No Agenda Episode 1096 “Algorithmic Amplification”

oh no spasms in trouble Adam curry
Jhansi Devorah this is your
award-winning Nation Media assassination
episode 96 this is no agenda curry from
Northern Silicon Valley where I’m just

back from making a batch of delicious
homemade sauerkraut I’m John see
tomorrow and the recipe will be made
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want it well you don’t it’s just so
simple recipe I mean once you doing
research you found out how to make it
you this is idiotic that why you buy

this stuff now what is what is the basis
of sauerkraut 800 grams of cabbage and 1
tablespoon of salt mixed together
vinegar no vinegar no God no vinegar no

water that’s it it’s cabbage salt mixed
together boom kraut
there’s some intermediate steps be
careful about certain things but just

leave just a few intermediate steps it’s
a few well here we are everybody it’s
December 20th 2018 and I found the news
to be interesting these last four days

yes yes yes I picked up some interesting
stuff I had some research I liked it I
don’t know it was good there’s a lot
going on yeah what did you pick up

I got a lot of random stuff I didn’t
find anything things that would make me
go and ha ha can I do an eye on you then
or try ya know knock me out

ya know there it is contributing to the
one contributing to the word cloud thank
you very much that’s that’s a new
feature now I think that the clogwog
is doing Tom from Australia for our

transferred cloud over the art
of each episode it’s interesting I like
it it’s another part of our value for
value network you never know what shows

up it’s always valuable somehow yeah
it’s so valuable it is a report came out
big Senate commissioned report and of
course some of the news outlets seem to

have an advanced copy of this report the
day before I think this came out Monday
Monday or maybe Tuesday this is the
Select Senate Intelligence Committee

committee and they’ve published two
reports that they commissioned and the
first one is titled computational
propaganda research project that’s from

the University of Oxford I’m gonna skip
that one for today’s presentation the
second one is from a company based in
Austin which caught my eye called new
knowledge and another thing called my

eye the title of this report is the
tactics and tropes of the internet
research agency that would be the
Russian troll farm and what caught my
mind caught my eye was the word tropes

haven’t we heard this used a little more
I mean I think I I recall saying hey
what is this tropes thing they’re using
last week or the week before maybe even
I was it was it was it was a while ago

are you fuck you in the shower you kept
me back what are you doing just tell me

help me out I’ve written the clip list I
forgot to do that oh okay um trope meme
cliche right but I’ve talked about we
put it up just a dupe is it it’s one of

those terms I’ve had this the theory
over the years which is there are
certain terms if you read them or hear
them or see them you know what the
political standing is that the person

doing the writing trope is the
left-wingers to Hermus like chilling is
another one I see somebody used the word
chilling right it tends to be someone
that leans a little bit to the left that

would make sense when we dive into this
report a little bit I just thought it
was interesting that the word tropes had
showed up or trope or just before this
report came out I’m gonna give you a

background on this actually I’m not
going to I’m going to give you a
background from NPR and because this
report has now proven once and for all
that the Russians most definitely helped

not just help but probably elected Trump
as president
yes and the way they did it was not
through advertising no no no that was

nothing compared to what actually went
on and that was the fake accounts the
fake accounts were so good that they
made made three million

african-americans stay home and not vote
in this election and that’s why Hillary
Clinton lost and NPR explains two
reports out today providing a clearest

picture yet of the extent to which
Russia went to influence voters ahead of
the 2016 presidential election the
reports focus on a Russian troll
factories use of nearly every major

social media platform from Facebook to
YouTube NPR justice reporter Ryan Lucas
has combed through the documents and
joins us now hey Ryan brother so who
exactly authored these reports well this

is the work of I like how he combed
through the documents does that mean he
really looked at him or just we do it’s
just the three brushes what does that
mean combed through them is this the

analyst I’m gonna wait until you’re back
so who exactly authored these reports

well this is the work of private
researchers and cybersecurity experts
and what they did is and note the
private researchers and security experts
that’s kind of code for this austin

startup company examine the activities
of this Russian troll farm that we’ve
talked a lot about now the reports are
based on data that the social media
companies and the Senate Intelligence
Committee provided them important to

remember that that committee is
investigating Russia’s interference in
the 2016 election right it views its
role as getting to the bottom of what
the Russians did and then explaining
that to the American public that’s why

we’re able to see these reports that of
course stands in contrast to the special
counsels investigation which is focused
on criminal conduct and prosecuting
those who broke the law what do these
new reports add that is actually new
right well first off what they confirm

bottom line is the big picture
conclusions that the US intelligence
community came to which is that Russia
social media manipulation was designed
to sow discord to divide Americans and
hurt Hillary Clinton and ultimately to

help Donald Trump but
they also provide a greater level of
detail than we previously had they show
that the IRA built up fake personas
across all sorts of social media
platforms that lent them legitimacy but

what’s really interesting is the
research shows that the Russians
specifically targeted African American
communities at a higher rate than any
other uh and the Russians also pushed
voter suppression narratives to agree

that social media companies themselves
have played done so okay so you say the
West was targeted African American
communities more than any other
community how did they do that
oh wow just how did they do that
well these efforts were focused on

developing an audience even recruiting
assets so people to act in the real
world to say staged rallies now one of
the reports says that a main message
that was pushed to African American

voters was that it was best to sit out
the election to boycott the election
that the press turn out right and then
one example of a fake persona that was
created by the IRA that got a lot of

it’s an Instagram account set up with
the username of that black stag Ram
and it had more than 300,000 followers
one of the things that these reports
made clear is that the Russians
leveraged every major social media

platform Instagram had largely stayed
under the radar that’s no longer the
case these reports say that Instagram
was actually a huge part of those
efforts online for example when the

report says that fake Russian content on
Facebook received seventy six point five
million engagements on Instagram fake
Russian content earned more than two
times as many engagements Wow okay just
this is almost done this clip but stop

there you’re talking apples and oranges
when you’re talking engagement I’d look
just the other day at my Twitter
statistics for a tweet I sent out and I
saw you know one person had created

three engagements though so how do you
do that well you look you saw it first
then you liked it that’s the second one
if you retweeted it that’s the third so
one user can create three engagements on
Instagram the reason why it’s really

apples to oranges is while you cannot
retweet just scrolling by will count as
a view and the the process of engaging
on Instagram is just going to Timeline

double tapping on the picture you don’t
even have to look at the car
mint or anything and this is people do
this incessantly does it double tap
DoubleTap double tap done so that to get
huge engagement doesn’t necessarily mean

it’s it’s it was different from Facebook
that and researchers say importantly
looking ahead that the Russians have
shifted a lot of their activity to
Instagram since the election which is an
important point the Russians are still

using social media to try to influence
Americans friends
absolutely no and it’s a really
important point to make that Russians
continue to use fake accounts on these
platforms for nefarious purposes gotta
stop with a logical every once in a

while you got to be logically
if all that’s true and the Russians can
do this and they’re doing it as we speak
how come they haven’t done it to stop
this stupid investigation but they’re

trying really hard no powerful they got
us the budget if they can change the
election but they apparently cannot stop
this investigation hey ixnay on the
object ley okay so let’s take a look at

this company new knowledge for just a
brief second we’ll come back to him
they’re in Austin startup they started
at the capital factory I know the
capital factory well and no Jason over

there it’s a kind of like an incubator
where their business model is selling
yes thank you Bader or one of those just
rent your office here as I was saying
it’s an it’s an Inc like all incubators

they have you know what do you call them
their mentors and they rent you a desk
of course it’s exactly what it is that’s
what an incubator isn’t they take stock
in in exchange for that but also there’s

some other interesting investors we have
the here it is the gvv which is a
Chinese based investor

and then we also have the c-lux capital
which was set up in 2011 by former CIA

director under bill clinton james
Woolsey and they’re also a partner in
this company now if you look at this
company’s homepage new knowledge comm
what they do is the following – hold on

a second you tell me the Chinese and
ex-cia guys are promoting a kind of a
narrative we’ll use that word just
slightly more or less

I’d say smear Trump because he didn’t
win the election logically or
legitimately well let’s take one though
the CIA’s been out to get Trump since

day one and there’s no coincidence here
let’s take it a little further
both cofounders of the company worked in
the State Department in cyber
initiatives under Hillary Clinton they
are a member of the Alliance for

securing democracy which is counseled by
Mike Chertoff Bill Kristol Mike Morell
John Podesta Mike Rogers I mean this is

it’s yeah it’s it’s obviously a shill
but what’s interesting is this company
does do a certain kind of business right

there on the home page protecting brands
from social media disinformation attacks
new knowledge is a cyber security
company specializing in information
defense for highly visible brands under
attack by coordinated disinformation

campaigns through machine learning and
AI we detect threats and provide brand
manipulation protection before damage is
done and you know so they have big
clients and one of their clients is that

is the Advisory Council or the S are the
Alliance for securing democracies that’s
one of their clients this is who they
work for so it’s obvious that they are
as you already said just by using the

word trope kind of shows their their
left-leaning but if you look at the
entire I’m not gonna read anything from
this report John it’s a marketing report
that you and I would have been proud of
a consultancy and with graphs and then

diagrams and colorful shit spouting off
the page and numbers of the S you want
and their conclusion is indeed that
Russia succeeded with huge just huge

amounts of a social engineering through
accounts they managed not through the
ads but through account they managed to

keep three million black Americans from
coming out to vote which interestingly
is exactly the same amount of people
that came out in addition to the black
vote when Barack Obama ran for president

ran for re-election in 2012 you can see
the graph it goes
and it comes later great do they show
here is what I’d want to know

the graph of the black Americans who
didn’t show up to vote which was the
number they have the black Americans who
did show up to vote when Barack Obama

was running and the black America there
was a zephyr and the black Americans who
didn’t show up in the previous election
with George W Bush no they don’t go back

to well they do they have it they have a
graph and a timeline and it’s kind of
flat and you see it start to move up in
2008 but not really the real the real
upward swing with 2012 accordingly

according to their graph but and
otherwise those time so I would compare
the 2004 election to the 2016 election
and that would be my baseline for saying

it with how the blacks normally yeah
unfortunately I don’t think there works
because they didn’t do it by percentages
but by absolute numbers so yes it was
more than 2004 but that could also be

population I mean but it was more than
2004 it was more than 2000 for Hillary
vote no it was more than yes
then the vote in 2004 then what did this

is making no sense to me at all what
they’re saying is that the vote in 2012
the Hillary vote no the Obama
re-election vote he was up three million

from 2008
and the light sorry
so what exactly in fact NPR in their own
reporting on the same day contradicts

this it’s estimated that millions of
people who voted for Barack Obama in
2012 stayed home during the 2016
presidential election and many of those
non voters were black for this political

season one big question is whether
African Americans still feel like they
have a home in the Democratic Party a
party that year after year depends on
their votes and P our political
correspondent Ozma holla’d reports from

Cleveland for many black voters I talked
to say they have been loyal Democrats
for years and yet hardly anything has
changed in their communities if a Oh
Luke later is a 23 year old working with

the Ohio young black Democrats
he says his party has taken black votes
for granted and that’s something that
needs to change clearly because black
Millennials will just stay at home it’s
not 1980 where people are still like

kind of fresh like our parents just got
the right to vote played or feels like
Democrats are too focused on courting
middle class white voters focusing on
waspy middle class issues is not going

to win in 2018 or 2020 but his friend
and fellow Democrat Gabrielle Jackson
insists the situation is improving in
2016 she says some candidates simply

refuse to engage with black voters this
year is different we’ve had almost every
gubernatorial candidate we’ll have them
all by May by the primary come and talk
to us about our issues and things that

affect them and Jackson says if
politicians don’t they shouldn’t expect
votes these people are recognizing that
in order to win you cannot ignore us so
maybe it wasn’t the Russians but maybe

it was I don’t know NPR seems a bit
contradictory there and they’re
reporting now this year so here’s the
line I liked
1980 when our parents were first allowed

to vote yeah I know hey man don’t you
know that that was the first year that
they were allowed to vote when I parents
are first allowed to vote yeah okay well

that’s an interesting well I sense a
sense of history well I think what would
what he means there is if you look at
the when were they when were they
allowed to vote

they were allowed to vote after that
what that amendment was passed which we
have citizens yes but I think that I
think he’s referring to the Civil Rights
Act for some reason Civil Rights Act

what was this a fourth
yeah well that’s not 1980 no but but if
you if you were born and night Reagan
got elected if you were born in 1960
then you would be able to vote in the

1980 election isn’t that the point that
he’s making even though it’s wrong were
born in the 1960s is what you said that
I think look I’m just trying to decipher

this as well I think what the guy said
meant is they were born right before the
Civil Rights Act and they could actually
vote in the 80s you could vote before
the Civil Rights Act of course you could

I’m just I don’t want to belabor this
because it’s MPR it’s stupid hello it’s
stupid I’m just pointing it out called
out for their lack of history I mean

when you get kids coming home from
school saying they see crap you know
Christopher Columbus was a slaver and
that’s what he’s best known for that
Martin Luther King Freight freed the
slaves my favorite one that I got from

one of my no that’s a good one right out
of grammar school do you have to wonder
what he’s just kids thinking when he
says that I’m thinking he someone told
him this
so this new knowledge company which is

only two years old came out of their
non-profit lobbying organization called
data for democracy and this was set up
when they were all working in the State

Department and luckily I was able to
find one of these co-founders rene der
ésta who co-founded the outfit with
jonathan morgan which is a fun name to
search on and I happened to pick up a

little snippet of an interview that she
did with qirush we sure sure yeah so
data for democracy is a data science
collective there’s about 3,000 members
and it is much bigger than justice

information there’s channels in there
were people looking at vehicular traffic
fatality data where people are looking
at gerrymandering voter registration
it’s just a collective of data

scientists who are interested in using
their skills to make a difference in the
world most of social good projects one
of the channels in there is related to
disinformation and misinformation when
we started realizing the extent to which

this was a problem I began doing some
advising in Congress and as you know at
the time I was actually working at a
supply chain logistics company that I
had helped found I got to be a little
bit difficult explaining why I worked in

supply chain logistics but also this was
like my my passion project so we decided
that we would spin up a policy team at
data for democracy whereby we could do a
little bit of lobbying as independent

tech independent techies basically the
new knowledge is a company that builds
detection and mitigation technologies
specifically for manipulated narratives

so there is social listening where
brands will get alerted to social you
know they have five hundred mentions of
coca-cola for example what new knowledge

does is we ascertain whether or not
those mentions are organic or if they’re
kind of coordinated campaign to write
impact the reputation of the end and I
been right around the same time I met

