No Agenda Episode 1095 “Yeah No”

now I love tulle who doesn’t adam curry
Jhansi Devorah nation media
assassination episode 1095 this is no
agenda Silicon Valley where we’re

expecting another supper Peter and I’m

predicting a nine car train I’m Jessie
no you can really tell you got to get
out early today just toss it toss just

tossing away lines they’re not even
trying man nine nine cars Zephyr beater
please yeah the number of cars has been
varying during the Christmas season firm

Thanksgiving on there was a ten car
trains mostly generally it’s an eight
car train huh but I’m noticing a few
nine car trains coming by
alright and do these include the

passengers or is it all passengers or
it’s all passengers except for that yo
there’s one car that appears to be a
baggage car Oh fabulous well I I’m not
quite sure what is going on but I do

know that you need to get out on time
today and I’m thinking I’m thinking
that’s because you know you obviously
have some work to do tonight
and and that might be what well even

though you said you gave up the beat I
think you got to go back on it the first
time ever a transgender woman will
compete for the title of Miss Universe

takes place this weekend in Bangkok and
he’ll Aponte miss Payne says she’s proud
of her role as pioneer I think mindsets
are changing today the references people

speak about the LGBTQ community and the
transgender community before it was
always underground and never spoken
about it
I think that people are more and more

informed all these prejudices come from
disinformation ponse says she ended the
fashion world a decade ago and she’s
been in beauty contests for the last
three years there you go the first

transgendered participant in the in the
Miss Universe contest we’ve been

predicting this for years the question
is will she win no I for one thing
there’s a couple of things I’ll just
give my predictions I may or may not

cover this I doubt it um but cuz I
already said we’re gonna stop doing this
but here’s what’s gonna happen I’ve seen
enough of these she’s maybe going to get
to the top five so they can ask her a

question so we can hear her voice the
opening voice yeah but we want to see
what kind of a would kind of a brain she
has so they’ll ask or something

it’ll be lame and then she’ll end up I
don’t think should be first runner-up
but should come in third or fourth or
something she may get miss you may be
just knocked out she doesn’t have a very
I don’t think and I I’m not even gonna

get into it in any details but I think
she needs us be nice if she had a little
smaller waist a little chunky oh you
actually done your diligence you can’t

say chunky you should know better than
this well it’s not chunky in the sense
that what we think of as chunky okay but

by the beauty pageant standard
I’d say yes no Jimmy real chunky is more
it has an American style to it don’t see
it’s not that being that interesting

oh sure get as far as she guessed which
would probably be you know maybe in the
top five she may be bumped it you know
after in the top ten getting bump um
they you know Scott nothing that special
going on she has does have the advantage

of not having to do a like in the
certain competitions where you have to
have a skill um god she doesn’t have a
skill she doesn’t have no she has to
skilling up but she doesn’t have you

don’t need to do skills in his
conversation or uh okay so I’ll Ennis I
got you time that Dad jacked up about
this uh you know I’m still interested I
didn’t say I was jacked up about it but

you know the the bookies the oddsmakers
are saying she’s got a good shot to win
at least the ones in the UK but yeah
they like to hype every head there’s no
chance in hell she’s gonna win okay well

you’re the official office aficionado
and making bets on this I’d bet against
it alright good
we got it other things going I watch it

was watching to leave it means leave it
convention or volleys not to get some
credits because for the next show wrecks
it it’s fascinating to listen to these
EU brexit ears give their little

speeches in this bits it’s interesting
they have stuff in them that this 500
page tome that Teresa may wants to use
I’m a in agree with a lot of these to

say what’s the point of any of this why
should we be giving 39 billion to the EU
let’s just walk yeah let’s walk from the
everyone’s talking on no brakes yeah the
people have everyone I talked to was

saying it looks like it’s gonna be a no
deal brexit that would be the way to go
here’s you want to hear Tony Blair real
quick he waited he’s not helpful to her
Teresa Mays plight that’s for sure I

think now people are saying what could
it really happen I need to get the

European leaders to the next stage which
is to realize the probability is it’s
going to happen and they’ve got to
prepare for it because one important
component in any such rethought
referendum will be whether Europe is

prepared to meet what are not just
British concerns around the issues to do
with immigration but a european-wide
concerns and I think you could put
together the right type of deal if you

like for which wouldn’t just be about
Britain it would be about Europe and
accepting the for example freedom the
movement of people in Europe it’s got to
operate in a way that’s fair and justice

undercut wages there’s not going to be
no deal unless the combination of
accidents in government and in
Parliament that I can’t foresee it’s
impossible but why would Parliament do

that there’s a massive majority in
parliament against No Deal they’re
definitely gonna prefer a referendum to
No Deal No Deal is not the worry the
worry is that we end up with a kind of

botched breaks it which is frankly this
deal on the table so he’s still pushing
for a do-over yeah him a few other
losers globalists and we’re done and the

EU could tell us what to do muscles will
make the rule he’s not even that he’s

back to the freedom of movement the
freedom of the only sticking point
didn’t have this freedom of movement
it’s because it requires of work visa
in in different countries like I had

died needed to work visa when I when I
lived in London I had to have a visa
this is very normal so yes of course I
got one well well it was a pain in the

ass I didn’t feel free in my movement
well because I had to fill out a form
you had to fill out a whole form and
you’ll have to never take hours and days
yes and everyone’s going now everyone’s

going to have to fill out forms off this
is what it’s going to be like for
travelling the EU has confirmed the
introduction of the ETS which will
become operational in early 2020

Eddie S stands for EU travel information
and authorization system all eligible
travelers regardless of a authorized
Europe from 2020 onwards require online

prior to their departure the new
requirement for European electronic
travel authorization such as the Etios

is to strengthen EU border controls
travelers will be required to complete
an online application form that covers a
range of biometric travel and security

related questions the adea’s application
will then be electronically processed
within 96 hours and the authorization
will be delivered by email travellers

data will be checked against European
and international databases including
no-fly lists to identify potential
terrorists and criminal threads will

then be refused entry via the Etios
sounds like the same process for coming
to America to me travellers that failed
to obtain and Eddie US will not be
permitted to board a plane or cruise

ship to an ED EOS member country
visitors with a valid EDIUS will be
available to travel to the US member
country this guy wraps it up in a great
ways which include popular European

destinations such as France Germany
Spain Italy and
tene other countries for Eddie Yost news
launch updates and travel alerts visit
Eddie Yost calm calm

it’s riveting stuff EDIUS dot-com yeah
so it’s like same thing we have yeah

fill out a form about it be yeah all
right so you you had a clip something
else oh you had nothing oh okay

discussion ah
I brought my I brought my discussion
with me okay I do know that this
situation is getting dire and it’s not
being helped by anybody and I think they

should just go to you know uh No Deal
Brixton just get out the longer this
drags on the worse it’s gonna be
yeah there’s all kinds of issues with
the No Deal brexit though and even

though I like problems it’s makin of the
time armed by the way I’m armed with
this information from the leave or not
leave conference so tell me what is the
what are the consequences of a No Deal

brexit nothing ok then how do we do
trade with the EU I’ll just be the same
way Norway does or the same way

Switzerland alright but we don’t have a
deal in place yet sorry we don’t have a
deal in place we don’t have any trade
huh what do you need a deal for

you need a trade agreement don’t you
don’t you need a basic trade agreement
or not I buy stuff from Europe and I use
other systems and this stuff comes over
I don’t have a trade agreement with the

EU and I buy my feeds tips no come on
you know don’t be an idiot
you know there’s customs there’s all
kinds of stuff that goes on behind the
scenes even when you order something
through Amazon from the UK yeah I don’t

know what conference you watch but it
was lame
no it wasn’t you got no answers I’m
asking you a serious question and the
answers that is the answer this don’t
the consequences are minimal said the

man who lives not their beefed-up on the
info based on the leave it or not leave
it or believe it means leave it

conference all right so what was your
takeaway from the conference that this
is a lot of nonsense we just got it we
what am I saying we I get nothing
I don’t know you’re getting pretty tight
with those levers all jacked up by it

the it’s just get out get out while you
well they’ve certainly seemed to scare
the British public into thinking that is
the worst possible option as Tony Blair

just told us so so well that’s exactly
one of the things that this conference
dealt with is that fear mongering
right and that one guy this guy was like

this there’s one pub the pub king of
being live it was like a thousand pubs
this famous character Tim something he
get some clothes for the next show no no
he was a big supporter of bricks at

early on we would think we have a clip
of him somewhere years ago he’s he goes
on and on about how this is a bunch of
fear-mongering it’s got nothing to do
with anything and it’s it just scared

the public and they’re trying to do it
redo because you can keep doing that
over and over and over again until
somebody doesn’t show up and they win
it’s I’m not
I think the whole thing is if I have to

listen to these characters mm-hmm all of
major both sides of the aisle I mean
labor and Tori folk Irish and non Irish
and Scots and everybody else in between

they think the whole thing is a scam
there’s this fear mongering and the pub
guy goes on about it you know the how
the the euro zone was created and all
the nonsense that went on with that and

all the fear mongering and the fear
monger the brexit vote itself the stock
market was gonna collapse in the economy
he’s gonna go into a tailspin if you
voted yes nothing happened the pound
lost some value yeah all the British

bankers are gonna leave nobody left the
fact is they got more people working in
London now than before it’s just one
thing after another this is a what is
something of a fraud hmm well then the

fraud is the thirty nine billion euros
that’s the real fraud they really Oliver
got into it what is the point of giving
them thirty nine billion when the what
it’s doing is saying the No Deal

breakfast means we’ve got thirty nine
billion dollars in our pockets right
boy wait a minute that’s even if you
have a No Deal brexit whoo-hoo they
still pay the 39 billion euros in the UK

pockets that you don’t to pay the 39 I’m
Wow well we’ve certainly been been led
to believe that this is not just not
possible light just doesn’t sound that
way to me listen to these guys well

you’re the only one I wish I’d bought it
brought a clip well I’m sorry
listening to it this morning because
it’s already okay so this is going on as
you speak these guys there it is four

five six seven eight nine cars Zephyr
just to show you I’m so happy well since
we’re talking about getting in and out

of countries and the paperwork you might
need for that things are changing
rapidly in Gitmo nation proper here in
the United States as something that I
already identified over in Europe on my

last trip and it seems that the airlines
are all on board and starting to crank
it up here smile your face is now your
ticket on some of Delta’s international
flights out of Atlanta

that means from baggage check-in through
security and onto a Delta flight many
passengers will never take out an ID or
look for a boarding pass this is gonna
be an entirely biometric concourse where

customers through facial recognition
will not need paper anymore how does it
work if you’re flying internationally
you need a passport which means your
photo is in the US Customs database but

instead of showing your passport when
you check bags or go through security as
fliers have done for years
Delta’s biometric system will already
know you’re scheduled for a specific

flight so when you stand in front of the
camera facial recognition software will
quickly verify your identity which means
going through an airport should be
easier and faster for travelers who will
no longer have to spend time looking for

and showing their paperwork to ticket
and security agents remember this is for
your convenience and we have men and men
women women on the street to ask who

will confirm this if you can save a
little bit of time up front and get
people into that queue faster then
hopefully this is making the airport
screening process that much more

efficient people spend a little bit less
time waiting it’s a little bit less
stressful other airlines are also
testing facial recognition systems
facility stressful it’s much less
stressful because you don’t have to

think about all your paperwork and
having your ID in one hand and take it
in the other it’s for you don’t you
understand we’re making your life easier
Sanders and the private firm clear uses
biometrics to identify travelers at many

airports so it may not be long before
showing your ID and boarding pass will
be a thing of the past
I like being quicker there’s always the
invasion of privacy sort of things

showing your ID an invasion of privacy
no he’s talking those to your face

that’s what he’s saying he’s saying that
he finds this to be kind of nothing oh
yeah no you misunderstood the thing of
the past
I like being quicker there’s always the
invasion of privacy sort of thing that

you think about but safe and quick we
love it sign us up screening for its
domestic flights may take a little bit
longer since travelers are not required

to show a passport in order to buy a
domestic ticket actually you’re not
required to even show identification by
law you have actual freedom of movement
in the United States but we’re just

gonna make it sound easier for you so
you just use your face no documentation
needed so there’s no immediate database
but make no mistake they will get to
work on that on a metric screening Becky
it is rapidly coming in to how we will

be boarding flights in the future oh
it’s great it’s just great you made a
point that needs to be reinforced
we do have freedom of movement in the
United States there’s only one or two

people that push the envelope on this
you do not need any ID to get on an
airplane no you don’t you you probably
miss your flight because they’ll hassle
you but you don’t need it legally that
we’ve been scammed the same thing going

on in the EU they’re scamming the public
but you know what’s happening is that
almost overnight is happening so quickly
face recognition is being introduced
everywhere hurts now does it at for your

for renting a car she’s gonna be
everywhere it’s gonna be our lives will
be filled with faithful riffing your
it’s worse than a fingerprint because

it’s worse than a fingerprint but it’s
like our fingerprint and so far as and
people resisted the fingerprint thing it
yeah well this is because we’re all used
to cameras and we’re finally we’re
docile now you know it’s like Facebook

has all my information they’ve got my
pictures anyway but yeah this is yeah
this is a very like if your fingerprint
yeah you can’t see a guy’s fingerprint

is he walking down the street or he’s in
the mall or anyplace and you know that
this is now taking place well the other
thing that I believe is going on with
this sort of thing is fine-tuning the

so it’s so you’re sure the accuracy just
increases because you did the sample
size gets bigger and bigger and bigger
and oh yeah because they keep using it
already I’m very impressed by facial
recognition it really is I mean that

especially if you have the right camera
for it the technologies is actually
pretty good pretty things you can try
mm-hmm Pat apparently you can take a
picture of an eyeball and you put it

between the two eyeballs so you can put
trained eye balls your third eye ball is
that what 2/3 eyeball work but you you
can put stop just stop this is the

official No Agenda TSA evasion kit and
it consists of a third eyeball sticker

that you see this ball right on your
head this is another yet another exit
I believe there’s also some some uses of

glassware that would work mm-hmm and
makeup my glasses don’t want those
glasses with the googly eyes that would

be funny but I think the real killer
here because they do it’s it’s done
through you know points they have to

identify is the big Catala band beard
I don’t think that makes a difference I
think it sees right I don’t think the
beard does anything for facial I believe
a Taliban beard so the kit includes a

sticker a third R sticker a Taliban
beard and and the googly eye glasses
yeah we can get this made of China free
art for 20 cents and sell it for 20

bucks rich gonna be so rich finding too
many guns and luggage they didn’t
mention is something like like a couple

hundred percent the amount of guns that
people are trying to travel with let’s
play this clip new today TSA screeners
have spotted a record number of guns at
airport checkpoints this year remember

