No Agenda Episode 1088 “Three Chamber”

what is going on with those people is no

I’m curry from Northern Silicon Valley
where we did miss this effort and it was

a unique 10-car train I’m John cd4s
alright happy Thanksgiving and tell me

Thanksgiving do you and you and everyone
out there that will be celebrating
Thanksgiving everyone except the
Canadians who already had Thanksgiving
somewhere near the first of November

you know the Dutch we’ve talked about
this I just got back from my trip to the
Gitmo nation lowlands the Dutch you know
they love taking little traditions and

just taking they don’t really like
America they think Trump is horrible and
you know we’re all racists but
interestingly even though what we
already know they took Halloween the

Dutch have Halloween celebrations they
have Halloween parties it’s not spelled
the same it’s Halloween which is
entirely based on the movies that’s why
they think it’s cool hello hello but of

course the Netherlands has no
Thanksgiving since you know they were
not fortunate enough to kill the natives
of our country and you know to eat their
turkeys but they have all built the

whole thing from scratch but they have a
Black Friday now
which is tomorrow the same day notices I
noticed this is going on in England too

so we don’t have Thanksgiving cuz you
know it’s not our celebration not our
country but hey man we have Black Friday
for shopping hidden unbelievable
yes I noticed this last year when we

were anticipating Thanksgiving it looks
right at a blind they have a block
lighted and like Friday what are you
guys talking about
and is this can it can we somehow turn
this racist

would that be that would end it why is
it called Black Friday what is the
actual because it’s the distant one day
of the year that the books go black they

go into the oh is that really the reason
it’s not because we see tons of black
people piling on top of each other in
the Walmart that’s about it
it’s about this that one day where they

all of a sudden now these department
stores are in a profit mode
I’m good money now okay I don’t think if
you went on the street and you asked
I don’t think three out of ten would
know what he would over to have that

answer I never knew until I looked it up
there was some years back is it where
they call this Black Friday’s kind of
disgusting that’s when things are
supposed to go bad is Black Friday it’s
when the market crashed yes black it’s a

black that’s a black day it’s like a
yeah all of this way the books flip ah I
didn’t realize that interesting well
they do have that such new on the no

agenda story yes yes you do yes car
train is part of these ten car trains
for the last week and I’m thinking as
I’ve been looking at these trains again

why are they ten cars all of a sudden
they’ve always been eight maybe nine and
it turns out that it was like yesterday
was the number one travel day of all
time I mean this is the time that

everyone travels apparently yesterday
was the big day just thinking to myself
what idiot would travel on a day like
that that would be me that’s right I
came home yesterday although I was

traveling from from Gitmo lowlands
through London back to Austin so I
didn’t really have the the you know the
National internal rush that we had and
it was actually it was booze okay but

let me tell you it what do you mean the
internal reach over the interim would
you know us or just domestic domestic
flights would they be tried there’s no
Thanksgiving in Europe no but that’s the
only thing that’s the only thing that

was really messed up international
flights coming in there was no real
issue going to that going to a u.s.
Airport standing in u.s. airport line
that’s what I’m saying I didn’t I was at
the airport at five in Amsterdam to get

out believe me very calm at that time
of hope and then I flew to London you
know you London you go to terminal five
and you have to you stay within the
terminal but then you have to know stop
back up people the Netherlands people

answered an airport as you leave the
country this is new I have not seen this
do you scan your boarding card you can
see the the customs guy right there

because there is a exit interview in the
Netherlands for your customs when you’re
leaving they stamp you in stamp you out
but before that this is you know there’s
gates and you have to stay a little

glass gates you have to go into a portal
like a subway station you scan your
boarding card and then it says look here
boom boom boom this is light flashing
off to the right you see yourself on the
camera and it’s doing a complete you

know facial recognition scan almost
makes the sound um it blasted about
thirty seconds before it finally let me

in I had I took my glasses off I know
maybe it’s good maybe that helped or not
they couldn’t find me but it’s your got
a scan of me you know if it wasn’t
scanning it was making one I don’t like
that this is that I don’t understand

that’s just that just can’t appeared out
of the blue and of course that’s after
you then slide your passport into their
little scanner so they’re linking my
face with my passport now that you know
the passport doesn’t have a picture

anyway then you go to London now you’re
in terminal five you arrive in terminal
five and you want to do a transit so you
again you go through similar little

glass gates you scan your your your
boarding card and then you have to go
through security again have you ever
done this secure I don’t know if I’ve
talked about this have you ever done the

security going back to the u.s. in
terminal five
at Heathrow because you have to do you
have to essentially go through a whole
security process again except these

agents are dicks there they’re rude
they’re just asses many of the women at
American agents know these are British

these are British and they are rude they
they treat you like you’re an idiot
you know it’s it’s very to me it feels
the very chauvinistic Brits you know you
don’t understand this prep I Spit on you

foreigner it’s like just assholes I
really could really go to me and it’s
like I’ve had this a couple of times
it’s just like wow you know they gets to
the point where of course my bag has to

be ripped open but you know they’re
really cavalier they walk back and forth
this excuse me I’m kind of waiting on my
bag then they give you a look and they
make you wait five more minutes yeah
that other other passing my bag in which

they’ve opened up and you know and they
should scuse me I need the space this is
that you just unpack this and I’m
packing it in yes yeah I need the space
you have to move repeat this passengers
fellow passengers saying you take your

time you know we will wait for her just
their passes and I saw every single I
had three hours later what is going on
with those people

it’s vets unbraid –is– in a way this
is very unbreathing true brits but they
just treat you with disdain and I’m not
saying our TSA officers are any better

yelling at you but it’s so surprising
because you don’t expect it in the UK
anyway there you go
so what was my point well you were
talking about well we were trying to

discuss the tribulations of travelling
on the worst travel yes there you go
there you go so for me otherwise it was
fine just took forever to you land in
Austin you’re you’re right you’re good

to go with the suitcase I don’t know I
think they’ve already been pre checked
in London is that the idea yeah checked
all the way through yeah and then you
just get off and lost and you’re done
well yeah you wait for an hour and a

half because when you when you are pre
checked you get that long transit
sticker and of course they put you I
guess somewhere way in the front or the
back of the plane and so your first on
and definitely last off with your

baggage missus just whatever I’m its
first world problems
however quick update sports no yes from
us over here in the San Francisco Bay

the Warriors suck the Dutch as you know
they had trounced and humiliated the
World Cup winner France all they had to
do is had a have a tie score against the
Germans their second game against the

Germans and it looked like we were all
gonna have to jump off of the balcony
because it was they were to kneel down
at the half and they pulled it out of
their butts and tied the Germans in the

last minutes they came for their bikes
and they took back a wheel not the whole
thing but at least the wheel
very proud of the Duchess was a big deal

yeah yeah tying a game with Germany yes
and interesting that nil nil no it was
it was no it was to nil to to form is to
to there was to nil for most of the game

and then at the very Lin the very last
10 minutes they pull the one out that
doll do the Hat that’s actually called
doing it it’s never mind you’re just

gonna scoff it doesn’t matter I will no
I will no longer talk about the most
popular sport in the world I won’t do
what do you think it is the most popular
sport because the actions in the stands

or people beaten up each other no oh
it’s a very simple sport that anyone can
play just need a ball and a couple of
sticks it’s a it’s a sport everybody can
pick up immediately you can’t just you

need a basketball when your hoops to
play basketball and and this in soccer
football predates so many sports mystics

is an exciting sport just not on TV
well it’s never gonna be good on TV as
you’ve pointed out before no advertising
no what you can’t put if you can’t put

it on TV they don’t stop the game like
cannot put it on the TV all right back
just back to Thanksgiving for a moment
do we need to do the story of
Thanksgiving it’s kind of a tradition
shorten it up a little bit yeah I’d like

you to give a quick recap and then I
have a great from an old column I wrote
in 2004 the term Thanksgiving was
brandished throughout US history and

officially codified by Lincoln in 1863
at the behest of an activist woman
writer named Sarah Hale before 1863
there was no Thanksgiving per se but a
lot of proclamations giving thanks for

this and that some some called
Thanksgiving there are virtually no
thanksgiving events from the Thomas
Jefferson administration until Sarah
revitalized the dying idea her rationale

was that Americans didn’t have enough
holidays really she had the right idea
there the Lincoln Thanksgiving was
justified as a celebration of the

North’s victory in winning the Battle of
Gettysburg and had absolutely nothing to
do with pilgrims or anything of the sort
that nonsense was all reverse engineered
by sentimentalists even the first
supposed to Thanksgiving in 1621 which

is kind of funny because I was reading
on Twitter about how suddenly George
Washington is now the inventor of
it never ends it never ends this

changing story of the fake thanksgiving
thanksgiving for 1621 there’s a
three-day one-shot party modeled after
something called the harvest home it

wasn’t called Thanksgiving harvest home
was the end of the harvest party
celebrated in parts of the British Isles
this party didn’t happen again in fact
most of these invited Indian guests to

the 1621 event were later butchered by
the growing population of settlers
Thanksgiving anyway good there’s other
examples of these one-shots and it was

Lincoln who made this is never just the
last of the story lincoln who made it a
yearly event also made it stick to the
fourth Thursday in November it only
changed I get this it only changed for

two years during the Franklin Roosevelt
administration and moved up a week in
hopes of stretching believe this this is
a fact and in hopes of stretching the
Christmas buying pattern Oh an extra

week I believe that that makes that it
totally sounds American helping the
economy it was already a known fact that
Thanksgiving was the kickoff to

Christmas buying a slew of half-hearted
traditionalist and that he get these
traditionalists found the Roosevelt
change an abomination census somehow
insulted pilgrims or the DAR oh who

knows who and it was changed back after
a couple of years of bickering right so
let’s think so Thanksgiving is bogus and
now we have a new thing which is the
addition to the old story of this thing

called friendsgiving what oh yeah this
is height look it up oh this sounds like
a social justice warrior move well what
it what it’s supposed to be this got two

things going on with it one of them is
slightly slightly one of them is
extremely disgusting if you look it up
in the urban dictionary a definition
number for friendsgiving is where you
dip your nuts into the turkey gravy and

film it and then serve the gravy and
then show people the film like a couple
weeks late
John you need to get another column or

something because you’re spelling that’s
too much time on the internet looking at
weird shit man this has got a stuff so
friendsgiving is which is you’ll see the
term a lot used especially this year is

the idea that you have friends over as
though you never did friends over for
the Thanksgiving feast
instead of or in lieu of or in place of
family Oh

Thanksgiving means family friends giving
means friends because we hate the family
yeah oh gosh yeah and above the balls in
the net the net friends giving and

seeing his yeah I I’m not gonna have any
gravy I was not supposed to even do a
show today but you know seeing is you
were only thinking of yourself yeah here

we are
here’s how it went we I’ll tell you the
story from my perspective now we got to
move on I was pretty convinced we had
discussed having a best of interview
show on Thanksgiving this year and John

had done one interview with the mooch
and I think we’re gonna do another one
or it was kind of a little bit a couple
lined up it was a little unclear but was
pretty sure we’re gonna do a special

show and then John was all like well I
don’t have to cook anyway no one’s
coming over so I’m screwed I’m just
we’re gonna do a show I’m like yeah I
have I have a people coming you didn’t
consider me for one second

really so UK you could’ve just said no
the reason is right I tried you went nah
man no okay the real reason the real

reason is that we’ve got show 1089 33
square right coming up the next show
this Sunday and I think we needed to

tease it this is just a promotional
episode episode
I forgot I I now I understand I’m
completely on board let me then move

into this do you have any idea when
their tradition started of the United
States President pardoning a turkey for