Jonathan Morgan who’s the founder of new
knowledge and we met because we were
asked to do some analysis of extreme
and lost the plot

now she’s data for dick no no no no I’ll
tell you know exactly the opposite they
started data for democracy when they
were working for Hillary Clinton in the

State Department and then as
disinformation started to crop up they
saw an opportunity for business so they
say I don’t know if the CIA investment
or the Chertoff group or those guys had

anything to do with that decision but
then they started new knowledge new
knowledge and we met because we were
asked to do some analysis of extremist
content on social media specifically

Isis now Jonathan was one of the authors
of the ISIS Twitter’s they were by
Congress they did she doesn’t say who in
conferences where they really went in
there and the same kind of work that

Gilad zoton and I had done on mapping
the anti-vaccination in the way that
they were using kind of affinity
marketing and co-opting hashtags and
trying to grow their numbers trying to
look a lot bigger than they were

jonathan was doing very similar types of
analysis on Isis and on violent
extremism there were a lot of parallels
in how the technology was being used you
know the conspiracy theorists were

relying on these new you know
algorithmic amplification to spread
their message and Isis was building a
virtual Caliphate by which both things

at the time were largely being run
completely undisturbed because nobody
could convince the social platforms that
right this was worth they’re using them
exactly the way they were built in fact
the week before the election Jonathan

Morgan was tweeting and writing up media
and all this is in the show notes
writing up medium pages and pages not
about Russia no alt-right alt-right KKK
that’s who are there all over the even

though Trump’s gonna lose watch out all
brightness has captured they’ve
dominated Facebook by not a word about
the Russians
and so then they obviously were tasked
just recently to create this new

narrative which you could do with data
for anything you want it’s it’s really a
big piece of fluff but what happened
this morning and this is why I think
it’s interesting big bombshell news in
the New York Times secret experiment in

Alabama Senate race imitated Russian
tactics I shall read you a few
paragraphs as Russia’s online election
masa nations came to light last year a

group of Democratic tech experts decided
to try out similarly deceptive tactics
in the fiercely contested Alabama Senate
race according to people familiar with
the efforts and a report on its results

the secret project carried out on
Facebook and Twitter was likely to have
small to small to have significant
effect on the race in which the
Democratic candidate was designed to
help doug jones edged out the republican

Roy Moore but it was a sign that
American political operatives of both
parties have paid close attention to the
Russian methods which some fear may come
to taint elections in the United States
one participant in the Alabama project

jonathan morgan is the chief executive
of new knowledge a small cybersecurity
firm that wrote a scathing account of
russia’s social media operations in the
2016 election these guys use their own

tactics that are the tactics that they
accused the russians of – only slightly
just slightly too small really to do

anything to slightly alter the results
of the alabama senate race
so to push it towards Stacey
no the other got Jones but why okay so

what you’re saying that he bow yes but
how does it make any sense
we’ve already determined that these
people are lefties they went to social

good they got all the right phrases they
want to write buzzwords so why would
they why would these same people go into
Alabama to screw the lefty no that’s no
running no that’s the white guy you

completely misunderstood it okay they
right that’s why I asked the original
question it was designed to help Doug
I thought he’s the Republic and more is

the Republican oh I’m thinking of Stacy
I think into the other race this is what
what state is this Alabama worse than
what was Stacy dead who cares who cares
don’t get don’t get lost on that I do

want to know why kids I don’t want to
lose track of than of the plot here the
Stacy the the one woman who ran for
something in one of these states I
forgot already was the real lefty that
should have been helped if they’re gonna

help anybody
she almost won
I don’t know what that I don’t know how
that contributes to the story the point
but I would have contributed the stories
why would you help because I was mixed

oh you presented the story it sounded as
though they were helping the room no I
read it verbatim from the New York Times
the secret project carried out on
Facebook and Twitter was likely too

small to have a significant effect on
the race in which Democratic candidate
was designed to help who Doug Jones who
edged out the Republican Roy SPS more
okay Roy and Lauren yes so but they
await your this is this is not the most

recent election there’s no more thing
yes yes yes yes a special alas now
you’re with me okay so this color that
guy you know okay well that that guy

more was the loser I mean this company
that’s that’s beside the point
yeah this company that is now being

touted as the cyber security experts
firm that can prove that the Russians
may Trump win by suppressing black
Americans millions of them did this

exact same thing to a small degree yeah
in the special election these guys are
they may have done the Russian stuff for
all I know but that’s what’s being

touted as the proof the proof that this
took place okay well if they did that in
that more election that means they did
it in these other elections thank you
very much it’s possible that they’re the

ones responsible for the woman in
Arizona long time they’ll vote any
Republican in his US Senator somehow
this the Democrat won and bado came
pretty close to winning in a really

staunch Republican state so these guys
are using this technology that they’ve
discovered yes they think they have to
to slant the elections these guys should

be jailed and remember they’re in Austin
Texas the whole bado thing was knows of
Texas event obviously and it didn’t work
so maybe you still need your traditional

ways of marketing and mind control which
of course they almost worked it almost
worked but yeah I would say that is a
possibility these guys did that they

certainly know how to do it needs to get
underway if there’s anything in Arizona
the Arizona thing is always concerned me
it really makes no sense to me that this
that is two women one’s the Republican

wants a Democrat they’re Democrats or
the Republicans always win that state it
was John McCain’s seat
and it goes to this Democrat for some
reason okay

well hold on a second so now you’re
going to tell me that these kind of
tactics actually work
I’m going to yeah cuz I agree I think
they do I think the Internet is a

massive mind controlling machine and if
you if you have some of the elements
right I think you can do you can do a
lot particularly if you can meld
mainstream media into the into the loop

I think absolutely it’s always been in
the loop well there’s no loop without
them is that the social networks need
the mainstream and mainstream needs to
social networks it’s a continuous loop

that they know I would say that all
these contested elections all need to be
done over again no but how do you stop
that what they did you don’t but it’s

it’s the same I mean it’s the same thing
and it happens everywhere newspapers are
you know subjective television
advertising political advertising it’s
what we do we mind-control people in

America here take this pill you’ll live
come on this is art this is art foam
finger number one
and now we do it on Facebook and that’s
okay I’m totally bought yeah yeah and

I’m sure Instagram really did it yeah
I’m sure yeah
this report is something that every
marketer should take a look at because
it’s it’s showing you how you can take

data just any old data really and
convince your client you did a good job
and giving them the answer they wanted
to hear with a lot of pretty colors
fresh with I could tell that most and

they have a lot of examples of these
memes that were created they’re so
stupid I mean I did not see a single
meme there that look like it would do
anything but somehow the black stir gram

Instagram account with 300,000 followers
translated to 3 million black Americans
staying home then that’s why hillary

lost its well there’s yeah I’m gonna go
visit this company I want to meet him
right up the street yeah hey when I get
a job not any more money you’re making

on the show thank you guys make me
president that would be fun but this of
course has to take a lot of these the
thing that I think the point is is that

the judge Roy Moore thing there’s a good
example which is I was confused and I’m
sorry that’s all right
it was a is that a lot of these
elections at this point because we won’t

we both know and everybody listens the
show knows the Democrat Republican
parties are pretty much the same and
it’s just a matter of the way they slant
things yeah and so the elections are
closed these are not elections fun just

by the same funded by the same people
yeah they’re closed and they’re
generally speaking one guy will win or
lose by a to one or two percent of the
vote and so it doesn’t really take much
to tweak it a little bit to get the

other guy to win uh and that’s where I
think the danger is but both parties
have access to the same way of doing

things for a long time that the
Republicans always say oh the Democrats
are so far ahead of us when it comes to
using data to so far ahead of us when it
comes to producing documentaries which

means that Michael Moore one man so for
those very successful well of well
watched documentaries and so they you
know so now everyone’s doing

documentaries and their get their
computer together but before that during
the Reagan administration when Richard I
think it’s Richard vigor II was a very
famous direct marketing guy and who’s
wrote in a written a number of books on

the topic everyone pointed to him say
we’re never gonna win because we don’t
have the technology we don’t know what
we’re doing when it comes to direct
market right it’s just the same you know
it’s like a bit say what we’ve learned

from learned from Brad Pascal who did
the you know from the him was that the
the PBS interview we learned that really
it was just about scale spending a
hundred million dollars yeah spending it

on people who would likely vote for
Trump that was pretty much all they did
so you still need scale
you still need lots of money you need to
repeat it over and over and over again

yeah 300 thousand followers on some
obscure Instagram account is not going
to keep some grandma who doesn’t even
know what Instagram is from voting she’s
not gonna vote because she doesn’t like

the candidate we already don’t vote for
Republicans let’s your stay home yeah we
heard that’s exactly what we heard from
NPR zone reporting on the same day they
were report that buck clearly clearly it
was the Russian troll farm very the

great messaging they’re the best
marketers in the world we should hire
them yeah to promote No Agenda
we should but I find it despicable I

wonder if they can ever sell a car in
this country there’s such a great
marketing people yeah so there’s your
deconstruction of what you’ll be hearing
a lot of in the coming few days that

that’s what happened it’s a fact Russia
did it impeach Trump I
seat you must impeach

well that’s good that was good it was
outstanding I couldn’t give you a clip
of the day nah there’s not enough click
now there’s no clips there’s no I do
have a couple just a few loose things

two loose clips just want to get rid of
the short this is since we’re talking
about collusion with these types of
we always had CrowdStrike in our in our
sites since they are staffed by

Ukrainian Ukrainians who hate Russia and
also have a lot of intelligence
investment behind them this is Sidney
Powell author of license to lie on Comey

and the CrowdStrike collusion sitting I
think it goes back to 2012 Lou what we
really need disclosed is the FISA Court
decision and to know who the private
contractors are that mr. Comey gave

unlimited access to the raw FISA Intel
to I think one of them was fusion GPS
the other might have been CrowdStrike
they were accessing the NSA database
probably for private profit it’s going

to be the scandal of the century we need
to know who those people are
yeah they were accessing the NSA
database for private Ukrainian Ukrainian

it’s too bad John McCain’s dead cuz he’s
the link to all that that guy was the
link with everything if he’s dead
sometimes I wonder quickie here last one
this is are not really quick eaten min

and a half Washington Post Greg Miller I
guess he’s a famous guys neither like
one of their big writers well anywhere
the name Miller is always possibly
famous okay The Times in particular yeah
are they where the Washington Post was

one of the first companies to get a
preview waffleh waffleh waffleh to get a
preview look of the steel dossier
dossier and here’s what he said about it
in the book is Michael Steele the author

of the the infamous dossier and he
secretly went to the Washington Post in
September 2016 when he was trying to get
word out about some of his findings they

met with a couple of reporters there for
two hours I I don’t think you
you were warned about the two of your
colleagues and they elaborated on as
dossier oh and of course what some of

the things that that that are in that
dossier have proven true other elements
haven’t you’ll notice they don’t
actually mention which parts have proven

true but he goes into the ones that have
not been proven at least not yet but
what do you think of the dossier overall
I think that overall like it it’s in its

broadest its most accurate and its
broadest most sweeping assertions and
conclusions it’s the narrower you get in
the more particularly you get the harder

it is to figure out whether it’s on the
mark so you know the very first memo
that he writes it that is now part of
you know this collection of memos that

we call the dossier talks about Russia
is waging a campaign to interfere in the
American election with the goal of
helping to elect Donald Trump I mean
he’s writing that way before any of us
writing it in wait before he started

reaching that conclusion so he’s way
ahead down you know the the thing that
people I think
remember the most vividly about the the
dossier is you know the idea that

there’s a tape somewhere some compromise
of Trump consorting with prostitutes the
ritz-carlton or Moscow I mean could be
having given what we know about Trump
but searching I would be outside the

realm of the possible that this happened
but we’ve seen no evidence we have we
still II and it’s not for lack of trying
I mean there’s other material in the
dossier we we literally spent weeks and
months trying to run down there’s an

assertion in there that Michael Cohen
Trump’s lawyer went to Prague to settle
payments that were needed at the end of
the campaign
we sent reporters through every Hotel in
Prague through all over the place to

random just to try to figure out if he
was ever there
yeah a question I have a question about
that year is that is that really their
job as journalists to send reporters to
every Hotel to basically help the Muller

investigation is that really their job
was it to help the Muller investing is
it but even as journalists I mean of
course Washington Post so they always

think that they are and you know all the
president’s men that this is you know
the the the Watergate scandal so that’s
why they put I mean they put a lot of
resources into this for you know
companies that or an industry that says
they don’t have that they put a lot of

resources into it
and I this made me think isn’t the job
of journalists in the connected world
isn’t it just invalid
let me explain let me explain let me

explain – if you have events right news
is an event an event takes place and
then it really becomes an event based
upon you know how big it is or how
important people think it is for every
event let’s just take a air crash

airplane there’s online there’s hundreds
of people who know exactly what’s going
on that are writing about it
and a journalist these days all I see

them do is troll Twitter to find these
people and then to rewrite their shitty
story which is always wrong because of
page you know constraints and and just

not hearing things right not
understanding because they’re not the
experts the journalists are experts at
nothing I think that used to be a good
thing I think it’s the only thing really
you only need an editor

in an editor and then you can put some
opinion around something journalist I
think it’s an invalid occupation it is
okay if we’re doing it I’m not a

