No Agenda Episode 1091 “Surf n Turf”

bang bang bang bang bang bang Adam curry
Johnson media assassination episode 1095
this is no agenda morning everybody
I Madame Curie and from northern Silicon

Valley where he’s freezing his butt off
and they’ve banned the song I’m Jessie
Dubrow nice play off of that Dvorak
thank you it’s cold outside that’s right

this is it banned everywhere now the
song yeah it’s gonna be we determined
this was a creepy song a long time ago
so it’s like okay Oh perfect

we made it I’m very happy about that so
here I am in pretty much Gary Indiana
John bringing you the show live once
again wait you know I’m used that far

away from downtown I mean Gary Indiana
you are in Gary Indiana yes Geary we say
it’s Gary was a Geary Geary Indiana I
don’t care what they say but that’s a

long ways away from we’re from Texas
yeah really
I’ve been further a crappy area what are
you doing there well we are here for

Tina’s sister’s a celebration of life a
memorial which took place last night in
Geary as she passed away John if you

remember oh I’m sorry yes
she lived in Gary close enough yeah so
it’s not easy to find you know well
actually this is one of those hotels you

know every room is a mini suite you have
I’m talking about you have a little
kitchenette oh yeah yeah and
interestingly you know I’m pretty much
outfitted for every scenario by the way

before you go on I should measure that
room here they’re mini suite it’s got a
little kitchen little front room bedroom
or correct that goes for a million in
San Francisco and then you still have to

share it with two people yeah you’re
absolutely right um but I’m ready for
almost every single situation in in
hotel rooms you know I’ve got although
the Wi-Fi is outstanding so far knock on

wood the only thing that I like that
crops up from time to time you know I
have my mic stand and I have a foot for
the mic stand which is a clamp that you

clamp on to the table
you have these tables that have just a
little edge and doesn’t have enough
really to clamp no place to clamp no
place not typically these these desks

have a drawer and I can pull the drawer
out and then clamp it but so this one
just it could fall off at any moment
just open it it stays on well yeah yeah

so yeah and was very interesting that at
the at this memorial last night there
probably and it was fun you know as per
her sister’s wishes and she wanted pizza
tacos and Miller Lite served and and and

a her playlist of her songs and it was
really nice and then someone came up and
gave me a hearty in the morning oh
that’s nice yes and I think he or she

says it was hearty yes I think he or the
guy who hit him in the mouth donated for
today so we’ll get to that later was
just it was one of those like oh wow who

expected that
now we have a few listeners in the
Chicago metro area yeah well this is not
exactly Chicago huh

Chicago metro anyways it’s good ready to
do a show and I’m was kind of glad that

you know may sound horrible I’m kind of
glad that the old Bush passed away
because ha at least I wasn’t gonna miss
any news because that was it
news was done it’s like every channel we

knew it we’re just waiting for this 24
and perfect in the weekend too you know
this is exactly what you want you don’t
want it happening during the week you
know all y’all was a little a little
complicated because you have the g20

going on but okay so I was just rolling
out all there did George Bush
retrospective and there’s very little
mention of you know the pardoning he did
you know to get iran-contra all the

horrible stuff he was involved in
there’s no mention of that hagiography
after a geography on all channels did
they mention his involvement in the

Kennedy assassination well no the only
thing he’s of course the only man in
America of that age who cannot remember
where he was on the day that Kennedy was
assassinated no he says he doesn’t

remember because he knows where he was
he says he can’t remember correct
correct correct
so where to start John because there’s a
lot going on with the g2o g20 we’ve got

oh you know what I know I’m gonna start
just want to clear up some confusion
from our last show which carried over
onto the social Nets
I just want those Nets he’s one make

sure we’re all on board here so I played
a clip on the last show which I think
you appropriately said this sounds like
it’s the onion this can’t be true and
you were both wrong in both right at the

same time and was the clip and I now
have the full expanded clip this is a
European Parliament member actually of
the I think he’s of the the feared
wielders PVV party so he is he is not

gleefully exclaiming this he’s
extrapolating and he is making some
assumptions to the press about the
compact on migration which is due to be

signed on December 10th and the and
everything that goes along with that and
this is also known as the Marrakesh
agreement I’ll replay the clip the
longer version of it so we get full

context and then we’ll just discuss
what’s really going on here the press
conference and I’d like to say some

words on the compact on migration on the
10th and 11th of December Durban
International Congress in Marrakech

Morocco with regard to this global
compact on migration and participating
countries are set to sign this agreement

and although this current agreement
isn’t binding it still meant to be the
legal framework on which the

participating countries commit
themselves to build new legislation and
one basic element of this new agreement
is the extension of the definition of 8
speech the agreement want to criminalize

migration speech criticism of migration
will become a criminal offense and media
outlets and that also concerns you that

room to criticism of migration can be
shut down the compacts for migration is
legalization of mass migration alright

so that was kind of in in context and he
is extrapolating what’s in this
agreement and I have a version of this
from a member of the what is this the UK

actually a member of the European
Parliament from the movement for Europe
of Nations and freedom whatever that is
independent UK member of European

Parliament basically the same thing
and it comes from this non-binding
agreement which to us here in merica
means not mining who gives a crap we

won’t sign it anyway
however in if you heard the guy says
this will be used as a framework for
creating local laws and that is
definitely something that happens in the

European Union objective 17 from the
document and this is why it’s going to

be used as a guideline and why I think
Europeans are rightfully should
rightfully be worried about what this
will become not what it is the objective
17 is eliminate all forms of

discrimination and promote
evidence-based public discourse to shape
perceptions of migration and in this are
all kinds of words like enact implement
maintain legislation that penalizes hate

and aggravated hate crimes targeting
migrants that can be made into a law
very similar to the UK laws now about
bullying public figures I’m sorry

bullying politicians on Twitter which is
now illegal you can’t do that you can
actually get arrested so here is the
British take on this very same thing

from Janice Atkinson who’s from
independent UK party I think voters in
the UK the EU and across the developed
world this is a call to action we need

you to contact your heads of state to
tell them not to sign the UN Global
Compact for Migration UK get your heads
out of the brexit shambles for a few
minutes and listen on the 10th and 11th

of December our heads of state will be
signing this deeply damaging document
produced by those highly educated highly
salaried and unelected people at the
United Nations they have produced this

compact that will silence free speech
media freedom and if you think you’re in
control of your borders think again this
compact backs the EU and the UN aim to

flood our nations with 59 million
migrants by now I’ve tried to find this
number of this 59 million migrants it’s
a meme it’s really no it’s someone just
made it up I’m not sure where it came

um anyway I’ll finish this up 20:25 yes
you heard right
fifty nine million migrants by 2025 yes
the clock is ticking it’s all it’s

nearly 2019 just six years to go why are
they doing this I hear you ask because
in the year 2000 these numbers came up
the idea that our populations were

declining and therefore needed replacing
but how things have changed your
unemployment is at a record high
some countries have 50 percent youth
unemployment in some areas of Greece

it’s even up to 75 percent most
countries that have taken in migrants
are finding they are unemployable on
average migrants have 13 percent
unemployment I have a 13 percent

employment rate so are a burden on the
states even Merkel’s emigration spoken
spokesman said that up to three-quarters
of amoun immigrants will still be
unemployed in five years for many others

we need up to 10 years
the statistics are long and grim voters
in the UK yes you pay attention
mrs. May will sneak into Marrakesh to
sign this dodgy deal just like Gordon

Brown before her did when he sneaked
into to sign the Lisbon Treaty
no nice group photo just her signature
that buys all of us to uncontrolled
immigration nice so of course that won’t
bind anyone and you know it’s only a

guideline but these things do tend to
pan out that way when they sign these
compacts it gives the politicians who
are eager to do anything just anyone’s

like the those climate exactly like the
Paris agreement exactly this evolve just
suggestions I’ve spent out-of-shape as
somebody says I’m not even signing it
yeah but it’s just suggestions but

witness Paris burning because the
suggestions were taken and put into a
carbon tax law so these things do have
implications but as of right now it’s

not there but if you look at just the
final paragraph of this objective 17
actually is interesting its paragraph 33
subsection C promote independent

objective and quality reporting of media
including internet-based information
including by sensitizing and educating
media professionals as you me John we

need to be sensitized and educated on
migration related issues and terminology
investing in ethical reporting standards
and advertising would they’re gonna

they’re gonna win it they’re gonna
invest in ethical reporting standards
and advertising well first of all to
hold that whole paragraph begins with

the word promote of course as opposed to
it just lie or legislate well this means
it did that’s beyond suggestion that’s
like a suggestion that maybe it’ll be a

suggestion sure I find it to be very
I understand in the debate that we had
was largely about this it was it wasn’t
real or not builders guy which I thought

was that I thought the guy himself was I
did I saw him too he’s like yes it was
official yeah but it was dirt will ders
guy and what that means he’s
automatically no good no it means it’s

automatically going to be a right there
in hysterics
exactly exactly now so it’s of course
it’s being used to fear monger amongst

people but I have to say that there is
you know if you’re seeing all these
things remember we saw in the Lisbon
Treaty and the protocols lots of room
for a European army here we are what 15
years later European army is seriously

being nuts again it happened yeah
but a lot of people aren’t gonna sign it
I mean Ali’s not gonna sign it the US
isn’t obviously we’re not gonna sign it

we wouldn’t sign that we’re not that
dumb there’s one there’s one extra thing
that that we’ve learned on the show that
plays into this and this is the clergy
plan because this does fit in the

Coutinho vocal Argy plan which is to
make Europe brown again or make your
Brown for the first time and you know

angular Merkel won the color key award
in 2010 2016 it was Juncker the drunker
I don’t think they’ve given it this year
but this plan as we read literally calls
for this mass emigration so it’s not

like this is without precedents and
agreed to precedents by the European
I’m not gonna argue that I’m not asking

you to argue I don’t know what they’re
well I mean what they’re like this has
this really I think a lot of it stems
from Italy I think it’s funny to leave
either one rejecting it because it’ll
East the first I think the first of the

EU countries that went into negative
growth in terms of population yeah
they decided all the Italian society
don’t want babies anymore right and so
they started going in and did rather

party and so they went into a negative
population there so they were gonna be
dead their whole culture would be dead
in the next 40 years or 50 years or next
century right and so they had to do

something about it
you know these are cycles I think
everyone panics at the you know the just
a most minor of consequence it’s weird
but there you have it but the Italian

said no that maybe they want to die off
so what the Italians are not signing it
now is that what you’re saying is that
what you’re saying yeah there’s a big
claim that you’re not gonna sign it yeah
well we’ll see we’ll see

now the whole thing is a fiasco
yeah what’s the point what’s the point
who’s behind it that’s what I’d like to
know I mean why is it called if you look

at one of the papers it’s called a New
York agreement words would resort got to
do it I didn’t hear about oh because I
think it was the way they do that is
that means that it was first drafted in
New York and so that’s why this is all

those this is called the compact on
migration they call it the Marrakesh
agreement because it’s going to be
signed in Marrakesh so that’s like the
Lisbon Treaty what did Lisbon have to do
with it nothing it was just drafted in

Lisbon huh yeah they probably ripened by
New York came at the United Nations in
New York yes
so yeah well I guess this is all just

more part of the New World Order
which is under did the attempt you know
I sound like an old fart when I say this
but it sounds to me like they just won a

week in Western civilization
people are fed up with Western
civilization you don’t but you ought OHS
and highways and you don’t sound like an
old fart that’s a crisis that’s actually

kind of what’s going on you know in a
weird kind of way yeah I think so
there’s this the West that Europe is
also to blame for everything you know it

that’s what’s being sold there you’re
horrible you’ve made Africa horrible we
need to have free movement this whole
free movement thing or freedom of
movement let’s just switch to brexit

because now we’re getting close to
whatever deal Theresa May is put
together and and you know I’ve talked to
a lot of people who are in the UK or do
business with the UK or it or in

