No Agenda Episode 1078 “Demonation”

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assassination episode 10 this is no

agenda in the clue do in the morning
everybody I’m Adam curry a from northern

Silicon Valley where we’re still trying
to figure out how to pronounce Saoirse
shogi I’m John Seymour I think we got it
cocky you know the funny thing is you

listen to the PBS Newshour and Judy
pronounces it the old-fashioned way
khashoggi but everybody else pronounces
a slightly different there’s the kosher

XI and then there’s the shershow she yes
everything in between it’s Reid it’s
okay well let’s stick with the story for
a moment because there’s a lot of things

going on with shogi and shit shogi shogi
exactly I’m sure you got some clips on
this it’s kind of a definitive clip I

think it kind of does or as the update
PBS complete I think to kind of get
brings us up to speed Saudi Arabian
journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing
on October 2nd and the diplomatic crisis

over his disappearance has deepened each
day since President Trump sent his
secretary of state Mike Pompeo to the
Middle East to get some answers our
foreign affairs correspondent Nick

Schifrin has the latest for the last day
and a half America’s top diplomat has
held emergency meetings with the leaders
of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and as he
left Riyadh this morning Secretary of

State Mike Pompeo expressed confidence
in Saudis ability to conduct an
investigation into itself they want to
have the
this investigation in a thorough way and
I think that’s I think that’s I think

that’s a reasonable thing to do to give
them that opportunity and then we’ll all
get to judge judge an investigation into
Jamal who Shoji the Washington Post
columnist and critic of the case showed
this yogi stuff that’s not that’s not

correct a reasonable thing to do to give
them that opportunity and then walk it’s

judge judge an investigation into
Jamal’s Shoji The Washington Post
columnist and critic of the kingdom he
hasn’t been seen since he entered Saudis
Istanbul consulate earlier this month
Turkish officials are maintaining their

pressure on Saudi Arabia for days
they’ve referenced audio of the killing
in the consulate and today a
pro-government newspaper reported new
details on the Saudi hit squad this time
they left the scene after they tortured

murdered and dismembered a Shoji a
Turkish official identified the Saudi
government’s head of forensic evidence
as one of the men who quote Qatar
Shoji’s body up on a table in the study

while he was still alive Turkey has now
released images of 15 suspects the New
York Times reports at least nine worked
directly for Saudi security services and
four have close ties to Saudi Arabia’s

de facto leader Crown Prince Mohammed
bin Salman and that given cover at all
but in the Oval Office
president Trump expressed confidence in
Saudi Arabia in an interview with The
Associated Press last night the

president said King Salman and his son
the crown prince both denied involvement
and in response to criticism he’s
letting Saudi off easy he said quote
here we go again with you know you’re
guilty until proven innocent

I don’t like that we just went through
that with justice Cavanaugh and he was
innocent all the way there were a number
of differing reports everywhere and this
one this was yeah background her but

there was some yeah well that was the
mildest I mean there were reports about
them using headphones playing loud music
so they chopped off his fingers without
hearing him scream but what I like is is

the blame Trump for everything like NBC
a haunting image an international
mystery with a growing demand for
answers and if he’s not alive then it is

the Saudis who would know what happened
we cannot have an ally who murders in
cold blood in their own consulate
fallout today

Saudi Arabia stock market tumbled tech
and media companies pulling out of a
Saudi investment conference the
kingdom’s American Embassy tweeted
appreciation to all including the US

administration for refraining from
jumping to conclusions missing 12 days
Saudi critic Jamal khashoggi a permanent

US resident and Washington Post
columnist Turkey’s government says it
has evidence he was killed by Saudi
operatives former CIA director and NBC
News analyst John Brennan he’ll be

inconceivable that such an operation
would be run by the Saudis without the
knowledge of the day-to-day decision
maker of Saudi Arabia that’s Crown
Prince Mohammed bin Salman it’s a great

honor to have the Crown Prince with us
the president’s close ties it doesn’t
get much better when you’re talking

about Saudi Arabia killing a guy to have
to insert that little trump bit that’s
that’s really good Prince become very
chickenshit with their reporting close

ties add pressure to his pledge to
deliver severe punishment if the Saudis
are responsible Treasury secretary Steve
minuchin still plans to go to that Saudi

conference next week along with the
president and the general investigation
mr. munition will make up his mind as
the week progresses and his new
information surfaces the Saudi

government has denied any involvement
and issued a statement today saying it
would respond to any political or
economic actions taken against Saudi
Arabia tonight in a new joint statement
the governments of the United Kingdom

France and Germany said there must be a
credible investigation with those
responsible held to account and they
expect the Saudi government to provide a
complete and detailed response
yes sir there’s a number of things that

are going on right now the first thing
from the smore
is that one of the 15 guys in the hit
squad mosh Al Saud al vos Thani who is a
31 year old lieutenant of the Royal

Saudi royal air force was killed in a
car accident
got rid of one guy I don’t know what

that means if anything those there were
15 maybe he was though I don’t know as
you can’t tell I mean the whole thing
you know they’re going to for one thing
if they’re just start gonna kill some of

these guys you know they’re gonna have
to if sue mning there was something that
actually happened I mean I don’t believe
anything what this imaginary tape
reminds me of sandy hook 9-1-1 call you

know it’s like we were waiting for late
on the show yeah we finally got a copy
of it and was very mild so we’ve heard
about our you know cutting off his

fingers and telling him to listen why
can’t we just get this audio tape I do
not understand I mean I think what’s
happening is it’s it’s folding into the

lexicon and people are just saying well
then there’s audio of this and there’s
video of that and there’s in what we’ve
seen absolutely nothing but we’re
starting to believe what is being dram
down our throats meanwhile the German

developed which I would say is a
respectable newspaper would you yeah
yeah I’d say so
they say that Khashoggi was not a
journalist but a high-level operative

for the Saudi intelligence yeah that’s
what pj media says – and wrote up a long
piece on this at you you yeah it’s in
the show notes and I have here

Joseph’s bout this is on I think NPR of
and he’s of the Carnegie Endowment for
international peace and here’s what he
had to say about kasha how do we

pronounce it now what is the what is the
we’re just gonna say cuz show gets
easier for us you knew Jamal Khashoggi

tell us about him and your connection to
him yes I knew first of all because II
was so I mean by the way he’s kind of
saying if I fell he as well and he has

an accent it sounds like he’d know what
he’s doing well
alright well because she was so I mean
until two three
years ago completely in the mainstream

of the Saudi punditry Rommel was a Saudi
journalist this is what’s fascinating
today to forget this he was at the
moment an advisor to the royal court he

was an official advisor to former Saudi
ambassador to London Turki al-faisal
who is also the head of the Saudi
intelligence so she was speaking on

behalf the kingdom’s point of view so
it’s very cynical today to present him
as a kind of maverick opponent
seeking to topple the regime and

etcetera he was not okay so just so you
know he was not all of that that the
Washington Post wants him to be but I
was listening to the John Brennan
interview did you see that on I missed
it okay I’m gonna play it and we’ll just

it’s the whole thing is about four
minutes we’ll just play it until we were
done with it but almost every single
question Chuck asks Chuck Chuck chase it
Chuck Chuck Todd yeah Chuck Chuck Chuck

every question Chuck asked is the one
we’d want to ask and I think Brennan
reveals quite a lot here so let’s play
along me now is the former director of
the CIA John Brennan and he’s a one-time

station chief in Saudi Arabia
dr. Brennan welcome back to Meet the
Press complain shocked as I was sort of
joking with my staff earlier it seems as
if by the way we have not seen Brennan
for weeks weeks and weeks he’s really

quiet and then all of a sudden he’s back
on the scene it’s just interesting to
note in the early parts the Obama
administration if there was a problem
between the Obama administration in
Saudi Arabia you were the one sent to

try to mediate the situation so let me
ask you this are you a Muslim
what is the CIA doing right now when it
comes to something what would you be
doing right now

trying to figure out this mystery well
I’ll be working with our long-standing
partners the Turkish intelligence
officers as well as Saudi intelligence
officers and others to see what
information they might be able to share

with us but also looking at what types
of other collection capabilities that we
have and going back into systems and
databases and to see whether or not
there are any indications of what might
have happened when Jamal khashoggi went

to the
the consulate he’s cavalier about it but
it did not just pass me by that he says
now we’re just going to the databases
and see what we got
it’s kind of frightening those guys can
do that let’s just go let’s just rewind

the world clock in our database and
let’s see what we have you must have
tons of information we have pretty tight
Intelligence Sharing with the Saudis do
we know yes how likely is it that we

would have a hint that they were they
had some issue with Khashoggi that maybe
they were going to arrest him or maybe
they were gonna detain him how likely is
it that we had some clue about something

well I think it was pretty open that the
Saudi government had issues with Jamal
khashoggi because of his writings and so
I wouldn’t be surprised if US diplomats
intelligence officers were mindful about

the potential for something to happen to
khashoggi and arrested attention but
unfortunately it’s what’s what’s the
what’s the US government’s duty if you
have this information you know if the

Saudi government is gonna might get
aggressive with you mm-hmm
be careful when you know he was a it was
a u.s. resident but he was a Saudi
citizen do we have do we have a duty to
warn him if there’s credible
intelligence that somebody is under

threat of violent attack there that
would trigger a process to decide about
the ability to warn that individual I
don’t know what type of intelligence we

had before his disappearance but if it
was an arrest or detention or a capture
of Jamal kosugi he is a Saudi citizen
even though he’s an American resident so
I am unclear exactly whether or not that

threshold for duty to warn was triggered
but it would have to have some type of
threat of violence associated with it
just as a maybe an aside this whole well
he wasn’t a citizen but he was a

resident and therefore we must take
action I’m not so sure about that well I
think there’s duty to warn things kind
of interesting because it’s really only
been revealed recently I wonder if
Castellano as he walked out of the steak

house sparking new york state he was
ever warned in advance
yeah I’m just curious this past the
release of pastor Brunson by the turks
president said there was no connection

any connection here
could there be some sort of this is the
Turks way of trying to get a little more
on the US side because maybe by the way
I want to mention you know the Joseph

Behunin of the Carnegie Endowment he
said that Castle G was number one guy of
Turki al-faisal
Prince Turki al-faisal and he was

staunchly anti-trump
so just you got to stick that in the
back of your mind what the United States
have believed their version of events
here is there any connection you see I
think one can make the argument that the
Turks are trying to improve relations

with the United States not just for this
issue but also just more broadly
particularly on the economic and the
political front the mo incidence of the
two in terms of cash OGIS disappearance
and Brunson’s release is sort of
interesting but I don’t know what it was

that might have been interested in
Ankara and Washington there’s a lot of
people who seem to be pretty confident
that this was likely an order from MBs
okay mb/s now I’ve heard this mb/s thing

for the past week NBS ambient the press
corps in washington has long since
decided that Mohammed bin Salman is just

NBS because he’s a cool guy or
something’s going on or he’s around and
everyone talks about him and the last
time I heard any Arabic name abbreviated
to three letters do you member when that

with that woman Cortez running for
Congress Oh pl
yeah but OB I’ll never caught on they

did this MBS thing they started this
pretty soon after he ascended to the
throne well here’s what I’m to the de
facto throne well here’s what I’ve
learned his nickname NBS in Washington

was also known at unil of this NBS stood
for Mohammed bin Salman but also for his
real nickname at Washington parties mr.

bone saw
what yes I’m thinking there’s code or
something in this because why else where

was that report that you had about the
bone saw which just started showing up
wait what what but what you can’t stop
there you cannot stop unless stop

telling us no I’m saying you have to
continue and tell us why he was named
bone saw in the first place
I don’t know no I don’t that all I know
is is that in Washington DC MBS is known

as mr. bone saw so I don’t know if
that’s how he didn’t refer to him
specifically yes before this event
mr. bone saw embeddable eiders I’m

calling foul I I haven’t been to the
parties personally it’s only what I’ve
been told so this that’s all I can say

but the MVS thing unless you can give me
a rationale for calling him that mr.
bones so unless you carries one with him
I mean then yeah maybe I’m sure it’s a
metaphor for what he does or how he

operates in business or something of
that matter I’m not sure well let’s
listen to the rest of this yeah and and
the government Saudi Arabia where are
you and I well there are two points if
Khashoggi had disappeared in Turkey when

he was at a hotel or a private residence
I think there is plausible deniability
on the part of the Saudi government but
he disappeared when there is video
evidence of him being at the consulate

the Saudi consulate a diplomatic mission
under the full control of the Saudi
Arabia yeah this this video evidence and
okay so yeah we had some iPhone video of
him walking into the consulate let’s

stop there
was this face shown in that video
there was a circle drawn around it which
meant it was him

there’s no tweet we just saw some guy
walking into the embassy yeah we have no
idea who this guy was it’s not very
clear on the video and and by the way

for an an Apple iPhone video is pretty
because that’s what that’s what it’s
claimed is that weight came from there
was an Apple iPhone video that states
the clan say that’s the claim yes that’s

the claim video so let’s let’s say let’s
say some guy works there you take a
movie of just some random guy or you
take a bunch of movies well this guy
this guy has my frameless let’s use that

and claim that he got in there and then
he never did let’s say he never went in
and they meanwhile he you know went off
someplace else because this whole thing

was a setup by the fiancee and him to
get him out of the picture so he doesn’t
because maybe they did hear something
that’s bad would could happen or maybe
there would have been a set up and the
whole this whole thing’s a giant hoax

well there may be something else which
Brennan that comes up in the next
question which is the last one so their
denials ring hollow very much ring
hollow go after a permanent resident
United States who writes for The

