No Agenda Episode 1097 “Two-way Sword”

okay now we’ll go on March Adam curry
this is no agenda just witness the
12-bar Coastal late by an hour going by

I’m John Seymour I don’t typically do
New Year’s resolutions but I think we
should resolve to stop with the Zephyr

stuff in 2019 it’s not a weak issue oh
I’m sorry I was just trying to make it
the show we just trying to make it
magnanimous a show that’s a show issue

try to trick me
I just have this vision of you sitting
there in your office on the hill
watching the trains go by it goes one

now marking it down your little notebook
I definitely the little no calling
calling in comforters everyone calling
in complaints it was late you know I

used to call in complaints because
there’s some clowns some years back
maybe we’re talking some years back who
would love coming through with their
freight trains honking the horn as loud

as they can but there’s no crossings
there’s nothing honking and honking at
3:00 in the morning thinking that’s
classic doing the same thing if I was

Austin has that too we have the the
trains coming through and they always
are blowing their horn yeah on purpose
of course especially at 3:00 in the

morning there’s no reason for it today
is an important day
December 23rd 2018 not that you’d know
it but there’s an important election
taking place today which kind of fits in

with my beat
we’ll then is your be to discuss I’m
going to discuss it with a quick three
clip a three parter clip series because
it makes nothing but since what have I

been tracking I’ve been tracking Ebola
in the Democratic Republic of Congo and
typically when there’s Ebola the whole
idea is to send in some military troops

to keep everything peaceful and calm
which may have a secondary reason we
learned recently that the actual area of
North was it the kuba Kuniko v qu you

know already or there was a particular
area of the Democratic Republic of Congo
is where pretty much all your cell phone
materials comes from there’s diamonds

there’s gold there’s also a lot of oil
and there’s an election that’s been
gearing up and whenever there’s
elections we always want to be involved
and I have a feeling that maybe the
Ebola stories is to just get us ready in

case we have to jump in and do something
because there’s a big problem with these
elections again slated for today in the
DRC this is the infamous voting machine
a touch screen on which voters will

select their candidate for the election
before a ballot is printed and put into
a ballot box to be counted manually the
president of the Electoral Commission

claims that this machine will make
voting easier for the population and at
the same time guarantee total
transparency we want the winner to win
the best of them almost succeed the

machine is to annihilate all attempts at
cheating which we unfortunately
witnessed in the 2011 in 2006 elections
this is what the Machine is here to fix
at the Electoral Commission headquarters

as in several places in Kinshasa voting
machines are displayed so that anybody
can come and experiment with the new
technology fast even men

now that I’ve tried it it looks very
easy to me but the question is now will
the uneducated people like our mothers
in the villages know how to use the
machines with the pole fast approaching

some opposition leaders are still very
unhappy about the use of the machines
which they call cheating machines
machine commanded of what the voting

machines are not a reliable way to vote
Congolese people are not used to it
company either a black clan shows this
way of voting law so they can cheat

there seems to be some issue with these
new voting machines that have been
brought in manufactured by miru systems
a fine South Korean firm which believes

me to believe there might be some
Chinese stuff in there but also if you
have an Ebola infested country and area
why are you gonna have touch screens

that seems like exactly the opposite of
what you’d want to do and nikki Haley at
the UN had her own issues we are deeply
concerned by the Election Commission’s

insistence on using an electronic voting
system that has never been used in the
DRC our understanding is that the
Commission has never even tested this
electronic voting system in the DRC but

plans to deploy this technology for the
first time on Election Day it should go
without saying that employing an
unfamiliar technology for the first time

during a crucial election is an enormous
risk it has the potential to seriously
undermine the credibility of elections
that so many have worked hard to see

that happen these elections must be held
by paper ballots so there is no question
by the Congolese people about the
results the u.s. has no appetite to
support an electronic voting system

except here of course you’re right it
isn’t ice though if it was made by

Diebold maybe
she would have been okay with it but
perhaps the fact that it comes from
South Korea and could have some Chinese
technology in there who of course would
like to have some control over the

country seeing as they’re the ones in
there getting all the minerals so what
do you do well you do this of course the
first pictures of a burning Election
Commission warehouse in Kinshasa the
capital of the Democratic Republic of

Congo inside were voting materials
destined for centers throughout the city
ahead of presidential elections on
December 23rd it started at about two
o’clock in the morning local time an

estimated 7,000 voting machines were
I can’t take it much further than this I

don’t know who’s behind it but certainly
we’re not happy with the with the voting
machines and that may have something to
do with the outcome and who ultimately
is in control I think we have no control

over this one we’re just we’re just
blowing in the wind well you don’t know
that well that’s that’s why I always say
the Ebola may be there so if the wrong
person gets elected which could happen

then we concede it will happen then we
can fit our standards yes then we can
send in some troops to protect everyone
from Ebola so it could be a distraction
so because there’s nothing in the news

that I’ve see I mean I had to go to
where else did I mean no US outlets of
any significance of reporting on even on
the election really and certainly not

definitely can’t have nikki Haley saying
that voting machines are no good for us
but not for you in the DRC shut up and

give me some minerals for my cell phone
yes well we obviously will keep trying
this is not gonna it sounds to me that
this border line you know mess it is a

it isn’t absolutely it’s an actual mess
good I’m glad you caught that yeah so
that’s so the election is today so who
knows maybe Ebola will step up today

depending on the outcome I don’t think
we all yeah I don’t think we have an
outcome just yet I’ll keep an eye on it
why but I’ve considered one of my beats
to be the Supreme Court Justice picks

ooh yes you mean because you’re already
counting on Ruth Bader Ginsburg no
longer serving as a justice
my mother had cancer and she lived to 90

and she probably had cancer for I don’t
know a long time like maybe I think well
my mother had lung cancer just some
something oh god she was so skinny that

the cancer couldn’t thrive oh really
yeah huh and that’s what kept her going
that’s nothing like a cabbage diet
anyway the Ruth Gator got Ruth cater

Bader Ginsburg it seems to have that
same characteristics she’s really thin
if she had a blood transfusion or

something she’d be she’d be a goner but
he’s you know still she’s this is like
she’s had lots of different cancers
she’s like not just someone whose head
has some lingering cancer so I figure

she’s got a year
it was she just being old and tired how
about that I mean I you may want to
serve your country but she’s believed 85
yeah she said you know da diehard

liberal at before she dies cuz
eventually we all do there’s a lot of
good to be said about her I mean she she

did do a lot for women she’s very very
interesting pre-owned she’s an important
part of the American experience let me
say it before she’s gone so you know to
say you know it’s easy to say she falls

asleep she’s no good but she has quite a
history that no I’m saying I’m saying it
in general not about you in general
because I hear a lot of this I read a
lot of give the woman a little bit of
respect as she leaves

meanwhile we’ve got to pick somebody I
do have an essay coming up I’ve decided
from non now on out I’m not putting in
the newsletter I’m sending them out
separately mm-hmm
this will be the handicapping the picks

I give you a little heads up I do not
think a me koni koni Barrett is going to
win anything or get picked really I
think that they’re gonna probably put a

pickle pick a puka pack a pick a woman
yeah and I believe it will be her
competition which is Joan Larson uh-huh
now John Larson and the cuckoomy Barry

is the odds on absolute if you want to
have checkboxes she is the smartest she
is that prettiest she’s the youngest
hold on Joan Larson I don’t I’ve never

been her don’t know Amy call me Barry
this is smartest already the youngest
gummy bear it’s a few years older I’m
not sorry Larson’s a few years older

Comey Barrett is the youngest the
problem with call me Barrett I believe
is in her presentation we talked about
you know if on paper I’m reminded of our
vice president hopeful under the John

McCain administration who I had picked
to be picked our friend from Alaska yes
Sarah Palin she
I picked her not ever hearing her yes

yes no and we and we do need to be very
specific here the American public
chooses their elected leaders like we

choose our soap so it needs to be
appealing the message needs to be
repeated clearly and often you will be
much whiter after you use me now Tomi
Kony Barrett has the advantages of being

the smartest she’s got great education
got great Kretsch has seven children to
him she’s adopted two kids from Haiti
Haiti refugee she’s a she’s a saint

what’s wrong with her then John there’s
got to be something wrong her voice ah
her voice she sounds like she’s on

helium I have a clip I want you to play
that I have to tell everybody cuz they
know that we have doctored our clips of
Casey for a cheap laugh not to change
the meaning or anything

there is no doctoring going on with this
clip and I think just because she
doesn’t and she’s a professor but she
her voice is a bit off-putting when is

it proper for a judge to put their
religious views above applying the law
Thank You chairman Grassley let me start
with your very last question and say

never it’s never appropriate for a judge
to impose that judges personal
convictions whether they derive from
faith or anywhere else on the law this
article that I wrote as a law student

has gotten a lot of attention since my
nomination so I’d like the opportunity
to put it in context I brought that Law
Review article when I was a third-year
law student with one of my professors 20
years ago it was a project that he had

under way and he invited me to work on
it with him and I was complimented that
as a student he thought I was up to the
task of being more than a research
assistant but I was very much the junior

partner in our collaboration and that
was appropriate given our relative
would I or could I say that sitting here
today that that article and it’s every

particular reflects how I think about
these questions today with as you say
the benefit of twenty years of
experience and also the ability to speak
solely and my own voice no it would not

doesn’t seem I mean I get what you’re
going for but the competition has got to
be a lot better for this to be a total
game you know a a non-starter Larson I

think has the creds to be able to pull
this off she’s got a little more
experience on the bench she’s got more
experience as a litigator she’s got more
experience in general but again not

quite the voice you want for someone who
I’m gonna be picky about this but I know
you know these things do matter I also
did there was a fear that Amy call Kony

it has not enough judicial experience
he’s only been on the bench for it since
2017 along with Joan but Joan was a was
a chief justice mm-hmm before she got on

the bench at one of the states I think
Michigan and it’s just she was on the
Supreme Court the problem they believe
is that Barrett they don’t know if she’s

gonna become another David Souter who
was a big you know a big conservative
pick by one of the one of the
conservative presidents and turned out

to be this massive liberal where it
could be the same way she could become a
Matt you could just see it in her way
she thinks that she could become a real
killer liberal that would be a problem

so they they’re not picking her look I’m
just telling everybody I look I love
your mind-reading I’m not saying that’s
Joan Larson as is I think a better
choice I’m not the voice I’d want to

hear but at least she can I can I quick
quick feedback just because I had not
even heard this name prior to this
program yeah if we were to cast a female

justice she’s the one she is Larson is
straight out of central casting okay
let’s stop there I’m it i will make a
commentary about this because Adam and I

both have thoughts about appearance from
the executive producer yes
not from you know Diaz is prettier and
Amy is incredibly telegenic Joan is

beautiful in a photograph but she is not
nearly as telegenic she’s actually not
telegenic mm-hmm so there’s a little

difference there but it’s beside the
point there Supreme Court justice
there’s nothing gonna be there never on
camera so what difference does it make
so let’s listen to her answers but not
give to those branches as I said in the

