No Agenda Episode 1087 “Hippie Hummus”

Oh Adam curry
Jhansi devorah’s your award-winning
Gitmo Nation Media assassination episode
1087 this is no agenda with traffic and
weather together sports on the threes

and broadcasting live from the garden of
am spam in the loft in Laden in the
morning everybody I’m Madame Curie and
from northern Silicon Valley where the
separate just went by and spoke by the
way I’m John Steed Boris didn’t expect

to cut it so close
were we in time with the Zephyr or what
we started the whole thing just as the
Zephyr appeared as a 10-car train – for

some reason some people must just be
thinking the hell are these guys doing
yes I’m still here in the lowlands

Gitmo nation lowlands in the Netherlands
and you know since your newsletter kind
of made little joke

I mean how do we say Jill joke you just
a bit something about no I was about it
no it didn’t annoy me I was about sports

you said Adam will be checking in from
Europe you’ll have weather and news and
no sports and like actually I don’t have
one I have two sports stories for you

yeah and and of course I would never
have known this if it wasn’t really big
news particularly here in the
Netherlands they even beam that this
year’s World Cup but the Netherlands a
red hot right now does their to nil win

over world champions France proves the
shock wave has rippled around the UEFA
nations League having also beaten
Germany the wind sees the 2014 World Cup
winners tumble down into the league’s

Division two we have players with
exceptional technical experience and
also Conference speed we know why we won
against German invades valve and why we
won against France on Monday they play

at home with only pride at stake just a
draw would be enough to see Ronald
Cummins team advance to each other group
winners next June so this is the the
UEFA nations League competition this is

a big deal in Europe and the Netherlands
have not only trounced Germany but they
beat the world cup holder France to zero

no – to nil with the fight with the
final goal being a penalty a panenka now
if you ever heard this term so bright it

that right at the whistle right at the
very end of all time you know there was
a foul occurred the guy takes a penalty
which is just the last second of the
game and you know typically with soccer

you know the goal he’s gonna choose a
side he’s gonna you know dive toward and
the kicker is going to choose a side and
if those two match up the goal usually
has it but there’s this one now yeah

there’s this one move called the panenka
and that and that is you don’t really
kick the ball just kind of scoop it with
your foot and lob it right in the middle
so the kiss of the goalie is on the

ground in the corner he chose and the
ball goes hoobledoop and kind of poops
right in so it was a total shit
very last second they scored the second
goes that changed the outcome of the

game no it was just for the humiliation
they was sure the humiliation of it but
here’s my question in the United States
of Europe where nationalism is a bad
word where because no nations no borders

why do we have all of our guys in each
country dress up in a color and go fight
for our nation in the nations league
surely this atrocity must stop I say

they had to put an end to it I mean it’s
it’s when you think about it make up
your mind people when you think about it
it’s like wow I have to say though

all of the online dictionaries in the
past week maybe two weeks but I’d of
course I didn’t check them all how many
times have we gone into an online

dictionary and have we looked up the
definition of nationalism at least three
for every as the show is seen with a
different dictionary well all the

dictionaries have now done a switch
where the second or third definition is
now the number one definition here’s
merriam-webster which I know we read
previously when looking up the

definition of nationalism the number-one
definition as of today
nationalism excessive favoritism towards
one’s own country

they drop the word excessive in there
yeah and synonym what would it what is
favoritism to one’s own kind is that the
word excessive so you know how the

dictionary has that that definition and
then under it it has a little line so it
says excessive favoritism towards one’s
own country and then little Asterix
nazism ‘he’s almost epic nationalism
appealed to downtrodden germans still

suffering the humiliation of being
defeated in World War one
so they’re really bringing the Nazi
thing right into it right off the top

shameless why I’m okay I’m okay with it
now like okay finally you change the
dictionary I guess we all agree there
was a meeting somewhere and I’m sure

what happened is all the dictionary
people were going damn and look at how
they’re defining nationalism not just a
while wait a minute that’s macron oh
there’s Trudeau holy crap we better
change it and they did that’s pretty

much well there’s out there’s activists
with it within the companies no wars of
course because number two makes a lot of
noise okay okay okay what we’re gonna do

well here’s the number two definition
which used to be number one love and
support for one’s country American
nationalism is often most visible during

4th of July celebrations anyway as I was
looking at all the online dictionaries I
I realized the word that we used to use
maybe even just a couple years back was
jingoism that I think is more accurate

but we never really know it was a word
for a while I don’t know if it was
during work because it did show up and
nobody got it so they stopped using it

yeah but it wasn’t us using it um
I remember during what and I don’t know
if it was the second Obama election or
if it was more recent I just remember I
mean I get it I did no research on it

but somehow in the back of my mind I
remembered jingoism was actually I
remember you explaining what jingoism
was that’s the possibility I did that
but it wasn’t worse that you or I you
know no no no no because I have to add

the minute I said jingoism I think of
Jenga and it just doesn’t feel right
it’s the word war onward for me anyway
one more sports story John from Gitmo
nation the lowlands we have with the

huge Darts championship yes bonus story
huge dart championship the Dutch are
very good at darts and they very good it
with ours you’ve had some well this is a

big deal in Europe you can scoff but I’m
here I’m reporting on what’s important
you’re good at darts yeah 100
you get a lot of those well there was

the final match the Dutch guy lost but
he had a very peculiar reason he was
extremely distracted by something that

happened and he blamed his co finalists
I think as a Scot now you’re gonna have
to try and focus your ears to listen to
what I think The Scotsman I think was
discussing what he’s saying here but

this was the it’s now called well
there’s a name for it she spoke to
Wesley and besides that he said you were
a class player and can you let him alive
in the first session he said that it was

smelly on the stage
I thought where’s that factor on stage
today no no I think he thinks you did it
you can put your finger up large so we
must know yeah I thought he had shit and

I might start it it was bad it was bad
it was bad it was I think I thought it
was him and he started putting bathtub a
muscle needed to get some one day yeah
and he thought it was you

oh no hands up sweet on my kid’s life so
help me God nothing closed so this is
now what’s known as fart gate yes it was
so it smelled so bad that he was

distracted and he that’s why he lost the
game and the other guys say no no I
think he did it
so they’re actually blaming each other
for the losing fart gate no one really
knows it’s snitch and that is the top of

the news well you nailed it for sports
news we should get a show I need a
little jingle sports news I need you to

appreciate my sports topics entertaining
I think you dug him up just because of

that content the newsletter yes the
newsletter did make me do it of course
we have the big Black Pete controversy
the holy man st. Nicholas arrived on his
steam boat with his black Petes

yesterday but we’ve been tracking this
story and the No Agenda show for five
years where does the steamboat go but
after it what it comes from Spain
what route does it take oh it did it

just up the coast
it goes around and comes around it
doesn’t go up any bunch of canals
through France and all that it comes
which I think you can get from France

through the canal system up the road he
does not it’s a rather big ship setting
up and he’s got a horse on it you know
anyway the horse doing ship oh he so he

doesn’t have a sleigh and eight tiny
reindeer he has a white horse and he’s
on he who comes he’s on the ship on the

horse on the top of the deck he’s on a
white horse he looks like the Pope with
his you know with his hat and is his
staff and all that this is very old
tradition we’ve been tracking for the

past five years
this controversy no I looked it up with
I find clips that we had from five years
ago here’s the thing a reminder that
this really only started when I forget

the woman’s name from the United Nations
Human Rights office whose sole job is to
get reparations
paid to mainly islands such a well you

look at Indonesia and Haiti and you know
anywhere where slaves were were created
and grown and taken away by the evil
West it don’t need you qualifies but

Haiti for sure I think the Dutch had a
lot of stuff going on in Indonesia oh
you may want to look that up some Dutch
thing as possible that’s why I know that

they stole the cuisine from Indonesia
yes well that’s why they’re you know
this was happening in the Netherlands in
particular and it was just just to get
money and it started this whole this

whole conversation it really it here’s
how bad it got where the night before
the Saint was supposed to arrive and I
might want to remind everybody this is
it this is just now you’re talking today

or yesterday no you know yesterday the
day before yeah so the evening before
yesterday in the Netherlands whenever
you know it’s it’s December and the the
November December and then he’s coming

and all the kids are gonna be all
they’re excited because it’s the real
reason you stayed there’s because you
really like to reminisce about this
character it’s very interesting from a
social standpoint what’s happening here
and the there so what I’m trying to get

to is that at seven o’clock we have the
news on the Dutch public broadcasting
stations as three stations three
channels and they do the news at the
same time on one of the stations that

for these few weeks they replace the
news with the Sinterklaas you’re now so
it’s the st. Nicholas news and you know
the kids all gather round they watch it
and you know it’s of course it’s a fairy

tale about these condo there is we see
the steamboat for the first time ever
the ratings the ratings of the sinter
Klass show now the fake news about a
fake guy on a coming from Spain was

significantly larger than the people
watching the actual news report and this
has become a national discussion where

if you don’t agree that this is racist
you are of course a racist I mean it’s
just like the u.s. it’s a different
topic but the racist words is being

thrown around very easily and here’s
what’s even more interesting as I was
looking back through all past five years
of this controversy there was more
actual physical fighting and protesting

five years ago than this year even
though the the topic was the top of all
news and every industry at the front of

every newspaper everybody has an opinion
but I think it’s just everything’s
online it’s all on Twitter and TV talk
shows pretty much the real protest
wasn’t too bad they arrested people and

you know there were people on one side
yelling kickstart kick outsmart the
Pete’s literally they have an
organization here kick out smart to Pete
and the other side it’s parents go on
Ruth and the kids are walking in the

middle and it’s just it’s it’s horrible
what’s happening well yes it is this is
why I like to talk about it so it’s just
it’s been nuts but as you know the high

court said no problem can do whatever
you want
the it’s not racist and you know this is
a tradition
and I have to say I mainly saw I didn’t
see a lot of the rainbow Pete’s or the
came down the chimney Pete was only know

as he scuffed black because it was just
from the chimney all these other
politically correct ideas heats Pete’s
yes politically correct Pete’s so it’s
it’s interesting to see how the outrage

has grown online grown in the media of
course that feeds each other but in real
life people didn’t really get up and go
which if you think about it is it lorry

phenomenon this is the phenomenon of the
internet mm-hmm where people if they
blow off some steam on the internet they
think they’ve done their job yep that’s

my conclusion come through this for
years and years we’ve seen all these
ideas all don’t let this this is gonna
ruin the net if they put this law
through let’s protest and people you
know they don’t write letters they just

bitch and moan online and then it goes
through anyway so we tried as hard as we
could right I see that I think that’s
the same that’s going on in the US more
of the vitriol and the anger and the

hate is all on online and it’s just
really not spilling over and I think
people get tired of it too and you can
just turn it off you walk away like okay
I got my my frustration out I’m done so

it may be a good thing in a way well I
think it’s a good and a bad thing yeah
you have to take action for somebody
that is important

you’re not gonna do it you’re just gonna
promote online is in whatever you know
as California is the perfect example of
that the high-tech state that it is they
just overrun by Democrats get in their
own way

and it’s so different than for example
France I have a clip and I’ll put it
just play the step on the gas tax in
France oh yeah I was hearing about this
one last second yes in France at least

one person is dead and dozens injured
after protests against the country’s
increasing gas taxes the demonstrators
wore yellow vests and blocked roads

across France in an effort to send a
message to President Emmanuel macron a
woman trying to make her way through the
crowd in a car panicked hitting the
group she’s now in custody McCrone
implemented the taxes to decrease fossil

fuel consumption protesters argue that
attack his taxes placed an undue burden
on poor citizens and in fact the taxes
due to create an undue burden for

citizens in the United States especially
in California we have a lot of poor a
lot we have a lot of poor and but nobody
cares the Democrats put it through for
the same two purposes I mean for fixing

roads even though the told taxes were
for fixing roads but they they stole
this money too but these for fixing

roads and to keep people from using cars
in the first place which is more subtle
and everyone know yeah there’s no good
we got to repeal the gas tax and then it

got passed anyway I have nobody wants to
I’m gonna really have a little more
exciting clip about the same topic over
200,000 protesters have blocked roads
and motorways across France causing many
accidents and one death

the interior ministry said 227 people
were injured in clashes with the police
and as drivers tried to get around the

blockades the grassroots protest
movements dubbed the yellow vests
targeted motorway slip roads tunnel
entrances and airport access roads 38
people were taken into custody the

protesters were angry as higher fuel
taxes and Preston’s Emmanuel macron
economic policies which they say made
them poorer it was kind of a ruckus
there too

yeah or they showed the ruckus on CBS
but they didn’t make it as exciting I
would like to put it no sir it is that
one which had more sound effects and
yeah it was sweet I just read about a

scam the IRS is pulling which I was very
surprised by this they’ve changed the

way they calculate inflation for the
2019 tax regulations or whatever yeah
it’s not a law it’s just the IRS
determining something and by changing

the way you calculate the inflation and
this goes to you know certain deductions
like the was it the one general
deduction you can takes twenty four

thousand if you’re if you’re a couple
what is that
hey dressing the wrong guy okay what’s
the number the standard deduction I
think is what’s called the way the way
they have done it is that because it’s

based upon inflation and you know how
much you made and I’m not I’m not the
right guy either but the conclusions
this article which I put in the show
notes is that because they changed the
way they calculate inflation you

actually wind up paying more tax in
about a year and a half as you know this
this form this magic formula starts to
make it all groovy for the IRS it’s like
a hidden little tax they put in there

just by simple math change they gouge
the public with that you know that’s
that’s messed up
I know I was surprised I know of course
but I’m just saying my goodness I can

say people I can see people bitching and
moaning online and then there’s nothing
changes mm-hmm-hmm that’s true
well I see a little uh brexit background

or so I’ll just kind of blow through
some European news was the man who sorry
no I was just gonna say I do I actually
have the report from Canada I’ve did

