No Agenda Episode 1099 “Wobama”

oh okay Adam curry
Jhansi Devorah and Sunday December 30th
2018 this is your award-winning Gitmo
nation media assassination episode 1099
this is no agenda in the clue do in the

morning everybody

hi Madame Curie and from northern
Silicon Valley but I’m looking back on
all kinds of things
hey hey why are we working I’m John
Steve or we’re working because we’re
true artists

okay we need the money
because people want to have some real
information when everybody is gone well

they’re Adela substitutes are in yeah
but the substitutes typically are no
good they’re doing retrospectives look
back they bring in the B guests that’s
the worst

yeah they do might be Michael Moore was
on speaking of the beat yes yes Michael
Moore was on Chris Chris for an hour
this buddy well yeah because at the end
of the year don’t worry about her get on

tell you Michael Moore was on with Chris
Hayes for an hour oh god yeah it was
I couldn’t even pull a single clip from
it that’s it was just yeah so that’s
what’s going on in those days worked

yeah not today as far as I know but yeah
he was working and it’s a good point it
was no I think might have been it might
have been a recording could have been

anyway that’s what m5m does and here on
the best podcast an important Trump such
a horrible person everything’s so
important let’s take some just take some
time off we’re all gonna die climate

change is gonna kill us in ten years
trump israel is literally ruining the
country and the world time to look back
at it back take a little look at what’s

been happening in our in our little
media world and in the morning to the
troll room people showing up those young
but two and two together about that no
people showing up today for the for the

live stream that’s always nice to see
that’s good well today I’ll just kick it
off today he is kind of partially
somewhat Election Day recording of a

report ah well let’s kick it off with
yours and then I’ll jump into my beat in
the Democratic Republic of Congo

political unrest is growing ahead of
Sunday’s planned presidential election
on Wednesday the Election Commission
said voting in three cities would be
postponed until March due to the threats
of the Ebola virus spreading and ongoing

violence in those areas protesters took
to the streets in response to the news
with many saying their votes may not be
counted if election results are
announced as planned in
President Joseph Kabila was due to step

down in 2016 but elections have been
repeatedly postponed this comes as the
government ordered the European Union
ambassador to the DRC to leave after the
EU extended sanctions against a group of

officials including Emmanuel rama’s Ani
Chaudhary the ruling party’s
presidential candidate for their violent
response to protests and for repeatedly
delaying elections the DRC is

experienced in one of the deadliest
outbreaks of Ebola with health officials
reporting over 350 people dead and again
they’re missing all of it we’re
expecting better well yes if you go to a

local African Reporter
which is what I did because there are
some interesting things we’ve got a name
we’ve got some other details I’ll start

off with as I said this is a yeah but
did you get to see this Chaudhary guy
with that crazy goatee yeah but he’s not
interesting a different guy is
interesting it’s President on Wednesday

made the announcement that elections
will be postponed
in these three localities we are talking
about a Benny tempo and young beat now

we know that Benny is where all the
cobalt is mined we’re also sadly in
coincidentally all the Ebola is located
let’s not forget that these three
localities are considered stronghold for

the opposition and of course is like mid
mention that fears of more Ebola
outbreak and his security on the Pinta
this decision and I want to say that

this decision has been hugely criticized
by a couple of a presence I want to
begin with the opposition stronghold
Martin fire Lou who are via a Twitter
and I would like to borrow his words it

is bernabéu tempo as well as you’ll be
an integral part of the TRC and so which
is one and indivisible and the to that
effect the opposition leader has called
for a death day or OS : furniture will

mod today D 28th of December out there
in the GRC so Martin for you know a
second mmm-hmm I don’t understand this
if this strong hole is all the

opposition why is it Amy Goodman and her
communists well it’s you actually would
have a good time if she did three

seconds of research Martin feiyu Lou who
has been picked as the as the opposition
then again it’s the opposite of
strongholds where the voting has been
postponed she did point out that they’re

gonna announce the winners in January
spike T voting in March gives a crap is
it totally nobody cares nobody cares
what they’re doing if he what’s his name

if I you Lu are you ready for this we
there’s a couple things they have in in
the Democratic Republic of Congo they

have a diamonds gold cobalt which we’ll
get to in a moment very important Cobalt
I think the two thirds of the world’s
cobalt which you need for your
technology gadgets and really anything

battery related well this guy used to
work for Exxon Exxon Mobil tooth
educated in America
he’s a total oil guy they just brought

in an Exxon guy and he is the one that’s
running listen to a an AFP report
outgoing president Joseph Kabila casts
his vote in the election to choose

creating the prospect of the first-ever

democratic transfer of power in the
former Belgian colony of the candidates
to succeed him kapila’s own choice the
country’s former interior minister is

said to be trailing in opinion polls
behind former Exxon Mobil manager Martin
say you knew the opposition accuses the
government of failing to distribute the
fruits of economic growth across the 85

million population it also fears
possible vote rigging three opposition
dominated regions have already been
barred from the poll officially because
of concerns over ethnic violence and the

spread of the Ebola forum results are
not expected until January the 15th I
never heard the pronunciation Ebola
that’s new rule is that yeah it’s yeah

for you Lew is the guy 62 he actually
was arrested several times during
opposition demonstrations in Kinshasa he
would say he was shot in the head with a

rubber bullet at one point this guy is
pretty tough but he’s a big-time oil
executive he actually I think he owns a
couple of hotels and he’s one of these
it leaders too has probably been hanging

around for a while and now it’s his turn
to go in and take over since this kind
of sham government has been in power for
teen years and I’m pretty sure that
cobalt is really the main issue although

he’s the oil guy if you know though
minerals I’m sorry little guys no me no
minerals yeah that’s true just today in
Kinshasa the Democratic Republic of

Congo has declared declared cobalt a
strategic substance and they are now
upping a tripling the royalty rate
miners pay of cobalt to 10 percent hmm

so the 10 percent royalty rate also
applies to coltan which you would know
better not the thing that’s in trend
they use that in transistors maybe chips

coltan never I don’t know what that is
it’s probably probably the minerals
something else is extracted from my head
to line it up them and so if you start
looking a little bitter with what’s

happening in this area of the Democratic
Republic of Congo it’s it’s pretty it’s
pretty disgusting how this I mean these
miners you know don’t think that these
guys have a hat on with a light and
they’re going down in an elevator and a

tunnel now they’re sitting on railroad
ties being lowered on ropes there’s kids
you know groveling through whatever’s
brought up to try and separate the

cobalt and everybody knows that this is
going on I mean you would kind of
presume that Apple would have looked at
it but they’ve come look at it
but I found a report that just a short

report that explains to us why we’re no
longer hearing about children working in
the mines in the cobalt mines for your
cell phone and you know unsafe working
conditions and it’s all in the words of

course companies around the world are
trying to clean up the way they source
cobalt a key ingredient in batteries for
smart phones left
and electric cars but conditions remain
hazardous in the Democratic Republic of

Congo which is where about two-thirds of
the world’s cobalt is mine we traveled
to cozy the cobalt boom town of Congo
these guys are climbing into these holes

straddling railroad ties and hauling up
tons of cobalt with makeshift rope and
no proffer of safety equipment or
support whatsoever in January 2016 a

human rights report alerted the world to
how cobalt is often dug up by hand under
unsafe sometimes deadly conditions by
subsistence miners including children
pressure began mounting on the

businesses that use the metal in their
products since even suppliers at mine
cobalt industrially often buy or from
so-called artisanal miners also known by
the French word cuza
I didn’t have time to go look at Apple’s

annual reports but I’ll bet you
somewhere they’ll sit because it sounds
great yeah we at Apple we are very
concerned about the health and safety of
the people who work with us our partners

and that’s why we source our cobalt only
from artisanal miners without laughing
Wow right just the idea of blood cobalt
yes so they get to us that near Blood

Diamond thing around Oh Mon Mon Mon Ami
can it miss the boat on the whole report
now you think if cobalt goes up by 10

percent or yet it is up ten percent
so it’s tripled okay the cost of mining
cobalt they say that they cost it there
the tax of the government was tripled

that means yes reefs 3 percent it went
to 10 no no it tripled to 10 percent yes
well what is how do you triple to 10
percent if you don’t have a base of

around 3 points maybe it’s 3 percent yes
way said yes so they tripled it to 10
percent we’re saying the same thing ok
good so
if the if the basic cost of cobalt goes
up and that price has got to get passed

along will our phones get more expensive
three cars and what probably is just
gonna add 10% to the you know to the
gonna go no that’s a hundred bucks

have been not because of the cold balls
yeah gonna get more expensive cuz you’re
getting ripped off exactly strategic
artisanal cobalt everybody look for it

in an iPhone near you
I’d love to see the videos of those kids
digging away what’s in the show notes
they just they’d have it it’s no secret

just called artisanal and everything’s
okay yeah small batch yes small batch
cobalt beautiful
all right like you know where there’s a

first depressing story to end the year
right it’s we’re not looking back no
retrospective we’re showing you the
future so my wife is bitching and
moaning and groaning about this about
the damage of the 9/11 lines all over

the country yes watch yes I have
something this short clip it up ah
now I know it just why does one company
should say why does one company have

such control of all the 911 outlets
around everywhere a Century Link by the
way so just play the CenturyLink Clipper
we get a little background telecom giant
CenturyLink said today it’s still trying

to restore internet and 9-1-1 emergency
services in several states across the
the outage began early Thursday
affecting millions of customers from
coast-to-coast louisiana-based

CenturyLink says the outage was not
caused by hacking the FCC is looking
into this oh well I’m glad you set that
up with that clip it’s a perfect setup

because I have a little more detailed
story and I have a CenturyLink spokes
hole unless you wanted to say unless you
wanted to say something about this no
I’ll say some and we’re all done for the

second day in a row potentially millions
of Americans dialing 911 this an
extensive outage at telecommunications
companies CenturyLink not some emergency

call centers offline for certain callers
around the country highlighted in this
map from the website down detector in a
series of tweets beginning late thirst
by the way I love that the news is using

such artisanal tools as down detector
get a reading on the health of the nine
of 911 work it’s it’s sad engineers that
quote identified a network element and

that the problem would be restored
within four hours but today more than 14
hours later the company reported
technicians were still working to
restore services announcing a fix an

hour later the head of the FCC announced
an investigation calling the outage
completely unacceptable its breadth and
duration particularly troubling
Centrelink has not provided details on

what caused the disruption and
it’s unclear if the outage prevented
anyone from receiving emergency
assistance if I rush this basha 14 are
boarders many of the affected emergency
response agencies suggested people call

their local police departments ten digit
phone number if they need help with its
9-1-1 system out Boston Fire tweeted a
picture of its old Street fire boxes
operational since 1852 in the case of an

actual emergency yes those things
apparently still work that’s the old
yeah and works now so did you find out
anything about why CenturyLink has the

monopoly nobody’s talking about it seem
but I looked at the map it’s all over
the countries and big blotches all over
the place nobody I know what this is
this is it this is an example of

micro-services architecture I don’t even
know if it’s some code broke yeah that’s
all it takes with MSA to ruin everything
they apparently sold as lose you could

do this you can just use this plug this
into your system and everything will
work fine you’re gonna trust the calls
it does all these things and a piece of
code didn’t work for something months

some weird happen who knows him as a
million things you haven’t happens to
you all the time and artisinal code
artisinal code this is the problem with
MSA this is this is this is the doomsday

problem with micro services architecture
yeah this is professor Ted’s territory
now if you would if you were the spokes
hole for CenturyLink and you had said

that and said well micro services
architecture you know we have to
reevaluate there’s some things you know
what nobody fact I even think half our
audience doesn’t know what I’m talking
about when I’m talking about

micro-services architectures and why
don’t you speak to the other half of the
the normal people as you journalists
well I just think they don’t give a crap
or they what it was never presented to

him that would be the problem well no
you’re not gonna tell anybody about
microservices architecture because it’s
a well-kept secret that everything runs
using this technology or architecture
which is that you and you can start a

company up right now anyone can and find
pieces of micro-services architecture
with in other words little things
somebody will take your credit card
somebody will put you to create a

database of names and addresses somebody
who do a mailing list in some ways my
using of MailChimp is microservices
architecture I think in this case you
may not be right I think this is this

was a network issue is networking and
they run some kind of network and if
they say let me defend myself okay
micro-services architecture also depends
on quality network of quality network

connections microservices architecture
goes down not because of code but
because there’s a break in some in some
network link and the next thing you know

nobody in the country can do a credit
card process right right right right
okay but this was this is that this is
the end of civilization as we know it

