No Agenda Episode 1080 “11 Years”

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Curry Jhansi Devorah
this is your award-winning get one
nation media assassination episode 10
this is no agenda in the morning

I’m Adam curry where there’s one thing I
won’t be doing for Halloween and that’s
wearing blackface I’m John C Devorah Oh
disappointing your annual moment to

shine what was they no really do would
you normally put on blackface for
Halloween and said I can’t believe
you’re not gonna do that this year
11 years of the best podcast in the

universe congratulations spoof
congratulations John yes fantastic
congratulations to everybody everybody
who has worked on this show and that’s

pretty much everybody
I wish still have a lot of number of
people who started listening to show
from the beginning Oh quite a few yeah
more than there should be
then they’re still alive which is the

cool thing yeah yeah but we you know the
the producers of the show we don’t have
listeners we have producers this is your
celebration you have done this you have
taken us from a 20-minute show with no

jingles no nonsense no commercials no
agenda to three hours twice a week on
Thursday filled with media
deconstruction that’s quite a path we’ve
taken yes we didn’t start off that way

that’s for sure no and I have to say
John this was discussed I should mention
on the grow America show I haven’t heard
it yet I haven’t heard it yet you
discussed what though the the evolution

of the the no agenda show yeah uh-huh
and what was the conclusion that we
with number one and worth 1080 and I
today I am so happy John more now than

ever in our 11 year history that you’re
the one that opens up all the mail
I’m just want to say and I continue to
be appreciative of you hearing that

story to tell your mails not coming
through no no no no no we have bit since
Monday the entire city of Austin and
Austin proper with many of the outlying

areas have been under a mandatory water
boil male awareness yeah but that’s not
that’s a little more impactful than

you’d first think
um but yeah but the likes of you you
just drink Perrier whose Grey Poupon
yeah it’s not so much about me it’s
about what the economic impact of the

city is quite severe Monday night so it
happened Monday the afternoon they put
the the which means you cannot drink the
water you cannot use it for cooking you

can’t use it for washing produce now
there’s also a ban on you know there’s
also water conservation regulations in
place and we went out to dinner with

with Ellen and Jesse this said that
Tina’s daughter who lives in Austin her
boyfriend and already Monday night it
was just a small restaurant the east

side there was stuff that you could not
get said you know we can we can’t do
anymore anything with vegetables so
here’s what we have on the menu there
are many restaurants close now just
close wash their vegetables you can’t

cook you can you can’t take the risk
because this is a contamination risk
that someone gets sick in your
restaurant or would just get sick in
your restaurant whether it was your

fault or not no one can take that risk
so they’re just shutting it down people
have no paychecks and there’s no
Starbucks beer as a benefit but here’s
the problem our mayor mayor Adler is a

douchebag you know and I know he was
already on my crap list for his you know
just letting scooters drive on the
sidewalk people homeless people sleeping
everywhere but something went wrong and

they’re not telling us the whole story
because no point as anyone said your
water is unsafe no because they opened
up the the dams because of the water has
been raining here for the past two weeks

this is not the first time that they’ve
opened up the dams and yes this is the
Lower Colorado a lot yes it’s not the
first time this has happened so
something went wrong and apparently all
this silt clogged up the works and from

what I understand now although no one
has admitted that you press conferences
and I’ve been really trying and we have
no press in Austin I guess the Austin
Statesman was bought by some whatever

outfit doesn’t there’s no there’s no one
porting on anything discus people
rewriting press releases there’s no
reporting in Austin there was a pressure
issue that’s the only thing they said

and that’s why we have a mandatory water
boil what I understand now from not from
Austin officials or any reporting here
is perhaps we had an influx of silt
which clogged up the works

they lost pressure if the pipes go below
I think it’s 20 pounds per square inches
and backs up then well the worse then
the even little crack somewhere in the

along the line contamination could come
in I guess it’s coliform and that’s well
first lash is bad actually you know
about this stuff right you’ve worked in
areas about this haven’t you yes okay

but coliform is not really the problem
California coliform is is the is the an
aspect of the test mechanism in other
words you have coliform that means

you’ve got problems right but it’s not
like you’re gonna die from coliform
poisoning okay but if you have coliform
that means there’s sewage in them in the
line pretty much you see they’re not

telling us what happened
and last year 2017 the citizens of
Austin elected for a 311 million dollar

to create this fourth water plant which
is really only our second because they
close to its supposed to do 100 million
gallons a day by itself and everything’s
failing weirdo we’re using more water

than we’re producing the silt has
clogged everything up what is silt
exactly and how does it in since when
does it clog up stuff well you know as
silt is not real is it just like
deposits like sandy salty deposits it’s

it’s the fine particles of dirt right
and that kinda forms like a you know it
makes me a very nice mud and so every

when it accumulates it becomes a muddy
like substance so which it is because I
silt and that can that could then clog
up the I don’t water purification yes it
can it must be they have these people

wouldn’t be Buffalo in you they keep
talking about
they’re there they’re public servants
probably I would guess not a no they
probably Democrats which means that

they’re honest people yeah they’re very
honest and they have an election at a
run thing yeah and they have an election
coming up in in 12 days but here’s
here’s one theory they’ll just throw out

there because I thought it was kind of
interesting because in the in the past
what couple of months when I’ve been
awake learning how to wake surf for the
former New York banker um in Lake Austin
I noticed we used to have all kinds of

green stuff in the water and you know
you’d be in the water and like what’s
that against my leg I’m not I don’t like
that in general
and it was it was a lot it was a lot I
remember two or three years ago it’s

just tons of this stuff everywhere and
it was clogging up engines and all kinds
of stuff happening because it and it’s
just not a nice thing and people swim
and water-ski there etc so the geniuses
came up with the idea of stocking Lake

Austin with grass carp and and the last
time I went wake surfing I remember
saying wow there’s none of this stuff in
the water anymore and yeah we were a bit

by a fish you know we were we were at
the pier having a beer and some kids
were throwing like french fries in the
water and these enormous carp which
turns out of the researching it about 40

50 pounds these things weigh they’ve
eaten everything they’ve eaten all the
green they’ve eaten all the other fish
that’s all that’s left and I think maybe
when they opened the flood the dam this

water just rushed through Lake Austin
there’s nothing left to stop the silt or
whatever they expected and it just you
know expand just blew everything

downstream maybe that’s what happened
but any rate we’re gonna be under this
boil watch until the weekend maybe
longer it could be a full week could be
a month yeah this is Austin man this is

not some shithole country yeah you’re
not in Senegal but we’re getting bored
no but now that you mention that could
be poop in the water it’s we’re getting

closer to San Francisco we got
everything we got the homeless we got
this the electric scooter swoop in your
water pooping
testing that’s exactly what coliform
testing would indicate yeah and no one’s

questioning anything is that all you
hear is jokes you were doing him here
like what like you just said hahaha you
just drink Perrier all day you’d be

amazed how often you interact with water
on a daily basis in what you thought of
the automatic movements you have of well
just the splash of water and your drink

a little from my hand after brushing my
teeth oops there’s a lot of different
and help you that anyway well I’m just
saying there’s a lot of different ways
you interact with water and it’s like

damn I appreciate it a little bit more
well this is sounds like a disaster it’s
an economic disaster for sure

they said yesterday if it doesn’t rain
we may be able to lift the ban at the
beginning of the weekend it rained all
day yesterday so it’s gonna go through
the weekend it’s gonna go into the next

week I I don’t know I’d like to know
what do what just like a valve is
stopped stuck open or something went
wrong and then they’re not admitting it
that’s the only I mean this is how no

media there anymore so what are you
gonna do you never find out that
probably the news to guys on television
don’t have enough oomph to be able to
find out what’s going on and then
nobody’s got any technical expertise you

know all they have to do is find some
sewage treatment guy who’s an engineer
and who knows cuz they gossip amongst
themselves like every industry does and
they tell you what’s happening but they

can’t even find one of those guys I
guess I think we must have one in the
audience oh we we have several who had
been I was tweeting with and that’s how
I understood the the pressure issue
because that was one line in a in some

interview somewhere the guy said we
haven’t got a pressure issue and then I
understood okay so there’s real
contamination danger if you have a
pressure issue and at the same time it’s
also just conserve water because

something has broken somewhere along the
line something went wrong it’s just not
it anyway so yes we drink Perrier and
champagne all day we don’t care about
the water crisis but there’s there’s no

restaurants or closing restaurants bars
how about you know we have craft
breweries forget about it they can’t
brew their beer
all that stuff is closed well they still

have beer in the tank
yeah but that’ll be gone
yes it will
ship in your water yeah from France

anyway so it’s interesting living under
this disaster finally something bad
happened really bad
yeah I’ve heard I was reading about I
was hoping you’d had some information

you got nothing well I got you what I
think is going on which is more than
what they’re reporting here and no one’s
there’s just no one’s interested John
they don’t care I got my bottle it’s not
Trump’s fault not yet not yet I working

on it I wouldn’t put it past mayor Adler
to come up with something like that all
that I was again you’re still tweeting a

lot more than you used to which is
pretty entertaining as you show up in my
feet a lot yeah and I need more
followers you got plenty of followers
really get none are you okay man I mean

it’s hard when you lose a gig sometimes
you kind of fall into a black hole uh
yeah I’m fine okay um it’s fine man I’m
fine man I’m okay just leave me alone

you what talk about it yeah you tweeted
you thought that the caravan was the
biggest story of the moment yeah and all
bunch of weirdos just a lot of weirdos
on Twitter I’m probably gonna have to

quit it eventually because the number of
guys it’s like yeah felt like crap and
they did and you look this guy with one
follower and he obviously just joined
last week all right and maybe he’s got
50 accounts and the one followers this

year they follow each other yeah yeah
and it’s like they’re just in there to
make commentary that is useless and this
doesn’t help and also if you want more
followers by the way being on Twitter a

lot you’re right I probably tweet 1/3
more than I used to and I’m blocking X
you’re just gonna say if you want
followers quit blocking people and
plugging like a madman okay it’s not

healthy you know this right is you know
that Twitter can become a little
unhealthy activity I don’t know that oh
okay when you say by the way I look at

these years and here’s the dilemma so
you got some jerk-off he says something
stupid and you go you look good I’m not
gonna respond the guy’s got two

followers and he just joined last week
he’s got a picture of you know Farrah
Fawcett as an avatar yes I’m looking and
then I think follows you

I’m thinking she’s if I block this guy
lose another follower so I moot him
Oh mute yes that’s the way to go you did
because the follower number is very
important to you does that keep your

checkmark status does Jack send you an
email from time to time and say hey keep
your keep your numbers that otherwise
will take away your check mark the yeah
the other thing is I didn’t notice this

because I’ve been muting you can mute
entire conversations as mute
conversation you get these arguments
going bad man yeah
and the worst part is you’re in an
argument where you’re not even in the
argument you’re just CC that you’re like

one of the guys that the ads so you get
I don’t want to be listening to these
two guys going at each other you can hit
mute conversation takes the whole thing
off your string fantastic what a
discovery yeah I’m learning a lot yes I

can tell I can tell so I think the big
news actually is not to care of it I
think it’s the the speed yes I’m very
confused by this because they seem to

sometimes move 500 miles a day according
to news reports and the same recycled
drone footage of the of the bridge and
all these tight shots tight shots of

people sitting down and that’s when
they’re interviewed because apparently
then they’re not moving they’re just
hanging out and it’s this is I this
reeks of wagged the dog type television

production with some professional
elements but otherwise who the hell
knows what I’m looking at doesn’t look
like a caravan I mean I don’t know it
could be stock footage from Europe for
all I know I really don’t know what this

is the only person I’ve seen on-site in
the tightest shot ever was Jorge Ramos
from universe from Univision he was he
did CNN and he did I think he did frat

Tucker like we need a nickname for him
the only way I could come up with frat
boy Chuck frat boy Tucker
I like that nickname yeah frat boy
Tucker he looks totally like a frat boy

by the way I saw an interview he didn’t
need to because he’s promoting his book
he would did an interview with Adam
Corolla and if you can find this it’s
pretty easy to YouTube I have to say

first of all I I’ve never been a fan of
Adam Carolla I like him very much
I thought it’s very funny and various
very intelligent in this interview
Tucker on the other hand frat boy Tucker
he reminds me of Christopher Buckley and

Christopher Buckley was married to my
cousin Lucy that’s William F Buckley
‘he’s a junior son yeah and this was the
guy who famously said of you with your

internet no one’s going to want to read
the news on the computer another
insightful observation from the Buckley
family and he later late he’s 20 years

later said well you were right about
that but that’s exactly it Fred for
Tucker has this is it it’s Emilio thing
from Washington and he’s very likable

but it’s this millio thing where within
three sentences always like and that’s
the meaning of life come on is easy
don’t you understand what sees us it
always ends that way and like he has
figured it all out and just the other

people don’t know what it is yet and you
and really is apparent in this interview
so it’s worth watching anyway was I
talking about oh yes right Jorge Ramos
would be because the everybody in the

Latin American recognizes him and so
they will get behind him and jump up and
down and put you know ears on his head
and all that sort of thing so they they
have to keep it tight yeah but that’s my

guess that’s not showing you a caravan
that’s just showing him amidst a few
would look like professional refugee
tents with a couple people walking by
I’m I just don’t know what to believe is

gone from two and a half to seven to
three to fourteen thousand now come on
show me this for real I’m just not
seeing it I’m not I’m not so sure and I

if it’s now the whole thing has to be a
Republican GOP some some strategist
Banyon Roger stone I don’t know someone
came up with that and it was perfect

it’s perfect the timings perfect
they got people being shuttled around on
flat beds it makes nothing but since and
in the cynical world that I live in the
minute these phony baloney clock

boy-type dildo
bomb show up like okay that’s your
that’s your answer
okay Democrats very funny that’s that
that is the way I see it today yeah well

I’m not gonna argue on any of these
points it could be the dildos were sent
around by the Democrats and the caravan
could be by the Republicans you don’t
know let me say let me tell you what I

do know it’s very unusual and all in 11
years very unusual you get immediate
pictures of the package and the bomb and
close-ups with the clock still
operational and the wires attached this

is very unusual
the dice if you cut too early pictures
you do have Debbie wasserman-schultz
addresses yes it’s spelled incorrectly
for the whole thing is just too well

done let’s let’s go in this let’s talk
about the bombs with this starting one
second if let’s just say this is some
left-wing Democrat you know whatever
Soros I don’t care who came up with the

idea don’t you think that if you and I
were strategizing
all right here’s we’re gonna do we’re
gonna send these bombs gonna make them
look this way and here’s how we’re
actually gonna put stamps on them we
won’t actually mail them we’ll mail a

couple because we want those to get
stopped by the Secret Service but we
really got to make sure it looks like
it’s coming from some Republican nutjob
I know will misspelled the Jew s’s name
because that’s how they think and men

will do a typo on Florida then it
totally looks like it’s coming from some
redneck crazy guy Republican
be reasonable mm-hmm reasonable let’s go
bombs PBS rundown okay yeah federal

agents are working tonight to get to the
bottom of a rash of bombs up and down
the East Coast the targets are mainly
prominent Democrats as well as CNN and

locations range from stop this is the
part of the story that kind of which is
a lie and everybody said it there was
never a bomb sent to CNN they sent one

to Brennan at CNN and that’s not where
he works it works at MSNBC so they were
I mean if you want to count that but
they make it sound as though CNN was

some sort of a target did you see the
Cuomo kid and Don Lemon outside and
they’re doing the back and front hugging

each other stay safe brother it’s good
it’s tough being a journalist yeah they
totally put that shoe on like it was
made for them no it was for Brennan
anyway so let’s finish that but they day

they actually have that part of the L
CNN vacating the place nobody else did
that by the way but CNN did they vacated
the premises and no Johnny when you and
I were Zucker we would do the same thing

you play this up this is fantastic this
is rating targets are mainly prominent
Democrats as well as CNN and locations
range from New York to Florida

amnon of Oz begins our coverage after a
string of explosive devices were sent to
two former Democratic presidents senior
officials and a high-profile party donor

