No Agenda Episode 1092 “Pros From Dover”

my mind is exploding right now Adam
this is no agenda

curry from northern Silicon Valley where
the local Whole Foods as the sale on

pepperoncini I’m Justin bour I don’t see
how you can frequent that establishment
anymore knowing how evil Amazon is

that’s convenient that our sprouts yes
yes well there was a lot of news and no
news that was very interesting there was

no news because it was all about George
Herbert Walker Bush blight disagree I
think there’s a lot of news and not all
of it was about George HW whatever

although most of it was you’re right and
I’ll say this kind of the same thing I
said about John McCain cuz it may look
very odd to a lot of people certainly
don’t live in in the United States of

Gitmo nation it’s like well this guy was
did a lot of bad stuff responsible for a
lot of dead people and a lot of horrific
events and yeah that’s what we do we we
recognize that and we still say hey

ma’am thanks thanks for being part of
the American experience good work we
really appreciate it
well if you want to go down that road I
have the right clips okay because I I

feel that deep in our hearts we’re like
we know it like yeah you know that’s who
we are it’s not like anyone talked about
the real legacy of George Herbert Walker
Bush well the only man who could not

remember where he was the day Kennedy
was assassinated so let’s start with I
have a series of clips where they’re
quite interesting because of all the all

the news outlets everybody’s falling all
over themselves and I was a great guy
and great father and and we got to see
George W kind of when I heard I didn’t
see him with his his eulogy but I heard

it and it it sounded like laughter for a
moment and of course when you see it you
realize it isn’t but it was no jarring
glows so let’s start with and I’ve got
these aptly named baby killers in Kuwait

one one intro yes we look back now at a
largely forgotten aspect of Bush’s war
in Iraq those domestic propaganda

campaign that occurred in the United
States before the invasion began the
story centers on
young Kuwaiti woman named nyira on
October 10th 1990 the fifteen-year-old

girl gave riveting testimony before
Congress about the horrors inside Kuwait
after Iraq invaded women this this was
on Judy show not a Judas is democracy

democracy no so she actually went back
to that during this time of great
everybody fell all over themselves

except the socialist democracy now they
decided why why what differs is why
should we be doing that so then they
gate did a very nice four-part piece

called us so even though it it was
completely unamerican what they’re doing
it’s highly appreciated good jobs mr.
chairman and members of the committee my

name is Nita and I just came out of
Kuwait with my five day old nephew
traveled across the desert to save
safety there is no milk available for
the baby weight he barely escaped when

their car was stuck in the desert desert
sand and help came from Saudi Arabia
behind wanted to do something for my
country I volunteer volunteered at the
Aladeen hospital with 12 other women who

wanted to help as well I was the
youngest volunteer the other women were
from 20 to 30 years old while I was
there I saw the Iraqi soldiers coming to

the hospital now you’re his testimony
was rebroadcast across the country and

marked a turning point in public opinion
on going to war President George HW Bush
repeatedly cited her claims they had
kids and incubators and they were thrown

out of the incubators so the Kuwait
could be systematically
Mandell three months after nyira
testified President George HW Bush
launched the invasion of Iraq but it

turned out in a yearís claims weren’t
true no human rights before news outlet
could confirm what she said it also
turned out in the era was not just any

Kuwaiti teenager she was the daughter of
the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United
States Saud nasir al Sabbagh she had
been coached by the public relations

firm Hill & Knowlton which was working
for the Kuwaiti government my mind is
exploding right now when we talked about
this at the time of it happening was
that we never talked know that the time

was happening I’m sorry not the tie was
having we talked about it I mean 10
years ago 11 years ago we’ve talked
about it a couple of times and people
would say you’re crazy conspiracy
theorist and now it’s on democracy now

this is fantastic and they’re doing it
the day when everybody’s eulogizing him
holy smokes good stuff yes fantastic
onward is that the end of clip one yeah

that is okay let’s go well let’s go
right to clip 2 then this is disgusting
to proper again they brought in this guy
Rick John MacArthur and he he has a book
out on this whole thing though he has it

all documented it’s very interesting
book but let’s do clip 2 we’re joined
now by the journalists who first
revealed my IRA’s identity Rick
MacArthur the president and publisher of

Harper’s Magazine the author of the book
second front censorship and propaganda
in the 1991 Gulf War I mean so you know
as we said this is as a turning point
you have this teenager this girl saying

she witnessed this that Iraqi soldiers
came into Kuwait and ripped babies out
of Kuwaiti incubators but she was only
referred to as nyira at the time of the

testimony it wasn’t New Year Al Sabah so
you would know that she’s the daughter
of the quaity ambassador who also
testified in that hearing correct
that’s all part of the propaganda the

plan is to maintain our anonymity to
protect her and her family against
reprisals in Kuwait that that was the
cover story but of course nobody

bothered to try to find out who she
really was they just bought the story
hook line and sinker even though at the
time there were a couple of human rights
investigators I got onto the trail after

the war unfortunately and was able to
run down what really had happened which
was that Hill Knowlton selected her as a
persuasive witness to this atrocity and

it was all part of a campaign to turn
Saddam Hussein at least in the public
consciousness into a Dolf Hitler man now

I have two clips left in this series I
got one clip after that but it’s I’m I’m
gonna reverse the two of them because I

think clip three is probably a little
better as a finale for this guy okay so
let’s jump to baby killers in Kuwait for
I don’t think I have four oh I see it I

see it now yeah and it’s clear that does
I mean numerous representatives and
senators cited the baby incubator

atrocity which was false it never
happened as a reason for voting for the
Gulf War resolution in other words these
are people who said well look we could
figure out other ways to get Saddam

Hussein out of Kuwait economic sanctions
negotiations there was a feeling that
this was about oil
it wasn’t about principle even though

Bush opposed it as a matter of
international law but these people said
finally look if he’s really Hitler if
he’s really capable of having an army

that slaughters and it can’t it got to
hundreds of babies by the time Amnesty
International gave its official seal of
approval to the to the story it wasn’t
just now year it wasn’t just Nyiro Human

Rights Watch fell for it they were
neutral officially but Amnesty
International actually put the number
over three hundred babies there weren’t
that many incubators in Kuwait City

hospitals now if you want to go back
over the record you’ll see how badly the
the media how badly the press failed in
all this – paper the New York Daily News
had a front page they they kill the

babies and so the media uncritically
accepted this story without any kind of
a check
wow he’s talking about himself in the
third person they don’t see the irony in

their own coverage of global warming or
Trump thank you yes okay but even even
his own newspaper my own newspaper had

this bullcrap story on the front page
boy they’re stupid dude you were you
were at the newspaper
I don’t believe ya then I don’t think he
is anymore he’s I think at the post or
someplace else anyway so let’s listen to

the final which is I’ve got down his
clip three and it has
it makes some conclusions that I think
are worth noting on this laboratory week
and the the feeling was that they

couldn’t sell the golf war without this
in other words they had to cheat to win
and that’s what interests me about the
eulogy is for George Bush he’s being
presented now as this paragon of kind of

wasp respectability and integrity old
school when in fact he was a had a
violent side to him a very angry and

violent and ruthless I do them and when
you see him doing the propaganda using
the hill and Knowlton
disinformation you see a side a side of
a politician that’s kind of ugly that’s

very interesting that the New York Times
wrote a piece exactly with that of that
conceit about you know the bush is the
last of the wasps to go and you know how

we adore the and I mean I don’t know if
everyone understands I don’t even if I
can complete under explain what what
other than the acronym white anglo-saxon
Protestant what exactly is that

Connecticut guy who talks like this
that’s the was doing when you say
conversation you’re constantly
conversation now I want to add to this
this this kind of roundup of this sort

of thing is pathetic had a eulogy on his
site about Bush naming all kinds of his
buddies including Don Gregg and but and
it wasn’t that good because he was just

kind of talking mostly about himself and
pichan ik didn’t make this little
comment here which I think just adds on
to what we just heard from from
MacArthur and the democracy not people
but I think it was inadvertent but I’d

like to play it because they protect
money in context that’s interesting and
at that time President Ford appointed a
George Bush as director the CIA for the

most part most people thought that was
an approval and that was a
a sign that he was really quite
confident in fact the reality was Bush

did not like Cheney he did not like
Rumsfeld and what was happening was a
power play in there and the Republican
administration with a ray of Cheney and

Rumsfeld wanted to get rid of Bush and
the best way to do that was to become
director of the CIA because normally
when you become director you really
become president then I had an encounter

with general Antonio Noriega when Bush
was vice president – Reagan Noriega said
to me something interesting he said that
Bush had been involved in the

iran-contra deal and had been far more
resilient and tough than anybody had
thought subsequent to that I had a
meeting with Pat Robertson the head of
the evangelical Christian Union Union

and he was talking to me and said
something very interesting here Noriega
talks about Bush is a very tough
resilient individual and then I asked
Pat why did you ask me down there and he

had told me that he was interested he
Pat Robertson was interested in running
for president of the United States and I
said why he said because he found that
Bush Senior was very weak I paused and I

looked up at him and I said Reverend the
real issue here is that you do not
understand Bush Bush is not weak he may
be quiet he may be elegant he may be a

white anglo-saxon Protestant but trust
me he is not weak and he is quite
like ruthless yeah we’re also now with
that background of you know the guy

being a ruthless gay character yes we
have these eulogies and and I would say
that on Democracy Now they had some of
the worst including marine doubt for

some reason they brought her on and
she’s got that whining voice like that
that ex editor that we like to play
clips from and the one that you mean
Jill Abramson yeah Jill Abramson George

Walker buzz she talks like him and so
I’m gonna play I want to play these two
clips these are both minutes long this
is eulogizing and this was this is what

the the mainstream media was doing what
she’s talking about what a great guy who
was it was in ruthless he was a nice guy
by the way the last of the nice guys
and when you band and he was so much
nicer than Trump so much nicer than

eulogizing GW Bush PBS one so we see
qualities in George Bush that were not
appreciated at the time the modesty the
ability to reach out to the other side

to try to include everyone you know
every generation as I say it looks for
different things from a president here
we are in the age of Donald Trump a very
confrontational politics and the

politics of George Bush seems like
something that was light years ago but
perhaps may one day come back Maureen
Dowd Michael reminds us what a painful
loss that was for him in the 92 election

when he lost to Bill Clinton you were
you wrote this week about your wonderful
correspondence with hims being in touch
with him over the years how did he work
his way through that oh I think that was

you know that was very hard for him to
take because he was at ninety percent
after you know the Persian Gulf War and
then one day in the press office he sort

of admitted that he had no interest in
domestic policy he really just loved
being in that you know Global Club
mostly men’s club and he really didn’t

want to deal with the domestic side and
I think he kind of missed the moment
where Americans were getting angry
about you know the economy and other
things and he just really glory Dan the

funfairs part of it yeah let us all
remember that George Bush publicly used
the New World Order moniker yeah so yeah
he is he is the ultimate globalist yeah

which is that booted out too you know
and my uncle Don loved him and worked
for him and didn’t cover his ass
properly with iran-contra that’s why

uncle Don that’s my interpretation of it
of course that’s why he became
ambassador to South Korea for a while
um and when when Obama was president
lifelong Republican Don became a

Democrat and you know but that’s because
Obama was run by the CIA so it was just
a company man company switch and men
they hate Trump so much I haven’t heard
from him for him from for over a year

won’t even talk to me make some spitting
majus to think about him that really
does it’s kind of sad so let’s go to
those part two or we get to listen to a
marine just go off on Trump it’s not

about Trump we’re talking about this
must be our boys no no no let’s go off
against Trump but but then on then as we
were saying I mean he lost but he

managed to live a full life after that
and and you again and that piece you
wrote this week you captured a lot of
that I mean the humor came back the zest
for life came back well I think Michaels

right you know when we look at it
through the prism of Donald Trump you
know one way to look at it is Bush
senior would drop the first person

pronoun pronoun personal pronoun because
this mother always told him not to use
the big guy not to gloat so he would
start sentences like the Dana Carvey

imitation imitation you know you know
can I just have to be me now we’re
living in this world that’s all about

the eye with Donald Trump you know the
the whole world is having to pivot to
Trump’s narcissistic I you know what’s
also happening here I feel is that the

m5m hate Donald Trump so much that this
is kind of like a passive-aggressive
move to be so hazy ography like a

