No Agenda Episode 1093 “Right Puberty”

it’s a cavalcade cascade of deep
platforming Adam curry
Jhansi Devore 18 this is your
award-winning Gitmo nation media
assassination episode 10 93 this is no

the drone star stayed here in downtown
Austin Tejas feeding the claudio in the
morning everybody
hi Madame Curie and from northern
Silicon Valley where I think we should

go from Imola as president I’m John
Seymour whoo yeah that’s what I said

I’m looking at the trades this morning
right at the tree
do we have trade magazines for
podcasting now I guess we do
yeah the trades the podcast on cider yes
they’re going all off on Mamola best

ratings on Saturday Night Live ever
Momoa so this guy yeah he’s got never
heard I feel pretty disconnected to a
popular culture right now yeah well you

should mm-hmm
and so this guy who obviously has a new
publicist um he’s an actor uh he’s been
in a bunch of things that’s like it’s
not a household name by any means but I

guess he is to some people Momoa
Oh Jason Momoa Jason Momoa all right so
what has he been on that we’ve well I
guess he was on an old Stargate okay the

TV series I think and I don’t know what
else hmm he’s long hair dead guy kind of
hunky guy was a douche bag beard yeah he
looks a little bit like our very own

Chris Wilson to be honest in Australia
even a little rougher though Wilson is
the next memo of my friend hands down

somebody’s got to get the egg into your
plate Ronin decks on Stargate Atlantis
Khal Drogo in oh hello Game of Thrones
Oh game of that’s why we don’t know the

guy he’s probably the most famous actors
of our time because he’s on Game of
Thrones Yas Queen all right good next
president fantastic although I will be

coming to you from the future on today’s
program talk about I you have something
from the future I do but not right now
it’s I don’t wanted to just dive into it
let’s ease into it because I felt this
weekend for me was a point aplomb to

tipping a tipping point where the m5m
certainly the cable news media actually
became unwatchable for me it was on
watch demand from the past

you haven’t seen that like months ago
but okay I mean I’ve really held in for
a long time but when the Mueller
whatever completely unimportant

unrelated stupid information the
sentencing of Cohen it’s like going I
mean the the movies the scenarios I
should say actually Scott Adams talks

about movies but the scenario that MSNBC
and CNN and conversely Fox have
concocted it’s just not worth anyone’s
time anymore it’s like remember when the

Malaysian Airlines plane went down and
as it still hasn’t been found
and I recall watching CNN every day they
did stores it was wall-to-wall stories

about this missing aircraft we had the
crazy lady from Singapore who was in
China we a we tracked a lot of it and I
remember it was one year they did that
story for a year until they finally had
to give up on it because people weren’t

interested anymore and I think we’re
reaching this point with just this
blather and they did this to what
they’ve dreamt up it’s it’s just it’s
not like if you want to go in that

direction yeah give me some of that well
let me go with dreamt up I want to play
because there’s two bits in here that I
want to keep notice by the way I don’t

want to tell people if you get to
Microsoft 365 to get a terabyte of data
it’s bacon baby you better fight it
bacon you get a terabyte of cloud

storage but what’s cool about put all
the clips on the cloud mm-hmm the
software they’re using to do search is
so much faster than my desktop software
so I can find whole clips I boom

instantly excellent so I find that today
but I’ve always felt that the cloud
would be good for that because instead
of keeping your stuff on your locals you
know using the blame search stuff that

we have on the desktops to put it in a
big mainframe and let the mainframe
crank through this big index you believe
it’s being indexed by a mainframe
well it’s probably notes there’s

obviously a bunch of those servers but
the software they’re using is much
better than stuff I have okay and this
is this is Microsoft’s cloud yeah
Microsoft’s cloud okay I don’t think
Ronis has a cloud to that I thought they

were gonna be doing more of this or
thing but let’s listen to two Brooks
Brooks and shields and Brooks and he’s
got two predictions in here that I’m
gonna I wrote this ought to be really
long so I could look it up later he’s

got two predictions in here based on
what you just said about this crazy
scenario they’ve dreamed up what do we
think it it adds up to what is it first
these guys are not very good

co-operators if you’re gonna cooperate
cooperate but man four it’s going to
jail probably for the rest of his life
in cones getting a healthy sentence
because he sort of semi cooperated
something like that but I think what

we’re seeing is the pace ramped up on a
lot of fronts with they’re clearly
interested in the more context than we
knew with Russia in 2015 with the
campaign this one called synergy they
apparently found and then especially the

business dealings the Trump’s dealings
with in Moscow and my instinct is that
there’s going to be a lot more
investigation to business than the rest
into Russia collusion there’s just a lot

more there and the other sense you get
is a lot of Republicans are looking at
this White House and they’re seeing an
administration under a lot of judicial
and legal threat and a lot under the

political threat and they see a White
House counsel’s office that is denuded
of authority and people and then what
they call the membrane around Trump is
frailing and the membrane is the group
of people they put around Trump to

protect him from himself and over the
years the whole pixas of the world and
maybe in the next few days the John
Kelly’s of the world are going and gone
and so you see a Trump unprotected from
himself I need to begin to see a lot of

Republicans who are looking seriously at
2019 with a lot of Friday’s like this
one and Trump you know really hurting
himself and maybe not serving out the
term Joe’s dream come true and you know
what’s happening I was listening to

Dutch news radio over the weekend I’ve
actually Saturday that Tina had some
some nonprofit work to do and so I’m
this connotes if she’s around it’s you
won’t understand it and the every

journalist that came on it’s as if they
sat at home and had their morning coffee
and watched MSNBC yeah because they can
get that over there they can they can
and you don’t even need to have MSNBC to

get this story and then they go on the
air and then just like oh oh my god
you’ll never serve out his term and and
of course they’d like to pronounce
trumpet shrimp so all you hear is this
Boop trip there’s a drink drink group

and it’s the same delusion is just
delusionary oh I think it’s also
delusional to think that mana fort is

going to be sentenced to life in prison
for his financial crimes yes well we
don’t have to go through it again it’s

that this has nothing the only thing as
far as I can see that that may that
maybe maybe maybe is out there is
somehow illegal campaign contribution
due to the payoff of the stripper and

the the other a we should if you’re
gonna bring that if somebody did bring
this up in a tweet and I thought it was
something to bring up John Edwards who

ran for vice president took illegal
campaign contributions up to the tune of
a million yes his sidepiece that’s right
and all you pay is a fine and then you

know it’s done
he didn’t get any other punishment
besides a fine did he I don’t even know
he got a fine yeah every campaign makes
mistakes like that no Obama campaign had

money that they took incorrectly and
it’s all kinds of stuff so but that
doesn’t matter it’s it’s in these
people’s heads
this is the wit delusional is the right
word I cuz I kind of soft pedal that has

incredible wishful thinking but at the
point that it is now I would say
delusional is the some incorrect term
yeah I mean just from a legal standpoint

argue this from a legal standpoint it’s
just not there but that’s the way it is
Comey testified
jams commie and as per his wishes he

released the entire transcript of his
testimony was released I think almost
the same day 250 pages of stuff some of

its redacted a lot of I can’t recall
that’s always my face that take somebody
count is 57 or so I heard it was 250

times that’s what I heard
well it’s it’s quite a long document one
of our producers did pull out an
interesting quote as a lot of people

have been going through this
let’s see Ratcliffe asks Co me I’ll just
I’ll just do this one paragraph here
alright so I guess I tried to summarize
what I’ve heard today Hillary Clinton

mishandled classified information more
than a hundred times
she made false statements about it the
FBI was aware that at least one of her
aides also mishandled classified
information and one of the folks
employed on behalf of Secretary Clinton
intentionally destroyed evidence known

to be subject to a congressional
subpoena and preservation order and lied
to the FBI about it and on July 5th 2016
you stood you sir stood for the American
people and said that neither you nor any
reasonable prosecutor would bring any

charges in this fact pattern is that
accuracy is it accurate mr. Comey is
reply yep I believes it then I believe
it now and anybody that thinks we were
on Team Clinton trying to cut her a

break is smoking something yeah yeah
yeah see it’s too bad we don’t have
audio of that cuz I would have been much
better I agree with Jim Comey you I
couldn’t have been out in the open well

I think it’s cuz everyone’s showboating
and it’s probably embarrassing for
everyone exactly very embarrassing so
now we have

a new pic for the Attorney General
William bar I guess he goes by bill bar
they call him bill like Robert Mueller
is Bob Miller
I don’t know barb I heard was William I

like Bill barb bill by tomorrow
everybody how you doing
you know turns out he worked for the CIA
didn’t he work for Papa Bush yeah as his
attorney general which was like what a

hundred years ago and now the guys still
up for another Attorney General’s job
after Clinton and Bush jr. and everybody
in between let’s see he was born in 1950

so he was young at the time then
yeah it was it be in his 40s overwhelm
1950 so he being this yeah late 60s has

gotta be mid-60s I was we could probably
figure it out if we did the math yeah
gosh if we actually took a pen to paper

Wikipedia is not helping one Tuesday
they put it in Paris yeah it’s not that
I’m looking for it it’s like why didn’t
they give me an age here yeah and height
sixty-eight there’s no height there here

is okay so it was interesting I think
the peak was made public
when Bush’s train was doing the tour or
whenever part of the funeral processions

with procession which I also did not
watch so it was kind of an interesting
time you know timing to choose that but
this guy himself is I mean I’m not quite
sure why the president picked him here’s

Greg Jarrett on Fox Business News
talking about cuz he know he’s of course
reported on this guy in the past and
here we go the president has a duty to
direct the Attorney General what to do

what not to do this whole notion of
Independence is a canard that’s been
peddled for 40 years now as for William
bar I’m sort of of two minds yes

unquestionable integrity a fine
reputation great experience he brings
gravitas to the job drives an
establishment figure at a time when I

was gravitas
you know gravitas is interesting because
it’s a term they tried to use they tried
to push this term on Obama no no way
before that the first time I saw them

trying to push push this term was when
Clinton was running for the first
president for the first time Hillary or
bill bill hmm this goes way back this is
this this was just stemmed from the
original Governor Cuomo ah the old man

yep who was gonna run for president when
George Bush was up for a second term but
he decided not to because if he’s gonna
get reelected so Clinton got in and that

was in the coup almost political career
for good because it was a mitt be made a
mistake cuz he would have been the
shoo-in it seems
but they started they dropped this term
into the public domain of left-wing
media which is I’m going to call it

gravitas and they kept talking referring
to Cuomo as being the best candidate
because he has gravitas gravitas
they kept hounding us with his word

gravitas then it will disappeared
completely and now they’re trying to
revitalize it gravitas high seriousness
is the merriam-webster definition

dignity seriousness or solemnity of
manner yeah I think there’s good
once they’ve rediscovered it which is
you just pointed out I think they’re
gonna stick you’re gonna go hard with it

because it’s just the opposite of Trump
well we always try to be Gravett Oreo on
this show I’ve always tried to have
gravity fly out of the room a toss to
the job but he is an establishment

figure at a time when I think we need a
disrupter as Attorney General somebody
who would vigorously go after corrupt
officials at the FBI and Department of
Justice who were abusing their positions

of power and attempting to undermine
democracy I’m afraid bar is not that guy
oh he’s not that guy so on PBS they had
the woman a black woman who’s won this I

think she’s she seems sweet but she
seems incompetent and it’s a shame
because there’s so many experienced
black people that could be Gwen

replacement is it it’s the Gwen
replacement it’s the Elson door woman
and but so they keep giving her
different assignments which she still
doesn’t care it very well because she

doesn’t present well she can’t enunciate
like a PBS person should which is old
network style but they had her do run
downs on all these different people that
are that Trump’s talking about replacing

one person with another and she did one
on William Barstow and completely listen
to her point of view because I think she
did a lot of research she talked to a
lot of people I think this is actually

she did a pretty good job except her
presentation still skills are still
lousy William Bar summary when you hear
her version shake up so you nice let’s
talk first about the basis pick to be
Attorney General when there’s an acting

Attorney General but Bob Barr Robert
Barr who has been our sorry William bar
the administration of President Bush
George HW Bush is now being asked by

President Trump to become Attorney
General what do we know about him what
we know is that William Barr is looked
at as a respected attorney and that
Democrats and Republicans today signaled

that they could get behind him and
support him as Attorney General I want
to walk you through who William Bar is
from 1991 to 1993 he was Attorney
General for the late former President
George HW Bush he was however involved

in the controversial iran-contra pardons
he formerly worked for the CIA in the
1970s and he was an executive at what
he’s done probably knows him really well
he was maybe hello Don didn’t cover up

