No Agenda Episode 1081 “BLEXIT”

headless mannequins Adam Curry Jhansi
Devorah this is your award-winning give
our nation media assassination episode
1081 this is no agenda broadcasting live
from the capital the drone star stayed

here in downtown Austin take us in the
clue do in the morning everybody
hi Madame Curie man from northern
Silicon Valley where they’re trying to
seek the stock market that’s my idea I’m
John see Devorah who is they

Silicon Valley the Silicon Valley’s
trying to sink the stock market yeah
they did it before 99 2000 it was

Australia something mark yes but you
think they’re actively trying to sink it
I think is something in their DNA
oh it’s unintentional they’re they
become self-hating kind of yeah

self-loathing self loser that’s self
loathing billionaires there’s yeah well
I don’t I don’t have any money in the

market so I’m I’m happy I’m okay
yeah you’re being good while you can be
short but might not be a bet that I’d I
don’t have time to play these games it’s
silly yeah I already vape enough I don’t

need to be day trading
I got enough douchebag needs in monikers
on me weld anything happened between
shows I think the Nielsen’s came out
maybe we have this October Surprise idea

which is I guess was coined in the
see that was the coming out of Carter I
think that’s the first time I remember

it yeah with the Iranian hostages that
was the that was the sober surprise and
it clinched the election they say for a
you for Reagan yeah supposedly

supposedly so now we’re always waiting
for these October surprises and I’m like
okay I got it we have enough surprises
known to show for 11 years yes and how
many October surprises have we actually

seen that were genuine I don’t remember
one there’s this little thing incidents
yeah I’m trying to but during the
Hillary Trump thing there was no October

Surprise and I mean it or whatever
surprising was in August and September
well that’s not true we had all kinds of
surprises with the emails at the the two
weeks before the other that was way

before no no no when Comey came out and
said he created his own October Surprise
that come on that I mean I don’t
consider that much of a surprise no one
was surprised by the news but it was

supposed to be a surprise yeah I don’t
know no but it’s interesting that we
have a whole bunch of things happening
at once in some way to create a critical

mass of some Democrats support well
let’s turn that let’s look at it
differently in that in this case let’s
just say it’s a little disheartening
that anything that happens immediately

has to be true you know we don’t even
have time to process what’s taking place
people are being shot up there’s okay

there’s the threat of pipe bombs we
still have you know the khashoggi I’m
sorry I got to do that right to shuji we
should all got him chief eg we still got

him to deal with that’s kind of falling
off the front page that’s for sure well
and you know and then you got a wonder
is that good thing that fell off the
front page and then we have the the pipe

bomber and he were we arrested him or
give Deborah things was perfect and you
know clearly a Trump guy
and then we have the Squirrel Hill
shooting it’s like wow this is but and
did you see the the posting from the

Squirrel Hill synagogue shooter that he
said yeah through you with your uh What
did he say
screw you with your uh I don’t have it
in front with your optics with your

optics yeah I said that’s right he said
screw you with your optics there’s no
magnet with all these Jews or use the
derisive term kike yeah what well this
guy was this guy was a lunatic yeah this

guy was something different in fact he
did not like Trump if you look at his
all the pictures he had another Jew
hater to this extreme believe Trump was
controlled by the Jews he and his

daughter was I guess a sacrifice or
something I have no this guy was a
lunatic yeah yeah but
his statements before the should this
guy was I don’t know this is the most

suspicious thing I’ve seen cuz this
guy’s either hypnotized or I mean there
was no reason for him to do anything he
had a big grudge against the Jewish
immigration operation that helps

refugees from I guess the Middle East or
elsewhere that a Jewish kind of settled
the United States and he claimed that
they were killing his people yeah the
thing is this was that all about who is

that who are they killing so if this guy
is real if yeah I agree with the officia
about this case if this guy is nice well
but but you know this is a true the way

he comes across this is a real Nazi who
really loved Hitler for his
extermination of the Jews and up down to
a tea you look at these guys they all

believe this you know Trump is is under
control of the Jews which of course
makes it really odd for you to then also
called Trump Hitler you know it’s like
the we have a lot of mixed messages

going on a lot you would make up their
mind about this Trump guy so I got some
of these guys pictures here I’m gonna
take a look so we’ve had Robert Bowers
yeah Robert Bowers yeah which also

harkens to the Bauer name in the 24mm
Jack Bauer Jack Bauer hmm that’s about
the same but it still do you you

remember Jack Bauer Jack Bauer big hero
now yeah Robert Bowers um you know so
you so it’s immediately a white guy has
to be white it is always very irritating
when you see that there was a there was

a a a drill in February January of this
year for a mass shooting event at the

Squirrel Hill synagogue
really yeah it’s always I’ve really had
I mean really now it wasn’t like last

week but I don’t it’s not like the
coincidence the day before that you know
student lingo catch you know but still
it’s like wow so the only the only thing
I can yeah I don’t know what to say

about this that right now we really
don’t have a lot of information other
than this just know maybe this guy was
spurned on by you know what well maybe
well maybe we’ll never find out I don’t

know we have them is he still alive he’s
still alive right yeah and there’s also
the Farrakhan thing which came up in the
conversation cuz he’s the one who was
condemning the Jews first I don’t agree
calling him termites or something which

was it was reiterated it or not
reiterated but it was discussed by who’s
our lawyer that when Dershowitz came out
and he actually said that it did not

she’s used to actually use the term
termite not to as a derisive oh really
term for this word according to dentists
which is usually not making stuff up and
but this was like brushed under the

Emmys like well I get a white guy doing
the dirty work of the of the Nation of
Islam I mean that this whole thing is

and I and this is a distraction from
what the whole thing is just like an
unfortunate uh mess but it does come
down to Trump you know there’s some

house yeah well there is one other thing
that that’s taking place because of this
and you’ll start to see this happen more
and more

I believe the now I don’t know what’s it
now this was the squirrel yeah was the
Squirrel Hill shooter I think he had an
account on gab which everyone is
heralding that yeah I hate to be an

idiot yeah but I don’t think I’ve ever
heard of this operation yeah someone
even got me an account they reserved my
name on time I don’t think it’s a white
supremacist you know it’s an alternative

to Twitter there’s a couple of you know
the steam it is another one there’s
different models and you know the this
is now you’ll see it I mean I’m sure
we’ll be able to get some clips today
after the show they’ll be talking about

gab as this is this is insane this is
crazy how can you have a social network
that doesn’t remove hateful speech and
so they’ve already been I think they’re

still up but the PayPal already shut off
you know that you can’t pay for anything
with pivot with PayPal they can’t they
can’t take any money I believe their
host was kicking him off yesterday they

were being as they say no platformed
by their hosting provider so you had is
it it sounds to me as though this system
is you can’t use it unless you pay to be

on it um well I have not logged into it
so I have an account but I’ve never
logged into it because I’m not
interested no I’m not mastered on

Ravinder social comm once you plug that
here a social network that champions
free speech individual liberty and the
free flow of information online all are
welcome that’s obviously you hate speech
right there that’s Nazi shit right there

yeah obviously I’ll have the blink for
that we’re the swastika blinking so you
can be anonymous on gab and now steam it
works differently with where they have a

crypto integration so you have an
account and if people are looking at
your stuff then you can get some of
these crypto coins and goodies and
whatever and you know which may be a

future of working but the bottom line is
these companies which are by definition
their centralized somehow because
they’re centralizing their services

they’re going to all be taken down one
by one if you don’t play along with the
what is the independent fact check
network which includes everything from
Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller foundation
I’m sorry Fat Boy Tucker to Snopes which

I know it’s like the to two extremes of
facts you know if you don’t participate
in the network then you’re going to be

taken down and companies will not do
business with you because you know you
who wants to be associated with hate
speech so you know then whatever happens
is free and open Internet well I’m

preparing something for Thursday show I
can actually talk about something that’s
going on that I think is worthwhile
discussing but we have too much to do
but no there is no free and open

Internet especially it and even though
this is protected gap by definition is
by the law is protected under Section
230 of the Communications Decency Act by
not censoring anything they’re not

responsible for what shows up on their
servers that’s the idea was a library of
course we have Twitter and Facebook who
were playing along nicely in Google who
are getting rid of stuff and deleting
and you know deep platforming and shadow

banning whatever they’re accused of
they’re definitely getting rid of
accounts that to me is editorializing
they should not be that protected under
Sections actually written about this in

the past yeah it’s what we’ve talked
about it many times they should not be
protected against section they should be
reliable for everything that happens but
you can see what’s actually happening is
people companies don’t want to be

associated with someone who stands for
free speech or compensate baby brands
safe yeah exactly
if we didn’t if people just paid for

their services we wouldn’t have this
issue they doing gap maybe I think I
mean I do we wouldn’t we wouldn’t have
run up against this because we wouldn’t
have to have the brand safe no one would

care about brand safe from this because
that’s really what it is that’s how it
all started brands don’t want to be
associated with any of this speech
anyway so I so it’s just too early for
this show I think to have any

um Valley you valuable deconstruction of
what happened Squirrel Hill this is too
early other than you watch you know gab
is going away in any other centralized

service that doesn’t play along with the
system they’re gonna go away that’s
about the only thing I can know for sure
well you want okay so we have a bunch of
elements here on today’s show because

they’re all this confluence time and I
think this is gonna continue right up to
the midterms right thank you rise gonna
stop again everything will end don’t
worry just look at the ground it will

all go away
the spinning will stop but we have the
confluence of the the bonesaw guy which
is fading fast yeah I got something I
got some stuff on bonesaw guy okay we

also have Kelly and that’s gonna that’s
gonna crap out and then we now we have
these two elements that they just which
is I think the more interesting of the

stories is the seoc character yes who
purports to be a Seminole I have a I
have a transitional clip transitional
clip shorty this will take us from gab
and the Squirrel Hill shooter to the

Maggie bomber he was the sole father of
two accounts and one of the accounts was
called the first name was killed George
and the last name was Soros there is a
Facebook account out there that is

allowed on Facebook exist kill George
George called kill George Soros yeah and
there’s another one called kill all
socialists here’s the page kill George
Soros this man is the only follower do
we know who is the who the who owns this

page or who set it up that’s the problem
you can’t figure that out I can’t what
you said you’ve got a page that says
killed George Soros and it’s followed by

one guy and you can’t figure out who set
up the page do we know who’s the who
owns this page or who set it up that’s
the problem we can’t figure that out I

can’t and it’s on Facebook
isn’t that amazing really here’s the
thing it really isn’t this is so big
that they can’t catch all these things
again that’s a problem in itself but

you’d figure there would be a flag for
something gotta kill George or kill
yeah we just get a flag and now go that
should do it why can’t the outgoes take
care of it just crazy who set it up I
can’t believe it

to figure out well it’s true that just a
page on Facebook you can’t necessarily
see who set it up but I mean ya figure

it out it seems pretty hot but that
wasn’t the point the point was
Facebook’s not taking care of business
should not have never been allowed that
no there was two points there one was
fated yeah you can’t put a page up like

that supposedly the second point is it’s
obvious this guy set it up is the only
follower let me come on
dummies yeah now Indy but they’re so bit
funneled by this

lately appears you just play this clip
okay I get misses I don’t have a lot
exists but they’re all miscellaneous I
have some I’ve some stuff I know I

figured I owed it up yeah so I backed
off okay ah there’s a couple of things I
want to play let’s play this Rick whilst
this is Rick Wilson on MSNBC whoa wait
now let’s push that one away I’m gonna

bring that one back in Roker on Kelly
when I could talk about Kelly we’re
talking about seoc well actually let’s
start with it with the rap on seoc from
CBS so let’s go to the CBS rap pipe
bombs delivered and discovered across

the country 56 year-old Caesar seoc is
in custody tonight facing federal
charges that include illegal mailing of
explosives and threatening a former
president he could get up to 48 years in

prison seoc is accused of mailing
homemade bombs to critics of President
Trump in prominent Democrats including
former President Obama and former
Secretary of State Clinton among others

a fingerprint and a cell phone signal
led to the suspect who was openly an
aggressively threatened Democrats online
seoc has a long rap sheet and has been
an outspoken supporter of President

Trump Manuel Bojorquez begins our
coverage in Florida yes Trump Trump yeah
so the bridge they focus on there was a
couple things in there I thought were
odd I mean they bring it up a little bit

in the story but I’ll alert you to this
the guy has got his truck with his
dubious stickers there’s covered with
stickers he’s got no stickers on his
truck they’re all inside the windows and

their vinyl and they’re pushed against
the window the kind of pressed up
window many more like creations yeah a
lot of them say CNN sucks is one of the
main things yeah and everybody likes

talking about that especially look at
this guy CNN say this is the kind of
people to think we suck that’s doing an
association with Trump Trump think CNN

sucks this crazy guy thinks he sucks hey
Trump’s crazy so let’s listen to the
rest of this guy number two I guess
grainy surveillance footage captured the

moment federal agents set off a loud
blast to take down Cesar seoc in
Plantation Florida early this morning
agents say they set off a loud blast is
what they said right I thought I’d heard

any reporting on any blasts this is the
first I’m hearing of it well then his
own report when they talked to some
people who witnessed the whole thing
because he’s in he’s in an autozone they
never can explain why and then he comes

out and gets in his truck for some R I
don’t know what he was doing there uh
and the witnesses that watch this don’t
talk about this little explosion either
I I didn’t know about the explosion

haven’t heard about the explosion this
is completely new to me I think this was
just put in to excite the listener hmm I
honestly believe this was put in to
excite the listener because these bombs

none of them exploded cuz they were
probably one of them was supposedly
filled with sulfur which you couldn’t
make explored unless you mix it with all
kinds of things
and I think the lack of an explosion has

kind of drained the story of its drama
and so I think they just threw that in
that’s very odd
very I don’t grainy surveillance footage
captured them okay wait maybe it was a

flashbang maybe that’s what it was no
but there was no witnesses that saw a
flashbang well this guy need one hold on
a second he’s in the Auto Zone I don’t
know stop stop stop for one second I

don’t know if he was in the Auto Zone I
don’t know anything all I’ve seen was a
man no I do I’ve been following this
part of it he was in the Auto Zone I’m

just saying there’s a lot of
misinformation in the FATA see this is
absolutely true but the way the story is
the way the narrative of those all right
in the Auto Zone okay they just grabbed
him when he came out and according to

this witness he was sedate he says hey
okay yeah I know I expected to get
caught he was very didn’t struggle so
there was no reason to do a flashbang
and you’re not gonna do it in an auto

zone with all those oil products in
there good point catch the place on fire
I don’t think so and you’re not gonna do
it outside when the guys already given
up so if you listen to the whole thing
this is different beginning in here it
makes no sense what they’re telling us

yeah grainy surveillance footage
captured the moment federal agents set
off a loud blast to take down Cesar seoc
in Plantation Florida early this morning
agents say a cell phone signal led them

outside to this Auto Zone where dozens
of law enforcement agents surrounded him
near his white van
Tom Fiore works across the street as all
the arrests go down his demeanor what

you saw when he was arrested was almost
I knew they were coming yeah he it
almost said that he had the look of okay
well you know what I’m done I surrender
I’m y’all got me

officials drove the van with a tarp
covering it to an FBI field office but
had to stop after the tarp blew off
investigators say a trail of DNA
evidence left on the packages steered

them towards seoc FBI director
Christopher Rea they uncovered a latent
fingerprint from one of the envelopes
containing an IEE D we have confirmed
this fingerprint is that of Caesar Seiya

according to a newly filed complaint
investigators say packages sent to
billionaire George Soros President
Barack Obama former CIA director John

