No Agenda Episode 1085 “Transaged”

race as adam curry Jhansi Devorah this
is your award-winning information media
assassination episode 1085 this is no
agenda curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where they’re not acknowledging

anybody but Stalin I’m John Seymour oh
is that what they’re doing in California
a they’re only acknowledging Stalin

Stalin now come on
you gotta be kidding me right well yeah
I’m kidding you okay yeah I mean I know
I know the kooky host acknowledging

Trump as the wannabe Stalin I wish I
could you got to go to some of these
rallies and pick up some of these
posters you know I went to the rally I
went to the to the protect Mueller rally

here no yes right after yeah right after
the show did you get any posters for me
well no there in fact there were no
posters everything was handmade so this

was although it was organized let me
just say I went so I can see City Hall
in front of City Hall from from our
balcony so after the show I’m you know
chilling out and on the balcony for a

second and like oh look there’s Pete
okay that’s the thing that’s the protect
me yeah yeah protect miracles want to
protect the FBI so I’m gonna go down

there and just and I just kind of walked
in between them and I got to say first
of all a lot of American flags a lot of
patriotic care flag waving which is
typically associated with Republicans in

Austin at least more right-wing white
nationalist I should say this no such
thing as a Republican here only Nazis
and so people are flying flags and

everyone there look like which i think
is what it was look like they had you
know they belong to a Facebook group you
know they all yeah we’re gonna meet up
five o’clock right in front of City Hall

a lot of DNC spokes holes on the
microphone a lot of Trump is not above
the law a lot a lot actually are they
and then they won’t then they there’s a

very it’s just like the enemy is they
invent rising the Republic very much so
they and then I’ve heard a lot of the in
it the people themselves jump I would

say middle aged a slight twinge of
stress you know I bet but no one was
unhinged no one was you know going nuts
well but but I is it possible the dark

people who’d like to go stand in crowds
and just hold a sign I noticed a number
of people
and not even on a stick they just hold

the sign up with one hand and they’re
standing there and they’re not looking
at anything they’re just gazing off into
even as the as the crowd is dissipating
they just stand there this may be a

thing that I don’t know about well maybe
you’re in The Sims it was an NPC whose
programming had just not had not moved
on to the next phase yet he’s standing

there orange man bad
so it was it was very demure not not
your auntie fuck crowd it was you know
like middle-aged people who look very

distressed because they completely
believe early distressed well they could
guess that distress but it’s obvious
they completely believe in some fun
Russian collusion Zephir thank goodness

there we go so anyway so I didn’t
completely believe in everything this
yeah I actually have a clip regarding

this hold on a sec among those here have
a look at the crowd a lot of folks
packed in here organizers say their
message no one is above the law very
similar to awesome this I think is

Arizona for a jingle you’re right I mean
this note there’s no melody there’s no

nothing you can’t ramesh
our jingle people do better than that
and you know they will now that was
video taken within the last hour
organizers said this protest one of many
planned nationwide is an opposition to

president Trump’s firing of Jeff
Sessions an appointment of Matthew
Whitaker as acting AG and concerns they
have of what this will mean for the
special counsels investigation given
Whitaker has publicly been critical of

robert muller and the investigation
prior to joining the justice department
now this protest comes as 18 attorneys
general this afternoon including
washington AG Bob Ferguson banded
together to sign a letter calling on

Whitaker to recuse himself from
overseeing the special counsels
investigation her question needs to be
confronted early because loss of our
civil liberties follows the the loss of
the rule of law and right now the rule

of law is threatened it is threatened by
a president who is afraid of being held
this is going this is going nowhere this
this this Trump is not above the law

it’s just it’s not working
yeah it’s it’s it’s not gaining any
desired result I think that just going
back to racism with Trump now in the
rotation maybe yeah well no not like

yeah they have been picking on him for
this he keep said he talked back just a
black Reebok
ah no you don’t have the full meme yet
which by the way is everywhere today

okay the full meme is he is racist
because he puts down black female
reporters not one not two but three and

so this is what everybody is talking and
not us I mean we are but this is now the
racist meme of the week and we have
proof that Trump is racist here’s NPR

NPR the bastion of reporting on the
radio president Trump’s feud with the
media seem to take some ominous turns
this week with CNN’s Jim Acosta
are you worried that’s enough Kosta

Kosta of course as you know black woman
being barred from the White House today
another CNN reporter asked the president
if he wanted his new acting Attorney

General to rain and Robert Muller
what a stupid question that is what a
stupid question
but I watch you a lot you ask a lot of
stupid question reporter asking that
question was a B Philip a black woman by

the way not that you and I saw no
footage that showed the reporter asking
the questions but for NPR by the way did
she did she actually say by the way a

black reporter the black woman who
misses new acting Attorney General to
rain and robert muller what a stupid
question that is what a stupid question
but i watch you a lot you ask a lot of
stupid question the reporter asking that

question was a be philip a black woman a
fact i mentioned because the president
then went on to attack another black
woman reporter April Ryan I mean you
talk about somebody that’s a loser she

doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing
she also had by the way this is well
done because the April Ryan
quote-unquote attack refers to a press
conference that where she was not

allowed to ask a question and but
they’ve they’ve melded these two answers
of his together as if he went on right
that to say she’s dumb you know I mean
it’s it’s it’s kind of a reverse whipsaw

yes yes
Porter April Ryan I mean you talk about
somebody that’s a loser she doesn’t know
what the hell she’s doing she Crump also

had choice words this week for PBS’s
Jimmy Alcindor another black female
reporter some people saw that as in
bowling white nationalist now people are
racist people so what’s going on here

now here’s something that is new on NPR
I think they’ve figured out that they
really can’t sell it to themselves they
can’t ruin their own integrity by

ginning up these types of theories and
like I say it’s a conspiracy well
there’s actually conspiracy because
everyone’s doing it that the president
you know is racist and here’s the proof

it’s he’s a he’s very harsh towards
female black reporters but they can’t
really sell that to themselves right you
know talking about that so they bring in
the podcast Punk Jean didn’t be co-host

of and parish code-switch podcast is in
the studio with us Haiti and they have a
lot of podcasts and these people aren’t
necessarily on the radio so they’re kind
of like well what’s the podcaster who

said it you know it’s not really NPR
reporter sorry
I think that’s dynamite observation I
think I’ve create they have their own

straw built in straw man just bring in
yeah beat the crap out of him or not or
have him say some crazy stuff in a well
there you go there’s an opinion Society
is associated with us so therefore you

associate him with us and so therefore
you think the same way and I’ve heard it
I think there’s an there may even be
another clip from NPR today where they
do the exact same we just bring in a
blogger Biko having a podcasters to
attend parish could switch the podcast

is in the studio with us hey gene hey
Louis exchanges with the reporters this
week I mean it was interesting right and
if you look at the response to you
michel sender’s question she asked this

very legitimate question about rising
white nationalism and whether the
president’s decision what what what was
the question he cut why is inviting
atidim that wasn’t the question the
question was about

rising white nationalism presidents
exchange this thing is wait until this
guy gets to the end of your spiel and
it’s just boom boom boom boom boom one
untruth after another but in the lexicon

for him completely truth and completely
valise with reporters this week I mean
it was interesting right if you look at
the response from the initiators
question say what she asked this very

legitimate question about rising white
nationalism and whether the president’s
decision to identify himself as a
nationalist was somehow contributing to

that Trump used an old tactic though
from people who were defensive about
questions about race they said they’re
talking about racism is the real racism
ah you see I knew this was gonna be
problematic when he said that’s a very

racist question that apparently is a
very old tactic that racists use yeah
yeah racists will say that’s a racist
question to deflect from their own

blatant racism of course nationalist was
somehow contributing to that Trump using
old tactic though some people were
defensive about questions about race
they said they’re talking about racism
is the real racism it is not this guy he

has a little trying this he is he black
I believe so but she didn’t mention it
and by the way I think she should have
or should have mentioned his Creed color

race whatever and hers because we’re
identifying everybody
I agree they should identify is she she
should probably say what her pronoun is

it’s in their email signature don’t
worry it’s about race they said they’re
talking about racism is the real racism
it is not listeners and today it was a
little bit different Abbie Philip asked

the president about whether his acting
Attorney General would reign in the
Russia investigation now President Trump
is off as he said that that
investigation is a witch-hunt suggestion
he would like his past Attorney General

Jeff Sessions as much of their the ire
between the two of them I’m so it seems
like a legitimate question okay but as
we just heard the president also attest
what was wrong with they didn’t resolve

that I might want to point out it’s how
what was wrong then what he said that
it’s a stupid question I don’t
understand how was that racist they

don’t resolve it they just say black
woman he said something not good racist
Jim Acosta who whatever you think of him
he’s not a black woman going out black
women I mean it’s really hard to say

right the president has this
antagonistic relationship with the press
broadly on the other hand the context
this larger context matters the
president uses racially charged language
in all kinds of contexts just sparring

with reporters exactly there’s you know
the fun people on both sides comment
after charlottesville racist there was
the way he went after NFL players who

were protesting racial and equalities
what are you saying get those sons of
bitches off the field if I would tell an
owner get that son of a bitch off the

field that’s racist racist
there’s the Muslim ban racist and the
language around that language around
that huh no this never being a Muslim
Muslim no of course not but that’s what

we call it now in on NPR I’m sorry it
was the podcaster who made a mistake
those guys you know they’re given too
much freedom I’m sorry we won’t have
them on again don’t worry you know that
April Ryan who is one of the most
prominent members of the White House

press corps prominent what did what what
who does she work for okay American
urban American urban radio networks
is that what it is I think it’s that
Brian urban radio American urban radio

she joined CNN also as a political
analyst she’s not she’s not one of the

most prominent White House correspondent
she sits in the middle of the pack not
at the front where Jim Acosta gets to
sit she’s not one of the prominent
members but I’m just pissed off nice CNN

eclipse is April Ryan to trump I’m not a
loser should there be a nice clip and we
do know that April Ryan who is one of

the most prominent the members of the
White House press corps she certainly
seems to think that he singles out women
and people of color in the press room
here’s what she said to CNN you don’t
see this kind of exchange happening with
white males no we didn’t see that with

Jim Acosta okay in that room as much as
you do well minorities meaning African
American woman myself or women gene
didn’t be when the president speaks to

reporters at the White House he’s of
course also speaking to a much wider
audience how does language like this
play with his base well we know they
love it we know that they’re from public
opinion polls that his base is

especially skeptical of the news media
according to a Quinnipiac poll from late
in the summer about 51% of Republicans
said that the news media is the enemy of
the people this is good I have not seen

this poll I couldn’t find it but now
we’ve moved it to a poll I mean did the
poll say is the news media the enemy of
the people or did the poll say is the

fake news enemy of the people didn’t now
you’re just doing polls and you bring
that in and then whatever Trump actually
said doesn’t matter anymore we also know
that from you know years of public

opinion polling that Republicans are
conservative on racial issues they are
more skeptical of sort of fixing
inequality through the government and
for Orlick on affirmative action on
policing and so you have these in this
case you have three reporters who are

also women importantly who got these two
demographics they are members of the
news media and they are also not like
visibly not white in a press corps that

is overwhelmingly white overwhelmingly
so well maybe the networks of racists
they’re not sending enough black and
brown people and females and

transgenders nothing to do with him no
this has to do only when they kick that
was a white guy not white in a press
corps that is overwhelmingly white Trump

is working on that he brought down the
white side by one so score for the black
side you should be happy
White House press corps overwhelming
overwhelm Lee so and so in a lot of ways

they may be literal embodiments of the
things that most animate some of trumps
base yeah racist let’s check out CNN
significantly shorter clip but this is
uh Kirsten powers and she just you know

then I got dwell on what happened but
more on her analysis I was to have a
philip of CNN joining me now is CNN
polka analyst Kirsten powers and former
Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo

Kirsten I’m just you know watching the
president there you know Philip is as
well earlier he I think was on Wednesday
the press conference he spoke to an

African American reporters saying her
question was racist you know some have
said that there is a racial component to
to this or the president’s willingness
to call African Americans stupid do you

see that yeah I do
he plays on racial tropes that go did he
call African Americans as a group stupid

that’s what that’s what he just said do
you see that most rolled back I missed
that if that’s what he said let’s say

spoke to an after my American reporters
saying her question was racist you know
some have said that there is a regional
component to to this for the president’s
willingness to call African Americans

stupid ah yes good catch
no he called April Ryan stupid
I guess you could parse it any way you
want he called women he calls women
stupid because blacks stupid black women

african-american women women under six
feet tall
do you see that yeah I do and I plays on
racial tropes that goes all the way back

to the beginning of this country and the
idea all the way back to the beginning
that’s right that’s how far back Trump
goes with his racism

black people aren’t as smart as people
we in our past had literacy tests for
black people in order to vote and I
don’t think is that true do we have

literacy tests for African Americans to
vote Dixiecrat South yeah I think that
is true Democrats by the billion yes
Democrats good point we in the in our
past had literacy tests for black people

in order to vote and I don’t think it’s
a coincidence that he talks about you
know whether it’s Don Lemon having a low
IQ or Maxine Waters has a low IQ or
LeBron James has a low IQ or now we’re

supposed to believe you know Abbey
Philip is asking a stupid question oh I
see okay if you take all of those people
together I can see how they how they has
you said this about any white people and

traumas to watch it
has he called any white person Dom well
I’d have to think about that but when
whether he ever said LeBron James had a
low IQ hey I think he’s brought

something similar I’m sure who knows man
I’m doubting it well maybe maybe we’re
wrong maybe he is singling out two
african-americans for being stupid I

mean when you put that list together
that’s actually pretty convincing
mutters has a low IQ or LeBron James
true well we know we know is like the
Muslim banner no but I know who buy into

their bullcrap no he has I don’t know
about LeBron James but he has said about
Maxine Waters he has said about Don