European states and a lot of younger
people and they all it the one thing
they focus on you okay
now you just uh blanked out completely
oh we that you’re there yeah the one

thing that everyone seems to be focusing
on no matter where they are in the
European Union if they’re usually if
they’re anti brexit which I think a lot
more people are is we won’t have freedom

of movement we won’t be able to do
anything can’t do business you know and
it wasn’t all that hard before was it I
mean you could you could establish

yourself in a different European country
you could you could get a work permit at
least when I live there now we’re
talking 20 years ago I don’t know how
much changed but it wasn’t like a whole
it wasn’t a horrible I owe or deal and

how manned what are the numbers really
how many people really from the UK find
it important to remain a British citizen
and work in a different country I mean

it just seems like a little
over the top and but this came up in the
latest questions with the Prime Minister
I have a clip what we do to you to PT
nationals oh yeah this is the this is

the main driver what we do to the
Europeans they’re gonna do to us so
they’re kind of telling miss Mae what
she can expect United Kingdom young
people at the beginning of the killer’

years will equally not be like the same
rates of access to the European Union no
well first of all you’ve jumped to an
assumption there what I was talking

about was the immigration system that
will be independently put into place
what we do know we’ve been looking at a
variety of a variety of issues in

relation to young people particularly
one of the areas that we’ve looked at is
the sort of programs such as Erasmus
which have enabled that the you know
students to take advantage of membership

of the European Union but if you look at
the the section within the political
declaration you will see that of course
we will be looking at the mobility
arrangements that are the race you and I

had to live work and love across a
continent the 28 nations is going to be
deprived to early young people because

of Europe’s session with the negation no
and I refer you to article 53 the
parties agreed to consider conditions
for entry and stay for purposes such as

research study training and youth
so you’re not indicating them in the mid
name yes we are ending freedom of
movement we are ending freedom what
freedom of treatment movement gives them

gives automatic lines to people living
in the European Union that are not
available to people outside the European
Union in future we will end that
automatic right that comes with free

movement what we will put in place is
our system of immigration rules which
will apply across all countries and it
will be skills based rather than based
on the country that somebody has relied
no it seems like a big argument about

nothing it’s just this isn’t just revert
back to kind of what it was I mean
what’s the what’s the big problem that
me that’s obviously which no one wants
to bring up the other thing is there’s

no loss of freedom of movement you can
still move yeah I don’t know why she
does she goes oh yeah we’re gonna lose
freedom of movement that’s what she said
she admitted to it she’s a terrible

she’s not doing it oh it was she would
do you always have to remember she was
against brexit from the get-go she was
an anti brexit tear mm-hmm so what so

her hearts never been in it
I also failed to see how you know what
the deal is going to be if you look at
what’s really happening in Europe most
young people are not interested I’m

generalizing but don’t appear interested
in actually moving anywhere for work
reasons they’re all counting on the
living wage you know the the basic
minimum income that everyone wants so

desperately in European Union just give
me some money so I can decide if I do
want to work at all so I I seriously
question how many actually are

interested in this freedom of movement
business and I think there’s probably
three million EU citizens in the UK and
maybe a million UK citizens in the EU so
I can see who’s more worried but it’s

not anyway when does this thing close
isn’t it March don’t we have a vote
coming what’s going on with that I’ve
always vote coming for what for the
Parliament has to vote oh yeah they have

to vote like I don’t know I don’t know
if there’s a timeline I’ve always found
it interesting one time I ran into some
we went floating around Europe when
you’re in Europe the gadfly that you are

floating around Europe don’t have a lot
of plans so I float around yes I’ve gone
to Europe many times with the Eurail
pass and had lived very good well I
would say that’s floating around mm-hmm

I run into this german girl and I strike
up a conversation and I ask her if she’s
ever been to Paris
and she says no

okay well how long ago was this that’s
interesting is that in Europe if you’re
in Germany uh you can go to Paris and a
job was to take three or four hours and

a high speed rail five maybe from
wherever you are pretty much or you can
fly for like no no that’s your the euro
rail is very convenient yep

yeah well then not Europeans don’t have
the same access to it but what if it
seems to me that if you’re in Europe if
you were in Europe station in Europe and

or position in Europe but you’re in
Switzerland or someplace Central Europe
you would be spending a lot of weekends
going to Paris and then Berlin to go to
the zoo when you go maybe London you

that’s what you do it you wouldn’t do it
every weekend because it would get a
little you know boring after a while but
go to Amsterdam go to Amsterdam to smoke
weed and bang hookers that’s pretty much

you but you’d be doing this order you’d
go to Budapest
yes so you do all that stuff they don’t
do that no well the Brits do the Brits

love their freedom of movement
Amsterdam going to drink and drink and
and bang hookers maybe that’s maybe
that’s it fights over sake yeah maybe

that’s what the remainders are really
pissed off about is hey why just make a
deal with Amsterdam better yet get you a
must to build you one of those tunnels
yeah Hyperloop yeah be perfect

so meanwhile we have the g20 taking
place which I’ve gotten some reporting
I have here oh by the way let me just

back up to my last comment since you’re
looking I will say that’s not that not
just a European phenomenon up in Port
Angeles where you’re pretty much on the
Canadian border even though there’s a

waterway right in between you have taken
ferry boat and go to Victoria Canada
probably one of the prettiest cities on
the west coast and if not in the world
beautiful place to visit they have one

of their Parliament building or one of
the local Parliament building provincial
Parliament’s there they have a small
Chinatown they got a fan it’s a
fantastic little big city mm-hmm and you
asked people there have you ever been to

Victoria which is like a boat ride away
in Canada no probably not no probably
not huh why would I want to go there
well it’s it’s it’s kind of the same
though being here in the geary region me

and people say oh so tell me about your
people don’t a lot of people don’t know
my history I don’t look like I used to
you know so that’s I grew up in
Hampshire you actually do look like you

used to
no I don’t think so and so if you if you
put a giant fro on your head you would
I’ve never had I’ve never had afro know
what you call it but I’ll say I grew up

in Amsterdam and most people like holy
crap I used to live in South Indiana
most people don’t have a passport let’s

be honest America is the king of not
going anywhere
but maybe it’s a little more Universal
then than we think it is I think it is
yeah so here’s the g20 this is an

interesting background er now and after
that I have an article that only
appeared in the China Morning Post I
think it is but here’s a little
background err things from CBC moments

like this told the story critics of
Mohammed bin Salman wanted to hear the
crown prince largely ignored of the so
called family photo
walking off alone while other leaders in

England this is an awkward summit for
Mohammed bin Salman up for grabs is how
the leaders of the Democratic world were
going to treat him and everybody was

watching Trump but someone else stole
the show and bucked the narrative
Russian President Vladimir Putin with a
jocular high-five handshake and black
shirt between old friends there are some

similarities between Putin and MBs
both have allegedly arranged for the
assassinations of exiles abroad both
have launched invasions of neighboring

countries but it’s unlikely this
displays about policy its messaging this
is a thumb in the face of all the
democratic countries that have been

critical I’ve been someone for the
killing of kajouji
and it’s also interesting because it
both takes Trump off the hook but puts
him in the background both been Salman

and Putin have had friendly
relationships with Donald Trump that are
actually royal domestic politics inside
the United States and in other

democratic countries
and Donald Trump probably felt very
uncomfortable being outside that
handshake with two people that he thinks
he has supported I’m glad to see that

the candy Naviance reporting of worldly
affairs is just as shit as everybody
else’s and a lot went on at this things
particularly between Trump and G what do
you have what have you been learned

bothers the thing that bothers me about
it hmm was there was a picture going
around somebody one of my live Joe’s
sent me a copy of it yeah and it shows
Trump in the background looking

longingly at Putin and Khashoggi shaking
hands and smiling at each I mean the
juggle jocular high-five is that we’re
talking about you know whatever is our

yeah so Trump’s back they’re looking and
I think the picture is kind of kind of
faked because if you look at the video

Trump is walking in really I don’t even
know if he even notices them and the
video shows what happened but think but
the mainstream media keeps showing this
picture still frame clip from the video

making it look like he stopped and
stared hmm he never did you can go look
at the video and I thought was very
disingenuous and they’re all playing

this picture oh there’s Trump or baby
his two friends are now friends and now
he has no friends I think this is the
same message yeah yeah yeah

well that’s not the way and in reality
that’s not what was going on but okay
okay so what did what did you what do

you what have you been learning I mean
I’ve got I’ve got some stuff here I’m
havin learned anything except there’s
this meeting that trumpet seems to be
more distracted by the bush affair
because of the death of the old man and

well he didn’t want to do it but she’s
taking a local to key position at this
thing he’s not well the China Post or
the China Morning Post claims that there
was an agreement that there would be a

90 day kind of a truce on the trade rift
and that China would be purchasing a
significant amount of stuff from America
which I don’t know what that is also

China has agreed to designate fentanyl
as a controlled substance these are some
pretty interesting moves that are
happening that’s a big one yeah and that
has and that only showed up in the China

Morning Post and I’m not sure what the
trade thing means it’s it’s a little
unclear but this appear apparently some
actual things took place including yes
and that’s where the stock market

skyrocket yes Friday yes English they
don’t want to do did no it doesn’t play
into the narrative that that trumps
socks of course not so that’s the only
thing they’ve been showing is the why

haven’t seen it obviously is video of
Trump looking longing like that like a
hurt teenager nope you missed the point
is not video of Trump it’s a still frame
from the video making it look like this

looking longing it looks like he’s there
staring oh no when in fact if you watch
the video he never stops for a moment he
walks in looks around doesn’t even see

them and then goes on his merry way
and they found one frame where he
appears to be looking at them for one
frame which the rest show now is a photo
that’s fantastic good work guys

yeah a little extra in your envelope
this Christmas yeah they could use a few
hundred bucks yeah it’s no doubt about
somebody get paid and I think it was I
even think that was doctored it doesn’t

look quite like it came from the video
hmm no off to take a look at that
um essentia copy the one that delivers
Joe sent me is the one that is the best
one and what was something looks you

look at it you know what this doesn’t
look right is two-for-one thing the guys
in front or here’s this here’s AG one
giveaway for you Photoshop is out there
the guys in front are in focus then it

goes slowly out of focus at bouquets a
little bit and then way in the
background is Trump somehow in focus
that’s great

yeah hey you saw your photo shoppers
when you got that you got that little
picture talking about hit the blur
button a couple times put them out of
focus it may take a little of the drama

out but it won’t look so fake
yeah send me that for sure I thought the
story about Merkel’s plane was pretty
funny you see here David a lot of moving

parts here in Buenos Aires one of the
things we’re going to be watching for is
Angela Merkel of Germany whether she
makes it here or not some weirdness
around her flight departing Germany and
then having to turn around with some

communications problems she’s gonna
apparently fly commercial from Spain to
try to get here not sure whether that
affects her slate of meetings or not a
lot of it affects her stature moving
pieces here a lot of confusion and of

course a lot of high stakes economic
diplomacy as well so for some reason
this story was going around about her
plane was bugged and that’s why they
landed and cuz she didn’t want her yeah

whatever she was doing on the plane two
bees drop I don’t know where that story
came from but I saw it a lot
yeah I’m not sure where again I don’t
know I just people started saying oh it

looks like something with the plane
being bugged I don’t know but what kind
of leader are you if you don’t have a
backup plane
yeah flight commercial that’s kind of
upsetting it’s like hey Angus

fly Lufthansa yeah the coach
we’ll buy you three C’s you can have the

whole row to yourself how’s that sound
no I didn’t even hear that story let’s
see what I got for international stuff

says Ron I see you have Argentinian what
do you have two clips Argentina meetings
nothing in there yeah well this is the
background there’s this this if you want
to hold on anything the way CBS played

it okay I think we should play him yeah
I’m interested they’re not too long
there’s Argentina meeting one he inside
the conference the Saudi Crown Prince
and Russian president high-fived each

other but not president Trump the sudden
chill among some leaders made for a few
awkward moments major Garrett is at the
g20 let’s just talk for a second about
that this high-fiving of Putin and

Mohammed bin Salman
and what do you make of that
it’s I’ve watched it a couple times it’s

not really a high-five it’s a it’s a
handshake kind of a ghetto handshake oh
well you know they grab the hand high
and then you do a bunch of movements of

the hand you wait they’re doing a soul
shake yeah no no no I’ve been in Geary
miss Dinah I don’t think we have TV
reception you grabs a hand and they do a

bunch of rigmarole yeah like a rehearsed
thing like they’ve met each other before
and they do this like boom boom boom I
didn’t buy them punch s missing but what
are they thinking like hey this is a

good thing to do this list looks good
well the funny thing was it looked as
though if you just would have seen it
and not knowing any of the politics you
would have said oh there’s two guys

haven’t seen each other for a while and
I don’t know if they hugged because they
took the camera off it after a while but
it would be like you do that you do the
rigmarole and then you hug and do it
three Pat’s on the back thing that bro

is like two bros Wow and I but then they
had both had be huge smiles on their
faces and it you know their media tried
to play this though that there they have

one over on this idiot president we’ve
got Trump and I’m thinking more like you
know take the still shot of Trump in the
background which never really existed as
a still shot and put that into play mm

it makes it our president look like an
I think that was the point yeah but
that’s not the point that those guys did
it they didn’t do it nobody ever asked

them no why would we Prince and Russian
president high-fived each other but not
President Trump the sudden chill among

some leaders made for a few awkward
moments major Garrett is at the g20 in
Buenos Aires
president Trump avoided both Russian
President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown
Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the

ceremonial g20 photo today tensions with
both leaders just one distraction in
Argentina for their part Putin and the
Crown Prince appeared to get along
famously shaking hands enthusiastically

the White House said mr. Trump and bin
Salman under fire for the killing of
journalist Jamal khashoggi had a brief
encounter where they quote exchanged

moments later reporters asked the
president what they discussed the
president canceled two planned meetings
with Putin here to protest Russia’s
seizure of three Ukrainian Navy vessels

and 24 sailors the most brazen act of
aggression toward Ukraine on mr. Trump’s
watch but White House officials had to
beat back speculation the meetings were

canceled after the president’s former
lawyer Michael Cohen pled guilty
yesterday to lying to Congress about mr.
Trump’s development project in Moscow
Russia blame the scuttled meetings on
domestic reasons in the US in a

statement White House press secretary
Sarah sander said the special counsels
investigation probably does undermine
our relationship with Russia so they get
a little jab in there at the end oh yeah

part two oh there’s anything else to
talk about the president tweeted that
his aborted Russian real estate deal was
very legal and very cool does this lead
us into this this thing or will it come

back around to Argentina this clip
and no I did that I don’t know I will
find out that’s what the President did
celebrate a revamp trade deal with

