No Agenda Episode 1094 “Justice 4 Hillary”

Adam curry
Jhansi Devore award-winning
assassination episode is no agenda

you got the traffic

traffic’s about to get really good here
in Austin oh that’s good news
oh it’s very bad news it’s the traffic
in Austin is already horrible and today

we hear this announcement Apple now
saying it’s going to invest a billion
dollars in new campus in Austin Texas
the campus will be 133 acres and will
accommodate 5,000 employees at first

with capacity for up to 15,000 in total
and be located less than a mile from
Apple’s existing Texas facilities and
will make it the largest private
employer in Austin Apple says will house

a range of jobs and engineering R&D
operations finance sales and customer
support the news Manning its operations
and having more than a thousand jobs in
Seattle San Diego and Culver City

California as well so it isn’t an HQ to
Amazon style but it’s a big investment
in Austin Austin’s already there their
biggest for an outpost outside of

headquarters I think there’s something
like 6,000 people there already remember
last last year and the I mean Austin’s
just two robust city when it comes to
technology this it’s pretty remarkable
what’s going on there remarkable what’s

going on here it’s nothing to do with
this is this this is the people part of
the business
get real CNBC this is the this is hey
payroll accountants content management

no technology it’s all the sales support
I know I know people who work here
now it’s like this the store supports of

the support for the stores themselves
who have a lot of issues all of this
this is people town it’s not exciting
stay away
dick did they put him in South Carolina

or some place where people are pleasant
yeah but the problem is we have such a
sweet voice we have we have such a
fantastic tax structure in the state of
Texas see this is why you put the people

here that’s what it’s about
yeah they don’t to pay personal income
tax in the state level it’s great for
you this one just like 10 plus percent
10 to 13 percent at the tax mmm-hmm

yeah so would you rather live if you’re
making a lot of money at Apple
well Northwest Austin apparently you
said the Travers didn’t get better

that’s what I thought you said oh no no
no he’ll just get worse it’s already a
mess there’s gotta be the worst thing is
gonna become worse than anywhere yeah
yeah the 405 will be looking looked at
as how this is cool yeah I don’t think

they’re in any danger of that happening
but dream on California boy it still
it’s not good now and I’m not I’m not
very happy with this development we’re

moving out of downtown that’s for sure
where are you going well either we move
really nearby south of you know south of
the the river or maybe we’ll go really
south maybe we’ll go to Dripping Springs

or somewhere just way out of the way
Dripping Springs is nice that’s where
all the rock stars live man Dripping

Springs yes uh-huh Wow yeah I know it’s
great yeah go down and move down there
with Tim yeah maybe we’ll see yeah now

where does that cut off because of all
the old rock stars now yeah hey
Adam Kerr here in Dripping Springs yeah
bug over well Dripping Springs

there was a lot of things going on in
the world although you wouldn’t know it
if you watch the American television
news no we’re pretty preoccupied with

what Cohen Cohen he’s going to jail for
three years and Trump’s going to jail
every was going to jail yeah Trump’s
going to jail gonna be locked up lock
him up

yeah exactly again just completely
unwatchable on what the only thing that
was watchable was the and I liked it a
lot was the little show that Trump
Pelosi and Schumer put on in the Oval

Office entertaining everybody who went
to it thought it was entertaining and
they said I’ve never seen anything like
it well there you have it I think that’s
the way it should always go
everything should be new know everything

should be out in the open and yeah and
what was you what a douche bag I mean
Schumer sitting there rocking like he’s
got a spur jurors and he barely looks at
the president once in a while and then

he says stupid stuff that he thinks is
what’s in Veloz leap repeats herself and
she’s stammering and she’s upset about
everything for no good reason and he’s
goading the two of them what I found

interesting was how at least on Twitter
which is kind of the only place I can
still go and find some outrage it was
you know the the classic two sides

everyone saw it in their own favorable
light the Trump the Trump fans he wiped
the floor with him
the Pelosi Schumer fans oh you hit a

brick walls she showed him it was
completely open to interpretation which
i think is it’s just one of the
interesting things of our time
yeah yeah no you know you knows it’s

become quite interesting I agree
I thought the media’s of course this was
a like a I think the full the full
episode of the reality show lasted about

10 minutes what I found interesting is
how was cut up and what pieces were
pulled out and the one that I’ll have
that I’ll play for you is what the BBC
did with it oh that’s big nice contrast

with what CBS did weather which is what
I have you want to do BBC first or CBS
let’s think what would be their probably
versus Trump more let’s go with CBS
which is the long clip okay because they

really got such a kick out of it and by
the way that I don’t not sure I even
have the intro on this clip but it’s
it’s funny it’s pretty funny and then we
have the easy one the wall that’ll be

the one that will be the easiest of all
that was president Trump’s attempt at a
joke in his first face-to-face meeting
with Democratic leaders after the
midterm election and with a partial
government shutdown 10 days away a

shutdown is not worth anything and that
you should not have its own shutdown you
have Democrats came to the White House
hoping that was kind of glossed over but

she she I thought that was very good
what she did she kind of basically
pulled a trump on him and said oh wait
we can’t afford a trump shutdown and he
caught Italy called her out on it yeah
but it was it was very it was inaudible

and CBS just glossed right over it here
I should mention this I think as he was
calling her out on that he was thinking

to himself hey just call it the
truncation right which is kind of where
he ended up yeah by saying I’ll be proud
Oh interesting
ten days away you shut down is not worth

anything and that you should not have a
constructive you have Democrats came to
the White House hoping to brand-ne

shutdown with the president’s name the
toughest issue future funding of mr.
Trump’s proposed wall on the southern
border if the president wants five
billion dollars for construction of the

passed now while Republicans still have
control of the house while the Democrats
are only offering 1.3 billion to fund
broader border security measures and you
have border security without the wall

what it means to have border security we
need border security the wall is a part
of border security you can’t have very
good border security without the wall

now the political fencing intensified
and the experts say you can do border
security without a wall which is
wasteful and doesn’t solve the problem
it totally solves the problem Democrats

arrived fresh off a 40 seat midterm
gained in the house we’ve gained in the
Senate excuse me did we win the Senate
when the president brags that he won

North Dakota in Indiana he’s in real
trouble you know as as now having
extended family in the great state of
Indiana being a half Hoosier I’m
incredibly insulted by this

yeah it was insulting Schumer’s comment
although I asked Tina and she’s like I
don’t give a crap she identifies more
with the Chicago but it may just seems

it’s like a dumb thing to and it
politically doesn’t matter but other
states who are kind of flyover I think
that might have been a – point for
Schumer when the president brags that he
won North Dakota and Indiana he’s in

real trouble well I did we did win
Dakota in a unique white house the
legislative clash was in a class by
itself and we’re entering into a of this

kind of an of discussion in the public
no a new cold transparency at one point
the president tried to speak for the

likely Speaker of the House to be you
know Nancy’s in a situation where it’s
not easy for her to talk right now and I
understand that please don’t
characterize the strength that I bring

for this meeting as a leader of the
House Democrats the back and forth
landed it appears where both sides

wanted it a televised political standoff
20 times y’all have called for I will
shut down the government if I don’t get
my wolf
none of us have said no so you’ve said
you want to put that on set I’ll take it

okay good you know what I’ll say yes if
we don’t get what we want I will shut
down the go up there now and I am proud
and I’ll be disagree I am proud to shut
down the government for border security

judge I’m not gonna blame you for it
leader Pelosi vying to be the next house
speaker told Democrats in a private
meeting the encounter here at the White
House with the president quote goes to
show you you get into a tinkle contest

with a skunk
you get tinkle all over you as for the
president’s continues pushed to the wall
Pelosi said and again I quote it’s like
a manhood thing for him as if manhood

could ever be associated with him
is really interesting because this was a
quote that came from an unnamed source
and they’re kind of reporting it is it

had really happened yeah do they even
say the source of one of them and just
go back no speaker told Democrats in a
private meeting the encounter here at
the White House with the president quote

yeah because I saw the reporting on it
it was just because I was like oh is
there a clip of this and this is what I
need to clip now there’s no clip I bet
it was just something that someone said
she said goes to show you you get into a
tinkle contest with a skunk oh I’m not

saying she didn’t it’s just the
reporting that bothers me that’s all
just that little display or whatever it
worth while over you as for the
president’s continued push for the wall

Pelosi said and again I quote it’s like
a manhood thing for him as if manhood
could ever be associated with him for
his part the president said born

security in wall funding is common sense
and a political winner
even if wrapped around a government
shutdown yep okay just remarkable
major spirits right in the middle of all

of it today oh my goodness just
remarkable I got that I saw of that for
the end of the show because I think it
would reflect on the show that’s a good
one just remarkable yeah I also have one

that I’ll get to later that’s definitely
a contender for sure now let’s go to the
BBC significantly shorter but you kind
of get their slant on it pleasure and of

course we’ll bring you more on that
breaking news from Strasbourg when we
have it now to American politics where
there was quite a scene at the White
House today Democratic leaders Nancy
Pelosi and Chuck Schumer went to the

Oval Office to talk funding for
president Trump’s border wall with
Mexico mr. drummer threatened to shut
down the government if he doesn’t get
the money and here’s what happened as
the cameras were rolling Nancy I do and
we need border security I got Nancy we

need border security we’ll called 20
times to shut down the government you
say I want to shut down the government
we don’t when the president brags that
he won North Dakota and Indiana he’s

real trouble please don’t characterize
the strength that I bring to this
perhaps in South consequences mr.
president I am proud to shut down the
government for border security chatter

well now well you heard Chuck Schumer’s
say their elections have consequences
and after that scene is anything to go
once Democrats control the house in
January it will be a bumpy ride

so mr. Trump’s hunt for a new chief of
staff isn’t so there you go that was
kind of lame well they what they just a
whole bunch of contacts so they put a

whole bunch of Pelosi and Schumer you
know clips edited those all together and
then and then had him say oh I’m gonna
do the shutdown so thanks BBC and of
course they should look in their own

music wish well here’s the question I
have for that meeting
with Pelosi and Schumer there
I mean these guys are a couple I didn’t
go out with the tinkling and the guys
not a man and all the rest of it but why

doesn’t one of the two of them is so
simple say why should we be funding the
wall you said Mexico is gonna pay for it
somebody should have just said that I

agree what he did I agree
but you said what we gonna do we’re
gonna build a wall who’s gonna pay for
it Mexico I’ve heard you say that I’ve
heard it in there in your in your

meetings I’ve meetups why not why I
thought Mexico is gonna pay for why are
we paying a nickel
ya know because that because that’s
clearly not the issue I mean what he’s

talking about what I’ve heard is five
billion dollars which is a rounding
error in the stupid crap we do look at
the farm bill did you see the farm bill
is just past eight hundred and sixty

billion yeah eight hundred and sixty
billion dollar farm bill not a peep just
for subsidies yeah subsidies all kinds
of interesting stuff now you can be part
of an ongoing farm operation if you’re a

second cousin is all weird stuff in
there so you know you get compensated as
the commodities compensation it’s huge
not a peep anywhere not a peep but I
have a solution to this because the way

I saw it I saw two sides wanting border
security one wanting a wall and one
being okay with a fence I mean that’s
kind of where it’s at right is if now

we’re down to the some would say
semantics but others would say it’s a
different structure and the wall is very
scary and you know shows that we are
afraid of brown people or whatever I’ve
heard all week long and the other one

it’s kind of friendly you know it’s just
a fence so here’s a simple solution
build a fence
electrify the fence yeah I was thinking

the same thing
that’s the way to go Electrify it
Electrify adventure did yeah or you know
tasered basically a Taser fence not one
of those chopped your hands off it’s

just an idea I mean it’s not much worse
than that razor wire that I see I mean
that’s that’s pretty nasty except now

you would have a different issue trying
to get through it anyway it’s the whole
thing is stupid I don’t think it’s gonna
work I don’t think he’ll get it done
I don’t think there will be any funding
of any wall before the end of the year

well he cast a possibility deciding the
whole thing slide until next year and
then just using a chunk of the military
he gave an extra like 16 billion I think

is I think he’s I think does this that’s
actually slush fund take it out of the a
said that if were they do it through you
or through the military yeah sorry the
Army Corps of Engineers I think is the
way to do that then yeah probably yeah

under the build the wall okay well I
don’t add the whole thing is shit that’s
a good exercise I like what happened in
British Parliament though as the brexit
deal than the the arguments just make

everyone nuts over there one member of
parliament took it a bit far sending in
questions BBC OS is the hash tag and
here’s one coming in from a BBC news
channel viewers saying what happened

with the mace in Parliament well I can
help you out with that one a Labour MP
Lloyd Russell morale has been ordered
out at the House of Commons for the rest
of the day after he removed the mace you
can see him holding it there in protest

of the government’s decision to delay
the vote now the mace is a ceremonial
Club which represents royal authority if
it’s removed the Commons cannot debate
or passed laws after mr. Russell moil

took the mace he walked towards the main
doors in the Commons chamber he was
stopped by commas officials who took the
mace off him and returned it as you can
see to its place in front of the

