No Agenda Episode 1077 “Bone Saw”

Gore has taken it up to a new level Adam
Jhansi Devorah this is your
award-winning Gitmo Nation Media
assassination episode 10 77 this is no
agenda curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where I sit here awaiting the

Zephyr I’m John C Devorah yeah we’re
just we’re just never gonna have that
hat I just heard honk no no no no it

can’t be
it is only 11 after the hour it’s not
early I’m hearing it honk and I think
it’s gonna blow me I can hear the honk
from Emeryville this horn they got on

these things but the thing is is that we
never mentioned that about four shows
ago this effort came by three hours late
after the show is over yeah it was you

know I can’t believe I didn’t call the
Austin Statesman to alert them to this
fact so there’s three or four big news
deconstruction items we have the Kush

actually I have the correct correct
pronunciation kai-shek Jie situation
formerly known as yogi hey before you go
on with that hey Amy Goodman got so

confused with the pronunciation she
would pronounce it two ways and she did
say Khashoggi is the american
pronunciation ah
well our doors still okay and I like
khashoggi better I like it too but our

dude named Bahama did send me a note and
said the official pronunciation is cosh
X G what’s the week it’s impossible it’s
okay I just want to make sure everyone

knows that you’re sneezing had to say
good news is tight every time you say it
that’s a microaggression man so do you
have a clip of her getting confused you
have a clip of first talking about thank
you have a bunch of clips about to kiss

yogi and her talking giving some some
field no I don’t have I didn’t make this
specific clip I mean I wouldn’t mind
diving right into we’ll just call Uncas
shogi for our show just to make it easy

this is very interesting in so many
different ways and there’s so much
obvious bullcrap out there for example
that they unlocked this guy’s Apple

watch with his finger yeah you don’t
need a fingerprint before we go into
that yeah this finger right there yeah
but you don’t need that to unlock the

Apple phone you just don’t need a good a
chopped his finger off anyway just for
the fun of it now yeah I do have one
look the longest clip I have is actually
is I thought was a very good CNN wrap

of the khashoggi story without all the
details you’re gonna bring in and I’m
gonna bring in but it’s just and I
thought it was an example of a good

example of CNN actually doing their job
with Nick Robertson who’s a pretty good
correspondent behind these walls topped
with razor wire the epicenter of a
spiraling crisis that threatens to

engulf this whole region one that is
reverberating far beyond Turkey a source
with knowledge of the investigation tell
CNN that Turkish authorities have shared

some of their evidence of Jamal Cash’s
murder inside the consulate here with
their Western intelligence allies and
some of those partners have been deeply

deeply shocked with the brutality of
what they learned the evidence according
to the CNN source via Western
intelligence includes audio visual
information from inside the building

revealing an assault a struggle and the
moment cushaw his life ends on Friday
what appears to have been a Saudi
delegation assured quickly into the

building mission unknown Prince hideout
Faisal one of the kingdom’s most trusted
figures also visiting Turkey in an
effort to tamp down tensions according

to Reuters but each new detail makes the
task of containing those tensions and
the fallout across the Middle East more
difficult among the many questions still
unanswered what happened to this fan

seen leaving the Saudi consulate
soon after Turkish officials say kosher
she was killed
Saudi Arabia continues to deny any
involvement in kichaka’s disappearance

its regional allies are stepping up
their support the United Arab Emirates
Minister for Foreign Affairs and while
Gaga tweeting the repercussions a
political targeting of Saudi Arabia will

be dire on those who inflame it
Bahrain’s foreign minister halide bin
Ahmed complaining Saudi Arabia is the
target not the search for truth but at

the center of it all the
it was last Saturday that the console
let in the media sheepishly opening
cupboards and doors but Turkish

officials are still waiting for their
investigators to be given access and
that is why the fate of Jamarcus Russia
is both a mystery and an international
crisis I really like that clip for a

couple of reasons
no no seriously the not cnns be using
richard angles a lot which always alerts
me to a lot of bullcrap coming your way
oh I’m sorry because I thought you said

it was CNN notice this is CNN CNN
doesn’t you drew oh it’s MSNBC I’m sorry
you’re right you’re right so what what
was interesting about this clip is when

he got to the true importance of this
story which is the political
ramifications with Saudi Arabia the
audio went completely dead there was no
background noise it was a little neo
doll kind of flat and then right back to

a lot of noise and information about how
the guy got killed
it’s my I have some crepes let me just
bring that in here cuz that was that was
quite it these weird stop with this part

of the repercussions and political
targeting of Saudi Arabia will turn
completely dead is just talking about
the repercussions on those who inflame

Bahrain’s foreign minister halide been
still dead
complaining Saudi Arabia is the target
not the search for truth at the center
of it all

it was lost Saturday that no it’s like
how did it happen and of course
everyone’s focused on how could it
happen Apple watch chopped in the bits
it’s really unimportant it’s really it’s
just another dead guy you know it’s like

there’s lots of dead people but I know
it’s not good it’s not fair to say but
the political ramifications is what is
incredibly interesting and I just want

to play this clip because it shows that
we are from the future this is Tim Kaine
he still a senators knee Tim Kaine
yeah I believe yeah the former

presidential running-mate for a Hillary
Clinton PR calls them in and this is
where just to do with anything well I
have some questions that might be
answered yes or no and the first has to

be you see intelligence reports are you
convinced the Saudi government or its
operatives assassinated Jamal khashoggi
not yet completely convinced but there’s
enough corroboration out there that I

think the burden of proof is on the
Saudis to prove that they did not have
anything to do either with harming
kidnapping or killing Jamal khashoggi
the burden of proof is on them now

that’s funny by itself the burden of
proof is on them but but listen to what
he comes up with and the reason for him
on NPR I like that you questioned that
if that’s certified I’ll throw out some
possibility should the US close that big

embassy in Riyadh should they close that
big building on Virginia Avenue that’s
the Saudi embassy should break off
relations well Scott first I mean this

is a horrific alleged crime against a
journalist our president attacks
journalists and enemies of the people
but we need to stand up nice nicely now
nicely done come on give him some props

for bringing Trump in to be maybe
partially responsible for you know some
embassy workers to want to kill the
press was good look at the net it was
good for journalists everywhere Jamal

khashoggi is a Virginia resident and
you’re right there are a number of
things that we could do I’ll tell you
what I focus on the first thing the
Senate did this week the members of the
Foreign Relations Committee on which I
said is we sent a letter to the

President to trigger his review of
whether this treatment of Jamal
Khashoggi violates something called the
Magnitsky Act
Oh God did I not call it I said you

watched actually did I was I was
actually dubious about it personally now
listen now team can give us a little
more in you know do be fear this guy’s

throw this shit out the old Magnitsky
act well and it never gets explained and
people go over the Magnitsky this is
like the Logan act haha you violated the
Logan act Tim K but knows what these

people are talking about is completely
out of range you can’t go on Tim Kaine
is actually going to explain what this
magnetic allows the White House to put
sanctions on individuals if they engage

in human rights abuses when we send the
letter it triggers a hundred and twenty
day investigative period where the
administration has to report back to
Congress as to whether there have been a

human rights violation and what they’re
going to do about it that’s number one
number two so contrary to what normally
happens Tim Kaine gave us you know the
background doesn’t matter it’s been used

on the Russians it was created for the
Russians but he gave us a pretty good
explanation yeah including the hundred
and twenty day waiting period and what
it triggers and this is a political move
that’s being made and there’s two other
moves that are being made we have been

in the Senate increasingly concerned
about Saudi Arabia and working to
potentially cease arms sales to them we
had a vote a few months ago we’re forty
seven of us voted to block arms sales to
Saudi Arabia because of their

mishandling of the civil war in Yemen
and the massive humanitarian crisis
there so a second thing that you are
likely to see I think senators Paul and
Murphy have talked about this is
additional action to block arm sales

president Trump reacted very negatively
that the other day but you’ll see that
and then the final one is US support for
the for the Saudis and the UAE on the
war in Yemen I think there’s

increasingly a desire to just cease u.s.
support for the war in Yemen which is a
massive humanitarian disaster so I think
before we get into embassy diplomatic
relations we’ve had a long-standing

relationship with Saudi Arabia but I
think there are there are Magnitsky arms
sales and support for the war in Yemen
are probably the three areas where
Congress is now most
focused and and it is a dramatic change

in attitude about Saudi Arabia as a
result of this action so I think it’s
just went so smoothly and so quickly the
guys dead within a week we’re sending

the letter with them to evoke the
Magnitsky act within 24 hours they had
little signs PO in fact I think there
was a screw-up because it said free
could could Khashoggi and then these

people are outside the embassy but we’re
holding these these printed pre-printed
signs as always oh it’s pre-printed Oh
excellent yeah there’s all pre problems
a bunch of them like you know I had in

the news oh there’s a picture in the
newsletter of these guys holding these
signs oh that’s right was like that was
within like minutes
yes whole thing stinks stinks now
something I don’t know in one of your

clips but the complete unbelievable
coincidence of the pastor being released
at the same time this takes place which
is just a coincidence everybody I please

want you to remember it is just a
that can’t be a coincidence
no sounds like a deal
it sounds like a deal go incident so

there’s a lot of reasons to not like
Saudi Arabia we understand what Tim
Kaine a Democrat but he has even
mentioned Rand Paul’s and I think that
there’s plenty and I agree you know we
should have this Emin thing is yeah I

understand Iran bad Saudis or oil but
but Trump is angry with the Saudis about
the price of oil there’s plenty of
reason to set them down put them in
their place a little bit but we don’t

better but what I like about Trump being
so pragmatic is you could do that but no
let’s don’t blow this 110 billion dollar
arms deal right yeah well the I still

think is actually the deal hardly
charming if the deal is not even I think
the deals not even completely done I
think it’s still in the works and it’s
not like that’s what he does yeah well

let’s just say it’s the sales guys
dilemma in this case it’s like how crap
I really do want to screw those guys
over but I had you know I wanted to make
a big announcement about the hundred and
ten billion just back to the pastor for

a moment just a very short clip this was
on Fox News there was some a CIA shill
obviously you know talking about the
pastor and you know just how we got them

released but this is not that well
listen to this and you’ll see the the
slip-up the president was the timing of
this era diwan’s releasing a pastor
Brunson the president said that the
timing is totally coincident this has

nothing to do with the murder alleged
murder of khashoggi of the u.s.
journalist khashoggi what do you say to
that it’s a couple things first there’s
still a lot of work yet to be done there

are other Americans including an NSA
ethnic Turkish come on there’s a great
kid look at you look at this of course

spies are the least likely people that
don’t all look like James Bond I’m not
saying that the pastor was one but yeah
it’s guys like that who are patriotic

and want to help their country yeah I’ll
pass on some info it’s easy to get
seduced into that problem right the
problem I see with it and I think it’s a

huge problem for the intelligence
community is what happened to all these
Chinese they have people and I don’t
want to point the finger at anybody like
Brennan but they have people in that
agency that apparently are fit are

turning over our spies to the to the
alien oh really you think that’s what
happened with our spies in China oh

now they finally pinned it on a guy that
was working at the agency a Chinese guy
who then took off and then left the
agency and ran off to China they kind of
blame him for the whole thing thing cuz

he got access to the database mm-hmm
but it’s still like you know that
thing’s a leaky boat doesn’t really you
can’t and and and the new it I don’t
want to get off track I’ll just say

there’s the modernization process
they’re doing at the CIA does one thing
most importantly it centralizes all the
information into a giant digital
database which makes it very easy to out
these guys you know

the olden days and see old-timers will
say little stuff in in a bottom drawer
you had a dossier like I had mice I have
I’m like a top agent

compartmentalization I think it’s called
I have my guys yeah in China I get three
guys in China maybe this other guys got
two other guys in China but this they’re
not hooked there’s no database with all

their names in one box we’re trying to
which has salesforce on top of it for
some reason I don’t know why the CIA did
that but because they love salesforce so
of course Trump is being pressured now

you know don’t send minuchin off to the
to the to the was it like the investor
christine lagarde is also very concerned
but she she said I’m gonna go to the

investor conference anyway you know
there’s gonna be a lot of pressure on
the bookies going yeah it’s a few blue
Guardians mislead she’s reading
something is all the only people going
at this is one of those I think what you

see what the media was all CNN has
pulled out Fox News’s everyone’s pulling
out no no no foxes go I thought that
they were pulling out – no that was the
big insult Oh foxes well as you know

it’s just for an audience of one
Fox Natives audience of one
all right so well it’s what you got what
you got from I only have humorous stuff

yeah that’s good I have one kicker to
wrap this up but if you got some shit no
youyou keep you keep your wrap
let’s go with we’re still in khashoggi
though right yeah yeah okay let’s start

with the Democracy Now one this is right
this is in the middle of her report and
we can get kind of get a feeling for
where she’s headed it turns out that Amy

Goodman has a lot of opinions about this
and so it whatever it is mostly her
talking and is quite interesting there’s
some good stuff in there the full audio
and video recordings have not yet been
released one person with knowledge of

the audio recording told The Washington
Post quote you can hear his voice and
the voices of men speaking Arabic you
can hear how he was interrogated

tortured and then murdered
unquote Ashok she had written critically
about the Saudi government on the Saudi
Crown Prince MBS Mohammed bin Salman he
fled Saudi Arabia last year and had been

living in Virginia The Washington Post
has also reported that based on US
intelligence intercepts
just like that he was living in Virginia
Langley come on brown prints had

directly ordered an operation to lure
hasaki back to Saudi Arabia the Turkish
government has accused Saudi Arabia of
flying two planes into Turkey carrying

15 men assassination squad to carry out
the murder one of the Saudi men was
reportedly a forensic expert known for

and mobile autopsies Turkish officials
say the men used a bone saw to dismember
her Shoji’s body before smuggling body
parts out of the consulate bone saw
I love the bones yeah they’ve kind of

inserted that bone saw dramatic now what
was the point of the dimensioning or
even discussing a guy who’s an autopsy