Lemon so I’m just saying that if you put
that list together I can see how they
come up with this thought with his
thinking don’t think it’s a coincidence
that he does she even says it’s not a
coincidence he’s actually accusing the

president talks about you know whether
it’s Don Lemon having a low IQ yes I
remember that Maxine Waters has a low IQ
did that all the time or LeBron James
has a low IQ or now they’re supposed to

believe you know Abbey Philip is asking
a stupid question this there is a
there’s a cottage has nothing to do with
IQ by the way instant theme here and
it’s frankly it’s right out of the white

supremacist playbook I mean this is it’s
classic it’s classic white supremacist
I’m very tired of this now and is this
is this what the mainstream the m5m is

going to do now is this their track I
guess I’m looking it to LeBron James
Stefan I got a video that started up
automatically yes we used to do that a
lot at pod show

I’ll get the log that’s um that’s
something today yeah I know what reason
I care about this is because this is a

trick a technique mm-hmm
where you like the Muslim bang trick
yeah he keeps just saying it over and
over and over and over and over the next
thing you know it’s true I think it said
mika brzezinski stupidness is LeBron

James has just been interviewed by the
dumbest man on television is right out
of a tweet the dumbest man on television
Don Lemon did he say he had a low IQ or
do you just say is the dumbest man on

television we said that about Don Lemon
right tea lemon yeah but did is that the
same as he’s got a low IQ just the
dumbest dumb TV guy you’re right he says
he’s so I’m not sure that you’re saying

low IQ is a very yeah it’s very
different I I agree and you’re right if
he called someone a bonehead does that
mean you said they’re they have low like
you know you come a bone head bones bone

wait a minute bone because in Africa the
natives had bones through their nose
you’re racist LeBron James just
interviewed by the dumbest man on
television Don Lemon

he made LeBron look smart which isn’t
easy to do there you go and then he says
I like Mike referring to Michael Jordan
which is kind of inside basketball

reference so did he say hello I can’t I
said their dish it the two of them are
dumb okay not quite not the same as low
IQ low IQ which she’s been accusing

waters of but
she can have it her way in this regard I
I don’t think it’s a complete generality
cuz he just said he likes Mike yeah but
anyway this this is what they’re though

it’s a it’s now syndicated The Herald
Tribune Florida that’s I think no this
is the Washington Post here Washington
Post is on it over the past several days
Trump has launched personal attacks

against a trio of black female
journalists his verbal assault against
black reporters candidates and lawmakers
has renewed criticism the present
employees insults rooted in racist
tropes that’s where that girl got it

Robert cook yeah strokes racist tropes
what exactly is a trope well a trope is
like a cliche but it’s and if you’re
somewhere between a meme and a cliche

but let’s look it up yeah I think that’s
a good idea
because if that is part I mean this this
woman who was on CNN she’d she really
just read The Washington Post article
and that’s how she came up with racist

tropes trope is a figurative or a
metaphorical use of a word or expression
so it’s kind of like one step removed

from I hate you black people
now looking at this definition of try
I think it’s like

I think you should call it like an old
saying and now it wouldn’t even be that
no no it’s kind of it’s it’s figurative
or metaphorical
I don’t see how it fits in actually to

be honest about it now strange isn’t it
yeah but they like the word I noticed
the left likes the word trope I’ve been
head of I’ve always had a hard time
using it because it just doesn’t ever

sound good I don’t like the sound of the
words but also what what good is it it’s
like you know if we don’t even
understand what it means why would you
use it

but here he says over the past several
days think they know what it means and I
think the minis for something would I
accept something along the lines of what
I said which is kind of like a meme and
a oh ok gotcha I got my so blacks are

stupid blacks have low IQ that’s the
because because it’s it’s kind of a meme
a racist and Aamir’s kind of it’s kind

of a generality hit on it yeah it’s
figurative Oh antics well according to
the Washington Post just to add to it
he recently called Tallahassee mayor
Andrew Gilliam a thief which is again

you know it’s like black people thieves
it’s it’s all in this context low IQ
person thieves these are all tropes that
are racist I mean yeah yeah I mean yeah

you could build a case exactly and
that’s what’s being done they I guess
they don’t have anything else to run
with now the others in the rotation and
it’s got to come around and they keep

trying these different things nothing
sticks part of the reason nothing sticks
is Trump himself he keeps tweeting weird
things that make people go off in
another direction it’s like there’s like
a bunch of ants like if you have a whole

horde of ants and you got like one of
those lighter guns you know that from
script oh that you like barbecues with
and you push it down into the thing and
you start moving it around and burning
ants you know my aunt thing and they

watch them scrambling all over the place
that’s kind of what Trump does with his
tweet see well it’s like throwing up
like it some kerosene on the on the
animals and we know that’s the wrong
thing to do because you never want to

torch the ant that’s taken the dead guy
back to the to the mound so I I have now
let’s talk about the National I’m a
nationalist thing because this is a
fantastic mix of the Lear foundation

mainstream media fictional presidencies
and real message meant to indoctrinate

people watching it and this is Madame
secretary which I don’t think I saw the
last season maybe the last maybe not

even the last two seasons I’d like to
Leone she’s I’ve been well I’ve been
meaning to record this what did I know
except you’re gonna play but it’s like a

find the show to be a borderline
offensive it got really offensive it
wasn’t in the beginning in the beginning
was it was different but now we’re
talking before Clinton was running yeah
to be the first the first female

president or really the second as you
pointed out in the newsletter yeah and
that’s the fact by the way why just
briefly tell everybody well during the
before I talk a little bit Armistead to

today’s Armistice Day even though we
don’t celebrate in the United States we
celebrate Veterans Day which was a
creation of the city in the 50s because
the World War two veterans were just
back from the war and they said what do

we sell who cares about these old guys
it’s gotta be about us
I know it’s offensive but it seems to be
that if you look into it it seems to be
what it was about so they changed the

Veterans Day and they still kept I think
a World War Two memorial day well during
the Woodrow Wilson administration when
after World War one they tried to you
know the United Nation the League of

Nations was discussed and formed I think
it ended up in Geneva and they it was
gonna be the first example and this was
a globalization era right uh similar to

the one we have now and that
globalization era which ended up in that
war which is the same way this one’s
gonna end up after the thing was over
was one of these situations where all

that you know the elite said god this is
no good look all that beauty kill or we
don’t have servants and or we lost I
think we lost a butler you know they
lost and some of the people that write
for the newspaper have been killed at

this war that we told him to go to and
and people came trying to steal our
stuff and how we got to do something
about that
so they’d formed the League of Nations
and Wilson’s job was to get the United

States to join and this was gonna be a
you know an organization bands gonna it
ended up like the United Nations useless
but at the time they thought it was a
good idea and Wilson had a tremendous

stroke that completely did may
unfunctional right he should have been
taken out by the 25th amendment by the
way yeah no no Democrats don’t work that

way so the
now you just sound like a Republican man
I don’t do ya don’t do those things it
doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t suit you well
people are gonna bitch about me anyway

so but it was uh it was strange to me
that this guy could be incapacitated and
the 25th amendment didn’t apply to him
so that means is never gonna apply to
anybody so his wife was president she

just told everybody what to do surrogate
and she was you know she did a fine job
she couldn’t she just you know she could
maybe communicate with him it’s doubtful

but she used the same advisors nobody
wanted to talk about it because it was
like oh god or the country’s gonna go to
you know be fine finds out if if we gave
a posthumous Congressional Medal of

Honor yes for her service as president
just to uh Hillary presidency the same
one that somebody said we should just

impeach Trump and put Hillary in there
yeah same kind of thing that’s fantastic
this was only recently explored by

now another salient point you added to
the newsletter was that just before what
period was it just before just after
World War one before World War two that

everything was borderless no that was
done before World War one thirty years
right that began around 1890 right in
earnest it’s almost 30 years to passport

because I you do research on passports
you find they weren’t even employed
right from about 1890 to it at war and
so people could roam around aimlessly

which allowed this one nutcase from
Serbia to go shoot the guy that
Ferdinand douchebag guy that learned
something about that today Archduke
Franz Ferdinand was murdered I’m sorry

AVO June 28th 1940 in his car his open
car 40 1914 yeah do you know what his
license plate was was a bunch of threes

no a four alpha 11 1118
I don’t believe that yes go go look at
the interwebs there’s lots of

photographic evidence well I’m gonna
have to look at this it just sounds too
and this conspiracy that you know he
knew then it would be over I’m just
telling you go ahead and look the the

conspiracy about eleven eleven eighty
Photoshop which are out there I don’t
think it’s Photoshop it’s unlikely this
doesn’t make any sense but okay I’ll
look into it saying I’m not saying that

aliens came here and put it down as like
Oh be careful you’ll be celebrating
Armistice Day a hundred years as just a
anyway so Ferdinand was gunned down in

this situation and so they Austria
declared war on Serbia and that
blossomed into World War one and I
awkwardly you know I have people that

have to take sides
yeah alright so for some reason I don’t
know why I didn’t take the brunt of the
of the blame at the end it was blamed on
the Germans yeah who or guess got into

it you know I just saw by coincidence I
saw the sound of music that didn’t know
that there was a 2015 musical they did
in BBC did you me you mean the old
musical was redone by the FCC in 2015

yes exactly
I saw it I like oh yeah see I like that
stuff and I was looking at the good
Broadway plays on Broadway in the stage
but when they’re put on TV and they’re

singing out of the blue I like it it’s
completely and I thought to sing I
thought it was the performances were
weak yeah I’d like to think the ID the
actor who played the top d’urberville

whatever his name was was the main guy
yeah I don’t know it’s manly he not
d’urberville obviously I’m just kidding
but I thought he could enact well I what
what the reason why I stuck with it is

like the the actress who played Maria
I’m like I know her I know her who the
hell and I still don’t remember her real
name but she is dawn in EastEnders which
is that the soap that’s been running in
the UK for 50 years like oh that’s dawn

okay and then I kind of got sucked into
it I thought it was great
I liked it well yes but the question is
did you donate to what well it was it
was donation I said see those two people

asking to donate they never mention the
station name do they know it’s a package
they sent to all the stations of these

same two people begging for money
they don’t even they don’t even
personalize it to the stage to the local
station yep so she the number below the
number below yes support your state
local station this station no this

station say that too but there wasn’t
even a tote bag I mean it’s just here’s
the DVD
it’s it’s so ineffective is so
ineffective they really doctor wouldn’t

write anyway back to Madam Secretary and
well actually I do want to come back to
Armistice Day after this because I have
little analysis of Makran and Trump but
this and I’d heard about it I hadn’t

seen it either in fact I still have not
seen it I really enjoy not having seen
this and hearing it because we’re going
to hear the fantastic acting talents of
we have Hillary Clinton : Powell and

Madeleine Albright all former
secretaries of states and this is Madam
Secretary Terry Leone playing I believe
it was the premiere episode for the new

season it can be yes but it was or
wasn’t well you believe and I said it
can I don’t know yeah we go on here you

just it’s just usage I’m sorry it’s okay
it’s all right
but this was clearly aligned with the
messaging about nationalism with Trump

saying I’m a nationalist and just
blatantly stating this is not what it
means this is what it used to mean well
you’ll hear this clip people need to

rally round well it’s so good of you to
consult with your predecessors we did it
all the time so thanks for asking us

again the president has asked me to give
a speech after the signing ceremony to
address the attack on the White House
you bear a heavy burden no pressure no

pressure well what do you say in the
wake of a nightmare like this you need

to reassure the people that they are
safe because we are resolute in our
efforts to defeat this enemy you should
hold up a vial and say this little bit
could kill everybody in this whole room

that would be the way to do it Elizabeth
resolute in our effort to defeat this
enemy well that’s a start but I think we
also have to remember that those who
attacked us are resolute – and you will
have to the acting is really bad but

obviously they weren’t gonna do two
takes No
well no I think they may it’s cut

together that’s what you’re hearing that
they may not have even all been there at
the same time for all I know but one
shot but Clinton you know and I heard
her a couple of times I’ll just mention
this up front I heard her in her

previous interviews that we’ve played
with Kara Swisher and all these but
whatever she was doing the lesbians in
tech she kept saying there’s it’s very
simple e pluribus unum out of many one

know she’s been repeating this for a
while and now we know why well that’s a
start but I think we also have to
remember that those who attacked us
resolute to and you will have to

reassure people about their safety you
can remind them that we do have the
world’s greatest military to protect and
defend them but you know as great as our

military power is that is not where our
real strength lies absolutely our
strength lies and our core democratic
values in our constitution was that I
was a little girl in London during World

War two when the Germans were bombing I
learned later that three of my
grandparents were murdered by the Nazis
in concentration camps and so the threat
of nationalism is not just a theory okay

so this is very good this is Madeleine
Albright who I do I believe indeed she
is old enough to have witnessed the
bombings I think that’s probably
historical by the way do you hear how

Hillary Clinton sounds exactly the same
as when she’s not lying this day out of
people who I remember years ago some Oh

Hillary she’s gonna be the next she’s
gonna be the first female president and
the great thing about her she’s a
wonderful one of the greatest public
speakers of every one though they’re two
years old and here we go with the

nationalism so the threat of nationalism
is not just a theory I went through it
once and I don’t intend to go through it
again so she’s saying that she was

bombed by the Nazis and that was
nationalism and she doesn’t intend to go
through nationalism again she makes
quite a shortcut nationalistic threat is
really expanding and more and more

countries are being caught in this trap
his contagious he splits us apart that
makes us more difficult to deal with the
issue and it becomes even more what I I
don’t know what it’s the issue man it’s

does is it makes it more difficult to
deal with the issue be by being
nationalist and by being by the way
Trump’s definition of nationalism is
America first the French by the way
hugely French first people friends of

course you buy the red no you don’t buy
the Honda I got a friend of mine lived
in France for like five or six years and
he bought a Honda
civic yeah all he got was grief from his
neighbors because he didn’t buy French

