something to share
alcoholic or not mingle and hang with
radical ladies we will have some light

snacks it is an awesome chance to meet
aways amazing women and more importantly
beat something you’ll be able to take a
turn at smashing the shit out of a
pinata punching the hanging punching bag

which is a face of some horrendous old
white politician that will be attached
bring gloves if you have them flip a
kid’s small plastic table scream into a

pillow many pillows will be provided and
burn the names or pictures of anything
that represents the rage you have had
burning listening to old white
politicians respond to dr. Ford

listening to Trump and just generally
moving through the world as a woman
I dropped into a bunch of dimension B
people just to you go on Twitter you

just click on their thing you know you
do not interact no I warn any ones not
know how to interact no interacting no
it’s just like being in a different it
is like being in a different dimension

you just float around and don’t cause
trouble you go through there is a
massive anti patriarchy thing going on
yeah and we and there’s a very few man
that are buying into it which is we get

be a traitor against the patriarchy it’s
the patriarchy and it goes on and on
about how subscribing to its I don’t
know yeah the funny thing is I did the
real irony to this is that most of the

people involved with the smash the
patriarchy movement are Muslim women
really yeah and in fact Linda saw Sam
sewer finally shows up uh or my favorite

punching bag because she’s just so
obnoxious in in the in the discussion
about this woman here and then she comes

out screaming into the microphone like
she does with her headdress on and she
just shouldn’t have Sharia law than
anything else but but there’s a lot of
this anti patriarchy thing a knife and

it’s a major major major and I hate this
do that undercurrent that I think is
gonna crop up here and there and it’s
gonna it’s gonna get rejected because
there is no patriarchy keepers say women

aren’t completely if you just heard
those if you’re just right but if you
just heard the rage room it’s all about
the patriarchy and somehow in the fifty
years I’ve been around a little bit

longer you know I was taught to wrongs
don’t make a right
but somehow it’s gone from well do you
guys suck the world sucks it was run by
men therefore the patriarchy and screw
you we hate you we’re gonna pretend to

hit you we’re gonna hit you with sticks
and screaming the pillows and yell at
you and so I’d like to be a fly on the
wall in that thing yes well this is
being fomented yes yes yes the people

fomenting it
many of them are Muslim women
radical Muslim women I find it to be
very peculiar interesting well there’s a
there’s a lot going on a lot dude let’s

play some more clips yeah the clips are
kind of funny yeah let’s play it yeah I
got the trump clip he comes out of the
helicopter where they’re you asking her
stuff and I thought this was a little
revealing this is Trump and his blessing

in disguise commentary this is the end
of it uh hold on a second bless all are
under the cab stuff oh okay oh yes I got
it here at the top of the list and I

hope everything works out great but I
will say there are a lot of people going
out right now working very hard well I
think it’s fine I think actually this
could be a blessing in disguise

because having the FBI go out do a
thorough investigation whether it’s
three days or seven days I think it’s
going to be less than a week but having
them do a thorough investigation I

actually think will be a blessing in
disguise it’ll be a good thing I’d like
to find out who leaked to the papers was
it senator Feinstein because certainly
her body language was not exactly very

good who will they answer that question
so really I would like to find out as
part of it who leaked the papers which
Democrat leaked the papers thank you
very much everybody

hey scoring some point hold on a second
since when is he talking about body
language I said no that was incredibly
revealing that’s new because it’s
possible that he might be at for all we

know cuz there are courses you can take
uh and if you’re a sales guy which he is
at the core of everything body languages
are quite important to be able to read

well that’s like micro-expressions you
got to be able to catch those and
there’s like a fact there’s a very
famous professor over here at the
University of California San Francisco I
think is emeritus he’s retired I can’t
don’t have his name but John it’s not

about what he said in the clip it’s
about what he didn’t say in the clip
there was nothing about he’s a good man
I believed him earlier yeah
yeah listen this is this thing has been

a setup the whole thing is disgusting we
know but I’m saying that I’m going to
the revelation but there’s revelations
here one is the body language the huh
aspect and the second one is that he

wants that he wants the FBI to find out
who leaked this thing it started this
this disc because it wasn’t part of his
yeah I’m not so sure about that hey let

me tell you the Judge Napolitano did
some kind of course somewhere it was
like in an auditorium he was talking
about is it back in July someone sent me

this this video and there’s so July I
don’t think there was a shortlist yet
but there was a shortlist there was no
final peek maybe was I don’t recall
exactly the date but Napolitano made two

points about the Fourth Amendment and I
think I thought they’re very important
in context of Kavanaugh and his
nomination by Trump which I believed to
be a complete red herring meant to fail

he probably hates the guy and here’s why
Judge Napolitano is talking about the
Fourth Amendment how important it is and
then he mentions this story the right to
be left alone which of course today we

call privacy the fourth is the most
unique one because it says the people
doesn’t say the citizens it says the
people shall not be interfered with in

their persons houses papers and effects
persons houses papers and effects except
by a warrant signed by a judge based on

probable cause probable cause means
probable cause of crime it doesn’t mean
probable cause that you’re talking to a
book agent in Florence a real case in
which the NSA was listening to a

conversation in Italian they thought
they were hearing a terrorist they were
just hearing a guy in New York trying to
buy a book from the book agent in
Florence case came to court the judge

said well there’s no prosecution here
they didn’t come after you for anything
you said therefore there’s no violation
of the Fourth Amendment

who wrote that opinion now see if you’ve
heard of this guy so he writes Cavanaugh
on the board which of course is a
violation of the Fourth Amendment and
then he closes with this one if the

government really believes that our laws
are natural that how could we have the
Patriot Act which permits federal agents
to write their own search warrants

forgetting the requirement that only
judges can issue sir
warrants under the Fourth Amendment
could tell you stories about the Patriot
Act but not only does it permit federal
agents to write their own search warrant

so FBI agent a writes a search warrant
authorizing FBI agent B there’s got to
be at least two of these characters
involved in this and then B can serve
the search warrant and when they serve

the search warrant they say by the way
you can’t tell anybody that we serve
this on you that’s another violation you
can’t tell anybody the government’s
going to enforce silence what about
Congress shall make no law abridging the

freedom of speech
what young lawyer was the Scrivener when
they were putting together the Patriot
Act there he is

Cavanaugh I’m telling you John Trump
sees this guy as a bush loyalist a Yalie
a Yalie sink pier and he wants this guy
crushed and a message sent to all Yale

ease all Yale ease are going down he
wants this guy crushed in exactly the
manner in which it’s happened maybe not
exactly this man has gotten out of
control but this guy needs to easy and I

don’t like him either
he wrote this for the Patriot Act screw
this guy can’t be surprised I can argue
with you about any of this the thesis
that he’s gonna be users set as an

example to the Yale it’s a little new
it’s new it’s a little new you got that
from pige Enic yes of course
makes it more interesting yeah so that

means that we’re all we’re gonna see is
more stuff more suffering some more
women coming out oh yeah this guy is
going to going to it’s sad but when he
was so angry I think he realized he got

double-crossed now he blamed it on you
know uh because of you know revenge for
Clinton losing which by the way was the
mistake of his career the mistake of his
career to ever say something like that

that made him look small and petty and I
don’t know why he said that but
when he came out guns blazing he knew he
had been double-crossed I don’t think so

hmm I don’t think no here’s what I’m
saying I don’t think he thinks he’s been
double-crossed because you’re the only
one and I mean I and I will agree with
it but you’re the only one making the
thesis in such a way I don’t think he’s

thinking that he’s thinking exactly what
he should be thinking which is he’s
getting screwed over by these were
Democrats and his gonna disobey and
these crazy women and he’s got to it’ll

take revenge he said nothing to do it
Trump in his mind maybe and in fact if
the whole thesis of Trump being behind
his being uses a big yaeli exam

certainly he’s right yeah he didn’t know
he didn’t it is pretty obscure it’s real
I can argue that point is good
possibility but there’s no it’s not

mainstream media’s not on us now yes I
am no no well
so I don’t think he thinks he’s been
double-crossed I think he just got mad
because he’s hot-headed Irish which of

course was completely the worst thing
you could do and and this clip blows me
away in context of your frequent telling
and retelling of the story of Barbara

Boxer you do not have to get back into
the story again but I think I can
summarize by saying we know from
firsthand account that Barbara Boxer if
you were a man would have been seen as

sexually aggressive and with unwanted
advances can I say that is that
slanderous or can I say that we by the
way I’m not bringing this story up over
Tory you are telling me to tell us no no

I know I said I just said you don’t have
to talk about I just one night no I’m
just saying you’re implying that I love
the story no no no you put that shoe on
man I didn’t present that to you I just

said you’ve told the story I told it
once and then you made me reiterate it
numerous times you didn’t you’ve Chadd
me do it you like the story I love the
story but I don’t want you to tell it

again just say he’s not telling it again
but you know with that in mind what it
most people have heard the story at
least twice so with that in mind what is
it you’re where you’re going with it

well when is someone who in it as we
know professionally was a sexual-assault
that’s what she was she was just
flirting okay but if you weren’t nice I

preface by saying if she were a man she
would have hung from the highest tree oh
yeah that’s my point it would not be
good so how does she talk about this
well let me say was an exhausting day I

think for everybody and especially for
women who’ve had this experience and for
women who have had relationships with
very angry men and I think you know I’ve

listened to your commentary I think
you’re right all of a sudden we see a
man transformed from a choirboy who up
to now has said after hours in further

committee he lived this very perfect
life all of a sudden his anger is
triggered and what we saw today is
someone who you could now see attacking

a woman it’s very frightening and I
think your guest who was so good and
said temperament is a temperament is so

important for who you put on the court
this guy not only showed this
belligerent anger but he had like a
personality transformation now what do I

think will happen we all know it’s a few
Republicans who really hold this
decision on their shoulders I don’t know
anyone who didn’t think that dr. Ford

was credible and when she said I am a
hundred percent sure who this was I
believe her it’s up to them do they
believe her and the last point I’ll make

is if you are undecided there’s only one
way to know and that’s to get an
independent background chest frankly
anyone who doesn’t support that doesn’t

want to get to the truth and that
includes judge Cavanaugh so there you go
then we know where she’s coming from so
I find that quite she’s disingenuous

she’s just another phony now just one
thing if you have a chance next time
she’s on take a look at her eyes there’s
something she’s gone and like full beast
mode shape-shifting eyes she’s a lizard

no she
has drawn her eyes with black pencil
because they’re much smaller than I mean
they’re turning into little beady rat
eyes might be losing control of the

shape-shifting you should take a look at
it it’s very odd what she’s doing with
her eye makeup now she makes a good
point and I think this is the point that
they should be making again the