Bush’s ass Contras oh I’m sure they know
each other
Iran Contra pardons he formerly worked
for the CIA in the 1970s and he was an

executive at Verizon he is now
practicing law in Washington DC people
that I talked to today told me that he’s
an establishment Republican this is not
someone who’s a Trump loyalist the

president has billed at times the
cabinet members in the White House with
people who are loyal to him personally
but this is someone that someone like
Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz another
Republican had they become president

might have picked for their attorney
general I’m also told that he is someone
who has had some past comments that are
controversial on Special Investigations
and Special Counsel I want to read you
something from the New York Times in on

November 14 2017 the New York Times
published an article where they said
quote mr. Barr said he sees basis more
basis for investigating the Clinton
uranium deal than any supposed collusion

between mr. Trump and Russia and mr.
Barr told the New York Times to the
extent it is not pursuing these matters
the department is abdicating its
responsibility so to be clear mr. Barr

is saying that Hillary Clinton might
need to be investigated some more he’s
also said that it’s okay for presidents
to specifically ask for investigations
to happen under the DL J so this guy is

in essence a veteran of the deep state I
think his definition of a veteran of the
deep state I mean holy moley

but still it seems odd that Iran well no
I guess he
now 68 okay it makes sense he was he was
young though back in the day he must
have been a go-getter

yummy yummy slay Oni Alcindor has quite
the resume including winning the award
named after were not a named after Dana
a tribute to Gwen Ifill who passed away

the Syracuse University toner prize
she’s been she’s New York Times she’s
been around
she has cred yeah as a writer oh it will
stir hello of course

don’t get me started on the television I
mean that’s our job
but it’s okay no one ever asks us our
opinion we know it works they do ask us
our opinion actually but nobody thinking

about about the television presentation
myself that we’re very knowledgeable
about okay yes it’s our opinion but hey
what do you think of Trump I was

watching you talk about this is Pluto TV

which shows up on the Roku box
I love Pluto TV yeah you get some ghost
streaming stuff and before you go on I’m
gonna give you a pet peeve of mine okay

so I got Pluto TV it’s on the Roku
people should get it it’s got all kinds
of cool stuff has got Sky News it’s got
all kinds got the cat Channel have you
watched the cat Channel I saw it and I

did not start it I might have you in a
crowd of people you’re stuck there for
hours you know it seems like that
actually seems like a really good idea

considering the popularity of cats on on
the Internet’s and considering that you
don’t deal with agents you know there’s
no residuals to these ads of these cats
I mean it’s it’s a great it’s a

moneymaker okay it’s it’s powers of cat
video I mean I did I do watch for a
moment the channel where these young
kids go out and they you know they shoot
an arrow with a rope across a canyon and

then they just you know swing on the
rope have you seen this Oh makes makes
me nauseous the what but I’ll watch the
cat channel that’s beef bill by the way
you’ll love the cat channel even if you

don’t like cats you’ll love the channel
to pluto channel you put it on they got
all these they got all these different
mini networks and then they all it loads
the hit one boom it comes up you hit one

become Xfinity has got Xfinity streaming
uh beta Xfinity streaming nothing comes
up you click on it and you wait if you

wait long enough sometimes up to ten
minutes the channel will appear and then
if you if you happen to like try to play
a channel and it spinning and spinning

and you’re waiting for it to appear it
doesn’t have any you say I’m sick of
waiting and you try to turn it off boom
it blows up the Roku box and reboots it

it is a piece of unbelievable
unrelenting crap hey man why don’t they
buy that’s technology from the Pluto
Channel hey man that’s what net
neutrality is all about man it’s like

they’re getting throttled somewhere bro
so I’m watching the Pluto app and so you
know the RT Sky News there’s one or two
other odd ones but that’s really what I

was going for
MSNBC’s on there no CBS n CBS endosomes
is it right yes see Bisson so because I
gave up I gave up on the m5 n so off we
go to Pluto that’s there’s nothing in

apparently the Pluto TV but but Artie
was doing a really good job of covering
what was happening in Paris
holy moly and you know make no mistake

but yes only Artie is covering it I told
you there was you know some rumors about
the BBC having been issued a D notice
and not just BBC of course I’d be

everybody but there’s not a lot of
reporting on it and what I saw was you
know exactly what you’d expect from a
color revolution we’ve now you know you
have to really watch the screen and see

that it’s not all people with yellow
jackets but there’s also people yellow
jackets with a you know with a macabre
on who are ruining stuff you know the

bread there again they’re smashing into
the Apple store stealing all the all
this stuff in the Apple store which is
just about the stupidest thing you can

do children when you’re LARPing around
and you want to go steal something from
the Apple store because your other
LARPing friends broke the window and we
were in and you just grab it all and

take it home
you better not be hooking that crap up
to the internet because the Apple police
will find you very very quickly I don’t
care what you even give it to somebody
else is going to come back to you these

things are completely loaded they know
exactly where these boxes are there’s a
million ways for them to find it don’t
steal that and they saw they they ran
into a golfing store a golf sporting

goods store got a whole bunch of golf
clubs ran outside started smashing the
window with the golf clubs I don’t think
this has a lot to do with the climate
change tax any more there is a genuine

very unhappy
I think maybe the Marrakesh agreement
which should be signed today or tomorrow
that may have something to do with it a

lot of people in so that sadly brings us
right back to migration but it looks
more and more like a color revolution is
set up that way with the Yellow Jackets
is now in Belgium they were in Brussels

they were trying to you know at the
European Parliament they’re in Amsterdam
they’re in Rotterdam it’s happening
everywhere and as long as the m5m
doesn’t give it too much attention

it might not you know catch fire I think
is that’s what the thinking is I think
that’s exactly what the thinking is
Artie is the only network as much as
people like to condemn them at least

they’re covering this and they’re
covering it well yes although it’s kind
of funny in the French newspapers and
now saying oh Lila potties yeah which is

a Parisian newspaper to be specific
looks like possible foreign interference
going on with these Yellow Jacket
protests and you know who they who they
peg right away Russia that’s where our

T’s covering it but this was the Perry
jam though yeah yeah there are must be
Russia half-truth show the proof I don’t

think they have any proof at all
none whatsoever but yeah that this is
the major cover-up in the news and even
Democracy Now
is not covering it I mean especially not

democracy now especially not they would
definitely not want to cover because of
the climate think yeah well this does
kind of bring nobody’s coverage so this

is the great news systems that we have
and they can’t cover this and it’s
exciting riots there’s nothing more
exciting than riots like this and what’s
interesting is that you see you know

Tina asked me I say what do you think
when is this gonna happen here I said it
doesn’t happen here that’s not how we
work they don’t we only do that kind of
stuff when our favorite sports team wins
then we do that kind of stuff we don’t

do it out of anger or anything we know
we take to Twitter we don’t actually go
on mate yeah yeah we don’t actually go
out and do something about it my job is

my work is done here
okay this brings me to a little report

from the future as I was it’s a little
presentation I put together for us
um and this really comes down to
conversations we’ve had about Alexandria

Ocasio Cortez and I believe she’s a
force to be reckoned with and let this
is not about the merits of what she says
although it’s always fun to stop and and
and chuckle about how entertaining the

things are that she says because they
clearly are not not entirely based in
reality and somewhere just funny but she
has a following she has a movement I’m
seeing the kids like it these are we’re

talking she looks if she looks like an
actress who should be starring in
well she’s gonna star on the big stage
this is just the beginning I unless
Nancy Pelosi cuts her off dramatically

which I don’t think she’s going to do
hmm because the support is garnering I
think she already has almost 25
Democrats who have signed up to her

and I figured it I might as well look
into this green New Deal and understand
what it is they’re talking about she has

all the Millennials following her they
love her and imagine this you’re born in
would say nineteen nineties make it an
easy millennial number you grow up
hearing one thing consistently

you’re going to die from climate change
now seriously yeah not like you and I
who’ve been around who have seen the old
articles we’re gonna die cuz it was too

cold and in ten years nothing you know
we’ll all be gone the plan will be
so we witnessed all this not happening
which is kind of fun we witnessed it not
happening we remembered but when you

grow up a kid then you just and your
parents are also you know kind of not
really engaged in climate science or
climate truth just like oh yeah yeah
climate change big problem then all you

hear is the the bit the grown-ups
talking about how horrible and death and
destruction we’ve talked about this it’s
having an impact and these are the
children who grew up with this and have
been impacted and believe it so I can’t

fault them at all it seems in fact I
would say if I was the evil genius
behind climate change global warming all
the megabucks associated with it I would

probably want this to be the outcome
here come the freshmen here come the new
kids they’re in their 20s and they’re
all in on this stuff and it’s spilling
over everywhere here is the intercept

podcast just a short little clip well I
think you know it remains to be seen but
the kind of basic tenets of it are that
we could have shorter work weeks we
could have a functional mass transit

system for folks who live in New York
the MTA just so you understand this is
what the Millennials believe fixing
climate change will do and she is
specifically talking about the green New

Deal GND and this is what she believes
putting this this grand New Deal in
place will achieve well I think you know
what remains to be seen but the kind of
basic tenants of it are that we could

have shorter work weeks we could have a
functional mass transit system for folks
who live in New York the MTA could
actually work maybe beautiful affordable
rent control public housing you know a

job where our bosses aren’t screwing us
over sort of any number of things you
can imagine but a careful
consider fit under the screen umbrella

and most importantly the planet wouldn’t
be burning around us and sort of baking
us all into it’s baking us all so the
way I’d like to do this is indeed let’s

mock and laugh at everything they say
because yeah well and there may be some
validity to the to their thinking that
the green new deal will solve all these
problems but it sounded like this was

solving everything the Democratic
socialists of America want oh yeah it’s
always won they always want mass transit
to get people out of their cars could to
ruin their independence so you can you

know get off your horse we you have to
get on a bus get on a bus and in San
Francisco of course or in most
metropolitan areas you have situations
probably not as bad as San Francisco
where there’s beatings on the bus people

are pooping on the bus you know everyone
thinks you’re a loser if as long as we
can all poop on the bus then it’s okay
intersectional pooping as long as we can

all poop on the bus it’s okay so I’m
just showing this to give you a little
example I started watching TYT I think
it’s also the Young Turks is a force to
be reckoned with in this arena and and

the people are getting on there and
they’re talking about it and it’s
starting to move we have this movement
called the sunrise movement oh yeah yes
the sunrise movement is it doesn’t

really belong to anyone according to
their website there’s no on the upper
ball yes I mean about us there’s nothing
now if you it says donate and that’ll

take you to the act blue website which
is really that’s not an outfit that does
anything per se but they’re kind of a
clearinghouse for yes for these sorts

towards it that you have to pay yeah
patreon huh another thing we got to talk
about so here is one of the what is her

moschini Prakash and she’s on with chunk
on The Young Turks just to talk about
the green New Deal and the sunrise
movement just to give you a little
background and and these are not stupid
people they’ve just been incredibly

misinformed from there the men
they they took their first breath yes
they’ve been propagandizing this is how
it works so movement is working to build
an army of young people to stop climate

change and create millions of good jobs
for our generation we see ourselves as
working to actually transform the
outrage and frustration that young
people have felt at witnessing so much

political stagnation and an inaction on
the issue of climate change for our
entire lives we’ve known about the issue
of climate change twice as long as I’ve

even been alive on this planet you see
you see you understand what’s happening
with these kids now and have yet to do
something meaningful about it so we are
really working at the Nexus of protest
organizing and protest demonstrations

things that really help us get our story
out into the public and and getting
people and politicians paying attention
to the crisis at hand and combining that
with some hard-nosed political and

electoral organizing but we have
completely altered young people across
this country have altered what is
politically possible and feasible in
this country on the issue of climate

three weeks ago I was seeing headlines
that said dense damp down hopes on
climate for next Congress cycle and now
I’m seeing headlines like climate change

tops Democratic agenda for 2024 2019
2020 and beyond that is unbelievable to
me and it happened because thousands of
young people started organizing to the

crisis like a green new deal we’ve done
hundreds of office visits to
congressional politicians asking them to
support Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s

Select Committee for a green new deal
and that would create a plan that at the
true scale and scope of the climate
crisis so young people are energized we
are motivated we understand what is at

stake with the wildfires that the
drought-induced wildfires that have been
destroying California and the west coast
the IPCC report that came out saying
that we have 12 years to radically

transform our economy and society to
protect human civilization as you
it’s young people are wicked and we are
also ready to take action so and I
believe that I believe that they are

ready to take action do you want to say
some thing is there’s all these little
zingers that they keep throwing in there
like the little phrase you use create
millions of good job

oh yeah well so this comes from the
actual document which I took the trouble
to go get and markup a little bit from
the Congressional website for Alexandria

