No Agenda Episode 1082 “Otherize”

oh you made the alien sound that Joe
Rogan makes Adam Curry
Jhansi Devorah nation media
assassination episode 10 82 this is no
agenda from northern valley where

everyone’s talking about bado I’m John

Cena boy okay that’s wrong way to do it
yes we were talking about maybe we

should just reiterate that John and I
pretty much rarely speak during the week
but we don’t speak at all I’d say maybe
an email or two and you’re a little more
active on Twitter so you know I see what

you’re thinking more than usual but we
don’t speak we don’t talk about what
we’re gonna do we each do our own show
preparation ever yeah right in time
perfect so happy it’s gonna be a good

so I have no idea what John’s clips are
I mean I I look at them when they come
in it’s like okay I can see the titles
and I see if there’s anything that I

have is well and how we might fold it
and that’s it and then just before the
show I don’t know we were talking about
oh yes Beto Beto robert Francis Broward
French Benedetto Bidault

and I said did you know that Beto is
married to a an heiress of a 20 billion
a reported 20 billion dollar fortune

and she’s the only child and I said what
they don’t play that up much do they
they don’t play it up at all I just

heard from you this morning that’s why I
wanted to talk about it
he is the daughter of William D Sanders
aka the Warren Buffett of real estate
according to Bloomberg

and she is his only daughter his
portfolio was valued at about twenty
billion dollars
Wow yeah so that’s guys run enjoy so
he’s collecting all this money he’s

collected more money for a guy in a
pretty losing 69 million dollars I’ll
actually I looked at open open secrets
what does it open open secrets who does
all this one of them yeah and it looks

like the majority coming from alphabet
actually Google
yes Google Google boys are trying to buy

good luck Google boys you see bado
O’Rourke I wasn’t all that prepared you
know campaign finance summary you know
here it is Top Contributor University of

Texas of course alphabet wait a minute
why is the University of Texas do did
they give any money to Cruz I mean why

they given money to anybody this is
there always jacking up the tuitions on
the students yet they’re giving money to
political candidates oh yeah this are
they do a lot of that all universities
do that what are you talking about these

are political operations hello yes three
hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars
three hundred twelve seventeen sixty
five two thousand three or twelve app
alphabet inks Inc is second spot then J

Street which is lobbyist lobbyist J
Street late then University of
California 131444 Nia gave Beto one
hundred over a hundred thousand dollars

were you telling me yes that’s what I’m
telling you well the next time they
could but I think I’ve been taken off
the list but they always called the
Alumni up asking for money and I said I
would give you money but you’re just

gonna give it to Obama that’s what had
last time I threatened which was running
to a bomb ministers do they gave Obama a
million dollar something what you asking
for my ten dollars you know or my fifty
or whatever it is and I won’t even give

to the library because I figured they’re
just funneling that over their political
contribution if the University of
California’s got enough money that they
can blow it on the bado thing I’m not
gonna donate and I think they’re

screwing their alumni with this guy not
a song
don’t blame it on moonlight blaming on
the better
oh there’s meadow AT&T and right after
University of California with also a

little over $100,000 now by industry
according to open secrets Democrat
liberal total of eighty eight eight
point eight million dollars retired just
add category retired three million

dollars with a tarp I deal with that is
lawyers and law firms three million
dollars education that’s two point six
so there’s more than just UT and

University of California health
professionals one point three so it
seems like a lot of special interests
are interested in him especially J
Street come on J Street now I guess I

figured that yet Ted Cruz up but move
someone move my little thing is fell off
their shelf you keep your little thing

on the shelf at my computer huh
near Cruz now you were saying that there
was a big push on the media to get this
to get this guy some attention there’s a

number of things I want to mention I
want to talk about that because I have a
thought on that and I also want to talk
about the fact of the Democratic
National Committee’s been telling bado
to give them some of the money do it

he’s got he’s got sixty nine million so
man the candidates that need to use it
and he’s not spending it all apparently
he has ten million left like when I

looked yesterday
oh he’s made quite a bit dinner yeah I
spent quite a bit quite a bit but he’s
getting a lot of exposure he was on he’s
popping up everywhere on pod save
America and Chris Matthews yesterday did

Town Hall at Houston University of
Houston here’s what I think is going on
with the I think that you’re gonna see
even more of them before this before

next week is the media is promoting the
heck out of this guy because they’ve got
to get the old rules back on track
meaning the more you spend the more
likely you are to win yes and this guy

has got
spending he spent 59 million according
to you was holding back ten and he’s
gonna out spend cruise there’s no doubt

about that so he should win out greatly
in the wind he out raised Cruz for sure
yeah by a good twenty million I think
yeah so he should they gotta get him to

win because that they’ve taken breaks it
yeah one guy like this to win and they
could they’re on easy street cuz now
everyone knows he got to spend more
money right yes

everybody wins especially the
consultants the consultants win biggest
wins yeah I don’t think he’s gonna win I
don’t think so either it’s looking it’s
looking like I don’t know I don’t think

side probably the cast at presentable it
means John let’s be honest you’re
talking about Texas
you’re talking about you know the it’s
we our own country here and yeah we got
no problem with Beto and the signs and

everything I got no problem with the guy
seems like a nice guy but you know we’ve
been sold this this threat of the
caravan it’s coming right towards us
this this clearly is not a coincidence

the caravan is it’s heading towards
Texas exactly yeah and they’re horrible
people on it
they’ve taken I guess Fox is kind of

taken the they’ve turned on themselves I
Shepard Smith turned on his own Smith
Ben he’s the token guy what’s the get

out so he’s doing everything he can to
get fired but they won’t fire him but
let’s play the Shepard Smith no invasion
clip tomorrow the migrants according to

Fox News reporting are more than two
months away if any of them actually come
here but tomorrow is one week before the
midterm election which is what all of

this is about there is no invasion no
one’s coming to get you there’s nothing
at all to worry about when they did this
to us got us all riled up in April

remember the result was 14 arrests where
America we can handle it they need to do
this kind of stuff and Shep is the

perfect guy for it now but they love him
there come on
we know who runs all these media outlets
yeah Democrats who that’s fine that’s
fine that’s so they took so because of
this and the other things they took a

big chunk out of Lou Dobbs is show and
shelved it and kept it there and they
took it off on all the recordings even
though there was one of the YouTube
which I listened to because it had to do

with this this this Caravan mm-hmm so if
you read the right-wing press oh my god
they’re trying to suppress this hold on
I I have I have the clips I have the
clip from you have it Lou Dobbs yes yes

at the Louvre before you know I’m gonna
want to dip the meat to mean your clips
because I had the clips too and I think
that they took him off because they’re
they’re incredibly boring

well the it’s just a show I mean this is
one thing what happened is here’s the
sequence of events caravan invasion
scary then we get gap guy kills Jews in

synagogue because Soros Soros becomes
the the calm so widespread that the
Dutch national broadcaster in the

Netherlands wrote an article about Soros
and some and I think they were just
translating I’ve told they do this all
the time
and a real journalist most of them just
wake up in the morning look at the US

papers okay I’ll just translate this and
one line said the Jew Soros
da-da-da-da-da and that one line caused
a national uproar
and what they were in with this juice

juice or OHS and so I think that was the
national uproar in Holland yes I think
that it was translated they were
supposed to be the jewish soros and they
were trying to show that this that he’s

being blamed for this because he’s
Jewish that’s their story but that’s not
the way it was written the Jew Soros so
you get you know Robbie now Danielle

from the defamation League oh no no it
was it got incredibly crazy and you know
and so now you have loot well just play

this do you have the just a little bit
of the clip you love any of it of the
loot I thought it was so no offense to
your clip but I thought it was the
reason they took it off because it was

just it was boring as the distal guy
with a Judicial Watch white right yes
but it’s not tom Fitton it’s got nothing
going on and apparently he’s not

interested apparently he’s been banned
from fox he’s not supposedly for being
dull Fox Business News it’s yeah a model
where he spent four days on the ground

witnessing the caravan just north of the
Honduran border joining us tonight Chris
Farrell director of Investigations for
judicial bombs director investigation
you with us I know that this Caravan was
a subject of considerable interest for

you for judicial watch and certainly for
the American people give us your first
and I’m going to because we have limited
time asking you to be a succinctness
many times sharable your thoughts on
what you witness and what you saw and

hurt it’s an overwhelmingly male caravan
of mid teens to mid 40s
I’d say the women and children a super
minority there are certainly criminal
elements rolled into the caravan there

were children that were recovered from a
human smuggling operation today the
Guatemalans are trying to hold them back
and turn them back but it’s a very grave
situation luckiest groups reported to be

the organizers playing instrumental role
and financial roles leading a Tennessee
fan sure look this is a criminal
involvement on the part of these leftist

groups it’s a highly organized very
elaborate sophisticated operation I have
that from the highest levels of the
Guatemalan government they’re
investigated thoroughly and I strongly
urge President Trump and attorney

General Sessions to do the same comes a
lot of these folks also have affiliates
who are getting money from the Soros
occupied State Department that was it it
was the Soros the Soraa now let me just

explain one thing about this I think
what he’s trying to say it comes out in
the very very unfortunate way is that
the Open Society Institute that George
Soros is is the mothership of all of his

philanthropic deeds gives so much money
to all these little NGOs just of
hundreds hundreds of NGOs but a lot of
the money does come from USAID and that

is directly from the State Department I
think that’s what the guy is trying to
say but it comes out in a way that Brian
seltzer water over there to CNN well he
understood the the dog whistle last

night after I think oh this is with
what’s-his-face to Crystal Bill Kristol
I think it’s a killing right someone on
Cox business had a guest talking about
was of the Soros occupied State

Department yeah let’s pull that up
because a tweet about this by Josh
Marshall went viral we can show you the
honor I want to play the clip from Lou
Dobbs that’s so gross yeah don’t want to
give it any more oxygen but Oh gross I
don’t want to give any more oxygen what

is gross about it well crystal just said
the gross part that was it that was
there’s nothing else in the boring clip
but this continues the point of this
segment as Josh Marshall is saying here

is that Lou Dobbs had a guest on from
judicial watch saying the caravan from
Central America was being funded or
directed by the Soros occupied states
are occupied as a play on Zionist

occupied government which is a very
this is great cirrhosis George and his
little bit of ideas but obsessed with
him for that among other reasons and

this brings it all together so it’s the
Jews the evil Jews occupying the US
government and bringing in alien
invaders into this country and that has
been there’s something to this and I’ll

get to it in a moment far unfortunately
into not just right wing websites but
Eve not the Fox News as we just saw to
get that kind of virus a you’re blaming
them are you blaming them I’m blaming

them for putting that guest on the air
and not you know correcting him in
real-time and I so far as I know 12
hours later doing nothing about it and I
blame me honestly at this level after we
have Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham

and I’ve known all these people in the
past right on TV every night I’m blaming
the management of Fox and the investors
and Fox and the some of the other talent
who are decent people at Fox Ford saying

nothing this has been going on a long
time if you watch Fox in prime time and
I don’t but you read about it you see
clips it’s really appalling and it
watches Fox they’re making money can’t
do what he just did I can’t say this

guys are crazy they’re doing all this
stuff I won’t watch it I’ve never heard
a word of it I heard the clip and
somebody else read about it read about
it horrible it can’t be you can’t be

making these sorts of statements if
you’re on these shows well Bill Kristol
by the way he’s a liar cuz you know he
watches this stuff of course now let me
remind you where this comes from and and

I got a couple emails about it people
reminded me of a clip and I think we
brought it up in a very similar fashion
about and this is I think a lot of the
conspiracy theories from the crazy Jew

haters stems from clips like the
following this was a flashback for the
no agenda show this is we had the set we
played this very short 36 seconds a
couple of years ago this is Barbara

Lerner Spector
she’s the founding director of the PA de
and you may recall that the PI ADA is
PAE I da PI Ida PI Ida I know how to

pronounce it they have a mission and
their mission is the multicultural
integration in this case of Europe so
listen to what she says I think there’s

a resurgence of anti-semitism because at
this point in time Europe has not yet
learned how to be multicultural and I
think we’re going to be part of the
throes of that of that transformation

which must take place Europe is not
going to be the monolithic societies
they once were in the last century Jews
are going to be at the center of that

it’s a huge transformation for Europe to
make they are now going into a
multicultural mode and Jews will be
resented because of our leading role but
without that leading role and without
that transformation Europe will not

survive so this is taken quite literally
and I don’t know what their mission is
what I’m hearing her say this is the
real foundation real outfit is she

the Jews are responsible and it’s their
mission or at least these Jews it’s
their mission to create to Shepherd in
the multicultural society in Europe

that’s what I’m hearing her say and
that’s back what she said that’s
creating resentment
I would think it my yes and so when you
get the the was that the hei see has the