I put this in the newsletter like what
so what yeah just to give it credence
and make it sound official you need 15
guys to do an assassination

what’s the point of all these people
just so they can carry the body parts
that you only need maybe five well I
think the main whether the 15 guys
walked in or not or whatever happened
they arrived on private jet it just

makes for a great story to distract
everyone from what’s really going on
with this I mean that and Judy by the
way for those who don’t know Democracy
Now is aired on it’s not a public
television correct yeah it’s yeah and

free mostly free speech TV okay because
some people are even saying what is
democracy now because I don’t think
anyone watches you are you the only one
keeping that thing alive this report

with Amy Goodman yeah gotcha okay well
so she gets this guy on she gets ROH
Khanna the guy who’s like a local
representative for the Democrats a
Silicon Valley guy he looks like you’re

so that that Indiana Jones thing where
that guy used to grab the heart you put
you know something horrible looking at
big eyes he’d grab your heart and pull

it out and hold it up for the crowd yeah
just like that guy now she’s gonna this
is a question she instead of asking

she’s gonna ask
Rokon a question but the question is
like ten times longer than any possible
answer because she gets she goes she
goes the shaggy-dog story and gets very
sidetracked but I think the information

she provides is kind of interesting for
us to analyze before you get your wrap
can you talk about exactly what the u.s.
relationship is with Saudi Arabia also
of course it implicates Jared Kushner

the senior advisor president Trump’s
son-in-law very close to Mohammed bin
Salman and this information Washington
Post put out about they already had
wanted to get shook Ashoka to lure him

back to Saudi Arabia for well who knows
what they wanted to do with him you know
to lure him from Saudi Arabia also this
information that he had gone to the
Saudi consulate the embassy in

Washington but they told him he had to
go to Istanbul he goes to Istanbul to
the consulate there and they tell him
fine they’re gonna give him that
marriage document he needed but he had

to come back in
a week so he goes to London participates
in a meeting last week and goes back
which presumably is for them to prepare
and to bring these two planes in with

the forensic expert in the military and
intelligence people and at least
according to these latest reports if
this is true with the video and audio
evidence he was murdered and dismembered

within a few hours and then the planes
flew out
well it’s brutal and what we also know
are reports that US intelligence
agencies may have been aware dancies

Nancy Drew was she goes on but there’s a
couple of interesting points that have
to be thought about because one of the
things at least we do on this show is

look at the logic of a lot of this
khashoggi knows our senses that he wants
to be tricked into going back to Saudi
Arabia because they offered him a
consulting gig but they don’t like him
so he figures well I don’t know maybe

they’re gonna chop my head off I’m not
going back and playing like casino I’m
gonna be a made man but maybe not such a
good idea yeah yeah exactly and so so he
ends up with going to the Virginia

supposed to now I find out what this
document was he supposed supposedly now
I don’t know it you’ve been married a
couple of times yeah I would ask you
when you go to get married and say that

it’s wherever the court or in a church
do they ask for proof of your last
it depends and yes it that happened it

in relation to a green card which is the
two previous reasons I got married that
you do have to prove when your when if

you if it’s an immigration issue and you
get married then you have to prove that
the previous marriage was dissolved and
so this has to do with the immigrations
yeah but it’s yes exactly so that may

have had something to do with it I don’t
know it would be the guy with the green
card so I don’t know how that would work
I’m just well I don’t think he could
have gone to Vegas and gotten married
pretty easily but no he needs to get

proof for some reason for some court for
someone that he’s been to legally
divorced from his other that he’s been
legally divorced well maybe it was for

his citizenship or greencard something
there’s something about that that maybe
then he goes to the Turkish consulate in
Washington DC and they say no you have
to go to Istanbul now this makes no

sense to me why does he have to go to
Istanbul and he doesn’t think this is
suspicious why doesn’t he say can you
mail it to me can you mail it to me you

know who I am you you can’t just
bullcrap why do I have to go to Istanbul
so he goes there Stan hold on one second
in the Muslim faith don’t you just say
I’m not married I’m not married I’m not

married yeah that is true but it’s kind
of a myth and just do an iPhone video
and say here’s my proof I said it three

times oh yeah I’ll say it in front of
you yeah I mean this would be logical I
don’t know I thought about that too so
he stupidly goes to Istanbul and then
they say they look around and they say
oh geez we weren’t expecting you you

have to come back in a week so we can
set up a chopping block a week you can
get a whole new passport you can sit
there no you have to come back in a week
so he goes to London and then gives a

speech or something any time so he had a
meeting he had a meeting of sorts hmm
okay by the way there’s a
there’s a Turkish or there’s a Saudi
embassy in London a big one there and

they do a lot of were a lot of work
there so huge embassies a month maybe
bigger than the one in Istanbul but they
can’t do the paperwork there okay

so he doesn’t think twice about this he
says okay I’m gonna stupidly go back to
Istanbul and go into the embassy
charging the embassy and he goes in

there and he disappears now this doesn’t
sound right under any circumstances
especially for a guy who’s suspicious
now the one thing I thought immediately
was extraction exercise I don’t know why

but I’m just thrown on that you yeah
that’s the first thing I thought because
they had the 15 guys together get him
out of there somehow they get him out of
there and take him back to Saudi Arabia
I’ll mention this they said that they

thought it was an extraction and they
drugged him and they killed him by that
by using too much the drugs they were
idiots they filled the thing – Wow an
extraction gone horribly wrong

yes extraction gone wrong so but that
does that belies all these these
so-called oh they found him they yelled
at him in Arabic they tortured him and

then killed him when they have video and
audio evidence which again is another
question how do they get this hey and
because where is it where is it where is

it where is it and the second thing that
they had two versions of this tape and
then there’s the bogus story about the
iPhone or the I watch the babble watch
apparently turned it on record or or ago

she sent it to the cloud sell signal on
his videotaping himself in this embassy
which I’m sure is shrouded with Faraday
cage teracle I would be if I had random

stinks thiamine so he no agenda thinking
we will focus on what’s going to be done
with it but my last clip is from France

24 kind of a wrap up for what was
happening with him or what he might have
been doing if he was creating enemies
this is on French France France 24 his

Salim’s Zack now for more on that story
we’re joined by salim Razak turkish
police in washington DC thank you for
talking this clip in the beginning the
guys on skype and it’s it’s a really

crappy connection so it’s not it’s not
your file it’s not me it’s not Skype
it’s on the recording now for more on
that story we’re joined by salim Razak
turkish political scientist based in

washington DC thank you for talking to
us on for you personally no it gets
better was more unpredictable and it was

going in a direction that he didn’t he
didn’t necessarily like and he was vocal
about his criticism in that sense but he
never really saw himself as a as a
dissident he was perhaps a crazy that’s

what I was I was about to put that to
you because he wasn’t calling for regime
change he supported the 2030 vision for
Saudi society put forth by Mohammed bin
Salman it does seem extraordinary if the

narrative were kind of been getting is
is is true that he would be targeted
when he wasn’t really that first
difference a critic something that one
of my I directed this question to one of

my Turkish contacts asking if this
narrative is true why mr. keshiki would
be targeted something that’s been
hitting the news recently is it mr.

Kashyap she was working on a for
democracy think-tank and he’s been
meeting with Gulf based Dhamma Nerys
with activists I think the
organization’s name was going to be dawn
and it was incorporate

in Delaware democracy for the Arab world
now if that is the case considering that
he was also previously an
editor-in-chief for a newspaper owned by
El Valle bin Talal the billionaire who
was part of the ritz-carlton arrests

perhaps that made them a liability for
the Saudi regime but otherwise this is
beyond the best of our imaginations mr.
Koh strictly is a very well-known Saudi

journalist the fact that he would vanish
and potentially in this grisly way it’s
impossible to wrap our heads around it
obviously no Turkey is caught between a
rock and a hard place in this so dawn

the democracy for the Arab world now all
right this clip only came to me this
morning so I haven’t had a chance to
look into dawn but that’s something I
hadn’t heard about in the reporting

no this news to me so there’s a locked
in you to the Four Seasons song dawn
no that’s tie a yellow ribbon no never

dawn with Tony Orlando no don’t look up
enough let’s not no it’s not I I

desperately need to deconstruct Kanye
well wait a million ever finished this

thing was cushaw I thought that was it I
was done I was wrapped that’s all we got
do you think it was much of a wrap I
said all I had we will wait to see
what’s going to happen with the

Magnitsky act we already though I don’t
know I I as I said I don’t know anything
about dawn this is this came in late
this morning I’d need to look into that
but I can see where it was a spook yes

well I think that’s pretty obvious
I really doubt that Salman how dumb is
this guy if he’s gonna go bring a guy in
and chop him up at the Embassy I mean
there’s millions of ways there’s ashes

you can do it and you know throw you off
a roof I mean there’s a million ways to
just shoot you from a distance I totally
if you’re gonna kill somebody then you

can do this and make it look like an
accident do it the way we usually do to
to the head you know and then in the
left hand hot tub lots of good ways to
do it just doesn’t make any sense in

this unless now there’s one I just want
to say this before we go on there was
one other kind of more of an alternative
idea which is that Solomon is part of
the mob that’s now running Saudi Arabia

and this was a message but even if it
was a message where you know they would
have it wasn’t much of a message cuz he
just kind of disappeared now this

embassy I think this embassy
back-and-forth business and I agree with
you that it’s it’s sketchy about the
proving the divorce as the reason for it
that’s what spooks do
embassies are where spooks live has no

one watched the Americans quad we all
know this yeah they’re all in there so I
have to bring 15 more guys in well
they’re crawling with spooks now but he
was I think he was a spook maybe he was

transporting something from the embassy
in London to the embassy in Turkey I
don’t know that sounds more believable
than anything as crazy as that it’s not
even crazy that actually makes sense

yeah maybe he’s just shuttling stuff
back and forth hey he worked for The
Washington Post it lots of spies have
and current I allege currently do work
for The Washington Post

you know and why would a guy who’s as
you pointed out in the newsletter
his Muslim Brotherhood was connected to
Osama bin Laden and they could have
really asked him to repent a little a
little column about his relationship

with Osama bin Laden oh he’s heralded as
a fan tell this guy oh yeah he was one
of their sources I’m sure that this guy
sounds like a spook and then we a maybe
then what do we get we gave we gave a

spook away
we got a spook back with the pastor this
is pastor spook no journalist spook
podcaster spook yeah we don’t have any
podcast or spook Sid we make it more

money not yet now we’re gonna go to I do
have a Kanye clip too yes it’s going to

be number three in the sequence because
this was this is way I enjoyed this
Kanye stuff more than anything good
because we really enjoyed the whole

everybody get it all bent out of shape
and I’m gonna preface the whole thing
that you’re gonna do with who cares this
Kanye he’s getting him and Trump kind of
like each other so what what I found

interesting is well obviously the the
out well it was two sides it started
with immediate name-calling that’s part
of what your clip is and really just

little bits and bytes of what happened
in the Oval Office and what what was
shown and what people responded to was
almost kind of appropriate although not

the way it was presented but only on
this show can you actually sit down and
listen to what Kanye said because all
those little sound bites all those

little bits were picked from one long
soliloquy which not only is it does it
make sense not only is it no agenda
thinking he’s even saying some things

that you have specifically bitched about
on this show
and it was and it was an eye-opener and
so now I really am starting to think but
certainly CNN and Don Lemon and whoever

else really don’t want anyone to listen
to what Kanye said and you and you have
to listen to the whole thing and I sat
you know like twice I watched this half
hour just trying to understand what he

was saying and it’s really not it’s
actually quite smart and it’s it’s the
stuff we talk about all the time and you
know if the news media whether they’re
lazy and just like I it’s just Kanye

being crazy and so let’s just assume
he’s nuts or they or they do not want
people to know what he said and I think
that’s important here’s the I’m just
gonna set up your clip is number three I

want to say this that I think that
they’re they are a little lazy and I
don’t think they care what he has to say
because they’re if you’re on the
globalist side of the debate all this

stuff is nuts John if they don’t care
why didn’t they just marginalize him and
just not talk about him why all the
outrage why why the insane conversations
about him

that’s the dynamics of the news business
I mean here’s somebody if one person
makes a big stink about it he’s also a
target Kanye’s have important celebrity
and he’s in there violating the Unruh
spoken black rule okay go on I think it

just became of a story I think there’s a
story here we’ll start with pretty much
CNN the Wolf Blitzer this part of the

clip everyone’s seen with Don Lemon I
just wanted to pay attention to what
snippets they pull out to discuss with
their panel about what Kanye was saying
and doing in the Oval Office so here is

their little edit you don’t look good we
don’t look good this is our president he
has to be the freshest the playas the
flyest Plains the best factories and we
have to make our core be in power we

have to bring jobs into America I don’t
answer questions as simple Sam
soundbites youth you are tasting a fine
wine it has multiple notes to it the
liberal will try to control a black

person through the concept of racism
because they know that we are very proud
of motional people so when I
I like Trump to like someone that’s
liberal they’ll say oh but these races
you think racism can control me oh they

don’t stop me that’s an invisible wall
would you build a trapdoor that if you
mess up and you accidentally some
happens you fall and you end up next to
the Unabomber now when you hear this

sequence and of course my ears perked up
mainly because he said you fall through
the trapdoor and you land next to the
Unabomber I’m like wow

it sounds completely unhinged the way
they’ve put this together yes and what
was kind of like a double wink I think
is when Kanye says you know I’m like a

fine wine you got to all these different
notes I don’t have that in one of my
clips what he actually said was it in
there that he said yeah but he said what
he said before that was I don’t speak in

sound bites I’m like a fly so that’s
exactly what happens so now they bring
in Don Lemon to discuss this and Don
says exactly what I thought most of the

talking in the Oval Office Don what do
you think I wolf I listen I don’t I have
no animosity for Kanye West I’m just

gonna be honest I may get in a lot of
trouble for it I feel actually feel bad
for him what I saw was a minstrel show
today him in front of all of these white

people mostly white people let’s just
discuss for a second minstrel show this
is in essence calling him an Uncle Tom
and my correctin worse worse now
minstrel shows I believe were white

people who put on blah although it did
also include black people
it was white PC began with black people
putting on blackface if you saw that the
Broadway play jeong-seon long you know
about this is Al Jolson time right you

know about you stop what this is pre
Ella Jolson right if you saw this at the
minstrel shows where black people
putting on blackface and playing blacks
just stupid blocks exaggerated

stupidness and they would do a whole Act
a whole routine it was a very
interesting era was it funny
then the whites to said hey we could do
the same thing so they put on the

blackface and they got you know they
could go to better venues and so pretty
soon the blacks were marginalized but
it’s an insult is what it is yeah big
insolence they don’t even Christine

failed to mention the whole time that
Jim Brown oh I got Jim Brown I got Jim
Brown I got Jim Brown is one of the most
famous black men in history recent
history for his exploits is the probably

the greatest running back in the history
of football and it was a famous actor I
have some Jim Brown clips from this
meeting as well because this was a very
the way I understand it Jim Brown never

said anything she and brown said several
things several things I mean I know what
I’ll do Jim Brown right now for you so

here’s it now it’s he doesn’t speak very
loudly old Jim Brown but here’s what he
said it’s my honor Jim I’m gonna tell
you I’ve been a fan of yours for a long
time long time nobody like you nobody

like you no athlete like you gem Ron
which i think is a nice statement says

I’m here to serve I’m not asking for
anything I’m here to help out tell me
how I can help mr. president gee you
didn’t see that on TV Jim Brown also had
something misled also had something to

say about North Korea
the present mine for a long time and
gymnast Jim came out of nowhere he said