Ocasio Cortez it isn’t G indeed is
calling for a select committee for a
green new deal and this was interesting
it’s not just a couple pages are marked
up a few things I’ve never really looked

into how committees work and how they’re
put together what a select committee
even means what we do know is that to be
on a committee you have to pay millions
of dollars into the party into the party

coffers and that’s how you get on we
this has been we’ve discussed this in
great lengths and sometimes you know a
chairmanship can be what 5 million bucks
or something you’ve got to bring into

the party coffee to get that goes to the
party so the Select Committee I didn’t I
didn’t realize it but a select committee
for a green new deal the means that the
Speaker of the House actually selects
the 15 members that are being proposed

here so that would be Nancy Pelosi and
will be nine of the majority and it’ll
be six of the opposition it will have
juror it will have legislative
jurisdiction this select committee which

Acacio AOC is promoting and these select
committee shall have the authority to
develop a detailed national industrial
economic mobilization plan to be known

as the green new deal for the transition
of the United States economy to become
carbon neutral and to significantly
drawdown and capture greenhouse gases
from the environment it will be prepared

in Council so we’re gonna have leaders
from business labor state local
governments and academia will be
involved in this in this green new deal
they can bring in research institutions
and everything they do will have been

planned and executed he no longer than
10 years from the start of this plan
which would be in
2020 and then that kind of comes down to
the 12 years you just heard about the

ten years by 2030 we have to have
everything fixed we have to be
completely off fossil fuels otherwise we
all die then they’re going to create the
soda by it by 22 January 1st 2020

they’ll have their complete plan then
they’ll have legislation they’re going
to draw up by March and they will also
have investigative jurisdiction which is
a big groan for me because that just

means they’re gonna do more studies
funding I’ll get to that in a second let
me go to thee there we go scope here we
go the scope of the plan for a green new

deal and the draft legislation and there
has a number of points here in each case
no longer than 10 years from the start
of the execution of the plan 100% of

national power generation will be from
renewable sources 100 percent within ten
years there will be built a mess there
will be built a national energy

efficient smart grid whatever that means
that means you can shut it down remotely
from China bingo we will upgrade every
residential and industrial building for

state-of-the-art energy efficiency
comfort and safety decarbonizing the
manufacturing agricultural and other
industries I know how you can
decarbonize agricultural industry but ok

the funding massive investment in the
drawdown and capture of greenhouse gases
I find to be an interesting choice of
words they have some frequently asked

questions and this was my favorite
so here’s one of their facts why do we
need a sweeping green New Deal
investment program why can’t we just

rely on regulations and taxes alone such
as a carbon tax or an eventual ban on
fossil fuels and the answer is
regulations taxes can indeed change some
behavior it’s a certain possibility to

argue that if we had put in place target
regulations oh how about my printer cut
this off damn it sorry my printer cut
off the right side of the page climate

change there you go
well then I’ll just go straight to the B
here since I can’t read it here why

should the government have a big role in
driving and making any required
investments why not just incentivize the
private sector and they say two things
here two main reasons scale and time
first scale the level of investment

required will be massive and even if all
the billionaires and companies came
together and were willing to pour their
resources put the resource at their

disposal into this investment the
aggregate value of the investments they
could make would not be sufficient for
example the one trillion dollars over 10
years plan for investment in the green
economy that has been floated by some

policy makers has been criticized by
climate experts as only as wholly
inadequate one trillion is the entire
market cap of Amazon think about that
so think I need a lot more they think

and second time and this is another so
you just heard scale the level of
investment required will be massive time
the speed of investment required will be

I think they just copy-pasted even all
the billionaires and the companies could
make the investments required they would
not be able to pull together they
coordinated response in the narrow
window of time required to jumpstart

major new products projects in major new
sectors so it’s massive investment
massive time it’s all just massive and
how will the government pay for these
investments well many will say massive

government investment how in the world
will we pay for this the answer is in
the same way we paid for the 2008 bank
bailout and extended quantitative easing

programs the same ways we paid for World
War two and many other Wars the Federal
Reserve can extend credit to power these
projects and investments new public
banks can be created as in World War two

to extend credit and a combination of
various taxation tools including taxes
on carbon and other emissions and
progressive wealth taxes can be employed
so they just say in fine American

tradition print up the money and they
end at what I give them credit is
unbelievable I give them credit for
knowing how the system works

nobody not knowing how it works now this
green New Deal is not new this is the
exact same deal popped up Oh
seven years ago with Obama and today

we’re going to look at the green New
well President Obama has embraced the
idea of a green stimulus package
pledging some 150 billion dollars of
investments in low-carbon infrastructure

in order to create jobs Gordon Brown has
also espoused a green new deal in his
case it’s to also boost employment with
eco-friendly transport and renewables at

the heart of his strategy so are we
going to see a rush to green investing
after all the returns last year we’re
relatively poor and if business takes
the money will it be able to actually
deliver the reduction in co2 emissions

that the world is now demanding so it
was about a 150 billion dollar try that
we did that didn’t seem to go anywhere I
didn’t hear of any great successes did
you know I all I heard is they got worse

marginalized kleiner perkins as an
investment vehicle that’s right because
you know they brought in Al Gore and the
next thing you know they’re throwing
money it’s stupid green project sure

they lost their shirts on that yeah and
and this was the same era that this is
when Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the
House the last time and she’s this with

that jobs jobs jobs jobs things comes
from that we used they’d been using on
the show for the last eight years yeah
and she’s and they presented this kind
of this proposal that was gonna pass and

and Gohmert called it you know the piece
of turd or something like that in front
of really Gohmert did that Gohmert has
some comment and and the thing never
inure was always passed and it had all

this legislation about how you have to
build your home in a certain way and yet
that’s insulation or you you get fined
and no there’s all these things and it
was it was this huge package that the

Senate just said no and that was the end
of that what’s gonna happen but these
guys and just like the Senators you know
we’re not gonna do this
well this there’s okay and by the way
the Senate was dominated by Democrats at

the time go yeah well so they’re just
before the weekend there was a town hall
and the town hall was hosted mainly by
Bernie Sanders who is very much with the

young kids still the Millennials they
all love him Bernie’s all on the on that
popular tip and they brought on guests
many guests including our girl
AOC from the DSA hey but they started

off with a little video again just
setting the stage so you understand how
kids today feel about it but listen to
what she’s saying and this this really

confirms my point not only as to what
these kids grew up with why they’re
thinking that way but there’s a little
nice little gimme in here I’m 21 years
growing up dealing with hurricanes was a

regular occurrence for me and my family
I remember being really little and
feeling afraid because sometimes my dad
would have to work during the storm but
it wasn’t until my family moved to Fort
Lauderdale Florida that I really became

closely acquainted with the devastating
impacts of sea level rise we moved
somewhere that sometimes called the
Venice of America and it’s well known
for its beautiful waterways and coasts
my family was lucky enough to live just

one block away from the beach when we
moved I started to notice that every
time a storm would hit the street in
front of my apartment would flood and
sometimes it would flood even when it
wasn’t raining local businesses would

have to put out sandbags to stop the
water from coming into the shores my
parents would have to move the cars up
to higher ground for parking there was
this weird dystopia where regular people
were being forced to move up experts and

the oceans tidal patterns and sea level
rise on really bad days
to my apartment building would be
blocked off from flooding at the time I
didn’t know that any of this had to do
with something called global climate

change or sea-level rise
I just knew that this was an everyday
part of my family’s life then I went to
college and I learned that flooding it
with hurricanes were just warning signs

and more drastic changes to come for
Florida and for the rest of the world so
when she went to college that’s when she
learned that she was going to die from

this ugly climate change that’s where
they taught her because you’re living on
the front and beachfront property and in
it during a storm you get a little
little flooding which has probably been
going on since the 1800s well they call

it advance the Venice of Florida so yeah
it’s been this has been a problem for
since before she was born once she got
to college that’s when that’s when she
was told what this all was about and

that’s what these kids are growing up
with if you’re right I think this is a
very good point you’re making now we get
into pressing this is the jump normally
we put depressing stuff like this at the

end of the show they donate oh yeah we
do the depressing stuff up front we do a
happy-go-lucky at the end so people
donate if we’re switching it up John

just going crazy with the format today
any anything to help here we go to the
roundtable Bernie is of course he’s the
conversate combo Tricia is about the

report that was released that was Neal
covered up and you know does the
question here really is does Alexandria
Acacio Cortez have you know it does she

does she have the solutions here is she
right oh and I might want to point out
that on this panel is also Van Jones Van
Jones the heck well you’ll recall he was

the greens are of the Obama
administration yeah he was the guy who
brought in the Green Deal initially and
got out stood because it was actually

weird I think he was associated with
some odd people and there was it he
actually was all in on 9/11 like 9/11
inside job

out of the Obama administration yeah get
let me see but I got a link here what
exactly did they accuse him was it was
Jones was under fire for his past
affiliation with 9/11 conspiracy

truthers I’m reading this from a 2009
article and for calling Republicans
assholes in a video before he was
appointed to the Obama administration

Republicans Republicans then also began
using him to escalate criticism of the
administration’s deployment of czars you
recall those days across the policy
landscape saying they were being used to

avoid Senate scrutiny of appointees but
more problematic was the fact that
Jones’s controversial statements fit
snugly into the narrative wove woven by
some conservative critics of Obama as a

dangerous leftist a critique that goes
back to the campaign and was based on
much of his past work as a community
organizer with associations of the likes
of Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers so

there was a lot going on when Van Jones
got kicked out and he had to fall on his
sword I remember it well we were doing
the show so he’s on this and he of
course is weaseling in on the action
that’s why he’s got a show on CNN again

it’s all coming around the grand new
deal is President Trump right now it’s a
hard one I want you to think about it
before you respond ideas out there that

would enable us to create millions of
good-paying jobs now this was your
question John good millions of
good-paying jobs let’s get to the bottom

of it it’s it’s unsurprising that the
response to any bold proposal that let’s

not mock her for her voice let’s just
what just bathe in it it’s like it’s
like a potato army like a bath of razor

blades but I have to say and again I’m
just looking at the media personality
here girls got it she’s got this she’s
got everything you want you can hate her
you can love her it’s all in there and

the voice cuts through some may call it
piercing it cuts through so fuels
it’s it’s unsurprising that the response
to any bold proposal that we have is to
incite fear to incite fear of life by

the way I just have to say that it’s
crazy about how everyone especially the
Republicans and the president they
incite fear but that’s exactly what
she’s doing

even in these words to any bold proposal
that we have is to incite fear to incite
fear of loss to incite fear of others to
incite fear of our future but the only

way we are going to get out of this
situation is by choosing to be
courageous yeah that’s the only way
we’re going to get out of this and when

first of all it’s just plain wrong the
idea that we’re going to somehow lose
economic activity as a matter of fact
it’s not just possible that we will
create jobs and economic activity by

transitioning to renewable energy but
it’s inevitable that we are gonna create
jobs it’s inevitable that we’re gonna
create industry and it’s inevitable that
we can use the transition to a hundred

percent renewable energy as the vehicle
to truly deliver and establish economic
social and racial justice and that is
our proposal and that is what we are

here to do because in the depths of
darkness in the depths of despair which
what we last saw listen this is really
important what are you doing you’re
rummaging around you’re dropping stuff

are you she’s now gonna give us a little
history lesson for a second I couldn’t
figure out what she’s talking about
this is where she connects the green new
deal to FDR’s New Deal of America that

is our proposal and that is what we are
here to do because in the depths of
darkness in the depths of despair which
what we last saw you know when we think

about where we were when the New Deal
was established we were a nation in
depression in Great Depression we were a
nation on the brink of war we saw the
rise of fascism creeping across in in in