I don’t the word is geographic haze your
graphic thank you to be so hagiographic
about Bush I think some of that is in

there I mean I think there’s some of
that in there but I think they also have
forgotten well how could you forget the
clip read my lips no new taxes come on I
mean that’s it that’s in every library

and nobody brought that up on anything
including democracy now they just went
after the dead babies yeah now I have
two short clips just on top of this just
to show you what you were mentioning

about the media being so preoccupied
with Trump I want to play these two
clips this is eulogy with Brian Mulroney
that one of the Canadian honchos for
some time guy eulogizing Trump as his

buddy and I want to play the first clip
which is one with Judy jumping in and
then I’m gonna ask you a question now I

want to play to George put down his pen
walked over to me and said Brian I’ve
just learned the fundamental principle
of international affairs I said what’s
that George he said the smaller the

country the longer the speech
Mulrooney has special praise for the
late president’s dealings with Canada
including the trade deal ultimately

signed by President Clinton and more
recently rejected by President Trump
okay okay what did she say she said it
was signed by you know his back in the

day Mulrooney I guess began it yeah so
her Bush I think no Bush started we’re
starting clean one by the way when Bush
started it and then Clinton signed it
Clinton got it going because Clinton was

a smooth talker and he could convince
but I remember that hear it’s like no
one wanted this deal because we didn’t
because Ross Perot was running against
oh yes yes the giant sucking sound
you’re right of the jobs going to Mexico

and so nobody was in a and they
threatened his family and told him to
shut up and he did that was the CIA we
did that no force no although we don’t
know now so Bush got nothing done he

didn’t get that done because he didn’t
like they said he didn’t care about
domestic policies and just thought this
is a good idea but was kind of a
globalist idea somehow Clinton got it

through and then according to Judy Trump
rejected it
well no Trump threw in some steel and
renamed it well here’s the point she put
in cheap just right there you heard I

heard if she said he rejected the
negative spin of course
now listen to it but listen she put a
negative spin she knows what the clip is
she’s put this has done it this was a
package uh-huh she knows what the clip

is so she put a negative spin on the
next thing you’re going to hear and you
tell me if that’s not biased President
Bush was also responsible for the North
American Free Trade Agreement

recently modernized and improved by new
administration’s which created the
largest and richest free trade area in
the history of the world she did a

reverse whipsaw modernize improved is
what he said geez and she says you know
just putting everything in a negative

I mean it’s shameful yeah well that’s my
little thing on you’re going to give you
a clip of the day for the whole package

John thank you
I’m so happy that Democracy Now paid off
in spades that you know you just want to
like not another Democracy Now clip it’s

like wow conspiracy now you know we’ve
always forget about the babies and the
incubators as another kind of a modern
false flag to get people to go to war
what a fall I think off of Tompkins was

the bigger one before that there’s been
other ones yeah and the public at large
is how you guys because that’s
conspiracy yeah it’s a proven even
faster the conspiracy I recall us
talking about Hill and Knowlton a lot

and the jobs they did and how they did
it and we should revisit those topics I
actually have one I have one Bush clip
one and I was very happy that I could
contribute to this otherwise fantastic
compendium and I hereby issue a the u P

4141 was dedicated the President Bush it

was unveiled in 2005 at a special
transportation exhibit at his library
and he was there to see the unveiling
and he was thrilled with it and we’ve

been running it around our system ever
since this
this locomotive will carry the casket
for President Bush from Houston to
College Station for a final interment

people are not as accustomed to travel
by passenger rail on train we mainly
haul Freight but President Bush as a
veteran of World War two he went to war
on the train he came home for more on

this race and I think that emotional
connection to the railroad really stuck
with him so when he was planning his
funeral and talking to his staff about
how he wanted to be remembered he wanted

to have his final trip to College
Station to be on the railroad so as we
go from Houston up to College Station we
will pass through several small towns
we’ll go through old town spring and

we’ll go through Magnolia and Navasota
and we anticipate that thousands of
people will be lining the route at each
of those locations to pay their final
respects to President Bush it’s a great

opportunity for all the people in this
part of Texas to really participate in a
very historic occasion
i I was just tearing up hearing the news
of the Train the Bush 40 want the 4141

train ladies and gentlemen he’s got his
own locomotive I saw it it’s beautiful
gosh there it is whoa sexy
it had that blue and white markings just

like Air Force One personally I think
they blew an opportunity here especially
AM truck I think they could have put an
Amtrak thing on there and it could have

been trailin 20 cars people could have
gone on the tour they could have gone on
a tour and I think it could have been
nationwide they could have tried driven
this thing all over the country with
bush still in the in the Catskill in

there in a refrigerated car was on the
train with it with with the corpse of
George HW Bush and it was fantastic and

they can get top dollar they can they
could run it all over the country
get nothing but good publicity and make
some money on the side Oh

let me grab the let me grab this with
the wheel for a second something we’ve
been talking about I think it’s been
much more your topic for a decade

probably maybe just about a decade it
finally happened so heretofore tumblr
had allowed adult content so naturally
communities sort of built up around that
this was the place you could feature

adult content originally people had
migrated from LiveJournal when they
started banning adult content to tumblr
so this became a place where people
thought that you could put it and now
that’s no longer the case and what’s

behind that decision a few things tumblr
was purchased by Verizon last year that
might have something to do with it that
might have something to do with it I can

you imagine the Verizon executives in
the board meaning some saying you guys
know what’s on this thing that this
Marissa thought oh my god
what was it 2 billion what did she pay

for it it was a lot I don’t know what
she paid for but it was the most idiotic
I mean unless you really Inlet I have to
assume she just likes she likes porn
that’s the only conclusion tumblr was

purchased by Verizon last year that
might have something to do with it and
then after this child porn incident on
Apple this is what really went down as
Apple removed their app from the App

Store for some child pornography and
this is all part of the big purge this
is the tech giants of the world who are

going to I really started to focus on
this and Tim Cook actually really
brought it into view for me it goes
beyond some kind of liberalism that you

know we we understand what’s better for
everybody and that’s why we’re throwing
people off shadow banning D platforming
you know D monetizing and what all the
adjectives we have for it is a lot but

there’s there’s an actual belief yet
they are what it was D agitating or
whatever that word was D monetizing

I’m demonetised bro sucks that’s what
that one lady went and shot up Twitter
for because they D monitor our YouTube
they demonetised her remember yeah
California so but what I’ve come to the

conclusion I have three clips from Tim
Cook and you may have seen a very short
bit and this is really the work that
I’ve been focusing on more often now is
whenever there’s some meme that goes

around which everyone’s like hahaha look
at this Oh crazy outrage yeah you gotta
go look at the full thing because not
only is it often out of context and
therefore void sometimes the real meet
is elsewhere in the story and its really

being obfuscated by a little a little
clip but I think the elites in Silicon
Valley and Tim Cook is gonna be at the
top of this pyramid truly believe they
have the power to make the world a

better place but in into its religious
at this point so he was given an award
by the ADL the anti-defamation league
it’s the courage against hate award the

first one which is always now you gotta
wonder about these things I remember we
needed Michael Jackson to to perform on
the Video Music Awards at MTV and yeah

so then the dealing start yeah yeah you
got a well then you have to do this you
have to you got to play this video and
then we also said well we’ll give you an
award it’ll be the Michael Jackson video

Vanguard Award of the year named after
him and I think JLo just received it and
it is presented as the Michael Jackson
video Vanguard Award of the year we also
by the way promised that we would always

say Michael Jackson followed by the King
of Pop and we did in fact when once had
to record a whole weekend all over again
because we hadn’t been told we had to do
it anyway I digress

so Tim Cook no I don’t think that’s a
digression that idea that you have to
say the King of Pop was ridiculous that
we had to go back and rerecord
everything because we didn’t say it that

was ridiculous that was off the hook
that was two days of work
so cook receives this award and so he’s
clearly there to present a message and
in in these three clips it kind I’d put

these into three categories the first
one is we are holy we’re technology were
holy and we’re goodness the second clip

weights the second clip includes the
little bit that you may have seen online
and it’s about the values and what our
values are as our holiness and the third

clip is really what blew me away by
itself it doesn’t work you have to kind
of hear them in sequence where I believe
he is of thinking that he is God not him
but Apple and maybe just technology so

let’s start with with his opening intro
here as he explains how holy they are
this may sound simple but it’s not said
often enough Apple is a technology

company but we never forget that the
devices we make are imagined by human
minds built by human hands and are meant

to improve human lives I sometimes say
that I worry less about computers that
think like people and more about people

that think like computers
applause without values or compassion
without concern for consequences and so

we try to stay rooted and to keep our
devices connected to the humanity that
makes us us so you are right this holy

stuff yeah he’s full of himself and I
have I must say as an editorial decision
each of these clips has about 30 edits

because Tim Cook talks like this
and makes a point
sometimes with a lot of space well I’ll
tell you the deadest are fine because it

still got the right rhythm it sounds
like he’s actually talking okay good
work thank you all right this is the
longest of the three but this is this is
we get down into the meat of the values
what Apple will and will not stand for

and please keep in the backdrop that all
technology all technology can be used
for good or bad you know our cars great
technology are they technology of course

they’re technology you can use them for
transportation but you can also mow
people down on the street with it all
taste ball bag baseball bat yes fire is
technology and everything can be used

for good or for bad but not with Apple
because while they’re holy this mandate
moves us to speak up for immigrants and
for those who seek opportunity in the

United States we do it not only because
their individual dignity creativity and
ingenuity have the power to make this
country in even better place but because

our own humanity commands us to welcome
those who need welcome it moves us to
speak up for the LGBTQ community for
those whose differences can make them a

target for violence and scorn we do so
not only because these unique and
uncommon perspectives can open our eyes
to new ways of thinking but because our
own dignity moves us to see the dignity

and others did you get the feeling how
noble and dignified these Apple people
are noble he feels when he pushes for
immigration so he can get more h-1b

workers to work cheaper then maybe
somebody over 40 who he could have hired
to do the same job but he’s had to pay
more money
blasphemy Dvorak blasphemy perhaps most
importantly it drives us not to be

bystanders bystanders as hate tries to
make its headquarters in the digital
world at Apple we believe that
technology needs to have a clear point

of view on this challenge
so now technology as a point of view
this is very this is fascinating this
guy fasten and I think he’s probably a
really nice guy but he is his mill yo is

just I’ll bet you that he said was a
nice guy that if you actually was set
he’d be one of those guys who never
connects with you when you chat with him
you know what I mean is like he’s out

there he’s like yeah how could you but
he’s talking to some you know something
he sees and you know that you’re right
because even this rhythm that he has
that I screwed up a little bit by the
editing it’s it’s the same as it’s

exactly the same as a keynote you know
he’s not really connecting with the
audience he’s he’s delivering his prose
you know the audience she’s like and
this is the same kind of audience uh