Washington Post and doing it on foreign
soil at a diplomatic mission to me it
would be inconceivable that such an
operation would be run by the Saudis
without the knowledge of the day-to-day

decision maker of Saudi Arabia that’s
Crown Prince Mohammed Salman I think it
is just beyond reality and so I think
it’s it’s up to the Saudis now to

explain what actually happened okay yeah
again the Saudi you got it you got to
prove you didn’t do it now here comes
the thing that I thought was curious
would it matter if their explanation is

this was a rendition gone wrong this was
an accident we didn’t quote mean to kill
him well I think there has to be a full
listen again he’s sucked in a gutter so

maybe that’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin
Salman I think it is just beyond reality
and so I think it’s it’s up to the
Saudis now to explain what actually

happened would it matter if their
explanation is this was a rendition gone
wrong this was an accident we didn’t
quote mean to kill them
it’s a tell full accounting of it and

there have been calls for some
investigations now listen
King Salman Mohammad Suleman his father
has had a long-standing reputation of
being fair pious but also meeting out

justice to members of the royal family
and there had been princes in the royal
family in the past who had been held to
account for some transgressions of the
law including executions so I think it’s

gonna be up to Kingston MA if he has the
mental capacity right now and the
political strength yes sir you said if
if you don’t think the King has the
mental capacity right now well he is

aging and there are indications that he
has failed a bit now and whether or not
now he is able to muster the strength
and the capacity to find out what

happened including the role of his son
what do you think is it possible that
the old man like wants to get rid of the
kid because he thinks he’s out of
and he was looking for a political way
to screw the kid

it’s possible I mean it does have other
pair of parents so they could take that
job I mean that is a possibility that it
just sort of intrigue cuz these guys
just as a giant family you know they’ve

you know what happens in these big
things it’s like you know the Romanovs
me anything goes and so it’s possible i
I think they’re definitely gonna find
somebody a guilty of doing something and

string them up I think there’s someone’s
gonna take one for the team from this
group you know somebody that’s gonna
here’s here’s the way my prediction of
how this is gonna go it’s gonna turn out

to be some rogue operation there’s gonna
be some palace intrigue there’s gonna be
a conspirator or two or three who are
gonna be brought to justice we’re never
gonna get to hear from them they’re

gonna shoot them or hang them or chop
their heads off and then they’re all and
they’ll be done with it and we’re sorry
it happened no that’s that’s not the
methodology these days these days it
just keeps on going we’ll see no

videotape will hear no audio and it will
just kind of you know kind of blunder
forward until some other news event
happens and then then this Khashoggi

will be standing right up there with the
daka kids it’ll be forgotten there’s
something there’s some reason for this
and whether it has to do with the
midterm elections the the the well

everything has to do to midterm
elections but the blowing this story up
so and you know we fir immediately was
Washington Post journalist watched it
but it’s a whopper wash the boat

you know and then you know there’s so
much hate for Trump and his arms deal
all that came so fast there’s lots of
stuff that’s happened but this all of a

sudden became a major item very quickly
so I can’t figure it out
well now they think about the video of
him walking in the consulate not really
seeing much question the whole story

that’s this phony-baloney tape by me
could either bring out the tape you’re
talking about it yeah the tape is key
either let us hear the tape or something

they say all we got already tells you
Brennan himself just as over tight with
Turkish intelligence okay so who in our
intelligence agencies heard the tape and

if he just went back to the databases
and if it indeed was recorded on his
Apple watch it went to the cloud wasn’t
going anywhere they don’t have the

methodology in Turkey they don’t have
there’s no cloud connection to an Apple
watch in Turkey it turns out if you got
an internet connection you do you’re
talking about

but that internet connection in just a
Wi-Fi in that instance you don’t need
Wi-Fi if it was the new Apple watch it
has it has cell connection built-in
it’s still okay with John but hold on

there’s a tape that lists the desert
recording let’s just that’s the premise
there’s the recording so and the first
thing we said it came off of his Apple
watch so I’m sure the Apple watch has

not been retrieved because you know it
slipped off his his arm when they cut it
at the wrist so that I’m sure they
tossed it or did whatever but the claim
is that the recording went into the
cloud no one retrieved the Apple watch

that is one of the claims
what other claim have you heard them
well the claim is that they’ve sunk that
place was either bugged or she has a
recording or there’s a let’s just drop
how they have a recording I think it’s

kind of I don’t think not no no I don’t
think so here’s what I’m what I’m gonna
say and why it’s not a key the key is
the recording they have a recording how
they got the recordings not as important

at the factory I agree so who cares if
they got it from the watch or they got
it from the guys but the point is
supposedly they have a recording
okay that’s all we need to know where is

the recording why hasn’t it been played
than one of our guys well why haven’t we
heard it or why hasn’t it been released
and how do you keep a thing like that
under wraps for so long thank you as any
journalist claimed to have heard the

recording not that I have noticed all
right so this is bullcrap there’s no
recording the guy could be alive we
don’t know we don’t know there’s no body
there’s no recording this is just a

story and it’s playing out on television
ends Trump’s fault yeah well it’s all be
stressful yeah well I’m gonna go with
until I until they do something more

than just we go with the whole yes we go
with hoax until until presented with at
least a recording yeah and I would say
that that’s one way to look one way to

go because because of the constant
claims of a recording yes and the and
the accusations came because they have
the recording and where did that start
who made that first claim charters yeah

okay yeah they’re real trustworthy
so yeah I know you don’t give me the
recording but first you have to buy a
rug I have one more clip I can’t

remember though this is a millennial
reporting on it I just thought was funny
it does seem to be saying that holding
the Saudi government responsible just
isn’t worth the cost

what should the response be and can
somebody else step up to the plate well
he keeps pointing to the arms sales
which is disappointing because it’s it’s
really there I don’t want to say that

they’re apples and oranges at the end of
the day when the White House is
approaching the security responses to
this Saudi government action they have
to weigh all the costs right they had
and all the options they have to decide

do they want to cut Saudi Arabia out of
diplomacy and their approach to the
peace process and for example the
approach to contain Iran in the region
they have to decide whether or not to
cut those arms sales because at the end

of the day it’s not going to have an
effect on the Saudi government’s ability
to get arms they’re just going to buy it
from someone else so they have to weigh
those priorities but the difference is
at the end of the day States needs to

stand up and say these are our
principles you don’t go into other
countries and commit acts of human
rights violations repression was

certainly not murder against anybody let
alone someone who was a u.s. resident
let alone a journalist let alone and I
think this is by the way yes just for
your information the Zephyr is your pass

okay it’s late very late if this is a
setup if this is something to do with
how about querying the arms deal so the
Russians can do the deal yes and people

must understand and you know we’ve
tracked these arms deals and the budgets
for it in particular the category other
which is always billions of dollars when

you sell arms to a country which
everyone does then we do it pretty damn
well it’s not just oh here’s your boxes
here’s your crates see you know it’s an

on it’s like I’ve been an aerospace and
defense when I was in aviation and I
went to these trade shows and you get
the deal that’s deal for a long time
because there’s a lot of maintenance
service training is ongoing and it’s

billions and billions of dollars parts
it’s yeah maintenance it’s it’s it’s not
just a one-shot deal but if this is a
setup for whatever reason or however it
played out Brennan is complicit he shows

up on the scene all of a sudden he’s
been quiet for weeks now he’s an
to pressure to help pressure Trump with
the arms sale and and the Davao and the
desert which is that big meeting that’s

coming up that I guess people are
well we’re not gonna go I don’t know you
know it’s pret is the Trump he hates the
press enemy of the people a journalist
got killed there’s a lot of stuff that

is in swirling around this and I don’t
think that the public in general cares
at all
no but the people involved in this arms

deal those are the people that care yes
yes definitely and the rent that told
that value of the deals over four
hundred billion dollars and Trump was

bragging about how it may be one of the
biggest ever done and that alone is
makes them it makes it a target for to
get its queered by the by enemies possum
maybe it’s just maybe it’s just possible

that Turkey doesn’t want Turkey
turkey doesn’t want that arms deal to go
through maybe Turkey instead of buying
from the Russians which they’ve been in
long-standing negotiations forth like
hey we’ll buy that stuff from you I
don’t know about the EU Turkey’s trying

to kiss the he used but all the time how
come to get some of the move some of
these some of this arms sales over to
the EU they had they make plenty of good
stuff yes so there you go what’s missing

in all of the reporting is any
accountability towards Turkey turkeys
just like oh they blew the whistle good
guys yeah doe Turkey by the way Turkey
seems to be good guys now the press are
just talking him there’s nothing bad

about air Dewan he’s not nuts now he’s
not a he’s not a dictator he didn’t
build a billion-dollar palace or
anything like that
now he’s oh no it’s all good he just
wants to hook up with us but Turkey

seems to be the bad actor in this film
they can argue against the dead
possibility so I’m making all the claims
there are the ones who made all the

along with this with this dubious video
of some guy you know who the hell it is
wandering into the embassy and I’m sure
there’s more than a few that do that

every day have they called Rita Katz yet
to come up with something she
I can’t believe ritika yes got a call in
the pros for this stuff ladies and
gentlemen call in Rita Katz and get

something you need all right who took
that video that was supposed to be his
fiancee no no look at the angle it’s
it’s Rasta Street yeah I think the the

waves we’ve been reported she took the
video no she recorded him walking on the
street which apparently was towards the
embassy him walking into the embassy

that’s just closed that’s just called a
closed-circuit TV that’s just the
security camera video yeah so this holes
in the story everywhere but the the
bottom line is move away from Saudi

Arabia they’re horrible Magnitsky act to
freeze assets and block them from coming
in and Turkey he wants to be our buddy
yeah and maybe that the arms deal has

been hurt which hurts the country has
been queered so could be well we’ll stay
on it I wish I had more I don’t think
there’s any more to do until this you

know either there this is gonna either
peter out or they’re gonna have to come
up with this soap or they maybe they’re
producing one as we speak a you know an
audiotape that’s possible yeah

and that won’t be played
do you had a clip from Al Gore on the
previous episode where he said the

following and it now traps as much extra
heat energy every day as would be
released by 500,000 Hiroshima class
atomic bombs exploding every day 500,000

a lot of people sent us information
about this bullcrap statistic but the
great thing was in no way could in the
past three years because we have a clip

from 2015 three years ago Al Gore said
this about the Hiroshima bombs as would
be released by 400,000 Hiroshima’s last

atomic bomb exploding every single day
okay so it increased by what 20% a
hundred thousand bombs a hundred

thousand bombs and in three short years
must be a rounding error I don’t know
but it says bullcrap and then there’s
all kinds of stuff now huh new term

alert this is this is one you’ll like
the Trump administration says America’s
greenhouse gas pollution fell by 2.7
percent last year I have not heard this

greenhouse gas pollution I’ve heard that
yeah yeah I’ve heard that
okay well and recently or not so recent

now and out recently by mean I’ve heard
it okay well I like it yeah this it’s
greenhouse gas pollution mmm-hmm they’re
trying to get everyone’s attention about

this IPCC report which of course has
been pushed all the way to the
background that’s boring and no one
cares and maybe people don’t even
believe it but we’ll try anything we got
a new study says global warming will
cause a beer shortage because drought

and I could not hope anymore that this
study is wrong a co-author of the study
published Monday in the journal Nature

plant said the study is trying to show
that climate change will impact your
quality of life impact your quality of
life because you won’t have that story I
didn’t have a clip I’m glad you got one

it stirs I see what what are they
talking about is it because they’re
going to put limits on them cuz cuz beer
is fermented and again the fermentation
product produces lots of co2 so all

fermented products I figured they’d be
going after them because I remember when
I brought up the idea well carp want
they ban carbonate rings right but
carbonated drinks the co2 comes from

theirs pull out of the atmosphere and
putting them into the drinks it’s not
it’s not fresh it’s not an additive it’s
reductive but so the but with beer
that’s not true beer it creates carbon

dioxide so beer that I thought that was
gonna be their angle but no the angle is
that the high temperatures of the you
know the boiling temperatures that were
gonna be getting is gonna ruin the

barley crop well then they messed it up
we need some regulation so and then when
in fact you can make beer from wheat you
can make beer from rice rice yeah
Budweiser is the best example it’s made

for rice
BBC all over the climate change trying
to push it whichever way they can and

they visited the the Silicon Valley
company which I think you should go do
an interview with the CEO who are making
the fake meat the fake meat guys yeah
yeah I got a clip one here at first yeah

sure is
the future of food ballet the future of
forests have taken sales watch from the
feathers of a chicken and are using them

to grow meat in this high-tech
laboratory which means the chicken I’m
about to eat is weirdly still alive so
there we have it

are just chicken nuggets with a little
bit of chipotle ranch dipping sauce
there yeah I’m going to dip it in the
take a bite it’s really tasty tastes
like chicken oh yeah although the taste

is very similar the physicality the feel
of it in your mouth is slightly
different right I wonder what it what it
feels like in your mouth like some wash