Europe and no one would
that a nation so poor so scarce and so
in such dire straits as we were in that
time could pursue such a bold economic

agenda but we chose to do it anyway we
had the courage and that is what this
moment demands of us right now that’s
what we have to do we have to this is

going to be the Great Society we shot
the civil rights movement of our
generation that is the scale that is the
scale of the ambition that this movement
is going to rock so what she’s saying

here this is the moonshot which by the
way it would just be easier to make a
video about how great you are with the

green new deal and just put it out there
pretend we did it just like the moonshot
it’ll be like FDR’s New Deal is this
indeed like FDR’s New Deal what was
FDR’s New Deal
Jhansi Dvorak no if I could put it in

the nutshell it was a reorganization of
the country somewhat and also putting
people to work in make-work jobs like
the WPA what’s projects administration

just get the Civilian Conservation Corps
if you look at it objectively the New
Deal didn’t even work it kept us in a
depression longer than we should have

been in one oh really
I’d not heard that one yet but all of
you you’ll hear it if you just look
around enough hmm I don’t know this
woman is crazy we weren’t a poor

starving skinny little country that’s
what she’s got in office we were in a
depression yeah that’s what she’s saying
she says we were a third-world country
we think that the New Deal we got out of

that well just remember this is a
millennial when she thinks depression
all she knows about the depression
because of course she hasn’t read up on

it is the black-and-white photo of the
men standing in line for jobs where
their hats are standing in line for soup
kitchens that is the entire history of
the depression in the American

experience these days you think they
went into anything deeper than that
clearly not otherwise she wouldn’t be
suggesting these things so this is the
idea and it’s not new is to create new
industry force industry away from oil

economy which the United States has
force it into things that do that have
not been proven to actually work
financially which is wind and solar now

if she said let’s do nuclear I’d be
all-in I’m like yeah I think you can do
something with that I don’t know if you
can change the law economy Chile that
nuke is kept out of the circle and they
wanted to abolish all the use of all

fossil fuels which is interesting to me
because then she won’t be able to fly
from state to state to do this
propaganda how do you get around with
how do you fly a plane or do outer II

planes planes yes that one guy you have
one guy in a super lightweight plane
with a couple batteries has been able to
get off the ground that’s for 20 minutes
all right we move on so this and what I

like about her idea and what the
thinking and I’m sure it’s not her alone
there’s other people behind her there
must be is all the problems you see
everything and the problems the kids

deal with is racism other ism sexism
Nazism hate ISM whatever ISM you want to
put in there all of that will be solved
by solving this problem because she and

the Democratic socialists of America
want to redistribute everything just
every job that has anything to do with
energy wiped off the map map bring it
back give everybody the same salary the

same living wage the same uniform
probably and march along to work and do
the good work to solve our climate
crisis how do we you know I think what
we all understand is that we’re fighting

for the future of the planet Alexandria
is talking about is that not only can we
effectively combat climate change but in
the process we can do good economics and
create millions of good-paying jobs here

and throughout the world
yeah absolutely and it’s important to
also talk about the fact that this is
not just an economic solution is that

this is how we this is the the mechanism
through which we can really deliver
justice to communities that have been
underserved the water in Flint is still
dirty the water in Flint is still dirty

we’ve got children van and I were
talking earlier we’ve got children that
are that are choking on the smoke in
California those same there’s same
children and rather children newer I got

that was a good one by the way that that
that got to me cause you see these kids
will have those children in Puerto Rico
Archer are choking on the fungal spores

because we have not recuperated from the
crisis girl I’m choking on fungal spores
in Austin stop with that and the mold
from the floods is taking up all of
these people’s homes we have in Justices

in this country those in Justices are
concentrated in front-line communities
and indigenous black and brown
communities they are the ones that
experienced the greatest depths of this

injustice but if we chose and if we have
the moral political and economic courage
to say
gonna fix all the pipes in Flint we
would put a lot of people to work there

you go so it’s putting people to work to
clean your pipes that’s okay so you
create I don’t know what do you think

10,000 plumbers in Flint to fix all the
pipes because you want to get it done
quick quickly at that I think that
number might work yeah and you also have

some construction guys that back hose
and things digging up you know
everything they can to get rid of these
old pipes so you just put a whole effort
on that and then you get that job done
then what do you do with these 10,000

plumbers and that are in Flint use them
for fuel obviously the plan has a lot of
holes in it but that doesn’t mean Inc
that doesn’t mean that the people will

not be convinced by this there’s a lot
of abstractions extraction extraction
Airy thinking going on it’s like all
that’ll get solved in this done is all
fine but yes I want to mention something
cuz everybody’s been all these things

there’s a big article I know
don’t underestimate AOC don’t
underestimate this woman don’t mock her
because you know that and you’re kind of
on the same boat no I said from day one
I said people laughing about her it

sounds exactly the way people laughed at
Trump that’s what I say I understand
what you’re saying and I but you would
be on it I would say if there’s an
argument to be made you’re gonna be

making the arguments in support of her
yes of course yes of course now I think
she’s just too stupid personally to get
very far and I think you now you just

heard the Trump thing at me because all
I guess what they said about Trump is
too stupid no and he sounds stupid he
does he sound stupid he does just like
aoc sounds stupid but I think she’s

genuinely stupid
I don’t know if he’s stupid or just you
know street smarts no no no no no I’m
just gonna say billionaire that gives

him some credit for being at least not a
complete idiot thing I didn’t clip it
but during this conversation they
actually said in America it seems like
you’re only deemed intelligent if you
make a lot of money and you just prove

that and I not know I didn’t he said you
just said a guy who makes a lot of money
he can’t be stupid but no I said I
didn’t say it was intelligent though
they they said that you you’re

intelligent if you make a lot of money
I’m saying you can’t be really stupid
and make a lot of money
there’s a little different
I’m not gonna belabor the point she is

not stupid she’s highly intelligent but
this is mind control and she’s all in
she has no economics degree that as far
as I know but it also doesn’t matter

because she has an entire Legion of
politicians lining up behind her they
know they know it’s not gonna happen
they don’t give a crap follow her follow
the power they’re following the power

and you would argue they’re wisely
wisely following the power but stop we
have breaking news we got it we got to
say something about trauma can we
interrupt this for you make an

announcement about your shoes we need at
least a half-hour discussion right about
your shoes the very kidding it’s a funny
no but but the exact same day as the

Trump administration’s climate report
which they tried to burry Barry which
they tried to air a month early the day
after Thanksgiving

that same day they spent in prime time
talking about my shoes and it by the way
that was that the Trump administration
talking about your shoes with the news
media I’m not sure you may you may have

to look for your enemies elsewhere but
yes that is what I talk about when I say
being unseen is that they won’t even
bring it up they don’t bring up
Americans that make less than 40,000 or

50,000 dollars a year they don’t bring
up the fact that we have some of the
large we have amassed some of the
largest amounts of wealth in American
history but we have never seen so many

people struggling and living paycheck to
paycheck in the way that we are today oh
I think we have two more clips and I’m
done now we bring in Van Jones he will

promote himself well um first of all I
just it just brings tears to your eyes
it’s just unbelievable and Bernie myself

and a bunch of other people here we
tried to take this hill yeah it was if
we tried to take the gym
in 2008 yeah but you know I was a nut

job a big part of Obama’s agenda was
essentially the green new deal but you
know I talked about 9/11 truthers I had
a job in the White House to try to
implement it right wing came after me I

had to resign under fire rewriting
history van
Wow that’s why I read that’s why I read
to you what actually it happened I knew

this was coming the guy just thought but
of course we all gloss over the errors
in our history White House to try to
implement it right wing remember had to
resign under fire then they came after

bill and we couldn’t get it done but I
think you’re going to get it done and

we’re just we’re getting well yes
remember millennial rather than talk
about my book the green collar economy

the other thing I think about your
politics that’s interesting is you your
generation uses term intersectionality

which I’ve had to look up but it’s
I think we should call the rainbow
coalition back in the 80s and 90s but
you guys have taken it to a different

level can you just talk about
we had a slogan ten years ago green jobs
not jails that we saw a criminal justice
in economic justice and environmental

justice is one fight that those kids
standing on street corners we don’t have
you know disposable resources we don’t
have disposable species we’re never
disposable children are neighborhoods
either it’s all precious and those kids

could be putting up those solar panels
like like Bernie was saying and there’s
your good weekend job right there John
those kids running around and gangs what
could they be doing on the weekend they
could be putting up solar panels

Solutions is what we’re about yeah
that’s what they want to do they want
kids to put solar panels on their roofs
disposable resources we don’t have
disposable species we’re never

disposable children are neighborhoods
either it’s all precious and those kids
could be putting up those solar panels
like like Bernie was saying and making a
positive difference can you just speak
to the intersectional power of your
green New Deal

okay now this is that so this is the
meat of it she’s going to speak to the
intersectional power of her green New
I know a second a hint of mockery in
your voice and you condemn me for saying

she’s stupid I’m not saying she’s stupid
well maybe you need to define stupid
because you can’t fix stupid that’s the
point I’m making can’t fix stupid

all right go on I’ll accept the mockery
in your voice you can now play it which
I believe is probably going to be the
punchline clip you made this punch line
up on punchline yeah it’s really the the

core of that is leave no person behind
we cannot solution we can it’s not a
military term Maurice leave no blue
soldier behind leave no student behind

leave no somebody behind no child yeah
that she’s derivative does she I give
her credit for this by the way she’s
they’ve been doing a very good job of
stealing other people’s ideas including

green new deal as you
not earlier in this indecision but it’s
not just stealing I mean she took it oh
yeah and ran with it and everyone who
was a part of it seven years ago I was
like whoa I’m Dan Jones let me power of

your green New Deal yeah it’s really the
the core of that is leave no person
behind we cannot have a solution we

cannot move forward into our future
unless every single American is
considered part of that and whenever we
see oversights you know oftentimes when

we get to the negotiating table in laws
and in policymaking there’s this idea
that oh we can leave the poorest of the
poor behind or we don’t have to worry
about this tiny sliver of the population

because they’re just a tiny sliver of
the population and what that eventually
does is that it creates a crack and that
crack really if you think of there being

like a crack in the dam it’s usually
where things always break down and when
we close you see the right way with
integrity that honors everybody from the

most vulnerable to the most powerful
when we we acknowledge and see every
person in this country which is really
what it’s about is that we have chosen

not to see people in this country we
have chosen not to see people in this
country until the majority of us have
become unseen economically working
people are not seen in the halls of

Congress working people are not seen in
policymaking until we realize that the
majority of Americans are working or
working poor this is persuasion and I
think it’s good persuasion I think she’s

really said she said nothing about what
she’s doing nothing at all she just
spoke in identity politics to the entire
world of identity politics groups and I
think it’s going to be very effective

here’s your punch line clip the good
news is that we’re not starting from
scratch there are so many people like
van like senator senator Merkley who who
had established the Select Committee

when he was in the House a previous
select committee there’s a lot of
legislation that has been drafted to
already start addressing some of these
smaller issues
just transitions in coal whether it’s

you know whether it’s it’s our energy
infrastructure whether it’s battery when
we’re looking at battery grids and so on
there’s a lot of work that has already
been done but it needs to be

consolidated and brought under the tent
of a green new deal and when we try to
solve this issue piecemeal we are not
going to get it solved in time so what
you saying is everything that deals with

the economy has to be in my select
committee you can’t deal with it outside
of it
you got you got battery grids whatever
that is that’s in my gris-gris grids
that’s why we are asking for this really

great ambitious singular plan and that
is why you know I believe that the
progressive movement is the only
movement that has answers right now
we’re the only ones that are drawing

from the lessons of history from
Franklin Delano Roosevelt from some of
the most ambitious projects that we have
pursued in in American history and that
truly again is the scale that it’s going

to take so you know I think that there’s
so much work that has been done and
there’s some outlying questions
especially when it comes to investment
in technology here we go when we as a
public choose to invest in private we

when we as a public choose to invest in
new technologies we deserve a return on
that investment and for far too long we
gave money to Tesla we gave money to a
ton of people and we got no return

losses our investment that the public
made in creating technologies and it’s
about time that we get our do because
it’s the public that funded and financed

a lot of innovative technologies and
that’s another you know so fu Elon with
your no return on investment thank you
AOC for saying that that’s a fantastic

example by the way financed by companies
like kleiner perkins not that they
pulled money out of their pocket they
went to Washington they got the money
was it five hundred million dollars just

for Fisker alone forget about all the
money that Elon Musk’s has has taken and
then we continue to subsidize the well
remember that the

only reason that we’re getting raped and
this money is being taken from the
public which means you’re taxpayers and
and 500 million being sent off to a
Fisker that went out of business the
first linndrum or any of these other

companies it’s because of people like
her and this promotion of this global
warming nonsense at this level exactly
so it’s like a vicious cycle and like

you create the phony problem and then
you solve it with you know then you soak
people for money and then you give the
money away and the money goes to all
these it goes into somebody’s pocket

it’s not that it’s not you know that is
actually being used for anything
productive is not being it’s not
beneficial to anyone it is to Elon the
whole thing is a giant scam yes but our

job is to help the Millennials who are
woke there aren’t that many that we have
a few yeah there are a few I’ll take the
ones we got because they’re the ones

that have somehow they I think a lot of
them do poorly in school that’s why the
programming doesn’t work good the ones
that know how to fake it do well that’s
right right okay we got a note from

Gabby Bentley
she said millennial boots on the ground
school report I’ll just give you a
couple choice bits a bit of background I
was hit in the mouth while my dad and

brothers who’ve been listening to the
show for years my dad is even a knight
he is sir snoops Magoo and oops I met
John at the meetup in Seattle I’m the
girl standing next to him in the big

group photo 24 years old I live in
Tacoma Washington I currently go to
Community College and have been for the
last two years except for about five
months last year Lander study abroad in
Japan here’s a couple of observations
I’m just gonna pick one or two there

this is an important one there’s an
epidemic of depression among Millennials
I think that’s because of social media
and many quote disastrous things they
read on it’s causing their amygdala to

become enlarged also many of my friends
like to joke about the depression and
romanticize it it’s almost as if that if
you’re not depressed you’re not cool
it’s very troubling