Democrats can’t focus right now they’re
focusing on stalling and they shouldn’t
be doing that they should just let this
thing slide because it takes it it takes
their argument and weakens that their
argument should be exactly the

temperament argument I when he went into
his load most of the time he’s calm he’s
fine but then he went nuts and a couple
of times and started screaming and
yelling yeah and and crying which was
you know but sincere it wasn’t like

anything he’s faking but it was like
it’s a temperament thing I think is
enough enough because the one vote
they’re gonna they’re gonna lose if you
want a prediction mm-hmm Susan Collins

maybe but that’s not the one I’m
thinking I’m thinking Bukowski and
Murkowski you’ve got to remember
Rakowski is a Republican and she’s the
51st vote but Murkowski was screwed over

by the Republican Party mm-hmm yes she’s
not that loyal she is not the one that’s
gonna say well you know yeah you could
she’s not the type that it’s going to be

anything but independent cuz the
Republican Party man it was mainly the
Conservatives and the Republican parties
that railroaded her in a primary and
kicked her off the ballot mm-hmm and she

said this is bullcrap it was some Tea
Party people and she said this is
I’m gonna run I’m gonna run as a

write-in candidate and she won
the state of Alaska as a write-in
candidate how often does that happen I
feel like wow I can do whatever I want

no one’s gonna touch me so she’s gonna
vote no
votes no then Collins will vote no yes

now if she votes no and Collins knows it
Collins will vote no because she doesn’t
want to be yes on when one person no
woman in politics would vote against
this they had that Meno would vote for

him we put it that way there’s no way do
you you’ll never get reelected this is
about men and women this is this is
nothing to do with with the judges
capability as nothing to do with

Republicans or Democrats is just men
women men shit women not you think the
tech I think the temperament think if
they focused on that they’ve got a
winner but there’s too stupid to focus

on anything now
I ran into a couple of inches I do have
I thought Lindsey Graham has become very
interesting as a character yes because
you know his his was a sugar daddy

they passed recently and so he’s now on
his own and so he’s decided to become a
tough guy and so he’s yelling and
screaming constantly and it’s very

entertaining I do have his little tirade
here and that gorgeous tirade won’t
affect again the woman from Alaska this
Lindsay Lissa’s lanzi hears about it you

could have come to us what you want to
do is destroy this guy’s life hold this
seat open and hope you win in 2020 you

said that not me you’ve got nothing to
apologize for
when you see Sotomayor and Kagan tell
them it Lindsay said all because I voted

for them I like that that’s the part I
like the most me I voted for them I
wouldn’t do this to them I never do to
them what you’ve done to this guy this
is the most unethical sham since I’ve

been in politics and if you really
wanted to know the truth you sure as
hell wouldn’t have done what you’ve done
to this guy I cannot imagine what you

and your family were going through boy
y’all want power god I hope you never
get it I hope the American people can
see through this sham that you knew
about it and you held it you had no

intention of protecting dr4 No
she’s as much of a victim as you are god
I hate to say it cuz these have been my
friends but let me tell you when it

comes to this you’re looking for a fair
process you came to the wrong town at
the wrong time my friend to my
Republican colleagues if you vote no

you’re legitimizing the most despicable
thing I have seen in my time in politics
you want this seat I hope you never get
it I hope you’re on the Supreme Court

that’s exactly where you should be and I
hope that the American people will see
through this charade and I wish you will
and I intend to vote for you and I hope
everybody who’s fair-minded will now

with Lindsey Graham’s newfound
testicular valour there’s a lot of jokes
being made you just made one which you

know coming face book I’ve known you for
a long time you’re an old white dude so
you say hey is he lost his sugar daddy
and we all chuckle about it because it’s
us here there’s a little no agenda show
but when you’re a staunch liberal and

you are all in on LGBTQ actually let me
do it properly LGG be LGBTQ Qi AAP ke if
you’re all in on that and all about and

you know black lives matter and the
patriarchy sucks how the hell can you
start doing stuff like what Bill Maher’s
doing baby he was turned around because
he was confronted when he was getting on

the elevator play gun

all right we’re all for women your
assault doesn’t matter here I’ve been
seeing a guy take it in the elevator
like that since Beyonce sister kicked
jay-z oh and then they tried cornering

Lindsay Graham but he but he got away
because he’s familiar with the back door
I think it’s funny but are you allowed

to tread of lease it is it is yes I know
exactly what you mean for these guys
he’s up but these women gauge your girls
to be using jokes like that just beyond

some believe what happened to the LG BT
community that G is no it’s just to be
made fun of now there’s there’s a clip
that I pulled John from this show it is

so unhinged April Ryan is on it there’s
two other people and it doesn’t even
matter who’s on I’d like you to listen
to it because it shows you how I mean
and it goes much further with the gay

jokes and everything it’s really really
unhinged but we can’t just listen to it
we have to step into the machine because
otherwise you can’t you can’t get the
only stand by Veronica alternate

universe coming up
they’re Sparky Sparky made it here we

are in the alternative universe where
everything is funny he was rehearsed the
president went off script when he was
asked about the FBI he had all this
righteous rage and indignation and then

he was asked by Durbin okay well you
really want to clear your name right
over there ask for the FBI and he went
from this to yeah oh that was yesterday
he was like Sarah Huckabee playing to

the audience of one he talked about the
press he talked about the clips it was –
yes I want the bad breath right I do not
want nice guy and this they believe this

by the way they believe this is what
happened they really think this is how
in doubt this is a sad thing that’s not
a judge sorry no go ahead
that’s not how a judge behaves

supreme for I I believe that was acting
yeah I also don’t even believe that his

ten-year-old daughter said let’s pray
for that woman do you hear what’s being
said here now I don’t even believe his
child’s prayed for that woman that’s

he’s full of shit this guy I mean this
is really low he cried so hard when he
when they were when he was talking about

they cried for we pray for you want me
to cry now he’s a crisis actor that’s
why is not that hard we all do it every
day I actually feel really bad for his

wife watching her behind him and I think
he’s very selfish in all of this he
wanted to go clear his name he made
since the whole situation worse senator
Grassley who’s the chairman you sir

never put his family yeah the Republican
Party and the country through all of it
but this is you know what did bad is
this Trump off’ eyeing of people yeah I
mean the fact that Trump can either find

people like him or make him Lindsey
Graham I Lindsey Graham extremes with
stabilizing influence of his dead
boyfriend because he is I mean really my
joke but he said you said sure daddy

says he needs the stabilizing influence
of his dead boyfriend yeah well that’s a
little worse yeah I wish I wouldn’t have
used that don’t you know

on you but I’m friendly with Lindsey

Graham so I didn’t laugh but that was a
performance also obviously acting or to

what end is he looking for a cabinet
position is that what that is is equal
but he’s also remember Lindsey Graham
has always been the beta male John
McCain was the Alpha he was the sidekick

and now he’s lost his protector
he’s lost his big brother and he needs
protection that’s the we have this is a
gay guy by the way who should be
offended by at least some of this but I

guess when you’re all Queens amongst
each other it’s okay so he’s always
looking for Trump to protect him now
because that’s how he’s always been the
way he purrs the way he pushed himself

out there yesterday no matter the acting
no matter the crying no matter what it
was a sense of entitlement when people
ask what is white privilege right man

you know that this is a pageant of it
Hillary no no it’s only can only happen
with men John white privilege is now
exclusively for old white men it’s not
for women anymore it’s just for dudes

I mean let’s be honest let’s be honest
the one thing I think they go too far is
when people say Brett Kavanaugh rapist
we don’t know what was in a 17 year olds

mind I think he definitely attacked her
in that room these boy they were drunk
it could have been let’s just scare or
let’s roll on top of really we don’t
know to go that far is too far to me

right I don’t know but he’s he’s a bad
dude but also this this insane notion of
the last 10 days have been held

I mean it is it’s a vulture fest yeah
it’s really really bad
if we make jokes about okay it’s awesome
podcast errs you know I will say I do

reminds me of why when I quit the
Democratic Party this guy gave a million
dollars to the Democratic Party I want
to point out I quit the Democratic Party
around 79 because I realized that the

Democratic Party was constantly trying
to kill me kill me in the Vietnam War
they were trying to kill me and not me
specifically in the Chicago 68 he was

the 68 convention daily brought the cops
out and beat up Democrats in the streets
and there’s one every one piece of thing
after that where the Democrats just

tried to kill me and this is another
example of it now they now the Democrats
as Democrats hate the whites yes and
they want them gone they want to kill
them it’s just like well who would be

who would be a belong to this party
it’s a terrible operation it’s a really
bad political party it really it’s the
party this got to go it’s the party of

memes all this really is just party of
memes throw something up hope it sticks
where’s Ocasio cortez in all this she
hasn’t she weighed in yet with something
no she probably has there’s a lot of
interesting stuff I have a clip this is

the stuff that we haven’t heard this is
the Kate cab clip democracy now this is
stuff that they’re dead they don’t even
use any of this stuff
in a major development the American Bar