President Trump today pledged actions he
promised the full resources of the
government to bring to justice those
responsible for what he called
despicable act in these times we have to
unify we have to come together and send

one very clear strong unmistakable
message that acts or threats of
political violence of any kind have no
place in the United States this Reid

is so flat I’m so disappointed in this I
mean this sounds so insincere is that no
one telling him to play this oh I have
the long version of this which is a way

which is he I think he had to do this
way to kind of twist the story to kind
of blame the Democrats it’s lame you try
this your skip to this this is the Trump

plea this is a book buck 57 hour 1
minute 57 seconds trump plea regarding
bombs this is the whole this whole spiel
is done in that same all right let’s

analyze it let’s analyze the federal
government is conducting an aggressive
investigation and we will find those
responsible and we will bring them to

hopefully very quickly any acts or
threats of political violence are an
attack on our democracy itself no nation

can succeed that tolerates violence or
the threat of violence as a method of
political intimidation coercion or

control we all know that such conduct
must be fiercely opposed and firmly
prosecuted lately what he tends to he’ll
say something and then yeah this is one

of his persuasion things he says
something and then he backs himself up
with being the chorus AG like a Greek
chorus saying we all know that I think
that doughnuts are good we all know that

we all like doughnuts right what is
darkness or coffee is even better what
all love God or one of these what is
also true is doughnuts are fantastic yes
another way of doing it as a way also be

for free this is he’s giving a speech in
front this one of his rallies so it it’s
it is which is where yeah which is where
I would have expected him do a little

better than this
coercion or control we all know they
such conduct must be fiercely opposed
and firmly prosecuted we want all sides
to come together in peace and harmony we

can do it we can do it we can do it
it’ll happen
more broadly there’s much we can do to
bring our nation together for example

those engaged in the political arena
must stop treating political opponents
as being morally defective I have to do
that I have to do they have to say that

that’s what they’re doing – may have to
do it the language of moral condemnation
and destructive routine these are
arguments and disagreements that have to

stop no one should carelessly compare
political opponents to historical
villains woohoo
stop calling me and not say she’s done

often lurks and all the time gotta stop
we should not mob people in public
spaces or destroy public property you

know you’re right
you’re so right I think he got that
figured out it’s one way to settle our
disagreements it’s called peacefully at

the ballot box that’s what we want yeah
so he basically what his way of calming
everybody down was saying hey Democrats
stop calling us names

that is very that’s it that is a
persuasive technique for sure and you’re
doing it with all his little tricks hey
oh no come in the comet there’s a little
mumbling under the breath which is

actually a sales pitch but he does he
doesn’t seem freaked out about it so I
guess he knows it’s Bogard up as well
you know he’s not freaked out at all did
he get what he I was watching his body
language recently and I’m sure I finally

I noticed something interesting when he
is like Burke or Sun or really bothered
by something he crosses his arms and if
you if you look at any of his commentary

about Saudi Arabia he’s sitting in a
normally you know he’s like in his chair
leaning forward he’s got it he’s not
behind the desk he’s in the chair
leaning forward so it doesn’t look like
he’s fat but in this case all of Saudi

Arabia chitchat his arms are crossed and
tight and he’s been giving his opinions
about the Saudi Arabia situation and

he’s he’s very annoyed I don’t think
he’s annoyed unless he has his arms
crossed you know they keep an eye out
for that ted kaczynski of course is this
rolling around in his cell they’re going

like what an idiot nothing exploded this
makes no sense I’m referring to the
Unabomber and I and I looked at looked
at the at there’s a presumption here

that I just like to question for a
moment I look at the list of people we
have Democrats and one intelligence
person not being Brennan so it just so
this is clearly the deme bomber I think

that would be the appropriate name since
we’re never gonna find out who did this
it could it be that this is not related
to the elections could it be that this
is related to Saudi Arabia being very

pissed off about all of mainly Democrats
and John Brennan all calling for
suspension or severing of ties between

the US and Saudi Arabia
I don’t know that Brennan did that no he
played pieces the long interview
well he’s like well maybe I don’t

remember him they specifically saying
that hey you let’s play the rest of this
and I have a couple of follow-up clips
so you can you can drop out of the PBS
or go down I know I need it okay so what

are we playing that the rest of the oh
you rested the Trump thinking oh that
was it that was done that was the end
well then we have I had to get this this
was the bomber I got both the Fran

Townsend we know her yes the spook but
but we have I’ve been missing him for I
don’t know we haven’t heard a clip from

Jeff Pegues ah the poop man and quite
some time but yet here is multiple law
enforcement sources Sam I nailed it
multiple multiples of multiple law

enforcement sources multiple law
enforcement sources say one of the bombs
consisted of PVC tubing and used a
digital clock connected to a small
battery as a possible trigger device
pyrotechnic powder was the explosive and

in order to cure pyrotechnic powder you
mean it was like a flash pop it was like
this stuff that you put in firecrackers
flash pot keep it magnesium yeah wait

glass was used as shrapnel investigators
think whoever put the device together
was trying to keep the weight down so
that it could be put in a mailbox
without having to appear at a post

office for mailing Ron Hosko is a former
assistant director of the FBI what does
it say that they didn’t explode well it
may say that that they were intercepted
prior to their ability to explode it may

say that they were never capable of
exploding even though they may have had
black powder in them the six packages
all consisting of a large manila
envelope with six American forever flag

stands will now be analyzed at the FBI
laboratory in Quantico Virginia
investigators will deconstruct them
looking to trace the origin of the
wiring and the other components to see

where and when they may have been
purchased and by whom on the package
itself look for fingerprints and
potentially the suspects DNA if the

licked as they’re gathering this
information all these investigators how
does that information filter up to the
what markings are on the outside or on
the inside of a piece of end cap to see
who’s the manufacturer where is that

product distributed is it unique in some
way looking at the tape looking at n
cuts on the tape if I tear something off
and a piece of that tape is left at my

on the subject at my house they may be
able to match ends in police in Los
Angeles are swarming the central postal
facility there we’re told investigators

have discovered another suspicious
package addressed to congresswoman
Maxine Waters if it turns out to be real
this would be the second address the
waters and the seventh package overall
yeah we yeah we haven’t seen a single

statement about the actual bomb itself
which is interesting I’d like to know
who did it work was it real what was in
it what was the mechanism well there is
a guy on Twitter who’s a bomb guy ah and
he said I got to go back get his tweets

but he said this was bull crap because
he says pipe bombs for one thing never
have wires coming out of both sides is
idiotic right and he went on and on
about how these bombs were phony he

thought they were all just props props
props well well I did hunt around
because you know most of these did not
reach there and that this is also
reported very by omission very poorly

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama they
never got those bombs they never got the
envelopes they were stopped at the
central processing which is Secret
Service that handles and there was a

pretty interesting interview on NPR and
there was about you know this this
screening of packages for people under
federal protection by the Secret Service

and there was a little thing in here
that I thought was interesting at the
end well so the the common practice of
the Secret Service is to screen mail at
an off-site location typically and this

has been going on for the last 30 35
years where they have available a number
of different sensors that detect
biosensors radiation

and other gas known gases and in this
case if it so if it was a pipe bomb
would have been easily detected in an
x-ray machine or a trace detection
machine on site that’s just why I was

gonna ask you if you could give us a
picture of what that mail sorting
process is like I mean when Secret
Service agents sift through the Daily
Mail how do they handle it in case it
could explode or be toxic you mentioned

an x-ray machine what else well if it’s
determined that it’s of risk if it’s a
device that’s suspicious
they have containers they also have they
have container robots that will come in

and actually look at the device remotely
so that there’s not a human involved in
the examination process so it’s very
detailed the Secret Service actually

goes through exercises where their own
try to place devices that might be at
risk and test the the the male operation
24/7 that’s what it sounds like to me

this looks exactly like some test thing
they want to send through let’s see if
they catch it
I like the way that yo he pointed this
out before but the use of the word

device yes
seems to be very nice device before we
go to Fran let’s go I figure out we do
have a second half of that Trump plea
this is where he is continuing on this
spiel at the front of the large audience

and he kind of really starts twisting it
even more toward the Democrats as part
of a larger national effort to bridge
our divides and bring people together

the media also has a responsibility to
set a civil tone and to stop the endless
hostility and constant negative and
oftentimes false attacks and stores have

to do it they’ve got to stop this stuff
bring people together we’re just 13 days

away from a very very important election
it’s an election of monumental just if
you look at it monumental importance

isn’t it wouldn’t you say monumental
importance there are dramatic
differences between our two political
parties that we know it is essential for

democracy to draw a sharp contrast
between the two different platforms put
before the American people and we have a
chance to do that right now in many

states and on November 6
we need more not less debate about
policy issues in our country but what we
cannot do is let our disagreements about

matters of policy tear us apart as a
country can’t do that we must accept the
verdicts of elections and remember that
America’s greatest achievements have

always been those endeavors we embarked
on together we have had great great
achievements yes he could have easily
said the same thing but done it in a way

that got the crowd really excited and no
one’s excited there’s an that that was
that’s what’s wrong with the picture
it’s just wrong
no he’s not that’s what you need for
everybody but you said worked it into

his routine it’s not party he’s I’ve
come to the conclusion that his polished
routine which is what he does normally
where he’s you know conversational
rather than sounds like he’s reading

which is what he’s doing here I just
don’t think he’s had time to incorporate
this is all new
right is like you’re given a comedian
and a new look new lines like and if
you’ve no watch we used to go to there’s

a place locally that on Tuesday nights
would have a lot of the famous local
comedians would come out and Robin
Williams was there all the time Dana
Carvey all these different characters

and they come out to practice their
material and Carvey I think less so but
Robin would always come out with a
yellow notepad and he just write
material from the notepad and to get the

response and they was and it was not
smooth it was not like it’s talking it
was like let me try this joke and then
you start reading this is basically

reading he’s like reading jokes even
though they were more complicated I
think that’s what’s going on here by the
way just thinking from a strategy
standpoint it would probably smug be
smarter you know and said well what

we’re seeing now is all the the bomb is
all Trump’s fault you know cuz he said
Oh enemy of the people so that’s why it
was sent to CNN and he’s a really make
it that’s a stretch the CNN thing yeah

but they’re pulling all the stops out it
would be much smarter from a a mission
perspective to blame this on the Saudis
that’s what everybody wants that’s the
big news we’ll get to in a minute

everyone wants Italy without the
Russians cut no no no no no the Russians
it’s now Saudis everything everything
switched to that no that could be but
let’s get the frame I want to because I
like let’s get the frame but before we

get to Fran do have a little short
snippet I want I want you to play it’s
very short it’s only nine seconds but I
I wanted to see how fast you are on the
draw okay

you should be able to figure it out by
the name of the clip you know as
president is to protect and defend and
uphold and defend the Constitution of

the United States of America mr.
president Keep America
that’s not what you do is what we do now
hold on hold on hold on hold on he gets

a firm and solid lies lies he lies ashen
I hate that Fran Townsend service

homeland security advisor to President
George W Bush she is now senior national
security analyst for CBS News they knew
what they were doing enough to make a
bomb Fran but certainly not in a very
sophisticated way that’s right it’s what
we’re hearing from law enforcement is

it’s a crude device it would have been
lethal if opened and detonated but it’s
not a standard recipe and so what we’re
hearing from law enforcement sources is
this is an individual who didn’t go on
the internet and just pull down a

standard al-qaeda recipe which we’ve
seen before so he’s left his own
signature right there’s a something
unique about the way this has been put
together which will very much be very
helpful to investigate but the notion

that it’s PVC and not metal and so
potentially could get through a metal
detector is is a little frightening
that’s right this is you thought about
it he’ll listen that’s also the reason
you have all the return addresses being
debbie Wasserman Schultz to all these

Democratic leaders thinking that perhaps
it wouldn’t be screened because it was
familiar they would have expected
something from her you think that arrest
happens quickly in a case like this I do
I think there’ll be lots of breaks this

is somebody who’s who’s made plenty of
mistakes the wrong address to Eric
Holder misspelling John Brennan’s name
John Brennan doesn’t work at CNN he
works at NBC and so this is somebody
who’s made plenty of mistakes along the

way all the outside packages are
identical 6 6 stamps two tiers printed
lables this is somebody who’s who’s
likely left a lot of clues odd but still
scary yeah Fran Townsend amateur an

amateur I tell you amateur I think it
what you know the possibility mmm it was
debbie Wasserman Schultz all along well

you know to be honest and I know you
tweeted about it but they really should
have gone to her first and said let me
just check out what’s going on I mean
that just because she’s debbie Wasserman
Schultz doesn’t absolve her from any

possible she could be the bomber wrong
well it’s come you came from her that’s
what says
regardless I think your point is valid
they should at least have said hey you

know there was I don’t know that anyone
went to her right away
no I don’t think so anyway this this
whole thing is I don’t think they’re

gonna find anybody I think this will
just in unless they can paint it on the
Saudis and therefore Trump somehow they
get they could get they could get him in
there may have Apache already lined up

could be I mean it’s possible it’s what
he is somebody pointed out that when the
bomb team first cropped up cuz I had
mentioned it six weeks ago yes it was to
the day wasn’t it that there is a

six-week cycle underway once again right
and to the day is when the bombing thing
came up which indicates if it’s an FBI
deal that means they probably have some
sucker already in custody who was a

suspect yeah and another one of these
guys was really dumb and you know and
he’s going to be the guy they’re gonna

pin it on uh and they probably would had
him do what do you know actually do the
bombs I mean it’s possible let me show
you how to do these bombs okay yeah
first you wear these gloves and he won’t

touch anything and by the way I thought
Jeff Pegues when he said they can check
and see whether the stamps were licked
what’s the last time you let your stamp
bought a stamp you had you late with the

lake no I just bought stamps the other
day yeah you don’t you don’t I don’t
have envelopes that you lick anymore
yeah yeah so there’s no stamps to lick
there hasn’t been formed I don’t know

how many years by the way went to the
post office to buy stamps cuz they got
some really cool stamps out – yeah I got
the Elvis stamps the Elvis stamps are
cooled well yeah the airmail stamps are
the ones that are going fast did you

find those they’re done in an
old-fashioned style and they’re actually
huh raved and they will last longer oh
they will fade like that Elvis stamp
will you know I sent I sent my my IRS
check to the Treasury yeah and I only

had one stamp left and it was a snake
and I’m like oh man I don’t feel I’m
gonna put this on there someone’s gonna
open this up with that asshole putting a
snake stamp on it just you know I just

had that feeling yeah I was yeah that’s
why I got the Elvis stamp
but the I was told because I noticed
they’re already talking about making

because you know they’ve scammed the US
Postal Service in the American public
with the way they’re doing their
everything nobody else in the world has
to do this but they have to prepay all
their retirement benefits and so they

they’re talking about the dollar being a
dollar being the cost of a stamp and
maybe within the next year Oh screw it
we’re just gonna jack it up to a buck
you know I I was at the post office I

just send a box off to Christina and it
was an about it was only one one person
one one woman was working there and so
I’m chatting her up cuz you know I just
you know I don’t get out of the house

much so I want some human interaction
I’m ass tonight and I late this I mean
you guys really always begin with that
you guys really got screwed man with
that pre-funding of your pensions and
they bitch about you yeah so immediately

the post office worker loves you cuz
they all they all know it but yeah
that’s right and I said is this your
uniform she said we just got new
uniforms they suck balls they’re so

horrible so they don’t fit right and
they do look horrible the US Postal you
have a look at him the shirts aren’t are
no longer meant to be tucked in they
just hang out they got you know it’s

like really trying to ruin the pose yes
say you guys got a general you got a
general do with the Federal Express eggs
and anyway they put my post woman said