France yeah right but but but this is
this is not even about that this is just
about saying when when the president
says he’s a nationalist he’s actually a
racist that’s all that this is and it’s

two minutes of it it makes us more
difficult to deal with the issue and it
becomes even more contagious they attach
what has made America great and still
does and that is our diversity look at

look at us you white folk Gandhi is
there – I was condi there – I believe

she was so you know Elizabeth I think
what we’re all saying is talk about what
unites us even at this moment of peril
remind Americans of our nation’s
original motto something that I think

about a lot and which seems more
important today than ever he pluribus
unum out of many one Henry you’re so
right yes where we go one where we go
all whoo maybe condi wasn’t there she

would have jumped in on that one I
thought she was now do you want to hit
it’s the actual seats that she made
after this advice condi no no the the
fake said Madam Secretary so she got

this advice from Hillary from Madeleine
and from : and then she did her speech I
cut it down because it was too long of
course Thank You mr. president and thank

you prime minister country prime
minister we’re daily your courage and
determination have made humankind safer
from the second greatest threat it faces
what is an even greater threat than

nuclear weapons that which makes the use
of them possible hate specifically the
blind hatred one group or nation can

have for another and that is why I am
convinced that nationalism is the
existential threat of our time
nationalism is not just bad no it’s not

just Nazi it’s the existential threat of
our time meaning extermination of all of
us we’re all going to die because of

nationalism I want to be clear
nationalism is not the same as
patriotism wow that did the dictionary
change let me just check this for a

second nationalism definition
okay noun a tree otic patriotic feeling

principles or efforts patriotic to me
let me try the merriam-webster I may be
doing the long one wrong loyalty and
devotion to a nation okay doesn’t say

I always thought that the definition of
patriotism let’s look up the definition
of patriots it’s okay patriotism
definition of patriotism the quality of

being patriotic vigorous support for
one’s country
sounds like nationalism yeah mom
according to the fake Madam Secretary it
no longer means patriotic be clear

nationalism is not the same as
patriotism it’s a perversion version of
patriot what’s the what’s the dictionary
term for that if it’s the opposite

an antonym in ansan him yes it’s it’s it
should be listed as an antonym in the
dictionary it’s the snide perversion of
patriotism justice or look at the
definition of perversion version

perversion the alter alteration of
something from its original course

meaning or this is the perverse she’s
perverting it she yes exactly that is
the perversion by saying it’s no longer
patriot no longer synonymous with
patriotism the alteration of something

from its original course meaning or a
state to a distortion or corruption of
what was first first intended not
intended last week teeth

all righty distortion misrepresentation
falsification travesty misinterpretation
misconstruction twisting corruption
subversion and subversion is what we’re

doing exactly the belief system held by
those who attacked us promotes the idea
that inclusion and diversity represent
weakness nationalism calling hello

Hollywood Foundation Norman Lear
speaking and the only way to succeed is
to give blind allegiance to the

supremacy of one race over all others
nothing could be less American look
where isolationism has gotten us in the
past what because we isolated ourselves

from two world wars 70 million the world
war we save people’s asses what look
what isolationism and a world war one

that way I say yeah there’s isolationism
there we had nothing to do with that war
but we went over there I point out in
the newsletter why why what was our who
was picking on us well but it’s worse

she saying because of our isolationism
which by the way you can’t on one hand
say it’s about race white nationalists
about him not anybody who’s not the uber
race and then all of a sudden say look

at what happened with isolationism well
that’s about countries not participating
you can’t have it both ways it’s either
nationalism about your national country
or it’s nationalism about the type of

people you have in your nation it’s not
both we’re maybe it is in this world
yes this was done to confuse really come
up with a concise this doesn’t work no

he was a piece of propaganda that was
pretty much in my opinion
junk poorly executed it was all head
leer foundation written all over it when

I first saw this thing I was lazy not to
clip it the weeks ago I you actually saw
the whole the whole episode yeah I
watched it yeah and I thought it was

borderline sick and I think it’s
offensive I mean how stupid do they
think the public is okay well the last

show about prop 10 and prop six in
California prop six would have given you
some tax money back but nobody in

California once that they want to be
taxed to death and prop 10 was gonna put
rent control which is a leftist idea at
the base give it back to the local towns
instead of having the state run it which

they do a poor job of which is classic
thing you should vote for but because
the real estate interest came in and
told all these dummies oh no no no is
bad okay I’ll vote no let’s finish this
up others nothing could be less American

look we’re isolationism has gotten us in
the past
world wars 70 million debt
never again can we go back to the start

times what fear and hatred like a
contagion infected that as much as
ending the threat of nuclear war is what

today is
it’s why we must never lose sight of our
common humanity our common values and
our common decency
was reminded recently of our nation’s

founding motto e pluribus unum she heard
she said someone someone reminded me
recently Hill’s he pluribus unum so
there they’re pushing her campaign

slogan I think no but why she’s saying
this continuously but they push it in
twice in this piece I think I have some
in 2023 thirteen disparate colonies
became one country one people and today

we call on all Americans and people
everywhere to reject the scourge of
passions because governments can’t
legislate tolerance or eradicate hate

that’s why each one of us has to find
the beauty just one more to reiterate
one more point ISIL our isolationism

didn’t get us killed in World War one in
World War two it’s our abnegation of
isolationism and saying no no we’re
gonna get involved in all this stuff

overseas which the founding fathers by
the way specifically said no don’t do it
yeah but we do it to the point where now
we’re stuck because if we stood our
isolationism didn’t get us over there it

was our dropping the idea yes now it’s
too late now you’re stuck now we had
world’s policemen so I think another lie
although I couldn’t quite figure out

what the genesis of it was is this idea
that Trump I’m so tired of in the Trump
didn’t want to do the wreath-laying
ceremony because of a little bit of rain

and you know the tweeters were just
filled with what an asshole men we’re
shoulder-to-shoulder millions of them in
the trenches for weeks on end in the
rain in the mud and and our stupid-ass

president can’t even raindrops keep
falling on his head weather meanwhile
once I saw the wreath laying thing I’m
like oh no wonder did you see all the
photos of Merkel and Makran they’re

walking in the meadow hand in hand she’s
nothing up to him I’m not kidding
kisses him behind his you know on the
back of his cheek who wants to be a part

of that visual here’s a little press
clipping of it has been the scene of
triumph and shame in two world wars and
on Saturday for the first time since

World War two a French and German leader
returned to a clearing in Campania
forest inside a replica of the train
wagon in which the Armistice ending
World War one was signed
which Hitler returned to take the French

surrender in 1944 destroying the site
Emmanuel macron an angler merkel
unveiled a plaque and signed the
guestbook the wagon was rebuilt along
with the site after world war ii in part

in homage to Marechal Fache the great
was the supreme Allied commander a
statue of foix is also at the site which
holds powerful symbolism for the two
nations once fierce rivals and now

United is the driving force behind the
European Union a partnership macron and
Merkel’s seem to be saying that would
remain eternal long after their passing
no please we all know the next war will

be French France and Germany it’s always
the same and but I think what was
overlooked possibly is that you know
Trump probably had his meeting with

Putin while everyone was at the ceremony
in fact there’s another piece of just a
piece of video where Putin jumps out of
the lineup runs over to trump shakes his
hand thumbs up goes back you know it’s

like oh yeah yeah they got something
going on they’re brewing on something
but the irony of all of this as we
celebrate peace a hundred years the
Armistice of peace World War one it was

the war to end all wars the irony of it
is that what was really being discussed
was war stuff well yeah I mean right so
Trump is on the plane then apparently

Makran says somewhere well you know we
got to have our own army here in Europe
we got to be you know we can’t always
trust the US it’s a little more nuanced

if in the French version but you know
with Russia China whatever it is we need
more of war stuff Trump then immediately
starts tweeting saying yeah well this is
rude since we’re paying for everything

you frog and then they sit down together
and again you got to listen to what
Trump saying I think what happened is he
had a quick chat with him and by the
McCrone is touching him the whole time

he’s he’s patting him on the legs
punching is me touching him on the arm
the whole time which that’s actually
when someone does that it’s odd but you
know maybe they’re great buddies I don’t

know but
sounds it sounds to me like the
conversation went something like this
yeah okay what I meant to say was yeah
we’re probably gonna buy more stuff from

America to beef up our side of the
equation I think Trump is there on a
weapons call I think is there selling I
think he’s trying you think okay Mac Ron
you want to buy some pretty sedate the
whole time while he was there I have the

CBS rundown of this which is a minute
forty fourteen this Trump meets back Ron
yeah I’m gonna hear that cuz I have the
full audio I was from vetted on Twitter
about the President of France

the two leaders brushed it off Ouisa
Jang is traveling with the president we
have become very good friends over the
last couple of years President Trump and
president Emmanuel macron put their good

friendship on display with the body
language to prove it they also found a
common message to tamp down their
ongoing conflict over defense spending I
do serve four different views that we

need a much better but ensuring within
NATO I appreciate what you’re saying
about burden-sharing but minutes before
landing in Paris the president hated
president McCrone of France has just

suggested that Europe build its own
military in order to protect itself from
the US China and Russia very insulting
mr. Trump was asked about the tweets
we’re getting along from the standpoint

of fairness and I want it to be fair
President Trump and the first lady
attended a social luncheon with their
French counterparts but they scrapped a
scheduled visit to an American Cemetery

citing bad weather meanwhile the
president continues to deal with the
backlash over acting Attorney General
Matt Whitaker who will oversee the
special counsels investigation into

Russian meddling now that’s a very
dishonest report I mean extremely
dishonest I’ll play the actual audio
from that meeting between the two

McCrone is groveling
didn’t sound like he was groveling in
that report that the United States can
only do so much

in fairness to the United States we’ve
rebuilding our military we just had to
prove seven hundred and sixteen billion
dollars the year before that we have 700
billion so we’re almost completely

rebuilding our military with the latest
and the greatest and we want we just
want we want to absolutely be that we
want to help you actually want to be
there I went on with the bids or

whatever a part of it but different
countries have to also help that’s only
fair and I think the president we’ve
already discussed this and the person
right very much agreed on that I do

agree I think we work very closely
together in Syria mind you what happened
he’s talking about the 30th of April
when America the Brits and the French

bombed Syria operation against chemical
witness yes sir
and then we will they closed it together
in Middle East African song but it’s

answer to have the European security
from today being assured just binds the
United States and we need a much better
but insurance that’s why I do believe

that we need more European capacities
more European defense you know that to
take this part of the bird what Britain
trend past protects or to defend one of
the top one of the state of the United

States he doesn’t ask France or Germany
on other government of Europe to
finances that’s why I do believe that we
need more investment it’s exactly what
we do in France it’s the first increase

in terms of budget for defense for
we would reach the citizens need more
he’s mean the CBS report could not have
been further from what was said from the

truth he’s saying the president’s right
we gotta upward we’re upping our budget
we’re gonna have more stuff it’s not
fair that America is is paying for that
when Trump needs help he doesn’t call us
none of that was in the report nope

and this surprises you well no you know
I don’t think I have the clip there was
a like two or three rallies ago that the

President did and I I don’t know if I
just forgot to play it or but there was
someone had a medical issue a medical
episode and you might have seen it Trump
actually stopped stopped everything

stopped the route stopped the rally and
it was a good five maybe ten minutes and
then near the end everyone was
reasonably quiet people started singing
Amazing Grace it was really a beautiful
moment for it’s like holy crap are they

singing and it just kind of swelled up
from nowhere and was very very it was it
was a nice human excu main experience
I mean even I forgot to play the click

not used to that but there’s nicely by
omission sometimes it’s so slanted
what’s being yeah that’s what’s really
that’s that’s the trick omission is the
best way to do it it really is well

mission is what the the right has always
bitched about the Conservatives il media
is it’s not that the people can’t do the
reporting that’s what’s this and it’s
not what they put in it’s what they

leave out how about yes and I’m gonna
take it right – I’m gonna take a right
to what my biggest complaint isn’t what
they’re leaving out which is Yong Kim
yes you know Yong Kim apparently has

been around for a while I think yeah
well she was I think chief of staff for
I think someone sent us a note that
she’d actually been she had been in in

