No Agenda Episode 1079 “Expando-Vision”

are they gonna prop him up like Obama
Adam curry Jhansi Devorah this is your
award-winning Gitmo Nation Media
assassination episode ten guys is no
agenda from the Capitol the drug star

state here in downtown Austin Tate house
in the clue do in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry man from northern Silicon

Valley where I can assure you as some
authority that most Dijon mustard sold
in the United States has stale I stepped
all over you with you when so long I

like what are you doing
hello you took if you did a time
analysis of how long I go it’s so short
I figured once in a whi I could say
something more than the normal nothing

well I’m sorry just to do this for me
say I’m John C Dvorak I’m John see to
work you’ll never hear it in the final
mix it’ll sound perfect I promise now

what was this about mustard most is John
mustard sold in the United States is
stale oh it has not none of that if you
go to France and have Dijon mustard I

don’t care where you get it it’s got a a
bite oh but what happened what happened
did you get a nasty Dijon no I was just
thinking about it because I noticed that
some recently within the last six months

Costco brought a bunch of Maile Dijon
mustard in a two pack of the regular hot
Dijon and some and that that giant

old-fashioned stuff with the big grains
big mustard seeds yeah and when you went
to buy it you bought if you bought it
when it came in because it was a good
deal it was the real deal it was a hot

Dijon mustard it was just enough you
know it was just really going right
through your nose it was like wasabi and
a month later if you went back to get
another batch of by then it was already

lost that pungency it just goes away
it’s an outrage it oxidizes so fast or
whatever I think it was probably
slightly our cutting dies when they
shifted over but okay okay

I can’t buy a good bottle of Dijon
mustard United States I have to
interject with the show business story
back in the day mtv days when I had

money I had a rolls-royce Silver Shadow
I bought a secondhand but it was it
was it was in you only had 7,000 miles
huh perfect I drove it a deal yeah drove

it into Manhattan every single day and
this was the time I don’t remember the
commercial on television there would be
two rolls-royce’s parked next to each
other and the guy in the back the window
would go down and what what would he say

did you have any Grey Poupon
pardon me ed you have any Grey Poupon so
I had of course every douchebag on route
3 you know the going into the tunnel
would honk good man you got any Grey

Poupon and I would open my glovebox and
why yes I do and I had my Grey Poupon
right there yeah well Grey Poupon of
course there’s a which was first

introduced the United States but Hugh
blind is not Grey Poupon from France it
was they licensed the name and they made
a kind of a brown mustard that is very
mild in last time I look that could be

wrong they may have changed it but in
Canada the Grey Poupon is actually made
in France and it gets it is the Dijon
mustard when trying to it I heard that

San Francisco is now the king of making
the poop on all right hey John it’s been
quite a few days and I think I think
we’re getting closer to understanding

the ashabi mysteries well I have a
number of clips including I think a
pretty good roundup uh-huh already one
of my clips is just a roundup on there a

good I’ve got an update wrap says
nothing about round rally Rock would be
a Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor said
18 Saudi nationals were arrested
including the men who were present when

khashoggi died but the new version of
events that The Washington Post
columnist was killed as the result of a
quote brawl shortly after he arrived at
the consulate is being widely questioned

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said
quote still nothing has been clarified
about Khashoggi x’ death and quote we
demand to know what happened
Merkle’s involved with this now what why
why is she all of a sudden in this convo

why should I know it’s ridiculous
members of Congress from both parties
also dismissed the Saudi government’s
latest version of what happened the
ranking Democrat on the US House

Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff
tweeted that the claim was quote not at
all credible if he was fighting with
those sent to capture or kill him it was
for his life Republican Senator Rand

Paul tweeted quote what they did was
unacceptable and I call on my colleagues
in Congress to join me in denouncing
their behavior and changing how we treat
them a senior official of turkeys ruling

party said today that Turkey would never
quote allow a cover-up of this crime
Judea warmed up turkey will not let this
ugly frightening inhumane case go which
was against humanity Turkish officials

have said that they have audio evidence
that Khashoggi was deliberately killed
and dismembered yesterday President
Trump was asked if he thought the Saudis
knew explanation was credible I do I do
I mean it’s again it’s early we haven’t

finished our review or investigation but
it’s I think it’s a very important first
step and it happened sooner than people
thought it would happen I think we need

to play the jingle
this is one of the better ones John

because we have their of course
khashoggi x’
disappearance killing dismemberment
whatever it is is the distraction from
from what this is really about and this

is very big on a on a grand political
scale what’s taking place here I’m not
sure Trump was ready for this because
the main the main thing first of all
let’s just step back so boohoo Saudi

Arabia killed a Saudi in on their own
turf which is an embassy is is in Saudi
Arabia there’s no jurisdiction from any
other country over that the country that

stones women the heads people kills them
most of the 9/11 hijackers were from
Saudi Arabia no now we have to get
outraged so obviously there’s something

else going on in the background and it’s
much easier than background and the main
and I’ll just give you the main to two
pieces is we have the US and Saudi

Arabia doing a number of things mainly
preparing to supply oil and be continued
to supply oil and gasoline oil products

to the world while on November 3rd the
full-on sanctions for Iran go into
effect blocking Iran from trading oil
through US dollars in US payment systems

and of course we have China and Russia
and whole bunch of countries who would
like to participate in oil trade with
Iran and if we somehow get in a spat
with the Saudis and they either stop oil

production or set it at 300 dollars a
barrel or whatever could happen or may
not happen
that gives the European Union who I’m
looking at in this case free license to

go and get oil from Iran which they are
already in discussions in fact was it
when I get this report confirmation
Europe is finalizing the mechanism for

cooperation for buying oil and oil
products from Iran so and this seems to
um as always about oil turf and there’s

always a hooker in there well well first
of all I gotta call you on the
distraction of the week it’s not a
distraction if it has if it’s
politically motivated to actually

accomplish something this is more no I’m
saying the distraction is the killing
but okay I’ll give you that it doesn’t
matter it’s just it’s it’s distracting

everyone from looking at what’s really
going on let me put it that way does
that make sense
it is I believe that’s true but it but
at the same time it does have a purpose
now I looked into this Khashoggi guy as
deep as I could go the deeper you go the

more sketchy this guy is let’s just say
I need a LARP tintin do a story on him
because that will be for the no agenda
show the official pronunciation I cannot

everybody please record al Sharpton as
often as possible we need to get his
pronunciation of Christianity still got
that once a week show now khashoggi
spoke on behalf and at the Council on

Foreign Relations that gives you any
idea of where he me maybe allied but he
did this nine months after 9/11
bana was on c-span and what he said

himself is not so interesting he’s a
he’s not very as certainly in 2002 was
when this c-span thing took place or
this event for the Council on Foreign

Relations took place that was broadcast
on c-span
he’s his English is not very good and
certainly he has to have someone must be
rewriting his his articles from back in

that period but what I found interesting
was his introduction by the then editor
of the wash executive editor of The
Washington Post ouap ouap ouap ah so
again this is 2002 nine months after

9/11 and he introduced good Jamal
khashoggi and read a number of excerpts
from his articles at the time which I
think really sets the stage as to who

this guy was what he was writing about
and why would anyone be so in love with
him I thought that I would get things
going by reading a few provocative

quotations from our guest and then turn
it over to him the first is from a piece
that doesn’t have a date on it but it’s
in the last few months you should begun
began that’s why Americans want

unconditional condemnation of the
horrible attacks that happened in their
skies and on their land they also want
total cooperation in their fight against
terror according to their own definition
of what terrorism is and exactly who the

terrorists are but Saudi Arabia will not
give in to such demands Saudis tend to
link the ugliness of what happened in
New York and Washington with what has
happened and continues to happen in

Palestine this time that the United
States comes to understand the effect of
its foreign policy and the consequences
of that policy but unfortunately such
rationalization is still not part of
American reality you feel where he’s

coming from he’s basically he’s like hey
man you want you want to blame on she
want to blame the Saudis but look about
your door with Israel and Palestine
that’s what that’s what his message has
been consistently or a piece from The

Daily Star what is the daily stuff a
little beneath daily oh yes of course I
know that from January 15th an excerpt
it has been clear for some time that the

Bush administration is inexperienced in
foreign affairs in fact had it not been
for the 9/11 attacks the Bush
administration would have liked nothing
better than to isolate itself from the
rest of the world altogether even after

it declared its war on terror the
administration didn’t seem to have a
coherent idea of its objectives
the Americans have also been relying on
advice from the Israelis who view the
Arab Muslim world from the extremely

narrow perspective of their own
interests while such an approach is
certainly not in the interests of a
global power with wide-ranging relations
such as the United States we cannot but
resign ourselves to this fact in trying

to cut our losses the best way we can so
long as the Americans are happy with
this bizarre situation the last another
paragraph from the same piece September

11th made matters worse in Saudi America
Malaysia’s the attacks provoked a
torrent of hate for Saudi Arabia from US
opinion shapers that couldn’t but
influence the American public I happen
to believe that the aim of this anti

Saudi campaign wasn’t to further
American interests but to absolve Israel
and the blind Americans support for the
Jewish state of responsibility for what
happened on September 11
did he just blame Israel for 9/11 did he
just blame Israel sounds like it I found

that expressing this opinion greatly
angers u.s. columnist
explain it away his implicit support for
the crimes committed on that day so you
can see our guest as though Amanda’s

Chai’s away from telling us what he
thinks so you know I wish it would have
cut into the part where he it gives it
says his name the the editors name no
the editor says I like to introduce

Khashoggi is Jose Dior he says Khashoggi
he says Khashoggi but khashoggi himself
was not that interesting he’s just going

on droning at the thing
we another part of our deal with Saudi
Arabia is actually what Jared Kushner is
doing Jared Kushner who is this is very
funny if you see what they’re saying

about him he was working directly with
MBs with muhammad bin salam working
directly with him to come up with to
figure out the two-state solution

between Israel and Palestine so the and
that’s why Trump was always so confident
talking about well you know it’s a tough
thing that that would be the biggest
deal in the world to do and you know and
then he appointed Jared to be a part of

that and we had strengthened our
relationship with the Saudis which I
think it soured a little bit when Trump
went to talk at the UN and said hey OPEC
you’re not holding to our deal you were

supposed to keep these prices down at a
normal level and you know obviously
they’re not at the level Trump would
like to him to see or anybody for that
matter but it seems like a lot of this

comes back to the to the Palestine
Israel agreement back to 2002 when
Khashoggi was writing about it then and
just I’ll take this little side route

about Jared Kushner knowing that that’s
what he’s been doing well that’s what
we’ve been told he’s been doing here was
a Texas representative yo Kean Castro
from San Antonio talking about what

Kushner may have what his involvement
may have been in this koshugi affair I
know papi that there’s been a lot of
discussion about this there’ll be more
discussion on CNN and all the other

networks today let me get to the point
that I think is most disturbing right
now the reporting that Jared Kushner may
have with US intelligence delivered a
hit list an enemies list to the Crown

Prince to NBS in Saudi Arabia and that
the Prince then may have acted on that
and one of the people that he took
action against as mr. kesaji we don’t
have I just want to be clear for our

viewers we do not have that reporting
I’m not sure when where you’re getting
there has been reporting to that effect
sure I’ve seen reporting to that effect
sure but she’s are long and short of it
is that that needs to be investigated

this entire the entire timeline of what
happened of any sharing of American
intelligence with us
and how they may have used that
intelligence needs to be investigated by

the Intelligence Committee in the house
and in the second blah blah blah
I just thought it was funny that oh yeah
yeah he put a he gave a MBS a hit list
kill this guy yeah that’s where that’s
Jared Kushner alright I can see him

doing that well I think it’s a Bernese
investigating is where that story comes
about because this guy this is Texas
Castro yeah yeah yeah he’s on the
Intelligence Committee the House