your slime you know work on getting that
together I think you know there’s like I
said finding things in the in the animal
kingdom or 3d printing scaffolding so
there’s a lot of different ways we can

do it its Reedy printing I’m gonna 3d
print our chicken chicken meat this
chicken will be on a restaurant menu by
the end of this year probably somewhere

in Asia this is the transition away from
raising and confining animals and the
way we do this reality is 99% of all the
meat wheat comes from places that if we

looked inside we wouldn’t be that proud
of meat production is just as
responsible for carbon emissions and
climate change all the cars we have on
the street today but will anyone
actually want to eat it

ranchers have concerns too Missouri has
already banned the use of the word meat
to label lab chrome product Wow whatever
it’s called with America’s largest meat

processor now investing in lab-grown
meat we may be about to see a new
agricultural revolution that’s gonna be
there marketing man save the earth have
some chicken sludge sludge the texture

is a little off tastes like chicken if
it was sludge you should go over there
you need to go talk to those guys I

here’s the problem I agree I should I
but then I’d be kind of forced because I
just you don’t want to do that you know
that is so so foul

it is not gonna introduce whatever cool
weird proteins they’re producing so no
I’m not gonna happen we did just to wrap
up the agenda 2030 climate change a nice

little piece that didn’t get a lot of
play because why would it we launched a
new submarine the USS Indiana it’s a
name that has been used before but
there’s something interesting about the

power plant of the USS Indiana and it’s
its power
the first USS Indiana had a top speed of
15 knots this one 25 knots grow
underwater battles by the way that’s

fast that’s fast underwater damn
submarine just cruising along battleship
number one United States steamship
Indiana had two sets of vertical

inverted triple-expansion reciprocating
steam engines sexy it’s a lot under the
hood back in the day but this USS
Indiana has a s9g reactor which will

operate for 33 years
33 years

yes sir crab see that’s gonna be – why
not 35 went at 32 but that’s still a
long time this nuclear people should
look into that maybe I think it’s a good

idea yeah
and it seems pretty safe if you can put
one in a submarine
that’s what unit around it but you know
the IPCC said no to nukes we can’t do
that set it right there and the report

too dangerous too dangerous
yeah well we know it’s too dangerous
there’s in submarines I love seeing you
on Twitter you’re on Twitter so I’m your
your OD’ing on Twitter and people all
right yeah I’m getting off to it I’m

quitting people are like hey I want to
understand your stance on climate change
I told you saying you you responded you
responded once respond that’s not
speaking to the choir okay okay I got

one I got one little climate change I
got this EPA there’s a department at the
EPA they’re shutting down and I want to
I want to point out a couple of things
in this report this is not democracy now

you know this show is getting more
shameful as time goes by so I want to
play another clip after this all right
but this is Amy Goodman and this is the
e pip this is guide the body way I got

an ISO audit of this but this EPA
changes using propagandistic language an
environmental new is a top EPA official
who was put on administrative leave last
month is speaking out about the Trump

administration’s plan to disappear her
office the office of children’s health
protection this is dr. Ruth Etzel
speaking to CBS News that’s kind of rude
to say it that way trying to disappear

meme and that’s that’s what that’s the
point of this clip this is a
propagandistic term used like in the you
know during that you know the various
disappearing of Stalinist Stalinist
this is like a propagandistic term the

word is shut down her office her
shutting her office now because it’s
like it’s some bogus office it was set
up by a who knows who and what is
unnecessary some prints like a light for

the children Ryan what it’s it what do
they do at that office
save the children all well but we should
get rid of it

screw the children play yeah well that’s
what this woman says it’s pretty funny
the government has absolutely no
taking any actions towards seriously
changing let in children’s environment

and what does that mean for the kids it
basically means that our kids will
continue to be poisoned it basically
means that kids are disposable they

don’t matter
hello where have you been lady of course
they don’t matter that’s where we have
so I have the ISO it will continue to be
poisoned yeah that’s pretty good

I think it’s okay yeah let’s do
continued to be poisoned okay you want
to play another ongoing thing Ruby
now the other clip I have which is a
democracy now except was using let’s see

Trump in the Fed now it’s great it’s a
very funny
a mrs. details wrong about Trump yeah
there you go okay

a federal judge in California how did
defamation lawsuit brought against
President Trump by adult film star
Stephanie Clifford known as stormy
Daniels who says she had an extramarital
affair with Trump in 2006 on Twitter
Trump mentioned stormy Daniels by name

for the first time ever Tuesday though
he misspelled her name writing quote
great now I can go after horse face and
her third-rate lawyer in the great state
of Texas Trump has a long history of

misogynistic tweets he’s previously
called women dogs pigs crazed crying
bleeding fat ugly and low IQ oh my god
hold on a second hold on a second hold
on a second

I got to play that again then I have a
little jingle to go with it before you
do ah I first have to mention that this
is a lie he has said these things about
various individuals but he didn’t tweet

these are not tweets he hasn’t tweeted
all that stuff he said the Rosie
O’Donnell stuff is that what it was
before he became a tweet and what he
actually has been using it Twitter for a

long time but it’s not like he tweets
all this stuff she’s full of crap I
can’t believe the horse Association of
America isn’t ticked off about this
comparison to stormy Daniels she’s
previously called women dogs pigs crazed

crying bleeding fat ugly and low IQ I
have my listen you might want that
the trunk rotation and his two
categories is irregular and then there’s

the criminal but here we go ready yeah
liar white supremacist racist bully
immature Russian agent narcissist mean
long ties insane

tweets too much small hands long penis
big red button the criminal me racist
immature runs the mob has no money

unstable fatter than 200 pounds bankrupt
25th amendment it should be instituted
geez women misogynist holds grudges

forever plays golf a lot obstruction of
justice money laundering clown no wonder
we’re making America right again which

brings us to orange man bass oh yes
now is this really a thing is you know

is this I’ll tell you it may or may not
be a thing but the – now we’re talking
about NPC the non playable character
explain explain man’s playing this o man

explain it so these guys on 4chan
decides you know they’re always working
on trying to set you know get store
things up with memes yeah and so they
come up with this idea and they have

this this drawing of just a very plain
face dubs it’s like a stick figure face
and this called and they go in his long
description of these so-called non
playable characters which are in ball

video games which are characters that
are just programmed to do certain things
jump up and down or run around or
whatever they’re programmed to do and
that’s all they do and that’s all
they’re good for and so they’re they’re
taking this moniker and pushing it over

to the left even though they mostly push
it on some mega hat wears but generally
speaking it’s against the left saying
that these people can’t think for
themselves and they’re all drones
they’re box

they’re a program they’re all programs
and so the so they have one of of John
Oliver days I think
the one is actually Stephen Colbert with

the face with the little face they give
him glasses looks like Stephen Colbert
and in the background of the picture is
a program some code it looks like you
know it could be anything but I think

it’s C no no the code the code is
actually and if kind of like an if-then
statement yes orange man bad then
hashtag yeah looks like it depends on

what I mean anyway the point is is that
there it’s this is out there some sort
of an insult now it got legs only
because and I’m not even believing this
by the way Twitter took down a thousand

accounts of orange man bad which is the
hashtag right in the end and the way it
worked is because the NPC meme the non
playable character meme says that

whoever you depict as an NPC is not
human it is therefore dehumanizing and
that my friends is against Twitter’s
terms and services Terms of Service

right now I don’t know that any of that
is true
are the terms is true
if you mean the terms might be but I
don’t know that anybody’s that who was
taken down I mean there was a lot of

fake accounts that were put up out of
the blue and they maybe took dosed I
don’t know uh oh I know so this thing
does it have any legs maybe maybe not I
think it’s funny

mainly because of the Colbert character
I think have you seen the whole video of
our favorite movie they live yes instead
of the robot face they put the NPC face

onto it which is just classic is very
funny they swap out a bunch of things
sometimes I was looking I was anyone
really pissed off about this I did fine

this kids pretty convincing he’s got his
pussy hat on which immediately made me
think it’s a hoax but either way this is
what’s out on Twitter okay Dustin

twenty-nine here Boston and Tifa I like
everyone to repeat after me oh he is
actually I think Boston and Tifa
stop you think as I thought this guy was
a fake from the get-go well I looked at

his page and it is an anti-fog page so I
think I still think he’s fake but it at
first glance it looked like it was real
but doesn’t matter maybe well if we hear
the chants anywhere we’ll know it was

real let’s listen to that okay Justin
twenty nine here Boston and Tifa I like
everyone to repeat after me in PC me go
away we are human here to stay in DC me
go away we are human here to stay NPC me

go away we are human here to stay shame
shame shame it’s so out there that it
could be real because this is the stuff

we hear even though I agree I think it’s
a hoax but damn yeah I saw that too and
I just thinking into this guy’s not
serious got the stupid hat on I’m talkin
about the stupid hat I mean a new show

came out these segues are just too funny
Murphy Brown Oh has the show aired yet
oh yes and I want you to hear I

unfortunately have it spelled in my oh
yeah that that’s four in three years
when we’re looking for the clip so I
can’t find it it’s like a tiny
you’re gonna do what Brown is there now

this is some dialogue this is her coming
in from a protest now it this is a clip
hello nice it’s only a minute 25 this is
some dead dialogue at the beginning of

their first episode it’s a very
anti-trump show was put it was put
pieced together to compete and it was
done in advance when Rosana was still
being thought to you know they were
thought that was gonna go somewhere with

that this was the counter show on
another network and it you know grows
and dropped dead and yummy she the show
drop dead I saw I saw the the first

episode I Connors what do you think I
didn’t see it oh I think it was very
uncomfortable at the beginning there was
and there even the studio audience and
the left track was low but there were

some very funny moments there I’d watch
it again I’d watch a second episode just
to see how they where they take it from
here once they get past talking about
dead Roseanne okay
well this show here is just as pure

anti-trump show with the only the only
balances she has a son who shows up in
the show and he is a trump supporter who

she ridicules and and his trump support
goes like this well yeah I know he’s a
stupid looking red-faced jerk but you
know he’s our you know he sounds

realistic doesn’t it
so this is the beginning of the opening
where she comes in from a protest march
and some of the other characters coming
they’re all wearing the pussy has except

her it she’s wearing some sort of a
Trojan you know Sparta kind of a getup
and she comes into the bar and she makes
it clear she’s not a drinker anymore and

it’s just it is a very flat and they
have they do have canned laughter which
is always a detriment but then they hit
but they have the can laughter turned up

way too low so it’s not like it’s not
like a lorry show you all hear shows
they have the can laughter way to a hot
right and this is like with a little too

low they get maybe a
hauteur would be better but listen to
how flat this is though I gotta warn you
Murphy maybe double parked your chariot
you will be towed oh the pink cats were

fine for the first March but it’s time
to step it up a notch were at war now
yeah remember when people used to go to
brunch on the weekends protest marches
at the new Eggs Benedict so what can I

get you how about an Irish Coffee but
hold the Irish you’ve got it
you know my brother Phil would have
loved these marches it’s great for
business angry women drink a lot of

Chardonnay you know I still can’t get
used to being in a protest march without
reporting on it that probably feels
weird right totally I’ve been on Fat Boy
for a few years and I still haven’t

gotten a retirement people say why don’t
you travel well I’ve been everywhere
take up gardening it would not be fair
to the plants
jeez that was a really badly insert a

laugh track yeah I was really free what
it keeps my head warm

it shows that I’m secure in my
masculinity solidarity with the women
who are out there marching to shine a
light on the erosion of their rights
uh-huh how many phone numbers did you
get just two I called one of them now I

have a timeshare in Boca
I like a cappuccino with nonfat milk and
extra foam

sure you wait right here while I go to
Rome together yeah okay and that’s from
the most recent episode was that the
formula that’s the first episode no it’s
not no it’s not good at all it’s very

flat that’s uh it’s it’s kind of forced
you know there’s a story there’s a story
then this does here’s my segue to

television and advertising and I think
that this story was very it was
underreported certainly towards the
public it was on business news a lot but

I don’t think it was reported in the
context which in which we understand it
and this is a perhaps maybe coming
proposed regulation from the Trump

administration about advertising the
retail price of pharmaceutical products
on television and I have a clip from NPR
so what secretary a czar of Health and

Human Services under the Trump
administration he took to the stage
yesterday and he announced that any drug
that cost more than $35 a month would
need to have advertising on its
television I mean aspirin cost more than

