No Agenda Episode 1074 “Boo You”

this is disgrace Adam curry Johnson
media assassination episode 10 74 this
is no agenda I’m still waiting for my
call from the president

I’m John C Devorah if you’re waiting for
a call that you can wait a long time you
were supposed to get a text message not
a crowd nothing it wasn’t a text it was

a it was a notification yes I didn’t get
one either
Oh J didn’t get one Nick didn’t get one
Mimi got one okay I’m on the on the
Nokia e75 there’s supposed to be some

it’s called a 911 ship or something like
that in the phone it’s like the newer
voice yeah don’t have it but J has the
911 phone and she didn’t get it what

does she have what kind of phone this
you have like it just like a samsung
galaxy samsung eight or seven galaxy why
she has a SIM card in it she has

I know what the hell she’s got in it all
I know is a new phone I mean she used it
as a telephone it has an actual yeah
she’s use it for messaging and other

thing well that’s a fail then so total
fail yeah well she’s part of the OTG
crew that’s very good quite decide
whether it’s good or not they don’t get

a presidential alert the foreman your
banker got one we were on his boat
oh oh yeah draggin each other through
Lake Travis again with ABBA blasting
shirts off

no wake wake surfing I’m almost there I
don’t even want to go now make no
comment about it what about wake surfing
now yeah

what are you on this big boat under this
little Lake and no it’s not a little
late excuse me is it as big as Lake
Berryessa if I knew what it was you
should go look at you should look at

Lake Travis is vist long it’s not
necessarily very wise wide all right
you’re in one of those moods fine it’s
okay so what tell us more about what the

banker knew my real dad some B’s unless
you reserve the whole time no we drank
afterwards but yes of course of course a
number one thing he says I say yeah
how’s that Tesla short did you get out

when it dropped on the weed smoking he
said no no he said I had a rule in there
if it dropped below I guess to 59 then
he was then half of his position would

be sold it didn’t go that low but he
says it’s still beautiful
January and here’s why he says read the
news everyone’s saying Tesla’s Model 3

America’s best selling sedan he says
that’s the death knell right now because
the dam’s aren’t selling it’s the only
sedan that people are buying everyone

see his Ford actually dropped all of
this in this favor of these crossovers
yeah he says you know this is these are
all people who are fans and really

wanted one there’s no demand for sedans
he says so he’s pretty confident that
his January I think we should stop here
and and explore this a little bit

besides the Tesla thing which is what
happened to the demand for sedans why
don’t dissipate when I was a kid oh here
we go we used to have these we used to
have these the cars were bigger and

healthy two-door or four-door and they
had they had bench seats they did not
have that’s right you have three in the
front Riemann dissident because they’ve

Dutch arm of the bench seat was when
you’re on a date you think the girl
could sit right next no way that you
only if you had a necker’s knob on your
steering wheel remember those who let
the suicide knob well in my parts we

call it the necker’s knob so you could
have one arm around your girl on the
bench and steer with that knob on the
steering wheel with your left hand
the knickers knob anyway the you’d have
the arm around the girl and then you’d

be you could do it you go to drive-in
theaters you’d have a lot of fun with
these types of cars but then they got
the bucket season that ended with the
council and middle it has dipshit yes
that was a thing the bucket seats am

radio how do you even put your arm
around anyone it stays over there stuck
and they can’t unity it would be like
they kill themselves if they got a
ruined car culture
that’s just something to that that

thesis mm-hmm it was it wasn’t it I
don’t know what it was but it really did
ruin car culture I don’t know why
why sedans aren’t selling other than
what you just mentioned yeah SUVs it’s

kind of been sold as you know this is
what every American needs you know
because we all know they don’t handle as
well even a sedan handles better than an
SUV we all know at the drop of a hat you

know you can be out of a job in America
you can be tossed out you need to move
pile up the SUV or SUVs dogs love it cuz
you don’t have kids

just true dogs like SUVs I’m actually
someone sent me a this was from a law
enforcement officer
law enforcement and animal encounters it

was a presentation and I have the slide
in the shownotes pet ownership in the
United States here’s some statistics
more according to law enforcement more
American households have pets than

children but we knew that a child in the
u.s. is more likely to have a pet than a
live-in father now that’s that’s a
statistic right there
that is sad

women the woman is the primary caregiver
in seventy two point eight percent of
pet owning households mmm isn’t that
that’s odd that’s a very strange fact

yeah well and I I can only presume it’s
a fact and batter to be battered women
have been known to live in their cars
with their pets for as long as four

months until a spot opened up at a pet
friendly safe house Wow
that country’s going down here every
country’s going downhill the Netherlands

oh my goodness
big warning from the State Department
travel advisory what for the Netherlands
the Netherlands of all places yes I

shall read this advisory to you from Netherlands travel
advisory level to exercise increased
caution that terrorists continue

plotting possible to attacks in the
Netherlands terrorists may attack with

little or no warning
targeting tourist locations
transportation hubs markets shopping
malls local government facilities hotels
clubs restaurants places of worship
parks major sporting and cultural events
educational institutions airports and

other public areas who can’t wait to go
huh know what they know that we don’t
well they just had the they just rolled
up those seven guys who were planning a

major attack know this sounds to me like
the time to go they’re not gonna attack
after that this is the no agenda of
thinking absolutely

total agreement so whether you win –
nothing’s going on that’s when you got
to be careful
okay so there’s plenty of stuff to talk
about thank goodness some of it

monitoring the vote aside the vote is
this the Kavanagh vote yeah we’ll see

see monitor maybe some info by the end
of the show well I’d let me see I do
have if some SCOTUS Kavanagh related so
I mean there’s there’s all kinds of oh

well before we go start with a little
bit of humor this was that woman I told
you about who’s a voice-over actress I
can’t remember her name offhand but
she’s a voiceover actor doing the voice

of Ford she’s like her and she got
nothing but grief for doing this he does
she do voiceover for star wars yeah
she’s a voice actress and she does this

voice and I thought she nails it but she
got grief you know cuz she nobody can
make you know my god the doctor Blasi
for testimony about Brett Kavanaugh but

this is how I found I know it’s a
surprise to even me that I talk this way
and I’m a doctor and a grown woman I

sounds like I’m still back at that high
school party
I can’t help it I just have this kind of
a voice like a baby even though I’m a

and I’m on this media circus political
stage and I have kids myself I don’t
know why I speak with vocal fry’ this

way dr. blaze before it thank you

well if we’re gonna take that particular
track fine
I don’t know why the New York Times does
I think they should stick to reporting
and you know you can do your picture

stick to making a newspaper no they’ve
got to do audio and video yeah I don’t
know who decided to produce this clip
from the New York Times

NY Times comm website this is about
Trump and he’s really he didn’t make it
on himself his dad gave him all this
money really good summary of that yeah
well this story was too funny

well wait until you hear the New York
Times audio version of this in 1995
Donald Trump and his siblings began to
take ownership of most of their father’s
real estate empire while avoiding

hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes
it’s so by creating to grant or obtained
annuity trusts also known as grants got
one for dad and one for mom that taxes

are paid based on the final value of the
graph and this gave the Trump’s every
incentive to lowball the value of the
assets that’s exactly what they did take
for instance the Fountainbleu apartments

in 1982 the chumps valued 164 unit
complex at fifteen point three million
dollars what is with the jazz drums what
are they thinking

they got jazz drums she’s talking in the
bucket she semi fry yes the grind they
said it was worth just 2.9 million

well cup the ownership of the apartment
I don’t think so I think it’s a woman’s
giving almost half to marry Trump Fred
Trump’s wife this allowed them to tell
the IRS that Fred Trump who had

iron-fisted control over every brick of
his empire and we thank our executive
producer I mean by iron-fisted control
every brick of his empire epicenters was

a minority owner with no real say over
his buildings I can’t listen to it
anymore but that’s just that is the New
York Times today vocal fry guy goo woman
I don’t know what that was what sex it

was it doesn’t matter when you’re fried
but you got the newsletter you saw a
picture of the house that he was you

know that he owned and then he raised
the Trump family and just you know a
middle-class place and the Queen’s of
all places you can’t become a Empire
Builder in Queens do you have a jazz

drum there by any chance you got to
drive jasmine they made him out to be a
billionaire given four hundred million

giving it to drop another by the way I
love the continuous that’s five billion
in today’s dollars they keep adding the
inflation numbers to make it sound good
it was three million but that’s eight

hundred thousand billion dollars in
today’s dollars so this was like the
most blown up and everybody put all the
New York media picked up on it you know
because it was sounding so good now all

of a sudden out of the blue Fred Trump
of all people becomes a Empire guy a
billionaire in Queens you know living in
an austere little house it makes no

sense whatsoever
and been apparently Donald was to get
when he was a baby they were given three
hundred thousand dollars a month you
know here’s a bunch of money kid don’t
spend it in one place he’s not a

self-made man and you know the thing is
are in the Trump rotation exactly he’s
not as rich as he claims he was didn’t
do it by himself which is kind of a

hybrid of a rotation and tax sheet
somehow which isn’t very specious at
best well I know nobody nobody wants gee
I guess the New York Times does a better

job than the IRS I thought then the IRS
does yeah yeah and people I heard them
on the cable news show saying where’s
the IRS and I’m like they’re busy
fucking me up my ass that’s what they’re

doing sorry sorry
just it’s Tourette’s
run down this is so bogus yeah let’s

listen that this is probably the most
extreme of the rundowns this is on
Democracy Now in a major expose the New
York Times has revealed president Trump
inherited his family’s wealth through
tax dodges and outright fraud receiving

at least four hundred thirteen million
dollars in inflation-adjusted dollars
from his father’s real estate inflation
the New York Times 13 thousand word
investigative report found Fred and Mary

Trump Donald Trump’s parents transferred
more than a billion dollars in wealth to
their children much of it to Donald
Trump wait was that in today’s dollars

himself five hundred fifty million
dollars in taxes they should have under
inheritance tax rates
The Times reports Donald Trump helped

his parents undervalue real estate
holdings by hundreds of millions of
dollars in IRS tax returns
The Times also reports Trump earned two
hundred thousand dollars a year in

today’s dollars for the successful
sanae’s beginning at the age okay it’s
annoying me to no end and now that
Democracy Now is doing it look the only
reason I can think for them to use this
consistent day’s dollars is because it

just they want to inflate it yes this
this is something that’s not typically
done this is the brothers doing it be I
think to inflate it on the one hand and
draw attention to the numbers the bigger

numbers or get more attention
this is nuts I mean one of the things
they they would date they don’t this is
like when during the Obama
administration I mean the guy never

worked really in a business or a job or
got any skills like that and they make
all these assumptions I think Amy
Goodman is pretty much in the same boat
for one thing if you have a lot of money
although you don’t have to have a

billion you can have one of these
fourteen million dollar apartment
complexes and I guess that makes you a
billionaire you can give money to your
children all throughout their lives
tax-free yeah

it’s what you do you’re supposed to do
that you give them you know allowances
you as much as you can because at the
end of your day the government comes and
takes it away yeah so if you’d like keep

giving it away legally and you know
cheating going listen what they should
be doing the hell right on time at 11:27

what they should be reporting is there
is there is an America for everybody and
then in America for the wealthy buddies
and Trump is clearly a part of that and

I’ll tell you exactly what that
different one one part of that
the IRS code is pretty much all bullcrap
just to keep the slaves in check if you
have enough money to go and Sue the IRS

over very simple things you will most
likely win the problem is it cost you
know two three hundred thousand dollars
to get lawyers and jury pool and all the
rest is just slave control guys like

Trump and people like Bloomberg and
Warren Buffett they don’t have to play
by the rules because they the IRS knows
and they don’t play by the rules because
the actual rules say that they can do

this there are two America it’s it’s
completely completely okay and legal now
is it discussing that the little guy
gets screwed yeah of course it is well

they make a story out of that then
please doesn’t involve Trump a three
with a salary that increased to a
million dollars a year after Trump
graduated college into five million a

year when Trump was in his forties
during the 2016 campaign Trump
repeatedly portrayed himself as a
self-made billionaire whose only
headstart was quote a small loan of a
million dollars from his dad which is

billion in today’s dollars not been easy
for me it has not been easy for me and
you know I I started off in Brooklyn my
father gave me a small loan of a million
dollars I came into Manhattan and I had

to pay him back and I had to pay him
back with interest in fact the New York
Times reports now
what you you actually pointed something

out that I didn’t catch but now I did in
fact when he got this so-called million
dollar loan in today’s dollars it
probably would be about eight but they
don’t mention that do they but they

don’t mention that because they want to
go with the extremes yes so instead of
saying in today’s dollars when it came
to that no no no no exactly they think
that way they can exaggerate the
difference it’s called biased reporting

you think Maddon and I had to pay him
back and I had to pay him back with
interest in fact the New York Times
reports Fred Trump lent his son Donald
at least a hundred forty million dollars

in inflation-adjusted dollars or no that
was never repaid as the New York Times
expose broke on Tuesday no that’s really
misleading because first she doesn’t say

the million dollars is not for adjusted
for today and then she says in fact he
lent him a hundred and forty million in
today’s dollars well how does that

compare to the 1 million that you didn’t
give us in today’s dollars
is pathetic really this is like so
ridiculous I mean and the median general
is pulling this stunt in this today’s

dollars thing is just part of it but it
goes today so will I haven’t most of my
clips today show some and Amy’s I have a
one of those whipsaw clips from her that
I’ve never noticed before because I

don’t listen to Democracy Now that much
but I guess she’s into it too you know
say one thing and then it exemplify it
with something that’s going to do with
it yeah which one is this
well does that clip over there that was

pretty much over yeah let it go okay
this would be this is where it should
say switchback maybe it’s the Swiss
right back in switchback got it
president Trump praised Judge Cavanaugh

and mocked his accusers Tuesday this is
Trump speaking to reporters outside the
White House while I’d say that it’s a
very scary time for young men in America
when you could be guilty of something

that you may not be guilty of this is a
very very is a very difficult time Wow
shameless shameless he said nothing
about the judge he said nothing about my

