No Agenda Episode 1089 “Puppet Mouth”

oh you’ve got to get one atom curry
Jhansi Devorah this is your
award-winning Gitmo nation media
assassination episode this is no agenda
in the clue do in the morning everybody

hi Madame Curie and from northern
Silicon Valley where we’re literally
fogged in I can’t see the Zephyr I’m
Jesse boy I can’t play the jingle then

either because it’s specifically asked
if you couldn’t don’t us hear that horn
yeah I guess I guess I guess it would

I can hear the horn how bad is it they
honk it is this they don’t normally this
this Zephyr guy who drives it this way
isn’t honking a horn like a maniac like
some of these Amtrak guys is this a
normal occurrence for this time of year

and in the northern Silicon Valley area
it happens okay well we may have had a
lot of fog recently just a little more
unusual I mean it goes back actually
harkens back into the seventies there’s

a cycle of fog oh yes when we were all
going to die from global cooling cooling
and fogged I had fun reading the climate
report that came out on Friday get a

hold of it all I know is I have a report
yeah yes I have similar report I think
we’ll just the girl says yes the report

just came out and I’m already reading
through it she’s already read through it
it’s okay I have the exact same one plus

play US government is releasing a major
highly anticipated and by the way how
mean how mean to release this when no
one is watching
oh stop why the US government its NOAA

that brought this out no man no man you
know who did that you know they released

that on Friday so that no one would see
it yeah I saw that I saw that bullcrap –
but good sounds means they really sound
frightening because there were news is
there’s no news so this would get even
more areas yeah exactly sure and I think

it did the US government is releasing a
major highly anticipated report on
climate change
I like the highly-anticipated did you
even know it was coming out on Friday

in fact it’s being made public right now
as we speak of this hour 2:00 p.m.
Eastern the congressionally mandated
report documents the human impact on
climate change and it’s cost to the

economy now it could contain dire
threats that are at odds with President
Donald Trump’s own environmental policy
and own pronouncements let’s get right
to CNN’s Renee Marsh for details she’s

live in Washington so you were able to
take a quick look at this report it is
officially being put out in the 2 p.m.
hours so right now what new details are
we learning right so hallo you’re right

I mean this report really literally
about a minute and 40 seconds ago what
the government report squarely focuses
on the human impact of climate change
for people here in the United States

using real-life examples stop watch yeah
are you kidding me
take through some of the quick

highlights that I was seeing in my first
read here it says people who are already
vulnerable is called the the executive
summary which is the first page which is
what all you ever read news media both
including low income and other

marginalized communities will feel the
impacts the most this report goes on to
talk about the health impact the
economic cost and the impact on
transportation infrastructure and it’s

very specific
according to regions here in the United
States as it relates to the economic
impact the report
it’s very specific according to regions

regions of the United States I think is
regions that that are making it specific
she was the worrier bids is very
specific regarding regions of the United

States perhaps but according to Regis
the reasons are not the authority that
are making it specific are you upset
about this report that somehow it’s full
of crap I mean you’re not really gonna

try and deconstruct this piece of crap
that basically just says we agree high
likelihood there’s nothing new here
extreme weather which you’re witnessing
right now we’re all gonna die a cost and

the impact on transportation
infrastructure and it’s very specific
according to regions here in the United
States as it relates to the economic

impact the report says that the expected
the climate change is expected to cause
caused substantial net damage to the US
economy throughout this century annual

losses in some economic sectors are
projected to reach hundreds of billions
of dollars by the end of the century so
quite pricey that they also go on to say
the frequency of severity in allergic

illnesses including asthma and hay fever
are expected to increase as a result of
climate change more people will be
exposed to things like ticks carrying

Lyme disease mosquitoes that transmit
viruses like Zika West Nile virus and
dengue become more prominent when it
comes to agriculture and our food

sources it specifically talks about the
Midwest and it says increases in
temperatures during the growing season
season in the Midwest are projected to
be the largest contributing factor to

declines in productivity of US
agriculture and obviously that impacts
not just people in the United States but
as we export it impacts people who rely
on our export as well I mean this is a

lengthy report
that’s pretty much the report we’re all
gonna die if we don’t hurry up
immediately and do something about it
there’s similar report like this like in

the 80s and I mean we did every so often
on Twitter somebody digs up some old
article from some time in the past 10 20
years ago saying we’re all gonna die and

it’s gonna don’t do something today
let’s listen to CBS’s version of the
report the extensive federal report
details how global warming from the
burning of coal oil and gas is impacting
each region of the country researchers

said climate related events are expected
to become more frequent and more intense
but President Trump’s policies and
rhetoric often reject climate change his
administration has rolled back Obama era

environmental regulations and promoted
the production of fossil fuels though
we’re getting out in June 2017 I was a
great little edit they did there the

production of fossil fuels though we’re
getting out that’s all it took for us to
leave the Paris climate Accord
apparently 17 the president pulled the

u.s. out of the Paris agreement a pact
of nearly 200 countries to curb climate
last month mr. Trump dismissed global
warming on 60 minutes but what about the

scientists who say it’s worse than ever
you have to show me the scientists
because they have a very big political
agenda and just this week President

Trump tweeted about East Coast cold
weather rioting brutal and extended cold
blasts could shatter all records
whatever happened to global warming
former vice president and

environmentalist Al Gore said the
president may try to hide the truth but
his own scientists and experts have made
it as stark and clear as possible gore
that I wanted to get because I think it

was worded peculiar peculiarly warming
former vice president
environmentalist Al Gore said the
president may try to hide the truth but
his own scientists and experts have made

it as stark and clear as possible okay
no sorry
well what is that mr. Bress heard okay
what gory the gore has been out there

saying oh it’s not believable they tried
to tried to hide this tried to hide the
report it’s his own scientists if
anybody’s trying to hide anything it’s
going his pressure group that keeps any
alternative opinion from coming on the

news the White House tried to dismiss
the report saying it is based on the
most extreme climate change scenario but
JB it is worth noting the administration
chose to release it today right after

Thanksgiving on the busiest shopping day
of the year yes oh my god hmm here’s
what’s interesting of course I went

through the report do we know that it
was trumps no you know what honestly I
don’t care because every single time we
talk about stuff like that I get emails

and everyone’s triggered and they’re
people getting sick actually sick from
hearing the name Trump in news reports
that we play the Rhino but they’re sick
people are getting sick and I want no

part of it so I’m not so I don’t care I
don’t care what I do care about is that
they say in this report it is going to
hurt poor people and marginalized groups

poor people and marginalized groups will
die sooner from this horrible horrible
catastrophe that’s taking place the
crazy thing is is that the measures that

were agreed to in the Paris climate
Accord are being put in place in Europe
in places like France and the actual
people that these taxes these carbon

taxes are supposed to save are on the
streets burning the city of Paris
because they can’t eat anymore
maybe the whole thing’s a scheme to get

rid of the lower classes I mean there’s
a report after report of Paris I’ll play
one of them from CNN and no we’re not
for a moment
does anyone mention that the hike in

fuel price is a is because of the
implementation of carbon taxes they just
don’t even say it I want to take you to
Paris now stunning pictures coming out

of there protesters filling the most
famous street in France the iconic
sean’s out is a with fire and explosions
in a second weekend of protest the usual
scene of tourists and Parisians enjoying

cafes and luxury shops replaced by
burning vehicles as 8,000 protesters
clashed with 3,000 police in riot gear
the demonstrators who call themselves

the yellow vests are angry over rising
fuel prices now police used tear gas and
water cannon in an attempt to break up
these demonstrations CNN’s jim
bittermann is joining us now from Paris
Jim tell us why these protesters are so

angry well I think it started off as a
fuel protest a week if your honor but in
fact over the last few days it’s
generalized a lot really he doesn’t even
give us the truth why they’re angry

well that’s CNN in fact he sounds like
Norm Macdonald doing it people are just
dissatisfied with a macron government
his approval rating has dropped

I’m worried about the rising cost of
living about pension payments that
aren’t really making ends meet so it’s
just a generalized anger about the state
of the economy and of course macro

imperson macro has vowed to continue
forward on his his ideas of reforming
the economy here Sophie and what instead
of explaining what reforming the economy

means the idea is a new Green Deal it’s
the the green economy that he supposedly
kick-starting by penalizing people do
you know price of diesel now I now I’m

not sure if it’s diesel or regular
petrol one of the two diesel diesel
whenever 30 30
before take contradicts your report a
little bit come on went up 30 cents they

are now paying the equivalent of seven
dollars per gallon seems a bit high I
think people just had enough and they

heard a lot of people say that today you
heard a lot of people calling for Mac
Rawls resignation now here on the shows
that he say this is not the scene you
would expect on the Saturday night
following Black Friday you would think

there’d be a lot of people out in that
sort of thing people today were
protestors throughout the day and only
about an hour ago it or so did the
police make a move with an Asst major
assault on the avenue here with multiple

trucks and hundreds of police to clear
away the demonstrators and for the most
part they’ve succeeded there are still a
few pockets of resistance along here we
haven’t heard from a colonel

all day until very late this evening
when he put out this tweet he said
thanks to all the law enforcement you
expect that but he said shame on all the
people who assaulted them shame on those
who voluntarily assaulted citizens and

reporters shame on those who tried to
intimidate our elected officials so you
have him taking a very kind of
professorial perhaps paternalistic
challenge something that he’s been

criticized for in the past okay I’d love
to hear your case first before you play
in my tab which I believe is from CBS’s
so many more which they do mention these
issues that you say CNN didn’t mention

mention I’ve never heard that CNN clip
before I will say based on what I know
I’m based on this other clip than based
on what’s really going on CNN should be
ashamed of itself that’s a bullcrap

report all of them from CNN are like
that every single one of them it’s
getting worse at that place why are they
doubling down on this I don’t know see

here play this is a French fuel tax
protest anger continues to grow over the
country’s rising fuel taxes thousands
across France are also protesting
president manuel macrons administration

McCrone has defended the fuel tax saying
there necessary to wean the country off
fossil fuels least
Handley from our partners at the BBC
reports I’m sorry just just I don’t know
if they come back to it in this report

when he says the fuel tax is necessary
to wean people off fossil fuels that’s
not quite the same as saying it’s your
carbon tax which I believe it is
so now is just saying it’s a

disincentive is that is that the message
this is anything but at least are a
little closer to the truth here then
your report which was shameful a sea of
yellow the protesters in their trademark

hy-vee’s jackets on the shores ELISA
your sorties mean business – using water
cannon and tear gas against the

thousands of protesters trying to
prevent them moving down to the palais
de la concorde and the presidential
palace which has been cordoned off
organizers bill this is act 2 in their

rolling campaign hold on a second i read
everywhere that there was no real
organizers that it was something that
originated on the internet and it wasn’t

it was a new kind of protest well let’s
look at reality here with the protest we
always have there are always organizers
yeah it’s just I saw report after report

that there was no central organization
it was organic kind of like our spring
organisers bill this is act 2 in there

rolling campaign that angry about an
increase in diesel tax justified by the
government as an anti-pollution levy but
the campaign has grown into a broad

opposition against president and manuel
macro this metal worker says we feel
like we’ve been working for years now
and it’s just extortion while members of
the government live like princes it’s

not even possible to live anymore after
paying taxes says this woman I’m
disgusted I’m telling you if I saw him I
wouldn’t be able to shake his hand and

I’d tell him exactly what I think some
here have been ripping up the street and
trying to build barricades
but as protesters let off fireworks the

authorities have the power to move them
on before we talk about this I have a
similar report from euronews with men
honest men and women on the street which

kind of fills this in and I think it’ll
make sense for and before you go there I
want to mention what you’re going to do
is promote the idea that the nonsense in
the report that came out here that it’s

going that if we don’t do anything it’s
going to hurt the lower classes yes this
is evidence of what’s where they are
doing stuff and it’s hurting the lower
classes because they’re doing this and

that was exactly like a very tense day
on the shows a nice day in Paris clashes
erupted between police and some yellow
vests authorities used water cannons and

tear gas for several hours in order to
counter the most radical protesters
while many regret these incidents others
believe these methods are the only way
to be heard by their government

interesting how every single report
regardless of organization has that one
explosion in it that your clip had it I
had a clip with the explosion this is

the second clip with the explosion they
just edit it right had the explosion
yeah I think there’s one explosion and
everybody used it just put it in as a
little little
honestly what they think they’re doing

there are certainly some rioters but
we’re not responsible for that we’re
just here to be heard the problem in
France is that we don’t have a choice if
we want something we need to fight for

they don’t listen to us anymore
Emmanuelle McCall was the main target of
the thousands of yellow vests gathered
this Saturday but apart from the
president the whole French political
class is criticized by the demonstrators