I’ve added CBC which Amaya to my work
that’s what I have here you’re done hold
on why are you adding CBC when I’ve
already added CBC to my mix I’ve never

never noticed one CBC clip from you oh I
play them all the time it’s just I don’t
tell me the man who began this chaos

Dominic robbed the terms proposed to the
cabinet yesterday I think had two major
and fatal flaws the first is that the
terms being offered by the EU threaten
the integrity of the United Kingdom and

the second is that they would lead to an
indefinite if not permanent situation or
we’re locked into regime with no say of
the rules and the laws being applied
with no exit mechanism what would it
take for Teresa mais critics to actually

unseat her well it would take 48 letters
of no-confidence from Tory MPs according
to the rules of the ruling Conservative
Party they need letters of no-confidence

from 15% of sitting MPs and right now
that number stands at 48 it doesn’t look
like they have that number yet but they
may yet and get there Theresa May
despite all this turmoil still showing
up the House of Commons today to defend

her plan here’s what she said choice is
clear we can choose to leave with no
deal we can risk no brexit at all or we
can choose

Oh or we can choose to unite to support
the best deal that can be negotiated
this deal now there is an EU summit

planned for later this month to discuss
this deal with the 27 other EU member
states but with all this turmoil here at
home it’s not at all clear whether

that’ll happen to animals and will just
add to some local color
pretty much everything I’ve been
watching on TV news wise here so that’s
the Netherlands France Belgium Germany
the UK except for the UK in the in the

EU part everyone’s like wow you know
this looks pretty good nothing we’re not
too excited it’s gonna be all great yeah
yeah there’s no one’s freaking out they
don’t really care one way the other just

doesn’t seem to be a big deal here
well that’s Kizuna in Poland now there’s
something she said in there that I
thought was peculiar mm-hmm she had

three choices
we can do No Deal yeah we can do heart
get about it and just stay in the EU no

brexit yeah which was choice number two
and the turbos take this deal which is
the best deal she says much is that 528
or 545 page doctor right no but a No

Deal brexit is different from do nothing
the No Deal brexit was choice one the
second one was to take our chances and

stay and not do the brexit yes correct
how is that a possibility
you see when you slip it in then people
don’t think about the fact that they had

a referendum about it you know you just
slip those words envy you guys oh that
seems like a choice who knows I think
they’re gonna try to do then why would

you put that in as an option when it’s
not really an option unless the whole
thing is a scam in other words the the
brexit vote means nothing you know and I
mean I can see that second option

well week I guess we can’t do that
because of the brexit vote let’s do the
brexit vote again right so that’s the
only way to do a we have a we hit what’s
in March its March we got like
three four months before March comes

around we can here we go I would do over
easy in that time yeah mm-hmm you know
that well my I got the Canadian report
okay that good one interesting little

tidbit in there okay hold on I want it
nice shoes
hold on one sec I see at least three
clips that you have that I have from CBC
so the only thing I’m gonna ask you is

did you get these emailed from a
producer because I did no I got him
straight from the CBC I have a deep I
was just approached with the three are

I’m curious well I have the the kilogram
and so I had this one and there must be
another one was the third one I can’t
find right now yeah this couple it’s

alright I just want to grab one I
thought was just a filler but is the
Canadian view of brexit and they have a
bunch of stuff and what’s in here that I
thought was interesting was the bookies
have dropped the bet yes I absolutely do

I’m also looking forward to continuing
to work with all my government
colleagues colleagues in Parliament in
order to make sure that we get the best

future for Britain and on radio this
morning may again insisted that’s
exactly what her plan will do I believe
this is true to believe this is the best
deal for Britain alright so how’s it all

going down with the British public who
decided all this in the end Thomas Degla
took to the streets of London with that
brexit plan in hand to ask people what
they think no one said it would be light

reading this is the document that has
offended British politics Theresa Mays
fully detailed brexit plan approved in
cabinet all 585 pages of it it sure is

causing a fuss in the government but
what about on the street have you
actually held it and to see how heavy it
is yeah how much do you think
politicians actually know about what’s

in here yeah probably probably very
how do you feel the Prime Minister is
handling this oh well I don’t know I
don’t know how anyone could handle it
you could argue about the pros and cons

of the detail I think she has handled
herself amazingly she can at least
expect loyalty from her fellow party
members they’re just waiting to stick
the knife in hoping to briefly escape

that Tory infighting the prime minister
turned to ordinary Brits on a radio
call-in show the first caller demanded
she quit I respectfully ask you to do

the right thing enough interested stand
down to allow someone from the brexit
counter take the lead to the premises
instead Mae pledged this decisions on
things like who could come into this
country will be taken by us here in the

UK and not by Brussels and that’s
exactly what the deal I’ve negotiated
delivers so there’s no question she is
resilient facing down internal revolt
time after time the bookmakers had

stopped taking bets on Mays demise but
now they say the odds are she could
survive news coming out of Westminster
seems to suggest that if there was a

fight of no-confidence she may well just
squeak over the line her job and the
future of the country go hand in hand
brexit will shape britain and the final

deal will define brexit you know what I
like about these reports is everyone
talks about 500 pages and oh my goodness
but they never talk about what’s in it

I’m not even one little bit really
seriously I mean there’s a just wait dad
I need a big binder giant binders you
pass it around what they should do is

they should say hey look here’s the
Lisbon Treaty you idiot signed it was
2,000 pages gee this is so I have a I
have an ISO from that particular

in particular this is do not know how
anyone could handle it I saw you want to
play then see if it’s a qualifier oh
well I don’t know I don’t know how

anyone could handle it wait until you
hear my ISO later on then we’ll make a
final decision oh I got another one –
it’ll be a different story
I have a brexit for dummies that I got

in Dutch and I can just give you some
highlights because it seems to be
there’s nothing that we’ve been talking
about in this and this agreement has
really changed you know the the this
will have the northern the Ireland

border issue then they have a they
finally determined it’ll be 21 months
that they will remain a tu member so you
know that’s so that’s almost two years

they go back to the same fishing thing
which they still have to come up with a
deadline before you know the who’s
fishing from whose water waters have
been given over to the EU yeah so that

won’t change until the 1st of July 2020
that’s when they still have to this I
mean it says here they still have to
flesh that out now they will yeah flesh
it out

well don’t worry but we’ll give us
something to do hey I’ll tell you what
sign the contract and then we’ll work on
the details later I’ll tell you what
just sign it

and then we’re working under get the
lawyer we’ll work on it after you sign
it no I’ve had contracts where it said
it said that in the contract we’ll work
on the details later after you sign this

oh those are great contracts always turn
0 since the three million EU citizens
who were in the United Kingdom will be
able to stay but guess we talked about

the 40 billion euros that they’ll have
to pay they still have not let me see
they they agree to come up with a trade
agreement I mean really they have

nothing as just a lot of agreement
agreements to an agreement to agree to
some stuff and in which he was entering
was the thing with Cyprus

there’s something weird about Seif and
Gibraltar so that’s really the two other
we got to look at alters the problem
yeah yeah they okay gibraltars that is a
problem because you know it’s considered

yeah that will say it doesn’t really
again it’s just like we’ll agree on
stuff it says nothing I can I just quote
Van Jones and say it’s a nothing burger
no it’s nothing burger mAb I don’t see

much in it just don’t let’s talk about
the campfire for a moment first we have
to correct ourselves um as you asked me

where campfire the name came from I said
someone who said it came from a campfire
or no you said it came from a campfire
but that was verified as far as I’m

concerned by somebody on one of our
local news stations that said it came
from a campfire that was originating
that was the start of the fire and then

it was doubled up by some other element
either arson or the PG&E lines and
they’re trying to get away from the PG&E
lines because of the liability issue so
they’re just faking the news on that

well look a lot of people said that this
was called canna fire because it started
at Camp Creek Road
yeah Kent wasn’t it called the camp
Creek fire I’m not gonna belabor the

point I just can’t Creek Road fire
I’m I’m not saying we’re here in there
here nor there
I mean a lot of people were like you

guys the litany now there’s no people
everybody is all of a sudden out of the
blue has become the camp Creek Road fire
I’m sorry camp fire starting on Camp
Creek Road which the way I’ve been

around this state forever and I know
that nomenclature is the way they name
things and they would they usually would
call it camp Creek fire not the camp
fire but okay whatever we got a lot of

notes because everybody who reads the
same news reports and it says it was
started on Camp Creek Road and the
corner of camp Creek and some other

place and fine so the latest in the
blame game which everyone likes to play
seems to be a story about a woman who
received an email from Pacific Gas and

Electric a day before the fire started
here’s the report under otherwise pitch
black skies zigzagging flames caught a
terrifying picture in the Feather River
Canyon the camp fire will soon enter its

seventh day we’re not pronouncing it
right it’s the camp fire it’s not camp
fire it’s the camp fire a streak of
destruction that apparently started
somewhere near Betsy Kelly’s doorstep

here I did receive an email from PG&E
and they said that they were coming out
here to do work on Wednesday on a power
line 3/4 in the mile away and that they
would need to come back and do another

on a power line on my property
Kelly hopes to organize a class action
lawsuit against PG&E as she grieves for
her friends in nearby Codd cow those
people lost everything ten years ago too

and no one’s talking about him tonight
PG&E responded to this story telling NBC
Bay Area quote based on our initial

review the email correspondence but the
customer in question was about future
planned work on a different transmission
line in the area that line had
previously been de-energized and was not
operational when the camp fire started

PG&E also told us they’re cooperating
fully with the investigation on a cause
though with Con Cal and many other
neighborhoods decimated calls for more
information winger and PG&E if this is

their fault they need to be held
accountable and they need to do more
than just jack up their rates and they
need to they need to help more there you

everyone is looking at PG&E which could
be the culprits as I would eat pockets
yeah as I was going through some stories
this was a you know one of those the

truth always comes out type deals and no
matter what you do the truth will just
slip out and you won’t even notice it
yourself nor will your colleagues at the
news desk President Trump when he was in
France had something to say about the

wildfires devastating California this
weekend he wrote there is no reason for
these massive deadly and costly forest
fires in California except that forest
management is so poor he accuses
officials of mismanaging by the way

you’re gonna want to listen to the guy
at the end not her she’s just important
for the set up the force an adze quote
remedy now for no more fed payment I
want to get Tom Seder in here from the

CNN severe weather center and Tom some
west coast via Weather Center
firefighters had an answer for the
president I want to read part of it to
you the head of the Pasadena Fire
Association writing mr. president with

all due respect you are wrong the fires
in SoCal are urban interface fires and
have nothing to do with force management
come to SoCal and learn the facts and
help the victims Tom a strong statement

there from the California firefighters
fact-check president Trump’s tweet for
us okay you know I enjoy being in the
weather department because it’s neutral
you know with the exception of climate

change issues but or neutral
except for the issue of climate change
dad is clip of the day I was loving it

so much the reason is clip of the day is
because you’re right it would just go
yeah we’re in neutral except for this

meaning you’re not neutral about climate
change it is so it but since they’re all
in on on the whole thing they can’t even
see it themselves that he said that

there’s fact-check president Trump’s
tweet for us okay you know I enjoy being
in the weather department because it’s
neutral you know with the exception of
climate change issues but just listen to
the guy you know you continues these

don’t even think about it but holy crap
it’s so true so true now being outside
of the US you have different filters
when stuff is coming in comes in

different times of the day and it’s to
me very enjoyable it’s just you know
just so refreshing different kinds of
news sports news fart gate I mean come
on I’m having a great time over here but
there’s something that happened

surrounding the fire and a quote from
Trump and man we really got to watch it
because this is happening more and more
often where there’s a little quote from
the president which it turns out is you

know it doesn’t just happen with Trump
it turns out with you know this should
be the defending Trump said I need a
jingle for this items gonna defend Trump

so I would you know Twitter explodes in
front of my very eyes what an ad what a
moron what G I’ve got people I pretend
this is just our producers not even