Speaker’s chair but he was politely
asked to vacate for the rest of the day
what the mace the sacred Illuminati
stick is the actual audio was much
funnier of the Speaker of Parliament he

was he’s like oh no what’s going on here

I’m grateful to thee I just think the

whole thing is funny we should have more
of that here that’s why I liked with
Trump and Pelosi you know that that mace
had to be there yeah oh yeah it has

power that so of course the you know
church and state and everything and the
Qui it’s all separate but the way it
works is the you know the the royal

family the Queen is represented by the
mace and so that is her seal of approval
that you can that you can discuss you
can’t even discuss without the mace
present but when they said but when the

queen is in Parliament then the mace is
removed so there can be no governing so
she can’t interfere with anything
something like that it’s interesting
these old these old traditions Justin

damn stick I thought it’d be a lot
heavier to guy picked it up like was
just balsa wood maybe it’s a bird made
of balsa wood this is a replica

man all right I got one more popular
item than we can drill in this stuff I’m
actually a little surprised did you I
mean you know that I’m a big sports fan

and an obviously Steph Curry my brother
from another mother went out on a limb
and said he did not believe that we’d
landed on the moon which makes two

curries out of thousands I think maybe
all the curries pretty much all the
curries are now safe I’m not saying this
and then I think NASA is at all you
don’t believe that come over here we’ll

show you our moon rocks and but I I got
the biggest kick out of how far this was
taken by my buddies over there at the
PTI podcast which I listened to all the

time you ever listen to PTI the guys at
PTI do you listen to PTI I’m like Petey
I’ve always liked it it stands for

pardon the interruption there’s nothing
you probably don’t know yes I do I see
it right here on the album art it okay I
clipped this myself I’ll have you know
this is okay I’m not gonna go into this

just to go ahead and play your little
game ridiculing the sports fans out
there who are more serious about things
than you are I’m guessing yesterday we
mentioned that Steph Curry did not

believe that men had ever landed on the
moon I said I thought this hat by the
way if this is the club you want to hang
out with with the rest of the sports
fans I don’t need to belong to be a
light-hearted omage to Kyrie Irving
saying the earth was flat but it appears

curry actually believes this he said so
on the winging it podcast hosted by
fellow NBA arse Vince Carter and Kent
Bazemore will bond is questioning the
moon landing a bad look for Steph Curry
it’s a bad look for everybody it is not

just staff curry I almost say this let
me start by saying if this is a joke if
they’re just trolling people because I
believe Kyrie is doing that I feel
certain that he’s doing that and I think
Stephanie would never let me just say
the three people who have taken up this
cause in the last 48 hours Marc Spears

of this network in this company Steph
Curry and Jalen Rose these people are my
friends I know them well
well I with them their discussions all
the time I know their intellects don’t
do this don’t come out and say we saw

these pictures that kind of grainy
they’re black and white have
before I was born because does that mean
you don’t believe in slavery does that
mean in the Revolutionary War there’s
not have because it didn’t happen don’t

do that or you guys are too smart don’t
do you’re supposed to be are you saying
jail Argos jail another city jail today
this is my guys if you are as real as
you say if you are as technologically

savvy as you appear be don’t do this
this is a very saying I don’t believe in
history mister hell with history cuz it
didn’t happen
while I was looking at my cell phone
watch a very small step to becoming a

Holocaust denier say this and I’m gonna
say this racist don’t believe in slavery
Holocaust denier this is fantastic

what’s wrong with these sports people
that’s pretty standard sports talk
here’s the I so I pulled don’t do this
but that was kind of nice too

it’s negative though
oh I’m sorry my it’s positive oh okay
right we’ll end the show on a high note
yeah yes we always do you got it you got

it all right
I think the see you want to start
somewhere specifically
now let’s go to climate change if you

want to okay we’ll take it right into
the to the young kids with the green New
Deal hit me what you got well let’s
start off first of all there’s this the
rage in the climate circles who is the

climate girl a little fifteen-year-old
who got involved with climate change
when she was nine because she’s so
knowledgeable about it and so then of
course all these Amy Goodman everybody’s

picked up on this woman-girl
I’m not familiar with this is this this
is a meme that I’ve missed it dude this
is well if you were the climate if you

were if you knew anything about climate
change and you were a big believer I
would know let’s go to intro the Greta
the climate change girl with a climate

activists who says politicians here are
not doing enough to turn back the clock
and prevent catastrophic climate change
fifteen-year-old Greta soonduk she has
made international headlines since

launching a school strike against
climate change in her home country of
Sweden in September she sat on the steps
of the Parliament in Stockholm every
school day for three weeks leading up to

the Swedish elections to demand that
politicians take more radical action to
stop global warming after the election
she went back to school four days a week
but every Friday

Yetta continues to sit outside the
Parliament building in protest her
actions have inspired thousands of
students across the globe to do the same
good after teen berg has Asperger’s
syndrome she has focused with laser

intensity on climate change since she
was nine years old she brought her
message directly to world leaders here
in Katowice at the UN climate summit
last week this is Greta addressing UN
Secretary General Antonio Guterres

I think this is a mistake though I think
they’re making a mistake with her they
need to get the people who are just
about a voting age they’re the ones that
are most effective

this is tugging on heartstrings I don’t
think does it anymore
I think this whole thing is a joke but
I’m only gonna play a piece of her
little speech but she goes on and on and

on and on and I Kris are very the thing
about somebody that’s 15 and is erudite
which she seems to be is that you have
to let her talk so they let her talk for

I don’t know days seem to be a problem
yes I agree I have similar issues here
you go instead I will ask the people
around the world to realize that our

political leaders have failed us because
we are facing an existential threat hold
on a second she’s 15
yeah no no she’s and she’s a midget
she’s a little person this is impossible

this is not a fifteen-year-old
and there’s no time to continue down
this road of madness rich countries like
Sweden need to start reducing emissions
by at least 15 percent every year to

stay below a two degree warming target
you would think the media and every one
of our leaders will be talking about
nothing else but they never even mention

notice how do anyone ever mentioned that
we are in the midst of the sixth mass
extinction with up to 200 species going
extinct every single child abuse that’s
involved but she’s got every single meal

every metric every every little thing
she’s got in there of course yeah oh
then I’ll play you now you’re so right
about these kids that they go on and on

and on and on and I’ve been tracking the
sunrise movement now and this is the
group that protested again at Nancy
Pelosi’s office yeah up on the hill
there are photos from that protest in

the last newsletter that was actually
the next day that was the protest in her
in California they were in Washington DC
the day before and they lined the halls
and they were getting arrested and then

they did the same thing with her office
and in Sanford’s San Francisco yeah
where’s Pelosi was she the target she’s
like on their side no she’s not see the
thing is she created the first select
committee for the green new deal in 2007

in anticipation of Van Jones and Barack
Obama who then
couldn’t get it off the ground mainly
because Van Jones got kicked out as a
9/11 truther which he won’t admit to
anymore and so that kind of fell by the

wayside but it also did not have any
power to draft legislation that’s why
they’re saying this is different and of
course I’m seeing the signs I’m seeing
professional signs oh yeah this can’t

come heist this can’t come they’re very
they and their logo is very good yeah
that upside down kind of cats I don’t
know it’s asleep it feels like mind

control when you look at like I’m going
into the logo now so I looked into who
this sunrise movement is and they are a
that you have a 990 they are nonprofit

with very little money I’m talking you
know like $70,000 that just but this
just filed up this is brand-new as I did
some digging particularly to their

address 50 F Street Northwest Suite 701
DC hey you wouldn’t be surprised to find
out that there’s a number of climate
based organizations at that address and

the one in particular of interest is the
u.s. Climate Action Network and the way
I read it
although the paperwork is maybe not

officially filed properly the Climate
Action Network now they have a lot of
money they do about 12 million dollars a
year and it’s been increasing with
several million each year over the past
five it appears that the sunrise sunrise

movement education fund has taken over
the u.s. Climate Action Network whose
initial funding came from a you guessed
it george surly open society institute

yes of course south coast of course
that’s where the money comes from two
co-founders we heard from Virginie
prakash on the last last time we played

some clips when she was on The Young
Turks the kid who interests me the most
a very reminiscent of David Hogg from
the the parklands shooting the school is

another co-founder of the sunrise
movement and that’s Jeremy Ornstein and
I think he’s just about 18 or 19 he was

the halls when they were protesting
Pelosi I can’t play the whole clip
because it’s six minutes in the audio
isn’t all that great but he goes into a
story that he tells off-the-cuff just I
mean just ad hoc rolls it out

fantastically done the kid is a real pro
the only problem is his story is
bullshit and you can tell it right from
the beginning so I’ll play that part oh

by the way of course they had to release
this on YouTube with all kinds of
inspirational music Hungary they lost
almost everyone friends and family

killed in the Holocaust but they
survived the war and and moved to
Cincinnati Ohio to start a new life I
remember one day I was maybe 8 and my

brother was 10 and we were in my
grandparents apartment and I remember my
brother Nicholas secretly taking a copy
of my grandmother’s Holocaust memoirs
and going into the bathroom to read it

and I remember my parents by the hip
and bringing them out and just go ahead
and say to both of us are you dumb
read this you’re going to you’re going

to have to wait a few years and I
remember thinking my brother shouldn’t
have broken those rules and also
remember asking myself when will I be
old enough to read the stories and it

was just a few years later when my
parents let me follow my brother into
the temple auditorium where there was a
presentation on the Holocaust
I remember how mature I thought you know

my head was up my shoulders were back
and I was full of resolved because you
have to be full of resolve when you’re
grappling with something so serious when
you’re dealing with the past that’s so

painful I mean I could just go on and on
with this kid I mean he’s really here
any wraps it up he does see I mean I’ll
just I’ll just go to peace a little
further because he really he gets snaps

and everything from the kids in the
hallway no applause your snaps about
problems because we haven’t toured
bullets and storms and fires because
we’d had to throw up one too many times

speaker Pelosi Democratic leadership we
are asking you to grow up
when will you kentuc woo Patrol applause
so I’m not so sure that his mom from

where was she from Hungary Hungary I’m
not so sure she wrote her notes in
English that his brother could find when

he was eight years old maybe she wrote
it in English
sounds like a crock it could be it could
be that her mother wrote a book that’s

also possible if that was grandma
yeah grandmother yeah it could be that
she wrote a book I don’t know but this
kid is good
orange Dean is his name-o look at this
Anna orange Dean

professor at Merit of child psychology
uh okay and she has she she writes about
the Holocaust maybe that’s her
maybe it’s the book they’re talking
about yeah well maybe she’d psychologize

her grandson but man
this could watch out for this kid if
they get ahold of him he’ll he’ll be a
bit one hinged of style I’m not just
like David Hogg he’ll go he’ll go and

hug where’s less time you heard his name
that’s what I’m saying he’ll go he’ll go
he go he burn out I’m just pointing it
out Trudeau in business back off I’m
still in the I’m still in uh in the

green new deal okay but before you leave
this kid
I don’t understand how they’re
associating the Holocaust with climate
change don’t you think that’s something

of a bit or no you know what no John no
because if you listen to the whole thing
and I played a little bit of it there
these kids are growing up believing that
the world is on fire it’s on flood it’s

on earthquake it’s on everything they’re
all gonna die their schools are being
shot up also climate change they’re
traumatized they’re traumatized yes
Keeble he equates this to the Holocaust

where kids were all these kids not us no
I know but this is what you get when the
child abuse is complete these kids are
very serious I don’t know if they’ll be

taken seriously by the Democrats who
would they seem to be wanting to partner
with but yeah this is this they really
believe that it’s sad I find this
incredibly sad

now now Trudeau
he was interviewed CCBC and he was
interviewed about the carbon tax which

is just like in France although the
riots haven’t started yet is quite an
issue with the provinces they want to
have none of it you’ve got four
provinces who have not complied with the
carbon tax now you’re imposing it on

them is it harder to sell the carbon tax
when you have premiers saying that it is
the wrong thing to do I think I think
the fact that there are a bunch of
conservatives out there who have decided

that pollution should be free is not
that difficult to counter or put it you
gotta love the pollution meme don’t you
it’s now just just pollution the price
on pollution because we want less prices

and the fact that conservatives in this
country don’t want to move forward on
either fighting climate change or
helping people ensure that we can get
the good jobs in the future is a
conversation I’m willing to have anytime

what we’re doing with a climate action
incentive is making sure that that
family that will have extra costs
because of putting a price on pollution
will be more than equivalently
compensated for it and what is your hope

in terms of how those people change
their behavior and do you have a sense
of how quickly that would happen well I
think we know that when you put a price
on something you don’t want like

pollution attacks well we’re putting a
price on pollution right could you say
price on pollution one more time just so
we know it’s pollution okay we’re making
sure watch actually that the money is

going straight back to the jurisdiction
this isn’t going into federal coffers
this isn’t something we’re gonna spend
on something else we’re actually giving
that money back to citizens in the
province in which it was raised because

we know that if you make pollution free
people are gonna give out more of it we
say no if you want to pollute there
should be a cost associated I’m just
blown away by the fact that this

interviewer lets them get away with the
word pollute
it’s co2 it’s carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere which has now just been
boiled down to pollution do you boil it

so if we got rid of all carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere that would be a plus
because we have no more pollution yeah
and no more no more trees and eventually
no more trees to be fed but it trying to
kill us but this is why people and