I’d asked her about the stamp increases
I said should I just be stocking up on
these forever stamps because they’re
forever she says yeah you should buy as

many as you can because when the price
goes up is gonna be very hard it’s gonna
be hard to buy stamps
yeah so expense I’m gonna ask for the
stamps that don’t get don’t get
cancelled when they go through the

machine I’d like those stamps please you
know like the ones that got sent to
Brennan at CNN Oh
so anyways back to the original premise
of you know this Caravan very convenient
perfect Republican talking point is wide

don’t belong to parties because this is
the asshole stuff that goes on in these
in these outfits people become just
and so I think this whole caravan thing
is exaggerated at best and there’s just

a lot of its imagery you know we’re not
really getting much else but we’re just
we’re just not and then you have maybe
this as the counterbalance like oh you

know these guys are unhinged they’re
crazy you got to be against Trump and
everybody he supports and so then we
have this you know this Caravan news
which is it’s really well here’s Pompeyo

here’s Pompeo setting the stage as to
what we will and will not allow a
migrant character of caravan is
violating Mexico’s sovereignty laws and

immigration procedures president Trump
will not stand for this to happen to the
United States to those who say say this
is a hard-hearted stance let’s not

forget that the United States is a
historically generous nation when it
comes to immigration
we’re 1 million people per year are
granted permanent legal status here in
the United States over 33 million people

total are currently here I always love
the 33 name who have immigrated to this
country to those who want to come here
come here legally now let’s just stop
one second just so we all understand if

you’re of the opinion these are people
who are being threatened where their
their lives are being threatened at home
they are fleeing this if Mexico biz will

not have them they’re fleeing and
they’re here for asylum okay we have a
procedure for that you must go to a port
of entry you may sit there for a month
as well but that’s the procedure not

just going to the border and saying I
request asylum that it’s in it there are
multiple ports you can go to there’s
ways to do it a lot easier ways than
what they’re trying to do right now

illegal immigration is the surest way to
obtain the better life you’re looking
for here in the United States of America
from a security standpoint there is no
proper accounting of who these

individuals in the caravan are and this
poses an unacceptable security risk to
the United States moreover many of these
people are ripe targets for human
traffickers and others who would exploit

them we don’t want that to happen
I’ve spoken twice in the last two two
days to my counterpart foreign secretary
Peter gray we trust that Mexico’s
leaders know what the best steps are to

resolve this situation and we urge
timely action on their part the United
States also has a message for those who
are currently part of this caravan or
any caravan which follows you will not
be successful at getting into the United

States illegally no matter what I repeat
the caravan will not cross our southern
border illegally under any circumstances
if you seek to come here go through the
normal refugee process if you apply for

refugee status a permanent solution is
possible in Mexico or in a third country
but I can tell you with certainty we are
determined did you hear that you can
also request your Asylum status in

Mexico let me just play that back you
process if you apply for refugee status
a permanent solution is possible in
Mexico or in a third country but I can
tell you what you can apply for asylum

when you’re in Mexico certainly we are
determined that illegal entry into the
United States from this Caravan will not
be possible and just to show you how how
this is being abused or used for its

only purpose today what’s in martha
mccallum whoever’s who’s on before
frat-boy Tucker’s at martha martha
mccallum No maybe yeah so Martha is

going to be doing her show from the
border with DHS secretary Christian
this is that is nothing but political
this Caravan Juarez or San Antonio for

some food I don’t know what she do as
she wants to get out of the office but
then you read like yeah we know Jenni’s

your den you know Jenni yeah of course
yeah so Jenni is a technology reporters
we know her professionally we’ve met
were there several times here’s what she

puts on Twitter that’s right I’m doing
Jenny’s voice to a tee by the way that’s
right terrified white people the brown
zombies are a thousand miles from the
southern border and they’re coming to

mow your lawns wash your
cars harvest your crops pack your pork
raise your kids mop your floors vacuum
your office and pay taxes time to flip
out like that is such a tone-deaf

colour-blind thing to say well it is
also extremely racist well it’s very
rate this is the old well if you
remember I which goes on the view when

some one of the women on there one of
the left wit left wingers it was Jenny
would be I says who’s gonna clean our
toilets yeah this is like unbelievably

like that’s what that’s what we’re
dealing we’re just gonna get a bunch of
immigrants you know who used to clean
this before they’re good for cleaning
the toilets it used to be the Irish the

Irish are doing that kind of stuff this
when I hear a Jenny’s your den like this
and somehow it’s there’s this elitist
attitude that we should be really happy

these people want to come in to do the
jobs we don’t want to do and have no
problem cleaning my own toilet I
actually find it somewhat therapeutic in

an odd way it’s it’s placing anyone who
was of a certain color into a certain
position and and by hiring someone to do
that to pack your pork you can then say

help out the brown people look I’m
putting them on the ladder to success in
America aren’t I good to see them on the

ladder to the roof yes there’s something
really disturbing about it yeah this is
fritz always bended and again it flows
so easily from us so easily and they

just they don’t even understand
realities you were asking who’s helping
these people out or what is going on and
I have seen it actually there’s one

video this it says subtitles because
it’s just a YouTube video from someone
on their phone some lady going through
her town saying well this is what they
left cuz you wanna know where was the

poop in the trash well it’s in that town
in Mexico and they said they did they
just left – half-eaten food rations
they’d none of the clothes that people
collected and put out for the for the

caravanners to use none of them took any
of that so you know that’s not exactly
the the way you’d expect people to
behave if they’re on their way to

but there’s something else that’s going
on coming up why the UN raises BBC
refugee agency has increased its
presence to help the migrant caravan
that’s heading towards the u.s. from

Central America we think that every
state should take any measure that they
consider necessary to defend their
border it but what we really appeal is
like if you open the space to the people

to open their territory to to open the
right their Asylum system and to the
people that they really are in need of a
protection so the UN High Commission on

asylum what is it the actual High
Commission for Refugees is helping this
Caravan and saying you should let them

in the globalists appear to be behind
this not just our own globalists in
America but the ones that the United
Nations the very New World Order global

no nations no borders head
orders so are you stunned by this I
think it should be discussed but
nobody’s gonna discuss it because the

globalist won’t allow it
let’s face it the globalists have taken
over the media yes well and now this
brought up a point that I thought this
was Amy Goodman this was one of the most

interesting clips and it’s a two-parter
because the second part is funny to it I
and Ike and I would like to deconstruct
it a little bit okay but the first part
this is Trump Trump Trump

this is she goes nuts about this this is
like the big scandal on laughs Trump is
a nationalist yeah oh yeah I got some
clips for that too all right good good

good good play the Houston Texas
campaign rally for Republican senator
Ted Cruz Monday evening president Trump
declared that he’s a nationalist is a
person that wants the globe to do well

frankly not caring about our country so
much and you know what we can’t have
that you know they have a word it sort
of became old-fashioned it’s called a

nationalist and I say really we’re not
supposed to use that word you know what
I am I’m a nationalist okay
Trump’s comments Monday aligned with his

populist america-first rhetoric through
the label of nationalists is more often
associated with extreme right-wing
ideology and fascist regimes questioned
by reporters Tuesday Trump denied the

term nationalists was used to describe
racist movements saying he was proud to
use it and that a quote should be
brought back I thought that she was
aghast at this because we can’t even use

the word because the word implies all
kinds of other things oh yeah and no no
actually this is what it is a white
nationalist is like saying white bread

you got bread by itself nationalists by
itself but the moment you put something
else in front of it which is what we’ve
heard for the past three years really if
you take the campaigning into account

that the anchor of the word nationalist
is now anchored into these people’s
heads for sure as white nationalist yeah
it’s a word trick which then also goes
to white supremacists and of course

Hitler oh they like to do this sort of
thing not this second part of this clip
he’s got some it’s got some usage I
don’t like and I’m gonna explain why
okay and then it’s also gonna reveal

that pants believes that art that
Venezuela’s behind the witch I said on a
couple shows ago is behind the caravan
of madness proud to use it and that a

quote should be brought back the wife of
white supremacist leader Richard Spencer
playing the wrong clip well it’s number
two yeah yeah you’re right this is the
wrong series my fault okay this I wanted

to do you have the other clip you were
just talking about no no no I want to
play this clip first because this is I
just lost track of my my my pairings

like a fine wine with some
duck so we just talked about white
nationalism white supremacy white you
know I’m not done with that so you
translate but this could this clip now

so she just played that clip yes and
what then what does she transition into
right no other stories she goes right

from the end of the Trump clip with her
quote yes is right to this and listen to
this to me a subtle creepy propaganda
proud to use it and that a quote should

be brought back the wife of white
supremacist leader Richard Spencer has
accused him of regularly physically and
emotionally abusing her during a very
dirty trick very dirty trick well omma

this was on oh this is the Cuomo kid
just just so you can laugh Steve Cortez
who I think is brown by the way he’s a

Republican and they’re talking to each
like Ana Navarro’s on I don’t have any
of her but just listen to him say hey
this is just a nationalist does not mean
Nazi or white supremacist listen to what

the Cuomo kid evokes is that just the
straight truth trumpet is a nationalist
and with all that word carries no no he
is a nationalist I am too but you don’t
understand what it does carry when you

try to compare American nationalism to
Nazis for example you’re incredibly
mistaken because the Nazis their their
perverted nationalism was about racial
purity it was about blood and soil
American nationalism which by the way

defeated Nazism American nationalism is
about shared ideals it’s about a
constitution that’s not nothing to do
with race for example yes it is well by
the way you don’t get Chris to just

decide nobody made you CEO of the
English language you know better than to
me you know better than Jordan you know
what that is yes I do yeah don’t you
know who George Orwell is

now George Orwell is he’s determines the
word nationalists
god I think that’s what words like yup
Trump is like 1984 man he’s like the

pigs it’s the pigs man I have a long
clip but we stop it whenever we want but
it’s Nicole Wallace
and her band of people on MSNBC

yesterday that I and I cut all kinds of
unimportant stuff out and it’s still
just minutes of of just insanity
unhinged stuff would you like to play

along oh yeah
today he doubled down on being a
nationalist he is and the tweets you put
up earlier from barber caster right this
is a little bit of an evolution for him
this is phrased as evolution I mean

first he didn’t really want to embrace
it and a key moment was actually after
the exes hollywood tape i think some of
us would cover the campaign would
remember it so a week or so later he
gave a speech in um in florida i believe

and it was the one where he was a real
screed against globalist institutions
that afterwards was a lot of chryses her
middle name semitic and that’s sort of
it felt it felt anti-semitic came to
tone that he followed through the stress

run as a campaign says the non Jew and
has now kept sense he’s obviously
withdrawn from a number of international
agreements it is very much a you know
America first more than that just sort

of like you know America first and last
the biggest only to be self-interests
not perhaps honoring what country’s role
around the world has been now in the
Oval Office just now we saw him

splitting hairs a little bit like he
tried to suggest that he didn’t even he
wasn’t even aware of the negative
connotations of that term you doesn’t
know anything about history Baker do you
think he knows that some of the great
nationalists of all time included off

Hitler I mean every dictator pleaded for
their constituents beginning we call
them that their subjects in the in the
case of Idi Amin and others we just
brought an IDI I mean this is new

Idi Amin was he a nationalist not that I
knows the dictator run by the CIA wasn’t
he well this wasn’t excuse but bring in
Idi Amin is know you sort of hearkened

to their nationalist impulses well you
know I think what he there’s a reason
why other presidents don’t use the
phrase nationalist in the sky themselves
they use a safer term Patriot right
patriotism is something that we most

mostly people can agree on as a safe
politically is a more unifying were the
nationalist nationalist I know I
don’t you think the word Patriot has
also been completely tainted down into

racist to say I’m a patriot it can be
did I think you’re getting you say that
I think it’s not your I says I don’t
think you can still stand up and say I’m
a patriot because you’re here oh yeah

public obviously as you say is freedom
through history but we’ve seen with this
president before that he doesn’t care
what history says if he likes me not he
not no do you think pounding you think

he has any idea the history of World War
two no and Nazism you think it came for
a cut from a call for nationalism well
let’s look at let’s look at the phrase
presence of America first which we just

talked about it mean the America first
he might not have known first was
associated with the pre-world War two
isolationist and Nazi sympathizers but
clearly he learned that at some point
along the way but just they just can’t
stop it’s like he doesn’t know the

history of World War two he does know
the history of Hitler he doesn’t know
the history he doesn’t know history
history didn’t matter to him because it
were conveyed what he wants to convey
similarly with the phrase enemy of the
people right he uses that against some

of us it doesn’t may not have known at
first that was you notice how they just
slipped out in he uses that against some
of us know no fake news different is by
Stalin as part of the mass murders but

certainly by now must know that somebody
must have told him that he must have
read that someplace doesn’t matter but
it conveys what he wants to convey he
doesn’t care if history you know conveys
the meaning with these words or maybe he

does and it’s it’s okay with him because
the message he’s trying to get out is
one that says he more than anybody else
is standing up for the United States and
it resonates with the crowd last night
in Houston I was there they loved it

they G they booed the word globalist
they cheered the word nationalist when
he said I’m a nationalist they chanted
USA us
this is a galvanizing language for his
core supporters going into a midterm

election two weeks from now I watch The
History Channel to know that they
cheered at Hitler too I mean isn’t
divorced from capacity to cheer a crowd

it doesn’t make it right it doesn’t make
an American and it doesn’t mean that
Donald Trump isn’t totally ignorant of
the history of the word nationalism
Donald Trump doesn’t rounding this one
point he’s ignorant no what he’s doing

he’s like it moron he hasn’t never
doesn’t know what nationalism means
isn’t divorced from the capacity to
cheer a crowd it doesn’t make it right

it doesn’t make an American and it
doesn’t mean that Donald Trump isn’t
totally ignorant of the history of the
word nationalism Donald Trump doesn’t
read books from Donald Trump studying
the history of Nazism or Charles

Lindbergh for any of Charles Lindbergh
why are we bringing Charles Lindbergh in
now this is awesome no idea I mean
Lindbergh was a nuts Nazi sympathizer
yes for World War two in the mid 30s so

maybe that’s the reason they’re bringing
him in I don’t know just like a call
back that nobody cares about for some
reason they just throwing that stuff
does you know Neil Sedaka is these other

hateful trans donkeys that’s a good line
by the way going into the midterms he
understands that the base that got him
elected in 2016 is still the base he
needs now and that is predominantly

white it’s predominantly male and it’s
non college educated and he’s doing in
other words dumb Fox racist obviously
let me just defend dog whistles they’re

silent these are loud let me read this
to you before where’s the Washington
Post greg sargent writes what would make
his claim controversial as if Trump
actually meant racial nationalists which
of course is exactly what he did Mean

