No Agenda Episode 1100: “Flash Meetup!”

you are the gadfly of Silicon Valley
Adam curry this is no agenda in the
morning everybody hi Madame Curie and

from northern Silicon Valley where 1100
is a lucky number
I’m Jesse Devorah lucky according to
lucky people ah really

all right
well Happy New Year John Happy New Year
do you happy news all the producers yes
and boots and sea ships feet on the

ground exactly what now you celebrated
Christmas yes the Dvorak family never
ceases to amaze traveling around you
know the kids are open skiing and so we

had their wait to learn we got together
ok what did you get
I got a bunch of just a lot of
miscellany a but including of number of
things that I’ve been I guess hinting

about um I also got a lamp that I needed
a big one but including verjuice and a
bunch of what kind of juice what kind of
juice verjuice ver heavy er juice what’s

verjuice it is the juice of unripened
grapes Don do you make wine out of that
no no no you use it like a vinegar

substitute Oh such a sour should have
read the book
I know well I spent New Year’s Day
actually the 31st and New Year’s Day and

yesterday rebuilding my surface gold
laptop tablet thing ah that wasn’t that
was a nightmare so how do you rebuild it

you just well our chance to screen put a
new keyboard on it this is what happened
you know when I got that thing was
somewhere in between the 1803 and 1804

update and I got it and then retracted
it and so anyway at a certain point the
you know the the 31st I turned on the
morning boom Master Boot Record

corrupted blue screens I have this
Acronis product which will help me
restore no problem and I that you were
supposed to be able to restore from the

cloud well I bet you that worked great
it would have worked great were it not
that the product here’s the problem the
way it works is you use their software

and then it’s gonna reboot and then it
goes into some low-level thing and then
it’ll suck everything down from the
cloud and restore it which I think does
actually work

unfortunately the product is looking for
your network interface card your NIC
card at a very low level and the surface
only has a USB C and Wi-Fi so I had an
Ethernet dongle but it won’t do that it

doesn’t recognize it yeah she’s looking
low-level and then it say oh I can’t
find one and then it just restarts or
tries to restart so you have a code on
it no it’s it’s not low-level enough it

has to be somehow you know different
like an internal card not an external
thing well that’s a security thing
obviously yeah well it was not great
hold on a second yeah here’s the problem

with it would say was you’re being nice
about this mm-hmm
it seems to me that you went to the
cloud through that device
eventually yes eventually yeah but when

you went to the cloud to move the stuff
there oh yes it uploaded it no problem
sure well if it uploaded it should have
seen at the time at that moment it
should have looked for this did this

low-level number and said serial number
said hey wait a minute this is something
different and then quiz the machine you
know okay okay we’ll put it we’ll put an
exception flag up yeah ten of that and

so when he asked that do the read the
reload no problem it shouldn’t be a
problem at all it was so white why
wasn’t that accomplished is the question
I’d be asking

yeah well the I’ve left some support
notices your product is and does not
work does not work on this particular
day now it works with a with a hard
drive backup but I already did that of

the studio machine I’ve cloned the drive
of the machine after every show so if
there’s a problem I just swap out the
drive we’re back on the air but I had
kind of built this thing up my life was
in it but although all my files were

available on the cloud I did have to
reinstall windows 10 and rebuild
everything and you know what that’s like
registration codes anyway so spent a lot
of time on there she met registry issues

though all kinds of stuff but man the
thing is much faster once I put Windows
10 on and again thinking I don’t know
maybe because I had the messed up

updated thing ah yeah I can see that
actually I think I believe it has
happened yeah and it BitLocker that’s
where it is a bit Locker that’s what

screwed me up
troll room knows what it is so my first
real um disaster recovery with Windows
the first of many I’m sure but at least
I know what not to do

to trust the damn cloud stupid ugly
stupid yes a number of interesting
events New Year’s Eve
in the Netherlands you know if people

never been to the Netherlands and
certainly not around new years the Dutch
are very docile quiet calm people
but around New Year’s and it’s legal

people go apeshit and they let it all
out and they do that with fireworks
you’re allowed to buy fireworks set them
off anywhere shoot them at people and

shoot them at people and here’s a
facebook video with just a little
compilation Knoll thing is like five
minutes just about 45 seconds and this
is made up of YouTube video so it’s not

a you know not a professionally produced
piece but it’s just YouTube videos you
did indeed just witness a man fire

rocket from his ass cheeks to you this
might seem a little crazy or even
borderline and singing but to the Dutch
it’s just another New Year’s

the Netherlands 364 days of the year is
quite peaceful normally the closest the
average Dutch he gets to war or or loss

is a Picacho or loss on the 31st of
December this all changes their most
beloved New Year’s tradition is making
their safe little country like a

I get the idea I mean is that my
favorite is always the car bite milk

cannons you know they got the big metal
milk containers yeah with the top on it
and so they Jam it full of is it car car
bite is that it curb violence yeah

anyway this year which I think has
happened before they build a big bonfire
on the beach of spinning it and they
make it out of wooden pallets and this

year they decided to go for a record a
150 feet high
Tower of pallets what could possibly go
wrong so they they light this thing
New Year’s Eve and because of you know

the kind of the funnel nature it it
created what they’re calling the fire
NATO and this is the wind caught it just
in a you know spiraled up through this

through this 150 foot structure and
spewed out flaming you know bits all
over the city because of course the wind
turned there were rooves catching on

fire people’s clothing on fighters
walking down the streets they’re on fire
yeah you think that they’d pass some
legislation concerning this you can’t

mess with the Dutch when it comes to
what they do on New Year’s they get
insane they need it’s like they need it
they need it they need to blow stuff up
and get all the aggression if they put
the clamps on that they’d be a little

more aggressive during the rest of the
year sure they would so anyway record
number of fires all over the country
people destroying stuff it’s very very
sad what happens what goes on in the

sounds like Auckland in France McCall
had his New Year’s address where he made
very sure that everyone understood that
what’s going on is not just people who

are unhappy but it’s clearly terrorists
and other horrible people right-wingers
I guess French president Immanuel McCoy
has used his New Year’s Eve speech to
acknowledge the anger which has exploded

in the country but warmed extremist
elements some take as a pretext that
they speak in the name of the people but
what people where how in reality given
there are nothing but to make a phone

for a crowd full of atreus rail against
elected representatives force of other
journalists Jews foreigners almost
sexual that’s the negation of the people
who were actually protesting hate Jews

homosexuals migrants okay there’s no
pissed-off Frenchman I guess that’s bull
crisp as jean provocateurs a little
twisted slant to the news in the u.s. we

a joke gone kind of wrong Strategic
Command which oversees America’s nuclear
and missile arsenal has apollon this is

a Japanese television reporting choice
for tweeting that it was ready if
necessary to drop something much much
bigger than the New Year’s Eve countdown
ball the annual countdown in New York’s

Times Square
uh sure Zinn the New Year with a
brightly lit ball descending down a
special flagpole the message was posted

with a video of a b-2 stealth bomber
dropping bombs the tweet was deleted
after drawing a wave of criticism and
replaced with an apology that said the

previous tweet was in poor taste and did
not reflect the commands values yeah yet
does somebody’s values reflected them
perfectly as far as I’m concerned

exactly what our values are war stuff
yeah did you see any of the television
shows that were that were on during New
Year’s I flipped a few of them flipped
around a few of them I gave up I mean it

was like second-rate bands Jenny
McCarthy announcing these people had
never heard of any of them a lot of
lip-synching crap and people jumping up

and down and it was just like no it was
terror I’ve got me it was unwatchable
yes CNN did their annual Anderson
Cooper’s drunk with somebody else and
for this it was at the second or third

year in a row Andy Cohen gay production
television production icon producer of
The Real Housewives series and yeah
there’s only it was 40 degrees and rain

it’s really miserable in New York when
it’s like that it’s just miserable in
there and so they’re drinking their did
and it was just all gay jokes just gay
gay gay and then share call then was

just gay or than gay like okay can we
have a dumb look just something
different for a second no is not
possible switch to NBC
there’s Carson Daly and he’s hosted

co-hosting with him is John Legend’s
wife what’s her name Christy tigon
kuu is a model and I think she jumped

the shark man you know these people
should not be hosting anything talking
about vaginal steaming and the you know
at quarter to midnight when families

might be watching and then they they
they succeeded to miss the ball drop
shot they missed the actual last three
it’s unbelievable it was really bad and

I yearned for Dick Clark you know just
just boring make it boring put some put
some some guests on show a party no they
force all these performers to perform in

the rain with their you know with just
their their their their regular track
date backing tape CPS pulled the plug on
all this stuff notably regular

programming yeah they probably got
better ratings it was just a shit show
but here’s here’s what blew me away did
you know that New York Times Square
and China specifically the city of

Chongqing it pretty much commercialized
the whole celebration at Times Square it
was a complete bought and paid for

Chinese operation oh and they had a
stage that had the main stage they had
their own telecast and yeah a couple
hours before midnight the score the
Times Square wasn’t it already New

Year’s the day before in China here’s a
couple of clips from this from this
presentation welcome to Times Square
2019 the Koba celebration at the

crossroads of the world please direct
your attention to the top of one Times
Square as representatives of Chongqing
China and Times Square New Year’s Eve

flip the switch the light the New Year’s
Eve Ball so they powered the ball this
the city of Chongqing powered the ball
and they had more Lily that dragon dance

earlier was so beautiful and despite all
the rain they still rocked it perfectly
was very impressive definitely thank you
very much
the show just came from China the city
of Chongqing and the is culture history

has really inspired it to become a major
international City and the center of
industrial and automotive innovation
look at the car right there in Han

Square Chinese piece of junk twirling
around we got beautiful cars for you I
found this to be rather flabbergasting

that the Chinese just own New Year’s Eve
on Times Square and come visit us please
sounds amazing and I would rather go to
Chongqing in 2019 I’d love to go to

yeah it’s a good idea to you know
Constantine have over 80 international
direct flights connecting with the world

including the city of New York and I oh
shit la I touched it AOA and then they

had the Ambassador to Chung Chung King
on hand he gave a little New Year’s
greeting hello I encourage all of you to
visit the China in 2019 reach out to

each civilization and make more Chinese
of friends in this gobo age our global
village and then the final guy they

brought on was I don’t even know who he
was he was important you know this you

know do you got it there’s like five
Chinese officials standing that I don’t
know who they were they had their route
you know just standing at attention and
this guy okay it’s time for him to come
over he comes over boughs grabs the mic

now I would like to you might a walking
to share his greetings with us coming
for you all
she never liked the baby the two got
some change

Santa Santa actually seen yet one hope
some change
Sissoko create our intercessor Geo
Santana you Judas the same way in battle
Constantine yo Sasha went sumo poetry

puro go synteny Sawada oh that’s what
that we said what kill ye o man yeah
Times Square 2019 owned by China no one

mentioned that
well they weren’t about to measure the
Chinese no I can’t even I think that
town that Sean Xin whatever it is is uh

what’s one of those ramanga cities
decisive Shanghai in the middle of
yes that’s what they got a dead a
promotional video and everything you can
go if anyone wants to go there I’d

recommend it but you have to remember
you’re gonna be the only white person
there alright we’ve gone either I black
listener maybe maybe you’re a black guy
yeah do steel right at home by the way
yeah if you’re anything if you’re Latino

you be the only Latino there
I don’t know it looks like there’s a lot
of trade going on I bet there’s a lot of
there’s a lot of trade you a lot of

foreign there’s a lot of foreigners in
fact I got some only thing I have that’s
kind of interesting right along those
lines is Boston ro Boston an ro the