certainly young people are very nervous
and don’t feel so good about the climate
change now of course she does ask the
question about France compared to what’s

happening there compared to canned and a
via what could go wrong could anything
going wrong what do you think about your
buddy Mike Hall we saw a political I
think he’s a political ally of yours and
men you and that call faced this very
question over the past couple of weeks

he put a surtax on fuel
riots in the street and he had to back
down like what lesson did you learn from
watching that well he didn’t ensure that
the second part of it you put a price on

pollution because we want less pollution
but you also make sure that ordinary
Canadians are going to be able to be to
afford this this transition towards a

lower carbon economy it’s the remix that
makes the rebate the support for
families and making sure that we are
supporting families through this
transition time is a fundamental

responsibility for every government and
yet the United Nations says that most of
the large emitting countries including
Canada are not on track to meet Paris
targets they are calling for more

urgency so how do you respond in the
face of that do you speed up what you’re
doing do you change actually actually a
lot of countries around the world are
looking with a lot of interest at how
Canada is moving forward on putting a

price on pollution and supporting
ordinary citizens through this
transition it is a model that is going
to set us on the path to reach our Paris
targets we are going to be in the UN
says no the UN says it’s not going to

happen we are going to be able to reach
those commitments how by by having
having a price on pollution people will
look for ways to innovate to pollute

less that will
effectively reduce our climate change
emissions and and and improve so you
will reach the Paris we’re gonna we
reach our Paris our targets what could

possibly go wrong
we need more donations from the
Canadians yes
and is he just following up on that

before the shooting in Strasbourg which
is still a part of France there were all
kinds of reports about the police using

incapacitating liquid on the protesters
as a secret weapon they say where was
this well this is published in Mariana

in the French publication
Saturday in Paris police had a secret

and they only use that as last resort a
supply of incapacitating liquid water
cannons I don’t know how would you do it
how would you how would you get it I

mean this like mace is an incapacitating
liquid so maybe that’s what they’re
talking about but you’re following the
publication of article the Nationals on
Dawn Marie wish to specify the device of
which we reported existence – is it lik

oh it’s a powder ah it’s a powder
hmm we got to find that someone one of
our probably one of those like like a
tear gas problem yeah tear gas like
product not fun most like well my last

global warming thing is the Arctic
warming report which is on democracy now
scientists have issued a new warning on
Arctic warming a report released this
week finds the Arctic has been warmer

over the last five years and at any time
since 1900 year record-keeping began the
region is warming at twice the rate of
the rest of the planet

so you’d think that if you’re gonna be
making all these prognostications about
the next few hundred years that you
would go back for the 1900 you think

there might be something there that she
wasn’t mentioning is that what you’re
saying yeah you think huh hmm yeah at
one point green land was Green Green now

that’s why it’s called green land but
well this is no that’s not the way they
should play at the school no they’ve had
but the problem is of course underneath
all that snow there’s evidence that it

was like a wooded you know area very
problematic the way they played it in
school when I was a kid was Leif
Eriksson is escaping you know as the
last of the Vikings trying to get out of

the doorway over that whole North Nordic
area because he was the hammer was
brought down on these guys because there
were bad actors and they were chasing

them down so they went to they they told
they’re the ones who named it green land
and then Iceland was named because it
was actually kind of green and it would

to be this sucker really is that the way
is that the way it’s taught the kind of
bulks crap that I was taught it was
sucker the dummies from the Nordic

countries they’re chasing in Leif
Ericson because he’s obviously not gonna
go to Iceland because it’s ice there was
a Greek
misdirection misdirection early example
of misdirection that’s great and so

those Vikings man so I’m thinking yeah
maybe I didn’t know that that’s pretty
good yeah that’s very funny or did for

some reason it’s that wood that stuck
with me along with the one in and it was
when you’re a little kid if for any
little kid would do this when they first

look at the globe mm-hmm they will look
at South America and Africa and you look
at it you go hey those two pieces yes oh
you can’t say that before the
International Geophysical Year where

they determine this thing called plate
which removing these these areas apart
it was always no it’s just a coincidence
don’t even say something like that it

was a coincidence that they look like
they are hooked together so this is all
bull crap word perfed so we were
supposed to now believe the global
warming that reminds me when I when I

entered the Dutch schooling system I was
going to the International School of
Amsterdam for three years after he moved
there move there when I was seven and
just to give you the full context of the
story we had a week off from the ISA

International School of Amsterdam then
my parents sat me my sisters down Sunday
evening guess what you guys are gonna do
tomorrow we’re like wow what are we
going to be going to Dutch school like
what and I actually rode really spoke

just a few words of Dutch so entered
Dutch school fifth grade and within I
think they’re like two or three months
into this into the into the the school

year the teacher he said oh here’s a
question that our Americans now this is
a time when Americans were not very
loved in in Europe Texas Instruments was
coming over and I walk on the street

they know who I was and the kids be like
you crazy American shit go fuck yourself
I mean that’s what I would get as a 5th
grader and then the teacher says all
right here’s one how many how many
states does the United States of America

have my hand goes up of course is at 50
states and haha it’s 52 you forgot
Alaska and Hawaii
I said mm-hmm no it was 48 and then we
what no no you don’t even know this and

he see just was berating me and I was
you know I was already messed up and
then I remember recalling the American

Embassy and recording it on you know one
of those little cassette recorders
taking it into school and even that was
a well she was referencing an old an old
Encyclopedia Brittanica I could not get

them to just admit that he was wrong
yeah there’s elements of this in the
educational system and its really

entire sundar Pichai testimonial watch
the whole thing cuz I only picked up a
few I watched it I have one clip I
watched some of it I have what I thought

was a good clip but you probably have
now let’s let’s play I got a couple
clips very short ones I thought this was
good because it played right into the
hundred thousand apparently not even
that much fifty thousand dollars that

was spent by the Russians on Facebook to
swing the election here’s the here’s the
amount that apparently Google picked up
this is Nadler who’s the number one
Trump haters gonna who’s already

discussed getting Trump in jibt getting
Trump putting Trump in jail although if
anybody read my essay in the last
newsletter just a death essay well know
that no one actually wants to put him in

jail that would ruin the whole idea of
the things yeah but listen to Nadler
grilling this guy and by the way a lot
of people are critic endemic Nadler as
being in the pocket of Google because he
gets so much money from alphabet now

according to media reports Google found
evidence that Russian agents spent
thousands of dollars to purchase ads on
its advertising platforms the span
multiple Google products is part of the
agents the Russian agents campaigned to

interfere in the election two years ago
additionally juniper Downs head of
global policy for YouTube testified in
July a YouTube had identified and shut
down multiple and shut down multiple

channels containing thousands of videos
associated with the Russian
misinformation campaign does Google now
know the full extent to which its online
platforms were exploited by Russian

actors in the election two years ago we
have you know we undertook a very
thorough investigation and in 2016 we we
now know that there were two main ad

accounts linked to Russia which which
you know advertised on Google for about
forty seven hundred dollars in
advertising we also found a hard limited

total of forty seven hundred dollars
that’s right which was you know no
amount is okay here but you know but we
found limited activity improper activity

we have learned a lot from that and we
you know it dramatically increased the
production’s we
have around our election offerings
leading up to the current elections we
did we again found limited activity both

from the internet research agency in
Russia as well as accounts linked to
Iran and while what specific steps have
you taken including during the recent

2018 elections to protect against
further interference by Russia or other
hostile foreign powers we have
undertaken a significant review of how
ads are bought you know we look for the

origin of these accounts we share and
collaborate with law enforcement other
technology companies and we essentially
are investing a lot of effort and

oversight in this area looking ahead to
the next Congress I assume we can have
your assurances that Google will work
with this committee as we examine the
issue of how to better secure our
elections from future foreign

interference congressmen protecting our
elections is foundational to our
democracy and you you have my full
commitment that we do that yeah blah
blah let me tell you deal but I watched
this whole thing and it is so

and even the people who had a bit of a
clue really display their ignorance and
just how idiotic lis stupid they are if

not because they really don’t understand
how the series of tubes works because
they don’t have the wherewithal to ask
someone to make sure they don’t look

like blithering morons which they do you
can’t take it seriously I mean there’s
stuff in there like well if I’m here and
I’m over there does Google know you know
like would you unless you believe it so

wide open for Pichardo go well I don’t
know it depends on your phone depends on
what apps you have installed I mean
there was just not as nothing really
substantive well there’s one small thing

that came out that may be important but
it started off with pontificating is
Lofgren you know well let’s talk about
search and how search works I think it’s
important to talk about how search works

right now if you google the word idiot
under images a picture of Donald Trump

that happen how does search work so that
that would occur we provide search tree

for anytime you type in a keyword we as
Google we have crawled we’ve gone out
and crawled and stored Billy copies of

billions of their pages
he says stored but almost sounds like
stalled and I just wanted to like
believe that’s what he’s thinking in his
mind i stoled all that in our index and
we take the keyword and match it against

webpages and grant them based on over
200 signals things like relevance
freshness popularity how other people
are using it and based on that you know

at any given time we try to rank and
find the best results for that query and
then we evaluate them at external
Raiders to make sure that and they
evaluate it to objective guidelines and

and that’s how we make sure the process
man sitting behind the curtain figuring
out what we’re going to show the user
it’s basically a compilation of what

users are generating and trying to sort
through that information I think she’s
on the payroll too
yeah don’t worry it’s not some little

man who’s putting you know he
conveniently omits the idea that the
search results are also tailored to you
as a as an individual and moreover your
location like I was talking about that

and I did the experiment yesterday we do
a search query and then you actually do
with two different browsers just to make
it kind of fair and then flip on the VPN
do the exact same search query from like

California and you get very different
results try gun control as an example
it’s very different my favorite thing is
whatever VPN area you’re coming from
changes like a woman in Vancouver who

wants to meet me
and she’s also in Berkeley is hot yeah I
can’t believe this what are the chances

number two this I think is something
where Google can get caught up and I
this is good good latte which is named

good luck good lat you spell like a good
good latte it’s easy like he’s a good
latte – good latte boy things the
Chairman he has to ask a question about

the advertising rates for politicians
and what you have to know is that I
think it’s law correct me if I’m wrong
when you when you buy television media
for a political campaign the seller I

believe is obligated to give you the
cheapest rate and the same cheap rate
that everybody else gets have you are
you familiar with this

I’m not familiar with it being law but
it would make sense could two competing
political candidates targeting the same
audience see different ad rates and if
yes could that disparity be substantial

there wouldn’t be a difference based on
you know any political reasons unless
there are keywords which are of
particular interest in the market
determines that so it’s it’s essentially

a supply demand equilibrium it can lead
to difference in rates but it will vary
from time to time then those rates be
very substantial in difference
there could be occasions where yes there

could be difference in rates yeah I
haven’t looked at the specifics of that
yet but it’s decided by the system and
it’s a process we have done for over 20
years and it let me assure you anything
to do with our Civic process we make

sure we do so in a non-partisan way and
it’s really important for us yeah I
think I think he’s gonna run into some
some headwinds there because they’re all
gonna say well wait a minute how do you
determine the price for this campaign or

my campaign and there’s these people are
so clueless in Congress because of
course it’s very difficult to to get
that ad rate the same as television
because it’s apples and oranges but I

think this is gonna make an issue about
that now China the question about China
was of course asked by our own Sheila
jackson-lee and as you know she’s a
representative for Houston has a great

relationship with China is always
talking up China and oh yeah we’ve the
port and we love China goes to China
goes goes on special little little uh
trips to junkets make sure our bond of

friendship and cooperation with China is
strong she loves China so she’s the one
to ask about China I am concerned that
you are now going back into China and

upholding the dragonfly procedures which
would help censor Chinese persons
seeking a lifeline of democracy and

freedom congressmen adult said right now
we have no plans to I liked how he said
congressman to everybody including the
Congress women I don’t know if that was
on purpose but he kept doing it ah

Chrissy and freedom congressman had out
right now we have no plans to launch in
China we don’t have a search product
there or our poor mission is to provide
users access to information and getting

access to information is an important
human right so we are always compelled
across the world to try hard to provide
that information I’m committed to being

fully transparent including with
policymakers to the extent we ever
develop plans to do that
no sounds like she asked the right
question he gave the right answer
nothing goes in formation is a human
right yes of course it’s a human right

John which is how they get some
information right now what would you
like I can give it to you start working
I’m gonna make a list okay it’s your
human right to do so

they did have one gotcha a human right
is not to want access to information by
human right according to him is this is
a la access Oh huge difference

see I think they have a they got him on
this this was a this was the only real
bias question which is what this was

really about this is all about bias no
one understood an algorithm no one and
three and a half hours of just pure
drivel yeah bad this Jim Jordan he had
the I guess kind of smoking gun to show

that Google through their own wording
which the char just denied and denied
and denied the had specifically done
some work to help out a political party

during the midterm elections here’s the
clip and mr. pitch I and your opening
statement you said I lead this company
without political bias and work to
ensure that our products operate that