I’m glad you asked because I’m assuming
now that you know no I don’t you did
some research I know no I believe it’s
the the first president might have been
no I don’t know I did the reason I don’t

know is because I did not look it up
because I don’t care and it’s a totally
fake event and it’s something every
president does every single year and
it’s spot open Trump wait wait just be

it’s fun it’s like it’s fake it’s
make-believe it’s like Santa Claus it’s
like black Petes it’s like it’s just
fake fun can the news media today just
play along just for one day just play

along for one day with the fake that
everyone knows is fake without insulting
or without pulling some other crap into
it you know the orange man bad no it
doesn’t seem to be possible I cut out

all the ceremonious stuff just got you
the intro and the outro the president is
actually about to take the podium at the
White House we’re going to go ahead and

listen in there at this Rose Garden
event it’s actually the turkey pardon I
mean you can’t make this up happening at
this moment the fact that she starts off
by saying you can’t make this up I’m

like wait a minute is this something new
did they not know the president does a
fake pardoning of a turkey
I mean you hear that aren’t you set up

and and very interested as to why then
this year is different I was that
introduction makes it sound very
singular that Obama never did it or Bush

never did it or Clinton never did it or
Kennedy never did it or Johnson never
did it and I was I was even more
surprised by what it was all about
president is actually about to take the

podium at the White House we’re going to
go ahead and listen in there at this
Rose Garden event it’s actually the
turkey pardon I mean you can’t make this
up happening at this moment let’s listen

you seated good afternoon everyone a
very special day at the White House we
are thrilled to be joined today and
there you have it president Trump

pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey the
annual tradition peas the name of this
turkey and just the most unusual
dichotomy here as this comes on the
heels of a statement that the president

has put out essentially pardoning Saudi
Arabia and the crown prince in the king
there despite what I mean if you if
that’s you have to now take the
pardoning of a turkey and say what an

unbelievable dichotomy as he’s
essentially pardoning Saudi Arabia from
their atrocities that is the biggest
sharp junk.just sharp jump I’ve ever

seen and well for the stop on that that
subject matter for one second which is
Trump says that he had a briefing from

Gina the head of the CIA and I guess
somebody at the FBI guy or someone and
he says they don’t know really what
happened now there’s no report did you
see a report yet was there see no report

but yet all these news media outlets
keeps saying the CIA the CIA the CIA
citing some mysterious report based on
is apparently someone at the Washington

Post saying it’s that it exists the
Washington Post published yeah it exists
it’s coming according to people familiar
with the process according to sources
who could not be identified according to

sources who do would not speak on the
record because they were not authorized
to do so
this is it’s so easy these days just
print a headline say I got some sources
and B the Washington Post and you can do

whatever you want and now this is has
contaminated the fake turkey pardoning
call the dichotomy because he’s
pardoning a real nation although there’s

no actual pardon there’s no pregnant
presidential pardon going to Saudi
this is you know they only have
sovereignty over Saudi Arabia that we
can pardon anybody do they not see the

irony of this or are they just trying to
be followed the public or no but it’s
still not too far away from the
sovereignty we must seem to see over

Julian Assange is not even American
citizens right we’re gonna they’ve
indicted him for some reason that
somebody’s that we used to die trend and
people that did are Australians while we

indict random Russians
yeah we did right we died amateur random
Russian sir it’ll never show up except
for the one so boating except for the
one guy that actually said it yeah I’m

going taking you to court
you know they don’t know what to do
about that
well as couple Russians come over here
on the diamond ask for discovery that’ll
take care of that problem

so and it’s being in Europe for a week
you release you can almost see these
little cyclones of outrage that are just
spinning around yeah you don’t and the

whole different time zone so you get the
news and it’s just very different and I
was receiving it in a very different
manner I wasn’t on Twitter incessantly
you know just you know reading some
stuff you know getting snooze stories
from people and you can just see it’s

all it’s so much about nothing and then
you know it’s all it’s all like this
turkey story it’s all like oh no this ha
and now we have to assure you yes that

if Trump I thought I was actually
convinced and I was regretful that he
didn’t drop this stupid idea and I can
assure you that if he had said no we’re

not doing that dumb
hmm well I did want to do a little

segment here I have two clips because
I’ve noticed a very distinct narrative
that’s taking place a conversation and
the conversation goes something like

this I like what Trump does I hate the
way he does it except it’s a little
different we’re now talking about we’re
talking about policy versus style style
you see and this is now it’s kind of be

use as a defense
so Trump supporters which by the way are
called Trump supporters around the world
it’s not Trump voters or Republicans or

people who like him even in in Holland
it’s or in the UK I was in both over the
past week Trump supporters Trump
supporter what does that even mean

Trump supporters well they have another
term that they used here a lot which is
called the base the base yeah yes well
this is policy versus style and you’ll

hear people who do favor the president’s
policy often saying but I disapprove of
his style and this came up in – I’m
trying to think which one to play first

actually I’ll do this this was Don Lemon
it’s a rather long clip but I really
think it’s interesting the conversation
was between four women
we had a white Democrat a white

Republican a black University of
Berkeley professor of history Stephanie
Rogers and we had black Don Lemon so

four women are on the panel and I know
it’s just meaning me to say that but I
can’t help it
they’re all coffee coffee clutching and
the assertion from the professor of

history Stephanie Rogers
is that women white women actually have
have have been a part of the white
supremacy and institutional racism that

has that dominates all things unfair in
our country
and although not everyone agrees
ultimately it comes down to how he says

stuff or what he says versus policy and
then we’ll kind of wind that up with a
with a with an MSNBC clip but first just
listen to this because it’s but the

whole conversation is just intense to me
when it comes to divisiveness through
racism definitely you you are quoted in
this Fox article is saying for centuries
white women have invested in white

supremacy because their whiteness
affords them a particular kind of power
that their gender does not explain what
you mean by that so you see this is a
pretty loaded topic right off the bat so

as a historian I explore white womens
economic investments in the institution
of slavery white women I gotta stop this
white men women’s investments in the

institutional what does she say the
institutional institution so as a
historian I explore white women’s
economic investments in the institution

of slavery white womens economic
investments in the institution of
slavery very small minority of people
that had slaves in the south at well not
a much momentary but it wasn’t minority

manometer economic investment economic
that means they’re putting money into it
or I think what she might be headed
toward is that well now you have slaves
you don’t have to do the dishes and what

that has led me to understand is that
there’s this broader historical context
that we need to keep in mind when we
when we’re looking at white women’s
voting patterns today and as we look at

you know their their support their you
know overwhelming support of Donald
Trump when when a professor is trying to
explain such a heavy topic as this and

laughs right off the bat white womens
support of Donald Trump’s I mean this is
a jail right there because the white
women’s support of Donald Trump was 51%

like a major deal hahaha
voting patterns today and as we look at
you know their their support their you
know overwhelming

a supporter of Donald Trump and so tell
us that laugh tell yeah but it’s not
okay than this topic it’s not nothing
funny that support is 51% I wholly call
that a bandwagon I think of white women

as primarily focusing focusing on their
gendered oppression that because they
are oppressed as women that that
oppression will allow for them to ally

and to to sympathize with other
dispossessed and disempowered peoples in
the nation but my research actually
shows that they long long had a deep

investment in white supremacy and not
only did they benefit from it but they
participated in its construction and its
perpetuation she left again not just in

the context of slavery not just in the
colonial period but well after slavery
was over so Alice why do you think that
white women support President Trump do

you think they identify more with being
as she said white than they do with
being female she’s also you know so here
it is again we I think we really need to
start listening to some of the words
because there’s a difference between I
voted for him and I support him and so

they’re kind of taking this 52% voted
for him into they support him and this
is where we start to diverge
I think this Stephanie woman I think she
may be the lucky she’s the white

Republican or the white will here your
period but well after slavery was over
so Alice why do you think that white
women support President Trump do you
think they identify more with being as
she said white than they do with being

female she just said that I think when
we’re talking about the political arena
voters women and men identify themselves
as either Republican Democrat
independent or whatever their political

party and I strongly disagree with the
characterization let’s stop right there
I don’t identify as any anything I just
I’m just a voter I’m sorry I just I
reject that out of hand

I’m just voting I’m not I do not belong
to a party can democratic hold on
a lot of people do identify with their
party sure and a lot of people are

independent which would be you I don’t
identify to think because the parties
have been so screwy that the independent
the independent numbers have increased
to the point where they have to everyone

else I cater to them you know cater to
the Republicans if you’re a Republican
because you know you’re gonna get their
vote so you cater to these these
independents so-called swing voters and
because they can go either way
their swing I’m just I’m just saying

that I reject someone telling me that I
have to identify with some party even if
it’s an in if it’s independent
I just identify as me I think when we’re

talking about the political arena voters
women and men identify themselves as
either Republican Democrat independent
or whatever their political party and I
strongly disagree with the

characterization that women are
oppressed and by nature of that
oppression they should naturally vote
for another group of people that are
oppressed I think that’s just not how
politics works I think as a Republican

or a Democrat or whatever your political
leanings is you should vote for people
that represent those policies I’m a
Republican I support this president I
voted for this president I did so

because of his policy I do not agree
with his tone and tenor Donilon your
tone and tenor we got to write that down
that’s what it is tone and tenor
discounting his behavior his tone his

tactics the things he says about women
has denigrating women and I don’t
tolerate that but this is policies or
what I stand for but you don’t have to
support him you could not vote I mean

that’s it this is the this is the White
Democrat the white woman Democrat who
now says you could just not vote which
is also a way to identify but is the
policies or what I stand for but you

don’t have to support him you could not
vote I mean that’s the thing I could say
there’s a Democrat who does everything
that I agree with but they say
misogynist or racist thing I would not

vote for them and and I just want to
step back for a second and say look we
spent a lot of time talking about
Republican Women look there’s a problem
with white women it doesn’t matter
whether they’re Democrats or Republicans

or not
thing there’s a problem with racism
every everybody every white person
benefits from an inherently racist
system that is structurally racist we

are all we’re all part of the problem so
I’m going to point my finger at you know
just are you white point my finger at
you or an another person but I think we

have to recognize that there are there’s
institutional racism in this country and
I saying I’m just going to support
somebody who you just said says racist
things and does racist things you see

you see other conflate well they’re just
talking they’re just saying that they
have no examples but they’re conflating
support with with voting and then it’s
you know it’s the tone I don’t agree

with this tone we’ll get back to the
Stephanie here for the last 30 seconds
there’s a problem just a point of
clarification so I did not say that
white women voted for Trump because they
were racist what I would I actually said

their historical context and which white
supremacy is quite important to right
women not simply as the mound of
beneficiaries of white supremacy but as
part orchestrators part of the built you

know the builders yes women helped build
white supremacy help help me understand
John what is let’s just get some terms

what is white supremacy as the bully I
just saw yes just off the top of your
head sure belief that what the white

race per se is superior to the other
races so what she’s saying is that even
today women helped build the
I believe I guess that white people are

superior to all other races that’s what
she’s saying but how did how would you
do that
I guess by voting for a white guy yeah
okay in that case yeah I guess the kind

of beneficiaries of white supremacy but
as part orchestrators part of the bill
you know the builders of premise II so
just to clarify that and I agree totally

with what Kristin said this is this is
not about simply conservative white
women this is a phenomenon that is
spread across the country whether in the
south or the north you can see that this

is and it’s not an indictment against
all white women this is about a certain
you know a certain percentage of these
white women who do indeed vote for a man
who is certainly not speaking to their

interests as women or as human beings so
I think what she’s saying is you can’t
vote for someone based on his policies
if if you deem that person to be hateful

towards women
or annoying in general it sounds like
yes so you know your point of course

would you which you made is well what
races and what misogyny and now we go to
the second clip this was a fascinating I
was meet the pronoun no Face the Nation