I’m sorry yeah I’m gonna you’re wrong
that is not what this is I have the
answer from the spokesperson of Century
Link from the horse’s mouth so to speak
you’re wrong you do you’re wrong you’re

wrong you’re wrong here is what actually
happened we are not concerned about the
reliability of the system this was a
technical glitch that we identified in
advance but now we will be able to put

in systems to make sure we can in the
future I got 99 glitches
and put a GoSee on there will ya I

really despise this
to stay and this was for journalists
this was a press conference statement a
glitch everybody and you know what all

the press did would you look at the time
I’ll find my story sounds good now it’s
about something that could actually hurt
somebody it’s not acceptable it’s not

acceptable report reporting it’s not
acceptable I mean do you still the old
Adam curry pet peeve of the day clip
glitch my ass people it’s so

it was the point is that that people
should look into this it is I didn’t

even know about it until maybe four or
five years ago when I was explaining the
whole thing by the guys that one of the
the said patchy competitor I can’t the

other names Ning uh engine acting and
jet engine yes yeah engine X they have
they rely on it they use it I mean

everybody’s doing this show relies on
the drill so much cheaper we rely on it
to some degree we have some reliability
on micro-services architecture we do we
use buckets from Amazon yeah so that’s

part of it
you can’t get around it because you
could do it all in-house yeah but you
would be burdened and it would cost

interplan an interplanetary file systems
the future ipfs I use it I did my feed
and people had worked people got the
lumidee how many dozens of people got to
feed that way Oh mate probably just

about that the ones who subscribe to it
yeah it’s hey it worked I just put it on
my laptop and people were able to
download it and I had my laptop

disconnected it was fantastic anyway
that digressing if this this needs to
stop this is now it’s important I would
really like to know what’s wrong I’m

sure there’s some networking dudes named
Ben out there who were also interested
networking news they’ve been and I’m
sure if you look at that map of all
these outages all over the place I’ll
betcha there’s a single point of failure
that’s the problem with all micro

services architecture there’s a single
point of failure where some one thing
it’s one little connection some word
crapped out there’s some guy on a
bicycle you know using the bike lane and

roll over a cable that was exposed and
busted it yeah something like that yeah
the area
anyway yeah all right everybody get

everyone we got everyone straightened
out on that I’m glad you did it was just
a glitch I don’t care when micro
services services it was a glitch
everybody just so he no glitch I was
watching the news thing because it was a

commentary I made on the last show about
you know it’s too early to deal with the
2020 presidential election not the case
with NBC my goodness it’s I don’t think

it’s a smart move
but that’s up to them I think people
give us the foundation for what we can
look forward to complaining about you

might play the 20/20 prelims this is a
Halle Jackson red dress
Russian believable
she’s a substitute oh she’s up normally

the White House correspondent of a she’s
got a little thin got kind of a thin
gaunt face you don’t know that she’s
actually a big woman mmm oh so she’s a
big woman and they put her on the and I

don’t mean any offense there’s a lot of
big women but they put her in an
unflattering dress put her in a red
dress make her stand up thank you not
too early to talk about 2020 many

potential Democratic candidates spent
this holiday huddling with their
families about a possible presidential
run and in some cases even starting to
look for staffers NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell
explains tis the season for Democrats to

decide over the holiday I will make that
decision on my family during the
holidays I’m going to sit down and
ringing in the 2020 race the new year

will usher in what is likely to be a
gigantic field of Democratic challengers
competing for staff resources and voters

attention I’m going to reflect on
whether this is something that I should
do but all that thinking turns into
action as early as January some forming
exploratory committees formal

announcements likely within a few months
the nomination is up for grabs from the
most recognizable and experienced like
Joe Biden it’s all about Donald or
Bernie Sanders wondering if he can

capture lightning again based on my past
by the way that was a very odd clip they
threw in there of Joe Biden why would
they do that

I mean if Joe Biden is one of your guys
why would you make him sound like he’s
only focused on Trump is that is that
truly what the Democratic voter wants I
found this whole package which I believe
Holly produced because she voiced

Theotis I’ll wear the dress but I have
to produce the piece and she had a lot
of good stuff in this shit the
continuation or we’re saying I’m gonna
go over the holidays I’m bright or with

my family I’m talking about my family
that she had a lot of good they’re
consistent there’s a very well produced
package did seem not too light like Joe

yeah yeah it’s probably slant well
notice that the package and everything
on embassies terrible let me finish it
up and I want to hear the rest of it for
from the most recognized stop stop says
you can finish do you get efficient up

go all the way if you if you look at it
from the perspective of a propaganda
piece I think the way it ends kind of
gives us a little indication of what
we’re gonna be witnessing in okay okay

good and experienced like Joe Biden it’s
all about Donald it’s not about anything
else or Bernie Sanders wondering if he
can capture lightning again based on my
past based on my ideas that in fact I am

the candidate that can’t defeat trouble
or will Democrats make a generational
shift a USA Today Suffolk University
poll finds 59% of Democrats and

independents surveyed say they would be
excited about someone entirely new at
least six senators could run for the
first time vision you have to decide

that you would be a good president that
you could bring the country together
that you would be able to beat Donald
Trump a November Senate defeat has not
dampened buzz around better O’Rourke
rule anything else and just former Obama

cabinet secretary Julian Castro has a
date picked on January 12th I’m gonna
make an announcement about my plans of
course it’s early and the path

unpredictable but the process is getting
underway with many of these potential
candidates trying to position themselves
in what will be a costly and competitive
quest for the nomination Democrats also
have to decide among three cities where

they will hold their nominating
convention and it will go fast Iowa
Democrats will be meeting to caucus in
just about 400 days Kalli almost here
Kelly O’Donnell in Washington Kelly

thank you
so you think better I was right where
that was Kelly O’Donnell not a holiday
report okay
so Beto Beto huh you know that’s it’s
coincidental the keeper and I were out

yesterday you know looking for a place
to move to in april/may timeframe and so
we know we also went to some open houses
of places we can’t afford but everywhere

you go South Austin its South Austin
particular the better signs are still up
one of our fit a James I think
Fitzpatrick I believe is last name one

of your Texas producers sent me a Beto
sign from one of the big ones the out
with the big the really big with their
they’re cool and that really really babe
it was big ya know but everyone has

their buds their their their their yard
signs still up the yard signs are
everywhere yeah that’s very interesting
I’m reminded of Pia Zadora when the rain
begins to fall yes PSO Dora let’s talk

about right I interviewed her did you
know yes you tell me what you think well
well all I know is that she would a rich
husband well I let me like he has a rich

wife who promoted a hit because her
dream was to be a superstar yes so he
just spent a lot of money on her getting
her let me tell you what let me tell you
exactly what he did I think he’s dead

now I think he’s long gone but Pia
Zadora had had manipulated her her guys
money hmm
and I want to say that they seemed very
much in love so I don’t it’s fine by me
to make this song it was from they

produced a movie and a soundtrack and as
she did the soundtrack with Jermaine
Jackson which is like you know you got a
lot of money we didn’t quite have

Michael Jackson money so we got Jermaine
Jackson and this and when the rain
begins to fall from now I’m doing this
from the top top had something about the
something in the alien now I got a no
Pia Zadora movie with it something

there’s something in the alien I’m gonna
go watch it now I know you don’t but was
it the voyage of the ROC aliens so it
was something like that man she did a

lot of movies I mean her husband paid
for a lot of movies yeah voyage of the
ROC aliens I believe it was she was kind
of a cutie yeah boy did you think you
met her and talked to her I didn’t even

know no now she’s all right she was very
tiny very right tiny it was but yes your
point is well made because
betos wife is heiress to a large fortune

and her her daddy alien her daddy-o’s
probably still has some influence but I
was thinking about it and while he seems

kind of good on paper
you know white Obama let’s just call him
that he has just what I like it Wow
white robe but we couldn’t call him whoa
Bhama if you want to sure I think we

have a winner
Obama he reminds you of I mean how many
reports have we not heard it why very
reminiscent of Obama okay

Obama’s style Obama yes he doesn’t smile
and if you steal it or furs just yeah
there’s lots of studies in steel bomber
was influential pressure on young people
like Obama that little black like little

better and I can I see that people dig
that part but is he’s much younger than
Obama was I think he’s 10 years younger

than Obama was when he when he ran and I
don’t think so and did you just look at
the guy in like did you can see him
running you can see him debating do you

really see and running the country
I don’t think any American sees that can
be like yeah he’s just not you know it
doesn’t have enough JFK was the same way

dude that’s the same way man yeah man
okay was like a young guy they didn’t
like kazoos good look I think if you
were old enough if you were old enough
to vote for JFK then you can vote for

Obama you can do whatever you want
mmm I just I don’t know
even it would be great for the show well
it’s gonna be on this is gonna happen I

mean they’re gonna run him he’s not
gonna get Pat in through the primaries
Hillary’s still gonna come in yes yes as
for your newsletter I want you to
reiterate this because it’s important
where we were hearing wall-to-wall

Hillary up until about six six weeks ago
she was everywhere she was with the
women intent lesbians in tech and that’s
really less I’m not making that up it

was the the lesbians in tech conference
she’s doing interviews everywhere she’s
hamming it up she’s got her paperback
version with the with a prologue and
then she starts this fateful tour a

three-hour tour and you know that
apparently I don’t even know if the tour
has been canceled no one’s reporting on

other than no this has not had been
canceled and nobody’s reporting on it
right so what is you know there’s
material in there hell yes so that if
you don’t mind just for there’s a lot of

people who just foolishly do not
subscribe to the newsletter I think it’s
good that you explain again just what’s
happening here
well to sum it up Hilary’s being
blackballed by the media yes and she has

been left that when they talk about
polls well here’s the newest poll says
this that the other thing there’s no
mention of her when they did this
rundown that Kelly did on this Kathy

were Kelly whatever who it was that did
that report we just played she has all
pictures that she has you know
screenshots of one you know all the
potential candidates from including Amy

