No Agenda Episode 1086 “Shark Hole”

shoplifter thief gangster Adam curry
Jhansi Devorah 2018 this is your
award-winning definition Media
assassination episode 1086 this is no
agenda in the morning everybody I’m out

of curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I’m finding boxes of

ballots in my closet I’m John see before
I was I was wondering was it gonna be me
the recount wasn’t gonna be the fact

that you’re on fire how you doing John
good really doesn’t seem like things are
good in California right now
I like great okay nice smoky get to

watch you all if you’re walking around
with masks on like you know that does
anything mister the airs filled with
particulates were sexy vapors but okay

there’s smoke smoke in the air smoke on
the water
well give me a little report I mean I’ve
been in Holland for a few days and I was
wondering what’s going on I’m seeing

nothing but bad stuff yeah ballot
tampering that seems to be the neat
thing that’s the only one so the but
just stick with the fires for a second

because there’s very little good
information here about what’s really
happening there of course I always play
the fires up in Europe a bit yeah we
just it’s actually they’re more
contained in before they’ve already

burnt down what’s it gonna burn down did
already killed what they’re gonna kill
too many just fire up North killed about
probably I think it’s up to about 50
plus people it’s gonna make me be a
hundred Wow

um maybe has it has the death toll and
there’s been plenty of times that this
these areas have burned down in Malibu
certainly 93 I thought the problem with
these did these areas here well for one

thing with Malibu you can run into the
ocean up there there’s one Road in one
Road out and then the whole place starts
burning the roads get blocked and people
get stuck in their cars they gotta jump

into river streams ahead terrible
situation ever been this many casualties
in a fire like that
no bill Dodd bout apparently has died in
in the fire in a nearby town near

Paradise who bill God has very famous
microcomputer pioneer did to compro
computers he had a operation in Oakland
where isoelectronic year ostomy miss

local guy that’s too bad
I mean although we’re getting over here
is just reports from celebrities oh yeah
they love that over here in the fire oh

look there’s pink in the fire oh look
there’s everyone in the fire it’s just
all the celebrities yeah of course yeah
yeah what else is important nothing of
course who cares about that oh and the

fact that it you know it Trump is wrong
about it no that’s another big story is
there water sucks celebrities say Trump
mismanaged the Trump says they

mismanaged their water and it’s wrong
because we all know it’s global warming
yeah they’re trying to blame it on
global warming course I did glow I did
pick up a couple of interesting theories

I think this is the the most realistic
as the report comes from Pacific Gas and
Electric themselves there’s a PG&E
finishing lower by more than twenty

percent today after the company
disclosed an electric incident that
happened right before the campfire
wildfire began in Northern California
last week the company putting out a
statement saying quote the cause of the

campfire has not yet been determined
PG&E has provided an electric incident
report to the safety and enforcement
division of the California Public
Utilities Commission with respect to

this fire the information provided in
this report is preliminary and PG&E will
fully cooperate with any investigations
the company also offered as condolences
to those affected by the Wildfire saying

quote our hearts are with the
communities impacted by the campfire
although the investigation is still
ongoing PG&E says if it is found liable
for the Wildfire it’s insurance
would not be enough to cover the costs

of damages so did this start because of
this this electus the problem they had
well something I know why it’s called
the camp you know why it’s called the

camp fire yeah because there was
apparently a camp fire that got out of
control yes
okay well who are you gonna sue for that
well not T geez not t GE and he that’s

for sure
so they’ve come up with this thing that
I mean it’s PG Deus negligent in general
but somebody claims they saw some sparks

coming from the transmission towers and
the fire started and the next thing you
know we’re they burned the place down
despite the fact that has always been
called the camp fire because it was
started by a campfire that went out of

control and it doesn’t take much of you
to the right area for that to happen
just spreads in every which way and it
was but now okay we’re gonna have a new
theory MPGs IP genies like saying it

probably has something to do with it now
the the other thing that there’s there’s
a really there’s a couple of good

conspiracy theory threads about this was
she’d appreciate of course this was a
directed-energy weapon this is obvious
when you see the you see the trees are
not to get paradise for years

no actually here’s the theory if you
follow and only you would know this I
don’t know if this is true now but if
you follow the path of these fires and
there’s a whole bunch of little fires

all the way down that apparently is very
close to the high speed rail path that
would need to be nowhere near high speed
rail that’s gonna be running through

that area pressuring Butte County yeah
come on I’m just telling it that’s the
theory out there thank you for high
speed rail running through Malibu that I
know of no no the whole thing is that I

saw that too we had one of our one of
our percentage around exactly dead I
said this is bullcrap
have to I mean it’s just like really out
there yeah

yeah but it’s a this is cleared up them
by the way for those of you were
wondering why it sounds a little bit
different today is because I’m on
location and I think we’ve gotten pretty
lean well we’ve gotten pretty spoiled by

both having a gigabit between our two
it just sounds so much better when we’re
both on gigabits

let’s limit in certain parts of the
world yeah I’m gonna have a gigabit
there I’ve got I’ve got total crap at a
house in that same little area I’m sorry
you’re always in that same little area

of hall and some richelieu area welders
yes yes I am but I’m not in the in the
facility that I’ve been able to use
previously which was fantastic which is
an actual studio you know with with a
better connection than here like a

business level connection I guess they
have so I’m just I’m staying with the
buddy the reason I’m here by the way and
since you didn’t ask
is because I was invited to come do a
bar mitzvah so I got a ticket and I

wanted to see my daughter anyway and I
figured what a great time to be over
here just because I was so sick and
tired of the US media blaring the same
crap at me and at least now I’m fresh

here today against the US media blurring
the same crap at you through the
European media well of course the big
news here today is brexit which have a
bit of a report on but I do need to give

you some important Netherlands updates
since today now we had the good holy man
Sinterklaas the Dutch version of Santa

Claus came in from Spain on his own she
was he bringing his buddies he has his
black Petes as there was a court ruling
yesterday yesterday before yesterday

that said no problem the pits can be
black bring him on so that is have a
bunch of people in blackface we have
people in blackface it’s not quite the
same here in the Netherlands that they

don’t know the blackface culture but of
course you have so many different
cultures now in the Netherlands
certainly in Amsterdam that it’s
confusing a lot of people and so I don’t

know if there were any any fights or any
protests that I’ve seen yet but this
approach as it seems to me I’m sure
there was something questioning about
the black Petes mm-hmm I think I asked

this every year but I have a short
memory why don’t use black people there
are black people in Holland I’m not so
sure that there that they don’t use

black people but they even if they have
black people they’ll still put the big
red lips on and the curly hair and the
hat and the whole garb which can always
still be seen as racist but I think yeah
I don’t think that well you know it’s

it’s look the Dutch High Court
determined it was okay it’s not racist
it’s the culture and go ahead as proceed
as planned

so what about the European Criminal
Court can’t a go after Holland
I’m sure they will some with us this has
all been a you know a uni I know I’m
just waiting but here’s the crazy thing

that’s going on in Amsterdam and this is
very disturbing you know we have been
there’s a new mayor femke wholesome ah
she’s from the green left party she used
to be

yes called through links green left so
they’re a good airy represent left-wing
degree the like you’re easily finally
left now it’s green left so the green
left party they’re left-of-center and

they stand for all things green and she
used to be is quite a long career in
Dutch politics in in Parliament and now
she is in charge of Amsterdam which is
falling apart the police is the mayor

yes she’s in their new mayor okay the
police can’t even they don’t they don’t
even do anything with with stuff
happening in the in the city with the
tourists just going wild because even if

they say something they get beat up and
they’re afraid the the cops are actually
afraid to do anything of the tourists a
tourist but beating up cops oh yeah oh
yeah especially what you know the Brits

when you got a big list of the Brits are
the worst when they’re in Amsterdam they
are yeah they get really drunk really
high really loud really obnoxious and
and violence not all of them of course

it comes is effort by the way just for
your information alright fun going I
said if you I don’t know when’s the last
time you were in Amsterdam I don’t know

how long ago this was but in front of
the Rijksmuseum was a while back
probably four or five years ago well
here’s a little test there’s an iconic
piece of artwork in Amsterdam right in

front of the Rijksmuseum people love
taking pictures in front of it are you
familiar with what this is
is it the is it the boy peeing or is it

no that’s that’s the brussels not even
close keep trying it’s the big eye
amsterdam logo you’ve seen this yes I
have its eye and then the a and the M is

in red and then stir damn and it’s I am
stir damn I am Amsterdam is the idea and
people whenever they especially now

these days it’s been around for I don’ts
been here for years and years people
come in that’s like oh we love this want
to get a picture taken in front of it
it’s fantastic it’s a big big tourist
attraction but our mayor here in

Amsterdam said this has to go because I
am stirrer damn is only individualistic
and we want solidarity in our city and

it as of last year passed last week it
is gone John it is gone they removed it
Wow can you believe that yeah yeah they

removed a piece of art because it
doesn’t indicate an F communism yes
solid debt no literally it was
I am stirrer damn is too individualistic

we need solidarity and so this has to go
and they voted and it’s gone it’s
collectivism collectivism there you go
that’s the word was shocking though to
me shocking it’s just insane that is

yeah well yeah it’s just a tourist
attraction thing yeah actually it was a
marketing it was well if people are

taking their palete there is their
signage in China that I’ve got a kick
out of I noticed this across from Taiwan
this area of China has this big giant

sign that thing’s like 10 stories high
sending some message to Taiwan One
Nation you know something kind of thing
and it’s a big giant red sign and this

all lit up at night so you can actually
see it from Taiwan if you have
binoculars alright and people it’s just
flocked to this thing they have their
picture taken in front of it yeah people

like stuff like that yeah so they would
like something like that the art in
front of the museum and then they just
now they’re denied it and it’s not like
less touristic or the coast

yeah it’s not like less tourists are
gonna come to Amsterdam because the sign
isn’t here disappointed they wanted to
have their picture taken by the sign
they’re gonna be depressed it’s gonna
make it that negative vibe in the city

yes generally speaking is gonna be
contagious and then pretty soon they’ll
be burning down the place doesn’t take
much could happen any minute now alright
so on the on the TV here for the for the

week it’s been one message before we
even we knew there was a brags a deal
the message was everybody you got to get
ready for brexit particularly if you’re

doing business with the UK you’ve got to
get your your IT systems ready for
customs that you’ll be paying and
ready get ready and everyone’s going we
don’t know what to do what exactly were

sent you just nothing to get ready for
they really don’t know here’s here’s the
reporting from this morning as as the
brexit deal became known and of course
at first the first party members and the

cabinet members I think started to
resign welcome back to the program this
morning resign it’s lovely to have you
with us well I think the report will

tell us as we continue this very brexit
heavy morning in order to get the very
latest from the UK we’re going to head
straight over to Westminster because

since we last spoke to you there has
been another resignation Vincent in
Westminster give us the update we’re now
what into our third resignation of the
morning yeah well we only had a short ad

break there but already Theresa May has
lost another cabinet and Secretary of
State this is estimate way the Work and
Pensions secretary I’ve been saying on
air for the last 24 hours she was the

most likely person to quit from cabinet
she is a strong a brexit ear she’s also
in domestic trouble with a policy called
universal credit here so that is a nice
time for her to resign in protest and

she’s just tweeted out a two-page letter
I’ve just been scanning through it here
very similar to that of Dominic Raab who
obviously the breakfast secretary quit
in the last hour as well she says that

the deal that was put before cabinet
does not honor the result of the
referendum indeed it doesn’t meet the
test you sets out from the outset of
your Premiership she then goes on to
talk about what we won’t have control of

about the 39 billion will have to pay
the EU to get out and she says it also
threatens the integrity of the United
Kingdom which as a unionist is a risk I
cannot take she then goes a little bit

on the attack of the Prime Minister
something that Dominic Raab didn’t do
she says the we have gone from no deal
is better than a bad deal to any deal is
better than no deal I cannot defend this

and I cannot vote for this deal I could
not look my constituents in the eye to
do that I therefore have no alternative
but to resign from the government she
talks about her time in the work and

pensions Department but then finishes
by saying in politics you have to be
true to the public and also true to
yourself have I stayed in the government
and supported this deal with the EU I
wouldn’t be doing that so here’s the

breaks to tears not liking the deal it’s
more than 500 pages of course I started
to read it I don’t expect to have any
kind of analysis well hopefully by
Sunday it’s a little different than the