Mexico and Canada the product of months
of tense negotiations has been long and
hard we’ve taken a lot of barbs and a
little abuse and we got there it’s great

for all of our countries all right major
the the big meeting though is tomorrow
with the president and the president of
China Xi Jinping what what should we be
expecting from that well today here in

Argentina Jeff both senior and Chinese
officials expressed optimism about
averting a trade war and reaching some
kind of progress between the United
States and China and the Dow jumped

nearly 200 points on optimism that a
fair trade war can indeed here be
averted I love that so they do spend at
least seven seconds on something
important and the rest is just making

our president and our country look
stupid like boneheads
and the president you know I wonder if
the president is doing these what I
would consider to be somewhat double

entendre cuz of a sexual nature oh
really I think a double entendre is by
definition yes when he says long and
hard taking Barb’s a little abuse
sounds like an S&M scene that he’s

interesting he has sex on the mind
perhaps boy thought it may be I don’t
know I just when I hear it heard as I
said that’s kind of interesting he said
that would that way could have said she

said he could have put it in a million
different ways and that’s abused and
maybe it’s just me well I but I do like
what the media is doing at least from a

media perspective you know making the
president look stupid for the home for
the home team so we can do that he’s
he’s locked out he’s not important he’s
envious he’s like the the little girl
who doesn’t belong in the club and you

know when when Bush passed almost the
first thing on the New York Times home
page was an article about well you know
will he be invited to the funeral
will he be invited to the funeral maybe

the bushes don’t want him cuz he was so
mean yeah well there’s no way it could
be not invited to the funeral is gonna
be a state funeral for God’s sake but

the New York Times loves printing that
stuff well this is an example that sort
of thing is in this Amy Goodman story
okay this is a story about Deutsche Bank
the news you know there’s a big scandal

yeah they got for money-laundering they
got rayon yeah yeah big big raid so
here’s the Deutsche Bank story now it is
all about Deutsche Bank the money line
and some let me guess trumping Trump
into it in Germany Deutsche Bank as

headquarters were raided on Thursday as
part of a probe into money laundering
the probe stems from the 2016 Panama
papers affair which revealed mass money

laundering and tax evasion scheme set up
by the most segments CEQA law firm
Deutsche Bank is president Trump’s
largest lender
Trump reportedly owing hundreds of

millions of dollars to the German bank
for real estate loans dating back some
20 years yeah I think that’s factually
incorrect I mean she’s just parroting
whatever she read somewhere and you know

the former New York banker worked there
he says we did two deals then we all
made money on it was perfectly fine of
course he sued us and we went to court
we still made money on it so I don’t

think that’s true but he still owes
money just up it’s just a myth well if
he parried it as news this is the
problem with these people yeah and then
Mamie Goodman’s very susceptible to it

shouldn’t even be in the story though
it’s about deutsche bank and the money
laundry’s got nothing to do with Trump
under any circumstances just cuz he
you’re gonna name everybody who’s had a

bank account it’s Deutsche Bank whether
they borrow money or not doesn’t make
any sense
also in all of these reporting’s on
money laundering except way after the
fact HSBC for which no one went to jail

Jim Comey made sure of that as a as a
member of the Board of Directors if they
never really talk about what the money
laundering was and the same with this
Deutsche Bank story has anyone to add

have you’ve been able to find anywhere
what or who they were laundering for or
what the money was where the money came
from what do you think you’d be if you
can find out that they were money

laundering you had to be able to find
out who they were minded laundry before
he wouldn’t have a case yeah but that
just seems to not be important
I don’t know why they don’t bring it up
well one of the Mexican cartels is a

European interest is it is it you know
some African despot I mean we don’t know
drugs typically isn’t just mmm
drug money that’s what it was an HSBC

was a drug money drug money okay who’s
drugs well was Mexican drug money with
the big one I remember that for that but
again that’s also just ya know whatever
fine this is it yeah no one cares just
drug money quiet quiet

well then there was the the best the
best Trump Slam came and this is your
beat I don’t know if you have the clip
they now apparently cancelled Murphy

Brown reboot
it’s been canceled I believe
what stinks have you seen and thank you
to all the Norman Lear folks for helping

that story get off that show get off the
ground by screwing them with these
thematic you know anti-government
stories well it’s not a government I
trauma it’s yeah it’s not just

anti-government in that I don’t know if
you saw this this is I think it’s a
trailer or just a piece of it so I
haven’t seen the whole episode you know
of this aired or not it’s Murphy Brown
and one of her journalists has been

beaten into a hospital at a trump rally
so he’s his face is all mashed up and
beaten she comes in and does that

happened and we start with the scene
I guess when you major in journalism

these days you have to minor in a
kickboxer have a frank hey guys what
happened to you I thought you knew how
to duck you should see the other hundred
guys how bad do I look not bad if you’re

a pinata so I guess the takeaway here is
next time you cover a rally hope the
president doesn’t give you a shout-out
right in front left the stage I decided

to leave the press pen and go interview
some of the people next thing I knew I’m
surrounded by a sea of red hats
oh god no big deal I’m just milking this
for the jello and sponge baths there you

a journalist got beaten within an inch
of a lot of his life at a trump rally in
the pretend Murphy Brown Series hmm when
does that happen in real life no it

hasn’t happened in real life but I think
that bunch of Trump supporters if they
had the crap beat out of them yeah
but sat in California that’s why Trump
never came here I mean it’s just it’s

well again a guy they had to put the red
hats in there too like they’re gonna be
wearing the red hats mm-hmm horse of
course that’s it’s well it got canceled
so that’s always doomed from the first

episode the clips I played from it but
it judge hold on a second we know how
television works shirt and okay it’s CBS
CBS CBS but still to get anything on the

air at any network any television
network that’s a quite a process there’s
a lot of people and a lot of money
involved and how can they still

believably Edward how can this happen I
mean that must mean that at its core CBS
is so hateful and so rotten otherwise
you just don’t put this on the air just

because you know it’s not gonna be
successful it it’s like community it’s
like harakiri you know that it’s not
gonna draw all the audience you need for
a prime-time show couple a possibility

couple of possibilities to put our
executive hats on okay
it had to be at Moonves greenlight cuz
that’s when he was in the consisting was

green-lighted long before he got kicked
out right Moonves may have green-lighted
it knowing it was gonna fail but it was
a quid pro quo to the CIA or somebody
else who’s got a lot their claws are all

over for all over CBS as we’ve pointed
out before and it was this note it’s
gone way back to the early days they’ve
always been very closely connected to

that Network and it may have been just a
nod to them with it in mind that it
wasn’t gonna work out because you know
but it was gonna get a lot of attention

for not working out or it may get some
make some point maybe the point that you
just played is the point that it was
trying to make and it was that’s fine it
was kind of cancelled so what we we put
all the things on that we expect to

cancel right away anyway ABC did it with
Roseanne you’re looking for any excuse
to get rid of her so you know you don’t
know I mean I there’s some note of
insincerity about the whole thing I mean

bringing Murphy for one thing Candice
Bergen she’s lost whatever acting shops
she won’t come once had and seem to be
faxing in her performances and the whole
thing seems somewhat fake so I don’t

know just saying long answer to I don’t
know well I suspect there’s something
more to it than just that I was going

through the process and then then then
just crapping out hmm okay well it’s it
shows no business acumen in the
decision-making or at least not business
acumen that these executive producers

would adhere to you know or do well or
the network at the time because now that
Moonves is that Moonves may have also
been one of these guys who run these
networks that can say yeah it’s not

making it now but it will I mean there’s
numerous wrong carrying shows mash I
think was one of them Cheers was another
one it was a bus and oddly Baywatch only
was successful in the endorse land

but boy was Hasselhoff right he was
right a word I think the word bust has a
different meaning with Baywatch yes
gotcha all right
does that bring us to me too does that

bring us to Neil deGrasse Tyson well no
I would not quite but we’re gonna get
there good I just want to get this one
out of the way because we talked about
the Trump and the Russian deal and all
the rest there’s one little tidbit that

Amy and I don’t know if it’s bull crap
or not but it’s pretty funny but but the
way it’s presented is kind of
disingenuous another example this is the
listen you have to listen carefully this

is about a penthouse all right that
Putin was supposed to get ya the 50 the
50 million dollar penthouse that was
supposed to be a part of the collusion
deal yeah yeah okay BuzzFeed News is
reporting the Trump anything that starts

off like that I mean you could pretty
much it starts off with BuzzFeed news
I’m like click other channel BuzzFeed
news is reporting the Trump Organization
planned to give a 50 million dollar

penthouse at the proposed Trump Tower
Moscow to Russian President Vladimir
Putin okay so what it’s just a room on
the top floor of the place you’re gonna

give it to somebody because usually it’s
a gift to someone digs as a bribe it’s a
bribe yeah well you can you can price it
is ever anything you wanted it could be
if it was an Emeryville over here

they had these penthouses or a million a
million dollars so
yeah Mosca in Emeryville but still right
but I mean this is sort of that was just

out who cares thing personally IIT was
giving him fifty million dollars no
but this this has been a story that I’ve

heard all weekend about this penthouse
and you know the collusion and well
actually I’m gonna play this now cuz I
think it makes a lot of sense collusion
yeah any collusion

so I’ll just so the background to all
this is Michael Cohen flipped he flipped
he’s done something it’s oh wait I have
I have the background err what am I

thinking I have the background err from
the view I gotta tell you this this news
about Michael Cohen we always knew when
Michael Cohen flipped that he probably
had some significant information now
he’s pled guilty to lying in front of

Congress about the Trump Tower plans
that the Trump Tower was gonna be built
in Moscow so he okay so you got you got
to write this down to follow it so now
he’s been he’s been caught lying to
Congress apparently he’s got it right

down Congress said you know everything
ended when Trump became president in
January of 2016 now we know those Cohen
was lying to Congress I’ll continue
through July 2 but Michael Cohen lied to
the public to the Congress and the

president lied to the American people
the revelation he lied to the American
public where they have been giving us

actual counts of how often he’s lied to
the American pop American public but
this one is a little different somehow
going on and on bloviating on and on but

he said that there was no deal there was
no Moscow Trump Tower yes so it never
happened so what’s the big deal what do
you say it is a big deal because if it
happened if these negotiations were

going on while he was president it’s
precisely what the framers of our
Constitution wrote in to protect the
American people against what she’s
referring to is our old friend the
emoluments clause which will pop up

again and we’ll be hearing incessantly
because somehow a deal that did never
completed is enriching yourself it’s
because we want to make sure that this
president any president is not putting

his self-interest before the interests
of industry our smoking gun here do you
think I think so what’s going
they’ll be they’ll be documents you know
negotiation this is a common theme is

the legality of the charges and these
you know what it will entail your a lot
of brain fry orange man bad you know

when these when these questions are
trying to be answered documents there
could be tapes that’s the funny thing
when people lie to the federal
prosecutors don’t they know that federal
prosecutors usually don’t even ask

questions they don’t know the answer to
already like they have the Federal
Bureau of Investigation rule for them
there yes investigative tool in the
world usually asking questions they
already have the answer I don’t think

it’s a huge deal for Moeller and it also
sadly doesn’t surprise me that I just
love just huge dill this is dill this
armchair quarterbacking is great when it
comes from the ladies from the view

