No Agenda Episode 1101 “Tippie-Top”

as you said like a Lebanese merchant
Adam curry Johnson 1101 this is no
agenda Silicon Valley where it’s raining

it’s raining its global warming I’m John

Steed abour oh boy it’s raining oh my
goodness what are you gonna do in
California I don’t know there’s water

pouring out of the skies it’s the end of
global warming’s apocalypse oh wait look
we know since the 18-49 people have been
writing about the hellhole that is

California yep nothing new nothing new
and we missed the Zephyr holy bash
second show thee of the year already
missing the Zephyr

I hear that too for coming and it’s
rolling round the bend
you’ve inspired people John inspire

hello hello I said you inspire people
and you were just very quiet I was

laughing who was it with the Johnny Cash
flow that’s who do you think it is it is
it is our drunken Chris yes because I do
that voice man he did a whole end of

show song for us and see Matt did this
you know long after we are gone these

songs will still be floating around the
internet they won’t know or know why wow
2019 back in the day those guys were
weird weirdos what is this zephyr they

keep talking about come on let’s get
back in my flying car yeah that’ll be
the day is yes before we start we have
travel advisories from the United States

State Department travel warning for
Americans going to China be careful but
also travel advisory for Italy terror
advisory no less yeah terrorist groups

continue plotting possible attacks in
Italy terrorists may attack with little
or no warning
that’s how it works massive terror
attack in Italy that affected the

tourists I think I you know I sent this
to Willow who lives in Florence that’s a
actually Thea’s oleh outside of Florence
and she said oh this is because of our
art a whole government they’re putting
fear into everybody and somehow that’s

trickling up or through or whatever
that’s what she said
says it makes no sense they make sense
at all but I do like how the State
Department formulates it terrorists may
attack with little or no warning really

this is a revelation yeah they gave lots
of warning told people with the
neighborhood is gonna be and they were
when they were gonna attack how they
were gonna attack and what day they may
be targeting tourist locations transit

transportation hubs marketing or
shopping malls markets or shopping malls
local government facilities hotels clubs
restaurants places of worship parks
major sporting and cultural events
educational institutions airports and

other public areas when was the last
time in Italy that any of those places
were targeted by terrorists I don’t know
I don’t know

never mm-hmm no they’ve had stuff go on
in Italy they’ve had problems that’s
usually that’s damn blown up a church
hmmm places of worship yeah maybe a

yeah well that’s also a place of worship
yeah well I mean that me that would be a
target for some of the terrorists who
hated the other sect but I’m not buying
it huh well I found this week – or this

weekend to be a little tougher even than
Christmas as people still were just
really weren’t quite back and you know
there was I think there’s a lot of

people on furlough and to pull out to
the post office to get the mail there’s
like five pieces there said the usual
tan 115 cows that were suffering again
yes checks and but I mean it comes

Avenger let me let me just get this
right so the furlough or the partial
shutdown as it’s called is hurting the
show directly

yeah I think so because people get do
our people that listen to this show
that’s dead donate yep
they get a check in fact we probably
when we probably have more government

listeners than we realize probably and
probably more of them not donating than
we realize that probably is a little bit
but I think we don’t think it’s just a
direct connection I think a lot of it’s

just a the overall connection because of
the slowed down of everything and
they’re trying to snap out of the
holiday season and all that sort of
thing right yeah DC girl who would know

says payroll goes in on the 9th and
payday is or is not the 11th so that’s
that’s when that’s the real date when it
starts to get difficult for people

I I must say Oh Trump says it could go
on for years that’s not exactly what he
said I watched his I watched his Rose
Garden appearance which I thought was
one of yours I thought when it was it

was one of his better appearances he was
very calm he was reasonably coherent he
didn’t have a lot of the a world thing
but me didn’t have a lot of that Bob
took questions did another one of those

fun hey you know shall I keep asking me
one you got more questions so I keep
this going a little bit you guys like it
even through a question to that
what’s-her-name from the the black radio

I have no you’re not Anna Navarro but
the other one you know what I’m talking
about yes you do enjoy
no no she’s MSNBC no from the the April

Ryan oh god the work yes and she had an
okay question and he’s a no good
question he was like he was happy
everyone was nice and and he was kind

although as I’m watching some watching
it I’m thinking in my head he’s bringing
in so first of all we just kind of
change the wall to Bay can be steel it’s
American steel area area but steel so be

good for American companies okay
interesting and then he brings dhaka
back in he literally said I want people
to come in and have a pathway to

citizenship we need the people he said
all these things and I’m thinking maybe
this wall maybe this five point six
billion five billion is just is just
kind of a no maybe he’s going for a full

immigration deal
who knows they just it just kind of hit
me like just going for something bigger
I was gonna now analyze it correctly
whatever he’s up to he in his rose

garden statement he did make it very
clear he has a he has his fallback
position yes good so first let me know
when you get tired I’m not have you

considered using emergency powers and to
grant yourself authorities to build this
wall without congressional approval and
second guess I have to go you have yes I
have and I can do it if I want so you

don’t need congressional approval to
build no we can use them absolutely we
can call a national emergency because of
the security of our country absolutely
no we can do it I haven’t done it I may
do it I may do it but we can call a

national emergency and build it very
quickly and it’s another way of doing it
but if we can do it through a negotiated
process we’re giving that a shot so is
that a threat hanging over the Democrats

I never threaten anybody
hmm alright the only promise since when
but the best part and if I had had a
beverage in my in my between my lips it
would have been spewing throughout the

throughout the common-law condo and it
kind of fits in with this Trump the
stock whisperer because whenever he says
oh well you know you might want to buy I
don’t know I think it was just a glitch

in the system it’s yeah the market went
up a thousand points the marked the
trading day after he said that do you
recall he was saying he was pissed off
about the price of oil he’ll he’s done
that a number of times well he did heat

address this specifically in his Rose
Garden speech now all of this stuff is
changing now this is a fair deal this is
a good deal for Mexico frankly oil
companies and other companies have an

incentive now to go to Mexico and take
away lap and that’s why we’re keeping
gasoline prices so low you look at
what’s going on with gasoline prices
I mean it’s rather incredible if you

look back four months ago oil hit 83
eighty-three it was heading to a hundred
and then it could have gotten to a

hundred and twenty-five you want to see
problems let that happen after I made
some phone calls to OPEC and the OPEC
nations which is essentially a monopoly
all of a sudden it started coming down

I’m very happy with what’s happened and
I’m very happy that people are paying a
lot less in many cases than $2 a gallon
for gasoline you look at what’s
happening everyone’s talking about

didn’t happen by luck it happened
through talent and I believe it in this
case I totally believe that I believe

whatever talent he has he pulled it
together and said I had
this whole cash OB thing let’s start by
lowering the price that’s written us
down a bit you guys are pissing me off I

just thought was funny talent I got it I
got to learn how to say that myself the
show isn’t just good because it’s
because talent yeah it’s hard to pull
off he does it in the way he does it
it’s like you know it’s just like

they’re just like a kicker at the end of
it at the end the end of an Origin the
clip is a good clip it was very very
funny did you have any wall clips you

have anything I got a couple related
wall clips you know it’s just the wall
was tedious more house action so he
started he started this mmm on brightest

Friday and did it his first ever
appearance in the briefing room first
ever appearance in the briefing room
ball he divided want to point something

out this was I think I may have a clip
about that but this was pointed out by
every this is more important than
anything that these these networks and
democracy now and the rest of them all

the same it’s like all I got is the
first appearance ever ever and I think
he’d I don’t believe that’s true but
okay let’s say it is and then they said
he just he just told the press what he

wanted to tell him he’s he called the
briefing and he told him what he wanted
to tell him and then he didn’t take any
questions what kind of a briefing is
that it’s a briefing all right that was
the first appearance of President Donald

Trump so significant for that factor
however he also he did not take
questions I want to discuss this with my
panelists members of this Union the
national of national Border Patrol

Council which endorsed him in during the
campaign so these are current and
retired Border Patrol agents right these
represent Border Patrol agents not the
Border Patrol we’re and he has them
behind him but it’s just pulling the

spotlight back to the White House and to
his point of view but it’s he didn’t
even take questions oh no it doesn’t
really explain I think if the Democrats
can make their point and it was

there they also say they bill kristol
this guy has fallen so low to be sitting
on the panel discussing whether the
president’s have this we have a
continuing resolution for the Department

of Homeland Security for a month we will
debate the border issue meanwhile we
have these six other agencies of the
federal government that you are closing
down and holding hostage and we’re
willing to pass bipartisan
appropriations bills for those I think

it’s a very hard argument for some
consistent by not addressing it right
and we need a wall thank you to be clear
this is basically this is a stunt I mean

this isn’t a briefing so we thought
there was going to write a briefing is
questions a briefing is questions you
heard it here first briefing is

questions why are you arguing with Bria
Brie on don’t argue with her
she’s the worst a briefing is questions
you don’t even know who she is

am I wrong here’s my question regarding
this if it’s Bria free if so much of the
country is really up in arms about this

it really really wants this wall may or
may not be true but before you go on
before you I want to stop and and read
you the definition of a brief word
briefing hmm does it include questions

no Oh a meeting for giving information
or instructions that’s one to the
actions of informing or instructing

someone has nothing to do with questions
and answers press conference nothing
like that it’s a briefing and everybody
including that clip you have was up in

arms about this a last minute briefing
that that was done a briefing right a
briefing is questions yeah no so that’s
all they could argue about is whether it

was a briefing or not was really
interesting but I’m thinking if people
really want this we apparently
the capability in America to mobilize
millions of people with pussy hats and

you know we can get people on the
streets and they go down to DC how come
this doesn’t happen for something as
incredibly as important as the wall why
isn’t that happening I see that’s almost

my question I mean is it only the left
with pussy hats who can organize is the
right that left is the ones who go on

the streets
well why doesn’t the right do that if
it’s if it’s life or death
right when the right does that as and
case in point would be the tea party
they actually would go out into the

street they tend to be elderly or older
yes and there are young ones in that
group but then they started usually go
on the street with any sort of signs
that are need to even reflect mirror
reflect the kind of signage that they

have on the left they’re called a bunch
of Nazis and that’s why they don’t want
to cut it down so they can’t go do
anything hmm but the left are then
called an anti fob by the right and then

you can make an article those anti far
you’re right well I just think if its
life or death people would take to the
streets I’d hope they would but they’re

not so you just gotta wonder right
actually do it when they’re
conservatives right the old farts and
everybody else takes to the streets for
over something it’s not gonna be pretty
but this wall issue is is about two

things one is just not giving Trump what
he campaigned on that’s definitely part
of it and the other leverage for 2020
and it’s it’s also leverage for a real

immigration deal which includes some
pathway to citizenship which the
Democrats desperately want that’s that
is that’s what that’s their position and
Trump was talking about this in his

speech he’s saying look well first of
all put more money into the into the
regular ports of entry where people are
overstaying their visas which I hope
would mean an exit stamp which is what

every country in the modern world has
the track of people ever left
yeah and he’s talking about pathway to
citizenship I think something much
bigger may come out of this and I don’t
know who this person is Cheri Bustos

she’s apparently congresswoman from
Democrat for Illinois even heard of her
I’ve never heard of her
well she is also the chairperson of the
DCCC and she explains what that is in

this clip and just listening to her I
think there’s a lot of room and I think
they may be further down the path than
the press wants us to know where is the
room for a deal well the room for a deal

is that there’s got to be some
give-and-take it’s I worked in the
private sector my entire career before
coming to Congress in fact I was a
journalist for 20 I almost cooked almost
20 years almost AIDS

why don’t we know where if she was a
journalist for 20 years this is bugging
me well look looking and then we’re just
under 10 years but as you know when
you’re not on camera when you’re working
with your producers and your

photographers and all of that you know
you got to have a little give-and-take
and if we are unwilling to do that we
will not improve the way this place I’m
standing in the US Capitol right now we

will not improve
the way Congress functions and you know
with or up to me I would go into a room
I’d lock the door and say we’re not
going to leash until we open up the
government again it is not that hard and
I think one of the point worth making

the the wall that President Trump has
talked about now for many years because
this was a defining theme when he was a
candidate it is nothing more than a
symbol if you look at it from this

perspective if we have a partial wall if
we have fencing if we have technology
used to keep our border safe all of that
is fine but it has just become this

symbol that the president is not having
any give or take when it comes to this
five billion dollars so you said there
needs to be give-and-take and then you
said that you are supportive or at least

open to the idea of a partial wall
fencing technology is that the give here
are you willing to give some additional
funding beyond the 1.3 billion for a

partial wall fadna I hadn’t even heard
this 1.3 billion number yet that
Schumer’s number he said that’s what
he’d be willing to give for the wall or

fencing but none of us for the wall it
was for border security now I think or
technology well keep in mind I’m not
sitting at that table doing the
negotiating I mean I’m running the
Democratic Congressional Campaign

