No Agenda Episode 1103: “Act IX”

I never thought about it much but I
think you might be right
Adam curry this is no agenda morning

I’m Adam curry and if I’m doing the
Silicon Valley I’m here with some Jake
mints throat and chest and his flavored
menthol cough suppressant they throw you
off track with my 2020 exit did you be

thinking about it I heard that yeah
totally had me oh my god no
yeah oh yeah John and I were talking
after the last show which we rarely do
except during choosing art well yeah

yeah yeah yeah and I realized this
morning again it’s like everyone’s
announcing we’re two years ahead of an
election I think you and I really only

can do 24 months of this and then we’ll
just either you know we have to just
need to stop thinking about this it just
might be time to let some younger folk

in to do this that’s therein lies the
what well the problem oh there goes the
Zephyr ah one two three four five six

seven eight eight only wait what holy
mackerel this is small is Zephyr I’ve
ever seen yes therein lies the rub you

said yeah therein lies the rub of do
tell but the problem is the

dimensionality of our show really
realizing the fact that both of us are
very we’re old yeah we experienced exit
stories I have experience in fact I have
the kinds of experiences including

working during the summer when I was in
high school
and I think even maybe the eighth grade
because there were jobs available for
kids it was like not not uncommon and
where you get a lot of you know varied

you get varied experience and then you
can relate some of the things you’ve
learned over a long period of time it’s
pretty hard for somebody to just waltz
in and you know with book learning and

really be able to accomplish what we do
okay but still that’s nothing to do with
us we’re just gonna be so tired of this
crap son believable it’s hard it’s a

hard job protecting people’s amygdala
well it is doesn’t the media course
doesn’t help at all my favorite thing
was the I saw it for two or three places

and I’m noticing this and I’ve said I’ve
talked about on the show before but now
I realize it’s one of those code words
that the left uses when they do their
writing oh just two signals this word
the time oh you know I’m on your side

and the word is or the word is a phrase
lashed out yes yes Amy does all the time
I know said Mother Jones there’s a big
headline Donald Trump lashed out at a

navy 34-year Navy SEAL let’s talk about
McRaven who’s actually a four-star
Admiral which is a little more
impressive than being a seal right but

apparently everybody else felt being a
seal was more important and it’s easy
for the same lashed out so I get found
where he lashed out and this is this is

McRaven lashes out or trap lashes start
just eclipses McRaven bill McRaven
retired Admiral Navy SEAL 37 years
former head of US special operator is

Lynn fan special operation is made
Hillary Clinton fan who led the
operations command of the operations
that took us on the same and that killed
Osama bin Laden it says that your

sentiment is the greatest threat to
democracy in his life he’s a Hillary
Clinton backer and an Obama backer and
frankly he’s a Navy SEAL give them nice

if we got Osama bin Laden a lot sooner
than that
that’s sure what he said that bet you’re
lashing out I don’t know if it would

have made any difference if we got him
any sooner than we got him well the
thing that was interesting in that clip
and you couldn’t quite hear is that as
Trump is complaining about McRaven uh
Chris Wallace is rolling his eyes no no

he’s a gassed at everything he says but
he’s a 37 year Navy SEAL as if that’s
some sort of uh I guess when you you’re

if you’re a Navy SEAL fighter I don’t
think it was worked as a sadly he worked
as a seal no probably doing demolition
for 37 years
but he was it was a seal for 37 years he

says that as though it’s some sort of
you makes him an untouchable you can’t
you can’t say anything about these guys
well that was that that’s the elite of

our armed forces who need to be at war
continuously they they are the true
there was also he was also this was part
of a series of interviews Chris Rock

Wallace did with Trump and I want to
play a short part of another one is a
152 clip it’s not the whole thing but
I’m gonna set it up this is Chris
Wallace and Trump and and it’s

discussing fake news where Wallace talks
about fake news and and does the correct
Trump quote but very slowly still finds
that if you say fake news is the enemy

of the people you are saying and Wallace
is totally convinced to this you are
saying the media oh really
so it’s not the fake news it’s the main

news according to Chris I mean if you
listen to him in the way he defends that
or attacks Trump but essentially he is
he is flabbergasted Trump keeps trying –
no I’m saying fake news I’m not Tom I

thought he didn’t like the media make
news fake news wait a minute and who is
he talking with Chris Wallace of Fox by
the way I will say this if you heard the
other if you heard any of this stuff

it’s so obvious that Chris Wallace is a
major Democrat I think just just to
reiterate for any anyone who’s relative
he knew because we haven’t actually just
broach this topic in a couple of months

the Trump and the way we always
understood it was Trump said fake news
is the enemy of the people not the
journalists not Free Press not the the
news media no fake news media I think he

did once say yes CNN fake news I think
he equated them to fake news I think he
said CNN fake there’s more than once
yeah but he actually in in in context of

fake news being the enemy of the people
some yeah maybe let’s get to the bigger
issue in 2017 last year you tweeted this
and I want to quote it accurately the

fake news media is not my enemy it is
the enemy of the American people to 100%
not the media I’m glad you’re finally
quoting it correctly because they like

to leave the fake news okay but that’s
what Yusef ake News so the people that
are supporting me in particular they
have very smart people they’re
hard-working brilliant great people they

know when the news is fake and they get
angry when they see all of the fake but
it said frankly the net and people
who’ve been critical of other presidents

they’re there no president has liked his
press coverage John Kennedy in your oval
office canceled the subscription to the
New York Herald Tribune nobody called it
the enemy of the American people Chris