Cohen has lied to Congress and that man
afford for sly lawyers I mean these are
bad guys it’s not like he surround
himself with upstanding that they’re
very brave that Michael is not like oh

and he called him weakness right I’m
gonna go because the other ones I’m not
flipping the radio get part there’s also
a chance that the public doesn’t even
get the results of this report right I
think there’s this idea that molars

gonna stand from the camera and he’s
gonna you know list a bunch of things
that they found but ultimately Muller
gives it to Whittaker that’s why his
role is so important because Whittaker
the Attorney General can then decide to

just keep it quiet just give an outline
to I would wager that your Lib Joe
friends have very similar scenarios in

their head as to what’s going on
but of course they do I don’t we don’t
have to defend it hell froze over and
Jake Tapper of all people disgraced from

ABC News lower down to CNN and he has
incoming chairman or most he’s now the
currently the ranking member which means

he’s of the you know of the opposition
party but this the Democrat his name
a Jerry Nadler so he will be the
chairman Adler is the worst of the group

by the way this is the best at worst so
he’s going to be the chairman of the
House Judiciary Committee yeah now
oversight over the Justice Department

and Jake Tapper god bless him I don’t
know what happened I don’t know if it’s
smart of him to do this because of
course a guy like Nadler will come on

CNN thinking home game no worries I’ll
just punt
just you know Bop it around like we
always do and I’ll score some goals and
I’ll go home what well first of all I
think Nadler is not well-liked by by

anybody and so I don’t think is he’s
gonna get that treatment well he did not
get that treatment but that’s what he
was thinking and yeah okay well then he

was very poorly yeah he’s an idiot but
that’s what he would be yeah that’s what
he would be thinking so Jake Tapper
states the obvious not once not but

maybe five times in this interview he
says yeah what Trump did may not may
stink I think he says it may stink but
it’s not illegal but listen to the brain

fry and subsequently the just word
diarrhea coming out of his piehole and
this guy is going to be the chairman of

the Judiciary Committee it’s baffling
congressman Jerry Nadler of New York
he’s the ranking member of the House
Judiciary Committee expected to become
the chairman of that committee when the
Democrats take control in January thanks

so much for being here appreciate it
this is clearly not welcome news for the
president I don’t want to pretend that
it is but once it going to look at these
documents and I don’t see any evidence
of conspiracy between members of the
Trump team and members of the Russian

government to interfere in the election
well first of all the president
obviously has to be feeling very upset
and angry now that the now that we know
that Michael Cohen was lying to Congress
on his it was lying to Congress on his

behalf and he has to be upset about what
what Michael Cohen has admitted to now
and presumably what it
I’m just realizing that this is really
how this guy thinks he’s really thinking

oh man I bet Trump is really pissed off
about this I bet he’s really just
steaming he’s so mad about the cone
flipping on him he’s gotta be worried
yeah is that he was negotiating a

corrupt business deal in Russia on
behalf of the president during the
campaign now you and I would probably
say hold on a second
I mean corrupt business deal this is new
what you’re putting in here was it any

reporting of it being corrupt and lo and
behold Jake Tapper does just that when
the president was saying there was no
negotiating there was no business do you
follow a business deal well the fact

that it was a negotiating with a foreign
power from a business deal while you’re
running for president not illegal you
mean like more just closed yes no
conspiracy now that guy’s brain is on

certainly tends to indicate it’s one
more bits of evidence
remember so now we know the Trump during

the campaign at the same time that he is
dictating a change in the Republican
platform to favor the Russians at the

same time that he can find nothing
negative to say about Putin well here
are the charges number one so apparently
negotiations were going on with the

Russians while he changed the platform
to favor Russia which is debatable but
the platform was changed but the second
item on the list
the second item on the list is he wasn’t
saying anything bad about him he wasn’t

he was page him it’s actually in an
offense to not say something bad about
it about what they’re doing is in fact

negotiating with the Russian government
for personal business profits he’s
mixing his personal business profits
with respect and perhaps putting them
over the interest of the United States

so this is the case I love this that the
Trump as everyone knows is such a
narcissist the sole care
so little about America that he only
wants to enrich himself and during the

campaign and during the election and
today right now all he cares about is
getting richer himself and not about
America that’s that that is the claims

and full and lying to the electorate
about it does Jake Tapper want to be
fired well it may be conspiracy not to
interfere with the election there’s no

but no but now you have another you have
another piece of evidence of active
business that’s inspiring by Trump with
the Russian government at the time at
the same time that you have other people

who are agents of Trump dealing with
with all the things we’ve seen about the
hacking you Lucifer – and the WikiLeaks
and everything else it’s like that other

clip do we play John where is like give
me some examples of how he’s undermining
democracy and people just start yelling
FBI this guy he’s just throwing we’re a

WikiLeaks Agusta 42.0
you have another piece of evidence of
evidence of active business dealings

inspiring by Trump with the Russian
government at the time at the same time
that you have other people who are
agents of Trump dealing with with all
the things we’ve seen about the hacking

youth guseva – and the WikiLeaks and
everything it’s another point of and
they’re all tens in the same direction

so President Trump responded to
basically what you said earlier today
let’s play that he basically says he he
wasn’t the president he was mystic and
he can do what he wants
well no he’s not allowed to do whatever

he wants to he can be done he is allowed
to have private business dealings with
the Russians he is not allowed to have
private business dealings to the
Russians and like to the American
electorate about it at the same time

changed the Republican platform with
respect to the Russians in other words
to mix his public policy and probably
the public policy going forward into his
presidency based on pub he’s not allowed

to I don’t I’m not disputing that it
stinks but it’s not illegal right it’s
not illegal to have public to have
business dealings with the Russians it’s

not illegal to it may very well be
illegal to take that public it’s
certainly illegal if he’s done anything

there as president based on his business
relationships to the Russians and this
this is another piece of evidence going
toward that toward that conclusion well
it’s clear impeach him what the hell was

he saying
he wasn’t saying anything but here’s the
another question that could have been
why was it in Putin or the Russian
government’s best interest to get him

elected when if they had not gotten him
elected Putin would have benefited with
a 50 million dollar penthouse I don’t
think Jake had read that BuzzFeed at

that point so maybe he didn’t have that
information but what does that mean
Tapper all of a sudden now he’s he’s
just you think he likes Nadler hmm
brothers an unlikable person but I think

he puts his his his reputation on the
line with their with stuff like this
well yes doing hard-hitting news as with
his hard-hitting he’s he’s rolling it

out real hard hard-hitting
barbed and with that I’d like to thank
you for your courage and say in the
morning to you John C stands for I can’t
come up with something in Geary Dvorak

in the morning to you mr. Adam curry
also in the morning to all the ships at
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the troll room in a very unhelpful
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funny but ok thanks for being there no
agenda stream calm where you can always
witness our show live and also a big in

the morning to once again Darren O’Neill
who brought us the artwork for episode
1090 a title that was truth tell and I
remember all we chose this this is the

it was so this is the logo that was is
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reality the No Agenda show and we felt
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of the other ones there’s a little tip
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words it can’t be used again in the
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and also we wanted to remind everybody
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be done
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show these guys it’s gonna be robotics
and I won’t even do the party crappy
Thomas Nussbaum in 314 59 he’s a Duke

Grand Duke much love to citizen X brain
raven and all the twitter folks stand by
for all the fun in the Middle East
pipeline sturdy and MBS oh yes ma you’re

waiting for it Thank You Thomas sir
Thomas karma dad even though he didn’t
ask for it I told you agree you’ve got a

v’ this becomes our first associate
executive producer and curiously we have
three so it’s a balance show three and

three that’s what I like to see Sir Dave
oh 102 gents f cancer karma for my
buddy Brad seems to have taken it all
right last week shows no more tumor oh
so that’s a good thing excellent thanks

for doling it out and request some goat
karma for good measure thank you for
your courage sir Dave KCMO well I you
know we can’t take credit for what

happens but these karma things man when
it works it always feels good
very happy to hear that you’ve got
thank you sir Dave
sir Kevin McLaughlin the vacant of Luna

he’s 200 dollars and 33 cents in Locust
North Carolina in the morning whoa in
the morning and thank you for your

courage gentlemen John’s follow-up email
was a call to action f cancer karma from
my uncle Huey and others fighting cancer
thank you for keeping my migdal ax in

you’ve got karma talk about that for a
second so about the newsletter now I
subscribed through two different

accounts both at curry calm and I got
all essentially four emails I got both
of them twice but a lot of people didn’t
get the newsletter and it seems that

things are going on and I wonder if you
had any forensics here’s what my
indicators aren’t to actually talk in
the MailChimp guys they think they’re
doesn’t so every week I send a

newsletter out on Thursdays and
Saturdays our best are Wednesdays and
Saturdays the day before the show and
last Thursday’s it wasn’t really

concerned me because it was only a 25
percent open rate which means there was
neither but it wasn’t any different than
any of the other newsletters in terms of
the headlines or the teas or anything

do you typically expect a higher open
rate I expect to be about 47 percent
which is extremely high in the in the
news newsletter business is not yes but
there’s a lot of reasons for that

I subscribe to it should be higher I had
when I do my wine newsletter
occasionally the open rates about 85%
hey how can I get on that list I’m not
on that list

good job oh it makes me my concern so I
send this thing out and
the first thing happens to me when it

immediately goes out to MailChimp
I get I don’t I don’t have the number in
front of me but it’s five verses and
people who’s ever been in the mailing

this business have these he’d have all
these tricks this is one of mine okay I
get five or six immediate bounce backs
from people with automated messages

they just it’s just crops up immediately
bang bang bang bang bang bang five hair
six and in every week and every time I
sent it out I’ll get back either it’s

either get to all those back just
immediately or I’ll get maybe two of
them I wonder where they’re the four
went and but this time on Thursday I got
none I got zero of these on the Saturday

newsletter I got three or four so it was
better but I didn’t get to what I’m
expecting to get so so the people that
are supposed to send me the automated

reply mm-hmm this is an automated reply
it not at the desperate okay I got shit
that’s your trick that’s a good trick
yes yeah very good trick so these

automated replies don’t show up at all
and their automated now we’re these
Gmail addresses are these Gmail
addresses primarily or what is that well
I’m looking into all the details so here

cuz it might you know Gmail doesn’t
necessarily mean us about Gmail I mean I
think it is about Gmail I think it is –
I think they keep changing their their
their algorithms and so I think now I’m

doing something I shouldn’t be doing
what a lot of people have company names
but are actually Gmail right ah yes
yeah Gmail for business well I have two

thoughts about it now one is is it
possible that because you there was some
email virus going around attached to
your domain name that is not anyone’s

fault necessarily or solvable but a lot
of people receiving it probably also in
Gmail that maybe Gmail when something’s
up with this so let’s just route
everything this spam if it comes from

that from anything related to Dvorak org
it’s always possible but there’s no for
one thing if they’re looking at divorce
out or they’re not looking at the sender

right I’m just saying I’m just saying
that that that’s a possibility that
Google has it’s our analyst I might
accept that as a possibility even though
there’s no evidence of it here’s the

city is the most important thing people
who use Gmail how long are you going to
let Google determine what you can see
and what you can do how long until you
really are missing things that may be

important that Google deemed not
important to you how long are you gonna
stand for that for something is I think
critical is email ask yourself what the
hell are you doing why are you letting

some company do this for free
because you know they’re doing it for
free there’s a reason for it and it’s
probably not to help you out
think about it

it’s my new sign-off think about it
message from uncle Adam that’s right
that’s right alright laughs one of these
things I think it’s a I think they’ve

changed something I’ve got to figure out
what it is because I here’s a give you a
Cheers a tip for you mailers they’ve
always given me I give away cuz it’s the
nature of this show we give away

information that’s good to know if
you’re doing a mailing for example to a
group to a mailing list and you you
you’re trying everything you do
everything you can not to get it bounced

back one of the things you want to avoid
of course is things like using all caps
in the subject line it’s like five
points against oh yeah immediate Baba

yeah yeah and I’ve been using all caps
in the in the sand line because it seems
to be very effective that may actually
be not working against me now after it’s
experiment some more with a be test you
know those let me just stop you there

interesting you say that because I have
always found the all-caps you know the
no agenda new whatever it is it’s all
caps and to me it always gets my
attention like oh shit there’s the

newsletter yeah so that’s just a small
trick you’re using then that may be
outlawed now maybe it’s on the front end
yeah but it’s not you can’t put it on
the subject line cuz I know that’s out
right right so you got a minute man two

things about subject line you gotta know
one you can’t use all caps and keep the
exclamation parts to a minimum oh wait
no exclamation mark ever no that’s an ad
work yeah alright uh it was one of the

tip I had that I wanted that was that
was only three and those three you
promised five
I didn’t that promise five clips I think

he said five tips one five email tips
okay here’s the last one
this is the third one this is the one I
want this is one I wants to start with

four people doing emailing you need to
know this alright
never this but I got burned on this one
and it didn’t take me long to figure it
out never ever use the same link in the
email note you know go here go there go

here twice never use the same one twice
and so to get around it for the show
because you know I’m always pay to be
around it give a randomizer

no you don’t you can’t create a
randomizer it’s got to go to PayPal Pet
Pals not gonna put up with that oh you
just created second and third links that
are just pretty much the same thing

so the URL to donate to no agenda is URL
a I want to say it again at the end of
the note right I can’t use that exact

same URL I can’t because that’s no
that’s an automatic automatic spam
buster yes way I’m done I’m gonna happen
that mail is not going anywhere all

right so what is so what is that what do
you do I just create another URL that’s
concept it’s different a shortened URL
no you can’t do that either
all shortened URLs are checked well how

how are you making what what you were le
I don’t say here donation URL donate to
the no agenda show here’s the you a gig
create button for me boom here’s your

