No Agenda Episode 1084 “Complex Instrument”

it’s the young Kim Adam Curry Jhansi
divorce a summation episode 1084 this is
no agenda morning everybody

I’m Adam Couric and from northern
Silicon Valley where are we worried

about Ruth Bader Ginsberg I’m Josie
Devorah what are the chances on the day
her documentary movie comes out that she
breaks her hip she’s really going all in

on the promotion it’s true though it’s
it’s a cool I said it’s a coincidence
did I not I would be more likely to
think that the producers to get some

publicity pushed her I didn’t say it hey
oh I’m so sorry
ah there’s only three ribs guys were
the product is still viable is that

that’s in theaters I think isn’t it what
her operation your uh no operation her
documentary I don’t know I don’t even

know as it was now that’s what I’m
your Ginsburg you’re right you nailed it
let me see let me see it’s what does it

called again and it’s just called
notorious I think but actually it looks
really they may have taken the title
from the old Douglas which wasn’t Kurt
Douglas his kids what’s his name Douglas

kid Mike Michael Douglas Michael Douglas
took the title from that hmm falling
down falling down falling that the title

of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s new documentary
falling down help my father and I can’t
get supper cure something you forget
where this very good movie by the way
falling down if you haven’t seen all

that’s a great movie goes nuts yeah
you’re really afraid I thought it
fizzled out it really fizzled but I’ve
always liked that if I that’s one of the
few movies I would gladly watch again I

found it so entertaining yeah guys just
loses his crap in traffic and just just
goes and starts killing everybody
everybody can yes which turns out to be
a lot of bad guys cuz he’s lost as he

got stuck in traffic in Los Angeles and
so he was surrounded by oh yeah it was
much worse evildoers yeah much worse
much worse speak while speaking of not
really films but I watched there are

several episodes of the new house of
cards which was just released on Netflix
okay and I do have something to say
about it

so I watched the first season and I
haven’t watched one anything since
yeah because I don’t believe in this
sort of being suckered into watching
these things I think I watched first you

know I think I watched the first and the
second season and I never saw three or
four but I’m a fan of Robin Wright and I
wanted to see what you know what the

virtue signaling would be as she is the
female president of the university
virtue signal well what’s interesting is
that yeah there’s lots of it you know
she fires the whole cabinet hires a new

cabinet all women this tons of virtue
shaky links but at the same time they
were very honest I feel and because now
there’s a lot of main characters or
women and they are vicious conniving and

plotting and threatening each other like
no men do it’s very interesting in that
regard just really really evil female
stuff you know they go after your kids

you know guys you know will kill you no
he is like uh your kid right why don’t
we just let it would know about it’s a
rest record you know this is the whole
nasty stuff but the worst part every

single I have almost except for I’m on
poor almost every single CNN talking
head douche appears in this as
themselves on CNN I think I think that

should be foreboding well it I think
it’s an ethical is an ethical issue
absolutely it’s not it’s not just like
okay you’re doing it just as well as you

do it when it’s about quote-unquote real
news it’s kind of scary how will you do
that fakery comes natural to them for
some reason I just thought that was very

obvious and and yeah unethical off to a
good start here and kind of we’ll get to
the election stuff I’m sure you’ve got

some clips I have an anecdote oh I mean
I’m all ears
this has been a weird week well what we
we could start with the talking about
Texas I’m gonna get you right into that

so it’s been a weird week I’ve been here
alone she was out in Chicago her sister
Angie passed away yesterday so kaya and

it’s it’s horrible and so I’m sitting
here and you know it’s it’s just it’s
very strange you know and cuz I have no
friends here pretty much except for a

couple and so you know like I call up
the couple and once I had you know
dinner with sir Jean
and then you know the form of New York
bankers like okay that’s about all I can
do and so he says I and we just said a

Tuesday you know six o’clock at some
place over on the east side and you know
we usually just have a meal drink or two
and just catch up and we get in there we

meet in front of the place six o’clock
and it’s pretty empty that’s one of
these places that is like a Starbucks in
a way although it has a house he feel
with more than Starbucks but you have a

bar an open kitchen on one side of this
you know of the place and you get a
number and then they bring you whatever
bar food and your drinks and some
sitting and all of a sudden the place

starts filling up and he’s looking at me
and he’s starting to laugh we were in
the middle of Austin’s Beto party the
screen with the big screen went on free
t-shirts no hoodies John I did look for

you free Beto t-shirts and it it starts
to get packed and this is ground central
there may have been one other this is
this is a topper store this was yeah

this was the one and I’d say it was
probably who who’d you go with and to
form on your banker he tricked me jokey
there’s a joke yes he tricked me like

wait a minute because I thought you
would enjoy watching the election
returns on the big screen here with all
of the Beto fans like oh this is great
I’ve put my shirt on and now let me give

you a bit about the makeup of the of the
room I would say there it was 99.7%
white the think there were three black

dudes maybe one black girl I saw and and
not even brown it was just white white
white all wearing black betted shirts
and I would say was mmm

40% 40% women
sixty percent dudes and these dudes were
active as in they were hitting on every

single woman in the place it was just it
got to the point where just like how it
and there was a line of guys outside and
like that there was a pickup party yeah

it seemed like it but it was the party
that’s funny because one of our
producers wrote us and said that he’s
been following the beto thing and he
found that most of the hardcore
supporters were all all cat ladies no

there was no cat leis this was all young
very young a lot of some of them looking
very stressed but really what was
interesting very early on you know

started often with 1% of the precincts
reporting in Texas beto was 51% versus
Cruz 48 and that got it worked up and
and whenever that happened y’all you

know me at a certain point because I
could see the screen you know in the
distance it’s at the other side of this
of this restaurant bar people start

cheering I’m like wow and it shows that
there’s more women winning in some
districts I’m like wow and the banker
looks at me says okay just calm down a

little bit now you’re drawing attention
making a mockery well I was getting into

it I had Beto fever
Beto Beto Beto fever baby I was I was
all over Beto fever but what was so this
didn’t last very long as he was kind of

going boom boom boom boom it was the
kind of neck I neck better was still a
head every time they did an update or a
local ABC news update people get all
crouched 51 still 51 48 and a half and

then you know there was a lot of
cheering I think no I know that they
were more interested in the house that
the Democrats take the house because
very early

boom Beto lost you know and they called
it and I mean it was it was within like
half an hour I think or maybe an hour of
of the results coming in and they call

this for crews real quick now that you
mention this I think that these networks
or somebody should have a separate feed
for these parties

well they don’t need to be putting add
wet blanket on all these campaign
parties that are taking place for both
sides by telling you what happened
I think they should let us stretch it

out all the way so people can get at
least pick up the date for the night
yes how did there go on yes yes it was
very disruptive and what we were both
paying attention you know cuz I might

have but if she see anything weird for
the show let me know besides everything
and so he lost and then people like oh
oh because the Democrats were up and
then and that was it there was no more

there was no crying there was no hugging
I’m so sorry
nuns nothing people just kept on hitting
on each other drinking and then you know
waiting for the Democrats to take with

the house that’s all they weren’t
interested in bado
and it was the Beto party it was very
odd that’s just that’s not right it was
just it felt very disingenuous yes

sounds like it was just a hey let’s go
to the Beto party maybe I can pick
somebody up that may get some nice you
know co-ed from UT we’ve got lucky and
we left at 9:30 there were still a line

out the door of dudes trying to get in
and I’m sure it was a good place to be
Boston yeah yeah well let’s play the bed
or clipped okay after you Texas going

Democrat this was a big CBS report and I
do have some comments about the media
and this because I got a we got a nasty
note from somebody which I number mr.
Reid I’m gonna read it anyway I found
that the media coverage for this entire

election was so slanted it was I think
it was beyond the pale normally they try
to fake it a little bit but and the
worst case scenario actually comes from

don’t be s had had the absolute war I
would ever give me the Judea there goes
a zephyr
ah when stopped everything it was what
is the time let’s go with the CBS report

this is a the overall report on Texas
going Democrats among me more than two
dozen House seats gained by the

Democrats in the midterm elections to
are in Texas districts to but were
traditionally right res Omar Villafranca
has more on this in suburban Houston
Democrat Lizzy Fletcher’s thanks to

supporters all of you are here because
you believe in this campaign after
defeating nine term Republican
Congressman John Culberson Republicans
have controlled Texas’s seventh district

since the late 60s when a young
politician named George HW Bush won the
seat Fletcher’s campaign was one of
several that was part of the suburban

revulsion that helped Democrats take
back control of the House Democrats
lived at least 29 House seats from
Oklahoma to Virginia one key according

to a CBS News exit poll suburban women
voters swung dramatically in this
election 53% of women voted for
Democratic candidates compared to only

47 percent in 2014 Rice University
political science professor Mark Jones
Fletcher took advantage of the distaste
among many of these Republican voters

for Donald Trump
Jones says another factor was Bethel
O’Rourke’s appealed and his ability to
bring out new voters federal work alone
helps explain why we saw 12 Texas House

representatives seats flip from
Republican to democratic to state Senate
seats flip and two congressional seats
flip Lizzie appeal to me and any even to
my Republican husband because of what

she stood for Republicans still control
Texas on the state and federal level but
Jones says better or Rourke’s campaign

could provide a blueprint for Democrats
to gain power in the Lone Star State and
I’m really surprised that Ted Cruz did
almost no campaigning in Texas you know
nothing it’s it’s it’s surprising it’s

almost like he knows that I’ll just call
Mitt Romney you know he’s got the Baines
investment in Diebold in the machines
you know the voting machines have him
flip it and that’s how Cavalier he was

about it yet again do you know that for
a fact in places like Dallas
let me were they maybe was promoting

himself in Dallas or places well they
have that they had the big one in
Houston with the with Trump no I’m just
saying where Ted was putting his money
he did have some money i me didn’t have

as much as a rumor saying he didn’t have
the visibility at all towards the voters
that they had well yeah but again it’s
the media places the lawyers and of

course before just I wanted to play one
quickie that I saw air before it was on
Election Day itself before the polls
open Michael Bloomberg did an ad yeah
but just listen to what he says here

hello I speak to you today on the eve of
the midterm elections not as a Democrat
or a Republican I’ve been both but as an
American who is deeply concerned with
the direction of our nation like you

I’ve watched the recent bombings and
mass shootings with growing alarm the
recent bombings and mass shootings
that none of them went off that’s that’s

that’s pretty egregious I felt when I
heard they actually they take they can’t
even identify goo that he put in those
bombs apparently none of this explosive
but they won’t talk about it they can’t

commit the dev know so he said mommy’s
again yeah yeah it’s it’s I just that I
found I found to be nasty like you I’ve

watched the recent bombings and mass
shootings with growing alarm yeah what
what bombings were you watching just
tell me what channel that’s on Bloomberg
this I don’t understand how that even

gets on the air that way doesn’t someone
have to say my guess not did they dude
you can keep stuff like that off the air
if you wanted to yeah with that why why

would they shun the money
well shutting the money and it’s
trending the mess not good
okay well anyway the bado thinks seems

to be was a big deal but I noticed that
the way they were doing these reports
there’s a couple of things that really
bugged me I’m not gonna start off with
the stuff that bugged me the most all

and the person that was the biggest I
think PBS the whole group is just
disgusting I’m talk about the NewsHour
yeah and let me play

I got let’s see I got one two three four
four clips I think I can I can play that
will make sense let’s start with
let’s put start with a couple Judy clips

so I can just give her a little grief
Judy here’s Judy playing random Schumer
clip for what reason I never could
figure out prompt and his party now have
good reason for worry look last night

was a really good night for Democrats
and what happened last night doesn’t
bode well for President Trump and
Republicans in 2020 and Beyond was the

clip she plays what is the point of this
Schumer didn’t say much else you can’t
always play I think the Democrats are

very disappointing both sides are
disappointed but the way they played it
was very joyous for the Democrats just
away PBS it would play I think everyone
was playing a joyous that way I
personally am very joyous I love it I

think it’s much better than let’s let’s
put some let’s put some conflict in here
this is good let’s play Judy says no new
regulations this is a very interesting
clip and you if you can identify why
they were watching the election results

everywhere Wall Street rallied on the
news from the election analysts said it
that divided government will likely mean
no new taxes or government regulations
and no repeal of the Affordable Care Act

the Dow Jones Industrial Average today
gained 545 points well of course I had a
I had a heads up because I subscribe to
the no agenda newsletter so I know and I

love the simple the simplicity of the
analysis I’m that when they say well the
Affordable Care Act no worries about
that that won’t be repealed let me guess
was the Dow Jones up because of pharma

stocks both yeah any health care yeah
just went the sky right but what really
got me about that clip I’m just kind of
maybe a misdirection is this comment

because anyone who studies government at
the modern way we do business
regulations do not come from Congress
they come from the agencies yes the laws
come from Congress and the agencies make

up all the shit in between all the
regulations come from the agencies so
that the idea that there’ll be no new
regulations is incredibly it’s
it’s wrongheaded I mean it’s not true

you can have any agency could start
cranking out regulations cuz they were
given the go-ahead by Congress years ago
to do that right Congress gave up their
rights and so far as making regulations

and laws for that matter to these
agencies that can have all these extra
powers having worked for one eye very
well you were aware of your previous
superpowers so so then we go on with

Lisa des jahres dan who was a just a
hardcore Democrat she’s going on talking
and she’s not only saying how great

everything went but even the losers or
winners as far as she’s concerned of
course she does nothing to do nothing
about the other side to such an extreme

that I do have a point to make about
this after these clips but let’s start
with Lisa Desjardins extolling the
losers or or can defeat words that spoke
of larger movements this team of which

we are all members in some way it’s
gonna stay together and is gonna
continue to aspire to do great things
now was also a theme for Tallahassee

mayor Andrew Gilliam another progressive
who fell just short in his bid to flip
the Florida governor’s mansion to the
Democrats I believe that we have to take
a third have a table in the state that

is long enough that is wide enough that
is deep enough to fit all of us I still
believe that we gotta have that table
but y’all we just don’t have to lose a
little bit more work in order to build

that table but Gillan was more of an
exception on a night where Democrats
took over several Republican governors
mentions defeating wisconsin Governor
Scott Walker winning in Kansas and in