Committee it means I have a seat at the
leadership table but you have a vote in
Congress and you are a member of
Democratic leadership and people are you
know you’ve got four votes for Speaker
and I don’t mean to diminish that people
listen here’s what is this four votes
for Speaker

fifteen members of the House refused to
vote for Nancy Pelosi the votes okay got
scattered around I got things are you
saying that that is where you believe
Democrats should give I believe that

when we are looking at many issues
whether it pertains to rebuilding our
country and passing what I hope will end
up being a trillion dollar
infrastructure package to rebuild our
roads or bridges I roads and bridges and

water how about that what if we fold it
into the infrastructure bill
well sure lot of wiggle room with a
trillion dollar mark well she’s talking
to I does she bring that up in

relationship to this in rural broadband
or whether it has to do with lowering
the cost of health care including the
exorbitant prices of prescription drugs
whatever it is what I’m saying is we can
have a starting point that we go in

there and we say this is ideally what we
would like to see happen but in the end
we might have to give or take a little
bit it’s just the way the world works
its way the way our families work I’m a

mother of blah blah blah
I think there’s room there and she’s
signaling this yeah maybe
I’m not saying she’s not Pelosi the one
who really calls the shots

she worked at the Quad Cities times as
the nightshift police reporter wow
that’s a gig and she actually got a
master’s in journalism from University
of Illinois to get the gig

yeah well that in those days I’m gonna
hold she is but in olden days you’d get
you come out of college 57
yeah you come out of college and you if
you had any journalism chops whether you

were the editor of the school paper or
you were taking journalism courses you
get offered these sorts of gigs around
the country when they had real
newspapers and they was always starting
off as always a good some cop beat you

had for the police department and that’s
it they actually kind of made the the
reporters a little more street savvy
because they actually know we’re out

there yeah they they get getting some
real information yeah
those days are over oh yeah alrighty
think we’re done with the wall I just

thought it was interesting that you know
how’d that it just seems like
something’s something’s going on this I
did I think we will get to something
some better be going on well it has to
yeah well they talk about this a little

bit on democracy now let me let me give
you an example here is a Amy Goodman is
gonna talk about they’re gonna talk to
very detailed information about the wall
and some of the things that went on that

are going on in the various
administrations let’s play this this is
Amy regarding shutdown as the government
shutdown moves into its 14th day with
800,000 federal workers either being

forced to work without pay or on
furlough and they won’t be paid we go
now to Capitol Hill where we’re joined
by Democrats what do you mean not true

give everybody back pay for being put on
furlough that’s way they blood of him
like going on furlough and then why is
she lying to us I’m wondering myself
because I think she knows the the

reality of it there must be somebody
that’s that’s not gonna get paid I’m not
sure what the point of that comment was
but and they won’t be paid we go now to
Capitol Hill where we’re joined by

Democratic Congress member Judy Chu of
California she’s the chair of the
Congressional Asian Pacific American
caucus Congress member Chu is also a
member of the Committee on ways and

means along with Democratic Senator Jeff
Merkley of Oregon she’s introduced the
shutdown child prison camps act a recent
piece for the Pasadena’s I want you to
get your pencil because there’s gonna be

so many details this is already
interesting the title of this act yeah
it wasn’t but you’d now you’re gonna
hear all the really important stuff so
really start writing down notes news his

headline shut down Trump’s child prison
camp Congress member Judy Chu welcome to
Trump’s child prison camp is that
seriously what I just heard yeah all I

got to back it up for the title of that
act he’s for the Pasadena Star News his
headline shut down Trump’s child prison
care Congress remember Judy Chu welcome
to Democracy Now congrat

Galatians on your swearing in yesterday
along with the most diverse Congress and
US history your thoughts being in that
room and the comparison of the diversity
in color religion ethnicity sexual

identity on the part of the Democrats
versus the Republicans oh it was just so
incredibly exciting to be there with the

now majority in Congress you could see
the stark difference just when you
entered the room as the proceeding
started and that is on the left side of

the room where the Democrat sit there
was tremendous diversity we have a
record number of women in Congress now
there are over a hundred women in
Congress but most of them are on the

Democratic side but there is also
tremendous diversity we have the
greatest number of Latinos African
Americans and let me also say we have
the greatest number of Asian Pacific

Islanders elected to Congress now we
have gone from 18 to now 20 agen Pacific
Islander members of Congress but it is
so exciting that we have now the first

two Native American women in Congress
and the first two Muslim American women
in Congress right United Colors of

Benetton it’s beautiful hey hey where’s
this from it what are they talking about
just sitting there patting yourself on
the back yeah there’s a bunch of more
women these people reelected it’s not

talking about qualifications or what any
of them are any good they haven’t even
been in office for ten minutes but
they’re just all well useless know if
you look at how the Democratic Party

runs and what issues they run on its
diversity and they said we’re gonna get
make it more diverse and they did they
didn’t say they were going to get anyone
right for the job and they may very well
be I don’t know but they said they were

going for diversity they delivered on
their promise let’s go with part two the
first day was to be able to change the
rules so that we have great

transparency in Congress and it was also
to pass bills that would end the
government shutdown on the rules issue
yes and unfortunately since the last few
congresses since Republicans took over

we have had a lack of transparency so
our whole goal was to change it so that
for instance we could have a bill 72
hours before it’s voted upon so we can
actually read it and contemplate yeah

we’ll hold you to that one don’t worry
this woman wasn’t this Obama’s promise
when he first became president at all
and it’s gonna be everything’s gonna be

on c-span and you can read the bills and
all the rest of it yeah that didn’t work
that wasn’t Nancy Pelosi one says we
gotta pass this bill so you can read it
to see what it says yes yes that’s

correct in other words she just fully
crapped like the rest of them with this
no no they put out a bill 72 hours in

advance before they even bring it to the
floor and in fact I’ll read from it in a
minute so they did that they’re working
on it they’re getting better that we can
have an end to these conflict of

interests so for instance members of
Congress cannot be on corporate boards
and also so that we can have greater
diversity amongst our members that board
thing they’re not talking about the real

conflict of interest stuff which is a
defect that stock trades can do stock
trades based on what the legislation is
gonna be in advance legally and they
have to report it it’s only but it’s

available only in the basement of the
Library of Congress not not kidding no
cops no copies can be made and leave the
premises no electronic equipment you
have to bring pencil or a great memory a

greater – wait wait so they they make it
they lately let that slide but they talk
about this board member thing knowing
full well that none of these diversity

folk or anybody on our boards on
boards except maybe some public you know
some Soros boards which don’t count
there tell my corporate boards of

money-making companies so Rossum only
applies to one half of Congress so they
can still be on this on a board of a big
NGO well I’m pretty sure that’s true I’m
not not looking to that that’s

interesting that’s interesting
if that can be shown then you can see
that this is just a bigoted
anti-business kind of thing let’s hear
the word diverse guys should be on

boards of corporations of course not but
if you’re gonna start limiting things
you’re better limited evenly yes
get some diversity we can have greater
diversity amongst our members allowing

religious headgear on the board so those
were our rules never religious headgear
always reminds me of the braces I had

with the headgear my hat I hated those
things had had wear him to school had to
do three notches on the right two
notches on the Left that’s headgear on
the floor so those were our rules

packages but the most important thing
was that we do not continue the
suffering of these federal workers these
800,000 federal workers who either will
not be paid or will be paid later and do

not have a paycheck now you want to hear
the bit from the bill that they brought
out before they bring it to the floor
the 72-hour bill yeah it’s from sarbanes
put it in yo sarbanes from

sarbanes-oxley sarbanes-oxley one of the
worst laws in effect ever episode he put
out the for the people act of 2019
producer Todd caught this and pulled out

a couple of things this is to you know
more transparency rectify the elections
get our elected lecture system in order
and a couple of points page 39
the voting age shall be lowered to 16

makes sense
any citizen will be able to request a
MyVoice voucher worth $25 so this is a
voucher you get to even out money in

politics and you can spend that 25 it’s
federal money you can spend that $25 on
any party or individual you want
colleges can automatically register

students to vote but are not required to
ask if they are US citizens according to
the bill there’s a number of triggers
for automatic voter registration
non-citizens who are registered to vote

cannot be charged with the crime unless
they knew they were violating the crime
Sosa get out of jail free card there
within six months of an election people
cannot use the cross state registration

database to find people who are
registered to vote in more than one
state because that’s voter suppression
that’s a Republican tactic you see to
find corruption is it is is right-wing

craziness oh my god that’s a that’s
unbelievable voting rights will be
restored to convicted criminals as long
as they are not in jail on Election Day

and all states must allow early voting
and polling locations must be moved
within walking distance of bus stops
let’s back up

this is in that bill that’s supposed to
yeah the for the people act for the
people act
it’s pretty good right

yeah it’s a scam as usual yeah slipping
one by but right what so what does the
media say about this they must have read
this over and said this notice these

these anomalies uh yeah I have a clip
right here if you know what I mean of
course they don’t say anything about

that come on you know the answers it’s
just it’s just shameless thank you thank
you our thanks to our producer for yeah

digging this out that’s what we do on
this show yeah and put the I put the
whole PDF in the show notes any show
notes calm you can go find it there but
it’s pro oh by the way from the future
time for if we can just deviate or do

you have more on the diversity diversity
buddy got diversity or on the 20/20 no
do one we see five again 2020 hold on
before we do anything yes

so who do we still have running the
three B’s
Beto Biden and bingo who’s a third be
that oh by Bernie Bernie

we have Kamala Harris and I think that
CNN has really decided to cut Biden out
of the three B’s and is and they brought
in Sally cone everybody’s favorite to uh

to take him down and let everyone know
that yeah Sally cone besides being a
journalist I think she’s good
although incredibly biased you know I
think she has ties to the Democrats that

are deeper than the surface may show I
always think she has inside info so
here’s Sally :
let’s turn the page and I know it’s so
early but Senator Dianne Feinstein says

she would back Joe Biden if he ran in
2020 of you guys heard this and not only
is it interesting Sally to you that
she’d say something like this so early

but also just keeping in mind senator
Kamala Harris is her fellow California
senator what do you think I mean good
honor I have to respectfully disagree

look when someone says I want to
respectfully disagree what do they say

oh well that’s a good question to
analyze because people say it a lot
listen I I just respectfully I disagree
I think it’s haughty it’s I think it has
bad connotations I think it means you

you think the person is full of shit
yeah you don’t want to say it like hey
you’re so stupid you’re so wrong I’m
gonna tell you how it is I think you’re

right that’s kind of that’s kind of what
it means another one good on her good on
her is that even mean you know I’m
hearing having haven’t grown up in

Europe growing up with the Germanic
languages I’m hearing descent and
sentence structure certainly between
Dutch or German and English everything
is reversed so instead of saying what do
you say you literally say what say you

and I’m hearing this coming up now what
say you in something in certain
circumstances people use this and to say
good on you it’s good for y’all you know
it’s like a Germanic thing that’s coming

in it’s very odd to me where I hear
these sentence structures that are
different from the traditional English
good on you good on her good on her if

you don’t say it with the right intent
intonation sounds stupid like oh well
good on her yeah that sounds nasty yeah
it doesn’t sound right

I mean good honor have to respectfully
disagree look I think it’s the prelude
to fu has name recognition people like
him and in fairness he’s the most sort

of populist seeming of a long legacy of
centrist corporate Democrats right he
talked – he’s from Scranton he talks
about that all the time and so he sort

of seemed like the most popular bearing
in mind he’s from the great banking
state of Delaware but but he kind of he
earned that reputation but in fairness
the country yeah corporate centrist

Democrats but certainly in this moment
that is so tone-deaf and out of step not
only was what the country needs but with
what the American people across the

aisle what and and it turns out we’re a
fundamentally more progressive inclusive
populist country that wants things like
higher taxes on the rich climate change

and corporations and big business to be
held accountable and we need Democratic
candidates who I don’t know actually
sided with the majority of Americans not
to mention the majority of Democrats as

opposed to siding with big business in
Wall Street
Uncle Joe just got shoved in The Wall
Street way to go south she had Hillary
she’s there already – yeah she runs a

think-tank that she found it Sally she’s
only sometimes a commentator
only a stooge for the Democrats yeah
she’s Democrats now she mentioned the

higher taxes and I’m gonna bring it
right back to what I said earlier
AOC who I and I’m sorry have the AOC
clip yeah I have it too okay let me see

how long has your clip yours is oh you
have 142 we’re going with your clip your
talk about zero carbon emissions no use
of fossil fuels within 12 years that is

the goal its ambitious yeah I know that
posture of everybody happening to drive
an electric car it’s going to require a
lot of rapid change that we don’t even

conceive as possible right now what is
the problem with trying to push our
technological capacities to the farthest
extent possible this would require

though raising taxes there’s an element
where yeah there people are gonna have
to start paying their fair share in
taxes tax rate you know you look at our
tax rates back in the 60s and when you
have a progressive tax rate system your

tax rate you know let’s say from zero to
$75,000 may have been 10% or 15% etc but
once you get to like the tippy tops on

your 10 millionth dollar
sometimes you see tax rates as high as
60 or 70% that doesn’t mean all 10
million dollars or taxed an extremely
high rate but it means that as you climb

up this ladder you should be
contributing more what you are talking
about this big picture is a radical
agenda compared to the way politics is
done right now well I think that it only

has ever been radicals that have changed
this country Abraham Lincoln was a
radical decision to sign the
Emancipation Proclamation Franklin
Delano Roosevelt made the radical

decision to embark on establishing
programs like Social Security that is
radical do you call yourself a radical
yeah you know if that’s what radical
means call me a radical I really like

this girl she is going places I know you
it’s to me I don’t like her in the least
I think she’s I do think she’s stupid
and she’s an idealist and a goofball