Klobuchar who they even have a sound
bite of Amy Klobuchar talking about how
she’s thinking of running yeah and so
you have you know screenshot after

screenshot of people in a big you know
murderers row shot right and no Hillary
there’s nothing Larry she’s not
mentioned she’s not shown she’s been
completely blackballed when they do

polls she’ll show up in the poll but
they will leave her out when they
present it to the public so what do you
think her strategy will be if she’s not
taking this lying down I mean she’s

clearly lying wait she’s not gonna
happen with her yeah she is going to
she’s taking names for starters right um
I think what she’s gonna do is lay and

wait and she knows he’s been through
this enough she’s did the old but she
lost Obama that she lost the Trump and
so she’s she ain’t gonna lose to bet oh
no no she’s not gonna lose the bet oh

but what she’s gonna do she knows the
ropes enough now she still has the same
people that she’s gonna lay in wait and
let these guys you know kill each other
off and she’s gonna come in late

hmm she’s gonna swoop in risky risky
strategy but she left her wait for some
risky as you think if you consider the
field being so big and everybody wanting

to run yeah
nor talking 40 people I know but the
media is strong she clearly doesn’t have
CNN on her side MSNBC seems to have
waned she cause she counting on Fox News

the Democrats at Fox News to to help her
no there she’s counting on the news
cycle to help her you know what she
swoops in it’ll be like a big deal and

nor could she win again it becomes a
center of attention she won’t have any
trouble getting ink I’m just wondering
what the catalyst will be I’m not
disagreeing with with the strategy
although I see you know I don’t know

she’s nuts she really thinks she can do
maybe she can I don’t know maybe just
maybe the numbers do add up against her
but it I don’t think we’ll see a repeat
of Trump Clinton just doesn’t sound

right it doesn’t sound right to me
but I this is I think gonna be what she
tries to do it and I think she could
pull it off it’s not even gonna be a
Trump in 2020 he’s going to jail he’s

going to jail I tell you it impeachment
imminent that’s all I see on television
it’s imminent and the people in it and

it’s not a New York Times the New York
Times the worst it’s not if he’s going
to be impeached it’s when it’s where it

is well just on that for a second I
guess somewhere Christmas right after
Christmas a report came out that there
was a prog ping from Michael Cohen

cellphone which would mean he lied and
that he was in Prague colluding with the
Russians and this report came from
McClatchy which I don’t I don’t know why

but I kind I think I know the name but
everyone seems to to be saying this is a
very reputable outfit tell me whom
McClatchy is one of the old syndicates
it’s very so it’s very established not

some newbie it’s not like whatever you
pointed out earlier about the downtime
calm or whatever it is so they have they
have chops really they’re a dying

operation but it’s you know oh then you
will like these two clips I have from
the man himself
Greg Gordon who is the person who wrote
and filed the story for McClatchy then

when you’re you know even though you’re
old-school I mean they have standing is
that what you’re saying they’re they’re
reputable they’re seniors they have
standing yeah I think yeah well so the
best they could do is get on the joy

read show for some reason over at MSNBC
it doesn’t include having a good agent
oh well they definitely need an upgrade
an agent and the question is you know
who exactly were your sources now it’s

okay I guess we’re in an era of
everything is anonymous sources people
you know I I can imagine seeing some of
old-school operations having just stoop
to new-age tactics to get some airtime

because they can’t do it with their
legitimate reporting that’s a
possibility do you have any idea about
their sources have you heard any no I
don’t even know this story oh oh well

this was this this is part of this you
know sparking up of the it’s all over
for him because it turns out that there
is evidence somewhere from someone from

sources that have a ping in Prague from
Michael Cohen cellphone that would have
to be the NSA that did found that or

this or the station chief from the CIA
that was monitoring something or that an
oxidant sounds sketchy well let’s listen
to McClatchy defend his reporting or
that Greg Gordon from McClatchy defend

the reporting and the sources put
Michael Cohen cellphone in Prague one
would think those would be fairly
specific but the reporting of McClatchy
is that they were either in August or

September how would they not be more
specific if these are actual intercepts
that show the phone pings I think they
are more specific but unfortunately we
weren’t able to pry that out of our
sources so we’re getting information

from foreign intelligence agency this is
a counterintelligence investigation did
your sources see the interception
themselves or are they passing along
information from other people the

sources have some of the sources have
government sources and some of the
sources are I got government sources or
people who have told us that they have

trusted intelligence type sources that
they get information from we don’t know
the specifics but we have used these
sources on many subjects and they have
been very accurate I’d say that not only

stooping to the modern tactics I’d say
he’s holding his his ankles he’s so
stupid over I would find this to be very
sketchy and then he started off by

saying that the sources were foreign
intelligence yes yes not our boys no NSA
CIA it gets better
you know that sounds a lot like I still
thought see I reread this deal because

listen to him laugh as she basically
rubs it in his face I’ll give him a give
her a point for that saying yeah this
kind of sounds like the steal dossier
and he just cracks up laughing lot like
I still got see I reread this deal

because what the hell is why did why
what was so funny about that
I’m wondering myself I mean I’m kind of
befuddled by this again McClatchy and it

wasn’t like a nervous laugh it was a it
was a guffaw
yeah there wasn’t a tell it was like and
I’m at all I don’t know what that was so
if she says I reread this T it sounds

like the steel dossier so be there he
thinks of steel dossier is total crap or
it’s a complete breakdown of his system
like hahaha something is very strange
did they let you see them you sources

have been used before and they’re saying
it was they were told that these

intercepts exist though it’s true have
they what kind of evidence do they
provide you for you to confident that
this was something that you’re willing
to put MacLeod she’s named on well for
one thing we’ve we got numbers we have

four sources who’ve told us about this
for another we have we have read our
beginning of our story to some of these
sources to make absolutely certain we’ve

gone over it and over it and over it we
worked on this story know they went over
it and over it and over it and yeah he
has four sources so he’s got numbers I
like how he said that I first of all we

got numbers is that number she said is
that a thing you say in the news
business like if we got numbers here
okay I got numbers I got sources who
know government sources I got numbers I
McClatchy did your sources come to you

and say hey we have this new information
or did you go to them asking well it’s
been a dialogue for a long time so you
know in my partner Peter stone did some
of this elusive sleuthing but we both

are sleuthing
sleuthing what what is he Nancy Drew yes
I’m here in Prague

maybe there’s something behind the
bookcase thing but we both are
well-acquainted with the sources and and
we I would say we developed some of
these some of this came from foreign

sources and those people one of those
people talked to us over a long period
of time before he provided a drop of
information he’s gonna he’s the guy is
gonna come he’s not unglued but

everything’s unwinding before his very
eyes and he even admits to it in this it
gets is because we know that there is a
possibility that sometimes sources have

motives for putting things out and one
of those motives might be to get
McClatchy to run a story like this even
if it isn’t true is there any concern at
all that people might have had a
motivation to try to get you to run a
story it was sort of an audit in Prague

situation work what is a DA in Prague
I’ve heard the expression I’ve never
heard that expression oh now we have to
now we have to look at
I heard uh in is I think it’s a movie

I think Alpha Delta alpha I had maybe
not had to in Prague I know at a
restaurant and one of those motors might

be to get McClatchy to run a story like
this even if it isn’t true is there any
concern at all that people might have

had a motivation to try to get you to
run a story there was sort of an audit
in Prague situation in Prague like maybe
I’m not hearing it right Abba ABBA and
Prague maybe but they want it printed
well that’s not the kind of dialogue

we’ve had would create a kind of
suspicion because of the people that
we’ve been working with but you always
have to be wary of disinformation what I

would say about this information we just
think about the dossier and Michael
Cohen because this is this whole Cowan
episode the reason it’s got so much
attention is that it goes if Muller has

not yet charged anybody with collusion
or any crime right waiting to collision
and and so with this what this meeting
or purported meeting in Prague quid mean

is the first evidence of some sort of
collusion beyond this the fact that his
appeared to show up and in the Prague
area we don’t even know if there wasn’t

meaning but this is coupled with some
intelligence from an Eastern European
intelligence agency that picked up this
this conversation conversation yeah so

now the conversation they picked it up
and somehow it came from Prague and you
know the collusion it’s never last 20

seconds very very sad thing this man is
about to say Michael Cohen is in Prague
from a Russian official we believe a
senior Russian officials questioned she

would be is there any
but you were able to actually physically
see for yourself that corroborated what
these sources were telling you look at
the intercepts that would give you some

further evidence beyond what we had we
held out for a while for that and we you
know where they came at a time when we
thought we had a critical mass it is a
competitive business yeah it is indeed
it’s a competitive business we had to

get the story out there I think that’s
very sad to hear this from a so called
record bold school organization well
it’s it’s a shame well that’s why you

don’t that’s what you never heard of
them Oh sad it seems to me that the CIA
the NSA somebody would know if this coin
was floating around Prague ever yeah so

I mean that’s not this is not a story
it’s a bull crap button thing just a
price excite the public well and for its
the final nail in the coffin sounds like

to me done those boys are done I tell
no see down here for this no is it down
or it’s it’s meant to entertain we’ve

had glitches we’ve had pings what else
do we have going on in the news well I
got a series of clips
let me change these either oh I did I

did I was going through my he was gonna
do the I did again or the whatever
happened to ah yes yes yes yes
I’ve to clips on the same topic because
it turned out to be this was in 2015
just a few years ago it turns out to be

this was the news item of the year it
was there were every channel as I have
the two clips about it it was going on
and on everyone was just up in arms and
they’re just everyone’s in a tizzy over

this whatever happened to story and I
had the PBS version and they have the
ABC teaser on on this thing let’s start
with the teaser the eye opening new

cancer warning hotdogs processed meat
and bacon now put in the same category
as cigarettes and asbestos let’s listen
to the PBS report this new report

released today by the World Health
Organization found that often beloved
like sausage bacon ham and hot dogs can
cause certain types of cancer
prior studies had established similar

connections but the w-h-o was the most
prominent health organization to
specifically say processed meats can
cause cancer it looked at more than 800
studies around the world it also found

that eating freshly prepared red meat
like steak or pork or lamb probably can
cause cancer as well now is bacon
but he’s cured it slice slice does not

awesome process to them means anything
other than just shooting still long
it’s still on the pig hits on its
unprocessed bacon it’s smoked and then

treat you sometimes with the nitrites
are we dead yet yeah yeah well I can
follow that up with the story you know
in in the united states of gitmo nation

we have the Food and Drug Administration
running around of trying to not trying
writing up regulations to stop children
from the evil vaping because it leads to

smoking it’s a gateway drug to smoking
we don’t know the effects of nicotine
you could die and meanwhile kids are
vaping up a storm but they’re not
smoking cigarettes which is why the

company formerly known as Philip Morris
bought Joule for some ungodly amounts it
was at sixty valuation sixty billion
dollars so crazy and from real sales and

real forward-looking stuff so you know
that there’s a very big future in the U
K Gitmo nation east they haven’t quite
caught on to that did they no longer

have it I thought Philip Morris was
wasn’t that British
originally or at some point do they not
do they no longer have a stake in the in
cigarettes and tobacco products the UK I

think I wonder I wonder if the UK has
any any relation to tobacco anymore
because the public health England which
is the government’s you know public

health propaganda arm has launched a
campaign to show well I’ll play though
let me show towline Philip Morris I’m
looking on their wiki page they are a

they’re still in tobacco they are
founded in 1847 their headquarters in
New York they’re not a British company
thought they were what is the at British

