No Agenda Episode 1075 “CIA Paid Me”

pure method let us know Adam curry
Jhansi Devorah this is your
award-winning divination media
assassination episode 1075 this is no
agenda curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where I now have my Costco blue

card now I have become a member of
Costco recently yeah what is this blue

card is this a club within the club no I
found it in a drawer this is the blue
Costco blue card is the card before they
merged with Price Club okay it’s still

valid or do they stop you at the
entrance well it doesn’t have a magnetic
strip or anything and this is the number
I guess you’re supposed but you had to
describe it there’s a number that
scribbled on it that I guess they’re

supposed to punch in and then there’s a
picture of me which is an actual photo
looks like it was taken with the
Polaroid and then scotch tape to the
back of the card nice so I mean it says
it’s just really like apparently a very

early days
mrs. Costco Wholesale gold-card
membership and it’s a blue card some
gold stripes on it so you’re gonna go

try now
can I try it outrageous item you can try
it out later you’re gonna take it take
it in and take well I don’t think
they’ll accept it they will maybe they
will but I’m gonna flash it to CLT let
me flashing this at ya nice

hmm says Costco man says Cusk okay you
read and actually I have somewhere in
another drawer one of the original

Costco price club cars where it says
Costco it is more like the modern card
says Costco price club when they merged
they then left the price club name on it

I think you should go to Costco after
the show and then just had lighter
outside you know she flashing your cards
everybody let’s see if you get any

friends look just pointing this out
because this is one of the benefits of
being an archivist yes it’s another
collectible in the archive of Jhansi
Dvorak where the C stands for collecting

shit and lots of it well let’s see you
know it didn’t happen the way I thought

it would I’m very disappointed in my
futuristic vision well I came closer
with by predicting that Murkowski would
vote B the no vote
but then she reneged yeah with that I’m

there were two R innings there was she
said I’m present then there was the
Republican who was at his daughter’s
wedding because you know there’s nothing

more important than being at your
daughter’s wedding of course
and because of huh well she made a
comment about this she said she voted
present to balance his vote no no that

was that was that was not Murkowski yeah
that was Murkowski who then who withdrew
her vote Murkowski said that if he was

here he would have voted yes okay yes
she would have voted no and it would
ended and it would have canceled each
other I would have cancel each other out
so I am voting president I’m not gonna
make a vow see that’s but that’s not

entirely true because votes are not
binary you have an abstention option
that’s true or not they had she said and
I think she’s right

it wouldn’t make any difference in the
totals the fact that he would pass was
what her point was and so she felt it
obliged to be a good Republican yeah and
and balanced his vote yeah I thought it

was like a way of getting out of it of
course it was that’s a good one it was a
good trick yeah yeah well I’m I’m not
happy he’s in you know you don’t like to

go I mean throughout this entire process
I’ve learned a lot about this guy that I
really don’t like and a lot of
unconstitutional opinions and decisions
certainly Act the Patriot Act kind of

guy is a Yale bush patriot act kind of
guy not like and yeah but you know
depending on what happens they still

might go after him still mind tried to
get him out don’t say whoa oh yeah
they’re talking about impeachment right
away it’s impeachable oh yeah oh they’re
gonna they’re gonna crank that up no

they’re not not nut you know you got one
month to crank up then it’s over because
then the elections are done it’s gonna
go on here about anymore of course not
of course but so we have the I mean the

classic example is is I think I have the
Schumer clip here where is this this is
Schumer went on and on about why this is
a Kavanagh Schumer wrap the Schumer goes

on and on and on because one thing a
very well-structured and then he’s no
good because of this and then he’s no
good because of that but when he gets to
the end of his little spiel yeah to wrap
things for them for the damage this is

before this is before the vote right his
last little spiel they were intent on
shrouding the truth because they knew
that if the truth came to light

judge Kavanagh would be exposed as a
truly flawed nominee so show my
colleagues my fellow Americans what is
the appropriate response our country

needs to have a reckoning on these
issues and there is only one remedy
change must come from where change in
America always begin

the ballot box so two Americans the so
many millions who are outraged by what
happened here there’s one answer vote
and believe dr. Ford and other brave

women who came forward days channeling
Obama with this and you want to
vindicate their sacrifice vote if you
believe the Supreme Court should uphold

women’s rights vote if you believe the
Supreme Court must protect health care
and our pre-existing conditions that are
protected now vote does anyone in in

Senate or in the house representatives
believe that this type of speech
actually works well I was gonna ask you
about funny you say that because I was

gonna ask after he’s done with his vote
though is does he think worse than that
or more I think more poignant than that
does he think any was actually listening
to this well that was the next point I

was going to make it was like there’s
like six thousand viewers of c-span at
any one time I’m one of them well and
then the thing that bothers me is you
have this must have been what four or

five hours of you know pontificating and
speeches everyone’s already set they
know what they’re going to vote but
they’ve got that in their heads I don’t
think there’s any last-minute oh yeah
I’m gonna switch this no so it’s all

it’s all for the public’s benefit and do
you get this vault like you know do
something exciting something to really
fire us up know that most of the action
was and I haven’t heard this in a long

time every every time there was a you
know they called someone’s name for a
vote and you know the people in the
gallery would start freaking out that’s
uncommon for the Senate yeah I put
together a little series of some of them

when they started to vote I don’t have
too much I don’t have like three or four
put together this miscellaneous
screaming wait I put it together try to
hear what they were saying

yeah that was that was the downer of

their of what they were doing is he the
voices were so just one being picked up
properly she really couldn’t understand
what they were saying although I think

at one point heard someone say shame and
we all know that one she what I got was
the because I got this from the first
screamer that’s in this little in that

little group and she was the first one
to be thrown out this is before the vote
started and there were some screamers at
that Susan Collins speech but that was
the day before but this day this woman

was thrown out and what she was yelling
was where’s my representation you could
hear these saying I’m here oh just put
it in a second they put it in a second

yeah I could hear it now where’s my
representation yeah and this connected
to there was a flurry of women coming
forward and screaming into a megaphone

about their experiences that were all
negative with men and that what one went
on and on about this easy to forget what
was going on cuz it I got raped you know

a few weeks ago and I can’t remember it
and it went on and on or not actually
none of them groups actually the women
that I heard never got raped they always
got assaulted mm-hmm and mind you

neither did dr. Ford she rains assault
not a lot of assaults and in there in
the get along it along with these women
were these it was some one one I don’t

didn’t clip it cuz these women are just
screaming is kind of boring in this I
was like good but she was going on and
on about representation which I
connected to this other one maybe the
same woman and she said that we have

hundreds of millions of people in this
country and only 100 senators and
they’re really going after the idea of
our republic oh let me tell you I this I
forgot to mention when I went

to drag him through Lake Lake Austin
with the the former New York banker we
also talked about that and he’s all in
on this yeah this is crazy why does
Wyoming have why does Wyoming have two

like are you kidding me yes this is
exactly what they’re saying and I said
that’s so the mob doesn’t rule you know
so California doesn’t tell us what to do
or they gang up with New York and no he
said well that’s just dates back to

racist times with slaves like wow there
were no slit what racist time to his
slaves in Wyoming now he’s about the
three-fifths of a human being for a vote

oh it doesn’t no it’s totally unrelated
I know but that’s what came out of his
Wow yes they’re making inroads creeping

very close to me now I gotta be careful
before you know it unfortunate boating
accident well I had this situation a
couple days ago somebody cuz I went to

this event and I somehow my phone number
got out to this guy some major she’s
kind of a Republican character and he
calls me up and he starts to moan about

stuff he was talking about the no
agendas showing how important it is that
we do deconstruction because nobody does
and he starts talking about the
Republicans and he starts talking about
himself he talked about how they’d lost

the state of California and he’s just
I’m kind of in-between things so I could
listen for a while until I had to
actually hang up on the guy but he made
the comments is why I’ve got to
reconsider you know cuz I could have

been doing more but but you know with my
white privilige he just threw it out
with my white privilige I I can’t do as
much is that what he was saying
yesterday I don’t know what he was
saying but as soon as he said it I

jumped all over my said we don’t we’ll
explain this white privilege to me what
is your white privilege
what is this just giving you to get free
free food you get the what you getting
money what what is it but what’s the
benefit of it and to explain more and he

couldn’t do it and it was just like
somehow this meme got in California it’s
very you know it’s all over the place
but the fact that you get suckered into
these things that like your banker

friend yeah and the idea that you know
there’s no representation cuz there’s
the Senate that has gives two senators
to Wyoming and to to California when
it’s unfair you know well you got tons

of Representatives that’s not that’s you
know that’s normal and in fact in the
olden days we should mention this the
senator because because this began
because the states were freaked out

about this you know this centralized
government they didn’t like the idea
we’re supposed to be a republic not a
one you know centralized operation with
with government police and all the rest

of it in the olden days and it was this
was broken down by the Democrats in the
olden days before I don’t know that this
change but they it’s one of the

amendments of the Constitution they
changed the way of
selecting the senators the senators used
to be picked by the state legislature
right right right right we’ve talked
about this and so your state legislature

would pick the two senators and which I
don’t think would make much of a
difference in today’s climate in
California be the same two people and
they sent them to Washington and people

were bitching well this is not it this
is not fair because the public needs to
vote and so they said oh you know that
was the old cigar field right right just
a bunch of must bring it back to the to
the white privilege part

yeah what well that would be part of
ripe white privilege I guess because
there’s legislators we’ll be running by
will be run by white guys you know it do
you know what this reminds me of kind of
this attitude is Harrison Bergeron from

the Kurt Vonnegut the Kurt Vonnegut to
science fiction short Harrison Bergeron
there’s a there’s a you can find it on
YouTube there’s a little movie was made

of it and this is the this is the the
family who’s at home and you know the
dad is really strong so he has to be
equalized with the rest of humanity so
he has to wear chains when he goes to

work his story it’s a very very and
especially the YouTube video I’ll put it
in the show notes because it’s a good
it’s a good little short you know
science fiction thing but man it’s

coming close to reality it’s like well I
have white privilege so I need to have
some kind of handicap to to to even it
all out yeah well maybe a gunshot wound
it’s yeah now a lot of the protests and

I apologize I thought I had a clip of
some of these protesters chanting in the
hallways and what I found interesting is
everywhere on the social Nets the social

Nets I’m pretty much really only monitor
the Twitter people’s like they’re paid
by Soros paid by Soros like you know
it forget that just just look at these

people there’s that literally there are
leaders they have the bandana around
their arm they’re holding the hand up in
the air like a tour guide like me and
might as well have the little umbrella

with the fuzzy thing on the top yeah or
a long stick this goes beyond people
being paid or not these people are
pre-trained they’re you know they listen
to the whatever the the group leader

says they have to do theirs they’re
standing there repeating their
instructions it’s not they’re not
repeating a slogan sometimes repeating
is slow yeah but but in general I saw a

lot of these clips of people saying I
will go to my to my representatives
office I will go stand in the hallway I
will go stand in the hallway yes this is
organized protest and completely

ineffective but it’s the idea of Soros
is seeping pretty pretty deep if you go
back to the Jeff Flake elevator
confrontation apparently this woman

works for some nonprofit that is Soros
funded and she makes a million dollars a
year a fine whatever but it is seeping
into people’s minds here’s the money

honey on here senator I mean you get
Grassley you’ve had people thrown out of
restaurants you’ve had people shamed and
criticized online and obviously
protesters in your face first off do you
believe George Soros is behind all of

this paying these people to get you and
your colleagues in elevators or wherever
they can get in your face I have
heard so many people believe that I tend
to believe it I believe it fits in his

attack mode that he has and how he uses
his billions and billions of resources I
think it promotes incivility in American
society but I also think that the

resistance that’s been in existence
since November 2016 is headquartered
here on Capitol Hill when you have
Congress form and say that you get in

the face of anybody that’s in the
we have senators say get in the face so
even Grassley’s starting there yeah yeah
that damn Soros which of course ignites

an entire you’re not just old white men
you’re anti-semites that’s what you are
you hate the Jews we’re spiraling we’re
spiralling very very fast you know Maria

Bartiromo is a member of the Council on
Foreign Relations of course she is
more she’s the money honey she’s a
member of en’t she can go wherever she

wants you walks on water
so I do have a couple of ISOs that I
want to get out of the way
okay you said the chanting and stuff oh

okay I realize that I have one good one
of the rest of my crap but I have two
different boos yeah I’m let’s write not
bad no bad next one okay yeah they’re

all right oh the first one I think is
better this little shorter yes but then

the one that that’s the best is we
believe you nice and rhythmic too good
yeah perfect the the most disappointing

outfit during this whole saga has got to
be the American Civil Liberties Union
who I supported for many years and was
it maybe a year and a half ago yeah well

they already scam yeah yeah I was just
calling up and saying Trump’s gonna kill
ya this is this is not what you do just
now the ACLU does stop organizing
protests that’s not what you’re supposed

to do I really like the original mission
of the ACLU and then they came out with
this ad this is before the before the
vote with some interesting mmm but tying
Kavanaugh into an interesting group see

why is it I’m playing here we go we’ve
seen this before
denials from powerful men I did not
I categorically and unequivocally to

deny the allegation against me by dr.
Ford America is watching and as we
choose a lifetime seat on our highest
court integrity matters and we cannot

have any doubt
senator Gardner oppose the confirmation
of Judge Cavanaugh now for those you
didn’t get the voices the first one was
Bill Clinton the second one was Bill
Cosby and then judge Cavanaugh I don’t

like the guy but that’s pretty low
that’s low I mean cause the actual the
convicted felon events of said crimes

that’s that’s real uh yeah of course it
ACLU has been when did that happen that
hijack that might know somebody some dad

knew new management it’s always
management oh I will have to go back and
look at what new management came in yeah
new management’s like that woman at the
I bitched about this woman before the

anagen any clips of her but she was just
a toast or whatever her name is then
took over the economy oh okay now that
makes sense then so she was finally as

she was doing an interview uh on this
stage with ban and Steve Bannon mm-hmm
and it’s this on YouTube it’s very
interesting because she’s just a
globalist from the get going immediately

starts calling him a racist and they had
a hungary’s of races and polish the
Polish Prime Minister’s a racist he just
goes on and on she’s got nuts yeah and

same thing management unison the next
thing you know that kind of is just a
tool of the globalist agenda Sarah
Silverman also weighed in she hasn’t
gotten the memo yet that sophisticated