I think she’s something of a goofball I
just do not see what you see I know what
you’re thinking did he shoot six shots
or only five oh I’m sorry no it’s

different no I’m going on record as Pro
AOC I think she could do things that I
like listen here’s I have some things to
say about this first of all what

happened to the actual green New Deal
black-on-white her own paper says we’re
going to print the money
I hope we’re gonna print the money for
this green New Deal which we only have
12 years to do really only ten before we

die children know it that you ask any
child particularly if they just got into
college was happening with with climate
change we’re gonna die
so let’s just bear that in mind children
believe this she believes this I think I

think so she said it was going to be
done by printing up money just the way
we did the bailout in 2008 so she’s
this is the question pooper should have
asked instead she brings up a

progressive tax system which we’ve had
all my life and yes is even today if you
make X amount you pay only so much over
the first $25,000 50,000

and you get into the tippy-top as she
calls it at iffy job which is Scott
Adams would say persuasive gets into the

and that’s where you may wind up paying
more and I went back and I looked
throughout the 50s the 60s and the 70s
up until 1981 the tippy top tax rate in
United States was over 70% Tesla it was

it’s not it’s not crazy but go back into
that era and the tippy top top tax rate
at 71 percent did exist but there were a

million ways to lower your tax liability
through all kinds of R&D deals and
there’s certain kinds of investments and

write-offs this way and write-offs that
way and very few people that made that
kind of money
they made the 10 million plus a year
ever paid those tax rates because they
had been putting the money here and

putting the money there these were
called the loopholes that were closed
and once they started closing the
loopholes and they had to start lowering
the tax rates because it was a it was a
one to one ratio so this is really

misconstrued this is a specious
commentary that she’s making it’s
bullshit that may be true I’d the only
thing I’m saying is it’s not crazy to

have that upper tax rate in a
progressive system and people shouldn’t
immediately be uh however a more
importantly if that’s all it would take

to get the green New Deal going to save
our lives
I expect every person who is a
democratic voter or a democratic
operative or politician to agree to this

idea to save the world
I bet we won’t but it’s not it’s I’d
like people like Nancy Pelosi and the

real movers and shakers in the party buy
into any of the we’re all gonna die
nonsense no but of course but that’s how

I can make my point if they don’t buy
into it if they don’t say hey you know
okay make it 60% make it an even 50 what
whatever you gonna do that’s the way we

typically do things with raising money
if it truly is the most important thing
in the world because we’re all going to
die then they should all be pushing for
it they won’t because it’s not true

we’re not going to die my point is about
the science of climate change and the
hood that’s been pulled over everybody’s
so how’d everybody know but the people

who are advocating for those suckers the
people who are advocating for the we’re
all gonna die climate change don’t deny
Sciences in they should be all in on at
least this idea I agree and I think a

lot of them are we’ll see I bet not a
single one of them supports this idea
not a single one a single one of who is
at Congress members yes the Democrats

who say we’re going to die from climate
change them yes oh well maybe by the way
this think there’s more than a single I
think there’s a few this was all
predicted the newbies that just came in

did you see the the article that now you
know the orbit of the the earth is
changing slightly and therefore and
that’s not therefore climate change you
know it it may end by itself or not oh

they’re looking for the out to look for
the exit strategy for the bullish listen
so this this actually appeared in 1961
November 17th in an episode of The

Twilight Zone
the word that mrs. Bronson is unable to
put into the hot still sudden air is
doomed because the people you’ve just
seen have been handed a death sentence

one month ago the earth suddenly changed
its elliptical orbit and in doing so
began to follow a path which gradually
moment by moment day by day took it
closer to the Sun
and all of man’s little devices to stir

up the air and now no longer luxuries
they happen to be pitiful and panicky
keys to survival the time is 5 minutes
to 12 midnight there is no more darkness
the place is New York City and this is

the eve of the end because even at
midnight it’s High Noon
the hottest day in history and you’re
about to spend it in the twilight zone
so that’s the setup but in the show

itself this is what happens there was a
scientist on the radio this morning he
was trying to explain what happened how
the earth had changed its orbit and was
starting to move away from the Sun and

that was in 1 2 or maybe 3 weeks at the
there wouldn’t be any more Sun we’d all
freeze nothing ever changes remember
that episode it’s pretty funny you

remember oh that’s great let’s go back
to 1988 for the upcoming election hold
on 1988 hello John oh yeah I was having
trouble with my Segway obvious yes yes

it ran off a hill gore is running he’s
one of the main candidates this is the
the election against the George HW Bush
the first time he after right after

Reagan’s eight years and so we have a
few things here including let’s just
play these two gore clips from 1988 just
pre-election so just before the election
when he was one of the five candidates

Dukakis won this thing he didn’t but he
had a few things to say that he’s kind
of stuck with but I see that he’s kind
of edited down his complaints let’s
start with gore free on the other five

candidates in the race and later in the
campaign I’ll be doing the same thing on
on domestication it’s a cool way to
different you’ve heard these guys and we

all have for about six months you know
what you believe for the last ten years
so where do you think the differences
are gonna be education social well I
think there gonna be some differences
in education in in in this in
Environmental Protection and in a number

of other issue areas I’m the only
candidate to talking about the need for
a completely new approach to
environmental protection as an example

I’m chairman of the largest
environmental protection group in the
Congress I chaired the first hearings
ever held on the problem of hazardous
chemical waste and pollution of

groundwater some ten years ago I was one
of the principal authors of the
Superfund law I’ve been active in issues
from clean air and clean water to

protection of the upper atmosphere and
the rain forests and ocean pollution
management of public lands and the
positions I’ve articulated I’ll give you
an example did you see at any point

mentioned that he invented the internet
the internet later oh when I announced
my candidacy I talked about the threat
to the ozone layer among many many other

issues and some of the other campaigns
said sort of hooted at that and said
this is really a kind of an unusual
issue that the voters will not respond

to I find a tremendous response from the
voters I find Americans all over this
country actively concerned about the
impact of our civilization on the global

environment and the next president must
not only understand that impact but must
be prepared to offer strong innovative
leadership nationally and

internationally to stop that damage the
recent treaty incidentally on the ozone
depletion accomplishes a 35% reduction
in in in the production of these

chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons or
CFCs and yet the
evidence shows that there must be an 85%
reduction just to stabilize the amount

of damage being done in other words
under this treaty the damage will not
only continue it will accelerate fairly
dramatically throughout the balance of

this century that’s unacceptable now
there may be some market developments
that have helped us deal with the
problem in the treaty may accelerate
those market trends
well this is his whole thesis word for

been running for anything is to scare
the crap out of the public have these
assertions like we would like by the
year 2000 apparently according to him
there were the whole was gonna get

bigger when it got smaller and all this
sort of thing but the next one which is
the second clip has an assertion with an
actual time and date no date that it
should be noted yes okay yeah because

it’s it’s he says it and I do the
calculation and I didn’t happen but but
there are many other challenges climate
change is an issue that again wow this

is is out in front of the domestic
consensus on what the agenda of the next
president ought to be but the next
president needs to provide leadership
there as well destruction of the

rainforests we’re losing rainforests in
the world today at at the rate of one
Tennessee’s worth every year an amount
of land equivalent to the size of the
state of Tennessee every single year by

the year 2010 it’ll all be gone it’s
gone gone it’s gone is it gone
did you check yeah I did she’s gone it’s

not gone mine looks as if there’s not
even close to being gone just they you
can look at you know rain forests and
the Wikipedian you can see them all

they’re still there it’s just not done
but going to him it’s not ever gonna be
gone by 2010 alright let’s come back a
couple of things we’ve talked about that

are coming that are coming true
yes that are panning out a while back we
identified that the excessive use of
cuss words amongst leftist liberals

Democrats was increasing
and this increased signal something to
me it signaled a severe frustration and
I said it’s only going to get worse

you’re hearing it on podcast everywhere
people who would never use any kind of
profanity are using the f-word
excessively now I have Tourette’s so you
got to give me a little slack you

actually give you some you use the S
word today you rarely even do that now
they’re saying that was the BS word I’m
not even saying that you’re a leftist
but it came it came true I mean it is

they are this is a break in the
psychology in the psyche of people who
typically are left but who hate Trump
people love you you one bullies don’t

win baby they talk because we’re gonna
go in there and impeach the motherfucker
this is just getting worse this was an

example but I think a lot of it has to
do with education to people that are
typical truck drivers who wouldn’t
really know this woman’s not a truck
driver you Larry that’s big enough to

handle just not using F what this
woman’s not a truck driver and by the
way truck drivers aren’t stupid they
have vocabulary no but they don’t date a
lot of truck drivers getting just a
milieu I’m sorry okay he was all right

that’s more fair yes the milieu of truck
have certain working classes is involves
a lot of cussing the this woman to me is
this is a important especially the way

it was handled this is an important
situation because this can’t be
tolerated by Nancy Pelosi exactly she
and if she can’t control these new

people that are coming in there she’s
gonna have to take him one by one she’s
gonna have a mess on her hands I feel a
dirt I’m sorry I think I think it’s
already done they brought in all the

diversity and that’s the mess
yet diversity is the mess yeah whether
Nancy can organize it at her age not to
be an ageist an already insulted our

truck drivers I don’t think she can do
it I think the whole Democrat party is
gonna fall apart it’s gonna be it’s
gonna be an embarrassment as the those
key sorts of things that that woman did

she’s the new she’s a Muslim by the way
from Michigan I think she’s the Michigan
woman Shh that is going to really turn
off the American public insofar as

Democrats are concerned I agree you’re
right I think it is signaling something
that’s a much bigger problem totally

I have a clip well here it is this is
diversity and Pelosi regains gavel this
up from Democracy Now that discusses a
little bit of this incoming members of

the hundred sixteenth Congress made
history Thursday is the most diverse
group of lawmakers ever sworn in over a
hundred women now serve in the house
along with the most LGBTQ black and

Latino members in history meanwhile
Democratic Congress member Nancy Pelosi
of California was officially elected
Speaker of the House again regaining the
gavel she lost after the 2010 midterm

elections brought eight years of
Republican control to the house nation
is an historic moment two months ago the
American people spoke and demanded a new

dawn upon the beauty of our Constitution
our system of checks and balances that
protects our democracy
remembering that the legislative branch

is article 1 the first branch of
government co-equal to the presidency 15
Democrats including some freshman

lawmakers defected against Pelosi
speakership either voting for an
alternative candidate or simply voting
present as a first order of business
house Speaker Pelosi and House
Democratic leaders sought to end the

partial government shutdown passing a
package of spending bills that would
reopen the federal government without
meeting Trump’s demand for five billion
dollars for expanding the wall on the
us-mexico border

so Pelosi’s got this she has some
defectors which is she punished those 15
but she’s also gonna punish the few that

threatened to not vote for it but did
they voted for anyway but they’re
sterile marked all beyond the you know
the barbers committee for sewage

treatment and marked and these were some
of the words you know farm animals she
was that she was also kind of washing
her words her bitch like I think she’s

got denture sound like she does thank
you for your refit befitting yes
retooling maybe I got a double up on you

listen to tell me if you can spot the
aim the ami hey this is actually a
double flub okay see if you can spot
both of them this is about the Google
story where you know Google apparently
is dodging taxes big shocker no but

listen the Seabees find the two double
flubs and they’re not necessarily
mispronouncing things it’s what she says
newly revealed tax filings show Google

shifted 23 billion dollars to accounts
in Bermuda in 2017 as part of a complex
tax avoidance scheme that saved the tech
giant billions of dollars in revenue the
scheme involved funneling money through

Google Ireland holdings and a Dutch
shell company based in Bermuda where
corporations pay no income tax the
scheme known as the double Irish Dutch
sandwich is legal although Ireland’s
government has said it will close a

loophole allowing the arrangement in
2020 okay first of all is the double
dutch is never a double Irish that’s
just stupidity and I think she also said
it would save the millions in revenue

which is not yes it was mistake number
one yeah it’s not true billions in taxes
yes but not on revenues revenues or
whatever we revenues our revenues it
doesn’t save you any revenue there’s a

Dutch just that wrong the Dutch just
called they want their their other part
back don’t play the second one in there
and I forget oh really besides that
there’s one o newly revealed tax filings
show Google shifted 23 billion dollars

to accounts and
muda in 2017 as part of a complex tax
avoidance scheme that saved the tech
giant billions of dollars in revenue the
scheme involved funneling money through