Intelligence Committee so he would be
privy to some screwy stuff and he may be
justified you sure that’s this guy who
was on the Intelligence Committee yeah I
see him I thought it was heard
maybe I’m wrong okay the hurt isn’t

heard the replies heard a Republican I
yes you’re right herds the Republican
spook yeah
yeah this guy is the Democrat and he’s
spewing this weird stuff now and I mean

she pushes back against which I thought
was kind of interesting which is here’s
here’s where I need help so clearly

someone wanted to muck at the way I see
it someone wanted to muck up the
us-saudi relationship we there’s a lot
of Palestine love Indiana in in our
government there’s there’s definitely

still a lot of Iran love and our
government remember who our government
made a huge deal under Obama with the
the Iranian regime so somewhere yeah and
I why no one’s saying of the Russians

did it or someone’s in you know somehow
someone’s involved in make a Trump was
not ready for you can see it he’s like
all crap how do I do this well maybe
we’ll maybe you can get away with the
arresting people and all my certain my

advisor and you know the as we talked
about the old man the the king is now
looking at should I keep this kid here
or get someone else in there’s rumors
that he may be out but this was a big

play by someone and it it might work
well I think they’re still gonna pin it
on the one of the intelligence guys in

the Saudi government and they’re gonna
hang a few of them yeah and and that
will be the what does they’ll be taking
one for the team
but that’s bin Salman does he survive

this because he’s got I think he’s got a
lot of enemies in Saudi Arabia yeah and
he has his whole family you know he’s
not the guy that they thought were gonna
run the place and I’m sure there’s you

know siblings and other creeps around
the palace intrigue sort of thing that
we read about or watch when you watch
the Game of Thrones or something like

that you get this sense that this kind
of thing is going all the time and I
think you’re right I think trump was
flat-footed um I’m sure they’re having
meetings about this constantly because
it’s addition to Trump’s preoccupied

with it with the arms deal he thinks
that’s yeah but probably the problem is
that the the house triggered the
Magnitsky Act letter and Trump has to

respond within 120 days I think is that
the thing is long enough for him to
figure something out they would want to
do about this but the idea is is to
block Saudi Arabia to blunt it caused a

rift between the US and Saudi Arabia
which hey I don’t like these fuckers
either but it but it doesn’t seem like
it’s gonna do good for anybody if that

happens except for the Europeans who
will get cheap oil I mean maybe mi6 is
doing this maybe the the UK it wants the
deal with Iran I don’t know someone
wants the deal with Iran to go through

for the EU and China and Russia and we
know it’s not the Trump White House
that’s what it seems to be there’s that
everything else is unimportant yet why
the Russians haven’t been implicated

this has got rush this I think more I
think it’s less likely that’s mi6
because they’re still dealing with this
brexit mess yeah I agree huh and you
have Russia’s Russia is them and and

they benefit greatly it seems to me
and Putin yes and Putin just came out
over the weekend saying well and I’ve
asked a couple of our Russian producers

to check authenticity of what he said to
me but I what I’ve received so far is it
looks like it was hizo Americas and it’s
a sunset you know there that the end of
their of their power it’s diminishing

and you know this will be all over soon
that was the gist of what Putin said so
it seems like that comes at a good time
so yeah you know this would be an
opportune time to say it was the
Russians who at least made this a big

deal why they knew our news media which
is also anti-russian yeah all of a
sudden is now like giving him a pass on
this and not even mentioning the

possibilities it seems as they don’t
even want to speculate and then
speculate about everything yes but yeah
won’t speculate about this because and
and they keep referring to him as you

saw in the rap report he’s only referred
to as Washington Post columnist no no
journalists they have the gauls to call
him a journalist they’re journalists ya

know he’s a columnist a blogger a
blogger and he’s been staunchly
anti-american since the 2002 when he
started telling us to shut up well let’s
play the other two clips I have about

him they’re both short I’m gonna play
the shortest one first because I’m
thinking first of all who does Amnesty
International think they are has to do
what they’re doing here play this
khashoggi amnesty amnesty International

is calling on Saudi Arabia to
immediately turn over the remains of
Jamal khashoggi to an independent
autopsy the human rights group says that
the Saudi government’s new explanation

that the us-based journalist died after
a fistfight in the South Econ salute in
Istanbul is not credible US allies and
lawmakers also have doubts
let’s hear some audio for a second I’d

like to hear the dismemberment audio
please for $400 dollars
no I just what this clip is about it’s
about who doesn’t understand
international what do they get demanding

this and demanding why don’t we do it no
agenda show demands that the remains of
the pieces of the show be central Austin
Texas Legislature in Austin Texas we

need to know what’s going on we need all
the pieces and we need an Ikea assembly
manual to put them back together and

also no one no one is really talking
about Turkey who seemed to be completely
believable all of a sudden yeah yet
Turkey yeah we should trust those guys
they’re completely independent in the

first rap report that we play at the
beginning the turkeys was mentioned in
there so I’m not gonna let this happen
and they’re gonna get to the bottom and
Oliver not you did reference a point the

Saudi Council it is sovereign territory
for Saudi Arabia you can’t just go
barging in there they can do whatever
with and they can do whatever they want

whatever the laws of Saudi Arabia are
they can implement their and as you
could you could technically I mean
technically I mean in theory or in
reality the Turks could surround a

bust through the door and go in there
and do an investigation and then that
would result in the Turkish embassy from
Saudi Arabia being shipped out of there
I mean would cause international a

problem I mean or you know it’s what
happened to all we had a council it in
Iran in 1979 that got raided so that
means you can do it but technically you

can’t do it and so I don’t understand
what the Turks are what they’re all this
well they’re Bigfoot and where is the
tape you know that that’s the part that
it will go down in history as they

recorded it and no one will ever heard
it it’ll never be broadcast because it
likely doesn’t exist although I would
think that if you have an embassy in
Turkey and you’re the Saudi embassy that

thing is bugged and that’s the kind of
tape they’re talking about here’s NPR
about Turkey despite last night’s
revelations there are still many many
questions about this whole episode
including what possible goal the Saudis

could have had and
Turkey’s role in all of this Turkey has
been a key source of both leaked and
public information but as our next guest
points out that country’s human rights
record is no better than Saudi Arabia’s

mr. Cordes Minh thanks so much for
talking with us a pleasure you pointed
out that turkeys human rights record is
no different or no better really than
Saudi Arabia’s when it comes to

suppressing dissent suppressing media
criticism so first of all is it fair to
assume that the details that we’ve been
getting so far from the Turkish media
and other sources came with the approval
of the Turkish government if that’s the

case what’s Turkey’s role on this what’s
their agenda in this well I think it’s
hard to be precise but Turkey is
actively competing with Saudi Arabia for
influence in the Middle East in the Arab

world so what we’re looking at is a
country that has every reason to try to
sort of reduce the Saudi profile and
influence in the region and that

includes ties to the United States
because Turkey’s relations with the US
have become increasingly bad because of
the authoritarian shift under Article in

the State Department cursory reports on
Human Rights they’re discouraging for
the whole region you have three
countries with something approaching a
decent record Jordan in particular but

Morocco and Tunisia as well what Saudi
Arabia has been found I think to have
been doing is almost standard operating
procedure for virtually every country in

the area and certainly if you look at
the numbers for Turkey its arrested
detained and disappeared far more people
in the last two years than Saudi Arabia

we should totally believe them
they sound legit
here’s the clip with hot this is the
last film except by at last clip this

Khashoggi is the Holly Williams reporter
who was around 1 o’clock in the morning
local time when Saudi Arabia finally
changed its story
admitting after nothing but angry

denials that veteran journalist and
Washington Post columnist Gemara Shoji
had died inside the Saudi consulate in
Istanbul Turkey he walked in apparently

to get some official paperwork on
October 2nd and was killed according to
the new Saudi account after getting into
a fight and a quarrel 18 Saudi nationals

have been arrested by their government
and several officials have been fired
including the former deputy head of
intelligence Ahmed Al Asiri thought to
have been close to Saudi Arabia’s

powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin
Salman Saudi Arabia’s new version of
events has left many deeply unconvinced
including her Shoji’s longtime friend

Turin cush Luxur was he the kind of man
who would walk into the Saudi Arabian
consulate and get involved in a fight
Jamal I think he was not confide

anything you know her Shoji’s fiance
hata jay jingis said today in a tweet
may God have mercy on you my beloved

her Shoji had become an outspoken critic
of the crown prince he’d been living in
self-imposed exile in the US since last
year over fears for his safety

I really I really don’t know I mean I
really like the the Putin angle because
so many things are just happening
coincidentally Putin comes out right at
this moment says all America is on the

way down it’s not gonna happen at the
very moment where the EU isn’t is
finalizing negotiations with Iran and
you know that the only way the u.s.
stops Iranian oil sales is by blocking

them from payment networks the banks etc
you just can’t transfer your dollars but
I think this is maybe that’s what Putin
is talking about if we if the relations
between us and the Saudis really sours

when it comes to the oil we’re going to
see oil traded is already being traded
in Euros but it’s going to be a lot of
euros and the European Union is not our

friend in this there are they’re doing
deals while this is taking place and yes
that benefits Russia benefits China
doesn’t benefit us and we can’t replace
Saudis oil with anything cheaper can we

we didn’t we have no way to do that we
have our own oil we can do whatever who
went back to coal we wouldn’t have to
worry about it yeah but I’m just saying
we there isn’t currently no no mechanism

to replace what we import with with our
own stuff it’s just not happening that
so d is as something like 10% of the

world’s supply now that the funny thing
is there is a report that I read and I
didn’t get a clip or anything somebody
sent it one of our producers sent it in
it was a news report about the fact that

apparently there’s something like 10
million there’s there’s a number of
tankers full of oil floating around
getting ready some high some Island

they’re just sitting there waiting to be
dumped on the market because the price
of oil has been creeping up and this is
actually this could be oil speculators I
mean I like that so it would go what a

hundred plus hundred dollars a barrel
price that would be the idea yeah to get
it to a hundred cuz if you can get to a
hundred you really I mean that’s gonna

put a crimp on everything yeah but you
not if you’re investing and you’re going
your long oil I mean there’s all these
leverage deals you can do that that will
get you you know ten to one on your

investment don’t know I got I got a very
thoughtful note from the UK it was now
the one thing that is emitted from every

single report which I think was the
first thing we talked about is the name
Khashoggi to old straight white guys
like Adam and John this conjures up one
image and one image only of that

fantastic yacht adnan khashoggi had off
of the coast of everywhere
if he was the biggest arms dealer and
well-respected arms dealer in the world
yeah and he was highlighted under
lifestyles of the rich and famous and

you know that of course is he is related
is he is related as to Jamal khashoggi
and I got a very thoughtful note from
another one of the cousins who’s in the

UK and he donated $33.33 and that’s how
I got the donation note and I said hey
did you donate this to be anonymous or
can I read it now go ahead and read his

name is Sean the first name only and I
thought this was very interesting Adam
thanks again for the shows but no no
this seems really important but as it’s
headlines good way for us to meet may be

interesting enough for us to have a chat
one day or a pint
we’re with this within this dimension
and then he gives me a little help on
pronouncing khashoggi he says no ID he
has actually he says the Italians do

have a lot more fun with the Khashoggi
name as they really highlight the cash
part of it the italians him back in the
day with cash Auggie
he says the family yacht that Nabila

which of course was Adnan’s yacht he
sold later sold to the Sultan of Brunei
on was Brunei was also owned by Donald

lest we forget remember that trial yet
Trump bought his yacht that huge ma
yacht he never spent 3 million needed
just to change the the the logo was it
stayed it stayed in the B Lea Prince

Walid took the yacht and and then you
know change it appropriately but he said
I’ve been in the headlines all my life
my mom’s divorced my dad’s trials my

cousin’s deaths when we were on trial
with Imelda Marcos in New York the u.s.
pronounced our name the same way as they
do today it’s just wrong I’ve had lots
of positive experiences in the past with

Donald Trump remember this is an odd
this is a Khashoggi family member he was
always kind and good to me although my
dad did make Marla maples cry one time
during dinner because Donald Trump would
always say oh man I want to be like

Adnan he’s got two wives she burst into
tears so now I have two cousins that
have gone out with a bang Jamal and Dodi
I’m like what Dodie Dodie Al Fayed

yes Dodi al-fayed that’s interest who
was his mom
huh a Khashoggi his mom was a khashoggi

so and these are two of his cousins he
ci yeah they’ve both gone out with a
bang I’m certain Donald Trump asked his
team wait a minute was that one of odd

non sons but notice the mainstream press
keeps his name out of the picture he’s
had an intense past and they would want
and they want to use Jamal for reasons
you and John know better than I do I was

in Saudi Arabia the day before all the
Ritz Carlton arrests what was that again
Jon says what is that what was the was
that a big thing that happened yeah erm
you re talking massively in the show

this is when mr. bonesaw decided to
round up 400 of the family members who
had rolled billionaires in their own

right from all kinds of dealings
overseas and locked him up in that
ritz-carlton as a kind of a ersatz
prison and the grill D in every one of
them to find out who was like a traitor

or whatever and then they apparently
coughed up a lot of money to get out
each one of them yes and then he
released them all eventually so our
producer cousin Sean says it’s been
pretty intense since that day and now

the khashoggi is amongst ourselves joke
by saying they’re killing all the circus
Yogi’s this is a great note I really
don’t think NBS realized the weight of

our name so my prediction is he will
step aside very soon look how the world
is pulling away but one of my brothers
thinks that won’t happen so I guess the
bets are on

thanks again for all thanks again for
reading I first small work away okay
thank you very much so I’ve asked him a
few more questions and he will follow up

he seems to be very responsive so this
is this is interesting but this is a the
Khashoggi z– themselves seem to be on
the liberation yeah they’re not they’re
not very happy and they’re being

so and you know that brings us back to
the mob the analogy you know it’s like a
mafia operation in Saudi Arabia huh and

it’s all these family members in the
family of course is the family if you
think about it with the mafia if the
mainstream certainly you know the MSNBC