VanCleave has the resistance
investigation a loaded gun inside a
carry-on at dallas-fort Worth Airport
it’s a scene playing out nearly 12 on a
second did I just hear someone rack that

gun four times or even maybe pulled the
trigger dry because while the voiceover
says a loaded gun I wish I had seen the
video for this carry on at dallas-fort

Worth Airport playing out I just got to
start that over I want to hear that
again racking the gun loaded gun ladies
and gentlemen new today TSA screeners
have spotted a record number of guns at

airport checkpoints this year Kris Van
Cleave has the results of an 8 month
investigation a loaded gun inside a
carry-on at dallas-fort Worth Airport

it’s a scene playing out nearly 12 times
a day at TSA checkpoints this year more
than four thousand times so far almost
always the flyer says it was a mistake
video from security cameras and police

body cams at DFW Airport shows some of
the 211 incidents where a gun was found
in a bag at a TSA checkpoint in 2017
just 10 airports accounted for nearly a

third of all incidents last year police
records from seven of them revealed at
least three cases where it appears the
gun was missed by TSA screeners at one
Airport and only discovered on the

person’s trip home TSA had no trouble
spotting what was in this fifty nine
year olds backpack a loaded pistol and
several additional magazines of
ammunition in the vast majority of cases

it’s men sixty-three percent were white
close ranged in age from their 30s to
their 50s but guns were found in the
carry ons of an 84 year old woman a ten
year old boy an airport worker and a

pastor from Texas who told police he
forgot the gun was in his backpack in
addition to potential criminal penalties
the TSA will seek a fine up to thirteen
thousand dollars in practice that we

found on average that fines around
eleven hundred dollars all of the people
you saw in our story told police they
didn’t realize the gun was in that bag
yeah and I think that’s very plausible
yeah certainly if you’re traveling from

like Texas well most of the airports
were in Texas that look like well of
course where were the a-holes here Oh a
whole men with loaded rails Y loaded
weapons with weapons well everything is

weaponized I’ll just take it back to
technology for one quickie clip this one
blew me away that this is happening in
in the malls in California I don’t I
don’t know which mall what’s K Cal is

that up you’re near you kcal9 I never
heard of it the kcal is the TV station I
mean no kcal I never heard of cake I bet
it must be Los Angeles you guys probably

so they have these you’ve seen the
stupid a small robots that there’s been
a couple stories you know it’s a typical
wired story or you know then maybe
Bloomberg shipping I saw a robot

delivery robot in Berkeley roaming
around on the
Street yes no yeah I’m driving back with
Jays win a spot I’m driving back and

dropping her off or something yeah her
up and you should look there’s a
delivery robot and there’s right on
College Avenue Sting’s bouncing around
it looked like did it looked like lost

in space robot or looks a little like a
lost in space thing it’s very it’s a
small bus I got large like a large box
with four wheels on it and a bunch of
antennas and a light blinking light and

it’s just broke rolls so the wheels are
probably about I don’t know four inches
in circumference or or four inches in
diameter well so this is also large dog

I need to know more about the delivery
robot the robot in the mall looks a bit

like what is the thing from Doctor Who
I don’t watch dog now I don’t either but
I know the robot saying italic something
yeah yeah well that shows you how we’re
out of touch we are with Doctor Who

darlings it’s doctor who was a woman now
this thing has never stopped and she’ll
probably win the Miss Universe all right

so on so the so that it looks like a
Dalek and it runs around the mall and it
looks completely you know just like it
couldn’t harm you at all it’s spinning
it’s got lights it’s a dough it’s the

whole thing is a joke but it’s not this
is what it’s doing in fact as far as
robots go this one is state-of-the-art
equipped with very high-tech cameras
that are designed to pick up almost

anything and everything as it roams the
mall it’s picking up video footage it’s
picking up MAC addresses so it’s able to
pick up a lot of information that humans
just aren’t capable of MAC addresses

this is what Google got excoriated for
doing so it’s it’s it’s snooping on you
it’s picking up your MAC addresses at
the front that’s that’s the unique

network network adapter in your phone
each one has a unique
AMAC MAC address you can spoof it it’s
like it’s like a
P address but it’s it’s a much longer

numbers you need your device well sure
it’s spoof above but that’s not the
point everyone’s being spied on yeah no
its disgusting and KCAL isn’t even Los
Angeles how they deserve it San jealous

I just
since when is this just brought as oh
that’s fine that’s okay
because this is a cute little robot
roaming around bouncing around she knows

about these robots I guess she’s seen a
few of them in Berkeley I said where
somebody’s going kick the thing it cuz
it fall right over right that’s what you
it’s just saw there’s people look

watching these things and they go back
and they put them back upright again and
off they go so what good is a robot you
had to have a grow bot handler and
doesn’t matter the fact that they’re

doing this just says a lot
and by the way today is it today I think
it’s right around this time maybe maybe
it was on Thursday was exactly one year
since the FCC voted out net neutrality

have we done is your Netflix Netflix
slow did you get a call now do you have

to call your your you’re better than
ever to get a package deal so I can
actually listen to the No Agenda show is
that happened yet everybody has it

happen no no but it’s going to oh hey
we’ll in California you guys got net net
neutrality I can’t wait to see how that
actually packs out or unpacks there’s
all kinds of stuff in California yeah we

didn’t get to talk about this on the
last show but I do want to get your
feedback from this proposal which sounds
like an onion story but just peeling
back the letter layers gets worse as you

learn more about it California Public
Utilities Commission is set to vote next
month on a proposal to tax your text
messages regulators say the money would
be used to support programs that provide
phone service to the poor it’s unclear

how much though that you’d have to pay
per message the wireless industry and
business groups are fighting the plan
they say that it could cost phone users
an extra forty four million dollars a
year they also say the proposal is

unfair because services like Facebook’s
messenger and Apple’s iMessage wouldn’t
be hit with this new fee that’s where it
all started it’s a crazy idea well it’s

a flat fee and when they do it out the
man on the street I wish I had some of
these clips cuz I saw many of them it’s
always dingbats oh you know if it helps

to poor people understand what are they
going to because if cell phone bill if
you look at it this pen listen the five
bucks on top of everything else a fee

that you see on your cell phone bill
yeah that is yet additional fee it’ll be
called something you know to be blatant
to be something like four to Footy
dollars it’s nobody up say jack about it

cuz they’re used to paying hundreds of
dollars or the stupid phone every month
but is it based on your text message
usage or just a low K so that’s are
there kind of there

and a little skewed then yes I heard
they’re going to tax you retro actively
for all the text messages you sent and
things who I mean you and I are probably
the only people left in America using

SMS text messaging
do is that what we’re using I don’t even
know what it is when you yes when you
text me about the newsletter that’s pure

SMS text messaging okay
and I and everyone else is using
iMessage you know and it is
circumventing the whole system locking

themselves in I might say man this
iMessage it’s hard to get off of it once
once you got all your friends with
iMessage and you then you go away then
all of a sudden you get kicked out of

the group you can’t do group messages
way to go of course it is open standards
open source but it’s open I don’t Fitz
open source it’s just to stand up and

soared over sores okay all right so I
picked up a talking about the dingbats
out there which i think is kind of
somewhat thematic I picked up this a

show that I never heard of and then I
started watching it it’s done by the for
the forelli brothers’ or by these Peter
and which is a couple of movie guys who
get in the TV once they’re also they

they just show specifically this is the
worst show in terms of distribution
you’ll ever if you could even find a
copy you have the bootleg a copy it’s on
only on AT&T u-verse and this is an AT&T

produced show for AT&T this sounds like
a winner
yeah well actually this shows quite
funny it’s called Loudermilk

it’s got none to a third season but I do
have a scene from it to show you what
kind of typical Farrelly Brothers kind
of gag there is this is loudermilk’s

vocal fry’ gag and you need to set this
up whatever what am I gonna see here
it’s a guy yeah the guy the lead
character is waiting in line at a coffee
shop up and then he runs into some girl

with this vocal fry’ thing and he just
goes off on her how can I get coffee
okay real quick

totally leave room for cream why are you
talking like that why are you talking
like that this is my voice this is my
blond yes no it’s not I heard you
talking a minute ago I know you don’t
talk like that

neither do you because nobody actually
talks like this you choose to talk like
that and today I chose to talk like this
pretty fucking annoying isn’t that is
over it man just stop doing that can’t
help us my voice no it’s not

it’s an affectation that annoying
teenagers and rich people used to sound
like they don’t give a shit except your
work in a coffee shop so I know you’re
not rich and you don’t look like a

teenager unless you’re a eunice Kennedy
Shriver just cuz I talk like this maybe
they don’t give a shit and what exactly
am I supposed to not gonna shit about
that’s an excellent question to ask

yourself in your actual voice excuse me
some of us would like to order your
total dick man there there you go good

you’re talking
Wow oh go ha
Mazhar issues that need to be addressed

more and the we do need to remind
everyone the original vocal fry queen is
the Berkeley Hummer exactly exactly
exactly I’m gonna see if I must have a

clue here we go rich people don’t give a
shit they don’t give a shit is actually
I never thought about but that is Jill

Abramson’s kind of attitude about stuff
here she is the original Berkeley Hummer
clip from years ago chief among many
other things she joined the times from
The Wall Street Journal and this clip is

from 2011 1997 Jill Abramson
congratulations on welcome thank you so
much Jim first just on on the personal
level what does it mean to you to become

the executive editor of the New York
Times it means the world to me I grew up
here in Manhattan and the New York Times
was worshipped in my family and what the

time said was true was the truth
you know she’s got much worse than the
in recent years this is not even think
you’re right I think she has gotten

worse I don’t know I wonder if we have
Jill Abramson we must have a more recent
let me see Jill Abramson want clearance
yeah all I recall is we went through

this cycle and it is now seven eight
years ago and a certain point it was a
misogynist to even talk about it yeah
it’s not it’s not appropriate apparently

obviously i reaiiy read the New York
Times like all day long
that’s the one hold on that that is the
money shot obviously i reaiiy read the

New York Times like all day long mainly
on my iPad oh and she got kicked out of
there she got kicked out of everywhere

where’s she working now isn’t she is she
working at the correspondent yet that’s
where I expect her to show up next I
have no idea that fine Dutch experiment
yes Dutch thing yeah I like those guys I
supported the Dutch version years ago

when they first started and they did it
apparently they raised two and a half
million dollars for them yeah but the
thing is Jay Rosen that’s your spokes
hole uh-huh yeah that’s a Miss now
that’s a big mistake sorry Jay but no

let’s see I have a I do want to talk
about the green new deal as there was a
lot going on I see you have a clip but
um if you don’t mind I’ll just grab the
cop 24 clip meeting summary yeah but I

got I got some specific backgrounds I
have a presentation to make well let’s
just do the climate summary then cuz
this is a different PBS is very short
it’s only 28 wrap up the whole thing

okay as though it was like not a big
deal negotiators reached an agreement at
the United Nations climate talks in
Poland today after more than two weeks
of meetings the talks were scheduled to
end Friday one sticking point was the

rule for monitoring purchasing and
selling carbon credits to reduce carbon
emissions Brazil raised concerns of the
cost of buying permits from a central
registry and the process of selling
those permits a rulebook for the 200

nations in the Paris Accord was released
for approval and the countries will meet
again next fall in New York right so
this is yeah hey if carbons bad is bad
how could you sell credits to go back

and forth and burn it anyway release it
yeah okay I’m not gonna not gonna answer
questions I have no answers to but I can
only report on what’s going on and I
realized I got it actually came from an

email from Cory millennial
says Adam John born in 1988 in Wisconsin
until listening to your show I knew I

knew global warming was a fact everyone
I talked with accepted his truth your
podcast was the only voice that even
brought it up as a question after doing

my own research I agree with your point
of view thank you from Cory PS no
adderall and I listen at 1.5 speed okay
yeah okay the kids like that here’s what
I realized when when the official