Congress in 2014 it’s not the first time
she’s so the way go it’s easy enough to
figure out we did go to us it’s quite a
book of knowledge day but I’m pretty

sure that but anyway what y’all look her
up and you tell the stories about young
Kim Worth that’s it was that it she know
I’ve got some clips okay

she was a state legislator okay she was
the first Korean American to become
state legislator Katara then she went to
Congress gotcha

she wasn’t in Congress to become a state
legislator nobody does right I hear you
but she said but she was not mentioned
in fact at all
she’s has yet to be mentioned in fact

just like that but I’m finding another
peculiarities of everything on Young Kim
I sing of a clip where they talk about
I think it’s shields and Brooks mm-hmm
here it is shields and Brooks 33 of 34

women read play this little just little
short clip 33 a 34 women elected to the
House right for the first time we’re
Democrats 34 no no the 34th is Carol
Miller she’s the Republican if you go to

roll call which is serving the public
since 1955 is it great you know the
great congressional following operation
meet Carol Miller she could be the only

new Republican woman coming to Congress
next year the GOP is only woman so far
will represent West Virginia’s third
District and they have a picture they’d
like to promote this woman she’s one of

those old older women that has like kind
of the bleached the kind of the burns
and Montgomery burns from their Simpsons
kind of skin that’s true white it’s all

wrinkly and glasses and a hat she won’t
even wear some bronzer or anything but
then let’s see the outrage not even

wearing bronzer well I think it’s the
people if you look at this picture of
her it’s like oh yeah I know that’s a
white woman I’m gonna read the first
line of this of this article about Carol

among the 33 new women elected to the
House this week only one is a Republican
instead of you know the 33 meme is in

play and I realized it with the Brooks
and shield now this is taken further
with democracy now refuses to talk about
it and in the thing that I’ve also

noticed is that there’s a another woman
um you know because they keep talking
about the two Muslims who gotta like yes
well who are these two Muslims are they

both in Minneapolis or Minnesota or is
just no no no play the two Muslim women
diversity clip from CBS from our last
show the Pierce diversity was perhaps
the biggest winner in this year’s

midterm elections which saw a record
number of women run for office Jim
Axelrod introduces us to two from the
class of 2018
what Election Day marked its fair share

of firsts the stories of two particular
trailblazers may well carry the most
power that is if you’re taking their
measured not by where they finish their
journeys but from where they started

in Minnesota 36 year old Neil hunt Omar
became the first ever Somali American

elected to Congress here in Minnesota
it’s a cold state but the people have
warm hearts and we don’t just welcome
immigrants but we send them to
Washington born in Somalia she and her

family fled the violence of civil war
when she was eight after years in a
refugee camp in Kenya she immigrated
here when she was 12 learning English in
three months mastering politics in the

years that followed I’m proud to be able
to bring my voice out 27 year old
Democrat Sofia Wazir is the first

refugee ever elected to New Hampshire
State House her family fled Afghanistan
and the Taliban 21 years ago spend ten
years in a refugee camp before making
their way here she studied the

dictionary at night to learn English one
thing a younger generation could do is
the energy they have you want to be the
advocate for seniors and young people
and working families these days our

politics clearly can frustrate anger and
divide but these two winners provide a
much-needed reminder our election still
have the power to inspire now they never

mentioned she’s there did you serve
Muslim women and the specific thing they
never mentioned is Rashidah Talib
another young Kim that nobody wants to

talk about this is more than one young
Kim well I’m saying somebody that’s been
obviously blackballed from from coverage
she is a radicals radical this Talib

woman she’s from Detroit mm-hmm and
they’re there and she’s new she’s a been
she’s they don’t even mention her and I
bet this for someone hearing the name
yeah that’s proof they don’t even

mention her the only Democrat Democrat
socialist mmm that’s why she’s in the
aoc camp yes yeah another marginalized
wall she can’t even get paid to get an

apartment so so let’s let’s go with
Tilley which is spelled TL AIB and with
this go to Talib intro by Amy and tell
me tell me the kind of the earmarks of

this little celebration some of the
other stuff about this woman you’ll get
a kick out of Tuesday evening
Palestinian America and Rasheeda to
leave in Michigan and Somali American
Ilhan Omar in Minnesota became the first

Muslim women elected to Congress it’s
unbelievable to me really Democratic

socialists who supports the Palestinian
right of return in a one state solution
she also supports Medicare for all a
fifteen million dollar a fifteen-minute

a $15 minimum wage I think 15 minutes is
better than abolishing ice the child of
immigrants to leave has spoken out

against the Trump administration’s
travel bans this is Rashidah to leave
celebrating her historic victory
a small village in the West Bank they’re
literally glued it’s like five Tigers

for you and now it’s quite a bit Mac
they’re glued to the TV my grandmother’s
my aunt’s my uncles and watching
we got some Iranian women in the

audience in 2016 rashida to leave made
news when she confronted then candidate

Donald Trump at the Detroit Economic
Club she got up and shouted have you
ever read the US Constitution she was
taken out by security she was removed to

use the proper water taken out places
that old had just a senile old fart John

Conyers who’s now a technologies yes
okay you it was useless the last decade
yeah no so she guess it doesn’t

interview with her and she has a bunch
of interesting things I think are worth
playing these are all short clips cuz
they’re just I mean she’s already full
of herself she’s you know let’s just

let’s just put this in perspective for a
second so this is des a Democrat
socialist of America same as Alexandria
Ocasio Cortez who has been a completely
sideline marginalized not is also not

mentioned in many of these news reports
the way we expected cuz she’s of course
that the the shining lights the hero
yeah dan I believe is yeah she stands
for the same things it’s Medicare for

all free school for everybody no borders
no borders Isis gotta go no ice right
yes okay now she the difference between
of course AOC and this woman and the

other woman and some of these other
people is that referring to young Kim
Young Kim was the state legislature
Rasheeda is also state legislator that

moved up huh so that makes you know it’s
just a so not just to
Oh so let’s see what she’s already got
her mind made up a bunch of things she

hasn’t even stepped foot in office yet
listen to her him on there what is she
gonna do it was she and Pete went to
impeach Trump will you try to impeach
President Trump let me guess the answer
hmm let me think Oh see I think she

would say she wouldn’t just say yes
you’d say as soon as possible first
order of business yes I would truly
believe that he’s obstructing justice

it is very clear that something is wrong
within our own government you can like
the man but I could tell you I know you
like the rule of law about more and in

America there is laws that we offer
there is loss there is loss baby that we
all should equally be held accountable

to and I can tell you very strongly that
this is not political for me I mean he
could be a Democratic president and I
would still say the same thing
obstruction of justice and as an
attorney myself industry is it the

Democratic Party or the Democrat Party
what would is the actively the Democrat
so why she’s saying Democratic president
she’s a member of the Democrat Party

it’s it’s pretty much saying he’s just
flipped around I don’t like it for me I
mean he could be a Democratic president
and I would still say the same thing
obstruction of justice and as an

attorney myself I can tell you when we
start kind of turning our heads and
letting a little bit of things slip by
like what we’ve seen the last few days
we are jeopardizing our own democracy we

are jeopardizing that accountability and
that balance of government that’s there
that is so critical for us to live in a
free country
we cannot allow him to so this is very
typical this response is 19 seconds left

it’s not no examples just saying things
as she said yet enemy of the people the
press the press freedom that’s got to be
in here paint this process that’s

dangerous for weaving and I’m very much
willing to start investigating and
leaning towards that if he has anything
to do with their structuring justice and
it pretty much sounds like he is trying

to sway this investigation and trying to
make sure that he protects himself
instead of protecting our own country oh
I’m good way to go
where’s she from Michigan Detroit
way to go Michigan Detroit

let’s hear yeah well just Conyers they
kept electing him let’s listen to what
she says on Pelosi do you think that

she’s gonna support Pelosi
well if Pelosi doesn’t seem to be
supporting her so I would say no will
you support Nancy Pelosi who’s just
announced she will go for the House

speakership you know I’m really so much
focused on helping the other women of
color I mean I don’t know if you know
it’s not just me and Ohana Omar but some
of the youngest members of Congress
beautiful colors of women are coming

into the United States Congress from a
Jana hey Jana – Johanna – Deb Holland –
the beautiful Charisse David’s we have
such an incredible class that was coming

and I’m so focused on really trying to
uplift him to lean on each other to
making sure that we are able to serve
the families and the residents that
believed in us back home very
effectively now if I were doing

anteye anteye democrat party news
reporting the way I see it on television
about Trump specifically whereas he was

dancing on the graves of those who
didn’t who didn’t want his support who
didn’t support him then never Trump
person look what’s happening with the
never Pelosi’s with the DSA’s they are

they’re not being danced on their graves
cuz they won worse they’re being ignored
they’re being what you said
compartmentalize being shut out
completely from the party and these are

the exact people that diversity is
supposed to uplift and so we want to
focus really on that and focus on making
sure that we have a seat at the table
that we can truly be heard not just
displayed as like oh look our caucus is

now diverse great now put us at a table
where we can actually have a voice where
we can actually feel like we can make a
difference in a lot of the issues that
we feel is it critically important for

our families back home in other words no
no no she does not support the Pelosi no
I have one more where she tries to
explain what Democratic Democrats

socialism is my favorite question yes
yeah I’m sorry this is yeah yeah you’re
a member of Democratic Socialist America
explain what democratic socialism is yes

you know for me right now in Detroit
this is a it means I have fought so
heavily against corporate tax breaks
especially because I’ve seen our clue

schools and in Detroit closed down I
mean close to sixty schools have already
closed down in the city of Detroit well
we’re channeling public money got you
know these are our own taxes into a

hockey stadium the Red Hook Red Wings
hockey stadium downtown d’etre sixty
percent of the funds that went towards
that hockey stadium that could have gone
to schools we’re talking about four

hundred million dollars away from
schools into an adult playground a
for-profit industry that to me is
completely unethical immoral and for me
it means living in a just fair equitable

and that is not fair when you have
billionaires in the corporate welfare
line when our children are still hungry
when our when our schools are still
underfunded where I can’t even get you

know our fire hydrants and some of our
neighborhoods fixed or I can’t even
understand right now
the lack of resources that we have to
deal with the increase in concentration
of poverty in many of the neighborhoods

it’s it’s wrong and and truly to me
against what I what I believe is the
role of government which is it should be
about people not corporations oh okay
well thanks for it at the end there

about people not corporations and fire
well I didn’t learn anything about
democratic socialism it’s about people
not corporations yeah which is just a

bromide again a trope yeah it’s a trope
it’s a trope before we take a break I I
saw one of our friends yesterday

okay friend you introduced me to many
many many moons ago in the beginning of
the no agenda show I got it I got a
tweet on Friday is it a female no okay I
got a tweet on friday from roger McGuinn

oh yeah Roger and he’s he was in Austin
the final show of his sweetheart of the
rodeo album the 50th 50th anniversary
tour yeah they said day once you come by

I got to tell you when when it went one
of the birds tweets you I think that’s
cred a little bit roger McGuinn man
actually not just roger chris hillman

Marty Stewart they were doing this this
was a very interesting show
that he did you know very bluegrass and
everything but he says hi by the way
back when yeah did you go to the comment

search of course I did we went backstage
your Camila was there we hung out a
little bit and the thing with Roger is
you know he texts me like okay got back
backstage passes for you at will-call

it’s like okay we’re walking over he
said are you there yet so now we’re
getting there I’m here he’s like he’s
the star of the show he’s like standing
by we’ll call he’s ready to take his
backstage and you know how he talks like

this he’s very soft very soft-spoken
when he speaks hey it’s a great time we
you know was just fun to fund and see
him again he’s 76 now he looks pretty

good he does well he exercises bicycles
oh really as a bad man you don’t get
what you don’t think there’s any Botox
going on you think not really you know

think so I would doubt it’s possible
he’s smooth man his face is smooth look
I’m 54 so great maybe I had a great
procedure called a grind anyway he did

give me one great idea which I wanted to
share cuz this may be our ticket out of
here mine for sure
my ticket out of this godforsaken gig
are you gonna leave me stuck well maybe

maybe I can work into it I’m not worried
about it so here’s what he says he says
they have been around the rush you know
he doesn’t like to fly and in fact they
were hopping in the van and driving

black back to Florida last night and the
van and so he says we’ve been around the
world for free and Camilo starts to
explain how this whole thing works is

the cruise lines they’ve been on 30
cruises first-class around the world and
here’s how they do it they sell a roger
McGuinn lecture 45 minutes to lectures
during the during the whole cruise and

then that you get all your food and
drink and everything for free I’m like
this is grace it’s how you could do this
so easy I’m like but yeah you’re roger
McGuinn you tell a story you pick up a
guitar and you use play Tambourine Man

just now you just get a power point and
you just tell stories about the music
videos play some music videos
and no Tina’s gone yeah I hope you put
that presentation together like this is

a great idea you could do it and he says
that might the audience is just about
crews taken age right now
yeah I think so I think this is an

exciting prospect I think you should go
for it
and with that I’d like to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning news
John say you are the C stands for

centenary Dvorak well in the morning you
mr. Adam Curry in the morning to all the
boots on the ground feet in the air subs

in the water and the games and nights
out there in the morning to the troll
room whenever we fire up the bat signal
it goes out through goes out through the
tweeters and the mastodons everyone

rushes off to the troll room No Agenda
Stream comp and I good to see everybody
they’re a little slow today trolls good
to have you
also in the morning too let me see I
believe it was Mike Reilly who brought

us the artwork for episode 1080 for
complex instrument the title of that
this was the Joe Rogan alien artwork
with adam curry inventor of the podcast

and bob seed oil some tech guy which got
big laughs people like this art it’s
very funny yeah so one of the funnier
pieces that we’ve done recently Latino

was Tina was flying back from Chicago
and she’s hi I’d listened to show I
really laughed when you played the Bob
seed oil s yeah yeah and what do you
think of the history of podcast he says

now I fell asleep right after that
somebody trimmed it and put it on
soundcloud oh they did yeah oh I haven’t
seen that with some original arts as a

history of podcasting by Adam card cool
and so be on the lookout all right we
have a few people of thing including a
super night um sort Kirk from the Happy
Valley one hundred and one thousand one

hundred and eleven dollars and 18 cents
belated congratulations on the 11 years
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please keep up the great work and stay

this stay sane in the morning sort Kirk
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it wait put an 18 there I see yeah I was

thinking that the name of the 11:00
donation is not as like a sack of sticks
no we had originally we had a name for
it 11 11 11 though I never miss well

thank you something I want to mention it
now in pika all those project in the
second part but I want to forget this is
also Eric to shill and his wife Dee his

anniversary cuz they owe everybody the
family like JC was married on twelve
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on eight eight and Eric is married on
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and that’s the story jobs jobs jobs and
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beragon Baron of the Alps from zaandam

3333 he sends kisses I have to sound
like a Nazi drill instructor – I get
this accent down this is who you are

33333 keep the show going guys uh
critius pushers said kisses was it yes
Jesus kisses pushes the Baron of the