Hebrew international or the Hebrew
immigration aid council
whatever the the squirrel Hills
synagogue shooter was posting about yeah

well yes you know he’s been over
socialized on non social networks and so
he’s his brain fries its I’m not making
excuses just telling you where it’s

coming from and he’s heard about this
and when you hear a clip about that now
that pertains to Europe we’ve see some
pretty nasty things in Scandinavia in
particular was it Denmark where you know

where the guy kill like eighty kids
yeah yeah the end cook that will we
covered it very well at the time just

remember on the island we covered the
heck out of my bridge Brett does doorway
Oh Norway I’m sorry was this thing that
my Norway yes that’s why I didn’t
remember the den work yeah and and you
know so and that one comes from the same

place but here you have you know what’s
happened here is you get Bill Kristol
and Brian Seltzer I think both Jewish
and you know the what they’re doing is

is just putting more flames on the fire
by going from the Jews are trying to
shepherd in the multicultural society
despite what whitey thinks I’m just not

telling you from my perspective but from
what I think these people think oh and
here’s two Jews who run the media
kicking the guy off I mean it’s it’s
it’s very inflammatory

because that’s another staple anti-jew
staple well that’s interesting um I’m
glad you’ve got to get the Lou Dobbs

clip to show people what it was really
about which was a minor comment that was
ill-advised yeah and boring listen to
the whole thing

they cut it out I did I was like I mean
it’s almost like obfuscating the
evidence of faith fake outrage to me
that’s what that’s what it feels more

like than anything else yes the fake
outrage and then well this reminds me
actually of the 911 yeah at Sandy Hook
trying to get us deep platformed here

what role today we played the 911 it was
it was like the lewd obscene it was
boring it was nothing going on that’s
why they didn’t want to play it they

just made up the fact that it was
exciting yes and they they’re making
this up to that this is all some
horrible thing happened on the Lou Dobbs
show and now there’s smeared Lou Dobbs
in the process but it has sparked a

national renew it I mean again that the
the events are very interesting to watch
and just the sequence is so coincidental
where you have Texas lots of money being

spent on bet oh you know we got lyin Ted
sleepy Ted whatever it is we gotta we
gotta hook them up we can’t we can’t we
can’t have Texas flip and I’ve always

said it could flip it wouldn’t be that
hard if you had you know you had the
right candidate and you know I think
right candidate maybe it but right
candidate would help I mean they have
you know they will vote for a Democrat

if this if it’s a concern fashioned
conservative Democrat for bet oh that
guy’s like a like a screw loose liberal
and so offense to all the screws mostly
but he’s got but it’s obvious that we’re

a battleground state for whatever reason
which seems ill-advised but okay so they
pour a lot of money I don’t think it’s
ill-advised I think they figured look
we’re not getting anywhere with this

with our we’re not getting the money
that we should be getting the media
people the media mogul
and we’re not getting the money but what
if we could flip Texas with because we
just over we just got a lot of money

yeah Texas would because you’re not
gonna need you flipping something that’s
always on the borderline it’s not an so
what right but flip in Texas would be
like major boost to the media people

that need more money well I tell you
Austin for one is just bet ole and I
mean they’re the signs problem but the

signs are everywhere I think he lives in
Austin doesn’t he no no he lives in El
Oh El Paso anyway so you have the the

baito surgeons all the money you know
just to make sure let’s whether it was
instigated on purpose or whatever it is
caravan scary invasion caravan scary

invasion then by coincidence
some guy goes off on the Jews I’m just
saying it the way he would say the Jews

helping them to invade us based on this
backstory supported by statements such
as this this lady who’s in Sweden and
you know so he has this theory and he

but there’s there may be some truth to
it I don’t know some he goes off it
kills people and then the caravan story
turns into you know well you know it’s

George Soros you and then we shut it all
down shut down the whole conversation it
seems like both if I if I wasn’t so
skeptical you think both sides are this
is I always have to remind myself the

elections really matter in the power
structure I have no doubt people are
willing to kill maim organize what now
seriously you can get someone killed and

in Holland for 5,000 euros
these days it’s gone down quite a bit
the people haven’t there’s no one these
people don’t give a crap they’ll kill

anything if it if it can get them Texas
or whatever it is
boy both sides Republican did all crazy
there’s crazy powers at work yeah well
wouldn’t surprise some dis will slow

down after the midterm well yes of
course hopefully not too much because
we’ve got some I’ve got some more stuff

I don’t know if it’s yours off too much
but I’m for example the Don Lemon but no
no no that’s not fearing off too much no

no no no you know what actually it’s a
good idea have the full Don line Joe I
do I got the middle cuz here’s what’s
going on is your clip two minutes okay

yeah you want it you want it in context
and then I’d have noticed over the past
four weeks there’s been an increased I’m
seeing increasingly videos going viral

that that showed Democrats being a-holes
racist etc but they are clips out of
context and someone’s doing it much more
professionally than I’ve ever seen

in fact they even got which you want
right and so I do have some examples of
that coming up later but this one of Don
Lemon actually is entirely in context

and here it is with the current the
Cuomo kid it’s not just Pittsburgh it’s
not just the bomber

there was another hate-filled criminal
just last week in Kentucky another white
man history of violence custody for
shooting and killing two African
Americans in a grocery store Kroger’s

but what he tried to do was barge into a
predominantly black church he failed and
then he picked a secondary target he’s
being investigated for hate crimes Don
Lemon is here right now we barely had

time to cover it because we were
distracted by another extremist that was
doing bad things in the name of hey yeah
and then now another one then you have
all of them in a row and you know we
talked to we messaged about this a

little bit this weekend I keep trying to
point out to people not to demonize any
one group or any one ethnicity but we
keep thinking that the biggest terror
threat is something else some some
people who are marching you know towards

the border like it’s imminent and the
last time they did this a couple hundred
people came and they you know most of
them did get into the country
most of them tired you know got tuckered
out before they even made it to the

border so we have to stop demonizing
people and realizes the best pie keeps
it we got to stop demonizing people man
you got to stop this this is Don Lemon

serious Don stop demonize then tuck it
out before the border so we have to stop
demonizing people and realize the
biggest terror threat in this country is

white men most of them radicalized right
up to the edge and we have to start
doing something about them there there
is no ban on you know they had the

Muslim ban there is no white guy yes
rhetorical question there’s no white guy

banned what do we do about that that’s a
question anybody’s asking no so at this
point cuz I’ve seen the viral clip I
thought okay you know there’s probably

something some context that is not there
for whatever reason and on them there is
no ban on you know they had the Muslim
ban there is no white guy ban so what do
we do about that

so in that end first of all let me just
say this by the way stop stopping in the
the must was never a Muslim ban it was a
ban specific to certain countries yes

white guys lived in those countries and
white guys were also banned Don Lemon
his I don’t fees dating or married to a
white guy

his biz boyfriend her husband is a white
huh but he’s a good kind of white guy
see that we have to start getting down
gay 20 seconds there you go Cory’s

Stallard is the name and Vicki Jones and
they had been lost in all of this two
people who were killed on Wednesday that
you talked about they have been lost
about this and I know that people feel
that this story has not gotten enough

coverage and we will honor them tonight
in our program but go on Chris sorry
good no no I’m gonna do it in the
closing you’re making the right point
you’re covering the right story and I
appreciate you for that so it’s true
what he said really came out of his

piehole that’s it’s after seconds after
saying we’ve got to stop demonizing
people but I guess white guys aren’t
people or something somes anti-white

thing that’s going on coincidentally the
murder of Whitey Bulger now lady now
this has multiple layers actually John

this has multiple layers that piles onto
that I do have a Whitey Bulger clip
we’ll play it later because it’s really
not about this anti-white thing but it
is what it is good I read this morning

that they cut his tongue out no no they
yeah well the latest that I heard his
right so I got this morning
oh yeah my understanding is they
attempted to cut his tongue out okay

maybe but listen at it but they did
gouge his eyes out just briefly on this
just just just briefly undone Whitey
Bulger and by coincidence

HLN headline news a CNN sub affiliate
you know their little sister station did
it had a two-hour special running all
day yesterday about Whitey Bulger and

you know was he was he a snitch for the
FBI was he not he claimed he wasn’t
there’s you know there’s an incredible
history behind Whitey Bulger FBI that

tipped him off to get let him escape the
whole Whitey Bulger story is a huge
embarrassment for the FBI yeah but
they’re trying to make amends through

its hgl and they’re not gonna get
anywhere so
Republican louie gohmert wrote a couple
years ago but a long blog post and I put

it in the show notes about Robert
Mueller who at the time was very
involved there was also a rogue outfit
at the FBI in Boston and they were

completely integrated with the gangs
with the Whitey Bulger guy Bulger gangs
and they became criminal themselves and
from what I understand if you read louie
gohmert slogged post he says that Robert

Muller has a lot of problems regarding
Whitey Bulger and I think because Muller
is about to come out with his report

either before after the midterm doesn’t
really matter that’s what that’s what
we’re being told I believe that two
things again coincidence
we got Whitey Bulger very famous a

complete corrupt FBI at the time Robert
Muller at not the director but
high-level in the FBI and then all of a
sudden we have a allegations whether
they’re bull crap or not you know that

he know sexual assault Muller is under
attack now yeah I have and they had
someone had to kill well I think I had
to kill Bulger to shut him up because
you know there’s stories that he was

about to blow the lid on the FBI which
could have totally did even just the
assumption could have completely
discredited Muller well they kept well
first of all day I I can tell you that

the whole Moeller targeting is a hoax
well the the the women think sounds like
a hoax yeah I’m not thinking that the
letter that was sent to the journalist
which was posted that letter was a hoax

I don’t know what letter you’re talking
to talking about there was a letter that
was sent to a number of journalistic
outlets I have a copy recently for a
long time it was the one that set off

this whole thing it was a hook the
letter was sent to WorldNetDaily of just
about all the patrons about the women
who were being paid better the letter

itself was a hoax yeah sure letter
itself was a hoax and it was in a
structure like a hoax yes and it was
designed to embarrass the media cuz
nobody did any research they never found

out who
the letter they didn’t do any of this
because the entire letter was a hoax
done by a couple of guys back east you
want you want to hear the NPR report
this of this letter it’s a pretty funny
wording so ewing joins us now Phil this

is weird we know so far about this story
it’s a very weird story if it’s a hoax
it appears to be a hoax within a hoax so
they’re really stretching now that came

in to inboxes in Washington of reporters
including in PR from someone who called

herself a woman in Florida who had
allegedly been offered money to make
these false charges against Muller and
what may be the case is that woman
actually does not exist and that those
false charges were in fact false charges

about false charges what isn’t clear
whether this was intended to embarrass
the special counsels office or just to
embarrass the journalists who had been
sent this email as they try to
investigate and report on it know that

pretty much backs your story up the hoax
were then a hoax within a hoax here’s an
interesting little factoid and you
actually may not have even realized you

were part of this after Sunday show you
know I always go through the the tweeter
line timeline see what people are saying
make sure one can receive it and if I

think of course I’m if I messed up mop I
have to go correct something and I said
you know if someone retweets the show
I’ll give him a little like you know hey
thanks for retweeting like-like-like and
there was this you know one producer I

get presume who liked it and then all of
a sudden some guy jumps in and starts
yelling at him like yeah you’re full of
crap and all this and you and I are both
tagged in this tweet stream and this

turned the guy who who liked and
retweeted the show was Jacob wall this
is one of the main guys who was supposed
to have created this hoax and here he is
liking our show and then some other guy

comes in like you’re full of crap and
you’re Jacob wall you’re full of this
and and somehow we’re both in this
timeline and more people jump on and
then someone says something about

you know hoax and then you think that
they’re saying something about you and
like show me where I said hoax and then
the guy comes back hey you old clown
shut up Twitter works like wow yeah that
that oh that clown that said that had

like four followers there are way too
many people following the two of us that
are got two followers three followers
four followers and I go and they they

come in with these snide remarks I
really respond to it right but it’s the
buddy that hopes what I found
interesting interesting is one of the
main players of this hoax
apparently listens to our show yeah is

actually the hoaxster no I I don’t know
either but yes it’s good what’s good you
should listen to the show he’s probably

got some good ideas and we back to this
whole thing you want it let’s get these
out of the way since we’re I think it’s
part of the bigger discussion which we
seem to be having about whitey let’s get
the Whitey Bulger dead clip out of the

way so we can hear at least understand
how great it was that he was killed for
many victims of James whitey Bulger’s
reign of terror his violent death
Tuesday seemed all too fitting he

deserved a slow death and that’s what I
hope he got I’m gonna buy myself a ball
with champagne and I’m gonna pump that
cook we are celebrating the the death of
Whitey Bulger radio host and Boston

