No Agenda Episode 1090 “Truth Tell”

Madame Curie this is no agenda Madame
Curie from northern Silicon Valley where

it’s been raining cats dogs I’m John
Steed for well it was only one hour
delay could have been a lot worse

there’s effort beat us of course this is
ephra beat us
although the coach though was an hour
late I’ve been in update hell no
actually it was great this week the

updating I did everything I needed to do
and then the very last moment something
broke but that that Drive cloning you
turned me onto that was a fantastic
experience well it doesn’t sound like it
if it’s broke something Oh in general I

don’t think the drive cloning broke
anything I cuz I upgraded everything
every update every you know the dry I
think it’s the drivers from the the USB

thing mark of the unicorn think they
screwed something up that could be yeah
well I dig drive cloning thing worked
well if it if it was a hardware mismatch
because I’ve done this a couple of times
using this Acronis a little rate great

piece of software yeah what it does is
it clones the disk onto another disk and
and it you’ve swapped the disks back
better than that you just plug it into a

USB hit clone and then you swap the disk
and it actually worked the first time
that was an amazing experience
yeah boots as if it was the original
disk only now you either have more space

or you got a faster dry I would say the
boot process is ten times faster
everything’s fast it’s just I should
have I should have ordered this thing
with this solid-state drives to

beginning to begin with
now and I can see if I run like the the
registry scanner it used to be the drive
would tap out before the CPU now the CPU

goes to 100% the disk is still 80% so
that’s where I see the big difference
yeah it’s faster faster faster
yeah even as fast as the super fast ones

what you find in these which are there’s
little dinky cards that don’t run on sat
on the non SATA SSDs were probably twice
as fast I mean regular I did so much
this week I even upgraded the firmware

in my hearing aids and I heard the
difference which is even funnier anyway
yeah anyway am the Apple guys were in

town last night the you know James are
from the Apple podcast HQ and they
always like to take couple podcasters
out to dinner oh okay and you would have
you might have like well first of all

you would like to be one of these cuz
this it’s it’s yeah it reminds me of
when if I was when it with MTV you know
you’d be in a city and then the
corporate office that MTV would say yeah

you gotta have dinner with the local
cable affiliate and his wife you know it
feels like kind of those deals were
there in Austin I got a call up some
podcasters alright I’ll get a couple of

them around the table and we went to
foreign and domestic which is a very
small can barely be called a restaurant
up north and I had the braised goats

neck potpie which was a that’s about
it’s disgusting a dish can be named it’s
you know and because the one they just

called it goat potpie the goats neck it
was no braised goats neck and it sounds
completely like you don’t want to order
it but the waitress she was going on and
on about is the bell take it it was an

outstanding product I wouldn’t have
known it was goat to start off with
y’all goat is very hard to identify it’s
like yeah doesn’t taste like much of
anything actually it’s very mild version

of Lance this is milder people don’t
understand this but goat actually tastes
milder than mild lamb if you don’t like
lamb or goat or or uh sheep but you
don’t nobody’s in this country you’d

like goat goat is very mild find as you
know here on the No Agenda show we love
goat a couple things so what are you
guys doing we talk about anything and it

was a damn Benjamin was there and a new
guy from Apple and I guess they invited
Lance Armstrong again but Lance
Armstrong doesn’t come anymore sends his
producer like okay nice guy value is a
very nice guy so what’s going on they

have native podcasts on the Apple watch
they’re very excited about that and I
had to ask I said how do I avoid getting
a D platform from the iTunes directory
which I will remind you I gave you the

first version of the directory myself
that’s what you started off with yeah
yeah keep reminding people of these
things because they’ll forget yeah the
answer no hate speech what does that

even mean that was my question I said
what does that even mean well you know
thanks Beach it’s like Oh key dokey they
have a very broad definition of hate

speech in other words if they hate you
yes he’ll pull your podcast that’s
honestly that’s a bit the way it sounded
I don’t want to put words in anyone’s
mouth cuz no one said that but it’s like

no it was a lot of pret no one said this
but my interpretation was there was a
lot of pressure and it came down to we
got to be in this we got to be on board
with this we got to get him off but they
kick a lot of stuff off quote so you

didn’t Britain vitalic Jones doesn’t
meet up here we kick off stuff that is
alt far-right stuff from Germany and I
didn’t respond to that like okay I mean

does that automatically mean they hate
Jews and are killing them on the podcast
or maybe they just don’t like how
Germany is being run so it’s very
generally what those podcasts are about

yes but they don’t like the migration
having yeah yeah so there’s another
reason to kick him off kick him off
yeah so the bottom line is keep going to
the dinners

keep smiling friendly I think we’ll be
we’ll be just fine
actually I had a house Benjamin doing
dance good yeah yeah he said yeah he’s

just the same I guess a little
reminiscing about old days of old and
just the typical stuff yeah I had
something regarding speech now I’m a

little discombobulated mm-hmm I wondered
divert I want to dive right into my
clipless I was gonna I’ll dive right

into this after I talk about that and
there you go so why don’t you get us
started and I’ll keep searching for
whatever the hell it was I was gonna
talk about let’s go over the never mind
I found it shorty you’ll like it and

it’s about hate speech I knew I had
something this is the European
Parliament now we are still in the
throes of the Marrakesh agreement which
is not discussed in the United States of

gitmo nation we’re also not going to
sign it but the EU is trying to get
every one of the 27 member states to get
on board the main thrust of this is that
we recognize migration as an

international issue and everyone should
be able to migrate to wherever they want
no questions asked no borders no no yes
yes no borders no nations no people in
the end the EU Parliament sees that

there will be some additions or some
interpretations of the Marrakesh
agreement regarding speech meant to be
the legal framework on which the

participating countries commit
themselves to build new legislation
and one basic element of this new
agreement is the extension of the
definition of hate speech the agreement

want to criminalize migration speech
criticism of migration will become a
criminal offense no this is not the

onion unless this was overdubbed somehow
and I didn’t catch it just finished up
some of migration will become a criminal

offense and media outlets and that also
concerns you that give room to criticism
of migration can be shut down there you

that’s bullcrap folks there’s no way
that this is a real clip it’s okay it’s
the guys at the European Union he’s
answering questions from the press he’s

there with other EU Parliament buddies
I’m just saying I’m just saying okay
well you know what you don’t think that
this is a little sketchy yes but I

searched and I looked and I saw other
people say sounds sketchy but my eyes
don’t lie I mean it’s an European
Parliament press conference about the

Marrakesh agreement and this is a
question mark up in arms about this this
threat no we know the attacks already
said no to it yes the Hungarians have
said no to it the Polish have said no

there’s a lot of people said no this
thing is not going anywhere but that
that’s beside the point
the point being what you put that clip
mm-hmm I will be stunned if that guy if
that’s actually true stunned right it’s

going way too far that’s going overboard
it doesn’t surprise me I mean this is
exactly what you’d expect hate speeches
it’s completely broad well it can be
interpreted anyway there’s no there are

no existing laws about in the United
States speech of speech but in the
Europe in the UK there’s all kinds of
restrictions on hate snow follow this
and I agree with that but I’ve never

heard any discussion of migration
becoming a crime you know a jailable
migration sucks it’s a jail damn I think
it’s I don’t know if it well maybe it

could be even like that but it means if
you say something nasty about a public
politician in the UK that is an offense
that you can go to jail for so this is
not that far it’s not even their own
people okay yeah I was very surprised

very surprised bill sounds like the
onion to me you know you gotta be

careful cuz you know I I do come I do
check on things that you don’t believe
what you say is wrong and that often but
that thing you have to admit out of the
blue listening to that that’s a little

bit out of line absolutely but still I
see no reason to to not believe what
this clip that I’ve seen it looks

extremely believable it’s hard it is
that’s something that you would call
unbelievable yeah well it is
unbelievable I don’t know I just want to
play it no agenda classic on the last

show we had a little back-and-forth
about what I’d said about Trump and you
said the guy will never win and I said
not I think he can and I have the

genesis of this from 2015 this is what
should be done but no politicians gonna
do that he doesn’t got a prayer he won’t
get nominated you make a big splash make
it big see he’s not spending a lot of

money I don’t see no his head’s no he’s
not he doesn’t have to write I don’t
think he’s spending anything so it’s not
like it’s caught it’s just travel did
you notice that the Huffington Post puts
all Donald Trump news on the
entertainment section of the website

that’s objective coverage of course of
course okay let’s play this cause
they’re just gonna be relentless and
they’re gonna there’s meetings going you
can be sure of this anyone listening to
this any time you’re listening there are

meetings right now in New York
Washington and elsewhere what are we
gonna do about this guy making president
why not just let him win honey they’re

getting paid not to make him president
that’s what these meetings are about
these are not meetings
these are these are lobbyists and I
would think that the lobbyists will take

money from other people look the smart
money is going to say you know what
let’s go with this guy let’s run with
him he’s on our side you’re nuts Bush
from the future oh this is true thanks

said chase for pulling that car now I’ll
play let me look let me play a happy
clip because we talked about Dvorak on

typing this is this was the dos-based
typing tutor that featured John C Dvorak
and wouldn’t you know it that there are

people who love you so much
they have restored these games to work
in a web browser games and in this case
the typing tutor I get what is kind of
it’s kind of a game in fact there’s a

menu option for games now it’s very it’s
it’s like 8-bit and no it’s more I was
like two bit audio I don’t know what
kind of audio this was a bit is the

right word is it too bit because it sure
sounds like it
27 seconds
you have to play daily

no of course not that’s what it sounds
today hold on back then you already knew
I TM I guess the I guess the old I guess

the old game that’s a good one idea the
it doesn’t translate somehow with the

audio I’m sure do a very good job but
the fact that it works is pretty cool
yeah you gotta love stuff like that
alright that’s our show I think we’ve

pretty much handled everything so much I
think we’re good let’s let’s do some
funny alright this is my fit this is my
clip about Trump gassing the Hondurans

yeah you mean women and children and
little babies and diapers this comes as
the Trump administration defended the
Border Patrol for firing tear gas and
crowds of migrants including mothers and
children as they tried to cross the US

border from Tijuana Sunday this is
Ronald Colburn president to the Border
Patrol foundation former national deputy
chief of US Customs and Border
Protection speaking on Fox and Friends
Monday the type of deterrent being used

is OC pepper spray is literally water
pepper with a small amount of alcohol
for evaporation purposes it’s natural
you could actually put it on your nachos

and eat it that’s some Trump defense
right there but I think there’s a better

you know this has happened every month
it throughout the Obama administration –
they were tear gassing people at that
very same border crossing there were
guys trying to ram the crossing in vans

three vans at the same time this is
nothing new it’s not new that we tear
gas people at the border it’s just not
and I don’t you know it’s like it’s so
obvious what what mainstream media is

it’s just and it’s really is lies I mean
actually it’s not lying because this
happened under Trump’s regime is
dictatorship but it’s been happening for
years years and years so it’s just it’s

disingenuous I think is the the news
media thing just just a tad
I do have some clips to give a little

background on the Honduras thing because
I think that democracy that now did a
very good job of they brought in Dana
Frank who just wrote a book about the
coup now if you remember and we it was

during our show that this Manuel Zelaya
who was the elected president he was
elected honcho of Honduras and we
orchestrated a coup where we picked him

up at night and in his bedroom in his
underwear at gunpoint put him on a plane
flew him to Costa Rica and dropped him
off in the middle of the of the tarmac

naked and then took off here’s a little
reminder of this is the Honduras coup
Manuel Zelaya but and Dana Frank

discusses this I want you to go back to
2009 when there was a coup in Honduras
and the democratically elected leader
the Honduran President Manuel Zelaya

spoke on Democracy Now about what
happened to him if they attacked my
house at 5:30 in the morning a group of
at least 200 to 250 armed soldiers with
hoods and bulletproof vests and rifles

aimed their guns at me fired shots used
machine guns kick down the doors and
just as I was in pajamas they put me on
a plane and flew me to Costa Rica this

all happened in less than 45 minutes I
do remember that that’s a long time ago
yes so this is they’ve never had
actually been true dina frank has done

some research he’s a professor at UC
santa cruz and she’s come out with a
book about this and she they say there’s
no real smoking gun to prove that it was
Hillary who was the state department

head at the time who orchestrated this
or thus it was
I a Hillary thing which is part of the
reason I think that the CIA about Trump
and this whole Hondurans caravan which

CNN says doesn’t even exist if you
remember there’s no such thing it’s a
hoax this is all because of the policies
that were instituted by Hillary and

Obama and let’s play this clip on
Honduras coup hillary responsible when
you interviewed Hillary Clinton when she
was running for president when you were

working at the Daily News you asked her
about the coup she was not pleased you
asked her about her support the u.s.
support for the coup when she was
Secretary of State so went from the