I wasn’t schooled as a journalist you
don’t know that no no I’m a podcaster no
you’re a journalist hot casters are
journalism what you did today with that
initial report is all journalism so just
because you don’t like to call yourself

a journalist because you think it’s an
insulting name because you have a higher
a higher view of yourself podcaster for
example which is a higher it’s higher
than Journal higher than journalism yes
so you’re actually bringing me down no

you bring yourself down
by doing good journalism damn it
boiled again
you’re doing what they should be doing

these guys I mean the whole show that we
do is what other people should be doing
nobody’s doing it they don’t care – they
got a hidden agenda not so hidden secret
secret oh man anyway that’ll take you

through Monday I’m sure they’re still be
whining and crying about it because of
Russians please please pretty much

brexit like do you have any updates I
got some a few things up there friendly
all caving into the idea of having

another I want to play the Farraj cliff
I was gonna play some clips from the
leave me a sleeve conference yes I did
watch that thanks for sending the link
yeah I thought it was very educational
yeah and here’s Faraj at the very end

giving his he’s not the last speaker but
he’s which I think called him a little
bit but he has he brings up the thing
that we’ve been bringing up since day

one two years ago about right rescinding
it is they know that is impossible for
this country to accept they have managed
in the past to engineer second

referendums in Denmark they’ve done it
twice in Ireland and my message folks
tonight as much as I don’t want a second
referendum it will be wrong of us here

on a leave means lead platform not to
get ready not to prepare for the
worst-case scenario you know we must not

we must not fail in our preparation we
really must not do that because I fear
they’ll do this to us if I’m wrong

we’ve lost nothing but this organization
which I joined a few months ago and
which has held these events up and down
the country we’ve now got to move into a
different gear we’ve now got to start

forming branches and active groups all
over this country we’ve got to be out
too little too late maybe Ferrari AC
gave it I have a quickie Intermezzo this

is a conservative politician Andrea
leads him with a the truth always wants
to come out moment we love these on the
No Agenda show you can’t stop the truth

from slipping out of your piehole there
is a deal on the table but Parliament
doesn’t support it raising the risk
some argue of leaving without an
agreement preparing for eventualities

we’re certainly not intending to have no
deal brexit but Parliament does need to
vote for a deal otherwise the legal
default position is we will ahead for no
brexit No Deal in March 2019 no break No

Deal interesting no brexit whoops yes
yeah there’s a you got moron I got a

couple more I think that my thrush thing
is the only thing I’m looking up and
down this list that I have about the
brexit I think that’s it you’ve got

Brett you breakfast against all yours
okay I’ve got well you know what what is
being touted as this is what it’s all
about which I don’t believe for a second
is the Northern Ireland Ireland

situation with the border and briefly
Ireland is staying in the European Union
so even though that’s completely
separated from the mainland that is seen
as a a border a EU border with the UK as

Northern Ireland is with the UK now this
has not been an enforced border or any
kind of barricades for 30 years it was a
right mess back in the 70s and 80s and I

remember living in Europe man with IRA
blowing shit up everywhere visiting
London and they blew up a bunch of
things around us and they David we

wanted to go to take the kids to the big
toy store Henley’s whatever it’s called
and that blew it up where they blew up
to something in front of it yeah so it’s
you know they’ve had a lot of and
they’ve settled that and I think it’s

been very calm and you know there is no
in fact I have a report from euronews
and the reporters were on the scene
about the fears of the return of a
border post brexit the Irish border more

open than almost any in the world with
more roads crossing it than between the
u.s. and Canada or Russia and Eastern
Europe the border runs right down the

middle of this river and here in the
tongue it’s invisible I’m crossing now
from Ireland into the UK easy and that’s
the way people here want it to stay

today a radios across the border maybe
five times you’ve been across five times
today yeah and that’s perfectly normal
perfectly normal for anybody here so
road closures be a disaster after breaks

it this will be Britain’s only land
border with the European Union there are
real fears here that of Britain crashes
out of the EU without a deal a so-called

hard border will be imposed customs
officials police soldiers or two
countries yes it was militarized yes and
it was a pain in the neck absolutely

absolutely and that’s all gone reviving
a guarded border wouldn’t be easy this
church is in the UK it’s graveyard is in
Ireland the old border posts are

but hardline British brexit ears would
put them back so Britain could be free
forever of EU ties and that prospect
stirs fears here of violence you put up

physical infrastructure that people can
protest at or god forbid somebody can
attack the genie gets out of the bottle
very quick the genie of violence yes

possibly yes it might no it’ll never be
we hope it never happened it’ll never be
on the scale but you would see sporadic
attacks absolutely yeah I don’t think
you have to worry about it because the

liberal world order of the new world
order the global order the globalists
they do not want this to happen and
they’re going to do everything they can
and in fact nothing can take place no
vote no parliamentary vote nothing can

happen before January 19th because the
propaganda needs to drop on January 19th
and this propaganda is produced by HBO
and it is called brexit Benedict

Cumberbatch is the star so it’s they
pulled out all the stops for this it
took a little piece from the trailer
they have not to ask the biggest
question in a generation in out and we

need a leader
how to change the course of history we
have to hook the political system

package I’m talking about ordering the
matrix of politics the social media
platforms are designed to find
like-minded people our software will
locate things target people that know
campaign is ever targeted before people

who don’t and have never voted three
million extra voters have no idea exists
this is resurgence against the

establishment way to build something
that will restock the odds in our favor
what are your expectations realistically
to create the biggest big loss since the
fall of the Berlin Wall very large

let’s take control so it seems like
they’re going to show us very similar to
the three million blacks in America that

data and Cambridge analytic and Steve
Bannon and the Russians been said that
they manipulated everything so three
million people were found who never

voted who hated everything and wanted to
Briggs it
it’s really just quite astounding who
got paid money to do this this is HBO so

the time warner owen owns HBO do they
not sigh think this to own HBO I think
they still do yeah yes Hollywood
Hollywood Hollywood you get with elites

they don’t want any of this stuff going
on they’re not working for the public
anymore you looking for the elitist but
also this is played by Sherlock Holmes
this is the fun of the magic yeah
Cumberbatch you’re starring in this

Oh cover bash what you should be
boycotted ah yes Wow yeah yeah the
propaganda is real

funny quick funny quote just the eight
seconder from Parliament I think someone
was talking about a parliamentary
ejection but it came out wrong and

here’s what the prime minister said the
parliamentary ejaculation but we know it

we know that the lowbrow stuff works
this is what you have to do that’s all
people will remember from this expose so
yeah I told you I’ve been having fun

with the news this is the interesting
stuff going you got something surely no
I got nothing I get mostly small stuff
let’s talk about a couple of things that
are important besides brexit just get to

something and now for something
important something important to us I
think we got brexit covered yeah of

course we’ve always had brexit cover we
knew it was going off in the get it’s
not fair we as you pointed out a couple
weeks ago it’s we don’t play with a you
know the same deck of cards as everybody

else we’re from the future so we know
what’s gonna happen so this was a
democracy now has to say about Flynn ah
Flynn in Washington DC a federal judge

has delayed sentencing for Michael Flynn
president Trump’s former national
security adviser after expressing
disgust that Flynn lied to federal
investigators Flynn’s acknowledged he

lied about his meeting with Russia’s
ambassador during the 2016 presidential
campaign admitted he worked as an under
edges for an agent for turkeys
government in an extraordinary to our
hearing US District Judge Emmett

Sullivan Tuesday blasted Flynn for his
conduct pointing to an American flag
inside the courtroom as he said arguably
you sold your country out judge Sullivan
offered to hold off on sentencing Flynn

if he agreed to continue to aid
dural prosecutors with special counsel
Robert Miller’s probe and other criminal
Faline agreed to the deal delaying any
sentencing until at least March the

court sees Flint’s passport and ordered
him to remain within 50 miles of
Washington DC at the White House press
secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders
deflected questions about Flynn’s court
appearance saying only that the White

House is concerned that Flynn lied to
the FBI I have some thoughts on this
what I have some thoughts on this yeah
well the couple I had given a few
initial thoughts I first of all when

this guy this judge who’s apparently was
like shopped because he hates a trump
well we don’t know that yeah he’s there

he’s the he’d he’d did some other
rulings against trustee back up
according to the right-wingers he was
shocked by Flynn’s people and the Flynn
lawyers who thought he might be a minha

boat because he was a reagan appointee
got shot believe he may have been a bush
but I think was Reagan he’s old and so
they found this guy and then immediately
he goes into the timeline of the FBI and

how they indicted Flynn showing that you
know he’d lied that they didn’t file a
report for weeks and it was really very
poorly done FBI work but Flynn you know
rolled over because it would they

supposedly threatened his family with
you know we’re gonna prosecute your kid
if you don’t drive all over okay so he
did that and so it looked like the judge
according to the right-wingers was gonna

you know to kick this whole thing out
and maybe indict Flynn and I have indict
Mueller he’s gonna end up in Jim Euler
is gonna end up in jail yeah sure so I’m
listening all this and then all of a

sudden this turns around the other way
where they guys not even concentrating
on the line to the FBI but other stuff
that he thinks the FBI should have
indicted him for yeah and now it’s
Flynn’s in a heap of trouble well so the

show has a little bit he’s involved with
this a little bit I think
hey you recall that just around the time
Trump was elected through our military
intelligence channels we got a request

about Mark Hall’s movie which is killing
ed about the Gulen movement and
financing of the harmony schools and all

of the would he call them via charter
charters yet charter schools and and all
this infiltration and of course it was
Petula Gulen is the CIA protected

Turkish cleric who’s been hiding out in
the Poconos and Flynn wanted to see this
movie and so I connected everybody with
not connected everybody and so they saw
this movie and we both saw it too yeah

that’s a great movie it’s something that
it’s not just about it’s not about
flaming turkey is it very who them but
yeah you have to see this movie called
killing ed

and but this the evening before this
saflan sentencing to associates of Flynn
were indicted on conspiracy charges
related to four Tula Gulen and this may
also have to do with the failed coup and

it’s possible that Flynn was also
involved in that here is a a quick
little back and forth at the Doha forum
this is the turkey Foreign Minister and

listen closely to what he I may have to
stop and tell you what he says another
question that’s been revolving around
these conversations has been the fate of
Fotolia Gulen and what will happen to

him next
has there been progress made by your
government in discussions to have him
extradited back to Turkey well everybody
was focusing on this pastor Branson who

is also a CIA agent
I’m also very straightforward person
like our Dogon
I like this what we were talking about
he said that did the pastor pastor Brown
everyone was focused on he’s a CIA agent

let’s just be honest about it yeah
that’s the guy that they would they were
holding and then we did a bunch of deals
to get him released
Trump was all and forget him released oh
yeah who is also a CIA agent

I’m most a very straightforward person
like a dog on but it was a minor issue
in our relations we have more serious
problems we had one of them is the u.s.

supposed to YPG PKK in Syria which are
posing threat to our national security
and the second serious problem is the
perpetrator of the attempted coup the

leader of this terrorist organization
are still in the United States but
recently I have seen the credible
investigation of the FBI in several
states and they have actually seen or

noticed the darkness of this
organization and how they have been
violating the u.s. laws including tax
fraud visa fraud and also some other

illegal activities and how professional
they are this is what FBI is telling us
so what our expectation is also be very
clear we have

the bilateral agreements and
international law is there and the this
guy and the other others belong to this
organization 84 names that we have
requested United States to extradite

they should be extradited to Turkey
do you believe you’re closer to having
that happen president Trump told
everyone that they have been working on
that so here’s that here’s the data
points we have so Flynn is just the tip

of the iceberg these Associates of him
were ex associates who were indicted the
evening before his sentencing which I
believe delayed his sentencing comes at
the same time

Trump announces were pulling out of
Syria of course the YPG is you just
heard this is a big problem for Turkey
they hate the Kurds they want to go down
there and they want to you know get rid
of them they want to run Syria or
whoever now I don’t even know who’s who

and who’s friends with who add to that
would that we just requested to sell a
Patriot missile system to Turkey I
believe that Trump has done some kind of
deal or he’s in the middle I know if

it’s his deal he’s in the middle of some
kind of deal so that he’s deal and
Turkey is really it the way they wanted
because they want to be the center of
the universe the way they were when it
was Constantinople and the Ottoman

Empire and this is all related khashoggi
is related Flynn and the Glenn
extradition is related there’s some deal
and really I think that we’re just

pulling I think Trump is pulling us out
of everything let him have it
well let’s listen to that clip then this
is all American troops at a Syria part
one all American troops in Syria are

leaving the president tweeted we have
defeated Isis in Syria my only reason
for being there during the Trump
presidency the first Americans arrived
in October of 2015 they have since

helped push Isis into a few isolated
areas about 2,000 American troops are
there now but today’s announcement still
stunned some top Republicans who believe
more work needs to be done David Martin

begins our coverage the president
claimed Isis in Syria is defeated so our
boys are young women our men
they’re all coming back and they’re

coming back now
we won and it is true the territory Isis
once held the so-called Caliphate has
been reduced to just a few pockets but
the fighting remains fierce last week

the US and its allies launched more than
200 air and artillery strikes many of
them called in by American special
operations forces working with local
fighters on the ground the president’s

decision was denounced by members of his
own party I doubt there’s anybody in
there Republican caucus in the Senate
that just hasn’t stunned by this
precipitous decision that just like you

woke up in the morning and made it
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called
for hearings to determine whether the
pullout is based on military advice or
in spite of it the abrupt withdrawal

runs counter to US strategy has
explained little more than a week ago by
a senior State Department official I
think it’s fair to say Americans will
remain on the ground after the physical

defeat of the caliphate until we have
the pieces in place to ensure that that
defeat is enduring Joint Chiefs chairman
General Joseph Dunford recently
explained what that would take we
estimate for example about 35 to 40,000
local forces have to be trained and

equipped in order to provide stability
we’re probably somewhere along the line
of 20% through the training of those
forces for Dunford that meant US troops
wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon but the

president’s mind appears to have been
made up since March we’re going to be
coming out of there real soon gonna get
back to our country where we belong so
after four years and the loss of four

American servicemen senior military
leaders are scrambling to get all US
troops out of Syria in 30 days or as
soon after as possible they’re also

wondering what comes next since the
president Trump has said his instincts
tell him to pull out of Afghanistan as
Jeff David Martin at the Pentagon forced
David thank you so that’s the kind of

the basic written that don’t forget see
by CBS is the mouthpiece of the CIA for
all practical purposes yep so we’re
getting good information so that’s
listen to what Holly Williams the the

foreign correspondent who’s floating
around she’s always an Istanbul
reporting from every place Alice but
here she is and this has got a little
kicker on it that was kind of

interesting okay Holly Williams has
reported extensively on Syria having
visited the country ten times now Holly
joins us from Istanbul tonight Holly
first of all what does this mean for the
fight against Isis well Jeff a local

official from the region in Syria where
the US has its bases warned us tonight
that the American withdrawal could give
Isis an opportunity to regroup and come
back now America’s partners on the

ground are the Syrian democratic forces
or SDF and they now control around a
quarter of Syria and we have witnessed
the SDF beat Isis back to a few holdouts
in the desert and bring relative

stability to the areas that they control
and that will be more difficult once
those American troops have gone home and
so then what about other potential
consequences for the region well the