Hollywood no longer says F Trump
I was unsophisticated Hollywood most of
Hollywood is not on board with that they
saw it didn’t work what Robert De Niro
did but that’s all she has I guess well

our president through another party for
himself another rally full of laughs and
cheering all at the expense of a woman
shared her story of sexual assault
trigger warning on this video for

anybody out there who is human how did
you get home I don’t remember how’d you
get there I don’t remember where is the
place I don’t remember how many years
ago was it I don’t know
upstairs Downstairs where was I don’t

know but I had one beer that’s the only
thing I remember you you know what he’s
not even worth it
he is a void he’s unwell he’s building

an incredible case for an insanity plea
so let me direct this to one group of
people who are actually going to make
this decision senators please believe me

when I say this is no longer a job
interview this is a line in the sand and
you have to pick a side and the side is
no longer Republican or Democrat your

vote is a statement and that statement
is either hell no this is not okay this
is not who we are or it’s telling every
woman every girl every boy every person

that what happens to women’s bodies does
not matter that woman’s truths don’t
matter that you get yourself sexually

assaulted and if you have the nerve to
come forward with it it is a mistake and
the president of the United States will
mock you for it will laugh at you

senators I know that you’re scared and
I’m asking you to be brave to be as
brave as the woman who came forward at

the peril of her entire life because
yours from now you’re going to be asked
if you were at the party and guess what
this is the party all right I gotta go
sorry this wasn’t funny I should smile

more all right be brave be best I’ll be
right back
you know the funny thing about her is
that her material itself belies that
entire speech exactly it’s extremely

rude extra sexual sexist and then she
comes out of this room I do I’m reminded
of the the early era of the mp3 when
some of the richest rap groups hip-hop

artists we’re doing some of the rudest
anti-police the you know the promoting
thievery promoting
beating women up those rappers all the

way I’ve made my point I know all the
stuff that they were doing was all their
negative societally negative and then
they came out oh my god people are
stealing our music well let’s look at

the rest of Hollywood a lot of it on
Twitter Kathy Griffin is also has not

gotten them the memo this is all about
Senator Collins fuck you
lots of Ches lots of oohs and use George
Takei from Star Trek Oz a Buddhist it is

my practice to have compassion for all
people but at senator Collins is really
testing my limits right now
rob reiner let’s see susan collins turns
her back on a woman on women who have

been traumatized by sexual assault
elections have consequences vote well
let’s let’s listen to the beginning I
don’t have the whole thing I don’t want

the whole thing went too long is very
good speech that she gave the day before
the vote
susan collins came out and some of the
perks some aspects of this whole thing
were outlined by her I think very

succinctly and if these idiots can’t
figure out that there was maybe
something more going on here and Susan
Collins doesn’t have to kowtow to the
demands of a bunch of hysterical

yes mr. president the five previous
times that I’ve come to the floor to
explain my vote on the nomination of a

Justice to the United States Supreme
Court I gotta say though if you’re just
looking at this as a young voter you’re
like who is this old bag and just eat

the way she sounds I’m sorry I know it’s
ages but gee we need something which has
a stroke shed a stroke
well that’s sorry it’s just it just
doesn’t work really well to communicate

any kind of message any young person is
tuning this out within seconds well
you’re assuming any young person’s
watching c-span
yeah have begun my floor remarks

explaining my decision with a
recognition of the solemn nature and the
importance of the occasion but today we

have come to the conclusion of a
confirmation process that has become so
dysfunctional it looks more like a

caricature of a gutter level political
campaign than a solemn occasion the
president nominated Brett Kavanaugh on

July 9th within moments of that
announcement special interest groups
raised to be the first to oppose him

including one organization that didn’t
even bother to fill in the judges name
on its pre breath in press release they
simply wrote that they opposed Donald

Trump’s nomination of xx to the Supreme
Court of the United States a number of
senators joined the race to announce

their opposition but they were beaten to
the punch by one of our colleagues who
actually announced opposition before the
nominees identity was even known since

that time we have seen special interest
groups with their followers into a
frenzy by spreading misrepresentations

and outright falsehoods about Judge
Cavanaugh’s judicial record over-the-top
rhetoric and distortions of his record

and testimony at his first hearing
produced short-lived headlines which
although debug two hours later continued
to live on and be spread through social

interest groups have also spent an
unprecedented amount of dark money
opposing this nomination so the problem

that presents us and this is I mean it’s
over now it’s done is kind of boring
that the the the issue for the

Democratic Party the Democrats for is
that they really have no platform of
what they’ve been doing certainly
throughout the Obama years is just look

at the at Obamacare the mandated option
where you have to pay the penalty even
if you don’t if you don’t have health
insurance and they all that went through
the court and we’ve talked about this

instead of actually making laws they
hand stuff off to little agencies like
you know IRS and FDA and everything else
is really hard to do and get something
done they take it to the court and so

they won’t have that option anymore and
I also I think that this is not over
they this realization is going to hit
people and they’re going to there’s
gonna be nastiness I don’t think this is

over by a long shot and I think it’s
no and by the way to answer your
question where today’s kids get their
news from here’s a commercial Martin is
I was only watching news I agreed with I

was only getting news from social media
now I use smart news it has news from
all sides download smart for free today
ah free it’s free what could go wrong

he’s free smart news it’ll be just fine
particularly if fun in this episode is
I’m seeing blame shift for this loss

towards Michael avenatti a stormy
Daniels lawyer who of course came at
that with a third accusation last minute
of gang rape and facilitation of gang

rape here’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press
I guess it’s probably the best thing
that happened I was like Kevin Isaac I
mean all these Democrats that have been

flirting with him they’ve got to really
be embarrassed Susan Collins in that
speech got to the sexual assault
allegation portion of the speech look
how quickly she moved to the Michael
avenatti role in all this if this had

been something over the last week to ten
days where you had the testimony from
Christine Blasi Ford he had the
questions that arose from that and that
was the issue that was being litigated
in his for the court of public opinion

when it came to sexual assault I wonder
if this would have played out any
differently then the Michael avenatti
circus comes to town and it just changes
the nature that the bigot changes the
terms they diluted dr. Ford whatever you

might think it did sort of something
about Michael Evan on him I know we’ll
see how he does know he’s running for

president you know yeah well that’s what
I forget what we had he was another ban
and clip where he was promoting these
losers to be to run against Trump oh

yeah you know the thing is that of a
naughty guy he could he could beat Trump
yeah sure
but it has been a very strange time you

know this I’ve spoken to many women a
lot of women
I’d say it’s not uncommon for a lot of
women in Texas to be on the side of wow

you know we got to be careful with these
accusations because you know that I feel
bad for men now and this is not you know
we got it this is we got to be careful
with this and I have to say I found
myself trained properly trained as a as

a man of the white color and old age did
not even think that way I don’t know if
you I was just like wow you’re actually

saying that out loud I mean and I heard
a lot of women saying this yeah but why
would you think that way you’re
expressing the way a woman thinks
right but that it would be the general
way men would think but I think we’ve

been already trained I think it’s all I
think how to to think that is if it’s
just shut up just shut up it’s your
fault to shut up I’ve never said thought
that I should shut up because it’s my

fault but you’re not arrived off and
thoughts that I should shut up because I
don’t want to get somebody punching me
that’s what I mean not that it’s your
fault but you don’t want screaming or
punching or yelling but now you’re

seeing women coming to men’s defense
it’s very interesting and I think the
whole me – movement has been ruined by
this affair I really do
it was I think the Democrats have got a

problem if they can’t get their act
together to do something other than hate
yeah cuz it’s all really hate Trump hate
Trump and when you get to the bottom of

all these people you hear them discuss
stuff they sound like they’re reasonable
and then this then it comes down to hate
try hate Trump the president this
shouldn’t be President my that is not
the way to get anybody I mean you yeah

you’re gonna get the haters to vote for
you but not everybody is the most people
just kind of you know they’d go on their
merry way they’re not sitting around
obsessing over Trump and hating Trump I

mean you can maybe get him worked up for
a while that Trump is an idiot something
like that but they’re nice and they’re
hating the guy like these guys are know
that it’s not that’s not a positive

message I love the big article about
Joel Kaplan Facebook’s vice president
for global public policy he’s a friend
of Cavanaugh’s for 20 30 years
must be a roofer and he was sitting

behind Kavanagh during his his finest
hour and Facebook people just the
employees God went nuts they’ve um they
had to send internal memos and oh you

know this is obviously you know would we
you know hear mr. Kaplan’s show of
support for uh for mr. Cavanaugh nobody
can show support

no mr. Caplin believes does he uh so a
guy can’t have his own opinion about
things at Facebook everyone else is now
a lockstep too
same way here is the email that went out
our leadership team recognizes that

they’ve made mistakes handling the
events of the last weekend we’re
grateful for all the feedback from our
employees that was a mistake they say
just oh yeah standing up for ya buddy
yeah yeah how’s that a mistake

it is apparently
I would like to know I’ve been trying to
figure this out
Silicon Valley which I’ve been covering

since the late 70s
used to be kind of a Republican
stronghold and they had there’s a number
of famous uh congressman that came out

of there were Republicans somewhere
along the line it switched the Democrat
and it’s only recently because when the
Democrat took it and it has to do with
Google no I face no take it back go back

further obama was going to be the
internet president if you recall and is getting a complete
makeover it’s gonna be cyber he’s gonna

he’s gonna be on twitter he’s gonna be
on Facebook and they used Facebook quite
extensively for his little database
there I shouldn’t say little for his
database remember it was all about this

is the Internet president because you
know that was the white kids cuz you
know the white kids like he’s black so
he’ll give the other kids that but he’s
gonna be the internet president so it’ll
be our president too and I think that’s

when it really started and yellow people
from Google were running the country’s
technology is the chief technology
officer of the land that’s what happened
and and that’s when my uncle lifelong

Republican also became a Democrat and
voted for Obama twice a bush guy
they’re also a company guy
which fit right in line with Obama but I

think that’s when it started John so
you’re yeah may have started before I
just find the whole thing peculiar and
then of course they all have to move to
San Francisco to ruin it
yeah and which makes no sense to me they

were always come well now in City Menlo
Park oh now there’s good and bad there’s
good and bad with the text with the
techies being in San Francisco because

of the what yes no that is good because
they also develop things for the San
Francisco community like what kayvon lou
keaney reported it immediately calling

three one one a man South of Market
using the sidewalk as his own personal
toilet I wasn’t there that day he was
relieved the city responded to the
service request fast and knows about the

SF 3-1-1 mobile app but says it’s an
ongoing challenge I wanted a solution
where I can literally just pull out my
phone take a picture in press send Sean
Miller came up with the snap crap mobile

app that he says offers at a comment you
have to select an object all that sort
of thing my app is specifically for a

street and sidewalk cleaning for human
and animal waste it has auto fill and
location initially there were some jokes
about the subject matter but they also
saw it as serious he’s seen waste

problems in his own neighborhood which
is notoriously filthy right so seeing
this everyday I just got really
frustrated now the app was just released
a few days ago it does have a 3-1

I’ll feature we couldn’t get that to
work on our phone he tells us he is
looking into that though and making sub
updates now Public Works says that they
get about 10,000 requests for cleaning

per month in San Francisco and about
1300 of those are related to human or
animal waste
yeah the snap crap out tech communities

done wonders visit they are helping you
out with York I mean I that but they
create the problem because the Twitter
folks were the ones bitching and moaning

about the public toilets near their
offices figuring that’s what’s
attracting the homeless and making their
lives miserable as they walk to their
cars or you burr pickups and so they got
rid of that so people started crapping

in the street to an extreme that’s now
become a big thing so they create the
problem and they solve it yes now now
you’re catching on Silicon Valley is a
solution looking for a problem