Joe no he said he said I’m not a
globalist and now they’re just taking
this and this is a lie by claiming to be
breaking a taboo but using this

particular n-word
from the N word there we go basically
confirm that without saying it out loud
you on board with that analysis Donna
well I think that’s exactly right and
some people have described this she’s

great she’s the last one the undertone
it’s not it is the tone I mean the
President of the United States the only
thing that was the child is wrong
missing from that speech in Houston last
night was the tiki torches and the

khakis United States understands what he
believes he needs to turn out his bass
he’s using that it’s xenophobic it’s
racist and you know that coupled with

the caravans and even the defense of
Brett Kavanaugh the beleaguered white
man under assault by the rest of America
all of these players to what sincerely
believes is a way that his voters are

gonna turn out and it is the worst
possible thing and so the president is
doing this on purpose and I think we
shouldn’t get you know fooled into
thinking well maybe he doesn’t
understand what he said he understood

full well what he said and he meant it
yeah use the n-word that Hitler Wow this
bad man I made deals with the devil
that’s right deals with the devil

comeuppance that is the worst I mean I
can’t give it up no I don’t why I would
refuse I would reject it because it’s
just so offensive it’s so offensive as

drivel but yet the CNN should be ashamed
of itself for putting MSNBC Oh what am I
thinking yeah I mean I’d listen to this
all day I mean that’s that’s really my

NBC has well NBC and we should mention
the core of course like because there
isn’t think I want to read I don’t have
any clips although I could get plenty of
him was is the Miz the megyn kelly thing

now she’s NBC this is very very cool now
what happened with megyn kelly and if
you’ve been watching my tweets when I
first saw the first article come out
because he she had gone on her show and

said you know she naively did this but I
can I kind of understand it from her
perspective you know when I was a little
girl and you know she’s was one of those

he’s a cute little girls that could do
anything nobody gave a crap mm-hmm you
could wear a black face and go
trick-or-treating and I don’t see what
the big deal is and she has no you know
she’s the one who was you know she’s

just dick told her off on the show and
we can get some clips from but I can
show more than that on the Sunday do
have some not on today’s rundown
um but Jay said no you know this is bad

you gotta apologize what
well she apologized this is acknowledge
eyes but that would then it wasn’t good
enough an L Roker who was I think a hit
man for the for the network oh sure came

out and said now it’s the apology is not
good enough it wasn’t this it wasn’t
sleeper that I wish I could have heard
that within and I’ll get these clips
yeah and then he she came out in repel

just again with the damn near crying and
then they condemned her for having fake
tears and all this other stuff which is
we go she’s a woman and they’re ganging

up on they’ve been waiting to take her
down this was already they had the
paperwork ready they were just waiting
for a moment and if you’re doing a live
talk show of that moments gonna come oh

it comes a lot but most of time things
get it gets ignored or you get out of it
I mean you know with Letterman’s a good
example but they didn’t want her and so
I watched the articles come a variety

just was lambasting her with editorials
and they lived varieties nearly a stooge
for the for the network but Megan cab
this is CNN opinion piece at ran on MS

and Microsoft Megyn Kelly’s blackface
comments show her true face by Roxanne
Jones and then this is interesting did
I’m gonna read you the first two

paragraphs sometimes I’m sorry just
doesn’t cut it a hard lesson that NBC
Today Show host megyn kelly now
understands reportedly Kelly’s morning
show megyn kelly today may be canceled

according to CNN sources and variety
reports Kelly who never really seemed
like a good fit for NBC this is the this
is the part that always cracks me up

this is that and anyone who’s worked in
a company has seen this
in many forms but it’s always the it’s
always takes the same form you got an
employee the guys at kick-ass sales guy

or he does something really just
spectacular and he’s everybody likes him
some happens either someone gets fired
then in all the meetings the guy was
never any good I fit in didn’t fit in

we’re glad to get rid of up it was a and
he see this work I said wait a minute
you guys love this guy a month ago but
now you hate him and it’s just like a

corporate thing you have to do this I
guess it makes you it makes the
mechanism work better yeah cuz otherwise
people would say why don’t you get rid
of bill please no good oh she never she
never really found her footing at the

network now did she
you got a man she never really found her
footing she was doing fine Kelly you
never seem to be a good fit this woman
writes for the NBC Morning Show
overplayed her popularity earlier this

week when she passionately know
passionately demanded people who don
black costumes for Halloween and that is
she was I saw the segment she’s not

talking about black traditional
blackface with the exaggerated red lips
and all that that is not what she was
talking about but she used the term no
that’s all that happened all she did was

use the term she’s and then it goes on a
thing that most Americans understand is
definitely not okay unless their
intention is to offend I don’t know that
it is okay to offended the Minister this

makes no sense this article quote but
what is racist Kelly asked on her show
because you do get in trouble if you are
a white person who puts on blackface on

Halloween or a black person who puts on
white face for Halloween back when I was
a kid that was okay as long as you were
dressing up like a character then it
appears that you can’t even discuss it

no even though you may be discussing it
from a screwball perspective which
wasn’t right or it wasn’t right by
today’s politically correct standards it
would have been right in the 50s or the

she looks like kind of like a 50s
character but they were
looking for something was a trapdoor she
fell into it now they were just laying
in wait and no matter what she did her

first apology was no good according to
Roker her second apology was a fake
apology with fake tears according to
these other people and it’s just now

she’s done she is going to be off the
air within a week the way it’s going
they’d have wasted no time of fast
tracking her and I think she already got
a subtle Bolivian I think the news is
out 69 million dollar settlement to

should take it starting take it and
start a podcast
Conan got like NBC does this and he is a

screwed up company for throwing money
away like this NBC I think it was 80
million cuz when Coolatta moment the
Tonight Show and then they bounced him
out because Leno wanted to the show back

that was sucker by the way before he
went to CNN you know sucker is running
the place that he had this bright idea
of doing Leno show at 10 o’clock during
primetime bumping off Law & Order and

all the dramas and putting Leno on every
night at 10:00 wasn’t working out is
killing their ratings almost the
network’s never recovered the Glenna
wants to go back to the Tonight Show big

have to fire Conan who has promised the
show they give him 80 million dollars to
go away and I mean what the kind of did
was these guys there’s a terribly run
company no the Comcast owns them now I

don’t know how Comcast puts up with this
the management at NBC it’s beyond me
well the good news is now there’s a slot
open for the return of Matt Lauer and
with that I’d like to thank you for your

courage the man who put the C and clean
my toilet John Seymour ass well in the
morning to you
Adam curry also all in the morning to

all ships at sea boots on the ground
feet on the air subs in the water and
all the Dames tonight’s out there and in
the morning to our troll room which used
to be known as just the IRC channel and

later became the chat room avoid 0 set
that up thank you very much running for
pretty much all 11 years I think close
to it
troll room and no agenda stream comm you
can go to that website on Thursday and

Sunday mornings where you will hear us
do the show live which is pretty much
the same as the podcast with just the
you know if like the ending tightened up
in the beginning with a little opener

otherwise that you hear the pre-show and
things that are going in the showed go
south in this we lose connections or
something we get to hear you cut or hit
the wall it’s bonus some people see it

as a bonus but the troll room is also
very important for me they do on the fly
fact-checking check falls they
feed me one-liners they tell me if

something’s wrong and they get a lot
wrong too when they troll but that’s the
beauty of it no agenda stream comm thank
you in the morning to you
congratulations on 11 years was the
other feature one-liners also in the

morning to Darren O’Neill he brought us
the artwork for Episode 1079 a title
that was expand ovations I should say
properly expand old vision well actually

I should per say it properly go forth

this was the jar of Grey Poupon
which was the no agenda Grey Poupon yes
Dijon mustard now with more oomph 33
ounces and there’s a little thing on the

on the jar top things got a little joke
on their best buy 3 3 I can’t quite see
it something like that yeah I never
finished my Grey Poupon story but we’ll

leave that for later or another they did
know now I never finished the story it’s
ok we’ll get to another time it’s a it’s
a you interrupted it was a celebrity
shit yeah now we just you you took over

mid-sentence and it was ok I was just
like God you said something interesting
so I’d I left it and then I was I’m
wondering what the Grey Poupon story is
it’s not all that great but it’s I’ll
tell at a different time it’s where it’s

a showbiz story it involves show
business people like you only you’ll
often rails will usually it’s a little
lengthy for rougher here ok we do have
some people to thank for the anniversary
show 11 years show 1080 and we have show

1100 coming up pretty soon by the way
which is another breakthrough good
number all good numbers I like these
very strong numbers very strong numbers

love it and we have the top donor is we
have a bunch of in so a couple least one
or two instance Troy Thomas with one one
one 3.31 o lot it that came in as a

cheque and he came in with a handwritten
note in longhand and then he went back
to all caps printing for good reason

I haven’t written I haven’t written in
cursive II rice
and it’s yours you gotta read this in a

long time but I am trying to remember
how I bed like I am in fourth grade 44th
our shirt just side again great again

4th grade again I got a C in penmanship
so I will stop now it is getting easier
as I write this but I will stop now ok

back to all it happen it’s just please
back to something we can understand
I love no agenda I don’t remember how I
found it

but I remember cranky geeks so sorry
about the column John but most tech
writing is shit now anyway your show
messed up my podcast listening I used to

listen to dumb stuff like her idea cast
and career tools but I only have so much
podcast time as my commute is short

ironically you mentioned the old Agnew’s
hospital that closed my house this is
the mental hospital I talked about yeah
my house is now on the old Agnew’s
hospital land

it’s called river mark and it’s a
master-planned community that is
actually walkable with safe with a safe
way dry cleaning restaurants and a
credit union there’s a Wells Fargo but I

would never bank with those dumb shits
there’s a piece to John here’s my
donation old-school way check one one

13.3 one for show 1 1 1 3 okay clear the
douchebag status for me and send me some
jobs karma I first deduced you’ve been

he says we put the jobs come at the end
of his note my staff and engineering got

moved into IT and management there there
sucks it’s me it’s time for me to move
please Knight me knight of river mark
best you can choose a few clips of olds

at the end of the show I think or old
school anyway that was so looking them a
little jobs jobs karma jobs and jobs
that’s that’s for job by the way you’ve

got karma one-dimension that the the
void 0 IRC network was alive a couple
months before the show actually started

I did not know void 0 then we just this
is the beauty of this show and we just
came into our lives and it’s still here
well for the troll to avoid zeros at

bibs just a special person that roses to
I have to give them credit for but we
have lots of special people but these
guys yeah yeah those get further for the
dudes named Ben I’m sure there’s a few

others very literally sitting in our
engine room all the time just making
sure the engine is cranking and any
other way we would we I mean we’ve go so
broke on bandwidth costs and everything

they’ve you know they figured it all out
they figured out how do we know the most
effective way yes they’re not idiots
keep us safe certainly safe is a lot a
lot cheaper than pod beam yes all right
you’ve exceeded your bandwidth I tried

getting your podcast man it says your
band was succeeded what are we supposed
to do now I can listen to the podcast
because band was succeeded Cerberus
sloth Marin often Trabuco Canyon

California one 11.11 which is our
special associate executive producer
special for this particular show 11th
anniversary I don’t have a note from him

hmm that’s strange and it doesn’t seem
to have shown up in the donation so I
will look for that and we’ll talk we’ll
read his known in the next show whenever
we can find it because he does write in
oh yeah let me just check

I’m checking real quick here I mean it
could be in the PayPal thing it didn’t
come through or is lawful let me just
see if he shows up and I got him in
anyway you know I don’t I do not have

more famous nights yeah okay we’ll get
him you get you later borislav sir Craig
Porter and Council Bluffs Iowa is the
second one one one eleven thousand

eleven dollars 11 cents special
executive produced for show 11th
anniversary show Council Bluffs Iowa a
john and anna i always feel bad because
so many other producers write such great

notes and all i can really all I really
have to say is happy 11th anniversary
and please keep up the excellent work in
media deconstruction I like to ask for
some jobs karma in abeyance as I may be
terminated from my current job at a

major tech company due to something
boneheaded that I did oh boy won’t find
out until Monday you always have to have
anybody working at any level where you
can write and cover your ass memos just

do it constantly follow Mayor Adler’s
example in Austin it’s fine
administrative leave this whole reaches

yeah your doom yeah doesn’t sound good
unless you’re some situation where you
can’t fire because you know Tim you
blame Trump blame Trump just blame five
don’t work any tips on how to deal with

the meeting with my manager about my
termination or appreciate yes I can’t
stop I was so upset
by the lack of compassion our president
has for the caravan and then that he has

incited all this violence with bombs I’m
sorry I must have temporarily lost my
mind but I’m seeing someone and I think
I’ll be okay I need one more week of the

paid leave and there’s my idea
you can find some way to show that you

had pointed whatever you did wrong that
you had pointed out some issue that was
never resolved that’s a great out that
got me out of a jam once like two months

nobody said not enough about your first
marriage what else does he say may have
a please have an L Sharpton thanks for

the full sir Timothy Scott crowing
Lynnwood Washington becomes in this

executive producer with 300 $33.33
this is 11-11-11
times three one for myself one for my
wife and one for expecting human

resource coming in April of next year on
the show has helped me and I’m sure
others keep an even keel between
dimensions I’ve been a big fan of Yeezy
for a long time this clip showed me how
introspective he is in business as I’m

linked to a youtube 24 is if you want to
check it out f-bomb it at endo f-bomb
attend ok I follow nanog and North
American network operators group fairly

closely you this year there was a
computer science professor from
Wisconsin giving a speech on how
ruined our network infrastructure will
be with mass flooding and more frequent

storms which providers are at higher
risk really like the watch talking about
global warming oh no I can’t watch
Netflix now it’s a problem in looking

for some jobs Carmen my current salary
is far below the greater Seattle area
median for network engineers thanks
Amazon thanks for keeping the show going
11 years so Timothy Scott jobs jobs and

jobs let’s vote for jobs you know you’ve
got karma just about Amazon my my I have
resentment towards bazo’s with just what

he’s doing and connecting everything and
the advertising and the tracking and so
I’m like you know I’m not gonna go to
hole it was much closer Whole Foods is
close by I’m gonna go to h-e-b and we

have a real ghetto h-e-b which I kind of
enjoy its way south on old Torf
and I was already I’m like I’m gonna
make scallops for dinner and with the
risotto never done in risotto is my

first risotto I’m very excited what are
you doing you said why I’m not a big
risotto fan that’s not nice
it’s kind of soupy rice making a risotto

got everything I go to the fish counter
for the scallops because of the water
boil no ice no fish no scallops no
nothing I race off to piano like a real