Ileana Murillo is Google’s head of
multicultural marketing does miss
Murillo do good work
I’m not directly familiar with her work

but she’s an employee of Google and you
know we’re proud of her employees well
you praised her work the day after the
2016 election in a four-page email she
wrote about her work with the Latino

vote she said even sundar gave our
effort they shout out is she referring
to you there she was referring to my
communication around translation for a
different related effort okay well I’m

gonna look at two other sentences she
had that long email again recapping her
work in the 2016 election with the
Latino vote she said this we pushed to
get out the Latino vote with our

features a few lines down and her email
she qualified that sentence and she said
we pushed to get out the Latino vote
with our features in key states and she
specifically cites the states Florida

and Nevada near the end of her email in
a similar sentence she says we supported
partners like voto Latino to pay for
rides to the polls in key states with me
I want to kind of analyze those two

sentences we push to get out the Latino
vote with our features in key states we
supported partners like voto Latino to
pay for rides to the polls in key states
is a fair to say the we in both

sentences mister pachai refers to Google
congressman we we are very concerned
whenever there are allegations like that
we we are team Leslie that question I’m
asked is

fair to say that we in both sentences
refers to the company Google as Google
we wouldn’t participate in any partisan
efforts around any Civic process so okay
I don’t think so so this is so we pushed
and we supported partner like voted

Latino to paper Ides in pulse in key
states and we push to get out the Latino
vote during the 2016 election and how
were they getting that done they were

getting that done by according to miss
Morello your head of multicultural
marketing by altering your features are
configuring your features in such a way
and for paying for rides for people to
get to the polls not that any of that is

illegal mind you but it was odd that
Pajar just kept the night went on for
minutes no no no I’ve not no we would
never do anything by us like that we
wouldn’t but to have the email saying

you did it
it’s like just admit it what difference
does it make is not illegal
not but it is biased which is what they
tried which is what yeah and it just it

just went nowhere it really went nowhere
I’ve just won one last clip that kind of
moves into it an interesting story this
is about the content flagging we
discussed this I raised the case of the

Alliance defending freedom content being
removed after being reported by a
trusted flagger on YouTube the the
flagging organization where the sub was
the Southern Poverty Law Center which
has a kind of an infamous reputation for

being I would say radical left
organization that opposes conservative
viewpoints what criteria does Google use
when granting trusted flagger status to
third parties such as the SPLC you know

today we first want to clarify one thing
our trusted flaggers don’t remove
content they can flag content for us to
review and we review flat content it’s

mostly used by law enforcement many many
nonprofit agencies in in areas important
areas like child safety terrorism and so
on Southern Poverty Law Center is a

trusted flag where people can register
last we checked they’ve never flagged a
single video on our platform we have
reached out to a wide variety of
organizations including conservative

organizations we would be happy to take
your suggestions to add you know
organizations as trusted flaggers I
appreciate that we need a little
objectivity and the reviewers and out
you’ll be jealous oh geez no we’re yeah

but he actually that’s like believing
that we’re and this is the story I
wanted to get to big article in The
Guardian about Snopes Snopes
is very disappointed angry a journalist

working as fact checkers for Facebook in
this case have pushed to end a
controversial media partnership with a
social network saying the company has
ignored their concerns and failed to use

their expertise to combat misinformation
and this is Brooke Binkowski manager
former managing editor of Snopes
fact-checking site that has partnered

with Facebook for two years she says
they’re not taking anything seriously
they’re more interested in making
themselves look good and passing the
buck but they clearly don’t care talking
about Facebook Facebook in this case but

that’s the same if the same fact check
network the international fact check
network that includes that works for
Google and includes Snopes and then the
other side Daily Caller Foundation and

yeah and here’s in black and white they
don’t care they really don’t give a crap
about what you’re doing with your course
they don’t yeah and all those people
should be living here where it’s nice

and cheap for them
yeah well I think face bushes just moved
to Austin
no no no no no we keep it right where it
is but with that I would like to thank
you for your courage and say in the

morning to you John see the man who put
the scene SPLC Dvorak in the morning to
you mr. Adam Curry also in the morning
to all ships at sea what’s on the ground

feet in the air subs in the water
they’re all the names the nights out
there and in the morning to the troll
room hello trolls got your poles no
agenda stream comm is where they always
show up you can join them every Sunday

and Thursday morning when we do the show
live and we are always happy always
happy to have them here and covering our
ass or fact-checking it so it may need
to be and in the morning the caesium-137

brought us the artwork for Episode 1093
the title that was write to puberty and
this was a very nice image this was the
the the last puzzle piece that fits into

the huge puzzle with no agenda stamped
across it he was I don’t know it was
something about it really really felt
good but this was a controversial pick
because our rigid this was not our

original pick
okay Mike Riley had the piece that we
wanted to use I’m going in to look now
which was the piece with OAC or AOC
whatever her name is

Oh with the moon shot yes the moon could
stop at the moon shot in this thing and
is that it’s a take off from that guy’s
name class yes the Hugo the Hugo movie
guy yeah the famous French movie maker

and so we picked that piece to begin
with and then I before we posted I we
had a we had all right we picked it I’d

put his name in the credits and
everything yeah I said wait a minute we
can use this piece we’re such pussies
yeah well no we can’t use the piece and
that the reason was it’s because what

happens if somebody shoots this woman
she had the bullet with the the rocket
the rocket was in her did look like a
bullet was like a bullet and so then all

of a sudden were the bad guys and so we
pulled the piece and went with the other
piece which we liked a lot to Adam
actually like the the the jigsaw puzzle
piece more and I’m the one who thought

the other piece was better and he
finally came to my side on this and we
picked it and then I had that did I
awesome and the reason well the reason
why the reason why is the puzzle piece
you know you argued correctly is can be

used for anything anytime it’s a it’s a
perfect evergreen hey Ozzie we might be
able to use it but there was something
about the moon and it made sense for the
episode yes but it would but once we

determined that it was it was not
acceptable because of the bullet we went
in was the end of it it won’t be an
evergreen either but you can go there

look go to the website and check it out
that’s no agenda art generator calm and
we thank cesium-137 and all of our
artists you were always diligently
uploading sometimes just hilarious stuff
and it’s on view for everyone’s on

display no agenda are generated are calm
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how a lot of people participate in our
value Network and thank you
yes now you had a newsletter fail

brought this year was a disaster for
some of these newsletters this one I got
a lot of notes from people saying that

oh you know I never got the thing I
think I read a couple of these from
Alexander says
for your information never made my

mailbox and that’s a first most of all
the previous problematic newsletters did
arrive so he didn’t get it a number of
people didn’t get it I he says John I
haven’t received my newsletter earlier

today I’ve only received this mail this
mailed on from that though in other
words the text messages right in the
last few weeks I know you’ve been

commenting on the newsletters not
getting through I have received all of
those but have not received this one hmm
some people finally dug around they find
it in their promotions boxes and it was
nice it was an essay which you and I

always laugh about so whenever you write
down and you know sit down and write an
essay it usually results in much lower
donations yes the donations go way down
and you know are you now considering

still doing them because you kind of
said in your follow-up that it appears
we can’t do them anymore what is the
point of it you know everybody hates
them well here’s here’s what I wanted to

jump in on you said it appears the
audience that would be our producers
will receive the newsletter to actually
just want animated gifs
they love the animated you think that
this is the way we should go I mean is

is their animated I mean I know the
answer to this because we always take
the low the low road when we can the low
road always but it’s always worse it’s
just so sad when people say you’re gonna

give us a newsletter with some content
and you do it and just uh yes this is
what the problem is because people
really just want animated gifs that’s
the bottom line and we’re being honest

with you this is what you respond to
but this apparently were some delivery
issues I don’t know why there doesn’t
make any sense but I’ve been thinking
there’s been some changes in the owl

goes to the promotions by somebody
suggested that if you don’t open the
newsletter for a buy he says he noticed
this no then Google makes a decision for
you yeah he says that he used to always

open the newsletter open open open then
for some reason or he’d skipped three of
them right and it says and ever since
after that has been showing up in
promotions no matter what he does which
is the thing that bothers me the most is

the comment that everybody makes is no
matter what I do
it shows whatever might listed I bitch
about it being in the wrong box and all
the rest of it because I do what I do

just discard the promotions box to just
eliminate its existing somehow within
just a B’s semi-technical
I believe somewhere in Google’s system
when you say okay I want to whitelist

this it’s probably I mean these things
do come out from weird reply twos and
MailChimp does certain things that may
not be the same every time in the

I think MailChimp is partly to blame for
some of this I don’t know that they’re
doing enough I mean I bitched about this
a few weeks ago similar situation and I
got a note from MailChimp and they’ve

said this bullcrap and did there’s no
thinking what do you say hey shut up
Dvorak or you want to be de platformed
yeah I’m not worried about that but it’s
just the

it’s just a date I wonder how much of
the system itself because you know the
people who looked into in MailChimp
comes in with some very weird headers
and they and all the this is a problem I

don’t know how Google can rationalize
this but every link in a newsletter like
this actually goes through MailChimp oh
so when I link to the PayPal account

it’s actually going through mail fast
know that and so it goes to MailChimp
and then gets forwarded to the PayPal so
mail chip can do a count

not you I’m gonna write a little giblet
about yeah I’m I don’t think it’s
MailChimp I mean this is ultimately it’s
Google I mean I get all the news letters

all the time of course I wrote my own
email server don’t use Google yeah so
it’s clearly Google making decisions
portal heaven there should be you know
if it’s the news that somebody subscribe
to which is the case with this mailing

list they should all go through they
shouldn’t end up in promotions or in
spam or anything else if Google is doing
its job I think they do a very piss-poor
job with their email no they’re doing

exactly what they want to do if you
don’t want to be this promotions tab is
also very interesting you get into the
promotions tab you can also pay to be at
the top of the promotions tab

it’s an advertiser spot now
energy male oh yeah
why people in teams beyond Gmail is
beyond me anyway let’s thank some people

who kindly we can no doubt saying hey
you know we got we had a fail and so
everybody you know a lot of people that
normally wait for that they seem to wait
for the second no hey man where’s my

gifs oh shit contribute which I find is
B you know it’s fine I like it because
at least it shows that we our people are

still following this show and they like
to show and so they will contribute so
we have a large list of executive
producers today
up from one well so it worked your evil
plan work before I could work actually

actually is up from probably two because
we have one that came in at through mail
through the mail okay
which was of course hieronymus of
Dogpatch in last night yes he’s back how
was he doing well he gave us a 1000 $77

so that’s he’s doing well holy moly but
go to Sri note is very short two
paragraphs oh that’s

I don’t like Oh cuz here it goes keeping
up with this world is difficult so even
why I’m a day or two behind you to keep
me in front and often or from the future
thank you I hope to have some insight

when I finally stopped traveling but as
of now my observation is rose-colored
glasses are about to get a punch in the
nose I smell real shit around the corner

mmm not just in John and Adams poop
capitals hey we don’t have the poop well
actually we we’re stuck we couldn’t

start in here but yes
happy Chanukah to to all-n jnk Wow so
I’m thinking he’s probably thinking
there’s crap going down the Middle East

or somewhere but he’s nothing’s up he
did say he will tell if he’s ever sent
without a bunch of why you should be

donating to the show there’s none of
that in here it’s just that he just
thinks that something Bad’s gonna happen
whether it could be economic they could
be middle he’s he travels a lot and he
goes to the Middle East but you know and

hmm well this is very concerning now is
there something about the number the
1077 is there something we should be
reading into that I would think maybe

has got to be some code that we’re not
senator it’s not our show number so 1094
town this guy is a such a puzzle think
he’s well the only producers were really

really known executive producers we feel
nothing about no but we have a lot of
indicators and hints now well does
travel a lot why he’s traveling so much
we don’t know that but he’s seems to be

on top of a lot of things and jnk know
jingles know karma i will respect his
wishes but thank you very much sir
animus of Dogpatch and loris LeBeau via
we look forward to your next

communication and this is also yeah no
there’s other issues I’ll leave that out
anyway onward to Craig Mazzella $334 and
34 cents I apologize for the long note

which then got truncated oh gosh this is
horrible let me see if I have a copy of
it somewhere oh that’s horrible start

start you’re real funny start my second
so long I don’t know why they
concatenated it or cut it off right
there but they did

you’re gonna read it oh yeah hold on I
was you I thought you were looking for
the note I am but I had no luck so far
okay let me have all on one second I

just was right in the middle of
enlarging the page with the zoom he’s
called in beginning I’m big and I
polished this or a long note but it’s

important if you don’t want to read it
then I would simply ask for the most
powerful jobs cover you have for me and
some easy pregnancy karma for my wife
named Janie we are expect and then it
ends this is horrible

you should have sent it through even I
have nothing on email from him but it
sounds like they are expecting a new
human resource so we’ll hand out jobs
karma he wanted a big one big heaping

and with a new human resource karma and
please let us know what the rest of your
note says jobs jobs jobs and jobs that’s
those job karma pregnancy Karma to be

specific oh yes you know what I remember
this note I think yeah was this and his
wife is continuously ill

I don’t wish the same note I know I get
a lot of notes get a lot of London I
know a lot of people’s lives and I’m not
sure if this was the same one so I’ll do

it Gigi ela yeah I can’t find it I’ve no
idea where it is maybe that’s not how
his email is you know yeah see the
problem you know it’s got some screen
name for his email like screw rename

damn it
screw industry anyway it’s three three
three three four sir roger boots
Mechanicsville Iowa 33333

sir roger boots here it’s been quite a
while using an old link and the link
still works
apparently him and that’s all he’s got
to say sir Kevlar 33333 from smear and a