II didn’t mock anybody and by the way
she said he mocked his accusers he
didn’t have a funny bit that he did at
his speech about the woman Oh about four
yeah right but that that was an example

of a switchback she she says Trump did
this and that and then she toast goes to
the clip of Trump who did neither of
those things
he’s just bitching and moaning about
young men today getting screwed over by

false accusations so she’s good she’s
full of shit this woman yeah well
whoever’s writing her screwy sorry
sorry no that’s okay well this actually
this takes me into a multi-part series

unless you want to play what Trump said
it is rally I would like to play cuz I
thought you know he’s developing his
stand-up yeah it’s getting better and
it’s important because Fox no longer
breaks life to him when he’s doing these

which means hey you know your script is
kind of old and tired he caught on to a2
times he wasn’t aired boom now he’s
doing stuff that they have to arrogant
so yes
c-span does play his whole speeches

Scott may Scott Adams made it an
interesting observation on the Joe Rogan
show which someone sent to me says if
you want to make something addictive
then you can’t deliver the same
outstanding product every single time it

has to be different so that people are
saying Ah what wasn’t quite as good as
maybe it’ll be this time and then when
you get one then you know then BOOM
everything your your levels goes through

the roof like oh yeah this is fantastic
and that’s how you addicting which is
what Trump does by the way inadvertently
we do it on the show
sucking sometimes yes so that’s why you

know he’s smart he’s he’s adding to his
routine I agree now all of the all of
the network said that trunk and they did
it derisive Li and he had an ax su

locally I don’t have the clip of her
bitching about this oh he mocked that
poem he mocked her he mocked her as
though he’s like I don’t know I mean I
don’t get what the point is he’s not

really he’s doing a shtick and I think
he’s doing it well and this is him Trump
mocks for it at the speech later Tuesday
president Trump mocked dr. Christine
Blasi Ford during a campaign rally in

Mississippi just days after he’d called
her a very credible witness 36 years ago
this happened I had one beer right I had
one beer

well you think it was written up there
was one beer oh good
how did you get home I don’t remember
how’d you get there don’t remember where
is the place I don’t remember how many
years ago was it I don’t know

on a row
oh but at the end that yeah there was
more to it at the end he brings it back

and says but I had one beer yeah he did
what he did wrap it around it was very
well done
they didn’t play that whole thing um
unfortunately and I don’t have it but

yes he did I heard I heard it once yes
it was very well done and he does the
build up he does the yelling eating
louder louder I don’t know I don’t know
what was the audience applauding I mean
the guy is getting really good at this

now there was a National Press Club show
which you may have seen at least one
clip from that’s the cab report and on
this show was Ted Koppel Koppel and

brian Stelter the seltzer water man from
CNN’s reliable sources also on the panel
was some dude from wopo and Emily Rooney

from WGBH Boston and their talk well
here’s how I think I’m gonna do this I’m
going to play the clip that pretty much

everybody saw and I’ve learned from
doing this show for not 11e in our 11th
year now that often when there’s a clip
that’s going viral and people are

showing it
there’s you got to go and find the
source material because a there’s
probably more to the clip than just that
little meme that floats around and B
there may be a lot more in it and I

think I struck some gold with this one
Ted Koppel pretty much doing our job as
media deconstructionist
and I’m gonna jump right into this and
then later I’ll go back to the beginning

to show you how sadly pathetic
it really is but I love what Koppel said
here they’re talking about the press and
the president and how how this Joe this

is horrible to have to be a journalist
and you know we’re under fire we have to
resist and he’s a liar and he tweets and
all this stuff and then Ted Koppel drops

this oh I think that we’ve left out a
key word yes everybody here keeps
talking about ID
ecology and politics money money money

Donald Trump has been very very good for
he has been wonderful for the industry
your boss acknowledged as much a number
of number of months ago during the

campaign that’s Donald Trump it was less
Mon Desmet les Moonves also acknowledged
it but so did the head of CNN but that
means that friends are up that means
what oh the ratings are up it means you

can’t do without Donald Trump you would
be lost without Donald Trump
I realize brian Stelter i think super

gay he’s like you’re just doing that for
cheap laughs Ted you’ve lived through
enough presidencies to know hold on the
more presidents what were the ratings
before Trump and what are the ratings

now I would say we might be up 20 we
might be up 30% we might be up 40% if we
go back down 40% that’s okay too
no problem Brian keep saying that they

reject the premise that these networks
are making so much money off of Trump
and thus we benefit from it
tell me for a moment if you will let’s
get away from CNN all right sensitive

subject let’s go to MSNBC is there a
moment of the day when they are not
focusing on Donald Trump or some

intimately related subject it is
essentially oh I know every once in a
you know if the number of people who
died in Indonesia gets up to a thousand

they’ll give it a mention or a term but
by and large the only news that’s
covered program after program after
program exactly so it was fun to watch
brian Stelter face just kind of melt

away and make all these gaffes
so I go back and watch this entire show
and the the premise of the show by
itself was such utter bull crap

it was a total head shaker here is the
intro to this show hello oh by the way I
cut out a ton of spaces because this Cal

guy and Kapil they talk like this yeah
they did a lot they use dramatic yeah at
all it’s very dramatic oh and welcome to

the National Press Club and to another
edition of the caliber port a Marvin Cao
but our topic tonight truth be told the
journalism in the age of Donald Trump in

February 2017 three weeks after his
inauguration President Trump called the
press the enemy of the American people
okay now he said February 2017 February

we’re gonna come back to that in a
minute but he said press enemy of the
people if truth be told our mission
tonight I was stunned

he was the first leader of a democracy
to call the press an enemy of the people
up to this time only the dictators of
the 20th century Hitler of Germany

Stalin of the Soviet Union had used that
loaded phrase I was left wondering why
would Trump choose to join such unsavory

company I think I shall become a
dictator I want to join these guys what
did he have in mind what was his
strategy and for a journalist equally

important how should one cover a
president so indifferent to historical
fact and so free and easy with truth no
easy task so we know that that is not

what the president said but this guy you
know someone wrote it down for maybe he
researched it February Trump’s oh my god
he said the press is the enemy of the
people and Trump addressed this

grievance three days after he said the
fake news is the
me of the people and I got the clip for
us and I want you all to know that we
are fighting the fake news it’s fake
phony fake

a few days ago I called the fake news
the enemy of the people and they are
they are the enemy of the people because

they have no sources they just make them
up when there were none they’re very
dishonest people in fact in covering my

the dishonest media did not explain that
I called the fake news the enemy of the
people the fakeness they dropped off the
word think and all of a sudden the story

became the media is the enemy they take
the word fake out and now I’m saying oh
no this is no good but that’s the way

they are so I’m not against the media
anyway so you know what he said the
whole day that bio is an excellent clip

to keep at the ready because this kind
of thing just continues to propagate and
now you have you know Marvin calve a
very famous old you know retired
journalist throwing it out there again

and that’s it it’s bullcrap this is very
poor this is very poor they’re just
proving the point that’s what was so
amazed as a couple of things here but
that was so mind-boggling to me is you

didn’t even get the quote right and if
you didn’t even get the media but you
moved it to press so it’s it’s it’s my
body moved immediate depravity fake news

to media is the enemy to the press is
the enemy of the people which never said
we have a saying in the Netherlands also
soon bust to the kingdom and if the shoe
fits you will put it on so maybe that’s

what’s going on here
yeah that’s us we’re fake oh it’s me
he’s the press I can’t explain it any
other way
that sounds like a good explanation as
any now Koppel is very switched on and

he mentions things that I’m I have a
feeling that the panel would never even
maybe thought about to us very obvious
what is your underlying fear about this

collision between president and press
well let me tell you a little anecdote
which has
old friend henry kissinger like to say

has the additional advantage of being a
true in cleveland the day that he was
nominated i sat down with donald trump I
have known Donald Trump for about 20

years and in the course of that
interview he said to me you know Ted I
don’t need you guys anymore you guys in
the press he said I’ve got I think at

that time it was 18 million followers on
Twitter and perhaps at that point 12
million followers on Facebook those
numbers expected to about 53 huge huge

you said I don’t need you guys I can I
can contact my people directly
communicate with them directly that’s

part of our problem
the other part of our problem is the
internet which because it gives access
to anyone with an iPhone or a laptop

computer requires far less experience
than any of the panelists you have
appear it’s like I’m watching this in

slow motion wait a minute now I know
what happened Internet oh my goodness so
there’s some more back and forth about

the media’s image I’m gonna skip that
clip Oh at a certain point a very rude
question very rude we have a number of
oral doctors known as dentists who uh
who listen to this program yeah yeah

oral hygiene is incredibly a nights I
think we have Dukes even
oral hygiene is incredibly important to
your overall well-being and health every

day let’s mock them do you think they
should go into journalism
we’ll be yeah so that’s about the young
people who are attending this this farce
do you think they should go what a

journalism will become dentists I go
back to your Richard C Hudler quote get

it straight become journalists but be
professional journalists I hate the self
depiction of some of our colleagues as

being part of the resistance no we’re
not we’re journalists
and that means gathering the facts and
conveying them as accurately as we can

sometimes that will be hypercritical
do your job last clip kind of backs this
up with a nice anecdote and this is kind

of his his advice to today’s journals in
the old days we were the gatekeepers
there was a term that a behavioral

scientist by the name of Wilbur Schramm
coined many many years ago to get to the
public you had to go through
Marvin cow or Walter Cronkite or Chet

Huntley and David Brinkley and you only
had the three networks right that made a
huge difference another quick story I
got a call about 30 years ago from a New

York Times reporter no actually I called
him because I wanted him to come on as a
guest on Nightline and he went to check

with the then executive editor of the
New York Times fella by the name of a
bros and thought old friend of yours and
he called me back later and he said I’ll

tell you what I have said he said you
want to go on Koppel’s program you go
right ahead
only don’t come back
to the New York Times his point being
twofold one you work for The Times and

that’s all I want you to do and two
couples going to ask you a lot of
provocative questions and I don’t want
my New York Times reporters the

expressing opinions
well then days is long past from Morning
Joe to Rachel at night on CNN on MSNBC
the spear carriers are there from the

New York Times from The Washington Post
and they are trying very very hard to be
what they are
first-rate objective reporters but but

when you are in the presence of Joe and
Mika Brzezinski in the morning and you
are on that program where quite clearly

the agenda is anti-trump
from start to finish if you appear on
that program and you sit on that desk
morning after morning after morning the

public is going to identify you as being
anti-trump and you can do the best you
possibly can to be an objective reporter
when you’re doing your stories for The

Times and people are going to believe
you I think Ted is due for a hashtag me
too moment to be careful there Ted I’d
be careful and speaking that truth to
power bro very very dangerous very

dangerous but he’s dead on yeah but
those assholes up there they were paying
no attention to him
no no of course not good they’re saying
well you know the Ted’s an old man you

know he sees things differently he knows
Trump personally he’s trying to defend
his friend yeah how was that it their
friendly is he is Coppola he’s got him
surely he’s left

oh yeah he’s loved he’s known Trump
forever yeah well most people in the
press around New York have known Trump
yeah they just never picked up on his
Nazi stuff strange very strange I don’t

understand I was at how he’s putting
himself into it Stalin and Hitler yes
Arvin calleb said yeah Wow

well so I met up with the one of these
lowers secretive Republican gatherings
on Friday mentioned this I was gonna go

to the nudists
no you didn’t tell me this yes I told
you I did not on the show it was a
couple weeks ago when I told you don’t
it was after the show oh that didn’t
have on the show it didn’t happen a long

time I agree so I went to this thing and
it was interesting because there was can
you tell us what the thing was I mean
who’s just one of these little cocktails
with conservatives was the name of it

that’s what it was I’ll go to this thing
and so because I wanted to see what was
going on with the Republic California

