No Agenda Episode 1083 “The Zoomer”

bullcrap Adam curry Jhansi Devorah this
is your award-winning Gitmo nation media
assassination episode 1083 this is no
agenda morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where a slew of motorcyclists
just went down the freeway having the
time of their lives while we’re working
I’m Jesse Devorah well now we do know
you have owned a motorcycle license at

one point in your life yes well I owned
a couple of motorcycles too do you still
have have a an operating license you
know it was foolish for me but somehow

you wouldn’t laughs check a box I mean I
can go take the test and get it get it
on there again but I’ve driven a
motorcycle without them produced out the

thing off because though I don’t think
anybody notices but it’s kind of what
kind of bikes did you own just out of

curiosity I had a Kawasaki Mach 3 a
little hot rod rice burner
we had a 750 triple this world
two-stroke 750 two-stroke yeah they have

like a canister of oil that you just
apply continuously it didn’t smoke as
much as you think

Wow and 750 CC two-stroke engine yeah
geez yes crazy powerful bike I used to
drive that but he had a Honda for that

four-cylinder little guy I think was I
forgot what that I think was 750 – is
that nice for work bikes I’m pretty big
stuff I only like bikes that were fast
because I felt they were safer

they were I think they are I’ve make
this argument a bike that’s fat there’s
nothing out of control I mean they have
some my friend of mine in bought a 1250
Kawasaki or something’s that twelve

hundred and fifty C season it was it was
so dangerous that I was it was too fast
but you want to be able to stop and go
quickly because the did yes or guess

this is true it’s true
and the only time I almost got into
trouble was when I driving somebody let
me drive their Honda 50
so he’s laying a 50cc just like a motor

yeah I’d like a moped basically moped
well the Honda 50 was a little more than
a moped but you might as well have been
a moped and the thing was like there
goes a zephyr

one two three four five
the thing was unbelievably dangerous it
wouldn’t stop it wouldn’t go I was a I

would never get on one of those okay hey
by the way had voted early voting geez
get in mind you vote the early voting

everybody got a vote early voted you
vote John did you do an early vote early
votes do we have oh you can get a
everybody’s early voting early voting
everyone in Austin I voted pictures on
Instagram I have to say I early voted

and it was quite an experience here in
Oslo why well so Tina had it had to go
to Chicago for the weekend for the week

so she wouldn’t be here for Election Day
so I’m gonna vote early and before to
the airport Friday we went to the City
now I’ve voted at the City Hall before

but Wow the line was about an hour what
yeah yeah it’s been that way
continuously it’s been very very busy
and so we’re standing in line and I see
on the screen on the big telescreen this

again is in City Hall I see the mayor
talking and the sound is off but they
have closed captions I’m like but that’s
not really cool I mean the guys on the
ballot there’s other people on the

ballot and he’s got a little promo reel
running all electioneering that can’t do
that that’s what I said and then I of
course saw the next video because it was
it was all of the candidates have little
video so I’m like okay I’m kind of a

douche right now as you know III agree
it’s because of sequins etc I only saw
four of the I think we have seven
candidates as you know I want miss

Steven Mayer Steven have out he’s a liar
and he’s allowed all these these just
bedlam mayhem in the streets of downtown
Austin not doing anything for the
homeless and just more of these dams

Motors coming in without any proper
regulation so I was already planning on
voting against him and there’s this
woman Linda something well she’s yeah
like a scientist and you know she’s run
City God I’ll vote for her she she seems

like the best but then the third or the
fourth video comes by and on the spot
John I changed my vote for the mayor of
Austin Texas because of the video I saw

in City Hall while I was standing there
and I agree it should actually be
illegal but it worked I cast my vote
proudly for Alexander stringer for mayor
of Austin Texas and I would like to play

a bit of his campaign video for you to
understand why the city of Austin is at
a crisis and we need strong leadership
now more than ever before Donald J Trump

wants to build a wall around the u.s.
southern border and I say that we can do
better and that is why as mayor I

propose that we build a dome around the
City of Austin in order to keep away
California refugees and we are going to
make Buber pay for it when we build the

dome and kick out the Californians
Austin will once again be affordable to
the locals and we will no longer have a
traffic problem wait for police

shootings are at an all-time high
bordering on epidemic proportions and
that is why as mayor of Austin I promise
to take guns away from all the police
officers and replace them with

flamethrowers we are going to end police
shootings and we are going to keep our
city safe I love this guy he’s talking
my loner with a goofball candidate

totally dome around Austin way flame
throwers I like the way he puts a little
tweeting birds in there no no he’s
outside that’s it’s it’s so little

that’s not sweetness no John John if you
saw the video it’s done on a like an
iPhone it’s he’s standing outside in
front of City Hall it’s real that means
he’s just

you listen to the wind noise in the next
piece furthermore as a former substitute
teacher in the Austin Independent School
District there is nothing that I care
more about than the safety of our

children and that is why we are giving
flamethrowers to the teachers as well
I’m telling the guys aren’t ooh
something put a dome around Austin and

give everybody a flamethrower that
deserves my vote
well might as well vote
Alexander stringer for me mayor of

Austin Texas yeah might as well for sure
so that guy’s so Megaman the ramp to the
elections that was I found on CBS and

when it has all its wood the CBS you
know all these networks you know they
try to this is they’re there overnight
24/7 operation there and then there’s no
this is the the network this is a

internet operation oh oh yes okay I
noticed yeah they’re on this is this is
one of their main anchors and she’s you
know she can’t quite you know they at
the end of this whole thing they they

try to stay objective but this is this
is sneaks in you know that Republicans
are selling fear the Democrats who come
out the end of democracy we’re all gonna

die yes that’s not fear that’s hope
anyway so let’s play a wrap to election
CBS and round up one final sprint ahead
of Tuesday’s midterms and both parties

are bringing out their heavy hitters
president Trump Criss crossing the
country this weekend hoping to give an
edge to Republican candidates in Montana
on Saturday the president ramped up his

anti-immigration rhetoric and fear
tactics and what it what is if what
FairTax tactics yeah very good yeah very
very good

Oh beautiful yeah but meanwhile of
course they I mean I just stop for a
second for people not in America what
happens here around our election time
does everyone just goes apeshit and
there’s nothing else is happening in the

world I don’t care what you say it’s all
about this and in this case prop B odd I
would say 90% is all promoting a
democratic Democratic candidate and

saying Donald Trump is horrible and in
fear and then you have yeah Fox and
you’ve got what else do we have on TV
that that really that is more right
nothing that really really yeah but yeah

and they’re doing the same they’re doing
the same about the Democrats being
noticeable I don’t know if you have a
dare but here it’s mostly propositions
cuz we don’t have any I mean there are

people running against each other but
you have nothing for the guy running for
governor Cox this guy
right decisis kipping the money I guess
but the so they’re just gonna give it
their might get crown gavin newsom as

the governor hmm
which is probably okay cuz he’s kind of
a do-nothing guy so he might he might be
good governor by not doing anything but
it’s ad after ad after ad I was watching
a series with his they had a YES on 10

no on 10 yes on 10 do me one ad after
proposition yes no yes no yes no say
holy mackerel networks or the stations

were just rolling in dough oh yeah it’s
just fantastic
I mean we’re even seeing a lot of beto
advertisements which you I mean wide
advertise that in Austin that doesn’t
seem necessary but they’re doing no

sense they’re doing anyway so let’s go
so meanwhile the Christian we’re gonna
stand this ramp store yeah but just
throwing the money you understand that
if they if if Beto does not spend all 69
million dollars the next time it comes

around you got me you got to spend the
budget and say I wasn’t enough so
they’re just what fuck it do someone
Austin let’s just get rid of the money
yeah I agree this is almost like

government work well you know if you
don’t hit your budget up to par is gonna
be got to spend it got to spend it oh we
had to spend it we need more we spent it
all we need more yeah that’s the classic

but so we meanwhile they CBS if they can
is they’re gonna balance their reporting
with the fear-mongering they did a good
job here because as we go on to ramp to
you get to hear the ludicrous that’s

almost like Joe Biden I guess was struck
oh I have a clip let’s play grab two and
you’ll hear someone okay mother I don’t

have that much of a clip there and fear
tactics Democrat Party for free health
care free welfare free education the
right to vote because they figure that’s

the way they stay in office forever in
Ohio Homer Vice President Joe Biden
participated in an Ohio Democratic Party
get out the vote rally with senator

sherrod Brown and Ohio gubernatorial
nominee Richard Cordray with a hoarse
voice he expressed the importance of
voting on Tuesday only thing strong
enough whoa

is America we’ve seen it start
pancit juice is all about so in

conclusion we Democrats have to make it
clear who we are we choose hope over
Sabrina tzatziki is a CBS and political

contributor and political reporter at
The Guardian okay she goes on to that
here’s the the quick clip I had of Biden
presented as a unnamed illness Joe Biden

even with laryngitis lending his voice
to Democrats as they attempt to take
control of the House and Senate you know
who else was walking around with a

hoarse voice was Obama he’s also losing
his voice you see you know we can do
this we can do the Trump thing they just
yell and scream and they can’t they’re
literally losing their voices over

trying to imitate his animation or and
whatever they feel is necessary and they
just can’t do it
Sabrina Siddiqui is a CBS n political

contributor and political reporter at
The Guardian okay
homestretch Sabrina what are really the
closing arguments and the strategy that
both sides are trying to make at this
point well I think it’s been striking to

see the way in which the president
Republicans have really leaned in on
this migrant caravan trying to frame
this is an immigration crisis when of
course you have had migrants fleeing
poverty and violence in Central America

dating back to 2014 frankly President
Obama dealt with a surge of
unaccompanied minors during the 2014
midterms and so that was a very
political issue but it speaks to the
fact that Republicans are really not

running on the tax cuts that they
enacted last year because those are not
very popular the American public you
know the messaging that I saw
continuously over the weekend was whoa

whoa why isn’t he running on the economy
that makes so much
is doing good he should run on the
economy no needs to be fears to be fear
and the downplaying is caravan with this

exact same people maybe two weeks ago
like oh there’s thousands coming and now
I was like oh trump’s afraid of moms and
strollers and it’s it’s idiotic it’s a b

and you people who watch too much of
this they go crazy yeah it’s a whipsaw
it’s very difficult to stay sane
i mean i smoke a lot of weed and i do
this show so like i’m good but it’s very

confusing for people not healthy not
well you doesn’t help when you have the
Guardian and the me of these same
newspapers was really bit analysis

that’s me o guardian meddling in our in
our elections UK spy rag yes democrats
by contrast they’re obviously making

this about being much bigger than just
this particular moment it’s about
president Trump and this being a
referendum on his tenure in office and
really the future of the country and
what their countries I then do first

when you look at president Trump’s final
schedule the the blitz that he’s sort of
different stop that he’s making what do
you read from his campaign you mean
blitz like blitzkrieg you noticed it you
have to go back and listen to carefully

because I didn’t notice it the first one
I we actually initially clipped it
wouldn’t hurt us at all she know you
know blitz is like implying he’s Hitler
so she says blitz and then she she’s
really good I like this woman she’s a

very good newsreader she caught herself
but she didn’t caught her catch yourself
like an Amy Goodman or somebody wouldn’t
just mobile and flub she caught herself
smoothly and smoothly corrected it in

such a way that I don’t think you’d have
to listen to this thing over and over to
catch the whole the moment where she
uses Blitz yeah I get that he’s sort of
different stops that he’s making what do

you read from his campaign schedule well
yeah I guess I didn’t go back far enough
hearing idiot their country’s identity
looks like when you look at president
Trump’s final schedule the the blitz

that he’s sort of different stops that
he’s making yeah you’re right
you caught it real quick didn’t she it
was good very good at this she is good
she’s very good it’s great when you look

at president Trump’s final schedule the
the blitz that he’s sort of different
stops that he’s making what do you read
from his campaign schedule he really
isn’t spending a lot of time in the very
competitive house districts and it

almost speaks to this sense that
Republicans believe the house has
already been lost now that may not well
be the case come Tuesday but he’s
spending a lot more time in these red
states where perhaps they have a better
chance of keeping the Senate as well as

some of these competitive gubernatorial
elections so you saw him just the other
day in Florida where issues such as
immigration and attempts by the
Republican candidate there to link
immigrants to crime that’s also been a

very prevalent issue like the way she
slips in and they’re trying to link
immigrants into crime and they’ve
ignoring any ms-13 implications you
might actually be able to do that you

know the Washington Post Dana Millbank
wrote a column boys it’s this Friday or
Saturday and The Washington Post is very
strict paywall and this one is

completely outside the paywall so they
wanted everybody to read it they you
know I’ve noticed this a lot because I
won’t pay for any of these jamokes oh my
god still from browser to browser yeah
there’s all kinds of ways around the

freedom control it does it seamlessly
then he and he posted a Trump rotation
because this is what we get here in
murica during elections and everyone
does their their best column ball god
this will this will flip it watch my

column be the tipping point where we
take back house so the title of this is
we have no excuses now our eyes are wide
open and I just I just want to I mean he
gives us 20 paragraphs here now all