American withdrawal could also open the
door to Turkey which has threatened to
launch a military operation in SDF
territory more fighting could bring more
instability to the region also the

American withdrawal could force the SDF
to embrace the Syrian regime as well as
its backers Iran and Russia simply to
ensure their own survival finally the

American withdrawal could send a message
to other groups both here in the Middle
East and elsewhere that the u.s. cannot
be counted on to stand by its partners
it’s Jeff

The Hollies so great to get your
perspective tonight thank you okay hold
on a second
she has her conclusion at the end is
that this is some sort of indication
that the United States will not stand by

its partners so I’m asking in this
situation in Syria who are its partners
well the odds of a bunch of ragtag FTF
FDS guys are bright they’re not like a

nation-state they’re a bunch of guys
that we probably created so who was
whose partners well house is sending a
bad message about us not standing by our
partner interestingly we only have one

partner in the region and that is NATO
member Turkey yeah that’s our actual
partner yeah well the turkeys not in
NATO yet you know yes they’re not and
they’re not in the interview room you

know member that we have to yeah so
we’re standing by our partners if we cut
it loose and let them take over it’s
just so interesting that we have this
incredible so the reason why I know
there’s something going on is when you
get Lindsey Graham you know this still

John McCain holdover and others saying
this is crazy we got to stay in we got
to stay in Syria which you know the
Congress did this is still under the
2001 state of emergency laws that the

president this is bullshit
we shouldn’t be there we shouldn’t be in
Afghanistan one of our producers sent a
a recommendation for an author I forget
the name of in this book I’ll put it in

the show notes need to be in Afghanistan
but the well he says that this author’s
concerned in poppies well then his
concept is that perhaps because shale
oil production has reaches its

break-even point that the u.s. really
does not need oil from anywhere we’re
going to become the biggest oil producer
that the idea is Trump is possibly
letting it all go

let everyone argue it out and fight each
other and kill each other in the middle
east and will be completely isolated
from that could be it’s a simple enough
strategy that he would come up with it
not a bad strategy except for the

poppies that’s an issue I mean you got
it you got these are the poppies I
brought they released those four
superstar creeps from Gitmo yeah who we
initially assumed they were released for

a reason and everything s is supposed to
takeover the poppy business but I mean
that was our thesis yeah but have they
done it I don’t know I didn’t never
heard anything about it but do we need

to still be there guarding the poppy
fields or can they just run this thing
without us well seeing his Trump is
probably not he’s in a lot of business
my don’t think he’s in the in the
narcotics business he doesn’t have a
kick I don’t think he’s been read in on

what we’re up to over there he doesn’t
have a kick back off of that deal so you
know maybe the people who are protesting
all these things have some some other
agendas that we run we’re alone on yeah
well Z money so keep your eye on Turkey

we’ve always said it I’m sure mark hall
uh I have a call scheduled with him
we’re gonna talk soon because he’s he
knows everything about this stuff he’s
so deep in this Gulen stuff but we’ll

see if we can figure out what’s
happening with the potentially Gulas
gonna die of old age yeah but it bad no
it still would be very fun to to have
the extradition take place and see what

see the plan unfold and with
unfolding you’re not gonna do that I’d
like to thank you for your courage and
say in the morning to you was a man who
put the C in digital Caliphate Jhansi

Dvorak well in the morning to you mr.
Adam Curry and all the ships at scene
boots on the ground feeding the air subs
in the water and all the Dames tonight’s

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the title of that was ya know and she
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you know consists of a stick on third
eye googly eye glasses and a terrorist

beard and she put them on on a woman
because there were a couple of people
came up with his idea but she just had
the funniest one for some reason with I
will should maybe remark on the

runner-up or the one that yes the worst
was going up against which was Darrin
O’Neal beautiful which makes it looks
like but I was I think we because it was
if that would be something we could use

as an evergreen when we don’t have
something appropriate wasn’t that I
don’t think that one was that evergreen
it was still pretty specific to this
show but the point was it was O’Neal
falling back on his old formula we’ve

seen it before too many times with a
little splash thing with a little plug
as a product for sale it it’s not it
wasn’t uniquely different

okay now I’m talking about the Mike
Riley won the ya know agenda which was
just a beautiful piece that’s a
different yeah now only 33 33 yeah but
it was also it was good it’s good a one

that was that wasn’t the problem if the
problem was it was Zuckerberg yeah
that’s you know it was Zuckerberg in
we’re harsh man people put their all
their love into this and we just break

them down
well they need
what we think so they site this out the
whole thing is the artist that’s not all
artists do is they try to psych out the
art editor go for this because he likes

green I understand a little bit so they
can psych us out now the other that one

you liked a lot which was the big just
kind of a flamboyant piece I liked it
too is very pretty but it could be used
for a lot of things that Mike Reilly
piece yes it was very pretty anyway no
agenda our generator calm we appreciate

the work that all of our artists do and
you can go look at all of that work
again no agenda our generator calm and
you should remember just should remember
a cheap laughs usually what always wins

no not usually
we’ve had situations where there’s a
beautiful piece of art that’s so well
done that the cheap laughs will lose to

I remember this happening a couple of
okay anyway that’s all the inside dope
we’re gonna give these guys let us thank
some of our executive and associate

executive producers who have supported
your starting to the year I’m really
appreciating this personally
I’m sure Adam is too so Sir Francis of
SRQ is at the top of the list from

Arcadia Florida with $1,000 is an insta
oh this is yes he’s the one who comes in
every twice a year please accept my
biannual donation for 2018 in amount of

1008 it as follows
always funny when you start that way
yeah hey 7655 will bring me to Earle

status and 120 3.45 is your Christmas
bonus it has been a great year of
deconstruction and as always I
appreciate the effort and dedication
that you two put into the show each week

more importantly I cannot thank you
enough for the many laughs you have
provided me on a daily commute while
also providing me with the invaluable
information on so many topics I wish you

both a wonderful Christmas are very
happy new year please play the best of
sharpton for us and let’s be sure to
have some cookies and vodka at the round
table for Santa today yes I’ve already
added them to the to the feast one final

request I would love to hear a segment
at some point on the various ways that
one can listen to the show I ask because
I tried a few apps in the beginning and
then settle on YouTube premium which

allows me to listen while running other
apps at all or running other apps
running other apps oh sorry
running other apps and it also saves my
location to this in the stream each time

this is a new feature of YouTube the YT
channel is called April not sure who
that he is but I wanted to say thanks to
that person or bot for posting the shows
now adios mofo Sir Francis of SRQ is

Earl of Southwest Florida well here’s a
question John the upgrade list so is
yeah I believe so so
why are we on YouTube premium are they

charging you to listen to us is that the
idea I presume premium means that
have no idea what YouTube premium I
think YouTube here’s the TV stuff isn’t
it the streaming yes but that teacher he

says it right there he’s list thanks to
YouTube premium he settled on YouTube
premium right YouTube he listens he
settle in YouTube premium which allows
me to listen while running other apps

thus he listens to the show on YouTube
okay an April post yes what April’s the
one posted right but I don’t omit okay

YouTube is charging money to listen to
us I guess I don’t know what’s going
I guess hmm yeah well you know what
listen to it any way you want we have
the loaf I know agenda which I think we

have obvious what he wants to know he
wants to know all the outlets and all
the different ways you can listen to the
show god I don’t know some of them are
Amish do a paper a giblet and charge for
it we’re gonna charge you to tell you

how you can listen that’s it Groundhog
Day too
we are watching that was upturned
General Eric Holder a biddies about some

Republicans called are already beating
the drums of war today the Pentagon
refuted that claim and he said the

American people do not want him to quote
twiddling he did not want him dribbling
his thoughts you can get a gig as a
venous fluids and pills coated or with

Colet genetic we don’t leave our women
or women women or men in uniform behind
it’s a monument to the Eucharist of Dick

Cheney representative role our Labrador
years of a brute of abuse I personally
apologized to mr. peepers just as soon
to be former Congress with Democrats are

outright giddy the CIA’s counter and
counter tourism counterterrorism
secretary Shenzhen skinny why do always
most of the name Shinseki I love my

you’ve got karma can’t resist playing at
that it’s just too good does he say
Groundhog Day I think so yeah so I was

thinking about that was doing to stop
the flow here but I’ve been meaning to
discuss this why he says Gitty
well he means to say giddy he’s means to

say giddy but he probably thinks it’s
pronounced like jiff yes yes
well reads it off the prompter
interestingly I’ve been around people
and I’ll say I’m

they got all jiggy with it people like
you know it’s pronouncing Kitty yes
only Sharpton could make that mistake
yeah you can’t go do insane stuff like

that but I’d say it now now it sticks
and getting all shitty they’re getting
GT getting GT and if they say so man
that’s not the way pronounce it so you
probably say gift too huh
it’s pronounced jiff according to the

guy who invented it’s pronounced GT
according to the guy who invented the
word al-shara he’s invented by all sharp
in the Cypress I’m Chitti over Jean make

off parts unknown five hundred dollars
this should be tagged to my good friend
Jeffrey Marcy which clears a small debt

to him so we’ll be crediting Jeffrey
okay um I’m also told it completes his
long quest for no agenda knighthoods on
from the knighting list talk about a

friend yeah no kidding well Jeffrey now
lives in the Bay Area and thanks again
for the e1 trader karma from the prior
donation which allowed him to have a
global cooling trend in Canada left left

the gold global cooling trend in Canada
behind he’s not to be confused with the
only other Jeffrey Marcy the shame
professor of astronomy at Berkeley once
once knighted he wants to be referred to

as Sir Geoffrey B Marcy yes and
hopefully this elevated stats will help
him avoid a precipitous fall from grace
thanks for being one of the only two

podcasts i religiously listened to for
long-term sanity oh goodness now I want
to know what the other one is yeah the
first thing came to my mind too well
thank you very much Jean and

congratulations Jeffrey give us big
boast of karma while we’re here you’ve
got karma Jeffrey Johnson has $338 from
Port Angeles Port Angeles Washington ITM

gents excellent show is happy Festivus
to all producers and knights would be
Festivus miracle of Jacey’s d held at
port angeles meet up sometime soon I

could do that we did Seattle it’s pretty
far away we’re poor damages we gotta
maybe ten people up there just an F
cancer from my mother who has five weeks

of radiation coming up 73
you’ve got karma 333 dollars and 33
cents from anonymous would appreciate a

thorough deed douching for Carl from
Ormond Beach first
smokin hot wife let me give her one too

some tennis winning Carmen the Trump
aliens jingle to set up the theme from
the x-files keep up the superlative work

whenever the president finds any aliens
okay any aliens or of any class of
aliens forgot this one whenever the

president finds aliens whenever the
president finds aliens

you’ve got karma new search program that
new search program that have you seen

this called everything no you want an
email producer recommended it it’s you
can get it from void tools calm holy
crap this search thing is great it’s

really helping me find jingles open
source it’s open source
outstanding open source yes open sources
judge Joseph in Louisville Ohio and he

donated $333 flat-out ITM episode 1095
kept my sanity driving six hours to Bad
Axe Michigan that’s in the thumb Oh

anyhow I found myself laughing out loud
hearing John’s butcher name butcher
names only to have caught father correct
John C Dvorak donations are down so we

need the No Agenda nation to do their
part and chip chip chip in Merry
Christmas John and Adam I want to smack
my brother David aka dude named Ben

currently in Afghanistan in the mouth
all he does has been work and exercise
he’d better be listening to the best
podcast in the universe

jingo request sharpton respect obama all
gonna die and karma Adam yay
our ESP ICT if you might God you’ve got

karma dropping down to the associate
executive producer with Shaun coonass

$217 I was hitting the mouth two years
ago by my cousin and have been dragging
my feet about donating he also held off
singing up signing after the news letter
until a week ago the epic newsletter

fail him and my uncle’s recent donations
made the final push I needed to stop
freeloading the amount 217 refers to my
birthday and I like two and seventeen
and they’re both prime numbers I’m

currently having a little north of
living a little north of Dallas in
Lewisville Texas I teach middle school
Latin and science at a classical School
in the area it can be surprisingly

difficult difficult due to this founding
gaps and knowledge that these students
have and the various behavioral issues
that crop up I’ve been teaching this age
for the past four years now and from

what I can tell our educational system
is in dire need of reform it seems to me
that we’ve lost sight of education as a
way of bettering a person and expanding
their mind and now see it simply as a

means to an end mm-hmm these middle
school students and even so many young
people of my generation I’m twenty-five
by the way or so self-absorbed because
they have become accustomed to viewing

people and things from a strictly
utilitarian standpoint the questions of
why are we learning this or when are we
ever gonna use this in life questions
that the kids ask fail to take into

account the border picture of human the
broader picture of human understanding
and development learning Latin is good
in itself as lit by the way I agree with
this I think people should take Latin

learning Latin is good in itself as
Latin is a beautiful language with a
rich history they were I was a Latin
major in college but practically
speaking the linguistic and analytical
capacity it’s study instills in the

minds is priceless I could go on but I
feel like this is known as long enough
in us as is and I’m ready hoping to be
able to come to Austin
for the Texas Meetup good calls read