I’m calling the fake news is the enemy
it’s fake it’s phony it’ll take you
don’t no it’s not no no I don’t mind
getting bad news if I’m wrong if I do
something wrong

like for instance the cemetery I was not
allowed to go because of the Secret
Service because they expected to take a
helicopter they had zero visibility
they said sir we are totally unequipped
for you to go in addition to that the

cemetery was far too far away from Air
Force One which is sort of like a
control center where you had to be near
now one paper that I saw wrote it that

they said I stayed out of it because of
the rain and yet the following day I
made a speech at the American secretary
it was pouring it wasn’t even really
raining the first day but the fog was

okay but cert leaders in authoritarian
countries like Russia China Venezuela
now repress the media using your words

so either Wallace isn’t listening which
is likely but he’s also been infected

he’s totally infected he’s not listening
at all and then he goes on to say that
Russia China and Venezuela are using his

words to justify media suppression with
with or without his words they have
media suppression what is this point but
he will not as far as he’s concerned

fake news is the media and Trump says
the media is the enemy of the people
that is the way it turns out if you
listen to the whole thing it’s like it’s
jaw-dropper he’s not and and and Trump
even way on Trump side on this argument

Trump even thought oh I’m so glad you
bring that up you you’re on my side

we haven’t played those in a long time
yeah well there is some help on the
horizon unless you have more of the
Chris Wallace no that’s all I have that

little bit cuz of the lashing out to the
lashing out fake news is keeping out for
that phrase people fake news is going to
be combated or your savior is here
it’s called news guard well think of it

as the credit catch-22 it’s wrong clip
with my incredibly cool intro yeah
we’ll try it again we’ll cut it out no

one will ever know I did it wrong news
guard and now there’s a great plug-in to
help you navigate through the world of
fake news it’s called news guard it
won’t pick up fake news alerts like the

anti-virus software when you click on a
story link for now news guard provides
descriptions for news sources not
individual articles or stories so
there’s a whole rating system with as

many as nine criteria stuff like the
responsibility of journalists or telling
apart news from opinion to name a couple
we use humans know algorithms to
identify unreliable news because we

believe our work should be done with
transparency and accountability so this
is very very interesting little project
that is popping up and is getting some
ink this weekend news guard and I
installed the plug-in so you don’t have

to so the way it works oh is you install
the plug-in has a little shield of
course I got 18 of these shields now
everyone’s gonna shield and it’s a

shield well right now that was you have
more than one oh no I have a shield for
my ad blocker and you know so there’s
all kinds of shields you have to have
protection and protection so it fits

right in with this is protecting me from
viruses and malware and the same kind of
Gestalt yes the Gestalt is correct but
this they have a rating system and they

really do it not based on articles were
based on the website maybe even the
so they have nine oh yeah so when you
hit you hit a page and it’ll show you

varying degrees of safety in this little
icon safety yeah so if it’s green you’re
safe if it’s red you’re not safe you go
to Infowars it’s red with an exclamation

let’s premiere Grand Cru yes let me go
to info and click it goes red

with an exclamation mark proceed with
caution this web site generally fails to
maintain basic standards of accuracy and
accountability and then it has little

oh it says a site founded and run by
radio host Alec Jones that has reported
among other false stories that 9/11 was
orchestrated by the Bush administration
and the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook
elementary school was a hoax and you can

click on something that says see the
full nutrition label what yes right
underneath that so I’m going with a
different dish you’re using all the

means yep let me take a look at what
happens when you click on that yeah see
the nutrition labels oh my goodness this
is a whole report about ownership
finances or bait in there that’s what I

like to know know so that it has a to
pay like a full webpage about ownership
the content credibility transparency
history so that’s the nutrition label

there’s a sense of work now let’s go
back for a second and take a look at
almost second I click on this again and
underneath it here is what has the

categories that it has to adhere to
credibility it does not repeatedly
publish false content interesting it has
but it has an X so that means it does I

guess Oh
so as X isn’t check marks on the Exide
credibility does not repeatedly publish
false content I guess they do so that
means an X another X for gathers and

represents information responsibly
whatever that means X regularly corrects
or clarifies errors X handles the
difference between news and opinion
sponsible e I love to see we’ll

go in a second X avoid next avoids
deceptive headlines X now we do have a
couple of checks website discloses
ownership and financing clearly labels
advertising reveals who’s in charge