Georgia uh he says I TM I haven’t could
I have an Obama you might die to to the

head and oh my god amazing please yeah
we can do it to to the head and the mind
I know you might die first yeah I got
that oMG was it amazing

yes okay here we go and a karma as well
you might die you’ve got karma kevlar

sent me a note a separate note right

after I sent the second the text email
out bitching
hey hey hey I was just about to sense
just about to send a donation thanks for

the reminder it’s quite funny Nick so
Nicholas blex Ruud $333 ITM gents we’ve
were second time donors long time boners

has been a while since our last donation
can we get a D douching yes by request I
think so your sad letter typed at our
heartstrings and our purse strings thank

you to you and Anna for keeping us from
going dateline on each other and keeping
our marriage strong oh my husband hit me
in the mouth during our move from
Portland to Austin a few years ago in

our life who is this from this is from
my Nicholas Beck’s Road well it’s his
wife writing the note Oh Anna and Nick
yes okay the first day my husband hit me
in the mouth during our move from

Portland to Austin oh she’s in Austin
mm-hmm a few months ago in our Portland
to Austin wow that’s like a lateral move
man hipster yeah although it’s when our

lives haven’t become mostly meat-eating
hipsters in Austin all right come on I
haven’t been the same franklin’s haven’t

been the same since the first time I
listened I was shocked shocked by the
oddball jingles but then I grew to love
you both recently we hit my mom in the
mouth and she thinks you’re all the

funniest pair hi mom hi mom
thanks for all you do John and Adam
loved Anna and Nick yeah we’ll give them
a karma as well thank you you crazy kids
and we’ll see you at the meet up with
just being planned as we speak it’s a

big one
all right now we have another road with
a notice donation Brian Lawson now he
did send an email in 333 let’s see what

he says sent – sorry I’ve been overboard
lately just paid 333 through PayPal
happy holidays Syd

okay thank you very much happy holidays
now back to the now back to real news
sir Chris Spears and us another ausonian

it’s crazy down here it’s crazy crazy
talk by the way you know they if you
look at the numbers on the mailing list
what do you think what state you think

has the most
No Agenda people on it what state has
the most no agenda people in it yeah in
terms of the new mailing list people

that have actually gotten that far
really have no idea really no California
by a lot you know it’s also the biggest

state well what do you think second then
New York Texas really it is it a second
what’s the same it’s back up California

it’s all the same thing yeah well it
we’re California on the bench here so
whenever you need us we’ll we’ll pop in
coach we’re ready for you yep
Chris Spears in Austin 322 uh I hope

this small bit of Valley for your Valley
finds you well as I look forward to my
celebrating my birthday tomorrow I think
he’s on the list rounded appropriate to
celebrate your commitment to putting out

an outstanding product with this
contribution I cross the threshold for
barony alright and find the territory of
my residents already claimed in the
interim I demand my seed Mancow Kaymer a

clip that was promised in the show notes
a while back
you know anything about this well I know
about the clip I’m not sure I mean

you’re in charge of the peerage
committee so I’m not sure what the
territory that he was he was going I
didn’t I don’t know knowledge of this
well has he needed know it Chris wasting
territorial claims within the peerage

system is ambiguous so that I just
claimed way no sorry’s well that was
simplified yeah that’s the Baron of
Buenos Aires it’s good we’re good to go
my god for 25 years they’ve been growing
babies and cows yeah that’s what he was

looking for thank you very much sir
Chris Stephen Rincon with a check $320
and 32 cents from Frisco Texas and all
he put on the deed instead of note I

can’t find an email and he put four
boobs with the number four
maybe he’s wants boobs no maybe the
g—eight takes 800 eight times four you
get third 320 32 is that what it sounds

like to you like 800 8 times 4 could be
no could be nothing it’s what it is okay
then there you go four time boobs but

why does he want four boobs
he just said for boobs he didn’t say he
wanted four boobs
got it Kyle blank in Houston Texas $300
and 11 cents jcd the collection of

essays was brilliant wasn’t the
collection was one oh he’s thinking of
all of all of them here yeah I’ve done
quite a few Hank could be turned into a

giblet in fact I’m going to do that
jumping in with an executive producer
donation because the shows of late have
been outstanding he just needs some
karma you’ve got karma now we go to

associate executive producer starting
with James Schmid two hundred fifty
eight dollars and thirty nine cents

back after a dry spell again add own not
a boner I have been I need some healing
karma for an old pal who is in ICU
facing a bad juju from lung disease me

the deconstruction continues to be
keep up the stellar work gents on girl
healing karma on its way you’ve got
karma George cannot in Westfield New

Jersey 250 your shows have been good
like other listeners I especially like
the eurozone discussions because nobody
else does them that’s a euro land this

is what we call them here yeah eurozone
actually only you know eurozone actually
refers specifically to the countries
within the EU that used the euro as
their currency right

so when you say eurozone you’re not you
you’re leaving out a lot of country
that’s that’s brexit man this brexit is
brexit talk yeah I do not believe their
centre ie their laws or robust enough to

hold it together you provide
deconstruction in the news that forces
one to think and to listen closely I’m
the oldest of the Canute’s clan or the
coonass clan and have

that has many fans and a few
contributors my nephew Colin who is
knighted is recovering from brain
surgery as well as can be expected he
has gone back to work full-time and

continues to reign and regain his
strength thanks George him kun has
pronounced kun F similar to Namath Kunis
a well which I think I’ve been

pronouncing correctly but let’s give us
his yeah give it a little some Karma for
sure you’ve got karma the official hemp
dealer of the show or CBG I should say

CBD dealer of the show borough winters
here remember to get your amazing lip
balm at lavender blossoms org I have to

say I do like the lip balm there’s
nothing like putting some CBD lip balm
on yeah probably good for you thanks

guys stay healthy shirt cowl please hit
me with a Monsanto jingle it’s always
ready for you thank you very much sir
cow Castro in Verona Wisconsin 22222

I’ve been enjoying a no agenda and
Mental Hygiene for over a decade please
mention obscura Tech the obscura tech
camera cover decals available at obscura

techcom that’s obscure is this basically
a sticker sold this technology
particular Dan with obscure obscure tech

details the only way to assure no one is
checking you out by the way I should
mention this I should take some photos
of him so I bought a set of those of
those stickers and I swear to god

there’s they’re gorgeous there’s these
are the available on Amazon you can just
look them up
these look like light but I’m sorry they
look like

plates your power of you know a little
plugin things where you get your what
they call your plugin you please
there’s a wall socket they look like
wall psychos okay it looks exactly like
a wall socket is somewhat dimensionals

get some shading so and people have been
sticking them on the walls in airports
you go up to stick in here your laptop
charger and it’s just a sticker yeah oh
what’s the payoff though it’s something

funny boring in an airport so but you
could put these stickers on anything and
they’re funny you said there you get

about twelve of them for like five bucks
or something it’s really worth it so
these obscura tech I’m looking at the
website the obscure tech stickers are
interesting what they are is they’re
they’re stickers that resemble your

camera on your device even though it’s
obscuring the actual camera oh it’s
covering the camera but it but it but it
makes it look like still that it’s still

there yeah that’s cool I use use gaffers
tape but I would use one of these oh no
this is much nicer than gaffers
yeah well gaffers else is gooey and it
gets all over everything

gaffers is fine is a good great sticking
temporary tape but if you leave it there
to not gone on it goes all sticky and
gooey and rotten on you you know what
it’s the worst
don’t use gaffers tape for anything
semi-permanent this is a piece of advice

alright thank you very much Christian
that’s listen thank you for the support
and I you want some Carmen interesting
those decals for sure you’ve got karma
Hamburg California 220 ohm eiga project

wishes all may you up be well may you be
happy and may you find peace thank you
very much
Andrew Brewer in winston-salem North

Carolina two hundred dollars and two
cents Boehner since the six hundred
episodes but always propagating the
formula never miss an episode I hear
many North Carolina donors announced
high time for a meet up addy douching

please there’s a Tech Center in North
North Carolina is a tech state and a

awkward way cuz IBM had his
winston-salem that you know the Research
Triangle in Raleigh was a huge Tech
Center very competitive and so you have
a lot of Engineers and guys like that

North Carolina and the best barbecue in
the in the in the country depending it
all over the state Joshua Landon and
Cincinnati Ohio two hundred

I haven’t donated because I had Thursday
show happens on my birthday and I
decided to donate because Thursday show
happens on my birthday I figured it was
time to chip in and help the show during

this lull period of donations indeed I
would appreciate a birthday shout out as
I’m turning 39 an accelerated rappers
accelerating rapidly towards forty if

you wish please play to l Sharpton clips
and a mac and cheese song thanks for all
the media deconstruction in 2018 and
wish you both a very Merry Christmas and

a Happy New Year night is the measure of
whether the country begins in the state
of Wisconsin a national drive to push
back or whether we have more to go to

build a movement of resistance but
resist we much

my rent
you’ve got karma Joshua is a serf Foxbat
yes and that will be our list of

executive associate executive producers
responsible for show 1094 want to thank
each and every of one of them as we head
toward show 1100 which will be our first
show of the year 2019 and thank if it

really that is the first show it is
actually show number 1100 yep
Wow that’s a coincidence all right not
thank you to our executive producers and

associate executive producers really
came through in an odd way which didn’t
have to be like this every time but it’s
highly appreciated and all of these
credits are ones that are recognized

internationally wherever you go wherever
people look at credits in the content
creation and production realm you can
use these and easily say excuse me
I am an executive producer of the No

Agenda show episode 10 94 I’ll have you
know and the chicks will take their
dresses off in a heartbeat it will be
thanking more people later on $50 and

above and please support us and remember
us for the show on Sunday vollrath org
the formula our formula is this we go

out for your people in the mouth

I was thinking about deep platforming
over the weekend cuz maybe it actually

Meah works well when’s the last time you
saw anything on television mind you
about Milo Oh Milo definitely get got
sidelined when’s the last time you heard

anything on television about Alex Jones
died just recently hmm only because he
showed up at the hearing that’s the only
thing you heard about him just recently

yes this is right and that’s what made
me think about it like this deep
platforming I mean I know how to listen
to Alex Jones if I want to but he’s not
in my mind at all I don’t it don’t think

about him anymore
Laura Loomer who chained yourself to
twitter’s from shore in New York City
she’s memorized herself yeah but also I
mean what happens is and if you notice

by the way these people who get the
platform the only ones that matter and
you should pay attention and I think I’m
being protected in hindsight is those
with the checkmark

the checkmark said I believe that there
is a tracking mechanism going on it’s
very unclear how these how these
verified checkmarks work I’ve tried for
years I gave up on it and now I’ve

always said I think I’m kind of happy
because it seems to be the mark of the
beast but it really is and they’re
tracking anyone who’s a journal in there
and the school newspaper gets a verified
checkmark so they are clearly tracking

mainly news and those who spread news
and are influencers and you’re one of
them you are a columnist a journalist
and influencer and I without my

I am nothing you know no I’m a
non-playing character I’m an end piece
and I’m an npc in the big game of
Twitter oh and peace I’m completely
unimportant no matter what I do I’ll

never go away because I’m an NPC I’m
just meant to spin around you’re saving
the day then yes it’s a game with real
consequences this is a this is route
when you step back it’s like if you’re

not on Twitter if you get deep platform
mainly from Twitter you’re gone your
career is over Laura Loomer you’re right
she lured herself she’s gone she is just

gone and somehow there’s some big game
and it interacts with the mainstream
media in the United States for sure and
if you got a checkmark you basically

have a target on you all the time you
have to be very careful
well I’m very careful I know you are I
know you are but the the even though you

know I mean that’s why we took the
bullet thing from the art removed it and
use the other one damn
we succumbed we succumb to the no you
just have to play there yes you have to

play it by a certain set of rules we we
get around most of them because we have
no advertisers telling us what to do or
nor no corporate guy hey you can’t do
that we have the self police yeah we do

but we can self police in favor of our
listeners and producers because in it
and I’m gonna say it at the end of the
day that particular piece of artwork

wasn’t that important no oh no we make
choices it’s actually let’s just say an
advertising for a moments that you
brought that up the something new is
happening everyone’s all all aflutter

about it because finally we’re bringing
spying to podcasts I could not be more
proud everybody way to go yes we’re
bringing spying to podcasting we’re now

gonna spy on you like the big boys this
has been a big project mainly of NPR and
I follow all the podcast industry news
and you know the big complaint about the

about advertising and podcast is there’s
no way to track it if someone just
downloaded it did they listen to it how
much did they listen to it we don’t know
if the message is getting out so first

the industry the industry can’t with
some agreements as to what a download is
which I questioned but it’s okay the at
least is an agreement that’s no better
or worse than the Nielsen Raylan but now

they’ve gone completely stupid and they
decided no we’re going to make it so we
can really track how far in you’re
listening to this and this falls under

the protocol rad it is now version 3 if
rad which is remote audio data being the
data that you are giving remotely and
the way it works yo yeah they have a

framework which is on the github and
this is again this is NPR and I think
they have they’ve implemented it in
there NPR one app well they’re gonna be
highly disappointed