CNN’s of the world if they did a little
bit of research think I have a field day
with this Wow Trump bought the vodka
show keys boat but they won’t because
they’re desperately protecting Jamal

khashoggi image of this freedom fighter
who lived among us and wrote for a
waffle waffle waffle waffle therefore he
must have been great but he was at very
best as a double agent he was spying on

bringing notes back and forth there’s a
lot of of evidence of that did you read
that the article journalist spy yeah
yeah put a link in the show notes people

should read that and there’s also that
PJ Media article though which is pretty
good yeah there’s a lot of good stuff
out if you want to look for it but it’s
on alternative outlets I mean the
mainstream just doesn’t want to touch it

and I mean they could have a field day
with them with the yacht itself and this
is you know they always mention odd not
in passing as though it’s not really any

connection yeah right and and being able
to tie Doty into it I’m it’s perfect
they eliminated him too didn’t they
hmm so all I like the idea of it being

just pure oil speculation that’s a
really good one cuz gee that’s the
simple one bunch of guys come up with
some plan and then they just wait for a

catalyst and here it is you know some
guy got killed ah screw him well maybe
they’ve been wet maybe they’ve been
lying in wait to undermine this Saudi
deal and why the hell are we still doing
it’s not even for the oil probably I

guess yeah we I know we have a lot of
oil it doesn’t seem like we have the
infrastructure in place to replace
whatever we’re getting right now quickly
but okay but ultimately it’s to screw
something up

that’s would be my guess is to screw
something up and if they were doing it
for the midterms it makes no sense way
too late to do that and ya know this is
ya know I said ya know yeah you know if

you what if you remember the show that
people should always watch this the 13
episodes and then to pull off the air
it was pretty much people in the

background conniving to screw things up
so they could make money how many people
don’t care who dies as long as they can

make money it’s very surprising yeah
there’s that now the arms sale for sure
we can’t let the arm sales go to to
Russia you know that would just make no
sense so we have to keep that deal

I would think well a Trump is doing the
best he can to keep the deal here I was
thinking about this why what difference
does it make
the politics between countries and the
deals between companies

and countries shouldn’t they be separate
I mean Trump is not the one that’s
getting the commission for the deal he’s
not working for Boeing he’s not working

for Lockheed you know he is I mean you
know he literally is he but only as only
as a kind of a frontman reference guide
country sales guy yeah

sales guy but he’s not really a true
sales guy cuz he’s not getting a piece
of it he doesn’t get his 10% commission
he isn’t getting you know anything he
doesn’t even have much keys to hand out
that I know but okay so why can’t we

just say okay we now officially will do
stop do it but we stopped liking the
Saudis officially as our government but
but Boeing still likes them and they can
sell these things and we’re not gonna

stop that from going through Mike well
that’s not true being that’s not true
because every single sale has to be
approved and I believe some of these
above a certain amount have to go
through a governmental approval process

which is not just the president we’ve
seen we’ve seen those those bills our
own government cleared the deal because
we got a bunch of jackasses running the

country that’s why you are all look who
has the money the reason why someone
calls a guy MBS is because they’re
sucking him they love MBS he’s shooting
money everywhere he’s just over

everybody same with the Chinese they’re
giving money to everybody so they’re
against anything that would hurt their
friends so you know ah well this guy I
don’t know is he good easy bad let me

look at my money well there’s too many
parties at play here you just
contradicted the thesis you started well
yes and no because that’s why I said
there’s two sides we there’s the sides

that that desperately want to protect
our sovereignty and this the side that
doesn’t where Hort I have to be

if you screw up the Saudi deal now it
may be very important for some people to
have the israel-palestine thing happen
which I don’t know if that’s even
actually a realm of possibility but I

think there’s a lot of people who want
to help Iran and Russia and China maybe
not Russia but China for sure and Iran
we had a whole administration doing that
just a couple years ago

enemy was in yes now you’re talking
now let’s play this last bit here which
starts with one thing and it has it

actually segues out to we talk about
something else the hectic rap CBS a
Saudi plus other interesting tidbits
which actually are interesting trends

against Saudi Arabia but remains
reluctant to cancel a u.s. arms deal
with the southeast President Trump in
Nevada today said he’s considering
sanctions against South Arabia but
remains reluctant to cancel a u.s. arms

deal with the Saudis here’s Erin Burnett
we find the answer but it was a big
first step it was a good first step
before boarding Air Force One in Nevada

today President Trump responded to Saudi
Arabia’s confirmation of Jamal khashoggi
death expressing hesitation to terminate
a new 110 billion dollar arms deals I
think it’s over a million jobs that’s

not helpful for us to cancel an order
like that that hurts us far more than it
hurts them the president says he would
like to speak to Crown Prince Mohammed
bin Salman a man Republican Senator

Lindsey Graham said was toxic and a
wrecking ball Congress will be involved
in crafting a response to the khashoggi
killing with senior Republicans
suggesting the expulsion of Saudi

diplomats targeted sanctions or
curtailing any future arms sales the
Democrats want to throw open your
borders to deadly drugs and gangs
this week the president has been out

west holding rallies in support of
Republican candidates fighting close
midterm races also in Nevada today is
former Vice President Joe Biden

supporting Democratic candidates and
fueling speculation of a potential 2020
presidential run effort to divide the
country but we can’t let it work again

President Trump also announced today he
is withdrawing the u.s. from a nuclear
treaty with Russia which dates back to
the Reagan administration and the Soviet
Union a national security spokesperson

telling CBS News Russia continues to
produce prohibited Cruiser
all this is the president’s national
security advisor john bolton heads to

a lot of stuff in there yeah well them
at least they’re doing stuff certainly
doing stuff yeah hey you know I’m last

Tina and I were invited by and you’ll
appreciate this the former New York
bankers wife so the network expands to a
actually pretty cool benefit for the
bait oh well for the contemporary Museum

in Austin now this is it’s actually very
famous Laguna Gloria which is this this
beautiful house and they’ve got their
art in there and it’s got sculptures and

it’s a very poopoo hope Papa Papa thing
here in Austin and I think I believe
she’s on the board no I’m sure she’s on
the board but she’s also she’s also a
beto support her and there were lots of

beto shirts although everyone was
dressed up all spiffy spiffy and nice oh
and they had their dead teepees letes
Roberto it was Oliver and so we met this

couple and you know kind of like young
I’d say 30 mid 30s and he was very quiet
kind of cocky SOI boy she was she had a

cheating a long skirt on a nice jacket
but underneath a big vote bed oh and she
introduced herself as the I guess the

regional or the Austin manager for the
Beddoe campaign I’m like oh hey that’s
great so how’s how’s our boy doing there
how’s uh how’s Robert Frane that you’d
like to collect some signage only for

god Johnny cuz it’s not me it’s you I
forgot I can get anything I want though
if you want to but you wanna you want
one of the you want the curtains you
want the bed Oh curtains curtains

yeah there’s curtains there’s better
curtains that people are hanging up in
their windows Kurt the actual curtains
wow that’s good I’ll get you one of
those so so yeah and now and and I have

to say both Tina and I we sleep right
into it oh wow that’s great how’s he
you know like we care but a very shot
provocateur very nice ed we’re big
phonies I was very impressed with the

keepers he’s right in
like are they gonna are they gonna prop
him up like Obama yeah which I thought
was a risque question but the way she

says you said that no Tina said it
totally gonna prop him up like Obama oh
she said it in exactly the right way
that it sounded like she was a Politico
cuz I thought wow that’s aggressive if

you know careful what you say they’ll
they’ll be on to us and kick you out and
they would know oh yeah well you know we
we all really and this is insider stuff
now cuz she was whispering we all really

think that you know he would be great
for a 2020 run but he did promise that
if he was elected he would he would stay
on for six years and I went yeah right
wink Wayne she said yeah you’re very

excited and so you know guys a goofball
well here’s what I noticed so now
remember she’s selling but she presumes

I’m all better because I’m there I’m on
the ground she expects me to be all
better all the time
and and the arts arts community thank
you very much and a couple of things the

way she said it and of course I wasn’t
clandestinely recording I should
consider that was she so I’m like you
know she used to Beto and I said oh yeah

better I said yeah yeah I’ve gotten my
friends have kicked my ass because I
said Beto said well you know his name is
Robert hit robert francis yeah I know
Robert France yeah but you know and that

she went is almost like apologetic mode
well you know a lot of a lot of people
they all have Hispanic in their blood in
the San Antonio in bed I was what they
all everyone has the Beto nickname it’s
not like he’s not he’s not trying to

like you know appropriate any culture or
anything and I didn’t ask her about that
and then so that was one then the second
one it’s like what is he gonna make it

now at this point we’re walking past
another teepee where there’s people
laying on blankets and and completely
chilled out wait wait wait nether what

teepee yeah I told you there was teepees
if this is like an outdoor thing with
there were no you didn’t I didn’t you
may have said something I understand
here it it’s commits all out
doors with campfires doors outside the

museum on the ground yes yes with all
the sculptures ‘yes yes like indian
teepees from one of the tribes it is the
pro culturally appropriated york are you
catching on

holy mackerel that’s that’s disgusting
his fantastic and but you know to make
it even better
the food was supplied by the top
restaurants in Austin like lip Polly
Teague and yeah and the chefs were there

so I had a great time talking to chefs
and eating some of the free food but you
know all under teepees which is just a
beautiful contradiction of everything so
so as we’re walking past the s’mores

station there’s another little teepee
and people are laid out and there’s a
lady with doing the singing bowls you’re
familiar with this we have a Christmas
boil and then they energy mmm yes here

remember the vibrator and they start to
sing tune out so you know we’re walking
past that she’s you know if the black
seems magical is magic now hope she

lowers her voice and I said how’s he
doing he’s he’s gonna win well if the
blacks and Hispanics come out he will
otherwise it’ll go to cruise and I just
thought just the way she said it

yeah I was like just the blood if only
the blacks and Hispanics will come out
then he’ll win which I think means he’s
gonna lose for sure and they know it of

course they sound like going it’s like a
like the dance party on the Titanic you
were at but it also kind of sounded like
she was yeah I don’t know I don’t want

to say it sounded racist but it felt a
little bit like that you know not
because she didn’t say African Americans
I’m fine with blacks but the way
shouldn’t know if the blacks and
Hispanics come out then then he’ll win
but sounds like he’s got a great he’s

really lazy best so Beddoes a definite
loss and the only other thing I found of

great interest is now the former New
York bankers wife she is in charge of
what I will call the what she caught
herself calls the Austin welcoming

committee for newcomers and she does a
party she hated it there
and she does a party every year for the
newcomers which have mainly been from

California and she just had another one
she said Adam we had 50 people and and
there was only one from California said
but get this most of them were from New

York and they’re setting up hedge funds
in Austin this is gonna be such a great
place to live and and she said there
were three people in media three
television media people who have moved

here so that something is up here
something is changing rapidly we’re
getting the douche bag hedge fund guys
we’ve got all the California techie
douches this is gonna be fantastic

well I mean that Jeep you gotta buy some
raw land or something there’s nothing of
its nothing’s affordable here I don’t

have any money my raw land raw huh so
anyway that’s a little little report and
I’ve met some new people so hopefully

I’ll get invited to something better
related hmm well it sounds like fun or
the Hillary 2020 campaign when she when
she’s ready hope we all get invited to
that definitely will happen oh yeah oh

yeah for sure you’ve got to get involved
with both the Hillary side in the other
and this sighted hates Hillary because
other Democrats didn’t know of Hillary
can but they’re not here there’s no

Hillary haters in Austin Texas and again
it you have like it who else is gonna
run besides Hillary beside your Biden
Biden not five-month-old their kill us
do you think I’ll actually run he wants

and I know you know and anyone could
walk in anyone with the right story at
the right moment could walk in this is
what you know Cassio Cortez is you know

it’s too early for her she can’t pop on
this right now she’s got it she’s just
got to make sure she gets into New York
she could do she could be interesting
2020 but no no one is really an idiot
hello hello it doesn’t matter come on

Trump is dumb we all know that he’s
yeah the billion it yeah he had cookies
yacht I forgot about that

I think I think you sold the yacht on so
he doesn’t have it anymore probably made
money on the deal of course he did yeah
the only time he ever lost money was in

aviation and that’s easy he lost money
in the casino other Ksenia cuz he had to
go i had to declare bankruptcy that
operation but this cuz he wasn’t it
wasn’t mobbed up enough or he wasn’t

mobbed up with the right mob members i
don’t know yeah it’s not it’s a business
that looks like a no-brainer until you
get into it so now just as a part of all
this I’ll just take us in the two clip
different direction

so while we’re talking about Mohammed
bin Salam
mr. Bullen saw mr. bone saw MBS if you
remember one year ago we were talking

about the apparent fact that the their
mind that the las vegas massacre might
have been an actual attack on the prince
who was apparently in vegas at the time

well they were shooting at the wrong
place if it was an attack on the prince
well there was shooting at other hotels
if you remember there was all kinds of
reports and this whole thing was a scam

and and then of course we I still
believe it was more of an Isis event
that cuz they took credit for it several
times several times yeah and they never

had they don’t take credit for stuff
they don’t do there’s been plenty of
things you haven’t taken credit for that
happened so there was another final
final final report which I’m sure is not
final that came out and I got two clips
from one American news with some guy

from I’m sure he’s some pro-gun lobby
group and he went through the final
final and compared it to some other
final finals and he said there’s a
number it has a number of things that

have not been explained or possibly
properly investigated and I have two
clips here’s the first one that he feels
warrants more investigation or more
information to the public in the

official police report the final report
that just came out they stated that no
evidence exists to indicate padic
conspired with or acted in collusion
with anyone else no evidence exists
that’s their their their claim now at

