No Agenda Episode 1076 “M-Word”

you know as a part of China Adam curry
Jhansi Devorah 18 this is your award we
didn’t get my nation media assassination
episode 1076 this is no agenda

good morning everybody I’m Adam curry
and from Northern California which we
consider the zone stars state I’m John C

Dvorak Wow first time in almost 11 years
you said you didn’t say Silicon Valley
you said for in Northern California I

did yeah I’ve lost it 11 years was a
good time good run John good run it’s
over now I guess yeah well hey there was

finally some news to look at
well I thought a lot of you to look at I
think we’re over clipped actually for

today just evaluating yeah we know dupes
from the last show know dupes it’s no no
dupes of Lud yeah there was just that
was lots of stuff with not for now but I

did go through the you know the IPCC
special report
I am glad yes as I didn’t I knew yes of
course you wouldn’t

now what I do expect you did is you went
through the Google the good sensor
leaked document and have an analysis of
that for us
I did go through but I don’t have an

analysis hmm
that’s my bad like dad John’s got you
was tweeting by the way ever strike out
John ever since you got fired for not

having the right attitude about 5g
you’ve been insane on Twitter I mean
you’re on day or night you’re on you’re
tweeting this you’re tweeting that hey
you should write a book about crazy
California yes you’re all over that you

even agreed to an interview with grey
America I mean your life is changing no
just because we never we never respond

hey come on the show the fact that we
have it on the stream I figure I guess I
could do this show you’re the one who
told me not to a to Brutus nice very

very nice all right so we had a lot of
pretty fun moments to look at although

I’m I’m I’m really growing a little bit
concerned about what’s happening to
and since they seem somewhat out of
control you know there’s this banging on

the Supreme Court doors is crying it’s
kind of this Cavanagh vote to me felt a
little bit like you know almost like the

election again yeah a little bit people
were getting you know just crazy crazy
anal and a lot of inaccuracies he’s a
quickie this is Caitlin Thomas from CNN
who just in passing just said something

which I found interesting no one
corrected her on in the room now this
was at the the ceremony for a Kavanagh
that that the the ceremony is

swearing-in Clarence Thomas was seen
clapping in the room I don’t know if any
of the other justices were but Clarence
Thomas of course during his confirmation
hearings was also accused of sexual
assault was there clapping as well

wasn’t accused of sexual assault and I
think I tweeted about it in my frenzy
which is that Clarence Thomas as they
brought him in they tried to make it

sound as though the whole thing about
him was the same as Kavanagh which was
sexual assault no not once was was about
inappropriate comments in the world

prett comments yeah yeah what was it
care law you began long dong silver
pubic hair and a coke can which by the
way I totally believe
I do too I think that they listen to the

kind of goofball Anita Hill was yeah she
worked everywhere he worked I think she
was a fan girl and something happened
between him and then she said I was
screw this stuff I think that’s what

happened just recollect Abu Bakkar today
no wasn’t sexual assault a night and the
fact that CNN yet that does none of this
surprises me they’re terrible news
people that makes it so much fun for us

this week in this know ABC this week
which I caught a little bit of there’s a
lot of clipping actually they had on

whom a quote-unquote reporter from vice
makes a quote-unquote reporter cuz it’s
an ad agency so she’s probably in sales
Oh perfect timing and the question of

these prote of the protesters in the
halls of the Senate and outside the
Supreme Court and you know were any of

them paid well yeah my snooze actually
spent a lot of time with the protesters
last week we saw the presidents say
these are professional protesters paid

by George Soros etc etc what what who by
the way we need a Soros thing from
Fletcher we need a Soros thing by the
way this is the only duplicate clip we

have I have this exact same clip oh
okay good clip because this guy that the
the host yeah I think it’s the same clip
it sounds like it the host is like

adamant was etc etc what what who were
these people what was though a lot of
them were were normal people who are mad

or B’s we hung out with a group from
Alaska who was very specifically talking
to Lisa Murkowski a lot of them were
Native Americans which also played into
Lisa Murkowski
decision they actually felt a lot of
respect for her because she brought them

into their office she had a real
conversation with them and we also saw
people who were organized and that
moment with Jeff Flake on the hill we
talked to one woman who works for
ultraviolet who was paid she helped

steer people in the right ways to be
able to to confront Santa were paid
there were people who were paid by
organizations like ultraviolet to to try
to harness that energy in a way that

would make the viral moments that we
ended up seeing so there you go she
admits not just were they paid but they
were paid to harness the energy to
create the viral moments that we were

witness to in PR is thank you very much
vice girl yep she said it right it was
very revealing the the first lady was
asked on ABC about her thoughts and and

of course this is how it is portrayed
just a little snippet i support the
women and they need to be heard we need
to support them and you know also men
not just women do you think men in the

news that have been accused of sexual
assault and sexual harassment have been
treated unfairly we need to have a
really hard evidence that you know that
if you’re accused of something so the
evidence right oh yeah but says so the

evidence yeah hard evidence so the
evidence oh well while you’re on that
kind of thing we also had on Tom Perez

on the Chris Hayes show Tom Perez head
of the Democratic yeah that’s Nitti yeah
he’s there he’s the head of the whole
law party
yeah he makes them it kind of makes a
little a flub mmm

Ken’s day in and day out of when we see
that there are no guardrails in
Washington I mean we we know that for
sure there there are no moderate
Democrats basically left from the

moderate Republicans left in the United
States yeah yeah yeah I need to say
Tucker Carlson has been doing something

very douchey for the past two nights and
I actually I should probably move back a
little bit so for some reason the word
mob has now become a problem mom yeah if

you say if you use them the mob about
like thug yeah well exactly exactly they
haven’t quite made it racist yet but
they’re saying he’ll people who are
stopping cars in Seattle that’s not a

mob people who are Portland I’m sorry
people who are banging on the doors of
the Supreme Court and breaking down and
trying to rip it open that’s not a mob
that’s just you know people who were

angry he’s peaceful protesters and I
think this is the clip that kind of
started off with Matt Lewis of The Daily
Beast who made the faux pas of using the
word mob on the Brooke Baldwin show on

CNN I believe it’s the overreaction of
the left when you see people like Ted
Cruz getting chased out of restaurants
by a mob oh you’re not gonna use the my

word no it’s it’s totally a mob it is
without a doubt there’s no other word
it’s a stop what obviou
is what we saw in Charlottesville

Virginia not what we saw chasing I’m
gonna tell you right what about the
people who were at the Supreme Court
banging on the walls what do you call

that civil protest or that a mob I think
it’s easily a mob yeah and if it were
Tea Partiers we’d call it a mob for sure
come on let’s be serious I mean let me
let me let me move past the n-word

because I do feel like that is part of
the lamentation
what’s happening now on the right it’s
the M word all right let’s look at mob
oh this is a very good idea of course we

large crowd of people especially one
that is disorderly and intent on causing
trouble or violence or crowd around

someone in an unruly and excitable way
in order to admire or attack them huh
wrong it’s the M word there’s another

for bohtan word write it down M word so
Tucker Carlson on Fox News took this and
mmm Hillary Clinton had done an
interview while she was right out before

after she spoke at Oxford and the
interview was on CNN by globalist
extraordinaire CFR member Christiana
Aman Aman Aman on poor I realize have
always been saying Helen tight I’ve

realized that I always said on imported
Amanpour the M comes first and so this
is what he did with it Hillary Clinton
is so worried though about how dangerous

the Republican Party has become those
angry Mormon grandmothers and black
bandanas you’re seeing in downtown
Portland smashing windows that she no
longer considers Republicans Americans

or even fully human
according to Clinton you no longer have
to be civil to Republicans you can do
whatever you want to them because they
deserve it you cannot be civil with a

political party that wants to destroy
what you stand for what you care about
that’s why I believe if we are fortunate
enough to win back the house and/or the

that’s when civility can start again
yeah when we win civility can return so
there you have it the perfect

distillation there’s the most recent
Democratic presidential candidate the
leader of her party by default endorsing
viciousness openly against her political
opponents busy but this is out of

context and as I’ve said many times
whenever something is viral because this
clip of her saying that not
the tucker carlson bit with this clip of
because that’s where he gets his his

material for our moore’s producers is
from online it was completely violence
play in this go didn’t want
she’s approving go mess up the some
republicans but really in context of

what came next or the entire interview
which actually i pulled a couple other
clips from cuz i thought she said some
really egregious stuff in the interview
this was not it this is just her way of

saying you’ve got a vote and here’s how
she kind of wrapped it around when the
republican senate denied the right of
president obama to have his nominee for

the Supreme Court Merrick garland heard
I think you even wrote that they stole a
justice from the day I think they did I
mean to keep a Supreme Court seat open

for a year to deny a distinguished
jurist they could have voted him down
they could have said well for
ideological reasons philosophical
reasons we’re not going to vote for him

but no they stonewalled and that was
such a breach of Senate ethics and the
constitutional responsibility of the
Senate to advise and consent on

nominations that you cannot be civil
with a political party that wants to
destroy what you stand for what you care
about that’s why I believe if we are

fortunate enough to win back the house
and or the Senate that’s when civility
can start again so when you’re dealing
with an ideological party that is driven
by the lust for power that is funded by

corporate interests who want a
government that does its bidding it’s
hot you can be civil but you can’t
overcome what they intend to do unless
you win elections so you know if you

take the whole thing in context he’s
really riling people up
you gotta win elections and then this
yeah there’s nothing to do with being a

mom are you guy I could have had that
clip I listened to it and I decided that
it was just like just tuckered but he’s
doing it for two days in a row and I’m
tired of riding people up well he’s

here’s what I’m thinking is going on
there we’ve watched this show since its
inception and we watched him you know
get to certain modes and you know people
on in an attack I mean I never got a

clue and nobody comes on and he’s had to
readjust his model the formula for the
show has changed at least twice maybe
three times and this is another attempt
at changing it again to get something

that works that doesn’t end up making
him be by himself or people’s not come
on the show right I don’t know you know
I think this is a I think this
particular model where he goes off on

something little minor in this case or
exaggerated which is the way you would
have it yeah I think this is just
another attempt at getting a better
formula I buy because you I’d rather see

where it goes yeah work out he’s using
he’s like he’s using O’Reilly’s old yeah
yeah and it’s to me it’s off-putting
it’s like this is one of the few cable
news shows a watch because he he does

have interesting people from the left
come on and although he always is asking
the same stupid question but this just
went too far there was some other stuff
in this Hillary interview would like to

share though so she had a number of I
found rather remarkable little bits to
say of course with this tour that’s
coming up the speaking tour which he
also addresses pre the preach was

running she is running she’s running
she’s just sitting there just waiting
for the opportunity to say well seeing
as you guys have nothing I guess I’m

your only hope but yep but she’s the new
Adlai Stevenson but she’s got problems
with the white women white women white
people white women last night President
Trump had a sort of ceremony for now

justice Kavanagh at the White House and
he apologized on behalf of the American
people for the immense amount of pain
and harm
that that he said that the judge had

been put through by this system what do
you make of that and what message
including the president’s mocking of
Christine Blasi Ford for her allegations
what message does that send to women and

remember women went for president from
white 2016 white with white women all
women went for me and all look white
women have been voting against
Democratic presidential candidates for

decades now really douches wait didn’t
white women all come out for Obama am I
missing something a good point please
white women were in love with the guy

white women why is it the white vote has
only been won twice in the last 60 years
my husband being one of the two Lyndon

Johnson being the other so it’s not a
surprise as a disappointment but it’s
not a surprise those guys must be racist
then so what why is it disappointing
that whites don’t vote for your white

husband I mean whatever she’s saying she
sounds racist
and I don’t know you know it’s part of a
grand scheme identity politics thing and
that yeah oh yeah dissuade the whites

from doing anything as if they there’s
no what if the whole thing is I don’t
get it because I think it’s a
counterproductive I don’t think it’s
working and hasn’t shown any signs of

working uh I don’t know what she’s
thinking she’s just shooting yourself in
the foot yet again well but already
she’s alienated white men white men are
just the patriarchy were the problem now

white women are no good oh yes this
makes little sense to me but let’s talk
about Russians if we don’t get smarter
and I include myself in this you know
and I did not know the extent to which

there was Russian interference I knew
there had been some in my election I
didn’t understand the pressures from the
right wing frankly on Jim Comey that
would cause him to interfere in the

election to my detriment who interfere
in the election to my detriment mm-hmm
hello Jim Comey those were things that
were almost unimaginable who what who
when setting up a presidential campaign

with said oh and don’t forget we have to
worry about the Russians manipulating
the outcome we have I like this this is
more apology I don’t know about the
Russians worried about the Russians

manipulating the outcome we have to
worry about the FBI director intervening
into it we have to worry about WikiLeaks
which is a wholly owned subsidiary