Elizabeth Warren lost what lost no time
those you know I donate to both the
Democrats and the Republicans during the
cycles to get on the mailing list why
should you get to chip in mailers do you

want it I wish I could do her voice
because this is a this is a real gem
I’ll just be blunt we lost a really
tough fight and it hurts I’m not going
to sugarcoat anything and tell you

everything’s gonna be fine what happened
today will touch every single person in
this country in some very real and
terrible ways but it’s okay to step back
for a minute take a breath

call up an old friend leaned on the
shoulder of someone you love pet your
puppy I know I will pet your cat we’ll
get through this together and then you
cannot give up remember your anger and

your let me get to the fucking chip in
point come on I’m doing an act here
remember your anger and your pain in
November if we don’t like being

powerless then we need to win power and
do it now we are not victims we are
strong 32 days until election exactly
one month no anyway tick-tock
I’m fighting for re-election I’m

fighting for Democratic Senate
candidates all over the country because
it’s never been more
for us to win back the Senate it’s easy
to feel helpless on days like today but
remember even the fights we lose matter
every time you called and marched and

tweeted and helped move us closer and it
was close
don’t forget this even the fights we
lose matter history will remember that
we didn’t go quietly we resisted
persisted and fought to be heard because

of this fight like never before people
have found their voices I’ve seen it the
hallways of Capitol Hill have been
teeming with survivors of sexual assault
and activists who will not be silent
including the women who held an elevator

door open so they could make sure Jeff
Flake heard their pain we won’t let
those doors close 27 years ago I need a
hill was virtually alone today we’re a
grassroots army and we will be heard

we’re owning our anger and we’re putting
it to work I’m angry I’m angry on behalf
of women who’ve been told to sit down
and shut up one time too many on behalf
of everyone who doesn’t have power

african-americans Latinos LGBTQ
Americans Native American students
seniors podcasters everyone who gets put
down and shut out of power by men who
don’t know how to share make no mistake

this whole sham of a confirmation
process has been about power powerful
men helping powerful men and hijacking
our democracy here’s my message for
those powerful guys time’s up

it’s time for everyone who’s been left
out to take power entitled men powerful
interest and giant corporations call the
shots so we’ve got a plan it’s got three
parts take back the Senate take back the

house return the power to the people
where it belongs this hurts but if we
keep fighting we can turn our pain into
power so please chip in right now to
help Democrats fight back and win power

ship I mean that is the lamest payoff to
such a passionate empowered speech and
passionate ISM passionate but what is

the real message first of all if it’s
structured as defeatist completely and
so it’s a defeatist message which is got
to I don’t know who’s writing this stuff
for these people but the way the message

goes through is you oh my god we’re
having our asses handed to us and then
to make it worse it makes it sound
because of the giant corporations and
evil men it makes it sound that you’re

not going to be
to do anything about it so why bother
chipping in no I think I think the
opposite I think people will actually
chip in $3 like a legit $3 chip in yeah
it’s a three dollar chip Oh God it’s

always a three dollar chip in I don’t
think they get the numbers they could
get if they had a message a positive
message this is what the Democrats were

accusing the Republicans of during the
early days of their Obama years you know
the Republicans were the party of no the
party with no message the party with no
hope no anything Obama was the guy with

hope and change and he’s gonna do this
it’s gonna do that it’s gonna make
everything better is it which is what
Trump went with would make America great
again which they mock yeah and didn’t
want to make America great again they

want to just hate Trump this is not the
way to write these sales letters I
totally agree and I think there’s still
an opportunity for us what so you know
to go into the business of writing

better news letters for these people you
could not get anywhere with them because
we don’t hate Trump just like a
prerequisite so we’re looking at your
resume here I don’t see any evidence
that you hate Trump I have this clip

from your podcast yeah it sounds like
your Trump apologists I did a tweet
showing it was a very good little video
that I guess the Trump people producer

in this one they were in that one of the
recent species not Kansas but the one
viewed Mississippi there in Mississippi
and they got this auditorium filled to
the gills there must be twenty-five
thirty thousand people stuffed into this

place full and they’re shooting it
around and then Trump is you know
yakking about something and doing his
hour and I made the comments the
Democrats to come to deal have to deal

with this this is a guy who really draws
large crowds and the only other person
you’ve ever had in the Democrats I think
that was it was Bernie Sanders who the
media refused to cover right

and I said that this is a problem for
the Democrats they could they don’t even
want to deal or think about what’s going
on here I mean you saw the Sarah
Silverman thing reference it but this

wasn’t about her this it was just that
was one of his sticks that he did in the
middle of this here’s what I don’t
understand but wait so I got a tweet
from some guy Trump this is why you saw

your podcast stinks no agenda sucks
because of the apologist all I was doing
was pointing out that this is a problem
for the Democrats and that Bernie

Sanders never got any attention doing
pretty much the same thing whose fault
was that
what does how does that make the No
Agenda show not worth listening to
golf you’re not gonna change anyone’s

mind who thinks that they’re already
permanently oh of course block right
away block early block off
um the only message that you know that
they could have which I don’t hear is no

borders some of them are saying that
Ocasio Cortez is saying it she’s a bit
she’s poppy popular he’s hopping she’s
got some heat oh you know she she says

it why don’t they just say it with no
borders they don’t say it because they
know that the public at large does it
yeah then they have no reason for being

if they’re if they represent no one then
it’s not and then will they represent a
bunch of social listen weed up by the
way the within the public at large there
is a net large contingent of true

socialists who Dougal and globalists for
some reason the Socialists have become
globalist I don’t know what it is
they’re doing the United States on
commercials and stuff I mean they should
be working it if they want to commit

commit to a globalist message they could
do that the money they doing that they
do the research they do enough research
to know that the public doesn’t want to
be part of some one-world government

they they watch the movie okay so then
somehow they’re thinking that they have
the majority because they had three
million extra votes I’m just using their
numbers in California thank you well I’m

just using their numbers cuz that’s
never mentioned that’s never mentioned
as an aside deal with the only one
because of California no just we won and
I guess they’re thinking we have the

votes which they clearly don’t
I know but Nancy Pelosi didn’t teach us
a very important lesson she taught us

about the what did she call it here get
a name for it
which we call something else on this
show just it was the well yeah she has

the name it’s a smear tactic but listen
the difference is we don’t engage in the
politics of personal destruction the
fact is that if you just talk about the

issues for example I think it’d be
interesting to people in these districts
you know that the speaker wants to take
away the guarantee of Medicare so I
think talking about issues is where we
should be what is the difference in one

person being speaker than another it’s a
self fulfilling problem you demonize and
then you it we call it the wrap-up smear
if any one child politics cause the
wrap-up smear you smear somebody with

falsehoods and all the rest and then you
merchandise it and then you write it
unless I see it’s reported in the press
that this this this and this so they

have that validation that the press
reported the smear and then it’s called
the wrap-up smear now I’m going to
merchandise the presses report on the
smear that we made that’s mr. tactic and

it’s it’s self-evident but I think I’m
worth the trouble so frankly I love the
fray and I’m not I know I’m not
disrespectful with people’s views I

respect of any positive things that
people want to say or even negative as
long as it’s constructive the wrap-up
smear yeah very nice the wrap-up smear
that’s what the CIA does yeah why FBI as

well we know that now the FBI is like
hey you get a smear out there I think
you need to add social media to the mix
because that’s what really makes the

cycle spin fast and that’s why we’re on
to high spin cycles norm once we backed
up the m5m to these social Nets you get
you got some perpetual motion going

that is your physics lesson for the day
it would still be useful if the
Democrats had a positive message about
something they can’t do what they want
what they have

I don’t know what they do did yeah and
this nonsense about you know that we’re
trying to get rid of Medicare and all
the rest of it is you know it’s not
accurate it’s gonna be an interesting

election I don’t you know I think and I
said this in the newsletter that if if
they don’t make a big if the Democrats

do not make an impact in the upcoming
election I don’t know what they’re gonna
do and how it’s gonna go cuz it’s gonna
be it’s gonna be one of those pathetic
situations that we had this going on

similarly during the Bush administration
mm-hmm and the Democrats did never get
any anything going until Obama came
along and it was only Obama’s you know
proper skills he is a lot of skills and

he was a natural he I don’t think he did
anything good for the country because he
wasn’t experienced enough person he
didn’t ever work for a living is just a
community organizer guy had a good

speaking voice and and timing
timings outstanding and they surrounded
himself with the women had his
mother-in-law living in the White House
it was kind of strange in the Susan Rice

and all these other he was very he was
pushed around by Susan Rice she was
there Susan Rice was in the was living
in the White House no no his

mother-in-law was living in the Rice’s
and but Susan Rice is one of his
advisors and all the big vows old women
yeah true and so it had different kind
of a feel to it then you have now which

pretty much I’d say I can’t say they’re
stronger women because those other women
they died apparently Susan Rice is gonna
run against Collins that’s what I
thought from Maine so we have switching

carpetbaggers these Democrats
yeah yeah moved to Maine for a month and
then run sir we’ve that’s what Hilary

did I mean what is wrong with the
Democrats they can’t even somebody try
there’s other things happening in the

and specifically there’s Millennials
happening in my house oh we need some
reports yes we have Austin City Limits
this weekend the next weekend which is a
very large outdoor festival and they

have multiple stages and they have big
headliners and the headliners do the one
weekend and they come back and do the
next weekend Paul McCartney is our big
headliner this year and the hiding

around he gives up with him well he’s
got another album out he’s writing new
songs and he’s digging it and he has a
huge Millennial following it’s kind of
the Bernie grandpa factor they love him

and also the what’s that movie that I
think we talked about it it’s nuts
oh oh my gosh it’s a it’s a movie that
has a lot of Beatles songs and it all

the kids love it all the Millennials
talking about it was out maybe five
years ago maybe the troll room will come
to me it’s like across the across the
universe that’s what it’s called they’ve

never heard of it we’ve discussed it on
the show it’s a very good movie across
the universe and it’s a it’s a young hip
movie but it has all Beatle songs in it
yeah I don’t want to kind of give away

the plot anyway so Elise is here but it
has a plot Elise is here and she brought
to her friends and NAT Tina
unfortunately had to go back to Chicago

to be with her sister so I’m here with
the with a gaggle of what is it what do
you say it’s like a gaggle ik but
Millennials do we have a term for a yeah
henhouse no it’s not a henhouse thanks
hope they’re not listening by the way

they’re not
course not so you know so I’m mining
them for information yeah I need to
learn I need to learn a lot yeah and
Laura I did learn a couple things now
what’s great because it’s all fart keep

asking this stuff one of these got nice
hair everyone he knows he met Paul
McCartney tell us the story about when
you met Paul McCartney I got that would
you be too rude if the real problem of

the carnage ubereats did this guy oh no
the standing guy yeah it was gay it was
84 so I’m pretty sure it was the
standing guy yeah by then it was the new
Paul yeah this works so I like the new

Paul and I’m like yeah you may actually
have had more talent than the original
and I met Linda – ah yeah she knew but
yeah yeah yeah she of course she knew

now the cool thing about the millenials
is they all had internships over the
summer and so some news and information
came back from one of the one of the

gals who had been an intern at NBC in
New York at 30 rock oh nice and and and
I got this info specifically for you
falen extremely high maintenance total

drinker during the day
yeah well that’s what everyone says well
the drinking part are we new but I
didn’t realize he was high maintenance

apparently it’s like really really high
maintenance so they’re so they’re so at
the page level no intern that’s lower
than page oh yeah that’s it right sorry
the intern level is lower than page this

is discussed it’s a known fact yep and
Kate McCann make some high maintenance
catering samples just that everyone with
that idea everyone’s tiptoeing around

has to make sure that anything he wants
is taken care of and of course that’s
what the interns are you know are sent
off to do crazy shit for Jimmy yeah
well that can’t be good for the network

kate mckinnon so our millennial intern i
guess she does coffee makes sense and
she’s in the kitchenette making coffee

kate mckinnon you know Kate McKinnon who
this fabulous actor comedian talented
person very very versatile her latest
one is Lindsey Graham which I think

she’s incredibly well
she literally made her coffee over the
intern just like yeah just like I’ve
just moved in right in front of her and
just started making just in just light

as if she wasn’t there
I can see that same goes for Pete Davis
and also very weird dude
huh but then tellers a book in this I

think she wants to break into show
business that’s not really the way to go
or maybe it is these days you never know
hard to say so then we were talking

about social nets and you know these
kids are all pretty much on one social
network on they may they have Twitter –
that’s where they get their news
although that’s ending because you know
the smart news app will take that market

smart news what news will be great for
news be great if Trump did that and I’ve
started a new division it’s called Smart

so we know they’re all on Instagram
Instagram is all what it’s about and I
wanted to share something and it
actually took me down an interesting

path but first the news story about
what’s going on with the insta there’s
another big story happening at Facebook
which is that some of the big names are
leaving the two founders of Instagram
just left facebook after differences

with Mark Zuckerberg about how to run
Instagram which Facebook acquired back
in 2012 the whatsapp co-founder also
recently departed Facebook Facebook
bought whatsapp for 22 billion dollars

back in 2014
what’s going on here yes so these are
these are two different stories
obviously but they have some some
crossover and some similarities one of
the interesting things about Facebook is

that it’s you know it’s one of the only
big platforms that truly requires you to
present as who you are it’s difficult to
be anonymous there that’s an important
part of Facebook’s design and in the

fundamental way and this goes against
Roger do I have a seat online right
right I think both of these stories are
connected to that so with the case of
the Instagram co-founders these two men

left the company in part because
Instagram is such an important a key
part of Facebook’s future revenue the
company really is starting to try to

change Instagram to be more friendly to
advertising and this apparently was part
of the departure there when it comes to
whatsapp you know it’s another sort of

unique story but again it’s about
privacy and and about the founder kind
of having different ideas than Mark
Zuckerberg and Facebook about what
whatsapp should be used for and how it

should make money so this was part of
the conversation by the way and I say
the gals these Millennials but they’re
all 21 and these are young women so yeah
they they come and go as they please and
they they love talking to to a guy like

me because you know I’m kind of
laid-back it’s like I buy the mouse hair
i buy them alcohol I got stories you
know I’m smoking weed that so we start
talking about other things going on in

college you want to interrupt go ahead
yes I do I want to first preface this
whole thing you’re gonna go into with
the fact that these
guys always quit no company gets bought
out I don’t care who it is I’ve never

stolen horse unless he gets to take over
the other company which is usually never
happens it does happen but rarely yeah
it’s like you’re there and you have this
you have a contract that when you buy