Herald columnist Howie Carr says
Baltar’s ordered a hit on him after he
started writing about the Irish mobster
according to one of his associates they
they got some c-4 explosives from some

of their crooked FBI agents and tried to
blow me up with it putting it in a
basketball according to the Boston Globe
Boulder’s eyes were nearly gouged out
and two inmates including a convicted

mafia hitman were seen on surveillance
video entering Bulger cell Tuesday
morning I’m glad he did it
if I could I’d put money in his canteen
for Bulger rose to power by ratting out

his rivals in the 70s through the 90s he
seemingly ran the Winter Hill Gang with
impunity having paid off police and FBI

Bulger’s brutality and ruthlessness
inspired Jack Nicholson’s character in
The Departed and Johnny Depp played him
in the movie Black Mass in 1995 tipped
off to an imminent federal indictment

Bulger and his longtime girlfriend
Catherine Greig went on the run landing
him on the FBI’s most wanted list when
they were finally found 16 years later
they were using fake names and posing as

retirees in Southern California
Scott Gary Ola the FBI special agent who
arrested Bulger spoke with 60 minutes
steve Kroft
in 2013 i asked him to identify himself

and that didn’t go over well he asked me
to eff and identify myself which I did
and I asked him I said are you are you
Whitey Bulger
he said yes you’re not supposed to be

happy when someone dies but this guy was
a monster a fiend and one of the most
horrible people I ever hope to me I do
like the subtle persuasion of kill

yes kill whitey and we’re glad white
he’s dead yeah why white he’s dead yeah
now which is in coincidence with Don

Lemon commentary and a lot of the other
stuff mm-hmm now the funny thing about
this about the Whitey Bulger thing was
that he besides being tipped off by the
FBI so he could escape and kind of leer

he was 89 but the federal prisons prison
guys kept moving him from prison to
prison I think they were trying to get
him killed and they finally found a
prison with these guys this one guy in
particular who was like a fanatic is it

looks like a good looking guy to a Greek
Greek never a made man Greek hitman and
who hated two things according to one of
the reports he hated snitches and he

hated wimp at people who abused women
hmm and white he was both he’d used to
kill women oh yeah
he him and a Brenda his in the prison
who thought he was a nice guys they took

them stuff something in his mouth and
they starting to kill it by beating him
to death and they seemed to really show
that you know there’s no bruises on

anybody I guess I think this guy’s gonna
kind of get off hey maybe it was an
extraction maybe white he’s not dead who
and if for the FBI I don’t know I I’m
just throwing stuff out it’s not pretty

not much crazier than kill whitey being
related to Don Lemon I mean that’s oh

okay where were we well I can go back to
I have a little clip of Mika talking
about the caravan okay let’s go
Brzezinski from the morning Joe’s let’s
pull back and look at the politics of

this I’m a suburban mom a privileged one
for sure but I think I have a pretty
good feel for why a lot of these
competitive suburban house districts
seem to be trending toward the Democrats

most days it seems like the entire Trump
presidency has been purposefully geared
toward alienating suburban women some of
whom chose Trump over Hillary Clinton

but are now looking to put a check on
this out-of-control presidency his
Policy scandals his rhetoric all things
that are deeply disturbing to many

Americans but if you’re a woman and a
mom and just a regular voter how can you
look at Donald Trump’s reaction to those
bombs sent to some of his most prominent

critics and his graceless behavior in
the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue
shooting and not be to put it bluntly
absolutely disgusted luckily this week

Trump will continue to campaign hard for
his Republican candidates not shying
away from making this election of
referendum all about him there are a lot

of segments of the electorate that will
determine how things turn out next week
but I say I beg I plead to all mothers
not just who those who live in suburbs

but everywhere
think about what message voting for
Republicans will send to Donald Trump
think about your children the people

that are making it about Donald Trump
are isn’t Donald Trump yes everybody

else I have a clip of Elizabeth Warren
being called out oh this is great I’m
glad you called out for election
campaign violations it doesn’t I didn’t

clip it because I wondered if it would
work without seeing that silly
expression on her face that’s very but
the thing is he calls her out on this

and she immediately turns it into a
Donald Trump thing and one other thing
that really we found out recently I
think is pretty unconscionable is the
fact that Senator Warren was fundraising

illegally using the vote on justice
Cavanaugh the confirmation vote to try
to raise money for her campaigns that
just came out you know if that’s

something that you should not be doing
first of all when we are having a
national discussion about the Supreme
Court’s trying to fundraise off it but
you did and turns out it’s illegal
can I no go ahead please yeah the

question here I I hear mr. deals a
statement about how wrong it was the way
that dr. Ford was treated but I don’t

mr. deals speaking up when Donald Trump
made fun of her I don’t remember mr.
deal speaking out when the Republicans
were actually ramrodding through the
Cavanaugh nomination I may have just

missed it but I I don’t remember it you
know that’s because senator Warren I
don’t look for every opportunity to try
to grandstand you know I don’t want to
call you responding to the mayor of
Somerville of Somerville making a pretty

negative statement this last week but
the fact of the matter is that was such
an intense moment in our country’s
history as far as trying to deal with
presumption of innocence the cornerstone

of our legal system and you were willing
to throw it right out the window because
you were part of the
Senate Democrats who are trying to score
political points by using poor dr.

Ford’s testimony as a way to drag down a
man without any corroborating evidence I
don’t think I quite understand the
answer because I’m looking for the times
when you have called out Donald Trump

when he states under someone like dr.
Phil when it’s made fun of someone who’s
very bold I would I would like to drill
down and what representative deal said
the the fundraising while the vote was
being taken on the Cabaret did you or

did you not do the end actually I don’t
know and I don’t know what the committee
plane has been filed about a fundraiser
I will check into it she’s toast well

she’s a Democrat and by the message nuts
they know of Democrats you know what

really what was noticeable to me when I
saw that clip was the incredible cuz
almost not used to a debate the last
time we saw a debate and well there was

cruising Beto but you know really inured
mind a debate between a Republican and a
Democrat is shouting match it’s Trump
you know bah-bah-bah and this was this
case well but but it was very

interesting just because the the format
is I mean here’s what I’d like to lead
into I’m noticing that people are either

trying to go the opposite way like this
very calm and collected or like
President Obama trying to do a little
bit of Trump eeeh stuff
Obama can’t do it yeah but he’s trying

he’s trying to get mad and he’s trying
to yeah well he yellow you have the
stammering clip about the caravan yeah
let me see how long mine is let me see I
have it here oh yeah

this is he’s in Wisconsin which is of
course very important exactly the same
same length that mine’s a little longer
the same clip yeah yeah Obama and it’s
actually the first time I saw this I

didn’t have that I just somebody said
look at this and I looked at it but I
didn’t I never turned the sound down
because I was just watching him and he
looks like he’s on I mean seriously
unglued he’s freaky looking he’s his his

hair is like you know turned almost half
gray and he’s he just doesn’t look
healthy he looks terrible and and when
he does this bit here he has no prompter

and he’s just going shooting
off-the-cuff and we know what happens
when he when he’s shooting off-the-cuff
he starts to stutter yeah he stutters
yeah so here he is in Wisconsin which is

you know the is now claimed as the that
was the state the only 70,000 votes in
Wisconsin so he’s trying to rile
everybody I think only a thousand people
maybe in the audience what didn’t seem

like a huge crowd I ain’t no thousand
people of anything is pretty big and he
and I think he’s really trying to do a
little bit of you know Trump energy
that’s not the thing that is the most
important thing in this elect not help

dear enough not you know whether or not
folks are able to retire
not not you know doing something about
higher wages rebuilding our roads and

bridges and putting people back to work
I thought he’s just spouting off I think
we have way yeah where was he during his
eight years in so far as building

rebuilding roads and bridges but I’d
like some president for eight years
where are these roads and bridges don’t
you remember when he started off
shovel-ready jobs yeah shovel-ready jobs
the bank’s got all the money Oh

silly us but yes we’re why aren’t you
getting Joe it seems like we do have
more jobs but okay this group of folks
it’s just now it’s not notice how it

goes from asylum-seekers people very sad
trying to get away from from certain
death in their country which is what
we’ve been told it’s like these people

are running for the for that lives they
for this one a better life and now he’s
diminishing them there’s important
people back to work
suddenly it’s this group of folks we
don’t even know where they are they’re

way down there
the biggest thing and you know it serves
the elections over

hey everybody like what what happened we
were being invaded where to go yeah you
know what it would be funny except they

do it every time and too often it works
everybody gets all freaked out and we
got to stop falling for this stuff we’re

like Charlie Brown with football yes
you can’t fall for that okey doke
I love we can bring our old songs back

now man wait there was something else in
there oh yes

he says Lucy in the football and this is
this was interesting to me Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown with the football because
I was reading let me see let me see
where this is there was an article that
I got to an article from 1990 about

Trump and let me see where it is
I’m not quite it was it I was led to it
from some other article from from last

year and it’s it’s around the time when
you know it’s got Marla maples is just
coming into his life the casino is going
down there’s all this stuff happening
and it’s a very it’s a Vanity Fair

actually so this is you know big big
piece you know about all the grandeur
and his rise to the power and how
everyone loves him and the rap stars and
then all of a sudden he had this

horrible bankruptcy and he comes right
back and and the media just was all over
him and at the end of the of the article
and this is why I’m a little pissed I
can’t find it that easily it actually

says that the the press is waiting for
him at the court in the in the press
room at the courthouse for one of his
many piece of litigation and the
journalists are there yelling at each

other I can’t believe it we let that we
built this guy we gave him all the
publicity and now he’s screwing us we
hate this guy I’m like it’s a complete

they’ve already gone through this one
out that’s actually what I filed it
under fractal there you go
it’s Donald and Ivana Trump’s divorce
the full story let me just read the last
the last paragraph to you so I get it
this very long article um here it is I

wandered down to the prints the the
writer the interviewer I wandered down
to the press room on the fifth floor to
hear about Trump’s testimony the
reporters sounded weary they had heard
it all before

quote god damn it one shouted at me we
created him we bought his bullshit he
was always phony and we filled our
papers with him they’ve done it before
it’s it’s his oh it’s his playbook

fractal its total huh huh do I have the
fractal thing I haven’t used that in so
frak don’t a good catch well I thought
of you when I read that like holy crap

they’ve been down this road with him
miss a fractal ah now just staying on
this for one second scaramouche e the
scaramouche was on Bill Maher Friday
yeah and you know this this show was

actually was interesting to watch his
stormy Daniels on he didn’t ask anything
of any importance except at the ends
that you did something important for the
country like it’s worthy watching just

for that one quote from dole mark but
scaramouche is on promoting is his book
so scare Moochie for eleven days was the
press secretary for Trump and now this
is a couple minutes this and I believe

his sole purpose to be there was to get
rid of Reince Priebus get it as a
hatchet man
oh very possible now what he is going to
do in this clip and he was really of
course the odd man out you got max boot

who’s on the panel along with the Betsy
Woodruff who’s from The Daily Beast
she’s frightening she’s just like chief
ice-cold just liking points and

grimacing and oh I rolling and they got
Mar and then serene and scaramouche
scaramouche is desease on the panel he’s
on the panel he’s different he’s

outnumbered so he’s really outnumbered
but what he’s trying what he’s trying to
do is explain to Bill Maher in
particular but to everyone in the panel
what Trump is doing with the media when

it comes to lies and so you know then
there’s this whole lead-in which I had
left off of Bill Maher reading all the
lies and everyone’s getting he lies he
lies it just lies he’s a liar thousands

of lies so many lies and scary much the
whole time is trying well let me let me
just explain what let me just explain
what’s happening so cuz you’re you know
and he actually says you’ll hear it in

this clip if you want to beat him listen
to me do you think they listen by the
way no it’s an incredibly important
point here to refute what Anthony’s
trying to say here which is that you

know somehow politicians lie and he
maybe lies a little bit more no this is
off the charts flying this is a blizzard
by the way in all of these shows but

there’s a real problem that they’re
going to have to address pretty soon you
cannot produce a television show where
after everything someone says which is
pretty much all virtue signaling you get

15 seconds of applause it’s annoying as
a viewer it had they have to figure
something out because it’s it’s it makes
the clip twice as long because a lot of
politicians lie a little bit for Donald

