No Agenda Episode 1098 “Climate Grief”

well course the worst he’s a demon Adam
curry Johnson this is no agenda put
their garbage out for collection even

though it won’t be collected I’m John
Cena boring I think we should stop the
show right now you should go out and
knock on everyone’s door and inform them

of this issue what happened was the
waste management operation instead of
giving a phone call with an automated
message about the changing delivery they

sent out an email oh I read the email it
says it’ll be picked up tomorrow but no
huh hey you did some weird sound in the
background you’ve got there disconnected

phone during his first day
disconnected a little late do you want
to go hang it up was it just sitting
there going dude you asking me if
they’re there you know if I want to

change my credit card relationships okay
should stop I don’t know why actually
louder that’s everything the only guy I
know who still has a phone that you can
take off the hook so that people won’t

call you yeah we have this called a
landline I know it’s so weird for
wouldn’t even understand that this
exists do not disturb mode but no no no
no this is this is it rotary or zit push

touch-tone I don’t even know if rotary
works anymore oh that’s a good question
I bet it does I think it’s a marriage
that doesn’t ha hadn’t even considered
that it’s been deprecated

well or whatever deprecated or the we’re
the only please starting up again for I
don’t know no just keep we never have
this problem well regardless welcome to

the no agenda show this is the best
podcasting the universe and unlike
everywhere else in media no

retrospectives here no best funny news
stories of the year here no counting
down to the new year year no just media
deconstruction for whatever there was
out there seems like everybody’s on

vacation me we as two podcasters we
weather the storm to bring you something
I actually have a couple of
retrospective clips wait before you

before you go to the lid our way before
you go anywhere I’m gonna lecture you a
little more it was a interesting
surprising to see you on Twitter
last Sunday yeah a lot of people notice

this how wasn’t it I had three goals
get my Twitter followers up okay plug
the hell out of the no agenda show yes

what you did I did thank you very much
yep and a pathway to promoting some
upcoming books
Wow okay yeah I watched most of the show

I do have two comments if you’re
interested just two two comments from an
executive one executive producer to

another yeah what one that in general I
think that it is time for people on
podcasts who deal with technology to

keep referring to the audience as normal
people regular people who quote dot dot
dot won’t understand won’t get won’t
care won’t know you did not I’m not

saying you I’m saying in general I’m so
tired of hearing regular people they
wish that was very common theme on that
show it sit next your hair what about it

well because of the lighting it’s you
know it’s looks normal its things out a
little bit as you get older the lighting
is so harsh they’re twit that it I mean

it you can I don’t have the time I look
bald see more like you know like hearing
in chemo dream it’s ridiculous there is
makeup for this which I was going to

yeah they don’t use makeup under no but
you should have your own little kit bro
if you’re gonna do that anymore you need
to look good yeah
nothing personal just the general

television observation percent of the
people that listen to to it do it on
audio so I’m not too concerned all right
no but I understand I agree with you on
both these points okay then I have one
household question was that you in the

we’re so you sent out a newsletter a
very good run down about maddest leading
which is why people should subscribe to
this product it’s fantastic it’s a bonus

just like the show notes there’s all
kinds of things you get outside of the
No Agenda Show podcast itself you had
funny computer ads many of which are
just lovely to look at there’s none with
me in there oh because the guy with the

two chicks little bit could have been no
okay all right that was just that was
too funny he’s doing gonna bite him just
well just consider just the times man

the things that you could get away with
back in the day yeah versus now is
anyone doing it to newsletter missed out
on the kind of a rundown of just part
one I think I have about three of these

I can do of all these old computer ads
from the 70s it’s very interesting
they’re great it’s a lot of celebrities
yeah Dom DeLuise was in there Bill Cosby
what I’d like is you see the Apple

everyone’s advertising about their you
know 10 megabyte drive you know they’re
they’re 4800 baud modem and Apple back
then alright I was like oh you will be

able to solve your business problems you
will be able to do this and nothing
about what was really inside the box
which was quite interesting it was fun
yeah they were selling benefits not
features yeah yeah and and markedly

different from they actually had a real
advertising agency that knew that rule
right was that Leo Burnett back then or
would most I think was shot with this
day I think it was yeah those guys were

anyway I’m so hard you set us all up
that there’s no news because no one’s
working so we know there is actually
just you know not being discussed on the
news this there’s events happened there

was it but there was some stuff to
discuss on the news mostly how you know
here Trump goes to Iraq I think I have
one clip of it yeah Trump goes to Iraq
and under whole news stories about how

he went after the date that Bush went or
after the day Obama went three when
you’re overseas three three months after
he became president what is it what kind

of a comparison is this tell you he’s
late he’s late
he didn’t go until we until we shamed
him when Reagan go first overseas to the
wars oh wait a minute we didn’t have a

bunch of war zones then so now they’ve
normalized war zones yes yes of course
clip you said hey do i I don’t know you

said you might have a clip I’m I’m
looking I don’t see one I’ll probably
don’t have one in this you wanna well
let you want to talk about matters just
for a second yes sure I’m good I thought
your run down was quite good that you

did they put in the newsletter I had a
call with pachán ik
you know he’s all about the military
intelligence yeah and he had a couple of
interesting things to say I’m gonna pick

up my notes here you got to write down
this stuff with the chin it calls okay
so he says I well it’s very sad to
generals are out Kelly and mattis
because yeah we really counted on them
Kelly hung in as long as he could

because he just could not handle what
bachina calls Woody Woodpecker which is
how he categorized his Trump okay
and he gave me this concept I don’t know

if it’s a psychological or mental
concept of idealization and realization
as a personality well I guess you’d say
trait and what he means by that and I

recognize this immediately when he said
it his Trump does the following when he
meets somebody who we know obviously
wants or even if he doesn’t oh I’ll give
an example I can’t believe it it’s so

great to have you here I love what
you’ve done with your with your
computing books and I’ve loved what you
do with your columns odd this is look at
it look at this guy is he the best ever

is he that best ever or what within a
couple down the road two weeks when you
do something he doesn’t like it’s
exactly the opposite Wow why do I even
hire that guy what an idiot why did is
like a classic Silicon Valley CEO what’s

interesting because I said it sounds
like every New York Jew I’ve worked with
well he’s a Jew and he said yeah that’s
that’s exactly it it said it’s New York
attitude but it’s he calls it the

idealization and realization personality
trait yeah yeah so yeah that makes
nothing but since I like it but it is
difficult he he believes that the new

guy the chief of staff what’s his name
Shanahan no no no that’s that’s the
Department of Defense chief of staff
guy’s name is unmemorable yeah that guy

pathetic says he will not last through
2020 this is impossible
no one can deal with that now the new
guy Shanahan he likes him a lot for a

number of reasons
he says this guy well actually you know
mattis mattis also hung in as long as he
could and then he just gave up it was
just just like and he didn’t have to

really do you know he had a couple more
months left but yeah well according to
some reports which I put I hinted at in
the in the rundown that I did uh Pompeo
told maddest that he was that Trump was

gonna fire him
that’s when mattis write the note mm-hmm
and quit right and nobody so and the
media picks it up on as the media likes
to twist it in their way which is Oh

Trump pull out of Syria and of course
that’s important to us the media cuz
we’re all war mongers and think we
should be in Syria of all places with
our troops who cares about I mean it’s

honest doesn’t hurt me right so Trump
pulls out of Syria thus matters quit and
yeah well that of course is the story
and it looks good you can read it that
way and it may be exactly that but but

genic is very happy with Shanahan coming
in and he believes Trump understands
this he is MIT Boeing cyber guy he
understands a lot more than an old dog

like mattis who understands kinetic
warfare force structures going out
blowing shit up tanks troops etc yeah
that is all shifting and Shanahan will

shift this big responsibility and maybe
focus I’d be interested on the
geospatial intelligence agency because
it’s all about I quote cyber satellites

and missiles
that’s what warfare is cyber satellites
and missiles everything else is pretty
much unimportant and of course the the
Russia supersonic missile comes into
play here Sonny

the hypersonics is we the u.s. appears
to be not able to deter that until well
it’s all kind of like its demo where as
far as I can tell right now I do a
report you can play okay what you got

hypersonic hypersonic supersonic
President Vladimir Putin testing a new
intercontinental missile and President
Donald Trump’s metal from a Moscow
command center Putin watched the

hypersonic missile
leave its launch tube and according to
the Russians strike a target 3000 and
700 miles away
declaring it invulnerable to intercept
russia says it can be armed with a

nuclear weapon and travel up to 20 times
the speed of sound without confirming
the results of today’s test the Pentagon
has acknowledged that America is
vulnerable we don’t have any defense

that could deny the employment of such a
weapon against us adding urgency to the
Pentagon’s own plan to develop an
American version the hypersonics is a is
a game-changing technology so important

for us to for us to embrace and how far
are we from actually shielding that
technology ourselves so I think we’ll
put a hypersonic system in the field
before 2023 Russia first started their

hypersonic missile and March with an
animation showing warheads flying
towards Florida both offensively and
defensively the United States military

is working very hard on hypersonics we
are in an arms race his new missile is a
perfect New Year’s gift for the country
Hans Nichols NBC News the Pentagon

here’s the thing about all that first of
all after supersonic we now have
hypersonic you know that whatever Trump
comes up with it’ll be warp speed but
guarantee you warp speed is how fast we

fly space force think about these
missiles is if you can control the cyber
side of it if you can get into systems
then you can then you don’t need to be
able to shoot the thing out of the sky

because it’s going so fast so this is
it’s really moving towards a whole new
battlefield I think the whole thing is
first of all hypersonic is nothing new I
remember and I’ll give you the story

then I first heard of and I think they
experimented with a hypersonic missile
the air force I believe in the 80s and
the reason I say that is because when I
wrote the book hyper growth with Adam

Osborne that’s where I got the term from
uh I used hyper growth was by coined it
based on I saw a hypersonic missile test

in the 80s and I said that’s a great
name for
something super fast and so I took the
term so that so this is something
there’s something basically bogus about

this whole thing it looks like some sort
of an excuse to spend more money it
wouldn’t surprise it wouldn’t surprise
me and I think we’ve discussed this
before if Putin and Trump are just you

know talking to each other all right man
do that demo that you have of the of
that hypersonic thing so we can both
start building some more and do a little
more get some more money out of our of
our government coffers

it would make nothing but sense and the
other thing is when they showed that
hypersonic launch if you looked at it
they actually put the camera on the
missile yeah I have seen missile
launches from our silos you can’t get

that missile is out of range of the
camera immediately gotta be yeah goes
like a rocket right but so there’s some
piece worried about this and it sounds

to me like us I hate to keep saying yeah
yeah but there’s a scam here
oh we’re way behind it with wait a
minute stop here we got the seven six

seven hundred billion dollar budget how
are we two or three years behind the
Russians don’t look at the audit please
whatever you’re doing now going back to

Shanahan he is an MBA and he might and
he did work for Boeing and it was part
of the 787 and some of these other major
projects now he might be able to do the
audit he’s the kind of guy that would be

able to do it or at least clean up the
books and I don’t think anything the
Pentagon cannot get through an audit at
all so maybe just clean it up and kind
of bring in some accountability speaking

of which I was reading one of those
government IT blogs that I’d like to
like to scan and the there’s a there’s a
procurement system that is out for

oh yeah I get one of these things do the
generals the delicious mile-long of
stuff well the general service now this

is a little different the General
Services Administration is in the
process of creating an acquisition
platform as mandated by Congress from
the 2018 National Defense Authorization

Act so this this stuff is you know bits
done on PDFs it’s done on you know Word
docs whatever the hell it was SharePoint
I don’t know what they’re using but

there was this mandate in the NDAA for
an e-commerce acquisition guess who’s
been doing all the work on this
ecommerce acquisition platform you tell
me Amazon oh yeah Amazon’s get their

fingers and everything no wonder they’re
they’re in virgin this is why now it
starts to become clear what’s going on
Amazon is the government we’re with the
CIA cloud services now with all a

procurement platform yeah we should be
of just a rewrite of the Amazon code
that the shoppers use they just take

just white label there you go plug in
your products seems pretty good
they already advised on the portal
getting you just on the RFP they advise
once it’s a shoo-in for these guys well

if you advise on the RFP yeah you your
adviser for yourself your pointing the
finger at you that’s how our guts how
our process works that’s the beauty of
government contracts I did want to if

he’s becoming you look more like an evil
bond character yeah
just on the pull outs the pull outs of
Afghanistan and Syria I do have a bit of

a retrospective if you just want to
listen to the news from 2011 the world
is exactly flip-flopped please hear how
as we know now is Trump’s pulling out of