Association yeah hold on the Senate
Judiciary Committee to halt the
Cavanaugh confirmation process until an
FBI investigation is completed in a
letter to the committee the ABA said

quote we make this request because of
ABA is respect for the rule of law and
due process under law the ABA had
previously given Cavanaugh its highest
rating of unanimous well-qualified for

the Supreme Court mm-hmm meanwhile
editors of America magazine the National
weekly published by the jesuits of the
United States called for Cavanaugh’s

nomination to be withdrawn Georgetown
Prep that’s Georgetown preparatory
school where Cavanaugh was a student
when he allegedly assaulted Blasi Ford
is a Jesuit High School

yeah and make no mistake about the ABA
the American Bar Association there’s a
link in the show notes in a show notes
com2 and you’ll see the
amount of money the law firms who have

members representing the aclu gave in
the 2017-2018 year to political parties
is over seventy percent Democrat so you

know it’s like it’s just more and more
of these people yeah bald it’s all we’re
not we’re just spectators we’re just

ratings that’s all we ratings for this
nothing matters now I do have one funny
what I thought was funny was the fine
steam back-and-forth with that one the

third woman the woman pulling the Train
woman that one no there’s play play I
got me one there we go

you’re saying if if I understand it is
that the allegations by dr. Ford mr.
Ramirez and Miss FET dick sweat Nick are
are wrong that is emphatically what I’m

saying fatica Lee the sweat Nick thing
is a joke that is a farce would you like
to say more about it no like show me on

the doll where the bad man touched
really I like to say I like the second
allegation is my favorite that he

exposed his penis in front of someone’s
face I want a police sketch
yeah this always said we only could be
so traumatizes not you’re never gonna

get one now I do have a kind of a
deconstruction of the long and
unfortunately I could a guy do have the
whole speech but for some reason the
forces of the cosmos not allow me to

clip it okay because every time I tried
it’s like seven minutes first her
diatribe because every time I did it
would put audacity into not responding

mode so I gave up after rebooting the
computer three times but I did get a
copy of this part of the speech from the
from the teaser on Democracy Now so it’s
got a little music bed I believe that

there was one message in her confession
or not a confession about her accusation
there was a strong message for women

which made me doubt her sincerity or her
honesty and made me kind of swing a
little bit toward the Michael Savage
theory that she’s some sort of a CIA
spook because this message is the
message that they want it’s in the seven

minutes this is a and I would like to
hear what Scott Adam says about it a
subliminal little message that I thought
was the real nut of what she was saying

and what was would be soaked in by the
female audience on the Democratic side I
believed he was going to rape me I tried
to yell for help

when I did Brett put his hand over my
mouth to stop me from yelling this is
what terrified me the most and this had
the most lasting impact on my life I
love the 70s porn music it’s very

fitting yeah so what she’s saying there
is the real trauma was from being
essentially told to shut up woman mm-hmm

and this is the message to all the women
out there don’t shut up you know speak
up make your voices heard this is a
constant beating drum and this little

thing right in the middle of her speech
that this was the most important element
not that she was almost gonna die not
that she was going to get raped because
she had a bathing suit underneath all

these other deeds
he’s locking herself very detailed shut
her up forcefully it’s he shut her up
and this she says it right you played a
game ledian yeah I believed he was going

to rape me
I tried to yell for help when I did
Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop
me from yelling this is what terrified

me the most and has had the most lasting
impact on my life
yeah yes that is the message and it can
be interpreted in multiple ways but I

think it has a strong message yep now
most women under those circumstances
that’s if you did that they’d open their
mouth and bite – bite the crap out of

your hand they should or lick as him
they that works by the way people that
would be quick but anyway you can take
chomp down but she didn’t do any of that

cuz he didn’t he didn’t put duct tape
over her mouth or anything he had just
put her hand in there she can open her
mouth and bite him why didn’t she do
that no no no that was this all bullcrap
because the message is women listen to

me I was traumatized cuz I didn’t say I
couldn’t I was forced I was forced not
to speak that gonna to scream I couldn’t

scream I couldn’t do I couldn’t say
anything gonna do anything cuz he put
and that was the most traumatizing that
was it that’s number one on her list yes
have the worst thing that happened to
her this is just a son this is a boast I

hypnotic met this is a hypnotic
suggestion yes oh there’s all kinds of
stuff going on that I like I’m died I
totally agree with you I’d like the

there what is it now almost a million
dollars and GoFundMe I don’t believe the
money she’s receiving yes this is very
very good
um cavanaugh d avenatti cavanaugh d oh

look you know money-laundering through
GoFundMe it’s gotta be dogs it’s
fantastic yeah yeah says Alvin odd he’s
gonna be all pissed off we’ll see him

everywhere because I guess right now
they’re not taking his accuser into
account it’s just these characters the
whole thing if the FBI’s gonna go
interview these people are also gonna

indict him for lying to them well never
asked so this is the the final thing
that I have questions about is why
because it looked very bad that during
the entire hearing why wouldn’t he say

yeah good to do an FBI that why do why
wouldn’t he say that I mean I I can see
many reasons why but what do you think
his who Cavanaugh was asked most he
claims that he did say that Atari began

bullshit he said that his answer was
continuously I’ll do whatever the
committee wants me to with it they were
putting him on the block by saying
through one thing for one thing it’s not

his decision no I know but it’s the
president’s decision but he was asked
point-blank why don’t you tell the
president’s lawyers right over there why
don’t you say I want an investigation I
mean it was a setup for sure but why

didn’t he say it why didn’t he just say
she I’ll have an investigation 7th time
why didn’t he say it I don’t know yeah
I’m telling you this the whole thing is
the marks judge got nut I’m telling you

the mark judge guy who wrote his letter
under you know penalty of perjury or
felony the guy who was an alcoholic and
all these horrible and he kept referring

to well am i redacted statement was also
one of the but drinkers yes I think that
but I think something about the but
drinking is in the mark judge story and
that’s where the gem is so to speak but

this it’s impossible I’m sorry mr.
Kavanagh is not gonna happen you’re not
going through you did not pass go back
to what’s the what’s the woman’s name

the true intended candidates nominee Amy
Barrett bears Barrett or be homie
Barrett Barrett Oh Amy call me Bert yes
Barrett yes

is there tendon Amin koni koni not Koko
me koni koni whatever yes she’s the
intended nominee yeah and she’s a rough
customer and she’ll be in for 40 years
yeah and and we’ll have all wasted a lot

of time and churned up a lot of old
issues and problems correct with the
Yalie thing and you want to put the guys
hoist as petard on a yardarm
yeah then that actually makes sense that

this would happen and we don’t want
anymore jelly’s I don’t think let me
look at Barrett where does she go to
school she’s probably another one
wouldn’t surprise me and while you’re
looking that up the only final thing

I’ll say is that the problem that we
have today and let’s just take the
argument that the patriarchy is is it’s
everyone’s fault it’s the white guy’s

fault okay let’s just say it’s the white
guy’s fault
though what we have not yet come to
terms with is particularly with this
open communication system that we have
on the internet you know with social

media and every way to communicate we
are all capable of really horrible
thoughts and really horrible things and
we’re seeing that now and it’s from its
everybody it’s male female gay straight

what everybody has these horrible traits
that seem to come out when we’re in an
anonymous mode and we can say whatever
we want without the no fear of
repercussion and we have we have a lot

more learning to do about the human
yeah well this social network doesn’t
know she went graduated from Notre Dame
now well there you go
Notre Dame Law School there you go

finally a Notre Dame er instead of a
damn yaly yeah laughter I think Don went
to Yale too they all do yeah what is
that’s like eating in the UK it’s very

it’s just a thing that they people go to
and they come out as part of the ruling
elite so what are we gonna look for this
week we’re gonna I think we should look

for definitely no limitation of a week
there’s no way that’s gonna happen well
I don’t think we’re gonna get anything
we except just fall out and a lot of
again I’d like a focus by the Democrats

just a lot of hand-wringing and
hopefully there’ll be other kinds of
news we can cover before Thursday oh
please well we do have some other things
to talk about but first I would like to
thank you for your courage and say in

the morning to you John say good morning
to you mr. Adam curry and in the morning
names tonight’s out there in the morning

to the troll room
hello trolls No Agenda stream calm or
and they show I’m doing the wrong thing
here and no agenda stream com is where
you can always find the trolls when we

do our show twice a week on Sundays and
Thursday some just see it as a Thursday
all the time it is quite fascinating
that way also I’d like to say in the
morning to our artists for episode 10
72 the title of that was adult ISM is

and the artwork was the skullenbones 5g
brought to us by Mike Riley was just a

nice piece there are a number of things
that we looked at there were some funny
things it was a horrible one with you
know me with darts in my shins and that
was interesting artwork but not quite as
funny but it was a gruesome and by the

way we should remind artists pictures of
the two of us either one of us because
of the early days of the artwork our
foreboding we don’t want my picture or
Adam’s picture in the artwork it has to

be something about the show not about us
yeah but all the submissions are always
fantastic and we got a couple of guys on
a roll right now that would be good to
see some gals in there and where’s

Illuminati oh yes she kind of dropped
she said maybe she’s gone overboard you
know and she’s all in with the no gross
possible this awesome you like that
would denote you red it’s like she’s

hanging on for dear life I’m telling you
the illness is on all sides right now
and you and this is I’m gonna call
progenitor that this is the
psychological warfare and it’s being
perpetrated upon the American people and

the world to a certain degree at the
deepest psychological levels of abuse
and not just abuse sexual abuse but like
you said being told to shut up putting
at yo stifling power structures all of

this and this is being just ripped what
wide open in front of us without any
regard for how the human psyche reacts
to this is very bad very bad yeah nobody
cares I do deeply yeah you do why do

deep probably less than you I got
nothing better through than care all day
yeah you sit around caring that care a
lot I try to care I’m sitting around
caring but we do have some people to

thank but very few we had a very
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Patrick night of the SoCal Hills this
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from PC Mag what are your thoughts on
Freemasonry it’s great he wants the
ferry it’s great we’ll talk about it I

didn’t we don’t really talk about it too
much it was maybe part of the ruling
class before the jelly’s came along he
wants a clip of the foamer ended any

Sharpton jingles okay and the Karma as
well or just you know he probably wants
to comment yeah I can imagine that
you’ve got karma jonbi of Corpus Christi