9:20 p.m. this is when this TSA woman
observed this to take place she gives a
very nicely detailed report she
describes two women at the back of the

concert the two women are standing on
top of the bail of a and where they have
a good vantage point to look down on the
backs of the crowd facing towards the
performer the first woman says those
stupid effing white people they are

going to know how it feels they deserve
this wait until later and this is about
a half hour before the shooting begins
the second woman woohoo
like shooting fish in a barrel are you
getting this baby I love you now the

woman that says are you getting this
baby is standing with her phone
live-streaming from the back of the
concert what’s going on now while that
is not conclusive proof it’s decidedly
suspicious and has not been followed up

on yeah I remember that report about the
ladies streaming is streaming something
to background I think it gives us a good
eye so who like shooting fish in a
barrel are you getting this baby I love

you what do you think it’s kind of
gruesome but
then the you know that through ports him
to sketchy to me and the whole thing and

he wasn’t followed up on for good reason
the person’s gone well do you follow up
on it on anything like that so this
guy’s premise is the official report
says he acted alone no one else was
involved there is the issue of the

so at 2136 he throws the deadbolt to
three to 135 now this is very important
ten minutes go by in the middle of those
ten minutes the concert begins now

as we’ve discussed before there was
these were connecting rooms three to one
through five and three two one three
four we’re connecting with an interior
door so the one three five door was not
opened precisely ten minutes later the

deadbolt was thrown to one three four so
four that’s from the inside that by the
way they have they have these records so
that you know they have the electronic
records at the door records so it shows
what time what dead bolts were thrown in

which rooms I don’t know but I’m
wondering I don’t I’ve seen those I’ve
had to sweets our two rooms adjoining

rooms with the thing in the middle of
the dead but I don’t know that they’re
that that particular door has a
mechanism on that records the opening
closing of it no they do have a record

of the regular lock and the deadbolt
lock according to the FBI report they
have that they received it and that’s
the infamous to the out does to the hall
though nope it’s also the internal door

because it’s two separate rooms that’s
why they have a record of it even though
they’re connected they have it you can
lock them I know I know you can lock it
because there’s a door with a locking on
it but

well you’re arguing something we can’t
argue about because that’s the FBI’s
record not have not this guy go on so
that’s from the inside so that is
absolute conclusive proof of with no
doubt whatsoever because one two three

five three two one three five was not
opened again that interior door was used
to throw the deadbolt on one three four
or there was a second person in there to
do it there is no other way so that

interior door fast forward a half hour
or so after the shooting paddocks dead
the police breached the door two three
two one three five fine paddocks dead
body they themselves the police could

not get into one three four they tried
to kick through the door couldn’t do it
and had to breach the door so that they
could enter one three four that deadbolt

on the passage door between the two
rooms was dead bolted from the one three
four side now we know that prior to the
shooting that door either had to be open
so that paddock could go through and

lock the one three four door to the
hallway or somebody else was in that
room it has to be one of the two sounds
sounds confusing to me
well we don’t buy any of it so it’s not

confusing at all you know what I mean
the now where was MBS what he was that
he was at I want to say I don’t remember

which hotel he was at but they were
shooting also at this hotel no but there
was also reports of shots fired in other

hotels I mean there’s so much
information will happen we have to know
what the scheme you got decide well
actually I’m not even gonna throw this
theory out there because I still think

the ISIS the idea was good it was solid
yeah they took credit for it all right
terrorists it’s full theory was the
fault the full theory was that paddock
was going to sell these weapons to Isis

it was a sting he was working with the
feds and it went bad and these guys
decided not to buy the guns but to kill
this guy and then shoot all the people

at the concert from the window and then
split that was I think the are full
thesis and then Isis claimed it three
four times yeah now the other
possibility of course if this had

anything to do the NBS was that this was
done as a distraction because it would
get all police resources and everything
out of the way
that yes and then there you go after MBS
who may have gotten wind of it or or he

wasn’t it where they expected to be or
yet it you know what don’t
who knows what if you got guys that’ll
go in and chop a guy up to take him out
in bits and pieces I’m sure they don’t

have much problem in killing a whole
bunch of Whitey’s so they can go get the
prints if they need to just as a
distraction yeah but for sure we’re not
we’re the truth is being withheld
well they don’t even want to speculate

no that’s how bad it is
I mean even the talking heads on CNN
don’t talk about anything they just mean
they do they talk about Trump Trump

Trump Trump is ridiculous so okay well
knit onward yeah I was wondering if you
if you had a stupid CNN clip of them
going Trump Trump Trump no but I should
I risk that clip that’s going around

which I have yet to cliff I should have
clipped it which is a it’s you can find
it it’s the it’s the Trump on all this
dude with the date time line at the
upper right-hand side and it’s Trump’s

gonna be impeached Trump’s gonna quit
tomorrow Trump’s gonna wait oh wait did
we talk to each other in our dreams last
night I have to mention cuz you don’t

see this this is a series of just
pronouncements by CNN MSNBC and all

these other Fox as well
foxes and the thing that’s interesting
it starts when he’s elected there’s a
little time stamp in the upper right
hand corner showing the date of these

comments and it starts like in 2016 and
goes right through 27 all of 2017 and
goes in the 2018 and it’s and it’s in
chronological order

it is hearing this in other words we’ve
been hearing this for the last almost
last two years Donald Trump’s done he’s
done there’s no question about that he’s
done breaking news a bombshell today is

a turning point today was historically
bad for President Trump today was a
turning point it’s turning point we’re
at a turning point here the beginning of
the I also like how it shows you the

talking points and how the headlines
continuously become the same everyone
uses the same bombshell turning point a
pin point for the Trump presidency the
beginning of the end breaking news we

have another bombshell Mike Pence might
have to assume the office of the
presidency the call for an appeasement
rumblings of the word impeachment we’re
still in 2016 I think here
the bombshell out of the White House I

believe this is the beginning of the end
it’s really the beginning of the end the
beginning of the end you may be feeling
the walls closing in on all the walls
closing in on him walls closing in on
him breaking news a new bombshell one

astrologer says this means the beginning
of the end for president Donald Trump
the beginning of the end of the trump
presidency troubled assignment Trump is
going to resign
is this the tipping point I know we’ve
said it over and over you think this is

a tipping point and over and over this
is a tipping point and over and over off
the rails there’s the beginning of the
end today it’s the beginning of the end
it reminds me a lot of the last days of

Nixon breaking news tonight new bombs
show this is the beginning at the end
the beginning of the end the walls are
closing in the walls closing in the
walls closing and breaking overnight
bombshells matic day and i think it

might be near a tipping point you think
this is a tipping point this is
unbelievable this is remarkable have you
ever seen anything like this his
presidency is crippled December 1st 2017
you can mark it down this is the day

that everything changed we begin with
the bombshell the beginning of the end
the beginning of the end the beginning
of the end the beginning of the end the
beginning of the end at the beginning of
the end in fact if this were a football

game we’re in the third quarter may even
be the beginning of the end we begin
tonight with the bombshell Donald Trump
isn’t a lot of trouble Trump isn’t
trouble the president will resign
another hour another bombshell this is a
tipping point what’s going down this

president could be impeached I do not
think the president will serve out his
term resignation resignation I don’t
think this president is gonna serve out
his term mr. Trump will not serve out
his term he will not serve out his term

no way no how
breaking news an absolute bombshell I
think that all chuck was in trouble
Donald Trump is not he’s done it’s over
it’s over the walls closing in walls
closing in this is going to be the

Achilles heel breaking news tonight I
expect Trump to depart this week will be
the watershed we Trump is in big trouble
trouble it’s a sign of a terrified old
man who feels the walls closing in the
walls are increasingly closing in on him

tonight the walls are closing them today
changed everything this is the beginning
of the end today the biggest tipping
point for the trumpet Minister
what a historic day the bombshells they
felt its entropy and it’s crumbling

internally he’s underwater he feels the
walls closing in quit his testimony be a
turning point we may be at a tipping
point it’s the beginning of the end at
the beginning of the end another
bombshell bombshell bombshell bombshell

bombshell bombshell this is a bombshell
it is a bombshell I’m beginning to
resent the word bombshell all credit to
Super Deluxe super cuts link in the show

notes at any show notes calm did you
good work that’s fantastic piece of work
and I’m and it’s interesting that we
both clearly liked it I had time I
clipped it it was long was three minutes

my three minutes of hilarious Paula Lera
T now the funny thing is they got so
bored because there’s so much material
that near the end they started to
chopping it up chopping it up so one

person said the next person banging yeah
but that’s what you’ve been subjected to
for the past two years everybody

worldwide by the way he could have
easily thrown in some German some Dutch
some British it would have been very
easy and ten minutes and let me tell you
none of that is healthy if you’re

exposed to that I mean I think I
actually grew some cooties just from
listening to it
well you don’t it’s not how it works but
okay I owe them and with that I’d like
to thank you for your courage and say in

the morning to you John see you at the C
stands for curtains for bed Oh
Devorah use some curtains for bed oh
well in the morning you and mr. Adam
Korean tomorrow’s ships to Cebu the

graffiti yourselves in there were all
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was Mike Riley Mike a pro and brought us
the artwork the album artwork for
episode 10 78 type of that was demon
ation and this was just the he did a

couple of versions actually just a
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a great piece then we found that on No
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no no it’s not interesting at all but

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no I think they just not think it seemed
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from someone else I thought cuz he sent
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this is pretty new
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so this is apparently rusty uh this is
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it well that’s what I’m guessing because
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ot so so I will say this you’re not
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to sir compost Ranger you can want to
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just lets do so let’s do this first
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this is a change from who – who this is
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would be proud of me too I just started
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opening enjoy I request the jobs cover
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Weaver and an obscure clip from spring
of 2017 I believe of Bill Nye singing up

with some lady about but stuff on that
crazy show he has it or had on Netflix
or whatever he’s not gonna find that but
this was in Missouri no yeah let me see

if I have the right sharp tonight is the
measure of whether the country begins in
the state of Wisconsin a national drive

to push back or whether we have more to
go to build a movement of resistance but
we know that’s not it
I know I know which one is talking but I

mean yes it when it has all the names he
does a whole bunch of them yeah
was that versus was that versus the
teleprompter yes may be so hard to know
which one that it exists we much we must

they are all giddy about a shutdown in
the sources in the lace then co-author
of go briefs you to lead singer Bono
Fran Drescher’s spigen or Weaver jaha’s

rush limbaugh rush limbaugh rush
limbaugh PCO rush lombard host Supreme
Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor jobs jobs

jobs and jobs let’s vote for judge God
karma I’ll play it I’ll play the full
thing end of show okay

this is awesome this is good I know it
says Warren Michigan this works from
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and he says I’m letting you know that
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stress on her so I’m requesting some
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you bet you there’s some what why you’re
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podcast in years but I was like the
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is our group of five producers and

executive producers and associate
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executive producer and we have more
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reminder that Thursday is it this
Thursday it was it’s finally Thursday
that’s coming Thursday is the
anniversary show 11 years of no agenda

then they never had a fight Devorah org
and aiso remember that as you go out and
propagate your formula it is our 11th
anniversary our formula is this we go

out for your people in the mouth
so it was the big March the big March in

in London yesterday the Evening Standard
newspaper had pre printed signs
full-page all you to do is put him on a
piece of cardboard everybody was all in
everyone’s all ready to redo the beck

sit vote everybody not like your best
podcast in the universe had not
predicted that multiple times but we had
sadly yes and it hasn’t happened yet but
it could this was this was the March to

say we deserve another vote we deserve a
we really hate our country we hate our
borders we want to be run by the

Belgians yes we give us we surrender to
the German Empire one of our dead I
don’t want to get any notes more notes
from these guys well you’ve used that

the German in pass a bit of a well
that’s actually what people are saying
in the UK one of our producers there
said you know a lot of friends of mine

went and protested as well and I said
you know why why do you want someone in
Belgium to run your country and tell you
what to do and the answer is almost
universally well at least it’ll be

better than the people who are doing
nothing for us now which is kind of a
frightening concept well they are doing
nothing because belge they’re doing

nothing for the obvious reason they’ve
already given themselves over to Belgium
they’re trying to get their sovereignty
back which they’re not gonna manage it
from the looks of it and so the logic is
it’s not logical what they would did

what that answer is
no it’s already turned it over to
Belgians so it’s not like they’re doing
nothing now it’s not logically giving it
over to okay here I do have one clip the
Belgian protests brexit do over or is it

Belgian London process okay tens of
thousands of activists gathered in
central London today to demand a new

nationwide referendum on brexit nearly
150 buses brought protesters to the
capital from all over the country to
take part in the demonstrations Britain
is scheduled to leave the European Union

on March
29th heated government negotiations on
brexit have been taking place ever since
a 2016 referendum Conservative Party
Prime Minister Theresa May has so far
ruled out another public vote on brenson

you really got to make sure you don’t
get your window sounds in your
recordings it’s happening a lot in the
past in the past couple of weeks I this
is going to happen probably not all a

lot but it’s gonna happen every so often
I find it amusing I can go back and
relive that but what I I’ve changed my
methodology for getting my clips yeah
that’s clear so and so as I’m dicking

around looking for the next clip I’ll
click on something and then I’ll get
this error sound for no apparent reason
that Windows likes to make that noise
all the time well if you open up your