Texas h-e-b or any of these beasts is
another chain I’ve seen down there that
are just big supermarkets that are kind

of like appeal to the locals that know
how to cook yep they’re fantastic stores
they got all kinds of stuff you’ll not
get it Whole Foods absolutely true and
at a fraction of the price yeah cheaper

and and people are much happier and just
there’s a whole much better experience
but I did have to go to Whole Foods they
they only had they actually had some
scallops still out they were they can’t
put any more fish produce out it’s done

no more fish products they can’t keep it
they can’t ship it
so we’ll be eating beef barbecue well
maybe it’s just a little plot to get you

back on the meat wagon yeah we usually
have sushi on Thursday nights I don’t
think that’s gonna happen ain’t
happening I don’t think so in a
hoity-toity the Austin sushi bar she
barchi sushi is famous in Austin I don’t

eat sushi anywhere if you’re not within
10 miles of an ocean coast just the
habit of mine it’s just there’s a belief

of mine hey you know what you are banned
from coming to Austin okay
you’re banned well not so with Sir
Andrew snoops Magoo Bentley he’s in
Tacoma Washington at $333 leg way nice I

like it congratulations on your left
here anniversary Elevens my lucky number
I was born on the 11th hour of the 11th
day of the 11th month it wasn’t in 1911

nohow keep up the great work Sir Andrew
snoops Magoo Bentley jingle request any
Al Gore gloom and doom soundbite
followed by Obama saying you you might

die and it now traps as much extra heat
energy every day as would be released by
500,000 Hiroshima class atomic bombs

exploding every day you’ve got to get
Karma I like it Arthur coonass in parts
unknown $250 excellent product he begins

his note thank you that I enjoy very
much there are so many lies miss
directions hysteria and complete
nonsense to the MSM mainstream media
that your show is an island of repose

from my weary soul nice for your needed
work keep it up for another 11 years
thank you very much we love being an
island of repose for your weary soul and

thank you for your support of the show I
don’t know about another 11 years though
yeah we both had the same like kind of
like wait the way you think about my

well maybe thing about your resort I’ve
never had your risotto I’m talking about
risotto in general okay I don’t make
soupy risotto balls dollars so this kind
of suit a little soupy and it loses its

it’s whatever bird jet in El Paso Texas
$250 he writes in a note damn it use
this note he’s apparently sitting in

like a number of notes oh yes sir bass I
think is like three I don’t know if this
is on there you’re gonna do that you
would take a note sir bomb hits it

bourbon back in the saddle living down
in sunny El Paso home of Beto there’s
been a couple of years since they
donated due to my many excuses to common

and boring to repeat here since they’ve
been corrected in the proper term in the
proper term of bong rips and because I
have graduated a single malt scotch
I would like to retire my current title

and request a new one oh okay hey baby
Eric may have it on there let me surpass
night of the Sun City yes we have it sir
bong had some bourbon goes to surpass

night of the Sun City yes that is on the
peerage notation list now shout out to
my smokin hot wife who thinks you two
are annoying hey shout out back at ya
I’m slowly winning her over probably not

doubtful the garland clan and PA
Washington including Brielle Dame Elise
hot fisherwoman and cousin Ian as well
as my mana Seattle jinda whoever

unfortunately call out as a douchebag
for not donating I have to call out as a
douchebag for not donating get me just a
big giant family

yeah people related to the garlic that’s
insane that’s did they I what I’d like
to know is did Dame at least get other
people to listen or was that independent
is it something that runs in their

I think her brother is a natural for the
show and this is just one of the many
people that we have come to adore over
the years who just don’t you ask his

Dame Elise gives us free things
okay I was going in a different way but
yeah send this free shit we adore you

speaking of adoration just cuz it came
up Beto Beto this is a 12 second clip
and there’s something wrong with this
you can’t go 10 feet without an
interruption from a Beto backer watch I

love you too thank you all you’re a
no no it’s just when is the last time we
actually had a quote-unquote rock star

hello 1980s stars a look of that lead
guitar player lead the lead of the cars
Oh Riko cassock he has a Ric Ocasek
goofball look it’s not a rock star rock

star we just need to you know it’s no
it’s just an anachronism rush don’t you
play that clip because this note goes
like this a few things from my
perspective down here before I get into

the main reason I’m able to support you
two and your stellar work one almost
every house in El Paso has a freaking
Beto sign yard oh it’s criminals going
door-to-door selling solar and I’m

amazed the level of support this town
throws one of it at the one of their own
that being said they’re mostly
hypocrites as many of them don’t have
solar or even want to add it to their
homes regardless of Beto you should

change your pitch hi I’m here on behalf
of Beto by the way that was funny
yesterday I got this I got this text
message I despise this because you know
I try not to be tracked at all from a

737 number and it was hi Adam he’s
George am with Beto for Texas early
voting has started we’re fired up to
vote you can early vote based on public

records we think you’re registered to
vote in Travis County check HERE for
where to early vote when will you vote
and so I texted back I said dear
georgeanna I’m so sorry to hear this Ted

asked me last week and I’ve already made
a date with him but maybe next year
heart and she replied he said oh that’s
that’s actually pretty funny okay have a

nice day I was like oh that’s really
that’s there’s a real human being there
I guess
so much money oh it’s 33 million pegye
oh they got time to be texting with me
all day all right anybody goes on he

says not my business my company provides
energy and solar solutions in El Paso
Texas Las Cruces Albuquerque and
Pensacola here currently we are
expanding into other markets as well

we’ll see if you use enough energy to
benefit you get a 30% tax credit goes on
he says here’s my call to action if any
no agender agender x’ and these are
surrounding areas go solar with my

company I will donate 333 dollars to no
agenda in your name that’s right an
executive producer ship for saving money
and the planet proudness and the website
is a merica soem of noe m ER aki sol

america soul uno em ER k is ola are
solutions that comes as one word merica

sold solar solutions calm oh you are
something else a for Ike was hard
so it’s Merrick ma ra k solar solutions

not come all one word now you get a free
estimate he wants the step of Preppers
poopers of the DOE says John don’t shit
on solar after you read this piece o

door do put the link in the show notes
thank yo jingles no karma okay thank you
very much that’s highly appreciated Ryan
sir Donald Silva in E you a beach Hawaii

Hawaii Mahalo he’s check-in whatever
kind of an interesting note I didn’t
know he’s been of this nice sir Donald
Soler forever

he’s also an NJ in case I know to get
prepared when my wife died in 93 from
cancer I stopped working I helped my
mother for a while with her financial
finances but then I stopped entirely I

was an optical physicist well I came to
Hawaii what what does an optical
physicist do these are guy deals with
the physics of lenses is waiting for one

thing okay I came to Hawaii where I
probably got more than to it than that
I’m sure I came to Hawaii where I
haven’t I learned the healing the heat I
can’t read it was written something

about lomi lomi healing aspect of the
lomi lomi massage and I got interested
in metaphysics occult knowledge etc
that’s way this is our show I thought he

was for here for the lomi lomi what is
it called Mira lo Milla now at 82 hello
I think it’s over thinking I would die
two years ago I found that I have I’m

very much alive and thinking of the
world about the world at large the best
explanation is given by sounds good for
me to get degree descends with straight

face even though we like the guy the
best explanation is given by David Icke
hello I love all beings except the mice

that get into my house I live in I live
10 feet from the water and it’s rising
I’ve lost 20 feet of my property to the
ocean soon the water it’s called erosion

will claim my home which is which will
go first me or my house don’t know my
poor handwriting is due to a stroke it’s
actually good handwriting compared to

most people stroke or not but I know
you’ll like you know I know you like
handwritten notes
I’m sorry you lost your job John your
column was a highlight reading for me
also I made it to the end Aloha Aloha

Mahalo it sounded when you were giggling
it sounded like your edibles had finally
kicked in yeah
it’s just I don’t know I like it now

it’s funny
hey sir Donald Silva thank you very much
it’s highly appreciated we love hearing
from you
David Icke and he’s been around for a
long time so now he’s great gonna

supporter four times
forth in Hendersonville North Carolina
two three four five six this puts me
over for knighthood I’d like to be
knighted sir puck of the Western North
Carolina accounting

sir dick bangs of DC adequate name for
Washington DC where is from $222 doll
the Beagle and knew what to do in

Heidelberg Germany I work for work I was
interested in seeing Patrick Henry
barracks where my grandfather was
stationed when my father and uncle were
children about 60 years ago
unfortunately now it’s no-go zone

Somalia Somali refugee camp huh
if only get afyon is the African refugee
immigration plug we’re still there
thanks Hilary and for that insight

knowledge thank you to need human
resource Carmen number three baking a
new car my sidebar I’m an Eagle Scout
there you go do a DC Jesuit High School
not many of us thanks for the sanity not

to be read on the show and it goes on
the little inside information that will
yes thank you very much sir dick bangs
and what he wanted human resource karma
and new home karma it’s packaged in one

for you right here
you’ve got karma sure team of the
tunnels two hundred twenty two dollars
and twenty two says he’s also in Hawaii

in Waipahu uh keep this short so happy
anniversary as a bag of Elevens for each
of you if you Wizards 22222 we could
good point if you can scrounge up some

vintage seed man that would be s’s karma
for all sort immer the tunnels
these are pigs that one do a different

one was it this one
yeah this is a good one and which which

Carmen did you need a goat Karma right
okay my god for 25 years they’ve been
growing babies and you’ve got Josh de
Honi by the way Alex Jones doing very

well in Austin now with his murky water
sales just flying off the shelf
Oh a bet they are this is a bonanza for
you yes then they laughed uh-huh
yeah they laughs I mean that most of

these water deals are not you know
anything to break the bird he is an
outstanding product yeah it does because
it’s at folds a real deal it’s not like
a cheap piece not like just a filter to
make your water taste better right which

is what I use I use zero water I think
is the best tasting water this is your
water in there you refrigerate it it is
absolutely delicious much better than
ambien and much better than risotto

you got us keep stirring it you know I
know it takes a little aber intensive
there is a shortcut methodology that
actually works I’ve seen it but

something that one of these British
chefs dreamed up and yeah you got to do
it the official way keep adding the
liquid keep adding stirring all right
John forget it I’m not making risotto in

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endlessly this is not the idea of
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there’s so many other route to both the
French and the Italians to be honest
about do not know how to cook rice the

Iranians are the people who have
affected how to cook rice okay
I am neither I’m done I’m you okay bones
connected to the anklebone and the ankle

bones connected to the shin bone and the
shin bones connected to the knee bone
and the knee bones connected to the
thigh bone yep he’s all together looks

like that’s khashoggi we have the
official pronunciation we’ve been trying

to figure this out now we’re here yes
wait oh we have the official pronounce
it a pronoun pronunciation of Khashoggi
you said Jamarcus – G was could Jamal
Kikuchi Jamarcus – casue G there you go

Jamal cashew G is now the official and
no agenda pronunciation of the name even
though I asked is still on the air
Jamarcus – G and so the official way to

pronounce it is Jamal ha Scheck
schecky no come Jim out jamal kai-shek
gee that’s the official way okay I want

you to pronounce it that way from now on
I want to do Sharpton’s way okay jemelle
gosh after the keshavjee
kai-shek Yuji Kuroiwa shogi versus Yoshi
it’s not now your mom kai-shek you

tomorrow suji Seiji okay doesn’t really
hey there’s a lot going on as I
predicted now the world is starting to

come into action now we’re seeing the
real players behind this Angela Merkel
I’m looking at hers as part of
propagating this trying to cut the
Saudis out of everything and and air

Dhawan is he is loving this he has now
become the central figure in the Middle
East where he really had no power
against the Crown Prince so look at

who’s now all of a sudden his friend
we’ve got of course Iran and at the day
of a border they’ve been very you know
that’s 30 percent of of people in Turkey
are Iranian and as the of a huge

proportion of the Turks in Iran Qatar
who there they are bailing out the
Turkish economy they just put 15 billion
they hate Saudi or else audio being

Eights them too and then Syria and with
this comes Putin and the Russians and
there’s and this is beautiful because
who is the central switching station for
all the pipelines that we’ve been

looking at it’s Turkey you want to get
into into Europe you you can go through
Turkey with Iranian oil with Russian oil
this and he is he’s DS loving this he
now and that’s why he’s coming up with

all kinds of fantastical stories and
there is a technicality here that I was
incorrect about I thought that embassy
ground is sovereign territory it’s not

and I’ve been corrected by many people
and there’s when while they go bust in
and grab Julian Assange the answer me
that well first of all here’s here’s

here’s an interesting rub
the host country is completely
responsible for the safety of the
embassy and anyone in it so technically
the Turks are responsible for whatever

happened to Hasek G Jamel Hasek G they
cannot enter the embassy without head of
mission permission which they did

receive so just I’m just saying that a
crime committed that would be acceptable
in Saudi Arabia done in the embassy in
Turkey is not although I don’t know what
they do in Turkey they made behead

people just not that not as openly as
Saud the Saudis do that is punishable by
the laws of the host country so that’s
that’s just a town we have it that’s

just a technicality
let’s let me see I’m going to start
because a lot of people started coming
out and talking about this I would say
we stick with air21 for a second this is
france24 ID when made no reference to

alleged audio and video recordings of
the murder which has been mentioned in
the Turkish press instead putting their
onus on the Saudis to provide answers as
to who had ordered the assassination and

asking that they identify the alleged
local collaborator who said to have
disposed of cash or G’s body the Turkish
president thought carefully saying that
he believed King Salman was sincere when

he denied knowledge of the murder but
making no direct mention of his regional
rival influential Crown Prince Turkey
expert Dorothy Schmid and told france24
that Arwen’s speech shows his main

concern is a domestic audience showing
that he has trust in the in the king
himself to put things in a different way
with his son to arrange the power

relationship inside the house of Saudis
this is this is an internal matter was
before for the Saudis to do so but what
matters for one more is to show that
he’s the master in Turkey also and that

the sovereignty of Turkey has to be
pressure on the kingdom other ones that
there would be an independent target
investigation into the incident adding
that the eighteen suspects should be

fried in Turkish courts so my takeaway
from this clip is that air Dhawan is
calling for a form of regime change
saying hey I get along with the king
fine but you know this mofo this kid

here he is this is he’s got to get out
of there which everyone wants because
right now he is speaking on behalf of
Sunni Muslims and all in the Middle East
I think Trump is a bit on board with

this here’s a short clip of him it was
carried out poorly and the cover-up was
one of the worst in the history of
cover-ups he’s an expert on cover-ups
just think it’s odd huh gone bad deal

should have never been thought of
somebody really messed up and they had
the worst cover-up ever and word should

have stopped is that the deal stand what
when they thought about it because
whoever thought of that idea I think is
in big trouble
so there’s Trump trying to cuz I’m sure

he was really caught off guard with this
he is trying to deflect and say well
whoever came up with it that guy’s in
big trouble not the Saudis we shouldn’t

be blocking that because we got two men
this is all dependent upon his his real
deals with the Saudis for petrodollar
maintenance although he wants it the

price of oil to be lower also the
biggest deal ever that he wants to
complete the Palestine Israel two-state
solution and this got this is so
important they’re so off caught off

guard that Jared Kushner came out and
did an interview of with of all people
Van Jones
on CNN this is a rare moment when you
hear the cush bird speaking you’re going

to try to get to the facts do you trust
the Saudis to investigate themselves I
mean it seems like NBS is like the prime
suspect he’s also the prime investigator
I mean do you trust the Saudis to sort

this out
yeah like I said I mean we’re getting
facts in from multiple places and then
once those facts come in the Secretary
of State will will will work with our
national security team to help us

determine what we want to believe and
what we think is credible on what we
help us with what we want to believe
think is is not credible even even Trump
says there’s like deception and lies I

mean you I mean you do you see anything
that it seems deceptive I see things
that are deceptive every day I see them
in the Middle East I see them in
Washington so again I think that we have
our eyes wide open I think that again

the president is focused on what’s good
for America what are our strategic
interests you know where do we share
interests with other countries let’s
work towards those but yeah every day we
deal with people who are trying to

deceive us in different ways but our job
is to see through it but also to stay
focused on what’s best for the American
people and the president’s fully
committed to doing that
blah-blah-blah-blah-blah but he’s in

trouble because he’s big good friends
with the MBS mr. bonesaw
back to France 24 this is Mauritius
Rackham’s southern is taka I do not like
this woman she’s Dutch she’s a member of