Brazilian guy oh yes gonna do he’s doing
a bilateral deal with China he’s Brazil
is gonna be she’s gonna be till the
Chinese goods play Boston rof 24 next on

his first day in office Brazil’s that
new president Jay el bolson ro has got
straight down to work issuing a series
of decrees on the economy agriculture
and the society both Naro former Army

captain was sworn in on Tuesdays
Brazil’s first far-right president since
the military dictatorship gave way to
civilian rule back in 1985 the country’s
new leader was elected on a promise of

cleaning up Brazilian politics and has
the Justice Minister has been bolstered
up to fight grasp and battle urbanized
crime listen to Elliott reports from
Brasilia today he met with the US

Secretary of State also a former Army
captain Mike Pompeo described a new
transformative relationship with Brazil
and he then went on to meet Brazil’s new

foreign minister where they discussed
the issue of Venezuela now Boston ro is
a nationalist he is an avid user of
social media and of course he despises
political correctness so comparisons

have often been drawn between him and US
President Donald Trump but really Brazil
historically while it’s had cordial ties
with the u.s. they’ve been nonetheless
fairly fairly cold fairly Feli not very

profound really Brazil has focused its
energy on bilateral trade with China
China is now Brazil’s biggest trading
partner and it’ll be interesting to see
how that trade dynamic plays out given

the trade war between the US and China
already China is buying more Brazilian
soya beans to offset American trade
tariffs bastards
they’re cutting our business yeah is

this is this guy Bo Sona Boston ro
Boston ro
is he considered right-wing I just heard

a Nazi oh yes okay got it got it got it
got it big fan of the oldest military
dictatorship hmm something of an a-hole
but in the course the way democracy now

have a second clip presents it also gets
is put in a little piece of propaganda
god this is a shorter clip but this is
just hi actually I want to make this a
quiz see oh no no don’t make this a quiz

I got another quiz for you but just
listen to the way Amy likes to slip in a
little propaganda going to restore order
in this country we are aware of this

awesome ability adn yeah
okay it’s very short is very it 21
seconds yeah yeah okay going to restore
order in this country we are aware of

this awesome responsibility and the
challenges that we will face we know
where we want to go and the potential
that Brazil has many fear Brazil’s young
democracy is now at risk for years
Bolson otto has praised Brazil’s former

military dictatorship while speaking in
favor of torture and threatening to
destroy him prisoner banished his
political opponents
nah I’m not sure what I was supposed to
hear well what it was it went on IG

clipped it poorly sorry no it went on to
go on about how bowling she may never
met with the Boeing guy and the new
veneer the DoD Department of Defense yes

the new Boeing guy was a munitions
company oh she did that again yeah
oh yes didn’t didn’t we play that last
time it was a different clip does it

over and over she keeps doing that how
Boeing is just a weapons company it’s
true it while true that typically isn’t
what you say no it’s not how you do know
there’s a weapons company jet I was

thinking about the the DoD audit and how
long this has been going on and and you
know just just what the hell is is

happening with our Department of
Defense’s where all our money goes every
single drop of it pretty much 700
billion dollars and I found a report
that has been going on for a long time

from 2005 when Rumsfeld was
he was the Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld under Bush and this is you’ll

recall September yes September 10 2001
we found out that 2.3 trillion dollars

was missing or was unaccounted for at
the Department of Defense and I think in
this clip they even mentioned that that
was just for one year only that wasn’t
you know for a couple years that was one

year I don’t understand how that works
but I just want to play this this report
from CBS from 2005 had agon the day
before 911 Defense Donald Rumsfeld
declared war not on foreign terrorists

the adversaries closer to home it’s the
Pentagon bureaucracy
he said money wasted by the military
poses a serious threat in fact it could
be said that it’s a matter of life and

Rumsfeld promised change but the next
day the world changed and in the rush to
fund the war on terrorism the war on
waste seems to have been forgotten my oh

three budget calls for more than I like
how they called the war on waste instead
of the war on theft but okay 48 billion
dollars in new defense spending more

money for the Pentagon when its own
auditors admit the military cannot
account for 25% of what it already
spends according to some estimates we
cannot track 2.3 trillion dollars in
transactions 2.3 trillion with a tea

that’s $8,000 for every man woman and
child in America to understand how the
Pentagon can lose track of trillions
consider the case of one military

accountant who tried to find out what
happened to a mere 300 million we know
it’s gone but we don’t know what they
spend it on Jim Murray a former marine
turned whistleblower is risking his job

by speaking out for the first time about
the millions he noticed we’re missing
from one defense agency’s balance sheets
memory tried to follow the money trail
even Criss crossing the country looking

for records the director looked at me
says why do you care about this stuff
I care about doing a good shot he was

reassigned and says officials then
covered up the problem by just writing
it off they gotta cover it up that’s
where the corruption comes in they’ve
got to cover up the fact that they can’t

do the job
the Pentagon’s Inspector General
partially substantiated several of
memories allegations but could not prove
officials tried to manipulate the
financial statements twenty years ago
Pentagon employee Franklin C Spinney

made headlines exposing what he calls
the accounting games I’m still there and
although he does not speak for the
Pentagon he believes the problem has
gotten worse those numbers are pie in

the sky that books are cooked routinely
year after year after year retired Vice
Admiral Jack Shanahan commanded the
Navy’s second fleet the first time
Donald Rumsfeld served as defense

secretary with good financial oversight
we could find 48 billion dollars it was
changed in that building without having
to hit the taxpayers it’s been going on
for a while I forgot about it how long

it’s been going on that we don’t know
what forever and there was once gets the
biggest scandal in the country nobody
seems to want to pay attention to it
nobody discusses it it’s not on the
campaign trail you don’t hear Elizabeth

Warren talking about it there was a
Democrat who made a big stink about this
and subsequently pretty much got
disappeared from life do you remember

who that was a woman
no not offhand
makini yes from Georgia

Democrat oh the black Democrat McKinney
she made a fuss secretary according to
the Comptroller General of the United
States there are serious financial

management problems at the Pentagon to
which mr. Cooper alluded fiscal year
1999 two point three trillion missing
fiscal year 2000 1.1 trillion missing

and the OD is the number one reason why
the government can’t balance his
checkbook the Pentagon has claimed year
after year but the reason it can’t

account for the money is because it’s
computers don’t communicate with each
my second question mr. secretary is who
has the contracts today to make those
systems communicate with each other how

long have they had those contracts and
how much have the taxpayers paid for
them thank you representative the second
question I’ve forgotten what the second

question was I think miss Jonas knows it
okay thank you Miss we Kenny I
appreciate the question I appreciate

your interest in the department’s
financial condition and we are working
very hard on that program I just come
back I understand that you’re working
hard on it my question was who has the
contract how long has that they had that

contract and how much money have we
spent on it
in general we spend about 20 billion
dollars in the department on information
technology systems the the accounting
systems are part of that I can get you

the exact number for the record of what
we spend on our current what we call
legacy systems
and those that were moving toward and
who has the contracts
that would be a multitude of individuals

that you name sound please well I think
that’s the top of the head well I would
that’s not privileged information
look please we still have time so please

I would be glad to provide for the
record I don’t want to talk from the top
of my head correct yes so they were
spending 20 billion dollars on their

bookkeeping legacy systems in two
thousand five or six this is and Cynthia

I think she’s teaching at the University
of Bangladesh and I’m not kidding I’m
not kidding she’s just gone this is the
real problem I said was the problem yeah

yeah it’s it’s the problem it’s stealing
our money that’s it around their buddies
and then kind of losing track of it

obviously and this kind of to lose track
of it to steal it and it cuts but it is
it’s tough to your rights theft not
waste and it plays into the newsletter
in a way what’s the newsletter about

everyone’s talking about his op-ed you
slam dreamt Romney Mitt Romney Mitt
Romney or monger oh listen to this I

wanna play this little bit here’s guys
Mitt Romney is a dick
he’s a total douchebag I don’t want to
play this is talking about the academic
industrial military complex I have this

brute Bruce Ackerman this Bruce Akram is
a professor at Yale and he was on France
24 and he is branding the woman is fed

up with him and he’s ranting about Trump
and he makes it he I will you have to
listen to this is what the academia

actually believes this is the grant
number one President Trump has proudly
taken responsibility for this shutdown

everyone recognizes everyone recognizes
that this is entirely unnecessary only
to just today the new leader the new de

facto leader of the Senate Mitt Romney
wrote an opinion essay in The Washington
Post condemning this as merely posturing
and unnecessary everyone recognizes that

President Trump is trying to show the
world that he is still in charge when he
isn’t you know of course not we know
who’s really in charge the guys with the

we have Mitt Romney somehow before even
takes office as Lee is the leader he’s a
junior senator who’s gonna suffer from
this by the way these guys this doesn’t

go over well with Matt with the people
that are the leadership of these up but
he’s hot these traditional houses I mean
that’s what happened in fact I just
wanted to jump around with that theme

but today you have a Bruce Ackerman to
clip where she runs him off play that
but then I have to play one other clip
UK held in a meeting now with the
Democratic and Republican leadership but

he has not actually reached out them out
to them in advance to ask to negotiate
terms you just don’t bring them into the
Situation Room in the White House and

then expect to have a deal without
preparatory preparatory negotiations so
if the if unless he caves in in an
obvious way unfortunately

my prediction is that this shutdown will
continue for a while until he recognizes
that he is making a fool of himself

okay Bruce Ackerman your professor at
Yale University thanks to your time
yeah thanks dang guy by the way is
responsible for the social justice
warrior movement really I think so he

should take a public speaking class
while he’s at school it’s like one
lecture but back to Romney I want to
play this clip this is Romney already

mouthing off on Democracy Now incoming
Republican senator Mitt Romney of Utah
writes president Trump has not risen to
the mantle of the office in a New Year’s
Day the mantle let’s just stop there for

a second the mantle that’s a is that not
something that we used to refer to kings
and the Pope you know the mantle I am
wearing my mantle of ruler

shit yeah so why does Romney consider
that to be a mantle or does he think
Trump wants it to be mantle and doesn’t
know how to dotted wear it I mean which
one is it I don’t know I would like to

have somebody out there to get me the
genesis of why Romney hates Trump to his
it’s probably more personal than
anything the office in a New Year’s Day

op-ed published by The Washington Post
Romney says he supports Trump’s policies
including tax cuts deregulation

appointment of conservative judges to
federal court but Romney says Trump has
failed to show honesty and integrity as
president writing quote with the nation
so divided resentful and angry

presidential leadership and qualities of
character is indispensable and it is in
this province where the incumbent
shortfall has been most glaring Romney’s
among the freshmen members of Congress
set to be sworn in by Vice President

Mike Pence on Thursday um Romney and his
little laundry list there specifically
mentioned lowering taxes right mm-hmm
here’s here’s Romney on lowering taxes
in 2012 just a few years ago that we can

afford to do a little bit more to make
sure we’re not blowing up the deficit
the president began this segment so I
think I get the last word so I well but
but he gets the first word of that

segment I get the last word that’s I let
me repeat let me repeat what I said
I’m not in favor of a five trillion
dollar tax cut that’s not my plan my
plan is not to put in place any tax cut

that will add to the deficit boom yeah
yeah so the guy’s full of crap of course
he also did say famously that Russia was
the real problem

even though it isn’t he was already on
that tip way ahead of the game yeah he
was true he’d read they’d read him in a
little too soon too soon I have a clip
of Romney where was he at on some show

addressing the mantle etc and listen to
the globalist words and terms that he
uses particularly in regarding what the