Democrats right through to President
Trump and if you can talk about the
extent of this support and why you see
that linked to what we’re seeing with
the migrants today as you say these are

refugees from US policy well we don’t
have a smoking gun that shows the
us-backed the coup from before it
happened but all the evidence is very
clear that the US wanted the kuda

stabilized after it took place that the
u.s. recognized the bogus election of
November 2019 that brought Porfiry all
over to power and that the US has
continued to recognize the ongoing coup

regime especially that of one Orlando
Hernandez to although he has come in he
stole probably stole him up to we don’t
really know in 2013 he very clearly ran
for president last year in violation of

the Constitution which bans re-election
and then he stole the election in
November last year again Salvador
Nasrallah yeah you know against an all
united opposition which very clearly won

so the US has given but it’s so it’s not
just a question of the u.s. supporting
the coup itself I mean clearly Hillary
Clinton is was responsible for that but
don’t forget that Barack Obama was her

boss and he’s responsible too
no no this is all coming out because of
the the president of Honduras his

brother was just arrested as a major
drug dealer and the argument that she
makes in the book is that this is a
narco-state in Honduras yes and so
everybody is it’s like it’s like the

gangland is running the place so all the
small businesses are closing down
because they ought to play tribute to
the local boss and all this sort of
thing and it’s become a nightmare and

that’s one of the reasons that they’re
marching on the u.s. to come into the
country because we’re the ones that
probably set this whole thing in motion
but hold on a sec so that’s really what
the media should be reporting because

that makes sense to say hey we did all
this and that’s why they’re all pissed
off and they’re and it’s all so crazy
and they’re running away from this
dangerous place and they want asylum
apparently some of them do but they

can’t report on it because then they’d
have to say that it was Hillary and
Obama who put that in place is that the
issue hello
the current president’s brother arrested

in Miami for drug trafficking well we’ve
known for a long time two years now that
one Orlando’s brother Tony was involved
in drug trafficking he was in fact named

in US federal court
two years ago and we know that there are
drug traffickers from top to bottom in
the Honduran government so for endurance
this there’s no surprise what’s
important is that he actually was

arrested and it’s going to be presumably
brought to justice what the signal so is
what would people call an outsourcing of
the criminal justice system why was why
was he not brought to justice tonight

his state excuse me why was he not
brought to justice in Honduras it shows
that this complete breakdown of the
hunter and criminal justice system that
this man wasn’t brought to justice a
long time ago in Honduras okay now a

couple of things she also mentions that
Hillary put something in her it went
that why I lost book in her hardcover
edition she took it out for the

paperback back version it had to do with
Honduras oh and a Cavalier comment that
she made about putting the original guy
who was elected back in office she said
well it was something like as well you
know what difference does it make that

of the paperback version you got some
flack for but now there’s the decently
last clip this is the this is the where

Dana Frank makes the argument that this
is yeah I was set up by Obama and
Hillary and that now all the troubles in
that part of the world are really stems

from that but it was carried forward and
it went right into the Trump
administration that really haven’t done
too much about it although they did
arrest the brother so they’re maybe
doing something about it but then but

another name kind of crops up in her
exposition of who how you can track you
know this the the the whole thing
through and drag it right through the

Trump administration and landed on one
guy who happens to be a coincidental
player in the Trump administration see
if you can figure out who this is when

she says his name the US Gate has given
this post cool regime greenlight after
green light after green lights who’s not
just but and it’s not just Obama what’s
his name Louis day I was it was that a
name at the beginning no okay I couldn’t

hear the us right after green light
after green light so it’s not just but
and it’s not just Obama it’s not just
Hillary Clinton it’s also John Kerry and
now Donald Trump and and his secretaries

of state tellers and Pompeyo John Bolton
at the National Security Council
mark prep Senator Marco Rubio who is
reportedly the person advising Pompeo
I’m US policy in Honduras right now so

this this is an ongoing policy and and
the hunters will be very quick to tell
you that the one orlando’s regime
continues because of use i support not
just the police and the military aid

which is pouring in but this will this
legitimation of the regime and if you
want to see the continuities that key
figure here is a general john kelly who
was the head of the united states

southern command out of miami before he
was chief of staff for trump and he very
much has supported one Orlando Hernandez
he called him a magnificent guy and a

good friend and here’s how we can see
this continuity from one regime to the
next you think the
mmm interesting yeah and nobody’s
talking I mean I was glad that they

brought this woman on democracy now does
this once in a while they bring on
someone who wrote a book so it’s very
well researched and a lot of good
documentation and there she’s got a few
things to tell us nobody else will cover

it no I mean but I’m not so sure of is
that the Caravan consists of a lot of
Hondurans I mean that has been so poorly
covered at all yeah we’re not gonna
cover nothing in factors here’s I have

an MBA MSNBC report where this yes I
have this I have this report very good
and they listened to the president who

says it’s not women and children it’s
stone-cold criminals so my first
question is you’re in that tent camp
besides that family give us a profile of
who is there mostly so they got the

reporter on the ground he’s in these in
the camp he’s looking around what are
they looking for because it seems as
though to your point they don’t actually
have the necessary information so they
know how to cross the border there could

have people there could be people
yesterday who were running because they
thought it was their only chance right
and it’s very difficult because this has
become such a polarizing issue if we
kind of take a walk you’ll you’ll be

able to see for yourself again this is
the inner sanctum of the shelter so
you’re gonna see a lot of families here
a lot of women and children but the
truth is the majority of the people that

are part of this Caravan especially
outside if we can make our way all the
way over there we’ll show you the
majority of them are men so people on
one side that point and say there are
women and children here and that is true

and then there are others who point and
say these are our men that are trying to
cross the border and that’s true too
from what we’ve seen the majority are
actually men and some of these men have

not articulated that need for asylum
instead they have talked about you know
going to the United States for a better
life in to find work but if we come this
way here we’re just gonna leave this is

where where there’s a food bank that’s
set up and you’ve got a long run do you
I mean I cut it off after this you want
to go for another 42 seconds with us
something else in there
we’re just talking about there are 500

men lined up line of men earlier we saw
about five six hundred men standing in
line waiting for food and it looks like
that’s dwindled down but this is the
outskirts and we’re gonna pass through

here I’m going to show you where there
are some there’s some police officers
and yeah anyway the point was is that
the MSNBC girl who is like all bent out

of shape about orange man bad she’s
freaking out all the time well so I’m
just a step back for a second there’s no

evidence these are all Honduran so it
could be just a whole bunch of Mexicans
who were hanging out getting ready to go
and there’s been no reporting on that
you know the the iconic photo now of the
mother were the two kids and diapers

we’re being tear gassed you know this
now alternate shots from all you can see
that they were staged
camera guys everywhere but the thing
that really gets me is and we’re talking

about illegal immigrants and I’ve been
through the system many times three
actually have helped people is there’s a
way to do it and you can do it it’s not
cheap I think that’s a problem because

it will cost you probably between three
and five thousand dollars to but you
know that’s what people pay to the to
the Coyotes you know to get in illegally
so okay but it’s construed in the media
as you just hate other people

you just hate brown people you don’t
want people to come in and and and
you’ll be an immigrant for the American
Dream which is bullcrap because if you
come in Legally we want you to come in

we want you to have the American dream
I still think immigration is about that
you can come in you can look at it used
to be you’d look at Donald Trump and say
I’d be that guy one day you can’t do

that anymore that’s orange man bad but
Geraldo who is you know I think he’s
clearly left-leaning
although he’s on Fox and he’s often a
voice of reason which is appreciated but

he shows the true thinking about
immigration he’s not thinking about the
American dream
coming unglued and then the the real

truth slips out refused to deal with
this as a media issue because it’s far
too important gold your spec Jesse this

is something that goes to the very quick
this goes to my soul designated pinata
on fox news I want to say I am ashamed

this we treat these people these
economic refugees as if they’re zombies
from The Walking Dead I think we
arrested 42 people aided them were women

with children we have to deal with this
problem you mainly and with compassion
these are not these these are not
invaders stop using these military
analogies this is absolutely painful to

watch this is we are a nation of
immigrants these are desperate people
they walk 2,000 miles
why don’t work because I want to rape
your your daughter or steal your your

lunch no because they want a job well
they want to fill the millions of
unfilled jobs we have in the
agricultural sector they want to wash
dishes in the restaurants they want to
deliver the pizzas because they look

different than their it is theirs

Geraldo he says these people they come
for the American Dream to wash your
dishes to clean your toilets to pick
your fruit sauce you Geraldo fuck you
I’m sorry I hate that the woman from the

view who is called out this said the
same thing who’s gonna wash our toilets
unbelievable that is unbelievable I’ll
give you okay I’m gonna give I would

have given you a clip of the day of
whoever recorded that for you I recorded
that myself had done a better job of you
know maybe using some I actually tried

to filtered it was so impossible to
filter it I did everything I could and
just that was the best I could get but I
worked on it it was not just sent to me
and unprocessed but anyway that’s that
is that is really that’s hates

right there yeah we want these economic
migrants to come in illegally to wash my
floor wash my dishes clean my toilet
that’s not how I think but that’s how

Geraldo thinks and why is this so
accepted I mean it’s beyond me it wasn’t
accepted on the view and that woman said
it did someone call her out on it they

all called her out on it good good
it’s just unconscionable that she
apologized yeah well I’m sick of this
Geraldo saying that stuff it’s illegal

illegal immigration not the same as
legal migration to come here for the
American Dream and we can on the books
we could do about a hundred thousand a
year I think that’s that is the legal

limit currently which you know that’s
the legal immigration it’s not a lot
when you think about it well we’ve got a
couple of things here

we’ve got manna fort I want to play
these clips because I just want to show
you the difference in the way people
cover stuff okay just a little
background on this between the show

notes I’m not gonna read it but it was
this is actually I have a backer I do
have a background err on manna fort
manna fort yeah I actually put it on
there Ministry of Truth eNOS as a you

know I’m just just a little background
err and then we’ll talk about it because
The Guardian published something and
this report is from right after it was
published but the Guardian has since

changed many pieces of this article you
know those it was bogus but I love these
little systems that will track a webpage
and they’ll show it to you and the
colors where things change and they

completely took it away from this
happened to he wanted to do this a
source said it could have happened kind
of thing and I think the Guardian

should get in trouble for what they did
the backdrop to this new report coming
out from The Guardian just this morning
that says Paul Matt afford met with

Sanj acclaimed WikiLeaks about four
minutes ago tweeted out and disputed can
you explain what the significance of
this would be again if accurate the
Guardian is hinging this I think on one
well-placed source they’re citing well

in my understanding Hallie from one of
the reporters that’s been involved of
Lou coordinating who I happen to know is
that this is based on an honest on
source or sources as well as some
documents that they’ve been able to

review you know how they the
significance of this the the Guardian
report says that Paul Manafort visited
the Ecuadorian Embassy and Julian
Assange in March of 2016 this was around
the time is you and I both know well

when you being on the campaign trail and
I was talking about this that Paul
Manafort was was joining the Trump
campaign or about to join the Trump
campaign we need a little bit more
detail on those dates so we can be

specific about it in addition the
Guardian report says that Paul Manafort
had other trips to the Ecuadorian
Embassy in London and that those trips
started around I believe 2013 if I
remember the report correctly and why

specifically that embassy which is of
course where Julian Assange lived so
yeah I think this is a report that beers
beers more follow up at this point and
just to explain some of the timeline

here you’re correct Tom this this
apparently did begin in 2013 sources
have said Matt afford according to the
Guardian went to see a scientist
recently as spring of 2016 according to
one of their sources it was in March of

2016 as you know obviously Paul Madoff
or join the campaign shortly thereafter
that the Trump campaign that is months
later WikiLeaks released those emails we
should note that Paul Matta forts

lawyers did not comment at least to the
Guardian Tom and I did just speak to
Holly just at that point I did just to
Jason Maloney Paul Manafort spokesperson
and at this point they are not putting

out an on-the-record response although
that may change later today and they may
be able to provide us with something
that we can that we can report so I want
to say that that we have reached out to
Paul Manta fourths representatives about

this story as well so the way I
understand what went down here his mana
fort was asked if he had met with Julian
Assange he said no and then immediately
uh you’re lying to us because and now

whether the Guardian came first or
Mueller gave it to the Guardian however
the guard
and got this information turns out it
was really incorrect news from the
Guardian yeah let’s play the two clips I

wanted to play which would go over the
same exact thing again but differently
yes and let’s start with the metaphor
update with with vas Assange info CBS
something White House press secretary