URL I go back to Pay Pal I say donate
for a good cause didn’t no agenda show
or just anything
they give me a different URL every time
I create a new button hey John thanks
that’s what I was trying to figure out I

you sound exasperated grey button I
didn’t know how what four things I
thought I thought you were sending
people to Dvorak org slash n a
differently now I understand what you’re

doing you’re sending him straight to
patient you have no alternative than to
do it straight to PayPal because you
don’t have a different agenda
/ na I can only use that once and I have
to be careful I don’t put it in there

twice well you know what this this is an
Amazon giblet if I’ve ever heard it Oh a
little email here do you have time I
don’t even know all of them and there’s

tons but in fact because I know for a
fact from time way back when when Matt
Cutts was still there and I was getting
into trouble

ah yeah the cuts man I know that they
changed these things and they don’t tell
well no so they of course they changed
it and I don’t know what it is that’s
what I’m doing wrong Wow okay well good

on you I mean that’s a that’s a tough
beat and I appreciate you dive in so
deep and making it work and let’s see
how we do for for Thursday show

hopefully we can figure it out
yes it’s a it’s a personal thing with me
about that whole thing good and we got
our last associate executive producer

who should be mentioned he’s been
sitting there on pins and needles cos
but he’s in Victoria BC one of the
prettiest places in the world so good
for him Charles McPherson 200 bucks
is dynamite everyone should visit it

please accept my donation of $200 I will
kindly refused one for one for the
Canadian dollar as I know your cost of
living is in American dollars this is my
third blood that’s sweet that is nice

this is my third donation after
listening over 300 episodes or 900 hours
I’ve received much more value than I

have given so here’s a couple of hundres
to help make up for it I’ve recently
returned from a trip overseas in Tibet
and Nepal no agenda is blocked in China

yeah why why am I not surprised
no why is it locked cuz we’re evil
but fortunately I was able to access the

show in Nepal the Wi-Fi was available
yet horrible while hiking in the hana
annapurna circuit for three weeks an
outdoorsman yeah our people get around I

mean the Internet bandwidth was very low
in remote areas as you would expect band
pod bean was not able to download new
episode horror pod Dinah’s our go to I

can’t believe it
no agenda light to the rescue oh yeah
this is great who that name band that
created no agenda light dot glump dot

net yes I’ll give you that again for
anyone who wants to know about this it’s
not doesn’t show up in the search
usually no agenda light Li te dot glump
Glu MP net which enabled me to download

the podcast over low bandwidth yes a
great resource for any traveler
yes we knew about this we haven’t

mentioned him for a while well you know
that’s about me
just updated on my long days of hiking
and relative isolation let me tell you
Nepal is goat oriented
as I write this my smokin’-hot spouse is

questioning why you donate to a free
podcast for the value yes thanks for all
you do Charles in Victoria BC there’s a

frugal Canadian woman you know giving it
away well you know what what what why
pay for a cow in the milk is free you

know that
that the the low-bandwidth no agenda
low-bandwidth started I think that
started with Australia you know in the
ten eleven years ago as the bandwidth

was very expensive and it was it was
really crappy bandwidth and was hard I
think was the Australians who really
couldn’t couldn’t get the show in in
regular fidelity or a lot of them and I

think most of the problem was cost if I
recall well it’s been going on in the
background like everything else on the
no agenda show we have a lot of people

who are kind of doing their own thing on
behalf of the show as listeners yeah and
we appreciate that to say the least
well thank you um yeah go clomp net
thank you all very much for supporting

the program this is episode ten ninety
one of the No Agenda show you are now
officially executive producers and
associate executive producers of the
show for this episode and you can use

that credit wherever credits are
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at Vollrath org slash and we are
bringing you all the deconstruction you
need all you have to do
go out a propagation formula is this we
go out for your people in the mouth

well in our never-ending understanding

of how people work and what makes them
tick whenever you say something that is
strange people will email me and

whenever I say something that is
off-kilter or whatever people email you
and even when I say hey email John at
Dvorak org about something somehow they
still email me

and this is regarding your Australian
ah the steak and shrimp
incident as it turns out not only are

you really pronouncing it horribly but
you shouldn’t even be using these words

alright Dvorak you want to practice your
Australian accent I got a little bit of
advice for you normally we have five
vowels a e i/o and you but in Australia

the more or less have two and it’s
i-i-i-i and boy talk like that you’ll

sound like an Aussie in no time so that
is some advice from Matthew Bigelow now
we move over to Martin from Queensland
get I John Haley Hagin might let me tell

you about the Aussie accent because
black needs work firstly no true blue
was he heads down the pub for a steak
instrument we call them prawns because
in Australia I brought us almost as big

as your forearm in a shrimp is little
tackers running amok around the house
okay I’ll translate so they don’t say
they say prawns cuz prawns are what you
eat in Australia and shrimp apparently

note from a number of people but if they
don’t they don’t eat shrimp they don’t
even need prawns but yet it’s the
outback restaurant an australian themed
restaurant that sells steak and shrimp

and is that restaurant in Australia or
is that restaurant in America this
reminds me of the first time I went to
the UK in the 70s and I found the

California burger and it was like it was
the worst thing yeah there was no
thicker than no relationship to any sort
of normal hamburger so I got a meatball

would you like to hear the rest of your
critique everyone knows I’m very open to
this a spike is a steak you can be
freaking huge or just a big sucker

either way you’re testing the dunny the
next time so if you have the missus down
the local through a meal or a stubby or
two then you splash out you might order
a kilo monster rump
with a prong topper Mike this is called

a surf-and-turf ask for a stake in a
strip and the Sheila behind the bar or
drop you on your ass
quitters look at you fair dinkum anyway
boys in the morning so I think I think
the the clue here is or the lesson is

you just asked for surf and turf then
you’re safe so nothing can go wrong
but in case you don’t know how to do it
after this advice we always have Chris

Wilson to remind us in song so I’ve been
working on my Australian accent I want
to hear it sure steak and shrimp as far
as I’ve gotten

so John you want to speak some Aussie so
I figured I’d write you this song but
when you say steak and shrimp to all the
sauces it sounds kinda wrong because the

shrimp we call wrong and prawns and
steak there are a swank also simply
order of surf and turf

I do want to sound like a douchebag yank
there you go you’re Australian lesson

courtesy of the producers of the No
Agenda show yes all from Australia yes
they would know I guess I heard some
good voice-over talent in that in there

that’s uh that’s dress Chris no I mean
besides Chris
oh the from the guy from Queensland
maybe yeah

you mean Martin Martin in Queensland
maybe could be yeah
I didn’t take notes but maybe Martin and
Queensland’s just sent me a note will

give us something to do okay good idea
I mean it was really thick it’s what I
like to think that’s what she’s
borderline not understandable all right
so we had a big earthquake in the last

guy got the report on it just so we can
get a little so at least we talked about
it yeah talk about big earthquake good
evening I’m Jeff Glor stern edition and
we are gonna begin tonight with a major

earthquake that shook Alaska today Jamie
yuccas is following all of us the major
earthquake rocked buildings like this
courthouse and seemed to go on and on
roads collapsed all around Anchorage

including this ramp near the
International Airport a lone car was
left on an island of asphalt just
walking up after this earthquake full of
food flew off store shelves and windows

were shattered
the quake struck just seven miles
northwest of the downtown area of
Alaska’s largest city our Anchorage

station KT VA took a big jolt this is
what their news room looked like after
the quake this is a camera over here we
have this pile of broken shattered glass

this is our conference room it’s our
break room on that we’ve got a whole
bunch of food stuff this is a TV in the
break room fell ripped off the wall this

is gonna be a mess to clean up students
don’t under – at the Anchorage Airport
how often if they had earthquakes there

I don’t really recall any well they had
a whopper in 63-64 mmm that was a nine
the biggest recorded on the globe ever

and that was on the old system on the
old scale the real Richter scale
now Rana may be a 50 the momentum scale
which is purposely jacked up to make

everything look worse in afar and their
earthquakes have a lot of uplift so you
end up with not just a bunch of shaking
but all of a sudden of highway will be
just buckles you know you’ll be going in

to be ten foot of dirt is lifted up ten
feet now you know things that get thrown
around it resists up but they have bad
or earthquakes up there and they have
stay at the yeah they just they have

something like I’m not might be wrong at
this number but it’s not I was looking
at this number I said this doesn’t make
40,000 a year embers yeah did you see
there was that there’s a map and it has

all the the seismic or a number of
seismic sensors across the USA and they
show the minute the the earthquake hits
and then you see this wave going all the

way through of course it hits the
Pacific Northwest and California and
then it I mean even Texas there was I
mean it almost the East Coast you could
there was some measurement of it but as
a as a resident of the People’s Republic

of California alright are you worried
that this could kick something off in
your area and does does this ever come
up no
it’s pretty separated from all the stuff

that we it’s almost they have their own
system of faults and this got into
connection to anything in the Ring of
Fire which is the earthquake zones it
surrounds the Pacific Ocean yeah that’s

where everyone’s gonna draw relief it’ll
s that’s where everyone’s gonna die in
the Ring of Fire the Ring of Fire that’s
right but we all go down together no not
anytime soon hopefully anyways nobody to

get that out of the way we also have
another thing going on with Sandburg yes
this is this this story just keeps
getting worse for Facebook and they’re

targeting her I think again I’m gonna
just this is my version of conspiracy
once the media got a clue that Facebook
is their enemy and they shouldn’t be

saying hey like us on Facebook pushing
people over toward Facebook whether
they’re getting the most learn news from
Facebook and a lot of people get their
news for Twitter they should be getting

their news from the newspaper or from
the news reports on television it
shouldn’t be getting that from the
perspective of somebody who works in
that business I would say if I was in
the TV business I would think to myself

why am i promoting Facebook we want to
be providing the news we don’t want them
to be providing the news and then taking
our advertising money forty billion
dollars of it which is nothing hello is

that so
so they’ve been going I think they’re
they’ve decided to all in concert go
after Facebook now it looks like now it
started to look a little fishy but this

latest thing and the way and the one
thing I think they’re really wanting to
do is getting rid of Sheryl Sandberg she
may well be so important to the company
that they she’s got to go because she’s
well as far as I’m concerned I think she

is the current version of the company
when it comes to the money-making side
of the house she it was her strategy she
implemented it she she brought in you

know the the connection with the the the
credit card information of the Brooke
the data brokers brought them and she
really created the business model of
lean lean in and look down your blouses

what she
lean in yeah pay attention to these so I
think they went they’re really going
after her but but if any of this is true

she is a really a terrible person but a
hard-ass this is a good example the New
York Times is reporting Facebook chief

operating officer Sheryl Sandberg
requested research on billionaire
liberal donor George Soros after he made
public remarks critical of Facebook in
January in which he said the company was
a menace to society