Twitter man this is just people who we
know yeah we’ve got guys from Finland
what an idiot doesn’t even know that
does not to say we don’t have the same
climate droids you’re gonna rake
everything into safety and when you hear

the segment which is out of context of
the entire affair
yeah it sounds kind of stupid this is
actually the longest version I was able

to find most of them were 37 seconds
this is 43 seconds long but you’ll see
quickly why it sounds like the president
is it is it blubbering moron
Gavin’s committed we’ll all committed

I’m committed to make sure that take
care of the floors
you know the floors of the forest is
very important you look at other

countries where they do it differently
and it’s a whole different story I was
with the president of Finland that he
said we have much different we’re a
forest nation he called it a forest

nation it sounds like he just launches
into well you know we got to rake the

floor just like Finland does cuz you
know we all know they have the same
climate and that is real dementia
thinking it’s when you’re completely
stuck if you watch this whole news

conference and there was Gavin Newsome
President Trump and Governor Brown all
next to each other with a significant
distance between Trump and Braun they

were not standing really right next to
each other and Trump yet for the whole
East news Newton Newsome oh yeah we had
a lot of coverage of that here Newsome
was right actually Newsome was chatting

away as much as he could because he
knows he has to work with Trump yep at
some point in California some huge
trouble and he knows he’s got to make
himself look good if he wants to run in

2024 and cuz he is that’s his goal in
life and Brown is just a grumpy old man
he’s just standing back there he doesn’t
even know what happened so Brown was
standing there Trump thanked everybody

calling out guys off-camera who you
don’t know
everybody except Jerry Brown and every
thanked everybody how what a great job
they were doing and so I skipped a lot

of that I’m just gonna play you know
this is about a minute forty five of
what he was really talking about then it
goes to brown and when Browns talking

man you’ve got to see this video Trump
crosses his arms he backs off and you
know he’s doing like a like one of those
stances with his head kind of cocked
looking over to the left like what do
you want to say jerk off it’s very

aggressive but when you put it all into
context what he’s saying it’s not that
crazy and there’s a reason why the
United States logger Association agrees
with him what he said but that’s out of

context he sounds like a dick from the
federal government notice the PC man
power woman power after a terrible

tragedy so it’s basically people that
are right here he’s clearly saying

nothing he’s just blabbering
so expertise together is there any way

to prevent this from happening again mr.
president it’s a important question is
there any way to prevent this from
happening again mr. president well we’ve

been talking about that on the ride over
and I think we’re all on the same path
we do have to do management maintenance
and we’ll be working also with
environmental groups they’ve really I

think everybody’s seen the light and we
I don’t think we’ll have this again to
this extent we’re gonna have to work
quickly but a lot of people are very
much there’s been a lot of study going

on over the last little while and I well
I will say I think you’re gonna have
hopefully this is going to be the last
of these because this was a really
really bad one

and I know Gavin’s committed we’ll all
committed I’m committed to make sure
that all of this cleaned out and
take care of the floors you know the
floors of the forest is very important

you see when you hear now in context it
makes a lot more sense
you know the thing about this of course
particulars won’t happen again as a joke

as we we have nothing but these fires
every year and it’s been going on since
I was a little kid and but in the olden
days they used to do brush burn offs and

there’s we had a couple of people write
us some of our producers saying that
they’ve been mismanaging the they
stopped doing a lot of stuff they used
to do burn bad sure we used to when I
was at the air pollution district they

used to have these they used to burn
these Ducks Unlimited had a huge it had
a kind of an unlimited permit to do all
these burns and they do these massive
burns in these areas that were very

flammable to really Ducks to come in and
that haven’t seen that for 20 years yeah
I had the fact that half the stuff that
used to go on when I was at the air

pollution district it was all done for
management purposes the mostly burn off
Sandburg controlled burns all over the
California I don’t even do controlled
burns anymore that said I think it’s

just an accumulation and we’ve been
lucky until now because in the month of
October usually especially up there
where that fire was there’s always had
at least a week of rain that would just

soak everything down and there’s no way
it’s gonna catch on fire but we’ve been
dry up there right for the whole time
and then this thing catches on fire and
goes nuts

and and after that is the current if it
wasn’t for that they would have kept
going but they need to get back to their
old policies more job of controlled
burns all over the state they don’t do
them and then you add to that that

because they’re not really clearing
things out and not doing the same amount
of logging they used to that there’s all
these trees are competing for the same
water and that just makes it drier
I wouldn’t argue against that well

that’s what the the loggers say I’m
gonna see where is this loggers were
right yeah it’s the you see what’s the
name is loggers organization
and loggers don’t like this any more

than any but as they lost a lot of logs
yeah why did they stop logging I don’t
understand that at all
no logging organizational augers Council

a coalition of state and regional
associations that represents independent
contract loggers Vega so they they agree
and so you have a disaster like this is

a bunch of dead people there’s not the
over a thousand still missing that’s the
latest name yeah it’s pretty bad
a day wrecker I would say yeah and
there’s no emergency system that tell

people I’m initiative Benna but they
never thought of something like this
happening it’s never happened before in
this area
no and look how much greener use it is
than usual oh it’s kind of brown now but

okay I’m just don’t worry about it let’s
talk about our sunlight yes
now go on no no I was gonna move to
another topic so go ahead oh well let’s

talk about Assange oh ok good yes I have
been reading I’m glad you have something
because I don’t really have an Amy clip
and I think she probably puts it as well

as anybody because they’re big Assange
supporters but this is the Assange
indited whoops clip King the Justice
Department has inadvertently revealed

and has prepared an indictment against
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in an
unusual development language about the
charges against Assange were copied and
pasted into an unrelated court filing

that was recently unsealed in the
document assistant US attorney Kellan
Dwyer wrote due to the sophistication of
the defendant and the publicity
surrounding the case no other procedure

is likely to keep confidential the fact
that Assange has been charged unquote
the news broke Thursday night just hours
after The Wall Street Journal reported

the Justice Department was planning to
prosecute Assange okay so this was some
intern or some low paid millennial and
blaming the bodies the boilerplate but

they didn’t cut and paste the
boilerplate they cut and pasted this
information shows where’s our checks and

balances damn it
so so they also had on the lawyer bahala
what does this mean because I really

haven’t followed the story what what
does it mean for Assange what is
happening with him I mean it did this
didn’t help me understand his what it
means is that all these lies that we’ve

been hearing aestheticized was and his
lawyers were right that the United
States was out to get him right now
normally this right so that means what
he stays where he is or haven’t died and

charged him even though they denied it
because they didn’t want him to get wind
of it because and he’s gonna dunk her
down longer and now they gonna have to
put pressure on the Ecuador he has to
get him out right right and they’re

willing to do that but there’s a lot of
stories that I don’t believe half of
them is like well apparently the sauce
doesn’t BAE then he’s stinking up the
embassy political asylum ejected for
being smelly come on

so let’s play this WikiLeaks Pompeo
Jennifer Robison retort to the clip well
Pompeo statements is the head of the CIA
demonstrate the the fervor within the

CIA and certainly to be seeking
wikileaks prosecution but to say that
published receiving and publishing
information in the public interest is an
attack on Western values is frankly

wrong and a dangerous statement becoming
from the head of the CIA and someone
who’s been very senior in the Trump
this is cuts at the heart of
constitutional protections for free
speech it is protected under the US

Constitution to receive and publish
information that’s in the public
interest even classified information and
that any publisher including WikiLeaks
could be called a hostile non-state
intelligence agency when media

organizations around the world all the
time including the New York Times
including the Washington Post receive
classified information and publish it
when it’s in the public interest to say
that that is an attack on Western values

is a very dangerous statement from the
head of the CIA that ought to be
investigated yeah what about press
I know it makes us think that actually
should have been part two of this of

this clip which is the original Pompeo
quote WikiLeaks Pompeo quotes let me go
to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last
year just after he became CIA director
and Pompeyo his first major address he

blasted WikiLeaks it’s time to call out
WikiLeaks for what it really is a non
state hostile intelligence service often
abetted by state actors like Russia in

reality they champion nothing but their
own celebrity their currency is
clickbait their moral compass
non-existent their mission personal self
aggrandizement through destruction of

Western values so that was Pompeo of
course this certainly went against what
his boss President Trump had said I
believe in the campaign in a month or

two he raised WikiLeaks praised
WikiLeaks well over a hundred times
let’s go to one of those moments let’s
just review for a moment because it

first if they’re gonna do anything with
Julian Assange they also need to arrest
Glenn Greenwald as you know it was Glenn
Greenwald who actually broke all the

stories and past as we reported on many
times past each time they were going to
report on something they sent it to CIA
to the White House and said here’s what

we’re going to report do you have any
comments anything to be taken out and
they would either say nothing or I don’t
think there was any case where they
really said you can’t leave that in but
they knew about it and grin Glenn

Greenwald was right they’re publishing
and this is the people fork ahead but
this is insane
press freedom
yeah then they go into all this thing

then they’re making a big fuss about Jim
Acosta you know press pass even though
apparently according to at least some
sources there’s about 40 of them that
have been issued to CNN and different

people and this is one guy and they make
a big fuss about that and where is the
media on this where are the protests
where is the petition like the petition
that came out the University of

California condemning the White House
this is the University of California
Berkeley and so which we’ve associated
with the CIA
especially the Graduate journalism
Department which is where this came from
and to remind people why we do that is

because so many people have been
cropping up from that up from that group
the graduate school in various weird
spots and you remember the the two

Chinese girls that were up in North
Koreans into the country and then were
captured and Clinton had to go rescue
him Bill Clinton had to go fly over
there yeah those two were from the

Graduate School of Journalism at Cal yes
and then they this crazy group of three
people that were somehow walking through
the minefield

there were hikers they were hikers they
Rock border and wandered into Iran for
some unknown reason on their hike
through the minefields and they were all
captured let me well they were all from

the graduate school yeah they were
captured and by the way they were all
captured and charged as spies they’re
both in North Korea and Iran and so now
this same group comes up bitching and

moaning about Jim Acosta get you having
your license bill but where are they
where is the protest from any of the
journalists in the entire country the
big-name journalists which probably work
on somebody else’s payroll where are

they where’s the bitching about shutting
down WikiLeaks where is it
press freedom baby and press freedom
give me one example press freedom so
what is a great source I was just

looking at it the other day there’s all
kinds of cool stuff we can classify this
on the WikiLeaks pages well you know
we’re in a complete alternative
dimension right now when it comes to the
mainstream media m5m is just they’re off
but let’s get back to Jim Acosta for a

here is this I mean if you ask anyone if
you even look at any newspaper articles
here it is
you know big win for the First Amendment
trump is unconstitutional had no I would

an idiot what a moron oh it’s your trump
defense segment the judge the judge did
not rule on the First Amendment the

ruling is not saying what Acosta did was
right thing or the wrong thing the judge
ruled the president can’t revoke his
credentials without due process and
that’s all because of prior prior

procedures etc the judge himself even
says here was it wait not to go up
higher yes it’s the New York Times

people have to behave and the ruling was
significant I want to emphasize the very
limited nature of this ruling the judge
said saying it was not meant to enshrine

journalists right to access
I have not determined the First
Amendment was violated here so this is
very important but that’s not the story

the story is we won and Jim Acosta who
knows very well this had nothing to this
was not a First Amendment case as he’s
coming in to work at the White House

again here his colleagues are all ready
to interview the big King Jim Acosta and
he is I mean he is actually spreading
fake news at this very moment in this

piece where he says great day for the
First Amendment and press freedom
you guys want to ask a question hey I’m

important one asked me a question hi hi
I just want to say that I’m very
grateful for what happened today and
grateful for my colleagues in the press

who stood by us this is just any other
day here at the White House I’m a

regular Joe for me I would like to get
back to work and so should you
so go back to work and we’ll keep on
keep on doing our jobs journalists need

to know that in this country their First
Amendment rights freedom of the press
again nothing the judge ruled is about

the First Amendment and you know
throughout all of this I was confident
and I felt that this would be the result
at the end of the day that our rights

would be protected to continue to cover
our government and hold our leaders
accountable I can go on for another
minute and a half of him just saying how
great this was for the First Amendment
but this guy’s a douchebag hasn’t this