I’m demonstrating because it’s not
possible anymore unretired and we can’t
make ends meet anymore it’s not possible
and I don’t understand why the members
of parliament the senators have all

these privileges we don’t diminish their
salaries who do they think we are
Society is that why our ancestors fought
I love this guy he translated the French

guy we the dogs of French society yes
is that why our ancestors fought but you

what started off as a movement against
taxes on fuel morphed into a larger
gathering against other types of tax as
well as to denounce the cost of living
in France and social inequalities but

without the central structure nor
official representatives the yellow
vests seemed divided over what to do
next before in the Samba seat when we
need a citizens assembly citizens need

to make the votes referendums we’re the
one now that we’ve started rising up we
need to step up the movement macron
won’t stop until we face them with a

general strike clearly ah there it is
that’s what’s coming next general strike
and so it’s clearly there’s a little
more going on than just the fuel price I
would say migration maybe working some

people and just the overall economy in
just a couple of things I find
interesting about this which isn’t it’s
covered a little bit but it’s not

covered well here one is they call it a
pollution tax don’t love that yes when
we would tell my carbon pollution carbon
tax now is maliciously used as terms

because this and it should be carbon
carbon dioxide but they’ve just moved
that to carbon just to make it yes
narbon dioxide tax yes is like you don’t
drink soda I like the idea of these guys

wearing these yellow kind of Street
workers vests now this is a mandatory
item if for your automobile in France so
is it yes you must have a yellow

emergency vest in your vehicle at all
times that’s not a bad idea I think I
don’t know if it’s mandatory in Britain
but I know pretty much everybody has
that I should do that here but I like

the idea of everybody wearing these
well what’s cool about it is you could
create a global movement of yellow vests
yellow jackets whatever we want to call
it like yellow vests is a vest and this

is happening now I think it was
happening in Belgium I believe somewhere
in the south of the Netherlands this was
happening and people are putting on
yellow vest it’s small so it’s not it’s

not you know – this proportion yet it’s
not on the show um cities a with the Arc
de Triomphe in the blood there’s stuff
they’re showing on CBS there was
thousands and thousands of people with
his yellow vest yes exactly but I’m

saying the ones in in other parts of
Europe are starting to do the same thing
yellow vests mean is is happening I
think it’s a good one yeah that was you
didn’t get to see because it was pretty

visual they just kind of mentioned it
and passing in the CBS report was the
fact that they’re literally digging up
the street yes
I know it’s great well yeah so but they

have a little more power there I mean in
the United States is actually punished I
think is a felony and it’s punishable by
all kinds of horrible things if you do

it if you even advocate a general strike
is that the strikes are illegal in this
country is that so oh yeah we can’t have
a general strike in United States okay
go try promoting want to see it but what

happens – knocks on the door huh that’s
illegal isn’t that freedom of speech
can’t I say whatever I want you talking
to the wrong guy

well that’s something it needs to be
looked up uh you can look it I think it
began I think it was either under the
roses I think maybe the Roosevelt
administration is the one who promoted

that because they were having so much
trouble with the longshoremen and some
of these really powerful unions we used
to have hmm
but yeah general strikes are know you
can’t do one you can’t call one in a

local area they’re thinking about this
in San Francisco some years back over
some something some complained and
didn’t get first well you need a general
strike if it’s labor unions who are
organizing it that’s that’s what you

mean by a general strike if it was a
general strike is where everybody stops
yeah but you say it’s illegal to to
organize that or just illegal to stop

working I’m not quite sure with thee
it’s illegal to organize it right but I
think it’s illegal to organize it if you
were a union not if you’re Adam curry
podcaster no I call a general call for a
general strike

please bail me out
I need to look this up I’m not sigh
sounds general strikes just look up
general strike I’m trying to find that I

cannot find anything that says it’s
illegal a general strike is illegal Utz
I can only find it in combination with
the NL NLRB the National Labor Relations
Board their section 8 prohibits that the

general strike organized by labor
organizations but I’m not so sure I mean
I can organize anything I want well it’s
possible that that if you weren’t in a

labor union and you organized the
general strike you might get away with
it but far as I know well for one thing
that’s never gonna happen
mm-hmm but yeah we’ll look into will
report further interesting

but yeah I don’t think it will happen
but it’s just it’s interesting to me the
disservice that everyone’s getting here
is like you know this report is being

touted as oh my god it’s gonna hurt all
the poor people but the exact same
recommendations that are in in the
United States congressionally mandated
report are the ones that people are
riding over in France

weirdly some of them yeah that’s not the
elites that are rioting
no no but French do have this odd
history of chopping people’s heads off
that they did they take their their

protests pretty seriously yeah
so yeah well they put it seems as though
they get to a boiling point and just go
nuts well there’s one other one other

thing that may be playing into playing
into all of this and it’s something that
is not reported
at all here in fact I haven’t heard much

of it only in the Netherlands that I did
it get my attention this is the Global
Compact for migration
which of course you know neither of us

had heard of this this oh no we’ve heard
we’ve we talked about this some time ago
this is a while back right but but it’s
it’s now been agreed to this thing past
and what that means is it’s just it’s

just an agreement it’s not legally
binding except in multiple Europe
European countries including the
Netherlands in there in their
constitution that ground laws as they

call them the you know the bit there
basis laws it’s clearly states I think
it’s article 94 that any European
agreement or treaty supersedes national

national laws and people in the
Netherlands are very upset about this
okay expecting well I’m telling you

they’re in the EU but here’s here’s what
the compact says refugees and migrants
are entitled the same universal human
rights and fundamental freedoms which

must be respected protected and
fulfilled at all times
however migrants and refugees are
distinct groups governed by separate
legal frameworks only refugees are
entitled to specific international

protection as defined by international
refugee law this Global Compact refers
to migrants and presents a cooperative
framework addressing migration in all
its dimensions I could go through every
single article and what this came up in

the conversation because Trump refused
to sign on to this commercial agreement
and there’s a big stink about it yes and
then kind of passed by and that we’ve
long has forgotten about it now it’s

back in the news I guess because other
people are starting to look at it yeah
and this is the United Nations compact a
part of the 2030 agenda for sustainable
development and of course it says that
because of natural disasters the adverse

effects of climate change and
environmental degradation we will see
huge migration they keep promising this
and the entire idea is when people are
on the move you sign up to the compact

and you basically can’t stop them from
coming into your country
and that’s what people are worried about
and again not mentioned in any of the
reports about Paris I think that also
may have something to do with it I don’t

know about French law but you know as
you point out slike base United Nations
they all sign on to it or not everyone
who signed on yet actually but once
you’re in then you’re in and then you

got to let it happen so you know this
this migrant the migrant issue is a
well it seems to be a yes it will curse

the compact will ensure migrants working
in the informal economy which is not
defined in this document but I guess
that means running drugs hookers black
cabs sure migrants working in the

informal economy have safe access to
effective reporting complaint and
redress mechanisms in case of
exploitation abuse or violations of
their rights in the workplace in a

manner that does not exacerbate
vulnerabilities of migrants that
denounce such incidents and allow them
to participate in respective legal
proceedings whether in the country of
origin or destination so you can start
shit before you even roll yeah this is

really it’s really quite quite stunning
this document develop procedures and
agreements on search and rescue of
migrants which now is happening is you

know nongovernmental organizations are
doing this they’re actually going as
close as they can to for instance Libya
off the coast and pick them up save them
there and bring them back the primary

objective of this is to protect migrants
right to life that uphold the
prohibition of collective expulsion
guaranteed due process an individual
assessment enhanced reception enhanced
reception what is it what is it

directional antenna enhanced reception
and assistance capacities and ensure

that the provision of assistance is an
exclusively humanitarian nature for
migrants and is not considered unlawful
and I put the thing in the show notes
and I’m gonna go take a look at it but

you get the gist and the Dutch are very
at least the ones that will email me
about it now seem to be very concerned
about this
should be yeah

is interesting at the same time when
Hillary Clinton and I have that clip
with her interview in The Guardian I
don’t have her talking but I do have the

report okay yeah where is it
yes it’s very interesting that this
comes into play the minute we have this
Global Compact coming into vision and
this is what she tells The Guardian

Hillary Clinton has called on European
leaders to curb mass migration to the
she says it’s helped spread right-wing
populism in an interview in the British
newspaper The Guardian published today

the former Democratic presidential
candidate and Secretary of State warned
if we don’t deal with the migration
issue it will continue to roil the body

she said it lit the flame for racist
political ideologies in Euro of course
Clinton’s comments sparked outrage and
confusion from immigration activists and
European lawmakers who cited her long
track record of welcoming immigrants

yeah I’m not quite sure how that all
works it was very very strange
and then finally Serling did he at the
end he says if you find old clips of

heard bitching about the Mexicans coming
across the border horse of course so
there’s no consistency here but this you
know if she’s gonna play the game of
being a progressive neoliberal even

though there’s some self contradiction
there she has to stand one side of the
fence with the other she can’t be saying
stuff like this
yeah I’m not sure I’m not sure and

infused John Kerry was also quoted in
some European publication saying similar
stuff like uh-huh
very odd maybe maybe these people still
think that when they do an interview

overseas that we don’t see it here is
that possible that they did that dense
that’s your long-standing theory maybe
it could be could be hmm
okay yes that I don’t have much more

from from Euro land yeah I think I have
something else um oh yes I do actually
I’m sorry it’s a short clip you know I

have several friends in the United
Kingdom and they always like now
whenever there’s a mass shooting they
always like to send me a link and say
how are those guns working out for you
and I’m not kidding they love doing that

me laughs the Brits in particular knife
crime is at an all-time high
particularly in London you know four or
five people stabbed today many fatal

okay now find but the latest is this i
love this and i think the the police you
know the British police famous word back
in the day the bobbies never had didn’t

digit a club Club and a helmet didn’t
have any weapons that’s changed and now
we have this new issue
people swiping mobile phones while on
their moped so of course it’s easy prey

because you know as we know everyone’s
on their minds on their phone holding it
the hell they’re walking around they got
two of them it’s very easy to grab that
so along comes a moped BAM grams grab

your iPhone your you know $1300 handheld
computer and now the police have figured
out a way to go after it it’s too bad we
don’t have video for once on the show

but you’ll get the gist of how they are
going after these moped their cellphone
robbers London Metropolitan Police are
tackling criminals on motorbikes in a
new way specially trained drivers are
using police cars to knock them off

their two wheels or they’re forcing them
to crash Scotland Yard has released this
footage showing how they’re pursuing and
ramming into the thieves senior officers
at Scotland Yard

say there’s no maximum speed at which
police vehicles might hit motorcycles a
judge says the policies for officers to
assess the risks of a particular chase
and make a judgment accordingly police
say it’s a miss that they won’t chase

riders who have removed their helmets it
comes after thousands of mobile phones
have been reported stolen by people on
scooters nice and the video is fantastic
there rear-ending these guys and they

had like rear end someone on the
motorbike and the guy flies over the
hood of the cop car they brake he slams
off is fantastic yeah no yeah no yeah no
there is I’ve seen this is pretty funny

right and they’re hitting it from this
guy and it could cop in a car cuz a
boring job anyway generally hey there’s

a moped guy go run him over I cannot
imagine that wouldn’t be not that would
not be accepted in the United States

I can’t imagine no way I don’t think
anyone would say that’s okay now I’m
sure somewhere along the line these
idiots decided that if they took their
helmet off and throw it out you know

throw it right and it seems to me with
that kind of it that

set up the cops would say here’s a guy
with no helmet get him yeah yeah exactly
no it’s fantastic just fantastic
yeah he’s you know I think we may see
more crime with these East Cooter’s

wasn’t there an article about some guy
who escaped the cops on one of those at
Bird bikes on the East guter the
electric scooter dad this I missed yes
well actually had an interesting

Thanksgiving conversation with some of
the Millennials here and there was a
point I hadn’t thought about is with all
of these electric scooters and just if

you don’t know I’m talking about us like
the kids you know step along scooters
that are motorized these things are
being created and built at an incredible
rate that just being pumped out they’re

all built in China they have huge
lithium-ion batteries either on the
front post or underneath you gotta ask
how long will it take before Mundy’s

turns into essentially a flying bomb
this is explode you hit something hard
enough you’d Ministry’s have this
tendency if you’re poorly made then if
you disrupt them with a with you know

some kind of impact I don’t know 15 to
20 miles now or should probably do it I
think we’ll be seeing these reports
pretty soon
yes misprediction yeah and it should be

a terrorism threat
really yes I think it should be a
terrorism thing I think these easy
scooters are terrorist devices

Black Friday yes I have a clip if you
want to intro it with sharing with the
clip PBS the Black Friday report yes I
would like to do that millions of