I like what the president is doing a
long time ago we met right I just
appreciate very much in numbers if you
look at the c-span had the best audio

there there audio guys are pretty good

damn cameras are making a huge racket so
first is I like North Korea guy I think
he says this yeah this is very good this
is good act dialogue Jim Brown says he’s

encouraging the president who’s good
dialogue and the Secretary of State just
came back from Trump’s got to take his
little credits here growing up no more

nothing yeah Jim Brown says looks like
we were almost in war command-c was that
close I will tell you that was headed to

war and now it’s gonna be I believe it’s
gonna work out
from South to water we always thought
you were save millions of lives

you know Seoul has 30 million people you
know I left this then just so you could
hear the Trump was knew he was
Pontifical okay 30 million people right
near the border 30 miles off the border
millions of people would have been

killed Jim Brown says we solve one of
the biggest problems all right so you

didn’t see that on the news why would
you it’s just Jim Brown he doesn’t
this opinion doesn’t matter and I love
being able to do this and this is this
is going to be a little longer than

normal just because if we can’t do what
the mainstream media did with Kanye’s
chop them into bits because then you
don’t understand what he’s saying once
you understand what he’s saying then we
never have to do it again let’s go back

that there’s a connection between the
bonesaw references and chopping people
into bits and chopping Kanye into bits I
sure hope not because I fear I believe

that he is purposely being suppressed
with what he’s saying because it’s very
important what he’s saying so I fear for
a community to hear it the West

I’m just gonna be honest I may get in a
lot of trouble for it I feel actually
feel bad for him what I saw was a
minstrel show today him in front of all
of these white people mostly white

people embarrassing himself and
embarrassing Americans but mostly
African Americans because every one of
them is sitting either at home or with
their phones watching this cringing I

couldn’t even watch it I had to turn the
television off because it was so hard to
okay so because dong just couldn’t watch
it the journalists that he is

he missed I guess what Kanye was
actually saying and just has an opinion
without having watched it and anyone at
home any african-american with a phone
is-is-is disgust that is horrified by

this so I went to what just quick his
effort just went by and only you can do
that job sorry write down the time every

black American where the phone was
embarrassed by this so I went to my
favorite opus one YouTube channel which
has 1.2 million subscribers it is my go

to it is a black YouTube channel let’s
pull up a couple of clips real briefly
here’s Shabazz the og Shabazz yo what’s
poppin what’s poppin Brock might even

make a no statement I’m asked a couple
questions is the disdain weak on gay
about what he says meaning is he lying
about things that he say is he not
making sense

do we have a problem with what he’s
saying or is the major problem the fact
that he has aligned himself and
continues to put himself and the
president in the midst of Donald Trump
what’s the real issue it kind of yet so

that’s one voice let’s hear from another
fine black American the reasons I’m here
while I’m studying this interview with
John us and Donald Trump I want to
understand some that do not

the Hat to mislead you do not allow that
to mislead you do not allow him saying
oh I love Trump and artists dancing and
Sam Boeing and shuckin and jivin to
mislead you remember there is a strategy

when it comes to dealing with the system
of white supremacy there was a strategy
when it comes to this
remember the spook who sat by the door
remember Nat Turner there was a system
so what if Kanye is finessing the

president what if he is finessing the
White House what if he is saying he’s
going to pretend to do all of this
nonsense and look like one of the was
god damn hypocrites on the planet just
so that he can gain his access because

now the president has given him the
presidential snap before prove Obama
Trump told him that he could speak on
his behalf wherever and win it he wants
to get Larry Hoover brought out of
prison so there’s a name I hadn’t heard
and it came up with a couple of real

gangsters on this Opus one YouTube
channel they heard him talk about it I
just want to say West is not crazy he
said for the President of the United

States and said free free over darling
Trump yeah it’s a stupid every slowly

Larry all right so we will get into who

Larry Hoover is after we go back to the
incredible disdain from CNN in

particular which clip did you have now
John I have the clip where they some
just another one of the many I had a
choice of a bunch of clips but the one
which I thought was the absolute worst

which was a low point at CNN we want
some a black analyst of one of the many
that they have on their roster comes out
and just lays into Kanye in the worst
possible way and this is a grand display

of mass
ignorance in the face of the downfall of
democracy and we have a white and a
black man join together at the
narcissistic hip who refuse to

understand that they are more a
than a road to real democracy in our
country hmm this is white supremacy by
ventriloquism a black man is moving the

white racist ideas are flowing from
Kanye West’s mouth kanye west is
engaging in one of the most nefarious
practices yet a black body and brain are
the warehouse for the articulation and

expression of anti black cinemates that
have been chin-checked by people with
far more rigorous credentials now I
don’t know about you and I have no

standing being a white American but I
heard black America talk on the Opus one
channel and I’d say this guy is the
Uncle Tom
well he’s obviously a stooge for the CNN

white management it’s not run by a white
guy I mean a black guy is run by a white
guy so I’ll go back to Don Lemon because
I think he really set the tone he is the

voice of black America now according to
him according to him just so you can
hear how he shames kanye from because of
course he’s you know he’s crazy I think

Don Lemon kind of started the kanye is
it is mentally ill vibe we’ll just go
back to that and then we’ll get into
what Kanye actually said him sitting
there being used by the President of the
United States the president United

States exploiting him and I don’t mean
this in a disparaging way sure
exploiting someone who needs help who
needs to back away from the cameras who
needs to get offstage

who needs to deal with his issues and if
anyone around him cares about him the
family that he mentioned today or
whomever his managers maybe some other
people who are in the music business who

know him they need to grab him and
snatch him up and get kanye together
because kanye needs help and this is
nothing to do and yeah this is Don is
giving white America and white news

cables show America license to repeat
this which is what happened incessantly
over the weekend with being liberal or
conservative this is to do with honesty
and we have to stop pretending sitting

here on these CNN panels or on whatever
network panels and pretending like this
is normal and let’s have this
conversation about Kanye West what he
said who cares why are you sending
cameras to the Oval Office for Kanye

did you send cameras to the Oval Office
and carry it live actually I didn’t clip
that but there’s a part where Trump said
you know everyone wanted to be here and
and the press this press is in there on

video say yeah we wanted to see this we
didn’t want to see any other meeting so
yeah of course they wanted that it’s
crazy town when common visited the White
House come and visit at the White House
and did a beautiful poem spoken word
talked about black people or kings and

queens and do better
he didn’t disparage anybody I don’t hear
the kids on opus one talking about
common and his poem stop stop

pack it up a little bit he’s talking
about common and his poem like okay then
he said he didn’t disparage anybody did
Kanye disparage people no I do not

believe so and everything I’ve seen no
but then what’s he talking about
it’s the Trump it is a racist disparages
beautiful poem spoken words I talked

about black people are kings and queens
how we need to rise up and do better
he didn’t disparage anybody he didn’t
speak in non sequiturs he didn’t do

anything awful and you know the only
people who criticized him the only
people who really covered it weren’t
Sean Hannity and his band of hypocrites
who are now who are now applauding Kanye
West the same people that many in that

group called the n-word because of
Taylor Swift and because of George Bush
and now all of a sudden he’s gonna wrap
it up but he just has to get one more

insult the person who represents the
African American community he doesn’t we
need to take the cameras away from Kanye
and from a lot of this craziness that
happens in the White House because it is

not normal and we need to stop sitting
here pretending that it’s normal this
was an embarrassment
Kanye’s mother is rolling over in her
grave oh that’s the lowest now you can’t
go much lower than yeah and it affected

him a lot so a good work Don Lemon I’m
revoking Don Lemon even working at this
operation because he’s the guy that will
set the tone that is desired I can’t see

it any other way that is the desired
tone he’s black therefore he has
standing he can say whatever he wants
she’s a pledge applause exactly okay so
the backdrop is we’ve got Jim Brown

sitting there and all that conversation
with Jim Brown that happened mainly in
the in the beginning before Kanye even
got into his because that launched
pretty quick but at first five minutes

is too
Jim Brown talked about North Korea and
and you know Tom Pina just want to be
here to serve mr. president and then
Kanye he’s not there alone no he has
Larry Hoover’s lawyer with him Jarrod’s

also in in this meeting which no one
mentioned Larry Hoover was arrested in
Chicago for drugs and at initially it
was just a minor offense but then after

17 years he was re-arrested because
apparently he had not only run a
criminal gang from jail but he had
called out a hit on some rival gang

member who was killed and then he got a
6-time life sentence but in the 17 years
after his the initial incarceration he

was really organizing chicago then he
was trying to better his life I wasn’t
there I’m just telling you what the
story is on on Larry Hoover and so then
he got you know the guys now 68 and has

been in jail for quite a while and you
hear that black kids on the YouTube APIs
one channel they know who Larry Hoover
is they see him as some kind of hero is
it because he was a drug dealer or is it

because he was trying to do something
good and this is why Kanye is actually
there which is not mentioned we know
that Kim Kardashian successfully got
someone out of giad pardoned the woman
who was on a minor drug offense so now

let’s pick up the story at the beginning
of this meeting and it’s a prisoner that
was focused on he had six life sentences
and they have him next to the Unabomber

during twenty three at once so now you
know the reference to the Unabomber he’s
in the same facility by the way there
was no mention of Larry Hoover on any of

the CNN reports do you think no it’s
more important to show Don Lemon saying
his mom is rolling over in her grave
Larry Hoover is an interesting story and

I’ve never heard of Larry Hoover I’m
just learning about it
that means what are they doing what a
Bosnian yes
alleged least for a conspiracy from this

is hoover’s lawyer prison since a prism
you know that’s a legend but we do
believe even if he did commit those
crimes the sentence was overly broad
into the sentence six consecutive life

sentences and the most secure prison in
the world also known as clean version of
Hill for basically a Nichkhun was a
crook prison is that negative radius
Supermax in Florence Colorado they house

the Unabomber al-qaeda operatives mass
killers Oklahoma City bomber things of
that nature Howard is a 68 68 years old
yeah six days old really the reason why

they imprison him it’s because he
started doing positive for the community
he started showing that he actually had
power that he wasn’t just one of a
monolithic voice but he could wrap

people around so there’s theories that
there’s infinite amounts of universe in
this alternate universe so it’s very
important for me to get Hoover out
because in an alternate universe I am

him now this may sound unhinged but we
have spoken about this specifically
alternate universes and yes in a
different dimension I think would be
more correct in scientific terms I’m you

and you’re me there’s a dimension where
that’s taking place isn’t that the
theory of quantum so actually the theory
is there’s probably an infinite number
of recipe can be going on right every

decision you make could have gone off in
a different direction and it actually
has so this is a almost a religious
philosophy Kanye has which he’s
mentioned multiple times of course is

laughed at I don’t laugh because we talk
about alternate universes in a different
context but not that dissimilar what
he’s saying is in some other universe
I’m in jail and he’s me and I have a

duty to go and help this guy it’s just a
humanity thing but it’s Kanye so you
have to think and listen to what the guy
is saying and I have to go and get him
free because he was doing positive

inside of Chicago just like how I’m
moving back to Chicago and it’s not just
now I didn’t know Kanye was moving back
to Chicago yeah that was that was
mentioned yeah but it was news that he
was moving back yeah okay great

non-state agent being an entertainer and
having a monolithic voice that’s forced
to be a specific party you know people
expect that if you’re black you have to
be Democrat I have a I’ve had

conversations that basically said that
welfare is the reason why a lot of black
people end up being Democrat they say
now you got to stay with him that’s why
it doesn’t work when it’s chopped up so

he’s segwaying into something else but
it all comes around at the end with a
mind-blowing reveal you know first of
all it’s a limit to amount of jobs so
the the father’s lose the jobs and they

say we’ll give you more money for having
more kids in your home and then we got
rid of the mental health Institute’s in
the 80s in the night and the prison
rates just shot up

have we not discussed that specifically
yeah we discuss Reagan shutting down the
ones in the eighties yeah in California
because it was a demand of that I would

just as a reminder no I was here during
that eras in going to high school and
college and I remember the era because
it was the Liberals going oh my god

these mental health facilities and they
always cite Agnew’s State Hospital in
San Jose are they’re horrible and then
when the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
movie came out all their hard but we

gotta shut him down as terrible this is
not the way to treat the mentally ill
and so Reagan comes in as a Republican
he says that’s what you guys went okay
we’re shutting him down and they shut

all of them down and then there’s been
nothing but complaining ever since and
the part that you and I have never been
able to come up with because we’re not
black is that black arrests shot through
the roof because of this and so bear in

mind the Unabomber all the stuff it
comes it to the end with Kanye black
people end up being they look up they
say you know first of all it’s it’s a
limit to amount of jobs so the the

father’s lose the jobs and they say
we’ll give you more money for having
more kids in your home and then we got
rid of the mental health institutes in
the 80s and the 90s and the prisoner

rates just shot up and now you have
chiraq where people call chiraq which is
actually our murder rate is going down
by 20 percent every year just talk to
the superintendent met with Michael

Sachs that’s Ron Rob’s our right-hand
man oh my god they’d be met with him
there must be crazy why they entertain
that fool so I think it’s the bravery
that helps you beat this game called

life you know they tried to scare me to
not wear this hat my own friends but
this hat it gives me it gives me power
in a way you know my dad and my mom
separated so I didn’t have a lot of male

energy in my home and also I’m married
to a family that uh you know
not a lot of male energy going beautiful

of course he’s kind of winking to Bruce
Jenner there
I mean Caitlyn so I understand where
he’s coming from