Americans have seen the results with
their own eyes Trump defended neo-nazis
who marched in Charlottesville he
oversaw hi oh yeah oh no that you just
go lie or you give me whatever it just a

one-word ER for each paragraph okay
Trump defended neo-nazis who marched in
charlottesville lie he oversaw a policy
separating young children from their
parents and where how’s the kids at the

border including some who have yet to be
kind of a lie I like warehouse though I
think warehouse is a good word great
warehouse like Amazon we get him with

robots this is your kid now put it back
he took Vladimir Putin’s word over that
of the US intelligence community
accepting Russia’s denial that it
interfered in our election it’s true he
implemented a ham-handed attempt at a

Muslim ban a travel ban that caused
chaos chaos and in its early
incarnations were struck down as
unconstitutional it wasn’t a Muslim ban
it’s a lie and by the way I learned

something about ham now ham handed
you know who’s ham-fisted and right hey
do you know where hand brett hamming it
up comes from

well that’s a good question I happen to
know I was just reading it yesterday
that’s why it jumped out at me whether
intentional or an actor that’s right
ham actors were blo great actors who

performed in blackface and used ham fat
to get the black face off they were
known as ham hamming it up doing the the
little old minstrel show ham actors I

don’t know if it’s intentional but I
kind of thought it was interesting that
came in here ya know right like we
should have known better challenge the

legitimacy of a so-called
judge who temporarily blocked the ban
I’ll think he challenged the legitimacy
I don’t know if that’s exactly what he
did and so I put that half way he swung

erratically from the verge of nuclear
war with North Korea threatening fire
and fury the likes of which the world
has never seen before
to declare he had fallen in love with
dictator Kim jong-un and pronounced the

nuclear threat ended though no agreement
had been reached business interpret yeah
that’s actually shameful it is goodness
he fired the FDA I want to point this

out the media and I dear we are going as
trunk we have to do the Trump which
whatever we Trump apologists of core
media keeps talking about Trump lies
Trump plays trumpets but they’re the

ones who like constantly let me play a
clip from Bill Maher show which was
fantastic and he threw out one of the
biggest lies really an abstraction Trump

said there was a quote of him saying hey
I’ve you know the military should treat
all of these these kids throwing rocks
he’s Caravan coulombs huh as as if they
have rifles

and that made a big oh my god oh are
they gonna shoot out him but here’s how
Bill Maher translates that into his show
so I guess my question is when you get
to the point when you’re saying we

should fire on people with rocks he took
that a little further
implying something and saying something

or two different things but anytime
Trump implies something they they take
it to the next level listen to the whole
thing so I guess my question is when you
get to the point when you’re saying we

should fire on people with rocks rocks
he wants to turn us into the Gaza Strip
oh boy they throw a rock and we fire
upon them and then we have dead bodies

stretching the truth a little bit but
whoo this was a great episode and I’m
gonna there’s one more quickie before I
get to the headliner one more quickie
but I still wanna finish my little bit

here oh then do that and then I’ll go
back I’m sorry yeah I want to finish
with the gates they got one more love
yes more of the ramp up because I got
three clips I want to play of from Amy
and democracy now just this is one of

the reasons i watch so because there’s
stuff that she talks about that nobody
talks about so it gives me some insight
but but my kicker here is the truth will
win out the true attitude of the elitist

progressives in this country will be
revealed at the end of these two clips
just start with Oprah campaigning in
Georgia yo an election news oprah
winfrey joined Democratic gubernatorial

candidate Stacey Abrams on the campaign
trail in Marietta Georgia Thursday days
before the midterm elections in one of
the country’s most talked-about races
because of the women who were lynched

who were humiliated
who were discriminated against who were
suppressed who were repressed and
oppressed for the right for the Equality

at the poles and I want you to know that
their blood has seeped into my DNA their
sacrifices be in vain

Oprah also told crown she’s not hitting
the campaign trail to test the waters
for her own political run bullcrap no I
think she’s too smart I really don’t

think she’s gonna do anyway I don’t know
you know people get weird ideas make it
happen hmm
wouldn’t be surprised what n’t be
shocked this put it that way
oh no it wouldn’t be a shock but she’s

just too smart she does this that’s 52
seconds that whole bit that was it was
those Pro you know this Stacey Abrams
probably is not gonna win that with or
without Oprah’s help but then she

decides to switch over and to talk about
Stephen King what Steve King is the guy
in Iowa who’s they think they can beat
and so they dedicate and she’s been
smearing him on every single show well

what what is what is this what is the
smear topic what are they this okay
white of course okay you guys with
another Nazi yeah because everyone in

Austria is a Nazi yeah but so some kid
comes in and ambushes amid some some and
he does a poor job of it I thought and
King spots him and makes a fuss but Dame
he thought this was worth playing so she

goes an hour and 32 hour I’m sorry one
minute 32 second might as well be an
hour 1 minute and 32 seconds for this
bit which is very long for her pieces
they’re usually sharp little bang bang

bang news items but not now when you’re
smearing it Republican so let’s play
this back in the United States Iowa
Republican Congress member Steve King
lashed out at a college student at a
campaign event in Des Moines Iowa

Thursday for asking about how Kings
beliefs line up with those of the
Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers you
name the shooter both share an ideology

that I saw this clip to Steve King doing
this and you know the type of the

YouTube video was that was Iowa State
University student Caleb than Fossen he

also tried to ask Congress member Steve
King about his recent trip to Austria
where King met with an Austrian neo-nazi
group earlier this week the head of the

National Republican Congressional I
didn’t she mention the name of the Nazi
group or she didn’t say neo or no Nazi
she said neo-nazi why not mention it was
just the the president’s party over

there it was one of the parties over
there with an Austrian neo-nazi group
earlier this week the head of the
National Republican Congressional
Committee blasted King for his white
supremacist ties and corporate

supporters of King including Intel Land
O’Lakes and Purina petcare announced
they would no longer fund Kings
campaigns he’s up for reelection is
polling just one point ahead of his

Democratic challenger JD Shelton in a
district that Trump won in 2016 by a
twenty seven percent margin blue wave
this is one congressman out of you know

but there’s she’s focusing on her
because they think they can knock him
off and he is an important guy but the
funny thing was and this was the these
two are segments between Oprah who was

in Georgia for Stacey Abrams
and Steve King who was in Iowa had a
very interesting segue which I thought
revealed and you’ll hear it because I

have it here as the truth wants to get
out this segue itself reveals the kind
of weird bigotry and elitism of the
progressives and now we’re gonna you’re

gonna play it after I’m gonna cue to
play it but remember we’re talking about
Georgia and then we’re gonna switch it
to Iowa Oprah
also told crown she’s not hitting the

campaign trail to test the waters for
her own political run back in the United
States Iowa no United States over there
Georgia back in the United States back

on planet Earth in a dimension where I
feel more comfortable so what do you
think Georgia is Amy what country is it

in the Republic of Georgia this is the
kind of insulting this is in the brain
because the entire said you they got
writers and cameraman and editors they

have all these people line or line
editors there’s someone all the way at
the back who says yay or nay or stop
there’s altima control in the control
one person there notice this oh no I’m

sure they notice it they just it felt
comfortable it sounded right yeah that
sounds right should be good yeah well
does that do it for your your that’s the

rundown yeah good you got a little
border line in there very good I’m gonna
go back to the Bill Maher show it was a
doozy and it answers a lot of questions
for us but

the panel this is Anna the panel is like
the co-founder and CEO of Axios which is
the NBC outfit which is YC CBS n is

Axios is basically NBC Then There was
that Lauren but it’s NBC and her
basically or Comcast then there’s a the

president of the ACLU who was an
incredible dick oh my goodness I mean
it’s not you don’t even get to him yet –

really I had to wait to find who the guy
was so I popped in the middle and I’m
just like this must be some kind of
Democratic Party official but no it was
the president of the ACLU and then

Chelsea Handler who was just yelling all
the times – but I kind of liked her show
but she’s her political ranting is
tiring she’s afraid I’m so afraid I’m
effing scared okay but then Bill Maher

asked a very pertinent question and they
are all oblivious to what is staring
them right in the face disturbing
stories that got buried in the news this
week is that Brazil has the new

president who they’re calling the
tropical Trump yeah and I feel like I’ve
read this story before about other
countries in the world they’re all it’s
like they’re franchising they really are
Italy has one hunger Hungary Poland

Merkel is out in Germany we don’t know
what’s next there what’s that why is
liberal democracy there so in retreat

right now hmm I don’t know Bill it’s a
big problem right because it’s not it’s
not going away anytime soon because you
named it you’d if you look at the

politics of Britain look at the politics
to Italy look at the what happened with
Merkel you don’t have as big a number of
sort of Trump errs there but it’s much
bigger than it was before and health
driver out of office and what the
commonality of all of those is its

migration there where it’s immigration
it’s economic stagnation and it really
is this switch globally that you’ve seen
in politics so most of my lifetime it
was big government versus small

government at a simplest form now it’s
not now
very much about sort of your identity do
you like the way the world was when you
grew up or do you want change and once
you get there you now tuck this from if

it ever was an intellectual battle
there’s something that’s very very very
emotional and very very dangerous it’s
all dangerous and they’re doing identity
politics somehow the tropical Trump
don’t they see that that people are sick

and tired of whatever these these
progressive ideas are with globalism
that’s what’s happening you that they
don’t see globalism it’s a problem they
see it as a solution

I drop it go on Brazil Brazil I think is
insulting not from the Amazon no no no
anyway so yeah this went on and on him

but then came that the bit Bill Maher
broke the format of the show for his
superstar guests you know we’re
typically they do interview in the
beginning it was the white girl from the

New York Times about the squirrel Hills
synagogue shooting and then it was the
panel’s a comedy show oh yeah oh it gets
funny for us but then normally the guest

joins the panel at the table oh no no
that’s not true I’m gonna disagree with
you so we don’t get letters I have
watched the show as many times almost as

you have and most of the time the guest
doesn’t join the panel no the first
guest doesn’t join the panel that’s what
I meant and that’s the one that’s not
what I’m talking about but the guy that

shows up later yes ii get the guest who
comes rolling yes yes that’s that this
time it wasn’t the guy it was Barbra
Streisand van cheetah’s and she did not

join the panel she got her own segment
in a whole in a different area of the
set oh yes with Tashi
in the alternate universe to witness the

small fury of what’s really happening
with George in the linchpin everybody
okay are you okay yeah I’m just making

sure the dogs okay okay here we go so
Barbara and then she’s never been on his
show and he’s very excited and she has
probably never seen his show she has she
has an album out called walls and it’s

all about Trump and yeah just but yeah
yes songs about Trump well not
specifically calling him Donald Trump
but you know you say that she’s probably

never watched the show I also think Bill
Maher has never heard the song that she
promoted has never listened to the album
and he says something here but just as a
tip if you ever gonna interview a

musical superstar what not to say
there’s a great day in my house I love

this one
I have all the old ones I’m gonna get
the next one and all the new ones that
are gonna come out you know it’s a great
that’s such a catchy tune too you know
you do not say to Barbra Streisand do

not say it’s such a catchy tune I can’t
explain it to you but singers hate it
when you do shit like that okay you know
your old crew I see in the credits back
there Carole Bayer Sager and wonderful

team she’s completely confused she
doesn’t even remember why she’s there
but luckily she gets straight into it um
what was I gonna say sounds like her

yeah I think you’ll really enjoy some of
these clips you know real life real life

Lionel sadness as well as she’s talking
about her song anger wasn’t she going to
leave the country when George Bush was
elected oh she said that if the

Democrats don’t win the midterms they
don’t win the house she’s still
considering moving to Canada so it’s
she’s doubling down well you know this
is an aside no she has a place her and

they’ve got a place up in the Pacific
Northwest we think it’s in swim because
Mimi has run into both of them yeah at
one of the stores that everyone goes
there sunny Farms is the organic store
that although everyone’s clothes well

just call that Canada it’s close enough
and it’s pretty close together already
but she says the two of them are just
really two over the over dress for the
area she ran into Brolin once and she
just I’ll give this to her story she

likes to tell it she says she looks at
him and she says she recognized him but
she’s look noticing his haircut which
was one of those had to be a five
hundred away she saw it had to be a five

hundred dollar haircut this was not like
a any even a good stylist it was
outrageous and she says to him that
haircut is fantastic and he says to her

do you know who I am I do that all the
time at restaurants in Austin and then
Mimi says Mimi says his heard retort do
you know who I am

oh yeah classic walks off classic well
she showed him dammit I’m proud of her
no sadness as well as anger thank you I
must say what motivated me it’s amazing

that you can take something I mean the
name of the album are the walls but the
idea the first song what’s on my mind
you say right in the beginning I wanted
so on my mind Trump is on my mind you
channeled it into this I couldn’t sleep

and so I was thinking oh my god now they
the photographs in my head the pictures
you know the children being ripped out
of the arms of their parents you know

about stay with me John last lines and
that song is what ever happened to just
being kind

there’s a lot of this and I you know
it’s a long ink you don’t have just
pulled a few put a lot of her saying why
can’t we just reach across the aisle I’m
like why don’t you go to the White House

and talk to him you know you’re Barbra
Streisand you could go talk to the guy
because none of that but I discovered
something very important about her and
also by coincidence about Bill Maher so
they’re both extremely triggered by by