Climategate started and my goodness we
have we have jingles going back that are
older than some of the people that
listen to this show here it is there was
all this fuzzy stuff the the people who

were in charge of the ipcc had deals on
the outside it was a complete mess and
we witnessed all of this most kids today
you know they were too young to to have

ever witnessed anything that’s going on
but when you think about it we have been
through so you and I just because of age
have been through so many of these
horrible horrible things that are going

to happen to us and they’ve turned out
to be not so true yes and what a secret
agent Paul sent me an end of show clip
which is a song but I just wanted to

play it now it’s not super long I want
to play now because he he kind of goes
through all of these things a number of
them and as I was listening to it I came
up with more that were hyped that was
supposed to be horrible we’re all going

to die if we don’t do something
immediately and then of course it didn’t
and he put this to a very traditional
can anyone he remember the hole in the

ozone land
can you tell me where it’s gone I can’t

but no we were all gonna die
we must have done something
does anyone know

what happened to the gasoline shortage
when the pumps would all run dry the
last drop would be gone by 1991

but now there’s an ample supply

tisn’t along he
remember the y2k bug
was gonna crash every screen would be

black but then
nothing happened but someone made a lot
of time

fuck yes
it was gonna be the next ice age but
somehow we turn that page we’re all
gonna freeze

now it’s up by 12 degrees
there’s just enough just a few examples
of these enormous ly dangerous things to

our society we’re all going to die from
I just wanted to mention the y2k bug I
had cash in the freezer I had a bathtub
full of water

and we like cashed in on that one myself
because I had a special speech prepared
that was about what a phony baloney deal
it was cuz it never made any sense and

in the Senate I should probably revisit
a speech because it was funny it was
show that y2k is gonna cause tornado
oceans are gonna rise cuz of y2k
so it’s important for the the younger

generation to understand that this is
not new except now your parents are all
in on it and they’re stupid morons
they’re not really thinking about how
they’re traumatizing you how your

teachers your community everyone around
you is traumatizing you by saying we’re
all gonna die from climate change and oh
yeah we can’t really do anything about

or we’re not or you should do something
quick and you know all the messaging
that these kids are receiving is making
them extremely ill I agree and and so
again our stance on this it’s not just

we’re not just like some assholes who
don’t believe in science and grew up you
know like oh this is crap man no we’ve
been through it was global cooling we
were all going to die same people by the

way who now say global warming then we
had the Population Bomb the population
explosion when too many people were all
gonna die it was gonna be dead by the
year 2000 by the time you’re as old as

we are and I hope you reach that fine
old age like a fine wine you will too
we’ll go this is a lot of crap that we
that we got all worked up about and the
CBC the current as is the candidate VIN

Broadcasting Corporation today special
and on this special about climate change
they had a guest the guest is Margaret
Klein Solomon

and she of course is involved in climate
change but she’s not a climatologist no
she’s a clinical psychologist of the
climate mobilization organization so

they’re now doing half hour specials
with psychologists about to forget about
anything that’s true or not in science

how fast it’s gonna happen just listen
to the set up and then we’ll get into a
couple of Clips my name is Debra Hassad
I’m the executive director of the
adaptation to climate change team at
Simon Fraser University in Vancouver a

low-carbon resilient future is a
beautiful a lot less noisy polluting
cars filling up most of our urban
downtown areas more parks more areas for

kids to play more places for people to
grow food more shared spaces more places
where people can come together and and
enjoy their environment I heard a very

interesting presentation from a woman
who works with small children recently
and so she asks them to draw she says if
we carry on you know how we’re living in

the world what do you think the future
looks like and she said that without
fail they draw a world
in which everything’s on fire and

everything is dead and everyone is sick
so she’s already she’s emotional just
from hearing the damage that it’s

already done and I believe this to be
true the kids yes the children are think
that everything will be on fire and
everybody’s dead now this is a great
piece one of our producers sent it to me

really highlight is that you will not
believe what’s going on here and he’s
right I chopped this up a couple more
and they’re all about a minute each clip
just for more clips this is now we get
to Margaret crying Solomon Klein Solomon

and she has of course solutions it’s all
not just dire as long as we do it within
the next 12 years otherwise mute the
kids will still be drawing those
pictures of fire and everyone will be
dead we are calling for a ten year crash

transition to zero emissions plus draw
down and attempt to achieve
full-spectrum sustainability across

across issues the remember she’s a
psychologist okay she’s not a
climatologist not a weather scientist
she’s a psychologist but she knows what

the idea being this is not a problem we
are too late in the game for gradualism
right to infinitely reduce emissions or
for individualism right the idea that I

take care of my emissions you take care
of your emissions and so forth what we
envision is a rapid transition of our
entire economy and society with all

hands on deck as most recently happened
in our history during World War two so
for example some of the policies that
would come from a world war two scale
climate mobilization would be the

immediate ban of all new fossil fuel
infrastructure and a ten-year timeline
for retiring the fossil fuel
infrastructure that we do have coupled
because we want to keep the lights on

with a massive scale up of renewable
energy so large government invest
meant creating millions of jobs to both
reduce demands through things like
winterizing homes we’re all going to

burn but the kids can winterize your
home no worries reduce demand through
things like winterizing homes and just
transform our energy system to renewable

we also and we also have policies and
agriculture transportation and industry
that we promote but that’s the that’s
the basic scope delusional how

subversive yes system is we are this the
entire system of Western civilization at

this moment is petroleum-based this is a
subversive movement to bring down to
Western cultures to replace it with this
is the same as the anti capitalist

people all capitalism is bad we’re going
that we need to replace it with what
where are these jobs what job is a time
it’s not that winterizing jobs nobody
needs people do that themselves they

want to they can put some gunite you
know in the house so transparently
subversive it’s it’s beyond my
comprehension is how it lives its allow

it to continue like this well it
continues for at least two more clips
free by the way yeah and I hope they’re
Stoppers this so now she’s comparing it
to World War two we needed and we needed

to crash transition which he means by
that and the whole piece is filled with
you know did your parents buy war bonds
yet you know because everyone was all
all in on you know we’ve got to support

the war everybody and she thinks that we
can do exactly the same well a great
example is the Victory Gardens
so during World War two forty percent of
American vegetables were grown at home

in the front and back yard by the people
that ate them do you can you recall this
I know about the Victory Gardens I don’t
believe that statistic to be accurate
you can eat it for maybe a month but you

got to have a pretty big garden well you
have to a lot of canning canning was bad
yes it was very popular yes you do a lot
of canning yet but you know this
the farms out there in the middle of the
Midwest and elsewhere that normally grow

vegetables stop growing vegetables what
they want is they want us to eat that
that laboratory meat
and bugs right we can farm our lawns and

have community farms where you know
local food security and also you know

you don’t have emissions from
transportation but more generally
programs like transitioning industry
right so the United States banned the

production of new consumer automobiles
they said we need all of that automobile
factory capacity to create our tanks and

planes and machine guns and so no more
no more consumer car production period
sorry it’s a fundamentally different
mentality when you get into the mode of

we face an existential threat everything
is on the line and you know so the
government is gonna do everything that

it can the government should spend
without limit to save as much life as
possible again she’s not an economist
she’s not a science climatologist she’s
a psychologist and I’m not so sure these

are great ideas that she has but it
turns out in the psychology field she
does have a little bit to say about this
idea of just in just just a crash
transition to immediately stopping using

fossil fuels stop driving everything
electric because back in the day in
World War two it actually people kind of
liked it the people who lived through
World War two on the homefront often

looked back at it as some of the best
years of their life because they felt
productively and meaningfully employed
in a cause that was greater than them

and they felt connected to their
neighbors and to their community into
their country and to their cause and the
the hopefulness the hopefulness yes we
need that but it but it has to be based

on reality and on telling the truth
and there is no hope for ace
smooth transition to zero emissions for
over over decades that kind of doesn’t

bother anyone maybe we could have done
that if we had started it in the 70s but
we did and we we need a crash transition
to protect ourselves and even if we do

it even if we execute the most austere
and intense transition to zero emissions
we still might not win you don’t know if
you’re gonna win a war before you go

into it it’s possible that the positive
feedback loops that we’ve already
triggered will overwhelm even our
absolute best efforts to get to zero
emissions but we’re not even trying now

see this is the message that’s being
sent to kids by psychologists who should
know better but doesn’t matter because
the best thing you can do is record
those kids get their thoughts on climate

change get their thoughts on the
imminent death they face because their
parents and the adults and orange man
bad orange man bad won’t do anything
about it in Washington DC

let’s traumatize them a little more and
ask them how they feel with some cool
piano music just to accentuate the vibe
my name is Elizabeth Curran I’m 10 years
old and I live in Winnipeg being a young

person when I find most concerning about
climate change is that like animals can
lose their homes like polar bears if the

ice and nuts
my name is Arthur I am 8 year 9 years

Halloween a bit scary because I live
near the ocean and if there’s a glacier
that also will make the water go close

to my house my name is Benji Zion I am
15 and I live in Montreal Quebec I think
that it’s time for the governments to do

big things but just because just because
the governments are doing big things it
doesn’t mean that people should stop
doing small things that everyone should
you know without necessarily sacrificing

everything yet just do what they can to
reduce the footprint and help us not be
my name is Miata Stout I’m 12 years old
and I live in Winnipeg the thing that

scares me the most of a climate change
is literally everything it’s terrifying
it’s it’s kind of pushed to the side and
it’s just not knowing anything about it
is kind of what scares me about it and

just knowing that it’s gonna kill us if
we don’t do anything which we’re not
doing anything that’s the theory part to
me my name is Patrick I’m 10 years old
and I was born in China but now I love

them vancouver spawn young children will
experience far worse than the people
living right now also scares me too

floods hurricanes and other natural
disasters are way more likely than in
the past five years

I think grown-ups should think that we
actually should make an impact and not
just sit back and let it happen that’s
right kids your parents aren’t doing
anything because the orange man isn’t

doing anything and you are all going to

embellishment child child abuse child
abuse and add to that yo your school can
be shot up at any minute throw in a

couple of antidepressants you got a
great party coming on it’s gonna be
fantastic watch these kids do
fantastically well in society yeah well
this uh interesting little thing I was
noticing there was somebody discussing

the homelessness and oh yeah it’s the
great works you know ray racism it all
stems from climate change you know this
don’t you
anyway the cop twenty four they finally
came to an agreement there’s the new

president of this thing by the way is
some douchebag
he’s let me see what his name is
replaced the old douche but yeah yeah
he’s a young douchebag my gosh courts
yeah he is the secretary of state

government plenipotentiary for cop
twenty four presidency a train whatever
that means
a train physicist engineer economist
specialist and international

negotiations expert in the field of
energy and the author of the government
program for the development of electro
mobility in Poland and he’s it’s almost
like he’s one of these dot-com kind of

guys when they fuck cuz they had the big
dais and you know there’s a thousand
people in the auditorium and and they
they went really late Saturday night and
and they got up early this morning and
they finally came to an agreement and he

jumps over the dais Dada
you’ve got to see this video like he’s a
like he’s spider-man yes we have a deal
kind of it is so decided the conference
president did his best to whip up

enthusiasm from delegates has been a
lukewarm reception from observers to the
cop twenty four climate change deal
agreed on Saturday by some 200 nations

in Katowice Poland gleeko katika
acknowledged more needs to be done this
deal Hanks in fragile balance
we will all have to give in order to

gain we will all have to be carriages to
look into the future and make yet
another step for the sake of humanity a
156 page rulebook flashes out details on

how to implement the 2015 Paris
agreement the whole world the target is
limit global warming well below two

degrees centigrade the rulebook covers
issues such as how countries should
establish and monitor emission reduction
plans but it’s less clear on how a
pledge of 90 billion euros to poorer

countries will be financed
dammit Francois the crazy American man
orange men bed he pulled out of the
agreement where do we get a 90 billion

from now NPR did actually I have to say
did it very well
although that the millennia was
fantastic the minute it gets into
science she starts saying write a lot

but she did explain the issues and it’s
not just who’s gonna pay for it it turns
out they don’t even know how to measure
this stuff well this meeting is all
about putting the Paris agreement those
women back in 2015 into action so every

country made a promise back then to
reduce greenhouse gases a certain amount
but every promise is different so it’s
really hard to come up with a set of
rules that everyone we’re talking about

almost 200 countries thinks is fair for
tracking our collective progress what
seems to be the principal sticking
points right now well there are a couple
things on a really this really is basic