MSNBC you know that’s not to face the
nation is at CBS
I think so yeah depressive B NBC Face
the Nation Dan they had four or five of

new new freshmen coming into the House
of Representatives including Dan
Crenshaw and he is the Iraq veteran who
had his who was missing an eye has the

eyepatch he was the subject of the
controversy on Saturday Night Live which
I thought actually was kind of solved in
a nice nice man or the next week a nice
to him well of course it’s thanks to him

and I’m liking this guy now so he’s
going to call out this penguin when I
forget who it’s another freshman coming
in says well you know and we’ve heard
this a million times he’s undermining

our democracy the Democrat he’s ripping
apart I’m talking about Trump ripping
apart democratic institutions orange man
bad and so Crenshaw says well could you

just give me some examples and I thought
this whole set although it went way over
everyone’s head I thought this I thought
the segment was outstanding to show you
just how vapid this argument is but you

know my experience thus far and I think
Deb can before we start off if someone
said to you please give me some examples
how Trump is undermining our democracy

would you I mean just thinking from any
kind of dimension what kind of examples
could we come up with well I could I
would say that by assigning a lot of

super conservative judges and every
bench around but is that funder mining
the democracy no I’m sorry yes from my
mistake yes okay so conservative judges

conservative judges is undermining the
democracy yes exactly
what else is undermining the democracy
right rushing through the Supreme Court

justices okay rushing through yeah
undermining that would be undermining
the democracy um belittling and going
through staffers too quickly these going

through too much firing yes too much
fire now it’s fire undermines the
democracy to the firing right right
cozying up to Putin oh yes yes collusion
yeah yeah

losin cozying up yes that’s undermining
our democracy going along with that not
not doing somebody the American Lib did
the non American citizen but the

American resident oh yes
what what we realize here is that none

of these are actual things that
undermine our democracy and undermining
the democracy would be doing something
with the you know the three branches of

government that would really break it
but an actual undermining but you know
maybe they have some examples let’s
listen to this this is a very nice
little conversation but you know my
experience thus far and I think Deb can

touch on this as well as a number the
Progressive Caucus but no I don’t think
that’s the case I think we are all
working together rowing in the same
direction trying to save our democracy
to be frank and so save our democracy
well look I think that right now it’s

important for this majority in the house
to engage its some really critical
oversight of an administration that is
undermining a lot of critical freedoms
for folks in our country undermining a

lot of critical freedoms for folks that
live in our country
that’s what we need to remember and so
when I say save our democracy I mean
precisely that that I think some of our

democratic freedoms and the principles
that we live by have been do you know
should we try to make a list some of our
democratic freedoms that have gone there
being that are in harm’s way
I think there are artani no I think

they’re all pretty much intact including
you know the right to go say stupid
stuff still kind of okay I have been
under attack for the better part of the
last two years congressman elect do you

want to respond to that since the
president has is the leader of your
party yeah why I always ask the question
like like what you know like what is the
undermining exactly you know what what
democratic freedoms have been undermined

we just had an election where we
switched switched power in the house
democracy is at work people are voting
and we’re in record numbers sounds about
right to me I always asked for example
and then we can hit those examples one

by one and if it’s and if it’s worth now
now are you ready just so he’s gonna say
please give me some examples the whole
group including the hosts of the
moderator of this panel is going to jump

in and it’s just like a diarrhea of
words and these are all things that are
undermining our democracy utilizing it’s
worth criticizing but just kind of this

broad brush criticism that the president
is somehow undermining our democracy I
always wonder that what exactly we’re
talking I see a free pass and they can’t
no one’s no one’s actually speaking an

entire sentence I always wonder what
exactly we’re talking about
many press members under investigation

Trump is not last week one of the
largest media publications in the United
States right had to go to a federal
court in order to essentially regain
access or turn one reporter including

CBS did file amicus that’s right and
they as they actually believe that this
court case was a First Amendment court
case which it was not but that’s okay

you know did they really thought Trump
really tried to undermine our democracy
with that support yeah
so I mean obviously it’s much larger
because he was disrupted but well

disruptive in those very same press
conferences and I would argue the heat
press though so how is that undermining
our democracy and here’s an important

one how is that attacking the press
because it’s literally in a towel I’ve
literally been attacked
I think this too bad this kind of just
got glossed over the guy’s been blown up
he was literally blown up by an AED and

they have the gall to say he’s attacking
I feel a talk he says I did I was really
attacked they’re all too chickenshit to
say anything about it it’s very same

press conferences and I would argue the
press though because it’s literally in a
towel I’ve literally been attacked so I
choose our words carefully language is
and it’s okay so why can’t you speak why

why is he not allowed to use his own
language and freedom of speech oh okay
now we get to a very sticky point why
can the president not exercise his First

Amendment right and speak freely well of
course it’s unpresidential because and
you talked about this actually it’s

important that we lead for an example
that we made from our president I agree
with you
I agree with you their style is one
thing if you wanna criticize dial I’m
with you right but to say it’s an attack
on the freedom of the press that is a

very bold statement by calling the press
the enemy of the people literally I
don’t like that one break news of course
undermining us with his rhetoric about

erasing trans people in our country that
he’s erasing trans people LGBTQ
community and I think that’s a

I think it’s worrisome we all have
communities and I mean across this
country and and we mentioned it at the
beginning ripping children away from

their parents arms things that undermine
our democracy worry me that I absolutely
feel that we have to just you know my
CIA and the FBI and the State Department

and all those important institutions
that are fundamental to how our
democracy work what I hear lot of
intelligence agencies are now apparently
fundamental to how our democracy works

well how about histories you started
with the top of the CIA which was
founded in 1947 is fundamental to do yes
FBI that that actively sought out people

who are communists to to shame them and
throw them out of the country lives
through in their lives that’s that’s
important for our democracy it they keep

our democracy working please lady
absolutely feel that we have to be I and
the State Department and all those

important institutions that are
fundamental to how our democracy works
what I hear a lot is you don’t like what
he says and sometimes okay but you don’t
like them but you’re saying undermining
democracy and I and I want to own a

caution us because those are very bold
words if we have policy disagreements
let’s focus on those policy
disagreements not only happy to discuss
those at any point but this is what I’ve
been getting at kind of all week which
is we tend to we tend to go right at the

jugular right we say you’re undermining
democracy or a bad person fundamentally
that’s not always true we have policy
with a lot of these things I think it’s
interesting that we talked about some of

the most divisive issues including
immigration but the thing that set all
of you off was the president we have to
leave the conversation there thank you
so much so this morning Tina you know
she always gives me a rundown of what

she’s seeing on Twitter and she said if
it was been her boy Ben who’s had been
come at because this show on Fox
Ben Dan ben shapiro ben shapiro people

never show on fox he didn’t yeah – oh
he’s gonna be a fox regular shapiro
nobody likes him in Shapiro said that
interestingly Trump Trump’s policies in

many ways are exactly the same as
Obama’s policies but and this is his
words the Shapiro said and I know a lot
of people agree with him that because of

the way Trump says it that’s why
everyone goes apeshit and I say no if
he’d if he did it the same way Obama did
it it would be even worse

press will be up in arms that he’s doing
it secretly all this evil stuff in there
is no – there’s no there’s no way around
this style part of the presentation it
doesn’t make any difference I agree with

you yeah I mean there is just such a
hatred of this guy yes it is they can’t
do anything about anyways that’s the way

it is what can they do
let’s catch up to the Acosta situation

this is the Acosta up that’s funny let’s
get play Acosta update oops
misfired Acosta update this morning CNN
is asking for an emergency hearing this
is after the White House is warned that

they may pull our colleague Jim Acosta
stress paths again you thought this was
all settled last week well on Friday the
network won a temporary restraining
order forcing the White House to restore
Acosta’s potentials for 14 days but just

after that White House officials sent
Acosta a letter saying they may suspend
his pass once that order expires you
know choose media correspondent brian
Stelter is with us so TR OS temporary

restraining orders by nature they last
for two weeks 14 days okay that’s all
the time you have right CNN wants hear
the judge to move to a more lasting

decision but a separate injunction yes
CNN was victorious in round one I said
on Friday we don’t know how many rounds
there’s going to be looks like there’s
going to be many rounds in this legal
battle do you notice that no one seems

to be giving any details the battle is
self because now almost as soon as that
temporary restraining order was put into
effect on Friday bill shine and Sarah
Sanders two of the defendants in the
lawsuit sent a letter to Acosta two-page

letter that I have here that essentially
lays the groundwork to take the press
pass and revoke it again which would
essentially be at the end of the month
you know for the 11 days from today yeah
yeah I really this is such a they’re

such liars this is such a disservice to
the viewership to people who are
interested in what’s going on and you
have to go you actually have to get
through the Wall Street Journal hey wall

to be able to read actually what’s going
on yeah unless you know where to find a
you know docket and actual paperwork
well if you go to private browser
sometimes you have a brave actually is

quite good for this but I’m just saying
that no one seems to want to talk about
you know what the the restraining order
was about it was it was not a First
Amendment discussion you know they’re
not even in that lovely great detail I

know I just want to make sure people
hear it again I want to make sure people
hear it again this was not a First
Amendment Cait Court okay a court
not yet at least but there’s a solution
there is a solution

to this because this is this is unless
you have another clip than I’d like to
play a you I thought you’d I thought you
had I do some do read the by do thing in

front of your something I got no I have
a clip I have a solution clip the
solution to the issue of the White House
press events carl bernstein very famous
man he wrote he no he didn’t write it he

the washington the the great uncovering
of watergate along with yeah well that’s
been yeah man woodward yeah Carl

