No Agenda Agenda 1102 “Killer Crickets”

no one ever listens to my advice Adam
curry Johnson this is your award-winning
get more nation media nation episode
this is no agenda nothing to report I’m
John Seymour so much for our Zephyr

timing then if you can’t see it I can
see the mudflats either we could die
from global warming

you could happen not even know it I tell
you John I have been watching the CNET
CES Consumer Electronics Show coverage
on my Pluto TV and by the way I love hit
ludo this year see net which i think is

CBS Interactive which is probably why
they have all the Sony people on all the
time sure it’s super bad television I
mean it’s really amateurish is just it’s

it’s incredibly crap but therefore so
beautiful to watch and I have to say it
is no wonder you are deep lat formed
from PC Magazine over your 5g article oh

they’re talking about without 5g we will
die now this year self-driving vehicles
are gonna have their biggest presence
ever at the Consumer Electronics Show as

the futuristic concepts of years past
come far closer to reality part of that
is because of the growth of the
capabilities of artificial intelligence
we’re also seeing the importance of the

nationwide rollout of 5g which is
expected in the next year now
multi-billion dollar investments from
AT&T Verizon and others in 5g which is
connectivity that’s about 10 times fast

broadband underlies the platforms to
connect vehicles like these to each
other as well to their surroundings
oh we need this that enables them to be
warned about objects that their their

lasers and radar and cameras might not
catch them warning warning 5g button
here stay waiting how long it would take
before you wanted to jump in on this

first of all the growth of artificial
intelligence is just fabulous well
besides all that let’s listen to this
theory that she has here or there’s a
premise that the cars will be talking to

each other and driving around by
themselves the 5 g and the 5 g which is
really just a methodology for moving
data from point A to point B is also

apparently I did not know this about 5g
it’s actually it’s looking on the roads
for obstructions and things that the car
itself can’t see you and you because you
have all these 5g spots all around you

it’s kind of like virtual bumper cars
you know like oh yeah that’s it’s
necessary it’s the platform can’t live
without it then to be warned about

objects that they’re they’re lasers and
radar and pencils might not catch
themselves stop again
how does it do that why do you question

the magical 5g you man get I’m gonna do
platform you from the show if you keep
doing that you see what I’m getting at
it’s complete crap it’s terrible that

they’re telling the public it’s like but
it’s a push-pull mechanism it’s bad TV
people are gonna watch it let’s face
this this is actually a CNBC report this
is actual television TV and you know who

watches this people go oh five Jesus
five G the people are desperate Silicon
Valley is desperate for this and in

particular ooh BRR
they cannot get investors to buy into
their Ponzi scheme anymore
losing money a billion dollars a quarter
they’ve no date well we’re gonna have

this drone flying goober let’s be great
okay fine
yeah we’re not investing in that how
about your autonomously well we killed
somebody but this is progress but if one
5g happens it’ll be beautiful things so

just invest in us and invest in 5g your
future is secure in Tamara’s might not
catch themselves the Ford announced just
yesterday that starting in three years

it’s outfitting all of its new US models
not just the autonomous vehicles with
what’s called cellular vehicle to
everything technology cellular vehicle
to everything technology hmm let’s see

do we have an acronym failure CVT CV Tet
what is this bull that’s the
communication platform for self-driving
cars that’s built on top of 5g yeah it’s

built on top of 5g it’s fur ladies and
gentlemen listening to the sound of our
voices this is bull crap it is 5g beyond
bull crap g 5g is still in testing

phases it’s still in the testing phase
AT&T is is putting a little 5g logo on
your phone little pop up you know it’s

fight but it’s not it’s not actual 5g
that takes it’s gonna take a while
destroy this you know ask the question
out there why does it the FTC bust these
guys for doing that if it’s not we know

what 5g supposed to be kind if you don’t
have 5g on your phone how can they tell
you that as 5g yeah which is just a lie
I think they’re now calling LTE M or
something I don’t know what it but it is

a lie
and the bigger lies that these
automobiles due to the incredible growth
and artificial intelligence on the
rollout of 5g which this platform will
build a bubble that it’s going to make

this stuff safe and work it’s not it’s
just not I mean yeah if you blanket the
whole world in every Road possible with
little 5g buttons that maybe send off
some others sake I don’t know you know

I’m sure they can detect that and
guesstimate huh but yeah is that what’s
gonna keep you on the road just learn
how to drive five more to this fine
report well I have more from CES that 5g

is gonna help control the cars and it no
see objects no I can’t see you kind of
got the gist of it and and again this is
this is what is the focus is all about

5g for all these everyone’s solution
apparently is 5g all those things show
every CES show has a theme mm-hmm they
always do that and it’s called in

advance they’ve you know they what are
you guys gonna do what we’re gonna do
this what are you guys gonna do we’re
gonna and so every year in state was I
HGTV was one year 3d TV was one year
that died yeah oh oh yes 3GS yeah that

was a good one
there’s all these different little
things that in fact even before HDTV
there was the analog HDTV which was a
dead duck and there’s other things that

come and go but this is this is the
theme for this show and they’re going to
be promoting the heck out of it and you
see this Gary Shapiro is on Twitter so
you literally get the 5g it’s coming you

know he’s promoting the hell out if
anything going on cuz he runs the show
and you know it’s all money in the bank
for him he doesn’t care and it’s just
not good this is gonna be a dud I think

it was five years ago when I first
introduced the no agenda value network
to the talking tube before anyone was
using it before there was any hype about

it and I’m pretty sure I said at the
time that this thing had an Apple logo
on it people will be losing their crap
and it was it took a good two years
before people caught on to it
then it just went superstorm sandy and I

I jumped out I bailed because I you know
learning now what this thing does and
what amp in particular what evil Corp
knows about me but it doesn’t mean that

the hype has stopped at CES and we
always have those fun reports one other
story to tell you about as well it’s
been generating buzz on the CES show
floor check out this smart toilet

from collates Alexa enabled costs $7,000
users can control the toilets features
with their voice including playing
musical adjusting light as well as

checking news and weather the toilet
will be available later this year does
it heat and fray like Japanese toilets
which are the best either way I think
too much keep it simple yes I think you

can innovate an entertainment seat and
entertainment from toilet that is in our
prep well then I’d rather do that the
desk anyway it’s the same every year to

show these stupid things and but I have
to say because it’s so bad the the CNET
coverage is kind of fun to watch it’s

just because it’s so bad mm you see here
you see the whole cast of twit is on
eventually everyone’s passing through
and everyone thinks and would and should
and they know everything the best all

these people have never even started a
company ever there was one I think true
innovation which again you heard about
on the no agenda show months ago I would

say how long have I had my hearing aids
half a year longer nearly six months six
months well why Dex I have the Widex
evokes I told you this was coming and
they announced it and we’re showing it

at the Consumer Electronics Show
senior vice president marketing for
white X USA and I’m delighted to be here
at CES because we have one of the most
unique products that’s ever hit the
hearing aid market we have taken an

energy cell and put it inside of a
hearing aid now this eliminates the
needs for n wearers to replace hearing
aids or batteries in their hearing aids
and all they need to do

his nested and this simple recharger and
in 20 seconds this hearing aid will
recharge and it will be good for 24
hours of use tell me tell me about this
technology tell me how’s that not a

battery he said an energy cell what’s
that I don’t know what’s the battery an
energy cell an energy storage thing look

I don’t know but 20 seconds chargeable
batteries got into thing which is okay I
guess that’s kind of different than most

hearing aids which have those little
hearing aid batteries but right seems
just like a some sort of a lithium ah is
it just a good blow man but you know
what it is this is this is actually

going to go off in here but here this is
it’s a trick it’s really a trick now as
a hearing aid wearer
I have to change my batteries every
three days because I stream a lot of

Bluetooth to them but if I didn’t do
that probably every four to five days so
how is this really better even if it’s
20 seconds I got to have this brick

plugged into the wall near me with me at
all times
got to have it around if it all of a
sudden if it goes down and you have to
time it now now I’m thinking but how
much longer do I have instead of just

having two batteries in my in my in my
jeans pocket hold on here’s the thing
here’s the thing now the thing that
would worry me is I go traveling I
forget the damn brick leave it’ll be the

worst unscrew them and put batteries in
I don’t know if that’s a feature of this
system what and and and that would be I

don’t think yeah with whatever they have
in there and you you kind of plug the
device into this brick I don’t think
they could still add a battery I mean

yeah if you have you know like I’ve got
the latest hearing aid tech and I got
like these huge you know cans hanging
off in my head I don’t have to put new
batteries in it’s great oh man

but it CES is a junk show and when you
really go to it and you your night been

do it many a time you go to it and
there’s yeah there’s a few things you
know sony has a big fancy booths and you
know you know different major Silicon
Valley companies made apple doesn’t may

or may not have a big fancy booth you
know the big ten CB pretty girls wrong
roaming around and salespeople
everywhere but most of the show are
these small booths from Taiwan and China

selling junk is Moe’s you know pads you
just crazy junk as junk is a junk show
hey that’s the most interesting stuff by

the way I have I do have someone from
Widex at contact with me but looking to
get in touch with him for a while so
finally something happened but I’m gonna
ask about this energy so I have a

feeling it may be and you know like
hydrogen gas energy cell I always didn’t
what would no then why would you have an
induction brick the induction brick that
you put the thing on is just which one

oh that’s I never said that you’re
assuming that no I’d listen to him I did
wasn’t talking to you
you plug it into this thing as a hole in
it and you and you slip the thing in so

I don’t what’s an electrical connector
or if it’s a connector for gas Oh idea
not forget hydrogen baby in my head in
my ears I’m a walking bomb well you

smell that anyway but that’s beside the
okay that’s our transition jingle there
you go that’s a good one talked about so
I I don’t know if you want to go into a

little deeper thing right off the bat no
I’d like I’d like to air a grievance
right off the paw off the bat I am
listening that our president is a liar I
mean and by the way the most egregious

lie he told during his oval office
speech was not even discussed by the m5m
he’s a liar this is a choice between

and wrong justice and injustice this is
about whether we fulfill our sacred duty
to the American citizens we serve when I

took the oath of office I swore to
protect our country no you didn’t and
more people than anywhere in the world

saw your inauguration you took an oath
to defend and uphold the Constitution
you did not take an oath to protect the
American people why does no one else
just bothers no one it bothers you to

such an extreme that you make it up for
everybody nobody has to be concerned
about this ever because you you’re on it
man you’re on it when I took the oath of

office I swore to protect our country
and that is what I will always do so
help me God thank you and good night

now I believe that I believe what it did
is sincere but come on bringing the
Constitution from time to time it might
help you and what you’re trying to

achieve I’m gonna read the oath of
office I do solemnly swear or affirm
that I will faithfully execute the
Office of the President of the United
States and will to the best of my
ability preserve protect and defend the