is the definition of fake news he is
standing there as if there was a First
Amendment case it just wasn’t had
nothing to do with the freedom of the
press which he loves to call press

freedom it’s despicable it’s pretty
funny besides no agenda show and the
thing is it’s right there in writing and

it’s black and white all this is in the
New York Times you know which is the
paper of record and all you have to do
is just read it it says right there this
has nothing to do with First Amendment

the judge says there’s nothing to read
the First Amendment it’s just about
process and by the way this is this
lawsuit is not over there will be a
judgment about a lot more there’s other
issues you know so will be the touching

of the intern all this other nonsense
but I don’t think we’re actually seeing
a First Amendment case here
but this is again it’s the new speak of
freedom of the press which means the

press or really nice freedom
yeah but freedom of the no in the
Constitution freedom of the press means
the press can print whatever they want
they have the freedom to say whatever

they want that’s their freedom this has
now been translated to press freedom
which is not the same thing and somehow
even as even though the judge literally
said this is not about access
somehow everyone thinks that the the

press freedom means they deserve I mean
I want my press freedom let’s go sit in
the White House we’ll do a show from the
White House from the from the briefing
room we have press freedom we have the
right to be there you certainly do

you’re a journalist
I’ll go there tomorrow I know you’re all
over it appreciate it
no it’s pathetic and attentive this you

know I don’t know but he’s you know it
cost us
I think that you know Scott Adams did an
analysis of this guy and I have to give

him kudos on this one because he I think
he’s right
he Scott everyday you know this is
whatever he does an hour before he five
minutes of you talking to a camera so he

goes on about he says that he says that
Trump is this trumps whole thing his
showmanship and it’s designed to just

get a lot of attention and it’s a lot of
it’s nonsense
he says Acosta is the it’s the best
example of the news media doing the
exact same thing he’s just being Trump
yeah and and he says he’s gets the Junos

attention if she draws attention to
himself off and he’s not completely
convinced that the two of them are in
cahoots that’s an interesting concept
that’s an interesting idea

I think cuz Trump clearly doesn’t know
how to handle him he has not figured out
yet what the what the right way is other
than crossing his arms and doing his
Mussolini gut you know is chin jut yeah
what’s in the fish he says the cost is

just it’s just pulling a trump and he’s
really making hay with it and he is he’s
doing he’s doing a good job of that
Adams isn’t concern as the Newsies doing
it but that is what he’s doing it

because of cos it doesn’t seem like that
he seems like a just a egomaniac but why
doesn’t Trump just know I’d never call
on him that would work
I don’t know it’s it’s not that

important to me
it was it was just it’s just fun I
consider it it’s important to the show
cause it because it allows us to play a
theme that you are not playing anymore

which is distraction of the week and I
think that their cost of things totally
a distraction of the week and with that
I’d like to thank you for your courage

and say in the morning to you John yes
in the morning to everyone in the troll

room who came upon there beckoning with
the bat signal which we flip on just
before we go live every Thursday and
Sunday morning no agenda stream comm
good to see you guys here thank you very
much it’s it’s always even especially

when I’m thousands of miles away it’s
like a warm bath having you guys on the
industro room with me and in the morning
Darren O’Neill brought us the artwork
for episode 1086 the title of that one

was shark hole and although we even got
one of our long-term producers yelling
at us for use if we’re having the
audacity to choose a a cover art that

contained President Trump
we could not we just couldn’t help
ourselves with him with the umbrella hat
what’s that thing called the umbrella

hat umbrella we fought it out what is
called umbrella hat and I think there’s
a name for it I don’t think so we just
looked at it we were both cracking up he

had the right expression on his face
we always go for the cheap yes oh yes
you are
the cheap gag that has a little
dimensionality to it always will always
work that’s the tip from Adam and John

cheap laughs are always the way to go
yeah achieve it the better yes all right
well let’s thank a few people for

producing executive producing and so
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anyway rescinding the newsletter works
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today no agenda kept me sane
oh he’s driving mm-hmm Adam your crazy

dutch buddy wanting to change his legal
age has it all wrong you don’t want to
identify as younger I want to identify
as a 67 year old give me my social
security benefits now I’m officially
retired yes that came up with a

conversation Billy interestingly because
this is not a done conversation in the
Netherlands of course people think that
that’s the strongest part of his
argument he’s saying well he’s actually
trying to not take the the benefits from

from the community that’s kind of a good
he’s 69 so he’s already eligible yeah so
collecting it’s kind of the opposite

that’s just a point of interest knitters
Ino jingles no karma Thomas Larry 222
dollars and 22 cents from Oslo Adam and
John first of all I’m feeling guilty for

the absent of absence of further
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may I either suggestion
oh here we go I’m sorry I can’t help but
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it’s no touching now thank you
I’ve let Adam try to explain this and

out then I’ll explain it myself as I
look up in Conklin’s email why is the
show as long as it is Adam why is the
show you produced the show so why is it

as long as it is how did it get to this
length oh how did it get to this length
well the show in general okay the
internet made it the internet made it so

for a number of reasons when we started
the show 11 years ago the internet was
much much slower we did not have social
networks the news flow was just not so
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have such incredibly divided divisive
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I take it no and then as we started to
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hmm here’s what happened we started off
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the donations segment was actually it
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we had the two of us after the show we

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we’d still drift into three hours often
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seven hour show once remember
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problem we yeah no one’s lost their
voices we could do an eight-hour show

twice a week we ain’t no pussies
I’m just doing a diamond and pearl with
you go ahead we exactly we could do
longer and longer stop growing the shows

length because it’s annoying to people
like yourself and everybody else
annoying but I think this is knowing
what it gets to try for I’m just do I’m
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you gotta be Louie get him word to twing
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but that’s rusty three that’s right
basically that we’re just falling down
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yeah yeah I do you have any Conklin’s a
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okay that’s right uh-huh let’s go back
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segment off that’s it it’s actually M
Mason Conklin I have no idea why it went
through PayPal was an N 214 dollars and

33 cents and he writes a former
associate producer an ex executive
producer giving value where value is do
forgive me pod fathers it has been oh oh
I’m getting that you’ve got a little

upgrade there here’s my last donation I
don’t get I don’t always get the news
but when I do I get it from No Agenda
life is so much better without the

Talking Heads spewing from the boob tube
or the car speakers I’d much rather have
your take on Trent transmitted directly
to my ears via bluetooth listening to
the history of podcasting took me back

to my dissertation writing days the
topic of the dissertation was musical
performance and anxiety in virtual
performances hmm that’s interesting i
hypothesized that performances that were

recorded in private for a podcast
audience would produce elevated levels
of performance anxiety
if so that would allow exposure therapy

through podcasted performance to lead to
extinction for insight anxiety in the
public performance situation
short answer nope I still got my PhD
though very interesting theory huh

because anybody just sits there and
tries to do what is especially a video
podcast just to nobody
it’s like you know how do you do that

what do you mean Adam Scott Adams Gus
does he starts off his thing do to do to
do he seems his little touch song yes
simultaneous sip then he has a

simultaneous which I love by the way
this smart smart ideas various that’s he
or hypnosis right there yes is hypnotic
trick together and in the improve yep
and then he if any just starts greeting

it before this if he starts greeting
people as they come in any names are
name we’ve been doing we’ve been doing
that for quite a while with our live
stream we’ve got our our Hitler music
there’s one in the mood Horowitz insists

on doing that too yes anyway I’ll
continue well did that needs further
discussion yes I’m asking for interview

Karma as I hope to make the jump from
professor to administrative position if
I get the gig my next donation will take
me to knighthood if I don’t get the gig
my next donation will take me to

knighthood so no pressure also
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I’m trying to find the here it is here’s
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with that I mean we might as well just
get on the karma right okay we much we
must and we will much about that be

you’ve got karma thank you very much I
think it’s Ellie

Zane Nunes a Nunes easy is the a ELISA
noon I think so
I know UN z8n oh you in until it Philly
two hundred dollars and 33 cents Dear

John and Alan thank you for being who
you are and for keeping the show going
for so long you have become an integral
part of my life and I that I have funny
dreams about you at times so no agenda
subconscious to no agenda thinking is

now omnipresent within no agenda is now
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I donated on November 7th $383 that made
me a knight but it went unnoticed
oh I emailed John but I got no response
so I’m donating against well designed

please knight or black knight me as sir
hummus from the Middle East I’m Lebanese
and hummus as a word also means
chickpeas and Lebanon Middle Easterners

should make hummus and love not war
Jonah please note that many Arabs are
not Muslims moreover I never said they
were did I I don’t think so I would have

corrected you it would have moreover
many non Israel Jews that in that region
do not identify as Arabs DNA links
coastal populations around the

Mediterranean to the Phoenicians roots
by blows the town in Lebanon is thought
to be the place where the alphabet was
invented and the first Phoenicians was
invented in the first Phoenician city

and the first Phoenician city there you
go there’s your cold Rishi right off
nailed it
if possible please add hummus and Eric
Eric ara K I think that’s pronounced

right or Rock probably a rock Eric
hummus and a rock to the roundtable but
only if import is not an issue
haha and jnk love ups how can someone

email you well he bailed me has my email
you as as is very simple yes
I like that because it kind of shows the

end of the day said purposefully it this
whole Arab adju thing is about hummus we
all know it it’s what you said yes it’s
about how much you’ve been making this

hummus comment for years yep Thomas have
you ever had good hummus I have had yes
I’ve had Israeli hummus I’ve had Arab
hummus and I’ve had a hummus from Whole

Thomas is not does not associate is not
it there’s no such thing as Arab hummus
or Israeli hummus really gives it to you
and says my mom made this it’s her

recipe that’s Israeli hummus if an error
give his ground to a pulp what kind of a
recipe we daily put a little tahini in
it I mean there’s not much to this
recipe I know that’s crazy I mean we’ve
been we’ve been at war for 7080 years

it’s really not much to it
maybe the war is over the hummus recipe
oh I’ll tell you one thing let me tell
people outdoors never had hummus

Sabra makes probably the closest in
texture to a commercial hummus you can
buy although there is a homicide out of
the Midwest called I think it’s out of
the Midwest
but with the brand name is Oasis I think

Oasis hummus comes the closest I’ve ever
had in this country to it genuine
handmade hummus in the Middle East not
to mention that little shop in Los

Angeles which I still to get the name of
Sabra Sabra is the Israeli hummus
Shabbos problem is simple
they don’t use olive oil Oh big mistake

the problem with using olive oil and a
lot of commercial operations is that you
can’t get it Blandon of olive oil it
kind of ruins the hummus I think

especially can make it bitter if you
have high I a high acidity I think we
need a hummus off and we need now we
have our official Israeli juice we’ve

got Brian of London and Serge Oh No
we’ve got dude named Mohammed on the
Arab homicide I think that we we both
need to receive samples and we need to

have a taste off hummus off here on the
no agenda show which could possibly
create peace in the Middle East send the
samples to Adam yeah you don’t want to
eat stuff people send to you through the

minute I want them to people to try the
Oasis and the Sabra side-by-side tell me
what you think those are the there’s
other ones there’s all these other hippy
hummus is that’s what you have Thomas

are you kidding me shit organic
operations most of the men on the west

coast and they make the worst Thomas
it’s got lumps and chunks it’s got
little hard bits in it you know it at
Whole Foods its Whole Foods they have

hummus they have all these different
categories this red pepper on top hummus
this neo hummus with lemon-juice hummus
with lime there’s all kinds of Western
eyes just just trying to profit over the

backs of people at war it’s disgusting
Jeff Bezos I’m looking at you with your
big eye your hummus hummus hater
sir Dave Baron or Kansas City let’s

continue 200 200 200 dollars and two
cents a Happy Thanksgiving
no jingles but please send out another
round of F cancer karma for my buddy
Brad who went under the gamma knife for

his brain tumor apparently there’s still
some nastiness hanging out in his in his
brain pan
he’s got the same cancer that killed
McCain so I’d like to see that going
thanks for your courage baron of kansas

city we’ve got some gamma knife f cancer
karma you’ve got karma there we go
people minimize your cell phone use

Patrick comer $200 it was time to donate
Sarah Sanders comics were hilarious in
the newsletter were they were several

they were very good and I hadn’t really
noticed the eye thing the guy that’s
kind of like that

man there’s some no I have a couple of
character shares that were made of me
very exaggerated features accentuated
personally I’ve always I love it I mean