Republicans were pathetic all of them
were in the room no doubt pretty much
that all of the California Republicans
were there and it was like one guy’s a
professor he teaches the public speaking

at some college you wouldn’t say which
because he was already did y’all have
badges with your name blacked out just
the first was your name Earl did you
tell people you were a podcaster it was

like everybody yes I did and like
everybody said you know they said people
don’t realize that pie Bob we’re
podcasters sit on the pecking order but
yeah you’re a podcaster that’s him the
point is is that everybody seems to be

freaked out they can’t bring they can’t
say anything that they they can’t say
anything in public and the lexer unless
they’re amongst fellow travelers because
they get called out and yelled at and

get Q’s of this and that the potential
losing their jobs especially in the
Silicon Valley area yeah it’s really
pathetic how they’ve been so they’ve
been how anybody who’s not a Hillary

supporter has been silenced in
California right even though they just
come up said well I put a I’m sorry I
would go even further I would say even

just saying you’re conservative a
conservative or republican I’m sure it
is just not done all in California
and it’s um but it’s like it’s so
accepted to just to keep these people

from speaking up so they never speak up
they just don’t they just which is what
we recommend on this show by the way if
you haven’t noticed in some environments
you just shut up because you’re nuts to

do anything else right because the
radicals are pretty much pull hold the
reins of control when it comes to free
speech but yeah you know it was
interesting so what and well this is a

what it was a dud what came out of it
any anything surely something came out
of it yeah I found out I didn’t know
this but I should have known it we had
to representative from the RNC there and
he’s talking about that we have a bill

in California to repeal a ridiculous gas
tax that was just thrown out that did
the the government’s we’re running out
of money because we’ve got so much
corruption in California we let’s put

another 10 cents on every gallon of gas
that’ll help and and so some guy said no
no this is ridiculous you keep taxing
guest it’s too high the gas is too high
so let’s put a let’s repeal the gas tax

which is proposition 6 so yes on six
repeals the gas tax but I was looking
over my ballot and when you read the YES
on 6 intra information in the ballot it

says voting for this will destroy the
roads and freeways of California what
that makes no sense
that’s what I said and the guy says oh

yes the lieutenant governor the guy who
writes I think it’s lieutenant
government who writes these um who he’s
the guy who writes these things on the

UH he’s the one who writes up the way
it’s presented on the ballot huh
so he writes it up for the benefit of
the state the coffers by making it sound
very negative if you vote YES on six

well not that that’s not just a little
negative it sounded like fire and
fuelling okay the next I’m gonna bring
the ballot up and I’ll read it I’ll read
the way it’s written because I do have

it downstairs but it’s like I didn’t
realize that that’s how it was done I
thought it was there was a commit I
thought it was a little more fair but
it’s early
what am I thinking well things are

getting fair in California very very
fair especially for women California
Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into
law Sunday requiring that publicly held

corporations headquartered in the state
include women on their boards this law
is the first of its kind in the US and
we’ve got Jenna McGregor to talk about
it she covers corporate governance for

the Washington Post
when Governor Jerry Brown was talking
about this he referred to recent events
in Washington and you wrote about the
Brett Kavanaugh hearings in the Senate
Judiciary Committee and sort of the

appearance of having a female prosecutor
there in the room how much of this is
about appearance and how much is about

in corporate governance it’s by the way
as NPR always ready to put in a trump
dig well I have seen the same question
of whether he is trying to make a
statement particularly this week
although this was the deadline end of

September for deciding to sign it into
law this is a way of making a statement
of what the country has been engaged in
a major national conversation about yeah

the issue of whether or having more
women on the board has any impact it is
a good question
there is a lot of research that shows it
does have a good impact that it leads to

either higher returns or a better
decision making or a better price
murdered sounds pretty solid to me that
background research info yeah the
question is how do you do it do you

actually require them to do it you have
incentives for them to do it do you do
it through kind of public shaming so
what it what is the best approach to
getting more diversity on the board or

getting more diversity in a roomful of
any decision makers ah key point there
cuz that’ll be next key point this is
for board and as she said right there

wopo how about just equal women men for
any room of decision makers this is it I
can see this happening well like a
Vonnegut type any provisions for there’s

a nine
there’s a couple of companies in
California that brag about being all
women women CEO how about all women is
that fine that’s okay
yes well this is where you live and that

was not the only drives this is another
wedge between business and they’ve been
in this state government it just make
companies just gonna incorporate in

Delaware where they’re not to do any of
this stuff I’d be I wouldn’t but if
you’re operating in California I’m sure
you have to adhere to it whether you’re
a whether you’re a company or not or
where you’re incorporated mmm I mean

every Amazon’s operating in California
it doesn’t mean that they that they have
to have women on their boards it’s
because they will they will they will
they can try they’re stuck it’s illegal

they’ll be shamed what it’s illegal it’s
unconstitutional I can tell people what
you know you can have quotas like that
on a board of a company public or not as

far as I can tell but but this would be
struck down there by the Supreme Court
especially wants Kavanagh gets it okay
Jon simmer down

right that’s why they’ll do it your net
neutrality law also passed and I will
remind everyone John and I are against

the idea of net neutrality and it’s it’s
a lot of different reasons it’s a
misunderstood position but it is
absolutely true that all net neutrality

regulations and rules including those in
California include the language that an
ISP may block any unlawful traffic or
unlawful content yeah Torrance hello

Torrance all that goes away a Bitcoin
all kinds of things well yeah I think
towards would be the first Torrance
would be the first to go but also

unlawful content so there’s a lot of
blocking that could happen and the
prioritization thing is bullcrap as
you’ve pointed out many times you
definitely want telemedicine to have
some type of prioritization

at certain moments but no but this
report from NPR is exquisite remind us
what net neutrality is and what impact
this California law if implemented would

have on ordinary people going online
right the overarching question of what
neutrality is how much power your
internet providers should have over your
internet experience so typically when

people talk about net neutrality they
mean regulations like no blocking of
whatever website you want to visit that
internet providers should not be able to
slow down an app that you’re visiting

oh I’m visiting an app to date grandma
other elements sometimes include well
this is the level of NPR technology
reporting and she’s telling us this is

what it’s about you know so till they
can to slow down your connection or
would you add other elements sometimes
include things like zero rating which is
a deal where ever aizen might give you

streaming of hulu that doesn’t count
toward your data restrictions but then
count netflix toward data just
restrictions and these are all rules
that California put into place they they

banned all these things banned them I
tell you ban them whatever they ban is
for the benefit of so we can make sure
to get our streaming right well we all
know who this really benefits and it

benefits Google it benefits Facebook
Twitter Apple to an extent it benefits
those guys let’s see if she brings that
up before the Trump administration

repealed the net neutrality rules there
was a really vocal campaign by activists
trying to get the FCC not to take this
step now that California has gone this
route what has the reaction been well

California was indeed sort of reacting
to that massive liberal wave of activism
and online activism that prompted the
writing of these rules you know the

battle lines have been drawn for a while
on the net neutrality debate and then
they’re still the same on the one hand
you’ve got Internet companies especially
little smaller ones like Etsy or video
streaming company Vimeo saying that

these rules are critical for them to be
able to compete against the bigger
company on the other side you’ve got the
telecom providers your 18 to your
Verizon your Comcast that have been
pushing California to not

put net neutrality rules into place and
are expected to sue California as well
yeah taxpayers money get sued now let’s
add Amazon Netflix let’s add all of that

those guys don’t want to have to pay
extra that’s what this is about but no
it’s about little guys don’t want to get
screwed please yeah I want to mention
something here which is part of my

ongoing argument which we sometimes
forget to mention ever since the
internet showed up in the late 80s and
then when it became very popular
starting with the browser and the World

Wide Web
there was this constant cry and you
remember this oh my god we can’t let the
government Evert step foot and gather
their screw things up don’t let the

government come in with their
regulations net neutrality issues are
all about giving the government the
power to come in and screw things up
which is what they’ve been they were

bitching all the expo all the superstars
we’re doing nothing but moaning and
groaning about the possibility of the
government coming in and screwing things
up with the Internet but now they’re

inviting it
hello I love where you get mad
it’s just so you see this happening you

go you guys were thinking the other way
this is a few years ago for pretty good
reasons and now you’re inviting it who
how did you get here’s the here’s what I
would ask how did you all get suckered

by this net neutrality nonsense
how did that happen you say you all who
are you talking to all the people out
there all big gung-ho net neutrality no
I can tell you how that happened the

biggest lobbying group outside of
pharmaceutical in DC is Silicon Valley
led mainly by you know Google I’d say is
the most sophisticated but they all have

their lobbying arms they all and you
know it’s sexy they get they got stars
they got all kinds of stuff they got
storylines they got two cameos though
it’s all sexy sexy sexy and those are
the guys who just Lobby the the crap out

of it and they create all these little
nonprofits all these stop net neutrality
you all get about eight hundred nine
hundred thousand dollars a year from
Google and Soros probably I’ll just
throw it in there cuz it sounds good but

Google for sure and from Facebook and
it’s their job to go out and make you
afraid oh because it’s it’s not that
hard to believe
but it’s it’s without critical thinking
or without knowledge of how it works how

peirong works what what actually the
Netflix controversy was about none of
that background is given anymore so it’s
just a lack of knowledge and playing the

people’s fear oh my Netflix did be
buffering it’s the main thing by the way
there’s there’s reports now that because
there are so many streaming services

that have yeah I know that all have
separate requirements for and if the
Amazon is proving that’s the only one
you can do ala carte with most things if
you want to which I do like I like

saying oh this is $1.99 yeah that’s
worth it to me this is a good value for
whatever that one episode is but because
it’s and the big stuff that comes out
yeah you have to have either an Amazon

account we have to have a Netflix
account where you have to have a Hulu
or Roku is now in the game you know all
these different services
um so torrents are on the rise again

it’s become what worked so well with
Netflix into an to an extent with Amazon
now they’re eating themselves again
because everyone’s got a you know an

exclusive on house of cards you know it
you just can’t get it if you’re only an
Amazon person so they’re forcing people
back into illegality
yeah yeah I could see that make sense

that may not be may not matter to them
but that’s something that neutrality
will take care of don’t you worry
this is we’re talking about tech news

one tech news thing yeah there’s this a
peculiarity that listen to this
presentation Bloomberg News Bloomberg

and tell me what does how this makes any
sense to anybody we were just a
Microsoft clip
microsoft says it has thwarted an
attempt by hackers tied to the Russian
military to disrupt the US midterm

elections the company’s digital Crimes
Unit shut down six web domains meant to
mimic sites victims might expect to get
email from or visit like senate dot grew
microsoft said it’s sifting through
evidence of the group’s intentions after

getting a court order to take over those
domains I didn’t understand that story
at all you didn’t understand what that
press I want I won’t listen to it again
microsoft says it has thwarted an

attempt by hackers tides of the Russian
military to disrupt the US midterm
elections now she’s saying hackers from
the Russian military
Microsoft has thwarted yeah

Microsoft somehow has thwarted an
attempt by hackers tied to the Russian
military oh they’re tied with shoelaces
are tied to the Russian military to

disrupt the US midterm elections the
company’s digital Crimes Unit shut down
six web domains meant to mimic sites
victims might expect to get email from
or visit like Senate group Microsoft
said it’s sifting through evidence of

the group’s intentions after getting a
court order to take over those domains
oh okay Wow
so if I understand correctly this is
this is something this is a problem you
think this is a real problem so there

were fishing domains which would
probably be like Microsoft with a two
T’s instead of an F T at the end I’ll
just give an example like that Toby
email from that you know you know this

support at and that could
be you know phishing emails so they went
to the authorities and said hey these

guys are tied to the Russians
so just change the DNS to arse DNS
servers I guess this is what I think
over the domain somehow that can only be

done through registration and DNS that’s
what I’m saying
so that’s crazy so so they must have I
want to know this is this warrants a lot
of research I was thinking that same
thing there’s something up with this

this is actually an interesting story
that needs to be explored but no no no
this is something for our dudes named
Ben because the way you know the the
networks didn’t we just give all that to

to the some the ietf one of those the
telecom union is a while ago yeah the
UTA or whatever it is yeah that yeah

exactly the UTA UTA
so no I want this is very sketchy
situation but not too fast very poor
presentation but here’s but here’s

here’s what’s going on somebody you get
to pay money to someone could just come
along and say hey that curry calm you
know that could be used instead of my
big company Curry’s the electronic store
in the UK chain quite a big chain yep

yeah we’re very worried about this email
that we saw floating around you know and
there was a phishing email so hey like
give him a give his D at which I’ve had
for 35 years give his DNS over to us not

dude’s name been configure this one out
that this is very very bad that’s the
one thing you’ve got on the internet the

one piece that really is supposed to
kind of be neutral is DNS
yeah well that will last no no at please
whatever you do do not send me a million

alternatives for DNS I know space DNS
DNS SEC yeah I’m quite aware yeah we

still have to stop this this has to stop
oh I know blockchain DNS there we go
that’ll fix it well since we’re doing
tech news in the mainstream media