Michigan the prosecutor Gretchen Whitmer
is the governor-elect talk about the
women so now she’s gonna go this is Lisa
talking about the win all these women

he’s one of a kind has never happened
before this woman that woman that woman
this woman and I want you to pay careful
attention to this clip democratic women
stacked up a large number of first take
statements in Kansas who is openly gay

she and another winner last night will
be the first Native American women in
Congress the core of this campaign has
been about trying to figure out ways to
make sure that as many voices and

experiences as possible that we have in
this community are being heard by our
elected representatives Ayanna Presley
and Johanna Hayes will each be the first

black women in Congress from their New
England states and Democrats Rasheeda
Talib and Ilhan Omar will be the first
two Muslim women to serve in Congress
for each party some wins for the PBS
Newshour no but she also she left off

AOC I’m very surprised

AOC has been been sidelined I think if
you haven’t noticed yes I have but if
you’re doing my in the part if somebody
said hey let’s stop talking about her if
you put a mic in front of her she makes

herself out to being a moron huh so
that’s like so they cut her out but they
go on and on about this but the one that
got me was the first black woman in her
state never mentioning once the first

unfortunately because it’s a Republican
the first Korean woman in the United
States ever to be elected to the House

of Representatives it wasn’t mentioned
on CBS it was a mess on NBC it wasn’t
mentioned and now I like that but it you
took over at roses position was ahead of
I think their arms forces old slot in

and if you only took his spot and and
she did in California which was kind of
news in itself some Republican would win
but no this Korean woman was completely

blanked out hmm I said I’m gonna find a
clip there were somebody mentions
unfindable I know it was findable on
Korean TV arches and this is a the clip

is at the bottom is young Kim her name
is young it would like Yong Yong Kim and
this is the clip history we’re in the
2018 US midterm elections as young Kim

was elected to the US House of
Representatives becoming the first
Korean American woman to win a coveted
spot in the US Congress

Eastern je has this report a historic
day at the 2018 US midterm elections as
California’s 39th congressional district
election s saw Republican Yong Kim the
Democrat Gilson arrows garnering fifty

one point three percent of the votes
Kim becomes the first Korean American
women to be elected into Congress and
the first Korean American in 20 years to
be elected it was an emotional victory

for the self-made woman who won the
tight race millions of the
came out this is one election that we
can prove that we cannot by ourselves

ed Royce the chairman of the House
Foreign Affairs Committee announced his
retirement from California’s 39th

district seat in January Raijin had
endorsed Kim and since standing I want
to share with you that over that span of
time in my opinion for the people that
I’ve met in public service

no has ever worked as hard as young kid
well you know you don’t think this is
significant yeah of course it is but and
are you surprised yeah I guess it Fritz

for PBS I am a little surprised actually
the PBS is lost
or maybe maybe just one well the
NewsHour is its own team it’s not all of

PBS but the NewsHour sounds very lost
yeah yeah I mean here’s a woman it’s a
woman that maybe was with the two themes
were all the Blue Wave which crapped out
you know the funny thing is about these

news the way these handle these this
whole election it I used to write for a
bunch of different financial
publications and and the first thing
you’d learn if you’re gonna do a stock

market analysis is if the market goes up
you find some event to blame it on and
the funny thing is you can say all the
stock market went down as a reaction to
the Fed raising rates right that’s easy

but if the stock market goes up you look
for something and so you can say well
the stock market went up as a reaction a
counter reaction to the Fed raising
rates yes so you take the same element

and you can play it two different ways
the news media could play this election
as the Democrats could should it would
promised us that we’re gonna do a lot
better and they didn’t and you could

play the whole thing that way
oh and this guy lost and that that guy
in Florida Gilliam lost instead of going
on what a great guy isn’t playing a
piece of as’ of his species is
concession to way that leases are dance

did she played it up albedo lost but
Beto’s the future yeah you could have
said beta was obviously not the future
he spent too much money and he’s a loser

loser just losers capital L go home bid
old you can play it any way you want but
they play obviously played it this way
but it becomes so apparent when you

leave out young Kim yes and they left
her out they just kicked her to the curb
a woman yes the no attorney shows now
proudly stands behind young Kim we’re

all behind you you’re behind young
Haysom she’s ethnic yes she’s a woman
she’s a woman she gave they’ll be
perfect it would be but she’s not just

okay wait mixed mixed marriage mixed
racial marriage white guy I don’t that I
don’t know but where is even a single
mention of her

CBS NBC ABC and specifically which is
what I’m really complaining about his
PBS which is supposed to be the best of
the group and it’s not and I’m thinking
I don’t even know if the president

congratulated her I don’t I think he was
he’s surrounded by people that aren’t
working with him hmm
Robbie doesn’t know either he would have

actually if he knew he would have made a
bigger fuss
I think so too yeah cuz he talked about
well he did he did something first of
all I loved that whole press conference
and like what a it was like it was

almost like the day after Christmas Bo
and you find something under the tree oh
here’s a package that haven’t opened yet
that press conference was it to me I’ve
really really enjoyed it from beginning

to end it was it was riveting I have it
was a new Trump it was it was a
different Trump he was being really calm
he was very you know he’s like collected

he was talking with the press for a long
time and you know B we got all that he
like let all kinds of other people speak

like him from bloggers I think from
Brooklyn and he got you know some lots
of little fireworks going there but yeah
I thought it was perfect and and he was
saying well here’s these people who do

you know basically the never Trump errs
in the Republican Party he said well he
didn’t want me to help you out so there
you go loser people they’re losers that
was that was pretty funny I still think

that the highlight of that was the Jim
well what I’d like to do is I it’s the
full dust-up is only two minutes and 37
seconds I have one that’s 314 that I

think is actually as full okay well you
probably I cut out the the last minute
but we can use that one because it’s
goes into the Peter Alexander question

Peter Alexander kind of attacks the
president right right I got that too
and what else is after that I don’t know
why yours is longer that’s kind of weird
and where is it you’ve got to tap or no

we’ve got an entire it’s under the word
entire makes nothing but sense
alright let’s play it now I’ll give you
my my view right off the bat is this is
you know this is I think it’s meant to

be Trump calls on him he knows
something’s gonna happen he needed he
wanted it he wanted to put a cost in his
place a cost the just willing just
perfect you know jumps in and the reason

why Trump was right in every regard is
he’s not even asking a question when he
starts off so I want to challenge you
they said when you say to someone

opening a question I want to challenge
you on something and you know what I
knew immediately uh this is not gonna go
well and then all the other stuff that
happened it’s perfect it’s it’s he
Acosta did a great job that’s what he

does see in it I was watching CNN to see
the outrage I’m sure they got a nice
spike in the ratings but of course he
was incredibly rude and the president
called them out on it after having some

patience and it was just again it was
the the lost present under the Christmas
tree the day after Christmas hundreds
and hundreds of miles away that that’s
not an evasion honestly I think you
should let what that’s where you start

you just started yours I’m gonna start
my deep no it’s much more important to
start here I think this president
challenged you on on one of those he
starts off I want to challenge you that

was that’s that’s why Trump was like
okay famous that you made in the tail
end of the campaign in the terms there
we go that well if you know modest
president that this Caravan was an

invasion as you know to be as numerous
presidents Caravan was not an invasion
it’s a it’s a group of migrants moving
up from Central America towards the
border with the US

thank you for tan
I love that thank you very much for
explaining that to me press conferences
where you’re you’re not this is not

asking questions this is making
accusations yes that’s why I’m surprised
that well I thought that the trunk that
this was a fake deal and that the cost
uh I have to give you my early thoughts

that Acosta should be kicked out of
there I mean you can revoke his
credentials him not allow him in the
building and I because they’ve never
done that I always assumed that this was

all part of a grand scheme because it
was very as good theater and then later
a Kostas credentials were pulled which
he found out later well in the end the
reason for that as they say that he laid

hands on the internet for sure of
whatever something right right now when
you have an audience I don’t care if

it’s a seminar or if it’s a press
conference or whatever it is you do not
let the audience ever even if it’s
reporters hold the mic this is a bad
idea never should you and they always

want to grab the mic don’t let them grab
the mic I’ve been to plenty of things
where a mic is pastor I know I think
it’s a mistake I think it’s always a
mistake a lot of the smart money has a

mic and understand
yeah exactly have it understand yes that
would be funnier with these guys and be
able to turn it off when someone’s just
annoying anyway don’t have that
capability but yes they do they just

don’t do it a group of migrants well let
me finish my thought gee
so because you never want to go through
the progression here so I figured that
he was not gonna get his credentials

pulled because it was theater and then
they got him pulled and then you say was
because he touched the touch the woman
and yes that was excuse that they use
the ethnics they use that as an excuse

as an excuse but
I didn’t think much of it I said if it’s
just technically yeah he did and some
people said he didn’t he didn’t he
didn’t including the CNN woman it says
he didn’t touch her what he did is

pretty clear it wasn’t you know he just
pushed you know he pushed her her arm
down to because she was grabbing for the
mic she’s making it lunge for the mic
actually and so they found that’s the
reason her skin and I said well they I

guess my Theory’s gone what was your oh
that oh that it was there was just a
setup yeah sure theory was that it was
always gonna be but then they told his

credentials I said what was that all
well then I said I saw I figured I was
wrong but then I realized because I have
another clip which was on CNN where a
cost that comes on and gives his side of

the store and he’s talking to Jake
Tapper they’re all gassed and this was
and this clip I realized was before he
pulled before they pulled his credential
oh this is yes here’s all giddy and he’s

still playing the game but what happened
I believe in the reason this credential
was pulled was CNN had written a terse
memo to the president you know you’re

full of crap and he went on and on about
it and I think that’s the reason it is
okay really fine credentials pulled our
game is over

yeah all right that sounds about right
that sounds more like the real reason
because because Tapper it wasn’t pulled
remember they could have pulled a run
this kicked him out they brought
security in your touch the woman and

thrown him out but ultimately but
ultimately I mean it was great and what
is always so sad is that the media only
plays the little bits and little clips

and they don’t go through the
progression of what happened I mean he
doesn’t ask a question he says I want to
challenge you and then he you know
there’s two or three questions answered
everybody kind of got one and maybe one
follow-up and then the president says in

the White House okay enough can you stop
and then he just kept going that’s just
an end of story to me I don’t care who
the president is the other thing by the
way Obama should have done the same
thing instead he went no no no no no no

that’s what he would do he should have
done the same thing like I’m telling you
to shut up in the White House actually
he did say
some people in the press corps here in
my house are happy that this happened

because apparently accost is a mic hog
obviously and when he was on them honest
to what where I do have this good for
later they’d tapper Acosta clip

he starts easy I didn’t realize it when
I started watching him he is one of
those guys who apparently used to do a
lot of what they call stand-up yeah and
that is the guy in the field where you

throw it to him and he can talk as long
as you want him to yeah do you need 10
minutes no problem you need 5 minutes
you want one minute doesn’t make any

difference this guy can keep talking
anymore and he can do it exactly 1
minute 5 minute 10 minutes whatever you
want that’s what that’s and he can go
forever and his tendency is to go
forever and he does it on the other show

yeah and so he people don’t the other
people want to ask questions too yeah
now of course it was rude I’m sure
everyone’s a little tired of it it was
actually it was a good press conference
it was he was and my I pulled some stuff

out of value which I’ll play later but
let’s you want to play those acosta
clips you want to go back to the to the
challenge no I want to go back to the
press conference I’ll pay that cost

eclipse later well I know that this
caravan was an invasion as you know I
consider to be as numerous presidents
caravan was not an invasion it’s a it’s
a group of migrants moving up from

Central America towards the border with
the u.s. thank you for 10 why did you
why did you characterize it as such
as I consider an invasion you and I have
a difference of opinion do you think I

like that now he was doing a lot of this
yeah we just have a difference of
opinion I think that you demonized
immigrants not as electron now to try
want them I want them to come into the
country but they have to come in Legally

you know they have to come and Jim
through a process I want it to be a
process and I’m so tired of the m5m
playing this line that you know they
just want a better life and yeah but

they always leave out the legal versus
illegal part and I don’t know if it was
or they seen this clip actually where
Trump says that we need these people and
I want people to come in and we need the

people you’re playing at your camp wait
you know why we need the paper because
we have hundreds of companies moving in
we need the
your campaign had an ad showing see no
one no one plays that part of the clip

where he’s saying we need the people we
need them to come in but we need them to
come in Legally no one plays that
migrants climbing over walls it stop
stop you the same that you asked me a
minute ago this surprises you alright

they weren’t act they’re not gonna be
doing they weren’t actors well no it’s
do you think they were actors I they
want a kiss they didn’t come from

Hollywood these were these were people
this was an actual you know it happened
a few days ago and there are hundreds of
miles away though they’re hundreds and
hundreds of mile away that that’s not

innovation honestly I think you should
let me run the country you run CNN and
if you did it well your ratings let me
ask you are you worried this is where I
don’t care who it is even it was that

old bag who’s now dead remember her oh
yeah what was her name in the front
cousin Thomas said Obama kicked out
laughter the one who can office you
remember Obama yes I know I’m saying I

heard you the first three times just
sounds like I was dead Mike no do you
remember when Obama kicked her out in
like the first presidency yeah shameful

yeah and then and then they BT Esther
because she said Israel is doing
horrible things and all right and then

uh bad Jew yeah course maybe she was she
was she is Armenian Armenian maybe yeah
that said no pardon me ma’am I’m Miss
Lee that’s enough this president ID one

of these I may ask on on the Russia
investigation are you a dick I mean he
literally said that’s enough this stop
concerned that that you may have not
concerned about anything with you

investigation because it’s a hoax are
you that’s enough put down the mic mr.
president are you worried about
indictments coming down in this event
now that even the journalists are going
dude shut up
mr. president I’ll tell what CNN should

be ashamed of itself having you working
for them you are a rude terrible person
you shouldn’t be working for CNN I think
that’s a very rude person the way you

treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible and the
way you treat other people are horrible
you shouldn’t treat people that way in
engines defense I’ve traveled with him
and watched him he’s a diligent reporter

who bustles I’m not a big fan of yours
if I can you repeatedly flirt you are
the best
mr. president you repeatedly over the
course of just sit down please

well when you when you report fake news
No when you report fake news which CNN
does a lot you are the enemy of the
people go ahead he couldn’t explain it
more often was there more on your clip

that you wanted to get into was that it
now there was a couple of things because
Peter Alexander continued in kind of a
funny way that was again more accusatory
but it was light compared to Kostas but