Brennan and congresswoman Maxine Waters
included their photos with red X’s
through them though we’re still
analyzing the devices in our laboratory
these are not hoax devices yeah I really

like that little addition and there was
a lot of this and I’m gonna talk about
the affidavit from the FBI in a moment
there were all it was all kinds of very

important messaging going on here so
things were and I want to mention this
that you stopped this which was good the
the storyline as he’s portraying it on
CBS he says and I watch this it has

nothing to do with the story it has
nothing to do with anything and they
throw in this detail that they had to
stop towing that just the truck because
the tarp blew off and then they have a

visual of this oh yeah what does that
got to do with anything that was well
just letting everybody know that we
wanted to have a nice close-up shot of
the crazy stickers we did our job I

guess says through them I just found it
to be very peculiar just throwing that
detail and we’re still analyzing the
devices in our laboratory these are not

hoax devices and we’re still examining
but they’re not hoaxes the arrest comes
after law enforcement in Florida New
York and California intercepted four

additional packages today Democratic New
Jersey senator Cory Booker former
Director of National Intelligence James
clapper Democratic senator Kamala Harris
and billionaire donor Tom Steyer became

the latest targets at the White House
I’m praised the quick arrest these
terrorizing acts are despicable and have
no place in our country at least 13 male
bomb packages were sent the first device

was delivered on Monday to the home of
billionaire George Soros investigators
say all of the devices were similar all
of the intended targets have been vocal
critics of the President

so Manny you’re now at this autozone
store where the arrest was made
implantation any idea what he was doing
in that parking lot well Jeff at this
point there is no indication that he was
an employee of the Auto Zone earlier we

did see FBI agents in there trying to
get more information but so far they’ve
not revealed why they believe he was
here in the first place
now I wa I watched very briefly i watch

MSNBC who was not read if this was some
kind of setup was not and obviously it
looks like it could be just because the

fact that nothing exploded and there’s
lots of things wrong and we’re talking
through them but MSNBC is not a part of
this or NBC this is Chuck Todd this
feels like a spot I have this fear that
it could be some Russian operation to in

a design to do what’s happening more of
this very strange moment yes Chuck Todd
didn’t get any memo but CNN which I

quickly switched to CNN they really had
some interesting things to say this was
Tanika at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time and
this one I forget her name

think it’s Casey they are in a case if
she didn’t doesn’t have to show Casey
and DC Casey something or other she’s on
air she gets a lot of big scoops starts
off with some reporter and he comes in

and he’s talking about all the things he
already knew what what do we have what
is the very latest on this man we don’t
know who he is we really don’t know
anything about him here’s the bottom
line this was really early on so we did

not know his name since last night I
would say early last evening we had
heard that there was significant
progress had been made and that they
believed they had identified some

who is responsible for this at least
that’s their suspicion was last night
that is the authorities they’ve been
doing a lot of work in Florida the last
24 hours
certainly once they discovered the

sorting facility where some of these
packages came through and it was during
that time they discovered what they
believe could be a person of interest a
person who could be responsible and they

worked off of that we know that there is
forensic evidence linking him or at
least they believe what we don’t know if
it to him or her I should say sorry you
weren’t supposed to say him just was a

person of interest so they had all this
information before the FBI had said
anything before his name was known do
you remember last show I played a clip

that was I think it was Fran the yes yes
spook or friend yeah or it was either
her or somebody else who said on the
show oh they’re gonna catch this guy

right away well we had an argument I
said no way and you said you think
they’re gonna get him right away and
then I said it’ll probably be some some
Magga Trump moron well we knew that was
gonna be the case but I noticed this bed

the reason I had that comes because this
is they’re gonna I thought it was
peculiar cuz I’ve never heard this
before that they’re gonna get him right
away and I have a back up clip on that
oh this makes me wonder I think you you

might be onto something here what this
guy was they knew this guy right before
he did anything it was like it was part
of a scheme or who knows well let’s
finish this one out then where I want to
see we can revisit with you since

linking him or at least they believe oh
we don’t know that to him or her so this
forensic the the forensic evidence he
already knew there was forensic evidence
linking him hit him hard say there is
forensic evidence that is linking this

person there may be images that yes a
lot of information images that roam at
Trump rallies we got images and let’s
just say and I’ll just tell you in

general what happens in these kinds of
cases when the FBI has someone that they
believe may be suspected in a crime they
do surveillance they what they call they
sit on a person they conduct

surveillance we know that there were
surveillance there was ongoing
surveillance really though CNN
new the surveillance that we’re closing
in on him the media news of a person you
know again we don’t yet exactly know

where this person was arrested but it
this is all sort of started in the last
24 hours and it’s probably going to be
several things but you know I suspect
there’s going to be forensic evidence
that ultimately linked this person and

also I think they were just waiting to
have probable cause to go ahead and make
this arrest okay now I have to go to the
affidavit this is one of my favorite
things to do especially in a six-week

psycho situation and I’ll just reiterate
for people don’t know what that is
we discovered a long time ago it had
stopped for several years we were
briefed by an insider that the FBI and
this is before the election the FBI

needs to keep its budget show its
relevance and every six weeks they would
find some Patsy who they they literally
would describe in the affidavit and
official documents how they gave him a

phony detonator
you know guys were working with him to
try and get him to buy some phony
baloney bombs we’ll rent the van for you
and then when the guy goes to push the
button then they swoop in like wow we

got another homegrown terrorist and
that’s the six week cycle and I want to
mention a couple other things there is a
if you listen carefully the oldest
reports there is a discussion that’s
underlying this about homegrown

terrorism and how we don’t have any
specific laws about domestic terrorism
and we have to kind of you have to kind
of jiggle the handle to get these guys

to put away the way they should be put
away they’re trying to pass a law just
like the way they go with gun control
then you want to pass a domestic
terrorism law and I want people to keep

an eye out for that cuz you’re gonna see
it so I’m very used to reading this kind
of stuff in an affidavit and the one so
far I’ve only seen one from and the
FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force you

know it’s always like I Special Agent I
this is what I what I witnessed and what
I saw and this this whole thing
he’s like a press release and if there’s
some things in here that I’ve never seen

in one of these affidavits before so
they have the counts that’s what it’s
docked can’t want interstate
transportation of an explosive
which you know then there’s the legal
definition of that count to illegal

mainly of an explosive count three
threats against former presidents in
certain other persons which doesn’t
explain actually what he did but it
gives you kind of the definition of each

one as you can understand and count for
threatening interstate communications
assaulting federal officers this is
count five in or about October there’s
also no specific date it’s all just in

or about October no I don’t know why
they didn’t mention the date
specifically but there’s no he had to
think pre-written it sounds a bit like
it in the Southern District of New York

you know anyway they say presidents with
it plural II have it der former
presidents and certain other persons
former presidents yes presidents so what
I noted that cuz I have a point to make

about that the salting federal officers
now I’m a special agent with the FBI a
member of FBI’s new york-based join the
JTTF I’ve been personally involved in
the investigation this matter this

affidavit is based on part of my
conversations with law enforcement
agents other people in my examination of
reports and records because this
affidavit is being submitted for the
limited purpose of establishing probable
cause which is exactly what we heard CNN

say before this thing was out or before
the public had it a does not include all
of the facts the content that I have
learned during the course of my
investigation were the contents of

documents and action statements and
conversation of others the report here
and there bubble okay and then he gives
a little overview and what’s interesting
is really this press release type level
of writing during the course of October

2018 as further detailed says our audit
Terry seoc the defendant mailed
approximately 13 IDs through u.s. mail
to certain current and former US

government officials politicians and
others including mailings across state
lines the intended targets of the
defendants IEDs
interesting defendants IEDs are they

catch that the first time naughty Mensa
know that’s that’s a possessive of the
defense I’d the defendants IDs yes
included former President Barack Obama
former vice president Joseph Biden
former Secretary of State former senator
former first lady in 2016 presidential

candidate Hillary Clinton I mean what is
that normal I’ve never seen this done in
an affidavit so former vice president
they put her whole bio yes former

Secretary of State former senator former
first lady and 2016 presidential
candidate Hillary Clinton former law
gets better former attorney General Eric
Holder Congress person Maxine Waters

Senator Cory Booker former director of
the Central Intelligence Agency John
Brennan former Director of National
Intelligence James clapper
philanthropist and billionaire George

Soros this is this is not typical that
they put this descriptor in there an
actor and director Robert DeNiro this is
very and this comes back multiple times

and then they end that so this thing and
maybe just to Pat it the next paragraph
is as discussed below based on initial
analysis from the FBI laboratory in

Quantico Virginia Canobie Award winning
actor that they missed it they should
have said that Anna maybe neighbor wait
wait it may actually be in there as
discussed below based on initial

analysis from the FBI laboratory in
Quantico Virginia a latent fingerprint
which means it was not something you see
immediately he dusted as an oily residue
was detected on one of the envelopes
containing an ie D that was sent to

congressperson waters and this
fingerprint was identified to Caesar ala
Terry SIA the defendant in addition
there’s a possible DNA association
between a sample collected from a piece

of the ie D inside two of the envelopes
containing IEDs and a sample previously
collected from seoc and he does say
based on my conversations with other law

enforcement officers and my training and
experience I understand that energetic
material to include include explosive
material outshoot that’s the that’s not
the one I wanted then he says something

like it you know this until the lab says
it’s 100% match it’s
circumstantial evidence but enough for
probable cause now now we go to the the
and this is the the bulk of this

affidavit is who received a bomb
and if you look at the descriptions
let’s see we have the Obama package

nothing special there but then Joseph
Biden served as vice president of the
United States from 2009 to 2017 under
President Obama from approximately 1973

to 2009 Vice President Biden was a
member of the US Senate former Vice
President Biden resides at an address in
Wilmington Delaware
I mean why I’ve never seen this and for

Maxine Waters served as members the US
House of Representatives in is there to
buy on everybody very very odd so there
is nothing in here other than some BIOS
and we have a fingerprint

and the rest is just more bios of people
and a little bit about the package not
even really the contents other than you
know yeah I did they’ve had some

incendiary stuff in it and that’s it but
at the end of this affidavit hello media
based on my review of publicly available
information on Twitter I know that there

is an account with usernames say
solitaire that contains the following
among other things a various post with
misspellings consistent with the
packages including Hillary rather than
Hillary with one L rather than Hillary

with two L’s Schulz were the teeth as
well missing the C in Schultz and then
again pointing out this Twitter account
to the to the guys Twitter which was up

for the whole day usually it’s taken
down immediately people were on it right
away we got all these pictures of him at
Magga rallies and yeah it’s like this

was a press release this was not an
affidavit as I’ve learned to see it from
the FBI
and it’s just pointing to the Twitter

account which clearly shows the guy was
a Trump fan if it’s the same guy
whatever who knows yeah in fact you
could probably find if there’s
photoshopped even but CNN of course CNN

had all the scoops because CNN sucks
they were on top of it they were the
ones that had the inside information the
night before they already knew all this

was happening very interesting so
they have say SARS boss now this is one
of the most unbelievable stories you
will ever hear so apparently he worked

at a restaurant had you heard this yet
I’m all ears he worked heard a lot but I
had heard about him his restaurant he
worked at a restaurant and but not in
the restaurant he was a deliverer so he

delivered food in his van in the crazy
Maggie van and his lesbian boss is Han
CNN and this is one of the most and
again with KC one of the most

unbelievable interviews I’ve heard in a
circumstance like this I was shocked I
couldn’t believe it my hair stood up I
knew he had issues he really was not he
definitely beat to the beat of his own

drum he was inside a anti black
anti-jewish you name it everybody that
really wasn’t white and wasn’t a white

supremacist didn’t belong in the world
that’s what he used to say to me all the
time but I really was shell-shocked
when I found out it was him I just that
alone he hated gays blacks Jews and I

was so surprised something happened
because as far as an employee he was on
time he was cordial he was articulate I
never had any problems with him there

was no theft my customers liked him but
it was just his political views that
scared me basically he was a model
employee that’s what I can’t understand

I’m sitting here saying myself what
she keeps saying a model employee even
though he hated Jews blacks anti-gay and
now she’s going to come out and say that
she’s lesbian but it almost sounds like

two different people I mean you’re
talking about an employee who shows up
on time who was as you said cordial but
he had issues I mean when you talk about
the things that he’s spouting clearly he

had issues was he violent not at all
there was no violence at all I mean he
made it a point he knew I was a lesbian
in a very proud lesbian
and he made it a point by the way I

never I didn’t catch that these clips
are pretty new for me too
she says here I was a lesbian and a very
proud lesbian that’s very strange for
someone who’s gay to say it that way I
was a lesbian in a very proud lesbian
and he made it a point to tell me that

I’ve never heard any of my gay friend
scripted point you know I was a lesbian
in a very proud lesbian and it was like

you know I looked at the script I see
I’m gonna kill who my characters are
lesbian yes okay very proud lesbian
that’s what I was yes I know my
character you’re right
I mean I hate to do this because it’s
such a such a tragic just events all

around us right now but come on very
proud lesbian and she made it a point to
tell me that you know God had made a
mistake with me and that I should burn

in hell but yeah great a great friend
great great great great employee
absolutely absolutely absolutely but I’m
my mother brought me up to always you

know believe the best in people you know
and turn the other cheek and I’ve had
people not like me because I’ve been gay
into me I didn’t have to go home with
him he was not a friend of mine I just
hired him he did his job and that’s how