Windows mixer you can I know I know how
to turn it off but you find it amusing
yet I have for years done my best to
make sure none of those into the

recordings stick up my ass about it so
and it doesn’t bother me so I don’t have
a stick up my ass about it either I’m
just saying a little professionalism

would go around a long way here Theresa
May and apparently in the killing zone I
think she’s out she’s done this is it

this this was all kind of him a part of
which gives us enough time because March
is you know it’s still a long ways away
to do that redo and then just queer the

deal and just give up sovereignty and
become best part of Belgium who will
become the PM know that we need a new
Prime Minister you can’t have Theresa
May with an with a do-over on the vote

she has to leave she’s gonna you know
the word is she’ll be out within three
days I didn’t hear this hmm was I have a
head Daily Mail come on the Daily Mail

Daily Mail no you must play that three
minutes of Trump stuff again
now Theresa May is in the killing zone
prime ministers warned she has 72 hours
to save her job

yeah bullshit ma they move pretty
quickly there in the UK’s when they hate
you then you can be out pretty fast okay
so you’re saying you want to put money
up well when I can put money ho we could

make a gentleman’s agreement bet that by
next Thursday she’s done is that what
you’re saying no that’s what the Daily
Mail is saying okay but I think she
she’ll be out she has she has nothing to

show for it everyone hates everyone
hates her oh good yeah or maybe she
needs a health emergency something has
to happen something’s got to give and I
guess it’ll be between Bojo Boris

Johnson or maybe even the Destiny labor
doesn’t take over Sadiq Sadiq Khan would
be Prime Minister is that what
everyone’s pushing for I could be great
that guy would never get there

they’ve lost their marbles their mouths
they’ve lost their marbles they are
actually voting for other countries to
take care of them they lost their
marbles great the great British Empire

ladies and gentlemen it’s unbelievable
and it’s just because they’ve been lied
to they don’t people in England most
don’t understand they don’t they haven’t
figured it out yet but you’re really on

the short end of this stick
well they’ll find out eventually don’t
you have any more breakfast I gotta
bring somebody somebody yeah I have a
comment somebody sent me a note or tweet
about this and they said well you know

it’s like was nothing that wrong I wish
I should go get the tweet it means
there’s nothing that cuz I’m bitching
about this being this is a globalist
movement there’s nothing wrong with
globalism when you don’t have you know

it’s safer you had the two world wars
you know we’re led to this and it’s we
need to have globalism you something
like that globalism is what brings you

periodic wars you moron the problem is
we were in a globalist movement in the
early 1900s
yeah it brought no borders no no nothing
and that’s why these guys assassin could

go over and shoot Prince Ferdinand II
just there was nothing to stop him from
going there it was no borders I have an
idea let’s give them bet oh you guys can
have bet oh he’ll be great here’s

Michael Cain famous actor award-winning
actor he’s a brexit here so I don’t
listen to all these pundits I don’t lie
I’m a brexit em myself you know oh yeah

certainly a and an audible gasp is heard
across the country BBC and the guy was a
gasps you still are really how can you

still be yeah certainly and people say
oh you’ll be poor you’ll be this you’ll
be dead I said well I’d rather be a poor
master of my fate than having someone I

don’t know
making me rich by running it mmm next
set what some people say is hang on a
second but you still have to do deals
around the world you still have to have

relations yeah we have to do I’ve seen
I’d finally seen this week a little
something of what I’ve said all along
they said imports we’re going to impose

these taxes from Britain oh don’t you go
wait a minute has anybody told the the
boss of Volkswagen or Mercedes about
this and now the German car companies
have started to grumble about this tax

it’s a mess it’s a complete and utter
mess I I get the biggest kick out of
these Brits
go oh my God we’re gonna have to do our
own trade deals we’re gonna have this is

the this is the Empire the Great British
yes the Great British Empire which was
ruling the world from the sunset to
sunrise I said the Sun never sets on the

British Empire because at any given time
the Sun was bouncing off of some some
Colin yes the Sun never sets on the
Empire and they had this like this was a
trading operation and they were the

world’s with some of the world’s
greatest businessmen and greatest
traders and now they’re gonna if they’re
freaked out because they can’t do a
simple deal that you know the sell some
nuts and bolts to somebody some Jam to

the United States some Cadbury’s you
know some box hauls some Vauxhall
automobiles well of course from the Bank
of England came in which is a private

bank that’s when it all went downhill
and unless we ever decide to annihilate
the Federal Reserve our fate as Vladimir
Putin probably correctly asserts will be
taste bleak at the end of the road

there’s no doubt that’s how it goes but
the giving into it because of lack of
information and complete mind control
through your state run and people funded
media mind-boggling I tell you

mind-boggling yeah it’s something it’s a
mess but it’s not much better anywhere
else in Europe you know the only thing
and I’m I am on the fence about which

way to interpret this but for a time for
a while now they’ve been talking about
it it seems like now there this may be
the last time or maybe will be one more

year where we have daylight saving time
in the European Union as there’s now a
serious discussion in the European Union
Parliament to let each of the 28 member

states which use of known as countries
but now their member states to decide
their own time
this is this is now now it’s either hey
we give you guys a lot of freedom right

beside your own time I mean what more do
you want
so it’s either hey let’s make them think
they’re really in control of something

by letting them decide whether they move
their clock or not or this is the death
knell chaos is coming imagine if
everyone in these you know if neighbors
right next door change when they change

the clock what time it is
it’s a engineering nightmare well the
joke is is that this is the sort of
thing that you’d want the European Union

to standardize everything else like how
many feathers should be in a pillow
exactly but no we’re gonna give you guys
power here you go so here you go member
states determine your own time slaves

yeah it’s an insult
does nobody see this no no they see it
as positive oh great oh yeah this is the
way the EU should work we have

sovereignty over our own clocks take
this do peasants
there’s no other way to see it
ah right I just wish befuddling yeah now

I know I know all right what else we got
oh my god I got lots of stuff I got lots
of Mau Mau Papa mama ma papa everybody’s

talking about the birth
I think we should discuss the Ebola

thing okay
I have nothing on Ebola you have the
jingle oh yeah and which jingle do you
want alright there’s some interesting

information there’s little kickers in
here this is the Ebola report and then
we we can talk about it well let me let
me do any bola jingle then this is just
a random Ebola jingle


since August another deadly outbreak of
Ebola has been ravaging the Democratic

Republic of the Congo killing dozens
health workers say new medicines and the
development of a vaccine are making the
job of treating Ebola easier
however this outbreak is in the middle
of a war zone where a decades-long

battle continues the World Health
Organization says the risk that the
disease will spread even to neighboring
countries is very high Newshour weekend
special correspondent Benedict Moran and

video journalist Jurgen Sam so have this
report from the town of Beni a warning
viewers might find some images
disturbing in this clinic in the city of
many in the Democratic Republic of the
Congo doctors are treating a new patient

it’s a 13 year old girl who recently
tested positive for Ebola virus disease
Ebola can cause headaches fever and
severe hemorrhaging without treatment
it’s nearly always fatal so time is of

the essence I’m in the process of
helping my colleague in the cube
regulate the patient’s IV drip we are
working together I can help from the
outside nearby are more patients Janine

in the white shirt and her two sisters
have been here for three weeks seven
members of their family are already dead
when mother died of Ebola we didn’t know
what it was we thought she was poisoned

my uncle died my cousin my aunt my mom
my own brother and my own sister they
all died treating Jeanine and other
Ebola patients is difficult they need to

be closely monitored doctors and nurses
need to be able to help without putting
themselves at risk before this outbreak
most hospitals in this region didn’t
have facilities that were capable of
treating Ebola patients this year health

workers have introduced a new tool they
call it the cube Ebola spreads lose
contact with bodily fluids and the cube
allows additional health workers to
treat patients from the outside without

wearing cumbersome protective gear the
dick young needs to the floor it would
take 15 minutes to be able to enter the
room now in a couple minutes we can be
helping a patient all right who makes

this cube you know what it is can you
imagine you try to describe for me what
you think they’re talking about it
sounds like a huge tent it looks very
much like a

Nik you like infant an infant the ICU
where you stick your arms through two
holes and then you’re cutting they’ll be
no bingo I got him yeah yeah that’s

exactly what it is who makes this
wonderful device that I don’t know some
client where where is this where’s this
outbreak again Congo yeah there’s
something going on with Congo you think

they need to get in there we got so many
jingles now we got we get well that’s

what I’m trying to do I’m trying to you
know work the jingles it ass work now
now I had there’s a couple of gotchas in
this there’s a couple of very
interesting little little zingers in the
second part of this and I want to see if

you could spot even one of them it
better be something about Chinese
getting sick because that’s the only
reason that’s common there are a medical
personnel here from all over Congolese
physicians international humanitarian

organizations the World Health
Organization and others just a couple
years ago they could give no medicines
for Ebola this year they’re using new
experimental drugs now patients can
receive donated medicine within hours of

being admitted because of the crisis a
Congolese an international panel of
experts approve the use of the new drugs
before they ordinarily would the WHL
calls this a paradigm shift now we call
this testing on poor black people as

what we call has the gall to say we call
this a paradigm paradigm shift instead
of instead of testing it on mice we

shift the paradigm the testing and on
black people one hand you’re currently
nervous because not many people have
given these drugs before and not many
people have received them

but on the other hand there’s a sense of
excitement and a sense of hope because
for the first time we have something
that we can use to directly fight
there’s also a new vaccine a 2015 field
trial in West Africa found a vaccine to

be quote effective so though it too
isn’t yet fully approved by global
health authorities more than 15,000
people in this region have been
vaccinated on compassionate grounds the
goal is to forestall an epidemic Wow

they’ve been vaccinated on compassionate
grounds in other words well you might
die from the shot but at least we love
you authorities wait hold on
the thing is earlier in there you missed

this one which I thought was very
quizzical and I heard this what would
you say this is the vaccine has been
quote effective and a sense of hope
because for the first time we have

something that we can use to directly
fight against the virus there’s also a
new vaccine a 2015 field trial in West
Africa found the vaccine to be quote
effective you die but quote is affected

well it’s effective in killing you it
too isn’t yet fully approved by global
health authorities now more than 15,000

people in this region have been
vaccinated on compassionate grounds the
Kings to forestall an epidemic one that
could sweep the region and beyond man ok
good I’m glad you brought the flips in

fact that one actually I think that
deserves a border liner because there
was some good stuff in there
everybody now good one John Wow okay so

we’re killing people as you is this bill
and gates locate mrs. Billa melinda
gates foundation quote-unquote who is uh

who’s running this OP said everybody and
their sister apparently is there he’s
well let’s talk about drugs for a moment
I’ve stayed on the story which i think
is pretty big the drug price requirement

now that the I think it’s it’s going
into effect it’ll won’t go into effect
this you won’t go into effect probably
until 2019 but the idea is just like you

there’s some requirements for side
effects there’s also requirements like
in a car commercials you’re miles per
gallon and a lot in this in the small

print but the Trump administration came
out and said look we need you guys to
put the monthly retail price that’s the
top the top line the the big the big
amount you got to put it in really big
letters on the screen so everybody knows

and it’s confusing a lot of people it’s
not confusing NPR that much because NPR
I don’t think they have a lot of Pharma
underwriters as we call them
quote-unquote underwriters sponsors

advertisers whatever you want to call
them so they can still talk about it you
don’t hear much of this convo anywhere
on the mainstream because certainly
cable news lives from the oh the network

news – yeah they live from the five
billion it’s actually it’s four point
two four television and it’s about
another billion and a half for print and

and other an online I guess I’m
surprised online doesn’t get more maybe
the numbers are off but this is this is
a big moment this – there’s two big ad
the three big advertisers Verizon is the
huge advertiser telco is big Verizon

AT&T Sprint and t-mobile but Verizon is
the biggest advertiser in the United
States and then you have the pharma
companies who collectively billions of
dollars and it all goes to certainly the

the pharmaceutical ads just watch some
television you’ll see it that’s where
they are it’s on cable news so let’s
talk about this with our friends over at

NPR mainly the required
that the government has put on the
industry sure so on Monday oh yeah
you’re gonna love this millennial
there’s a couple of good Millennials on