Apple we believe that technology needs
to have a clear point of view on this
challenge there is no time to get tied
up in knots that’s why we only have one
message for those who seek to push hate

division and violence you have no place
on our platforms

you had no home here from the earliest
days of iTunes to Apple music today we

have always prohibited music with a
message of white supremacy you know just
as just a real simple one
I just went to iTunes when I heard this

said let me see you fuck the police are
still up there of course it is even the
karaoke version why because it’s the
right thing to do

and as we show this year we won’t give a
platform to violent conspiracy theorists
on the App Store okay
violent conspiracy theorists
I mean it’s one thing to say white he

said white supremacist he said hate but
now he escalated to violent conspiracy
theorists he’s talking about Alex Jones
is he violent not that I know of that
conspirator okay so a conspiracy stares

is okay but if I if I punch an old lady
then I get deep platformed
I just totally means by violent

well he’s equating words to physical
harm I guess that could be to do and as
we showed this year we won’t give a
platform to violent conspiracy theorists

on the app store because it’s the right
thing to do my friends if we can’t be

clear on moral questions like these then
we’ve got big problems it Apple we are
not afraid to say that our values drive
our curation decision curation and why

should we be raishin what’s right that’s
pretty that’s pretty interesting to say
curation because you know well I guess
they don’t really fall under Section 230
I don’t know if they claim they do but

they answer yeah your curating so do you
have every right to throw off what you
want that’s fine but well we’ll talk
about what that could mean in a minute

use drive our curation decisions and why
should we be doing what’s right
creating experiences free from violence
and hate experiences that empower

creativity and new ideas it’s what our
customers want us to do technology
should be about human potential it
should be about optimism if we believe

the future should belong to those who
use technology to build a better more
inclusive and more hopeful world

like to teach the world to sing after
all history is full of examples of what
can happen when those with power and

those who ought to have good judgment
instead look the other way
now what what he’s saying at the very
end there is there’s examples in history
where those with power really messed

things up by looking the other way
and in this case he’s not referring to
Trump he’s referring to Apple he’s
referring to us is us themselves they
have the power and they are taking a

stand and I don’t know I guess fuck the
police is not violence in their minds
that’s okay that’s completely up to them
I’m sure you can find plenty of other
examples and maybe some Laura sure
producers can find it all there’s tons

of them but it’s you know it’s whatever
apples apples values are very important
that’s how Hillary Clinton lost the
election is how Apple is going to lose
their ass now the last bit here he

brings up the the Greek
du-uh s machina god in the machine and I
left his explanation of whether I cut it

up a little bit but I left his
explanation of what that is where it
comes from in there only just you can
hear the bad joke that he makes
but then listen to it his explanation of
what that means God in the machine and

to me is clear belief that they at Apple
are the God in the machine you might
know the phrase deus ex machina God from
the machine for those who don’t it’s an

idea that started as a bit of an inside
joke among the ancient Greek playwrights
basically it’s a critique of the bad
these playwrights like to get their
characters into impossibly perilous

situations and then rescue them at the
last minute by some miraculous twist in
the story often the actors were even
physically hoisted out of danger by a
crane or some other elaborate machine in

other words deus ex machina is how the
first movie critic accused the first
directors abusing special effects to
cover up this lazy screenwriter bomb but

this idea of God from the machine has
stayed with us through the ages because
it’s so comforting just when the world

seems to be getting more dangerous just
when it seems like the challenges may be
greater than our ability to solve them
it’s reassuring to think that some
technological marvel some creation of

our own hands will solve the problem for
us but what I admire so much about the
ADL is that your entire history provides
a lesson here if the machines we build

are going to help us solve the world’s
problems then the god part that decency
mercy and humanity is going to have to
come from all of us

after all we only have one life so why
not use it to make the world a better

there you go and you know when Apple

deep deep platformed Alex Jones everyone
else followed and so this is a follow me
moment in Silicon Valley and I think

that he does speak for most executives
and most executives do not want their
app pulled from the App Store so they’re
all going to follow now in Apple’s
footsteps and you can you can hear what

it means and that’s just tim collins
cook’s tom things that’s his own
personal belief system but i think it’s
going to hurt the company severely
I’m not gonna argue with you on this

it’s a very it’s a lot of hubris it
takes a lot of nerves patronizing it
makes all kinds of assumptions that none

of them are good it’s like you fool
yourself I mean you make the phones you
make iPhones and you make computers and
you make a few other doodads that are

inconsequential in the history of
mankind and because you have a closed
platform there you go with the
outrageously closed platform for

everything you have to buy for any of
the equipment if you can even open them
because it’s not allowed not allowed to
repair open an iPhone to fix the screen
on your own or something like that or
somebody else does it it voids the

warranty this is not good he’s full of
crap is an evil company yes yeah without
knowing it and you know he has an
example to look to because things are
gonna go wrong and you’ll need a couple

of mistakes and the Internet is the
information still wants to go where
wants to go this you see all this stuff
leaking out everywhere you recall that
Mark Zuckerberg refused to go and answer
questions in UK Parliament boy they sure

got back at him they but slammed the kid
Facebook under public scrutiny again
after new internal documents that were
made public Wednesday showed the social

media giant giving special access to
user data to other companies like Airbnb
lyft and Netflix the documents had been
under sealed but a British parliamentary
committee investigating Facebook

released them revealing the inner
workings of Facebook from about 2012 to
2015 the committee says the documents
show Facebook turned over data to select
companies while restricting access for

others Reuters tech correspondent /
Esteve these documents could add to the
ongoing scrutiny on Facebook especially
about its potentially anti-competitive
behavior its privacy practices its

growth hacking tactics and business
model Facebook has faced scrutiny around
the world from lawmakers regulators and

other government bodies these documents
could serve has new evidence for those
and these 250 pages that were released
are fantastic I mean what’s not in this

report is proof we heard about it it was
dismissed but proof that on Android they
changed their app so that users phone
logs SMS texts were logged in their app

and that they on the update did not
receive a change in permissions they
hack their way around it and they
explained how they did it on email this

it’s a it’s fantastic it’s a you have to
download this and just read through it
it’s it’s emails back and forth and just
how they talk to each other it makes you
want to puke it and you know it’s this

is they’ve got real problems I think
just the opposite just the opposite my
dear friend well I think what this shows

that these guys are the kick-ass kind of
like do anything to get ahead company
that is the kind of thing you want to
invest in well you may want to see if
the bottom has reached yet before you

stick hit the buy we have this game on
DHN plug tonight I already think we hit
the bottom what at the bottom is about
130 yeah
no I think it’s nice more I hear the

better it sounds I mean maybe I’m just
the opposite of Tim Cook who would be a
gasps oh oh I’m going to swoon I can’t
believe this is going on gambling going

on here in the bar no I think this is I
find it’s just yeah I mean I think it’s
funny that these I know they’re
scrambling over there the offices like
because they’re getting busted left and

right for being the dicks that they are
and apparently they are dicks and it
shows so memos and even when Zuckerberg
goes up to he doesn’t do a very good job
he’s not a personable person he’s just

kind of a you know robotic like guy but
he knows what he’s doing and Sandberg is
just obviously a very cunning runt Wow
cunning runs nice in Australia they know

exactly what that means well the point
is is that she is ruthless and I think
maybe the spirit of George Bush went
right into her but as far as I can I

mean and so far as an investment is
concerned I’m liking Facebook more and
more Wow okay I’ll take your 130 and
I’ll say one I’ll say eighty-seven

dollars is where there may be a bottle I
think down like that any 87 would be
great I think that’s where it’s headed
people are abandoning this platform not
all their platforms but this one they

are abandoning and you know this what
happens is these government’s they start
to figure out how it works and there’s
also some massive media tomahawks out
there and in after the break all by the

way this is the where I see the weakness
the media tomahawks the media and I have
one clip about this but the media is
finally gotten a clue instead of like us

on Facebook it’s like let us get
Facebook because they are if if the
media doesn’t stop them they’re gonna be
the media is gonna be even in worship
than they are already

ever since news first broke that a
political consulting firm Cambridge
analytic I was able to get data from 87
million Facebook users there have been
more questions

about whether Facebook sold or shared
more data with other companies then it’s
led on publicly that investigation has
been continuing in Europe today as Nick
Schifrin tells us there are new

documents that show the social media
giant gave other companies select access
to users data Judy the documents were
released by a British Parliament
committee and seemed to show Facebook

using all of our data as a bargaining
chip to increase revenue the committee
accuses Facebook of cutting special
deals with companies like Netflix Airbnb
and lyft to access users data because
those companies were advertising on

Facebook Facebook restricted access to
users data to companies it deemed
competition yeah this is perfect I was
gonna do this after our break but you’ve
led me into it with this so I’m gonna do

these it’s a series of clips the only
other series I have and I can do it
before the break but we have to do it
because it is this frontline PBS
Frontline interviewed Brad parse Cal and

he is the guy who ran the digital I
think we played some clips from in the
past he’s the guy who ran as the digital
media campaign for Trump mainly Facebook
and I think he’s currently the only

person working on Trump’s twenty20
re-election campaign which I’m sure is
online at this point and not only did he
say that he had to have a full recording
of their interview but as a part of

something new the PBS Frontline
transparency project which as
recommended by that spook which one of
the the Woodward or Bernstein whoever at
Bernstein like oh we should chop up the

interviews and then put the whole thing
online so they did they put the whole
interview online it is fantastic to
watch is them in hour and 15 minutes it
the whole point of this interview is to

discredit facebook to show how the Trump
campaign manipulated Facebook’s
algorithms how how it you know how the
internet research agency and the

Russians were able to change votes
they’re come so micro focused and this
guy who’s doing the interview he can’t
he just can’t make it happen it’s so bad
at the end and you know it’s really bad

when your producer starts interrupting
and asking counter questions behind
there’s a female voice who starts
jumping in and you know that it’s things
are not going well with your little
piece here your hit job um so this is

really a face bag hit job gone terribly
wrong and as a as a former marketer and
I think you’ll find it interesting as

well John to listen really how they did
it what the strategy was and the tactics
which were elegantly simple and not so
foreign to us is just nice to hear
because it kind of shows you you know is

everything new or is the old stuff just
faster and so what was the primary in
the primary season what was the strategy
on Facebook and how did it kind of shift
going into 20s and all shock it all how

so what’s that mean
which means does put mr. Trump this
let him speak directly to camera and
give it to as many people as possible I

also say parse cow has the same illness
as Tim Cook there must be tech thing
again there must be 30 edits just taking
out the long pauses for your listening

enjoyment and when you say shock and awe
do you mean that in that you were
bombarding people with kind of boring
him or don’t worry look yeah it’s not
about what we were showing it’s not
shock as in the type of content it’s the

shock of here is a considerable amount
of content to just continue to show them
directly from the President or Donald
Trump and so I take shock a lot more

just the military sense of let’s just go
and flood the zone I mean but in terms
of shock and awe content I mean one of
the things there things go viral right
on Facebook sort of playing to the

outbreak you said this is what I like so
this guy thinks he knows how it works
like well you know things play into the
algorithms right you know this this
never-ending AI belief in machine

learning and it matters yeah shocking
all content I mean one of the things
there things go viral
right on Facebook and they’re sort of

playing to the algorithm and you know of
what’s engaging
hold on a second stop yes
what does any algorithm have to do with

things going viral I think what he’s
trying to say or what he wants to get
out of this guy is when you have
controversial content that gets people
pissed off they click on it and that

goes viral that’s what he wants to hear
he wants to hear that the Trump campaign
the dirty tricks played into all kinds
of nastiness and that crank the algos
and he won the election that’s that’s

the story here
brother sort of playing to the algorithm
and by the way it’s PBS Frontline is it
not some you know shuck and jive outfit

no these are not shuck and drive drivers
at all this is the Hot Shots yeah this
is the top pros from Dover you know of
what’s engaging content and was there

thinking inside of the campaign that
what’s more engaging on Facebook for
instance is more shocking content more
incendiary content no it doesn’t you

consider account at all what I mean is
the Donald Trump speaking to the
American people was a shock to the
system they have for so many years
received a concentrated message that had
been filtered by the media into what

they were being told they needed to be
to do the left wants you to believe that
that is something that was that was
above and beyond no it was just a
message different than theirs and it was
a message about a conservative voice and

he delivered that directly to him in in
large volume and we did we did have to
make anything we just had to let mr.
Trump talk directly the camera and they
listened I know but are you telling me
that inside of the campaign there wasn’t
thinking about what actually triggers

the algorithm what actually makes things
go viral that more know that that nope
that wasn’t thinking inside of the
campaign at that point nope so it was a

cell Donald Trump’s message he has never
changed his message to equal an
algorithm right but does it work in the
advantage I mean I’m just wondering