Syria Afghanistan are screwing our
partners it’s good Isis it’s gonna be
horrible though more war need more war
need more stuff more missiles hypersonic

it was exactly the opposite with the two
parties in 2011 the US president has
been accused of ignoring the advice of
his top military commanders on troop
withdrawals from Afghanistan Barack

Obama announced that 33,000 troops will
be home by September next year military
chiefs say that plan is riskier and more
aggressive than the one they recommended
Republicans believe Barack Obama’s

Afghanistan decision has more to do with
politics than military thinking were
there any of the Joint Chiefs or any of
the commanders on the ground that

recommended this particular action that
the president is taking I’m not going to
talk about individual recommendations
the chairman of the Joint Chiefs did
acknowledge that withdrawing 10,000 u.s.

troops this year wasn’t his choice and
it was more aggressive and it has more
risk than you know I was originally
prepared to then I then I recommended of
course and Afghanistan commander General

David Petraeus told a Senate hearing it
wasn’t his either
the ultimate decision was a more
aggressive formulation if you will in
terms of the timeline then what we had

recommended the US military leaders
sides their job to salute and execute
the president’s orders any Republicans
are worried the coalition allies won’t

hang around France and Germany plan to
follow the u.s. lead I predict you now
that our allies will accelerate their
reductions and presence in Afghanistan

for the most part our allies the
Australians others
are saying we’re in it we’re committed
the president was at Fort Drum thanking
Afghanistan veterans our job is not

many Democrats wanted Barack Obama to go
much further and are still hoping the
drawdown will only accelerate my my oh
my oh my drawdown even faster I guess so

they want us to put people back in and
those Democrats and then in 2014 the

President Obama at the time came into
the route to the Rose Garden
bringing America’s longest war to an end
President Obama called reporters to the

White House Rose Garden to lay out his
plan for pulling out the 32,000 US
troops now left in Afghanistan America’s
combat mission will be over by the end
of this year starting next year I just

noticed in the first report they talked
about 33,000 magic number we’re always
looking forward in reports and then in
this one we’ve lost the thousands now
left in Afghanistan or was it it was 30

2002 the 33
I don’t know has any significance to lay
out his plan for pulling out the 32,000
US troops now left in Afghanistan
America’s combat mission will be over by

the end of this year o garden next year
Afghans will be fully responsible for
securing their American personnel will
be in an advisory role we will no longer

patrol Afghan cities or towns mountains
or valleys that is a task for the Afghan
people Afghan forces have been in the
lead against insurgents since last year

and the 9800 US troops will stay to
continue training them and to support
counterterrorism operations and of
course that pull out also didn’t happen
so that’s what it was when um Obama was

president and everyone was on board and
I think we were all so like yeah good
get him out drawdown stupid stop were
staunch anti-war

is bogus Wars death for the poppies
there’s a pop yes mostly yeah but it
feels a bit like there maybe well we’ll

get to that in a moment there’s war
there’s war starting everywhere well
this I’m not quite sure why this was
thrown out there and why the script has

been replicated but it has people can be
seen lighting things a fire this has
been taking place all throughout this
week there have been numerous clashes
and numerous people who have been

arrested and they are revolting against
the poverty in the country and this all
started after a journalist has said that
he was going to light himself on fire he
posted a video that it’ll bring up here

where he talked about how he had been
trying to find a good job for the last
eight years without any luck
this is in Tunisia where the Arab Spring
started in this video you can actually

see him holding a bottle of gasoline he
says he’s going to light himself on fire
and he’s calling on the unemployed to
take to the streets to revolt we later
see in another video that he is lit on

fire and he ended up dying it’s unclear
whether he lit that match himself or if
someone else did but what we have seen
are these mass protests in Tunisia as a
result and some people say that this is

actually reminiscent of what we saw in
2010 remember this man the Tunisian
street vendor who set himself on fire to
protest against police harassment and
that led to revolts not only in his

country but of course all throughout the
Middle East well in the 8 years since
that happened in the 8 years since the
Arab Spring began this journalist says
that nothing has changed in his country

and in his words that everything is lies
and that is why he is called his fellow
Tunisians to take to the streets to
revolt against the economic conditions

in his country now this was a report
from AFP French international outfit
right and they have lots of what he
called interests in the region yes a

French was a French outpost actually
exactly but they have interests in the
region in the region as well and so now
we have a dirt and out-of-work

journalist who hasn’t been able to
work for what he’s a eight years but he
says yeah we don’t know who he is we
don’t know who he worked for we don’t
know if someone lit the match or if he
did it I don’t even know if it’s him in

the video but someone’s trying to get
something started yes this looks like a
pro a provocation and what’s interesting
about this and this is of course you’re
right as a fractal of the earlier events

which started the Arab Spring is that
Muslims aren’t the ones their self em’ly
latest it’s the Buddhist that do that
yes fractal so we find the whole thing

suspicious and interesting
well this there’s stuff going on in

yeah first of all the Congo was supposed
to have their election today yeah I have
a clip oh good I do – what do you have I
have a of P again because they’re all
over this no I think it’s yes I see PBS

behind me I wanna listen also today
Congo delayed elections in three cities
where a deadly Ebola outbreak is
centered the cities are considered

opposition strongholds and the delay
will affect some 1 million voters they
will now wait until March to cast
ballots the rest of the country votes on
Sunday that’s their entire report yes

that’s PBS it’s only gonna give you that
is your PBS news that’s all that didn’t
even mention what’s what’s going on now
this isn’t this is incredible well might

be I got the main stream to review yes
the real story yeah to review I’ve been
following the election that we’ve been
following the Congo in general whenever

Ebola shows up that’s usually when
troops follow we haven’t seen that
happen yet but in this particular region
is where very important minerals are
mined for everyone’s cell phone there’s

a less than most oil in all of Africa
apparently comes from the Congo
there’s always strife there the Chinese
are running Rambo’s oil actually comes
from Nigeria I thought that they have

the most oil it may not all come from
there but I think they have the most
it’s no very it’s not as each research
gone but definitely own the minerals
they own the minerals gold diamonds and

there’s you know 50 million around
killing each other it’s all about power
to get these minerals as cheaply as
possible whoever leads the country will
be the king and whoever funds the the
king rules and where they had the voting

machines which I want to bring in the
population staunchly against it call
them you know the lying what they call
them the maybe in this report they see

them as not real that’s not the way to
go rap and of course you don’t want
touchscreens anywhere there’s Ebola but
there’s also that the reports from our
on France press about the election
doesn’t even mention Ebola if is if I

can recall stall
the Democratic Republic of Congo where
opposition leaders have slammed the
postponement elections country had been
due to vote this Sunday in a poll it was
hoped would end the two year old crisis

over the future of President Joseph
on Thursday the Aussies Electoral
Commission ordered the poll be put back
a week in order to replace voting
equipment lost in a warehouse fire

Alliance of the parties backing
opposition wait for as that any further
delay will not be accepted yeah we know
very well that this delay has nothing to
do with the reasons put forward by the

Electoral Commission to give us excuse
after excuse that one day they’ll run
out of excuses to their excuses Felice
GC Katie told the supporters to remain

calm in the next few days but the 30th
of December is redline according to the
u DPS a red line that shall not be
crossed otherwise the militants would
take the matter in their own hands

without waiting for the party’s
instruction according to the
secretary-general meanwhile on Friday
Joseph Allen Gong Co the president of
the government Commission’s charged with

monitoring the elections preparation
urged the authorities to accept the UN
help to deploy voting materials across
the country so that the election can be

held on the 30th of December meanwhile
several people have been killed after a
plane chartered by DRC’s National
Electoral Commission crash near Kinshasa
the Antonov 26 operated by the company

go mare was a returning to the capital
of delivering election results forms the
central city of her Chi Kappa have been
at varying accounts the number of people
on board and the number of casualties

while PBS omits the fact that two-thirds
of the voting machines burned in a fire
and that people from the Election
Committee died in the fiery plane crash

than they had election forms on board
Wow looks like they’ll just vote early
unbelievable yes really man that is BS
nowadays weather I don’t know what what

completely happened but they’ve turned
into a very
I think it’s like not even in on par
with NBC News it’s well if they were NBC
at least would be something to laugh at

this is not even funny
now this this may have something to do
with China this is what I keep referring
to but I really can’t find you know
anything that points to them directly or
who the key I mean we’re obviously a

player in in this fight I don’t know who
were with or what side were on but China
is now moving into the next phase of
their no Road three belt strategy and
because Kenya could not repay a loan the

China infrastructure loan the Chinese
had given to them they now have taken
possession of Kenya’s main port economic
hitman bigger this is huge oh they just

do it differently yeah no no bloodshed
yeah I think people will know this but
in general hey just give them given

offer they can’t refuse that they
actually can’t even fulfill and then
take over whatever you need
you know they took over the deport yeah

it just came out just came out over yeah
well well that should be interesting the
geopolitics in China or China and the
reference I was just fascinating yeah so

anyway so maybe now is the time to send
in troops for you know the Ebola issue
yes unless unless it’s going the way we
want it I mean it would have to be

not not for Kenya but I mean for for the
for the Congo for DRC it probably is
going the way we want it to go
I don’t know what the point that put the

troops abroad just to serve some other
function I don’t know all right well at
least we’re on it
you know if somebody is I’m like abs PVS
been unbelievable then we have Wesley

Clark showing up in the news again maybe
if you’re gonna run for president again
well that’s an interesting point that’s

a reminder about Wesley Clark he told
this story a few years after 9/11 about
something that happened to him in the
Pentagon two weeks after 9/11 where he
received the following briefing we call

it the West Clark 7 so I came back to
see him a few weeks later and by that
time we were bombing in Afghanistan I
said are we still going to war with Iraq
and he said oh it’s worse than that

he said he reached over on his desk he
picked up a piece of paper he said I
just he said I just got this down from
upstairs meeting the secretary defense
office today and he said this is a memo
that describes how we’re gonna take out

seven countries in five years starting
with Iraq and then Syria Lebanon Libya
Somalia Sudan and finishing off Iran so
that was the plan that plan is probably

still on the books but here he is
speaking of the pullout which of course
he would be staunchly against although
Syria wasn’t on his list he understands
how the neocon war machine works and

he’s a part of it general let me start
with you CNN reporting that the abrupt
decision to withdraw from Syria that
started this cascading events occurred
after the president spoke with turkish

President Erdogan and essentially said
take it it’s yours we’re out Turkey is
part of the NATO coalition that you once
led how concerned are you about this
process or lack thereof and the

essential giving seating of influence to
Turkey and presumably other actors in
erdowan orbit
well I’m very concerned because it
doesn’t seem to be any strategic

rationale for the decision and if
there’s no strategic rationale for the
decision you have to ask why was the
decision made I can tell you that people
around the world are asking this and
some of our friends and allies in the

Middle East are asking well did did
order one bail the president was there
payoff or something what is it why would
a guy make a decision like this because
all the

was did air21 blackmail the president
was there a payoff the president
recommendations were against it and it
looked like that all the facts are
against it – were not quite finished

with Isis we’re not taking a lot of
casualties over there the Kurds have
been reliable allies why do this huge
casualties the American taxpayer right
now and this is the the matter that’s of

most concern or should be most concerned
all says what does this say about the
foreign policy of the United States that
were not reliable that we make strategic
decisions based on no strategic logic so

what kind of person is driving the helm
that’s the issue but this is a political
issue not a military issue Jim mattis
took a political post in this

administration his job was to support
the president the United States when all
the chips are down he couldn’t do it he
left trumps now replaced him all that is
in the court is with the way it should

be the odd man what you’re completely I
wasn’t quite sure exactly I mean is this
the truth wants to come out or let’s

just listen to that last bit again I
found it incomprehensible not a military
issue Jim mattis took a political post
in this administration his job was to
support the president the United States

when all the chips are down he couldn’t
do it he left trumps now replaced him
all that is in the court is with the way
it should be interesting that is the
debt must be a truth should come out

thing not quite quite sure it’s a this
is okay what he what he may be saying is
mattis is out and that’s the way it
should be we needed him out of there
for something else or we needed the

other guy in the Madison’s not getting
any work anywhere I mean I put it very
made it very clear in the newsletter and
I’ll reiterate this one of the points he
was a board member and made a big point
of being aboard the board of theranos

the perhaps the biggest scam in Silicon
Valley history and he’s on the board of
directors this guy and that’s because
and I’m I I kind of accuse him of being

a sucker for the blondie that ran the
place it was a I batter you know hyena
with the big debate you know I have a
deep voice what that means I’m sexy and

so and on top of it you know you have to
remember this guy is a bachelor he he
proposed to one woman ever and she at
the day of the wedding or just before

the way she called it off what I didn’t
know this about matters nine so he’s got
a Napoleonic complex and he is not a guy
that you just assume that not have him

even working in the position of
authority like that because he’s
unstable yes he got dumped but he got
dumped on his wedding he got run around
by this by Elizabeth Holmes and made a

fool out of himself he should have never
gotten a position of any sort after that
experience right what’s she doing there
I didn’t get couldn’t see through this
scam that he was dealing with well the

problem with fairness or theranos is
that a lot of guys like that gut scammed
including : Powell he was in that group
as well on the board yeah guys who were
susceptible to some blondie you know but

bleached blonde let’s make that clear uh
who likes to manipulate men hey
middle-aged men is very susceptible to
this if they’re you know any bit you

know thinking of the feeling their oats
as it were let’s see who else let me
just look at this board again
see who was on let’s see who else is uh
is unfit yeah I believe anyone who was

on that board is unfit to have a
position of authority
Reilly missed the mark of the devil
you’re out Reilly BEC tell
of the Bechtel group economic hitmen