Alps zonder from Jean de Brian
Malinowski parts unknown see email for
note oh ok well I have it no right here
never that’s good I planned ahead

it does happen once every few months i
TM gents long time boner first-time
donor been listening religiously since
early 2012 when I had a two-hour commute

to work twice weekly well that’s when
people listen that’s a terrible commute
coincidence I think not the media
deconstruction you to have done it’s
completely changed the way I view media

and world events to no agenda show is my
only source for news as I ditched cable
yeah I hear a lot of people say yes you
hear a lot of people say they ditched

cable no they say that they use no
agenda as the primary source that a lot
and I’ll say that and I think in general
and you know we’re still obviously
certainly in in this time since we
deconstruct media we’re very beholden to

the US media so it’s a lot of Trump
Trump Trump but if I open the European
newspapers there’s a lot of Trump Trump
Trump today as well I think I think we
give you enough to get by and hang out

at the water cooler at the at your
coffee o’clock
I think so the camaraderie you both have
mixed with the playful bickering
camaraderie for not only an informative

but entertaining show I’m hoping the
show continues for infinity yes please
do not confuse professionalism with
camaraderie this is something I always
wondered about John but I’ve never heard

in the many years that I’ve been
following him John do you use the
keyboard layout that your uncle created
or get any royalty checks for those that
choose to use it as their primary key

board some of the Dvorak keyboard I’ve
ever seen your uncle so relative his
name Dvorak yeah okay so was the
classical composer I guess yeah and I
have a hand it goes over an octave no I

don’t I find it the problem is it’s
inconvenient if you go from machine to
machine the Machine then you want to use
somebody else a machine you get locked

in I learn to Dvorak keyboard no I can’t
really type I mean does anyone use a
Dvorak keyboard seriously yeah yeah
there’s a little user really oh yeah mmm
I swear by it thanks again for all the

work you both put into the show jingles
sawing noise ISO of the Isis beheadings
her head is gone and my little girl and
the little girl yay karma uh oh by the

way PS he says I loved hearing the
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there’s the one guy I don’t know what

saw is talking about
yes I know I have all I have something
for him there what was the other stuff
you wanted a head is on the Isis
beheadings a sawing noise there with her
head is gone and then little girl yay

okay well I have some type of variation
he’ll be okay foot bones connected to
them ankle bone and the ankle bones
connected to the shin bone and the shin

bones connected to the knee bone and the
knee bones connected to the thigh bone
yep he’s all together looks like that’s
khashoggi and her head is gone

you’ve got karma I don’t think it worked
well I don’t I don’t know the songs I

just don’t have anything that’s titled
saw anyway I think he didn’t ask for
what he should have been getting which
is the D douching so that we can

I was a Brian he also contributed to
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wife and stop the propagate the formula
our formula is this we go out for your
people in the mouth
I’d like to start this part off with a

little wood little sight sideways clip
this is the kind of thing I think would
have got a lot more attention if we
didn’t have Trump as president and there
was a slower news day and people weren’t
shooting each other in the state of

California wasn’t on fire as it is every
year yes by the way the last time Malibu
burned down was 93 I remembers not that
mud this is new

Chinese robot anchor ah yes I think I
might be in trouble I now has developed
a virtual anchor to deliver the news
watch this

hello everyone I’m an English artificial
intelligence anchor this is my very
first day in zing one news agency my
voice and appearance are modeled on
shangzhou a real anchor with Tsing hua

the development of the media industry
calls for continuous innovation and deep
integration with the International
advanced technologies that was exciting
what do you think personality no

charisma and they didn’t even pronounce
CY correctly but my point the point is
that they can work tirelessly 24 hours a

day no difficult contract negotiations
to go through as well vacations no
vacations but how would they deal with
humor or breaking what they do because
they would have to be a single anchor

two of them together would be able to
interact and they’re basically repeating
what’s being texted in someone’s writing
in the text well you had to go into Fox
Business News to get a clip of this I
find this to be stupid

that’s Varney’s on fox business isn’t it
no it’s not true that they had to go I
had another clip of it I just like this
one better
this is stupid this is the stupidest
thing I’ve seen why is this a great

story I think this is the future
they think there’s a very popular robot
woman in Japan I can’t remember her name
but I thought it was Korea I thought it

was Korea
I thought was Japan could be could be
she’s just a virtual character and she
sounds very believable and she looks
believable and they have it and I you

know these guys everyone keeps doesn’t
want to admit to this as saying you know
these newsreaders in particular a very
expensive readers yes yeah I know I like

the irony of these guys get millions of
dollars a year most of them yeah most of
and if you get some Louis just have some

schlubs right in the copies they’re not
right in their own cock let’s just step
back for a second let’s just step back
for one second because there’s a couple
things going on here I also had a clip
except I only had the clip of this
stupid thing talking hold on did I even

pull the clip of it maybe I didn’t oh
let me just hear my clip maybe the same
hello everyone
I’m an English artificial intelligence

Anka this is my very first day in zing
Juana’s agency okay so this is being
touted as AI and AI news reader uh no
it’s just a CGI this is as you point out

in Japan or Korea wherever it is there’s
a very believable looking CGI a
representation of a the female presenter

on television this is not AI this is
nothing this is like as a cartoon it’s a
better version of such thing as a as an
AI newsreader

what I think is being touted as a I but
I think the I think you’re right that
they want this to be the future and the
irony is is that all these Talking Heads

who just read a script I don’t think
they’re I will never lose my money and
no stop right there do you remember the

era of the overpaid disc jockey during
the morning commute hours that used to
be like in the 60s and 70s they make in
the 60s and 70s they’d make $750,000

which is equivalent a day about today’s
money yep some 80s and 90s we’re still
making that kind of money sure yeah

well yes what’s your what happened to
them well that went away when the
internet came in I think it went away
before that no no up until 2000
certainly an in p1 markets I’m talk some

radio talk here with you morning show
guys were making a million bucks Adam
Carolla that’s why he could go start a
podcast because he’s making millions
doing the afternoons on the kiss FM in

LA and that was not that long ago so
okay but it certainly it certainly
became a lot worse
just because of you know more ways to

get your top 40 music and more ways to
be entertained this is this is the
problem with everything so these prices
have gone down dramatically across the
board on all cabling Al Sharpton’s try

the last guy to make
a lot of money but yeah the irony is not
lost on me
but eventually I guess right now people
want some humanity I don’t think this
will ever work I really I just don’t see

it and I think more importantly people
want to hear you mess up for something I
learned very early on I was obsessed in
my when I was 19 just started on TV I

wanted to get this I want to do it
exactly right we weren’t using prompters
I’ve memorized my lines he might in my
the first couple of years I was doing
television I would memorize what I was
gonna say and yeah I noticed that if I

flubbed and if I you know made a joke
out of it or somehow fixed it and wasn’t
to embarrass people like that more than

they worried about a flub they didn’t
care yeah so you have to build that into
your AI to make it human but people want
humanity this is not I do not write it

down in the book I don’t think this is
gonna this is not the future it’s not
the future a lot of things a few robots
side on this one you take the robot side
what is in our future is this story say

that an Amazon echo may help prove who
killed two women in Farmington New
Hampshire the victims were found
murdered in a home on meter borough Road
back in 2017
police arrested Timothy Verrill for the

crimes investigators believe that the
entire tak was recorded on the victims
Amazon echo in the kitchen
a judge has now ordered Amazon to
provide any audio recordings from the

speaker Beryl has pleaded not guilty in
the case well this will be very
interesting to see if this thing
recorded anything because it’s only
supposed to record after a wake word is

and so there’s probable cause for some
reason it looks like the judge is just
not technically savvy maybe that’s you
got convinced easily that there’s

probable cause that there’s a recording
of these murders I mean doesn’t seem
probable but if there is recording well
then yeah then we have some issues well
what would you do your amazon and the

legal team yes hello um depends a lot
what how this was presented with the
request was a group was it a subpoena
was it as just a request a judicial

request what was it and what would you
as the legal team you’re the legal guy
over there what are you gonna say
because you know that Jeff Bezos that if
they are recording everything you do
they don’t want that out the Stafford

County Superior Court presiding justice
Steven M Han compelled Amazon to
disclose not only the audio files but
any associated data such as what phones

were paired to the smart speaker that
may be connected to the January 2017
murder of Christine Sullivan and Jenna
Pellegrini so the judge ordered any any
and all recordings in Elle data from

this talking tube
no how you gonna deal with that lawyer
oh my god I’m Amazon’s lawyer yeah oops
if if the judge compels me and just give

it up why why not because it’s a worst
publicity you can get them he’s this
thing is listening to everything you do
but Scott I don’t think it is microphone
oh I don’t think so either

there’s a microwave it’s too much why
save all the stupid data but it’s got a
microphone array that can pretty much
pick up anything boots in a couple of
rooms good it’s good at that but I just

don’t if there’s recordings of that that
would then then there’s definitely a
problem what’s the trigger word for it
Alexa yeah yeah that you can set Alexa
or echo the lexo or Alexa no no it has I

think everyone has a program for Alexa
you can only do a lexer or echo as far
as them or amaz I think can call it
Amazon what happened to yours you had

one what happened well I had the one
that I built and you got very annoyed by
it cuz it was terrible
it was slow you’re the one that got
annoyed by it not me oh okay sure no you

said it was too slow it was taken too
long to do what it had to do and all the
rest of but what did you just take the
other stuff and just toss it well no I
I still use it I use it at home I use it
for to take notes and lists and it’s you

know the new one the new the Mycroft my
CRO F T which is open source and it does
not it’s slow that’s the problem it’s
slow because you know it’s it doesn’t

have the resources of Amazon behind it
it’s a you know it’s running on a
Raspberry Pi so I did it doesn’t shoot
out to the cloud and get processed by a
million cycles per millisecond so it
takes a little bit longer for it to give

an answer but still the number the three
things you use it for turn the lights on
turn the lights off add something the
shopping list and how old is somebody
and that’s all we use it for
all right well sounds like something you

can use it for I have a couple accepts
from KQED or KQED the PBS news hour they
have shields and Brooks is this more
political stuff about America well not

all of it okay cuz I’m freely tired of
these just assholes the whole time it’s
completely debilitating in US and it
always winds up with us saying these

guys are idiots
hey a thousand and eighty five episodes
we’ve had a good run John mode now your
plan I’m already on the Pacific princess
on the Lido deck yeah you probably run

into Leo who does a lot of those oh okay
well maybe this is not such a great idea
then anyway
so I’m watching shields and Brooks yes a
little political because these guys are

both nuts yeah but yes but there’s some
oddities in here I got one I want to
know if you even play this clip this
shields and Brooks weird intro you may
remember there was an election earlier

this week
look yesterday at least a day sharda in
our political team did a wonderful
breakdown looking at the new Congress
you call that a generational change okay
what was so weird about it

well there’s two weird days one that was
an August clip that you played yes I
know I can eat that oh good we’re open
source Palin

I found a cognitive cognitive dissonance
structure that bothers me because it
doesn’t make sense and I can’t I know
how to resolve it but she says

last Tuesday there were as you know
there was an election but Lisa de
chardin talked about the election with a
report on the newcomers what the use of

the word but let me listen let me listen
again you may remember there was an
election earlier this week but yesterday
at least add a chart in our political
team did a wonderful breakdown looking

at the new Congress she called it a
generational change I could could that
also just be a word she inserted just to
get her because she was laughing see I
think she ad libbed and then she went to

get back to the prompter she’s because
she hear ago but I think was just it
wasn’t in the script in my mind though
she could have used and Josh what she
should have used she’s she’s not even as

good as that AI from China well that’s
what you want any night then you have
shields and Brooks just another those
these are all short is 19 seconds 10

this is Brooks saying that he’s most
alarmed by and it’s like why would
anybody be alarmed by what he just
bought to say and Brooks who’s the

Democrat who’s Brooks is the gasps
supposed to be a Republican but he’s a
Democrat and shields is like the
progressive Democrat who’s supposed to
be a Democrat the most alarmed by with
mr. shields I’m sorry this shields not

Brooks okay and he’s alarmed by
everything well he’s left he’s crazy
left and most alarmed by was the
president’s announcement that it was a

great victory for Republicans the
Republicans lost more seats than they
did under Ronald Reagan a George W Bush
both of whom accepted the fact that the
party addicts didn’t suffer the
shellacking and and III was particularly

he never mentions Obama of course who
was shellacked but he’s just alarmed by

this and we have to go back and remember
that trump was you know kind of raised
by norman vincent peale the positive
power of power positive positivity is a

bad thing you know I don’t I’m not quite
getting the effect that they hate him
for being positive all right here’s
another one this is the irony statement
and I want you to listen to this and

tell me exactly where is the irony that
is claimed and and I think I think that
the victory David I know disagree on
this I think it was an enormous personal

victory and political victory for Nancy
I really do and she she was the one who
passed health care in 2009 almost
single-handedly and the party paid for

in 2010 and ironically in 2018 it was
the issue
yeah I don’t know where the irony comes
where’s the is not irony it’s there’s no
iris in the word ironically no there’s a

knowing by the way that people do these
sorts of things
well irony is very misunderstood as a
term I think I used it correctly earlier
when I said the irony of celebrating