I didn’t have a lot of male energy in my
household sigh I hear what he’s saying
when you put it all together what he
said this next bit becomes relevant but
there’s times where you know is
something about you know I love Hillary
I love everyone right but the campaign

I’m with her just didn’t make me feel as
a guy they didn’t get to see my dad all
the time like a guy that could play
catch with his son
no is this not something we explicitly

discussed when that slogan came up I’m
with her it’s like oh that’s kind of we
discussed the fact that I am with her is
not a campaign and it’s a Kanye it meant

well I don’t feel good about that I want
to be with Daddy he’s blitter Lee saying
that and I I could not understand that
he felt that way it’s this is not a

crazy thing to say and he said I love
Hillary but I didn’t like that I didn’t
feel good about I didn’t want to be with
her I want I missed the male energy in
his life or in the world whatever it is
it was something about when I put this

hat on and made me feel like Superman
you make it a Superman that wasn’t
that’s my favorite superhero and you
made a Superman cape for me also as a
guy that looks up to you looks up to
Ralph Lauren looks up to American

industry guys non-political no bullshit
put the beep on it however you want to
do it five seconds delay it just goes in
and gets it done right now you gave me
the heart to go to adidas because it

sounds like he’s just talking
self-promotion about himself when he
talks about adidas and play okay good
adidas when I went in and 2015 we’re a
14 billion dollar company losing two

billion dollars a year now we have a 38
billion dollar market cap it’s called
the easy effect this guy’s clearly
mentally insane he knows market caps I
mean this he’s got to be a nut job and I

went to caspere we had a meeting at
Chicago at risk um and I say
you have to bring manufacturing on shore
inch that evens sure into the core is

that about the borders the core of
Adidas and Chicago is the core of Middle
America we have to make Vin America
strong so I had the balls because I had
enough balls to put on this hat I mean

this biggest thing made me a billionaire
and I could have lost 200 million
walking away from that deal but even
with that I knew it was more important
for me to take the chance of walking

away from that deal than I have no
fathers in Chicago with no homes and
when we do have prisoner Reformation for
a note because this is habilitation not
rehabilitation because they didn’t have

the abilities in the first place we
never had anyone who taught us we didn’t
teach us exactly we had no one to tell
us so he does say that’s it there’s
something very important what he says
there he’s mimicking what black
Americans will say well nobody taught as

cuz that dads weren’t there he’s me
mimicking that but he’s saying some good
stuff right so it’s more important than
any specific deal any anything that we
bring jobs into America and that we

provide a transition with mental health
and the American education curriculum
that a Jim has worked on Larry Hoover
also has a curriculum that he’s worked

on we have Montessori curriculums that
we worked on we works has a beautiful
curriculum the waldorf establishment has
a curriculum we have meditation there’s
a lot of things affecting our mental

health that makes us do crazy things
that puts us back into that trap door
called a thirteenth amendment now this
is this blew me the fuck away I’m sorry
to use that word just I got when he said

the trap door of the 13th amendment I’m
like what is he talking about let’s not
give it away we’ll read the Thirteenth
Amendment in a moment after Kanye gets
to it I did say abolish with the hat on

because why would you keep something
around as a trapdoor
if you building a floor the Constitution
is the base of our of our industry right
of our cup of our country of our company
would you build a trapdoor that if you

mess up and you
silly some happens you fall and you end
up next to the Unabomber okay
the Thirteenth Amendment for those who
don’t know what it is or those who have
forgotten the Thirteenth Amendment

section one neither slavery nor
involuntary servitude except this
punishment for crime whereof the party
shall have been duly convicted shall
exist within the United States or any

place subject to their jurisdiction so
what that means is and you have bit
you’ve brought this up we’ve bitched
about this many times that in the United
States slavery is legal if you’re

incarcerated you become a slave of the
state and you’re making 25 cents a day
and you’re working for IKEA you’re
working for how many wishes which is

again New York of the famous Dutch
saying I am what I say you are what to
say for yourself miss your call to the
help which is what we do with China we
constantly heart by all China’s got

slave labor they have all these
prisoners or slave labor we’re the ones
that have actual corporations that that
that are involved I’m sorry that are

involved in slave labor in the prison
there’s corporations you can invest in
that will that benefit from the slave
labor of our prison system and as I said

companies like that way just to stop
again I don’t mind the prisoners being
forced to do stuff like clean up the
roads maybe there’s a buck to litter

along Highway 80 in California there’s a
bunch of litter nobody picks it up I
don’t mind putting a chain gang out
there but but you have to pay them yes
and and what is happening as you said

there are companies and I’m pretty sure
when we brought it up when you brought
it up
IKEA was one of the companies or they
were making flat pack furniture all
kinds of stuff and American corporations
go to the Correctional Corporation of

America and hire this labor force and so
Kanye is saying that the Thirteenth
Amendment has a trapdoor because yes
while it says no one can be a slave but
if you mess up and he’s gonna explain

exactly how cruel this really was if you
mess up then you fall through the
into slavery because of the 13th
Amendment’s trapdoor which is you can be

a slave in the United States if you’re
incarcerated for a crime you’ve been
convicted of you end up you got to
remove all that trapdoor out of the
relationship the four gentleman that
wrote the Thirteenth Amendment and I

think the way the universe works it’s
perfect we don’t have 13 floors though
you know so the Forge the four gentleman
that wrote the 13th amendment didn’t
look like the people they were amending

also at that point it was illegal for
blacks to read or african-americans to
read and so that meant if you actually
read the amendment you get locked up

what I think is we don’t need he’s crazy
I tell you he doesn’t know what he’s
talking about his mom’s rolling over in
their graves is we need pardons we need

to talk to people I was diagnosed with
bipolar disorder I was connected with a
neuro psychologist that works with the
athletes in the NBA and the NFL and he

he looked at my brain is equal on three
parts I’m gonna go ahead drop some bombs
for you 98 percentile IQ test
I had a 75 percentile of all human
beings but it was counting eight numbers

backwards off to his repeats I’m gonna
work on that one the other ones 98%
Tesla Freud its Tesla intelligence man
he’s got it so he had it measured he’s
genius and that’s it’s obvious he’s

genius because you know you can see that
you can see Trump liking this guy
they’re very similar so he’s gonna wrap
it up with this whole 13th amendment
thing and Larry Hoover and everything
with just in it and that’s really the

whole thing it’s just almost done you
know so he said that I actually wasn’t
bipolar I had sleep deprivation which
could cause dementia 10 to 20 years from

now I wouldn’t even remember my son’s
name so all this power that I get and
I’m taking my son to the Sox game and
all that I wouldn’t be able to remember
his name from a misdiagnosis and what we

need is we can empower the
pharmaceuticals and and make more money
that’s one thing I’ve never stepped into
a situation where I didn’t make people
more money so we can have

Pharmaceuticals we can empower our
industries we can empower our factories
we can bring that only adidas on shore
we could bring Foxconn to set up a
factory and I think Minnesota 53,000

yeah Wisconsin they had 4,000 jobs
people making fifty three thousand
dollars a year and one of the things we
got a set is for to have the highest
design the dopest cars the most amazing

I don’t really say dope I don’t say
negative words and try to lift them we
just say positive lovey divine universal
words so the flyest freshest most
amazing car and what we want to start

with this III brought up I brought a
gift with me right here he says gift
he means a jiff and so now this is the
famous he’s opening his cell phone but

you hear what he’s saying we need to
have the fly as stuff it’s all gonna be
the best in America this right here is
the I plain one it’s a hydrogen-powered
they’re playing and this is what our

president should be flying in look at
this year the miss Jared chair so you
can psiphon to Jared just like on this
plane with but you know what I don’t

like about what I need Saturday Night
Live to improve on or what I need the
Liberals to improve on is if he don’t
look good we don’t look good this is our
president he has to be the freshest the

playas the flyest planes the best
factories and we have to make our core
be in power we have to bring jobs into
America because our best export is

entertainment ideas but when we make
everything in China and not in America
then we’re cheating on our country and
we’re putting people in positions to
have to do illegal things to end up in a

cheapest Factory ever the the prison
system there you go
the cheapest Factory ever the prison
system I think Kanye is a prophet I
think he’s got the bipolar thing he’s

manic uh I think it was a very it was a
shaggy dog story yep uh with a punchline
it was very well done I think he could

left a plain thing out I think that hurt
him well hold the whole way he speaks
hurts him because it’s so clip worthy
for just these little clips of him being

sounding insane ahold of that thing and
clip it together to make him sound like
a complete lunatic just listen to CNN
today you’ll be fine probably could have
done even better a job they had to do it

quick yeah I mean if you spend a little
time you could really have something
very funny but yeah I think the guy is a

genius I’ve always thought he was I
think Taylor Swift’s is genius yeah
these people that do this sort of
marketing and they market themselves a
lot and they do investments P Diddy’s
another one whatever his name is

nowadays Sean Combs
yeah he’s another one these guys are
extremely intelligent they really know
how to do marketing and they know how to
invest there’s none of them are poor and

they don’t seem to be getting poor I
mean compared with the same kind of
professional athletes that don’t have
quite the intelligence not to say that
most of them don’t some of them do but

when they have a lot of money and the
broke breasts guys never end up broke I
mean if they do it’s because they gave
it away but not because it was stolen
from him so in in review people really
got gypped sorry to use that term

shortchanged on what Kanye did and
certainly the America the black
Americans got shortchanged by the news
media who was supposed to be serving

them could someone have just listened
and don’t even show a clip you say well
he was talking about the 13th amendment
Larry Hoover and how really the
Democrats agree on the on the on the
there’s too many people in prisons but

no they don’t want black people to hear
what Kanye has to say I’m glad I learned
a lot I went to
was one like what is this this is how I
learn this stuff

know that that can’t be done by uh by
Dom lemon who had to turn the sound down
cuz he was so offended that’s offensive
that’s actually racist like keeping the

black man down way to go Don and
everybody everybody did it his job he
was unbelievable
well Blackmun keeps himself down a lot

of times when we lost our one of our
listeners to incog-negro yeah we lost as
he was perked by a deconstruction we did
which was critical of Hillary so that

had nothing to do with race then nobody
does to do is what Kanye was talking
about which is that if you’re black you
have to be a Democrat
anyway fear for Kanye because it’s so

easy to get rid of this guy I don’t
think they have to do it now because
they’ve marginalized him but you know
when you hear these kids on YouTube
that’s a million point two subscribers

you know people may just start to listen
I fear for Kanye if he keeps this up and
people start listening to him it could
be bad for his health
yeah but they’ve done a good job I think

they’ve kept him safe we’re actually
endangering him but I feel pretty good
about it and with that I’d like to thank
you for your occurred and say in the

morning to you John see where the C
stands for Combs Dvorak boots on the
ground feet in the air subs in the water

today mr. Knights out there in the
morning to our troll room no agendas is where are the trolls line
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compilation piece of you know the
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background and we’re all just a zombies
kind of floating around it’s a it’s kind
of a look into our nearby future bless

you if we don’t keep our global warming
down by 1.5 degrees so we appreciate the
work that uncle cave bear did there and

all of our artists who we got a lot of
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choose one but also thanks for the word
cloud couple the word clouds I think he

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more yeah actually it was not quite as
exciting as I had hoped it would be well
at least somebody could do those now I

do have a lot of stuff in the second
half of the show about go I got to
follow up to the global warming but
mostly by deconstructing Al Gore and I
found his tell you know what you know
what I like about this John I challenged

you to
make a non boring climate report and I
think you’ve taken the challenge so I
look forward to that
well let me think one two three four
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people in the mouth

hey just a question for a European
listeners Jim Brown the football player
wasn’t he also in some movies like
comedy movie why he’s most in westerns

played the tough guy wasn’t he in
something I want to say like airplane
but it wasn’t that he may have been an
airplane no police academy police

academy thankful coal room yeah police
academy that’s right Jim Brown I don’t
know if he was Jimmy’s Bubba Smith was
in policing oh wait no no no Hightower
was that was that that wasn’t Jim Brown

was that was Bubba Smith who was
Hightower Mars Attacks I think he was in
that Dirty Dozen you’ll find he did a
lot of movies he was a very famous actor
did a lot of movies now and he was a

tough guy he real life
no one’s gonna call him an Uncle Tom he
was not studio he wasn’t he what H go in
there and say what did you call me all

right back in the day oh yeah oh yeah
today he went with this cane go beat
Donnell it beat some Don Lemon ass makes
him lemonade
by the way when we talk about something

like this in silence good morning I want
to point out that you know the the
Republicans are the ones with the guns
the Democrats are the ones that
shouldn’t have guns that should be
illegal we talked about in the last show
but here here’s the gears Nance Nicole

Wallace oh she’s the worst she’s looking
for the end she’s looking pretty bad and
called him out yeah it would have been a
very I told Jeb Bush after that debate

that I thought he should have punched
him in the face and even if he lost he
insulted your wife yes later called
Mexicans rapists Sommers
he said what do you think I should’ve
done I said I think you should have

punched him in the face and then gotten
out of the race you would have in a hero
no he wouldn’t adderall she’s an
adderall she’s on something yeah I do
have a little on Tremont okay so this is

Alex Jones I mean I’ve got a good
compilation I put together I only have
this is just piece up one small piece of
a very long piece which I’m gonna take
clips from every so often and the minute

we reveal them their destruction begins

that I do have a small eye so as a
suggestion for in the show okay done
you’re in you’re in I’m gonna lead you

into your Al Gore with a little climate
change update from the Van Jones Show
which I found my I thought myself
watching a lot of television with the

keeper yes its own show
yeah Van Jones has a show on CNN Wow yes
it’s a talk show with an audience and
he’s very pleased about it I’m looking
forward to tonight by the way what’s his

name Malik’s
do you know who Alex what’s his last
name I can’t remember for some reason
the guy who plays Trump on Saturday
Night Live

Alec Baldwin Alec Alec not Alex that’s
what got me Alec Baldwin’s got a talk
show and they’re running it on
prime-time on NBC oh I didn’t even was
there a SNL last night I didn’t even

I didn’t sure there was i I did watch
some stuff last night which would come
up later but here’s Van Jones and he’s
talking about the report of course the
we’re all gonna die within 12 years and

he brings on known climate change expert
Neil deGrasse Tyson wait he’s an
astrophysicist but it doesn’t matter
it’s Neil deGrasse Tyson everybody what

is the thing that worries you the most
about climate we’ve had relatively
stable climate no ice ages no hot spells
and we’ve had these ice caps that have
remained primarily in Antarctica and