Americans spent this Black Friday
swarming stores and scouring websites
for deals the retail data firm shopper
track estimates today’s sales will hit
twenty three billion dollars that’s up
more than two billion dollars from last

year across the country retailers saw
the annual rush of shoppers bursting
through their doors before sunrise
scrambling for discounts the vents took
a violent turn near Birmingham Alabama

an argument between two men at a mall
there ended in gunfire police shot and
killed the suspected shooter an eighteen
year old that a 12 year old bystander
were wounded now I tried to look around

to get some video your typical
Thanksgiving Day footage and there were
I didn’t see didn’t seem like there any
big records of people you know trampling

each other just didn’t have the same
vibe as it used to oh we had a lot of
good the same vibe here I didn’t get it
horse here didn’t get here mostly is off
it’s you know people are all doing it

online this year doing it all online
shopping online though that’s the
reports I got no reports was the same as
usual when they said it was up two
billion which is a lot which should
actually help things but my favorite

thing which I didn’t think got enough
fruit care of news I put a picture in
the newsletter of the free shipping of
the guy dressed in a bear costume that

get more coverage I don’t know the guy
in the bear costume so it looks like a
cuffed polar bear you know I think that
the Black Friday has gotten to a point

in the US media where every report is
probably sponsored it’s like they have a
choice of going anywhere and they might
as well say hey everything is good over

I’m looking to come look at Walmart or
what it just seems like it’s native
advertising at this point you know I ran
into a native would ie after after the
fact I did this research there was a in
Atlantic and people can look this up if

you like if you like southern cooking
and you can’t could do a decent biscuit
there’s an article on why we can’t
good biscuits and it refers to
specifically soft red wheat from the

South that is sold as all-purpose wheat
and self-rising wheat the kind of wheat
they sell by these various vendors down
there it is different than the northern

wheats which will not make a decent
biscuit we listen to a long I was still
on Black Friday what are you doing no
I’m going on that gone Black Friday in a

roundabout way I’m gonna just
reasserting a point you just made
ok about native advertising
you said to reiterate that it seems as

though all these reports aren’t really
about like Friday they’re about some you
know and I think this has been true for
a few years because they talk about
Kmart and all these other you know
Walmart did you find another one of

those secret shopper stories you know
the secret donor who donated they always
do that not find that sir but let me
finish my I since I started a biscuit
story should finish it so at the end of
the article they go on and on about this

one wheat lily-white
made out of some southern state
completely ignoring because I did some
research afterwards and I found about

ten of these companies that made a soft
wheat flour in the South in Kentucky and
elsewhere but no she has this one and
then she says and it’s only available on

Amazon and I’m reading this thing and
thinking about the fact that you know
all these other products that you can
get directly you can buy you can you can
look it up and you can find guys wait we

didn’t Myers or some company in Kentucky
seems like a good deal cheaper and
better and it’s got a long history from
the 1860s but this was like I’m reading
this it seems like a real article about

something and then it boils down to
Amazon’s the only one who carry is that
you have to buy from them I of course
and I’m thinking this is ridiculous
there’s no I just was very I was very

yeah people are going to be very sad
once they figure out that Amazon has
taken over everything there no more
local retail shops mom-and-pop is dead

it’s gonna be it’s gonna be upsetting
that I think that we in looking at
Google as the true evil Corp I think
it’s Amazon Amazon is probably a lot
more evil than Google well at this point

I’d say yesterday now Black Friday I’m
is Lu’s gonna stop using him oh I’m I’m
really trying to diminish my use it’s
very difficult when you send me links to

the SSD drive where else would you get
those products that’s what I’m saying
it’s very hard it’s already very hard
but I I do try I do try to I’m failing
but I try I tried to get stuff at other

outlets online but it’s hard you know
it’s it’s it’s the the 800-pound gorilla
now back to Black Friday so as far as I
understood from the reports we had one

one fatal shooting yeah sounds about
let’s see how everything was in in
Europe where we also have Black Friday

and they also reference another holiday
which people called me out before your
place can I mention one thing when I was
there last year they were having Black
Friday cuz I was there then in London

and I was quizzing people about this is
what what is what is you don’t have
Thanksgiving how do you have Black
Friday and they all told me everyone
said this it’s Amazon has been promoting

it interesting that’s not what this
report tells us from euronews for
today’s power-play it’s all about the
backlash against a very American
phenomenon which is growing in Europe

backlash against the American phenomenon
backlash let’s take a look
Black Friday

it might just drive you to despair
bargain mad shoppers literally falling
over each other just to get 40% off a
television the American phenomenon is
linked to Thanksgiving and even though

Europe does not mark this holiday Black
Friday has been creeping onto its
continent in recent years with sales
increasing by 32 percent in Europe last
year but not everyone is happy about it

in France Greenpeace has launched a
counter campaign calling on Europeans to
ditch the park and fueled chaos in favor
of getting active and spending time with
family and friends so you’re gonna hear

this little panel discussion between a
couple people I think one is is from
maybe Sweden or Finland can’t remember
yes so you have to get interaction for a
second so they really kind of like the

whole idea that you know they’ve got
these sales are going up and that’s good
for the economy but it’s an American
thing so it’s you know inherently
disgusting it’s just it has Americanism
all over it it’s just so we’re going to

do it a little different we’re not gonna
be as crazy as them of course you’re
only just getting started I think that
first image and capture that’s what back
Black Friday is you know there’s there’s
you know again we’re talking about

messaging so you were shaking your heads
when you were looking at that is it you
know is it a good thing about thing
Black Friday itself well it’s a good
foil wallet but it’s flat bad for the
planet we are already consuming 1.5

every year this is a statistic I didn’t
know existed did you know we are already
consuming 1.5 planets every year
what is she talking about the and I

looked this up the assertion is that
this last year or this past year we
consumed more minerals than then the
planet actually can provide to us it’s

like a global warming statistic is what
it is
it’s except about climate it’s about
minerals like oil yes thank you its peak
products is what it is for the planet

we are already consuming 1.5 planets
every year and so we really should think
I don’t it might be the translation that
makes it funny consuming 1.5 planets but

it’s bad for the planet and we are
already consuming 1.5 planets
every year and so we really should think
carefully what to buy and buy quality

and of course could prize impossible but
not just to Russian by anything American
is do you think that’s something that
people think about especially where
grant companies are getting more

Global’s for their mobile approaches we
can think about Halloween for example
that was kind of introduced to Europe
yeah you know I got people telling me it
was bullshit that the Halloween is not
true it’s not happening in Europe it’s
even happening in France I think that is

balanced is to try to use a phenomenon
to promote products then there’ll be a
response of society which can be that
harsh but also I think imbalance will

but very quickly Laura should there be a
different messaging when it comes to
Black Friday in Europe no I don’t think
so I mean I think that if it’s going to
work it will work on the same basis a
different messaging don’t buy a lot but

by responsible wishes that everybody
likes a bargain I mean I’m half American
and I’ve actually just come back from
the States and I was there for Halloween

and I can assure you that even while
people go a bit crazy for Halloween here
it’s nothing like in the States so even
if we get that far away it’s not gonna
be like it isn’t just go do dials there
you go there you go maybe the sale is
actually quite good that a bunch of

haters haters who really in haters
they’re trying to make Black Friday more
of a you know a social experience
you know it’s about press about sales

and deals and everyone knows it you
can’t pretend that it’s not
so these retailers can get in there and
balance the books yes this move is an

inventory turn what I saw I won’t forget
was some mini documentary on Black
Friday and it has had different meanings
throughout the years there was a Black

Friday when it would end the depression
and there was it yeah of course had a
whole different meaning there were there
were different Black Friday
interpretations throughout the ages

going back you know decades but now the
Wikipedian on shopping the Black Friday
word it had to do with stock market
crashes this is a bad day on Friday but

specifically for this holiday I said the
word holiday what is a day off in the
United States anyway mm-hmm Black Friday
is in the forum I’m gonna read from the

wiki page so we can get to the bottom of
it Black Friday’s and formal name for
the Friday following Thanksgiving date
was you’re celebrating the fourth
Thursday Black Friday’s been regarded as
the beginning of the shopping season
although the term brac Black Friday

didn’t become widely used until most
recent decades when I was a little kid I
never heard this term and I first
started hearing it I don’t know maybe
when did you first hear it cuz maybe 15

20 years oh no I’ve only heard it in the
context of shopping what I learned is
that in the 50s it referred to the
practice of workers calling in sick the

day after Thanksgiving and that’s why it
was called Black Friday
we’ll hear the earliest evidence of the
Black Friday applied to the day after
Thanksgiving in a shopping context yes

suggest that the term originated in
Philadelphia mm-hmm
where it was used to describe the heavy
and disruption pedestrian and vehicle
traffic that would occur on the day

after Thanksgiving and made it all look
like black like everything was black the
usage dates to at least 1961 more than
20 years later as the phrase became more
widespread a popular explanation became

the day represented at the point of the
year when retailers began to turn a
profit thus going from behind the red to
being in the black yeah so it morphed
ultimately this is a fit this is an

American invention we rule this is what
we do we create these types of things
and you suckers and Europe you
particulate at it yes we’re very good at
it and we’ve created this began in 61
and then morphed into what it is

probably in the 80s I think sounds about
the timeline yeah that means that we’ve
been doing is the official Black Friday
the modern Black Friday which means you
do retells make all their money and that

and they all got a clue that everyone’s
gonna go shopping so let’s let’s do it
this go overboard yeah that just taken
what 30 years plus years 1891 is about
38 years we uh we’d like to see

Europeans or they don’t know what’s
what’s gonna happen in 38 years from now
they could be completely nuts well
remember we’ve created new holidays we
have Cyber Monday we got the cyber

Mondays I which is going to get this
dude this holiday by the way which is
not which is a bogus holiday it’s not a
holiday great marketing and I believe

that Amazon push the idea of Black
Friday in Europe if I’m or at least in
London if I’m not if these guys aren’t

full of crap I would I would think is
that if you if Black Friday exists then
Cyber Monday it will exist yeah I think
bamas on genius marketers if that’s true

well it really had really only started
in the last five years in Europe so that
wouldn’t that would do I’m sure we could
we can track that back to Amazon

probably yeah whatever doesn’t matter
it’s all it’s all people buying shit
they don’t need with money they don’t

as so it keeps the country going well
sadly that is the way our country this
country works you know if I said sadly

you don’t like buying stuff no I don’t
like I will always remember George W
Bush after 9/11 saying it’s very
important we all go back to work and

keep shopping yeah but it was it was
kind of necessary because when you don’t
have the shopping taking place we can’t
create the fake money’s to lend to you

nothing happens if the shoppings not
going on we’re a mercantil country based
on an oil economy let’s do something we
can’t can’t ignore completely mm-hmm

and we know either one of those things
is disrupted you’re just gonna end up in
a depression and then you get the
opportunity for some socialist
government to take over some bad things
to happen which is what some people
strive for

people should shop so much well that’s
what Greenpeace was trying to say yeah
that’s what Greenpeace was trying to say
and they’re their basis for saying that

is ill-advised I gotta tell you just a
shopping experience since at least was
here from school and you know Tina the
keeper and I were nor consolidating our

lives so you know I was hell-bent on
taking them away from Sprint and
bringing them to my t-mobile account
which is just better and cheaper in my

opinion so we go to us the coverage
there’s the coverage good yeah coverage
is really good especially up in Arkansas
where she goes to school oh then you
went t-mobile it’s but it’s also cheaper

I like it I don’t you seen the CEO of
t-mobile yeah I have direct contact with
John ledger the long haired very yes
John ledger he’s not a freak
he’s a frigate defending your friend now

he’s not my friend but I’ve had issues
and I i DM him any DMV back and gave me
like his personal assistant to help me

with but I was one of her in Italy two
years ago okay but anyway but anyway I
so we setting up the way it works is a
big rigmarole and you get your hand in

your your phones and you get new phones
back and basically you don’t pay for
anything but then it just solves your
moved over the numbers and moved over
and it’s cheaper I guess for a while
we’ll see but two things a the t-mobile

story were the only ones there so much
for Black Friday it’s like what where’s
all the shoppers nothing but here’s the
other thing I’ve always and I don’t I

have my iPhone 7 plus which is it sits
in the corner on the charger the only
reason it’s there is it’s running
whatsapp so I can get to whatsapp from a
web browser elsewhere I don’t I don’t

use it in a little shrine no it’s on the
floor I don’t use it but the girls use
them and so they were going to get new

uh I don’t know what Apple was thinking
I mean I’ve been able to keep up with
their you know the numbers it’s seven
seven plus you know all the way back to
the first one which I had then I stopped
at seven and now we’re up to but now we

have thee this is still have the ten we
have the XS the XS max the Rx the you
know is all these different model
numbers and there’s knows like you’re

buying a BMW if you know what it’s a bit
like I’m confused about BMW or Mercedes
numbers and you just see these phones
there’s four new iPhones next to each
other the only difference you can really

see is price
yeah you had the phone this one’s a
little bigger than that one and that one
looks a little bit brighter
I think they screwed it up what were
they thinking with all of the it was so

easy to remember like the new phone has
this number and there’s the big one has
a plus and now that no this one has a
better camera that one has an OLED
versus an LCD screen
it’s like hocus I don’t I think they

made a mistake it’s it’s no is I think
people just look I serve I can afford
that one looks kind of the same does it
work that works fine well this is

reminiscent of apples the Apple has a
tendency to do this they did this with
the Macintosh once once jobs quit and
Scully took over yeah and then Scully