Trump lying as the default mode
according to the Washington Post he lies
an average of eight times a day if he
tells the truth it’s an accident okay
calling him out on it is a lot like

being the hall monitor in the elementary
school calling them out on it just like
elementary schools need Hall monitors
really help you you obviously want to

beat the guy right yes okay so if you
want to listen I can actually provide
some insight so what he is doing is he
is galvanizing his base he has figured
out that by mechanizing these words the

way he has and getting you upset and max
upset and having ten people at CNN read
the lies and I think the Washington Post
has them to six thousand lies let’s say
it’s ten thousand lines its

record-breaking on you let’s say it’s
50,000 I mean let me make the point it
says fifty thousand what he’s doing is
he’s got the volume up on something and
he’s made it a calculated bet that the
people that are voting for him don’t

care about that and he’s made a
calculated bet why I said right but okay
but what is the what is the alternative
if you’re saying don’t so I’m out on the
line minutes things all that doesn’t

matter we want and they lost What did he
say I get that but what is the
alternative to not calling out lies we
all live in a world where we’re
pretending what the Mad King sees is we

also we don’t call them out on that
because it’s okay to call them out on it
but you see how upset you’re getting
right now there’s a group of people

upset everybody should be she’s not
getting it
I haven’t gotten a fair shake from their
government so if you call them out for

the lies people think you’re not being
when you I be back after the election
and he’s wanting again I’ll explain to
you what he did to you you’ve explained

it but it’s not really advancing why
explanation but that’s the strategy and
it’s working
now this this woman’s gonna say
something but it’s another minute but I
couldn’t really take her out cuz of

contacts but she’s annoying two years
there’s gonna be a national crisis
there’s gonna be some sort of mass
casualty event or recession or economic
disaster and the American people will
need to know that someone in a position

of authority is telling them things that
are true every time the president tells
a ridiculous mythological magic magical
nonsensical lie yes there is a business

defense that you can make from sort of
this political Machiavellian perspective
but in the long term for this country
it’s laying the groundwork for Chicken
gonna help say what he said if you

notice the mooch comes in and says
that’s the chicken losing a little
argument exactly wit answer the question
you’re asking and you’re gonna like the
second half of the show probably a

little more I’m not asking you a
question I’m trying to explain you what
he’s doing and you’re very animated
about it and a lot of people like that
maybe not these people but there’s a
large group of people in Middle America
that like animated about this assaults

on truth Anthony and we can’t even
really actually give you the playbook I
know but we’re not having the same

conversation which is trying to say
Trumbull that the whole idea is here

aisles everybody up and and his
supporters love watching you blow your
top and he’s blowing his top as he’s
saying that this is dumb

it’s very funny that’s one of the really
thats an outstanding borderline clip of
the day now much did a good job on that
to back up that clip I have the Jon

Stewart on Trump where he where he
explains what Trump is doing the
journalist nobody’s really paying much
attention this is Christiane Amanpour

and I think he’s doing a thing over in
London with the Dave Chappelle special
in this in this clip do you thing
because obviously we’re all caught up in

this sort of daily from fest I mean
every single newspaper every radio
station every bit of social media got to
make money to pay man you got electric
bills you got food you know this guy is

he’s giving you all cash the cash flow
in the Trump era for for these TV
stations and for this I say that might

have been an issue and maybe it still is
an issue for the people who are the bean
counters but we the journalists we I
think believe that our job is to
navigate the truth and to do the
fact-checking and all the rest of it so

I think that’s what motivates I think
the journalists have taken it personally
okay they’re personally wounded and
offended by this man he baits them and
they dive in and what he’s done well I
thought is appealed to their own

narcissism to their own ego because what
he says is these are the been the
journalists and I would say we are noble
we are honorable how dare you sir and
they take it personally and now he’s
changed the conversation to not that his

policies are silly or not working or any
of those other things it’s all about the
fight he’s able to tune out everything
else and get people just focused on the

fight he’s gonna win that fight you know
even about Bob Woodward said that in his
book on the on the Trump White House
that a lot of journalists are too
emotional about this but it’s hard for
us to be dispassionate when words from

the White House are aggressive against
us and and and and you know raise the
stink of the community think of the
community think of Muslims I think oh

the black me you know what you know you
know what he’s doing what’s happening
right here is Jon Stewart is explaining
identity politics as it pertains to
journalists he’s saying but he does I
don’t think he realizes it but the

identity politics primarily the Democrat
Party is speaking to LGBTQ community
speaking to the people of color
community speaking to the Latino
community speaking to all these

different communities and now he’s
literally putting the journalists into a
politically identified grows as as a
victim this would be natural to him

recive against us and and and and you
know raise the community think of
Muslims think of the black people you

know when journalists rise to this
outrage of how dare you say that’s about
us think of the lives that they’ve been
leading under this and and all right
what they’ve been put under yeah I think

it’s identity politics no number of
things that I find to be quite
interesting but I’m reminded of the
early Trump campaign before he actually

was running but he was starting to run
or maybe he’s right after he came down
the escalators that when he said all
Mexicans are rapists yeah that yeah that
that’s what he did because that by the
way is repeated every day it’s not even

a question yes nobody cared that’s not a
no that’s not a lie no no no so but
that’s but anyway I remember him being
interviewed down in that inside the
Grand Central Hyatt with by Katy tur oh

yeah he insulted her yeah we had the
clip he insulted her a number of times
says well you know you’re not doing a
very good job at you just not the right

clinical you want me to help you help
you answer these cast these questions
because you don’t apparently don’t know
what you’re doing within within and I
think she grew from there on she just
held a grudge and she couldn’t run it

out of her craw all right and then then
nice the next time we saw it that we
exploited it on where we exploited it
was this keV let’s say was a Katy tur
unloads on Trump over violence at

no this no this this was
the result I don’t think you can find
that all the way Katy tur versus Trump
maybe let’s play it says part three so
let’s see I want this months of flying

under the radar and refusing to comment
on Trump Rubio is now attacking perhaps
smelling blood in the water
no ok alright anyway the next one that
happened that we put on the show was

major Garrett who also had this huge
hard-on for Trump after this he insulted
him he says you know you maybe should do
your job a little better or something
just some minor thing but you could see

that Garrett wasn’t insulted and these
journalists are actually the ones who
are thin-skinned I think Jorge nailed it
yes he nailed it these guys are all

biting at the chomping at the bit to
like you know get back at Trump in the
instead of doing their job and that’s
what we’ve kind of our show is about
doing their job for them and you’re

right Stuart nails that he says the way
these people must feel because of course
they feel that way because of what the
victimization that’s being pumped into
them mainly from Democrat politicians

you know that yeah that’s hurtful and so
that’s what it’s like with you guys and
you’re not realizing that even though he

said the fake news is enemy of the
it is now boiled down to do you have a
press card you might as well have a
target on your head and by the way it
was the media itself

that you know they’re worried about
Trump’s lies but they’re the ones
they’re the ones is the media that
turned it from fake news is the energy
of the people which was what he said

true fake news fashion and they and they
the media in general didn’t like that so
much they wanted to be the enemy of the
people because they’re the ones that
change that they there’s no wanted to be

the victim they wanted to be the victim
at there’s not one journalist that
doesn’t know that’s a lie so they want
to be the victim and now they’re reaping

to the victim sorry yes fakeness fake
news but the Stewart I think we always
sense this can theme I’m glad Stewart

said this because I don’t think we fully
realized the the horror that these
people have put themselves up themselves
themselves themselves to listen to
scaramouche II lecture them and then get

worked up right in front of your very
eyes it’s enough opener it’s beautiful
now we have this guy that I don’t
remember his name but he came on Jake

Tapper show I believe in temperatures
yes yes yes everything he said this is a
clip that’s been going around another
example of a guy who’s completely off
the deep end
trying to hold it together he’s an
analyst I believe I don’t have his name

here and he starts going on in in in
this very long clip it’s 2:18 you can
kill it if you think it’s boring but he
gives all the talking points that the
Democrats are starting to use and one of

them which is in here and I’ve heard it
it was just done by one of the
commentators on CNN it’s done by deaf
which people clip for me there’s a bunch
of people saying it trump is worse than

Isis yes we know that it’s on the
rotation making is using isacs isis
tactics to radicalize the public in
general you know there’s the right-wing

machine is somehow radicalizing
everybody into Isis meant to even use
that as a comparison you have to be so
hard up and again you talking about
Trump talk about issues to talk about

the roads do something else but no no
they’re gonna go
this is direction that Democrats are
going what we are seeing just as we saw
young displaced evil or sick or just
plain losers be radicalized by Isis is

evil actual the term evil on the
rotation list I have a feel I don’t
really but I don’t think I’ve heard this
a couple times

yeah but evil yeah well I think it was
just oh we are seeing the same thing in
the United States right now these two
losers these two sick people these two
evil people three evil people being

radicalized by this right-wing
propaganda industry who was the third
person in Kentucky oh and that’s exactly
what it is

this whole caravan in the last week of
the election is a giant lie this is
Trump’s Reichstag fire it is known as
the United States military the most

powerful armed force in the world would
be deployed at a brigade size unit level
to the southern border you know I just
want to make one you know having grown

up in the Netherlands I’m very sensitive
to the Nazi stuff because I grew up you
know over sensitive over sensitized to
that because I kids I played with the
grandmothers were home they had numbers
tattooed on their arm so you know this

this was there this was not brought up
certainly not in this context but there
was kind of a general agreement and
we’re not gonna blame the Jews for
anything but we’re not gonna blame the
Germans or anyone else for the like Nazi

stuff and you know you can’t have it’s
in in Europe at least at the time you
couldn’t do that like theirs it was look
we fought that war it’s done everyone
step back from it by the way in that

article that’s how I got to the article
about Trump in the press it was an
article that he has a a book and this
was this goes back to 1990 that he has a
book of Hitler’s speeches next to his

bed now so they’ve been doing this
they’ve been doing this this thing a lot
yes yeah and of course that later
morphed into he has mine com
next to his bed but I digress but this

is really unconscionable I think it’s
just as bad as calling Jews out as being
responsible for anything
it’s horrible and but yet it’s passable
to stop this caravan which is a thousand

miles away and made up of women and
children the insinuations that it’s
filled with terrorists and Middle
Easterners 40 percent of the country has
opted into an alternate reality we have

to wake up in this country and
understand the danger that this presents
to all of us we can’t put our heads in
the sand

Kellyanne Conway despicably today goes
on national television as she said well
this shooters motives were because
there’s an anti religious sentiment no

the propaganda industry that she
commands with the vile president that
she serves abetted by Mark Laval and
Rush Limbaugh and Breitbart and News
Buster’s and judicial watch and all the

rest of them man couldn’t we get on that
list they mentioned almost everybody
have blood on their hands Oh for the
incitement that they have made and
radicalized these crazy people it is

deliberate in intent these scapegoats
minority populations he alleges
conspiracies he creates a sense of
shared and virtuous victimhood positions

himself as the Avenger and there is no
cost too high
so long as it benefits his narcissism so
long as it benefits him politically well

well I certainly have something to say
about that specifically what the cause

of these people doing these things is I
have some thoughts but I’d like to first
thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you John C Dvorak with
the C stands for caravan of love in the

morning to you mr. Adam curry in the
morning and all the ships at sea boots
on the ground feet in the air subs in
the water and all the days and nights in
the morning to the troll room who always

see the bat-signal appear and they even
tweet control room and we appreciate
y’all showing up here that is no agenda
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keeping us company and makes the show
that much more exciting if you do any

type of podcast I would recommend that
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recording and is the feedback loop is
incredibly important it also makes you
feel that you’re alive that you’re doing

something you get some feedback and it’s
I’d like it very much and so it’s
appreciated also I want to say in the
morning to mark gee two in a row we
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it and the cover art was a Warhol esque
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that we liked it too is fantastic and we
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with advertising no because and we’ve
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or they got pressured I ran a whole
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right that’s what the moniker comes from

by the way there was a month it was a
mantra there Oh Brad and Brandon safe
advertising it means you can’t really
produce what you want to yeah no cussin
is what really amounts I got so many

notes for a different topic we’ll talk
about and one of them was from naive
London girl and she had a show about sex
and we had it on pod show UK and I
remember we had to sometimes obfuscate

it from our home page because like some
investor would see it just investors
alone and then you know what we’re going
on a pitch we’re gonna pitch some
advertising Oh tape and take naive
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you had a big boob and stuff in her in
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maybe some karma from the good folks at
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thank you I thought the proposal was on
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many laughs as foamer boy losing it
thank you and keep up the amazing work
best Montana made
you’ve got karma did you see Dame Tanya

tweeted she was getting on the on the
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you’ve created a whole new foamer of her
out of her good Dame Dame foamer Tanya

yeah and she tweeted oh my god
it’s taken a life of its own people are
starting to appreciate the great

railways of the past and the current yes
York’s got lots of trains you can take
every which way
yes commuters mostly but they’re still

that’s Montana John Glenn I think plenty
our clinics KL ent and Cincinnati Ohio
200 bucks no jingles no Carmen that
wraps up our executive an associate

executive producer segment for show 1082
yes and thank you all so much these
credits as always are real so if you’re
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executive producer you can put that

anywhere credits are recognized and you
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hey yeah we’re helping you keep your

sanity so why don’t you go out there and
propagate the formula part for me is
who hit people in the mouth
I am so I want to talk for a second

about you know people you know going
crazy and they’re on the social media
and the killing people and and this came
to a head with the Squirrel Hill a
synagogue shooter then we discussed it I

think as we were talking about it on
Sunday gab dot a I was a gap that I owe
a gab gab the social network gab yeah

gaps was as they call it no platformed
which includes taking them you know it’s
basically it’s the Cabal of Technology
where you have your you have all you