regarding the Russians the Russians who
by the way apparently were responsible
for all the negative press about the
Star Wars movie that was a dud I’m sure
you saw those stories

which movie we’re talking about solo
so I saw the movie by the way yeah
because that we have a couple of I think
a couple of our people our producers

that work on the staff there too I think
that did some of the art and some other
things for that movie and they spoke

fondly of it so I decided to watch it
and it’s terrible movie who cares movie
whatever this whatever happened to solo

in those early days you know it’s just
Boris dumb maybe going so from The
Hollywood Reporter Star Wars the last
Jedi negative buzz amplified by Russians
let’s not solo songs worse I don’t know

she talked about the last Jedi when I
saw it if you remember on this show I
said I don’t understand why it got so
much positive reviews it made no sense
it was completely off the rails 90% of

the time it this storyline was full of
holes it was dumb there was an academic
paper that found that half of the
criticism aimed at director Rian Johnson

was politically motivated the paper
titled weaponizing the haters the last
Jedi and the strategic politicization of
pop culture through social media
manipulation examines the online

response to 2017 s last Jedi a movie
that has come to be considered
controversial amongst the larger fanbase
of the franchise the movie stinks it’s
got nothing to do with the director and

everyone hating him sure but it was
amplified online by Russian trolls oh
brother the reports that online activity
for that movie when it came out was all

positive here is the latest Russian
trolled hacking linked to barb whatever
from New Zealand and the kicker is at
the end when the world anti-doping

agency was hecht after investigating
Russian athletes and 2016 fingers
pointed to Russia
now these evidence it was to blame and
in a rare move New Zealand spy agency is

speaking out what we’ve seen here is
Russian military intelligence
undertaking quite malicious and
deliberate cyber activity there are

three other examples – including
evidence Russia hacked and leaked emails
from the Democrats during the US
election in 2016 it’s taken years for
the GCSB to gather this evidence but it

hasn’t been acting alone it’s been
working with other 5i partners Australia
the Jewish the UK and Canada and the
release of these findings has been

coordinated to put pressure on Russia
how Prime Minister joining her
Australian counterpart and condemning
the attacks that is an international
community we call out those who aren’t
following the international rule book

and here is an example of that New
Zealand hasn’t been affected by these
attacks but the GCSB says we can’t relax
we’ve certainly seen evidence of the
same actor scanning New Zealand looking
for vulnerabilities another port scan

brought to you in a minute and a half of
breaking news about Russian trolls
breaking in fortunately we have been
rights by and disrupt that activity
before it’s caused destruction oh the

port scanning was going to cause
destruction we were able to interrupt it
oh and this is the GS GCSB this is the
the spooks of New Zealand the five eyes

making a big story about port scanning
oh my goodness
it’s it’s despicable I did the public
lapse this crap up is beyond me well

it’s lack of knowledge everything’s a
glitch come on there’s no reporting
yeah it’s better to keep the public dumb
and stupid I guess

well with this kind of reporting it’s
working out just fine you the last of
the true reporters now wiped from the
tech press universe hey may is Seymour
Hersh not bad to be in that company and
just for that I’d like to thank you for

your courage you the man who put the C
in mac and cheese John see you Derek
Oh any morning you mr. Adam curry also
in the morning all the boots on the
ground feet in the air subs in the water

feet in the air as boots on the ground
and all the Dames tonight’s out there in
the morning to our troll room got some
actual trolls in there today thanks for

yeah I’m sure some trolls in there very
good trolls
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get it on the podcast but you do get the
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I want to say in the morning to

Illuminati ax no sooner had she heard us
talking about her on the previous show
then she created a piece of art that was
the one we just had to choose but this
was episode 10 73 boof a lemon title of

that and and this was a ghost man this
was a very nice piece that there were a
lot of lemon boo f—ing pieces of art

that just were funny bit much yeah funny
for us but and also we tend not to use
art and title in the same theme
yes we have a couple of rules you should

know unfortunately can’t you can’t know
if we if we use something at the very
beginning of the show which you can’t
hear until we produce the show or if we
use something at the very end of the
show which you really might hear but

it’s already too late to get the art in
generally speaking and if he has our
pictures on it that’s no good and if
it’s gonna be the art will supersede the

title that is very common if the artist
got the kind of our idea of what the
tile is gonna be but the arts better
than it’s so good that we have to pick
the art we have to come up with another

title yeah actually I would say that we
always pick art first yeah art comes
first in title yeah but sometimes be
like oh if we pick that art we can’t use
that title I had in mind

dead happens and sometimes we bump the
art but it only if there’s a really good
piece of art to back it up as you can
tell there’s a lot of work that goes
into the post production as we twiddle
our thumbs and make these massive

decisions yes so a luminarias
made a nice piece it was the the
Godfather type font type white on black

background and this was the monkey the
monkey pox that we all have to be very
afraid of and it was you know a
silhouette figure of a a monkey
attacking a person that’s something

really funny about it it was just kind
of oddly amusing yeah but there were
lots of good pieces you even use one in
the newsletter I saw yeah it’s all lies
yeah I like that piece you know you had

two paragraphs doubled in the newsletter
for some reason anyone mentioned that
nobody mentioned it of course they did
that does happen and now tell you why

well I won’t tell you why it’s is a
mechanical thing it shouldn’t have
happened no it’s okay I’m just surprised
an engineer should well I’m always
surprised that no one mentions it I
don’t think anybody cares about the

newsletter I care
I mean they’ve you know sometimes
they’ll read some of the essays once in
a while like five people will do that
and making this newsletter five I had
the picture of Trump Fred

Trump’s I had the whole thing Fred
Trump’s house and everything little
shack you know I mean the whole thing
about Fred Trump being a billionaire
empire the Fred Trump Empire the New
York in today’s dollars it’s just

bullcrap I mean anybody that slacks that
up is extremely stupid yeah all right
well let’s started to thinking some

people we have one executive producer
which is ironic since I’ve put a special
executive producer idea into the
newsletter nobody picked up on it we’ve
been coming short with our executive
producers for some reason we get a lot
of associates so today we get one

executive producers got not really
nothing to do with the news that or
anything else this is hieronymus of dog
Patrick comes in every month
hieronymus I mean he doesn’t want titles
right besides just sir he does he’s got
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now I’m dog patch in Loris LeBeau via he
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that’s a great idea we stream the
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Sen John C Dvorak’s M jobs karma thanks

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just the one the Russian connections
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yeah and thanks for all you do guys
there’s man yes thank you very much Jeff

thank you for your courage

let’s play the whole thing today jobs
jobs and jobs very well done that’s very

well done one of our best by one of our
best yes David we’d walk Walker Ostler

did that well he’s one of our best he is
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love the tbpi tu best wishes to Adam and
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wasn’t the gig it was a career big gig
than PC Mag that cleaning out the PayPal
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producers especially for the wife and
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thank you very much David we in and
onward to Gretchen rich and Wittig parts
unknown at 200 bucks I’d like to arrange

the producer credit posthumously for the
blue night Brian
Wojtek who passed away suddenly
unexpectedly and well before his time in
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Brian when I sat across the table from
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of consciousness up from Austin or the
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but they didn’t know a lot of people as
it turns out Brian and I work for the
same company in the same offices

downtown but it was our love of No
Agenda that really brought us all
in the happy hours brewery visits MLS
games and general good time sense I’ve
come to know Brian is a truly genuine

thoughtful caring and generous person an
exemplary member of the round table he
and careth had been college sweethearts
in the way they’ve supported each other
throughout their lives is the stuff of

fairy tales
no jingles but please don’t let general
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I’d also like to request that his fellow
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raise a glass and a farewell toast to
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well that sucks yeah totally No all
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interesting and uh Netherlands ITM
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their beer and birth to the round table
okay done that’s some very very
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never done a meet-up in Holland I have a
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probably oh yeah that’s – no no nowadays

you pack them in yeah oh they get
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know no as too much word add is although
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rose Eric fellow from the TPO podcast
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okay in the morning Adam in Scott thanks

for the suburban entertaining media
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the great work going I don’t think he’s
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I’ll say it again I’m I’m humble holy
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I’m humbled I’m you know I’m humbled I’m
home this is a this is a professional
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think it’s good always one of your old
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do you want to mention here that we need
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November 2nd John will be interviewing a

I would say a a level artist person and
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person no artist see I’m trying to
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an a level person in New York City just

like when I interviewed pachán ik we
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processing with a laptop you know we’ll
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job which I think includes another
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did that for uh yeah we did we did this
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you’re in New York City and you really
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podcaster you Manhattan November silicon
give us a call we decide not to mention
who’s gonna be but I can’t figure out
why I shouldn’t tell you but I’ll think

about it maybe mention but you would
like to meet this guy yeah then it’ll be
fantastic to listen to well hopefully I
think so yeah new book coming out and
that’s still kind of the tie-in that

lets you do these things let me ease us
into Kavanaugh for a second without
playing anything from Kavanaugh but
Lindsey Graham who now everyone of
course is noticed how now Allen’s

Lindsey’s perked up and he’s he’s found
his voice I would actually say Lindsey
think about it well he did what wanna be

President this time and maybe he’s
working he’s learned a lot from Trump he
has and I will prove it as he was on I
don’t know some before I do that I have

a clip I want to play well I would
remember remember what I said I was
going to ease us into it it’ll ease us
into it because this is one of the
things you pointed out the last show
which is well he is maybe running for

president the gay jokes oh yeah about
Lindsey Graham yeah and this is more
people are starting to see this but it’s

it’s everywhere I’ve seen compa lodges
of everybody making fun of Lindsey
Graham with a gay joke
well here’s Jimmy Kimmel Republican
senators put on quite a show of

fabricated outrage today in particular
Lindsey Graham once doctor Ford was
safely out of the room Lindsey Graham
really laid down the law he warned
Democrats that if this is the new normal
if this is the way it’s gonna go they’d

better watch out for their Supreme Court
nominees as if Merrick garland isn’t out
there somewhere judging a dog show right
now and once he got some camera time
somebody must have told Lindsey Graham
Donald Trump was watching because he lit

up like someone left a thumb tack on
Liberace’s piano bench
no brother yeah yeah Oh brother I’d say
the same thing so next time someone

talks about the LGBTQ community which of
course should be LG g bt t QQ IA APK you
should sound buzz off there’s no
community that’s nasty yeah the thing is

it everyone there tone-deaf to it
everyone who’s doing nice it’s hilarious
I mean I just don’t like how can you not
see what you’re okay remind me to come

back to this after this Lindsey Graham
thing because there was another
tone-deaf moment in the UK so Lindsey
Graham’s on some damn show and let’s see

what is this first one he comes out he
oh yes he he and I he needs a little
work he he can’t just the timing is
little off I didn’t quite hit it with

the punch line but he did something
pretty interesting when I was talking
about judge Kavanagh and in this case
comparison to things that have happened
in the past apology if the president is
listening to to you right now what good

because he watches a lot of telling you
if he’s listening right now what would
you say to him about his performance
last night in which he disparaged the
person who’s alleging that she was a

victim of sexual assault by Supreme
Court nominee I said hey I can figure
this out everything he said was factual
he’s frustrated his nominees been
treated so I chose a personal degrading

attack on someone was a private citizen
no here’s what’s personally degrading
this is what you get when you go through
a trailer park with a hundred dollar
this is what you get when you go through

a trailer park with a hundred dollar
bill which of course the audience would
woo that’s actually a reference to
something somebody said horrible see

this is where he screwed it up it was a
great trap it was a great idea because
that’s actually what James Carville said
about was apologize
yeah I think as Paula Jones or one of

the other women that Clinton he said
this is what you get when you run
through a trailer park with $100 bill
and you the audience like oh but then
Lyndsey couldn’t pay it off by saying

yeah that’s what James Carville said
about Paula Jones Bill Clinton
but he’s getting there well this is he
might have a writer
yeah but he’s yeah but you gotta have

deliver he got a flame he’s a coach he
needs a coach he needs a writer and a
coach you know it doesn’t take a genius
to do this sort of material no it
doesn’t but it he’s close here’s one

other piece from this so President Trump
went through a factual in addition that
I didn’t take a like and I would tell
him knock it off not help knock it off
Trump but it can be worse you can
actually kill somebody’s cat and puncher

their tires to get them to shut up so
you know what he said I don’t even
understand what that means well you
don’t remember Kathleen Willey and
Juanita Broderick so you don’t I do

though I don’t remember the thing about
the cab but what’s the political her the
point is that Donald Trump could have
said something even worse so we totally
think the point is that we’ve come a
long way we’ve come a long way since
nineteen whether you like it or not I

really don’t care
here’s the point I have seen what
happened to these women in 1998 that
came forward I don’t like what the

president said last night I’m the first
person to say I want to hear from dr.
Ford I thought she was handled
respectfully I thought Cavanaugh was
treated like crap well boo yourself okay

here’s the only coaching Lindsey Graham
needs hold on hold on

who was interviewing him
I was at the Atlantic Council I think
one of those stage things they video and
put on okay all right I just when I was

on a TV show uh well it doesn’t matter
anymore if it’s a doesn’t I just want to
know who it was cuz the guy was kind of
a douche so here’s my advice for Lindsay
it kind of just hit me and if he really

wants it bad enough even if you’re not
just come out as gay man America’s first
gay president fantastic and he can do
that sup oh yeah well boo to you I mean

we can just imagine that how cool that
would be well I don’t think you’d be
America’s first gay president he is
Marcus first openly gay running on gay
platform president you know he’d be the

third gay president I’m just saying it’s
you know maybe she should try if he’s
not gay should give it a shot
this this might not I it’s not a bad
strategy but if he should get the gay

vote you’d think but you know the way
things go because he’s not a Democrat
gay Democrat big bad not bad good oh yes
bad gay yeah you’re right he’s right

wrong kind of gay well I still think
it’s a great idea because he’s got the
he’s got the fire you know he’s like
will boo do you – he’s finally getting
finally got his backbone needs and you

say – Trump you say hey cut it out Prez
I like him I think he’s got something
going for him though he’s definitely
better than he was a year ago

yeah well yet sometimes this happens you
know when
after McCain passed away then this is
mentor yeah it was time for him to see
before he could snatch the pebbles from

his hand he spread his wings and flew
he is the new maverick or maverick
well I got it well let’s see what else
we got here I have a couple of