College after the election after Trump
was elected teachers and students at my
school became absolutely unhinged I took
English 101 in the winter of 2017 and

almost every class my teacher would
spend a lot of class time spouting her
opinions on Trump some of which I have a
recording of send it in spring of 2018
my ended in spring of 2018 my history

teacher would spend the first 10 to 15
minutes of class talking about what CNN
had said about Trump the previous day
even said during our unit on the Cold
War quote Putin is worse than Stalin

needless to say I spent a majority of my
time in that class rolling my eyes so
there are young young people who are
woke I love using that term and we need

to help them as much as we can by
exposing this farce but make no mistake
AOC and the DSA are on a fast track to
power in Washington DC I don’t see how

Nancy Pelosi now with 25 members of the
Sun Rise coalition or whatever they’re
calling it 25 new Democrats are all in
yeah I don’t think she can just say

screw it we’re not gonna do it she’ll
she’ll let them create it but I’m sure
she’ll hamper it somehow
well she’ll try to control it a little
bit I mean she did the same thing with
the jobs jobs jobs let’s vote for jobs

right uh and she was all in on that and
that was pretty much the same the same
deal in fact it sounds almost identical
to what was going on back in 2008
differences look at Ocasio cortes look

at Nancy Pelosi but we’re the kids going
to be attracted to
ya know the kids are gonna obviously be

ya know ya know are gonna obviously be
attracted to the more attractive of the
to the water which is Oh glitches miss
bug eyes the one who was slapping down
history it’s been done before FDR did

the New Deal we’re gonna do it more
country we were a poor country we had no
money we were just slob standing in line
for a job or its world and we can get
battery grids so there’ll be a lot of

mocking don’t worry plenty of mocking
for us to do but I think she’s on a
fast-track and I’m not going to discount
her and it’s now my beat
you can have it and with that I’d like
to thank you for your courage and say in

the morning to you John City when the C
stands for charile phobic double rack in
the morning to you in the morning to you
mr. Adam Curry also in the morning off

which on the ground feets in the air and
foots in the air and in the water if
there’s any and the Dames the night’s
out there and in the morning to the
troll room they are there with their
troll poles ready to troll away at No

Agenda stream comm you can do it live
every Sunday and Thursday morning is
when we record the program and stream it
out trolls are always helping with their
troll poles and also in the morning –

once again the hat trick he did it
Darren O’Neill brings it home before he
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getting this hat trick I don’t care what

happens he did he did put like eight
different pieces in there there were
some good pieces I recall there were
some things that we really enjoyed yes
there’s some unusable that we really
enjoyed which is always funny for us and

this was the this was the artwork that
had Australia and a prawn they happy
prawn a shrimp shrimp a prawn I don’t

know what it was food another prone on
the Bobby is not one in a stride he had
coals them shrimp not one he drinks that

Foster’s lager
everybody knows it tastes like shit will
spread so there’s a whole new Chris

Wilson song for putting another prawn on
the barbie which I’ll play at the end of
show mix
so we have a few people to thank a

number of executive producers and
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a young man did the assailant says
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John I don’t know what Sir Tim of the
tunnels and why pas who in Hawaii $222

with the m5m lionizing the late George
WH T W Bush I was almost certain that I
had imagined all the shenanigans he and

his administration got down to or I’d
somehow slipped into another dimension
fortunately my sanity the full-throated
roar a Thursday show cut through the
droning of the pundits and the clips

from Democracy Now or pure juice almost
too delicious to believe
thanks for the biweekly sanity check
enjoy the bags of 11s can I get some

Reverend Manning whooping him with the
Constitution and a little girl boom
Shakalaka and some obligatory goat
Sharma Sharma for those who Sharma I
don’t know about her I don’t know about

the little the little girl
boom Shakalaka yeah
where is the little kid we got a little

kid doing that yeah she used to use it
all the time well you make it sound like
it’s easy
boom-shaka-laka no that’s Manning we got

that one is it this one no it’s that
like that one though this is good what
do you use that one and what was the the
final jingle uh opening with the

Constitution boom Shakalaka and goat


right now sorry where’s that little I
thought we had a little girl boom shot

yeah I can’t very cute is a very cute
jingle you have to find it later okay
well now I have an issue
oh this Dame Astrid Dutchess of Japan
and all the disputed islands Japan’s

beautiful email Jo
beautiful email she wanted $22.22 and
she says see the email I saw the email
and read it well you put it in the
newsletter and I put it in the

newsletter but I can’t find it in the
email okay then let me go to my outlook
365 open up the newsletter and read it
now I have it here dear Adam and John

actually it says dear Jon and Adam a
small faux pas
ever since sir mark hit me in the mouth
in the early 200 episodes of No Agenda
I have fervently been listening each
Friday morning and Monday morning due to

the time difference in to Japan to get
my dose of sanity John your newsletters
are always a great tease but the recent
one was just outrageous asthma

cigarettes and no flies on me thanks to
DDT it’s baffling how over the years
intolerance of the large grey scale of
diverse opinions has grown and more and
more people feel compelled to simply

take sides with either black or white
with nothing in between I was stunned
that Tim Collins Tim Cook Tom Collins
hypocrisy for wanting to welcome all

refugees while Apple itself carefully
scrutinizes who is led through their
door a huge thank you for your courage
and making the news plain to see to us
all also big thanks to all the producers

especially the art and jingle producers
for keeping in a sparkly happy festive
season to you all day master duchess of
japan and all the disputed islands in

the Japan Sea and Thank You Dame Astrid
it’s always lovely to get a note from
you and I agree I think it was a great
idea to put your note in the in the

it worked it really did thank you big
patrons of the show
the last newsletter stored there when I
went out with her note in it yeah was
also the most popular newsletter it
seems I got more feedback because pauses

love those animated gifs
Here I am thinking it’s the great the
great letters the great testimonials but
no guys shooting off firecrackers on
their crotch always beats out

intelligence and you worry about AOC
being stupid come on that crutch what is
the one that was the
I like yeah I like the guy who drinks

the burning liquid and then spills it on
and then his face is on fire that’s my
favorite a bunch of other guys in my
favorite part about that one the guys

faces on fire and so his friends are
about to help the one one douche bag in
the front near the front of the camera
has to take one last dragon a cigarette
banged him with the with a towel in his

face it’s great just love that yeah
these are the people who of course these
people will believe include global
warming hello they’re saying their face
on fire on purpose

they’re saying the crotch on fire with
with with firecrackers hello Raj the
true money shot that was a good one
Michael and by the way this is the

reason you want to subscribe to the
newsletter and people keep it’s just
asking for money Michael Halbe parts
unknown two hundred dollars and 15 cents

will be a last associate associate
executive producer and he wraps things
up with n J and K thank you Michael
beautiful thank you all so much this has
been a fun donation segment today lots

of good stuff we love the notes not too
long to the point and often hilarious
and some just tugging on the
heartstrings thank you day master to

thank all of our producers here
executives and associative alike these
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executive producer of the No Agenda show
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slash and hey you’ve got just about
everything you need in your tool kit go
out there propagate our formula our
formula is this we go out we hit people
in the mouth

things go boom shacka lacka
here’s some I won the match from the

last show when we played that woman who
the faker that was talking about the
babies and the incubators and all that
yeah democracy now clip yes she also had
some stuff in there that was that should

have been sending off alarms you’ve been
in the Middle East
I have if you ever noticed that when
you’re driving like into the through the
desert or any area where these you’re

usually on a highway or some sort of a
paved road that’s beautiful highways in
Iraq they had the the highway was eight
lanes and you drove in the middle yeah
it was same in Israel’s that way they’re

all these kind she made it sound like
they’re driving in the sand
listen Eclipse because they got stuck
because they got stuck a couple of times
because they’re driving they’re driving

not on a highway or road they’re driving
and literally in the sand which was just
to promote the idea that this is just a
bunch of sand yeah of course no cities
there’s no road it’s just sand man sand

you know I caught the intercepted that’s
Jeremy Scahill

there’s a podcast for the intercept that
$250,000,000 blog that Greg Greenwald on
Roth and that Pierre Omidyar started
yeah and he did the pretty much the same
thing as as Democracy Now about Bush he

went really far just you know D yelling
about and going into great detail of the
the horrors and the death and
destruction that HW Bush had brought
upon the world the ruthlessness and like

wow this is another great example of
someone not kowtow to the the normal m5m
line it turns out you know what this guy
came from his first gig was interning
for a me at Democracy Now yeah pretty

good that she always has a Mont ready
good this is a little cult
Oh a little cult not only Mali well it’s

yeah it’s a little cold so we have it
looks like now Trump is gonna check
a bunch of people out which is that
doesn’t surprise me after the list the

end of the year it’s the end of the year
it always kick some people out no I
don’t have a rundown on the number of
people but we do have a parent and I
have but I have all these little little

rundowns by the Elson door woman on on
the main people that are leaving and I
would like to play them so we know cuz
for example uh mark Miley the I who was

army chief of staff the top guy the
joint chief no he’s not the joint chief
guy he is the army guy oh this is the

guy you like yeah you like this guy yeah
I do like this guy I have a couple and I
still I brought some of his old clips
back okay because he’s the one who gave
that little slightly long as the three

minute 23 seconds on the world order I
don’t necessarily want to play it right
but it looks like Tillerson well
Tillerson has been gone for a while but

they’re gonna bring in Miley and then
they’re gonna move over Heather Nuart
now now we’re her name is now is yeah
now works and I want to play this clip
about her bite by else endure because

the mainstream media’s gone after
they’re going after her oh yeah because
she’s one of them you see she was a fox
news babe yeah although she’s very
accomplished in her own right but she

now she’s she’s just she has no know
about politics this was a revealing clip
because it’s as if else Endor did a very
good job of running you know giving a

rundown on her but she never threw in
that she doesn’t know what she’s not it
so Judy throws it in it makes me think
that Judy’s really the left winger there
and once Gwen Ifill left Judy has like

become a kind of a nut ball Heather now
or she has been the spokesperson and
assistant secretary of state what do we
know about her
I’m gonna quickly walk you through her
bio she was a spokesperson for the State

Department she was she was appointed by
President Trump in April 2017 she’s a
former correspondent for Fox News
correspondent for ABC News so she’s
someone who has a lot of experience in

journalism I’m
told today that President Trump
appointed her because she’s a good
talker she’s someone who has defended
this administration’s foreign policy
the president said she’s very smart very

quick people have talked to you say that
she is someone who could talk who could
really come up to speed on the UN’s
dealings that she could do the outside
job which is giving speeches and that
she could rely on her staff as much like

hilly nikki Haley did to talk about
other countries and get them to really
to really support the things that the
United States wants them to do but no
significant diplomatic experience how
can they be mean about a woman I mean

isn’t this mean isn’t this the
intersectionality we want isn’t this the
diversity that we speak that we seek I
mean let’s see let’s see

she went to shitty schools uh Arizona
State there’s a party school yeah all
the pretty girls Bachelor of Arts and
communications from Mount Vernon College

for Women a master’s degree from
Columbia let’s see what she did she did
work at some pretty serious news
organizations ABC News she contributed
to ABC World News Tonight Good Morning

America Nightline she was nominated for
an Emmy Award for her
news prowess yeah what does she know
stupid what does she know about anything

no policy it’s the wrong person it’s
exactly the right person everybody who’s
you know all these jamokes who stand up
there at the United Nations it’s all
it’s all PR everything they do every

document the United Nations comes up
with is just they we agree and
recognizing that there’s no key so
binding things that come out of there
except the vetoes once in a while on the

on the what is it the the war committee
whatever security counts yeah the war
council but otherwise it states totally
and she’s going to reign supreme you

know what’s gonna happen just to be a
dick about it these old boys at the
United Nations like finally they sent us
a cute one after Samantha power and and
by the way why is it predominantly women

that we send their
yeah they yeah you’re it’s a good point
I mean they’ve sent uh all its up in all
women I’ve just been Hillary was there
for one thing let’s listen Haley uh John