Greenland oh my gosh if you melt those
ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica
the water levels will rise and come to
the level of the Statue of Liberty’s

elbow elbow you might as well play clip
of the day for that one

I am bunch of bull trout let me play the
rest ok so we are talking not so much it

was so hot it’s gonna kill me not we’re
talking about sea level change and we’re
all the greatest cities in the world
there on the ocean’s edge on the river’s

edge my point is sorry
Austin’s not on the river’s edge what’s
gonna happen first the coastal cities
will get flooded you’re not gonna just
see water level slowly rise that will

happen but that’s not what you gonna
notice first the storm the swell that
previously only brought the water to
here now breaches your city walls the
extremes of the weather and and this

will destabilize the worthy you know who
knows about this is the military the
Pentagon no debate Pentagon is no debate
your new office doesn’t have a debate
insurance companies oh that doesn’t seem
to be true does it seem to be true how

about your your ho John you’re right
they’re one of the great cities of the
world right on the coast yeah you’re
gonna be up to your elbow and water
watch as your insurance change for your
home no not at all oh well in the last

show I think you had it about showing
that one of the things or somebody
expressed this that the insurance
companies are the guys that know what

they’re the ones with the money they
after they can lose and their they’ve
been insuring it the only place I know
of where I know that there has been in
effect is in Biloxi because that storm
that came in the 110 years ago Katrina I

think is well a slam there mmm-hmm
it took got to all these coastal all the
stuff that was right on the coast right
on the water and then surance company
says we’re not gonna pay for anymore of

this kind of thing and so now it’s all
Biloxi’s kind of stripped of all these
beautiful manchas that used to be on the
coast line because the no one will build
there because the insurance is too high

but that’s the only place I know of
where this has happened Bosnia yes that
was about this not because of rising sea
levels is because of the possibility of
a hurricane strike right there military

yeah the Pentagon had no debate Pentagon
has no debate you know else doesn’t have
a debate insurance companies but you’re
saying our cities are at risk our
civilizations are at risk and displace a
whole bunch of people and that could
cause all kind of wars

you can move the city inland all right
so just there’s there’s proof Neil
deGrasse Tyson says your insurance
Raiders are going up that is actually
frightening but I don’t I don’t see any

evidence of this happening yet
Neil deGrasse
now what’s the score of this and this is
what Al Gore so Al Gore comes on the PBS
news hour wouldn’t Judy and just to give
you an idea I’m gonna just clip to this

is Al Gore twelve trapped energy a sorry
I’m just gonna say this kind of an ask
Adam let’s talk about the science you

mentioned if there was this major report
from the UN scientific panel the group
that you shared a Nobel Peace Prize with
what about ten years ago they are
painting a much more alarming picture of

what we face than we had previously
known what is significant to you what it
what is most significant in this report
to you the language the IPCC used and

presenting it is torqued up a little bit
appropriately how do they get the
attention of policymakers around the
world you know the the the man-made

global warming pollution accumulates in
the atmosphere and it stays there a
pretty long time and it now traps as
much extra heat energy every day so he’s
saying it was kind of to coin a phrase

trumped-up to get everyone’s attention
he’s basically admitting it he didn’t
use the word from nothing yes I coined
the phrase yeah
trapped yes I’m dumb yes but he says you
did you hear the end there is like a

quite an open thing he’s gonna give you
the answer to it I want you to see if
you can just I want you to play it again
the end so we can then play the answer
to what he’s about to say in other words
his conclusion I and I want you to try

to listen carefully to what this what
this really what he’s saying go back to
ten seconds that’s here you know the the
the man-made global warming pollution

accumulates in the atmosphere and it
stays there a pretty long time and it
now traps as much extra heat energy
every day so what’s the I’m not sure
what the question is that’s it traps as

much energy every day as oh so it’s
gonna be a comparison he’s gonna do a
comparison I want you to note it I want
you to write it

because everyday this is what happens
played clip B and it now traps as much
extra heat energy every day as would be
released by 500,000 Hiroshima class

atomic bombs exploding every day five
hundred thousand Hiroshima bombs

exploding every day I thought we had a
statistic like that on a clip previously
in somebody out there who really wants
to do it I mean I could do some research

and do this I would like the math on
that here I got something from an old
clip let me just see what this is gonna
take too long there there is something

else that we had about her Hiroshima but
I’ll check that clip after the show see
what they said yeah I’m gonna skip the C
clip because it goes on about how it’s
all sucked up by the ocean which he

talks about the Dani talks about how the
oceans getting so hot that’s create
creating these super storms of course
the first one was that one years ago
that then we hadn’t had one for 10 but
we’re not gonna count that here’s
another kind of interesting I like the

way he phrases this I think this is new
this is clip 11 I think this is a new
idea a new way to put things
the scientists not only predicted these
consequences they’re telling us they’re

going to get a lot worse still until we
stop using the Earth’s atmosphere as an
open sewer for a hundred ten million
tons of manmade global warming pollution

every single day Wow
man-made global warming pollution is a
sewer what comes out of your piehole is
a sewer we have a sewer if we’re using
the atmosphere as a sewer nice I thought

that was actually quite good I’m gonna
rename your clip to spell it properly in
case we’re looking for it again now
let’s listen to where I get where I
picked up his tail when he’s like knows

he’s lying and he
yes it’s a microexpression I’ve gun we
get into these little more effectors of
course I might take from the expert on

it and there’s a guy in the Bay Area
does this micro-expressions are these
little momentary mistakes you make to
give away whether you’re telling the
truth or not okay and they’re used by

their intelligence agencies and
something give me an example well you’re
gonna have an example here okay so let’s
play Elgort n store this is this is
Elgort storms get stronger not the ISO

but the longer more importantly the
scientific community has long been
convinced and has been warning
policymakers for some time the earmarks

of this latest storm
Judy are worth paying attention to
starting with hurricane Harvey which hit
Houston Texas a year ago and dumped five

feet of rain we have been seeing a new
pattern and hurricane Michael
intensified as it reached the coast and
that’s something relatively new and the

reason for it is though the ocean waters
are much warmer than normal so it’s not
getting cold waters churned up to weaken
the storm it just keeps on getting

stronger mm-hmm now of course this is
bullcrap because Florence which was the
storm in between got weaker yes it died
right off died off and stuck there on

the coast of North Carolina but if you
say it by saying if you’re Al Gore you
say of course storms get stronger then
you believe it now here’s the TEL see if
you can spot it this is in the ice oh

okay more importantly the scientific
community has ah this little laughed
his tell is having a awkward chuckle
very very small chuckle yeah I’m here to

middle of a word that he knows is part
of her bullshit Terry listen again more
importantly the scientific community has
he’s laughing about you know he’s

actually laughing at the scientific
community he’s like assholes
they’ll do whatever I tell them
good I have two more examples of this
that’s what I was gonna ask yes do we

have examples now but now I want to hear
it in any way you could you’ll be able
to pick him up there’s one where he
actually does it three times can you use
the towel in a sentence D the nervous
laugh the way he uses it to me is a tell

that this is bullshit because you can
you can when you parse the whole
sentence you start to hear that will the
assertions are awkward now let’s try
this one this is the global emergency

clip and the end then the tell in I so
stuff we have a global emergency and you
use a phrase like that and first of all
I’m gonna give you clip of the show for

this this is fantastic
so he’s laughing at his own bullcrap
about it being a global emergency stuff
we have a global emergency and you use a
phrase like that and some people think

it’s bullcrap immediately say okay calm
down you know that can’t be that bad but
it is and what the scientists have
warned us in this recent report is that

if we do not take action quickly to
switch away from dirty fossil fuels and
shift to electric vehicles and make
agriculture and forestry much more

sustainable and deal with the waste
loops and manufacturing all things that
we can do we know how to do them we
ought to be doing these things for other
reasons anyway but if we do not begin

taking action very quickly and creating
jobs in the process by the way then the
scientists warn us that the consequences
down the road would be far far worse

than what we’re experiencing now my hood
actually extend to an existential threat
to human civilization on this planet as
we know it Wow there’s four tails in

there yeah so we start with the
emergency then the was the second one
well there the other one was just
casually in there I mean there’s just
four of them in there but the biggest

one was this one which I have an eye so
would be far far worse than what we’re
experiencing now
for that laughs to be in there unless
it’s a tell yes this is just not true

it’s not gonna be far far worse Wow now
now the one I got the biggest clip out
of our biggest clip I’m sorry the
biggest yeah it’s okay I’d like that too

I got the biggest kick out of this when
Judy says something in the form of a
question and then Al Gore feels obliged
to interrupt her because there is this

thing going on us and and it’s actually
he gives her a scolding for saying
something that you can’t say any more on
oh and he knows it you can’t say it on

PBS newshour you can’t say it anywhere
you can’t suggest that there’s any
alternative to his thesis sorry any
about one does you know a number of

conservatives other scientists are
saying these dire future predictions are
just not borne out by evidence but the
other thing is the political hold it

hold on let me stop you there when you
say other scientists yeah these are the
wrong scientists is that what I’m going
to hear he’s going to now give her a

lecture about why she made a mistake and
she should be scolded first even
suggesting and now you’re gonna hear a
number that we like to talk we like to

see our numbers about 97 98 all these
everything Gore has taken it up to a new
level stop you there when you say other

scientists not really there there are a
few there are a few outliers but you
know 99 but you know 99 plus percent of
the scientific community is aligned on

these objectives Wow justjust for now
I disagree I think the Al Gore stuff is
dynamite now here’s the here’s the thing

that is he with this did what really
bothers me he does the towel knowing his
bullshit 99% of the entire scientific
community or no over 99 99 plus 99

places hotel in the middle knowing it’s
a lie he knows it’s a lie we will reach
100% if we have to kill every last one

of them
and so he goes but then he does this
little trick at the end which I got I
was totally disgusted by this does not
this is just ridiculous this isn’t the
part three of this is aligned on these

objectives you still have some people
who say the earth is flat and not round
but you don’t give them equal time and
saying some people say round some people
say flat yeah that is so sick don’t give

them equal time uh-huh don’t give any
dissenters equal time shut up slave just
shut up anyway so now this last clip is
my last clip these are all nice and

this is him condemning Trump and there’s
a tell in here and I don’t even know so
it I don’t even bother because by now
you can spot these a mile away and and
here’s the tail and here’s him

discussing Trump his proposal is
literally insane and his reaction to the
scientific community’s warnings is an
outlier reaction it’s making the US come

off like a rogue nation and God yeah
we’re rogue nation
this guy needs to be enacted he’s even

on with this blather and then he’s
obviously to me lying through his teeth
is just like it was it was a 12-minute

segment on the news hour that was
uncalled for unjustified ins it was just
ridiculous it had to do with the IPCC
report of course of corrugate him this

is grounds for his little bun nervous
laugh in the middle of things
unbelievable that was that anyway that’s
my L Gore very good I’ll just keep it
with the agenda 2030 and climate change

for one last one I’ve got here the this
most recent hurricane Michael came out
of nowhere 48 hours had developed them
was was in and it then it just died away

it was in a very awkward place the
Panhandle this is it’s very uncommon for
anything like that to happen up there in
fact it I think we got an email from one

of our producers
mm I don’t have it here but the there’s
something you know and I said jokingly

oh well you know it’s time for the
midterms they’ve got some elections
going on we got the oh wait we have the
global warming report is out we need to
create a hurricane all right flip on

HAARP let’s do it here but the here is
what’s interesting this is local radio
guy think Neil boots or he what or he
was local from the area and this is from
his radio show I went to high school in

the Florida Panhandle Pensacola went
through a couple of hurricanes while I
was there so mild that we could
water-ski in the bayou when the
hurricane was going on
I know these towns of Panama City and

Destin and Mexico Beach I cannot believe
the devastation that has occurred the
third most powerful hurricane Michael to
ever hit the shoreline of the United

States a lot of people are suffering a
lot of people hurting very badly I hope
you can find the time to help somebody
out there the state of Florida is going

to need some help too you see the
panhandle is a strong conservative area
it played very big in the 2000 election
when they were calling the election for

George W Bush before the polls were even
closed I wonder how many votes that cost
but now with the election what twenty
five days away will the infrastructure

be there for those people in the
Panhandle to vote in the Florida
elections you have rick Scott running
against Ben Nelson who richly deserves
to be put out to pasture he’s done

nothing and you have this Andrew Gilliam
guy running against Ron DeSantis Andrew
Gilliam friend of Bernie Sanders friends
Andrew GaN that’s one of the biggest

contested races that’s going on right
now everyone’s talking about this
ghullam guy
so this freak storm once-in-a-century
storm happens there and he rightly

points out they may not even have
infrastructure to vote there coincidence
I think not so interesting a coincidence
I think not one of those things just go

oh well there’s a couple of things going
on I should mention my my new voters
guide yes I looked at your voters guide
I have if anybody from California’s for

California’s only I have Dvorak’s slash
voter single Jew voter guide I should
probably put up a second page hold on
hold on photo guide is the not dot HTM

yes how did you know it’s not HTM that’s
the modern way of doing it what’s the
URL again
Devorah org slash voter guide HTM and
that’s the modern way of doing it yeah

why is that because it has less letters
I was waiting two days for that answer
you didn’t let me down well you know the

funny thing about HT m HT ml his HTM
came came out of Microsoft because and
Microsoft couldn’t couldn’t handle any

couldn’t handle a Forex before
characterization that era you could not
ever if you had an image that was image
dot JPEG jpg and I think front-page and
all those programs outputted in dot HTM

in the beginning they did and you if you
go to word and and push save as web web
page famous web page always saves

ization but you can save it dot HTML and
it will save it that way nice
reluctantly nice so I decided just to
give in and do HTM so anyways voter
guide HTM org and it gives further
propositions only now just so we

understand not every state had in fact
Texas has no propositions we do have
propositions at the county
but in California is a little different