United States is because according to
Romney we own it all the world it’s ours
you said that you were dismayed by
President Trump’s decision in December
to pull troops out of Syria which

resulted in the resignations of mattis
and the special envoy to the global
coalition to defeat Isis Brett McGurk
the prattle the president says we need
to get out of these foreign
entanglements and that’s what he ran on

what why is he making a mistake
well the reason that we’re involved in
the world is to make the world safer
which is good for the world and good for
us okay because we trade with places
throughout the world we sell products

throughout the world ah ah ha we sell
products war products people come and go
into our various countries and we share
not only culture but education
technology innovation – whoa did you
hear what he said listen carefully to

this because we trade with places
throughout the world we sell products
throughout the world people come and go
into our various countries and we share
not only people come and go into our

various countries various countries call
this guy has because we trade with

places we sell products throughout the
world people come and go into our
various countries and we share not only
culture but education technology
innovation and so having a a stable

world where we can conduct a trade is a
very good thing for us and for the world
okay he’s talking about trade trade
buying and selling our countries trade
trade buy and sell trade and and so
we’re in Syria with a very small

footprint about 2,000 people clearly to
trade to help our allies there the Kurds
to trade and in some respects to provide
some stability to that region so that
Assad or air21 or the

the you know the the Iranians don’t rush
in and slaughter people I’m sorry yeah
aren’t the Turks in NATO aren’t they our
allies now you’re worried about them

slaughtering people and and hurting our
allies slaughter our allies slaughter
our allies the Turks so so so pulling
out on a precipitous basis without
interacting with em and and coordinating

this with them and getting the input for
instance from secretary mattis is
something which i think is very
troubling to me and to a number of
others just that just wants to sell more
war stuff that guy is the worst

he is
how did he ever became the nominee for
the Republican mine it is one on me
money money
this guy’s loaded you have money you can

you can run parts of the country
when dislike money yeah Bloomberg money
yeah Bloomberg wants to run – I got to

put him on the list and he’s gonna run
under the midget party Oh God
don’t do that there are short people who
listen to the show you know I’m sorry

everybody I really feel bad about
meanwhile Oh Cassie Alexander Ocasio
Cortez is making waves herself yeah this
is very interesting but first of all she

didn’t get her committee her selected oh
I have the clip good let’s do this
Pelosi cuts off AOC at the knees climate
activists pushing for the creation of a

green new deal committee when Democrats
take control of the House this week were
met with disappointment Friday when
presumptive incoming House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi announced the creation of another
environmental panel instead the Select

Committee on the crime climate crisis is
set to be led by long-standing Florida
Congress member Cathy castor proponents
of the green New Deal have argued the
panel will be too weak as it will not

have legislative power and may not have
subpoena power the proposal for a green
new deal also sought to bar Congress
members who accept money from the fossil
fuel industry I think maybe sighs not

just knees boom boom boom done get out
he’s not happening AOC and AOC is
fighting back partner she fights back

the worse it’s gonna be for her along
with the ROE Khanna a Democrat from
California Oh rogue they are opposing
the new rules package now I had to look

in this because there wasn’t quite
familiar with it but the way the House
of Representatives works is they have
rules because you know they’re basically
they hold the purse strings so they

determine who gets money and you know
how much and where it goes
and they have a rule and one of the
rules is currently under the trump
administration it’s called cut go
so anything you want to spend some warm

you want to spend some money over here
you want to spend more money than we
have you have to cut something else
called cut go the Democrats want to
change the rules which needs to be voted

on by the whole house to Pago Pago and
the pay-go rules means you have to be
able so you don’t cut but you have to

have the money to pay for it
so that could come from many many
different places but what you’re not
allowed to do under Pago is just print
up money and that of course doesn’t fit

with the aoc plan because she has said
even in a grooved green New Deal the way
they’re gonna pay for it is the way we
paid for the Great Recession by printing
up the money and when I think we printed

up a trillion or two trillion for that
and so she’s going to vote against the
rules package they owe that I think you
don’t then with it need like 18 to votes
to be against the rules package and then

it won’t pass it’ll stay cut go which
means even though the Democrats will
have the house the rule will remain in
place that if they want to spend money
somewhere it has to be cut somewhere

else so Cortes is really on the she’s
she’s on the edge with this one who she
can if she can get a couple more people
to to participate
she’s a troublemaker but I think she’s a

troublemaker I think it’s fun to watch
it’s incredibly fun to watch if she
really knows how Pelosi operates no not

she’ll find out oh geez daughter had
some comets that they recorded locally
saying that’s this she’s the documentary

filmmaker is not proposed whose daughter
does be she says my mom could cut your
head off and you wouldn’t even know
you’re bleeding yeah and her head is
gone and her head is gone

all right so that didn’t care of what
did I notice is one thing that’s not
being played in our news at all and that
is the the old bromide the Chinese like

to use when they get into trouble mm-hmm
with us which is uh threatened Taiwan oh
yes yes yes
French 24 this China China Taiwan heats

up reunification is inevitable she’s in
pings message to Taiwan 40 years after
China ended its military confrontation

with the island now the Chinese
president says use of force is still on
the table
we’re willing to negotiate sincerely and
expand all our efforts in striving for

the prospect of peaceful reunification
ng woman but we do not promise to
renounce the use of force and reserve
the right to use all necessary measures

Taiwan has never formally declared
independence but has been self governed
since 1949 when the Nationalists fled to
the island after losing China’s Civil

War to the Communist Party
thirty years later in 1979 China made a
call for unification and ended its
routine bombardment of the island but

Beijing continues to see Taiwan as a
rogue province and in recent years has
conducted regular military drills in the
region xi Jinping wants Taiwan to come
under the same one country two systems

policy as Hong Kong and Macau not a
proposition rejected by the Taiwanese
president I have to reaffirm that Taiwan
will never accept the one country two

systems policy and the majority of
Taiwanese people will never accept that
either the glances meanwhile China has
been using diplomatic and economic
pressure to sideline Taiwan on the

global stage last year Beijing convinced
El Salvador and the Dominican Republic
to cut diplomatic ties with Taipei whose
sovereignty is now recognized by just 17

nations how is this any different from
Russia and Putin and Crimea
this rig with as far as I mrs. Farr

different first of all most of the
people living on Taiwan are Taiwanese
and they’re they’re not like a bunch of
mandarins from Beijing living there in

the Crimea was mostly Russians okay and
I think that’s a major difference and so
if you had a referendum in China and
Taiwan – mostly okay so so China they
would vote no now you’re getting more

towards my point is this is this is
China looking to annex re annex or
whatever you want to call it at I want
and as you pointed out no one’s talking

about it
they don’t know what to talk about they
don’t know what to say or what to think
this happened during the last time this
was a real major situation where these
two islands quill moyers quill Moy and

Matsu these two islands that were 1/2
owned by Taiwan and ones owned by China
and this was during the Nixon
administration and it was gonna be a

point of argument at the debates what
are you gonna do if China you know takes
over the other island because they keep
kept threatening to do it and it’s just
there China pulls the stunt all the time

they tend to pull it in Republican
administrations hmm not sure why that is
but I think it’s because we’re I think
there’s some concern that China is you
know taking over the world why do they

always stop short though they always are
threatening this it keeps coming back
and then they never really do anything
well they have so many people is the
problem hmm and if they ever did
something is probably nothing we could

really do about it mm-hmm and I don’t
know what that may be a real mess if
they detect Taiwan but when I first time
I went to Taiwan which is really in the
90s maybe the late eighties you used to
get shirts made there oh yeah I would

always get watch guy Korea Korea Taiwan
yeah I used to get shirts made in Hong
Kong but then now it’s too expensive
like really expensive and tell us about
your shirts your shirt job there were

special shirts there just tailor made
shirts as all they are they have nice
fabrics they’re about 15 bucks apiece
you forgetting nowadays are more like 20
you’re forgetting the most important

you had these shirts made with a special
breast pocket Oh No yes okay sorry
you’re right I had the I had my own
pattern so I bring a pattern over so I

want these shirts made with these
pockets and I want to certain you know
Perry Ellis patent his shoulders and
there’s a number of features I like on
my shirts and so time I had this huge

breast pockets that would conveniently
hold a CD in the pocket and disappear
down into the pocket perfectly so if you
went to somebody’s house and you wanted

to steal some of their CDs you could
easily put it in the pocket know at one
point also have pockets that fit a five
inch floppy yeah you are the gadfly of
Silicon Valley a fantastic custom-made

shirt you might as well do something
custom yeah exactly
huge pocket what’s that force for my
floppy disk hey hey hey girls want to
see my floppy very nice

anyway so that yeah Deb Taiwan and Jen
South Korea or the places have the
custom shirts made inexpensively about
20 bucks maybe around there and they’ll

do anything so this this little back and
forth with China is not being covered at
all by our media and it’s we’re all in

we’ve gotten about it Chinese have been
putting the screws to everybody who does
business with Taiwan the Chinese are in
times they own Times Square I mean come
on it’s like there’s a lot of money

flowing the problem – no agenda show is
not seeing anyone or Remini be or any of
that nuts because we’re banned we are
actually blocked in China no it doesn’t
surprise me I have heard from more than

a few people I can’t tell anyone – China
check this because they can’t get the
show hmm so we’re blocked for what
reason we’ve been deep platformed by

China why are we blocked in China it’s a
question it’s just called D platform
that sounds better
why are we D platform in China what do
we have well how much China coverage do
we even have this that important more

than the mainstream one stories enough
that’s the problem I them that’s the
problem right there crazy
we actually I believe that our show has

been D platformed multiple times without
us really on what we’ve we’ve seen the
results but we weren’t able to figure it
out and there is a study was done a test
who did this

a report group called mg who the hell
are these guys
I am GE you’re under them some sounds
fishy to be quite honest mg M Jimmy see

what it stands for
mg about us anyway this is mg they did a
test of speed o of spam of emails and so
newsletters essentially being sent to

Google Yahoo and what was the an AOL
yeah yahoo email AOL email and gmail
email and they tracked how many

newsletters went to spam during the
period October 4th to November 6 and
especially 2 days before the election

all right leaning entities as they call
them in their study went to spam all
interesting and so the assertion here
actually I would say it’s an accusation

is that the email providers were were
sending newsletters of right-wing
candidates to spam and and if you and if
you look on yahoo 70% or more most 100

percent Josh Holly Rick Scott Dean
Heller Mike Braun Kevin Cramer all to
spam then you had the the Democrats 0%
is it the same for AOL almost the same

percentages Gmail was a little better
but they still had a hundred percent for
a couple of candidates going to spam
and we know how this email game we dealt

with it at me vo even pod show me vo we
had to pay because we had emails that
would go out if someone created an
account or if you want to retrieve your

password or a notification and we just
happy we set that system up we’re
talking 2008 is six seven eight
somewhere six probably we just set that
up and emails weren’t arriving which is

difficult if someone wants to recover
their password and they were all being
blocked not even getting through not
even getting to spam because we weren’t
an official a mass email provider which
apparently you need to be need to be or

hire the services in order to get
through to these companies on an on any
scale other than an individual it’s a
tax and it’s a kleiner perkins company

to so we got a deal but still it was
crazy we’ve had thousands a month just
to be let through on email
well my let the last email I sent out to
one that first show eleven hundred we

ended up with a higher norm rate we have
by a number of people that report this
mmm-hmm a higher than normal rate going
into the promotions box at Google

yeah the promotions box that’s another
one yeah and how did you know that just
feedback from people that you know that
yeah yeah is it because this would one

or two guys in particular say there’s
today’s for your information today’s
email went into the regular box today’s
email went into promote its gonna
feedback good feedback yeah so it that
is a form of deep platforming sadly yeah

even less because we’ve let but holla
but we pay the know Jenna show pays
MailChimp and they’re in an approved

emailer so we pay to get through but
then on the other end we still have
these companies going man we’ll throw
that into spam
and it could just be some some algorithm