because you know how social media works
you know social media works so do you
don’t you bro nice guy is just on a job
this guy should be fired from frontline
he might be I mean I I didn’t I have too

much content to have done clips of his
producer jumping all over him but that
when that happens you know you know you
should start getting a cardboard box and
see what this guy’s to say instead of

trying to make him say stuff exactly
does it work in the advantage I mean I’m
just wondering because you know how
social media works right you know what
the algorithm favors content that’s
engaging diverse content that that is

emotional to some degree so you’re
saying that the messaging of the
campaign did not play on that in any way
because American people the reason why
it went viral is news people were

seeking that message and was it in any
way seen as an opportunity to or the
chance to experiment in that with
different messaging for instance that
there wouldn’t be I mean granted people

could share right and just again right
but there the rules are very different
and the game is very different than on
TV a lot more people see it it’s

exposing so much it’s actually less if I
run an ad and only Eastern Washington on
a local DMA who else sees it just so you
understand diem he’s talking about a
demographic area in a television local

television media by this is a little
technical but it’s interesting because
he’s basically dispelling everything
that they’ve thought about this campaign
in facebook it’s actually less if I run

an ad and only Eastern Washington on a
local DMA who all sees it only people in
the eastern DMA Washington right right
so if I run it Facebook ad and that same
DMA and they share it with people in LA

who just saw more there is I could give
you all that mail the same way less
shared the difference is that when the
left saw that we use it so well they
they panicked and thought that that

somehow we twisted people’s minds what
which didn’t happen is because they
couldn’t explain it because they once
lost control that’s the beauty of the
internet because the airs
the ads could be shared because it was

so open it allowed it to expand and to
become a movement is the actual opposite
of what they want to believe so he
basically had a hundred million dollars
and just bought the right brought ads

for the right people and just focused on
the right areas the rest of my clips are
not as long but I think it’s really
important to hear some of this cuz it’s
debunking a lot of the theories that
we’ve been blanketed with now this guy

may be full of crap I don’t know but it
sounds think so I think he’s right on
the money this other guy the one is full
well that’s what makes it entertaining
to listen
so now the another tact well hold on a
second you know it’s misleading you

don’t know if it’s an ad it could be
just you know it shows up as content you
know people don’t know it’s advertising
it’s you know this is the trying to say
this never happens in the New York Times

with their native ad probe oh well I he
didn’t quite answer it that way but he
came close do you think it was clear in
2016 that there was a substantive
difference in a Facebook feed between
pads and contents does Adelman and

sponsored content is sponsored and you
think that an American voter is actually
is going to know the difference between
that yeah I mean I will tell you much
worse is you open up the Wall Street

Journal or you’ll actually moreover the
New York Times you know the difference
between an opinion piece in a news piece
yeah you do really sure there’s one word
one word underneath your title it says

opinion what’s the difference being the
one where this is sponsored I love how
the interviewer you know thinks the
American public is stupid and they’re
stupid but when it’s the New York Times
of course the people who read the New

York Times they see the word opinion
obviously although the New York Times
readers are so much I think that people
know that when they first of all it’s
not man if you look back how things were

done in 26 60 percent of the content now
in major newspapers and on major outlets
now or opinion pieces thirty years ago
it was less than like 10% we have turned
into an entire media company that in a

media outlet system there’s mainly a bit
more on opinion and commentary instead
of news so you you turn on any new major
news media tonight and you watch it and
you consume how much was commentary and

how much of US news that has flipped I
think that what has happened well the
youth the new this industry would say in
response to that that it’s what makes
some money well it’s the only way to get
engagement on the face to make money

what the guy the guy the interviewee the
Trump guy is right of course online does
not pay the way print does and so you

have to start pulling these stunts to
get attention opinion does a much better
and then paid content yes so you just
buy these stories and put them in there
and that’s what these guys have to do to

survive you cannot run an online
publication and make money using the old
models you can’t even come close that
doesn’t fit in this interviewers brain
because he’s pure he’s he’s pure of
journalistic thought what engages people

when Facebook is your news source is
opinion and is polarizing I would say
what the Trump campaign put up online
was a hundred times more real than all

the news articles that were put up are
you serious because I would read the
articles and they were false one after
another after another because I actually
was in the room I was with him I

listened to him I was in all the
meetings and piece after piece after
piece was full of anonymous sources
single source content fake stories over
and over again every day every day it’s

why I record this conversation that’s
why everything I do now I have to think
that everyone’s gonna do something fake
against me so then the you know of
course there’s Facebook is doing things

like oh we’re going to publish all the
ads and show that their political ads
everyone can see the ads and we all know
it’s good transparency and what it mean
what do you make of the fact that you
know how does it change your strategy

going into 2020 the fact that Facebook’s
changed some of its policies about for
instance they’re gonna know all the ends
yeah sure what he has will just save me
a bunch of money because now I get to

see my that’s free so it’s not it
doesn’t hamstring you in any way in
terms of what ads you want to show to
what people hmm just lets other people
see my eyes for free I’m it’s kinda like
a gift the guy’s head is going oh how

can this be
now do you some factual stuff that I
hear before this I had not heard about
Cambridge analytic and analytic I okay I
hope this our producers appreciate some

of these this clip these clips are a
little like I would say dry but
extremely valuable
thank you that’s how I saw it as well
that’s why I spent a lot of time

tightening them up because it’s so long
and yeah it is a little dry this next
piece is really you know is it’s a real
nugget I’m just gonna ask you what is
your impression of the Trump campaigns

involvement with Cambridge analytic and
data what do you know about that just
from what is the accepted truth on
who else nope I really don’t know that
there was a connection between data

between analytic and fate and Facebook
our thinking is what we’re talking about
well be from necessarily the way I
understood the story the way the
narrative plays is Cambridge analytic

Bannen went over there Bannen set it all
up and they had illegally accessed
Facebook data and then that data was
merged with all kinds of stuff for this

massive smart micro-targeting well I
think we’ve already just made the case
that it was never illegal how the show I
think you’ll be surprised when you hear

what his answer is the Trump campaign
paid Cambridge analytic nearly 6 million
bucks where’d you get for that money
well five million dollars that was a TV
buy so you got to wipe off five million
dollars Steve and I made a purchase of

TV advertising that was that round the
East Coast
they have a television division where
they’ve literally just placed television
they’re paid I think approximate on

$800,000 we receive staff the reason I
hired Cambridge analytical was actually
not for Cambridge analytical I didn’t
know about their company had anything
about him they had hired some of the

Scott Walker digital team in 2015 these
were the guys that had really helped
Scott Walker reelect and there was a guy
named maddest kalki when I met Kay image
I thought they were full of crap but I

met Matt as Kelsey and I really liked
him he had experience running a very
well targeted to a little crepe brand
digital campaign I actually wanted to
hire him without Cambridge and he said

I’m under contract so I asked him for an
employment contract and so I hired them
for staff only and each one of the
payments between then and Election Day
with her staff only
and then Matt worked on my team with

with four or five of his people and they
mainly ran pulling visualization and
support staff to all the things we
needed to do to you know get things done
digitally I actually hadn’t hired

Cambridge and looking for any data work
hire them for any other data would you
regret any affiliation with Cambridge
analytical hindsight’s 2020 now I don’t
regret I don’t regret because I’m

sitting here today and Donald Trump’s
president so I’m not gonna regret that
decision you know sad what Cambridge any
analytic executives did but I barely
knew him didn’t even have anything like

contact with him and for the day I hired
him til after the day off the election
I’d actually never talked to any of
those guys so we don’t know how truthful
this is but I’ve never heard this
version of the story I’d never heard
that either but I want to mention

something to some of our sports fans out
there I’m listening to this guy names
this guy sounds like somebody and if
anybody I know she gotta be ten guys are
gonna get this joke he sounds exactly
like clay Thompson of the of the Golden

Gate Warriors that’s I’m done okay claps
I was just stepping back for the
laughter Ivan yeah I’m sure you’re right
all right to part of this then we’re

done and this comes down to our
questioning of the effectiveness of the
ad buy that the internet research agency
did and how they were able to change the

minds of millions of Americans to vote
for Donald Trump as well as for $100,000
yeah well a hundred thousand dollars

turns out that wasn’t really the budget
and you know what yeah yeah and and you
know we also have we’ve had all kinds of
questions about the effectiveness of the

platform I think if you know if you can
span less the story is a hundred
thousand dollars and you can make
someone president which is what the the
accusation is and we have what twelve
indictments of Internet research agency

dudes based upon this $100,000 collusion
campaign or the influencer campaign yeah
it was so wide well I think parse call
does a good job of explaining it as far

as I know Facebook has not released all
of the repository of the advertising
that happened on their platform during
2016 whether it was by the Russians or
the Trump campaign or any other actors

who were cool Trump campaigns on an
vanes the official dark money groups or
anyone else there also if if you talk
about super PACs and see fors and all
those things that’s part of the current

political system but the only thing is
it’s been accusatory is what these
actors did from this internet research
company or whatever is the only one I
know about and the only one I’ve read
about and what I’ve read about is during

the last couple months of the campaign
there was only a fraction of money spent
well less than hundred thousand
somewhere down under ten thousand
dollars Rangers been different accounts

of how much that is I’m saying six
thousands I’m saying eight thousand but
the fraction of that probably what was
spent on Facebook was probably close to
500 to 600 million the United States by
legitimate organizations and to try to

say that that 500 or 600 million that
six thousand dollars somehow influence
600 million is the biggest piece of just
malarkey I’ve ever heard even though

Facebook is actually a very effective
targeting tool yeah they can’t say that
though because it would say that’s like
singing a restaurant goes puts five
thousand dollars from some restaurant

and in Wichita Kansas put five thousand
dollars and all over the world make the
next day is gonna know how great that
restaurant is from five thousand dollars
advertising just doesn’t happen it’s not
possible I don’t understand it and if

someone shows me the proof that somehow
it influenced somebody I haven’t seen it
but I think the media wants you to
believe it because they want to believe
that that somehow none of this is legit
that these guys somehow faked all

everybody out for six thousand dollars
and I think it’s a big joke I mean you
can’t even I can barely fly from here to
Hawaii him back for six thousand dollars
I’m not gonna change the entire American

electric fort so apparently the last six
weeks which is really when he spent
ninety million dollars on shock and awe
in in the right places but that was
that’s what he says just it was just a

lot to them to the people we were
interested in and they Reshard it versus
the six thousand so he questions the
validity of that and he has an
explanation as to why facebook won’t
actually set the record straight do you

think that facebook bears any
responsibility for the fact that bad
actors with us are using these powerful
mess with the American electorate could
it maybe question why a Russian company
with Russian IP addresses or buying ads

on a platform sounds kind of you know
suspicious to me also you know maybe it
was just a little amount of money they
spent that it just went under the radar
you know six thousand dollars whatever

is the last six weeks or whatever eight
weeks I mean I was spending that per
half second per millisecond probably so
if you take that over six weeks I mean
they were spinning point zero zero zero

zero one cents per second so I mean I
could get help maybe a fly under the
radar I think they’ll do a better job
now they’ll probably verifying initial
ad vendors and so this problem doesn’t

go away but I would imagine it’s more to
do with the small amount of money they
spent if they woulda came to spend a
hundred million dollars and they said
they were going to or they even started
to spend the kind of money I would
imagine I didn’t want a big Facebook’s

biggest mistakes was is there they they
were they were in a conflict of
marketing versus ethics so actually
explain to everybody that’s six thousand
dollars in agile II wasn’t doing much

also makes you sound like your platforms
not that powerful to do something for
cheap so if you want to get rid of every
small vendors using your platform in
America go on TV and say wow that
actually isn’t very much so Facebook

could have was caught in the gonna catch
22 to say Russia couldn’t do a lot that
little about on money of these actors
were also says that all the small
businesses across America you can’t

actually do something effective for that
little bit of money so they were kind of
caught in a little paradox so what
they’ve almost said is yeah a hundred
thousand hundred million or the same
thing you know well even hundred
thousand six thousand dollars I said