I looked at it but as far as an employee
goes he really was wonderful I didn’t i
I’m just I wish I had more like him it’s
not a bad aspect so now let’s talk about
the van remember he wants all lesbians

to burn in hell God made her wrong burn
in hell but you know he’s a good guy
otherwise is fine but the van you know
the did he live in the van every see the
guy lived in the van what was in the van

stopped you before I want you to go
there but I got to read something from
the Toronto Star which had a long
article on this guy cuz cuz of this
notion that he was a white nationalist
and not white nationalist but a white
supremacist oh yeah which is different

than white nationalist no mum which is
different than nationalist I just want
to get that out of the way
in recent months ash behavior changed
his post took on a darker more obsessive
tone used to pose about food and stuff

who’s who’s saying this the Toronto Star
yeah but who is
who’s being quoted this is not a quote
this is the article oh this is actually
from the New York Times okay never mind

not toast our New York title ruse the
New York Times aha even though nurse oh
yeah how am I thinking I should have
looked at that everybody yeah New York
Times our outlet his poster kind of

darker more obsessive tone often
accompanied by threats of violence or
gory images of bloody animal carcasses
no longer mistakable as an everyday
internet partisan he posted repeatedly
so here’s where they start to screw up

their stories because they can’t keep it
straight he used to post repeatedly
about the Unconquered Seminoles of
reference to the tire to the tribe that
he appears to have adopted it also

appeared on his van and on Twitter now
how are you a white supremacist
and your idea you had adopted the
Seminoles an Indian tribe as your as you

you’re supposed to now you’re an Indian
he just identified as a white
supremacist I know John it gets worse
he gets much let’s just a couple things

one we know that he was he was
apparently living in the van we don’t
know exactly was in the van now we know
that he hated Jews lesbians gays blacks
everything white supremacists it was a

great worker but he was a very very very
good worker and he also had a criminal
record we were told this immediately
correct he had a criminal record the law
enforcement know how hard to because

it’s been suppressed but in the
newsletter there was a post from if you
do give you a subscriber to one of those
you know what’s the background check one

of those background checks yes the guy
shows up as living in Minnesota and he’s
a petty criminal drug dealer it doesn’t
matter for me that’s one thing is
important for this next clip he had a

record I think we can safely say he had
a record maybe petty crime maybe for
threatening bombs it’s all very unclear
we’re not exactly sure that’s how it
goes but now let’s go back to his boss

who was a lesbian and a proud one and
the van the van was frightening hasn’t
been so much attention on his van today

did he bring that very same van with
those very same stickers to work
absolutely he didn’t that’s why I hired
him to drive at night I couldn’t have
him driving in the daytime I had him

driving at night he parked the van
around the corner I never got any
complaints from any of the customers if
I did he would have been fired I can’t
and and I and this is what people seem

not to understand I can’t fire somebody
because of their political view
yeah hold on a second first of all you
in Florida yes you can that will as far
as I know in Florida of course you can

fire somebody for anything and I think
his political view is a little different
than saying all lesbians should burn in
but okay it’s interpretation whether

they don’t like me or they don’t like a
black person or a gay person I can’t do
that I can’t
yeah just because it’s passing through
my brain isn’t listening this the first

time and I’m gonna stick with the
scripted concept yep this is scripted
from a California source because because
of what you just said you can’t fire

people like that of course it’s a social
justice warrior ups just because you
don’t like gays
so in California where this was scripted

just guess yes all those elements that
you just decried as BS in Florida in
California fact-check Falls yeah that’s

right California okay well I like it and
keep the script in mind remember the
Vans scary van everything criminal
record they don’t like a black person or

a gay person I can’t do that I can’t as
much as I’d like to I couldn’t
but his van was freaky scary register I
actually was talking to my brother a few

minutes ago and I was telling him he was
driving me home one night because it was
raining and when I got in the van I just
remember looking is there any way I can

get out because they said he really
appreciated me as the general manager
liked me but hated me as being a lesbian
okay so let’s just review as we continue
to go through she has him as an employee

I think she’s a general man who doesn’t
own the place but she can fire him she
or maybe the boss her boss said don’t
fire him we don’t know that he was hired
to deliver food in his van which was

freaky scary that if you’re gonna have
someone delivering food from your
restaurant you might consider the
sanitary conditions of the van so I
always wanted to make sure if you have

offered me a ride that I could find a
way out of that van Deborah that’s
actually what I wanted to ask you that
you’ve been inside that van can can you
describe what you saw inside the van had

a lot of McDonald’s Taco Bell boxes a
lot of laundry hygienic Lee it was
filthy and that’s why you let your food
be delivered in that van it was dirty it

was smelly there was beer bottles in
there vodka bottles in but he always
dressed the impeccably always matched I
don’t mind nice cologne he always looked

great if he was delivering my food to me
I say hey come on in now get ready for
Katie Katie Casey to lead the
witness he always played the part very

well you see what she said played the
part very well he always played the part
very well and this is not because she’s

saying he was an actor necessarily but
the truth always wants to come out you
know and she said he’s always played the
part it was perfect he was delivering my
food to me I’d say hey come on in

he always played the part very well and
maybe that’s just it he played the part
real well with you
was it your understanding he was living
in the van at the time when he worked
with you no he told me that his family

called on everyone told me he was living
in the van
is this your understanding
I had not had as I don’t have a solid on

what he where his living because I also
heard they was living with his mother
yeah let’s see there’s more on this at
the time when he work with you know he
told me that his family well they were

from the Seminole Tribe and he had a
home on the reservation here and he also
had a home in Plantation and he was very
proud that he just got accepted into

driving like a hazmat okay okay stop now
the bullshit is too thick I know I don’t
know much I’m just a disc jockey you

cannot be certified as a hazmat trucker
with a with a record
truckers in the audience I want them to

correct me if I’m wrong he was very
proud that’s just stop about let’s stop
there and reanalyze what she said she
said he said it doesn’t mean any of it
was true he may just be one of these

guys who likes to bullshit about himself
it’s true the reason why I bring it up
he’s because you know George Webb he’s
kind of like this intelligence guy he he
really started with Seth rich and he

does he’s short like five to six minute
YouTube videos yeah I’m sure you’ve seen
him I have so he now he had a very
interesting theory which I just wanted
to highlight in this regard and his

theory is that the u.s. in particular
CIA is still running weapons for drugs
and that the Seminole and the best way
to what the best way to whitewash money

which kind of is an odd way takes us
somewhere else is through gambling
gambling is the way you launder money
you know you just spent it in the casino

and you know you you get you lose some
so you’re gonna you break even even or
you break even which by the way is
exactly you know who does that sound
like when you think about it if you’re
an arms dealer and you’re in the casino

with a lot of money you know okay so
that would be the the Vegas shooter any
Matic so the in 2014
paddock exactly in 2014 Florida gave the

gaming license all the gaming licenses
to the Seminole Indians and which Trump
also was he tweeted about that back in
2014 of course he was interested in that

maybe for his own money laundering
operation I don’t know but what George
Webb asserts is that he thinks that the
the Seminole community there the with

the casinos is a laundering operation
for CIA money for guns and they have and
what they do is they get a whole bunch
of ex-cons and criminals and they kind

of you know co-opted him and these guys
know their patsies they’ll do whatever
they want because at least they’re not
in jail and they’re usually not very
intelligent and Webb’s assertion is that
he thinks this guy was was planted to do

this and that that he’s being held up as
a patsy so the whole Seminole thing is
very interesting yeah especially the
supposed white supremacists now I have a

couple more like 26 I’m just gonna say
back to the script mm-hmm which sounds
more and more like to confuse things

this woman I’d like to look into her a
little bit oh yeah we don’t have time
it’s Deborah Kerr Guillen G u re g h IA
n i want to get to the leading to the

witness part but first a little bit more
about what was what she didn’t mention
before now what was in the van
dirty laundry a bunch of bottles of
vodka and beer and it was a mess

now if there was something really spooky
and obvious would you have forgotten to
mention that or you’d or would you have
mentioned it first if there was
something really freaky like a a Gatling
gun let’s say at home on the reservation

here and he also had a home in
plantation and he was very proud that he
just got accepted into driving like a
hazmat trucker going to the different

ports with biochemicals and this was he
was going to school in North Carolina
and he was right for all of that I saw
the Washington Post who told their
reporter that inside the van there were

puppets with their heads cut off and
mannequins with their heads cut off it’s
with that mannequins and puppets in and
at nooses you know but that was on his
van also there was a flux plan there was

Nazi symbols oh I’m sorry I forgot to
mention that it was first thing I
thought of was the nasty Taco Bell on
McDonald’s packaging forgot to mention
the nooses and the headless mannequins

sorry okay great Beatrice but but you
hear KC from CNN she basically said hey
you’re forgetting the part about the

nooses it was in The Washington Post
could you please mention that oh yeah
yeah KKK guy and with all that stuff all
over your van going in and out of the

Seminole reservation I’m sure it’s very
very air was amenable to that sure last
clip did he openly talk proudly about
did he call himself a white supremacist
did he openly talk about it see this is

leading the witness now now Casey’s job
here in the last minute is to tie the
guy to Trump that’s her job and she will
try hard did he openly talk proudly
about did he call himself a white

supremacist did he openly talk about it
yes he called himself a white
supremacist and he called himself a Nazi
supporter and
I mean if you look at his baby he loved

Hitler just grabbing for straws here you
see you see stickers of President Trump
vice president pence did he talk about

the president he talked about Obama and
Hillary Clinton that he studied attested
them oh wait a minute
wrong answer and that I would be on that
island that he blew up with them model

so those two the only two and CNN
Pantheon as a matter of fact Rachel
Maddow Maddow and he talked about her

and she was one of the other lesbians
that was gonna go on the island with me
well now I’m starting to like the guy
you talk about where he got this from I
mean did he talk about it because he’s
seen it he was seen during you know 2016

and he’s been at rallies it rallies for
the president did he talk about where
his burning any chance could it possibly
be that maybe his burning hate this vile

hate he had inside of him for CNN came
from somewhere or of anyone else no he
just he just said that was bad cuz

people vetti labels were very weak and
that he would I think that he wanted to
purify society so in order to do that he
would have to get rid of the gays and
the lesbians and the transgenders and

the blacks and the Jews and whoever else
didn’t follow his suit whoever else who
follow his policy and political views
but otherwise a great employee I can’t
fire that guy just cuz me and Rachel are

gonna burn on the island of lesbians
along with Obama and Hillary great guy I
overlooked nooses it’s okay
headless mannequins I was more concerned

with the sanitary condition so I’m sorry
yeah yeah you can get ik take yourself a
cup of the day while you’re at it
no thank you
but yawning it’s so good now I wouldn’t

I’d be a little more hesitant if bombs
had gone off and people have been blown
up but no and the bombs were made of PVC
pipe I’m not going to discredit what you

can do with a PVC pipe we’ve all fooled
around with the fertilizer as kids you
know when we used to make flash paper
remember flash paper yeah you dip it in
the solution you dry it and then you

light it so you put a little bit in the
PVC pipe and you tie the ends down you
get it too thick to get something to go
bang and yeah you need a blasting cap or
something he didn’t there’s no evidence

of those no the whole thing and you keep
hearing about the different elements of
firecracker dust and and black powder
you hearing Sulphurs another one you’ve
heard of these bombs are no good they

weren’t hoax devices there’s a yep
because they existed there it is I see
it look at them yeah it’s exactly what’s
coming out yeah exactly but I want to
play a couple of clips which kind of

we’re bugging what was bugging me
something I heard on the BBC but first
I’m gonna play well before we go there
let’s let’s get my CNN clip out of the
way which is sad talk on seeing a tapper

this is I found to be a funny clip this
was a little more this was later in the
cycle so the little more was known we’re
back with the breaking news you’re
looking at new video showing the suspect

Caesars seoc holding a sign that says
CNN sucks as well as a lot of other
nonsense in there he’s at a trump rally
in February 2017 the F 56 year old
Florida resident and today was arrested

and charged with sending a series of
explosive devices 13 IIED s two
prominent critics of President Trump
this week seoc was well known to law
enforcement in Florida and has been

arrested at least eight times CNN’s Rene
Marsh has been digging into his
background every day his Twitter account
is filled with attacks on a lot of the
same people he sent patented packages –
including CNN exactly I mean extremely

political social media account and to
your point Jake he has negative
tweets pretty much for every target that
was sent one of those packages we do

want I just want to say you know what’s
gonna happen now I just want to point
this out and actually I see you have a
gab clips I don’t want to I wouldn’t
mind hearing that later what’s going to
happen is everyone you’re gonna be

clamped down on so fast for every little
misstep you make you’re gonna make kik
you’re gonna be purged from every single
social network it’s going to go into
overdrive now I warn you some of these
tweets are highly offensive but we are

showing them simply because we want to
give you a sense of what we’re learning
about the suspect so here are some of
his tweets he goes after former
President Obama posting a meme with
Obama’s head on his wife’s body a meme

of Hillary Clinton being arrested by the
President and Vice stuff we say on this
show could get us arrested from thanks
to this guy

I’m not kidding head on his wife’s body
a meme of Hillary Clinton being arrested
by the president and the vice president
with the caption Law & Order that you
see there in the middle he even accuses

Democratic fundraiser George Soros of
working with Hitler I mean it goes on
and on but again were disputed as well
uses Democratic fundraiser George Soros

of working with Hitler goes on and on
but they should they should maybe listen
to the source himself about what he did
again CNN is tweeted as well you know
when you go through you you can see he

certainly does have a political leaning
the criminal complaint even points out
his use of social media and just a
couple of days after that package
suspicious package was discovered and

recovered from George sources house he
was also tweeting tweeting negative
tweets about Soros Obama and others you
know the more I think about it now that

we’ve we’ve put the the press release
I’m sorry I mean the the criminal
complaint the affidavit now that we’ve
put that next to the CNN clips it was
very I think it’s very obvious this is
meant for more more reasons to purge

political speech on social networks
just you know if you say any of these
any of these this guy kind of ran the
gamut yeah right from Michelle Obama as

a tranny – yeah – George Soros worked
for Hitler now he’s not very nuanced
what he’s saying but all of these things

will now be for bohtan to even consider
posting anywhere I’m not saying you
should but you know the free that this
is a curtailment of free speech it seems
almost like a crystal knocked in a way
of free speech of the social networks

well I wouldn’t go that far but it says
I think it’s beginning of the end is
that that whole clip yeah oh sorry I
thought it was funnier than that let’s

go to this club by Mark Warner they were
and this is group first back to the
presidents in plural Mark Warner is on
the morning show to talk about security
for the election it was Mark Warner mark

Warner’s the guys on the Senate
Intelligence Committee he’s the senator
from Virginia the governor’s got the big
teeth doesn’t sweat much and he’s on
there and he’s they’re asking him about

one thing and he decides now I’m not
gonna talk about that I’ve actually I
don’t have the whole long clip because
it eventually got that one woman worked
on this is CBS Morning Show with John