Texas or as he called him John P of C C
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producer bumped up I sent a note in is
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addi douching please you have the wrong
impression about the amygdala it should

be shrunken that you don’t want a big
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throngs of yeah would get it while you
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people that have to walk around the
office with a badge yeah yeah it’s very
cute you know tell us a bad story years
ago it was always considered a bad form
if you had to wear a badge on your belt

or go out into public
odhh can’t wearing your badge huh
wearing your badge it was always
considered bad form and I always thought
you knew that you see if you were out
with the badge on you stood as you

pointed out take the badge down and put
the badge in your pocket yeah would not
be why was this why do you think this
was why was that bad form because you
look like a dork oh okay just a douche
now although I used to like people who

left a badge on there to be somebody and
that you get in an elevator you see
somebody wearing a badge Cynthia say hey
Cynthia yeah I haven’t seen you for what
how long has it been and watch their

faces okay especially when this this
dvorák guy goes hey Cynthia you know I
don’t do that with that voice anyway you
always get it right you they always get

startled and then they get freaked
because they think they should know you
they pointed their badges and I just saw
your name
don’t you remember from in anyway so I
was I and then I went to I was giving

some speech of all places in Tijuana
years and years ago and I noticed that
in Tijuana if you people would want
glamorize wearing the badges in public

and I kept seeing this everyone wearing
the badges you know displaying them
prominently and I asked somebody about
oh yeah I know if you got you’re working
for a county you’re working this means
you’re working you got a job and you’re

better you know they’re wearing him at
the bar you know you get better chance
of meeting someone it was like I some
sort of a signal and then very slowly
that idea came up to the United stop
it came up the into cow

for me and I just still find it
incredibly offensive to see people
walking around with badges Wow man don’t
come to Austin yeah well that’s what the
point is I think maybe these guys were
the real charming bachelors might have

something going it might have an idea
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I did want to mention to a couple things

one today apparently is the
international podcast de-what which I
was unaware of yeah you think you’d be
aware of it it was actually anything

worth worthwhile yeah it was someone
somehow named this international podcast
day and there’s lots of ads in my email
for cool rigs based international

podcast named by our mixer I also wanted
to thank I came up with a fantastic
solution for the just debilitating

allergies I’ve been suffering from of
late which may be ragweed and this is a
new one for me it’s not it’s not mold I
think the right of the worst yeah it’s

pretty bad and and I learned there is a
cure and I’m not sure it and I’ve only
had one version of this cure so I’m not
sure we’ll work with anything else off

the shelf but after our previous show on
Thursday of course it’s always Thursday
do you recall what I had to drink
I know I don’t I had a reasonable glass

of Dame at least Garland’s limoncello oh
right right you were bragging about how
great Tilda cleared everything up I’m
cured what the limoncello is a cure for

these allergies
I was feeling really rundown and you
have any of the other older batches
available no no I only know those things
don’t last in this household No so I

wonder it’s just a peculiarity of this
current batch I know it could be it
could be but I drank probably about half
a bottle and man I feel so much better
I’m not kidding

drink a half a bottle yeah yeah you
sound like Tina it’s a small bottle it’s
not a you know I think it’s a quarter

liter or something about 375 mil yeah
yeah so it wasn’t all that much it was a
hefty glass but it really works yeah for
the ragweed who might work for era’s he

may be just an anti-inflammatory of some
sort I mean lemons are a miracle product
no really I’ve never heard of lemons is
a miracle product I mean yeah with it

when you do people use lemon juice and
honey and whiskey and hot water and they
use that for when you have a cold now
true and lemons in there and lemons got

something to do with it maybe I maybe I
should try buffing the limoncello
maybe he’s just a lemon itself last
night a lot of noise across the way as

south of the river here in downtown
Austin it was and by the way yesterday
morning he was torrential rain and we
saw they were setting something up on
the on the lawn of the Long Center as

it’s known here in which I think the
Dells built most of and it was big
concert and we were looking at what
concert is coming we can’t figure out
what concert and then we found out as it

went on until about 11:30
yeah Chris Willie Nelson is on stage
right now it’s quite loud out here
there’s lots of people here and early
estimates that over 10,000 people here

in Auditorium Shores to hear Willie
Nelson better O’Rourke and Leon bridges
Leon bridges took the stage a little
after 9:30 better O’Rourke immediately
after that to talk to people and kind of

get them the whole reason they’re here
have a rally we talked to people earlier
about why they came here there were a
couple different answers important to
support bata came to see Willie he’s
kind of a bonus yeah for sure

tucked up against the Austin skyline
thousands of people packed victim acai
ashore Saturday night for music by
Willie Nelson in politics by better
yeah he’s got folks from me and my wife

both he’s always been supportive of a
passel represented in the city the
candidate for US Senate running against
Ted Cruz Cruz in the national spotlight
this week sitting on the Senate

Judiciary Committee that heard powerful
testimony from both Supreme Court
nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser
dr. Christine Blasi Ford the president
has ordered a week-long FBI

investigation into the sexual assault
claims against Cavanaugh meanwhile Cruz
cancelling his rally in Round Rock
Saturday focusing on the action on
Capitol Hill yeah now Cruz making it
look bad here right now and beto been

away that’s their us attack oh it’s
Austin of course but it was a stupid it
was quite the turnout it was quite the
turnout I’ve got people all wearing
their badges oh man there’s bit there’s

Beto curtains I mean I can see a lot of
it but we actually tried to get some
pictures for you but they didn’t turn
out to I don’t have a zoom proper loom
lens on anything there’s people with
Beto in their window and it’s every car

driving around there must be a better
headquarters they must have some posters
I’d love to have a better poster a
better okay last the former New York
banker yeah he’s although he’s always

he’s all about the bet oh he thinks
better I’m not gonna make a chance
doesn’t have a chance but I don’t either
I don’t know yeah well you do say that
because you’re right in the bubble yeah

no I understand I’m in the bubble I
um but I’ve just learned you know crazy
things that happen you don’t know
well he’s igniting hit people on fire
John he’s igniting the basis igniting

the base everyone’s man I’m fire Beto
what’s his name again Beto Francis
robert francis puts rubber francis said
oh that’s his real name this his

nickname is Beto
I used to give him is Beto she’s whiter
than you Beto
it makes him sound kind of Latino better
why are they elect him and they should
be running a woman I would get it well

he looks a bit like that too yeah
there’s a woman here effeminate yeah so
Joe I got some clips from Bannen came on
the Bill Maher show what here you missed

Banyon yeah Banyan nice all right
so as a few clips I got four clips
actually I thought they were interesting

I’m gonna skip the one that’s probably
the weak clip and use the shorter ones
but let’s start with the opening so we
can get an idea of what that said the
setting was where it gets introduced I
know you’re not for this guy but be nice

he is one of the most influential person
around today he is the former White
House chief strategist for president
Trump Steve Bannon is over here

alright Steve well it took a lot of
prepping to get the audience to be that
nice deal but I’m gonna say to you what
I always say to conservatives when they
come here first of all thank you I
appreciate it and it says volumes why

the Republicans are in power and we have
none Hillary Clinton never came here
maybe she’d be president you a more
confident victim yeah so and and I know
that you know you had a little event

there at The New Yorker they had a
festival in fact I want to read Malcolm
Gladwell’s quote because they were going
to interview you yeah and then you were
disinvited I’ve been disinvited many

times by the way it’s a good club and
Malcolm Gladwell said call me
old-fashioned but I would have thought
that the point of a festival of ideas
was to expose the audience to ideas
question Malcolm Gladwell I don’t think

everyone knows who he is
they most a lot of people know who he is
he’s the guy that’s a big African kind
of a white guy with big afro hair they
were mixed race and he wrote the tipping

point book and a bunch of other little
books that were very popular so I think
that like five or six of these million
dollar bestsellers and he has he behind
freakonomics was that him to

freakonomics I don’t know if it was I
don’t think so but no I don’t think so
because he never had these kind of Taos
his titles were we’re kind of phrased as
that rot in the public domain that they

weren’t made-up stuff I don’t think look
at my boy you’re doing yeah I’m doing it
right now
he isn’t it kind of an intellectual
wannabe podcast or he’s the one we

played a clip about he’s starting a
podcast network and you have working it
yeah any network he can’t monetize that
wasn’t he and he bet he’s a natural not
a podcast but he’s the national PBS guy

because this hole is hole everything
everything sounds like Trump sucks if
you only invite your friends over it’s

called a dinner party no what are your
thoughts on that well they chased me for
you know David Remnick chased me for a
year to be on his podcast and he came to
me and said hey we’d be honored if you
were in this festival ideas I said fine

I don’t want compensation but I like
going into hostile audiences with a
tough interviewers I mean you know I’d
do very little conservative media now to
CNN BBC you know the Economist I’d go
the toughest places toughest toughest

interviewers and say hey no holds barred
Rasta audiences let’s get it on and
again that’s why the Republicans are in
power so let me ask you but I think it
does sharpen it sharpens the blade it
does let me pick your brain about the

Democrats because you’re a strategist
and you got your boy elected but no one
said that could happen Donald Trump got
himself elected I just I just showed up
as being either aligned I don’t want to

get on this but you first you were crazy
about Sarah Palin and then you were
crazy about Donald Trump I think you
look for morons who are empty vessels

every single person in the
administration has called him an idiot
okay okay we’re going that way
right yes now it kind of deteriorates

then it kind of gave me a bent bent it’s
really good that these interviews he
just kind of like puts up with it he he
says no he’s really smart he goes he

says some positive things about Trump
trying to get back on track now a couple
of things that happened one and I’m
gonna skip the clip – I’m gonna go to 3
1 is bannin is starts to practice what I
like to call and I think people should

always be aware of this I I recognized
this on an early show years ago when I
think when when Obama’s running for
re-election which was in the recent

history and people kept saying oh they
should run condi rice 2012 and it was
guys like yeah 2012 it was like guys
like I or can’t remember this got these
these experts and they’re and they’re

they’re Democrats and they’re experts
say well we’d have the most trouble if
we had to run against condi rice what
what maniac thinks is nobody right and

she was sitting behind Kavanagh she was
just pointing something out that wasn’t
no anyway the point is is that if you’re
on one side of the fence and you start

recommending people on the other side of
French it’s a red herring it’s bullcrap
and so he starts doing it Mars just you
know lapping it up what Eric Holder what
do you think about all these people and

then I say Michael avenatti I saw that
Tweety’s wrote the other day I said he
could be the Trump of 2020 the guy who’s
the outsider who like blows through the
regular politician cause he looks

different in his if Bernie Sanders had
an ounce of Alvin Eddie’s fearlessness
he would’ve been the Democratic nominee
and we would had a much tougher time
Bernie doesn’t that fearless and not not
like avenatti avenatti and i have not

done any due diligence on this gray
I’m saying he’s got a fearlessness right
and he’s a fighter he’s a fighter he
right yeah I think he’ll go through a
lot of this field if he decides to stick
with it like a sister grass now I don’t

happen to think a professional
politician because I think we’re in a
new age I don’t think a professional
politician is gonna be there at the end
of the day I’ve always said it’s gonna
be someone like Oprah or in a vanetti or
somebody that’s more media savvy is

going to be there but I think one thing
people think that’s good I think it’s I
think it’s just a reality of today I
think you need to know how to handle
NASCAR first if I can say one thing I do
think this campaign after November 6

which is really Trump’s first reelect if
we lose the house he’s gonna get in
Peach this is a referendum on him if we
get past that if we get past that I
think in 2020 you’re gonna have Trump on

the right a politician maybe a Camilla
Harrison somebody on the left and I
think you’ll have a Bloomberg or Romney
or somebody in the center I think it’ll
be a three-way where I hope so because

if it’s a three-way they will take away
enough votes to make sure a Donald Trump
never wins again but all right this is
insanity it’s not even funny and Bannon
is just playing him

he’s throwing these names that kamala
hair is another unelectable person I’d
like it when she rattles her pearls
that’s the best thing is was was Mar
being kind of dumb

and so they finished no no that’s not
being dumb he’s all he’s doing is he’s
using banyan as a crutch to you know
show where he stands over and over again
it’s boring it’s not funny it’s boring

is Park about to come then and I didn’t
notice that this was going on but
apparently Bannon has and this is where
Mar is actually unhinged I would love to
know what advice you would give to