ran the business and you know way up to
10x the company yeah and then once he
left I think Spindler took over after
that but once he left they started this

weird branding of the Macintosh the
Macintosh – there was the Macintosh LS
there was a whole series of macintoshes
that came out in boxes and stand-alones

and it was really very confusing and I
thought that you know it was something
somewhat genius of them to do a like a
yearly new a new iPhone yeah and it was

gonna be this iPhone then it was this
five than the six then no and then you
had the plus and then the S we had an S
cycle so you know I was gonna be a
little color ones well that’s the RX now

the RX has the little color ones except
you can’t really get any color of colors
because no and you know they don’t have
stock them enough yes I don’t know it
just it seems like a marketing mistake

to me as someone who just as I was just
like I’m not stupid I’ve kept use yeah
there are people in marketing
departments that really believe that

lots of SKUs give people a lot of
choices is a good idea I don’t think so
hmm well I think you know we won’t I
wound up today we’ll just get him the Rx
you know looks fine

you know doesn’t have this spiffy super
camera on it or the OLED display but
it’s got the a 12 processor
oh I think you’re right not because I

think that’s the googles you know
falling it more you know pixel pixel –
there’s no I think they’re up to the
pixel three actually not a pixel 3s and
a pixel 3a and a pixel 3/3 eyes yes none

of that
I know yet yeah exactly
little ultra mom before we take our
first break and this came out this

morning I only had a chance to listen to
it for one second this is from CBS this
morning they are talking about
conspiracy theorists I’m always
interested what people think of
conspiracy theorists is because I would

say that I am one huh let’s see if the
description fits what’s inside the tin
what does your basic conspiracy theorist

look like if I ask people to close their
eyes and imagine who that person is
most of them are gonna think of a white
male middle-aged and look a lot like me

tinfoil hat perhaps living in the
mother’s basement with a ham radio you
know we have this this movement to get

more people younger people especially
not your radio yeah and yet there’s this
guy like and I don’t believe by the way
that many of these conspiracy theorists
whatever they whoever they are are hams

I don’t think that many are is Alex
Jones a ham radio guy I don’t think so
your conspiracy theorist yes oh okay
well no I don’t think he’s a ham radio

guy yeah with that though thank you for
making me a ham radio guy and I’d like
to thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you Jonesy and compact
for Migration Dvorak any morning to you

Adam Curry in the morning all ships to
sea boots on the ground feet in the air
substr were down now all the Dames and
all the nights out there yes in the
morning to the trolls got a late signal
this morning

glad y’all showed up a snow agenda was
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rather confused now you can’t roll us in
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sometimes you get some good feedback
from there but also want to say in the
morning – uncle cave bear he brought us
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a friend a friends giving didn’t you the
kids had the friends giving you went
over yeah yeah it was good yeah the
gravy was good
that’s right it I smelled it first how
much did you do how much to drink before

you went over uh i don’t drink and drive
I don’t drink that much from it okay
drive is conscientious
alright but you have two people to thank

for today’s show by the way I wouldn’t
should mention the people that are
listening and I don’t think there’s
gonna be that many because the
Thanksgiving Day and the Sunday in
particular that follows Thanksgiving are

very slow that’s where most TV shows are
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do late-night shows I’m surprised the
news isn’t a rerun although when you
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but we do have two people wanted one
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let’s see here’s his note anonymous note
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reimagined and re-released for OTG
phones and smart phones no that’s it no

I’m not gonna do that first of all
you’re not gonna write it I would write
it’s already been written what Devorah

Khan typing was a product that came oh
no no I mean no reimagined for image for
us I can happen
you had Dvorak outside nations aren’t
that good what what is this what tell me
about Devore icon typing I’m not

familiar it was this product that came
out in the I think in the late 80s maybe
no Andes I’m not sure from interplay I
was working with them they’re good
software company down Southern

California this is long since been
switched around there no know what
they’re doing it anymore and it was just
they wanted to do this I did a couple of
products formerly they want to do this

typing thing but it was kind of a
confused problem confusing problem
because it wasn’t about the Dvorak
keyboard right right it was a Mavis
Beacon clone
the name Mavis Beacon rings a bell but

I’m not sure what that was it was a
typing program done by I think was
oh this taught you how to type yeah huh
this was the same thing just do you

still have it does it still like
contributions mostly saying the letters
it’s kind of its electors I’ve been
hearing a B that’s you in the software

that’s right good work
does it say stuff like that yeah
excellent job oh please somebody find
this software package for me if you can

give first ID to five and a half inch
discs and a five and a quarter inch
disks but yeah it’s not there’s fooling
around oh the many little things I’ve
done in people so you were really so

basically you were the the precursor of
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holy crap so there was a short segment
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used as John said these are typically

very very bad bad weeks or bad is this a
bad week for sure but but I kind of
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I like the you know the the
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like that so I was happy to be here and
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still a chance Bitcoin can rebound
everybody keep hopping and go out there
our formula is this

for hit people in the mouth
it’s a little segue here is I’m John now

monitoring man Madam Secretary yes yes
I’m glad you are because I can’t watch
it anymore it’s pretty hard to watch
this yes because it’s pretty much taken

over by the lire foundation was burgled
show my Candice Bergen show which I
you’re also supposed to be watching oh
my god that thing is unwatchable
well this but there was like a whole

thing but did we do the ice thing do we
already do that from that show I don’t
know I’ll go look at the lire foundation
is all over these programs yeah these
two in particular but let’s just get a

little just a little G little a little
knife into Russia on this particular
short clip and this is at a Leone as the
Secretary of State in a fictional story
in this case is a spy Oh X by talking to

the to the group I don’t think we know
anymore what Russia is or isn’t capable
of we need answers
so that’s it yeah that was this I’m

keeping these short yeah I could tell
well I I did watch something else about
I think we got through four four

episodes of the Clinton affair this is
very interesting
I think it’s originally a series done by
A&E and now it’s on Amazon the Clinton
affair chronicles the really the Monica

Lewinsky story and how that got you know
extrapolated out of the white originally
the Whitewater investigation with a

special prosecutor Ken Starr which
ultimately resulted in the impeachment
of Bill Clinton well but the impeachment
was for his had nothing to do with the
Whitewater investigation and only had to

do it’s his testimony about Monica where
he lied under oath the interesting thing
as you’re already starting to point out
the I did not know all of the history I

did not realize there the affair went on
for two years I did not realize the
extent and I did not realize if you look
at Paula Jones and there was one other

one forget what what would really
whether it really was about was sexual
harassment in the workplace and that’s a

little different than the way I recall
this go and of course this was 95 96 97
98 I was doing other things at the time
so I didn’t pay that much attention to

probably didn’t care but it but you know
there’s there’s one is one thing to it
really sexual harassment in the
workplace is a huge issue where you’re
doing this to subordinates and that’s

what the Paula Jones was about and the
other and one of the other women are
multiple there’s a couple way but what’s
uncanny is the parallel and when you
watch the series it’s like holy crap

this is exactly the type of thing that’s
happening to Trump today right it means
right down to the same issues the same
defense the same attacks the differences
you know Trump so as far as we know paid

off you know hookers and porno stars to
have sex with him wasn’t necessarily
sexual harassment in the workplace but

the same idea of an investigation about
something which was like man really the
Whitewater yeah maybe there was
something with the savings and loan I
don’t know Clintons did have convinced

Foster’s death in there which you know
they the Trump hasn’t had anything like
that yet but you know it’s like a Russia
investigation and revolt eventually it’s
like it’s like the history repeats

itself we love in America we like
starting at the top with you’re doing
something really bad for the country and
we bring it all the way down to a hooker
and to sex and that’s all that we seem
to be able to do is bring it down to

someone having sex with somebody else
and the D parallel is just uncanny you
don’t think it is but when you see the
series you’re like holy crap and just as
bad by the way the name-calling the

horrible press reports very similar no
wonder no wonder Hillary wanted all this
no wonder she’s enlisted of mi6 and the
yeah with this with steel and all these

guys no wonder so are you implying that
this was your only way of getting sex no
that’s not what I’m implying but it
sounded like it’s very it’s very

interesting to watch I think I’ve seen
four or five must’ve been a nightmare to
clear all of that it’s just all these
news reports very good and very little
of Hillary you know it’s really about

Bill about what he was doing and montt
it’s Monica story I guess but you know
look at all the the details
definitely a recommendations we’re
enjoying it very much

good yeah I was thinking of uh equalizer
2 or something I saw I saw equalizer two
on the plane yeah what’d you think

and you know it’s like ends well that
all’s well that ends well can we just
have the guide everyone died at the end

and just end it always has to end in a
great way yes as modeled after a lot of
people haven’t seen in this Denzel
Washington right that’s what we’re

talking about yeah yeah III see it
modeled after a classic Hong Kong style
a movie where there’s some horrible
thing that happens at the beginning and
then the rest of it is is revenge

yeah and then at the very end it took
classic Hong Kong movie that would
mostly in the 80s John Woo and some of
these directors came out of this john

run this genre was very simple and I
think the Punisher would be wanted
there’s a whole horrible horrible look
like a prosper yeah it was very

ridiculously graphic and people and then
they’ve done a revenge thing starts to
get back at all the people that did the
bad deed and the whole thing is a chase
movie after that and then at the very

end of these movies typically they get
all the kill everybody everybody’s
injured and then the a house or a
building or something blows up and then
they shoot it from about 40 angles and

there’s a boil up blow up blow up blow
up so it’s not just one explosion it’s
like the same explosions shot from 50
angles and then the heroes are all beat
to crap and they’re limping and they get

crutches and they walk into the sunset
and here’s the thing I was wondering how
could I have ever missed the enforcer
part one I mean what happens well of the

equalizer whatever it is the equalizer
part one was a good movie well it was go
back and watch that I don’t think so it

was a great err airplane movies to me it
felt like my agenda is Mission
Impossible the newest one that they just
finally put on DVD felt to me like this
was Denzel getting a house and you know

some valley or something yeah do this do
it number two but he did it anyway
now speaking of movies in Hollywood
we get a rare opportunity today as the

MPAA the Motion Picture Association of
America has uncloaked its true mission
had we had net neutrality and I think

now this could still be implemented of
course in California where as far as I
know the net neutrality laws have passed
and as specifically although billed as
hey man no one can slow down your

Netflix or even slow down your no agenda
show because the old has to be know no
one gets any priority no fast channels
the part that this show focused on was
the small use of the words ISPs may

legally block unlawful content and
unlawful traffic which is what seemed to
be quite an issue as you know what is

that’s not illegal by the way it’s
unlawful is a little different man you
can create something can be unlawful
very quickly so the MPAA has put out
their recommendations this is what they

want legislators to work on I believe
this is what they wanted to have
implemented with net neutrality and it’s
pretty interesting for four main topics
that I just want to discuss they demand

hosting providers filter using automated
content recognition technology which as
we know works really well to the forward
Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices

DMCA takedown essentially to users
terminates repeat infringers after
receipt of a reasonable number of
notices and prevent re registration by

terminated users implement download
bandwidth or frequency limitations to
prevent high volume traffic for
particular files which sounds like that
wouldn’t have fit with net neutrality

anyway a green I know that does a whole
lot yeah I know I knew I was all about
that I know I’m just reading it to you
well no of course net neutrality

didn’t happen so maybe they added that
in but even then that would not be in
accordance with net neutrality which
supported we continue the agree not to
ok yoga’s MP yeah these are guys trying

to protect their movies yeah but it goes
pretty far agree not to challenge
third-party application of court orders
regarding suspension of hosting services
in cases by rights holders against

pirate sites remove files expedition
leaves expeditiously and block referral
traffic from known privacy sites so this
is where it gets interesting and they
continue reverse proxy servers should

disclose the true hosting location of
pirate sites upon referral terminate
identified pirate sites and prevent
these sites from re-registering and
green not the challenge third party

application of court orders regarding
suspension to reverse proxy services
ISPs should forward Digital Millennium
Copyright Act notices to users terminate
repeat infringers after receipt of a

reasonable number of notices and prevent
re-registration also expeditiously
comply with document subpoenas for user
information and block sites subject to
court order in the applicable

jurisdiction and finally social media
should be compelled to remove ads links
and pages dedicated to the promotion of
any privacy devices and terminate repeat
infringers they really want to block

links a site that has a link to anything
which of course Google would be the
biggest offender but they’re the good
guys and I think it’s very telling to

see what the the Motion Picture
Association of America really wants but
more importantly they claim that they
have the right to do this because of the