35 and the rule is rather specific it
says the advertising needs to be on a
contrasting background it needs to be
easy to read up so there are a lot of
questions embedded in that what what

price are they going to list in the TV
commercials because based on how much
people pay in insurance the prices are
different for different people right
right exactly so when you go to the
pharmacy counter and I go to the

pharmacy counter are
copays may be different depending on our
insurance and we may have a deductible
we have to fulfill so the question is
what price will be up there the
secretary did note that they want list
price up there which is also a good

question what does it mean he clarified
later and said it would be wholesale
acquisition cost which is a an industry
term where nobody really pays that often
and Alexei Zahra made a point of saying

that the list price does matter and he
did this big analogy with the auto
industry on cars and so forth and it
does matter because it’s a base for a
lot of negotiation and it can be a base
for what people who are uninsured pay

but would it matter to consumers though
it can be off often confusing right
consumers right so if I’m told this is
what’s interesting what the way I think
the way we think the way No Agenda

thinking goes wait a minute you’re
talking about six billion dollars a year
in advertising revenue for television
that for the news networks reporting on
this story who instead of this is you

know wow we’re gonna stick it to those
guys they have to show these outrageous
prices they’re charging now I could be
confusing you we wouldn’t want
advertisers to stop an advertising

because of this rule now would we buy a
thousand dollars a month just for
example but I’m only going to pay a
couple thousand dollars a month or my
deductible covers it or my health plan

covers it and only paying $50 copay it
could scare you away from getting a drug
right bad for business even though it’s
it’s kind of confusing it’s still
demanding a level of transparency that I

imagine the pharmaceutical industry
isn’t so keen on yeah and and it is
getting a lot of attention it’s
something that is kind of a populist
thing that people can grasp on to and it
is just a few weeks before the midterms

I want to point out for the November
elections so the timing is very exciting
because people really care about theirs
right now recent polling shows it price
transparency on prescription drug prices

polls well with American voters so
yesterday morning before the secretary
took to the stage and made this big
announcement the pharma industry through
their trade group pharma made a big
announcement as well and they said hey

we’re going to do a voluntary measure
where we
our companies to help educate you about
your price and we will help you know
direct you on our website to information
about benefits and collective mortgages

and they’re gonna put together a web
portal that you can go and look and look
at your insurance options and so forth
what steering committee committee came
up with that will have a web portal
that’ll fix it I they’re going to

promote the idea that yeah the drug is
ten thousand you know what they can do
which I think would be genius if they
could figure out how did quite how to do
it it’s ten thousand dollars the Phaedo

but you only pay a dollar
because of your copay isn’t that
fabulous yeah but the problem is is that
that is different for everybody and as

we know insurance companies wind up
paying thirty dollars thirty cents to
the dollar before complexities and the
fact is that you paying a dollar for a

ten thousand dollar drug where the
surance companies paid ten thousand or
three thousand is beside the point it’s
yes and the fact that the insurance

company is paying even three thousand on
this drug is it hurts the the public at
large because that’s the reason our
insurance prices are so high yeah
it’s a horrible situation it’s a big

scam well I think this is this is a very
interesting development that hasn’t been
a lot of news about it on television
news these sleaze balls that run these
media companies they can’t afford to

lose all this free money so we’ll see
how that plays out but there’s I think
there’s a little there’s some concern in
the industry in the in the television in
the Britain and certainly cable news I
think I think they may be a little

concern I think they’ll I think the
network news – I think the big networks
are concerned and by the way I was
really I was talking to a friend who has
a son who is how old is he he’s 12 I
think and their big baseball watch as

they watch baseball and yet we’re doing
pretty well we got the Astros here this
mine there’s my sports segment we know
the Astros who were I guess are cheaters
or whatever doesn’t matter we’re doing
well Astros going on the Dodgers that

are the cheaters well know there’s a
story about the Astros cheating now –
Spygate you don’t follow Spygate yeah
anyway continue and she said I’m very
uncomfortable because every ad during

the baseball game he’s for erectile
dysfunction and she doesn’t really know
what to do with the situation she’s just
not ready to discuss this with this shit

ban those ads I mean you shouldn’t be
playing erectile-dysfunction ads to
12-year olds well they well it and it is
regular primetime baseball and then yes

oh good this should be a dip this is the
I blame the f
see for this and you think that’s the
end do you think that’s the only
audience they can advertise to I mean is

that really the truly the audience is
guys who can’t get it up there watching
baseball I say they’re more likely to be
watching a football oh those are the
guys that can’t get it up somewhere they

can’t get it up I would say Hillary
supporters oh man
easy now while we’re talking about
television oh I was gonna do one more

thing on on on the sexual stuff oh but I
didn’t want to veer too far okay we’ll
do that and then we’ll get back to
television this is from your neck of the
woods Freemont

how far away is that from you Freemont I
can’t say it’s my I didn’t have little
arm troubles that you probably hit it
with a baseball parents against three
months proposed new sex education
program started lining up three hours

before a special meeting of the school
board and a crucial vote on whether to
adopt the curriculum I want to make it
very very clear we are for sex education
but with only at the appropriate

curriculum at the right age the
curriculum puts a modern-day twist on
the old 3 R’s in this case it stands for
rights respect and responsibility but
parents are against their fourth fifth

and sixth graders being exposed to
lessons on reproduction sexual
orientation and gender identity and some
parents were shocked by this book listed
in a supplemental reading list called

it’s perfectly normal the book for 10
year olds and up shows full-color
illustrations of people masturbating and
having sex some of it too graphic even
to show here it’s banned and other

school districts around the country
unlike many school districts that wait
till middle school Freemont has been
teaching sex education as young as 4th
grade for years but now the district

must comply with a new state law called
the California youth act since we have
been teaching it we have to then start
talking about the components of that law
which are about gender identity and

sexual orientation about sex trafficking
and many other topics that people may
feel should be for an older group one
supporter of the curriculum says kids at
that age already have sexual awareness

and questions about age I knew that I
wasn’t straight yeah well and hold on
listen awareness and questions at that
age I knew that I wasn’t straight at

that age one of my friends view that he
wasn’t the girl people were telling him
he was this is so cool this is I love
our language he he was it he told listen
I gotta hear this again because it’s a

he-she thing it’s questions at that age
I knew that I wasn’t straight at that
age one of my friends knew that he
wasn’t the girl people were telling him
he was people know at that young age

that that is something that’s valid and
not something that they have to be
ashamed about or to be afraid of
so just sounds like a little bit of

what is this daddy’s gone wrong that’s
toy this is the Bay Area they’ve had
this he’s gone wrong things going on
forever isn’t it’s just up to parents
though I mean I mean that’s what you

think but apparently they want to see
with this school that’s why
homeschooling is better the state knows
better there’s this a state is the stage
the indoctrination system that the
schools around here very we’re 44th in

the country according to all these guys
running for superintendent forty-fourth
California rich state big tech guys all
kinds of tech millionaires we’re loaded

with tech millionaires and we’re like
44th in the nation for education what’s
wrong with this picture
working out well you put a time down for
that yes one more clip okay

you you had one you said oh yeah I know
I want to get back to the TV because
there was messing the new shows Alec

oh yes apparently no one watched well I
did that’s what I mean no one you’re
like you were now single-handedly not
only holding up democracy now as a
program but also Alec Baldwin’s show is

it called here’s the thing Alec
Baldwin’s show it good debuted last
Sunday at at 10 o’clock which is a
primetime slug before you go I’ve
listened to his podcast that it’s called

here’s the thing and it’s not bad as a
podcast is the chat with somebody and
it’s him well marginally interesting
he’s not bad as I think it’s pretty

close to the bad mark yeah now this is
the show that would be absolutely fine
replacing the old Tom Schneider show at
1:30 in the morning yes not in primetime

not at 10:00 o’clock in the now what
chance does it say ABC I believe oh and
it is real it’s it’s Alec boo I don’t
know why they don’t change the name of

the show to Alec Baldwin talks about
anyway if he’s on ABC yeah that means
that’s he must have done some tap
dancing because of his NBC affiliation I

know I was kind of surprised that he
showed up at ABC yeah you know they’re
all against Trump so you know we’re all
in together so let’s team up here you
know it’s take one for the team

yeah so he talks about himself
incessantly and it becomes like even
when he got DeNiro on who’s a very bad
guest anyway because he doesn’t like to
talk at all so Baldwin’s yakking about

himself and he’s going on I get so I
have a clip that goes it’s a little long
it’s 213 but you get a good feeling and
you’ll never have to listen to the show

again for this show and Alec talking
about himself
hello I’m Alec Baldwin first up tonight
a conversation with a true icon of
American cinema Robert DeNiro the
oscar-winning star of some of the most

famous films in
would history continues to be an
advocate for artistic expression and
filmmaking as the co-founder of the
Tribeca Film Festival next year De Niro
read teams with director Martin Scorsese

and fellow acting legend Al Pacino and
the much anticipated new film the
Irishman that’s the transition
and you the funny part about the

transition which is when they cut to a
but a cartoon of him running her adieu
you know a different face he didn’t even
let it breathe for a second they just
cha-cha could have been my edit oh well
let me continue then since you stopped

it I got to mention this so at the
beginning of the thing he’s he’s
standing there in this kind of darkened
area and his and you can imagine people
when they’re you know they’re in the

camera sometimes I’m not used to certain
these are uncomfortable majus standing
straight up and your hands I haven’t hit
the stand up to see where they’re
positioned your hands are right on your

on your thighs just flat it’s not how he
stands yeah so he said like that they
cut away and when they cut back his

hands had been somebody totally
positioned it was pretty funny
you can play it out it will is your a
this fine interviewing style to a degree
I don’t want to overstate this but you

know you and I may have something in
common because I saw the documentary
about your dad
yeah very moving your love for your dad
is very moving keeping the studio frozen
there in time and the way you’ve

maintained that is exactly the kind of
thing I would do yeah if I had some
terrible in my life because I had you
know my dad was a good guy my dad was
and and although the relevant you were
older when he was older my dad died when

I was 25 and he was 55 he had cancer
oh and your dad wasn’t that old are only
70 71 but he was not an old guy so even
though you would succeeded in this
business and he saw you succeed and you

had won two Oscars before he passed away
which is unbelievable what I sometimes
think I have Oscars things I wanted to

did you enjoy directing movie with you

yes yes yeah I enjoyed it I enjoyed it
and I enjoy it I wish I could I was
gonna do a sequel to The Good Shepherd
but I still might if I just have to get

the money and set up hill battle it’s a
killer complicated yeah I always
remember you came to my house to pitch
to the movie yes and I said to you this
is really the way you talk about using
your persona nice touch at the end so he

talks about himself for two minutes and

has the guest talk for 10 seconds
pretty much in great detail that’s
we don’t care we didn’t turn tune in the
show to listen to him confess about his

dad huh the worst all right I had one of
one television tip although it’s not a
television tip it is the Quincy Jones
documentary on Netflix which was made by

his daughter yeah that new coz I think I
saw that Quincy Jones documentary some
time ago yeah it’s new and yeah it’s two
hours long I know a lot about Quincy

Jones then I interviewed him once I
don’t have told the story it was live it
was called hit line USA and it was live
coast-to-coast we had affiliates and
everywhere you know the big stations and

and it was gonna be
I don’t like 45 minutes of us talking
and you know and then some call ins a
full hour and kinda and you know until I
met Steve Jobs Quincy Jones I would say

was the the most interesting person I’d
ever met in my life and I winced II
still I think maybe above Steve Jobs for
me but he came in he’s like puts down a
bottle of wine I don’t remember what it

was I wish I did but it was good and we
pretty much had finished it within 30
minutes live on the air and we’re we’re
happy I wish I could find a record I
looked for it because he were like

Hannah Kay and I watched this
documentary and it turns out in that
time period
see Jones was a raging alcoholic his
drinking six bottles of wine a night by

Wow I had no idea he was very functional
tell you that well you can get that way
yes it’s a great documentary and it’s
nice that it’s a around before he dies I

recommend it highly anyway
with that I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C in carbon

good morning to you mr. Adam curry in
the morning to all ships at sea boots on
the ground feet in the air subs in the
water the Dames tonight’s out there
hello troll room in the morning to you
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known it might have been mr. bone saw
but we didn’t know until today and this
was the join the CIA discovered the
truth public service announcement and it

was besides it being funny it was just a
beautiful piece
mark gee professional make some really
nice pieces
with the Skull and Bones newest Culloden
missiles crossed his bones and targets

and the whole thing was just it and he
has a style – very good style
this is where you say identify double as
we want to thank Mark G for being for

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and Al Gore were terrific may you both
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as you push push each other’s to bring
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live up to the appropriately titled
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get I love you Bernie Sanders you know
that one yeah followed by a great gig in

the Yoko Ono abruptly cut off by North
Korean broadcaster and if it’s not too
much extra I remember someone off David
Bowie cover songs from several months

ago maybe a spoof on the song changes or
life on Mars to play at the end of the
okay I’m still us it was a Susan
Sarandon right yeah

unless you go goes into tears I know but
I for some reason I have Susan Sarandon
I give you I give you Bernie Sanders but
I can’t find it oh man well what is this

Susan Sarandon clips sound like wise
it’s it’s not the one I know for sure
are you sure yeah and we see we have

Hillary supporters harass Susan Sarandon
and Bernie has balls now it was damn us
give you hmm this is concerning this is
a classic

but we’ll have to put it in abeyance
yeah I don’t know where it is it’s well
this is very disappointing okay what is

it what else can i play well since I
don’t have that great gig in the Yoko
Ono abruptly cut off by North Korean
broadcaster Yoko and then a David Bowie
cover sone at the end okay I think it’s

dead climate changes would be good it’s
oh yes that’s the one well I have have I
had this I guess I only have the Pink