Donald Trump if he didn’t leave even
after he lost because I saw Hillary
Clinton you’re obsessed with this I am
obsessed gonna leave wait a second
because this is insane narcissus all the

time about how we should I be president
for life let me read what Hillary said
because Pete you’re right people have
been saying I’m an alarmist and I’m
crazy cuz I keep saying he’s not gonna

leave even if he loses now crooked
Hillary is saying she said you remember
the moment in the third debate when
Trump refused to pledge that he would
accept the result of the vote that’s

where it started
he said it took my breath away even the
moderator from Fox News couldn’t believe
it I felt the foundations of our
democracy tremble imagine if Trump does
the same thing in 2020 what happens this

is this the reason she’s not president I
mean this is the kind of this is this is
the kind of gobbledygook so yours will
go if he loses Oh at all takes a
question absolutely it made it’s not

even I mean that’s that’s absurd so
there’s I guess a large portion of the
dimension beef folk that actually
believed this but I remember this and

when you talk about well everything’s
worse than it ever was this was the same
story that was going around when Nixon
was president I verily clearly remember
Nixon was gonna stay in forever there

was how a president for life sure yeah
president for life he couldn’t be able
to get him out happened again with bush
I used to put it on my blog all the time
I had a special a little ad it said vote

bush third term he’s hanging in her
third term change to change the laws it
was you are of course absolutely correct

it was satirical you’re right and the
Hitler meme has been laid on certainly
bush pretty sure Nixon as well braces
xenophobe the difference is the internet

that’s the difference you know just what
you know we would have whatever
Mockingbird would come on in the six
o’clock news like okay I guess that’s
what’s happening today and now we’re
seeing you know the sausage being not

just made but we’re seeing the slaughter
of the beast that goes into the sausage
it’s all open it we see it now so it’s
it comes across as wow it’s
unprecedented but I think it’s pretty

much business as usual and it’s the same
damn people who are now in their mid 80s
well is pathetic
yeah what’s Trump gonna stay and how’s
that gonna work I don’t know what how’s

it work what does he do is your station
a they really think that’s yeah that is
it stupid no I’m gonna stay here because
I’m gonna stay here let’s come on
there’s nothing’s operate anyway I have

a kind of an inner kind of a weird
off-the-wall clip that’s worth playing
if you want to sure when it’s mind
changing the subject a little bit yeah
Lindsay Lohan it was another Freaky

Friday for Lindsay Lohan last night the
actress live-streamed of bizarre
confrontation with what appeared to be a
homeless family that Lohan said we’re

Syrian refugees tell me your story
so I can help you the Mean Girls star
starts out playing nice want to come
with me come with me let me take care of
you guys speaking a strange accent

salted with some kind of foreign
language when the parents refuse the
parent rap star pursues I won’t leave
until I take you when she tries to grab

the kids Lohan gets a hit the incident
lit up social media Twitter users
calling her crazy and worrying about her
mental health the star didn’t respond

requests for comment Lohan has a history
of activism on behalf of Syrian refugees
visiting Turkey last year there’s no one
that’s actually gone there experienced
it gone to attempt to the container

count even opening a pro refugee
nightclub in Athens called Lohan but the
32 year old stars well-known history of
alcohol and drug abuse has last night’s
video fueling speculation that that

history may not be entirely behind her
the whole world is seeing this right now
Matt Bradley NBC News yeah this got a
lot of play that the video was kind of
dark and yeah you couldn’t see much and

it’s Lindsay Lohan I’m surprised you
brought this to the show
well I couldn’t help it because of
besides the fact that she’s talking in
kind of pidgin English I think that

should be understood yeah it was that
was ludicrous but the other thing that

got me about this clipping who I brought
to the show was how does this woman
what’s going on with this woman that she
can afford to open a nightclub in Athens
Greece in the first place which she has

what kind of does she have any money I
don’t know so no no no this is what is
going on with this nightclub it would
maybe there’s a native ad for the
nightclub I mean I found this would be a

very peculiar presentation it was I
think it was on NBC yeah well when you
get to a Lindsay Lohan type situation I
think that you know you get some guys
but hey we’ll give you a an apartment

and you’d be here and you be our draw
for the club we’re gonna open up a new
club and that’s what that seems like and
so that means that she’s living in
Greece for a little bit or she’s going
back and forth and now this is the whole

Lindsay Lohan story is sad but it does
morph me to two other things one about
Greece the other one I just found out

last night by coincidence my cousin sent
me it was a YouTube video and it was an
audio interview of my grandfather
Renwick Eugene curry who was a pillar of

society in the North Castle area which
is no Armonk and he he was a part of a
lot of things got roads named after him
and a certain point he said yeah when we

were in our 80s then Marjorie that’s my
grandmother we traveled around and we
went to see all the kids and you know of
course I was in the Netherlands and the
Don was in South Korea and they said
then we even had time to go a find

Marjorie’s family in Syria
like what I didn’t know this my
grandmother comes while her father was
lived in Latakia for many many years and

I’m not sure if she was born there or
not but I have a Syrian connection in my
family which has been very interesting
I’ve been just going and going down
these rabbit holes trying to figure out

who’s connected to what and apparently
Mike Mike my great-grandfather is buried
in Turkey somewhere
doctor yeah so I’ve got this connection

to Syria which I didn’t know about now I
don’t know if it’s Syrian blood or that
he was a missionary or I’m still trying
to figure that out but
that was just a personal thing that of

interest well you could figure it out
eventually oh yeah yeah well ancestry
cuts where I’ve been looking now the other part better
sites than that I mean there’s some
genealogists I’m sure in our audience

that can help you on this yeah they’ll
be great I mean it’s that was
mind-boggling what I have a Syrian
connection and it you know my the curry
side the family has been interesting of

course with John Steuart curry the
painter and never really thought about
my grandmother there you go
so yes I’m John Stuart Stuart curry
paintings yes I have no I have two
pieces by John Steuart curry I have a

charcoal drawing of one of his famous
elephants in the circus tent which is
kind of unique because it’s dgood and I
have a charcoal drawing that he drew of

my dad as a boy so he has sketches
sketches yes yeah
the collector doesn’t so interested okay

better hold on to that blue Apple laptop
that’s going to be more valuable than
the Jon Stewart yeah there is something
going on in Greece at the moment and we

have discussed this throughout the years
this is the Macedonia problem who gets
to use the name Macedonia and it’s been
going on for a long time yeah it’s
coming to a head once again but this

time the Russians are involved there are
new fears about possible Russian
interference system surrounding a
critical referendum in Macedonia this
weekend which may determine whether the

country integrates into the EU and NATO
the referendum is asking Macedonia’s 2
million people to approve a plan to
change their country’s official name to
the republic of north of macedonia doing

so would distinguish it from the
neighboring region in greece and end a
name dispute that’s been blocking
Macedonia’s route to EU and NATO
membership as a Europe correspondent

Damien grammatic us now reports there
are concerns that Russia may be working
to undermine Macedonia’s shift towards
the west
Macedonia Macedonia they charm this is
at a little rally less than a hundred

people in the chilly evening on the edge
of the capital Skopje and behind them a
big banner Macedonia boycott here taking
the stage Juncker batch if he’s the

leader of this boycott campaign the man
who is Macedonians among supporters on
his campaign bus young kabocha have told

us NATO wants to erase Macedonia he’s
openly hostile to the West
our future is the Russian in the Ural
Asian company like China Russia not with
the European or anti campaign is

focusing on calling for a boycott
because if turnout is less than 50% the
vote will not be valid so the Prime
Minister Zoran zai of his urging people
to vote receive crowd Macedonia will be

better off integrated into the EU
he’s done a deal with Greece if he gets
his country’s name changed to North
Macedonia Greece will lift its veto on

it joining the EU and NATO somehow I
don’t think is just about the name
there’s got to be more to it
the crowds seem enthusiastic
rather than now I’m sure he doesn’t

matter whatever they call us it’s the
significance of the other things is is
very important but there are concerns
Russia which has long been influential

in this part of the world has not just
interfered on the streets but may be
doing so online because both real and
fake but there are more fake than real
he’s growing and growing and growing day

by day a team of investigative
journalists dead by Sasuke spent Kafka
says thousands of new Twitter accounts
are being created every day
the fear is these are Russian controlled
networks being readied not to influence

the vote now but to stir up trouble soon
in the region
that’s not concurring the Western
Balkans or Macedonia
they just keep maintaining the stability

so the fantasy of these people is just
fabulous such an imagination the Russian
BOTS there they’re loaded they’re ready

they’re just waiting to attack that’s
how it sounds the bots are gonna wart
the situation we can be fussing with
these BOTS yeah even but but that’s it

referendum the Russian BOTS of course
are going to be brought in before the
referendum even takes place so we can
blame something on them somewhere the
brexit is still teetering we have Bojo

waiting in the wings and this other
jamoke johnson a hunt what’s his name
Jeremy Hunt I think
yes Jeremy Hunt another candidate who

they me the Teresa may is toast I think
she’s out I think that something’s gonna
happen the boom yeah she never handled
the job well no
and what is Boris Johnson his idea is a

super Canada like we can have the same
deal Canada has with you super Canada
it’s like he doesn’t Johnson doesn’t

want these job since he likes to be kind
of a goofball I don’t think he really
wants to run the place he might be
actually pretty good if he did you know
you you mentioned something else about a
guy who doesn’t want his job and that

kind of came to fruition it started on a
show day of course he their celebrity
status nor reputation is a technological
innovator provide an exemption from the
federal securities laws

the FCC’s complaint which was filed
earlier today in federal district court
in the Southern District of New York
seeks a finding that must committed
securities fraud an injunction
prohibiting him from doing so in the

future civil penalties disgorgement of
any ill-gotten gains and a bar
prohibiting Musk from serving as an
officer or director of a public company
in the future we allege that Musk’s

statements were false and misleading
because they lacked any basis in fact so
you have asserted that you really think
must wants to get kicked out of the job
and he got really close not quite quite
kickdown oh here we go filed a civil

lawsuit on Thursday that accused Tesla
CEO Elon Musk of securities fraud saying
he made false misleading statements
about a plan to take Tesla private it
all goes back to a series of tweets I

sent out on August 7th things he
arranged a deal to take checks of
private and had secured that funding he
claims this would have resulted in the
company’s value was $420 per share which
at the time was a significant jump to

that price this was at $379 the SEC
claims that must mislead shareholders in
the public with his statements and that
no deal or funding was secured or
confirmed at the time now originally the