Dickerson Nora Noor actually got Harden
getting testy because I wouldn’t address
the issues and he went off like this but
I want you to listen to this carefully

he is the vice chair of the Senate
Select Committee on Intelligence
senator good morning thank you so much
for joining us we’ve learned that the US
Cyber Command just recently launched an
operation to combat Russian interference
in our elections and this spreading of

misinformation that they’re involved in
how effective do you think that
operation will be tomorrow I want to get
to election security but I want first
express some level of relief at this
point that’s so far this act of terror

these bombs being sent around the
country have not caused any harm
personal harm yet I’ve been very
concerned about the president’s tone not

being willing to call out and call up
for that matter the two former
presidents who were going to be victims
of this kind of attack and one of things

about this president is I don’t wait a
minute moment the two moment you see
that again the victims of this
call out and call up for that matter the

two former presidents who were going to
be victims of this kind of attack what
is he saying I’ve been very concerned
about the president’s tone it not being
willing to call out and call up for that

matter the two former presidents who
were going to be victims of this kind of
attack huh
and one of things about this president
is I don’t think he understands that

words matter I mean I was governor of
Virginia when we had the sniper
incidents years ago and how leaders
respond in these moments of crisis Trump
all right

let’s go back to his comment about the
two presidents yes which two presidents
well he’s like what I think he’s
presuming is that because a letter was
sent to Hillary Clinton at the house

where she apparently lives with Bill
that that would be the threat oh it was
it was that here’s what I got it the
reason I highlight this is because of
the president’s plural yes Hillary’s not
a president wasn’t the letter wasn’t

addressed to Bill there’s an assumption
she is the president but she’s not is
that because in the affidavit in the
affidavit it says presidents plural yes

he specifically said two presidents Bill
Clinton was not one of the guys who got
the package and the reason I bring this
up is because I don’t have a clip but I

can assure you that while driving around
from the store I was listening to the
BBC and they specifically said there’s
gonna be an indictment for threatening
to present specifically to former US

presidents huh now so I have to say
because then when they’re Warner that I
didn’t get that clip because it was on
the radio in the car as soon as I heard

Warner’s say two presidents and then saw
the plural in the other thing I’m
bill was supposed to go bill was
supposed to be in it it bill just said

no I don’t want to have anything to do
with this scheme of yours huh huh leave
me out of it enough power to tell him to
leave him out of it the hold on a second
let me just go ahead keep going keep

God so there was no two presidents that
were threatened and the BBC and
obviously Warner and all these other
people including the the probably a few

others I’m sure out there just said two
presidents this was the original scheme
that’s why I was in plural in the
affidavit and that part of it was just
kind of like oh we doubt we’ll only have

one president but everybody else was
told to even though the second guy bill
who wasn’t gonna go along with the
program and obviously George Bush
wouldn’t fit in because he’s a
Republican and they’re not gonna do htw

so those are the at Jimmy Carter is
possible but he was not even in the
country so this was this was seems to me
again part of a bigger script that’s
been put together by ah here’s here’s

here’s account yes account 3 let me read
it again threats again for former
presidents and certain other persons
this from the affidavit inner about
October 2018 maybe there was a little

blank they were supposed to put that in
search and replace where they didn’t in
the Southern District of New York and
elsewhere Caesar al tere seoc the
defendant knowingly and willfully
threatened to kill and inflict bodily

harm upon a former president and a
member of the immediate family of a
former president to wit seoc mailed an
ie D to former First Lady Hillary
Clinton who resides with her husband

former President William Jefferson
Clinton but the title still says threats
against former presidents plural yeah
they didn’t get that one fixed mm-hmm
this was a botched yes yeah and Boerner

very clearly says two presidents and he
doesn’t have the disclaimer you know he
was she was living with him like that’s
yes sure and and the BBC with the two

threats against two presidents not a
president and his wife you know I read
somebody no a president and a
president’s wife

yeah and again if this is scripted in
California they still think Hillary’s
president I was fine done nothing but
sense yeah well not my president right
I just found that to be peculiar I can’t

argue enough going up at the bottom I
can white supremacist who’s a Seminole I
mean there’s a good one I’m just reading
at the bottom of this affidavit based on
my training and expertise as well as my

review of law enforcement databases
I believe that seoc is the user of say
solitaire Twitter account because all
Atari is say aux middle name and

location of say arcs last known
residence an event or a Florida is
proximate to the two locations listed in
the account information for these sazar
a lottery Twitter account now couple
things about this one is based on my

training and experience as well as my
review of law enforcement databases so
somewhere in the law enforcement
database he’s able to cut I guess he’s
just able to connect that to his

residences but again promoting the
Twitter account because there were a
number of there’s also one Twitter
account that looks like the guys from
Isis did you see that one yeah I saw
that one you know so but they’re very

clear about say solitaire that’s the one
you want to go after no mention of the
what’s the what’s the club
the hard rock hard rock 2016 I think

we’re 26 another account that he was run
up but they really pointed everybody
towards your right the the people and
you know that I mean maybe they could

have gone a number of directions and
they just had these things ready that
they’re ready yeah you know because
sometimes you know I we’re gonna have to
account for that let’s push and push
everyone in this direction I do want to

play my last clip which is to say out
cut rapidly clip does the PBS newshour
they’re starting off their discussion
and they make this the point of emphasis
which still bothers me what more is
known about the suspected pipe bomber

and the state of the investigation with
Mary McCord she helped lead the
Department of Justice National Security
Division during the Obama administration
it focuses on terrorism and other

significant national security threats
she’s now a visiting professor of law at
Georgetown University and JM Berger
he has written extensively about
political violence his latest book

extremism was recently published by MIT
press he’s also a research fellow at Vox
Paul that’s a European Union academic
initiative to study online extremism and

we welcome both of you to the program
Mary McCord to you first what’s your
reaction to what we know so far about
this man

the suspect well it it does seem like it
was extremely good and fast work by the
FBI and all the other state local law
enforcement that assisted they certainly
did get lucky by the fact that the

suspects left a fingerprint on one of
the packages and is somebody known to
law enforcement for whom his fingerprint
was in the database so congratulations
of course to all the incredible law

enforcement for solving this so rapidly
what is the position that wasn’t a
question why why bother answering when
you can say that so much better so she’s

going on and on about how quick they
were to do this and we already had it
you know figure it out and Thursday when
we had the ball they’re gonna catch the
guy right away you watch and that’s what
you that’s by the way I want to say I

said no and you said they wouldn’t catch
him right away yes yeah I was wrong well
that’s because that’s why there’s two of
us well yes there’s always that happens
a lot so no the reason was because I

thought when they said good cuz what I
do but you do different things tonight
one of the things I’m always looking for
stuff that’s out of place mhm and when
in that clip from Thursday was out of

place yeah wait all of a sudden is one
of the Talking Heads coming out talking
about how they’re gonna catch him
quickly I think it’s gonna mean they’re
gonna catch him quickly that was like a

signal that this the game was on they’re
gonna catch him quickly and then I hear
this confirmation clip I’m thinking this
is bullcrap yeah they’re gonna catch him
quickly because it was somebody was
caught before he even did it anyway now

the question is if this guy was set up
who set him up oh but let me stop
because I said another thought
I think this caught him quickly think
was this cuz this new FBI director ray

he says you know I gotta have some I
gotta get some creds here you know
please compliment me for my good work
they’re going well that I have to say
the first thing that crossed my mind is

okay yeah this is a veter goood maher
this is good for the FBI they’ve done
something good which is why we thought
you know to the day six week cycle etc
but it could also be a continuation of
CIA versus FBI this seems like a CIA

type job if this guy you know is a patsy
and they really set them up and now go
ahead FBI do your best try and figure it
out especially if you think that if you

listen to catch them quickly yeah but
let’s take let’s wait let’s take that
FBI CIA battle and look at it again well
no no let’s before we do that let’s ask

the general the most basic question
the timing of this with what happened
what we’ve seen who the guys being out
made out to be namely a day typical not

just they create no atypical Trump
supporter yeah bad guy yeah who benefits
from this if anyone thinks that more
people will vote for the Democrats I

think that’s a very silly silly thought
there’s a couple of things cuz I think
that’s really only one outfit that is
picking picking this up to this degree

CNN yes yes
and more in bed with the CIA or the FBI
this is praising the FBI but that could
be kind of counter you know

counterintuitive you know let’s make
maybe I look good well we get what we’re
trying to get done done which is a
embarrass Trump cuz the CIA still hates
him the one thing that sticks out above
all let’s say there was a reason for
this now was the reason to make Trump

look bad maybe was the reason to you
tilt the midterm elections in the
Republicans favor and the Democrats
favor maybe what I’m seeing from the

affidavit from everything that’s being
said and I think and this is what I want
to you have a clip here which I’m very
interested in this is all about wiping
people off of social network that is how

it’s if it was intended that way I’m not
sure but that’s what’s going to be done
with it what anyone who says anything
you got a sticker on your car says CNN
sucks we’re pulling you over we’re

closing your social media accounts for
you well this has been attempted before
if you remember back five six years ago
there was a big brouhaha over the fact
that in some states they were pulling

people over who flew the American flag
or supporting the Constitution to get my
Constitution something as rewind’
supremacist which seems to be the never
ending theme here yeah yep which is just

ludicrous for this guy to claim himself
to be a white supremacist just ludicrous
just makes no sense I don’t believe he
ever really did I mean unless he was out

Nixon says so in his affidavit so
immediate responses we’ve seen we’ve
seen push against face bag for this page
that he had up we’ve seen this is crazy
that this can be allowed gab is shut

that what what’s this clip you have with
CNN discusses Gabe comm and the law well
let’s play and find out and he wrote and

I’m not gonna read it in its entirety
because it’s incredibly offensive Trump
is surrounded by and then he says a slur
oh this is the this is the new guy this
is the this is the Squirrel Hill shooter
as long as Trump is surrounded by it

things will stay the course is no matter
this gap that’s what gap is for about
Squirrel Hill not so much this other
jerker right but right but it’s perfect
because first we got you know crazy
stuff on the social network anyone who

posts anything remotely like that will
be algo doubt I guarantee you and then
we have this follow up which seems to
you know there appeared to be his real
dead people but the recourse is
immediately to take things offline and

just hide everything and get rid of
anything he wrote and I’m not gonna read
it in its entirety because this
incredibly offensive Trump is surrounded
by and then he says a slur as long as
Trump is surrounded by it things will

stay the course there is no Magga making
America great again as long as there is
a blank infestation so you’ve dealt lot
with Gavin and this type of speech in
your in your professional show life it’s
it’s it’s digital threat intelligence

it’s looking beyond digital threat
you know this clip was hell first that
starts dead says that this what you’re
describing to transition even though I

do want to talk about FBI versus CIA
yeah but what you’re describing as a as
the does the goat you know let’s wipe
out this bullcrap because we saw that
the Russians with a hundred thousand

dollars of an ad buy they can swing the
election no
we gotta end this social media thing
being so political cuz it’s not helping
anybody don’t like sorry I’m sorry then

the end this diss clip is is a bunch for
doofuses sitting there all in black
suits with this new anchor and they all
go after social media and they’d be

handy and they seemed like a bunch of
Spooks except for Stelter who was there
who says he’s not a spook he’s probably
that one spook who was you know bottom
of the class picked for dodgeball you

and he wrote and I’m not gonna read it
in its entirety because it’s incredibly
offensive Trump is surrounded by and
then he says a slur as long as Trump is

surrounded by it things will stay the
course there is no Magga making America
great again as long as there is a blank
infestation so you’ve dealt lot with
Gavin and this type of speech in your in

your professional so like it’s it’s it’s
digital threat intelligence it’s looking
beyond the Twitter’s the Facebook’s the
instagrams it’s starting to dive into
threatening statements that are made in

the deep and dark web alt websites the
deep and dark web old websites not
approved so when we start looking at
this individual we’re gonna be looking
at obviously a statements on GAD but

beyond that how many other things have
has he been posting on again these are
red flags but they highlight a real
challenge for law enforcement is the
availability to you know take all of
this information in digest it and then

make a decision as to do we go and look
at this individual like how do we what
is the threshold for law enforcement
engagement I mean Twitter and Facebook
and everything like that they have

standards right when you start going
into the domain that has no standards
that it’s a free reign behind paid
firewalls this for me what is law
enforcement ability to get in there and

start looking at early warning of eel
anomalous behavior some red flags every
single time you saw this desk we talked
about well there’s a posting here there
was a posting there but how can law

enforcement engage and I think that’s
what we need to look at is giving law
enforcement the tools to look at
everything oh my god this is just
I’m gonna give you a clip of the day
just right now in the middle of it I

cannot believe these people are there
talking about free speech and how how it
should be suppressed and checked and
monitored there’s analytics around you

know digital media every single day
I mean target can tell based upon my
profile when I want to buy a blender
right no no no wrong wrong wrong wrong
oh so I get mad when I hear this target

can tell based upon my profile when I
want to buy a blender right right they
should be able to come up with

algorithms across the board cut become
unified to start looking at this
anomalous behavior to see what is an
early warning sign or four okay well how
about you start with reddit behavior

that moves that has the potential to
move along the continuum from just
rhetoric to physical action just a
record that says hey we support law
enforcement we can contacted the FBI

today that’s what they say but the
existence of these sites where you can
do anything say anything it’s really the
guys will claim oh I don’t mean it I’m
just playing around but let’s some of
them are serious the brian Stelter I

condemn you I put a curse on you
horrible man it’s just condemning
everything if you’re not a part of
Silicon Valley and you are suspect bro

that’s very suspicious seems like those
guys are running some website on AWS oh
wait they might have some specially got
their own network they got their own IRC

it’s very disturbing this is disturbing
well yeah you might be right that clip

does fall into play not I didn’t put it
in there cuz I was gonna back your
theory up but it’s the actual theory up
quite nicely now go you wanted to do CIA
FBI before we take a break so well yeah

let’s talk about this just for a minute
and then we’ll take a break which is if
this is you know if we’re still you know
the CIA FBI thing may have been maybe

they’re working together now do we know
that they’re still having this you know
well come on the NSA has been taken out
of the picture because Mike Rogers the
guy who’s who went to Trump’s office and

said hey your place is bugged
goodbye he’s out he’s out goodbye so
he’s ball the identity is not out with
without a pension but he’s you know
doing fine but the NSA is out of the

picture in terms of helping Trump it
seems and the CIA and the FBI now that
they got two new guys in there and
there’s you know the molar thing just

spending a lot of money they’re having a
lot of fun
I don’t know that they’re going at each
other right now during the budgetary
crisis where they want to each get more
money so maybe they’re working together

so maybe this is a joint operation
because it has joint operation written
all over it by the virtue of these
little blunders because you know when
you have too many cooks you don’t get a
good product you get the two presidents

anomaly you’ve got to script a scripted
woman who’s making no sense whatsoever
there’s a lot of things like this I
don’t know that they did these two

operations are trying to I think they
may be teamed up you know what the
problem is now everything you and I do
outside of the norm outside of the

mainstream which is pretty much every
everything we do it becomes something we
have to think about what red flag well
our mastodons server is a big red flag

we have big official big red flags from
people who have blocked us for being a
quote free speech zone and KKK Nazi
quadroons please remember the quadroons

part so how long you know how long did
it’s a liability now how long will it
take before someone says ah ha ha what’s
going on over there who knows

kunos well we don’t it this says is no
agenda listeners we’re not a bunch of
freaks but a freak these days oh if
you’d if someone amassed on no agenda

social calm says s CNN sucks being
suspect suspect how can you how can you
say somebody says CNN doesn’t suck that
would be more suspect I’ll kick him off

the site that’s what happens then
Dvorak and the morning do you misread
the ground feed the Arabs in the water

and all the Dames tonight’s out there
yes and I had alert the affiliates once
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who hit people in stock
I got a real shut up slave moment and

this is actually something that harkens
back to the to the beginnings of this

show and I thought was very interesting
this show started now in 27 2007 and at
the time I was living in uh there was