John they you shout out to the rest of
the coonass clan that listen and donate
including Sir Colin the friendly fat man
George uncle George Arthur choline
Stefan etc or Steven I need a D douching

for my jingles could you please play the
Australian prawn song and a drone again
at the end of the show I’d be most
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Bobby is not won in a stride yet Cole’s

them shrimp now one he drinks that
fosters laga everybody knows it tastes
like shit

you’ve got Karma say something everyone
it’s become a thing where people are

saying I want this song at the end of
the show I can’t do that every time and
it’s also you know it’s kind of outside
of the scope because I have stuff lined
up and it just becomes too long one of

the things when Adam does his
preparation he prepares the end of the
show because he gets all these clips in
he doesn’t have to deal with it during
the show thank you
I can’t that’s it in a nutshell

yep sometimes he does oh yeah but you
know drone against give us something
extremely long and we don’t have a lot
of good stuff yes we have good stuff

that’s why Taylor Martin $210 of 96
cents in Deutschland
but in deutschland Christmas so I could
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proteges vine often by nokton I’ve
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you’ve been deduced listen show 970 and

I wanted to give this amount to the show
value for value I want to give this
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has given me over the past year and a
half for the value the show has been
greatly has been greatly recently and
you guys have deconstructed the m5m BS

well the world is a crazy place and it
drove me insane but after I found this
is the common theme that I hope people
appreciate what he’s just about to say
the world is a crazy place and it drove

me insane but after I found you guys my
mental health is ten thousand times
well all we’re doing is explaining
stories in a little more detail then the

media wants to explain that because they
want to manipulate you and make you buy
their products advertised on their show
it’s good to know that not everyone in
the world is crazy like the mainstream

media is I would like a respect jingle
this is a classic example of the there’s
no real reason for this a fractal or not
precise the fact that it’s a dynamite

jingle that’s what it is but it’s just
interesting it’s always on this
everything’s are the same random number
theory in play
I got ants the intro to I got answer
some good goat Karma for all yes I’m

we’re doing the intro John that’s why
you’ve got sir Timothy the no fix title

would be a another associate executive
producer from Plymouth Michigan probably

in local one I think for am to read Adam
Reed oh then I can’t do the jingles
Yuletide greetings to Adam John and all
no agenda producers no greetings

whatsoever through those who have never
donated I am donating at Christmas to
support the glittering multifaceted Jim
that is no agenda here’s why I’ve gotten
so much value recently one converge of

events I’ll cut coverage of events and
media outside the US
I like news from other countries besides
my own to legislative analysis both
inside and outside the US and three

blistering mockery of authoritarians
both on the right and the left
please continue travels abroad in 2019
I’d like this John to spend some time in
Russia we’ve been trying to get that

motherfucker to Russia for a long time
and Adam in the UK
Merry Christmas please play Kevin Anders
parody of Night Moves with his fake new
song plus Michelle Obama scaring little

kids in a disturbing psycho monster
yes you remember they bought the
Michelle one yeah yeah I’ve got that one
and what was the other one he wanted I

don’t know this one yeah life’s not a
fake snooze let me see it’s been a while
since we’ve used that one that’s Timothy
the no fix title in Plymouth oh here we

go here we go here we go go go yes
here’s a little one you come on up

riding up some fake
got to get that jingle created only city
that is from yet 2016 Dwight chicken

Burlington Ontario 201 dollars and 20
cents it has taken me a few years of
listening to the best pod cast in the

universe and I have finally reached the
rank of knighthood I’d like to thank my
brother think he’s on the list I like
thank my brother sir Hank
Scorpio for hitting me in the mouth all
those years ago after Sunday’s episode

and hearing the children reading their
scripts about how they’re terrified
about climate change I could not stop
laughing and need it to donate I think
our point was that it’s horrible and

child abuse I’m glad you got a kick out
of this there you go who know now from
my official title I couldn’t think of
anything fancy just the white tonight I

like that actually
Dwight the knight it’s fantastic and I
would like to request at the roundtable
tea Earl Grey hot ah you know what they

is that is that a James Bond reference
no Picard oh I’m not this unless 32t
Earl Grey hot can you say computer tea

Earl Grey hot
I think it was a replicator not the
computer that he talked to I can almost
smell and taste I should know these

yeah I should know them everyone should
I can always smell and taste the feast I
will be looking forward to my knighting
ceremony later on in the program if I
could get to know agenda national anthem

at the end of the show it would be great
we could maybe do that at one of the why
don’t we why don’t we do it now we’d
never we’ve rarely overall national
anthems thirty-seconds good but sharpton
was a minute no complaints there

we are also to be human resources and

service statements from these two down

we are happy and distracted

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am
that you took a knee during that John

it did not take anything and odourless
roya’s Reyes Reyes in Sierra Vista
Arizona 200 Merry Christmas and Happy

New Year’s I keep up the good work man
thank you very much No
okay sir Keith of the Fayette Fayette it
say it nom it Vietnam Vietnam that’s

right I remember that in Fayetteville
Arkansas consider this a Merry Christmas
simply put keep up the good work and

best wishes for the new year thank you
very much for your courage sir Keitha
Fayette nom that’s but not least is our
fabulous Dame Patricia of Biscayne Bay
and after running it or no okay oh so

squirrelmail is not appropriate at this
point or it is and you print it I don’t
know man
okay well it’s warranted what so I went

to mark per Kells kind of a celebration

of his life thing you know yes it’s your
note I never get spam guy who passed
away yes hold on hold on one second okay
so he passed away which yes who I got to

meet is this really a guessing game I
can does inventor of squirrelmail know
who is he who is this mysterious masked

man he calls himself Paul and did you
tell him of your affectation your
affection for the squirrels did he like

like what loves it they like that you
were using it that the show actually
that the entire back office of the No
Agenda show runs on squirrel mail I mean
this is hopefully you mentioned that two
women passing I first of all you have to

imagine a really tall bald guy who
invented squirrel mail what you think
his sense of humor would be like if I

gave this discussion to him right yeah I
got you I got you a litte um Jane
Patricia Worthington she sent a
beautiful card as she often does more
cards from some of our people uh and she

always says the card we got two cards
it’s all we got so far
I mean in this last mailing wishing you
both a Merry Christmas and a happy
prosperous new year I decided to send my

accounting to give myself a christmas
president of a new title get your pen
out because i didn’t not send this to
Eric Oh hold on a second so this is Dame
Patricia Worthington go if I thought
there was a protectorate that would

ensure that South Florida carry out an
election without being a laughingstock I
would ask for it as it is I think I’ll
just stick with Biscayne Bay thank you
for being an important part of my daily

life and keeping me on even keel karma
for my kids please and then she
I just need to understand something so
what is the type what what periods level
is she at now she’s at okay I have to go
to the purush thing and I’ll tell you

which by the way is officially called
the peerage thing that’s the peerage
page the peerage page I just like these
things that you you have your very

little respect you need to keep it open
because I have there’s something for the
peerage Committee I take it very
seriously and just love that it’s also
being run on squirrelmail they believe
it’s peerage dot HTM she will be a vicus

VY Countess of Biscayne Bay in Bay
okay Baroness and now she and she could

have expanded her her purview but she
decided to just keep it I’m going to
give her karma in a moment we do have
flex in me to give her karma first thank
you damn map orchids there’s a I got a

note for the periods committee from Sir
Corwin Underwood yes I saw this note you
may read it Dear John chairman of the

peerage committee I recently achieved
the status of Baron the Protectorate I
tried to claim was all Southwest Ohio
and it was disputed by another fellow
baron from Ohio sir ladyfingers of Miami

I had feeling my territorial claim was a
little too ambitious therefore I will
respect the rights of sir ladyfingers
and humbly request a gerrymandering of
the district to allow me to claim the

protectorate of the southwest tri-county
area of ha Ohio to include Butler
Hamilton and Warren counties the Miami
Valley is a vast area that runs along a

very long river that passes through both
Butler and Hamilton counties and flows
into the Ohio River however residents
further south on the Great Miami River
don’t consider themselves part of the
Miami Valley I have a feeling sir

ladyfingers is a little bit further
north where residents do refer to the
area as the Miami Valley even so sir
ladyfingers can have the Miami Valley
through those respective counties and my
subjects and I will steer far away from

the river area and will remain in the
outlining county areas I seek a ruling
from the peerage committee in this
regard respectfully sir Corwin Underwood
this has been looked over and it’s
granted with the proviso that sir

ladyfingers has 30 days to
to dispute it to refute and yet to
dispute the dis finding after 30 days is

final order in the court
Wow great okay well that’s taken care of
good good good everything’s although of

course we do encourage barons and their
and their subjects to code to meet up
yeah cooperate with each other you know
you’re supposed to all be kind of be in
the same boat so we’ll see how that

concludes our list of executive and
associate executive producers for short
1096 want to thank each and every one of
them for helping us produce this show
and advance for the nice cards yes and
merry Christmas to everybody Happy

Hanukkah as well we done with Hanukkah
done we’re done I I don’t I can’t say
that I know and like to thank everybody
for this the support of the program part

of our value for value system you
determine what the show is worth to you
how much value you’ve received in your
life and in return you receive a credit
in this case in the upper echelon these

are actual credits that can be used
anywhere credits are recognized in the
entertainment business or elsewhere and
we will also be thanking more people in
our second segment $50.00 and above and
again thank you for your courage and

remember another show coming up on
Sunday vollrath
org slash n hey you’ve got some
deconstruction to take with you into the
weekend when it comes to new knowledge
so propagate our formula is this

we go out we hit people in the mouth

did you hear about the person of the
year according to the Financial Times
another person that you’re not the same

computer or the protesters or the dead
journalist Person of the Year
now that’s Time magazine yeah okay
there’s another one there’s only one
person at the earth Time magazine well

Time magazine used to count now
everyone’s getting into the game
Financial Times has selected George
Soros as its Person of the Year
congratulations George you know

Financial Times is obviously a globalist
publication so I see the humor in what
they’re doing I think it’s a little wink

you know hey boys try this one on for
okay great like I’d want to get this all
the way I was in the news Larry

discussed a little bit Tucker Carlson
was attacked you know they’re trying to
get him off the air because he’s a
nuisance no no he’s not he’s a white
nationalist racist Nazi quadroon to be

exact well let’s listen to what
Democracy Now has to say about him in
media news more than a dozen companies
have pulled advertisements from the

program Tucker Carlson tonight after the
Fox News host said immigrants make the
u.s. poorer
dirtier and more divided Carlson made
the comment on his primetime show last

Thursday we have a moral obligation to
admit the world’s poor they tell us even
if it makes our own country poorer and
dirtier and more divided following an
uproar over the comment companies

including Land Rover I half Pacific Life
Insurance and just four men
have pulled ads from Carson show Fox
News has accused left-wing groups of
censoring Carlson’s program and noted

the advertisers have only shifted their
sponsorship to other Fox News programs
censoring sensitive really accuse them
of censoring is that what he accused
them of just not see but I have a point

is that which this is one of the things
that our listeners should pay attention
to I wrote about in the newsletter and
of course I have the entire clip linked
so you can go listen to bright ways it’s

it’s out of context pretty much because
he was talking to some some dude in
Tijuana and they were specifically
talking about the trash that was left
behind from the caravan or that has been

created by the caravan and that
authority that’s where the dirty kept
but I saw Dershowitz on his show
yesterday and der schwarze launched I
should have clipped it really dirty list
to launch this thing my my parents were

called dirty as in dirty Jews but holy
crap that thing took a life of its own
yeah I mean not I don’t care what you
think of Tucker Carlson but that’s out
of context so leotta cons the whole

thing was out of KY they were just
looking to get him because he’s a
nuisance to the left room I don’t know
he’s very annoying but this is classic
example classic example of advertisers

knuckling on her and by the way the
people that started doing this before
anybody else was the right-wingers the
right-wingers that video this is mostly
a bunch of religious people that form

some groups and they totally ruin the
kids that’s right go for years we grew
up with that it was the ultimate it
wasn’t political correctness

it was just correctness
um now this does play into the purge and
I want to just discuss this briefly as
there was a a lot of people emailed me

this YouTube video you saw it I’m sure
of Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson and
linked it in the newsletter okay good

who are leading the charge on the
patreon purge and in this case they are
trying to get everyone to leave patreon
a lot of people are leaving it well let

me just finish and then you’re there are
there’s some big names who have left
patreon and here’s what I found
interesting is that Jordan Peterson
apparently is working on his own

initiative for a payment system for
creators and I would like to say Jordan
Peterson that is the stupidest idea
you’ve had stay far away from it do not

do not do that it will distract you from
what you’re doing it will become a huge
headache it will be a massive failure
it’ll be an embarrassment an

embarrassment thank you it is not
something you want to do ultimately it
hears me as my recommendation is not
frictionless but you can get from I
think coinbase you can get a Bitcoin

Visa Card
and so you you you hand out your Bitcoin
wallet address yes people have to find
out how they get Bitcoin to pay you with
it and then they send you the Bitcoin it
shows up on your debit card and then you

can spend it right away that’s no good
it’s the only way the Bitcoin is the
only option left if for after people get
the platform
they’ve been payment systems have been
screwing over webcam here’s hot shops