Constitution of the United States and
that’s it so help me God
well that’s not on the official this so
help me God think you can say that if
you want here that’s it that’s the oath

yeah all right that’s the job it’s not
building a wall that is not in the
concert so here it is let me read this

part this is so help me God section so
certain how many presidents use the
Bible to add to it or added the words
those words are added that’s not in the
oath so help me God at the end of the
oath so it’s just that’s an option yeah

yes I mean Hillary had planned on saying
so help me Satan yeah take this in in
chronological order I’ll start us off

lots of attention from some of the
critics and some in the media when it
comes to tonight’s primetime address
some saying the president doesn’t
deserve a primetime timeslot and also
suggesting networks should fact check in

real time his speech here’s CNN analyst
and former Clinton White House press
secretary Joel Lockhart let’s listen to
the Clinton she’ll tell us why if I were
a network executive which I’m not I
wouldn’t put this on life I would let

him give the address and I look at it
and find out what’s true what’s not or
I’d say give me the text in advance you
know you have a president who’s trying
to create hysteria for his own political
purposes not to protect the American

people so a couple things about this
first of all ridiculous oh do we have to
we have to protect people from what he
says we have to fact-check him in real
time put it on a delay which nobody did
of course not and the second thing is

guys too much and nobody would watch it
it was known hours ahead of time this is
a nine minute speech and the Democrats
Chuck and Nancy they’re going to get

nine minutes as well I mean I always
wonder why why would you even do this
live just tape it I mean they they knew
was nine minutes so I guess he’s really
and it was to the T nine minutes so I

guess he’s a really really tight reader
they knew that and he kept to his nine
minutes seems so untrim peon yes I doubt
this was even live quite honestly I

don’t see why I’d have to do it live
well there’s no reason but the thing
that got me I thought was the funniest
part was having the Nancy and Schumer
show because it was like these two
Stooges oh wait wait wait wait first of

all from a television perspective two
things who decided the top three things
who decided the shot which should come
from top from above looking down on them

this is an incredibly stupid move I
think I know why it’s like I look so
short next to him they should have put
her on her on an Apple crate she should

have had a little rise she should have
had a riot full crate no doubt about it
now whoever did their makeup
this should be shot should receive a
medal from the comedy academy however

how can any anyone around these people
look at them and say great hold on
stand in front of the camera let me look

at the shop great who who is in charge
of that please consider the curry Dvorak
Consulting Group because I mean they
weren’t even three minutes into this

thing and the means were flying it was
great I could have producer Soupy Sales
had these two jokers up there and they
were just like dears they had headlight

first she had the grumpy old man and
then he had Nancy with the bug-eyed
Nancy and they’re going on and on and
she’s licking her lips and trying to
keep her mouth moist and then he comes

on and says I don’t know what he said
and it’s just like it was so comedic
yeah dude that is this the Democrat
Party because I’m asking the question of
any Democrats to listen to the show is

that your representation those two did
the great you have anybody that’s
presentable in the entire party they
could put up there did the great Rob
Reiner not sit at home and go wow they

need some help I’m a director this is
not the she know it was Rob right
you look great Nance oh man

horrible horrible if I if I took off my
glasses and I’m nearsighted I mean I
could almost imagine the faces turning

into you know the more favorite movie it
is they live gruesome aliens fantastic
fantastic but in general weak

performances all round I say I was it
was a waste of time and it was a
distraction and didn’t accomplish
anything one way I think maybe it gives

him the inroads to call the national
emergency which is gonna it’s gonna
cause some some problems so democracy
now covered this right off the bat and
then they brought a guest on and I

wanted to play these clips if you unless
you have something is really no no no
these because I got a bunch of them yeah
too many clips but it’s but it’s good
stuff this guy William Arkin mm-hmm he

was a military intelligence in the 70s
and became an NBC oh wait a minute yes
yeah this is the guy that recently left
NBC and Glitch quit he said it’s just

too nutty I don’t want to be around it
I’m gonna go write my books he is kind
of a book guy more than anything well he
was working for NBC as a reporter and a
correspondence and at one of the

intelligence analysts for 35 years yep
yeah so he did a lot of books but he is
apparently is fed up so these clips are
interesting because he really gets to

the point of what’s wrong with the media
and how they cover stuff and what we
kind of do but he’s he kind of
transcends it a little bit goes a little
meta so let’s listen to what he had to
say in Democracy Now cuz he actually

goes after them too and Amy got a little
self-conscious and got a little work by
him Robert William Arkin premise a
so you left NBC with this explosive memo

that not only in Deitz NBC your network
says basically NBC they
not like this but doesn’t stand out

among the crowd of corporate networks
and dealing with this issue of perpetual
war everything I said in this letter
which was a goodbye letter to my
colleagues at NBC applies to all of the

mainstream networks applies to CNN and
Fox as well so I’m not really singling
out NBC I was just most familiar with it
and my decision not to renew my contract

was really one of thinking to myself
that I wanted to stand back and think
more about what we needed to do in order
to change our national security policy

we’ve been at war now for 18 years I
don’t think anybody could argue that
there’s a country in the Middle East
that’s safer today than it was in 2001
the generals and the national security

leadership that runs the country and now
also as the commentators and the
analysts who populate the news media
really are not people who we can look to
as saying wow they won a war they they

avoided a war they achieve some
magnificent objective in fact they are
the custodians and the architects of
Perpetual warfare and it seemed to me

like there needed to be both the
different voice and a solution and I
want to step back myself and think about
how we can end this era of perpetual war
and how we can build some real security

both in the United States and abroad
well this guy can’t be a Democrat how
could I no wonder he can’t work for
MSNBC NBC NBC he’s not pro war well
there’s that listen to how he attacks

this situation and in fact he has some
fantastic points this is not what this
is the clip that follows that this is
William Arkin ribbing dn-4 Trump
coverage well I’m wondering in terms of

your concerns about the coverage of
President Trump and of the Trump era and
and your concern about the fixation and
it really is an obsession almost of all
of the networks with covering him I

don’t know not not just the day
but an hourly edit by many faces well
let me just say I’m here at democracy
now and I shouldn’t bite the hand that
feeds me but you started your broadcast

today making fun of the president and
his remarks last night about the border
it’s almost impossible to avoid Donald
Trump runs a circus every day he gets up

he unzips his pants and we go oh my god
what is he doing and then the next day
he repeats and we repeat so I think that
to some degree he sucks the oxygen out

of the debate he changes the discourse
and we haven’t figured out yet in the
news media every part of the news media
how to get beyond that so I’m not
arguing only about the mainstream I

think everyone is stuck in the Donald
Trump circus I mean I have to take issue
with you we’re saying making fun cuz fun
is the one word I wouldn’t use but yes

we did focus on what he had to say the
more the network’s broadcast directly
what he has to say this is the
information that gets out to the

American people and it is so critical to
take on each point in that case for
example that immigrants commit more
crimes than men natural-born Americans
which isn’t true and it’s absolutely

critical each time those comments are
made to counter them but I just before
you say anything interesting how she
says immigrants versus natural born so
there’s a couple things in there one

there’s an overt undertone of calling it
racist and secondly it’s about illegal
illegal aliens not illegal aliens not
immigrants so yeah this is me man she’s

a subscriber to it oh yeah she gets all
dole bent out of shape because he calls
her out for running the story at all

well you know it’s interesting there’s I
am working through an interview a
podcast that I found with an MSNBC
producer who talks about you know all
the stuff that goes on but he’s that

he’s really approaching it from one
angle 1 angle only it’s money
the question is why or because whatever
makes money they’re gonna do so it’s
yeah the media sucks but but the people

want it but people crave it we want junk
just like when the guy said he unzips
his pants I’m like hope you a good show

would be holy yes okay what else what
else got a couple more here let’s try
the best one I’m gonna go to the best

one right now then we’ll play some other
ones if you want if you want to yeah I
do want to get back to the wall cuz I do
have a couple other things let’s do
William barking spooks as pundits clip
our favorite so you talked about the

people who populate the networks as
pundits and you’ve been a fierce critic
of the national security state or at
least understanding who it is who is
explaining things to us reading from

Politico former CIA director John
Brennan laid a super spook they said to
be reborn as a TV news II he just cashed
in at NBC News as the senior national
security and intelligence analyst served

as first expert views and Meet the Press
the Brennan acquisition seeks to elevate
NBC to spook parity with CNN which
employs former Director of National
Intelligence James clapper former CIA

director Michael Hayden a similar
capacity other lesser-known National
Security veterans thrive under TV’s grow
lights almost too numerous to list they
include truck rosenberg former acting

DEA administrator chief of staff for FBI
director james comey and counselor two
former FBI director robert muller frank
big lucy former chief of FBI
counterintelligence Juan Zarate deputy

national security adviser under Bush at
NBC Fran Townsend homeland security
adviser under Bush and it goes on and on
and on yes these are now the pundits and
so when you have a situation like

president Trump announcing he will
immediately withdraw US troops from
Syria and have the troops that are in
Afghanistan you have this massive attack
on him that’s actually led by the

permanent national security state whoa
under the guise of pundits on television
she makes it sound like it’s a good

the permanent national security state
nice well I think that you’ve I mean
what you said stands for itself Amy but
I would add that I think the real crisis
is that when we have a panel discussion

on television in the mainstream press
and even in the mainstream newspapers we
don’t populate that panel with people
who are in opposition we have a single
war party in the United States and it’s

the only one that is given voice and so
really the crisis is not so much that
there are experienced government
officials speaking out the problem is

that there aren’t critics who are
sitting next to them saying that you’re
full of it and so to me we need to
balance that and I think that probably
because of the phenomenon of Donald

Trump let’s just be honest about it
really what we see on TV now is former
Obama administration officials
masquerading as analysts who are

nonpartisan when in fact they are
partisan and indeed we see fewer retired
generals and fewer retired admirals who
sometimes are useful in terms of

explaining the profession of arms and
the conduct of military operations in
favor of these political figures who
have a partisan view I just don’t think
the American public gets well served by

the fact that there isn’t a broad range
of opinions on those panels I want to
see peaceniks I want to see academics I
want to see historians I want them to as
much have a voice in terms of

understanding what’s going on as I do
see a former Obama administration
official we have to break yeah that’s
news all right you guys go nowhere and
where’s Stephen Cohen what about a good

example what do you mean well he’s the
guy that you would normally see on these
things telling these guys that they’re
wrong oh yeah we can’t fessor see this
is what this guy doesn’t see because

he’s in the million and what we can
clearly see and I’ll just say it again
my opinion the vocation of journalists
is null and void you’re no longer

you’re just adding noise and opinion and
bias to it you need editors like we’re
like editors we’re content routers you
know yeah you have to do a little
picking and choosing routers yeah that’s
what’s needed the experts are the ones

listening to this very show and Brent’s
and feet wait something I know about let
me tell you you know you have a trust
relationship is better than frickin
sources say this guy’s not seeing it

either we are the future is it just too
bad that we’re old cuz we know no metal
at the end for us
no Peabody in our future no watch we get
a Peabody yeah that’s what you think I’m

not so sure about that
all right these are minor I mean I would
like you to just play the beginning of
William Arkin 300 k because I don’t
remember what it is let’s get to the

issue of who populates the network TV
shows which is validating an issue you
have criticized for so long and

investigated for so long the national
security state well you know I’ve been
associated with television for 30 years
I’ve been a journalist for about the
same period of time but it’s not my

background my background was in army
intelligence and then thereafter I wrote
books about the military and I was
called upon to be a journalist because
there was a desire on the part of the