Constitution and yeah I want to read
this to you because I actually looked
into it to try and figure out what they
meant let me see where it is where’s the

they call it the I think they call it
the copyright clause although that’s not
what it’s called in the Constitution on
a second so why can’t I find this

copyright so they released a very large
document the MPAA and this is what it’s
what is actually
call this they call it if their
rationale for all of these horrible

things they want to implement and they
say that they they cite here
specifically respect for copyright
driving innovation and competition and
here’s what they say which i think is

very disingenuous respect for copyright
helps drive this creative and economic
activity making the United States the
global leader in the creation of content
enjoyed worldwide and here it comes

the Constitution’s copyright Clause
recognizes that securing the rights of
creators in the fruits of their
creativity including to determine how to
disseminate their works increases both

the production and distribution of
content to the ultimate benefit of the
public and this thinking to me and I’ve
looked at several Supreme Court cases it

is so contrary to what the Constitution
says in my humble constitutional opinion
well let me tell you what I think well
let me no you can’t because you come in

after I’ve told you section 8 of the
Constitution indeed has the following
clause which is not titled the copyright
clause it’s just a part of section 8 of
the Constitution and it goes as follows

to promote the progress of science and
useful arts by securing for limited
times to authors and inventors the
exclusive right to their respective

writings and discoveries that is one of
the powers Congress has and they somehow
believe that this means that this is to
let content creators enjoy the fruits of

their labor but that end and they say
distribution is a part of this clause by
taking the word promotion and progress
and saying oh that’s about distribution

so we our distribution needs to be
protected this is all they lay this all
out but really what I believe the
Constitution says and I am interested in
what you have to say is they’re not

making more money for the creator
they’re saying to promote the progress
of science and the useful arts that
would be technology for the people by
securing for limited times to authors

and inventors the exclusive right and
now of course the limited time has
become the lifetime of the creator plus
70 years and it’s plus I think 95 it was

a corporation 50 years yeah it’s it’s
insane what that’s become and this is
aching this is something that should
really be revisited at a Supreme Court

level it is just disgusting the way they
are taking this clause and turning it
into something for the Creator no it was
so that people could receive useful

knowledge and information to build upon
to promote for the people not for your
I’m interested to hear what you have to
say about it copyright law was to

protect the creator for 26 years and
then he could renew it for another 26
years if he wanted to and then it’d go
into the public domain where which means

Mickey Mouse for example should be in
the public domain by this law and social
Donald Duck and all the rest of these
Disney things and the
and the idea was so the guy who did the

invention of the creation would even
though there’s patent laws that also
protect those guys would would you know
make out from you want to be creative
but it wasn’t for life and it wasn’t

like for anything it wasn’t for
something you could just sell I mean now
it’s become a commodity you create
something and you sell it to somebody
else and then they now own it that’s not
protecting the Creator let me give this

room it that he gets the check but what
I’m the whole thing is this but what I’m
so I’m disagreeing with you here because
I do not believe that this was to
protect the Creator no is not to just

protect the Creator it is to have a time
limit where the actual invention can
help the general public that is the the
distribution part to progress to give it

to the to the people at large in the
public domain of twenties distribution
for 26 years was just arbitrary there’s
no there’s no rule that says 26 years
that was just made up and now it’s been

extended to as you say you know 150
years is about the lifetime of a
copyright or a patent yeah everybody’s
he had no the yeah no I said it twice

now the point was yeah they get
protected for 26 years because they
otherwise it would just be like this
stuff would be stolen instantly so you
wouldn’t have to be able to even do a

mag seems right but do you lit enjoy
that’s not paying anything for anything
like because it’s just easy to steal and
so they have to protect this guy for a
while and then it was supposed to go
into the public domain which I did say

and that was what benefited the public
where you could you know work upon it
use it for something else you could read
jigger it you could rewrite it do you do
other things with it well and that all

I’m saying is it patents the Motion
Picture Association of America’s
interpretation of the Constitution has
been debunked by as far back as Justice
Brennan that this is not that is not

intended to secure the rights of the
creators and the fruits of their
creativity to ultimately benefit the
public because it doesn’t benefit the
public it benefits the corporations at

this point and it’s just I’m just blown
away by how they think that that’s what
that constitutional clause means in
Section eight

it’s all about them well yes it is and
what they’re and they’re screwing
themselves because now we’ve gotten to
this point we have too many services
that’s why we’re gonna see people start

stealing content again cuz you know
again in MPs in bigger numbers I think
it definitely got better with easy
access through Netflix but then you have
Netflix you have Amazon you have Hulu

you have to have five hundred dollars
worth of of subscriptions if you don’t
want to have FOMO and want to watch the
latest coolest show so of course people
don’t do that No
you can’t monetize the there is the cord

cutting phenomenon which is partly due
this overpricing mm-hmm partly due it’s
because of the overpricing yes and the
kind of the scamming aspect of bundling

I mean if you get a subscription to say
how many people watch more than one or
two movies a month on Showtime
HBO stars and all these other things

that you subscribe to in a bundle and it
cost you a lot of money and you’re
really just seeing two movies yeah you
have the access that the whole thing
needs to be rethought and the MPAA is to
me that I’m making the same kind of

mistake to the RIAA made when they
brought to the public’s attention the
fact that you could get mp3’s by
downloading them for free which was just
an underground thing for years yeah it

was usually done by DJs and people that
you know they just really couldn’t put a
collection together and it was
underground trading and college kids
were the biggest probably the biggest uh

thieves they had many of the college
networks had all these songs that had
somebody slipped onto the network to
school didn’t even know about it and
they were trading back and forth and

listening the music college kids
couldn’t afford to buy all these songs
and albums and most of them weren’t that
good at the time and then but it was
just underground it stayed that way
until the RIAA came up and brought it to

the attention of the public at large hey
look what’s going on and the next thing
you know everyone’s saying yeah oh this
is cool in the Napster became a thing
because of it yes and the whole thing is

really not is poorly thought out there
just I mean what why can’t they bring
take pirates Bay offline
why would what do you mean why can’t

they who’s they
they are their MPAA their there in that
document you just read they’re talking
about sources of distribution they can’t
how they have to they can’t and that’s

why net neutrality was needed and now
that as I said as I preface this
decloaking shows what they wanted to do
at the ISP level they want to shut you
down under the unlawful content unlawful
network traffic clauses that’s the point

they can’t you can’t shut down these
torrents you can’t shut down stuff it’s
peer to peer it’s always going to be
around that’s where they’re going after
the ISPs and we only have four of them

they’ll have a few real ISPs certainly
in the United States and they just want
to block that traffic off it’s a
referral link it’s a proxy link its
torrent traffic

well and they have agreements and they
have agreements with all the payment
services so they um Cass Comcast it’s in
their interest to block those things

because they sell movies yeah there are
you know Netflix clone that they you
know if you’re Comcast customer you can
get most of the ISPs doing rent this

movie it’s new rent this movie three
bucks four bucks whatever it is and they
would love to be able to block this
stuff but I don’t know how are they
gonna get around the technology
technology I’ll strip these guys are

slow on the draw they’re not
technologists they’re a bunch of beer
we’ve already agreed on this point
several times in the past this is what
they every time you turn around now you

have the VPN can go but past all this
stuff and what are they gonna do about
this is exactly what they said they want
they wanted to mandate that referring
link traffic from VPNs would be
available so they would know if both

sides a if the hosting part was in it
where that originated from or if you
were accessing from the wrong country
for some source something you’re not
supposed to retrieve you go to the okay

you take your VP and everyone has one
I say bytes they have to use the rest of
this show have a VPN
you’re just making buy things for me I

don’t understand what you’re doing I’m
gonna make your point for free that’s
because apparently it can’t make it to
me but I’m gonna make it to you so you
get out these VPNs or pastand are
encrypted every which way they’re
encrypted to the VPN they’re encrypted

from the VPN they’re encrypted from the
VPN to the other site and the other side
back and forth I don’t care what kind of
deep packet sniffing you do to just look
at this data stream that’s just an

anonymous data stream coming and this is
a bunch of nothing I don’t see how
you’re gonna be able to determine that
as a BitTorrent stream or anything else
for that matter
these guys are fooling themselves

they’re charging money to fool
themselves they’re charging money to
somebody this is not being done if you
wanted to do this you have to do some
other way open your mind what I said was

they decloaked
what they wanted to have happen with net
neutrality in place if net neutrality
was the law they would have easily as in

California I also said that as I said
we’ll have to see what happens in
California if it was the law you better
believe they would have ways to say
unlawful traffic unlawful content coming

from these IP addresses their VPNs their
proxy servers they would have every
right and the ISPs would have to comply
that’s my only point they have to make
VPNs illegal

no you can’t tell it’s not an unlawful
traffic unlock yes unlawful traffic or
unlawful content they could easily have

said that IP address is a VPN it’s a
proxy server that’s serving VPN clients
that needs to be blocked at the ISP
level that was the plan all along one of

the blends now I think you can I think
you definitely can of course you can
that would be it’s too late these guys
are always too late

yeah I mean I’d like to see him try
yeah I mean what do you do about banks
what do you do about these in these

these kind of encrypted systems that
have to exist or these companies can’t
do business so it would have been a
nightmare yes nothing they’re gonna get
anywhere and I think what’s interesting

is let’s see how it works in California
because they are going to start suing
California now has these laws on the
books you’ll see we’re gonna find out
exactly what would have happened and
it’s probably gonna happen in California
because of the net neutrality laws that

include those those clauses those I
think in California which is where you’d
think it would happen because of course
they put net neutrality and California
is also the home of all these these

content producers down in Hollywood
mm-hmm yeah you’d think that this would
be the perfect place for a testing
ground but because of the of the the
crunchiness of the pole state and the

way everyone sees things implement
anything that would have attack an ISP
because the besides having Hollywood we
also have the largest tech community I
believe in California now and they’re

not gonna let this give me their fortune
that’s rather jollity is not killing
VPNs not yet not yet but show will be
long over by the time they get that far

you know if there’s only one thing I’d
‘mentally disagree with is you base a
lot of your assumptions of when
something will happen on old situations
before social media before this in fact

often before the internet Facebook is
gonna die in our lifetime John and will
without even without a competitor in a
Facebook it’s going to happen people
people have choices for other things

they get fed up they have other things
to do in life all on their phone but
they still have other things to do they
leave things things will happen fast
I really believe things happen faster
yeah I know you’ve believed they but I

think your belief in this in
particularly with Facebook is wishful
thinking more than it is objective
analysis oh okay you hope it does no I
don’t care I really don’t care one way

or the other i say this that i yes i do
base things on things like you say on
the past
because people predicting I’d be the
demise of IBM you know during when the
microcomputer came but us the end of IBM

the microcomputer is gonna take them out
that’s about time and it was the same
thing that we did the internet then we
didn’t have the same infrastructure so

of course what well speaking of crunchy
then let me take us on a different topic
with something to listen to podcast
advertising we don’t do it

then there’s reasons why we don’t do it
but I have a piece of podcast
advertising that is running rampant you
know we’ve had the Squarespace we’ve had
the what’s the underwear everyone was
advertising oh god there’s an underwear

thing going around you’re right and also
the mattresses yeah it’s Casper the
mattress what was the what’s the the
hell was that the come on Joe Rogan has
them as a sponsor I don’t know the

underwear yeah it’s underwear thing it’s
like the perfect fit they’re great it’s
like some special underwear company that

the tonnage um Tommy John there we go
thank you troll room Tommy Jerry me
undies another one already competitors
it’s pathetic if they’re selling

underwear on the podcasts oh it gets
this is a live Reed which I’ve always
believed is the way if you’re gonna do
advertisements you got to do live Reed’s
I think that’s the way to go I still
don’t think the month the network can be

monetized properly but I’ve always
believed in the endorsement model this
is the talk nerdy podcast not something
I listen to I actually got this from one
of our Knights sir rod mr. atomic Roddy

is it a nuclear expert and he was a
command yeah he was coming he commanded
us a nuclear submarine for a I always

mess it up but anyway you know he’s he’s
not a dumb guy so whatever this podcast
is it’s interesting to him and therefore
interesting in general but this is how
the show opens with their live read

commercial enjoy want to take a quick
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tastes like poo NASA that’s all I want

do I hit that is the damnedest thing
I’ve ever heard in terms of her full
enthusiasm it’s the future of his good
guys she’s enthusiastic enlisted she’s

unless she’s a lizard it’s the future of
food you guys
is another thing I’ve noticed how can
somebody do a podcast with a try yeah I

don’t know maybe the place is up just a
humor podcast was just doing joke see I
know it’s called talk nerdy I know it’s
nerd stuff I know

seems so shameless sheet lists that’s
Jane I used the word a lot today but
this is very shameless disaster future
food and they go go out and promote
something like this this is and I’m not

gonna say which podcast there this is
but this reminds me of the guys who you
they do one mattress and then the next
greatest greatest and then the next you
know the month later so different

mattress which is the greatest is the
greatest well I don’t think that’s a new
I think I don’t think the broadcast
history would show that we haven’t the
flowers not products be Mike Levin Mark

and Mark Levin was going on about one of
these systems where you know you’d
checks your make sure that you don’t

have your identity stolen for months and
months and months it was just one
company I I’m not gonna plug either one
of these companies and all of a sudden
it’s another company the world’s
greatest jobs it just seems to me and I

don’t know if people can I mean people
bitch and moan about all kinds of it
dishonesty and of all sorts you know
from up and down the the you know the
media’s dishonest the president’s

dishonest everybody’s dishonest but how
could you do a something like what we do
I think is the point you were making and
then do that yeah
yeah and then meant claimed to be you

know neutral or whatever he supposed to
be yeah that bull greed is the worst
thing I can imagine just it’s a podcast
I just I like I like the terminally it’s
the future food you guys I hear this a

oh you guys you guys I’m assuming you
clip that as a nice oh no I didn’t
damn cuz that’s the way they end the
show now I actually I actually I clipped

an ISO from
is it from the from the French is what I
clipped an ISO from okay

yeah let me see what was it there was
the we’re talking about about the
yeah about the the riots here it is this
is this is the I so I clipped what are

we what are we now we sheep
promises muddy yeah it is little money I
agree there’s another term that I hear a
lot and because you know we watch a lot
of YouTube videos to get stuff you know

you just wind up watching YouTube videos
this is the phrase that I’m getting a
little annoyed by I’m gonna go ahead and
have you noticed this