that looks for certain combos of words
you tried to figure out what these
combos are over the years and I’ve
gotten a few of them you still haven’t
done the Trump is Trump socks or you got

to do as a subject line to see if
everyone gets it
Trump sucks test yeah it’s the TST
yeah maybe I might try it his next

couple newsletter it’s worth it’s worth
a shot could work the I’ve always known
that it was the apps that is that you
know let me step back for a second

the thing that Facebook and Twitter but
let’s just keep it at Facebook for a
second dang know at Google to that
continuously say to everybody is your
data is your data we don’t sell your

data your data belongs to you it’s your
data your edit your data your data it
the term data is very misleading in this
the term data refers to stuff you post
and your photos etc that’s really what

they’re talking about when they say your
data but the data that is created by
actions you take that you don’t actually
know is inherently not your data

according to Silicon Valley and they
don’t tell you about it and I’ve always
thought that you know the issue with the
with tracking from Silicon Valley mainly

location-based I think that’s the main
thing you know where someone is you get
a good idea who they hang out with and
and what they’re doing just based on
location but the apps any app that has
the Facebook advertising SDK software

development kit included is tracking you
like no one else’s business Facebook is
you with your Android phone if you open

up a any app that has the Facebook SDK
but really there’s a thousand
advertising SDKs
it sends data back to home base with a
lot of information about you at that

very moment the Triple C Computer Club
in in Germany those guys have been
around for decades ever they the CCC
baby what’s the genesis of that group do
you know well the computer clubs are a

huge popular thing in the 70s and early
80’s because as we got these these new
machines the information we were getting
was pretty scant and so far you couldn’t

get enough information and so you joined
these clubs and the clubs were there
which were fantastic
you join one of these clubs and then
they bring guests and from Microsoft
companies and they could get grilled

were you a member of any of these clubs
back in the day well you would never I
was never technically a member but you
could go to any of the meetings mm-hmm
so yeah I went to a lot of meetings who

went to homebrew I went to this one in
Berkeley there was I think Palo Alto
Computer Club if I’m not mistaken or
that was homebrew I’m not and they all
had their own BBS

generally yeah diluted but the BBS was
interesting because they would have
these same experts and you could ask
questions on the BBS and get your

questions answered by something doesn’t
work those were the days where you had
to write or borrow or find someone else
who could write drivers for printers Oh
before the pre-windows days there was no
simple way if I’m talking to a printer

the term in Silicon Valley was hey man
it’s all about the drivers was that like
the number one thing all about the
drivers well I don’t know about that but
the drivers were quite important yes so

you didn’t have the right driver you the
peripherals wouldn’t work yeah it’s
still kind of that driver issues so the
CCC’s did an excellent presentation

you’ll find it in the show notes I
clipped one little bit of it just to
give you an idea but to set it up they
only did this on Android they only did
it with a select number of apps but the
apps that were reporting a lot of

information the ones I found interesting
were the period tracker just imagine if
you’re tracking your period what kind of
information that says about you and what
that what information is being sent but

also travel apps baby progression apps
anything that’s free pretty much and
even although they they didn’t do enough
study on it even if you upgrade from the

freemium to the premium model the
advertising SDK just it sits there just
sits in there and whenever you open the
app it’s sending data here’s a here’s a
clip from this presentation which I

thought was a real eye-opener about the
true spying that’s going on
so our first finding was that over 61%
of the apps we tested automatically
transferred data
before these any other like if they if

you just open the out so it’s 21 hours
34 so for example his kayak and as
you’ll see pretty much immediately from
when the actors at flipped it that first

request is straight to they
said the whole load of other dates tools
many other companies decides thank you I
can’t let it go on for a while but

ultimately you end up from their home
screen which is kind of amusing because
it’s got this at the bottom of it
without your permission
are you able to hear this yeah yeah so

you know sending all this going I
mention when I mention that kayak is the
is the website that Obama if you recall
used to promote endlessly oh yeah well

waiting they have a little bit more info
on kayak in this clip the top example
here is kayak and kayak sends your

entire search to Facebook every time you
do a search in there which is lovely
so and it’s interesting what they send
cuz it’s not just it’s not just for the
content of your search there’s also some

other stuff like your user score
whatever that is it’s got app for skated
session IDs and all sorts of other
things that they’re sending to Facebook
the other one that’s on the bottom here

is the King James Bible and it’s quite
typical of a lot of ways that app
developers implement the SDK and allows
them to track your usage through the app
so this one they actually told you watch

verse and passage of the Bible you’d
read which is a what Facebook needs to
know but nerd but think about that
Facebook knows what chapter or verse

you’re on in your King James Bible app
but we don’t do anything with your data
so and then the last bit is the actual
advertising data though Facebook users

and this is a request to their ad
network and there’s something slightly
interesting static it comes from here is
that you know like the device is on

charge the map the battery percentage is
full there’s free space and this isn’t
this isn’t even the most comprehensive
example I’ve seen no other data on there
such as accelerometer positions the
other slight interesting thing again all

linked with the VF ID so yeah it’s
crucial to remember this happens whether
you’re a Facebook user or you’re not a
Facebook with you logged in or you’re
not logged in so it’s making profiles

are being made regardless of whether
you’re have a Facebook account or you
don’t have a Facebook account well you
have to use this some of these apps and
a profile is being built
people don’t know this this is really
really evil and there are thousands you

the advertising you want Adam oh sure
sure hasn’t targeted to you yes but
they’re doing this before the app even
is functional for you you’re just

opening the app and it’s sending all
this that’s what chrome does to you open
up Chrome it’s talking to home base for
an hour but worse and then all kinds of
stuff who knows is disgusting

it is disgusting it should be illegal I
think it is actually in some funny way
oh really
well I mean dude cookies I thought

there’s a bunch of laws about you can’t
go on somebody else’s machine and start
using their storage
I know when you sign up for one of the

browsers that probably did probably has
it in the house when you sign up terms
of service should be illegal
the worst is ancestry DNA we now know in
there EULA

they actually it so if you get your DNA
tested through ancestry DNA and you sign
off like yeah okay this is good I’m good
to go you can have my my DNA data and

you can process it what you are actually
agreeing to is the perpetual royalty
free worldwide license to use your DNA
for anything they want to
next to uncovering your ethnic mix

discovering distant relatives finding
new details about your unique family
history with this simple DNA test but
what’s interesting is after I think it’s
three years then that DNA data they have

is no longer yours it’s theirs in
perpetuity but you no longer have you
can use it but you no longer have any
claim to ownership of the results of
that test it’s right in their user

licensing agreement one of your another
thing to avoid it’s hard to avoid EULA’s
well something’s got to be done about

that I keep seeing it little cracks in
the in the ice it’s eventually gonna
happen I think this will be this will be
an interesting year for technology for
you know more like the deep platforming
people figuring out what’s really going

on it takes a long time for people to
understand and for it to bubble to the
top and you need some kind of event with
something that people can just point to
a headline and understand

well you’re talking about the normals
yes your mom not your mom but the normal
normal people exactly

it’s true
well I got a well couple of interesting
things happened oh here’s the one I
wanted you to play this is this is the

spot the flub clip changing the topic
okay right into it
I want you to see if you can spot the
flub the government for border security
check its do a twelve of the government

shutdown as president Trump prepares for
another White House meeting with
congressional leaders would you say it’s
bleh-bleh 12 its 12 was this New Year’s
Eve wait well was she hammered already

say 12 2012 itself all right
and with that I’d like to thank you for

your courage and say in the morning to
you the man who put the C in China’s
John C Dvorak in the morning to you mr.
Adam curry also in the morning to all

the ships and see all the boots on the
ground all the feet in the air and all
the subs in the water all the dams and
all the nights out there in the morning
to the troll room
hello trolls welcome to your episode
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spanning 2016 to 2020 for with our
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one a random Ocasio Cortez I so for all
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up I so
do I do we even have ISOs from her did
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suppose that I know of I think Duane may

be referring to clips and ice those are
very specific like to one or two it’s
reword pops right that we please
specifically cut out to use at the end

of the show or elsewhere I don’t see
what I have here I would support
impeachment I think that you know we
have the grounds to do it I think what
really we need to focus on is making
sure that we are advocating for the

policies to win in November but
ultimately I think that what we need to
kind of focus on Cortez nothing short
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thank you for both thank you both for
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was a great No Agenda year
are there any meetup updates for DES
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climate change is blamed for brush fires
floods etc in Australia the fact that

Australia has a few thousand years been
dry hot and sometimes has floods and
hurricanes does not seemed to matter
one of the few scientists who questioned
the science of the Great Barrier Reef

described destruction by climate change
was dismissed by his University my very
leftie your liberal sister listen to no
agenda once and felt it was two old men

now wind you whine you engine whinging
whinging well your sister’s a bigot she
is a bigot like a good lefty she does

not let facts or a healthy debate get in
the way of what a lefty believes is the
truth the u.s. climate change and
leftist agenda agendas have infected

conservative politics in Australia I am
NOT a fan of either side of politics
please any boom Shakalaka and some karma
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that for a second he’s talking
historically not about Australia there
was an article in the LA Times this
weekend about a couple days ago about a

botanist in New York who went to
California in 1860 as a part of the
newly formed California Division of
Mines and geology and he wrote about

this or he blogged it I guess blogging
of the day and and here’s just to give
you an idea cuz you know we think
California is bad and it’s all climate
change just like they’re doing in

Australia yeah he witnessed torrential
rains that turned the central valley
into a vast white capped lake
intolerable heat waves that made the
fats of our meats run away and
spontaneous gravy violent earthquakes

and fires he described as great sheets
flame extending over acres yes it is a
hell in California
I guess it was always that way yeah I

know well just to bring it back home
where I can look out the window see the
mudflats I have a map one of our
producers sent me from 1880s or 1890s
showing the mud flats on the San

Francisco Bay where they were then and
where the in a cent of newer maps
showing where they are now exactly the
same climate change is real it’s real
it’s real

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okay so I see that Jordan Peterson and
Reuben are still on this he’s still
trying to make a new platform kick it’s

a big new platform and they’re gonna get
off both them I gonna be off patreon on
the 15th and everyone’s moaning and
groaning about patreon and the guy this
this jack dorsey clone is running it

with the same beard
wait he’s a jack door oh the conte is
his name Conti yanti yeah he’s got the
same Taliban beard what is this Taliban

beard look and Silicon Valley of late I
don’t know you live there you should
know I don’t know I’m gonna have to ask
around this listen to what they have to

say and because there’s a this one thing
I thought was interesting I got two
clips here they are about hate speech
and there’s a EB Peterson specifically
mentions the Southern Poverty Law Center

and I think is it in agreement the way
you can I just back up for one second
because we don’t do enough of that and I
promised myself I’d do that starting
this year is we’re talking about these
two guys who are leaving the funding

platform patreon because someone else
got kicked off somehow they think that
these these platforms are necessary to
take money where as you can get you can

get money through checks people can
actually said you know you can wire
money to someone’s bank account did you
know that John is this crazy crazy thing
we have unbelievable I know there’s all
kinds of ways you can do it this pop

money there’s just and you can even make
your your banks and checks automatically
numerous countless ways to get money now
Zell is another one which I’m still not

quite hooked up to but pop money works
great bank transfers orcs piss swift
transfers or they’re pricey but they do
work and then you just like you said and
there’s a bunch of different systems out

there where you can sign up and then
they will send checks yeah you sign up
through your banks no banking and then
you get put you get checks they just
come in an envelope there’s a bunch of
checks so for whatever reason they

believe that they need to start a new
I know this is the most baffling I mean
to me it’s just it’s it’s very very odd
even PayPal is a platform on top of a