Trump and what is the number one thing
in the rotation we’re hearing about
certainly in the last in the last few
weeks what is the number one Trump
rotation item we hear I don’t know he
lies he lies he’s a liar he’s lying

lies lies what Washington Post this week
Trump has made 6420 false or misleading
claims over six hundred and forty nine

days lies lies lies but what’s happening
is both of these people and she’s going
to explain the story our cycle have
psychological trauma in their life and I

understand what I have you know there
was a couple of big lies in my family
which one of these days I’ll talk about
on the show and so I understand when you
grow up in a house that is either based

on a lie or has lies things that are
going on
and so yeah I can understand if someone
is lying that you’d be triggered by that
strangely I’m not triggered and I think
they answer that as well but I think I

think we share something which is we
both hate Liars mm-hmm you know you can
do almost anything to me or say why do
me I know it’s a lie to as a child
that’s why I’m so passionate about lies

and people who lie by family I was I was
sent to wait till she’s getting very

personal now summer camp and I came to
John quit the fucking bongos I want you
to listen it’s worth it it’s worth it to
visit I said you’re not leaving without

me I always had a strong will you know
and I got a carton I remember and packed
my things up and she had to take me home
and in the car was this stranger this

new man no and I I thought who is this
and he turned out to be my stepfather
that I was never told about that and

that way my mother was gonna have
another baby nothing was ever told to me
you know when I said to my mother
yes yet this is severe psychological

trauma about her mother environment boot
camp know if you listen to what she said
home because you couldn’t stand it and
then she met her stepfather in the car

ride home as though she’s I guess she’s
supposed to be informed about everything
how old was she that’s the key but she
was I don’t know the things she said at
the beginning but the point is from and

all of a sudden her dad was gone and
this was her new dad and so it was if
she was not prepped for it and it was
traumatized and that was traumatizing
nobody likes that so she has
psychological trauma which is being

triggered by what she considers to be
thousands of lies and it’s taking her
back to her childhood that’s it’s
obvious why didn’t well that was later
but I said why don’t you ever talk to me

about my father my father was a teacher
a scholar and a religious man by the way
uh and she said well I thought you’d
miss him but you see you see what I mean

by it yeah the lying by the way as an
actress or a singer what you depend upon
is truth truth communicates lies reads

you know in this case I mean is Liza
work yes because maybe there’s some
truth in there that’s communicating

Barbara maybe that’s why it seems to be
working but the
but truth eventually wins out don’t you
think well I think what you’ve played
here is to prove that these people are

that’s why we’re in the alternate
universe but do you want to meet they’re
going crazy no no it’s very important
this is short 30 seconds they’re going
nuts because they’re over stimulated

they’re watching this shit all day long
and that’s why they can’t sleep at night
but one reason I think they are always
you know against you is because you have
been effective I remember in 1986 yo

there again yes they’re very much
against you they don’t like you years
ago when I was supporting something or
on the uncontrol I’m sorry this is
something else this it’s this is where

Bill Maher says he was on the Bombers
that’s right which I was very proud to
be on this was on the Bombers list you
know I mean you’re good I want to be

left out you’re scary there’s a lot of
more scary well Bill Maher what was he
feeling left out there wasn’t he’s the
only one that has corroborated this
story that he was also on the Bombers
list did he get a bomb with their bomb

in the mail where was this list all the
losses on the list but if you if you do
a search if you Bing it you’ll see is
only himbo he announced he was on the

list like he felt left out or I don’t
know but it’s very sketchy now here’s
here’s their fear clip they’re both
because they’re over stimulated with the
stupid stuff so how do you balance I
think we all fight this how do we

balance like not being obsessed with
Donald Trump thinking about him all day
because I’ve never known a president who
was more in our heads which is sort of
what the album is the joke that everyone
says that Trump is living rent-free in

their heads he’s actually just admitting
it bizarre what I do is first of all
engage I eat a lot do you eat
and I’ll eat sweets like coffee ice

cream right that that counterbalances
the bitterness I have to play games
literally before I go to sleep I mean to

get him out of my head to get the news
that I watch all out of my head thinking
about tomorrow I have to be in the
present to be in the present you have to
play gin you know you have to play rummy

cue right you have to play scramble
that’s my way what do you do I just turn
I find I’m watching in season basketball

yeah so they’re watching stuff all day
and they’re getting nuts and then they
can’t handle they can’t sleep so they
have to play card games and do something
else this is not healthy I think you’ve

played clips of two people are probably
clinically insane well I don’t I
wouldn’t say insane would really I don’t
think we can make that I think she’s

really got something wrong with her she
I mean but just of course doesn’t
explain her deep deep hatred of George
Bush to the point where she was gonna
leave the country to threaten to or said

she would forget he did I don’t know but
he was never portrayed as a liar so I
think this is even maybe even this is is
somewhat drived
she’s just a hater she did introduce a

new term or maybe it’s a term that I
hadn’t heard before and I think it was
put into her mind and she flubbed it as
it’s coming out but I think it’s an
illogical evolution of climate change

terminology just what’s going on with
the environment Oh Mike I mean that’s
like the Forgotten issue because of all
this mentioned about the younger people
and I read an article the other day they

talked about 18 to 29 year olds
one-third of them are not going to vote
and I think but what do you mean just
think about climate change what’s gonna

happen to your future your children’s
future this is
a terrible problem the Republicans and
this administration have wiped off all
of the information about player truth

the truth of its climate they don’t even
want to know what yeah so did you catch
it no climate truth
that was her phrase climate truth touch

she said the truths about claiming no
she tries to clarify wiped off all of
the information about the truth
the truth I wouldn’t got that no but she

flubbed it she flubbed it but she said
climate truth the truth about climate
change and she couldn’t get it out but
that seems like she had heard about this

or I just want to put you it may be
something bubbling under might be coming
out I think climate truth is fantastic I
think it’s probably a new a new round of
I mean we went from global warming to

climate change to climate truth I mean
does it get any better I like it I like
it a lot I want to push it on the radio

is on that side anyway last clip is
where Barbara Walters of course at
Barbara Walters no difference Barbara
same woman Barbara Streisand has a
solution for all of these problems

listen to this this is a very funny
thing he says shut up and shut up and
sing do both what shut up and he catches

his all shut up and sing and do both be
shut up and sing somehow and he tries to
recover from most people will say shut

up and sing do both no save here we go
here’s a question do we allow the media
to keep showing him on TV why because

there’s money in it because the media
used to be a lost leader they didn’t
care if from covering news mail and now

it has to report to the stock room like
everybody else right exactly
Thank You Barbara Streisand
the media never made money and now they

had to report to the stockroom yes would
he get somebody to get some empty
bottles that’s in the stockroom well
what he’s trying to say I will translate
he’s trying to say that ratings equals

money so Trump equals ratings more Trump
that’s just the way it’s gonna be
hello yeah well that’s we’ve noticed
this from the get-go let’s get out of

you know the you heard this clip this

one is I can’t remember I forgot to
write the guy’s name down but he was
he’s like an ex executive for some
broadcasting operations written a bunch
of books and they caught him on this and

they’re just playing this straight-up
some interview this is a straight white
guy male shouldn’t vote guy I’ve never
heard this no no this is the right wing
talk shows are nuts over this clip it’s

got to help me right right and one other
ones you talked about prohibiting
straight males straight white men
straight white males yes this is I wrote
about this in 2012 I think it’s the only

hope for democracy in America and I will
be leading a great movement to prohibit
straight white males who I believe
supported Donald Trump by about 85
percent from having exercising the

franchise and I think that will save our
democracy you can’t just throw this out
there I mean it’s too funny though then

oh okay you would so that will save
democracy so all the white men that are
straight in other words the gays are

okay and be gay just say you’re gay if
you’d if they don’t vote then democracy
is saved somehow how does this make it
any sense well I mean even though hello
hello what happened Oh oh no my

headphone amp readout and I’m sorry that
was weird
okay I’m back even though you told me to
delete the tweet because it was hurting

the show and I did I still denounced him
with double n Lawrence Lessig who gave
us I mean Lawrence Lessig who I’ve
worked with you know he created the

Creative Commons copyright a little
background what you just said so people
get a kick out of it
so Adam just when I was on Twitter when
he was on Twitter they’re always on

Twitter and he says I do now
Semih nice melody and n or like and now
it’s like he’s like he was an announcer
so he put two ends in there as I knows
where it came from

yeah and so I quickly sent him a direct
mail saying quickly erase that tweet and
redo it you’re hurting the show no you
know that’s not what you said no no no

it was a little more passive-aggressive
I’m going to the tweeter right now and I
shall read you what you said do you said
here it is
erase your last tweet and spelled

announce correctly it’s hurting the show
more passive-aggressive that that’s more
aggressive it’s hurting the show okay do
you like to hurt in the show part my

favorite used to get really riled when
you did stuff like that now I’m like oh
yeah I’m deleting it and I just say sure
absolutely you’re so right all right all

right old man no good so Lawrence Lessig
the professor is MIT bleep ah he floats
around he was at Harvard for I think
he’s still hard snap I knew him when he

was at Stanford I had lunch with an eye
shadow Ares these are interesting guys a
socialist well he created the the
Creative Commons not creative the yes
Creative Commons copyright some hard on

against uh yeah and I’m using that term
apparently too often because I remember
it from use last show he’s got a hard-on
for copyrights in some way but it’s
mostly like but from a communist

perspective and that’s not entirely true
I’d like Creative Commons and I’d and I
took some people to court and won and
set jurisprudence oh we’ve had some good
back and forth over the years good but

now he’s just come out and just
insulting me and you
he says that we are to blame for
everything that’s happened right now the

same thing it’s a straight white male
yes of my generation pretty much sucks
because of people like me over fifty
whites especially men pretty much every
awful thing that’s happened in the past

20 years happened we elected George Bush
which got us the Iraq war we didn’t
elect Al Gore which meant you didn’t get
climate change legislation despite us

Obama was elected but in 2010 we kicked
the Democrats out of the control of
Congress that meant Obama got nothing

substantial through Congress in his six
remaining years in office a stalemate a
government that stalled the recovery and
did squat diddly about any important
national issue and of course we elected

Donald Trump which meant two more
Supreme Court justices picked by
presidents that didn’t even win the
popular vote bringing that total to four

on this court we really suck but here’s
the inconvenient truth about this story
if the 18 to 34 year olds had voted at

the same proportion as the 65 plus errs
none of these awful things would have
happened Oh George Bush would have lost
which means no Iraq war Al Gore is

president and climate change legislation
likely passed the kids elected Obama but
if they had voted that the same
proportion as the 65-plus errs the Dems
would have had more than a hundred and

thirty member majority in the House of
Representatives that would have meant a
much more effective Obama care and maybe
even student debt relief and of course
if the 18 to 34 year olds had voted in

the same proportion as the 65 plus errs
there would have been no donald trump
which means no Nazi rallies at
Charlottesville and elsewhere no

children ripped from their parents arms
of the border no pipe bombs said to any
Democrat with a spine no right-wing
Supreme Court and possibly even gun
controlled legislation no doubt

we suck but if you would only vote then
every sucky thing that we would do could
be stopped there you go the self-hating

white man over 50 ladies and gentlemen
oh it’s floating self-loathing now he
really assumes a lot to say we would

have had climate change 30 for you
whether they’re all 18 to 34 white males
a bunch of lockstep you know everything
everything to do is exactly the same

they’re all gonna vote Democrat that’s
bull in fact there’s a lot of it talking
about you know I’d say extreme
right-wingers when you start digging
down into the next the Zoomers as they

like to call them and not least in our
house Zoomers I like that good one the
Zoomers are the next group the right app
Generation Z the Zoomers ma’am
generation Z there’s rumors guys a lot
of those are pretty borderline you know

fascists and I’m not using the word
I don’t liked it and I’m sick of it by
the way uh you gotta be note from one of
my friends in Brazil about this tune she

called the new guy a Nazi a pig and
I think you can use the word fascist
even though I think that’s not the right

word either but Nazi means remember the
nationalist social social democrats or
whatever that party name specific name
was in german National Socialist
National Socialist you’re not a

nationalist soldiers you’re not so white
you’re and even fascist means you you
know it was part of the fascist II
movement which again was a it was a
group specific would they gotta come up

with a new name because you can’t keep
calling people members of some defunct
party in Germany as your uh why it’s an
anchoring that’s an anchoring moment of

course that’s the whole point that’s the
whole point you get to its new speak
come on yes it’s not stopping it’s just
not this is you know the dictionary will

get thinner every year
I just watched 1984 last night again
and you know how they always say he was
version the 1985 film I think it was

the one with uh with John Hurt oh yeah
that’s the creepy one yeah very creepy
but I I realized that everyone always
says George Orwell rode he who controls

the past controls the future the second
line to that which I’d forgotten is he
who controls the present controls the

past and that’s what’s happening your
words are changing the one analyst now
just means white nationalist you don’t
have to say white nationalist anymore
it’s just what it means it’s been pumped

into our heads it’s very very harmful
what is taking place with media you need
to turn it off he did not be watching it
mainly Michael Moore was also out he was
on set the what the name says out he’s

that he was out and about he was on what
set the talk-show host from SNL Seth
what’s his name again
that’s Myer Seth Meyers but they are
they are they are fanatical about this

because they know their time is up and
and these sort of the angry the angry
white guy which actually I’m really
Trump’s demographic because yeah I’m
hearing Michigan angry why man a white

guy over 50 with a high school education
so that’s me yeah so if I could just
speak to my fellow angry white American
the guys who are semi uneducated like me
yeah that’s me I got high school but I’m

not angry for some reason why am I not
angry running everything and and and you
know the Yankees could never win as many