Bernstein who by that I put in the show
notes again who know has has published
on his own blog which still exists today
how many people of the press were
working for CIA including himself but
here’s his idea it’s it’s a fix it will

save democracy we need to start thinking
of a different way to cover his press
conferences and briefings for instance I
don’t think we should be taking them
live all the time and just pasting them

up on the air because they’re basically
propagandist exercises because they are
overwhelmed by his dishonesty and lying
so how could we cover them differently

maybe we should be there edit decide as
reporters what is news and after the
press conference or briefing is over

then go with that story with clips
rather than treating the briefing or
press conference as a campaign event I
think this is a grand idea let’s know
what we do let’s couple no let’s let’s

combat propaganda with actual propaganda
of editing clips down and presenting it
in a certain light yeah you would love
that but he’s gonna take it even further

because you know we can still keep
democracy alive through this thing
called them Oh what is it a website
which they really are in which we did in
the campaign as well we gave them all

this free airtime on cable news
especially we need to start treating it
like a news event and look in cable we
have websites you can put up to the
total press conference on our websites

that everybody has the chance to see it
or their briefing and we ought as long
as we can provide the spin doing it’s a
matter of record and we can be the place
of record so everybody can see every

word if they want it but we need to
start editing yes here’s the story not
just give him a microphone when we know
that his methodology is to engage and

manipulate us on the basis of lying
propaganda and a drip rock there it is
ladies and gentlemen what was his last
word propaganda I thought no we need to
search his ruffled ing properties to

engage and manipulate us on the basis of
lying propaganda and a drupe
rock-and-roll bathrobe prop tells and
throw props I thought it was had you had

your prop that’s what I thought he said
agitprop at first but then I hear it
again it is something I never heard
never heard this word anthro pop I don’t
know what he’s saying I have no idea hmm

so he should put his words on a website
so we can understand what he’s talking
about but but for this is the guy that
many of today’s journalists will say oh
I got in I want to become a journalist

because I want to be like Woodward and
Bernstein and here he is advocating for
editing out any context and just here’s
the story and we’ll play you a clip and
it wishes I remember growing up we were

moving towards something very dangerous
it was called the news bite the sound
bite I’m sorry the sound bite news
reporting sound bite news reporting and

everyone recognized that is universally
bad and this must have been 15 20 years
ago maybe even a little longer the
longer and you know this is what it is
the the problem is the Internet has

actually given us the opposite of that
we can go to a website called gee c-span
and you can get the whole
everything in its entirety in context

and he doesn’t like that
no he’s but he’s he not the bastion of
journalism let me not see the same thing
about him he wasn’t even in the news as

a high profile character recently I mean
wasn’t you know when in the sixties and
seventies but then he he guy he kept
seeing Woodward coming up with these

thick books he was getting screwed on
the whole deal and he wasn’t getting
this action and so he chimed in as worse
he’s like a left-wing fanatic and it’s

it’s fascinating to watch him go on and
on about one thing or another cuz all
very slanted
I just found this to be very disturbing
that that he would suggest that we have

to chop it up and just play clips and
pretty much I mean we know what that
means I mean would he say he’s saying
you have to be it has to be uniike aunt
give him a microphone because I guess

the people can’t parse what he’s saying
themselves I mean that’s what he’s
yeah you’re too stupid to stoop you’re
thinking wrong fort fort anarchic oh yes
yes yeah we’re dictated for

dictatorships yeah
he’s advocating for that yeah okay well
it’s insane
coming from him well he’s been kind of
all he’s been kind of unhinged for quite

a while it seems to me they better go so
in a brine seltzer water sitting right
there oh yeah that’s a great idea we
should do that yeah they’re all the same
boat so we we can’t let people decide

for themselves now this is why they want
two things yeah everybody oh yeah that
galls me a great president if it wasn’t
for Twitter yeah it wouldn’t be
president if it wasn’t for Twitter

that’s the point here I got the heyo she
is this her latest yes a civics lesson
we need a jingle we need a jingle civics

with aoc yeah to make sure that we take
back all three chambers is that is that
should we and if we work our butts off
to make sure that we take back all three

chambers of Congress rather than all
three chambers of government the
presidency the Senate and the House in
2020 we can’t start working in 2020 okay
first of all there’s something wrong

with your clips cuz I don’t know what’s
happening with the beginning but it’s
like that was a mistake
yeah that’s happened a lot lately no it
happened I’ll tell you what it is if you
want to know yes when you start app I’m
pulling clips from the from the internet

as opposed to author the over quarter
that used to do it because it’s more
efficient and it’s not every clip but
everyone’s on that clip which should

have been cut the beginning part that
you’re bitching about should have been
cut out by me when I did the Edit on the
final clip and you wouldn’t have said
anything there’s some stupid reason I
exploited the entire audio file instead

of just to select it so that was my
fault yeah but it okay Ron I thought
your toy I know what you’re talking
about when you’re talking about because
I have left it in on a number of Clips

you guys I said yeah okay I hear it all
the time do you hear it
well let’s just play a clip and see if
it’s on there

all right no no let’s not let’s let’s
deconstruct what she just said so people
she says all let’s just let’s just take
it step by step
I want our non Americans and many
Americans themselves to understand why

this is so ridiculous coming from
someone who is in the House of
Representatives make sure that we take
back all three chambers is that is that
should we and if we work our butts off

to make sure that we take back all three
chambers of Congress okay so she starts
out by saying all three chambers of
Congress you can say Congress not the
Congress but you say Congress which is

made up of the House of Representatives
and the Senate I do not believe there’s
a third chamber of Congress
there’s yes there is there is a bathroom
commerce is down there in the basement

so now she corrects herself and she
correctly says I mean it’s really the
three branches of government but she
tries to she tries to make it right by
saying the three chambers of government
I’ll give her that

and the three I’ve always learned
branches of government which is the
judicial the legislative which is where
she is and the executive those are the

three this is something we learn when
were seven years seven eight years old
here we go you learn it real early or
just used to there were you used to I
don’t think it’s being taught she

doesn’t ever learned it Chris all three
chambers of government the presidency
the Senate and the house in 2020 she
just kind of forgot she made the Senate
and the House of Representatives

two of the branches and just left out
the one she should be bitching out the
boast which is judicial
yes and she leaves this stuff up too
which i think is brave but this is going

to be a long as tell us he’s not gonna
that let this continue I’m Shelley
they’re gonna have a talk to her or
something she’s gonna you know tell her

to stop this young lady has a
presidential future is what I’m gonna
tell you right now this person lives
have fun for the no agenda show know
this kind of person has an absolute
chance to become president

not because of this what she said just
the whole everything everything about
her people love her love her and when is
so easy to ridicule she has zero chance

of getting any further than she’s gotten
okay she is a laughing stock beef that’s
what they said about Donald Trump yes
they did so all you need is the media

which who are not covering her so that’s
you know once that happens she has a
real good shot she has a real remember
people say well like this davin Eddie
wants to run for president or now who’s

the latest guy this Bloomberg he’s gonna
run for president Bloomberg he has
bloomed Bloomberg yeah and he is you
know the difference between two
celebrity against a celebrity running

for president if you take a look who how
many celebrities have been present we
have Reagan mm-hmm we’ve had Eisenhower
he was a celebrity oh yeah of course he
was he was a celebrity yeah I think yeah
you have Trump all these guys had a an

enormous amount of public profile yeah
before they ever became president mhm
in fact Reagan had as much before he

became governor of California which he
is had be out I think out shown Trump by
quite a bit because he was doing you
know the 60 mule train thing he was

doing these speeches he had a TV show he
was in the movies for years and years
and years and then he became he was a
head of the Screen Actors Guild is a
former doubt yeah that’s right that’s

right he’s former Democrat and
by today’s standards which is very
different today’s media landscape is not
the same I would say AOC Alexandria

Ocasio Cortez is a big-time celebrity
for Democrats big-time big-time Jen
briny did you who has a level head on

her shoulders whoo-hoo dice who if she
heard these words come out of anyone
else’s mouth including a Democrat she
would ridicule them because she does

congressional dish well how government
works she knows her civics she goes on
Twitter and says I love the
girl Wow love this girl so that’s the
past you know it’s it does not matter

what comes out of the mouth as long as
it sounds good that’s it’s just
well that’s murder what you’re saying is
ridiculous it’s sadly now back to the
celebrity thing Trump had this you know

this TV show that was a big head and he
was known forever I mean he’s been
always on Letterman he made a lot of TV
appearances bragging about himself
mostly but he was doing a lot of work

Bloomberg you know does not have this
profile he does in New York he has zero
problems now he has no problem Berg news
service now but when you see him know
he’s an annoying guy he’s boring

glib and he’s apparently very short well
not to say anything bad about people
that short this apparently Bloomberg’s

like 5 1 or something like that oh my
petite now but your point yeah I think
your point is is well-made but in
today’s world you don’t have to be a

celebrity for very long you can’t stay a
celebrity for very long if you’re an AOC
because if you wears thin you’re
basically an idiot
she is not a bright girl she has got big

eyes and a nice smile and she’s
photogenic telegenic and she’s excitable
so she’s kind of you know attractive to
to the camera and people will follow her

just like they follow other people on
Instagram they will follow her and that
will love her for it and they will vote
for her when PewDiePie runs for
president then you’re talking
alright look we don’t have to agree I

think she is a definite candidate for
presidency in our lifetime she is a
celebrity and she is a modern-day
celebrity and as long as she has an

Instagram account will remain a
celebrity and people will love her for
it it’s the it’s the political version
of the Kardashians
it works

just that’s just my opinion yeah I don’t
think it’s compiling thing is comparable
to previous job because she went door to
pretty much door to door condemning the
other guy was never even in the

neighborhood and it didn’t get take long
for her to win that’s not gonna work
yeah look I see the grand bull crap see
the thing is I respect what you’re
saying you just can’t say okay maybe
you’re right you say you know I can’t

because you’re not right million times
don’t give me that you’ve heard me say
well yeah you could be right as soon as
you make a good point
no when you’re not is when it’s not even

not gonna give you the benefit of the
idiot I will just remind you I’ll go
back and I’ll get the tape because we

have actual reel-to-reel tape of this
show and I will I will play you the
segment where I said Donald Trump is
going to become president and you save
dull cake you find that I’ll be stunned
you got it moving on I would like to

thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you John see you and the
C stands for can’t be president Dvorak
nope and me huh they sing in the morning

I did I said thank you and I did all the
whole thing you didn’t hear me no this
is where you say in the morning in the
morning in the morning in the morning at

a curry also in the morning all ships
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all the Dames nights out there best
thing in the morning to the troll room
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meal because of you in the morning to
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deutschland course hummus well we say
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I want to thank Darren for his artwork
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ESP ICT at the end and I do want to say
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Nazis Donald loves Nazis
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Wow love that one of the better ones we
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adamant update on the outcome of the
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a long this is where I’ll send you a
copy of this yes does he have a
conclusion I’m interested in a bullcrap
so really it’s just a rebrand just a

rebrand well he says that the Derry
thing is not a big win for either side
grace I think I remember the oniy deal
yes and he good with it is a long

explanation you can I’ll send to you you
can read it joy you soak it into our our
general knowledge base okay and if
there’s anything in there I think we

should talk about I’ll bring a report
one final note another Canadian
politician to watch would be our
Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia
Freeland she was our chief negotiator
throughout the new NAFTA talks a Rhodes
Scholar I might add that means she’s a

globalist she’s one to watch as she
plots her course within the Liberal
if Trudeau and the Liberals go down in
flames in 2019 we can expect her to come
through unscathed a definite frontrunner

in the next leadership race hmm feel
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Hey whoa whoa whoa I was gonna say sorry

sorry sorry take that turkey knowledge
and propagate him Allah is this we go
out for your people in the mouth

orange man bad

Joe read that piece I sent you I think
it’s from 1983 New York Times are to go
talking about the CIA and how they
recruit out of college and where they

recruit and has all the colleges listed
hmm was it recent no yeah it was recent
was in the last few days less well not
yesterday but mm-hmm
anyway they have all these colleges

listed no I would have remembered I
haven’t seen it yet no yeah well go find
it and read it because it’s really good
for our spot to spook I think the name
of the oh yes no I did see it come in
but I we didn’t tell everybody that I

spent almost two hours this morning just
trying to get Skype started on my
machine so and then it started by it
it’s that was the scariest part yeah

this is welcome to Windows you should
tell that story because not the whole
story but just a face of short stories
that okay I’ve had it I’ve had it you
threw your arms up in the air and you

said I’m gonna have to use the Amsterdam
a rig which is just a smaller version of
what he’s got and then as he started
hooking up the other machine got jealous
wait you’re not gonna make that little