they only spent like less than ten
dollars or so him same period time that
I spend a hundred million retro
there you go I don’t know if that made
it into the final piece because I’ve not
seen the the edited show somehow I would

think they would but maybe they’re too
stupid I doubt it
cuz that’s that’s the money shot I was
doing the interviewing he has to be one
of them and that woman who’s behind him

have to be part of the producing package
and they’re the ones that are gonna make
that put that together with this guy and
they’re gonna they’re gonna clip maybe
five minutes from all that oh if that
yeah if that well no front line does

clip as much as five minutes but they
don’t do it it they don’t play it all at
yeah but the whole the whole piece and
it’s in the show notes and a show notes
com is well worth watching because it
goes there’s a lot of detail about how

they used Facebook if anybody’s an
amateur marketing guy oh we have a
number producers who have to do that
sort of thing sales yep sales and
marketing I’d listen to this this sounds
like a very revealing interview the guy

was very face forward with everything he
wasn’t trying to off obfuscate any
tricks or secrets yeah and it was there
was other interesting stuff which I

didn’t clip but you know the accusation
which came from a Bloomberg report that
they targeted the zip code with African
American Americans with all kinds of
terrifying things about Hillary Clinton

and his comeback is do you think I’m
stupid see no one targets by zip code
anymore we look at a zip code and see
the people there when we have all their

interests we just we don’t see skin
color we don’t give a crap we just we
just go look at that are they likely
Trump voters that’s it
zip codes is like two generations old

versions of Mark exactly nobody does
that anymore yeah but but they were dead
serious about it in the interview is
headshake well if this was done by a

commercial operation like CBS or ABC or
NBC they would have people doing the
interview that look new that were a
little more up-to-date and by up-to-date
I mean 50 years up to date this guy is

thinking that 50 years ago that I used
to do stuff like that what but now what
I realized though is you know the guys
mike is sounds horrible the interviewer
is because he’ll never be on screen

this is the way frontline does it is
they they just hold it horsing yeah
almost everybody does that nowadays yeah
you got the voiceover but if they’re
gonna have to pull any clips from this
you know then you have to do some fancy

footwork on the voiceover to make it fit
any narrative because clearly Facebook
yeah it works like all other media the
more you buy the more you repeat the
more it works

yeah well they do have the targeting
that the other guys don’t have oh yeah
exactly that’s but that’s the thing

they’ve got the tart it’s just it’s
basically faster you can get the same
targeting from four other networks but
you from television from print you can
get some of that some yeah anyway so
there you go

I think now we should take a little
break to show my food by donation to no
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Michigan your shows have been getting
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you guys a much deserved value in return
the work you’ve been doing on EU news
especially France is very refreshing and

and the analysis analysis I can’t get
anywhere else I appreciate that you are
making the Trump analysis more concise I
feel some improvement to the show I know
the topic of Trump coverage now now I

want to stop here this is a very long
note by the way it’s very long note I’m
gonna price skip some of it but I want
to stop here and mention that the
preoccupation with Trump is in the media
but it’s also in our notes with people

bitching about Trump coverage you know
you know I don’t you did anyone find
this ironic yeah very ironic like now we
have to listen to you bitch about us
bitching about yeah well the topic Trump

coverage on the show has been a
sensitive one for you since so before
you read on I want you to know I’m not
trying to be confrontational I just want
to have an open dialogue as it seems
there’s a disconnect between us as

people who listen to the show and I’m
gonna I’m sorry I think I’m channeling
his voice yes it’s this Michigan local
one you know they had a they had a
meet-up which they do very regularly and

I think that the topic of Trump’s
coverage was discussed and I’m really
don’t feel like talking about it but
fine those who managed to perform the
show this was people performing the show

I feel that way after hearing grumbling
about keeping the Trump segment short
there’s no segment there’s no segment
there’s no segment
there’s no Trump segment today we didn’t

even do Trump we just get came up no no
no I did a hole now John this is what it
is is it a whole piece on the trial the
Trump camp which is about Facebook and
the media and the inner workings of

advertising people here Trump and they
hear it’s a Trump segment that I can’t
help that this is very interesting
and Trump’s name is mentioned because

that part of it okay well let me skip
the rest of that complaint Adam puts a
lot of value I’ll read this because this
is a complimentary not real and it puts
a lot of effort into making the audio
quality of the podcast impeccable

I think that’s all I need yeah but read
well they impeccable okay well to end he
wants the listeners to have a high

experience it’s like a waiter in a tux
and white gloves bringing out a silver
platter however when the main dish that
the waiter brings out is the kraft mac
and cheese that represents the historic
Trump news okay I’m not reading anymore

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when people we need to go visit we do we

got to go teach them some manners I
think you should have did we’re taking a
run up to Michigan while you were in
Chicago last time yeah you know I was
there for I don’t know like a memorial

and I wasn’t really in the meetup mode
okay how about a Texas meet above I have
meetup news later but but thank you very
much of course we appreciate your

donation and the feedback it’s a little
redundant you know we we I think if you
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the show is not about Trump I’m pretty
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wife Dame melody mm-hmm
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how that works I agree
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Dame melody for a 15th anniversary
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on her 10th birthday thanks or Dave
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oh no a shout-out shadow ok shadows
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two three four five six and he’s in
Barron Wisconsin d douche me to comment
this is an investment not a donation you

know that you know that’s actually a
very modern way of talking about
donations that’s what that’s what the
PBS operation does oh really is that new
where they’ve always done that no it’s

been going on for a bitch it’s
relatively new but it’s been going on
for at least five years but I see this
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work much appreciated especially the
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concludes our group of executive and

associate executive producers for the
show at ten ninety two I believe I do
have another note I’d like to read in
this in this okay karma request from PW
Smith yeah I was gonna do that in a

second yeah and I want to thank all of
our executive producers and associate
executive producers for not only
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associate and executive producers do but
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is incredibly appreciated
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your and you’re welcome to it if you
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show and we’ll be thanking more people
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segment and of course we have a show
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org our formula is this we go out we hit
people in the mouth

yeah let’s talk Yellowjackets for a

moment well I do have an introductory
clip very good is it called the
Yellowjackets background er where’s that
no I’m just guessing maybe it’s French

gas tax resolution yes French president
Emmanuel macron has scrapped a proposed
fuel tax hike that sparked the most
violent protests in decades

his government initially had said that
it would suspend the tax for six months
tonight macarons prime minister said
that the tax is now a dead letter and he
called for dialogue with the protest

groups are you sure it is it now
completely canceled I thought it was
still suspended
no he superseded that huh yeah it’s done
well what was great to watch is and only

on YouTube and other online video is
ambulance drivers joining in the protest
riot police joining in the protest
firemen joining in the protest something
we can’t account we used to be able to

accomplish stuff like this in the United
States but long gone we can we’ll never
see anything like this the French or the
little is the last country the last one
can still accomplish this and I’m
surprised that they’re in the EU and the

truth of the most scandalous thing of
course with France is that that the EU
has asked France to give up their seat
on the Security Council and give it to
the EU yes as discussed on the last
episode which is discussed in the last

show which is illegal by the way well so
what is what is fascinating about this
story and other and some other
mainstream outlets or note actually I
think Tucker Carlson did a piece on it
is that the true nature and even Scott

Adams was surprised I guess he finally
figured out through one story that he
got in the m5m that this is about the
global warming climate change tax that
has been added and it’s of course just

the start of how people will pay
according to the Paris Accord none of
the background of the story is really
discussed much in any m5m not around the
world either there’s a possibility that

there would might’ve even been a D
notice in the UK or some partial D
notice about not making a big deal out
of it and when I got that note over the

Paris was burning and I looked at the
homepage of the BBC and Sky News and
nothing was on the homepage it was Neos
yeah under the Europe tab you had to go
in and it still did not really mention
what it’s about Saturday there’s a big

protest planned at macrons house that
would be his palace I don’t know but how
this changes with him revoking the
attacks or reversing the tax obviously

there’s something else at play here the
Yellow Jackets is no coincidence I mean
this is a choleric revolution almost by
definition which means there could be

other people behind it I think there’s a
lot of actors you know they’re called
extreme left extreme right a lot of
troublemakers show up for this stuff
troublemakers but it’s also spreading

it’s in the Netherlands it’s in Belgium
it’s spreading to other countries and
that of course is what needs to be
slowed down and stopped and that’s why
people can’t really know the the actual

I caught a clip but it was on NPR and
they brought in a BBC journalist this
was before the cancellation of the tax
there was still a suspension but listen
to how they can they cannot bring
themselves to say it’s about the climate

change tax and the Paris Accord money
that has to be raised over the backs of
all citizens but of course people get
hurt the most when it’s a fuel tax it’s

very hard for them to admit that it’s
it’s it’s really funny to listen to and
some other things in here that I think
are interesting
well the Prime Minister and announcing
the suspension of the taxes said

people’s anger must be heard there has
to be proper debate but McCrone had
implemented the taxes mainly the tax on
diesel fuel that’s used primarily to
offset environmental concerns

environmental concerns John it’s not
climates environmental concerns do
better I mean what’s the public
sentiment we see the pictures of the
cars on fire and the you know these

violent protests but what’s the sense of
the French people well when it’s gone
along beyond I love this the French
people are the ones on the street young
lady they’re the ones burning

why are you asking what what are the
French people think does she mean the
French elites what what does she mean by
that this is very strange question yes
but what’s the sense of the French

well that initial cause which was as you
say there’s the the fuel tax tax hike
which is coming it’s one of a series of

increases which go back many years
before macron a carbon tax which was to
be brought in over many years he saw
accelerated that process and it’s all
part of greening the economy and

greening the economy on which most
people including most yellow you know
yellow vests would it would agree the
green yeah if you put it that way the

greening of the economy but if you say
hey that’s the climate change tax if
there’s a gotcha
I am the issue for the people who are
protesting which is their standard of

living the sense that this is a policy
being dictated to them from there kind
of comfortably off town dwellers who
don’t really need cars and so they feel
that they’re having to pay for the

conscience to good conscience of the
metropolitan elite and yes you know it’s
part this this a whole dialectic between
town and and province is very much part
of modern-day politics now it’s just

about cars apparently it’s just people
who don’t have cars and people who do
need cars
oh yeah sure and Europe and rely on
America to you know these are people
saying hang on a sec you know you may

have your conscience but we’ve got our
livelihoods and that’s what lies behind
it that’s for them as for the violence
well I mean you know there’s there’s no
doubt that there are some very angry
people among the among the yellow vests

isn’t a question that they were reading
a professional Revolutionary people are
far left and far right who who have
latched on to it and were they’re doing
most of the burning on on on Saturday
plus I have to say because I saw myself

people kids from the ball yeah you know
the ones who write it and for coming in
and just taking advantage of the whole
thing look we got just a few seconds
here this is a suspension not a
cancellation so what’s the sense of what
might happen

well yeah indeed and there are people’s
already saying this is not enough my
feeling is that we’ll probably ever
the protests on Saturday by hardliners
but the aim of this concession is to
speak to the majority of the to the

country as a whole to get them to say oh
yes look the government has reacted it
is listening and that should the
governor hopes and I think it may be
right you know remove some of the
momentum behind that the protest
movement as a whole which means we might

have it might have peaked and we might
be on a kind of de-escalation
unbelievably poor reporting when the
true story is well what happens when the
next thing takes place where money has

to be raised because that is what the
Paris Accord is it is grab it’s yeah
it’s your money that your government has
signed on to spend so they say oh well
you know we’ll just simmer it all down a

little bit the money you’ve committed to
it you’ve got to pay for it so it has to
come from somewhere and the protests
will come back and it’s gonna be much
worse and they chopped heads off in
France today get carried away in France

there’s no doubt about that
by the way that this discussion is shown
up at the table and I never thought
about this but nobody you mentioned it
on the show I didn’t know about it and
nobody that I’ve ever talked to knows

about it and it seems like an element of
the show there’s two aspects would that
make make it interesting and we’re
talking about the yellow vests
themselves every car is equipped with
the yellow vest in the trunk and a

breathalyzer in the breath yes by law
French have to have a breathalyzer or
the Muslim influence on friend Frances
anti-drinking campaign in the wine

country which is very I don’t know the
way to the wine growers I know that is
law okay and so what what came up I was
thinking about it the fact that nobody

knows that everyone’s got these yellow
vessel didn’t have to invest anything is
just take it out of the trunk and wear
it right but I was thinking further
about it I said you know that’s not a
bad idea we should that might not be a

bad law to have here or maybe even the
car companies can voluntarily cuz I a
lot of people do get hit on the side of
the road when they’re working on their
car they have a mule some mishap if they

had those yellow vests on it might save
lives you’re saying make it mandatory
all right Jhansi or Castillo Cortez
Democratic Socialist you stop with this

here we go stacks up me sent me
something it was hilarious is it on
Tremont a little short one
it is the catch of the day this is
something that is inherently completely

false it comes from a respected news
outlets NBC News and we ran the clip bed
check false see if you can find what is
wrong in this catch of the day

disappearance images of joyful 36
year-old Karla Stefani AK celebrating
her birthday on vacation in Costa Rica

her family hopeful shall be found alive
I want to tell her that I love her that
I want her to come back home with us
como Carla Stefan ich but today Island
authorities made grim discoveries body

that appears to be a woman found in a
wooded area close to the Airbnb
apartment what was entirely and stupidly
wrong that took place in Costa Rica well