pennants as we’ve won in these ten
thousand years at right end so why don’t
we just take a break let the majority
gender run the show huh let the
globalists run things too why are we

doing it he’s saying let them let the
window she said the women run everything
and they’re not gonna do it it’s just
what is this is a maniac and I don’t and
if you really have you looked over the

election of Donald Trump who was the
people that were mad
the mad white guy who the angry white
guy got him elected but you don’t see a
bunch of the number of angry white guys

versus the number of angry women seems
to be minor yeah I’m not trying to do
any logic here I’m just trying to point
it out I don’t know what this is I

wonder if we can ever well glue some of
this together maybe it’s maybe it’s only
just on TV and maybe it’s not all that
bad I don’t know it’s not it’s not that
bad the TV people let’s move on you have

to deal with it more than anyone and
with that I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
John four Caucasian angry man Dvorak you
Madame Curie also in the morning on

ships at sea boots on the ground in the
air something’s in the water
the games and nights out in the morning
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Falls and everything and also a big in

the morning – Darren O’Neill yeah we’re
bopping back and forth between the pros
now we chose his art for and it was
another tough choice for the artwork
album art as we do every episode this
was for 1082 title that was other eyes

and we chose this because there were a
number of great candidates but we
figured when we needed to discuss a
little bit cuz there was some good art
that we had to pass over let me just say
what we chose it was the other just a

beautifully drawn piece welcome to bed o
land and a bunch of money on a golden
coin paved road and it was just a great
piece and we knew that you know we would

probably wouldn’t be able to use this
after the election and you know you if
you leave something like that on the
table and we still had today there might
be something else it was just too good

we wouldn’t be able to reuse it in a
newsletter so it was it was top-notch
like a lot of them but we went with the
timing is that do i sum it up properly
there I think so
we there were pieces that we liked a lot

and I end up it said we had a piece from
number shows ago which who tried this
back in I keep trying to sneak it back
in by bringing the khashoggi topic back
newsletter I put in the newsletter it

was the beautiful piece by Pei of the
khashoggi is the subway logo for the
show logo and it was a guy selling cos

cos cos hoagies oh jeez
and there is a in the artwork was a
horrible hoagie with bones and pieces of
cloth and stuff in it

and you know it was this is the problem
we we do get a lot of good art we have
to we do look reuse that I used them to
the art that was the main piece for the
newsletter the top logo the top art

piece was from God knows like the years
ago that I just saw I said oh that would
work so it all gets used it does usually
it does and one of those greens and yet

we do pick it up later so very happy
with that I think a few people for
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everybody some jobs Carmen then we’ll
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fake money I wanted to mention that I
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filter podcast which John was previously
griping about it was definitely a less
entertaining no agenda clone in many
ways but they did especially excellent
deconstructions of cyber news with the

host being former and current dudes
named Ben respectively their cyber
segment is deeply missed yeah they
stopped which I that’s too bad they
could have kept it going anyway John

would be delighted to learn that unit
filter is now defunct I’m not that happy
about it because according to Chris unit
filter was a full-time job unto itself
you know what they were they were they

were one filter not uniform filter ID
filter I know what unfilter sorry a yuna
filter filter was a full-time job this

is what I noticed that they were it’s
one of them when I talk to people about
podcasting I always mentioned that we
try to do everything’s kind of concisely
so we it’s done it’s done you don’t do a

lot of post
you mean we’re too lazy to do anything
we’d record in real time or just that
professional okay I found it I’ve got a
friend to show okay he doesn’t least for

other shows and it wasn’t bringing
enough money we now know he is also in
negotiations to be acquired by Linux
Academy which may or may not have been
related to his decision to end the show
I wouldn’t fault him for that dig their

show was good unfilter was a good show i
listened to a number of times i’ve
always Sunday they it was hard to
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there’s a lot of lot of work doing video
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was a lot of complaints you could have
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since I got my new eyeball I have yeah
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mean because that you actually you’re
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where’s back to brand-new you know wait
a minute so your other eyeball is going
fuck it I give up no no no the other

eyeball is the other eyeball but the new
eyeball is like it’s I think it’s just
the information overload because the
brain was not used to getting so much
data uh-huh it’s so it’s starting to
read into thing so instead of saying DJ

sing doctor well you know it’s there’s I
have made that number of these little is
almost a little slightly dyslexic yeah
I’d be getting a refund
where was the benefit in all this the

benefit you mean like being able to
drive at night or I’m sorry cuz you’re
out on the town so much being able to

drive at night or not being you know
from any simple light source of sources
right okay it’s blinding you oh no
that’s horrible I didn’t realize it was
like that okay I just thought I couldn’t

see you guess shit sorry I couldn’t hear
we’re a fine pair I got hearing aids you
got hear no evil see no evil we get we
need you have to what’s the other one

the my person yeah speak know you all
and I thought and I find myself doing
strange things with the hearing aids
we’re in the tea and I were in the
elevator yesterday or the end of the day
but Friday and then someone walked in

she was and you know the confusing
elevator where there’s no no buttons and
you know so someone had had programmed
the outside for and she gets in she’s
looking around like whether he’ll say
nah that’s normal and then she looked at

me she went hey she points to her
hearing aids and that’s I’m not making a
joke that
how she sounded and I immediately go
like I’m a dick she was really like deaf
deaf and stuff and a mute she couldn’t

speak or hear and Here I am like oh
you’re a colleague jeez and dick
high-five I’m an idiot
horrible man sir milkman comes in at 256

hey fellas happy eleventh can I get a
plug for a 3d printer repair business I
guess it’s far enough along now that 3d

people here just falling apart yeah like
us LA okay goes to LA 3d printer repair
comso la 3l a 3d printer repair all one very nice I guess
all right first and only local resource
dedicated the 3d printer repair in Los

Angeles yeah well is that where he is I
guess LA Oh must be or could be
Louisiana could be we should know he’s

sir milkman we should know but we don’t
you’d think
more tea sir Timothy of the no fix title
in Plymouth Michigan 22222 I’ve been
saving up for a donation Mimi’s birthday

is a great reason this hit the second
the send button that past month of shows
of combining the polish and
professionalism of modern no agenda with
the even-handed savaging of everybody in
all sides that made the show great in

the first place I’ve been concerned this
year when sometimes I heard an episode
and thought damn these guys are sounding
like Republicans real insult I hate it
when people say that I’ve never belonged

to any political party which of course
is not true because you guys often vote
for independent candidates and third
parties but I fear you may lose
potential donors with things like the

dimension a and B idea which can
sometimes sound like Republicans are in
dimension a and crazy disappointed
Democrats in dimension B or dementia as
he says as if no agenda is taking sides

on dimension
I know plenty of crazy Republicans who
scare me as much as Democrats perhaps
people who can think critically and okay
well let me stop before I read any more
of this what we do is media

deconstruction and they’re just as so
much so I should go to Fox and look at
what they’re saying and it’s like we
don’t have to we know it they’re I mean

they’re not trying to trick anybody not
trying to trick anybody with and when
they do we call mine they find it
but we find a little back you know they
blew the whip saw ways of presenting a
news and Trump said he was he admitted

he was a liar and then they cut to a
clip of Trump saying no such thing hold
on hold on home aha then the next
argument that comes back is when Obama
was president sure you were

deconstructing the media by showing all
the bullcrap they were telling about him
being the best in the world
but they say you had hundreds of
thousands of clips about Obama and you

do almost no Trump clips and you’re
missing the point of what we do because
if you want crazy-ass Trump clips turn
on the television
that’s exactly it’s the of course it’s

the reverse it is this is truly about
media you know when when the media was
all in an Obama we would we would show
the opposite which usually would have to

say this is what he really said remember
when he shouted down the protester ball
he the heckler he made a shirt just cut
meant to carry that protester then we

played the raw audio where it was about
15 minutes of him going by by by by by
getting out and they and they lied so
you know I don’t understand I do
understand the media is is very biased

and I’ve believed this and they admitted
it themselves if you go in fact you can
tag go to if you ever get give give a
speech to a media group and ask him how
many Democrats and Republicans were

there you’ll find this about 80 and I
think even higher a percent of Democrats
and their slant the news and what we all
we do is just say hey you guys aren’t
presenting this correctly all right that

and then you have the little subtleties
like like
Amy Goodman suggesting that Georgia is
not in the United States and that’s
where all we do we don’t do if it was

the other way around we would still be
doing the same thing
so happens that there they’re all
promoting an agenda and we are just fish
pointing it out what their what’s really

going on and keeping people from going
nuts cuz their agenda which is
definitely an agenda is making people
crazy yes well I don’t know if even even
if that is their agenda if that’s the

result know what that’s a result of
their the result yeah you’re right my
agenda is just to make you laugh
just just lat if you haven’t laughed
during this show then I feel personally
I failed if you haven’t laughed about

something just some lunatic thing which
maybe it could be me yeah we should be
laughing you should be laughing Sir Tim
is either no fix tiles but he also says
happy birthday to me me and I can’t wait

for the Thursday show Michigan local
ones having a post-election sanity
luncheon China at Star palace in
Westland on Sunday eleven eleven at one
p.m. eleven eleven by the way is which
was next Sunday is the is Armistice

today’s the day that World War one ended
ah that’s right it is also it marks
carnival in the Netherlands it’s called
the 11:11 s the crazy the crazy day I
don’t know why maybe cuz that’s gonna do

World War one could be so grave
grammarian comes our last associate
executive producer two hundred two
dollars and two cents I think we showed
1313 yeah the big thanks to John for

chatting with us on the grime Erica Show
podcast it happens to be episode three
one three now released keep up the
stellar work guys you have inspired us
and changed many lives for the better

everyone supports the no agenda show the
value for value model is so very
important this time of manufactured
outrage virtue signaling and censorship
jingle equals karma bests or gray of

grade grime Erica thank you sir gray and
thank you by Mary Kay and everyone who
supports that show as well I have not
heard this podcast but it will be on the
no agenda stream right after today’s

show and I’m looking forward to it
because you’ve certainly promoted it
I’m excited I’m excited to hear about
your your history all about you it says
oh you’re gonna find out all kinds of

things that you’ve never heard before
yes okay thank you to our executive
producers and associate executive

producers these are the real credits the
ones that you could well the producer
credit is real as well but we’d like to
bring these forward just like Hollywood
that’s a part of our value for value
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executive producers and executive
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thanking more people $50 above that in
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on Thursday for you please remember us
at Lauren org formula is this we go out
we hit people in the mouth

hey do you feel any of those earthquakes

no they’re nowhere near here now I do
want to read a letter though that was
one of our make goods from the last show
oh okay
opportunity to I guess is from Angela
and I’ll smear I’ll smear the

Netherlands all smear I’ll smear as for
my last email been rainy right you and I
had some extra money to donate she’s
been on the $4 list she was on she gave
us something and didn’t get picked up on

her some more than note didn’t she’s her
husband my husband and I introduced to
the podcast keeps threatening to write
in and call me out as a douchebag my
donation last week and today should beat

him to the punch please d douche me so
we can do that she wonders if she’ll be
the first black Dame she may be but for
Dame hood it’s not really clear in here

but we do not do black Dame’s
sorry anyway she needs some Law School
Karma what do you think we don’t do
black Dame’s I understand we’ve never
done a black game what’s not that we

wouldn’t I don’t I think it’s been
determined by the peerage committee that
black Dame’s are rude or something I
don’t know it means we have black
knights but you can’t say black Dame I

think so what are you talking about I
have to go back to the data but through
they’ve through the minutes well we
don’t we haven’t had them but we would
do one if we if we forgot someone we’re
not sure that’s true I think has

happened in the past I think this has
come up like a couple of years ago wow
this is very strange to me well when we
gonna say I don’t understand well you
should write a protest see it’s in the

form of a memo to the peerage committee
and it will take it up okay I will this
is an outrage um and maybe she can get
her black Dame hood

I don’t know she’d be the first then I
don’t have to look back into it it’s
gonna take a lot of research and
resources but it’ll be resolved she
wants some law school karma trains good

planes bad and a milf comment trying to
keep my status as a hot wife going I
attached pics to my last email if you
missed it you missed it
what we missed it and okay milf what

else does she want the train’s good and
milf trains good planes bad and is just
some lost gold karma and jobs okay we
can do that here we go you’ve got karma

is a speaking of trains I got a note

from I think it’s professor John dr.
John and that would be about the the
trains and what is it under shut up

slave you know the the audio that we had
that we thought was possibly a hoax of
the your social score will you will go
down if you’re caught without a yes

without a ticket well so it was the
right so he says yeah well I mean I
think we both thought it was a hoax and
I think how can I find this now he wrote
us a nice little note and he says oh

yeah absolutely I’ve been on being on
trains all over a China on the bullet
trains they have it and he says it’s
completely legit
so so the amount you would be so the

announcement over the PA system and a
Chinese bullet train is threatening you
with with banishment to the outer hit
inter lands or whatever it is it’s

he says the the the irony of it is that
if you can actually purchase your ticket
right then and there on the train or
upgrade if you would be in the in the
wrong seat so it’s it’s not you know you
just oh yeah I got caught okay I just

want to pay for it now he says
apparently that’s it that’s a normal
thing to do
yeah that was in Europe too but he said
he said now it’s uh it’s it’s real
which is even a little crazy I’m like ah

that was probably fake but it’s kind of
real I don’t know how I feel about that
I don’t like it no more I make good
letter S from last show this is the