American Tobacco there was a number of
companies that there was a lot of anyway
they won’t if they do because they’re
really trying to get rid of cigarettes
and they’re doing it by showing the kids

vaping is good and what we are going to
do this we are going to have I need to
give you some visual aids here so they

have three bell jars with cotton balls
in them one is the control bell jar
which just has cotton balls not just air
then they have one with a vape stuck on
the top and they have one with a

cigarette holder and they drew in the
equivalent amount of cigarette smoke and
vape vaporizer condensation as to a
month’s worth of smoking each product

and I’ll say smoking in months worth of
nicotine in one puff no a monk’s worth
it’s not the nicotine a month’s worth of
whatever you puff from a cigarette a

month’s worth of for whatever you puff
from a vape and then a just nothing
plain old air with the same not just the
control of the controlled jaar jaar

which we draw
from an e-cigarette for the same amount
of time and then as a control condition
we have clear air to demonstrate not
smoking or vaping so let’s see what’s

going to happen
yeah I mean it just is so revolting of
the jar here a lump of time so that’s

what’s going on inside your lungs
there’s loads of it and this is a
reactor one month look at the B

it’s just a little bit of vapor but the
only one that’s really got much in the
way of color my research shows that are
significantly less harmful density grows

a big reason for this is the tar which
you can see here which is not produced
by heart disease
well there are six million smokers in

England and we think about half a
million of them will try and stop
smoking in January the best thing I
smoked a candy for their health is to
stop smoking
but don’t try and do it on your own we
ask people to search smoke-free and get

some help so that they can be more
successful in quitting smoking so I
don’t know but to me it sounded like
they were telling the kids vaping is
well it doesn’t produce a lump of tar it

doesn’t and there was zero talk of
nicotine nicotine is not the issue the
tar and whatever you know whatever other
cancer is the addictive issue so they

say bars not known as addicted to tar
become a roofer no right yeah exactly
but you get the point it’s like

someone’s not on my there promote of
course this is what these guys do
they’ve been in the business of these
guys must be beside themselves when they
hit were banned from advertising they
write they own the net one of the NASCAR

races they they were advertising on TV
they had brought smoke in Chesterfield
you remember Johnny players special now
JPS the black with the gold letters it

was all the recent cars had it yeah JPS
Johnny players special and the
cigarettes and members of 15 year old
ahead man with smoke some Johnny Playa
specials well there’s like there’s like
smoking a dog turd like unbelievably

good tell Moses cigarette sir well I’d
ever smoked so I can’t really meet I’m
not a connoisseur so I can’t say no I
can but these guys that you have to be

beside themselves because we’re talking
about some of the greatest marketing
people in the world that have to sit
down and come up with schemes because
they can’t really just you can’t just
cut them loose it’s got to be very

frustrating right but so this is their
latest so these are doing this they
either keep them busy yeah well I see
there’s a bigger future for vaping it’s

big I think you’re right it’s really
well if only we hit the door I think is
dorky especially the smoke smoke babies
dorky it is Shh they do not spoken as
vapor but my favorite is guys are those

souped up things they fill a room you
know this vapor but the vape goes it
dissipates pretty quickly yeah but it’s
yeah but I do remember going to visit
the vape

I remember visiting Dexter at the vapor
conference in Dallas a couple years back
and the whole hall was just just one
cloud there’s his hang in there
you know smelling of like popcorn and
cotton candy I’m not a big fan of the

car was an event in Dallas it was big
was that the convention center a lot of
people vape and that’s when I got the
hoverboard remember oh yeah what ever
happened to that thing yeah I gave it

it’s a flying bomb man I don’t want to
be on that thing little a battery just
wait for the battery to ignite my house
I don’t need that yesterday I saw some
guy go buying a one wheel Segway yeah

between his legs it well yeah but you’re
but you’re right like a skateboard so
you’re sideways is between your legs but
you’re sideways and the and the wheel is

parallel to the skateboard hmm that’s
all we need more of that well I was
thinking about the ductless mobility
which is what we’re talking about and

here’s what I don’t know so the
companies that are big in this are uber
and lyft and they’ve purchased pieces of
the big frontrunner bird and lime um and

knowing that the uber model itself only
is working because they’re severely
undercutting the actual price of the I

mean they’re selling rides below cost in
most cases unless they unless I use you
know the app I used to use on my phone
they go huh that’s curry just you know

do times five because that’s how they
price their rides you know Tina will use
an app and she’ll get the same ride for
less same with Airbnb and all that stuff
but you know they’re really not making
any money on any rides I think they’re

losing about a billion dollars a quarter
and the reason they’re still around is
because they’ve been able to get some
you know new group of idiots for you
know the the fifth round of investment
to put money in so they can keep it it

isn’t bit a bit like a Ponzi scheme or
at least its it’s a scheme where they
just need to keep pumping money and to
keep afloat you agree with the with this
assessment because I want to make sure

I’m seeing it right because I’ve no I
don’t you think they’re making money you
think they’re profitable there are
reports around that float around the
investment community that show that you
can if you set up one of these bull crap

operations you you’re in the black get
within sixty days what I’m talking about
cars first not about the bikes I’m
talking about the cars no I don’t know
anything about the financing of that

that’s where they’re losing a billion
dollars a quarter as my understanding so
they’ve bought into this what you
believe is it profitable or you’ve heard
can be a money-making operation but I’m
just gonna go you know whatever happened

to or whatever yeah whatever happened to
we had the big bike sharing startups in
China it was exactly the same thing they
had two billion initially in venture you

have then eight eighteen months they
started to start to really catch fire
and then more people came in and then
more money and they started to acquire
each other and then they had an IPO one

of them raised four billion dollars in
IPO and now these companies are all done
broke there’s huge mountains of these
bikes that are just you know just piled
up because it out of business they’re

not using to the homeless I don’t think
they have homeless in China
oh no homelessness no job so I mean it
wouldn’t invent and and yeah and what

happens investors just stopped stopped
investing well you don’t seem to be able
to make a return and this was on the
scooters and the bikes so I don’t know
it just doesn’t seem like him you got a
lot of people in China if you can’t make

it work I remember pictures of China
there were more bikes than we thought in
Amsterdam I was like oh these people
really have a lot of bikes then you
remember the video the old via film

footage of the oh here’s Beijing and
people on bikes everywhere they couldn’t
make it work I’m not so sure I every
time I’d you know if there’s an uber I

just don’t invest in this well no but
also yeah I think the whole system just
it’s doesn’t seem sustainable well if
you think about it does

right to have this though this crap
Langer you know buying all these things
and then having them laying all over the
place it just doesn’t seem like I
haven’t come to pick them up and charge
him yeah yeah it’s expensive expensive

yes that’s gotta cost money and yeah now
downtown Austin they have a new problem
whenever one of these bikes is or these
scooters is his parked in the middle of

the sidewalk there seems to be someone
going around and putting his boot and
bending the disc brake on the back
is a disk brake on the back yeah exposed

disc brake very thin and it’s apparently
if you put your boot on it while it’s
lying down you can bend it and then the
wheel won’t go rendering the whole thing
inoperable someone is doing that

downtown some vandal is doing that I
have no idea and I bet you the police
aren’t interested in catching him either
no no no we have other things to do sir
yes I’m not sure what we got to go

protect the ground for the soccer
stadium make sure no one’s peeing on it
something like that always something
that’s awesome that’s the thing that’s

always overlooked in these great utopian
schemes is that is the preponderance I’m
not talking about just occasional I’m
talking about preponderance of vandalism
that’s why we have the police we have

weight I mean to just admit just humans
in general have especially in Frida
freedom-loving countries we have a
preponderance of vandalism just go you

can drive through any city and look at
all the graffiti it’s all good vandalism
even though there’s a lot of art in
there but now in Austin in Austin we
have a we call it graffiti a graffiti
park and we call it art where it’s

really just a bunch of it’s a place
where there’s some run-down buildings
where kids have smoking dope and
drinking and spray-painting the wall but
in Austin it’s art well there are pieces
I’ve seen I’ve collected some actually

of graffiti that is art it’s a very
specific style of art and it’s very
pretty and but that’s not what most of
it is most of it is these you know that

they call throw up sand and just tags
and just a mess
well clearly it’s beatniks who are doing
this in Austin so they’re taking a law

into their own hands and with that I
would like to thank you for your courage
and say in the morning to the man who
put the C in COBOL John C Dvorak any
morning you mr. Adam curry also in the

morning all ships to see boots on the
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piece of art although I think there
again were some other good ones
yeah we it was a yeah usually you
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don’t we don’t like till excited yeah
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got a link which we’ll put in the show
notes have a great 2019 with all of us

yes thank you sir Roderick V low and
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people in the mouth
yes sir all right I got a question for

you sure
or anybody had to can explain to me why
there is this obsession with Mumia
abu-jamal what otherwise known as Wesley

Cooke free Mumia you ever seen those
stickers you’re going to any like
Philadelphia or Baltimore you see these
stickers on the holes this free movie
yeah no I don’t know I don’t know

anything about this yeah well I’d know
about it
Mumia abu-jamal he’s a guy who shot a
cop and Philadelphian got life and how

long about ever since but God will
challenge anybody to go to the wiki page
and read it but first let’s play this
clip I got a clip on here they are again
because democracy now would be one of

these operations that would be trying to
free Mumia and those are some of the
headlines this is democracy now the war and peace
report I’m Amy Goodman we begin today’s
show with an update on a major

development that could be the path to
freedom for former Black Panther Mumia
the award-winning journalist who was
convicted of the 1981 murder of
Philadelphia police officer Daniel

Faulkner but has always maintained his
innocence on Thursday a Philadelphia
Common Pleas Court judge ruled Mumia
can re argue his appeal in the case

before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
because then Chief Justice Ronald
Castile failed to excuse himself from
the case due to his prior role as

Philadelphia district attorney
when abu-jamal was appealing his case a
blue Jamal’s lawyers argued that
statements Castile made about people
accused of killing police officers

indicated he should have recused himself
they cited campaign speeches and letters
he wrote that called for the death
penalty in such cases abu-jamal spent
nearly three decades on death row before

his sentence in the shooting death of
officer Daniel Faulkner was thrown out
over flaw jury instructions prosecutors
then agreed in 2011 to a sentence of
life without parole

judge Tucker’s decision on Thursday was
split because he
night abu-jamal x’ claim that Casteel
had quote personal significant
involvement of the case while he was in

the district attorney’s office for more
we join we’re joined here in New York by
Johanna Fernandez a professor of history
at Baruch College CUNY the City
University of New York and one of the
coordinators of the campaign to bring