HP laptop compete with me mr. big Dell
desktop no there but it’s a it’s a cuz
I’m not the only one with this problem
Skype has for some reason people have an

issue where you start it and it crashes
now I’ve had issues with Skype before I
left we’re just it crashed remember
during the show and then it I couldn’t
get it some battlin and then the mobile

rig exhibited the same behavior in
Amsterdam I was able to circumvent it by
disconnecting all USB audio devices then
starting it up then setting the devices

and this morning I only started this
computer been off all week
there was no update applied that that at
least didn’t tell me any update was
applied just started up normal and Skype

would not start and I spent you know I
was like updating video drivers could it
be this could it be that and then I
called you and I I mean listen when I
call John and say I need Windows help

you know it’s
bad it’s bad it’s really bad and so the
ultimate advice was a was just to run
the mobile Rick yeah and the man
absolutely as I was turning on the

mobile rig plugging everything in to
that all of a sudden Skype came back
though well I knew this was gonna happen
because you were cussing out the Machine
and these machines never sensitive

they’re very sensitive you have to be
nice to them I guess you’re right it’s
like a car sensitive very sensitive
I bought a lemon you know they sell to
somebody else things fine it’s not limit
at all so lemon for you since we talked

about Bloomberg I do want to and since
that they mentioned that one of the
schools that was mentioned in that
article along with Georgetown and all
these major you got to read this article
it’s very funny but there’s one of the

school’s mentioned is Johns Hopkins as a
place where a lot of recruiting is done
mmm-hmm and so I read what got me into
this note that finding that article was
this was this piece here was Bloomberg

giving all this money to Johns Hopkins
for some reason he yesterday did
something extraordinary he gave 1.8
billion dollars to his alma mater Johns
Hopkins and he said that he did it for a

scholarship funds for financial aid for
people of low or middle income who he
doesn’t want them to be saddled with
student loans after college as so many
people are and this means that they will

sort of forever be able to give
financial aid for a long long time to
their students so that’s a wonderful
altruistic move is he running for
president in 2020 or what I think he is

running I think this particular
particular gift follows a pattern he has
given hundreds of millions of dollars
you can’t go on that campus and look in
any direction and not see a building

that you know it’s the Bloomberg Center
for this the woman which is all which is
all great I think this one’s a little
bit different because it goes to the
idea that education should be available
to everyone I think the really

interesting thing about Bloomberg though
is not education it’s his big issue is
climate change and there hasn’t been a
politician that they’ve been able to
turn climate change into a successful
political victory

I mean Al Gore came close and a lot of
what he did came after the election but
I think that
what you’re gonna see him move forward
on cuz that’s what he believes oh well

he’ll never never win with that
that’s dumb yeah that’s what he’s doing
you know there was the evening before I
left there was a big talk show in the
Netherlands that nightly talk show on

the public broadcaster and I told you
these politicians in the EU are all just
getting jiggy with it because of the
IPCC report and this main the the
minister of infrastructure in the

Netherlands she has I don’t know if
they’ve actually passed this yet but
she’s saying we need six hundred million
euros to save us from dying from climate
change I’m paraphrasing but it’s not far

off and so she’s in this talk show and
people like oh yes and we have to do all
this for oh because you know yeah you
never know what’s happening that’s
either too much water not enough water
we have to sit would not get our

children were gonna die and there’s this
older guy sitting across the table and
he just rips in joy says there’s a
hospital that went bankrupt and people
you know we’re wheeled out you know on

the streets to find other hospitals and
you want to give 600 million to this
bullcrap it was so beautiful to watch
and you’ve got because people are going
Walsh it that guy’s kind of right you
know it’s like all you’re complaining

about we know the future and this
climate change but we got people
actually with IVs you know strapped to
their Gurney’s on the streets trying to
figure out which hospital to be wheeled
to they’re loving it but I don’t think

the public will eat it I don’t think
Bloomberg can get far with it either
it’s just not a winning strategy
it’s just that hasn’t worked out a thing
for anybody you know well we’ll see how

it goes he’s not gonna get past the
debates cuz he’s just not he’s kidding
I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guys
smile yes dower he’s gonna have to stand
on at least two Apple boxes oh yeah you

know you really don’t like him being
that short hmm no I don’t care about it
being there so this was a running gag
that Letterman used to use oh I didn’t

realize this
oh yeah the Letterman used to go on and
on about how short he wasn’t he would
then he put his arm out you know like
how tall he wasn’t any lower it lower it
lower it oh just keep doing this he keep

writing a Bloomberg height yeah of
course you won’t do now I think
Letterman really got out of of the TV
business the the evening talk show
business right on time because the

political politically uncorrect nature
of him I think would have heard him
yeah probably I don’t think he was Renee
love them yo so of course it is but I

just don’t know if I don’t I don’t think
he would have been able to do the same
hell it’s all right yeah it’s all it I’m
happy to report it’s the same in in the
Netherlands it’s the same in the United

Kingdom it’s all so it’s just you know
it’s a little different but it’s all
your racist you hate women you hate Jews
you hate you know whatever it is
everyone’s yelling everyone’s just

yelling at each other were at the end of
civilization with the end I’m telling
you the same things acting was going on
in the 20s of course it’s just you know
but this is not we have Twitter’s it’s

different it’s never different now it’s
different this is where we fundamentally
disagree on things yeah big time yeah we
do now this is something that we

probably agree on here’s Mike Lee and I
got it turned on to this speech he’s
give a speech at he’s the wasn’t Mike
Utah oh okay all right yes I got turned
on to the speeches give a speech to the

Federalist Society was people are
telling us win who was Mike Lee Mike Lee
you know him no but I’m asking for the
other people who happen to be
eavesdropping on the conversation he’s
the senator from Utah

ah and he’s a rat he’s a very
conservative he was a never Trump er I
believe the guy who wanted to RIS is the
ex-cia was that a different guy
no no that’s the guy who tried to run it

for Jimmy right yeah yeah okay and he
was running you’d been running against
Romney because Mike Lee is not in this
cycle okay so they said Mike Lee
predicts a civil war because of a bunch

of things and I looked at and he didn’t
you know this was some hysterical
headline and so I went and listened to
the whole speech and it was bull crap
the headline was a lie but I got this

one clip out of here that I thought was
pretty good all right Mike sorry this is
Mike Lee talking about the economy our
economy is at full employment and it’s
growing fast enough to distract us at

least temporarily from our 21 trillion
dollar national debt and our 800 billion
dollar annual deficit perhaps it
shouldn’t be enough but for the time
being it is but my big concern is what

happens when the next bubble bursts
when the next recession hits when the
multitrillion-dollar debts accrued by
state local pension funds come due what
happens when next we face a genuine

international crisis what happens when
Treasury yield rates return to their
historic average and we see our national
debt service payments go from where they
are today which is about 300 billion

dollars a year which is not that much
higher than they were 20 years ago
when our national debt was what 1/7 of
its current size to where they’ll go
within a couple of years after Treasury
yield rates return to their historical

average which will be around a trillion
dollars a year
yeah we’re just waiting for the catalyst
aren’t we I mean I’m pretty convinced
that it’s gonna happen very soon
yeah we’re waiting for the catalyst and

it’s always gonna be in this never the
same so you can’t look you use history
doesn’t work with the market and you
don’t and this always crashes slightly
different ways you might miss well death

is what right Horowitz and I kind of
thing well cold on fundamentally the
things that are really weird right now
is we have oil going down rapidly but

natural gas spiking up which is is weird
but it is weird but the natural gas has
been in a depression probably for about

a decade so it’s going up under any
service has got to be miss is all
manipulated I mean the the price of oil
definitely manipulated but then who’s
manipulating the natural gas I mean is
that look here’s bottom line I think

Trump is out of his depth I don’t think
he can bring this economy I don’t think
he’s got the momentum anymore that he
had it was really running on pure
adrenaline I mean just fundamentally I
know I can’t I can’t see it I really

can’t believe that it’s sustainable you
no of course nobody and I was said said
that five years ago and agree still
going well yeah but I’m not like the guy
I’m reminded of these guys there’s a

bunch of locals or a lot of them were
writers and it became other things since
you know public relations guys but the
when there was the the boom not the

dot-com boom but the real estate boom
from probably 85 to like nine 2007 when
it collapsed there were guys brought in

way early going off this real estate
prices are too high it’s gonna pop the
bubbles gonna pop and puns gonna pop
it’s gonna pop and then they during that
oh that almost a decade of saying the

bubble is gonna pop if any one of them
would have bought any piece of property
they’d be millionaires but they kept
saying it’s gonna pop is gonna pop it

yeah everything pops eventually and it
did pop and now it’s recovered but
actually beyond where it was at least in
the some parts of the country which were
a lot of boom areas and you know I don’t
know what’s gonna pop again or not but

you can’t necessarily stay out yeah but
so but you’re looking purely a real
estate I think it might be
multiplication at the market I’m good at
the market more in real estate I’m just

saying reasons just exemplifying sure
this mentality where you just gonna pop
what’s gonna pop it’s gonna pop and
meanwhile it’s going up and up and up
and you could have made some money if
you’ve just been in and got out if you
were nimble which important
unfortunately people I take did lot of

this back what I just said because
unless you’re with real estate it’s not
so much of a problem cuz it doesn’t move
that much but with the stock market
unless you’re in it daily
you know you’re a day trader something

you can’t get out fast enough you wake
up you go to work you come home in the
markets crash so that’s just a small
percentage of the population I mean yes
of course you can make money speculating

on stuff but the the previous the
economic collapse you know that was it
was just such a perfect storm you know
people could not pay their mortgages and
that just dominoed all the way through
until we just had to create all this you

know fake money and give it to the bank
so that they could be good again we put
all the bad stuff somewhere else who
just did that some other country just
did that

I think it’s Greece yeah Greece just
created a new special purpose vehicle
which has all the harm want hallmarks of
a junker you know it’s got no wheels
doesn’t go anywhere and they just it’s
it’s an accounting trick just I just put

the bad stuff in there and didn’t we do
the exact same thing
kinda yeah so it would have to be
something like that now if it’s slowed
by a thousand cuts like DHT unplug says

I think that’s one hand it’s not being
able to pay student loans that’s pretty
where’s what 1.5 trillion that’s pretty
big but that’s the slow process of
people not paying back it’s not really

like you know you you run out of money
and you go bankrupt now you’re in school
you’re still just you get them you still
get your your loaned not paying back
your loan while you’re getting it I

understand but I’m saying the people who
are supposed to pay it back or hook or
crook are paying it back
since you can’t get out of it so yeah so
where is Jim you know I think health

care has got to be the one that’s that’s
what’s bankrupting people well I mean I
think doesn’t I don’t think it well

maybe it could be it’s bankrupting me
well it’s possible but it seems to be
yummy if you remember the 2007 and a
half this isn’t boring people the 2007

18 remember that letters of credit
weren’t being accepted yes yes holes
it’s foreboding before that crash yeah
there wasn’t there were more signals I
agree and there’s not anything like that

going on which but then again before the
29 crash I’ve looked at it enough I
think I might be wrong
there wasn’t anything or just crash it
happened and then every it bounced right

back but it didn’t do it then it just
drifted to the bottom but when it
happened there was all these remember I
got the front pages of all these papers