I have I’m going to go ahead and start
the donation segment now that you
mention don’t be annoyed by it every
time I hear okay guys I’m gonna go ahead
and let John explain that I’m gonna go
ahead and hey why don’t you go ahead and

go to the bathroom
Oh once you go ahead and tell me what’s
going on with that I this I this is a
sound like Lumbergh I’m going off the
space oh I hear this so much I’m sure
people are annoyed with stuff we say

over and over but hey at least try to
retry to correct our or we do gaffes
let’s play something from CNN is did an
interview with Chuck this is Zuckerberg

and and you know he’s not even getting
taught him is must orchim because now it
is sitting out some random reporter was
probably did tech reporter and she’s

gonna go ahead and interview Zuckerberg
and it’s it’s not the top level that
he’s used to because I think he’s well
can i interject yeah I think the news

media’s finally gotten a clue and looked
at their numbers and said hey why are we
giving this guy a free pass good point
he’s competing with us good point
this is

you know I have my theories about face
Facebook they are going to die in cost
that’s really what it’s gonna come down
to and the guitar they’re tight they are
killing themselves choking themselves as

witness in this interview with King Zach
you are CEO and chairman of Facebook
that’s an extraordinary amount of power
given that you rule a kingdom of 2

billion people digitally shouldn’t your
power be challenged I know that you rule
a kingdom of 2 billion people digitally
I know I know I know that’s why I said
it’s like some some techy year girl they

put in their fangirl to go in the
interview and to be tough with him ok go
ahead and I’m just gonna go ahead and be
tough with him of power given that you
rule a kingdom of 2 billion people
digitally shouldn’t your power be

checked yes I think that ultimately the
issues that we’re working on here you
know things like preventing interference
and elections from other countries

finding the balance between giving
people a voice and keeping people safe
these are not issues that any one
company can address but let me give you
an example of a place where I think

independent governance is really helpful
so one of the things that we are going
to start rolling out this thing is one
other thing is basically letting people
in the community at an independent

appeal just listen to it for a second
listen to what he’s saying otherwise
you’ll miss the importance of his idiocy
place where I think independent
governance is really helpful so one of

the things that we are going to start
rolling out soon is basically letting
people in the community get an
independent appeal when they feel like
their content is taken down in a way

that doesn’t that doesn’t fit with our
community standards all right so now you
know you post something if someone else
reports it we we might take it down if
we find that it’s hate speech or

violates our policies but if you
disagree you’re gonna be able to appeal
and you’ll also be able to appeal to an
independent body and that’s an example
where you know that independent body
will have you will have real you know

teeth and power and will be transparent
in the decision that they’re making and
if I want to overrule that independent
I’m not going to be able to so you’re
not stepping down as chairman that’s not
the plan so the idea here if we didn’t

have enough people already screening all
content uploaded because artificial
intelligence can’t do it now they’re
going to have tribunals so yes they’re

going to get into conversation with
people about this it’s going to bankrupt
well well they’re probably try to get
volunteers but I thought the most

interesting thing about this clip was
the journalists misconstrues what he had
to say yeah yeah and at the very end

says also you’re not stepping down his
chairman and then he says you’re missing
the point was yes if she was missing the
point because she’s an idiot yes well I

don’t know about them going broke with
having uh these I think the whole
through that said I don’t know I don’t
use Facebook maybe never have
I would like to get a no agenda Facebook

account which I might do why and why
because you can’t buy advertisements on
Facebook I don’t let you open it I’d say
something I don’t want any

advertisements of our show on Facebook
I’m just vetoing it right now besides
you’ve had talked about it some other
you’ve had two years to do it you keep
threatening you’ve never done it

yeah Devin account yes I know look for
$100,000 the Russians won the entire one

day 11 16 election I have to agree I
mean it’s get a president that’s the
price seems too good to be true I mean
it’s just the dynamite outfit there yeah

we can get someone elected president $4
yeah yeah well yeah okay we’re talking
about since I brought Trump up he’ll say

well you guys are just a couple of trump
apologies you can use that thing here’s
the Merry Christmas medley that was used
to just kind of ridicule Trump Merry
Christmas Merry Christmas everybody

Merry Christmas everybody Merry
Christmas everybody to serve God through
serving others so merry Christmas
everyone Merry Christmas may God bless
our troops and their families and may

God bless you all with peace and joy in
the year ahead and we are going to say
Merry Christmas again
okay that thing that now I understand

the I guess there was a trump was lying
about us not saying Merry Christmas is
that what the idea was of that clip well
that comes out of Fox is that actually
all stems from O’Reilly was not even

there anymore but it’s the war on
Christmas hmm which was a bigger deal
three or four years ago and this by the
kind of fallen by the wayside but Trump
still uses it as a talking point

yeah that’s incorrect because you know
obviously Commerce understands the
importance of Christmas so there’s still
a lot of social justice stuff going on
with happy holidays etc but I think
ultimately now the retailers are just

it’s Mary’s Christmas we just got to
have Christmas and make it better for
business and no one’s fighting that
yeah I think you’re dead right is it
better for business why would we want to

downplay Christmas when it sells so much
yeah Hales yeah say that’s what we’re
all about the holiday season because the

holiday season refers to everything from
the holiday Thanksgiving through New
Year’s mm-hmm such a whole you know
weeks and we a month over a month

of vie bye-bye
yeah yeah so there was a good report I
got from one of our Millennials and

unfortunately like everybody in the
family except me uh because it do always
results in did you take a picture you
have a phone you can get you got a

camera you take aw you know I forgot to
take a picture it’s a very common
problem I have here
I guess wholefoods hat because people
can’t cook head you know they sold

turkeys and they sold you know you’ll
hold meals and I’m in a thing in a
container you get Thanksgiving meal to
go that’s not good to go Thanksgiving
meal and a bunch of dressing and gravy

in a big bucket the whole foods on Ashby
in Albany
I guess on Thanksgiving had a line that
was close to a quarter mile long for

people lined up to pick up their turkey
orders that were precooked you know pre
cooked meal really yeah and apparently I
was told that Amazon has been they went

with and they started promoting it on
Amazon so you can get why cook you can
get beautifully cooked professionally
cooked meal from from Whole Foods that
they pick it up it’ll be better than

anything you can do it yeah well cooking
is of course going by the wayside to
some degree I think the the big thing
now is that the insta pot is that what
all the kids are talking about these

days the insta pot
slowly into the pot
Mimi told me about the insta pot about a
year ago yeah and I looked into it and I
and she says that in in Port Angeles and

the City Council no she’s a you know
Politico up there mm-hm she says every
old lady there’s not just the kids she
says every old woman raves about this

thing oh you’ve got to get one yeah it’s
just a pressure cooker as far as I can
tell it’s a pressure gets a drunk
programmable pressure whoo hmm is it an

Internet of thing
I’m sure we’ll be yeah but at some point
but this is this is what I see all the
tournament remotely and blow up their

house what I what I see all the and all
the recipes for Halloween it got a great
instapass recipie it’s throwing stuff
into the pressure cooker pressure cooker
that was wouldn’t let the 60s or 70s

that were human oh let’s go back to the
depression oh really that pressure
cooker the depression cookers this was
one of these great tools to save energy
and raising me cook faster and you know

it said kept thali the vitamins and
nutrients and cooking really had Thunder
steam produced steam pressure it would
fresh it would the pressure would push

the vitamins that are trying to leak out
and to think is this a high pressure
push it in does all right that sounds
like folks imagine the advertiser
pushing that pushing it to get out yeah

and so yeah I’m not sure when they
became super popular but my parents had
him in the 50s they had one and I think
they were popular and during the

Depression I don’t know when they were
invented I’ll look it up as we speak
I all I remember is my mom had one now
I’m talking 70s and they had that little
valve on the top and I was like well

what happens if you pull that up my mom
would be like then you’ll have food all
over the kitchen don’t do it she always
wore me anyway from the dead well
there’s that yeah
yeah the pressure cooker which is a

great device I use a Swiss pressure
cooker that has three ways of not
blowing up a score varna no doubt now
it’s what is this one it’s a yeah what

is this thing a Saab
sweet oh I’m sorry Swiss Swiss Swiss I’m
sorry it’s with yes with swish you know
they’re not gonna let anything blow up

in the place
no I don’t know it uses a one and a half
planets of power I don’t think it’s very
very efficient doesn’t seem like a good
I know I like Cougars I remember

pressure because they had the relief
valve on the top and they were made out
of pot iron and then they had two things
that on the side you clamp it in you
clamp it down uh-huh so I mean this

thing would be a real explosion if you
do if that relief fell didn’t go off and
I mean it would blow up the house must
have a dangerous tie remind you of the
Boston bombing yeah whether it was

pressure cookers no but yeah I think
they were used when they were invented
for the public they were they were very
popular because they could cook in the

pressure cooker about 1/4 to 1/3 the
time anything this original microwave
there you’re waving you get them out of
the way hey before we go into our break
because I was reading the Hillary

Clinton interview and the Guardian you
know you run across the Guardian they
they have a pitch very similar to kind
of like what wiki pedia does except

Wikipedia has it at the top and they say
right off the bat you know if everyone
gave more $1 and then we’d have enough
and we wouldn’t have to beg for money
and the Guardian puts this article at

the bottom about their independent
journalism and I don’t know if you’ve
seen their recent Android this is the
Guardian they they think that they are
real news the top they are they’re

truthful they are independent they
consider themselves in New York Times
yes they do consider themselves
themselves the tide the paper of record
next to the New York Times I wanted to
share with you their donation pitch

which is at the bottom of pages it’s in
his own little box and I want you to
listen to this and tell me if you have
any issue with what they’re saying their
pitch goes as follows

hey you may have noticed the Free Press
is under attack
president Trump refuses to condemn those
responsible for the murder of Jamaal
Khashoggi he revoked to CNN reporters

White House press pass and attacks the
mainstream media at his mass rallies the
president recently raised a Congress
praised a congressman for attacking a

Guardian reporter he has accused the
American press of being the enemy of the
people in 2018 this is their pitch in

The Guardian broke the story of
Cambridge analytic US facebook data
breach we recorded the human fallout
from family separations we charted the
rise of the far-right and documented the
growing impact of gun violence on

Americans lives we reported daily on
climate change as a matter of urgent
priority The Guardian is editorially
independent our journalism is free from
commercial bias and not influenced by

shareholders or politicians at the time
when journalists are under attack
we need your ongoing support to continue
bringing the guardian’s independent

journalism to the world support the Free
Press by making a year-end contribution
to the Guardian thank you and how
disingenuous can you get
Wow yeah you know I think I’ve seen

these pitches I never read that that’s a
good read it’s it’s so full to crap
those guys so the pressure-cook was kind
of invented in 1679 by the French really

but became popular in a home cooking
around 1939 took a while yes and and it
was popularized from the 39 through this

50s and 60s and onward and now they’re
popular again with this with the thing
you talked about you just wanna cocaine
stuff whatever personal Teamster pots

they think since the pot
it’s been renamed but it’s a pressure
cooker yes Carl Lindner is the top guy
we don’t the renaming

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hitting the mouse by a good friend leo
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a butterball so that might have made it
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even though it’s reported as a joke even
Reuters picked up on it that the head of

Russia’s Space Agency says their mission
to the moon will be tasked with
verifying the American moon landings
were real hoax rogozin was responding to

a question about whether or not NASA
actually landed on the moon nearly 50

years ago he appeared to be joking says
Reuters as he smirked and shrugged while
answering but conspiracy surrounding
nasa’s moon missions are common in
hmm where does that put me on the
spectrum Russian I’m a ruski must be a