PayPal in the bank I know John we’re not
controversial nor are we know if someone
gets pissed off about us then we’ll have
the same problem bro I don’t know about
that bro

yeah I think I think you do know about
that my point is we’re not like these
guys we’re doing something different but
if we became problem enough then someone
could easily the WikiLeaks de platformed

by paypal mastercard years ago this is
nothing new
but they’re idiots if they think oh oh
I’ve got some technology it’ll be Fanta
no no I know there’s two things you have

to think about one Jordan Peterson makes
a lot of money on patron he has not been
D platformed no I didn’t say he was no I
know but he’s acting as though he’s
going to be any second when it’s not

gonna happen
so there’s nonsense so he’s like you
know him and Reuben are making a big
scene and they’re promoting their tour I
thought the whole thing was so
commercial listening to him and then to
think that there’s a thing called core

competence competencies that is the kind
of a mantra in the Silicon Valley and
it’s one is when I subscribe to there’s
certain things you can do and there’s
certain things you can’t do and you try

to partner with people that cover your
weaknesses and they cover your weakness
I you know back and forth as what we do
on this show and Jordan Peterson is a
superb speaker or a professor or a guy

can make money off books a best-selling
writer and he has all these he has to
leverage that he’s not an entrepreneur
has he ever been an entrepreneur is Dave
Rubin ever been an entrepreneur at the

level that we’re talking about here the
patreon guys no no so you’re just gonna
fall into a hole just what you said fall
into a hole is gonna you never gonna dig
your way out of it it’s a nightmare to

do this unless it’s your job yeah and
neither one of these guys that neither
one of them that’s not their job Rubin
is an interview or and he likes to put

together these shows he’s a producers at
a broadcasting type guy and Peterson’s a
professor poor foot professorial guy you
just can’t anybody seen this over the
years especially if you’re running this
area well here here’s an example scott

adams take that as your example scott
adams has been pushing his app and it’s
and no one knows what it does it doesn’t
work it works it’s cuz this is not what
he does scott adams isn’t even the best

example the best example is al gore now
how about Adam Curry’s podcaster Pro how
about that as an example
that’s not a very good example because

you’ve done a lot of little companies
and you’re always tinkering you’re like
an old retired guy
tinker tinker tinker this is a core
competency of yours so no that doesn’t
count okay thank you I feel better now

ripped off completely and they have a
complement and they haven’t sent me a
demo unit that’s the egregious part made
copy number one yet I think that whole

thing is it no no no there’s a guy from
know they’re demoing it on on YouTube
there’s about 20 videos showing how it
works okay well I don’t see they’re in
massive production they should be giving
us both a copy yeah a copy but just

point is is that the these two guys are
living in a dream world if they things
are gonna go off and create a competitor

to patreon exactly which was not a good
idea to start with and I will remind
everybody when you see don’t even like
patreon so why would you want to make a
copy now when we when we started No
Agenda social calm a mastadon instance

as it’s known in the hip marketing
language of nerds was a year and a half
ago now at least two years maybe can
maybe two years so the fuck was my point
you were talking about okay there please

your last few would be on this because I
can’t remember what you what it was what
did you just I said that we didn’t even
like patreon oh ok remember so when we
started no agenda social calm what

happened was yeah of course a couple of
producers started engaging with social
justice warriors on you know the big
mastodon calm or whatever and you know

they were harassing them you know in in
a fun no agenda way but you know
triggering the social justice warriors
which you can do on Mastodon because you
know it’s not Twitter you won’t get the

platform well what happened is we got on
all the band and blocked and silenced
list which I’m quite proud of I mean
literally mentioned as free speech zone
be careful free speech zone Nazi

and the curry is a harasser and the
harassment consisted of the following
the woman who was complaining she had a
patreon she was promoting her patreon so
I went over there and I supported her

patreon with like 10 bucks or whatever
no no nothing just to be able to follow
what she was doing immediately I got an
email from the from the crisis tyranny
Action Team at patreon who said no good

you’re blocked from ever talking to her
ever posting ever giving money and I
knew right then it’s been taken over by
social justice warriors who have a
patreon to sell their macrame only and

whatever they do it’s not for big media
outlets is not for someone who wants to
have a career in podcasting which by
itself is funny to say now a couple
other purge they can to be done a couple

other purge things big article in The
New York Times I’m gonna have to defend
Facebook or FS book on this one they the
New York Times touted that ha face bag
gave your data to clip

oh good cuz I go thank you where is it
face bag and he’s like microsoft spotify
amazon netflix were given access to far
more Facebook users data than even

Cambridge analytical the British PR firm
that collected the data of 87 million
Americans in a bid to sway the 2016
presidential election for Donald Trump
the data sharing appeared to violate

terms of the 2011 consent agreement with
the Federal Trade Commission on user
privacy now the way this has been
presented by the New York Times also by
Carlson last night is horrible it was

all this shit they violated my privacy
that in general what this is about
is stuff you wanted and you liked

because your phone asked you hey would
you like me to add your face bag friends
to your contact or your address book and
you went yes that’s where you consented
to it hey would you like to have this be

able to share this tweet through email
or connect the face bag and you said yes
hey would you like to see what your
friends are doing when they’re searching
on bing and you said yes to it’s really
a misrepresentation well it’s also a

misrepresentation of the way you just
presented it
all right these are EULA like situations
for example I wrote a whole column on

this that’s why I just triggered me is
that Google for example if you want to
use their Maps which you may have to
actually use to get from point A to
point B in some strange area you have to

consent to giving Google everything yes
access to the microphone access to your
camera the list goes on for a month it
goes on and on and on all your contacts

everything you’ve ever you message true
and you have no choice if you say no I
don’t want to give you all this crap you
don’t need any of it and you don’t you
don’t need a map that’s exactly what I

said I said you wanted it and you liked
it you didn’t want it you didn’t want to
use maps you didn’t want to use maps no
I wanted to use the mess but I didn’t

want to give them all these powers on I
understand that but but yeah but the way
you present is another person gladly
volunteered no yes they did nobody
gladly volunteers for anything this is a

okay yeah we’re both right
what did you write a column about this
where’d you write about this there’s on
PC Magazine about I don’t know six seven

months ago by the way I just wanted to
mention one just briefly deep
platforming you know you were actually
deep platformer from PC Magazine for
something you did so it’s not like I
thought of it that way is it that’s

great it’s not like it’s out of the
realm – thank you troll room it’s not
like it’s out of the realm of
possibilities now one last thing this is
insider info one of our Millennials is
connected to a Google content reviewer

which apparently pays pretty well you
can sit at home a couple hours a day
they’re talking six seven hundred
dollars a week in just reviewing content

that is uploaded and submitted to Google
what I never realized is that when you
say hey Google or what is it is okay
Google what is the trigger word these

days hey Google I think no that’s like I
think is it I think it’s hey Google now
that now that is also reviewed by
content reviewers and apparently there’s
a lot of conversations that the content

reviewers are privy to because these
things the mic opens up and it just
stays open sometimes four or five
minutes and they hear entire
conversations between people

that’s cool okay Google yeah actually
sounds better than this gig I can’t wait

well the eavesdropping is something that
people enjoy during the ear I have to
tell this story it’s kind of discussed
right maybe I’ll save it for later no

this show needs it now so during the era
of analog cell phone conversations
you could get a scanner and you actually

the one you get was the famous one was
RadioShack scanner yeah I remember and
you just had to solder one one resistor
or diode I think it was and then you and
me and of course the back would never

fit on again of your scanner it was fine
put the thing back together and then all
of a sudden to display everything
changed and now it was a cell phone
scanner yeah I was great so apparently

the the did the circuit was already in
there for scanning cell phone so so you
could turn it on this was I think at the
time so many years ago I don’t remember

that MTV I remember having it in the car
driving home listening to people on
their cell you usually only hear one
side of the conversation sometimes now I
always had really I got both okay but it

was fantastic so there’s two did a
couple things I came away with the main
thing that would the phone was that this
era the phone was being used for was
we’re guys calling their missus real

fresh before they got home from work
hey baby hey baby huh suggestion that
they can’t be with him tonight because
they have to go and stay with the old
lady and you know but there’s thinking
of them all

and so that was number one number two
was dumb idiots this is before Google
Maps calling their secretary around
noontime asking where the restaurant is

because they can’t find it
and the third one would drug deals and
there were tons of drug deals yeah so so
I’m like I’m act when I was a kid we had

a party line so it’s kind of like he
built into my DNA then listen in on
these things I feel bad about I should
work for one of the spy agencies anyway
I felt bad about it but I did this

anyway because we would I would record
some of these conversations that we’d
play him at parties were there drugs at
these parties no not that I can remember
so the one that was the worst was this

guy calling his his bear dad is you know
as his gay dad kind of this guy in his
debt and he’s going on with the talking

to the guy telling how you know he’s got
to get turned on you got to get me all
turned on cuz my girlfriend’s coming
over and it was like such a human this
guy was gay and he was talking to some

other gay guy who was getting him all
worked up so when his girlfriend came
over he’d be worked up pretty worked up
so that she think that he was not gay
because he was already aroused when she

shows up and I just thought this was the
most disgusting heinous thing I’ve ever
heard and I still think I have the tape
if I ever find it off which is I think I
still have the tape and if I ever find

it I’ll post it well that’s not that
disgusting delimitation this is did your
head explode from this it seems like
makes you want to throw up
it was very nauseating yeah I think you

had to kind of hear it to me that
nauseated me that it was a hearing it
was I played for a bunch of people and
everybody’s jaw dropped it was dead
silence what there’s guys with

girlfriends nobody said the same thing
after the tape was over was it was the
following line everybody said that poor
girl of course yeah
find that tape we’ve been looking at the

Ebola scare yeah once again now in the
DRC the

Democratic Republic of Congo where a lot
of stuff has been going on we’re just
waiting for troops to be sent in this is
usually what happens with Ebola when it
was in West Africa we sent in troops and
no one that was not really all the thing

that it turned out to be they’re trying
to really trying to push the mean to get
the get something going so people will
be behind sending troops in although I’m
not sure if it’s gonna be US troops

listen to this we are entering the world
of Ebola we’re no faint heart dares
tread it is a world of pain and pity
with our camera carried by their medical

team I think he’s uh this is on CNN okay
like some protective plastic MSF offers

as best it can a human touch MSF
medicine some volunteer the Doctors
Without Borders they usually show up in
these types of operations and care for

the desperately ill it is a highly
contagious virus that can strip its
victims of dignity some arrived already
so conscious I would say not just your

dignity it can strip you of your insides
but okay if that’s how you want to
position it some arrived already so
consumed by Ebola that it might be too
late to save them doctors are trying

experimental drugs untested in clinical
trials because there’s no alternative
still the death rate is more than 50%
the world has never been better prepared

and armed with a battery of new drugs
better equipped to combat this disease
and yet Ebola continues to confound
every prediction and every projection

since August this outbreak has rolled
through the jungles of Northeast Congo
now arrived in but embo ramshackle city
of a million people so I stopped the

report there because that’s where I said
hold on what is this ramshackle place of
a million people why is this being
mentioned this is Nord Keith but what’s
the name of it blue tinsel

well in its the province of Nord ki vu n
Ord or you could say north key vu kilo
India Victor uniform huge amounts of
minerals gold and diamonds are extracted

from north kevo this is the number the
number one place in the DRC therefore
I’m reading from this for a decade the
province of North Kivu has been

continuously facing challenges related
to security operations that have been
launched continue murders massacres
abduction kidnapping of citizens 400

people have been reported killed this
year this is all about the extraction of
whatever is in the ground and of course

it’s it’s nothing but fitting that you
the number one place in the DRC in North
Kivu where this happens is the people
are dirt poor then this is where all of
our wealth comes from for your cell

phone as well by the list these cell
phones cell phones that well the
diamonds and gold is also a part of it
well cell phones it goes in there to
diamonds but gold but here’s here’s what
I’ve been reading up on something called

the EU Africa or the Africa EU
partnership which I’d never heard of
this world today have you ever heard of
the Africa EU partnership I have
actually I had not and this is something
that started in 2004 it’s a tangible

commitment to peace and security between
the EU and the African peace facility
dedicated more than 2.7 billion to
support African efforts in conflict

prevention and management that take this
percentage einar’s out well the China’s
no I don’t think so here’s here’s what I
see happening I see

about five different spots in Africa
that are being built up by the Chinese
with just beautiful buildings some have
resorts beaches you know fantastic work

and the Chinese are taking most of the
most of the minerals and whatever needs
to be mined but what I didn’t just may
just be off what struck me is what if

the EU really wants this partnership why
do they want the partnership so that
they can help Shepherd in these great
new places where the elites of Europe
are gonna go live there are gonna move

there they already have you know if you
look at who’s living in South Africa if
you look at who’s living in Mozambique
if you look all around Africa the elites
all have homes there and these are now
being built into beautiful resort areas
by the Chinese and what’s interesting is

the poor people of Africa are moving to
Europe so it’s kind of switch it’s like
let all the the shitheads we don’t need

in Africa let them come live here we got
our beaches set up it down down there it
seems like that’s a possibility yeah
I don’t know okay just thought

it’s a little too unstable it seems to
me for the leads to really want to spend

a lot of time that’s the Perigord I
could see it like Mozambique is like the
Dutch king and queen have houses there
this is all over the place
well maybe it’s a backup place to go I

think they generally speaking the Elise
want to go to their band gets taught or
zoo guide now that’s I think that’s
passe that’s where they go for winter

that’s where they go there they go to
stopped and sukoon wherever else to to
and to hang out Davos
going on right now in the the sanctioned

Russians who are not supposed to come in
I guess the Magnitsky act Russians were
blocked initially and now they’re all
approved of course come on and they got

a bunch of cash
and just before we before we take a
meeting before we take our break I did
want to make mention of this GoFundMe
that has been set up by Brian Cole fij
he is a Purple Heart veteran triple

amputee and I’m pretty sure this is
legit and he set up a GoFundMe titled We
the People will fund the wall and the
goal is 1 billion dollars and I will say

in three days I’m looking at the
campaign now they’ve raised 5.7 million
just from people contributing from 94

thousand people now this is interesting
how come we can’t get 94 thousand people
to contribute so we get 5.7 million
dollars what are we doing wrong we don’t

have a wall to build Facebook right but
and I love the idea of this but I think
people underestimate how much a billion

is yeah cuz when you get when you get a
million million yeah you know it’s like
no it’s a thousand million okay
what depends you European used to be a

million know that note a billion in the
Germanic languages is indeed a gajillion
I don’t know what it is these are these
are numbers we don’t have to deal with

anyway imagine all the people who could
do this oh yeah
no but we do okay I mean I think we

provide a service that is valuable value
but well not know it be as valuable as
the wall wallaby valuable although it
could be just a wall to keep us in

always got to think of it that way too
I agree Maria Patricia Lim $100
Sir John no these two people one think

we’re thanking them Sir John no I don’t
have our location
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we’ll make sure to take care of that if
not sure Bob Wales 58 this is
interesting he says I’m 58 today you’re
on the list and after getting a phone
call from Sir Chris Willie Wilson down
there in Australia who Chris Wilson if

you’ve never heard him at the end of the
show he does a lot of great songs we
have one today as well he is the Michael
Buble of Australia there’s a Sydney
meet-up brewing good

that Chris will be singing bring his
guitar Chris yes gonna be request night
very much Dean Roker 5510 UK Amanda West

in Minneapolis 5510 sir Baba the dude’s
name Bend High Point North Carolina 5510
the XO Paul 55 thanks for keeping my
sanity by the way sir Bob the NC for RG