Los Angeles Times Washington Post and
NBC to have experts helping people to
understand an incredibly complex issue
national security in those days when I

started we used to have civilian experts
on the air people weren’t former
government officials people who weren’t
retired generals people who might be

university professors or activists who
worked in nongovernmental organizations
or experts or were associated with think
something happened post 9/11 something
happened in this intervening years in

which those people but virtually
disappeared from the airwaves and we
don’t see as many anymore and in fact we
increasingly see journalists who are the

commentators on what’s going on now
that’s a
position because journalists are
supposed to be unbiased but also at the
same time they’re supposed to be
explaining to the public
what’s going on with inside information

but the end result of it is that we
become shallower and shallower and our
coverage particularly in an area like
national security we’ve just become so
shallow that we’re not really able even

to see the truth which is that we’re at
war right now in nine countries around
the world where we’re bombing and we
hardly report any of it on a day-to-day

basis exactly yeah I can’t disagree with
anything he says I can’t either
we are trying to do we do our part I
want to go back to report on these wars

nobody else yeah well yeah but again you
know we don’t go to foreign sources we
have to podcast nowadays have seem to
have more good guys on it than anybody

but also we have boots on the ground we
have a lot of boots on the boots on the
ground and this works yeah you can’t
start off that way
I saw it so I can see I can see the

vocation of journalists no longer
existing I can see it people are not
stupid by the way even the stupid people
can figure out the stupid things they

need to know now also stupid is the
president here’s what I don’t understand
I want I have some advice for him I have
some advice for the Democrats
I am baffled why this multimedia

tweeting president didn’t take because I
think this would have I mean it’s it
will be out there but I I would have
definitely suggested as an option

why don’t you why did you say oh I’m
here in the Oval Office I got my youtube
up let me see
oh I’ve got some old clips here of chalk
and some old of Nancy and some old
Barack I agree with this 100% no where

you going because there’s been a couple
of compilations going around and it
shows chuck it shows Nancy it shows
Feinstein all going on and on and on
about how we need a wall and here is

college reform I’d love what these guys
do they went to the American University
in DC and asked people about the the
border wall specifically read them

quotes told them that these were quotes
from Trump but they were quotes from
Schumer Obama and Pelosi I’m gonna read
a few quotes here from President Trump
talking about the need for the southern

border wall first quote we should spend
money to build a barrier to prevent
illegal immigrants from coming in
another quote we simply cannot allow
people to pour into the u.s. undetected
undocumented and unchecked quote illegal
immigration is wrong plain and simple

until the American people are convinced
we will stop future flows of illegal
immigration we’ll make no progress when
you hear quotes like that what’s your
reaction to them it’s divisive I think
America is a land of opportunity place

for inclusion I just really think it’s
kind of hateful speech in general
negative message like when he talks
about with illegal immigrants it’s just
one route like to talk about people like

that kind of underlies a lot of things
about like discrimination and people and
their prejudiced prejudices and things
like that so I feel like that’s not this
touchy to talk about if there are racial
biases kind of sort of deep embedded in

there in a word I’d say it’s more
jingoist quiet because I mean it’s
overall high just unacceptable I think
just the way that he’s referring to
people across the wall is very too human
so rhetoric like that it’s not helpful

no not at all what if I told you these
were from Chuck Schumer Barack Obama and
Hillary Clinton how about that I mean
yeah Democrats and Republicans have said

things about border control that’s
interesting I didn’t think that’s that’s
what’s surprising it’s true well then do
you you tell me which ones what they

were respectfully but that’s it
that’s a very good surprise by the way
if this were a trump quote I believe it
would be a lot more maybe a lot less
calculated they wouldn’t say like they

did it’s like their demeanor is like the
way they come off is like yeah yeah kind
of shocking but either shirt there’s

your you’re dumb fuck Millennials well
what I what I like about it cuz I
watched a lot of these college reform
YouTube videos you have to get a sense I

mean yes edited man on the street you
know they couldn’t they couldn’t make
that very biased but oh yeah but I I
think that’s not that was not as
trickier one as as some of them know

it’s just straightforward by my dumb
fuck Millennials I’m talking about
people that do not listen to our show of
course if we have some smart Millennials
say we do and and it’s the responses
they gave where it’s a little different

than because they always get surprised
it’s always kind of the same gambit it’s
the same formula that these videos
adhere to but I think they were really
like holy shit really someone that’s all
the president really had to do I mean

just say no I told you this reminds me
of the 92 election with Ross Perot Ross
Perot would buy a bunch of airtime and

then he’d go on when they with a short
with a shot of him behind a desk Lord
the little black is a little whiteboard
and he has some deed has some diagrams
on and he says here’s what’s gonna

he showed a diagram and he showed these
things you know chicken pluckers he had
something to do with that
and he pointed this little tool that he
put aboard in mood and he said look at

this and he showed diagrams and he would
simplify his points using these diagrams
and I always thought that why doesn’t
anyone else do this it was genius I

think it got him a lot of votes Trump
does nothing like that and you’re right
and the point that you made which is the
real point
here’s mr. twitter twitter twitter yeah
mr. beYOU know knew he gets up and

tweets and he’s you know new media guy
no he’s not if he’s a new media guy he’d
have some heat show some some multimedia
maybe some video shows Schumer and

Pelosi going on and out of how we need a
wok is those clips are out there there’s
all kinds of Clips out there that he
could just exploit but he doesn’t I
don’t get it

I have a grin with you I don’t get it I
don’t know why it doesn’t do that maybe
he’s saving it for later
I don’t know now here’s my tip for the
Democrats they can do exactly the same

and this is a president Trump at a
graduation speech and I would say Rachel
Maddow could probably have fun with this
one as well and and it baffles me that

no one is using this go through it go
around just saying it’s a beautiful clip

play that clip in Mexico no one ever
listens to my advice no one ever listens

now I I think the best response really
the best Democratic response was not
from Chuck and Nancy it was from AOC who
made her very first appearance on the

Rachel Maddow Show I might say with very
little pushback it completely friendly
she also read the talking points

beautifully so she was read in and she
was prepared to be on board with you
know as I was watching that I just can’t
help but think no let me step back a

second Tina the keeper and I have been
analyzing AOC for a while and the
keepers job you know chief marketing
officer at ROM McDonald House she is an

expert in social media writing for
social media she has a team and she has
multiple people she knows a lot how this
works and what works and and how you

write and she is convinced and she’s
convinced me that Alexandra Ocasio
Cortez is not writing her own tweets the
difference between how she speaks and

you know it’s I don’t I don’t think that
you can put any science on it I’m
curious what you think John because you
of course are also a writer and also
social media writer but also I convinced
that I most celebrities that was

especially Hollywood celebrity know
pretty much know that they don’t do
their own tweets I mean maybe James
Woods does but most people don’t they
have a public relations person that’s

got a a very strong grip on their whole
on their presentation to the public and
so they do the tweeting they do all this
stuff in that regard I would not be a
bit surprising that fact that now that

you mention it I’d be surprised if she
did her own tweeting and where’s the
public relations people that can do that
kind of thing and they know how to tweet
they have specialists they can tweet and
good good I do believe strong I do

believe do believe leave that Trump does
his own because he has the errors in
there because when you tweet and you’re
throwing off twitches ah geez I fell
down so precisely what how does it work

AOC says something boneheaded you know
and it’s usually a technicality
not dissimilar to the president saying

he he took an oath to protect the
country that you know those kinds of big
big big mistakes that you know just
shouldn’t make in your position and then
the correction always follows on Twitter

and then she and then if she if someone
refers to a lady oh yeah no but you know
I went back and I corrected it and I
tweeted the right thing and you know I
made mistakes so she she makes her

she uses the manufactured crisis talking
point but also just looking at I’m
thinking Hillary is so quiet it could it
be in any crazy sense of my imagination

that this Huma Abedin look alike he’s
maybe somehow controlled by Hillary
Clinton people well you know I know you
were going to as you mentioned you might

say that Hillary Clinton people who do
tweeting for Hillary possibly doing
tweeting for her oh we should we should
compare those mmm interesting well you
know you’d have to compare like a

hundred of them because you can’t really
do a good a deep analysis of writing
styles unless you have a big sample but
you know what I mean I mean I think that
Hillary probably all Hillary with with
uma and with Anthony Weiner but also you

know they were supposed to be the hot
up-and-coming couple you know it’s like
didn’t Bill Clinton new New York new
officiant their wedding you know she was
the Hillary’s body man as they call it

in in Washington DC that you know of
course it’s rumored that they’re you
know they have an affair but it doesn’t
really matter it’s because if you look
at it this is AOC is Uma Aberdeen

without all the package in fact New York
and all in in the borough and all we
have as well she was a waitress in a

cocktail bar that much is done so yeah
well that’s true but it still who cares
this and there’s no machine together and
they got twenty or to door and don’t
know how much I would like to know we

don’t probably have anybody in that
borough that listens at the show but if
anybody did I like know if a OC went
door-to-door or if it was a machine that
went door-to-door which is you know
there’s nothing here is that you put

together if you’re a guy if you know how
to do it I mean there’s nothing like
showing your shoe that’s worn out
there’s a hole in your shoes
I mean the backstory is is just you know
put together pretty well yeah yeah very

professionally done its professionally
done and I think she is a massive force
to be reckoned with but right now she’s
kind of sliding in to the establishment
with Rachel Maddow and this is I just

have two clips of this but we have to
listen to both let’s check the first one
out we can’t even get laptops in the
hands of our district offices because
the president has decided to hold the

the paychecks of everyday Americans
hostage so that he can fulfill a
campaign I don’t even want to call it a
promise a campaign fantasy but the vast
majority of Americans disapprove of and

not only that but in in the actual
address there was falsehood after
falsehood and we have to make sure that
we get our facts straight every day
immigrants commit crimes at a far lower

rate than native-born Americans so
here’s the point I’m very disturbed by
this by this talking point then and also
lets just hear exactly what she said

here straight everyday immigrants commit
crimes at a far lower rate than
native-born Americans so she didn’t say
I think we already pointed this out she

didn’t say the same thing Amy said
exactly the same immigrants not work yes
word for word not illegal aliens
it was immigrants yeah and yes by the
way I should mention this this talking

point came up a long time ago I think
during the even during the campaign that
this and this the exact talking point
with the exact war tidge done exactly

the same way slipped in and then it kind
of disappeared it’s a falsehood yeah
bullcrap meme it’s not even I mean it’s

beside the point yes
what’s the consequence of having
somebody as president who’s made this
I’m sorry I’m the wrong one and not only
that but the women and children on that

border that are trying to seek refuge
and seek opportunity in the
United States of America with nothing
but the shirt on their backs are acting
more American than any person who seeks
to keep them out ever will be I’m not

sure why that bothers me when she said
there but it does well a couple of
things also did she mention it with just
the shirts on their back and a Soros
credit card it was in the shirt pocket

nothing but their backs are acting more
American than any person who seeks to
keep them out ever will be okay so well
that’s just an opinion now here’s the

longer second clip the only second one I
have but we really need to to listen to
what she is saying in here because she
she also shows they true democratic
social the Democratic Socialist of

America vibe is we want people to come
in they should be able to come in with
that just come in because we want them

to serve us and you will hear I mean I
can’t hear it any other way then she is
just racist she feels there’s no
American dream this is what I’m missing

where’s Bruce the American dream you
come here you wanna you know look at the
Rolls Royce and say I can be that guy
all I have to do is work really hard and
you know put my nose down to the I got
it I got to go to the grind wheel I got

to do it that’s not there anymore it’s
just just you come on in and be my slave
what’s the consequence of having
somebody as president who’s made this
core to his message into what he wants

his presidency to mean what is the harm
that’s caused by him talking this way
and using the sort of problem the way he
has even when he can’t get his policies

passed I can I can tell you a very
personal story has as many people know I
was working in restaurants just a year
ago and when the president first assumed
office with his with his racist and

violent rhetoric racist and violent
violent rhetoric that’s a new one yeah I
haven’t heard the violent rhetoric

people started to send themselves home
send themselves home this is a very
interesting term that she uses a couple
of times people started to
themselves home and although it to me it
conjures up an image of getting in the