Floyd that’s what she’s looking for
it’s too long wait I just sure drive a
short version here we go

karma is not in there she want the

broadcaster is there a clip that’s
supposed to be like that I don’t know I
just was a very difficult combination
for you to do to achieve if you can’t
find I’m sorry it’s it’s difficult combo

okay Brian
that was your the best we could do we’ll
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that clip because I get you
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I have a special announcement to make I

have heard from my millennial contacts
may 19th 2019 will be a very special
date this is a a global movement
it is right now it’s kind of under the

radar people are not talking about it
too much but on May 19th 2019 there will
be multiple bonfires around the world of
the rentable electric scooters that may
have been dropped into your city yes

it’s happening
yeah the begin the big bonfire talk
about that pollution hazard yeah we have
so many of those things here just

getting nuts let me see what do we have
oh yes do we we need to talk about
Pocahontas and I will say we were
calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas
before Trump was even mentioned running

we’ve years how many years have we been
doing this tough since the beginning
since but when I think during the
Hillary during the Obama campaign for

president said hey Hillary yes I think
in that year are we start calling her
Pocahontas so that’d be 20 what so 12
2012 yeah yeah and so then when Trump

started doing it we had to stop because
you know people go right I remember we
started doing it we decided to stop then
we look like we’re copying him yes which
is sad

um so I have a little report then this
was a of course we all I guess we all
know what happened because the the world
Stood Still for a moment as everyone had
to understand this news this is the

video going around social media
senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign page
talking about her connections to Native
American heritage she claims in the
video through DNA testing it confirms

her Native American heritage that test
something the Cherokee Nation a
sovereign nation says doesn’t prove
anything to talk now about her ancestry
or DNA analysis we think muddies the

waters have been Secretary of State
Chuck Hoskin Jr’s as he finds Senator
Warren’s claims hurtful I have that is a
very special status it’s a legal status

it’s a status that our ancestors fought
long and hard for that is embedded in
tribal law it’s embedded in federal law
specifically the treaties we think that
a sovereign nations that mean something

to claim membership to the Cherokee
Nation you must be able to prove that
you can trace yourself back to the
tribes Dawes rolls the original
enrollment documents people have this
family lore and they can’t prove it and

so people go through a long and
drawn-out process sometimes they’ll
challenge veldt submit paperwork to the
Cherokee Nation because there’s an
application process Cherokee citizens

say this isn’t a red vs. blue issue it’s
about protecting treaties and their
sovereignty I think the important
takeaway is that Elizabeth Warren
remembers that is the Cherokee Nation

who decides who their citizens are not
individuals so here’s the question I
have she used this for Harvard Law
School is that where she used it where
she was recognized as you use it when

she was I did I was gonna clip this and
I’m sorry didn’t now as you bring it up
she used it for a number of things and
she kept using it she used it when she
ran against Scott Brown when she first

got the run when she first ran for
Senator she had this and it’s on YouTube
she had the song and dance about how
she’s a Cherokee and her mom and her dad

to elope because her mom was a Cherokee
and right that’s the first time that
well that’s the first time he really
made public but there’s evidence that

she used to check the boxes for various
things so here’s that here’s the thing
about check the boxes so I believe she
used it to get into Harvard Law School
at least what I’ve seen and I don’t know

the authenticity of it but it appears
that Harvard even touted Elizabeth
Warren as a great hire for faculty as
the first woman of color faculty so she
couldn’t be more white I’d like to

understand the admissions process
hearing that clip about Cherokee Nation
and how very specific it is to be a
member of the tribe so to speak to be
recognized as Cherokee do you just send

stuff to Harvard and if they don’t check
it can’t just send whatever you want
yeah well at that level sure they’re not
gonna check and see if you’re heretic I
mean if you check that you’re a Latino I

mean they’re not gonna check it they’re
not gonna check it no I don’t think so I
don’t think they’d check it would sure
how you then it was but listen for this
particular status you know they which

they touted this way I don’t know it
just doesn’t make any sense that the
school doesn’t check references I mean
isn’t that kids are running around all
freaked out oh I gotta get for school

gonna write a paper make a video show a
Rubik’s Cube but that I can do that and
you know all this stuff but meanwhile
you can just send off some phony baloney
info and they’ll believe it I think so
or they were so gung-ho to get a first

woman of color the whitest cracker I’ve
ever seen
lindsey graham’s his balls man that just
hanging down by his knees these days
I’ve been told that my grandmother was

part Cherokee and I mean Indian it may
all be just talk Lindsey Graham he is
rich he’s got he’s he is a researcher
just uh it’s an awakening for Lindsey

yeah he was held down by McCain
apparently I mean he’s real he’s funny
he like what he’s doing
yeah I like what he’s doing yes I like

what he’s doing thank you don’t you I
think yeah he’s much more he’s like he’s
calmer and he’s not so uptight he seems

like he’s relaxed a lot there must’ve
been a lot of pressure on him by McCain
or something just I don’t know what the
problem was with him I like it more than
I used to

hmm now he’s become kind of a trumpet
yes yeah I got some stuff here this
little law well I have some targeted
stuff if you’re just gonna do throw

aways I got some some real things to
converse about oh wait I gotta throw
away throw away yeah bite 9 impeachment
this is kind of interesting okay this
follows my thesis which is which is that

there’s never gonna do any impeachment
thing is all just designed to get you
know to get everyone to vote against
Trump yeah this is your theory this is

your big theory he’s worth more to them
not impeach let’s put it that one time

you wait to the investigation is
finished you don’t put an arbitrary end
to it you wait till it’s finished and
let’s see what it has to say and if
Democrats win the house do you believe

that they may move forward with articles
of impeachment I hope they don’t I don’t
think there’s a basis for doing that
right now I think we should wait until
the report comes out now the report he’s
talking about the Muller report yeah so

but here’s some things that that I’ve
learned or that have questions about the
first one is if it’s been now a couple
weeks the president asked for the FISA
warrant for Carter page to be unredacted

I guess Declassified along with text
messages between call me and
struck no from Del McCabe McCabe McCabe

and is the FBI just not doing this it
mean and and I think I know the reason
why what I hear is that if you if we
ever get to see the FISA warrant and

this was part of the Patriot Act it was
really important that we would not use
any spying on American people through
any covert internet enabled type means
without it going through the Foreign

Intelligence Surveillance Act court the
FISA Court where a judge would preside
over it and decide if a warrant issuing
a warrant is warranted from what I
understand the Carter page FISA warrant

was not did not go to a judge it was
signed off by signed off on by Loretta
Lynch yeah that’s what I heard too and
then a week later they went to the judge
and said we need an extension and he

just you know just rubber stamped it
and I presume that’s why they don’t want
that information out but how does this
work if if the if if the president says
this needs to be declassified Kim can

the FBI just do whatever they want I
don’t know all I noticed that I’m not
seeing any action here but it’s supposed
to be there’s supposed to be all these
things going on that’s like a warning to
the deep state yeah yeah so here’s the

other warning I heard which I liked and
I think it’s from the operation freedom
radio guy yeah he said use did you see
this about Rosenstein Rosen Stein yep so
he says I was gonna exhibit but the guys

ponder you know I was gonna clip it to
or like if it comes up we’ll just talk
about it so he says you know a big
message to the deep state was that rod
Rosenstein flew with President Trump on
Air Force One and that means that you

know he’s flipped because he’s you know
he’s he’s on Trump’s side and the
conclusion he made which I thought was
really good I liked it a lot was all of
a sudden we had and I think it was a

Washington Post story that came out
saying Oh rod Rosenstein he said in a
room full of people maybe I should have
why wear a wire to it trap Trump so he
could impeach him and operation freedom
radio guys thesis is what if

he was wearing a wire but it wasn’t to
catch Trump it was to get all these
assholes on tape saying horrible things
about what they’re gonna do to the

president yeah I like that a lot I like
it a lot he did point out that right
after Rosen Stein Stein Rosenstein after
Rosen Stein took the airplane ride he

point out that it’s a secure environment
so you can have private conversations
yeah yeah maybe but he says right after
that happened that’s when Hillary came

out with a you know to get in their face
all this yes I think that’s the weakest
part of his argument because that
interview was taped with you know it
after her Oxford speech I don’t think

she has that much control over it as to
when it aired yeah you might be right
I think that that was taking a little
far perhaps but but I do have a I’d like
to theory sounds interesting but it’s a

little an anonymous kind of whatever
that q and on kind of thinking so I was
I was watching and Cole I want you to
just play this and ask you a question so

there’s a show called Scanlan which is a
talk show that’s actually played in
Scandinavian countries must Sweden but
it’s done in English and it’s done in

New York City mm-hmm and then they play
it it’s a talk show it’s very talk show
about Scandinavia
no it’s AB it’s an American news talk
show but is for the Scandinavian
audience okay what kind like BBC America

no but it’s not for they don’t play it
for our audience BBC America’s played
for American right I got to show us
played for Scandinavians in Scandinavia

yes okay so you can only see it on
YouTube maybe got it they had they had
culture on you says highly respected
show I’ve never heard of this it seems

to be maybe if you look at it you go
this is a you can tell by the production
values and this is not a piece of shit
show but the guy is like some you know
stiff you know with that accent that you

like to do is and you know sense of
humor or and everybody’s
you know they don’t understand Trump
trying to figure out Trump in real price
but he breached so she comes on and

she’s kind of a wiseass anyway and she
comes on in and this little exchange
went on and I was taken aback by it
immigrant point I feel like I’m the only

one who actually really wants diversity
if all we’re going to have is this
constant churning and concentration of
immigration are y’all going to be we’re
all going to look alike there will be no

difference there will be no culture I
want to go to Sweden and and you know if
you love beauty all my you lost five
minutes in Sweden

IKEA furniture yeah you know does that

I don’t get by the way blue buyer what
you wouldn’t last five minutes in Sweden
she’s saying stupid stuff I wonder if

Indaba I mean hello nineteen seventy
that’s beside the point
the point I’m trying to make is not her
idiotic desire it’s because she’s a she
supports Trump is that what are they

gonna do to her she wouldn’t last far
what do you mean by you wouldn’t let do
you hey you wouldn’t last five minutes
in Berkeley what does that mean what
does it mean it means to say who’s gonna

have the shit beat out of you to me that
means stay away I’ll be like okay I
trust you I’ll take your word for it bro
well she wasn’t even hearing it but the
point is is that what was that a threat

let me hear it again point I wish I knew
oh they were talking about immigration
okay see this is out of context a little
tough I’m the only one who actually

really wants diversity if all we’re
going to have is this constant churning
and constant of immigration are y’all
going to be wait what did he say there
that’s the course of immigration we all

have to have that I don’t know what he
said that is not the cause of
immigration we’re all going to look
alike there will be no difference there

will be no culture I want to go to
Sweden and and you know eat food you
would eat all my you lost five minutes
since we don’t like heat up furniture I
think it you know what this is this

isn’t just the pissed-off Swede who
doesn’t like her and he just said
something like you know his version of
fu it was very rude yeah that’s
interesting she didn’t catch it I’d be

like what what do you just say meanwhile
Sweden you know everything’s in chaos
they’ve kicked out their prime minister
that we knew this was not going to go

so I’m looking to you uh Swedish
producers we needed a little more boots
on the ground information because all
we’re getting is slanted stuff
I mean what’s happening here is not just
happening here you’re hearing this

debate with Ann Coulter about Sweden
would I have I had a
this is a worldwide thing is Soros on
his last legs yeah hold on a second this

is the yes this is Australia this is
fantastic so this is in Parliament and
this is the leader of one nation Pauline
Hanson and she that she really touches

the third rail and so I’ve got some
response as to what she said as well
she’s so tired of white people being
blamed for everything and it’s
interesting this is happening in

Australia you know the genesis of the
white Australians is prisoners who are
thrown high by mother England they’re
Pommies prisoners of mother England yet

all whites are now being blamed for
everything that’s bad it’s the same
thing we’re seeing going on here and she
tries to make a motion that it’s okay to
be white she wants that caught a fight

can you imagine someone trying to do
that I mean we’re a little more advanced
than you down under you know you’re just
kind of catching on to how this works
this is the third rail does the reason
thing today by supporting this motion

anyone who pays attention to the news or
spends any time on social media has to
acknowledge that there has been a rise
in anti-white racism and a rise in the
tax on the very ideals of Western
civilization I would also hope the