Aussie Andy Cantrell he said this is the
miss thing the missing note if you
remember I said yes yes yes yes are

there jingles included should I get
something ready oh just go left do you
think you know you do yeah he wants to
else Sharpton shitty old shitty with it
all right some reason that cracks him up

okay now he got kind of uh I don’t want
to use the word gypped but he made a
contribution of three hundred thirty
three dollars and 33 cents and I
remember when it came here that came in

at 200 and something because it was us
Aussie dollars which we normally credit
with a bigger amount or the executive
producer mmmm-hmmm anyway just bitching
about that he says I think I could say

they get more value than most from the
podcast I as on non show days I just
listened to old episodes through my
bluetooth headset while it’s going about
my business so I listen to you guys at

least 20 hours a week this has left me a
friendless social left me as a
friendless social pariah who finds and
complains about media bias everywhere

but I wouldn’t have it any other way I
was an old-school lefty this is very
interesting to me I was in coz I don’t
know how many people we can this is hard
did you and I’m thinking wow okay I

guess we need to accomplish something I
was an old-school lefty before
discovering no agenda and have yet to
succeed in getting any of my friends to
listen to the show they won’t listen

that’s the problem they won’t then
that’s the problem with the left they
just I don’t want to listen because they
friends gonna contaminate them they’re
all too busy ragging on Trump in isn’t
Australia by the way ragging on Trump
and panicking about global warming

I believe the Trump hate is some sort of
superiority complex at its root thank
you gentlemen for all you do to keep us
free from losing our minds yes
don’t lose your mind

during lunch at chick-fil-a don’t line
it’s in your tortise it’s in here in the
race we wash our ESP ICT they’re all

free there you go so we got little Judy

in there
that’s one of the best songs I’ve ever
put that together was just fantastic I
agree angrist anyway that was the last
of my current notes and I woke up trying

to catch up I woke up this morning I’m
just gonna do this here and you were on
my mind always
Easybeats Friday on my mind woke up this

morning and I had a lot of links to the
same video then a lot of there’s a lot
of people who’ve made see I told you the

Jews are trying to kill us
but oh yeah oh yeah I get a lot of that
and and you know the typical emails like
see you guys don’t want to admit it
they’re trying to replace us I mean I

get some choice emails and it’s because
of the following which Artie just
released it is a documentary in four
parts originally are produced by Al

Jazeera in 2017 it’s titled the Israel
lobby and it’s a four-part Urso I have
only seen the first part because I only

got it this morning I didn’t have time
to watch two hours of this I will for
Thursday’s show but here’s arty Pro
mowing it for our top international
story this hour we are following news

that the censor and Al Jazeera
investigation into the Israel lobby in
the United States has finally seen the
light of day early on Friday two
episodes from the four part series were
leaked by the Electronic Intifada and

orient 21 by the way I did clip this for
brevity so I cut out this whole
undercover camera because that never
works in the podcast if you can’t see

the subtitles you don’t know it’s hard
to understand so I cut that art GRT does
this do excess because if the audio is

it is not usable and this is the problem
it’s the problem with all that stuff and
what it’s choppy and cut up there’s no
context everything for context with
these things is the same for this
documentary half of it is subtitles

because it’s a Hebrew or Arabic so
sometimes just doesn’t work in a clip
released by E I earlier in the week
julia rice canned and american working

at the Israeli consulate admits to an
undercover journalist that she monitors
student supporters of Palestine and runs
sockpuppet social media accounts on
behalf of the embassy the student group

arrived kintu refers to in that clip as
students for
justice in Palestine that’s just one of
the many explosive scenes from the
series would you would think any
journalistic organization would be proud
to produce but not al-jazeera apparently

see despite investing years into
researching filming and editing the
project and even completing it in 2017
the network opted to censor the

production a reminder that al-jazeera is
owned by the Grand Poobah of Qatar hated
by Saudi Arabia why ironically because
it’s government funder Qatar was

influenced by the very groups it was
investigating the Israel lobby in June a
I confirmed Jazeera delayed the film’s
release quote over national security

fears including that broadcast of the
film could add pressure for the u.s. to
pull its massive ala deed airbase out of
the Gulf State or make a Saudi military

invasion more likely he is quote one of
the Israel lobby groups whose activities
are revealed in the film has been
mounting a campaign to convince the u.s.
to withdraw its military forces from

Qatar which leaders in the emirate would
see as a major blow to their security
the pro-israel lobby group Zionist
Organization of America boasted that its
director Morton Klein’s quote numerous

exhaustive and round-the-clock meetings
in Doha Qatar with the Emir and other
top Qatari officials helped convince the
government to scrub the project so yeah
from what I saw its yeah Bob there’s

someone from the embassy and she’s
talking to students and she’s yeah she’s
meddling around there are every country
has spies that does this to every other

country and I just don’t understand what
is everyone talking about you know it’s
like oh yeah yeah yeah
have you got him out of this
over-representation of Jews and sin

Congress like well why don’t you vote
them out
if you don’t like it I’m so sick of this
Jew Arab thing and we know that
ultimately it’s all about hummus

I’ve watched this documentary and I will
check in he’ll like hummus now that’s
what all this is ultimately about the
Israel thinks that they make better

hummus than any Arabs come on we know
this is what the real thing is an
Israeli took me to an Arab area to get
the best hummus I just said that’s what
the argument is about that’s it so watch
this hummus thing up but now you got me

there is a little party there’s downtown
LA we say that some bed-and-breakfast
for some reason bed-and-breakfast or
Airbnb and down that it was in an alley
and in that alley there was I gotta get

the name of this place it’s a restaurant
I’m going to go on to the Google Maps to
do it there’s a little I think as a
Palestinian restaurant in this alley and
it’s just they they make hummus the way

they make it in the Middle East is
handmade in the morning ground up by
some old woman you know with a pestle
mortar and his stuff is it’s probably
the best hummus I’ve ever had the United

States and I will tell you this place
and we’ll get some people getting some
hummus I’m telling never go to LA I’m
gonna go by there just get some how much
to go we can solve everything
we can we can solve the whole Middle

East problems we just get some agreement
on the hummus I’m convinced there’s
there’s a show I haven’t seen it one of
our producer psycho Mike gave us or
psycho he sent me these clips and lied

sakes he sent me the a clip and there’s
a nice Oh from it to this was from a
show called I’m gonna look watch this
show check it out it’s one of these it’s

called American housewife it’s on ABC
I’ve never seen it before but it has
Wendie Malick the comedian actress and
anything she’s and I think is great and
it doesn’t have a laugh track which file

it’s you know some of the so it has a
different style it has a different
feeling because shows out laugh tracks
are actually harder to do in many ways
because you can’t you know it’s just

their silent they’re so silent nobody’s
ever done it better I think then Tina
Fey she shows without laugh tracks and
they actually work well this one’s a
little Legos it makes you a little creep

your little creeped out but this clip
the American House white clip that was
specific it to me because it’s you’ll
see why there’s no bump you do not have
a bump it’s nothing you should have says

over you ever great knows no if you’re
gonna change something I would go with
your lives
mom it’s not her fault that she got my
thin lips well if I started juicing at
her age hmm my whole life would have

been different I could have been an MTV
VJ what’s that Wow there you go I’m a
dinosaur thanks I feel real good now
here’s the here’s the MTV Veejay clip as

a boat candidate for end of show as an I
so beautiful I could have been an MTV VJ
what’s that you’re in congratulations
you’ve done it I wanted to pick up a

topic you know there was another thing
that we didn’t really get to and talk
about and we don’t to talk too much
about it but I do have some other

information I want to bring it about
this front line two-part series called
the Facebook dilemma
yeah and you’re the funny thing about
this I have to say cuz I’m a big fan of
hot line front lines especially that
voiceover that’s the guy’s the best says

that me he’s so believable huh but but
for some reason I’ve not been interested
in actually getting this and watching it
I can give it to you well there’s a

couple short and I have one clip that I
want to play more but only gonna play
one for today the documentary is I think
it’s very interesting part one is very
interesting because it really shows you

when and how Facebook decided to adjust
its business model to the detriment of
human life in my view but the whole
thing both part 1 and part 2 winds up at

the same place Trump I mean it’s it’s
really disappointing it’s like okay
these guys the debt and I have some
thoughts about what maybe happened there
but I just want to play this one clip

from this Facebook I think this is from
part one this is just before the IPO
which was what 2012-2013 was later than
that yeah it was around there when they

really had to make some decisions Sheryl
Sandberg came in and you know this
obviously pertains to the algos and how
they whip people up into a frenzy and
that was their their saving grace for

the IPO and then Sheryl Sandberg was one
of these Council on Foreign Relations
women I think she came out of that
office government office that puts up
ball you know has a hole like the

substitute teams well she also built the
advertising business to a certain degree
at Google
did she not wasn’t you didn’t she do
something you worked at Google I thought

she did something at Google too I think
you’re thinking Marisa
no I know Marisa now maybe I’m wrong
doesn’t matter
although Sandberg is a heavy hitter from
the deep state yes in fact Facebook was
preparing to take its rapidly growing

business to the next level by going
public the pressure heading into the IPO
of course was to prove that Facebook was

a great business otherwise we’d have no
shareholders Facebook is it worth a
hundred billion dollars should it be
valued at Zuckerberg challenge was to
show investors and advertisers the

profit that could be made from
Facebook’s most valuable asset the
personal data it had on its users mark
great as he was at vision and product he
had very little experience in building a

big advertising business that would be
the job of Zuckerberg deputy Sheryl
Sandberg who had done the same for
Google Facebook we have a broad mission
we want to make the world more open and

connected the business model we see
today was created by Sheryl Sandberg and
the team she built at Facebook many of
whom had been with her at Google

publicly Sandberg and Zuckerberg had
been downplaying the extent of the
personal data of Facebook was collecting
and emphasizing users privacy we are
focused on privacy we care the most

about privacy business model is by far
the most privacy friendly privacy
friendly that’s our mission
right we have to do that because not if
people feel like they don’t have control

over how they’re sharing things then
then we’re failing that really is the
point that the only things Facebook
knows about you are things you’ve done
and told us but internally Sandberg
would soon lead Facebook in a very

different direction does meeting I think
was in March of 2012 in which you know
it was everyone who built stuff inside
ads myself
and you know she basically recited the
reality which is revenue was flattening

it wasn’t slow it wasn’t declining but
it wasn’t growing nearly as fast as
investors would have guessed so she
basically said like we have to do
something you people have to do
something and so there was a big effort
to basically pull out all the stops and

start experimenting way more
aggressively the realities yeah Facebook
has a lot of personal data your chat
with your girlfriend a boyfriend
your drunk party photos from college etc

the reality is that none of that is
actually valuable to any marketer they
want commercially interesting data
you know what products did you take off
the shelf at Best Buy what did you buy
in your last grocery run they didn’t

include diapers do you right it’s things
like that things that exist in the
outside world that just do not exist
inside Facebook at all Sandburg team
started developing new ways to collect
personal data from users wherever they

went on the internet and when they
weren’t on the Internet at all and so
there’s this extraordinary thing that
happens that doesn’t get much attention
at the time about four or five months
before the IPO the company announces its

first relationship with data broker
companies companies that most Americans
aren’t all aware of that go out and buy
up data about each and every one of us

hopefully by where we shop where we live
what our traffic patterns are what our
families are doing we’re likes are what
magazines we read data that the consumer

doesn’t even know that’s being collected
about them because it’s being collected
from the rest of their lives by
companies they don’t know and it’s now
being shared with Facebook so that
Facebook can target ads back to the user

so when we heard about the data brokers
I I think I was confused as well I
thought that they were selling the data
to the data brokers but it’s exactly the
opposite now if you’re wondering why
Facebook ads and it’s not just Facebook

as I’m sure everyone has it everyone
anyone can buy this data it’s from a
data broker for Christ sakes that that’s
why you’re getting you know the odd
types of things that you think it and it

may be listening to you the app I don’t
know but it knows a heck of a lot about
what you’re doing in the in the real
life world and they implemented that
just before the IPO and it worked

everything went crazy with the revenue
don’t have backup here and you make
bitches sandberg she’s the vice
president of global online sales and
operations at Google since you stole CEO

mm-hmm I don’t think she by the way has
she had that much to do with what’s
going on I think she’s just guided it
could be and she was involved in
launching Google Google’s philanthropic
arm Google org before Google she served

as a chief of staff for the United
States Treasury Secretary of Treasury
Lawrence Summers but she came out of
that group this is one organization

within the government of these you know
substitutes you need a you need Steve of
staff they bring one in from this dis
crowd she’s a super stuck one of these
they were considered very high level
they don’t even they don’t even get the

same kind of government pay they get
more money mm-hmm and they’re used as
hitmen kind of it’s like a hitman
operation within the government that
they used to see that’s how Trump gets
all these you know he has all these
people still doing work after firing

people because they bring them in from
this one organization well so so I was
just doing a little bit of research on
on Facebook and they actually have their
research arm has a you know had their

own website and it’s typical researchers
they put everything up there and I was
really looking to see I guess I came up
with a with a with a thesis you know the
idea that Facebook and you know fake

news and BOTS and the Russians were
their rubles that that had somehow
changed that the election and you know
it tilted it all in Hillary’s favor
based on what we think was what was it a
hundred thousand dollars was that kind

of the number did it all the trumps
favor so I’m thinking
you know maybe just maybe and this also
goes back to Hillary joking about