including any possible conflicts of
interest and the site provides names of
content creators along with either
contact or biographical information so
that they’re hitting all these
categories and these this criteria and
it’s just what I said its credibility

transparency and they have all these
little box let’s stick just there’s a
for a joke is just look at CNN because
they don’t think they understand the
difference between opinion and news no
CNN gets a green check do give me a well

hop or let’s try Dvorak org or what
would be is it blog doctor for a cut or
a devout or slash blog is what it is
officially and want org slash blog you

have empty your shield is empty you’re
neither here nor there submit this site
for review Oh we’ll do it yeah here we

go I have to submit my email address
which is John at Dvorak org submit the
site was submitted for review by our
staff and I will stay tuned for that but

here’s what’s a little more interesting
for you and I and for our No Agenda
producers let’s take a look at who these
people are
it was running this news guard let’s see

if we know anybody here well they got a
lot of staff John Alsop do we know him
hmm no I really recognize here but I did

recognize a couple of members of the
advisory board Tom Ridge Tom Ridge they
gave homeland security guy under Bush
yep Richard Stengel former editor of

Time magazine yeah and Undersecretary of
State in the Obama administration Obama
BOTS that Ridge but General Michael

CIA John bear yeah he’s a lawyer at
least Jordan political an analyst NBC
former speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice

John Battelle
but was he Wired magazine chillin
Battelle’s on there yes on the advisory
board along with Jessica lessin
let’s see yeah she’s the girl that runs

some neon news yeah the information and
then we have no aren’t they’re invested
these people except for Ridge are all
very left-leaning the investors I don’t

I don’t know all these names uh Steven
Brill why does that ring a bell girls an
old hack from New York we did Brill

magazine and all that’s right yes he’s
very famous kind of a hack guy that’s
never really made out much
Gordon Kravitz means nothing to me

Nicholas Penniman the fourth and
Nicholas Penniman the fifth nothing ah
here’s my favorite the publicist group
pretty much the elations operation one
of the big boys and if you look now at

what they have and I think this is
ultimately what this thing is about it’s
it’s not about protecting you know it’s
about protecting the income of the
Publicis Groupe yes and we see this by

looking at the menu of news guard news
guard techcom we have ratings how it
works news literacy press about us brand
safety oh let’s click on brand safety

yes finally it says here a way to
protect brand safety by keeping ads off
unreliable news websites so this is a
very interesting way to approach their

brand safety issue which we know has
been a problem since advertising on the
internet since day one you know so now
instead of them having to figure out

where they should you know you have
these these networks it’s ad networks
and you know they buy it on a real-time
almost like a stock market basis and it
just floods everything and you know no

matter how many times an greed
guerrillas or what’s that what’s that
outfit named sleeping giants giant
that’s yeah they’re one they they always

shame everyone oh you’re advertising on
you of Tucker Carlson or you’re
right Bardia do you know that this ad
network is running your ad on this
horrible Nazi website so now they won’t
have to worry about that because

everyone can protect themselves and that
will protect the safety of the brands
because remember this you’re right we
did a real-time analysis on the spot
it’s not for you it’s for your god the

advertiser everyone in America knows who
the real boss is there you go nice any
other website you want me to check with
the news guard before I understand you

CNN New York if they get the green light
further the best yeah yes my Fox which
gets you at Fox say Fox News Oh Green
Fox goes full green this is this is not
against mainstream left or right this is

against independence yeah let’s find
some independence what’s a good
how about Breitbart now very bad though
Drudge then put Drudge Shibley

everything on him trudge Drudge empty he
Justice empty empty no no news guard

rating yet mm-hmm what else is there
there’s regular ones I can’t think of
any offhand but there’s probably a

couple that would show up this is
interesting I went to Wikipedia
Wikipedia and gets a blue icon shield
with a little eye for information let’s

see what it says this website is a
platform that publishes content from its
users that it does not vet information
from this source may not be reliable huh
what do they say on Twitter

think there’s a lot of fake news there
isn’t there Twitter loaded Twitter has
nothing no race day yeah well they
should have some because that’s where

the advertisers with their money it’s
the most important part my Facebook
denden I don’t want I don’t have I don’t
can’t log in but I can go to the page
now it’s the same it’s just empty empty

hmm how about snoops no it doesn’t take
advertising why would they bother Snopes
is good to go green checkmark all good

anyway it doesn’t matter it’s about the
advertisers yeah and that’s why one of
the biggest or I don’t know if they’re

the biggest but one of the investors is
one of the biggest advertising
conglomerates out the huge public
relations advertising operation that’s
monstrous yes and they’re looking for

any way they can to streamline their
brands safe you know knowledge for crap
they don’t have to look at anything
they’re you know these guys that never
years ago and advertising buyers took

over the place of all a bunch of just
graduated women from from Ivy League
colleges that don’t look at any of the
magazines at all they just go buy a

bunch of reports and then they pick
magazines to put the ads and you’re a
dumb advertiser you go along with their
program and next thing you know you’re
all over the you end up accidentally