little bits and bobs and you have your
DNS and you know if your DNS provider
because it’s so outrageous that they
would provide DNS lookup for you because
yeah I don’t know you’re associated with
Jew haters and whatever else the media

throws on you and killers and crazy
people and just nut jobs so though
they’ll say we’re not gonna provide that
for you and then your where your hosting
provider and then PayPal and so these

guys basically got wiped out and you
know that I would say thee no matter
what you do if you have anything
centralized and certainly if if their
model is not advertising but if you have

models advertising is there’s a lot of
problems but first I want to just hear
NPR talking about gab after the
synagogue attack yeah is a site that
proudly promotes free speech it boasts

that it lets anyone say anything but
it’s been controversial and I do want to
point out that in this interview they
did with the founder of gab he posted
the whole you know I was very typical

they called you know this woman actually
called him he recorded the whole
conversation was about 15 minutes and
most of what he was saying is you know
we adhere strictly to the First
Amendment so if you incite hate wearing

up someone reports it we we take you
down but sitting you know we’re not
policing everything and you know the
only if it comes to you know a
reportable event then then we’ll take
that down and we’ve worked tirelessly

with law enforcement we have a whole
record of this guy we gave everything
none of that is in the interview of
course critics have called it a home for
anti-semites and white national
Robert Bowers was he I like that

unattributed critics that’s pretty
that’s pretty nasty when I think about
it critics have called it a home for
white nationalists what could you tell
me one critic maybe who calls it that or

do you have someone there Semites and
white nationalists Robert Bowers was a
user before allegedly going on a killing
spree he posted about the Hebrew
immigrant Aid Society a group that

supports refugees
he said the group quote likes to bring
invaders that kill our people I can’t
sit by and watch my people get
slaughtered screw your optics I’m going

in and root or ba is the CEO of gab in
an interview with NPR he defended the
platform I don’t know you see a direct
threat in there but I don’t what would

you expect it to do with post like that
so you what you want us to just censor
anybody that says the phrase I’m going
in so that what you’re proposing here
and here’s the thing he answers a bad

speech or hate speech Harvey wanted to
fine that is more speech and it always
will be
when does online free speech become a
threat this isn’t the first time the

issue has come up in social media just
last week it came to light that the man
accused of sending explosive devices to
prominent Democrats in the media had a
history of threatening tweets tourbus

says gab follows strict rules including
no threats he says he created gap
because he saw no room for conservative
points of view on social media take

Twitter Twitter thousands upon thousands
of people calling for someone to kill
Donald Trump saying they’re going to
kill Donald Trump expressing hate
towards white people towards Christians

towards minorities who may now support
Donald Trump they allow hate to be
spewed at certain groups and certain
people so where is the line between free

speech and inciting violence I think the
line is where free speech becomes a
threat Kelly McBride is a senior vice
president at the Poynter Institute for

Media Studies she says tawbah is
prioritizing free speech
above all other constitutional values
and that is not necessarily what our
constitutional framers intended right

they didn’t want the government curbing
free speech nor did they want citizens
to be irresponsible with their speech
she says last year Google bandgaps on
Apple rejected it and Microsoft

terminated its agreement with it last
month I didn’t even know all that was
going on just in the last 24 hours at
least two web hosting platforms have
suspended gab CEO Andrew Taba is not

backing down we’re not going anywhere
tourbus says god condemns the shooting
but he thinks it’s now being targeted
unfairly over the weekend the social
media site was filled with anger some of

it directed at the Jewish community
so gab is immediate because it’s for
free speech is immediately alt-right Jew

haters you know crazy crazy people and a
lot of a lot of what is going on is
blamed on president Trump and you know
the rhetoric but III think I’ve I’m

developing a theory and I want your
feedback on it John because I am putting
a lot of things together and it really
started a couple days ago there was this
was a tweet or someone said hey check

and see if your shadow band and yeah and
of course we’ve talked about shadow
banning like well let me see what this
is so I and I didn’t have to enter my
password or make it an app or anything I
just entered your Twitter username in it

and I couldn’t understand the results
that were coming back it was like one of
those you know hosted at a in a tilde
slash directory on someone’s university
account you know what I mean well it’s

basically dot HTM almost so very it’s
like a perl script running somewhere and
what it was spinning back was not yet
every it had a number of posts like the

last 10 post not shadow band but then
had stuff that would say six people saw
it three people saw it you know then 130
percents very odd and a dawned on me I
finally figured out what was happening

what this so-called shadow banning is
this is really the algorithm that
Twitter uses and I’m going to assert
that it’s the same algo that Facebook
uses Edie

now there’s no I’ll go on for instance
Reddit and the algorithm on Instagram is
a little different but when it comes to
pure and I’m just gonna keep it Twitter

for to make it easy what the algorithm
does is if you post a tweet and let’s
say you get eight responses the
so-called shadow banning is really what
the replies are coming back which if you

look at your Twitter timeline everything
is kind of the same weight and design
you know it’s like tweets kind of as big
as your own original tweet the algorithm
is deciding which of the replies it’s

going to surface so you know you’ll see
your original tweet and it’s like a
reply and then there may be seven more
underneath there but and so this is
where kind of this oh I got shadow band

yeah I’m trying to tweet to you but it’s
you’re not seeing it people aren’t
seeing it this is what the actual algo
does and it makes sense you know coming
from the RSS world I was a part of that
very early on and you know and everyone
had Google Reader and you know you could

with your blog’s go back and forth where
people weren’t freaking out on each
other I mean this goes back to Usenet if
I may be so bold as to braise that
Usenet there was a lot of vitriol a lot

of hate there was a lot of moderation a
lot of and this is where good ones law
came from from from the old Gotham’s
like Godwin’s law the old bulletin

boards but it was not the same nuttiness
that we’re seeing on Twitter and I I was
reading an article about if you remember
the that Microsoft they had that tie or

take a chatbot that it was on on the web
for 24 hours it was recently yeah yeah
24 hours and then they had to take it
down because all it was doing was

tweeting like you know Hitler was right
you know kill all the Jews and just
insane stuff but
here’s here’s what I think I understand
about what’s going on the in fact here’s
what they say Microsoft said the AI chat

bot Tay is a machine learning project
designed for human engagement as it
learns some of its responses are
inappropriate and in an indicative of
the types of interactions some people

are having with it we’re making some
adjustments to Tay and then thing never
came back because I believe that this
magical algorithm that is used for
engagement so let’s understand that on
Twitter the algorithm has one job and

then because we know the goal we can
reverse engineer what’s going on the
goal is to create inventory every single
time you click on something a new page

or something appears but it really is an
advertising inventory you you agree with
that I’m not gonna disagree with it well
so the algorithm doesn’t know I think

you’re doing is you’re taking ownership
of Twitter and this is how you you
reverse engineer something to make money
this is what you enjoy you do it yeah

and and this of course is the fallacy
this is the problem with Twitter is
because of their model their model is
advertising advertising needs inventory
it needs what they call engagement so
engagement is created by the algorithm

how does the algorithm do it it doesn’t
know what you don’t like it only knows
what you have clicked on and it takes
that as a one it’s only really only a
one or zero maybe one day with with the

one they flip on your webcam they can
see what part of the page you’re looking
at and you looked at it but you didn’t
click on it but they really don’t just
like Tay all they have is what the user
is giving it the algos entire job is to

find something else that will make you
click it thinking you’d like it but
here’s the thing just like Tay we as
humans we get off I mean it’s
physiologically proven I don’t have to

you know dredge up what social what
scientists are saying about all kinds of
pulses you get and all kinds of dopamine
hits when you get something making
something pissed off whether it’s a

person or whether it’s a chatbot is what
we love
we can’t help ourselves we’re anonymous
it’s kind of the ultimate game you know
what’s on the line well your job your
reputation your friends your family with

whatever you say it’s kind of risky to
go on there but you can make just like
scaramouche was saying the whole idea is
to piss the other side off and so the
algorithm doesn’t understand there’s no

could do you it’s machine learning
he doesn’t have emotions it doesn’t
understand what anger is you know it has
no idea all it’s doing is just oh you
want this I’m giving you more of that

giving you more of that now when this
takes place it to me it should be
labeled like alcohol because social
networks are fine and I don’t know what
gab was doing if they had an algorithm

or not doubtful and so you know like No
Agenda social is just a straight up you
know reverse chronological order feed
and yes there’s no there’s nothing there

to try and give you stuff to make you
post more because you’re pissed off so
when this happens and this is what
Professor Ted Kaczynski said there’s
this over socialization that takes place

and this is also part of the swearing
I’m noticing more people on the Left
saying fuck and the reason why is it
they need to let something out when you
say fuck and I can feel it no your

pupils get dilated your pores open up
there’s a whole physiological thing that
happens and it’s a release of tension
that’s why they’re doing it so we’re so
over socialized you can’t say anything

and then you just start yelling at each
the algo keeps just keeps spinning that
up spinning it up at a certain point you
pop off and you go nuts and I guarantee
you we’re gonna see a lot more of it and

I’m not against algorithms we can’t stop
what’s going on but it should at least
be labeled as dangerous to your health
because it this this is what’s creating
the violence in real life is the

algorithm on advertising based social
networks because you don’t hear someone
from reddit necessarily getting all nuts
you don’t hear now Instagram also has

algorithm but they have designed it
differently where the context is a
picture and the comments sure that can
be 5,000 comments of people yelling but
it doesn’t show up in your feed it only

shows a few it’s hidden it’s much
smaller it’s down below that thing is an
advertisers dream that’s working very
well you’ll hear people from Instagram
going killing people now it’s Twitter or
Facebook and I’m convinced they hit this

algorithm is bullcrap is just as stupid
they don’t they can’t make it any better
the machine doesn’t know and has no
incentive to give you calm calm and
collected lovely stuff no that’s not

what we want
okay I think these guys are on drugs
well there’s a reason why Twitter limits
their characters to announce 240 they

don’t want to give anybody too much
supply well with Facebook you can run
into those long posts which you used to

and I wish somebody would provide us
with some of these posts cuz you’re not
gonna go back you know what it reminds
me you know it started to interrupt do
you remember Snow Crash Neal

Stephenson’s book about the Metaverse
yeah and it was very analogous to today
wouldn’t it came out in the 90s I think
and this Metaverse was this this network
and instead of getting on a web browser

you put on your VR goggles and it was
you know rendered and she were in there
and the only people on the street were
delivery for Domino’s Pizza because they
won the franchise wars and electric

hoverboards very analogous to the damn
scooters we got everywhere and
everyone’s in these networks in these
rooms but then you could you could get
too much of it and then you got this

drug they actually called it was kind of
a drug which was some code and then
people would actually freak out in real
life in front of their screens that
would either freeze or die or go do
something crazy and it was called Snow

Crash and I think this is what’s
happening in a way people are it’s in
their heads they have nowhere to go they
can’t say anything they go over so they
didn’t it just like swearing some people
are susceptible away throw in some

adderall with some other and feta mean
or meth products you got so you got a
great combination here
no thanks for that enlightening analysis
so death is right around the corner for

everybody all doomed everybody exactly
so Hillary Clinton everyone saw the
video of her being racist do we have to

talk about this
yes I do I’m not gonna say we shouldn’t
talk about it but I think you and I are
in agreement well I’d like to putt you

can make it short I just like to play it
in context for everybody because that’s
exactly what I was talking about earlier
yeah play it alright so this is this is
what she actually said and how the

conversation where do I stop we had to
have some background that’s what I want
to do but you want me to make it short
so I wanna set up set up set up let me
set it up Hilary Clinton said to
somebody casually house cuz all blacks

look alike so the right-wing went crazy
and everybody’s pointing the finger at
her as being a racist hypocrite also it
was it was it was clipped out of context

clip but so he will play the whole thing
and then we’ll mention that she’s you
know if you’re gonna have one guy on one
side that’s just joking clowning around
constantly saying stuff like this why

don’t they give Hillary the same break
she does have a sense of humor and these
are two women who know each other very
well they in fact just uh was it here
was that one just a quickie

that IKEA here it is this is just at the
very beginning before they were started
just to give to set the scene as to what
this crowd is about and who was who was
hooting and hollering the audience kia

Kara Swisher from Rico decode I take it
seriously and it’s going to take a while
to work through our families and our
workplaces our societies yeah it’s hard

I have two sons and they tried to drive
me off the sidewalk the other day
because if they owned the sidewalk you
know yeah and you found yourself on the
edge right right and I’d shove the crap
out of it as you know my theory that all

men should be raised by lesbians then
moved back the general population really
good sports then okay she hates her own

boys because they’ve penises teach these
kids these horrible little boys well I

mean this to me was actually more subtly
offensive okay but here’s to people who
know each other they’re joking and