Zuckerberg you know that he says they
all look alike which I think was a
reference to no Cory Booker and an Eric
Holder oh no they they all look alike
don’t they I think that might have been

a reference to the artificial
intelligence that can’t seem to get
darker skin tones right King I don’t
know what it is but I know somebody sent
a note specifically saying what it was
we’ll get to that later but there was a

reference to something that happened
between senator Berg and and and Kara
okay when she interviewed it oh I didn’t
know that okay well good but it was yeah
but let’s just say just for a moment

hillarie losses they have to somehow
blame this on Russia because they are
actually they colluded with Russia and

with the UK with the intelligence
services to get you know the steal
report and we’re gonna blame it on you
know somehow on Facebook pages and I’m
thinking that if this is how my thinking

went it’s like maybe they just had some
algos battling but it took him a long
time and they came up with you know
$100,000 worth of you know fake pages
with a with a little uh-oh and you know

with controversy and maybe it’s just
BOTS who the hell knows maybe it was it
was Facebook’s own BOTS I guess is what
I’m saying because they’re not they’re
no strangers to manipulating things when

it comes to voting and this is what I
stumbled upon a study that was published
in 2012 and this is from Facebook
Research a 61 million person experiment

in social influence and political
mobilization this is from 2012 but the
actual study took place in 2010 to man
here it is here we report the results

from a randomized controlled trial of
political mobilization messages
delivered to 61 million Facebook users
during the 2010 u.s. congressional
election so that’s the the midterms of
2010 and they and and yes I would just

say for a go on what didn’t like around
five or six years ago on our show wasn’t
this moment where Facebook was busted

for doing one of these well that was
let’s see that’s what I thought I was
going to find that was the survey where
they put happy stuff in your feed and
saw if you were posting happy stuff if

they put negative stuff so they’ve been
doing different kinds of experiments
this is almost like never hurt me but
waiting the public John they actually
this was a real-world test

they took 61 million face
self-identified the Facebook users as in
self identified by party affiliation and
they conducted a number of experiments

showing your friends saying I voted
showing your friends friends saying I
voted and they here the results show
that online political mobilization can

have a direct effect on political
self-expression information seeking and
real-world voter behavior they claimed
in the results of this survey that are
our results suggests the Facebook social

message increased turnout directly by
60,000 votes and indirectly through
social contagion virality by another two
hundred and eighty thousand votes for
total of three hundred and forty

thousand additional votes that
represents 0.14 percent of the voting
age population of about two hundred
thirty six million in 2010 so they
actually measured in total then they

have a number here here the results
suggest that friends generated an
additional eight hundred and eighty six
thousand expressed votes they changed
voting behavior now maybe it was just to

get people to vote for the party they
were going to vote fruit for anyway but
as far back as 2010 they were doing this
stuff and they were i’m sure the sales
guys sheryl sandberg were saying look at

what we can do we can get your people
out to vote with an incredible increase
and this is not discussed anywhere now
fast forward to their next test which

was shut down in 2017 right after the
election in February and that these were
the headlines facebook chat bar chat
BOTS create their own language Facebook

takes him offline and they were doing
basically negotiations between BOTS but
if you look at the the research data
which they’ve also published here’s what

it was about algorithmic information
sorting these technologies have the
potential to expose individuals to more
diverse viewpoints they also have the
potential to limit explosion exposure to

attitude challenging information which
is associated with the adoption of more
extreme attitudes over time and they did
this with another 10 million people they

have been fit trying to figure out how
to change people’s minds or get them to
vote or any way to motivate them to do
something specifically in voting and
they did it during the elections

this needs to be discussed we’re
discussing it I know but in maybe a
wider audience
I’ll learn it but I’m not shocked but

I’m shocking no one has ever talked
about this
you think it would have been brought up
in the congressional hearings they get
people working there that notice now

they don’t do crap beyond the direct
effects of online mobilization we show
the importance of social influence for
affecting behavior change our validation
study shows that close friends exerted

about four times more influence on the
total number of validated voters
mobilized than the message itself more
broadly the results suggest that online
messages might influence a variety of
offline behaviors this has implications

for understanding of the role of online
social media in society and no shit
so what if these guys were really doing
stuff and
maybe they were just blamed for cover

and it kind of got out of control
because it turns out that there’s
actually a lot of stuff that that’s
going on with Facebook maybe it was all
hey dude we’ll find some some bull crap
Russia stuff why didn’t they show I mean

that’s what I would have said okay
here’s what’s going on in in a
congressional hearing here’s what we
found here’s the research we’ve done you
know this can actually this there’s
something to this maybe now none of that

maybe because if people want to exploit
it so they don’t want to talk about it
well yeah I’m just surprised this all
this research they’ve been doing in

changing people’s votes during elections
well they didn’t change the change the
vote I thought you said in the second
secondary a lot in the secondary to 2016
in the 2016 election they had BOTS
fighting each other they called it

negotiating and they shut that down
right after the election and that was to
influence political challenges and
challenges in behavior

well this would be a very powerful
advertising tool for somebody running
for office no kidding
no kidding

Ola didn’t get Hillary elected nope and
it seems like the OEC Twitter isn’t
announced they got very they only got 2
point 1 million dollars in advertising

from all campaigns in this cycle that
seems low
yeah it looks like they went back to TV
three Democrats are buying almost all
the campaign ads on Twitter only 2.1

million has been spent on political ads
since it began tracking in June that’s
from Bloomberg I don’t even know how
those ads are presented on Twitter kiss
apparently I have one of those accounts
that doesn’t get ads

yeah anyway about this you know certain
accounts don’t get ads it could be you
got a checkmark maybe you don’t get ads
if you have a checkmark I have a check

back anyway did you see all the about a
quarter of the Google workforce laid
down Oh groovy groovy some of it before
I play the clip you can find it google

walkout is that another reason I’d
listen to Democracy Now it’s because the
mainstream media would not do this story
on Thursday Google workers around the
world walked out to protest the

company’s handling of sexual harassment
and abuse Democracy Now spoke with New
York City Google employee and protester
protests came one week after the New

York Times published a damning report
detailing sexual misconduct at Google a
number of high-level male executives
accused of sexual harassment and sexual
assault have received millions and exit

packages from Google yeah this is fun to
watch I’m really enjoying it got it but
they’re not playing it even locally they

don’t play this story
yeah they didn’t you know the the
Googlers in Austin they did not actually
stand on the street they went down we’re
in the lobby so it was it was not a
spectacle like yeah but I just think for

a second I don’t know who who was
walking out but man I’d be worried I
think Google really and with all that
with all technology companies it really

hangs together from trust with your
employees because it doesn’t take much
to put something in somewhere that could
be really disastrous
right yes Wow I think yeah now I just

find the whole thing weird that there’s
this story’s being suppressed and and it
makes no sense to me for the following
reason because I’m a newspaper or a

media outlet Google’s my competition
yeah you want you want to slap him down
you’d think because there could you know
they’re taking money Google Facebook

Twitter yeah I’m a newspaper those guys
and let’s put Craigslist in there
those guys are eating my lunch what can
I do about it by ignoring all the

stories that are bad about them how’s
that helping
I don’t know the times got smart and
they did a does a hit piece a hit piece

on what on on Google yeah
oh you got yeah she’s the knows what
she’s talking about the end of that clip
well that’s how it started to hit that
that’s when the start is when the times

announced that I think it was the guy
who sold Android to to Google Andy Rubin
Rudin Rubin I don’t know I yeah so he
sexually a sexually assaulted just from

women HR confirmed it they let him go
with a ninety million dollar exit
package which I think was probably part
of the purchase or something but anyway
doesn’t matter because that’s being

construed as Google condones it and of
course has been 40 or 50 different
examples of that where where Google has
not made it a big me to moment about
anything course and wait until that his

oh yeah right until that hits Apple so
now these I don’t know I just see I see
this as a very challenging problem for

the black box known as Google I mean we
never there’s no way to get any
information from the employees you can’t
do anything care they don’t consider
anyone a customer except the advertiser
and now they’re you know now there’s

number there’s a crack you know there’s
a there’s a little opening there and I
think it’s going to be complicated for
well on the sexual harassment beat yes I
don’t know if we ever played this clip

but this is from over a year ago and
then I did got brought back as some sort
of a slam against NBC but I clipped a
piece of this woman who came on I did

think of the New York Times and
complained about Tom Brokaw mm-hmm
remember her mm-hmm about what the about
Tom Brokaw in the hotel room

well Tom yeah Tom Brokaw this Tom Brokaw
that but I just thought I don’t know why
this showed up again but I want to play
because I find it highly I for some
reason I get a kick out of this story

for a decade I worked at NBC News as an
anchor and correspondent I was groped
and assaulted by Tom Brokaw then the
anchor of NBC Nightly News this is my

story I was a brand-new newly hired
correspondent for NBC News for weekend
today and I was sent to Denver in August
of 93 to cover the Pope’s trip there and

while I was standing in the Denver
bureau with my back to the door from
behind me out of nowhere
Tom Brokaw walked up put his hands on my

waist and tickled me all up and down my
waist I remember it was physically
unpleasant and humiliating I jumped a
foot I looked at the editor of Nightly

News in the eye he looked back at me and
his jaw dropped and I was completely
humiliated in front of a roomful of my

colleagues I jumped got out of the way
got out of his grasp
no one did a thing and there was really
nothing I could say or do because I was

so low on the totem pole that I had just
had to get out of there as quickly as
and try to go on and do my job covering
the Pope
so why do you bring it up a guy remember

it because I did this was what she
considered an assault yes and the more I
hear it it’s nothing I would do in an
office but if I saw somebody do that and
I can imagine it and I think maybe I’ve

seen it I’m not sure because there are
ticklish people out there and they do it
to men and women some Joker you know
this is guys that do stuff like this I
don’t think I think okay go ahead but no
telling what you think I think it’s rude

and I think it’s like they definitely
rude and it’s you know physical contact
so don’t think of it as an assault yeah

well it’s I’m again I’m not sure why
you’re bringing this up we kind of went
through this right because you were you
brought up the sexual harassment thing I

thought it just had this clip pounding
it’s just something I kiss clip is he
has to be completely baffled and they
you know and it’s again the thing
they’re going after NBC they’re already

gotten to everyone they could I think
out and on one thing or another no Andy
lack this time to people still love this
pictures in variety all the time they’re

accusing him of one thing or another
yeah well the ultimate the ultimate win
will be of course the smashing success
of house of cards with our female

president my predictors I really predict
this will be and I’m gonna watch it I
think it’ll be really good I like I like
what’s her name yeah Robbie right or so
much man but but this is this is back to

Michael Moore you know just let just let
the women run the world well they’re
gonna definitely if they’re gonna do
this they have to bring in the top
writer so that will be wrote well
probably will be good now you mentioned

something in the newsletter above
keshavjee yes do you have anything to to
bring to the show regarding the
newsletter you said that as you know
adam predicted that NBS would be out and

you say well he still got some tricks up
his sleeve and so I figured we talked
about that what do you I do have the
official show she story on Democracy Now

I don’t want a second you should know
better than that
okay The Washington Post is reporting
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

tried to slander slain saudi journalist
jamal khashoggi falsely claiming the
journalist was a member of the muslim
brotherhood during a call with national

security advisor john bolton falsely
isn’t that well-known well listen to
this carefully go back it up a little
bit and listen to it carefully and you
see how they

weasel out of it I don’t understand this
story at all Muslim Brotherhood during a
call with national back it up we just
started over am I hear that again the
Washington Post is reporting Saudi Crown
Prince Mohammed bin Salman tried to

slander slain Saudi journalist Jamal
falsely claiming the journalist was a
member of the Muslim Brotherhood during
a call with national security advisor

John Bolton and White House senior
advisor Jared Kushner in the days after
khashoggi she’s disappearance okay so if
I understand what she says is that he

said that during a call with Bolton and
I don’t understand let’s continue the
whole clip no no no I’m just trying to

understand it oh you’ll understand more
I’ll do it one more time I’ll shut the
Washington Post is reporting Saudi Crown
Prince Mohammed bin Salman tried to
slander slain saudi journalist jamal

falsely claiming the journalist was a
member of the muslim brotherhood during
a call with national security advisor
john bolton and White House senior
advisor Jared Kushner in the days after

khashoggi she’s disappearance the Muslim
Brotherhood is classified by Saudi
Arabia as a terrorist organization
khashoggi she was not a formal member of
the Muslim Brotherhood today marks one

month since Washington Post columnist
Ramallah showed she walked into the
Saudi consulate in Istanbul and was
assassinated Wow
so you know it’s like the KKK I guess we

don’t really have a membership card I
don’t think there’s a membership card
for their Muslim brother course not and
on what the what is it like when he was
an unofficial what is what is this it

wasn’t a former of a formal what is she
talking about I did that’s why I see why
the clip is not to be confused because
it was confusing it was stupid that’s

the kind of crazy reporting that you get
from these people hmm well in the
meantime while this is all playing out
on this huge supportive stop he was a
huge supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood

yes he’s written about it he wasn’t a
former a formal member yet okay oh yeah
well how’s that slandering him but they

tried to slander him I mean the hell
there’s lots of people who are members
of the you got to remember democracy now
most of these super progressives they
really hate Israel and they’re

pro-palestinian yeah yeah all this
messaging comes out of that that basis
yes but it’s yeah well and so now we
have the grand scale we have the Muslim