getting into unbranded said they’re
become embarrassing this is a way of
getting around that we run everything
through this operation this is part of a

sales pitch is fantastic of course
advertising on the internet is is just
at the end of its rope just gam yeah
well it truly is I mean you take all the

fake audience into account and the
arbitrage between fake clicks and
so-called vlogs and BOTS and all this
yeah obviously why don’t they do a
instead of do anything for looking for

first brand safe websites your move via
this phony mechanism how about something
that really clamps down on bots well you
know there was an interesting thread on

dot that I was reading yesterday the day
before and the question was do BOTS
social media bots have freedom of speech
and I think well seriously if you think

about Congress shall make no laws
regarding the freedom of speech it
doesn’t stipulate that’s just people I

mean if if money is speech which is the
Supreme Court ruled I think Twitter bore
social social media bots have free
speech too ultimately ok let’s say they
have free speech mm-hmm so what they

still shouldn’t be pumping up the
numbers on some site because they may
have free speech which we’ve determined
that they do just right now they have no
purchasing power they’re useless that

just along these lines when we were
talking about net neutrality which
California’s it has now I think is just
always and you know we have a number of
gripes about it and we think it’s very

bad and it’s a bad idea because you do
not want to give any type of regulatory
powers over the Internet to do
government government body and one of
the main things if you can recall is
about what your internet provider would

be able to block I do you remember the
terminology no unlawful network traffic
or unlawful content yeah and I bring

this up because there’s Lauren’s story
that came out today
an alarming piece of this legislation is
about to enter into force in India next
month mandating that social media

platforms such as Facebook remove
unlawful content such as posts that
affect the sovereignty and integrity of
India meaning that this law could easily

be abused by New Delhi to demand the
internationally recognized Pakistani map
to be banned because it contradicts
India’s maximalist claims to Kashmir
and so I the point I bring up here is

that here is a country saying that map
is not legal it is unlawful and
therefore you may not surface that on
your platforms literally the definition

of unlawful content by an authoritarian
regime yeah and there you go and there’s
your net neutrality there’s your net
neutrality in a box with a bow around it
yeah one of many examples I’m sure but

let’s just stick on free speech for a
second here it is this is a quick news
report legal victory for the families of

victims of the Sandy Hook shooting
massacre in Newtown Connecticut the
families of six victims won pretrial
access to information about
controversial hosts and conspiracy
theorists and Alex Jones and his program

in full Wars the family sued Jones for
defamation for his repeated claims that
the deadly shooting was a hoax 20
elementary students and six educators
were murdered during that rampage so

this is Bill the headline is a little
different than this kind of sober report
the headline is Alex Jones loses legal
battle you know you think do you think
the guys already lost the whole court

case but they’re actually allowed to
subpoena company records and I think
internal documents and Jones’s operation
yes yeah so they’re not gonna find we’re
gonna find on is he protected under free

speech is he protected under the freedom
of the press yeah I thought I got to do
with this case when you’re getting sued

oh he’s being sued protected from
investigation not protected from
discovery he’s being sued for defamation
yeah she’s being sued for defamation and
the discovery thing goes through ings
are climbing through people’s records

but I’m asking you I’m asking a
different question yeah if your news
gathering I’m just looking trying to
look at it 360 a whole perspective if
your news gathering brings you to the
conclusion that this was either fake

false flag hoax and you keep repeating
that is that invalid report
it could be fake news but it’s still

news i you know i think it i think if
you can can if you do the work and those
are the conclusions you draw without any

underlying prejudices mm-hmm like CNN
for its New York Times for that matter
according to Jill Abramson but only I

think yeah fine but I think what they’re
trying to do is serve it there here’s
what just what you said when you asked
which is logical question and what

they’re doing makes me think that
they’re trying to prove that that’s not
what happened the Jones didn’t do any
any work on this and they there’s a
there’s a memo and there’s something say

hey we can milk this and sell more
vitamins you don’t think there’s a memo
like that at NBC well they in be she’s
not being sued no of course not but so
yes gotcha and would that then still not

be considered journalism I think you of
you would be well in so far as slander
and libel is concerned I think that’d be

a smoking gun
hey with definitely discredit ation of
alternative news sources yeah he bills
himself as a news source yeah yeah you

do get some news from his operation
sometimes it’s pretty interesting
yeah so I’m not saying he’s not a news
source I think he is a new source
generally just do rap shit and a lot of

vitriol and uh yeah showmanship yeah
note no different than lots of m5m
outfits regime acosta showmanship oh
it’s just cost is one of the worst-hit I

loved his thing at the wall though his
stand-up was great yeah he was doing the
way I saw that too it’s I’m here and
there’s no problem at this at the wall
you think that the editor just was like

that’s a Kosta we’ll just put him put
his thing on he’s always good not to
worry about it and they didn’t watch it
well–there’s they have a didn’t know
there’s a place that someone should go
and look for the hidden agenda for

example CNN reached out to Kusi and have
a clip this is a good story it’s now is
Kusi an affiliate of any network are
they completely independent they may be

independent I’m not sure I’ll look it up
I look at as you play or you can look it
up but anyway they called see Kusi cos
Kusi is down on the border and they
wanted to get a we didn’t want to send

anyone there and so they decided to sit
get some local reporters to do a story
on the border wall and the story didn’t
come out the way CNN wanted it because
they find it the border wall would be

effective and so CNN just they just
spiked it I’m just gonna say it it
pissed these guys tough enough did they
do this report as a sign of the times in
this debate on the shutdown CNN asked if