I find it such an honor that someone
went through the trouble of mating
making that and do their interpretation
but some of those were just like someone
with the third grader Drew was with
chalk issues the good to bad and the

ugly Annette yeah yeah yeah I was a good
it was a good collection I enjoyed it
yeah I think I’m gonna do next week I’m
gonna probably do or in the upcoming

weeks I don’t make promises the point
the point Gillian Conway the point being
really that the art of political
cartooning is that the word yeah I think

so editorial car territorial cartooning
specifically editorial cartooning right
that that’s lost and you know
publications can’t really afford or

don’t want to pay for that anymore and
it’s becoming a lost art I think that
was the point you were making there was
at that point was in there and one of
the things I’ve noticed is that you know
in the olden days before the internet

came along and wiped these guys out
every newspaper pretty much from a
medium size the market to a large market
paper had a cartoonist on the staff
working full-time often doing up to 5

cartoons a week Wow and now you had the
all syndicated they just buy somebody’s
fee from McClatchy or one of the biggest
indicators and they put their cards you

know they have a baby package of 10
cartoons you get you know in a bundle
and you just used those and the hell
with it
sit around the newsletter it has to do
with this what was that about Craig

Newmark he was becoming the chairman of
something something ridiculous what was
that no new market become the
big donor to Craig Newmark is the guy
who practiced

Craigslist that’s what the Krag is from
and he pretty much kills true I killed
the newspaper industry yeah yeah because
they were real idea had developed this

very elaborate methodology of making
money on a classifieds of all the even
the small town papers were making money
on classifieds and Craig boy went out of
the water

yes it which is misused by the way by
the media constantly yes because that
would only mean 10 percent was gone but
yes yet decimated means you’ve lost 10
percent but now we’re gonna have that
change in the dictionary that needs to
be changed

needs to be changed yep so Craig ruined
the business and then he became a
benefactor to New York City College of
New York’s journalism school or City
University of New York’s journalism

department he thought they so they named
the department after him that’s funny
great Newmark Journal is a graduate
journalism department it’s like slide

are you what although I think you made a
mistake you said that’s like making was
that the heinrich himmler english public
relations I think what you meant was

Hermann Goering or Goebbels and Himmler
for the reason that that the name itself
is associated with the know Goering
would be the obvious one to use if you

want to just public relations but that
actually makes more sense cuz Goering
Goebbels Goebbels gurbles he made more
sense gurbles made more sense as a head

of it because his information still
applies he didn’t ruin public relations
right wait no no right now he actually
created public relations well he took

Bernays as material neighs up the end by
the way there’s no our and Goebbels just
cuz I love me I’m not being critical I’m
just helping you because I want us to be

better than the rest
I’d like to get a really accurate
pronunciation of Gibble’s Goebbels
yeah I’d like to get a real accurate

print that’s the accurate pronunciation
Goebbels Goebbels Goebbels yes yes
nobody knows were you talking about when
you say unfortunately in the United
States actually it’s a Turner Bros
official pronunciation in the AP book

I’m from I’m from Holland man it’s
pronounced you’re right but you can’t
there’s also other words that no one’s
gonna pronounce in the dutch and german
fashion such as

Munich mention
Inchon winter uh a TV broadcast they’re
gonna go what how about this one

Deutschland Deutschland here’s the Hoff
we do say Deutschland on the show for
years yeah cuz it’s Deutschland

Deutschland this is hello I don’t think
it’s a hard word to deal with it’s not
let you know okay we’re almost through
this you can do it yeah that last guy

this show 1087 are you associate
executive producer and a lot of them
didn’t only one executive David Nixon
and David Nixon writes 800 bucks can you
do another cat equals the u.s. dollars

promotion soon I would love an RNC
bunghole remix and pop bottles in the
club at the end of the show I don’t
remember what that was

the RNC bunghole this is something that
we possess let me see apparently oh I’m
in bottles at the club poppin bottles oh

I think I think I had a bag let me
mention something about the what he’s
talking about the Canadian dollars to US
Dollars promotion

that’s still in effect it never went
away no I don’t understand that either
it’s and definitely never gone away
we’ve always wanted to help our bellies
300 that promise if you go through

PayPal is gonna translate the money you
have to actually make it in Canada is
harder to do in Australia unless you
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but generally speaking you get if you
give us $300 in Australian money

yeah we’ll credit you will straight hunt
for the purposes of knighthood
yeah and also for executive producer
accounting okay we got it I’ll put it on

the show yeah it’s good it’s a good one
it’s actually our hip-hop debut you

didn’t know that no I didn’t know what
our hip-hop Chris Perry ano popping
bottles in the club we can take this

shit on the road John we’re good to go
you must yeah let’s call the meet up you
know okay okay you rub it in put it in
all right there will be our conclusion

of the 1087 executive and associate
executive producer credits want to thank
all these people for helping us get this
show off they’re on the road off and of

course your credits as you’ve received
them today one executive producer and we
have a number of his hosts executive
bruisers are real credits they are

official they can be used anywhere
credits are recognized and valued which
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will be happy to vouch for you now this
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we’ll talk to more people $50 in the
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remember us for our Thanksgiving show
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org slash n a you have been loaded up
with all kinds of deconstruction today
go out there let everybody know and

propagate formula is this we go out we
hit people in the mouth

I got an interesting note we were – we
were actually laughing quite loudly

about a clip we played on the last show
about charcoal and we couldn’t this is
what the title of the show is actually
named shark hole because we couldn’t
figure out if this woman was talking

about illegal smuggling of charcoal in
the Congo wasn’t luckily we had
introduced her yes provided us the

said please keep me anonymous but since
I’m part of the military-industrial
complex and when we of course respect
requests of anonymity listening to the
last latest episode I thought I could

shed a bit of light on the illegal
smuggling of charcoal out of Africa I
worked on a staff on a small island in
the Arabian Gulf a few years ago as part
of a navy coalition and charcoal
smuggling out of Somalia was something

we tracked and tried to interdict when I
first got there I was surprised as you
and John win’ were when I was sitting in
a briefing and people started talking
about charcoal smuggling it’s a thing
and until this episode I didn’t realize

the DRC was involved I was only aware of
the Somali charcoal problem keep me
nonnamous but here’s an article from The
Economist about the issue for your
perusal which I’ve put into the show
notes at na shownotes calm so yeah and

it’s it’s the Saudis you know they they
like it the most they use it for you see
I have this article here
Saudi Arabia it’s like a like a a real

commodity for them
of course I can’t find it that quickly
Davis to cook that chicken that they
make so well

you know I think that’s actually what it
they love smoking their sister
they like they just like the taste of it

better how about that
munch there’s a whole market in illegal
charcoal just so they saw their food
taste better

yeah well luckily we have a nearby
country called Mexico that will burn
down entire regions filled with Mesquite

Robin put in a bag and sell just for 10
bucks no illegal anything right yeah
okay well so we have here going on well

let’s play the hodgepodge report this is
a hodgepodge from CBS on the MBS update
on mr. Sawbones US officials tell CBS
News the CIA has intelligence indicating

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered
the killing of Jamal khashoggi but the
State Department clarified that no final
conclusion has been made today President
Trump was briefed on the subject by CIA

director Gina Haspel and Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo during his flight to
California before that briefing mr.
Trump defended his alliance with the

Kingdom Saudi nationals have been
sanctioned by the US government in

response to the killing but Republican
senator bob Corker wants the
administration to closely examine the
crown prince’s role president Trump also
said today his written responses to

questions from the special counsels team
are complete now this is a screwball
report because it can’t decide it the
timeline is not right because he’s

Trump’s talking about one thing he talks
about the same weed it’s hard to
understand what’s going on about this
so-called CIA report blaming the sky
this is irresponsible
this is what I focused on and this all

came from the Washington Post that’s the
genesis of this and if you read the
actual article it’s filled with a close
ally of President Trump US officials
familiar with the matter said or

according to people familiar with
communications this is not that they
make it sound like the CIA had a report
published it and said here it is this is
our conclusion as bullshit non-existent

so if you’re the scene while I’m gonna
say meanwhile if you go to Canada again
a CBC hmm this is the way that Canada
claims it takes it and this is the way

it goes out to Europe and all around the
these bogus news stories written by the
Washington Post and The New York Times
get played like this this is the MBS CIA
claims now listen to the way they play

this story
the CIA has concluded Saudi counsel
Mohammad in soluble under the
assassination of Jamal khashoggi
multiple US media outlets reporting that

tonight lead journalist you see there’s
to see you there’s to cover your ass
moment what a bunch of dicks
tonight the journalist was killed last
month inside the Saudi consulate in
Istanbul Saudi officials have repeatedly

denied involvement in the killing no
they say concluded but then they push it
one layer deeper by according to US
media reports you pussies that’s
despicable I thought it was the worst

thing I’ve ever heard on the National
stop defending Trump
we’re not defending Trump in this case

just I know I know what’s coming what’s
coming yeah and then John Brennan goes
out listen to this douche on The Today
Show well I think Trump in the White
House are trying to protect the

relationships that we the United States
has with Saudi Arabia but also their
personal relationship with NBS I would
hope that Trump and others are getting
daily if not more regular intelligence
briefings from CIA and others about what

it is that we know and I think this is
the challenge for administration because
I’m certain that CIA has a lot of
information about this and this is why I
think Mohammed Salman is trying to

figure out what’s the story he can
provide that’s gonna stand up to
scrutiny in light of US intelligence
intelligence you know more about Saudi
Arabia than almost anyone is there any
doubt in your mind that Saudi operatives

carried this out and is there any doubt
in your mind that the crown prince knew
about it and maybe even authorized this
any questions no and no there’s no doubt
in my mind

Mohammed Rahman is an extraordinarily
powerful individual who wields power in
Saudi Arabia and something like this
going after a u.s. resident journalist
for The Washington Post in a Saudi

diplomatic mission abroad really I just
love the putting that in like a u.s.
resident he has a green card okay but he
says it was the same like almost like a

US citizen and he worked for the
Washington for Washington Post
journalist and they published a couple
columns please would require his
personal authorization in my estimation
because this is something that

individuals would not carry out on their
own volition well if that’s the case
then why would did it seem to be so
bungled why was it such a mess this
whole thing that’s a great question I
don’t I don’t know what they were

were they just going to go in there and
interrogate him and bring him back and
this went wrong I don’t know but the the
size of the delegation that went there
and some of the individuals involved and
it looks as though these are members of

the Saudi royal guard who come directly
under Mohammed Salman so this is
something that maybe Mohammed Salman
thought he could get away with because
of the very close relationship that he
has with the White House he just very
badly missed

related the impact of this really it’s
it’s it’s really beautiful to watch this
unfold based just on a story I mean
Washington Post wrote a story they have

not a single source that they think that
they name
I’m not saying the journal sources
simply play which we can’t dig up that
easily it’s the CIA people are are not

allowed to talk to the press
no no they are given lie-detector tests
to make sure they don’t talk to the
press so this is either like

purposefully little if it’s the
information was actually leaked which is
also against the the law yep
this whole thing stinks well there’s big

there’s big shift a grand it doesn’t
help things by being out did the guy
shouldn’t even be working now that guy’s
he’s he’s a problem but then again not
really I mean does anyone care anymore

do you think anyone home yeah well I
mean I’m happy he still shows up I mean
at least we know what someone’s thinking
what some factions or groups are
thinking that’s important but

let me see I got your clip here play
this Milania getting others fired is a
good clip yeah I’ve been following this

to a certain degree I kind of liked it
also in a rare move the first lady is
calling for another top staffer to be
fired at a ceremony celebrating the

Hindu festival of lights today President
Trump had no comment on reports that he
plans to remove Christian Nielsen as
Secretary of Homeland Security
knowledgeable sources tell CBS News

Nielsen will be leaving but say the
timing is uncertain just last month
President Trump praised her response to
devastating hurricanes and she has been
a vocal advocate for the president’s

policies including immigration
apprehension without detention and
removal is not border security but
sources say she could fall victim to the
president’s frustration that his

immigration agenda has stalled I mean
there’s no great secret a lot of a lot
of administration’s make changes after
midterms if she is forced out that could
lead to yet another clash between the

president and chief of staff John Kelly
who is Nielsen’s strongest supporter in
the White House sources say her firing
could result in Kelly’s departure the
former four-star Marine Corps general

has been frustrated that he couldn’t
bring more order to the chaotic West
Wing if Kelly were to leave sources say
the president has been advised to bring
in someone with more political

experience in preparation for the
twenty20 re-election campaign like Nick
Ayers chief of staff to Vice President
Mike Pence so what do you think happened
there with the with Christian Nielsen

that was a said to be explained
I know but what do you think happened
well she got earth with that other woman
because of a some trip she took with her
too I forget where it was but it was a

long to do overseas trip and apparently
this woman was just a horrible person
first lady couldn’t sit where she wanted

to and there was just a lot of I don’t
know what was going on but you’re gonna
look at her she doesn’t look like very
friendly I think that I don’t know I
mean it had to be something personal but