Costa Rica yes but what did she say
about Costa Rica that is just a head
shaker from NBC News Oh again okay I
won’t play the whole thing just

six-year-old Carla Stefani ACK
celebrating her birthday on vacation in
Costa Rica her family hopeful she’ll be
found alive I want to tell her that I
love her that I wanted her to come back

home with us como Carla Stefan eek but
today island authorities made grim
discovery Costa Rica not an island and
DC girl in the in the troll room was the

first one to get it right I mean that’s
that’s that makes us look stupid here
Island authority island authorities good
reporting on the ground reporting on the

island those people get paid millions of
dollars off day yeah
not for us jean-claude not for us Wow
yeah well I have a short one since you

had mentioned the you call me out as a
courtesy of Cortez or test whatever
Democratic socialists so the Socialists
the thing that’s going on now is because

of the education system in this country
is resulted in this particular this is
one of the many exception is part of a
bigger report that I started looking at
and it’s actually quite fascinating but

play Millennials prefer communism okay
American Millennials say they would
rather live in a socialist or communist
country than a capitalist democracy
that’s according to a new survey from

the victims of communism Memorial
Foundation the data shows that one in
two Millennials would rather live in a
socialist country than a capitalist one
here are some other interesting numbers
from the survey 22% of those polled have

a favorable view of Karl Marx the father
of communism and the author of the
communist manifesto and a lot of them
see Joseph Stalin and Kim jong-un as
heroes the executive director of the

organization Marian Smith said quote
Millennials are increasingly turning
away from capitalism and towards
socialism and even communism as a viable
alternative it’s worth noting that in

the survey 71% failed to correctly
define communism Smith says he sees the
numbers as a troubling turn and shows
the failure of the country’s education
system no kidding hello

this operation by the way this victims
of communism or whatever it’s called I
looked it up and it turns out to be
actually it’s actually a congressional

no way funded operation she’s so it’s
not some fly-by-night you know group and
I looked at their report they’ve been

doing this report for a number of years
I looked at 2016 2017 2018 report which
just came out shows it goes from like 35
or 40 percent of the Millennials want to
live under socialist rule or communism

and then it would goes up to about 49
percent now it’s at about 53 percent it
keeps going up well they just want free
stuff yeah I think that’s a lot of it
and one of our producers sent me a very

long note about student loans and that
2035 is going to be a very impaired
phrasing his note 2035 is going and he
has standing in the in the area you’ll

be very interesting because the way the
student loans work you have your you
know your 20 years and you pay based on
some formula which is changing all the
time is about to change again so you

know you might pay it’s based upon your
income etc and so you might be paying
$200 a month for 20 years or you could
be 80 but that does get adjusted here’s
the great thing if you can just squeak

by and you know just really not make
enough to have to pay anything
after 20 years whatever is left over of
your amount what you have paid which
varies from year to year based on you

know your your position in life here
with how much money you’re making the
rest is just erased
and right now the converse the
conversation amongst the finance years

is will this be added to your income in
the year that all of that is raised and
most likely not but that could be quite

a quite a moment likely yes it could be
quite a moment of like a trillion
dollars just you know evaporating from
the books as something that has been
wiped away

so keep it overnight hacks for that well
you know a lot of these a lot of times
would benefit does be it does get added
to your income tax but there’s been
examples I can’t think of one now of

course lots of examples
are there lots of examples well yeah if
somebody gives you a Fed airplane if you
win into that and at the slots about
seven years ago we started really

looking at pipelines and in fact there’s
a pipeline episode that is kind of
interesting and there’s been a lot of
development since then I think the most
recent one after Germany got its second
pipeline from Russia is the Turkish

stream which is Russia going through
Turkey and Turkey of course wanting to
move that on into Europe which is the
largest customer of natural gas and we

also talked about the Noble Energy who
had on their Board of Advisors at the
time certainly Bill Clinton a lot of the
lot of the big names I think you know

probably : Powell
all these mofos were all all in on this
deal and they had discovered the
Leviathan field off the coast of well
it’s kind of complicated is off the

coast of Israel is off the coast of
Lebanon is it really a little bit Cyprus
you know who who claims it well noble
energy claimed it and they’re saying
it’s it belongs to Israel and then came
this report Israel has agreed with

Greece Italy and Cyprus to construct the
world’s longest underwater pipeline
which will carry natural gas from the
eastern Mediterranean Sea to Europe the
deep sea East Med pipeline project will

begin 170 kilometers off the southern
coast of Cyprus and stretched 2,200
kilometers to Italy it will be able to
transport up to 20 billion cubic meters

of fuel each year Jerusalem intends to
use several vast underwater natural gas
reserves discovered off the country’s
coastline to help Europe meet
ever-increasing demands for the precious

resource Jerusalem is also hoping that
the export will have a positive
environmental impact and that it can
improve Israel’s diplomatic standing
abroad yeah I’m sure everyone’s gonna

love you for trying to cut out Russia
not gonna take too favorably to this the
whole thing there’s gonna be a glut of
natural gas I don’t know how this you

know they did I like the way the way
they’ve pitched
natural gas as the solution to climate
change mecca’s which is bullcrap yeah I
mean it produces quite a bit of carbon

dioxide but beside the point but they’re
gonna be they’re gonna be inundated with
natural gas and Europe it’s got a it’s
got to collapse the prices which is
what’s gonna have to happen and it’s
going to cause a worldwide depression

it’s not gonna be good it’s way too much
too much pumping like crazy thinking
this year too you know we got to get it
there while we can do you think this
this latest round of tete-a-tete

mano-a-mano back and forth between Putin
and Trump the US and Russia with the you
know the arms treaty and I’ll give you
60 days here and there doesn’t this feel

like I mean to me I would if you said to
me Trump and Putin made an agreement hey
let’s just rack that shit up let’s get
everyone all freaked out again we did it
really well in the past with the with

the Cuban Missile Crisis and let’s get
everyone a little bit you know on edge
let’s bring back the terms like mad
mutually assured destruction to drive
our economies with more war stuff Trump

clearly loves building war stuff that’s
where our that’s what our economy drives
on all our money goes into that it seems
to me like this would be a kind of ploy

and it’s obvious that the military’s
taken over the White House and Trump
loves the military here you’re a high
school kid raised in a military school
because his dad’s the one which was

always a threat my parents had cuz I
guess it was a big deal back in the day
where you would you know where military
schools were all over the place and it
was a it was a common threat you gave

tickets if you don’t clean up your room
I’m sending you to military school
that’s right I mean you know what the
troublemakers the school usually had to
do they had to be on the drill team

on weekends because that would teach you
some discipline get on the drill team
yeah so you shape up yes Trump I guess
was such an incorrigible kid that they

did send him to military school
yeah and he liked it yeah so I’ve never
joined the military because he didn’t
like it that much but yeah everything
right here now just everything I hear is
all the students are just ratcheting the

shots and I don’t know it just seems
phony-baloney to me yeah it does seem
phony baloney I I agree it seems
something fake about it but let me let
me be stay in Europe okay because people

love this European coverage so there was
an anomaly to me as the migration crisis
continued at a fast pace and that is the
only pre-migration I remember they the

the bitchin and moanin that went on in
Denmark you know Denmark hooked up
hooked themselves up to Sweden through
this very long bridge yes which I I went
over it on the train goes on it and also

cars and it’s extreme I don’t know how
long it is but it’s long and it goes all
the way to southern Sweden to the Malmo
area which is largely at nowadays
largely a Muslim area in Sweden word is

the south of Sweden is where all the
Muslims 1608 feet
it’s only a thousand feet if I’m sweet

it’s more than a thousand but hands that
can’t be the right bridge is that the
Aurora’s own bridge yeah the auras own
bridge a thousand feet I can throw a

football farther than that
no keep going on me the story I’ll check
my facts oh I’m sorry
kilometers what am I talking about okay
there we go some more like it anyway the

so but but all during the pre migration
era there was this pitch and in morning
by that all the Danish they’re not
playing fair because they have they’ve
been kicking Muslim soccer course it was

the scandal with the cartoon which came
out of Denmark you know showing the big
depicting Muhammad which is not Lea no
no must matter it’s not even legal in
the EU anymore

yeah no well there you know it’s illegal
they outlawed it it’s ridiculous but you
just go along with it special and it
made no sense to me that Denmark was
gonna go along with because they were

taking a bunch of migrants by the ton
and I’m thinking how does that work with
it with their history of really being
very xenophobic the happiest people in
the world yes also folk they also take

the most antidepressants in the world
well they base happy yes so I’m so I’m
what all of a sudden this story which
was buried on CBS they would be it was

if you to even find it you have to find
out CBS and it’s done like a package but
they never pushed it into the mainstream
the regular nightly news and it explains
a lot as Marge and Mark clip says it

will send all of its unwelcome migrants
to a remote island by 2021 an asylum
seekers who will be sent there either
have criminal records which prohibit
them to work in Denmark or people who

cannot be returned to their home
countries the island currently holds
labs and stables and the Crematory of a
research center for contagious animal
diseases the foreigners will be required

to report to the island centre at least
once a day or face imprisonment ferry
departures from the island will be
limited and Denmark’s prime minister
said the goal is to no longer enter

great migrants but host them until they
can return to their
countries as many as 100 people will be
relocated to the island oh yeah yeah
lindholm island moving people do it i

think this is the classic example hey
yeah we’re doing him a favor

meanwhile the anti migration party Vox
at a big win in Spain as the populist
wave continues it’s not stopping you
know it’s that the politicians that we

have it here it’s everywhere but in the
EU for sure they don’t really have not
comprehended that it works differently
they haven’t quite figured it out that
the internet ruined their you know the

trifecta of
politicians media and should we say the
justice system I mean this they just
haven’t figured it out that media it’s

it’s change it’s it’s people understand
now what you’re doing we see behind the
curtain the whole time and they just
pretend like you didn’t see it like
breaks it you know the vote is coming

you know what that do-over is coming if
not a general election I mean this was
not just once which was unprecedented
never before has there been a a vote of
holding the government in or the

executive in contempt of Parliament but
there were two two in a row I mean my
friends in the UK there’s like holy crap

they date on under that there a lot of
people are very confused and worried
about the situation bet they are but
this is really a breakdown and in the

whole system and they don’t know how
Trump is I have to say he’s the only one
that figured out one part of it and
that’s yell loud on Twitter that’s
that’s one that’s what he’s been able to
do with the internet besides all that

face bag stuff that’s kind of
traditional marketing they still think
that they can do their little thing
behind closed doors of mark the
Marrakesh Agreement the Dutch are not in
agreement with it did do not want the
compact on migration signed by their