I would rather would like to play the
rest of that out of elections last night
we want to hold them very close because
I got you my gosh CNN should be ashamed
of it’s right there haven’t you working

for them you are a rude terrible person
you shouldn’t be working for CNN
I think that’s not you’re a very rude
person the way you treat Sarah Huckabee

is horrible and the way you treat other
people are horrible oh we should forgot
to mention during the beto party when
Sarah Huckabee saccas with the the
screen had ABC on who had an airplane

hangar with 18 people at four desks it
was the most ridiculous roundabout thing
I’ve ever seen
Sarah Huckabee Sanders came on the whole
place started booing her it was bizarre

Wow yeah ooh boo why are they booing a
woman no I don’t know I’m just I’m just
reporting you treat people that way good
engines defense I’ve traveled with him

and watch them he’s a diligent reporter
who bustles I’m not a big fan of yours
either so I to be honest so let me ask
this question if I can you repeatedly
fart you are the best
mr. peasant you repeatedly over the
course of the gist sit down please

acosta kept standing up again without
the mic just yelling stuff when you
report fake news no when you report fake
news which CNN does a lot you are the

enemy of the people go ahead mr.
president over the course over the
course of the last several days of the
campaign sir sir at the end of the
campaign you repeatedly said that
Americans need to fear Democrats you
said Democrats would unleash a wave of

violent crime that endangers families
everywhere why are you crying why are
you pitting Americans against one
another sweeter what are you trying to
be him now just a very simple because
they’re very weak on crime because they

have often suggested members and people
within the Democrat Party at a high
level have suggested getting rid of ice
getting rid of law enforcement that’s
not gonna happen okay we want to be

strong on the borders we want to be
strong on law enforcement and I want to
I want to cherish ice because ice does a
fantastic job the the what they do for
us is so really it’s so unrecognized how

good a job they do so we want to take
care of them and we want to hold them
very close because they do a good job
for the question to be clear that the
quite very much why are you sit down but

the question but you didn’t answer my
question just very simply the choir
why are you pitting Americans against
one another sir I’m not that how you
view I’m citizen today what we want a
lot of elections last night we did very

well last night anyways I think it’s
going to happen I think it’s going to
have a very positive impact i watch the
NBC this morning they didn’t report it
exhibits you know very very that’s the

fact with NBC nothing I could do about
but I want this country to have
protection we want security in our
country I want security Peter I mean you

may be don’t think it’s so important and
I think when you don’t have it you are
indeed unleashing crime I feel that
instead you would sign an executive
order on birthright citizenship are you
still gonna sign the executive order on

board real answer you explain that
question a little bit later go ahead
okay well so he is his accused
accusation was why are you pitting
Americans against each other yeah what

is that these are these are not
intelligent questions well they’re of
Derek they’re not questions the kind of
accusation their statements are you
still beating your wife yes are you

still a wife beater yes are you still
beating her it’s the whole thing
did you see the whore form I said I

didn’t walk I saw by the about 30
minutes the whole thing is interesting
there’s a lot of good stuff in there I
like the thing where it starts going
after the guys who were well let’s play
be since we still have a cost of thing I

want to play this acosta clip but he
does have the I got some more fun press
conference so we’ve got a circle back
yeah no I wanted definitely because this
is gonna segue right into what you’re
gonna do because the cost that talks

about this and then you can play that
clip because I hope you have it this is
tapri Kostas do I got here Tapper Acosta
CNN eight seconds let’s listen the
president Trump did something that I’ve

never seen an American president do
which is go on a personal rant against
me the questions you were attempting to
ask rant rant I’ve never seen not a rant
alright I guess you never get to

which leads to your clip since you were
attempting to ask well Jake went when
they go low we keep doing our jobs I
mean that’s the way I look at it and you
know I had a question to ask and if we

played the tape a little bit before that
exchange oh yeah an accusation you do
she wasn’t the question you would have
seen the question that I was asking
which was essentially about this lie
that he told before the midterm
elections that this caravan of migrants

moving from Central America to the US
border with Mexico was somehow an
invasion when it’s not there there’s
still hundreds of miles away and they
pose nothing of a threat to the United
States but the president used that

language obviously as we’ve talked about
so many times to galvanize his base he
just didn’t like it’s like hearing that
question if you don’t stop him he’ll
just keep go didn’t like being
challenged on that point and he
certainly doesn’t like being called out

for his falsehoods but of course Jake as
you were just mentioning that’s that’s
our job that’s what we do over here
that’s what wolf did when he was over
here as a White House correspondent as
well and we just can’t be intimidated by
that sort of thing I was struck by what

is that buttering up broth like that’s
what wolf also did when he was you know
white in other words like you’re the
next broth what are you saying no he
wants to get enough hits oh yeah exactly
the fact that the president we thought

was going to come in there and do this
victory lap it sounded very much like a
pity party the way he was talking about
lawmakers that wouldn’t stand by him on
the GOP side in various house races he
seems to be sort of unaware of the fact

that his immigration rhetoric and his
rhetoric on many levels was just turning
off a lot of those suburban swing
district voters that’s why people like
Mike Hoffman and Colorado we’re staying
away from him and he just doesn’t

understand that all right okay before
you play your clip I got to say
something but there’s mike coffman thing
I think it’s Coffman or Hoffman this guy
cuz I looked him up he was the sitting
representative he was already in the

house he was a Trump hater he’s a trump
never Trump or Republican US marine been
in Colorado after representing Colorado

for a long time he was
would take none of trumps help Trump
calling him out on it and he lost by a
10 points juice to a newbie yeah who is

a who had no political experience
relatively speaking as an extra Army
Ranger so he’s like just was stunned by

this but the way the way Acosta presents
it is that well Trump was toxic and
that’s why this guy’s told him to get
lost but the guy told him to get lost

and he lost I mean does that part of the
equation do we want to bring that into
the pictures it may be something we want
to analyze a little bit know know why
meanwhile of course the cost was feeling

I could have played I think it was on
for another 15 minutes
well actually I’m his oats because this
was before he got his well don’t let me
let me play the the oat sowing clip with

the tapper and accost I think we need to
note the President started out by doing
a dance upon the graves of Republicans
who did not show him enough fealty doing

a dance on the grave Republicans who for
their own purposes many of them in those
suburban districts that turned turned

away from President Trump where he was
toxic this is the same toxic that’s
calling him toxic even though he
literally called out all of those never
Trump errs who didn’t want him and who

lost the this is skewed reporting
obviously thinking that commercial was
toxic his language was toxic people his
but sweat is toxic it’s a man’s toxic
he’s just toxic orange man bad by

congressman Carlos Cabello in Florida
people like a congresswoman Barbara
Comstock in Virginia people like
congresswoman Mia love in Utah who by
the way her race hasn’t been called yet

so his his saying that that she lost was
is premature she may actually end up
winning there did she went I don’t know
that she did race he he danced on their
graves toxic Trump dances on

film at 11:00 and he was flip about it
he almost seemed to be happy about the
fact that congressman meant this when a

Republican from the suburbs of Denver
lost yes I think he made that very clear
because he didn’t want the president’s
support I’ve never seen a president take

delight and people above his own party
losing and stop stopped except I watched
this part he wasn’t that delightful he
was worked

oh no I’ll give that to you yes I was
not very snide he was very earth he was
a I think he felt insulted I’m the

president you know no well you’re
probably right I probably have too much
dementia be watching in me I’m like a he
was kind of smug about it but maybe

you’re right he was a pissed maybe he
was just like idiots as possible that’s
possible well he needs those people to
be in the house and they were stupid and
they lost everybody he’s supported

mostly one I think there’s a few that
didn’t especially but all the Senators
didn’t they’re happy that they got in
Obama went out on the trail and they
don’t want to talk about this but

everybody he was stumped for a loss
here’s that was actually the wrong clip
here’s a cost of a this clip does
contain a cost that with Anderson Cooper
I also want to read a statement that

CNN’s just released the statement reads
the White House announced tonight that
it has revoked the press pass of CNN
chief White House correspondent Jim
Acosta it was done in retaliation for
his challenging questions at today’s

press conference in an explanation press
secretary Sarah Sanders lodged she
provided dillan accusations incited an
incident that never happened this
unprecedented decision is what retro X

the incident did happen is minor you
late like a minor it’s very I think it’s
minor too but it had did happen yes it
did happen well he didn’t lay hands on
her he swatted her arm down and she did

look kind of surprised but she she
lunged for the mic she had the she had
the mic in her hand and he pushed her
away and I think that both had a moment
of like what just happened there but it
did happen it wasn’t it wasn’t trying to

chop a dish from out go dimension a
completely he was karate chopping her
arm right at the elbow point hoping yeah
what a douche democracy and the country
deserves better

Jim Acosta has our full support anything
else you know well I was you know I was
just trying to ask a question of the
president at this press conference and
it was obviously a question they didn’t
like it was about his racist ad on the

caravan that they were running before
the midterms did you see that ad was it
indeed racist why was it racist racist
opposed he has all these illegal aliens

running up some town or something ice
racing this race we’re going back and
forth there and as you can see in this
this in turn came up to me they’re
describing her as an intern I don’t

really know who she is
and attempted to take the microphone
away from me all I could say at that
point is that I was trying to hang on to
the microphone so I could continue to
ask the president questions it was
really it was kind of sad because you

know I’ve seen this clip now with his
chops in slo-mo everything zoomed in and
I was looking at the poor girl because
it happens she has this moment of kind

of shock she looks at Acosta turns to
the president looks at him and then is
this a moment you know it’s just yes she
has it befuddled look on her eyes and
yes yes sir that we didn’t see him
because they don’t show that but I think

he gave her a cue to crouch down get out
of the way cause we’ll fly be hurt yeah
it’s like hey what was your they say the

White House interns get abused but Jesus
easy does it DC obviously I you know I
didn’t put my hands on her or touch her
as they’re alleging and it’s just

unfortunate that the White House is
saying this
even touch her yeah that’s even better
yeah that’s okay GRU surprised a liar
are you surprised

are you surprised she knows over there
and I think I handled myself
professionally and I appreciate all the
comments for my colleagues
I do think Anderson that this is a test
for all of us

I do think they’re trying to shut us
down to some extent and they’re trying
to send a message to our colleagues yes
is sending a message to everybody

they’ll shut you down they’ll take your
hard pass away okay I have a couple more
clips that I just want to get in here
and then I do have to talk about some
conclusions Nancy Pelosi started her
press conference just a little bit

before the president and ascended his it
was not at all as entertaining Oh
actually this isn’t even from the press
conference this is when they won it’s
just a short clip and I think was just

cute Medicaid the Affordable Care Act in
the healthcare of 130 million Americans

living with pre-existing medical
conditions that’s more for pre-existing
medical condition
I thought that was funny

that was fun here let’s here we need
more people with pre-existing conditions
Wow so after this whole Acosta thing
there was a few more confrontations

April Ryan stood up and asked something
and he didn’t recognize her we didn’t
say didn’t give her the mic and he told
her to shut up and sit down which is
probably right on but they so at a
certain point he’s like okay this is

kind of going along he’s answering
questions and should we keep this going
this came up a couple of times people
like even before they started their
question saying mr. president this is

great could you do this more often this
is really fantastic and I think Trump
they even talked about how he hadn’t
done pressed for a month and it wasn’t
didn’t go well and then I had to do more
press because you know that I have to

keep our message going my message which
gets distorted I mean he was making some
sense he was not dropping as many full
words and sentences as usual which was
surprising and so he was you know after

the Acosta thing he’s kind of been a
vibe and he calls on them on the
reporter from PBS should we keep this
going yes I think you should keep this
when you get bored would you please tell

me seriously tell me I don’t want to
hopefully not I don’t want to overstay
but please go ahead hi mr. president
yummy shell Center with PBS Newshour on

the campaign trail you called yourself a
nationalist some people saw that as
embolden white nationalist now people
are also saying racist there are some
people that say that now the Republican

Party is seen as supporting white
nationalist what do you make of that I
don’t believe I just well I don’t know
why do I have my highest phone numbers
ever with African Americans why do I
have among the highest poll numbers with

African Americans I mean why do I have
my highest poll numbers that’s such a
racist question honestly I mean I know
you have it written down and you’re
gonna tell me let me tell you it’s a

racist question
and mr. president you know what the word
is I love our country
I do you call you have nationalists you
have globalists I also love the world
and I don’t want helping the world but

we have to straighten out our country
first we have a lot of problems and it
excuse me
but to say that what you said is so
insulting to me it’s a very terrible
thing that you said now I don’t know if

the question was racist I don’t think it
was a racist question
well here’s the price it’s a thorn and

she would put it later on the PBS
Newshour a thorn in his side his racism
his racism no it’s the it’s the fact
that the left has really made this word

nationalism bow right into white
nationalism by definition yes and so she
is bringing this point up from a leftist

perspective of PBS newshour
and he just found it offensive well of
course it’s offensive but he called it
racist which was not racist well because
it brings in the white nationalists are

by definition racist and so because it
goes like this
you said nationalism which means white
nationalism by anybody’s standards

except maybe yours and a few other
people that are living in the you know
18th century when nationalism it was a
very insulting level it was racist well
indeed by today’s standards of course it

was you just said use what why not I’m
sorry you have a piece of white paper
it’s racist it’s got a stop now yellow
pad paper people now handle I thought
she handled it poorly she’s not very

good this woman no I don’t know why
they’re keeping her on a lot of very
extreme left-wing but please notice we
always have the black reporter ask the

racist question it’s just it’s it may
just be scheduling I don’t know that is
why I’m the funniest bit onset Myers
Late Late Show is he’s got a black
writer woman who’s I think a lesbian and

he bring us her on to tell off-color
jokes because he can’t tell oh yes I’ve
seen this bit yeah and it’s actually
quite funny cuz she’ll tell some of the

most extremely offensive jokes white guy
can’t say yes white guy can’t say which
makes his point but he’s also kind of
he’s making a point and missing a point

at the same time when he does this bit
so I’ve figured out most of what is what
the president is hiding with his tax
because this came up and man Trump he
sometimes you gotta listen you have

listen very carefully because you get
used to the half sentences and half
words and I got I’ve gotten pretty good
at filling it in but he also dropped
some bombs to me they were bombs saying

okay I don’t know exactly what it is yet
maybe it’s a question for the banker he
might know because you know his bank
used to lend money to Trump which by the
way everyone was always happy with he