US legislation so I’m just kind of
plowing through it but here’s a one and
a half minute summary which is kind of
what you’d expect

here is the 585 page brexit withdrawal
agreements which will seal the terms of
the UK’s divorce from the EU a few
things jump out they have managed to
solve that problem of having an

insurance policy to prevent a hard
border on the island of Ireland if the
future trading relationship doesn’t
solve that problem if it was used it
would see Northern Ireland staying in
the EU customs union but simultaneously

being part of a new UK wide customs
relationship with the rest of the EU if
that came into force it would come with
strings attached the UK would have to

sign up to several areas of EU law
perhaps Environment Protection Social
Protection and how the government would
intervene to help companies so-called
state aid there’s gonna be quite a

complicated system for solving disputes
that arise as a result of this treaty
with lots of committees one of them will
be an independent arbitration panel made
up of independent people but they will

have the power to refer matters related
to EU law to the European Court of
Justice so the East Jay will have a role
in this in the years to come it’s all
wrapped up in lots of very optimistic

language about both sides using their
best endeavours to negotiate a permanent
future relationship and to act in good
faith at all times

also that post brexit transition period
which is due to end currently in
December 2020 could be extended once
although the document it doesn’t say
until when and my personal favorite the

tricky issue that was left right to the
and what to do about protecting EU
regional products from specific places
like Parma ham gorgonzola feta cheese
the UK has signed up to the EU proposal

that protection for those products is
written in to British law hey it just
doesn’t sound like a great deal to me
except that last bid is probably what

most visited is about protectionism of
cheese in the report I I have a PBS
report we can play okay but with the
thirty nine billion in according to PBS

is eighty billion and it’s a eighty
billion a year huh and we’ve got none of
this information about all these guys
quitting left and right but let’s play
brexit update PBS in the European Union
when it comes to divorce as is always

the case the hardest negotiations can be
over property money and the children and
cheese and so it is with brexit a
divorce where there’s not only two sides
but the British family is fighting

within itself
Prime Minister Theresa May is proposing
a kind of divorce with a transition
period of remaining friends
what’s it what I just noticed I’m no
longer hearing the D word here when it

comes to brexit this divorce thing they
they’re past that or when oh I mean of
course I you know we don’t live here but
I don’t hear this divorce anymore and we
heard that for a long time well maybe

it’s just the u.s. way of looking at it
is the best deal possible yeah the
choice was this deal which enables us to
take back control and to build a
brighter future for our country all

going back to square one with more
division and more uncertainty and a
failure to deliver on the referendum on
property the sticking point has been the
border between Northern Ireland part of

the UK and the Republic of Ireland a
separate country that’s part of the EU
today cars can pass easily because
there’s effectively no border the brexit
agreement prevents the return of a hard

border by temporarily keeping Northern
Ireland inside the EU customs union
avoiding customs checks between Northern
Ireland and Ireland on money Britain
would continue to pay the EU as much as

eighty billion dollars for decades and
as for the children British citizens
living in the EU and EU citizens living
in Britain they would maintain current
residence and social security rights

this morning in Parliament may presented
the deal as the kind of
divorce mandated by the brexit
referendum we will take back control of
our money laws and borders we will
deliver brexit and the United Kingdom is

leaving the European Union on the 29th
of March 2019 but mais critics from her
own party say the break isn’t hard
enough leading brexit proponent Jacob

Riis MOG was a divorce that’s a cleaner
split she doesn’t say much struck a deal
is surrendered to Brussels and given in
to them on everything that they want and
tried to frustrate breaks it that it is
not so much the vassal state anymore as

the slave stage very nice change from a
vassal state to a slave state yeah good
work it’s a Hail Mary as far as I’m
concerned it doesn’t seem actually you

know of course since Nigel Faraj he
screwed it up by bowing out and kind of
backing off after he led this whole look
you know he basically drops the plastic
he dropped the ball he dropped the ball

I dropped the ball but he did no what
happened was like one of those guys you
know working football you’ll see this
once in a while there’s a guy he’s wide
open as a receiver he’s running he got

the ball there’s nobody around him and
he’s gonna run 40 to 40 50 60 yards to
the end zone and as he’s running cuz
he’s a cocky son of a bitch he starts –
rah start a ball literally before he
crosses the endzone line yeah this

happens at least once or twice a year
now just imagine just imagine that guy
with bad teeth and that’s Faraj
dropping right so you magic frogs
running down the field and now he’s

selling prematurely celebrating and
casually drops the ball because he
thinks it’s cool but it’s before he got
to the goal line
well he what Faraj has done he tried to
redeem yeah well he tried to redeem

himself in the European Parliament and
we always love listening to Nigel
especially in this case angular was
their angle of Merkel and as you know
there’s a will probably I have some

clips for that too for later or whatever
regarding the weaponization of the
United States and I hear a clip let’s do
that and then we can do Faraj and
where’s your weaponization clip

thus the price says Merkel and the EU
army that would be exactly the one here
we go and German Chancellor Angela
Merkel called Tuesday for the future
development of a European Union military

we have made a lot of progress in the
areas I think she said the fart skeleton
did she say we’d have made a big fart
yes is exactly what she said for the

future development of a European Union
military yeah I’m going with the best we
have made a lot of progress in the area
of structural military cooperation

that’s good and is mostly supported here
but we should and I’m saying this also
because of developments in recent years
we should work on a vision of one day
establishing a real European army

Bachelet statements echo division
recently expressed by French president
Manuel Macomb president Trump attacked
macron during a tweet storm Tuesday
following his tense visit to Paris for

Armistice commemoration events over the
weekend Trump wrote Emmanuel macron
suggests building its own army to
protect Europe against the US China and
Russia but it was Germany in World Wars
1 and 2 how did that work out for France

they were starting to learn German in
Paris before the US came along pay for
NATO or not tweeted number of reasons he
was so rude about that but let’s listen

to Faraj as he directly addresses Merkel
who’s just sitting there scowling and
and while here’s what he had to say many
of my euro skeptic colleagues have been

booing you this morning but they
shouldn’t be in a way because the
British should be cheering you without
you we’d never have made it over the
line with brexit I don’t want to thank
you very much for that and of course
many of these euro skeptic groups on the

right the center on the left will come
back here after the next European
elections in huge numbers directly as a
result of your immigration and Asylum
policy your weakened cope led to a huge

migrant tide indeed a stampede that came
across the Mediterranean young men
coming from very different cultures who
would not go to integrate young man none

of whom
what are qualified as being genuine
refugees and I think in many ways we
looked at it in the referendum and we
said we don’t want to be part of an
increasingly German dominated European

Union and we certainly don’t want to pay
the price for mrs merkel’s errors and i
believe having heard you today and
listening to senior french politicians
over the last couple of days that are

for us leaving the european union is now
indeed a liberation
it’s a european union that we’re told is
now to become empire a militarized
european union an undemocratic european

union a european union that seeks to
continually expand to the east a
european union that has launched a new
cold war against the united states of

america a european union that tries to
rewrite history and i think a hundred
years on from the armistice we should be
genuinely worried the idea that this new

militarized union is somehow a recipe
for peace I suggest you will sit back
and think a little bit more carefully
maybe you should all reread history the

European project was set up to stop
German domination what you’ve seen today
is a naked takeover bid so I think
brexit becomes a necessity after this

for the rest of the countries mrs.
Merkel you’ve had a long successful
career but your political decision to
open up the doors unconditionally is the

worst decision we’ve seen in post-war
politics in Europe is it not time for
you at last to admit that you were wrong
is it not time for you to say to German
communities and many others I’m sorry

for what I’ve done to you and the
problems I’ve inflicted upon you for
many decades to come
there you go minor E minor redemption

like a redemption
so that Parliament there is just a bunch
of people complaining oh they have no
powerful powers they just get then they
get to talk so me I guess it gets so

many minutes a month like 10 something
like that’s not a lot and Faraj gets to
go up and do his normal thing I’ll tell
you I find I follow what he does a great

job of it but I follow one Dutch
europarliament parliamentarian on
Twitter Micah pouches whatever her name
is but all I see you’re doing is up

she’s on Twitter all day just some
Twitter all day commenting on Trump
she’s like well hopefully we never have

this here you know stuff like that
you know I pay attention to him we don’t
want that here stuff like that all day
all day she’s just tweeting like you
know and of course I want to mr. Chuck I

want to tweet and said go do something
else but I usually wind up erasing the
tweet before I send it it’s very smart I
think yes and we had the just a quick
review of the armistice there’s a lot of

things that happened at this armistice
event and one of our producers was boots
on the ground he gave us a little
rundown of did you see that his rundown
of of the whole ceremony no I missed it
this is producer Bob he just did bullet

points I’ll just share him Trump was
hating the ceremony with good reason but
the two-way arms slapped with Putin was
interesting Makran he said the whole
thing was really a third-rate production

first of all Trump and Putin were late
so they missed the the 11:00 a.m. you
know events so they were both late so we
know it was going on there
Democrats mic didn’t work they had to

have had to get a back hair a backup
handheld yo-yo ma played two songs
meanwhile the background of the main
shot had empty chairs and I was
drizzling Vasily you know you got a

worldwide audience what are people
thinking they don’t have any production
here brought in some singer from Africa
they played the bolero I mean all things
which really have nothing to do with
Europe or armistice you know if you’re

the sort of thing you hire people to sit
in those empty seats of course you do or
you remove the seats you get a bunch of
people that have signs calling up blacks
for Trump that’s what you know that’s

what you want well that’s yeah that’d be
there was remove the seats to get a
couple of teenagers speaking at the
ceremony one of which spoken Mandarin
again kind of unclear as to why because

it’s New World Order man that’s nothing
to do with that it’s just let’s see it’s
multi-culti yeah no nations no borders

everyone’s welcome macron speech went on
for 19 minutes was apparently pretty
pretty boring and all the world leaders
were just standing there was cold they
were getting wet they found that

everyone look pretty miserable see what
else did we have a band row fans and one
of them shouldn’t had that’s the thing
you can buy usually I had one of them I
bought it at in Arizona not forward

during a kind of spring practice for the
baseball teams it’s and I think one of
them should have been wearing this you

may have seen him it’s like a hat but it
fits like a happens actually a small
umbrella with all kinds of colors on
this Trump would look great in that I
think so we had this fracas where Makran

you know just like you know would happen
here in the States

you know went out of his way to say
nationalism is the exact opposite of
patriotism and there was a couple of
slights that I don’t think did you hear
about what pseudo said about about
nationalism probably didn’t get any

airplay over there no I know nope nope
okay so here’s a report from the
and who actually it’s interesting
everyone translated what micron said

differently I don’t know if it makes
that much difference but here it is
French president Emmanuel macron
reminded his fellow leaders of the
horrendous cost of war and he warned of
what he called old demons rising to the

surface gallop Elliot yzma ill
new nationalism nationalism is the
opposite of patriotism what I thought it
was interesting is he actually said

patriotism is the opposite of
nationalism yet everyone translated it
as nationalism is the opposite of
patriotism it may seem minor but I don’t
think it is

or am I just am fucking on this you
might be you might be uh it’s also the
other way things are structured in
French you can maybe you could flop

things around a little bit I just found
it interesting yeah
anyway he lets continuous Gallup Elliott
yzma ill exact oh cool a new nationalism
nationalism is the opposite of

patriotism a crown said when we say our
interests first who cares about the
others we erase what a nation holds
dearest its moral values macros message
was delivered in front of Donald Trump a

self-described nationalist and champion
of America first the u.s. President was
listening just steps away but if he was
offended it didn’t show and McCraw was

not alone in his warning if the
democracy is to function you need to
have an educated populace and you need
to have an informed populace well that
wouldn’t be Markab or nowhere the Paris

peace forum organized to mark this
hundred year anniversary Trudeau called
out those in power who attacked the

media listen we you got a guess who he’s
talking about saying that can only
weaken democracy when people feel their
institutions can’t protect them they
look for easy answers in populism in

nationalism in closing borders in
shutting down trade is wrong look for
easy answers in podcasting thank you

very much that’s where it’s easy they
look for easy answers in populism in
nationalism in closing borders in
shutting down trade in Santo phobia

crudo didn’t mention any politicians by
name but Russian President Vladimir
Putin who Trudeau sat next to at the
peace forum has been accused of using

social media to foster confusion and
influence elections Trudeau never
mentioned Donald Trump either but the US
president routinely calls the media
enemies of the people and has a habit of

labeling any story he doesn’t like fake
news Trump wasn’t there to hear Trudeau
anyways he skipped the peace forum
altogether since he’s in Canada in
Canada is it okay to say anyways

is that is that is that Canadian English
well let me think
anyways uh I just found that no that’s
just kind of odd anyway wouldn’t there

anyways maybe it’s okay there but I did
I I have been asking around here hmm hey
hey go on hey Oh a I’ve been asking
around and I said you know do you here

in Holland do you force this as a
country that was devastated by the by
the Nazis is nationalism bad here and
pretty much everyone says yeah it’s it’s
bad it’s not he’s not a good thing to be

calling yourself a nationalist and to me
I just find it rather odd that here we
are probably the past 70 80 years
nationalism has been to has been defined

in every dictionary I’ve looked at
online but as patriotism as patriotism
so why didn’t we change that in the
dicks I mean it’s okay the word gay has
changed this is hijacking the language

when did the hijack know what it was
hijacked but that word was hijacked
probably well you know they would blame
you know that you could see that

interpretation well the Nazis well yes
of course lists and then well i Cellini
I mean the Japanese I don’t know but if
you look up the word gay in the

dictionary which is really only meant
homosexual in the past what thirty years
I don’t remember when it began but it
just took off yeah but but not seven

years homosexual men and women yes but
that’s in the dictionary as an
alternative description for nationalists
and nationalism there is no description
of it being the opposite of patriotism

in fact the first description of every
dictionary I could find is it is the
same as patriotism
well the gay definition if you looked at
a dictionary from the 1920s wouldn’t

have no correct sexuality as an
alternative but it doesn’t appear as one
and thus since it did appear at some
point as one because that’s where
dictionaries work the nationalism thing

has to appear as one but eventually and
one of the dictionaries and they’ll take
off and then pretty soon nationalism
will be a bad one I think it should be
word of the year I do have a description

from gonna be right by the way could
Jim Kessler who’s this third way as some
think tank I guess he’s a VP of policy

anyway he was on on Tucker I cut Tucker
out because it just annoys me to hear
him and so I put together his definition
of nationalism I mean of course the
leaders gonna put the interests of their

own country ahead of others that’s not
nationalism nationalism is a loaded term
I mean the definition of patriot
patriotism is I love my country and
nationalism is I hate your country goes
along the definition of nationalism

especially when you’re in the European
context where President Trump made that
statement is the nationalism that
engulfed Europe in the 1920s and 1930s
the nationalist Socialist Workers Party

that’s the end for Nazi Ronald Reagan
never used the term nationalist use the
term patriotism and especially Donald
Trump is using this as a weapon so

certainly in the European context
everyone knows that nationalism is what
led to the rise of Nazi Germany and look
of course you want your leaders to put
is that true is it is it truly
nationalism that led to the rise of Nazi