Google Ireland holdings and a Dutch
shell company based in Bermuda where
corporations pay no income tax the
scheme known as the double Irish Dutch
sandwich is legal although Ireland’s

government has said it will close a
loophole allowing the arrangement in
2020 allowing the arrangement
yeah weird now I just can’t lift out the
second one okay anyway I have something

much I have something much more
important from the future we are huh of
course wherever Ebola shows up we always
expect the US military to follow now you

wouldn’t know it from the American news
or if you dare I say even any news in
the Western in the Western world now but
if we go to Africa today the United

States has deployed so just to Kabul on
in anticipation of possible violent
demonstrations that Democratic Republic
of Congo after its presidential election
u.s. president Donald Trump told

Congress on Friday the first batch of
about 80 military personnel arrived in
Gabon on Wednesday their mission will be
to protect US citizens and diplomatic

facilities should avail as break out in
DLCs capital Kinshasa Trump said
additional forces may be deployed to

if necessary no notice no mention of
Ebola is completely off the map we don’t
care we got what we needed a we get them
in one way or the other troops in the

just a matter of time but how’d you get
dead that was a good clip oh it well
Reuters actually reported on it they did
do a news release about the US troops
being deployed but it wasn’t it was not

mention I need I was looking for a clip
and this is all I could find I found a
million clips with some shit music and
titles you know those those are the
I’ll go assemble pieces of crap you’re
like oh I got a cliff no I don’t so yeah

and then I just went back to the well
off the riccati fact at the mainstream
news media including the CNN and MSNBC s
of the world spent all this time about

this briefing the definition of briefing
instead of some idealist stories like
this just slide who cares that’s why
we’re going to be great this year

what you think it’s gonna get worse oh
the the the mainstream news CNN MSNBC
Fox all three of them are going to do
20/20 all day all night long it will be
nothing else that it’s decided that

they’re doing it it’s like the mh17 it’s
they’re just gonna go it’s only you know
it’s only two years they don’t care you
might be right I’d hate to see it

because the public doesn’t care about
20/20 they won’t care about 20/20 until
2020 what you’re seeing is a total
withdrawal you’re seeing withdrawal

people just not interested anymore
they’re turning off the television it’s
just it’s only going to go downhill to
predict this one easy so you know now
for us we’re just gonna deconstruct

other new sources you know still if you
go to RTE or Sky News you get different
things at least get something from a
different country that seems to be
casually looking at CBC this week we
need to take a break though before we go

into another another segment okay but
we’ll be doing CBC News after I thank
you for your courage and say in the
morning to you John
in the morning to you mr. Adam curry

also in the morning to all the boots on
the ground the feet in the air the
substance of all the Dames of the nights
out there in the morning to the troll
room you can find them and join their
legions of trolls at No Agenda stream

dot-com and it’s good to see everybody
there Aloha nice to see you’ve got your
troll poles also in the morning
Darren O’Neill he brought us the artwork
the album artwork for episode 1100 this

was the flash beat up which we need to
hear about and he had just a nice piece
of the tachometer or speedometer it had
33 is the only indicator and 1100 on

what would maybe be the odometer it was
just a nice piece particularly because
it was our 1100 episode and we thank
Darren and everyone who submitted

artwork and continued to do as a part of
our value for value system where you
give back the value that you get out of
it and for a lot of people they put in
their artistry and we appreciate what
they do no agenda art generate

calm thank you again Darren O’Neill
we have a funny situation here that I’d
not absolute that I haven’t straightened
it out oh but there’s there’s a Sir
Scott and there’s a serve Richard okay

and and I don’t believe that this is
this may or may not be the same person
but neither one of them wants to be
mentioned to set their name so Scott or

Sir Richard allegiances for Richard on
the note
and that both of the numbers were a
one-two-three four-five-six
well I don’t see you sir Scott on the

list well sir Scott someone I’ve been
going back and forth with because of
this this okay so I’ve got you sound
throttling what you sound troubled I am
troubled the

cuz I have not be able to figure out why
let me go get the know hold on a second
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same exact check but

I really have no idea what you’re
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emailing oh I see okay now thank you
what is happening I get it now

sir Scott who is a sir wanted to be
called Sir Richard initially but then
when we went back forth of the email
because this check was a week late oh he
forgot about that part because he wanted

to be super anonymous so he became now
he’s two guys that’s pretty anonymous
yeah okay okay I got it cuz it’s the
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both in Louisville Kentucky you weren’t
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on and then we want to thank sir Scott
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show business name he just wanted a job
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all right so we onward but that’s it
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Richard Scott and for Richard sky what a
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ah great okay Jay Sir Geoffrey meter now
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system and the way and we make it work
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know how the the network cannot be
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Ingram how it works having ads if you

want to say whatever you want to say
her radio show she really got kicked off
because of advertiser pressure yeah I
think she’s on one of the networks that

you can’t monetize but she was on one of
them well know that if that is a
monetized network because that’s a
closed loop yeah well you know to get
kicked off yeah that’s exactly it the

Internet is what I like about this is
what I enjoy about D I I kind of enjoy
watching these these happens these
things happening because it’s like oh
yeah good support from your you know you

you’ve been there you’ve been making the
network money because they’re not
putting you up for free and people like
your show some people I guess I don’t
know I’ve always found it should it be

not quite as I like your TV shows better
but she’s making money for me this is
just a little cry little there’s one
little complaints a couple of the
advertisers bailout and you take her out

you throw her out in the baby with the
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on her but she bouncing on her on her
butt right at the studios I know what
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you can operate for their people
now of course why would they they’re
money-making operations oh no way I
do it either she’d be gone in a
heartbeat if I was running the place
well you’re a heartless no that’s your

job as a corporation oh it’s not yes it
it doesn’t have to be K all righty then
how many corporations have you run

I’ve actually run a couple but they’re
all like me and man me me as I reviewed
I’ve run a public company you don’t care
I didn’t like the job very much I’ll be

honest but you don’t care it’s just you
can’t are plenty of CEOs of big
corporations who do care okay I know in
the information business in the you got

the platform from PC Magazine over one
article in your 35 year history would
that I agree with I know their word era

douchebags for doing that but but let me
give you an example of how the
newspapers used to be run you start
attacking some guy and threatening the
newspaper the disfavored go after it’s
not an it’s not a newspaper this is an

information outlet and it could go after
the advertisers that’s what Limbaugh has
been doing every time somebody threatens
to pull advertiser from Limbaugh he
tells us his census ditto heads out to

make their lives miserable that’s what
you do there’s a difference between Rush
Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham but here’s
what I wanted to point out besides all

that is that we we recognized early on
the only way to pull this model off is
to open up two things one donation
amounts make them people can personalize

them and also it’s the value you
determine it’s like if if we’re worst
five bucks worth 5 bucks fine this is
perfect doesn’t matter so we left that
open we didn’t we didn’t say you have to

do this or have to do that whatever you
think is valuable second thing we do
everything ourselves there isn’t you
cannot have producers that you that you
hire and put on a payroll because it

just there’s not enough money in in the
value Network I don’t think it is for
any system really and I’m always stunned
by the podcasts that have maybe three
people taking part and credit a credit

roll guy on the board a producer a
Booker I mean they maybe have six seven
people working there and it’s like that
is like five or six too many so the

first one of the first things we did is
or early on as we said our audience are
not listener
they’re not slubs just sitting around
they know stuff we figured it out pretty

quickly as we got every three-letter
agency cherlene in in the United States
was sending us information like oh we
listened to you guys about the CDC I
think was the first like we’re laughing
about you guys but you’re more right

than you’re wrong and here’s what we
think about X Y & Z so we said these are
our real producers and the production
work they do is the value that it’s
returning the value they get from the
show they don’t have to support us

so that worked very well we also that
I’ve made incessant that this is the OCD
thing of mine is to keep it all
contained hope all production that we
can just do it ourselves

and I see these networks I did I sing I
think I sent you this article this is
the wsd G this is the outfit that builds
Studios they yeah used to be exclusively

recording studios do a lot of broadcast
studios yeah and they did the the gimlet
media yeah yeah yeah in 20,000 square
foot Brooklyn facility dedicated there’s

your overhead dedicating 2,700 square
feet to one studio and they have they
got delet system so they can you know

copy edits back and forth between their
12 podcast studios including a full
music product recording studio these
guys are insane today oh I wish they

would just say hey how did that work out
when you guys did it what didn’t you
can’t do this it doesn’t work that way
anymore oh my goodness I put that in the
show no she got a seat the facility in

my apartment donation amounts a very so
much because there’s you know people can

choose their own we have to remember
that we kind of picked up it was it was
actually again in the early days but it
was the producers that could come up
with these crazy numbers you know you
know they would have some number then we

spend may have to show decoding what is
number meaning and I guess you know it’s
that’s a square root it became a thing
yeah I became a thing and if you make it
a Fibonacci I mean what mm-hmm that’s

important to people so don’t be so
stringent anyway what I’m saying is for
those who have been with us for eleven
years we’ve been with us for eleven
minutes thank you you clearly understand
how it works and we really appreciate

the value you return to us cuz we can
keep doing it this way and we’re not
splitting not spit on 2700 square foot
studios in a 20,000 square foot Brooklyn
facility and that’s all VC money they’re

not making enough to sister’s throwing
money away theses are idiots I wish I
wish if someone lives in Brooklyn can
you just be on the standby because when

they fold I want you to be able to go in
and put your stickers on the equipment
we could use some of that we wouldn’t
mind buying some of that I’ll be an OSU
so you use the equipment and in the
meantime you can also consider

supporting us for our next show in which
I’ll probably have is the Golden Globes
tonight it was I think is to not excuse
tonight someone’s tonight well have a
report on Globes are tonight yes sure

we’ll have a report please support us at
Vollrath org slash n a so now you know
all about the value for value model go
up there propagate this information our
formula is this we go out we hit people

in the mouth
while on the subject of the Golden

Globes clip because everybody’s now you
know they’ve changed the way these shows
are because the women just don’t get up
to look pretty they have to make a

statement so they read this is the clip
is politicizing the awards power in the
form of fashion okay and generations
that is at the forefront of Milan I have

two of these clips play that play the
CBC clip first Hollywood’s awards season
has arrived beginning Sunday with the
Golden Globes the stars will be there
steps in on the red carpet and with much

of the world watching these sorts of
things are always an opportunity for
fashionable drama except now the
question you’re more likely to hear
perhaps may not be who are you wearing
but why are you wearing that the

Hollywood red carpet seems to have
become the fabric of a very political
message no first there were the black
dresses at last year’s Golden Globes to

show solidarity with sexual harassment
and assault survivors then the orange
pins at the Oscars to protest gun
violence and a few months ago at the
Emmys Jennifer Lewis’s Nike outfit in
support of Colin Kaepernick lately red

carpets have been less about fashion
statements and more about political ones
this is a new form of currency is
activism and Carla Welch is at the
center of it in between celebrity

fittings here at her la studio for
clients like Sarah Paulson and Elisabeth
Moss the Canadian stylist posts social
media messages on immigration voting and
indigenous issues she dressed actor

Tracee Ellis Ross in an array of black
designers at the American Music Awards
and worked behind the scenes to support
the times up movement Welch has become
one of the most sought-after stylists

among Hollywood’s elite not despite her
views but because of them yeah starts to
make you sick yes remember when the
Dixie Chicks and Michael Moore told

George Bush he was an a-hole and the
left one
oh you can’t do that
that was in my lifetime yeah that’s

changed quite a bit yeah now that your
MF and yes MF or her yes MF for yeh so
that no they’ve gone out of off the deep

end so let’s finish this up there’s
parts part two and generations that is
at the forefront of breaking the mold
politically active 18 year old actress
Yara Shahidi
wore a skirt covered with the face of

African American activist Angela Davis
to a high-profile event in April
stranger things started on their own
were the names of parkland shooting
victims on the back of her shirt Kids

Choice Awards the rise in social media
has allowed celebrities to be a little
bit more open about who they truly are
that the election has made a lot of
people feel like look I’m not willing to

just be quiet
even something also recognize the power
of speaking up
fourteen-year-old Brown credited Calvin
Klein for the design of her shirt to her

18 million Instagram followers and
chahee DS Angela Davis skirt was made by
product I think that the days of just
being like oh I look pretty in a dress
which I love we love celebrating fashion

we love wearing beautiful clothes but
they’re coming a little bit to a close
and I think it’s a good thing that
there’s different ways of using power
power in the form of fashion
why do you do this to me why this to me

enough I do it because I know it makes
you as sick as it makes me well you
listen to the clip and I said oh my god
I’m getting sick I’ve got to put this on
the show cuz i Adam deserves to be just

this sick well you’re gonna regret it
with what I have for you next then this
is we’re gonna stay with award shows the
Kevin Hart drama now instead of talking
about you know elections in the Congo

and sending troops there which i think
isn’t that kind of a thing these days
where we have or don’t have troops now
don’t report on that now let’s get into
Kevin Hart’s tweets and this was this
was kind of it I don’t think we even

talked about it’s a little issue that
originally managed to avoid yeah we did
but then Ellen invited Kevin Hart on as
a to create a bridge between Kevin Hart
and the Academy so he can host the