Sarah Sanders dismissed today I know
where any conversations were for
anyone’s pardon
adding to manna forts troubles the
British newspaper The Guardian reported
today mana Ford held secret meetings

with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London
including one in 2016 just months before
WikiLeaks released a trove of stolen
Democratic emails Manafort called the

story totally false
and deliberately libelous Assange also
threatens legal action in September the
former Trump campaign chairman agreed to
cooperate with the special counsel in

exchange for other charges against him
being dismissed it was Mahler’s biggest
victory to date because mana fort could
provide valuable information about any
cooperation between the Trump campaign

and Russia in a court filing last night
prosecutors did not reveal what mana
fort lied about but promised to
eventually issue a report detailing men
affords crimes and lies his lawyer says

he is met with the special counsels
office several times and provided
truthful information former whitewater
investigator Solomon Weissenberg says
mana fort may be playing the long game

it’s a good hypothesis though he never
intended to cooperate he’s angling for a
pardon at some point in time any
collusion and then the New York Post of
all fine publications printed a report

printed an interview with Trump where
they asked him would you pardon Manta
for and he said well it hasn’t come up
but why would I was not gonna rule it

out not gonna take it off the table
aa long game in collusion in cahoots oh
yeah orange man bad well anyway the
point is is that they CBS if you

listened that carefully was they kind of
took the side of the Guardian it seems
to me of course
I thought was a very poorly done story
they did no research they never they
never pull back the garbage on no it’s

the Guardian you can always it’s like
the the New York Times of England yes
kind of well did ya meddling in our
affairs I might point out the Brits are

meddling in our affairs over here again
again the better Assange mana for its
stories is better Assange mana for its
story Democracy Now oh I’m sorry I had a
different one queued up lawyers for

Julian Assange said the WikiLeaks
founder will sue the Guardian newspaper
for libel after it reported Tuesday that
Paul Manafort held secret talks with
Assange inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in

London on three occasions the alleged
meetings occurred the Guardian alleged
in 2013 2015 and in March of 2016
around the time mana fork/join Donald

Trump’s presidential campaign lead
author Luke Harding cited a quote
well-placed source as the basis of the
report in a statement Manafort called
the report totally false and

deliberately libelous WikiLeaks said in
a tweet quote WikiLeaks is willing to
bet the Guardian a million dollars and
its editors head that mana for never met

you know actually I want to read some of
these differences from new sniffer from
this Guardian article so this is the
original article and then the change
came about one hour after that so first
of all the headline mana Ford held

secret talks with the songs an
Ecuadorian Embassy 8 hour later mana
Ford held secret talks with Assange in
Ecuadorian embassy sources say they’re
backing off fast they’re back pedaling

as fast as they can but but but I should
mention that the right or the main
writer who she mentioned and I guess
there’s some other writer involved are
notorious for doing this creating these
fake stories on behalf of mi6 or someone

oh well that makes sense here it’s
unclear why man afford one and to see
Assange and what was discussed an hour
later it is uncleared y mana Ford would
have wanted to see Assange and what was

original but the last meeting is likely
to come under scrutiny change but the
last apparent meeting is likely to come
under scrutiny and then they added a

paragraph in a series of tweets
WikiLeaks said Assange Amana Ford had
not met Assange described the story as a
hoax and then further according to two
sources mana Ford returned to the

embassy in 2015 the change according to
the sources manna fort returned to the
embassy in 2015
next change why manna fart – farts he’s
now known as manna fart why manna fart

sought out Assange in 2013 is unclear
the change
why manna fart might have sought out
Assange in 2313 is unclear so there you
have it total bullcrap it’s really just

whoo yeah it never happened and this is
something that you could report on I
mean this is reportable this new sniffer

is great now they’re changing their
story to have to do the same thing the
National Enquirer does they’re walking
back to story as fast as they can and

that would be the technical description
yes yeah they are so that was a scam and
just staying on this whole any collusion

CNN claims to have answers to two of the
questions that Trump gave in writing to
the Mueller team how they got it who

knows and we are getting the first
insight into how the president responded
to Robert Muller’s written questions
which until now has been a big unknown
so source is familiar with this matter

tell CNN two things number one the
president told the special counsel that
Rogers not notice notice what’s going on
here did I not hear that say that she
has these answers and then goes into

according to sources let’s play that
and we are getting the first insight
into how the president responded to
Robert Muller’s written questions which
until now has been a big unknown

so sources familiar with this matter
tell CNN
that kg number one the president told
the special counsel that Roger stone did
not tell him about WikiLeaks and number
two that the president was also not told

about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting
between his son campaign officials and a
Russian lawyer who of course promised
dirt on Hillary Clinton now the closer
she answers were described to us without

providing any direct quotes and said
that the president made clear he was
answering to the best of his
recollection we honor these two points
here WikiLeaks and the Trump Tower
meeting they are really key as far as we

know to robert muller central mission
when he started this investigation which
is was there any collusion between team
collusion and the russians and if so how
high up does it go as well yeah i don’t

know what but it’s interesting but it’s

interesting that she just made very
clear that this is according to sources
so so she hasn’t seen this according to
sources now listen what she does next
and if so how high up doesn’t go as well

yeah how is this different what we know
he’s said here compared to what he said
publicly without we’re told Brianna that
what the president said in these written

answers is similar matches actually what
he has said in public but of course
there’s a big difference these written
answers would be subject to criminal
charges if false that’s why it is our

understanding that the president made
clear his answers were the best of his
recollection which is standard for
lawyers as a way to shield their clients
make sure that they’re not in any legal

trouble that’s why you do that to make
sure you’re not in any legal trouble
it’s the same thing Dana Bash looking
better these days actually I’m not quite

sure what she’s done I think they
probably I think she’s had her
programming change so when she
reconstitute herself as a human form her
eyeballs are a little smaller which

brings me to my bot story let me see
actually now I’ll do that later it’s a
part of OTG it’s too lengthy uh so I got
another couple of comparison stories to

do okay I have the Russia Ukraine
dust-up yes I actually have already not
beat not going to mainstream media I’m
going I’m going to kind of I’m gonna do

the PBS compared to Democracy Now
knowing PBS I don’t think cares that
much about the situation but democracy
now is a big you know Pro for some
reason pro-ukraine a pro you know hate

Russia because they’re it’s all anti
Russia and modern socialist and we have
huge huge oil interest in Ukraine all
the elites do john kerry joe biden their

sons have had business there was it who
put five billion in was that Chevron I
don’t remember let’s play the Democracy
Now version first Russia’s sending

advanced surface-to-air missiles to the
Crimean Peninsula and it’s mounting
tensions with Ukraine the escalation
comes after Russia’s Navy captured three
Ukrainian ships Sunday and arrested

sailors near a narrow waterway
separating Russia from Crimea which
Russia seized in the legally annexed in
2014 on Tuesday Ukrainian press
interesting annexed I thought was

annexed she said the next I want to
point something out that especially with
Democracy Now Russia never seized it

they had a co she said illegally see I
want to mention something because I do
have a couple of reports from her on

East Sahara and/or Western Sahara I’m
sorry which is an independent country
that they won’t they won’t let become
its own independent entity and she makes
a big stink about it in the report when

you listen to her and and but all these
people will do that is by dialogues from
the left is why don’t they let them
choose what they want to what country
what they went through for the rulers

they go on and about that but apparently
the crimeans couldn’t can’t do that and
so now that’s a bad thing you can’t do
that and here because of some
relationship to rush
well it’s because of okc sahara when

you’re trying to get out of the rule of
Moroccans we do with thatís another
discussion I just want to point out this
kind of nuttiness that you could keep
hearing with this with this reports from
these guys arrested sailors near a

narrow waterways separating Russia from
Crimea which Russia seized in the
legally annexed in 2005 next fourteen on
Tuesday ukrainian President Petro
poroshenko said Ukraine faces the

prospect of an all-out war with Russia
soon everything these Russian tanks were
not withdrawn yet they remained there at
the ukraine-russia border and that’s why
I don’t want anyone to think that it’s

entertainment or a game the country is
under the threat of a full-fledged war
with the Russian Federation hmm now all
God you know full-fledged war the

Russians it’s kind of what you could
walk away from his destiny we’re
borderline war is though is the message
to come away from with the war and peace
report now from Democracy Now so let’s
listen to something this time instead of

listening to the guy from Ukraine the
other side of the story from Putin and
maybe there’s an explanation that makes
a little more sense from PBS Russia’s
military announced today that it is

sending more anti-aircraft missiles to
occupied Crimea amid a new crisis with
Ukraine Russian vessels seized 3
Ukrainian ships and 24 sailors in the

Kerch Strait on Sunday claiming they
illegally entered the area today
President Vladimir Putin charged that
Ukraine’s president provoked the crisis
to help his reelection chances he busted

you in the morning if you leave now a
small incident occured that martial law
was introduced in the country this is
being done obviously in the run-up to
the presidential polls an absolutely

obvious fact now this is a provocation
also today the Kremlin said it still
expects mr. Putin to meet with President
Trump at the g20 summit mr. Trump
threatened yesterday to cancel that

meeting over the Russian actions against
Ukraine now because of the martial law
if you think about it
you get everybody in a war statute you

know it’s not the word weird I’m looking
for uh stature getting everybody ready
for war yes what Bush used to do when he
will try to get when he got when he did

get reelected he we had weird red alert
you know the terrorists are gonna bomb
us again we gotta be on our toes and our
toes because of red alert and then the
election happened this was like a scam
that Bush pulled on the American public

yes and everyone called him out for it
as well and so he said it wasn’t a scam
and this is what’s going on I think
that’s what exactly what I think Putin
is exactly right this guy there’s an
election coming up yeah this is a great

way to go is to provoke an incident put
martial law in place say that we’re
gonna be rated any minute by all these
tanks and vote for me and vote for me
here’s the here’s the report from

Ukraine radio into a radio Ukraine
international as far as I can tell it is
not your typical USAID outfit it’s not
that’s but funded by the State
Department although the Ukrainian

government did cut its funding
significantly a year or two back so
here’s what they have to say
with a 2003 treaty between Russia and
Ukraine designates the kurth’s trade and
this year of us of has shared

territorial waters but Moscow has been
asserting greater control over the area
since its annexation of the Crimean
Peninsula in 2014
particularly since May this year when it
opened a new 19 kilometers linking the

peninsula to Russian territory to the
east of the Kurd straight so what I
heard is that there that one of these
ships and I know if it’s true or not

it’s Russian propaganda no doubt that
one of these ships was ready to blow up
the bridge and that’s what they bless
you and that’s what this was maybe about
but I like your explanation far better
it makes nothing but sense be afraid

vote for me
yeah be afraid vote for me I like the
bridge concept but still sounds bogus
yeah because that would cause a problem
yeah a bridge is like a big deal it’s a

very big deal yeah just been recently
open so but they may know the dead be an
act that is an act of war I would get
do what they made no and also there’s a
lot going on we got the Turk stream you

know although that’s not that it’s you
know in the Black Sea but this just a
lot of activity happened there right now
and I I’m sorry I still like you I still
like your thesis the best that that’s

the one that makes sense when is the
election exactly do you think is next
month coming up now then we should do
another scare in about ten days do we
can get something going and yeah so I

was listening is my last Democracy Now
clip I’m listening to it because they
had that you know they lead the news
with the global warming stuff because
that gives a me the opportunity to go to

all these global warming gone fishing go
to Paris was she this time she’s going
to Poland next once in Poland it’s it’s
it’s the Paris of Eastern Europe yeah
Krakow probably a visit so but I only

wanted to clip the because I was
listening to one of the YouTube guys
some Nobel laureate going on and he’s
you know saying that the whole thing is

kind of bogus for all kinds of very
particular reasons and he never
mentioned the computer simulation
problem that they have but he did say
the one thing which was how come every
time there’s gonna be something like

global warming everything is going to be
bad nothing good is everything why why
do something good there’s a change of
anything is there no chance that

anything good could come of it and so I
I was that was in the back of my mind as
I clip this the global warming report
which only talks about all the horrible
things that are gonna happen to see a

global rise of 3.2 degrees Celsius or
nearly 6 degrees Fahrenheit by the end
of the century such a rise would see
devastating droughts floods and extreme
weather with increased sea level crop

failures mass migration and global
conflict the UN’s calling for new
investments in renewable energy and for
governments to replace subsidies on
fossil fuels with taxes to discourage
their use the stark warning came ahead

of the UN climate talks set for cut we’d
say Poland
next month and I’ll be there reporting
live I’m Amy Goodman the war and peace
report she did make that clear that

she’s gonna be oh yes so we’re gonna
have famine and drought by the way
droughts and flooding there’s a very
interesting thing to happen at the same
time droughts and flooding and famine
and war we’re all nobody everything’s a