SEC wanted us to settle but as loyalists
that they would fight the charges that
was on Thursday which is when the SEC
filed the actual civil lawsuit and it
seems musk and his team had a change of

heart and decided to go forward with the
settlement and like you said he
personally will have to pay twenty
million dollars and Tesla as a company
will have to pay an additional twenty
million dollars fine and what context

were reached their settlement without
admitting or denying the SEC allegations
so he never actually said he did
anything he’s just now paying the fines
according to the settlement that’s one

hot tire two independent chairman though
to oversee the company and monitor the
billionaire’s public communication more
closely that was also part of the
settlement so that’s going to be the big
change I don’t think we’ll have as much

in terms of the decision-making process
going forward so they will have
independent chairman coming in to to
oversee that well I can’t wait to see
that report well that’s all I could get

no I better still I miss you hurry
reporting was lame because he’s still
gonna be the CEO that’s what she’s gonna
have no no no what she’s saying is that

when you have to the the board structure
has changed the balance of the board
he’s been kicked off the board he can’t

be an officer there’s two additional
board members who are coming in yeah and
they’re supposed to keep an eye on it
you lose control of the shots come on
now here’s what I got two feedbacks on

this two different perspectives one guy
one of our producer says you know that
thinks it’s like rule 1033 I asked him
where’s this from the IRS code I didn’t
know where it came from but he’s and he

mentioned that the guy who sold the San
Diego Chargers to Steve Ballmer and not
the Chargers of San Diego clippers she
became – Los Angeles Clippers – Steve

Ballmer the basketball team
I was told by the producer that he
didn’t have to pay any capital gains tax
because if you’re forced to sell your
shares by the government or by some

organization or whatever it seems to be
the MBA that forced them to do it under
those circuit is some circumstances
where you have to pay capital gains
because you didn’t want to do it and so
you you get away scot-free

and he says he thinks that musk was
angling for this oh so he can because I
long so just have to pay taxes yeah wait
a minute

does this work with any industry if
you’re forced at I double again I’m only
saying what this what our producer told
us I don’t have never looked into
because I don’t know what the
circumstance where it could possibly

happen but apparently if you’re forced
by whatever the government or by the
some I have no idea why it would be the
NBA but if you’re forced to sell you
don’t want to sell you how your force

this is a forced sale like when you I
think is this happens maybe with public
domain in where you have the flu you’re
forced to sell your way eminent domain
yeah eminent domain what am I mean yeah
yeah eminent domain all I know is that

and it seems like wow that’s a great
scheme if that was it but apparently
didn’t work out and now it’s the second
opinion I got from somebody oh this was
Trump or Trump it’s when I’d say that

this is Musk trying to sandbag his
shares so he could buy more now I’m not
buying now I’m not buying that I don’t

know I’m not buying that under any
circumstances because it just seems like
old bad news ahead but yeah so that’s
that’s well it does look like the the

January 200 that the former New York
banker called is on his way interesting
to see what happens tomorrow yeah this
is so what are they at today what would
they do Friday oh it took a big hit I no

no no no this as bad as it could have
been is a good showman he’s too stuck
with the stock mm-hmm you know he won’t
be able to dump it without getting
caught or without having to dump it at

market prices and
have to pay taxes on it yeah he’s gonna
be you he’s gonna step it up you watch
yes I was down like 14 15 percent you
know we’re gonna get sub hired new

chairman that keep an eye on him and
make a pinch and check his tweets yeah
that’s gonna work you’re gonna take his
phone away you’re gonna take his account

away I don’t think so
I picked up a clip from democracy now
that it was one of these foreboding
Clips has just got it just kind of talks

about the immigration one of the
immigration crisis a hunger strike going
on but in there there’s what I consider
a little Easter Egg a little
just long-term thing we’re gonna

thinking about see if you can catch oh
I’ll never mind it’s in the title of the
clip people without borders miss
immigrant will say some 70 immigrant
fathers and some of their children have

launched a hunger strike as they
languish inside the Karns count lists of
where’s attention center a for-profit
immigration jail under contract with ice
the father is on strike had been
previously separated from their children

at the us-mexico border under the Trump
administration zero-tolerance crackdown
now reunited behind bars fathers and
their children are demanding immediate
freedom this is one of the hunger
strikers speaking by phone with the

group people Without Borders today we
started a hunger strike our children are
with us their schools nor are they we
were afraid that ice is going to

retaliate against us and separate us
again this country the majority of the
parents who are reunited were freed the

hunger strike at Carnes Detention Center
comes as new numbers released by the
Trump administration show at least a
hundred 36 migrant children are
separated from their parents at the

border are still in US government
custody more than two months after a
deadline set by a federal judge for
reunification three of the children are
under the age of five Oh
ripped from their mother’s arms by train

these people Without Borders what is
that ya know that how does that is that
maybe that’s a real organization then
the guys are the right wingers the

sovereign nation people I’m a sovereign
citizen is that people Without Borders –
well that’s like it well people Without
Borders org since you mentioned it I’m
taking a look

let’s see serving the world in
Washington DC this is people that
borders was organized in Washington DC
in 1997
so this is a trademark name
and other people without borders I don’t

know is it maybe this is a new group
that is going to research I know it I
don’t know then all I can say is that
I’m gonna ask the rhetorical question
how is this that people how is a person

without borders any different than a
sovereign citizen which everybody seems
to hate but the difference is one’s a
left-wing and was the right-wing yeah
you’re talking to the wind my friend
good luck with that

I’ve been tracking the Ebola scare a
bold up yeah and I think there’s
something new that we should look out

for whenever we see this Ebola stuff I’m
always cautious you know we talked about
in the last show psych hey you in the
Congo really this is the you gotta send

troops now to the Congo but but we also
need a little more scary virus I don’t
think the I think Ebola does it anymore
and the Daily Mail has done it yes
nearly 40 years since we defeated

smallpox scientists fear a new deadly
plague could strike at any moment
already three cases in the UK alone of

monkey pox monkey pox yeah that’s an old
one monkey pox are back baby yeah they
showed the pictures they got pictures of
people’s monkey pox he’s got like you
have this huge scabby looking things on

your hair yeah Bom Bom about your nose
and then they all show the the monkey
with his mouth open and his fangs out I
feel crazy monkey those crazy monkeys
three people already struck down with

deadly monkey pox virus I think I think
you know we’ve had bird flu we had swine
flu I think monkey guts
Zika masika’s not a good name musky
bazinga Zika monkey pox now there’s a

name like you don’t want a monkey pox
you know what monkey nothing monkey pox
does not sound like a good thing to have
no it doesn’t a lot of protest marketing
going on okay this is exactly what it is

I’m gonna show my food by donation to no
agenda imagine all the people who could
do oh yeah
and indeed we do have a few people to

thank for show tens 73 and we start with
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does he say here first time donation
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gonna do it’s gonna get worse before it
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81 so this is our 81 call as your nephew
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this is assert Tim of the tunnels eighty

one who said Lord eighty-one
they just eighty one just on this
eighty-one stuff and the 5g I did get a
note that I was supposed to pass on to
you from Eduardo yeah regarding 5g

because that was part of what happened
there’s your 5g article and it was not
positive so it got unceremoniously
removed Eduardo says I know a person

that works at Nokia in Finland he’s
participating a lot of seminars and
workshops around the world to define the
5g standards he as a technical person
complains that there are many big
players defining the standard

all of them are pushing to get their
patents and standards into the spec that
there’s a case of conflicting patterns
of course as you mentioned the last

podcast some investigation is an order
also anti D DoCoMo the Japanese telco is
pushing a lot to get the system up and
running during the Olympic Games in
Tokyo see I think that’s probably true

is there truly a 5g defined standard yet
or is this all this is the political
stuff that goes down I think it’s all a
bunch of bullcrap me too it’s just 4G
with a 5 logo now they do want to put

these little transmitters on every
telephone pole and light stanchion there
is yeah so you can drive around and
you’re gonna get to this is nonsense
better they can track you better but 5g

thinking you know it won’t even
penetrate your house millimeter wave is
it will hit the wall in the standard no
you gotta have a whole bunch in your
house yes what’s gonna happen that’s
gonna suck you’re gonna have it’s

cataracts irradiated thank you sir
charles of wyoming in mesa arizona 73 73
oh hold on John no we still the boobs
we’re still at 8008 oh I’ve missed all

the boobs
yeah how can I miss the booth I don’t
know dancing in Carlisle Pennsylvania
the first 1-800 a dude named Muhammad
Ali he says he likes his women who are
like building seven going down for no

reason read that to be a little weird no
Boop I mean is something a guy would say

going down for no reason yeah personally
as an older male I found it highly
amusing as I as a middle-aged male I
found it offensive that’s you got to you
got to cutting off point right there

mm-hmm this nobody don’t cut off
anything more David see Pew 800 80 found
the boob and Marshall rat to shinny red
touch niak breath pushing the akkyun

regina sass good Saskatchewan where was
the boob in the newsletter it was a
pictures that the dork guy had it was
the scuba diver oh yeah yeah he was a

true boob pastor charles of wyoming in
Mesa Arizona I thought had some funny
pictures in that news Largent really pay
off though nope Sir Charles of Wyoming
Mesa Arizona 73 73 yes kj6 lng that

would be me east 5k k5 a ACI TM amateur
radio even know what Jenner will save

the world please play the tango the
India tango Mike
rub rub Eliezer at the end of the block
of the show age sometimes yeah yes 70
used to you sir Charles Lauren