Instagram you have to work there for two
or three years I can guarantee that the
end of their contract isn’t just about
the same day they quit they know it
because you’re wrong don’t have to work

there anymore they got billions of
dollars in the bank why should they be
taking orders from Zuckerberg and the
same thing what does the other guy I
mean these guys this is what you do in
Silicon Valley it’s not like a statement
yes and no the guy didn’t one of the two

founders did make a statement by saying
you know what I’m leaving now I know
that if I if I’d stayed the final year
then 850 million dollars of a stock

would have vested said but yeah I’m just
gonna leave that on the table it’s so
bad I want to go so he did not want to
he has yes billions but he did not want
to stay despite another 850 million on

the channel change that’s like what
dropped out of my pocket but the reason
why I found this interesting is I I’m

pretty sure that a lot is going on with
Instagram I watched the behavior of
people using Instagram incessantly I
mean I am I am leering over airplane

seats I am you know I’m the first one to
stand up when we’ve arrived at the
airport because I want to see what
everyone’s doing on their phones and a
lot of it is oh what did I miss on
Instagram not like I landed safely you

know like the old days when you a text
message SMS landed made it I’m still
alive no now if I may check let me check
me see what’s going on in straight
mister shrimp and Instagram is one of
the few if not the only social network

and I have to say in this case it’s
really about the app the app application
that if you say have you ever clicked on
an internet ad women in particular will

say oh yeah on Instagram and and they
have creation tools for people to do
these Instagram stories and you know put
your little stickers and who how and

stuff over it and and it’s it’s it’s an
obsessive system and people really
really really dig it and this is where
the conversation turned to Adderall
vyvanse and the ten other products at

least by different names that have the
same structure mainly amphetamine and
make no mistake that amphetamines are
exactly the same as methamphetamine

except for the meth part just one little
extra molecule one little element that’s
not in there it is different it’s the
same it does the same to your to your
brain and to your heart and to your to

your sister unhealthy it’s not nest is
on it if you have a prescription you’re
selling if you don’t have a prescription
you’re buying and it ranges between two

and seven dollars a pill and there’s
this in then the entire is not seen as a
drug they are open about the
transactions on in facebook groups and

also on Instagram like you know and you
know need some addy and it’s it’s not
police there’s just everybody everybody
is taking it and this is where the big

aha moment came Instagram is uniquely
tuned to an adderall user
you want to look great you want to be

perfect you know it also helps with
weight loss of course it plays entirely
into everything you need to have in the
feedback loop Bing Bing Bing I’ve got
stuff oh yeah swipe pop swipe left let’s
go let’s check it oh yeah I got it like

that got to go back ooh and they all
agree they said yeah it it’s as if
adderall was made for Instagram I would
say Instagram has been fine-tuned for
the adderall mind and those two together

is I think a very toxic combination and
so on while I’m researching this turns
out there’s a documentary on Netflix
about this very topic it’s called take

your pills here’s the trailer I learned
about ATD after being on the medication
I didn’t know what it was all I knew it
was for school when I got here and I was
like oh everybody takes adderall

everyone I take it right when I wake up
yourself or you gonna stick it in and
you can feel it I start just sweating my
heart accelerates my handwriting got

eater I thought that was so cool my mind
came alive my body felt alive it works
like a bang that are all aren’t even
side effects may include being awesome

at everything
every generation has found a different
way to try to enhance their performance
now in this case it has been ADHD drugs
this ain’t new it’s not like a glass of

wine or a joint or any way that people
used to decompress I really see it as a
supplement as a tool and I don’t think
there’s anything wrong with that so then

you’re primed that a pill is gonna give
me what I want I felt this like mounting
pressure from work to start easing my
prescription and that says something
about our culture right now it makes me
kind of depressed

we probably events for the day everyone
has a little a DD know we have
distractions but not everyone has a
brain at functions like somebody’s with

ADHD I wouldn’t say that I’m happy to
have adderall but I’m happy that
adderall is an option for you
there are cardiovascular risks psychotic
episode you wouldn’t wish that on your

worst enemy I’ve got everything I wanted
and there’s no way any of that would
have been possible without the
medication the perfect employee is
something that doesn’t say no there is a
culture of you do stay up 16 hours for

seven days straight I’ve had a seizure
from exhaustion you want to be beautiful
and you want to have amazing grades and
adderall just sort of shows it all up

for you everything off the drugs of our
this focus on material progress and
productivity what’s the cost of that and
is that a cost we’re willing to live

with it’s a good documentary it’s worth
watching but we have an entire
generation of kids who are jacked up on
this and they’re using it it’s now

they’re not hooked on it but they’re
hooked on the effects of it and use it
whenever they need to perform
I don’t know that this is that new it’s

not new at all M feta means have been
used since the 20s people have been well
my dad used to talk about when he was on
a ship he’s in the Navy however it was
jacked up on Benzedrine all the time but

the difference is we now have an entire
culture around it and that’s what I mean
with Instagram it is also actively being
pushed very very aggressively by the

pharmaceutical industry yeah that’s the
yes these guys are just making money and
the olden days it was all illicit guys
are making all the money and it was the

right side of the table in fact during
my stint in high school I used to work
on a is the era when you could actually
there’s a really good summer job and I
had worked at the International

Harvester two different summers the
first summer I worked there was on the
hosed bench making opposes Hosie how
actually making hoses for a specific

part of the clutch and then the next
year was a receiving clerk which was a
much better job that’s when I discovered
you really want to be an inspector but

during the hose bench era I got busted a
couple times for not my production was
not good it was low I was working my ass
off making these hoses this is where
John found out about Benny’s no I’d

always knew about Benny’s but I could
not get my production numbers up and I
wasn’t making the quality product that
these other guys were doing just doing
to make it twice as much and then the

next within a couple of years there was
a huge bust of a drug ring at
International Harvester San Leandro
where they were selling Benny’s to these
guys jacked up like they were for the

company so now the question is jacked up
for some now yeah the question is what
do those guys from then look like today

I don’t know are they alive it might not
be who knows I don’t think it’s healthy
know well know that it’s it’s pretty
much medically proven and prolonged use
is not healthy and by the way these kids

they did all these
different brands it’s all mainly about
the strength and the release schedule so
adderall works quicker it gets going in
about 40 to up 20 minutes and it lasts

for hours but it’s not doesn’t quite
have the same awesomesauce effect as
vyvanse but the problem with vyvanse is
it’s slow release over a 12 hour period

and that can keep them up sometimes and
they can’t sleep which of course turns
them to the weed or the vape pen taking
smoke some some some more vape some the
THC to go to sleep and the cycle repeats

the next day at the same time when
Friday the FDA released a SEP 27 page
memo that said CBD products thus
cannabinoid that’s not the THC

should not be a controlled substance
however due to international treaties
the United States will still require it
to be treated as such yeah international

treaties designed by us bullcrap rights
these international treaties
president’s presence in the United

States yeah international treaty the
letter was related to the background of
this international treaty which
apparently Portugal doesn’t abide by I

think is Ecuador or Paraguay one of
these countries in South America doesn’t
go for it and I guess other Canada what
are they gonna do so if you have a CBD
with less than 0.1% of THC because you

know you extract it and there’s always
something left so 0.1% that CBD will be
classified as schedule 5 now it’s not
schedule 1 that is where CBD with

extracts more than 0.1% will remain
schedule 1 up there with a hit with
horse well if you talk yeah with horse
and cocaine and and in Oreos now if you

if you talk to the experts up in the
shops where all the old ladies go yeah
for their own brushes and state mm-hmm
they all tell you the same thing and

you’ll see in the blends of the edibles
if you want you need a dose of C B D for
your you know for whatever reason you
really need to have some THC mixed into

it cuz they do work in a combination way
yes they do so that’ll be Schedule one
stuff that’s that’s the reason right
there is the old ladies that’s the
target market I agree
well the old lady’s ventures put their

foot down on this stuff and you know and
mostly the Democrat in this case to them
this is a good topic for the Democrats
to get into right
Democrats have got the old ladies and
they’re the ones that should be

promoting the legalization of this
there’s a lot of good topics that
besides open borders and a couple of
other minor issues and hate Trump they
could find stuff to talk about but they

refuse to do it
curious but it is true so that is that’s
the report the combo that to me was the
most interesting was the combination of

Instagram and the amphetamines so that’s
what you got out of the girls did they
give you a couple vials a couple pills
they wouldn’t just give it to me alone

are they gonna sell it to me that gonna
give it to me like hey hey couple of a
couple of I’m gonna do the show now hit
me up me up with some adderall

these girls are all high the whole time
they’re there no no no they only need it
when they need to perform and with that
I’d like to thank you for your courage

and say in the morning to the man who
put the C in CBD John C Dvorak in the
morning you mr. Adam occur also in the
morning this trips to see boots on the

ground out there no time for your
adderall and in the morning to the troll
room no agendas looks like we
have some kind of issue with the web

chat today apologies for that but we
still have mucho people tuning in which
is always nice to see as we do the show
live on Sundays new Thursdays at 11:00
Central Time 9:00 Gitmo Nation Pacific

time also in the morning to caesium-137
he brought us the artwork for episode
1070 for the title that was boo you and
this was the money yesterday’s money in

today’s money two piles of dollar bills
showing how inflation works in one easy
illustration and did get a note from

he said hey I’ve been trying to kill the
flu with the limoncello
but you know if it worked his mind I

think has to be Dame at least Garland’s
limoncello otherwise it may not work but
nicely a nice piece of art and we
appreciate the work that all of our

artists do no agenda art generator calm
before we move on just speaking of art
for a second I really like the Banksy
what was i oh oh my goodness yeah it’s

it’s not really worth clipping because
it’s really just a bunch of people
freaking out so at sotheby’s in the UK
they’re auctioning off little girl with
a red balloon which is a very famous

Banksy iconic piece of work
it goes for a million pounds a million
the gavel comes down and seconds later
and this is all filmed presumably by

Banksy or one of his accomplices this
frame around the the the painting said
lightning is watercolour it starts

whirring and clicking and beeping the
paint he should be four made from spray
paint but go on
krylon it’s on paper the frame starts
whirring and clicking and beeping and

the artwork starts slipping down in the
frame and under at the bottom of the
frame is coming out shredded and so it
drops down like you know halfway and is

completely shredded although it’s all
the you know all the all the shredded
bits are just waving there and people
are freaking out you know immediately
they’re taking it off the wall they’re
rushing it away and Banksy did this

video and he says well you know a couple
years ago I did this which I find
unlikely by the way then he shows how he
put the shredding in a shredder system
into a piece of artwork and then it was

all rigged ahead of time ready for you
know for this gag of course I think it’s
worth a lot more now now that this
happened but I’m a little skeptical
about him having set this up years ahead

of time and as I guess it’s got a
battery in there and the battery is just
listening non-stop for years and that
makes no sense technically I have some
issues with it but you’ve got to see the
video because it’s very very funny so

what did it rolled up the one painting
and spit out the other no just just half
of the picture it dropped down halfway
but I was it was it rolled up into was

there a mechanism there that I already
had the pre-shredded stuff no no the
actual piece that’s in there just start
the shredder goes on imagine you just
got a piece of paper on top of the

nothing happens but then you turn the
shredder on and then it shreds it as it
goes down it will this okay
anyway transitioning to our million

dollars yes we didn’t make a million no
but we did get a couple people in fact
there one guy held up the for some
reason stir animus of Dogpatch in lower

slovakia generate hundred dollars oh my
goodness uh i think it’s because he has
a grievance and he wants me to read this
my nothing well we do love his content
no this is a good one okay now this is

cerana missive Dogpatch and louis LeBeau
via a long-time supporter of the show i
have does not want he does not want any
titles he would likely be a duke by now

i’m guessing and we really have any
always writes in a letter and we really
have no other thoughts about him it
would accept these muscles are very
anonymous he senses see a long elope

with no return address dear listeners
and producers pardon my small soapbox
but having recently been confronted by
two SJW oh that called me a racist for

refusing to sign a lame petition about
illegal immigrants so-called parents
being separated from their so-called
children i had to type this Oh

the sjw’s and for anyone new with social
justice warriors that you know them all
they’re the ones that were against

Cavanaugh these sjw’s ignorance still
pisses me off I asked them if they’d
ever dealt with child trafficking ever
paid cash to get young girls and boys

returned ever tried to adopt orphans or
paid their tuition for a private school
to save them from traffickers have they
ever confronted traffickers that shoot

first or murder the children to escape
have they ever been to a third-world
country to do anything but post selfies
on social media have they done more than
retweet bring back our girls hash tag I

have so look through the self-righteous
BS to see how you are helping child
traffickers with disposition children
fall for the promise that they will get

a better life somewhere and often go
willingly keeping them with the
traffickers means that it will be
successful if we save even one child or
just 1% of these children through this

process of the 164 or whatever number
they claim was separated it is one less
victim of slavery or do you support
child slavery in the United States might

do very little but even little isn’t
cheap isn’t easy and isn’t without risk
so I’m not signing a petition to make
this stuff easier for the trafficker and

don’t start me on green energy and
demand for rare earth metals from China
and Africa and the devastation of the
region and people visit these places
these places are real shit holes where

we under pay for the material so America
and the EU can breathe clean air at the
cost of destroying entire villages and
making areas uninhabitable since there

is no money for reclamation we insist on
no child labor in garment factories
validation diamonds are not blood
diamonds but have no standards for green
energy material production I don’t see

Al Gore visiting these places or talking
about this stuff only the need for more
rare earth metals in the US
Governor Brown should get a clue spend

the satellite money on Reclamation in
China or the DR Congo or insist on clean
mining sources to really save the planet
ignorant overprotective self-righteous

self-absorbed greedy and selfish fools
stepping down from the soapbox and
thanks for the advertising time n J and
K Wow well there’s only one way to come

out of that you know in the morning sir
animus hieronymus strikes again thank
you very much Tim Lang $333 33 cents

from San Francisco California 33 three
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I do have a young quote of the day

young young Carl young yes I was
reviewing some young
turns out he has some good things to say

he’s always had a few quips here then
this is kind of with the what you set by
yourself man she coped or the health
everything is which means a you you are
what you accuse others of yes the

classic here’s you everything that
irritates us about others can lead us to
an understanding of ourselves

come on this is kind of this as a
similar yeah similar or similar thing
but I just liked it it’s like yeah nice
fits in

there’s there’s a an interesting little
video thing they do over the euro euro
Parliament TV look at their own TV
station see we have c-span where we just

cover stuff it’s pretty boring but there
they have produced packages and
delicious you’re a Euro land coming from
they got produced packages and they let

you know what’s what’s changed we do we
do the same thing only we use it go do
it through the networks and kind of we
let them pretend they may know CBS just

put a different sticker on it is fine so
they’re a little more honest and I’ve
something very interesting caught my
attention in this in the most recent
overview of what the euro Parliament is

working on MEP is voted for cars on
European roads to be cleaner by 2030 car
makers will have to cut their fleet wide
co2 emissions by 40% on demand platforms
will have to feature a 30% quota of