I got a couple of things I do have I do
have the democracy now’s little thing
about this letter that showed up that
Cavanaugh supposedly wrote I don’t have

a lot of cabin Hawks up so you remember
I’d led you into the Kavanagh with my
Lindsey Graham that was the whole idea
the whole Kavanagh thing is kind of like
crapped out it seems at this point
because of the stupid that do you think

maybe Trump reinserted that story into
the New York Times just to get everyone
talking about something else
it was no way no that I think there was
a mistake doing that story about Trump’s

about with Fred Trump the billionaire an
entire guy yeah I think that was
mistimed I think he could have held off
I think that was just done to hurt Trump
in the election or hurt the candidates

run you know that were Republicans and
that Republican thing it was dumb it
didn’t work that’s dumb the only one I
have for Kavanagh this that’s kind of
newest is the letter the supposed letter

and this is the FFF Bart letter some
funny lines and by there was some
clippable inertia I sold a couple of
these lawyers for another Cavanaugh
Hughes or Debbie Ramirez said Tuesday

the FBI had not interviewed another 20
witnesses Ramirez has identified
meanwhile the New York Times published a
letter Cavanaugh wrote to his high
school classmates in the summer of 1983

as he planned a beach week celebration
on Maryland’s coast the letter which
Cavanaugh signed fffff bart urges the
classmates to quote warn the neighbors

that were loud obnoxious drunks with
prolific pukers among us unquote
Cavanaugh was 18 at the time Maryland
had just raised history its drinking age

to 21
he signed the letter Bart not Brett
Bartow Cavanaugh is the name that his
friend Mark judge used in his book
wasted good work Nancy Drew FF Bart well

f ed the whole FFF thing was supposed to
stand for F them like a couple F to them

then forget them
yeah it’s derogatory towards chicks man
it’s funny when you’re in high scoring

man why Bart I don’t know he was from
the 80s maybe he was maybe it’s a Bart
Simpson references it might be but at
the same time yeah you’re right
could be a Bart Simpson thing question

is this guy gonna get confirmed do you
think this is gonna happen well this is
today we have to make the decision is he
or not is it today I thought it was

it’s Thursday supposed to be Thursday I
thought the vote was tomorrow
okay well that’s better I hope it is
tomorrow because you know I’m still I’m
still thinking Trump doesn’t care
wants to get married on Trump cares he

would probably be able to leverage
whatever happens if the vote is on it
the vote is on fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh Friday
okay last amore okay well keep well well

let’s sit down here the two of us are
these you know we follow this closer
than pretty much anybody especially news
media what do you think
I still don’t see him making it through

and it kind of depends on how the cookie
crumbles but for Trump’s agenda in my
mind it will be best if he didn’t go

through that I agree that for his he
would be best if he didn’t make it so
and yeah he Trump’s probably counting on
Rick house yeah but can also call it’s

the vote that mean he can still withdraw
before the vote well that could withdraw
him before the vote
I doubt it that would know he has to
either it’s gotta be thumbs up but in

the in the overall scheme of he’s a bush
guy he’s a Yalie he’s clearly a dick you
know why would you want this guy in the
Supreme Court

now and well forget about all that’s
going on right now with they want him on
because of his decisions he’s made like
300 plus decisions that all really
appeal to the to the conservative heart

did you see this Telegraph article in
the UK let me see where is it here the
unbearable dishonesty of Brett Kavanaugh

and it’s from a journalist who writes
yes the jury used to be the editor of
The Telegraph yes who writes about his
running with Cavanaugh when Cavanaugh
was on the Kenneth Starr team and

according to what this guy wrote was
strong-arming people into no like
changing their testimony official 302

FBI 302 testimony you know there was all
kinds of threats going on and was
specifically about the Vince Foster
murder I’m sorry a suicide and you know

what the FBI lost the pictures that
showed possibly a neck wound instead of
him shooting himself in the head twice

with the gun in his left hand and
there’s all this stuff surrounding Vince
Foster which man and I bring it up to
people they got all really really you’re
gonna bring that up again and I said
this it’s really good some loose ends

there if it truly is I’m not saying you
know the Clintons killed them but of
course did kill them it’s how it works
you don’t be friends with the Clinton
the Clinton clan

you know so this that may come up again
I don’t know the stuff that may come up
no I don’t think it’s coming up I think
the vote will be taking taking place and

they’ll be over and it’s the whole thing
with Vince Foster and the fact that
Cavanaugh seems to be on the Clinton
side may be an operative for the
Clintons hey you know it’s possible but
I’m guessing here’s one

are there any Republicans who could flip
and say no that are currently no uphol
re-election to women only oh there are
the only ones up for reelection no

they’re not up for reelection they’re
just the two guilty women that did
yep so no one is voting on senator these
people they’re already said there’s
already laid out there’s three Democrats

who are the ones that are rep that could
be voted out of office if they don’t
make the right decision and the two with
Republican Women there’s five people
that are on the fence they’ve already
identified all of them okay I mean I’m

just like says he’s voting for the guy
no matter what so flake is not on this
list anymore flake flake didn’t say that
yeah well I don’t have the clip in front

of me but yeah he said it he said is if
we if we do the week long as we have a
week the weekend at the end yeah by the
way here’s a clip from Access Hollywood

regarding Senator flake who and I missed
this and I’m pissed the global citizens
festival took place again this past
weekend in New York I’m angry I’d love

watching those globalist douchebags oh
they’re great here’s little Access
Hollywood report which of course is
giggly all right we know somebody who
ran into Senator Jeff Flake like

Kendrick tooks rejoins us once again she
was at the global citizen festival this
weekend and he was there as well he was
there and he wasn’t in an elevator this
time but him and Senator Chris Coons

were on stage together I thought it was
fantastic publican senator and a
Democratic senator coming together on
stage at the whole crowd to feel it in
that moment I I was just everybody was

clamoring around him like he was a rock
everybody rocks table shaking his hand
thank you so many women were saying
thank you even I said I thank them you
got a head open I took a selfie with

Senator flake also was on 60 minutes
with Regan busy fine yeah he’s a rock

star displayed the clips play the clip
doesn’t nobody’s playing play this one
this is a local story Jeff Flake skid
but first a disturbing video on YouTube
Senator Jeff Flake stun putting a gun to

his head and pretending
to kill himself the video surfacing
after this teenager was caught tweeting
derogatory terms for blacks Jews and
homosexuals thanks for choosing us this

afternoon I’m Katie Randall and I’m
Steve Burgin
the senator is apologizing for his son’s
insensitivity ABC 15s debita Fergana
joining us from the newsroom maybe a lot
of people are saying this shows just how

tough it is for parents to raise kids
with all of the technology out there
things are a whole lot things even those
free apps on your child’s phone allow
them to do some pretty creative but

sometimes pretty disturbing things and
the best advice is to stay one step
ahead of your child and talk to them
when problems surface which is something
that is happening probably right now in

senator flakes home after his son posted
on YouTube and Twitter some very
inappropriate comments towards blacks
Jews and homosexuals using the n-word in
some of his tweets and most recently

disturbing video of his son holding a
gun to his head and pretending to pull a
there is no foolproof away from
preventing your child from using these
sites posting or even using violent apps

but it is important to explain to your
kids that once something goes on
cyberspace there is no way to take it
back don’t put it on cyberspace okay
first of all it was a plastic toy gun

which is just it doesn’t matter but it
wasn’t mentioned in the report she keeps
saying put a gun to his head put a gun
to his head he was a very obvious gray
plastic gun yeah

but you know he’s good demeaning the
ethnic groups and yeah I didn’t he’s out
of control I mean this is of the exempt
this is poor parenting that’s what it is

I the point I saw the videos and looked
at the tweets it just looks like a
typical kid who’s all into the hip-hop
culture that’s what that is yeah I think
it justice poor inherent danger but I’ve

never happened to my kids your daughter
wasn’t out there putting stuff like this
on now my daughter has done lots of
things that are really not I’m not proud
of poor parenting poor parenting I’m a

horrible parent I don’t know you know
power and fame it’s this an aphrodisiac

Jeff Flake you know he could get a
little overwhelmed at the glue from
somebody who met flake unfortunately
don’t have it as part of sedation but

I’ll bring it up for the next show and
he says the guy said well he’s the guy
so full of himself he’s just he’s like
you know he’s he’s just not even in the
yeah so

I went back and checked and I don’t know
if you have any update on the San
Francisco transit terminal oh yeah you
have an update I don’t have a clip no
Wow it they have a verbal update it

definitely is American steel that was
let’s reuse Chinese steel from now on I
guess something I mean is that just an
engineering mistake or how does that

I would assume so like in the actual
structure of the building that was just
it was I think it was designed purely or
they but or they respected out wrong I
mean it’s always possible so real that’s

pretty pretty fundamental to this whole
deal well the whole thing is California
is filled with which California is
basically corrupt state and so when

something like this happens it doesn’t
surprise anybody right so big news here
in Austin as the army Futures Command
has finally come to town with 500 people

to start with we have the impact news
newspaper which is a weekly that
everyone gets and I’ve just been this
big front cover page and so they’ve

taken possession of a building which is
not far from here of an 8th Street
sinking of 500 people to start but
here’s the kicker

they are bringing in as reported by
impact 16 billion dollars to invest in
startups in Austin
you’re you’re screwed dude it’s Wow

I mean it no wonder kim jeong-hoon had
that map with the missiles pointing it
to austin he knew what was up this is
this is where it’s at we got spooks we

got army futures command we got Google
we got this book face bag we have
Amazon’s headquarters for Whole Foods is
here who are not happy by the way if you

saw this note we got a note from a
YouTube reviewer who works here in
you see that note no I did not you might

may as well read it yes private Dingle
hey Adam and John I live in Austin and
work at one of the these Content
moderator farms for YouTube you guys are
right on the money and on topic so far

and if you’d like any more insight I’d
love to provide details and answer any
questions you may have so get ready with
your questions John full disclosure I am
only a bottom rung tier one quote agent

but have access to the youtubes policies
we implement all the juicy Alex Jones
banning related details are
unfortunately only for full-time

employees and up in that interesting
obviously I’m not an FTE YouTube
contracts a company that hires workers
who then get contracted by a different
company that’s hot in the business a

buddy worked for Facebook in Austin in
the exact same way dealing with the same
companies we got to find out who these
companies are yes is what we should be
doing I started in this project back in
January and was assigned aq after

training which is basically a school of
videos that you specialize in through
the training I began in the adult
content queue yes there’s no agenda

producer for you ladies and gentlemen
straight to the line there was no adult
content allowed on YouTube right the
well these are the guys who look at it
and then decide if it can be up or not

but as of about a month ago I got
reassigned to the violent extremism
queue yeah which is video uploads of
recruiting and/or glorifying terrorist

organizations cartels and gangs lone
wolves general incitement of violence
etc dmoz pretty broad barring all the
obvious horrible visuals the porn queue

was much more subjective policy wise I’d
love to I’d love to see the porn queue
policy a bitch would most of the agents
I work with now our Arabic speakers

eighty to ninety percent from all over
the Middle East and seem well-equipped
mentally to handle the material that’s
it’s a culture
I consider myself mentally resilient as

well and all is good so far keep
checking in we are your Deadman switch
if I don’t see an email from you at
least once a week I’m gonna be concerned