Bechtel David Boies
the lawyer boys Schiller and Flexner
yeah old older guy William fooj former
director CDC Richard kovachev ik Wells

Fargo another crook
Fabrizio garlic rook what so you can’t
call him a crook no okay I can’t call

him a crook I was running a crap
organization yes yes okay thank you
I want to get sued Fabrizio bonanni
Amgen well that make sense and then

mattis so he was really that the board
is much smaller than I thought at least
that was the 2016 board yeah it may have
been bigger earlier because I was quite
sure that : Powell was on there

I think he has some association you know
Tim Draper did he was in love with her
and was was he still thinks she can make
a comeback what a character fantastic

yeah meanwhile The Washington Post is
doing their job to make Trump look bad

in this a headline in Syria Assad’s
government is doubling down on
executions of political prisoners course
atrocities we need another ah we need

another Doctors Without Borders chemical
attack well the last time there was the
doctors a border thing I think it was
our troops that blew one of their
hospitals to smithereens remember that

yep the big of the big
for one of the big planes it has a lot
of guns on one side kept circling it and
pounding I have the old big plane gun

I’ve begun playing with a big play with
guns gunship also know that shit Turkey
also now making all kinds of moves
against Greece making noise this is so

much going when it comes to this you
don’t even know how much this is
accurate though of what of all these
news reports well none of this do it
took is doing what with Greece well I’ll

tell you what it’s all well here’s the
issue the issue is and I think as always
it’s all about the energy in the
pipeline so we know that Israel wants

their pipelines to come up through
Greece there any of their Leviathan
filled turkey is in bed with Russia for
all of this and they want their Turks
stream to be the you know the thing that

brings everything in that they want to
stop all at all costs and South they’re
talking about you know airspace who
owned Cyprus all this crap it’s it’s the

same stuff they always do but they’re
making noise and they’ll probably
position ships in the region or blow up
a pipeline meanwhile Poland I know if we
talked about it Poland isn’t now signed

their third agreement with the u.s.
liquid natural liquefied natural gas to
afford their country instead of taking
gas from Russia through Ukraine

I don’t know what the you know I the
poles do anything to get better visa
deal with us I guess it’s gotta tell you
that’s the one thing that Trump really I
don’t understand why he won’t let let

the polls be a part of esta you can just
need you just visit the US with a you
know with a quick online form he
promised it yeah but somehow they didn’t

pushback from someone a lot of people
says the Israelis that would be Bachan X
conclusion as well
but hey he’s trumps done enough favors

for the Israelis he can do this favor
for the poles yeah who’s gonna who’s
gonna tell are they gonna say Raley’s
gonna turn on us if that deal is done

come on no I don’t think so so what I
have seen in the in the mainstream by
the way how was your Christmas
was it good did you guys all together

were you up there where’s people down
there what you do know everybody’s
scattered around so our Christmas is
coming in about five days yes the
Dvorak’s always celebrating on a
different date for every occasion you
guys kill me well you have the tree up

and everything still when y’all get
together yeah not great interesting
the news is and I think it’s a mistake

but you know they believe it’s the way
to go for ratings they’re now all
pivoting after our end of year
retrospectives all pivoting to 2020
that’s all about who’s gonna be running

for 2020 they’re just going to can they
believe that political news and I’m
talking about the three big mainstream
n5m news channels MSNBC CNN and Fox
that’s all they seem to be able to talk

about three bees and a camel toe that’s
right everybody that’s who’s running
Bernie Biden Beto and Kamala Harris
yeah but those are three that’s four of

them there’s a in fact of course we have
dozens of people running on both sides
because people think they can take out
Trump so we have losers like Kasich

going on about how he’s gonna run
because he doesn’t think this
president’s doing well and the public
wants him huh I mean we did these guys
I’ve never seen so many delusional

people the only person that really if
we’re gonna go ahead you know this is
the it’s the well if Trump can win
anyone can win I can win realize that
Trump has been a high-profile character

that can win he gets votes because he’s
so high-profile the only person like
that is Oprah right and they’re
different and people say well Oprah can
not there’s another one Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks’s well I think he could do it
I think he could do it well here’s the
problem with Oprah she would we know of
trump wanting to run for president says

the 80s he’s always talked about it and
interestingly with the same agenda about
China it’s fit has not wavered when it
comes to doesn’t waver much Oprah was

never shown any interest in it at all so
she’d be forced into it so she’s not
gonna do it Tom Hanks it’s a lark he
just want to go through the grind of it
especially a Hollywood character with

all the still luggage does Hollywood
people have it be miserable right but
what I’m saying is the media has the
media has already chosen on the Democrat

side they’ve chosen the yes he had to do
they had to take a stamp because it’s
part of the strategy to block Hillary
yeah and and every story after you’re

right every story I’ve seen is followed
by 70% of Democrats don’t want Hillary
anywhere near the word run
yeah which is a lie that’s a lie

people who are screaming in the streets
after Trump won and we’re gathered at
Javits and were in tears afterwards they
don’t hate Hillary now

Rand Paul is paying there did their dare
just this is the skin not gonna use it
again this is a fraud Hillary is

probably the leading candidate if you
ask me
interesting she well she has yet to
raise her ugly head look how long it

took the first time because if she
doesn’t raise her ugly head for a long
time she gets to gather a lot of money
and that money goes in a different
account so if she doesn’t win anything
that money still is hers yeah I agree

though I have not seen I’ve not seen the
candidate that would would make it work
Biden four years ago I mean it’s all
about appearance and and I’ll say it

again that’s how we elect our presidents
we buy our soap it’s all the same way
it’s gotta look pretty make you feel
nice and white out give you a nice smile
well if you remember the guy the CIA xgi

a guy who wrote that behind the scenes
book in the White House during the
waning years of the Obama administration
slammed Biden for being wrong on every

single topic it hasn’t got a prayer
doesn’t really matter it doesn’t really
matter the president doesn’t have to be
right especially if you’re running it’s
you know your sales guy

to sales guy in a poppy or mommy yeah
you have to sale sell past the media’s
there’s a real problem Rand Paul I think
is gonna make another run okay I think

he just does that for to keep his
profile i well but he’s changed
something he’s now he is honing his
tweeting skills I’m not kidding this
that you should look at his Twitter feed

look at he’s you know he’s standing on a
beach next to you know a bunch of sticks
looks like a bonfire but I guess you
could say it looks like a teepee and his
tweet is I came to say happy Festivus to
my friend Elizabeth Warren but I can’t

find her I mean this he’s trolling ‘he’s
going after Warren hey Street dub that’s
a direct hit let’s see what was the
other one

speaking of criminal justice reform I
have to give Jared Kushner credit he was
great on this and I’m glad I got to know
him because before that I was a bit
suspicious he was the kid from The Omen
movie all grown up that sounds like it’s
professionally written yet a writer he

has a writer oh yeah
so he’s and he was making fun of Ted
Cruz posting memes of Cruz with a crazy
beard and yeah that’s I think he’s

testing his Twitter skills he knows
where that is where the 2020 election
will be fought of course or whatever
Twitter feeds with her Twitter that’s
what that’s that’s where you win yeah

rules are changed and he at least seems
to understand that I don’t think he has
it in him I’ve always liked him kind of
well he’s just the public will never go

for it we’ve been sold the American pose
been sold on a bill of war here’s
Gillibrand on the the Van Jones show on
CNN she wants to run yo she does but she

kind of cuts herself out in the in an
odd way about what’s right in the world
I do believe we should fight for each
other’s kids as hard as my own I do
believe that we what is the issue with

saying I do believe what’s the
difference between you saying I do
believe and saying I believe it would be
someone would say that because they have

the feeling idea or perhaps proof that
someone thinks you don’t believe that
but there’s no evidence of that she’s
just saying I do believe I did Gauls but

I see a lot of professional athletes
through many of which many of whom are
borderline if not illiterate
despite their college degrees it’s

rarely most of them quit cause because
they go to the pros and make all these
millions you know unlike the suckers are
stay in school kids there you go there’s
Uncle John telling you like it is so

they did their border line your litter
and they say I do believe well so does
Jill Bryan I have a vision for America
about what’s right in the world I do

believe we should fight for each other’s
kids as hard as we fight for our own I
do believe that we should restore the
golden rule and actually care about one
another and I do believe no matter what
block you grew up on you should have a
chance this is a big thing this this

block you grow up on or zip code you
grow up in then I hear this everywhere
this pork this pork it you’ll hear the
this poor child if only were born in
one-zip code over would have had a very

different life as if the physical place
my sister was born in Uganda a January
1st 1967
so you tell me you know that’s a bad zip

code that’s not the good zip code to
grow it but to grow up in for sure so
anyway there’s a lot of that you should
have a chance to live out your god-given
potential and that means good schools

that are public schools you know jet
free college things that really make
opportunity possible so debt free
college another zinger I miss that the
first time oh that is that’s a good way
of putting it that’s a great campaign

line I like I believe in debt-free
college because you kind of just yeah
yeah yeah
I believe in debt-free homes I believe
in a debt-free car free college things

that really make opportunity possible so
I have that vision and so the question
is do I do that from a presidential
platform or do I do it from the US
Senate and that is the question I will
decide very soon we got a poll we should

put up with a did knows in that poll
that the top three were I think Biden
Bernie and bado threebees and all white
guys in a party as diverse as ours

it doesn’t worry you to see the top
three being white guys yes I aspire for
our country to recognize the beauty of

our diversity in some point in the
future and I hope someday we have a
woman president I love the fact that
Barack Obama was our president for eight
years I hope more people of color not
only aspire and win the presidency

because that’s what makes America so
extraordinary that where we are all of
that we are everything and I think a
more inclusive America is a stronger
America what is interesting to me is
here’s Van Jones on CNN the actual

organization who has pre chosen the
three B’s it’s not like there’s no one
else running to all we hear about is the
three B’s in the camel toe that’s all we

hear about three B’s instead of saying
oh it’s the party oh yeah see and then
maybe you should include some other
people on your list to give them some

yes it is I agree WAP Oh Times CNN CNN’s
just I mean they they went all in very
and they seem to have dropped common
hair years before give me a break I’m

telling even the mh17 flight that was
lost after a year CNN finally just had
to give up I mean this too much you can

have too much Pro of one type of
programming the public will not either
look we’ve been in television a long
time John if you switch and every every
channel you go to is election this

election that it’s going to get old
ratings will slip
I agree but maybe it’s all just a deal

making stage for the for the ads hey
look we’ve been really good to you guys
we’ve we’ve you know we’ve done the
three B’s and you know you might be

right it’s almost like the network news
people that people I’ve said this before
we’ve talked about on the show everyone
but all those those network news it’s
only old people who watch that in those

news things it’s a dying audience
although nobody takes into account that
new people are getting old but that’s
okay it’s a dying audience is terrible
no the network news folk

appeal to the oldsters because they have
ads for them specifically lots of drug
ads aches and pains ads you know the

incontinence ads and all the stuff that
old people need so it’s not like they’re
doing it there they’re screwing up and

what’s interesting is that the
derivative of the audience they’re
talking to and when I what I mean by
that is little clips that show up on
social media that’s kind of a bonus you
know they know that they can’t with a

straight face say to any ad agency your
media buyer yeah we got 18 to 24 we’re
right here in the pocket they can’t say
it cuz no one will believe them it’s not
true they can say look we got to 55 plus
and that’s a big market for pharma and