Senate does the right thing and
acknowledges it is indeed okay to be
white such a simple sentence should go
without saying but I suspect many
members in this place would struggle to
say it people have a right to be proud

of their cultural background whether
they are black white or brindle if we
cannot agree on this I think it’s safe
to say any white racism is well and
truly rife in our society oh wow

any prisoner while she believes to make
a short statement he’s private ladies
grounded for one minute thank you madam
get me president with a federal election

looming I’m starting to think that Sarah
Hansen and a former colleague senator
inning and now locked in a race to see
who be the biggest the loudest racist
bigot in their conscious to see whom you
have the bottom of the sewer

that’s what the substation motion is all
about it could have been written on a
piece of toilet paper which reminds me
of an old story about a toilet cleaner
people were nicknamed topic because they
were clean around the bend but there

also is the thing behind this latest
stunt myself of the hansom she’s using
this chamber as a conduit for the hit
line and grabbing status similar Henson
tweeted a very clever line dreamed up by
I imagine a giggling cohort to the back

room her lie about it’s okay to be white
and then went public with it before most
of the Senators of his chamber had even
heard about it she tweeted it and went
on sky that night and published it

before was even tabled here in the
Senate and I would say disorder racism
is not having fine beg your pardon
senators in italic one minute

thank you madam deputy president um well
it’s not just okay to be white in
Australia it’s actually a ticket to
winning the lotto it’s a ticket to
eating a lot I just around these

chambers see how many faces you see that
aren’t white have a look in the
privileged positions of Australian
society people who occupy the seats of
the rich and powerful how many of them
are not white last time I checked it’s

the privileged
@y Anglo community that are the ones
occupying the seats of influence look
the reality is this it’s okay to be

white slogan has got a long history in
the white supremacist movement most of
their material from you know what it’s
not okay to be in this country still
okay to be Aboriginal because you’re

more likely to die younger to be locked
up it’s not okay to be an African person
because you’re more likely to experience
racism it’s not okay to be a Muslim
because you’re more subject please
resume your seat ah you catching on

quickly though it’s working out there
social justice warriors they should work
under some of the laws and maybe do some
legislating no that would be just silly

now they’ve gotta argue about stuff like
well I got a couple offbeat your writers
oral throwaways but we do have a long

story this is important this is a the
candidate pot story a package that the
deals done Canada today became the
second and largest country to legalize

marijuana or agua was the first over 100
Canadian pot shops and this is important
so the next time someone says Amsterdam
weeds legal it’s not it never has been

and I’m glad that people are not
clearing that up
we’re slated to open today some open
their doors at the stroke of midnight as
hundreds of customers lined the streets

outside Canadian officials insisted that
legalizing pot will improve public
health and safety regulate a prohibited
substance so we are lifting the
prohibition that’s what legalization is

to enable us to implement a
comprehensive and far more effective
system of strict regulatory control that
will bring the regulatory control and
order to every aspect of the production
distribution and consumption of cannabis

Canadian government will also pardon
people who have been convicted of
possessing up to 30 grams of marijuana I
think these guys got screwed you can the
Naviance I think you got screwed on this

deal there’s a lot of regulations that
go along with this including regulations
on production I don’t think that those
regulations aren’t in California are
they I think they are but more

interesting to me is what’s going on in
Washington there’s state legislators
decided that cannibals which is the only
way to go as far as I’m concerned yes

are gonna be illegal if you can’t smoke
it you can’t have it
what yes this is the big deal in
Washington state right now edibles is
gonna be banned they’re gonna be banned
the edibles now this is hopefully the

old ladies up there what makes you know
sandy not this guy I’ve one pot stock
that I invested in I understand the
reason and I talked this over with me me

cuz she’s bitching about it although she
hasn’t really used this she uses the
creams oh she’s not on the trionic
so she but she’s booked about it because
you know those edibles are the problem

is these idiots
especially the Washington State idiot
which is a common character up there hey
man tell me one of these chocolate bars

all masking is good hour later I’m gonna
have another one ah all waiting the
whole need a bag of these things and

then apparently the real problem has
been these moron and hikers because
everybody’s up Treehugger their moron
hikers they go up into the mountains
with a bag of edibles and then they

start chewing on them they eat the whole
bag they’re up in the mountains they
can’t get down to be rescued yes
actually the edibles company I’ve

invested in like a whole thousand
dollars I think is they have a
technology patented technology that gets
edible that gets this TCH from edibles

into your bloodstream within 15 minutes
which is why I liked it because of this
story that you know it always takes so
long for people to get high and they
wind up taking too much my experience
well let that experience but my

experience or what I tell people is that
two and a half hours right mm okay
I’m not I’m not a big at almost guy
myself but yeah does do you have a story
this I see edibles

I have edibles nighters that was me oh
that was it okay I’m sorry
that was just a reminder to me oh I got
a little situation because I put the
reminder on the clip well back to the

regulations you know the show this hour
has 22 minutes it’s a spoon that’s in
here for years
yeah real is a shame it’s been off the
air yeah I think so let me go look to

make sure oh yeah they took it off the
air during the harper administration i
believe it was the later part of it and
i know it’s not on the air I mean it was
one of the greatest shows every day ever

produced in Canada it’s very funny very
in-your-face comedy and they just as it
was dissolved hey can the Navy ins
cannon even trolls it because I have a
clip and either this is new or the old

war they’re from the future promise to
legalize marijuana by July 1st 2018 sure

it will actually be October 17th but
these delays are for a good reason
because the government wants to get this
right and I think they’ve done the rules
are clear and simple to smoke weed
legally can’t agency to the 18 except

for ABCD the Maritimes in Ontario where
it’s 19 and in Quebec where it’s 21 see
simple ontario online stores will
require any age verification you do have
to click a box thing over 19 and we all

know from buying booze that no kid will
ever lie about being underage you can
buy pot for private stores government
stores private government online stores
and online private places governments
feel free to bring your kit into the

store with you unless you’re in Alberta
if you don’t want to go to the store
most provinces allow you to grow your
own plants as long as your landlord is
closed it which they are not except in
Quebec where it’s never committed oh
yeah if you’re in New Brunswick it has

to be locked behind an enclosure that is
at least one point two meters high
if you’re in the Northwest Territories
you can’t smoke on trails highway
streets roads and parks as long as
they’re not in use but since the
Northwest Territories chances are

they’re not news
tomorrow unless your Ontario where no
stores will be open till April 29th a
great job Trudeau I guess it’s not all
that great yet

yeah they had I’m looking at the wiki
page yeah I guess it just been new just
been restarted with the name 22 minutes
yeah that’s what it takes to joke away
from yeah like the MTV half-hour comedy

hour yeah this very similar just as fun
I don’t know if this is good they still
have Kathy Jones is good that bit was

okay really funny people uh kritch I
guess is yet Critch is the main guy okay
and then so the list came out of all the
possible cities that may get amazon’s HQ

yeah and Austin up there and it was an
interesting list it was on the city’s
list yeah we’re on the list
yeah it was interesting because they had
you know price of the cost of living and

and cost of a tech worker so tech worker
in Austin makes ninety four thousand
dollars a regular schmuck makes fifty
three but the cost of living is on par
with Los Angeles now according to this

list which is frightening Austin yes yes
well you were talking I was always
noticing this when you were talking
about these little artsy fartsy
restaurants that you like to go to

they’re in Austin you would tell me I’d
look at the menus I said Jesus is pretty
pricey for a Texas restaurant very it’s
it’s incredibly expensive to live here
now we don’t have state income tax so we

get a little release equity difference
yeah yeah but still it’s a it’s annoying
for sure now you can you can get if you
don’t go I don’t know why you think that
that’s the only I mean I cook I cook at

home we don’t go out when I like and all
the hoity-toity restaurants of Austin
every day well artsy fartsy is the word
I use job yeah but hoity-toity similar
and they just always surprised me how

many there actually are and Austin
there’s quite a few and some good ones
yeah Dallas Fort Worth is on the list
and this has been our pick since the
since you blew our cover since we were
you know looking to go a stealth and

make some money by buying up land and
then I came up I came up with my vape
shop and dog-walking and got an
immediate note from an anonymous
Amazonian in Seattle Adam

do not start a dog-walking service I’m
an amazonian in Seattle which means he
works for Amazon or she people bring

dogs to work there at the bottom of the
barrel they use the dogs like a smoke
break if they remember to walk them even
if you can get them these are not going

to be good customers because you’re
gonna get requests that will be like can
you walk my dog in the next five minutes
and be back at 18 most don’t really have
time to walk the dogs at all and you’ll
be tied to unpredictable schedules

unless you launch an uber for dog walks
you’re going to review I think it’s
funny there was wag is it uber for dog
walk yes yeah the well first of all
let’s start with the premise that Adam
was going to open a dog walking facility

a service service his service in the
first place so let’s just stop there a
bong shop maybe vape shop not bong vape
but I think there is evidence in this

next clip that Fort Worth could be the
place we’ve had a little change up there
would Meacham Airport so the original
frame of this building was built in 1968

it was the new modern facility built at
that time to support the airport as a
commercial facility and fast forward to
2015 when we started the project 50 you

know the building was nearly you know 50
years old the systems were failing and
it just wasn’t representative of the
high-class nature of each airport and

with the support of city of the city
manager mayor councilmembers and and
really American Aero to partner with us
on this wonderful building

it it came out to around a just over 20
million dollars it’s such an incredible
investment into the city and into the
airport that’ll take us into the future
so last year Meacham had hit a record

youth operations we had 140,000 takeoffs
and landings so the point of this story
is they built a brand new terminal and
they’re open for business and are

willing to consider any type of business
with a brand new facility and they have
52,000 square feet available at the
airport alone well it’s not a small
airport that’s a big operation I mean it

was put together by a straw spur Oh
as a alternative and and for Freight
only Airport and I don’t know how well
he’s done with it but he kind of turned

it over to a investment group that he’s
still part of right and he throws his
real estate operation which seems to be
buying up a lot of stuff in the area
something’s up I I’m thinking that Fort
Worth is the way to go he’s from the

area it’s – it’s perfect for slave wages
from Houston always from Houston yeah I
thought it was from Dallas
Oh Houston always from the area at least
from Texans a general area yeah have you

seen him in to see how I mean forget the
big eye and everything but that big eyes
getting worse his arms are massive but
it must be pumping iron guy he’s really

pumping I I forgot to mention when we
were talking about dogs a minute ago how
much do you think United States pet
owners will spend on animal Halloween
costumes this year 1.5 billion I wish no
half a billion it kind of ruins the

whole thing when you come in that high
sorry oh man
okay here we go let’s go back to the

American politics a little bit with it
with this clip on I just want to play
the sewing to discuss it’s just a shade
this is the Georgia early voting ominous

signs PBS clip back in this country some
voters in Georgia are waiting in line
for nearly three hours to cast their
ballots early in that state’s midterm

elections including in the hotly
contested governor’s race long lines of
plagued the polls around the Atlanta
area in Fulton Cobb and Gwinnett
County’s election officials said turnout

on Monday the first day of in-person
early voting was triple the turnout on
the first day of early voting in the
2014 midterm election okay
does this mean the Republicans have

decided to get off their ass and keep
Trump you know you know or keep the
house in the Senate with the early
voting well I mean just I’m just talking
about the sheer number the triple the

size number which seems to me to be like
a sign of something it’s gotta be a you
know observable it means here’s all I
can say hey if you’re talking about will

there be a blue wave blue a blue wave I
mean I don’t know about polling we know
the polling is bullcrap then it is
usually intended it’s usually intended
now it’s bullcrap I’ve not forgotten the

2016 election polling I mean it when
it’s terrible 95 percent certain for
Hillary to whoops
look at that so let’s look at television

ratings I mean is it are the is the
left-wing faction of the United States
population are they so busy with
knitting pussy hats and protesting that

they don’t have time to watch CNN and
MSNBC and the Republican saw the
right-wing side of the country is
there’s just so many of them who are so

damn lazy they’re watching with double
the numbers
I mean this is the kind of stuff that I
look at this is empirical it’s a two but
I have to and I think about the Murphy

Brown show and all the other Bullock’s
you know they’re trying to push on the
public and I’m always considering the
fact that that traditionally I think
that the Democrats yeah in the 50s and

60s when the Democrats were all the
working class and they did sit around
and watch a lot of television those
peoples are all Republicans now so the

people who watched television I think in
general tend to be you know the middle
class mm-hmm which i think is mostly
Republican nowadays well where does the
weak the Democrats are all the bankers

and Silicon Valley business and watch
television right they just own it
yeah they kept little in the media yes

right but so that means that there’s
there there’s no way I’m just looking at
numbers that I that I understand and if
you got twice as many people watching
Fox News you know it’s like okay it

seems like there’s a lot of people who
are interested in that message I mean I
listen to MSNBC all day every day I mean
you know you know this about me cuz it’s

just it’s the most entertaining thing
I’ve ever heard in my life well and I
don’t know how you could stand it but
okay so that’s how I pick up on things
like MBs you know that that’s where you
hear these things it’s why you got you

got it watch it it’s painful but I do
that for the show we love you for it so
I don’t I I think I could be wrong but
in my feeling says that yeah I mean look

at look at the video evidence of Trump
rallies it’s incredible the amount of
people he’s bringing in and I see beto
and I am it he’s not he’s not Trump

level of course but it I just don’t see
the same numbers of people showing up it
just seems like less people
well they attribute that apparently to
the fact that Trump is a dictator gah

yes that’s what it is I forgot and so
I’m watching NBC I’m online and I’m
looking to have a new segment on the NBC
News on the on lines called think I have

it on here is the thunk but another clip
we’ll never find again there’s a bunch
of editorials that they play and they

tended to just again this is what got
triggered me earlier in the show and I
said what NBC would have the Alex I mean
they would give up Alex Alec Baldwin to
ABC because they’re both on this the

same you know they both want to screw
over Trump and this is the kind of thing
that this is on NBC News and of course
it says well you know this is not us but
it’s art what we’re but but we’re poor

to giving it a huge platform for some
woman who happens to be a professor Ruth
Benjy OTT a professor somewhere of
history and she just goes she’s a trump
painter and she goes on off the deep end

and I’m listening to this going why is
NBC suppose the objective news
organization you know trying to do
something like this why are they putting
it on their website and then and
emphasizing it well you know the answer

to that you’re not really thinking that
with an open-ended question well they
hate Trump yeah they do
authoritarian but profound disrespect
for democracy they view rule of law and

democratic norms as bothersome obstacles
to the consolidation of their own power
what are democratic norms we got bunch
of guys named norm who are Democrats