Academy Awards again well let’s listen
let me help a little bit by backing this
Kevin Hart was initially announced by
the Academy Awards group to host the
show and then somebody came up with so

he apparently had some he’s gonna decide
anti-gay tweets from some not know 10
years ago around the time of his special
where he had similar jokes in the
special yeah it was pretty much just

jokes as tweets and so somebody brought
this up is it all by god this is
terrible in heartwood before it even
became a scandal quit he said I’m not
gonna do the show yes he said I’ve

already apologized for those tweets and
I’m not gonna do it again just to be
able to host the show otherwise it’ll
keep coming back I think it was right
about that
yes and then Ellen wanted to build the
bridge and I didn’t

yes go ahead I believe I do believe I do
believe that somebody there’s something
they can’t get a hose for the ABC it’s
ABC Ellen’s on ABC hello yeah hello with

ABC ABC said you got a patch this up
Ellen make it happen because we won’t
have any ratings every year this show
comes out the ratings go down we look
like doofuses we’ve got to get this guy

he’s at least entertaining is maybe he
could pull it together because we’ve had
good luck in the past
you know with other black guy with other
black hosts yeah and comedian hosts and

this guy’s the top of his game as a
comic you got it get him I could we
can’t nobody else to do it we can’t get
anyone that we want
so this was a something of a scam
and was it not who was that the Ellen

show that had the had the Vegas Massacre
security guard on

yeah which was something of a scam
something of a scam because she has
deals with the she’s got slot machines
and everything was at The Ellen Show I
think it was a lunch oh yes it was
because there’s there is a slot machine

called the Ellen yes so yeah so she is
all in on the corporate structure and
she is doing whatever she wants or
there’s a big big business and and I’ve
learned a lot about Ellen I watched her

special on Netflix and that was quite
good and she’s got an interesting
background I’ve learned some things I
didn’t know about her career she’s a San
Francisco comic and
oh so she’s clearly all in with the

system and I think she made a big
mistake by trying to patch over the
homophobic nature of Kevin Hart’s past

that’s how it’s categorized I don’t
think he’s a homophobe I think he’s just
making jokes and ten years ago you could
make different jokes I think she’s going
to she and I or do you see evidence of

it she’s being excoriated by the
community which i don’t believe exists
but okay there’s supposed to be some
LGBTQ or to be precise LGBTQIA APK
community and this came true just the

other night as Don Lemon
the overnight sensation on CNN schooled
Kevin Hart and more and he did this in a
10-minute soliloquy ten minutes of

validly leave this guy on the ten
minutes of valuable overnight airtime so
I brought it just by cutting out the
pauses which I did this morning it was

four minutes
that’s how long his pauses were
then I cut it down almost in half again
to be able to share on the show so I’m

saying right off the bat it is not a
true representation of what he said
because of all
the very
long pauses yeah but I Matic pause but I

learned a lot about the black community
and I learned a lot about community I
just I’m using don LeMans words the
black community and the LGBT community

and it is an eye-opener Kevin if
anything this is the time to hear other
people out to understand why they might

have been offended and I don’t see any
meaningful outreach to the LGBT
community and now you want the
conversation to end but many of us
really need to keep the conversation

it’s life or death and someone like a
Kevin Hart with one of the just you know
life or death now we’re talking about a
comedian and the Oscars life or death
biggest megaphones in the war can be a

the ultimate change agent can help
change homophobia in the black community
okay this is where I wouldn’t homophobia
in the black community you’re telling me

that that people of a different color
are different this does not sit well
with me Don something Kevin’s old
Twitter jokes addressed but in the wrong

so take the tweet where he said that he
would break a doll a doll house over his
son’s head if he found him playing with
he said that’s gay by the way if you’d
look at this is so egregiously shitty of

Don Lemon to do he takes a tweet that is
a joke with a punchline and he removes
the punchline and says oh yeah if you
were gay
you know I say he doesn’t literally read

the tweet which is a joke not of maybe
funny one but he pulls it apart and
makes it sound like he would hit the kid
over literally hit the kid in the
doghouse if he was because it’s gay that
was a joke to Kevin

but the truth is that is a reality for
many little boys in the United States
somewhere a black dad is beating his
black son okay now you’ve got my
attention Don Lemon he’s talking about

violence in black not unless a community
says it all the time he’s saying black
Americans beat their children the same
way it happened to my friend
oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels who

through his TV show Empire portrayed how
as a little boy his dad threw him in a
trash can for wearing heels and now

somehow we’ve magically transformed from
being gay to wearing heels and I don’t
think it’s a prerequisite that you are
gay as a child that you wear heels but
okay Don I’ll take your word for it took

him out of the house and threw them in
the trash cans that’s a reality for a
lot of little boys those views of the
LGBT people within the black community
have consequences so think of this okay

we’re about faculties a news
organization the Center for American
Progress says at 40 we’re did you hear
we’re a fact based organization let me
just get some facts for unity have

consequences so think of this okay we’re
about facts here this is a news
organization the Center for American
Progress says that 44% of homeless gay
youth are black that’s huge

remember black people only make up 12%
of the US population
I’d like how he uses this statistic
because when it’s about violence let’s
just take one against police officers

getting killed or if it’s about crime
when someone says hey man the black
population in America is only 12% yet

they’re responsible for more X Y Z then
you’re a horrible bigot and an a-hole
and you can’t say these things
but now Don can use the statistic this

guy hasn’t even used the statistic he
uses the the derivative which is very
mislead stream homeless gay youth are
black that’s huge

remember black people only make up 12%
of the u.s. population
those kids were likely kicked out of
their homes or had to run away because
of who they are and because of how our
community treats them now when he’s

saying community he means black
community he’s telling me that black
Americans are more homophobic than white
than any other color Americans I find
this to be a real outrage and we have to

talk about outreach Ellen a trailblazer
and respected leader in the LGBT
community she really is she almost lost
her entire career for coming out for

being a trailblazer doing it first
she gave Kevin the opportunity to tell
his story on her show that is an olive
branch if I have ever seen one she says
that she forgives Kevin and thinks that
he should host the Oscars but honestly

Ellen doesn’t speak for the whole
community Oh Oh big mistake Ellen you
don’t speak for the whole community and
this is where DOM is finally going to

tell us that there is no such thing as a
community and he’s full of crap we need
to speak up for the young black people
especially young black men kids in the
LGBTQ community I’m a gay black man I

don’t know what it’s like to be a white
lesbian what what aren’t you in the same
community you’re telling me that you’re
in the same community as a black gay man
and you don’t understand what it’s like

to be a lesbian white woman what kind of
a community is that there’s much black
men kids in the LGBT community I’m a gay
black man I don’t know what it’s like to

be a white lesbian I don’t know if
someone called me and they had an issue
whose – hey Don you don’t know what it’s
like to be a lesbian you don’t know what
it’s like to be a white man you don’t
know what it’s like to be a woman I
would listen to them so I’m saying these

issues need to be addressed especially
when it comes to black youth in our
country because they need to know
righteous oh yeah he’s the kid he’s the
king of the gays now

that’s how he’s portraying himself in
the king of the community and it’s okay
to be who they are really in the
african-american community I’m sorry
he’s the king of the blacks now we have

to stop low-key co-signing homophobia it
is not cool
so how man is this true is this true
that it goes something deeper than skin

colour that or that it is just black
black Americans are more homophobic than
the rest is that what he’s saying
that’s what a me might be saying is what

it sounds like to me I’d say so it
sounds like what he’s saying but I don’t
know how you can make that assertion he
doesn’t even know how a white lesbian
thinks how did you know how a white
anybody else thinks so how can he make

that that generalization he’s doing no
this is the 20 minute 20 seconds left
and we won’t tolerate jokes that tell
those youth otherwise oh so we can’t

have jokes now because apologizing and
moving on does not make the world a
better place for people who are gay or
people who are transgender being an ally
does so Kevin no one is against you no
one said that you should be fired or any

of that what they want for you is to
bring light to this to be an ally so it
is your chance right now to do the right
thing to change minds and possibly save
lives okay Don thanks for counting on a

comedian to save lives but why is it
that all I hear is it’s white alt-right
people who hate gays that’s all I hear
and here’s Don Lemon in ten minutes

saying that it’s it’s worse with blacks
I have no answer for all of this but it
just worked me apparently
she’s generalizing a whole bunch of

things here and that is not cool Don
Lemon that is not cool generalize
well they had Chris Rock on as the host

twice in a row cuz he liked him yeah I
don’t know why they just don’t bring him
back no I you know I listen to the don’t
do we talked about this last time I

listen to the louis c.k one of his
recent stand-ups and i got to tell you
something broke he’s nothing he says is
funny it’s a bit societal yes it’s
broken well is that here’s a good

you can find one of these old thousand
funniest jokes but I’m not talking about
buying one off the shelf at a bookstore

I’m talking about going to a used
bookstore and buying the thousand
funniest jokes or any of the Bennett
Cerf books where he collects all these
jokes mm-hmm and these are all pretty

I’m talking about once printed in the
50s and 60s pull those books off the
shelf and tell me if there’s any joke in
the book that’s funny you won’t find one
no they’re just not funny anymore this

is not funny but I may have to say was
it funny then it probably was I know you
say hidden here’s the now here’s another
problem I have I did take the folklore
classes from Alan Dundas at the

University of California and a lot of us
focused on jokes the problem I have with
the thesis about these timing the
timeliness of jokes is is the folklorist
named legmen who did the rationale of

the dirty joke volumes 1 & 2 rationale
of the dirty joke is dirty jokes and
probably dirty jokes from the starting

in the 1920s 30s 40s 50s that these are
all old jokes because he goes back to
the original joke that made this

particularly at aghori what it was and
he has all these different categories
joke categories you don’t even have
anymore like jokes about American
Indians you can read many of these jokes

and I would say mmm not all of them but
at least half of them are still funny
the dirty jokes
yeah the dirty jokes I can see that
so I’m skint baffled by you know what is

the non dirty societal jokes that are
talking about new daily life why is
louis c.k not funny anymore I don’t know
but he just wasn’t I think it’s also you

know you can make comebacks in America
we’re great at it we everyone gets at
least one comeback shot but when you
when you come back you gotta eat pie man
you gotta eat humble pie you gotta just

refuse this you got to make fun of
yourself he doesn’t the first thing out
of his mouth is I lost 35 million
dollars how is your day going yeah
it’s wrong and I think that because I
that’s your opening joke no no good a

joke to get much sympathy from me now
buddy now so he’s screwing up the great
American tradition of the of the the
comeback kid and it’s over now for him
in my book

well he’s you know the combat can be
re-engineered as possible I’m not from
the looks of it I’m not seeing it
unfav to stay on this path of being
adamant I mean his his attitude is look

I talked about these things that I’ve
been accused of in my material it’s not
like news to anybody that I’m like a
masturbator uh and so he resents the

fact has turned back on him yes and
instead of seeing what was wrong what’s
wrong with this picture and doing what

he’s supposed to do which he doesn’t
know how to do that’s probably just
worked yeah which that makes it most
comics who are act like they’re not
funny they’re not gonna be funny right

oh well
pay attention people this is how to do
watch the Kevin Hart L&T what came of it
it’s nothing

who cares nothing’s coming up until I
get to do this show no I think Ellen
wants to do the show I think she’s
Mayans wars before
yeah she would want to go back that’s
what I’m thinking but I don’t know more

importantly I really really don’t care
well you cared enough to do a segment
that was different this dawn LeMond are

you kidding me he’s the king of all
blacks and gays of the communities all
right let’s go back to some of the clips
from 19 2009 these are now I realize
what this bit is these are clips from

2009 but the within the clip it could be
something older like the 2000 or the
1988 Al Gore thing right and for example
a good example of 2009 clip is the

Taylor Swift clip which used to be a
classic on the show when John first
identified the talent other than very
young Taylor Swift straited but Taylor’s

strive for perfection only makes the
people who work with this young star
respect her that much more
there’s been times where I’ve played a

solo and then just say well can you kind
of do this and she’ll sing me and melody
I’ll incorporate that and and that’s
very impressive for someone her age
the problem that I was having with the

solo is that it like it’s getting a
little noodley I’d rather it be like
less notes that would be great let’s try

it again I remember this and I remember
being very skeptical of your adoration
of the young Taylor and how wrong I was
yeah I saw this coming that brought chop

slouched you were so right on the money
can I bring us back – no don’t bring us
back we have one more okay and that way

we don’t have to go back again oh good
this was our one of the early this is
one of the early jobs karmas Oh from
2009 where we had or we had the Nancy