the derivative is just what is posted
online and circulates around these the
people who are looking at this are not
watching those channels they’re just
taking the snippets and throwing it into

the outrage machine and feeding back and
just you know it’s part of the big loop
it’s really quite genius I mean not that
anyone’s how they make money not that

anyone more money we do now before we
take a break I’d like to get your take
on the gyrations in the financial
markets because the funniest thing I saw

over Christmas was a tweet from the
president after we closed Christmas Day
with you know two days was it three days
down in a row and all horrible worst
christmas clothes ever the president

after minuchin has called the working
group on financial markets to see how
they’re doing with cash
last time we used that name we called

him by their nickname the plunge
Protection Team we’re working group on
financial markets that is the plunge
Protection Team yeah so he called them
with all this is said everyone into it

you know you just know santa rally let’s
put it like that and then the president
the next day tweets if I were you but by
the dip my mind exploded he’s doing by

d by the dip everybody and it shoots up
a thousand points the next market day
think 1085 something like that it was
the most in history that was fantastic
he is the stock whisperer of course she

had to sell at the end of the day
otherwise she gets screwed I’m sure it’s
down today’s no no down estate look I’m
sure it is
I’m sure it is I think it was down three
or four hundred points at all this

morning it’s yeah did you see best I’ve
heard the best commentary I’ve heard was
it’s down 396 yeah the best commentary
I’ve ever heard was some some real

old-timer was on one of these financial
station shows and he says this
this is his computer training it’s just
the way it works nowadays you have a

downward trend for a little while the
computers all jump on it and they they
position themselves that that it’s gonna
go down you know what it is its
algorithmic amplification itself this is

exactly what it is
he says it’s gotten exaggerated some
more exaggerated than ever because the
computers will push away down and then
it starts to go up and they they all and
then they all go nuts the computers in a

matter of form they all go nuts and
things skyrocket and then it goes down
it goes up good stuff it’s crazy this is
like seems like the perfect time if you
have any clue about how they how it’s

actually working it you can as a day
trader you should be able make millions
of dollars a year well get off cycle
your yeah you’re done I think you can do
it on indexes but individual stocks is a

little more a little more complicated
because the out there’s probably five
basic algos I’ve studied some of them
and you know some really dumb that’ll
just go on on a certain time of day if

they’re an upward motion but they
obviously they will they will suppress
price your true pricing
I think algorithmic amplification may be
the only thing

today’s algorithms are really good at no
matter what it is
that’s what we’ve seen on the social
media networks like what what do the
algos do this is a good point because
this is actually stems from the fractal
of the semiconductors and one of the

greatest things semiconductors could do
is amplify
it’s yeah it is a fractal that’s it it’s
either compression or amplification they
can do that too

yes because the world that mean we love
mr. compression yeah well there’s
different kinds of compression but
compression in time you know abstraction
of of operations anything that can be
compressed is its in it’s in our human

DNA almost to want to compress things
but the amplification part yeah that
that is truly what computers do amplify
us decompress yeah huh modulate

demodulate well here’s um Rick ferryman
binary baby this binary man is nothing
else to it

Rick Santelli from CNBC had his own take
on this Olson is the Treasury secretary
during the crisis you know at first they
were going to borrow three quarters
worth trillion dollars to buy toxic

assets that never materialized it
morphed on the fly things could get
messy I can’t believe some of the
nuances though really they can’t
understand that anybody would be worried

about liquidity I’ll tell you what go
visit any major FCM in this business and
ask them how many hours a day they’re
putting in what markets are moving like
this or talk about margin and leverage

for how many times Treasury secretary
minutiae was concerned about market
structure all the articles beginning in
December listen I understand every
nuance is the wrong nuance because the

message isn’t really any of these
individual thoughts but what the
Treasury secretary is saying the issue
is quite simple the central banks of the
world propped up the stock market to a
point where it can sustain itself during

normalization and normalization of only
a few of the participants in the grand
liquefied scheme of things that is the
main issue the markets have to contend
with and they could point blame whatever

they want there’s an oil industry that
does that and this president certainly
doesn’t get the benefits of much de
what did he actually say
I have no idea I mean I kind of was

catching it then that the and he talks
about the president doesn’t get
something and I don’t know what he meant
by that
I don’t know well yeah I think our
thesis here is actually quite a good one

because the end of year there’s always
stuff going on there’s a pension
institutional rebalancing thank you
chatroom troll room there’s a number of
things but it’s the algorithmic

amplification that gives you these wild
swings and we can probably look to see
this is something we need to be on the
lookout for anywhere an algorithm is
running let’s see if we can find the

amplification because eventually
something has to break
yeah amplification for amplifications
sake is not the way to go that’s why

audio amplifiers need a preamp with it
with a volume control on it you can
stick your pure stuff into the amp

straight up and then it just gets
blasted Blatt you blow your house up but
if you have a preamp which is a little
controller that says hey I mean I’m
gonna give you a little bit of this

juice not all of it
then it’s it calms it down we don’t have
a preamp for the economy interesting
what the Fed I guess would want to be

the dial Turner to dial their volume
control yeah the volume control they I
guess that’s what they have that what
they feel their role is you know turn up
interest rates turn them down or inflate

the money supply little tone control but
then they know and with that I’d like to
say in the morning to you and thank you
to the man who put the C in compression

John C deck
I want to thank you and I want to thank
all the boots on the ground feet in the
air subs in the water and all the Dames
tonight’s out there in the morning to

the troll room let me see how many
trolls we got here today let me just do
a quick little scan
Wow 896 that’s not bad for a Christmas
week well in the morning to you trolls

good to see you got your troll poles
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Sundays also I would like to say in the

morning to comic strip bloggers who
brought us the artwork for episode 1097
title of that – a sword and again lots
of art we chose this one because it was

it really does nice illustration it was
the White House and a bunch of
protesters in comics or bloggers true
form with his his comic comic strip
drawing and they were holding up the

protest signs such as peace sucks
stopped peace Trump do war not more war
let’s do war Dan was very appropriate I
think for for the episode was there any

there was other art I think that art
that was okay it was good and wasn’t
great but I personally like this one
because it had the it had the the tone
that were bitching about which is all

these Democrats and you just proved that
with some earlier clips yep
all these you know peaceniks war was the
only yeah it’s not American enough to

know that one but it was good we
appreciated no agenda art generator calm
we always loved looking at all the art
the art is available for anyone to see

it is
a part of the value for value system
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the value that comics or bloggers
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for sure right let me do it now it’s
important about it
you’ve got car for anyone who needs it

thank you very much sir mark Milliman
yeah why don’t you let us know if you
have a protectorate if you are a baron
and then we’re gladly upgraded you
there’s no rush then though it goes on

oh I’m sorry I do not need karma but I
do need karma because I need this
satellite deal to come through or else
I’ll need job karma your last Sunday

show is right on target with my
assignment of the Huawei with my
assessment of the Huawei situation are
already explained another component of
the fuck Trump in China planned from the

deep State these elitist assholes don’t
care who they ruin but Boeing SpaceX
Hughes and the others are involved in it
so they are messing with the big boys

except for the Ilan who is just a little
boy he’s in the business yeah oh yeah
those up in that area you know yes I
hope you two have a Merry Christmas with

your respective families thank you for
covering these beats so I don’t have to
my amygdala can’t handle the m5m at all
it is for in this current form including
Fox News and WSJ I always see so much

more when I read or watch anything from
the MSA I always see so much more when I
read or watch anything from the m5m well
thanks to us Adam I hope your theory

about AOC is wrong I know she provides
great source for the show but she is an
idiot there is no simpler or nicest way
to put it the problem is that many of

the Millennial idiots think she’s a
genius let the fucking of Hillary began
I know Bernie recognizes that his
political life is ending so he will pump

up a OC it should be entertaining it
should be an entertaining ride we need
to give him a satellite yes and that of
course is the bottom line as long as
it’s an entertaining ride for the No

Agenda show and our network here we
don’t care sir mark Millman I know
exactly what he does I know why he wants
the satellite Karma and I really hope
works here you go you’ve got karma we

have some of the most amazing people in
our audience did you see that have the
great Twitter thread the the No Agenda
selfie thread on Twitter no oh man I

think you started off
two of our producers I think in Colorado
and then everyone was doing really
close-up selfies of half your head and
you know when we got some interesting

looking people oh my goodness great
though you know sir Chris of course with
his you know his washed up on the beach
you know been on a desert island for 30

his everyone jumped in on it you just
look at this thread because the people
we got good lookers you luminarias in
her lab coat I mean was just fun to see
everyone working on the day after

Christmas and and where they were and
what they were doing I don’t know was
something about what people would call
community but what I call our Valley for
value network or the network it was fun
okay now we have an interesting one Kyle

from Cincinnati $7.99 88 from Chapel
Hill North Carolina
ah right he actually
let me reach over hold on a second yeah

I reach around the dirty the dirty
little jive that’s what can you do
okay uh I don’t think

you know he’s sent to check in and he
has some no I don’t really have anything
shall I go back to my Dirty Jobs then

again to entertain people why you look
why don’t I read up I could never look
this I’m not guide we’re moving on he’s
just had to check with I think very it’s

just the no jingles or something like
along those lines but I got a kick I was
just Kyle from Cincinnati buddies in
Chapel Hill so it’s alright if he wants
to say something yes No thank you very

much Kyle Michael Hall Bobby I’m sorry
Michael Halbe e Michael Halbe e in
Marion louisia WA Marion Iowa 33333
these are all executive producers by the

way this donation completes my
knighthood joining my father at the
round table have been listening to the
best podcast in the universe since
episode 50 also a listener of the daily
source code way back before iTunes had
podcast support and when I was still in

high school
whoo I even remember John on silicon
spin way back in the cdtv days I’ve been
extremely fortunate this year so it
seems only appropriate to cap off the

year completing my knighthood Merry
Christmas Happy New Year Michael paddle
me Oh Michael thank you so much that’s
fair you know I said it’s interesting
those old days the old days back into

like this kind of a theme you know with
the with the old advertisements that you
put in the newsletter oh yeah if you
didn’t see the news though you missed

out that’s for sure but someone sent me
I’ll just play it you tell me when you
want me to stop a clip of you which i
think is from the 80s about the new
being interviewed about viruses
can I play a little bit just as I wanted

I’m interested now why do hackers plant
viruses what kind of guys are these we
visited computer columnist John Dvorak
to learn more about Oh where’s the sea
oh-ho-ho what’s up with that yeah

psychological profile of the virus
hacker there there young the mostly male
they probably like pizza and coca-cola
you can probably find them at a 7-eleven

they probably have weird hours you know
they stay up real late that may sound
like the description of a typical
but beware because it may also be the
picture of a typical computer hacker

according to the computer virus Industry
Association some 60,000 pcs across the
country are infected by viruses every
month hackers try to infiltrate the
systems for a variety of reasons for

some it’s just a practical joke others
may have a score to settle with a former
the real reason may be a whole lot
simpler but just as harmful here it

there’s two things that make people
create viruses one is some peer group
pressure they’re in a group that does
this kind of stuff the other one is
boredom because they you know maybe
these people were employed and actually
there are some people who are employed

that create viruses and there’s just a
cheap thrill of doing it and seeing
seeing what happens to your creation it
is a little bit like graffiti art in
that regard you know throwing something
up on the wall and then taking off
before the police catch up no it’s not

your wall that’s that’s it man that’s
that’s what that’s why hackers do what

they do
that was the hackers then and then they
decided they figure out they make money
in that chain oh yeah no it’s a very
different situation it’s just funny I
mean if you play some clips for me from

MTV for I’ll sound very stupid believe
me I’ll get them yeah you should hey
people out there I know a lot of you
have collected Adams old MTV stuff send
me some of the bitter stuff

there we go it’s not your wall man let
your wall not you’re wrong it’s pretty
good Randall meanwhile Randall Schaible
in Somerville Massachusetts came with
$333 I’ve been listening for the last

nine months and I’ve decided to donate
can I please get a deed douching yes you
can you’ve been deduced two of my
friends Mary and Brandon who I’ve

punched in the mouth and they still
haven’t donated no no can I get a two to
the head respect from al Sharpton and

thanks Hillary I appreciate all the work
you guys do for the greatest podcast in
the world.we universe ITM randy from
Somerville thanks Hillary oh I think I
have I know what it is here we go where

did that come from

play it again I don’t know it’s my new
search system it’s bringing up
interesting results
thanks Beyonce that’s alright so right
there oh thanks Beyonce Christopher