baby green land old meltdown and we’re
gonna end up with the growing seasons up
there or maybe they find gold who knows
well Al Gore is on the warpath for this

and I’m sure this is perfectly time with
the polish adventure December 3rd and
4th or 3rd through the 4th he will be
coming to you with 24 hours of reality
the climate crisis signs all around us

mistakes are high the healthy future
hangs in the balance
tune in December 3rd and 4th this former
Vice President Al Gore is joined by
world leaders climate and health experts

and entertainers in an examination of
how the climate crisis threatens our
health and communities and what we can
do to solve this global
it’s our responsibility to protect our
body our planet our future 24 hours of

reality when we protect our planet it’ll
protect ourselves yeah baby 24 hour and
you know the entertainment is going to

be the Goo Goo Dolls whoo-hoo I mean you
got to tell me what this is this event
in New York is this news Madison Square
Garden special no it’s PC event is gonna
be on cable it’s a video event only as

far as I know online he did this a
couple years ago he does this from time
maybe it was even last year he does this
24 hours of reality and gets everyone
together and they’ll talk about it and

you know then the Goo Goo Dolls will
perform now Rihanna wasn’t available
apparently so uh and I love the title 24
hours of reality let’s see what the BBC
says about all this an orange man bad

but you’re on climate change as well he
says he doesn’t believe a report done by
his own administration that points to
some very serious economic impacts this
is a bit of a pattern isn’t it I mean he

undercuts his own administration all the
time why in constantly and it’s if this
is a president who comes to office with
some very firmly held views this is the
Reid I think his name is from the hill

about immigration about climate change
and about the way things used to be in
America making America great again and
the climate change report is a part in
that interesting so it’s because he’s

he’s old obviously old fashioned you
know so he wants you know his own white
drinking fountain
I’m just wants to keep things the way
they are you know it was good you know
before climate change I’m just going to

go nananana now it’s not happening
about immigration about climate change
and about the way things used to be in
America making America great again and
the climate change report is a part of
that I mean this is something that there

is scientific consensus on there’s no
serious scientific opposition to the
notion that there’s no serious
opposition not various scientific
opposition to the notion that climate

change is real and getting worse and
caused by humans but the president is
not willing to bend his preconceived
notions on that

crazy the way they passed gloss over the
30,000 scientists signed that letter
it’s not fantastic

I wonder or the people that like myself
would keep complaining that hey this is
based on computer simulations which is
notoriously useless here’s a question so
let’s just take let’s take Berkeley

had we implemented everything necessary
in 2000 I put in the show notes again
that report from 2000 in fact I will

read it to you from Reuters United
Nations a senior United Nations and
environmental officials says entire
nations could be wiped off the face of
the earth by rate right rising sea

levels if the global global warming
trend is not reversed by the year 2000
this is actually from 89 I’m sorry yeah
the 89 report coastal flooding and crop
failures would create an exodus of eco

refugees threatening political chaos
said no Brown director of the New York
office of the UN Environment Program
UNDP he said governments have a 10-year
window of opportunity to solve the

greenhouse effect before it goes beyond
human control and so they were
predicting disaster by 2000 yes so what
would happen if we had implemented

everything I mean how much cooler would
it be would it be two degrees to cooler
right now I don’t know it’s cold out
today hey man
weather’s not climate bro meanwhile

Manu McCall he’s taking this to heart
and here’s the strategy for France as a
part of their strategy they are going to
close 14 nuclear reactors by 2035 yeah

is he
cuckoo yeah this is nuts
I mean that’s going to country it’s one
of the greatest systems in the world for

grating energy it’s been flawless it
hasn’t produced a bunch of bad stuff
it’s it’s they’re all standardized so
all the reactors are the same so they
don’t cost that much to put up or staff

they’re not you know the problem that we
have with our General Electric is
somebody’s Westinghouse some of these
reactors we they’re all custom made you
need just you know everyone has to be
trained on different reactors it’s a

disaster yeah although they’re more
efficient or they fancy or they do more
more they develop more power who knows
but the French system has been
absolutely the best and most reliable in
the world and is clean energy yep so why

are they doing this advice to help the
new green country and into I think
France is 80% nuke electricity’s for

everything yeah can’t get that from wind
but but well they at least may have
natural gas the other Netherlands is is

really on track to little gases and
nearly as clean as nuke I know but
they’re not even gonna do that they’re
going to do wind and solar and man
they’re gonna be it’s gonna be tough to

read at night in in Pitt and France
without electricity I also don’t really
think that he’s gonna go through with
that it just doesn’t seem well
talk is cheap yeah exactly and with that

talk I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C in climate change
on c-deck
well i in the morning to you and mr.
adam curry also in the morn ellis ships

at the scene the boots on the ground the
feet in the air in the subs in the water
in the morning all the games and all the
nights out there in the morning to our
troll room thank you for hanging in
there this morning and it was good to
have you and I didn’t look at you for

troubleshooting this morning trolls that
would have made me mad but as always we
love no agendas
also a big in the morning – Martin
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loved as a simulation theory however my
understanding of the simulation
hypotheses if that’s true we would both
we would all be BOTS non player

characters in the system the idea that
if a simulation gets to a really high
level the artificial characters
themselves would not be able to see
watches a lot of Star Trek will never be
able to tell they are artificial is it

possible we were running into characters
logged in from some outside now
simulated universe non-electric next
generation episode that deals with a
similar idea when one of the characters
in the holodeck realized he’s in a

simulation that tricks the crew with his
own hack and tries to take over this
ship no no I I can tell you real quick
I believe the simulation is possibly
real but the simulation runs for each of

us so you are actually yes right now you
in my simulation you’re a bot of you and
that bot of you does the same thing all
the time but you have a different bot

for me me in her simulation yeah okay
how can you argue with Elon Musk bro

Elon Musk there’s another reason this
short is stock right and we want to
thank our executive producer and
associate executive producers for

supporting the program we really work
hard on it we know a lot of people get
benefit and that that gets me up in the
morning to know that people feel better
about the just being inundated with all
of this crap and especially on social

media so it’s very very painful for
everybody and we tried to give you some
solace and this keeps us going
appreciate it we’ll be thanking more
people $50 and above in our second
segment and another program I will be
coming to you from Chicago on Sunday

and hey and you know the lots more for
you to propagate to everybody in your
network our formula is this we go out
for your people in the mouth

orange man bad

hey I got a lot of social justice
warrior stuff for some not not clips
necessarily but just some you’ll just go

through a couple stories okay white
liberals according to research from Yale
present themselves as less competent in
interactions with African Americans they
use simpler language this is one of

those reports like it’s actually it’s
Yale at the Yale School of Management
and they have not published this study
yet but they did and it’s going to be in
the Journal of Personality and Social

Psychology while many previous studies
have examined how people who hold racial
bias have in multi racial settings few
have studied how whites who are more
well intentioned interact with people of

other races there’s less work that
explores how well-intentioned White’s
try to get along with racial minorities
but now they have this and they and it
turns out for a right-wing let’s just

call them Republicans although they have
not there’s less data of them speaking
African Americans which is flooded by
itself there seems to be no difference

in how they address a group that is
mainly made up of African Americans but
white liberals as the study proclaims
tend to downplay their own verbal

competence in exchanges with racial
minorities compared to other white
Americans act in such exchanges rut row
I believe they’re you’re talking to them

like they’re kids to a degree I think
yeah it’s simplifying the language yeah
cuz you know they’ve mean way you’re
dumb so I member superior white liberals

i’ma talk to you like you’re the adult I
really actually think you are yes that’s
great from you yeah they’re from Yale so
you can actually talk with a bit of this

in Darien Connecticut schools are now
banning I didn’t know this was a thing
parents in the lunchroom school

I did not know this but it’s see it
apparently these days lots of parents
go to see their kids during lunch break
at the school and hang out with him what
yeah the helicopter parent what yes I

would be mortified when I was a kid if
my parents showed up at the school lunch
room oh well interestingly that probably
get beat up

well now it’s the parent old days now
it’s the parents who are upset they’re
they’re really upset that they can’t
they can’t hear Terry Steadman a parent
told the board she was shocked and

driven to tears by the news to just ban
parents from the lunchroom which is
effectively what you’re doing with this
email I don’t think it’s right I don’t
think it’s in the spirit of a
collaborative environment god this is I

didn’t know it was a thing I feels like
never heard of such a thing
this is all news to me it feels like a
punch in the gut parent Jessica’s Jew

whose oldest child is in the first grade
said in an interview I chose the town
for the schools I’m so frustrated the
schools don’t want me there they don’t
well maybe these kids maybe they love it

I don’t know everything’s different I
don’t have kids of that age let’s keep
going Florida police chief gets three
years for plot to frame black people for

crimes and the reason I brought this
story is you hear the story and you
think wow that’s so racist of course the
police chief is black that makes it

Australians on all official government
forms they’ve finally figured it out

they want to be as inclusive as possible
and Australians now will be able to
choose from multiple gender labels under
a new proposal for all of their

governmental paperwork
I should mention 33 different gender
labels third first of all magic
but Wow 33 and I wish I was 16 but 33

makes more sense in the scheme of things
and then finally from the United Kingdom
of Gitmo nation East the BFI the British
Film Institute who fund a lot of a lot

of theatrical work movies but I think
also it’s probably fun like the Downton
Abbey and that kind of stuff
they will withhold funding for any a

movie that tries to make villains scary
with the scarred faces no longer can
villains have scarred faces because

people with scarred faces are hurt by
this brother what about a missing nose
is that okay

oh no no yeah if you look at all the you
know this if you think about the famous
villains actually want to bring up this
article well of course

Blofeld James Bond’s archenemy big scar
we have Freddy Krueger scarred we have
well Star Wars would even have scarred
villains and of course we had the

villain in in the Lion King whose name
was actually scar that also should be
foreboding I guess it’s a little
overboard people just a little yeah

before social media we didn’t have all
these problems know what we did we
probably had them but we didn’t know oh
you know but if it’s not discussed in a

broad manner on you know and these yeah
we didn’t network effect no one cares
otherwise yeah all right well I get the
story of the day I think okay cuz he’s
got a never been all bent out of shape

but it wasn’t played by the bag I’m
stunned this wasn’t played by the
mainstream this is Kushner to get
Mexico’s highest honor Mexico will
bestow Mexico is highest honor for

foreigners on Jared Kushner president
Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor
when Kushner arrives for the g20 talks
in Argentina the move to scorn from

Mexicans including actor Gael Garcia
Bernal who called the decision to award
the Aztec Eagle tremendously shameful
previous winners include Nelson Mandela
and the Nobel prize-winning novelist

Gabriel Garcia Marquez all right I just
wanted a guy goes arrghh by this story
because the way you know it’s just one
of these bullcrap things you get you
know you get awards for being who you

are for some reason I don’t know why
they’re giving it to him but it’s not
like a bunch of Pulitzer or a Nobel
Prize winner said the only people to get
it I’m gonna read it some of the people

to get well he’s a he’s an advisor just
so you know she that’s what she said she
said he’s an advisor no I I’m sorry I
didn’t catch that yes that’s what she
said she said he’s an advisor I think

she meant advise nerd she doesn’t know
how to pronounce things Melinda Gates
okay she guy was she getting it what’d
she do for sleeping with Bill Gates I

think you deserve a Presidential Medal
of Honor
hurry calm Rick Bayless who’s that Rick
Bayless is a TV cook that specializes in

cooking Mexican cuisine I can’t believe
MSNBC should run with this story you can
do this whole thing also previously
awarded this team duh this team award

the TV chef the chef
they could make a great story out of
this here’s one that you’ll like Bono
you mean bono bono bono he got one

meanwhile all the president’s pretty

much got one Walt Disney got one in 1943
Oh various politicians it’s more like an
entertainment prize than it does
anything I don’t know there’s some

people I never heard of Eisenhower got
one Rafael Trujillo which is a nasty
dictator got one it’s just uh well we
saw the kings and queens of the

Netherlands really
it up the green Beatrix got one King
willem-alexander got one Maxima got one
Wow the Queen – yeah they’d load it up
with the Netherlands anyway I could go

on with these people nor King Olaf of
Norway got one anyways just well who
knows why find out what the criteria is
maybe we can with me we can get

ourselves I think it’s just I don’t know
if there is any criteria it’s let me
read from the thing it just as the order
of the Aztec Eagle is the largest
Mexican order awarded to foreigners in

the country it was created in 1933 as a
reward to the services given to Mexico
or humankind by foreigners it
corresponds to similar distinctions

giving the Mexican citizens such as the
Khan declaración Miguel Hidalgo or those
other one it’s given by the Office of
the Foreign Minister on the instructions

of a council established for the purpose
headed by the president so in other
words it’s like though Awards you give
away when your magazine top 10 you know
with the best podcast in the universe

and we could have a lunch we could have
a lunch and then pick and just start
giving these awards out but we already
have you know we have the knighthood
thing which is probably more and we’ll
make that guy a knight on the spot I

don’t know about okay there’s something
that that we need to play a clip of
we’ve talked about Jeffrey Epstein a lot
on the show and he has an island and

it’s known that there’s a lot of mayo
island possibly possibly underage girls
there and he has his private plane
what’s it called his airplane is dubbed

the Lolita Express yeah here’s the thing
with the Lolita Express Jeffrey Epstein
has had Bill Clinton on that Lolita