countries still haven’t agreed on how
they are going to track their carbon
emissions and how much information
they’re going to disclose to each other
about their economies which is part of

that just right there
they haven’t even agreed on how to track
don’t you stick a tube in the air and
it’s like Oh 350 parts per million we’re
all gonna die isn’t that how it’s done I

mean this if anything we’ve been taught
and convinced by compiled repetition
that this is exactly Noah Clayton can
measure exactly what’s happening

yeah I don’t think that’s what they’re
talking about about the ambient air or
co2 constituency in terms of how much
there is then what are they talking

about how much is being pumped in to the
system from factories well they say they
can’t agree on how to measures they say
they haven’t agreed on how to measure it
that’s that’s what they’re saying yeah I

think they don’t know how to measure the
they know how much is in the air but
they don’t know how to measure what’s
going into the air I think that’s what
they’re referring to it okay countries
right major I just got a little device

you turn it on you stick it outside you
can measure the co2 out here it’s not
that hard
no they’re done by something else Oh
Kevin agreed on how they are going to
track their carbon emissions and how

much information they’re going to
disclose to each other about their
economies which is part of that and some
countries are more private than others
about their economies so for example
China China is notoriously private the

u.s. actually is – we don’t really love
to give extra information to other
countries in the world about how we
so on the flipside poorer countries are
worried they don’t know how they’re

gonna pay for the kind of in-depth in
classes that it takes to track emissions
they want richer countries to help them
with that and also to help them with
paying for all sorts of things that come
along with climate change whether it be

lost in damage or other stuff in the
past that divide between more developed
countries and less developed countries
on the planet has has been pronounced to
the point where there were different

rules depending on if a country was
richer or poorer is that still the case
well no that did change with the Paris
agreement and that’s a good thing so
every country regardless of how much the

country has in its GDP every country had
to make a promise that it thought it
could achieve to reduce its greenhouse
gas emissions but there’s still a lot of
tension between richer countries and

poorer countries so for example
countries in Southeast Asia and the
Pacific and parts of Africa there are
suffering enormous losses already
because of climate change right so
catastrophic flooding we see some of

these things in the u.s. – this is where
she goes off the rails cuz now she now
she’s gonna have to defend the science
right and that’s all she can do is they
makes a statement it says right because
you know it’s right right that’s what

subliminally going on in her head she
just gotta be right right Africa there
are suffering enormous losses already
because of climate change
right so catastrophic flooding we see

some of these things in the u.s. too but
it’s much more pronounced in other parts
of the world Islands disappearing all
it’s just gone dial I don’t know islands
are disappearing right right right other

parts of the world Islands disappearing
all together this is NPR one or munch
right drought famine but those countries
actually aren’t the countries that have

emitted the most being house gases right
like basically the Industrial Revolution
started spouting carbon dioxide into the
atmosphere in the 1800s so we and that
being the u.s. the EU major

industrialized nations who have been
industrialized for a long time are
responsible for most emissions and yet
other countries are right now paying
some of good price and so the question

is what kind of I’ll use the term
revolution but we’re talking about
payments for that loss India what I
think you can kill this any time she’s
just rambling just let me end about that
I put left it in here for a reason

in the past those have been on table but
as of right now and we’re going into
overtime here there is nothing specific
so far coming out of this meeting so one
of the big questions in the next who

knows it could be a couple hours it
could be a whole nother day is what type
of payment might we be able to get
coming from richer countries and going

to poorer countries for that sort of
thing so the whole point for our younger
from take it from two old guys who have
been around the block on a couple of
these this is not right and when you
hear all these douchebags sitting around

in Poland and all they can talk about is
who’s gonna pay who who’s gonna gouge
the Americans damnit they left that’s
what’s going on here this is not about

your environment this is a this is a
money grab and it’s no different and how
many billions was the y2k scare
outrageous didn’t help the dot-com
collapse from the late 90s and when they

write to case care came along it sunk
the economy that’s how bad it was
exactly the economy went into a tailspin
in large part because of y2k but also in

combination with the dot-com collapse
and then it was exacerbated by the 9/11
thing and then we were in now we went
going to a decade of no growth yeah

and that’s what would happen with this
this would this would sink the world
economy and it would just be taking
money from us and giving it to some
people are gonna they don’t even use it

they give it to their leaders these
these corrupt leaders and then they
become rich guys living in Gustad
Switzerland you know as I was reading
through with all these documents and I’m

trying to get a copy of the rule book so
we can understand what rules will have
to be implemented III said Tina said
it’s so odd with the Netherlands which
is about 25 percent below sea level
which is reclaimed land I don’t hear the

Netherlands freaking out too much about
all the islands are disappearing how can
we survive Amsterdam will be unwell be
underwater you’d never hear them talk

about that and so I did one Bing search
and the first thing that popped up is
that the UN climate panel had to admit
they had exaggerated the Dutch sea level

they said in one of their early reports
2007 I think they said 50% of the
Netherlands is below sea level it could
be 55 they’re all going to drown and the

Dutch hey stop that we know how to
manage our water but this is never a
conversation in the Dutch in the Dutch
media when it comes to climate change oh

yeah we’re all gonna to have the
conversation they never talk about the
sea level which should just drown
everybody so these are all the little
things you got to pay attention well the
thing that’s I think what you missed was

the more interesting part of this where
they’ve decided I think all the points
you made are valid and I think it’s led
to the next step
which is next step because they can’t

get enough traction yeah we got every
kid just so you know they say that
they’re in the phase they’re in now and
reading the documents they’re now in the
political phase they say for some reason
now now that now the politicians

hesitate this is cop 24 moving into cop
25 I think that’s the political phase I
think that’s next year in New York by
the way could be so yes your point well

the thing coming up now is the
extinction rebellion which just started
in the UK catching on and they had a
bunch of these people at the cop 24

whatever it was with of course Amy is
pushing this on democracy now let’s
listen to what this is all about
this is extinction rebellion one we turn
now to look at a UK based movement

taking extreme action to fight the
climate crisis it’s called extinction
rebellion its members have been
supergluing themselves to government

buildings shutting down roads taking to
the streets to sound the alarm about the
impending catastrophe of global warming
extinction rebellion marched here in

Katowice last Saturday to protest UN
climate talks in November extinction
rebellion protesters shut down London
bridges blockaded the UK Department for
business and energy and attempted to

interrupt brexit negotiations well there
you go when you traumatize kids enough
this is what should they start
supergluing themselves to buildings
that’s what happening thing was a great

idea there was I had one clip where
there was a bunch of people like you had
with one after the other after the other
complaining but I decided just ISIL this
one guy who is super glued to a fence

and he is screaming his his objections
and what it’s all about and this guy I’m
guessing his around he’s in his early

he’s bearded I guess to prevent facial
recognition screaming out what the
problems are and why these people these
cops and the nation’s and everybody’s
not paying attention because we’re all

gonna die and this is the worst case
all gonna die play this I so complacent
in the mass murder of old life on this

whole life all life uh-huh all life on
this planet according to everybody in
this group is is under attack we’re in
it there’s not gonna be a living thing

well there’s all a lot of stories I
didn’t even hear what you talking about
that was Horowitz about les bugs and he
was like I was driving across the
country and now I remember tons of bugs
less bugs and I’m like well there’s a

couple I want to talk about them it just
I got one less tip but I want to mention
the less bugs I just have thoughts about
the less bugs mm-hmm
couple of things about less bugs in
California when I was a kid we used to

draw you no matter where you drive
specially if it went from California or
from services for Los Angeles and back
before that you’d get a lot of bugs hit
the car and at the time you got the LA
or back the car would be covered with

bugs that you ran into sure I was
thinking about this because there are
less bugs that you hit the car but like
when I Drive my Lexus for example that s

c4 and most cars and I would ask people
to do this experiment just stay by the
side of the road and listen to cars as
they go by a number of cars that will go
by unless they got noisy engines but

let’s say that they don’t you hear
nothing is just wish and then there’s a
couple of cars that go by you hear you
can hear the car wait a minute wait a
minute you’re gonna tell me because the

bugs aren’t hearing the cars anymore I
don’t understand the point is is that
the aerodynamics of today’s cars lifts
the bugs up and over the car’s

windshield their bug friendly
because it’s cutting through because all
these cars are aerodynamic have you ever
been into one of these electric cars
those things are so aerodynamic it’s
they’re super silent when they go by and

that’s the point I’m making about the
silence is that they in the olden days
in 1955 Plymouth no wait a minute they
had those fins on the back that must

have helped for something straight line
so the bugs would hit you more drive
around if I get bugs going right up and

over the car okay so there’s no bug
pocalypse I’m so disappointed it’s just

the aerodynamics we also use more bugs
killer I think that has a lot that we
people let’s get back to the extinction
rebellion part to remembering now they
have one of the founders are one of the

early guys are in but they have logos or
they’ve got a beautiful website
extinction rebellion and it’s a it’s a
part of the rising up group and that got

donations going is sunrise movements
part of this I don’t see them yet but it
wouldn’t surprise me
well they mention it but thing is these
guys have decided to take it to the next

level all right we’re gonna have the few
islands disappear all life on Earth will
cease to exist a movement taking radical
action to combat the climate crisis it

started in the United Kingdom just six
months ago is now spread to at least 35
countries extinction rebellions
demanding governments commit to legally
binding measures to slash consumption

reduce carbon emissions to Net Zero by
2025 we’re joined right now by
extinction rebellion activist lien Gary
belch he just participated in the action
here at the UN climate summit not far

from the democracy now set it’s great to
have you with us Liam you know even
using words like global warming or
or climate change people feel does not
convey the urgency of this issue you all

have decided to use the term extinction
extinction rebellion is your group
talking about what you’re doing so we’ve
been talking to people about the real

science that we’re seeing now not in an
alarmist way but in a realistic way we
are now facing what could be the next
mass extinction
we’re already grieving over the lives
lost both human and otherwise to climate

change and with seeing and talking to
people about the fact that we might now
be facing human extinction this is what
happens this is what you get oh brother

yeah you got me with that I need to give
you a go back to my other cart wall for
this I need to give you a clip of the
day for that so kids if I can call you
kids my stance I think it’s John stance

as well that there is if there’s nothing
wrong with switching to some other forms
of energy we recommend you look into
nuclear energy and please have a good

look at your noble look at Fukushima
look at Three Mile Island those are kind
of the big popular ones and and see it
the damage that was done and the and the

risk to human life versus the BP oil
spill in the Gulf the Exxon Valdez
really do some research and see which
one you’d be better with which one is
less dangerous and then go and look at

the actual benefits of wind and solar
there’s something to be said for
hydroelectric but nuclear is a very good
way to go and new nuclear reactors great

but they condemned hydroelectric too if
you haven’t noticed now it’s gonna lose
damming up a natural river and the
salmon can’t guess because they don’t
want you to think about it they don’t

want you to have nuclear they want you
to buy into what they call the new
climate economy that’s the idea you’ll
be making solar panels you know you’ll
probably be dusting off solar panels
that will be your good climate job so

this is it you’re being hoodwinked
yeah the good climate job yet I think
you nailed it that would be the good
climate job a solar panel cleaner yes
and please politicians people in

positions of media prowess stop abusing
children for this stop that’s not gonna
yeah but I can say it as much as I want

stop abusing your children for this is
disgusting they can’t there no wonder
Pharmaceuticals are off the hook
no wonder no wonder everyone’s on Hansy
depressants look at what you’re doing to
him and I’m sorry I just don’t see it so

there you go
climate denier number one hello climate
nine months – in the morning – you the
man who put the C in C cop 24 John C
Dvorak well first of all I’m not a

climate denier I believe there is such a
thing as the climate and I think it
changes naturally I think we’re both on
the same train there so but I will say
in the morning – you’re mr. Adam curry

in the morning all ships at sea boots on
the ground feet in the air subs in the
water and all the dams in the morning to
our troll room no agenda stream dot-com
trolls all standing by hanging in some

dickish moves but otherwise helpful
that’s no agenda stream comm we also
would like to say in the morning –
insane mo who brought us the artwork for
episode 1090 for the title of that show

was justice for Hillary and this was
something we don’t typically do it was
it was a mash-up it was a an
embellishment of a Banksy piece of

artwork who it if has done if it’s that
we think it’s legal oh it’s totally
legal I think it was very well done by
taking the day when they were in the
yellow vest yeah yellow vests but then

also adding crack potiphar Adam the
curry and zoo buzzkill John said Dvorak
I mean it was funny it was a beautiful
piece everyone liked it and screw Banksy
Banksy’s prove that guy I want to see

Banksy in court I want to see him
immediately so thank you very much you
would banks you would approve I’m
absolutely convinced rate would thank

you very much insane mo and thanks to
all of the artists a lot of good art
that’s being put in we certainly want to
encourage everyone to keep doing that no
agenda our generator comm we use it for
lots of other things including great

merch great merch
you can find at the no agenda shop calm
so thanks again so we have a few people
to thank for being executives and

associate executive producers for show
at n95 okay
starting with uh Sir Joseph Baron of all
of Southern California who came in with
an insta white count ro the donation of
$1000 vie counts are in it’s it’s the

new baron
now with the new baron so he this is
Lieutenant Colonel Vander’s van der
Steen um de van der Steen yes Southern