Mumia home she has been in the courtroom
for part of this case and is the editor
of writing on the wall selected prison
writings of Mumia abu-jamal

professor Fernandez welcome back to
Democracy Now can you talk it about the
significance of Thursday’s ruling well
this is a case that is important for
Mumia abu-jamal but also for dozens of

people sitting in prison in Pennsylvania
essentially the judge established that
if there is prejudice in hearing the

defendant has the right to a new hearing
and you can kill it yeah hmm all right
so this guy the stories that make it

short I could read from the wiki page
but I’d recommend people go there and
look at it I just type in Mumia you’ll
get it I there’s like witnesses it would
happen he was a cab driver who became a

reward winning journalist when he was in
prison he did some kind of reporting for
a couple local radio stations gotten
fired by one of them became a very
staunch black panther during that era

and he was driving his cab at 3:00 4:00
at 4:00 in the morning when like
apparently his brother was pulled over
by a cop for something and the two of

them were got into an argument
Mumia got out of his cab walked over and
shot the cop in the head and once a day
wrecker and this was witnessed by
numerous people including a hooker he

was a sex worker
he was taken in and his gun had five
rounds missing from it he had you know
passed all the obligatory you know test

powder on his hands all that stuff and
he still had the gun they had the gun
they had his murder weapon
and it goes on and on and out and when
he admitted it to somebody in prison

that he did it and there’s all these
these things but for some reason and I
don’t know what it is like I can’t
believe it’s just cuz he says I’m
innocent that this is a been a left-wing
cause hmm

and they’ve I mean it’s possible that he
could have been framed I’ve never seen a
frame like this it’s never resistors too
much too much you know too many people I

know one’s come forward saying that they
lied it’s just outrageous and they this
continues this has gone on since the 70s
guys been in jail for 30 years and the

left-wing keeps bringing it up as close
to some sort of a cause celeb and I
don’t even know why I don’t know why
well I can I can wager a guess as to why
it’s cropping up now as we just had

prison reform Trump has been president
Trump has been working with people of
great importance like Kim Kardashian and
also entertained some input from Kanye

about the certain prisoners who’ve been
in for a long time maybe they’re trying
to hitch onto that bandwagon just bring

it back again and maybe just say Trump
you hate Muslim sounding people because
you didn’t help this guy I mean who
knows it could be that it could be any
number of things well I don’t think this

guy’s getting out
but just to me this has been going on
for his way too long and it’s just but
yeah maybe it explains what’s coming

back into the news at this point as hell
yeah right now this has been continuous
interesting yeah yeah I got we got
lefties out there somebody can explain

it to me I looked up I don’t want to
it’s not innocent I looked at Mumia
abu-jamal and the wikis and I got high
reader in the US it seems you use
Wikipedia a lot that’s great it’s a

little awkward to ask but this Sunday we
need your help we depend on donations of
course I’ll donate just because just
because they make a lot of money doesn’t

mean we don’t use it a lot and they
don’t and just because I don’t always
agree with what they say doesn’t mean we
shouldn’t support them
it’s mileage and the monastic note I
always know I always send them money at
the end of the year of course it’s

invaluable resource whether it’s right
or not it’s valuable
well well it is available research
there’s no doubt about you said this guy
became an award-winning journalist in
jail yeah he was a book about being in

jail hmm
well it was kind of you know jeez just
like I think by the way there is some
some left-leaning idea of the literate
mind so if you can you know this

happened with Norman Mailer he found
some guy in jail who was a savant very
good writer I can’t remember his name
Henry or something like that
Henry something and he got in an early
release pretty much in Norman Mailer’s

recognizance and that guy went out and
killed somebody a rape someone had just
somebody got thrown right back in jail
and it was a huge humiliation for Norman
Mailer gotcha
well speaking of journalists odd

journalists The Washington Post on just
between Christmas and New Year’s on the
28th released a little bit of news it
was very actually very it reminded me a
lot of the climate change report

you know just pushed out on a Friday
kind of hush-hush we don’t want to which
is something that Washington Post yelled
and screamed about they put out a news
report admitting that they had

discovered text messages between their
Star columnist Jamal Bugsy
Jamarcus 2g that became very clear to
them that the exact chief executive at

the Qatar Qatar Foundation International
Maggie Mitchell Salem had been texting
him and shaping his columns proposing
topics drafting material prodding him to

take a harder line against the Saudi
government and this was below the fold
even in the article that they admit to
this but so we were right the guy was a
shill yeah and he was he wasn’t even he

was I mean who was writing these columns
it looks like Qatar was writing them nor
this Qatar Foundation International yeah

who you know Qatar and Turkey they’re
buds now they’re all against Saudi
Arabia and I think it’s disgraceful that
the Washington Post didn’t just say hey

you know what we really messed up on
this one because they did does it it
doesn’t work there’s no anti-trump angle
imposed but it’s yeah well that’s my

point it is the Washington Post that
discovered this
that they they’re big you know they’re
big columnist there freedom fighter

oh no we we love him he’s great he was
just a shill for the Muslim Brotherhood
and they have every right to be
journalists as well but don’t tell me

that you’re the Washington Post and
you’re holier than all that you got just
that you got the same problems everybody
else has only you didn’t catch it what
did you they did you build it Jim and
they finally caught it they did it

sheepishly that’s very very very very
low yes especially for below the fold on
page forty and then a Friday night have
not the Bulldog edition is disgusting
okay well let’s since we’re in that part

of the world a little bit let’s talk
about the Sudan riots because there’s a
funny thing that happened on the way to
the Sudan riots which are going on as we
speak it’s not being covered by the

media of course there’s too many
it was a great twenty eighteen whatever
happened then let us play this in Sudan
scores of people have been killed in
anti-government protests that erupted
last week government officials put the

number of dead at nineteen though
Amnesty International said earlier this
week the number of dead reached 37 the
government has declared a state of
emergency and reportedly sensor to shut
down newspapers that were covering the

demonstrations the protests which were
triggered by a sharp rise in the price
of bread are taking aim at the worsening
economic situation of the country and
the military regime of President Omar

Hassan al-bashir with many calling for
the overthrow of the ruling National
Congress party there now the code word
just came in to that story and I

realized we haven’t really talked about
it much we did it when the first when
the Arab Spring began yeah
the severe rise in the cost of bread in
Egypt bread Egypt I think Tunisia

tunisia everybody has these these it’s
always in there I got bread problems
it’s a bread problem that because of the
huge rises the cost of bread for what

they were never told what the rise is
ever was it from 10 cents a loaf to five
dollars a loaf was it from a dollar a
loaf to two dollars of love
what is it severe rise in the cost of

bread and this happened before
I think that’s code I think the CIA code
or somebody’s right that gets into the
story to let everyone know that okay we
got to mobilize over something here or

so let’s you know meet your meet your
hand learn let’s talk about it right who
know typically after the bread code goes
out someone likes himself on fire but
that they they pop that too early this
time and it wasn’t in Sudan weird we

have a guy like himself on fries I don’t
know if that whiffed if the chronology
is correct
somebody’s always lighting themselves on
fire but I don’t know if that’s in
relation to the bread dough no no I
don’t think so

but that’s why I’m saying that we get
bread and then we typically get lighting
on fire
or the other way around could be
when the bread thing is the one that
kids stood out when she gave this report

because yeah I agree
they’ve gone nuts over breasts because
everyone goes under the streets and
starts wrecking the place because of the
price of bread really
well bread is important to some people

it’s easy for us no I know but sometimes
make your own bread this is the price of
wheat if that’s gone up that would be
different this different story
it just doesn’t there’s something about

it it’s just something about it doesn’t
know ya the prices and bread has gone up
so I’m gonna go riot and wreck my break
the town yeah here bread price hike
starts violent sparks violent protests

let’s see we can find out the actual
bread price increase yeah that’d be neat
need to know that Sudanese police fire
tear gas on people protesting higher

bread prices Wow hmm so he’s sounding
like a like a color revolution thing so
you only haven’t had a color come out of
it yet no Sudan would be beige

I found a good podcast a drone podcast
called droning on which kind of

attracted me I’m like that’s that’s
funny if you have that kind of humor
about yourself about being a podcast and
this guy is you know you again I think
we’ve talked about this like the the

actual vocation of journalists is just
invalid let’s just go to someone who
actually knows what they’re talking
about I mean we don’t know much about
drones there’s people in our in our
network and the value for value network

who know a lot about drones but no one
offered anything up this guy he does a
drone podcast he’s in the UK and he has
a couple of theories about the phantom
drones at Gatwick Airport so a very

quick recap of the incident at Gatwick
thousands of flights were canceled or
diverted the military was called in
multiple police forces involved not just
Sussex five million pounds spent on anti

drone systems the international press
and media camping on site with telephoto
lenses looking for a drone and all based
on eyewitness accounts but yet not a
single video or photo of the drone so if

it wasn’t a drone what exactly happened
well there’s been a lot of speculation
people have suggested eco-warriors
complaining about additional wrong ways
being built at the airfield other
speculation has been a major systems

failure at Gatwick shortly after the
Gatwick incident Birmingham reported an
air traffic control error which led to
grounded flights such a failure of the
airport would have resulted in them
paying millions of compensation to

Airlines and to passengers and of course
the airport would not want that but the
bigger news for me is the announcement
yesterday that vinci group are buying
50.1% of Gatwick Lynch er a French

company that currently owned 46 airports
around the world and in October 2018
analysts estimated the value of Gatwick
at between 7 to 10 billion pounds the

sale to vinci of fifty point zero one
add only 2.9 billion plus the value of
the airfield at just less than 6 billion
which is far less than the estimation of
the analysts earlier this year so the

big question is did the drone crisis at
Gatwick devalue the airfield therefore
making the sale to Vinci more economical
I’d like all of those
Wow the one I like the think it could be

more of a combo though where another I
don’t know if if whatever I said I don’t
know enough about the air traffic
control mistake but I’ll tell you when
it comes to millions of dollars in in an

aviation an airport yeah I’m pretty sure
that do anything to not have to hang for
that and maybe that would be the
catalyst you know the acquisition they
didn’t want that getting out it sounds

like a cover-up
tonight I think the guys got a couple of
good ones yeah that was a great analysis
yeah the eco-warriors movie do beat all
since all 67 of the sighting reports
were all airport employees no passengers

hello yeah that’s dubious yeah
what’s this that’s podcasting for you

people yeah that’s where you have to go
to get the real information nowadays you
get nothing from the mainstream that’s
for sure those guys are pathetic let’s
go to Saudi Arabia leadership update get
back out of the country

leadership updates in Saudi Arabia King
Salman has consolidated power for his
son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
ordering a reshuffle of the cabinet
nearly three months after the murder of
John Ostrom Alka shogi which caused

international uproar and brought Saudi
leadership under close scrutiny notably
foreign minister Adel al-jubeir was
demoted to the position of Minister of
State for Foreign Affairs all Jubair
blame Khashoggi she’s killing on rogue

Saudi agents he also previously
characterized the international outcry
of to show she’s murder is fairly
hysterical the cabinet shake-up is seen
as a boon for the Crown Prince by
placing loyalists and key positions bin

Salman will retain his roles in the
government including Deputy Prime
Minister and defense minister earlier
this month the US Senate passed a
resolution saying it believes that crown
prince is responsible for cashew cheese
murder khashoggi a u.s. resident and

columnist for The Washington Post was
killed by Saudi agents after entering
the Saudi consulate in Istanbul Turkey
on October 2nd
okay so where does that leave everybody

I’m a little confused well as the solar
reports are confusing lives anybody
Ami’s I got this changed the guys got
more powers got consolidation is gonna

go on with his project to build a Dubai
clone out in the middle of nowhere and
dumb but also he said he would rebuild
this is part of the deal the Saudi