Kristin Nielsen she has nothing to do
with her today a dev that you wouldn’t
ever spoken to each other maybe the
story’s bogus I had no confirmation of
it or they yeah that’s true that’s true

just another one maybe someone wants her
out I don’t know it’s just I don’t
understand I’ve not I do want Kelly out
well who’s they
everybody Oh scaramouche told me yeah
what that’s not gonna happen

Kelly yeah he’ll be out in it within six
months Kelly is the keeper now he’s he’s
got to take it all the way up to the to
the next they gotta get another military
guy in we know how this show works we

know who’s running it military has to be
overseeing the operation he’s not going
until someone else of military stature
enters I would I would agree with that
because that’s our basic theory of

Russia show right and this guy pence his
chief of staff if you see him he’s like
it looks like a you know kid in college
and he unless he’s CIA which is exactly
what you don’t want no no that won’t be

tolerated no it’s it’s going has to be
military that’s just there’s no tube and
has to be a visual you know like a
visible military person not just some
guy who was you know enlisted at one

point we know who’s running the show and
by the way you see the Pentagon they
finally completed their first audit
what yeah they failed the whole audit

fails Zink failed the whole audit every
category they failed but you know it’s
just you know it’s just the beginning we
will go back and we’ll try and count it
again we’ll figure it out somehow

they’re stealing money but how come no
one is even reporting on that he’s
expected that’s that’s kind of a big
deal because the other cuz the agencies

that run the newspapers yes as we’ve
discussed they were all bought and sold
you can tell by their reporting
they’re fronting for all the eight all
intelligence agencies and they’re

stealing money – yeah the Pentagon and
the intelligence agencies are all
stealing money so let’s just shut up
about it
what can I say no no I think you’re

right another just story from Canada for
the Canadians this guy’s story got my
attention it got my attention because
I’m just telling the Canadians that
listen to the show that are becoming

Knights you’re not getting your rings
until next year this is the postal
workers clip if you’re waiting for an
international package to arrive you may

have to keep waiting Canada Post is
asking 190 countries to halt
mail shipments into Canada what we’re
running at a time the holiday surge is
quickly approaching and we are

backlogged at all our major processing
facilities the company says it has a
30-day backlog for delivery as a result
of the rotating strikes and hoped for a
negotiated resolution had a setback

today the workers union said it won’t be
taking the latest offer to its members
how’s that socialism working for you
Canada you know I I discovered yet we
already discovered about the the true

cost of health care to a lot of
Europeans certainly the Dutch but also
the Swedes and Norwegians and the
Germans you know and that’s not really a
fantastic deal and the Netherlands

hospitals are going broke patients have
to be shuttled to literally two
different hospitals and I’ve been
talking yeah there’s a crease to
Christina’s place yesterday and it’s a
couple of kids around here well I said
kids I mean I’m talking 20 you know 19

20 years old and you think that
University and schooling is free in the
socialist Kingdom of the Netherlands and
this goes for Germany goes for the UK

must assure about France but I asked
around seems like most countries in
Europe have kind of a similar model and
I didn’t realize this but the government

provides very low-cost loans I believe
about a half a percent to all students
and and I said hey do you know how much
and depending on what type of education

they’re going to now first of all it
wasn’t not your impression that in all
these countries that education is free
and it’s all groovy and don’t worry
about it
am i it’s just me who thought that I was
under the impression that it was very

similar to what I had when I was a kid
or I could go to the University of
California I did have a couple of minor
scholarships but there were nothing to
write home about in depth and the

tuition was like $50 and the books write
good deal and you could use you could
buy used books which you can’t do
anymore because they’ve just another
scam we have not really discussed on the

show and I thought and you get through
the whole thing it was kind of paid for
by the state of California for
California citizens right so it was like

yeah something similar and I would say
that it certainly was that way and I
remember it that way I think maybe it
was you know like five hundred guilders
a year or something there was some
reasonable amount well these days every
single child that I spoke to had varying

between ten and 40,000 euros of debt and
while not surprising that the Socialists
that kingdoms around here would try and

screw their youth even more interesting
is that in the Netherlands just
announced this week that the Dutch
equivalent of FICO score the bkr will
now also include your student debt it

used to be that they did not include
that in the calculation of your bkr
report score FICO score your social
credit score whatever we want to call it

but now they are with the result of
course that these kids can’t buy a house
or they can but you know they already
have a huge debt on the books and public

it’s free unless you don’t complete your
education if you drop out and you don’t
get your your degree or whatever you
were studying for you don’t graduate

well then you have to pay all of your
public transportation back which is
tracked nicely for you
let’s yeah yeah see me the other way

if you graduated you should be getting
money back is what you’re saying well if
you graduate you should be making some
money you should be able to afford to
put in a few pennies for public
transportation and if you gear you’re

poor you should be able to get free
public then we double down on you slave
shut up I’m gonna get that money from
you it’s bad
these kids are disillusioned and then
they so the organ is it so it’s not a

bank loan it’s a government loan and
it’s called the or the division of the
government that provides is called do
ODU oh and so they have this saying in
Holland the kids when they’re like if

they’re out on a Friday night they say
like hey I’ll buy the drinks because
uncle duo drop by yesterday and so
they’re just spending hey I’m sure
that’s the same with all College loads
we’re spending half their money on on

drinks and drugs and whatever else and
you know they just pay it back one other
day you know whatever happens it’s it
all of the youth is being enslaved

I don’t think they see it that way yet
I don’t understand how these countries
never will shit that way by the way
mm-hmm but these countries who you know

you had this impression that you know
they’re socialists and they still have
the 60% taxes by the way that’s the same
but then the client would think that 60%
tax would pay for the education that

wasn’t that the idea
no and and the hospitals are closing I
mean I don’t know that’s something wrong
with this is one of my I have a friend a
Dutch guy says that you’re a lot of the
hospitals are closing because they’re

falling apart they have to close
well he’s not oh and so it has nothing
to do with with their balance sheet tell
your Dutch guy to go pound sand
he’s Dutch would you take oh you take

his word over me a lion Dutchman he
lives there you stop living there years
ago you went to England doesn’t sold out
I didn’t say okay alright let’s move on
to Nancy Pelosi I’m not quite sure why

but she had iight you have a preliminary
clip no I think this is your preliminary
clip this has nothing to do with the
speakership I don’t know why but

had but this al sharpton must have
helped her with something
oops you dropped out John I didn’t say

no it sounded like you dropped out so I
mean did he like did he gin up votes or
what did he I mean somehow there was the
payoff was needed because you know the
the way Sharpton works out Sharpton is
with his what is it called the something

Action Network the now Action Network is
the bullcrap the action the way what he
does he goes and protests in front of
your business or whatever it is and

calls you a racist until you pay him off
by making a donation and then he goes
away and I’m not just saying that I mean
that’s the way he got the idea from
jesse jackson’s rainbow coalition seems
to do that same thing it’s it’s a known

model and it works it’s no different
from sleeping giants on twitter and
you’re talking part of the same thing
all those sleeping giants you know i
don’t think you can pay them off so
Nancy Pelosi had to speak at his you

know his Action Network shindig and just
listen to it and also to think in
entrepreneurial bigger ways we’re going
to be visionary if we’re going to be

unifying we’re going to be healing we’re
going to be transparent and how we do
this we’re going to be respectful of
other views but we are going to us we’re
going to try to find our common ground

where we can we have a responsibility to
do that but where we can’t stand our
ground like a rock that’s what Thomas
Jefferson advised us to do so in any
event thank you thank you for helping

take back America people caught all over
the place are calling me writing on the
airport’s here there thank you for
saving America I give those thanks to
you thank you for saving America

Reverend Sharpton thank you for saving
you have a hand Nancy Pelosi thank you
for saving America Reverend Al Sharpton

what is that about I don’t know she’s
such a political animal we have no idea
and I kind of like this is nice oh you
ever had Nancy Pelosi

you think that’s better than my – is
that your is that your contribution
that’s just one of them RESP ICT that
was always a winner Joe let’s play the

Trump caving – Pelosi is the is about
Trump deciding to find some Republicans
to vote her as speaker the gentleman
speaking he’ll never do it I really

think I’m expected what Nancy said last
night about bipartisanship and getting
together in uniting she used the word
uniting and she is the the
bipartisanship a statement which is so

important because that’s what we should
be doing so we can look at us they can
look at us I know go back and forth and
it’ll probably be very good for me

politically I could see it being
extremely good preliminary because I
think I’m better at that game than they
are actually even if you hate him see
the humor in it you I mean here in

Europe jean-claude Juncker you may have
seen this this is Juncker the drunker
the guy is now so drunk there’s a video
it makes no sense for clips there’s

really no audio where he’s on a podium
getting ready to talk at Elektron
there’s a couple other people up on the
podium and one of his assistants comes
over like and the guy is wearing two
different shoes I mean this guy is so

drunk be so drunk yeah of course I mean
he really needs two different shoes for
orthopedic reasons for his sciatic nerve
issue but man you got something to say

about our guy please your guy is really
really the pizza orange man bad
as just funny and either way just

shuffles off I mean why did these are no
one who just says stop this guy stop him
I it really it detracts from any kind of

power or authority the European Union
wants to project on its citizens
everybody is laughing about this shows
you how arrogant they are and how much

they how little they care because they
know it’s not gonna make a difference
I am predicting by the way a a child
boom in Europe in about nine or ten

months from now maybe even eight we’re
gonna have a lot of kids being born you
can put it in the red book and this is I
don’t know why this has not been

reported on but there has been there was
some kind of issue with the pill with
the manufacturer of the birth control
pill and they ran out not just in the

Netherlands but in other EU countries
ran out women could not get their pill
they were borrowing from other other
women and apparently they’re getting the

supply back on track but Wow
it’s interesting yeah and and of course
the reporting is ah there was just some

issue with the manufacturer that no one
is really reporting what’s happen that
where is Planned Parenthood oh we don’t
have that in Europe but plantain saying
that this surely there should be some
organization just up in arms about this

I mean this is just as important as
toilet paper I mean this is a big deal
you can’t just I mean this is the
technology that women rely on I’m not
being facetious I mean it
yeah I never heard this story of course

not Trump
raking forests much more important so
one of the producers did send in this
clip this is a clip with the I’m just

really starting to appreciate always
liked the show superstore oh is that we
go was is that were you shop super super
store is aid is a is really a sitcom

about people working within a big-box
store okay and it could be Walmart it
could be anything okay good they had the
whole Halloween thing that we played a

lot of stuff like that the show does the
stuff pretty well not this one here he
sent it in saying hey is this a native
ad because it sounds like one for Amazon
and it’s possible that it is but on the

other hand it also brings up the dilemma
of the big-box store versus Amazon and I
just play this that we can talk about it
although there I just want to say thank

you for supporting local retail instead
of shopping online to be honest I
probably would have bought this on
Amazon but I needed it today well you
know same-day delivery right okay nobody

asked Wow
don’t you have to pay for price it’s
totally worth it you get free shipping
plus movies music we’ve got music to go
check out our CDs selection it’s on
clearance are you kidding me that’s are

you kidding me especially making the
store guy sound like a moron stop it now
stop it I’m giving it to you

oh man that dumb character is the store
manager of course huh and he is a dumb
character all time yeah I don’t care I

don’t care this this is in the pocket
eight Ball corner pocket boom native ad
no doubt about it
you know Amazon as a part of their deal
for the Virginia location by the way the

helipad is apparently there was someone
post 9/11 rules that you’re not allowed
to have a private helipad or something
doesn’t mean you can’t land but no
private helipad but they will all Amazon

according to the contracts that have
been sluiced and reported and associates
they will get a heads up a couple of
days if a FOIA request is incoming which

makes nothing but since seeing is that
you know they are now in spook central
being that the cloud storage for spook
central and it’s probably more just hey
and I know you guys got a lot of our

spook shit it’s gonna take a while to
find this one so they get a heads up on
it or whatever it huh and I should
mention the latest WikiLeaks released
because I wouldn’t visit the page to

look it over they have apparently
somebody’s spilled the beans on there on
all the servers that Amazon owns and
where they’re located
okay and it’s quite fascinating map oh

you mean that you mean spook stuff
military stuff intelligence although
apparently most of it maybe there’s some
servers not on this map they got them
all but there’s about 20 of them right

around there already right around the
spook central going you know back in the
day I’m talking 1990
when I registered I did it
through a company called did Jax and

didge X was in Reston Virginia then they
were above a Chinese restaurant varies
that’s where first started on a
headless son three and you know just

with some real basic stuff and then it
go for daemon and I remember gopher I
remember talking to those guys
rajat saw Roberts East Room who I think

is muckety-muck it I can now I mean
these guys were there was the very
beginning of the internet and they were
really proud because did Jax you know
they basically provided one of the very

first hosting providers I said oh yeah
we host all the black boxes you know the
government black boxes and I thought
that they were talking about CIA or FBI
or maybe NSA no they say the real black

box is the real dark shit the guys who
are really bad actors is FEMA
they are the ones that have the black

boxes and scary stuff at the exchanges
iDEN of course I never followed up on it
after that but they were a couple of
times I heard about FEMA a FEMA man
they’re doing stuff
maybe one of our dudes named Ben can

corroborate let us know
they’re not anything yet well that we
know of the FEMA camps yeah these guys
were talking FEMA before Alex Jones died

in 92 I’m just a quick OTG segment you
know some talk now about you know after
that report that the judge ordered
Amazon to hand over any recordings that