Supreme Court hearing judges must be
equally dependent independent of the
president who nominates them and the
senators who confirmed them
so justice arson I think your voice is

really quite masculine please describe
what judicial independence means to you
and tell us whether you have any trouble
ruling against the president who

appointed you thank you for the question
chairman Grassley I would have
absolutely no trouble ruling against the
president who appointed me or any
successor president as well

judicial independence means one thing
one very simple thing and that is
putting the law above everything else
the statutes passed by this body and the
Constitution of the United States so I

would have absolutely no trouble indeed
that would be my duty yeah we’ve often
heard these words especially since
January quote-unquote now more than ever

we need judges who will be independent
of the president who nominated them so
I’d like to ask about your nomination
and your independence a lot much now was

this a confirmation hearing for a for
this for the circuit court circuits yeah
yeah the circuit also a Barrett got less
votes in the Senate as a confirmation

than Larson did mm-hmm and she’s a stay
hater because she’s a staunch Catholic
the other problem is I’m gonna bring
this this is the part that that nobody
will discuss because it’s like you can’t

discuss it
to Supreme Court has too many Catholics
on it hmm it’s almost all Catholics and
and a couple of Jews that’s it
Amy called me koni Barrett is the

extreme Catholic she’s like I’ve oh I
would say she’s a charismatic Catholic
in the old sense this woman larson I
spent days trying to find out what

religion or what religious affiliation
she has there is none hmm she’s either
an atheist and agnostic a Wicca or who
knows what yeah that’s what she looks

nailed it now and believe me I did put a
little more effort than I should have
because I was one point I got I said

wait a minute I’ve got to figure this
out and I went and found all kinds of
documentation for what the religious
affiliations are of all these different
people and she’s not defined of I’ve
even written to people who wrote some

biographies about her and nobody ever
wrote me back thank you so that’s an
issue cuz it may turn out that she’s you
know I don’t believe in God or she’s

that hey this is what I did cause if she
has a husband this is the problem she’s
got some drawbacks she’s got a husband
who’s a professor of law this guy has
got to go to the black scraggly goatee
not a nice trim go to get scraggly

goatee a big ponytail no no yeah
ponytail and he wears a bowtie all the
time what does he do he’s a professor of

law and he teaches teaches law uh-huh
and he’s got the bowtie in the ponytail
and the spinning you know the holy Mises
it’s like this guy is and they did they

do not share names she’s so she’s of the
of the which is a giveaway of some sort
yet I’m not taking my husband’s name I
probably won’t be married to him that
long why should I or something like that

Amy Kony Barrett is married to Bob
Barrett and Kony is her old less old
name uh-huh so there’s that so then we
have this a problem and there’s a third

party which I don’t have in handy I’ve
been doing some research on him who’s
another a possible
guy but I think they’re gonna have to
put a woman in because of Ginsburg being
a woman so it’s gonna be what it’s gotta
be one of these two there’s no other

real challengers these are the two best
okay well just based on what I’m seeing
I think I had not heard of John Larson

even being in in the race for this I
hadn’t even honestly considered
talking about a replacement for Ginsberg
just yet yeah you gotta be ahead of the
game but yeah but Larson you know you

could put her on Law & Order right now
boom in that done she looks the part
I think that’s that’ll do it um and then
Lucy okay well while we’re on that then

we saw general mattis resign yes yes
about that yeah you want to just talk
about his replacement real quick do you

have any any thoughts I do I have have
the military’s thoughts yeah stars the
stripes in the military times and looked
at what they thought yeah that I think

the guy the best guy would be the guy
who’s the deputy the guy who was the
executive from Boeing right who’s the
deputy that’s the guy you want you want
that kind of guy cuz he keeps the whole

thing moving and you know as you can see
well maybe we should take a step back
before we get to that what happened the
minute Trump said
all right pulling out of Syria pulling
out of Afghanistan everybody in

Washington DC just lost their crap
including fragments maybe even
especially Fox News because I know my
god we’re gonna do this is this is the
machine you can’t remove them shit does

not works it’ll move the machine
and I have a couple funny clips about it
do you want to start with something they
have a bunch of clips I got Panetta
bitching let’s do some bitching first I

start with bitch number one yeah this is
this is actually Fox this is I think Fox
and Friends and Sarah Sanders of course

calls him the president I’m sorry I was
just gonna say one thing that was in a
tweet somebody pointed this on I thought
was Grace’s drop has done nothing to

change the Republican Party but he’s
done everything to change the Democrat
Party they are now all war mongers yeah
okay then I’ll flip him around

yes war monger so we’ll start with
Nicole Wallace from MSNBC here’s what
she had to say I mean it is he someone
is is depending I mean you’re basically
describing a US military that does not

listen to the commander-in-chief is that
what’s going on well no I don’t think
that they don’t listen to them I think
that they listen to their credit I’m
cheered if you’re telling me that the

military doesn’t listen to him senior
Pentagon officials who were alarmed by
the news who had the rug pull who were
communicated as recently as yesterday
that our commitment was solid

the president seems to have his foreign
policy run through Moscow or Turkey or
other countries yeah so she is just
cheered she’s cheered I don’t know if
you can be cheered but she’s cheered if

the military no longer listens to the
commander in chief that’s she’s cheered
by that so I guess she likes that and
then we have the Fox people just taking
it many steps further the president has

been talking about this since the
campaign he brought it up again eight
months ago six months ago he’s wanted to
bring our troops home look our goal and
the president’s purpose of continuing to
be in Syria what’s to defeat Isis we’ve

defeated the territorial Caliphate
ninety nine percent of Isis has been
wiped out of Syria the president doesn’t
want to be in the middle of another
civil war in the Middle East and put

American lives on the line for that
purpose he wants to bring the men and
of our armed forces home and that’s what
he judged to do and that’s exactly what
he’s doing
Sarah he’s giving Russia a big win
Vladimir Putin praised him he also is

doing exactly what he criticized
President Obama for doing he said
President Obama is the founder of Isis
he just rebounded Isis because 30,000
men there and their striking Theory

founded Isis this is fantastic
every one going once war apparently in
them in the mainstream media everybody
all sides war war war war war just want

war I don’t care just we need to be
fighting somewhere is there’s no good
and if you go ahead it’s just ridiculous
and just for historical context when

maddis was brought in to manage the
Afghanistan region under no that was
under Bush Rumsfeld was the Secretary of

Defense when he came in he was hated
hated by the left because mainly because
this is a news clip from al-jazeera just

play a little bit from this must have
been around that a little bit later than
to thought maybe 2006 or something this
is the man who will take over one of the
u.s. military’s most challenging jobs

General James Madison this is what he’s
best known for fun to fight I like to
shoot him oh yeah I like that getting to

brawl and shoot those guys I don’t get
it’s like a they they miss handle women
so that’s good to go kill him it was not
really what anyone wanted to hear at the
time he’s not on the on the left and no

one really but now now now we forget all
that we’re very good at it we forget all
about the a-hole who want to just go

blow people up and and now huh I also
heard that this is a story that I heard
is that mattis had consultants in who
were saying you know you could run for

president in 2020
I’m not kidding and so part of the issue
was they allotted to reversed our
generals who all kind of believe that
maybe cuz I did it right well apparently

he had the consultants in the president
got wind of it he’s like you know you
wonder one if you want to run that’s
cool but I can’t have you in for two
years while you’re ultimately gonna run

against me so you gotta go that’s that’s
the story I heard from our military
intelligence that actually makes sense
but I think it’s a combination of things
perfect timing of course you know with

the pullout in Syria perfect timing
well one of course you wanted to stay in
Syria forever
there’s also the issue with the chief of
staff he didn’t like mark Maile the guy

that we like headed that the army taking
over a chief of staff of the Joint
Chiefs he wanted David Goldfine who’s
the Air Force guy and I would challenge

anybody in the military and civilians
whatever taped go on the Wikipedia and
look up Maile and look up Goldfine and
put their bio side-by-side and ask
yourself why anybody would want Goldfine

so there was that there was that issue
there was the Miley issue and there’s a
third issue I’m trying to think what it
was that he had a run-in with I mean

mattis was in total disagreement I’ll
come up with it before we’re done with
our Clips but it wasn’t a good match to
begin with but let’s play the kind of

the background Iran maddest quits leaves
snarky note PBS resignation letter was
noteworthy for its absence of any praise
for president Trump instead he cited his
differences with the commander in chief

writing you have the right to have a
secretary whose views are better aligned
with yours we are going to a point mad
dog matters as our Secretary of Defense

the seeds of discord were present when
mr. Trump announced in 2016 that the
retired four-star Marine general would

run the Pentagon mattis has made it
known that he hates the nickname mad dog
after that he repeatedly disagreed
publicly with the president by
supporting NATO and other alliances

criticizing worsen interference in US
elections and opposing the president’s
withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal
and transgender military ban then came
mr. Trump’s sudden decision this week to

withdraw US troops from Syria a move
mattis strongly disagreed with at the
White House last night press secretary
Sarah Sanders acknowledged the rift he

and the president have a good
relationship but sometimes they disagree
the president always listens to the
members of his national security team
but at the end of the day it’s the

president’s decision to make maddis
plans to leave the Pentagon at the end
of February the other issue I was
thinking about besides the mark Miley

and all these other disagreements is the
Pentagon budget failed they tried me the
Audion of the audit fought it yes their
audit Department he’s the head of the

Pentagon he’s the one responsible he’s
the one who didn’t get the audit done
right another another good point and
nobody’s talking about that well nobody

wants to know about it including this
president I don’t think he really cares
just wants to make sure we spend a lot
on it and that were the biggest and the
so here’s here we have PBS had a lot of

this because judy has gone off the rails
I really think that she misses Gwen Gwen
too and I miss Gwen’s balance she’s got

no she’s completely unbalanced she’s
she’s starting to shake she’s she’s
really Trump hater it’s unbelievable so
we have these we have Panetta and

Richard Haass so Panetta former CIA
director former Secretary of Defense for
Obama yes and Hoss was a hot day is been
a lot of different things but he’s the

head of the Council on Foreign Relations
these are the guys you want for a
balance story on PBS so let’s listen to
Panetta on mattis Leon Panetta to you
first your reaction when you learned

that secretary mattis had resigned I
thought it was a sad day for the nation
to lose an outstanding defense secretary
who was well experienced with regards to

national security policy and also
believed in the basic principles of of
leadership of strength of our alliances

of understanding who our adversaries are
principles that I think have served this
country well since World War two to lose
that experience to lose somebody with

those principles I think increases the
danger in this country of not having the
ability to deal with a lot of danger

points in the world today and that that
concerns me because I think it puts our
nation at risk what did he just say
other than

orange man bad what did he actually say
okay nothing I thought was what goes
with the follow-up that she goes to Haas
and asks him specifically do you think
the nation’s at risk and which is what