European content new rules audio-visual
media will also protect children from
violent content and apply stricter rules
on advertising
oh my rut ro Netflix
so they’re doing the French thing that

on-demand platforms will be mandated to
have 30 percent European content
can they even produce that much no way

and it’ll suck
however this presents habit it doesn’t
mean that either you can have the
content doesn’t mean right room on the
servers you’re not thinking straight

this is another this is an opportunity
to make some cheap-ass shitty European
content the Netflix who needs it yes and
crummy you EU films and how do you and

how do you even go about doing this so
you look at the entire library Netflix
has 30 percent of that entire library
has to be produced in the European Union

how about Amazon which has every movie
and TV show known to man almost that’s
also going to have to now be 30 percent
yeah and how do you police that how do

you track it is it just what is offered
I mean I think this is this is huge this
is a huge change how much stuff do you
think we could crank out if we put
together a little production group well
and some writers to write some really

crappy plays mirror screen we can we
probably crank out ten episodes a week
I don’t think we can do that much
production no one said how long it has

to be you know it can just be a little
shorter to go I think when they analyze
the 30% they’re gonna it’s gonna be
required to be 30% of the total time of
content is he tired I don’t know I don’t

know if they’re doing it by title amount
of title time I tell then you just do a
bunch of five-minute thing that’s where
I was going
no they’re not gonna put up with that

see through that bullcrap it’s so odd
you know I don’t understand what this
seer take it differently than I’m just
starting to think I’m converting anyway

Andy Warhol used to do me yes that’s the
factory well wort Warhol used to for
example one of his movies is a 24 hour
movie which shows up a lot it’s 24 hour
movie of a watch that the Empire State

Building for 24 hours its content movies
over but I don’t understand how does
this fit in with the multicultural

globalist society don’t we also need at
least 10% Arabic I mean this is coming
down Broadway you can see it happened
and maybe that’s our angle that will be
in the future that maybe maybe that’s

our angle we go and we say listen we
need to represent the entire population
of the European Union we need Arabic
programming we feel as shit now let’s

look at Sweden 3 million of the 30
millions about 10% of ten percent should
be Arabic and we just go and produce
I’m liking the idea of the stationary

camera because with Arabic no one want
to finances so and we’re guaranteed to
get subsidies from the same European
Union mandating this 10% that we’re

going to force on them we could do it
you start a studio
if Obama can do it we’d have to yeah we
have to have the studio that has to be
located in the EU so you have to put

that Netherlands is you’ve got these
actually easy easy yes they’re gone I
got a couple of Moroccan buddies they
can be hosts Oh perfect and we just do
GoPros on the helmets as they’re going

by liquidating people oh I’m sorry what
am I thinking
yeah all right
enough of that so the brazil’s got a big
election coming up they got this as a

fascist i don’t know what he is there’s
a did the trump of brazil they call him
but in fact they even grunt grin
greenwald doesn’t think so he’s just
this new guy and everyone’s all freaked

out about it nobody’s course is covering
in the United States except democracy
now because they do actually cover more
international news than the network’s do
even though they don’t really cover
anything they just read from some report

they read from a wire but did they
actually discuss this a little bit this
is so we can keep up so we showed we’re
international this show is the Brazilian
elections black people the indigenous
and the average of a tech community and

women have conquered so far
represents a threat to democracy in our
country a democracy that we are still
building joining us in Rio de Janeiro’s
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Glenn

Greenwald who co-founded the intercept
Glen welcome back to Democracy Now can
you talk about the significance of what
is happening right now in Brazil and
particularly on Sunday the election to
begin with the significance is that

Brazil is a country of children 10
million people so it’s the fifth most
populous country in the world right
behind the United States the second
largest in the hemisphere and the most
influential in all of Latin America it’s
also the seventh largest economy in the

world with major oil reserves and what
the Western media has often been doing
and talking about Bal Cynara was calling
him Brazil’s Trump which drastically in
radically understates the case he’s much

closer to say do Tartine Philippines or
even general sisy in Egypt both in terms
of what he intends to do and wants to do
and what he’s able to do given the

fragility of Brazil which is an
extremely young democracy that exited a
military dictatorship only 33 years ago
and therefore doesn’t have the same kind
of institutions to limit what someone

would want to do the way say the United
States or the UK would so it’s an
extremely dangerous moment for this
country polls do show that he’s unlikely

to win in the first round on Sunday but
there is a possibility that he might
that he could actually just get 50
percent of the vote and a boy to run up
entirely but even if he does make the
runoff the signs are really showing that

he is likely to win against Lula’s
hand-picked successor because of how
much animist has been built up by the
media and the business class toward PT
in this country before we continue I

just got a text from Horowitz and he
says Brazilian stock markets like this
guy a lot so just for context and can
you talk more about just exactly what

Bull senado represents is homophobic
comments is 50 women comments his
support of the Brazilian military
dictatorship I mean you can go through

the whole list of shocking comments
he once said in an interview that he
would rather to hear that his son died
in a car accident than hear that his son
is gay and told a colleague in the lower

house of Congress where he served for 30
years when she accused him of defending
torture and rape which he did during the
dictatorship that she’d need not worry

because in his words she didn’t deserve
to be raped by him meaning that she was
too ugly to deserve and merit his his
rape there’s a whole slew of comments

like that about black people about
indigenous but the much more worrying
aspect are not these kind of comments
but the policies that he is explicitly
endorsing his model for how he wants to
deal with crime are the world’s worst

dictators people like Pinochet he’s
advocated that we do things like in the
Philippines where we just send the
military and the police to just
indiscriminately slaughter whatever

whoever they think is a drug dealer or
criminal without trials he believes in
military rule he doesn’t regard the
military coup of 1964 and the 21 year

resulting military dictatorship as a
coup or as a dictatorship he regards it
as something noble and wants to
replicate it so this is one of our guys
apparently must be now you mention it

there’s some element of that yeah yes it
would be booming yeah we got to look
into this guy see what’s happening

yeah yeah it’s sad it’s not like he’s a
new guy is Montanaro as you bol SOA and
coasting around and it’s been a spin
around and he’s that he does make rude

and he’s gonna leave he’s gonna be the
next guy run in Brazil so we’ll see what
well they got the oils that’s for sure
they got resource out of natural

resources that are it’s just but is it
just been corruption the reason why
Brazil has such a large percentage of
the population is just completely
impoverished is because of corruption

because it seems like they got a pretty
rich country or rich in resources and
it’s just it was just too many people
what is the problem there or what is the

Monica like the party they party too
much damn Brazilians that’s a good
enough answer funny thing is any
Brazilian is listening to that comment
bullshit yeah right Nobel Peace Prize

was announced if anyone thought that
Trump was actually going to get the

Nobel Peace Prize certainly at this
point in the trajectory of the North
Korean negotiations well that would have
been quite foolish but as as usual these
political organizations which is really

what they are and I don’t find much
valid thing after they gave now
President Obama the Peace Prize before
he was president or he was president
just because he wasn’t you know Bush

I guess yeah that was the low point yeah
that mean that and there’s a lot of
corruption to being one of them you know
yeah when does the blood work yes if

president’s we’ve had yeah although I
hear Trump is pretty big on the drone
stuff too but we don’t really I don’t
think he has the yeah but I’m thinking

oh yeah that was a lot more chipped in
all that stuff yeah
but I you know very political and of all
the things that have taken place in the
world where people have fought to fought

for peace and for peaceful movements I
thought this was a you know a pretty
shallow choice within reason of course
standing ovation for Congolese Nobel

Peace Prize winner Denis mukwege a few
treats war rape victims in the
Democratic Republic of Congo mcquaig a
dedicated his award to all women
affected by rape and sexual violence I

don’t see whether it has to do with
peace you see he treats rape victims and
this is the the old adage of mainly
soldiers going around raping women and

children just horrible things but I
don’t really see how this is a you know
what he’s done for peace
you know he’s highlighted of a horrible
issue and he’s treating people but that
it’s Panzi hospital in the Eastern

Congolese city of Bukavu McGregor says
the prize was an important recognition
of many women’s trauma when you start
counting the numbers the millions of

deaths and hundreds of thousands of
women raped than they can no longer be
ignored we cannot continue to simply
count numbers we have to start a process
that will lead to the truth coming out

and justice being done the world can
today draw a red line and say in armed
conflicts women should never be used as
a battleground and if anyone breaks that
rule they should be isolated from

Nadia Mirada Yazidi rights activist and
survivor of sexual slavery by so-called
Islamic state also won the prestigious

Nadia was 21 when in 2014 militants took
her from northern Iraq and repeatedly
sold her for sex she escaped and is now
an advocate for the rights of our
community around the world so you know
great people they’re doing great things

but this is like it’s being used as an
encouragement prize I mean this is not
these are not earth shattering peace
movements or they have not necessarily
brought peace to the world am I just

over analyzing this
see much the same way when I heard this
they were discussing it on Democracy Now
and I was gonna take a clip and I said
yeah you know this award is pretty

sketchy to begin with and when these
guys in the Congo I mean you don’t know
what’s going on there well so the two
things that were of interest was one and

was kind of like a hashtag me to which
the conversation of the Western world I
mean this takes place in the Netherlands
too they call it they don’t say hashtag
but they all they call it a literal meet
me two moment hey you can be to my main

that was my Dutch so the actual term me
too has been transported they don’t even
translate it translated into local local

it’s a big political thing which of
course it’s a thing there’s no doubt
about that but it’s you’ve always seen
the whole thing even this peace price
all seems oriented to get Democrats to

vote for Democrats even the Nobel Prize
Committee oh yes these guys are just
nits and it was the message about you
know women being raped I’ll tell you and

who does the raping Republicans what do
we do about it
vote if I was on the Nobel Committee I’d
give it to these guys this may look like
a tent city but it’s actually Citi Field

the Citi Field parking lot to be more
precise is where a couple thousand
people and Counting are now living did I
mention it’s a parking lot

what would cause people to come from all
over the country I’m from New Orleans
Louisiana South Florida like an army to
live in a makeshift campground at this
stadium it’s the biggest-selling boy

band of all time
BTS from South Korea they’re all overall
good people and want to do good things
for the world

so that’s personally for me why I love
them on her hand the number two she’s
second in line for more than 5,000
general admission standing room only
spots next to the stage inside the

stadium the thousands and thousands of
other tickets are for seats and they
sold out in less than 10 minutes weeks
ago so these devoted general admission
fans organize their numbers on lists and

organize their tents some have been here
a full week they say it’s worth it to
connect with stars so appealing they
were invited to speak to the world at
the UN last week and who speak to each

individual fan in concert we feel the
same issues that they’re going through
and everything is just universe one is
just really nice thanks Elliott these
BTS kids they should have gotten the

Nobel Prize they’re actually cross
promoting love across borders and peace
and these kids don’t even understand the
lyrics and how the hell does that work
the world is gone is flipped upside down
it used to be our crazy musicians with

the long hair you know like the
and he bait like cheap trick was take
cheap trick
and they go over to to Japan and Korea

and the Asian countries and people Wow
we’ve never seen this mind boggling and
now our kids are blown away by and it’s
very odd it’s if only a word Gangnam

style you know this is the first one
does the first Korean in road this
actually this music may be designed
specifically for adderall just thinking

about I got have to highlight that maybe
there’s a hidden message or maybe
they’re just playing into it and maybe
we should learn something from that
maybe when you start talking really hey
how many people do you know they listen

to us and one and a half speed or two
times the speed John lots people do that
I wonder if those people are taking
adderall as well they’d like to hear
they want to hear me talk really fast
it’s possible yes how that reminds me I
did that play this clip wait informal

poll before you play the clip how many
of you who listen to the No Agenda show
on multifactor speed which as you know
I’m not a fan of because I feel that you
lose nuance how many of you are either

taking out all vyvanse another
amphetamine or just a meth head it’s
okay if you like to just let us know
here I’m a said let us know the opening
of the show about the hidden messaging

somebody was this I cut his way down
because it was just some podcasts urgh I

can’t remember his name and he’s just
showing that Diane Feinstein had a
hidden message if you played her little
spiel backwards no she was with them
when she was with Schumer and they’re

talking about how they’re gonna vote
against this guy Cavanaugh did this guy
found a little segment in their word and
she played to her backwards and this is
the result okay well which clip is it
I’m not sure I’m so yeah the CIA paid me

Feinstein sorry okay okay I can’t wait
so let’s focus in right here do I need
to slow it down a little bit more for

you I’m sorry who paid you did I just
hear the CIA paid me you know there’s a

lot of people there’s in entire theories
of and people who who have kind of
flesh this all out that everyone when

you’re speaking in this dimension of
this universe in an alternate universe
you are saying something else if you
play it backwards and everybody and

we’ve done a couple of these I think a
long time that a couple you did one once
it was so off the wall it wasn’t even
making any sense to me we haven’t done
here’s here’s Obama’s think this was

Obama’s reverse message this is a
classic moving this year so it may not
be no that’s not it on let’s notice
Satan loves use and now it’s uh it was

yes we can I think it was Obama reverse
oh yes here we go
I feel sick

this mega super suri now mr. Ocean this
isn’t a fire cuffs is it no ma’am no so

yes we can yes we can was thank you say
who Satan yeah proof right there I think
it’s probably right yeah I think maybe
this is something there’s something
going on here hmm let’s focus in right
here do I need to slow it down a little

bit more for you I’m sorry who paid you
the CIA paid me this is great did this

YouTube thing start off with hey guys
did it start off like that it’s
something like that but the guy I really
was belabor this is liked what you just

what I cut out of there’s like out of
about 20 minutes of him first playing it
the one way then the other and then
looking for that it just was a long clip
right it would boil down I’m all I’m all
in on this I’m like yeah okay I can see

that I can see we’re in an alternate
universe you’re saying something else in
that is masked in the backward masking
and it’s all the work of the devil
well I do know that I have the tendency

occasionally to to in just general
commentary to throw in and outrageously
well-thought-out ton by accident
oh that’s that’s the Lord man and I do

it all the time but that’s the Lord
Channel when I do it I’ve always liked I
take credit for it but it’s like no I’m
just it’s like hitting the billiard
balls and hoping they go in all right

well then just as a little ultra mall
this is from country music television
there’s a show now about girls becoming

for the Dallas for the Dallas Cowboys
yeah that’s been did yeah yeah well this
is this is the level maybe she’s saying
something backward to flank and I don’t

know anything that’s going on of course
there are topics so that I’m not gonna

be as educated on I’m now working on if
there is like a topic that comes out
that I’m not his first on that I can
have the tools to better handle that
situation I was kind of curious how do

you consume your news I use Instagram
but you know that Instagram is not like
news TV radio actually no ma’am we
definitely need consume more news

absolutely isn’t just for your own sake
that’s the coach yeah you need some
consumer news so she consumes your news
from Instagram Instagram Instagram and

what she needs the smartness I was only
watching news I agreed with I was only
getting news from social media now I use
it has news from all sides