I think the interpretation can be made
it’s just an interpretation of what led
to the rise of Nazi Germany a lie people

to say it was the economic conditions
and it was also the way they were
treated after after World War one was
Charles there’s a lot of reasons that
you devolved musharraf the gall of
nationalists yeah I would say to the max

is he’s seen as a horrible man
only by people who work with him
certainly in the European context

everyone knows that nationalism is what
led to the rise of Nazi Germany and look
of course you want your leaders to put
the interests of your nation ahead of
others that’s what national nationalism

is not that oops let’s hear that one
again the one knows that nationalism is
what led to the rise of Nazi Germany and

look of course you want your leaders to
put the interests of your nation ahead
of others that’s what national
nationalism is not that nationalism is
basically saying our country is always

right there are other countries they are
always wrong and it is to separate us
from other countries and that’s and he
is using that term as a weapon because
that word is now a loaded term based on
what happened in the 1920s and 30s and

you know it I would love to see that in
the dictionary it means that you love
your country and other countries are
wrong that would be a great definition
if we put it in there that’s the way he

used it I do want to mention that well
everybody well at least people who study
the lucky Trump’s the way Trump operates
yeah he’s doing it on purpose of course

he is yeah what nothing else is new I
was gonna say something I was gonna say
that get back to your thought well

here’s my thought for a second that
everyone’s falling over Trump’s
purposeful use of the word nationalist
and you know we know why he said it but
we also know why he said it because he

wanted to call out all the white
nationalists which by the way the French
weren’t talking about that no one was
talking about you know nationalists
being a racist thing see in the States

it was a dog whistle to the KKK but over
here true or not that was exactly what
was said oh we all know arguing with you
but over in Europe it’s like well no

he’s a Nazi it’s not the same thing
but when Trump did his inauguration his
inaugural address he used the word
patriot and patriotism and what would
what did the press say about that dark

speech very dark dark speech indeed a
bad day for America because he used
patriotism I remember it I remember the
dark speech thing – yeah so anyway so he

uses nationalism to Jack him up yeah
well it works of course white
nationalism which of course means white
supremacy yes which means the man that’s
right that’s right

well that is causing a lot of
interesting problems in the United
States with uh you know they don’t know
what to do because the Democrats took
over the house it was more than enough
seats – you say they won and so Appl oh

she’s back in play
yeah now has this happened yet has the
weed we on going there’s two just two
steps chip first Pelosi has to take

almost all the party because she has to
take over as Speaker of the House the
whole house votes
mm-hmm yeah that course did the other
party in power will vote for somebody
that’s not gonna win you know who’s a

Republican well hold on I said hold on a
second that’s I mean Trump said he would
get extra votes for her from the
Republican side if she needed it but
what I’m seeing over here at least is
there’s a faction of mainly I see a

Ossie Alexandria Acacio Cortez walking
around demonstrating and she’s a real
what she’s gonna find herself on a

another she’s gonna find herself screwed
by Nancy Pelosi everybody in California
knows knows about Nancy Pelosi she is a
hard-ass really old-fashioned Politico

and the story Mimi knows a couple these
stories and she says that Pelosi is one
of her tricks as to she’s very
personable she always acts kind of dumb

she’s a little bit like that mobster who
claimed to be insane while he was
running that Genovese you’re one of the
other families in New York and staggered
around in his underwear

Oh Don yeah I remember I remember
and a tease wasn’t it a tease in New
York yes I don’t remember that
so Pelosi gets people in her office and
she’s very personable I guess she’s a

charmer she gets people to talk and then
she gets anything that she can on him
and then she uses it against them as
blackmail so she’s like a real hard-ass
type and who does that you wouldn’t know

it but these people are walking it’s all
these newbies coming in and it’s also
being alleged led by this Marcia fudge
fudge who Marcia fudge we’ve talked to

her about her before she’s a
congresswoman from Ohio she’s kind of
into Maxine Waters did Jackson
what’s-her-name Jackson

wing of the party but she’s got your act
together a little more in terms of her
she doesn’t say some crazy stuff at
least like haven’t found anything but
play a clip of Marcia fudge and and what

what where we’re headed representative
Marcia fudge I would say this is we have
a diversity in this party there’s no
diversity and our the issue I mean if

we’re going to talk about it we’re gonna
talk the talk we need to walk the walk
got some diversity
and here’s here’s they play this Cup
this is de chardin zon Pelosi with

kicker oh this is from PBS yes she does
not have that right now in particular
ten of the new freshmen who arrived
today campaigned saying that they would
vote no would not support Nancy Pelosi

and there’s another two dozen who
haven’t said which way they would go so
there’s an insurgent group of Democrats
who have putting out putting out a
letter trying to get enough signatures
to show that Nancy Pelosi can’t cross

that threshold in January but we haven’t
seen the letter yet it’s not clear who
their chosen candidate would be to
replace her late today
Ohio Representative Marcia fudge who you
heard from in our report said she might

consider running herself but a lot of
questions about that well we did hear
from some of the new and the former
members or longtime members just now in
your report but you’ve also been talking

to other folks I want to ask you what
they’re saying and and and the who I
mean who would it be if it’s not Nancy
Pelosi you just mentioned Marcia fudge
but who else
well this government surgeon says that
they would like it to be either a woman

or a person of color and that’s within
Marcia fudge as a top candidate because
she represents both but it’s clear who
else would be in the mix I think she’d

be really important good to watch is
this new group of freshmen this is a
tricky position for them they campaigned
on bringing fresh ideas new blood to the
Capitol and here they are faced with a
Democratic leadership team that has been

in office for 10 to 15 years
who do they oppose them do they not I
will say this is interesting Judy
meeting these new freshmen today they
are one of the most self-possessed and
strong group of new members I’ve ever

it’s remarkable especially because so
many are first-time candidates so
self-possessed is the term she use
self-possessed which i think means it I
think it actually what it means just

really super-confident overconfident
which I think that means they’re full of
themselves of course what I was reading
is that Ocasio Cortes is one of

at least ten but maybe more maybe 14
Democrats who are trying to block
policies appointment as or election

within the the houses is right and and
so she’s gonna find yourself in a world
of hurt I don’t think she’s and I like
what that she’s doing and I think that’s

you know she’s at least staying true to
her message but watch out you don’t
cross Nancy Pelosi
I didn’t do well if you do you better
you know if you’re gonna go after you’re

gonna take the knives that you better
finish the job yeah exactly
if you’re gonna pull out the mean you
got to pull the trigger yeah I would say
there was a also a big protest and I
have a clipper but I do have a clue yeah

it was it was the that was protesters in
the post office this is by the way
there’s a piece of there’s a woman in
here that comes on and I had to take her
segment because she’s so hard in

understand cuz it’s poorly mic’d and I
compressed it a little bit and kind of
boosted it but I you have to listen to
this this is the woman that kind of one
of the spokes women and yeah if you
could see it she is clinically I’m gay I

could why I’m not a psychiatrist but she
looks nuts
I’m she’s sorry I’m sorry and she can
you just you just too bad you can’t see

the visual of this okay I’m closing my
I’m closing my eyes though is there
anyone that that I can visualize to help
you know that woman that was in the

middle of the street and the green think
screaming no no no Trump Trump okay we
got it on Capitol Hill police arrested
51 youth climate activists Tuesday as

they held a non-violent sit-in protests
inside the office of House Democratic
Leader Nancy Pelosi demanding a green
new deal and urgent action on climate

change oh yeah it’s the green new deal
that’s what she’s pushing I’ve been
reading about it and I should mention
this the this was targeted at Pelosi for
no real reason I could tell she’s all

been for all this stuff I think it’s
preferred of this movement to get her
kicked out and they all had very newly
printed t-shirts that also the same
thing some some dumb but it was there

every you know it was very staged it was
very organized and it was actually quite
interesting to watch the only thing I
think where they screwed up was to have
this spokesperson go nuts on camera
Philadelphia activists Sophia Ziya of

the sunrise movement said she’s
compelled to act because of the historic
wildfires raging in Palacios today
except the climate change was going to

freeze in 1968 Missy New York Congress
member elect Alexandra Cassio Cortez the
Democratic Socialist who last week

became the youngest woman ever elected
to Congress joined the protest inside
Pelosi’s office telling the activists
she’d push for the u.s. to get 200
percent renewable energy Acacio Cortez

was on Capitol Hill for freshmen
congressional orientation today’s
protests came as the fade of a landmark
lawsuit brought by young climate
activists remains in doubt earlier this

month the Supreme Court allowed the case
to proceed but ruled lower courts could
continue to weigh in on its fate on
Thursday the 9th Circuit Court of
Appeals put a temporary stay on the case

while it here’s a challenge from the
Trump administration the 21 young
activists launched their lawsuit under
President Obama arguing the federal
government has failed to take necessary
action to curtail fossil fuel emissions

violating their constitutional rights so
this is the the freshman congresswoman
from the 14th district in New York who
complained bitterly she did not have any
money to look for an apartment yet she’s

there with t-shirts yeah and signs
so vation of pelosi privacy of his space
and her office because her know it’s not

gonna be initiated at all there’s a lot
of people there was more than it they
rested like 51 I think they’d charge
twenty one of them there’s about two
hundred people there it was huge yeah
well I saw some he was not covered by
the mainstream media here it was only

covered by Democracy Now but all of this
stems from and I have to look up the
sunshine foundation whatever it was the
Madiga to look into that but over in
Europe the IPCC report the were dead if
we don’t keep it under 1.5 degrees

warming by 2030 were dead we’re just
dead and that’s what Ocasio cortes keep
saying we only have 12 years ten years
really here in in Holland in particular
the pollute the politicians have taken

this and it is gospel and shit is
happening fast I mean just if you want
it do you want to live in Amsterdam do
you just you cannot be here anymore

unless you have a battery car that will
be mandatory within the next five years
I mean it’s the the all the boats in the
canals including the tourists votes but

all but and it won’t just be hamster I’m
going to be all cities we’re talking
within two years all have to have
electric motors think about it you have
electric motors which need to be

recharged through a grid that can be
shut off mm-hmm if you shut off the
that’s what I can tell that’s what I
keep telling everybody I can have a
55-gallon drum of gasoline in my garage

if I want to don’t pretend you don’t if
I wif I was freaked out or I can go
siphon gas Truman’s car on the side of
the road but with a gas or with these

battery this is a battery cars to me are
a form of control slave control of
course it is and you can only go so far
by the way and by the way Joe miles

let’s say everything of you know there’s
no more gas no more houses being built
that have gas connection so nuclear
energy to charge everything you don’t
have that we have to use wind power

well here’s so of course the the nuclear
energy has been pumped into the Dutch
the Gouda heads is like this dangerous
we don’t want another Chernobyl it’s

gotten so far that one of our producers
said remember Pandora’s promise it was
actually a CNN funded documentary you do
because assery Tomic rod consulted on it