Soros is an investor in facebook the
company says the research into Soros was
already underway at the time of
samberg’s request earlier this month
The Times revealed Facebook hired
conservative opposition research firm

definers public affairs to investigate
in discredit critics of the social
networking site including by linking
some critics to Soros yes yeah I think
there’s something else going on here and

this is a jew thing like just don’t no
other way to describe it and this is why
you know Zuckerberg is under fire
samberg’s under fire because that we

just went through this whole thing with
the conspiracy theorists to explain that
they’re all anti-semites and jew haters
because they’re going after Soros
there’s entire countries I’m looking at

you hungry entire countries that hate
the Jews hate George Soros and then you
can’t sell it to yourself that and Jews
running Facebook have done this same

thing so I think it’s above and beyond
the business dealings it’s personal
well what you’re suggesting is the
jew-hating meme doesn’t work if it’s

jews correct yeah
but so you got to get rid of the Jews at
Facebook to make the meme work to get

rid of Facebook Facebook is a threat
it’s not the only thing that’s a menace

to democracy but yeah it’s definitely
the front-runner or was the front-runner
for sure for sure well I think this is
getting really deep they’ve been
practically something up so well they’ve

been trying to blame this on but I think
her deputy or someone is trying to take
the fall or jumping on the grenade for
everybody but I don’t think the media is

having any bit of it um we need we need
better reporting more incident but you
know it this also reflects your old
thesis and I’ve never been against this
thesis of if the media builds you up to

the same people that bring you down and
they build her up with that book and all
she’s Grace she’s on all the talk shows
she was like at 60 minutes well build

her up to be a superstar so the the
theory I had heard yes I’ll reiterate
the theory that I have which I’ve
witnessed myself is whenever you use the

media for your own personal gain or for
promotion or something that you want to
accomplish when it’s time and you don’t
know when it’s gonna happen and
something will take place and it always

comes back with equal force sometimes it
may feel even stronger to you and this
happens to everyone who uses the media
for promotion everyone and in little in

little increments that happens to people
on Facebook the same way you know I got
all these legs of these likes everyone
loves me is fantastic you do one little
thing wrong you get hammered down into

depression you want to go kill yourself
this is just the nature of media and I
think that’s exactly what we’re seeing
with neil degrasse tyson
ah segue hey finally did one and this is

where you take over
well Neil deGrasse Tyson yeah I don’t

know if I have any clips on this I
should do I I thought you had a clip but
Neil deGrasse Tyson cracks me up because
now all of a sudden he’s uh a rapist but

didn’t we know this wasn’t this story
about him at UT in in the 80s wasn’t
this well known this is not a new story
I mean we’ve I’m pretty sure we’ve

talked about this
well if you look at old old pictures of
him where he looks like you know
Superfly that said UT he does look like

he actually looks cool he looked yeah
he’s like he could fit right in with the
Mod Squad you know he’s got the kind
that link haircut Mod Squad ish that’s
yeah yeah you look very cool
but there’s but I guess there are two or

three women have accused him of
harassment and wanted to accuse him of
rape yeah and so now they’re everyone’s
apparently these are not new actually
accusations they’ve just been swept
under the rug because these you know

National Geographic and one of the
network’s you know the big yeah hold on
a second it’s Fox I think was it was
oddly was Fox and national just Fox own
National Geographic no they don’t I

don’t think it was Fox was a fox
yeah that would this honesty I have the
story here and I thought that was odd to
this why why was Fox looking at maybe
the Fox had that did his uh ran his show

that clone of the old Carl Sagan show I
think Fox that was the network for that
let me see I have the report never see

him on fox news no no no absolutely not
I’m trying to I read that somewhere
no well maybe not in this report I read

it somewhere that it was it was it was
also fox news but will a fox though no
Jeff Fox Nations okay that makes a fox
is not fun then I guess the other

accusation is that then this comes from
2009 that
dr. Caitlin Ahlers associate professor
of physics and astronomy at Bucknell

University said she was quote felt up by
Tyson at an after-party following a
meeting of the American Astronomical
Society and then he actually some photos
of her and him you know he’s looking at

how her tattoo and apparently she he you
know moved his fingers up the tattoo
which I don’t know but someone’s out to
get into Shore it’s sketchy you know I

mean the rape allegation I think that’s
been out for a long time and I don’t
know it’s just someone’s out to get him
but wahoo and why is unclear to me but
I’m always thinking well if they’re

going to the you know the National
Geographic Channel level and Fox station
level does this have to do with an
acquisition is there some other business
dealing that could be in you know could
be in trouble

here it is in exchange for in exchange
for seven hundred and twenty five
million dollars the National Geographic
Society passed the troubled magazine and
it’s book map and other media assets to

a partnership headed by 21st Century Fox
the Murdoch controlled company that owns
the 20th Century Fox movie studio the
Fox Television Network and Fox News
Channel’s Thank You digi guru and that

would make sense since this is all in
play maybe it’s to knock the price down
a bit is the Disney deal all done is
there still something that has to happen
this is this has something to do with

devaluing the asset to some degree
that’s what it feels like to me yeah
well that’s what you want to do yeah
well that it’s working I think the
story’s catching wells doesn’t help that

guy out but I mean oh who cares you see
a douchebag or not that’s the question I
know you know I think is can we lower
the price of the of the acquisition
that’s that’s the question going on here
please please degrasse tyson’s

unimportant in this
and maybe he would they say that though
so the the Miami Herald is reporting on
the Jeffrey Epstein story continues it’s

a multi-part I didn’t realize that keep
publishing keep publishing new video
yeah of these girls seems into going
after Bill Clinton more than anything
yeah at first I thought this is clearly
gonna go after who was the guy Acosta

who works at where does he work in the
trompe Acosta yeah yes the sports guy he
works and the he’s in the Trump
administration he’s in some forget which

which department he’s it and he’s the
guy that you know basically helped
Epstein get this really reduced sentence
but then they pull in and this was the

best Alan Dershowitz who’s in in in the
in the filings of whatever lawsuits are
coming out or whatever expose is taking
place before our eyes one of these girls

claims she had sex with Alan Dershowitz
six times
either on Lolita Express or his Island
dude I mean yeah that’s mr. dersh which
you’re having sex with oh really that’s

been unless you want to do Sam I’m
number five Health and Human Services
that’s a costs really like me but that’s
sick man I mean alan dershowitz so this
guy and then bill clinton but trump was

also on the plane he’s in the walls
plane once and there’s no evidence he
ever hung out at the island like get
Clinton did true and also but but what’s
interesting is that there’s no mention

of Trump in this expose at all ever
anywhere and it’s so easy to admit the
Trump bring him some things dis I think
it would discredit the report yes it was
real reporting is what you’re saying

yes which is weird this has to be a hit
I would have to say then if Dershowitz
who like
it’s to me why do I care what who

Dershowitz what he’s up to in his spare
time he has to be a hit piece I think
ever since Dershowitz turned into a
trump apologist that’s where the hit

piece comes in yeah yeah I think that
there say okay well Allen we’ve been
counting on you to be to be just to
progress because he’s always been a
progressive like hyper liberal
progressive with really strong legal

reasons for taking his positions
now he’s state he’s doing the same thing
but he’s on Trump’s side hmm no no no
this isn’t gonna fly let’s get it you

know what he seems like the obvious one
absolutely he also defended Epstein in
the initial 2008 trial I think it is and
help get him the the fantastic deal of

was it was possible that all he was is a
lawyer going back and forth with Epstein
never took part with anything and they
just found one girl who’d say anything
and there are of course of course of

but either way then it’s I mean the six
times thing is the thing against me is I
would really get a notch on your belt is
six times for Dershowitz I don’t even

think these girls not to demean them but
I don’t think any of them knows – who
the hell door sure wits is let alone
keeping count right come on 14 13 14 15

year old you know and some well they’re
also Jesus these accounts are coming ten
years later so now this one’s talking
years later yeah they’re talking about

it now so this is a don’t believe I’m
just not buying it I just think that the
you can’t remember from 10 years ago and
then to remember the exact number of
times or even remember anything cuz

you’re probably in a drugged stupor
well remember you had sex with Alan
Dershowitz six times ten years ago when
you were a drug the stupid with anybody

why are you why you you’ve really gone
hard and heavy on this I got it well I’m
going cuz I just think this is a setup

to get durscher wishes doesn’t matter
that’s I agree I don’t care good break
down a little just like wow okay I know
I was never invited to the island good

that was gonna be mine that was gonna be
my next question
thank goodness well while we’re on the
promotion or demotion of public figures
we have very poor showing at the Bill

and Hillary show as they are going
around the nation on there’s there’s I
think it’s 13 city tour and the first
stop they had or they had a like a was

it like a 15,000 seater and they only
had three and a half thousand people in
the arena which is just never good no
matter what kind of show it is but NPR
had an interesting interesting piece

that this tour the Bill and Hillary tour
as well as Michelle Obama’s tour are
being organized by the same outfit can
you wager a guess as to who is managing

these tours
one of the world wide wrestling that’s
one of the big Toros close close close
one of those types of guys one of those

big entertainment companies
it’s Live Nation the guys who when I was
gonna guess yeah that’s a big change
this used to be done by you know varied
I think Trump still organizes his own

but yeah this is typically done by book
agents or yeah but ths loose live agent
that live nation to have them do a

nation’s a huge operation join just one
concert promoters in the country yes I
mean if you want jay-z and you want to
yeah what’s her name Beyonce Beyonce

thank you Rihanna join President Bill
Clinton and they got all the cool
commercials too and former Secretary of

State Hillary Rodham Clinton in an
up-close and one-of-a-kind conversation
discussing the important moments in
modern history
today John can you speak that low only

in the morning maybe give us some more
details about the Clinton events it
sounds by that voice like they’d be very
expensive they can be very expensive
it’s a 13 city tour mostly in friendly

territory live nation says it’s on stage
conversations with the two sharing
stories and inspiring anecdotes 4:59 to
as high as two thousand dollars you can

participate so that’s even more than
Taylor Swift can be yeah the VIP
packages are pretty expensive and the
VIP packages are off the ha rich I
there’s not merchandise for the Clintons

they’re not out there selling Oscar or a
charity but wait for it there’s a kicker
to this so they got no mercy they’re
selling themselves basically I mean Bill
Clinton had that book with James

Patterson but that’s kind of old news
you know what they’re doing is promoting
themselves to greater or lesser degree
that they haven’t been selling out the
the venues but they’ve been getting
reasonable crowds how about Michelle

Obama Michelle Obama is a total rock
star she’s on a ten-city tour that that
is taking her all over the country and
she’s got she’s got all kinds
of sponsorships she’s got merchandise

she’s got to find your flame and keep it
lit candle for $35 I I mean this is
basically a celebrity entertainment or
as much as it is a book tour is the

money generated any of it going to
charity or to Live Nation and the
speaker’s the Live Nation says 10
percent of ticket sales are going to
community groups in the cities that

Michelle Obama is appearing in they’re
also giving tickets out to those groups
some free tickets out to those groups so
that those people can experience the
evening as well how does it benefit
Michelle Obama and the Clintons to have

Live Nation promoting the tour because
it cost money to pay Live Nation
obviously Live Nation gets part of the
of the revenue but I you know they are
looking at themselves as able to sell

out big venues and if you go into a big
venue you need somebody who can handle
the logistics of that and Live Nation is
the one that does that kind of promotion
how about Michelle would the merch with

the key was it to keep it lit candle
yeah she’s doing it right man that’s
perfect two slackers they don’t know

what is what’s going on they’re over the
you know nobody wants to see bill in
this condition he is he looks like he’s
a half-dead and Hilary’s coughing again
coughing and she’s got the same she

blaming Trump for everything not funny
that Kara Swisher is part of it maybe
that would help
yeah well that yeah then they know but
she does all that stuff for free

well that’s her mistake right there
buddy yeah duh
you think yeah yeah but I love that
Michelle Obama is just completely
nailing it

I wonder what death well daddy I’m gonna
give you a clip of the day because I
didn’t know that looked any of this was
going on like that thank you they
weren’t selling out the venue’s that the

Clinton thing I didn’t know anything
about Michelle and that Live Nation
that’s very interesting they cool I got
a note from Sean C in Las Vegas Adam and
John story you discussed about parents

who are upset that they cannot join
their kids at school lunch reminded me
of her personal experience with this at
my daughter’s elementary school for a
few years ago you and I both had not
heard of that this was a thing John and

that apparently today’s helicopter and
bulldozer parents go to the lunch room
where their kids are which quite rightly
you remarked both you and I would have

extremely embarrassing as kids and today
that just needs to be normal it’s a
little worse than we even realize no Dez
Shawn says yes my daughter won some
contests in her class where a parent

could join her for lunch at her school
my thoughts were along the lines of JC
DS where I would have been mortified as
a child to have one of my parents show
up but my daughter really wanted me to

come to school for lunch so I did when I
got to the school I saw three to four
other parents in the lunchroom and asked
my daughter if they won the same contest
my daughter said no no they’re here
almost every day for lunch in one part

of the lunch room there were two parents
with two giant pizzas handing out slices
to some kids I asked my daughter if that
was normal she said yeah their parents
show up once a week and bring pizza for
him and his friends I asked to him and

his friends my daughter said yeah if
you’re nice to him he might invite you
over to have pizza when his parents come
in for lunch this just totally blew my
mind that this was happening and that

the school allowed it my daughter is now
a middle school and thankfully this
school doesn’t allow any parents in
lunchroom so instead some parents
started bringing special lunches from
the fast food places and even some fancy

places and dropping them off at the
school’s front office at lunchtime to
have them delivered to their kids the
special lunch drop-offs got so bad last
year the principal finally sent home a

letter saying that they will no longer
accept non-medical necessary items being
dropped off at the front office the
letter stated that in the previous year
parents had dropped off 3,600 non

necessary items and lunches at the front
office to be delivered to their kids
whoa this kind of shows it doesn’t it
well I think what’s interesting is that