Panetta said we’re all at risk some for
some reason she thinks so too you can
tell where she asked the question this
is the Hoss not answer this question and
informated way Richard Haas you agree it

puts the nation at risk well it’s
certainly a major loss he was
experienced he was sober he represented
sober hey we want our military men drunk
she was sober he represented essentially

a traditional foreign policy view for
foreign policy I’ll admit my bias I
think it served this country
extraordinarily well for three-quarters

of a century
nice changing in fact he goes on and
discusses us a little bit more
this is haast now discussing the Trump

pull out of Syria which is like again
we’re listening to the head of the
Council on Foreign Relations so he’s you
know definitely yes he must be against
it gets me why we’re doing there in the

first place but he pulls the same stunts
that these other guys have pulled we did
it on the last show I had a clip that

was similar to this where this is some
sort of a abnegation of our our
responsibility when we’re not even
supposed to be in Syria it was only
gonna be a temporary thing to begin with

three months three months three months
you know no house yep but here listen to
him go on and on has again what I think
is a radical view of this country’s

relationship with the world and that
will be heard far beyond the Middle East
I would think people in Taiwan in South
Korea in Europe they saw what this
president did and why would any American

ally why would any country dependent on
America somehow believe that something
like this couldn’t happen to them we
have shredded our reputation for
reliability and dependability and that

might be the the greatest consequence of
the last few days what’s interesting
about this yeah go ahead
what is he talking about we who’s what
Li did we screw now we’re leaving Syria

no but he’s won well that’s not what
he’s saying I think to me what he’s
saying is hey if you’re Japan you know
you should be worried because you know
we could just pull right out and we want

you to have a base who won’t protect you
I think that’s what he’s trying to say
we only have 800 bases around the world
so now I personally I like it I’ve been
advocating to get out of everything for

as long as I can remember and also
there’s there was no this is all under
the phony baloney although it wasn’t at
the time but under the 9/11 regulation
of the president I’m still under a state

of emergency presidents can put us into
war situations without the
only body who has the authority to do
that which is the House of
Representatives well I know some of the
degrees with you well there’s a lot of

people would agree with me so far as a
clip Oh Ron Paul of course yes yeah in a
way why should it be complicated we were

in a place we shouldn’t have been in the
war that’s unconstitutional doesn’t make
any sense we don’t know why we’re there
we don’t know when we’re supposed to
come home and finally we have a
president in this case doing his a curry

said he wants to do and they go nuts so
I guess we shouldn’t be shocked shocked
I’m shocked that there would be these
factions yeah and I think you know this
is you know Washington showing its

colors here are the neo cons the main
proponents of the unitary executive he’s
the decider he’s the commander-in-chief
then when he finally acts as a decider
acts as a commander-in-chief in a

constitutional way removing troops from
somewhere they shouldn’t go all of a
sudden he didn’t tell us he didn’t ask
us he’s not listening to us what’s going
on here the war is a dumb war and it’s
unconstitutional and then they criticize

them for doing it this is this is one
place where a president that has an even
a memory of the Constitution did the
right thing yeah exactly exactly it’s
also a nice time to pay attention to the

people who are adamantly against this
and just need to note their names they
may all be against it but really listen
to the you know particularly the media I

agree you know pay attention who’s
really against it cuz those those that’s
the enemy right there well it and it’s
also part of spot to spook yes well it
seems like everybody’s on board not that

that wouldn’t be possible too
well the one clip I do have that I think
is interesting because it was it was
offset from the Judy’s report on Trump

leaving Syria and firing mattis mm-hmm
and it seems to if you just kind of
dissect it it seems to explain what
really went on here is that you know

they think it’s like Trump decided let’s
just leave
when it is quite possible that he did a
bunch of deals in the background cuz he
was floating around especially with

Turkey to get himself getting our guys
out and put somebody else in to finish
the job because there’s two factors in
this turkey situation and this is
explained on PBS newshour but it’s not

as a separate story that’s got nothing
to do with anything
but play this leaving Syria Elder Wand
deal with Trump Turkey’s president ray
gypped i afforda wanted a welcomed us
plans to leave syria that came is the

Associated Press reported the president
Trump made the decision after speaking
with Erdogan last week in Istanbul the
Turkish leader said he promised the
president that Turkey will finish off

Islamic state militants we will be
working on our operational plans to
eliminate Islamic state elements which
are said to remain intact in Syria in

line with our conversation with
President Trump in other words over the
next months we will adopt an operational
style geared toward this goal her Dewan
also said that turkey is delaying a

planned operation against us back
Kurdish forces in Syria meanwhile the
Kurds warned their fighters may have to
leave the fight against Isis to confront
any Turkish attack yeah now there’s

obviously deals happening here and I
think for Trump it was you know what
just stop all the crap about Saudi

Arabia you know take a back seat on the
khashoggi thing
I’ll give you Syria I don’t care anyway
I’ll give you that yes it seems that
cut-and-dry I think so too and I think

he had to protect the Kurds and all the
protections consistent this is part of
the deal because it’s part of the yeah
he said oh no we won’t to go after the
Kurds right away we’re gonna hang back

they’ll go back to where they came from
and since and leave Syria and the Turks
are gonna come in full force to take
these remove the rest of these idiots

these Isis idiots out there’s one other
that’s that their whole thing up that’ll
be oh my god and maybe some peace
at least for us well there’s two other
things that about well first of all

there was an interesting ad in recoil
magazine which is some like aerospace
defense magazine and it was the remember

the old Blackwater logo with like the
claw Blackwater of the mercenaries yeah
Eric Prince
they said to get a full-page ad I don’t
know what that cost in recoil magazine

but completely black the Blackwater logo
and then just the words we are coming
and the thinking is that pull out of
Syria but certainly Afghanistan is all
kind of surface stuff like let’s bring

art let’s bring our boys and girls home
but in the meantime we do send in
Blackwater Zee Academy over there called
today to still you know have the covert
operations that we need when we need

them like maybe for the poppy fields
apparently we still need him at the
poppy fields something like that and
then here and this is just turkey in
general a new update came out for

iPhones and iPads I don’t use one
anymore but I do have this it is iOS
12.1 – and it includes bug fixes for
your phone a – in particular fixes bugs

with ECM activation and addresses an
issue that could affect cellular
connectivity in Turkey
I’m thinking wait a minute what what

system is turkey using that could be an
issue and I went to look for it and the
first thing you hit right off the bat is
from the when was this this was I think

a couple weeks ago that Turkey president
Tayyip Erdogan announced today the
country would boycott all electronics

from the United States in particular
targeting specifically Apple immense the
rising trade tensions between the two
so it may just be coincidence but you

have a country threatening to boycott a
device specifically and then they do an
update with something that is fixes
something not working on the Turkish

cellphone Network to me it sounds like
maybe they inserted something to make it
work better on the Turkish cellphone
Network like they might do with China

or maybe they turned off something they
turned off the spy device no I think
that no because Turkey said we don’t
we’re gonna boycott your phones well if

it’s gonna make the phone work more like
a spy device well why wouldn’t they just
keep boycotting the phone how about if
it’s working as a spy device for them
for the Turkish girl for the Turkish the

Chinese have some special up doors so
they can spy on them yes exactly
well yeah they got you some but the
Gulen ist’s yeah all right I can buy
that that could be part of it right I’d

like to know more about it I’d like to
know more about it I’m very interested
in well then it gets you negative
hearing I can’t accuse apple of anything
because you know that could get us deep

platformed yeah
well I think something’s up now turning
a turkey into a major trading partner
with the United States is not a bad idea

I still admire for my visit there the
glassware that is made in Turkey is
world-class and it never gets out of
Turkey or I mean it does but not into

the United States and it’s so cheap said
it would be it’s just incredibly
competitive and there’s a lot of stuff
that they it might benefit both
countries and maybe Trump’s doing a good

thing here overall giving Turkey half of
Syria and well it’s you know he’s not
just giving it to Turkey he’s giving it
to Russia is giving it to Iran and I

think is mended to end Syria yes thank
in Syria their own country and fine let
everyone fight it out you know let
everyone run around you know it was the
friend she wanted us to do that I mean

that’s really where it all comes stems
from from total oil and and I haven’t
heard anything about French that’s in
the Vietnam to if you recall yeah not
from firsthand experience but yeah yeah

I’ve seen the Kenz brick Ken Burns
documentary but it wasn’t really spelled
out that well lie about it so it seems
to me like what that’s just

what it seems you go on with that but
first of all the Russians were always in
Syria the word EU sport yes so what’s
new about Russia being there nothing

No so now all of a sudden is a big deal
Russia’s pulling this Trump strings yeah
well I’m I’m just anti-war so I’m happy

with it I don’t see any reason you know
I understand what are what are uh what
our business is here in the United
States I’m not ashamed of it I’d leave

if I was but you know we create war
stuff that’s what we spend the most
money on that’s what the most people and
working in an industry and of course
they are the other side of it health
care but we make war stuff
there is also an eleven billion dollar

contract Erewhon agreed to four more of
our stuff as a part of the deal with
Trump you know and then so the same goes
for Saudi Arabia you know one hundred
and ten hundred and twenty billion
dollars says like once you guys take our

stuff we’ll help you operate it and kill
each other and we’ll just sit here with
our own own oil that could be an actual
it’s not a bad strategy I just like to
know why the Lib Joe is out there are

all pro-war all of a sudden because the
anti-trump is just whatever he does you
gotta be against him no matter what your
position was in the past and now it’s
get getting to an interesting point

where people who should be pacifists and
and want peace on earth harb advocating
for the exact opposite and that’s what’s
funny that’s why he gotta keep an eye on

who’s doing who’s saying what cuz you
got to remember what they’re doing
white musing
I think we could well this anger kind of

crossed over with the wall and some
shoehorning ramming through of the five
billion dollar budget last minute

through the house which of course that
has has to go through the Senate which
seems impossible but it was I don’t know
what the move is but the way it played
out in the m5m is Trump was kind of

hanging back he was defeated because you
know Nancy and Chuck went into the Oval
Office beat the crap out of him he was
like who but then it was apparently
people like Ann Coulter and and anyone

on Fox who were telling the the
president that he had no teeth lost his
manhood and he should stand up stand up
for the wall and hilariously that’s how

it was interpreted by Jeffrey Toobin
constitutional lawyer worst that guy on
CNN and Republicans are complaining
Jeffrey that they can’t figure out

exactly where the president stands they
meet with him they hear what he’s saying
but he’s not telling them I’m gonna sign
this but I’m not gonna sign that well
what they should be doing obviously is
checking with Ann Coulter because

apparently she’s the President of the
United States as far as this is
concerned I mean this was a deal this
deal was agreed to Mitch McConnell who
was nobody’s idea of a flaming liberal
Paul Ryan everybody thought this deal

was done and you know what the president
lost on the wall because he didn’t have
the votes but then you know Laura
Ingraham and Ann Coulter started
challenging the president’s manhood and

and the the House Republicans started
stamping their feet and the president
decided no no I’m gonna scream and yell
and shut down the government even though
I still don’t have the votes so I mean I

guess and Coulter has to figure out how
this is all going to end because she’s
the person who is driving the the
federal government at this point god
help us god help us lunatic and by the

way what is he I mean this is just a
promotion for Ann Coulter yeah she’s
been misquoted
and they just user the user is a

whipping boy they like to throw around
but also the manhood thing that came
from some overheard conversation of
Nancy Pelosi yes exactly
so I’m not quite sure how this got I

mean I didn’t follow any of acts that I
barely watch that kind of stuff
so here is here’s shields his Brooks and
shields by the way they they took Brooks

away and they put in his Gershon guy so
now his shields and and a worse shields
this PBS has gone off the rails I mean
they don’t have any balance whatsoever

anymore but listen to shields misquoting
Coulter hours away from yet another
government shutdown what does it say
about the way things are working right
now in our government well manat well