Arabia is supposed to rebuild Syria
whatever needs rebuilt gonna work with
the Turks the two of them don’t get
along very well some deal will clear out
the place and the Saudis will come in

and rebuild possibly the the Turks are
on the border now now that you know
they’ve given the the Kurds
enough heads-up leeway lead time also
Trump’s deal I think he’s like get out

yeah so they’re on the border they’re
about to go in and do whatever they
think is necessary
yeah well that should be very very more
bloodshed so they work they work well

the Russians it’ll be fine so Amy is is
is working
she’s working that was from Friday I
think oh okay well still but she doesn’t
know they never work on Sunday but she’s

working the week yes yes two weeks the
other people no no it’s not it’s not a
retrospective yeah mainstream guy they
Andy because one of them takes the week
off and they all take the week off cuz

it’s in this you know the the people
think less of them if they had to
actually work so the president has been
at the White House over the holidays
he’s made quite a point of it I’m
sitting here over everyone’s at home

Nancy’s in Hawaii I’m here he’s doing
what we’re doing
yes milking it like a pro yes milking it
like a podcaster he is but he didn’t do
a couple of interesting things first

he stock whispered the market up a
thousand points which I have a back
story report on I’m told new reporting
now a high-ranking Trump administration

official reached out to a well-known
hedge fund manager for advice on how to
get stocks to go up that the call took
place after the Christmas Eve sell-off
the worst ever for Christmas Eve the
administration was said to be determined

to get stocks to reverse and go higher
I’m also told that the investor who was
called told the administration official
to get President Trump to stop
criticizing j-pal on Twitter the Fed
chair to stop all the turnover inside

the White House madis the latest to
depart the defense secretary and of
course to strike a deal with China well
sounds like he got part of that right
you know the the word came out like oh

no no the Fed chairs no no danger no
problem whatsoever and then he also said
by the dip and that worked out
reasonably well as for China yes it

seems we have some deals it looks like
we got a rice deal we might have which
is new and huge we may have a soy deal
there’s something going on and here’s
I’m sorry and these soybeans deals

bigger than the rice deal well that
we’ve never had a rice deal so it just
depends on you maybe maybe sighs but I
think the fact that rice would how crazy
is that we’re sending rice to China

the Japanese won’t take our rice you
know that why don’t why won’t they take
our rice because they feel that they
started Japanese unlike us feel that
would they start importing rice and it

will ruin their artisanal businesses of
children in the rice field art is
artisanal is now code for child child
abuse and child labor well here’s a

report on what the president is doing
with China is there any promise that
they could make about snooping or or not
stealing our technology that could be

believed well what the president has
been writing about in his books and the
scene in his campaign speeches as he’s
looking for a verifiable agreement he’s
looking for things that we can actually

make sure the Chinese do but by marelize
people like this you can have
verification measures yes this was done
in the case of previous trade agreements
the trick is going to be seen

performance actually take place so if
they buy a hundred airliners we can see
that happen if they actually shut down
electoral theft companies and put people

in jail have some show trials there’s a
Chinese proverb you probably know called
kill the chicken to scare the monkeys
sha Zhi Jing hole in Chinese hey Xiao
Zhi Jing oh yourself right if they have

a lot of these trials and put people in
prison for 20 years for property theft
against Western companies or technology
transfer this forced that will have a
huge impact that we can see no I’ll be

looking forward to that but there was an
NBC report which was largely propaganda
piece on Cummings Diesel okay okay the
famous diesel manufacturer yeah they’re

in Indiana I believe and they have
they’re very famous diesel maker they
have a lot of the modern technology for
diesels comes from them but let’s play

these clips and I got them chopped up to
a lot of small pieces just to show you
how the NBC slants things and this go
with the head and it also drops in

little propaganda bits
diesel one Columbus Indiana is thriving
there’s a new brewery not far from a
century-old ice cream parlor

many towns like this have struggled with
jobs moving overseas but in Columbus one
company has held it all together because
of trade with China our economy would go
down the drain if the Cummins wasn’t a

part of our community Cummins is the
world’s largest independent diesel
engine maker and pulling 10,000 people
in Indiana alone we export about 65% of
the engines that we produce here but

this American success story founded here
99 years ago faces soaring costs and 200
million dollars in losses this year
because of us tariffs on Chinese goods
tariffs are harmful their attacks and

they create additional cost that will
eventually be borne by all customers
this summer the Trump administration
imposed tariffs on Chinese steel and
aluminum and on key parts Cummins needs

we have no suppliers available in the US
in fact there are not foundries that
operate in the u.s. let’s stop there
well there are thousands of foundries
that operate in the US there’s three in

my area and I can see two of them from
the house but one of them well she’s
lying probably she’s lying she’s the
spokes halt for coming uh-huh

and now the thing about this there’s no
foundries and this lot of them make big
products as they make it I don’t know
which ones make thing we have we have a
fox but the Chinese aren’t the only
people in the world that make an engine

block we have a producer who was do his
dad has a foundry he sent us foundry
stuff yeah we made a ice-cream scoop
that’s a foundry yes it is a foundry but
it doesn’t make engine blocks agent

block founders are big but they they
were they’re around now so I’m listening
to this report this on NBC is packaged
and this assertion that the US has no

foundries goes unchallenged by the
reporters on cheese and BC me okay okay
okay okay

alright let’s go to to the tariffs are
on components like these engine blocks
they’re essentially the skeletons of the
engines making up forty percent of the
final product but the only place that
Cummins can get them China president
Trump’s leadership is working and China

wants a different American president
tough talk but here it’s more personal
after all Columbus is vice president
Mike Pence’s hometown are the potential

consequences on places like your own
hometown worth this fight with China the
United States of America today has faced
more than six hundred billion dollar
trade deficit and the better part of

half of that is with China it actually
engages in forced technology transfers
of American companies and even outright
theft of intellectual property but his
tone was far different when as Indiana’s

governor he visited a Cummins plant in
China he cited the immense potential for
the creation of more great jobs for
Hoosiers through the strengthening of
ties with our Chinese partners Cummins

workers like Steve Angle have counted on
that partnership if we don’t have
globalization we don’t have no growth
right right right
no worker a guy’s Union guy yeah somehow

this guy’s a man on the street
a man on the street and he says we have
no globalization we know job right right
right right well that’s what he’s been

taught that’s what he’s been taught so
what he’s saying in essence is that
throughout history
no such thing as growth unless there’s

globalization listen again
Cummins workers like Steve Engel have
counted on that partnership if we don’t
have globalization we don’t have no

growth right right right
poor guy it’s mind control piece of crap
that they threw into this report NBC is
pro-china anti-american clearly making

that assertion it’s pretty obvious the
NBC that presents everything like that
and if something Trump wants to do it’s
Trump’s it’s not the United States and

also strong and also straps wall when
when when Mike Pence was in charge of
Indiana he was protecting Indiana’s
interests and BS that’s how the state
and federal model works so that doesn’t

always align now he’s a federal guy he’s
a Fed you know a different different
different issue now make it sound like
he’s a flip-flopper well that was the

well oh of course so listen I got a
three second little kicker at the end of
Bart three now they find themselves
caught in the president’s trade war yeah
it’s a president’s trade worse not about

America’s trade war which I know no it’s
the president’s it’s Trump’s this
personal thing it’s just hurting
everybody his hardness because you get
to know globalization so they’re Pro

global they’re anti Trump wrote China so
now here’s the way the way they finished
the thing when he does the sign-off and
throws it back to Holly Holly

ally ally volley NBC wait wait wait I
gotta set this up this to me is the
segue of the year there’s a big deal
when they’re way people segue things we

do it every one so we have a really good
segue like kind of cool sometimes we
stop the show it’s a show stopper yeah
it was great I just have for art because
we are globalist for our global
production audience a segue is when you

transition from one topic to the other
and if you can do it smoothly it’s
called a great segue
and there’s a lot of things called
awkward segues where you go from you
know talking about some burn victim to

somebody promoting fire eating but you
have like this this possibilities exist
actually that this hour has 20 minutes
22 minutes whatever it is up in Canada
has a whole segment of awkward questions

this I consider to be a just an
anti-trump segue because of the way they
present the story this are the globalist
positive globalist thing here with it

with the engine block said apparently
before China existed Cummings couldn’t
make I don’t know how they did it how
they existed but listen to the way this
segue works Vaughn Hilliard NBC News
Columbus Indiana another painful reality

we saw play out this year a record
number of school shootings Cummins
report was a very painful reality people

very much in common with school
shootings it’s just as bad which we find
out now I have the report now I have a
report to whose report do you bring

I have the CBS version all right let me
do mine first CBS once your length of
yours the length of mine is 52 seconds
okay I get 154 you do yours first
right the Florida sunset no publishing a

bombshell report tonight after school
shooting massacre in February this year
its headline this unprepared and
overwhelmed the paper goes on to report
the two decades after Columbine at five

years after Sandy Hook educators and
police still weren’t ready for parkland
surveillance video and the report shows
killer Nicolas Cruz in the beginning
moments of the massacre telling another
student quote

you’d better get out of here things are
going to get messy then pulls out the
ar-15 and begins shooting the video also
shows Emma D Scott Peterson the school
resource officer the only armed lawman
on the campus as he reportedly the paper

says fails to go inside the building
despite shots being fired he ordered a
school lockdown instead of ordering
deputies toward the building later
revealed in this report that officers
quote may rushed toward gun fighters

rather than shell according to Paula
they’re in Broward County that was a
terrible report who was that I think
that was CNN which makes sense that was
terrible yeah they’re terrible well for

one thing there’s we saw the video of
the kid walking in on the guy with the
gun and yeah yeah he’s not shooting he
pulls it out as the kid walks past him

and then he had it out and he was
loading it as the kid John the kid
looked at him he looked the kisses you
better get out of here something Bad’s
gonna happen they told the kid to get
lost cuz he was loading the gun mm-hmm

and that’s not the same as telling the
kid to get out of here and then pulling
out a gun no this is a little longer
reports pretty much the same thing as I
think is a little better this is CBS and

ten months after the massacre at Marjory
Stoneman Douglas High School in parkland
Florida we’re seeing for the first time
video from the school’s interior
security cameras the Sun Sentinel

newspaper obtained a video as part of
its investigation into the mass shooting
that killed 17 students and staff
members the Sun Sentinel says the video
shows moments where opportunities to end

the chaos may have been missed Manuel
Bojorquez has our report the just
published video shows the moment shooter
Nicholas Cruz and turned a stairway in
the school and while loading his

semi-automatic rifle warns a student who
happens to walk by according to a draft
of the official report by the Marjory
Stoneman Douglas Public Safety
Commission Cruz told the student you

better get out of here something bad is
about to happen the report says the
freshman student fled and immediately
told a football coach who did not issue
a Code Red
it was one of three missed opportunities

the report concluded to warn the school
there was an active shooter Cruz was
left to make his way through the school
to the third floor where students were
gathered in a hallway after a fire alarm

went off the shooting lasted eight
minutes leaving 17 dead for the first
time we see Cruz running away from the
at the same time deputies believed he
was still in the school because they

were watching surveillance videos that
were on a time delay
Andrew Pollock whose daughter meadow was
killed in the shooting reacted to the
new video tweeting this minute-by-minute
playback with

many missed opportunities for
intervention is heartbreaking and
calling for the resignation of officials
in charge the commission’s draft report
calls for improved training of deputies
and educators and recommends a

controversial policy of arming school
teachers proper training and background
checks a final version of the report is
set to reach the governor’s desk next
week wait a minute yeah what sure did

that’s trumps horrible idea yeah and now
that’s something they’re considering

yeah fantastic but nobody does that well
know that we just copy with a really
good report from CBS especially when

contrasted with that piece oh yeah good
good work on finding that one that’s
interesting yeah I have some New World
Order news because we have Davao coming

up in January Davao it’s the the Winter
Jam where all the elites jet off to the
World Economic Forum and they have a

title now they’re all set up they’ve
announced what they’re doing this is the
title of the World Economic Forum for