Pelosi thing incorporated with an old
Dick Powell clip from one of the old
Broadway musicals that was turned into a
TV show or to a movie Dick Powell March

rhythm to it yes I have I have something
about a forgotten man
that’s right is that is that the clip

you edited back then yeah that’s that’s
fantastic yeah I was doing good work
yeah what happened this is I have a
presentation a couple of clips it’s very

much for us now but I think in looking
at tomorrow the brexit movie will be
released in the UK it will be aired on

channel 4 and it also I believe it drops
in the US on HBO this is a propaganda
piece it has big names in it it’s a

propaganda piece to tell everyone that
the algos ripped them off in the brexit
vote and the timing could not be more
perfect because today again we read that

everybody wants a do-over something that
predicted from day one because that’s
the way it works and so it looks like
they’re just pushing and pushing and

now comic strip bloggers he was posting
in no agenda social calm which is our
mastodons federated nude by the way as
an aside I figured out what why

mastodons it has doesn’t have the
toxicity of Twitter it’s it hit me all
of a sudden okay and this is something
that was not in the original Twitter

the ability to retweet with a comment so
you can boost a post on mastodons but
you can’t add a comment so you know so a
true boost like on a retweet on Twitter

which is a user demanded function by the
way people were doing originally know
the users demanded it they were they
were using some people well there was an

element of that but at the same time the
users are going RT yep and then cutting
and pasting another but somebody else’s
tweet like and Twitter felt that was

giving the users too much personal power
and so they came up with a retweet
button and that actually made things
worse because now you retweet it shows

up as a tweet on your timeline not a
reply replies don’t usually show up that
quickly it shows it shows your followers
a retweet and you could add any snarky
comment or whatever comment you want and

that is what starts the virality this
does not exist within the mastodons
system and the the guy Gargan whatever
in his name he says I’m not putting it

in so I’m not putting it in because that
is exactly what ruined Twitter and I
think it’s a very astute observation I
think could be the artis with comment is
to blend anyway so comic store bloggers
in there and you know he’s an expert in

machine learning now so he claims now
I’ve known this guy since early early
early daily source code days I mean way
before the show huge orig og regional
Fuji and I have no idea what he does

yeah I know he doesn’t make money on his
cartoons and it hit me all of a sudden
he’s my handler I think about it he
always wants you like you don’t say

anything about Poland and it gets all
pissed off but he stays 20 years almost
he stays I think yeah if you look back
in his history I think he was in the

tech end I think it was probably some
kind of agent and then Microsoft kicked
him out because he was you know telling
the dude too many things to their system
and I think whoever he works for if it’s

the Russians or whoever you know
Interpol I don’t know who he works
but he clearly got demoted and they said
here do this podcast guy he’s your
target now cuz he stays doesn’t you know

he’ll get pissed off about something
it’s always something in the show quit
that we do he can’t if we I am his
target I am loud to quit he’s not
allowed to quit so anyway he now he says

he’s always silly as it sounds it’s not
that silly it’s a possibility really
could be he’s he like the guy that
couldn’t handle the big job so they gave
him me that guy Jason all right so it

doesn’t matter I like that he’s a part
he’s a part of our experience and I
appreciate him for that that’s some good

art he does some great arts he’s a great
contributor and sometimes he’s right but
he handler so he’s posting about though
this proves machine learning but and I
kind of misunderstood what he was saying
cuz he he posted a video of Dominic

Cummings at some kind of marketing
conference Dominic Cummings is the Brad
parce qu’elle of brexit this is the guy
who did all of the vote leave campaign

and you know the Facebook campaign and
he explains exactly how he did it and we
like this stuff it’s interesting because
you know these days Facebook and other

social networks are seen as high it’s
you know it’s it’s both a fantastic tool
because you can get stuff done you can
change the electrics thinking
at the same time the Russians could use

it and change the electorate’s thinking
so is a very it’s very it’s mysterious
and it’s scary and what do we do with it
and for us I think is just as

interesting as listening to how the
digital campaign for Trump ran as to
hear what he did and his conclusions
this Dominic Cummings for the brexit
campaign and I thought you’d be

interested – yeah okay so we’ll start
off with the messaging so we worked out
essentially what I call out by the way

the guy it has a bit of Tourette’s and
he’s a stutterer so you know it’s after
that I cut well because otherwise we’ll
just be gone in this case we got to
listen to him um so we worked out

essentially what I call message would be
and I had it was very simple had
arguably say five elements to it the
first was the theme of take back control

note the word Mac of triggering loss
aversion the feeling that something has
been lost and we can regain what what
we’ve lost with which I think was

interesting and it worked on different
levels it wasn’t it was the most obvious
level Wars we got to take back control
from Brussels but it was also and I
think David Cameron and George Osborne

didn’t quite appreciate this it was also
about taking back control from of the
system itself
it was for a lot of people take my
control made them think yeah these are
the guys who screwed up the economy you

drove off a cliff in 2008 whose mates
are all the Goldman Sachs bankers and
hedge fund bazan massive bonuses uh
smokes on pa pa ye but the ones paying
paying the bills for this will show

those guys will take back control from
new law in London and I think that was a
that was a powerful feeling so there you
go taking it back this is just marketing
this is nothing special by the way

taking it back was the message take it
back and that was what they decided upon
early on and they liked it but then they
went to some academics
and found persuasion studies persuasive
usage of words and tactics that had

actual formulas attached to it so again
nothing really crazy if there’s tons of
focus groups done on what persuasive

tactics work marketing is persuasion and
so they brought in the guys who done
some studies so he had to do things in
mistake risks and we had to do things in
a slightly new way so one of the basic

things that I did was I brought in a
team of physicists who essentially
looked at campaigning from complete
first principles and what they did was

they went they simply stand around the
world and they said what studies have
been done on issues of turnout and
persuasion if I actually have good maths
behind them to support and have been

replicated and we can actually have
confidence in and they basically
filtered all when through filtered them
all out and came back to me in the team
and said here is a small selection of
things actually high quality or

reasonable quality work which you can
rely upon and here are the principles
that you can see in these studies that
have been replicated with randomized
control trials and whatnot in the States

we basically created a checklist of what
these things were and we built the
communications team around trying to
exploit each of these elements which the
which the which the physicists found

they also construct two models to help
direct resources on the ground campaigns
to where to actually send your activists

and the digital campaign how do you
actually do that in a in a scientific
way and essentially you had streams of
data coming in from all sorts of
different ways the website email on the

ground canvassing a social media pop law
all of this stuff is a traditional
polling all of this stuff coming in and
you had the data science people sitting
at the heart of the operation and

essentially taking our core messages and
just learning experimentally a whole
bunch of different things on Facebook
and asked
and then figuring out what what fees
work and what things don’t work we

started off with a few small amounts of
money just to run this experimental
process so there’s your a be testing he
had a small a small data set of proven
persuasion techniques and what I found

interesting which comes back in a minute
is he was also getting feedback from the
the campaigners on the ground this is
never mentioned but people with boots on
the ground who would go door to door and
they and this is the only time machine

learning was used they changed the way
and this is important they changed what
they used as polling data and he
explains would you have you kind of
polling so I’m sure all of you know the

polling methodology used throughout the
world is essentially the same system
that was invented in the late 1930s and
the idea of it is yo you take roughly
speaking a thousand person sample and if

it’s random and representative then you
can rely on the mathematics of the
normal distribution and the famous bell
curve and you that should give you a
pretty accurate picture of what people
think for various reasons that is

becoming harder and harder to do happy
to answer questions about why that is
but leaving that aside what the
physicist said was this is actually not
the way that you would invent polling if
you were going to invent polling now the

way actually to do it is take massive
samples of hundreds of thousands of
people ideally actually millions of
people but say hundred thousands people
and then use machine learning and you

will actually have a system which is
faster cheaper more accurate and never
has nothing to advantage which we
exploited which is that if you do these
very large sample surveys you then have

subsample you can define the
demographics that you interrogate
yourself and what we did was we
basically used the exact same categories
in the demographics that Facebook uses

for its digital advertising platform so
we sucked in data on the precise same
basis that Facebook marketing allows and
then we had therefore large sub samples

of the overall polling samples which you
could actually rely on and then you
could take that data and plug it
straight back into Facebook so you could
say for example we will target

women between 35 and 45 who live in
these particular geographical entities
who don’t have a degree or who do have a
degree or whatever

that’s after cetera because you’ve got
very large samples you can actually get
useful information on those kind of
relatively small breakdowns
now I’m no marketing expert but this
sounds just like regular old

cross-indexing to me
yeah yeah I guess you could say that I
think it’s right I mean you say that I
mean my shrink machine learning in this
case just machine learning it’s bullcrap
yeah that part we know it just nothing

it’s just uh just there is no such thing
as machine learning the machines don’t
learn anything it’s just the ability to
cross-reference cross-index these
categories disregard sorter so he

exactly so this is what that resulted in
so we did all this and we as I said we
essentially ran a whole series of

experiments based on what we found in
the conventional polling in the focus
groups out in digital world and then
filtered what what worked and then we
held back almost all of our budget and
then we basically dumped the entire

budget in the last ten days and really
in the last three or four days again
exactly what the Trump campaign did held
back and then just blew millions in the

last week in the last few days based
upon weeks and weeks of a be testing
this is exactly what the media does not
want to be passed around exactly and we

aimed it exactly but I think roughly
about seven million people saw something
like I think a billion in our heart one

and a half billion digital ads over a
relatively short short period of time
and in parallel to that you had the
whole ground operation which will also

to begin with they were quite skeptical
about this what the hell is some guy who
babbles on about quantum mechanics what
does he have to tell people who like me
have been going out to leaflet on
doorsteps for thirty years so people are
very skeptical but they do all the

ground you know if you’ve been doing
that job you actually respond well to
things that work so very quickly they
came back and said actually these
boffins have sent us to the right place
it’s unbelievable these these are our

people so quickly that kind of trust
issue was sorted out inside the
organizer it’s like the organization and
the ground team were happy to go where
the data suggested that there that their

efforts will be most useful do I think
this ground team is undervalued in the
overall scheme of
because they were basically saying
here’s where the people live go knock on
their doors and they were getting good
results to a one major item that is no

longer discussed as a part of the brexit
vote and that was the I think was a Jill
Dando who was murdered was that her was
this the wrong one I don’t I don’t know

yeah it’s the the murder the woman who
was murdered
she was a puller no no she was a
politician wasn’t a joke ox I’m sorry

Joe Cox yes sure of the Labour Party she
was killed and and this is no right time
on the UK in the UK yes Jill Dando was a
different killing now this was Jill Cox
and she was killed on June 16th and that

was what just a few weeks before the
before the brexit vote and that changed
things dramatically but the elites they
had a different view as to what the rest
of the country had and this guy of

course saw that in his mass polling data
um and our campaign took a bunch of it
we know we all pushed on I’m sorry hold
on this is why did this happen was it
just immigration no it wasn’t just

immigration giving people a chance to
vote for the NHS as well as voting
against the EU without that then the
economic scares or the establishment

would have been – you powerful and we
would have lost could we have won
without immigration absolutely not
the reality of it is that those three
big forces that I talked about created
the conditions in which we could win but

then you had the government making a
series of big mistakes and you had our
team which which managed to exploit it
and their mistakes essentially were
their renegotiation was a disaster
unlike inmate 75 when Wilson pulled the

same trick there he persuaded people
that the relationship had changed and
therefore the polls moved this time no
one believed what come and came back
with and in particular
Cameron never understood the danger for

him of coming back and saying
essentially nothing had changed on
immigration they also I think run it by
campaign they relied on people or M&C
Saatchi and various big advertising
agencies who did a fairly rubbish job

and they and they lived in the bubble
and you could see that in the last 10
days after the terrible murder they
essentially chained ditched their whole
campaign and stopped talking about

economic risks and turned the whole
thing just into a wig the good people
and your the bad people because that was
the self-reinforcing culture that you
heard in London whereas in fact as soon
as you went outside the m25 and did

market research the rest the country had
a totally different reaction to the
murder then then then people better
educated which of people living in
London did so without the fear of the
immigrant fear without the NHS fear that

you’ll be paying 350 million extra a
week or whatever it was in your health
care it never would have worked but they
also completely misjudged the Joe Cox

murder and to wind it up he’s going to
shoot a big middle finger to the media
the people who are supposed to know
better and know how these things work
and our campaign took a bunch of it we
know we operated on we’re just on very

very simple tried and tested rules
that work about organizations we kept
the end piece out of all management no
MP had anything to do with the
management of the campaign it was run by
about six or ten people the oldest of
which was made youngest of whom was 21

so we kept this team small they worked
extremely hard they made a lot of
sacrifices and they focused on the
public not on the media and not on the
insider on the insider game I think in

the long run some of the things that we
try to do you can see all the parties
now are trying to learn from authorized
are trying to learn from some of the

things that we did I don’t think that
we’ve done a very good job wise with
them in the last
Muskaan pain the reality is the most
communications companies are populated
by bullshitting charlatans most of them

should be fired and I think that in the
next ten years of massive chunk of them
will be fired and people are still
looking valley and others will
increasingly take over this industry the

way they’ve taken over other industries
and if you’ve got a not very good degree
in English or Gender Studies or
something like that then you’re very
rapidly going to get I think you’re
gonna get fired and the industry will go

through the kind of change that other
industries have seen there you go yeah
get a degree in gender studies that’s

really a winner
well that was interesting I think
there’s a little long yeah it was but I
think some people may have been bored I
liked it because I’m interested in this
stuff to an extreme yes and why I think

it was important to do it a little
longer is that if we watch this movie
Monday I wonder how much of the truth of
what he really did comes back into the
creative product probably none I think

he got Facebook information and then you
did it proper none none probably none
this is movie it’s a piece of propaganda