Judy I mean we went from a week ago you
recall in the White House which seems
eons ago when Senator Schumer and
Democratic host leader and speaker
Pelosi met with the president and the

president you know mantle he stepped up
and said I’ll take the shot to show it
shutdown you know be happy to do it on
my put it to me then to an agreement
with the Senate that it would stay they

fund it through the new year and then
come back and revisit it and then
immediately a reaction a revulsion if
you would from the president’s longest

and strongest supporters TV commentators
on the right such as Rush Limbaugh and
Coulter and said that this was a sellout
that on the wall and Coulter going so

far as to say his presidency was a joke
and that he had scammed the American
people oh so now they brought into
compass oh this is all Republican right
wing talk people Sochi and now they’re

now they’re important there’s something
more behind this I don’t know what it is
yet but there’s no reason for a guy like

this – I mean okay you can talk about
Ann Coulter so that was maybe some where
the impetus but you bring in Rush
Limbaugh I’ve heard other you know of
course they bring in Hannity and Carlson

any anybody they can from mainly from
Fox News
what’s the there’s there’s more to that
first of all let’s make the correction
here that she never said the presidency

is a joke
she had a longer comment she says if
after four years he doesn’t get the wall
built then the presidency will be a joke
uh-huh that’s a lot different than the

presidencies a joke and a scam I don’t
know where you got even got that part
but there is a I don’t know maybe
they’re trying to separate the herd or
they’re trying to do something

dividing conquer the right wing I think
they’re going for a massive cable D
platform D platform fox news from every
cable station in the platform your boy

and hey who’s my boy your boy is hold on
I’ll tell you your boy that’s not your
boy your boy is savage Michael Savage

kicked off in New York so he effectively
lost his his New York affiliate yeah
that’s a huge issue that’s a huge

oh it’s a major problem he’s now he’s
he’s he’s deployed effectively D
platformed from national radio you don’t
have New York you have almost nothing I
come from that business a New York’s a

big deal it’s the deal it’s New York ed
threw him out just causing a problem by
the way I think that it may cause more
trouble for WGN this for any well but

you know who they’re bringing in and
this is what I found interesting Ben
Oh God Ben Shapiro is unlistenable Ben
Shapiro is a shill he is a Hollywood

creation by admission
he’s a Hollywood creation and now he’s
got he’s got the seven stations he’s
cleared in New York he’s cleared in DC’s

cleared in Chicago these are good
stations mmm ABC New York and WLS
Chicago he’s got Atlanta he’s got KABC
Los Angeles this is a massive change but
Shapiro was also not a not a pro Trump

guy no he was anti Trump I think he is a
never Trump ER but he’s really being put
he’s he’s being positioned in he can’t

handle it yes he can
I don’t think so you you yes you can it
doesn’t number people to grab that three
hours of talk every day five days a week

a year every small number of people
they’re all semi nuts
okay well that not that I’m not
interested in that part of it I’m he’s

being put in here he has zero radio
experience that I know of and now he’s
like I said he can’t Haley that’s what
you do what you just said is but it
doesn’t matter because he’ll kill he’ll
stay in there to propagate the message

look what’s Lucas he’s replacing Michael
Savage he’s nobody’s gonna listen to his
show it’s unimportant it’s very
important it’s not WG there’s money

involved that’s very important okay
first of all you’re wrong because the
Ben Shapiro has quite an audience on
online and people like him a lot of
people like him a lot of moderate people

like him I think he he has a following I
think it will translate to his radio
show but it will effectively change the
audience that listens to what they think
would be right-wing talk radio which it

won’t be because it’s it’s just not what
he’s not he’s he’s in there he’s in he’s
more left-wing than right-wing and it’s
which doesn’t work very well on the
radio I’m agreeing with you but they’re
gonna give it a damn good shot with this

kid I think he’s gonna believe Monica
Crowley and some of these others that
just do not draw the draw the audience I
know what you’re saying about he does
have an audience you’re right but a

large massive audience is very hard to
control and very hard to attract and he
is annoying hey I had this argument at
home about the guy so you don’t have to

tell me this
but people like him he has a message
that is kind of down the middle and it’s
supplanting again going back toward the
original questions like what’s happening
why are we picking on people it’s – it’s

to get rid of them it’s time – deep
platform all of these people well it’s a
good try you can go go for it I mean did
you know the joke is of course you what
Savage did
why he’s doing a podcast yeah he’s doing

a podcast is all you New Yorkers listen
to my podcast and I think a lot of them
will because I think I think if
anybody’s gonna drive the podcasting

side of the industry it could be him
thank you Michael
now yeah yeah we need more competition
good I want you I did we don’t company
we don’t we we don’t have any real

competition now I want to mention
something about five six years ago I
think it was and I ever since then I

I used your reaction you don’t even
remember this I’m absolutely sure of it
I played a ben shapiro clip on this show
around six years ago and you went nuts
really yes you hated the guy you didn’t

like his but you didn’t like anything
about me I’ve never said that no no play
me the tape
it was like you were so worked by this

clip that I Nev never played a bench
trick do you have the clips since it’s a
lot too long ago I probably do have it
I’ll see if I can find it and we’ll play
it again and see what your reaction is

but what was he doing six years ago your
react your reaction is the general
public’s reaction to a guy like this now
maybe six years ago maybe he look he

went to a complete change he went
through you know wardrobe hair makeup
the whole thing you know he’s got he’s
good for radio he’s got a bit yeah he’s
got a big-time agent yeah it is it

really is that’s what you get with an
ingre ham that’s what you get with these
you know Sean Hannity it’s a certain
look it’s a certain type but he’s a wolf
in sheep’s clothing I’m trying to see if

my brother Nathaniel let me see if I can
find your your shapiro clip from six
years ago you might be at a shapiro
might not hmm okay well that’s not

helpful then I mean you’d look at look
your search engine let me see 2014 maybe
it’s five years ago ben shapiro

on guns ben shapiro guns more morality
socialism narcissism egomaniacs
ben shapiro on Jews now that was

seventeen uh no I don’t have now I don’t
know that’s for to drop it well you
brought it up I think I think Ben
Shapiro radio is gonna be a fail and

it’ll be fat faster than weed okay I
think it will be successful and you will
eat crow I will refuse to eat crow crows
have a very noble bird

uh how did we get onto this we were
talking about the these guys going off
on Colt or yeah and meanwhile we had I

played the shield’s clip where he makes
all these assertions so then I expect
this guy Gershon from the Guapo wawapo
comes on and he’s talking about this is

the same the topic is about the way
Trump handled the budget issue to the
point where we’re at an impasse where
does the fault lie well big picture this

shows how easy the President of the
United States is to manipulate I mean he
had agreed to a deal then some of his
you know toughest supporters Limbaugh
Ann Coulter and some of the team in the

Fox News morning programs came out
against it and he changed his view like
a puppet on a string it was really

extraordinary a sign of weak leadership
and I could bet you that Russia and
China and North Korea look at something
like that about how easy this president

is to manipulate so that’s the context
for this the you know I so I don’t think
that he can make a particularly good
case having agreed already to something
rather reasonable that you know the 30

that he changed his view with good
reason he can’t make that case
what kind of balance is this
when it comes to the PBS yeah

there’s no balance there are people that
could rationalize and maybe give us some
perspective from a different you know
point of view but no PBS they’ve already

done this with with the global warming
and they’ve admitted it they cannot have
it and gory even tried it them before
even thinking about it you cannot have
anybody on a arguing against you can’t

have anyone against the global warming
thesis on the show they’ve already said
that so do you have two people on
there’s no balance they’re both going to

say the same thing right now they’ve
done it with the shields and Brooks
segment where you got shields who hates
Trump with a guy who hates Trump more is
that what your balance is real haze and

kind of subtle hate maybe Nitin doesn’t
hate him so much but this guy hates him
a lot and that’s what there’s your
balance as balance there isn’t there if
I were you I’d return my donation and my
tote bag luckily I don’t donate to them

let’s listen to another globalist mazie
Hirono who they like to call because you
know no one ever heard of mazie Hirono
of Hawaii that’s because she’s pretty

much an idiot yes but she says fun
things I was very distressed by it of
course and he made it very clear that he
and Presidential we’re not on the same

page in terms of their world views and
of course Trump’s war wheel is is very
how shall I say whack because she comes
up with it himself these last two days I

feel as though we have been on a roller
coaster with him at the controls because
first there’s the announcement that
we’re getting out of Syria where we know
that he didn’t discuss it with anybody

including general mattis no giving a
huge Christmas present to Putin and to
Iran because I’ve been very focused on
what’s going on as a border they make an

announcement that people who come who
are coming through for asylum purposes
have to wait on the Mexican side where
there are huge safety concerns for so
many of the children

and then of course the Senate did the
responsible thing last night by keeping
government running passing this bill by
a voice vote and only to have
presidential get all worked up because

he’s got some right wing loud people
yelling at him on Fox News and suddenly
he says well I don’t think I’m gonna
sign it so it is very true that he will

bring on the shutdown and he has to take
responsibility for it any effort on his
part to blame the Democrats will be such
bullshit that as I said before I would
hardly gave it a stamp it I think she

said bullshit I give her points for the
bullshit yeah but there’s that there’s
the the clear talking point you know

it’s like the crazy people on Fox News
it’s and you know there go not on the
same page every Ally yeah I I think
really this has more to do with a
serious media offensive on a competitor

in the space you know Mike your theory
and the Michael Savage stuff presented
subscriber but I like the Michael Savage
removal from ABC in New York is an

advertiser related issue you know they
went after his advertisers
yeah well they do that well yeah well
they were successful that’s my point is

that we could do every show we can bring
one example of that if that’s the
problem with the media today right but
it but when it’s working and let’s see
how it goes you know we’ll see there’s
too much of this at the same time it’s

too much of the same stuff I think
there’s more there’s a little more
behind it but could be wrong we need to
talk about deep platforming in general
because I do we have a couple of things

to discuss we’ll do that in a moment but
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Alex Brewer in Nags Head North Carolina
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and do a short bit fame is in your cards
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kisser in the summer of 16 a summer full
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unleashed upon the world with a new
perspective as the proverbial wool has
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your deconstruction of the media I’ve
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for us goat and Christmas oriented
cool because we’re very goat oriented
crashing show with a great Christmas
medley yes yeah it’ll be good one

d platforming yes I want to talk about D
platforming for a moment and
this I think it came we were talking

maybe I should play this this clip first
this is about 5g
yeah I do want to play this actually
because you were deep platformed from PC

Magazine before right if we’re basically
just questioning 5g technology well I
wasn’t even that what I did is I wrote a
column about how many people were

questioning it I wasn’t questioning it
and I outlined all these different
things and then I made the assertion
that this could become a problem for
people promoting 5g and interestingly
AT&T announced just this week that they

would be updating their phones so if you
have 18 T on your Android phone or your
iPhone you will within the new year
receive a little notification or it says