Beatty or bead 333 in Indianapolis
Indiana Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year to John Adam and the no agenda
family I just read an article that joy

from giving lasts much longer than joy
from getting no let me read that again
joy from giving last much longer than
joy from getting so I’m sorry to have to

do this but it’s been far too long since
my last donation
I know these podcasts don’t make
themselves many thanks Chris bead from
Indianapolis thank you very much Chris

that’s so kind but now we need a
somebody’s jingle yeah all right I know
you know what it’s a even looked ahead
today just to make sure that I had
everything lined up and knows Virginia

3:14 59

by the way as van Steenburgen is our guy
the marine know I’d mispronounce his
name on the show
Archduke Nussbaum happy Christmas and

Happy Holidays to one and all make 2019
a rockin great year love to all of the
No Agenda nation boomed on the boners

hugs for Adam and jcd now let’s drink so
we awaken 29th 2019 he’s already started
jingle goat no karma random jingle goat

no car boom Shaka brah
he said no karma yes hello David Drew’s

in Henderson Nevada two three four five
six and he emailed something to us his
Uncle Dave the on the old Dvorak blog

how was that who that is yeah Uncle Dave
he’s coming he loves the show sir Uncle
Dave night of the retired old farts here
with the new years donation of two three

four five six and a personal thank you
for what you two did for me this year
what was that you say actually should be
what was that you asked if you remember
at the beginning of April I started my

retirement with the driving trip to
Arizona while heading down a lonesome
desert road a deer ran across ahead of
me I swerved and my newer used car
bought four days before ended up on its

side off the road demolished in a
boulder ouch after cutting me out of the
car I was airlifted to the hospital
where I stayed for over a week only
crying following months I healed my

battered body and what some of my
doctors considered an amazing rate which
I attribute to the No Agenda show wait
well I don’t always agree with your
conclusions by the way people don’t have

to mention that to us because we know
you’re studied analysis and commentary
against the insanity of the m5m belches
out Babette belches out quieted my

amygdala so much so that I could
concentrate on healing
that’s an interesting theory so he never
got the swollen amygdala and that could

heal better instead of you know being
all freaked out there may be something
to that I think so too
and I’m not normally buying into a lot
of this but I kind of think that’s

probably true because the ever since we
found out about the amygdala issue yeah
I bet there are others who have been
mentally healed by you by the power
invested in me by me I pronounce you

doctors of deconstruction unlike my
doctors listeners can partake of your
services without buying insurance
although a listener donation
prescription is recommended of course

don’t forget to list your doctorates on
your LinkedIn profiles for when you find
you need to get real jobs thanks dr.
John and dr. Adam he did healing work no
jails no okay because you’ve always

supplied me with enough already thank
you babe well well Dave I think there
this is very interesting
doctors of hmm doctors of deconstruction

yeah next time I do a business you know
it’s very it’s very similar to the way
medicine used to work in the old days it
would you know the doctor the town

doctor he no one would pay him he’d get
value in return
here’s chicken you know I’ll help you
build your barn it’s a very similar
system they paid him

now what not in Little House on the
Prairie they didn’t the the doctor was
always out of money well so are we
that’s what I mean so exactly it’s the

same my point exactly thank you James
Williams 220 dollars and 46 cents should
complete my knighthood may be granted
the title of Sir James Knight of the

Paradise Star I thank you for the
discussions of less recovered topics
research performed for the show and
overall value of this product yes this
product is great jingles darkside Yoko

and lone wolf will do and I’ll see at
the podium later for uniting

it’s been too long and too long since we
played that one thanks for bringing it
back perfect
roy 10 hava in pina curb banneker sign

occur paint knocker 200 dollars and 33
cents down in adam no long notice the
short thanks for all the awesome work

you guys do and the entertainment and
sanity you provide merry christmas
regards Roy Thank You Roy
danke Ville
pardon me Roy is that the cat that

chewed your new shoes I’ve heard it
differently it’s at the kitty is that
the cat that shit on your shoes you know
that would be the again the dirty
version ecologist her last associate

executive producers just faked ologist
he’s and in bed by the way he obscured
everything I have no idea who this
person is he’s fake ologist he I think I

blocked him on Twitter you did I think
so if I mean there’s a guy named
psychologist who I did yeah I think I
blocked and unblocked and blog you get

some some people oh whatever it doesn’t
matter what does he have a note do we
know anything about I have a note here
my blog fake colleges calm is all about
exposing media fakery every major media
event you can go check it out is a

hyper-realistic drill portrayed as real
including 9/11 it was inspired by the
least promoted video of all time
September Clues which shows Eric that
every bit of 9/11 video is pre

fabricated like a movie including 9 and
11 second the 9 and 11 second collapse
from footage of towers 1 & 2 you can
watch it on YouTube or on fake colleges

meanwhile can you call out douchebag
Simon Shaq boy polloi Wilson thanks for
your great work and have a good 20 19

fake colleges he wants the following
jingles oh yay Oh bot yeah I shoulda
told you this earlier sorry Obama
uh.if stuttering if-if-if yeah beautiful

YUM which is that gonna be harder to
find we haven’t used that for a while
I’m a rule follower and Adams favorite
wtc7 will go away and we we

okay I think I have most of these let’s
give it a shot you’ve got Karma excuse


debbie downer well you didn’t get the we
in there oh I didn’t hear that I didn’t
understand he wanted the week but that
was fantastic surprise you could find

those that fast
but you did that’s our last this
socially sick there it is and there’s
the week I could have done that week
that’s our last associate executive

producer want us think all these folks
for being executive producers and
associate executive producers and
supporting the show show number 1098
headed toward show 1100 which will be a
a special event it’s the first show of

the 2019
yeah that’s coincidence I think not well
I’m very happy with the gifts we’ve been
given for for the end of year for
Christmas anyone showing up at all we

never really know when yeah but actually
we do know this is very difficult to get
people to do stuff in in this Christmas
break and not only I would have people
listening we have people supporting the
show also with the the other port the

other elements of our value for value
system with artwork with jingles with
clips with knowledge it’s also highly
appreciated and will thank more people
in our second donation segment of course
just before the New Year’s we will have

a another show on Sunday remember us and
support us at of Vollrath org slash and
hey y’all’s pretty zits there you’ve got
so much deconstruction you can beat
anybody just propagated our formula is

we hit people in the mouth

and I do something new today a test
which won’t affect anything before you
get worried about it I don’t worry about

well it’s something with the publishing
of the show believe me you’re worried
but it’s completely separate
I’ve been following ipfs for a couple of
years and have been messing around with
it it’s ipfs stands for the

interplanetary file system yeah and
yesterday I did the ultimate is
something that one of these like Tim
berners-lee or one of these types of

guys or came up with no no not at all
who did it I think the main guy is a kid
from Stanford okay and oh it’s not in
anyone’s interest except us

to have something like this running and
what what tipped me over I went I
revisit these these things from time to
time to see if they’re useful and I’ve
come to the conclusion that ipfs the

interplanetary file system is almost
useful for large podcast distribution
now I’m not gonna get it I’m not gonna
get into the way it works but very

nicely CloudFlare has set up a gateway
in order for this to work and it’s a
distributed file system and of course
it’s you know the Internet is the cloud

and everyone’s hosting your files and a
lot of stuff that you’ve heard before
but this one seems to be something that
can get legs because they’ve
incorporated into blockchain in fact
it’s very similar to what github does a

very similar type of system ology or
system but klutzo in if you don’t have
the software running to basically a
little local server to use the because

it’s just a hash instead of a full URL
you can say you can use a public gateway
and CloudFlare set up a public gateway
for this yeah they said it’s just to

stimulate to stimulate now in all these
cases having a you know a main front end
or like a distribution network we even
if you can distribute between other

peers that that are hosting the file
that’s being requested it’s not bad to
have you know a couple of
have a system that can you know rotate
amongst these public gateways for people

who don’t have them anyway long story
short I’ve started a second RSS feed is
completely separate I’ve tested it it
works it’ll be in the show notes in a
show notes calm or no agenda show calm

and if anyone wants to try it out
because pretty much I’m uploading a
hundred and twenty Meg file which is the
average size for our show and it’s going
into the IEP FS I’m not hosting it I’m

hosting one original copy on my laptop
and everyone who subscribes to that
should be able to receive it and I’m
just interested to see how well that
works if just you know it’s a test but I

think it’s an important one who’s
hosting it well no one’s hosting with
it’s the the fog they just floats around
is data in the cloud and then it gets

picked off yeah yeah so in other words
is freeloading
well it’s no different the freeloading
than torrents only you don’t have to

have a central tracker as long as you
have the hash of the file you’re
requesting and that’s what pushed me
over the edge I tweeted just the hash
not a URL just the hash that can anyone

see this and was a hash for an image I’d
drawn that said it worked and a lot of
people got it and they knew how to
retrieve it I was like okay so there’s
enough out there to start testing I know

there’s some just with all this deep
platforming going on there is stuff
that’s working and I love trying to lead
that charge because there’s no money in
this there’s no money anywhere so these

guys because we’re losing money cuz
we’re associated with them exactly yeah

can’t do that so good but I’m glad
you’re doing this there’s also a you
know the last thing in the world I’d do
I don’t trust any of this stuff yeah
well there’s and there’s interesting

because it’s it’s created with a
blockchain there’s interesting ways you
can add in payments for either hosting
or storing some of it or for content I
mean I’m not too interested in that part

but I am very interested in the ability
to just share a file with anybody by
dropping it into a folder Almighty knows
it’s the ultimate goal it’s like Dropbox

you know it’s like you got was thinking
Dropbox when you said yeah and it just
came to me as well it’s pretty much like
Dropbox you throw it in you copy the
location which is not a URL and then
anyone can go and get it now the issue

of course is you put something up there
there’s no way for you to ever get it
off where it’s unlikely because once
copies are made you know you’re removing
it unlike Dropbox is not going to remove

it so you want to be careful what you
put up
um anyway that’ll be a test and I’d love
to hear back from our dudes and dudettes
named Ben and Ben and and benjamina to

see if they had any success with that
and we’ll continue to look huh yeah well
good yeah yeah how about this drone
story this gatwick drone story is I’m a

long version of it because this this now
that as I understand it Gatwick was shut
down for at least 24 hours 36 hours this
is an outrage and aviation outrage it

makes no sense someone is lying
I mean there’s a million ways to detect
that they couldn’t find it could there’s
no way to find a signal for that was

controlling the drone I don’t need I
think it was even a picture of the drone
well it’s going to sell some new
products yes I’ve noticed this as well
the drone dome security well there’s a

couple of them there’s one domestic
there’s one in Israel that both of them
are discussing the drone threat at
airports report from MB NBC with
millions of Americans flying over these

holidays US officials tonight are
growing increasingly concerned that our
airports could face an illegal drone
disruption like the one that shut down a
major airport last week NBC’s Pete
Williams now on the push to protect the

skies after struggling with dozens of
drone sightings by shutting down
operations twice Gatwick Airport south
of London finally brought in a system
designed by an Israeli company to detect

drones according to British media the
challenge of keeping drones and planes
apart is growing more difficult and even
accidentally bumping into a plane could
be disastrous a larger format drone 10

to 15 pounds could do a significant
amount of damage to an airplane and if
it were close to the ground it could
result in loss of the airplanes even
more worrisome is the prospect of an

intentional attack Isis terrorists
overseas have been using hobbyist drones
to carry explosives or dropped small
bombs Congress has been slow to respond
to the drone threat it only recently

gave the federal government authority to
disable drones that fly into restricted
airspace and security experts say most
airports are not prepared to deal with
them Salt Lake City’s Airport is

monitoring two of its runways with a
system to deal with potential drones
made by a Utah company it uses radar to
detect them and dispatches a drone
hunter to bring them down it’s not just

airports that are unprepared when we go
into stadiums when we go to airports
there’s fences there’s all sorts of
checkpoints and what we’re learning now

is that America needs to invest in
airspace security just like ground
security it’s a rapidly growing threat
with two million drones estimated to be
in the hands of American hobbyists by

the end of 2019
I’ve heard these drones that have nets
and they just get to the drone and throw

a net on him the one company I have is
Rafael advanced defense systems they
make the drone dome
has now been ordered by the UK first

customer for the counter unmanned air
system equipment yeah
that’s the one I think was discussed and
of course they did find some saps and
blamed it all on them and the media went

while then it turned out
oopsie no it wasn’t them the couple
arrested and later released without
being charged for a drone disruption at
Gatwick Airport in London last week they
are now speaking out for the first time