platform you know PayPal basically
covers for MasterCard yet NASA and
MasterCard covers for the bank so yes I
understand frictionless but even the

subscription model I mean do you really
to me it’s a little denigrating to the
you’re so stupid to figure out how to
send money to the show we have to make

it simple we got to charge your card
automatically every single month so we
take it I don’t like it we do that
yeah but mmm not this not the same way

patreon does it’s different
patreon does it per show you put out
then all of a sudden the money goes
patreon is extreme this thing I do

another bitch you might sit here bitch
about patron why not patreon is very
rigid about the way we do a lot of
promotions of all kinds of things like
the eleven hundred $110 and eleven
hundred dollars and things like that and

a lot of its you know you set up a
special button or a link to to PayPal
and it’s attached to for that amount and
it changes all the time we’re always
changing we got Valentine’s Day and all
these you can’t do all that with patron

you have to have your I’m a patron and I
pledged $5 a month forever oh and you
have 2,500 patrons and you know this
sort of thing and I cross so blamed I I
think Peterson in particular who was

making I think a hundred thousand
dollars a month or something like that
on patreon wow this was quite I don’t
think this quest that high it was high
it was pretty high but whatever it was
he could be making twice as much if he

was just doing his own solicitations but
when I hear these guys talk and I’ve
listened to them and I subscribed to
their podcast oh well I’ll listen to and
or was probably more I’d listen more to
it than watch you know the Peterson is

also calling in everywhere talking about
how unfair it is that he’s you know that
you’re kicked off the internet and I
just don’t agree this is a very smart
guy who has not looked any further than

you know the apps on his phone you can
get around all of this all of it
yeah maybe someday a hundred years from
now you won’t be able to or even fifty

who knows but you can get around all of
it this is not real road blocks unless
you’ve unless you’ve put your painted
yourself into a corner exactly my
patreon corner some other corner where

this is you’re relying on somebody else
a third party yeah anything we do that
with do a some extent with PayPal but
I’ve never had any troubles PayPal
actually like work in their system

there’s this belief the belief is so
they’re all on YouTube that’s I think I
think for Peterson and Rubin those their
main means of distribution right what I
don’t see them doing is saying hey why

don’t I you know shadow this on bit
shoot or some other place you know bit
shooters is is essentially mastodons for
video you know no one can really shut it

off your videos will stay up though
they’ll be available this is somewhere
somehow but they feel that they need
YouTube now I understand if you’ve quit
your your job and you’re making money

through YouTube and you do not want to
rock that boat but don’t you see it
coming down Broadway I mean how long
before they’re deep platformed off of
YouTube it can’t be long even if even if

for the reason that Google is sitting
there going yeah I’m not making any
money from these guys screw them take
them off there’s a million different
reason I just I just don’t understand it
anyway um I digress I don’t understand

it these are smart guys which clip do we
play first the one thing I just want to
throw in a couple of comments to it it’s
always baffled me the peer group

pressure that we even got to use patreon
we had a number of people write all you
should use patreon what your guys are
doing is you can use patrons easier well
maybe it’s easier for this guy cuz he’s

a member or something he can just go
bounce around it I’ll give him five
fight mix and then patron stanza for
I don’t know it’s just that the whole
thing was we were against the idea of a

third party like patrons getting
involved you know you can there banks
will help you too by the way most banks
we’re not unless you’re in the pot
business yeah the pipe is the banks
don’t like that by the way but they’re

the government if the government goes
after you know these guys are bitching
and moaning because they’re being the
platform by douchebags it’s not the
government if the government says hey
we’re cutting this guy off I call PayPal

I mean they did this with WikiLeaks call
PayPal hey look you guys really we’re
gonna much make your life miserable kill
WikiLeaks oh okay you want to go to the
banks and say no don’t take anything you

didn’t cut them off as best they can but
WikiLeaks is still going they’ve gotten
around most of it
and the point is is I don’t see why you
would trust I mean if the government

goes after in other words what I’m
saying is that if the government went
after these two guys Reuben and Peterson
yeah then they had I think they have
something to complain about
yeah but they’re not but it’s not the
government no it’s just random

douchebags running these little Silicon
Valley operations trying to make money
off of you and if you dive into
MasterCard they are all in on diversity
and me up they’ve this Soros that Soros

gave migrant caravans maybe not this
most recent one but it wouldn’t surprise
me the credit card at debit cards

mastercards with money on it yeah that
was the most recent one that would I
don’t know which one you’re talking
about the one that came up from up
through Nicaragua did the same aunt
cards yeah they do this a lot of this

stuff so they have all these social
agendas they have entire divisions they
feel that it’s appropriate for their
company that to support certain
initiatives and also to not support

others so well there is a rumor going
around that MasterCard put the kibosh on
someone yes on this your ekkada your sod
of a cod guy whoever is not inside of a

car yes yes it if you read through the
transcript of the trust and safety team
call to whoever guy was asking about it
so yeah no MasterCard said yeah you

really got to get rid of this guy I’m
paraphrasing i I find this hard to
yeah it’s in the kitty that might be
bogus well we we don’t have the audio
because the guy said he promised not to

use the audio but he used the transcript
so I don’t know I don’t know if it’s
truthful I think it is why not it makes
nothing but sense to me I said I don’t
want to these two guys really which one

first SPLC first how to rate credibly
diverse range of opinions if such
regulation needs for the last well it’s
really for the last year but intensely

in the last month is what actually is
the problem itself because until we
figure out what the problem is well I
think I think the problem is how to

regulate an incredibly diverse range of
opinions if such regulation needs to be
instantiated we could take a limit case
for example the desire of companies like

Facebook not to have their platforms
used for recruitment for Isis it’s hard
to make a case that that’s not a
reasonable restriction right but then
but then the next issue is I think you

could make an exception there because
maybe you’ve considered that a wartime
exception or something like that but
then the fundamental problem to me seems
to be and I’ll return again to that

change the terms website that a whole
variety of companies and organizations
spearheaded in not least by the Southern
Poverty Law Center that shameful

organization yeah the worst that has
decided that they’re going to compel
encourage what the fame perhaps
companies that don’t band together to

regulate what they see is hate speech
now all right professor genius is he
just figuring this out I like Peters
number come on the psychology degree

didn’t come with any business degree I
guess no I mean they’re using Skype by
the way we use Skype to oh but are we
are we totally prepared for a deep

platforming from Skype yeah I think so
we got other things we can use we’d be
sad because Skype really is a great
product for how we use it I don’t we’re
not really just Skype is really closest

thing to a common carry that you can be
cuz there’s no Skype right has all kinds
of rules their whole new to terms of
services you can’t you use hate speech
while talking to someone else on skype

it’s in their terms of service
I haven’t seen that yes it’s enough
reads it to me
alright hold on I will go to Bing it dot
IO Bing it dot IO does that imply that
they’re listening to all these

conversations that they have one of
those little uh you know NSA word
recognizing codes running and going
wouldn’t surprise wouldn’t surprise me
hmm I don’t know if I’ll be able to find

that just quickly but I I really
remembered a part too cuz this good this
one here you just talked about is a
certain naivete I want to discuss
naivete after it plays this one one of

the things that I can’t fathom in some
sense is the lack of imagination on the
part of the people who are engaging in
censorship of what they regard as hate
speech like there’s an old military

adage which is that if you invent a
weapon it will be used by your enemy
within 15 years okay so what what makes
the people who on the on the left
because they’re the ones who are doing

this what as you can clearly see are in
the change the terms website what makes
them so sure that exactly the same
tactics won’t be used against them like
at the drop of a hat once once the

tactics have been validated and put in
hello hello where do you think they got
these tactics from they got them from
the right wingers of these family
organizations that would pressure the TV

stations not to play this not to play
that off that’s right have a boycott
they go after the advertisers just like
these guys there’s nothing I want and I
will say it was the Christian Right

probably yeah the Christian Right
Christian Right they behaved angelic
evangelists and the rest of the this
crowd mostly a couple of organization
pressure organizations I got it I got

into a beef with one of them because I
was promoting the dot xxx domain hmm
which went through and I got a
back-and-forth and I got mentioned as a
douche bag for promoting this and I was

I went back and forth with him so I
can’t remember the name of this group it
was one of these same pressure group so
I said look this is trite the idea is to
take the ball to point and push it over
into a corner would that been required

xxx and they didn’t see it that way they
said that that xx I was just encouraging
more porn and I was a horrible person
for suggesting this and anyway you’re
getting did these groups have been

around mostly on the right
they’ve been always I see most all of
them were been on the right and and 15
years later just like Peterson said the
left is now using the same tactics but
he thinks it’s like the beginning of

something it’s not yeah this is a great
American tradition thinking this is a
great American tradition we D platform
we pressure we pressure you with public
shaming we pressure you your advertisers

this has been going on for a long time
from this by we took the malla we took
from the Skype code of conduct you may
not publicly display or use the services

to share inappropriate content or
material involving for example nudity
bestiality pornography offensive
language graphic violence or criminal
activity we may stop providing services
to you or may close your account we may

also block delivery of a communication
like email file sharing or instant
message to or from the services an
effort to enforce these terms blah blah
blah it was very clear and was a big
deal everyone was talking about it yeah
well I’m not worried that’s the least of

my problems just worrying about Skype
but my point is
we’re prepared for that you know with
this but no one’s gonna pull by anything
could happen but pulling the plug on our

distribution unlikely because we don’t
rely on it I don’t give a crap about
Twitter you care more about than I do
Mastodon are no agenda social calm I get
oh I got a lot more out of that it’s

really grown to not just just are now
you know there all the time you do not
lie lie everyone’s always tagging you
you never respond yeah I’ve made for a

couple of weeks you just lied and people
you know as I said I think 2019 people
are gonna start getting pissed off about
this stuff I love what’s happening now

with the where was this taking place so
in in Arizona
we’re way Moe has rolled out their
driverless cars oh yeah Peters predicted

yes people are throwing rocks at them
slashing the tires trying to drive them
off the road with their own vehicles
yeah I love this yeah I this was I wrote

this calm years ago saying that
vandalism because yes yeah the idea is
great I think the technology almost

works doesn’t quite it’s just still
missing a few pieces but I think the
publishers like is they’re not gonna put
up with it not initially it’s gonna take
years before they get used to see
wanting these things you know they’re

convenient they are but yeah they’re
running them off the road man in
Oklahoma there’s a new trend called
icing icing stands for internal
combustion engine Inc where pickup
drivers park their trucks in front of

the electric vehicle charging stations
and don’t move
yeah this backlash on all of this stuff

yeah all of it
the boy man didn’t add in stock market
today Apple got hammered for something
it’s like everything’s crashing again

and yeah we’ll see we’ll see how well
the technology does it’s kind of it’s
like a small flaw I think in professor
Ted’s reasoning
it seems that certainly the American

population a percentage of its small is
revolting against the technology tyranny
just against the tyranny yeah what do
you mean

the tyranny that all you’ve got to do
this you got to do that you have to have
and you can’t get any gas mileage you
can’t drive a car the v8 you have to
have a small electric car yeah you know
the deathtrap you have to drive that you

have to but you get free charging but
you don’t get free charging when it
first came out with charging everywhere
I used to be able to go to Costco point
my electric car I don’t have one part my
electric card Costco and there’s a
charging station I could plug it in for

free now it’s all paid charging you get
a nice parking spot but you had to pay
to get your car charged yeah so what
happened to the free charging ah this
number and there’s no free lunch

I’ve got all this Tesla still some free
charging but then I think there’s some
people made it adapter so the text the
charger would fit into anything yeah
these things don’t work these deceives

so for all this technology that’s why we
have China all over the DRC that Congo
that’s why we’ve got lots of crap going

on there people jockeying position
because they need the minerals and who
else pops up in this and then you know
it’s real Blackwater founder Eric Prince
yeah has launched a fund for electric

car metals
I think it’s metals for batteries more
than just electric vehicles this guy’s
smart plays one of the smartest guys out