California is one of the few states that
has these statewide initiatives and
propositions and this is the kind of
democracy that liberals want is most
votes wins the proposition Blenda makes

it yes exactly and the proposition even
though they sue in the oil sauce of an
in fact proposition nine which was the
proposition two and which is on the list

there the proposition to split the state
into three pieces was struck down by a
court as an illegal proposition even
though all the they went through all
this trouble them get it on the ballot

and they took it off just that’s what
the court took it off the ballot mmm yes
so much for you voters shut up with so
much for you for Tim Draper that’s a
problem ah gotcha and so I had I went to
these provinces because there’s two or

three of them especially the one that
really got me is proposition 8 and
proposition 8 is a is nothing more than
then take it and repealing a recent
gasoline tax let me get this thing up

Dvorak get it up
taking you longer to get it up and then
you scam dot HTM proposition eight did
it right yeah

oh no I’m sorry six oh six okay six
proposition six there’s all these ads
vote no on six vote no on six because
all our infrastructure is gonna fall

apart and we talked about this on the
show once before this is bullcrap
proposition six is nothing more than
repealing a tax grab gasoline tax which
was just added to the gasoline prices

right and what was that added for I’m
sure was to pay you something to steal
just making sure that California still
up to their old tricks yeah and so
there’s a huge so I that’s what get

triggered me to do this California
propositions no agender voters guide
with a little cheat sheet at the bottom
can take to them anyway I would
recommend these these are all and I’ve
looked at a couple of these other

contradictory ones like Proposition tan
is another interesting one where it’s
about about rents and it has its it
seems to be they’re trying to vote it no
because of the a bunch of real estate

investment trusts and other people’s a
lot of money that is gonna hurt them
anyway so there’s that so I what I did
was I got a I this is the first year I

did this video in Washington State it’s
all vote-by-mail hmm so I but you can do
that in California if you put in a
request and so I got my package
yesterday my vote my official election

balloting material and it comes in this
big envelope with all these ballots real
ballots I wish I guess they put through
the machine when they get it back this
has got to be five to ten dollars

mailing per person Wow it’s a real heavy
package it’s got a lot of printed
material I was stunned stunned I tell
you you do have to put your own postage

on it
but so be you know is vote-by-mail I
mean wait a minute wait a minute wait a
you have to put your own postage on it

I don’t yeah it’s not postage-paid know
if it was US government that’s voter
suppression well yeah maybe well they
should pay for it I get me I have mail

from banks that say no postage necessary
it says the traditional postage required
I understand but that’s voter
suppression you need actual money to do
that kind of voting you need stamp money

I don’t think so the reason I bring that
up is because Texas is always I was
doing some of this you know based upon
what you were doing and I wandered off
into some other spot and I found out

that you know Texas suppresses everybody
cuz we have voter ID laws if you do not
have an ID which is recognized which is
quite an extensive list of photo ID you

can come in with a check a government
check a utility bill anything like that
will allow you to vote so I don’t know
about all this it’s it’s hurting black

people because they don’t have ID all
you need a government check I think you
know not now it’s by the way I mean
that’s the whole statement is racist you
know the you know minorities can’t get

it because they don’t because they you
know they don’t have an ID they can’t go
to the DMV but I presume if you’re
thinking that way they do have a
government check
we’ve already debunked this with the

black community would did a number of
videos on hey we all have IDs yes of
course we’re not stupid
for Texas but I am so the main thing is

there’s no props but Austin has
propositions we have a nine hundred and
fifty million dollar bond

and I’m voting against all pieces of it
and I’m voting against mayor Steven
Adler who I think is just a weak
douchebag he is not I mean for example
our we have 250 million dollars for here

comes low-cost housing affordable
housing no this has never worked in
Austin never ever and if it would work
it would become an instant ghetto

there’s nothing in there for the
homeless there’s nothing for what’s
going to happen with this huge influx of
people transportation is no no great
ideas so I’m voting against all of it

and mainly Steven Adler our fine mayor
of Austin
Batum is right beta male extraordinaire
now as you know I’m really I’m really
irked about the SCOOTER situation and I

have an update for you and I believe
that these companies these Silicon
Valley companies in their arrogance
because they are arrogant Cox have made
a huge mistake

they’ve underestimated a massive point
of their business models so to reiterate
these are the electric scooters that are
dropped into a city without any

coordination with the city to gain
market share to be the first one to do
it you need a smart phone you can ride
around with it we’ve had Austin City
Limits these past two weekends a CL lots
of people riding the scooters I want to

say I’m very Pro electric scooter I
think it’s a fantastic mode of
transportation but mayor Adler we do
need to have some rules and we need to
hold these companies accountable when

then you know when people are driving
over people on sidewalks people are
getting hurt unnecessarily the
regulations are unclear people can tax
you know there’s always the wheelchair

access these things are parked
everywhere thrown about and you’ve done
a very poor job of anything to do with
that but San Francisco is in this case
an interesting model for Austin what

they did is they have now sanctioned
that by law that’s okay we now the
city’s transit agency has said you know
what we’re gonna let electric scooters

back onto our streets but only if you
adhere to our regulations and they had a
whole and I have it in the show notes
you can take a look at it you know you
have to have you know certain the

scooters have to adhere to certain
specifications but also you need people
on the ground who were able to assist
people and the eight companies bid for
this and it wasn’t like they were just

gonna choose one they said okay you have
to bet a rating fair poor near poor fair
good excellent
you know if someone wants a helmet get
kid noise so one company actually will

provide you one and what they did is the
guys who were in early the early bird so
to speak
didn’t get permission and they’re out
there incensed because this is Silicon

Valley well we’re we’re over we bought
this bike company we put it in first we
should be on the streets of San
but this is where they made a mistake
they thought just like the car model

where you just flood every city with
ubers they thought they could do the
same with scooters but the thought the
process thought process they they made
the mistake in if these scooters are not

owned by individuals who are driving
around the seed streets of San Francisco
or Austin already they’re your property
and therefore they can be impounded they
can be forbidden and your your model of

going in and flooding the market is not
working now it’s smaller guys local
companies although arguably those kinds
some of the Oh lime and bird are local

runs yeah possibly
then they may be acquired but I like it
and they’ve made a mistake by thinking
that they could live there

God Almighty they can throw anything
they want that’s really the thing that
that may be the most angry who do you
think you are
like let’s just it’s a good idea but
let’s do it properly not just throw shit
into everyone’s Street which is now
happening in Copenhagen even so I will

give props to the city of San Francisco
for doing that I thought that was really
good and I’d like watching these
assholes squirm
because I really despise him well I read
an article about this whole thing and I

don’t think people understand it that
apparently the reason there was gotten
onto this Jag’s so enthusiastically it’s
like about a 90-day payout to break even

on the on the scam it’s like 90 days to
break even to break even on what on the
cost of the whole adventure
per scooter or just in general the whole

know this de scooter deal ninety days
yeah something like ninety days you put
this scooters out there and with the
depreciation and the taxes and this and
that and the other thing as I said that

yes ninety days later you’re now making
yeah even if the scooters are thrown in
the bay you’re making mint money right
well again I’m for it I’m not against it

I’m not I’m not for it well I’m in
Austin that I think is actually a great
idea but you have to have some rules and
Mayor Adler is it just it’s not doing it

hello and one of these guys goes bomb
and by and knocked you on your ass tell
me what you think then before we take a
break I want to have the unhinged Trump

hater of the week this is a voice we
have not heard from before I would say
it come it rivals Rob Reiner very very
close and something I’m noticing

actually I’ve maybe because I was going
to bring it up I’ve cussed more than
usual on today’s show
but this seems to be the norm with Trump
hate is that it you know look at Kathy

Griffin look at Robert De Niro who I
think Robert De Niro really gave license
to everybody who hates Trump to use
profanity and profanity or cuss words

can be completely legitimate and can be
very effective if you were very you’re
much better at that than I am I have
Tourette’s so that’s white you know so I
think about it happens and so this guy I

liked as a as an actor comedian Robert
Klein was caught outside a restaurant
and I think he’s are unhinged Trump

hater of the week how about the Russians
interfere in our election and he
colluded with them there is lots of
proof of it they had a meeting didn’t

they about 11:00 how about 22 people
have been invested indicted 11 Russians
mr. man afford although these are people
they’re indicted they’re pleaded guilty

they pled guilty he’s any other
administration if a man so close to the
president pled guilty for taxes he’d be
gone like what if Obama had fucked a

pornographic actress I love how he says
fuck but won’t say porn star is somehow
he gets a hold of himself and oh I have
to say that nicely I have to say

pornographic actress because I don’t
want to offend the porn community or
something like that this is very
interesting like what if Obama had
fucked a pornographic actress 13 years
before being excuse me a few months

after his wife gave birth this is our
president in the United States years
before who gives a fuck what he is
well that’s your products that’s your

that’s wonderful he’s a great guy
couldn’t even introduce me properly at
mar-a-lago and I had a game and you like

now we find the true source of his anger
I guess Trump flubbed the name Robert
Klein at a tomorrow locker gig
that’s wonderful he’s a great guy

couldn’t even introduce me properly at
mar-a-lago when I had a gig and you like
Trump I do I like what I like
we like that tax cut I mean you like

those judges good for you
well Robert Klein has been out of the

picture for so long but he has a
notorious kind of hard to work with the
guy let’s put it that way
he seems like a gem I show my food by
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another weird gift that I wonder if you
had gotten him from Ryan Showalter it’s
I guess he works at a valve and casting

company oh yes yeah he sent me a nice
note he’s the third generation or second
generation of a guy who said he said he
was a very pleasant notice explain what

I have because I didn’t have a note
there was no note
don’t lay just as card and so it’s it
says Fresno valves them I have an
ice-cream scoop and a bottle opener and
they’re very cool they really look

interesting and I presume therefore made
from valves no no that I made they look
like they’re from valve handles no
they’re cast explains no actual castings

and it may be a handle part of the
casting but you do way you make castings
as you make it mold and then you put
sand around it it’s a long process but I

used to inspect these places so I wrote
it talked about and he said that he was
listening to the show and when I was
bitching as like do all very rarely he
says you know I heard what you said

about the second and third generation
kids not taking any interest in what
their dad was doing or the business that
they started or me especially the third
generation has been my experience and

they just say screw it we don’t want to
have anything to do with it we want to
go off and do something else you know we
want to want to become ourselves or they
want to find something he said he took
it to heart huh and he says he said his

dad’s business was the voice of being a
big valve casting an operation valves
I’d be able to do manhole covers I don’t
know what but they can cast things like
those what you got to two gifts yeah

and dude those are most of these
boundaries are called foundries is that
I owned a foundry these foundries
usually make a number of gimmicks that

they give away to their customers and I
think those are the okay to show the
style of the casting it’s like you know
interesting and so you and they’re said

those are both nice the ice cream scoop
is particularly it’s sharp too was
designed for the parlors you know yes
it’s the flat kind of
tralala like they were you dig in there

and you can get a trowel yes trowel that
is the right word and so he said and he
he went back and he’s decided to take it
very seriously and now he’s entrenched

as a guy running a foundry which by the
way has got to be a kick huh well okay
remind me I have a note from a teacher
right after we’re done with the segment

cuz they people do listen to us and take
things to heart even though I’m glad he
took it to heart because it’s he must
have been eating at him because it seems
to me that if you just happen to mention

it’s a coincidence as a cosmic thing I
guess you just happen to say something
that just happens to trigger some weight
I mean I was just thinking about that
and right but that’s how the that’s how
the value network operates

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well I had a note so I had a know the
teacher yeah and now why can’t I find my
note all of a sudden this is bad
hold on well oh yes here we go this is
from a beers a teacher Adam I’m a high

school English teacher in Kanda Naevia I
just wanted to thank you for referencing
the short story titled Harrison Bergeron
by Kurt Vonnegut after hearing about it
on your podcast I immediately looked

into it and had my students read and
deconstruct the short story the results
were amazing I just want you to know how
aware students are about this pendulum
swing of hyper equality and its impact

my students clearly articulated a
variety of opinions about how all these
social justice groups are actually
creating a more divisive society in the
end I was proud of how well my students

could see the errors in society and
discuss them in non-judgmental
environment unlike the universities
today openly and freely there is hope
for the future ha your show and the work

you and John are doing is having an
impact directly and indirectly on more
people than you know keep up the good
work man we wish buzzkill now here I
don’t know if this is real it was one of

our producers sent it to me it’s
apparently picked it up with a
microphone off of a KUOW a KUOW a
broadcast and when they had their little

and this is a public broadcasting NPR
kind of a station and this is what they
would he heard and it was like and by
the way it seems to me to be a violation

of their advertising policy because
there was a call to action in this in
this advertisement that one of those all
were sponsored by social disease our
underwriter and listen to this uwa uow
Tumwater and KUOW Bellingham support for

KUOW comes from the Central Intelligence
Agency’s Directorate of operations where
mission and impact meet to address
global challenges learn more at CIA gov

slash careers discover the truth the
payoff is great here’s I got a payoff
boss discover the truth that’s what it’s

gonna be I think it’s real I told you
that Jena McCaskill was out recruiting
she was doing a speech at some
University and and the whole thing was a
recruitment session now they’ve got

recruiters there ready said they’re
signing people up left and right well
they have to I mean people do in tens of
thousands of people work for the CIA and
so they have to hire them from someplace

yes of course of course I just thought
it was strange that a public
broadcasting station would use them as

their underwriter I’ll discover the
truth that’s great
discover the truth we’ve got it here
it’s or create the truth whatever you

CIA lots of capabilities so last night
just disgusted with the the news
broadcasts I wound up switching to HBO
now I trust a lot on HBO

unlike Amazon and Netflix because yeah
even though it may not be something I
HBO has quality stuff it’s top-notch
there’s a couple of things I watched I

wanted to discuss first of all I have to
say hands down are you familiar with
Flight of the Conchords do you know
these guys no that’s about 10 years ago
they had a show that’s two guys from New

Zealand and they play mainly guitar but
lots of different instruments and they
have very funny lyrics and it’s a comedy
bit and it was very successful and
they’ve come back and they’ve done a

special I just wanted to mention you
have to watch this because at a certain
point they’re doing a song and they both
break into a recorder solo but I mean
like like Pete Townsend style so you

have to watch this because I I was
crying it was so good
and I thought of us obviously like
there’s an idea for us
but record on the road and then to

record her solo you should see the the
flight of the conchords okay I’ll check
it out so that was on HBO then even
though they aired in a different order

because I was on the on the Roku box
sending all of my information to Roku
I had Bill Maher wanted to watch that
but I first watched the very first video

version of a podcast this is very
exciting for me as the pod father yes
this is the pod America yes decide to
put it on the HBO they decided to put it

on the HBO that’s correct and I was
excited for them and I have heard of
this podcast I have listened to it I
believe it a healbot podcast no no it is

it’s the former Obama speech writers
they’re both in this podcast there’s one
guy who’s kind of the comedian they have

a girl in there and so they they
actually like in morning zoo a little
bit they took the whole podcast and then
they do it on stage in front of a live
audience it was very very animated
but this podcast is pretty much one

thing and one thing only including a
little edited segment on how to canvass
it is completely a Democrat Party
Democratic Party funded voter drive from

beginning to end and not and making it’s
not a new show it is a show to get you
to go vote for Democrats and to hate
Republicans and to particularly hate