UPS box you know like you know leaving a
little hold to call the guy and then
close it up slapping the sticker on top
yeah I think she means self-deportation
yeah that’s what she means and as we

know in restaurants hospitality every
American eats if you can if you’re if
you’re if you’re lucky enough we’re able
to eat three times a day and that means
that we interact with the people who

prepare our food three times a day ok so
just so you know illegal aliens prepare
your food three times a day that’s what
they do when those people start to go

local or rather go back to the countries
which they originated from because many
of them consider the United States their
home those places they go into
dysfunction I remember one of our lead
cooks brought himself back to Mexico

because he was so scared
brought him this is so interesting
brought himself back to Mexico helped me
why she why is she using this tense and
this there’s a reason for it there’s a

reason she’s made me by the way she’s
still being trained yes I who I don’t
know but there’s obviously there’s a
reason for it we need that linguistics
guy that we used to fall back on who I
think is now your sworn enemy or so

remember that guy that my sworn enemy
your buddy that used to be in Austin it
was a linguistics expert and he could
just want to pointed out some of these
anomalies and speech patterns and

performative –zz and all that oh oh oh
the professor yeah the professor won’t
talk to me yeah he’s moved to Stanford
he’s a bigger he’s all in for Obama
hates Trump and he won’t talk to you

oh no no he hates me and he thinks I’m a
racist Republican yeah yeah for sure and
I have white privilege need to shut up
the president’s rhetoric we had an

insane amount of dysfunction we’re
talking about local restaurants we’re
talking about local businesses we’re
talking about shuttering neighborhoods
and we’re talking about people feeling

unsafe and no one should feel unsafe
in the United States of America and that
includes our amazing and beautiful and
productive immigrant community again

immigrant so what is she talking about
are these legal illegal aliens or
immigrants this has been going on for a
while trying to confuse the public by
mixing two terms illegal alien and

immigrant they equal each other some you
trying to make it’s at me the same even
though they’re not the same there are
people that have come to this country

from Mexico and elsewhere men even work
in restaurants and they came legally and
they’ve got their green card and then
they eventually got their citizenship
they went through a process and then
there’s a bunch of people who just snuck

across the border and they’re taking
jobs away from these other people
because they’re working a little cheaper
or maybe maybe not but the point is is
that they’re trying to conflate which is
probably the wrong word the two terms so
you think oh yeah immigrant immigrant is

good this is the socialist borderline
communist training she’s going through
Rachel’s all in on it you know she
doesn’t question any of this obviously

she’s a complete stooge but it’s
disgusting Pennebaker professor
Pennebaker was a where’s our linguistics
guy to marry who hates me now

did my stunt brain informed me and
moreover the one thing that the
president has not talked about is the
fact that he has systematically engaged
in the violation of international human
rights borders on human rights on our

border do you think he was reading maybe
or just or she it’s cuz that was an
interesting mess-up that felt like a
teleprompter flub like it was like you
did just here lookey you’d see if she

was looking at a prompter I don’t think
so she’s rehearsed all this stuff it’s
in her head they’ve gone over it a few
times you gotta say this you gotta say
oh no no no don’t use that word use this
word oh okay

and so to get to get her all keyed up
and she then she flubs one of the
rehearsed points right uh I’d like to
hear it again because there may be some
revelation in the flub full and print
this immigrant community and moreover

the one thing that the president has not
talked about is the fact that he has
systematically engaged in the violation
of international human rights borders on
human rights on our border he has

separated children from their families
he talked about what happened the day
after Christmas on the day of Christmas
a child died in ice custody the
president should not be asking for more

money to an agency that has
systematically violated Human Rights the
president should be really defending why
we are funding such an agency at all
because right now what we are seeing is

death right now what we are seeing is
the violation of Human Rights
these children and these families are
being held in what are called yella das
which are basically freezing boxes that
no person should be maintained in for

any amount of time let alone the amount
of time that they are being kept on this
is also new this I’ve heard this a
couple times the freezing boxes yeah new
talking point which I’m not quite sure

what it is I don’t really care we’re
good well I think we should look into
because if she says that that means it’s
part of a bigger moreover even if you
are anti immigrant he also likes using

this moreover now I know she said
moreover about three times so far and in
addition to there’s a million things you

can say instead of moreover moreover
moreover doesn’t sound like a Bronx
thing sounds rehearsed it sounds like
somebody told her to say that

moreover well the amount of time that
they are being kept on and moreover even
if you are anti immigrants in this
country the majority of immigrant

overstays the majority of the reason
that people are undocumented is visa
overstay it’s not because people are
crossing a border illegally it is it is
because of visa overstay with no let’s

just just and this is something that is
also used in an interesting way because
I know a lot about it I’ve helped
multiple people become legal green card
holders in the United States and what
she sings visa overstay which means you

came in you said I’m just here visiting
hmm unless you had a work visa at which
point you also have a responsibility and
a date to leave there’s all kinds of
different visas but I think in general

tourist visas have been abused for this
and yeah she’s making it sound like how
they were led in and that you know just
like you know kind of like your driver’s
license lapse you know it’s like you

might get a ticket but no that’s not
exactly true mind you he’s talking about
legal immigration he’s trying to
restrict every form of legal immigration
there is the United States he’s fighting

against family reunification he’s
fighting against the diversity Visa
Lottery he’s fighting against almost
every way that people can actually
legally enter this country forcing them
to become undocumented and then he’s

trying to attack their undocumented
status this is systemic it is wrong and
it is anti-american and again those
women and children trying to come here
with nothing but the shirts on their

back to create an opportunity and to
provide for this nation I think more in
an American tradition than this
president is right yes right we need
more people to provide for us to serve
us yeah we need a new class restaurant

help she’s gonna be great in 2020 I
don’t think so I know I know you
she hasn’t got the chops she will I

don’t think she’s smart enough to get
the chops that’s why I mean I can I know
what you’re saying we said she will cuz
yeah you were her somebody and she gets
slicker and slicker but no she’s not

that bright and she can’t you know she
floridi flubbed in that bed and she
keeps saying moreover she’s not that
bright and she and if somebody’s not
that bright you can only go so far with

them and they’ll drop her like a hot
potato some other multi-culti looking
woman with big eyes a big smile okay
hold on you’re saying if another another
what would that other one have to have

over her that would all of a sudden
displace aoc brains all right this is
just this is this it’s like a callback
to when I said Trump is gonna go all the

way and you were like you know go
bush I never wanted Jeb Bush no but you
said Jeb Bush would win I think it’s a
moment in time don’t make me play the

clip again and Swede this is fact I’m
not denying because I was seeing the way
things were going and it looked like
they were gay
I thought the media was gonna gang up on

Trump to such an extreme that they would
get Bush to run and lose to Hillary
because the whole idea was to get
Hillary in right and so look what if the
scheme was little with the fact that I
identified this scheme and identified it

doesn’t mean I’m a schmuck you’re
missing this scheme this is much bigger
than we then we can see at this point I
think I think she’s very it was a scheme
be afoot yes behind Anthony Weiner as

you recall oh yeah by the way didn’t
work out now did it
by the way what this situation really
needs because where we are now is we’re

arguing it’s just it’s just a cockfight
basically what we need now is a good
old-fashioned false flag you know that’s
the American Way we need something to

happen down at that border that
convinces everybody row this is what we
got to do
where is that the days of Obama and Bush
man we did things differently well I

don’t know that well the difference is
is that Obama and Bush both were part of
the intelligence machinery and Trump
isn’t and so he can’t initiate these

sorts of things they’re correct but the
Democrats could that I think that’s kind
of my point

yeah they’re good to wrap this up to
wrap this up I’m going to make a
prediction first of all I got this quick
clip just because I want to have an on
record of woopy who is either not been

read into AOC or I’m not quite maybe
she’s her public handler or will be
people in that party who have been

working their tails off you could learn
some stuff from that I just feel like
you know you don’t have to be born into

it you don’t have to know it when you
step out but before you start pooping on
people and what they’ve done you got to
do something to stop people very nice

get a memo well she would be
anti-hillary you see Whoopi does not
like Hillary doesn’t want Hillary she’s

in that camp and that just gives me more
kind of feeling that this is somehow a
Hillary type puppeteer thing it could
that could be completely wrong it’s just
it’s my theory du jour but here’s what’s

going to happen the Democrats will
indeed make some concession with the
president and there will be some form of
barrier and he will let out that as a
huge victory and I’m going to tell you

why this is going to happen because the
cracks are showing we have cher tweeting
Nancy don’t die on this hill
he stops at nothing you’re a hero but

let this one go
that’s share share saying let him have
this one here’s the Daily Show with
Trevor Noah you realized there were all
these flaws in America that nobody ever
noticed before he showed up and then all

of a sudden it was like Oh BAM
oh wow what is that the president the
president doesn’t have to show his tax
returns oh and the prison doesn’t have
to divest from his business isn’t and

holy shit he might be able to pardon
himself that’s crazy and so now thanks
to Trump thanks to trump we’ve learned
that during a national emergency a
president can do way more than just
build a wall right to shut down your

internet send the troops and need to
control the country so if I’m the
Democrats I would give Trump the wall
before he finds out what he can really
do crazy but think about it right now

he’s like the baby from The Incredibles
right he only knows that he can float we
do not want him finding out that he
could shoot lasers out of his eyes now I
don’t know if this is coordinated if

it’s Emilio talking point if this is
happening individually but I’m noticing
it and I think we’ll see more of this
well let’s well beginning with that

thesis I think we should at least try to
figure out why this would be happening
if it was a talking point they went and
they’re bringing it into play to here
well I also recently bring it into play

and this is it that we these people you
we do one a wall I mean Nancy M Schumer
used to want one do we want to just to
give him the wall and let him screw it
up Oh Nancy painted herself into the

corner with the it’s immoral and so they
needed to get away out of that because
she hammered that so hard and I think
that’s that’s the problem and I have a

feeling that there’s pressure people
saying you know this is actually a
problem and by the way back in the
barack days we’d have a good
old-fashioned false flag so let’s do
something about this before this nutjob

does something could be signaling for a
false flag please god forbid i despite
it is our American Way but I despise it
yeah because it always turns up with a

dead people there’s always dead people
and with that I’d like to thank you for

your courage and say in the morning to
you John
Dvorak way in the morning to you mr.
Adam McCurry also in the morning all
boots on the ground feet in the air

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Tesla sucks a customer service or
relationships with employees and the

fact that the megalomaniac Elon is a con
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some news for you folks tech guys cannot
build cars I figured out why California

wants autonomous cars they can’t freak
and drive another topic that happened to
be here locally is a train wreck called
theranos everybody needs to read the
book bad blood Elizabeth and her crony

boyfriend need to be jailed
disgusting lack of due diligence taken
by these old geezers is amazing Warren
Buffett was the only exception he at

least let the author work unimpeded
George Shultz’s treatment of his own
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whereas we buy electricity from the same
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that’s the only reason it made financial
sense otherwise without the subsidy it
takes about 40 years to pay back the
investment and break-even which

obviously sucks just give so solar
panels to the poor and in same impact
but Nash socialism for the rich
capitalism for the poor saving the world

was stupid as shit yeehaw
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yes why thank you very much how about I
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that’s what yes I want a plaque and bust
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next meeting no it’s good actually I
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now what I would just sit there with my