European Parliament she’s from the d66
party in the Netherlands the reason I
don’t like her well first of all the d66
party a bunch of just wishy-washy white
milquetoast I guess but she’s all she

seems to do cuz I’m I checked the
tweeters she’s only on Twitter all day
commenting on Trump and dissing the just
disputing and and not even reading

articles just translating the headlines
and this is an outrage crazy why do
Americans put up with him and I’m like
go do some business in the European
Parliament and she is and she is telling

us exactly what’s happening the
continuation of what has been called for
in the US Congress the Magnitsky Act she
may even reference it directly here
but if not it’s exactly what they’re

calling for so they can shut off Saudi
Arabia and had their own little deals
with Russia and with Iranian oil they’ve
been working on it for months if you
look at the irrational behavior and lie
after lie after lie after lie coming

from Riyadh over the past couple of
weeks it is entirely irresponsible to
sell war weapons to this country and
she’s talking about EU selling war
weapons the French and the Brits big big

discussion about this not just our deal
but there’s lots of deals it turns out a
lot of stuff these authorities and I
think that it is very good that

Chancellor Merkel has taken the lead and
I would have preferred to see an eu-wide
embargo which is something that we have
called for in the European Parliament
repeatedly already especially in the
context of the war in Yemen so I hope

again we will reach a turning point here
and we’ll see more rational behavior and
at least we will we will cease to export
instability to Saudi Arabia and a weapon
embargo but also an embargo on selling

surveillance equipment with which
dissidents and journalists are being
tracked and traced in the kingdom is
also absolutely appropriate and then
lastly we would also call for human
rights sanctions meaning that those

individuals who were responsible for
this brutal murder will be individually
held to account these events we can see
asset freezes so that there’s no more
you know fun time shopping in Paris or

putting yachts in Nice or children in
good European universities there have to
be consequences for the individuals that
are responsible and the impunity with
which violations have been taken place

human rights violations that were
serious before this murder for a very
long time it has to stop no more
shopping trips to Paris
no more yachts in in in French harbors I
wish I could make fun of her accent but

it’s actually pretty good
can’t do it with her so that’s the plan
and Merkel is leading it Merkel best
friends with Putin they were in East
Germany together at the same time this

is not our friend and she is really
working very hard to effectively ruin
the petro dollar I think that is the
ultimate plan they want Iranian

oyel anything they can get from Russia
sell it all to china they’d love to have
it in Euro denomination and I think
Trump is screwed on this I do not see

how he gets out of it
well MBS is already backpedaling to an
extremely do you have a copy of his
speech that he gave nd no I don’t have
that I do have it oh good do you have a

clip or just a copy of this is no this
is a MBS makes statement this was on PBS
ran this over the weekend yesterday
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince declared
today that the murder of journalist

Jamal khashoggi was a heinous crime and
he promised justice Mohammed bin Salman
addressed an investment conference in
Riyadh it was his first public statement
since the Saudis acknowledge that

Khashoggi was killed at their consulate
in Istanbul Turkey and suspicions have
been raised that the prince might have
known about the plot we know that many
are trying to use this painful thing to

drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and
Turkey this wedge will not happen and we
will prove to the world that the two
governments are cooperating to see that
all perpetrators are taken to court and
justice will be seen in the end yeah

he’s gone I’m gonna tell you this guy
will be gone there will be a new Crown
Prince appointed he is out he is out he
is done he is gone he has screwed it up
big time

he’s done
rule anymore and I don’t think I think
that Merkel and Putin by the way sir
gene was away he came back and he said

that he listened to the the so-called
press conference where Putin was
slamming Americas at the end of our days
the Empire is dying
and sir Jean said actually it’s really

complimentary about Trump it’s not like
that at all if you listen to it in
context see I haven’t gotten a full
translation but this isn’t it’s not it’s
not surprising to the public here and of
course we have this little tidbit which

if you think she’s she’s on a Nancy Drew
mission to solve crimes you got another
thing coming Geena Haspel the head of
the CIA is in Turkey today to
investigate Koosh oh geez killing at the

Saudi consulate in Istanbul and pr’s
Greg Myers is here to tell us more about
that visit welcome Greg so we’re all
here well she’s got a very significant
role in not only with her title as head

of the CIA this is a place she knows
really well we know she speaks Turkish
in a rare speech recently she said
Istanbul along with London are two of
her favorite cities in the world

the CIA never says exactly where
somebody spent their undercover days but
she clearly knows this place she’s a
player she knows how the how things take
place there and remember the US Turkey

and the Saudis are allies and they’re
conducting these sort of separate
investigations but there’s also
negotiations going on this is probably
not likely to end so much in a courtroom

as is in a political agreement in some
sort of negotiation so that’s the key
thing I think to keep watching yeah I’m
sure she’s there just to investigate
really she’s there to lay down the law
and try and set them straight and I

don’t think she has any of the oomph it
takes to get anything done this is a
bonanza and I really am curious when the
president is going to get serious about

it and address it because he is losing
our shirt in this deal well he hasn’t
lost it yet yeah meanwhile pay no
attention to the world implications of

what is going on no no this is what you
should be watching well we’ve been
speaking to a number of sources both
very well-placed sources within the
investigation and also within political

circles and they’ve been telling us
separately first of all that Jamarcus
Yogi’s body parts have been discovered
they had been cut up I understand

there’s some fairly grisly detail about
how his face had been disfigured
somewhat there is a suggestion I think
they like they use it as a football and

kicked it around from the second source
he is very very highly placed as I say
within political circles and he has
connections within the prosecutor’s

office that those body parts were
discovered in the garden of the consul
general yes we’re just outside the
property this the Consul generals

property was part of a focus a very big
focus of the forensic investigators they
took some time to get in it into it more
than two weeks later we ourselves

witnessed some of those forensic
investigators examining the garden we
know that they took soil samples from
there and that they were trying to match
DNA samples taken of Jamel GOG with

samples that they collected inside the
Consul generals residence where’s that
rapid DNA technology this should be done
in at 20 minutes yet to prove that this

is the guy that’s buried in the guys
oh yeah and apparently then now there
are rumors that Jena CIA Jena that she
heard or saw the tape that’s all of this

is propaganda however it just came out
the European resolution regarding the
killing of journalist Kamala

Jamal Jamel khashoggi shocked gee I hate
um let me see Khashoggi forget it okay
khashoggi here we go

German Chancellor stated that Germany
would put arms exports to Saudi Arabia
on hold so that’s the first one down
one of those resolutions which is

completely mean can we condemn let’s see
condemns the Saudis Authority’s ongoing
harassment of human rights defenders
activists lawyers journalists clerics
writers and bloggers
how would podcasters EU put podcasters

in there yeah both within and outside
the country which undermines the
credibility of the reform process of
Saudi Arabia let me see we urge the EU
and its member states take strong

position at the next Human Rights
Council meeting and blah blah blah
this is Justin so I’m just reading it on
the fly supports drawing the initiative
to create an EU global Human Rights
sanctions regime okay the Dutch
authorities will organize that well no

worries there calls on the Saudi 30s
immediately and unconditionally released
rife Badawi oh so they’re asking for
prisoners now smart smart they’re asking
for people to be released

that’s pretty looks like typical
Parliament has no power it’s just a
resolution okay but what angular Merkel
did and what may is now being asked to

do and micron is to stop all arms sales
that’s gonna be very complicated for
Trump to say no we’re gonna sell them
with all of our partners who are
actually our enemies in this well

actually Canada says they’re gonna keep
selling stuff they don’t care well
they’re not our enemies they’re right up
north now I do have two clips left
unfortunately whatever duplicates a lot

of what you just know I don’t I don’t
mind this but this is from Democracy Now
so it has a slant that’s always amusing
this is the some funny Khashoggi
information with Trump and this is the

Trump assertion you already played
President Trump spoke out Tuesday on
journalist Jamaal khashoggi she’s murder
calling it the worst cover-up ever they
had a very bad original concept it was

carried out poorly wait what does that
mean a bad original concept what does
that mean well I think he said he saw

the draft and he said this is bad and
we’re gonna kill this guy now this is
another one of those instances that you
played this earlier or at least a the

same pretty much the same one with his
arms crossed it’s hot because he’s
pissed he’s very angry yeah they had a
very bad original concept
it was carried out poorly and the

cover-up was one of the worst in the
history of cover-ups it’s very simple
bad deal should have never been thought
of bad deal I mean you got to listen

with the guy saying deal for what what
was the deal was there a deal that
someone cut a deal what was the
tit-for-tat part of the deal
somebody really messed up on Tuesday

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced
the US will revoke the visas of Saudi
operatives accused of participating in
Khashoggi she’s killing vampire went on
to reaffirm the u.s. shared strategic

interest with Saudi Arabia
echoing Trump’s statements about Saudi
Arabia as a strong ally to the United
States meanwhile Turkish investigators
have reportedly found several suitcases
a laptop and clothing that may be linked

to the murder in a car belonging to the
Saudi consulate on Tuesday Sky News
reported parts of Kakashi’s dismembered
body were found in the garden of the
Saudi Consul generals Istanbul home

though the reports remain unconfirmed
yeah we just heard that report and it
was very sketchy presents it kind of as
all parts were found but I need some

confirmation she’s terrible but which
i’ll prove later this is the part two
which has some information we didn’t get
this comes as a Reuters report and two

saw it Al Qahtani
top aide for Mohammed bin Salman the
crown prince claims he directed Chris
Rock she’s killing remotely via Skype
instructing those and carrying out push

oh geez interrogation and to quote bring
me the head of the dog meanwhile in
Riyadh the Saudi royal family met with
Jamal Khashoggi she’s family including
his son releasing photos of the highly

publicized event to the press Sulekha
showed she appeared visibly strained as
he shook the crown prince’s hand
Jamal Khashoggi she’s children are
banned from leaving Saudi Arabia now who

was it that apparently on skype said
bring these and bring me the dog’s head
one of these would like the
sergeant-at-arms or someone any one of
the assistants for one of the military

assistance that guy’s gonna take you
here’s what I think I don’t think this
guy MBS is going to go away the way you
do I’m going to say that I think he’s
gonna stick around because they really

don’t have anybody else that can run the
country but he what he has to do he’s
gonna have to grab all 15 of those guys
who came in on the plane find them
guilty of a rebel a rogue applause I had

the guy find the guy who said well it
was they beat him up and he died during
the fight that guy yeah they find him
they’re gonna line them all up and

either shoot him or hang them all or
chop their heads off something that he’s
gonna say this is the this was undone
this is nothing I wanted and he’s gonna
go on and on like that and he’s gonna

stick around and is gonna have a bunch
of dead guys gonna run these guys up
well if I supposed to do I found all
these rogue guys around that would be
that would be the strategy I don’t think
it’s going to work and I I’m happy with

having a different opinion I let’s put
it this way if he stays on then maybe
we’ll be okay if he’s if there is a
quote-unquote regime change and he’s

replaced or removed air21 takes we
already have no power in Syria this is a
complete turn of global events that’s
the way I see it and it’s and I don’t
see anyone taking this seriously

anywhere well I think that some people
are taking this er so you wouldn’t have
Gina oh yeah but I’m talking about media
like m5m other media does is we’re

looking for some anti try don’t care
they giving us nothing they suck
yeah that’s why we’re doing this show
that’s why we have 11 years and out of
the show because all we do is point out
I mean the real point of the shows were

not Trump apologist we just point out
that the media is not doing its job they
just they have an agenda that somebody’s
too and I don’t know you know for sure
who’s behind the agenda but somebody and
they’re just pounding the pavement for

the same I mean you played that clip
earlier that MSNBC clip with this
lunatic Nicole Wallace I mean it was it
was embarrassing
yeah this is nothing news about let me

play the two clips I have Rahway are we
are we done with the I don’t know I I’m

I think the sawing noise should be a
little louder remix please that’s Abel

Kirby he says I was drunk when I did it
the guy screaming with the song on his
brother we have now I’m gonna play some

stuff that is just filled with
propaganda and it’s a shameful Democracy
Now Amy Goodman is really an

embarrassment this is this is this the
lashed out clip now she doesn’t say
Trump said this the some Trump said that
she uses the term she likes to use these

these loaded terms last I collect them
cuz she says it all the time
Trump lashed out hmm president Trump oh
sorry I’m sorry you could play the act

up in everyone apart – president Trump
lashed out again Tuesday at the Central
American migrants our van making its way
across Mexico toward the US border
claiming Middle Eastern terrorists had

infiltrated the group pressed by a
reporter Trump admitted he had no proof
to back his claim they say happens all
the time from the Middle East
that’s not even saying bad or good but

some real bad ones but they could very
well be there’s no proof of anything
there’s no proof of anything but they

could very well be there’s no proof of
the president said okay so he said it
twice and she reiterated it they make it
clear I don’t know what the point of

that was no but it was just that it was
kind of an offhanded say he said he
didn’t have any proof but he said it
anyway I guess I’m not sure what she was
getting at but this next clip which is
the continuation she uses some loaded

language here that I have to call I have
to point out so people understand when
they hear this word they will pay
Vice President Mike Pence claimed
Honduran President Juan Orlando

Hernandez had spoken to him about the
he told me that the caravan that’s now
making its way through Mexico headed for
the southern border was organized by
leftist organizations and financed by

Venezuela now knows he caught the word
but the word is at the beginning and the
word was claimed claimed of course
instead of saying Mike Pence said oh

yeah he claimed that mean automatic
stating it’s not true the right the
subtext of the word claimed is always
the guy’s a liar so they’re trying to no

this is subtle because this people
aren’t noticing this but there there is
a lot of people like Amy and other
so-called progressives that think Trump

is gonna they think the Democrats are
gonna win the house and that Trump is
gonna get impeached yeah and then pence
will be president yeah but they got to
get rid they got to just start taking
aim at pants because pence is worse and

they gotta GIMP each him – that’s what
Maxine water says we’re gonna have pants
will impeach him – yes so what so they
they’re not gonna impeach being an old
white man

they’re not gonna impeach Trump because
he’s too much of a foil that they give
up let’s just set something straight so
everyone understands this impeachment is
a political process it does not remove
the president from office it’s it’s

basically Congress saying we don’t trust
you you’re a douche you’re impeached it
doesn’t remove him from office the only
way they can do that is if they have
three quarters of the Senate which never

happened which will never have the US
history and then the the idiot
Republicans are like yeah that’s great
impeach him then Pence is president he
can have ikan appoint Trump as his vice

president then resigned then Trump is
president again hey I never doing she
uses the word claimed and people should

look out for this word when it comes up
the proper word and the journalistic
sent it says you don’t you never use
claims right unless you’re trying to
twist the meaning of that you’re trying

to float it up to make it sound as
though the guys lying and it and there’s
no evidence that passes even a fibber
liar but but keep an eye on that when I

hear this sort of thing I really galls
me because these people are on TV
they’re you know and there’s a lot of
progressives that listen they missed the
word yeah but it goes right into your

subconscious that the guy pants claims
that he had a discussion with the guy
what he didn’t have a discussion with a
guy if you think that prove he didn’t
have a discussion with the guy go

contact the Honduras guy and ask him if
he talked to pens and if he says no I
never heard of the guy there you got a
story you got something but no just by
using the word claims a cheap down it’s

a dirty cheap muddy trick and it’s
disgusting and I’m gonna show my food by
donation to no agenda imagine all the
people who could do awesome oh yeah

that’d be fun
and we have we have to alert the
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a little long um a little you have to
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talking to me Oh taxi driver taxi driver
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oh yeah zero it’s not gonna be any area
yeah but there’s a character’s name yeah
Arthur gobut sir Sir Arthur go better