Littlefield Manchester New Hampshire
little Karma for you at the end Baron
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quiet corner 5230 5432 Eric ho Cole
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Orang Asli
i must be by now yeah a gerald amis in
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well thank everybody for helping us
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a nice piece that you wrote in the
newsletter about the lack of commercial
involvement in our program and how it is
the only way that you could have an

honest conversation does it mean we’re
right no not necessarily does it mean
that we can find out things yeah you
know when you brewing his talk about but
drinking that nobody has talked about in
the mainstream media

that’s right Buffon a lemon you don’t
get that anywhere else no and I’m quite
honestly from the mainstream I truly
thought it was just fart jokes I didn’t
I didn’t realize that it was about you
know kegging upside down kegging
whatever it’s called okay that’s just a

minor thing but also much more than
minor when they go in this just like
it’s totally inaccurate the way it was
presented so

those are some things but also the
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to Dvorak org slash n/a if there’s some
bad stuff going down in the lowlands in
the Netherlands the police arrested
seven suspected terrorists in a plot to

attack at a large event
this is not small what they were doing
these guys had think they had like a
thousand kilos of fertilizer all the

groovy stuff you don’t know a hundred
kilograms I’m sorry a fertilizer they
were looking at possibly creating a car
bomb the main perpetrator is apparently

from Iraq but the seven men range in age
from 21 to 34 years of age and they said
that they were looking to blow a lot of

people up at a large event sadly they
were all kind of near Rotterdam which is
where my daughter is
it is not very cool well they got caught
yes luckily they got caught but the

Dutch are quick to say yeah we’re not
really watching everybody this is the
officials swear to God
we see who said this was a moke said
this i’m not kidding it’s the headline

hey we we thwarted this attack but we’re
not watching everybody
what the hell said that let me see was
that the what’s the point is saying that
I don’t know so you can see why he

wished every watch you know if something
bad happens they can say well he told
you yeah well there’s all kinds is the
Netherlands is not prepared for this you

know the cops were on strike a couple
weeks ago we’re just on strike we don’t
like it you know since the cops on the
street you’ve done
um I really hope that this is just a
one-off thing and they can stay on top

of it you stuff starts popping off in
Holland man it’s gonna be real
problematic it’s already such a team you
know that what he called it
teacher care box in your box yes

I do have a quick OTG report okay I’m
fine yeah final phone that I tested now

as you know I was really liking the
Kyocera the the dura X II the two things
I didn’t like about it where it really

take so long for me still not having a
QWERTY keyboard is a challenge and I do
need a little I’d really like a QWERTY
keyboard it can be a of course a
physical one but if you’re and the
battery life was just shit on that thing

I don’t know what was up for that but
the battery life was just you know
yourself you said you took it apart you
saw a little bit dinky bad about the
problem that’s the problem
the batteries not big enough now there
is a phone and I had got it got it for

$39 and I think this is a real winner
now again I’m sticking with my Nokia e75
or but if you can get beyond that and
you don’t have to send all that much and

you shouldn’t it’s the whole point of
going OTG the Alcatel flip phone go yes
yes yes which was sold under the cricket
brand for AT&T which is it’s kind of and

you should look this phone up John it’s
kind of and you know the cricket brand
is like for poor people you get this
phone it says cricket on it which kind

of says hey I’m a schlub right there I
can’t afford a real AT&T account but
what’s the model number it’s the well
it’s the flip phone go I think it’s that
thing the way made one version they made

it for cricket you can buy them unlocked
on Amazon it has a cricket Alcatel quick
flip maybe it’s the quick flip let me
see that was a flip may there’s just
different brand names there’s 29 bucks

yeah this is it this is the one yes
Chris yeah it’s got a little screen
inside you see the screen so you looked
into it yeah we know the cricket Alcatel
yeah quick slip black 29 bucks yes it’s

got four stars
yes now this has the original kayo S on
it before Google got into it
abso which is a version of what was
Chrome OS where they were you know with

chrome not Chrome Firefox Firefox was
going to make a a mobile operating
system I guess that kind of gave up
these guys picked it up this is now the
battery life so far I’ve had this thing

on for 24 hours and looks like I’m still
at 80% so that looks good but I haven’t
really been using it but the browser
shows 4G LTE the browser is superfast I
don’t know why it’s different than the

than the one on the Kyocera but this
thing sings along it’s incredibly fast
you know it still has kind of a low low
res screen but for some reason it seems

also better than the Kyocera Vitt for
the price for 29 or 39 bucks this thing
is a gem I recommend you pick one up and
the best part I fired it up I’m like

well you know I’m gonna read from the
description it takes it does email surf
the web over crickets 4G LTE network or
Wi-Fi new Wi-Fi mm-hmm quickly swap snap

photos with this fantastic 2 megapixel
yeah to Mexico yeah it has this comes
with the contractor that’s not a that’s

not an unlocked phone no but I have the
unlocked phone you can you can get them
unlocked okay he tried to pay the extra
10 bucks yeah whatever and so this has a
little screen on the front which gives
you the but who’s calling so you have

your caller ID it gives you the time so
you know presenting oh yeah the coolest
thing is it also has a calendar and the
calendar you can connect to different
certain now again the Chi OS that runs

on this Google made a 22 million dollar
investment the shit’s ruined but this is
not the ruined version this is the old
version and if you don’t do what I did
you’ll be great I’m just gonna tell you

what I did I opened the calendar because
I said oh this is cool let me see if I
can connect the calendar to my good I
still use a Google Calendar I’ve used it
for a decade now
so I I you know fired up and I Oh set

ago to a Google Calendar I do my
username my password and it keeps
getting rejected I’m like oh this is
weird why is it getting rejected this
and I’m sure it’s the right password so

I give up
and I get all these emails from Google
unidentified device we don’t know what’s
going on this can’t be you we’ve
rejected it no login no login allowed
they can’t identify this device

you have to explicit and don’t you don’t
want to do that at all you don’t want
any Google because once you say hey yeah
this was me then Google knows that
that’s you they cannot identify you or

the device all they see is Firefox OS
and they’re very worried about it so I’d
say that’s a plus plus but don’t log in
as if you log in then Google only gives

you two options either you say yeah that
was me or you have to reset your
password and everything and who knows
what’ll happen after that but that to me
was a big benefit I really enjoyed that

the Alcatel flip phone go quick flip
whatever it’s called about 39 bucks on
Amazon will keep you safe and sane
because that’s really what it’s about

less interruption less tracking no apps
sanity we have this guy Sharbot who is
they used to be enough china all the
time and he was always bringing me

phones mm-hmm
that were like Apple clones and all the
rest of them but he said he’s the
cheapest he said he gave me a copy of
the cheapest phone made in China it was
one of these kind of phones that didn’t

do anything hmm
there’s 20 bucks for 25 bucks in China
and so when we went to London for
Thanksgiving last year we brought all
these phones to see if we can get you
know SIM cards from local the only phone

that consistently worked was guess which
one yeah this shitty one of course yeah
yeah no I’m so this phone probably be a
great phone this is a fan it really is

now it feel it’s plastic it feels like
crap but if you’re like me if you’re
just trying to get some sanity and it’s
and I I feel I’ve been doing really well
I really don’t care anymore

if I’m out and I don’t know what’s going
on or I can’t it’s not that important
it’s not what’s that apart you’re not a
you’re not a doctor on call that’s
always tell people that’s what we used

to say yourself something that you have
to you can answer anywhere but if you’re
not what’s the point of picking up
everyday stupid message that people
sends no we did wait

we were out Saturday we’re running
around and I
text text message works and it’s from
you a newsletter
like how great you know and I can go in
I can it takes something I have to sit
down you can’t do well walk-in and

shopping you got to sit down like okay
I’m going to the email it takes a second
you get the email there’s no
notification to tap on for you know you
got to do some work then I can open up
your the the document it has some kind

of document reader and I can send stuff
back so in a pinch for an emergency it
works but otherwise Tina and I just had
a great day walking around watching
people bump into stuff multiple phones

in their hands zombies you will flinch
and you will feel good when you make
this step
the thing I had is Tim berners-lee has

started something that I don’t
understand oh okay you know I saw the
teaser for this and I never followed up
to read it so now maybe you can tell me
well he’s up to something

yeah he’s he says though we have to read
II centralize the web okay I’m all in
then Tim berners-lee is the inventor of
the World Wide Web that’s how he is

credited as the inventor of the world
why is that he is the guy who invented
HTTP okay so he says I believe we’ve
reached a critical tipping point and

that powerful change for the better is
possible that’s why I have over recent
years been working with a few people at
MIT and elsewhere to develop a solid an
open source project to restore the power

and agency of individuals on the web and
so it seems like these are like there’s
some kind of hash space or you know like

torrent space or something that he’s
envisioning and everybody just has a
couple of blocks of code which represent
you and these blocks of code you could

apparently you could just you know put
them on your laptop and because of the
way the system will work everybody can
access it so it’s really a decent you
know it’s I think kind of in a way like

a mastodon only without the server part
in the middle I’m not quite sure how it
works and it’s not very clear it’ll
never be clear
gonna have to have somebody who really

understands it explain it on a blight
board yeah when you have that then how
can people get on board with this
doesn’t seem like this is the reason
when I was I had to actually to
understand CloudFlare mm-hmm and engine