Kusi would provide a reporter to offer
our local view of the debate especially
to learn if the wall works in San Diego
Kusi offered our own dan Plante who’s
reported many times that the wall is not

an issue here in fact most officials
believe it is effective the issue we
face is the migrants and the debate over
their treatments now knowing this CNN
declined to have us on their programs

which often present the wall as not
required in other places like the
stretch of the Texas border the
president visited earlier today they
didn’t like what they heard from us it’s

just a background for you I think CNN is
doubling down aren’t they no we we we
deny reports all the time
that’s MacKinnon broadcasting and
MacKinnon owns kiii in corpus christi

which is an ABC affiliate kb mt in
beaumont which is also an ABC affiliate
NBC subchannel affiliate and Kusi is
independent yeah they look like you yeah

but these are probably the probably
right wing well considered right wing
maybe who knows
listen McKinnon broadcasting company
does business as Texas television oh

so they probably right-wing yeah right
way and
haters well then why would they call him
cuz that’s what they do they troll –
yeah something happens you troll Twitter

you see you say hey can I DM you to get
your story hey can I use your video
can’t give me permission hey can we talk
hey hey hey that’s today’s journalism
yeah chello extremely shallow let’s see

here was the this it so you played that
clip I might as well play this clip from

as a Democrat who is she she is
representative Jaya Paul Jay Paul please
billet PA why PA L jeyapaul jayp86 I
could not find it so here’s a quick one

which is doing the rounds it is
fundamentally existential if he
continues to insist on a wall and you
know you just said it so beautifully
Christmas has never been about a wall
here it’s existential yeah existential

it’s fundamental let’s just make sure
you understand the definition the exit
yes means survival of life survival of
life all life will end well no she’s

well maybe but she’s going to wrap it up
in the end she’s saying border wall to
trump is existential because it is
fundamentally existential if he

continues to insist on a wall and you
know you just said it so beautifully
Chris this has never been about a wall
he actually could have gotten funding a
couple of years ago or a year ago for a
wall it was part of a deal that was

proposed not all of us agreed with that
deal but it was proposed to him and he
turned it down because his ultimate goal
is as you said to make America pure in
the sense of not having immigrants not

having folks of color here and
every form of legal immigration yeah
okay so that’s really out there that’s

she she’s a nutcase in Washington State
you know what district she’s she said
she said something she said something

interesting there in the middle that I
wanted to but it was proposed to him and
he drew yeah I remember what was
proposed and I think they actually said
that they would the last time this came

around when there was a brief shutdown
as well it was about daca the dreamers
the deferred action kids and on the
table I believed that that the Trump

administration said okay not only the
million dreamers it was you know eight
hundred thousand something like that the
million dreamers will will will let them
stay and they’ll give them a pathway to
citizenship and then they bulked out it

said not because you want you won’t
allow a chain migration and I think they
said okay will allow the dreamers and
any parents who are here with them so it
upped it to two two and a half million

but that wasn’t enough the Democrats
wanted all family to be able to join the
gene migrations everybody every Tom Dick
and Harry any MIT yeah they want every
relative everybody to come they didn’t

the Democrats didn’t want no they didn’t
want it exactly they really didn’t want
it now I as I was looking for this
longer clip I found something that
refers to back to something AOC

Alexandria Ocasio Cortes said in her
rebuttal of the President’s speech about
the wall on the Rachel Maddow Show and
we we wondered about this on the last
episode the president should not be

asking for more money to an agency that
has systematically violated human rights
the president should be really defending
why we are funding such an agency at all
because right now what we are seeing is

death right now what we are seeing is
the violation of human rights these
children and these families are being
held and what are called lalita’s which
are basically freezing boxes that no
person should be

then for any amount of time let alone
the amount of time that they’re being
kept on so the freezing boxes and we all
hold on a second what what exactly is
she talking about turns out in a June
the same PayPal lady talked about this

many of them talked about these
facilities that they have nicknames for
one nickname is the ice box because the
temperatures are so cold that if they

liken it to a freezer some of these
women had crossed the Rio Grande come
out of the river wet to turn themselves
in and were immediately put into these
freezing facilities no blankets no mats

another facility they called the duct so
really it’s a nickname for the slammer
and I’ve received a couple of emails
about this as well it’s like saying hey
we put them on ice we threw them in the

cell yeah I’m sure it’s not beautifully
heated or whatever it’s not the most
comfortable place to be but it’s not lit
the way a OC made a sound is we’re
putting them into ice boxes little thing

with a handle on it and it’s like
insulated ice box and they throw them in
there and lock him in yeah it’s yeah

that’s what she makes it sound like yes
yes she’s the worst
it’s pretty bad pretty bad yeah this was
out there this was the comparison of