that’s one part of the stupidity of it
all but they also have this idea that
here’s my framework please put it into
your podcast player so the industry as a

whole can track and see because what you
really need is two pieces the production
the mp3 itself in the id3 tags where you
put in the title and the artwork and oh

by the way I I noticed that my recording
software had defaulted back to only the
author who who registered the program I
use Hindenburg so instead of Adam curry

and John C Devore I could just said me I
don’t know how long it’s been doing that
but someone alerted me to that but then
you add a special little tracking URL or

multiple tracking URLs so that when your
player hits a certain mark that you also
have to put into the podcast
it’ll then hit that URL and then it will
say hey this this guy over here listen

to this point in this podcast and I will
send you’re going to hear the and this
is what I why I pulled these clips this
is the guy who’s really on the

implementation side it’s not on the
content creation side and he has says a
lot of things he shouldn’t he is not the
guy to communicate this because it
sounds like you’re just being creepy and
spying and in fact that’s what you’re
doing and it’s going as John said it’s

this you’re gonna be very disappointed
when you find out who’s actually how
many people are actually listening and
to to have the gall to say we won’t know
who you are when this takes place is

just the lie of epic proportions life
she addresses it you can figure it you
don’t know what phone you have the a lot
of people know it comes from phone so
it’s like when you tell you what browser

people are using or they’re coming from
it’ll give you your unique device ID
because it’s mainly a phone I mean all
this stuff is it’s just given to you

through the HTTP request itself I’m
paraphrasing but believe me this is
possible here he is Bryan Moffett of NPR
explains okay so the challenge in the
podcasting space over the last decade is
that John the challenge in the box

those last decades really but okay so
the challenge in the podcasting space
over the last decade has been all of us

have been circling around a better
definition of a download and this is
largely because most of the places where
people listen are not places that you
know we control the distribution so it’s
Apple podcast just the largest and

you’ve got a bunch of other apps now
listen he says something interesting
about who controls the distribution and
he views the podcast app as the person
or the entity that controls the

and I disagree why because they
don’t control whether something is where

that you can get it or not the and and
if he’s talking about what they promote
sure I’m sure that lots of podcasts take
in fact he’ll talk about it take money

to promote certain podcast so enhancing
distribution yeah but they don’t control
no iTunes doesn’t host our file I’m just
saying you know we control the

distribution so at Apple podcasts is the
largest and you’ve got a bunch of other
apps that distribute our content for
free and so all we know is that somebody
requested the file now listen to how
he’s talking he’s talking about his

content his NPR’s content he’s not
talking about anybody else with them and
we know if the bytes were delivered to
customer that user and that’s kind of
where we are with the IAB and the common
definition known as IB v2 so we can all

speak the same language about downloads
that’s been great it’s I think a huge
step forward for the industry that we
all have that definition but we know
there’s downloads that don’t get played

I think I do is look at your own
behavior there’s so much good stuff out
there that you don’t quite get to
everything we have good research that
says people listen to most of what they
download and that’s been great but what
we want to get at is a way to understand

from all those places where our podcasts
are played which files that were
downloaded actually got listened to and
I think it’s really important to
interject here you know we’re not
worried about who listened to it we’re

just worried that someone because you
know that’s the information we don’t
have and that’s all we’re really looking
to get it same things we learn from NPR
one you know what kind of engagement are

we getting with this content is it worth
you know the distribution deals we’re
making with different platforms are
people listening to what they download
do you hear that the deals we make with
all these so NPR is apparently paying

podcast apps to highlight their content
yeah I didn’t know that and who ends
only you now but there’s only a few of
them out there there’s not that many

that are being you starts talking about
this we don’t care who it is I’m
thinking oh okay opening the door it was
what else are these these click farms
out in the Philippines and India but you

know they’ve been kind of busted
recently let’s give them something else
to do
oh yeah and it’s just URLs it’s not that
hard to replicate in fact here’s this

technical pitch so in a quick overview
what we’re talking about with remote
audio data is actually very very simple
inside those audio files which are
typically mp3s although it can be mp4 or
other formats all we want to do is put a

little extra method
that tells where the important points in
the file are where are the quartile
markers where is like the halfway point
for our sponsors where was a sponsorship
starting and ending so that we can have

the podcast playback platforms when
listening happens at one of those points
just send us back a little ping that
says listening happened at that point
that’s all we’re asking for

it’s hardly any data at all we’re not
asking for any user information or PII
it’s simply somebody listened at that
point in that file and that’s that’s the
basic metric we’re looking to get back

yeah I’m very against this I don’t want
anyone knowing what I’m listening to
and you can tell me a hundred times that
we don’t know anything about you that’s

I don’t want anyone to know what podcast
I listen to I’m not gonna report that
Marc Marco from over already been
embarrassed by them by the fact that
Twitter outed you as a Britney Spears
spot exactly what just so you know she

also follows me so that’s how that came
to be she started following me and like
okay Britt know I’ll follow you back

Marco from overcast which i think is
arguably the second most popular app is
that he’s not going to implement it and
that does not seem to be even
what is the app that NPR bought they

bought pocket casts they say it’s not on
their roadmap so I don’t know if this is
if this is really gonna go anywhere I
sure hope not it’s this is not this is
not the this is not right for podcasting

why who cares
I’m not doing anything wrong what
difference does that make if they know
you’re listening to the Britney Spears
Taylor Swift podcast that I listen to

now not Britney
well that’s different
all right well I think that’s that’s it
you don’t know where conclusions to make

a sub that you think is a bad idea well
you kind of start to shut down call you
oh why would they report so that was it
last time you were called by anyone to
make some one-line comma course they

take about 30 lines they still one of
them one line comment about the whole
scene the whole podcasting scene which
happens to be hot right now um
I cannot remember yeah so long ago no I

think I can’t get a hold of you know I
did get something although they look
probably in your Twitter account say I
didn’t gotta just not he missed he

didn’t get a check mark I did get a
written interview request which I
complied with I think it was from the
UAE Arab Emirates off to look it up it
was very detailed well yeah there’s

something like that no no one ever asked
me I think why would they I’ve only been
through it all once I’ve already seen
how it won’t work it’s okay well that’s
the reason they’re not now you know now

you know why the why they’re not gonna
call you yes I’m gonna throw a wet
blanket on it sorry sorry guys
alright well we got enough wet blankets

throwing our own stuff so we’ll do that
I want to go back doesn’t mean anything
that’s because we asked there our
listeners and producers to take part in
the show and contribute to keeping it

it’s truly would suck if it had sponsors
it’s the best way to do it it is the and
people love it enough secrets given away

Bloomberg was on the view no cheese you
didn’t actually watch it this is a clip
you just got or someone sent it to you
what do you think well you’ve been very
critical of President Trump and you’re

you’ve been openly weighing a run
against him in 2020 you didn’t run the
last time no I think we found as you

cannot win as an independent because the
electoral college requires a majority
not a plurality and even if I did get a
lot of electoral votes
you couldn’t possibly win it would have

gone to the house and the house would
then pick the Republican candidate or
what is it what is he what is his lie
he’s claiming that if you run as an

independent if the electoral college
won’t recognize just gonna go to the
house and he’s going on and I was some
nonsense but that’s okay then picked the
Republican candidate or next time pick

the Democratic candidate yeah exactly
what my obit would have been he was a
spoiler they can write other things
about me when I die what would make it

more appealing to you then for 2020 well
you’d only run if you could get the
Republican or the Democratic nomination
obviously the Republicans probably not
going to be available and I don’t agree

with almost everything they stand for
and so it’d have to be the Democratic
nomination and if you want to run that’s
what you’d have to do and I don’t know
I’ve looked at it and I’ve said we’ll
beginning of the year focus on it no

chance ever he’s so boring you can’t you
can’t put that one back we need we need
excitement no one will vote for him
he’s delusional all that there’s that

it’s just bit of course if anyone read
the essay that was in the last failed
newsletter they will realize that the
real problem with the Democrats have is

Hillary and they’re not doing everything
they can to avoid talking about her
including marine Dowd who came out with
a very interesting piece in the New York
Times where she hates Hillary mm-hmm and
she says all Bill and Hillary are going

on their tour you have to pay 700 bucks
to go listen to them and their places
are dead empty and then they have a
picture on Groupon there even the the
tickets are on Groupon yeah she’ll Obama
is selling out internationally this is

the yeah but this is the meme do we know
this any of this for a fact what
Michelle Obama is selling out
internationally or the Clintons not
selling out at all well the Clintons

have had empty seats and Michelle Obama
has had full seats in fact I got a lot
of emails from people because their
tickets went on sale today in the

she’s also appearing there and she’s got
some big venues yes yes
becoming Michelle are definitely making
a point and put it pushing this meme
into the media trying to get Hillary off

the track of running again cuz if she
does they’ve got all kinds of problems
it would split the vote a lot it would
really my I believe that it and as I

expressed in the essay she deserves to
win and I’ll give a little summary what
the what the the problem the Democrats
have is that by and that’s why they’re

pivoting away from the rush of collusion
thing they have to pivot away from it
because if it’s Russia collusion and
them and the 2016 election was rigged
that means Hillary was job died yes and

she got ripped off but she deserves yeah
she needs yeah she need justice for
Hillary she she got screwed she should
be given a second chance I like that I

got a letter from somebody saying yeah
well you know Hillary would kick his ass
if she ran again and maybe I
yeah I know maybe is the right word but

doubtful is another word that I think
you can use anyway so that’s something
Time magazine came out with their Person
of the Year and I’m not sure do they do

four different covers or it’s a rotating
cover or they can never seem to make up
their mind but what they did is they
made it about journalists khashoggi yeah
they put Khashoggi on and then but also

the people who were killed remember when
the they were gunned down at the
newspaper office yeah near was it in
Delaware no where was it well doesn’t

matter but Maryland day it came yeah but
my question is is was he a journalist or
was he a columnist or an essayist I mean
you you Bill yourself as a columnist for

instance on the dhm plug show is there a
difference if so what is the difference
and should khashoggi be treated as a
journalist like he is being treated by

Time magazine no and I’ll tell you what
I think the point is as journalists do
journalism they go out and report he’s
not a reporter but now when you get that

the columnist you get a lot of columnist
where you go to certain editors and the
editors don’t like columnist because
they don’t like anybody who can just be
Blatter they don’t like that they’d

rather have somebody doing reporting so
they’ve actually demand that columnist
report I want to see more reporting in
this column huh what’s a column it’s an
opinion piece it says somebody’s idea of

you know what’s going on in the world
that might give somebody else some
insight which was a good example in the
essay I wrote which is a kind of a
column it’s an essay really and and call
them good columns to me our essays

they’re not reportage but cuz show he’s
showed no signs of ever being a reporter
I mean I could do it I can go out in it
just take a microphone to somebody’s
face and ask him a question and record

it’s not that hard journalism is
actually not that difficult it’s not
yeah my god well I like that I like that
yeah thank you because
would really get you in hot water with

your Lib joes if you said journalist
it’s not that just don’t like to talk
about it well the question was posed but
one of my Lib Joe friends always says
hey why are we talking about this
we’re not Hemingway the question the

question of journalists versus columnist
was posed to professor Chris Chambers
professor of Media Studies at Georgetown

University and this was on RT his answer
as you can imagine differed from what
you just said ok professor I have to
tell you it’s great and do you think

this is a good thing for time to
actually recognize think so I think so I
mean it’s it’s about time because we’re
entering a very dark time in terms of
getting information out there people
relying too much on gossip and innuendo

and fake news and seeing that this is a
dangerous profession and people need to
see that I think and I think this was a
great choice for them and well I don’t

think it was gimmicky gimmicky probably
would have been Robert Muller or
somebody like that I think they took the
hard way right for this I mean they
could have gone with robert muller or
somebody like that they went with this

and i applaud them finally for doing
this absolutely now to put all of them
together though i think the question
that a lot of especially if you did you
were a journalism student and you watch

the news like you have to question is
there a difference though between being
a columnist and a journalist and is that
kind of not necessarily defined amongst
these four covers well I don’t I haven’t

read the the the companion piece yet but
I think what my opinion is they’re
trying to find a common language that
everybody can kind of hook into and not
make these fine distinctions now what I

would tell what I tell my students is is
that the minutes might puts a bullet in
your head you’re probably a journalist
some of the people at the Gazette were
columnists it’s it’s it’s it’s

presenting information whatever
platformer or outlet you you use be it
you know your opinion and and personal
essays or your going for hard as expose
‘he’s you’re doing something that upsets

some very powerful people and rather
than having them debate you on that they
send a group of assassins after you or
they go crazy and walk into your office
and blow you away and I think that once

you do once you take a bullet or a knife
I think everybody is is pretty much a
journalist at that point
Wow how wrong could you be John once you
take a bullet once you take a bullet

than all of a sudden your journal I
thought that to be interesting now he
inches he really only wrote for the
Washington Post for about a year it

wasn’t all that long and Sibel Edmonds
who typically news but I don’t look at
what she’s what they’re doing over there
usually just not enough time in the day
but Sibel Edmonds when she when it comes

to Turkey she knows what’s going on and
she’s been filing for the past seven or
eight weeks a lot of reports about
khashoggi from Turkey and I’ll just she
has not done anything final there’s no