Russian intelligence
what since when God since they paid off

Julian Assange they didn’t you hear
about the share transaction was a
reverse merger they backed into a show
the worry indicates that wholly owned
subsidiary Russian intelligence I mean

who would have thought that those were
the challenges we face so we do have to
get tougher and smarter and stronger not
cross the line into lying but there’s

enough truth and facts that should be
more widely known that’s right very very
interesting what she says there know
about Julian Assange maybe that’s why

she said that as I was trying to figure
out you know why why are you saying oh
don’t cross the line don’t lie about

stuff but there’s nothing and you’re
right maybe it was about Assange and
WikiLeaks that she said she felt the
need to say that all I’m not really
lying is just enough facts and proof to
show that it’s a wholly owned subsidiary

of of the Russian intelligence about
what these Republicans stand for whose
bidding they are doing and where Trump
really comes from and at some point
please the accumulation of evidence

about how Trump and his father
manipulated their business how they read
oh wait this is really rich to coin a

phrase coming from her from her miss
Clinton Foundation tax dodgers of the of
the of the century but listen to this
business how they in in so many ways

broke you know at least the spirit if
not the letter of tax laws whoa John
whenever I do my taxes I always think in
the spirit like the Spirit is to give

more money to the government isn’t that
the spirit what is the spirit of the tax
law yeah no spirit this compass complete
slave control it’s not spirit how he did

business with the Mafia how he’s
indebted to the Russians
at some point I did business with the
Mafia indebted to the Russians that has
to matter but it won’t matter unless

Democrats keep driving this message
about what’s really at stake with the
presidency of someone who admires
dictators who clearly has authoritarian

tendencies now she went on and quite a
tangent and I clipped down a lot of
stuff here but now she’s asking a very
important question about this
dictatorship around the world and and

nationalists and the far-right and she
has some questions about this why is it
when the world and particularly the West
is by any measure richer safer healthier

stronger what is giving rise to these
yearnings not for greater freedom and

for a democracy that really lives up to
its name where you don’t try to throw
voters off the rolls but you want
everyone to vote what is it that is
motivating large numbers of people to

seek the kind of leadership that will
limit freedom starting with the press
academia political parties and why is it

that so many on the right in the United
States and in Europe look to Putin Putin
John what are you doing today I have to

emulate it many on the right in the
United States and in Europe look to

Putin everybody on the right including
the Europeans many on the right in the
United States and in Europe look to

Putin a known authoritarian someone who
has journalists and political opponents
murdered with impunity what does that
mean in that context with impunity what

does that mean you know what I think
just because we want
there we go impunity define em unity
because he kills journalists with

does that mean like um mother one is the
exemption from punishment or freedom
from the injurious consequences of an
action oh okay

so he kills journalists without getting
punished for it yeah he didn’t get
punished he has to take a lot of grief
from her or that’s kind of punishment
what is going on in the minds of 21st

century Americans and Europeans that
would lead them to say you know I just
want to have security stability and I

think we need a strong leader well hold
on a second is that a bad thing
I’m asking a question well the way she

puts it is not because but if you want
to see exactly what everyone wants
security they want a strong leader they
bitch about Trump being insane and on
hand she’s not a strong heart again that

would lead them to say you know I just
want to have security stability and I
think we need a strong leader security
stability and a strongly that seems kind

of like what everybody knows once you
ran on that platform now some of it is
traced to discriminatory feelings
prejudice bias that other people are
getting ahead at a greater rate or

somehow to their disadvantage of me and
so people look and say well these
cultural changes whether it’s you know a
woman’s right to choose or gay marriage

or whatever it might be that somehow
they find threatening and so there are
cultural forces at work that are now
spilling over into political allegiance

that is often described as tribalism so
yeah I want my freedom but limit hers
take take away her right to choose
I shouldn’t have to sell a cake or

provide a service to a gay person
because that impinges on my freedom and
all of a sudden you start to see the
atomization and the fragmentation all
right see what do I have left here

oh yeah this was automation
fragmentation she’s talking about she’s
completely just using alliteration
everywhere here she’s now she’s very
aware of what’s going on with the the

China social credit score system which
is not something everybody’s aware of I
don’t think you know it hasn’t really
been subject to anyone there whatever
analysis is a good idea Oh the Chinese

are engaged in constructing a server
surveillance state that will surveil
everyone you don’t have to live in
western Iran you can be in Beijing or

Shanghai or any other part of China
where the Han Chinese live and you’re
now going to be subjected to facial
recognition there’s something they call
a social credit score where you get

points from your government for doing
things your government approves of and
you get apparently demerits and maybe
even punished for doing things your
government doesn’t approve of now you

can tell she’s liking the idea who is
making those decisions there is a very
concerted effort by this current Chinese
government to prevent the internet from

influencing opinion inside China that’s
exactly what you want to now as they
develop these tools and they’re very
sophisticated they’re all very
sophisticated but they’re going to sell

them oh and it won’t necessarily just be
the Russians who are competing to apply
such tools the Iranians the North
Koreans who already have a police state
but can actually impose even greater

control through this other countries
that are electing populist or
nationalist leaders who are creating
authoritarian regimes even if they were

first elected so it’s not going to only
affect the Chinese people she’s got a
checkbook ready from what I can tell
it’s like this is great I can buy that

from the Chinese what does she bring up
to Han Chinese for well because the
question was a little more involved and
about Muslims in in China and how the
Chinese are putting them into turn in

internment camps and stuff but I think
the only thing we all really want to
know final clip is how about the
speaking tour what is she going to do on

the speaking to it we know the short
answer which is prepare for and deploy
her presidential campaign parts tois but
let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth

Gibby for you wait for a plate I should
mention she’s looking for play books and
I think she thinks the speaking tour
will will give her the kind of who had
who had that’s as a playbook previously

Oakland gave a speaking tour on behalf
of General Electric which was a very
conservative speaking tour it was called
the speech and the speech was used as a

model for his layer speeches then he
developed the speech over a number I he
but I think he did hundreds of lectures
hundreds of tours he was floating all

over the place and the idea was to test
the waters for his kind of conservative
thinking huh I think that’s the playbook
okay to that end it appears that you and
your husband President Clinton are going

to go on a big city thirteen citywide
speaking engagement around the United
States just being announced what is it
that you plan to say what are you going

to talk about well we were asked to do
this sure apparently there’s some
appetite for it but it’s going to be
both personal which is something people
are very interested in do you think that

people will heckle her when she does
no they won’t allow it if you can buy a
ticket you can just buy a ticket like
everybody else if you have the money I
think the lowest ticket on the tours pay
for this is gonna do it to make money

oh yeah the lowest ticket is 75 bucks
and the highest I think is 700 well I
would like to see him heckle although
that the it’s less likely cuz it’s not
the heckling type of people that are

against you know you get kicked out but
it’ll make for some great viral video
viral moments it probably wouldn’t make
for any of you do say probably and you
know who knows whatever the case I think
there’s another problem with this

speaking tour this but if you want it
you want to hear the rest of the tour
what it’s about you buy one attention
this – mm-hmm which is that how does she
speak with Bill bill is the great
speaker he’ll just hog the mic ah well

she does she brings this up didn’t don’t
listen to it obviously I’ll talk about
my grandchildren
but I think from my perspective it will
be also answering questions about what’s

happening in our country and the world
both bill and I are deeply concerned
earlier in the interview you quoted what
Rahm Emanuel said about Bill and you

know Bill had to be incredibly strong
first to get elected then to get
reelected and to serve
and it was not easy by any means
obviously but he really believes that

Democrats have to be tougher and have to
stand up to the bullying and the
intimidation by the way I think if and
when she runs I’m pretty sure she will

they do this speaking tour and I presume
they’ll time it pretty close towards an
announcement she can still pull off the
old Kill Bill trick just before the

well it’ll be his swan song yeah you
know the problem with the last time
around we have this theory on the show
and people you know we haven’t been
called out on it for being gruesome or

or or ghoulish but we could have been we
had predicted that bill would have been
somehow something would have happened to
him before the election the full the

full theory is he would die of a heart
attack but it would be in the saddle
with a couple of hookers well that’s not
that’s not the fools theory that’s a
funny version of what you’d think is
funny sure it was you’re funny probably

was but I wasn’t serious
getting him killed so he could have a
big human tough to draw a lot of
attention to how his good you know it’s

balanced the budget and all the sudden
he elected that was going to be done if
this she was losing the election but
there was never any indication that she
was gonna lose she was gonna win right

until the last day so she never got to
pull this stunt well it could be used as
a precursor now I’m just thinking it’s
it’s but just just struck me so I think
she’ll have to say you can’t do it – I

would dismiss a this word this is the
same debate we had before the timing is
yes you can’t do it too soon no but that

all depends on the – I don’t have the
dates of the tour and by the way this
tour it may be good happen during the
tour because it’s gonna be apparent that
you can’t tour around bill just look

like his sidekick but also bill is
speaking pretty slow these days yeah but
he gets all jacked up in front of an
audience he can removal I’ve seen these

guys I’m I went to dot to go to far-off
space but I got to watch Arnold Toynbee
give a speech once who’s that I later
tracked him down so I get him to
autograph a book who is Arnold Toynbee

Arnold Toynbee is one of the greatest
historians ever oh and he was in his 80s
or somebody gave this speech he gives
his rousing speech about you know the
world changed and everything else and

then when you go to meet and the guys
are walking dead
so some guys are pretty good at jacking
themselves up in front of an audience
yeah some guys is like Weinstein oh no
I’m sorry jacking up up to the bullying

and so I think he’ll have things to say
about his own experience and how it
applies here I’m just hot I will
certainly have a lot to say about what’s
going on in the world today based on not

only my secretary of state years but my
travel and my book what happened which
came out in paperback which afterward
where I talk about these threats to
democracy I don’t want to be too serious

because I think a lot of people will be
coming just to see us to show their
support no support for what support
supports on the mailing list did to show
their support the support for what to

support her income now this showing
support for what catch the support is
beautiful what because she’s running
came out in paperback which has an
afterword where I talk about these

threats to democracy I don’t want it to
be too serious because I think a lot of
people will be coming just to see us to
show their support to be part of a
gathering of like-minded folks but I do

want to leave some thoughts as I try to
do in the speech today about what each
of us can do and you say that you’re
going to talk about the difficulties
that your husband went through the UN

through obviously you’re going to be
prepared to have questions about that
moment in 1998 the impeachment the
allegations of sexual harassment against
your husband yeah go ahead
I thought I thought yeah we’re gonna

talk about yeah the troubles you went
through when he threw out his back
stealing furniture from the White House
outs that they left I told Tina that
story last night she says what yeah well
once they take that then they take China

and stuff whatever did they give it back
whatever happened yeah they got busted
for into trying to return it and to
answer those questions is he prepared to

answer them and how do you see that
similar or different from what President
Trump is being accused of and Cavanagh
and others today okay so now this is
interesting let’s just review how is
what Bill Clinton was accused of namely

rape rape rape
he was accused of rape and inappropriate
behavior in the Oval Office to me not

impeachable dog no but it was the lie
that got him impeached yes it was the
lie that got him impeached depends on
what the burning with the meaning of the
word is is but how does it differ what

he was accused of namely rape from Trump
and Kavanagh that has Trump being
accused of rape yeah remember that

bullcrap thirteen-year-old think as he
went with Jeffrey Epstein the Clintons
buddy a lot of nonsense not well but
they were women who actually said he

raped me Cavan that’s Clinton also Trump
who exactly the woman who was on the
island cheap she that was never
documented it was just a silly story

that they printed I’m okay thanks just
go with the flow okay
Kavanagh now was any rape accusation
there with that let’s just no let’s just
roll over on somebody let’s discredit

the avenatti accusation so everyone else
did except for the media all right but
different nations of sexual harassment
against your own husband are you

prepared to answer those questions is he
prepared to answer them and how do you
see that similar or different from what
President Trump is being accused of and
Cavanagh and others today well there’s a
very significant difference and that is

the intense long-lasting partisan
investigation that was conducted in the
nineties great answer the difference