Hillary is clearly making a joke about
Donald Trump who would be racist and
these two they meet they talk they’ve
talked before so when you hear it all in

context you understand that it’s a joke
but she does say something weird which
was what I was gonna say do you think
they kiss look she as far as I’m
concerned she had a back brace sewn into

that jacket of hers I don’t know what’s
going on with her and she’s not getting
the $10,000 makeover at airs in France
anymore but so but it’s interesting what
she said as a kicker to this whole joke

and and I don’t want to go around
insulting people I don’t want to paint
with a broad brush every immigrant is
this every african-american is that
every you know other person you know

different religious beliefs or whatever
that is that’s childish what do you
think of cory booker’s and you didn’t
come under him and you feel Flo I what
do you think about him saying kick them

in the shins essentially start to
that kind of political observer colder
air cold yeah sorry yeah I know they all
look alike no they don’t
Hilary I I was

I was paid by Mark Zuckerberg – okay
doesn’t what I was paid by Mark
Zuckerberg – say that

what does what does that mean
I’m wondering myself is that is that
clip but I never played it that far
where that line came at is that a Jew

versus Schwartz the thing
because I did to me baby yeah I could be
like an anti-semitic that’s how I reeks
of a of a subtext yes just gross well

the lesbian subtext you get the
man-hating subtext you got the blacks or
subtext you got the Jewish subtext with
Zuckerberg you got the social media

subtext you got these two sub mean the
whole thing stinks I was paid by Mark
Zuckerberg – okay can I just say know
what I think I say you’ve been reading

Trump’s tweets beautifully yeah thank
you that’s the big joke is I Trump
apparently doesn’t see the difference
between one brown guy and the other
brown guy oh yeah sure that’s that’s
before now the Zuckerberg comment isn’t

it because it the way she said it to me
was it was an inside joke to a group of
people that we were not part of nope say

the least but we’re not part of whatever
group that was that we buddy out you can
Gigi can deconstruct that joke we’d be
interested I have to be sadly that’s I

immediately thought what is this a Jew
versus blacks thing which is you know
another stereotypical comparison so I do
think it’s important to listen to you
know the truth always wants to come out

again just the little clip of her maybe
running is much longer and she really
unheard II and when she’s going to
decide which goes beyond what was

clipped and if you find it too boring
we’ll get rid of it but I thought it was
like wow see she really is just telling
everyone what she’s going to do under
the guise of well maybe not but it was

so obvious do you want to run again no
wait no it was a pause why well I’d like
to be President okay
hi I think hopefully when we have a

Democrat in the oval office in January
of 2021 now she’s already thinking about
herself there’s gonna be so much work to
be done I mean we have confused

everybody in the world including
ourselves and we have confused our
friends and our enemies they have no
idea what the United States stands for
what we’re likely to do what we think is
important so the work would be work that

I feel the way when she said I think
she’s also just like see she almost I
think she feels
I shouldn’t have to run I should just
become the president because I’ve been

through so much that’s kind of what she
like I want to be president just the
running part is can we just anoint me
very well prepared don’t you think
there’s something in there I am out Dole

agreement on that that thesis okay now
I’m gonna back it up cuz now now she
switches to the from the someone to her
including ourselves and we have confused
our friends and our enemies they have no

idea what the United States stands for
what we’re likely to do what we think is
important so the work would be work that
I feel very well-prepared for having
been in the Senate for eight years

having been a diplomat in the State
Department and it’s just gonna be a lot
of heavy lifting are you gonna be doing
any of that lifting do you feel like oh
I have no idea care but I’m going here
you know I’m not gonna even think about

till we get through this November 6th
election about what’s gonna happen after
that but now listen to what she’s saying
I’m not even gonna think about it so
she’s already she already said this guy
got to do a lot of work but I can sing
it and before she ran in 2016 if you

remember she did the same kind of song
and dance long enough to collect a lot
of money that she didn’t have to use for
the campaign which is a part of this 13

city tour they’ll be doing right after
the midterms money involved of course
there’s money involved so I’m going to
do everything in my power to make sure
we have a Democrat in the White House

come January of 21st
now just to reiterate said I’m gonna
wait and see what happens there in the
midterm and then in other words if she’s
gonna run but I’m going to make sure

that there’s a Democrat in the White
House among them are you interested in
well you know I know I know everyone
who’s running and or thinking of running

or possibly running but you know there’s
there’s always that period between hey
that sounds like a really good idea and
then trying to actually think it through
see if it is the right thing for you to

do see if you can raise the money she is
now discouraging everyone and and I’m
gonna roll it back a little bit what
she’s saying here is if there really no
matter what happens but let’s say the

Democrats don’t take the house then it’s
gonna be so hard it’s gonna be it’s
gonna be really rough you got to think
about your family I don’t know if you
can do this there’s only really one

person who can do this who has or
possibly running but you know there’s
there’s always that period between hey
that sounds like a really good idea and
then trying to actually think it through

see if it is the right thing for you to
do see if you can raise the money all of
the questions that go into it so I’m not
gonna handicap the race before anybody
actually gets into it I think they’re I

think we’d have a she literally said I’m
not going to handicap the race before
anybody gets into it so I’m not gonna
announce I’m gonna let some Schmucks
come up first so I can tell me you’re

never gonna make because I know how to
do it I know where the money is number
of excellent candidates who would be
really formidable on the campaign trail
but let’s wait and see who it is I mean

we may have as many as 15 20 candidates
and right you know that that’s a big
group to try to sort itself out and I’m
just gonna wait and and you know
watching have you have any once you say

it’s filled with gems like this in 20
candidates and right you know that

that’s a big group to try to sort itself
out and I’m just gonna wait and and you
know watching have you have any one year
particularly interesting no I’m you know
there’s no there there are a number of

there a number of excellent potential
candidates this first of all if we don’t
win on November sorry naming names and

see what years no I’ve got oh ok if you
want to but right I would if we got it
but if we don’t win on November 6
honestly I mean I know this sounds
far-fetched but this administration if

they continue to control all branches of
government and they have been stocking
the courts with ideologues you will you

will find that it will be much more
difficult to run she’s literally telling
people step out of the way
I can do it and people who have never

had to face the fire once they get out
there and they start being the target of
the vitriol and hatred that comes
against anybody who criticizes Trump you

know that that’s going to cause a number
of people to do a bit of soul-searching
so I think we’ve got to give to
everybody who is there and by the way
she didn’t literally say it I’m talking

about it or even people who wake up on
November 7th is kickers coming all the
way yeah here’s the kicker last 30
seconds and then you’ll like the end
here oh come on you’re doing anybody who
criticizes Trump you know that that’s

going to cause a number of people to do
a bit of soul-searching
so I think we’ve got to give everybody
who is thinking about it or even people
who wake up on November 7th and start

thinking about it we’ve got to give them
you know the space to make what is a
really serious calculation depending
upon what can we call it a colossal bit
individually and then I want to get to
Saudi since

so she pretty much just said I know
everyone really well you know they’re
all gonna have to think about it real
hard especially if we don’t mean oh I
think she sees the writing on the wall
as a chance that they will not take the

house so but you know that doesn’t
happen I mean if it does happen if it
doesn’t happen you guys think real hard
you really want to do that and now
cherish wishes gonna mention some names
Warren what Lauren Elizabeth war Oh

Elizabeth’s are great you know Warren
what she’s great yeah she’s fabulous
though she’s only thinking about herself

and she is running of course she is I
know but no one picks up on the
subtleties it’s never analyzed
that’s true I don’t think it needs to be

and I don’t think anyone’s analyzing cuz
everyone know she’s running what’s the
analyze that’s true that’s true
you know it’s almost like beating a dead
horse it’s like oh she’s running wha

bring diverse stop the presses she was a
little too happy about the AI
conversation that she had with Keira hmm
how would you encourage the government
to handle AI just a few more and they’ll

have to go talk about this for a long
time no that’s a crowd I think they
don’t mind hearing for yes I think I
mean one of the things I wanted to do if
I had been president was to delve deeply

into what we have to do about AI I mean
if you follow the debate between people
who are you know quite knowledgeable
about technology if it’s like split

right down the middle there are those
who think it’s good when you think of AI
wonder what kind of things do you think
of what kind of applications because
she’s not – she’s not you’ll see she’s
not talking about it is a croc wouldn’t

be the demise of the human race and
those who think it’s going to be you
know the greatest breakthrough for the
human race figure out you know which is
which and are there are there plans we

should make that would try to rein in
some of the AR or loosed on the world
unloosed she said unloose is that he

meant Unleashed or lose I don’t know
what she which is which and are there
are there plans we should make that

would try to rein in some of the AI
before it is unloosed on the world now
other countries are moving very fast
ahead China be in the well okay I’ll

kill it but let me tell you the Glee
that she speaks about the Chinese social
network tracking and penalty and reward
system she speaks about it with great

Glee yeah she probably would like she
really wants it a lot of people do and
she is she reference did you see this
clip of the Chinese bullet train which I
I’m not sure if it’s a hoax or not well

you don’t know because we don’t speak
Chinese no it’s
sighs all right right well it’s 20
seconds so this is on the bullet train
apparently from Beijing to Shanghai and

this comes on I believe it’s a hoax by
the way I think it’s a hoax this comes
on the public address system you can’t
hear it you can barely hear it I don’t

believe that’s I don’t believe a word of
it yeah so what it says is if you if you
if you are caught without a ticket it’ll
go on your social score that can give
you penalties you may not be allowed to

travel on the train and I I’m I :
English first yeah I mean I dialing and
but she refers to this clip
interestingly yeah she I’m sure she’s
suckered by more than a few of these

things all right a couple of things I do
have a deconstructed clip which I just
thought this is a well first let’s do

them a little change of pace clip first
of all
I have a ISO of air21 pronouncing
khashoggi okay

as it turns out
um I have another pronunciation guide
for us well this is al sharpness version

Jamarcus juji juji and you have an ISO
who’s pronouncing it air two one air
tawan dued well interesting because chef
Clary sent his uh I think his business

partner was Arabic and here’s how he
pronounced it hot soup G so it’s pretty
close to air the ones version everyone
sounds pretty similar

yeah so I’m see oh my gosh ug but he
says cashew cheese is not that far off

Jamarcus ug Rob pretty close
who knew mocking no more mocking shit

show very nice
so I’m watching this this was from about
a month ago or not quite but maybe three
weeks ago when Alex Jones was on the Joe

Rogan show I was a while ago wasn’t it
it was it was my month months ago well
okay it was months but it was it was
with in recent memory yeah and I don’t

think anybody picked up on this this
particular little sub segment here which
is when he play as Alex Jones on the Joe
Rogan show the alien who’s got up let me

give you my best deep research
how are you ready yes I’m gonna give you
the biggest flaw Joe they’re aliens in
this room right now for real yeah you’re

not of this world bro me you’re the
alien wow I didn’t know well here’s what
the elite believe and let me be very
clear somebody I’ll take this out of
context I only go with what I can prove
oh thank you and people can’t even

handle that
I don’t know all I do know is that after
he told him that he had Brogan I think
jokingly came down to the microphone and

made some sort of weird noise like a
lizard would is that in the beginning of
this clip it’s a it’s no it’s when he
says he says it let me hear he says oh
you know Suzy says it and and he didn’t

Brogan says all I didn’t know and then
he makes that sound I don’t know if you
can catch it yeah who’s got him all
right let me give you my best of deep
research approximation are you ready yes
I’m gonna give you the biggest Joe

they’re aliens in this room right now
for real yeah you’re not of this world
bro me you’re the alien oh wow I didn’t
know well here’s what the elite believe
and let me be very clear you know right
is lizard lizard yes yes is uncontrolled

lizard sound yeah let’s hear it again
and let me be very clear oh well there
goes all the invites for the Joe Rogan

show well done now I do have a yo of
just for the end of show possibility yes
that’s what you’re not of this world bro

me you’re the alien oh oh okay there are
no other I so so I think you win it now
I can’t good that’s very good very good
all right anyway I wanna get back to
this one thing we’re at deakin story

this is uh starting to get really
pathetic on Democracy Now yeah and so
they’re running these strange stories
and there’s one the Federalist Society
had jeff sessions and a boss at a Boston

meeting and the federal societies the
one who’s pretty much calling the shots
and who Trump picks is you know what
were are they’re just like some kind of

think tank what do they do now that’s a
conservative think tank issue drinking
club drinking club exactly yeah and so
he’s giving a speech and two people call
him out at both black ministers from the

area and they play in a funny way but
there’s a little piece of propaganda in
here which I just found
just hello you made the alien sound that
Joe Rogan makes no but he did it but
exhaling doing that got me scared for a

second yes the alien bro
then I can’t even do that sound II do
this is but listen to this sessions

heckled in Boston in Boston
Massachusetts Attorney General Jeff
sessions was interrupted by two
religious leaders at a Federalist
Society event Monday where sessions was

speaking about religious freedom United
Methodist pastor will Greene stood up
and recited biblical verse before
appealing to sessions directly sessions

responded to the pastor by saying thank

you for those remarks and attack a
second pastor Daryl Hamilton of the
First Baptist Church in Boston then
stood up to speak but was booed by other
attendees and quickly removed by

security no I couldn’t quite hear what
the pastor was saying how he’s just
telling me as a jerk oh the thing here
is that the first the First Baptist