X the two major things going on right
now sure I have to go visit the company
and talk to the CEO and have drawn a
whiteboard for me which I can manage to

do I guess still probably do that and
they will draw the stuff up and you go
oh okay I think I get it yeah okay okay
good I’m gonna take it back it’s not
that DC you do there’s going to be so

you have a pod p OD a solid that’s the
name of the company pod it sounds like
he’s doing a VC play quite honestly but
anyway within the solid ecosystem you
decide where you store your data photos

you take comments you write contacts in
your address book calendar events how
many miles you run they’re all stored in
your solid pod the solid is not my hard
disk off of my drive says I’m an I Drive

see you know my three terabyte you know
plug in I mean there’s a but what about
my yeah my my terabyte thumb drive I
mean you got out of HOD baby if you

don’t have a pod about everything has to
be out there get of a solid I don’t like
anything being out there you gotta have
a pod baby now look into it you know

what he may have a great technical
solution but he needs some help on the
marketing here big button get a solid
pod would you keep your pod away from me
don’t stick that in my direction

I don’t want your pod put it in his face
whatever your dad’s the it’s very strict
but I’m gonna try and understand it
because you know the guys genius and he
invited me to the Queen yeah hung out
with him at the Queen in in England

remember that yep so
unless you can figure it out
pod a solid pod no I’m all for it yeah
you know this is the kind of thing these

things the problem with berners-lee is
that his time has passed and he if he
had stayed on the on the job of you know
kind of like lineThe line declining the

line Excel Innes yeah linus torvalds
linus torvalds did four until he finally
was rusted and after all these years I

think we maybe have it you have a
different situation but and coming back
into the scene is like yeah it’s like
too late well he was never really in the
scene I mean he was promoted in ninety

well as he put it
when did he invent that thing what they
should do is do one of those eighty
confused college kid interviews man on
the street say who invented the World
Wide Web

I guarantee you most will say Zuckerberg
some will say Steve Jobs some will say
Google no one no one will say Tim
berners-lee well I’d say that’s probably
true I mean if you ask him who created

the podcast it’ll be Adam Carolla
it’ll be Ricky Gervais yeah everyone but
me yeah I’m okay with that
my gift to the world you do about it I
need no recognition for my gift to the

sure you do yes yeah a little bit you’re
fooling yourself
so there’s a big poll that came out Jon
Yahoo was it used for most annoying
neighbors in America

yeah how’s that a polling thing
just saying it says poll reveals most
annoying neighbors in America so I guess
there is that work do you okay do you
want to know how they did the polar you

want the results which could be funny
you’re just gonna be just gonna be a no
you know what you’re the most annoying
neighbor there we go you’re done
there it comes what I was going to say
is Austin is very high on the list
they’re number three with most annoying

big-city neighbors yes it’s like the
best city to live in type of poll right
but Austin is on this list for speak
uple of things so Houston is the worst

city for loud music Philadelphia the
worst for loud voices Los Angeles the
worst for loud parties
Indianapolis worse for loud pets but

ah yeah

and you live in a whole building full of
dogs you know but I gotta tell you I’m
seeing a lot of these dudes with the pit
bulls you know with the choker collars
and you know these guys are the

you know just douchebags with a dog
yeah it’s a shithole here so you’re
seeing a lot of pit bulls in Austin hmm

oh yeah huh yeah
you should talk to your buddy and get a
Fela yeah that’s what I need a big

slobbering bear walking around no I
don’t think so no I don’t think so let’s
see what else we have your gentleman

must be close to we got some actual news
clips that are about stuff that would
mainstream’s not covering might as well
play I’m okay this is I got WTF Columbia
this is on democracy now the report from

Columbia that tell me you know any of
and in Columbia human rights groups are
warning of an epidemic of murders
targeting environmentalists and leaders
of social movements new statistics
compiled by Columbia and human rights

groups found more than 38,000 people
have been displaced and 110 social
leaders killed in the first eight months
of the year the swell and violence is
centered in areas where armed conflict

has been historically most active and as
Columbia’s peace process has faltered
under its new right-wing president
Yvonne Duque yeah and you know it’s it’s
hard that this is coming from Democracy

Now know I’ve not seen any of this
anywhere in the Merkin news media
nothing course not know a little bit
she’s just reading you know the first

sentence and some whatever came off the
wire same thing with this Mexico report
in Mexico City president-elect Andres
Manuel Lopez Obrador welcomed the head
of the International Olympic Committee

Thursday to a celebration of the 50th
anniversary of the 1968 Olympic Games
held in Mexico’s capital city the
ceremony came just days after Mexico’s
government acknowledged for the first
time that the state was criminally

responsible for the massacre of hundreds
of student protesters in Mexico City on
the eve of the 68 Olympics to date no
one has been convicted over what’s known
as that plat local massacre interior

ministry official Jaime Roshan said
Monday quote the use of sniper fire was
a state crime aimed at creating chaos
terror and an official narrative to
criminalize the protests it was a state

crime that continued beyond October 2nd
with arbitrary arrests and
torture he said and in Colombia human
rights group okay I just I just imagine
her after those stories going and in

goofing news I mean it’s like you know
this is that this is not this is not no
one cares no well I do
no of course no I’m sorry no one is bad

news here and there and the only last
clip I have and no if you want to end
with it now it
no plate will play it I don’t know if
it’s the end of the show but we’ll play

it what do you have okay good you get
more stuff maybe well I have Trump you
know what Trump went to West Virginia to
one of his classic hours yes I got one
clip from there too did an hour of
material as I like to put it and he’s

added a couple of new twists a couple of
new things he’s testing he’s he’s you
know doing a little test marketing of
his material yeah when you see comedians
doing this you know the local venues

they always you bring out a yellow pad
and they’ll actually read jokes from it
who do you have something in his inside
pocket but you can see this way he kind
of set it up so I’m gonna try this you
know him trying new material so but

let’s play cuz it was you know kind of
interesting I don’t think he’s really
heading in the right direction with this
material but this is got this you know
this punch he’s got just punchy Democrat
Party so when you see Democratic Party

it’s wrong there’s no name Democratic
Party that’s a great name they should
probably change the name of you think
about it then I’d call him the
Democratic Party the Democrat Party is

radical socialism Venezuela and open
borders it’s now called to me you’ve
never heard this before the party of

crime it’s the party of crime that’s
what it is
Democrat control Senate will try to take
away your second amendment they’re gonna
take it away they want to take over

American healthcare and destroy it I
want to make us Venezuela that’s what
they want to do you’ll have Venezuela
big version the entire nation has
witnessed the shameless conduct of the

Democrat Party they’re willing to throw
away every standard of decency justice
fairness and due process to get their

way they don’t care how they get it some
great things are happening but a vote
for judge Kavanagh is also a vote to
reject the ruthless and outrageous
tactics of the Democrat Party mean

obstruction is mean resistors Wow wait a
Trump is actually doing what he accuses
everybody of he say hey you vote for

Cavanaugh that’s that’s against those
a-holes what happened to justice rule of
law Constitution I hate that this pisses
me of the Democrat Party mean

obstructionists mean resistors for the
last 18 months
Democrats have spent every minute trying
to overturn the results of the last

election we had one of the great we had
one of the great every day it’s like a
job it’s like part of your job
description get up and fight them get up

and fight them yeah it’s not working and
you know what it’s not working you know
why is you see that he goes to West
Virginia and they do not preempt

anything on Fox for him they’re no
longer pre-empting because they’ve
they’ve heard the material he’s trying
to bring in new material it’s not
landing he needs he needs some help he
needs something they need something to

work on experimenting changes his stuff
all the time he’s almost like a
professional well you did have this one
which this is what I got from West
Virginia oh by the way we’re doing great
with North Korea I have just
for them you know these dishonest people

back then so I left what did I do
was there like three months ago so for
80 years they’ve been working with this

stuff and for 25 years they’ve been
working on missiles and nuclear they got
they wouldn’t even answer our
president’s phone calls when they called
they told them don’t call us and yes I

agree the rhetoric was unbelievably
harsh at the beginning but we have a
very good relationship we were going to
war with North Korea if that was what

was going to happen millions of people
would have been killed President Obama
told me when I sat just before taking
office he said the single biggest

problem this country has is North Korea
and he said he was you know very close
to going to war but fortunately his time
was up we want millions of people would
have died I mean you have saw 30 million

30 million off the board all three miles
away all dead
millions of people would have been all
did yes I came in and took a very hard
position and very hard position yeah and

you know what now we have this great
relationship and let’s see what happens
let’s see what happens
I had I’m trying to find the clip there
was fine tuned his career spiel for his

little bid for an hour yeah I like the
Obama it was Obama then we’d all be dead
I’ll be dead the the foreign minister of
something for North Korea was I don’t

know was on I only heard it and I didn’t
clip it but I’m gonna get the clip maybe
it was Brett Baier or one of these guys
and he was talking about oh we’re so
excited about president Trump because we

want to get rid of all the nuclear stuff
and we’re looking forward to his
economic support oh yeah I mean they
cannot wait they want me now I’m sure

he’s promised all kinds of Kalevala
corporations can’t wait I agree the
labor over there is so cheap mm-hmm
that’s fantastic yeah we’re gonna get us
a couple of houses there aren’t we so

much tourist areas we could run a little
business on the side
tourists final thing for me when it
comes to space travel space force space

force I’ve been very adamant about a
number of things the moon landing was
faked but what is on the moon
now come on what’s on the moon what have

I always said
but the moon bases oh yeah he’s great
dude we’ve never gone to them this is
the funny discrepancy in your thesis
that we’ve never got known but as many

of them Israeli somehow no I said the
moon landing was not that was faked
I didn’t say we’ve never been to the
moon landing was faked and we have

Israeli moon bases there already but
what is the other assertion I have made
that would become in our lifetime we
would see what WTC 7 will go away space
elevators oh yeah of course I think the

space elevators are the biggest fraud
ever thought of all right well the Wall
Street Journal has a big article about
this company creating a space elevator
yes obayashi Corp oh yeah they says they

can have it up and running by 2050 you
know it sounds good space elevator yes
he would be MC nut there’s nobody’s in

nobody’s lifetime like I might make it
I’m I’ll make it to 2050 I think John if
I can still say that to you in 2050 I

will be a very happy man believe me as
well in 2050 yeah I don’t think space
elevator be high on the list of things
that discuss but we’ll see we’ll be like
damn can you believe we’re alive son

all right everybody believe it or not
the space elevator is coming
and we’ll be coming at you again on

Thursday with another episode of the
best podcast in the universe despair not
my friends for it is all just trying to
ruin your minds to get you to vote one

way or the other that’s what it’s all
about and you in Europe and other places
abroad same thing just making us look
shitty so people can manipulate your
mind don’t fall for it

and check us out again on Thursday it’s
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