Guilford right south of London
and a lot number of things happen to me
which from my part led to the no agenda
show cuz really the beginning we were

just talking I’d I’d read you from what
was in the newspapers and look at kind
of weird things but also this was the
the moment of the Lisbon Treaty and
there were two things that I had read

that really changed a lot of my thinking
at the time one was the legacy of ashes
fantastic book about the CIA by Tim
whiner who went on to write the FBI book
and he got compromised somewhere along

line but the CIA book legacy of ash is a
fantastic book and I and my uncle Don is
in it several times and I remember
calling him up and saying Donna I just
read this book have you read it yeah

said is it true he said yes pretty much
how I remember most of it like wow so it
was mind-boggling and right down to
fluoridating enemy camp water so that
they could get them all nice and docile
to go and capture the camp it was an

amazing stuff in this book but also the
Lisbon Treaty and it wasn’t so much the
lit and the Lisbon Treaty is what would
ultimately become after they did it do
over because they don’t have enough

votes and then uh let’s do that again
France Holland you guys aren’t doing
right Island now let’s just vote over
okay good we got it which is why we’re
always so sure there will be a do-over
of brexit and this was the this is the

constitution of the European Union which
was being sold at the time as this is
gonna be great you won’t need any
passport to get to other countries and

we all have the same money and I wasn’t
that was also a bit of my awakening as
to how fractional banking works and
Federal Reserve and the European Central
Bank was another part of this great

Lisbon Treaty but the main thing that
was interesting to me if you recall John
we were reading the protocols now the
protocols are not in the main body of
the document they are listed outside of

it but you know it’s it’s it’s almost
like amendments except instead of the
thing that you hold up it’s a thing you
hide and in the amendments particularly
the human rights protocols I should say

there was a lot of stuff that I thought
was rather sketchy mainly you know the
death penalty or death by law
enforcement and and I remember remember
this yeah it was like well yeah pretty

funny the cops can’t kill anybody unless
you’re running away from them so deadly
force can be used if you’re running away
from a cop
and if you see we see that structure
that being implemented worldwide yeah

which is it happens a lot of the
shootings in the United States there’s
some guy running away from the cops
right blood and the shooter guy in the

back yeah and that’s a the guy gets off
ninety percent of the time well EU law
would be legal also if you have a
communicable disease which could be the
flu but the time I think it we did have

was it the swine flu swine flu I think
was around that time not long after it
they could have been flu or any other
reason you can get arrested and
incarcerated it was like well that’s not

really great human rights and was
codified in law so there was a lawsuit
which is very minor in Vienna I believe
there was a woman who was disparaging

towards the Prophet Mohammed
and in fact she the statement she made
as she implied that the Prophet Muhammad

had pedophilic tendencies and she was
convicted for disparaging religious
doctrines in February of 2011 she was
fined about $500 and the cost of

proceedings but she appealed this to I
have the right to freedom of expression
article 10 in the European in the
protocols the European human rights law

and the so this went all the way to the
the big the big court the European Court
of Human Rights this is the the duck you

cannot go any further with this with
your with your lawsuit and they upheld
the ruling that she was guilty of
overstepping boundaries of what you can

say now in fact here’s what the ECHR the
European Court for Human Rights said it
found in particular that domestic
court’s comprehensively assess the wider
context of the applicant statements and

carefully balanced her right to freedom
of expression with the right of others
to have their religious feelings
protected and served a legitimate aim of
preserving religious peace in Austria so

the court upheld this conviction and
this led me to just checking in on
article 10 of the European Convention on
Human Rights it all came flooding back

to me let me explain to you how you have
no right to fruit to freedom of speech
or expression in the European Union it’s
only two paragraphs to article ten in
freedom of expression number one

everyone has the right to freedom of
expression so far so good this right
shall include freedom to hold opinions
and to receive and impart information
and ideas without interference by public

authority and regardless of frontiers
this article shall not prevent States
that’s the countries who are members
countries they calm States now from
requiring the license of broadcasting

television or cinema enterprises I
remember us also laughing about the
cinema you know is state that the
countries can require light
census for showing movies but here it is

a number to the end this is what no one
will tell you and I’ve read part of his
story after story I’ve seen a mention on
Fox News News but no one tells you why

the court ruled this way it’s not just
because they’re a bunch of a-holes no
it’s in the law Article ten to the
exercise of these freedoms since it

carries with it duties and
responsibilities may be subject to such
formalities conditions restrictions or
penalties as are prescribed by law and
are necessary in a Democratic Society in

the interest of national security
territorial integrity or public safety
for the Prevention of disorder or crime
for the protection of health or morals

trying to ring the bell as far as I can
morals for the protection of the
reputation or rights of others for

preventing the disclosure of information
received in confidence or for
maintaining the authority and
impartiality of the judiciary
so right there codified in your European
law in your constitutional law if I may

call it that if you can’t offend people
and you were never told this when you
signed on to it you have no right to
freedom of expression
if you hurt someone’s feelings as

expressly stated by the High Court
I just find it I’m glad you brought that
to her attention again well it’s been 11

years oh I really find it hard to
believe you haven’t brought that up in
the meantime
but yeah I know you’re screwed it’s by
the way bunny for breakfast not gonna

you can’t do that either what because I
mean you might offend somebody
everything’s offensive you put the
offensive views you incorporate
offending people into the notion of

freedom of speech it’s done it’s there
is no freedom of speech course not
because some especially these humorless
drones that are out there these reptiles
they don’t have a sense of humor they

were offended by everything
so what are you gonna do well goes a
little bit further this is just energy
under staying with the Euro land micron

President of France
claimed that European countries would
not be allowed to pick and choose only
policies they like but rather must share

the burden of mass emigration yes here
we go no please yeah we have a
collective need for coherence and
solidarity we cannot benefit from the

European budget without demonstrating
solidarity on migration Europe is not a
supermarket meaning Member States can’t
choose fundamental European values each
nation had the same news no no zero none

No so if you don’t take migrants your
fair share
you will not have access to some of the

monies that come from the central
and that’s a that’s obviously a yeah I
also I think the this ruling against
Austria you know there’s a lot of

historical context they also have a very
interesting leader now young guy what’s
his name again
who’s with leading Austria he’s a Nazi
that’s right
it’s Austria’s who’s got to be a Nazi
cuz the Austrians Nazis we all know that

not says it’s let us never forget that
Hitler came from that’s right that’s
right so if the rhetoric is really
really really out of control but also
the law you just have no rights that to

me right there’s enough I never need to
live in the EU I mean you never know
what happens never say never but poof I
mean can you imagine especially me with
my Tourette’s mouth I mean this is a

very very danger it’s not even the bad
version well I will read that note from
Grant who I asked him where he’s from
he’s he’s from New Zealand lives and
he’s been lizard living in Malaysia for

the last no no twelve years or more
listening to the show and simply getting
annoyed at your society at your society
in your media I saw there’s no I did
political studies in University nobody

know he’s not from the United States no
in university about thirty-five years
ago in my lecturer an active Marxist
used to tell us the main tool of Marxism
to overthrow a capitalist society is to

challenge the societies order and create
a people on every level
mmm-hmm I’m not an American but the
whole political correctness movement
sjw’s Democrat far-left shout downs and

attacks a freedom of on freedom of
speech along with the no borders
movement are all major attacks on your
society by Marxist yes Marxists plural

who is behind it I don’t know what you
need is a new moderate McCarthy
cleansing to burn out the assault you’ve
now faced that’s kind of Trump also get

your kids to read Sultan eat since Gulag
Archipelago as they are inoculate so
they can get inoculated from this BS the

where the capitalist of the Russian
Revolution and they thrive despite their
repression wow this is socialist
struggle too
get anything done in silencing this is
it is there an audible audible version

of it otherwise no flag archipelago no
kids are gonna listen to it we should
probably do it no I’m sure there is one
oh really thinking mm and maybe I’d be

surprised if there wasn’t it’s a classic
well this brings me to something that we
need to discuss and I’m glad and well
I’m always happy that I get to talk with
you but you were I mean we were both
alive during this what happened and what

is what and this folds right into what
you’re saying about edgy or at our
producer here saying about education cuz
of course what’s happening now is
because of the our what is being taught
in schools I heard but maybe we read
this on the show already there are

textbooks in schools for grade schoolers
middle schoolers that you know that show
or that specifically teach Donald Trump
came to power with racism I mean that’s

already in in the curriculum and I’d
love to have one of those books if
someone can send one to me I would love
to see that yes we would love to get
some of these books so I think we’ve

kind of deduced or deconstructed over
the years that this happened in a period
of time where the elites in in America
that were being wooed by nefarious
agents and Marxism kind of crept in and

especially through the arts there was it
yes Marxism always creeps in through the
arts but there would by the globalist
promise of of security I mean that’s
been my thesis all along rushes the idea

is you can we set up a structure where
where people won’t steal my stuff now
that I’m rich right
I’m worth a billion dollars I want to
make sure I’m worth a billion dollars

when I’m dead and I want to make sure my
family still has resource I don’t want
somebody creating a problem and then
stealing my money right and war is one
of the biggest redistribution systems or

so redistribution of wealth
nothing does it like war yeah it also
gets rid of a lot of pesky people who I
didn’t Eve it also gets rid of people
and get you the art gets sent to the

Museum in Russia that’s right everything
gets stole everything is rearranged that
burnt down it’s like a problem and so
globalism of course is going to fix this

problem by not letting this happen again
yeah and how’s that working out so far
it’s working out very well the problem
that I have who is that there to
globalists are actually taking credit

for these years and years of peace since
world war ii and they always said well
seize globalist structures and all these
world trade organizations all these
other things that the EU this is because
of all these things and the United

States being the cops of the world all
that is the reason that we have not had
a war right for such a long time which
is a pipe coming on to also a great way
to reset the debts and balances of

control yeah or does that the problem is
that the real reason we haven’t had a
war for so long as no one knows how to
get around the nuclear do clear
deterrence problems where you’ve got

these if you start a war you could be
but bombed to smithereens with ten bombs
and you know and all the missiles to say
this the deterrence of war is because
we’ve been so armed to the teeth

I think I think that the method the idea
of the globalist has shifted a little
bit and instead of war we’ll just let
algos run everything and everyone gets a
living wage and you’ve just you know

just be a yeah be just sit around just
sit around just watch television watch
television you know be on social kind of
predicted in the shock LOL book the
technological society which people and

our listenership should definitely read
he kind of predicts this future it was
written in the 70s I believe is a

sociologist and a theologian from
Bordeaux and II ll you l is dispelling
and he discusses the technocracy the
coming technocracy were these and we

heard at least one clip today where
they’re advocating it yes no reason not
to have our algorithm spot two scoops
and a great follow-up to that to read
would be Industrial Revolution an

industrial society
it’s future my professor Theodore
Kaczynski because he very accurately
predicts social justice warriors on
social networks over socialized people

everything you’re seeing now yes he
tried to get this published and no one
would publish it and he resorted to
violence and blew some people up he was
the Unabomber this professor but he did

it because he wanted the New York Times
and The Washington Post to publish his
manifesto which they did you can read it
you can get online you can get it from
Amazon’s amazing Amazon still allows it
and it is worth the read because it

doesn’t talk about how you kill people
it talks about the situation we’re in
right now which he predicted which no
one would listen to him and sadly you
know people died in vain because well

maybe not maybe because there’s 20
people in the world who still say hey
it’s worth a read if a professor a
college professor is willing to kill
people to get people to read it before
the internet maybe it’s worth reading

but there’s something else there is a
lie in our education system which has
been propagated and I think it’s a
probably people about 15 20 years

younger than I am because I was not
taught this lie but this lie is
prevalent and I want to discuss it and I
want to discuss the history of it and
it’s in our lifetimes and it’s very

important because it explains a lot of
the racist stuff we hear today the
name-calling and pure racism from people
who are calling someone else racism it’s

really unbelievable how the word racism
and racist has been just you know just
been infused so deeply into a certainly
American society but I think it’s
bleeding out everywhere and this is this

comes to us because of Candis Owens who
have been following Candis Owens kind of
blue on to the scene when Kanye West
tweeted I like the way Candis Owen

thinks and she’s very interesting girl a
young woman I should say I think she’s
probably you know I want to mention this
you reminded me that I have the origins

story for her that I had wanted to clip
sometime I’m gonna have to go back
because she is interesting go on sorry
and she’s black that’s important in this
context and she has now actually just

launched the website which i think is
funny I don’t know I don’t know if it’s
the right word cuz he’s trying to brand
this but it’s called blech blech sitcom
so it’s for blacks to exit the Democrat

blech sitcom a play on the words with
brexit it’s cute but I don’t think it’s
very I I would have chosen something
else but she’s out there promoting this

and here’s a stand-up speech she does
with a number of young african-americans
I’m not quite sure what the context was
but there’s something that she says that
I’ve heard now three four times and I’ve

couldn’t to know from our producers if
you were taught this in school as well
and particularly for our our black
producers did you hear that were you

taught this in school
black lives have never ever ever
mattered to the Democrat Party laughs
boats always have they have created
systems that we cannot get out of the
welfare system was meant to do what it

has done to our families it has
decimated our communities the single
motherhood rate in the 1960s was at 23%
today the single motherhood rate is 74%
in the black community they incentivize

that they remove the black father from
the home because they knew that once you
break down the family you can control
you can control the youth that are
growing up they gave us a pop they gave
us the media they didn’t give us the

facts they lied to us in school they
told us that the Republican the Democrat
Party switched that’s never happened
okay one person switched parties nobody
else did this is the line that I hear

over and over again that the party’s
switched the racist because I think
everyone kind of remembers that Lincoln
who freed the slaves was a Republican

but then the party switched and all the
racists became Republican and all the
cool cats became Democrat have you heard
this ever before John uh yeah I’ve heard
it I know where it comes from I know

what they’re trying to do is it’s a
propaganda piece by the demo
I just want to run through this and I
have I have two clips to back it up
which I think interesting to listen to
but the way the way the switch is

explained is through the Dixiecrats and
the end the Southern Strategy which was
it was that Nixon strategy the Southern

yeah his Nixon strategy so and I have to
go back into the history to get to that
but the the southern strategy was the
way it’s explained which i think is
which i think is a lie is Nixon wanted
to get all one to get all of the racists

on board and he said hey Dixiecrats come
on over to the to the Republican Party
and the the lie is that they then all
switched and went over there to be with

the racist but in in reality was only
one who switched party affiliation that
was a guy who has been alive in my
lifetime Strom Thurmond so if we go back
in history what really happened is we

had first FDR with the the New Deal this
was right after the depression I correct
jump in John because you’re much better
at this than I am

so we the New Deal and the New Deal the
idea was you know we’re gonna help
everybody out of this depression but
part of the history that is not very
well known is the New Deal
actually circumvented at a federal level

anti-lynching laws that was part of
getting the New Deal passed because
otherwise it just would not pass because
these were the Democratic Party the