I went to see it in the movie theater
and it was they were like three people
were there because there was some you
know like the teen Sabrina the Teenage
Witch opened up next door there was no
one in the theater it’s called Pandora’s

promise and it’s a bunch of former
Greenpeace people who hated nuclear
energy and then once they really were
exposed to some science about it they
completely flipped that movie used to be

on the Dutch Netflix it has been removed
it’s gone that’s how far it’s going
yeah it’s anyway so this yeah the IPC’s
machine and so the green New Deal is

what’s happening here is a whole new
economy built around batteries batteries
and electricity that’s the whole economy
and I guess wind and solar as well to

charge the batteries but yeah it fit you
know if the price of if the price of oil
goes up your cost of living goes up but
it’s kind of slow it can take a couple

weeks a month you know it goes up it
goes down
but with electricity you can just
determine tomorrow but we’re just gonna
raise the rates
boom it’s completely discretionary so

yes it’s totally slow make it this yes
much better
well you what you want is you don’t want
the gas you want the diesel you want the
diesel vehicle and then you can do

anything with a diesel yeah a 55-gallon
drum yeah that will work
if you went up so I do have a crazy
social justice warrior going nuts you

asked me on the other day if I could
bring a couple more of crazy clips no
you know orange man bad stuff like that
kind of stuff
yeah interested this is let me see what
which University was it well I’m just

gonna go out on a limb and say it was in
California just a guess and Dinesh
D’Souza was doing a speech as you know
Dinesh D’Souza a very dangerous man
troublemaker troublemaker for sure of a

very very dangerous man and I think we
could put him in the Nazi category be
could we put him in the racist category
even though he’s brown but can we put

him in the racist category can we just
put him in all of those categories if
you feel like it I mean I’m not gonna
object to it here is someone who was
going to see the speech a honestly if I
were to draw a perfect white Republican

guy that would be the guy who’s just
standing there talking to this very
upset man white man and here’s what it
sounded like

yelling at some guy who was just going

was just saying hey I’m just gonna go in
and watch this lecture and this guy is
just railing on him who to this other
this this the Republican looking guy who
just wants to go in and listen to the to

the to the speech
some random guy he’s screaming well like
this we don’t see the set up of course
of what happened but the confrontation
is this guy’s going in and this guy I

was basically saying you can’t go in
there but your amygdala problem no it’s
it’s this is bad out of control he needs
to seek therapy does and he’s also he
has to be put on meds it’s like he’s not

already yes Wow
Naz is very various and there was
something that happened in your neck of
the woods and Berkeley this is a this
was a very

upsetting affair for the students of
Berkeley and it’s uh I have to have a
report and then I think I can explain a

little bit this is by the way is only
about student the Student Congress and
so I guess they all pretend like they
have government at school and they have
senators I wasn’t aware of this
Associated Students ka suck yeah what’s

it called
they suck I suck okay well senator Chao
who is an elected senator at the school
is in she’s asian-american and she’s

Christian and with this holdest and they
had five hours of people yelling about
about her because she has to be
denounced and she needs to resign and

the reason you need to be denounced I
will tell you when Barack Obama was
president he he sent a letter it was a I
think it’s a friend of the court letter

maybe I know it was a friend of the
court but a friend of something letter
regarding title nine and title nine is
very very simple it says any school
assists any school in the United States

that it has any type of federal funding
may not discriminate based on sex and
what the Obama administration did is
they wrote a letter and the letter said
by the way sex and gender are

interchangeable that’s how you should
interpret title nine and this is how we
got the bathroom issue because you could
then identify as a woman and go to the

female bathroom and so they they change
the interpretation they didn’t change
the title nine didn’t change the Civil
Rights Act which is what title nine is a
part of they just said this is how you

interpret it the there is a an
understanding that the Trump
administration wants to send their own
letter and and and say no gender is not

the same as sex and sex is determined at
birth or pre birth and it comes right
down to chromosomes and what was
expected is that the entire student

denounced that’s really what was the
denial denounced that memo which has not
been published which it’s not there’s no
law it’s just interpretation but

everyone has to yell and scream about
that and she says look I have to be true
to my faith I I am Christian so I
believe that there’s man and a woman and
that is the only two types of sex you

have and I’m going to abstain from
voting against this first abstaining yes
abstaining abstaining and it got heated

what was interesting about this and I’ll
just play a little bit of this clip in
like 40 seconds or something so this is
a you know a big room and there’s
speaker after speaker that a hundred

different speakers all bitching and
moaning about this but the kids in the
in the auditorium there’s some
applauding going on but in general
they’re all finger snapping it’s just

finger snaps
which I know you kind of like cuz you
know you were say no fight back last
week Senate agenda appeared to be

business as usual but this week’s
meeting was anything but normal
after making anti lgbtq+ statements an
ante so she’s being accused of making
anti lgbtq+ statements by not by

abstaining from a vote that that’s why
she’s being accused of being horny to
get this clip from that this is Cal TV

this is Berkeley’s own on-campus TV
station Wow oh yeah fine to be business
as usual but this week’s meeting was
anything but normal

after making anti lgbtq+ statements last
week ASUC senator isabella chow
met with backlash it was standing room
only in the Senate chambers supporters

of Chow and a vast majority of
protesters spoke ASUC tells us that over
100 public comments were made in the
span of three hours though maybe the
senator who is sitting here right now –

yeah as well for Europe here who is set
these days going against a sec
Constitution I am ashamed of Delta
teacher who wasn’t thought to master a

petition circulated prior to the meeting
calling for Chow to resign other calls
included the possibility of a recall as
well as urging the ASUC to revoke

sponsorship from the InterVarsity
Christian Fellowship who actively
supported Chow undergrad grad students
and even alumni took to the podium
alumni tell me it’s alumni

yes alumni so you think is that what she
was talking about I don’t know what the
word was she said mama not varsity
Christian Fellowship who actively

supported tchau undergrad grad students
and even alumni took to the podium
tonight is not about bullying senator
chow but making our campus and wider
community understand the impacts of

invalidating in Damini restaurant
tonight is not about free speech about
the separation of prejudice and personal
beliefs with institutional policy
tonight is not about dismissing the

Christian Christianity as universally
toxic but about validating the
experience of those at the hands of
biggest to have cowardly hid behind
religion to justify her actions saying
that this this student fellow student is

a coward and Hynek hiding behind her
religion to be normal is toxic
universally toxic toxic no I think he
said we don’t want to call it

universally toxic no I don’t think he
said yeah he did he did boy did it look
love he said it in a way in a way that
yes I agree that yeah it was purposely
said that way but wow I mean just wow I

mean they’re all playing grown-up and
they’re just a bunch of punks really
what do they know these children we’re
gonna mock you in recall votes and we

come on it’s just is just crazy and they
can’t even get the acronym right I am
the only true official source of the
acronym and I will give it to you again
lgt because you Qi AAP ke there’s no

plus K is the last one and that stands
for kink and that is all you need to
know however our buddy down down under
Maynard he’s always sending us little

cool interviews and this one has
actually worked well for us he
interviewed fiona pattern who was I
think she’s a member of the sex party
which now is called the reason party but
he grabbed a hold of her and said he

asked her about the acronym and that
seems to be so Coleman doesn’t it thou
dost protest too much
musically in the religious circles the
ones that really hate the guy
he’s turned out so well they tend to
lock me too deep the ones who are the

most vocal about gays tend to like a
dick I think he said let’s check it
again just circles the ones that really

hate the guys tend out so well they tend
to like with a dick exactly yes I’m not
gay but the guy I fuck is yeah how do
you go on doing the lbgtq I can you
actually say that in one sentence go

LGBT iq+ does that just include everyone
else to stop adding more letters what’s
the reason for that I think we’ve got to

come to yes we cannot add any more
letters to that acronym in fact I tend
to just call it my rainbow community or
my rainbow family oh there you go
my rainbow family I like that

rainbow family and some family thanks
Maynard hey by the way just a question
seeing as there’s been such controversy

over the Redskins as a sports team yeah
should we not have the same conversation
about the Nationals
well if they’re called the nationalisms

they’re not called the national is is a
member of this sports team the Nationals
a nationalist you know I think well you
that’s just a facetious question but I

would say that if you put together a
pressure group and made a stink about it
using nationalism as the basis we could
probably do that you could get some
traction and with that I’d like to thank

you for your courage and say in the
morning to you Johnson which is just one
of the C’s the IPCC report Dvorak from
far away in the morning to the troll

room pay trolls no agenda stream comm is
where you can listen live and join the

troll room they always get the
bat-signal on Thursday and Sunday
mornings a us time and thank you for
being here and keeping us live and on
our toes also a big in the morning to

cesium-137 he brought us the artwork for
episode 1085 the title that was trans
aged and this was an interesting piece
of art for two reasons one it was just a

great piece of art with if you’ll recall
John it was the multiple profile phases
and the white one in the middle with the
big X on the forehead right that same
day that we released this

yeah and I think Nick the rat tweeted it
the Google homepage image was
eerily similar do you think they stole
it no I don’t know why and it could have

been the other way around maybe cesium
got inspired I don’t know I don’t think
so she seems not that kind of guy no I
don’t ever get inspired I’m not I would
never say that he had done that of

course no what happened here still
working yeah okay but it was it was

wow it looks I mean it’s not the same
but it’s the same concept was very
interesting and we thank caesium-137 for
the beautiful piece of art and all of
our artists who diligently support the
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that Dvorak org slash and hey you have
certainly learned a little bit about
some words like nationalism come on
propagate formula our formula is this we
go for your people in the mouth

yo ha

okay he took we’ve talked about the leer
foundation a few times oh I would say we
have and you have that old clip but I
was watching somebody Judas well hold on

a second
why don’t we if I can find it here why
would just play the numbers clip from
Hollywood Lear it’s actually the

Hollywood Health & Society Liam I can’t
forget what the exact name was yeah
it’ll be in this next sketch I just want
to put this in here and wait no shoot

actually it would be better you keep
looking for you’d be better played after
my clip okay we’ll do that
any intro we go straight this was an
introduction they were playing a preview

of a matter secretary show to a group of
writers and this was done as part of an
anti new nuke you know the unilateral
disarmament operation promotion and they

had the producer and they had the this
is commodity this is the Madam Secretary
so that we that we played the other this
is one that was the last of all the end

of season four were they were there
didn’t they were gonna have a nuke
exchange between Russia or China or
something that was gonna blow up the
world and I didn’t actually have a
second clip from that but but in this

cuz she’s interred in traductions of
everything and she goes on in an
exposition about the health and society
Hollywood Health & Society operation
I’ve USC which is run by the Lear

foundation and it had all these extra
details and some of these other things
that make you think what a great
operation and I just thought it was just
it was because it represents one
specific point on the political spectrum

I think it’s onerous but they all love
it who has to forge a partnership with
Hollywood Health & Society which I think
many of you know is a program of the USC

Annenberg Norman Lear Center and we did
that because we knew that’s good
applause is fine we knew that the
Hollywood Health & Society program

shared our belief in the ability for
popular media television and film in
particular to shape culture and to
change minds about important social

issues Hollywood health and society
serves as a free resource for writers
producers and others in search of
accurate information on health safety
and security topics in addition to

consulting on the threat of nuclear
weapons Hollywood Health & Society also
deals with a vast array of topics such
as cybersecurity clinical trials

maternal health reproductive health HIV
aging chronic illness disability and
more Hollywood Health & Society
recognizes the profound impact that

entertainment media has on individual
knowledge and behavior and offers
several resources like consultations
in-person expert interviews tip sheets
panel events and screenings like this

one tonight to reach the entertainment
industry and the broader public with
timely and important information yes
it’s got it together you know I wonder

recently and maybe the past month maybe
six weeks I’ve been receiving emails
from it seems like it’s not really from
one organization but it’s clearly

someone trying to put somebody on our
but of course they’ve never listened to
the No Agenda show so they have a list
of POD currently never listen no they
have a list of podcasters and they’ll

email like hey you know this is going on
which is what’s happening in the gay
community and if you’d like to talk to
this expert about it we can get them on
your show today contact me and I wonder
if they’re somehow maybe connected to

the Lear foundation it’s happening a lot
I’m gonna I’m gonna start forwarding you
some of these they’re very aggressive
with that yeah so I couldn’t find the
original numbers clipped at least not on

the mobile rig for some reason but the
leer foundation and the Norman Lear
who famously created all in the family
which was very important for the
narrative in the United States as Archie

Bunker although acted at the time as a
typical blue-collar Democrat was created
as a Republican and for the most nine
years that show was on pretty much

longer longer than that pretty much
cemented in the American psyche what the
typical white straight old racist KKK
Nazi quadroon mail looked like then it’s

Archie Bunker and so they continued to
put stuff into TV shows and movies and
it’s Moapa ganda it is what it is

it’s propaganda design and they put in a
lot of movies designed to get you to
think the way they want you to think yes
yes don’t even and I don’t even it’s

very effective yeah it’s very effective
they’re very good at it yeah that’s why
they’re uh everyone’s loves and loves
loves them
everyone in Hollywood loves them of

course they did would they also hand out
free consultancies now if he liked all
of the all of the medical that’s what
they Doug that’s I think it’s really

what they start doing a lot of all the
medical shows like no that’s everywhere
from General Hospital to st. elsewhere
and whatever else we have I don’t watch
that much television they always have
their experts in there to make sure that

you’re you know technically talking
correctly and pounds and they might as
well just put a couple things in there
to make sure you understand that we’re
diverse here on the show that’s how it

so they are so just as in the side this
guy ah but not he was arrested I don’t
know if you yeah I got that I got his
statement well I have it the bet back up
story they got a story statement okay

let me see what is it
avenatti arrested this sounds to me like
a fantastic hit job plate today police
in Los Angeles attorney was taken on
President Trump in a tweet police said

we can confirm that today LAPD
detectives arrested Michael avenatti on
suspicion of domestic violence it is an
ongoing investigation the arrests stem
from an incident involving a woman but

investigators did not offer any more
information about avenatti who took on
mr. trump and his former personal
attorney Michael Cohen in court on
behalf of porn star stormy Daniels it

has always been our intention to make
sure that this case proceeded
expeditiously and that as much
information as possible would be known
in her lawsuit against President Trump