I apologize if I’m all over the place as
there’s a lot to clarify I’ll leave it
at that for now please feel free to
reply with any questions on the subject
if you guys are interested thanks again
to you and John yeah I love this we’d

love to know a little bit more about the
policies and yeah obviously we can keep
you anonymous and do whatever we need to
but please check in once a week we are

your Deadman switch for sure I want to
make sure you’re healthy
yeah I probably have a few questions
about one thing or another
well let’s compile a list and I’ll send

it off to him I mean how much do you
have to watch before you realize that
the first question I’d have and I just
mentioned this right now is do they
inform the authorities when they see
anything that’s off good question good

question and they do the authorities
watch it and my question would be how
many days did you work there before you
lost all faith in humanity would be my
question because that when you see what

goes up but what goes up and comes down
or never makes it up I bet it’s it
really messes the assisting of the world
yeah we’re horrible as people well not I

mean dude of all the people you know who
that you personally know and I was at
this antique for myself actually would
put up some gross video no no I wouldn’t

say that but of all the people I knew
know including you and me who would say
something horrible or mean about
somebody in public as long as it’s on a

social network or if you say the name
mark Buckner yeah I think that I think
everybody’s like that
we’re ugly yes say some mean about
somebody’s not the same as putting a

head shopping video on and chuckling
over it – tell that to YouTube and
Twitter they’ll take you right down
yeah anyway hang in there it’s not gonna

I have a health update because I’ve got
something very spectacular that I wanted
to share with you hmm
I was at the voodoo doctor for the
ragweed which he faced which he fixed he
said actually he put me back on a little

bit of quercetin which is Neum which I
take for the mold because it’s a
inflammation reducing herb very famous
stuff supposed to be good and
antioxidant makes you live longer yeah

and he put me on I think silo Plex or
some other potion in a pill but then we
were talking about stuff and just hey
now I went to this seminar before a guy
who was at UT and about some brain and

memory enhancing stuff I said ah I’m
fine I take b12 says AHA this is better
than b12 you’ll you’ll notice it
immediately and I do immediately I’m not

kidding I have I feel there’s clarity
but you’re susceptible to the placebo
effect to an extreme well I want you to
write this down because you should try

these you to do it it’s ginkgo GI NK Gio
ginkgo yes the ginkgo forte and bacopa
come yeah let’s go PI I’ve got the coke

you got bacopa okay yeah you take do you
take it regularly no I take it every
once in a while I’ve had it for a while
he says that if you take both and then
you run out of one then you’ll know if

it was the ginkgo that was working for
you or the bacopa
and so I’m not sure but you think the
become a be the what is the but it’s
just an herb right bacopa yeah it’s bus
kill jr. turned me on to it he’s looked

at the molecule structure and he’s like
it’s just like meth this is great mm-hmm
okay it’s buzzkill jr. approved then I’m

pretty sure the bacopa is the magic you
know maybe just little tip here from
your no agenda show
all right well I’ve got a couple of
things here there’s the one thing I

found very interesting a very long clip
I cut cut it down to two short clips and
took out the middle because the middle
is just too long but this is Michael
Caputo I used to work on the Trump

campaign and he thinks he knows oh this
is the guy this is the guy who got who
lost a lot of money he was soo did he
have to go in and he was being accused
of all kinds of stuff I don’t know I

don’t think so I think you’re thinking a
Cohen no no I think she knows who the
letter writer is who wrote that
anonymous letter ah and I think I know

maybe who he might be talking about and
I’m gonna mention it all right joining
me right now former Trump campaign
director Michael Caputo
so Michael good to see you do you think

the White House is giving credibility to
the writer by these high-level officials
coming out and saying it’s not me well I
think each one of those people has to do
that and and the the media of the New

York Times in particular is set that up
and the writer itself the I believe the
writers a coward but also I believe
they’re diabolical I mean the way they
wrote that up ad or the ghostwriter

wrote the op-ed they’ve dropped in words
like lodestar to indicate that it might
be Mike Pence and words like first
principles very common to the speeches
that general mattis gives to throw some
shade at him and then they dropped in

that off-the-rails comment that comes
from the Woodward book that’s attributed
to general Kelly and that’s to me
gaslighting the president which is very
diabolical but it was you believing
that’s one of us one of his key a three

in or one of his kids is really you know
plotting against him but if it’s
insignificant why is it the White House
keeps talking about it keeps throwing
out its top level folks to say or

comment about it it wasn’t me
I don’t know anything about this it’s a
terrible thing but they keep bringing it
up which only gives this writer more
power does it not I’ll tell you I’m not

one of the ones that believes this is
insignificant I’ve been screaming from
the top of my lungs for several weeks
now that we’re gonna lose the
representatives the Democrats are gonna
take over and that they’re gonna impeach

the president in the first quarter of
2019 this op-ed to me is part of that
strategy this person who I believe is in
the senior ranks of the administration
wrote this in order to try and dampen

turnout of the deplorable –zz who would
normally go out in droves to vote for
the president’s candidates the
Republican candidates for Congress in
particular so we can maintain control
the house let me tell you fredericka I’m

fairly certain I know who it is I’ve
been you know going through this parlor
game just like everybody else has and
I’m also completely 100% certain that
the person who wrote this is on the list
of people who said they didn’t write it

okay okay so there got a couple of
possibilities now in the second the next
clip which I and there’s another clip
missing I they’re good because it’s too
long I just left it out and I’m gonna

say what was in it he says this person
is the department head and it’s in a
department where all the Trump
supporters were ousted IRS
well could be the IRS

it could be the IRS I didn’t consider
the IRS we had all the Trump supporters
ousted from the is probably not
somewhere they were ousted I know one

place where I think a lot of them were
ousted because they’re reorganizing
Recreation does a TV show well anyway
let’s play the second half of this and

then there’s a slight he has one tell
which gives me a little hint I believe
the White House is getting closer to it
I love well I believe they’re getting
there I have my opinions you know I

started with this who is that who is the
the person who I believe hates the
president the most who was the person in
the administration who is screamed about
him in their own private office and gone
forward and and and purged their entire

office of Trump people that’s where I’m
looking at the the language of the op-ed
I think is useless to look at because
it’s a ghostwriter if we did like we did

remember when primary colors came out
and they actually compared the writing
and through a software program and
discovered that it was Klein that wrote
that book I believe that would be
useless in this regard because ghost

writers write for dozens and dozens of
people it’s not going to get us any
closer we’ll be able to identify the
ghostwriter but then we’d have to get
the ghost writer tell us who this person
is all right are you thinking it’s a

matter of days weeks or months I’ll tell
you this I think that first of all this
person will never admit it because and
in my mind the author of this op-ed

believes that she is a hero to the
American people that she should be
president instead of an instead of
Donald Trump and in my mind I believe
that the president should move forward

with a team of people to discover who
this is but the President himself should
focus on the midterms because we’re
going down a rabbit hole know by
gaslighting the president of believing

his closest aides with those clever
words dropping us off at our plotting
against him they’re they’re sending him
down a rabbit hole instead of off on to
the hustings where he should be
campaigning for replica Republican

candidates so that we keep the house and
embolden the Senate in support of the
president’s policies if he if he focuses
on this instead of the campaign trail
we’re in real trouble all right well he
said she that was pretty obvious okay

well so I just kind of did a few things
here to kind of
you know for one thing the the writer
was a professional or to ghostwrite who
ever was but they had the idea of

putting these little phrases in which we
spotted when we read the letter mm-hmm
lodestar in the rest of it so the thing
was very well structured was structured
professionally at a level word that was
like not it was non-trivial as high-end

then it was printed by the New York
Times which is connected to different
agencies already

and they took it no problem right I mean
there’s no way no it’s sure to get
busted there’s a connection in New York
Times and there’s one head of one of
these major operations in the government

who has a journalism degree
who is this Gina Haspel yeah that would
make sense because the connection with

CIA she’s tightly connected to Brennan
he did said only nice things about her
coming in very good point
CSU CIA it’s it’s the DIA the the
defense against the spooks

we know this we know this is where it’s
at oh yeah I can see that lodestar would
work and you know and she has a military
background as well and that that might
be something she would say

good for her
we’ll put it on her epitaph good for
Eugenia hmm I don’t know what they’re

gonna do this thing that’s going on
there which is kind of I’m thinking
about writing about it but not much to
write about but there’s reorg that
they’re doing at the CIA which is where
they’re getting rid of trying people

when they’re recruiting heavily she’s
out everywhere recruiting so there is a
I mean the CIA did if you recall that
Trump gave a speech to the CIA regulars
yes he is campaigning yeah that was

right after ever all how dare he do that
in front of the wall though all with all
the stars yeah there was that but he got
a you know seems like a warm reception I

wonder if a half those people are still
working there that went to see Trump
speak so there’s it just makes a lot of
sense that it would it’s a she by the

way that’s a good mention yeah and
there’s only so many she’s and most of
them are like Betsy DeVos I don’t think
she brings a letter yeah or they hit or
the woman that’s a head of Health and

Human Services
yes doesn’t seem likely and so did it
just fits and then gene is brought in
some of our own people which are X

Brennan people and they’re continuing
the Brennan program of modernization if
you look into it it’s the creation of
this new data the DDI
mmm it’s a new department that
everything’s gonna be centralized so now

if you want to out some spooks you can
it’s alright there’s just have to hack
does one one group
mmm-hmm and you can get rid of all these
guys in the field I mean you have to

remember that it was it was Petraeus and
Brennan and one other guy that we’re all
in office in 2010 under the Obama
administration trying to that gut like
20 guys executed in China the entire

China yeah all our guys car guys
yeah and gals and who was running the
CIA at the time it was these Obama hacks
here that like remember I had found the

clip of trumpet the CIA I want to listen
just see if there’s anything there
sure like if Tom Brady’s on the cover
it’s one time because you won the Super
Bowl or something right 15 times this
year I don’t think that’s a record Mike

that can never be broken do you agree
with it what do you think but I will say
that they said it was very interesting
that Donald Trump took down the bust the

statue was just that was just all the
campaign shit yeah nothing there like
nothing nothing there I think that’s a
very very that’s a big possibility turn

that’s fun good by the way avoid zero
and serve em Rose have already delivered
the answer to me

that Microsoft the way they captured the
domain is they go to the feds and then
the feds I guess they get a court order
and they served a court order against
Verisign and was a very big registrar

and they turned the DNS over but they
turn it over to Microsoft which that
part I’m a little unsure about how that
works it’s like what turn it over to me
and forward it to the no agenda show I

mean come on yeah totally racist can’t
believe those guys alright I got a beef
with John Cleese and the main crux of my

John Cleese of Monty Python Fame and
many many I got in about he’s leaving
Great Britain to move no no no he needs
to leave because I’ve seen him on four
shows now I’m leaving I’m leaving I’m

getting out I’m leaving he’s breck
sitting brexit I’m leaving and then so
now he’s on the morning show of his BBC
or channel 4 and he’s I’m leaving
there’s a couple of oddities we need to

discuss first the reason why he’s
leaving why he’s decided he’s gonna be
boycotting Britain so you’re leaving us
I’m gonna buzz off in in November
because I’m fed up with the corruption

in this country and in particular with
just how all the newspapers are and how
the way the way which the censor news
make sure that people in England
certain things a particularly anything

critical to them because I don’t think
you can run a democracy until you have
reasonably reliable information out
there to help people make up their minds
how they’re gonna vote could you think

in one sense of the nice thing about
this country is that people can express
all sorts of opinions and were able to
do that which isn’t true and other
countries around the world well it’s
probably not doing Russia or Myanmar or
someone like that but I don’t think I

mean what people don’t know for example
is that quite recently the European
broadcasting Union did a poll of 33
European countries and they asked a
thousand people in each country what’s

your level of trust in the printed media
and England UK it came bottom that was
very loud not very low bottom one flute

no this is almost the same story four
years in a row we have the press that’s

the least trusted press in in Europe now
it’s the same story but the next piece
is different from his usual appearances
because now he’s starting to piss me off

remember what he just said is the press
is horrible in the UK where the bottom
were the bottom of the road 33 which is
nice little number there like that
bottom where the bottom four you’re

moving too close to these states and
where other your work is but of course
they have quite an interesting leader
over there as well.did would you think
that the people the political situation
he does that appeal to you more over

their job oh no no no I wouldn’t go to
America at the moment of the places
stark staring mad okay please noted Bru
I mean the first time that Trump has

ever spoken to an intelligent audience
that wasn’t dependent now remember he
just was very clear how poorly the news

is communicated let’s see what he’s
about to say on his patronage was at the
United Nations General Assembly two or
three days ago when they laughed at him

that’s the first time he’s ever spoken
to an intelligent audience normally he
comes very well with that though you
have to salute me
comeback was better he’s come back right
the way yes but that’s well revealed Ben
it’s true that he said a nice remark he

said I wasn’t expecting yeah but the
fact that the leader of the free world
in quotes talks to the United Nations
about his great achievements and they

all laugh at him that’s important now is
that exactly what happened
John C Dvorak no we played the actual
real clip from the United Nations is

that’s not what happened so here’s the
guy bitching about the press and the way
the press is the one who reported it
that yeah yeah but then this is this is
his truth and he’s laughing and hey I’m