4G LTE it’ll say 5g e which stands for
evolution which means it’s not 5g it’s
bullcrap it’s marketing but these guys

old crap but they but they’re stupid
this is the possibly the stupidest thing
you can do to gain market share in
unproven technology that is not rolled
out I mean unproven in certainly from a

health perspective but unproven in many
areas they want to be the first cuz you
know t-mobile is trying to get out there
be first yeah foam finger where AT&T but
when you hear about some of the

testimony going on about 5g such as dr.
Sharon Goldberg that I have here she’s
an internal medicine physician and
professor and she’s testifying here
about the possible dangers of a low

electromagnetic radiation associated
with the 5g telephony networks wireless
radiation has biological effects period
this is no longer a subject for debate

when you look at PubMed and the
peer-reviewed literature these effects
are seen in all life forms plants
animals insects microbes in humans we
have clear evidence of cancer now there

is no question we have it evidence of
DNA damage cardiomyopathy which is the
precursor of congestive heart failure
neuropsychiatric effects so 5g is not a
conversation about whether or not these

by alive
cool effects exist they clearly do we’ve
been sitting on the evidence for EMR and
chronic disease for decades and now we
are seeing all these epidemics appearing

diabetes is the first epidemic I think
most of you know the statistics one in
three American children will become
diabetic in their lifetime and if
they’re Hispanic females the number is

one in two so what does this have to do
with wireless radiation Wireless
radiation and other electromagnetic
fields such as magnetic fields and dirty
electricity have been clearly associated
with elevated blood sugar and diabetes

that is what the peer-reviewed
literature says it is not opinion the
closer you live to a cell tower the
higher your blood glucose so the idea
with small cells of putting the cells

closer to people’s homes and bedrooms
scientifically is very dangerous and
from an economic perspective it’s
dangerous and you may not know this I
was shocked to find this out but the way

you create a diabetic diet ease in rats
in the lab is by exposing them to 2.4
gigahertz and this is not for long-term
exposure the other epidemics that

clearly linked from the science with
electromagnetic radiation or related to
mental health and this is this is
straight from PubMed this isn’t my
opinion this is science so we have three

epidemics but clearly they’re
essentially one epidemic we have a
deterioration of mental health in the
United States so and these epidemics are
our suicide epidemic epidemics in

violent course of shootings and the
opioid epidemic these are facts these
are and these are things that have just
been glossed over by the wireless
industry and I really don’t have time to

talk about them in five minutes I wish I
did but we need to examine our epidemics
in the context of our EMF exposures now
I want to believe all this but I have to
say listening to her with its PubMed

peer reviewed its science the science is
in no-questions-asked shut up slave I’m
a little skeptical about it now

what do you think what do you think I
know I don’t have any first-hand
knowledge of any this I do know I have a
number of friends that were on the cell
phones too long and they’re all dead

because of the cell phone I heard all I
know is it seems unlikely that they
would have been dead otherwise I don’t
know dude I mean you can take any
perspective you want on this the lot

there’s but there’s like a number of
what there’s a couple of professors who
want to Cal it has a web page filled
with documents about this mm-hmm
apparently it’s being studied to death
and most of these things get suppressed

and that concerns me that concerns me
more than what she says and she’s not
saying the science isn’t because
everybody else says she’s full of crap
well the science is in on the other side
the thing that that bugged me about her

testimony she’s talking about 2.4
that’s not 5g is not supposed to be much
higher is that isn’t that in the 50
gigahertz range there’s another woman
who got deep platform for writing about

Wi-Fi uh-huh calling it wife ride yeah
and we do know it’s a microwave oven
frequency that has got all kinds of
protections around the microwave oven

and we’re slowly microwave being
microwave oven and most of us have
already disrupted it’s not it’s not at
those levels it’s no big deal but it
turns out that that is a big deal

according to some studies and they
believe that the microwave frequency
which is our you know Wi-Fi everyone has
it you got one probably I was gonna say
I your feet there I have I have 2.4

gigahertz on my head both sides my my
hearing aids use a 2.4 gigahertz yes for
the Apple AirPlay line if I were you I’d
be concerned

I’m very good is that the diabetes epic
is epidemic is because it’s just the
constant exposures constant exposure to
this now that that part I think is

sounds realistic but also maybe we
should just stop eating junk in America
that might might help us separate all
these issues so there’s there still it’s
still growing it’s it’s it’s interest

yes Willa combination is that
now the the 5g is totally different
stories about business micro millimeter
wave technology is completely different

right and this penetrating stuff and
millimeter wave doesn’t penetrate very
well no which which is why you need all
the million of these things with
themselves with with millimeter waves

it’s just the very sketchy this
technology is it’s like all technologies
when they first come out there they
rushed the market so if somebody can
make a lot of money and we’ll deal with

it later and even and I said on some
show that I was on I can’t remember the
name of it unfortunately I should be
able to but I probably lost my memory
from why fried the I call this the
potential this whole wireless revolution

maybe the asbestos of this 21st century
and all the companies that are that are
potential for being sued out of business

includes Intel right
but if this is a problem they would want

to touch it up for as long as they could
until they can fix the problem if they
can fix it at all but they’re rushing
the market with this 5g because those
guys the big telecom companies are all
in there they don’t care about the

technology as long as you know they get
they just want the marketing angle they
want the investor angle that’s what it
seems like to me as well
yeah trying to run their stock up trying
to but this could be a two-way sword
bigger to it because the two-way sorta

like that they they can get their
investors can turn on them as something
bet you know some real something
definitive comes out of like Washington

the White House let’s say about five G
Trump turns on it for example I mean is
this real risk so I think so it comes
down to Marcus really yeah yeah okay
well then it makes sense that you got

deep platform for that Jordan you know
the biggest advertisers in the United
States are Verizon
t-mobile de Katie’s second or third
those guys that advertise the most so

that would make sense that a magazine
like PC Mag has sold out well I think
they’ve all sold out
the the number one way I see these days

for you to get deep platformed is to
call yourself a creator I would advise
you don’t do it have you noticed this I

think I may have mentioned it before I’m
this it really irks me I can’t explain
exactly why but and it’s and it revolves
around the patreon discussion which for
some reason people are still incredibly

surprised that patreon does not stand
for complete free speech but really for
what their community will will accept
and oh my goodness this is you got

kicked off because you know you didn’t
fit within the community and people are
surprised like patreon owes them
something but every single one of these
people talks about creators and I think
it’s insulting and I think it’s bad that

to lump every tool on podcasters and
youtubers and and Scott Adams calls
himself a creator like it’s just why is
this bothering me can you please look in

my head doctor Dvorak I don’t know what
is something I think it’s actually the
sound of the word or the word itself or
the generality about what it is or maybe
it trivializes or marginalizes that’s

what I use yeah I think maybe that’s it
I’m a podcaster I’m proud to say I’m a
podcaster it’s not a creator
well you create a podcast it was creator
maybe it’s cuz it sounds more like I’m

God I’m a creator I’m God that’s
probably you might see it as blasphemous
and most of these people probably do
think they’re all that and a bag of
chips so then maybe that’s why they call
them sir we are the creators I tell ya

I create media they’ll be think they
call them creatives creatives I’d also
didn’t like that one when I had the the
agency I despise that – I think

creatives despise it and called
creatives yeah I think it puts you in a
box yeah I don’t know what to go back to
artists good word habit artist is well

anyway the I just wanted to mention for
for people who are being deep lat formed
there is a very thriving ecosystem if

you’re interested in this ball based
around activity pub and doesn’t you
don’t really need to know what that is
but it’s that it’s kind of a simple
technology that allows the one thing RSS

could never do which is the
publish/subscribe model through anything
but one huge you know centralized place
and this is what is loosely called the

feta verse so if you want a Twitter like
thing there’s a mastodon if you want
Instagram this pixel fed if you are
YouTube there’s peer tube and bitch
you’d which work quite well actually but

none of these not a single one will get
you the same type of activity you have
on the the big social networks such as
Twitter Facebook

Instagram etc and that’s mainly because
there is no m5m feedback loop so they’re
not talking about it and feeding back
into it and there’s no algorithms so
it’s not like the drugs that you get

when you go into twitter it’s fantastic
if you want to just have a social
network and interact but it will never
ever be anything like again it’s just
pure drugs that you get from from the

algal Algar lized social networks goggle
eyes right I do have one story in this
regard oh good one of the guys that got

deep platform ins became a big deal yeah
and everyone who even mentions his name
gets deep platformed including a
pewdiepie bitched about this I think
he’s still on YouTube but he’s not

deeply informed I think he got kicked
off a patreon oh okay there he’s not the
platform from YouTube they’d be crazy if
you crazy to do that
no they’re not doing that but he’s what

you lost his you know income streams and
so this sargon of akkad
yeah this is this is the thing that that
started off the patreon deep platforming
and apparently huge fans Dave Rubin and

a bunch of heat erson are big fans and
then because of this the platforming of
this guy the British guy I think yes his

name is Karl Benjamin and he has this
you know right wing he’s a real brexit
guy and he apparently said something not
on his pep podcast someplace else

somewhere along the lines they accuse
him was saying something years ago about
something just the n-word I need to make
a distinction about something here
because I followed this and I’m it it’s

interesting you bring it to the show cuz
I finally kind of uninteresting mainly
cuz I like the way you always do that
well I mean that I mean dinner but it’s
good you’re bringing it up now because

the story’s been around for two to three
weeks first of all the show the him the
guy himself I just don’t find
interesting it’s like okay fine whatever
he’s a British guy what do you expect

what you don’t like the bless it’s not
true what what he did you know calling
someone a white nigger and I was
supposed to be to show that basically
the the joy read defense of you know I

said faggot because he says faggot then
you know how it feels faggot but this
wasn’t even anything about what but hold
on that’s not the point okay what’s the

what don’t interrupt me I’ll get to it
eventually Oh like the Zephyr
no patreon is not a platform I don’t get
it maybe a payment platforms oh well no
no payment platform yes but is the word

but when I just want to make sure we
make a distinction YouTube is a hosting
platform that Twitter is a hosting
platform Facebook as a hosting platform
the only thing patreon is is a financial

exchange but now for some reason they
talk about their creators like they own
them there’s nothing hosted on their

and they they’re just a bunch of
dipshits who take 15% with a very simple
web application to charge your credit
card its MasterCard that’s the problem
where I think that’s hoodoo who’s doing

there they’re processing that is the
payment platform patreon just a bunch of
leeches really just opportunistic
leeches and I don’t I’m failing us every
single time they fall in for for for for

going along with what is called a
platform and all of a sudden you’re
there you’re their property they were
talking about people this way from the
get-go our creators our platform it’s
supposed to do do you consider PayPal to

be a platform that we’re on no not
really as PayPal call us one of their
creators no even mention us as a matter
of fact they should they should do some

ads for us so you know I’m a little sick
of this this is like people got to open
their eyes let’s back up a little bit
you seem to be outraged to an extreme

first of all except for the two of us
90% of the podcasts out there we don’t
go to these conventions and all these
things I mean you’ve been to a couple

I’ve never been to one of them but we
have people that go there Jen Brian is a
huge fan of these things and at these
conventions podcasting conventions and
whatever there are conferences they push

this stuff well here’s how you make
money as a podcaster you get on patreon
and they it’s promoted as a as a way to
make money as a podcast and all kinds of

people have bought into it and they only
use patreon many of them are completely
on patreon only they don’t even think
about the other stuff that we do and
that other people try to do which is

what do we need patreon people have told
us oh you guys should be on patreon
I’ve always been worked by this because
why should we be em what are they doing
that we can’t do ourselves

well there’s they got this website and
if that is what they’re talking about
when they talk about the platform the
platform is there their website that you
have and you’re mentioned on so it’s
kind of a platform it’s you know I would