I don’t know if you run a fund though
that’s a lot different to business yeah
I see how his fund does to the front man
what’s gonna have to go was team up with

one of the VCS but they’re all be
embarrassed though oh that guy we can’t
we can’t hook up with him we had to do
our green thing yeah
he’s the wrong he’s the wrong figurehead

isn’t it yeah he’s not Al Gore he’s not
Colin Powell I guess I’m kind of
saying of discussing kleiner perkins I

did learn some things over the New
Year’s break from the Millennials the
word woke is out
can’t use the word woke anymore

you should just be woke and if you say
if you say I’m woke you’re actually
incredibly unwell you understand

no it’s probably stems from than jill
abramson oh you’re going too fast you’re
going too fast

because I have a clip from NPR to
explain to you that woke is over and by
the way good the concept of woke not so
new you’ve heard the word a lot by this
point woke woke yeah woke your annoying

friend probably uses it
you are so woke politicians and
celebrities use it sleeping woke means
that you recognize everybody uses it are
you even woke I want us to stop first

what exactly does woke mean it’s defined
as aware of and actively attentive to
important facts and issues especially
issues of racial and social justice

that’s Emily Brewster she’s an associate
editor at merriam-webster the dictionary
the black lives matter movement is
largely responsible for the rise of woke
this century the word is tied to this
idea of valuing and respecting blackness

activists used it to urge people to take
issues like the deaths of black people
at the hands of police seriously Nicole
holiday is a linguist at Pomona College
she says before that the word woke

appeared in an essay decades ago if
you’re woke you dig it by William Melvin
Kelly and that was in 1962
Kelly argued that once black words used
to define certain aspects of blackness

like cats or dig it once I got the white
people they were kind of over Nicole
holiday thinks that has happened to woke
this decade

it went from black almost fringe to
white and mainstream so there’s a couple
of things in here that I that I found
interesting one the fact that the exact
way this is used woke comes from if

you’re woke you dig it New York Times
article which explains why Maxine Waters
really propagated it cuz she was in I
think she was in Congress in 1962 but

the idea that it really means the same
thing as dig it man groovy hip you hip
to me what they all is the same thing
but yes and the finger-snapping goes

with it yes
which is the cycle is just a fractal
we’re just going around in circles once
again no beatnik bar but the but the
moment the club was smoking reefer
listening to poets myth the minute white

people because here’s the racist part of
it uh the minute white people start
using the term oh yeah then it’s over
then it’s not then it’s no good anymore
there’s dumb

Shapiro wrote a cop he’s like Shapiro is
a pretty good writer I don’t like him as
a as a host but he’s a pretty good

writer and he claimed the term woke
scolding for 2019
never heard of it what he’s made it’s
probably over but that Jill Abrams uses
the term Alhurra

allow me to remind everyone who Jill
Abrams is Irie I read the New York Times
like all day long
mainly on my iPad app the original

Berkeley Hummer Jill Abramson heard of
the New York Times editor executive ever
the New York Times slammed the time and
of course see we don’t have a clip of

her slamming The Times because she wrote
an article but this play this overall
takes not an article it’s not the times
and her use of the word woke as a term
of ridicule she it’s in her book yeah

it’s not an article it’s in her book
yeah I’m sorry said it’s in her new book
just a new book and she slams the times
the former executive editor of the New
York Times Jill Abramson criticizing

that newspaper in her upcoming book
calling The Times news coverage
unmistakeably anti-trump let’s bring in
howard kurtz
fox news media analyst and host of media

buzz she’s not gonna be making a lot of
friends among her former colleagues at
the New York Times with a lot of what
she has to say in this book Howie
absolutely not Jon but this is an
extraordinary rebuke by Jill Abramson

the former executive editor as you say
if she not only calls the news coverage
unmistakably anti-trump she says the
younger staff they’re the woke staff
members that she puts it are so

concerned about what they see is the
dangers of trumps presidency that they
want to throw out the old journalistic
standards she also says that given the
papers mostly liberal audience there’s a
financial reward for The Times and

running so many stories about Trump
almost all the negative of that is
soaring traffic yes soaring traffic
exactly yeah
I’m not so sure that what good it does

the country so I just say something I
since this is a book that has not yet
been published I question what’s really
in there
this is your typical promotion who’s
publishing the book do we know and I

don’t know one of the big boys I’m not
so sure that she slams the New York
Times the way this Fox News report said
I find out when the book comes out yeah

it’s great promotion I wouldn’t have
known she had a book otherwise it would
have just thought it was from an article
and the fact that she’s not out there
doing it herself with would love to hurt
her read the book oh the audiobook the

audiobook yes it’s 18 hours long it’s a
very good book well in the newspaper

industry word is out we we know what’s
happened now it was North Korea who
hacked the LA Times and other Tribune

publishing related papers sure North
Korea yes North Korea it was yeah the
great hackers of the world none of them
are computer literate they don’t have
it’s not part of their culture but yet

they’re the best
it’s the Rioch ransomware this is
actually pretty fun to read a little bit
deeper into it and it’s not really
discussed much I found a couple of

experts who figured out what’s going on
so they got hit by ransomware and the
and apparently some of these papers are
the publishing company itself or whoever

was paid out close to 640 thousand
dollars and if you see the emails cuz
they send you an email it’s very
professional this is not your I saw you
jerking off on your webcam send me a

Bitcoin or I’ll send it to all your your
your to your entire address book this is
very clear they actually send along a
key to decrypt one or two files so to

prove that they have the key they say
don’t try any of these things it’ll
immediately destroy your data so this
was not just some

or some glitch no this was a ransomware
attack which they’re blaming North Korea
for whereas the only person you can
really blame is your own network of the
entity know your network guy well I hate

to blame the dude named Ben but yeah
well there’s a lot of incompetent dudes
named badass as every dude named Ben
knows yes yes

and I think that they do what while on
that topic tell us how you back up
currently what your current methodology

is so people can know what max safety is
except for the one exception of not
having something off-site first of all
all no agenda files are on a separate
Drive I have a and that’s duplicated so

I have two drives all files everything
the whole kit and kaboodle tens of
thousands of files is on that every
after every show everything is backed up

on this machine and I make a clone of
the drive because I know that everything
was working and was fine and should
something happen I can just pop in the
new drive and be up and running and I

also do an a backup to the cloud
magical cloud and Acronis itself has
some kind of ransomware protection they
claims yeah I’m not counting on it but

they do have some form of protection
I personally back everything up to a
cassette tape using the Kansas City

standard you know the Netflix has this
they tried to do this interactive movie
it wasn’t called banned or – I think
it’s a black mirror it’s a black mirror

production yeah and have you not heard
about this is interesting I think I’ve
heard about it and didn’t really pay
much attention it says I’m not into
injury Oh movies now neither neither am

i and in fact when it started off
Michael this is like CDI if remember
combo is worse interactive where you can
choose the storyline and Letterman David

Letterman used this joke he said once I
says hey I go to see a movie not right
one right now I thought I would hate
this and I did kind of hate it the

difference was and I think that maybe he
mentions the last show that because the
story itself is about a guy building a
video game an adventure video game in

the 80s that it you know it kind of
makes sense and it’s very meta in that
regard but here’s what’s interesting
that I heard yesterday at a certain see
you can end up at a difference it can
end for you differently than somebody

else’s probably eight different endings
but then in that ending the guy pops a
cassette cuz I played it twice the guy
pops a cassette tape into his Walkman
and it’s the it the good old you know

the sound of what would my Commodore 64
or the nutmeg vic-20 or my zx80 you
would record your program onto a

cassette tape yeah and I sat there
if I was ten years younger I’d get up
off the couch I’d go record that and
find an anywhere later and you know what
I was right

apparently it’s it’s Atari code and then
when you decrypt it you know if you get
an emulator it pops up a rendering of a
QR code he’s had to use the QR code to

go to some website and you get no prize
but there’s a lot of it it was
yeah if your yeah you’d have to be about

you said 10 years ago yeah 10 years
younger maybe I would have no no I don’t
think so I think maybe I was 40 years
younger I was oh how old am I

oh yeah if you’re sure you’re saying at
the age of you’re 40 55 or are 50 to 54
gay you’re 54 so you’re telling me at

the age of at the ripe age of 44
you’re gonna download the code and then
find an old Atari and go through the egg
and you hooking it up and then running

this this noise through it and getting a
piece of a QR code and then banging it
with your phone and seeing where it goes
no no no no you’re not doing this at 44
all right I’m glad you know me so well I

did not buying it okay it’s okay you
have too many things to do with your
time oh yeah I mean that’s oh yeah I got
lots of stuff to do with Mike well you

got more to do than that I mean what do
you know you the solution is to let some
kid do it and then you can report it
like you did on this duck like now so
you might as well have not done it yes
somebody’s gonna do it let him do it

okay here’s a little report from CNN and
of course I have it listed here in some
way that it’s impossible for you to ever

figure out but let’s say it’s geh they
don’t fly on broomsticks they tend not
to be bewitched

Donald Trump you know I call it a witch
and it is a witch hunting modern-day
witches are hard to categorize are you a
good witch or a bad witch are you a
witch living yes and which kind of which

are you yeah I’m initiated into Wicca
which is the religious side of things
which is tend to side with liberals and
you know what this is genie most always

doesn’t he does
you like her packages I think they’re
pretty stupid but you like them though

there I like her packages because she’s
got a sense of humor yeah she they are
stupid they give her stupid packages
that CN n go on and on about Trump’s use
of the word which and then throw it to

her to have her do a package or a
ridiculously stupid package I like that
which is I like witches are liberal
that’s great yeah liberals and you know

what they wish president Trump would
stop saying about the Muller
investigation it’s a witch hunt that’s
all it is the witch hunt as I call it
Russian witch hunt this is a witch hunt

like nobody’s ever seen before the
author of witchcraft activism calls the
president’s use of the term really
disgraceful I mean thousands of people
were executed in Europe on suspicion of

the devil 19 supposed witches were had
there’s a lot to be offended by by

Donald Trump and I think his use of the
term witch-hunt is is very low on that
list of priorities for most witches but
nevertheless it does demonstrate his
ignorance as usual the entire thing has

been a witch hunt but if the president
stopped saying witch hunt
he’d have to hunt for a new term tweeted
someone I guess he will have to start
referring to it as a wild goose chase

but then that might offend geese the
last time witches got mixed up in
politics a losing teaparty candidate for
the Senate had to proclaim I’m not a
witch after having said she dabbled in

witchcraft in high school if there’s one
demographic president Trump hasn’t put a
spell on its witches they’d rather put a
spell on him exactly the same clip cool

got it yeah witch hunt nothing is sacred

anymore I liked it better when Trump
picked on real witches you know lichens
like in this interview Elizabeth Warren

will be the first she did very badly and
proving that she is of Indian heritage
that didn’t work out too well I think
you have more than she does and maybe I
do too and I have nothing so you know

we’ll see how she does I wish her well I
hope she does well I’d love to run
against her she says she’s in the fight
all the way mr. president do you do you
really think she believes she can win


that was a good one I wish you would get
it because it would be a great battle
cuz she’s a they hate each other
well here’s I got the democracy now and