2019 will be globalization 4.0 4.0 one
more time we can do it this will be

Hillary Clinton 4.0 here’s where they
have global economic leadership ok
globalization is being redefined
simultaneously by four major
transformations and this will be the

topics global economic leadership is no
longer dominated by multilateralism but
characterized by plural lateral ISM what
does that mean well pluralism let’s look

it up I I know what it kind of know what
it means I don’t have the definition of
the top of my head but it’s plural
village it’s plural lateral ism
yeah but plurilateral a little lateral

is it will look stem from the word
plural is you need to be an elite just
to pronounce it plural I’ll or a little
them prior drunk conditioner system in

which two or more states groups
principal sources of authority etc
coexist well what about this of holding
more than one office or church Muslim

new the church only want more than one
so plural lateral ISM would mean like
unilateral means you do it yourself
bilateral it means you do to people
plural latter rule ISM means you have
three or more parties involved well how

does how does that differ from
multilateralism I don’t see that it does
well but okay multilateralism according
to the Book of Knowledge refers to
alliance of multiple countries pursuing

a common goal yeah and here they say
global economic leadership is no longer
dominated by that but it’s characterized
by plural lateral ISM and so they’re
saying there’s a difference yes what is

it I don’t know but they’re gonna have a
biggest read that pluralism definition
sounds the same to me they’re gonna have
a chat about it in the snow
okay so we don’t understand that one the

next topic the balance is that what
they’re talking about waste this
gobbledygook I was trying to confuse us
well wait for the next one the balance
of global power has shifted from
unipolar to multipolar

so that means it shifted from unipolar
which would be us I think yeah I think
what they’re saying is hey America screw

you put your foam finger down there’s
China and they probably think Europe
they probably think they’re the other
party multipole be your pusher yeah
Europe China us yeah and of course say

they were just ignore Russia even though
Russia’s not that big then we have the
next topic ecological challenges
including but not limited to climate

change are threatening socio-economic
development think about that it’s
threatening socio-economic development
is it

well it’s threatening I don’t know what
is threatening but just not doing
anything well what is socios no action
here where’s the rising tides
what is socio-economic development
what is that it’s grossest it’s like the

growth of a of a society and its economy
and finally the fourth Industrial
Revolution is introducing technologies

at a speed and scale unparalleled in
history as is well they they have added
yes if you go back to the 1300s yeah and
I think they’re talking about technology

I’m sure they talk about technology but
I think they grew did the growth rate is
I guess I don’t know
I guess is unparalleled in some ways so
as the inflation of the money supply now

to go along with this Angela Merkel she
will make good she will be in attendance
she is right on board you know she’s on
the way out she’s not looking too good

actually she I think she’s looking I’m
just looking at this picture and she
doesn’t look as jolly look hangdog mmm
it’s a little more that I don’t know I

hope she’s okay yeah anyway she did a
she little speech where was this speech
it was at the
where was it it was there it for her own

party but she said and I quote
nation-states must today be prepared to
give up their sovereignty in orderly

fashion of course she joked attempting
to lighten the mood there were
politicians who believed that they could

decide when these agreements were no
longer valid because they are
representing the people but the people
are individuals who are living in a
country they are not a group who define
themselves as German people she stressed
I don’t know what that’s all about but

there it is
Europe must be stronger and win more
sovereignty nation states must today be
prepared to give up their sovereignty

and this is shaking the the European
Union this is being reported quite
broadly as you can imagine I can imagine
but I guess she couldn’t know I mean
this like Hillary when she made the

commentary years ago that she sees a day
or once a day where there’s no borders
from the tip of South America to the to
the up to Alaska no borders yeah North
country’s party time party to Lee what

kind of thinking is this in this society
yeah interesting idea
yeah well you know the the wall the
fence whatever it is we have it’s not

gonna make any difference it won’t
change anything
we’ve got this stuff in place now but
these migrants these economic migrants
and some of whom are asylum seekers they
got tricks man they got tricks they know

how to get past any structure we have a
problem and the problem is the fact that
the border who we saw it on your
newsreels a few weeks ago how people
coming up to the fence could simply melt

through the fence the wall is in poor
now the president understands that wait
a second I want to make sure then that’s
why it will be done is this like a
Marvel Comics book situation they they
melted through the fence there you saw

it you saw the films people just
literally were under the fence waiting
they were sliding sliding in between the
shapeshifters John they’re melting no
wall can stop that no luckily they like

to do gardening that’s Texas congressman
Burgess we got some real cards here
don’t we got some good guys well you had
the one gouges the one smart guy just

and he did leave at least help us the
oldest vet in the world he’s in Austin
he’s lost in Ian
old black guy was in Pearl Harbor or you

live worked out of Puerto Harbor but
he’s the last of Vettii 112 yeah and he
left with somebody there’s a good little
report here on CBS his oldest vet dies
he gives us some good a kind of a good

advice advice advice roadmap that long
life Oh a road mapped and he and he died
a hundred and twelve years old you say
yeah I’m paying attention America’s

oldest veteran who also happened to be
the oldest man in the country died
yesterday from pneumonia at the age of
112 Richard Overton of Austin Texas was
the grandson of a slave and he

attributed his longevity to whiskey and
yeah no agenda imagine all the people
who could do bacon

bacon pollsters who have shown up and

extol the virtues of bacon bacon hey
it’s got preservatives as preservers
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America’s teenager
here’s a you know I like the way they
turn the New Year celebration there’s
something about khashoggi at least I

mean this is nobody reports this because
it’s not report is this is dumb but this
is democracy now is reporting about the
new Time Square celebrations now it’s
gonna be dedicated to dead journalists

apparently that Amy did this before the
Washington Post reported that he was a
shill for Qatar yeah Times for New
Year’s Eve celebration will honor the

Committee to Protect Journalists this
Tim Tompkins president of The Times
Square Alliance said the group chose CPJ
to quote celebrate the free press and
journalism and those who work to protect

preserve and practice it journalists
will join in the celebrations hoping to
kick off the anticipated ball drop
countdown to the new year and its
recently released on your report on

murdered journalists CPJ found at least
53 journalists were killed on the job
this year 34 in reprisal for their work
almost doubling the number of targeted
murders against journalists in 2017 okay

I mean we don’t hear about any of them
by the way no no it’s only one of them
no and he wasn’t a journalist he was a
sorry that’s a little different by the

way sir hashtag Knoll has emailed us the
font the font porn the porn a dough of
fonts yeah it is the
noteworthy font

now is that the original name because
most fonts have been renamed and then
he says the font you loved is called
noteworthy and is a Macintosh standard
font sad John sad news or just sad sad

things taking place and I’ve been
following the climate grief where
surprise surprise this is your beach

well I’m gonna kind of swerve a little
bit on this the point I’m going to make
is that we have been telling the world
and I’ll say we because it’s our

generation that journals news whatever
you know it’s starting with of course Al
Gore we have been telling the world
we’re going to die you and I have heard

it for decades we’ve heard we’re gonna
freeze to death the population mom the
tipping point and the Peak Oil we’re
gonna die for a million things and now
climate change global warming with the

most recent report we have 12 years
really effectively 10 before we died and
young children are being affected by
it’s they hear it they read it they hear
their parents talking about it and even

though there’s a high likelihood a lot
of parents don’t really think we’re
going to die they forget to put the
disclaimer in so people hear things and
it affects them it affects their
amygdalas it becomes large you’re all

gonna die in 10 years well so I have
some examples and this is not just kids
these are young adults and to show you
what has happened with the political

correctness social justice warriors just
what’s going on in in our universities
and there’s – I don’t know if you saw

either of these clips and I don’t know
how much I can play of each of them but
they really show what society has become
when the first takes place in a
convenience store with a transgendered

woman who is very if you see the clip
she’s clearly still in transition
because you can tell that she’s a woman

by her hoop earrings her mid longish
hair a pink purse and that’s about it
and quite a beefy transgender woman but
what happen

and that’s I don’t care I really don’t
that’s fine and with this however you
want to be dressed whatever but the guy
who was behind the counter
I guess says yeah could you guys wait a
second to a female and the the walleye

whatever he thought it was and the
transgender woman went apeshit over this
and and you know because he made a

mistake and this is where this is the
problem I have and I think this and this
is you know the the the issue in society
in general we have that now in the UK

where you can’t miss gender or dead name
or don’t you you can you can get in
trouble for it oh if you use a
transgendered person’s previous name
which usually would reflect a name of

the opposite gender than they are today
that’s called dead naming that is that’s
probably why there’s this new trend in
non-specific namings

we did on the show I had that list of
them that don’t doubt neither men or
women so you could name your kid that
and then a you can keep the names less
paperwork it’s not a has not so much of

a hassle if you want to change okay
but I think when you when you listen to
it you’ll hear that you know here’s
someone who has problems with this and
it’s this is this is not the way it’s

supposed to go I don’t think in society
both of you fucking sir I followed your

motherfucker kicking stuff I need the

corporate numbers because I’m going to
talk Paul mimics like the house
misgendered several times in his store
I need your corporate number now yes
yeah it’s sad it really is because look

when I was growing up 13 14 15 I had
weird hair and I looked like a girl and
it would happen often so I want say
how’s your what’s your daughter’s name

or what what do you say young lady and
it’s uncomfortable and it sucks but I
didn’t go nuts
it’s like it okay accidents happen this
we needs to work both ways and that’s

clearly not and I think that somehow we
have this what is the word I’m looking
you know this righteousness like I have
the right of the right hostility

while it is hostility it’s almost
looking for trouble so the net while you
don’t look like a girl period from the
sounds of it would you go with that it
doesn’t really know and you want to be

call it just because you got some hoop
earrings on nowadays doesn’t mean you
know that you’re a woman or a trans man
you guys wear those lease around here
and so if you go in there and then you
just just want trouble you want to just

get the police or the security guard
throw the guy out I don’t think I don’t
think she was looking for trouble but
this was really a triggering this was a
complete triggering it’s not going in
looking for trouble it’s just him but

you have to love me ma’am may I call you
a douche bag that would have been better
now the next one which interestingly
also involves the term I’m gonna call
corporate which is I think that’s a new

thing we have so many noodle boy type
operations that everything’s a chain and
we’ll call corporate on you and seems
like the threat du jour but this happens
in a vape shop and this is different

what happens here is a guy comes in
baseball hat big hoodie with Trump Trump
on it

it’s not even like an official thing
you’ve seen but just big big letters
Trump red white and blue and he comes in
he’s looking for some vape juice and or
a juice as I would call it and the guy

behind the counter that I’ve seen this
is a piece of the video you know he’s
okay I’m gonna get this for you but then
he sees this guy is wearing a trump
sweater and he refuses to serve him and

wants him to leave and here’s what
ensues in Georgia and I’ve just been
asked to leave the store he greeted me
that was nice I did find the item that I

wanted and then if you do not stop
recording in my store I’m going to call
the police and ask you to leave now be
they’ll be awesome Aten call fox5 and

all sorts of stuff I’d like to I would
like to purchase something hearse please
do call your boss because I will be
calling corporate go I am looking
forward to releasing this video because