Paul Gates says they were treated very
badly as you can probably imagine we’re
feeling very feeling completely violated
a home has been searched and our privacy
in identity completely exposed our names

photos and other personal information
have been bull cast throughout the world
yeah and even their response was so hard
I have a different theory though I’m

well I would say for you in school just
a just a superficial theory the company
that makes the drone dome is the one who
sent a drone in there mm-hmm

you know probably a one that’s not
controlled you don’t need a lot of them
are nowadays or you can just program the
drone to do stuff and it goes out and
doesn’t comes back home or go someplace
else or whatever you want it to do and

you go in there and just you mess with
them and then you come in there with
your sales guys and say hey let go we
got that would be the the most
superficial analysis on what’s missing
from this is evidence of any drone at

all what’s missing from this is is more
than one aircraft reporting a drone did
not happen
there’s no recording of it there’s no

one saying there’s drones about drones
are all over airports people are
assholes they fly these things and I say
that as an aviator they they fly these
things everywhere airports do deal with

this and to shut down Gatwick for 36
hours can only be because of one thing
what unidentified flying object ray
I’m serious about that I’m not saying it

was a spaceship but I think there was
something unidentified they couldn’t
figure it out and they had to bring in a
whole bunch of people and we’ll never
hear about radar cool because if there

was visible they would have dead bee
videos all over the place oh man
UFOs don’t show up on radar hello how
was this visible what are you talking

about I think I think it was visible
I’ve seen I’ve seen a picture which I
don’t think is is I mean who the hell
knows I’ve seen a picture of where
something is flying there that looks
like it might be some kind of disc
shaped object that I don’t could be a

frisbee for all I know I’m saying this
type of shut down for 36 hours not
because do we think someone’s flying a
drone around which we haven’t seen have
no pictures of no radar in no ground
this ground radar nothing

this was something much bigger
well it’s not it’s not the Occam’s razor
and now this is no but that’s not why

people come to the No Agenda show John
more will be revealed yes this is all

that mainstream news and most of it was
about scammers a real you must have felt
right at home sorry you must have felt
right at home yeah scam scam so so they

they got two of these clips one of them
is I think educational I think people

will enjoy listening to it
but the other one is just like what is
this stupidity this is a this to me is a
native ad for Netflix because this the
scam they’re about to discuss it’s not

even anything new and specific or
specific to Netflix has been going on
with PayPal for decades but play the
Netflix CBS scam for dummies the Federal

Trade Commission warning Netflix
customers about a new email scam
criminals are posing as Netflix in these
emails and asking recipients to confirm
payment details experts say it’s a good

idea to avoid clicking on links and
emails like this altogether best to log
on to your Netflix account on the
Netflix site yeah that’s not the most
egregious of them the one I am despising

is the Amazon giftcard
I have the gift card one but it’s not
the Amazon giftcard gentleman here was a
generic gift card scam mm-hmm Amazon was

never mentioned no interesting so it
wasn’t a native ad in fact it wasn’t an
ad for anything I thought this was an
actually a mainly because Andrew
Horowitz his father-in-law fell for this

brother yes and he’s apparently others
beside himself how bad were to get what
happened to all is it’s like something
like 10 grand or something here here’s

one here’s a gift card scammer this is
the rundown of how it works I have more
details from someone from that let me
just before before we play the report
here’s my observation with the Amazon

gift card scam it comes in you see the
subject line and it’s so no no this is
not email oh I’m sorry
okay that I have an email issue yours is
different you tell us later but it’s not

this the cards are an increasingly
popular holiday present turns out
thieves like them to federal regulators
say in the past three years gift card
fraud has jumped two hundred and seventy

percent Tony to cocoa spoke with someone
who’s been scammed all the steps that
were being done and taken real Trinidad
Gonzalez says a man claiming to be her

grandson called saying he was in jail
and needed thousands of dollars
immediately he then put someone on the
phone who posed as an attorney you know
I was hesitant because that’s a lot of
money but the caller said he would make

it easy for the 76 year old grandmother
he told her to purchase gift cards from
Walmart and give him the numbers on the
back of the cards he warned her not to
answer questions from store employees
they asked me do you know where this

money is going to and I said it’s going
to my grandchildren that night she
figured out her real grandson was at
home in Virginia by that point Gonzalez
who had recently lost her husband was
out four thousand dollars so much money

so much money for me to hand over to a
stranger like that according to the
Federal Trade Commission 26 percent of
victims paid scammers with a gift card
between January and September this year

that’s up from only 7% in 2015 it’s a
huge issue Pennsylvania Attorney General
Josh Shapiro why wouldn’t a scammer just
ask for cash or a credit card number

well typically with cash you’d have to
have a meet-up somehow and so they don’t
want to create that risk and on a credit
card that’s much easier to trace and
easier for the bank to shut down the

money flowing to the scammer Trinidad
Gonzalez says she hopes her story will
put others on high alert I hope it
helped somebody somebody who likes me
thinks they’re smart enough not to fall

for it and to question things more cuz I
didn’t question anything yeah just one
that happened with horowitz’s I think
his father in law it wasn’t his father’s

father in law the kid was in Tijuana I
was getting a grandson kid was in
Tijuana he just got busted and he’s got
to get out of jail I was just have to

spend a month in a Tijuana prison or
someone goes like Andrews kid no it’s
one that one of the kids Oh whose kid it
was was one of them grandkids somewhere
in the family I don’t have the map of it

but it was one of these kids everyone
knows who it is and he has to get this
money to him immediately and so he went
did the same thing same routine and he
gave me senilis money meanwhile the kid

is you know parked in Loveland Colorado
or just a big fort lauderdale or
something he’s home all the time no and
nobody bothered to call him or say hey

what is you know cuz he wasn’t it wasn’t
in Mexico at all Wow and so of course
now you have to eat crap for the rest of
your life for being a sucker but this
apparently goes on and it says hit

Andrew got is one of the people that’s
familiar with it so people should know
about this
this gives gift cards are dubious anyway
so what’s the one you’re talking about

the one I’m talking about is you get an
email and I get emails from Amazon I
still order some things to the mom
really trying to curtail my purchases
from Amazon evil Corp so they’ll sense
they’ll send something about Oh get your

Amazon gift card and it’s something
about the wording is sophisticated the
even the return email address which is
what you usually want to look at and
I’ve gone so far as to load images on

one of these because I have my images
turned off because that’s how they track
one of the many ways they can track if
you’re if you’re if you’ve read their
mail and so of course the minute I
turned on the images and they’re like

wait a minute this isn’t really from
Amazon I’d already signaled them that
hey here’s a sucker send some more and
you can they keep changing the email
address and you don’t really want to
block the word Amazon so it becomes a

little complicated it’s a good one
though I don’t know that I’ve seen this
yeah it’s like a $50 gift card if you
fill out their survey

where’s this war you lot you login with
login with your Amazon credentials oh
you don’t you don’t actually get a gift
card surprise surprise

earlier one of our producers in the
donation segment talked about AOC
Alexandria Ocasio cortes and how stupid
she is and is the word he used idiot

idiot or stupid idiot he said idiot
right well I think she’s going to be
very big in our future I’ve said this
before and her green New Deal is

catching all kinds of steam if she made
it the green nuke deal I could actually
get on board with that but I don’t know
if the if children a nukes bad nuke is
bad according to the younger generation

but this constant mu she is leading the
charge of the children who have been
abused by their parents and by the media
their parents consumed it’s all around

us and the message and I’ll just
reiterating for those of you who are new
who can come to us from this week in
tech that we’re overlooking the children
are being told they’re going to die you

have ten more years before you die the
planet will be held children are drink
in the garden and and are drawing
pictures of the world is hell a fiery
hell and we’re all dead and we’re

surprised by this so to get us into the
child abuse which is as I see it abusing
children to propagate this message and
this is a real whammy this is the

fifteen-year-old girl this was at the
end of the Poland climate summit this is
the fifteen-year-old Swedish girl just
play that so you can hear the abuse that
is taking place

fifteen-year-old environmental activists
from Sweden is scolding world leaders on
what she says is their failure to
address climate change
Greta Sundberg addressed the climate
change summit that wrapped up in Poland

on Sunday on Saturday and she didn’t
hold back she accused the negotiators
from nearly 200 nations of abandoning
young people and stealing their future
by refusing to commit to measures that
will truly halt global warming

you are not mature enough to tell it
like it is even that burden you leave to
us and children but I don’t care about
being popular I care about climate

justice and the Living Planet our
civilization is being sacrificed for the
opportunity of a very small number of
people to continue making enormous

amounts of money the Thunder became a
hero to many young environmentalists
after she skipped school back in
September to protest climate change
outside the swedish parliament so this
is he yes just a girl I played the clip

of last show yes show before I know
that’s why I said to reiterate ah it’s
the key word now so this type of abuse
of this young girl which is being

propagated onto her peer group and she’s
looking for climate justice which I love
that she and she’s looking for that has
resulted in an affliction and the

affliction needs to be dealt with it is
serious a lot of kids have it and it is
called climate grief if you pay
attention to climate change news these
days this is NBC it’s pretty distressing

I don’t know if I’m hopeful that we will
avoid climate catastrophe it seems like
that window of time is rapidly closing
climate catastrophe another good one
hold on I got to write the climate

catastrophe huh Marcela Mulholland is 21
years old she’s a college student from
Orlando for a few years now she’s been
feeling angst over the climate choosing
to be pay attention and to be aware in

the world at this time is like a deeply
painful daily exercise and definitely
anxious like totally really sad about

the world but yeah now there’s a name
for what she’s feeling
climate grief climate grief is such a
thing and I’m glad that they there’s a

label for it now and people are working
on fry out of your voice lady that’s
climate grief cuz it’s so real Marcella
when did she first feel climate grief

so the fur
John John when did you first feel
climate green I first looked outside
there’s a dead bird so the first time I

became aware of like climbing wow what
does that tell why is she laughing was
interesting yeah listen don’t you again

the question when did you first climb
agrees yes Marcella what does she first
feel climate grief so the first time I
became aware of like climate change I

was like a severe existential threat to
humanity into all of life on Earth was
my freshman year of college and I took a
sustainability class you go to school
and then they try to make you feel like

you’re gonna die and I was really sad
for a while
and I was just really mad that I had
lived in the world for like 18 years and
had never like no one ever told me that

we were like rapidly luckily luckily now
I don’t want to take away from this

young lady’s experience yeah and she may
really be feeling that she don’t but
clearly she has climate grief and there
is there they do have some solutions
there’s ways you can deal with climate

grief Amy Lewis row and Laura Schmidt
are the founders of the good grief
Network the held the session at the
conference and how to deal with climate
grief before the session I asked Laura
what exactly is climate grief climate

grief is the gut punch that you feel
when you realize that your imagined
future may not exist anymore when you
realize that what we’ve done to the
planet will not make tomorrow look like

yesterday I asked Amy what she hoped
people would get out of the session
tools and community and reminders that
they’re not alone so is this the climate
depression session that’s Kelton one of

the seventeen people who showed up at
this session sounds like you were
meeting we were young is the climate
depression session he and Laura said low
to the ground chairs in a circle in the