I I don’t have the objection you have I
guess I guess it’s apples to oranges
where hit the defense of this this
brexit brit sargon of akkad is what i

was doing wasn’t on their platform the
the only analogy that would be right is
if you were on someone else’s money

he doesn’t create content this is minor
to me I think there’s that the other
issue is the more interesting one in the
one you should be happy about but before

I bring that up let’s at least listen to
a guy giving us a rundown of sargon of
akkad and the story so we have we know
what we’re talking so people know what
the hell were arguing about sargon of

akkad if you don’t know is he’s got a
youtube channel just under a million
subscribers he is a political
commentator and this has nothing to do
with with whether you agree with him or

not that’s not the point the point is is
that he was making his living supporting
his family supporting his children
putting up really good content some of

the best content on the web and he was
being supported using patreon to do this
is this Dave Rubin done with this some
guy can’t remember his name but he’s

just a bread video podcast he’s very
good as to make this happen so out of
the blue patreon pulled his account
terminated his account without any

explanation whatsoever so I dug into
this and to find tried to find out
what’s going on because there’s a big
brouhaha over this and what I found out
was 10 months ago sargon of akkad or

carl said something on a website podcast
or something like that that they’ve
deemed to be offensive and therefore

even though it was not on the patreon
site yanked his account right before
Christmas no explanation he didn’t
violate the Terms of Service
they just deemed that I think they just

didn’t like him we don’t like him we
don’t like you we don’t like your
politics therefore we’re going to make
you disappear
okay I realize go ahead I died I’ve done
some self-reflection awake good please

I’ll wait for you now I do have a long
story that Carl himself tells where he
went to a conference and one of the
women at the top on the Dyess called him
out as a douchebag in human garbage

because who’s sitting in the audience
cuz he she’s a feminist and I guess he
writes negative things about feminists
game reviewers and so she got bent out
of shape he protested to the conference

runners they ended up apologizing to her
not paying any attention to his
complaint because you’re not supposed to
do that in other words you’re not

supposed to be at on the dice calling
out members of the audience and then
they got the attention she made a wrote
a bunch of articles got the attention of
paper of a patreon demanding he’d be
pulled and she got shit throws a lot of

weight around next thing you know this
guy’s lost all his income now the the
thing that that stems from there’s we
can play a little bit of this it’s too
long to play the whole thing but play a

little bit so you can listen to this guy
so you know what his voice is now you
know what he’s like and why you probably
don’t like him cuz he’s a little bit of
a twit
in June 2017 along with many other
YouTube creators travel to Lausanne
that was the end of that clip for me

craters I’m YouTube creator Li’s to
attend that year’s VidCon event VidCon
bills itself as a community festival
creator conference and industry summits
all wrapped up into one we’d gone there

to have a good time and meet one another
add VidCon there were public panels most
of which had not been announced when we
purchased our tickets and we attended
one with a polite woman call anita

sarkeesian a feminist video game critic
she noticed me and this happened
I had been sitting politely in the front

row and as you can imagine abusing the
audience from the stage is a violation

of vidcon’s rules so I filed a complaint
vidcon okay
unless it’s important to play the rest I
just want to get to my self-reflection
because let me finish the story then

with the whole thing would happen and
this was what we played the last show we
played Reuben and Peterson who are both
kind of you know it’s the problem the
real problem stems from the existence of

patreon and the fact that this doesn’t
need to exist people can do all the
stuff the patron does themselves and
their platform or whatever it is list of
shows that you can subscribe to it’s not

very is not necessarily that convenient
to the anybody but okay what happened
was now there’s this huge boycott of
patreon itself by everybody who sends

them money for anybody and that hurts at
all creators all the creators and now
they’re getting all bent out of shape
and they’re calling in and bitching and

moaning and they’re talking to
apparently the patreon the they show how
you got some no no no your face no it’s
the it’s the it’s the boss of the video
of the platform protection team and Ice

Warrior I read the whole transcript yeah
transcript is funny and it’s resulting
in a lot of people that were making I

don’t know let’s say they’ve made
$10,000 a month now they’re making six
or five there may they just getting
getting killed and that’s because of the

reliance on one thing is it’s a real I
think it’s a I think was just a mistake
in judgment to use these guys in the
first place but okay but this is all
because of these conferences that tell

you to do this and these conferences
that tell you to do that and they’re
just the blind leading the blind believe
me well I think you’re right that the
the conferences are incredibly on

helpful and they steer people in very
traditional ways there’s no no
innovation and after self-reflection I
understand what my issue is I think I
really had some hope coming from a quite

a career in mainstream broadcasting
radio and television when when
podcasting kind of organically grew them
the the biggest downside is that it

exploded because of the iPod I always
found that to be a detractor and and and
I’d never named it podcasting Danny
Gregoire as far as I’m concerned named
at that I think is fantastic it really

helped a lot but it always tied it to
the iPod and now we’ve moved beyond that
but I had hoped that that people would
see decentralizing as a way forward for

the Internet and we’ve we’ve in 14 15
years we’re right back to in I think
ground zero
because people are relying now on all of
these corporate commercial places for

platforms where you don’t need this now
do you get the algorithmic amplification
that can explode you virally no but for
most people you don’t even deserve to to

have an actual audience of any size or
make any money because you probably just
make shit I would prefer to see people
using decentralized systems building up

core audiences who we’ve proven it will
support you to the to the degree that is
necessary and valid and move forward
that we got a lot of brain power smart

people like Rubin and the Peters and
these are smart guys they’re arguing the
fact that they don’t see how idiotic it
is what they’re arguing about and how
futile it is and how they will never win

over this instead of promoting open
source decentralized systems that are in
play even bit backer you know you can do
payment systems with crypto and and
makes it simpler for people I didn’t

think that’s my frustration it’s just
why are all these smart people but I get
to work
I think that’s my problem I can see that

that is your problem you have a problem
and that’s it yeah but this is not a new
problem with you no but it’s also it
does it just because you have this
problem doesn’t mean that these issues

aren’t real for these people who have
been I would say it’s like the when they
had the housing mortgage crisis and then
that one guy on CNBC says all these
idiots that took out all these mortgages

screw up screw up deserve to go go broke
these people that took out these
mortgages during the housing crisis were
advised to take out these housing these
mortgages yes by experts

that’s podcast conferences they were
advised by experts to do this all don’t
worry about it you know the price is
gonna go up you’re gonna be able to
paper they were advised and and then did

because they were I wouldn’t say they
were stupid cuz you get advised to do
stuff you don’t know anything about it
yeah you should maybe have to change
your tires
yeah it looks like then you need new
tires well okay there’s a lot of advice

out there and because it’s bad advice
you’re bent out of shape
no no I’m I I’m not I’m just frustrated
by over a decade of people doing the

same stupid things and always being
surprised when it doesn’t work out or it
works out in a way that is not expected
to them I yeah as smart people
it’s the it’s the mind’s eye I was taken

aback when I saw Peterson and Rubin
doing that video Deb moaning and
groaning about patreon yeah I think
that’s what pushed me over the edge I’m

like holy crap what are you what are you
bitching about move on you know build up
a simultaneity on start mirroring it
somewhere else where it’s just a lot

harder to be kicked off and build up the
audience and guess what you might
actually help a lot of creators in in
the process
well there you go there’s your idealist

Lee gentle that is it this one person
who was de platformed which did show up
in the New York in the New York Times
but was not discussed in the way I would

have thought it was this came out of
what yeah yes sir 23rd yeah yesterday
Facebook has suspended Jonathan Morgan
the chief executive of a top social

media Research Forum firm after reports
that he and others engaged in operation
to spread disinformation during the
special election in Alabama last year so
the guy who runs the company that

offered the report that is seen as the
proof that the Russians suppress three
million black Americans from voting has
now now by Facebook’s own Stander’s been

accused of the exact same practice with
the exact same amount of money a hundred
thousand dollars and they’ve deep
platformed him for it but I guess
everything’s still valid with the report

and we should not just look the other
way or just not talk about the report
that’s well there’s well that’s irony
that’s great irony as well tastic I love

but this I have a three-part I don’t
know what Facebook thinks it’s doing but
they’re just in panic mode
it must be having meetings wait a minute
you said you said Facebook look like a
bi but no I didn’t say it wasn’t a Bab I

didn’t find that time at the stock you
said it would never go away there’s no
replacement there isn’t yet
USA Today this is really a horrible
piece of video and I fixed as much as

possible to get the the the interviewers
questions in he talked to a couple of
middle school kids about social networks
which one they use and what they like
and what they feel about it and here’s
his report from his USA Today website

challenging 2018 would of course be an
understatement with all the apologies
and hot water with politicians how’s
that playing with the younger generation

they couldn’t care old people no like a
lot of my friends have a like Instagram

but I have no clue any of my friends I
use Facebook
I don’t like snapchat Twitter a lot of
Twitter but mostly I’m trying to
Instagram then they never use Facebook

skip over the genre of social media

they’re like oh and Instagram snapchat
just give over Facebook I just go on
setting where you can turn it off but I

feel like it’s always watching you yeah
like as is I have a dome that you’re
staring at me when I’m on it
yeah thank you when I’m making weird
faces and then like you kind of think
it’s weird that they have screen

recording now so like it watches
everything you do on the screen but you
like if you wanted to so I’m like I love
what these you know I have not read a
report anywhere about this I don’t think
they’re wrong as kids like well you know

you can have screen recording where they
see everything you’re doing on the
screen hell yeah but it’s not one of the
things discussed in Congress but these
kids seem to intuitively know what’s
happening and there’s a yeah yes you can

turn it off but the eye is still
watching me 24/7 she’s on it so much
that that she doesn’t even want me

looking at her activities to a point to
a point where it’s like scary there you
go there’s the real issue
there’s the children and it’s influenced

by the parents it’s fantastic Oh TG
well the kids aren’t stupid no they’re

not they’re not the UK government
I think they already deployed this they
had facial they were testing facial

recognition in public we’re on the
public and around the Westminster area
this is this facial recognition is is
really happening a lot the Amazons
doorbell what does their doors they have

a doorbell like ring I guess whatever it
is and now they’re they’re building in
facial recognition but what but it will
also do facial recognition of people

just on the street outside your door
they’ll just kill just keep doing that
okay well let’s get back to politics

really yeah because that’s all I got
well you have some funny stuff though I
have Maxine Waters triggered have you
seen this clip no probably not

every day in every way and the best way
to do that is to stop talking about
discrimination and start talking about
the nation we’re coming together as a
people in spite of what you say thank
you gentlemen I yield back

gentleman’s time has expired members are
reminded to address their remarks to the
chair the gentleman from Texas reserves
gentlelady from California thank you
very much the gentleman mr. Kelly please
do not leave because I want you to know

that I am more offended as an
african-american woman than you will
ever be and this business about making
America great again it is your president
that’s dividing this country and don’t