Giannini and a head of the Bank of
America this is just bullcrap there’s no
reason this is ridiculous that this
happened there where is sound financial
condition every banker in the world kept
saying this and it was on the front page
of all the papers don’t worry about it

we’re in sound financial condition
everything’s fine
well I already know what what the what
the history books will look like when we
look back on the huge crash of let’s

just say 2020 just to make it and to
make it a fun number we look back at the
historic crash and the deepest
depression of all depressions ever
you’ll see hipsters you know with ratted

tattered clothing dragging a half-dead
dog behind him and then they’ll just be
nothing but piles of East Cooter’s and
other dhoklas bikes everywhere that no

one can afford to use and they in the
companies all went bankrupt and can’t
afford to pick them up exactly that’s
what it’s going to look like
it’ll be the best of times in the worst

of times hey but at least we can get
somewhere cheap on a scooter if the
scooter still work yes
didn’t find that boring actually I’d I
enjoy thinking about those things well I
know I don’t enjoy what it could be but

thinking through it well luckily they’re
talking about people trying to copy
their how we do business places Canadian
this from the CBC pair like Canada is
going to into the whole because of us
but it wasn’t all about economics

tonight we’ll look at the politics
involved the brakes to help some media
companies and we’ll ask the finance
minister well it’s all going to cost so
much because one thing is certain Canada
will be going deeper in the red for

years to come the following canonic
state will be focused on things like
competitiveness and the focus on drying
the benefit from the great trade deals

we’ve been signing and moving forward on
over the past years to do this the
Liberals have come up with more than 16
billion dollars in new investments and
tax breaks for businesses but that will

mean continued deficits remember that
promise to balance things by next year
well there is no balanced budget for the
foreseeable future all of this is
essentially a response to an unpredicted

unpredictable rather US administration
one with protectionist impulses low
corporate taxes and very deep pockets as
David Cochran explains it’s clear the
Trudeau government has a lot riding on

the outcome like everything these days
bill Moore knows fiscal update is a
response to President Donald Trump one
series of measures to respond to us tax

cuts to encourage businesses to invest
in their own growth to create more good
well-paying jobs others to steer Canada
away from its dependence on the US
market just because we share a trade

agreement with the United States doesn’t
mean we’ll always agree with their
approach those are the goals here’s how
the Liberals want to get there to stay
competitive with the US there are
billions in tax cuts for businesses to

help them expand and buy equipment over
the next five years a 100 percent
write-off for manufacturing and
processing equipment a 100 percent
write-off for clean tech investment

tripling the write-off for all other
business investments there’s also more
than a billion dollars to diversify
including cash to boost roads rails and

ports to get goods to Asia and Europe
but the Conservatives warned this all
comes with a big cost they are putting
our future in a reckless state of danger

by spending our tomorrow on there today
hmm our tomorrow now the funny thing

about this is the little thing they
slipped in which I thought was unique I
didn’t realize how subsidized the media
is in Canada oh yeah

and the CBC I guess gets over it almost
a billion and a half dollars a year
which is a nice operating budget you
know the BBC is multiple billions
multiple billions but do parently gonna

go overboard and give almost a billion
to just just any old media company play
giving money to the media hey can we get
in on this I was covering the podcast to

Canada in an age when journalists around
the world are being accused of producing
fake news the Trudeau government has
decided to invest in local news nearly
600 million dollars over the next five

years to support media outlets
struggling with dwindling revenues it
includes a 15 percent tax credit to
encourage Canadians to subscribe to
digital news media and giving charitable

status to nonprofit news outlets to help
them fundraise but perhaps the most
important measure a new tax credit to
help cover the labor cost of producing
original news content locally Wow you

know the rebel you know them yeah the
rebel media this is a link from the
troll room but I open it up Justin
Trudeau is buying Canadian media they

a key quest a key question that
renewables not getting any of the money
no a key well they say we’re not for
sale now that’s the debts their stance

so you’re not getting any of the money
well they’re saying they don’t want it a
key question that remains unanswered for
now is which organizations will be
eligible for the new measures and which

ones will be excluded I think you’re
right the government said the package
will aim to help quote trusted news
organizations yes let me translate that
into plain English there’s an election

next year and if you’re a journalist who
wants in on Trudeau’s slush fund he has
to know he can trust you so no tough
questions for two doors cabinet no
embarrassing investigations

you must demonize any Trudeau critics as
bigoted homophobic or Islamophobic and
you have to promote Trudeau’s policies
on everything from the carbon tax to
open border mass immigration so here

would be a fun test it wouldn’t be too
hard for us to do just a little podcast
a weekly one where we pretty much do the
same stuff except we add a and then we

just and then we just do this we just
need two more oh yeah we just say hey to
those great a and then we’ll say stuff
like man I can’t believe anyone wants to

investigate them you can trust the guy a
we just do that and then maybe we will
get some money I think this is a plan
however on the other side what’s
interesting if this would ever come our

way and we’ve and people never really
catch these explanations we do them all
the time why we are not a 501 C 3
nonprofit organization there’s a number
of reasons for it yeah one which you

recently explained on the grime Erica
show which people should go listen to is
one of the most recent episodes but also
three one three if we signed up for that
we have to have a charter and we have to

stick to it and basically the government
would have some elements of control over
us correct yeah absolutely so
you don’t want there’s a lot more

paperwork and you got the IRS on your
back and there well yes I mean that’s
what I’m saying so they can say well we
don’t think you’re really doing the
you’re not really you know independent
or whatever you they could just say oh

you seem too one-sided so sorry that
can’t have that yet Trump apologist
can’t have no money for that no but I
did I read decry America got D
platformed from PayPal no I didn’t hear

that I think there was why would they
ever do that would I think they’re
pretty I love it I think I think I think
that I think it happened hold on a

second I don’t think so okay well you
don’t think you know have my opinions in
very high regard a let’s see
they were suspended yes they were for

what okay
I had they took after it come here it is
they posted a screenshot you can no
longer do business with PayPal after a
review we decided to permanently limit

your account as we found potential risk
associated with it risk or we we will
hold put a hold I guess they had a 180
day hold on the money to jeez yeah I’ve
heard that

and now I don’t know if they’re back or
well maybe they are back now that
definitely was some problem
now I could have been who knows what but
you know this is part of what I think is

very well it’s interesting interesting
times to live in when you have a lot of
services and a lot of fundamental things
that you that we come to rely on are
technology-based so the most recent one

is air B&B actually have a clip let me
just share that so we can listen to it
Airbnb is going to remove from its
listings all homes in Israeli

settlements in the occupied West Bank
the company says it’s made the decision
because settlements are at the core of
the dispute between Israelis and
Palestinians Palestinians have welcomed
the decision

Israel has called it shameful and
threatened legal action now whether you
agree with it or not is completely
irrelevant if you have a house that you
kind of count on the income for you know

from air B&B and you they just
universally decide we’re deep
platforming you because you you’re the
wrong person you live in the wrong place
or whatever their reason is which is
well within their complete right to do

that yeah are we ready to do that yes so
you got to be careful how much you rely
on this stuff well this is the same
thing this is a fractal mm-hmm of
microservices architecture yeah except

this is the consumer side the consumer
size is just a de facto goes out yes out
yeah no it’s not you know it’s it’s just
a big version of the small problem yeah
and it’s just it’s just a huge problem

and you can mean this i think alex jones
by being did the jerk that he is and
this in this regard yeah he wanted i’m
totally convinced that he pushed the
envelope just to get the place to show

what the problem was yes i agree i think
he did too yeah because he actually
he was he called me and said don’t come
on the show anymore

I tell you that yeah yeah was this is a
long time ago not a long time when I
would the last time I cancelled yeah I
said as I don’t want to go on the show I

don’t want you coming on the show
because they’re gonna go after your
money that’s what he literally said
really yeah yeah
he said don’t know it’s probably nice of

him to keep you from coming on the show
of course it was the only show once or
twice right yeah but he wanted me to
come on the show I think I can’t
remember what it was for with the last
substitution when he was oh yes you’re
right you’re right the substitute you

remember better than I do
yes and I was like well and I said you
really shouldn’t come on the show
because I was talking to his producer
and then he calls me said no no they’re
gonna go after you dude don’t do it it’s
not what you don’t want it and I think
he yes I think he’s yeah he probably

does do that on purpose for him for
making a point and you gotta appreciate
that I do I mean it doesn’t help him or
anybody else but yeah I mean these

payment systems
now we’re gonna see this it’s it’s an
issue Bitcoin baby I hate to say hey
how’s that Bitcoin doing holy crap

people must be jumping out of windows
about now well I feel sorry for the
people last Thanksgiving that word know
was going up too it was probably 15,000
Thanksgiving last year wasn’t it it was

I was on the year that according I think
was Horowitz you had this anecdote about
all these youngins you know that Bitcoin
net balls going into their Thanksgiving
dinner but they’re both coin get them

all get them all jacked up all the old
horse jacked up about Bitcoin and then
they distinct givings gonna be a little
different you broke me son I took your
advice and now I’m broke being your mom

or living in the shelter
so what is it now it is now 45 25 it was
around 6 – the last time I me I was
around 65 two weeks ago here’s my

favorite response
let me see was it really buddy I think
you’re right it was yeah it was near
Christmas time you’re right that’s when
I went up to 18,000 most 20,000 here’s

the response I like the best hey one
bitcoin is still worth one Bitcoin it’s
my favorite it’s my favorite response
because it’s true if you use it purely

as a transmission mechanism and you’re
in and out yeah it’s fantastic so much
more efficient than banking well I know
but the efficiency part it’s just very

efficient you’re gonna argue that then
you can send money within 20 minutes to
someone guaranteed through Bitcoin
versus three days rigmarole with banks
but money is pretty efficient and not

internationally doesn’t work
internationally hmm could be no it is so
I know because I have a daughter and we
transfer money usually the wrong way

it’s usually the wrong way from me to
her that’s usually the bad the bad
transfer oh yes miss you’re financing
terrorism yeah it’s it’s so yes it’s a
very efficient payment network

we’re not for buying stuff but for just
transferring money I think it’s
apparently in Canada they also have a
problem with depression

not the depression which is what we’re
talking about we’re switching back to
depression mm-hmm so the Canadians I get
a kick out of this I’m not gonna do this
Canadian thing forever

but I got kind of a kick out of some of
these stories I want you to play these
clips about depression and play there
this one just another word for lobotomy
close to a million Canadians live with

depression that actually resists
treatment shock therapy has long been
considered an effective approach but it
can come obviously with serious side
effects so doctors are exploring less

invasive treatments that go straight to
the source of the problem Cass brucy
explains it’s hard to beat some quality
time with your son you can throw it a
little bit harder at me for sky says

love it’s a welcome break look at your
target for the past several years she
struggled with debilitating depression I
don’t even know how to explain it
because it’s not angering it’s it’s

frustrating SAS love has what’s known as
treatment resistant depression sorry
interference has made you the president

disorder which has been chronic going on
for over seven years and she has either
failed to respond or fail to tolerate a
number of antidepressant treatments so
earlier this year SAS law tried

something different
agreeing to be part of a study at
Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto that uses
a non-invasive approach to treating this
kind of depression with her head shaved

and fitted with a metallic headgear SAS
love was placed in an MRI
once inside doctors then used ultrasound
beams to heat and disrupt the precise

part of the brain that causes depression
lack of it as an adjustment to the
circuits of the brain and so the MRI
guided focus ultrasound goes directly to

that circuit it makes a cut or a lesion
in that circuit and stops it to firing
when it shouldn’t be firing holy crap is
that permanent ah oh my god clip of the

day a lobotomy an actual CyberKnife
modern lobotomy yes well let’s go to the

next Wow
this is another one this is another
another word for electroshock therapy
other ways to treat the illness what you
just heard was a very high frequency

magnetic pulse one of those is a brain
stimulation treatment but uses magnets
instead of electricity magnetic seizure
therapy was really evolved out of this

idea that producing a seizure for
therapeutic purposes is very effective
in depression
yeah just treating myself

bottome they said it’s non-invasive
non-invasive thus it’s good because it
just penetrated through your skull with

was it infrared laser what the hell is
your sonic sonic yeah oh that’s
non-invasive oh I guess technically what
is the definition of in-phase it doesn’t

leave a hole I guess just a burglars
leave a hole you know you’re trapped now
this is to me is the classic example of
calling one thing something else to make
it sound great now I want to just throw

this in but you I was looking into the
history of vasectomies not recently but

some time ago when I was doing my
vasectomy material and if you look into
the history of vasectomies vasectomies
work were called the were used as a
substitute for uh for uh what is

happening you cut the balls off it’s
called a eunuch no you cut the balls off
as a name for that yeah castrate
castration so apparently in the 20s or I

think during our era where we’re all in
the dull these eugenics and all the
stuff Americans in particular we were
weird castrating people especially I

think a lot of blacks and a lot of other
people in the south mostly they would
they get into prison to say well you’re
chasing around little boys and so we’re
gonna wasn’t this part of the eugenics