says everybody always like doing
business with him they made a lot of
money but this is about his tax returns
and listen to his giveaways really all
right Thank You mr. president

and pick you up there you told me the
other day that you are an open book so I
think I am an open book so point-blank
Democrats go after your tax returns will
you try to block that or will you allow

them now look as I’ve told you they’re
under audit they have been for a long
time they’re extremely complex people
wouldn’t understand him
they’re done by among the biggest and

best law firms in the country same thing
with the accounting firms the
accountants are a very very large
powerful firm from the standpoint of
respect the highly respected big firm

yeah great law firm where you would you
know it very well they do these things
they put them in they do these things
they put them in okay so that was my

first clue but people don’t understand
tax returns now I did do a filing of
over a hundred pages I believe which is
in the offices and when people went and

saw that filing and they saw the
magnitude of it they were very
disappointed and they saw the you know
the details you’d get far more from that
but it’s a it’s a great company but it’s
big and it’s complex and it’s probably

feet high it it’s complex it’s a very
complex instrument it’s a very complex
instrument so whoever his tax firm is

they’re very well respected have a lot
of power they put some financial
instrument into his mix cuz he just said
that to us he just said it you wouldn’t

understand it
yeah those guys they put it in it’s a
very complex instrument I don’t know
what it is but that’s a lot better it’s
something really fabulous that you know

that erases billions of debt or makes
him not pay any taxes yeah I paid no
taxes probably zero taxes and that’s
it’s just it’s probably so awesome when

you see it you’re like you know I made
you know five billion dollars paid and I
got a refund yeah it could be one of
those it could be it could be it could
be a refund actually he may be under

some non-disclosure oh because because
it’s a proprietary deal mechanism yeah
yeah and I bet you there’s a proprietary
thing going on here and they have found

some loophole which is what you know the
New York Times kind of hinted at now
that’s a good point John they this is a
proprietary thing they’ve done and it
may be an instrument that his very

well-respected firm you know maybe with
some other very well-respected Bank put
some instrument together yeah that only
they know how it works

yeah and only they and they don’t want
it revealed
cuz it’s a it’s a competitive edge
against the other tax firms if someone
in the chat room control-room said he

files a 1040ez is embarrassing yeah but
I thought I think I think you’re right
it’s some kind of instrument is
proprietary which has been which has

been the real reason and it would end
and it would look like he paid no tax or
I think worse he got a refund it’s got
to be like some crazy yes I’m crazy
billion-dollar Rifa it’ll look like a

refund it’s something weird so but he
kind of gave that away I love listening
to the guy if you can riff you really
pay attention then you can hear these
these little things well that’s gonna be
one of the things they go after yeah

just so important for the world
that’s I’m so happy so happy we’re going
out looking for a competitive edge yeah
and I got one more now this was
interesting to me because I’ve been

following ever since cachaca key
Jamarcus 2g kajouji ever since Shuji
I’ve been following a number of things

the oil flows the relationship between
Saudi Arabia Turkey Russia
Qatar Israel this is very interesting
now of course we have the sanctions in

place as well which is Swift which I
have done some research on and want to
talk about later on but this is a
question about erawan and I had to go I
had to go back and it was the president

of Turkey which is kind of funny because
Trump doesn’t hear the guy and then he
thinks the guy thinks he’s stupid cuz I
didn’t know who air21 is which really
showed that really shows you his weak
spot when people think he’s stupid it

really irritates the hell out of mule
here right at the beginning mr.
president again said he’s not gonna
follow your sanctions and he’s gonna
keep buying oil from who said that a
president Erdogan Turkey I know I know

and you’re gonna meet him soon just
can’t understand this okay I can
understand you Braun fuck that’s what
you’re gonna meet him soon you’re gonna
have this talk and some companies are

gonna take the same steps that president
are the guys doing so let me just say
about the oil okay so what we opposed
just recently the strongest sanctions in
the history of our country just about oh

I guess North Korea’s there too but I
gave some countries a break on the oil I
did it a little bit because they really
asked for some help but I really did it

because I don’t want to drive oil prices
up to $100 a barrel or 150 dollars a
barrel because I’m driving them down if
you look at oil prices they’ve come down
very substantially over the last couple

of months that’s because of me because
you have a monopoly called OPEC and I
don’t like wait and I don’t like that
monopoly I don’t like it and oil prices
are coming down

so rather than deciding to be as tough
as I am on most of the sanctions what
I’ve done is I said we’re not going to
do it that way
we’re going to let some of the oil go

out to these countries that really do
need it because I don’t want to drive
the oil prices up to 100 or 105
you know is about which could happen
very easily it’s a very fragile market
very very fragile I know it very well

and it’s the absolute right decision and
they’ll get tougher as time goes by
maybe but I don’t want to have any
effect on the oil prices worldwide where
I Drive them up because I consider that

to be a tax and I don’t like taxes you
know and amidst all of this he did say
at the United Nations I’m pissed about
the oil prices and they are going down
the guy looked at the monthly and it was

down what 15 bucks
yeah well it goes up it goes down but
let’s let’s just remember yeah goes up
it goes down
hold on a second let’s take a look at
the I mean just take a look at the chart

here we go
one month there was $75 on the 11th of
October a 9th of October and today it’s

60 60 in one that’s WTI crude so that’s
a drop yeah and but maybe actually if

you look at it from when did the cash og
thing happen
around October the beginning of October
this is rather interesting the middle of

October I think October 4th may be
October 4th well October 3rd oil was at
a Pettit and a year at long high a year

for me sitting here
it’s almost 75 bucks and it just goes
down from there
now remember he said that he was pissed

off this is before could choke Ashok gee
he said at the United Nations and went
up a little bit from there cuz that was
September went up went up went up we
could heed 75 khashoggi happens Trump
gets pissed off price comes down this

there’s stuff going on
I mean we’re back to what is it we’re
back to April’s price
well I just don’t think it’s

well probably not and I like how he says
his attacks yes thank you
finally a politician who just says it
high gas prices attacks yeah well you
can California they just make it MIT and

they make taxes we’ll talk about that
after the break okay
but I did just before we have a lot of
foreign listeners who live in America
a lot of foreign listeners so do I think
the enough some of the lower look at our

listeners every once in a while
producers and producers actually I don’t
look at the listeners I look at the
producers because they show up on the
spreadsheet yeah so the producers we

have a guy in Oman mm-hmm we have a get
we have guys everywhere there’s a lot of
Saudis but I think even just to give
Pete just to give by the way they’re all

in software it’s like this gives people
some ammo so might I’ll give you my
takeaway from this election what it
means and you give yours and I’m sure
I’ll mess it up you’re much smarter than
I am where you are when it comes to the

civics you’re buttering me up for
because because I just want to get my
analysis out before you go that’s why
that’s the it’s come to this point in

our relationship where have to butter
you up just so you won’t interrupt me
telling me I’m stupid I’ll free up kind
of like that what happened here the way

I see it is almost a replay of the 2016
election because you have to understand
the difference between representatives

in the House which is based upon the
population in your state I think
California alone has 54 of them versus
every state gets two senators which as
you know the Democrats and a lot of
people on the Left hate because Trump

won and the several presence of won the
electoral college which is the only
thing that counts according to our
constitutional republic the way the
system works and if you look at the
amount of extra Senate seats the states

that they’re in along with the
governorships it bodes very well for the
2020 election because it looks like the
majority of the country

not by people but by states really is
bent towards the Republicans or Trump or
whatever combination and so it was net

positive I think for the Republicans and
actually I think the Democrats winning
the house is net positive for the
Republicans because they’re morons they
can’t do anything when they have they

have all the power they’re just bumbling
like the Keystone Cops so who knows now
now that you brought that you brought
your little analysis into play I have to
play this little 59 second clip and you

see if you could pick up the little
subtlety here this I believe is a
professor from Sonoma State he’s like a
local news is a local news report it’s
called the local news local professor

this guy it’s not you’ll never hear me
he’s got a little interesting take on
the whole thing and he does I think he I

think his analysis would match up with
yours and I would agree with both the
your but your take is nothing to
complain about I know why you’re so
paranoid about it but this is kind of
the same thing it only he kind of does

it on the he doesn’t it awkward there’s
something in here that you will get a
kick out of people are trying to do here
I would have to say that they were
trying to put a bit of a check on Trump

they were saying we even though we know
that these people are crazy well we need
them to sort of check this guy so he
doesn’t go too far so that’s gonna block
things now Trump can advance on
executive orders he can advance of the

court he obviously can advance in
foreign policy the thing that worries me
is this sort of investigative fight
because the Dems are very likely their
temptation is to go there and if they go
there Trump has a secret weapon but the

secret weapon is his own Justice
Department which he is not controlled
that’s the one Department of the
executive branch that Trump is not
controlled since he took office he I
think he can now his big mistake was not
the fire come–and Rosenstein on day one

but he can fire them now and it’s the
perfect time to do it now
I don’t know since town but without go
sessions those Rosenstein Trump retakes
not retakes takes over for the first

time as Justice Department and that if
the Democrats open investigations Trump
has tremendous amount of retaliatory
firepower that was actually Denise
D’Souza predicting the firing of Jeff

Sessions really we nailed it he nailed
it but the thing that’s funny in there
was which is this is not the clip I was
hoping for but the other clip was

similar this is actually better but he
said he’s just casually says well yeah
they put these Democrats and knowing
they’re crazy because just to put a
little just check on dry right right
right I have to agree the Democrats that

they talked about pretty much her crazy
AOC is the worst-case example but that
that Muslim woman they elected in
Minnesota and she beat the other one by

50 points Wow she is a Jew hater they
dug up some old tweets by her from 2012
we’re just going off about jail again
it’s just all about hummus I’m telling

you yeah what could be but that she is
to even the Jews know that the Muslims
make better hummus that’s why if you go
there you’ll be taken to a place that’s

run by Muslims you’re not get a good
note nobody’s making hummus as good as
these been covered the the Israeli Lobby
so the point is is that yeah there’s a

bunch of nut cases that are now in and
they’re gonna be kind of okay you did
your analysis go go go
I agree with everything you say except

we have to take into account what’s
really going on with these nutty
Democrats that they’ve elected and who
I’m just gonna say it and it sounds
partisan to somebody bitched about that

and this way it goes I think these
people are lunatics
I think AOC is a dummy I think these
other people aren’t the brightest bulbs
in the pack and they affected they won’t
mention young cam is another example of

what what’s wrong with everything
Pelosi has to be coming I think Trump
knows this has to become miss Lee yet
the speaker because she is if you listen
to some talk especially around here

where she’s from she is one tough cookie
behind the scenes she may be a bumbling
fool in front of the camera so she even
calls herself an expert negotiator
she is a toughy and she will put these

people in line because these Democrats
will go out get out of control so fast
if they don’t have a taskmaster who will
go up to him and she looks like a psycho

to begin with and bug those psycho eyes
at him and tell him to sit down and shut
up just got here you’re not telling us
what to do and she’s gonna put him in

their place and they’re gonna be fine
that’s why I think already happened to
AOC yeah yeah
yeah she did and you know what I don’t
think a OC got a mention from her either
it was the the Muslim ladies

and just mention of lots of women but I
don’t even that there was like you know
LSU was not mentioned but not even been
mentioned by anybody in the last five
weeks yeah yeah oh man

bring her back she’s so much fine I
think she’s done what’s fun she’s done
in terms of her profile alright
but I think I have a feeling Pelosi will

try and get some stuff done and she’s
gonna be very surprised that I think
that we will see some form of the health
care reform with pre-existing conditions

that’s all they have to have in it no
one else gives a crap
it could be ripping us off as long as
that’s in it then they rip it they’re
ripping us off this face no kidding okay
right no so that was that

good well there’s much to talk about oh
yes but island for now I’d like to thank
you for your courage and say in the
morning to you the man who put the C in
prop see John C Dvorak in the morning to
you mr. Adam Korean did more neatest

ships at the sea and the beat in the
ground and the fort in the rain you’re
buying it abating in the boom yes
tonight’s out there and in the morning
to the troll room
I love sounding the bat-signal I love

when you all head off to the troll room
and are here for us every Thursday and
Sunday no agenda stream calm you can
listen live you can get in there chat
with everybody troll away troll away

it’s okay everyone else does it and I
also want to say in the morning to LAX
lacks LAX who brought us the artwork for
episode 10 83 now this is one that came

in a show earlier we liked it so much
though it should to to shows earlier
when in the newsletter and we just had
to use it since we did we always like to
pick art about something that was

discussed in the show and this was the
subway spoof of Kosh hoagie the new
cache hoagie which is just a brilliant
piece of art one of the one of the
better ones and we haven’t heard from

lakhs in a long time no he shows up
rarely but this piece was like it when
it came in we had we had something else
that when we knew well we had something
for maybe for the elections and we knew

this always before that it was it was
something that was it was I think
there’s 11th anniversary Shores it was
something that we can’t we couldn’t use
it I don’t know he’s the exact reason

but there was something we had whose
instead and we just were kicking
ourselves because it would have been
ideal but it wasn’t the mattock and I
think was the 11th anniversary and so we
couldn’t use it and I said well that’s

right it was the 11th anniversary that’s
right yeah it wasn’t gonna work and so
we said well we’ll put it aside and then
that then would then we weren’t talking
about khashoggi enough to put it back up

there and so and I was bitching about
that after the show because I kept
wanting to use this if I put in the
newsletter so I make sure the least that
gets used once and then we had an
opportunity to use it again because the

show and I’ll bring this up after we do
the show we’d pick the art and do the
titles and all the rest of it
we Adam in particular was in a bad mood

foul when and he didn’t like any of the
art what do you mean I wasn’t what there
was some art I thought I wasn’t in a

foul mood oh yeah and so the art so the
all the art was bad and I thought it was
good but he knows Dvorak sickness and so

so easy and I wished oh god we have to
go to the Evergreen so we go to the
Evergreen page and look around and then
he just says we gotta use the khashoggi
thing now and I agreed because that was

so that it was it was okay enough praise
la extra do art once it’ll hold on a
second I’m trying to climb out from
under the bus here one moment okay so
great about was using the no agenda