Tourette’s listen to my beautiful voice
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great perfect I’m sure it is
but the guy congratulations this is

another one of these these Lifetime
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very proud of that I think you should
because you know all these douches in
Silicon Valley they’ll keep that museum

going forever for their legacy yeah they
throw you off what’s this excess drive
space we need throw Korea thanks John
really appreciate the border collie

George that’s too kind really just too
that’s that’s our group of executive and
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the meetup folk yes 1092 who unlike
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speaking of the Golden Globes oh yes we

should at least give him a mention I
have one clip to play good I’m glad you
got something because I watched it and
it was you know it’s not a good I did
notice a couple of things there are some

people that at certain tables that got
them away no Rosie that’s yes I saw it I
saw the difference I wonder so I was a

choice they could have made beforehand
little Doba in their right mind would
have picked a regular Moe way you know
Safeway twine as opposed to rosette
which is always a there was always a
well-made product huh okay what else did

you notice I noticed that and those are
in magnums too many times was a big
giant bottle and yes I’m quite familiar
with the Magnum size yes I’m sure you

XL Magnum excels which is the beer you
drink uh-huh I don’t know what else did
I notice I can’t recall anything
important no there was nothing important

although twice when someone was doing
the whole diversity thing they stopped
the orchestra was stopped in fact the oh
they were there was playing somebody off

and she started talking about diversity
or something and at the end to the when
Bohemian Rhapsody won the the guy nearly

also was getting into his whole
diversity equity thing that’s the word
by the way equity equity equitable it’s
gonna be equity equity which is a nice
co-option of the word yeah then he said

stop stop stop and they stopped they
went way over they were at least fifteen
minutes overtime so yeah you know it was
just I actually should have gotten a

clip of the the president of the
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
she was the funniest like we’re under
attack like oh the whole please rattle
your pearls if you agree we’re under

attack under attack
but it was a bunch of rich guys thing is
ridiculous the best moanin and groanin
this show gets the best hey even I can

steal from John Lennon from time to time
good one here is one of the best native
ads I have seen in a long time

it was it was funny it was spectacular
it was real they got the name check it I
don’t know how it worked but I’d say a
plus for this advertising moment

normally at this point of the show the
host would do something fun and
spontaneous to show how we’re all just
ordinary people like ordering pizza for
everyone but since we already got food

at the Globes we thought we mix it up
and try something new
so roll up your sleeves Hollywood
because you’re all getting
so if you didn’t see this if you didn’t

see this all of a sudden like ten people
walk in with with white coats they’ve
got and they’re real you’ll hear in a
second it was a Rite Aid commercial and

they start and they actually inject a
few people and and there’s a couple of
jokes in here but it is a native ad for
Rite Aid and for their flu shot it’s flu
season after all

well done yeah well done the whole idea

and it had to cost a few mil and you saw
oh yeah
and you saw like willem dafoe like no go
away from me yeah and of course some

slaves like can you imagine can you
imagine I would be freaked out if
someone came off it King me I already
had the shot I’m good oh yeah – I’m good

yeah so that was I thought I’d like the
host I thought it was cute you know they
did their anti anti kind of meta opening

you know we’re gonna rip on everybody
but we’re not yeah it’s cute that the
ratings are always cute ratings ratings
were kind of flat coracii down a little

bit who cares no one cares no one cares
let’s see oh well what we’re talking

Hollywood why don’t we briefly speak
about the brexit the the movie yes the
uncivil war brexit the optional J did
you watch it let me just explain that
this aired on this is now hopefully you

heard our last episode we had Dominic
Cummings a speech and marketing speech
how he did everything played several
clips of that and that was anticipation

of this being released on channel 4
which had played on I guess Monday in
the UK and on January 19th will be on
HBO and cumberbund cumber Band

Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes plays plays
Dominic Cummings the movie is really
about him and how he did it so let’s
take a look at I have a clip because I

had nothing but trouble finding a clip
well first open overall impression I
liked it I liked it I thought it was
very accurate although and right at the

beginning it says this
is devised on actual events not based on
or this you know not a true she said
devised and if you look up the

definition that’s yeah it was vice they
play there’s a dramatic literally means
we made shit up but they made a lot of
stuff up is pretty obvious but it was
too but the gist of it was accurate yes

into a marketer or a like myself I
thought the most interesting parts were
how he came up with the slogan you know
how he found out what was really

bothering people but the whole thing
including right up to the end you could
have put any titles at the end of this
movie you wanted to yeah and you could
have made it sound like wow Facebook
this is you could have said wow this

guy’s a marketing genius he was smart
you could have said wow isn’t fantastic
that you know you found the true people
like the woman in the in the focus group
we just starts crying and wailing and
she’s clearly one of these you know the

things I have good let’s play that set
it up and then we’ll talk some more this
particular clip is about the remain errs
the remain campaign which had a bunch of
professional marketing guys because they

couldn’t weren’t gonna take a chance
coming through the guy on the other side
on the leave side was more of a kind of
a visionary type and so these guys were

going with the standard operating
procedure standard way to do things so
they had the best guys doing it and so
there’s this moment where they’re
showing a focus would they use focus
groups a lot and there’s a focus group
and the main the general manager of the

campaign whose knows about all this
stuff he’s watching the focus group and
he sees that the woman are leading it is
doing a piss-poor job of getting the
kind of responses that that he’s looking

for cuz he’s not getting the responses
he’s looking for so he just decides
against it all all protocol and and
focus group science yes he violates the
rules and barges in to cuz he’s now he’s

so annoyed and he tries to control the
focus group
the focus group quickly goes out of
control with him in there and it results
in one woman at the very end crying her

eyes out because with her commentary
that this has this this
you thing has done nothing for most
people in this country and I’m
particularly miserable because of it

what can you do about that
why should we even you know what you and
and did you play the clip the hard facts
right the Treasury receives a net

benefit of twenty billion pounds per
year from the EU workers paying into the
system growing the economy that’s after
using public services so they are paying
for the more care more teachers more

that’s not a good thing how much we pay
NAT they over there yeah three hundred

and fifty million okay none of you’ve
heard all messages on that three hundred
fifty million you know you’re in trouble
as a marketer if you say in a foes group
have no one heard our message is good
trouble pounds is a lie you would know

it does not exist it has never existed a
check for that amount has never been
signed we will not get it if we leave
what will happen currency will collapse

and the economy or contract how do you
know that you not get things wrong all
the time don’t know why we pay anything
to be a member of the single largest

trading bloc in the entire world I see
from that where I’m from I’d rather in
go on the NHS yeah but people making
these promises people that you have

never heard of
Dominic Cummings they’re not elected
they’re not gonna form a government
despite having made billions of pretend
spending promises post brexit that they
have no power or responsibility to see

any of it through okay we could take a
little break or Alan banks and his
diamond mine in South Africa or Nigel
Farrar jailed stockbroker Boris Johnson
Jacob Riis mark yeah they’re gonna be

fine aren’t they this is just a game to
them at a debating society but the risk
to you and your children
I hope that was valuable for people who
didn’t who had no visuals I think it

worked what so my overall impression
especially that part was it was and
really the way they wrapped it up with
just a bunch of title cards at the end

just to shape your brain into what they
would the takeaway was because you could
have done anything with this it was it
wouldn’t seem factually pretty correct
the impression was kind of given that
these three million magical people they

found who had never voted and this went
through machine learning and all kinds
of magic voodoo and Facebook sounds just
like regular marketing principles to me
that that you know that they are the

only ones and the day made it happen and
you know that’s the only group that has
to be addressed where really it was just
the group that they found out and
addressed that pushed them over the you

know the 50% mark but it kind of made it
feel like well oh sure there’s people
who aren’t happy and sad and doesn’t
work for them and then at the very end
it’s all like well and this happened and
you know but there was probably campaign

violation the old laws were
were violated and don’t forget this was
Steve ban and Robert Mercer Trump well
there was definitely a connection with

the Trump of did the use of the colors
red which was their color mm-hmm
although Trump that was the last word on
the screen Trump yeah

Trump I’m sad that’s kind of ruined it
but I thought the overall movie was
really good except for all that crap at
the end now they had that guy
interviewed on one of the morning shows
in England and I listened to him he’s a

very interesting director and I guess he
wrote it too but if it shows up I think
it’s worth watching it’s got a lot of
it’s just a good drama and Cumberbatch
is great he’s they even have him bald

which I thought was funny it was it was
very enjoyable piece and Cumberbatch is
a very staunch remainer
yes so he played this guy and he did it

well he’s as a pro he’s just a really
good actor now there are some things
going on over there about brexit cos yes
going berserk because that kid they
can’t pass anything I have a background

clip on Parliament and the block okay
and then I have a Theresa made on a talk
show commenting about things going on
okay so this is the background ER UK

lawmakers once again flexing their
muscle as they seek to assert control
over Briggs it by 303 to 296 MPs on
Tuesday approved an amendment to the

finance bill to prohibit government
spending on No Deal brexit preparations
without parliamentary authorization it’s
yet another setback for Theresa May 20

MPs from her own Conservative Party
broke ranks to vote with the opposition
as parliamentarians try to head off the
prospect of Britain crashing out of the
EU with no deal in place which many fear

would bring disastrous consequences for
the UK economy mais government says the
latest development is a mere
inconvenience and that a No Deal brigs
it remains a possibility we’ve been

working on the basis that No Deal was a
from the very beginning our main aim is
continuity of trade last month May
abruptly canceled the scheduled vote on

her existing deal with Brussels in the
face of its certain defeat in Parliament
we will vote for tomorrow she pledged to
secure further EU assurances on its most

controversial elements
despite statements from Brussels that
they were done negotiating but may has
been meeting with EU leaders in recent
days and says a new vote on her deal
will go ahead On January 15th opposition

to it however remains strong a troubling
sign for the UK and Europe alike if the
idea is to be defeated in order to have
better glance and negotiations there is

an extraordinary risk to this and I
wouldn’t do it speculation has mounted
that if it loses the vote Downing Street
will be forced to seek an extension of
article 50 and delay breaks it but makes

government insists that’s not on the
table and that the UK will leave the EU
on March 29 no writer and they say we’re
nuts they have they think one of them

after that report there was a another
vote for something or there was an
attempt to do an amendment then the
speaker shot it down and then there was
an edict that when they do have the next

vote they have and they don’t come up
with anything or doesn’t pass they have
and this is the part that’s new they
have three days push this off they have
three days to come up with a plan B and

they have no pant plan B so here’s what
Mae said I think this was also this was
also predates the that plan be a problem
but she does have an interesting she’s

on a talk show one of the major ones and
she’s yakking about this and she does
have something at the little gotcha at
the end that I thought was unique is a
Labour leadership and Labour Party that

is playing politics yes we are going to
hold the vote and you said it was good
to be next week actually the debate
starts next week and the debate will
carry on into the into the following
week but we will be holding the vote
we’re talking about the 15th or 14th or

run that sort of timing if the deal is
not voted on as
this vote that’s coming out then
actually we’re going to be an
unchartered territory I don’t think
anybody can say exactly what will happen

in terms of the reaction we’ll see you
could because because well if I can just
go back to what I was going to do which
is setting out what we have in the House
of Commons can you what we have in the
House of Commons is a Labour leadership

and Labour Party that is playing
politics with this but is opposing any
deal in order to create the most the
greatest chaos that they can we’ve got
people who were promoting a second

referendum in order to stop brexit yes
and we’ve got people who are want to see
their perfect brexit and I would say
don’t let the search for the perfect
become the enemy the danger there is