Circle the group was surrounded by tall
trees and desert mountains sitting under
the clear blue sky not a cloud in sight
was incredibly quiet the only sound was
a little bit of wind passing by yeah

that’s how you you go to the good grief
Network and and they take care of your
climate grief and I think there’s one
last term we need to learn a couple
years ago Amy and Laura started working

at a 10-step program to deal with
collective grief things like mass
shootings and climate change alright ten
steps to psychosocial resilience
psychosocial resilience holy moly
what is that they shared their steps at

the uplift session one accept the
problem and its severity to acknowledge
that I am part of the problem as well as
the solution are you following along

because this is gonna help you get
through your part of the private and
she’s part of the problem it’s so sad
with these children are being put
through they had this is the mantra that
listen let’s deconstruct them

acknowledge that I am part of the
problem that was the first one one
except the problem and its severity so
right off the bat the severity is using
the 12-step yes yes and so they’re doing

it with the first one is you have to
accept that you’re going to die
existential problem to acknowledge that
I am part of the problem as well as the

solution part of the problem MassDEP
three practice sitting with uncertainty
practice sitting with uncertainty these
are life skills here at four confront my

own mortality and the mortality of all
five feel my feelings John I feel my
feelings feel my feelings how do you not

feel your feelings six do inner work
step seven do you know work is working
on yourself John working on your mental

health minute to take breaks and rest as
needed ah there it is luckily you can
take some breaks and rest when we break
I need the rest as needed
I you know I’ve thought about this over

my most of my life I’ve thought about
this idea of taking breaks and resting
you know like going to bed yeah it’s a
pretty good idea should be on the list
but this is more when needed so you can

say I’m sorry I need to stop working
right now I need a little break oh I
need a nail that that’s exactly what
this is it more of that noodle boy stuff
yes social psychosocial resilience baby

yes I need a break what do you need the
rest for what’s the problem I just need
it I have my inner feelings I understand
myself and I know when I need a break

and as I’m telling myself in there in
internally inside myself I’m saying to
myself I need a break
and so I I need a break step 7 take
breaks and rest as needed step 8

develop awareness of brain patterns and
perception brain pattern develop step 8
develop awareness of brain patterns and

perception develop awareness of brain
patterns and perception
that’s deep what it’s inane it’s it’s
lucky going nine-nine show up show up

show up ten reinvest into problem
solving efforts

Wow this is the this is a 10-step
program for morons I give you a clip of
the day by the way oh thank you I
thought it was a nice little collection

of the thing I’m saying about this is
you’re starting this thing you’re gonna

continue I’m sure no no but I’m thinking
about the child abuse thing is when you
have these I never thought about it
quite like this moment it is I’m going
to express so you have these

kindergarteners and first graders
drawing the little stick figures with
the rayon sort of the world on fire and
then you use you for some reason how do
they get this idea in the first place

and then you take the picture say look
even the little kids are seeing the
world as a horrible place is gonna be
burnt to the ground cause like time in
change we’ve got to do something for the
children is really sick

that’s exactly what’s happening and
parents are not have zero realization of
the harm they’re doing and Al Gore up

front doors the worst he’s a demon I
mean it used to be you saw the sad
little polar bear and kids could kind of
get into that even though the polar bear
can slim swim very well doesn’t need the

little piece of ice and ice and the
polar bear population has increased
substantially yes a popular right-wing
troop is white-winged robust old right
trope but now we changed it too and in

particular this this last report with we
have ten years before we died and that’s
the way it’s being interpreted even

though that’s not even what it says that
has really pushed these kids over over
the the tipping point and as we heard in
the clip they all learn about this and

all become afflicted with climate grief
once they hit college where they’re
taught you’re going to die unbelievable
what college was this that I don’t know
you know in a good college well at least

when I was a kid in a good university
the kids are pretty smart and they take
question authority or they used to I
don’t think they do much anymore they

just there’s not a no this climate stuff
has been rammed in and I mean if you
question climate change you deny it
you’re basically denying the Holocaust I
mean where were you where all this has

been taking place this is you cannot
question science is in how many times do
we have to tell the children this that’s
okay if you want to believe and we’ve
believed in all kinds of crazy science

like we went to the moon in 1965 you’re
mudding your own water my point is when
you tell the children you’re going to
die from something because nothing’s
been done about it that’s a whole that’s

next-level stuff and that’s where we’re
at where we’re at today and it’s going
to affect it’s affecting children the
joke of it to me and I think in some
ways to you and everybody that listens

the show is nuclear energy yeah now is
the technology that yeah I was thinking
about this for possibly another book
that I’m not gonna write most every

technology that ever shows up is always
dangerous when it first shows up I mean
steam all technology ste all technology
steam is a good example they were

blowing up boilers field were dying left
and right from boiler explosions from
the 1800s throughout the 1800s and I
took a long time to tame the the steam
demon yeah nuke was not very safe the

way it was being handled by General
Electric and some of these other guys
but those problems have been solved
including including the waste yeah

everything has been solved so you could
use it’s the cleanest form of energy and
if you’re all-in on climate change in
you don’t you’re not I don’t have a
problem with somebody’s all in on

climate change but what the problem I
have is that they were all in high
climate change weren’t they all in on
nuclear energy because this was another
great campaign it started with the China
Syndrome and Three Mile Island lovely

right within a week of each other with
Hollywood we are all going to die from
nuclear and Ina syndrome was a fictional
story yeah and it was released in the

same week that three miles of Three Mile
Island hangovers that’s absolutely true
yes it is it is true we’ve even
discussed this on the show and I think
you said the same thing or no if it was

like now it’s three days every time I
heard that yes within three days with
him three visit yeah it was yeah but if
you look at all of the the nuclear
disasters we’ve had and Chernobyl I

think really is the worst but because
that was a military grade installation
which exploded and and but it’s not that
many people died and I think you know

low 20s of course all that all of your
entire country of France is run by a
whole string of nuclear power plants
they’re all over the place and they

bitch about him
they’ve nobody’s died from any of them
they’ve haven’t had any problems there
they’re low they’re not the highest you
know most efficient but there were the
ones that are the most practical and

they’re gonna shut those down because of
these idiots yeah that my crona’s Manu
has already announced that yeah we’re
gonna start dismantling well Germany did
the same well Jeremy did and they’ve

cost of energy was skyrocketing the
economies who actually went to a kind of
flatlined yep
no instead we’re going to get projects
that test aerosols in the air and let’s

see if we can reflect the Sun in the
back and so we it doesn’t warm up here
and the you know chemtrails basically
the Geo geoengineering

until dust I got stuff in the show knows
people who look at it go watch the movie
snowpiercer that’s where it ends up
there you go

um see one last thing but yeah I got a
couple let me get this out of the way
sure cuz we’re talking about scammers I
forgot about this one this was a this is
that this is a whatever happened to I

have this but you have a new thing on
the show I have another one
mine is whatever happened to okay you
know like this is these are clips from
like two three four or five years ago

that were scandalous things and I’m
asking what ever happened to they don’t
even talk about this stuff anymore
let’s do charity fraud for us cancer
charities are being accused of massive

fraud the Federal Trade Commission says
the groups funneled some 187 million
dollars into top officials pockets the
charities are the Cancer Fund of America
Cancer Support Services Children’s
Cancer Fund of America and the Breast

Cancer Society it could be one of the
largest charity fraud cases of all time
whatever happened
ever happens not only 15 whatever

happened but nothing no follow of it
here’s another one here’s another
whatever happened is Bank scandal Bank
scandal or down right before the end of
the closing day so they were actually

able to manipulate the currency market
this is actually an antitrust case so
these banks are guilty of colluding to
manipulate to the foreign exchange
market and it’s very rare that you see a

financial institution that actually has
to plead guilty to any charges must let
an antitrust charge so it sounds as if
there’s no question the people involved
knew what they were doing was wrong was

illegal what about higher-ups Carrie
Geiger did they know what was going on
and if they didn’t why not well I mean
this ferret this calls into the question
of basically how banks compliance works

and banks these Wall Street banks are
huge giant operations and it looks like
that the senior executive at these banks
did not know this activity was going on
I’m sure if they did it would have been

stopped because they don’t want any
legal activity happening in their banks
but the larger problem is that it’s
become virtually impossible as we’ve
seen over the last couple years with all
these enforcement actions against Wall

Street so police every individual that’s
working in these banks oh we just can’t
do that we can’t police everybody no
only for stupid slaves at home we can
police you yeah whatever happened to it

nothing by the way as I continue this
series yes that will be the answer to
all of that I will have my answer ready
for your series I look forward to it and

before we take our break to thank some
people here a word about and you this is
another thing you always put in the in
the newsletter and I don’t think we’d

discuss it regularly or yet regular
enough and that is advertising on the
internet and how we made a conscious
decision not to do that we have content

creation decisions production decisions
we don’t want anyone to tell us what we
can or can’t do which you when when you
bow to the god advertiser you are locked
in you just you cannot

and get around that but New York
magazine finally did a little bit of
work in their December 26th edition how
much of the Internet is fake turns out a

lot of it actually and this is a very
end another actually at whatever
happened to you recall the eight people
accused of click fraud thirty six
million dollars with bought traffic that

masqueraded as humans it was a couple
weeks ago yeah it happens all the time
so this this article it happened to yes
I’ll give you the gist the head of the

paragraph headlines that said that
they’re dealing with it’s worth reading
no agenda producers know what it is so a
lot of its fake the metrics are fake the
people are fake the businesses are fake

the content is fake our politics are
fake we ourselves are in fact pretty
fake and it’s a good article it explains
exactly what is wrong with advertising
on the Internet and one of these days

I’ll be able to explain in great deal
great detail what I mean when I say you
cannot monetize the network imagine all
the people who could do with us oh yeah

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and there you have it just a quick note
in this flu season as everyone’s being

told to go and get your flu shot okay
don’t get your flu shot get your flu
shot this didn’t get a lot of play and
it’s kind of sad because he’s quite

young senator
Jose Peralta New York State
was a big proponent of the flu vaccine

flu shot and he in fact he yet he did a
huge push to get everyone to get the flu
shot he got his own flu shot on November

20th and four days later he died
and what happened is he became septic No
I don’t want to blame this on the flu

shot but man that sucks
yeah yeah blame it on the flu shot
yeah just saying one of those things you
people Tamiflu and there was an update
to an old friend of ours the Smith Mont

act well let’s put it this way there’s
an update in news around it and the
Smith Mont act was brought in was
brought in the 80s I believe and what

the Smith Mont Acts basically said is as
law the United States government
propagandize its own people so it’s okay
if you have Voice of America overseas

and you’re you know you’re broadcasting
propaganda to Russia and China wherever
we have all the VOA stations but you
can’t do it to your American audience
now it is true that no matter what if

Americans saw it because they sought it
out themselves that was deemed okay but
now there is a congressional issue as it
appears Voice of America which is

completely funded by the US government
the broadcast Board of Governors is
violating the Smith Munt Act and is
interesting because I’ve seen this and
didn’t didn’t even hit me but luckily

someone in Congress is doing something
about it and has turned it over to the
Attorney General
they have been advertising on Facebook
about their Voice of America services
and they actually they pulled out the

you know there was a request for all of
the ads that they’ve purchased on
Facebook and they’re targeting them at
Americans in American States by American
age ranges and they’re in trouble now I

don’t know what kind of trouble they’re
gonna get in but at least it’s being
raised yeah the trouble is a slap on the
more content recent Voice of America has

run in the Democratic Republic of Congo
from promoted and promoted I can just
stop there you know enough

ya know enough it’s how it works and
even though it was repealed in 2012 as a
part of the 2013 National Defense
Authorization Act you still even though
if you find it on the internet it’s okay

but you’re it’s not okay for them to be
targeting Americans to read this so
though I have there was there talking
about on Democracy Now they were talking

about Madison poor guidance Shanahan
again took over but instead of putting
it in a positive positive spin of course
they won’t do that it just deposit of

spin which we would put it in which is
that you got a guy is Big Shot from
Boeing right that can may be doing out
it may be get to the bottom of the maybe
budget yeah maybe do some important
stuff like cyber satellites and missiles

there’s a million possibilities that are
positive but no democracy now doesn’t
see things that way and I want you Rudy
let’s start with when I say talk to you
about Boeing what do you think about

what do you think mostly never they make
giant Playhouse injure planes that’s
what that’s what most people would think
of yes yeah okay well let’s play this
clip Manish Shanahan Boeing the break

for the richest Americans and President
Trump says improving the economy and now
the stock market has plummeted back to
the depression times explain well you
know we’ve had an economy that never

really is strong one it’s one no you you
playing Richard Wolff dn1 I’m sorry what
did you tell me to play mattis
Shanahan’s bowling god I’m so sorry

positive here we go uh we’ll take it
again from the top after growing
increasingly angry with his defense
chief Trump said mattis will leave on
January 1st he previously been expected

to retire at the end of February to
attend a NATO meeting Patrick Shanahan
will become Acting Secretary of Defense
Shanahan is a former executive at the
u.s. weapons manufacturer Boeing why did

you say aerospace and defense which
would be the actual term yeah
now weapons man you reckon killing

machine maker yes Judy no what’s her
name Amy Amy yes Amy Amy that with the
permanent vocal fry in case you missed

it that’s our number one foam finger
industry killing machines yep it is
so she brought on this this dis
economist from one of the schools and

he’s a Trump hater and she and this is
where this is a clip you just played
before the guy he makes an assertion
about you if you were Trump you wouldn’t
even passing economics 101 again I was

one which isn’t fine but I want to play
two clips from him more I don’t think he
could pass it either okay I start with
this clip one the break for the richest
Americans and President Trump says he

was improving the economy and now the
stock market has plummeted back to the
Depression times explain well you know
we’ve had an economy that never really
escaped the crash of 2008 in a way the