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Anniversary is donations for five
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see I spelling it CH ITL i ns tried CH i
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that that’s it I’d never knew that shit
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Alexander mercury EV in Nashua New
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11th what do you want to thank all these
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onward with the rest of our well wishers
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million years uh where are we it’s
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last but not least Stefanie Charl or is
it Jody total
for a member of the MSM oh that’s

interesting she’s a former member of the
MSM she used to work it
Reuters and CNN it I totally get what
you’re saying and applaud you for having
that guts to say it you’ve helped me as

I continue to labor my way in media LAN
and I wish you I could give you more
oh well des send us a note from time to
time Stephanie let us know what’s
happening yeah I won’t hurt yes I see if
there’s still I mean if you still touch

base with the the m5 Emerson it’s
actually probably still working in the
business I want to thank all these folks
for supporting us in the 11th
anniversary show and this are these
people helped produce a show along with

a lot of people that 49.99 unless 33 and
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Anna anonymous yeah so a lot of people
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congratulate us at the 11:11 level as
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but we keep those we do not mention them
as John said Mason mainly for anonymity
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yeah the subscriptions keep those going

and thank you thank everybody for 11
years it’s a value for value concept I
remember fondly I think it was when did
we start asking for or really start the
value for value model was that the

second year first year I think it was
early on it was late in the furnace
Ernest I think I run earnest it was all
it was always kinda it was always an
earnest it wasn’t it with any we hadn’t

developed the value have value models
that was the problem we had we hadn’t
figured out what the value for value
network and how the model works we were
creating that on the fly I remember I

was in New York on a business trip and
you said hey I think this is working
people actually you know liked it and
they’re supporting it
and I think that’s when I said okay

let’s do this full-time I think that’s
when I ate my airplane it’s good story
what do you mean new history yeah

the eating the airplane no the eating
the airplane was true because we weren’t
doing that well isn’t reason you know it
took years it took years you know yeah
it took probably two years

you ate the airplane for a lot of
different reasons you’re also slightly
paranoid at the time no I had I didn’t
have the money I’d left me vo is living
in Los Angeles they were paying for

health care that’s all I was getting
from them yeah so I ate the airline and
it was tasty flaps not so much no the
flaps are always note you know you

should have to really sauce those up and
the point is this is a network where
everybody can get out and you should be
getting more out of it than you put into
it so it could be just the pleasure of

listening to the show having meeting
other people with our meetups but also
doing collaborating online there’s so
many different websites and services
micro-services the people have set up

from the art generator to any other so
what is the the get what is the the main
list I keep forgetting what it is it’s
the Gitmo list things called the Gitmo

list and no agenda Gitmo list if you
find that you see links to the book club
and there’s all kinds of stuff and I’m
really proud of what everyone has put
together and really appreciate it and I
look forward to as long as you know

another 11 years sure we’ll go as long
as as we physically can I guess and
probably another 11 years before you
ever do your Austin Meetup hey thanks
John Devorah org slash

just jobs jobs and jobs that’s those
four job if willow sends me some cheese

for that man you interrupted the whole
flow just to get some free cheese you

are Zoe you are you are the worst
here is your birthday lettuce for ours

celebratory 11th anniversary show today
is the 25th of October 2018 hala Hamad a
says happy birthday to his smokin hot
wife my son

she turns 33 on November 17th and his
son Chad will turn two on the 6th of
November happy birthday boss browning
says happy birthday that TEAD Kaiser’s
turning 8 and busts botanics himself is
turning 39 we congratulate him and mark

Hackett says happy birthday to his
smokin hot milf barb she celebrated
October 19 happy birthday from everybody
here at the best podcast in the universe
now we have 1900 miss

okay one of our artists Ryan is like
having his birthday
which-which Ryan Doug good one I’m gonna

remember his last name me and I can’t
remember his name I just sent a note to

him about his birth well why don’t you
look it up and then I’ll do the I’ll get
the knighting started and then you can
mention that they feel bad instead of
just stopping the whole flow of the show

I’m sorry theme today can you find your
sword anywhere oh yeah now you got me
okay here it is
got it luckily it’s right here thank you
here’s we need up on the podium we need

Troy Thomas Thomas Wolfe forth melody
Fergus Otto Brad and left Franny err oh
that’s actually yes Bradley frontier all
four of you up here on the podium as I
am very proud to introduce you and

induct you into the round table of the
No Agenda Knights and James and I James
and I hereby pronounce the KP Sir Thomas
Knight of the river mark North Carolina
Dame melody food risotto

sir Bradley Black Knight and protector
of the outer cyber realm for you hookers
and blow
we have chitlins and Chardonnay I didn’t
have any more time in the music to talk

about the sparkling cider and escorts
the ginger ale and gerbils the breast
milk and pablum the rubenesque women in
rows eight and of course the mutton and
Mead that is all available for you at
the round table if you go to no agenda slash rings Eric the shield
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we’ll get the ring your sealing wax your
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possible and please tweet something out
so everybody can see how proud you are

and how proud all of us are of you
becoming a knight or a dame of the No
Agenda Roundtable
here’s the changes syrup on hits and

bourbon becomes surpass Knights of Sun
City s Sir Bruce becomes a baronet and
Sir John of London also achieving
baronet status today congratulations to

all of you and for your support of the
No Agenda show did you figure out the
Ryan’s put them an idiot that’s not
writing anything is Mike Reilly one of
our top guys our current owners together

did the bone saw yes Mike Riley’s gonna
be 43 oh yeah happy birthday Mike on
this is gonna be it’s like either as you
say I think was Monday okay well good so

there’s more personalized this way I
guess hey there was um Steve Steve
Tim Collins

from Apple
Tom cook he was in in Brussels on a very
stupid day actually he was there to talk
about privacy

mmm and and the internet and privacy and
privacy and it was a very stupid day for
him to be there because all of the you
know they have the the European

Parliament in Brussels and they have the
other one in Strasbourg right they’ve
been moving back and forth right so he
went to Brussels while everybody was
voting in Strasbourg and someone needs

to get fired Jerry what’s a dis
assistant did really stupid I pulled the
Cleveland East

talk to an empty Hall now there was a
probably about 300 people there if that
now bless I say maybe 150 it was very
pathetic his message was clear and I and
I liked what he said and it sounded like

a man who was very frustrated with what
is being done with his product as well I
he had some good zingers in there I bet
clipped about two minutes up and I’d
like to share the desire to put profits

over privacy is nothing new as far back
is 18 nine local sure Supreme Court
justice Louis Brandeis published an
article in the Harvard Law Review making

the case for a right to privacy in the
United States
he warned gossip is no longer the
resource of the idol and of the vicious

but has become a trade today that trade
has exploded into a data industrial

our own information from the everyday to
the deeply personal is being weaponized
against us with military efficiency
every day billions of dollars change

hands and countless decisions are made
on the basis of our likes and dislikes
our friends and families our
relationships and conversations our

wishes and fears our hopes and dreams we
these scraps of data each one harmless
enough on its own

our carefully assembled synthesized
traded and sold taken to its extreme
this process creates an enduring digital
profile and lets companies know you

better than you may know yourself your
profile is then run through algorithms
that serve up increasingly extreme
content pounding our harmless

preferences pounding into hardened
convictions here comes green is your
favorite color you may find yourself
reading a lot of articles or watching a

lot of videos about the insidious threat
from people who like orange almost every
day that’s good bear witness to the

harmful even deadly effects of these
narrowed worldviews we shouldn’t
sugarcoat the consequences this is
surveillance and these stockpiles of

personal data serve only to enrich the
companies that collect them now first I
need to mention that was twice as long I
cut out every pause that he puts in his

speech this guy needs a kick in the
pants like stop talk King like this
boring well when it’s edited out like

that it sounds very free-flowing and
professional I must be twenty edits
just chopping out silence everywhere so
of course he is he’s advocating for what
I’ve been saying a long time is you need

to go ot G and the main thing you can do
to save yourself from this tracking his
remove location-based tracking from your
life and I’m not talking about the cell
company being able to track my little

sorry Nokia e71 because of course they
can do that but everything else inside
your phone which is what he’s so he sees
the writing on the wall like people are

gonna start giving this up we see more
and more of these hates a weekend thing
take this phone just as text and yeah
he’s seeing his product being abused but
of course it’s meant to be abuse that’s

what it is he’s got an abusive product
with his mobile devices and I do like
the data industrial complex although I
think data is the new bacon is better
but it’s a little scarier that way and

just to fold into a quick OTG a couple
headlines Amazon’s Alexa has they filed
a patent and the patent specifically

states that the Alexa spy device in your
house if it hears you coughing or
sniffling it may be able to sell you
some ads for what is ailing you and they

filed a patent for that I guess that was
this was a pretty interesting story
about this and I’ve seen this this was
actually at HEB and I looked I remember

looking at it once I need to pick up a
thermometer and Tina and I moved in
together and we didn’t have one for some
reason I don’t know we have a
thermometer amongst us so there’s the
this connected thermometer turns out the
connected thermometer was licensing

information this is kinsa is the name of
the the connected thermometer company
two pharmaceutical companies with zip
codes and temperatures that people had

around the country so that they could
target their advertising by Oh looks
like we got you huh I’m wondering why
anyone anyone would buy a connected
thermometer because you get an app with

it and then they think oh it’s great I
can track the progress of my fever I
don’t know people are idiots so you get
that but in the meantime the app itself
is just back dooring stuff to
pharmaceuticals to sell you stuff and

target you with ads now it turns out
this is a great one
General Motors according to the Detroit
Free Press their radio tracking program
monitored the listening habits of 90,000

drivers in Los Angeles in Chicago for
three months in late 2017 GM captured
details such as station selection volume
level zip codes of vehicle owners use

the cars built-in Wi-Fi signal to upload
the data to its servers
this is insane and they and they’re
selling that to they sell the dated a

Nielson well they’re selling it to uh to
the radio networks themselves
and the one else to head oh and I see
yeah what else did I have

there’s a couple other stories also this
I I don’t have it of course I don’t have
an app phone but then the new Google
News for Android is going wild on data
and people are seeing up to 21 gigs of

data transferred from the Google News
app who knows what it’s doing this is
not good
this is all bad stuff I get advertising

that’s custom-made for me I need I would
like I like the idea that I get an ad

that’s relevant it’s relevant relevant
relevant relevant
so our candidate brothers and sisters
just got a raw deal up there up north

as never there were four provinces who
voted against a carbon tax of course why
would you want to why do you want to be
taxed for something that comes out here
although as we mentioned that in the

Washington State ballot there’s a carbon
tax initiative on there and according to
me me who’s involving the politicians
for it apparently the argument of the
old ladies as well yeah it’s not that

great but at least it’s something so so
they’ve done something Trudeau has done
something very interesting and I’m sure
we’ll get lots of notes from work and

the Navion producers so these four major
provinces said no we’re not going to do
a carbon tax so Trudeau just created a
federal carbon tax but he’s trying to

sell it well listen to how he’s trying
to sell it in Toronto today Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau laid out the
details of his government’s carbon tax
plan including rebates as he tries to
sell Canadians on the need to pay for

pollution without breaking the bank
we take you to Ottawa now Michelle boy
ASA notice the use of pollution
pollution pollution lowing the story for
us so Michelle tell us a little bit more

about the plan anyway and how much money
he’s talking about in terms of giving
back to Canadians yeah April that is
when this plan comes into effect for
large polluters as well as you when you

go to fill up your your gas tank or when
you turn on the heat it’s going to cost
Canadians more but the federal
government is coming up with a plan to
make sure that you get most if not all

or more of the money back we’re talking
about rebates from 259 dollars all the
way up to six hundred and nine dollars
per year and that those numbers balloon

as we go down the road to 2022 that’s
because the cost on carbon the price on
carbon will be going from 20 up to $50 a
ton Justin Trudeau says listen this is

the only way they by the way
that’s 50 Canadian dollars not that
price of carbon we’ve known for a long
time it has been pegged by the

globalists at fifty US dollars so to say
you’re gonna raise it to fifty Canadian
dollars uh uh it’s got to be a little
higher than that I mean up to $50 a ton

Justin Trudeau says listen this is the
only way that that Canada will reduce
its its carbon footprint will reduce its
emissions and he says that he’s helping

Canadians adjust to the new norm by
giving them the money back it’s
completely idiotic he’s saying we’re
gonna have a carbon tax and it’ll be on

you know all fossil fuels and so that
will be at the gas pump and your
electricity is all going to be taxed but
we’re going to give you a credit back
based upon what we think that increase

will be and he’s positioning it as don’t
worry you just get the money back and
then somehow that’s going to reduce
climate change this is insane

I don’t know you can say I know what the
Canadians must be thinking this guy’s an
idiot this should be a revolution about
this a revolt

yeah how about voting that idiot out of
office oh my goodness he’s like a 12
year old running the place people bitch
about Trump I got a cool little
operation which they’re talking about

this right I do have a thing here this
is kind of interesting
this I believe I first I heard I said
that’s interesting apparently alexis is
the best car you can buy yeah but
everyone knows that but the way they

present this this fact consumer
reporting on CBS I think that CBS is
pulling out native ads on us in ways
that are that I have not been able to

pick up on that ABC’s real easy he said
this always at the same time of the show
it’s right there and it’s pretty sounds
like a native at it looks like a native
ad this one actually actually I had to I
pulled it out just as kind of a joke

clip and then I listened to it this is a
native ad and I wasn’t catching it
I think CBS is doing native advertising
on their news hour with Jeff Glor more

than we think Jonathan Lynn Cove tests
cars for a living he’s in the driver’s
seat for Consumer Reports determining
which automakers are the most reliable
and how critical is reliability when it

comes to an automakers long-term success
or a model success reliability is the
key thing that’s going to keep a
customer coming back Consumer Reports
annual reliability survey collected data

on everything from the engine and
transmission to the doors and
electronics 29 automakers were ranked
and US companies didn’t fare well Ford

was the top American brand at number 18
Asian manufacturers did the best Toyota
came in second and Lexus which is owned
by Toyota

took the number one spot we took a spin
in a lexus rx350 consistently Toyota and
Lexus have been our top two brands and
our brand report card problems with

infotainment systems tripped up other
automakers including Volvo which landed
at the bottom of the list their large
infotainment system has caused problems

crash its hyung it’s how to reset the
gun owners Tesla dropped six spots to 27
this year if you look at the g-wiz
factor it’s got what they okay Lynn Cove
had problems getting the wing doors to

open on the Model X SUV which scored
poorly that’s a big problem that we’ve
seen they’re not always working they’re
not latching they’re not opening up all
the way Lynn Cove says reliability is

just one consideration when purchasing a
new car performance and price should
also factor into the final decision
Kenneth Craig CBS News Colchester
Connecticut so let me try and

deconstruct it the way the ad buy goes
is Consumer Reports which is a
non-commercial entity is they do a
report they have the car up in the

position that the Lexus wants it and
then they buy the CBS analysis of the
you think you think it’s that way cuz I
would think as the it’s different okay I

would think that the CBS sales guys and
this you know it could be by the way to
wear brown shoes
Brown shoes don’t make it brown shoe
sales guys always brown shoes so he’s

got the brown shoe sales guy he’s got to
consume because they’re always having
these meetings I know people that are
professional high-end salespeople and
they’re always having these meetings
that ever how are we gonna how can we

leverage this into that how can we get
these guys on board for a big Buy and I
would think could go this way and I
could be wrong but because of any number
of ways it could happen you got to
consider look at the consumer report

thing it’s got Lexus into us the same
company can we sell them we’re not gonna
do a story on this are we Jeff now who’s
gonna do a story on that is stupid okay
let’s go – lets go to Lexus and see if
we can sell them that will do a story

highlighting the Consumer Reports
article and we’ll mention them like Lots
driving a car it’s similar yeah I think
that would be the way to sell it
Toyota’s very aggressive at advertising

and they say yeah sounds great can you
also mention that Volvo’s like the
Laozi’s one on this list and that then
there cuz the two cars they slammed by
the way but Tesla specifically slammed

was not just any old Tesla it was the
Tesla SUV oh yeah and the Volvo they
slammed was a Volvo SUV and the car they
drove around and was a Lexus SUV yeah

and you’re surprised no I’m not
surprised I’m surprised I haven’t caught
this earlier I know she has been doing
this constant yeah hey I haven’t I
caught something that I just want and