Democrats were the racists but
predominantly from the south and it
excluded the farm workers and household
help so pretty much every slave got
almost nothing just crumbs so then we

have LBJ and you know LBJ comes into
power in a very messy way but we have
the Civil Rights Act and LBJ I think
it’s almost 100% proof that he was in

the KKK I think he was a Klan member
I don’t believe that to be true okay
well I do have some quotes from the

Wright State for one thing he was
incredibly racist he was a Texan
big-time to area
Texans were normally in the KKK yes
racist document I have some stuff to

back that up
and they don’t need it well it’s
interesting because I mean we’ve never
played any clips of this guy and I think
we do need it I think it’s very needed
John I want you to hear they it’s

interesting and so then you know so then
we have the the Southern Strategy and
then you know that’s where the lie
happened that all of a sudden everything

changed and then it was because of the
New Deal and whatever scraps we could
get it wasn’t that the party switched
affiliation but black Americans the

slaves the former slaves went with the
New Deal and then started supporting
Democrats I have Dinesh D’Souza who I’ve
never looked into I’ve never really paid
any attention to him he’d I think he’s

he’s written a lot of books people think
is good didn’t he get jailed or
something for his movie or what happened
recently you’re thrown in jail for a
campaign finance fraud and he was
pardoned by Trump right well so they

hate the Democrats hate him and with
good reason
with good reason so here I’m the two
clips this is him kind of telling the
story he but he’s not good at is giving
us a succinct here’s the whole timeline

so I had to hack it together a little
bit but I think he lays it out very
clearly here and again this is a lie
that people who were in their 30s
primetime right now have believed they

believe that that Republicans are racist
because of the switch and an no agenda
fact I’d add to that which no one ever
discusses from a media standpoint from
an entertainment standpoint in that very

same period right after the Civil Rights
Act we had Archie Bunker brought to you
by Norman Lear known propagandist to
this day the Norman Lear Hollywood

foundation is still propagandizing in
your entertainment an Archie Bunker who
actually was acting like a Democrat was
branded a Republican on that show and a

racist and how long was that show on ten
years he was on for a very long time and
he was also including Rob
liner was in that thank you and rob

reiner he comes from that hatred he grew
up literally hating Archie Bunker on the
show for everything he stood for and it
was planted into his head he was a
Republican and we I think we’ve talked

about it before you said that this is
actually exactly what Democrats in the
day were like yes Archie Bunker was a
perfect Democrat of the era the fat in
fact he would never be a Republican

because he was working class and at the
time the Democrats were represented by
working-class ideals and hated the
white-collar workers which were

considered Republicans who couldn’t even
make as much money as the Democrats good
here’s Dinesh D’Souza with a kind of
rundown of this history well all the
three progressive heroes of the
twentieth century and I’m thinking here

of Woodrow Wilson FDR and Johnson are
very bad on the race issue all of them
now generally the left conceives on
Wilson they can’t deny that he expanded
expanded segregation the federal

government say no he screamed the pro Ku
Klux Klan movie in the White House they
don’t stress us but they know that led
to a big Ku Klux Klan revival now FDR
they’ve been pretty clever in

camouflaging FDR’s dirty beads in FDR’s
dirty deeds or – this is the deal he
made with us with the Democratic racists
to get the New Deal through number one
they said to him FDR you have to agree

to block all anti-lynching laws block
all anti-lynching laws and FDR agreed
and the second thing was they said
blacks mainly work in domestic service
and agricultural labor we want you to

exclude those from most New Deal
programs and FDR agreed again but there
were laws on the books but the
Republicans were proposing anti lynching
legislation that would override if you
will these state laws on lynching there

will be a federal prohibition sure on
state lynching laws FDR had no states
rights issue with any of this of course
but what it was was that it was a
Prudential package that he made with the
racist in the Democratic Party

so that’s FDR Lyndon Johnson cynical
wanted to keep blacks by his own words
on the plantation and he figured out

that the Civil Rights Act was the way to
go now interestingly more Republicans
proportionally voted for that Civil
Rights Act in 64 and the Voting Rights
Act in 65 and the fair housing bill in
68 then Democrats did this is not well

known and this is allowed Democrats to
say well Lyndon Johnson and then they
hijacked the whole civil rights movement
as if they did it but in fact the
opposition to the civil rights movement

came from the Democratic Party the
infamous sheriff Bull Connor Democrat
Arkansas governor Orval Faubus who stood
in the schoolhouse door blocked black
kids from getting into school Democrat
and so the if the Democrats had been the

only party in America no Republicans
none of those laws would have passed now
there was the swap that they talked
about did not take place but there was a

different swap that did take place that
hasn’t done thing to do with race so for
example the swap that did not take place
if you look at the Dixiecrats you make a
list of them it’s a pretty big list
Strom Thurmond is the only one who moved

over to the Republican Party so this is
a case hinging on one guy the rest of
the Dixiecrats they were happy to be
Democrats they went right back in the
Democratic Party they were lionized by
the Democrats ledee they died a good

example this is Robert Byrd former
member of the Ku Klux Klan I mean Obama
went to his funeral Bill Clinton was
there Clinton by the way made a very
interesting statement he goes you can’t
blame good old Robert Byrd for being in

the Klan because and now I open quotes
you had to be in the Klan to advance in
the Democratic Party the Grand Wizard I
believe is the one who said to him you
know young Bob you got a lot of talent
you need to go into politics this is

from Byrd’s own account of how he first
went into politics Byrd was a member in
full standing of the Democratic Party
never repudiated Hillary calls him when
he dies her mentor so this is the

difference the Democratic Party loves
these guys and makes them feel at home
with them whereas the Republican Party
has always tried to hit the eject button
coming back to the switch the the it is

true that the rope the blacks who used
to be Republicans the party of Lincoln
did move order over to the Democratic
Party but they didn’t do it because of
race they did it in the 30s because of

the promises and actual economic
benefits of the New Deal
so you
only say that blacks were bribed into it
they they knew that they were leaving
the party of Lincoln and emancipation
and the 13th 14th and 15th amendment and

they were joining the party of
segregation and the Ku Klux Klan now
white Republic if these white Democrats
did move over to the Republican Party
but that was between the 70s and the 90s

basically in the Reagan era again this
has nothing to do with bigotry Reagan
was appealing to patriotism free markets
traditional values Christianity and that
those are the issues that caused the non

racist South to swivel over to the
Republican Party now I’m aware that a
lot of people will say so all you have
to do is just send me a link to anything

you think is a different opinion I’m
very interested in it but this is not
this this is not the story that’s been
told to the children who are now of
prime voting age
and certainly it sounds like Candis

Owens was convinced that this happened
and Kanye West I’ve heard him say
something similar and man if you listen
if you read about Lyndon Johnson what a
racist prick unbelievable and he had

this you know like woman uh-oh I’m gonna
press passes Civil Rights Act but really
what he was doing was setting up the
northern plantation
and the northern plantation is what we

have today since you know we can’t
really and we got the blacks and what
are we gonna do well I think we can do
the same thing just like with the with
the Civil Rights Act and we have people

who really really are willing to just
eat shit and clean toilets and do all
kinds of crap for for a patents and we
don’t be Pitons and we really don’t care
about him and thus was born our fine
immigration standards so there’s a lot

of history that I think needs to be
re-examined and to me looking at some of
the people who are in our government in
the US government today they were around

I remember bird I remember very I was I
went to school I think he was still
still in office in West Virginia
and he was yeah he was there for a while

yeah I think he died in office uh it
could be wrong okay I am not buying any
of this I think it’s a little simplified
okay I think it’s really simplified and

I think Denise de Souza’s simplified it
more okay it’s a much more complicated
issue than that and this other strategy
wasn’t an effort to get the to capture
the Dixiecrat focused public not the

fact that one congressman switched
parties I mean it’s got nothing to do
with it I mean people that used to vote
Democrat Democrat Democrat start voting

a Republican Republican Republican and
there was millions of people that
switched and they were Democrats before
Reagan in particular I mean Nixon
exploited it he’s the one who came up

with the idea and it was something of an
wink-wink nudge-nudge to the racism of
the south and I don’t think anybody
would argue that it wasn’t like they
were approving it arrange all that

you’re talking but you’re talking about
Reagan now I’m too mad Nixon talk
another strategy we were new Reagan it
really took advantage of because he
actually swept over the working-class
Democrats not just a bunch of X you know

racists down south okay so so was there
so there was a switch
and what their part was did the did the

actual politician switch parties and the
racist dicks from the south no no no no
no the politicians had nothing to do
with it it’s the this other strategy
wasn’t together see I think this is a no
no this other strategy but I think

that’s a little bit faster everything
that mean that happened other strategy
was Nixon in the 70s the the this idea
that’s for this to be a switch you mean
that’s political guys had this was a

political guys are switching their doing
their parties they’re part of a machine
they can’t switch that’s that’s the
point no the point is that’s not the
point he said no one switched that’s
what he said no one switched no of

course not these are the Republicans are
both the same do you understand that I
understand that this is a miss Reid what
you’re giving me is a miss Reid of

history I’m okay do you understand at
the political did the top guy I’m okay
with that I just but the what is being

taught is the political history not not
anything of the political history says
that that the racist Democrats switched
and became Republicans that’s the story

that’s that’s simplification for you
right there yeah because that’s largely
what happened in this would use it
utilizing this other strategy apparently
only one person moved over

you know you’re not counting 1 million 2
million 3 million halogen politicians
politician politician move over I agree

with you but the lie is that they all
that they literally switched parties
I’ve never heard that in my life
Candice Owens has would is she talking

about politicians yes about the public
no she’s literally talking about the
politician she was taught in school that
all the racist Democrats from the South
all went to the Republican Party and

that’s why the Republican Party is so
racist why you should always most
democratic ensign the South went to the
Republic or the racist Democrats in the
south most of them went to the

Republican but you’re talking voters I’m
talking about the politicians it wasn’t
about politicians that’s okay I’m going
a circus clips I have not heard her say

politicians she doesn’t use the word
she’s sure the one that says politicians
Denise D’Souza Souza’s the one who says
politicians that wasn’t what it was
about at all but that’s what she said

she said there was only one that
switched and that was storm Thurmond
that’s what she said
Strom Strom that’s what that’s what she
said in that clip
Jesus she was taught that the

politicians swapped well she’s wrong no
that’s what she’s admitting that that’s
not true but she says that’s what you
have to understand you’re taking it way
too far I’m taking it to the real deal

which is the honesty of it yeah that’s
fine but you need to recognize one thing
for this for that era and I don’t
remember them ever talking about the

Paulette politicians don’t switch you
have not you you and I were not taught
this listen to me
I am school beginning you already said
this a million times you say that a
bunch of kids who are now thirty were

taught that all the politicians switched
over to the Republicans yes and they and
no one has countered that that’s because
I don’t think it happened no but we know
it didn’t happen the point is black

America at vote a voting age today has
been taught in school the reason you as
a black America nation for this
I heard the argument you can go over it

again and again and again and you can
make this claim and I think you might be
right but I don’t see any documentation
that proves this is true I know I agree
with you it didn’t happen

no I’m talking about the kids how about
the kids getting brainwashed into
thinking this how did I set it up I said
I want to hear from our producers
particularly black producers where you
taught this in school that was how I

prefaced it fine
I’m just saying you asked me to give
some input I mean I waited and waited
and I did you get jump all over me all
I’m saying it’s bullcrap
I’m saying the same thing well then what

are we arguing about I don’t know you
you said I was completely wrong and
off-base I said that the basis is
bullcrap and who cares it’s Trump I
don’t even remember him doing it but