Trump and Obama on the border situation
so this is something this row I forget
who made it but it’s out there we now
have an actual humanitarian crisis on
the border that only underscores the
need to drop the politics and fix our

immigration system once and for all this
is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the
heart and a crisis of the soul in recent
weeks we’ve seen a surge of

unaccompanied children arrive at the
border brought here and to other
countries by smugglers and traffickers
the journey is unbelievably dangerous
for these kids child smugglers exploit

the loopholes and they gain illegal
entry into the United States putting
countless children in danger on the
perilous Trek to the United States they

come up through Mexico protecting public
safety and deporting dangerous criminals
has been and will remain the top
priority we will begin removing for more

than two million criminal illegal
immigrants from the country but we are
going to refocus our efforts where we
can to make sure we do what it takes to
keep our border secure we want to secure

our border there you go yeah well draw
your own conclusions you can do that
till the cows come home and the
president doesn’t do it yet now he’s

tweeting now he’s tweeting a VHD missed
such an opportunity
he should be doing with Ross Perot did
explain things and show the hypocrisy of
the other side by playing clips does he

even do a presidential address anymore
does he do a weekly thing that Weekly
thing yeah I haven’t looked at that I’m
so close an interesting question because
apparently someone who was beat it was
to watch those things yeah has has we

know what happened what happened is they
and they removed all RSS feeds and
everything the Lynx stuff total dick

not just links dis RS just feeds the the
ability to subscribe and see what’s
going on
yeah there’s been a concerted effort to
to screw without RSS feeds yeah I think

it’s the big media well it started with
Google killing Google Reader
yeah well Google’s an agent of the big

media and they’re an agent of change
jumped and they did that no I think
that’s when they were coming out with
what was the Google on Google Groups was
it called the Google+

yeah Google+ I think that’s what the
killer was then they cook slammed the
door on that already you can’t make
anything work so it’s not it’s not
highlighted anywhere on the website the

presidential do it radio there you go
that’s what I did it just shows you lots
of CNN things no well maybe stop doing
him it was remembered there was at a

certain point everyone was like ah he’s
gonna start his own news network
remember that oh that was during the
election mmm he was gonna lose and start

his own network now it was dirt it was
after one of his first kind of you know
weekly addresses mmm no I think you may
be wrong oh it’s a weekly radio address

oh here it is my god could be buried any
what is it yeah yeah he’s got one no
look at this last night did February 3rd
2017 no so he stopped he wouldn’t looked

at his numbers he said hold on let me
let me just make sure is this really
right is this right that makes no sense
that’s screw this you ruined Trump can he look at his

numbers like a good TV guy would and
says nobody’s watching this after just
using the information against me I’ll
tweet yeah but he could tweet a YouTube

of himself
I could that would be cool yeah you know
this a bunch of things he’s not doing
that’s because of those the douchebags
that he’s got working for him yes

they’re not helping him at all they’re
all deep state creeps you got a note
from a Bronx millennial about aoc a
couple of them actually thank you yeah I
saw did we add two notes at least read

this one I’m a millennial an avid
listener who happens to live in a o’seas
district in Astoria Queens it’s like
it’s like and I happen to be gays Ike I
happened to live there okay I was not
lucky enough to have her knock on my

door nor did any of my friends in the
area I do know of a couple dimension B
members who did meet her at rallies
around the area but I can’t speak of
anyone meeting her beyond that it is
munch it mentioned much in the m5m that

she is from the Bronx but she is indeed
from Yorktown Heights in Westchester
which is just north of the Bronx your
analysis on the show may not be too far
off as Hillary Clinton’s Clinton
Foundation funded mansion in New York is

in Chappaqua this is about 20 minutes
south of where AOC is from Westchester
County my only issue with that’s was my
theory is Joe Crowley who she defeated

for the seat he was an establishment
Democrat who also ran as a third-party
candidate against her I don’t think he
really ran did he did he actually write
in for that I thought he gave up I think
he gave up he may have just been playing

his part but what do I know
anyway Amazon hq2 will soon be jacking
up my rent but I still recently signed
up for a monthly donation well it may be
small now I hope to add to it in the
near future as I make be Zoe’s money

keep doing what you’re doing and please
know that there are sane Millennials out
there who love what you’re doing even if
you’re too old white dudes thanks Shaun
the other note was very similar it had

it’s said that there’s no chance that
Hillary has she’s too much of an
anathema for Hillary to be part of the
scheme yeah now is news and we’re just
gonna we might as well get out of the

way now news this weekend that maybe Joe
Biden’s running he might have told
somebody but no one really knows he’s
for all Joe is she’s not getting
anything no he’s not they’re gonna push
him aside as fast as they can yeah I