Society of America’s program didn’t they
do that as well they may have yeah maybe
yeah so what would happen though was it
when they were castrating people you
know they’ve knocked them out and then

they cut the nuts off and then the guys
and then they throw a friendsgiving take
the nuts and cook them into really so
then they the guys apparently were

shocked by this and they come in and
track down the doctor who cut their nuts
off and kill him and this is becoming a
real problem for if you’re a doctor
so one doctor who’s I don’t have the

details cuz I don’t have this paperwork
in front of me but there’s a very famous
doctor who invented the vasectomy as a
substitute for castration because it did
the exact same things I did call him the

guy down at did all these things that
were this essentially was a castration
but with but it was done inside the
balls inside the nut sack it’s so the
guy wouldn’t notice I could look round

I’m still good and so he was happy
camper he wouldn’t go kill the doctor
which he used to do so I’m so my
commentary about people getting
themselves castrated by getting a
vasectomy I don’t think is completely

out of out of bounds No
I’m yes okay always I don’t spend too
much time on the vasectomy stuff and
castration I’m still at the lobotomy
stage and that this is seen to be like

some breakthrough this is not a
breakthrough you need to run away from
this and is this paid for by the great
Canadian health insurance yeah well I
have a companion story to that not as

funny but we do have some issues a
well-known drug thought to reduce PTSD
symptoms and suicidal thoughts could
actually make them worse
a new study tracked patients who took

prazosin for eight weeks and found the
drug worsened nightmares and didn’t do
much to lessen suicidal thoughts two of
the participants had to undergo
emergency inpatient psychiatric care
though no one attempted suicide during

the study the results back up a study
from earlier this year that also showed
prazosin brought on new or worsened
suicidal thoughts in 8% of military
veterans suffering from PTSD how about

that some kind of big farm of thing that
is making it worse instead of better
yeah I’m stunned maybe they should how
do you find information like that maybe

they should go over to Canada Navia and
get you one what’s the name of that
procedure I don’t know oh come on
what didn’t mention it in the clip I
don’t remember them mentioning it yeah I
want to listen to it a million Canadians

live with depression that actually
resists treatment right a shock therapy
has long been considered an effective
approach but you can come obviously with
serious side effects so doctors are

exploring less invasive shock therapy
still really a thing people use shock
therapy still well it in Canada they’re
using it using magnets too cause you
know she’s a jolt but that still happens
today shock therapy I believe it does

treatments that go straight to the
source of the problem Kaspar she
explains it’s hard to beat some quality
time with your son you can throw it a
little bit harder at me I’m really

appreciating the whole the whole clip
you know throwing a ball with your son
back and forth just let us do this
non-invasive thing but this is almost

the native ad for this procedure sky’s a
sloth it’s a welcome break look at your
target for the past several years she
struggled with debilitating depression I
don’t even know how to explain it

because it’s not angering it’s it’s
frustrating like Trump syndrome she
sounds very very even-keeled here though

flop look at her she’s totally in a
candidate for Trump syndrome okay
Trump derangement syndrome you mean TN
yes it’s it’s frustrating SAS love has
what’s known as treatment resistant

depression treatment treatment resistant

which means their shit doesn’t work on
mint resistant so it’s TRD sorry
interference has made you the president
disorder which has been chronic going on

for over seven years
I wish stop a second
in the clip she’s throwing a ball back
and forth with her kid who she’s seen
saying look at the targets just sing a
bunch of dumb stuff nobody does when

they pick that sounds like her kid is
her as a retard that’s the problem
throws the boys a little kid and so she
throws the ball over his head by mistake
and he’s a sorry

interfere lay mning a non-existent
entity for her fuck up oh so is like her
treatment-resistant depression
interfered I don’t know what you
interfere but it seems like she’s one of

the blame wait we need some disclaimers
for this treatment yep invisible forces
may cause you to throw things in weird
directions and she’s either failed to
respond or fail to tolerate a number of

antidepressant treatments so earlier
this year SAS law tried something
agreeing to be part of a study at
Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto that uses
a non-invasive approach to treating this

kind of depression I like how they’ve
categorized treatment resistant
depression as as you know a kind of
depression is that just just you know
just I don’t know okay non-invasive

approach I’m writing this down with her
head shaved and fitted with a metallic
headgear sass love was placed in an MRI
once inside doctors then used ultrasound

beams to heat and disrupt the precise
part of the brain that causes depression
think of it as an adjustment to the
circuits of the brain adjustment to the

circuits of the brain well you know this
is pioneering work
because you you couldn’t you can treat
anybody with stuff like this and this is

we’re going back to medieval times so
the MRI guided focus ultrasound goes
directly to that circuit it makes a cut
or a lesion in that circuit and stops it
through firing when it shouldn’t be fine

fantastic that’s just fantastic
this is one of the the best things I’ve
heard in weeks Wow
seriously I love this we’re going back
to medieval times rebranding it

rebranding it
and were just cutting people’s lobotomy
you know we’re giving them lobotomies
what exactly do you cut out with a
lobotomy he cut the frontal lobe yeah

yeah but they play it all you know I’m
surprised there wasn’t some nice music
in the back I mean I think I might maybe
you obsessed with this now I really got
into this come on this is crazy for

something I did not expect well maybe
I’m just old-fashioned but the the whole
lobotomy thing I mean didn’t we kind of
get rid of that yeah it was actually

faddish for a while in recent in recent
history how long ago were lobotomies
performed in many they were performed
into the 50s ha
but isn’t don’t you usually then become

like kind of docile and very docile very
quiet yeah yeah it’s a solution it’s a
it’s a solution it’s the it’s our final
solution for Canadia to no agenda

imagine all the people who could do
awesome oh yeah
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Dvorak dot org slash na I’m Obama had a
big conference a big big whoo how the
Obama Foundation oh yeah here he goes
you saw this now but here’s the Bob AMA

going in the directions
following in the footsteps of Bill yeah
yes he does well you might make some
money on it now the Daily Mail

interestingly had this big headline
saying Obama says Trump has mommy issues
so I go and I listen to their little

clip there that they’ve clipped out of
context it was not at all about Trump
but it was kind of funny it was about
climate change and about all of us I

mean I didn’t take it as a dig at Trump
but that’s what the Daily Mail thought
but here’s what he said when emissions
by let’s say 30% without any yeah it’s
not like we’d all have to go back to

caves and you know live off they don’t
fire you know you could have electricity
and smartphones and all that stuff which
would buy us probably another 20 30

years for that technological
breakthrough that’s necessary the reason
we don’t do it is on what are you
talking about is there a technological
breakthrough that’s coming in 20 30
years or are we just gonna start nuclear

now probably another 20 30 years for
that technological breakthrough that’s
necessary the reason we don’t do it is

because we are still confused blind
shrouded with hate anger like racism

mommy issues I mean he may actually mean
Trump there to the insiders the people

who are chuckling I guess but I didn’t
take it that way if he’s just any talk
about all of us we’re all yeah he’s
basically reading Twitter you know with
stuff and and and so if that’s the case

then the single most important thing
that we have to invest in is not all and

and and look I’m a huge supporter of you
know science and technological research
and social science and you know evidence
based learning and all that good stuff

stuff people call me Spock for a reason
I believe hold on when did people start
calling him Spock for a reason nobody
calls him Spock he says he said right

there people come he Spock for a reason
dancing and all that good stuff I’m
people call me Spock for a reason I
believe in reason and logic and all

these Enlightenment values I’ve never
heard anyone call him Spock because he’s
so reasoned but really we have to invest
in his people

we got to get people to figure out how
they work together how do we get people
to work together in a cooperative

thoughtful constructive way sucking in
Sun I played that clip just to play the
next clip because what he’s saying here
is we we will all die we will not make

it out of the climate change hellhole or
we all are terminated by excessive heat
with our iPhones because we can keep
because people don’t work together

because we haven’t figured out how to
work together
and then he goes in to tell you a
history of his political career in a
nutshell two minutes and and and how he

worked together with everybody or did he
here’s the interesting thing that
happens when you’re president or when
you go through the experience of being

president I’m not sure why that’s funny
he said here’s what the interesting
thing about President or when you go
being going through the experience of
being president I’m not maybe I’d miss

something in the context but people
thought that was funny here’s the
interesting thing that happens when
you’re president or when you go through
the experience of being president why
was that funny what he’s saying I think

what this audience is thinking he’s
saying he’s trying to say it but he’s
not saying it is that I was president
Donald Trump just went through the
experience he’s not president he’s not

my president he’s no good got it got it
remember we’re talking about working
together with people you may not agree
with working together to save humanity
here’s how he did it

you know you’re a community organizer
and you’re struggling to try to get
people to recognize each other’s common
interests and you know you’re trying to
get some project done in a small

community and you start thinking okay
you know what
this Alderman’s a knucklehead and you
know they’re resistant to doing the
right thing and so I need to get more

knowledge more power more influence to
work together and I can really have an
impact and so you go to the state
legislature and you look around and they
say well these jamokes

whoa whoa using our word use your word
in particular well I say we are because
I got it from Tina so maybe it’s a
Chicago thing jamokes
okay huh maybe could be so you know

didn’t work with people as a community
organizer mostly there was dumb yeah
because they’re knuckleheads no good so
I need more power

or more power so I went to Senate and
then there’s just Jamal and so that I
can really have an impact and so you go
to the state legislature and the state
legislatures are around and they say
well these jamokes maybe not all of them

but I’m just saying you know you you
start getting that sense of this is just
like dealing with the alderman right so
do something different so you so then

you make sure there’s a sex scandal
including a celebrity so you can get a
Senate seat free by getting kicked out
all kinds of backroom dealings so presto
your senator then you go to the US

Senate and you’re looking around and
they’re like oh man and then when you’re
president you’re sitting in these

international meetings and it’s like the
g20 and you’ve got all these world
leaders it’s the same people that’s how
you work together that’s how we save the
world by calling people names that’s

perfect what he thinks everyone’s an
idiot but him that’s exactly right and
you got all these world leaders and it’s

the same people
which is really interesting same
dynamics you know it’s just that there’s
a bigger spotlight er there’s a bigger

stage but I’m only partly joking about
that the the the nature of human
dynamics does not change from level the

level you know which is why I’ve been
quoted saying this
sometimes like okay what do you think
he’s about to quote which he’s been

quoted many times
apparently dubby bead boys most of what
you need to learn you can actually just
read dr. Seuss dr. Seuss doctors because

you know there’s the story the snitches
and like people the snitches have the
ones with stars think that the better

than the ones who don’t have stars and
they got an attitude and then you know
there’s the Lorax who’s trying to tell
people it don’t cut down the trees
because then the fish are gonna die

right I mean it’s all pretty much there
and the reason
perfect example of how working together

can save us from the death of climate
change with our iPhones we’ll be able to
keep them with some technological
revolution in 30 years
I’m surprised dr. Seuss it well we’ll

talk about that in some other show but
he did a lot of racist cartoons in World
War two I miss Obama so I’m watching
democracy now they have an interview

this guy ronen bergman hmm and he wrote
a book he’s a bit Israeli journalists of
investigative journalists he wrote a

book about it’s really assassination oh
I thought Hamas no not about alamos and
we have a new brand it’s hishaku hummus
anyway and I got a kick out of this

bonehead question that was asked him
because if you listen to this question
the guy this is that they Sanchez
whatever the guys name is on democracy

now that guy writes for the post I think
and he phrases this question as I’m
listening to it I’m saying he’s
describing our country and this is
bonehead question on D n from the UH

from the outside Israeli intelligence
from the outset occupied a shadowy realm
one adjacent to yet separate from the
country’s democratic institutions the

activities of the intelligence community
most of it shin Batum and the Mossad
under the direct command of the Prime
Minister took place without any
effective supervision by Israel’s
parliament the Knesset or by any other

independent external bodies what damage
has been done to the democratic
institutions of Israel as a result of
this almost parallel situation instead

of the civilian control in the military
was almost as if the military or the
intelligence community controlled the
you mean like the military-industrial
complex controls Trump or adversely the