obviously it’s designed for exactly what
you said I definitely want to watch it
and it will probably have some effect
but you know this constant hounding and
hounding by the medium and easy they

can’t really be overlooked even though
he thinks that you know these guys are a
bunch of screw-ups but it can’t be
overlooked about how
never-ending hounding and hounding at me
when you go to the bank T of the day and

like one of the tellers is depressed and
you know she thinks that world’s coming
to an end and all the rest of us
watching the news and news she’s
watching the network news and it’s just
not a healthy environment for most

people but the conundrums day off of TV
I mean so we’re not the only people
seeing this there’s no there’s people in
Washington DC and other political power
and they see this and so here’s the

conundrum do we all go out and hire this
guy or guys like him and dive into this
or do we see the danger and that anyone
could do this and do we need to regulate

it nothing to regulate it but just
targeted advertising is oh it’s just a
form oh I know I know but you got to put
yourself into a moronic no one’s gonna

do anything about it no but they will
try well they’re just wasting time they
should probably learn from the guy yeah
I’m always surprised it’s just the same

way he got to repeat them the right
message over and over and over again to
the right people yeah but so what else
is new
the guy just found the people

try to use the new methodology to find
the people yeah I mean that’s what these
two marketing people have always been
doing all their lives is from the
beginning of the idea to the answer the

most recent they’re just trying to find
these people that’s why Facebook is so
appealing because they claim they’ve got
a key to the kingdom they got a way of
finding the people you’re looking for
you’re looking for this person because

this person wants to buy your product we
have them right here in this little box
I am so happy we don’t have to do that
no we know what I actually enjoy about

this show is that our audiences
everybody in fact we did a meet up on
first tell me about the minute yes says
this is boots on the ground for me you
got we had about 32 to 37 people show up

which was a lot cuz it was a flash
meetup we just threw it together in the
last minute how many people about 37 not
bad for a flash no not bad not bad it’s
very good actually and it was all you

know the to classic no agenda Maven’s a
little different slightly different and
that there were a little more academics
I think then for example in Seattle

there’s very few I mean by academics I
don’t mean their professors I mean they
work at the University there’s a at
least two or maybe three librarians
there Oh including some interesting ones

do they have do they go stop stop stop
do they have a hair in a bun and glasses
that they could then undo the bar oh oh
well do they have a bun hello buns the

place okay you know I used to be a
spokesperson for the American Library
Association give us your pitch I don’t

remember they use my picture on posters
I was more of a poster boy I wasn’t the
spokesperson I was a poster boy
literally pretty face yep it was a good

group I learned a lot I got some
interesting little tidbits which I’ll
bring into the show I don’t have today I
didn’t bring there the the contributions
in the prescribed envelope are still in

a in a big processing with him I’m gonna
put him in a Thursday show did he take
him home again
sorry didn’t mean me take the envelope
home no there’s no it’s a bunch of

envelopes you want your envelope just
kidding and their invite my back pocket
that’s what immediately go and they get
fair process processed but it was a good
group and it was good places Gilman

breweries a kind of a Belgian beer house
Moriah house and as they make
interesting products including a lager
that’s quite tasty anyway was but this
is we need to do more of these but you

can’t I did have one guy which I led a
sea was there and JC could talk to talk
when it comes to this sort of thing this
guy is Polish big guy and he’s going on
he’s a troubleshooter for a bunch of

Silicon Valley operations right now
looking for work and he’s given greeting
me the riot act about how the Silicon
Valley is turned into a bunch of left
wingers and this has to do with agile
the reason the style of work that you

were selling a lot of oh my explain this
agile what is this agile is I just in a
nutshell is where you bullshit you’re

everybody’s bullshitting each other so
there’s no oh you fake it till you make
it nothing ever gets done and he’s got
this theory that this creates a lying
environment which is called which is fit

for the lefties there’s a long story but
he wants us to cover this more he goes
you’re not talking about how terrible it
isn’t Silicon Valley how they all become
left wingers I said well when I was a

kid they were all right wingers and he
says you should cover that more and I
tried to say to him and I’m gonna say it
to everybody else who tries to do this
to do certain things we deconstruct the
news but now we don’t initiate coverage

unless there’s something that initiates
it for us I mean we have out of the blue
come up with a couple of little things
that look like we initiated but in fact
it comes from information that we’re

deconstructing and it’s and there’s
nothing to deconstruct here
Silicon Valley is just a bunch of
a-holes oh hey well done you nailed it
yeah it’s very hard to get people to

realize we’re not investigative
we’re not you know we are D
constructionists period and that’s what

we do and if there’s nothing to
deconstruct there’s nothing for us to
talk about but there’s plenty to
deconstruct let alone start making stuff
up so you know you should talk to my son
and so I JC over there who could talk

for days about management in Silicon
Valley Oh better that was that I put him
over there and the hour later is still
there you know he’s this guy’s was funny
to watch it’s like a heavyweight boxing

champ did you talk to anyone else was
there any it was not do a lot of people
I didn’t talk to that guy that much
because I I couldn’t keep hearing this I
talk to everybody out there wasn’t maybe
one or two people choices a guy could

keep talked about football with a guy
from Alabama and his girlfriend are
moving in Arizona eventually I talked I
talked about it it was very it was a
great meet of lots of good shit
conversations good I remember 22nd of

February is the Boise Idaho and I’m
Boise Idaho the Des Moines Iowa Meetup
there’s a desk would people have been
pestering me about 22nd of February yes

yes we want to go to it hello it’s
because we’re there that there’s a
meet-up okay yeah that’s my second we’re
actually flying in early to do the

meetup that’s uh I think it’s trill to
pack them in I have no idea how many
producers we have in the Midwest no idea
you know come in from Chicago yeah they
might they might and Milwaukee so lots

of time to plan for that and actually we
had dinner with uh with marks or mark
the art a staff documentary and last
night he’s all jacked about Mark Hall
he’s all mark jacked about the Texas

Meetup which is still in the works
people stay tuned it’s coming I promise
you no agenda imagine all the people who
could do is awesome oh yeah

and I should measure the dude or one of
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did he have his headgear on no so let’s
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mmm Oh what do we got I got a couple

things I was hoping you would have yeah
here’s some reports from that we don’t
get in the United States at all I don’t
know why this one doesn’t get some play
but let’s play killing mayor’s in Mexico

yes it’s a nuisance killing him it’s a
new sport in Mexico human rights groups
and family members are demanding justice
after the mayor of a town in the
southern state of Oaxaca was gunned down

New Year’s Day just hours after taking
office alejandro Aparicio was surrounded
by supporters and publicly touring city
offices when he was shot on the street
the gunman was pinned to the ground

until police could arrive to arrest him
he’s been described as a 34 year old
former police officer from northern
Mexico a Padilla’s Widow Victoria
fethiye believes the killer and not did

not act on his own but I guess we want
to do everything possible to clarify
this murder because there can be no
impunity that is what we are asking for

as a family here to clarify the killing
and to support us Padilla was a member
of the Progressive Party of Mexican
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
his death came as human rights

researchers said 175 Mexican politicians
were killed over a 12-month period
ending last August geez dropping like
flies way to go man you ever run in our

country yeah I don’t know why just
didn’t get more play because I had a lot
of fun with it I only have a very short
report from the Canadian Broadcasting
Company on the German hack oh yes
there’s very little there’s some

European reporting that I picked up I’m
glad you have a clip in Germany hundreds
of politicians that all levels of
government have been hit by a massive
data breach it reportedly includes
addresses cell phone numbers credit card

details internal communications at least
some of it was leaked through Twitter we
don’t know who’s behind the breach but
officials say all but one party was
specifically targeted now let’s just

stop for a second here which is the
party that wasn’t targeted the AFD okay
yeah it’s the you know the new guys the
Trump guys basically the the model to

make the magaz that make Germany great
again people
the alternate even feared Deutschland
AFD but it wasn’t just politician was
also celebreties there’s all kinds of
stuff in here and it’s from cloud

accounts it’s not just from in fact
Thank You cloud yes yeah it seems like
it seems like there’s some good stuff
out there you know this if anybody we

have a lot of dues they’ve been if
anyone can get us a I’m sure I don’t
know what the size of this file is but
I’d sure like to take a look at this

yeah how about this dark overlord thing
though this is not getting a lot of play
but I’m seeing people getting very
worried about this this is the this is
the group the dark overlord who are New

Year’s Eve says hey we have 18,000
documents related to September 11 2001
terrorist attacks in particular
documentation about the insurance

policies of I guess the World Trade
Center all dealing guy who bought it who
bought the Trade Center like if not so
long before that collapses yeah was

silverstein it was well known they took
out these big insurance policies just
before the thing was leveled well so
they’re slowly releasing pieces of
information which nothing
earth-shattering yet but it does seem

like people in Washington are worried
about this I’m not quite sure why what
do they have to hide there must be
something there must be something
worried about and they say pay the eff

up or we’re going to bury you in this as
the dark Overlord group or the dark
Overlord person and money’s he asking me
for I don’t think he’s asking for money

as a toy he’s asking for money they what
are they doing
yeah however you’ll be paying us yeah so
he wants to be paid or they want to be
paid I guess they’ve released some

decryption keys which do unlock some
some documents they have some proof
yeah well this the same with the tribune
company that was it that was a total

ransomware problem they ran into yeah
that was recent yeah yeah I said the
ransomware thing was over I thought
people had protections against that I
think I’m over some your scheme no oh
and then this obvious one

this is Russia’s word against Whelan and

Whelan’s family this is the American
Whalen whe LAN who has been detained in
Russia as a spies word Russia say that
he was caught red-handed in the act of

espionage and Whelan’s family insist he
was just there for a wedding
Raina’s lawyer is not seeking bail and
Russian courts have till the 24th to
decide Russian media is also claiming
now that Whalen spent the last decade

developing a network of contacts in
Russia using social media leading up to
his arrest last week supposedly with a
flash drive containing a list of
employees from a secret russian
department Whalen’s family says he just

loves traveling he loves Russia he was
helping to arrange a friend’s wedding
much remains unknown about Whalen who
lives in this house in Michigan it’s
emerged that he is also a Canadian

citizen as British citizen possibly an
Irish citizen and today the British
Foreign Minister also spoke out I’m
telling you you got four passports you

know I love the cover
I talked to agent orange about this the
cover of him having an honorable
discharge from the military total cover
this guy is a spook duh hello is this

like questions of all what does oh and
of course it’s retaliation for locking
up the Russian spy yes McMartin Betina
what’s her name yeah I can’t remember

her name yeah because they’re not
registered agents you have to understand
in the intelligence game you have
registered agents if you’re an agent for
another country which usually means
you’re just paying off people with money

it’s called lobbying in America you’re a
spy and you register me at diplomat spy
diplomats by same thing and if you don’t
if you’re not registered in every

country as unregistered agents in each
other’s countries you get caught yeah or
that’s pretty much they’re known to be
agents you take one of ours good want to
take one of yours I think the difference
is the FSB will actually tell everyone

what this guy did we don’t even we don’t
have anything on Bettina other than whoa
she was lobbying truce Leo nobody know
what she did that’s one of the reasons

this is one of the funny bits about it
so yes and no agenda confirms the guy’s
got to be a spook course for passports

you know why he’s just that passport
hobbyist I want to see how many
countries I can become get a passport
that’s my job that’s what I do you
really I mean so he you know if you have
a it’s not easy to get multiple

passports as a US citizen they do
complain you know
they’re like what you want to be a US
citizen or something else well in my
daughter’s case my mom’s Dutch okay will
allow that then you know what I had four

different countries hmm no no no that’s
all we know of he may have other
passports buried somewhere
you just don’t know yes all right I

don’t have a clip on that I just thought
it would be worth discussing I do have
some more other weird stuff that is not
being discussed all we do have the flu
season thing get happening it’s not

being promoted as much in this country
but apparently this last this batch of
the flu has already killed a few people
but in Canada they’re all freaked out
because it got off to an early start and
started spreading before any we could do

much about so let’s play our gratuitous
and probably yearly flu season clip
shaping up to be a particularly brutal
flu season in Canada now of course the

flu can be more than just unpleasant it
can be dangerous and even deadly well
new numbers are out today and the number
of cases has gone through the roof and
one particular strain is doing most of

the damage so far this flu season there
have been more than 13,000 lab confirmed
cases in Canada 11,000 of those were
variations of influenza A with h1n1 as

the dominant strain it’s a big jump in
cases nearly 50% over this time last
year with about two-thirds of them
hitting young otherwise healthy adults
those people who might not think they’re

particularly vulnerable but that’s how
h1n1 tends to operate already I mean
isn’t this the swine flu h1n1 is swine
flu I think h1n1 is wine flu but it’s

not but it’s not version a um I think if
it is anything close to swine flu they
always call it swine flu hmm I don’t

know now as you mention it you’re right
24 Canadians have died now health
officials say it’s not too late to get
the flu shot

far from it they’re still months left in
the season and what’s more this year’s
vaccine is proving more effective than
in years past now it’s the bird flu h1n1
is the bird flu in five was the bird flu
okay kid let’s figure out as cowspiracy