Armistice Day and talking about war and
yes that’s a very good example
I thought but I had to think about it
because irony is just thrown around it’s
so ironic isn’t it which is used for

surprising disappointing is used for
many things but irony
yes it seems to be just kind of a word
you use for no good reason and then the

last when I’m not gonna play that
there’s more but I’m gonna play this was
another she’s a little longer but this
is Brooks this time it is Brooks who if
you remember all the during the run-up

to the 2016 election he would be the guy
and I had tons of these clips he’d say
oh well Trump’s got a 25% base and no
one’s every when he gets into the

general election or the next level he
can’t get more than 25% off no pass no
pass no band then he can’t get more than
35% this is the limit you can’t get 30
well I’m not worried about him winning

the presidency because he can’t get more
than 40%
he’s always got these like these percent
things in his brain that he’s got a new
one okay let’s try so both of you have
noted that the demographically there

were huge shifts but this nucleus lutely
but they were largely in one party and
not the other that is that’s a fair
assessment David what do you make of
that looking forward at our biggest and
strongest two parties one path is

clearly moving towards more
representation of the general public and
one not so much
well a couple things first Donald Trump
seems to have walled him in welds
himself in with 45% of the electorate

and so that he’s built some pretty
strong barriers it’s hard to see people
leaving and coming in a second it should
be said that for all there was a blue
wave or a huge surge in turnout for the
Democrats there was also a huge surge

and turnout Republicans and to me that
is basically the white working-class
saying we’re still hurting you know some
may have to do with Cavanaugh hearings
and things like that but life in a rural

areas is still marked by huge numbers of
men outside labor force
you’ve got jobs that are part-time in
the gig economy you’ve still got a lot
of economic strain and those people just

came out because they’re still hurting
now can this party get outside that 45%
I don’t think so
another proclamation okay so the 45%

he’s just pulling that him over to the
what’s the point here is just pulling
that ass out of thin air that B’s is
limited but this is a basic theory for
the last two years
oh you can’t win cuz he only has 45% and

in this case well okay alright now let
please allow me to present you some
unhinged clips about politics in America
because you know you’re playing

intellectuals who are saying nothing
which is humorous to us but no one that
I know watches Brooks and shields
anymore except you I think these guys
have become completely oculus charge I

think these guys are just they’ve talked
himself out of relevance and the people
that are being believed as the true
bastions of honesty and truth are late
night talk show guys really I would say

Bill Maher but how about Seth Meyers
let’s have a look at Seth Meyers as he
takes a closer look at the Democrats
taking control of the House Democrats
closing message was primarily about

health care Trump on the other hand
tried to scare people with racist
conspiracy theories about the migrant
caravan what was the conspiracy theory
about the migrant caravan did he have a

conspiracy theory or did he say it’s not
quite a conspiracy theory being a
theorist myself but ok I’ll let you
slide headed toward the southern border

Trump’s advisers pleaded with him to
talk about something else like the
economy and Trump tried but admitted he
found the subject boring and what job
numbers we had today did you hear did
you hear

well we’ll go into that they all say
speak about the economy speak about the
economy well we have the greatest
economy in the history of our country
but sometimes it’s not as exciting to

talk about the economy right that’s just
talking about the economy he didn’t say
it was boring either Seth Meyers just
said he thought it was boring so he

plays this whipsaw clip anyway did you
hear well if not too bad cuz I’m not
gonna tell you I’m sorry I’m missing
that humor that’s the president saying
the economy is boring dude the economy

is your number one job oh no the economy
is not your number one job at all
Patrick Falls uphold and defend the

Constitution shut up Seth Meyers
alright let’s go to MSNBC that’s where
we found Michael Moore with uh what’s

our buddy not math is it Matthew who was
on the MSNBC Christmas is it buddy it
was a stop the hammering guy Oh Oh

ah Larry Larry Oh da re alright let’s
listen the Mike go more absolutely
you’re so right to say that in you’re
right imagine if we hadn’t won on
Tuesday night first of all I think there
were so many people anticipating that

possibility after what happened in 2016
I heard that pharmaceutical companies
were actually developing an
antidepressant just for Democrats if
that actually brings up the point where

was all the the revolting and the the
demonstrating and the rioting and I
don’t I think everything would pretty
peacefully didn’t it

the midterm elections there was no
there’s no fracas there was nothing
going on
no there’s that thing you went to if it
was there was that was after the
election there’s no rioting anywhere it
was it was all calm okay so it seems

good but yet the Democrats and everyone
on the Left had to have antidepressants
and you know to take drugs we’re all
freaking out but unfortunately they
don’t they don’t need that now they can

go back to the lattes and cappuccinos oh
yeah exactly
go back to your lattes and cappuccinos
he’s actually saying it right for their
medicine and medicinal purposes but
seriously though what’s going on the

Justice Department because what you have
now we already had a constitutional
crisis with promising behavior prior to
the election we know that yeah no just

he doesn’t know what it is but he’s
gonna there’s only one way he can go
we’ve already had constitutional crisis
we’re all gonna die so what do you do
when you’re already at peak

constitutional crisis with promising
behavior prior to the election we now
have a constitutional crisis within the
constitutional crisis we have a
constitutional crisis within the

constitutional crisis it could not be
any worse social crisis within the
constitutional crisis we now have a
state of emergency within the state of
emergency oh my god ar-15 ever explain

what he’s talking about
yeah I think you try yes 30 seconds so
give it a shot he’s very dangerous we

live in a country now where an American
can win you a bar and killed 12 people
to go into a synagogue and kill 11
people can go into a Kroger looking for
black people and kill black people this
we are in a very very dangerous

situation all of us have to be up and
active we have to be on guard and and
and Ruth Bader Ginsburg if you’re
recovering them tonight and watching us

seriously I would do anything for you
I I would I would literally donate a rib
for you although my ribs might that be
it might take up your whole body but
but I’m just saying he’s really on a

roll I mean the the jokes are just one
after another that we’ve got a lot of
things in front of us here a lot on our
plate Lawrence but the people are going
to be heard and they’re not going away

just because they won on Tuesday night
all right so what he said was nothing
absolutely nothing but yet they keep at
the end well you can keep going but as

he says we got to keep going they’re
gonna be heard even though we won that’s
what he says the people are gonna be
heard even though we won is that I mean
you’d say that would be that this again

this is cognitive listen to the end what
is it what does it mean you won but
you’re used to you but you get the
trophy let’s dissect it we’ve got a lot
of things in front of us here a lot on

our plate Lawrence but the people are
going to be heard and they’re not going
away just because they won on Tuesday
they’re not going away just because they

I understand your confusion but it gets
better in this civics lesson if there
was a way to do the map where we
actually built the map and showed by
population how large this area of the

country is or this area the kind by
population you would see the bluest of
blue you need sunglasses there’d be so
much blue on the screen on the map now

you need two blue blocker glasses if we
actually showed the matter by the size
of its population not the size of how
many acres

the state has he believes that the
Senate they all do somehow is determined
by the acres acres they have so this was
an election this is you know and people

know you know they still have the Senate
yes they have to set it but that’s
because that’s through that’s not a
democratic election that’s not a
one-person one-vote now because we’re
also not a democracy you douche were a

constitutional republic not true
democracy no doesn’t mean that Delaware
gets the same number of votes in the
Senate as California with 40 million
people who live there if it was a true

democracy the Senate would be
proportional to the actual numbers of
the country so the house is for no but
he just he just skips over that he feels

the Senate should be the same as the
house you see take the Senate throw them
away that’s what the way to solve this
just dissolves the Senate to fix that we
have to get rid of the electoral college
we need to have preferential voting

systems where you vote your first choice
your second choice will get a more I’ve
never heard of this the preferential
voting system when you get to do well if
this guy is not this guy I want it to be
this lady’s implemented that years ago

you have to do a one two and three you
got is that a good system well and it
ends up with for example uh Dianne
Feinstein a Democrat running against the
Democrat right right all right well

I will be hearing more from mr. Michael
Moore but the the close series of clips
I really want to get to we don’t want

the this is the you don’t want a
democracy pure democracy because there’s
always results in a majority rule most
mob rules yeah it’s very bad very that’s

why the Republic works so well I just
find its own away at it says senator
Delaware yeah I find that actually
that’s kind of treasonous in a way but

you could say whatever you want but to
keep saying that it’s you know we’re not
a democracy well no we’re not but to
make it sound like it’s such a stupid
idea is work pretty well and then all
this this is the same group of people

like the woman who’s now the
congresswoman from Michigan
or congressional representative which is
the way they like to say it yes from
Michigan standing up and say have you

ever read the Constitution again getting
thrown out of a meeting no no same group
to stay you read the Constitution you
understand why they doing it this way or
you to that and to have you read the
Constitution Michael Moore that would be

that would be the question I very much
enjoyed and I as I have been doing for
the past few weeks that Bill Maher show
this weekend Friday yes did you see it
no I don’t bother anymore cuz you’re on

that very good very good so this was a
rare occasion when you have two
comedians Bill Maher and then the
special guest that the panel didn’t get
the same treatment as Barbra Streisand

with her own little set and everything
now just sit at the at the at the table
next to bill Sarah Silverman so here you
have two comedians and when two
comedians went when it doesn’t work and
they’re both trying to be funny and what

happens is they are bombing consistently
because they’re not you know they’re not
on the same wavelength I think that he
was on her show it cuz he meant and I
don’t think in these clips when he

mentioned it somewhere and he had such a
great time but I think that somehow they
they shot their wad together and you
know you know what I mean right then it
just doesn’t work it’s like they’re
trying to be funny and neither um liver

is funny and it’s cringe-worthy which
means it’s perfect for the no agenda
show congratulations you got your walk
your walk your star on the walk
Gary Busey

oh you’re kidding not the star actually
Gary I think what happened here is she
said I got a joke about my Hollywood

star start off with that I don’t think
she was ready for him to crack the Gary
Busey joke which I’m sure he does all
the time when he talks about his star
that I think’s is where it went wrong in
a time bill where anti-semitic crime is

up 57% since this douchebag has taken
office must be it is not lost on me that
I am very lucky that I get a star and I

don’t have to sew it on my clothes
just like it’s funny because it’s true

humor well I think it’s they love sarah
silverman humor Thanks
yeah there’s two Jews who are
disagreeing over the joke he did not
like that joke he did not think it was

and I’d you know it just kind of went
downhill from there one good thing
though I must say about Trump is I never
thought I’d even say those words but he
has sort of broken down certain norms

that we lived with for a long time that
didn’t really make sense like
extramarital affairs I mean I was
arguing with that in the Clinton days it
doesn’t really matter that’s private it
doesn’t if I remember these to say if he
cheats on his wife

is he gonna cheat on the country you can
cheat on your wife all day long and
still be a good president we’ve had many
who did mm-hmm
so we didn’t care and it was good
because it’s just his private yet he had

stormy Daniels on two weeks ago for an
entire interview at the beginning and
said to you was she had done the great
service to the country
so that’s a little stupid but this one

this next clip works very well for me
this again solidifies that there is an
an anger brewing predominantly I think
pretty much only among the left and

maybe it’s only people who were a member
of a leftist party and the there is so
much anger and so many things have been
brewing up that people start to cuss a
lot everywhere on television and you

know and I think we may be the last show
of the show before when you say certain
word when you swear it’s not just the
word that comes out there’s it’s a

release of energy of frustration can be
a number of things but you know it’s a
physical thing it actually you’ve got
serotonin shooting around melatonin and
God knows what’s flying in your head

when you do that your pupils dilate your
pores open up but now listen to this
another one language Beto
said I love the fuck out of you guys at
his rally years ago that would have been

a big deal cuz he said fuck no nobody
gives a fuck fuckin a positive limb
that’s how my day always grew up in my
dad says fuck every other word but he’s

a joyful guy I’m such a fucking lucky
guy you know like you it’s joyful and I
think that’s nice I don’t like when
Trump says stuff like stupid and loser
and stuff like that to me that’s um you
know I’m not the word police he can say

it but it just says so much about
himself tonight we all know he’s really
kind of at this Arrested Development at
about eight years old
great compassion for him if he wasn’t

hurting people’s lives but those are
words that children say before they
learn that those that they’re not nice
words you know you’re lose or you’re
stupid it’s a bad karma

what about shit okay I do have a theory
what up fuck so you would say shit oh
you did I don’t know everything goes out

the window once I’m sittin here but I
think the silly but we all of course on
this show on where I am on two we can
say shit fuck cunt wat but I mean what

is wrong with these people we’re now a
minute and a half into this but the rest
of the country on on television we just

and everything we accept that the word
shit is obscene that it’s a swear and it
just means poop it just means crap
there’s no reason it should be

considered obscene or a swear at all but
we don’t question things that are just
the way they are and I think that it’s
an example of how it’s so hard to have
any progress because we don’t question

anything nobody says why you should
believed on TV
it just means poop see that they’re
totally missing the entire point of this
because it’s an interesting topic I

think it’s interesting how language is
changing and how were you how was swear
words are being used more and more but
all they can do is well the means like
good poop seriously this is cringe
worthy last one but that was a pretty

amazing thing to get thrown out of the
press room and also to have a print it
wasn’t thrown out of the press room just
talking about Jim Acosta he was denied
re-entry as his hard pass whatever that

his hard pass was confiscated it wasn’t
thrown out but that was a pretty amazing
thing to get thrown out of the press
room and also to have a press secretary
Sarah Huckabee Sanders present a

you said suck of a succubus
what’s succubus oh it’s a Greek god or
something so it’s dumb another another

dumb joke I didn’t mean that say we’re
both losing it but he knows that it’s
our submit a doctored tape like now wait
a minute
is this as he’s really claiming that

that the the video that went around that
that was edited doctored and that there
was no physical contact is that what
he’s really saying that’s a meme it’s
one degree info exactly and it came from

that’s they get their news from Infowars
i standards to me that’s the meme yes of
an authoritarian government you know i
mean it’s it’s he it’s not even dog

whistles anymore it’s full-on racist boy
yes you are right it’s not subtle he’s
doing it right in front of our fucking
face there has to be bad words I mean

you’ve got a president who’s shit and
we’ve become accustomed to that so
therefore that
so that’s it that’s that’s what’s

happening to the people who used to be
yeah that is problem now it’s a huge
they’re obsessed and they’re weird

very obsessed
let’s see what else do we have oh yes I
did I did want to mention this before we

take another break someone gave me and I
was a blog was this a blog post let me
say no forcibly it was an alternative
theory on the plastic bands that we are

seeing straws utensils cops what else do
we have that’s banned plastic wise
mostly bags and many straws yeah oops

this is oh this is from the organic
prepper calm if that’ll tell you
anything and it goes through a whole
list of countries who have and States
who have banned plastic bags and there’s

a lot that’s quite it’s in the show
notes at the plastic water bottle
plastic water bottle yes so you know we
know about the dangers of plastic but