Brotherhood we have Iran we have Turkey
still in the myths we have Saudi Arabia
I’m not quite is everyone just pissed
about them being a-holes for a long time
and now that’s this is finally the way

we try and get back at him I’m not sure
what is happening but I do know that
with the Iran sanctions kicking in what
in tomorrow Russia has a alternative to

the Swift payment system which I think
they’re getting everybody on India Iran
and maybe China and you know Swift is is
that completely us-owned

the the payments who owns it I look it
up but you know it’s basically just an
intranet where you’re shuttling Messick
you know encrypted messages saying okay

I sent you this money and you send me
that money it’s it’s nice just data it’s
just a data network it’s not like
anything special but to create a network
like that does take a little time

certainly by the Society for worldwide
interbank financial telecommunications
right so our idea is that we cut them
off so that no one can trade with them
and Russia says oh it’s okay because our

system is good to go let me see what
it’s called it’s the SPFs special or the
system for transfer of financial
messages that is okay Moscow is engaged
with China Turkey Iran

all on this on this payment network so
it basically thanks to Terry no well
thanks for technology this sanction is
going to be meaningless they’re just

going to do trades for oil in whatever
else they can transfer that will screw
with that there’s no doubt about it so
I’m dead it’s not gonna work out where
do you think Swift is is headquartered

oh look natural question Switzerland
closed it’s not Switzerland
well what country – I always point the

finger at is trying to run the world
Belgium yeah makes nothing but few
people thank for show 1083 starting with

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look forward to the ceremony just Swift
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update on the Maggi bomber

oh by the way I also want to do a
call-out to Deborah Oliver who who’s ran
out of money and okay make sure that she
gets part of that job scarm at the end

update on the mega bomber yeah it wasn’t
really big news but this was the report
outside his attorney spoke to reporters
one of them describes sac as a quote the

most respectful client I’ve ever had
which is why we took the case and
another attorney made reference to the
weakness of the government’s DNA
evidence noting the criminal complaint
described possible DNA a standard that

does not hold up in a court of law
yeah miss that nasty DNA again
what yeah that’s possible DNA match
there’s no there was no positive match I

don’t have any I don’t have any the
grish on him just yet a little crap into
public well has he admitted to anything
that you know of no oh oh of course we
don’t have anything bomb-making material

or anything I have no information all I
know is that the same mmm bogus I don’t
you know this whole thing may be a hoax
no it’s not a hoax bomb before the

midterms of G that will be a what they
call it October Surprise now I can’t
have any of that none of that Bill Maher
almost got one I loved his self outing
it’s like oh I was on the list didn’t

want to be left to huff you know this we
had this murderer
Bill Maher should probably just shut up
we had this murderer out here this

finally caught after like 30 or 40 years
it’s all famous he was a cop he murdered
like dozens and dozens of people in a
very brutal way then it read had a child
got marry had a child he stopped doing

his murderous stuff but they caught him
from some this is the first case where
they caught somebody based on DNA
related to somebody else they had some
of his DNA and then they found a
relative using because they you know

they used the database oh yeah yeah yeah
I remember this and this guy it was
caught in Sacramento I believe just a
surly ex-police guide murderer police

guy murder he made mention of one of the
murdered some there was some guy in one

of the regions where he’s doing his
murdering and some Joker came out and
said something publicly about this guy
we’re gonna he’s a he’s an idiot we’re

gonna catch him he said just said some
some some things and they get the
murderer heard about it so he decided to
go murder this guy and his wife hmm but
first he Kris murdered the wife in front

of this guy saying you got a big mouth
and he murdered the guy and nice move
it seems to me yeah it just seems to me
that when he got psychos out there you
don’t want to incentivize them

and that’s what Mars kind of doing when
he does that yeah well we should
probably take our own advice seriously
we don’t really good completely we don’t
know I don’t think that we’re not lying

about being up somebody’s hit list no
that’s true that we know of so on the
Thanksgiving is coming up it is a Holi
celebration on the No Agenda show where

we will usually do a special program and
then we will of course listen to John’s
real explanation of Thanksgiving it’s
almost like the night before Christmas

reading you know we and we all learn
what a bullcrap holiday it has make it
right add something to it
now because I have a little teaser can
we talk about where special guests or

your special guests for that to show or
do you wanna keep it under wraps but
when I get another get well it depends
that we’re gonna run interviews on that
show we’re gonna do the show I thought
it was gonna be interview special

interviews yeah that’s what I thought
yeah but so I talk when’s my with Mike
Thanksgiving thesis is it during that o
in the opening and the opening we always
do the opening show yeah we do the

opening we talk about it and then we
play the we have a special guest and Tom
Starkweather who helped you out yes Tom
stuck brother produced a you I did an
interview with the mooch the mooch
scaramouche scaramouche II so and I

brought up something and then in the
interview that nobody else is brought up
I read his book and that must have been
surprising to him
yeah he says only me his mom is the only
one punches came out no one reads no one

reads the books when they’re
interviewing no one they don’t read the
books but there’s good stuff in this
book but one of the things just kind of
glosses over he passes through just
shoots right by it
is the fact that he owns a restaurant

huh and so he’s always this restaurant
so I’m gonna want to ask him about it
and he tells us the and in the interview
you’ll find where the restaurants in New

York what kind of a place it is and all
the rest of it the details of the
restaurant and so then I I sent a note
to his secretary said you know I think
I’m the only one that’s interviewed this

guy ever that’s ever mentioned had him
plug his restaurant can I have a free
table and a meal as was your necklace
they said I wouldn’t mind a comp you did
didn’t you

of course for a comp and so uh she sent
me a note backend jokingly saying I will

look into it in other words I’m not
gonna get my comp well so here’s what’s
interesting about this first of all we
have the best producers in the world and

what I like about this format that we’re
starting to I did it with pitch enik and
you’ve done it with mooch and I thinly
I’m looking at some people to interview
what’s great about our value for value
network is we make a call out and say

anyone in Manhattan who couldn’t do
named ben burtt and dudette named
bernadette who can help us out set it up
so we have a Skype and a good mic and
you know it’s some good audio and so we
can really record a good interview

instead you know you can’t rely on any
guests to have Skype or they’ll just be
using a you know the the webcam mic etc
so Tom goes there and who I’ve never met
Tom does a lot of our end of show mixes

and so he sets it all up and he has and
so the mooch is coming in and this is my
little teaser clip the mooch is coming
in and you have to know John is one of
the few people on his skype he changes

the icon of Skype a lot you know your
avatar when one day it’s Hillary then
it’s the cat were the stupid green melon
on his head and
rachel maddow and I guess for Halloween

it was Jason from Friday the 13th here
is the premium no is Al Gore
that’s Al Gore in that picture all right

it’s all good
John how are you can you hear me yeah
can you hear me
I can hear you I’m looking at this logo
here that’s like a Halloween logo right

what’s going on there
oh that’s it’s one of our covers arts
for no agenda so we do different cover
art so I was kind of fun to that one
showing Al Gore’s as a raving lunatic

I’m not like it I just want to write
it’s like 13th in theaters now yeah well
this were the volume just a tiny bit all
right well great thanks for having me on

you tell me when you’re ready and I’m
ready I think it was a little worried
about what kind of outfit he was talking
to that was this get off the deep end
because I had different ways I could go
to the interview so I didn’t I kind of

kept me from asking about three or four
questions I didn’t want to ask excellent
but yeah no yeah no I just yeah you said
probably yeah maybe I shouldn’t have
used that is the car I could have used

this the crying Rachel I like you know
the Tom – poor Tom he probably put on a
suit trying to look all professional
shit he’s all dolled up yeah he’s ready
to go he’s like hello I’m from the no
agenda show it’s like now is it looking

like a Fed almost I thought he was
perfect and then like bring up the guy
comes in sits down what the hell is this
outfit with Al Gore with a mich bloody
machete hmm I thought that was pretty

funny yes thank you everybody I did shit
error in judgment it’s okay
yeah he seemed okay was always good
interview I thought so when I went over

they would wanted to give us 45 minutes
to an hour five you rebel he kind of he
kind of like ended it although I’m have
to cut that ending off cuz it makes it
sound like he’s sick of me but thank you

everybody you do not have to email me

that the South Park episode was all
about the damn East scooters I watched
it’s pretty funny
this is a pretty good episode yeah it
reminded me of me

so we have we did talk a little bit
about Southern Strategy on and off and I
also had a clip from Buchanan but I got
a teacher that wrote in yes sir Ryan can
I just set it up so people understand

we’re talking about yeah why don’t you
give us a background on this I have
noticed that there is amongst black
Americans a meme but it also and thank
you by the way for the hundreds of

people who have sent in their their
experiences with this the diversity of
our audience our producers is quite
astounding in AIDS race background
education etc and it’s kind of like it’s

almost like an urban myth that appears
although we don’t have a large enough
sample of African Americans in our
production audience who responded it
appears that there’s this myth that

somewhere around the 60s that the racist
switched and the racist all became
Republicans instead of Democrats and it
mizzle it’s a lot more nuanced a lot

more complicated than that but that is
appears to be something that a lot of
people I would say probably 80% of
everyone who wrote in about it say yes
this is but my belief no one can show me

where they were taught it in school
which I don’t think it’s in any books
that would be an abhorrent if it was but
it does seem to be one of these you know
things like Richard Gere in the gerbil

you know it’s just a truth that that
purposes perpetrates forever thanks for
that image so Ryan Tom sent a teacher
writes in and out y’all read this note

because it has a few things he’s one of
it we’re gonna probably be doing this as
thematically for a while because there’s
a lot than just coming in about this I
don’t want to beat it to death but we’ve
gotta beat it to death in some way
checking answer Ryan and regards your

discussion the Southern Strategy I was
interested in that most of your feedback
from producers was anecdotal experiences
without referencing actual textbook
material I guess I should not be too
surprised in size I teach myself I know

how little kids actually how little kids
actually read the material I give them I
attach the picture from the textbook I
use when I used to teach modern US
history to juniors I will summarize what

it says and
booked he has a picture of a book I will
summarize what it says and I would like
to tell my students and what I would
tell my students the Southern Strategy
was Nixon’s attempt in 1972 to appeal to

the disillusioned Democrat voters in the
south who felt Johnson’s Great Society
was too far-reaching and that the
Supreme Court was leaning too liberal
Nixon and his advisors thought that they

could appeal with more conservative
message to these voters because of the
success of the independent presidential
candidate George Wallace who was able to
split the Democrat vote in the south
during the 1968 election to Nixon this

demonstrated a break in the Democrat
Party over issues such as desegregation
and integration well there’s really no
definitive conclusion as to whether the
strategy worked or not

and Buchanan believes it didn’t it does
not represent a complete flipping of the
parties as far as ideological beliefs if
students are leaving school thinking

that I believe it is because of lazy
teachers thinking that I believe it oh
you think we well anyway he thinks it’s
because of lazy teachers who are

offering oversimplified headlines to
historical and events instead of
providing real content and analysis so
that doesn’t conclude that doesn’t help

it doesn’t help and I’m glad you brought
it up because I have a clip that came
out yesterday on BBC and this is as
specifically about blex it and it was
candice Owens who I heard first say hey

we’ve been taught that the debt that the
the party switched and not just the
voters but the politicians which is
another you know vague vague point but
what BBC did is in this clip they review

the blex it website and what they are
getting wrong about America’s history so
here is the British
imperially funded BBC telling our black

Americans what they get wrong about
their own history
it should be fun to listen to what is
the new political movement that got
America talking that’s black satin black

shirt it called black sit or black exit
the goal is to get African Americans who
traditionally support the Democratic
Party to ditch them in favor of the

Republicans I’m convinced they’re
liberals hate black conservatives it’s
been started by a group of conservative
African Americans and they have AB legs

it website and on that website are a
number of what they call truths reasons
they believe that black Americans
shouldn’t vote Democrat
so how true are these truths we’ll let’s

start with this one which is about the
KKK the racist white supremacist group
the blacks that website claims that the
Democrats created the KKK
so is this claim true well let’s ask our

political reporter Anthony Zeca
so this had love with a you can tell by
the setup that she’s pretty much saying
you people you blacks it you don’t know
your own history that’s what this
British woman is saying so the claim is

the Democrat Party started the KKK John
true-false what do you think
it wasn’t a party yes it was a bunch of
people as far as I recall for my history

a lot of politicians that rejected the
all these a lot of blacks got into
office via the Republican Party and they

they had to be it was there’s an old
term for this yeah they did as far as I
can tell I know the Republicans didn’t

start it
okay so the KKK was started by people
who were Democrats in the years after
the Civil War the late 1860’s but it
wasn’t founded by the Democratic Party
and there were Republicans who became

members who was the Republican KKK
member I don’t know but they know of who
the back in those days its membership
was predominantly Democratic as it was
in the early 20th century rebirth well

now there’s been a complete shift start
taking this apart as it goes along
it wasn’t the Democratic Party who was
that this opposition there were always

the Democratic Party there already per
se no it was not the party it was just
Democrats this is like Al Gore didn’t
invent the Internet yes parsing it a
little bit no he never said that

specifically exactly exactly that’s my
place its membership was predominantly
Democratic as it was in the early 20th
century rebirth well now there’s been a
complete shift the Democrats have

disavowed the KKK as have most
Republicans but there have been some
members of the KKK such as David Duke
who have run for public office as
Republicans I like well most Republicans

have denounced but not all there must be
some sneaky Republicans in office and
then he goes straight to David Duke who
is not an awful bird that guy’s no no

that won’t be mentioned and that’s the
thing here the blech sitters let’s call
them that oh right it was the Democratic
Party which supported and promoted
slavery and it was indeed a Republican

president this man who ended it which
takes us to the next set of claims on
their site that Democratic politicians
condoned some of them a negation of the
claim they prove they were wrong flex it

people are idiots yep yep yep what oh
yeah oh this is the BBC liars liars okay
more globalists globalist yes president
who ended it which takes us to the next

set of claims on their site that
Democratic politicians condoned some of
the most heinous acts of violence
against African Americans during the
civil rights movement and that President