boycotting you I’m boycotting Monty
Python I’m boycotting Python the code
screw you encoding in Python coding in
Python anymore he did they did do

something which he complied with which I
have to say I’m surprised away you’re
right I played this clip is the almost
word-for-word almost word-for-word and
about a month ago it’s like a scripted

bit it’s the same appearance over and
over again and the first one was when
the mic fell off we didn’t even play the
clips then anyway so then they do
something which I find very rude is yet

we have a comedian on or funny person
hey before you go tell us a joke which
is it’s so rude you know I’ve seen
people go up to singers and hey sing
something for me can’t you just kiss my

you know anyway they do it and he
complies and it was pretty good now just
before we go Joe keys you’ve got to give
us a joke to end to joke
when I heard last week which I really

love is how can you tell whether someone
is a vegan because they tell you thank a
few people for helping us out

starting with sir Uncle David and I had
the retired old farts in Las Vegas
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from Uncle Dave and Uncle Dave was one
of the old main stays on the Dvorak blog
he used to work in the gaming industry
Oh Oh in Vegas yeah yeah he used to use
I he’s got good information from him

although other matters have been in the
news lately I thought you might be
interested in my travels in the medical
insurance land it’s almost been six
month anniversary of my insane car
accident that is still Marvel Marvel

that having survived the Thursday before
I bought a newer used car on Friday I
retired from my job and on Monday I set
up for a road trip the next morning I
was driving along just fine next thing I
remember I woke up wondering what

happened to my car which was lying on
his side all airbags deployed windows
and sunroof smashed in front of what was
left of the car I think was a boulder
huh Wow get hit by boulders talk about

what are the chances the hyper troll cut
me out of the car and I was airlifted by
helicopter to the hospital where I

stayed for 10 days with a fractured
sternum broken ribs and a broken wrist
lacerated kidney and lacerated spleen
and assorted other injuries bowing
I’m healed up now just a minor pain and

lack of strength in my wrist and some
pain in my knees I’ve had enough MRIs
cat scans and related stuff to last me
for more than a while luckily after
retiring still a year away from Medicare

I signed him to continue my company’s
insurance via Cobra said though it seems
a scam the insurance company’s website
provides a page that luckily my total
out-of-pocket co-pays were only about

$1,700 if I hadn’t had the insurance
that would have been on the hook for
nearly 170,000 jeez Wow
and he’s on the mend now everything’s
okay yeah and he talks about the

negotiated rates because we talked about
this on the show negotiated rents is
this thirty cents of the dollar yeah
something like that yeah he goes on it
was along the exposition I may put this
in the newsletter okay anyway luckily I

had good health insurance I had to pay
for the whole not negotiated rate
$170,000 for the helicopter cost most of
this hospital and everything else had no
way to be retired now who I’m able to

afford to donate thanks for what you
guys do as I always say don’t always
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does but it’s refreshing to hear you on
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love and life for the best podcast in

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lovin it would drop the mattress extra s
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remember the P yeah New York cable TV
had extra the extra yeah let’s see I got
the brain-eating ameba clip let’s do it

I mean brain-eating ameba nice does it
need an intro nah known officially as
neglectful arey it lives in warm
freshwater enters the body through the

nose and though cases of infection are
rare almost always proves fatal while
it’s unclear where 29 year old Fabrizio
stable came into contact with the amoeba
a Waco Texas surf park he visited prior

to falling ill is
being inspected by the CDC after stable
returned home he complained of a severe
headache and soon after experienced
fever in brain swelling he was declared
brain-dead on September 21st just five

days after the headache appeared wow you
should have played that right after I
told you I was wake surfing here in
Austin I definitely got some some Lake
Lake Travis in my nose yeah did you get

a headache now that you mention it let’s
stick in Texas for more stupid news it’s
raised interest and concern a business
that would rent robot sex dolls a

franchise of Canadian based kinky dolls
planning its first u.s. location to have
been located in the Galleria area as
stunning some neighbors

you know I think is somewhat sexist and
probably rude to always always assign
these stories to the women reporters

because you know they gotta be galled by
this whole thing me they can female dumb
in just in general well it’s not like we
don’t assign the black lives matter
stories to the african-american

journalists because we do yeah well I
don’t know if it’s okay mmm okay it’s a
good point by the way the sexy doll
company whatever they’re called they

also have male dolls yeah rather
intimidating I might add I was very
shocked I can’t imagine that they would
allow this type of business Wow listen
to this fry this is great

she almost sounds like what’s-her-face
bored no no from the times former time
New York Chinese woman yes her name the
birth of the original Berkley Hummer

yeah stunning some neighbors well I was
very shocked I can’t imagine that they
would allow this type of business to go

into this area of town much less
anywhere in Houston the location wasn’t
released by the company Jill Abramson
doesn’t know permits filed with the city
but Wednesday

Public Works inspectors were alerted to
this building on Richmond and chimney
rock saw work in progress in an office
space without proper permits they
red-tagged it ordered work to stop by

then the property manager had already
ordered the would-be tenants out he says
two men told him they were opening an
art gallery a statement today from the
property managers attorney reads after a

few days passed my client discovered the
true nature of the business and never
agreed to signing a lease for what was
misrepresented as an art gallery my
client wants no part in this story or

any association with any type of
sexually oriented business entity key
dolls for comments no response yet it’s
possible another Houston location will

be sought but it’s already on the radar
by public works at a petition drive
opposing the business so this was the
brothel to propose the Roper gallery and

they’re not robots they’re just
dolls then out gobots but if there’s
nothing personal if if guys want to go
to a place of business where you insert

your penis into some rubber who cares
it’s not prostitution it’s not illegal
is it illegal in the illegal business
too lewd and as I said the savea’s Wow

yeah that would qualify I guess but this
is an obvious PR move by the kinky doll
company it’s not like the kinky doll

brothel company
come on yeah
I don’t know what to make it look pretty
good I have known that one to judge I
just if that’s what guys want to do

power to him Wow I don’t know about the
power to impart you said hey hey hey so
I got something cool over here kids come

take a look at my school bag yeah hey
hey hey hey girls what’s up in listening
to democracy now so I knew that we in
any one show they’re gonna find
something to blame on global warming yes

you know the global warming people they
went around saying you we’re not
reporting enough on this you’re not
mentioning it enough you should mention
it on every newscast they did that

looking they went around a lot of these
pressure groups running around these
reporting operations is that you should
it should be mentioned on every newscast
nobody paid any attention to him except
democracy now if people volcano on the

island of Sulawesi where Friday’s
earthquake occurred has erupted spewing
volcanic ash into the air further
complicating rescue efforts from the
tsunami and earthquake meanwhile

scientists are warning that rising sea
levels due to climate change will make
future tsunamis like last week’s
disaster even more destructive yeah yeah
that’s right I’m looking out the window

again and how are the mud flats johner
they’re changed all the other day they
wish they were extended way out to the
bay I don’t know there must have been a

super low tide how can that be how can
that be
it makes no because Australia is a
sponge because of what’s happening in
Greenland right now the maps of the
world will have to be redrawn

this is what would happen the San
Francisco back
all right San Francisco Bay still good
mudflats still in order everything’s

okay yep very nice you know I am I’ve
tried to get an understanding of the
u.s. MCA the NAFTA replacement u.s MCA
yeah that joke that’s me yeah that joke

was amazing it’s made on MSNBC of all
places I can’t believe you did it
because the former New York banker was

talking about it mockingly no nothing
really changed said well wait a minute
what I haven’t read it I can is can we
actually read this thing is it is it is

it legible for mere mortals or does it
is it one of these we’re in Article 39
section 2 5 BC the word they will be
changed to Z and if it’s one of those

it’s going to be very difficult to parse
I really want to understand what the
changes are and I what I do understand
is that more vehicles will have to
produce more vehicles that would have

been made in Canada Navia or Mexico have
to be created here and then the bank
goes like any put a TTP thing in there I
guess insinuating that I don’t know the

TPP was good which is the Mexica Mexican
minimum wage
and the banker goes no Republican would

ever want minimum wage for anything I
said what point did you not this guy
talk yes exactly like that at what point
did you think Trump was a Republican

well yeah and I nail them with that be
like oh okay
have another rich stripe
yeah I’d like to read it I’d like to
understand what what the changes are and

you know we can sell cheese for you know
y’all said and we can sell cheese to
Canada I know the dairy stuff but he was
mocking about us hey man I need to read

it I don’t know I don’t know if was
NAFTA I don’t know this I don’t know
what I do know he has Brian II read it
no please if I could find it I’d read it

but I did I don’t see anything of any
use yet
um have briney read it she’s too busy
doing stand-up you’ve ruined her the
story went around that I really was

desperate for a clip because these
things are just much better with a clip
the University of Manchester yeah I’d
love to see a clip of this yeah I still
find the story to be something of a
practical joke or something well I did

find a BBC story but they done the video
in a very weird way where instead of
asking the question the question was
just in a title and then the answer so

it makes for clipping makes it very
complicated I hate day RT does that
constant yeah and it’s ruins marshes to
kill the Clippers well it’s working but

I’ve still done some work on this from a
couple of seconds so one student of
Manchester who I guess was in some kind
of student body that came up with this
they decided to ban clapping and from

now on instead of clapping we will do a
jazz hands jazz hands which is you have
to wear big white gloves yes and you

have to rotate yes we basically you put
your hands in the air you just rotate
them like you’re clapping which well
here is a here’s this interview it can
trigger issues for students who have

autism sensory issues and deafness and
it can discourage them from being
present at those events so the whole
reason for this taking place is because
it could frighten deaf people being a

person with some deafness myself and
like no but you have anxiety or
triggering for applause which is a part
of life applause is a part of life

everywhere in your life and it is
typically a happy I think they’re
depriving people of happiness and
support and and showing it’s something
human beings do together like birds when

they fly left or right and you see the
flock of birds go humans will start to
clap and we do the wave we do all kinds
of things is a beautiful human
there you go yeah and you know when you

don’t clap then I think the people just
not even gonna be cheering oh yeah it’s
confusing you know the clap it comes

together but you look like retards which
visually looks like this people have
more informally heard it referred to as
jazz hands but that is the official
British sign language version of popping

do you know other people have got
hearing difficulties who would bother I
don’t so this is a deaf kid and they
show him from behind first with his
hearing aid so I don’t know if how bad

it is but he’s got this similar hearing
aids to what I have and so now they’re
saying hey you know yeah just talking to
the guy and ask very interesting yet
importantly the people who’ve got
hearing difficulties who it would bother

I don’t personally so I don’t know very
other many students who have sort of the
same issues because there’s not that
many deaf children there but I kind of
wonder who this is for them well a
little bit yeah it’s supposed yeah but

yeah I mean if there are those who do
experience those problems I would like
that I think we find to implement it as
a policy so the BBC could not find a
child who actually was bothered by the

clapping for which this policy was
implemented they could not find a single
one they don’t know there probably isn’t
why find that with this ever become an
issue but then I think somebody did this

as a joke well here’s the real question
if you remove the clapping and you only
do jazz hands what do the poor blind
students do I think that that is

very important issue that you raised I
think that where we are at the moment in
this conversation this is the solution
that we currently have against the blind

this is bigotry it’s just about the
blind people if if this happened in
murca the a DA should be on that yeah

this is not okay they have no ques no Q
app because we know what’s going on and
then they completely build Bolivia’s to
what’s going on this is Divya and you’re

ruining okay but more importantly you’re
removing a very important human
experience that can only be done and you
don’t know these other people you’re
doing something together it’s fantastic

this isn’t super bad super bad this is
going nowhere it says maybe I agree I
think it’s dumb it’s laughable and it’s
gonna go nowhere cuz nobody’s gonna put
up with this crash some point people go

nuts to you I’m clapping if I feel like
unacceptable I tell you
unaccept well I’ll tell you about
unacceptable here we go yes this is the
just this was glossed over I had to go

do some research because of all people
Amy Goodman’s giving this report and she
does choke up in the middle of the
report and I think I left it choking up
in Jews but she doesn’t even comment on

this and they never do comment on this I
think it’s an abomination this is the
woman the women winning the Nobel Prizes
in Canada University of Waterloo

professor Donna Strickland will share
the Nobel Prize for Physics for her work
on creating advanced laser Strickland is
just the third woman ever to win a Nobel
physics prize and the first since 1963
Strickland’s Prize comes just three

weeks after astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell
Burnell was awarded the special
breakthrough prize in fundamental
physics fifty years after she made a
historic astronomical discovery only to
have her male adviser take credit and

receive the Nobel Prize for her work
Bell Burnell will donate her three
million dollars award to fund
scholarships for women refugees and
other underrepresented groups okay this
name some names I have I have the paper

here oh this woman a dame by the way
Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell hmm this was
in 1967 she’s fairly old Betsy but she’s
a dame of the Order of the British