the question is and this is what they’re
trying to answer is why is there such a
push to ban plastic now I would say it’s
like an agenda 21 thing because yeah
we’re getting plastic I mean what we’re

being told is plastic is seeping into us
we’re pooping plastic plastics
everywhere plastic is bad I mean we’ve
had plastic in our lives since the
graduate so you know the plastic stuff
around I don’t think we’re dying from

plastic I don’t really believe that that
all the turtles are in jeopardy of a
straw up their nose so these guys have a
theory they have a theory what is the
number one use of plastic that people

have on their person almost at all times
and some people have a lot on their

naked no no when you’re when you’re in
the world not when you’re home not when
you’re naked when you’re out and about
doing your business like most people do
what is the number even people who have
no job have this plastic ray on credit

cards and the thinking is if we can get
people fed up enough with plastic and
then we could get them to get rid of

their credit cards be bringing the chip
that’s a stretch tip for me I like it
yeah is I think the plastic water

bottles are a little more concerning
then well BPA is different but the thing
this is more about not from the BPA
point of view which is from the amount
of leftover plastic you have because

people don’t reuse these bottles
that’s not what that is not the meme the
meme is we’re killing animals were
pooping plastic it’s not water bottles

it’s turtles fish the big plastic
floating island yeah which is water
bottles again I know but I’m just saying
I like this as a theory yeah why I can

understand why you know why I like it
well it’s not like companies aren’t
doing this people are doing this this
swedish company that did it yeah and i
think there’s a couple american

companies that have done it people think
is fantastic and I did a quick Bing
search and I did they tried this in 2014
and 2009 how your credit cards affect
the environment I’m just reading some

some headlines here plastic cards not so
fantastic for the environment making
credit cards landfill friendly why cards
would retailer seek green alternative to

gift cards is it green card there’s a
lot they’ve tried this for several years
I see 2009 2011 2014 let’s see if it
comes back

all right
I don’t think it will well I mean this I
mean I don’t think it will get any
different than what we’ve been
witnessing so far in secret of a minor
could because and subtle could an

approach could be it’s not gonna help
I liked it though as an idea besides
that I think that because of this clip

you have to worry about plastic in the
ocean oceans heating up it should melt
the plastic in environmental news the
world’s oceans are warming at a much
faster rate than previously thought

oh that’s according to a new report in
the journal Nature which finds that
oceans have absorbed 60% more heat
during the past 25 years than previous
scientific estimates scientists say this

will result an accelerated global
warming as the heat is released into the
atmosphere making the target of holding
global temperature rise below 1.5

degrees Celsius or two point seven
degrees Fahrenheit even more difficult
to achieve unless urgent global action
is taken it’s been interesting reading
Dutch news

once this IPCC report came out where
everyone said oh yeah we have to stop it
at 1.5 degrees
the Netherlands certainly the political
class and the elites went all in yeah
we’ve got to do this we’re shutting

everything down you know they already
have pretty much banned gas for usage in
homes for heating or for cooking no new
homes will be built with a gas
connection that’s off the table that’s

just done in the whole country why
because it’s bad for the environment I’m
telling you they’re idiots over there
it’s the socialist kingdom of the
Netherlands and then of course people
while we have to do something we got to

hurry up we only have until 2030 to get
this all done
so let’s loot lose let’s use nuclear and
no no no no nuclear it just it just it
doesn’t work there’s a huge I’m telling

you all the experts are saying it costs
too much it takes too long for it to
eventually make any sense financially so
no yes yes percent of France yes I know
I know

and people just you know and of course
you know then we get documentaries
oldest look at your Nobel again is that
what you want people do you want that
kind of renewable energy do you want to
die do you want to be fried now let’s
have some wind wind and Sun

they’re going to have to start buying
energy from Germany you watch
maybe this whole thing’s a scheme to buy
energy from Germany to show my food by
donation to no agenda imagine all the

people who could do this oh yeah that’d
be fab
more than a few people thank for show

1085 yep Jonathan Dennison are actually
just going back to Aryan D young stock
in Dortmund our youngster youngster

huh hi an SSD she said she is probably
the heat yeah you’re right

Jonathan Dennison $111 oh that was one
hundred one two three four five Jonathan
Dennison one 11.11 black baron Scott
Barron of North Georgia one 11.11 I
think it was I think it was Scott who

asked me to play at the end of the show
was the bagpipes the flowers of the
forest oh yeah yeah I think we should do
that okay

don’t play that dr. Jeff one 11.11 these
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Kincaid uh sir Kevin McLaughlin my count
of Luna and that’s the end of them all
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shoutouts to the US Marine Corps which I
I know we have a lot we have a lot of
service personnel in the a producer
stable yeah many a Marine Corps which

they celebrated what two hundred and
forty seven years yesterday yeah
yesterday yeah the day of the newsletter
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is the other opportunity because it was
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City and Jackson Butler and level and
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Muhammad Ali ball hwanhee 808 but did
you care about boobs boobs always a

thanks dude hey Muhammad Ali Dave the
deer Slayer also boobs this has been a
douche bag for too long she’d do shit
yes we do get some karma at the end

Vaughn glitch got night of the vector
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skipped him Robert Deccan a and here
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that’s it sir well wishers for Armistice

Day they did the other thing we got to
consider it’s a holiday a lot of people
would take today I’ll take Monday off
right yeah but they’re off for the
three-day weekend they’re up there yeah

I don’t know where you’re gonna go in
California it’s not on fire burn us I
think Clear Lake is still okay and bear
es is still working so you’re safe
though right you’re okay there I hope so
well what does that mean how far is fire

from you 100 miles 200 that’s not that
far I don’t think it’s gonna go 200
well I tear that does like 20,000 acres

in two minutes
yeah us a big State mr. Bob misses the
is the air pollution I mean you have the
wind is even though it’s not the worst
of it
the wind is smoked up the area where you

have lay you can’t see the Sun the air
pollution is really bad and I had to put
up the really bad I mean it’s you can’t
see this can’t see San Francisco from
here I wish I could normally can you can
barely see the halfway can’t even see

Alcatraz and it’s all smoke from the
fires which is blowing down this way
because it’s got a reverse wind that a
normal wind comes off the ocean and so I
had to get 2 HEPA filter out and my old

electrostatic precipitator Wow which is
a nice piece of gear to keep to a house
air fresh
do that anyway just yeah you should you

should definitely do that
I saw Elon Musk tweeted Tesla s 90 in
and Model X have hospital-grade HEPA
filters we’re happy to help I’m gonna

take a battery car into a fire that
sounds like a good idea yes well thank
you to our producers who supported this
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jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for jobs
you thought karma
well stand back because today is

November 11th 2018 the birthday list
includes one birthday Peter new collage
says happy birthday to his smokin hot
wife Monica we couldn’t agree more happy

birthday for everybody here the best
podcast in the universe no nights no
titles no nuttin
I did want to mention cuz the guy’s been
in the news was a guy I know quite well

in the Netherlands and he kind of and
although he’s been around longer than I
then I when I first met him when Anthony

Robbins really cropped up I would say
was that 90’s would that be fair to say
that that was peak peak Nathaniel Aramis
did spur a tional guy yeah pecan theny

Robbins was 90s I think he had you know
the firewalk and everything and I had
the tapes probably the early nineties
yeah to this guy Emile Emile Rafa bumped
is his name he started the I first

became aware of him in in the
Netherlands as the Dutch Tony Robbins
and he had the same thing firewalk and
he had pictures of him in Tony Robbins
and he’s a bit like it’s kind of he’s

more he’s like Tony Robbins but also a
little bit like Trump to be quite honest
the way he sometimes talks and this is
just a funny guy and every every so

often he’s like a media bomber he’ll pop
into the media with some outrageous
thing that the whole country’s talking
about and certainly in the Calvinistic
lowlands people eventually seems yeah

that’s just that’s just a meal that he’s
a nutjob but I always liked him cuz I
thought he could have made very
interesting points when I was flying
helicopters yeah I was like yeah we

should be over the land right in the
middle of Amsterdam he would just eat
media bar and then the media just loves
to go towards him and and it became it
went from showing the guy as something

somebody had something interesting to
say or different slant to he’s a nutjob
and of course that’s why I was attracted
to him and he’s been to my house for
dinner I’ve been to his house and I

haven’t spoken to him in a long time but
he showed up on the international stage
this week
anybody was talking about him Washington
Post wrote about him BBC did articles on
everyone’s talking about my guy Emil and

I think this time he really bombed the
media good brands gender ISM is
increasingly a part of American life now
a man wants to be trans aged I’m talking
about a meal rattle band he’s asking a

Dutch court to legally change his age
from sixty ninety nine I feel I suffer
under my age when I am really forty-nine
again I will have a baby again I will

buy a new car again if I have that age
again I hope again a new again the whole
future is there for me again I like this
I heard about this – I didn’t take a

clipping it but yeah I thought it was
pretty funny I thought was it’ll be
interesting to see how this is like
self-identification yes I’m gonna
self-identify as a 40 42 49 year old yes

or I might as well just self-identify as
a 30 year old how old are you at 30 what
you don’t look 30

okay but but but ageism is real it’s
very real and if I were able to change
my age I’m in a weird spot cuz I’m kind

of in the middle but you take someone
like Emil who’s 69 if you can say you’re
49 again you will get jobs that you
wouldn’t get and he doesn’t look 69 to
be honest he looks you know 50 but okay

49 alone insurance and there’s a lots of
things that you know health insurance if
you have a different age if you can
legally change your age and why wouldn’t

you be I identify with the 30 year old
identifies as a woman I have a penis but
identify as a woman okay we’ll put it on
your driver’s license if you can change
it you can change these biological
things why can’t you change biological

age yeah I like it I think of course
he’s behind it yeah me too
what would you identify as
29 okay
you look good three board I’m in I do

have a no agenda tip actually a no

agenda no no agenda travel tip okay yes
there is a new rule
and this starts December 12th that
American Airlines not the not the one

airline but all airliners will allow
passengers with nut allergies to
pre-board so they can wipe everything

I’m thinking hella yeah I got a nut
allergy I’ll show up with a without a
there with a medical mask with gloves
we have to pre-board I have a horrible

have the allergy you don’t have to wear
the mask this is but I want to be in
front of all the other pre borders I
want to want to be the guy really in
front before children small chilling

this is the smoke smoke down here if you
go to these you know they’ve kind of the
hippie-dippie places to go shopping yeah
there’s a bunch of people in there with
these masks so when I saw it the first
time I mean it’s not as bad I don’t know

maybe it’s bad for some people have
asthma but when you see it and not these
masters who don’t do have to judge they
can’t really do much because smoke
particles are too miniscule but you see
the first time I saw it I thought there

was some sort of an outbreak of Ebola or
something yes
did you like it did you see the new
Planned Parenthood ad no but even now

we’re talking about this yesterday and
you really have to see it if you maybe
it’s just being it and get this it’s not
about the audio you can keep the audio

off but it’s a it’s a 30-second well I
think that’s a little longer but a 35
seconds for some reason and it shows a
close-up of the most beautiful beautiful
infant come I saw this ad yes I did see

it so I’m looking at it now you see this
beautiful kid she deserves to be loved
and then that’s just an indie show it
again you’re looking right into her eyes
and the cutest smile ever and you know

just you’re in love with this kid and
then the next title card comes if she
deserves to be wanted and then it goes
black and the kid comes up again and
just the eyes are on you I’m in love

with this kid and then a title card
comes up she deserves to be a choice
yeah and then this the hashtag stand
with P P for stand with Planned

Parenthood and you know Tina and I were
talking and this is the action fun by
the way this is not this is not the
oddly out for this is the for the 501c4
it’s the lobbying organization and and

Tina we’re looking at this and saying
you know you know I think depending on
where you are in your mind or I don’t
know if it’s necessary but comes down to

pro-choice or pro-life I think that’s a
little too strict you know I think
there’s middle ground in this but you
look at it and I looked at this ad and
went oh my god these people are killing

babies like that you know that was just
my initial instinct and I’m not and I’m
not a pro-lifer necessarily you know I
think choice approach um choice is

important but that was my initial
response yeah I never thought that by
the way seeing the ad but apparently
some people I never put you in that
group saw the ad differently

well then they blew the ad
well no well I was gonna get to this the
point I was going to get to was who is
this ad for

that’s kind of how I dissected it
because the baby is a white baby
I believe the number-one client of
Planned Parenthood is black or brown I

may be wrong but I think those are the
don’t know I’m so be maybe a miss
well they made a choice they chose a

very very white blue-eyed baby and
saying this baby should be a choice I
mean I don’t know I think they’re
pandering towards I know it confused the
hell out of me because yes cue list well

let’s also mention that right now the
Democrats as they did before Trump
selection if you remember when we did
the show like I’d say three years ago we
talked about this because we were kind

of taken by it
it was the move was to get all women to
hate Republicans yeah and we had a
number of thematic shows that showed
evidence of this which was the hate hate

on the Republicans so that all women fry
with the female perspective all women
would should should vote Democrat
because the Republicans are evil women

haters and this was the thing maybe
they’re cranking that that idea up again
they could trying to get the white woman
to vote Democrat I don’t I don’t know it
would to me it was very confusing I

think if you know white woman that’s me
identifies a 49 year old white woman
so I’m trying that’s what I’m going for
now I’ve I thought this is airing on TV
though isn’t it didn’t get banded it did

I know it’s not just bad it didn’t work
what they’re saying but there’s the way
the ad reads to me is you have a choice
this this baby you can have this baby

when you’re ready for this baby and you
don’t need to have this baby when it’s
not convenient for your life or whenever
you’re ready to love a child of your own

that I think is the intent of the ad I
don’t know it doesn’t really work
I worked for me but now that you bring
it up probably doesn’t work