between what Bill was accused of and
Trump and Kavanagh and men like that is
that bill went through a very rough

investigation it’s almost too delicious
to believe my friends I mean that is the
land of unconfirmed yes we came we saw

died there you go so she’s running yeah
nobody’s circumventing questions like

that yeah
okay we know she was gonna run and the
Democrats have got to be completely
freaked out about this because they know
that she’s not gonna win you can’t keep
running the same poor candidate they

didn’t vote her in the first time for a
lot of good reasons yes but Johnny get
less votes this time however they’re
going to change the electoral college at
best discredit it no of course they
can’t but this talk with that what the

for money your banker was bitching about
this is really ratcheted up what does he
wouldn’t he bitch about this lady like
our electoral college run the country
yes or it isn’t thinking straight

and now Edison research for the upcoming
midterm Edison research will provide by
the way they they give this news that

they give this to a lot of people will
provide exit polls and will tabulate the
national vote across every county in the
United States and they will be doing
that for ABC CBS CNN and NBC News

you see they’re going to reporting on
the popular vote again is what’s gonna

and I would include California in this
she’s gonna lose the popular vote
she’s gonna lose both the popular vote
and the electoral vote and it’s gonna be
moot and because no one’s gonna vote for

her I mean you can’t kiss she’s just be
a third time she runs and she’s not
she’s an ineffective candidate she has
the wrong people around or she makes the

wrong decisions she did they’re all just
a bunch of lunatics working for her
they’re no good and there’s no way she
can win it’s gonna get worse and worse
the thing they’ve got to do is they’ve
got to run somebody who can beat Trump

and they can’t find anyone and she’s a
lizard well she probably as little as
your dentistry she doesn’t just to add
that hey I got a lot of feedback from
our Instagram adderal convo yeah and

very little people while a couple agreed
and just went oh my gosh you’re so right
about Instagram and adderall being a
perfect pairing but what I got the most

response for and I’m talking 15 maybe 20
different emails is people listening to
podcasts in particular this podcast at
high speed yeah and I had wondered you

know do people on are they on adderall
is that why they have to listen to it at
a higher speed I can answer conclusively
that people who listened to the show on

high speed are not necessarily also
taking adderall or some similar
amphetamine however people who are on an
amphetamine without fail in my

minor poll all of them listen at fast
speed and the apparent optimum adderall
speed of this podcast is 1.75 times and

I got a lot of people talking about it
and you know how it helps them and it’s

really a miracle for them and which I
don’t want to take away any of that from
anybody and I I’m sure if you need to
get a test done you take some speed yeah
hell yeah you get you get it done

well I’m not gonna do as well well I’m
not I’m not this is probably why we get

people that hey what did you say about
the you know what was the name of that
again you can’t watch the rewind it and
didn’t listen to yourself well you
people ask for clarifications people
would misunderstand us yeah it’s all

because of this
yeah anyway 1.75 is I was trying to
think how can I do something with
production or an income to maybe just

release a faster version for everybody
or just do this just release it is
faster for the adderal generation this
is the new agenda show the podcasts for
the adderall generation

yeah well it’s just just a thought just
a thought
so we have a couple of things going on
there’s some meme changes yo you’re done

with Hillary I hope so
hell yeah well first of all Haley nikki
Haley resigned it which brought up a
bunch of speculation about her being the

one behind the memo but I don’t think so
and I don’t think so either and she did
bitch and moan about Trump early on but
she didn’t you know I don’t think so but

here unless here’s the rundown is a
Democracy Now rundown on Haley resigning
nikki Haley the US ambassador to the
United Nations has announced she’s
resigning her post at the end of the

year the former South Carolina Governor
was one of the few women in Trump’s
cabinet she gave no reason for her
there’s plenty of cabinets with no women

yeah but this is democracy now which you
single-handedly support in this cabinet
which you single-handedly support they
have DeVos they have the woman is a head

of Homeland Security they have nikki
Haley otherwise she NASCAR it’s Gina
Haskell from CIA
that’s another what she’s not in the
cabinet do it all right no though but

there’s that other that Chinese woman
and this Chinese woman yeah there’s a
Chinese woman is the wife of
what’s-his-name the Speaker of the House
that guy he’s got it Asian oh no she’s

Chinese she’s thinking about five women
in this cabin here we go and just keep
playing yeah hey Leigh the US ambassador
the United Nations has announced she’s
resigning her post at the end of the

year the former South Carolina governor
was one of the few women and Trump’s
cabinet she gave no reason for her
departure Haley made the surprise
announcement at the White House Tuesday
alongside President Trump during her

remarks she praised the president for
pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and
for being a close ally to Israel but I’m
most excited to look at the two years
look at what has happened in two years

with the United States on foreign policy
now the United States is respected
countries may not like what we do but
they respect what we do they know that

if we say we’re going to do something we
follow it through and the president
proved that whether it was with the
chemical weapons in Syria whether it was
saying that other countries have to pay
their share I mean whether it’s the

trade deals which have been amazing they
get that the president means business
and they follow through with that but
then if you look at just these two years
of the UN we cut 1.3 billion in the UN’s

budget we’ve made it stronger we’ve made
it more efficient South Sudan we got an
arms embargo which was a long time
coming three North Korean sanctions

packages which were the largest and
generation done in a way that we could
really work towards denuclearizing North
Korea the Iran deal bringing attention
to the world that every country needs to

understand you can’t overlook all of the
bad things they’re doing you have to see
them for the threat that they are I
think you look at the anti-israel bias
and the strike encouraged that the
president showed in moving the embassy

and showing the rest of the world we
will put our embassies where we want to
put our embassy during Nikki Haley’s
time as US ambassador to the United
Nations the United States withdrew from

the Paris climate Accord the UN Human
Rights Council the Iran nuclear deal
unruhe the UN agency that provides
humanitarian aid to Palestinians and
UNESCO the UN educational and cultural
agency the Trump administration also

threatened to sanction judges on the
International Criminal Court if it went
after Israel or the United States for
war crimes and the u.s. refused to sign
the Global Compact on migration a set of

non-binding rules for safe orderly and
regular migration while nikki Haley did
not say why she was resigning she
dismissed speculation she’ll be running
for president in 2020 yeah I don’t see

what they look about stabs at the
endless crap
Lionel had a funny bit on her
lyonel for Marty I haven’t heard him for

a while Nikki hailey always gave me the
impression whenever I heard her she
sounded like the assistant principal
reading the lunch menu on the speaker
you know in the morning I’m going to

read this paper and I don’t know what it
means I’m just going to read it
good morning school today we have c6 and
fader talks I think you nailed that one

that one give you a board link for that
actually Thank You sirs made that they
had a you know somebody came away house

because you know Haley hates trumping
and after the Kavanagh think she quit
but it turns out that she actually told
Trump six months ago that she was gonna
yeah that’s what I yeah that’s what I

heard too yes so that’s bullcrap
so here’s who’s taken over it looks like
it’s gonna be Dina Powell that’s that’s
the best estimate everyone has and they
keep running her out there is kind of a

flyer all of a sudden I never heard of
this woman now she’s in the news every
which way Donald Trump also said one
possible candidate is Dina Powell an
Egyptian Boren Goldman Sachs executive
and Trump’s former deputy national

security adviser Powell said to be close
to the President as well as his daughter
Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner
while at the White House power focused
in part on US relations with Israel and
Saudi Arabia she attended President

Trump’s first meeting with the Crown
Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin
Salman NBC report she was also involved
with overseeing a two hundred billion
dollar arms deal between the US and

Saudi Arabia so she looks like a shoo-in
cuz she’s a nice girl
yeah from from the Goldmans from the
Goldmans yeah it’s a sales job that’s

exactly what it is of course it is all
that most of these jobs are sales jobs
like one of my way we know we’re a
company of businessmen one of our
producers was saying and trying to get

in an argument which I don’t do said no
this is this was a deal with
the Republicans to push Cavanaugh
through only if Haley resigned

what yeah to me that sounded like a
pretty bad deal Supreme Court justice
forgetting getting rid of the almost
ceremonial role of a sales job yeah I

mean there’s plenty of salespeople who
comes up with this stuff
one of our producers news I can’t wait
hear what you guys talk about I don’t
make any stress in the realm of

possibility but it does bring us to the
kosher to kosugi thing ah Khashoggi now
khashoggi is a very famous name
khashoggi is and he is directly related

to adnan khashoggi who was probably one
of the most famous and at the time
richest arms dealers from Saudi Arabia
yeah rumored to be worth about four

billion at one point and this guy is via
the reason why I know this is I looked
into him because you know they say well
this is really important it’s a
Washington Post report or Washington

Post Collins Washington wop-wop uh
wop-wop oh don’t like that little too
much whap oh yeah I agree I have a quick
rundown it was – what you discovered was
a journalist NBC rap tonight new images

on Turkish television released by
authorities they’re showing an alleged
15 man Saudi hit team arriving in
assemblance on two private planes then
leaving their hotels their suspected

target a Saudi dissident Washington Post
writer Jamal khashoggi lastly the Saudi
consulate in Istanbul that was pretty

Shogo gee isn’t it khashoggi I mean
that’s what I’ve already showed you a
Saudi dissident Washington Post writer
Jamal khashoggi last seen entering the
Saudi consulate in Istanbul the same day
some Turkish officials tell NBC News

they believe he was killed inside today
the White House demanding answers from
the Saudi rulers after an emotional
appeal from his fiance
in contact with her now and we want to

bring her to the White House it’s very
sad situation it’s a very bad situation
and we want to get to the bottom of it
Koosh oh geez a leading critic of Saudi
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman the

young leader closely allied with the
president and his son-in-law Jared
Kushner Kushner National Security
Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo have all talked to the
Crown Prince about khashoggi as pressure

builds for answers this man was murdered
in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul if it
did happen there would be hell to pay
the Saudi leaders denying any
involvement in the journalists

disappearance so without going too
in-depth into a lot of this I can just
kind of I’m abstract it all into
initially I was thinking well somebody

wants some kind of conflict with Turkey
and you know we or maybe we want some
kind of conflict with Saudi Arabia and
that the further I get into it it looks

like and let’s wait for the bills to hit
the floor or to be proposed or become
public I think they’re looking for some
kind of Magnitsky type act against Saudi
Arabia someone is trying to you know

Trump is buddies there’s a whole bunch
of reasons for that although in the
global warming segment we’ll talk a
little bit more about it but that’s what
i’ma get ski act is where you can just

kind of have a bill that says these guys
can’t come in here well there’s a number
of fishy aspects to this why do you need
15 guys to kill a guy this it’s me it’s
all fabricated the way this is told and

is fabricated and and why would you do
it in a council if you want to
assassinate the guy Stinson’s doesn’t
seem like a great place know now mi6
supposedly came in with their analysis

did you hear that supposedly they they
killed him chopped him up into little
bits suitcases suitcases dripping with
blood I guess I have no idea

so they sent 15 guys in to get him into
council did trick him to going in there
for some paperwork his girlfriend and
his fiancee with her brother and a

couple of you were outside waiting why
don’t they go in with him he’s just
going in to get some paperwork you can’t
go into counselors you come in and out
of course so when does she go in

no notice she’s gonna stay outside so
that doesn’t make any sense and so he
goes in and then he never comes out
although we don’t know that for sure
maybe came out disguised maybe there’s a
million things that could have happened

we don’t know we haven’t seen all the
footage they said well you wouldn’t he
left well there’s no nothing to prove
that and then but she’s still outside
and the whole thing is so fishy well it
makes no sense you don’t need 15 guys

and they keep making a point of that and
they came in two private planes like hey
good for you uh let me let me give you
some details on Khashoggi bye wait I

just want to mention this last thing mi6
noop going to one other report this
thing that it was in The Washington Post
was who knows who was behind it the guy
who wrote it up was it does a lot of
security stuff the mi6

oh no they grabbed him they’re gonna do
a rendition I don’t know how they’re
gonna get him out they’re gonna do a
rendition so they injected him with
something to knock him out and they
killed him that’s the one that’s the one

mi6 interpretations because it makes
because it makes so much sense well I’ll
tell you why they’re mad at him he did
flee the country
Saudi Arabia let me see in December 2016
the independent sighting report from