Express a lot that there’s flight logs
even without President Clinton’s Secret
Service detail Donald Trump has also
been on the Lolita Express

to Peto island so has alan dershowitz
has also been on the lolita express but
and and in 2008 exclusive club in 2008
is ahead hedge fund guy jet and he lives

in Palm Beach yeah what Palm Beach
yeah he basically got off for the slap
on the wrist for being a sex offender
and I have not looked into the case and

how that slap on the wrist kind of took
place but now many of these girls who at
the time were 14 15 years old are
speaking out and the Miami Herald has

done a nice expose this is a piece from
a video they published along with it the
whole video is 12 minutes I got a minute
and a half for you I think you’ll like
it on June 30th 2008 Jeffrey Epstein a

Palm Beach multi-millionaire hedge fund
manager received what might have been
the most lenient plea deal for a serial
sex offender in US history the Miami
Herald identified over 60 of his victims

just young middle and high school girls
at the time of the abuse more than a
decade later several of them are talking
for the first time about how they were
molested by Epstein and believe they
were betrayed by the very prosecutors

who were supposed to hold Epstein
accountable one child would be lord over
would be paid substantial sums of money
would be offered the further inducement

of being paid a bounty for anybody else
that she was able to bring to Epstein a
network developed where many young girls
in the same kinds of circumstance wound

up being victimized by the time I was 16
I brought him up to 75 girls all the
ages of you know 14 15 16 people going
from eighth grade to ninth grade at just

school parties that’s where I would
recruit him from all Jeffrey cared about
was go find me more girls his appetite
was insatiable he couldn’t stop if he
wanted new fresh young faces every

single day the sheer volume of girls the
frequency sometimes
roll were many in the same day the age
of the girls in some cases there were
victims that didn’t know each other had

never met each other but they had a
basically the same story I remember
there was a staircase and it was like
kind of like a spiral almost and she

brings us up the stairs and it was like
spiral stairs he walked into his bedroom
around his bed and – almost like a very
little Hall and then it was another door
and that’s where everything would happen

was in his bathroom he would have a
dresser and it was filled with like the
first drawer was lotion and then like
the third drawer down was like sex toys
and it just goes on from there yeah

really I mean hundreds of girls hunters
they have lists of hundreds of girls if
you read the story these were these were
girls who were mainly they got 200 bucks

but these girls were their parents were
in trailer part they live in trailer
parks okay their parents were on drugs
they were some of them were just
homeless they were taken advantage of by
this guy in dad this guy was a mate this

guy was yeah you have to say seventy
five or hundreds I mean what what is the
point on his what I’m asking what does
do you think his point is and what’s his

point he borders easily boarding heaven
he can’t screw the same girl twice I
mean it doesn’t make any sense normal
person no but they clearly he’s ill and
needs to be locked up in an institution

and given one of those those fancy
lobotomies we do these days with the
ultrasound up or hedge fund manager I
don’t know same thing no I find it very
disturbing and how did this happen that

he that he just kind of skipped off with
no no jail time or anything it’s the
same thing as the pedophile rings that
you’re always moaning about in Europe
that apparently go right into the right

up into the judicial yeah and you’ll be
you’ll be pleased to know that this
former detective who just published a
book called The Lost Boys of bird Island

a shocking expose
within the heart of the NP government on
his NP stand for what the hell was this
mmm so anyway he was uh here’s the his

the headline published his book exposing
high-level government pedophile ring
shot in the head days later I hate it
when that happens

yeah you see just what uh what is Burt I
do want to see what what government was
this I was nothing control room and help
me out I can’t see it MP and P yeah I

have no idea hmm
do a little odd in South Africa oh wow
yeah the book details the corruption

within the last apartheid government of
South Africa and implicated officials
all the way to the top how high does it
go including defense minister Magnus

Milan and the Minister of Environmental
Affairs John Wiley before his death the
author Minnie announced that he was
approached by many more people with even
more damning evidence which he plans to

reveal in a sequel of the book however
that’s he died maybe he should have just
shut up about the sequel yeah
well that’s what’s happening in that
first book let’s kill this guy yeah oh

yeah that’s what’s happening – well not
exactly the same but at this Jerome
Corsi guy who’s now being hassled by the
the Mueller team oh is that stones buddy

yeah of course he’s been around yeah
I’ve seen him on Alex Jones in the past
although not recently I haven’t really
been watching but he do coast to coast

and he was writer he’s he’s 72 he’s a
little older and and he’s writing – I
think he just published a book about the
deep state okay let’s get that guy cuz

Mueller is all over that maybe one day
it’ll all come out and we’ll really know
what Mueller’s role was just going back
to being hired – was it just

before 911 then Obama comes in and uh
well you know we need you to stay for an
extra two years yeah but you could
there’s a 10 year term limit I will
figure that out

we’ll just scrub something over here
make that work he’s so tied into
everything and everybody maybe one day
we’ll find out maybe now the whole thing
is corrupt yeah this corruption lurks

yes so I’m surprised that I’m getting
that we’re even talking what ask yeah
why what do you see why do I say such

why do you say this John because my
browser the old might be if I try to do
anything are you going on Google to look
up something which I’ve been trying to
do here you got frozen or Bing or any of
them I get now is no you got no good

internet connection reboot is what you
always tell me no internet connection if
I’m talking to you well that’s clearly

it’s something with your browser which
always it are you using
brave no hmm I use brave on the other
machine uh here hold on let me help ya
you try that and meanwhile I’m going to

give you an update the latest on the e
scooters and I do want to reiterate I am
very much for the e scooter revolution
did you balancing one there pretty cool
so it doesn’t fall over right doesn’t

fall over it’s got big giant tires no I
haven’t seen that one’s like a Segway
only front and back wheels no I have not
seen that it looks pretty cool yeah well

it it’s all cool as long as people drive
it not on the sidewalk and as long as
they don’t throw these things all over
the place
I mean it’s it’s there’s more of these
ah here on Second Street downtown you

know it got trees and you know they made
a nice little downtown area there’s more
of these things than trees I mean it
overpowers the landscape
and it’s hurting people so in the past

six or seven months we’ve seen more than
a hundred cities in the US get these
rentable ductless motorized scooters and
we’re seeing a lot of accidents rack up
in emergency rooms over the past few

weeks I’ve been talking to doctors in
emergency rooms in several major cities
and they say they’re seeing the rate of
these accidents happen anywhere from
maybe 10 a month to 10 a day well I’ve

heard all sorts of stories a lot of
people they just kind of lose control
the scooter because they don’t quite
know what they’re doing and other
incidents I’ve heard is that people’s
brakes haven’t worked I’ve also heard

incidents where they push on the
throttle and the scooter just keeps
going yeah but hold on that’s the
desired result push on the throttle and
it just keeps on going I don’t know who

you talk to
weird incidents where they push on the
throttle and the scooter just keeps
going a lot of doctors are saying most
of the injuries they see coming in are
people without helmets a lot of people
renting the scooters are tourists

they’re not traveling with helmets or
people just going about their day-to-day
lives they’re not carrying around the
helmet and this is contributing to a lot
of head injuries that’s part of the
problem with the scooters there’s

different laws in different states
different cities so people don’t really
know what the rules are some states
require helmets some don’t in California
it used to be the law that everyone had
to wear a helmet but one of the scooter

companies Birds back to bill to get that
helmet requirement taken out and so
starting January people won’t have to
wear helmets in California so when you
sign up to rent one of these scooters

you have to click through agreements in
the app and basically those agreements
are taking on full responsibility for
what happens with that scooter so it

absolves the suit scooter companies of
any responsibility or liability so if
you get hurt it’s your fault not the
company that’s the part I like the best
it’s the old EULA trick so when when you

go up to the scooter you want to ride
then you know you have to have the app
and then you you say okay I’m gonna
I haven’t sign it off you sign off you
sign off on everything even if the thing

is defective you’ve it blows up right on
here which I’m waiting for yeah you know
the old EULA trick yeah so it’s kind of
gets what went or some judge have some

yeah and throw that whole thing out yeah
unless you can prove someone reread it
and if there’s any option so I buy some
software and I’ve already paid my money

I pay my money for the software and I’m
gonna not I don’t like this you LeSueur
say no I don’t accept it the software
won’t work

no that’s correct in many cases yeah you
can’t get any further it’ll say great
you just can’t use the software correct
what about my money yeah I know here
there’s another issue in that regard and

something Apple is doing and there’s
lawsuits I think even a class-action
lawsuit is they do all kinds of tricks
to not let you repair your Apple

products outside of official official
Apple channels which is kind of it’s
it’s a another side of that coin it’s

like hey I bought this I owned this I
should be able to do whatever I want
with it certainly if something’s broken
I should be able to go to someone who
can repair it but they make that
impossible you know if you try to if you
try to open this then that gets disables

like booby-trap basically and there’s a
what is it right of first ownership or
there’s some some basic law that says
you know you should have the right to
repair your device yeah you should well

I bought it yeah that’s unfortunately
that’s not how it works but everybody in
Congress is a lawyer so that’s why we

get stuff like this well I tell you I
saw it I was taking my dry-cleaning to a
kathy’s and on the third and and right
there in front of the Guru blue grocer
is that’s where a lot of homeless guys

hang out yeah I used to give money right
we talked about this I don’t do it
yeah no no no because I’ve
same guy I give money to is still there
and you’d lies to me so I’m gonna get

some shoes he doesn’t get any shoes it
doesn’t matter I’m done with it I don’t
do it anymore not in Austin at least
you’re fed out and I’ll tell you why I
was very happy about it because so I’m
walking I see a guy coming towards me

kind of yeah you can see he’s transient
I think homeless would be the right
description but transient he stopped
someone in front of me they stand shake
their head and he stops me I said no so
I do my business I walk around the block
and then he comes from the other

direction he’s coming at me again he’s
tracked Enya and of course he again
asked me I said that you just asked me
know thirty seconds later he whizzes by
me on an East scooter meaning the guy

has a smartphone a means of payment are
you kidding me Austin hmm just whipping
by that’s pretty much it definitely oh

this is not gonna help let’s see there
was just a quick Australia let’s play a

little story about apparently got a lot
of fire and floods going on there but
probably because of global warming the
people of Australia grapple today with
extreme fire and extreme rainfall Sydney

was inundated with a month’s worth of
rain in a single morning the deluge
flooded homes and streets and claimed at
least one life we’ve had storm events

before and you South Wales with that
storm events in Sydney before but not
this widespread not over this continuing
period of time we’ve had in excess of
100 millimetres of rain already in some

areas of Sydney but one of the things
were happening is the rain is in
flooding different areas at different
meanwhile in northeastern Australia
firefighters in Queensland State battled

an unprecedented 138 fires as
temperatures soared to 104 degrees
authorities said the fire danger has
gone to catastrophic that is the worst

on their scale I didn’t hear global
warming in the report I know I was wrong
that’s wrong that’s just wrong so I’ve
been working on my Australian accent I
want to hear it

sure steak and shrimp it’s as far as
I’ve gotten
John at Dvorak dot-org is where you can

send your official pronunciation send
him please send them lots of audio files
of telling him how to pronounce steak
and shrimp dikes Zuckerberg was invited

to the UK to testify in front of
government there he was a no-show

he sent his I guess the locals why would
he go
they sent the look well that’s a good
question here is a quick exchange
between his his proxy from double his no

body double who would know the
difference and if ever
if ever a good reason to have a bot in
the simulation it would be that guy now

so they sent his local VP you you
apologize for the decision for Mars luca
berg and not appearing here you took
responsibility for that how do you think

that looks as a member of this poll not
not great you could just see the call
he’s getting from zuckerberg what did

you say no what about the lines we
rehearsed but what was this about it
seems that the UK parliament has some
info we don’t have like another problem
for facebook the UK parliament getting a

hold of internal facebook documents
what’s in them so tyler a head of a
panel questioning of the facebook vp
tomorrow on fake news and disinformation
british parliament has obtained internal

facebook documents from an app developer
this developer sued facebook alleging
it’s data policies were anti-competitive
we don’t know what’s in these documents
yet and facebook has fought to keep them
private because they may include emails

between senior executives the california
state court ordered to keep them under
but the chairman of the House of Commons
committee which secured the documents
says they can choose to publish them if

they like so of course we’ll have to see
what happens if they do choose to
publish them but no matter what Tyler
it’s just yet another headache for
Facebook all right yeah and the
headaches just keep on coming