I thought the helicopter parent
phenomenon was from like a couple of
decades ago and this is worse it’s much

I think it’s born out of some guilt or
something and it’s clearly my generation
a little bit younger people are not
thirty five forty I would say well or no
where’d you get little younger probably

a little it would be it would be nice to
have in fact our letter writer we should
ask him what his age is because he will
be in the best right in the middle of
that Gershon seat will let us know

so let’s but isn’t it did he not
concerning I mean this kind of shows you
but what’s wrong what happened to four
cents for milk and a peanut butter and
jelly sandwich here see you after school

I’m about the peanut Billa peanut butter
and jelly we used to have pretty good
lunches when I was a kid no I’m talking

about the lunch my mom would make oh oh
yeah we also sometimes did make a nice
sandwich yeah I didn’t hey I didn’t get
a school lunch I got four cents for milk
kid just I was just thinking about like

damn I was deprived of school won
cheese’s pizza yeah so there’s this
story going around and this is a Texas

story all right
this is a Texas story about
there’s a couple of things going on that
I got three clips that relate to this

this is the Texas story about the kid
James who whose mom insisted he become a
girl and he calls him Luna and he acts

like a girl and dresses like a girl
around her they got divorced the parents
got divorced for obvious reasons the boy
is James with the dad and Luna with the

mom who insists that he’d be and she’s
suing for custody and the state of Texas
is kind of siding with her and it’s
possible that the guys gonna lose the

kid to the mom and where in Texas is
this dude do you know where in Texas I
don’t have the backup I’ll look it up
well you play the clip but this is a
play the gender dysphoria Luna and James
this is a psych college or a person

who’s the head of the American pediatric
since she’s discussing the details and
trying to explain what might be going on
doctor cristela first your observations
about James and is wanting to be Luna

with his mother and James with his dad
is this gender dysphoria and can a
six-year-old struggle with this
six-year-old child can certainly have
gender dysphoria
but James’s case does not really fit
that definition a young child who has

gender dysphoria persistently and
consistently will insist they are not
their biological sex but in this case
James is quite happy being a boy with

his father and seems to behave and act
like a girl with his mother so there’s
some red flags there how does this
differ from children this age simply

being curious about gender there’s some
overlap but generally a child with true
gender dysphoria is so upset so
emotionally upset by their biological

sex that they will reach the point where
they insist it’s not who they are so
where is the child who’s just

experimenting and they may try out
and sex stereotyped playing or or
cross-dressing things like this but it’s
it’s not a persistent or consistent

habit what do you think will be the best
thing for James in this situation the
ideal approach here should be with a
therapist who will objectively look at

James and the very difficult situation
they’re in this is a divorce situation
and basically assess what’s different
about when James is with mom and with

James with dad there are cases now I
don’t obviously I don’t know these
parents personally but there is
definitely the case in which some

mothers in particular can experience
gender mourning moms who so desperately
wanted a girl but never gave birth to a

daughter can enter a deep depression and
that depression is only lifted when one
of their sons acts in an effeminate way

or allows the mom to dress them as a
girl so there are cases like this in the
literature wow this is all Ron psychosis
is very interesting case

apparently the dads living in Carrollton
and the mom moved to Dallas hmm okay so
it’s right in the middle of this Texas
proper yeah meanwhile another secondary

thing that’s going on I’m gonna clip to
the good skip to this this is uh the
trend of some parents to allow the bit
not to call their kids

boy or girl or let anybody know about
even after they’re born and they’re
referred to as they B’s yeah I think we
talked about this the babies but we
didn’t have it right this was on Tucker

Carlson I hate to play this good but I I
want to play it then I can get back to
that PD at pediatrician after this clip
plays this is Tucker of course he just
made light of this whole thing thinks

it’s idiotic but play the baby’s clip
but doesn’t this mean if you’re gonna
raise a baby how would you be able to
change your child’s diaper because the
second you change the diaper of course

you’d no longer be able to pretend that
there was a question about whether this
was a boy or girl you would know about
pretending the pillow this is his
liberal Sherpa girl which is starting to
become an unfunny bit I think definitely

knows the gender it’s about not
necessarily labeling the baby it’s about
allowing the baby to decide what gender
that baby wants to be when that baby can
decide which is around four years old so

from zero to four the baby will not be
labeled the labeling theory will not
apply from zero to four years old the
baby will be a baby neither a boy nor
girl whatever gender that baby what

other what other profound life decisions
do we think people are be making at the
age of four are there any others whether
you get a tattoo whether to get married

and allistic in the military voting
drinking vodka smoking Marlboro Reds is
there anything else that we think
four-year-olds are ready to decide this
isn’t actually a profound life decision
I mean biologically there’s nothing

really going on from zero to four in
areas that affects the person’s life
biologically the experts say that boys
and girls all genders are alike the boys

brain the male brain might be a little
larger the female’s language might be a
little bit more advanced but John isn’t
that the goes on but isn’t that the

liberal Sherpa girl who does that cuz I
I find that to be a very disingenuous
bit they do but the point is no the
point is about the babies
yeah now the thing that gets me about

this is the term baby yes uh-huh
now why do why do I find that peculiar
because this reminds me of that story
I’ve told on the show over and over
again about the liberal copy editors at

PC World magazine who didn’t like a
person using the word representative and
preferred they used a word spokesperson
mm-hmm because and and the rationale was

spokesperson is not a sexist
and representative voice representative
is he said well wait a minute

representative isn’t sex it’s got no
nothing there’s no indication of
anything is just representative and she
said to him oh yes that’s true but we
want to make it clear that people note

that spokesperson is is makes it clear
that we’re not sexist
representative it just doesn’t have it
doesn’t mean any oh I see so it’s

actually you need to virtue signal in
everything you say to not only have a
politically correct word but to make
sure everybody knows you’re politically
correct exactly okay that’s exactly

right and it is virtue signaling and
that’s what babies is because what is a
baby it could be anything a boy girl
hermaphrodite for all you know it’s a

baby why do you have to use the word
baby your point being you could just say
baby yes yes no I totally agree with you
and you know when you think about it
just in simple terms like that yeah

makes sense why don’t you just call it a
baby which is what it’s been called for
a while now but to virt you signal yeah
that’s it
it’s kind of sick that’s totally sick
the woman from the pediatrics asking

about this situation but the this
gender-bending pre-adolescent
gender-bending this is gender truth

commentary what are your thoughts on
allowing children to choose their gender
it’s outrageous
look we did our sex is determined at
conception by our genetics by our DNA

when children are born we as physicians
recognize the sex that they are by their
physical bodies and that’s what children
need to be taught you know it some

people most of us use sex and gender
interchangeably unfortunately we’re now
in a culture that is heavily dominated
by transgender activists who are

teaching children as young as preschool
that sex and gender are two different
and that they can be at odds with one
another so as parents and honest

physicians we have to teach our kids the
truth people have a biological sex
determined at conception
and that never changes its with you for

your whole life hmm
dr. Michelle cartel Oh with the American
College of pediatricians thank you so
much for your insight yes this is a real
problem and it’s going to end I blame
Facebook by the way I blame the internet

in general but I think Facebook creates
these groups where people get into this
circular just thing and just keep going
around and around and around and that’s
where the virtuous signaling takes place

and it’s all happening because of the
internet somehow
I think you’re absolutely correct I’ve
been I’ve the Internet is ruining us yes
that’s the real menace to democracy not

yes book yes it is the Internet in
general because we as humanoid some
reptile we still have tail bones we have
no idea how to handle what people
actually are we’re just learning now

with what people are how they how they
interact with one another and how
incredibly easy it is to manipulate
people and get them on your side for

and I and I think that I have although I
am right on the cusp of being a part of
the problem I think I definitely screwed
up with my kid in some areas which is

totally relatable to my generation I
think because I didn’t go to college but
I didn’t get the programming I lucked

well I got the programming cuz I went to
University of california-berkeley
hey but it was early it was early days
you know this is pre internet you didn’t
get the internet program not convinced

to that hmm okay well maybe it was
experimental period I’m not sure you
seem to be doing okay though
well I can’t snap out of it I was at
your hood unreconstructed hippie is the
guy who didn’t snap but most of the guys

who went to these well actually most of
them my generation has a lot of people
I’m like them every time I run into
people from my high school class and
others and people that went to this

colleges during my era I find it very
interesting you’re gonna find this weird
I’m at I’m the optimistic one I don’t
find they’re depressed they’re depressed

and negative yeah the negative the
negativity of this group
yeah the all baby boomers is it’s like
it takes me back I go my god I hope I

don’t sound like this well you know they
do call you the cranky geek and the
buzzkill yeah and I compare myself to
the true models of this and I don’t even

hold the candle to these people wow if
this is like your Lib Joe’s – I guess
they also have the same depressed
feeling and their negative and
I think so yeah okay so well I know that

the programming I got was pre-internet
but it was definitely you know different
what would have been that Amsterdam

programming totally the amsterdam
programming absolutely look at him now
yeah I got out I got out in time I’m
actually just a lucky sumbitch aren’t I
I’m just we were really lucky I’m gonna

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to be working good enough for us since
you know you can’t really monetize the
network and we’re seeing that now with
the big article in The Wall Street
Journal about HuffPo of Poe you know
this all these things were purchased by

Verizon AOL and HuffPo and I was it
Engadget and they they those it’s 7
billion dollars they spent on this and
it seems like they can’t really make the
advertising work and now they’re trying

to do subscriptions for stuff well good
luck with that yeah just going to fail
so poorly it’s gonna fail big ly I mean
because that’s it’s not going to work

not going to work
no people don’t want to subscribe to
anything I mean we have our subscribers
it’s a voluntary system which is really
sustaining donations not a true
subscription right

it’s a sustaining donations and there’s
a we have a moderate number and I would
say moderate is not a lot but we do have
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yeah sustaining donations we do but it’s

not enough to you know if it wasn’t for
the big donors and all the random
donations we would really would not be
enough to sustain the show don’t insult
I’m not just waiting anybody cuz I think

it’s a good baseline that you can add on
to but it’s not and I see these other
people try it you can you know we’ll
just keep doing the show if you give us
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pin we already saw that that doesn’t

worth started doing this show he has
some blow we had $2 a month and think
was ours you know I think yeah was it
was obviously wasn’t gonna work you know
what’s interesting we’re talking about
the internet and how we get canceled

automatically that Canada we’re taking
what what has happened is people have
taken their old world thinking pre
internet and have just kind of you know
transposed that onto the internet world

and the thinking that people had what
happened in the people the thinking that
people would give you money random
amount based upon what they value your
product at is seen as nutjob your are

you crazy is that what a head shake are
these morons but little did we know that
once you do that the guy that you were
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for $1 to chip in you say what was it
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the future
now does it keep you on your toes
because you and I don’t have a regular
income of course it does every single
time I sit down to prep and do this show
I’m thinking about I got to do the best

thing I can do I got nothing else to I
have nothing else to go on I have to do
the best because you know I can’t get
fired by any organization people just
stop sending money if they find no value
in the product it’s real simple but for

some reason people can’t get over that
hump of seeing that the human beings are
not just drone
money payers you know a little piggy
bank you can you can be surprised what

people want and what they will do
well you can’t use the old models in the
old models before the internet included
which is what the newspapers had nothing

but struggled with as you can’t with a
newspaper or magazine when I was writing
for PC Magazine they’d have 500 600 page
issues that were loaded with advertising
because the whole thing was like a you

know it’s like a a world in itself and
those ads were selling for 20 30 40 50
thousand dollars and they had they’re
making millions and millions of dollars

a year you know which was great because
you get to travel a lot and there’s a
lot of things you could do with that
money but to make the magazine better
but when you didn’t go to online it’s
not a little world anymore it’s a page

one lone page and maybe you go to
another page as something interests you
but you’re not opening a magazine then
you’re not going through it the whole
thing is so different you can’t make

that kind of money no well that’s also
the realization is that you know the the
idea of hey I’m a radio guy doing a
podcast I’ll make a million dollars a
year that’s just not gonna happen

but turns out I can pay rent could eat
and so you’re I think we get exactly
what we deserve and it’s that’s okay
that’s the model that’s the postmodern

media model if you don’t mind me patting
ourselves on the back for it no it’s
alright we don’t know we’ve done well
enough to keep doing it so I have I want

to go back to like there’s this clip
here and I thought we’d played but this
is Janice Atkinson clip is one you
played I have another just I didn’t hate
to revisit but I’m gonna revisit this

this is because I don’t know what this
on this clip it’s probably the same clip
it’s probably the same clip no no the
Janice hath got no because I have the
Janice Atkinson clip okay well what this
oddballs speech about migration compact