CIA controls Obama oh gee that doesn’t
happen everywhere I’m so surprised
listen to this question now the guy
nobody sees the irony of this question

because this is essentially the same as
when Ron Paul said the CIA took over the
country in 62 of the assassinated
Kennedy and

when did you have this shadow government
which seems to be running on its own
juices because you know they’re against
the president they have all these issues
alright so but nobody sees the irony or

the way he asked the question is so the
guy even the guy Bergman when he answers
the question doesn’t quite see it and he
kind of answers it straight well a few
things first

Israel is a liberal democracy in the
Middle East but Israel also faces severe
threats and living under the trauma of
the Holocaust and I think that the the
the new Israelis the Jews who lived in

Palestine hood those who came from the
Holocaust and established the State of
Israel they drew three main lessons from
the Holocaust first that will always
someone there will always be someone who
wants to kill them that the other
non-jews would not do anything to help

and third is that they need to have
Israel a safe heaven a refuge and guard
it with whatever possible now when you
have this at the back of your mind and
every decade your prime nemesis your

chief adversary Nasser of Egypt Saddam
Hussein of Iraq Yasser Arafat
Ahmadinejad of Iran when they want to
eliminate you or call for your
destruction and take physical actions to

do this then you are left with basically
one conclusion the Israelis were left
with one conclusion rise and kill first
paying very little tribute to
international law international norms

and building these two sets of law one
for regular matters and one for the
intelligence community and the in the
military yes it’s how you undermine our

democracy our democratic institutions of
intelligence agencies yeah geez ricin
kill first is the name of the book and
people when it might want to look at it

I have two more clips from this guy view
interested one of it is about the
assassination of Arafat even though he
didn’t wasn’t technically assassinated
and so they asked him about this because

he documents all these murders one after
the other in this book claiming that
Israel’s killed more people and I think
he included all the drone strikes out
Obama did as being just a kind of a

murderous regime this guy is Arab or Jew
is gieux
just killing Arafat yes it dates back to

shortly after I fought was appointed not
just the chief of Fatah but the chief of
the umbrella organization called the PLO
the Palestinian Liberation Organization
and the the IDF Israeli defense was were
desperate they were sending Arafat and

the PLO was sending groups of terrorists
from Jordan to Israel they couldn’t
catch them they couldn’t catch him and
attempt to invade Jordan and and and
kill them end up in a catastrophe and

then this the chief psychiatrist of the
Israeli Navy came with what he said is a
solution he saw that movie American
movie The Manchurian Candidate and said
I can do the same I can take a

Palestinian hypnotize him Jason Bourne
start program him and send him to Jordan
to kill us or effort and believe it or
not the Chiefs of Israeli intelligence

military intelligence and masa took that
very seriously they gave him a
Palestinian prisoner who fit the profile
that the psychiatrist thought would be
suitable for such a process they gave

him a training facility with live
ammunition and for months he trained
that person until one night he said okay
he’s he’s okay he’s done he’s fully
program that Palestinian crossed the

Jordan River and after crossing he
signaled a gun and okay to his master
the psychiatrist and he carried the gun
in a walkie-talkie a wireless

communication device and the
psychiatrist said he’s now going to kill
Arafat this was something like 1:00 a.m.
and 5:00 a.m. in the morning the
operatives of Israeli intelligence

receive a report from another agent said
that someone a Palestinian came to a
Jordanian police station and told the
policeman the stupid Israelis thought
that they hypnotized me but I was just
playing a role I’m loyal to Arafat

please take me to Abu Ammar to us are
far too stray Legion to the Palestinian
Authority now this is a bit you know
sometimes Israeli James Bond
looks more like Inspector Clouseau it’s

a bit of funny story but the other
stories were less funny in
trying to kill our fat numerous times
and running today did they ultimately
succeed I mean there are of course many

questions about Arafat’s final death
whether it was natural or not
so I thought that was amusing well yeah
that the guy just went I was actually

waiting for it to be hey you know they
tried to hypnotize him he didn’t work
take me to honor fight and then he kills
him yeah but that didn’t that didn’t
happen no now if you want to hear the
rest of it wasn’t yes yes I mean I do I

need some resolution another story about
killing Arafat they eat we should did
the Israelis actually do it or not and
this is his excellent no let’s just just
from the top of my head from memory

wasn’t he kind of like inna some kind of
standoff and his his camp was surrounded
no he died of some strange disease right
but I thought I thought it was something

that he was everything was surrounded
and he died from that disease inside
kind of his surrounded compound am I
remembering that incorrectly I don’t
know that just add that they tried many
times and the the peak of that was nine

in 1982 when Ariel Sharon Israeli
Minister of Defense at that time ordered
to take down a commercial airline with
hundreds of passengers on board in order

to kill yourself at but the the the
Chiefs of Israeli F was rebelled against
him and they wanted they didn’t want
Israel to be stained in this horrific

war crimes and they didn’t want to
violate the War of the ethics of war of
the PA of the idea and they prevented
the operations from from happening to
your questions your question there is an
ambiguity and a few different reports

about that let me just tell you that few
months before ephod demise mysterious
demise Israel Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon met with President Bush at the

White House and the president told him
mr. prime minister we heard that they
are plans that you have plans to kill
yourself at and we want you to promise
us to promise me that you will not
assassinate Arafa and arrow Sharon said

I see your point mr. president now
president of course understand it’s not
the promise said I really wish you to
and to promise me that you will not do

that to which Iran said mr. president
you are making a very strong argument
but the president let it go until Prime
Minister Sharon
promised in his voice that he will not

kill a fat few months later alpha dies
of a mysterious disease and I think in
time we will have the opportunity to
tell the story behind that in the

meantime the Palestinians are convinced
of course that the Mossad or Israeli
intelligence killed him
the reason to hide the real story was
not because of the Palestinians but this

but because this would be a striking
violation to a very clear promise by
Israeli prime minister to an American
president this is mine is that is this

book about
Arafat or what is this book about to
someone about all is it’s a document of
all the assassinations the Israelis have

done and Hamas and homicidal hummus in
there I can read that I’m just looking
at the theories of Arafat’s death is
quite a number of them yeah hmm

all right I don’t have it that that was
a lightning yo yeah very very in like
this it’s light-hearted to just a final

final because the papers were filled
with it when I was leaving leaving
London is that mi6 is very worried about
what would be disclosed if President

Trump should actually open up a lot of
this Russia Russia Gate investigation
in particular what role mi6 British

intelligence played in helping I think
put together the report that led to
Carter pages wiretap and a couple other
issues right and this is of course not

being really reported on much at all as
not here at New York Times anyone done
anything Wall Street Journal don’t know
was gonna do it and what they’re saying

is it boils down to exposure of people
and we don’t want to reveal sources and
methods so somehow the British
intelligence appears to have been I

would use the word meddling in our
elections I would think so I get there
tit in the wringer
yeah they like to say right but why do
we not have a single I mean okay besides

the night asking me of course you’re
just joking when you know no I’m I was
gonna say why why doesn’t even papers
that Washington Post in new york times
are pretty much dominated by CIA
employees yes yes so this professional

courtesy is what you’re saying yeah well
your no agenda show was reporting on it
what we can but there’s not very much
like that Guardian article that I got it

from is behind a firewall or pay wall
you can only get it if you Yahoo
reprinted it and he’s also a telegraph
article about it but it’s all it’s the

Brits are talking about it but we’re not
doing our typical copy and paste a into
the u.s. publication but it does seem
that there’s some fishy business going

yeah heads should roll final clip for me
you have a new mayor in San Francisco
about three months the mayor’s been in
office how long has the new mayor been
in Manorville

yeah maybe six months three three three
just up by three all right three yeah
this what’s her name
I really don’t know Bravo Charlie I
thinks her name what’s her name I can’t

remember her name something crazy okay
that she ran on a promise that within
three months she would clean up the poop
clean up the poop in San Francisco and I

have a report earlier this year we
surveyed a hundred and fifty three
blocks of downtown San Francisco and
uncovered a dangerous mix of trash
needles and feces the story gained

national attention and became a major
issue in the mayor’s race then candidate
London breed promised a cleaner San
Francisco within three months if elected
I would measure that by it you know like

not having feces you know on our
sidewalks and also urine and other
things that we see the needles and many
of the other challenges that exist that
would all be eliminators just a few I’m
not saying that it will all be

eliminated I am saying that there will
be a significant difference where it’s
noticeable so we’re back on the streets
to find out if she made good on that
pledge my producer and I resurveyed 20
of the dirtiest blocks in downtown San

Francisco across all 20 blocks we found
35 used drug needles
that’s down 39 percent compared to our
last survey 10 months ago
but like before we spotted trash on

every block we also saw feces on all 20
blocks in total we found feces a hundred
and fifty nine times
that’s a 67% increase and in a bizarre
new twist someone appears to be using

feces to graffiti sidewalks in the city
we compared the mayor’s first three
months in office to the three months
prior and found complaints to the city

about needles feces and trash have all
increased is San Francisco cleaner today
than before you took office I think it
is because I’m out there on a regular

basis we’ve invested more resources
we’re spending more time trying to get
people house and we’re focusing on
areas we know are the most problematic I
am doing everything I can to invest the

right resources into making San
Francisco a lot cleaner and it takes
time to get to a better place so even
though complaints are up since you’ve
been elected you don’t think it’s

because the city is actually dirtier I
don’t think it’s because the city is
actually dirty I think it’s because more
people are reporting the challenges that
exist the people who simply think you
didn’t accomplish what you said you were

I just started as mayor a couple months
ago they gave me that three-month
promise and you see a difference in
certain areas it is noticeable there is
a huge difference in certain parts of
the city but you would acknowledge this

that he doesn’t actually have data or
any kind of metrics to show that
definitively well we have what we see
visually but at what point will walking
over feces not be part of the norm in
this city

I hope sooner rather than later any idea
when I hope sooner rather than later
we’re talking months weeks any timeline
I hope sooner rather than later hey what
are you working for the Austin Chamber

of Commerce with his clip oh yeah
I’m just letting them know I’m watching
them here in Austin cuz you know we’re

poop will be on the streets and that
does help with real-estate prices all
let’s be honest all right everybody we
are shutting it down for today on your

Thanksgiving Day edition of the best
podcast in the universe and I will go
supervise some food which is already
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downtown Austin Texas the capital of the

drone star state FEMA region number six
on the governmental maps in the five by
nine clue do in the common law condo in
the morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
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