73 yeah 73 kilo 5 alpha Charlie Charlie
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Happy Christmas Merry Christmas Happy
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CBD did supplier of the show okay I
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that I’m here go on he’s actually
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well no agenda art generator calm is
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and today the 20th of December 2018 we
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have three on the list congratulations
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Knowles will be 46 on December 22nd and
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happy birthday from everybody here at
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thank you for supporting the No Agenda
show the best podcast in the universe so
they’re cracking down on drunks in

yeah play yeah new to the criminal code
came into effect today if you’re stopped
by a police officer now and you were in

Canada expect to be a demand to be made
from you to provide a breath sample
officers can now demand a breath test
from anyone they lawfully pull over they

no longer need evidence of a reasonable
suspicion that the person was drinking
and maximum prison terms for many
impaired driving offenses have been
increased from five years to ten of
course the intention is to make us safer

but at what cost
as Jayla Bernstein tells us civil rights
activists are concerned about who might
be targeted sooner I’d spot-check
tonight any alcohol fee I don’t know a

question that’s perhaps quite innocuous
if you’re sober
but for visible minorities interaction
with police can be a minefield
I have people’s around me especially men
they’ve been stopped while driving in

their life 30 40 times they’re not
criminals they don’t have any criminal
so just the everyday reality of a black
person that drive she’s worried about
how police will use their new powers

every time a person of color is stopped
for no reason it leaves a trace it’s not
just the Internet in itself it’s

sometimes the violence of those
incidents wait a minute
Canadians are racist no no no I can’t
believe this did have racist well seems

that they are hmm so let’s play part two
it will get a little facts Canada has
one of the highest rates of driving
deaths linked to alcohol in the
developed world and advocates say it’s

partly due to the lack of so-called
mandatory breath tests in fact many
countries already have mandatory testing
programs in place after Australia first
introduced it in the late 70s the number

of deaths on the road dropped by 20
percent in Switzerland where mandatory
screening started in 2005 driver’s
testing positive for alcohol fell from
about 25 percent to about 7

seven huh yeah you know being from the
future I can tell you exactly where this
is going eventually it’ll happen here
it’ll happen everywhere in France it’s

already besides your yellow vest it’s
already mandatory to have a breathalyzer
in your vehicle so the next step is an
easy one you blow the breathalyzer
otherwise it doesn’t start this is which

is actually a circuit that’s available
it’s yeah it exists it’s in Texas has it
all the time for duis and it’s uh you
can just you can just see it coming down

Broadway you’re gonna need it for your
insurance that’s how it always starts
and hey you got nothing to worry about
if you don’t drive drunk it’s not a
problem just blow into the tube blow
into the tube slave

you may go did you see sadly there was
no video of it but Juncker the drunker
Oh fell over again did you see the video

of him trying to get up the stage but
that’s from the NATO summit that’s old
no no that’s your typical internet like
look at this okay that was three months

ago agree with that that was three
months ago
no apparently it happened again he
missed a step and tumbled and tumbled
backwards and people had to catch him
people got to keep a camera on that guy
yeah really

how could you miss that or was there
some form of D notice maybe he got a
wonder took a tumble is purely just a
raging alcoholic no it’s sciatica John

you think he’s the raging alcoholic geez
the Belgian government has fallen over a
version of the yellow vests no his

junker that is fallen after Juncker then
the Belgian went shit here we go – we’re
going down in his wake
and they’ve come up with

obviously this article that I was
reading it’s it’s a Dutch article maybe
there was a
the French the yellow vests somehow have

gotten it into their heads I’m my coach
and someone’s gonna have to explain this
to me that you know the money that
France doesn’t have to fix the the
issues that they that the that the

populace has they’re saying if you don’t
have the money to pay for climate change
stuff or whatever instead of taxing us
they’re suggesting Google and Facebook

it’s a great idea yeah yeah at Google
Apple Facebook Amazon they the so the

the the request is you know what these
guys should be paying for now this would
come in in the form of some sales tax
I’m sure so ultimately the slaves will
pay for it but it’s an interesting idea

I just gotta respect the French man you
just got to respect what they do and and
we’re not getting half the reporting
what’s really happening with these
protests no the protesting is edgy even

Democracy Now is not covering it the way
they should considering that the you
know they’re all in for protests mmm so
that the Trump Foundation got busted and
closed down and shut shuttered more or

less mm-hmm and it was very poorly
reported in this country but I got a
pretty decent report of it from CBC in
Canada and for the president another
legal twist today his Charitable

Foundation has agreed to shut down its
remaining funds given to other
court-approved nonprofits as the lawsuit
against it continues
the New York Attorney General accuses

the Trump foundation of quote shocking
illegalities functioning as a checkbook
for the US presidents business and
political interests in short that trumps
charity was about giving back to himself

my whole life I’ve been greedy greedy
greedy i tripled the money I could get
I’m so greedy but now I want to be
greedy for the United States I want to
grab all that money that includes during

the 2016 presidential campaign Trump
allegedly solicited donations for his
foundation in Iowa his campaign then

decided which local charities got those
big novelty checks that was just days
ahead of Iowa’s vote on the Republican
nominee lawyers for the foundation say
any infractions were minor you know I

agree with you that it’s very poorly
reported and I don’t understand why
isn’t that exactly what you want to say
oh stop talking about the Clinton
Foundation look at Trump that’s through
no no I think you’re wrong okay

I think it’s poorly reported for the
exact reason you said because people
don’t want anyone to be thinking about
consolidation wait a minute if we’re
gonna do this with Trump are we are we
looking at Clinton more makes nothing

but sense so let’s not talk about that
let’s talk about Flynn let’s talk about
the brushes let’s talk about this thing
you had your early reporting on right
let’s don’t talk about whatever you do

don’t talk about the why would they bust
Trump’s foundation when did the Villere
clinton fire that bill and hillary
clinton foundation is really out of
control so it was repressed as a story
by the mainstream media united states–a

those racist drunks got a couple good
stories from canada this one is

interesting because i forgot about this
the canadian post which is their mail
I’ve been going on a lot of wildcat
strikes it and good news revealed four

before Christmas they they’ve they’ve
restored the service finally and Biggs
if you’re hoping to get a package in the
mail before Christmas Canada Post now
says it’s caught up on most of its
parcel delivery the backlog was created

by rotating walkouts bytes employees who
were legislated back to work last month
normal holiday delivery service
guarantees have been restored across the
country except in Vancouver in trouble

all right I have a quick update to clip

we talked about this I don’t know if
it’s this is a couple months ago but the
Chertoff group and the l3 guys uh it’s
happening travelers at O’Hare may soon
be able to leave liquids in their

carry-on bags thanks to a new scanner it
produces 3d images that give TSA agents
a better view two dozen airports already
use the scanners O’Hare will be the
first to combine them with automated

screening lanes they likely won’t be
used until after the holidays the TSA
still testing the machines and training
agents on how to operate whoo take your
drink with you smooth is that that what

was this again this is was that that big
giant new scanner that yes
no that look like a giant bullet yes
that’s the one oh I think’s gorgeous

yeah it can’t it has to cost a mint and
now you can take your drinks and you
carry on thanks to the scanner see how
good that is how good technology is for

us oh yeah it allows you to take our
bottled water with us
speaking of technology I have to play
this tech news report from Bloomberg and
I need to play this so that you

understand why were the world is in the
predicament that we’re at when reporting
about things that have gone horribly
wrong with technology turning to
glitches and people just don’t give a

crap about trying to figure out what
actually happened or again the the no
longer valid occupation of being
journalist so here’s one of those people
Sara McBride I think we know her do we

know Sara McBride possibly isn’t she it
wasn’t she I’m in Silicon Valley tech
person I breathe bell rings a bell – me
too I probably know her so she’s on

Bloomberg which is a serious business
operation and she is going to report on
the boring companies Tunnel in Los

now there’s a lot of things I’d like to
know about the what about this you know
first of all why is it so special that
you know only Elon apparently can ten
bore these tunnels what is the point I

mean there’s a lot of things I’d like to
know and and I yes I was going to say I
have a report from CBS on this well
let’s do your CBS report and then we’ll
do the Bloomberg this is listen

carefully because this is Gayle with
titled bra the borrowing company
before she used up okay gotcha
I found a Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk

has declared war on what he calls soul
destroying traffic
he has unveiled a prototype of his
solution a tunnel beneath Los Angeles
that he claims will revolutionize

commuting CBS this morning’s Gayle King
took one of the first test rides again
go ahead I think how fast is this this
is still slow 20 28 30 miles I don’t

know my god after we get around the
corner this isn’t just any tunnel we go
we get $100 but we’ll take it easy for

it’s Elon Musk tunnel and to understand
why we’re speeding through it you need
to go back a couple of years when he
decided he had had enough of Los Angeles
traffic gridlock either we try something

new or we will be stuck in traffic hell
for the rest of our lives
this is the underground network he
envisions electric cars using
street-level elevators to drop down into

a series of tunnels autonomous
technology in the cars ensure that they
don’t run into each other despite going
speeds over 125 miles an hour in my view
the only solution to open congestion

because we have a 2d road network and we
have buildings in 3d
well I have to say that’s actually
answered some of my questions a couple
of them I like that she said it’s Elon

Musk’s tunnel no one wants to be in that
tunnel well she’s good she’s doing 20
miles an hour now I want to explain what
there you didn’t see which is they show

an animation of the cars the cars are
dropped onto this little mini platform
which I think has a couple of wheels on
it that fit on the tracks in the tunnel
so that cars it’s not they don’t need

self aught driving is this dick yes it’s
a tracks tracks and it’s a platform on
it’s a platform on tracks the car I
don’t know where the just used the
motive force of the car I would hope not

but I think it probably does and the
reason I say I hope not it’s because
what happens is one of these cars stalls
in the middle of this 10-mile tunnel and
you know stops runs out of got a gas I
guess the other cars can bump it forward

I also don’t know what happens if a car
explodes on fire I’m sure he’s thought
of everything but I’m but it’s it looks
to be only applicable to electric cars

because I don’t think you want a tunnel
filled with carbon monoxide which is one
of the byproducts of a motor the gas
engine internal combustion engine well
let’s listen let’s listen to that was

kind of it was kind of a puff piece are
you bringing Gail she’s she’s puff piece
person yep and she did a little puff
piece with him well I think Sarah
McBride was better sarah McBride’s that

in there yeah well the event was super
fun lots of razzle-dazzle
this is Bloomberg Business News
reporting lots of razzle-dazzle well the
event was super fun lots of

razzle-dazzle all kinds of celebrities
and people just wanting to take a ride
in the car Elon was there his girlfriend
and grime flip there his mom was there

and it was super fun to get a ride in
the cars what that was like so the trip
I went on was a little bit Space Age II
you got in a modified Tesla and it’s

been modified so that the wheels can fit
along grooves at the side of the tunnel
and you descend in this Batman Lake
elevator and you come out into a tunnel

a small tunnel with a lot of flashing
lights and then the car kind of takes
off and it has to be a self-driving car
though Elon Musk says in future it won’t

have to be a Tesla all the
demonstrations yesterday we’re on
Tesla’s boring company Elon Musk just
tweeted this loop is demonstrating high
throughput at high speed target is four

thousand vehicles an hour at 155 miles
an hour so walk us through how this
actually works at scale it sounds just a
car on a track right so in one sense

it’s really old-school
is as you say it’s a car on a track in a
tunnel but because almost done there
will be many many cars going together

cars going a lot tighter than in
existing tunnels and it won’t just be
one tunnel he’s hoping that in the
future lots of different layers of
stacking tunnels there no one car at a

time can fit per tunnel if you have a
row of three or six tunnels that’s a lot
more cars travel away because they’ll be
going up to 150 miles an hour and these

giant networks the envisions under
cities if that happens it could take
some congestion off the streets that was
only half this fucking sorry this report

Bloomberg at twice Bloomberg Business
News three times
uh actually eight okay that was the
worst report ever good good fine details

wrong good you heard they went from CBS
Elon himself said 125 miles an hour so
where’s she getting 150 155 which is

pushing the limit of efficient
especially it’s not gonna be very
efficient at those speeds so I’m a care
facility core not
she makes it sound as though the cars go

through one at a time and the only thing
that’s gonna create throughput is
multiple tunnels yeah when in fact with
the system like this you give his
lightning if it’s on a platform that
gets dropped on the track you could just

stack up you can have a like car after
car after car they have a whole slew of
them flying down the things bumping into
each other I’ll respond to the end of
your clip musk said we have he said we

have two two men is what he says we had
two dimensional problems where the 3d
solution with is that what he said it’s
kind of interesting he said that we’re
living in it my summary of it cuz I

heard it a couple of times and we can
also just go to the I should go play it
yeah our in my view the only solution to
open congestion because we have a 2d

road network and we have buildings in 3d
if that’s so why does why is he so
obsessed with going to Mars why not just

start a colony in space
I mean we have space station we can omit
the idea is to get people off leap but
it’ll keep continuing because I think

that well know the logical leap is Elon
with this solution so he’s coming up
with an interesting solution for a 2d
road network ID no the problem is is we
have a 2d road network that he wants to

make it a 3d network about digging
tunnels so when he’s talking about
sending people to Mars and Mars colonies
and living on Mars and Mars is gonna be
great when doesn’t make a lot more sense
just to build something in space why do

you why do we always have to be on the
surface of a planet
I guess his general question I guess if
he’s so smart about things why doesn’t
he just build this big Space Station why

don’t we just build a dome around this
globe and then put people on the top of
the dome in other words build a like a
Dyson dome so we cover the entire thing
they put holes in it so the Sun gets

through and then have people living on
top of the dome in little houses that
way we’d have like a 3d we read max out
the 3d part another thing about the 2d
3d wrote things every time they try 3d

roads and we had one in the San
Francisco Bay Area but it collapsed in
an earthquake which was the
double-decker roads they have them all
over Texas you got one in Austin I think

yeah that’s 3d Subway’s are three
danders subways are 3d I got the subways
and you go to Chicago there’s layers
under city of Chicago that you can drive

yeah this was for learners 25 miles an
hour but you can get out of town get
down if you can get down there where
there’s only a two or three entrances
but you go down that’s how you get to
the billy goat tavern its underground

and so you go down in that underground
network of roads and boom you can fly
out of Chicago all right I had nothing
to do with my question but thanks almost
every incident I knew something was up

with that guy for I knew he’d do
something like this in fact government
statistics show in 80% of school
shootings someone knew about the plan
ahead of time a point dramatized by the
anti-gun violence group Sandy Hook

promise in a chilling new PSA the ad
shows a fictitious shooter launching his
attack after a series of warning signs

when ignored a painfully common reality
being able to report such concerns
anonymously by app is a game changer for
students like Becca Erebus Coakley

yeah I think a lot of people they don’t
want to be like the snitch of the school
senior Daniel ragged Ruiz a few years
ago he heard a kid threatening a school
shooting but was too afraid to tell a

teacher I didn’t want they to get back
to the kid that I had reported him I did
not want other people to know because it
was kind of a joke and I didn’t know if
that was caused enough to tell anyone

turns out that wasn’t a real threat
but next time Radtke says a reporting
app would be way more in his comfort
zone was kind of like the difference
between having a phone call and sending
a text you don’t have to deal with that

person face-to-face you don’t have to
talk to that person
you could say what you want to say and
that you’re off the hook tips get
triaged at a national call center by
crisis counselors who can immediately
involve local police and our school

officials they can also message back and
forth with the tipster many schools say
the app has already paid off
and these youngsters will become fine
upstanding citizens of society and Stasi

yeah that’s exactly and so nice good I
know it’s like texting I have to deal
with anybody which is exactly the
problem dossier here there have been
three complaints about your threats some

problems I think this is not good yeah
oh yeah this is great this is us the old
thing when I was a kid I remember two or

three things when I was a kid that were
all with that were taught in grammar
school and her actually in grammar
school we were taught how to dance how
to balance checkbooks practical things
and we’re taught about the United States

and how great it is which has never
taught anymore and one of the things
that kept cropping up were the horrors
of what’s going on in South Africa where
they’re required they’re requiring the

citizens I’m telling you this is exactly
the kind of the mood they’re requiring
the citizens to have ID
just the goads one place to another

there every day make him carry IEDs that
was not rich never do that here the
other one was right after the then what
what meanest what year was this is like