actually end up with no brexit at all
that’s our slogan huh she’s gonna run
with that good well this is the end
she says the possibility exists our

gonna have no brexit well so the from
the do-over camp that she spoke of this
is a Conservative MP and brexit du /
proponent and a so Bri Sabri sou BR y

yes yeah she’s the one one she’s the one
she’s the one who was shouted down
during an interview outside yeah that’s
that’s what I have buzz Yellowjackets

but this is a very odd BBC montage so
you know they start off kind of
interviewing her and then they jump to
another spot and then the people are

calling her Nazi and it was just weird
I know I want to know about this could
go on for a while that’s why that’s the

other thing that has now got to happen
is we have to be absolutely I do object
to being called a Nazi actually what
they jacked up the audio on her to to

make sure you could hear that they were
singing that she’s a Nazi it’s like a
bunch of football dudes they’re even
drowning her out there’s no reason for

this this is an edited piece they’ve
jacked it right through what’d she say
you can’t even hear what she’s saying

they just jacked up their microphone of
him singing that she’s in Nazi by the
way the Queen of England she’s got to
have the ultimate white privilege don’t

you think definitely just in the scheme
of things
she isn’t she the queen of white
privilege surprised that she hasn’t done
something about this whole thing yeah

just wanted to say I think she’s too old
if you’re done I’m brexit we had another
important political event take place
brick said I got the gist you know
there’s a chef I think so an upset in
the Democratic Republic of Congo

election and upset I tell you oh really
yes we were pretty sure that the winner
of this election would be the ExxonMobil

guy but no no no no with a margin of
about five million seven million votes
38 percent chickadee what’s his first

name – Scheck ID beat out by you loo and
Tusheti his son of a previous a

politician who was actually he died at
84 just before he could see his son take
the throne

this guy tusheti grew up in europe and
every bio that mentions him talks about
he did a number of odd jobs in brussels
before going back to the Democratic

Republic of Congo to run and win the
election so it will be very interesting
to see what happens now this this could
be a French guy versus a US intelligence

guy that there were two different
factions no way do I believe that this
is a People’s Choice that’s not their
history it’s not their culture it’s not
how it works there’s too many assets in

the region we have troops on the ground
we have Ebola standing by it will be
very interesting to see what happens and
embassies have been evacuated in
anticipation of some unrest in the

region so a surprise upset yeah from a
guy who had did odd jobs in Brussels he

did what kind of odd jobs there are in
Brussels he’s also one of these guys who
wears the white the white clothes you

know these guys are crazy we got I have
the r.kelly story which I thought is
kind of weird

you don’t know about this has been going
on for years this story yo I know that’s
what they say in them in the clip that’s
been going on for years and I guess the
guys probably got his comeuppance
alright documentary series about the
singer are Kelly has prosecutors in

Illinois and Georgia taking a fresh look
at the music superstar a number of women
have accused Kelly of crimes including
sexual assaults Jericka Duncan is
following this

the Grammy winning singer and songwriter
is now under legal scrutiny and two
states for alleged sexual and physical
abuse of multiple women calls to

investigate the 52 year old were
reignited after the six-hour docu-series
surviving our Kelly aired on lifetime I
felt like a prisoner Cook County State’s

Attorney Kim Fox is asking anyone with
information to come forward
the recent allegations against
entertainer r kelly and the recent
lifetime Doctor Who series are deeply

deeply disturbing she has been in touch
with families from the docu-series who
are looking for their loved ones I hope
and pray that the DA makes a move quick
from out of Chicago or out of Atlanta

because at this point he may be leaving
the country with these girls and whoever
to try to flee from this situation
Timothy and John Dylan Savage who were

featured in the lifetime series say
they’re 23 year old daughter Joycelyn
savage has been brainwashed by r kelly
despite several video she has made I’m
in a happy place but she says she’s fine

Kellie’s award-winning career has been
shadowed by sexual misconduct
allegations for more than two decades he
was acquitted of engaging in sex acts

with a thirteen-year-old back in 2008 I
believe by the documentary has opened up
and I believe is powered numbers and I
believe it will be a conviction this
time okay

I have looked into this somewhat I
followed this for a while this is not a
secret in the music business although I
have never encountered it myself with
art Kelly or anyone else for that matter

but this is a well known situation but
there’s an issue because our Kelly knows
too much and that’s why the pussies in
Hollywood are staying home that’s the

only reason there’s a lot going on in
Hollywood in today’s media landscape
where everyone is really the journalists
were collective journalists and this

stuff is just out there but they’re
afraid to go in the cops I think also
very worried about liability because
there’s there’s stuff going on that is
stuff yeah let me give you another

example in Hollywood a grief-stricken
community erupting outside of a
prominent Democratic donors West
Hollywood apartment for the second time

in less than two years authorities say a
young black man was found dead inside
edie bucks home in 2017 26 year old
Jamel Moore was found dead an LA County

deputies ruled it an overdose then
Monday morning authorities say another
man was found unresponsive I’ve gotten
reports today that the person who died
today was in his 50s I don’t care if he

was in his 20s 30s 47
80s 90s or older he was a black man and
he died of an overdose in at bucks house
the political donor has never been

arrested or charged for either death
though both cases are now under
investigation Buck’s attorney says he
was just trying to help drug addicts
down on their luck this is not a
situation where mr. buck has caused the

death this is an initiation where mr.
buck has had longtime friends who
unfortunately do not handle their life
well protest organizer Jazmin Kanak

paints a different picture she claims he
targets vulnerable young black men and
lures them to his apartment with the
promise of drugs sex and money
activists turning their anger toward

bucks neighbors saying they’re complicit
in the deaths now listen to the
neighbors this is very interesting all
of them notices flub where in the
beginning we heard he might be 50 wasn’t

really a boy listen this is a boy it was
a young boy that’s obvious and this guy
even says these boys I mean men I
understand like wandering like you’re

his neighbor like where was your role
and the reality is that the we’re
neighbors we’re not gonna call the
police on any black man who walks into
our building that’s quite racist on its
own and that would never occur to me my
question is what world is the police

department plans yes what role does the
police be allowed to develop now I like
you say they like to keep everything
hushed up I found a reference to this
whole thing with this first guy Jamel uh

in The Advocate mm-hmm which is the gay
newspaper that will bring up stuff that
other people won’t bring up including
some tweets the guy made saying that

this buck character had got him hooked
on meth mm-hmm with a by injecting him
and then apparently like to get these

hi-oh because it gives him some sort of
uh some sexual thing involved here and
he would just you know unfortunately
take it too far and they killed the

first guy who said who was bitching
about this being hooked on math because
he didn’t want to be hooked on meth and
I guess the second guy was a similar
situation but I guess he got black kids

up there and he him you know a nice dose
or whatever something like that that
police aren’t investigating I don’t it’s
pretty tawdry yeah and and you know
what’ll happen is this will all get

plowed under the new Michael Jackson
documentary that’s coming out were to
supposed former lovers of his will tell
also that’ll cover everything up for a

while as the media will discuss that at
nauseam whereas my personal experiences
Michael Jackson as he’s asexual and
that’s a different story but there’s

this is it is Hollywood it is
entertainment it is entertainment law it
is and by coincidence and I think a lot
of Republicans have repressed
homosexuality but the Democrats they go

for other stuff and you know not
condemning anything but when people get
hurt it’s a problem here’s Alan
Dershowitz he’s also still kind of on

the block with this Lolita Express he
showed up on some Fox News segment and
he discussed allegations against him the
ending is of particular interest so the
book is now the case against the

Democratic House impeaching Trump we
have to ask you before you hit the road
basically about what happened in Florida
with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
I know that you’re his attorney was his

attorney during the time that he was
being prosecuted I have no legal I’m not
not not taking a feed from them at years
and years and years but when you’re

somebody’s attorney
you can’t stop answering questions so
when he has a question now about the
deal that was struck I’m available to
talk damn you know there was a big
investigation the Miami Herald just did

it and of course your name came up about
accusations they’re telling women 100
totally made-up look as to the first
woman who accused me her own lawyer it

admitted in front of witnesses that she
was wrong just wrong that I couldn’t
have been in the places the second woman
is a woman who wrote to the New York
Post claiming she had videotapes of

Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Donald
Trump having sex with underage girls the
New York Post said we don’t believe you
they wouldn’t even publish our story but
she’s one of the people so you know

these are all come from the same source
David Boies the attorney who’s furious
at me because I filed bar charges
unethical bar charges against him and he
threatened me that unless I would Drew

the bar charges he would find somebody
else to accuse me I don’t think anybody
believes this anybody takes it seriously
it’s not like me to me to the men we’ll
knew the women I never met these people
they’re total strangers to me and I’m

looking for an opportunity I’m looking
for a trial let’s have it hearing there
are emails for our secret but that
proved not only that I was framed but
who framed me it names names these

people are going to go to jail Russ
these emails come out because this was a
total frame-up for financial reasons and
I can prove it and we’ll prove it have
me back on the show when the emails come

out boy will they be so interesting is
there’ll be prominent people in
handcuffs so when this starts to happen
and there’s more because the the Golden

Globes all kinds of controversies
certainly amongst the Millennial set
despised Bohemian Rhapsody winning
because of the involvement of director
who was fired before was finished Bryan

Singer Brian with wise singer you should
look that up yeah other issues Green
Book of course is just white privilege
movie but when these things happen when

this stuff starts to get out we have a
segment for it and weird things happen
in Hollywood
another tale of the Hollywood whackers
who will go first someone’s got to die I

found it interesting that he mentioned
David Boies as the Gesta lawyer because
he’s he’s name has been in the news

forever he’s the guy who cross-examined
Bill Gates
yeah antitrust case it doesn’t get much
better than all that does it no it’s
fantastic just beautiful

truly truly beautiful I’m not talking
about stuff like they do have a letter I
want to read okay this is from EB Jon
and Adam a quick note just read the
newsletter and your mention of Wells

Fargo brought me back to a year ago when
I resigned from that hellhole of an
incompetent corrupt company yes I’m so
happy you brought this note to the show
great one it’s a great note you’ve read
in the news that they are outsourcing

10% of their workforce bullshit two
years ago as we technology managers were
told we had to come up with a list of
jobs that we could could that could be

sent to EGS Enterprise Global Services
in India
it had to be 25% of our department no
exceptions this is an ongoing exercise

and you can be sure more American jobs
will be outsourced in the coming months
these people are as unamerican as any
foreign company they exist to rip off

the consumer to the greatest extent
possible I recommend my fellow No Agenda
producers to avoid this Bank like the
plague that it is this is a No Agenda
tip a tip a very obvious tip I know

someone who is considering changing
their financial institution because of
this note you know know the keeper
I say nothing no the keeper why didn’t

do that but he already feels bad about
she wants to eliminate everything from
there well I was actually gonna ask you