Donald Trump I was telling who’s right
so I have two clips from it I was
telling you earlier how I feel that in
most people you and I’m not that way I

have you know I have some mental issues
tourettes neurological issue I should
say but in general most people have a
filter where they don’t cost too much
they don’t use the f-word too much you

know that once in a while maybe but I
believe that barrier has been broken and
it happened it’s certainly license was
given to everyone after De Niro’s said

fuck Trump well can I also mention
something I think that the excessive
cussing you hear on podcasting is a is a
form not not necessarily the pure form

by a form of virtue signaling mm-hmm
Hey look at me I can cus cus cus cus cos
because I’m free yes yes that’s part of

it but you know even Howard Stern had
this one he first went on SiriusXM
coming from public airwaves and everyone

was F this F that and then they kind of
had to had to reset themselves because
there was too much freedom and the show
was really sucking it wasn’t funny and
he figured that out very quickly but

there has a threshold amongst angry
Americans I’ll just call them angry I
don’t if their left or right but has
been surpassed and the F word is being
used everywhere I’m gonna give this one

example in this clip this was right at
the beginning of the show with the girl
I forget her name and well just have a
listen normally I wouldn’t associate the
word strategy with Donald Trump but he’s

been using this line quite a bit and
other Republican candidates have been
talking about you know George Soros
funded left-wing mobs for the last
couple weeks what do you think the
Republican goal is here well first of

all I think the fact that this is
something they’re bringing up this close
to the election is a reflection of the
fact that they’re scared as fuck and the
reason that I think they’re very scared

as fuck if you will is is that people
who are being fucked over are realizing
that they’re being fucked over and

they’re not going to fucking take it
over in most in a lot of cases are women
people of color immigrants people who

are marginalized and and I don’t think
it’s any mistake isn’t the definition of
being marginalized getting fucked over I
mean you you could actually have just
replaced fucked over with marginalize
throughout your little speech people who

are marginalized and and I don’t think
it’s any mistake that Republican
messaging which originates from Donald
Trump at this point or she uses words
that those people would also use to

insult women and people of color like
women are used to being told that
they’re on him
they’re hysterical they’re crazy and I
think that the President and people that
are in his circle using those words as a

reflection of their kind of inherent
sexism and raise a on hinges excist and
racist even though that’s not a word

that our org originated with the
Republican side of the debate so I’m not
gonna play the second clip I want to
move to something else but they have
this game called okay stop which is
pretty much what our show is except the

way they do it I’ll show you how they do
it now it’s time for a game we call okay
stop when the panel can say okay stop at
any point to comment while some cities

on Florida’s panhandle are still reeling
after hurricane Michael Trump took time
from his busy schedule of holding
rallies to finally do the right thing
have lunch with Kanye West good folks at
CNN had a lot to say about it I have to

tell you so then what they do is they
basically play the clip with anyone on
the panel can say okay stop and it’s
really bad it’s like five minutes of bad
they don’t even they don’t even get to

Don Lemon even really saying anything
outraged it’s just stupid this is really
really low-rent low-quality not well
thought out and for the cursing mm-hmm
you take the cursing out and they

adjusted themselves it sounds like a
real very mediocre or PBS show that you
hear on Saturday is kind of like wait
wait don’t stop me yes

wait wait wait wait don’t tell me
whatever it’s called yeah and there’s
another one there’s two or three of
these shows on PBS that were like that
and they’re all kind of they’re glib
yeah glib they’re condescending they’re

patronizing and they said that’s very
know-it-all kind of left wing ish that
concludes our very right I find them
boorish yes that concludes our review of
POD save America on HBO now Bill Maher

this was one of the best shows I have
seen I have a number of clips it was
really truly outstanding every type of
personality was represented

but it started off with Omarosa who of
course is promoting her book ah she
lives she does live and she had a lot to
say and before I before I mentioned that
I was I watched the whole show Bill

Maher I think is has something going on
he may not be well he he has the kind of
like that big Al Sharpton head on an
oversized suit that you can tell is
ill-fitting cuz he’s really skinny

underneath and his hands are really big
but the rest of his body isn’t it’s less
in proportion than usual and I’m a
little concerned he might be so it could
be this fit that me could be this suit

itself just making him look then he
really needs to work on that because
it’s just it makes him look sick you
know the pencil neck kind of thing so
I’m little worried more word I bring

something on a diet well he can slow
down now so he brings on Omar Osama
Omarosa and I only pulled two clips the
one knife

I picked this will offend the panel no
no she was the main guest she was the
special guest and and she was really
like Miss thang coming out
I’m sure it’s racist of me to say but

and so Bill Maher had a lot of questions
and he and I and of course he what he
wanted is hey what is Trump really like
and you’ll hear in here she says
something she refers back to Bill Maher

getting fired after 9/11 I just want to
reiterate for our international
producers two weeks after 9/11 Bill
Maher had a show I think it was was it
on Fox stations even no no I believe it

was on a baby seemed it was ABC I
believe it was on ABC and it was called
politically incorrect and it’s pretty
much the same show he’s doing now yes
and it was a great show to watch it was

ahead of its time but then he said I
thought it was good and I didn’t ever
liked it okay
I thought it was good and two weeks
after 9/11 there was a discussion and
everyone’s talking about these cowards

these cowards these cowards who killed
all these people these cowards and he
said I’m paraphrasing
they weren’t cowards they flew
themselves into buildings so you can’t
call him a coward and he was off the air
it’s worse than that

oh just to add to your paraphrasing I
don’t have it either
it went more like this Caracara cars
just what you said and he says I think
people that fire missiles from ships off
into they are there think all right

you’re right we are the cowards we the
American military are the cowards yeah
it was worse than your right – he got
yanked the show was gone and he didn’t

surface for years I have no idea what
happened to him until he kind of came
back on HBO and I didn’t track him so
she makes reference to this and I in a
way appropriately moth oh yeah oh yeah

of course of course have a listen we’re
gonna find out what Trump is really like
I’m just saying just because somebody’s
nice to you I mean you certainly must
have known he was a giant liar I don’t

think his personality changed we know it
didn’t change when he got to the White
House so you must have seen the racism
and the hatred and the and the lying
before you know it’s easy to say that

hindsight is 20/20 eight years ago I
didn’t know that Donald Trump was going
to be as insane and unhinged said he as
he is I mean he’s oh it’s worse than

when you knew him on The Apprentice
greatly I mean just his his vocabulary
he is like six words that he says now
huge very soon great me back in the
board strongly strongly not a word but

okay how many did he know he knew a lot
more than just he’s like Coco the
gorilla new 500 like you you’re fun but

I what I the one thing I didn’t like is
when after you guys got elected and you
said that thing about everyone’s now

gonna have to bow down to Donald Trump
that’s not what the way we’re talking
you of all people know about saying that
like that one dumb thing that everybody
just it was this the story

you’re not the first guests to try that
I could actually argue the merits of it
but we’ll move on he’s still not over it

I could argue the merits of it but we’ll
just move on you stupid woman well you
know I think what really bugged him was
that he knuckled under the opinion was

valid he can say what he wants all right
but he’d any cow tall I’m so sorry I
mean was almost like a Kathy Griffin
after she held that the head to fake

head of Trump all bloody
you mean capture we’re trying to get her
life back and then she regretted doing
it it’s not Kathie Lee Griffin I had a
weird picture all right but yes you’re

right wrong Kathie Lee he’s pissed off
that he did that he bowed down to every
deal there it is the bow down the Trump
and he had to bow down everybody else
he’s double pissed off about it because

I could actually argue the merits of it
but we’ll move on I said in the height
of campaign hyperbole it you know
certainly I don’t believe that

everybody’s gonna bow down but at the
time I had an audience of one when you
work for him okay that’s the honest
answer the audience of one is is what so

much of this country is off track about
all of fox news is for an audience of
one okay
have you seen the Fox News ratings an

audience of one this is this is
delusional thinking that Fox News is
there only for Donald Trump yes and they
don’t even do a very good job of

catering to him as far as I’m I’m
concerned no but now come some really
good insight what are Jared and Ivanka
like and this is extremely interesting

but I think what Omar Omarosa implies
here and what she says is is very very
disgusting okay all right what about

Ivanka and Jared what is all that White
House Canon White House Barbie she’s
making a face like I mean Jared is the

one that is that is the most inscrutable
to me I can’t get because he doesn’t
speak like he’s the one I would be most
curious to have dinner with because he

might be smart when Donald Trump decided
to announce oh I know that right and so

he he’s that guy in the room that thinks
he’s the smartest guy in the room
absolutely no I know we know he’s not
knowledgeable about the field is he’s
smart he didn’t even know basic
political jargon and when you try to

correct him he gives you that kind of
posture like are you a woman of color
really trying to tell me something
and so the sad thing about it about
Jared is that he doesn’t know how stupid
he sounds when he’s talking in those

and Ivanka is Trump really hot for her
is that a thing

you know he said it I’m just gonna say
it’s pretty it’s pretty disco patter on
that the high he would kiss her on the

lips he would have rushed the very long
period of time that game did he did she
say he wanted to sleep with his daughter
yeah of course he that’s what she said I
know of course he didn’t he said he said

yeah if it I wasn’t his father I’d date
her if I was younger something like he
was about dating her yes but he never
said he wanted to sleep with her no she

just throws that out in his Oh fine with
everybody never was all yeah little huh
yeah I guess so Wow I mean it was keep
talking awkward like one of those old

in front of people yeah absolutely

and what was what did she do excuse me I
need a little drink she just loved it
she loved being daddy’s girl she loved

being daddy’s little girl and she would
always say my daddy and they should
correct herself my father a very potty

maybe she cleaned it up for them for the
White House but okay well I thank you
for putting up with my questions I think
that’s going pretty far
really implying that there’s incest
going on between the president list the

list but she’s brave enough to go and do
it it’s on the list to be done so I’m
gonna stay was politically incorrect

because he had three guests on which the
most interesting was this it was this
Muslim guy named Raya and it’s him it’s
relevant in this Brown he’s Muslim
reihan Salam he’s the editor of the

National Review it does that make him a
right winger I don’t know what the
National Review is this is the guy that
I’ve pointed out before that has
replaced Brooks Oh Brooks and shield
Friday news rundown well I like this guy

and he is much better than Brookes he’s
not quite as forward as he could be
could be a little meaner supposed to be
that nice guy Brooks is the right the

right wing of the Brooks and Dunn
supposedly the right wing but he hates
Trump and he doesn’t like to fight off
moderate Republicans and he’s kind of a
old-fashioned moderate type but I think
he’s a Democrat and he said I think he

said he was a Democrat once and we
caught him on it with a clip
but beside the point when this guy this
Salim guy comes on he is far superior to
Brooks and far superior to shields he

should be a regular doing that bit with
somebody else besides Brooks
I mean besides Brooks and besides
shields they need two new guys well I
have one clip and it’ll be the final one

of this triage where this guy is just
he’s really smart really good and
just slams people without them even
realizing as fantastic and so also on
the panel was what is her name

I just seen her on book TV
I’m so sorry I don’t remember what her

name was but a very angry woman the book
is about angry women it that’s part of
the title is you know
the validity of America’s angry women
sorry I wish I had her name written I

don’t know what happened also though his
Eddie glob jr. he is professor at
Princeton University and he’s black so
we have the white woman who wrote the

book about women being angry we have the
Muslim who is the the right winger in
this case and we have you would think
the the the impartial professor the
Princeton professor was black so this is

your PB wait do we know this guy’s
actually a Muslim because there was this
yes yes it was made clear on this show
okay good yeah in the introduction and
and he talks about some Muslim stuff as
well so we start off and this is what

really caught my eye we had the
situation I think you brought it up on
the last show about Scott Kelly
astronaut who had tweeted well you tell
it you it was your story he said he just

used it Winston Churchill quote and was
slammed by the TWiT Twitterverse and a
bunch of her left he’s going on and on
about how Churchill was a horrible

racist pig and then they went on and the
guy knuckled under okay I’m sorry
Churchill’s a bad person and this is
part of the whole tearing down the
statues and anyone who’s white as a

creep so Bill Maher who has always been
against political correctness as we just
said his first show was called
politically incorrect and and he brought
the story up I cut out all the part of

him explaining it and he was he’s like
what the hell is this this is an
astronaut why why what is this political
correctness about and he had the right
panel to explain it this is the guy who
saved this from the Nazis and and you

know he said he was a fighter pilot
married to Gabby Gifford who was shot
and bravely continues on and somebody
and people on Twitter and no one
denounces this and he has to make an

apology this is when the Trump people go
yes you people are too fragile to being
in control of the government what was
the case what if this is the black
professor and chiming in will be Rebecca

traced her she is the the
the white woman the author was the case
that that that he realized that the
invocation of Winston Churchill wasn’t
consistent with what he values that he

didn’t know everything about Churchill
and then he realized that Churchill in
1953 sanctioned write the starving of
Indians in Bengal
he realized in fact that Churchill was

in fact vehemently committed racist to
the imperial project he realized that
Churchill did not represent so what I
mean by this I want to say this really

quickly for those who have been caught
under the foot of history you just can’t
simply invoke the mandate of history as
a reason to accept certain figures yeah
just just listen to him because he’s

explaining not only explaining why
Churchill was a bad guy he’s explaining
what political correctness actually is
the act of politically correcting people
this is this is very important Lincoln

comes to me I can I can embrace Abraham
Lincoln right I can embrace his view of
democracy but then I realize that

Lincoln held of view that my people
mattered more than white people yes
now once I understand Lincoln fully I
can then embrace him on my own terms but
I cannot accept Lincoln just because the