I have a couple other things oh yes BBC
little piece about artificial

intelligence we love artificial
intelligence that will be used to
understand if a crowd is getting too

so there well the story kinds of it
explains it at the end of the day what
we want to be able to do is to take a
training set where you have some audio
acoustical characteristics and knowing

what the crowd was doing her brother
Travis responding joy yeah it’s great we
have to teach the computer this say that
was that was the crowd cheering versus
that was the crowd booing what do they

have to know when to turn on the
automatic water cannon that’s what this
segment is about we have that training
set then the computer can go through the
recordings and then look for those types
of responses in the acoustic data and

then you basically have a model for
classifying different crowd sounds when
you get to its different types of events
say that’s going back to the original
thoughts of things like political

rallies you may have more chanting going
on but again a person chanting versus a
person cheering versus a person booing
they should all sound acoustically
similar and so we think that studying

the the problem of sporting events
should transfer into other type of crowd
type events so supposing it’s a
political rally and maybe things to

start off and the crowd is overall quite
happy but things are beginning to slide
into something a bit more hostile I just
wonder if if the hope is that the
computer system will pick up that

hostility and give an early warning
perhaps pick up on it before the human
beings do that would be the goal the
goal would be able to be able to create
a an early warning system for security

or peacekeeping that would allow the
computer to essentially determine that
that the crowd mood is changing in

perhaps there would be triggers in that
to say okay this this has the potential
for becoming violent so flip on the
microwave nuke the fuckers

that’s where all this is going you know
you can’t have somebody watching and
just determining one thing or another
yeah tell me if this is happy or if this
is hostile

it’s a happy version of Locker ah that’s
what I think but who knows the algo
might interpret it the wrong way

I don’t know I’m talking about
misinterpreting things this is the Erin
Burnett here misinterpreting something
that uh that Trump said out front
tonight president Trump attacking the

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of
the United States doubling down on a
slam against Justice Roberts this
evening after the Chief Justice defended
the u.s. judiciary to the president in
an unprecedented public statement let me

show you exactly what happened it all
began when Trump was asked about a
federal court ruling which was against
his new policy that would bar migrants
who come into the United States
illegally from seeking asylum here’s

what the president said about the ruling
well you go to the Ninth Circuit and
it’s a disgrace and I’m going to put in
a major complaint this was an Obama
judge and I’ll tell you what it’s not

gonna happen like this anymore okay that
sure sounds like a threat okay
that’s that’s what she sees as a threat

does that something gets read to you oh
yeah that he’s gonna put in a major
complaint I’m gonna write a nasty note
to the time
mmm ooh that’s a that’s a threat to her
Erin Burnett is really she’s she does a

lot of eye rolling head shaking it’s
pretty unprofessional
I can’t watch I used to watch her a lot
I liked her now just everything is also
headshake it’s starting to stir her dis

her dysfunction a dystopia whatever it
is she’s exhibiting there’s stuff like
this no he’s starting to show up on her
face interesting you know losing some of
her collagen Cherie looks yeah collagen

although that would be it collagen is
collagen is drooping
it’s the it’s the horrible puppet mouth
meanwhile Hayden had a stroke oh really

my a Michael Hayden yeah oh really
playing crap we’re learning here at CNN
that former CIA and NSA director General
Michael Hayden who also works with us
here as a CNN analyst suffered a stroke

earlier this week we are told it
happened at home and that he is now
receiving expert medical care his family
thanks everyone for their warm wishes it
begins the healing process and general

from everyone here it’s in and our
thoughts are certainly with you and we
look forward to your recovery and
getting back here at CNN as soon as you
can hmm actually yeah he’s actually been

hospitalized addiction all that’s not
good I mean sad I had it don’t play that
part I had a clip that would have tied
into your your you’re a Ninth Circuit
Court clip this is the the courts and

the asylum and the the deal he’s now
struck with Mexico which i think is
quite telling about what the president
wants to have happen what I think a lot

of people in America want to have having
and now apparently Mexico was a major
development on the us-mexico border
The Washington Post confirming the Trump
administration and Mexico’s incoming

government have struck a deal on a new
border policy it would force asylum
seekers to wait in Mexico while their
claims move through the US ports CNN’s
White House reporter Sarah Westwood

joining me right now with more on this
so we’ve been hearing of the possibility
for weeks now
are these the final stages of this plan
well Fred it looks that way and the
president seems to be making efforts

progress on his efforts to curb asylum
seeking in the US this deal comes after
his administration has been putting
pressure on Mexico for weeks now to do
more to help the US with its illegal

immigration problem the deal would turn
Mexico into a waiting room of sorts as
migrants who wants your post asylum in
the United States would be required to
wait in Mexico while their claims are

being adjudicated in US courts now the
president has recently tried to make us
eylem changes to asylum policies through
executive action just before the
midterms in fact he announced an
attempted policy change that would

require migrants
to request asylum at legal points of
entry it would forbid them from
requesting asylum if they were caught
trying to cross the border illegally
that executive action was blocked by the

ninth circuit who said it was illegal
for the president to make those kinds of
changes to the Asylum system
unilaterally obviously the president has
been fixated on that decision as he’s

been spending his Thanksgiving holiday
down here in West Palm Beach but this
deal with Mexico would mark a
significant change to the asylum system
in that no longer would migrants be

eligible to request asylum the moment
that they touch on US soil which is how
the current law works but Fred it’s
unclear that the president is going to
be able to make this kind of major
change to asylum policy without the help

of Congress it’s very yeah good I like
the use of the words he’s fixated that’s
why he’s in West Palm Beach
right exactly what is the connection

between being in West Palm Beach which
sounds like a place to play golf and
relax for him as and being fixated so
he’s in so he goes to West Palm Beach

when he’s fixated what is this kind of
report I don’t they just throw this
stuff out as though there’s some
connection believe it’s meant to show
the I swear I think it’s meant to show
the dichotomy between you know his life

and the life of the caravan and the
migrants in the asylum seekers though
that could be – I think that’s a
Palm Beach and these poor bastards are

stuck in masa Co but that but if there
is anything broken with art and we hear
this continuously our immigration system
is broken having participated in the
immigration process twice having

petitioned for people to come in Legally
right and actually helped a third person
I know a lot about this process and the
only thing that truly is indeed broken

is somehow you are allowed to request
asylum after you have snuck into the
country illegally that’s the part that
that’s it’s a very small change you fix
that you fix a lot

hmmm that’s the only thing
and you know why it doesn’t happen it’s
a whole another story
because we we know we want amnesty we
want cheap labor

in California especially it’s not just
California John it’s really everywhere
the cheap labor it’s that it’s really
it’s quite despicable when you see the
organisms that we don’t talk about
enough when you see the organizations
that deal with asylum not with migrants

Asylum and the billions of dollars they
receive from government and these are
religious organizations and they all are
placement and they all have deals with

you know that’s why they wanted to send
a lot of the US with its Syrians I
believe in the Syrians of Libyans they
want them to go to Detroit
now there were Syrians Syrians wasn’t
that the Obama thing but that was that

was Minnesota they were sending in the
Minnesota I know they’re sending Somalis
the Minnesota yeah it’s it’s it’s a work
program it’s a work program but it just
seems so disingenuous

now it is disingenuous doesn’t seem
disingenuous it is and um and I think
the original ruling should stand if you
want to siloam then you go to an asylum

station at a port of entry it’s how it
I don’t know the court didn’t see it
that way I have question I have no idea
what it the ninth I don’t know why it’s

important is that it is the Ninth
Circuit Court an important Court is it
the last one before the Supreme Court I
don’t understand the system can you give
a a synopsis is one of those appeals
courts is a bunch of them around the

country and they like to funnel so if
it’s a like an issue that that that’s
gonna that where you want an outcome
that favors the progress of left-wing
theologies you try to send it to the

although the ninth court because the
ninth Court has always bits of calaf I
think it’s December’s it’s around here
somewhere I think but it’s very liberal
and they always come up with these crazy

ideas and they did still does very they
hate Trump it’s perfect court for them
is it all West Coast the Ninth Circuit
is that the idea Ninth Circuit as West

Coast okay but it’s but do they have
more power than I don’t know
the Fifth Circuit or the first no no no
okay you don’t go for a circuit the
circuit that’s the one you go you go

your your regular court system and then
it gets an appeal against bounced to the
ninth and then it goes to the Supreme
Court after that doesn’t go anywhere
else are these circuit numbers are they

maps to FEMA regions
I don’t know that but I don’t think so
but it’s possibly Marie’s 9 Arizona
California Hawaii Nevada CB maybe

there’s some coincidental thing they’re
going on maybe it’s not so coincidental
the other big one is the DC Court of
Appeals which just doesn’t have a number

right which is where the the rapist went
this rapist Oh Harry
Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby that

wasn’t a judge which other oh oh oh the
judge rapist
yeah the jury was the judge rapist I’m
proven rapist went there so did you know
about the new Interpol boss yes I did

hear about the new Interpol boss
what do you know about it here’s the
clip if you want to place 27 seconds
where is it you want a new

ah yes got it I’ll remember when I hear
the clip I feel honored to have been
elected to coincide of the executive
committee over the next two years and so

Interpol has a new president Kim Jong
yang of South Korea beat out a Russian
candidate and that’s key because the
Russian was the favorite for the job and
there were concerns over Kremlin

interference the international police
organization says the election was free
and transparent Kim is a career
policeman and will serve a two-year term
yeah what I heard was maybe this is a a

week ago that all it’s gonna be Putin’s
buddy is gonna be the new boss of
Interpol I guess that didn’t happen well
the thing that has always interested me

and I don’t have it in the clip
unfortunately is that the old Interpol
boss was busted for being a criminal
that’s not much different than the
United Nations climate change chief who

just had to resign because he was using
you know air travel excessively for
private use right racking up my he
always had to go via Paris well I’m

going from Washington DC to Baltimore
via Paris you know to go see Pierre and
everything yeah you know spewing carbon
dioxide and increasing his footprint
yeah these stories are not so uncommon

amongst the elite I have two clips what
are we doing I have two clips that is
which has a question in the middle which
I’m gonna ask you because you dude

you’re the one this is your beat okay
reading documents okay document reading
is your specialty that this is the Trump
Saudi and CIA findings one president
Trump taking sides with the Saudi

government yet again he’s doubling down
on his rejection of the CIA assessment
of the murder of journalist Jamal
Khashoggi and define coasts to pollen
and punish the Saudis joining me now is
Rhode Island senator Jack Reed a

Democrat on the Senate Armed Services
Committee Senator Reid great to have you
on new day I want to start thank
president’s comments on the these really
refuting the CIA findings

have you read the findings why not
there’s no findings there’s no report
that doesn’t look as far as Jesus said
right there on CNN he repudiated the

CIA’s findings yeah I don’t think he
refuted even the findings he said
there’s no clear report that’s what I

there’s no report we had the Washington
Post come out and say according to
sources people familiar with the matter
not allowed to speak on the record
because they were not authorized but
there’s no report to my knowledge still
can’t they make it more clear sounds to

me from that question that there’s a
report and there’s findings
so I guess not is that what you’re
saying I haven’t seen it I’ve only I’ve

only heard maybe it’ll be cleared up in
the second half of this clip that would
be good because I’m very confused
really refuting the CIA findings let’s
listen to what he said yesterday I want

to get your reaction now that in
conclusion they did not come to a
conclusion they have feelings certain
ways but then I don’t have to report
well and you can ask you can ask Mike

they have not concluded nobody’s
concluded I don’t know if anyone’s going
to be able to conclude that the crown
prince did it is the president line yes
the CIA concluded that the crown prince

of Saudi Arabia was directly involved in
the assassination of Khashoggi wait a
minute who is this speaking who is this

speaking this is one of the guy
fortunately I thought his name was in
there but he’s in one of the newer one
of the new Democrat Democrat guys that
will be running one of the committee’s

he’s four they’re gonna bring him on all
the time and he’s just going on he’s a
Democrat Congress person
so the point that this makes and we’ll
finish the clip in a moment is that it
was only a headline the Washington Post

and here it is so irritating that this
happens now wait it gets better
I’ll just continue with with a quick lay
up the washing careful the Washington
Post only spoke of sources who told them

that the CIA had come to these
conclusions in a report as far as I know
unless it happened this morning no
report has been issued no report no

official word at all but the news media
right down to actually the Guardian who
used it as their pitch are just claiming
that the CIA have made this decision and

this is their conclusion as if it’s a
published report and did I say that
correctly yes and if you listen very
carefully to the woods guy has to say

you will probably laugh right in the
middle of the clip Crown Prince of Saudi
Arabia was directly involved in the way
I’m going back I’m going to start the

clip over I’m gonna hear the whole thing
really refuting the CIA findings let’s
listen to what he said yesterday I want
to get your reaction now that in
conclusion they did not come to a
conclusion they have feelings certain
ways but they didn’t have the report

well and you can ask you can ask Mike
they have not concluded nobody’s
concluded I don’t know if anyone’s going
to be able to conclude that the crown
prince did it is the president line yes
the CIA concluded that the crown prince

of Saudi Arabia was directly involved in
the assassination of khashoggi they did
it has been reported the press with high

confidence which is the the highest
level of accuracy that they will vouch
for it’s based on facts it’s based on
analysis the the notion that they didn’t
reach the conclusion is just