talk to me about the fact that we don’t
understand what happens on the Ottoman
no I don’t that you know I will not here
okay that we don’t understand that’s the
attitude that’s been given to a woman’s

time and time again gentlelady will
suspend the chair wishes to remind all
members as they are to address their
remarks to the chair don’t you dare talk
to me like that

and think that somehow women don’t
understand what goes on on the floor of
Automobile Dealers minded to direct her
remarks to the chair continue to do that
I don’t appreciate that you did not

interrupt him when he was making those
outrageous remarks about him knowing
more about discrimination then I know
about discrimination I resent that and I
resent the remark about making America

great again he’s down here making a
speech for this dishonorable president
of the United States of America having
said that I reserve the balance of my
time you know I do not yield not one
second one second not one second to you

my time my time she is the gift that
keeps on giving

she’s the best hmm
I have another one well actually before
we do that I just like to do a little
quick yellow vest update since that oh

yes just get back out of the country
yeah well yes and again the reason is
because no one is really reporting on in
fact the propaganda is now out
France is yellow vest protesters changed

tactics on Saturday for the day of
action in Paris builders act 5 of what
have been violent confrontations in the
capital initially the capsule was
quietest turnout was much lower protests

began more than a few hundred all
streets remained open and the voiceover

is actually saying there weren’t as many
people it was locked calmer not as many
shops were boarded up and meanwhile the

video is showing people spraying cops
with fire extinguishers throwing
electric scooters at them
outside Paris it planned a demonstration

at the Palace of Versailles attracted
just a handful of demonstrators it had
been shut in advance for the day this is
the sixth straight week of protests and
concessions made by president macro

appear to have taken the sting out of
the movement but it has cost lives the
latest a man in Perpignan his car hit a
lawyer that had been stopped in the road
by a picket line bringing 2:10 the
number of deaths mostly in traffic

accidents this is propaganda of the
highest order from euronews because what
really happened is that a lot of people
who came from outside Paris in the first
few weeks of these protests have now

started these protests in their own
towns and cities this is this is spread
all throughout France the YouTube videos
show everything and this and I see fear
in these cops eyes yeah and there and

there’s real beating going on back and
forth and that just the funniest thing
is when to throw in the electric
scooters at the cops it’s spreading the
Netherlands we got a boots on the ground
from Lucas Toyama that it’s spreading to
the Hague Amsterdam Rotterdam Emin is

not huge but it’s getting there Portugal
also jumping in good morning for the
last two hours dozens of yellow vest
protesters have been blocking as you can

see the major accesses to the city of
Porto they managed to block the roads
for some minutes then the police came
and intervened and made them go away but

what they have been doing since then is
to cross over and over the road in order
to block the traffic yeah it’s kind of
an interesting protest so they just go

to the pedestrian crossing and they just
keep crossing I’d never see I think it’s
a great idea never seen it ever thought
of the idea just do a circular just
everyone said there’s people crossing

from left to right from right to left
and then they just cross about and they
go back in the other in the other
direction and it’s very effective and
have you got foot you got a four-way
stop thing you can just go around and

Akash goes a square he’ll keep walking
if you have enough people you clog the
whole thing up forever in both
directions and it
really is it’s impressive to me I I
don’t know about the Portuguese but the

the French just always impressed me with
with what they’re doing and give cops
the troll room pointed out cops are
pulling their guns
I’m not rubber bullet guns like pulling

their sidearms that you know that they
feel that threatened but the media is
still odd oh it’s alright McCrone fixed
it everything’s good it’s nothing to
worry about
I wish we were like that in America we

only come out to be but most of the laws
of change you make it very difficult to
get anything started you can’t have a
general strike in the United States is
now the unions have fallen apart they do

recur up you know cheer up now we’ve
been mind-controlled with the only time
we go out on the street is for a pink
pussy hats like ok now we’ll go on March
is sad that go Frenchie’s but just looks

like I think this is a much much deeper
much broader than is being reported it’s
hard to tell from what you can see on on

YouTube just the scale of it but if you
really read the reports this is it’s not
diminishing it’s growing it’s just
spreading out
yeah we’re good at flash mobs that will

be do in America hey let’s dance
we’re pissed off we’re gonna surprise
dance on you yeah
so you know we’ve been accused of being

a trump apologist
Podcast oh really I’ve heard it it’s
bullcrap of course but just to prove it
I I got a kick out of this I hate Trump

medley have you heard this one I don’t
know where is it nobody knows more the
way is this about him about his big

brain I’m sure I’m sure that’s something
nobody okay where did you pick this up
for who made it you know I don’t know
the source it has just been floating
yeah maybe super I got one of those too
that I’ll play after this okay let’s

listen nobody knows more than Trump
medley nobody could do it like me nobody
nobody can do it like nobody’s stronger
than me nobody has better toys than I do
there’s nobody bigger or better at the

military than I ain’t nobody loves the
Bible more than I do nobody builds walls
better than me nobody’s better to people
with disabilities that man nobody’s
fighting for the veterans like I’m
fighting for the veterans there’s nobody

that’s done so much for equality as I
have there’s nobody more pro-israel than
I am there is nobody more conservative
than me there is nobody that respects
women more than I do
nobody would be tougher on Isis than
Donald Trump is nobody’s ever had crowds

like Trump as head there’s nobody that
understands the horror of nuclear better
than me but nobody even understands it
for me it’s called evaluation the sale
of the uranium that nobody knows what it

means I know what it means nobody knows
more about trade than me in the history
of this country has ever known so much
about infrastructure as Donald Trump I

know the h-1b I know the h-2b nobody
knows it better than me nobody knows
politicians better than I do nobody
knows more about taxes than I do nobody
knows more about debt than I do
nobody knows the system better than me

which is why I alone can fix it say what
whatever he did he became president
doing it I’ll give him that much now I

have a I have the the counter to this
this is Rachel Maddow so I’m put to I
think if this might be super cut someone
put this too it’s in the show notes
someone put this together this is one

episode of Rachel Maddow just one
episode Russia
Vladimir Putin Russia Russia Russia
Russia hates Russia Russia Russia Putin
Russia’s Russia Russia Russia Russia
Russian Russian Russian Russian Russia

Russia Moscow Moscow Russia Russian Pro
Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian
Russian the Russians Russian Russian
Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian
Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian

Russian Russian Russian Russian Moscow
Russian Russian in Russia Putin Russian
Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian
against us Russians the Russians Russia
against the US the Russians rush rush
rush rush in the Russian government
scheme the Russians slide amir Putin

Russia Vladimir Putin brush Putin Putin
in Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia
Russia met the Russians Russians Russian
Russian Russian Russian Russian Russia
Russia Putin Putin Putin Putin Putin
Russia Russian Russian Russian the

Soviet empire the second of the 20th
century’s great evils communism a Russia
communism Russia assault by Russia
Russia Russia Russia has been Russia’s
Russia Putin despises the West in
general and the United States in

particular so lien Empire Russia Russia
Russia shared the adversary they they
want to bring us down to Soviet Union
Russia undermined the West Soviet
communist communists on the Left Russia
that does it for us tonight we will see

you again tomorrow no agenda imagine all
the people who could do with us
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Oh Shasha oh I thought you were talking
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right there oh gosh I wanna thank you I
appreciate that
look the brothers will give you grief
about that did you see this Malcolm I
missed this is Malcolm Nance on with

Brian Williams on MSNBC about the
Russian face bag disinformation campaign
no oh my god well what well you I want
to play some clips from this guy he just

he took it to such an incredible level
that okay that I had no idea what was
really going on in the United States how
far the Russians have come in oh really
yes Malcolm Nance

with Brian Williams Brian who we know
lied he lied about a lot of things and
he was the the main guy at NBC News and
now he’s taking millions now he’s at

MSNBC and he gets through the break it
does these 11th hour which I kind of
like actually I’ll watch it if I bump up
into it here’s his intro to Malcolm
Nance with his creds

new report out tonight reveals that
Russian disinformation teams have
targeted the special counsel Oh two
reports commissioned by the Senate
Intelligence Committee and focused on

the internet research agents control
Robert Muller indicted last February
according to one of them well what is
clear is that all of the messaging
clearly sought to benefit the Republican

Party and specifically Donald Trump the
goal was to reinforce tribalism to
polarize and divide to exploit societal
fractures blur the lines between reality
and fiction

he wrote our trust in media entities and
the information environment in
government in each other and in
democracy itself the interference is
still active and ongoing and notably the
trolls have tried to create and amplify

the narrative that the whole imagine
buying wealth if you’d asked him five
years ago do you think you will ever
speak a sentence where you’re talking
about trolls and notably the trolls have
tried to create and amplify the

narrative that the whole investigation
was nonsense that Comey and Muller were
corrupt and that the emerging Russia
stories were a weird conspiracy pushed
by liberal crybabies who else
the online posts received nearly two

hundred sixty four million engagements
as defense across platforms that
includes likes retweets shares and
whatever so a bunch of bull bull crap
all right so bring in Malcolm Nance he’s

written a book about how the Russians
crowned King Donald what Russia has done
here and where the true brilliance of
this intelligence operation comes from

is way back in the early 2000s the
Russian military conducted a strategic
study and started carrying out a
disinformation plan in which they said
that instead of carrying out kinetic

warfare against your enemies the best
thing we can do is create a
disinformation of frame around that
what’s a dish information frame I have

no idea what he’s talking about I like
what he’s doing here it goes back to
didn’t these Russians man to the point
where over time as we are constantly

tearing them apart and feeding them with
false information they would actually
welcome an invasion so what has done
that to the United States so we’re

welcoming the Russians can march in the
Red Army yes eventually maybe we’re at
that point maybe it’s happened maybe
that’s what Trump is he is the invasion
from an invasion so Russia has done that

to the United States and it began way
before 2016 Oh as a matter of fact the
earliest references I have with relation
to Donald Trump shows that it started

back in 2011 with Maria boo Tina and the
NRA contacts contacts with the
fundamentalist Christian right and the
alt-right in the United States Russia

was pushing these disinformation themes
then then in 2013 they stood up the
Russian Federation internet research
agency which built all of these memes
and tropes which became drug ruse

missiles of fake news and disinformation
designed to do what it did today take
one third of the United States
population and make them refused to
believe what they see before their very

eyes and may have elected a president in
the process Wow I don’t even know where
to start to unpack that it started in
2011 they had there was some guy in a
white coat and a butterfly net standing

behind him maybe in this last clip the
Russian internet research agency was a
subcontractor to Russian military
intelligence in the FSB Russia’s a
National Security Agency and that was

done at the cost of less than a couple
of cruise missiles they now own the
mindset of one third of this nation and
by doing that they have managed to now

make us not believe anything that we
believed before that diversity was an
American factor which made us greater
they have played on the themes of

far-right conspiracy theorists from the
1960 the John Birch Society the sideline
you know and the farthest extremes of
the libertarian party’s in it this guy

is actually saying that the Russians
looked at looked at the landscape and
said if we can bring back the John Birch
Society people will go for it he’ll be

all in and they 6/3 of the country now
believes what they want to say of course
being the most anti Russian operation
they have amplified racism to the point

where the alt-right steve bannon’s own
creation of gamers is now of the wholly
owned subsidiary of the trump campaign
and our believers in David Duke the Ku