Daniel’s alleged that she had an affair
with mr. Trump before he became
president and that she was paid to keep
quiet about it shortly before the 2016
election avenatti also represented Julie

sweat Nick who made sexual misconduct
allegations against Supreme Court
justice Brett Kavanaugh during his
confirmation hearing the president fired
back at avenatti we had another woman

just reported by a sleazebag lawyer but
sweat Nick and Abba not ease claims were
never corroborated and have now been

referred to the Justice Department for
an investigation avenatti has sought out
media attention and earlier this year he
traveled to Iowa to test the waters for
a potential Democratic run for president

in 2020
now which this was CBS shame on them
shame on them it is so obvious to see
that you know he was very detrimental to
the Cavanaugh process that he probably

ruined any chances of a blue waved for
the Democrats to take over the Senate in
addition to the house it was possible at
all but
he clearly this is a hit from the left

but get this guy away from us yeah no
and why did I have to spin it towards
Trump he’s the best thing that ever
happened for the Republicans Democrats

know he’s the best thing ever happened
to the Republicans because to know he
was screwing the Democrats he screwed it

no I’m talking about Trump you talk
about avenatti I’m just talking about
out of a naughty yes I said why does a
CBS state the obvious that this was you
know the clearly knows the obvious and
you talked about Jeff Piquet’s was the

only straight shooter on CBS and he will
not veer from the P will not veer out of
the lane he didn’t really mean yeah now
he won’t repeat out of the lane but I

have this another statement from
avenatti it’s worth hearing I would get
would say unless that statement was not
available at the time of this airing
that that would be every miss because
the guys would usually he had a piece of

a clip like that he had a little piece
of it just a very short piece here’s the
full statement very succinct first of
all I want to thank the hard-working men

and women of the LAPD
for their professionalism and their work
today I have never struck a woman I
never will strike a woman I have been an

advocate for women’s rights my entire
career and I’m going to continue to be
an advocate I am NOT going to be
intimidated from stopping what I am

doing I am a father to two beautiful
smart daughters I would never disrespect
them by touching a woman inappropriately

or striking a woman I am looking forward
to a full investigation I also want to
thank everyone for their support that is

reached out you know my character as a
man and I appreciate it thank you I got

daughters excuse but you know the
accusation is serious the accusation is
that he he’s fairly pictures supposedly
what’s in the in the mill that’s been

floating around right wing talk shows
yeah supposedly there’s pictures of her
Withers just bash this shit cuz
apparently she took a took a shot at him
or took a punch at him

and so she’s beating ups and he there is
also supposedly him claiming that she
hit me first she hit me first I just
heard that find out eventually yeah but

I like the way thanks to khat thank the
couch were not beating the crap out of
him right think you’re doing a good good
job guys exactly

see a couple other things that were good
actually give me a little update on the
on because I’ve completely lost track of
the elections the or the vote count I

should say what do we still have an
issue in Florida there’s and Florida
still probably redoing a lot of votes in
California and I don’t really have an
update clip okay but because they’re all

pretty boring the machines in Florida
stop working if Florida’s just a
nightmare I do have something that’s
kind of an update that usually need to

catch up on which is what’s going on
with Amazon ah okay if that you mean
Amazon HQ to HQ two and a half or
whatever it is it gets get us to two of
them you know one in Virginia one in New

York the New York one is backfiring as I
was suspecting it would and I want the
tax breaks keep well because in New York
yeah yeah I have a clip an intro and I

have this guy Kim who is a state senator
or a state assemblyman who’s going on
and on about this and then I have a
third clip which is is the US Congress

progressive caucus and I did which is
kind of a contrast of what these other
clips of doing but try Amazon intro D
end and I think I have a dupe of that we

begin today’s show looking at Amazon and
corporate welfare protesters are heading
to the site of Amazon’s future office
complex in Long Island City New York
today to condemn the city and state

governments for showering Amazon with
massive tax breaks and other giveaways
in order to entice the company to expand
into the city on Tuesday Amazon

officially announced it would split its
so-called second headquarters between
New York and Arlington Virginia just
across the river from Washington DC
after being offered more than three

billion in tax breaks and other
incentives as part of the deal New York
taxpayers will even build a helipad for
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who is the richest

man in the world Amazon
we became the world’s second US company
to be valued at over one-trillion
dollars thanks in part to the fact that
the company paid no federal taxes in

2017 amazon also built its company in
part by not collecting local sales taxes
and on goods sold online now I got to
say two things about that

one helipad is no big deal shut up it’s
not it’s not a big deal getting it
certified it’s not like a big rule boy
oh thanks man that’s really cool you

built that too saying it’s disingenuous
for any report to focus on the fact that
it’s just across the river from
Washington DC what’s really going on it
is it is next door to spook central and

no they emphasize the Pentagon rather
the spook central yeah but it’s spook
central Arlington Virginia this is a
very poor report please I just want to

explain why that’s a problem because
let’s just presume that they’re all in
bed with the spooks they probably are
anyway the amount of data corporate data
applications online web stuff the entire

commercial Internet is even we to some
degree use Amazon’s infrastructure and
how fantastic it is to just you know

people just walk across the street and
walk right in and we can go look at it
we could technically look at anything we
want to that’s a that’s a huge problem I
mean everything is on has an Amazon yeah

AWS back-end somewhere
hey man don’t you trust that government
all the way bro play this amazon intro

that just says intro just the same time
I thought it’s the same clip but this
may be something else we begin today’s
show looking at Amazon and kill it kill
it kill it

the problem is I obviously screwed up
that’s okay uh oh no I didn’t I didn’t
screw it up move down to Cuomo and
Amazon because they have Cuomo going on
and on about this is kind of important a
largest economic development initiative

that has ever been done by the city or
the state or the city and the state
together for every dollar we invest

we’re going to get back about nine
dollars just like the Olympics so to
find the money that we need to invest in

the subways vest in schools this is a
big money maker for us it doesn’t make
money for the shareholders right money
for you costs us nothing nada niente

goose egg he speaks multiple languages
we make money doing this that was Andrew
Cuomo would offer to change his name

what a douchebag really I change my name

to Amazon Cuomo very good well from now
on that’s what he’s known as Amazon

Amazon Cuomo so this guy comes on to
rant about this and I thought was kind
of funny because I did that progressive
he makes a comment that the progressive

site wing of the Democratic Party took
over this state assembly in New York
State and then I gotta put up with this
the problem that I have with it is there
is a

there’s a discrepancy with what the
progressives one on one hand and what
they want on the other but let’s play
this is Kim the guy’s name is Kim and he
is the senator they brought on yeah

first of all I am outraged that New York
under the Governor Cuomo is willing to
give away up to three billion dollars of
taxpayers money without any consultation

this isn’t my money this is you know
this is the people’s money there’s known
to just give it away to the richest man
on the planet when we are literally
sleepwalking into a supernova

catastrophic financial meltdown to BC
supernova instead of supernova and
people are not good with their language
no more consultation this isn’t my money
this is you know this is the people’s

money there’s willing to just give it
away to the richest man on the planet
when we are literally sleepwalking into
a supernova catastrophic financial
meltdown for ten years of from the last

financial meltdown more people living in
debt than ever in the history of
humankind as we speak right now in New
York alone New Yorkers we have over 1
million New Yorkers living in student

debt looting with student debt unable to
pay the minimum amount barely getting by
this is by the way is AOC Ocasio
Cortez’s argument as well that we could
have paid off everyone’s student loan

for this blossom was I think this kid
waiting when the actual debt blossomed
yeah yeah I would say that’s within the
past 10 years for sure yeah yeah yeah

well didn’t ya know ya know I believe
that Elizabeth Warren as a part of her
grand scheme I think she did something

where yes I remember what it is even if
you go bankrupt you can’t get rid of
that debt that’s what it was good work
Obama is that her contribution yes it is
in New York along the New Yorkers we

have over 1 million New Yorkers living
in student debt looting with student
debt unable to pay the minimum amount
barely getting by but instead of bailing
out the people here in New York our own

Democratic governor who’s willing to
give transfer wealth
of New York and give it directly to the
pockets of the richest man on the planet
that is ridiculous
and it’s about time we step up as

Democrats as progressives and really put
an end to corporate welfare
well Assemblyman and by the way that’s
total horseshit I mean it is not he they
I’m sorry he is not no one as Cuomo is
not literally giving the money to the

richest guy in the world that is just
not true but directly to the pockets of
the richest man on the planet that is
ridiculous and it’s about time we step
up as Democrats as progressives and

really pretend to corporate welfare
well Assemblyman this whole issue of how
the the mayor de Blasio and the governor
negotiated this deal as you say in
secret and then apparently the mayor

agreed to allow this to bypass the City
Council by allowing the state to be the
prime mover and assembling the land and
and and the project could you talk about

that and what could be done at the
Assembly level to challenge that I’m
introducing legislation to clawback this
deal under the New York State
Constitution actually clearly states
that we’re not allowed to give any

corporate subsidies or money to the
private sector or a business or
corporation they’re getting around it
by working with quasi government
agencies that was designed for the last
60 years to execute this type of

transfer of wealth and we can redesign
it because we designed it we can
redesign it to work for the people of
New York what’s the point of having a
majority progressive Democrats they said
it that we worked so hard for in the

state of New York if we can’t stop one
man from transferring three billion
dollars of taxpayers money to the
richest man on this planet
there you go that’s New York thinking

yeah just New York thinking it and I’m
reminded and I not taking either site on
this as I do us some thoughts but I had
to first play this Progressive Caucus
priorities that is I think I got this

from PBS or it may have been Democracy
Now also but play that so I just for a
little background err sorry what was the
title again Progressive Caucus

priorities members of the Congressional
Progressive Caucus held their first news
conference since the midterm elections
Tuesday with the caucus expected to grow

to nearly a hundred members when the new
Congress is seated in January Democrats
took a cooler tone when asked about
plans to abolish ice an idea many
progressive Congress members pushed

earlier in the year at the height of the
public outcry over president Trump’s
family separation policy caucus co-chair
mark Pocan who introduced a bill over
the summer to do away with ice said

abolishing ice is still on the agenda
but that higher priorities for the
caucus are health care jobs and dealing
with a culture of corruption mm-hmm I
like to play this culture of corruption

but jobs is on the big three list there
and they don’t know how to do jobs this
guy is going on about you know the three
billion dollar giveaway and it’s
actually a tax break if I may I know I’m

small insignificant player in the
universe certainly when it comes to New
York politics but I accurately predicted
there would be a fantastic employment
opportunity no matter where Amazon goes

and once again I am from the future what
lies ahead for Arlington Virginia and
New York City now that they will be home
to new headquarters for Amazon one way
to find out is to study the city that

has been headquarters for Amazon up to
now Carolyn Adolphe reports from member
station KUOW in Seattle
seattle city planners thought they’d get
18,000 workers when they signed up to

put amazon in a neighborhood north of
they got 45,000 people and 6,000 dogs
and that’s just the headquarters people

here cross the street in packs the whole
foods at noon rivals Grand Central
Station and the lunch is a huge affair
man who would want to live there

6,000 dogs go to Amazon’s work to work
how you could twist this into an anti
dog story but you did I was just waiting
for my opportunity sir I love dogs

it’s dog owners I have a problem with I
will say that this part of Seattle that
are talking about is has really been

transformed to such an extreme it’s very
weird very early in the morning on a
weekend or some because it’s like it’s
very strange like being a financial
district on a weekend if you know it’s

like yeah like Wall Street of course I
do yeah what it was like it’s spooky or
like a city I believe but this I have
mixed feelings about this and i should
mention what I think is that Queens is

really pretty much like Oakland or a
Hayward it’s a very it’s like a it’s not
suburban technically but in some ways it
is and it’s pretty shot it’s nothing

like they’ve they’ve revitalized
Brooklyn and now everything is very
expensive there and Queens properties
are all gonna be going skyrocketing and
people I was gonna kick out of people
who say yeah oh geez I got this house

but now you know it’s it was I bought it
for 20,000 and now it’s worth five
million dollars I hate these people for
moving in here which is a very you know

kind of a complaint you get up in
Seattle and just going to improve
overall it’s going to modernize it will
modernize and probably to the benefit of

Queens he will move a lot of old ladies
out and it’s gonna be a problem at the
beginning some conversation I’d hope
it’s gonna but it’s gonna be ruin a it’s
gonna be ruined and
proved you don’t know what to say but it

can’t keep going can’t just keep being
Queens forever it’s really Queens isn’t
that I have no offense to the Queens
listeners I’m sure there’s a couple but
it’s just not which it’s not a vibrant

place so you know town filled commuters
and old old timers I haven’t been there
in a long long time so I wouldn’t know
it’s no reason to go there’s no reason

to go I do have a related Amazon story
which were kind of waiting for the for
the follow-up to this to that get some

important information yes
you’re gonna say something no I’m sorry
this crow is flying her in the house oh
he’s coming for you millions of
Americans murder throws flying over the

house as we speak okay
state prosecutors hope one of them
contains crucial evidence in a double
murder case
Alexa comes with a price Timothy Farrell
is accused of murdering 48 year old