Strom Thurmond who was we could agree to
do a show on that guy what all I’m
saying is that and this started with
Kanye West who said we have been taught
to only vote for Democrats yes this is

true and what I’m hearing is that this
has been taught to at least two
predominant black Americans who I don’t
know but I hear speak and they both said

this is what we were taught that the
party’s switched that the pilot the
racist politicians forget her the voters
the racist politicians they were they
they all became Republicans

that’s what they and I agree it didn’t
happen but we were agreeing on that my
point is if black America is being
taught that this is a real problem

because you get this is we have to have
some evidence that they are being taught
just this was my argument about it is I
don’t believe that they are being taught
this okay so that was my prime I do

believe is possible there’s some
teachers and subversive teachers out
there that are teaching all kinds of
crazy really I mean I mean the fact that
you got OCW or whatever a name is out
there in the New York I start out now

socialist you know see she’s like came
up with these concepts this is not an
American it’s anti-american or the guys

are walking around no borders and
capitalism signs and people yeah yay for
you I mean what is that all about so if
you go if you go on YouTube and then
we’re I’m fine I totally agree with

everything you said all I know is I see
a lot and I’ll bring more clips I would
love to see it as well I’d love to see
the books I want to know what someone
was really taught I want to hear I want
to understand it I’m sure it wasn’t yeah

and 100% it wasn’t just black kids who
were taught this because the white kids
are all in on it too
and they were taught this in school I
wasn’t taught this you weren’t taught

this I believe this has slipped into the
education system and it’s one of those
things that is now just a fact
you know like 97% of scientists and I
think this conversation was certainly

long enough for people to see if they
can find out if they’ve heard this I’m
sure there are I’m sure there are books
there’s got to be some curriculum if so
I think that’s a real travesty so let’s
listen to where they probably learned it

from television yes I have two clips
from the latest Murphy Brown show
oh god this thing is who’s producing
this thing by the way it would barely
the layer found I’ll look it up I’ll

look it up
so this will be a scene this is a scene
with the with the stereotyped IT guy
who’s an Indian of course
so the stereotype I Teague Indian guy

comes in and we’re gonna listen to a
scene he brings in an Alexa like box
she’s gonna solve Murphy’s problem the
Alexis the Alexis like or LexA like box

is brought into the scene and you hear
the way this this transpires and you
will hear the way information like what
you’re complaining about is brought into

the public consciousness this is the
vowel scene
what y’all talking about about the big
drug story huh sometimes keep my skills
sharp my hack into your computers Frank

you have a lot less money in your bank
of America account than I would have
expected I stepped up security on all
your emails so you’re safe

welcome aboard pack and enter cool also
I come bearing gifts Murphy I looked
into your record with assistance and did
you know that some of them formed a

support group and at the end of every
session they pummel a Murphy Brown
pinata with drumsticks anyway I
developed an algorithm that uses
non-binary criteria and advanced
analytics to find you the perfect

assistant I never know what this kid is
saying all you need to know is it I
found you the perfect assistant she is
tireless speaks many languages has
worldwide connections he never has to

tell her the same thing twice meet no
Val a stands for voice-activated little

I don’t actually know what the L stands
for anyway this is not your basic
off-the-shelf artificial intelligence
this is a next-generation cutting-edge

piece of tech not even on the market yet
watch this well how many times during
his administration has Trump lied
president Trump has made false or
misleading statements 5,000 247

perfection 5200 48
apologies he is currently at a rally

next generation a I’m monitoring in real
time yeah exactly exactly should we go
to clip two from this I think this is a

goldmine for us by the way cuz it’s so
bad now this is the bar the but there’s
a bar there that is part of the sets and
Murphy goes in there with the with the

crew and they drink and one of the
actress that runs the bar who is used to
being Cagney and Lacey I can’t remember
her name but yes long no no the brunette
oh I know she’s the bartender and

there’s the scene begins with now this
is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever
seen on this show to see begins with
some obvious Republican because we know

Republicans are associated with wearing
suits and so this Republican is at this
bar in Washington DC and and you’re
going to hear a ridiculous dialogue that

would never happen and I’m totally
convinced that the Democrats in
Hollywood think that this would happen
would actually have without this guy
there having his ass kicked or being

shot or stabbed but this is a scene to
show you what jerks Republicans are in
in a public situation and this is again
written right out of Hollywood right

from the Norman Lear group what Pedro
you’re in America now they’re coming in
lots of the way thank you sir but I’m
quite aware I’m in America Washington DC

to be exact founded in the compromise of
1790 by Alexander Hamilton James Madison
and Thomas Jefferson since made famous
in the song the room where happens from
the 2016 Tony award-winning musical

Hamilton I can sing it for you if you’d
like you think that’s funny one call and
I can have you deported it’s time to
take America back my America hey
when you’re in this bar you’re in my

America and if you can’t behave yourself
I’ll deport your ass right out that door
finding another bar it’s too Brown in
here Wow

well first let me just go back to the
racist first segment I mean could it get
any more stereotypical of an Indian guy
who talk like this let me this is very

good to have many many it’s good it
would give you exact information that’s
well they didn’t use his they didn’t use
an extreme Indian voice they had the
close enough it was close that is too
racist but this other scene where this

Mexican kid that’s just funny hahahaha
he’s talking in Spanish to somebody on a
cell phone and this guy calls him out
and he’s behind the bar so you want to
call out your help Dennis once spit in

your food I don’t get it but okay he’s
and then he’s just condemning him this
is what they somebody thinks that this
is a possible interaction

yes yeah that’s the way it’s presented
this is no difference than the Archie
Bunker show this is exactly the same the
same thing yeah say it’s nonsense and
it’s very insulting to the public I

think at large now I want to go back to
our discussion of the bomber because can
I just kind of just mentioned TV ratings
Murphy Brown slips again oh yeah this is
not gonna last

yeah is this cuz no and it’s no thing to
the audience as I’m almost convinced
that the descripting of this Mad Bomber
I like to call him with his phony bombs
his enormous types print I’m absolutely

convinced that the Democrats and the
Karl are the Rob Reiner’s of the world
actually expected because I heard the
preliminary talk about this all in fact

the Warner clip which I had you cut off
he goes on and on about how wise and
Trump said anything about this is just
starting you know this is an early
moment they expect to Trump to I believe

I am totally convinced of this that they
actually expected Trump to defend this
guy or to say well it’s not that big of

a deal they didn’t explode didn’t
explode yeah totally convinced of that
and Trump comes on with a hard-ass you
know let’s you know string the guy up

kind of thing well they didn’t know what
god that’s was unexpected what Trump
would be as a Republican would be so Pro
Law & Order that doesn’t make any sense
Scott Adams had a did one of his
periscopes and he said that he felt that

the from and the Scott Adams all about
the persuasion he said the persuasion
the Trump used of saying in front of a
room of black young black leaders all
cheering him talking about law and order

the force of the law coming down we’re
gonna get this guy he said that is
extremely persuasive for all audiences
except of course him the Rob Reiner’s of

the world
and that he Scott Adams felt that was a
very very good news yeah I heard that
too he said a couple of interesting
observations recently al sharpton not so

much the lowest things dad he could ever
do to go in the East Room which is
sacred I didn’t know the East Room was
sacred hallowed secret East Room to go

in the East Room which is sacred have a
staged route notice that all of those
youngsters had caps on it was almost
like who got to dress you for the photo

and who called it a young black leaders
summit he raves about the violence in
Chicago which he should why weren’t they
discussing that why weren’t they

discussing students while we’re
discussing issues of young blacks they
just had Kanye in at least talking about
criminal justice none of that
then they’re talking about CNN sucks
then in their time I build a wall so why

do you need a young black something to
do it because it was not a summit it was
a make America great rally hey I didn’t
talk about anything I mean I didn’t see

the whole summit I don’t know if it’s on
c-span either clearly all that was just
dressing up some black kids and red hats
racist I can’t believe that guy
meanwhile I’d like to get someone to get

me the full in context clip of this Rick
Wilson clip that’s floating around oh I
I wouldn’t even I wouldn’t even play it
because I someone sent me that I’m like
no no I get I get trapped by these clips

all the time you called me out on one
the other day because I didn’t listen to
it in context right and so and I’m but
you didn’t do what I’m about to do I

think this is not a context because out
of context nobody in their right mind
would do this without having some
context but yet this is going this is
I’m only playing it because it’s a meme

yeah it’s floating around the net like
crazy and I’m not seeing any I don’t
read anything about it I don’t hear
anybody why it’s not a conscious or
anything else I would that’s why I’m

hoping someone could get me some context
for this clip here’s the thing Trump is
still a very powerful force right now
and he’s still holding a lot of the the
part of the base that is very activated

by his message the nativist message that
that’s got a fraction of the base very
energized and the donor class can’t just
sit back on the sidelines and say oh
well don’t worry this will all work
itself out they’re still going to have

to go out and put a bullet in Donald
Trump and that’s the fact now this I
believe this clip was actually from 2015
get even worse I think this is still

when he’s campaigning and once I saw
that I’m like okay I don’t know I don’t
need to go figure this clip that way
made more sense s will sends me an email
born in 1987 went to public school in

southern Virginia history textbook as
far back as middle school taught the
party switch my face back friends of
same age say the party switched crack
open a book when I challenged them they

absolutely believed it to be true okay I
want to see this duck this document too
me too me too
this is just preliminaries just coming

I really want to take send me the book I
want to crack open that book I
desperately want to see it I think is a
huge travesty if it’s true
hey we’re just a couple of old white

guys what do we know what the theme hit
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the air it’s the only way that it works
for us and I did want to bring an update
on the Austin water crisis I learned

quite a lot and this by the way this
right here this this is a glass of the
note I do this is a glass of the Austin
tap water and here we go

I just drank it and I’m not dead because
yet it’s bull chronology I’ve died but
ever since I got my note in since I now

only today so this is now a week only
supposed to be today
oh no it’s it was supposed to be done
today it’s not done oh no we’re still
under a boil man late oh it’s still

today no we’re still under up so this is
now a week you’re going to ruin this
whole scam yes good morning everybody
this is a scam ruination moment means
there’s no way we could not read what

he’s about to read yeah this is a total
scam and these citizens the taxpayers of
Austin the residents of Austin have been
scammed only today in the Austin
Statesman is there a headline questions

being asked about the water plants why
or why is this this may last another
week I’m telling you the Austin is
partially shut down because no one can

water is very important particularly in
restaurants and other places of food and
beverage maybe I think you should read
from the note yes this is from ok dear

Adam and John I’m a Missouri state
licensed I love our producers by the way
I love all of you I’m Missouri state
license water and wastewater treatment
professional I’m one test away from

being certified to operate any drinking
plant water any drinking water plant in
the United States with my standing
established and after a review of local
news reports at your of your water woes

and looking at the treatment system
Austin has in place as described on
their website here’s my theory of what
is happening
Austin source water is the surface lake
which is subject to the risk of all
surface source waters namely pathogens

like cholera Cryptosporidium Giardia and
Boo that sounds bad Giardia viruses and
liberals that was just a joke and
suspended particles of dirt and organic

matter collectively known as turbidity
turbidity is measured in the metric Neph
thela metric units so it’s a T an N to
you turbidity units basically a measure

of how light can beam through a sample
the dirtier the water the higher the
number in a plant like mine which uses
source water from the dirty Mississippi
River our turbidity can range from a
baseline of 10 to 3

into you and rapidly spiked to 100 300
600 or a thousand and to use after rains
or flooding both of which se austin has
recently experienced our plant is
designed to deal with that level of what

we experts call quote fucked up water
that’s an expert term you can use this
anywhere if you’re having a water plant
you say you got any fucked up water but
only to a limit above about 600 into you
or so my plant starts to become

overwhelmed we can no longer produce on
spec legal water at a normal rate so we
have to reduce flow to allowed for more
settling that’s the segmentation as the
silt we could start to fall behind a
production demand can exceed supply and

that can cause pressure in the
distribution system to drop below the 20
psi minimum pressure which I found out
on the last show potentially allowing
leaks in the mains to contaminate the

system that’s what you discussed on the
show this upper turbidity limit is
different for every plant and plants to
treat lake water are almost always
designed to deal with much lower
turbidity and then a dirty river plant
so clearly we have much dirtier water

than we used to have and I think it’s
because of the carps the carp that they
stock the lake austin with but no one
has discussed that
so they lack the treatment flexibility
to respond to huge spikes because they

rarely see it happen in lakes and he
says i’ve experienced this myself but
and here it is insider tip don’t tell
anyone but sometimes a boil order is a
false flag operation of last resort to

get people to conserve water when
supplies are low to prevent the supply
from being drawn so low it loses
pressure I was suggested this by a
consulting engineer with decades more

experience than me so we’re under a
false flag in Austin Texas I’m pretty
sure of it
now I like how they just call it a false
flag in the business

exactly what it is using the water keeps
the pressure of some drum right low and
then all the things start to cave in I

mean there’s water in New York City
that’s running through these old wooden
pipes that apparently if the pressure
dropped below the a certain minimum it
would the whole thing would collapse

that whole system would go down Buffalo
the public tell me I wish you don’t boil
the water gonna drop no no problem
that’s not a false I may be there they

got some problems with that water hi
I’m two for two today I’m drinking the
water I’m eating the huckleberry
preserves it’s amazing I’m still
standing but I do have a quick agenda

just to follow up 2030 just a headline
super typhoon this is a great one
where’s this front let me see what who
wrote this this is from let me open up I
don’t know where this is originally from

super typhoon man cut hits the
Philippines so there’s a new super
typhoon but check this out with power of
500,000 Hiroshima bombs

about that for a headline yet oh come on
a super typhoon that is dwarfed
hurricane Florence is set to break
records as it tears towards the

Philippines with 1 million people at
risk it’s called man cut and has the
power of 500,000 Hiroshima nukes
and maybe we should just so people
remember me get the al-zour meat and is

now traps as much extra heat energy
everyday as would be released by 500,000
Hiroshima class atomic bombs exploding

every day there you go
it isn’t me and it’s a good one too I
mean it stands out like a sore thumb
there’s a little too much out like a
sore thumb

I have I promised that I was gonna get
you that l Roker making his secondary
comments about megyn kelly about megyn
kelly a follow up which makes me think
that megyn kelly may have been set up

and I’ll have a reason for that shortly
but let’s listen to this first Roker on
Kelly yeah guys to the set she owes a
bigger apology to folks of color around
the country because this is a history

going back to the 1830s minstrel shows
to mean and denigrate a race wasn’t
right well I’m old enough to have lived
through Amos and Andy yeah where you had

white people in blackface playing to
black characters and with just
magnifying the worst stereotypes about
black people and that’s what the big
problem okay I just I just want to

remind us last time we were playing
inmate Melling megyn kelly clips is when
she sided against a NBC in the me two
members on her show she was talking

about hash tag me too I was siding
against her own outfit not not grabbing
stories that they should have so she was
odd she was on the way out you can’t do

that I was gonna bring the same exact
topic up you beat me – oh I’m sorry I
didn’t realize just does it be sorry
about you just beat me to it
does she I believe was doomed when she
did that and I think the same thing

would have happened to Stephen Colbert
I’ve had Les Moonves state and business
and I think he still me maybe up for
having his head chopped off because of
his going after Moonves and megyn kelly