Church of its Jamaica plains is that
Church this second guy came from but she
didn’t want to say the First Baptist
Church of Jamaica plains I believe

because it doesn’t have that hold the
authority of the First Baptist Church in
Boston which is what she said and it’s a
it’s dishonest surprise surprise

why do you watch that too anymore
because it’s like I can get some of
these great bits because she fluctuates
from you know I mean it kind of its
really a dishonest show is for a

journalistic endeavor it’s it’s quite
remarkable so I can’t I can’t kiss me I
understand I totally understand
meanwhile they also reported and smeared
Steve King on Democracy Now with a

two-parter here
if King is the congressman senator from
Iowa or King is in New York I thought
wasn’t a Peter King all right okay Ron

King different Congress member Steve
Stivers blasted Iowa Congress member
Steve King on Twitter Tuesday saying yes
Steve King’s recent comments actions and

retweets are completely inappropriate we
must stand up against white supremacy
and hate in all forms and I strongly
condemn this behavior the tweet came as
corporate supporters of Steve King

including Land O’Lakes and Purina
petcare as well as Intel said they would
no longer fund Kings campaigns Congress
member King recently endorsed far-right

Canadian faith gold leaf or Toronto
Mayor and has amplified racist and
anti-immigrant posts on social media
including publishing a racist tweet in
support of far-right Dutch politician

Geert velders last year last week it was
reported King met with a neo-nazi
Austrian group during an August trip
that was funded by a Holocaust Memorial
nonprofit King later told The Washington

Post if they were in America pushing the
platform they push they would be
Republicans it was it was you know
everybody in the DA she was a Nazi I

guess it’s kind of smeared him there but
he gets a little better in the second
clip until last year Congressman King
displayed a confederate battle flag on
his desk in the Capitol Hill office King

is up for re-election is polling just
one point ahead of his Democratic
challenger JD Shelton in a district that
Trump won in 2016 by 27 percent margin
okay it was the bet this wasn’t a

Confederate battle flag it was one of
those state flags right it’s like he
visits the state he gets a flag he’s got
a little collection of little flags from
different states well this whole you
know if I remember the the kid I grew up

with Hans you know we were like nine and
I said yeah we see we’re in contact for
years and years and years now but I

hadn’t seen him in the in the flesh and
when Tina and I were
Amsterdam a year or two years ago he
came by he was living in Spain he came
up and and he said it’s you know
well Adam you’re a Republican like what
are you talking about him on Republican

where you are I said I hear how you
speak so you know you’re probably racist
now he’s my friend so he can say that
he’s gay
which made even funnier and this meme of
in America Republicans are racist is

very deep-rooted I mean it’s it’s it’s
it’s been so hammered into everybody’s I
don’t want to spend too much time on
this but we had a conversation on the

last show and I said I’d like to know
from the black producers mainly and we
have a few luckily if you were taught
this magical switch back in the 60s
between the Republican and Democrat

Party um I’ve tallied up I probably got
like 50 responses but really the black
responses were maybe only five but there
were some Mexican in there and I’d say

95% although no one can remember it
being in their history books can
remember coming away from school
believing that there had been some
switch when the Democrats and

Republicans switched in the racists what
sneekly went to the Republican Party
which is interesting because you know
there’s well there’s really this to two

sides but some people say I think it
might have been the politicians switched
or maybe the voters switch but in
general most people said yeah I think
that’s how I was taught it did you see

any of this did anyone send you any
notes you thought you were copied on the
notes again and documented this because
your video it’s but these are just their
own experiences so it’s it’s just
completely you’re right it’s

undocumented but it’s important for the
reason that you have this block that’s
why Candice Owens is being pushed so
hard by the Trump administration and
Kanye anything they can do to break the
concept for black America that they can

only be saved by the Democrat Party is
definitely culturally ingrained and so
removing just 5% of that a 10% would
probably really ruin the whole voting

you know everything for the Democrat
Party in a dog unless they run a black
person the blacks do yes as they vote as
a race yes and and so then all of a

sudden I understood this where the
phrase is so tired comprehensive
immigration reform how long have we
heard that a decade 20 years I we’ve

heard this forever and suddenly I
realize what it’s about and that’s from
one of our producers who’s Mexican who
said I believe that the Republicans were
racist when I came here with my parents

I have learned it’s different my parents
definitely still believe Republicans are
racist and if you have a population in
in the United States of 10-15-20

you know it’s somewhere conservative
estimates ten on the other side twenty
two million illegal aliens the concept
is comprehensive immigration reform can

only happen that’s why there’s no wall
you can only get that if you make those
people legal because you do that in one
fell swoop you have 20 million Democrat

voters that’s why there will never be
any immigration reform because that
that is pure ID issues has been
discussed to death everyone knows this

well but maybe I’m just slow I don’t
think so I think you know this – I don’t
know no I know I know I didn’t know I
didn’t realize that it’s not about new
people coming in see that I was a little

confused like well they just want voters
to come it’s wise to come across the
board or come but no one ever really
talks about one one law could you know
pretty much put the Republicans out of

business forever that’s not really
discussed that way but the Republicans
can get theirs younger Latino voters
that vote Republican Floridians vote
Republican and they’re sure but inge of

course there’s also moved into Arizona
and California Democrat because if it
sold a bill of goods I do have a
professor of political science from

Vanderbilt University who in one fell
swoop can explain the three myths of the
switch if you’re interested
I know it annoys you but maybe we could

just round off the topic will never have
to revisit it well know we’ll be
revisiting it for a while because people
keep writing in one okay my concern is
well how long is this clip it’s three

minutes what it’s just worth listening
to because it’s just she’s well I mean
there’s a different than what Denis

yes yes yes it’s played I think it yeah
because she really explains the whole
breadth and more of what you were saying
than what I was saying actually once
upon a time
every student of history and that meant

pretty much everyone with the high
school education knew this the
Democratic Party was the party of
slavery and Jim Crow and the Republican
Party was the party of emancipation and

racial integration Democrats were the
Confederacy and Republicans were the
Union Jim Crow Democrats were dominant
in the south and socially tolerant

Republicans were dominant in the north
but then in the 1960s and 70s everything
supposedly flipped suddenly the
Republicans became the races and the

Democrats became the champions of civil
rights fabricated by left-leaning
academically stand Journalists the story
went like this Republicans couldn’t win
a national election by appealing to the

better nature of the country they could
only win by appealing to the worst
attributed to Richard Nixon the media’s
all-purpose bad guy this came to be
known as the Southern Strategy it was

very simple when elections by winning
the south and to win the south appeal to
racists so the Republicans the party of
Lincoln were to now be labeled the party

of rednecks
but this story of the two parties
switching identities is a myth in fact
it’s three myths wrapped into one false
narrative let’s take a brief look at

each myth in turn myth number one in
order to be competitive in the south
Republicans started to pander to white
races in the 1960s fact Republicans
we became competitive in the south his

earliest 1928 when Republican Herbert
Hoover won over 47% of the South’s
popular vote against Democrat Al Smith
in 1952 Republican President Dwight

Eisenhower won the southern states of
Tennessee Florida and Virginia and in
1956 he picked up Louisiana Kentucky and
West Virginia – and that was after he

supported the Supreme Court decision in
Brown versus Board of Education that
desegregated public schools and after he
sent the hundred and first Airborne to

Little Rock Central High School to
enforce integration myth number two
Southern Democrats angry with the Civil
Rights Act of 1964 switched parties fact
of the 21 Democratic senators who

opposed the Civil Rights Act just 1
became a Republican the other 20
continued to be elected as Democrats or
were replaced by other Democrats on

average those 20 seats didn’t go
Republican for another two and a half
decades myth number three since the
implementation of the Southern Strategy

the Republicans have dominated the south
fact Richard Nixon the man who was often
credited with creating the Southern
Strategy lost the deep south in 1968 in

contrast Democrat Jimmy Carter nearly
swept the region in 1976 twelve years
after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and
in 1992 over 28 years later Democrat

Bill Clinton won Georgia Louisiana
Arkansas Tennessee Kentucky and West
Virginia the truth is Republicans didn’t
hold a majority of southern

congressional seats unto 1990 for 30
years after the Civil Rights Act as
Kevin Williamson of National Review
rights if southern rednecks ditched the

Democrats because of a civil rights law
passed in 1964 it is strange that they
waited until the late 1980s and early
1990s to do so they say things move

slower in the south but not that slow so
I think that’s a pretty good explanation
well I’m not gonna complain about the

clip yeah I think was pretty good it was
interesting did it bring in a few things
when she does to talk about the states
that voted for the Republicans during

that era before the Civil Rights Act
passed there always failed to mention
Georgia and Alabama which were two
states that were strong Democrat states
George has since become a strong

Republican state and they keep talking
about it flipping back to back to blue
but it’s red and blue and I’m I think
the whole thing should surround studying
what happened in Georgia

daka’s George Georgia would be the
probably this into understanding the
whole thing because why are they
Republicans according to her thesis or
even mine or yours there’s no reason for

it right based on the thesis now she’s
pressed her premise at the beginning is
the thing that she should take note of
which was as a bunch of leftist I came
up with this idea and there is a

strategy underway but it’s not a
Republican strategy right it’s a
strategy of to make them look like red
suckering the black community into being
Democrats and therefore I’m including
but what did Obama do for the blacks

nothing but by the way when people voted
for Obama
all the white said voted for Obama full
and I’m saying this because I’m white
is that it was expected

that Obama would do something for the
black community he did what maman can’t
believe you don’t remember

he got credited widely for this
helping people just get by oh here it is
yeah you did a lot that was great you

walked right into this yeah it did right
so I got pie in the face yeah this is
we’re on this sort of this sort of
discussion there I’m always looking out

for these words that keep cropping up
mm-hmm and first of all I got Jake tap
just a black representative bitching and
moaning about something on the Jake

Tapper show and I want you to pay
careful attention to this to the usage
of a specific word which i think is
gonna be popular but explain why you
think it’s different because there are a
lot of and I and I really mean there’s a

lot of good faith people conservatives
who think this is a double standard
Bernie Sanders was calling is calling
for a political revolution of ideas he
has never incited violence he has never
talked about beating up protesters he
has never called anyone the enemy he has

said the wall street should be held
accountable and they should go to jail
for bringing America to the brink of
collapse but he’s never incited violence
he’s never other anyone doing that I and

others in the senator spoke up against
them so I think that’s why this is
different Donald Trump has had ample
opportunity to check his coalition
wow that was a double though she did a

great job
first she used the other Dazz a verb and
then she said I like others she
positioned herself as an other
yes she did and then she used the term

checked his coat check his coalition
which is a leftist concept what does it
mean check his coalition means you you
could put take control of these people

so this you watch the way the Democrats
do organizing you see them you know
there’s a but one boss and a bunch of
people that do whatever they’re told and
that’s kind of what the Trump’s expected
to do the same thing on the other side

well I agree with you wholeheartedly on
this other because well let me tell you
where this came up and I and someone’s
got to help me find a copy
I was just scanning through
channels the other day and I pop how you

happen to bump up to Supergirl which I
played a clip of Supergirl when there’s
like the president’s not an
eight-year-old remember that and I
thought it was a cartoon
turns out it’s live-action it’s actually

acted and it’s on the CW and on the
episode I saw which I need to clip
there’s some aliens who have come in and
they are there they’re called the others
there’s other ring they’ll be other and

it was completely Trump and immigrant
the whole the whole episode was about it
and it was the other that kept others

being others the whole thing it’s yes
here here it is on the view oh my
goodness oh you’ve you’ve caught on to
it country is in a place that it’s never
been before because the tone is coming

from the top all of a sudden it’s okay
to say you know I would punch out that
reporter all of a sudden it’s it’s okay
to otherwise people people on both sides
I mean we’ve come to a point where

people we need to have all kinds of
versions of this do you have an
authorization I’ve been like the other
rise has been authorized I’ve been
authorized yes oh my goodness this is

the t-shirt the idea I’ve been other
adjust or just other says other yeah
well that would work too that is that’s
good so now we have to pay attention to

this this authorized and I think this is
part of the identity politics no it’s
like a classic example of identity
politics as you other people then
there’s your enemy but it’s it’s better

than that because now you don’t now you
don’t have to say you know yours group
because you’re a different color or
religion or gender you just other so
everybody can wear that everybody can

wear that I’m other because I have
Tourette’s you know I’m other eyes man
don’t authorize me bro
yeah you are your other good man other
you good so dumb that dud phrases

idiotic it’s stupid and it makes you
sound dumb well be on the lookout for it
producers we need more uttering to show

my food by donation to no agenda imagine
all the people who could do this oh yeah
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Rutledge a parts unknown in the in the
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too yeah it’s a comma or not comma but a
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from from from Deutschland a late to the
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Detweiler in Detweiler in Grosse Pointe
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yeah yeah he does hey guys somebody
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this well that’s too long I don’t want
to play that you can stop this but then

he has long notes on mustard ladies and
gentlemen here is the other man
I understand your pain about the lack of
real DeJohn mustard in the United States
but I have a remedy Edmund fell out

which I’ve had their mustards I haven’t
ordered it directly from Amazon Prime is
the real deal I put it on everything
I got another note someone saying that
the traitor Joe and I’m he expressed my

complaint it was on a show or two ago
yes that the all Dijon mustard in
America is it’s rancid no it’s not
rancid it’s flat it loses his soup and

when you go to France and have Dijon or
you bring a bottle over it’s good for a
couple of weeks and then it starts going
flat even when it should be refrigerated

and shortened to the length of time
before it goes flat cuz you’re on
mustard is almost like wasabi when it’s
fresh and he goes right through the nose
it’s dynamite stuff mmm and it’s all

flat there’s nothing it’s like eating
nothing sigh getting grey poupon the
American style as opposed to the French
French one they ship into Canada
so I bitched about this so he’s got this

one solution which I’ll check out
because I know this brand I’ve had it
before but I’ve never had it this way
maybe and then somebody else is the
Trader Joe’s branded Dijon Trader Joe’s
as you know is a German grocery store

chain always wasn’t always yes yes yeah
but is it’s a split off oh yeah the two
brothers they had an argument one wanted

to sell cigarettes the other one didn’t
so they split the company yeah and so
then they bought Trader Joe’s years and
years ago and it became this German
company so it’s got a lot of
characteristics so it’s possible that
the dish on it I haven’t done it yet but