West declares him as great I have to
accept him like I’m you but every time I
bring up Lincoln do I have to apologize
we write off as politically political

correctness is correcting a record that
has been too simple that we haven’t been
taught the complexities that the power
that we so often are taught to celebrate
or admire purely is built on inequity

and bias that is not often revealed to
us and it’s a matter of correction and
the other problem is that when we focus
on these things like the Twitter
controversy around hailing hailing

Winston Churchill where we are taking
part in representing this as left
activism that this is the left wing when
in fact there are strikes going on
strikes for higher wages strikes against

and things but we focus on
flare ups on Twitter and not on the
record numbers of women and people of
color running for office in the first

for the first time she’s just a little
I’ll just say it hysterical but but she
makes the point now I understand the

black man I’m just gonna call it the way
I literally saw with my own eyes
the black man professor says you can’t
embrace people unless you know
everything about them then you can
embrace them when you know the good and

the bad which i think is every person
has good and bad and then she says
that’s right you have to correct
everybody political correctness is
correcting everybody on the record so
you may say you’re balanced I think they

see also used or he or she was heard
hailing church’ all he did was quote
Churchill with a two liner that has
something to do with what he was up to

it had nothing
it wasn’t hailing Churchill he was just
doing he put the random quote in there
and didn’t put Churchill’s name on it
as someone once said quote unquote
would these would this have happened

what is this just this is really very
targeted if you ask me this is extremely
no it’s what political correctness is
even a quote is no longer valid unless

you virtue signal by saying something
like he may not have been the best man
but he said this see then it would have
been okay because you have to constantly

in political correct America both sides
and this comes up in a minute you have
to correct the record this has to be
correct now this takes place now Rehan

I was just thinking to myself what needs
to be corrected everything cares about
Churchill’s history in the 1930s he said
this that this poignant quote and this
guy just quoted him I’m not arguing that

I’m saying this is what it is this is
what’s happened here and that but I’m
just just so baffled by the baffle I
understand so extremely upset about all
these little things that they’re this is

ant fucking yes and it gets better so
now this is just a quickie this the
first time reihan Salam jumps in and he
says he’s trying to explain something
like hold on a second this is this is

not good everyone in America feels like
they’re losing right now Democrats feel
like they’re losing Republicans feel
like they’re losing Democrats feel like
they’re locked out of power Republicans
feel like they’ve lost the culture and

it really it’s true maybe you know you
don’t agree with that perception but
there are people who really feel as
though their values are being a faced
they feel like hounded minority and as
crazy as that might sound the people who
disagree with them I think that feeling

is real I think they’re performing loss
in a moment of victory I think it’s
deeply genuine I think that people
really do feel a genuine sense of loss
and a loss of cultural power and you’re
right to suggest that people think that

political power and the exercise of
political power is one way to push back
against a culture that really does heal
us I think he’s got some he’s gotten to
something there the culture the loss of
culture yes I think that’s exactly what

the Republicans are feeling they feel a
loss of culture because the culture in
America which is television and movies
mainly is very left-leaning so they feel
little awful Terry hates loss of culture

and Democrats feel they’ve been locked
out of power so he’s making a good point
this is not a Bill Maher doesn’t like
this guy at all by the way he’s just
there to provide some semblance now he
won’t be back then

well I think he will this is the final
the final clip we’re gonna go back to
the political correctness with Professor
Eddie globe and now you heard him in
that first clip he actually said she

should know don’t interrupt me he said
that to a Muslim guy Brown Muslim guy is
calm it’s easier black professor guy
white angry woman Brown
and he is going to now really tell you

what his feeling is and he speaks in
this case I guess on behalf of black
America which this then he gets slammed

by so reihan Salam gets slammed by the
black professor you’ll hear it the guy
comes back at the end our Brown Muslim
friend and he puts them down and speaks

so powerfully about the cult in America
the political cult I thought it was just
one of the best things I’ve ever seen
it’s really odd and I find it odd for a
couple of reasons one I think we take

the exaggerated example to dismiss the
principal so at the heart of political
correctness is this reality that this
country is no longer a white nation in

the vein of old Europe so that means
white men white straight men can’t walk
around saying whatever the hell is on
their mind
white straight men old straight white

men can’t speak their minds in this
yeah tell it to the podcast yeah so that
means white men white straight men can’t

walk around saying whatever the hell is
on their minds without a politic no I
take Scott Kelly I take him to say that

I don’t I didn’t know everything about
was yeah hurt you and Winston Churchill
probably doesn’t represent what I value
so part of what I’m trying to get at is
this right the country is changing
dramatically different graphic shifts

are happening people are insecure
because the culture is shifting and one
of the things that’s shifting is that
certain folk can’t go around white men
can’t go around saying whatever they

want without being held to account that
is what political correctness is you
can’t just say something if you’re
anything this you’re white then you will
be held to account and you will be read

the record as it is proper people who
are most vulnerable to this are people
of color who hold dissenting opinions in
their communities these are people who

really feel silenced it’s actually also
deeply true there are lots of folks who
feel totally invisible because the

college-educated upper middle income
people who serve as stand-ins it’s
talking about the professor four people
category X Y or Z are not necessarily
representative of 100 percent of the

people who belong to these various
categories when you look at liberal
Muslims for example when you look at
Muslims who are looking at and talking
about let’s have more freedom let’s have
more secular so these are folks who
oftentimes feel silenced and afraid you

and many other groups do I’m not saying
that the people of these dissenting
opinions are right many times they might
be totally wrong what I’m saying is that
they exist and they’re invisible in
these spaces and this drive for status

and prestige I keep saying that if you
drive silences folks
pursuant to this conversation because if
you criticize Islam at all the
politically correct police will say
you’re a bigot included let me go

how you criticize Islam well of course
but the nuance it all depends on right
when do your critique great that was
that was a nice move the professors like

okay that was funny that was incredibly
patronizing oooo it gets he is
patronizing this guy into the ground and
then the brown Muslim comes back and

just whips him with it part of what
happens in this context this pretty
sincere and by the way when he’s doing
that he’s hold he’s patting his hand
that was a very nice move he was so

patronizing it was it was really really
awkward the New York boutique great that
was that was a nice move in the sense
that part of what happens in this

context was pretty sincere but part of
what happens is the way in which is a
certain kind of victim discourse can
then be appropriated so that you could
play cuz I think cos have mastered this

pincer moves on the one hand they revel
in the spoils of victory exercising
Machiavellian power and then when they
get called out for doing what they do
they clutch their pearls which is what

exactly the dynamics around Cavanaugh
this is we have been attacked and

they’re using it as leverage to suggest
that they are the victimized kinds of
spirals we have right now look you have
rage spirals and you have

self-satisfaction spirals and the
self-satisfaction spirals are really
powerful and addictive you are a space
where you’re affirmed people cheer for
you when you say certain things and it’s
amazing and it’s addictive and it’s why

Republicans and Democrats both lose
because you have Republicans who find
themselves solely in their affirming
space and you have lots of liberals who
are in the exact same space that’s what
I think of as political correctness

whether or the right or the left
it’s a self-satisfaction spiral there
you go burn it well the guy definitely
was that guy that black guy was dick
well you know the funny thing is he was

a total dick and considered himself a
great debater yes um because he could do
pull some of these tricks which are just
low mm-hmm when I was going to Cal and I
was a student you know a hundred years

ago this is the same stuff then it was
the same stuff this is nothing even
close to being new interesting
it’s the same kind of this this kind of

condescending and it was the same kind
of guy very insecure they’re not very
academic in route in reality they this
is all taken from a bunch of you know

this is polemics from a bunch of
radicals that the bill is and these
types of people that didn’t have this
down to a science and it’s just passed

off the fact that it’s even taking place
at the university level to this day with
no dissents and you get the one guy over
there trying to you know defend himself
even though he reaiiy didn’t think it

was as effective as you apparently do uh
maybe it maybe just looks better when
you see the whole thing on video that’s
possible it was you know was not as it
wasn’t a butt slam but that guy that
black guy was just the worst of worst

case scenario and that woman she was
just Buse
she’s very angry well it’s what she
wrote a book gun yes and she was she was
she was angry like this she was shaking

no she was shaking John she was shaking
yeah she was shaking this how mad she
was jenny is not going to she’s not
getting survived and I just seen her on
on book TV and I Wow

this is interesting because we had the
Austen Book Fair coming if she comes I
want to go see her speak she’s angry
yeah well there’s a lot of angry women
that are I heard about Hillary

so misogynist no it is a little no it’s
not it’s very realistic
she’s butthurt about Hillary and she’s
worked about it and she doesn’t see any

reason why this all happened she’s like
the woman in green on her knees
screaming at the top of her lungs about
Irish rump winning right that’s pretty
much it all right do you have any last
les thoughts I’ve got this weird

presentation about Stacey Abrams I got
Cavanaugh misconduct reports oh we got
Judy and Mark and shields and Brooks

this might be worth less because we do
have this we’re getting closer to the
midterms so he might want to hear what
Brooks and shields on kakie on PBS have
to say about the election and it’s kind

of interesting we start off with Judy
and Mark analysis of the midterms the
president it seems out on the campaign
racing all day Jeff I mean accidentally

grabbed the wrong one here we go so the
president it seemed out on the campaign
racing all day jetting out to whether
it’s Tennessee or Pennsylvania or
another part of the country today mark

he’s in Ohio trying to energize the
Republican vote the base trying to get
them out is it is it working do you
think Republicans feel it’s working

better than it did two or three weeks
ago Judy but I think what what is
remarkable about is how constant it is
so you said about energizing the base

it’s it’s about inflaming people Donald
Trump’s message is never about forging a
coalition reaching across the divide
trying to enlist the majority it’s
always about coming back to it’s us

against them and we may not be perfect
but boy those other guys are really bad
and and I think that’s that’s the
message a referendum every midterm on

the president and his numbers right now
are just about the same point where
Barack Obama’s were in 2010 when the
Democrats suffered enormous defeat Bill
Clinton’s in 94 when the Democrats

suffered a big
and 2006 George Bush’s when the
Republicans lost control of the Congress
so they’re sticking to this idea that
they’re gonna be a big rent way or blue
wave but I don’t think he goes out to

enflame anybody you’ve heard his
speeches you’ve been there well I mean
there’s a comedy act isn’t it yes but
that’s not that’s not presidential

so he’s in flaming people I don’t
believe this just I think he’s wrong so
if he goes well let me just say the way
okay so this the the view of Trump in

flaming his audience and then being an
angry mob which is of course what the
Republicans accused the Democrats of is
based on Trump saying Dianne Feinstein

and the crowd yelling chanting lock her
up so they see that as inflamation and
they see that as a mob and I think both
are correct in that case if you’re gonna
interpret it from a wide perspective now

here’s where but Brooks comes back with
but you do have the president David out
talking about Democrats are part of an
angry mob calling them evil I mean using
that some of the strongest language he’s

used is that likely to get his base even
more fired up yep yeah I think it’s
you know the we’re in an age of negative
polarization and that means you don’t

have to like your own part you just have
to hate the other one we’re in age of
negative polarization what does that
even mean does it really mean anything
this is the dawning of the age of

negative polarization polarization and
it means you don’t have to like your own
party you just have to hate the other
one and that means it’s all about
contempt and has the other side it’s

made you appalled have they made you
feel contemptuous and one thing the
Cavanaugh hearing is done is it made
both sides feel the others appalling and
so that has fired up both bases and the
effect is and it’s always worth

reminding ourselves that we no longer
have in one election any more we have a
red state election in a blue state
election and they’re increasingly
disconnected and so the odds are looking
pretty good the polls have been shifting

in a Republican way on the Senate side
and all the red states the Texas Montana
and those places in the Senate is
looking more secure as of this moment
the house is looking more endangered for
the Republicans at this moment as

Reverend women move over to the
Democratic side so we have two different
elections and there seems to be pretty
strong momentum in opposite direction
I’m not gonna argue that no

I think the Demery if the Democrats get
the house that puts Pelosi back in
public we don’t know crap we don’t know
anything we can sir we can make some

educated guesses no and we do know one
thing for sure
it’s a lot funnier when Pelosi is
running things on the Democrat side and

it’ll be a lot funnier when the if the
Democrats get the house back personally
I don’t think they will but let’s play
the last of this and I’m done with
Howard Democrats countering this I mean
this approach by the president mark I

mean there there’s this a couple of
polls including the one we did with
Marist and NPR this week that came out
and showed yes the enthusiasm gap has
narrowed it was the Democrats who were
more energized and indeed Republicans

seem to be more energized what what how
do Democrats come back well the first
thing they had to do is is stop
picketing and stop boycotting and and
organize I mean the most democratic

group in the entire electorate of those
is aged 18 to 35 and they live
everywhere they aren’t concentrated in
certain districts african-americans of
Latinos are there they’re everywhere and

that if they vote the Democrats will win
big I will say this I think the most
encouraging sign for the Democrats is
the Democrats do have a national macro

message in this campaign it’s about
checks and balances on the president
it’s not a new message but it’s a
message that certainly resonates with a
lot of voters yeah before we end I do

want to say something you’ve made a
mention on the show about the crappy

house building in Florida yes as I was
thinking about then I got a couple notes
some subs there apparently have been new
housing regulations about building
places and if you look at Mexico beat

Mexican beach whatever that’s called
Mexico Beach Mexico Beach there you can
see the old houses are demolished and
there’s a house right in the middle a
big giant beautiful place so standing

roofs intact and and there’s blocks of
houses missing and as blocks of houses
all intact
roofs intact define so they are making
improvements in the building code oh

yeah they have to for insurance purposes
everybody has to have has to be up to
code I know this Christina lived in
Florida for 16 years so she’s been
through storms and she’s and she has

standing in on the subject and but I
just look at it you know you said yeah
you said the middle frame it’s just like
yeah the metal frame of the house was
left that kept up the sheetrock I mean

we build crappy houses in America it’s
okay it’s just what it is you know that
we build houses like we build our cars
I’m just saying there’s a lot of houses
that we’re standing that Rob obviously

built well yes we tow of course good
houses – we just don’t build nothing but
crappy houses well okay
you’re right you just got to have enough
dough well yeah if you want to build a

lean-to which is what they’re
encouraging in California shanty by just
tearing down shanties yeah shanty town
made out of aluminum foil and tin and

leftover fibreglass pieces and tents
yeah I think those things are subject to
good destruction and that is our
deconstruction for today

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