Alexa might have now people are showing
up and saying hey you know it looks like
both Google and Alexa have filed patents
to listen for other things besides the

wake word you know for mood or maybe a
certain type of voice level or you know
different triggers that they want to
employ anybody have one of these things
in their house that’s a good question at

this point people are stupid
but in our OTG lifestyle I have to say
I’m going to have to recommend that
everyone pay for cash when you’re buying

fuel no one is safe I’m talking about
those video screens popping up on gas
station pumps beware you may stand in a
stupor and watch the screen you can’t
avoid them but it is also watching you

here in those media analyst John Carroll
is here hi John
Robin and so we see you understand this
started with five screens and experiment
in Texas and it has now exploded
it certainly has it’s a company called G

s TV and they have screens and ads in
eighteen thousand gas stations in two
hundred markets across the country so in
2014 they had 2600 gas stations and they
customize them to neighborhoods so that

you would basically be steered toward
businesses in the location of the gas
station somebody said it was less like
TV and more like billboards
yeah so they’re selling you know that’s

one thing but now they’re collecting
data and and selling so it tell us more
about that
right so they just introduced this data
analytical system called octane and what
it does is it tracks your transactional

your geo location your online consumer
behavior so basically the you know they
are able to tell we’re pretty much where

you’re coming from and where you’re
going so they they have your credit card
so they know where you live they can tap
into your smart phones and find out what
gas station you’re F they crunch

together online activity and so
basically they’re able to figure out
what would be the best ads to target to
you at that particular time know where
you are but they also claim that they

can show the effect by looking old at
all this data they can show the effect
of the ads on the screens right because
they can track where you go afterwards
so for instance you know you’re filling
up your card 6:15 p.m. they know you’re

close to home they know you go to
Wendy’s fairly often so they send you a
coupon from the local Wendy’s which is
four blocks away and they say go in and
we’ll give you a free order of french

fries and and then they can track
whether you go in or not and pay with
your credit card
so these two people just to start off
with the analysis are retards they are
completely stupid have Nev this is
really the first time they’ve ever heard

this capability and this guy uses our
technology reporter uses terms like they
crunch all the number from your social
activity it’s really very technically

inept but glitch did yes you do have to
consider that you’re punching in yours
because I use a credit card punching in

your zip code that isn’t helpful but
it’s this credit card thing man the
credit card that’s that’s the weak spot
in all of this weekend but it’s so hard
to live with that well I mean any kind

of card you don’t want to use a card be
stuff to use cards for things it’s it’s
the weakness that’s where I teach fails
okay that was a lame report the people

were just naive about all this stuff I
and I have some of these things I just
don’t fully understand for example if

they know the guy goes from the store to
the gas station to Wendy’s before he
goes home I can give him a coupon for
Wendy’s he’s already go in there he

wouldn’t not you’d they’re losing money
you lose money on this deal does he
bother just goes there to buy something
they know what it must be cuz they got
his credit card receipt for the Wendy’s
and so they’re gonna give him a free
french fry when he already bites french

fries you offered another apple pie
I don’t know Wendy’s getting ripped off
in this deal yeah see there’s your a
desert opportunity right there
it was a lame report it reminds me of

the dude I think this shouldn’t even do
the ones that they should give him a big
giant coupon to go to Burger King and
reason I suggest that if they know he
goes to Wendy’s because there used to be

a play that was on the grocery there was
a company that did this they this ended
some years back but it was going on for
a number of years you’d go to a grocery
store and they had this little coupon
printer mm-hmm and the way it works I

asked him about it I asked one of the
guys about how does this work why am I
getting these coupons for these things
so you go to the grocery store you buy
whatever you buy a coupon would come out
of the thing for your next shopping time

and so the guy the sales guy the guy who
sold these things he says well here’s
the way it works
you buy a six-pack of coke a coupon for
a six-pack of Pepsi comes out

and he says you buy six-pack of Pepsi he
said once we had that established then
we’d go to Pepsi and say hey look what
you guys are doing there there’s you
know or they go to cokes and these these

guys are getting course the Pepsi course
that’s gonna make the money course the
same process and we’ll give up you know
they just reverse everything so if you
buy Pepsi you get a coupon for Coke and

that’s what they were doing they were
doing this double dip thing where you go
in to you sell one company and then you
go and sell the other come me on the
same process so it all evened out nobody
was making any you know nobody’s making

out on this thing except for the guys in
the middle who’d that had this coupon
printer I guess one of these days
somebody figured that was useless and so
they stopped buying these deals and that
was the end of the coupon printer but
these things are like you know this is a

scam there’s been notorious for years
he’s the official pronunciation coupon
or coupon let me pronounce a coupon here
in the California regions okay I think
anyone who is on for channel I’ll call

them point blank you fun if you’re on
4chan you’re a couponer
I’ve just never I’ve always heard coupon
that’s all

there we say coupon I think I do anyway
a little newest yes little news from
back home from from Texas seems like the

bitcoin mania is coming to the Lone Star
State well it didn’t get Amazon HQ to
but the small town of rock Dale Texas
was chosen for what some people say will

be the largest Bitcoin mine in the
country the Chinese company bit main
plans to build a data center that is
expected to bring hundreds of jobs to
Rockdale and as Paul flab of Texas
public radio reports the town is no

stranger to booms and busts in 1952 The
Saturday Evening Post ran a story called
the town where it rains money about
Rockdale just two years prior the
Central Texas towns coal mine had been

closed and Rock Dale’s future uncertain
so how did it go from being on the ropes
to awash in cash the Aluminum Company of

Alcoa moved to town it found the area’s
plentiful lignite coal could power their
aluminum smelting the Texas State
Historical Association estimates 300,000
tons of the cheap dirty stuff was burned
in the company’s power plant each year

last year the coal power plant that had
been limping along closed between the
smelter and the plant 1,700 jobs were
Charles miles owns miles styles in

downtown Rock Dale a barbershop
surrounded by more than a few empty
storefronts with for rent signs hanging
he’s lived here all his life and is on
the school board for the district his

six children attend mile says the area
may be turning a corner though they say
history repeats Vincent surrounds looks
on his miles cuts of customers hair he
was a crane operator at Alcoa before he

got laid off he went back to school to
become a barber but that isn’t working
out how he thought there’s no businesses
really here
I still I picked up enough of me so
Bitcoin coming here just might bring

people I can’t pay the bills you know
one couldn’t because despite the hopes
and optimism of what bit Maine could
provide Shirelles like many here doesn’t
know what they do no sir I don’t

I mean people coming in as I’m I never
heard about looked it up online even I
still couldn’t get a grasp of the whole
report which is about four and a half
minutes they never once said the reason
they’re there is to fire up the smelter

for cheap electricity
you’re gonna burn that crappy cold yes
so this town is between Austin and
College Station yep

also south about a South some distance
from Waco so it selected the Austin Waco
college station truck right in the

yes and I didn’t know that was coal
country I don’t know if it’s coal
country but I know that they have a
is there must be a real reason said it
was cold country says the smelter was

put there because of all the Chi blade
night in the air which was the world’s
worst cold there you go
murki we’re letting the Chinese come in
to burn shitty coal in Texas fantastic

for Bitcoin the down wind is almost
across me to college tasting Oh College
Station Oh at the down yeah yeah yeah

you’re right that is pretty much the way
that would it would blow well just if
College Station gets to get to wind of
it look out those guys hey you guys
college station you know what’s going on

it’s University of what it is that
they’re Grice now that’s the Aggies man
that’s that’s a a misaki’s a.m. yeah
well they’re Aggies they don’t know what
they’re doing they’re they’re made of
coal you’re gonna be breathing a lot of

horrible fumes from that place if they
don’t get their act together and put a
stop to imagine all the people who could
do is ice oh yeah that’d be fun

cuz there’s gonna be critical of College
Station they was one of the few areas

that had a PBS station that would play
the software hard talk when I was doing
public radio it was one of you one of
your the major subscribers of your
affiliates it was one of my top

affiliates well you know in this but
some of the smartest people are in
College Station surprisingly so they’ll
put a stop to this you watch yeah better
dirtbag day with needs to be thanked and
so I’m sorry let’s back up as two people

to thank for producing show what yes and
also please everyone in Austin knows
that everyone in college stage
bryan-college station are not as smart

as we are in Austin everyone knows this
sorry I have to keep that feud going I
can’t I can’t buckle well have the
future she Austin has a feud with

James Sara Lobeck a hundred and fifty
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thank you put that at the end for you
yep sir Luke the Baron of mentioned this

is all the dudes named Ben again I was
looking at the wiki page yeah
there is a bunch there was a bunch of
documents and releases of this of some

crazy codes it’s like the second newest
thing that’s up up on the page including
a bunch of user manuals for this it’s
like a controlled virus that you can you

can control using some technologies and
you can put it in all these routers and
I guess the CIA was doing that and vien
routers which is very popular in Europe

mm-hmm I actually have it remind me I
have a remind me I have a clip about
your router my router no no this it’s a
clip I on cyber ok anyway so Luke the

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need to trav you ever tried this uh this
drink your looks are rock yeah it tastes
like sambuca probably taste like oops Oh
someone so much tide chicken someone
sent me an ad

uh I think it’s real it’s probably even
funnier to see the video with it but
it’s at first you think it’s a take-off
of a big pharma ad but it’s actually you

realize that in enough states in the
United States this could be a real ad
and it could be a real company sometimes
life can be a little overwhelming

sometimes the weight of the world can be
too much to bear
sometimes you need to stop worrying and
take a deep breath
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cannabis is right for you it probably is
keep it right side I think it’s real

I mean it could be I mean there’s it has
elements of a hoax yeah but it also does
what’s it called bright side bright side

yeah bright side side ad it must be
something on the net saying what it’s
real or not
wow what I could yeah it’s a we delivery
service delivery ad mocks Big Pharma

yeah but let me just see where it’s
available now bright side calm I mean
they are there it’s I think it’s real
yes I just don’t know where they’re
available that I couldn’t find so

quickly but right say that me yeah no
this is a real company Oh bright side
comm bright side I call
I don’t pressure that me something else

yeah she talked about taking a deep
breath you won’t know don’t wanna do
that around here
we still have the smoke oh yeah I should
mention this I need an update and you
know me me went to a brother by the way

Jeff right bright side comm currently
available in California so you could
order from the ad so you sure you go
around now that it’s like every Yahoo

out there is wearing some sort of a
cheap mask thinking is gonna help them
from breathing through this you mean
like the Twitter picture of Jason
Calacanis with the with the 3m high-end
gas mask what is he doing with a top

top-of-the-line gas mask 3m filters on
both sides like he’s working just

whereas Scott air pack like he’s working
working for FEMA so she goes to the
monitor dose vegetable market and all
these local Yahoo’s are there old lady’s
mostly wearing the mask

she says the lines are slowed down
because they’re wear the mask they’re
all wearing a mask and they’re at the
front of the thing where they’re asking
questions and she says it sounds like
this situation here these idiots like
butters on the South Park I can just see

oh man oh yeah yeah yeah your turn
oh I was going to say the the III on

cyber about the router about the router
bug yeah CBS has this segment I can’t
believe you’ve never seen this the CBS I

on cyber where they tell you what to do
with your router CBS CBS I know CBS not
CBS s where it can put your entire home
network at risk I mean just listen to

sleep you’re gonna love this read and
also the instructions do you have a pen
and a piece of paper because you’re
gonna need a lot it gets right to a lot
of information with this helpful I on

cyber is going to teach you everything
from laptops to smart phones anything
that uses Wi-Fi experts say that too
often people are not taking the critical
steps to secure routers like changing

the default password to something that’s
difficult to guess right there right
whoever thinks of changing their default
password I mean you and I do but no one
else does

and did people even know how to change a
default password no even if you have a
router with a strong password from your
cable or phone company it may be
vulnerable the software the company uses

to connect your router to troubleshoot
problems remotely it can also be a
backdoor for hackers security experts
say in May the FBI issued a warning to
all owners of small and home office

routers about an attack targeting those
devices the group carrying out the
attacks is believed to have ties to a
Russian intelligence agency u.s.
intelligence says attacked the