clips to listen to from from her
reporting at least but she says she
feels that this was definitely some kind
of operation but not from the Saudis she
believes it was the Muslim Brotherhood

and mainly from Qatar because him with
all these changes with the with the the
Saudi royal family Khashoggi basically
chose the wrong side but in the you know

he chose the anti MBS side but in a week
before anything happened to him whatever
it was in his Arabic publications
according to Sibel Edmonds he started he
flipped and he became much more positive

and he really wanted he really wanted to
go back to Saudi Arabia and the thinking
from Edmonds is and you know she worked
for the FBI she was a translator she had
very high security clearance and she’s

been a whistleblower on this stuff for a
long time I think she has credibility in
this area for sure but she believes that
it was the Muslim Brotherhood and in
particular the Qataris who just jumped

out of OPEC let’s just add that there
there’s all kinds of problems to him
them and Saudi Arabia they didn’t want
khashoggi giving the Saudis any intimate
details about their operation and that

the Fiat
say who brought him to the consulate who
we’ve never heard from again
where did where the interviews with her
have we seen anything from the fiancee
he just got married for the second time

he had two wives already and this was
now his girlfriend in Turkey and what
the news bud people alleges that she was
a honeypot to get him in and that’s

where things were taken care of but for
some reason she feels it was not Saudi
Arabia it was the Qataris and in
particular through Muslim Brotherhood
affiliated groups so I’m kind of looking

at we already think asserted that
Khashoggi may be some form of spy not
just your typical little columnist we’ve
you know he was spoke at the Pentagon we

had all kinds of clips and then here is
the the woman who hired him at the
Washington Post this is Karen attea and
she has a very short Wikipedia entry for
someone who is the global opinion editor

of The Washington Post or is that a very
easy job to get what’s your what’s your
opinion of that it’s one of those it’s a
weird job it’s not that easy to get and

then Washington Post it would be
probably a difficult job because it’s
important to Washington dc-based
I’m non-trivial okay and this is me
gonna have a lot of creds that anybody

would want to see in the Wikipedia well
exactly here’s what she hears what she
has born August 12 a gun a gun not deny
an American writer and global opinions

editor for The Washington Post born in
north eastern Texas to a Nigerian Gahan
II and mother and Gahan Ian’s father
after a bachelor’s degree at
Northwestern University Atia won a

Fulbright scholarship to study in Accra
Ghana and obtained an Master of Arts
from Columbia University before joining
the Washington Post

that’s a pretty quick timeline yeah it’s
very spooky too well this is exactly
what I was thinking I’m thinking to spot

the spook maybe so let’s see if we can
put it to the test and listen to the

words she’s using or that are used with
her in regards to Ashok yeah it does
seem fitting you know this one here
Karen ideas with me she’s a global
opinions editor for The Washington Post
and it was Karen who recruited Khashoggi

to the post about a year ago a pleasure
to have you on and I just wanted to you
to react to the president saying it was
the it’s the world this vicious world to
blame for Jamal’s murder what do you

make of that it’s just such a you know
for you know a president and an
administration that has been so
preoccupied with projecting strengths
with projecting America first

it just is such a sort of weak and
cynical statement and it denotes the
sort of hopelessness in the face of of
human rights abuses of repression and

says nothing of you know our role in at
least in this case in the case of
Jamal’s donor in the case of the Tellez
things of note one if she’s not

hyperventilating she’s nervous as hell
yeah so that makes me think she’s
probably not a spook because I can’t
imagine her not being able to hold it
together or the simple question like

this either she’s been competent but I
don’t you know when somebody’s is
nervous you always makes you wonder how
they get these positions
any other observations not yet besides

the fact that she uses weird language
no just wolf in it yeah we’ll finish
this one up and then the final clip may
tell us more and says nothing of you
know our role in at least in this case

in the case of Jamal’s murder in the
case of the war in Yemen in the case of
you know what we’re seeing to be you
know a and global and stability and

repression coming from Saudi Arabia
denying that we have any sort of role to
play in stopping this I don’t think that
was an answer to the question but okay

she recruited Khashoggi just over a year
ago and all this love and adoration and
uh you know we have to play this up and
Thank You Washington Post for making
that also very clear and then we get to

the flub where the truth always wants to
come out one minute a clip of her with
Anderson Cooper I mean it does seem
fitting and also incredibly sad that
that his last column this last column
would be about freedom of the press in

in the Arab world it’s fitting but it’s
it’s in our time working together
especially in the last several weeks you
hear the difference in her in her voice
now a little bit yeah he was very
analytic and he would come into the

office we had lunch a couple weeks ago
and he was very adamant about wanting to
do more in Arabic he wanted to create a
sort of you know International Herald

Tribune for their world the
International Herald Tribune for the air
for the Arab world isn’t the the IHT
isn’t that unknown CIA publication
well it’s a bit

it’s propaganda the EHT was always found
on how much propaganda I’ve had material
in there probably has always a joint
venture between the New York Times and

The Washington Post which is sketchy if
you think about it yes and I think it
was recently I think the Washington Post
was kicked out of the New York Times

took it over and I’ve got could be wrong
it’s one of the two I’ll you know it’s
not it’s not what it once was which was
this joint venture and if you if you
want to say that it’s a mouthpiece for

the CIA cuz they message overseas in it
because it’s really it’s something you
buy when you’re in London you’re
floating around if you’re a traveler you
pick it up because it’s good it’s got a
summary of everything and if you want me

by saying that it’s a mouthpiece for the
CIA you have to be saying that the New
York Times is too
right so but why would he even why would
this even be the topic of conversation

just seemed like an odd thing say oh I
can’t I really want to build the
International Herald Tribune for the
Arab world I mean is it relevant anymore
No doesn’t the flub is still coming

wanting to do more in Arabic he wanted
to create a sort of you know
International Herald Tribune for the
Arab world and I think that he he really
he wanted to be free he just saw how a

journalism was being smashed around the
Arab world and and so it was something
that he was really pushing for
everything pushy about it wasn’t a very

pushy writer at all but on this note it
was something that he was really
passionate about and to the point where
good said Karen I would do this for free
you put just let me do this I’ll set up
editors I’ll figure it out and we were

discussing and setting up some sort of
newsletter perhaps that he could helm
and and take charge of and so it is
poetic and it’s fitting that this would

be the last column that I would write
and edit for the truth always wants to
come out it’s so fitting this would be
the last column I’d write for I mean

fitting that this would be the last
column that I’d write edit for him and
this is long silence turn attea I
appreciate you joining us thank you the
video is great it’s in the show notes

any show knows calm you can see she
realizes she made a mistake and she does
this big gulp in Anderson just looking
out at all starry-eyed wouldn’t surprise
me that he was in front for somebody
else’s writing yeah she was ghost

writing for him that wouldn’t surprise
me it’s not unusual you have some brand
name person right next thing you know
they have a column and somehow they’ve
become pretty good writers how does that
work it’s not that easy let me I mean

it’s easy to just to write aimlessly but
to piece things together so they’re well
structured and you’re not all you know
mess right it’s not that easy and at the
end turns out with most editors and a

lot of them will tell you this too
it’s I feel this way myself sometimes
it’s easier for me just to write you
somebody wants to write something in the
right let me just do it oh I’m not

arguing and but you put all the pieces
together he’s on he’s a cover of Time
magazine a columnist who wrote for a
little over a year probably didn’t write

his own material as you point out what
what is what why why what’s symbol why
is this being played up in particular by

everything connected to the Washington
Post what isn’t what is no idea but I
think that if the first Eclipse that you
had are worth considering by the night
clips but the discussion of that woman

who is investigative reporter wits with
creds yeah that this was an operation
cuz you know MBS did arrest like had
most of these people and they the only

time that we’ve heard that oh they’re
all associated with him yeah well we got
that from our news sources and it could
be bullcrap
I’ve never heard it from him no and and
they’re probably gonna be executed now

the question that comes to mind
immediately is how does the the Muslim
Brotherhood get inside the aunt the
consulate the way they did this guy and
kill him without the consulate being

implicit which is possible because the
Muslim Brotherhood is like it they’re
yeah they’re everywhere on this lake is
subversive operation well but we’ve only
heard a story an historian we don’t know

anything right but Trudeau back to the
interview with Trudeau was asked about
this and just listen how the story is
now fact I want to move to another thing
that happened at the g20 when you took

some time to meet with the the Saudi
prince the Saudi Crown Prince NBS did
you realize he had met with the Saudi
prince what an outrage I can’t believe
did he shake his hand this is an outrage
he raised the issue of rice Badawi his

sister Jamal khashoggi and the war in
Yemen how does a leader respond to
another leader coming up to him and
saying listen we have some problems here

how does he respond to that
assuming that he did that I think that
very much depends on the the way things
are phrased and my my frame in all cases
on the world stage is Canada wants to be

helpful in moving us towards a better
place as a planet it’s never a situation
of you know imagining that we can you
know stand there and tell another

country what what to do or how to do it
it’s saying like it would be great if
you were to do this and we would be we
could be helpful in moving forward in a
constructive way how do you say to the

crown prince
we’re pretty sure you were involved in
the killing of an innocent journalist
though we said we need we need better
answers on that we need better
accountability the killing of a
journalist is something that is

extremely serious to Canadians to me his
response to you saying that with you
knowing full well what you know about
the intelligence behind it oh wait a

apparently he’s been read into this
report that never was published at the
CIA denies
that’s what she said to you saying that
with you knowing full well what you know
about the intelligence behind it his his

response is look we’re happy to continue
to work and and get more information and
more proof and if you have no proof or
information you know continue to provide

it so that’s exactly do you roll your
eyes at that point being a leader on the
world stage involves having an ability
to engage with all types of people

without letting you know personal
personal feelings you overtake ones
involuntary movements yeah you know why
he’s okay involuntary movement he’s full

of crap the reason why he’s not doing
anything is because of the arms deal
that Kanak and the Naevia has with Saudi
Arabia oh maybe we should put some
pressure on the president Trudeau

president Prime Minister reporter asked
Anatomy yes actually you said you also
made it clear to the Crown Prince that

Canada stands up for human rights how
can you say that to him knowing that we
are still selling those light armoured
vehicles is there not a contradiction in
that oh you know this is a question that
comes up not just in regards to now I’m

just trying to trying to wrap my head
around this question so Canada stands
for human rights I think what she means
is because we stand for human rights we
won’t allow any business dealings with

Saudi Arabia because they killed a
journalist but the actual business
dealing is about weaponry that helps
kill people so where is the human rights
in this it’s very I can’t put my head

around the whole concept that’s truly
this is the definition of irony right
here it clear to the Crown Prince that
Canada stands up for human rights how

can you say that to him knowing that we
are still selling those light armored
vehicles is there not a contradiction in
that oh you know this is a question that
comes out not just in regards to Saudi
Arabia but in regards to a broader range

of array of countries that have
different different levels of defense of
human rights than Canadians having
Canadians expect you know we try to look
for constructive ways to have

relationships that lead us to being able
to be very frank on human rights while
at the same time look for a way where
you’re not you know sort of shaking your
fist at someone and saying you’ve got to

change you know in an expectation yeah
please everyone yell and scream that the
United States does have to act that way
what a douche that alone will will have
them contract impossible to break yeah

there are there are reflections on going
around can we break the contract
oh there’s reflections going around so
why just so I’m clear though that the
contract could be broken possible the as

I highlighted the contract has
particular provisions both for
confidentiality and
and significant penalties in the
billions of dollars and it was a

contract that was signed by the previous
government and we are looking at it in
other words we’re not gonna be stupid
we’re not gonna call for end to arm
sales like the idiots in America and the

United States that’ll be stupid
no we’re just gonna keep selling it very
good and of course we have the question
about the tape and we all know that
everyone’s been read in everyone’s head

has heard a copy we all know what’s
going on but yet
is there really a tape have you heard
the tape or have you been briefed on
what that had been its briefed on what

yeah this and what was that like yeah
obviously it’s it’s it’s something that
intelligence communities have taken and
listened to and work with and is part of

our reflection and getting real answers
but is it could you characterize it for
me I’m not going to characterize that
horrific there’s no tape why wouldn’t
they hear if I was part of this scheme

whatever the scheme is I’d just get a
bunch of actors together and produce a
tape cut the guys somebody’s screaming
another guy you know then muffled it so

it sounds like you know it’s like in
some guys pocket the microphone it
sounds like it’s too hard to produce a
tape unless it’s a videotape that would
be tough well where’s the videotape you
know what there is there’s nothing

there’s nothing very beginning they said
there was a video it’s not even a body
if you don’t have a body
there’s nothing it’s just a story but
the story is on Time magazine where the
columnist becomes a journalist once you

take a bullet to the head even though he
didn’t take no bullet to the head just
call yourself a journalist skip the
bullet part and just just call yourself

well anyway
I find this very strange and I still
hopefully Sibel Edmonds will come up
with more stuff but it’s nothing that
something is very very wrong with this

and this and it just brought it all back
when we got it on the with this Time
magazine cover
well let’s see what we got here I got a

transitional flip is what we like watch
I’m da listen to this this is a guy I
don’t even know who this guy is I’ve
seen him before some conspiracy guy it
was on some very strange Twitter account

which is like one of these queue but
it’s not quite a queue anon type thing
and it’s this guy explaining the he goes
I just find it fascinating because

there’s so many holes in this story and
it doesn’t really make any sense and
it’s almost worth discussing just
because it’s so crazy this is the
crackpot burg this guy talks about
Bergdahl and how it’s a background on

everything that’s going on and what’s
really happening in the baby some of it
might be true some of it doesn’t make
any sense but please crackpot clip the
real reason behind Bergdahl’s release