California who is a retired Marine
marine yes he’s our marine and he gives
course he’s the marine there has not
been a Navy officer to compare to our

marine guy but insofar as supporting the
show if you haven’t noticed interesting
yeah so the Marines are winning this but
this battle between the the larger

serves is the Navy you think there’d be
more people we got the guy the sub and
the water guy but that’s about it yeah
maybe I’m wrong most of most of the sub
guys are cheap it’s well known in the

Armed Forces the sub guys is all cheap
um he says a very nice handwritten note
and of course then he does it on a four

paper his van is all looked some sort of
a weird European paper it’s kind of
creepy actually please find attached our
third and fourth quarter he wrote this
in longhand and he has I think he’s got

it’s pretty until you try to read it
right get a contributions for 2018 okay
yeah he does with quarterly

I missed my third quarter a submission
because I was attending my brother and
brother’s fifth wedding her first God in
South Dakota South Dakota went to South

Dakota my brother is a good man but I he
seems to always be looking for their
next ex-wife a van something here I
can’t read it I living in his van is

that way he’s living in his van is that
what he said no its band advanced board
their name uh I hit him in the mouth a
few times but I’m not sure he took you
know if he is listening I’ll know soon

enough I would I’m whenever he was a
douchebag call up I didn’t say it so I’m
not gonna do it
I would like to issue a challenge to the

listeners who receive value from the
show but who do not donate time to man
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the lifestyle to which they have become
accustomed such as it is yeah I believe
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the peerage ladder to vie count nice
please dub me Sir Joseph my count of all
Southern California if that title is not
already spoken for

that’s not cuz I know I’m the head of
the peerage committee thank you both for
continuing to produce the show we need
you and the
more than ever Merry Christmas and Happy

New Year to you both and you and your
loved ones I remain your faithful
listener yes Semper Fidelis semper
semper fires bike not in waiting of all

the Southern California PS John the a4
paper was just for you hope you enjoyed
it yes do they send more health Karma
okay help us help support the show yes

well thank you very much sir Joseph of
all of Southern California
barren now but VY count later on in the
program I’m looking forward to your
ceremony and here’s your health Karma

thank you again sir
you’ve got karma
every one I do want to mention he did

send a cute card Christmas card although
it was really about the Marines he’s a
real this guy is a marine oh yeah like a
marine well yet I don’t see any Navy
guys no no okay

Chris was a grill in Monroeville
Pennsylvania Monroe 3 what Monroeville
Monroeville yeah 3 3333 and if you give

me one second I will do what I didn’t do
earlier which is blow this up a little
bit so but justice I can read it have a
trick okay I just visualizing what

you’re doing John with regard to the
newsletter it looks like Gmail is moving
it to the promotions automatic filter I

have moved it out many times but they
still seem to do it occasionally this
happened to at the most recent
newsletter when I saw your second email
I was I was looking and sure enough it
was in promotions I also agree with your

assessment that recent shows have been
among the best Adam I would like to ask
a favor of you I will be heading to the
Netherlands for working we’ll be staying
in Zenon doll Feynman doll

the entire month of January my
smoking-hot wife will be there with me
for a week and I was hoping I could get
some suggestions of where to take her
while we are there please keep up the

great work and have a Merry Christmas
can I get some respect and a Nancy jobs
karma please well regarding feign n’doul
my number one tip would be to get out of
there as soon as you can it’s really

nothing going on there and you’re not
really you near anything or is it from
Amsterdam well nothing’s really far from
Amsterdam depending on what time you
travel you but you need to go to

Amsterdam clearly what I would do is if
you’re on the tweeters or maybe your
smoking-hot wife tweet me remind me of
vane and Donald let’s see if we can get
some some Dutch producers to hook you up
I’m sure we have people who live near

there they might be able to show you a
good time
but otherwise get a car
yeah it’s actually a nice country to
drive in I mean as long as you’re not

driving during rush hours fantastic yeah
it’ll be good so just like to see you
drive you from where you are you could
probably drive all over half the country
now in an hour just be careful of the
water you know before you know it you’re

gonna drop jobs jobs and jobs

you heard Church 3 3333 sorry about the
hiatus in support it’s been a grim few
years but I wanted to try to help you
boys and Tina and Mimi have a nice
holiday if you have time I gratefully

accept some surgery Karma and some
business stays afloat well vital and
vital while rehabilitating karma happy
new year and keep up the good work

well yes business stays afloat and vital
while rehabilitating ok it’s loaded up
here’s the car mechanic you’ve got karma

Jonathan of the double bladed paddle
$300 and $0.11 avos thanks for the show
in jnk 73’s ke 0 i HT 73 sir Jonathan of
the double bladed paddle yes 73 kilo 5

alpha Charlie Charlie
now this is a good one now and it’s it’s
not really good because Chris Wilson
sent in I think
he falls under the Australian rules

right Australian and canden avian rules
yes they want to reiterate those yeah if
you’re a this is because of the reason
when we had this the economic downturn

in 2007 and 8
the Canadian money and the Australian
money became worth more and it stayed
that way for quite some time into the
show’s era and then it’s sorry to go a

normal way which has become worthless I
mean Canadians that’s the normal way for
them is that what you’re insinuating
it’s the normal way it just happens you

rarely are they at parity with the US
dollar hmm and so they fallen behind and
we gave the offer out look it’s just a
dollar to you yeah it’s a little less

for to us but it’s still a dollar to you
you should get at least credit for the
dollar if you donate an Australian
dollar Canadian dollar so that’s it’s

the dollar so if you donate 300 Canadian
dollars you get 300 dollars and credit
towards really just where do you think
we just have pity on them I don’t know
if it’s PG it’s just like they got

destroyed they got destroyed the other
banks team and they be fell behind I
felt bad about it yeah I have a place of
near Canadian border and you go to
Canada it’s great shopping right or

aligned well with your with your
American money sure it is a fantastic
American money so Chris anything like a
Chris Wilson in East Lakes in New South

Wales $231 91 sensors probably 300 yeah
he says please find my executive
producer it’s actually 3:30 3:30 yeah 33
3333 leave you Tommy 33333 comes to 231

no brother sad isn’t it yeah no it’s the
way it is he says with the current
exchange rate you are more than entitled

to call them sure amp Rosie could you
please d douche my beard interest is
long-haired a kind of hunky guy was a
douchebag beard yeah he looks a little

bit like our very own Chris Wilson to be
honest in Australia even a little
rougher though because I’ve seen his
picture since there’s more of a Taliban

beard yes so it’s not a douchebag beard
that’s different
it’s not easy sporting that Sydney inner
west safeSpace hippie look at my age you

tend to slide past the styling of Dave
Grohl and and rapidly descent into Ted
Kaczynski homeless hermit territory in
fact this was brought to my attention

the other day when I went out to some
coffee you see I have been doing
renovations at home some plastering in
fact I figured that I’d get a decent
coffee at one of those hole-in-the-wall
coffee houses from embarrassed barista

with a douchebag beard so I wandered
down purchased and promptly consumed my
first cup it was really really good a
sensational even and I took a moment to
myself standing there on the street with

my empty cup staring at the cup quietly
contemplating whether or not I should go
for that glorious but occasionally
treacherous second hit of caffeine when
I was rudely woke from my meditation by

some generous soul throwing a $2 coin
until my empty cup the douchebag beard
or the fact that I was covered in

plaster and bill and dirt long as me
standing on the street the holding an
empty cup so much suggest that it may
have been the shopping trolley picture
of this man come on but with the crazy

real-estate prices around the inner West
you’ve got to take advantage of what you
can to make those mortgage payments so
if you would please deep douche my beard
that would be appreciated we just did
that well I’ll do an official deed ooh

thanks to everyone on this sasch Nets
social Nets who say that I do to the
best jingles I appreciate it but you’re

mislead secret agent Paul does the best
jingles uh I just do the most Cinque on
Richard Sir Isaac oh my god white knight

of the shocking truth for those jingles
just then we really do have the
community you have the best community
Sydney meetup anyone hit me at douche
bag at na trigger warnings calm but I

please have a fuck cancer and some karma
from my musician friend marks partner
Nettie who is recovering from some Radek
surgery well there is a now one less
arsehole in the world but not the one we

wanted to lose
you’ve got karma finally can you please
give me a don’t eat me hit Donald Trump

and some goat farmer karma for all thank
you all no homo hang on maybe a bit no
wait is that the cute little frog in my
pocket yeah there you go sir Chris the

drunken the drunkard minstrel from
Australia who has indeed done fantastic
you know he calls him jingles but
jingles to me are little things like you

know like Mary Dee’s or short thing yeah
these are really more parent the best
one is the Dvorak that orange /n a play
that that’s a jingle yes jingle parodies
of songs are not jingles they’re

parodies and they’re actually they’re
just masterpieces well that’s the way I
see them yes and thank you very much sir
Chris homeless man there listen to that
go Danny Cantrell is in Whomper all New

South Wales she’s in the neighbor to
2997 which is 500 dollars in American
money uh in fact wait a minute he is
interesting he 31 that’s interesting

because then he got a worse way same
thing my third contribution at 3 3333
but he got gypped yeah having recently
for we did having recently finished

working on a u.s. drug commercial shot
in Sydney I finally have funds to make
the leap tonight who had been listening
since June when he said 2016 election
since the 2016 election when I asked the
question at a party why do we really go

to Iraq and there was directed to the No
Agenda show by douchebag Jeremy row I
never looked back
commuting four hours a day to Sydney
with my many days off I often get to

listen to three old episodes a day the
No Agenda show has no equal has no equal
and I hope you do not underestimate the
importance of the work you two do
I encourage all no agenda listeners to

think about throwing a few bucks or the
show we pay money for crap every day and
this show is worth keeping on the air
please may have United Andy Cantrell the

old-school lefty of Terrigal Beach and
jnk Thank You Andy I look forward to
your knighting ceremony at the round
table and indeed what a gyp man it was a

couple bucks less than Sir Chris’s 33333
yeah this is insane I thought so time to
move to Bitcoin sir Brian baronet of
North yeah the way it’s going but

getting nothing sir Brian baronet of
northern Connecticut to 1212 humbly
requesting a new human resource karma
for a brand-new baby yes Abigail
Elizabeth my beautiful wife Gina like

Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna like Jenna did a
wonderful job bring her into the world
on 1212
that’s JC and Jessie’s anniversaries

right verse 12
thank you very occurred sir Brian
baronet of northern Connecticut yes
congratulations to you and your

beautiful wife Jenna and welcome new
human resource
you’ve got karma this Jennifer Tecna
root who’s the the the Viking mom in

Redwood City $200 sorry for the lack of
donations I hope this means the $200
helps fund to show that I will be

downloading and listening to on our long
flight to Sweden this Monday
I’ve been in contact with her and I am
expecting a report oh I will do my best
to get pictures of the no go zone you’re

sending her into the no-go zones of
Stockholm really ah okay
you can’t be hurt your Swedish I don’t

want to leave my missus I’ll do my best
to go to no zones but to be honest I
don’t want to leave my mother-in-law’s
house over there with civil unrest in
Europe but I will bring my pepper spray

and hope for the best
wishing you both a happy holiday or dare
I say it a Merry Christ miss or God
you’ll from Sweden Scott yes you’ll yes
God deal sculls yeah that’s good yes

well thank you Jennifer and please be
very careful
yeah before you know it there’s no go
zones man although I was told they don’t

exist well I was told they don’t he says
but I was also they do exist but my take
on it is that there you can go there but
if you’re a cop or you’re someone with a

camera you’re taking movies there’s
something they’re gonna go over and beat
you up
yeah well all I know is that when I was
walking with my daughter in Rotterdam
Rotterdam with her girlfriend they lived
together and they were we’re all walking

down the sidewalk hand-in-hand and then
we crossed one street and they let go of
each other’s hands and just walking next
to each other I said yeah this is where
we don’t hold hands this is kind of like
a no-go zone for us here in Rotterdam

the Netherlands yeah you brought it on
I take full responsibility I’m sorry
about all that no all right that’s it

right that’s our execs and this is our
executive associate executive producers
for sure 1095 thank you very much these
are the credits that you desire and all

of you can use them because they are
official you were either an executive
producer or an associate executive
producer of the No Agenda show episode
1090 for display it loud and proud
anywhere the credits are recognized you

will get places with this go ahead try
it out people put on a LinkedIn does
seem to work and we’ll be thanking more
people $50 and above in our second
segment please remember that we do have
another show coming up on Thursday

perhaps with a report from Thailand but
certainly with more media and news
deconstruction remember us at boa red
dot or jingle slash and hey you can take
that knowledge go out there

our formula is this we go out or hit
people in the mouth

so what’s this report from Thailand on
the Miss Universe competition oh is that
where it is yes is in Bangkok I call I

called my my buddy Michelle he’s over
there and he goes you don’t want these
British guys that goes to Bangkok all
the time too fishy or very fishy a lot
of British guys do this and I call ups