thing and turning into the subway logo
is beautiful was beautiful and the bones
in the sandwich well thank you very much
to LAX relax also a part of our value
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for this episode 1084 yes indeed we have
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Nadal here can I get an F cancer for my
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you’ve got karma bear another Baron came
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don’t know what how you jumped to shows
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I just run that newsletter again next
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funny you mentioned that because not one
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there oh I saw it and now and I thought
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Mikey I can’t do that hmm because it’s
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every time is that what you’re asking
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I’m the one number of mistakes I make
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me the foul mood all of a sudden butter
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Baron sir Craig here throwing the extra
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thanks for the karma that is working my
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oh nice retirement party excellent
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PS Dan Spencer still appears to be a
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up all the board you’ve got
karma Thank You Baron sir Craig that was

like that little sequence you nailed it
Shawn connolley certainty in Naperville
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just an observation well that’s an
interesting point if it’s a point of

reference that we need to discuss well
former you immediately went snide on me
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husband my former wives but she’s my
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she’s my former wife you never say my ex
job to say my former job my former
it just sounds friendlier my ex job
whereas I I actually like a minute if

you did that where I I’d left no I’ve
left I didn’t get fired
I left you just gave yourself away in
what way because when you say ex wife
that’s very aggressive then missing my

fourth is less yeah that’s probably
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see I have to count that my first wife
you don’t say first wife yeah I don’t

even think I’ve said my ex-wife yes I
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no former hmm anyway okay we’ll get
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that later date and he continues with
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tennis or 10t newly minted Duke of the
Federal Reserve District seven you know
I heard your your interview with grime
Erica not to dwell on it but yeah these

guys also have the value for value model
but I got to go on their show and I’ve
got to set them straight cuz they’re not
doing it right well tell me because they
end the show hey it’s value for value

alright everybody it’s like what you
can’t just say it’s value for value send
money what was the value you got to
remind me we just had John C Dvorak on
for an hour you know something like that

it’s it you know you’ve got it you’ve
got to remind people of the valley you
can’t just say remember its value for
value said money it just doesn’t work
that way
in my yorkie what you’re telling them if
I’m to understand this correctly yeah

cuz you talked about it there’s no
salesmanship here no they do exactly
they and it’s not I think it’s they just
haven’t thought it through yet the thing
you need that is an essential part of

how it works I mean you were you
explained quite in detail how the model
works but I don’t think they quite
figured that part out they well you I
would recommend that that I didn’t think

of this because I didn’t listen at the
end of the show cuz I was only there for
the interview hmm and they pieced it
together after the fact so I don’t know
what happened the that they maybe they
should listen to gen briny

she sings brush you did pretty good I
think Brian he does a good job is
selling it mm-hmm she gets this she
starts whining about not getting enough
yeah that’s words it’s horrible human

experience all the elements you need but
it’s not like up-tempo hey you know
there’s just like it’s serious if you
want I I said this before and I think I
mentioned on that interview is that one

of the things that we did from the
beginning once we decided that this is
what we’re gonna do and not take
advertising which you have to take it
pretty seriously
yeah when it’s now and when it’s not

working out you haven’t done this for a
while but you you can really get worked
up about it it you have to seriously say
hey we you didn’t give us you know this
is not enough this is no good if you do

maybe there’s nobody listening if that’s
the case we’ll go do something else I
mean you do really can’t just be you
know carefree let’s put it that way and
I and I think that they still have to

get over the biggest hump which on
Twitter will be called begging yeah but
in our world it’s called selling it hey
here’s something you’ve got to sell the

idea this is our concept this is what
we’re doing this is why does well PBS
today Dave’s no they don’t do that they
say wouldn’t you like to see more Yanni
no I don’t want to see Yanni no PBS the

original concept of PBS worked quite
well when it was brilliant and then
churches do the same thing yeah but it’s
it’s it feels strange if people have it

so it’s a hump bryony’s over the hump
she understands it feels very weird in
the first year like if I’m saying hey
it’s really valuable please send me

money it feels weird the first time you
do it trust me after 11 years and you in
you and you understand how the mechanism
works it’s very satisfying because if
people think it’s shit then they won’t

give him money the value for value it
works itself out automatically but you
do have to explain it and I think you
have to explain it a lot so that’s just
a little tip

I agree if that’s the way they’re
anything they have to fix that way yeah
you should go on their showing and yeah
after void 0 goes on yeah I forgot to
mention void 0 and Serb embrose well and

the Department Voyager was upset about
that it’s okay but I mean you miss the
whole producer Network part I mean it
just didn’t come up in the conversation

because I know I know I know I know it’s
not your fault was an origin story right
why did I how did I get into this I
don’t know if I even mentioned me vo I

should have yes you did you did yeah
because it was that’s who I might talk
but again but again instead of saying I
Adam and he gave me a job you’re like
well and I became vice president over

there or something you scammed me I said
okay I’m in and then I made you buy I
made you vice president yeah okay that’s
how it started so it works
move on to Sir Richard bangs in

Washington DC $200
I saw the Beagle which was at the bottom
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I’m sure of it if not barring a baron of
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thank you for my sanity as much as I
love saying n J and K so I’ve got my
authority human resource on the way ah

and I’ve got a new house and D okay I
feel it coming human resource jobs maybe
house karma oh my god finish with the
construction in five weeks

so I’ll take karma for those I’d also
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the rest he can squeeze an extra nickel
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I just want other words the sales guy
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now so he becomes a bearing we shall I
give him that title later on thank you
very much sir Richard best jobs jobs and

let’s vote for job we’ve got karma Kyle
blank in Houston Texas $200 would be our
last associate executive producer for

show 1084 this is funny this donation is
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Adam looked into genie energy genie and
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put a little money in here and after the
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nice boy galleys thankful with the two

hundred dollar donation an associate
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nice Kyle thank you yeah he is from
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that’s all the elites genie energy do

you remember that well good it worked
out long GNE I can’t believe someone
made money off of our stupid discussions
well they’re not stupid when it comes to
stock stuff it may not be advisable

you want to use but from a fundamental
standpoint yeah and I think we lined up
the fundamentals for you you saw it you

took action and you made it yeah we
should have both taken it yeah right
alright thank you very much Kyle from
that’s we have a short list today that

was it okay well thank you very much to
our sole executive producer Baron Oscar
Nadal actually we’ve got Barons galore
we have two barons in our associate to
executive producer ships and we’ve got a

it’s all royalty in the top-tier
fantastic you’ll have a ceremony later
on also we will be thanking everybody
else who came in over the $50 and above
in our second donation segment and

remember we do have another show coming
up on Sunday vol rat
org slash and about formula our formula
is this we go out we’re here people in

the mouth

so I just like to stick with what we
left off before the break kind of with
the Iran sanctions and what is because

they they are in effect now for two days
and I do have two clips I think the
first one is from RT the second one is
from Deutsche Welle yes I had to go to

different different corners of the earth
to go and find some information because
god forbid our US media talks about
anything Russian officials recently
announced that Moscow and Beijing are
working on creating a cross-border

payment system which will use their
national currencies in bilateral trade
with the goal of reducing dependence on
the US dollar by bypassing the dollar
Russia and China avoid transfer fees and

reduce their exposure to potential
swings in the value of the US currency
both sides also pointed out that growing
US hostilities toward their respective
countries made D dollarization a task of

Russia has also completed the
infrastructure necessary to build a
replacement for Swift the belgium-based
financial messaging system used to carry
out dollar dominated transactions the

Swift alternative will allow for
countries to more easily trade with
Tehran Iran has been mercilessly
targeted by US sanctions which have
inhibited the country’s ability to make

international payments Russia’s new
Swift replacement called SPFs will be
integrated with similar systems in China
and Turkey
yea the SAFS it’s a competing system to

Swift no it was SPFs we talked about it
on Sunday yes remember the sierra papa
Foxtrot Sierra

SPSS like that statistical package for
the Social Sciences what what I find
interesting is I don’t I think I think
it’s a lie that that Iran has been taken

off the Swift payment messaging network
otherwise how could these other
exceptions the president talked about it
we heard earlier there are some

exceptions who are still allowed to vote
to buy oil so they must they must be
doing that through the Swift system I
doubt that you know whoever what company
was it I think it France still had a few
uh they’re allowed to buy a little bit

of oil from Iran I doubt that they’ve
been that you know this is not going
through the Swift Network so somewhere
someone’s full of crap
also the Swift Network is laughable
because I really want to understand how

it works it’s so it’s worse it’s just a
secure messaging system and so if I’m
transferring money to you then let’s
just say you’re in a different country

doesn’t really matter it still use the
same system then all that really goes to
your bank is a message saying Adams sent
a hundred dollars to your bank what
happens on the back end is more

interesting and this is why you have to
be a member of the Swift system
everyone has an account with everybody
else so what would actually take place
is a few days later during some kind of

settlement even though you’ve received
that that money in your account
they actually transfer money from their
account at whatever your bank is into
your account at your bank and if you

were send something to me it would
actually be your bank has an account
with my bank and they’d put something
from their bank account into my account
at my bank it’s a very very antiquated
system especially if you look at what

you know Bitcoin can do as an example
which the Russians are talking about you
know they’re talking about master chain
using that blockchain to replace with
and here’s Deutsche Welle as a report

and Iran says that it is working with
Europe to set up a mechanism to bypass
those sanctions let’s bring in Brussels
correspondent teri Schultz teri could
this actually happen the European Union
maintains that it will happen just

federica mogherini EU foreign policy
chief and the governments of France
Germany and the UK said that their
resolve to both maintain the nuclear

deal with Iran and to maintain economic
support for European companies doing
business in Iran is unwavering so the
European Union says it’s setting up this

so-called special purpose vehicle which
would allow payments to go in and out of
Iran and bypassing US sanctions that’s
how how its envisioned and the EU
maintains that this is going to happen

although it’s not operational today at
the same time the US has yet another
lever and that is to demand that Swift
that’s the Belgium based financial
messaging service which handles most of

the world’s interbank messaging the US
says Swift has to cut off all the
sanctions Iranian institutions and so if
that happens it’s hard to see how Iran

could get around the sanctions
regardless of how creative they’re being
how about European companies themselves
because we know that the United States
has threatened them if they don’t adhere
to these sanctions are they likely to do

so or not yes we have seen European
companies pulling out of Iran and that’s
despite the EU itself threatening
sanctions on companies that pull out in
it because of the US sanctions so these

companies are really in a tough spot
because both Brussels and Washington are
saying they must obey but what we have
seen is is an exodus of European
companies and some very big German

companies among them deciding that
simply their bottom line cannot support
being in a confrontation with Washington
and that whatever losses they have to
take by cutting contracts in Iran and

and possibly annoying Brussels is going
to be worth it
so I don’t think there’s any deep
dollarization taking place I think
that’s going to go okay Rory is so

interesting I just do not understand why
the US media doesn’t even give it as
anything it’s just it’s the young Kim
it’s the young young you’re him of

stories I know I find it fascinating the
important isn’t
important thing to know about well
particularly now I did talk to the
former New York banker about this he

said remember when I told you we won and
I think we talked about on the show a
couple years ago one he says the
European banks have lost they cannot
function without the US dollar it’s

impossible they can’t do anything
without the US dollar and he says
they’re really really really in trouble
now and and you know Italy talking about
a patriot bail in where where the

government is now proposing actually
proposing and writing well twenty
percent of whatever you have in the bank
you know and it’ll be piddle you get a
bond for it an IOU and it’ll be
patriotic do it for Italy and people are

like oh yeah good yeah okay Mario that’s
really bizarre I mean their money’s
about to get stolen from them as if
they’d have an option to say no no don’t

take my twenty percent it’s like what
happened in Greece so yeah so I I don’t
think that there’s gonna be a D
dollarization but certainly it’s it’s
very it’s risky tore our entire business

model of the United States which changed
in the 70s well after it changed much
earlier taking us off the gold standard
but once
once we won sweet well that’s not

entirely true once we made the deal with
the Saudis which is why this is so
interesting with Khashoggi and all this
stuff that’s circling around it once we
made the deal with the salaries which is

okay you sell as much oil as you want
you do every whatever you want has to be
in dollars we’ll protect your ass that’s
always been the deal it’s very simple
but now it’s you know stuffs a little
shaky things are different and you know

again I don’t see the dollar deed
dollarization taking place any soon but
it certainly would start with oil
purchases in a different in a different

and then the way to get there start with
some alternative messaging system
alternative to swift before t luck
before you know it you know that war
people her over there especially

probably at NSA are working on ways to
crack any possible system these guys
come up with I’m actually surprised but
it’s not hasn’t been crap well this is
Nayan I think what we’re actually seeing

with some interesting spikes I think
they’re using bit not blocked the
blockchain but Bitcoin I think is being
used for some transactions oil
transactions as we speak and it makes

nothing but since you get your you’re
guaranteed proof that this is you know
this essentially there understand well
I’m just saying you don’t use you
circumvent the whole you need a bank

account at my bank thing all of that
goes away
well this is a story that needs to be
discussed it’s now your beat yes while
I’ve been beating this for a while

that’s it yes you finally perked up I’m
so happy to have you here Leakey okay
well yeah well that reminds me I’ll
bring a couple of notes I need some

letters to be read bitching about me
this guy bitch honey who’s bitching
about you I’ll mess him up
yeah this is one of our one of our sirs
I won’t admit his name is haven’t met

sir met no Jen is the most valuable
content media out there I have always
struggled with you and Adams general
rudeness though I imagine most of your

audience finds it humorous and/or
entertaining does he have an example of
our said rudeness well it’s all the time
but please try and stop being so rude to

Adam about his segment content length
etc just because this material is boring
are already known to you

g’way wrote it is boring which is
probably what the thing but he actually
means boring to me or already known to
so I’ll give him credit for that
we’re already known to you doesn’t mean
it’s familiar to us in the audience the

bickering makes the show awful to listen
to keep up the good work I don’t quite
get to keep up the good work part now by

the way somebody pointed out the
psychology of letters on this show and
everywhere else if you start reading
letters like that you’ll get more

letters like that yeah that’s a very
good point so I don’t want to read a lot
of letters like that but I do want to
read this one because this is a
dimension B person and I’m actually
arced by this letter and I now read some

good letters because I got actually
really good letters I keep my
subscription this is a woman I keep my
subscription to your newsletter so that
I can monitor
I try to do it a good accurate voice

mm-hmm she’s monitoring I keep my
subscription to your newsletter so that
I can monitor whether the show ever goes
back to being less partisan and less
about politics

there’s a lot more going on in the world
because day after I’m reading this after
you did your report on the oil and the
Iranian yes I’m a lot more going on in
the world besides shrimp an anti-trump I

used to be able to hear about it by
listening with no agenda now it’s only
the BBC that talks about more than Trump
there’s a kind of a double entendre in

there and how much he hates the
Democrats you guys have gone over to the
dark side with your alex jones
conspiracies the Sandy Hook and what
appears to be your blind devotion to DJ