I just want to purchase something so
this is the guy behind the counter he
absolutely goes insane he cannot

separate he just can’t separate anything
in his head from what’s in front of him
and he believes that this guy embodies
evil Trump and everything evil about him
I’m not a racist

people need these where’s his phone he’s
wearing some bullshit got some racist
bullshit off in a second
already not a fucking I’m not serving
you wanted to have to do with that

fucker um I don’t know how I’m here so
no whatsoever cops that on hot leave
thanks because okay
dude go ahead take another swing at it

make contact with me one more time I’m
gonna make a deal with you I want to
purchase that babe juice you sell it to
me I call the police
was assaulted me what I need is that for

my wife if you sell it to me I won’t
call the fucking cops and press charges
on you for assault
I won’t call corporate and get you fired
just sell me the fucking products so I
can leave fuck out in here you don’t

wanna fuck god Bless America capitalism
wins again your job your freedom so
means shit you can sell it to me

fuck off come on help your customer
this and I were laughing but I find it

very sad this guy is insane
he’s been made crazy he’s been made
crazy by the mainstream media yes let’s
just tell like it is

well CNN MSNBC and Fox and the schools
well thank you for leading in to my
third and final clip this is an open
Madison Board of Education session where

everyone gets five minutes you can come
up and say whatever you want to the
board it’s in kind of like a town hall
and our next speaker is a university
educator and she’s going to educate us

on white liberalism he’ll so I’m an
educator at the University and recently
I’ve been teaching my students about the
connection between white liberalism and

white supremacy and I’d like to offer
just some working definitions here so
that that we’ve been coming up together
with my students what is white
liberalism white liberalism means

valuing law and order and protocol above
the lives of people in this room we see
white liberalism and this is just from
my students reflections embodied through

the timer the police finish up the
numbers the sign-up process the stage
and the barrier all of these signs
suggest that the law and the decorum and

the civility of this conversation is
actually more important than what is
being said finger snaps finger snap
another aspect of white liberalism is
policing people’s tones of voice the

obsession with civility refusing to hear
black and brown people when they aren’t
following white cultural norms of
communication snaps snaps for young
people speaking today to you what

they’re saying is a matter of life and
death and I’m not sure what it means to
you but I imagine it’s a combination
between a sense of duty being able to
put a line on a resume feeling like

someone needs to take charge
and feeling like you’re the best person
for the job and that’s actually where
the connection lands between white
liberalism and white submit reading

because it’s by maintaining law and
order and by maintaining civility by
keeping your front lawn nice and tidy
and by putting that all are welcome in
our communities sign on your front lawn

you are denying the fact that all the
while you are with the other hand
passing money to a deadly institution
that police’s with great disparity and
causes tragic tragic harm to the

communities that are our neighbors and
the communities that we actually should
be building forward with so telling
black and brown people to please wrap up

suggest that their voices their pain and
their stories are less important than
the rules and that in and of itself is
the place where white liberalism turns
into white supremacy is because white
supremacy is the accumulation of these

aggressive messages that say stay off
the grass mow your lawn act respectable
pull your pants up right right I was to
raise my voice and start using god

forbid some swear words to you
I don’t believe that it would be
received in quite the same way as it
would be if a black or a brown youth
were using those swear words so here’s

what I have to say fuck white liberalism
and fuck white supremacy
thank you there you go now you
understand now you understand why our

children are going insane this is
teaching them this is teaching them yeah
yeah by the way people are all over the
place by the way it was Bill Cosby a

black man who said pull your pants up
but what was but he’s a victim of white
supremacy woman who I like no school it
was that she teaches that she was she

white yes of course
okay hello makes sense hello wouldn’t
make any sense if she wasn’t but I mean
to say it’s keep off my lawn that is

white supremacy now yeah well your lawn
is white supremacy don’t mow your lawn
and meanwhile from the same people who
will give you this in packaged form I’m

talking about vice then vices first of
all they’re an advertising agency then
you know they’re not really a news
outlet but if anything they are a very
left-leaning news outlet and they skew a

lot of things and I find them very
untrustworthy artificially create
situations so they have a a series on
YouTube which I don’t understand well I

understand what it is but no actually I
don’t it’s called kids telling dirty
jokes and they take five and
six-year-olds and they have them tell
dirty jokes and it’s hilarious they

think and it’s a series and it’s on
YouTube as the half a million views it’s
a serious this is child abuse who want
they just have kids smoking are you
ready for you want to hear this sure I

want to hear 30 seconds and this is on
YouTube it’s a future Sarah Silverman

shouldn’t be on YouTube YouTube should
be that should be taken off platform
vice immediate
immediately they won’t do it cuz this is

another liberal operation is all things
a scam but this is child abuse you can’t
do this to children no no it’s horrible
ah I’m speechless over this yes yeah I

mean there’s a lot of things you can do
anyway look my kid is gonna be kind of
okay yeah should be alright but your

kids may not be so the lookout starting
2019 thinking about what’s happening
with your kids yeah and your kids
especially they’re going to public
schools any school doesn’t even have a

school and it gets worse yeah the whole
thing is ridiculous I mean the schools
are we talked about how the whole school
system in the United States is just

falling to crap is because of people
like that woman yeah this imaginary hob
hob goblins out there white supremacy
you know and it’s a rule you know you

want to mow your lawn as white supremacy
black people like moves like a clean
lawn they work with oh no the only
reason they do this because of white
supremacy a normal black person this is
really insulting to blacks yes of course
it is a real normal black person can’t

speak without cussing doesn’t want to do
their lawn they living into hovels
because that’s the way they like it
they’re just a bunch of bums it’s so
racist and so wrong just wrong yeah and
we’re just two voices blowing in the

wind I don’t I uh and it that that to me
is like this should be congressional
hearings over what’s happening here this

would reach something
all right well I think we’re wrapping
2018 I don’t know if I have anything
else on my where’s my I have some throw
I have to throw aways throw one away
okay I’ll throw two away one is a cyber

attack that took place big news times
and several other newspapers across the
country fell victim to a cyber attack
the attack cost printing and delivery

problems which lets you delivery delays
today the LA Times reports a suspected
virus from outside the u.s. is what
caused the problems the newspaper says
the cyber attack created issues for all

publications within its former parent
company Tribune publishing as well as
some papers printed at in LA Times
plants no no attacks from outside the US
like how they phrase that yes I guess

they’re trying to say the Russians are
trying to now stop our newspapers from
being printed really well I guess which
is somehow going to stop our world from

turning what sounds like the whole thing
is just a glitch if you ask me yeah it
sounds to me like someone messed up I’m
just waiting for one thing to happen
will happen then it’s either gonna be

with Apple or it’s going to be with
Microsoft would be even more fun but
someone’s gonna get in is gonna mess
with the updates once someone gets into
the update if you can get into the

update sequence that’s gonna be a lot of
fun yes but you do the code you have to
implant has to have a has to be timed so
it doesn’t start crashing machines right
away because they don’t do all the

updates no in minute exactly we don’t
want marriage about a 30-day cycle yeah
oh no he has to be shorter because they
might discover it in time right maybe
like a four day three day thing start

updating and then three days later they
all start going off I do have one last
little thing from Hallie Jackson because
I thought it was funny her her

phraseology this is the Hallie Jackson
Trump politicizing border deaths for the
first time president Trump is
acknowledging the death of two migrant
children in government custody but he’s

blaming Democrats politicizing the loss
of life tweeting the death of children
or others at the border is strictly the
fault of the Democrats and their
pathetic immigration policies really

well he sent a tweet out bitching about
something but the thing is
she makes it sound as though this issue
has not been politicized and do not lump

came along alright alright well then I
just need a good one-liner she had the
little girl telling jokes you couldn’t

understand her where she said then this
guy’s giggling over that was sick you
must just be poking her with a stick you
didn’t hear what she says you couldn’t
hear her jokes but I could only hear a
couple of them they were not good yeah I

have stuff that is well-made this is
just I think we should just do one last
nah what do you want do you want these
okay we end the 28:18 season with the

future for our children
bill peacock built his San Francisco dog
walking business through a series of
branding steaks

most of them cowboy themed hi there I’m
William peacock Wild Bill peacock the
dog Wrangler aka the cowboy poop fairy
princess after more than 15 years in the

business bill now has competition from
on-demand walking services this is your
dog he needs a walk while you’re at work
that’s where rad comes in people at
Rover comm where the dog care second

only to you people successive on demand
services like uber and lyft has
investors pouring millions of dollars
into these pet apps wag alone recently
got three hundred million dollars from

Saudi Arabian investors these companies
run the typical gig model hiring
contractors who are paid per walk and
ordered on a phone
they take single dogs for 30 to
60-minute on leash walks I see them

walking around the block with their cell
phones out taking video of their leash
walk around the block bill does not send
his human clients videos of their dogs

but a few years ago he tried to grow his
business with the same kind of
contractor model that the app companies
use we sort of exploded I had six
vehicles with deer horns on the roof
venes says some of his workers complain

to California’s Labor Department like
many gay workers they felt they were
employees not contractors which means
they should get overtime paid breaks and
protections like workers comp bill says
he couldn’t provide that they find is

$18,000 and we got hammered and it had
folded the business and we were you know
the kind of business America supposedly
wants husband and wife well the
independent contractor model backfired

on Bill it’s helping wagon drover expand
into cities around the country they’ve
been able to shield themselves from the
kind of problems bill ran into by making
their workers sign mandatory arbitration
agreements standard practice in the gig

world these obligate the employees to
handle complaints behind closed doors
there you go well Jay it’s done some
work for wag for her little book on dog

walking yeah and the stories are pretty
pretty horrendous it’s the future future
you sign away your arbitration that’s

right everybody let’s try to be better
in 2019 shall we not not gonna happen
nah probably not

but we will see you and the entire value
for value network in just a few days
times show 1100 on deck happy New Year
to you John happy new year annuity year
and all the listeners and producers

happy yes happy New Year to everybody
and remember us at Dvorak org slash n a
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men’s choir featuring Sir John Fletcher
sir Ned Jeffries through Abel Kirby and

Sir Chris Wilson for their rendition of
auld lang syne coming up and I’m coming
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I am Adam curry and from northern
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1100 until then adios
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calling home like winterizing homes
winterizing home

develop awareness of brain patterns

again the question of the session of the
conference and one what exactly is pilot
grief climate grief is the gut punch

that you feel when you realize that
you’re imagining these days like no one
ever told me that we were like rapidly

going towards this catastrophe the
climate depression session feel my

dead bird a terrific news report I work
at a new restaurant entirely inside

myself I’ve saved myself I need a break
I need a break some individuals are
comparing this to Watergate why am I

seeing this at your boys the New York
time my feelings feel your feelings in
the morning

says he forgot and days of auld lang

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