Christine Sullivan and 32 year-old Jenna
Pellegrini authorities say they were
stabbed to death at this Farmington home
in January of 2017 as Ferrell awaits
trial a judge has granted the state’s

request to access recordings of an
Amazon echo smart speaker which was in
the kitchen at the time Christine
Sullivan was killed I think most people
probably don’t even realize that Alexa

is taking account of what’s going on in
your house in addition to responding to
your demands and commands UNH law
professor Albert sure says this is

becoming more common prosecutors believe
the echo which uses Alexa voice commands
might have recorded audio of the moment
Sullivan was attacked as well as the
removal of her body

state police have the speaker and now
the judge is telling Amazon to turn over
the recordings from its server the
Attorney General’s Office was smart not
to just say hey we got possession of

Alexa that the dot so to speak we can
get do whatever we want with it they
were smart to get an order from the
Amazon says it won’t release any
customer information until a valid legal

demand has been properly served so of
course the reason why we’re watching
this case is to see if there is indeed
some recording that would not have been
triggered necessarily by a wake word and

was just there or how that it did know
to start recording based upon some
screams or we don’t really know but I’m
very interested in this of course yeah

is that you played a similar clip last
show oh I did but we still we haven’t
gotten it we haven’t gotten anything I
do have and this is the yin to the yang
for Amazon if we’re talking about retail

there’s a new network being set up a
network of retailers just get the name
of this company what are they called
they’re called face first which I don’t
think is the best brand in the world but

it’s a because you know you could
interpret in many ways it’s a failure
yes a facial recognition retail company
and they intend to use loyalty rewards

to get you to use your facial you know
your biometric data your face that so
they can scan your face for the loyalty

rewards program which I’m sure it’s
gonna go for this everybody you’re
kidding me no please of course of course
people will do that for free stuff yeah
of course they will but the yeah well

actually let me play there a little a
promo real here I’m heavily edited by me
to remove stupid pauses and dumb pieces
of music what if you could stop retail
crime before it happens by knowing the

moment a shoplifter enters your store
could you avoid a potentially dangerous
situation and what if you could know
about the presence of violent criminals

before they have children first you can
stop crime before it starts the world’s
only patented Enterprise retail face

recognition platform proven to radically
reduce crime
and perform flawlessly across thousands
of locations making it the top choice
for big box stores department stores

grocery stores pharmacies and other
retail operations reduce stranger stores
fast ROI all-in-one turnkey solution
and so the video of course is

shoplifters Minority Report zoom and
rotate enhanced match rapist shoplifter
thief gangster lost child I’ve dumped it

now it’s all this stuff put a timecode
down please okay but they are you know
they’re using all of the retailers

they’re you know they’re collecting all
of their data from all of their
customers I’m sure they’re matching it
with you know purchase data credit card
the horse it’s all done for Dad but then
your law enforcement can also find use

for this stuff yes so looking forward to
it’s probably the void in many places we
just don’t know about I have not
received the loyalty program request for
facial recognition though yet Wow your

chair your chair your chair really needs
some oil
if you’re hearing anything says crows
okay I mean there’s the given there’s
not as bad as it was a minute ago but

these crows there’s a guys I saw this
group of crows is called yesterday
overbite but Whole Foods is about a
thousand of them hmm

and I know what they’re talking about
but they dare talk talk they’re talking
amongst themselves yes they are and they
get there’s a very around here where
they decide to meet up once in a while

and there they fly over the house and
they just make this horrible racket but
you promised with crows are very smart
bird you can’t throw anything at them or
any because then they pet you then

you’re screwed I’ll just crap all over
your car and yeah they owe their vicious
terrible their vindictive yeah you have
to be very friendly to crows just a tip
for people who don’t I’m familiar with

these birds okay I’m sorry there was a
New York Times article that expose about
the face bag and did you really you read

about how the head of IT went to the
board and said hey holy crap I haven’t
been able you got these Russians in here
you know this is a big problem right and

and she was yelling like you threw me
under the bus and and they used all
kinds of horrible in fact the claim that
the New York Times printed is that
Facebook itself worked with a Republican

I guess
Marketing firm and they they actually
steered people towards a fake news

Arctic Facebook did steered people
towards a fake news article about Soros
funding something and they did that to
isolate you know different groups of

people but they were using these actual
and it’s it’s it’s the whole article is
is well worth the read and I was looking
today and the stock is you know this

stock was two hundred and eighteen
dollars just a month ago or maybe five
weeks ago and now it’s at 143 at least
last time I looked and they’re in big
big trouble down there in big trouble if

he still East on the stock what you
don’t think so yeah oh come on
the kids are all off face bag I mean he
haven’t been on face back for years is
nothing to do with this

well I think it does have a lot to do
with it when you have a Marc Benioff you
know CEO of Salesforce saying Facebook
is the new cigarettes you know I think I

think that does hurt sounds like it
would be more attractive to kids did you
say something like that your theory well
the numbers itself and there’s a lot of

studies have been done show that you
know at least 45% of heavy faced bag
users have stopped using it or deleted
the app and that is from what I
understand pretty much across the board

the kids were already on on Instagram
that they’re already not interested in
face bag doesn’t matter because
Instagram I think is very successful
it’s probably keeping the company afloat
but when you have having run a public
company when you have a stock price in

decline and bad news you get new
employees who came on their stock is way
underwater you know they have invested
and they just see it’s all negative the
money’s negative you get a negative vibe

you get know there’s people protesting
inside outside the company it’s not good
it’s it’s really it’s really damaging
and particularly for people who were
thought to be such high fliers and you

know there’s I’m sure there’s a brain
drain there’s all kinds of things going
on and then you get Wozniak not quite
sure why he weighed in on it but he was
asked about social media in general and

he came up with something about face bag
in particular I think is a good thing
that serves a good purpose even Facebook
great idea when Zuckerberg was in the
dorm this is gonna get people together

and they’ll be able to communicate ideas
that are important to them it wasn’t he
didn’t sit down and say how can we come
up with something that later on we’ll be
able to trick everybody and and make a
ton of money advertising what their what
their desires and wants are oh no no I

think social media has a good part it’s
not right for me in other words it’s
good for say it’s good for some people
most people but for me it’s not because
it doesn’t work well for me I’m a a
little bit of a quiet shy guy I noticed
I have a Twitter handle but I never read

Twitter I never go in and actually
participate on it except to share my
location something I started a long time
ago with an app that was called
Foursquare then so my wife would be able
to see where I am

somehow I just kept doing it out of
habit we stick to our habits better you
know if anyone wants to kidnap a wealthy
guy this is pretty crazy and he’s worth
some bucks I’ll tell you one thing the

social networks become so happened for
me I used about last year about a year
ago I used Facebook for the first time
even though I had a Facebook handle and
sometimes answered people’s enquiries
where they saw me posts where I was I
only used it for three months I would be

standing in a line at an airport and I’d
start scrolling through look at all
these posts all these funny dog ones
I’ll send them off and I and I had and I
saw some of my good friends were in
there and you know and then I thought

it’s habit for me and I don’t like
addictions now like things are habit for
me and I said wait a minute if I’ve got
solitaire I don’t need Facebook so I
gave up my account but I didn’t say it’s
bad for other people it’s just it’s just

it’s not good for me it’s not the right
thing for me I gave it up haven’t missed
it have felt only good sense and yeah
I’ve missed some nice you know good fun
animal and people and animal helping
animal type videos I missed that I could

go find it somewhere he’s an animal
videos just like this directly from the
New York Times while mr. Zuckerberg has

conducted a public apology tour in the
last year miss Samberg has overseen an
aggressive lobbying campaign to combat
Facebook’s critics shift public anger
towards rival companies and ward off

damaging regulation Facebook employed a
Republican opposition Research Forum to
discredit activist protesters in part by
linking them to the liberal financier
George Soros it also tapped its business

relationships lobbying a Jewish civil
rights group to cast criticism of the
company as anti-semitic
means these guys were doing some nasty

stuff you think any corporations not
doing that kind of thing constantly well
yes but they’re so holier-than-thou huh
well yeah if you buy into it

I just think Facebook is Facebook and is
unless something comes along the way
Facebook came along to me was first it
was live journal and then myspace came

along and knocked them out of the box
and then Facebook came along and knocked
them out of the box and I see nothing
that’s come along that is that will take
Facebook’s place and until that happens

what are you gonna do I thinks Instagram
has already done it
I think Instagram histograms of
different models could work slightly it
works completely differently yes any
instagrams owned by Facebook immediately

no that’s that’s okay that’s that’s my
point I’m talking about Facebook the
product is definitely in decline in
usage yeah no I’m not I still think it’s
a hey you know what you know what John

for targeting advertising I don’t see
how anything can beat it okay Instagram
beats it and I would advise you buy the
dip how well I think it’s overpriced at

this price no kidding it should be $15
Instagram how does Instagram how’s this
you get more targeted the Instagram is

include the ads first of all instagrams
algorithm is really really for shopping
for items you want to buy there’s a
swipe up and it works very well and

people if you say have you ever clicked
on an ad on the internet no have you
ever swiped up and clicked on something
on Instagram
yes it’s very successful in selling
products extremely successful the

algorithm the whole fuck it is sell no
no no y know if this is for clothing
it’s for food for you know the like food
for the mind

good yeah go ahead go try that no this
is all about the influencers
and what they’re where it’s based for
it’s for junk it’s for trinkets and
shiny objects and sneakers and that kind

of stuff the Home Shopping Network yes
yeah thank you this it is the Home
Shopping Network with with hosts who are
not paid by the Home Shopping Network
they’re either unpaid or they have you

know some small deal as an influencer
yeah it’s I believe that to be very very
very successful and I think that yes we
had communities go away we saw with AOL

and geo cities I totally agree but we
didn’t have algorithms running at the
time and this is this is chant this has
turned people off killed people made
them sick but add to that a healthy dose

of just bullcrap people are are they’re
looking for happier times and Instagram
I believe delivers that and Twitter is
still the cesspool I think a lot of the

arguments that just go on over there you
don’t hear people you don’t hear the m5m
referencing Facebook that much it’s like
you know that it’s all tweets everything
you see every quote is a tweet tweet
tweet tweet tweet not face back a face

bag is where you go and look at
someone’s profile after they’ve killed
well right alright well that’s our
analysis of social media to Jon and Adam

analysis Adams a huge fan of Instagram
apparently that’s replaced his huge
fandom for Facebook which he’s ridden
which he’s rejected out of hand you

should just stop all your heads you’re
sad we’re sounding really stupid when
you do this to it we both yes well it’s
totally stupid what you’re doing don’t
do this don’t do this people are
interested in these things they have an

opinion about it well I’m interested in
Facebook too for advertising
well you know I’ve heard you say this
for five years you’ve never bought a
single ad imagine all the people who

could do this it’s in the works
see who controls the board controls the

I plan I’m a planner so five years is
not a long time all right
someday there’ll be an ad on the

Facebook for the No Agenda show
meanwhile we have a few people to think
and they we don’t need ads for them they
voluntarily help through word-of-mouth
Laura Wilson at the top of the list

$133.33 and I have to read her note
because she says the sad puppy gets me
every time
and the sad puppies hanging around
apparently she needs some good karma at

the end sad puppy yeah still there
circus and Richmond Surrey Great Britain
13333 that’s two of them he does have a
title change I don’t know if you did

this on the list I don’t think so cuz
not marked no he’s not so proud he was
sir cast of the thirty trees got it I’ll
put him in a lot of people are pulling

back from their more elaborate yeah what
is what’s up with that name to something
simple I don’t know what do you think’s
going on with that
I don’t know I think it’s great I’ll

tell you why people are probably using
these credits and taking it seriously
and they’re like nice that’s you know
hey I want to get a job it’s a crazy

name yeah yeah sure watch bottom of the
dirty toilet you know it’s just gonna
get good job
depends what he’s going for but all love

in Mechanicsville Virginia $111 love
from the daddy cast yeah this is not
Paul I hate Paul well being called Paul

yes at plays look teary love has been
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early pot could be in the story of
podcasting almost should yep
Stephan Kunkle in Atlanta Georgia $111

Levenstein Cesaro to tribute thank you
for loving Ronald Shaw 6543 he needs a
epic answer he’ll be in the troll room

today recovering from surgery yes we
will give you an F cancer Jeff Kelly in
Arnold Maryland and he did send a
handwritten note in which I feel obliged
to read all right but he’s got a lot of