I just what I said I would ask you but
since you bring it up on the show I
think she should consider pulling her
money out although she’s never had a
problem I have

mortgage with them and so we go in to
discuss some insurance settlement for
some some storm those for your room yeah
the roof yeah

and so I go in there and the guy says
okay what’s your account number and then
I give them the account number I say
although you may have some other account
numbers for me that I don’t know about
did he get the joke or did he start

lying cracked up told me it was on the
way out anyway
he’s leaving huh all right he’s a good
but I think that that may be solid
advice that’s kind of boots on the

ground that’s the kind of that’s you
don’t need much more reporting on than
that I don’t know why people do business
with some of these big banks like that
you got to sometimes I got a couple
interesting oddball clips what can I do

a serious topic and we’ll take a break
and then we can do odd balls well
they’re not odd ball unserious but yes
you do you’re serious clips would take
the break and then I’ll do these clips
so now comes to us from science from

actual science scientists in the UK and
us are convinced that our embassy
personnel in Cuba were the brains were

damaged through hearing crickets now
you’re telling me this is serious this
clip you’re gonna play cuz this was the
stupidest thing I’m surprised I didn’t

get a copy of this clip it’s not it’s
not this is this what is the point if
you’re gonna do something like this once
you make it you know fire you know those
fire beepers or sometimes little million

things you could do but crickets do not
cause brain damage I mean and I’ve got
the got the paper that they produced and
they’re showing these WAV audio
waveforms and look it’s exactly the same

as the the innit the short-tailed
cricket are you I mean this is almost as
funny as NIST’s and and the World Trade
Towers this is steel Melton this is

hilarious this is like it was actually
done in the onion and what got into let
me let me just
so people get the context of the
reporting sonic attack on US Embassy in

Havana could have been crickets but then
they go further than could have noise
which saw diplomats complaining of
headaches and nausea was song of Indies
short tailed cricket and brain-damaged

fresh analysis of the audio recording
has revealed with scientists in the UK
and us now believe is the true source of
the piercing din it is the song of the
Indies short-tailed cricket formerly

known as the Anurag Gorillaz seller
nikka ticka ticka toss the recording is
definitely a cricket that belongs to the
same group said Fernando Montel gaya
Zapata professor of sensory biology at

the well this is one recording one
recording that there was we even played
it on the show and we didn’t get brain
damage the call of this Caribbean
species is about seven kilohertz and has

delivered an unusually high rate which
gives humans the sensation of a
continuous sharp trill but can go on and
on and on but I would just like to play
you The Associated Press report of when

this first happened and what they were
saying happened to these people and try
and match that up with this obvious
propaganda doctors who are treating the
victims of the unexplained attacks on

Americans in Cuba have discovered
abnormalities in their brain as they’ve
been searching for answers for how these
patients developed all kinds of symptoms
ranging from neurological to vision and
cognitive problems the doctors have

found changes in the white matter tracks
white matter in the brain acts like
highways of information that lets
different parts of the brain talk to
each other
these are the most specific medical

findings to date that doctors have been
able to come up with showing that
whatever harmed the Americans in Cuba
that led to discernible measurable
changes in their brain investigators
still don’t know what kind of device or

weapon could cause these types of
changes in the brain and outside experts
tell the AP that acoustic waves or sound
has never been shown to change white
matter tracks they also say it’s very

unusual to see changes in the white
matter without also seeing changes to
the gray matter neurons that process
information in the brain the u.s. says
24 American gov
workers in Havana were hit by

unexplained attacks in their homes and
in some cases hotels almost all of the
Americans heard some unexplained sound
and then later developed symptoms some
of those symptoms included hearing loss

cognitive problems memory and balance
issues and even eyesight problems
the US has it still doesn’t know who’s
doing this but as it learns more about
what’s happened to these victims they’re

learning more about how to treat
potential cases in the future again
Associated Press journalists
now that was the original that was the

original report yeah there is the
original report yeah yeah we don’t I
don’t need to do any clips cuz this is
just this is now just pawned office ha
ha ha to toss away story into the grand
it makes the original unless someone

could show a I mean it is possible that
there’s an element of mass hysteria
which does happen mm-hmm
that accounts for this in other words so

one person got all nutty may be trumped
arrangements syndrome similar
arrangements syndrome is a form of mass
hysteria there’s no question about it in

my mind well this is like the what’s it
called you know if if someone starts
puking on an airplane but everyone can
start puking return for it she’s also

the you know the instances where one
girl in the school has something going
on with her and then another girl gets
whatever this baby it’s talking like
this talking like this it’s very

infectious but I’m very dubious about
just because it happened at a different

Embassy in China I think and there was
other miscellaneous reports of this
occurrence and there was some Canadians
that got affected by it as those and
there was some suspicion the way the CIA
talked about it was very suspicious to

us we had Clips meta solid you’re
experimenting but what’s interesting
about it is that the the audio that the
research was based on is audio from
Associated Press

yeah they are the ones that publish that
they had the recording hmm so I don’t
know it’s oh we have some some

counter-propaganda coming out here and
there I think this has been going on for
a while I always see this is I don’t
know white what the point of it is but

they keep doing it medical marijuana and
driving oh yes I’m sure Washington DC
can legally use medical marijuana to
ease their pain in other conditions but
how many are driving while high study

once we found that more than half admit
to us dr. Jon LaPook has more on the
safety concerns at the most advanced
driving simulator in the world at the

University of Iowa the study of the
effects of driving under the influence
of cannabis has been in high gear it
looks like a spaceship dr. Marilyn
West’s has been studying cannabis for 20

years she put me in the driver’s seat
when we visited the lab for 60 minutes
this really feels like us to safely
evaluate the effects of drugs the

ability to take information in evaluate
it make decisions and initiate them
greatly affected by cannabis you have
marijuana in the car those potential
dangers are at the heart of a study out

today which found more than half of
Michigan residents surveyed who use
medical cannabis for chronic pain
admitted to driving while a little high
one in five admitted to driving while
very high that’s a concern for law

enforcement there are two point 1
million medical marijuana users across
33 states Wow I am really high yeah this
of course is not good people this is not

good Mimi likes to point this out all
the time and I’ve seen it up in
Washington state where it’s been legal

for quite a while I mean it’s kind of
semi illegal in California all the time
you don’t notice it so much but up there
you have you see the following some guy
was kind of a crabbed you know
Ford Escort never been washed is black

and solo grinding me and it’s kind of
rent and when we was like one tires a
little low and it’s going down the road
kind of sideways and it’s the inside of
the car you can’t see in not because

they put some because of so much smoke
has been in the car that smoked the
windows so it’s good they’re kind of
opaque and as this thing bumbles down
the road it’s always doing around 15

miles an hour yeah that’s the guy that
is the guy he’s stoned in he’s like and
he’s Kenny’s you can if you go by am you
can see him he’s hunched over the wheel

you know gripping the wheel both hands
and his head is just above the wheel cuz
he’s just freaked and he’s going down
the road and there he goes the stoner in
his crab Ford Escort and it’s I don’t

see the safety issue here it’s pretty
obvious what’s going on is you can just
avoid him I mean maybe get rear-ended I
think that’s the danger hmm well this is
just about getting some kind of

legislation on the books making you know
get peers you know people are buying a
legal weed in California because it’s
too expensive it’s cheaper to get from

from you know from the from the
underground circuit yeah that’s true so
I got this story then I immediately
thought this is Seattle this is a prod

this is a I think there’s a bigger
problem going on with some of these with
all the West Coast cities San Francisco
was you know poopsie has poorly managed
as millions of homeless encampments all

over the place oh wait I have a poop
city quick clip it appears a 21 year old
Baltimore man known by the alias doo-doo
but was arrested for a road rage style
shooting Baltimore police say on October

13th they were called to old Frederick
Avenue where they found a 20 year old
man suffering from gunshot wounds Ward
aka dudu but was wanted for first-degree
murder and was arrested in Pennsylvania

on a Maryland warrant no word on how he
got that alias San Francisco yes another
fine no agenda clip of the day

give you that oh really huh oh shoot
that was that was my throw away of the
day but I’ll take it thank you do do but
please what honey did you like the show

yeah the do do but clip was fantastic
everything else falls by the way was
just second-rate
now Seattle is Portland Portland which
is almost broke you notice all this

idiot support Landy it makes fun of a
Seattle is probably worse and they got
the amp so listen to this clip but the
two seattle council members go to new
york city to screw with amazon in new
york city to seattle city councilors

warned activists and local leaders about
the potential unwanted consequences of
the new amazon headquarters due to be
built in Queens New York at a Monday
organizing event they said Seattle did

not respond fast enough to Amazon’s
expansion which left Seattle with a
housing crisis is real estate prices
soared the councilors urged New Yorkers
to resist an unfettered corporate

takeover and demand fair labor
conditions since Amazon’s announcement
of its hq2 plans in November community
organizations and some local leaders
have been protesting the move

last month workers at a new Amazon
Fulfillment Center in Staten Island
announced plans to unionize citing
safety long hours and low pay as some of
their concerns so what’s the problem

that and of course I said when Amazon
picked New York that they he does that
Bezos is clueless about the unions in
New York yes all in an area has no idea
what he’s getting into and it was

actually a union that we’re housing or
some union guy that and actually invited
a Washington state senator they didn’t
mention that plus the two council
members and I was kind of misled by this

report thinking it was like radicals
just radicals on the Seattle City
especially one woman in particular who
just hates Amazon and wishes it would
leave and they want to put she wants to

put a head tax on him yeah
and she wasn’t even one of the people
that went it was this is the these
meddlers that go from place to place
like this there’s no

reason for the Seattle City Council to
have its members talking it but maybe
there is if you want to unionize so this
is gonna be a huge problem for Bezos I
think he’s gonna be in for trouble
he’s trouble well we live in very

interesting times where this is the
times where news was just not news
journalism doesn’t exist it’s just us
and we’re just trying to plow through it

and make everyone feel a little bit
it is the No Agenda show we do want to
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comments during that one and a half

hours I watched and it listened so
called good Germans one two currently
seeing white people in South Africa
being killed and tortured and it’s
become socially acceptable quote-unquote

IQ is a fact but I don’t agree for one
reason for hostility of trumps make
America great again campaign makes
politicians acknowledge that were not a

great country
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twenty nineteen survival package
consisting of a a a collection of metal
straws which we’ll be needing of course

with the elimination of all straws and –
a 2-pack of yellow vests now knowing
that gene is obviously some sort of

handler of sorts being the direct
Russian contact of the show for many
years now I met him in Dallas and when I
moved to Austin he moved to Austin just
saying well maybe like likes Austin and

he’s invited to keep her and I – the
Russian New Year Sunday there’s a
Russian new year I think it’s the

Orthodox thing it’s on the 12th or 13th
yeah which is basically really really
sickening food and great vodka yeah
which is like beets and eggs and oh this
is so interesting oh this is great with

you guys heat by the way you eat shit in
Russia that they have a carbonated drink
I forget the name already it’s kind of
like a vodka that’s my favorite of all

of them but the yellow jackets are
appreciated I don’t know if the yellow
jacket the yellow vest revolution will
come to the United States it is

everywhere fizzing coming to Austin no
we got equity coming to Austin here’s
the latest in the false what is
happening the end there’s a new twist
and everything the Prime Minister

yesterday said that against
ultraviolence the only answer is ultra
toughness so he announced a couple of
measures one of them being the fact that
people who are partaking in unannounced

undeclared demonstrations can be
arrested immediately another one of his
ideas is to introduce some kind of
register for people known to use
violence during demonstration

we used the example of hooliganism in
the beginning of this century of France
and many other European countries
tackled hooliganism by introducing
stadium bands for well-known hooligans

adieu I feel deep depression is that
wants something similar now for people
who are violent during demonstrations
this is not really new actually it’s
already a law that has been passed in

the Senate but not yet in the a lower
house in France last year so the
measures and the law and the text
everything is already ready so it’s now
up to the French parliament to decide

whether they want to implement these new
meds did he say the tax yeah so the
measures and the law and the tax
everything is yeah or text maybe text
the measures over attacks so I think

text the texts one more time that’s in
the lower house in France last year so
the measures and the law and the text
everything is already ready I think it’s
the text cuz he’s saying that the law is

ready to be passed it’s the text of the
law so it’s now up to the French
parliament to decide whether they want
to implement these new measures to
tackle the extreme violence we’ve seen
over the last couple of weeks during the

demonstrations of the yellow vests yes
because the the public must know that
this is not just people who are angry
and citizens like their neighbors no no
this is this is hooligans hate gays and
anti-semitic and yeah that’s the people

that’s you so we have to put them on a
the French are dead-stick and don’t go
out protesting unless it’s pre-approved
and you’ve been you know registered as
well and everything’s gonna be good

registered I put in the shownotes two
versions of the fantastic Kurt Vonnegut
story Harrison Bergeron at two complete
different interpretations of the story

one is 20 minutes is very short but I
did not know and one of our producers
tweeted this to me that there was a full
version with Christopher Plummer
starring in it of this story and if you

don’t know Harrison Bergeron what the
story is you must get this from the show
notes any show notes calm we’ll make
sure it’s highlighted prominently or
just go to the youtubes and and look for