NPR these days sure so I’m just gonna
keep playing it sure so on Monday the
administration proposed a rule that
would require drug companies to list a

product’s monthly wholesale price or the
cost of a typical course of treatment if
a monthly price doesn’t make sense
listen to her she’s so her should not be

allowed in professional news reporting
in my old-fashioned opinion if the drug
cost more than $35 for 30 days and the
information of how to appear in TV ads

in a written format and Mason would have
to appear in TV ads in a written format

and have to be large enough for people
to read so you couldn’t just you know
kind of put that tiny fine print in
there and they are also suggesting to
include some other language like a
statement that patients with health

insurance may pay a different sum than
this amount now you thought she’s just a
Hummer but no no she’s an up talker as
she talks about the legalities of all of
this HHS have the power to compel

pharmaceutical companies to do this it
wasn’t clear to me if Congress had given
the Department of Health and Human
Services that power well that’s
definitely a question that people are

debating this week and I think the
fursuit achill industry thinks they
don’t and plans to file they’ve
indicated they will likely file legal
action those grounds HHS is saying that

there’s been there’s a lot of Supreme
Court precedent and First Amendment
rulings that says that the federal
government can require disclosure of

factual information from companies
disclosure furthers some government
interest and it’s not burdensome they
pointed to cases like car ads for car
man car what is this she’s a reporter

she’s not just some some schmuck calling
and she’s a reporter for
yard and she talks about car ads and
about car companies and about
pharmaceuticals the factors are also

required to disclose this there’s a
number of other industries some
insurance industries have to do this as
well they also say basically they’re
using their authority that Congress has

given Medicare and Medicaid to operate
efficiently and because almost my coffee
on now given Medicare Medicaid to
operate efficiently she better be really

hot man I’m yeah and because she’s not
that can influence utilization of
patient people using drugs maybe lead
people to seek out drugs that they might

not otherwise meet or costs more than
other medications that could affect
their condition they’re saying this fits
into this broad efficiency mandate
Congress has given them okay she’s gonna

fall apart the vocal fry is gonna break
up she’s gonna need some pharmaceuticals
by the by the end of her reporting

career so now we move to a farm of
lobbyists yes we want some guys on the
other side to tell us what is going on
with this and we have to resist resist
so first of all I’m seeing here that the
Department of Health and Human Services

says that the drug industry has spent
more than five and a half billion
dollars on advertising in 2017 nearly
4.2 billion of that on television ads
and HHS also says that that advertising

can result in increased utilization
through patients demanding costly drugs
and products based on messaging
government costs what is it with the
reads on NPR even the serious ones are

talking it’s like what what is happening
what makes this happen this is not this
is not something to you
yeah I think just pick it up in the

milieu next thing you know you’re in the
milieu and the next thing you know
you’re talking like this yeah all of a
sudden you just have to say I’m going to
presume that if pharmaceutical companies

are spending more than four billion
dollars on television advertising that
perhaps there’s some truth to what HHS
is saying that it can influence patient
choices no wait what you’re telling me
advertising can influence someone’s

choice if the advertising is that
effective I just want to get to why the
the pharma industry is is resisting the

idea of having some price transparency
in those ads isn’t it one of the best
ways to inform patients I mean you’re
informing them about all the potential
benefits of the page inform them of the

material cost does not understand a
commercial network she’d be off you
can’t that you crazy woman I’d fire her
yeah sure so I think two things number

one I don’t think it impacts per se
choices I think it does impact awareness
though what I think ads are meant to do
is raise awareness about a particular
disease and lead a patient to have a

conversation with their physician oh
this is the old call your doctor like
you can call your doctor like this is
God speaking up the phone yeah well
unless you have concierge medicine which

is getting pretty darn popular and you
can call your doctor but now this isn’t
it’s about telling you that you’re sick
that you have a problem and in most
cases the pharmaceuticals advertise

these days are enhancers of the problem
you already have so a is your anti
depression mentioned I can say
direct-to-consumer advertising of
pharmaceuticals is one thing that brings

patients to the physician’s office but
in the emergency department people come
you know after seeking information from
a wide array of sources I mean folks
Google you know symptoms folks are
reading WebMD they are getting

information from a wide variety of
sources yes which big pharma is is
feeding and seeding WebMD is completely
completely under control of the
pharmaceutical in

you got a WebMD and say whoa these are
the symptoms I have before you know it
you’ve you’re taking some kind of pill
do not go to WebMD please so I think all
of the kind of mass media that we have

you know leads to increased awareness it
doesn’t necessarily lead to that might
not be the right medicine for the
patient you know it may just be the
start of a conversation it’s really up
to the to the physician you know working

with the patient yeah who’s also on the
take on the back end ready for you with
your question understanding their
concerns making the best decision for
the patient one more from this douche
bag you know this is a this is a

specifically about the the anti
depression meds let’s call them
antidepressants I think that overall it
moves the health literacy conversation
in the right direction oh yes it towards

our pocketbook you think about an
illness like like depression
to be honest folks didn’t talk about
depression 20 years ago no they were
depressed that the advertising that
occurred to raise awareness about

antidepressant medications led a number
of folks to start talking about the
symptoms of depression they need to be
thanking them for starting the
conversation John this is very good that

they’re advertising one of the only two
countries in the world that advertises
direct to consumers of your poison you
think about you know all sorts of
diseases where folks just didn’t talk

about it it wasn’t you know it was
perhaps stigmatized yeah right syndrome
weren’t brought up and so while you may
not like a specific advertisement
overall if we’re raising awareness about

serious illnesses like depression HIV
hepatitis you know infectious diseases
vaccines there are all sorts of reasons
why we want people to seek medical care
yes because you want people to think

they’re sick and they need your stuff
person yeah like you said restless leg
syndrome if I may really you’re not
really taking credit for increased
awareness or Ellis’s like depression

you’re not letting advertising those
apparently she just carry those well
that’s why some people are credit for
that are you

I wouldn’t say well we certainly
wouldn’t take full credit but I would
say that talking about things are
putting things on television
raising awareness of what symptoms for
think phrases as my use can certainly be
helpful and moving the needle on

illnesses that maybe weren’t talked
about or somebody may not have wanted to
talk to their doctor about it yes geez
it’s I just found that whole
conversation to be horrible just yeah it
was my goodness

it’s really really really really bad if
these guys want to fight this little
thing about to putting the price on
there why don’t we just pass a law and

just refuse them access and no such you
can’t do these ads all this stuff is
nonsense the fact that they allow them
to do these ads and sell people stuff
that they really force here that just

end up gouging the public in general
because of the insurance companies pick
it up well I think it’s a I think it’s a
good double whammy from from the Trump
admitted excuse me administration one

you know these prices are too high too
the main thing is people will start to
see the discrepancy in you know what
you’re paying and they’ll they may even
be able to figure out that when you have
a copay it’s based on a percentage of

that high official retail number which
is not at all the number the insurance
company pays they pay about 30 percent
of that but your own copay is based on

100 percent of the jacked up number
which the insurance company never pays
that’s the scam
it’s one of the many scams and you know

and that’s what they’d really don’t want
people figuring out I’m sure they’ll
find all kinds of ways and they’re gonna
flood the web there’s gonna be a lot of
money coming into the web the web md’s
but also Instagram people influencers

you watch will be over will be overrun
with this stuff if this past is which I
think it will I mean it’s it’s not even
I think it’s just a regulation that the
FDA can put in place or Health and Human

Services through the FDA I don’t think
there’s any law doesn’t have to go
through Congress does it I doubt it most
laws don’t go through Congress let’s
face it
how about doing a little thing on this

is I didn’t know this apparently Steve
Bannon banyan banyan is the one behind
the Boston ro election in Brazil to put
this right-wing pro-business guy in with

the guy who got stabbed
no this is the bill election no the
Brazilian president-elect oh I’m sorry
I’m thinking Venezuela
play that this was only democracy now

plays this sort of thing I have to give
him credit for this in Brazil the
far-right front-running presidential
candidate Jair Bolton ro is being
accused of profiting from a

misinformation campaign smearing his
opponent Fernando Haddad J dodges
leftist Workers Party is calling for an
investigation into the campaign
allegedly funded by Pro Bowls in Iran

foreign entrepreneurs using the popular
social networking platform whatsapp
meanwhile a campaign video released by
Haddad Jay is drawing attention to the
link between Bowl senado and president

Trump’s former chief strategist Steve
Bannon I’m sorry I was right this is the
guy that got stabbed he’s still in the
hospital from the stabbing busting our
oh yes what did barson arrow gets to the

beginning of september democratic
regimes around the world he uses fake

news to spread fear and violence to win
elections spreading terror around the
world the last 30 years doing this in
Brazil Dodge and Boston are ou are set

to face off in the final round of
brazil’s elections October 28th away MIT
did they just compare him to Bama nor
they say he was running the campaign ban
is running the campaign and he got his

guy stabbed I don’t know anything about
this stabbing okay
Brazilian presidential candidate here
Bowl Sanada recovers in a hospital room
Saturday September 8th as he was stabbed

during rally that’s a while ago it’s two
months ago well it’s not like he got
stabbed because a Bannon that’s what you

what do you know
I know
Deb and I actually wonder about the
validity let’s sort it I don’t think
Bannon he’s too busy making movies about
how great Trump is did you see that no I

don’t know anything I was taken aback by
this story when turns out that vans
behind the Boston auro campaign because
he’s out there destroying democracies I
had this is a sight of man and I didn’t

know now I find it sketchy I do want to
go OTG for just one second before we get
to our break

yeah good off the off the grid OTG I’m
always looking for the phone that will
give me the the least possible tracking
by Silicon Valley companies and of
course you know we’re not gonna stop all

the tracking from our intelligence but
the whole idea is that you don’t use it
because you don’t really need it and
you’re not disturbed and you’re much
healthier you can watch all the other
zombies walking around bent with bent
backs and in their arms raised and

they’re looking at their phones and
there is a new one on the horizon I want
to report on these things this new one
you may have seen got a lot of a lot of
attention the past few days over the

weekend from Kyocera the company that
makes the flip phone I like a lot the
dura dura xe4 about 150 bucks on the
Amazon they coming up with a new one

credit card-sized
does phone text and has a little web
browser on an e-ink screen so it’s
completely undesirable to use but you
could use it if you needed some web

access at that very moment looks like
it’s gonna be about $300 in Japan first
yeah but this is I told you this was
this is where people are gonna go they
want to get off of the grid from time to

time and so we have the point to coming
we’ve got the light phone to there’s a
lot of these devices and this is a
Kyocera or Kyocera how you pronounce it

pretty big company
so I like that sky Dussehra it is
Kyocera yeah now I think these prices
are too high you can buy a good you can

buy a smartphone with the flat you know
like a Apple clone phone for 40 50 bucks
yeah but you do not want a smartphone
this is the whole point just yeah but

it’s that but but who’s gonna pay 300
bucks if you don’t want to be tracked
turn the phone off it’s not about not
being okay John you have no standing
because you’re not following with the

program the idea is exactly that if you
don’t if you there’s a difference
between having communications in your
pocket when you need it and turning it
off and not taking it with you and

that’s the sweet spot that is really
going to be big and you big in chief
well it could be but this is America
baby this look it’s $300 I agree it’s

too expensive for what they’re giving
you but at least is not $1300 where the
thing that tracks you and makes you sick
and I have to give one man a comment on

the $1,300 phone I’m gonna I’m going to
credit someone else with the true
identification of this trend it is a
trend I don’t care what you say

if it’s too expensive or not the trend
is going to feature phones that don’t do
very much keep you in minimal contact
and I have to say it is Lindsey Graham
who predicted the OTG movement in 2015

before I even did and I have the clip to
prove it do you remember when President
Trump gave out Lindsey cellphone number

yeah do you remember that very funny
and he he made a very funny video or
kind of funny for his doing that he was
smashing his phone and getting rid of it

and it actually if you look at the video
it is the Kyocera flip phone the dura
that i’ve liked so much and he talked
about it with one of our mainstream
media reporters and he makes this bold

prediction let me ask you when Donald
Trump gave out your phone number did
your phone start ringing off the hook
oh yeah it blew up the Pope the phone is
now we’re moving on one way to make sure

that your phone can’t be used is for
somebody to give your number I don’t
national television but Donald’s done
something my staff could not do and
that’s get me to upgrade to a better

phone and I’m marching forward I was
gonna say I mean a flip phone these days
looks like you’re really holding on to
the tail end of a day absolutely I was
trying you know because it’s coming back

one day you know it will be the new
thing what unfortunately the the flip
phone has probably seen its last days
and I’m going to have to make a decision
to move forward and Donald Trump in that

regard thanks about
there you go Lindsey Graham 2015

predicting one day it’s coming back how
right he was he is the Oracle the sage
yeah yeah that’s what I’ve always called
him sage the sage their visit did you

see this article that’s speaking of OTG
which could also be old time gear
instead of off the grid
someone found an article of yours from