Warren apparently is running in yes yes
yes the first one out of the gate
yeah well so to speak
middle class is getting hollowed out and
opportunity for too many of our young

people is shrinking so I’m in this fight
all the way right now Washington works
great so the wealthy and the
well-connected it’s just not working for

anyone else but I am optimistic I
believe in what we can do together
I’m gonna build a grassroots campaign on
Tuesday senator Warren said she plans to

visit Iowa this weekend I was a popular
first stop for presidential candidates
this is the first state to vote in the
primaries ah she’s such a phony do you
see her her beer moment everyone’s that

one all the kids are talking about she’s
trying to do an AOC and she’s doing that
periscope videos the IOC sits around
this periscope in her apartment and make

some depression mac and cheese and shows
her how to mac and cheese me how to make
some mac and cheese and Elizabeth Warren
sits down and she’s drinking beer from
the bottle you know you need some more

unique glass in the office
I can’t drink beer from a box drinking
beer from the bottle like you know under

periscope and there was like calling her
out it’s phony you’re just trying to
look relevant I guess it’s the term –
trying to look relevant woke ya can’t
say woke man you can’t say it

yes okay I have two things here actually
this is something we should investigate
talking here I think this is where Dave
Rubin and Jordan Peterson should put all

of their all of their efforts into and
this is the platform you want to be on
for donations and we should consider it
to John because I’m sure it will work
for a second and if you’re donating to

your favorite charity this year Google
assistant can help you do it as long as
you’ve enabled the payments feature it
will let you ask it to quote make a
donation and then you choose the amount
you want to contribute you still have to

confirm the donation on your phone
before the money is routed to the
charity but lexa donate to the No Agenda
I think the they will have the terms of

service I mean there’s the reason we
never use Google Wallet when it was
around and somebody’s other Google
things and we never did Google this or
Google that’s because they their Terms
of Service are the worst
the worse you can’t do anything

they had a competitor with PayPal for a
while I thought yeah that’s right I do
remember this account was a competitor
of course it crapped out because he
wouldn’t pretty much unless you were

like Chase Manhattan given to JPMorgan
there was no way you can make any money
go from A to B yeah yeah well we do it
differently and I’d like to show you how

we do it
no agenda imagine all the people who
could do with us oh yeah
indeed we do have a few people to thank

for show 1100 this is a thousand more
shows and we were gonna do a thousand
more shows when I said we’ve had a good

run John good run let’s just say we can
stop while we’re ahead stop while we’re
ahead everybody and before you go one
step further

flash meetup Gilman brewery Berkeley
California tomorrow 5:00 to 8:00
Commander Cody starts the list off here
$199 I’m sending on her $99 because

being named as a producer has no value
to me
the show is value enough oh okay thank

but like commander feel free to take
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it’s okay but I sure hope on sure hoji
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donation she’s a binary donation of 1 to
86 for Sarah it’s $1,100 in binary and
it did for his 192 and he’s got it here

as and he’s got some he’s got racing
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have to believe figure out for a goat
scream and I think we should just give

him that we are goat friendly here
people sir crash EMT hundred fifty six
dollars and 76 cents a happy anniversary
says he and he waited he says here’s

1111 squared with a 33 33 throwing in
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hey patreon let’s see you do that uh
yeah hey I can’t do that now
I don’t even know patreon could take

random donations I don’t think so which
we rely on for to do our segments yes
it’s the content Larsen Riverhead New
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blue highlighted tight or something so
let me see Ian Larson yes he becomes Sir
Ian Larson today fabulous Madison pearly
knee in Orlando Florida one hundred and

twenty dollars and eighty-eight cents
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now she know it is good aim yep she’s
being famed today
Michael Vitali in West Lafayette Indiana
he sent in 112 35 he has a note he says

he went through the trouble of mailing
this we got a lot of cards by they want
to thank everyone who gave us cards

whether there was anything in them we’re
not including one from the UK that was
in the smallest envelope I think was
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was illegal to send stuff that small a
journey of a thousand it’s my budget for
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the best spot cast for my son Aaron who
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and he needs addy douching he says his
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because he’s attempt to be a tad OTG not
as much as Adam but wandering around
wandering around the edges of it
therefore I’d like to share a goat car
with my fellow travelers
he’s Aaron fortaleza douchebag he’s got

D dishing in Indiana nearly as good as
uh well he’s in battleground Indiana
nearly as good as Knobble alright enough
I just want to mention about Madison

because when someone’s getting a
knighthood her dame would like to read
their note she’s I’ve been listening to
the show since before election time in
2016 haven’t looked back you to
constantly blow in mind with your
deconstruction I can’t believe how the
rest of the world can overlook your

logic and theories could I please be
damned Dane meow dicin cat enthusiast
and I’d like Pellegrino and purring cats
at the roundtable your wish is my
command purring cats for meeting

Paul arson Arsenio Arsenio
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Dame Karen of the Cimarron Hills who
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Springs Colorado dan reader David fuga
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geez look at Dan reader a hundred and
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yeah I know it’s getting worse by the

Oh we good it’s time to go there and
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Kirk by the way is to le there’s a flash

meet up today at the tomorrow Gillman
brewery the flash line Gilman Avenue yes
Piedmont he’s in Piedmont is over here
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way it is Sir David fugu Zotoh yes
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surf while you sail internet streaming
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says I did observe while in the middle
of the ocean the majority of the six and
half thousand passengers with cell
phones in hand 24/7 if at the pool
bathing suit and cellphone sad to

observe but I’m much better mentally
turning off my tech connection for a
thanks Adam and John for the suggestion
it’s not just suggestion it’s a
lifestyle my friend and J&K thanks Derek
shun led to better 101 oh one Baron

Latin in Houston Texas 100 John Robin a
$100 Visa in Middletown New York a
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he’s sent a card with my the mouse guy
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quality I look forward to more in 2019
RC mouse radio-controlled mouse is what
it means I think Robert Roberts in
Medford Oregon 84 69 so we got Nate

Sebastopol California 69 69 sir Gregory
Davy yeah I want to read this 66 66 this
is a make good he was extremely

surprised to hear himself night at his
sir Greg Davies the heavy heavy metal
historian a couple shows ago as it turns
out he writes my wonderful girlfriend
Jennifer WETA gifted me the donation to
get me over the line for Christmas to

finally sit with fellow producers at the
roundtable and finally sink
teeth into that luscious mutton and Mead
understandable however on the day I was
knighted her name wasn’t mentioned in
donation segment I understand these

things happen but I want to ensure she
could at least be mentioned on the show
for helping me over the line he has a
bigger reason during 2018 he had a
cancer scare in which he damaged his
esophagus for contacts he says my mother

died from cancer of esophagus as did her
uncle before her naturally with such
family history I jumped into seeing a
doctor immediately thankfully some of
the good old F cancer karma you send out
to all listeners at times must have been

a great help it turned out I was cancer
free but had developed a nasty and
chronic condition called Barrett’s
esophagus have you have you heard of
this No along the last few months of
2018 I was in a lot of pain unable to

eat incredibly weak and sick Jennifer
stuck by me this whole time and has
helped me beyond any kind of call of
duty I honestly have absolutely zero
idea how I would even be able to go
through this ordeal without her help and

love she’s my rock the love of my life
and want to let you both know how
important her donation to me to get
night night hood meant we’ve been fans
of no agenda for years listen together
all the time her donation gave me a huge

boost of positivity it meant a lot to me
and want you and the listeners to know
this thank you very much and he’s on
that he’s on the mend he says this is
all good and we will roll out an eff

cancer karma for you and for everyone
else who bless the sweet nobody that’s a
nice note and that’s important to read
that oh good Christopher Bennett sixty
dollars and six cents small boobs and
your sirs hold on wait you an individual

whose name or title I do not know call
him out as nearly normal Jimmy
I think it means happy by that I think
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this you know he says he will contact
you with the key word below to have the
donation applied to his peerage oh he
did okay whoops the last month’s of show
I’ve been top notch

I’ve been meant to donate with Michigan
local one a few weeks back not that we
really care about Michigan people are
called Michiganders not michigo nians
okay we’ll never remember that but I’d

been told this before and I’ve recited
Maine has some other crazy name for them
to us not maniac no it’s Maynard’s it’s
Maynard’s oh I don’t know I’m just

it’s all st. are its Austinites not
fYI that’s tonight yes yeah not
Australian I said I knew that but I

never use it I just don’t use it I’m
from California we do what we want
yes clearly Sir Tom Daria and DeForest
Wisconsin 5510 sir Brian baronet of
North Connecticut 5510 he has just a

simple note that was a card beautiful
card he’s got a picture of his little
girl on the back they just had a baby
falling up in New Haven search Carly we

just this everyone just we ended with
tardes Maine tards tards Michigan tardes
Austin tardes
you put a little Carmen him for the end

yes uh Joseph halassi in key Lu
Kyoya Kyoya kill the Kilauea Kilauea I
knew I’d get it Kilauea Hawaii

50:33 spell he’s a little do you in
Hawaiian I do know you pronounce every
single letter in some way or shape or
form but I didn’t know that Kilauea is
obviously we had pronounced that Brian

Matthews 50 these are 50 dollar donors
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you’ve got we have sir JD sang happy
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celebrated on Christmas Day
he says happy birthday to his mom Marion
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celebrating on January 15th Dame Carol
Ann says happy birthday to her husband

who turned 72 years old and she all says
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he turns 40 and finally sir pipe links
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the six happy birthday from everybody
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sisters who
today for Dame Karen of Simran Hills she

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blue moon sorry Baroness a blue moon
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div is silver would make it but a black
thing on your right hand it contains no
tungsten so it doesn’t sustain contains
no tungsten it’s all good hey Alex Jones

is coming unglued man he’s coming what a
thing to start off this segment with I
got it I got to play this for you him

coming unglued
I think the deep platforming unglued man
you know they’re giving kids vaccines

everywhere that eat their freaking
cerebral cortex ya know I’m not really
familiar with vaccines literally the
point is this crap this is why you don’t

do meth kids man each day Adam is just
kidding yeah of course I’m kidding
well he’s not kidding about not doing
math no but the implication that this

guy doesn’t need meth oh man it’s
justice he’s high on life man no I think
it yeah he’s he’s he’s high on that male
vitality or whatever that stuff you

uh Trump I think again I don’t think
just sitting there cursing like that is
really the way to get his audience back
I don’t think he lost his audience at

all I think he’s doing just fine maybe
he did he was around way before looking
all right he probably has not lost his
artists it’s the casual audience the

ones that only see him occasionally I
would include myself in that well no
here’s what happened to him see the
difference is you and I we accept our
position in the media space which is way
down below on the ladder you know

underneath some incurable diseases
that’s kind of where we are and we
applaud cast yeah we were podcasters we
accept it he can’t accept it that he’s
no longer in the in the milieu that

people is no longer being talked about
that’s I think that’s his problem he
thrives on people talking about him good

or bad doesn’t matter and now it is just
vapid you know there’s just no mention
of him even with deep platforming he’s
no longer even mentioned
he’s just you know removed something

when they started talking about the
biggies that were deep platform he is
showing up less and less yeah yeah it’s
just moving down and and I think that
that bothers him he has to accept it and
that’s where he came from he was always

the anti guy because we don’t need them
screw the mainstream and you know I
think it’s affecting him anyway I just
thought it was not heard a rant like
that from him in a while just that just
cause you ranting about who knows it’s

just angry she’s angry I think the
president gave us a little clue
about stock market activity he is the

stock whisperer these days you know he
just did that thing pumped up yeah
well listen to this would have been a
lot easier for me to sit back and just
let it continue but it was out of

control and our strong economy makes it
even more difficult because people come
up because our country’s doing better by
far than any other country in the world
from an economic standpoint with the

talk of the world yeah and we had a
little glitch in the stock market last
month now he says we had that normally I
freaked out over the use of the term

glitch but that’s typically when it’s in
a technology report oh well yeah the
airline but everyday ticketing broke
because of the glitch who couldn’t print
the newspaper cuz of the glitch Trump

you know he’s simple you gotta listen to
what he’s saying I think he’s saying
here that there was actually not at not
that something broke but that the stock
market ran rampant as we discussed with

the algorithmic amplification and he
considers that to be a glitch
I accept that so what you’re saying is

he’s hinting to buy it I’m not I’m not
drawing that conclusion I’m hinting that
he understands somehow that these wild
swings are not really based on anything
then some piece of news and all the out

goes jump on a man I’d look at it you’ll
see five different big company stocks
all locked into like the SP you know
there were SP why the spy and spiders by

and and and it goes up and then it’s you
can put three charts next to each other
they’re just locked in it’s just come
yet and so if if the AL goes go nuts
then everyone goes nuts and it just goes
on or on it’s very dangerous I just did