Middle East I said it had been banned by
Saudi Arabian authorities from
publishing or appearing on television
for criticizing US president elect
Donald Trump
Khashoggi also criticized saudi-led

blockade against qatar Khashoggi has
followed osama bin laden’s career since
the 1980s had interviewed him several
times he knew bin Laden during his
formative years as a radical Islamist

though both families were are
I interviewed him in Afghanistan in 87
during the fight against the Soviet
troops he also met bin Laden Tora Bora
and the lasts time was in Sudan in 1995
it is reported to show he once tried to

persuade bin Laden to quit violence oh
yeah you quit violence yeah violence
yeah but I think this is clearly someone
pushing against the Saudis and if you

know what when we get to the global
warming segment it could easily be Trump
himself who wants to Demi although this
seems a little far-fetched for even him
to come up with something like this but

this there’s a lot at play with the
Saudis at the moment but first I’d like
to thank you for your courage to say in
the morning to you
the man who put the sea and cracker John
sea in the morning to you mr. Adam curry

in the morning dollar ships at sea boots
on the ground feet in the air subs in
the water and all the Dames out there
and in the morning everybody in our
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Club I’d like to throw my two cents in
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team finally summarizes the true split
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but the truce but the fundamental
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nationalists the fundamental tenant and
sheriff’s belief of each side being for

the globalists equality a justice for
all for the Nationalists independence
and self-reliance if you really talk
like that all the time
I believe the sweet talk I believe he

don’t see as a writer I can pick up the
voice ah
yes this is more of your many talents
this is true yes I could pick up the
voice in the writing and then I can kind

of express it as best I can I’m not a
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although our modafinil has been a lot

less euphoric and is a lot longer
half-life the addiction potential is
nowhere near that of adderall which I
have not had the pleasure to indulge due

to it as far as I know seems to be very
illegal everywhere except in the United
States hey oh yeah maybe if a European
pharmaceutical company had the patent

things wouldn’t be it wouldn’t would
have been different
yeah hello the downside is the lack of a
kick and euphoric effect was that well I
would excelled at work and was able to
come down in the evening my social life

and skills and interest thereof were
deteriorating I was happy to tell you
I’m not nervous are you
I’m a year free from abusing weed and
now only do it occasionally with friends

in a healthy manner I still do use and
love our modafinil although I think it
is a wonderful Noah tropic which is a
brain stem lawyer thing and I have

jokingly convinced myself that I am
self-medicating ADHD which does seem to
be the new black amongst my generation
there you go I do not know everyone
shares the same positive experience with

armored a fan or modafinil as I do and
it affects people differently
I do recommend people to try it if you
this is the stuff that the Air Force
pilots use yes stay alert so if anyone
says it’s the modafinil sir is the one

we use in the United States contributing
to my ease silence for months at least I
do not abuse weed and insects to yoga
bah-bah-bah I’ve appreciated your
increased reporting of Sweden in recent

shows and even though I felt the need to
get out to escape the social and
cultural climate that ensured economical
decline in my home country I still do
love some parts of it and hope it all

ends in the best possible way Swedish
tax authorities and hope to solve this

by establish myself someplace long-term
next year I like a call out to my
brother Oscar and friend Max as
I also like some some delayed fuck

cancer for max easy cause I’m a
douchebag did he want some delayed fuck
cancer karma and realize his donation
tipped me over than that oh I don’t
think we have him on a knighthood thing

oh wait he’s he’s a knight said this
read our nation will tip me over tonight
who and I would like to be knighted as
cert on to nominate autonomous okay oh
and why and we’ll us of seveal land yeah

no no no I got to put this now this is
problematic oh no I got it
he’s on the list I didn’t read the whole
no he’s on the list he’s on the list
somehow Erik got him on the list good

Erik got him on the list he’s on the
list hey man
Erik just know just to read but he’s not
worth the plus one just one last but not
least I’ve been thinking about how I

should celebrate sending my first
invoice to a client I am currently
thinking about treating myself with
either an Oakland A’s cap as I regret I
left mine in Sweden my Intel nook to
play with and maybe build a travel

server router or to tie bar girls we
have a winner I think the bar girls are
probably a better fit that’s the way to

go my friend I could go on longer but
you get the point I find it worthwhile I
hope you fund this Awards well we just
got the accounting in here and then I
don’t see any requests so you skip a
Carmen it would be done

Oh Andy wants an F cancer karma oh yes
right okay yes happy to do that
you’ve got karma thank all these folks
for being our executive and associate

executive producers for show 1076 yes
titles that are completely valid
anywhere that titles are recognized
certainly these types of credits

executive producer associate executive
producer of episode ten seventy six of
the No Agenda show and thank you very
much really appreciate that everybody
also for what you the notes it’s and
learn a lot from this segment here that

people who skip it I’ll wait by the way
do people who are on adderall and listen
to 1.75 speed still skip the donation
segment I don’t know that you’re paying

attention to anything remember we have
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Month on NFL our formula is this
we go out we hit people in the mouth

Jim said ESPN
you know Ian yes PN um I don’t play
clips from Scott Adams periscope because

it’s a dizzy tennis devil it’s about a
45-minute ramble and they’re hard to get
anything concise out of there but he
does come up with some good stuff once
in a while this particular one I think

you should promote it a little more this
is a funny idea that he got from Twitter
and he talked about a little bit I did
take a lot of the spaces out so it’s a
little tighter than it would normally be

but I want to play it because I just
think this is a damn good idea this is
Scott Adams on Democrat gun control
somebody on Twitter suggested that since
the Democrats seem to have a temperament
problem and at the same time the

Democrats are anti-gun alright so put
these two together and Democrats are
anti-gun yeah they also seem to have a
temperament problem because they’re

rioting and they’re doing the cathartic
theater thing so somebody suggested that
we pass a law that Democrats can’t own
guns now the first time you hear that

idea passing a law this is Democrats
can’t own guns the first time you hear
that you say to yourself well that’s a
ridiculous just joke idea but here’s
what’s so funny about it if you’re a

Democrat don’t you believe this some gun
control is better than none right so if
you were to say to a Democrat let’s just
be completely rational here

Republicans will never give up their
guns but you believe you Democrats
believe that more guns is worse and more
people with guns is worse so why don’t

we start somewhere we can all look we
can all agree let’s just start where we
all agree we all agree that if you’re a
registered or Democrat you shouldn’t
have a gun now what Democrats disagree

with gun control for Democrats it’s an
interesting argument isn’t it because on
one hand it’s ridiculous on its on its
surface because you don’t make laws that

only affect some people who have you
know voluntarily
signed up to be in the party you know
you don’t do that put on the other hand
it’s what they want
I’m all-in it’s funny but I don’t know I

don’t know it seems like a good idea to

me well so that means you can’t own a
gun as a registered Democrat yeah yeah
oh good then I’m all for your favorite
little birdies there John I have a don’t

forget I have at least two maybe three
clips about this well yes so I I did
something I don’t normally do but I did
listen to the one clip you have about

the price tag and I definitely want to
incorporate that but well you know what
it is you can just incorporate it I’m
going to what are your other Oh Ethel
and as I wanted I have a I want to talk

about hurricane Michael a little bit oh
oh okay let’s do that first because I
have to say with this IPCC special
report which came out just before

hurricane Michael even I think even
existed it would came out so quickly I
was very surprised scanning than the
news during the hurricane did it really
I mean maybe it started now today but no

one was really connecting it to the IPCC
report which to me seemed obvious as
this storm was created by HAARP or some
other entity it seemed obvious the state

if you go read Michael Crichton state of
fear this is completely that script like
well how come they’re not just saying
this over and over and over again I’m
very surprised by that so let’s talk

about Michael then well here’s the clip
of the short roundup of CBS I have one
comment about it and you can take the
rest of it breathing I’m Jeff floor in
Panama City Beach Florida and this

region just endured one of the worst
hurricanes in American history the worst
hurricane to ever hit the
a panhandle the worst hurricane to ever
hit the United States in the month of

October on record tonight the rain is
basically gone in this region but the
wind is still here with us you can see
power lines down behind us power poles

down just across the street here there
is the side ripped off a building that
is a scene we are seeing all across
never seen tonight okay where are you

here’s what gets me now if you remember
the last hurricane the one that drenched
North Carolina yes this Kirk King comes
in and says I can for five minutes it

stops at the coast and then turns into a
zero tropical storm and just dumps like
three feet of water on everyone mm-hmm
the hurricane before that was the one

that hit Houston which was the same
thing oh it’s gonna be it’s gonna
destroy everything it comes in it stops
at the coast and dumps three feet of
water on everything right and so then

the expert climate guy comes Isis this
is the new hurricane this is the new
hurricane we’re gonna do because of the
way the temperature here and the
temperature there they’re gonna come in

and when they hit the land they’re gonna
stop and they’re gonna dump all this
moisture they picked up from the warm
water that went into the hurricane it
comes down and down and down and just
soaks them now this particular hurricane

it should have been the same thing it
comes in in a five I expected this up
now no it doesn’t drop seven feet of
water just blows through and goes on its
merry way I was told after the North

Carolina event by these global warmest
guys the new hearth is gonna be the way
it was gonna be for all these hurricanes
they’re all gonna be swamped with water

Jeff Glor is standing there in a
completely dry area the telephone poles
were all bent yes and it was pretty
funny looking but there was cars going
up and down like nothing had happened

yeah I was just listening to the
coverage and Brian Williams on MSNBC got
into a long rant about you know how
sometimes it looks strange because you
know we’re we’re standing in the storm

reporting and people just walking by in
the background but that’s because you
don’t see off the shot that they’re
walking behind a building and you know
my questions why are you there at all I
don’t need you don’t need to stay in

I don’t need Jeff Glor standing in this
town we do not need Jeff Glor standing
in any town the thing that gets me is we
really build shitty houses in America

these are shit homes and I’m surprised
they’re getting insurance at all you
have to have strapped down roof all
kinds of stuff in Florida maybe the
Panhandle for some reason maybe they

thought that wasn’t necessary I’m just I
think all the whole state of Florida you
have to have all kinds of em hurricane
proof windows but beside all that we
just build really crappy overpriced

houses made of wood
you know you have to do that in
California your houses have to be built
of wood oh there’s little weights all
apart if there’s one little earthquake

eyes got to say I guess Florida is the
same then not another for earthquake but
marshy swampland maybe I don’t know but
the crime well there’s marshy swampland
you probably don’t want so much wood I

didn’t notice this they showed one of
the houses that did have has blown up a
little bit I mean at least half the
house was missing now and they showed it
it was interesting because the the
foundation on the structure the inner

structure of the house was not two by
fours or four by fours or two by twos or
anything else it was metal hmm I thought
that was what they’re building the end

so the structure was metal huh
that was weird metal on a the structure
was metal that in other words the
framing the frame in frame at the house
appeared to be made out of metal this
kind of uh like these little mini beams

hmm well of course there’s many reasons
to think climate this climate change
what used to be called global warming

there’s a bunch of hooey we both are on
the side of Hawaii for a we’re both on
the side of oh there’s climate change
that’s not man-made cyclical and it’s

just happening and the I think are my
biggest grievance is the idea that you
can fix this with money that’s the
that’s the problem that’s what bothers

now I do understand and I really became
first became aware of this report the
minute it hit a Dutch member of European
Parliament Marrakesh halka who was just
a tone-deaf douche she’s like oh we have

so much to do so much work to do and and
I realized that it particularly and I
listened to a number of European news
channels were and the Dutch one is

easier for me I can really get all the
nuance and they’re politician after
politician and you can hear that they’re
also kind of happy because this report
just globally speaking says we have to
forget the two degree warming oh no no

no we have to get it down to one and a
half degrees and we got to do it pretty
soon and it’s gonna cost a lot of money
and you can just hear these pow
ditions are all dead all jacked up
they’re like oh yeah

he spent some money we’re gonna spend
some money it’s what they live for
but they don’t even realize it but
that’s what they live for and you want
to point out that we’re not talking when
it does that clip that I have what

you’re gonna play we’re not talking
about nickel and dime your clip only
scratches the surface but it’s a great
starting point for the calculations I’ve
come up with I think the best lead into

this is the BBC who just had a word
salad of beautiful fear about this
report this is the lead-in and
background now you might be forgiven for

thinking that some joined up thinking
has been taking place or perhaps it’s
just by far the most important issue of
the day the existential threat to us all
raised by climate change I just you talk

through it I just want to reiterate what
she said the existential threat to our
soul John our souls by far the most
important issue of the day the

existential threat to us all posed oh no
it’s all I sorry I thought I saw to us
all to us war it’s an existential threat
to us all so we’re all gonna die for
thinking that some joined up thinking

has been taking place or perhaps it’s
just by far the most important issue of
the day the existential threat to us all
posed by climate change on the day the
Nobel Prize for economics is awarded to

two men for their work on climate change
and innovation professor William
Nordhaus and Paul Romer we’re seeing the
publication of a major UN report on the
subject the report society must enact
unprecedented changes on how people live

to prevent catastrophic changes to the
planet it comes from the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change and says dramatic changes are
needed on energy consumption travel

building methods and the food that we
eat let’s speak to Matt McGrath who’s
our environmental environment
correspondent he joins us from Incheon
in South Korea which is where the report
was was published Matt just outlined for

us the kind of dramatic key messages of
this report yeah Rossi oh there’s two
key points really about this report the
first is that keeping temperatures to
1.5 degrees is far far better for the

planet than getting London
go to two degrees which has been the
standard up to now so they’re talking
about things like coral reefs they’re
talking about millions of people being
flooded all those are actually much much

better if they’re kept to 1.5 degrees
rather than allowing them to go to two
degrees the other big point in this
report is that it is still possible to
keep two 1.5 degrees off if the world

takes major steps conditions by 45%
we gloss over this type of reporting
again it is the BBC who are taken
seriously yes I wish you want to mention

something we’ve been doing this show for
almost 11 years we’re coming on 11 yeah
every year we’ve been doing this show
this was the point of no return every
year it’s the point of no return in the