tells us that is welcome news for those
who’ve been devastated by the virus in
the worst possible way there’s – with
this crackers not swine flu the flu

season is an unusually painful time of
the year for Jill Primeau Leigh in 2016
her little boy Jude died from the flu
even though he’d been vaccinated a few

months earlier so when we get to this
point every year it’s it’s stressful all
over again and and just really sad
because I know there are going to be
thousands of more families like mine
where people are going to lose their

lives and their loved ones from this
preventable disease health officials
have said it’s rare for people to die
from infectious diseases they’ve been
vaccinated against it is the swine flu

yeah h1n1 is the swine flu
I’d know laid the jig well this is
Canada so they’re not pushing that debt

meme and maybe that has something to do
it bird flu h5n1 yeah I remember getting
swine flu when I was in San Francisco
would it cost I just remember being in

bed for a couple days I stopped smoking
and that was good I’m still hearing am a
flu No

no I even knew you at the time he hadn’t
even didn’t even offer to each let me
suffer oh it’s funny I don’t remember
this this is a new story micro-services

architecture moving right along your
speciality your beat my complaint your
complaint but also your betta is
CenturyLink the CenturyLink 911 call

outage did you look into this did you
find out what this was yeah it was a
network at some sort of network card
that blew up it was just a hardware

failure Oh like with anything else in a
microservices architected environment
one thing goes out there’s more than one
or two single points of failure and that
I mean it doesn’t have to be you can

have redundancy if you were no no why
bother I was able to ever happen to the
checksum what happened to CRC there were
all these things that used to have

memories I remember when the IBM PC came
out they’d have a you could buy cheap
memory which had all the bits and then
there was a more expensive memory they
had to load a little extra chip a parody
chip to make sure that the memory was

doing its thing and it was accurate you
had the parity chip cause too much where
they don’t even work 90% of the time who
cares we don’t oh I didn’t know anything
about this what is this magical chip do

the magical chip I think it could
maintain I’m not sure anymore I used to
know but I think it maintains some like
a checksum value for the wood was in the

memory itself and if that and it would
check against it right and if it got a
different hash or a different check saw
something and it would said I know
there’s no good memories gone bad and

that we don’t have that anymore there’s
no reason for it because it’s like the
failure rate is so low right with the
way things are that you don’t care and
so you just let this thing slide and I
think that’s what happened with this

instead of having a backup a redundant a
network card I’m pretty sure it does
what it was when I read yes I was able
to find a clip with someone in charge

over there at CenturyLink for the first
time since this outage I was able to
talk to someone from CenturyLink on
camera just a short time ago the bottom
line here is that well yes this system
is back up and running they still don’t

know exactly what went wrong and they’re
trying to figure that out what are you
doing to make sure something like this
doesn’t happen again it’s a great
question we feel very confident the
system is stable it’s up and running we

don’t anticipate any issues days after a
911 in Washington caused 4,500 calls to
CenturyLink that telecommunications
company responsible says they’re

narrowing in on the problem but still
can’t tell us exactly what caused that
six-hour failure they know the outage
was due to a technical error in a
third-party vendors call router but when

I asked what that technical error was
they said they don’t know so right now
we need to break down every point of
contact between the 911 1 Center in
Washington or centers and the center of

CenturyLink data centers as well to make
sure we’ve exactly found the reason for
the outage and how are we going to fix
it prevent it in the future
the Washington emergency management
division believes the 911 system is
stable now

but it still wants assurances from
Century Lake something like this won’t
happen again the thing about this clip
from 2014
haha and they were fine sixteen million

dollars for it
no one told you that huh second time
this has happened with these guys this
is the problem with this architect this

micro-services architecture and he is
probably right I mean I don’t see how
you get the thing back online without
knowing what cost but I just can’t
believe that this is from 2014 and now
we’re five years later and it happens

again exact same thing I’m sure it is
the exact same thing
yeah yeah as a single point of failure
that failed again again for five years
five years and it stops working I mean

this happens if anyone has had a
computer nowadays we start to see the
evidence of this of this hardware issues
in the environment because when when in
this late 70s 8 and throughout the

entire 80s and then probably half of the
90s we were buying brand-new computers
at the rate of about one every year and
a half so if you had a computer you had

to get a new one every year and a half
to two years two years is really keeping
an old clunker alive right because of
all these new drivers and the new
peripherals and all these other things
you’re buying and the new chips made a

difference so you were buying in the 80s
for sure you are buying a new computer
every year and a half but since most
recently we don’t if the failure you
know there’s nothing happening that’s so

important that we got to get a new
computers the same old Microsoft Office
it’s the same old Intel chips you know
you don’t need to do any so you keep the
machines longer and now we’re starting

to see that they do crap out after about
five years most computers if you have
one old five year old computer the
likelihood of it blowing up is pretty
high and we’re seeing actually exploding

a real kinetic event it actually
happened wasn’t one of mine capacitor
blew up and it sounds like a bomb one
that’s got a cap going we’ll do it for

you yeah that’ll but the point is is
that these machines don’t last forever
no and I think apples gonna start
putting more of that not lasting forever
into their new devices because I got to

do something
I gotta get people upgrading well
they’re so slacked on the Mac they don’t
want to really they’re not doing enough
work there so they’re not selling enough

and they but they I think with their
iPhone it just breaks constantly I think
mode I don’t know anyone without a
broken one well you mean the glass yeah
yeah that’s that’s the weakest part

or that’s really their their main thing
that’s but I’m you know I’m around a lot
of Millennials lately certainly in the
Christmas break

they all got crack screens they don’t
care yeah they’re not not replacing
magma greens cracked
maybe I’ll go and get it fixed maybe not
as long as they can still see it it’s
just too expensive can’t afford it

I don’t know and the next phone I’m
getting cuz my phone is finally getting
pretty yeah which one do you have I
still have a Nexus galaxy nice and the
cool thing about is you could take the

back off and change the battery yes
but I think I’m gonna get a wall way why
don’t you just go for the East 71 the
Nokia like I have
it fits your image I think I already

have one you probably do I have an
original it’s such a good phone that was
a good phone in this day it’s still a
great phone yeah it’s got a nice

keyboard it’s got a great keyboard we
can go on like this forever
this is if I’ve tried nice finish is
pretty it does
I dropped it the other day stepping out

of the truck yeah yeah nothing
you had no the moment that all you got
but you had instance in your past where
you dropped him phone in the toilet that

was the very first iPhone
that was the first I’ve 80-71 at the
toilet you think it would survive hell
yeah I don’t know with those buttons and
the mechanics and oh yeah I’ve dropped

t—seventy ones in the toilet before
I’ve dropped it in all kinds of stuff
it’s an indestructible phone you know
the the Symbian OS has been open sourced
someone could totally rejigger that for

for all kinds of different hardware I
don’t know why somebody hasn’t yeah
I used to write columns about this you
know when there’s somebody abandons

things sometimes they you know sometimes
they can sometimes they can I mean with
the os/2 always thought should have been
put into the public domain by IBM but
apparently some you know the problem
with doing that there’s some stuff that

probably was like maybe shouldn’t be in
there and anyone anyone seeing it who
knows but I think if you abandon a
product I think you should push it into
the public domain because a lot of

people may have been reliant on the
product yeah Microsoft is doing a lot of
that actually
there there you know a lot of their
older stuff they’re open sourcing dass
sakes I tell me Microsoft will run on

Linux in our lifetime windows
it’ll be Windows on top of Linux I’m
telling you it’s coming it’s coming
possible a quick look in this is now act

8 of the yellow vests in fancy to keep
up with over the weekend it has yeah
it’s not the same amount of people it’s

only 50,000 across the country the
majority at the inn in Paris it’s the
yellow vest movements first round of
protests in 2019 and many say they’re
determined to continue all year on

Saturday at least 50,000 protesters came
out across France for the 8th straight
week of demonstrations though the
protests remain largely peaceful in the
morning clashes with authorities broke

out in multiple cities early on into the
evening in central Paris riders torched
cars and set barricades on fire
elsewhere in the capital protesters
launched projectiles at police officers
responded with tear gas

now you remember Mac wrong in his New
Year’s address we played the clip he
said oh these are just the people who
hate the Jews they hate the LGBT they
just hate this is horrible haters though
the scale of the protests has decreased

in reason did you like my Mac Ron was
pretty good about continued mobilizing
saying the government’s recent
concessions are not enough
we’ve been tightening our belts for 15

20 years we’ve had enough we’re still in
an era of nobles and serfs in 2019 we’ve
had enough of being dragged around by
those in power who looks down on us they
look down on the people who trampled all

over us of Macomb who says were nothing
that were a crowd full of hate even
though we’ve just shown that this
demonstration was amazing peaceful so
there was no trouble in response to

Saturday’s tensions Interior Minister
Christophe casanare held an emergency
Crisis Response meeting in the capital
and urged protesters to respect the rule
of law now I stand with the yellow vests

man these guys are great those are
patriots right they’re not given up
screw you
what do you say we still live in the
land of sirs and Lords here
I know this does the fresh can only put

up with so much and they and I and I
know they won’t quit they will not quit
not good on them they probably won’t
quit in to discredit which brings

through the cook begs the question
what’s gonna happen
yeah I don’t know
it’s not going to get prettier
this is its thorn in the side of the EU

they’re gonna have to I don’t know this
is not gonna work out as far as I can
tell hmm bad things are gonna happen all
right you got one last one to get us out
of here

you got anything well first up before I
get out of here I don’t want to say I
did put an Amy ISO together I wanted to
play that so I can see if it’s any good
yeah I I have these this is what I was
planning thank you for your courage
that’s what I was planning his ISO of

the day listen I actually had that one
oh but it lost out to this one which the
Trump administration unil our day pulled
out of last year no it’s funny but I
know Nancy is much more prettier

Nancy wins I’ve got a thing on the dairy
industry being de-emphasized up in
Canada which is a big deal there’s
another unreported thing at the

democracy now report on the Iranians are
sending satellites up and they think
it’s like a just a cheap trick to get
their ballistic missile together
hmm baseball a Canadian perspective was
always good of the shutdown yeah okay go

to Dairy dairies
we’re doing dairy people here comes all
those new year’s resolutions to eat
healthier and soon there will be a new

Canada Food Guide to help you along it’s
something lots of us probably learned
about in school and then maybe took
granted but Health Canada’s been working
on an overhaul it’s coming in a few

months and today we’re getting an idea
of what could change draft copy
recommends Canadians eat a variety of
healthy foods each day pretty
straightforward right but potentially

the biggest change dairy products may
disappear as their own food group
instead lumped in with proteins
what don’t pick my dairy in my proteins
people yeah we look at chip is a

vegetable we love you guys up there
and that wraps it up for today’s
I’ll be watching the Globes tonight see

if there’s anything there see if
anyone’s really funny I have low
expectations but we will go do it but
down now we’ll return on Thursday we’ll

see if we can figure out what’s going on
with yous also thank you for
participating in the value network value
for value is what we’re about remember
us at Dvorak org slash and a and I’m
coming to you from downtown Austin Texas

this is the capital of the drone star
state it’s in FEMA region number six if
you’re looking for it on the
governmental Maps if you’re looking for
me I’m in the five by nine clue do in
the common law condo and say in the

morning to you everybody
I’m Adam curry I’m from northern Silicon
Valley where it is one of the few shows
where reigned throughout the entire show
unbelievable for California we live in a

Jhansi tabarak and want to thank Tom
Starkweather Matt Bosh and Sir Chris
Wilson for our end of show mixes until
Thursday adios mofos and such

I just have this vision of you sitting
there in your office on the hill

watching the trains go by it goes one
now marking it down in your little
I definitely the little know calling
calling in some quarters complaints I
hear that Zephyr coming it’s rolling

round the bend we started no agenda it’s
later again so I ride it in the helpful
and call up to

is on a closet for for service goes

listen that God people must just be
thinking the hell are these guys doing

there were so many haters out there
whatever is going on in the internet
don’t pay attention to them everybody’s
putting out who’s going to click on or
who they’re gonna watch no that’s the

Kenya they don’t have a political bias
other than cash frustration impression
you get from the president that he would
like to not only close government build
a wall but also abolish Congress but
once you get to like the tippy tops

national parks are getting a bit messy
as they’re operating on a skeleton staff
with limited resources
aka no restrooms or trash collection the
bathrooms are kind of a challenge though

because you trying to give me advice
about some doing you ain’t got that mr.
Trump also told lawmakers he didn’t like
the word shut down he has to give up a
concrete wall and replace it with a

steel fence in order to do that so that
Democrats can say see he’s not building
a wall anymore so well then I don’t know
you’d have to ask her psychiatrist go
find that it’s divine I don’t work told

the president we needed the government
open he resisted the fact he said he’d
keep the government closed for a very
long period of time months or even years
absolutely I said that your steel is

stronger than concrete okay okay so you
could check it out
it’s sort of the agenda and it’s got the

live stream set up but of the Valkyries
playing in fat lady is radiated give the
intro in the morning give it but wait
there’s something common

tells us this are

Reserve thank you

for your courage