T yes I remember when JC d would
chastise Adam for repeating stuff he
read on Infowars web site or prison

planet this I don’t know I don’t know
when she was monitoring I remember you
being a big fan of prison planet no III

really don’t know what she’s talking
I don’t either and I mean I don’t mind
jumping on Adam for some too bright no I
clearly what’s going on here is orange

man bad that’s what’s going on you’re
out of mainstream perspective used to be
unique and well considered now the show
sounds like a cross between Fox News and
Alex Jones oh my I know you don’t care

what I think and then she goes on with
some issues she had with her spinal cord
and so she’s never been a producer she’s

I never been a producer okay well okay
she doesn’t get value well well yeah she
doesn’t right
I’ll make you never did I really did
find you guys to be entertaining and

insightful for a very long time I really
miss you guys which is why I continued
to subscribe to the newsletter in the
hopes that this partisan outlook on life
that you’ve acquired will come back to
some kind of equilibrium with reality at

some point I’ll continue to monitor and
I like the idea of monitoring yeah just
keeping an eye on us I think I have to

do something as a public service because
there’s a lot of confusion
I wouldn’t mind clearing it up we’re
gonna go and and it’s something that
only we can do now I could do this
myself in five minutes but I feel if I

do it with you it’ll take a little
longer but it’ll be much more
entertaining and you’ll be able to fill
in some of the blanks when it comes to
the actual history of podcasting are you
interested in and in this one well first

let me preface it by saying that I
believe that this came up on a real show
yes look by the guy who has been accused
of being an alien well this is Joe Rogan

show and the reason I’m doing this is
twofold one because they didn’t know and
of course you know here’s four guys who
first they drink whiskey then they’re

drinking Red Bull then they’re drinking
beer then they’re smoking your blunt I
don’t know if I could tell the story
it’s a four hour show they it’s a very
long show this particular one but they
were trying to figure out some of the

genesis of podcasting and I’ll just play
a little bit of cuz it was you know like
five minutes I’ll just play a bit of it
yeah yeah yeah who is the first ever got
into the mainstream but what about the

guy from Adam Curry the god pot father
we’ll see the first yeah but but but
what I was doing it for a while we
should probably establish who was first

right like Washington was the first
president we’re all professional
comedians most professional politicians
would be able to tell you who the first
fucking president was see I really liked
that he said this because now he

elevated me from podcaster to comedian I
did feel kind of good about that no idea
we’re like who’s the first podcaster we
really don’t know right dude who is
first between you and Maron ma’am for

sure I don’t know you know what you stop
so crazy I think that Adam Murray was
number one curry is VJ from MTV yeah and

he is known as the pod father the guy
that started podcasting as a model I
don’t know his relationship history but

I think he’s the he’s he’s norge
Washington I think yeah and that’s
enough of it that to me is a great

comparison cuz he often feels like who
invented podcast things like who
invented America I’ll just put it on
that scale well but these ones II see
George Washington was the first

president and he’s recognized as the
first guy but there’s a lot of evolution
that came before that which I’d like to
do that for podcasting just so people
understand from once and for all know
what understand for once and for all

these other guys come on these podcasts
and they don’t know what they’re talking
about they’re throwing out Adam Carolla
and Ricky cervezas the first guy I mean
where did that even come from I’ve heard

other things I mean it’s just gonna get
worse and worse we didn’t get nominated
for an I heart award of any sort they
don’t know who we are they don’t care we
have a huge audience we have a

successful podcast as we going on 11
there’s neighbor network shop shunned
snubbed snubbed well I’m not saying look
that’s their show and had to be honest I
had to smoke a little weed to really get

into it but then I was really into it
and I watched quite a bit of it but
that’s just a show they don’t know they
don’t know but Brogan’s correct it’s
it’s a disgrace that they’re they’re one
of the most successful podcasts and they

don’t know the origin so he’s right it’s
that’s disgraceful
more disgraceful was not even knowing
who you are look what he does the
podcast with there’s another guy was
like a science tech guy some guy named
Devore Bob Bob Doyle be on Twitter Bob


this is a writ was it was a good what
would you call when you get back at
somebody for calling them a lizard or an
alien we called broken an alien you
became Bob Doyle yeah I’m an alien it

was Alex Jones who call them an alien
exactly exactly
okay so I want to run through the

history and then you know we’ll be
talking about some technology stuff but
this will be the ultimate we’ll be done
with it and we’ll never have to explain
it again what if we put money on that
well I’m not about this I won’t explain
it again and people can cut this out and

this will be from my experience all
right we’re taught 1999-2000 that’s how
far back this really goes but I was I
just moved back from New Jersey to the

Netherlands and and the Netherlands
Amsterdam in particular had cable modems
because the Netherlands is near 90
percent of all house maybe even more 98
percent of all scientists and households
have cable so cable modems came along

very quickly and they weren’t blazingly
fast there was like maybe 128 kilobits
or maybe 250 if you were lucky but it
was it was being sold as not as

broadband it was being sold as always-on
so you did not have to dial in with your
modem and you know so there was
multimedia stuff on the web but there

was no experience it didn’t matter what
I mean the mp3 was just coming along we
had you know like the Rio and stupid mp3
players that were really quite
antiquated compared to what you see

today so you know broadcasting or
streaming or anything like that was it
just wasn’t possible there was no way
you could do it there were no services
at the time I don’t think real audio had
actually come out yet at that point

maybe it had 1990 though just as an
aside I did broadcast the mega music
dance experience from the Yarber sand
attack which was a huge dance party on
the mbone if you remember that remember

the mbone yeah you’ve walked away you’ve
walked away from my story I need you for
color come back
okay okay okay I remember the Ambo and I

remember a bunch I remember what was
that crazy Network that guy did that one
character that has a that was there was
a bunch of crazy stuff that was going on
during this era

yeah the M and the N bomb was amazing
you know it only worked you could only
really see if you are the university but
it was multicast and so it was the exact
opposite of the problem that we have
which is the more people who watch or

listen the more bandwidth it it eats and
this was kind of like a chained
multicast thing anyway I digress
at the same time Napster came out real
audio was initial releases April 95 AUSA
was before that even but but you know I

remember encoding took forever if you
and there was no experience
so then Napster happened and I remember
opening up my Napster client and what

was so mind-blowing about this is you
could see oh this is some guy’s computer
and you could you know there was if you
just were searching for a for a song it
might show up and you could explore his

his computer he could start up these
downloads and yeah you might have 1012
downloads go and it would take a long
time because I think no bandwidth but it
was always on and the phone line wasn’t

tied up and I was like oh this is what
if what if I made the experience by
changing the thinking in other words
your computers on the whole time there’s

something you want you want it when it’s
new let’s say a new song that’s how I
was thinking at the time and but you
your computer had initiated a download
but didn’t tell you it was it was

available until it actually had
downloaded onto the computer and would
pop up a message and say hey I got
something new you click on it it plays
immediately great great experience so
really unattended your computer should

be doing this in the background I wrote
an essay about it called the last yard
you could probably find it now at the
same time so I had this in my head I’m
like broadcasting how do I broadcast how

do I use that how can I do this and as
like I knew that there would have to be
away just like the news broadcast you
have no idea how long it takes for
people to put the news together and make

that hour-long show this pre-produced
but when it’s time all of that just
flows out to you so it’s kind of the
same idea of how everything happened out
of sight of the user and at the time
dave winer had just become pretty

well-known with RSS and he was doing his
blogging software and you can read of
why nerd scripting calm and I went to
New York because I had I felt like I

could somehow work with him to use RSS I
wasn’t quite sure really and I we met in
a hotel room I I don’t remember why he
was there I know I went specifically

this is for 9/11 I went specifically to
meet with him about it and I explained
it and he really brushed me off he’s
like all right you know like Hollywood
guy and TV guys shut up hair hair yeah

you know I really don’t take to me the
right off the bat for good reason yeah
so hair and then I came back the next

day and I actually had some of his
software and I try and I tried to
program what I meant in his software and
and you know after another 45 minutes I
get it

I are forbidden from ever using my
software again that was horrible okay I
don’t mind and so he came up with the
enclosure element and RSS and for
several years because he had his little

radio userland was his aggregator and
blog publishing software we were just
sending like hundred megabyte video
files back and forth and it would show
up in on my computer after it had

downloaded and I clicked it and had a
great experience so it was exactly what
I envisioned and there was then nothing
happened with it until the iPod
I saw the iPod and I went holy crap this

is not a jukebox this is a radio
receiver we need to be able to put radio
shows on this iPod and I started making
with an Apple script a little parser

that would go look and was just for one
feed it would go look at an RSS feed is
there new item yes download it download
the the mp3 file in this case then when
it’s downloaded at a time you had your

eye your eye pod was only you could only
put stuff on it by syncing up to your
computer so the
AppleScript within that trip the sinking
of the iPod and so this all happened

while you didn’t know it because this
was you know it was polling on a
recurring basis and the experience was
you picked up your iPod there was a new
radio show I said holy shit this is it
and I immediately started the daily

source code the daily source code was my
idea was to bring serialized radio
content every single day and I called
the source code because we needed

receivers we needed the reception side
so if you remember the pod catchers they
might have been called and all of a
sudden guys started showing up who were
doing applications again just you know

podcast apps called iPod or iPod or
Lemmon iPod or X there was a whole bunch
of different things that were happening
it was going very very quickly then I
met Kevin Marx I want to include him

Kevin Marx who I think now works for
Google he worked for Apple and I was
having some issue with the that we
learned a lot about how a podcast app
works I was having an issue and he

actually sent back a much better
functioning version of this Apple script
so he has an important part in the story
because that really tripped off all of
this development and me doing the daily

source code and I called it source code
because my only audience at that time
was dudes named Ben and was dudes at the
time who were building this receiving
podcast software so I was like same

audiences today it’s basically and some
of the same people at this time night
and I do want to say that Dave Winer I

think with Chris Lydon have done a
couple of interviews and they put that
on the RSS feed so what was that a
podcast I don’t know was the in bow and

a podcast it’s irrelevant the idea that
I propagated was you can make radio this
way and it’s different because the radio
show comes to you it’s listening by

the idea of show notes which we still
call show notes completely ideated from
the from the daily source code and I
also started

the directory it was called the iPod or
directory and how that work isn’t a
whole nother story but I had the
definitive directory directory of all
podcasts by country by we had it you
could break it out any way you want it

was kind of like a distributed database
then then some guy came into the mix his
name is danny Gregoire and danny
Gregoire coined the term podcast and
because we were calling it soliloquies

you know all kinds of stupid things but
he showed up in a comment somewhere I
like this podcast and so to me even
though yes Ben Hamersley had used that

word years before before there was
anything really
danny Gregoire is the guy who used it in
context so they have the directory we
have all of this working and then I get

a call in around 2000 for four or five
hi its Eddy Cue from Apple Steve Jobs
wants to meet with you are you

let me check my calendar so I met him at
at all things D which is outside of
Quincy Jones one of the most interesting
meetings I’ve ever had and he was angry
and you know to the point where not

about me he was angry about I don’t fuck
up Wi-Fi this is not how I wanted it to
be which is angry and he was yelling but
then we had an hour no and I thought
actually mate you get sick if you’re so

mad like that and we sat for an hour
just chit-chatting about stuff and how
you know the RIAA was all on his ass to
shut down recorders that can record
songs internally on the computer you

know and so they’ve been kind of saying
they would and they just weren’t gonna
do it and it was like wow it’s very
they said Adam I want to put podcasting
in iTunes is that okay fantastic and

I’ll give you my directory
now he already had it all because he
went right onstage couple hours later
demoed podcasting in iOS or the name the

Mac which is a very funny video I’m
gonna look at that on the YouTube so he
already had that already he knew exactly
what he was doing and then came kind of

the disappointment because after all you
know now podcasting launched it’s like
holy crap we were in iTunes were on the
iPod and what Apple did is went straight
into putting NPR bullshit everywhere of

course NPR was very instrumental I want
to say WGBH in Boston was the first PB
NPR station to do anything independently
they were doing podcasts but Apple

became this directory that sounded just
like everything else on the radio which
was exactly the wrong thing that’s the
part that Steve Jobs didn’t get because
when you hear some of these different

voices that is not as polished or
differently polished and the radio it’s
exciting I think a lot of people went
and like okay it’s great I can listen to
NPR great Steve Jobs thank you very much

I think a lot of people missed out on
what was really happening and then
there’s a whole story about why
podcasting fell off the radar for ten
years which has to do with the rise of
social media and YouTube etc but that to

the best of my recollection is how
podcasting came to be
we should clip that whole thing yes it’s
a separate little podcast yeah put on

the M bone
well actually what we’ll do is a history
of podcasting I’ll do harddrive you I
feel a giblet coming we’ll take a little
that we’ll take a transcript of what you

just said yeah we will add some more
stuff to it make it into a giblet who
also do it it as clip that out and make
a podcast that stands alone a standalone
podcast that says as its name the

history of podcasting that’s a good idea
it’s a very good idea and that will take
once and for all so if you go to Google
and you go history of podcasting this

thing is gonna be on the first page
somewhere and then there’s the book is
it a full hunk broker there’s only 8
million books of how podcasts it’s gonna
be a giblets gonna be a small short

little thing it’s not gonna be a long
boring book going back to 1927 it’s
going to be just about what you said
pretty much and how it kind of came
about and how it got named and how it

got where it got and why it’s just not
doing what you’d hoped it had done he’s
70 very few instances was drawl very
successful mm-hmm I mean if we did a
full on I mean we talked about co-author

it will co-author it adam curry and bob
doyle george washington bob doyle oh man
anyway so that kind of sets it straight