UK whenever so is the point of no return
in the 17-point tipping point yeah
tipping point if you wanna use that
phrase same thing what happened to Peak

Oil what happens it happen whatever
happened to Peak Oil whatever happens to
the dacha kids for that matter well
they’re properly doing but the oil field
no let’s just come by so we gloss over

it but I think some people still get the
overall message which is millions died
millions migrated horrible storms died

Oh soon gonna die death but it can be
saved as long as you have enough money
that it is still possible to keep to 1.5
degrees if the world takes major steps
such as cutting emissions by 45% in the

next 12 years dispensing with coal as a
power source altogether 45% of all
emissions and no more coal at all and
boosting renewables massively and

actually getting people to change their
lifestyles Plus on top of all that we’re
going to need carbon removal technology
to remove carbon from the atmosphere
carbon removal technologies these carbon
removal technologies John they’re called

trees reason you’ll get plenty of carbon
I take it differently what is the number
one source of carbon well does he say

carbonate carbon dioxide whole house
press on top of all that we’re going to
need carbon remove this pisses me off
carbon is not causing global warming
carbon dioxide is causing global warming

carbon dioxide is not cause according no
I’m not telling you this for a fact I
know that I’m saying that is what the
report says the report doesn’t say

carbon is causing it no it’s carbon
dioxide right so I think he’s just
abbreviating this to say carbon it’s
part of the propagandistic ploy the

number one thing to remove if you want
to remove
as humans yeah of course getting people
to change their lifestyles to the
lifestyle of dead plus on top of all

that we’re going to need carbon removal
technology to remove carbon from the
atmosphere the big question in all this
though is time now I’ve been speaking to
professor Jewish he’s one of the
co-chairs of the IPCC and I asked him

how long policymakers have got to take
action well they really need to start
work work immediately
I mean the report is clear that if
governments only just fulfil the pledges

they made after the Paris agreement for
2030 it’s not good enough
it will really make it it will really
make it very difficult to consider

global warming of 1.5 if they go to
Poland they read the report and they
decide to increase their ambitions and
act more immediately then 1.5 stays
within reach that’s the nature of the

choice they face as Professor Jim ski
there speaking earlier on about the
nature of this report and what actions
governments might take and one of the
things that might prevent governments in
taking action of course this costs the

report says it’s going to cost two and a
half percent of global GDP over a period
of about 20 years so we’ll see later
down the road if governments will
actually take the lessons of this report

or whether they’ll balk at the overall
expense so the apparently we have 12
years and I will remind everyone that we

started we dropped the climate change or
global warming moniker many many years
ago and went for agenda 2030 because we
knew that 2030 is a year that is the

reason the sweet spot for someone my age
and even a little bit younger because
that’s when you’ll be thinking about all
the children and you know it’s really

your your end of life and I need to do
something to save the world so it’s been
targeted specifically to get to people
who still have some money if you got any
money at all and they had a little
announcement they had a little a little

get-together to celebrate this report
and I pulled three short clips from this
just so we can understand what this
really is now this is a special report
this is

not some report that they’ve worked on
for decades and decades it’s a special
like an interim report but it has a very
specific goal and the leader of this
little speech explains it to us this
report is a rich resource for

governments formulating climate policy
there you go
that’s what this whole report is for
it’s a rich resource for governments
forming climate policy and we’ve given

you a lot of great things in here areas
climate policy areas that are affected
by climate change and a key input into
coming climate negotiations my
colleagues will share the combined

negotiating with oh yeah oh no this is
negotiations it’s everywhere this is
your future climate carbon taxes all
these negotiations negotiate with who
and why everybody negotiating with the

money watch for the money for the
luncheon for the money the negotiating
with other countries to get the money
coming climate negotiations my
colleagues will share the key findings
with you in a very short minute of time

let me give you the highlights first
climate change is already affecting
people ecosystems and livelihoods all
around the world my mudflat second

limiting warming to 1.5 degrees is not
impossible but will require
unprecedented transitions in all aspects
of society third there are clear

benefits to keep warming to 1.5 the
researchers compared to two degrees or
higher every bit of warming matters now
this is this is what’s interesting this

every bit of warming matters is their
slogan you’re going to be hammered with
it because clearly after the United
States withdrew for I’ll just say

president Trump withdrew from the
climate from the Paris climate Accord
the the climate change community has
been you know in flux we need to create
something that really shows we’re all

gonna die and we need to get this green
economy circular sustainable economy all
these fuzzy words which I mean I
understand if you want to start a new
economy and you want to base it on you

know some stuff that may
may not work and so far as proven to be
pretty cost inefficient because it helps
it helps you know we have economies
change all the time we have a technology
economy to some degree but you do need

to have some basics and you know just
just to be scaring people into this to
you as elites can go spend money and
save people other way or whatever it

whatever it is
it’s insane it’s really insane and you
can see that these are just a bunch of
douche bag elites when you listen to the
second speaker so this is the guy who

opened up gives you some highlights the
second speaker from working group to
there’s three working groups apparently
this is what she says right off the bat
and why is this not playing here we go

with that I would like to hand over to
Valerie the working group co-chair
working group co-chair 1 thank you sue
before we get on to presenting the

findings of the special report on one
point five degree global warming I’m
proud to unveil the draft cover page of
this special report an artist created
the piece of visual art on this front

cover having been inspired by a
scientific figure in the summary for
policy makers perhaps you can recognize
it this is so typical where they hired

an artist some actually some semi
well-known guy to create the cover for
this report I’ve seen this so many times
this is douchebaggery of the highest

order and again it’s all about one
simple slogan moving on to the second
section of the SPM which deals with
projected climate change potential

impacts and associated risks models
project robust differences engineer
between present day and global warming

of 1.5 degrees and between 1.5 degrees
and 2 degrees every bit of extra warming
makes a difference all right so that’s

that’s what it’s all about every bit of
global war every temperature every
degree makes a difference you’ll see or
hear variations of it so now I’m going
to play your global warming clip because

it did have a little extra kicker there
beyond just the GDP number it’s the
biggest warning from the science
community yet a call for action where is
this from this clip I thought it was

from Democracy Now but I think it’s from
one of the euronews sources the IPCC
report is clear urgent and unprecedented
changes are needed to keep global

temperatures from rising too unbearable
levels limiting warming to 1.5 degrees
is not impossible but will require
unprecedented transitions in all aspects

of society there are
Claire benefits to keep warming to 145
degrees as compared to two degrees or
higher every bit of warming matters the
2015 Paris agreement aimed at keeping a

global temperature rise this century
well below two degrees Celsius above
pre-industrial levels but the IPCC’s new
report shows that the effects of global
warming would already be disastrous with

a 1.5 degree increase 1.5 degrees would
cause a rise in global water levels of
about 48 centimeters 56 centimeters if
temperatures were to rise two degrees

the impact on the environment would be
even more important horizon two degrees
would cause the extinction of 18% of all
insects 16% of all plants and 8% of all
vertebrates not to mention the effect on

human populations in global warming 21.5
compared to two degrees would reduce the
number of people exposed to climate

related lists and susceptible to poverty
by up to several hundred millions by
2050 limiting global warming to 1.5
degrees Celsius comes with a hefty price

tag some two point one trillion euros
would have to be invested every year for
25 years so two point one trillion
dollars a year and you’re know two point

one trillion euros yeah a year that’s
just for your 20 years are you kidding
me no that’s just for Europe according
to the World Bank the global gross
domestic product I guess everyone would

participate if we’re you can’t just say
yeah the Chinese and the Indians will
not participate so let’s start there but
let’s let’s just say if they had to
because we’re all gonna die I mean
someone’s gotta over there and kick

their ass and tell them to pay up
because it’s all about the Benjamins
so the gross world product for 2015 was
74 trillion dollars that’s 74 thousand
billion take two and a half percent of

that you get one point 85 trillion
multiplied by 2030 seven trillion
dollars this number was actually higher
than that’s for
half a degree oh that’s for half a

degree so I read through the report and
I just have a couple of things that I
marked up and I just wanted to it’s a
very long report ins a lot of this high

confidence yeah we think so
Magic eight Ball says looks like it you
know so this is this is the kind of
report ninety one specialist scientists
wrote this report so throughout the

a document there’s a lot of you know
over and over they use the words experts
last chance carbon taxes disaster

man-made catastrophe it’s you know what
some I’m gonna put it in the show notes
someone needs to download this and do a

word cloud on it I want a word cloud or
this report you’ll see experts carbon
taxes disaster man-made catastrophe last
chance also they make it very clear

these experts that nuclear power is not
the way to go it is called this was the
thing that kind of caught my attention

it is quote dirty and dangerous
and they are really pushing against that
you can’t you can’t be doing this look
at it from another perspective if this

is such a and in fact this is the
argument I use if you get into an
argument in a bar or at a cocktail party
do you want me to read some of them more
because I want to I thought not
to get to an argument abort okay new

supposedly dirty and dangerous when it’s
not I mean it has elements of that but
it’s not dirty and dangerous the point
is if we’re all going to die don’t you

think we should take the easy way out
and that’s easily a nuclear power
they literally if we’re all going to die
a litter to spend trillions of dollars

no no no come on
no because proliferation of nuclear
energy will be I’m telling you this is
in the report will be too tempting for
people to weaponize that that nuclear

material which is like gamma bomb their
neighborhood were they talking about
yeah that’s some that’s what the experts
are talking about that’s that’s
literally in this Rory Duke powered I
know you don’t look I’m not in the barn

I’m not fucking with you some other
things I’ve noticed here too in general
carbon dioxide emissions must reach Net
Zero by 2050 in order to keep global

warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius this
is the whole report is the one point
five degree report so they’re really

upping it all up and making you just
worried so to reiterate carbon dioxide
use must fall by 45 percent by 2030
that’s 12 less than 12 years from now

coal use will have to be reduced quote
substantially by the middle of the
century and as you heard in one of our
Clips the technology that removes carbon

from the atmosphere is unavoidable and I
still don’t really understand what
carbon has to do with it if we fail to
meet these goals and the worth earth
warms by two degrees centigrade

according to the report hundreds of
millions of lives are at stake so what
they’re saying is very interesting that
if we wait until the two degrees so many

people are gonna die but if we can only
get to 1.5 and we’re at 0.8 nine right
now courts of magical unicorn
calculation then millions of people will

live millions will live if only we can
do this now
see the 1.5 degree report it has yes

it’s going to monumentally change our
society so of course in order to stop
using coal and fossil fuels as a primary
energy source by the middle of the

century we will transition to electric
solar wind and maybe just a little bit
of remnants of nuclear but also buyer at
bioenergy and biofuels

the report also says limiting individual
transportation such as cars airplane use
and shipping on a large scale and

improving access to electric
transportation public transit and non
motor transit like walking and biking as
well as restoring forests and non-human
ecosystems will need to happen at a

large scale in order to limit warming to
1.5 degrees people are pooping on the
BART train I like the idea large-scale
planting of trees yeah that will

definitely reduce some carbon dioxide
they just kind of slip that in I mean I
didn’t know that individual
transportation includes planting
large-scale trees

this is the final quote from
what’s-her-name skia skia anyway finally
we’ve delivered a message to the

governments we’ve done our job we’ve now
passed the message on and it’s their
responsibility having invited us to
reproduce this report to decide if they
gonna act on it direct quote they

invited them to produce this report
because they get all jacked up on
spending money let me see now this 1.5
degrees it’s not I mean this was

actually talked about in 2009 they
started to do they think it’s kind of a
I won’t objective you wrap this pretty

every bit of warming matters okay this
will just take me into to interview
clips about you know because who’s going
to be impacted that by this it’ll be

people who produce oil the Saudis are
getting hammered by Trump
what does gas price right there in
California at five bucks now is $3.75

for a premium oh that’s not too bad I
think we’re we’re are 220-240 here maybe
yeah huh that is because who forties
better better thing would you God for

sure Christiana Island poor I had a you
never see this he barely see these
interviews interviewed the Saudi foreign
minister about what Trump said about