Kerry I think was let’s look at what’s
all women let’s look at the list Haley
Michels Isum briefly Samantha power
Rosemarie DeCarlo Susan Rice we have to

go back to 2007 it was this guy zom a
oka lozad calles odd
ah there’s something about that a hell

of an impact yeah really
that before that there’s just an acting
guy then it was Bolton bolted in 2005
before that and Patterson then we had
Dan first nigger I’m going back in time

so really you go back to it you have to
go back to 1993 will we find Madeleine
Albright who ever know who Drobo that
guess she’s the exception to the woman’s

ruling now Jean Kirkpatrick in 1981
that was the jet flies overhead but at
the last one two three four five you I

think that it’s time for a man this is
not diversity the think it’s time for a
trend a Chinese man from denies American
Chinese come on why do you say that

because that we don’t have the ethnic is
all whites no Susan Rice is not white
Samantha Power’s not white she’s a great

man she’s a great she’s a redhead she
was reptilian personally she’s a ginger
she doesn’t count all right so anyway so
the other guy they’re putting in is this

Maile character who I like as you say
let’s do the rundown this is the Maile
rundown on PBS I that else in door does
mill a general market only to be the
next chairman of the Joint Chiefs so

this is on someone else that I’m gonna
have to pull up a graphic for he is a
four-star general and and the army chief
of staff he is a special forces officer
he was um he commanded troops in
Afghanistan and Iraq and Korea and the

people that I talked to who know him
very well say that he’s someone who’s
very blunt he’s someone that once he
figures out that he’s right or thinks
that he’s right if someone’s gonna push
for his point of view that of course

could mean that he gets along with
President Trump who also was someone
that’s like that or that he could butt
heads with the president instantly I’m
also told that he really likes to deal
with troops he likes to visit troops I
talked to someone who spent time with

him in Afghanistan and he told me a
really funny anecdote and that anecdote
is that he went to visit French troops
for a french battalion and they prepared
baguettes which are traditional french
bread for him and when he bit into this

baguette his dentures got stuck in the
bread and the troops were saying oh my
god were so embarrassed and he said it’s
okay troops I sometimes carry a spare
pair of teeth with me so he’s someone
who’s really down-to-earth and who was

beloved in a lot of ways by troops so he
could he could he could be someone who
gets along with the president you may
need that sense of humor riveting
analysis of the war prowess of this man
God well I think the connection is the

false teeth yeah Trump hmm
buddy-buddy like how about you then go
into a room and like hey bro can we do

you have us to do it
oh no one else comes
that’s pretty if we want we can listen
to Miley’s this we played on the show by

almost two years ago Miley’s report on
the world order uh and how it works and
what we do and how we fit into the
scheme of things as a country I think it
was one of the best analysis anyone’s

presented and it’s right from the
horse’s mouth the guy who has to
implement it I think this is extremely
important I recall us both talking about
it and I’m happy to give it another
whirl third Mayer talked about the army

we have we have we don’t have a small
army and but the question on size of
Forces Army Navy Air Force Marines it’s
a relative question it’s not an absolute

question it’s a question of what do you
want it to do how big do you want it is
relative to the tasks you want it to do
now the United States military is a
global military and we have been for

sure since the first world war and and
with absolute certainty since the
Bretton wood agreements of at the end of
World War two which established

essentially the international order the
rules and regimes by which the world
runs today so for seven decades the
world has had a certain set of rule sets
emphasizing things like free trade
international commerce things like

democracy of the quote unquote liberal
world order things like human rights and
there’s all wide variety of things out
there then you’ve got institutions that
it rests upon the United Nations the

World Bank and the World Trade
Organization all these things that were
developed many years ago and that is
essentially what people very quickly
referred to as the World Order one of
the significant roles of the United

States military for seven decades has
been to enforce that world order to
maintain it to maintain its stability
and that’s in our interest because in
the first half of the last century there

was a bloodletting unlike any that had
ever occurred in history of mankind
so between 1914 and 1945
a hundred million people were

slaughtered in the conduct of war
and that’s a horrible horrible nightmare
my mother and father both served in that
war my mother in the Navy and my father
in the Marines and he at the beach at
Iwo Jima where 7,000 Marines were killed

in nineteen days now 34,000 wounded
22,000 Japanese killed on an island that
was two miles by four miles there were
millions of Chinese killed in belt

battle and murdered the if you order if
you want a real Trail of Tears go to
Eastern Europe and see what happened in
Belarus and Ukraine Latvia Lithuania
it’s horrific 9 out of every 10 Jews

that lived in Poland didn’t live didn’t
wanna live in 1945 one out of every
three males that lived in the Ukraine of
Belarus were dead by 1945 it’s a

horrific picture that occurred and those
people who were in leadership positions
in 1945 said never again we can’t keep
doing this this is insane they said the

same thing in 1815 after the Napoleonic
Wars and they set up the concert of
Europe and that worked well for a
hundred years for one century they kept
the long peace in Europe more or less
there were a couple of minor flare-ups

the Crimean War and the Austrian wrought
war and a few other Wars but there
wasn’t a continental wide war until 1914
so we tried again in 1945 to set up a
system that would try to maintain global

peace and prevent war between great
powers and great powers states
throughout the world that system is
under stress intense stress today that
system is under stress from

revolutionaries and terrorists and
guerrillas it’s under stress from nation
states that don’t like the rules of the
road that were written and want to
revise those rules of the road that
system is under very intense stress and
we’re at seventy years now and that

system has prevented great power war
similar to what occurred in the first
half of the last century
now before you continue with your your
presentation I would like to play a clip

that fits seamlessly with this which is
why I’m happy you brought it this is
arty with their current version of what
this is them pushing back on the nuke
treaty what they view as the new world

today it is time for change time for the
old ways to die time for a new
undisputed leader a new American world

order our mission is to reassert our
sovereignty reform the liberal
international order under question that
we face it is the question of whether

the system has currently configured as
it exists today and as the world is
today for all the people of the world
the old ways out-of-date the United

Nations is useless incompetent the IMF
is obsolete European Union pointless all
these international organizations unions

treaties and agreements they only hinder
America they tie its hands and cripple
its power the logic is sound wouldn’t we
all be better off if we just let America

rule America intends to lead now and
the intermediate-range nuclear forces
treaty Russia is violating it says

America others aren’t bound by it it
hobbles limits limits the United States
and Washington’s policy requires it
seems more nukes bigger nukes

faster nukes one country in the world is
bound by the INF treaty us China’s not
bound by it Iran has an extensive irbm
capability that but we have global

responsibilities in Asia in the Middle
East we have to be responsive there to
international democracy has failed
alliances have failed nations cannot
tell right from wrong

everyone wants us say but why let them
they no longer knew what’s good for them
America is good for them this is what
President Trump is doing he is returning

the United States to its traditional
central leadership role in the world and
so it seems we enter a new age in a
where might makes right without all the

fluff and lip service
partnerships and equality the old world
order is dead welcome to a new American
age I like those two back to back well

what it shows is that there’s a
misunderstanding because as the as Milly
would say it was all part of the
post-world War two Bretton Woods and

other agreements that we were taking
this roll on and all we’re doing is just
reiterating that because it was actually
I think somewhat weakened by Obama sir

somewhat certainly weakened we’re
putting the jackboot to the head is what
we’re doing and so now we have to Currie
have to go strengthen it again because
again it’s like the idea is to keep from

having 100 million people killed yeah
you know within a just a decade or two
which was what happened what’s happened
that happened before is is the nature of
Europe in general they want to fight

each other and I’ve always thought that
the that the EU experiment was just
gonna enable that again well anyway he

has a little bit of a finish on this so
part two doesn’t say as much but it’s
it’s not a bad wrap similar to what
occurred in the first half of the last

century so the question is how big an
Army do you want how big a Navy do you
want well how much do you want that
system how much do you value that system
is that system worth preserving or not
and therein you get to the size and

scope of your armies navies Air Forces
and Marines and right near wrongly
fairly or unfairly the role of the
arbiter of that system has defaulted to

the United States for seven decades
there are other countries 60 or 70 or
more so that have allied themselves with
their militaries to us and they make
significant contributions but it is the

United States that’s been the leader
with that system so the status of the
army as part of the military force their
works to help maintain the stability
of the world we’re a global militant

military were global army and we’ve got
right now today about 180,000 soldiers
in the United States army active duty
reserve and National Guard deployed in
about a hundred and forty countries

around the world yes we are number one
so it remains to be seen how well this
guy will get along with Bolton who seems
to be just some sort of a troublemaker

hmm an even Trump who’s always bitching
about all these soldiers we have
stationed all over the base although I
think he’s softened this position on
that yes it’ll be this is gonna be an
interesting situation would this guy

take it being the head of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff I don’t know what kind
of decisions he’ll make we’ll see I’ve
no idea you know something listening to
all this something just hit me about the
true fallacy of the green new deal
because it’s that’s kind of it just hit

me here’s the so they are saying we’re
going to make the world but certainly
the United States completely we’re gonna
take you off oil so no more oil and

we’re gonna pay for that by printing
money through the Federal Reserve that’s
what they said what’s what she says in
her green new deal the problem is if you
get rid of all the oil the dollar is no

longer needed
now this is a subversive the whole green
New Deal and in fact the entire global
warming propaganda that you mentioned

was foisted on the children is an
attempt to destroy the country
well if yes cuz if she actually thinks
she can pay for this by printing money

for money that is no longer needed
because oil is no longer in play do we
food get that hyperinflation we’re
looking for as we know it I’ve always
thought she was subversive and I mean

the whole social defect that they proud
of the word socialist within their uh
you know their moniker Democrats
socialists of America whatever they call
themselves it’s a it’s just it’s a
subversive operation designed to kill

the country reset to everything and it’s
actually you know you’re at your right
to reven reset the balance everything
these these guys just said would be gone

it will be gone we wouldn’t have we
wouldn’t be important which i think is
the plan
don’t be important or as the Alania lay
in portent important more important

important important
yes schwarzenegger was out there at the
because it was it poland now where they
doing the the new climate change thing
poland yeah his polls and look berg and

polish some small town yeah he was out
there talking yeah what does he know he
knows a lot know that you want to hear
what he said or do you want to continue

with what you were doing no I’d only
hear what he said every time you talk
about America you’re right when you say
that our leadership in Washington little
bit backwards but you’re wrong when you
say that America dropped out of the

Paris agreement because if you look a
little bit beyond Washington you will
see that it is the states in the cities
there’s local governments that control
70% of our emissions and you would see

all the extraordinary work that is going
on in a state and city level in America
so the states in the cities are still in
now in the Paris agreement our financial
institutions are in our academic

institutions are still in the governor’s
and the mayor’s are still in the United
States is still in and be doing
extraordinary job there but staying in

yes we have a meshuggener leader leader
in Washington that is nothing that is
out but remember that America is more
than just washing no one leader yeah

good old Michigan yeah I threw a little
yes there for us well the best quote he
had was during the Q&A and it’s a little
different audio it’s a different mic but

you’ll hear you’ll hear what he if he
really if he really could do what he
could do what he wanted to do he’d do
this I wish
it could be the Terminator
and realize to be able to travel back in

and fossil fuels when they were
discovered he’s seriously they’d all be
living in mud huts yeah he wish he could

stop all fossil fuels before they were
discovered mm-hmm yeah Wow

yep well what are you gonna do carbon
higher than ever here’s a PBS report
I’ve been higher than ever yes this
isn’t kind of an agenda 2030 years there

is word that global carbon emissions
have reached record new highs in 2018
rising the most in seven years an
international scientific group the
global carbon project makes that

projection based on figures from the US
China Europe and India the findings
means some of the goals of the 2015
International Paris climate Accord may
be nearly out of reach I’m not gonna

make it
this is out of reach why the reason you
know see what happens with die well
maybe it improved things that come has
never ever anything good comes of

anything you know gene sir gene I had
lunch with him and Dan Benjamin on
Friday how are they interesting little
lunch yeah and he had his producer with
him dan did does all the production for

his network there and and I don’t know I
kind of hung back on this conversation
just listened but gene was talking about
the dinosaurs or those two that nursed
you know that time with times they were

talking about some show or something
with you know maybe it was a Jurassic
Park 18 I don’t know they’re talking
about but Jeanne said Jean jeans already
set up jet jeans a reptile guy he’s got
the big snakes and everything it was all

about reptiles he says actually the
problem we have today is we don’t have
enough carbon dioxide he said we don’t
have enough we need in order to have
more oxygen which could sustain

dinosaurs because their lungs are so big
there’s literally not enough awk I’m
paraphrasing there’s not enough oxygen
components in the air that we breathe to
keep the dinosaur alive that’s the

difference with back when the dinosaurs
were around because the co2 levels were
incredibly high everything was
incredibly green and the earth was a
great place except for the dinosaurs so
his thesis is we need a lot more of co2

if we add more co2 we to have it be
greener yeah we’d have more trees and
the trees give off what is that stuff oh
yeah oxygen yeah yeah
this is not an unknown thesis by the way

even presented before I say gene for
climate czar is what I say crank up the
co2 before we go to a break just a quick
note about our model which is the value