2025 is ah is the is different that’s
what it is okay listen vote okay the EU
and across the developed world so it’s
in the time is exactly the same so I

flipped it twice and you just named it
it was that was bad okay well you yes I
do have an oddball report on something
just as a Democracy Now story it’s one

of those baffling stories say why is
this a story yes I never heard of these
companies I don’t know anything about it
is this something this is virtue
signaling or is this some code I don’t
know what it is but this is the oddball

report on Mike digital the digital news
publisher mike has laid off most of its
staff after being acquired by bustled
digital group the company which
positioned itself as a video driven

media outlet for Millennials has been
steadily losing viewers over the past
year the company employed around a
hundred people all right what did they
what did they publish tell me about Mike
ma’am I see I don’t know this is a

publication I’ve never heard of it
either and why is this a news story I
don’t know
then we’re doing fine over here at
democracy now I mean what else could it

be I have no idea I finally be the
screwiest story they’ve never or that
they’ve done probably in the last few
months just an an on story it’s a bubble
media some of but somebody bought him

out I’ve never heard of them either but
commit there’s lots of little companies
that are in this you know that are
trying to make it living all right but
the first thing I thought was oh neener

look this millennial stuff ain’t working
we’re still good with our geriatric ads
that’s the first thing that came to my
mind for democracy now at least well
they don’t have it far as I can tell any

advertising but they don’t they don’t
have sponsorship not that I know of
these are on PBS I’ve never seen an ad
ever I think they try it doesn’t air on

it airs on PBS and free speech TV yeah
but on PBS they have ads
I don’t know what Democracy Now yeah
they do have but that’s just for the

network I don’t know if they individual
I don’t know
I demand an investor have a huge list of
donors that never think I demand an
investigation into this I just do credit
roll for the donors I want to know who

Mike is and I want Mike Dodd I want to
get right now in the bottom of this I’ll
go again try to save us in the upcoming

days December 3rd through 4th will be
the 24 hours of reality and this will be
about the reality of climate change how

we’re all going to die this is well I
have a little intro from NPR Al Gore was
kind enough to drop by and to tell us
and when I say tell I mean tell us

because what if what have we learned
Lenny chuckles that’s his tell next week
former Vice President Al Gore’s climate
reality project will broadcast a 24-hour
streaming video special calling

attention to the public health impacts
of climate change around the world in
the decades since Gore started sounding
the alarm about manmade global warming
global greenhouse gas emissions have
continued to grow despite warnings from

reports like last week’s National
Climate Assessment well Al Gore joins us
now from New York Vice President Gore
thanks for joining us welcome to here
and now well thank you very much Jeremy
it’s my pleasure so this is going to be

the 8th annual 24 hours of reality
broadcast do you feel like as a planet
we’ve made a lot of progress since you
started doing this eight years ago are

we basically in the same position or
worse well we have made a lot of
progress one has to add unfortunately
that the climate crisis is still
worsening at a faster rate than our

progress and developing we love the
towel so what was the lie here that it’s
going at a faster rate is that the lie
that he just told ourselves well we have
made a lot

progress one has to add unfortunately
that the climate crisis is still
worsening at a faster rate than our
progress in developing solutions but

we’re gaining momentum and as a as the
late economist Rudy Dorn Bush once said
things take longer to happen than you
think they will and then they happen

faster than you thought they could and
we’re seeing exponential change now in
renewable electricity generation
electric vehicles and what we really
need is our changes in policy to

accelerate these positive developments
that have begun right so it’s all about
policy to accelerate everything positive
that has been done which is pretty much

solar and a wind power and I think if we
are going to watch this 24 hours of
reality and I will definitely check in
it will probably be a lot like this

second segment so then how big of a
problem is it that the President of the
United States says that he is not a
believer in manmade global warming well
it’s certainly a problem when he tries

to dismantle the clean power plan and
the Auto mileage improvements and
although I think Volkswagen did just
fine enough on those thank you very much

Nate the study of particulate pollution
which is a deadly health threat
connected to the pollution that is
generated along with global warming

pollution okay hold on a second
particulate pollution global warming
pollution this is these are terms that
are I don’t know if we’ve heard them

exactly like this but certainly not all
in a row from Al Gore remember that the
the basic premise is too much co2 carbon
dioxide now we have particulate

pollution and and global warming
pollution John help me out
sorry PowerPoint it’s this is really
egregious what he’s doing here he’s just

just spooning up all kinds of terms Nazi
Auto mileage improvements and eliminates
the the study of particulate pollution
which is a deadly health threat

connected to the pollution that is
generated along with global warming
pollution and it’s a problem when he
says to the rest of the world he wants

the u.s. to pull out of the Paris
agreement but there is a another dynamic
underway Donald J Trump is now the face
of climate denial his is the voice of

climate denial and for the minority in
the country that still invests their
their hopes and faith and trust in

Donald Trump they’re not likely to be a
part of the solution to the climate
crisis for some time yet anyway but for
the two-thirds and more who are

signaling that they have had enough of
Donald Trump I think it is making it
easier for people who associate him with
a nonsensical views that he articulates

to re-examine the facts and to say as
some conservative colonists have done
recently whoa wait a minute we’ve taken
another look at this climate crisis and

it’s a it’s an existential threat we’ve
got to do something about it so I’m
hopeful that the Trump years will be
over sooner rather than later at the
very least that he will not have a

second term and that the groundwork will
have been laid for a dramatic
improvement in our policies to
accelerate progress no way to go out
well done so I like this I like the idea

that because
he certainly has convinced most of the
world certainly also conservative
journalists that Trump is nuts that

they’re now relooking at the information
back in to check it and see what’s going
on and let’s just wind it up with the
third well before you go too far away
from that I do have my Australian

climate change protests can I play the
last Gore clip and then we’ll do you
play it whenever you want I just want to
make sure you don’t ignore it oh well
shoot let’s let’s interrupt it right now
no I’m saying that because you’re about

to end the show no your button was move
your hand was slowed I can hear it no I
have one more outgoing but we’re getting

momentum and we’re getting close closer
and closer to one of these political
tipping points ah public opinion changes
significant well we saw that in the

civil rights movement earlier the
women’s suffrage movement in recent
years and the fight for gay and lesbian
rights and when these this is fantastic
so he’s equated this to these other big

fights we’ve had that we all have
aggreement on parent moral issues are
revealed to be a binary choice between
what’s right and what’s wrong
public opinion can shift pretty quickly

and in this case mother nature is
speaking up pretty powerfully with the
tragic fires in California only the ones
earlier this is late in November but all

that mother nature started the fires so
earlier in the year hurricane Florence
and the Carolinas hurricane I thought it
was and it was explained to me many

times it was started by a campfire
on campfire road what is it its climate
change that’s the problem though pretty

powerfully with the tragic fires in
California not only the ones earlier
this late in November but also earlier
in the year

hurricane Florence and the Carolinas
hurricane Michael a year ago hurricane
Harvey the the list of catastrophes that
are clearly linked to climate and where
alignment in the mind minds of the

public are persuading more people than
any of us who are advocates for solving
the climate crisis could could hope to
do you know yeah I’m always for one

thing I guess the organs we have to
revisit some of the Climategate mmm
stuff you know which really took it off

the track right away where these guys
are faking their numbers that didn’t
visit to how computer simulations work
and how they can’t be trusted under any
circumstances the model now the mall
bring that up too much or any of these

things that are kind of contrary or the
fact that there’s like 30,000 scientists
signed a note about this being
questionable and should be thought about
definitely or the or forcing certain
networks like PBS to not take anybody on

as an expert or that might have some
other opinion or the guys who have
testified before Congress and showing
that one thing that you think is going

on is not going on this just ignore
every one of those things and just
listen to Al Gore who’s not a scientist
by any means and it’s just to me I think
there’s some sort of a test going on

of intelligence y’all ability yeah if we
can sell the public on this and so they
go all in and they screw themselves by

you know removing I mean that’s with
like what’s going on in France shutting
down those nuclear reactions that is
crazy that’s the craziest thing ever
France it’s like you know okay did you

just a stray of little bit off topic and
I will play your Australian clip the the
Germans apparently and I think I have a
clip of it yes the German Finance

Minister Olaf Olaf Schultz proposed that
France give up its permanent seat on the
Security Council at the United Nations

this is an absolutely scandalous idea
for the French mission here at the
United Nations although the French
mission doesn’t want to comment on the

Jezza a whore the former UN Ambassador
of French ambassador to the UN and
current French ambassador to the United
States has tweeted about this though and

said that it’s actually legally
impossible because it would run counter
to the very Charter for the United
Nations and so changing it would be
politically impossible so that is on the
record but I can tell you that the

French mission here finds this a very
touchy subject they certainly would not
want France to give up its veto-wielding
seat may I point out on the Security

Council do you believe that
I mean is Germany looking for World War
3 by suggesting these kinds of things
now this is that this is showing them
true what’s really going on with the EU

yes rebuilding the German Empire yep the
mistake they’re making and they even
suggest this is that with France under
it just about the Security Council with

France and Germany both both on I
believe Germany’s on it both on the
Security Council which is a body it’s
very small body of only you can look him
up how many countries are on it

they right now have essentially two EU
members on the Security Council and that
gives them two votes instead of one – so
why would they want to get rid of that

second vote I mean it doesn’t make any
sense if you think about it logically if
the EU is what it purports to be but if
the EU is just a rebuilding of the
German Empire as Germany as notch as

Germany is not on the council China
France Russian Federation United Kingdom
United States are the permanent members
and currently for the two-year term of

non-permanent members Bolivia Cote
d’Ivoire Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia
Kazakhstan Kuwait the Netherlands Peru
Poland and Sweden well that makes it

even more interesting doesn’t it now so
the e besides the floating members like
the Netherlands you have the what you
have France as the really the

representative of the EU representative
of the EU yeah which is exactly what
wait well Germany is appointed that this
Germany is proposing yet Germany is
proposing that France give up their seat

to the EU ah yeah which means giving it
up to Germany of course it does
it’s interesting moves a lot of stuff

going on
including climate protests climate
change protests in Australia in
Australia thousands of students walked
out of class today to demand action on

climate change on a nationwide student
strike well I think our government needs
to take more action on climate change so
that our generation and now kids
generations and their kids can have a

future that’s sustainable and healthy
and a planet that we haven’t destroyed
students of all ages are calling for
their government to stop the
construction of new coal mines and move
towards 100 percent renewable energy by

2030 the protests come as eastern
Australia is experiencing
record-breaking wildfires with close to
200 separate fires identified this week
so here we I have the same situation

there’s somehow been goaded into this
mmm-hmm I don’t know I I don’t even have
any comments to make anymore about the
whole thing
um okay you’re gonna break the back of
the poor man type you know break the

back of the poor by having that the
these energy sources that are extremely
expensive and removed
again it’s just like it’s not a for

body’s affordable to you know anybody
this in the upper middle class is sure
but the rest of the world is just can’t
afford these these wind power and solar
is not a cheap mechanism no ever yeah

you put some solar panels on your house
in Arizona and you can probably be out
the local power lines that’s true those
panels aren’t cheap to begin with let’s

end on a high note John well end on a
high note for this show and we’ll take
it home with a promotion for a rival
we’re gonna a promotion for a new CNN
series that we’ll all be watching

designed to save our democracy but now
it is a political weapon and hm it’s
dangerous CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asks what

happens when the country really needs to
impeach the president’s under-fire on
Sunday at 9:00 yeah the impeachment show
a full series on CNN yeah it’s gonna be
fantastic I’ll get yours this is my beat

I’ll take it that’s it for today’s
deconstruction we of course return on
Thursday and there seems to be lots
going on we’ll pull it apart for you as

best we can tell football all right all
right well you can do a football report
yeah yeah
we’re flying back tomorrow so I’ll be

back in the clew do in FEMA region six
on Thursday and until then becoming you
from the home of the Jackson 5 they are
right near Gary Indiana in the every

room is a mini suite hotel in the
morning everybody I Madame Curie and
from northern to Silicon Valley where I
probably have closer access to a Chicago
hot dog than he does I’m John C Devore

we return on Thursday right here on no
agenda remember us at Dvorak org /na
until then
this is exciting we’ve come to a

position where we’re in a new world
order toughness fiber strength
perception of this strengths of this
country I’ve got if I understand it and
I do think that you can’t turn the white

house into the Waffle House you gotta
say what you’re for some people say he’s
just too nice to be President this is
exciting this is New World Order too may
mean freedom and democracy

mofo keep on