Saudi Arabia or I should say OPEC at the
United Nations which is in this clip as
well did anyone talk about what he said
during the UN regarding OPEC was that in

any news stories anywhere
no there was though they what there
wasn’t time for that because the world
was laughing at him Donald Trump Nostra
broadside at OPEC countries he called

them well obviously Saudi Arabia is the
biggest OPEC country and we’re gonna
play a sound byte of what he said
regarding high oil prices at the moment
Popek and OPEC nations are as usual

ripping off the rest of the world and I
don’t like it

nobody should like it
we defend many of these nations for
nothing and then they take advantage of

by giving us high oil prices not good we
want them to stop raising prices we want
them to start lowering prices and they

must contribute substantially to
military protection from now on we are
not going to put up with it these
horrible prices much longer well I mean

Saudi Arabia as I said is the biggest
and most powerful OPEC nation were you
surprised by that I mean we’re not going
to put up with these horrible prices any

longer and accusing OPEC of being
responsible for these high prices and it
wasn’t surprising because the president
has articulated this position before
Saudi Arabia’s committed to balancing
the oil markets were committed to

ensuring that prices are at moderate
levels so that consumers are not hurt
and producers are not hurt we have seen
an increase in the demand for oil and
we’re going to see a reduction in the

supply of oil by Iran and I think the
markets are putting upward pressure on
the price of oil we have increased our
oil production we continue to increase
our oil production to bring more oil to
the markets so that we have moderate

prices you see production increases in
the United States you see production
increases elsewhere there’s a commitment
to stabilize markets at prices that do
not harm consumers or producers this has

been our policy for the last four
decades and we continue to explain this
to our friends in the US the price of
oil began to increase when American
shale production came down as a
consequence of lower prices now American

supply is increasing and we’re providing
more supply to the market with regards
to the Iran sanctions we are fully
supportive of the president’s policy on
Iran we believe it’s the right policy
whether it involves withdrawing from the

jcpoa or whether it involves imposing
more sanctions on Iran to make Iran
comply with international laws and
international norms and behavior so
we’re fully onboard with that policy

right so this is a foreign minister and
he’s full of crap and I hate this well
you know it’s what the market wants is
like we’re trying to keep it balanced so
it doesn’t hurt producers doesn’t help
doesn’t hurt consumers it’s all very

hurtful this is this is completely wrong
and I don’t know if the if the Saudi
Arabia Magnitsky type act with the
Khashoggi journalist ties into this at

all could be that we need to you know
put these guys on notice but I this led
me to a clip from Dan Pina Penna
remember this guy Dan Penna is the oil
guy we had a clip from him now maybe a

year ago and he was just he was saying
global warming is a scam because or yeah
go war is a scam because if it was true
then you wouldn’t be able to insure your
home and with Lloyd near with for you

know more than 10 years otherwise you
know why would they ensure that remember
that guy yeah a very loudmouth brash guy
he’s this clip he explains the Saudis
the oil prices and the reason we still

have not seen these Saudi Aramco public
listing when I was in the energy
business and forevermore I’m beyond oil
man oh yeah by the way he’s a little
brash sometimes in his language use okay

you are no well man oh man everybody
everybody knew that when when people
will take more seriously global warming
is when a Ramco Saudi the Kingdom runs

out of oil now two years ago Aramco
which is a petroleum company of the
Saudi government and now they’re going

to go public this is when oil was $28 a
barrel now why would smart guys MIT kind
of guys say they’re gonna go public at

the lowest oil price in the last 3040
years why why hmm because when you go
public and they’re gonna sell it
wouldn’t sell two percent of the company

off when they go public they have to
report a reserve report publish a
reserve report which means that for the
first time in the history since they
discovered oil there Jay paul Getty

discovered oil they’re back 70 80 years
ago they’re gonna know about plus or
minus ten percent how much oil the
Saudis really have now I’m here to tell

they have hundreds of trillions of
barrels they are never going to run out
of fucking oil and your children’s

now they’ve now pulled back and they’ve
changed three times the date of the
public offering three times in the last
two years now in 2019 looks good but

maybe maybe not we’ll let the market
dictate of course oil is up from 25 26
dollars a barrel up to 65 issue
more or less and the they don’t want to
publish that number if they don’t have

to the price
I hear the price the the where the lines
crossed supply and demand for a
ramco-4700 bought dollars a barrel
stabilized over two three four five

years not one day okay so I don’t see
one they’re going to go public because
if they do they’re gonna have to tell
what the reserves are and you know what
the price of oil is going to do when

they say that there’s 42 kazillion
jillion barrels of oil control like a
fucking stone like that guy

were you listening at all yeah no your
our of that clip you know

have you bored with this I mean we
rarely talk about global warming
bullshit there’s a huge report and
you’re just like harping on me one you

want to fight me in the bar then you’re
like man he’s taking too long and then
this is a very boring report was like
half the show I didn’t get anything out

of it they didn’t already know I SEP
they’re supposedly this guy doesn’t know
how much the reserves are in Saudi
Arabia maybe they’re not that much we
have pretty good expertise on reserves

of the oil companies I don’t know what
everybody else is doing Scripps
skeptical about that guy I do have one
clip that kind of falls into place no
you cannot do that it’s too boring it’s

a short clip by clip is boring 39
seconds 39 minutes of boring hit it I
don’t know what it is you really know by

the way you really really pissed me off
with that that’s okay don’t worry about
Oh Terry democracy now are you
commanding me to play something you want

to play it
president Trump has ordered the EPA to
roll back limits on the amount of
ethanol blended into gasoline in a move
that will benefit big agribusiness
companies Trump announced the ethanol

rule change at a campaign rally in Iowa
Tuesday evening where he appealed to his
Republican base to turn out during next
month’s midterm elections at the rally
Trump mocked California Democratic
Senator Dianne Feinstein claiming she

leaked a letter written by professor
Christine Blasi Ford alleging Supreme
Court justice Brett Kavanaugh tried to
rape her when they were teenagers Trump
then laughed as the supporters chanted
lock her up referring not to Hillary

Clinton but to senator Feinstein
no no they were referring to so the
question is
I thought ethanol is the big lifesaver
is gonna be the best thing ever since

sliced bread it was better for the
environment didn’t give up so much
carbon so why are they presenting it in
a negative light on democracy now
what I thought all right you’re back no

no please entertain us I’m just saying
it just seems screwy to me knew that
they condemning yet more production of
ethanol when this is the guys these are
the global warmest s– they want to see

you know less and less carbon and now
all of a sudden
since Trump’s kind of wants to make more
ethanol this is bad
it’s all seems about Trump to me anyway
yeah tell me something I didn’t know all

right so I’ll do something for the OTG
segment to lighten the mood a little bit
another thing you bitch about but of
course I’m from the future and that’s
why it now shows up on the family guy

looks like they really want me to come
that party we’re gonna have to go you
you have a pager
yeah you get paged yeah that’s how a
pager works why don’t you just get a

phone um you mean one of your government
tracking devices no thanks I’m using a
pager oh you’re looking at your steps no
the government’s watching where you’re
going it’s not nap time Stewie wake up

all right we’re out of here okay
Stewie’s going to the party yeah but
where’s Chris going I have no idea he’s
completely off the grid forever sir we

have eyes on Chris he’s at a douchbag

vaping party sooner or later they all
get sloppy I’m gonna show my fooled by
no agenda imagine all the people who
could do oh yeah well we do have a few

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I can’t come up with it
Keith Gibson anonymous you he says he
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around let me see if I can do it but
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Charles Schultz is that next mm-hmm are
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know of my latest policy as I say the
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no one really loves you
Jim garbage garbage
Jim garbage juice Katie Stefan a ret we
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in the area name a right now this in
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which boob is the 6006 that’s a little

lopsided no it’s not lopsided
something’s wrong it’s boobs woohoo this
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we have oh by the way NC for our g73
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Toronto Tony Smith in Fort Worth Texas
Brett yo in Ken’s Ville Maryland Larry
hey in Mooresville North Carolina

does anyone in Texas think that Fort
Worth is a shithole no it’s actually
very beautiful has a great airport and
that’s where things will be happening

yes we’re Amazon’s gonna move I thought
that was a secret
um you two swore me to fucking secrecy
said we gotta look for some real estate
up there as another exit strategy and I

just because I mentioned to a friend the
mind a Lib Joe who seems to be worried
sick that though he’s gonna be swamped
under by the rising oceans you should
ask me if he has a few hours to listen

to my report on climate change he’ll
change his mind it’s not that long it’s
only an hour anyway he he’s moaning and
groaning about this oh you told him

about a great place to move and he says
it’s a shithole this Lib Joe said
Fort Worth is a shithole yeah screw him

it’s not all that bad weird it’s like
the town well anyway so you might as
well tell everyone now now the cat is
out of the bag we’ve been researching

Amazon moving to Fort Worth as their new
headquarter and you and I were like how
we gotta buy some real estate it’s gonna
make us rich don’t you remember the
whole sworn to secrecy bit and made a

mistake okay
now everyone’s in on it well they should
be thinking I’m thinking about it and
working on our behalf trying to find
another real hot spot by the way Oh in
what another Amazon possibility no no

this is a different whole different game
now just just so everybody knows the
reason why John came up with this is you
know he’s from Texas diso’s he’s from

that area no he’s from Houston okay I’m
sorry’s from Houston they have an
airport there and a Fort Worth they have
a de Lyonne what Ross Perot’s Alliance

Alliance yes which would be perfect
there’s a lot of buildings a lot of
space zero taxes state taxes at least I
still think it’s a what are they going

to announce this
Ross Perot’s got some sort of a
real-estate operation that has been
buying up crap all over the area ah I
think they’re just waiting so they until

they’re all settled in so they could say
you know Disney had this thing he did
Disney when he formed Disneyland which
none of the banks wanted to help him
whistle when he did Disney World down in

he said screw the banks I’m gonna do
public offering public bonds and I’m
never gonna dump I gotta borrow from the
bank’s anymore because they didn’t help
me when I needed help and so he never
went back to the banks but he found one

other problem with Disneyland is that
around Disneyland every sleazy little
motel operator started you know plant in
there a little little motels and
anything to kind of impinge on

Disneyland and their budded up right
against the park if you go to Disneyland
the whole area around the park is all a
bunch of little motels or cheap
restaurants out so he said that’s not

gonna happen again cuz this ruins the
experience even though you’re in the
park you don’t really see outside
there’s a hill around the whole park so
he can’t look outside but instead he
decided to buy up all of Central Orlando

and he did it was but with a
phony-baloney real estate company that
was not associated with him support but
it was it was a front and they bought up
all the land they could to keep the same

situation from reoccurring hmm and so
that’s why that central Orlando is all
Disney well it actually doesn’t matter
because I have another strategy the real
estate I mean that’s shot anyway here’s

how here’s my strategy the minute we
know which city that’s in if it’s gonna
be in Texas I’m opening up a vape shop
and a dog walking service
well I’m not gonna say that those aren’t

great businesses for what you’re
describing and that’s exactly what was
probably needed and in Seattle cuz I’m
puttin 75,000 jobs in Seattle and all
these apartment buildings went up and

all it probably would be a good business
if you wanted to run it you’d have to
did promise you have to run a business
as no home buying some real estate we
have producers we have producers once
you guys you get dexter to help you he’s

gonna make the juice will have Amazon a
juice hmm mm-hmm anyway that’s our story
all right we sort people to think we’re
sorry throw nice mist against Fort Worth

thanks Tony for that come by the way
Tony buy up some property around your
house and you got give us be on the
lookout for a safe shot for me
Brett yo in Canton’s Ville Maryland
Larry hey in Mooresville North Carolina