for value model we’ve always seen the
way to run this type of media experience
as something valuable try to do a
bang-up job create an outstanding

product and have people participate in
the product as producers no one’s a
listener you jut you’re a producer by
contributing to the product itself but
also by financing it and we early on saw

or learned very quickly that it’s much
smarter to say what is it worth to you
send us that amount and help people
understand the differences in or that
what value of time is or value of

entertainment time spent what kind of
laughs did you get or what did you learn
and that’s worked well for us when this
model started to spread things came

along that intermediated this this
proposition where we have pretty much
two ways three ways you can contribute
financially to the show one is through

paypal which you can do with a credit
card or your paypal account the other
one is through checks
what’s the peel box again yeah you said
I check the box three three nine El
Cerrito California nine four five three

oh you can rewind that if you want to
hear it again
when people like doing that and there’s
any if you send a check sometimes you
can send a little note or something like
most of the checks do come through the

banks though so people go to a bank or a
credit union or one of the online
payment systems and then they sign up
there and then the check is mail from
the bank a lot of credit unions do this

or even sometimes pop money you can get
money that way too and that goes through
the post office Barbies live it goes
through the post office box of piles of
cheques in that little bit envelope from

a bank or a pop money goes straight into
the bank itself and that and that comes
out of a credit union too there’s
there’s ways of doing it and I’m always
baffled by the fact that people aren’t

doing it that way and instead are using
a third
party to do this I mean we used PayPal
as a third party so you got most you’re
taking one removed from even that it
doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me

yeah and this is what happened with
patreon I think we said hey great idea
love what you’re doing love the
transparency aspect of it you know we
have our own transparency we everyone’s

name and the amount that they donated I
think that’s pretty transparent we
published that information but patreon
was putting a piece in between it as you
say and we from the beginning said this

is not a good idea you also can’t
receive checks and it’s just another
place for you get cut off at the knees
which appears to have happened under the
control of MasterCard who is their
payment processor and I’m referring now

to the D platforming from patreon of
Milo yep innopolis
and he was that there was more than just
him I said David e-platform about five

or six people I think already did Alex
Jones oh yes now there’s several of them
but the reason and they had they sent
him an email the reason he was de
platformed because of his association
with the proud boys

yeah so what and it doesn’t even specify
a so I think it even says your
association in the past with proud boys
who you know I’ve been falsely called

marginalized I don’t even wear I’m not
even too familiar with them well this is
Gavin McGinnis this is the the guy who
started it what is it telling Vice
exactly and you know they were very

quickly by the Southern Poverty Law
Center who work with the FBI deemed as
an extremist group although the FBI you
know that’s been reprinted it’s kind of
like you know 97% of scientists agree

the proud boys are the extremist group
the racist they’re Nazis etc I think
there’s enough evidence to show that
they’re not but I do want to go back

almost a year to show you what this kind
of pressure
and I’ll say pressure this also comes on
the heel of peels of the god I’m sorry
the the the Pope Tim Cook the Pope of

Silicon Valley and make no mistake he is
the Pope because you know you when when
you’ve got your app your patreon app and
that’s how people use patreon they use

the app when that’s on your iPhone and
the App Store you do not want to get
into trouble with the Pope with Pope
so you have to do things you have to
make sure it’s obvious that you’re on

board so you don’t get the platform
that’s what’s happening because here is
the CEO of patreon just seven months ago
speaking with us on the Rubin report
Dave Rubin about the creators and this

is another thing that pisses me off
what is this creators business yes our
creators on the platform to eff off with
your creators I mean that’s that’s what

is it creator
yeah create it’s a horrible moniker
they had nothing to worry about just
seven months ago look at all because

there were a couple pretty terrible
articles written about me that talked
about patreon as well Mother Jones wrote
a really awful libelous piece about me
for further to the right than Breitbart
marvelous and they by the way in both

the cases mentioned patreon yeah so
you’re saying that stuff has nothing to
do whether it gets across your desk or
not has nothing to do with any of that’s
not in our content policy like what one
particular paper says about a person or

someone’s opinion about a person not in
our content policy you can’t scale a
system based on other people’s opinions
about people on your platform that would

be ineffective and just bad content
policy so no I don’t care who says what
about you or anyone else we care what
you do right we care what the behaviors

are that are or not against the content
policy and by the way gosh one thing I
feel like I just have to say it I should
like send this bit like that right here
right most create like creators watching

us you just don’t have to worry about
this shit you just don’t have to worry
about it like people like you and people
most people who are like engaging and
healthy dialogue and talking about tough

issues like this is just not something
that concerns most creators and it like
kills me a little bit that there’s this
fear you know one of the things
Harris said in the in in the podcasts

where he talked about leaving patreon
was like this is there’s this wave of
deep platforming and I just kills me
that there’s that fear there and it

doesn’t have to be there for most
creators okay creators nothing to be
afraid of creators gosh wait to bring
Josh back it’s so cute gosh oh gosh

golly gosh golly gee oh gosh yeah well
if you recall when patreon was first
introduced to the scene we had a lot of
people of our you know producers on our

oh yeah you have our show saying I don’t
know why you’re using PayPal I don’t
while you’re doing this you could use
paint you should use patron you should
use patreon and you know even though

people like Jen brainy who knows how to
do all this without Peter she even did
patreon as an additional and you could
see it as you know doing it some
additional thing but patreon on there

too but we were against it because it it
was a I mean PayPal has deep platform
people too and that’s always a risk but
but this is like a this is but patrons

got a new could seem to have a more
common sense about it it’s about them
making money yeah and it’s not about a
lot of other side and it’s not this the
kind of this middleman who probably does

a lot of the business through patreon –
so why we why would you use a middleman
like this and then then you’re at their
Beckett and if we looked at the Terms of
Service yeah and there was a lot of

stuff in there that we didn’t like
there’s nothing like that with paypal
there’s no Terms of Service about what
we do there it no there is one thing you
can’t do

but you can’t disparage PayPal oh yes
PayPal does have a non-disparagement
clause which is fairly recent yeah but
you cannot say so we actually don’t
disparage PayPal but I don’t see any

reason to disparage them anyway because
we’ve had nothing but good luck with
them even though others have some
let’s beside the point patreon is is
introduced as a system that takes it it
just doesn’t make any sense to me I

would much rather encourage people
sending checks yes yeah where there’s no
did you know the bank takes their you
know a little transformation fees but
patron does this and then they have

control of your operation we have with
the PayPal em MailChimp which is another
operation as deep platform people but we
have the mailing lists

we have iechyd every customers ever paid
us through PayPal I have their email and
their home address um and I can get all
that information what do I get from
patreon and the it’s just I never liked

the idea of this operation
no and and I don’t see what it does that
you can’t do yourself and you know
that’s part of it it’s just laziness I
think this is lazy and here’s the other

thing let me give you this this is one
of those I really like PayPal if you’ve
noticed that anyone who gets the
newsletter will notice this we have
these offers that change and I change
the offers like constantly and it’s a

matter of a little not even coding it’s
PayPal does all this work to create new
buttons and so I have like probably four
pages of I think there’s a honey I think

we’ve added four hundred different
offers over the years some of them are
long gone and we don’t use them anymore
but they’re still there and you can keep
creating new ideas and oh let’s do a
special because we have show 1100 coming

up which would be our first show of the
year 2019 will be show 1100 and I can do
a special whole series of special offers
and like patron doesn’t give you any of

that here’s your goal here give us some
money I mean it’s like so simplistic
thank you cannot leverage anything with
patreon I really don’t like this

way they set up it just doesn’t make any
sense if you’re it all in the marketing
in the least it’s just like you why
don’t you just throw away half your
income because that’s what you’re doing

when you’re using an operation exactly
right it’s exactly right and again I’m
going to say that this deep platforming
ever since Pope Colin’s Pope Cooke came
out and said it’s us we’re making

technology only useful for good that was
the moment and of course they were also
the first ones to deep platform Alex
Jones everybody went after that is
because they hold immense power with

their app store it is because all the
journals have iPhones aid all the elites
have iPhones and you do not want to be

deep platform so if you’re promoting a
guy who is associated with the proud
boys and you’ve already been to platform
from someplace once and you’re on
patreon this guy’s thinking holy crap we

got to get him and anybody else off
because otherwise the Pope will take us
off the App Store it’s a cavalcade
cascade of deep platforming and go so
you think that Patriot is shaking in a

zoo yes of course they are their app is
incredibly important to their business
they need to that people use patreon I
think through their app I’m pretty sure
you’re probably right and you’d they

can’t have that association really never
understood what people wanted us to use
it but I think it’s because there’s a
certain kind of a well I’m on patron let
me click click I’ll give these guys $5

and these guys $2 $1 5 $4 to them in
fact we we make donating hard
what’s our donation URL is it donate to
no agenda show com is it no agenda show

/ donate now its Dvorak org / na it’s
the stupidest marketing move we’ve ever
made but once you be able to jingle you
have a jingle for an org slash hey now

before I go into the break I did want to
read this quick note from Miranda
um regarding uh Tim Cook Pop cook I have
two degrees in English and writing I

just wanted to comment on the deus ex
machina explanation by Tim Cook and this
was his you know the the machine
we built the machine and we are the God
in the machine we all of us Silicon

Valley we are the gods I am the Pope of
Hellfire we’re gonna get a literary yes
very much more accurate deus ex machina
to clarify the machines functioned to

bring the gods as characters to the
stage at the end of the play to rescue
the protagonist of the play however
what’s interesting to me and what Pope

Cook did not mention is the impossible
situation the protagonist was being
rescued from was usually the violent
undoing or murder of all the supporting

characters it’s called the platforming
now one of the most famous examples in
Medea being rescued by Jason’s chariot
after she slaughters all of her children
I thought it was interesting and

possibly ironic that he was framing his
analogy in a banal benevolent light when
the tradition usually revolves around
horrific acts and total destruction in
the world in which the play takes place

so will Apple be ultimately resolved
from their sins think about it
Thank You Miranda imagine all the people
who could do this oh yeah

and indeed we do mention the people that
give us help and support the show and

produce the show in fact twice the show
Kimberly Davis at the top of the list
here and Enid Oklahoma $133.33 she needs
addy douching douched

when I read her note she’s gonna want
some Nancy Jobs come we’ll put that at
the end for her currently in pilot
training for the US Air Force in the

33rd flying training squadron boom send
pictures to more graded flights till I
find out what’s next for me thanks for
the great show Adam I will email you
next time I bring down a jet down to

Austin are you kidding me yes oh wow
cool cool
author Arthur Arthur gobbets or hilber

of Cities gov it’s called its gobiins
100 $23.45
it’s got a birthday coming up and he
needs a huge sum jobs can’t put that at

the end with the Kimberley’s Karl
Schneider and lake bei was Washington
$109 and 2600 gobbets was one two three
four five by the way he did say that
show 1092 is probably one of the best

he’s ever heard oh really
I think it was one of the best we’ve
done for about a year huh and I gave it
a high rating in the family you gave it
an a-minus in the family yeah it family

got an a-minus which is the first which
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Nussbaum Nussbaum is what is he Grand
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that’s right Archduke he posted a piece
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electronics warfare technician first
class surface warfare aviation war for
warfare Thomas r Nussbaum the United
States Navy
he received the citation for this award

for professional achievement in the
superior performance of duties while
serving as information warfare watch
officer an information warfare planner
assigned to commander carrier group two

from June 2002 to two May 2003
petty officer Nussbaum spearheaded the
commander task force six zero
psychological operations program he

fabricated a PSYOP interface box which
provided the US Navy with his first
organics IAP radio delivery capability
are you kidding me these are the people
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and he got like an award for his
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title changes for today sir Alan bean as
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Royal role of vai count and sir Corwin
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Ohio congratulations to them and thank
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agenda show it is highly appreciated
and we’re back we are back yes a couple
of other side things they got the Kevin
Hart just story which i think is funny

it’s funny in a very sad way but now
this is his tweets from 2009 yeah where
he was a lot of them like I have a bunch

of I and my question is were they funny
in 2009 they might have been I don’t
know if the word fag was funny back then
or though or his his role in the comedic
realm made it okay for him I’m sure is

in context he was perfectly fine back
then dude I don’t know if it was I I do
have the story of being bounced and I do
have a part of his gay bashing stand-up

routine yes which one first which is
kind of what his tweets were like it was
pretty this data per team seems pretty
mild I think Eddie Murphy had more gay
bashing material yeah in this guy but

let’s play that play the background so
we get this and this a little what he
call it the real news segment Kevin Hart
and the host of this year’s Oscars Kevin