Democratic National Committee fantastic
advice it’s no problem just turn your

router off turn your router on I have a
feeling that there’s a lot of a lot of
malware that would love to have it be
turned off and turned on so it can

insert itself properly
you know I mean cool they can tell if
your router is no to replace your router
as close to the middle of your home as
you can so its signal can’t easily be
intercepted from outside the register

your router with the manufacturer
well press alerts for firmware updates
technology also smart to replace your
routers every three to five years like a

mattress often stop providing security
updates for older devices with an eye on
cyber I’m serve on boards I’m thank you
very much for your eye on cyber that was
really enlightening I’m gonna go do all

that right now
so I’m looking at the you’re still right
you leave still on bright side aren’t
you you’re trying to order some edibles

now I’m looking at the vault eight hive
oh that one that’s the source code
repository related to see a project hive
it’s pretty interesting anyway I would

like to get some some people looking at
this wiki stuff to see what what what’s
going on with these particular now which
are you talking about a specific dump or
just wiki stuff there’s a bunch of stuff

this vault 8 has got all kinds of stuff
been around for a while though that’s it
yeah but I didn’t realize what it was
doing it had dead cuz nobody ever took
no reporters no I’ve ever look at wiki
to get anything any information cuz

because as since they’ve signed on with
the CIA they can’t do it it’s like it’s
illegal right so they can’t look at the
wiki oh my god if I do that I get fired

oh you can’t read from it now yeah
that’s right but there’s a senator in
Australia Barry O’Sullivan and he’s it
kind of at the end of his political

career and so he doesn’t give a crap
yeah I think even says it in this clip
have you seen this guy he goes on he to
what whatever happened I think was about
abortion because of course you know the
same conversations that we have in the

United States which dominate global news
about everyone being a racist and and I
see abortion and gun law all of these
same conversations taking place
everywhere there’s you know there’s gun

violence every day in the Netherlands
two three people getting shot and killed
Australia they have issues with with
race they have issues with abortion it’s

all the same concepts all the same
topics just put into a local context
it’s a globalist truly is and this guy
just he’s so sick of it he just lumps
everything in that he can think of right

down to declaring his gender as a woman
you wouldn’t find them if you had two
pairs of bifocals on at the same time it
is outrageous they want to they want to

allow they want to increase the dole for
unemployed people so they can buy more
so nice so that they can avoid going the
jobs they want to treat that no that’s
that’s their position senator they made

it clear here during the week in debates
around issues to do with with minimum
wages and the like they they want to
take the the tracker dogs away from from

festivals and carnivals that are there
to test people for drugs where we want
safe environments public environments
where people can go where people on ice

and and all sorts of things are not
participating in large crowds causing
havoc this is these are these people
these are these people they won’t be

mister acting deputy president to Rawls
suckin on tofu made from dry grass
laying around all day waiting for the
Commonwealth to send some money into

their bank account so they can go and do
whatever they like uncle duo
I am tired I am tired of being attacked
when I stand up and speak about some
issues around strong values that are the
strong values I still believe of the

majority of Australians you cannot say
the word abortion without being attacked
by this mob of almost I’d say grubs if I
didn’t think you’re going to make me

withdraw it mister acting deputy
president but it’s out there now these
people come and attack me for my
religious basis the other day using
words like rosary beads because I had
the I had the audacity to raise issues

around late term abortions where babies
that are only minutes away from getting
a smack on the ass and the name being
aborted under the policies of the
Australian Greens so I will not stand

silent I will not stand mute while these
people try to continue to marginalize
policies and ideas that we want to
discuss for this nation that I think are

largely supported still by Talmadge are
of the nation’s I’m gonna declare my
agenda today as I can to be a woman and
then you’ll no longer be able to attack
me they – it’s it’s right it is it is it

is despicable the behavior of these
people and for them to come in here with
the freedom that they do and just that
vomit that vitriolic of their mouths it

needs to be called out and end of career
well this is the reason that Trump wants
Pelosi in there as the Speaker of the

House which means she’s also ahead of
the Democrats in the house they they
need somebody because of the group
that’s come in the full themselves crowd
it’s not as nothing but trouble for the

for the country let alone for the
trumpet you’re actually equating
Australian politics to US politics
interesting well I’m just cleaning it in

this regard we’d agreed a few statements
ago that this is part of the globalist
agenda yes yes yes yes yes yes
so there is some of course he want some
protection yeah he want some protection

against the a/o Seas of the world who
are gonna just come up with all kinds of
time-wasting stuff yeah yeah yeah I
don’t blame him yeah I agree well also I

think he and Pelosi can actually get
something done
she does want to get so now the person
we can’t get anything done with is a
camel toe Harris who I I’m going to play

this clip it may be out of context so I
didn’t see the whole c-span grilling of
this ice representative with Kamala

Harris of California but here’s how it
went down at least the piece that I have
planned was what we would call today a
domestic terrorist group why why why

would we call them domestic terrorist
group because they tried to use fear and
force to change political environment
and what was the motivation for the use
of fear and force based on race and

ethnicity right are you aware of the
perception of many about how the the the
power and the discretion that ice is
being used to enforce the laws and do

you see any parallels I do not see any
parallels between I’m talking about
peace officers and agents I’m talking
about perception like I do not see a
parallel are you aware that there’s the

perceptions you know are you aware that
there’s ice in the same category as the
that’s pretty uh pretty deep what she’s
doing there I couldn’t figure out what

she was doing
oh she basically said is the KKK a
terrorist organization he says yeah is a
domestic terrorist organization yes what

kind of taxes they you use well fear and
intimidation is that the same as ice you
know that’s pretty much what she was
doing there
false equivalencies that’s a good trick

when he’s done right yeah but I don’t
think she was doing a good job of it no
I don’t think she’s that talented I know
she’s gonna do she’s gonna run for
president overweight do you think she’s

really gonna run do you really think
she’s gonna do it yeah absolutely
oh really you know who else has said he
was gonna run was a the big head guy the
petite male although I don’t think he’s

that petite small well he was on bill
Marshalls wall Will’s the worst guy he’s
one of those guys you just look at me
you’ll want to slap him for no reason I
didn’t pull any clips because he’s

probably his problem is he’s actually
just boring but he comes from Iowa hey
both his parents are Republican I mean
he has a he has an interesting backstory

and he was kind of likable on Bill Maher
show but just boring hey guys just
boring and whenever he talks on you know
CNN or anyway he’s sounds idiotic or you

know just
but I don’t know no no I’m not one
thing’s for sure here’s what the folks
on MSNBC think of a possible Hillary

Rodham Clinton run get ready for Hillary
Clinton 4.01 thirty years in the making

this new version of mrs. Clinton when
she runs for president in 2020 will come
full circle back to the universal health
care promoting progressive firebrand of

1994 true to her name mrs. Clinton will
fight this out until the last dog died
she won’t let a little thing like –
stunning defeat stand in the way of her
claim to the White House by the way the

White House has responded
Kellyanne Conway here’s the tweets dear
God please who can blame her I don’t
think so I mean honestly who knows but

let me say this
speaking as a Democrat here at the table
there’s no I mean we have an uphill
battle no matter what to get to 270 in
2020 as evidenced by you don’t know whoa
no please you read the piece from Stein

and Mark Penn do you agree with it no
just go go away we couldn’t let somebody
else take I think she’s running again
and I think it’s go away Hillary Clinton

they really don’t want her
do anything about it she still owns the
machine yeah I agree she’s rushing that
she used to run the first two times yeah

it’s still intact I granted the second
time it was a bigger machine she got all
the way to there you should have won the
presidency in most circumstance yeah and
she felt gypped so she said I’m keeping

this machine together yeah I’m gonna
keep the money in a pile and she kept
the money in the machine everything is
no way anyone can beat her
except Trump and Obama’s not giving up

his machine he’s got that wood
organization tool or something to
organize and organize it is yeah
organizing for America we’re gonna is it
for America ofg he’s got a machine that
she’s keeping for himself I don’t know

he’s just a money-making machine of some
sort dude apparently he has the biggest
mailing list of all the Democrats well
you got it from Facebook probably
Facebook all right John play us out one

more this is my Canady this was said to
me okay you’re gonna start collecting
Canadian stuff because the Canadians
they they like to listen to the show and
they never get anything for them they’ll

be sorry but that’s what they’re gonna
get so apparently the Canadian
government’s decided to treat the entire
population like kids in grammar school

okay so if you’re like a worker working
at some Factory and you get that you
you’re sick and throwing up you may be
required by law to get a doctor’s note
to take one loan day of of sick day take

a sick day off and I’ll mention that
when I work for the government you yeah
you took all your sick days off with
your sick or not but as my supervisor
once said to me just take it off as

general malaise the Canadian Association
lashed out against a government bill
that would let employers require a
doctor’s note whenever a worker wants to
take a sick day the CBC’s Katherine

Colin looks at who’s fighting that
change and who welcomes it the pain in
the necks I have to do it dr. iris Gore
Finkel doesn’t like sick notes or the
proposed law that means she could be
writing more of them what that will do

is increase the number of patients I
have to see in a day to provide those
work notes and then on top of it those
patients may be exposed to diseases in
my office by waiting for a note about a

year ago when Ontario’s liberals passed
a law that would hike the minimum wage
they included a provision that entitles
everyone to 10 personal lead days
including two paid sick days and said

employers can’t ask for a doctor’s note
the Ford government is reversing the
Liberals plans as a job killer with a
pro-business law that would eliminate
paid sick day

and allow employers to ask for doctors
notes if they think it’s warranted
I stick notes I I just I shake my head
today a national doctors group has come
out against the move I think the real

statement of sick notes puts an
unnecessary burden on people who are
already sick and I think it really
raises the risk of spreading colds and
flus but some employers groups called

for these changes saying the sick days
were being abused in a letter to the
Ford government the retail Council of
Canada said our members are seeing
significant evidence that the two paid

personal emergency leave days are being
widely treated as floater days off ie
de-facto vacation days this labor lawyer
applauds giving employers the option I’m
asking for a note people who deserve the

benefit of the doubt and variably get
the benefit of the doubt because
employers don’t want to be paying for
sick notes employers don’t want to be
aggravating their employees Montero’s
Economic Development Minister didn’t
have any specific response to the

Medical Association’s concerns but a
spokesperson reiterated that sick notes
are a workforce and attendance
management tool the final vote to turn
this plan into law could come next week

get a Hall Pass slave fantastic that’s
you know that’s not new in in a
socialist government the Netherlands has

had that as long as I can remember if it
was more than two days you had to get a
sick note from your doctor
yeah no no that’s alright it’s coming to
the u.s. too baby

just wait for it oh yeah it’s coming
price to happen but it is the way it
works because people who know that
people are just sitting at home and
aren’t really sick and they’re getting
handouts they get pissed off they get

poured up some days a year by the way
two whole days a year
yes well there you go it’s a scam the
motto of the day it only works when you

say it
it’s a scam and coming to you from the
loft in Lawton in the garden of
Amsterdam I will be back in Austin Texas
for the Thanksgiving show live show

where we will explain the history of
Thanksgiving as is tradition until then
in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon

Valley where it’s smoky it’s smoky I’m
John C Duvall right now we return on
Thursday with another edition of the
best podcast in the universe with more

deconstruction than you can shake a
stick at until then adios mofos
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hi everyone I did what I wanted to do I
was blessed to have that opportunity
they’ve been blessed with a lot of
privilege let’s for a moment honored as
a legitimate question although it’s

quite offensive but you don’t realize
that I get I know for a fact that a lot
of women gender expanding people people
of color working-class people they don’t

run for office because they don’t feel
perfect enough and then we talked about
before the people agenda for the people
with the lower health care cost
we’ll grow the paychecks and we will

bring integrity to government I get a
folder with my my teens like the college
I need that’s really a very thing that
almost a tsunami

yes it your clothes are stinky all the
time is you ever done any laundry so
they say you know nice to all she should
step aside and let them do fun so okay

we don’t have I would help to everybody
come on in the water’s warm

now what so you’re suggesting that
everybody step aside I’ve been getting
into some trouble this week I think it’s
good trouble battling their male
counterparts on both sides okay we don’t

have any more time
maybe better spring get some cooks by
the way it’s called potable rat oh my god can you see