I’m gonna go along with the you know if
you can’t everybody is yeah this is the
problem with doing this symbolic kind of
like Ellen the blank type of ad yeah
it’s just they’re always like this

there’s like well you fill in the blank
you filled it and wrong yeah whereas Ice
Cube he makes it very very clear
it’s the warlord bring the food door
when I build through his crazy like

Bellevue what they killed you leave that
boy alone like hum along fucka sculling
bomb arrest of President arrested
a resident

yeah I think it’s pretty clear what he’s
trying to tell us I think that’s a

little more you know see I can get this
this I understand ice and I got it this
one I understand Wow yeah people have so
little respect for the country yes

that’s pretty funny
now let’s we were talking about I think
we had ongoing discussions of the
Southern Strategy and how the party
switched ah the big switch yes I think I

have a good jingle for that you do have
a jingle I think so I didn’t realize you
two you were gonna bring it up no I’m

gonna do something here at the end yeah
anyway tell me what you’re thinking
about and I’ll look for the I got the
Pat Buchanan clip which I promised were
he discusses cuz he was in the Nixon
White House and he discusses the

so-called Southern Strategy and what it
was not doing what it was doing and who
was the racist and who weren’t and
detracted none of this ever a lot of
this stuff has been exaggerated largely

by Democrat inclined history professors
and people that want to push their
agenda on this poor hapless student who
doesn’t get a real clear picture of

things and I thought it’s as long it’s
not real long but it’s long enough that
I thought it’s something you’d
particularly like because it adds to the
narrative of this discussion
the clearly we wanted to we wanted to

Nixon went into all eleven southern
states in 1966 he went in eight against
George Wallace and against – Lester
Maddox and I’ve described that in my

book if you read the book the the libel
against Richard Nixon is that he use
racist tactics to win the south that is
false did that where the Democrats

Woodrow Wilson resegregate at the
federal government carried all 11
southern states
FDR put actus Jack Carter of Texas on
his ticket who had composed the poll tax

FDR put a Klansman on the Supreme Court
put Jimmy Byrnes in South Carolina on
the Supreme Court who had blocked the
anti-lynching law so for decades the

Democratic Party
you used the issue of race to maintain
the solidity of the northern liberal
southern coalition what happened was
Adlai Stevenson the state’s wallace

Beery to the same stage Adelaide
Stevenson heard against Eisenhower was
that because Stevenson was a tougher guy
in foreign policy than droid David

Eisenhower no Stevenson wrote his ticket
John Sparkman of Alabama who was a
signer of the manifesto which called for
massive resistance to integration and

massive resistance to the Supreme Court
decision that’s why I was the senior in
high school so the Democrats were is
that we wrote in that piece look at the
column I wrote

lipnick’s and for Nixon whereas Nixon
went south
to squeeze the last political injustice
then I’m winding complain what FDR was

within all Confederate states
yeah it’s good clip the problem is
anyone who was interested is just gonna

their eyes will glaze over I mean it’s
it’s so much easier to just say hey they
all swapped and the racists are now
Republicans you don’t need to say any

more than that you know every time I
hear one of these we’ve been playing
these long clips about this for forever
people do some glaze over I don’t think
everybody does listening on this show I

don’t I don’t of course not our
producers like but the thing that got me
I didn’t realize cuz I was a Democrat at
the time and my dad was a big Adlai
Stevenson mm-hmm

support cuz he was a union guy and he
was a Democrat which sold you know the
Archie Bunker type which all were all
the Democrats and he was a big fan of
Adlai Stevenson even though he’s running

against Eisenhower who was I can he not
like that guy is like a more general you
know the whole thing and he kept saying
that the reason Stevenson couldn’t beat
Eisenhower was because of he was

perceived as an egghead which was the
first time I ever heard the German and
the egghead which is he looks like he’s
got one of those egg-shaped heads not as
bad as some people but he’s you know and

then he’s bald he’s got a egg he’s an
egg again it was very intellectual he
was like he may had these papers very
soft-spoken history
some of his old speeches they’re on
YouTube but I didn’t even think about
the fact that he had a racist

vice-president right think about it
that’s the same thing yes yeah when he
put Johnson on the ticket yep had to
there’s a little extra piece to this

Southern Strategy story and I found it
on Netflix
it’s tricky dick and the man in black
which is quite a story of Richard Nixon

and Johnny Cash who performed at the
White House and which was a big deal and
in fact and I encourage you to watch
this besides it being Johnny Cash are

just fantastic is great story but
apparently Nixon put in a press release
and he said it part of his strategy was
oh let me get the south I need Johnny
Cash I need Johnny Cash to perform at

the White House and so that was part of
the strategy which is never mentioned
and I you know I didn’t know about
either really and then he put in the
press release Nixon did that the

president has requested Johnny Cash sing
okie from Muskogee and welfare Cadillac
which I mean talk about some dog
whistles especially welfare Cadillac wit

didn’t probably no one knows the song
but it’s about someone who’s on welfare
which I think was severely frowned upon
and this kind of a joke song say one day

I’m gonna drive down pick up my welfare
check in my Cadillac which is kind of a
sneer at people who were on welfare
Johnny Cash did not perform either of
those songs instead he sang what is

truth which is kind of a haunting song
dead pretty much telling the president
you’ve got to help the youth of America
understand what is truth you’ve got to
get the truth to people and it was only

this was two weeks before Kent State
before the whole country went apeshit
and I was watching some of that footage
it seemed like it was a little worse
back then John I mean yeah we’re seeing
crazy stuff online but people are on the

streets beating each other each other’s
heads in like a lot yeah is it just my
perception or is it was it more violent
on the streets you didn’t go to the

store and get beat up boom when they had
these these demonstrations was remote
the anti-war demonstrations best kids
who were gonna get drafted and go to

Vietnam and they didn’t want to because
it was anyone who would knew and
think about the war newest kind of a
hoax not a hoax it was a real war but
was it was their reasons for being there
were dubious and they didn’t as John

McNamara later revealed in his
autobiography that even the
administration’s Johnson administration
and then later Nixon but mostly they
Lyndon Johnson administration

they all knew that they shouldn’t be
there and they couldn’t figure out how
to get out without losing face they
wanted a a dignified ending – we gotta
claim something we can’t just leave this

constant comment about the Asian
cultures and oh they’re terrible because
they always say Rousseau they’re more
worried about saving face yeah than they
are about anything else that’s what I

say you are I am yes you are we worry
about saving face but I think as much as
any Asian culture ever has in the
Vietnam War is a very good example of

so the travesty of all of this and the
thing I remember growing up certainly
even in the first five six years yes
when it came to desegregation to me it
was the school’s you know it’s like

really black and white kids they
couldn’t go to the same school and now
okay now we’re all because I was alive
at this time and now we’re all you know
desegregating black and white kids in
the school and now we’re in 2018 almost

2019 and here we are where we’re trying
to segregate getting whiteness out of
the school I got a confirmation on
Humboldt University from an anonymous

person who works there for obvious
reasons I just wanted to let you know
that I also work at Humboldt State
University and I also received the

whiteness email several times about
whiteness and microaggressions training
so I can assure you it is not a hoax the
topic is taken very seriously at Hsu and

at least in my experience the average
student faculty staff member will hear
conversations about whiteness on a daily
basis it has always seemed surreal to me
I believe that these decent people with

good intentions but they have bought
into the idea of negative whiteness hook
line and sinker to the point where you
can almost see the guilt on their
faces obviously to keep my job I shut up
and keep my head down as much as

possible but it is getting very strange
I am a little paranoid so I chose to not
even write you from my Hsu email address
this is very bad when teachers disagree
with what’s happening in an in a place

of education and that just shutting up
and keeping their heads down and had to
write anonymous notes to the No Agenda
show from a different email address
that’s how bad it is yeah this is a

university true yeah and then we got it
I know you saw this note from Rachel
Adam John my daughter goes to a
preschool that gives color names to
classrooms this year she was entering
the white room but when we got an email

from the administration that they no
longer thought white an appropriate
color name given the school’s efforts at
the inclusion and diversity of the room
is no longer called white they changed
it to a different color

the white room no long which of course
is the most inclusive color of all it’s
all colors isn’t it white is everything
and black is nothing which makes it even
more crazy we do have a jingle for it

okay so yeah

that’s what people have been taught and
it’s just getting worse and it’s an it
is people who are now just around 23 24
they’re there they’re the they’re the

ones that got hit first with this nut
stuff it’s really truly is 95 96 you
were born around that period that’s that
these are the ones that have gotten all
of this weird I think it goes before

that but and that we know for sure I
think you can go back it up a little bit
mmm cuz I got the table I get my
millennial table with the new and older

Millennials tonight I’m talking Jen you
know the Zoomers well the Zoomers for
sure but I would say that someone asked
this question about this switch between

the parties to this group and I betcha
they also yeah and it was like the
Millennial table about that know
oh I get a lot of people say yeah I
still people who are behind on shows

will say yeah yeah I don’t know exactly
where I was taught but that’s what I was
yeah and of course no one can back it up
with a textbook which is always – no you
can’t you you taught you were taught
wrong uh uh okay um Khashoggi or hasaki

the United States will no longer refuel
Saudi aircraft that are conducting
strike missions over Yemen u.s. and

Saudi officials made this announcement
on Friday now the Saudis say their
military coalition requested this change
because they’ve improved their own
refueling capabilities oh yeah okay
that’s very coincidental so I wonder I

didn’t have time to look into it to see
if you know what this means I mean I do
we I would just take in our guys who are
refueling and putting a different
uniform on them or you know is what is
actually happening but this was one of

the big gripes people had about our
involvement with the war in Yemen yeah
so that’s over any gripes well that
seems easy then
yeah it sounds like yeah let’s not get
this not gonna stop the complaining no

I’m gonna down the way everyone just
doesn’t pull out of Yemen how much
damage did they have to be beaten up
this all stems back from the Houthis
kind of kicking out our guy from the run
in the place he was running it into the

ground and of course now they’re getting
bombed to smithereens yeah they hate the
Houthis apparently I think our
government does too there’s definite

hate over there I wanna get this clip
out of the way this is the idiot mosque
these guys are tried to blow up a mosque
they blame Trump meanwhile attorneys
representing three Kansas men convicted

of a 2016 plot to bomb a mosque and
murder Somali Muslim refugees are
arguing Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric
should be taken into account and result
in a more lenient sentence the lawyers

say their clients who face life
sentences where supporters have been
candidate Trump in a court filing the
lawyers right quote the court cannot
ignore the circumstances of one of the

most rhetorically Molde breaking violent
awful hateful
and contentious presidential elections
in modern history driven in large
measure by the rhetorical china shop
bull who is now our president that’s

about right all right the story I’ve
been following this will be the last one

for me the FDA is crackdown on
e-cigarettes could go one step further
if the Washington Post reports as soon
as next week the FDA is expected to
announce a ban on the sale of most
flavored East cigarettes in stores and

gas stations across the country
the FDA has called teenage use of
e-cigarettes an epidemic most vaping
products are flavored and studies show
teenagers are attracted to flavors now

the agency is spending nearly 60 million
dollars on an education campaign warning
kids about the dangers of e-cigs though
vaping ecigs may pose a less of a risk

than smoking tobacco the FDA says
nicotine and ecigs can negatively affect
a person’s brain and overall health
The Washington Post adds that the agency
will also impose age

verification requirement rules for
online each cigarette sales as well a
couple of things the reports were very
similar I had a number of them about
this some reports actually start off by
saying edit at a time where cigarette

sales are at a record-low which is not
good for the Big Tobacco ecigs ecig goat
go into any school and say hey man you

got an e cig people look at you like
you’re like you’re a moron
they it’s called vaping they’re using
ecig for a very specific reason to make
this seem like having the FDA weasel in

on an unclassified substance nicotine is
unclassified I learned is this and
that’s not classified as any drug
unless you know better which you might

well I would probably just from because
you can go to Walgreens and buy its
lozenges you can buy patches and all
these things and they’re just right over
over-the-counter the key offices are

available unclassified but as as I’ve
been following this is tobacco who has a
problem their main cancer stick product
is at an all-time low in sales they see

this thing exploding they want to have
the government regulated and the
government’s doing it and by the way I
think a lot of kids they they have a
vape the Joule would be the top one they

use but they don’t call an e-cig this is
really bugs me that they keep saying
ecig easygeeze is vape they buy vape
liquid with no nicotine you can buy it I

mean it’s very common there’s no
nicotine in it at all the reason kids
are doing it is a it’s a oral fixation
and then it’s an obsession and it’s cool
to do be it takes very little work to
flip the cartridge and put a little THC

in there which is another reason why
people do it but it’s this this whole
idea of the government regulating some
flavored juice
yeah I I think it’s wrong

in the killing a whole cottage industry
and just handing it it’s gonna be a
million dollars to get each flavor of
the scam yeah Big Tobacco doesn’t care

they want that’s what they want
yeah and so they want to take over this
whole job of using and leveraging the
system yeah to their benefit their

corporate business I just want everyone
to notice that that’s how it work people
over corporations yes yes AOC I hear you
all right I’m good you’re good I’m good

that will be it ladies and gentlemen the
next show I may be coming to you from
the lowlands or maybe that you can meet
it finally I’m trying to get the meetup

part done this is the reason I’m going
is not for the meetup but I’m hoping to
get it organized
but I will let everybody know as soon as
I know so maybe a meet-up in the

lowlands maybe one in the UK will have
to say but do you go in there for them
anything to get out of this gig yes a
reminder we will be playing the flowers

of the forest for a couple minutes for
all the veterans I think of course if my
grandfather’s both of them and my dad
all service personnel and I’m coming to
you from downtown Austin Texas FEMA

region 6 and the governmental Maps it is
the capital the drone star state in the
5 by 9 clue do in the common law condo
in the morning everybody I’m Adam curry
and from northern Silicon Valley I’m

John see tomorrow we return on Thursday
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