Empire hmm let me read this and I got
the names of the guy that get the creep
that stole her material and the irony is
the guy said she’s full of shit
Oh real Brunel was a doctoral student at

physics at Cambridge when she first
noticed a series of mysterious highly
irregular blips and the irregular blips
and a readout of a radio telescope in
1967 further observations showed that

the pulses were occurring 1.3 seconds
every one point three seconds creating
barely perceptible squiggles in her data
bell burnell’s adviser Anthony Hewish
was at first skeptical of the findings

dismissing them as artifacts in her
readings but Bell Burnell was certain it
was not just artificial noise in early
68 her work paid off with the
publication of the first scientific

paper documenting pulsars she found them
and it goes on it whether another graph
net says here the discovery of pulsars
was such a big deal that in 1974 Hewish
the guy who told us she’s full of crap

shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for it
alongside fellow astronomer Martin rile
it was the first time the prize had ever
been awarded to the field of in the

field of astronomy first time ever but
Bell burnell’s contributions to the
breakthrough find went unmentioned this
is disgrace Amy just restr this is more

of a disgrace than the bullcrap these
hearings and this this woman Ford and
her phony rape let me what her real or
imagined imagination of like almost

raped she never got raped I mean it
seems to me that this is a bigger deal
this is the kind of thing that women
should be like sure but I was about now
but now they don’t even get named this

Hewish guy and the other one I mean
there was an abomination
my point but she did get one and they
didn’t give her for her original pulse

or stuff cuz there did they take the
nobel away from the other guys I think
they should have
you’re like Milli Vanilli yeah same
thing anyway I found a very annoying and
I found it annoying the way it was

nothing yeah not no names were named and
then me the big you know social justice
warrior just blows through the story and
goes onto something else
mhm very very annoying

I have it’s probably that Tory that’s
probably the reason Tory I have gonna
see a couple clips left here oh yes
being a vapor myself I tracked the the

vapage what’s going on you know Dexter
of course in the in Gitmo nation east
has his illiquid company kids gone from
you know delivering weed and Domino’s

pizza boxes to he has like 15 employees
very proud of Dexter
so I’ve you know honey a piece of the
action you’re always promoting him no I
get no piece of the action I should give

you a gave a couple points one points
from Dexter I think Christina and her
girlfriend have chosen him as the father
for their child or something so I got to
be nice to her I know don’t need don’t

get me started on these kids yeah um I’m
okay with it though a smart kid it’s
good it’s pretty cute cute boy so what
is happening now is the FDA and we’ve

been filing this on CNBC they seem to be
all over it are making noise about the
liquids the e liquids and of course it’s
horrible because where it you know it’s

a gateway to cigarettes and notice how
they never call it vaping or but you ask
any kid what are you smoking will they
say an e-cigarette oh let’s say a vape
or jewel which is the kind of the us be

chargeable thing the kids are using
these days I no longer smoke to Matt
tobacco products is not combustible
because I’ve learned that term I vape

and it actually helped me get off of the
cigarettes and you can get these eliquid
in a variety of tastes and aromas and

with or without nicotine now nicotine
itself is not a for bohtan substance
it’s not highly regulated is it junk
that I’m not aware of this thing go buy

some nicotine pills at Walgreens yeah
over-the-counter yeah so nicotine is and
a patch five patches and put them all on
at once lick one at the same time I’ve

hit press it against the roof of your
mouth with your tongue exactly but
they’re making this out to be like these
eliquid guys and really it’s kind of a

bathtub cottage industry people who are
doing this and there’s no real major
brands and what you’re about to hear is
right what you’re about to hear is it’s
the FDA Commissioner what’s his name

scott godly and he is pretty much
shilling for big tobacco because the big
tobacco companies see this coming down
broadway they want to be the sole guys
in this business and i think it was two

years ago i said you watch they’re gonna
come in and you have to file the some
kind of you know medically or some kind
of a food report or whatever for every
single flavor you create everything you

do everything you change and i’m not
quite sure if they have the authority to
do this at all but here’s the report on
CNBC well we have access to early data
right now that we’re going to make
public very soon that shows us that the

proportion of high school teenagers
using e-cigarettes has reached nothing
short of an epidemic level in my view
and it requires us to step in and
automatic action to try to curtail yeah

we have data coming very soon where’s
the data coming the fda is real real big
on the data that’s all fair and and
makes sense you know we’ve long said
that we see certain benefits potentially

from the e-cigarette products for adult
smokers who want to migrate off
combustible products on to these parts
which presumably don’t have all the
risks associated with them have
presumably don’t have all the risk it’s
got a lot of weasel words guy is a

weasel he’s a total douche and he’s all
this is for big tobacco and it’s really
disturbing how CNBC laps it up who and
this woman is it was about to speak to
she’s not a smoke there’s no crap about

position but it cannot come at the
expense of fucking whole generation of
kids onto nicotine
hooking a whole generation of kids on to
nicotine really now and eventually on to
tobacco products it’s a gateway drug so

unfortunately in order to close the
on-ramp to kids we’re gonna have to
narrow that off-ramp for adults and the
thing we’re looking at right now the Han
ramp off ramp is removing the flavors
the characterizing flavors from the

e-cigarette products removing the
flavors and she chimes him that makes
I mean it never made sense to me the
idea the argument that adults who are
trying to quit smoking would suddenly

turn to vaping for flavors like mango or
donut or pineapple yes yes yes yes that
is exactly what’s happening and if the
kids love the she said it’s not

happening she’s full of baloney the kids
love these flavors and they’re not
necessarily getting them with nicotine
you can get all these flavors without

nicotine a lot of kids don’t want the
nicotine they just it’s a it’s an oral
fixation whatever it is it’s an on-ramp
to smoking and of course they’d love to
then switch out a cartridge and put a
little weed in there also all for it but

no no this is then what this is a
throwback to the candy cigarettes that’s
what this is remember that jar you used
to buy a pack of candy cigarettes and
they became socially unacceptable yes in

the fourth grade fifth grade candy
stickers are very popular and they had
they had labels that look like real
tobacco cigarettes and people would you
know have this you know yeah it was

chewing gum or chocolate it was a
different kind they were tasty and and
and of course it kids with the with
tobacco products of quietly smoked that

we know of no I never smoked I never
smoked cigarettes and I’ve never and I
did I remember candy cigarettes and I
liked them they’re very taste so anyway

so notice what they’re doing they’re not
in the clip has a little more to it then
what they are they’re going after people
who make flavors now the flavors is
really what all this this cottage

industry has is known for there’s
fantastic brands and very interesting
taste and it’s food I mean it’s a food
industry if you look at it there are

definitely the propofol or not propofol
whatever propylene whatever it’s called
the stuff that that you need as a base
to create the vape the vapor yeah it can

affect you because I think it can give
you uh to make you poop a lot maybe but
yeah it’s not have a brand called poop a

this is the kind this is what’s so great
about this industry you could have a
poop alot brand people be oh this is
cool I want that and they’ve you know
the labels are great and this is what
Dexter has become very successful with
but they’re not going after the devices

they’re not going after the nicotine
providers know let’s go after the kids
who are making up all these cool little
flavors that seems like it’s entirely
designed to lure in non-smokers and new

and new customers well look it may be
the case that the flavors do help some
adults transition off of combustible
tobacco that they must kill to adults as
well but what we’re gonna say to the

companies those flavors are on the
market but for an active enforcement
discretion by the FDA we’re allowing
them to stay on the market without
filing applications seeking approval to
have those flavored products on the

well we what we’re contemplating doing
and we’re given the make the
manufacturers some time to come back to
us but but what we’re working on right
now is a plan where we were to require
these companies to have to file
applications with the FDA demonstrating

that the flavored products have a net
public health benefit that that they’re
going to entice more adult smokers to
quit combustible tobacco and move on to
a cigarette commercials and see more
young kids on to these nicotine products

no it’s closer to a million dollar
flavor and notices yeah this whole thing
is an example of the problem with
government today’s government

over-regulation this is over-regulation
that the Republic is always bitching
about but meanwhile this goes through
with Trump as president and this is the
kind of thing that did this this is
extra legal enforcement of laws that are

only done by bureaucracies I had worked
for one of these operations and they
which is the way the government works
nowadays they give the authority to the
FDA to make their own rules make their

own laws when laws are only supposed to
be made by Congress
the states yeah but no no they’re made
by these these agencies and they’re
usually made on behalf of some some
organization like Big Tobacco the whole

system is corrupt and this guy should be
run out of town she should he should be
roundly criticized by the reporter
instead of her agreeing with everything
he says oh you’re wrong exactly a nose

thing they notice he says you know we’re
giving the manufacturers you have the
manufacturers are all gonna come back
and then the other in this question and
answer period and they’ll be yes we

agree we think we should have this very
strict policy to push all the other kids
out who have made this industry yeah we
show that no agenda snow sticks stays
behind the people that have something to

do with that we knowing them that’s what
we stand for it’s all about Dexter I got
some points on the back end John sounds

like hey John I got some points on the
back end of the vape liquid it’s our
exit finally it’s here get some points
man I have one I have a couple s cuz I
have one that I think is probably worth

playing alright and this is the one
where Trump says you’re not thinking
you’re an idiot
woman reporter this is the whole clip
and you can tell he’s just being Trump

he calls on some woman from CNN I think
and he lets her ask a question at a
press briefing about about the new US
and well I’d like to say something about

this this press conference in general
because I actually caught this one the
entire thing I heard it live and it was
miss reported as usual by MSNBC etc they
oh he didn’t want to talk about kavanah

I didn’t want to talk about Kavanagh but
that’s not what happened the first
question from the first reporter he
called on started on Kavanagh and he
said no no let’s talk about was it the
USMC a USMC a which apparently Jared

Kushner pushed that through that was I’m
looking into that story and and you know
that every other reporter was saying
well I have a question about Kelly said

look we’ll do them later first about
this Danny did them late
and he did them later but it was
reported he didn’t want to talk about it
but yeah and then so he was pissed off
about everyone’s asking him the same

question over and over again and this
happened she shocked that I picked her
know like in a state of shock I’m not
thinking that’s okay I know you’re not

thinking you never do no go ahead homo
says what was really bad it was horrible
it was horrible well he’s he’s the

director he’s the producer he’s the
yeah he’s the dish DS the distributor

he’s got the full no never mind just go
on you want me to play the role aspire
it’s almost like these aren’t the bots
you’re looking for you know that scene
in the old Star Wars movie do you want

to play the rest of the clip for some
reason yeah play the whole thing as you
get in go ahead a tweet this weekend mr.
president you said that it’s incorrect
to say you’re limiting the scope of the
FBI investigation what does that have to

do with straight well I don’t mind
answering the question but you know I’d
like to do the trade I do it the other
headline in the news which is the can oh
but I know but how about talking about
trade and then we’ll get to that we’ll
do that a little bit later you think

that anybody have a trade your treat
deal will pass through Congress sir I
think so but you know if it doesn’t we
have lots of other alternatives but I do
think so I think if they’re fair which
is a big question but if it’s fair on

both sides the Republicans love it
industry loves it our country loves it
if it’s fair it will pass I think it’ll
pass easily really easily because it’s a
great deal I mean NAFTA passed it’s one

of the worst deals I’ve ever seen
inconceivable that it was made fair
question any other questions I’ll get
back here in the other I’d like to go
forward with my Kavanagh question let’s
do that later

yeah insist yeah I am
oh well maybe Sunday will be no-trump
day it’s not possible unlikely it says

10 probably what are you gonna do these
guys it’s all they do we think it’s
truck news and half the news we have the
deconstructors got to do with trunk
there’s no i’ll talk about this other

stuff this global warming going on we
will return on Sunday with another
episode of the No Agenda show looking
forward to that remember us at Dvorak

org slash na and until then coming to
you from downtown Austin Texas capital
of the drone star state FEMA region six
on the governmental maps in the five by

nine to do in the common law condo in
the morning everybody a Madame Curie
from northern Silicon Valley where I
should mention that the last show the
Zephyr came by three hours late and I’m
still waiting for the Trump tweet or not

sweet but notification I’m John C Dvorak
keep waiting my friend keep waiting
until Sunday everybody as always adios

exposed clean Andres is talking to us

about single sex schools I don’t know is

is your school single sex there’s a
co-ed it’s kind of it’s co-ed okay
adults typically finish these what were
responsible for this
and Kyle Kaiser who said she believes

Ford says Terry tell


yes saying all manner are creeps or

empowering them to be able to have that
voice in rubber
yeah yeah we was going it’s hurtful and
Sundra voice never be expectations or

girls and so
my god can you see that fantastic
fantastic fantastic

respect respect respect respect very
very large



who was telling the truth what was a

chorus grasp their country the lasagna
of Lhasa you know what you did they
popped out and both parties are in

danger danger technology is the big
question whether or not it is making it

people smears the sports with the
character assassination and frankly the
bludgeoning of visionary person what was
a reality

got facts and that we’ve got feelings
those would be one people all right and
boo thing is not flatulence you know

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