and hey you got there you’re gonna be at
the East what are you talking about I
just it just left Bangkok he’s now in
Phuket he’s in the island see you’re
crazy cuz how if I’d known that I would
have stayed so I didn’t let’s see if we

can get a report maybe just by watching
it if you’re up to it anything’s
possible and while we’re on being
douchebags about about stuff and of
course there’s always something going on

in the me too in the hashtag me too
movement not all of it good but
something that we surmised about and I
think we and don’t remember exactly the
conversation but I’m pretty sure we

predicted this would happen as we now
have a full sweep across the board there
to CBS with Les Moonves out and actually
there’s a couple more we even forgot
about and here is the result I’m pretty
sure we predicted this and David in your

reporting have have you come across
people who believe there’s a climate at
CBS entertainment division and parts of
the news division that foster sexual
harassment maybe even sexual assault you

know the the most glaring example of
this in many ways is Fox News under

Roger Ailes but this is very disturbing
it’s great it comes back to CBS I just
thought you’d get a kick out of that

well you know the the most glaring
example of this in many ways is Fox News
under Roger Ailes but this is very
disturbing coming from the top les
Moonves had been essentially running CBS
for two decades and if you look at what

happened in the news division as well
the fact that Jeff Fager a former
executive producer 60 minutes and former
chairman of CBS News has been accused
craftsman and tolerating a culture at
sixty minutes of that the fact that it

turned out his predecessor Don Hewitt
according to revelations had essentially
sexually assaulted a former subordinate
and colleague female subordinates so
severely that CBS ended up paying her
what totaled up to five million dollars

over the years and payments that
apparently are have still been going on
as recently as this year it’s hard not
to think that there’s a climate that is
not only hostile women but hostile to
the idea of accountability for this kind

of behavior at least until these
revelations now and as a murder on the
table it certainly looks likely a Shari
redstone is the controlling owner of
both CBS and Viacom she has wanted to
merge these sister companies once more

reunify them and the main obstacle in
her way was Les Moonves in the corporate
board at CBS that had been supporting
him that board has changed the
sympathies toward aluminum as the

positions changed and Munez is gone so
it would seem as though the stars are
aligning for her to be able to get
controlled both companies and to
ultimately bring them under the same
umbrella gee you don’t think that was
the plan all along do you that’s an

interesting theory I’m pretty sure yes I
think we pretty much did yeah
so then I went but money over there and

what would the benefit be of bringing
those two together is there any
particular benefit and why why did she
want it and those douche bags did you
just punch with the books a little
better hmm

well that’s true fuse the IRS a little
better as a lie you just a lot of
benefits no benefits to the programming
it’ll probably hurt the network I think
the network’s gonna have a slide

do they have the Super Bowls at CBS
where’s the Super Bowl
well they rotate it so that doesn’t just
no no one network who has it this year
though I don’t know because I was

reading about you know the the the
halftime which i think is 17 or 18
minutes is quite long the halftime show
is Adam Levine and maroon 5
which is V I mean if you want to get a

safe vanilla axe for the Superbowl
maroon 5 is your band but you know what
they typically do is that want to have
other artists come out and participate
and no one wants to be a part of it

they’re all worried about anything being
insensitive at any moment to anybody
yeah so and unless you have anything
else or close out the segment you’re up
to speed

yes all right we’ll be out of here
now look poisoning and the Hindu
celebration I thought was worth
I was thinking places Hindu celebration

poisoning I want to have a thought on
this in India southern state of
Karnataka eleven people died including
two children after what may be mass food
poisoning at a Hindu religious festival

yesterday more than 90 people were
hospitalized after eating a religious
food offering
authorities say several people are being
questioned about the incident police
said that organs of the disease victims
have been sent to a crime lab for

forensic analysis
I think is a terrorist attack how many
people 11 dead in two like hundreds

uh I would the big piece of news that
nobody and you probably don’t have it I
don’t think it was talked much about
because it took place I think late on
Friday to classic over the weekend thing

was played up a little bit
but did you know that Obamacare was was
was repealed no what was repealed this
happened in Texas so I do know is and
there was no repeal that’s not true

a a a judge a court in Texas said that
the individual mandate was
unconstitutional that’s not quite a
repeal Constitution was kind of like but
it has to get P it has to go to the

ethically it’s not a repeal that’s a
review d–ation let’s play the clip a
coalition of states with Democratic
leadership is promising to appeal a
federal court ruling that aimed to

invalidate the entire Affordable Care
Act known as Obamacare late yesterday
judge Reed O’Connor of the federal
district court in Fort Worth Texas said
the laws individual mandate which
requires all Americans to have health

insurance is quote unconstitutional and
that the rest of the Act fails without
the mandate the law and all insurance
policies remain in effect as the ruling
makes its way through the courts the

case was brought by a group of
Republican state attorneys general and
is expected to go to the US Supreme
Court this afternoon on a visit to
Arlington National Cemetery where
volunteers had placed wreaths on each

gravesite President Trump praised the
court decision we’ll be able to get
great health care we’ll sit down with
the Democrats the Supreme Court applause

sitting down with the Democrats and
we’ll get great healthcare for our
people first time perspective on all
this on a very busy Saturday Newshour
weekend special correspondent Jeff

Greenfield joins us now from Santa
Barbara Jeff let’s start with what could
be the more consequential bit of news
that happened last night the court
ruling a federal judge says the entire
Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional

well when the Affordable Care Act was
passed it made every American either get
health insurance or pay a penalty when
Chief Justice Roberts cast the deciding

vote to uphold though he said well that
penalties attacks and Congress has the
power to impose attacks last year
Congress passed and the President signed
a bill that said no no more penalty and
what this judge said was well now that

there’s no penalty you’re forcing
Americans to get health care you the
Congress don’t have that power and the
entire Obama care law Medicaid expansion
subsidies for low-income Americans

protection from from pre-existing
condition bans
no more caps on the lifetime payout of
insurance companies all of that he said
has to go hmm very skeletal there’s a

number of issues here it was obvious
genius too just to knock that what Nick
that one little aspect of the Obama care
system just didn’t get rid of that which

is the you have to have it mm-hmm
or you get fined too you can’t get fined
well we’re just which for the table hold

on just just to recall is Trump a genius
the individual mandate was taken to the
Supreme Court and deemed a attacks in a
constitutional method of applying it

right so nothing is you know I don’t
know this sounds like a bunch of
posturing and bullshit to me I don’t
know I think it’s gonna be a problem but
I want to remind people just two things

one I don’t see how it’s gonna improve
any nothing nothing at all a trap but I
want to remind people that this this
whole system it only began this whole
insure yourself yet even surest even see

a doctor now never existed when I was a
kid it wasn’t until nineteen seven
three when Nixon signed the HMO Act of
1973 that allowed the healthcare systems

to make money
it was always illegal in the u.s. to
profit off of health care until 1973 and
ever since all they’ve been doing is

gouging us at the doctor’s office
gouging us at the especially the drug
companies have been best the game
they’re playing jack up the price of the
drug so thus your insurance prices have

to go up it is a scam that Nixon started
what was the legislation that changed
that do you know the HMO Act of 1973 ha
and did that then also include all these

restrictions of territories for
insurance company that came that came
later evolved and I want to remind
people when you hear insurance company
you think all these people are looking
out for me no other bankers mrs. banks

this is banks there’s nothing else at
the bank looks like a bank smells like a
bank is Bank just another financial
institution until 73 these big
operations and phony insurance

operations all the rest of its not
insurance where you have to have
insurance you have to have an insurance
card to go to the hospital yet an
insurance card that didn’t exist
didn’t exist hmm and what only thing

that came close was Kaiser and Kaiser
wasn’t wasn’t profitable it was just it
was the Kaiser system of it was a kind
of like an original HMO and it was there
as kind of a kind of an experiment and

socialized medicine and it worked and
then but there was no profit involved it
was once this gave them the green light
to make money they would they’ve screwed
us that’s why the American system is the

that’s why we pay more and we’d get less
benefits from health care in this
country than any other country in the
yeah and it’s probably not reversible at
this point because there’s so much of

the economy and this this is what people
I think failed to realize and there’s so
much riding on this so many people are a
part of this just working stiffs would
be reversible if we could brainwash the

kids like you do a climate change this
would be a better thing to get the kids
all worked up about and howhow do you
suggest going about that well maybe
getting some teachers that can teach

them the information that is valuable
and so far instead of just knuckling
under oh I guess my insurance rates have
gone up again what am I gonna do I mean
it’s pathetic yeah

maybe you should get a little that
French vibe going on some yellow
yellowjacket stuff
all right that’s my little complaint for
the day it’s a good it’s a it’s a valid

complaint you think
yeah the HMO Act of 1973 and then I need
to go back and look at that Republicans
again it was Republic is just doing
somebody a favor screwing us yeah

well the other part of our economy here
in the United States is of course making
war stuff and we’re very good at it
and a lot of our money the best and we
aren’t foam finger up in the air loud

and proud number one when it comes to
making stuff that kills other people
particularly round people in Sandy areas
but how much money have we actually
spent on it the Pentagon failed their
audit which got I think a mention

somewhere someone mentioned yeah should
be talking about this got a little
mention held their audit yeah just a
little mention about time giving
somebody seven hundred billion dollars
you think they’d have higher maybe that

you think they could afford to hire a
couple of guys that could monitor where
that money goes no just asking too much
well I need a Crawford who is chair of
what is she the chair of she’s the at

some here she is
Anita Crawford is the chair of political
science department at Boston University
she’s come up with some numbers when it
comes to the War Department as to just

how much we spent on fighting terror you
want to have a little guess fighting
terror fighting terror yes and the
billion dollars a hundred billion
dollars that actually was what was

promised we wanted to help people
understand how it is that the United
States has used its resources since 9/11
in particular how when we were told that
these wars would cost several hundred

billion dollars they’ve actually caused
into the trillions and part of the
reason for that is the spending occurs
in other areas besides the Department of
Defense Osio budget right and you’ve
come up with a figure of five point nine

trillion and that’s so far since let’s
say 9/11 is that you’re the baseline of
when you started we start with the 911
period and we look at not only what the
US has spent in the overseas operations

the major ones but also look at other
operations that the United States has
conducted and in addition we add the
that associated with increased military
spending overall because the Congress

essentially has given the Department of
Defense a blank check and we also look
at homeland security spending that’s
associated with counterterrorism as well
as the spending that’s related to taking
care of the three million veterans

who’ve since returned from these wars
and if somehow operations overseas Iraq
Afghanistan Syria wherever the multiple
countries were operating in on what
seems like some large amorphous

connected effort suppose that were to
somehow magically cease at the end of
say this current fiscal year 2019 what
do you think would be the effect if it
were to magically end and we know that

the Department of Defense is planning on
spending till through 2023 at least if
it were to magically end we’d still have
to spend in these wars the interest on
borrowing to pay for the war okay even

if we stopped today we’d still be
spending billions each year for interest
on the borrowing the United States
military is accounting for more than 60%
or about 60% of all discretionary

spending now that’s we could get the
kids all riled up about yeah a lot of
money global warming is a distraction to
keep the kids from from figuring it out

I think if I’m figuring it out cuz
you’re paying taxes your mommy and daddy
are paying taxes if you’re not and it’s
not going towards fixing the world it’s
going it’s actually going towards

killing people yeah I’m in the world
yeah bombing it gonna bomb them I have
some very kind of sad news for the show

well you know how we’ve been doing
transcriptions yeah
Tom’s shooting he’s Dutch guy in
Australia he’s been he’s done
transcriptions of the last 90 episodes

of No Agenda okay yeah and they’re
they’re not great you know and then of
course the transcriptions include the
clips as well so there’s a lot of
strange stuff that shows up but he did a
word cloud

and so now we know what words are used
most often on this program Trump well
I’m gonna in total 1 million six hundred
and fifty seven thousand four hundred

and thirty three words were put into the
word cloud and I will give you the top
let me see is this ten I think it’s ten
one two three four five six seven eight
nine yeah it’s the top 15

so we’ll start down at 15 the the word
Republican was used four hundred and six
times in the past 90 episodes of the
show after that Adam four hundred eighty

nine times phasers Facebook 586 time
podcast 653 Democrat 679 it’s almost two
hundred times more than the Republicans

and winning the popular vote in our word
cloud yet again American American seven
hundred and twenty seven times Russia
seven hundred and fifty seven times
shows you where our bread is buttered