government the government just said yeah
we’re going to sign it anyway
I know this is Larry we’re just gonna
sign it anyway they do not care so you

know what’s happening in France it will
never be as elegant but we’re gonna see
all kinds of crap coming down in Europe
I’ve lived there I know that the people
are fed up with all kinds of stuff

anyway we talked about our military
here’s an update

that’s right we are still trying to get
troops into the Democratic Republic of

Congo because they’ve got Ebola there
it’s scary but it’s not really moving
fast enough we can’t get enough traction
with the story we need to get in there
because you know there’s some valuable

minerals there’s things that we really
want and even turns out there’s oils get
shipped out we used to be able to get
the troops in with Ebola
screw it bring out the backup script the
US Embassy in the Democratic Republic of

the Congo was closed after us operatives
obtained intelligence that an Isis
affiliate may be planning an attack on
American assets in the region CNN
reported Monday US officials told the
network that while Isis does not operate

in the DRC the terror group might enter
the country for the attack the State
Department confirmed to the hill that
the embassy is reopened Tuesday after
being closed since November 24th because
of credible and specific information of

a possible terrorist threat against US
government facilities in Kinshasa I mean
is this what you’re trying to do I mean
Isis they don’t even operate in there

yeah you never know he can’t be you’d
better be safe than sorry yeah they want
the military in there so bad they can
almost taste it

well they’re gonna get their desires
eventually having uh you know Faraj quit
tu Kip yep he says he starts as he’s

starting a new party and I read that
no he that’s what everyone wants them to
do huh he says he might do something I
have the kiss quitting clip I would
prefer to put it into show notes if you

can put it in sure sure account it has 3
minutes and 57 7 that’s kind of long 57
seconds for something that should have
taken 57 seconds yeah it’s a little long
just long yeah I do back to the states

or actually no there’s one less EU story
which is that kind of fascinated me
because they ran it at all it’s
something nobody really I guess some
people care but about the mobsters being

rounded up and there’s a huge ring of
mobsters that are running the amount of
you play the mobsters yeah we’re that
were they from are they from Yugoslavia

no they’re from Italy I think oh oh yes
yeah the Dutch had something to do with
this I think yes oops European police
arrested at least 84 suspected mobsters

today and raised across Italy Germany
Belgium and the Netherlands they
targeted an Italian mafia syndicate
known as Indra Guetta and they accused

and accused it is accused of cocaine
trafficking money laundering and other
crimes at The Hague Italy’s top Panti
mafia prosecutor said the raids are just
a small step in taking down the group’s

vast network let me go and get that
I wanted to underline once again how
enduring Guetta has cells that operate
cooperating amongst each other and in a
network that covers the whole of Europe

if we think we have dismantled engine
Guetta with this operation we are
probably actually certain that we are
wrong you know the Netherlands I shame
for Belgium the great countries they
don’t make a problem out of most things

it’s a you know you can come in you can
go anywhere you want you can move drugs
the Netherlands is the drug capital of
Europe everything moves through there
but that’s where the manufacturer is and
they’re fantastic it’s a great country

to do business in and once in a while
you take a couple guys out
I have an update on my friend rattle
bond who wanted to have his age changed
legally he went to court yes yeah he

went to court and you will hear the
courts person speaking about the verdict
and you’ve also hear a meal later
talking about it so you know wherever at

with this a court in the Netherlands has
rejected a 69 year old man’s request to
legally change his age it argued that
doing so would set a dangerous precedent
the main reason is that age requirements

in the law give rights and duties to
people for instance the right to vote or
the duty to attend school and if those
requirements wouldn’t count if you could

change your date of birth that will
become meaningless a meal raffle ban the
man who wants to change his age
describes himself as a young god we as
human beings we have to change and so

the state and the government has to
change also they have to adopt and you
realize that the people nowadays have a
free will and they have more
consciousness about all those things
would happen and that’s the meaning of

me Court has given us many many reasons
so we can attack now at the same time so
we have lost the battle we are going to
win the war never give up if there is a
way if there is no way I will create my

own way if there is no way I create my
own way and we do it anyway yes I’m
gonna call him and ask him how he’s

gonna win the war he’ll tell me he’ll
tell me the strategy I just think of the
pronoun use the pronoun God yeah and you
know what he is pretty relentless with
stuff like this unless something better

comes along that puts him in the public
eye but I think he’s really latched he’s
a little older now I think he’s latched
on to it and I think it’ll he’ll stick
it out and if he says he has many
opportunities now to go back at the
government he has won so I’ll give him a

call and I’ll find out because lord
knows John you and I could apply all
that knowledge jurisprudence is what we
seek yes
imagine all the people who could do that

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there’s some controversy going on and I
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account for it a little bit I have a
commercial that was done before Paul

Hogan became famous as an actor he was a
spokesperson for the Australian tourist
bureau really and in the 70s or 80s this
commercial ran with Paul Hogan is a

60-second commercial I want to point out
an interesting anomaly within this
commercial America holiday a fair dinkum
all the time in the land of Wanda

there’s a few things I gotta warn you
about firstly you’re gonna get wet
because the place is surrounded by water
oh and you’re gonna have to learn to say

good night because every day’s a good
day in Australia oh good I love of
course you have to get used to some of
the local customs before you rush out
the book Taurasi holiday get the aussie

holiday book from your airline or travel
agent come on come on say good night
I’ll sleep an extra shrimp on the barbie
tourist bureau and he said shrimp they

should well they should kill him now the
thing was it was a gag because he’s he
holds up a prawn that’s the size of a
small Maine lobster and then he says

shrimp they’re just a shrimp just to
make sure that you know they can
ridicule us because the prawns even our
prawns are smaller than the thing he had
but it was still a shrimp meanwhile we

get the best of Australia just look at
what we got man we got the yeah we got
Chris Wilson I have so many good things
we got our Dame on TV Sarah Sarah Tara

yeah it was Sarah we got all we got the
best of Australia on this show they I
have a shrimp I so see if it’s
appropriate for the end of the show hmm

okay I have an ISO as well let me see
your shrimp I said I’ll sleep an extra
shrimp on the Bobby for you it’s a
contender I think what’s really going on
in Australia though is this new

encryption law which
uh I think it’s past now and atencion
atencion down under your app store is
about to empty out because what they’re

saying is partly I’ll read from this is
an official source in New York Times
Australian Parliament passed a
contentious encryption bill on Thursday
to require technology companies to

provide law enforcement and security
agents with access to encrypted
communications specifically apps like
whatsapp and signal yeah good luck with
that that’s not gonna happen they’re not

gonna give you a key in Australia five
eyes member telegram kik that’s what
they all want so they pass this law that
is completely unenforceable

well no it’s enforceable by banning
those apps in Australia and I’m sure
Apple will comply because as you know
they are wholly
huh yeah I know

the idiots I mean not the Australians
but this is just nuts
okay I got a clip
it’s really totally gratuitous just for

the iso i thought was kind of funny is
that this is donna Brazile with george
stephanopoulos the populist and this is
all about collusion is that it seems

like everyone around president Trump on
anything having to do with Russia we’re
not telling the truth
absolutely Michael Coren once boasted
that he would take a bullet for Donald
Trump but instead this week he delivered

a smoking gun the fact that oh yeah
that’s the smoking gun because once
again he said that what I provided
before was consistent with what the
president wanted me to say because I

wanted to stay loyal to the president
smoking gun
I think smoking gun oh yeah that’s the
smoking gun they produced I so no less
good well talking about I think a

funnier line is Lindsey Graham and his
MBS and he’s got a he’s got a I think it
topper the smoking gun you know what I
found well I’ll play your clip I found

his his I have quite a bit of what he
what he said and I am very little okay
we’ll play your very little first you
will look at your little one then we’ll
look at my big one I think he’s

complicit in the murder of mr. khashoggi
to the highest level possible
I think the behavior before the
khashoggi murder was beyond disturbing
and I cannot see him being a reliable
partner to the United States secretary

Pompeo and mattes are following the lead
of the president there’s not a smoking
gun there’s a smoking saw
yeah very good do you have a smoking saw

I saw
well I think that nails at hold on
smoking saw nailed it there’s not a
smoking gun there’s a smoking saw it’s
beautiful you got it let’s listen to uh

he spoke for about five minutes and I
think there are some other interesting
things in here which is not really
covered very well you know of course not

why would we but I he’s going against
Trump in a massive way Saudi Arabia in
the S or two different entities can you
hear this it seems like heavy on one

channel you okay you’re hearing it
that’s good it’s fine if the Saudi
government is going to be in the hands
of this man for a long time to come I

find it very difficult to be able to do
business because I think he’s crazy I
think he is dangerous and he has put the
relationship at risk

no one has fought for this relationship
harder than myself and Senator McCain
Senator McCain and I went on the floor
stopping lawsuits against the kingdom
for complicity in 9/11 because we did

not believe the royal family was
involved in the planning and execution
the 9/11 attacks what
look what he says Saudi Arabia was not
involved in the 9/11 attacks yeah in

contradiction to the report 28 pages
that say they were yeah thanks Lindsay
ed to Lindsay if John McCain were alive
I believe he would be standing with me

today leading the charge to come down
like a ton of bricks on the Crown Prince
from what he’s done to the relationship
the way he’s destabilized the region so
what will I do I will try to work my

colleagues from both sides of the aisle
to send a statement before the end of
this Congress that in fact the crown
prince was complicit in the murder of
mr. Khashoggi that during his tenure as

Crown Prince he’s put the region in
chaos and has undercut the relationship
and I cannot support arms sales to Saudi
Arabia as long as he’s got to be in

charge of this country now it sounds
another I’m listening to it again sounds
like okay I’m going against everything
Trump wants with the arm sales but I
think what he’s really done is he’s

positioned the removal of MBS
for the arms sales to continue and he’s
gonna may he’s gonna make a big stink
about it so maybe he’s in cahoots with
Trump I believe it could be in cahoots
with Trump but I would think I think

there’s a there’s a schism within the
royal family because there’s some other
guys a couple other guys that want this
job that MBS has we see as a too young
he’s kind of like a like alexandria

cortez hero your hero my hero and so I
think there’s a schism and I think he
and I believe this I bet you the CIA is

involved in this and lindsey’s you know
being briefed sure and there’s something
going on to get rid of this guy and I
wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not

assassinated NBS would make total sense
they tried to assassinate him already we
know this that that’s what happened in
Vegas I mean that’s our theories and
it’s a secondary Theory theory but it’s

not bad because there were gunshots
reported everywhere
I’m just waiting and you’re gonna see an
assassination well at an attempt for

sure but that could be just staged as
such I think they may actually get to
him yeah
Oh that’ll be fun well it’ll be yes it
will be fun it’ll be great

I found an older report apparently the
school lunch we’ve been discussing it’s
one of the themes new themes for the
show for the twin yeah got it got a lot
of response the people are you know
parents in the lunchroom at their kids

and grammar schools just they’re just
but this apparently goes back 2015
here’s a report from 2015 where this was
a problem and they spotted it early and
put a stop to it this is the older

report on school lunch visitation
parents are questioning new security
measures at a Beaverton Elementary
School just days after a deadly shooting
at a school in California parents have

now been banned from joining their
children for lunch in the cafeteria
Christine Penta wanna smoke with parents
and administrators and joins us now live
at Christine this is a Jacob Whismur
elementary and Kris it’s apparently a

change they’ve been looking into making
for some time now a Beaverton School
District spokesperson says about 750
kids go to the school but there were a
lot of parents coming in to eat lunch
with their kids and it was just too much

to keep an eye on everyone every week
Chen Wang volunteers here at Jacob
Whismur Elementary helping to teach math
I have a two kids my daughter’s fourth
grade my son second grade she like many

other parents received this letter from
the school principal asking parents to
drop off lunches for their kids here in
the office rather than bringing it
straight to the cafeteria and eating

lunch with them they think about kids
safety so I think it’s really good the
letter to parents references the
shooting in San Bernardino this week
where a man walked into a school shot
his estranged wife in a classroom than

himself three people including a student
died obviously anytime we hear of a
tragic incident such as in San
Bernardino I think all of our schools
look at practices and what’s happened
Maureen wheeler with the Beaverton