I think but I’d love to do that but let
that be a project that’s our exit
strategy right there
another project yes well we got a couple
of things here because that woman moans

about us I have two clips we’re done
with the podcasting story oh yes yes
we’re almost we’re almost into our break
that’s how done we are with the

podcasting story well let’s think about
humorous clips yes let’s do that
now you heard the promises clip from
Trump I hope the promises clip well you
don’t know it did you know maybe not

have heard this is Trump and his
promises play it
it’s all happening sir than anybody
could believe even one of them recently
said that President Trump made promises
but he’s kept too many more promises I

made far more than I made think of it
that’s right that’s because it was
really big brain it houses more promises

than he makes the guy is amazing amazing
just amazing I tell you that if
fulfilled more promises than he actually

made that’s our president yeah it’s our
president our president our president
ladies and gentlemen and then we have

joy behar nor stupid gerrymandering
commented right in the middle of some
guy gerrymandering Behar once a popular
vote last night by 8 million votes right

they lose
Senate races in red air in in red areas
because I’m Amanda it’s not sure that’s
the Constitution I mean you get the

districts are gerrymander but the states
are part of the Constitution you gotta
explain this to people who don’t know
our system the thing called
gerrymandering which is where you take a

state you take all the lek toriel
districts for the for the various
representative state senators assembly
men and when you’re in power you move
you move the boundaries of these things

so it favors your guy so you move well
this is just we’re right now we’re in
these three towns let’s put this fourth
town in and take this one town out and
put them in a different dish now this

happens how does a redistricting take
place that based upon the census there’s
no well the census is a huge part of it
but it’s done on a state-by-state level
and it happens constantly and under

usually under different excuses and it’s
a common thing is this ridiculous of
some areas where you have districts that
aren’t even connected they’re just like

neighborhoods that all vote Democrat was
the term gerrymandering come from but
are you gonna have to make me look up
the book of knowledge well not as long

as as long as I make you do that let’s
play the junior
was it a guy named gerrymander he
actually was a PR guy for years called

Jerry Manders gerrymander either
practices that a word is also verb for a
process history history history
difference from Massa orange random

ology at a monastery manner really
written Jerry gry – Mandir was usually
the first time in the Boston Gazette in
1812 it was credited in reaction to the
redrawing of Massachusetts state Senate

election districts under governor
Eldridge Jerry or Elbridge Elbridge
so it’s named after a governor of

Massachusetts and was he a Democrat yep
so anyway some map thing goes on right
so joy so Joy Behar says well the Gerry
man did they rigged the Senate race yeah

which of course is laughable because the
Senate races statewide and Omega is the
state’s vote from there’s no it’s not

I mean it’s like it’s so dumb it’s like
ludicrous the guys even kind of zips are
just a little bit yeah no okay yeah no
not like that that’s in the Constitution
but okay whatever they are more people

than I care to admit man there’s so many

dogs in this building
no I don’t but I hate dog owners I
really do I mean the dogs walk out the
front door of the building

the little dogs they can’t hold it they
squat immediately in front of the door
so you know the only times have almost
slipped and fallen oh god you’re kidding
me no it’s that bad

ah that’s it’s not it’s not it’s not
very a pleasant that smells area under
door handle well dogs are sometimes even
above humans
Matthew Mian is from Michigan but now

lives in Florida and he says he was
disgusted not long after boarding a
flight from Atlanta to Miami man says he
jumped up and asked the flight crew for

help he was done when he got off the
plane to speak to a manager the feces

were from someone’s service dog that

became ill on the plane earlier me and
says because some passengers refused to
sit down until it was cleaned up someone
simply used some paper towels and
passengers then lay down blankets but
they still had to endure the smell

apologized to some of the customers on

the flight and offered a refund and
additional compensation adding that
Delta will conduct a full investigation
oh yes we need Professor Dookie on the
scene that’s we need the poop police I

forgot all about that
damn I should have had that cued up
poop police it’s just that’s it’s pretty

who police now I’m not gonna play it’s
too late it’s lost its mojo mojo lost
the mojo when you were talking about the
history of podcasting just as in the

site yeah
is that weird Dave whiners post in 2000
he says to multiply the number of bits
per second times the number of seconds
you’re not using your line can get a lot
of bits down the pipe and that both Adam

and I believe is the secret to turning
the internet into a super satisfying
broadband experience a little software
saw some new protocols maybe not very
new and we’re there Adam has written
more about this idea on his website

Adam curry dot edit this paper calm
broadband dead link oh yeah that’s the
internet by the way if anyone can find
this article called the last yard or I

think it’s I think it’s called the last
yard send me a link because yeah it’s
been very hard to find this link a lot
of a lot of dead links to it that’s the
internet everything saved in perpetuity

except shit you actually want to keep is
never leaked all right give us one more
John give us another fun clip here well
I do have yeah I don’t wanna go right
back into the dishes but there’s the

thing here’s the thing on the state
initiatives which I do want to discuss a
little bit initiatives in the state’s
talked about on CBS okay a number of key
ballot initiatives were decided last
night Michigan became the first

Midwestern state to legalized
recreational marijuana Missouri and Utah
legalized medical marijuana three
Republican states Utah Nebraska and
Idaho voted to expand Medicaid which

could cover an additional three hundred
and twenty-five thousand low-income
Americans and Florida restored voting
rights to nearly one and a half million
former felons as far as they were not

convicted of sex crimes or murder ha all
right that that was actually I’m
actually for that yeah I think if you if
you’ve paid paid your dues yeah and I

think you should then also be if you’re
gonna let people vote and then you
should also let them have a firearm
now a couple of things we did have these
initiatives here we have proposition C

which is being sued over swear Marc
Benioff decided as a yeah this is the
yeah this is the raised money the rich
people of San Francisco were gonna save
the homeless yeah of course I I actually

had to save Scott Adams had the best
commentary about this when he said it’s
not money it’s ideas that are the
shortage problem yes I agree cuz say you
day through Monday throw I already throw

three hundred million dollars at the
homeless problem in San Francisco’s done
nothing now they’re gonna double it
thanks to marketing they’re gonna stew
jack up all these guys it’s just rich
people virtue signaling amongst
themselves getting nothing a culling

accomplished the wasting money it’ll all
go to people who consider these the
homeless as their clients it never works
it’s like Austin they’ve been a while

the two propositions I liked repeal the
gas tax repeal the gas tax was missed
sold to the public by putting a lot of
money behind it because everybody knew
all the contractors knew there’s it was

a it was just gonna be free money a guy
we got to steal more money from the
public in California so proposition six
was was voted down even though it was

the way it was presented in the sample
ballot then they had to change it but
something got sued over that and they
had to change it but nobody got to
change the other one was proposition ten
which I thought was just to me remember
this was rent control this reminded me

of the California is not voting
marijuana in before Colorado did like
two years earlier and they just voted no
for legalizing marijuana and why would
the California’s do this because they’re

stupid and in fact this rent control
thing was owed really wasn’t changing
rent control it was taking it out of the
hands of the state and giving it to the
locals who could put rent control in

certain cities where it might actually
be needed and it might actually be
useful but because the huge real estate
investment trust and all the big giant

real-estate companies that would expect
to over build in California these tall
buildings and apartments and everything
else know it’s a detriment
to have rent control local because then
it could be you know in San Francisco

for example they could in put rent
control in you won’t make all this
killer money from building these
high-rises you just won’t make any money
because there is gonna be this fear that
they’re gonna freeze rinse and that the

the properties not gonna be as valuable
as a resale item and they threw a ton of
money at this including some woman so it
didn’t pass I take it yes it got voted
out – yeah but this is because the

California’s are dumb down you’re
dumping their time I’m just raised born
and raised here and what are you doing
it’s too stupid to leave apparently I

mean I love you and all but oh I see Dan
found Oh someone found it for what
finally my last yard si yes yeah well
good we’ll put it on a cook it that

curry calm yeah you better believe I
ah that’s cool damn thank you very much
just as stupid here in Austin of course
it’s really Californians here as we know
by the way my guy the build the dome

around Austin give the cops
flamethrowers did get almost three
thousand votes well I’m surprised you
got that many in that area unless you
got three thousand people you know for a
fact have a sense of humor someone’s

laughing out there yes all right
different election and then we’ll go to
our second break this is a very
important election it’s a single either
single candidate or a days a single

winner just one category and it happens
in the EU it is the EU word of the year
which is a little early I think but are
you familiar with the EU word of the

year imprisonment Britain’s Collins
dictionary has chosen single youths as
it’s 2018 word of the year I loved it
two words hyphenated his word of the

year marks a rising awareness at the
pollution problem in the world’s oceans
the EU is planning to ban some throwaway
plastics like straws and cutlery the ban
could come into effect by 2021

you know we still haven’t comment on
this yes you know when I was first went
to the Soviet I went to the Soviet Union
not Russia Soviet yes what’s wrong the

same time I did yeah so I took
Aeroflot yes and arrow and two people
warned me about arrow flight and one of
the things they told me is that the

first thing you’re gonna notice besides
the defense holes in the floor no no the
first it wasn’t anything it was that
plane was too big for that oh it was
that besides the fact that the

stewardesses are all dolled up that she
was extreme which was like kind of
is that all of the plastic cups that
they poured cuz they poured from big

bottles into plastic cups for whatever
you want to juice water or orange juice
apple juice that they recycle them they
they watch watch the class 2 cups sure
and so every plastic cup looked like it

had been washed about a hundred times is
all beat up this stuff is not
necessarily single-use if you don’t want
it to be good point John C Dvorak once
again but this but something else is

going on John this it’s um it’s part of
agenda 2030 whatever it is it started
with the dam the turtle with the with
their favorite with it whether you have

the toothbrush in his in his nose
there’s a dish draw straw yeah the straw
the straw up is nose you know now
they’re showing baby turtles floating in
class the girdle

but there’s something up with this and
that they want to get rid of plastic
cutlery I mean this is ban plastics I
guess I mean I don’t know someone must
have an alternative that is doing well

for them with the removal of all the
luggage luxuries of modern life
but we haven’t figured it out yet we
don’t know what it is yet
well it’s got to be probably right in

front of us and then because of all the
things of all the words used during the
year in the European Union single-use
sincerely that was not the the word of

the first was two words hyphenated it’s
it’s a PR campaign
that’s not the ones using saw hello
hello neighbor hello Amsterdam neighbor

single-use yep I got my single-use come
on they’re promoting something

I you rescued the wrong guy I’m not
asking I’m just wondering if you need
what is the alternative to plastic
there’s got to be some alternative to
plastic bags bags its bags and it’s it’s
cutlery I don’t know

well the plastic there’s too much
plastic I’m not gonna argue that I’m not
gonna take the other side saying it’s
bad that we’re kind of trying to cut
back on it but the worst thing is these

little plastic drinking balls with water
in them I mean those things are yeah I
know there’s about yeah before we know
we’ll have the single used condoms I
mean what’s the world coming to
without comment one hundred sixty one

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mine in a very much yeah and you hi this
is the no agenda show and there’s John

seat of work John what are you learning
I’m learning that there’s a lot to be
learned okay that’s very good let’s go
to another topic here on NPR
so you have a letter from this is a good

one from Vinnie I TMI here in episode 10
eighty three the Democracy Now report
about 56 56 thousand immigrants missing
or killed worldwide over the last four

years and an increase in migration of 50
percent since the turn of the century
I live in Cambodia recently relocated
from Uganda where my wife works in the
development sector a big accomplishment

of hers has been assisting in the
support of South Sudan refugees over a
million of which have crossed into
Uganda in the last course of last course
me of years on with that quite he’s got

a last number of years and are living at
the Beatty Beatty settlement the largest
refugee camp via B TB TB large the
largest refugee camp in existence there

are mostly women and children and men
tend to bring their families to safety
and then they cross back over to fight
in the war so what I see is the

opportunity to fold these statistics of
women and children refugees along with
husbands that cross back into South
Sudan to fight and then either die or go
missing into the statistics of Mexican

migration by throwing in the adjective
worldwide yes good point which is
basically comparing apples and oranges
or apples and bananas completely

disingenuous of them to do so of course
and a perfect example of how to lie with
statistics thank you for your courage
yeah yeah I saw about our producers and

there you go well then let me share a
note that was forwarded to me by one of
our producers who shall remain anonymous
in this case from Humboldt University
where is this Humboldt University yes in

humble I believe it’s in Humboldt County
Mendocino County area is that is that a
big during the California is that an
important school good school what’s I’ve
heard of this its verb for a state

college is one of the better ones well
the faculty
received an email dear colleagues all
faculty are encouraged to participate in

the upcoming two-part whiteness and
microaggressions training on Thursday
November 15th I just have to read this
the whiteness and microaggressions
training the dates were selected with

input for that more faculty would be
available during these times this four
hour workshop divided into two two-hour
segments as is exciting will offer an
introduction to the concept of whiteness

the significance stay with it read it
again this for our workshop divided it

I’m gonna do a like an industrial an
industrial voiceover for industrial
video this for our workshop divided into
two two-hour segments will offer an

introduction to the concept of whiteness
the significance of whiteness in our
everyday lives and how whiteness shapes
our interactions the training examines
how whiteness affects various systems of

advantage and what that looks like in
our community additionally it will
explore how microaggressions are a
manifestation of whiteness the training
will address what microaggressions are

how okay we can identify them and how
they impact our daily interactions with
one another
finally the training will examine
strategies to confront and avoid
committing microaggressions we welcome

you to participate and join the more
than 300 Hsu campus and community
members that have already participated
in these whiteness sessions your
participation will broaden the circle of

shared language and understandings to
facilitate change for equity in
classrooms on campus and in the
well you know first of all you think it

was a hoax no it’s it’s not I haven’t
the original email forward it’s not a
like Julie Tucker Julie Tucker at
Humboldt dot e-d-u I would love to take

this course a bitch is a hoot I mean did
you know that microaggressions are a
manifestation of whiteness I didn’t know
that but I if I took this course I think

I would understand it better well you
know that it’s on November 15th
mmm that going fan it don’t give me any
details come on man
you know how far that is from here it’s

like it’s like a real high you don’t
care about the show you don’t care about
the show but it’s alright let’s just
hurting this show let’s just let’s just
stick with with whiteness let’s go to

NPR for a moment and talk about the
white the right-wing hate groups plenty
of them yes NPR has figured out where
they’re coming from