I trust smart news now know that girl
sounded a lot like Miss South Carolina

know this I don’t know I don’t know what
you’re know this is a clip that I keep
making you play over and over again this
is Miss a Miss Junior Miss or whatever
it is the South Carolina seeking find it

yes it could be SC or South Carolina
where she’s answering their stupid quest
question about why can’t most Americans
fine you know anything on a map and she
gives us idiotic answer

go ahead home
all right let’s see you got judge number

nine Christina Milian please give us a
question should people who leaked
classified documents the name of public
information be charged with treason

guess the wrong seven is South Carolina
that’s all the South Carolina’s I got
for you it was that a different year

well there should be another one next
irie submitted and we played it a few
weeks if he were the con guns I have one
of her on guns
no look for SC see if there’s anything

SC or miss yes I did miss SC and I’ve
got miss a QA SC on guns and why she
lost out no try a South Carolina did

just did that that’s where I got the
other one we don’t have as now sorry I
didn’t label it properly once again
that’s right that’s what you get is
probably the way you’re gonna have just

you kind of dummies I will want to play
this this is the Orrin Hatch clip from
this again from the Cavanaugh hearings
and I’m back in trying to get these out
of the way but this was hatch orrin
hatch apparently you know was rolling

his eyes and he and this is he’s
quitting he’s retiring and he’s got
questionable character anyway but he
decided to go plow through the the
gaggle of protesters yeah and then he

got in the elevator and in the process
he told him to grow up which got him
just triggered triggered a lot of people
among those arrested was comedian and

actress Amy Schumer also protesting was
a group of women who confronted Utah
Republican senator Orrin Hatch as a sped
into an elevator challenged him over a

support for Kavanagh senator hatch
women to grow up waving the loss as he
boarded an elevator in the heart
building and these girls look like they

were 12 I know but that’s the attitude

that’s the attitude how dare you I wave
my hand at you wave your hand at me this
is all going horribly wrong this is

going horribly horribly wrong everywhere
this is this is not it this is not a
world to live in anymore
just as enraged woman this must be good

have no fucking idea no idea of what
they have no idea we’ve just got no idea

Wow I don’t even know what to do with
I have a couple of odd clips

the apparently this Russian hack thing
is like getting completely out of
which which Russian hack because I hear
play the more Russians indicted this is
making no sense to me

meanwhile the Justice Department has
indicted seven Russian agents for
conspiring to hack the computers of
anti-doping officials who uncovered a
massive ring of state-sponsored cheating
by athletes ahead of the 2016 Olympics

in Rio de Janeiro US attorney Scott
Brady said Thursday the seven agents
have ties to GRU Russia’s military
intelligence bodies he said they went on

to attempt hacks against other targets
they targeted Westinghouse a nuclear
power company based in Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania that supplied nuclear fuel
to the Ukraine with those ports can the

organization for the prohibition of
chemical weapons board scam which was
investigating the use of chemical
weapons in Syria and the poisoning of a
former GRU officer and his daughter in
the UK and they targeted a lab in

Switzerland that analyzed the nerve
agent used in that poisoning okay hold
on cuz I have a clip that goes with this
one this is kind of important let me
just get that last bit here this piece
here the organization for the

prohibition of chemical weapons yeah
that is the OPCW and the and it’s
interesting that you got this clip but
not really the follow-up because this is

pretty big news in in the lowland
certainly and though I have the lowlands
clip oh I have one from the BBC but mine
is the WTF clip because this is a very

strange clip ok well I’ll play mine that
we may have the same one I don’t know
but this is about these Russians who
were not just hacking they had in this
photos and and all kinds of stuff it was

a big press conference the Dutch
intelligence services captured a bunch
of Russians who were sitting there in
their car right in here the OPCW and
they had Wi-Fi snip sniffers and all

kinds of said it was here in April of
this year that for Russians were
they were stopped in this hotel car park
with a boot full of surveillance gear

just next door is the headquarters for
the organization for the prohibition of
chemical weapons at the time the OPCW
was investigating chemical attacks in

Syria and also crucially the poisoning
of Sergey script out in Salisbury with
nerve agents I have to say whenever I
hear an outfit like the BBC do a news
report and this is a news report but

it’s produced with scary music it’s no
longer a news report this is propaganda
of some sort we don’t know exactly what
it is other than to make the Russians
look like a bunch of dicks but why would

you produce this with this spy thriller
suspense music under it as the BBC News
the first surprising thing about this is
the fact that anyone’s talking about it
at all normally counterespionage

operations the catching of spies is
something that’s done in secret but
today we had a press conference with
photographs being released from the
Dutch government of the four Russian
individuals but the idea was to put more

pressure on the GRU about their
activities they think that we’re just
gonna lie down and accept that they’re
wrong and there will be consequences
it’s also surprising the way that the

Russians were alleged to be trying to
carry out their surveillance they were
doing what’s called closed access which
involved parking a car in this hotel car
park and then using an antenna to

capture some of the communication
signals going over Wi-Fi the Russians
again seem to have been very aggressive
but also quite sloppy one of them was
carrying a taxi receipt for his trip

from the GRU base in Moscow to the
airport in Russia for which he left in
order to fly here for the operation the
music is just great democracy now but it

doesn’t emphasize the same facts but
listen to this clip the Dutch Defense
Ministry says counterintelligence

officials broke up a hacking attempt by
the Russians as they attempted to break
into a Marriott hotel Wi-Fi from a
parking lot in The Hague
the Dutch said the Russians had a

receipt which showed they took a taxi
ride from the headquarters of the GRU
Russia’s military intelligence service
to Moscow’s main airport Russia’s
rejected the indictments calling them

part of a disinformation campaign yeah
yeah it’s kind of like that let’s start
off with one thing just kind of like the
passport on 9/11 you like thing well the
guy has a taxi receipt you have to keep

your receipts he’s probably got the same
bureaucratic crap are you Morris Morris

so there’s not like Russia’s oh they’re
so crude over there they don’t need taxi
receipt so he kept his receipt in his
and so that’s what that became the

center of attention
some guys receipt because you’re right
because it’s proof that he took a cab
from the GRU headquarters this is also
kind of like making them look like the

dumbest spies in history there’s a lot
going on here
so it’s kind of like finding the the
hijackers Mohammed Atta’s Passport
completely unscathed you know we have
this proof this proof of who perpetrated

this evil crime and this got so crazy
that there were some problems with the
trains on I think Friday and the
Netherlands as we always has problems

with their trains if you ever are in the
Dutch train and they say we have a
problem with the the electrical what do
you call it John the this is above the

Train the electrical wires just called
the electrical wires it doesn’t have a
it has name induction – both for
lightning so whenever they say we have a
problem there’s a technical problem with

the wires that is code for someone
committed suicide and jumped onto the
tracks and it happens a lot at least
once a day but now there were some
problems with the trains and yes just
stuff was blinking the Dutch train

system is a 50-year history of problems
people immediately started tweeting
Russians have hacked into the train

you know this other thing about let’s go
back to this taxi receipt you’ve been
all over the world I have been all over
the world I’m seeing some taxi receipt
does it tell you where you left

have you ever seen the tags you said
left a hotel Bert Bern you know no
typically the guy will give it to you
blank hoping that you will give him a
bigger tip for the Sham you’re about to

pull on your employer that would be very
common interesting well now for this
taxi receipt for some reason despite the
government regulations I’m sure it says

specifically it’s from the GRU
headquarters the airport didn’t even
have the letters GRS GRU agency are you
would allow this this sort of thing it’s

like you attract people this is bullcrap
you’re although these days absolutely
uber not only knows where they pick me
up and drop me off they got a map it’s

get sent to me it’s copied to the IRS
everyone else was running too much too
much of an operation and I don’t think
the GRU is using uber that would make it
that much better if yeah it does sound

like a big big bunch of bullcrap
now the other big story that’s floating
around and has been floating around is

this washes two of them one is and Pence
had a speech recently where he brought
this this issue up and I think they’re
trying to trying to I’m not sure that

any of this is true or if it’s oh yeah
yeah yeah I chance about China’s gonna
Chinese out the hack American people
deserve to know in response to the

strong stand the President Trump has
taken Beijing is pursuing a
comprehensive and coordinated campaign
to undermine support for the president
our agenda and our nation’s most

cherished ideals
Pence’s warning to Beijing comes amidst
a growing us-china trade war and as the
Pentagon is reportedly planning a
massive show of force in November with

warships and planes set to carry out
exercises near China’s territorial
waters in the South China Sea and Taiwan
Strait oh I totally believe that’s

and the so that’s that that’s what
they’re equated to a meddling in the
election is by showing up around
election time and looking like dicks I’m
not sure yeah probably because now this
does tie in I believe in a way to this

story that kind of got legs but isn’t
really jumping to the forefront about
the the min soup the meal chip up for
that yeah I want to talk about this for

a second because I have some thoughts
about it what you super mikro super
mikro yeah this is interesting
Bloomberg is reporting China inserted
microchips into servers used by major

tech companies such as Apple and Amazon
that give backdoor access to data the
miniscule grain of rice sized chip would
allow hackers to bypass security and
remotely access the networks of these

companies both Apple and Amazon are
denying the claims in the report now if
I’m not mistaken this was discovered a
years ago this is not something new
correct I don’t know the details of the

discovery but I do have some thoughts on
the but this sort of thing because I’ve
worked with people back and I remember
in the 80s George Morrow used to bitch
about this with a Korean subcontractor

he had come up with this very
interesting little Zenith product that
was a laptop and it almost cost him his
company because they had it manufactured
overseas and it was it was a very

lightweight machine one of the early
ones and which machine was this it was a
little Zenith portable loss machine
I was raised austere CPM there was dass

know this old DOS
mmm-hmm by this time and I believe the
grain I think was long after CPM and
yeah I know it’s das and so they the
machine was a turd when it came back and

Morrow was one of these guys who would
design his own kind of screwball circus
that it would you know be kind of
miraculous he was something of a genius
in that regard and so he went they

couldn’t figure out why this machine
zena’s is all bent out of shape about a
big thing being no good so he’s examined
the motherboard and they had changed a
bunch of chips on it
yeah what yeah you know the one of our

Knights was running a big program at
Apple for that remember the trashcan Mac
yeah and and he would have to go to
China all the time because they would do

the exact same thing they did all sudden
they send it with just a different chip
for than the spec called for just
something completely just to Apple which
is yeah rages so yeah Morel finally got
to hold the engineers and again he was

that they looked at the I don’t why they
just produce it the way they’re supposed
to but he said apparently they get
involved they looked at I said oh this

circuit doesn’t make any sense so let’s
just bypass it and take that circuit out
and do this right and so they did and of
course the Machine didn’t work right and
I believe that they just constantly do

their meddlers they metal all we’re
gonna help you this is a way of helping
you yeah and I think that’s what we have
here unless somebody I have chip works

and proved this this argument now I had
a different thought about this and I’m
looking for the article I can’t find it
but I believe this was discovered quite

a while ago for some reason it’s just
now coming to light
and everyone’s denying that this has
affected them I see no reason to believe
that it wouldn’t have been our own

intelligence agencies who put this in
that would make a lot more sense
particularly in to Google and Facebook
servers why wouldn’t it be in there from
them why blame the Chinese

well unless I don’t even know that the
chip does anything that is a maestro can
tear down I mean someone has someone
that’s what I’m what is the chip it’s

gotta be some sort of eight ship known
ship I mean I mean the you just don’t
you can’t make a little submicron
product you know just in your backyard
it’s just this whole story seems sketchy

and I think it may be part of this pants
comment about the Chinese trying to hack
the elections and trying to get everyone
off the scent of the lack of scent of
the Russians I have no I just seems like

a phony baloney thing in Bloomberg I
don’t trust them at all well for sure
the only thing I can think to add to
this is that I’ve received so many notes

after our multiple conversation multiple
series conversation about Chinese
Chinese tourists and how they are rude
and where that comes from culturally
there’s a lot of different theories and

ideas but everyone pretty much agrees
yeah they’re rude they’re all so proud
of stealing often certainly if it’s
stealing from non Chinese entities and
this is one of the furtive for me the

first population that I actually look at
and say you know what we may really be
incompatible and they’re just dicks and
they probably think we’re dicks so and
that presents a problem because they

really have a lot of integration with us
bond you know technology finance with
sovereign finance
but they have Chinese I died that I know

it sounds xenophobic and bigoted but
they just may be dicks no I mean that’s
their culture of digs and I’m sure they
think we’re dicks too

so yeah we’re messing with them
reasonably hard right now yeah what
they’re doing in the in the South China
Sea and you know near Japan this is

insane and and and I think in that
regard Trump is correct no one has ever
just said hey cut it out well just like
who let’s look at Woodward monitoring

the situation they built an entire basis
yeah and that’s a that’s an important go
heart yeah they haven’t had that happen
they haven’t had anyone tell them to
stop I really hope we don’t get some
kind of kinetic thing going on there

because that’s not gonna be pretty but
this is to say that hey they’re trying
to rig our election of course the you
immediately think oh wow trying to
distract away from the Russians
there’s why from a PR standpoint it’s

just a stupid thing to say or at least
to say even to where they did the user
word metal they used the exact same it
was pence
pensee going on about it well pence

would know I like metal all right let’s
do this
I want to start off by thanking one

second oh I want I could cover a couple
in Hawaii
they sent me a box this is uh Sabrina