Zuckerberg Andy yeah go ahead well I’ve
been watching this and since I’m not a
Facebook user no I I think it can be
pretty objective I think they’re finally
I think they’re fine after they looked

at the numbers yeah Facebook this
Facebook that Facebook is eating the
media’s lunch there takes 40 billion
dollars is going to Facebook that should
be going to the media yes and they

finally figured out that Facebook is not
their friend yes yes in fact I have a
clip here from canden a via the CBC
Scandinavian radio this guy actually has

it figured out and he can’t believe that
the canned in a V and broadcasting also
don’t just see what is happening to them
why does CB c trust Facebook why does

every outlet on CBC tell its listeners
to go like them on Facebook not just CBC
but other journalistic entities as well
we’re CBC so I’m like I don’t care about
the other journalist a entities why do

the people at CBC mandate that CBC
personnel promote Facebook why does CBC
continue to engage in commercial
relationships with Facebook now that
it’s clear to us that Facebook is a

threat to democracy a CBC as a public
broadcaster should be strengthening
democracy so I would like to hear from
the senior managers of this corporation
which I do not work for very clearly and
further every time I’ve appeared on this

show to talk about Facebook Facebook has
complained to CBC and CBC has not
defended me or it’s not defended our
right to have these conversations
although metric morning will start
having yeah right and and and that to me
is is the hypocrisy of our reporting on

Facebook that we talk about it but as a
company we do nothing Jesse thank you
hopefully I’ll come back but if not
thanks everybody Hersh to college you
call it mr. Mishra morning like me on

but that’s the point that that’s well
may I mean they do it on all
these Nevers like us on Facebook like
why yeah why should they like you on
I mean you’re these these media
companies are stupid they’ve always been

stupid this is I’m gonna bring back a
story that’s you know a lot of listeners
have heard a couple times I’ll tell it
again you were there when Craig Newmark
was telling or what and I’m sorry when
the Phil Bernstein was telling the story

back in the day when Craig Newmark the
guy who did cray or does craigslist
walked into the Chronicle as big
newspaper in San Francisco today I’ve

got this thing about doing classifieds I
think we should team up and we can do
take take the classified world over and
it was like the newspaper guy said what
do you know about anything get out out

and so they lost me you know they lost
them their edge but these guys have
always been that way the newspapers have
never been to predict their own demise
because of the internet they can’t
figure out that advertising works

differently on the internet than a dozen
print and so they’d so they’re stupid
when it comes to Facebook and what’s I
think now they’re starting to beat up
Facebook in an unwarranted manner
well Zuckerberg need has to go to the

Parliament he’s got nothing to do with
them tell Mossad off as they sawed off
well there’s more coming down the pike
and for that and I if I were mainstream

I’d be making a big deal out of this the
Department of Justice this week unsealed
charges against eight individuals in
they’re saying one of the largest
digital advertising frauds runs in the

billions looks like a lot of Russian
names here so I didn’t know where these
guys are but the Department unsealed all
this they had that a federal court seal

I don’t know why they had seizure
warrants FBI took over 31 domains eighty
nine servers botnets the whole thing and
was very sophisticated and they’d 1900
or servers that were just replicating

people you know doing the mouse so
finally this is now out this is where
you want to go after
yeah you want to go for the judgment

going on for over a decade and we’ve
been talking about it
of course yeah so now it’s a we have
here this there’s all kinds of stories

coming out about this now to here to
international cybercriminal rings
dismantled an eight defendants indicted
for causing billions of dollars in
losses in digital advertising fraud
finally finally someone’s gonna figure

out how phony it really is they also
face bag with their two billion served
how can you have two billion how can you
still say we serve two billion people
when you deleted five hundred million I

mean come on the concern one please just
do this arithmetic and the last thing
for Zuck you know this New York Times
report which no one talks about where

you know there was some anti-semitism
going on which they did on purpose you
know hey let’s let’s get these
anti-semitic conspiracy theories about
George Soros out there well that does

not sit well with the hospital San
Francisco General Hospital which was not
was a whole hospital named after

Zuckerberg or a wing he gave seventy
five million dollars to the hospital’s
foundation is this one called a
Zuckerberg just general or yeah well
they’re going to take donors to San

Francisco to hospitals him and the our
sales force guy Benny oh yeah well
they’re taking his name off for the for
life for the Jew thing yeah yeah listen

I’ll read it to you on Tuesday San
Francisco supervisor Aaron Peskin
reportedly reportedly proposed the city
remove Zuckerberg name from San

Francisco General Hospital which was
renamed it’s not normal for private he
says it’s not normal for private
entities to use information to spread in
this case anti-semitic conspiracy

theories on platforms they control
believe me John when you do this
especially Zuckerberg as a Jew he’s the
worst kind of Jew you can be no da okay
no I’m not saying he’s not the worst

kind of jewel one way or the other maybe
is maybe is it I don’t care
they’re not taking his name off that
Hospital all right how much money is
I’m sure Benioff would be fine

just jumping in just to mess with the
guy or someone will got his own thing it
says the other system that he’s in a
different hospital system he’s giving
money to them mints mmm

UCSF or something like that let’s get
him any offices Benioff that know
Zuckerberg is unit now there’s no way
well he’s out there saying it so you
know there’s City Council of San

Francisco are a bunch of douche bags
they say stuff just to get attention
this you know I don’t have any clips or
anything I could but we haven’t talked
about it much this CRISPR thing this
gene editing I have the clip fantastic

apparently he’s got another person all
ready to go Chinese part to a Chinese
scientist who says he engineered the
first genetically edited babies now says

another pregnancy is underway
Hajin Quay made the announcement today
at an international conference in Hong
there’s been no independent confirmation

of his claims but scientists have
condemned his experiments do you think
this is really true that he’s really
been successful with this could be a
fake we know there’s been a lot of

medical fraud and a lot of people a lot
of people are really into this CRISPR
thing this gene editing well we’ll see
what happens
oh here comes the baby now it’s a girl
born talking just a gene switch I got to

meet the first cloned dog years ago
really yeah I was in Korea that’s what
started it yeah we started at MIT I
forget the name of this dog was big I

can’t remember kind of dog this big dog
nice nice guy seemed like a regular dog
to me it could be a fake but I think was
the real thing
cloned dog came out on stage everybody

got to pet him it was very funny a piece
from John Bolton who I still understand
why he’s why he’s in this guy why isn’t
government at all I do not like this guy

got the goods on somebody
I don’t know how he did it but anyway he
pretty much gave me now 100% assurance
there is no tape of cash oh jeez shock

cheese murder
there is no tape of it and he’s gonna
try and weasel out of it but it really
just strengthens my thought that there’s

no tape let me take the question of the
tape first no I haven’t listened to it
and I guess I should ask you why do you
think I should what do you think I’ll
learn from in this room speak Arabic

you want me to listen to what am I gonna
learn from I mean if they were speaking

Korean I wouldn’t learn any more from it
either I can read a transcript to trying
to make the point that everybody who

says why don’t you listen to the tape
unless you speak Arabic what are you
going to get from it have you ready the
president has spoken to our position on
this issue he’s spoken very clearly and

that is our position
yeah there’s no tape and of course we
want to hear that but they’re all too
chickenshit to say we want to hear the
murderer that’s what we want to hear we
don’t care what language this is in we

want hear bonesaw we want to hear the
guy going you know and come on if this
tape existed surely someone would have

it by now for now there’s a transcript
we just say as a tape here’s the
transcript it’s the oldest trick I’m not
gonna argue you might be right there
maybe the whole thing could be a

something of a hoax now why do they have
the tape for in the first place they’re
supposed to have a video too they said
at the beginning if you remember we want
to see those videos to see the video we
don’t want to see the tape video it’s

just gone off into the annals of truth
truthiness John it’ll now forever be
that way there was a tape and there was
a buzzsaw and they killed him and and
there was video and don’t worry about it

that’s just what happened now there’s a
little extra meme to all of this and
it’s it’s mind-boggling whereas two
years ago even before you know before
the election we know that there was

collusion we had lots of collusion any
collusion between the Russians and Trump
and it’s because Trump is under control
by Putin and he has all these financial
and business ties
he just boasted about how much money he

makes and and you know then so that’s
why he’s always been acting in Russia’s
best interest because of his own
personal interest and financial and
business interest in Russia and now

although we have never heard it before
really to this degree it’s time to roll
out the same script for KSA being
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia here is Adam
Schiff he is now the chair of the

Intelligence Committee now one of the
things that you want to probe is the
president’s relationship with Saudi
Arabia you told The Washington Post you
have an idea that the president is going

easy on Saudi Arabia because of his
business interests and that you want to
look into that G of any evidence to
support that going in well look the
president is not being honest with the

country about the murder of Jamal
khashoggi there’s I think it’s part he
feels that by saying that we don’t know
or that the world is a dangerous place
or everybody does it he thinks it makes

him look strong it actually makes him
look weak it means that our allies don’t
respect us our enemies don’t fear us
what is driving this I don’t know
whether this is simply an affinity that

he has for autocrats he seems to choose
them repeatedly over his own
intelligence agencies or whether there’s
a financial motivation that is his own
personal finances we do know of course

he has openly bragged about how many
millions he makes from Saudi Arabia is
his personal financial interest driving
u.s. policy in the Gulf is it driving US
policy visa be the Russians we don’t

know but it would be irresponsible not
to find out and how far are you going to
dig on that well this will not be the
work alone of the Intelligence Committee
it’ll be our responsibility to make sure

that we’re getting good intelligence on
not just the murder of Jamal khashoggi
but also Saudi policy these will be
gutter in Yemen and that the Congress is
informed that we can make good policy

decisions that we can truth help if the
president is just representing matter to
the American people so that word we have
a foreign policy that is driven by
American interests not by some interests

of the president so that will be our
responsibility I think others will also
have the responsibility of looking at
are there financial entanglements with
the Gulf are there financial inducements

that the president has not to want to
cross the Saudis that cannot be allowed
to drive u.s. policy okay couple
first of all what the hell is this we’re
gonna truth tell this is new for me so

we will be able to truth tell the public
about it I’d is that short for telling
the truth well I don’t know why would
you use that term I’ve never heard of it

okay and then the other guy said lizard
so you never know what’s gonna come out
of his mouth but you know the the
American public voted before majority in
the House of Representatives which is

great that okay so now go do stuff I
mean the president doesn’t make laws and
doesn’t you know that yeah he can he
said international treaties but you

ultimately you’re in charge just go make
the policy you want to make and sir I
can’t be the only one who’s tired of
this investigating everything and the

same goes for the Republicans it’s
tiring can’t believe I’m saying it
better believe it yeah it’s just come on
man just a more truth-telling is it

better yeah I’m I’m truth telling you
right now bro
truth telling you truth telling oh I got
a funny one here chunk we haven’t talked
about chunk in a long time
chunk was on with seltzer water boy you

know that brian Stelter on whatever his
media show is and he’s talking about a
OC and he says something really
appropriate which fries Seltzer waters

brain I mean and it’s just me I was like
you guys are that you guys are the
problem and I’ll play it until we’re
tired of hearing him but what I found
interesting was how seltzer water

pronounces his name now it’s cen K and
we always say chunk but what is it that
what is it really
shink shink shink I think shangri-la
yeah let’s listen to a seltzer so drink

drink a stop is to Twitter drink drink
drink Jake
hey kids inc so drink drink as Trump is

to Twitter is Acacio Cortez to Instagram
because that one of the lessons here
she’s using a new platform in a new way
well I mean look yeah you can say that
Trump was untethered from the donors in

a sense as well because she didn’t raise
enough money from them and so hence he
was able to speak out more vociferously
on social media subscribe cortez on the
does on the left but I gotta say one

thing in her defense
from what you just mentioned Brian look
you say she doesn’t do enough interviews
on television now but let’s be fair when
she needed those interviews you guys
weren’t there for her so before the

election almost but our job isn’t no no
no no no no no but Brian it isn’t about
being there or being or not it’s about
you guys didn’t think she had a chance

so you didn’t give her any outlet at all
and so the people in her district didn’t
get a real sense of you know who had the
better point of view she overcame that
anyway and went on to win so if you

think hey well she’s got to go on
television to speak to the people
apparently she didn’t she had to go on
The Young Turks and social media to
speak to the people and she did and she

won so she doesn’t owe television
anything she doesn’t know the Democrats
anything she doesn’t know Republicans
anything so she can go on a make her
case anywhere she likes and it’s
incredibly effective I think the guys

making a very good point and I and I
agree that I’ve always said watch out
for AOC ma’am you don’t have to be smart
and I think lots of people would agree
with me that to be to be president even

official she certainly was the the media
the public her voice this is gonna be
very interesting to watch now they’re

all offended but she owes she owes the
media any questions I take your point
about they’re not getting enough
attention before she won but I don’t
think that’s particularly unusual for

somebody running for Congress she’s not
running for president I think then it
would be a different story
just real quick and look I think that
unfortunately stop stop this is where

chunk should say well that’s a great
argument of you guys also
cover Bernie Sanders very well yes and
saying crazy stuff that’s different than

trumpet from the other side but he had
huge audiences and it deserves some
coverage you guys didn’t cover him at
all in favor of Hillary no no of course
not how he go I don’t now he goes into

this thing about because well I’ll play
his argument but you’re so right and if
only Bernie had understood how to use
Twitter effectively he could have killed

it yeah it’s not in his DNA he doesn’t
understand it but this is they are
they’re really kind of like what are you
you can’t be a politician without the

media that’s pretty much what chunk
drank janki’s drank jank is saying and I
think he’s right that you don’t need it
but these people they’re not happy now

his reason for it and you’ll hear now is
kind of me not running for president I
think then it would be a different story
just real quick and look I think that

unfortunately the media covers people
with more money and a lot of that is
corporate money and so it’s not just
about a costumer Cortez it’s about the
future and in 2020 will you cover
progressive candidates that run

uncorrupted and my guess is no and then
you’ll turn around and sometimes labor
progressive candidates and conservative
candidates we should cover them and make
sure people know about both of them but