Joan Donovan is with data and society a
Research Institute for years she’s been
tracking white supremacist from platform
to platform online platform it’s like
frogger good I’m trying to find not

formed a platform online they were
really trying to figure out what young
men were angry about and how they could
leverage that to bring about broad-based
social movement this is the the hate

groups they’re they’re trying to figure
where would you recruit young hate men
John where would you go if you wanted to
recruit the hate date Texas now we are
way and we’ve already got rid of gab

although they’re back but you know so we
gab is white racist nationalists
horrible people where could add more can
be first-person shooter games chatons
and video a good places to find angry

young men video games are a hundred I
love that these are great places to find
angry young men seriously video
platforms she says are good places to

find angry young men video games are a
hundred billion dollar industry so what
are companies responsibilities to ensure
that teens won’t encounter hate groups
Greg Boyd is a lawyer who represents the

game industry for the firm Frankford
he says companies take the problem
and remove or ban people when they’re
flagged by other players but the scale
of the issue is daunting you’re talking

about Microsoft PlayStation and Steam
you talking about 48 million 70 million
in a hundred and 30 million monthly
active players or players that are
playing you know probably on a weekly

basis I mean that’s the populations of
Spain France and Russia imagine he says
moderating all that chat text and voice
moment by moment in literally every
language dialect and sub dialects spoken

in the world while the industry
struggles to contain the threat experts
say it’s up to parents to keep an ear
out and to step in if they notice
something that concerns them John tried
and lately he says his son now 16 seems

to have left these ideas behind he’s
playing fewer online shooter games and
on his own he started attending church
an interesting point Rockstar Games is

probably the most aggressive game maker
and they could probably recruit a lot of
people but there’s this vide there’s a
lot of these guys the good the better

players will post some of the action
that they achieve on YouTube and some of
this has been taken down especially this
one player whose name is eludes me and
I’m sorry for that but he’s got segments

of Red Dead Redemption too it’s like
it’s like Grand Theft Auto which they
always did they also always bring out

one in yeah it’s Grand Theft Auto on
steroids in the West and so there’s so I
got I didn’t get to see the Wonder they
took down but this guy apparently plays
a character goes around punching women

and so he’s got that’s only white guys
do that by the way that’s all the white
foot never punched a woman no right now
not not football players no so he has

one clip that’s still up there and it is
there is something funny about it in
some sick way I have to say being a
white guy does a bunch of aggressions so

the guy is running around and it’s so
realistic it’s astonishing he’s running
around town and there’s some woman
kind of a fat chick standing there
lecturing everybody about the right to

vote so the player stops in front of her
and she’s going on and on about the
right to vote and he has a couple of
snide remarks and she calls him out for
being a jerk and he just sucker punches

her and knocks her on her ass BAM and
then he goes running off again back into
just through the town and this will be
taken down for sure and this is what

game now Red Dead Redemption
nice now I would recommend this game
looks like it’s hilarious it sounds

really funny can you get the black
version so you’re like you’re hitting
white ball I was looking at one review
of it this game is it’s kind of like

it’s broken sales records of apparently
this thing is huge is so deep it has
layers and layers and layers of
different things you you could probably

be on this game for a year and not even
explore half of it now and so basically
if you run around walloping social
justice warriors is that the idea I
actually know this did well no the idea

is you’re pretty much like a grand theft
auto you’re giving certain jobs you have
to go accomplish something to get a key
like something I’m bored with very
quickly it’s tedious it seems to me I’m

not a big fan of these I mean I like to
play little bits of them because you can
you know punch people or whatever now
see that’s that aggression the
microaggressions in your whiteness your

white and but if you really like these
complex games that have a lot of detail
man this thing looks like ice just a
killer all right I’ll give it a shot I’m

a little surprised this it doesn’t
happen often and I had a jingle for it
which is why I’m bummed you have no I so
for me know what you like what for Red
Dead no just any of know I so for the

end of the show you have no I say
well I will next show I did you’re right

you don’t have when I was thinking about
I didn’t get it I do have a couple
things we do have to talk about Jeff
Sessions getting fired well before we
talk about that I need to just give my
final review of the four-part series

from al-jazeera which was quashed and
subsequently I think aired by RT Nord
least put on the internet called the

Israeli Lobby because I watched the
whole I watched all it’s almost four
the whole thing is about the Israelis
versus the BDS so that’s the boycott

diversify and no boycott divest and
what’s the s for come on
I don’t remember it’s it’s the it’s

basically the the Israelis versus the
Palestine and it’s being played out
boycott divest I don’t remember the last

it’s being played out ancient sanction
thank you it’s being played out in our
schools so the Israelis through
embassies and they have they have actual
recruitment centers you know Israeli on
on campus the community center and

you’ve got this so the social justice
for Palestine the SGA peers this has to
stop all of it it’s it’s not interesting
it’s a very stupid documentary because

it pretends that oh this is it me I’m
sure there’s an Israeli Lobby what is in
this documentary is just dumb because
the kids in college camp on college
campuses are being indoctrinated by all

sorts of groups all the time but these
two the Israel and the and and the
Palestine the BDA
I’m so tired get off all campuses both
of you get off well I will the

University of California was going on
they were arguing you always gathering a
crowd it’s just never-ending
and it’s old hummus
the Muslims make the best hummus I know

no man okay let’s get this Jeff Sessions
thing out of the way I have first I have
a a weird CBS News opening about session
we might want to play 26 seconds okay by

the way the I so the good ice would be
Trump and his promises
it’s too long it’s 12 seconds too long
good evening I’m Jeff Glor we are gonna

be laugh tonight with a major shake-up
in Washington we are not talking about
the election yet we will talk soon about
what happened in the house with
Democrats taking control the president
said today he would like to work with

them even though they do have newfound
power to investigate him but we are
gonna start here tonight with the
afternoon dismissal of the Attorney
General jeff Sessions and his
replacement by a critic of the Muller

investigation I’ve never heard a news
opening that has a bunch of excuses for
not running the story of the day which

is the the elections yes he started
izing immediately he’s just short of
saying we’ve been again manipulated by
Trump into not even doing a regular news

but now we’re gonna talk about this
sessions thing and we apologize it’s
I’ve never heard anything like this in
my life let me hear it again good
evening I’m Jeff Glor we are gonna begin
here tonight with a major shake-up in

Washington we are not talking about the
election yet we will talk soon about
what happened in the house with
Democrats taking control the president
said today he would like to work with
them even though they do have newfound

power to investigate him but we are
gonna start here tonight with the
dismissal of the attorney yeah they did
kind of just throw that into highlights
yeah you’re right yeah right I don’t
think I’ve especially with the elections

but you realize that today at five
o’clock is the big protect Muller
demonstration in 9,000 cities across

America gee that’s not organized but I
also said there was one thing I think
you should know that I want to tell you
about this tonight this is here’s your
organizer and one thing I want to tell

you is that there are groups all across
the country who have been preparing for
months now
for the inevitable day when President
Trump would take action to end the

Moller investigation today those groups
decides they won’t that this is it
that this is the break glass in case of
emergency moment rule for which they
have been preparing and organizing for

months oh my god so they have said it’s
a go tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. local time
all over the country there are already
over 900 protests planned to hashtag

protect Muller you have been reading for
months about these organizing efforts
about what people should do in case of
emergency to save Muller’s team to save

its work to prepare to preserve this
investigation the groups who have been
working on this decided today that what
happened today with the firing of just

sessions and the installation of this
new guy to oversee the Moller
investigation the groups who have been
working on this for months today decided
that today is that emergency so we
expect protests all over the country

tomorrow 5:00 p.m. local time I just
looked online before I got on the set
there are more than 900 of them planned
all orange man bad
that should be fun protect models that

tonight or tomorrow today that’s today
that’s over the world from from Tel Aviv
to to Paris Texas
yes protect Muller let’s see how see how

how organized it really hills you don’t
do things like this during the middle of
them we do and you don’t do it after the
election well I guess that this is the

okay so I got the rundown I got three
different run downs on sessions but I
got the best one it’s the shortest in
fact this well it’s not that short but

it’s shorter than all the rest of them
cuz they all had to do almonds to this
guy uh-huh but but but it did more
enjoyable cuz it’s Jeff in broadcast
that’s right Justice Department

employees saluted Attorney General Jeff
Sessions as he departed the building
hours after resigning earlier he
delivered a letter to the White House

which started bluntly dear mr. president
at your request I am submitting my
resignation CBS News has learned White
House chief of staff John Kelly called
sessions this morning to inform him of

the president’s decision but at a midday
press conference President Trump did not
tip his hand when asked about sessions
by CBS News major Garrett it’s possible
and can you give us clarity sir on your

thinking currently now after the
midterms about your attorney general and
your Deputy Attorney General do they
have long term job security there answer
that at a little bit different time
we’re looking at a lot of different

things shortly after the press
conference mr. Trump tweeted the news
and said of sessions we wish him well it
was a dramatic if not surprising end for
one of the president’s earliest campaign

supporters but less than a month after
being confirmed as attorney general
sessions angered the president by
refusing himself from overseeing the
Russia investigation career prosecutors
at the Justice Department had advised

him to do so because of his contacts
with Russian ambassador
Sergei kissed lyac during the 2016
campaign the president has railed
against the move
ever since frequently disparaging

sessions on Twitter as very weak railed
is now a word that they use over there
well to read they can’t use lashed out
which is being overused by Democracy Now

and a few other end the New York Times
so they have to come up with something
railed railed against the move
ever since frequently disparaging
sessions on Twitter as very weak the

Jeff Sessions never took control of the
Justice Department and it’s a sort of an
incredible thing I’m disappointed in the
Attorney General

after his sessions recusal Deputy
Attorney General rod Rosen Stein took
over the Russia probe as Special Counsel
robert muller indicted 35 people and
companies including some of the

president’s top campaign officials but
now Rosen Stein will likely also be
sidelined and newly appointed acting
Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will
oversee the investigation

Whitaker sessions chief of staff and a
former US Attorney from Iowa has been
critical of the Russia probe in the past
and has written that it could become a
political fishing expedition in this
interview he spoke about the president’s

criticism of sessions it’s clear that
presidents trying to put enough pressure
on Jeff sessions so that Jeff does what
the president I believe would think
would just be honorable

even though Whitaker’s thinking appears
to be in line with the president’s
thinking as far as the Russian
investigation is concerned mr. Trump
tweeted today that he will be nominating
someone else at a later date one

potential candidate Lindsey Graham
appeared to suggest four day
be interested in the job saying that he
will stay in the Senate man wouldn’t
that be great if Lindsey great would be

Whitaker yeah he looks like a beast he’s
about six six bald and they ended
picture on Twitter somebody pointed this

out his picture on the – on his Twitter
page is him looks like he’s bench
pressing about 650 pounds oh man shine
weights I mean this guy he just like I

don’t know why it were they found him
but he is some tough customer looking
anyway so well okay what’s the play
weather what’s your takeaway I think

it’s just that just nothing this is not
to play this is just its cough it’s
gonna draw these people out of the
woodwork I think this I don’t think I
think they may just pull the I think the

I think I think I think don’t tell me
what you’re really are trying to say
perhaps are gonna maybe cut the budget
on the on the probe cuz it’s wasting a
lot of money and I don’t see us getting

anywhere I mean how long does it take to
prove this well Trump has been very
clear and he said this multiple times he
said I could fire everybody but I won’t
do it because politically it’s the wrong
thing to do he’s letting it play out

yeah so he’s pretty sure of himself yeah
well I think he’s a lot of us gonna
depend on the tax thing I do have a Jeff
Glor clip because I want to comment on
him a little bit he’s the CBS anchor to

go over from Anthony Mason yes yes yes
yes okay Laurie looks like a 12 year old
is a kid so last one you get John we’re
running long really cuz we had it yeah
what yeah we’re long okay hi this is the

last one the only reason I clipped is
because I heard him he uses a double
Mike laugh mm-hmm and when you see him
just listen to his voice and he seemed
in a group when he’s talking he’s got

the big voice okay he’s like a little
guy the big voice he’s got a beautiful
voice but I caught him trying to talk
about something and I think it was kind
of off the record or off the cuff I mean

yeah and he he does say um a lot more
than he should
oh sorry chops anyway you can hear it
yeah it started off with a good um right

there I like this reached out last night
also reached out today then we still
want an see Pelosi had to say

is there any chance something gets done
here in the next couple years I’m highly
skeptical I think the president doesn’t
fully appreciate how intrusive these
investigations are gonna be there’s a

number of committees that have oversight
the subpoena powers they have
disappeared documents to subpoena any
official the administration they want
they’re gonna start going into the
bowels of a range of different agencies
and when he

says they’ll be a little investigating
we’ll do something they’ll do some this
is highly intrusive the base of the
Democratic Party wants this and I think
he has like one speed which is war
footing if you were at war with me I’m

at war with you and he’s not gonna be
interested in cooperating with them on
anything else yeah go ahead I think that
Dan’s absolutely right you always have
to assume that Congress won’t get
something done but Democrats are arguing
they can walk and chew gum they say

Republicans had no trouble investigating
the Obama administration and still
trying to work with President Obama to
let’s say cut government spending and
they say that they can do the same thing
in that these presidential threats are

empty threats
they say he needs to show a record of
accomplishment two years from now so
he’s going to be compelled to work with
him he’s been in a more advantageous
position at least with the increased
pickup in the Senate now though yeah

he’s got a broader conference he’s got
more Republicans in this conference and
the Republicans that replaced sitting
Republicans are more Trumpy right Marsha
Blackburn is a stronger Trump

sympathizer than bob corker so he’s got
it he’s got a stronger conference
meaning he has to worry less about Susan
Collins potentially Lisa Murkowski on
issues like cab aware whatever else it
is he’s going to have a potentially a

fight a combative confirmation process
for new attorney general that he now has
more of a cushion with more Republicans
and more Republicans that are
sympathetic to her that helps with all
judicial nominations okay Nancy Cordes
my eyes glazed over stop the pain what

would what were they talking about I
think they were telling us that we’ve
got a great show coming up because of
all that conflict that’s gonna go on the

crazy investigations Maxine Waters yeah
all these other guys this is gonna be
the greatest era of the no agenda show
is what they were discussing I think you
are spot-on without mentioning the show

well but you know they were thinking it
my god this is gonna be great for the no
agenda show
oh my goodness well everybody there you
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Eric Holder yeah I know they all live in
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grandstand now I don’t want caught you
responding to the mayor of some of those
or something while making a pretty

negative statement or like President
Obama I don’t okay
please go ahead

don’t you okay please go ahead no go
ahead please go go yeah go ahead go
ahead go ahead go ahead and you get

bored we can please stop tell me mr.
president understand okay please go
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