70s fifties fifties sixties the other
one was the what right this was in the
probably the late 50s or the early 60s

and this was very common oh it’s
horrible how this Fidel Castro took over
and they’re turning neighbor against
neighbor they’re making neighbors turn

each other in because of snitching on
the neighbor so that gives them a bad
embed note on their records this is
really bad that that this is going on
this is exactly and this was drummed

into us by the way is horrible horrible
that people would be
niching on each other just to get points
with the government boom same thing you
do this story you just gifts that is

still available for licensing yeah best
jingle ever here’s another story that
was repressed this ended up on Democracy

Now i didnt know about this twitter was
hacked twitter says it’s investigating
whether state-sponsored hackers were
able to gather personal data from its
users twitter says the hack colby

related to unusual traffic from IP
addresses in China and Saudi Arabia
traffic that they actually released a
report that said that is that what I

have to believe here the Twitter said
we’re seeing some unusual traffic from
China was unusually maybe hacked is that
what I have to believe from that report
I need I bet zoom so yes good geez I
have something that not talk about

suppress I think this is big news this
is about the borderline bar shooting in
California how many people were killed
in that it was another horrible event

we’ve already forgotten about it was
just a couple weeks ago I forgot I ate
all remember in a cop or two I think is
horrible and some of the people who had
survived the Vegas massacre were caught

in this one as well but listen to this
Drug Enforcement agents say they

Irvine dr. Dzung Pham at his Orange
County home this morning arresting the
57 year old and seizing dozens of guns
the raid went down in Tustin 81 rifles
were hauled away from the doctor’s home

according to federal officials and
there’s a connection authorities say
between Zhong Pham his drug
prescriptions and the man allegedly
behind the borderline bar shooting it
also extends according to officials to

the suspect in a Costa Mesa fire
captain’s death Mike Krzyzewski ters
claim and he told investigators that he

was on medications prescribed by
stocked and in his car at the time of
the collision they found pill bottles
that had this doctor’s name on them some
families in federal court late today

according to the federal affidavit five
victims have overdosed and died who were
also receiving and filling prescriptions
from fam from 2014 to 2017 quote from
September 13 2018 to October 2nd 2018

over a hundred different patients texted
fam to refill their prescriptions
oftentimes dictating to fam what they
wanted agents say they have this text

message about the borderline mass
shooting that was sent by dr. Pham quote
one of my patient just told me it reads
that the Thousand Oaks shooter he and
David long had my prescription bottles

that belong to someone else I never saw
mr. long before so I don’t know the
implication of this information so
here’s what’s interesting one I didn’t
hear about this anywhere no one’s

talking about this where’d you get this
this is
sorry I can look and find it for ID I
don’t know exactly where I got producer
sent it to me and a link and I recorded

it but I can find it he needed to know
but okay go on
so a couple of things one what to hell
were the drugs why will you not tell us
reporter this was very annoying to me

that was the number one annoyance a lack
of reporting on this specific yes
Pacific news of the prescription of
growth of what the drug was but and it
sounds to me like it was a drug that may

have been responsible for someone doing
some crazy stuff and this isn’t agree
with Dennis a sense work should have
been reported this is important we’re
not gonna find out unless someone else

finds a report about this whole of that
doctor yellow this is from kcal this is
that Los Angeles channel on Channel nine
in Los Angeles yeah so disappointing
that they won’t tell us what the drugs

were I’d like to know I think we could
start something we could get it going we
could have a little conversation about
it anyways me think
kcal commercial operation probably has
yeah yeah get some drug money you know

you’ve paid to run commercials about
drugs maybe you know if you guys are
gonna keep slamming us as an industry
would think we’re gonna pull our
advertising exactly exactly

it’s people that do the shooting not the
drugs the drugs that’s wouldn’t it be
beautiful if they laid that on us that
would be that would be mint it would be

great yes so I have the since we talked
about the guns in the shooting I do have
the report you know the Trump will never
get gored you know the Trump

administration a lot of stuff that the
mainstream media would be all for except
for the fact that it’s Trump right and
so they did a so they don’t report it at
all you know just to keep us so we got a
care mind straight so this thing here

this is democracy now has no such qualms
so this is the bump stocks law that
somehow it got passed which I think that
a lot of the NRA folks think was just
not necessarily a good idea for long

it’s kind of stupid but but it brings up
also a point on what these things
actually did in the in the eyes of Amy
Goodman uh who have no clue never saw

that shot a gun in her life I’m sure do
see we’ve set up first what our
understanding is of a bump stock shall
we do you have any people want to know
what a bump stock is it’s a it’s a it’s
the stock of a semi-automatic gun that

absorbs the recoil
and makes it jerks the gutter who runs
in such a way that you end up pulling

the trigger pretty quickly
bang-bang-bang maybe he started it makes
like bang bang bang quickly and very
inaccurately yeah of course the Trump
administration on Tuesday issued a new

rule banning the sale of bumped stocks
accessories that turn semi-automatic
rifles like the ar-15 into fully
automatic machine guns the ban came more
than a year of the gunman Steven paddock
news bump stocks to massacre 58 people

while wounding 851 others at a concert
in Las Vegas under the rule change
Americans will have 90 days to destroy
their bump stocks or turn them into ATF
agents the lobby group Gun Owners of

America promised it’ll sue to prevent
the rule from taking effect thanks Amy
I’m very informed now I feel much better
about myself doesn’t turn a gun into an
automatic weapon yes it does

so it’s like as though you know well if
you happen to have some sort of spasm in
your hand and you start shooting real

it doesn’t it didn’t you didn’t turn the
gun into an automatic weapon does not
just as minor things I mean this is just
typical but I probably shouldn’t be
bitching about it I have one last thing

to share which I’ve been on for the
majority of the length of this entire
program all its episodes which is
weather modification and oh yeah one of
your favorites and we’ve talked about

before going there was a weird anomaly
last night I have a clip about the thing
in the sky I have a clip you know I want
to comment on it okay so just not this

not the clip I was gonna talk about but
thanks for bringing it up here it is and
you know I saw it too and it was quite
the sight about five thirty I was
driving along Interstate 80 with my
photographer when we shot of course I

had to pull out my fin on my camera
because I had to get this almost in the
shape of a lightning strike only this
mystery vision was no flash it floated
high above us providing a captivating

view everything was dark except for this
one little like white like reflective
thing Eppie ha the unusual shape in the

sky while driving in Yuba County and I
was like whoa like this is really
something rare that we’re not gonna see
again lawn Dishman Rosa took photos of
the life while driving in Auburn calling

it a sign from heaven
it’s very perfect I’m happy when I see
this Lily wood watched it from West
I definitely appeared really close it
did not look like you know the distance

of a shooting star when you see a
shooting star in the sky I mean it looks
pretty close the National Weather
Service Bay Area is calling this at
noctilucent cloud a cloud that can be
formed from a meteor or space debris

entering the upper atmosphere there were
some planned space events near the time
of the formation it appeared after NASA
posted this picture on Twitter showing a
crew of astronauts undocking from the

space station
a planned Vandenberg Air Force Base
rocket launched around that time was
scrubbed and never took off I’m sure all
you live out there in California when we
saw it and we have a bunch of pictures

I’ll put one of them in the newsletter
for remember good for you Matt Jake got
a couple good shots of it so I go out
I’m going down to grab something from
the car there’s this thing in the sky it

was an upper atmosphere it was it was
just as the Sun was setting and it was
so high in the sky it was light the Sun
was still lighting it up that’s the

reason it was so luminescent hmm because
was the Sun completely went away then
there was gone too and it looked to me
because I’ve seen these before I’ve seen
Vandenberg launches I’ve watched the
thing go off and into the sky and and

blow up I I’ve seen I’ve never let me
finish so I’ve seen a launch where I’ve
seen this the stage separation and right
over the head and it’s very attractive

to watch and this look I did all I
didn’t get to see anything to form this
but I looked up and it looked like a
rocket that had exploded to me that’s
what it looked like to me too

and especially since Vandenberg says oh
no we scrapped our launch mm-hmm
Vandenberg has been trying to launch a
secret spy satellite or something nobody
will say what National Reconnaissance

the rocket yeah and it looks as if it
was looking and there was some rumor
about a rocket aborted first before they
came out with their official statement
there’s a some aborted mission but the

way they put it made it sound like it
was blowed up and like it went into the
sky and then at some point they said
fuck this thing screw this thing and
they because when you look at things but

there’s a spot where you see where the
explosion would have taken place and it
would have flown in different directions
including that loop-d-loop thing at the
top and they just deny it and they come
up with all kinds of dinner all of a

sudden be here oh it’s a Soyuz coming
back was a meteor swamp gas trap yeah
North Korea this is some missile that
blew that’s what I that’s what looked

like to me to very high up though must
mean really very high up that’s why I
was reflecting cuz it was high up high
enough up wasn’t probably even out of
the atmosphere just there was an optical
illusion that was looking close because

it was a big explosion and in fact it
was not probably monstrous and but it
was so high up it was being hit by the
Sun the same way the moon is hit by the
Sun you know it’s bright light bright

object in the sky but yeah it’s bullcrap
something happened it wasn’t good some
now back to my original topic of weather
modification which I’ve been talking

about for a long time in 1978 Secretary
of Defense Cohen at the time testified
in front of Congress a Senate and said
listen what a weather modification is

real are other countries are using it or
adversaries are using it we need to be
in this game and we need to be fighting
with weather modification and he also
mentioned earthquakes and specifically

that some countries have technology to
create earthquakes
and this is from the shine South China
Morning Post which is I guess it’s the

only I mean it’s reliable as far as you
can say it’s reliable from China
I mean that’s well it’s not it’s
actually I think produced out of
Malaysia so I think is pretty reliable
headline China and Russia band together

on controversial heating experiments to
modify the atmosphere a total of five
experiments were carried out in June one
on June 7 caused physical disturbance

over an area as large as 126 thousand
square kilometers or about half the size
of Britain the modified zone looming
more than 500 kilometers high over
vassals orsk a small Russian town

Eastern Europe experienced an electric
spike with ten times more negatively
charged subatomic particles than
surrounding regions I don’t think I have
to go on to explain what’s going on here

oh I do another experiment on June 12th
the temperature of thin ionized gas in
high-altitude increased more than 100
degrees Celsius that’s 212 degrees
Fahrenheit because of the particle flux

and they are doing they’re modifying the
and they actually talk about harp but
that’s our version of it of course
that’s just conspiracy theory just a
stupid crackpot if you say that I think

we need to be very aware of what what
they’re doing and how can it be okay for
global warming and climate change if
you’re heating up heating up high
altitude atmosphere to 212 degrees

yes this is part of it more this is part
of more of a long-term elite scheme of

some sort
to fry us yes exactly baby can’t be good
no any good you just gotta wonder with

the crazy weather this blamed on climate
change where is it coming from
well definitely pushes the climate
change agenda because what does that do

that for death is the the end of Western
civilization as we know it and that is
the end of joy SIA T as we know it found
that happy note that is the end of this

episode of the No Agenda show
it’s your no agenda show and we love
that you support us in many ways thanks
everyone who sent in clips ideas
background questions information

intelligence knowledge art and cache
blankets water and I’m coming to you
from downtown Austin Texas capital the
drone star states a FEMEN region number

six and the governmental maps in the
five by nine clue do in the common law
condo while it lasts in the morning
everybody I Madame Curie and from
northern Silicon Valley where I am now

looking forward to going downstairs and
having some more of my delicious
homemade sauerkraut I’m John C Dvorak we
return on Sunday remember us at Dvorak
org slash na and please stick around for
our aftershow songs with the Michael

Buble from Down Under
adios mofos gather round children
I have a tale to tell

of the cute little green frog wasn’t the
least bit gay

Pepe the green-faced fascist
very harmless me
hanging around on MySpace

all of the trolls on 4chan
that he was published

they were appropriated
for their evil shit first game
election 2015 for

is so great
right now the Nazis loved and

with Donald Trump was elected the rest
we know is history

replaced by
hanging around on MySpace
see all of the trolls are torture

relation to alien culture came to say

baby with your face agreed won’t you be
our old right lead then help the Nazis

loved him
we know is history Donald J Trump is now

President of the United States



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