don’t think he has any chance of even
getting in the race but we did have a
maybe in the first round of debates we
did have one of our our Texas Texas boys
pipe up the San Antone we’re gonna make

sure this is Julian or who Liam Castro
we’re gonna make sure that the promise
of America is available to everyone in
this 21st century

you see I learned from my mother so many
years ago in this community that when we

want change we don’t wait for change we
work for it when my grandmother’s out
here almost a hundred years ago
I’m sure that she never could have

imagined that just two generations later
one of her grandsons would be serving as
a member of the United States Congress
and the other would be standing with you

here today to say these words I am a
candidate for president of the United

no no this yep he’s he got his brother
Juan and this is Julian Julio yeah but
this is Julian the one running he’s
running yeah

isn’t he a member of Congress no his
brother is he was the mayor of San
Antonio okay and these guys broke these
brothers were tipped we were talking
about professor Pennebaker just the

other day the the professor came up with
the whole performative x’ measurement
and and and tracking of certainly
politicians using performative when we
had one of our dinners when people still

could stand me before get kicked out of
the Obot group they he was the one who’s
saying uh it’s gonna be the Castro
brothers maybe Marco Rubio but the

Castro Castro brother won’t talk with
the Castro brothers Castro brothers and
they’ll be fighting against debt Oh
so it’ll be interesting to see what
happens well there’s a lot of people
that I hear these stories especially

back in the Brooklyn area where there’s
his upper publishing operations that
have people working there white girls
who will not vote for Beto real because
he’s white oh there’s so many white

girls I know who love him and he’s also
doing the Instagram thing doesn’t mean
they’re gonna vote from this woman’s the
same way I love Beto he’s the greatest
but I can’t vote for president because

he’s white love to hear a clip of that
well sure there’s a clip out there
available I’m sure if you just go man on
the street you can get one yeah but the

Castro brothers doesn’t seem like much
of a threat to me I think that it is
changed so dramatically and one of the
people I was a big fan of and I’m quite
sure maybe five years ago I said this is

your future President of the United
States although I think that chance has
been diminished because the whole tulsi

Oh tulsi yeah we should talk about her I
have a number of class I’ve never
thought you know when you look into
tulsi gabbard she’s got to it’s Reese
trikes against her she hasn’t got a
snowball’s chance in hell of going
anywhere and then the progressives don’t

like her oh they hate
I mean I see article after article here
tulsi gabbard doesn’t deserve your vote
in 2020 Tulsi gabbard’s Forest porn
policy sucks the US presidential

candidate Tulsi Gabbard bought crypto at
height of bull market I couldn’t resist
putting that in the show knows Gabbard

37 is a fresh energetic face on the
American political scene however her
chances of winning the Democratic
Party’s nomination are slim given the
huge field of candidates wait as CCN

reported which is probably crypto coin
news Tulsi Gabbard bought between 1015

thousand dollars of ether and litecoin
in December 2017 at the time the Bitcoin
price soared to a record high of 19 and
a half thousand he put that on a

disclosure – anyway she announced this
on the Van Jones CNN show yes Van Jones
which is another you know that’s why

there well his response was very
interesting and I just pulled a couple
of clips that I want to share
we’ll start with well the obvious
question is why she was a Congress she

was a representative for Hawaii and she
left her re-election campaign to go to
be deployed to Iraq and Vann asked her

why you were sitting in office you could
have gone off to do something else you
decided to quit and go put yourself in a
war zone why’d you do that you’re right
I mean being a state representative in

Hawaii being with my family being with
my friends it was something that I would
have been very happy to continue to do
but I knew that there was no way that I
could stay home and be safe and

comfortable while my brothers and
sisters went off to war on the other
side of the planet that’s why I left my
reelection campaign volunteered to
deploy got trained in a job that they

needed someone to fill
and and went to to serve with them to
serve our country sketchy I that to be
true I think that she wasn’t gonna get

reelected I maybe I I think she’s very
sincere but the problem is she has all
of the elements to be in the to contend
in the Beto League if she could even

Nasser she has no social media skills
that I can tell you know she’s like
she’s a surfer she’s an army vet she’s
cute you know if they if she would play
that up you know like BAM she’s on the

surf bub Mahalo bitch isn’t gonna run
your country you know she could do so
much and they would bite get on
Instagram well she’s not gonna go that
route there’s no doubt about that for
what a couple of her downsize once she’s
a Hindu and that is not going to help it

getting elected as president until
people can maybe see things a little
differently even though we have other
Hindus and I think most of them tend to

be Republicans that are in office you
think it’s too early for a non-christian
president yes
what about Obama then the second well he
he faked it okay yes as everyone knows I

think he’s a Muslim just correct you can
I just correct you she never say she’s a