Harrison Bergeron movie Vonnegut maybe
and it’s about an hour and 37 minutes
but it shows you to the T what we are
going through today in social justice

and how we are trying to equalize
everybody make it all fair and well
obviously how it works out in the story
have you ever seen that I know we’ve
talked about it we ever actually seen
one of those probably I just so long ago

well yes I might have seen it years ago
and I don’t even remember I don’t
remember much but I do remember my
commentary that you know these guys are

bringing out you know running people off
a campus they’re not letting people
speaks you know the dionna’s and all
these other characters they will it
always backfires and now you have a

situation where of all people I was
disinvited to an event is of all people
is the really famous old lefty from the
past Angela Davis

she was dissing Angela Davis play it oh
my goodness
civil rights leader Angela Davis has
responded to the Birmingham civil right
Institute’s decision to revoke a Human

Rights Award in her honor of her
activism for Palestinian rights and
criticism of Israel Davis says she was
stunned by the move in a statement she
responded the rescinding of this

invitation and the cancellation of the
event where I was scheduled to speak was
not primarily an attack against me but
rather against the very spirit of the
indivisibility of justice she said Davis

will instead appear at an alternative
event in Birmingham in her honor
man doesn’t going crazy I’ve been
working on this this document that’s

produced by the equity office in Austin
I can’t go through it today but man
we’re a bunch of racist people here in
Austin to read this report
everything’s institutionalized all

racism in Austin is institutionalized
it is yeah yeah I mean when you read it
like yeah I don’t know if it’s you know
hey I don’t know I’m marking it up

there’s a lot to go through I’ll see if
it’s I think it’s show worthy some of it
some of us just crazy but yeah Austin is
kind of the pinnacle kind of the prime

example sticker gated schools like all
these rich people who have bid o in
their in their yard sign that all their
kids are in losing were like 100 percent
white schools ha ha yeah you know what a

mix I’m glad I don’t have kids that are
going to school because I can ridicule
other people so here in California just
have my one last clip is Gavin Newsom

you wonder why the lot of Latinos are
wanted to come to California and fill up
the state do it they have to vote
Democrat of course illegally but that’s
just the way it works here but Newsom’s

giving away free medical to everybody in
California governor Gavin Newsom
introduced a healthcare proposal on his
first day in office that would

strengthen the Affordable Care Act and
expand healthcare access for
undocumented youth up to the age of 26
California’s Medicaid program currently
covers undocumented youth up to the age

of 19 the plan would also restore the
individual mandate in California which
was revoked in the 2017 Republican tax
bill wow you guys got your own country
going over there oh yeah

de Blasio and trying to do the same
thing in New York same kind of thing New
York by the way you know you get free
medical most segregated schools in the
United States in New York yeah well the

judge man maybe you got you you East and
West Coasters you should get together
I’m feeling pretty good here in the
flyover part of the country I think we

should kind of a split state with a big
middle I do you have a report I got it
since we have a few more minutes here’s
a couple things I can do other stuff

we’ll move over to a Sunday modern
modern problems modern modern problems
in the UK well we’ve got a monster of a
berg under the sea front here in Sigma

it’s about sixty four meters long we
think which is the equivalent of about
six double-decker buses so this is
created by fat but also with wet wipes
and things so our message particularly

around toilet and you Peter the way
people use their toilets is to only
flush the 3-piece that is P paper and
poop nothing else everything else needs
to go in the bin and the same applies

with fat in the kitchen sink
don’t pour hot fat down the kitchen sink
it needs to go into a container and also
put in the bin this is really that’s not
true what you can emulsify fat with some

soap and hot water and it’s just it’s
fine to dump it down the drains have you
seen any of these fatbergs in the sewer
60 meters long just people put fat down

the drain where they don’t emulsify
what’s getting blamed for it is toilet
wipes that’s that’s what oh that’s the
the one thing I keep hearing is toilet
wipes toilet white toilet wipes are are

they gonna go the way of the straw I’ll
bet you they are wait this is art this
is our exit strategy we need recyclable
toilet wipes or something like that or
that we make oh yeah you take it you

wipe your butt and then you wash an
addenda in the washing machine a few
times and then you can use it again no
or or maybe better now people aren’t
gonna do that we should have some kind

of butt wipe where it’s kind of like a
mitten and so after you’ve wiped then
you want to fold it inside out No then
you can dispose of it in the bin yeah so

the whole thing is just a part man I
think maybe Devon were to get one of
those smart sound like a great exit
strategy so mean to me now see Cheryl

accent yes show Atkinson

bees back on the vaccine thing
showing that you know the the researcher
who was the side professor who was asked
to testify on behalf of the government

told them that in some cases vaccines do
cause autism and says she’s it’s not
really new information but she’s
bringing it back and I’m happy she’s
doing that would you like to hear that

just wondering why she doesn’t do more
more stuff she focuses on this too much
but yes why else is I believe the reason
that she does this is because it was

exactly these stories that got her fired
in the first place so she she is kind of
DS got a bone to pick she does
two-parter thirty Seconds on the first
one today we investigate one of the

biggest medical controversies of our
time vaccines there’s a little dispute
about this much vaccines save many lives
and rarely they injure or kill a special
federal vaccine Court has paid out

billions for injuries from brain damage
to death but not for the form of brain
injury we call autism now we have
remarkable new information a respected
pro-vaccine medical expert used by the

federal government to debunk the vaccine
autism link says vaccines can cause
autism after all
he claims he told that the government
officials long ago that they kept it

secret who don’t remember cheryl
atkinson she worked for CBS News and she
was removed after it was the vaccine
story I think the she got removed for I

thought it was a couple different things
but also then she claims that the
government had was hacked attacked her
computer and there’s some some evidence
of that they were tracking her and well
here’s here’s the second part she go and

of course she comes in with Kennedy with
the Kennedy kid who’s who’s who
understands what’s going on and is
obviously a problem for everybody a
reminder that in the United States of

Gitmo nation vaccines are pretty much
indemnified if you die or become
otherwise ill from a vaccination the
pharmaceutical companies have indemnity

it’s a governmental indemnity there is a
vaccine court and they do dole out
millions a year to people
and this is not publicized as you can
imagine but if you have an issue there

is a vaccine court but it you know
surprise surprise there may have been
some suppressed information and a
concern is always on it
dr. Zimmerman was the government’s top

expert witness and had testified that
vaccines didn’t cause autism the debate
was declared over now dr. Zimmerman has
provided remarkable new information

he claims that during the vaccine court
hearings all those years ago he
privately told government lawyers that
vaccines can and did cause autism in
some children that turn about from the

government’s own chief medical expert
stood to change everything about the
vaccine autism debate if the public were
to find out and he has come forward and
explained how he told the United States

government the vaccines can cause autism
in a certain subset of children and
United States government the Department
of Justice suppressed his his true

opinions Hazlehurst discovered that
later when dr. Zimmerman evaluated Yates
as a teenager that’s when he parked and
with vaccine safety advocate Robert F

Kennedy Jr who has a voice condition I
want them to introduce me is always do
that for all these clips and here she is

who has a voice condition yeah is like a
Hummer yeah Yates was a teenager that’s
when he parked and with vaccine safety

advocate Robert F Kennedy jr. who has a
voice condition consequent frauds
arguably an Hitman as Kennedy was
instrumental in convincing dr. Zimmerman

to document his remarkable claim of the
government covering up his true expert
opinion on vaccines and autism
dr. Zimmerman declined our interview
request and referred us to his sworn

affidavit it says on June 15 2007
beside the Department of Justice or DOJ
lawyers he worked for defending vaccines
in vaccine court he told them that he

discovered exceptions in which
vaccinations could cause autism
I explained that in a subset of children
vaccine induced fever and immune

stimulation did cause progressive brain
disease with features of autism spectrum
disorder attorneys immediately hired
Zimmerman they told they called that was

a Friday and over the weekend they
called Zimmerman and said his what no
longer be needed
yeah just contrast that with the Golden
Globes and we’ve got flu shots for you

everybody that’s how you have to kind of
look at the world
yeah slightly different well aside the
5g reporting from the CES corridor show
well that concern was fired over her
insistence about the Benghazi jazzing

right bitching about being Obama
apologist she didn’t realize that CBS’s
in the bag and she resigned news came
out this week and this is the final two

follow-up to that clip thirty billion
dollars spent last year in
pharmaceutical marketing thirty billion
but here’s the interesting part
more than half of that eighteen billion

was marketing towards doctors and a lot
of that eighteen billion was not ads it
was junket speaking engagements all

kinds of money yeah thirty billion of
humanity I mean if if the president
could do any favor to the American
people it would be to disallow advertise

we’re the only country with is it
Australia there’s one other companies
that allows this sort of thing yeah
that’s just it’s not healthy my god all
I see on television is you know fried

food chocolate bars and then the
pharmaceutical ads it’s kind of like in
succession eat this you’ll see you soon
with this shot for this thing
yeah the media’s way too dependent on

this stuff and I think maybe you know
75% of all medical students are on some
kind of antidepressant it’s built into
the system these guys are going and

thinking come on I think it’s your turn
where you are your record yeah with
thanks to Brian longenecker roofie from

staten bazoo ningún UK PMX
and tom Starkweather for a end of show
mixes we will shut her down for today
and return to you on Sunday with another

episode of the no agenda show until that
time coming you from downtown Austin
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see you on Sunday
adios mofos I Madame Curie and from
northern Silicon Valley where I’m
telling you the fog rolled back in which
is the latest I’ve seen it for a while

reminded of the 60s I’m John C Dvorak
stay tuned
for Sunday show right here are no agenda
and such
adios mofos

mr. and his coalition partner are

throwing their support behind the
movement and calling out president
McCrone of being against his own people
the wealth gap is getting wider and
we’ve reached a point with our other

very rich and the very poor Prime
Minister yesterday said that against
ultra violence the only answer is ultra
people who are partaking in unannounced

or undeclared demonstrations can be
arrested immediately france’s tax system
is very complicated with many loopholes
and exemptions

it’s an opaque system that makes it hard
to see who pays what it’s on strong what
do you need the rest for what’s the

problem I just need myself and I know
when I need a break and I’m telling
myself internally inside myself I’m
saying to myself I need a break

and so I I need a break
just been long and hard

don’t talk to me mr. Kelly please do

that and don’t talk to me
public said I’m gonna get me

adios mofo wow I am

really high