I mention that there is a meet up on
Friday in Berkeley and you’ll be there
along with Mimi’s it’s fancy adorable
come see everybody it’s gonna be

I was uh well I have a moment here where
I could do my whatever happened to oh
you know what you can do your whatever

happened to and I won’t give you I think
we have a jingle for you let’s see
Tom Starkweather yeah whatever happened
to jingle enjoy it

yeah great that’s a real uplifting okay
from 2009 this is a this was a meme they
tried to get going to get people to you
know save the planet global warming this

is almost 10 years ago global warming
was caused by fat people tiptoe on why
researchers say obesity is bad for the

environment obesity and global warming
both heavy topics now linked by a new
study from the London School of Hygiene
and Tropical Medicine it says people who

weigh more tend to drive more and eat
more and all that food it shipped on
average 1,500 miles from where it’s
grown to your plate fat people
researchers contend are killing the

planet more so than those who are thin
we were on a good tip with that yeah I

was in 2009 and I just dropped it like a
hot potato when they looked at the
audience of people bitch and moan about
climate change they said oh my god these
people are all overweight well this

brings me to a fabulous first show of
chip Todd’s what’s his name Chuck Todd
Chuck Todd Chuck Todd Meet the Press
whatever it is meat depression this

Sunday the climate crisis brace
yourselves for dangerous feet the
drought we’re in is
Astra’s everyone ought to be worried
about it rainfall amounts really are
staggering everything we own is

destroyed annual average temperatures in
the US could increase anywhere from 2 to
11 degrees to fast-moving fire storms

within miles of each other the Garden of
Eden just turned into gates of Hell the
evidence is everywhere you can answer
yourself the science is settled
it’s ridiculous to say it wouldn’t be

better the administration in Washington
didn’t deny science but the politics is
not climate change is real and it is
urgent problem that we need to bear down

on it
this morning will report on the
challenge of climate change the science
the damage to our environment the cost
and the politics welcome to Sunday and

this special edition of Meet the Press
from NBC News
the longest-running show in television
history this is a special edition of

Meet the Press with Chuck Todd good
Sunday morning and a Happy New Year’s
weekend to everyone this morning we’re
gonna do something that we don’t often
get to do on one topic

it’s obviously extraordinarily difficult
to do this show as the end of this year
has proven in the air of no not clear
but we’re gonna take an in-depth look
regardless of that at a literally earth

changing subject that doesn’t get talked
about this thoroughly on television news
at least climate change but just as
important as what we are going to do
this hour is what we’re not going to do

we’re not going to debate climate change
the existence of it the earth is getting
hotter and human activity is a major
cause period we’re not going to give
time to climate deniers the science is
settled even if political opinion is not

sure we’re gonna hold it do a whole hour

and we’re not gonna let anyone with an
opposing view talk because it’s settled
it’s done the science is in
it’s not how science works it does on

this baffles me it doesn’t bother me at
all that they’ll push anything anything

they can anything I have so I’m
listening around going around looking
for some a little offbeat and so I ran
into a podcast that’s where you can find

the offbeat stuff for sure this podcast
is done by David Axelrod oh goody
former chief of staff for Obama
now Axelrod there’s also a campaigning

manager yes more excellence yes he is
who I don’t know who does his podcast
but it took me a good 15 minutes to
equalize that one guy shouting why did

you do that why did you why did you ruin
the original we could have so much fun
listening to this production
because I’m not taking the chance on you
grousing about okay it was just like

completely out of control but I
normalized it enough that it’s
this is Axelrod with of all people Jeff
Zucker ooh from CNN yeah former Suffern
Suffern had a big treating career and I

didn’t realize he’s had cancer and a
heart operation he had Bell’s palsy and
he’s had everything in his life he’s

only a short guy six five six and it
talks about it you know in this podcast
there’s a very good podcast people
should look it up just look up Axelrod
Tucker podcast I have two clips which

indicate to me that either Zucker
doesn’t know what he’s talking about or
he’s naive or I don’t know what but
they’re very interesting because he was

very successful as an executive at NBC
before he took over the place in other
words a low-level guy he was much better
than he was when he’s running things he
doesn’t want to put Leno on every night

at 10:00 you have any clue it’s great
Network good work
but let’s listen talk about him on he
did fix it to the Today Show by being
one of the execs there and I want to

play two clips from him this one is the
two events click the clip clip now there
were two events that also really helped
us change the dynamic of the Today Show
the OJ Simpson trial in 1995 I think we

recognized early on that this was going
to be a real cultural touch point and we
we covered it intensely and and did you

know went all in on coverage of this
which is a theme that I would later
reprise at CNN when we would go all in
on a big story but the first time we

ever did this was was on the OJ Simpson
trial and Charlie Gibson was the anchor
of GMA and he took shots at us in in the
newspapers by saying I can’t believe how
much coverage of OJ Simpson they’re

doing and and my response was well it’s
interesting it’s good and the audience
wants it and then and then the other and
then the next thing that happened was
like so anyway when he was at NBC and
promoted the OJ Simpson trial and NBC

picked up on it the whole thing mm-hmm
that dribbled up to the to the Tonight
Show with Jay Leno who was trailing
David Letterman during this era and Leno
went all in on the Simpson trial by

having the dancing itõs a whole bunch of
gimmicks and crazy stuff about the
Letterman said that he refuses to even
discuss it in his monologue because it’s

too you know creepy so he just stayed
away from it completely Leno went all in
the way Zucker did and Leno overtook
Letterman and Letterman never caught him

again after that ah okay and and my
response was well it’s interesting it’s
good and the audience wants it and then
and then the other and then the next
thing that happened was the 96 election
I’m sorry when I was supervising

producers that I need to election the
first one was the 92 election when I
took over I’m sorry 1992 elections yeah
and that was an incredibly exciting

election because there were three
candidates right Russ Roslyn right and
we actually had a tremendous in with
Ross Perot and so we recognized his
popularity very early on and we had Ross

Perot on all the time before anybody
else did and the other thing is then we
would start having Bill Clinton on for
these hour-long interviews when the when

the history of interviews with
candidates was you’d have him on for
five minutes okay we had him on for an
hour and then we had Imams uniquely
qualified by doing huh he was okay but
we took advantage of that and then we’d

have Bill Clinton on for two hours so
the entire Today Show was two hours we’d
have Ross Perot on for an hour more two
hours and so it was like nobody could
believe that this is what the Today Show

was doing but they were talking about us
we were getting we were getting notices
we were relevant in a way we hadn’t been
and so that is how we changed up the
Today Show hmm interesting so he’s the

one that pushed the the Clinton thing
sure I then had Ross Perot as the
spoiler that take votes away from George
HW would meant Clinton got elected in 92

I think a lot of it had to do with this
guy Zucker giving these guys this much
free airtime two hours the whole show
free to clean he didn’t pay for it yes

but but the brilliance of it is by
splitting the Republican vote with Ross
Perot you know he wins in both ways he
wins by helping Clinton get elected and

he looks like he’s unbiased because he
has two opposing candidates on and I’m
sure he invited George HW Bush you
wouldn’t do an hour
he may be five-six but he was smart

now he still doesn’t realize the power
of television when he gives us this
anecdote because he denies that all the
excessive coverage of Trump had nothing

to do with this election he’s got some
rational ID some rational rationalities
to it okay and so let’s play the other
clip and when he came down the escalator
and did his thing what was your reaction

so my reaction was you know stop I want
to do a little background sucker was the
guy who helped create the show The

Apprentice starring Donald Trump oh
that’s good but I didn’t know that and
he was a big he was friends with Trump
and he he’s always saw Trump as a
natural charismatic guy who always

people just liked him and for no good
reason than him often and he would and
he used that he leveraged I says nobody
else wanted to show The Apprentice but
he knew it was gonna be a hit because

this guy Trump was a natural at
promoting and self promoting and getting
publicity that they didn’t have to pay
for and this stuff like that so he was a
kind of a Trump fan from that

perspective start this clip over please
and when he came down the escalator and
did his thing what was your reaction so
my reaction was you know the contents of
that speech aside when he announced was

that look I think that I recognized his
popular appeal I think that I understood
from The Apprentice and watching him and
all of that that there was a there was a

something about Trump and his and his
character that was popular and I thought
would would work and I do think that

that’s one of the reasons that that I
had CNN pay attention right away to
Donald Trump because I think at a time

if you go back the first couple months
most national news media organizations
did not take it very seriously CNN did
right away and we turned out to be right
well some would argue that it was a that

that it’s a chicken and egg thing that
part of what CNN did was help yeah III
disagree with that and I’ll tell you why
you know he announces comes down the
escalator announces and three weeks

later he’s number one in the polls in
the Republican Party and he and he holds
on to that till he becomes the
Republican nominee so he was he was the
favorite among that entire field three

weeks in so I don’t think that CNN made
him number one in three weeks okay I
think that he had that appeal and and
and we were covering the front-runner we

would cover the front-runner
disproportionately in in any race so III
don’t I don’t you said something earlier
in our discussion here that struck me
and it leads to a question about this

and television generally you said the
audience wants it and that is obviously
something that’s always in your head
Donald Trump understands that if you
light yourself on fire

that’s good TV so look you understand
that as well and you needed that they
were that was good for CNN was it not
well look I’m not gonna apologize I
think what a lot of people want is for

you know people to say that you do you
shouldn’t you should apologize for
giving the audience what they’re
interested in this goes back to the

plane and and we took a lot of heat for
the poop cruise at one time listen I
think what we have always done whether
it was at the Today Show or CNN is we’ve
never been above what the audience is

interested in and I think this idea that
you know you should only feed the
audience spinach and you should tell
them what’s important I reject that Wow
first of all he’s full of crap but so

are you a news organization or an
entertainment units of Time Warner seems
like just pure entertainment he’s only
talking about what the audience wants

not what is Newton’s I didn’t hear the
word news once no sounds like there was
collusion to CNN helped Trump get
elected he’s kind of saying it well he’s

kind of trying not to say it
yeah he’s choosing his words very
carefully very very carefully I predict
for this year John will probably be

seeing a lot more of us clipping stuff
from podcasts I really do I really do
because the real inner material you get
some in-depth people that when you’re
doing a podcast is different than being

another day oh oh oh yeah camera in your
face and all these things yep media
deconstruction will be more podcasts in
2019 I’m feeling it and secretly a

little proud of that actually yes meet
up tomorrow the Gillman Brewing Company

in Berkeley a Friday that’s five to
eight Gillman brewing is on Beacon it’s
very famous plays and with that we’ve
come to the end of today’s program of

course remember us at Dvorak dot org
slash n a four hour show on Sunday
coming to you from downtown Austin Texas
capital the drone star state FEMA region
number six in the governmental maps in
the five by nine clue do in the common

law condo in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley which is where the guilded
brewery is I out here watching the
trains in the meantime I’m John Steed

before we return on Sunday with news of
the meet up the flash news
till then adios mofos and such



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