Hart has stepped down following public
outcry over his past homophobic tweets
most were posted from 2009 to 2011 and
some were deleted last night the actor

and comedian tweeted that he didn’t want
to be a distraction and he apologized
for quote insensitive words from my past
and now back to real famous artists so

most of it would be I think most of his
gate tweets or anti-gay tweets were just
Gabe I don’t know what the column
they’re just snide comments but there’s
pretty much based on this little segment

from one of his stand-up routines which
has been reposted on most of the stories
about this I got a lot of fears Ben I
got a lot of fears as a parent let me
tell you guys one of my biggest fears

one of my biggest fears is my son
growing up and being gay that’s a fear
keep in mind I’m not homophobic I have
nothing against gay people be happy do
what you want to do but me being a
heterosexual male if I can prevent my

son from being gay I will now with that
being said I don’t know if I handle my
son’s first gay moment correctly like
every kid has a gay moment okay every

kid but when it happened you got to nip
it in the bud you got to stop it right
I don’t know I don’t know if I handle my
son’s situation right okay he’s at a

birthday party right my son had a
birthday party he’s playing you know
when kids play they just play you don’t
know what he’s doing but they having a
good time this is doing a bunch of stuff
right moving around I said okay he’s

good I finished talking I turned back
around to check on my son again a little
boy was grinding on my son feels like
this I didn’t know what to do I panicked

I knocked them both
what’s going on here what kind of party
is this huh what kind of party is this
what’s going on here this lady came out
she’s like what are you doing there kids

let them play
I said well you showed me another kid
getting fucked in ass can I calm down my
son had on corduroys that’s why I have
attitude let me see it I heard it all I
heard was

the whole is playing cards what is that
shuffling cards
nothing stays here the thing to piss me
off here’s a piss me off man I was

eating a buffalo wing when it happened I
should have chopped the wing and ran
over there but I lick my fingers first
the black enemy came out okay now

contrast that just stay in that moment
not even ten years ago
contrast that with this piece about

Olson she is from the division of
Adolescent Medicine at Children’s
Hospital Los Angeles and she does
research on transgender youth and you
will understand why Kevin Hart is not

hosting the Oscars the research that I
do in addition to the clinical work that
I do is really involved with
understanding what these young people
experience what is their experience as a

young person who doesn’t feel like they
were born in the body that matches their
internal sense of their gender you know
there’s astounding rates of suicide
attempts among trans youth so about 50%

of trans youth have attempted suicide by
the time their age 20 so this is a
serious public health implication so for
those young kids who are starting

puberty and have strong gender
identities that don’t match their bodies
those young people can really benefit
from not ever going through the wrong
puberty the first time in older kids or
adults who have already gone through
their endogenous puberty those young

people have to go through a second
puberty well we don’t even like going
through one puberty frankly nobody
really likes it the first time so it’s
very hard for them it’s much easier if
we can halt their puberty early on in

the process and let them have be
suspended for a little bit and then put
them through the right puberty that
corresponds to the right this is what we
do over in our program if we get kids
early enough in the process we put them

on puberty blockers or medic
nations that actually keep their body
from progressing through that wrong
puberty they come in older they may be
appropriate patients to go on to
hormones that will allow them to either

feminized or masculinize their body
which gives them a body that’s much
closer to their internal gender identity
and so I’m really hoping that people
understand there’s lives in the medical
world it is acetates for some people

medical intervention and that’s really
important and it has to stop being a
political and religious issue a mental
health issue the mental health piece of
it comes from the way that the outside

world responds to these young people and
adults as well but because with young
people that’s who I understand and I
understand the experiences and the
trauma that they undergo because they
don’t have an aligned gender identity

and the rest of their body so without
judging my gift without judging either
one I just want to show the contrast
between ten years ago Kevin Hart making
making that’s a that’s a skit it’s a

it’s a written bit stick stick nourished
and sweet and tweeting about that at the
same time and then was clearly okay it
was okay from Kevin at the time it was

okay with Twitter at the time and now
you see what is happening oh by the way
it’s nothing the mental issues is only
comes after the fact to doctors
seriously telling us that’s a good idea

to administer drugs to delay puberty so
the child can go through the right
puberty and not the wrong puberty this
is that was that that clip almost made

me ill I’ll give you a clip of the day
by the way I’ll take it i think it’s
deserved because it’s an insane
child abuse is what I would say and I

would say it’s child abuse and it which
also contradicts the idea that we’re all
kind of the same it doesn’t make any of
your man or a woman we’re all equal
equal equal so egalitarians would say

what difference does it make what was
just what’s the point of stopping the
natural process and just letting that go
through because of these at the end of
the day we’re pretty much all the same

and we just you know live with their
personality quirks that’s what we’re so
that’s what we’re told yeah that’s
that’s what we’re supposed to believe
yes yeah well that’s just kind of a
change now it’s just an attempt to say

it’s just more Dee balling above the
dan you know Amsterdam is seriously
considering canceling the gay Canal
Pride Parade

why yeah the Gay Pride Canal Parade
which is a big deal yeah well yeah well
you know remember these are the people
who remove the I Amsterdam sign

well you know it’s getting a little out
of hand you know it’s it’s a little too
much for the city I think it’s the gays
I think that the there’s something about

the particularly white gay males that
are no longer fitting in the LGBTQIA apk
equation I think they’re starting to be

shunned yeah yeah you find this out
before it was like a kind of a subtext
of the gay non community yes the the the
the actual the the OG gays the original

gays the gay guys cuz you know women
gays were called lesbians they I don’t
know them whatever you’re called doesn’t
matter I’m just saying they’re being
singled out they’re getting in trouble

taking away that party
student two things I want to get out of
the way because it’s important one is
the huawei arrest yes thank you let’s do

that right now cuz I knew you were gonna
be on it because you promised that in
the newsletter and you actually were
which is fantastic tell me all about it
damas morning I deliver usually but I’ve

not focused on it display this clip a
Chinese telecommunications executive is
facing multiple fraud charges in the
United States for allegedly violating US
sanctions against Iran huawei’s chief

financial officer mum 1jo was arrested
on Saturday in Canada at the request of
the US today she appeared in a Vancouver
Court for her bail hearing her arrest

sparked fears of an escalation in a
trade war between the US and China
Huawei is the world’s largest supplier
of phone and Internet technology US
intelligence agencies have accused the

company of spying for China okay I
believe this was done by the deep state
and against Trump’s wishes yeah you know
it’s interesting you say that that’s

exactly the first thing I thought is
this is to muck up whatever Trump is
trying to do with it with China yeah
and this is the daughter of the of the
founder of the company I mean there’s

all kinds of dimensions to it and that
now you start hearing from the
mainstream media oh she can get life in
prison she’s not gonna get day in prison
she’s gonna get they were there they may

find the company but this is just an
attempt to embarrass the administration
I’m cannot agree with you I totally
agree I think that’s exactly what
happened it has to do with her
involvement in an operation in 2009 I

believe she’s not even involved with any
but this is this is something of a scam
we’ll see I mean nobody likes Huawei so
let’s start with that premise so there’s

that element
nobody likes Huawei they are considered
dirty players that in the telecom
business their whole idea is and I’ve
been told this by people who have worked

there I got the same story in Brazil
from somebody who worked there I got the
story in Europe from somebody who worked
I got the story here here’s the way they
do it they got a couple of guys spying

and on Ericsson right Ericsson goes into
a company company Z and makes an offer
about some big telecom deal and then
they leave boom the wall way people go

in and they say what did Ericsson what
was there what was their price will will
cut it in half
what do they would offer I will do hat
with their half we’ll do it for half the

price and that’s their whole business
business model which is following around
Erikson salesman right so they and
there’s some belief that then maybe they

have some back doors but yeah I don’t
actually do I actually don’t believe
that I think people just for the fact
that their business model is so sleazy
well that isn’t that kind of what China
does just in general I think so yeah
yeah but these guys are these guys are

really good at it I I ran into them once
at a trade show way when they were wal
half away they were it’s bright at the
beginning and they were creepy it was a

creepy operation there’s always
secretive they wouldn’t talk do you know
is they didn’t like talking to the news
media it’s like they were doing
something wrong so they’re they have a
guilty conscience but they pair

when I upgrade that’s me that’s what all
all the Europeans are buying Huawei
phones that they’re really moving away
from the iPhone at least just in the
general population the popular popular

kind of thing that’s going on yeah well
it’s a nice phone especially they got
some nice colors of the cases is a
really pretty phones very metallic it’s
a modern-looking that has all this

pretty close to the Google a model for
the Android it doesn’t have all the
extra features that kind of muck it up
the way Samsung does it mm-hmm so I know
just thinking about it

that’s the wall wasters I don’t know
where this is going but I will follow it
okay excellent
also another story that got my attention
is the Don Hewitt is now a creep CBS

story that was presented to us by NBC
CBS today as far as I know did not play
this story sexual misconduct and secrecy
at CBS News this time involving a late

Don Hewitt the man behind 60 minutes
NBC’s Anne Thompson has the details
Don Hewitt created 60 minutes good
evening over 36 years building a legacy

of journalistic excellence ratings
dominance and now allegedly sexual
harassment the new york times reporting
in the 90s CBS settled with a female
employee who claims hewitt sexually

assaulted her several times and ruined
her career this according to a draft
investigative report looking into CBS’s
culture the original settlement reports
the paper was for $450,000 it’s been

amended six times and now exceeds five
million plus $75,000 a year Hewitt died
in 2009
why is CBS still paying this money

clearly CBS still wants to keep this
woman quiet and the payments that
they’ve agreed to stretch until the end
of her life CBS had no response
Gators reportedly say the misconduct of

Hewitt’s successor Jeff Fager was less
severe figure was fired after sending a
threatening text message to a CBS news
reporter covering allegations against
him according to The Times investigators

say the firing was justified bigger said
he was only demanding
in coverage and regrets how he did it
still unknown who will be the next
leader of CBS’s legendary broadcast Ann

Thompson NBC News New York
wow what a hit piece and what a great
showing what a story gets paid until the
rest of her life it’s like the lotto
who cares ruin mine please that’s great

what I wonder what happened that’s 450
what happened and I wonder who this is
and now the way they presented yeah we
can cuz this really wasn’t your life it

wasn’t Hewitt didn’t he kill the
anti-tobacco story on 60 minutes wasn’t
that him I think it may have been him
yeah what the heck did he and why is
this coming out now what is the point to

do an NBC hit people right now sure now
but they don’t care about the victim who
was you know been carefully kept quiet
and she’s gotten her her do for sure for
her career being ruined she has a income

for the rest of her life that mean I
don’t know what happened I’m just going
on the facts sounds like okay and then
why why why are we gonna do this just to
make CBS look like crap because they

don’t have a Moonves is gonna move in
kicking CBS when they’re down well
that’s you might as well what am I

way to go perfect
oh yes it’s so great knowing that

neither of us will ever be pulled into
one of those scandals that much of now
we have yeah no not lightweights but now
say the least by that comparison oh boy
all right we got some some of these end

of show mixes are getting long so I only
have one longer one but I’ve got to
thank Sir Chris I gotta thank secret
agent Paul
what else do I have in here seed Weaver

it’s just too many people to thank who
do this mixes I got to put them all in
the credits but they are appreciated
we’re starting to get a little Christmas

so we always appreciate sharing some of
the cheater and I’m coming to you from
downtown Austin Texas this is the
capital the drone star states in the
female region number six and the

governmental maps and the five by nine
clue do in the common law condo in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I will mention because I
forgot to earlier that the Zephyr today

was right on time at 9:15 I’m John see
Dvorak you returned on Sunday right here
on no agenda until then


put another prone on the Bobby some wine

in Australia calls and shrimp and that
one he drinks that Foster’s lager but

everybody knows it tastes like shit but
we’ll spread the rumors of our giant
spiders koalas drop from trees to eat

your flesh and all the killers snakes
and Crocs and bingos and other horrible
ways you’ll meet your death my die of

thirst way up there in the desert after
your campervan has broken down get eaten
by a shark off the beach at Bondi or

dragged down in a ribbon simply drown
have a boat drive off when hear out of
snorkeling get lyssavirus from a rabid

bat so poured another prawn on the
barbie don’t hit ride with that bloke –
that they should they should get very

very nervous I would think that that
would be worrisome to any white house on
the on the broadcast it says where my
dogs at no it doesn’t say that but what

it does say any collusion Trump Tower
Moscow wasn’t some tiddlywinks deal that
facts matter question about whether or
not dangling a partner can actually
qualify as a form of obstruction of

yes or no John absolutely yes
Nancy absolutely yes Donald Trump is
talking to Michael Cohen about reaching

out to the Russian government
Maria look I watch Rachel Maddow I get
it I know there are a lot of Russians
and Russian people emails but loquendo
wait there’s more an ongoing probe of
potential collusion with Russia it’s

very clear that they want not to send a
clear message we’ve got all our experts
back for this


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