I absolutely absolutely but
unfortunately you give an advantage to
people with more money and you do it all
the time
and unfortunately I think it aids in a
bets corruption I would love to discuss
that more than the picture I’m not sure

how we have more donor money that’s your
argument that because they have more
donor money they get more than average
this idiot doesn’t even understand how
it works and he’s in the middle of it
does the media show what you same people

who raise a lot of money to get more
attention no no Brian are you saying
that not everybody in the media says
well that person is a better chance for
winning because they have more money so
there’s this obsession with who’s raised

more money and has more legitimate hmm
that’s the rail of the mainstream media
which is and not held in the actual
elections yeah interesting Jake thanks
for being here
drank interesting chanc a great drink

thank you very much it’s great thanks
for being here dick you’re never getting
on again my show
tell me about you write about that tell
me hide me anyway he’s not gonna get on

there again no you can’t go in the media
they accused him of all these things you
got him cozy up to him yeah he’s always
gonna be honest he’s in a state of
dissonance all the time

chink drank jank cuz this is he has good
thoughts I mean that’s not that’s very
much the way I think about things which
of course makes it good that’s just a

media thought it’s just like dude to
read realism of right being realistic
right but then you know he forgets to
point out the birth sounds were supposed
to know anything about the media for
some reason to an immediacy it’s doing

the media sure that’s great no agenda
imagine all the people who could do this
oh yeah that’d be fab

well we do a few people thank for show
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sound of the podcast oh the only way I
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that’s problem that may be problematic

is this his wife or girlfriend wife
I truly appreciate what you two are
doing and there’s no one else in the
media seems to exercise critical

thinking leaving the rest of us under
constant assault from all sides by
screaming morons telling us how to speak
think and act to avoid offending anyone
no matter how much they themselves may

offend me thankfully I have a thicker hi
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the doctor 73’s the doctor is in here’s

what I would recommend if you’re going
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the the ham developments I try there’s a
new digital mode which is ft 8 an ft 8
it does something very amazing it takes

very low-power and very quickly is able
to exchange information with other
stations and it can do this all over the
globe it’s done purely through

propagation you know shit bouncing off
meteorites the moon I don’t know what
it’s it’s insane how well it works
really phenomenal because you can do is
on very low power you need special

licensing for this well interestingly
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is where all the action is and yes you
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with conditions being right but even
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can relay stuff and you kind of auto
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much more powerful station you can have
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and you can just you know basically text
back and forth so what I’d like to do is
I want to set up a No Agenda ham Network

with this system because everyone can
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you don’t need necessarily need the huge
antenna but we couldn’t connect all of
our rigs together and do some relaying

and and rag2 together you know talk
about our gear gear in the truck right
now in the driveway and I’m about to go
in and see the missus did the Y L the y

L the young lady the wile you know and
the apocalypse comes where the guys who
are gonna save the world right so being
a lookout for that no agenda hams we

have a lot of them so I wanted to reboot
that it’s important that we would keep
our networks running
I agree are you gonna join it oh yeah

okay yes now I wanted to get this out of
the way which was it looks like there
was a six-week cycle on the money Oh
event uh-huh that was a fail and then
they had the backtrack and it became

this huge nightmare nobody knows and we
can’t get any reporting on it or
anything else I do remember what had
happened and this is the well you can
play this clip it pretty much explains

most and week cycle before actually
played just for those who are new I may
not know what the six week cycle is we
have it on good authority that the FBI
in particular possibly other government

agencies but the FBI creates some havoc
somewhere and saves us from imminent
death about every six weeks and usually
it’s some Patsy that they give a fake

bombs to with a they rent the van for
him giving the fake detonator button and
as he presses it they swoop in and
they’ve saved the day once again and
that keeps the budgets flowing it
happens every six weeks let’s see what

happened in this cycle we are gonna be
in tonight here with a false alarm that
sure look like the real thing at
America’s Hospital Walter Reed National
Military Medical Center just outside
Washington DC that is where presidents

have their checkups and wounded warriors
are treated today police and first
responders swarm the facility after
someone apparently made a monumental
mistake here’s David Martin it was just

after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon when SWAT
teams responded to reports of an active
shooter at Walter Reed Medical Center
where American servicemen and women
recover from their wounds it turned out

to be just a drill gone wrong but no one
told the patients and staff some of whom
sheltered in place they just evacuated
us out into a parking garage a medical

technician texted CBS News estimating
the number of evacuate between 80 and 90
we’re being told it was a drill CBS
texted back we were told it’s not a

drill he replied among those that took
shelter were an amputee and a veteran
suffering from traumatic brain injury
one of them told CBS News patients were
loaded into wheelchairs

some holding crutches over their heads
those who could walk were pushing the
wheelchairs there was fear some guys
grabbed baseball bats or whatever there
was he defend themselves from the

Pentagon to the FBI to local law
the Maryland congressman Dutch
Ruppersberger who was there everyone
thought it was the real thing there were
people that were very concerned and

upset and afraid it’s my understanding
the montgomery county police came and
didn’t know about it there are a lot of
people that really had serious issues
the navy which runs walter reed later

found out that one of the medical
centers subordinate commands had been
planning a drill and as part of the
planning accidentally triggered the
alert the Navy calls that an improper

use of the warnings all right David
Martin thank you very much it’s no six
weeks cycle that’s not even close
there’s no FBI involved it’s completely
that’s that’s nothing to do with it no

you look into the FBI’s involved yeah I
was backed off because this was a
disaster now do they still have you when
I have their name associated with it do
you think they still have to pay the

crisis actors their per diem no no what
did they even put him in place I think
the whole thing was just but I’ve been
looking at the Democratic Republic of

Congo as Ebola has sparked up again what
we’re waiting for it to no agenda show
is for the military to be sent over
because as all kinds of groovy stuff we

want to protect and it’s not the Ebola
patients Congo has begun the first ever
trial to test the effectiveness and
safety before experimental Ebola drugs
the World Health Organization calls it a

giant step toward finding a treatment
that will save lives so far the current
outbreak in Congo there have been 365
confirmed Ebola cases 189 of those
patients have died how does this work

I thought they had a they already did a
trial for Ebola I thought that a vaccine
hold on let’s see let’s see we have the
only by the way this number higher than

the one that got all the publicity just
a few years ago
let’s have an old
from this is Sanjay Gupta on the vaccine
and again non-essential travelers no
longer go to to West Africa they makes
it they talked about several different

things including a question that comes
up quite a bit with regard to vaccines
or some sort of treatment for patients
with Ebola and dr. Frieden who’s the
head of the CDC said look he he believes

up still a year away before something
like that’s approved and this is 2014
this clip so they just gave up and just
stopped making that did not go no need
to go five years you still haven’t

figured it out
it doesn’t mean things like that won’t
get used in an experimental more
compassionate you standpoint but the
idea about having a vaccine available
for sort of for mass vaccinations that’s
just not going to be available he thinks

for at least a year or so probably not
during this particular outbreak well I’d
like to know what happens that year went
by yeah but this is 2014-2015 now we’re
in 2018 and there’s nothing and nobody

talking about anything what are you
kidding me here’s a foul Qi from the st.
Lucie if it’s the same date
ouchy yeah this is the old Falchi yeah
yeah the old necks broke that’s about

she also from 2014 he says finally there
was a story in The New York Times this
week Mike Leventhal and you know New
York Times must be true referred to it

at the end of his report that scientists
had come up with a vaccine a decade ago
that was a hundred percent effective in
stopping Ebola in monkeys but because of
the fact that the disease then was so

rare that there wasn’t a market there
wasn’t an incentive to test it and to
develop it question is there some way
first of all do you think we could have
had if there had been a full-speed

effort ten years ago could we have had
an Ebola vaccine by now and secondly is
there some way when there is so little
market for it that we can get these
things developed just in case we get
into this kind of situation answer the

both question certainly without
pharmaceutical backing you’re not gonna
get a vac a vaccine didn’t we give these
guys money for this to something I
remember something there was some funds

made available but that was mostly for
sure we could’ve well that’s when Ebola
turned to Zika had one now you can’t
predict because there’s scientific
issues there

we ain’t not scientifically stinks but
what the government is doing now here we
through a program called barter the
biomedical Advanced Research Development
Authority is to be able to finance
things will you kiss a stockpile so the

government is realizing that even if
there isn’t the the need out lies just
lies just all lies so this has been
going on for 15 years then they talked

about 2004 yeah so 15 years yeah 14 so
it’s not about Ebola I just don’t
believe it it’s just a lie

I see some virus the killer from Nigeria

let’s see how we do in the Congo troops
are coming small heads are coming no
that’s not my Zika all right I keep

mixing all these memes up let’s play a
little kind of a throwaway clip I got
here mm-hmm
this is on apparently they found a bunch
of manuscripts from Malcolm X’s book The

Autobiography of Malcolm X very famous
story that was I guess edited quite a
bit biggest Milken was a little more
mean-spirited then they put him out
tomorrow okay yeah in one paragraph

Haley softened the Malcolm’s immoral
white devil to read fat cat whites it
was further one wrong lie in the
published book – two-faced whites
another he could write for The Guardian

Malcolm said the American black man is
wasting his time straining to integrate
it can’t be done that phrase also didn’t
make it into the book I think the

question that scholars are gonna ask is
is he helping shape the message and you
know was there something that Haley had
as an agenda and I think it’s
complicated I think Malcolm X really
shines through from the first page I

have no doubt that that is Malcolm X’s
story and it’s a very American one
Malcolm was often critical of Martin
Luther King’s approach to racial
progress but in this 24 page chapter

titled the Negro one of three that went
unpublished Malcolm uncannily predicted
America would one day elect an
african-american president in the year
2000 Oh in the year 2000 yeah he was

late he was 8 by 8 years yeah look now
of course those that know no doubt no
doubt we can do that there’s a big
article in The New York Times that a lot

of people are talking about and it’s the
it’s a feature story with the Big D it’s
actually New York Times Magazine I’m
sorry feature story the insect

apocalypse is here what does it mean
about feeding us insects no this is what
I was going to ask you so it’s a long
story almost shaggy-dog from the author

or him or herself about bugs and daiji I
used to have when I was
riding my bike had to keep my mouth
closed and I’ve noticed there’s less
bugs I’m not getting so many bugs any of
this of course is due to global warming