I think there’s something changed
changing here too because he’s got a
bunch of a counting at the bottom oh yes
I do see something changing you read the
nose I’ll take a look I didn’t send it

uh-uh so it’s 6008 he says I’m glad to
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good we’re you should be very busy is my

final installment for knighthood ah okay
so Jeff henceforth like to be known as
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means ten on that done a periodic so we
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was the time to donate I am near the end
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room 33 yeah and since you never cashed
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I wonder why did you just was it a bill
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figured that I just had to check I don’t
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I guess cashing a check for 35 cents
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was more hassle than it was worth but 35
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Jim Buell 5833 in Spring Hill Tennessee
he said he also clicked on the sad puppy
works like doom box

he’s 678 in Holland Ohio and he’s got a
note here that we have to read sir Duma
checking in after great Michigan local
number one meet at first off I’d like to
call Pat of the local one out as a
douchebag Wow then he’s got some ideas

for us to read which will do off of
error right but he suggests something
you and I have already talked about is

you know still try to bring in
background there’s like I failed to do
today with the Hollywood leer foundation
but that’s the idea to restate and it’s
it you know I catch myself all the time
I’m thinking and we talked about that

but I realize most people have not never
heard half the topics we’ve we’ve we’ve
discussed on the show
this is true
but we ever you have what we well let’s

stop and though just analyze this for
we don’t normally think about that as
we’re doing this show but I think the
way it works best is when someone says

and I don’t mind this someone sends in a
note asking for some background saying
you know I don’t know what you guys are
talking about you’ve been talking about
this for weeks and you’ve been you’re
referencing something I just started to

show a year ago and I’ve never heard
this right then we usually take notice
and we saw a way to do a little and we
do a little background to catch people
up and it’s better than being

self-conscious about it I think what do
you think yes that’s good but I prefer
to also have some self-consciousness in
there we’ll even reference players in
the political field that are just not

known to a new a new a new producer or
new listener who comes in and just as
checking the show or you know there’s
just a lot of different things like if I
said to you baku you just start you

start laughing right now oh yeah but you
know we we’ve gone to great depths about
baku the oil city that it is and how
important it is strategically and oh by
the way the unbelievable city scape that

they have these things are important
from time to time when it comes up in in
a new item yeah well if it’s an old
thing we revisit yeah of course of
course just the call back but I don’t

think it’s necessary to explain goat
Karma you know I don’t think we have to
do that you don’t you don’t you have to
understand goat Karma you just have to
bathe in it

cervix a barren wasteland of the hot
southern bush in Milford Michigan 5 6 7
8 another 5 6 these guys had a meet up
and they all donated I love it thank you

Michigan local number 1 yep youssef
Agassi in Plymouth Michigan another one
five six m1 also had the meet up thank
you so much

remember Michigan one so they did have a
discussion about donating and they ball
came in with something christopher
dektor 5 6 7 8 he doesn’t say he’s from
michigan number one but i’m guessing he

is timothy Kiernan and plymouth michigan
5 6 7 8 the November 10th newsletter was
the best ever do more history
deconstruction and analysis of non

trumpian things this sir Timothy the no
fixed title actually sir Timothy
it’s kind of hard I mean doesn’t matter
what topic we have news from we’re not

putting the Trump angle on it you know
we had several stories today’s like why
do they put Trump in the story so yeah
you were bitching about the Jeff Pegues

story where you thought it was twisting
it to s point a finger at Trump yes when
it was the neutral story but you know
what if you want a two-hour show we’ll
stop doing Trump stuff might even be an
hour and a half the media themselves

have talked about this and they say you
know we’ve tried to take Trump out of
our news and our ratings go down that’s
not why we’re doing it it’s just that’s
our source material yes that’s their

that’s the mature we’re getting from
them so if they have it and they can we
get it from them we have to say
something about Trump cuz he’s in the
story even though for no good reason a
lot of times

but you know we minimize it today we
haven’t talked a lot about Trump the
rest of this show be all about Trump sir
Lucas of the loss of bits in Tacoma
Washington double nickels on the dime
Bradley shall nut parts unknown is some

note here the motorhome epidemic in the
Bay Area yeah thank you for the best I
went to corroborate John’s Bay Area

motorhome epidemic on either no agenda
or unplugged I think it was a long
agenda both probably the large and the
large amount of people living in motor
homes in Mountain View he’s in Mountain

View is astounding also too bad for all
the propositions that passed because
California’s vote as soon as the best of
people just going to say keep up the
good work huh thank you Jeffery Schwab

doubled ankles on the dime parts unknown
Jennifer Hedrick and hey Harvard
Illinois and we got a happy birthday
buddy yep James Moore in San Pablo

California 5115 wrapped the street for
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Colorado Keith Yarborough also in Austin
they need me tough yes I’m look I had a
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trevor Hoagland in Portland Oregon John
Haller in Missoula Montana bus pater
snakes in Amsterdam sir-sir snakes do
that twice twice as much you know why no

he says of G if John gives me a ninety
degrees this is some reference I know
what he was talking about I will donate
twice as much well why don’t you find

out what that was I didn’t care because
just donate twice as much because what I
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slew incest actually a hundred bucks
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ground at different events from
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we have boots on the ground reporting we
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and today being the 15th of November

2018 when you have a couple of birthdays
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November 10th it’s Walter C in Chandler
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sir some guy in Phoenix KC Crisler and

we have team Calvin just happy birthday
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such again thank you all for supporting
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Dvorak tat org slash in a we do it twice
a week the next one on Sunday
I did want to catch up just briefly an
aviation related story which I was I was

all prepared to talk about and try and
explain it and then STEC sent me a clip
this morning I was very happy this is
regarding the lion air crash that
happened about a week and a half ago two

weeks ago right
there’s 137 stretch there max it’s
called the max the 737 max the thing
with the stretch is an old reference
it’s funnier

well there’s there it was it was it was
the dc-8 strength with the dc-8
stretcher the tent church there’s a dc-8
that that thing was grotesque till it
was longer than a football field I think

metal wing it looked weird but the max
what’s different about the max is they
have different engines and they’ve moved
the engine a little further out on the

wing so they’re also a little bit more
forward by I don’t know what it is maybe
maybe half a foot I’m not quite sure
I’ve seen some overlays and what that
does is eating well they took a plane

the 737 I think the SN was the most
recent one a very stable plane which you
know all modern aircraft with this size
have some form of additional help for

controls but it kind of destabilized the
airplane in a way and gives you a little
more different carrot characteristics
when you’re in a certain bank and that’s

purely because the engines then start to
provide lift when you don’t expect it
yeah which is all okay because they put
in some systems to combat that problem
now it’s not proven that this is what

happened to that lion air aircraft but
here’s a story that kind of explains
what went wrong tonight top a V Asian
experts say the lion air pilots may not
have understood why their new 737 max

was suddenly in a nosedive or how to get
out of it
investigators believe the plane sensors
or it’s computers had bad data
suggesting a potential stall but many
veteran pilots didn’t know the 737 max

computers can force the nose down to
avoid a stall even when pilots are
flying manually Boeing’s operators
manual does
not highlight the change you’re upset

because Boeing didn’t inform the pilots
right we were that information was not
disclosed to our company or our pilots
now Southwest United and American
Airlines and their pilots unions are

issuing urgent bulletins to get the word
out there is a fix simply flipping a
switch should have turned the automatic
system off as you can see it stopped a
trim but not knowing the problem the

lion air pilots appear to have continued
fighting to pull the nose up it’s
working to fully understand all aspects

of this incident and it’s confident in
the safety of the 737 max meanwhile
pilots are warning each other how to
recover from a potentially hidden danger
so this is this is very very bad that

this happened I’m not quite sure exactly
how this could get past any kind of
certification the FAA is usually pretty
good about this because if you change
anything in the aircraft it has to go

into very well-documented manuals this
goes into training there’s a whole I
mean the process broke down somewhere
and it’s possible and this is what I
find interesting July last July 2017

Boeing announced they were creating an
in-house avionics unit reversing decades
of outsourcing the avionics to India so

this would be either I don’t know if
they how far they got with that if they
completed it but there’s a changeover
something changed in avionics and I

think that may be to blame for the
process breaking down whether that
happened because of it was done in India
or was done in Seattle or whatever
happened it did well obviously created a

very bad day for a lot of people well
I’ve never been a fan of Indian coders
racist there’s nothing to do with race
they’re good at designing hardware

no I’m just being hit man
I know in our racist I do have a report
on that though from jay-z this is
working for a number he’s working for

these companies and one of the things he
does know he’s higher as coders uh-huh
and he has his list of good coders too
bad coders ethnics Lee I’ll get this yes
first of all he has a list I love that

it’s nice yeah list it’s JC CDs list
it’s like your best code it apparently
some of the best coders are Muslims
what and why is that I have theories on

that but I’ll get the whole list and
we’ll go through it and then it’s just
for people out there the dude’s name and
they might want to know about this

because they do a lot of hiring a lot of
them a lot of our guys so has he
categorized it as he categorized by what
it’s a whole theory about it yeah well
are you gonna are you gonna present that
to or sources proprietary I don’t have

it I mean I’m not today I’m asking you
well yes absolutely and the fit of our
dudes named Ben who do a lot of hiring
they you they put you know the funny

thing is they probably already know all
this but I’m extremely interested so my
question was is is buzz kill jr.
prepared to give up his entire research
on the show or just a little bit or what
can we I’m very interested well you’ll

give up what he wants to give up I don’t
know what it is I’ll ask him all do some
producer me the whole thing isn’t care
about it yes you are I have what my

theory is the best programmers I don’t
call them coders the best programmers
are musicians in particular bass players
seem to be extremely good at at

programming that’s good to know
don’t say we got a couple of things we
want to get out of here one this is a
report that was done passed around it

showed up in the news it was done on CBS
with Jeff Glor and he brought on our
friend the ex-cia Morrell Mike Morrell
and you have to be unfortunate I can’t

give you this success I can only tell
you that Glore had the most skeptical
look on his face I’ve ever seen him have
as he tried to get through this thing
because they know he has to just read

what it says but he was like Dumont
wasn’t buying any of it and I’m not sure
I’m buying much of it here this is the
military stark warning and listen to the
details wait listen to the details of

how its twisted at the end with some
phony and alimony analogies this is just
unbelievable we got a stark warning
today a report says that the US has lost

its military edge and could lose a war
against China Russia that is the
conclusion of a bipartisan Commission
selected by Congress among I’m sorry did
he say just China Russia is like one

country or China China no China and or
Russia or Russia okay and could lose a
war against China Russia right that is
the conclusion of a bipartisan

Commission selected by Congress among
its members is Michael Morell former
deputy director of the CIA and current
CBS News national security contributor
Michael joins us from DC tonight how do
we get to this stage Michael really two

main developments one abroad and then
one at home the one abroad is we forgot
about this guy didn’t we used to I know

he used to say right right right he says
rice is rising a lot homina there’s so
many arms and this whole report
including from Jeff that is like is this
even you know I do want to throw the

number 33 and while they’re at it how do
we get to this stage Michael really two
main developments one abroad and then
one at home the one abroad is that our

main competitors and we’re really
talking about China and Russia here
have for some time been investing in
fighting a conventional war while we’ve
been mired in 17 years of

counterterrorism the other is a
development here at home which is the
Budget Control Act of 2011 sequestration
which significantly cut defense spending
and put those two things together and

they brought us to this place but the
u.s. still spends 716 billion dollars a
year on military shine is 175 Russia’s
60 what are we doing wrong so our
competitors have a much smaller area of

the globe to worry about right right
they worry about primarily the regions
in which they live we’re talking about
Russia China North Korea Iran we have to
worry about the entire globe because our

interests are diverse are you optimistic
this all gets fixed so I’m not I’m not
there were similar warnings in 2010
similar warnings in 2014 Jeff by similar
panels nothing was done this reminds me

a bit Jeff of all of the strategic
intelligence warnings in the years
before 9/11 and we all know how that
story ended all right Michael always
appreciate your perspective thank you

very much what happened at the end there
how did we get to 9/11 all of a sudden
which we all know how that ended up
there what what what was he trying to

another what I think what he’s trying to
say is that although he’s not doing is
really lame but what he wanted to say
what he wanted to say was we had all

these all these warnings before 9/11
from these different okay
agencies but we couldn’t put two and two
together and the switch that we have all
these warnings because this happened to

get in 2014 I guess they did a similar
report saying that we need you know the
military some military reports saying
hey we’re we’re right now we’re spending
more than the entire world every world’s

army put together by a lot and we saw
and we need more money
don’t send water blankets just send your
cash Ebola back in the news

we love Ebola we do and the reason why
we love it is because a we’ve had
experimental vaccines which has

disappeared from the radar and that was
actually funded by the government or
guarantees were given never heard
anything else about it we had a lot of
military people in West Africa when and
they were there to save the world and

they saved us from Ebola would we had
like 30,000 people there’s some crazy
amount of military and we had me a one
guy and we were all gonna die and we
watched him the plane land and his

ambulance drive to the hospital and like
holy crap this guy’s you know it’s just
everything’s kind of coming out of every
orifice and then the guy just kind of
hopped out of the ambulance and walked

into the hospital it was a little bit of
a letdown but man Ebola and and you know
I thought we had war this evil beast and
you know there’ll be no other reason to
send military in anywhere for any reason
except Ebola no cell phone a necklace

you just bought and Ebola you might have
forgotten the name of that deadly
disease but there could be connections
between the three this is the Democratic