I’d have a couple of funny pate Trump
clips just to end on a high note we’ve
been looking at the Congo DRC Democratic
Republic of Congo what is going on there

why and we had why or why are people
being sent there why do have all kinds
of stuff going on for some reason I
follow tanker trackers calm you know
where’s their hick economic hitman well

check this out so tanker truck I got
into this when I got into a PRS and
y’all the the ham radio beaconing
systems although a PRS is for much more
than beaconing so you have the AIS then

you can track ships and so tanker
trackers comm posted this
they post this uh it was earlier this
month so here it is a first 850,000

barrels of crude oil arrived in Ashkelon
that’s Israel this morning from jano
Congo we have never seen Congo as a

source of oil for Israel before but we
have seen a couple of shipments come in
from West Africa during the summer how
about that
850,000 barrels is a good start it’s a

good medium-sized tanker so they’re
taking that from an israel’s buying this
so congos landlocked if I’m not mistaken

how are they getting it to the to the
port they’re taking it down or this
picture here actually they take it down
oh no that’s not true the earlier they

have to go to Gabon I was it can’t see
it here
that it’s from the west coast
and they go all the way around the top
of Africa through the Straits of

Gibraltar through the Mediterranean to
get to Israel circumventing of course
the Djibouti there’s the Aden Gulf and
where all that crap is going down so

they are they’re going so that is just a
probably a less dangerous route for them
on about pirates but they’re yeah
they’re taking it right through
Yeah right off the southwest coast and

they’re going all the way around the top
I didn’t know so Congo is an oil
apparently we gotta look into this well
I brought it up as they mentioned as hey
this is where we need to face a lot yes

and we bolo their send lots of people
there to help with I don’t know the
transport of the oil to the coast that
who knows get it out of there before the
oil catches Ebola all right a couple

media clips to hate Trump this was a
story new story you heard about when it
comes to eggs oops not that one
afternoon a Florida man is facing
federal charges accused of groping a

woman on a flight to Albuquerque as he
was being arrested he had something
interesting to say about the president
News 13s Rachel Knapp is live in the
Newsplex with the story Kim an FBI agent

says as Bruce Alexander was sitting in
the back of his police car he told them
quote the President of the United States
says it’s okay to grab women by their
private parts okay that was a great news

story sounds totally legit here we have
the leer Hollywood Foundation at work in
the Supergirl television show this is

for children and let me see this is
season three I believe you are hit in
season three
this is so Supergirl and this is a in

the in the cartoon this is the
spokesperson for the President of the
United States of America and the
president is a woman and here’s what the

spokesperson the so the sarah huckabee
sanders of the future in Supergirl world
when the president is female yes yes
Karl as a matter of fact she does she

also believes that two plus two equals
four and that the earth is round because
the president is not a moron
any third grader knows that global
warming is the biggest threat of our
time and I’m happy to report that the
intellectual capacity of our president

is not inferior to that of an
eight-year-old next it’s reversed it’s a
great way to program the children that
is disgusting enough fantastic I’ll give

you a clip of the day for that one I you
know I and I have to say when I heard it
and I didn’t find it myself one of our
producers did I said it’s a candidate
thank you very much thanks to the
producer who found it wow that is a

piece of crap if I’ve ever heard a
propagandistic it makes my analysis of
day me goodman look like a life way
let’s do it let’s play it again just so
we can revel in it

okay Carl this prisoner Mars didn’t
believe climate change is real yes
yeah it’s Carl as a matter of fact she
does she also believes that two plus two
equals four and that the earth is round

because the president is not a moron any
third grader knows that global warming
is the biggest threat of our time and
I’m happy to report that the
intellectual capacity of our president
is not inferior to that of an
eight-year-old you will obey oh man I

love that then although I’m not pulling
the clip that everyone showed Rosie
O’Donnell was on MSNBC on the hate fest

with Nicole Wallace and I pulled two
clips just to let you know where her
heads at and you have to understand that
in this interview she was very affected
by the election of President Trump she

couldn’t go out in public but first she
said she got physically ill she puked
when when he became president and he
couldn’t go out in the public for over a
year now she’s marrying a 32 year old

woman who looks like an Instagram wife
if I’ve ever seen one
but she’s still filled with a lot of
hate and misinformation it not only

thought that it was strategically smart
to go after the adult film star stormy
Daniels in such a visceral way he
workshopped the insult
prior to tweeting it well before Trump
mocked Daniels physical appearance he

trial balloon to the horse face Digg
privately among White House aides close
friends and acquaintances one source
close to trunk even recalled him saying
in passing that bleeping horse face
Steve Rosie and Eugene are still here I

read these things and I’m shocked but
I’m guessing you are not I’m not sure no
he’ll do anything and everything to get
what he wants and women are of no value
to him in his life a world the only one
who is I think is his daughter

that’s it the rest of the women in the
world are useless as the immigrants that
he says are coming from you know
Honduras to take us in caravans watch
out for the caravan there people walking

away from certain death in third-world
countries right the man doesn’t care at
all so what he did to stormy Daniels was
horrific what he did to me was horrific
but I expected when that was happening

the national organization of women or
something would come out and say you
do this you’re not just allowed to pick
a woman light and you know does the
baser with impunity but he is mm-hmm
he is and he gets laughs for it and it’s

it’s like a bad stand-up comic well
she’s right about that about the
stand-up comedy but do we have that in
the rotation he hates women I didn’t
know he hated women I don’t think it’s I

don’t think now she makes naive no
misogynist is hating women this is the
routine yes it is by definition
misogynist you guys women yeah this is

okay here this is something another
assertion she makes which I found
interesting because this question goes
around around questions of race we
talked about this after Charlotte’s fell

that now the KKK you’ve talked about
this the KKK members don’t wear sheets
over their face that hit the top of fact
I just want understand what Nicole
Wallace is saying here she’s saying that

Trump is so racist he’s such a white
nationalist the Trump effect has now
brought it to this moment in time where
Ku Klux Klan members feel so emboldened

they’re not wearing the sheets anymore
this is a this is very interesting
because we the KKK members were easy to

you could see the guiding light of the
burning cross and they were all there in
their white hoods in their sheets now
she’s saying the Klan exists and they’re

you can’t see him because they’ve been
emboldened by the Trump effect they’re
not wearing the sheets anymore I get it
this is the KKK you’ve talked about this
the KKK members don’t wear sheets over

their face or out of the closet with
their misogyny they’re out of the closet
with their races nice that she’s saying
out of the closet in front of Rosie do
you see that I mean I see that is

potentially the most corrosive impact
yes I think it’s really true I was in
the street the other day and some guys
saw me with my new haircut and goes hey
you you look like a dyke
God must have been a KKK member the same
thing the corseting of the break in my

whole career is people trash you behind
your back but the culture now is this is
what’s happening yes and that’s the

online Twitter culture that’s dude
you’re right that she’s right about that
people would never say that to your face
although I think you know and was they
got to do it Trump nothing it’s it’s the
Trump effect

it’s the Trump effect people have no
scruples they’re mean they’re rude they
say horrible things to your face where’s
Rosie O’Donnell who I helped with her
career as she auditioned for vh1 she was
doing Rascals in New Jersey at the comp

the rascals comedy club that was a level
of where she was led by it’s not too bad
by the way bacillus Rascals and he
wasn’t on the on the national stage and
Steve Leeds had brought her in and did a

you know I did a segment with her and
she I was part of her audition and then
I went to Rascals to see her stand-up
and she slammed me

she’s like I’ll Adam Curry’s here the
guy owes Mattel stamped on his ass Oh
what is that supposed to mean
she felt that looked like a Malibu Ken
or something I don’t know

but I should doing that for you you said
you helped yeah yeah that was the day I
stopped liking her bag this face she’s a
douche but it it does bring me to my
final clip remember I was saying that it

seems like language that people are
saying things more like they’re the you
know thing it really it got into
television with shithole nation and
that’s still repeated but there’s a lot
of fuck going on you have Robert De Niro

fuck this fuck Trump Kathy Griffin fuck
Trump mugs everyone’s ffffff’ everything
yeah like with I think that’s the
podcasting influence
no I think it’s a barrier that people

have broken through and we back in
Berkeley in the olden days during the
Free Speech Movement mm-hmm and there
it’s near as whoo as it was waning and

they were going to other things there
was a moment that was called the filthy
speech movement an old-timers will
remember that I had never heard of those
no yeah it’s not it’s not as well
documented but I think you can find

articles about it
and it was this free speech was FSM and
so you could use the same signage it was
a method of conserving resources so you
could still use FSM signage for the

filthy speech movement and it consisted
of a lot of public cursing huh it was so
we don’t need to be told what to say or
how to say it and I think that’s really

with the moment worthy we’re using the
you know saying fuck or anything pretty
much we’re just sounding uneducated
became a thing of the educated class the

the elites the Liberals they all became
they all became a potty-mouthed really
as it were oh yeah we went on for about
three or four years until it kind of

died off – well it’s filthy speech
movement you can check I will look that
up it’s well it’s creeping into our
advertising I’ve cut this down this was
a Worcester that this was a minute and a
half come a ninety a ninety second

commercial and this is from the well I’m
sure the egg council has something to do
with it this is well just listen to it
and the bleeps are in the commercial
when it comes to eggs there’s a whole

lot of clucking that doesn’t really mean
much of anything other farms boast about
being cage free well here at vinyl farms
our pasture-raised eggs are Bulls free
how do we keep the bull away from our

eggs it’s simple we get bar hands some
space a lot of it
our ladies their race and an actual
pasture in the sunshine here at Vidal

farms we care that our hands get to be
hands and do
like whatever that is and laying
nutritious eggs that are naturally both
free but you don’t have to take my word

for it cage-free
oh I’ve been eating up that post beers
I fed that both my loved ones but with
vital farms my recipes are more popular

than ever when a restaurant sir is vital
Farms eggs
it makes the hands happy and it makes my
girls happy because brunch is too short

for bull right Alison serious chefs have
been used by the farms to eggs for years
it’s a reality of cage-free is it’s all
pardon my french Connery y’all know what

that means
well I don’t know a lot about French but
I know a lot about pasture-raised now it
gives hens space and sunshine unlike

cage-free because when you crack into a
bottle farms egg we want you to be
absolutely confident that what you’re
eating is 100% wool 3 it’s not like we
don’t know what they’re saying

I think is a tasteless ad yes probably
their eggs are tasteless too to be
honest you’re probably right bullshit
eggs exactly

all right well I’d like to wrap up this
11th anniversary episode if you if you
want to play us out with something I
give you do you have anything good I
don’t know for 11 years I’ve never

listened to your clips when you sent
them a line I have no idea
oh well yeah let’s play this this is
from 1994 this is diet this is our going
around the net right now okay yes I’m

Dianne Feinstein going on and on about
border enforcement you have to
concentrate on saying the people who
should be here are those who come
legally at this time and we’ve got to
for the time being enforce our borders

the day when America the welfare system
for Mexico is gone we simply can’t
afford it and I think you’ve seen the
figures to state and local governments

of what the cost is it’s over two
billion dollars I think we should
enforce our borders to have a situation
where 40% of the babies born on Medicaid
in California today are born of illegal

immigrants creates a very real problem
for the state which is in deficit and of
course the border finish I agree 17% of
our prison population and a cost of 300

million a year the illegal immigrants
who come here and commit felonies that’s
not what this nation but look very
simple they’ve been enforce our border

my have their tune changes when the
color orange comes into play
yeah orange man bad orange man bad dot
exe all right John congratulations with
11 years well congratulations been

hanging in there for 11 years – cos I
remember show 100 yeah yeah I missed
this on the gonna grow America show I
was ready to quit your but it wasn’t
because you were sick of it you were

ready to quit cuz you thought we had a
good run yes it’s been a good run John
let’s quit while we’re ahead
I just am shuddering to think about what
might have become of me if we had

stopped it it is not not a pretty sight
in advance I will thank Tom Starkweather
Dave Corbin ah
for I think we have a secret agent mr.

Starr has dark weather in the chat room
no I don’t think so but you can email
them coming to you from downtown Austin
Texas capital the drone star state FEMA
region six on the governmental maps

boiling water in the five by nine clue
do in the common law condo in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry man from northern Silicon
Valley where I’m not wearing black face
that I never will I’m John C Devorah we

return on Sunday for episode 10 81 into
our 11th year remember us at the Borg
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it’s a mess it’s a complete and utter

mess I get the biggest kick out of these
Brits who go oh my God we’re gonna have
to do our own trade deals we’re gonna
have the Great British Empire ruling the
world from the sunset to sunrise now

they’re gonna if they’re freaked out
because they can’t do a simple deal sell
some nuts and bolts to somebody berries
now there this may be the last time

maybe will be one more year where we
have daylight saving time in the
European Union as there’s now a serious
discussion in the European Union
Parliament to let each of the 28 member

states which is known as countries but
now the Member States to decide their
own time mind boggling we give you guys
a lot of freedom so it’s either hey

let’s make them think they’re really in
control of something by letting them
decide whether they move their clock or
not or this is the death knell chaos is

gives us that this is the sort of thing
that you’d want the European Union to
standardize not everything else like how
many feathers should be in a pillow
exactly but no we’re gonna give you guys

power here you go so there you go Member
States determine your own time sleeves
yeah it’s an insult
does nobody see this now no they see it

is positive oh great we tell ya this is
the way the EU should work
we have sovereignty over our own clocks
take this presence there’s no other way

to see it right I’m listening to a
podcast the best ever done No Agenda

show yeah take anything too seriously in

EDA is the new bacon the White House
says there
is no agenda how certain are you about
what you believe you hear on no agenda
in the morning materials are you
drumming again or you have lost my job

that could cost jobs
and spans over mofo>
stop the hammering