I don’t have to tell you that and that’s
to be more bugs with global warming my
question is how can you be all worried
about the the bug apocalypse and then do
you want people to eat the rest that are

still here ah you’re right don’t
understand the fly in the ointment
good taste like poo yeah what we were

rights actually I should say one of our
producers was very right in bringing the

story to my attention initially uh the
Boeing 707 37 max aircraft the crash the
Lion air that seems like we were spot-on
about what happened to get an alert on

our phone that that’s not what you want
to be here this is what you wanted to
investigators are revealing more
findings into that deadly lion air crash

last month in Southeast Asia I’m sure
you’ll remember it a preliminary report
found the plane was not air worthy
because there were technical problems

reported on previous flights the pilots
struggled with an automated anti
stalling system that repeatedly forced
the plane’s nose down but it’s unclear
why the pilots did not follow procedures

to disable the system to characterize
this as a rollercoaster ride from hell
would not be an overstatement but very
simply what happened here was there is a

new system in the Boeing 737 max which
is different from the old Boeing 737
airplanes it wasn’t in the old planes

it’s in the new plane and this new
system was put in because of some unique
characteristics about the new plane
essentially what it is it’s called the
maneuvering characteristics augmentation

system or M casts and it’s designed to
basically take control of the airplane
away from the pilot a kind of little
pilot but not in a little pilot to

prevent the plane from stalling
when stalling is not like your car
stalling it’s when there’s not enough
air traveling over the wing to create
enough lift to keep the plane in the air
so in this instance very simply what

happened was plane to pull up as soon as
they raised the flaps this new system
this can pass system kicked in it
thought because of a

probably a defective angle-of-attack
sensor that the nose of the airplane was
way up in the air or higher than it was
and it automatically pushed the nose of
the plane down the pilot and co-pilot

were not trained on how to react to this
if you believe Lyon air it was not in
the operating manual if you believe the
Allied Pilots Association there was

little or no information about this new
system disclosed to flight crews
including Lyon airplane and so they were
in a situation which was completely new

and tragic so now we’re just waiting to
see who’s gonna get sued over this well
dude story I heard was that there was a
bunch of what’s there are Southwest it

is a big 737 user and the pilots that
had interaction with the max so they
never heard of this there was no they

never got a memo the first time they
heard about this whole system and that
you could flip it off completely was a
procedure the way it works in aviation

these procedures are documented and
while these guys were struggling they
were more than like they should have
been pulling out manuals and saying okay
here’s the checklist if this happens and
because you can’t really think about all

the l-let me try this now you go by the
book you and it in the the procedure
should have said pull the circuit
breakers and it would have been fixed
but in fact they had different
instructions based upon the the behavior

of the previous version of the aircraft
the guys that were deposits that we’re
talking about sirs
we didn’t know anything about this until
we saw this report in this airplane now

we look now we know yeah but let me say
I doubt if this is gonna happen again
because everybody because it’s a
horrible situation everybody knows but I
think Boeing’s gonna get sued I think so

remember they just brought their a two
years ago they brought their avionics
in-house so the question is can they
blame it still on some Indians or are
they gonna blame it on themselves
don’t blame it on a nice

sure they gonna blame another and we’ve
cut all ties with that with the company
that we outsource to it’ll never happen
we’re sorry but it also showing data I
mean the 787 plane was so out sourced

now because they were thinking of this
new vias a new world we’re gonna
outsource everything as a global and so
they outsource pretty much everything to
the on the plane to the point where the

plane was late by what two years yeah
you can get the thing too you know it
was just a piece of crap because of the
all the outsourcing cost a more money
than they would have saves they just
built the damn plane up in Everett but

it’s also it shows you technology is
really going to become a massive issue
in our lives and you’re gonna see it
with people relying on technology to get
you places so we’re gonna see some big

outages of the ubers and that’s gonna
bring down entire cities for a day we’ll
see you know outages with Google for
nest and your door and whatever else you
tie into it this is really it’s bad and

people rely on this way and you know one
of the big industries on the internet
I’d say and I don’t know too much about
it but recruitment has got to be a huge

industry I mean these the these job
boards a monster board oh yeah you’re
so they’ve taken another step and
they’re all shitty about it too

wait until you hear what’s going on and
these guys they’re so to improve the
hiring process we’re adding some more

technology which I’m sure will get you
the perfect hire hello what’s your name
hi my name is Jason Bellini this is Vera

a robot to the does job interviews what
are the three top important tips for a
salesperson she’s done 10,000 of them
and Counting

congratulations we choose you as one of
the best candidates for sales
representative what looks like the
future is already a reality hiring is
undergoing a revolution almost all of

Fortune 500 companies now use some form
of automation which keeps winking at me
and then really her eyes at me but many
companies are also trying to look under

the hood of job applicants and assist
them in completely new ways they’re
quantifying human behavior human
expressions voices turning that into
data we’re now using artificial

intelligence to help companies find the
very best talent and most likely you are
being analyzed by an algorithm experts
called the proliferation of artificial
intelligence machine learning and data

science tools the Wild West of hiring
critics and even some hiring managers
themselves say they’re concerned about
these tools potential for bias there is
issues like fairness transparency and

accuracy so I can just see the HR
departments going oh this is perfect
I can also never get blamed because the
computer hired that person so I can

never have a shitty hire I can yes
absolutely this is exactly what I would
do yeah you got your ass covered yep
it’s what everybody else is doing so
it’s best practice to get your ass fired

yeah yes oh you do best practice and you
have a robot and then you blame the
robot that’s fantastic but what’s a
little more nefarious is what they’re

really doing and yeah I’d look into some
of these companies about five of them
now already who are doing this so you
sit in front of your computer laptop
webcam and this animated head is
interviewing you but of course what

that’s really doing and that’s why it
does things like it winks and does that
it’s looking for your reaction it’s do
you imagine me with my Tourette’s I mean
she would hang up in two seconds like

I’m sorry you’re not a good candidate
we’ll get rid of you my head shaking all
over the place doesn’t do that much you
know that’s you know it’s shake okay
well you do I mean I you and rich but

what you can keep from
shaking I know that but then if I was
doing that during job interview I’d be
like working really hard not to twitch
and then they’d be like yeah that guy’s
too uptight we can’t hire it well

there’s that element I would never win
oh geez but this is the professor Teddy
K is laughing his ass off I’m sure let’s
just rely more on more technology

that’ll be great oh and while you’re at
finally the veil is lifted on what
Amazon is going to do in healthcare
punch light to your last comment okay
let’s rely on technology even more and

more and more and then let’s shut down
the nuclear devices in France so there’s
no electricity you need something work
on that as a punchline yeah well is now

selling software that searches patients
medical records for information that
could help doctors in hospital oh that’s
according to The Wall Street Journal the

journals parent company and Fox News
parent company share common ownership on
the searches not surprisingly critics
say they’re worried about possible
privacy issues the Fox Business Network
Jerry Willis reporting live from the

floor of the New York Stock Exchange hi
chef that’s right so big market
opportunity here imagine 80% of
hospitals in America they are digitizing
their records or they have already

compared to 10% by 10 years ago so big
opportunity there according to some
market players that’s a 7 billion dollar
market place already we see Google we
see Apple getting into health care that

represents a three point two trillion
dollar opportunity and as you know
health care is only growing only getting
bigger as the population in this country
ages I want to talk a little bit about

privacy because that’s obviously a very
big concern Amazon of course a company
that knows what you’re doing at home
because of its alexa apps knows that why
are you shop because of its

retail concentration but what we’re
hearing from Amazon itself is that
Amazon Web Services will not be able to
access this information it will be
encrypted the algorithms will encrypt

the details the algorithm
will encrypt the details Oh glad to hear
that the algorithms will encrypt the
details and people will only be able to

get at that information by having a key
that allows them to unlock it but as you
and that could imagine this is very
difficult information to put on software
because it’s very technical
their own code for describing some of

this stuff and they are regulated here
by HIPAA which is a longtime law in this
country that protects people’s privacy
so we’re hearing from Amazon this

afternoon Shep back to you right so
Amazon of course has already figured out
even a recent article in motherboard
states that people who buy smart
speakers or as we like to say on the

show talking tubes have pretty much
given up on privacy like I know but I
like the benefit of it this is what edit
if it turning the lights on with your
voice this is what Amazon’s strategy is

because I came across another article
another service actually called AWS
ground station and now I’m starting to
see what they’re really getting into AWS
ground station towards Amazon Web

Services Major Tom yes they are
collecting all data that is transmitted
from cube SATs pocket cube Sun cubes le
o–‘s medium Earth orbit geostationary

orbit satellites anything they can get
their hands on
they are downloading that into AWS
ground station and make a net and then
while they’re making it available so

with streaming to capture process and
store to process for image analysis to
build and train different kinds of
models analytics reporting storage and I
think the you know if you wanted to have

like I want to have some process that
alerts me to a specific type of event in
the world thatís at that satellite data
could help me with like I don’t know
that hurricane I’ll just make something
up then it could you could set up alerts

um you could do all kinds of different
things with this and I think that’s kind
of their strategy moving forward which I
this feels a lot better than what Google
is doing because these guys do charge
for everything they do they’re going to

have all this health data and they’ll
say well look
you know could be very beneficial these
companies are working on things and just
integrate oh you know what once you
upload your 23andme data and we’ve got
this we’ve got your your health record

and if we just say it’s okay I’ll unlock
it we’ll anonymizer don’t worry your
there’s no problem just trust us and and
this is their business their businesses
is go is really things gonna be much

bigger than their shopping business is
they are making available just ways to
parse through any kind of data that you
would want but really targeted segments
which I think actually are useful is it

a good idea that Amazon has it all no
truly evil Corp but the strategy I think
is phenomenally smart who needs it no
well no one needs it but people get

convinced and they get shoot look 10
years ago we were all tent look listen
hear me now believe me later ten years
ago we were talking about how eventually

you’d have GPS trackers in your car it
will be tied into insurance and you will
be able to do without it for a while
until they mandate it and the same is
going to be for health trackers on your

wrist you just won’t be able to get
insurance if you don’t do it we talked
about this for a decade and now it’s
coming to fruition it’s a beautiful
thing our baby is being born John
appreciate the beauty of the gift
nothing to appreciate okay well thanks

for that depressing news let’s see do I
have but I guess something that’s upbeat

okay do you ice cider now I’m interested
in getting some it’s somewhat ice cider
ice cider no Canadiens make the best ice
cider cider sales in the US have

increased nearly 500 percent since 2011
and the number of cider e’s has grown
more than four times from one hundred
eighty seven to eight hundred and twenty
one cider product relies on winters

natural cold to turn it into liquid gold
and now the country’s largest cider
maker wants to take a bite out of that
ideas traveled to Apple country to see

how this seasonal specialty is made
nestled in the Quebec countryside is a
farm so picturesque it looks like a
living postcard horses graze in the
pasture as their owner and his best

friend roamed the grounds but despite
his tranquil surroundings Christian
Barta muff is no ordinary farmer he’s a
disrupter credited for reviving Canada’s
Apple industry it takes a village he did

it three decades ago when he invented
ice cider an alcoholic Apple drink akin
to desert wine it takes advantage of

something Canada has in abundance the
cold no I pick Apple when there is –
then since she’s in the Apple instead of
picking apples in the fall he waits

until they freeze in the winter when the
apple sugar Peaks he was inspired by a
popular drink called ice wine which is
made from frozen grapes John you’ve hit
upon something very big here this is an

exit strategy this is I’m sure
Millennials love this whole idea Oh ice
cider can you imagine Curry Dvorak buy

cider you know we’re like the two
geezers who really know what we’re doing
we can come on because your Apple
experts yes we’re Apple experts we
understand everything about apples about

wine we understand that and I think the
Millennials would go crazy for this
stuff I think they’re already going
crazy for it well let’s look into white
labeling some stuff okay

hey you can contact us you can contact
us Adam and curry comm John I’m sorry
Joan at Dvorak
and that is your deconstruction for

today everybody I’m gonna go back to
driver update he’ll figure out what’s
going on with the machine but hopefully
everything will work
keep your backup recordings if you’re
listening live on No Agenda Stream comm
just in case

and we’ll be back on Sunday I’ll be
coming to you from Chicago
might have a travel story or two you
never know until then keep it real y’all

coming to you from downtown Austin Texas
capital the drone star states FEMA
region number six on the governmental
maps in the five by nine clue do in the
still common-law condo in the morning

I’m Adam curry infra northern Silicon
Valley by the way we missed this effort
today seat vorak we return on Sunday
right here on no agenda until then

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some reckless speculation here so I’m

all in favor of that friends doing
things to put you in this position that
you are now in correct journalism dead
The Guardian that’s in the UK claims

tall Paul secretly met with Assange at
the Ecuadorian embassy Roger
calls me three times we have three times
we have a discussion the mana fort was
going in there to get restaurant

recommendations for a great night out in
London it’s very dishonest corrupt is
interesting it depends on either
because Roger wanted to explain this
tweet-tweet settles and to gauge what

he’s up to because he’s too so many
things for so many years government is
getting hand-in-hand with someone the
government also believes to be a liar

and a criminal I mean I haven’t been a
lobbyist in Washington 25 20 years
probably that I have no intention of
going back to that man afford his lied
so many times throughout his career that

perhaps he’s lost track of it that you
better have betrayed the country or else
someone owes you a big apology
WikiLeaks dumped this triangle is
spinning very slowly this is what we

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stumps of if the media is not gonna do
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