Bergdahl was released in exchange for
five Taliban generals in order to cover
up the Obama Hillary Stinger missile
sales to Libya so here’s the real story

ambassador Stevens were sent to Benghazi
to secretly retrieve US made Stinger
missiles that the State Department had
supplied to Ansar al-sharia in Libya

without congressional oversight or
permission Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton had brokered the Libya deal
through ambassador Stevens and a private

arms dealer named Mark Tory but some of
the shoulder-fired Stinger missiles
ended up in Afghanistan where they were
used against our own military on July
25th 2012 a u.s. Chinook helicopter was

downed by one of them not destroyed only
because the idiot Taliban didn’t arm the
missile the helicopter didn’t explode
but it had to land and and ordnance

disposal team recovered the missile
serial number which led back to a cache
of Stinger missiles kept in Qatar by the
CIA Obama and Hillary were in full panic

mode so ambassador Stevens was sent to
Benghazi to retrieve the rest of the
Stinger missiles this was a do or die
mission which explains the state

down orders given to multiple rescue
teams during the siege of the US Embassy
it was not the State Department not the
CIA that supplied the Stinger missiles

to our sworn enemies because General
Petraeus at CIA would not approve
supplying the deadly missiles due to
their potential use against commercial

so then Obama threw General Petraeus
under the bus when he refused to testify
in support of Obama’s phony claim that a
spontaneous uprising caused by a youtube

video that insulted Muslims Obama and
Hillary committed treason this is what
the investigation is all about why she
had a private server in order to delete

the digital evidence you know this not
so crackpot I’ve heard this theory and I
I know I can’t remember the guys name
who does this podcast this is on YouTube
I think it sounds very plausible and

this is what I will say that what’s
Bergdahl and the five generals from the
Taliban have to do with any of it
that part I’m not so sure about he

throws that in at the very beginning
yeah give us the I’m not sure I’m not
sure why I hear that kind of thing I’m
thinking of this is a this is one of

those things where you start to throw
your throwing throwing a chum in the
water with kind of screwball stuffing
and if you take this thing apart piece
by piece by pieces you realize that it

none of it makes any sense I think this
guy’s completely full of crap my stick
by our old thesis would do was a it was
a kidnapping gone astray
the Stinger missiles story the truth I’d

like to get some evidence for that
there’s any evidence today that I one of
these choppers was brought down by a
dead missile that hit the thing apart I
don’t know like no that happens and
bounced off or anything okay so what’s

your point
so you think of the this is a conspiracy
theory you think it’s full of crap yeah
okay I’ve heard it I’ve heard the serial
number stuff I have not looked at it

because at this point what does it
matter no agenda imagine all the people
who could do with us oh yeah
can’t hear you what at this point what

difference does it make that’s what
that’s what I needed to say yeah
or I think she says
yeah she puts

the way she phrases it is just a little
different here is Cola here it is what
difference at this point does it make
there it is head yeah what difference at

this point does it make
Jeff McReynolds is our top producer in
the second half part of the show here

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94 of the No Agenda show and
well I got one here this doesn’t get a

lot of play anywhere but this is like a
disgusting story and this was on this
was on CBS but it wasn’t on the nightly
news at least maybe it was on the

yesterday’s but I didn’t get it I got it
it was like an add-on if you go to the
website they have these extra stories
that you can watch that looks like they
were supposed to be produced mostly they
were produced for the news but they were
never used yeah and this is the

Rockefeller or in this case Rick at
Feller Hospital scandal patients and
relatives of those treated at a famous
Research Hospital here in New York are
looking for answers tonight they want to

know why Rockefeller University stayed
quiet about a prominent doctor who died
11 years ago but is believed to abused
children for decades victims could
number over a thousand which would
potentially make it the largest case of

sexual abuse by one person in US history
more on this now from hannah warner and
a warning some of the details you’re
about to hear are graphic he was revered
like a god he was Matt Harris was one of

thousands of former patients who saw dr.
Reginald Archibald as children at the
prestigious Rockefeller Institute in New
York City Archibald was a highly
regarded growth specialist who said he

could help children who were not
maturing like their peers
he was like gonna be our family family’s
Savior Archibald’s research was supposed
to help kids grow taller but these

former patients told us he sexually
abused them Harris was 14
Gail Coleman was 11 Robert Granato was 8
and Mitchell sure was just five the

entire time you were in the room there
with him you’re naked
he took his finger and he pushed one of
my nipples and he basically proceeded to
to masturbate me he would rub me there

and started asking me does this feel
good in a statement in October officials
revealed they’d investigated a complaint
about Archibald inappropriate conduct in
2004 and reported it to authorities but

they also found complaints going back to
the 1990s some deemed credible attorney
Jennifer Freeman says her firm has had
hundreds of

and so what does that say to you that
says that there are a tremendous number
of victims out there it was played a
year after I saw I started seeing them
yet these former patients say they never
heard anything from the hospital until

officials there sent out this letter in
October to more than a thousand of
Archibald’s former patients asking for
information I got the letter and all of
a sudden I felt like I was flashing back

50 years ago
it was burned in my brain what he did to
me what do you make of the hospital
statements I am outraged outraged and
Gayle Coleman says she’s particularly

angry because the doctor took pictures
she and the others were told to stand
without clothing like the children in
these old studies while he took polaroid
photos of their naked bodies those

pictures are what has haunted me through
the years in 2003 she contacted the
hospital looking for answers and I got
my medical records back and there were

no pictures and that tells me they
weren’t for medical research they were
for him was something like this happens
to you you kind of robbed of hope
robbed of you know trusting people
trusting institutions trusting humanity

they had to know something was going on
so if the hospital comes out and says
well nobody inside our Hospital knew
what he was doing I don’t want blame I
can’t believe that the hospital has to

take some responsibility for this oh my
god this is the bums me out this is
almost like the clip we had on the last
show with the transgender in children

yeah well the thing is I’m with these
people say that the hot date somebody
had to know something this is bullcrap
just like the Jimmy Savile thing yeah
this is and where is this guy right now

dead Oh
just like jimmy savile yeah how long has
he been dead
I think he died in 2011 seven years
I thanks I’m totally grossed out now

that is gross hey funny and I don’t
think CBS ran and the regular news cuz
it’s good for that reason to grow it’s a
disgusting story you guys getting away
with this you know all I’m gonna show

how to grow here look you’re growing now
I mean the whole thing is gross and it’s
nobody’s noticing nobody there’s been
complaints and nobody pays attention to

I don’t know I did get an – speaking of
it call-out pedophiles from get playing
Santa Claus and Macy’s
yeah it’s a what’s your point well the

thing is I mean well but who’s going
after the real pedophile doctor Santa
but this guy well he’s dead you know
well we’re going after him now
like Savile yeah I I don’t like this

clip all right I did get a very
thoughtful note from Ally
you know Ali she’s the official no
agenda tranny

okay call me from
I don’t know I think she’s in some
Midwestern state although she sent me
the note she said note here from the
official No Agenda tranny

I’m sorry now known as the transgendered
person now he can’t say tranny and she
says something that made me think about

what’s really going on with the identity
politics particularly when it comes to
transgendered people
yes transgendered people and this was I
think in response to the clip of the the
Los Angeles clinic that was you know

stopping puberty for kids as young as
six or seven to help them understand who
they are before they continue with the
with the the write puberty we have
entitled the show after that so Ali Jade

says I agree with you on the internet
social media influencing transgender
cases but not all are and here’s her
point I am 31 and I just kind of

questioned whatever the hell I was
without the internet or any outside
influences my parents were religious and
conservative I’m not alone
and here’s the thing a lot of us older

generations that came before the social
media blast started churning out all the
letters added to LGBT personally most of
us older ones do not like the loud

annoying trans social generation our
goal was to move into a normal life in
her case as a woman not to live life as
a transgendered person and and it was

something that I’ve been that it was in
my mind I guess for a long time it’s
like if you are transgendered and you
truly believe that you were you were
born in the wrong body and you need to

become a man or a woman then you just
become a man or a woman isn’t that the
whole point but why then is there this
huge group that wants to identify as

kind of stuck in between
you know Tim you’re asking me well it’s
kind of rhetorical it’s just it seems
like that is it’s so wrong if you you’re
either man or woman I’m just going by

today’s social justice warrior
notifications and if you’re transgender
a great I believe that I’m a woman and
then I’m gonna dress like a woman gonna
act like a woman I may have my body
changed to be a woman then I’m a woman

stop calling them transgendered unless
you’re I mean you’re really separating
people do you know I mean it feels very
the point is to create oppressed classes

yeah that’s what identity politics is
well it’s working yeah of course it is
and people should reject it that really
should be well thought out schemes yeah

and by the way it’s Trump’s fault
hello we all know that Keith I was an
easy one orange man bad

all right break sit still on the
cliffhanger as to what’s going to happen
Theresa may still hanging on to power
but now they can’t do anything about her
power for the next 12 months you know

that when they do a no comment no
confidence that she gets through then
she gets through exactly when she get
through it and you’re good to go for the
next year I would have voted no
confidence right off the bat the minute
I heard her in the prime minister

question time when she answered this
question I would have said no confidence
kick her out knowing you for 20 years I
just don’t believe that if your deal
goes down you are the kind of person who

would contemplate taking this country
into a no deal situation am I wrong the
decision it abused issue the Parliament

as to whether they accept the deal that
I am the government of negotiated on
behalf of the United Kingdom with the
European Union the one she negotiated on
behalf of the European Union I mean this

is one of the thesis of people that dude
are new listeners of this show we have a
theory that continues to pay dividends
yep which is that the truth must always

come out it has it there’s a background
for it that gives us it gives us belief
that this is probably true and that is
people will slip up I guess it was used

to be called a Freudian slip and then
never laughed it off as a joke hahaha
Freudian slip but this action what’s
going on is they’re saying things that
maybe that they were telling us reality

accidentally because they can’t hold it
hold it it always wants to come out it
always wants to come out it’s it’s a
yeah so she’s working on behalf of the
EU of course she is we’ve got a quick

OTG this is another study it will not
surprise you but it’s always fun to
bring you the facts some studies suggest
adolescents and young adults exchange
sixty to a hundred text messages a day

but what about at night when they’re
sleeping well apparently the texting
doesn’t stop there either it’s called
sleep texting really a new study from a
Villanova College of Nursing professor

says a growing number of college
students are texting friends in the wee
hours of the night with no recollection
of having done so more than 25% of the
kids surveyed said they texted in their

sleep 72 percent of them say they don’t
remember doing it people have gotten
used to sleeping next to their devices
so subconsciously people are falling up
to sleep and there may be some angst

about communicating with someone and
trying to get a message to someone and
they’re reaching for the phone and
communicating in this kind of altered
state of consciousness the problem here
say experts is that sleep texting causes

interrupted sleep which can affect
someone mentally physically and more it
affects you emotionally because people
become more anxious and more depressed
when they haven’t had enough sleep and

now sleep texting appears to be more
frequent the solutions say experts ditch
the phone and the electronics get them
out of the bedroom and give your brain
the rest it needs I gotta tell you if

your sleep texting you are definitely an
NPC in the game
you’re just running your program no I
want to mention a couple of things one

is that people unfortunately use these
stupid phones as their alarm clocks yes
so they’re not getting them out of the
bedroom I just story I’m gonna follow up
on some later date on the alarm clock

side of it I lined up on this whole
story whether it’s Lou texting hmm
gotcha it’s ethical all right everybody
a couple more days and then we’ll let’s

see what’s happening with Sunday’s
deconstruction there’s a lot happening
and you’re not seeing it on your cable
news networks that’s for sure
so forever scanning the airwaves of

Pluto TV Dan coming to you from downtown
Austin Texas capital the drone star
state FEMA region six and the
governmental Maps in the five by nine
clue do here in the common law condo
while it still lasts hello Apple in the

morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley were which
is located in the original California
not some interloper I’m John C Dvorak

and we return on Sunday right here on no
agenda and we remember Dvorak org /na
until then
adios mofos

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Don and Adam speak Dorne – no gender
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speechless did not have a contract
it’s called funding the government we
have first week or ten terrorists over
the last very short period country of

ten we have a disagreement about the
Washington of whether it’s effective or
they’re not on border security but on
the wall the wall I think the American
people recognize that we must keep
government open the wall if you really

want to find that how effective a wall
is just past Israel 99.9% effective then
our wall
every bit as good as that if not better

so the wall will get built into the wall
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security chest wall we need the wall the
wall isn’t did we win the Senate we won
the Senate when the president brags that

he won North Dakota in Indiana he’s in
real trouble
well I did we did win dr. Carter anymore
what please don’t characterize this
prank that I think for this me as the

leader of the House Democrats who just
want to think that elections have
consequences mr. president

magical shape-shifting juice


mofo just