Trump has been following the
authoritarian playbook since he was a
presidential candidate
we can debate Trump’s mental fitness his

competency but he’s been very on message
and consistent with some of the main
themes that mark authoritarian rulers
one of them is glorification of the

leader Trump started during his
campaigns to forge emotional ties with
his followers based on loyalty to his
person rather than a party or principal
I said to the leaders of the Republican

Party folks you got to get tougher well
you’re not gonna have a lot of victors
and I’ll be honest I’m talking about for
them because I think I’m gonna win
anyway I really think I can win the

mantra of authoritarian leaders is a see
me and I exist and Trump has to be
always at the center of attention then
he started to attack the sectors of

society my mr. what she’s doing here is
she’s showing empirical evidence that
Trump is a dictator yeah okay that deal
in evidence and inquiry and

investigations such as the press the
judiciary research these are things that
authoritarians past and present have

done from Hitler denunciation of lying
press to air Dewan and Putin in Turkey
and Russia who jail and killed
journalists in January 2016 Trump made a
shocking announcement they say I have

the most loyal people did you ever see
that where I could stand in the middle
of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I
wouldn’t lose any voters okay incredible
so this was a message not so much to the
American public but to the Republican

Party how far will you go in supporting
me even when I’m telling you I’m going
to be above the law and the answer of
course that the Republican Party has
backed him no matter what he says or

does this is consistent with
authoritarian regimes once elites sign
on publicly and make their packs of
support they support that ruler until
the bitter end

it’s more frightening to think of him as
a madman instead if we think of him as
conforming to a set of political tactics
we see that there’s also a method to
oppose him authoritarians past and

present have been resistant and that is
something that is more difficult to do
with a madman oh man
I like how she wraps it up with we can

debate his sanity but it’s hard to do
with the madman she’s a professor yeah
which school oh I had it I can look at
it yeah we need to find out because you

need to not send your children to that
show my food by donation – no agenda

imagine all the people who could do guys
oh yeah well she did come from UCLA ah
Brandeis ah yes that no wonder their

44th in the in the nation yeah I don’t
know what she’s teaching now but I’ll
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that you did on wasn’t she supposed to
be responsible for yes you made a big
steak well I got a call from Rachel a
couple days ago that’s horrible

yeah it’s not good oh I discovered
something I was I helped Tina and Ronald
McDonald House crew they go around to
the some of the Miyagi’s Matt McDonald

Ronald McDonald House really gets no
money from McDonald’s there you know I
think one penny per happy meal but
the local owner and operators because

these are all owned and operated by
local people they can do whatever they
want in that regard and so the local
McDonald’s here in Austin the ones that
I know who have seven or eight of these

restaurants really really nice people
and so they were gonna bring a hundred
balloons to thank the staff because they
had raised so much money for the Ronald
McDonald House and so one of the owners

is there and I’m talking to her and she
said you want something to drink so yeah
of coffee and she has these kiosks
installed and as she’s you know placing
the order I say yeah getting rid of

Human Resources huh I figured I just
slipped that one in she says actually it
increases the number of people we have I
said what says yeah it’s what it’s so

efficient says that and we have less
people in the front and more people in
the back because we’re just doing more
sales I had not expected that answer no
you gotta come up and stand comeuppance

yeah what do you mean yeah you’re being
snide you know talking about control the
means of production she told you off she
actually this was an insult you should

have slapped her I liked her a lot
not now she knows who I am she knows
what I do that’s why I feel like this is
actually you have no ideas is it this
this creates more jobs like okay so I’m

there and I got my Nokia the e71 out and
you know there’s no those Millennials
around and I get worse oh my god and
I’ve noticed something consistent when

people see this phone compared to a
smartphone it’s and it’s it’s very
consistent here’s what they always say
oh yeah I remember it’s nostalgic
immediate nostalgia I’ll and the to

think that well three things that I’ve
heard one is I love the t9 input because
I could go really fast and I could text

blindly we’ve actually gone backwards I
think in that regard with the
smartphones I could text someone blindly
and the car

that’s the kind of phone you could hold
behind your back and test I say help me
help me they’re kidnappers yes
but number one on the list durability I
drove over it with my car

I dropped it from the balcony everyone
notices these things
and the thing they never talk about
which is what I remind them of and I’d

like to remind everybody now of the OTG
lifestyle it requires some some
explanation again from time to time I’m
at the point now where my phone is I

used to like I’ll check something real
quick on the brow it was not real quick
that’s the whole point is I can get on
the brows and I could check something if
I wanted to I have one bookmark which is

Twitter you know I can see that I’m not
even doing that anymore I’m completely
I’m done I don’t care I’m not interested
it’s not distracting me and I feel and I
feel that my life is improved my head is

clearer and it’s it’s it’s a I recommend
it for everybody and you see now there’s
one foot palm well I don’t like what

palm is doing but one one manufacturer
after the other is coming out with this
is your weekend phone this is your you
know your your down time phone this is
your not always busy phone we called
this people need this they need to do

this but the best thing to do is just to
just leave it at home leave it at home
or get a burner a candy bar so you have
some kind of contact and also this this

tracking huh I’m so happy I’m I’m really
really happy as far as Google and Amazon
and all face back I’m not anymore
Twitter they only know that there’s this

guy in Texas and he never leaves he’s
always that this address never goes
anywhere it doesn’t associate with
anybody or anything we can’t tell if
he’s walking running sleeping in the car

we don’t know anything about him we
don’t know what he’s reading it’s a very
time to send the drone out that guy’s

not a good player to some some other
technology no because you have with this
a Segway day right we’ll have technology
stuff that’s why I was well no no you

were telling you just said the word
drone okay you have a drone clip now I’m
all in on that let’s listen let’s catch
up we don’t know anything about any of
this you’re gonna hear something you’ve

never heard any of this okay Somali
drone strikes in Somalia an air strike
from the US
drone unmanned has killed 60 Somalis
near a coastal town northeast of

Mogadishu the deadliest US attack on
Somalia in the last year the Pentagon
says all the dead were Al Shabaab
fighters though the claim could not be

independently verified the US has
conducted at least 27 air strikes in
Somalia so far this year the Pentagon
has some 500 troops in Somalia
oh yes of course we don’t hear about

that stuff
no these drugs that’s that drone bit
drone base that we’ve talked about
that’s an e or tree or whatever the name

of that how you ever pronounced that
contra anyway there you go yep
yesterday US forces dropped a whole
bunch of bombs on Kurdish forces in
Syria oh gee that didn’t make the news

did it I don’t think anyone knows this
I’m not supposed to be bombing yes
Kurdish okay I got I know unless we’re
doing it on the head at the behest of

Turkey or something I don’t know why are
we bombing that the the Kurds I thought
that they were kind of the okay guys
yeah so complicated they’re so
complicated I need to talk a little

about technology stuff about this
diversity well you know I’m gonna start
with this clip and then we can go as far
as we want with other ones this is this
there’s another engineer who has come

out the first one was Google and you
know he wrote this a diversity memo and
he said hey we’re not doing it right
it’s not good for the company and he got
kicked out fired pea and he’s there

Tostitos reminds me of the show me the
money movie you know or the guy which I
still think by the way as a movie
everyone should watch a kid now
effective thing in the name of it with

Tom Cruise it’s called show me the money
movie well it’s to show me the money
movie and it’s it’s a it was it had the
classic example of what you don’t do in
a company which is write a memo telling
the bosses how screwed up Jerry Maguire

was that was oh and you’re here look at
this I got the whole way of doing would
make 10 times more money this is the way
to go you go well this engineer worked

at Facebook his name is his name’s Brian
emerge a or emerge and he left Facebook
after trying to work with management but

he really opens up the book now what we
have said consistently on this show is
the biggest mistake Silicon Valley is
making at the moment from a cultural
standpoint from a resource standpoint I

think is the main problem and also from
a legal standpoint is making editorial
decisions and from the political
standpoint we have an actual law section
230 of the community community

Communications Decency Act that states
that view are a free harbor you’re not
responsible for what anyone puts up on
your on your service you can’t be sued
for it but if you’re editorializing and

your news service
well that’s a different story and this
is where they have placed themselves
squarely in the middle of this although
section 230 isn’t really mentioned much

for some reason by editing
editorializing removing shadow banning
all the stuff that’s out there and what
this engineer will tell you is the
debate that’s ongoing with the actual

rebellion that is going on with and I
think all of Silicon Valley but this is
just Facebook alone it’s actually been
pretty dramatic to watch the shift over
the years and yeah that’s essentially
why I’m leaving you know I’m leaving

because of this content policy direction
which you know trying to draw lines
around what’s acceptable and what’s
offensive or too offensive I know I
think it’s dangerous and it’s

impractical you know it’s it’s it’s
impossible to define with something like
hate speeches and it’s even harder to
implement it and enforce it sort of that
Facebook scale and to your point like
you know this is core to what the

mission of the company is I think it’s
this huge strategic misstep for a
company whose products primary value is
to promote free expression is trying to
draw these lines people come to Facebook

for all sorts of reasons you know
speaking as an employee and on the
inside I’ve always thought about it as a
tool for free expression and I’ve right
I supported the mission as a tool for
free expression so you know from that

point of view us trying to draw those
you know impossible to draw lines around
what’s what’s acceptable is a losing
strategy you know executives at the

do actually take the the sort of
assertions and claims that I’ve made
very seriously and they didn’t fire me
they they engaged me and I actually
spent like the better part of the last

month working with them to figure out
how to improve this stuff now there’s a
really big distinction though between
how those executives are handling this
and what a vocal minority inside the
company is doing and there there is a

vocal minority inside Facebook that is
belligerent beyond belief
in a quest I think to implement social
justice policies you know across our

mission that they
you know you you can’t even have
conversations about that policy inside
the company without having your
character attacked and I’ve experienced
this personally without being called a

sexist or racist or trans Fobo
Islamophobic you can’t have
conversations about those kind of
anything that’s a tenet of the social
justice ideology effectively without

having without being attacked personally
and you know the real concerning thing
that’s happening here is that you know
even though this is a minority of
employees in the company unfortunately
I’m not sure that Facebook leadership

knows how to push back against them and
like like I said they’re unbelievably
belligerent demanding and hostile not
just toward other employees but toward
the Facebook leadership directly and my
real concern is whether they can push

back I believe it I so believe this
there’s no doubt about it
believe they’re frozen over there they
don’t know what to do with their own
employees that’s because these people
have learned from the PlayBook how’d it

be this way and they’re in there making
trouble this is what happened at
Evergreen the colleges that enrollments
down the Evergreen and some of these

larger institutions where you’re going
there you’re you’re not working for them
but you’re you’re giving them money to
teach you this is where these schools
are blowing it cuz you what you do is
you fire it you’ve not fire but you you

you expel students that are causing
trouble at the college right and then
you have them explain to their parents
why they still have your money and the
kid is now living at home without

getting an education they can deal with
that that’s the way to do it you send
all these kids back home expelled from
of all schools Evergreen which is a good
kind of a school it doesn’t even have

grades usually you could you’d it stops
it’ll stop it but in a and I think in a
company you can do the same thing if you
took a firm hand just kind of thing
where you call somebody a racist if you

called somebody a racist as grounds for
firing it’s just that simple but not
just that there they are in control of
the algorithms they’re in control of the
the trending policies the

locking policies and there’s you know
it’s like a bunch it’s like a it’s it’s
subversive they’ve got to get these
people out of out of these companies and
they’re all but even if they having the
people in there or not

you just cannot define hate speech
you know these definitions are ways the
only reason the hate speech thing even
came up in the first place is because of
these sjw’s in the company everything is

sexist everything is racist everything
is homophobic and you have to point it
all out just a little drop I found you
know hate speech is illegal though you

know that right well I know it’s illegal
and in England illegal in New York
how do you do that well you know we can
say I hate you

well we had a tussle in in Manhattan the
proud boy is against aunty Fah did you
see any of this in this so of course not
this fighting yeah it was pretty big

news in New York and I think I think
just what I saw it looked like you don’t
want to mess with some of these guys who
are wearing Magga hats man people
getting getting pummeled and you know

you come up as a Anti Fog larper and it
doesn’t never ends well I never seen
ending well for the people with the face
masks so anyway it worked were it ended
well in Berkeley yet with fire well