Klux Klan Richard and Richard Spencer
the neo-nazi and Robert Spencer the
Islamophobe to the point where they’re
mainstreamed this is how effective this

information warfare campaign has been
carried out and let me tell you this
report shows how they went after to
suppress the african-american vote and
there is no doubt in my mind or anybody

else’s in the intelligence community
that doesn’t believe that it took
American citizens to assist them really
getting down to where these voters were
who needed to be suppressed and they did

it in such a fashion one of their
Twitter groups had three hundred sixty
six thousand followers on it
Malcolm Nance this is why we ask you all

the time to come on this broadcast scary
stuff but it needs to be said needs to
be heard thank you so much Wow Malcolm
Nance this is why we ask you all the

time to come on this broadcast scary
stuff but it needs to be said needs to
be heard thank you sir so much for
joining us it needs to be said needs to
be heard thank you thank you for your

courage Malcolm Nance what repressed
African vote should be addressed let’s
say you’re a African American and you
didn’t vote well is it because you’re a

repressed for because you didn’t want to
vote it’s because you’re so stupid you
fell for the Russian propaganda that’s
what’s being said it’s
it’s a racist it’s an insult to the

black community there are plenty of
people that don’t vote because they look
at the candidates say I don’t care I’m
not voting for either one of them and so
they don’t vote and that nope none of

the blacks liked Hillary they do it
wasn’t her husband it wasn’t a Barack
they’d come out to vote for him
and they weren’t coming out to vote that
some did come out to vote for Trump but

you know they were outliers yeah so it’s
not some plot because otherwise they
would all poured into the voting booths
to vote for Hillary that’s what the
thesis is that’s what the underlying

thinking is it that comment exact wrap
it’s racist
maybe because he’s black it can’t be
racist when he says it maybe that’s okay
oh this guy’s black yeah never guessed

it yeah yeah yes
scary stuff this needs to be said that’s
a PR thing okay so that’s the way it

goes you say so if I say scary stuff
that’s what you say needs to be said
needs to be said okay so let’s try it
scary stuff needs to be said yeah good
we’re on it we can take the show on the

road we hit it yeah take the show on the
so here is Gutierrez grandstanding at
Congress who’s this Gutierrez Gutierrez
that these that the radical uh Latino

representative from Chicago and he’s
always making a scene he’s just hates
everything but the kick I get out of
this is I am NOT you I got 45 seconds

I’m not gonna take my 45 seconds and he
takes a minute 20 oh okay I saw this
yeah I saw this douchebag all right he’s
going after a Brigitte Nielsen who

vibrated did not look good
sorry just as an executive producer mode
for a second she looked different you

didn’t look good something was wrong
about her whole looking during this this
interrogation I didn’t see that yeah I
was sorry she looked like normal no
there was something weird about I have

to go back and maybe that she’s changed
her hair she’s on her way out she’s on
her way out she’s done she’s very happy
that goose Guterres grandstanding and
then I get a second clip of her
responding and right in the middle of a

response he just walks out he doesn’t
want to hear a word of it he said this
guy is the worst
I don’t have 45 seconds I won’t take
them all for this is repugnant to me and
astonishing to me that during Christmas

all right more context is needed cuz not
everyone understands politics and
American politics
this is Christine Nielsen she’s the
director of Homeland Security she is in

overseas ice and she is responsible for
anything that has done with immigration
control and prosecute prosecution now
immigration border gratias border

security ripping children from mother’s
arms that’s what I meant to say I don’t
have 45 seconds I won’t take them all
bullcrap but it is repugnant to me and
astonishing to me that during Christmas

I have to call them the holiday season’s
to be inclusive but during Christmas
because the majority always wants to
just call it Christmas that during

Christmas first I got to do it the time
in which we sell it
the birth of Jesus Christ a Jesus Christ
who had to flee for his life with Mary
and Joseph thank God

there wasn’t a wall that stopped him
from seeking refuge I just we can it’s
too late but maybe for next year we can
do a new nativity scene with a wall and
sleep with Mary and Joseph

thank God there wasn’t a wall that
stopped him from seeking refuge in Egypt
thank God that wall wasn’t there and

thank God there was an administration
like this or he would have to have
perished on the 28th on the day of
innocence when Herod ordered the murder
of every child under two years of age

maybe I haven’t gone a lot of Bible
school but I know that no we’re pretty
sure you haven’t gone to Bible School
thank God everybody that separates
children and allows them to say at the

other side of the border fearing death
during hunger freeing sickness shame on
us for wearing our badge of Christianity
during Christmas and allow the Secretary

to come here and lie thank you time of
gentleman has expired
couple things one how did he if he had
45 seconds how come they let him go for

an extra 45 there’s some seniority rule
where you’ve been around long enough
they kind of give you a little more
leeway okay and the second part of this
what he’s talking about I believe is

that the administration cuts some deal
with Mexico that all people seeking
asylum in the United States coming
through the Mexican border and I think

he’s probably talking more about Tijuana
that the Mexican government has agreed
that they will house people and while
they’re waiting for their Asylum on your

side yeah and and so is is Tijuana now
such a horrible place cuz he it sounds
like sickness and What did he say he
said a whole bunch of things about it
yeah hunger hearing sickness
shame on us so do you want it I mean

seem like it’s that bad right all right
so yeah was that bad in the forties
maybe I don’t think is that bad now all

right so then she throw it to her and
she’s just kind of rolling her eyes this
guy’s you know the guy’s a lunatic I
don’t know how the Chicagoans can keep
voting this clown in but don’t okay
listen to what she has to say secretary

would care to respond to anything only
then to say that calling me a liar
fighting words I’m not a liar we’ve
never had a policy for family separation
I’m happy to walk the gentlemen through
it again a policy of family separation

would mean that any family that I
encountered in the interior I would
separate it would mean that any family
that I found at a port of entry I would
separate it would mean that every single
family that I found illegally crossing

we would separate we did none of those
what we did do is uphold the laws that
Congress has passed and we prosecuted
those who choose to come here illegally
as far as not being compassionate let me
just tell you what I have done and of

course he couldn’t be bothered to stay
so I’m happy to tell the rest of the
committee hey walked out but idiot uh I
find it annoying these guys this grand
Stander’s kind of there’s a new spook

that I I don’t know if she’s been around
or we just loose yeah and there’s a new
spook well we don’t have a new spook
jingle um I’m gonna see what her name
was now her name is Samantha VIN Oh Grod

and she’s another fast traveler last
name uh liquor
Victor India November Oscar Gulf Romeo
Alpha Delta I knew it letters if we’re

not we’re not on a CB don’t you ever
call me a CB r again vinaigrette VI n OG
r ad you know it’s interesting this

Samantha because you’ve spent a lot of
time in the Middle East you understand
walls that work walls that don’t work
let me put that tweet that the president
just posted what he says the steel slap

barrier there you see this steel fence
in effect that the president wants to
build but you know how individuals if
they want to get into the United States
from Mexico get

a fence a steel slat barrier like this
well first of all they’re spikes the top
of this fence I feel like the president
googled Middle Ages and tweeted
something out rather than consulting

with actual security experts or
architects about what could work in this
kind of scenario I was in Ramallah and I
saw the wall in the Palestinian
territories between the Palestinian
territories in Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

reportedly spoke with the president
earlier this week and said build a wall
it’ll help well guess what terrorists
and other illegal immigrants in the
Middle East do they built tunnels under
walls those spikes don’t deter that kind

of activity and I just want to point out
the president’s own State Department
doesn’t even think that this walls or
steel flats is going to solve the
problem of illegal immigration on Monday
they issued a whole strategy for

combating illegal immigration that has
nothing to do with the wall and some of
those very same employees will be
furloughed if I remember now
she went yeah go ahead and she’s spooked

she looks like a spook well here I’m
gonna just read off a few things and you
tell me all right got an MA and studies
from Georgetown she worked for the US
Department of the Treasury in Baghdad

and then in various positions for the
administration of Obama where she worked
at the National Security Council as the
director for rock for international
economics senior adviser to the National

Security Advisor uh-huh and then in 2013
went to work for Goldman Sachs focusing
on public private sector partnerships
around a rumor I can idea that you

remember when they had the caravan come
rushing up you know there’s charging us
yes from Guatemala yes and a lot of them
went to the Texas side and a lot most of

what the Tijuana toward Tijuana yes and
it was Madison was told there’s another
reason they got maybe got rid of him he
was told to send some troops down there
you didn’t want to do it send some

troops down there and it’s rumored that
the recently sent the true
to Texas instead of where the action was
which is Tijuana was because there’s
something like support supposedly 3,000
tunnels underneath the walls and

barriers in Texas where these guys are
sneaking in mm-hmm and the idea was is
that there was some code or something
that came out of the city we’re gonna
storm in the country through these

tunnels and so the army we had to be
there to keep that from happening don’t
know anything about it more than that
but there’s a I agree that the most of
the action of the cocaine and the rest

of us all through tunnels and they build
their tunnel builders digging digging
digging right you know that fence isn’t
gonna do anything about that you know I
was reading the the newish the newer
book of from since I got the soap I

picked up the book again Theodore
Kaczynski it’s called the anti
technology revolution and it is his
version of how we should combat the
technology yeah just combat technology

in general and he talks again there
about the unintended consequences of
technology I call a wall or slatted
fence or whatever you want to call it is

of course a version of technology and
and we have no idea Trump doesn’t know
no one knows I think the tunnels yeah
that could happen a whole bunch of other
things could happen because of this wall

that we do not know about so it’s not
quite as black and white as everyone
sees it and I agree I think the tunnels
is actually pretty you know yeah I think
tunnels in our future tunnels

don’t you think so yeah tunnels are in
our future future with Elon Musk it is
tunneled yeah the more I think the more
I think about having a tunnel in Los

Angeles the stupider I think it is oh
it’s fine no it’s not funny
apparently they have trouble this is the
loss the Angelenos are so freaked out
about earthquakes and there’s a big one

coming that they’re not using the subway
they’ve been a big subway system in LA
which runs all over the place it’s it’s
not like New York or Chicago even or
anything like in the Europe or even

Russia but it’s there
the Angelina’s won’t go with you no
there’s no no no I don’t want to be in
that thing when the whole thing
collapses right there like free time

even in the Bay Area where we have the
same problem and we would go under them
I’m always in fact the kids we talk
about this when you’re in the BART which
is our subway elevated and when you go

under the under the bay to get to San
Francisco everybody kind of holds their
breath for the seven minutes it takes I
can imagine why no but this is packed

with people and they go when they do it
I don’t know what the point of the LA
one is it just doesn’t seem to have any
real rhyme or reason I haven’t been on

have you no no I like to go on it I tend
to just stay home and yell at the
chemtrails that’s that’s pretty much
what I do yell at the Kim’s I stop

yelling at FoxNews I just yell at the
we have quite the medley we have one two
three four Christmas songs that we’re

going to share with you now thanks to
secret agent Paul thanks to a circus
Wilson and actually I’m going to carry a
couple of them over because just it’s
too much that is the non the non

Christmas related ones oh yes so we
appreciate that thank you all very much
Merry Christmas everybody and we’ll talk
to you just before the New Year’s

that’ll be on Thursday in Sunday and
Sunday and coming to you from downtown
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