Cottington and I think her husband’s
name is I can’t read his I think it’s
Kristoff for Christopher
but his handwriting is illegible but

hello ha my husband has been a fan of
your show for the past couple of years I
enjoy seeing how happy they get he gets
after listening to your show he won’t be

happy if I can’t pronounce his name
hearing the stories we hope do you
enjoying all the Hawaiian gifts so he
sent me a but she the two of them sent
me a box of a bunch of cornball Hawaiian
I said if you want a whole hula skirts

on now it’s mostly books on how to speak
pidgin English and a lot of stuff with
macadamia nuts in it ah it’s actually
kind of a nice gift he wants his family

asked for some major families babies
surgery Karma for a newborn that Emmett
that’s not good was handed out now

though yeah you’ve got karma a long note
explaining it but I want to thank them
for sending this in he his wife has just

really had a little flyer cause she’s
this apparently a singer she does like
events and she’s just gorgeous
so he’s a lucky guy now is anything for
me in this care package or just for you

I did I guess I should give you half of
it okay
Rebecca waters starts off today or
actually let’s start with Craig Lawton

with the hundred dollars from Mitchum
Victoria Australia didn’t listen for six
months and he’s managed making it clear
that they’d mentioned be illness is

global I says my wife and I ditched
Facebook on our phones recently
Twitter’s next too much madness I recent
hit my brother in the mouth he lives in
New York City unfortunately he wasn’t

keen on listening to Trump apologists
he’s my younger brother so I’ll just
keep hitting him until he gets it and
we’re getting him a little deduced New
York stuff has got the Daily News is

just about impossible a pound is a mess
Rebecca waters a hundred dollars oh this
is Rebecca who is with Geoffrey to Hagen
and let me just she’s gonna thanks for

contributing to our sanity Congrats on
the engagement yes please stream the
wedding you and John keep us sane and
laughing please give Geoffrey two weeks
um jobs karma it’s rough out there
without the end for sure Sir Andrew

gussick NC for Ag 7373
ah and he’s in the ship at sea 73 from a
ship at sea oh and he wants to wish his

brother a happy birthday baby back
recoveries got a thing on there he’s on
the list
I wonder if he used the winds network to
send this email I don’t know I should
have told us we need details in Odom and

weed California 88 Odom is yes I got
that I think is the correct

since you seem to miss pronoun wrong
again I think it was autumn less than
four now I know how to pronounce odom
couple basketball players Laura Williams

it part Sun Oh another eight oh eight
boob donation now Laura hold on a second
Laura is donating for her husband I

think we need to let me just
double-check I think we need to read
this because this is yes her husband
Billy gets knighted today so I’ll take
this happy birthday my husband Billy
love ya Laura quite a few years ago my

husband started listening to the no
agenda show I could hear it playing as
in the garage when he was working on
cars vans etc on a rare date night we
would listen to it in the car jeez man

this is not a way to get laid that’s
what date night is all about at first I
didn’t get it and wanted to wash out
Adams mouth with soap but I did enjoy

the jingles I even started asking him
what John and Adam had to say about
certain events but I never listened on
my own finally after a trip to Vegas and
enjoying the show on the car ride there
I started listening on my own I learned

it by watching you okay I cannot thank
you all enough for what you do I’ve
watched my own mother become so far
entrenched in dimensioned be that she
has spent the last 15 years of her life

miserable and hateful because all she
does is listen to MSM 24/7 and believe
it all what I learned on your show keeps
me from losing my mind when talking to
her family relationship saved anyway on

to the donation my husband would make a
donation every now and then but wasn’t
consistent I enrolled under my name
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thank you and then would do a random
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him for his birthday with the boob
donation and knighthood now I don’t know
what he wants for his name I’m guessing
beau and I don’t know what he wants the
round table so I’m going to have to

follow up with an email and his request
I also will be sending another email
with the accounting attached as I can’t
access right now okay Oh aye without him
seeing me and have him since I haven’t
want to sense it was all it was a

surprise surprise surprise that’s very
nice yeah he’s on the list of course he

yes that’s so sweet from Laura to Billy
that is beautiful and way to go risky
move Billy
I hit her in the mouth on date night
risky move yeah these two guys hey you

turned on yet we are the viagra of
podcasting right here there you go

must be sir herb lamb uh happy 11th
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another boob donation is 800 eight bill
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this show like mixed no but we’re
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606 small boob
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so many cuz so many custom any maybe now
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David carbon ooh

parts unknown oh yeah he sent us a very
long email about how ice really works
and what they can and can’t do and why
there’s problems with these arrests and
I’m still parsing it because there’s a

lot to go through but it is very good so
we probably read it later Dave I think
Dave also did the mix for today’s show
I need 50:33 and gave us a mix and a
memo I Edward Mazurek in Memphis

Tennessee 50 the following people are
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thank all these folks for producing show
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relationships and people turning them on
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playing the recorder before we do the
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but appalled let me see yes there was
this a movement some stuff going on and
with Turkey and Germany and this it’s

not really being covered we’re very well
but I got this reports from not at all
oh yes Turkey’s president Raja prepared
one is in Germany meeting Chancellor
Angela Merkel the two countries have

clashed over human rights and Turkey’s
economy over which mr. Edwin has
exercised increasing political control
and also the EU pays air21
to not let the refugees leave turkey

into Europe the BBC’s journey Hill is
covering the visit essential Berlin has
been completely sealed off by a road
block just around the corner from the
Brandenburg Gate there are police

officers everywhere the Meuse tourists
at the cordon looking at police armored
vehicles and rooftops snipers around the
luxury Adlon hotel where a very
controversial guest is staying rich at

erawan that has come with high
expectations he wants to reset the
relationship between Ankara and Berlin
it’s strained due in part stays partial
for jailing critics and journalists

really small passports perhaps it’s no
wonder that few senior politicians will
attend a state banquet due to be held in
his honor at the presidential palace not
far from here Angela Merkel and many of

her ministers won’t be at the dinner
mrs. Merkel of course will meet with him
three times in fact mr. Dewan needs her
help and support his economy struggling
and he’s fallen out with Donald Trump

but the relationship matters to her to
three million people of Turkish origin
live in Germany many support him then
there’s a trading relationship and a
deal between Turkey and the EU has

helped to reduce migration mr. Erdogan
says he wants closer ties interesting
how they just gloss over that in this
report it’s a buyout then there’s a
trading relationship and a deal between

Turkey and the EU has helped to reduce
migration now the biggest problem I just
finished the report on mr. Erdogan says
he wants closer ties for what he says is
the sake of prosperity in the future of

both countries
mrs. Merkel may agree with him but given
her own diminishing power and the
contempt in which mr. Aaron is held by
many hair her welcome will be a cautious
one so what is what’s the play here I

mean is the lira still in a in a spiral
is it just control eyes low okay so
they’ll get stabilized but you know when
you have a low we need currencies

collapse like that this is the
opportunity for exporting because it
means everything yesterday cheap but
what are they export drugs maybe export
well they excuse for words some mineral
seduction drugs Isis best glassblowing

factories and glass manufacturing in the
world all we need to take a trip and the
funny thing is I’ll bet you we start to
see it cost-plus and some of these you

know cratenbarrel up but you’re gonna
have all kinds of deals on and see a lot
of Turkish glass yes and Rossi it out of
the blue rugs

they have lots of that’s for sure yeah
right drain the country of its rugs III
don’t want to that want to sound like a

broken record but again the opportunity
is just beckoning us John
glass and roads wanna do have become an
import-export guy or dealing with the
Turks huh

they’re very hard sell style this really
doesn’t fit in with American taste
hookahs do
well yeah but I don’t know what kind of
a business that is now hookah bars we

got a couple stop smoke hookah bar is
our actual does this a pretty popular
thing now yeah
really yeah
you have a hookah bar there in us I

think we have three because I don’t know
of one there probably is one around here
but oh yeah this in your neck of the
woods yeah this tons of hookah bars huh
I should go and investigate I don’t care

okay I think they’re pretentious I
think a hookahs pretentious
pretension it’s just a glorified bong
yeah yeah oh no I don’t use a bong laser

hookah we have to be imported it from
it breaks it now whenever you really

want to get something done in the order
I would say in the 80’s 90’s a little
bit of the 2000s if you wanted to get
something done you brought in the big

so we really need to reconsider this
brexit thing we got all kinds of
problems who do you bring in who’s the
big gun in the UK if you really want to
change hearts and minds Boris Johnson

close Bob Geldof of course sir Bob’s our
Bob Ed’s twofold one is the increment
generates for this country 94 billion
and bringing into the country contrast

that with the NHS total spend of 118
billion 115 billion almost the same this
would be critically damaged the second
reason is cultural the voice of Britain

the genuine global Britain voice is our
music it has been since the Beatles the
greatest cultural influences of the 20th
century no one knows quite why this tiny

island produces such vast reservoirs of
talent but we do know that the entire
plan of dancers eats sleeps and plays
hard to our noise that’s the sound of

genuine global Britain and that has been
endangered by a recklessness which is
existential and historically self
damaging so apparently in order to save

the national health care system we need
to stay within the EU so the almost
equal amount of revenue that comes in
from the music business can save all the

sick people bullshit what is it what is
wrong with him
I don’t know what does can’t make heads

or tails of this precisely I mean how
does this play and I mean what what is
he serious about the I mean yeah we’ve
had the Beatles thanks it was great you

know hey Paul McCartney to you can have
him back
I’m not so sure that I that Britain has
been all that important I mean yeah we

had an important wave in the 60s and 70s
well I will say this has he heard me has
he heard kpop or not
I he probably has but I would there’s

something it needs to be kind of
discussed I think and a bigger I’d like
on a global level who which is yeah II
you want to have all these units do you
want these for trade for the purposes of

trade and only trade you want these big
alliances and then you can make better
deals but if you look at the history of
Europe in particular the little or
countries that look small countries the

EU the UK and there are the islands
there and then you have Sweden
individually when they were kind of not
isolated but more isolated than they are
today Sweden used to have two aircraft

manufacturing companies now and two or
three car companies and a truck company
I mean they would have all these
operations now they’re all bought up by
you know because of globalism they’ve

been bought up by the Chinese and the
Indians and Saab I think has been the
coach Saab the car company has been shut
down shudder yeah gone GM for a wild hog
they make it work and the Great Britain

is the same way they had Jaguar and
Bentley and rolls-royce all it’s all BMW
now isn’t it well they’re owned by yeah
they’re owned by the BMW and Volkswagen
but I think Volkswagen owns rolls-royce

BMW I think Owens Bentley or the other
way around but they don’t own their
Grover I think this still may be
independent but probably not I mean when
these countries were by themselves and

doing their own thing they could do all
these fabulous things including the
British Invasion for the music scene
which Geldof kind of refers to yeah but
now that they’re all global the global
thing just takes all those lights the

air out of it yeah yeah so would
somebody explain that to me now the only
thing they have really that is global is
they’re actors they’re actors they that
is the engine of our of Hollywood

because we they add credibility to
what’s going on what did the drivel were
producing so you gotta have we can suck
up actors like there’s no tomorrow but

in fact a lot of the British actors and
there’s many of the better ones are
really British and they work on the
stage and they do a lot of stuff you’d
see over they will see over here
when they come over here just first shot

at it they were they come over here to
take our money and bang our women well
there’s that but that’s just an actress
thing that’s what they do the point is

is that why does what has globalism done
that’s positive accept make bigger
companies bigger what is it done
what is it done for the for the people

or for the creativity of the masses well
you know what I think this is it the
globalism is right here you’re listening
to it you’re connected to it the
Internet is the only globalism I believe
in and it’s not really all that healthy

what we’re seeing
yeah and if you even look at our numbers
seriously and you look at who listens to
the show it’s still 85% USA and then the

rest is a pitch you see numbers
yes YC yeah I just see numbers I don’t
see numbers of the people who were

listening I’m get numbers from the
mailing list
ah okay and I extrapolate well as I told
you when I was in when I was in Europe
you know last month did I realized you
know we really do have it our media diet

our news diet here is so deprived that
you know that we wind up and it’s it
spills over into all other countries I
mean the headline news is what’s going
on here is Trump this won’t last we used

to do a lot more European news but a lot
of the European news is Trump
yeah I mean it’s pretty pathetic I will
say not to be insulting to any

particular news show did I have to get
clips from Democracy Now
I know and all she does is read the wire
I think you’re single-handedly keeping
them on the air with your penis like you

know but they still report us if I do
have one last clip from them I might as
well get out of the way so we can okay
rap a little bit but this is a Yemen
update ooh yes something else rarely
discussed Thursday’s protest came as the

head of a team of UN investigators
accused Saudi Arabia and the United Arab
Emirates of interfering with his
investigation Kamel Jon duly says all
sides in Yemen’s conflict of committed

human rights abuses with the us-backed
saudi-led coalition responsible for war
crimes including widespread arbitrary
detention rape torture and the
conscription of children as young as

eight years old yeah yeah where’s all
the protest for that
there was a protest that’s what she was
reporting on but they was no reporting
on the protest that’s not what we want

cause it’s not about Trump if there’s no
reporting on the protest it didn’t
happen yeah pretty much
I see if I just had some OTG notes I’d
taken here but oh yeah this is I’ve

ordered the book
Jessica Powell have you ever run across
her she was
I think she was a big PR person at

and she wrote a book about how how much
bullshit is going on and it’s called the
big disruption here why I left my big
fancy tech job and wrote a book the big

disruption and she really highlights how
they completely lost the lost the plot
and you know all became savers of the
world like oh then we’ll go everything
we do will just be to save the world

make the world a better place you know
we are the superheroes it’s it’s the
excerpts that she’s posted on on medium
seem pretty revealing
very exciting it yeah yeah it’s why I
left my big fancy tech job and wrote a

book the big disruption so I guess
that’s titled the book Jessica
Powell Facebook
have now been on since Wow March how did

yeah yeah you should be I’m proud of me
I’m feel much better too I bet you do
said they had a 50 million user breach
and apparently they still can’t reset

all of the access tokens and this is
this is the big problem is because this
people use the face bag sign-in whenever
they’re on a website oh just you know

login with the Facebook okay you can
usually it’s Facebook or Google or
hopefully they have an option to
register with your own email address
which has its own lot of issues yeah
that’s more common now I mean I remember