Cuomo did a conference call with I guess
the local the local party in New York
and discussed a little bit of this and I
clip some for you in New York we see the

number of anti-semitic attacks increase
why because he has increased and Bheema
nation demonizing differences deema

nation baby has increased and that’s
what this is they’re desperate they’re
coming into the midterms they’re afraid

they’re going to lose so they’re going
to the playbook interesting how we were
just talking about the playbook yet
there’s Cuomo blaming people for the

playbook create chaos
haha spread fear spread hate isn’t that
exactly what CNN does that’s what they
did it was not a coincidence to bring

the proud boys into Manhattan at this
point when the president was on the
campaign stump preaching the same gospel

so what’s he talking about well here
comes payoff coming politics aside I’m
governor of the state of New York that’s

a great statement isn’t it politics
aside I’m the political leader that’s
pretty much what he said right that was
good yeah so politics aside I’m governor
of the state of New York

we will not tolerate hate speech it is
not protected it is illegal there you go
we will investigate it to be foolish

there you go hate speech is illegal this
news to me and he said it right after
you says I’m the governor of New York
and hate speech is illegal I think it
makes it illegal I think it sounds more

like a dictator to me then Trump does
thank you
so these social justice warriors that
get themselves into all kinds of binds

and once in a while there’s this would
this is a funny story it’s a very short
clip this is the old Casa in Israel
valid visa because they throw in this
valid visa true this is a woman who just
a few months back was an anti Israeli

protester she decides she wants to go to
school in Israel and they say now out
you can’t come in okay this is kind of
the way the story in Susan is a very

propagandistic we presented story in
Israel a detained American graduate
student has asked the Israeli Supreme
Court to reverse an expulsion order and
let her stay in the country prosecutors

argue that Lara al-qasim supported a
boycott against Israel and is still a
threat the Florida native appeared in a
Jerusalem court today her lawyer said

the 22 year old activist days are behind
her if she was an activist in the past
that pass was 18 months ago everything
in the record indicates that she’s not
that same person that she’s come to

Israel in violation actually of the
academic boycott and of the economic
boycott because she’s going to be living
and breathing and living her day-to-day
life in Israel kasam has been detained

in Israel for two weeks after arriving
on a valid student visa
I took the valid student visa things
make it may sound just sketchy why
should there’s a maze of Aled of student

visa she’s there the thing that got me
about this report is that 18 months ago
this woman says she was a different
person when we just got off a Brett
Kavanaugh trial where they’re talking

about 30 years ago first it’s got to be
the same from 30 years ago but this
woman has changed she’s obviously a
troublemaker who needs to go to she’s a
graduate soon she needed to get some

credits and turns out that Israel’s
where she has to go and and I still
think she I think that every didn’t they
should just throw her out because what
you gotta do you can’t do a knuckle on

no get out you’re already got 18 months
ago is not long enough five years ago
maybe you got to throw the troublemakers
out you got to do
so who goes first here yes

who do we kick out of America we gotta
throw kick some troublemakers out you
can’t really do that huh you kick him
out of your company and kick him out of
the schools you can kick him out of this

and that but you can’t make you can’t
kick him out of the country unless
they’re not dish and be here right so
what do you think about this Mayflower
showers you know this this leaker that

got busted oh the one who was in the
special Crimes Division of play the clip
you will talk about it a senior official
at the US Treasury Department has been

charged with leaking confidential
documents about suspects charged in
Special Counsel Robert Muller’s
investigation Nataly Mayflower sours
Edwards worked in the department’s

Financial Crimes enforcement Network she
allegedly leaked banking information
about Paul Manafort Rick Gates and
others to an unnamed reporter for the
online news site BuzzFeed okay couple

things first of all BuzzFeed y-yeah
BuzzFeed has gotten some unbelievable

scoops in in the past two years they
were the first ones that had the the the
P P P P tape report you know right it
does Wow I mean if you’re working at the

Southern District of New York in the
Financial Crimes Unit and you’re going
to leak something is BuzzFeed the first
thing that comes to mind or is there
something going on with BuzzFeed that

we’re not realizing
a couple of possibilities one BuzzFeed
is a is a front for yes spook outfit
that’s what I’m thinking yeah yes spook

outfit and they would take anything
everything or they’re part of the whole
scheme this thing is a spook operation I
mean which is a possibility because this
woman and her four names I don’t know is
anyone ever seen a picture of her I mean

I did some deep searches as she got a
Facebook account I don’t know maybe I
haven’t found it she’s not on LinkedIn
that I can tell but the trouble is she’s
got Natalie Edwards is really her name
which is like there’s a million of those

right the whole thing is that’s sketchy
and I read the complaint it’s kind of
yeah I I read the complaint – I was
actually wasn’t there someone else who

also there was a story a while back it
was someone else who was involved with
the Southern District of New York it was
a wife of someone it’s coming back to me
I’m looking at being at dot IO let me

see if it’s in our show notes search
anywhere hmm don’t you remember that
there was something vaguely it maybe I
don’t know if anything to do with this
the Moller investigation but this is
like the whole thing is this is just

kind of played as a there’s a one-shot
now it’s been kind of suppressed as a
story yeah very very suspicious about
this particular story well I’m more
suspicious of BuzzFeed that that’s what

I’m looking at now they’re getting way
too many scoops and why why are people
going to them yeah I thought yeah you’re
right if I had a Busan and then you know
then they had this kind of dubious

encryption they were going back and
forth with the report or whoever it is
and this woman and but then they caught
her anyway which I don’t think it’s that
difficult to do with some of these

people they’re not professional moles um
I don’t know I just find the whole thing
to be fishy yeah I was hoping the trawl
room would know who who that was

all right well we can go into the next
item yes what do you have no I know what
I had oh I had a great piece let me see

where it is that let me run this one
which is you brought it up earlier and I
want to get out of the way you said well
what’s that you know to get the
clearances ended what can trump do that

why can’t he get the redacted mammoth
ice a memo release and all the rest this
may be some a little a little insight
into that this is the Hillary gives up

her security clearance clip also
breaking tonight word from the apartment
that Hillary Clinton is surrendering her
top-secret security clearance it comes
in the wake of her handling or

mishandling of classified information in
the now-infamous email server scandal
trace Gallagher is following this
breaking story just heard about from the
State Department the last couple of
hours he’s live in a West Coast newsroom
good evening trace good evening at this

all goes back of course to the State
Department’s ongoing review of the
mishandling of classified information
related to Hillary Clinton’s use of a
private email server and it also kind of
gives you an idea of how slow some

things move in government because almost
a year and a half ago the chair of the
Senate Judiciary Committee Republican
Chuck Grassley sent the letter to the
State Department asking about the status

of Hillary Clinton’s security clearance
in that letter Grassley stated that any
government workers who possibly engaged
in such serious offenses would at the
very minimum have their security

clearances suspended pending an
investigation well three weeks ago the
State Department finally responded to
Senator Grassley’s 2017 letters saying
quoting here at her request former
secretary Clinton’s security clearance

was administratively withdrawn on August
30th 2018 the letter went on to say that
on September 20th the security
clearances of five other Clinton
researchers had also been revoked

only Clinton aide Cheryl Mills was
listed the other four names were
redacted of course at the time of the
probe Hillary Clinton was running for
president and no charges were filed this
summer president trump revoked the

security clearance of former CIA
director John Brennan and at the time
the White House said it was reviewing
the clearances
of several other people so about 17
months after Grassley sent the letter he

finally got her response from the State
Department okay so this makes me assume
that Brennan still has a security
clearance you think that it makes it
it’s just imaginary isn’t imaginary

thing people talk I have a new list for
us I haven’t actually started a dot HTM
page but this is a good list
this is journalists and people in the

news business who are board members so
board of directors for Soros funded
outfits whoa yeah I thought you’d like

this I want this I want a web page up
okay you’re gonna have to do the dot HTM
but would you like to go through a few
just so we have them totally okay Center
for Public Integrity this is them

there’s not like a conspiracy theory
that George Soros and his OSI are big
funders of this so this is not this is
pure you know this is fact fact fact
fact fact it’s pure fact okay on the

board of directors for Center for Public
Integrity Christiane Amanpour from CNN
they were actually like is also on the
council for Foreign Relations oh yes

Arianna Huffington
Jennifer Lee New York Times reporter we
I see Matt Thompson editorial product

manager at NPR and the pointer Institute
then we have the Advisory Council
michelle norris host of NPR’s all things
considered charles pillar senior

investigative reporter for the
Sacramento Bee Ben Sherwood ABC News
president former Good Morning America
executive producer at the Center for
Investigative Reporting also at least

partially funded by George Soros board
directors Phil Bronstein of course the
Hearst Newspapers
David Boardman executive editor senior
vice president of the Seattle Times

George Oster comp producer for CBS News
Board of Advisors we have la albergue
minh producer correspondent for PBS
series frontline Sarah Cohen a night
professor of practice of journalism

public policy Duke University lend our
vice president former executive editor
of Washington Post Elizabeth Farnsworth
special correspondent for PBS Newshour
now Seymour Hersh is listed on here as a

staff writer for the New York which he
is no longer we have without wheels have
been a staff writer for The New Yorker
for years Raul Ramirez executive

director KQED a news and public affairs
director Susan Stamberg special
correspondent NPR Judy Woodruff
co-anchor of PBS Newshour at ProPublica

another and heavily funded Soros outfit
board of directors
I know journalism advisory board Jill
Abramson executive director editor of
the New York Times

David Boardman executive editor of the
Seattle Times John as Carol former
editor of the Los Angeles Times
Baltimore Sun David Gergen senior
political analyst see and then I can go
on and on and on this list is so

yeah they’re all on boards yeah
that shouldn’t even I mean how can you
be an impartial journalist if you’re
even in a club at any club certainly

Council on Foreign Relations but any of
these clubs it just doesn’t seem like
something you should be doing is there
are than he is there any guidelines that
you come from this world or the journos

but there’s only guidelines within
specific publications the New York Times
for example have a guideline for its
reporters that you can’t take a free
t-shirt as a gratuity just as a hey have

a t-shirt right now right then they have
guidelines and they have a book of them
and I think Wall Street Journal has a
kind of a book of guidelines which I

actually have a copy of tell somewhere
okay and but general but in terms of no
there is no legal or ethical there’s not
like Evan most of the journal uh if

there’s a journalistic organization that
tends to just follow whatever the New
York Times if there are organizations
that are actively promoting
demonstrations and other types of action

and you’re on the board or an advisory
board that seems like that’s a conflict
it is a conflict okay what seems like I
should probably say it in your report
you know the way the news organizations

yeah by the way I’m mister is a division
of our CBS operation there will the BBC
they don’t need George Soros to be going
full new order new world order a

struggle for Europe’s identity is
underway Europe now has to wake up the
rise of populism and nationalism partly
in response to migration of threatens
the existing European order

from the streets to the corridors of
power pin ISM rather than policy is the
undisputed vote a season of in-depth

coverage on Europe’s identity crisis on
BBC World News those guys are the best
yeah they are the best I agree they do a

very good job I love watching BBC
America – all those little things bunch
of globalists every one of them we are
not no we are not globalists no we’re

local ist’s that local ists so consider
your local podcast corner when you are
considering helping out this type of

work you can do that at Dvorak dot org
slash na I very much look forward to
Sunday’s show because these days you
really don’t know what’s gonna take
place but we’ll try and deconstruct it

for you we’ll do our best
and until then coming to you from
downtown Austin Texas capital of the
drones star states we are in FEMA region
number six and all governmental maps in
the five by nine clue do

in the common law condo in the morning
everybody I’m Adam curry and from
northern Silicon Valley where I don’t
have all those descriptors I’m just who
I am

I’m John C Dvorak we return on Sunday
right here on no agenda remember us at
Dvorak org slash na until then
adios mofos

flying over Afghanistan or maybe it was

Pakistan I promised myself to a myself
that every woman child and man that was
on my list I don’t care if I missed I

remote control I do what I’m told by
someone at a computer Obama gave me a

more than bush and I cost millions I was
supposed to target terrorists but not so
much civilians I don’t know what to say
whoops um got in my way a drone again

but you own again

whoa-ho ooh Pocahontas is it offensive
you tell me
whoo-hoo Bogardus Elizabeth Warren

whoo-hoo Pocahontas Pocahontas Elizabeth
Warren she took the DNA test turns out

that she’s even less Indian the average
white American she said she was a woman
of color I think the colors white I’m
gonna take a day in into so she’s less
than 1/10 of 1% I think I can beat her

at various times that are clear this
warrant been identified as a Native
American she was listed in various law
school faculty directories in the 1980s
and 90s as a quote Native American

American Indian she is as white as a
ghost of a polar bear after a devil’s
Legion the snow star the president likes
to call my mom a liar and you DNA
DNA diesel estimative american then they

allow for standard deviations of lead in
your tap water
congratulations little boy you’ve
essentially proven that you are the
whitest person in a matter what is it
duck so ninety nine point forty four

ninety-nine point nine there’s gonna be
real responsibility
we’re so
DNA DNA I will give you a million

dollars I thank you I thank you pop I
think you’ve got it I would give you a

million now he cheated his way to
getting richer oh yes oh yes I’m gonna
get one of those little kids she’s less
than 1/10 of 1% I think I mean Bader I

think I can beat her crazy up wants to
call my mom a liar I like it
no liar I’ve taken it in the results
gonna be revealed here I’ll only do it
if I can gesture personally this is my

trunk moment did fine 5 segments a
Native American ancestry with very high
it’s like if your house is on fire

calling an arsonist fire fury I think I
can Vader I think I can meet her now
wanted to say no enemy in body I have my

list and you might want to see the same
thing I left that this is the trunk
rotation and his two categories is
irregular and then there’s the criminal
but here we go ready yeah white
supremacist racist mentally immature

Russian agent narcissist mean long ties
insane tweets too much small hands all
penis big red button criminal me racist

runs the mom has no money unstable
239 pounds bankrupt 25th amendment

should be instituted geez women
misogynist Bulls grudges forever placed
doleful on obstruction of justice
money-laundering in the cloud no wonder

we’re making America right again oboe kids will continue

to be poisoned