I was because I was doing this I went
and downloaded all of her
sweets I did all this research trying to
find I wanted to find a clip or
something I couldn’t do it but I knew
about it that she had come after the

execs and and be safe for the me to
stuff yeah do you remember which we had
a clip of that I just don’t remember
what we had a clip of it but it was the
dumbest thing she ever did and because

you’re working there I mean it’s like
yeah okay maybe you could be working
someplace else you can bring it up then
you really I don’t know if people don’t
understand this but usually if

somebody’s paying your bills if is if
you’re so sick of you so sickened by
them and they’re at the way they act you
quit this was from here we go this is
from September 6 as you heard in that

report NBC News says now that quote
there was not a single victim of or
witnessed two misconduct by Weinstein
who was willing to be identified

moreover they say Rose McGowan had
refused to name Weinstein and then her
lawyer sent a cease and desist letter in
August 2017 late last night Rose McGowan
and rich McHugh that former NBC producer

both challenged that assertion telling
megyn kelly today that McGowan did go on
the record with NBC in February 2017
after that on-camera interview with

Farrell and that she did name Harvey
Weinstein as her rapist both McGowan and
rich McHugh say NBC had this on the
record off camera assertion from McGowan
I mean we can go on but I’m pretty sure

we I missed another yeah that would be
the kiss of death yeah that’s you know
because the way these shows are done and
there were and the fact that she’s not
right and big show she’s not right or

show these shows her just a 30 million
dollar budget on this show to do it
because feel bitching about how much it
costs to do the show and that includes a
lot of writers and so it would not be a
bad thing to have a show that has even

more forward say like wait it’s gonna
take like maybe a month before this this
incident happened that they they’re
gonna roll the show out as a Halloween

show mm-hmm and for the writers to put
to the show as an element of discussion
knowing she’s gonna screw it up to get
her to quit and the the point of

emphasis would have been the super
market or the superstore clip that I’m
gonna play here which is from the latest
episode of super store which one of our

producers found and it discusses the
same thing that Kelly would have been
discussing and does mention blackface
and it becomes a big political thing it
starts off with the lead actress wearing

a mustache and a Mario which I believe
was mentioned by Megan and one of her
expositions a merio costume and now
before a contest at the store and all

these guys are getting dressed up in
different things and a conversation
ensues I don’t understand why Amy’s –
but I can’t wear my dreadlocks and I
can’t wear a grass skirt and coconut

boobs let her wear the coconut boobs you
monsters it’s because those costumes
objectify a whole culture I am not
dressed as an Italian I am dressed as a
character who happens to be Italian so

I’m not allowed to dress up as a
Jamaican but if I’m dressing up as Bob
Marley who happens to be Jamaican no
what’s the difference it’s just it’s

different Jonah I feel like you can
explain this better than I know it’s
different and I’m just having trouble
putting into words why Janet could you
explain it to them liming no reason just
you just you know stuff it’s no

different if we let Amy wear that
costume then we might as well let Marcus
wear blackface why can’t I paint my face
to look like Bob Marley but Elias can

paint his to look like a smurf you can’t
just there’s a whole history Janet yeah
nothing I’m just checking in hi how you
doing are you good okay you know what

this is getting too complicated let’s
just cancel the contest it’s not worth
upsetting everybody over one day off
we can’t just live our lives afraid to

offend someone I think that we you know
as a society we need to just lighten up
a little bit yeah I mean really if I
think about it Mario is a hard-working

plumber that rescues princesses if
anything that costume honors Italians
yes so I can wear my hula outfit if I’m
honoring Hawaiians feel like it’s about

honoring the culture and not just to
look sexy yep I’m honoring the culture
and I can wear my Rasta hat if it’s
about honoring Jamaicans well I mean I

guess if if we’re saying that it’s all
or nothing then I can’t really think of
a reason to say no okay then contest
back on right have you been wearing that

under your shirt all day yeah
know how you do it Wow so that’s also an
NBC superstore yeah yep and Megan Kelly
Lucy I heard the clip I saw which I wish

we probably should have had it she was
talking about a friend of hers who
dressed up as Diana Ross
and that’s and that was that was
necessary Megan that’s the Megan Megan

yeah that was the I had somewhere I
don’t know yes she was going on about
drug it was it was almost the exact same
conversation is very very similar for
Halloween no lusts yes yeah but now has

she said she’s taken the deal I’m sure
it has a non-disclosure then she’s done
is that official now 69 million dollars
so she’s gonna take she’ll be walking

away as 60 million bucks but you’ll
never get work again but this cultural
appropriation thing is just so tired of
it if you’re if you’re transsexual are
you then sexually appropriating you not

you don’t want to really start this chat
I’m gonna get fired no the thing is that
she she was doomed from and I believe

you hit the nail on the head from her
early admonishments of NBC executives
when she had no business doing that it’s
not her place the show is written for

her she’s a she breeze from a prompter
most of it she does have some you know
in the little discussion area I believe
that she was set up because of the
superstore episode coming up so the

writers were clued in they could use it
they could point to it say well yeah
because it’s big the shows coming up and
you know we could even plug it if we
wanted to but they didn’t have to do
much because Kelly just wrote drove the

truck right off the road and then and
then the Today Show did all the rest
they they just they just put the nail
right into the steak right into her
heart without rollers read something
funny go to variety there’s about three

or four articles including an advert
advert or advertorial what am I thinking
in editorial and it is the funniest
stuff you’ll ever read Oh nobody liked
her at the network she was everyone

hated her and just all this all she’s
we’re so glad she’s gone we hated her
and it’s just the funniest thing you’ve
ever read cuz just the classic and so

she’s out I think it’s a you know I
don’t know she was a good fit it was
dumb I mean she took the money and she
but she’s now she’s never gonna work
again and then he made
meet he that I can tell she she’s not

presentable for one thing she is too Oh
she’s got too much of an old-fashioned
look her look is old-fashioned she’s got
an old-fashioned kind of beauty that is

not modern it’s not it’s not
unapproachable it’s I I think the
network knew they made a mistake when
they put her on safe you know this was
her second show the first show let’s
face it she just wasn’t that good

she’s never been that good and she’s
she’s okay just reading the prompter
like she did on Fox just read the
prompter look pretty I’m sorry to say it
but I’m a television producer in my
spare time and look at you pretty then
read the prompter twirl around that’s

that’s Fox we all know it and she was
really good at that she’s very smart
she’s lawyers and there’s nothing wrong
with that but she nodded at me she could
not carry a talk show at all and this
the the sick thing of this the really

sick thing for this for this network
which has consistently hidden their
atrocities against predominantly women
and I might want to add that we now know

that NBC News knew that the avenatti
woman in the Cavanaugh Cavanaugh hearing
who claimed that he had raped women ten

times and Roe and her and drugged the
punch and everything they knew before
the trial that that was a lie
and was something avenatti had written
up but the woman who was attributed to

that did an interview with NBC before
the hearing and said no no that’s not
true that’s totally misrepresented and
they did not release that information
until it’s out now no NBC’s a bad actor

but does the disgusting thing is they
are using black Americans to get rid of
a problem

that they have internally
it’s disgusting that’s disgusting oh you
mean by the bit the blackface thing
usually they use the blackface thing in

a in a completely inconsistent manner to
their own programming because what you
just played from superstores exactly the
very similar conversation in fact I
think when he leaving a little bit

further on superstore but hey it was it
was an approved script and I guess Megan
him did know they wanted her out they
want her out but they’re using it over
the over the back of the block yeah

know what am I saying it’s very
believable it’s very believable and NBC
is you know we got to uh you know we got
the NBC’s got one agenda and the ABCs

got the Bob Iger thing going on cuz he
wants to be and so I see this I put it
in the newsletter and I guess it’s older
but I never even realized this but

Valerie Jarrett was called I guess by
Iger and asked about what to do about
huh that was a tweet it was in the

newsletter it was in the bottle didn’t
see that the more things at the end I
have always diskless and I’m thinking
why is Valerie Jarrett what does she got
to do with programming at ABC no I’m

sure she’s very influential
so this is a den of thieves
the media has identity oh you’re kidding
me 11 years he’s figured it out I have a

disturbing news but something that I’d
really desperately want to share as this
really came onto my radar from the
lowlands I think we’ve discussed before
that Obamacare the concept of Obamacare

was successfully implemented in the
Netherlands their socialized medicine
their socialized system and it was very
very similar to the Obamacare model

right down to well if you’re a poor
schlub you get free health care and if
you’re just above the poor schlub level
you have a mandated payment you have to

make and I think it’s about a hundred
and fifty dollars christina pays the
thing 150 euros a month mandated for it
and the health care is crap it includes
nothing so that sounds a lot like

Obamacare in fact it is based on that
model with the insurance companies
running the entire show and the taxpayer
paying for the for the mandated part but

also very high premiums if you have some
kind of plan that will work for you and
what happened last week in the
Netherlands they closed two hospitals

overnight ninety thousand patients five
thousand doctors and nurses and other
medical professionals done on the street
nowhere to go ninety thousand patients
what yeah and they and they’re saying

now they may even have to close a couple
more hospitals because the insurance
companies and the banks will no longer
support them they’re closed they’re
closed they’re wheeling patients out on
the beds trying to get them to some

other Hospital
No yes yes it’s been hoaxed it’s an
outrage people are so mad
of course they because they just you

know the ing you know they were just
fine for you know for laundering money
and you know no one goes to jail and
that’s okay to pay a little bit of a

fine and but meanwhile the hospitals are
literally closing with patients and and
and professionals inside it’s just done

yeah well that doesn’t sound like it’s
working out no I I think bullet somewhat
dodged although I don’t think we’re out
of the woods yet by a long shot

I’m waiting for waiting for someone to
pick that up I think I miss great that
you’ve finished in a high note here on
the show now I have a real high note for
you okay good

this is this is the true high note it’s
it’s for you a pretty bizarre thing
happened during last year’s deadly
earthquake off the coast of Mexico and
it doesn’t really bode well for the US
Pacific Coast so this was an
eight-point-two magnitude earthquake and

it was not only much deeper than models
said it should be it actually broke a
tectonic plate into and that’s only been
seen before in a handful of places
doesn’t really happen very often the

scary thing is no one really knows how
it happened some of the experts do think
that it’s possible sea water might have
gotten into the plate that could have
sped up the cooling and made it more
susceptible to tension quakes if that is

the case places along the west coast and
from Guatemala southward and Central
America are susceptible to tension
quakes and they can be super destructive
there’s one in Japan in 1933 that
generated a ninety four foot high

tsunami that killed more than 1,500
people tectonic shifting could go down
man I’m a little worried out there and I

think what’s safer in Washington either
no washing is worse yeah cascading goes
it’s a real mess I mean that’s the one
that we remember you you probably were a

little little kid when the Alaskan quake
went off hmm and they show pictures from
this it was like a high seven but there
was the old old numbering system and
there’s like big chunks of the earth

that are up 50 feet in the air and the
other you know it’s just a mess I mean
huge movement of it’s not like the
little rumbling or a wave or any of
these things that kind of shake the

buildings it’s just more of a mess and
that’s the northern part of these these
but they don’t happen that often they’re
pretty rare well I’m obviously hosting
it also set off some volcanoes you know

they think that Shasta could go off but
that’s Mount Shasta yeah
Mount Shasta has a thing ever going on
has to be chefs well it must have cuz
it’s a huge giant cauldron and cold air

I mean it’s a big giant mountain
water hmm it hasn’t gone off in our
lifetimes but could go off at Mount st.
Helens didn’t either

there’s a buck I don’t know five or six
of these giant volcanoes on the west
coast it could go off yay
super yay as long as you’re down upwind

it’s usually okay all right you got one
more so we couldn’t get out of here I
you know I if I’m gonna do something
from the past shows no no no not to do
that there’s one I really would like to

get out of the way the past show look uh
professor Eric Cline there’s two clips
and Eric Cline is an an archaeologist
who gives really fantastic lectures and

he he talks a little bit about junk
science and one of these one of these
clips and he and he never says it’s
about global about you know the global
warming climate scientists but you can

hear it in there and we’ll play that
clip on the next show I want to play
this clip this is the professor Eric
Cline George Washington he pronounces
Eritrea which is that little country in

Africa that has been mispronouncing as
Eritrea and all these different things
this guy is a world historic
archaeologist type he is going to give

us the right pronunciation and I don’t
believe any of the CNN pronounces or the
gazetteers or any things this is the way
I’ve always pronounced it this is the
queen of point down there on the bottom

and she even tells us that her name is
Etsy ETI so we know that they went down
to put the problem is we didn’t know
where point was it could be Yemen that
could be Theo Pia it could be any number

of places turns out it is Ethiopia or a
ret rear or Ethiopia because I think you
think of you retha or something I know

it’s pronounced you ret Rhea that’s the
way it’s pronounced I’ve always
pronounced that when I’ve been disturbed
by all this mispronunciations I’ve been
hearing on the media
Eretria is typical and he’s the

world-renowned guy the expert in the
field he is the guy
he’s talking about ancient history well
someone better send him a clip of this

once I have it edited the sounds
and that will do it for today’s
deconstruction of your media and other
things looking forward to what our

producers feedback to us it’s how the
value network works and please remember
to support the show at Dvorak org slash
na I’m looking forward to it very much
see you on Thursday until then coming to

you from downtown Austin Texas capital
the drone star states it is in FEMA
region number six at all governmental
maps in the five by nine clue do in the
common law condo in the morning

I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley I don’t know any of the details
except it’s around here somewhere I’m
Johnny Dvorak we return on Thursday with
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I got ants
again ants
I don’t know if he had a you know ants

we had an invasion uh I was thinking if
you d if you desiccated a big pile of
ants and then ground them to a powder

like a fine fine grind a black pepper it
mean we’re having dinner and yeah I got
an ant
somehow is the meal and I ate it these

things are peppery
I got hands
I got a handsome

these as they don’t need a lot and then
you see what you find all the months in
a roamer have go oh I bet back to back
them up by doing the burning Trekkies
torture huge and you leave them there
the only I need are occasional ones

where there’s an ant that you do not
torch and that’s an ant that’s carrying
one of the dead ants back I got ants I
got ants

I got a chance
again ants ants here’s what I’ve said

I’ve said that we need the information
we need to connect the dots and we got a

drill down we’ve got to connect the dots
get the facts connect the dots do
everything that I possibly can to help
connect the dots I’ve said we’ve got to

connect the dots I’ve always said if we
connect the dots I believe that they
should have to connect the dots if we’re
able to connect the dots and if we

determine the facts it the dots are
connected let’s get to the bottom of it
all let’s connect


yeah no I do want to use you because

it’s actually I know I’ll be able to
connect internet eiements in the be
super hurry

selfish dumbass idiot you’re cute
I know ability connects it and that
demon from the B is referring hey
everyone let’s go let’s go let’s go

to the activist bitches supporting

this is directed to the activist bitches

supporting veteran
I just wanted to say

this is directed to the activist bitches
supporting vicious
bitches bitches supporting bitches

this is directed to the activist bitches

supporting bitches mofo
it’s a bad day for Humanity