like three years ago where we just
couldn’t you couldn’t sign in just
Facebook that was it yeah I’m logging in
with Facebook I don’t have an account so
that access token which has been
compromised for I think the majority or

all of these 50 million users that I
don’t I mean I wouldn’t know someone
maybe made me may have reactivated my
account maybe I think ur he who knows I
have it looked but it also gives you

access to all other sites if you use the
the login for and this is also not
really being covered I mean it’s just in
yeah I kind of like inner breath but I

think it’s much more serious then your
typical oh something happened I mean
people have actual complete access
tokens authenticated lock into to all
the sites that you login with Facebook a

well I would be if my opinion is if
you’re gonna if you would take that
route and use Facebook for your logins

everything else you deserve that what
you get yes
Oh Calais oh I know what I had the
Alcatel flip-phone go yeah has been on
and is now at the very end of its

battery since last Sunday Wow and
really I have not used it it’s only been
standby mode but it was standby for

seven day good call yeah if it’ll still
take a call
ah yeah but it’s I mean it’s down to the
wire I mean there’s the battery icon is

pretty much empty but it’s it’s still
dialing yeah it’s working
you’re not amazing and and by the way
it’s the way it used to be with these
phones yeah every single time I mention

the phone I was like oh I was like 39
bucks on the Amazon app right after that
it’s 59 it’s 69 I am single-handedly
raising the price of the Alcatel flip
phone to go have a newsletter put in our

newsletter and they get it get quick
shot at it okay i’ll relist some of my
faves for the OTG lifestyle yeah a

little segment
excellent excellent did you upgrade your
windows I found out that’s a bad idea to
what though they haven’t and their new
release their half-year release came out

no I didn’t notice
oh yeah and and immediately they had to
pull it no I didn’t get one yeah you
probably didn’t get one because they you

probably have your update set to OFF
like you should generally do and then
they also they don’t do them all at once
its 1809 and they had to pull it because
apparently some users were witnessing

all their files being deleted oh nice oh
my goodness that’s not nice following up
on our tracking of Tesla stock in this

case based on fundamentals such as the
CEO is nuts that so we think it’s gonna
be a perfect 200 january two hundred

short this is not advice we’re not in it
but this is it comes to us from the
former new york banker but there was a
interesting article someone sent me
about wah and and yo part of his theory
which i think we both agree with is you

know he has the number one selling sedan
and there’s only really two other sedans
that you can purchase right now the
impala and the charger and the after
this these are all the fans after this

is not going to be any demand and
there’s a number of theories about why
people are buying suvs and not buying
sedan’s anymore and subsequently they’re
not being made and one of the premier

reasons seems to be the number of child
safety seats you can get in the back
which would really be exactly – and so
it’s these cars are just no longer big

enough for your typical family now when
I read this I thought yeah maybe but
seeing the way they explain the dog
phenomenon well this is exactly my point
I think SUV’s people have them because

they’re moving from babies to dogs and
the SUV you can you have the the rear
the other fifth door opener so the dog

can bound in or bound out you know it’s
the way the commercial works hey Fido
there’s room in the back yeah and the
dog gets in the back that’s why there’s
no trunk it’s actually the trunk is in

the is up into the in the car yes and
that’s where you put the doggie basket
and his toys and his new eyes language
all the stuff I think that is the main

I like the theory it seems it seems
yeah that would account for the minivans
totally they’re the minivans actually

are hot because of the price because
they’re just so shit now this issue
we’ve had well I think we’ve gone
through ten of these things yeah
they bring oh they’re not do we had one

minivan wouldn’t one just be enough if
they were we still had were they after a
while you know it’s like uh-huh you want
something newer you said ten of them
mm-hmm probably had faults four or five

okay but we had one that was three
hundred sixty thousand miles or put on
it whoa run still runs like a truck but
now do that in your drawer it’s a

fantastic invention unfortunately only
Chrysler seems to make make the make the
product right yeah but now Chrysler got
just this is how you got to tell you

this story
Chrysler got sidetracked so Mimi’s got
this Chrysler Town and Country as a
fairly new cars fantasticks got radar
maybe when you drive it along you know
if there’s a car nearby bbbbbb baby baby

did you get a little noise so you don’t
turn into you know into somebody it’s
got all these features or cameras Ron I
know that you’re driving around in the
23 year old Lexus but this is kind of

what people have these days so I mean if
you’re surprised by it okay well here’s
what I’m surprised by so the battery
starts going dead and the computer
decides that the cars now really needs

to be either taken in for a new battery
or something it’s not going to if first
of all it’s not going to start it’s not
gonna give you any it’s gonna start
beeping if you try to do anything and if

you try to disable the beeping and
beeping and beeping it makes like for
example sticking your key into the
ignition yeah a clamp inside the
ignition locks the keys oh nice

so you can’t get the key out
tomorrow’ll she goes through to me the
key won’t come out you need to do this
and the keys are coordinated so one key

doesn’t work they’ve done now none of
them work you can’t open the doors you
can’t do anything and so she finally
gets the thing after a cup
of days of misery gets the things so it
is going to get the new battery they

think everything’s ready to go the key
comes out is everything’s ready tries to
start it it asks for her pin number
which of course she never recalled ever

creating news car owners pin number you
don’t have it it’s not on the pink slip
it’s not in the registers nowhere to be

the company doesn’t have it the dealer
doesn’t know what it is so you have this
pin number that shows why in the world
does a car any car being made today
require a pin number for you to start
your own damn car did you try zero zero

zero zero they tried everything well
this reminds me this is ridiculous this
kind of thing and this is what they’re
doing the Glock I mean this is a minivan
who’s gonna steal a minivan

hey man chicks dig that shit boy this
reminds me of Elise who has a Prius but
which is an 80

I want no nightie a 94 Prius I believe
three almost 300,000 miles original
battery I’m very impressed with this
vehicle except when she had to here in

the garage when she was staying here
during the summer the there’s a smaller
battery which activates the systems you
know you can’t just flip on this huge
battery and have it power everything now

that comes from a very like almost like
a motorcycle battery which is in the
back of the car now when that’s not
functioning then you can’t open up you
know that nothing works the clicker

doesn’t work the remote but you can see
take the little key out of the key fob
and then okay you can open the door but
the battery is in a compartment in the
back of the car which you can get to if

the trunk is open but the trunk has no
keyhole that can only be activated by
the remote switch which which of course

doesn’t work where the batteries but you
can climb over the seat if your arm is
long enough you can go like it’s your
we blind you do this blind you have to

watch youtube videos and then you can
kind of put your hook your arm under and
there’s a little wire and if you’re
lucky you can you can flip that and then
click then the the boot will open or the

trunk will open it’s it’s ridiculous I
mean it’s it’s total insanity how some
of these things are thought up
yeah that’s why like older cars
mechanical cars are the best cars yeah

well keep that Lexus running boy I’ll
tell you there is like a top now it’s 25
years old runs like a top res like a top
speaking of tops I got no way to make

the transition but it’s not not going
too well with our top director there it
is Ben Affleck and I didn’t know this
about Ben but he has a alcoholism
problem this morning a Hollywood

a-lister is seeking help Ben Affleck
confirmed to be back in rehab following
struggles with alcohol addiction a
source close to Affleck saying quote one
crucial aspect of Ben’s recovery is for

him to be able to seek help when he
feels as though he’s not in control when
his ongoing treatment and meetings with
sober coaches aren’t quite enough holy
crap if he’s at that stage where his

meetings and his coaches are not enough
he needs someone to physically stop him
I think he spread this a serious problem
and this is apparently the third time
he’s been in rehab I didn’t know

anything about this adding the best-case
scenario is for him to seek help which
he has done willingly and for that we
are all very grateful and hopeful in a
decorated career full of Hollywood

blockbusters Affleck’s next role getting
healthy staff as you mentioned Ben
Affleck has been in rehab before has he
talked about his battle with addiction
yeah the last time you got out in March

2017 he was very open about it on his
Facebook page he wrote I have completed
treatment for alcohol addiction
something I’ve dealt with in the past
and will continue to confront he wrote I
want to live life to the fullest and be

the best father I can be I want my kids
to know there is no shame in getting
help when you needed and it sounds like
he needs it again guys so this was just
your typical Hollywood story and they

kind of fluff over it the guy is a
serious serious addiction problem and
what I’m missing from this network
broadcast believe it’s the Today Show
and this used to happen when you did a

story like this and now they just turned
into the slow how well he’s seeking help
oh oh were we’re all pulling for you Ben
meanwhile in finance yeah they don’t
give a shit about him but they used to

say things like hey if you think that
you have a problem with alcohol or you
may be battling some demons here’s the
number to call or here’s a website to go
to why doesn’t that happen anymore why

is it just been turned into this
Hollywood goo story where it’s an actual
maybe thinking about themselves
oh you make a good point not that I have
any number ready for you but well maybe

someone will now think about it
they didn’t even mention that hey
there’s lots of places you can go if you
think you have a problem in fact I I
don’t think I think that most of our

listeners have an alcohol problem
have you ever seen Chris Wilson from
from Australia and what they know he’s
Austria Australia am I thinking what am

I thinking
instead we don’t like to drink alcohol
here on the No Agenda show no we like to
drink cockroaches insecticide but gross

parent company is being sued for
allegedly using the cockroach
insecticide linalool as an ingredient in
their beverages the sparkling water
brand says they use all natural
ingredients but customer lenore rice

claims otherwise CBS Philadelphia
reports rice had to drink tested
revealing it contains synthetic
ingredients as identified by the Food
and Drug Administration according to the
claim some of the other chemicals

include limonene which is known to cause
kidney toxicity and linalool protein a
chemical used to treat cancer the
lawsuit claims that Lacroix makers are
aware of the alleged unnatural
ingredients however in a statement

Lacroix parent company natural beverages
denied the allegations saying all
essences contained in Lacroix or
certified by our suppliers to be 100%

this is just a hit piece yeah how does
the Croix is a problem for a lot of
these beverage makers at no kidding
what’s the number you know the kind of

millennial yes it’s the hipster hipster
water absolutely hipster water hmm and
so on they’re selling by the tons they
don’t know what to do about it how does
it get in there I don’t know that it is

it could be bull crap I don’t I’d like
to see some documentation for this
accusation yeah
I was the first thing that doubt this
story is true you know it’s the first

thing I thought as well but also like
you know it it has to be resolved pretty
quickly because this is elite water
elitist to drink this water you can get
the Lacroix plain no flavored okay get

through this this horrible moment
because you mean the one that seems to
be the most popular is the grapefruit
I honestly I’ve never had the the ones

with it with a flavor the grapefruit is
remarkably good you’ve had some
cockroach insecticide apparently maybe
that’s why there’s no cockroaches

crawling all over me well I think the
problem is if this cockroach insecticide
is really in there the elites who of
course are reptiles are having an issue
with it all right
let’s do one more John I like to play

cuz it’s so funny okay this is the and
it’s not depressing like the ones I have
left over it’s from the last show and
you have to look you know to look it up

it’s called stitch fix and stitch fix is
a company that they were profiling on
under one of the business of Bloomberg
News Bloomberg News I believe and this

girl you’re listening to this and it’s
like a CEO or a the spokesperson is just
a dimwit it says really really really
really really really all the time and

it’s just to me is like high tech is
another another indicator to me that the
whole things about to collapse the first
glance ista tricks is a fashion company

but it seems that it’s actually more of
a data company you really use data
science to do a tremendous amount so
tell us a little bit about that yes data
is the new bacon

absolutely so on a surface where a
personal Italian company so a client
signs up and lets us know her general
size and style preferences and she’ll
schedule a date to get a stitch fix and
and that stitch fix is curated by a real
human stylist but the data is a really

really important part of what we do and
so our
stylist when she’s making selections for
you she has at her fingertips
world-class algorithms that were
developed by our 40-plus data engineers
and a team that’s led by the guy who

used to run all of algorithms and
analytics at Netflix and what they’re
able to do to generate really really
great recommendations so that when a
stylist really inflections for you she
can do so with really great data knowing

that for somebody with your shape or she
may choose to send you something that
the algorithm wouldn’t have known to
send you because you let her know I’m
going to Hawaii next week and that’s
information that she can interpret

differently and it’s like Pandora and
that it learns what you like and and
absolutely based on exactly and there’s
a lot of interesting analogies to
Pandora and so when a client is signing
on the line I don’t know that’s kind of

like the client side of it on the
product side we gather data on every
single attribute of all of the clothing
that we bring in so we know that at the
end of the day it’s not necessarily
fabrication or color that is the most

important attribute it’s actually how is
it going to fit on people with different
body shapes and how is it going to work
with people who will have different
styles so all of that we code upfront
the same way somebody at Pandora a music
expert in Pandora would code music ever

happened that you got a clip of the day

at the end of the show now I think it’s
well deserved there was perfect ways I
found a chatterbox which is really
really all the time no you showed us the
actual tipping point the Nexus of when
the detecting the street points started

to implode upon itself yes like WTC 7
it’s pretty pretty pathetic yeah oh my
goodness hey good job I’m depressed
about tech not good good it’s about time

go play with my shitty 18:09 install on
Windows I got translucent boxes on my
it’s a long story

all right everybody sounds like how
fixes in yeah there’s a fix is coming
for sure that’s it for this episode of
the best podcast the universe your No

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exercise increased caution more American
households have pets than children I

think that I think a good part of the
American public justice should be part
of it a global government is run by
somebody in Brussels exercise increased

I know it’s a surprise to even me that I
talk this way and I’m a doctor as a
grown woman I sounds like I’m still back
at that hate school party a child is the

u.s. is more likely to stay pet than a
live-in father they just assumed this
would be a big global they

happy-go-lucky world-governing and we’re
all gonna be fine for it that is sad the
Great Britain thinks it’s fine to let
the let the Belgians tell us what to do

every country’s going down I think I
think a good part of the American public

justice should be part of it but global
government is run by somebody in
Brussels but I’m an old fart
apparently I think most of those people
have disengaged so just that just

disengaged you they just want someone
else take care of it and they really
don’t care more American households have
pets than children
just to dogs like this piece