John 1078 times that was used why who
uses John me do never talk about me
clearly on the list yeah that 406 oh no

then we then we jump from your thousand
to Trump 2074 which is not as much as I
thought it would be but then at eight

thousand and this is troubling the word
think and I know where this is coming
from and we got if we got to work on
that but is it cuz because you say I
think I think no I think I think I hate

this we should be saying I feel I feel I
feel I dream I envisioned I posit we’ve
had a number of them but posit that’s

what I’m gonna go for but I think is
that’s what all these damn tech podcasts
are doing all the time well I think no I
think if I think making so we have to be
careful of that one

not just let me just go straight to the
top to the top two words most frequently
used respectively with 14,000 and 10,000
counts which two words would these be I

and you know
shit it’s all I got that’s all you got
when you hear it you’re gonna go up the

top two words are yeah and no yeah no
the top two words with no actually being

number one no yeah no yeah
how about that we need to work on that
on ourselves that’s that I found it to
be very discouraging well we tried to

pay attention to our words we do now
again clips are included in this so it
may not know but still we are the the ya
know podcasters everybody proud to be

here you know yeah yeah no yeah no you
that’s fascinating come on you didn’t
like that I does I did like it all right

well let me do a shopping tip then from
NPR you know they love these little
things around the holiday a little
shopping tip popular board games and
you’d might be surprised by the most

popular board game of them all this
season I want to ask you about a game
that some members of her staff have
clued me about I’m uncomfortable with
the title secret Hitler secret Hitler is

currently very very popular and it was
really funny because when it first came
out they sent free copies to every
member of Congress so it’s very very
popular on Capitol Hill because it got a

lot of exposure and publicity through
that publicity stunt what makes
something called secret Hitler a game
but by the way I want to point out the
original made no secret but go ahead
this is true but in this game there are

different sides one person is secretly
Hitler nobody knows who he is and then
there are different sides that are
trying to find him and it’s basically
called a hidden role game because nobody

knows who is who and using deductive
reasoning you’re trying to figure out
who Hitler is and get rid of him the
perfect game for Capitol Hill right I’m
astonished by by this report if it

wasn’t for the orange man bad if it
wasn’t for the incessant calling Trump
Hitler this would have been quite seen I
think it’s quite outrageous and maybe

the ADL the anti-defamation league would
have said it’s not funny
to make fun of you know to have a great
little board game with Hitler unless we
all get to put on yellow stars as we’re

playing you know you get to choose and
once someone gets the yarmulke someone
gets the someone gets the yellow star I
mean want you to take it all the way
with your stupid board game but yes it’s
seen as funny now by NPR I find I find
quite insulting I’m not I’m not

triggered by it but Dan are you you
Speer you are triggered you know
familiar with what that would trigger
means that just were you were triggered
right there no I’m we witnessed it no

I’m not well yes
I’m in denial I’m triggered by it I’m
triggered by the fact that it’s it’s
we’ve taken things like the word racism
the concept of Nazis and Hitler’s and we

just taken this to ordering everything
down and make it an easier thing to
digest yes yes thank you
will you now focus on real things that
are important like climate change the

extinction of everything in the plan
it’s the extinction rebellion yes well
we can also take a look at what’s out
there Richard Branson his spaceship was

a spaceship one flew into space I’m not
quite sure I understand the euphoria
over all this here’s a little clip of

him just just he’s beside himself
obviously after 14 hard years to take
convergent gliding into space is
mementos historic occasion so what

happened miss wonderful spaceship this
behind us and took off early this
morning on this beautiful day attached
to white night which was a giant plane

that we built to carry her went up to
40,000 feet it then was dropped away
from white night in fired its rockets
and traveled from nought to 3,000 miles

now in eight seconds piloted by two
wonderful astronauts and soared into
space and we could all see it just you

know from where we were standing going
up and up and up and up and then
obviously disappearing when it went into
space and then the now astronauts which
is quite exciting islets before this is

50 years ago we put a bunch of people in
a tube and they went up and they walked
on the moon and now we got to be all
adult as you would put it jacked up over
this I don’t understand why is this so

exciting getting put a guy on the moon
then you’ll impress me Richard Branson
I’ll put again Mars then you’ll impress
me all the money is but are we crazy
this is just a joy they’ve created the

world’s most expensive Joyride yeah for
rich a
Falls douchebags that are gonna pay you
know a half a million quarter of a

million to half a million bucks to take
a ride in this thing and that’s whether
giddy it’s like wow look at the money we
can make but three people in it four
people there’s a million bucks in this

sucker and it’s gonna gonna cost us a
half a million bucks to send them up but
John make a half a million bucks in five
minutes John it just explained to me
with all the money that Branson has or
even Elon Musk just compared to the moon

launches you know the the moonshot I
mean I would thought that was no tech
I’ve been in the capsule you know they
had a couple of dials in the couple you

know basically sitting on a big-ass
rocket I mean if you have all this money
why would you fiddle around going into
space and doing like a little nose over
like whoo that was fun just enjoy right

yeah it’s a joy why not go to spy not go
to the moon doesn’t seem like all that
the technology they were using was all
that spectacular or was it yeah well you
can make that argument till you blue in

the face I think your points well-taken
that these guys are just I don’t know
why they’re so giddy either because they
can do it I think it’s because it’s like
I think it’s the joy over the fact that
the that the after 50 years the private

sector can do what the government could
do 50 years ago you know using all the
resources of the government I mean the
government can put together a huge army

and has a seven hundred million dollar
military budget these are things that
private enterprise really can’t do right
you can’t spend 700 million dollars
doing special or seven hundred billion

I’m sorry you can spend rich I think
Bezos is getting close to this he could
spend let’s say it’s some future point
where was almost a trillionaire he could
spend 700 million dot billion on a giant

military force and go invade someplace
but he can’t do it the next year cuz
he’s out of money only a government can
do it space force I’m gonna show my food

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another podcast in the UK a very very
popular podcast apparently which you

were discussed on did you hear about
this I’m sure no I’m sure someone would
have sent this to you this is well
Stephen Fry very famous guy Stephen Fry

is very famous
Brett is very famous he hosts a podcast
called no such thing as fish it’s one of
those British things we’ll never
understand take classic you’ve heard of

this no such thing as fish no but I said
the phraseology yes okay but it’s not
simply production so they talked about

do you want to hear it well I might as
well you know on the internet if you
click on a Nazi site you might get a low
load of popups right oh you do know that
the why they’re called porn Eidos are

Pawn Stars
this is a phrase coined by John C Dvorak
okay now first of all is this true did

you claim the porn storm or porn aid oh
I did but but it was about 10 years ago
yeah well so this so this part is true

but then this is a phrase coined by John
C varjak who is the nephew of the guy
who invented the Dvorak keyboard is your

name John C Dvorak nephew of the man who

built the the Dvorak keyboard well as
it’s a rumor that has been out there and
I don’t make much of a point to just

quash it well if you want to hear the
rest of this clip it’s a minute
they go into some other historical stuff
right and I I know it’s annoying but
it’s it actually winds up to be very

very funny and I would like to play for
you because you know where they’re going
obviously with the mouse bullshit but
it’s interesting to hear so I know the
real story I know I know who you are I
know you’ve done all your life you are

not just known for being the nephew of
the guy who invented the keyboard as
much as I’m not just the the MTV guy so
we all know how this goes I got nothing

to do with the keyboard you’re one step
removed you’re one degree of separation
from Fame anyway so let’s continue with
this it becomes very funny by john c for

jack who is the nephew of the guy who
invented the Dvorak keyboard which is
like a QWERTY keyboard but it’s supposed
to be slightly better than the QWERTY

keyboard that’s a step down isn’t it in
Dvorak his he writes a lot about
computers and he said that the recent
Apple’s Mac Macintosh computer would not

be successful is because it uses a
pointing device called a mouse and there
is no evidence that people want to use
these things which by the way in
hindsight I think you’re absolutely

witness everyone using pens on their
tablet so there’s no evidence they
wanted to use it they did when they were
forced I’m really defending you
and then he wrote a second there quoting
from a column I wrote in 1984 yes yes in

a newspaper so as if I wrote it
yesterday oh it gets better any years
later it gets better it’s called a mouse

and there is no evidence that people
want to use these things and then he
wrote about Steve Jobs maybe when the
smoke clears we will hurt the last of
Steve Jobs as guru see a visionary he’ll

go the way of the pet rock electric
carving knives
silly putty Tiny Tim and the three tone
paint job hasn’t really rough on Tiny
Tim I don’t think I who do we think tiny

I think I think Tiny Tim is the kid in

the Dickens uh yes that’s what they’re
referring to now the other thing about
that particular mention that’s pretty
you know it’s pretty scandalous because
it they make it sound as though I wrote

this after he died yeah I wrote that
when John Sculley took his job and
kicked him out of Apple in the 80s or
you know so they’ve taken that out of

context this is unbelievable that they
would be this callous to take this out
of context to such an extreme and push
it up to net to the current era as if I
wrote that because he died and he’s gone

so we don’t to worry about him anymore
that is really really needs an apology I
think you should dad form I was just
hey John was a British prick hey John

are you triggered yeah I could not be
much of a detective is something else in
America right I guess so probably like a
failed product or something but like you
know they’ll go the way of sea monkeys

nasal hair trimmers and Jude the Obscure
I hate those a-holes but I’m glad they
found it amusing don’t laugh about my

co-host like that you British twats I’ll
teach you a thing or two hey you know
what as long as it’s not your obituary I

think is all precious good baby take it
good to go take it baby it’s all good
I found that to be quite mean I I was a
little more angry for you not you well

just a little bother me I know your big
Dvorak Dvorak Dvorak Russian
pronunciation of the composer yes yes

quite different okay mindful of your
time oh we’ve got the thing right in my
hand I can’t but I want to play as it’s

been eating at me this is the Simon
Seneca guy I think as sociologist writer
some on cell phone addiction right the
problem with this is he keeps saying
right and how come that word didn’t show

up in a word cloud at the top right
right if you’re sitting at dinner with
your friends and you’re texting somebody
who’s not there that’s a problem that’s
an addiction if you’re sitting in a

meeting with people you’re supposed to
be listening to and speaking and you put
your phone on the table face up or face
down I don’t care
that sends a subconscious message to the
room that you’re not just you’re just

not that important to me right now
right that’s what happens and the fact
that you cannot put it away it’s because
you are addicted right if you wake up
and you check your phone before you say
good morning to your girlfriend
boyfriend or spouse you have an

addiction and like all addiction in time
it’ll destroy relationships it’ll cost
time and it’ll cost money and it’ll make
your life worse
okay just thought everyone should know
that I thought we we’ve played a longer

clip of this guy I recall this from say
I didn’t want to play I’m sick of these
long clips oh here at a clip this is you
know they Trump finally decide he’s
gonna get a new guy chief of staff guy

who hates him but it’s fine he’s gonna
put him in there and I just like the way
the CBS is a 1 minute clip but it’s
about this guy Mulvaney the new chief of
staff and they can’t even go more than

just over a minute before they have to
kind of throw in spurious Trump you know
hey trump memes this is ridiculous
president Trump has selected his trusted

cabinet official Mick Mulvaney as his
acting chief of staff he will replace
General John Kelly who plans to leave by
the end of the year in recent days the
president has denied that he is

struggling to fill the crucial White
House position but just today former New
Jersey Governor Chris Christie took
himself out of the running 5 people
really good ones one reason for the lack

of interest may be the growing legal
woes facing the president speaking for
the first time since being sentenced to
three years in prison president Trump’s

former personal attorney Michael Cohen
said today he followed a bad path when
he arranged hush money payments during
the 2016 campaign I’m angry at myself
because I knew what I was doing was

wrong the payments to former Playboy
model McDaniels were made to help his
campaign but Cohen says the president

was worried about their allegations of
extramarital affairs so yes he was very
concerned about how this would affect
the election I would like to say
something about that

I read the all the documents of about
Cohen yeah the president’s lawyer and a
couple of things stood out one is he
does not actually have a deal a classic

flip deal with the special counsel the
special prosecutor I wouldn’t Muller it
specifically states in the documentation
that he doesn’t have this like a cave

k-5 letter or some
some technical term he does not have
that so there’s no like real flipping
that went on but also the way it’s
described this is the Southern District
of New York which is very different it’s

not this is what’s happened to Cohen
here is not the mauler investigation
this is the Southern District of New
York where the financial crimes take
place and this guy yeah she’s like 20
million dollar bank loans that he lied

about and that you know all this taxi
medallion crap and so they go through
all that stuff which is the majority of
it and these are tax crimes which you
get punished severely furred for
cheating on your taxes in America we

have an honor system when you when you
when you mess up you get caught or if
whatever happens you can definitely go
to jail these guys have guns I’ve dealt
with them they’re not nice in my opinion

and then at the end there there’s the
campaign finance finance violations
which are described in the documents as
very very egregious crimes against that

although it gets from the Southern
District of New York so it may just be
opinion I’m not sure what that means for
them that what the jurisdiction is but
they see that as at least 30 months

should just be for those crimes along
because it was defrauding the United
States and in the only place where this
showed up a little bit was in his

interview with George Stephanopoulos on
ABC what a get wall way to go George you
got the boy and here they do kind of
just say well you know it’s not really
it has nothing to do with anything

really if the truth is I told the truth
I took responsibility for my action well
here comes the quote of the week and
instead of him taking responsibility for
his actions what does he do he attacks

my family but he says his claim you’re
lying about him
to protect your wife to protect your

father inaccurate he knows the truth I
know the truth
others know the truth and here is the
the main doesn’t tell the truth malvit
and it’s said I should take

responsibility for his dirty deeds Cohen
is cooperating a special counsel robert
muller and his rush investigation and
separately federal prosecutors in the
Southern District of New York have

implicated but not charged the president
in those deals they allege Cohen acted
in coordination with and at the
direction of Trump according to court
filings Trump tweeted that he never
directed Michael Cohen to break the law

if it were true that the president was
just an unwitting client who’d been
advised badly by a lawyer could be a
defense problem is that according to