School District says school officials
have been thinking about making the
lunch time change for a while now we
have so many kids that we’re supervising
and having parents on top of that just
became a real challenge for the school

okay so if I understand there’s an
element of parents just being so freaked
out about their kids getting killed at
school that they just have to go

like that’s gonna help well but you know
you and I underestimate possibly because
our kids are out of school the feeling
that cuz you know the the media that

makes it very and much you know it gets
a lot of views but but kids are also
very very very worried there’s a lot of

kids who were just stressed out about
getting killed at school I’m sure there
are but I’m also wondering what the
element of you would do an element
that’s not brought into this and would

have would be brought into this of who I
was if this was going on when I was a
kid if your parents come to protect you
or they’re hovering over you during
lunch or something I think it would

invite bullying
yeah I don’t think it does I I think it
just does mm-hmm I’m not hearing that I
got a lot of feedback from people about
when I hear some bit Bell that I won’t

hear through some kids yeah me too you
know we’re hearing from parents the
parents are you’re right on it you’re
right you’re right now I have no no no
before you have I got to stay in school
for a moment I have a PSA public service

announcement that airs in Raleigh North
Carolina and this is an after I believe
it’s an after-school activity that the
school is sponsoring but it’s just very

interesting to listen to
friendship support and changing the

world all youth 12 and younger are
welcome to join as they create a space
where everyone can be themselves and
take on youth-led projects and
activities together more information and
meeting dates are at upside-down 180 or
this announcement is a public service of

88.1 WK NC
hey wait can you play the end again
yeah the URL and what do you are it’s
upside-down something something

I think it’s upside down 180 home upside
down 180 go straight down 180 I already
looked at the website no I have not

let’s look at it yeah that’s a good idea
right I was just kind of like wow is
there adult supervision 12 and under
I mean what’s
and there’s it quite a list of things

you if you feel me to sit while you’re
looking that up let me see what this
list is it’s gender gender queer gender
varied which is 12 and under yes what

kind of what kind of a transgender do
you have at the age of seven hahaha
hello where have you been
and this is you know parents are you

know at the minute a boy as an example
shows like I want to play with the doll
boom dress is on you know it’s pink
here’s your new room your new room color
is this a little bit look the people are

going a little overboard on some of this
stuff add dolls and I was a kid dude you
live in San Francisco look around
it wasn’t it’s where it’s happening
that’s where you’re you’re like ground

zero of this stuff
so it changed the world
it’s about us it doesn’t tell us any
names I want names of people I’ll look

into this li you asked or you had a clip
I think on the last show about Mick with
the Millennial uh the millennial
publishing group Mick em I see Mick yeah

Mike Mike is it Mike okay yeah they
pronounce it Mike okay and you had just
a clip and that they laid off the
editorial staff
uh and I found a bike and also and send

it to me or if I just came across a
business insider apparently they let the
entire editorial editorial staff go
ahead of the sale to the bus’ll digital

group to break a planned Union
Oh how about that for the Millennials
who RDS I don’t know of any Millennials
that think in terms of unionizing but

don’t they think in terms of socialism
that’s what we had a clip of that oh
you’ve got me cornered
good try Dvorak wrong again well most

actually most socialist systems don’t
actually they made unions illegal but
yeah but you know what I mean it’s like
it sounds like that’s this should be

outraged by this later they were I’m
doubting this this I’m doubting this
story I think just some pro-union
propaganda oh that could also be now
just since you’re the expert on the

great button what do you what is your
take on the I guess it’s merger of
equals they’re calling it of Glenn
Beck’s blaze and Mark Levin creative
considered was that the the

a creative conservative media that’s the
mob he’s got some financed operation
that is skiving giving him some TV
exposure on the internet and he does

this he does a subscription thing but
what’s going on why are these two guys
merging I mean is that because that’s
not they can’t move specifically those
two guys can even get along there’s that

I think anybody who’s listens to both of
them would know what I’m talking about
is Glenn Beck still on the radio yeah I
think so he still got his radio program
man he’s not you know he’s not in the
tie I don’t think he’s in the tie don’t

hear him around here I don’t know where
he is then some obscure timeframe mmm
you’re not gonna hear me and he also
syndicated so you don’t know he may not
be playing in Texas at all hmm WABC and
for the first time in his career he

won’t even be in New York right and so
there’s just a bunch of stuff going on I
think they know what to see the writing
on the wall they’re gonna have to
consolidate and DeBlase from what I’ve
heard has always been kind of sketchy

money-loser yeah I think that yeah
that’s what I’ve always understood is
that you know okay but he makes the
money on his radio show maybe he has to
add a little bit it’s kind of like Leo

you know makes money on their unjust
syndicated satellite thing and the rest
is window dressing at this point it
wasn’t like that but and I just yeah I
seem Levin he’s in his radio show I’m

sure he’s making tons of money millions
and millions he’s got the support of
that means it that’s the model you get
the AM radio talk show you get a show on
Fox that’s what that’s the model right
there have you seen that girl Lisa by

the way on Fox know who was doing the
political stuff she says she’s from some
he’s from a think-tank or something I
just wanted to point him what from some
think-tank she’s a rising star man she’s

got it
you watch Lisa on Fox yeah let me see
what her name is Lisa booth Lisa booth
she doesn’t wish comes right up on the
side down the side bar right there on

the Google’s yeah she’s a beauty now
she’s not that she’s weird her eyes are
very alien she’s got a lot of gummy
probably yeah she’s probably a lizard
she could be

you gotta know she’s more like looking
at her she’s like looks Icelandic
actually with those eyeballs the smaller
is great no she looks like a reason yeah
maybe for some reason I slanders have
been their eyeballs have been moving out

further and further because of the
inbreeding but I just got a lot of gum
honored and by the way we’re this is
we’re talking as television producers
yes we’re the producers now we’re not
being we’re not just being catty no no

Eric off man tell me about some one on
father telling this woman I scare this
woman and she did the the midterm
reports for Tucker and and she’s like

she’s very she’s a very odd head very
strange but she’s got it and they’ve now
they put her in substitute she’s gonna
have her own show she’s I think she will
be the megyn kelly replacement if they

wanted you know a smart running shannon
bream was that’s not gonna do it this
good this is the girl well maybe this is
her Lucy oh yeah yeah I’m calling she’s

television producer baby talking about
she’s good mmm-hmm okay well keeping I

don’t really watch Fox that much anymore
that’s all i watch on fine have been
good I have been following it just a
long clip I think it’s a good clip for

the end of the show okay cuz it’s kind
of like oh my god kind of a clip mm-hmm
so less more stuff has come out about
Les Moonves yes is this the good stuff

you had a hooker on staff Democracy Now
and it’s I so juicy I’m thinking wow

this is great
I’ll get this clip and then I’ll put it
up against CBS’s clip cuz I know they’re
gonna say something but it’s gonna be
pretty lame cuz otherwise CBS is gonna
make themselves look bad by having this

guy for so long no I was completely
wrong I just dropped a Democracy Now
clip the CBS clip which is three minutes
and 15 seconds really goes into it which
makes me wonder if Moonves was not

really well
like by the news division because I mean
this is a little overboard to his
presentation but it was very enjoyable
an explosive new report put together by

lawyers for CBS accuses the company’s
former CEO les Moonves of misleading
investigators and destroying evidence in
a sexual misconduct investigation
Moonves was forced out in September this

report is expected to be presented to
the CBS board next week the New York
Times says it has seen an early draft
Jericka Duncan has details plus an
interview tonight with a new accuser and

a warning some of what you’re about to
hear is graphic according to The Times
the 59 page draft report says Moonves
deliberately lied about and minimized
the extent of his sexual misconduct

partly to protect his 120 million dollar
severance package plus he allegedly
deleted text messages instructed at
least one person not to speak to
investigators and that either he or

someone else handed over his son’s iPad
to investigators instead of his own
there are a lot of people at CBS that
knew about the allegations against him
there were people at CBS that knew about

his efforts to try to cover up his
behavior and a lot of people who didn’t
do anything about it
according to The Times investigators
interviewed 11 women and found their
accounts to be credible the time says

the lawyers have now identified a total
of 17 women among the new allegations in
the report
Moonves had a CBS employee on call to
perform oral sex on him and received

oral sex from at least for CBS employees
under circumstances that sound
transactional in 2017 at a variety
magazine event

Moonves said this about sexual
harassment but I think it’s important
that a company’s culture will not allow
for this The Times also reports that
investigators found at least one CBS

board member knew of the sexual
misconduct allegations about Moonves
before joining the board in 2007 and
that last year
CBS’s former head of communications

learned of a sexual misconduct
allegation against Moonves but did not
report it then he he’ll be very very
close and he didn’t kiss
he just might throw today we spoke to
another woman June Seeley Kimmel says

Moonves forcibly kissed her in 1985
after she pitched a movie to him when
Moonves was the head of development at
20th Century Fox what would you say now
I can’t believe I’m gonna get emotional

you killed the dream of a woman who was
so young needed a break and worked so
hard to get that and you do really it

was awful
we reached out to moonves’s attorney for
comment about Kimmel’s accusation but
have not heard back yet but moonves’s
attorney did tell the times this he

denies having any non-consensual sexual
relation and cooperated extensively and
fully with the investigators a spokesman
for the investigator said no findings

have been reported to the board and the
board has reached no conclusions on this
matter the times again says that this
report is expected to be presented to
the board sometime next week

Jeff no brother what a douche well the
whole thing of course if you think about
it is the CBS is turned on him in a
group in a really massive way that’s

because we want to minimize that hundred
and twenty million dollars yeah I got to
give the guy props though for having a
hooker on on premise call no I call an
actual call colleague but there was a

button under his desk I just did a deal
same guys that penalized
everybody for Janet Jackson’s nipple

there you go everybody that’s your CBS
paying colleagues to fellate you while
screaming bloody murder about a nipple

and that is your deconstruction for
today we’ll be back on Sunday with more
of the best podcast in the universe
thank you so much for showing up Thank
You trolls and thank you to all our
executive producers associate executive

producers and all the producers but we
always profusely thanked remember us at
Dvorak org slash na coming to you from
downtown Austin Tejas Kappa the drone
star state FEMA region six on the
governmental maps in the five by nine

clue do in the common law condo in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry from northern Silicon
Valley were said not raining it looks
like it’s gonna be a good weekend – I’m
Chauncey Dvorak we return on Sunday

right here on no agenda until then adios

I just go for John tell us your peeve
about the fisting method of eating
snacks on my way I see this on the

airplane and it’s very annoying and I
think it were resultant and fights
breaking out cuz it’s just so annoying
to watch guy takes his bag of peanuts
throws a pile of them into his palm of
his hand and then he makes a fist around

the nuts everybody in the world’s
watching by the way it just crumbled

when the earthquake struck there were
cars on the road at the time the
so-called yellow vest protesters in
France have found a key
I was played I was you tell the

president that you think he’s been
played on yes
they want the judge to put this matter
to rest for good ol Mike Flynn he has

been ideal cooperator his life for 33
years of serving his country washed down
the drain for this Democrats across the
country say the former Texas Senate

candidate has the potential to take the
2020 presidential primaries by storm
what do you think but I think it does
reflect reality everybody in the walls
watching by the way

very cool right so you’re right a news
report reads all records whatever

happened to global warming

very cool


to global


flying over Afghanistan or maybe it was
Pakistan I promised myself to aim myself

that every woman child and man that was
on my list I don’t care if I missed I
remote control I do what I’m told by

someone at a computer Obama gave me a
more than bush and I cost millions I’m
supposed to target terrorists but not so

much civilians I don’t know how to say
whoop some got in my way a drone again
naturally patron again

[Music] there’s
not a smoking gun there’s a smoking saw