Harry Truman wrote a letter in which he
said Negroes ought to be in Africa
okay so do ok so I’m not quite sure
exactly what she’s saying here but
Truman was a Democrat did they mention

that I think oh that’s a good question
they make it sound as though it’s like
some Republicans pursuing it and it was
indeed a Republican president this man
to the showing Lincoln who ended it

which takes us to the next set of claims
on their site that Democratic
politicians condoned some of the most
heinous acts of violence against African
Americans during the civil rights

movement and the president Harry Truman
wrote a letter in which he said Negroes
ought to be in Africa okay so yeah I
think there were a lot of Democratic

politicians who condoned Jim Crow laws
and did all kinds of nutty stuff
yeah so I guess that’s not true or we’re
gonna hear from the BBC

okay so during the Civil Rights Movement
the 1950s and 1960s democratic southern
politicians did support and condone
racial segregation and as for that
letter those words were written by Harry

Truman back in nineteen eleven thirty
four years before he would go on to
become the u.s. president and while in
office he desegregated the military and
pushed his party to oppose racism and
discrimination okay so that kind of sums

it up I guess
and that’s the thing here the change in
views from President Truman reflected
the change in views of the Democratic
Party okay so what they’re saying is

because thirty-five years before he was
president he said uh Negroes belong on
the farm but he changed his mind he
changed his mind about the thing by the
1960 it was the Democrats who were

pushing to end segregation and white
only public spaces President Lyndon
Baines Johnson pushed the Democrat Party
to support black rights that one the
Democrats support of African Americans

across the south but white Democrats
weren’t happy and they switch parties to
the Republicans the Democrats became the
party of choice for an overwhelming
number of african-americans in

successive elections of course there are
african-americans who vote Republican
but President Trump thinks he can get
more to do so Democrat policies have led
to unsafe communities

failing schools over incarceration he’s
got a job on his hands in 2016 Donald
Trump won only eight percent of
african-american vote so it’s gonna take
a lot more than flex it to turn that

vigor around there you go
BBC tells you you’re wrong about your
huh yeah
a lot of switching talk in there I have

to get they’ll get their the the
Buchanan and clip and for the next show
because it’s got some good stuff in
there he’s got lower history too
alright that’ll be our segment we need a
segment producer that can give us a

jingle what are we gonna call the
segment the big switch the switcheroo
the old switcheroo switch move alright
let me see if I have anything

interesting I wanted to play this before
this is Professor Eric Klein the guy who
was the very famous and you can find

lots of you and he’s good by the ways a
good lecturer and he’s on YouTube all
over the place lecturing about
archaeology in history back in the year
1000 and he has this little little spiel

he did on some interview on junk science
but it was about the junk science that
you find in the humanities like such as
archaeology anthropology but if you

think about the overview of what he’s
really saying I’m hearing global warming
junk science don’t throughout this whole
little little discussion he talked about

junk science but it’s a truism that
science is playing an increasing role in
archaeology these days would you like to
talk to that aspect of junk science as
opposed to true science well absolutely

in archaeology today we make up you know
use of science every day we’ve got all
kinds of things from you know
magnetometers – you know precise
surveying and all of that junk science
on the other hand it really doesn’t

involve science at all it’s ignore
contrary evidence they speak to a high
moral purpose they basically they’re not
practicing science at all and yet it
looks like it’s really pseudoscience and

that’s where the problem comes in
because the people that are saying they
found Noah’s Ark or they found the Ark
of the Covenant they cloak what they’re
doing in legitimate sounding terms and
it’s actually got nothing to do with

anything and yet how does the general
public know what to believe and who to
believe so that’s why I wrote this book
the for me and exile is to put out the
data you know look this is what we know
this is what we don’t know this is why

we haven’t solved this mystery yet this
is where we might go and you know of the
various things that have been suggested
here’s a ranking that
oh he has a book out with all this in it
it was about archaeology of course well

yeah yeah it does a lot of a lot of you
know these claims of millions of years
in that based on archaeological finding
there’s some of that yeah yeah no it’s

just real scientists and you listen to
these guys who shout down the opposition
gal gory they shouldn’t even be on the

show Judy five hundred thousand
Hiroshima bombs a day yes a day day baby
and here’s another one I want to play

this is Trump versus the caravan and I
want to have a note here that I want to
mention about about the democracy now in
the care of engine you just play this
and I have a commentary President Trump

is escalating his attacks against
Central American migrants our vans
making their way to the us-mexico border
including warning soldiers could shoot
migrants for throwing rocks

I just okay I want interrupt but no
there’s the clip yes could shoot
migrants for throwing rocks we’re not
gonna put up with that they want to

throw rocks at our military our military
fights back we’re gonna consider it I
tell them considered her a rifle when
they throw rocks like they did at the
Mexico military and police I say
consider it a rifle President Trump has

announced he may send as many as 15,000
troops to the border and indefinitely
imprison asylum seeking families in tent
cities this comes as a new Associated

Press investigation has revealed over
56,000 migrants have died or gone
missing worldwide over the last four
years as migration has surged by nearly
50 percent since the turn of the century

my comment on this is she’s good this
goes on and they bring noam chomsky in
and then they go on and on about these

poor people from you know Honduras that
are having to try to get any nice as
they go and they make a big they they go
with the humanitarian angle

you know we’re so cruel because we
should be welcome welcoming these poor
people and and yes there’s a lot of
people and there’s maybe too many males
they don’t deny its existence like CNN
does CNN’s has Don Lemon come out there

is no migrants coming our way there are
none there’s nothing going on and and
I’ve MSNBC is the same way they say it’s
a hoax so the true progressives see it

as something going on it may or may not
have anything to do with the elections
obviously the right-wing media thinks
it’s a big threat and the super

left-wing media sees it as a
humanitarian thing and then those CNN
and these other guys in the middle they
this thing think it doesn’t exist so

what we’re not get really a you know the
consistency between one angle and
another is very poor well it’s it’s all
descriptors you know and I think the
main thing that’s being used is Trump’s

term in an invasion and that’s really
what they’ve latched on to it’s not an
invasion it’s not an invasion they’re
not here close enough to be an invasion

right but and they’re heading to Texas
anyway so the way I see it who cares
well you know it’s kind of kind of
messed up is we have long ways to get
this article a whole bunch of militia

groups who are heading down to the
border here in Texas the Texas Minutemen
yeah the Minutemen yeah that board
Minutemen so they are all good well we
have a number of them who produce our

show too
I know but they’re bored yeah just
looking for something to do yeah so
they’re going down there they’re just
gonna hang back they’re gonna they’re
gonna be a secondary wall like some

reports then I hope so meanwhile I think
oh Scott Adams who said you know proved
to me that George Soros is really
involved in the migrants and everything
you know this is ignore the fact that he

has put up five hundred million dollars
for investments to address challenges
facing migrants and refugees habit on
Thursday he announced with MasterCard

they have a deal
and I get because they have a name for
it humanity ventures I think is what

their new adds a venture between Open
Society Institute and MasterCard intends
to focus initially on health care and
education with a goal of fostering local

economic development and
entrepreneurship I think it’s basically
to get them on the credit train though
just give them some damn credit cards
well there’s a bunch of pictures that

parently there’s a lot of these guys
marching up north or cost credit cards
yeah just kind of like open-ended credit
cards like the gift cards nice so anyway
so then when you said when you report

that story and that story is from
Reuters and you report that story then
it’s like ah jew-hater
what yeah oh yeah maybe you could that’s
this is the whole issue at cabbage you

is George Soros
I’m just telling you what there were the
how how it works
mmm do you listen ed everywhere is like

oh this is the the Jewish conspiracy so
sick of it
so sick of it all right
what do you got yeah I only got one I

got one lifter but I’ve just got one
story the only thing I got left is that
it is indeed down to two cities Amazon
headquarter – it appears that Austin is
in the final running with Virginia

Northern Virginia mystic Virginia’s
there’s a reason for ridges yes
spooksville yeah yeah I still I still
think that we have a shot here

we’ll see if they’re nuts if they do
they’re asking for trouble here’s the
problem with Austin I think the Fort
Worth idea is better they could say as
Austin and moved to bad action – for

North yeah
Virginia’s got you know the obvious
spook thing and there’s too much liberal
too many liberals I mean it’s not as
though I mean Bezos yeah he’s not like a
conservative by any means but he knows

what happens in these liberal
communities like in Seattle where you
get a bunch of nut balls running the
city and they want to do a head tax on
all these 75,000 or what isn’t that
happening in San Francisco now – that I

seem been enough Benioff talking about
that about prop C I think well he’s
that’s not that’s a little different but
before I play my last that play the
local story this is the prop C Benioff

CEO Marc Benioff was in Chinatown today
campaigning for one controversial plan
to curb the city’s homeless crisis with
tech money money money money take money

Donna joins us now with both sides of
the prophecy showdown Andrea yeah Juliet
this would be the largest tax increase
in San Francisco history and it would
force the biggest companies in the city
to pay up most sides agree let’s fix

this problem but the issue is whether or
not more money is the solution
a crowd of roughly couple hundred people
gathered for a YES on C rally in the
heart of Chinatown the guest of honor

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff that’s given
us our hero young man
many office one of the lead backers of
proposition Z pouring in two million

dollars to support the measure we know
that we have to get these people off our
streets we know current funding is not
enough we need more funding we can do

it would tax corporations with a revenue
of more than fifty million dollars a
half percent in gross receipts if it
passes prop C would raise roughly three
hundred million dollars annually that
money would go to create housing for at
least five thousand people provide one

thousand new emergency shelter beds and
fund mental health programs opponents
though caution San Francisco has tripled
its spending on the homeless issue in
the last decade but the problem has

gotten worse without additional
accountability without additional
reforms that we might be throwing good
money out with the bat prominent
politicians such as San Francisco’s
newly elected mayor London breed and

State Senator Scott Weiner oppose prop C
but tech executives have taken center
stage on this issue that’s because
social media has become their
battleground Benioff and Twitter
co-founder Jack Dorsey have exchanged

lively tweets on what would be the best
solution well I’m very grateful for
chapter C for starting this because he
really gave us a national conversation
on Proposition C opponents also warned

the impact prop C may have on jobs and
housing and transportation costs many
would like to see how mayor London breed
is going to tackle this problem and then
give her a program some time to work

before implementing new taxes oh yes the
tech will tech money will save the world
so this is so they they want is 50
million dollars and more they can just

round us to the 300 million I think
around everybody up and throw them into
a bus and ship them off somewhere what I
was just gonna way to go hey man we got
a dome and flamethrowers back off dome

yeah back off to last clip I have is
they is the new UN Ambassador they’re
gonna try to push our friend Heather who
by the way I was looking at her bio and
she used to be on the Fox yes she used

to be on Fox but she did a lot of stuff
on Fox it wasn’t like she was really
steady there but she she went to Arizona
look at her picture yep she there’s a
certain look of the women all the women

of Arizona State that look like her
really yeah is that good is it a good
thing well if you like that look it’s
just pretty well yeah I’m very
underwhelmed with her we know I yeah we

used to have lots of stuff from the the
briefings oh yeah I know this gone down
she’s boring she’s got the big giant
dick book it’s too thick
yes she’s not she’s doesn’t see me she’s

not she’s kind of flirtatious but not in
the right way in Arizona State now tell
you more but I’ll just leave it at that
all right
president Trump is reportedly planning a
nominating State Department spokesperson

Heatherton our to be the new US
ambassador to the United Nations after
Nikki Haley’s exit at the end of the
year now it is a former Fox News host
including for the program Fox & Friends

a favorite of trumps back she joined the
State Department as a spokesperson last
year Oh she’ll be perfect for the role
just shut up and look pretty and read
your lines favorite of trumps he always

got to put a dig in there well she is a
favorite of trumps and she’s boring
which is perfect for this job
it’s perfect for the job yeah I think
she’d be okay I probably won’t let her

get it they got a stop Trump at some
point about something for the elections
yes and we will be reporting diligently
on what happens after the elections

we’ll have a
a full day Wednesday to figure out
what’s happened and see if we can
deconstruct them of course we’ll bring
all of that to you on Thursday I’ll be
very interesting to see what happens
either way we’ll have the best reports

and yes and either way it’ll be good for
the show there’s always humor in this
stuff and I look forward to it and until
then I’m coming to you from downtown

Austin Texas capital the drone star
states FEMA region number six on all
governmental maps in the five by nine
clue do in the common law condo in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon
Valley and John C Dvorak we return on

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