Richard Gardner Sir Richard Gardner from
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jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs

jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for
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and here is your birthday list on the No

Agenda show for today it is Thursday
October 11th 2018 belated birthday
congratulations Jim boo boo al says
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wife Stephanie silver Bennett in the 5th
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think was four or five different knights
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ring the sealing-wax certificate we had
one Dame even had a chalice of a nice
bottle of wine in the picture do you see

any of these because I did retreated all
of them I was it was like a run on it
like everybody was tweeting these things
all around the same I guess I guess it
was just the recent mailing or something

it was I thought it was odd it was well
we’ve been out cuz I’ve been asking for
it and and people listened by the way I
get did some scam that happened
but I have Geico as insurance what for

car insurance
Geico is a little lizard yes yes that
was I always like the lizard campaign so
when we move to the common law condo I

put Tina on the insurance Tina Schneider
SN IDR so I get the most recent bill
comes in yes yesterday a day before

Geico just property insurance car
insurance I’ve had it for car insurance
oh so he’s getting car insurance room
have you ever seen the commercials

actually I love those commercials they
have a variety of different approaches
and they use them somehow the commercial
idea what they do it the commercial did

not convince you they do car insurance
great commercials so no this is for the
for Mike for my car Tina she has her own
insurance she has the Allstate whatever

just doesn’t do her insurance cover you
anything she drives okay I’m just gonna
finish the story so I yeah I think
you’re supposed to put someone on if

they’re gonna be a frequent driver
doesn’t matter it didn’t increase my
premium it made no difference in fact
this is how okay I’ll tell you how it
happened when I sold the airstream then

I had to call him up to get rid of the
extremely air Streamyx extremely
expensive airstream insurance and then I
said well you got anyone else in whose
it was driving the your car said yeah

and it’s okay will it be no change just
put on the policy okay it’s fine it’s
also like a gesture we had mailed
together yeah okay it’s common-law it’s
nice to get a bill that isn’t both our
names but until she sues you but what

happens the other day I get a note and
it says yeah you know we your premiums
been recalculated and I think it went up
by several hundred dollars what yeah

your premiums been recalculated based
upon the driving record of the drivers
and at that’s in the same letter they
say they have added
Elise’s daughter spelled incorrectly her

last name with a y instead of an i to my
insurance because she’s living in this
house now she’s not she’s had aged I
think she has a a bank account that

comes to this address but they just took
the liberty of just putting her on my
insurance recalculating my premium which
is more because you know she’s 21 and
she’s had issues driving and I get this
high insurance premium

what’s this is an outrage but if you
know how can you do this and it doesn’t
oh you can’t well they just did well how
I didn’t even know I mean where did they

get this information where are these
coming to somebody spooking around the
house their microphones there what’s
going on well so the bank that Tina’s
daughter uses I don’t know which bank it
is or somewhere that she’s no actually

it’s an her name is misspelled so
somewhere someone got ahold of her name
it’s misspelled some mail comes to this
spam junk mail and they sold that name

to Geico and Geico went ah same address
we better put her on the insurance
especially since we can get more money
it isn’t even that you call your agent

now some isn’t a gecko it’s I’m gonna
call gecko they’re on the list you’re
gonna talk to the agents this bullcrap
and they take it right off and you get
your money back yeah but I’m going to

call them and I’m going to err I want a
supervisor and I want to know what else
are you doing I’m gonna make us think
about it you should make us think about
it they just they corrected immediately

I’ll make us think governor those were
those terrible clients are gonna fuck
you over you’re trying to make a stink I
can always go to Tina’s insurance she
has a great FICO score and the only
other thing I wanted to mention is just

while we’re on grievances like this
capital one who I saw throughout the
American Music Awards here’s what I have
to say to you Capital One for your use
of music by Michael Jackson Prince and

Whitney Houston three superstars in my
life who I’ve respected and liked a lot
and known for you to be the first to use
their music well Michael not so much but
yeah Michael Prince and Whitney Houston

fuck you it disgusted me
it really disgusted me I did anyone else
that’s sure they did it disgusts me that
the family because they didn’t want any

of this the families they went oh great
the record company’s publishing Wow yeah
that’s great now let’s whore them out
now that they’re dead and can’t say
anything and that’s bad enough but then
Capital One you’re gonna you’re gonna

use that now you guys suck maybe they’ll
curse them I hope so they really irked
me a chance just like Prince didn’t
listen even let you play his music no

one can have it
and then he dies and what is dead what a
year two years no no all his music is on
capital wizened yeah that’s really

annoying I know those guys are the
market well you did you yeah well you
got one of the cars he already gave us a
report let’s talk about I believe which
might be the sixth week Cyclery coming

back okay this is the stupid 200-pound
bomb story
oh let’s revisit you know anything about

this hmm no we’re late by all the
networks your play is 200 by the way
this 200 pound bomb is an 8 pound bomb
in a in a wooden case and so they

weighed the whole thing it was 200
pounds they call a 200 pound bomb very
misleading but that’s not like 200
pounds of TNT is not the same it was 8
pounds of black powder he bought online

oh yeah there was a hundred 192 pounds
of what metal light wood 56 year-old man
from New York was charged today with

making a huge bomb as part of a plot to
blow himself up in Washington DC on
election day Paula Reid fills us in on

FBI agents today continued searching a
home just north of New York City where
yesterday they discovered a 200-pound
bomb prosecutors say Paul Rosenfeld
planned to detonate that bomb in

Washington DC on election day he
allegedly wanted to kill himself and
draw attention to his political beliefs
over the past two months according to
court papers Rosenfeld allegedly sent
letters and text messages to a

Pennsylvania resident detailing his plan
to detonate the bomb on the National
to draw attention to the sortition
political theory that advocates the
random selection of government officials
the Pennsylvania resident alerted the

FBI and police pulled Rosenfeld over
Tuesday after waving his Miranda rights
Rosenfeld admitted his plan he told
agency ordered women he he waived his
Miranda rights who does that guy who’s

nuts Oh who’s on the payroll yeah the
Pennsylvania resident alerted the FBI
and police pulled Rosenfeld over Tuesday
after waving his Miranda rights
Rosenfeld admitted his plan he told it

since he ordered large quantities of
black powder online built small tests
explosives and then used about eight
pounds to construct the 200-pound
explosive device in a plywood box in his

he said he installed certain components
in the device to ensure that he was
killed in the blast
di technicians removed the bomb from his
basement and transferred it to a safe
location at a Senate hearing this

morning FBI director Christopher Rea
said his agents are investigating about
a thousand homegrown terror threats in
all 50 states
okay of the full range of extremist

ideologies from right to left and
everything in the car Wow no this is
this is a this is a different kind of
reboot we’re moving away from the crazy
Islamic terrorists two crazy Republican

white nut nut job men yeah that’s what’s
going on here all right guys and there’s
thousands of these white guys with these
play with bombs

I thought they upped the ante because if
you remember it was the previous FBI guy
Comey who said that I would maybe been
gone back to Muller but the one of them
said we we but we believe we have at

least one per state every state there’s
50 of these you know nut cases out there
they’re gonna do something that we have
to keep an eye on them now it’s changed
to 1,000 so that’s how many per state

yeah that’s ridiculous
not 200 does you veer off it would be
nice for me no 20 about the stripe 20

there you go 20 20
let’s try 20 yeah BB you know what
before that before the year is over
it’ll be 200 that the rate their house

and Thursday thousands thousands of
these guys who knows what’s up with the
well I’m marking today’s date as a six
week cycle date okay and we’re gonna

keep it nice watches and mark okay
that’s how they do it in the in the TV
shows and Martha the other disgusting

is this you know about this their
pudding didn’t we talk about this on the
last show about Facebook coming out with
an Alexa device now you talked about it
on th unplugged

I’m glad you listen
yes you got a clip here about this thing
I why would anybody put this in their
house the question is why is Facebook

marketing it at this moment why should
people trust Facebook to put this kind
of device into their homes so we have
the same privacy from the ground now the

fact that we were asked to build it from
the hardware the software the a ID
technology that we show you we have put
privacy every layer this dark Facebook
is obviously an advertising business so

are you going to use this screen to put
advertising in people’s homes because it
brings Facebook right into your home

looking at you every day
we don’t know too much about what
information facebook is going to retain
from these devices the only thing that
companies could be sure about is that

somehow the device is going to be hacked
that’s what we’ve seen over and over and
over again okay girl genius well
Facebook is doing a lot of things I’m
seeing them advertising their Facebook

marketplace a lot
which is their the Craigslist type deal
I don’t know any of this
ont I see it all the time these ads on
TV for Facebook they’re too high I have

not seen any of these ads okay I’m a
little cord cutted but yeah they’re in
trouble you know people are walking away
you know I think they’ve got to focus a

lot of energy on the insta
which is I think is if the revenue is
not already coming from there it’s it
will in the future just seems to be the
winner it’s a real winner and I think

this was just on the books you know it’s
a big companies like something else
crude is it’s got to come out then we’ll
release it I haven’t seen him I saw the
news shows jumping on it with this with

a similar story but they’re not real I
don’t see anyone out there pushing a no
statement from Zuck about how great it
is I think was just in the planning and

just got to release it and get it done
with unless they start really pushing it
for christmas which i think is unlikely
now i had another story and i was only

gonna mention it until i if unless i got
the right clip and i think I got the
right clip it was from a local Fox
station this is the emotional squirrel

story which I’m sure you’ve heard it
brings a wild squirrel onto an airplane
it expects to be that on as an emotional
support squirrel all of your questions

about this process or answered and she
actually answers them in this clip we
heard that there was a squirrel on the
plane that we needed to get off
passenger Cindy torque brought her

emotional support squirrel on the plane
but frontiers line said they don’t allow
I said sure not taking my squirrel sorry
Cindy was coming to visit family in
Cleveland she tells FOX 8 she got her

squirrel named Daisy to help with severe
anxiety she’ll fit in the palm of my
hand I can cover her up with my other
hand she gives you kisses she says she

went to the check-in desk with Daisy but
when she got in her seat there was a
problem and she said are you getting off
the plane if you don’t then we have to

deboard everybody okay
dee bored them but I’m taking my
squirrel with me everyone on the plane
had to get off we don’t want to get off

like we’re ready to go let’s go but just
a squirrel who would have a squirrel no
offense as a pet and police came to take
Cindy and the squirrel off to it’s cruel
what they did to me she should not have

been able to get past TSA if the
squirrel was an animal that can’t be on
the plane why did she even get as far as
she did that’s a good question
Cindy went through security with no

problem he said you can hold her so she
doesn’t have to go through x-ray and tsa
told us in an email the squirrel was
screened the same way someone’s cat

would be screened the container was sent
through the x-ray machine and the
passenger carried the squirrel through
the walkthrough metal detector they say
is up to the airlines to determine if an
animal may fly Cindy says she

understands why Daisy might not be
welcome on a plane if somebody brought a
rat or a snake or a spider transfer onto
the plane I would feel a little creepy I

can sympathize with the people that
don’t want her there she was at a
carrying case Frontier says it wasn’t
clear Cindy’s animal was a squirrel but
they still refunded her money and gave

her a ticket voucher but Cindy says
that’s not enough I will own a big
portion of this area I’m going for blood
I am going all the way I am contacting

an attorney I’m gonna own a big portion
of this airline we have now officially

gone insane well she has it’s just the
start and I love how the thing was in a
cage you know I wonder what carrier
carrier the thing is everyone they had

in the reports like that just cries dude
or squirrel just great not a goat and
all these these are okay okay either
yeah but on some airlines they are yeah

if you’re flying to Mecca
all right I thought it was something
collective insanity couple of things I

got here I have a this did you see the
de clip that was going around Twitter on
John Mayer the performer with his guitar

yes I was actually going to mention to
you that I earlier before we started the
show I secreted some toxic masculinity
on the on the mixing table

we’ll wipe it up needs a big sponge John
Mayer alright didn’t this need some
lead-in I think John well can you get
deleting cuz I don’t have a John Mayer

is a womanizer yes total womanizer and
all of a sudden he’s like mister bitch
what who subscribes to this policy he

seemed he says that parent part of the
male problem is that if you’re a man you
should be able to get an erection for
any woman period I’ve never had that

experience I’m not walking around with
an erection all the time but there’s
plenty of women that don’t have any
appeal to me
I don’t know John Mayer personally but

he comes across to me as the type of
character who really disrespects women
because he thinks they’re all his
conquest and he has proven that he’s
also projecting then he’s all he’s doing

is projecting yes and blaming all men
for his problem yes this is the kind of
guy that stops with his sports car next
to the girl and he’s and he turns up the
radio really loud with some thumping

song that’s John Mayer that’s this kind
of guy is a douche and now yes now he’s
projecting and I’ve I agree what is this
bullcrap the men think that they should
all get an erection for every woman they

see no
it’s very very douchey we don’t
that’s the try quite honestly and I’m

having a hard time hearing it now I saw

this clip played on news stations I’m
like why even playing this clip you
can’t hear what he says he’s just like a
tear that contract to play it I found

this to be extremely annoying who’s this
guy think he is I want to play more
being for all men I want to play more
because this is the longest version of

the clip I’ve seen
what you’re saying

what is the male contract then the male
contract is to get between the ages of
whatever puberty and college to be
instructed to have a class to have a

voice of reason to talk to young men you
are not supposed to be able to do this
to everything that moves you are not

entitled to be able to do is to move
this does not come naturally to a man
this is not unnaturally to a man and do
not possess the universal ability to
have any woman that mercy the great

philosopher John Mayer everybody I think
he was coming out as gay that’s totally
haha I’m gonna do a quick triage of