Republic of Congo in the heart of Africa
remember you find a lot of the remember
we yeah we just learned that Israel
received a container ship full of oil

from DRC which we still haven’t figured
out exactly
we why but they got that oil from the
Congo pricy resources that the high tech

and jewelry industries are after but
he’s in control of all that the legal
extraction of minerals timber charcoal
and wildlife has full violence in the

number of regions in the Democratic
Republic of Congo is generated almost
stop he had to back that up did he say
charcoal I think so Murray industries
are after but who’s in control of all

that the legal extraction of minerals
timber charcoal and wildlife I think
it’s a shark oh so there’s the illegal
extraction of charcoal this is a UN guy

so I’m not gonna even think like
valuable diamond like commodities that
forest burns down and they illegally

smuggled out the burnt wood is that what
he’s saying
I think Wow
charcoal it could be something else not
charcoal but char coal is that possible

this is different sure huh but shark oil
maybe meant that three industries are
after but who’s in control of all that

the illegal extraction of minerals
timber charcoal and wildlife I don’t I
think he’s saying something else John
he’s saying something that we’re hearing
it raw shark hole violence in the number

of regions in the Democratic Republic of
Congo it has generated almost a billion
dollars in revenue for rebels
and criminal groups the country’s

politics has been a violent mess for
over 20 years
nowadays a new Ebola outbreak is making
things worse for locals and only a few
months it took the lives of almost 200

people the Health Ministry says they’ve
never had to deal with outbreaks of that
scale and with armed thugs running the
show in parts of the Republic doctors
are losing confidence in their own

efforts I do you think this is one of
the challenges we’ll have to see whether
were able to contain
control and end the current outbreak
within the current security situation
after all even the bravest doctors don’t
want to risk their lives when they’re

under a constant threat of being taken
out just gonna stop it here so again I
don’t understand we had a vaccine it was
effective and one was happy and then of
course we got distracted for Zika with

Zika for a little bit and you know small
heads that just poop just kind of went
away I guess we I guess we won that war
as well the war on Z no of course not
but then yeah we had a cut about a month
I think in a month ago there were I

think was one of your clips there was
this weird kind of tent
famous tent yeah well you can go in you
just stick your hands yeah so that’s

kind of that’s some big NGO that’s doing
that so they’ve got NGO people running
around that and you watch the military
is coming in next that’s why this is

times it’s just physically impossible to
reach the affected areas unharmed but as
we’ve heard from the UN top man business
means money does find its way into the
fighters hands it comes out in a number

of reports that are highlighted with the
press on the companies that are doing
little or no activity at all there are
some companies that used to report that

are no longer reporting and so there’s
also reputational risk for them to be
seen as laggards and not doing enough to
ensure that they are not fueling any of

the conflict in the DRC regardless I
name brands and the manufacturers and
the company is that I would buy a cell
phone or a computer or a car from I do

have influence there those some of the
richest companies in the world and they
have the ability to work with their
suppliers and work through their supply

chain and have that assurance that
they’re not causing into any deaths or
destruction or violence against people
you know or the planet let’s deconstruct

this for a moment
the story is about Ebola and that pretty
much leads
I mean they start off by lumping a name
with diamonds and cellphone material
minerals that you need for a charcoal

for charcoal there was a lot of
different guesses for that in the troll
room as you can imagine
yeah I’m sure never more accurate and
maybe it was shale oil maybe just came

out wrong I don’t know but the story
goes into there’s bad people there
there’s no rebels it’s it’s you know
these companies are doing enough yeah I
think we’re either going we’re going to

see military go in and it’s going to be
under the guise of a Ebola but it’s
either to kick the Chinese out which
would be my first guess because they’re

the ones that
run the show and they’re also the either
it’s definitely decayed to Chinese and
yeah okay there’s no either with your
second guess that that just out of

just to mess with Apple
oh no I don’t think so we have other
ways of messing with Apple so yeah so
all we need now is the announcement that

we’re sending in troops the question is
will it be US troops will it be UN
troops we send the blue helmets in
because you know then we can always add
cholera color to the mix very good for
real good at that job do you bring your

canisters of cholera I am just waiting
for this waiting for
yeah it’d be interesting there was a big
horrible Eastern weather and then we

could have our fires and jay says that
we should do the rain sticks because of
the fires in san francisco bay area
okay let’s california well here’s the

problem I don’t have a stick with me and
I said that might be better because then
it won’t be so over we won’t overdo it
you know you give a shake
he will heat hold on a second let’s just
take one thing into consideration and by

the way you were hearing to
professionals who are trained in the art
of rain stick shaking this is not the
system we do I am just pick it up let’s
see that you’re already showing that you

were a little rusty on the
professionalism there yeah I agree
yeah careful with that it’s old that I
need to I need to take remedial lessons
you’re shooting rain everywhere man
create a local microclimate these are
made by sherry in in Utah

and they are the real rain sticks and
they have been proven to work silver
point no I doubt it
sherry Osborne’s not overboard she’s
around for sure she’ll say she’d be

sending you an email about it yeah now
here’s the only thing that I’m worried
about if we shake the stick you know
that that the next disaster the next

disaster in California will be the
mudslides and I don’t necessarily you
would there’s gonna be rain eventually
and if they don’t get the rain sooner
than later the mudslides will be worse

okay I would say he’s gonna do one what
one station one one revolution should be
enough yeah and the reason I’m saying
that is because I did you know because

of the report you’re gonna play next
which is horrible
Eastern weather
winter arrives early taking a deadly
toll on the south killing two and

injuring 44 some critically on a
roadside in Mississippi when this tour
bus slid on an icy Highway and flipped
onto its sides the Mississippi Highway
Patrol says the crash was

weather-related the sneak attack of snow
sleet and freezing temperatures hit
Arkansas Kentucky Tennessee and
Louisiana southerners have rarely seen
this kind of weather this early in the

Houston saw flurries this year before
Boston did but the frigid invasion of
cold air is on the march north over the
next few days 85 million people will be

affected Don Dahler CBS News New York
ok Lonnie Quinn chief weather caster at
WCBS now is here Lonnie how bad is this
gonna get well I think we’re the real

bad elements part of this storm is gonna
be the icing now the icing when you’re
gonna radar pictures depicted by the
pink color just like around the
Louisville Kentucky area but you know
places like st. Louis you’re just
getting into the storm you’ll pick up
about a half a foot of snow

what is that icing because sometimes you
can drive your car on snow tough to
operate it on ice and that I 80 one
corridor anywhere from portions of
Pennsylvania all the way down into North
Carolina and around that area of

Louisville wherever you see that bright
red color you could pick up a half an
inch maybe even 3/4 of an inch of ice
ice you know here in in the lowlands it
is now halfway through November we were

outside and I’m here my buddy único at
his place and it was you know it was
like beautiful weather here is unheard
of it’s unheard of we had we would have

be having beautiful weather here too if
it wasn’t for the reverse winds and all
smoke coming down from 200 miles away
hey how come when we have a big disaster

like a hurricane or you know anything
like that we always have Anderson Cooper
and everyone’s out there
why did I see anyone in front of the

well there’s a lot of people in front of
the cars but none of the anchors decided
to come out what I know this is no good
restaurants in the yeah okay now I now I
understand you’ve explained it perfectly

second are miles north of Sacramento is
like some beans there’s no good

it’s Occam’s razor right there you hear
it lies in action here on the No Agenda
show a couple just some clips just to
make you smile John this is from our

northern buddies there can the Naevia
you know the weeds is legal up there no
they’re trying the weeds up there though
well this is wrong this is a story about

edibles actually Toronto judge called
Vittorio Domon le a Complete Idiot’s
after a guilty plea in a college park
courthouse Friday he said he and his

partner Jaime young had never tried weed
before and decided to give it a go a
decision he regretted about 20 minutes
northbound Oakwood in Vaughan what is
going on what do you need the ambulance

okay are you are you injured at all is
it anything happens I’m just lightheaded
that’s Domino using a police radio to
call for help after getting so high he

thought he was dying one of the officers
that rushed to the scene slipped on ice
and suffered a concussion she’s still
not able to work not Minelli apologized
to his family the court and the police a
date for sentencing will be set next

week fantastic story we’ve talked about
this before we’ll talk about it again

that’s warning to people who don’t
understand what’s going on
edibles which are a great product have
to be you have to you have to
standardize yourself on them by taking

you know if you have a little bit of
these little chocolate bits and it all
packaged up individually you could down
one of those and you’d be waiting an
hour hour and a half nothing happens so

you take another one in
fact knowing that it’s gonna take you
two and a half hours for an edible to
take effect this is advice I don’t even
take a whole one take a half a one and
see what happens to you you’ll find that

possibly the half of a little piece
after two and a half hours is more than
adequate for whatever you’re interested
in doing usually listening in to music
Rihanna Rihanna is recommend it’s a good

place to start and just saying did these
guys are idiots and if I don’t think the
packages make it clear enough
very nice packaging but it doesn’t have

any real instructions on it yeah for the
troll room I just want you to know that
when it comes to edibles as a product
indeed John is the authority on this I

am errantly I have to be an authority
yes your voice is needed
it’s it’s very straight well there there
are companies that are working on making

that go faster
there are also being threatened by the
government because they’re thinking of
taking edibles off the market because of
this problem of idiots like that guy up
in Canada well this because you know we

need and we need an education campaign
by the lire Foundation the way the lire
Hollywood leer foundation they should do
it actually or you could just purchase
this next product many discoveries in my

life but you don’t have to be an
Einstein to know it’s more important
than ever to keep dreaming keep your
dreams alive
start with a good night’s sleep unisom
sleep tabs help you fall asleep 33%

faster it shows up what yes not 32 where
are you getting the number 34 flip not

34 but 33 percent faster
97% of all scientists agree
yes 33 percent here’s I got it here’s an
offbeat clip from this has never got

national attention but I thought it had
potential this is the Baraboo high
school Nazi salute in Wisconsin
Baraboo high school has come under
intense scrutiny as a photo of at least

60 male students giving the Nazi salute
went viral this week one student in the
front row is seen making a white power
symbol with his index finger and thumb

the photo was reportedly taken ahead of
the students junior prom last spring and
was posted on a social media site with
the hashtag Baraboo proud that’s some
sort of code what the hell is that now

what are they doing where these kids
thinking just help me with that first
off they’re goofballs
yeah Wisconsin and there’s somebody
thought it would be funny

hey man look we’re all white let’s do a
Nazi salute and take a picture and then
post it and I’ll get some big donors
it’s those edibles they should have just

stayed home listening to Rihanna but no
they had to go and do that well thank
you that made my day or evening I should

say as we’re coming up by the night u9p
like it’s Sundy no únicos actually
cooked something for me okay guys all
right hey I’ll be here for next for

Sunday’s show as well so I’m sure I’ll
have more Europian news and rundown of
what’s happening here in in the old
country as we gear up to go to war with
the United States amongst others good

for us please remember us in our value
for value model and support the show by
going to Dvorak dot org slash na and
thank you all producers Thank You troll

room Thank You back-office Thank You
infrastructure etc and thank you Jhansi
Dvorak coming to you from the loft here
in Leiden in the Netherlands get mo

nation boat lands in the morning
everybody I’m Adam curry being invaded
we’ll talk about that the next show I’m
John C Dvorak until Sunday

CNN’s appreciation itself


mr. president consent

and pass it up
excuse me
today’s again mr. president CNN should

be ashamed of yourself mr. president
has been patch enough
a specific APIs team a success
that’s nothing happens happen if you

that’s enough
that’s enough
that’s enough
that’s enough man
that’s enough

but I have I have the peak oil of the
dogs it’s actually for myself I don’t
have to worry because what’s gonna
happen as climate change makes
temperatures warmer crops fail we have a
global food shortage we start eating the

dogs and cats fixes climate change
you make a snack

the barbecue cook in the dog I’ll just
cook in the dog

if you don’t know how to do it I’ll show
you how to cook
I’m God

gotta be the best recipe
thinly-sliced bless you
like they do in another career just go

you don’t know how to do it I’ll show

will you may think that this is strange
the poor sweet tater fries and a slice

of Allah
look in the doll
I’m just cooking my dog if you don’t
know how to do it I’ll show you

hey pooch
dinner at my place

as usual it’s Broward County and going
on in Broward County and the first time
we hear Broward’s election supervisors

speak publicly about the medical
marijuana ballot glitch bro ha growl
gotta choose Broward’s back this tree is
a reminder of the power of this tornado
that touched down here at Broward

College’s North Campus there’s none of
the ugliness that we expected about the
fraud or what I call the Fugazi fraud is
once again from Broward County and we’re
facing another election dispute focused
largely on Broward County I’ve been

talking about this it’s it’s hard for us
in Broward County to wrap our minds
around the fact that this happened in
our community the Broward County
Sheriff’s Office posted a new fact
checker website which it says is meant
to clarify misinformation and

allegations law enforcement are finding
and documenting more flock and Road than
anywhere else in the nation clearly this
is something that has grabbed the
attention of the American public just

now red tide is here in Broward County
we have area SWAT teams in the Broward
Sheriff’s Office walkie
we’re in finery on board if you look at
Broward County they have had a horrible

history there are still votes to be
counted here at Broward County election
headquarters but they won’t say how many
Saturday in Broward County
mofo I am really