unsubstantiated that the CI has made
that clear so why do you think he’s
covering for the Saudis and what can the
Senate do about it well I think he feels
that he

has an arrangement with the Saudis in
terms of the region where they will act
on behalf of their own interests but he
helps the United States interest I think

he also has made this claim about their
financial input into United States
although it’s widely exaggerated then I
think he probably says relationships
going back to previously business

relationships and he might even be
thinking in the future of business
relationships with the Saudis
so he’s been he’s put himself in a
compromised position where he can’t look
at the intelligence reports you know

detached the objective way make a
conclusion then introduce evidence and
introduce policies to affect the better
outcome he’s he seems to be a captive of

the Saudis actually no so he he read the
report which doesn’t exist as far as we
know and he couldn’t bring himself to
actually read the report properly is is
that the story if you listen carefully

and is affected you have to go back to
the middle of that clip he says he goes
on and on and on about all this report
and then he subtly says as reported in
the newspaper now it’s for it’s based on

sacks it’s based on analysis the the
notion that they didn’t reach a
conclusion is just unsubstantiated that
the CI has made that clear so why do you
think he’s covering for the Saudis

before that it was very it was very the
CI concluded that the crown prince of
Saudi Arabia was directly involved in
the assassination of khashoggi they did

it has been reported the press with high
confidence which is good

through it as reported by the press he
puts it right in the middle of all that
gibberish me up if there’s no report
he just says as we as with high

confidence Corden in the press with high
confidence as reported you know I packed
this time I listened to it again
not this last last time but when you
played the whole but he got you’ve even

got by me that time because I knew it
was in there and then I met two I should
have pulled it out as a sub clip but
that’s masters what goes on it and it is
reported is induce and these guys just

slap it up wearing Washington Post by in
there and ask him oh if they’ll say the
same thing I realize we received some
disturbing notes from people who

longtime listeners freaking out stop
defending Trump 50% of you news about
drug here’s the sad thing for nine years
now I’ll make it eight for eight years

we have essentially been showing you how
the media worldwide is bogus we never
used the word fake news as bogus we even

use bogit ‘iv we dissected it we said
this is bullcrap and typically that was
because they were positive about Obama
there was lots of other examples but

then also the guy shows up who becomes
president who is doing the same thing so
maybe just an overload I don’t know what
it is but people who I like as an
overload it must be people who I like

are getting overloaded and they’re
burning out the frying it’s completely
orange man-bat and they’re just freaking
out I got a note saying you should if
you’re gonna do all yeah you say it’s

news deconstruction but if you’re gonna
do that I want you to do some take apart
some pro Trump stories
and I’m thinking what for my blog from

wrote from stories to take up to take
apart we already take up we take apart
Fox News we don’t even pay much
attention to them and as we’re looking
for new the media being disingenuous or

sneaky ORS or saying things that you’re
just throwing in crap like this last
clip what spotting it I don’t think
doing here this is bull I’ve been

thinking about some of this help me with
this I’ll just walk through it it’s not
complete it’s I’m just starting to come
for some theories it’s completely it’s
not an issue for me or you or anyone to

bring up the theory that we may be
living in a simulation this has been
declared by people who are adored by
left right center and everywhere Elon
Musk Jeff Bezos Bill Gates they all say

it’s possible that we’re living it’s
actually highly likely we are living in
a simulation so this is not a crackpot
theory this is something that we can

talk about you can’t scoff at me for
what I’m about to say if it’s true that
we’re living in a simulation which it
may very well be so I think you have to
look at it you know as an extrapolation

just like the fern plant you know the
leaf is made up looks like a fern so
we’re clearly creating a derivative of
some simulation and we have simulation
all around us and I’m gonna take one

example where I think this is taking now
don’t do I want you to be serious and
listen don’t be theremin Amy just listen
I left the reddit I’d never been on
reddit I used to be in the reddit group

around May but May was April and I left
the reddit group and I’d really didn’t
look at it I went back a couple months
later because they were doing something

interesting which I appreciated they
would take the episode and they would
post the episode and people would
comment on that episode of course was
all very you know about how we’re

horrible and we defend trom but no it
doesn’t matter but it was interesting
because there’s an episode and they’re
talking about what we talked in specific
pieces and sometimes as
I don’t have maybe some valid points and

so to me although I didn’t participate
in the conversation I would read that
this stopped and it just became a group
where a story about Trump would be
posted and then the same three or four

no Knicks handles would you know
basically goes like this post something
about Trump and say yeah no agenda will
never will never talk about that with

that exact voice that’s the exact voice
actually orange man bad so that stopped
and I couldn’t figure out why did they
stop doing it you know is that because

I’m not participating and I think that’s
a lot of ignorance right if I say huh
I agree disagree then you know you get a
whole crowd jump and people start to
post I was able to correlation is not
causation but we had excellent

transcripts for a while which were being
done through I believe the Amazon
transcription engine by our buddy Tom a
clogwog in Australia and he has a

website and a translations na
translations dot online and he even made
them in opml so I they were completely
machine readable and I put them in the
show no it’s just testing it out and

they were actually quite good
transcripts that when we started doing
that that’s when they started posting
entire deconstructions of pieces of the
show because of the Amazon only gives

you so much free and we have such a our
content is so long that Tom could no
longer use the service because now it
would start to cost money and it’s
really expensive so we’re using now the

YouTube transcription engine which is
cute it sucks balls it’s just no good I
mean it’s very very very poor cuz
certainly compared to what we had the

correlation is that those
deconstructions of each episode of the
show stopped appearing on reddit so if
we’re in a simulation I think it is very
possible that these names is like

Africa’s Erin van and Hart Welsh wark
Ville and with whatever it’s like three
different people on reddit who post the
whole day just posting stories they no
longer have the access to the transcript

so they don’t really know we’re talking
about and now that just going out trying
something and literally just posting and
no agenda show sucks next to each thing
so I think that the people on reddit in

the reddit group are actually very
sophisticated BOTS but limited in scope
kind of like you know they can’t really
do much more than than what they’re

doing right now without the proper input
and I’m starting to look at a lot of
people who I only know through either
Twitter or even email I think that a lot
of these just are little BOTS spun up

just to maybe I did it myself in my own
simulation but they just kind of
interact with the world but you can do
things that will stop their programming
so you can enter like a control see on

some of them and I’ve had some small
successes with it particularly with some
email conversation we had recently which
that we don’t need to get into but after
you said go argue with Adam thanks bro

that was nice that was like the
shittiest thing you could do to me are
you as you cuz I wasn’t gonna argue with

him don’t but you know anyway I really
think that it is possible that in some
cases everyone has a coalition of BOTS
around them whether it’s on your social

media wherever it is and you have to
look out for them and you’ll see that
they are doing the same thing over and
over again maybe with small the people
who troll you on Twitter it’s it’s
beyond just feel like a Russian bot it’s

really sophisticated in the simulation
well if that’s true I wish they’d give
us more money this is the only thing I

haven’t figured out yet how do we hack
the bots into accessing a PayPal account
and sending us some cash
well it’s not gonna be ctrl C I’m

surprised that you actually went back to
that reddit thing but I thought you
definitely write about it if what you
say is true that they were just

basically stealing or doing which word
searches on a larger which is doable if
I could do that do a word search on a
very well-done transcript you can find
stuff in there I’d be kind of funny

and you could bitch and moan about it
because you’d love the intonation is
gone and transcripts you don’t know if
somebody’s joking you could say you
could be something straight in a joking
manner and which doesn’t make sense but
you can read something in a joking

matter that if it’s you read it it would
sound straight but also also notice when
the NPC meme cropped up the non-playing
character people on Twitter at least not
really upset like you can’t you know and

I think that those were mainly
simulations this makes no sense to have
your world filled with real people
online it’s gotta be a but just get a
bunch of bots and simulations that are

all running around maybe I have a copy
of myself that is in your world I don’t
know but this it’s kind of mind-blowing
when you see that to me the correlation
was interesting that we started
providing yes I think the general notion

that we’re all in a simulation is
nonsense but the idea that perhaps a lot
of the followers you have on Twitter for
example I keep seeing him they’re

following me they try me in every once
in a while you look at their page
there’s no background as a picture of a
guy you feel very vague generalities
about him he’s got 60 followers maybe
four followers maybe one follower

I definitely think those are all BOTS
yeah but that’s just a bot within the
simulation world I mean there’s but I’m
just saying I am looking into this and I

am trying to find ways where I can
manipulate the behavior of these BOTS
and I’m having some success I will
report back I’m very excited about it
gives you an that I will see I can

I believe the whole thesis and I would
put the Elan at the top of the
because there is a commonality between
everybody who has this simulation
thought and I think it really does
connect to the better quality of the pot

being sold in California largely and
that’s where I get my pot from so that
makes sense it is the true red pill of
the matrix
I mean this stuff is nasty I was not

nasties dynamite yeah well we got I got
that last thing I think it’s kind of
funny from the CBC is the Toy Story
teaser which apparently to a story I

guess is lasted or left and all the rest
they can’t get those movie finished the
newest Toy Story and although they try
to make ma you know about this no no no
no isn’t that this didn’t steep wasn’t

Steve Jobs instrumental in that and
Pixar and all that
I know he was but this Lassiter is the
it was the genius to Pixar okay
and they rousted him for being oh that’s
right he was a huggers too much over

hugging yes hunger over Agra so they got
rid of him now they can’t get this movie
finishes so they have fake controversies
like this which is the store toys story
teaser which you can all go watch and
the CBC is to notice that this is become

very controversial because of a new
okay so this is the point where all of

our viewers okay so this was a teaser
obviously for Toy Story for that that
just came out this week the movie itself
comes out next summer but let me explain

what you saw there so that was four key
he is a spork kind of turned arts crafts
who clearly is a toy but but doesn’t
want to be a toy doesn’t think he’s a

toy but the the other toys think he’s a
toy and want him to be a toy and want to
take him on on their toy adventures
weird a kid’s movie for crying out loud
but but boy like what a premise for our

time I think we’re in a time where we
we’re constantly trying to define or
redefine everything right we were
talking about labels all the time and

proud it pronouns all the time what is a
asylum-seeker what is an illegal alien
what is a male or female are those
things important right so we’re always
constantly trying to define things and

so I looked at that trailer I’m like oh
are they trying to tell these pics are
trying to have a bigger statement for
the parents because those movies are
great because the parents often get

something from it and the kids oblivious
these are just watching cartoons and so
you’re it sounds like you’re happy that
they’re taking this on it and Sarah I
mean you’re a new mom do you see this as
being I guess a springboard for

conversations that you might have oh boy
Hollywood is let me give you the premise
of this yeah so they have this trailer
and then at the very end is this spork

with a face drawn on it
who is objecting saying he’s not a toy
and I should have clipped that as an eye
so maybe I’ll get it later I’m not a toy
anybody’s caught up in this toy world

and he’s bitching and moaning about it
because he’s can talk and so now it’s
become a big point of controversy
amongst the pundits at the CBC because
well maybe somebody has to do a

transgender yes there we go we needed
some of that because he’s not really a
toy but he is a toy so he’s a toy
self-identifies as not a toy but they’re
all identifying was the toys a huge

and the movie will be out for a year the
pre promotion is rocking
all right everybody and you can take
that to the bank

remember we’re all just living in Elon
simulated world
will you shall we shall return on
Thursday with another episode of the
best podcast in the universe you never

know what’s gonna happen – between then
and now but we’ll do our darndest to
break it down for you remember remember
us at Dvorak org slash n/a and coming to
you from downtown Austin Texas in the

capital the drone star state is FEMA
region number six on the governmental
maps probably where the sixth circuit is
also located in the five and I include e
on the common law condo in the morning

I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley would never know if this Freeman
exists today’s simulation was brought to
you by fog or covered up by it I might
say I’m Jesse Dvorak until Thursday as

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all of me giveaway of your masculinity

balls in the
that’s where

this slaver
Buju stop spreading fake news the

vasectomy does not involve cutting your
nuts off because you know then I have to
listen to Brian brushwood complain to me
for another five years please tell all
the newcomers your theory I discovered a

book in the 1920s that I still have a
copy of and it’s a talk about certain
medical procedures and vasectomies are
not new and they were used in the 20s as

a youth fix it would make you the best
secondly was two men were told get a
vasectomy and you’ll look younger it’s
like it’s like the another one that came

along some years later was the lobotomy
there was actually a fattest thing and
there was apparently some guy in the in
Central Park that would give you the
admit lobotomies without having to

really go into the doctor’s office they
would slip a needle behind your eyeball
and the thing was it gets was curved
history where they could actually Nick
and cut off the little piece of the
brain hooks the front to the back

this is done – I dunno middle-aged guys
I’m not sure what the issues were
but I started noticing this with men who
attacked mastectomy and I will say this

not all of them but most of them start
to look a little bit like an old lesbian

there’s a uniform lesbian look there is
I think and Ellis I think that there’s a
uniform less guys I think I just think
it’s the crispys look that’s pretty much


OPO what are

we what are we now be sheep