Trump hates we start with CB CNBC who
just can’t stop comparing him to Nixon
have a president call out the Fed recive

way he’ll let us at all until adviced
Nixon was critical in his day isn’t it
I mean look he was really good on the
China thing we’re undoing that now right
but you know Nixon was he’s not the

wrong you know classically not the role
model including the Christmas Day
bombing of the children okay Morning Joe
now they’re just wait wait wait wait
wait wait what was that that was sound

like creamer what’s he got to do with
this conversation that’s all they talk
about a CNBC oh my god yeah yeah morning
are you familiar with the two minutes of
hate this term this concept no you will

be reminded by the Morning Joe show
during this little segment
and I think that talking about five sin

can you believe it before the hate had
proceeded for thirty seconds
uncontrollable exclamations of Rage
we’re breaking out from half the people
in the room in its second minute the

heat register frenzied people were
leaping up and down in their places and
shouting at the top of their voices a
horrible thing about the two minutes
hate that’s the name of the exercise was

not that one was obliged to listen but
that it was impossible to avoid joining
in and yet the rage that one felt was an
abstract undirected emotion which could

be switched from one object to another
like the flame of a blow lamp sound like
a trump rally stake that was former
Massachusetts governor bill weld in

November of 2016
reading from George Orwell’s 1984 and
predicting what we are now seeing two
years later as last night’s campaign

rally broken out into a spontaneous
chant demanding to lock up Democratic
Senator Dianne Feinstein there you are
we’ve arrived in 1984 gone to one of

these things you’ve been to one you see
him if you watch him these people are
just doing it just to earth they’re
doing it not as hate they’re doing it as
kind of a like a moment of working the
other side it’s humorous uh-huh it’s

actually a moment two minutes of humor
more than it is two minutes of hate well
but that piece was completely produced
with this in mind they overlaid two

no tell that is so pathetic God’s well
they give me clip of the day for that
only because it’s clip of the day yeah
I’m sorry for the sicknesses sick sick

sick sick and more sick not as sick as
my my last clip in the triage you may
have seen this one but I like to play
this on the show so that we have it on

the show because not everyone sees the
in the insanity this was on the Don
Lemon show as you know he is the
overnight sensation on CNN along with
him Tara set Mayer oh yeah

Bakari sellers and then there’s one guy
from I don’t know The Daily Beast or
something like took after you play this

clip I’m going to explain why I didn’t
clip it okay and then I’ll explain I’ll
tell you what I think about it so here
it is this is about Kanye West meeting
with Donald Trump Kanye West is what

happens when Negroes don’t read and and
we have this now and now Donald Trump is
going to use it and pervert it and he’s
gonna have somebody who can stand with
him and take pictures
listen black folks are about to trade

Kanye West in the racial draft okay
they’ve had it with him and he’s an
attention whore like the president he’s
all of a sudden now the the model
spokesperson he’s the token negro of the

of the Trump administration this is
ridiculous and no one should be taking
Kanye West seriously he’s clearly has
issues he’s already been hospitalized

why didn’t you clip it I think there’s a
lot to unpack here well first of all
that’s a clip of a clip
because in the interim they talked about
how they the Negro who doesn’t read a
book and then taking a Negro on the

Negro draft or whatever she was saying
we’re both taken and they were expressed
they expressly mentioned that they were
taken from comedy skits oh no one was
Chris Rock’s he’s the one who did the

negro he doesn’t read a book and then
they had the one with some other comic
that the third person that was on that
panel brought that up he says well at
least I got that reference uh-huh so
these were references to comedy acts and

that’s what had Don Lemon cracking up I
just thought it was just they’re trying
to be funny and they weren’t very funny
and I don’t I see I’d loss all the
tweets oh my god they said this and they
said that but Jesus we’re gonna give you

want to give Trump a break for being
humorous you got to give the other side
a break too if they’re trying to be
funny I actually wasn’t serious uh I had
I I was I was I too was like why is
everyone upset I love this I wish people

would talk more like this on CNN at
least it’s a little more real this is
the kind of jokes you make jokes you
make amongst yourselves
I don’t know I mean I’ve been amongst
African Americans and when there’s some

jokes it’s funny you’re gonna bitch
about nobody or nobody gets it that
trumps funny is actually funny this and
the and the locker up is really actually
funny it’s humorous it is you got to

give the other side the same leeway I
didn’t realize it was this because then
I got duped by this was this somewhere
in their conversation they mentioned was
they right it was right what happened

let me tell you what happened I did not
do what I did with the Tucker Carlson
clip I did not go and look for the
original I did not notice an edit so
what you’re saying is it’s edited yes ah

okay well then you know what that is
actually all the reason to bring it to
the show and explain that because it’s
going around exactly what you said like
everyone’s all going crazy but they were

jokes and they actually explained that
ah yeah they referenced the jokes I
think the jokes are funny
I thought so too but more importantly
that’s how normal people talk amongst

themselves it was good I think earlier
in the show you did it you found some
clip of some idiot claiming that that
what one of the judges what or Clarence

Thomas was a sexual predator Rory’s a
say he a sexual assault or he didn’t do
anything but that’s what you there’s
your condemnation not against there’s
mild commentary right

I wasn’t condemning I again I I liked it
no I know you didn’t I thought I didn’t
know where you’re gonna go with it but I
just thought it was humorous but I
thought it was humorous especially in
lieu of the of the notice they gave

discussing the origins of this of these
lines okay there is one part of it
though that is not okay and that’s not
okay by today’s social justice standards
and so much and what’s-her-face terror

set Meyer should be called out on its
this last bit the token negro of the of
the trump administration this is
ridiculous and no one should be taking
Kanye West seriously he’s clearly has

issues he’s already been hospitalized
you don’t make fun of these people this
is in the victim culture social justice
warrior that is for bohtan you know you
don’t say this you don’t say hey who

can’t take him serious he’s already been
treated for mental problems AB yeah –
that’s egregious that’s really not that
was unexcusable

now my last little thing or last one of
two is what is the deal that started
with the guy apparently some astronaut

this was all over Twitter and I put a
one of the I put the little
back-and-forth tweets on the newsletter
astronaut comes back in he’s Scott Kelly

yes quotes Winston Churchill and then he
gets a bunch of these sjw’s jump all
over him saying uh the racist of all
time he’s the worst man ever which the

Churchill was a douche they go on and on
and so then there’s against up showing
up on good morning Britain of course
with the what’s with the you know is

document here’s Morgan Pierce Morgan
again disgusted they brought out some
guy course you know you you know how to
do this you’ve done it you bring out
some guys a boneheaded you know the

worst possible character they brought in
a professor black guy from Haiti or
somewhere some black guy teaches at some
no-name College in London and they bring
him out just to stir things up and that

and it’s fine I mean this guy’s has this
opinion he’s kind of a douche and
they’ve written but what is the point in
the first place of jumping all over
these guys because they’re old white

guys who have seen so it’s on the
culture yes amongst many other things
that men are responsible for well listen
the way this goes down why I mean the
historical record here is clear even

Boris Johnson admits that he was a
racist he was someone who believed the
white race was superior
the natives didn’t have any right to
they land in the Americas the Indians
were a ghastly people and just was a
general imperialist racist in sixteen

ways that we can say because those were
the views of their time and the fact
that he actually achieved something
which saved defended protected our
nation means that we can separate those

things out that’s the Jimmy Savile
defense it was just a bit different back
in the day
jimmy savile this is a better comparison
at the time Leo Amery the secretary of

India not anti-racist actually said that
Cheerios views were so extreme on India
he couldn’t separate them from Hitler’s
and the truth is Hitler was a great
military leader but product of his time
and if they won the war we’d be having

discussion next do people watch that
show I think so yeah and she’s Jimmy
Savile yeah the child rapist

so Churchill and Jimmy Savile kind of
the same kind of thing they’re totally
to say to accomplish with this this is
just annoying people by the way well
this is a version of us pulling down

statues you know let’s go after
Churchill now yeah and you know what
everybody needs their 15 minutes they
gotta you know got a story you’re some

whacked up television news especially
it’s not that this was news it’s just
useless except for c-span that’s kind of
useful still well I get to Shorty’s now

you already said you had two shorties
and you can do one more left yep one
more I’ll skip the love baguette
and this is good this is a new disease

we now have to fret about a new disease
tonight doctors in Chicago say two year
old Julia pain has acute flaccid
myelitis or afm the rare polio like
disease on the rise her mother thought

she had a cold I took her to the ER
because she turned blue I noticed you
couldn’t hold her head up anymore and
she couldn’t use her right now doctors
believe a FM which can cause partial

paralysis is linked to viruses but say
there’s no known cure hand-washing the
best protection the CDC confirming at
least 38 infections in 16 states now

investigating even more including a new
cluster in Illinois we started to see
clusters of it back in 2014 and it went
away relatively in 2015 and then we saw

a resurgence of cases again in 2016
tonight doctors scrambling to solve a
medical mystery wire some children
falling ill from such a dangerous
disease I’ve never heard of this well

you gotta start hearing about I think
that was the salvo I don’t quite get the
premise when she said the woman took the
baby or the kid in because she thought

she had a cold and the description was
her she turned blue couldn’t lift her
arm and couldn’t lift her head she
couldn’t breathe maybe then what I mean
is something’s up but it’s not a cold

but it has this name afm so yeah I’ve
been around clearly yeah okay you bummed
me out with that so let’s let’s play the
love bug yet because levon dead children
good love they get the love back ed is

not just a funny shaped loaf of bread
and suburban shape emulates the symbol
of the French nonprofit ed it raises
money to fight and prevent aids like 900

other bakers and Friends Mehrotra in bed
is selling this bag yet for two euros
half the proceeds are sent to the
organization kiss a baby keepers so they
saw food Evie

this is the first time my aunt 1 has
participated even his clients who aren’t
familiar with the love baguettes
appreciate the initiative she separated
a mother if he can help fight the

I love baguette regular yet helped raise
80,000 euros money that Edie used to buy
HIV screening kits and finance
preventive measures I think I would have

preferred the dead children honestly I
predict love baguettes in the United
States within the next six months a lot
of predictions by the way the love

baguette is like that little ribbon you
know the little yeah like a like a
pretzel only it’s not it’s like a pretty
pretzel but it’s a big giant things I’m
a dad now it’s pretty much all right

that’s our show I will remind you that
Google+ closed because you cannot
monetize the network
and I am coming to you from downtown

Austin Texas capital of the drug star
state what is it finger region six on
the governmental map sense what is
forgetting in the five by nine clue do

in the common law condo in the morning
I Madame Curie and from Northern
California where the mud flats are still
there I’m John C Dvorak and you said it

again its northern Silicon Valley I sit
down purpose this time remember us at
Dvorak org slash na we return on Sunday
and you can always support us at Dvorak
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bundlers inflation-adjusted dollars from

his father’s 13,000 50 million dollars

it was the same at the engineer times
thirteen thousand fifteen million


million delayed the tortise in the race
Weaver was on ESP I see T they are all

shitty our ESP ICT there’s no real
conference is this we but this we but we
must and we will much about the

Adios Mofos.