1983 after you had to come back from
Comdex yeah and this is a great and I
put it in the show notes is fantastic I
shall read this tell me if you remember

this article he wrote 1983 the most
interesting product at Comdex was the
expand division cartridge from simu tech
of east lansing michigan does this ring

a bell not yet
I showed up at his booth with Chicago’s
software bigwigs sat Tara Kyle kalsa we
regret saara we we were greeted by a not

too friendly but cute hostess named
Carrie she was in one of those
undersized pantless tuxedos worn by the
Rockettes this is great this is history
ladies and gentlemen you don’t even see

this anymore
the Expando vision software package
allows your home computer to insert
subliminal messages into your regular TV
viewing ringabel yet yeah I remember

apparently this hooked up to your Atari
400 computer and you would said it would
insert it into your you know connect it
up to your TV and then it would put
little subliminal messages in there and

here’s John C Dvorak the most
interesting to me at least was a
software package entitled sexual
confidence in in parens not that I need

really I loaded this cartridge into an
Atari 400 and offloaded the message to
see what they were the package comes up
with a menu and the top of the menu says
sexual invitation hmm I thought to

myself what could this be all about
I suppose the ideas that you invite a
targeted friend over to watch a little
TV in isn’t enough she’ll think then you

turn on the computer and see what
happens I examine the messages used in
these sexual invitation mode there are
nine of them and they are continually
cycled with one flashed every two

minutes the messages are sex is okay let
us make love I am okay we share
sexuality let us kiss let us caress let
us be naked we explore bodies let us be

together and this is this is some
outstanding reporting this belongs in a
time capsule oh yeah this was a real
product huh yeah that guy Satara was a

very interesting character he had a
rolls-royce live in Chicago he was Robin
Williams guru for at least two or three
years really yeah hang out you go to one
of these events never beat him and rob

and be there and be great Poupon in his
Hall he was a super no he is super tall
good reference though super tall
redheaded guy who was a Sikh and he’s

the one who told me that the Sikhs
believe that their hair are antennas and
you get different you know the different

stuff you get CW when you get as long as
they should be
is he resonant on twenty meters he had a
big lid that his hair was like down to

his knees so it probably now the best
part of this article is the high jinks
of Jhansi Dvorak at Comdex
I remove the success motivation
cartridge from the demo machine in the

booth and replaced it with the sex
cartridge and programmed it to run the
sexual invitations we left the booth and
left poor Carrie in her pant ‘lest
tuxedo to deal with the passing show

goers who would watch the TV for a few
moments and then look at her with
thoughts of seduction great gag I
thought December 26 1983 ladies and
gentlemen only can you get that kind of

comedy stylings here on the No Agenda
show show my food by donation to no
agenda imagine all the people who could
do with us oh yeah

yeah them’s were the days a good times
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that today
today all right well we have a big March
going on a big celebration from
Guatemala to the United States of oh

that’s a celebration
celebration of their hitting through the
United States now I was I’m getting the
wrong the wrong impression about this
and I I think a lot of it has to do with

their left-wing reporting like let’s
play I got three clips but let’s play
the Guatemala Cara ban Cara ban caravan
by Amy Goodman in immigration news a
migrant caravan of about four thousand

Hondurans is continuing its journey
toward the u.s. border as the migrants
FLIR amp and violence and economic
deprivation Trump has lashed out against
the caravan on Twitter attacking it

turns Democrats his Central American
counterparts and the migrants Trump is
also threatened to cut foreign aid to
Central American countries nullify the
new US Mexico Canada trade deal if

Mexico doesn’t stop the migrants and
even deploy troops to close the border
now there’s some connection that she
makes with these Hondurans with the I

keep calling Guatemalans with the
election of some character in Honduras
that we supported some economic hitmen
oh it’s our fault it’s all for

everything is our fault but I got the
impression that this thing was further
along because it’s been reported for
weeks but it’s still at the Mexican
border down there well now I saw video
didn’t they break through the border the

local people did but we have to get the
bigger report so we do have some good
reporting I have but mostly at the
bridge which is the bridge that’s going
into Mexico where they Mexican stop

these guys and they’re jumping off the
bridge into the water and swimming over
and they’re trying to sneak across but
most of them appears to have been
stopped so they’re not in Mexico
marching up – you know to us as though

the Mexicans can’t stop that but let’s
play this is the see I got these two
different reports try the CBS one first
well thousands of Central American

migrants who are trying to get into the
US are still blocked at Mexico’s
southern border a number of women and
children were allowed through today
while others found their own way in
Adriana Diaz is there this is the latest

stop on a risky journey to a new future
or at least the hope of one countless
migrants mostly from Honduras slept
overnight on this bridge that stretches

from Guatemala to Mexico on Friday the
massive group tore down a fence allowing
some people to stream through their
reasons are clear according to this

Honduran migrant di hombre I quote of
John he said there’s hunger corruption
insecurity and uncertainty that’s
forcing Hondurans to leave our country
because we can’t live there anymore

Mexico is processing some women and
children for entry but today others
avoided the mostly deadlocked bridge by
going under it they used makeshift boats
little more than inner tubes and plywood

17-year old Jamie Aaron Hernandez was
one of them how old are you Qantas
understand it
yes this is the other 17 I don’t get a
seat where do you want to go mister

Livonia to the United States y por que
por que quiero una novia sakagami
familia de langue you want to start a
new life can help your family move
forward the few people who have the

proper paperwork who have passports who
have visas will be allowed into Mexico
the others there he goes he just jumped
and he’s swimming
the water where he is is pretty shallow

but there are parts of this river where
the water reaches chest-deep or deeper
it is dangerous to jump but this is what
a lot of people are resorting to in

order to get to Mexico any way they can
Federal Police were there to keep order
but not stop illegal crossings further
south in Guatemala police tried to
create a blockade but this truck tore

through it
helping migrants join the caravan for
the thousands still stuck on this bridge
there are a few options some are waiting
to try to be processed by Mexican
immigration others are returning back to

the Guatemalan side and some are still
jumping from the bridge to try to swim
to the Mexican side Rina incredible
images Adriana Diaz thank you

they a new treatment is showing promise
stop this should make good earlier now
here’s the PBS well that was riveting
and it wasn’t that good it was it should

have been cut when he jumped from the
bridge that’s where I had to cut out of
Hawaii okay so was it miss it was
actually kind of liked hearing that
stupid draw another one just jumped in
oh because he’s jumping on in the water

let’s try that invasion update on PBS is
from Saturday the caravan of migrants
heading north from Central America has
gotten smaller overnight at the Mexico

Guatemala border some of the thousands
of mostly Honduran migrants escaping
violence and poverty have crossed into
Mexico both legally and illegally others
retreated after a confrontation with

Mexican riot police after meeting with
Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto
yesterday US Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo said that Mexico has sent 500
federal agents to its southern border

President Trump is threatening to cut
off aid to Central American countries if
they don’t stop migrants from leaving
and says he’s considering sending active
duty troops to the us-mexico border

federal troops are prohibited from
deployment on US soil to enforce
domestic laws
now who sent these why are these people
decided to all come at once not they

don’t dribble because someone’s paying
them handing out cash we have video why
doesn’t that report it on why doesn’t
anybody report on that because it’s

professional courtesy when another gang
is doing something with the people and
trying to make some news you just report
on it you don’t expose them it’s
professional when someone’s paying

people to do something to make a
political point you let them go you
report on it you don’t bust the ring
that’s not how journos work what other
explanation is there

there is zero explanation for this
except somebody has either paid these
people off or organized them or
something to get them all to do this at
once into one large Caravan as its
presented on democracy now as a caravan

scarers nope do we get no information
whatsoever about who’s behind it or why
they’re doing it
besides all we have corruption in
Honduras they’re these people fear for

their lives that is the party line these
people fear for their lives they’re
being killed although I see no evidence
of this per se and that’s why they are
coming to the United States to claim

oh yes Beto I forgot as a part of my
Beto report
well what is betos policies first policy
he’s Pro legalization of weed at which

point I said you had me at weed
but then he’s against the wall but he
wants the Dhaka kids to be legalized
immediately says that his immigration

policy yes no wall legalize the Dhaka
kids okay thanks
so these guys are talking about it
either now
right well well it’s just an attack on

the country’s rights I’m good yeah but
it’s good for Trump so whoever’s paying
for it I that’s why you don’t hear me
say it’s Soros because this could easily
be the Republicans by saying look look
this is what we have to deal with it’s

just as rotten as everybody else so I’m
not gonna argue that now Elizabeth
Warren was a firm
Oh a I want to go there in a second I
want to hear something else California

yeah you have the net neutrality law in
effect now I believe is that correct
didn’t uh Jerry sign off on it yes it is
signed off and I don’t know if it’s in
effect but probably okay and the idea of

net neutrality is all traffic is neutral
and ISPs may not make any exceptions
the idea so that the little guy the

little guy can’t get screwed with this
little stream and so your Netflix won’t
buffer am I correct
yeah pretty much and was it not Verizon
that came into a very bad light because

they cut off the firefighters in
California because they had run out of
data bastards
that’s was Verizon correct I believe so
and so the and so these guys had to they

couldn’t use their account they had to
switch to a different account according
to the Verizon rep because they had run
out of data and of course these guys are
there fighting fires and they needed
data and so was it was a bad PR story

for Verizon so they come back they come
back but do they come back and do they
say hey California firefighters we’re
dedicating our lives to you well not

it’s all in the details here is their
most recent television commercial every
call is different so the only thing that
we can do to make sure that we get there

safely and then we leave that scene
safely and go home at night is trained
and we train all the time in the fire
service no matter how much we train the
last thing you want a disaster is to

lose communications without
communications we have not people get
hurt when disaster strikes that is when
your communication service can really
become your lifeline

we are constantly innovating from a
dedicated lien on our network just for
first responders to cell towers on
wheels I’m sorry a dedicated Lane a fast

lane well that’s got Daniel Lee that is
illegal under net neutrality rules I
don’t care if it’s for telemedicine I

don’t care if it’s for firefighters that
is illegal and I want you John C Dvorak
to make a point of it in California I’ll
try to figure out who’s responsible for
allowing this abomination of all the

things they could have said they had to
say a dedicated lane not line a
dedicated Lane which means it was
exactly the language of net neutrality a
fast lane exactly what would should not

be happening so my Netflix is going to
get buffered because these guys are
fighting fires uh-uh
not according to the law you’re not
I think you’re onto something not really

it’s Lou you’re on let’s just
hypocritical bullcrap from everybody but
otherwise no the talk about hypocritical
bullcrap let me play this little clip

about this sort of thing this is a
report on Democracy Now about ProPublica
reveals that the Trump real estate
organization was kind of like playing
dirty look reveals the Trump family

regularly engaged in patterns of
deceptive practices and their real
estate deals around the world the report
finds President Trump and his
first of all I was taken aback by the

the even the concept that any real
estate would you have any sort of
deceptive practices trying to move real
estate because it’s unheard of it’s it’s

an outrage that there’s gambling going
on some used-car salesmen play Joe yeah
no that’s an American no no no except of

practices and their real estate deals
around the world the report finds
President Trump and his daughter Ivanka
now a senior advisor regularly misled
investors and buyers by inflating

property sales numbers giving a false
sense of the viability of the projects
this comes as the Trump name was removed
from yet another New York City building
on Thursday after residents complained

of security risks and reduced property
values associated with the Trump name
okay let’s get this straight the reason
you would take the Trump name off of a

building in New York City if it wasn’t
the big Trump so it doesn’t get
vandalized yeah vandalized if people get
harassed by Democrats
people oh let’s be honest about these

reports Amy Elizabeth Warren couple of
things here she was a nickname yes Betsy
used to be Pocahontas but that got taken

away by trauma it’s screwed so she did a
DNA test and that was a big joke and
everyone laughed about it that has a
little extra tail to this joke you know

the DNA company that she used it was
23andme wasn’t it no uh-uh no it was not
it’s Family to Family Tree DNA which he
her ex-husband co-founded with Carlos

Bustamante you might remember that name
for that is the expert who told her that
she definitely had Cherokee in her
heritage inside job

huh company her ex-husband founded for
DNA testing and the co-founder who was
happy to say yeah you’re Cherokee way to

go but there is actual news about DNA
and this is this is pretty big you’ve
heard about it on the no agenda show we
have experts in the field who have sent

in many comments and said yes this is
coming this is happening and it is here
and it is working in just one week law
enforcement newest secret weapon helped
solve its very first case in Utah 2 News

told you first and exclusively if not
was no agenda
stop it about a rap and DNA that started
in Utah a couple of weeks ago rapid DNA
the portable machine analyzes DNA in

less than two hours Jimmy lab was the
very first person to show us this new
technology and Jim experts fairly
shocked by the speed at which this very
first case was solved they say criminals

beware because this technology can be
used by any agency across the entire
state at no cost to that agency or you
the taxpayer and experts go on to say
it’s gonna help them put more criminals

behind bars in jails like this one and
others across the state before they get
into yeah oh yeah so the machine is free
and it doesn’t cost anything to operate
it it’s free you can use you can call

them up and say hey I need I need a
rapid DNA and then it doesn’t cost
anything is a free miss free bo-buddies
free and yeah just free bullcrap
somebody’s paying what this is

he’s a scare tactic cuz you’ll hear how
its implemented and what it really does
is scare people just by saying Oh bro
we’ve got your DNA 27 year old Albert
Hernandez of hiram is literally the new

face of Utah criminals caught with the
help of rapid DNA technology because
he’s the very first this is one step in
the right direction you know obviously
it was a successful outcome and that’s

what we want to see Nate mutter is
trained on the rapid DNA machine working
with cash county attorney James Swank
they got Hernandez to admit to his
crimes with DNA proof in about two weeks
Swink was out of town they spoke to me

via FaceTime about the state’s first
guilty plea case
able to corner him really quickly and
she knew it on September night you hear
this this is very interesting now you

you nailed this this was good I’ll give
you I’m gonna give you a clip of the day
after this is over because this you you
your analysis is dead on this is
bullcrap just reminds you of a scene I
think was in the wire where they took a

copying machine and they put a bunch of
paper in it that said true and false
written on it and they has to ask guys
stupid questions and then they new
machine would caught the piece of paper
that said true and false Buffalo in him

into believing this was a lie detector
that caught him wait until you hear how
they did this guy Keith Hernandez broke
into a cash County home stole some stuff
and ran off he left behind DNA swing

says would normally take months to
process leaving Hernandez on the streets
he drank a Diet Mountain Dew can they

put the can in the machine
son we got your DNA might as well mint
otherwise have to show you the results
the AG’s office owns it operates the two

analyzers DNA filled test tubes are put
into this mobile machine and results are
returned in about 90 minutes
Hernandez pleaded guilty to burglary

theft possession of meth and obstruction
of justice
so with criminal number one behind bars
thanks to the new tool who’s next
there’s several in the works I have a
feeling that we’re gonna get hit with

numerous in one day oh yeah it’s gonna
be a bonanza all you have to do is say
by the way load up on this guy he has
one or he did one thing and they didn’t
obstruction of justice in this case

which they added to his charges was him
saying no I didn’t do anything oh okay
and then look we proved you did it
that’s obstruction of justice

this is dissing abomination
regardless I think it’s a very stupid
idea to give your DNA to anybody like