last ten years have been an economy on
life support vast amounts of money
pumped into the economy record drops and
interest rates in diving everybody

business individuals governments to
borrow money a debt sustained
situation and after a while you can’t
mount up the debt on the basis of an

economy that hasn’t really gotten going
and we’re seeing the eventual break you
know the the capitalist system has a
downturn every four to seven years it’s

had that for centuries and the last big
downturn was 2008 and nine so if you do
four and stuff you add the 3 to the 1
times 5 you get 33 he says you have a

downturn every 4 to 7 years that’s
almost double look at 2009 and you add 4
plus 7 he just threw that in there it

just makes it up what you don’t add the
numbers it’s you four or seven so this
played out so you have his assertion

about not passing economics 1 and the
last big downturn was 2008 and 9 so if
you do four and seven you edit the nine
we’re due for one and every major stock

market observer Bank and so on predicts
that we’re having a downturn so it’s
really only a question of exactly when
and the stock market anticipates this
and so we’re having in a way economic

chickens coming home to roost and the
notion that it’s just the feds policy
that explains this is really the kind of
remark that would get a student a very
low grade in any economics course I

guess maybe it’s math that kind of lower
spread yeah but he does have an
economics issue at the next clip which i

think is just even better but Richard
why if over the last 10 years of the
Federal Reserve kept interest rates too
low and provided so much cheap money and
why has an inflation increased

dramatically in the US over this period
of time well you know the irony is it’s
one of it is our ways an economy works
there was no incentive to take all that
money and go in and produce things that

might have driven up prices and so on
what if you produce things you would put
a glut it would it would reduce prices

it wouldn’t push prices up and such who
is this guy this guy’s Richard Wolff wo
LFE and he is like an economist is one
of the schools back east

and it’s like everything he says is like
that it’s like nobody’s nobody knows
notes nobody knows it’s like it’s back
to our n nobody I’m talking about basic

economic theory that you’re taught in
college yeah supply and demand yes
that’s a supply increases the price goes
down not a doesn’t go up not in his book
and such which is another thing that

your by the way there and such and such
I think we just add that to everything
and such and such you can just end the
end a sentence listen I’m not having any

of this and such such and such
adios mofos and such yeah it works
everywhere you can put it in everything
yeah that’s great it’s one of the best
yeah that the Mark Levin the radio guy

he always says and so on and so forth
you can say yeah there’s this this
pillows got feathers and so on and so
forth and such and such’ get the combo

and so on and so forth and such I think
the combo is the way to go maybe get a
job in radio yes a lot of dogs Britain
the United Kingdom gitmo nation East is

now forbidding puppies and kittens from
being sold by pet shops what yes the
government said it will roll out the
legislation next year there’s a 95
percent support for the ban here we have

a quote this is 95 percent support yes
this will mean that anyone looking to
buy or adopt a puppy or kitten under six
months must either deal directly with
the breeder or with an animal rehoming

Center animal rehoming yes it’s a gray
really brief animal rehoming Center with
re and such the Department of

Environment Food and Rural Affairs Defra
said this on Sunday is a part of its
Christmas animal welfare push yes that’s
me too much do you know that people want

a dog a puppy and a kitten and they
don’t really want it and they get abused
and they toss them out and they get
um this does give me the opportunity to
the generality well that’s what they
like can’t date the Brits I I did want

to say one thing is we’re you know a
couple months away from moving out of
downtown Austin for no yes you’re
planning to leave downtown probably the
one of the Nexus a nexus point in the

universe and you’re living in it and
you’re gonna leave it I’m not gonna move
that far just need to get out of
downtown two reasons

two big Asians this building is to
keeping with the dogs or people to be is
what is known as a pet-friendly building
it is something you don’t want well I
think that when they when you start you

have a building like this and you make
it smoke-free pet friendly do you
probably expect there to be people with
dogs yeah but today we I think we have

about 70% of the apartments in this
building have dogs okay usually more
than one oh the problem says the dog

needs a friend
the problem is every day everywhere
every entrance every exit for the garage
the elevators everywhere there’s hair

and dog piss everywhere and of course
they don’t clean every single day it’s
also not feasible really to do that so
the dogs the the pet owners are becoming

a problem because they they I mean it’s
really disgusting I’ll do a video I’ll
do a video yes everywhere it’s no link
to it in the newsletter yes I’ll make

sure you get that the other problem has
just been up to once again is the
ductless mobility craze that Austin is
ground zero you’re right were at the

Nexus now the Ford Motor Company who
have spin a rideshare company dropped
100 extra scooters into the Austin
streets on Friday with hundreds more

Jesus scooter overload how many do you
think we have in downtown Austin now
today 10,000 Wow 9,000 the City of
Austin allows each this from KXAN our

local NBC affiliate the City of Austin
allows each rideshare company to have up
to 500 scooters in the downtown area but
there’s no limit on how many companies

can operate in the city as a result
there are about 9,000 scooters licensed
to operate in downtown Austin operated
by seven major companies which sounds

kind of wrong doesn’t sound right the
math is if you’re allowed to have 500
yes you’d only be thirty five hundred
scooters right but there’s nine thousand
now downtown and yesterday I threw my

first I cast my first one aside in anger
because I’m pretty I’m pretty mellow but
it was right in the middle of the
sidewalk and I and you know now there’s
a Torchy’s that’s opened up near our

building you know it’s as upscale shitty
tacos it’s a it’s a taco place a taco
place in Texas that’s a chain oh yeah oh
we have tons of chains here huh yeah

Tour cheese and so never someone rode
the tortured torture in the lunch hour
parked and right in the middle of the
sidewalk I picked it up by its stem and
threw it in anger against the wall of
Torchy’s and I felt interesting that I

felt pretty good about it but they all
have these wires I got to study him I
got to talk to her friend yeah our
friend who does this I’m just gonna

carry along a clipper
just clip the wires oh that’s a funny
idea not if it’s the break I don’t know
which I don’t like the break line you

can figure that out what clip what wire
you want to clip is you guys you be some
electrical thing we got a clip something
because it’s a scourge yeah anyway
yay yay Austin whoo so you’re moving to

where though you’re say you’re downtown
in the Nexus yeah all the action so
there’s dog pee probably poop always
that’s a lie yep poop the library is
right near by filled with the homeless

up with homeless is the brand-new bridge
between the extension of downtown the
westward extension there’s a footbridge
really is turning into California

completely completely California uber
alles exactly
so where you move it I’m gonna stay in
Austin just got a downtown so you’re
looking now did you find a place yet

weak well since we’ll be renting your
buddy’s a piece of property outside of
town with what with what John with what
with your good looks
yeah I think credit I have a FICO score

in the 500s no never mind
yeah Tina barely wants to marry me
because of it she’s afraid that her FICO
score of 9,000 will be affected so she
could get anything she wants it’s me

that’s the problem well let her do the
preliminary work get married after what
are we gonna don’t want a house I want
to be able to get out when it gets it’s
too good would your Quonset hut would

listen we’re in our 50s neither of us is
gonna make this as an investment
yeah well let’s invest have you seen the
property taxes
it’s worse than California now

so Californians all move to Austin yeah
come on in here the weather is better in
yeah yeah well good luck in your happy

hunting yeah we’ll find something
we’ll find something good yeah I mean we
don’t we don’t need much and we’ll
definitely it’ll be cheaper for sure
well that’s a plus Austin is I think now
the most expensive city to live in

it’s ridiculous yes it is ridiculous
want you to move to New York City yeah
it’s worth considering I mean that you
can move anywhere and then maybe but
it’s not just the cost it’s you know

it’s a douchebaggery that’s the problem
yeah well I think you’re adapting to the
Texas lifestyle yeah yes I don’t want to
be I don’t want my Texas lifestyle

tainted by California GU yeah well for
I’ve won last Japan begins whaling again
I think that is a story that we need to

follow yeah I saw big headlines about it
Japan says it will quit the
International Whaling Commission and
resume commercial whale hunting for the
first time in 30 years Japanese
officials say whale stocks have

recovered sufficiently something
wildlife groups dispute the new hunts
will be limited to Japan’s territorial
waters and will not extend to the
Antarctic No okay so so that’s their own
water yeah they do whatever they want I

think so what do they use though though
what is that besides that oh it’s sad
we’re killing whales what is the what is
so important about whaling what is used
of fat and some of that a lot of their

cosmetics okay and they eat the meat
and they don’t care are they are whales
in are they in extinction mode the

Japanese claim they’re they’re back on
track to to propagating and the whaling
authorities say no they’re not so we
don’t know the facts okay it does make a

lot of people hate the Japanese again
well yeah it does
European Union parliament member forget

her name Rhys I think her name is is on
a on a mission to get rid of the use of
single-use plastics this is a European

Union mandate that will be coming down
the pike to all the Nationals at the
national state level you will not be
able to purchase or consume single-use
plastics as she explains what she means

and what that means here but the kicker
is at the end the effort to end plastic
pollution in our oceans was one of the
key themes of 2018 with European Union
lawmakers ending the year with an

agreement to ban certain single-use
plastics by 2021 Belgian MEP Frederic
Rees is behind the law cutting bad
straws I should have started with the

straws the plates are going to be bent
and why are they going to be bent
because there are the articles that you
must be fond you know on our beaches in
our oceans and because there are

alternatives a central issue in the
single use plastic ban is who is going
to pay the new European directive means
fishing gear manufacturers will bear the

costs of collecting nets lost at sea
rather than the fishermen the same kind
of principle is being applied to the
tobacco industry and it’s plastic
cigarette and an estimated 8 million
tons of plastic waste ends up in the

oceans every year the e use ban is
significant in terms of setting a policy
precedent but it won’t change the seas
very much as 90% of the plastic
pollution is believed to come from 10

rivers 8 in Asia and 2 in Africa
Wow we are so stupid in the West is a
great clip Africa is polluting the water

with single-use plastics and we get
blamed for it and we get shamed shamed
into using a stronger than money for
global warming oh my goodness

Africa you know what we’re moving to
Africa I’m gonna find one of those elite
strongholds where the European leaders
are all hanging out we’re gonna go live
there it’s gonna be safe and beautiful
in the rivers and throw your stuff a
window you can go get it in California

here Dvorak is my straw my wellness yeah
I know if I can top that I do have like
you top with the weather report which
cuz a lot of people I guess I’m

surprised we get the kind of great
donations we got because of these
blizzards there are the blizzards they
be a come we had a big storm last night
in Austin yeah I heard that I was
looking at the map they’re showing today

the blizzards report came out and I saw
Austin surrounded by a giant red like a
dome right that yes right downtown and
it woke us up and and woke us up and
then you got the flash boom right a

crackling boom so it was right over
downtown millions of Americans could
have trouble getting home after
Christmas a powerful winter storm is
blowing across the country parts of the
plains and Midwest will get the worst of

blizzard conditions are possible in the
Dakotas tonight powerful winds floods
and even tornadoes could hit the
what no mention of climate change well I
was it wasn’t a fire fire that guy or

fire that guy no good climate change in
all right everybody that is your

deconstruction for this
27th of December 2018 winding down the
year no retrospective no look backs just
whatever happened to s and we’ll do

another brand new fresh episode for you
on Sunday just before we say goodbye to
the year and everyone else in media is
hanging at home doing nothing they’re

having a party they’re having parties
we’re working for you and we appreciate
everyone who continues to contribute to
the value for value system and network
remember us at Dvorak org slash na

coming to you from downtown Austin Texas
while I’m still here capital the drone
star state in the five benign clue do in
the common law condo in the morning
I am Adam Curry and from northern
Silicon Valley where I’m stirs still

laughing at these garbage cans these
people put out because they don’t have
email I’m John C Dvorak we return on
Sunday right here on no agenda until
then adios mofo and such and such


strengthen jingles like 33
drunken jingles for no agenda Fung
lalala lalala

while we’re on a three-day Panda falala
lalala drink too much and fall down flat
follow they call in to Nick the rat

I think that’s just like okay I’ll be
there way you go out just be somebody’s

walking on a street you get the phone
there hey hey man what’s that there
it’s pronounced Jeff according to the

guy who invented sir it’s pronounced GT
according to the guy who invented the
word mouth Charlotte they got all they
got all GD with it

they’re all shitty about a shutdown the
wall what does it take for you to

realize that we need more money the wall
we’re going to have a shutdown there’s
nothing we can do about that what time

shall call for I will shut down the
government if I don’t know I will
none of us examine the wall you said you
wanted to put that I said I’ll take it
okay the wall wall the wall I am proud

to shut down the government the wall
Adios mofos thanks