Michael Kohn Donald Trump made the deal
himself with American media at this
point the president is effectively an
unindicted co-conspirator there it is

okay well that’s well you know the one
of the problems with the logic of all
this is that
Trump you know he’s what the : is a

criminal lawyer and that that’s not
deniable and so whatever Trump says why
you know this guy’s a crook I was

working with I didn’t know he’s gonna be
indicted and thrown in jail for three
years and what are you blaming me for
and and the fact is calling his a crook
so I think Trump will get out of this

well one was off you know and he unless
Cohen has it on tape which he might but
he but there’s no evidence of that
because it would have been brought out

I’d just the whole thing is to me is
very interesting because you know I
think a lot people in the media really
don’t understand the difference from
where this is coming from what it’s
about and that Trump may very well be in

trouble for this I don’t know this this
New York is very clear they find this to
be who thinks he might be yeah I mean
and when you read the shot yeah but when
you read it it’s like wow you know

that’s pretty serious and I will say the
timing of it but that didn’t know this
the timing of it he’s right after the
the the grabber by the pussy tape came
out that was a couple weeks before the
election and it was right after that

that these payments took place so yeah I
would say that is that is defrauding the
United States government from something
we kind of knew
but you know if you want to look at it

black and white like yeah we didn’t want
anyone to know I’m a he’s a douchebag
well I guess yeah then he knew he was a
douchebag yeah but so he was trying to
hide it and I think you know there’s n’t

there’s a case to be made that that is
that is defrauding the the American
people now the severity of it is
something else but I think he’s I think
he’s in more trouble than he thinks I’m

using to think a lot I posit he’s a
little more trouble room I know it’s all
me you’re yeah no I’m think I’m yeah no
your thing yeah no I think here I think
you know who really knows what to think

it’s Maxine Waters
all of the descriptions of what would
happen if we move to impeach Trump are
basically excuses excuses because you
know maybe they don’t want to fail at it

maybe they believe that Trump will cause
a revolt you know you talk about
violence you know and they accuse
violence this president basically said

if you move to impeach me my people are
going to refold and maybe some of that
is resonating with you know the senators
and members of Congress Republican or

Democrat but they are derelict in their
responsibilities the Constitution gives
us the responsibility to impeach a
president and others in government if in

fact they are guilty of high crimes and
misdemeanors which we define I believe
that this president is dangerous I think
he has undermined our democracy I think

he’s aligned himself with the enemy with
Putin he has literally undone some of
the good public policy that has been
created for the safety of the citizens

of this country and I believe that he
certainly qualifies for impeachment we
may never get it done and maybe
Democrats fear that somehow if we move
to impeach him maybe his base will grow

larger I don’t think so I think they’re
gonna shrink I think that base is gonna
shrink because they’re going to see who
president really is he’s talking about
closing down the government he’s gonna

hurt some of the very people he claims
to want to support many of these people
are just workers out there people who
living on their paychecks day to day and
I want you to know they cannot afford to

have their paychecks cut off because
this president is going to close down
the government he deserves to be
impeached goes on a rant by the pussy
thing was one month not a week before

now I thought it was two weeks it was
one month huh one whole month October
7th okay
well still was wha hmm I thought it was
two weeks alright one month it doesn’t
matter because the Washington Post knows

exactly how this is going to play out I
mean it’s very obvious it’s an easy
trick he’ll never have to go to jail
ever exactly right that is a guidance
it’s never been litigated and I don’t

know that the Trump Justice Department
is going to test it I also don’t think
that Trump can pardon himself and if he
tries that and that’s his only mechanism
he risks being prosecuted after he
leaves office for that very reason I

would predict here on MSNBC
that when Trump leaves office he will
resign the presidency 10 minutes before
Mike Pence leaves already I’ve never
played this before this is what’s this

is that this is the Reuben woman I don’t
think we played it the suppose okay well
this is a room at this is Jennifer room
and the suppose it conservative blogger

for who’s a radical left winger for the
Washington Post that this is her
prediction is idiotic
he will resign the presidency 10 minutes
before Mike Pence leaves office allowing

pence to pardon him if there is not a
Republican president to follow him Wow
and also we don’t want pardon you have
to accept the level of guilt oh yeah my

panel will be right back up next who won
the oh yeah
but the best accusation against the
president is a new one from a comedian

comedian who used to work with Trump
okay this would be good Nowell kassler
I’ve never heard of a mess well he makes

some interesting allegations I’ve done
that for the last 20 years I work in TV
production in the talent departments
take care of all the performers it’s

kind of like herding cats if cats had
Douglass’s massive egos Celebrity
Apprentice finale yeah you can see where
this is going my job was taking care of

the Trump family – yeah Don jr. mama
Rosa Milania was like a freakin Mensa
meeting every day

that’s my favorite joke I’m gonna tell
you one more thing I don’t usually talk
Tony to more things he freaked we can
crush this up is wrong he sniffs it

because he can’t breathe so he gets
really nervous when he has to read cue
cards I’m not kidding this is true I
have a 24 page NDA non-disclosure
agreement I didn’t know that he was
become a president now it’s no wait

dumbass I’m telling everything I know
when you see him reading this why he’s
tweeting you know it’s like he’s out of
his mind it makes sense if you think

about it methamphetamine was invented by
the Nazis beat the fighter pilots up all
night of farming right right so it makes
sense the trunk would use it to hate
weakness or a toilet Wow
I had not expected that I didn’t hear

anything about this this is good yeah
that he crushes up his adderall and he
snorts it whenever he has to read and
that’s why he’s you know but that’s

this guy is already hyperkinetic if he’s
snorting meth I mean that his head could
blow up
or an event bad imitation of

amphetamines yeah Wow yeah I’m
surprising that had a heart attack he’s
listening to the podcast at 18 times
speed yeah dad those guys know generally

I hit wall right listen their whole show
3 hours and 30 minutes
so I picked up this piece unfortunately
there’s no good reporting order clips on
it but I have the printouts of the

latest trends in baby names ah yes in
which region aw USA okay
apparently the baby named trends in 2018

we’re mostly pop-culture World Cup names
like Fay Felix fern what’s gonna name
the kids fern but okay some people
apparently F is inching up they say but

the biggest trends of 2019 is dubbed
global the global names as the world
gets small this is part of the
globalization we had to globalize ur
names the pool of names becomes larger

with new names from every diverse
origins entering the global lexicon the
report noted monikers under the global
trend include names from Greece South
America Korea India and Israel and these

names include ready for these name I’m
ready I’m ready
Acacia s– where Acacia s– with an a
with an a what a Acacia s’ Acacia s’ a
Roja wait a minute Roja Roja cyrene


Kirin ki-rin Letarte Ola UTA ro Li or li
o are not nee nee OB and I ABI Cena se
na and Walken as Christopher Walken

and then we go back to the name some
boys and girls back if we go just as far
back as 2017 2017 you get bright you get
these names but you just we’ve have seen

these so these other ones are gonna show
up but a new trend is non-binary names
or them so these are current current
trends non-binary names names that are
gender-neutral hmm this means no names

that end in son like mattis son
our names are originally boy oh boy or
girl names that have migrated to the
other side so this is Charlie these

names include these are the names coming
up there for your gender-neutral baby
briar what with with a Bravo with a be
yeah be briar mm-hmm Campbell

Finley Finley seems like I got boys
named to me but I see a girl named
Finley sure
Finley Finley here journey

which I would give me a break justice
not Justin justice lakyn la que en revel
re ve l Robin which could be a boy or a

girl royal
which I’ve known people older guys named
royal hmm and story story yeah story
my name is starry I’m starry and then

finally this last list is the Eastern
religion seemed to have been just
creeping in and so you’re gonna hear
names as and by the way these are the
result of how mainstream yoga meditation

and non traditional spiritualism have
become part of the mainstream and so
you’re gonna get names like this Ashera
Bodhi Bodh I Kali which I believe is a
God Lux Lux Lakshmi L aks well there’s a

there’s a Lakshmi Singh on NPR she’s
news I’m Lakshmi Shing I can’t go this
word comes from ever comes my new yeah

my new from my new that’s macaron
Emmanuel macron my new they call maanu
maanu maanu Oh serious radan3d no one’s
called Oh doctor come on

Rama which is there’s a lot of Rama’s
yeah Tanith and a name I can’t believe
this one
Zen zedzee echo November yes and what
happened to names like Bambi and Raven I

mean come on disco and it burnt down
what’s wrong with Adam and John and
well this enough Adams a lot of Adam

Curry’s out there I think there’s a lot
of Adams yes it was at one time John
Adam and a few of these others were the
most popular names ever yeah word I
think is one of them too they don’t know
no no no you got a name your kid you

know Moonbeam or dipshit better name
I’d like a rubra I mean what is it Aroha
robot is still the way to go

my name’s Aroha and here we have coming
to you as a rohad Dvorak I’d like to
close this out with two yellow vest
updates I’d like to start with yours
from PBS as this is not stopping

throughout Europe it is bubbling under
the news media is not really talking
about it because they can’t they can so
let’s see what
yes yellow vests protests in France
entered their fifth straight weekend

today as marchers call some more
government reforms in Paris there were
fewer protesters than on past weekends
almost 70 thousand police mobilized
throughout the country the government
had called for a suspension of protests

following Tuesday’s attack on a market
in the city of Strasbourg today’s
protesters did hold a minute of silence
to mourn the four victims of that attack
did you see the list that they actually

want David no yes they have a list of
demands this is why it’s not stopped
because this is not just about the
carbon tax no there are Davi gotten
they’ve fed up I’m gonna run down zero

homelessness income tax more progressive
which means more slices minimum wage for
growth 1,300 euros net per month promote
small business villages and city centres

stop the construction of large
commercial areas around big cities that
kill small business large insulation
plan for housing ecological savings make
big people pay big money so that’s

Google Amazon crossroads is what they’re
saying same system of Social Security
for all the pension system must remain
in solidarity and socialized end of tax

increase on fuel no pension below 1200
euros any elected representative will
have the right to a median salary as
transport transport cost will be
monitored and reimbursed if they’re

justified the wages of all French people
as well as pensioners and allowances
must be indexed to inflation it just
goes on and on and on on we see what
else jobs that are created for the

unemployed sure magic increase in
disabled benefits limitation of rents
and low rent housing prohibition to sell
property belonging to France like

airports and dams substantial means
granted to justice all money earned by
highway tolls should be used for
maintenance of motorways and roads
I mean it I mean there’s at least a

hundred different demands well good do
they have the one I think is that I
would demand what’s that that all
airplanes carrying passengers should

charge the passenger by their weight no
no they don’t have that I do have a
Voice of America version of the story
now Voice of America you have to

understand is is put together by the
broadcast Board of Governors it’s a
propaganda arm of the United States
State Department
it is 100% propaganda so fun to listen
to their version of the Paris protest

this also this is from much about a week
ago but there’s a little fun little
gotcha in here so you can understand
where the State Department is with their
head here in the United States the US

president has weighed in over the
weekend about the situation with some
interesting tweets and Frances foreign
minister apparently telling him to butt
out it’s not really clear what the

president meant President Trump tweeting
about Paris agreement not working out
well and that people there are chanting
we want Trump
in response Frances foreign minister
Sunday telling mr. Trump to basically

not interfere in French politics that we
don’t do that to American politics what
do you know about that well what I can
tell you is that I was this console is a
around the by the way as she’s a cushy

job at this shomsul is a working for The
Voice of America and I just do my little
report Oh what I can tell you is that I
was additionally say around the appeal
for many hours during the protests on

Saturday and I did not hear one person
say we want Donald Trump okay I didn’t
even hear anyone talk about Donald Trump
the question of Donald Trump saying that
this demonstration was all about the

Paris climate agreement it has nothing
to do with the Paris climate agreement
it’s actually a demonstration of people
talking about wanting their dignity
being able to live on money that they
earn and having respect that so I don’t

know where that came from
no it’s not all about carbon taxes at
all accordions yeah that’s what she just
says lies Voice of America
it’s American lies yeah well I guess our

lies are good they are very good he
served a purpose that’s the truth about
the truth is when he was telling the
truth he wasn’t telling the truth no and
that’s the truth and that’s how we roll

everybody big foam finger number one you
know where it’s coming from
that’s right downtown Austin Texas
capital the drone star state where I
reside in the region number six in the

five by nine clue do in the common law
condo in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon
Valley where I count the number of cars
on the train it’s exciting here I’m John

C Devorah we return on Thursday with
another edition of the no agenda show
podcast the best podcast in the universe
please remember us for that at Dvorak
org slash na that is how our value for

value system works until then


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we won

and dreaming

they say
with my microaggressions

makes their teardrops glisten
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