I I hovered over the mouse button for a
moment I want to really see if I have
any Cherokee in me you definitely do and
I was like I really don’t want my name
is so you can you could put in a fake

name but I don’t want my name associated
with this I really don’t want it trolled
are in the troll room actually made a
good point he said you watched LifeLock
will soon be offering DNA lock up your
DNA so no one can get to it that’s

probably something good that’s probably
something that’s coming it sounds like
something you these guys would do but
but basically you just have a box with a
you know with a test tube holder on top

and a display kind of like the the e
machine from Scientology in a way you
know it looks all snazzy and you just
put the mountain Dew can in and shake it
about and make drip drip drip and then

spits out a printout oh yeah yeah this
is uh this is very very cool how they’re
introducing us and I’m looking I’m
looking forward to it I’m going flush

these criminals are idiots no yeah they
shit man you got my D you got Mike you
got my Mountain Dew can alright I’m done
it meanwhile Elizabeth Warren is
promoting something which at first I was

very excited about it it’s like oh this
is something I really want to sign up
for it’s an education and it turned out
to be quite disappointing today I want
to tell you about one group that has

been helping to lead this fight by
preparing us for the hard political
battles that lie ahead
resistance school resistance school
offers free online skills based
trainings from leading experts and

organizers who can teach you how to
mobilize and organize most effectively
check out resistance school at
resistance school calm these tools and

skills are free and online for you and
for everyone else
together we can resist and persist what
America needs you right now will you

join us
yes go to resistance school calm I was
so excited I’m like yes I want
resist I want to learn how to resist
this is horrible yeah it just shows you
how to canvas shows you how to knock on

doors yeah they want you to vote to tell
people to vote Democrat just resistance
school yes of course it is how to
register voters how to knock on doors
the resistance school and resistance

school you’ll learn valuable schools
like learning how to knock on doors
you’ll learn how to hold a house meeting
and you’ll learn how to canvass
persuasively let’s see some more with

tupperware could teach you more stuff
what else do you how public narrative
how to build relationships oh nice
Louise scene in The New York Times the

nation CNN I mean come on this is great
how to knock on doors how to phone how
to knock on doors learn how to have a

persuasive conversation at the door with
former Obama and Clinton staffer Jason
gray will provide you with key tips and
give you a proven framework to use to
learn how to knock on doors resistance

cool calm
to sustain in the resist these are great
little lessons how to defuse this at
school how to defeat dog whistle

oh here’s Robert rice race and of course
he has the stupidest course
communicating across difference yet mat
mat man who wants that book we want to

learn how to knock on doors Robert rice
this is this is boring in that
interesting dumb yes quite dumb
this is this is definitely stupid it’s

it’s like a phone bank yeah I told you I
told you it was lame okay so there’s a
couple things we need to talk about you
see you sent me a link about New York

and this is a very interesting story I
think it was in the Atlantic and the
title of it why New York has so many
empty storefronts oh yeah you know now

if you will summarize what this is about
then I’ll tell you what happened when I
read it this actually first came up in
the conversation on th unplugged and
Horowitz asked some people about it

because he was he went to New York New
York more than I do
he’s always drinking in New York he
doesn’t see anything it’s probably
closer to the truth and hey Manheim

great yeah I just had another IV these
after a night of drinking it can’t be
yeah yeah I recommend knack NAC anyway

he asked some people about this and they
said ah yeah we’re holding out for the
big money cuz there’s big money coming
because the economy’s booming and we

don’t we just don’t want to rent as a
locals we’re gonna get extra money for
the for the you know the winter when the
economy starts cranking up they’re gonna
want these storefronts and so that we’re
just not we’re not making it easy for

anyone to get him just casually the
article talks about New York pretty much
being a ghost town eh all these empty
apartments owned by people who don’t
live in them and because there’s no

people living in them there’s no shops
because there’s known em yeah there’s
there’s Starbucks as are there’s this
massive chains there’s H&M there’s lots
of chains everywhere chain retail

outlets but no there’s no nothing on the
corner or the little you know the little
shop you go to the coffee shop where you
get to bagel or the little supermarket
the Korean grocer all of that is gone

because the rain what the article claims
the rents have gone up like 80 percent
in the past couple years 89 people out
and most everybody as so they board him

collect getting cash I don’t get it
personally it seems like you want cash
flow but these guys are banking on some
big something happening and I don’t see
I don’t see it happening I think it’s
just all big portfolios and I you know

did see some tax scam going on could be
but when I read this and when Tina read
this we both said Austin this is exactly
what’s happening with Austin all the

cool little shops in downtown are all
closing why this Grinch too high they
can’t afford to rent downtown and it’s
all Starbucks and it’s bonobos and it’s
watch there’s a swatch retail store on

Second Life store any thank you thank
there’s a lot of that
so it’s it’s a good art it’s a pretty

good article read it and you’ll see what
what Austin is coming to I have a final
little C cleansing weight I’m seeing a
lot of boarders up stuff in the Bay Area
now that you mention it more carefully

yeah I do have the lottery update with a
kicker I want to play that before we go
and also maybe the quick review of the
Trump Montana rally okay let’s do this

lottery update I’m about to buy my own
tonight’s an estimated annuitize 1
billion dollars let’s see if I can make
you a billion but there was no winner
and what had become the largest Mega

Millions jackpot since the game began in
2002 the odds of hitting at big one in
300 2.5 million lines formed across the
country yesterday as people bought

tickets for a shot at what was the
second largest lottery prize in US
1 billion there hasn’t been a Mega
Millions jackpot winner since July and

now officials say the jackpot could soar
to tie the all-time record of 1.6
billion dollars by Tuesday there is good
news for one lucky player in Morgan Hill

California where at this gas station a
ticket matching five of six numbers was
purchased it’s one of 15 tickets that’s
good for a million dollars
but hitting it big doesn’t always mean

sustaining the lifestyle according to
the Certified Financial Planner Board of
standards nearly one-third of lottery
winners declare bankruptcy
Wow these are people that for one thing

is you’re kind of a loser to buy a
lottery ticket because the odds are
ridiculous how many okay that’s not even
the payout is only half of the of the
pot so it’s not even good good odds even

at that level but you know so you’re
such a loser that you win the lottery
and then you go broke I mean I don’t
it’s just beyond me I’m buying
I’m buying I’m gonna do don’t you don’t

need another Ferrari I’m buying I’m
buying the ticket yeah well of course
well I’m not I figure I get the same
odds as winning as you do oh no doubt

but it’ll make me feel good okay very
interesting little thing little gotcha
not getting a lot of attention yet at
least not in the way I would have
expected it to what’s happening in
Puerto Rico now you recall there was a

pretty bad hurricane hit Puerto Rico and
the mayor of San Juan was just hating on
Trump he’s out there yelling and just
just making a big scene about how
horrible he was and wearing not my

president hats and just just hate on
Trump everything it is wrong he counted
the number of people wrong and just
screw that guy stupid orange clown
and this happens agents raided San Juans

municipal building on Tuesday amid an
investigation into purchasing practices
used by city officials including Mayor
Carmen Cruz video posted on Twitter
shows several uniformed FBI agents

proceeding into the building Tuesday
morning local journalist
Luis Guardiola noted in a tweet that
dozens of FBI agents were involved in
the raid a spokesman for the agency told
News Service El Nuevo Dia calm that

Tuesday’s raid was related to an ongoing
investigation into whether the mayor’s
office in other city officials had shown
when the city agreed to a contract with
the company be our solutions for four

point seven million dollars over two
years FBI spokesman Carlos Rosario told
the website quote the raid helps us to
confirm what
the allegations of irregularities are

substantiated or not FBI raid for you
I’m so sorry what will you say here’s a
little FBI raid for you yeah I hate it

when yeah it seems really like that’s
being used as a weapon which is pretty
house legal
pretty nasty pretty nasty I don’t see
why they’re not calling orange man bad

orange man bad norge man very bad I know
it’s it’s baffling well here’s the
review of you Trump is all over the
place again in Nevada Nevada and Montana
these rallies and this is the democracy

now taking on it you know just finding
the the objectionable parts of the
speech is it over this hour-long act
that he does I just thought was pretty
funny though listen to Amy moan and

groan about it at a rally in Montana
Thursday president Trump praised Montana
Congress member Greg John forté for
physically assaulting a reporter Greg is
smart and by the way never wrestle him

any guy that can do a body slam he’s my
last year Jan 40 / a Cubs now let’s just

review for a second before we continue
with Amy the term bodyslam was made up
by the journalist himself yeah and I

yeah there was a definite scuffle and
the journalist wound up on the ground
but the idea of bodyslam that the guide
like jumped on him and slammed this

whole body on top of him is a bit of an
exaggeration I fear well I think it’s
worth it’s not that’s not the imagery
the imagery is wrestling where you’ve
actually picked the guy up the grass row

him down onto the ground so you slam him
you did a body slam yeah and I think for
Trump to ignite that to me and it may be
great for what’s happening there but on

the on the national stage it looked they
made him look like a shitheel orange man
bad after he asked Jen Forte a question
about the Republicans health care

proposal this is the audio Jacobs
captured of Jen 40s at our on hand
now I hope that Amy explains what the

guy did and and the missing audio in
front of that where he was a total
reporter dick which doesn’t which gives
no one license to do you attack him
physically well the guy did he get me to

get arrested in Fisher he deserved she
deserved to yeah exhibit forty was
elected to Congress but he ultimately
pled guilty to assaulting Jacobs after

Trump praised you in Fort a at the rally
Thursday night The Guardian us editor
John Mulholland said in the aftermath of
the murder of Jamel khashoggi

journalist both here and across the
world where they often face far greater
threats we hope decent people will
denounce these comments and that the

president will see fit to apologize for
them unquote during the rally Trump also
once again attacked Massachusetts
senator Elizabeth Warren over her recent
DNA test claiming her Native American

ancestry you know the one good thing
about her test is that there was so
little average America to see our full
coverage of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test

can’t we jam that through the rapid DNA
won’t one can’t we just do that for

everybody now just to wrap a DNA to show
you right away I was just Indian okay
yeah I I think that I’m not a fan of
Trump promoting violence I don’t like

that well he gets called out a lot for
he should probably stop yes yes you
should stop that it’s a it’s a shit move
I don’t like it now on the other hand
I’ve wanted to bop a reporter or

photographer for sure in my lifetime
because they can be annoying cool you
can do it but you’re gonna face charges
yes charges exactly

all right everybody I’m sure things have
changed while we were just speaking they
seem to go very quickly today who knows
what the coming few days will bring us
but for sure we will be celebrating 11
years of media deconstruction on the

best podcast in the universe on Thursday
we surely hope you show up for that one
and support us at Dvorak org slash na
there’ll be a newsletter with all the
information until then coming to you

from downtown Austin Texas cap with the
drone star state FEMA region number six
in the five benign clue do in the common
law condo in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I’m still lamenting the

failure of Dijon to have any oops in the
United States I’m Jesse Dvorak we return
on Thursday for our 11th anniversary
until then

we much

we must they are all giddy about a
shutdown the tortise in the race then
co-author of Kubrick’s you to lead
singer Bono friend Russia’s big annoy

Weaver suspect Johar tsarnaev rush
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host Supreme Court Justice Sonia
Sotomayor is Michael is Mike a mockery
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for Cairo
Advan Ghazi we ranked behind lot v la
veta first kazakhstan kazakhstan two
college students in beijing is getting

lunch at chevrolet sonora an iowa bein
is appropriate
the GOP stacks Day Giveaway to
millionaires why was traffic problems

email sent the environmental projection
agency and what sequestration has done
did before we went any further is this

particular clip because it does bring
out an issue that I think is floating
kind of is the subtext around just like
being in a different different it is

like being in a different emission you
just float around and don’t cause
apparently people are applauding Iraq
and when you’re in them floating around

then whether you’re in them a little
short-term or long-term
and so they’re floating around and
they’re stringing because we have

telephone poles around why seems to
float around that’s what I thought this
story was about

before we started doing our show this
stuff was floating around
like I do illegal new illegal thing you

cannot do a legal thing you can do

illegal things you turn to a site and a
cheapest factory ever the the prison
yes mofo slash and a like shooting fish in a
barrel are you getting this baby I love