I’m gonna go there and buy some so I’ll
catch up to this and because everyone’s
on pins and needles yes we can’t wait
you know so you know these Smothers

Brothers yeah the others brothers hey
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twice a week I heard that let’s see I’ve
got to do have something left here there
would I have yeah I can keep can tack

and an avian clip which I desperately
want to talk about or at least play as
there’s some controversy going on and

this is the about the the consensus the
Canadian census and they need to have
date on everybody we have it here in the

United States as well and there’s always
there’s always questions about what form
what’s on the form on the long-form you
have to say what race you are and you
know what are the races that should be
there it’s always a big is always

something always something well the
Canon a V ins you know they’re just
taking it one step further stat can
which is a Canada statistical
organization of the government I believe

it’s government organization Statistics
Canada could be wrong about that too
they decided there’s a better way to get
some real census on our northern
neighbors that the personal data of

Canadians are protected Statistics
Canada will use the anonymized data for
statistical purposes only no personal

information will be made public
I understand statistics Canada is
actively engaged with the Privacy
Commissioner’s Office on this project
and is working with them to ensure

Canadians banking information remains
protected and private I’m just going to
give a little context what they are
going to do is they’re taking a sample
of five hundred thousand Canadians and

they are telling the banks they want all
their information all their purchase
information it will be anonymized of
course and you can imagine there’s some
issue with this high quality and timely
data are critical to ensuring the

government programs remain relevant and
effective for Canadians on a full
opposition house news mr. speaker the
Liberal government plans to access the
personal financial information of

without their knowledge or consent
personal information like bill payments
online purchases credit card
transactions caps cash withdrawals and
deposits even be transfers between

family members and the list goes on
will the Prime Minister do the right
thing and immediately a short Canadians
that this intrusion into their lives
will be stopped expect that government

agencies and an individual account
work with the Privacy Commissioner to

ensure that their private lives are
protected but mr. speaker need I remind
you and all Canadians that it was a
Conservative government that chose to
stop the long-form census to cancel the

law protecting people’s private
information what that led to was more
policy based on ideology and less policy
based on evidence like we are doing now

there are attacks on data and
information continue we’ll do whatever
we want what could possibly go wrong
with that we need to cover more Canadian

stuff in the net I get notes from from
new newer Canadian listeners and like
hey really love the show love the litany
I talk about Canada you’re pretty
ill-informed like yes absolutely were

ill-informed we need as much help as we
can get yep well Canada stuff yes dad
Ilyn but look I have I can’t be some kid
run in the country we know that I can’t

refute can’t refute some kids running
the country Oh Anne Hathaway got an
award at the Human Rights Council for
what well you have to know what the

Human Rights Council is they really only
do one thing and that is support LGBTQ

that’s that’s all that they do and they
do about forty five million dollars a
year this and they’re lobbying the 501 C
4 and so they gave her an award and so

the whole I bet pretty sure was in
California the whole room is that first
of all Anne Hathaway she’s massively
wealthy her career is unreal if you
seize from a kid she’s done she’s been

so many huge hit movies but she’s acting
all the time she did this this thing on
this pony was just an act
and I just had two clips cuz it was like
wow kind of a head shaker of what she’s

saying so she’s she’s virtue signaling
she you know I’d as far as I know she’s
not a gay or or transgendered or
anything she does talk about that but

the whole audience is LGBT well
officially LGBTQ Qi AAP ke people and
she won the award she’s very happy and
she wants to hide everybody first of all

we’ll learn something ladies ladies

gentle then I’ve never heard gentle them
I think it’s on the list they it’s the

pronoun for people or pronoun to thing
okay like there’s more than two of them
I think them would be their group call

out there’s a little guide to this with
about maybe twenty well then then she
actually does not the she’s and all do
all of them well she does my I think

correctly she does my my list thank you
for this tremendous honor what I love
most about this community is the way you

own the alphabet
she forgot the K she left that the K and

she forgot to be for bicurious although
just this discriminate against them it
is important to acknowledge that sorry
so now she’s going to this second clip

she’s going to explain to explain to us
as a very wealthy very successful acting
straight white woman she’s going to
explain to us what’s wrong with society
it is important to acknowledge that with

the exception of being a cisgender male
everything about how I was born
has put me at the current center of a
damaging and widely accepted myth a myth

this is the show of Miss John there’s
another man myth is that gayness orbits
around the straightness uh-huh
transgender orbits around cisgender and

that all races orbit around whiteness

listen it up

we clearly do not understand because
this audience gets it whatever she just

but this myth is too real for too many
so so gayness orbits cisgender
and trans orbits I forgot it already it

is ancient so it is trusted it is a
habit so it’s assumed to be the way
things are it’s inherited so it’s

thought immutable its consequences are
dangerous because it prioritizes a
certain type of love a certain kind of
body a certain kind of skin color and

does not value in the same way anything
it deems to be other to itself with us
from birth and it is a myth that keeps

money and power in the hands of the few
instead of being invested in the lives
of the free
I appreciate this community who’s crying

why people hater
I appreciate this community because
together we are not just going to

question this myth we are going to
destroy it we’re pretty damn gay
friendly on this show and other friendly

other but I really would like to
understand what this orbiting thing is
I’ve really it was clearly written for
her I just don’t understand it and then
to say that this keeps money away from

the people who need to be free they’re
sitting on forty five million dollars a
year which they give to politicians and
other lobbying a lobbyist group let’s
get her act together she says the
benefits the the few and doesn’t benefit

the lives of the many is where it should
have been but she says the lives of the
free yes
yeah maybe she blew that line up as

possible but I the whole thing was like
this since why did when does gay circle
sis general understand what it means
like it’s less than because it’s an
orbit and where the and the sis of
course whitey white man old white man

like whitey why I didn’t so in the troll
room someone say it’s hard to convince
old white guys that’s fine you know cuz
it here’s the good news
a just but it doesn’t faze me does it
bug you doesn’t bug me does it does it

create any hang in your system when you
hear that I like to bitch about it
yeah but it’s not like I’m shocked right
I’m always like I’m not shocked by too

much I mean this show is a stabilizing
influence on my sanity work we’re gonna
be the other get used to it get used to

this word would be otherwise let’s back
off and and take one more look at an
earlier assertion of this show what are
the Democrats thinking the United States

is 72% self-described whites yes that
includes white Latinos mm-hmm why are
you trying to offend 72 percent of the

voting public and think you’re gonna win
a lot of elections and then going even
further by promoting a socialist agenda
which is designed just to take money
away from people I mean it’s just

baffling to me what they’re thinking and
and there’s a lot of them thinking that
way and I feel bad I mean you got your
Bill Maher’s you get people on that

panel they’re all they hate i hating on
whitey but i’m indian Hathaway take a
look in the mirror lady white woman
finally finally we got it

a study in PLoS
I think that’s a real journal isn’t it
real scientific journal ever heard it at

well we’ve read things from there a lot
anyway that’s where this study is
published it is a study from University
of Sydney and here it is I’ll give you

the abstract the results of the studies
show that human compulsion to seek out
animal companionship is one of the
primary factors affecting our climate

particularly she’s particularly in the
United States where there are 163
million companion animals roughly one
pet for every two Americans the highest

number of any country in the world and
the climate cost of this mainly because
if Americans are the largest pet owners
in the world but the tradition of pet

ownership in the US has considerable
costs as pet ownership increases in some
developing countries especially China
and trends continue in pet food toward
higher content and quality of meat

globally pet ownership will compound the
environmental impacts of human dietary
choices yes indeed the number one thing
we can do right away to combat climate

change to stay below that 1.5 degrees
before 2030 is kill all the dogs dog
haters finally they finally emerged we

was waiting for this and this is great
because you can make someone’s head you
know now if there’s a dog’s eye you know
that dog is actually causing this is
this is the equivalent of fractal as it

were you know to bring that team back in
of your old thing about blowing people’s
minds by telling them a in a climate
change argument do you believe in Peak
Oil exactly no you have to worry about

it because oil but of course they had to
kill the Peak Oil meme yeah completely
when’s the last time you heard the term

reset right this second yeah so now they
got this to deal with well that kind of
fits in with the world wildlife the WWF
report about all the old by the way this
report hi this is

pushing toward the 2020 big me depth it
has something to do with the Paris
Accord self course and of course it’s
good 2020 Oh matcha we’ve got to get
these back and play so don’t vote for

Trump this is what it’s really about but
I have been hearing about this forever
this forever for since the 70s oh yeah
of course
oh we know that I got a clip got a clip
oh I’m sorry my mistake in environmental

news humans have annihilated wildlife
over the past half-century threatening
life on earth as we know it that’s

according to a damning new report by WWF
the World Wildlife Fund the report finds
human activity since 1970 is responsible
for wiping out 60% of mammals birds fish
and reptiles with the remaining animals

threatened by a degraded over exploited
environment and the effects of climate
change this is Mike Bennett executive
director of science and conservation at
World Wildlife Fund what we need now is

for heads of state step up means some
dough man bro so my last clip are we

doing yeah we’re just time to go over
again ok the last one there yep or you
can have it no you go you go so it looks

like the Weinstein trial is falling
apart uh-oh I mean the guy’s ruined but
they are get it but he’s not going to
jail that’s what you’re saying
yeah it’s falling apart and so here I

all I got it this is like one of those
clips that just is floating around it is
CNBC and or whatever the network version
they just play stuff rent you know just
like RT does this is Weinstein’s

attorney just talking to them to the mic
and then the defense attorney of the
woman and this is not really
enlightening or anything it’s just a
nice little short summary clip this is

not about victim shaming and this is not
about suggesting that a
woman who comes forward should not be
believed perhaps and proof this is about
proof that a witness who came forward

committed perjury in the grand jury what
happened here is javi Weinstein was so
vilified that he was considered to be
low-hanging fruit you just invited him
and you worried about convicting them

later and you know what’s happened is
now that nine men drilling down on some
of these allegations and the District
Attorney’s Office is drilling down on
these allegations this case is not what

it was cracked up to be
I want to be very clear that the
prosecution’s decision to abandon my
clients claims does not invalidate the
truth of her claims it does speak to a

system desperately in need of reform
the DA threw away bustiers claims but
this does nothing about Weinstein’s

innocence nor does it reflect on Lucia’s
consistent allegation that she was
sexually assaulted with forced by Harvey
Weinstein it only speaks volumes about

the Manhattan DA’s office and its
mishandling in my clients case yeah he’s
walking he’s gonna walk totally sad sad

because you know there is there’s some
reality of what’s going on but miss miss
miss abused really abused for political
gain abused for ratings and and
obfuscated for the exact same reasons

it’s a political football these women
are being other day are others by the
way I have I have the peak oil of the
dogs it’s actually for myself I don’t

have to worry because what’s gonna
happen as climate change makes
temperatures warmer crops fail we have a
global food shortage we start eating the
dogs and cats fixes climate change

dynamite right now I’m all in dinner at
my place
I’m not a dog hater by the way I

actually like dogs
but yeah exactly that’s our show
everybody we will be back on Sunday with
another deconstructive episode for you

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