Hindu you say she just happens to be
Hindu yeah I think it might be Hindi the
point is that the real one that’s got my

attention is that she’s on the Council
of Foreign Relations oh there’s more
work for her let’s listen to her
announcement with van but in particular
please listen to Van Jones now this was

softball all the way it was set up he’s
setting her up for everything setting
her up with questions is a very friendly
show I could go on that show and I would
not make a fool of myself but van really

has uh agenda that brings me right back
to where I want to go which is about
2020 are you gonna run for president of
the United States and do something about

the things you should
I have decided to run and we’ll be
making a formal announcements within the

next week whoa
do you hear that douche I got the
ratings she just announced that she’s

gonna upend her life to run as a
candidate for president of the United
States and Van Jones is thinking I got
ratings yeah he’s a douche he doesn’t
have race you should have done it on

them on any other show especially you
know Jimmy Fallon or something I want to
hear things here’s what she’s up to
I believe and everyone knows that you’re

not gonna the 20/20 thing is she’s gonna
go to Hillary or it’s gonna be very
difficult to beat Trump unless they you
know put so much bad thoughts in the
American public’s mind that they can you

actually get somebody in it is possible
I mean there are these one termers that
come and go tend to be of the George
Bush it has to be it has to be something
to do with the economy if the economy

has a nice collapse just before the
election it’s it’s getting a little late
for the kind of economic collapse but it
could still there’s still time we’re
still hopeful I’m not but the idea is is
that you want to get your name out there

to the point where you can give a major
speech Obama like at the Democratic
convention and he has to be well written
by a bunch of pros is what Obama did you

got four years before you get because
the 2004 Democratic convention he gave
this wonderful speech and when I saw him
do that I said this guy everybody knew

it everybody saw it everybody knew it
everyone who has a brain he also was the
you know that was the first year they
had bloggers at the convention and he
sat down with every single one of them
is the smartest one yeah well she’s

hoping to get
a spot and to give the super speech and
maybe get that kind of attention because
everyone’s gonna look for this what you
looking for you looking for we’re all
looking at 2020 for 2020 nobody cares i

Hillary may run again and I think she
still has the upper hand but in 2024
you’re gonna have a couple of major
people that want to run you know it
would be a OC who should be doing the AO

she’s too stupid the problem is Gavin
Newsom is so white yeah that he’s got a

problem he doesn’t even know it
I mean Gavin Newsom has been setting
himself up since he was a kind of a just
a guy in San Francisco going you know

running for City Council running for
mayor got the mayor’s job and and he’s a
good looking you know it’s good you kind
of get it has a certain attraction to
certain kind of women this big smile he

always says the right things got
slightly gravelly voice and he would
usually do nothing but his that’s fine
by most people’s standards just want
somebody and there’s rubber stamps the
Democrat side but he’s white and the

Democrats have created a situation for
themselves well he has taken one social
justice warrior step in the right
direction by claiming he does not have a

first lady he has a first partner yes
well he’s does stuff like that he’s also
the one night we had the clip the other
of him you know giving away the store
buy he’s making misty these are mistakes

let me play the the lot just a final
clip I have on Tulsi Gabbard and this is
about running against President Trump so
how would you take on a Donald Trump I

mean you seem kind of Aloha and he seems
kind of a low uh-huh low with Jo ha he’s
not trying to Aloha SSI so worthy now

that I think about it so how would you
take on a Donald Trump I mean you seem
kind of Aloha and he seems kind of a low

Aloha Cho ha Aloha Aloha which
essentially means love love for each
other love for our country should not be

mistaken for just some feeling love is
action when you love someone you will do
anything to fight for them when you love
something you will go to the end of the

earth to fight for it love gives us
strength love gives us courage love
gives us what we need to overcome those
forces have done what did you say you’re

listening to part of her speech for the
convention oh oh yes and here comes wood
shedding some stuff here oh yeah and
she’s gonna finish it up and you’re so
you so now that you say this absolutely

she’s gonna finish it with a Martin
Luther King quote which Van Jones does
not know yes one of my favorite quotes
is from dr. Martin Luther King and you
know this breezes darkness cannot drive

out darkness only light can do that well
hate cannot drive out hate only love can
do that man jump in there thought the

quote was over he doesn’t know Martin
Luther King ah sorry excuse for a black
man Van Jones good catch but you’re
right that she’s doing her speech right

there well she’s working on there’s a
bits of it if she’s testing this is the
market this is testing you only shows
you test a little bit see were taught
the reaction is start putting it

then you get some professionals in there
to help if she does that I think she
won’t I don’t think she has the chops to
do that but she gets some pros and
they’re superstars I’d like like Obama
had that kid who was a genius the the

writer and the writer kid and is that
the same kid who’s on the pod save
America is that him things yeah it could
be him that guy and then you not come

down at the convention but you know then
first there’s two problems when you got
to get a prime time slot yeah that’s
that’s which is not that easy especially

since you know you already seen as a
schmuck by the party
and it’s gonna be tough she’d I don’t
think she doesn’t much of a prayer of
getting anywhere she really doesn’t as

much I guess what was more interest or
just as interesting to me is how how
appropriate and really good she was four
or five years ago she could go somewhere
you know she’s she’s anti-war she
actually would the Democratic Party

hates her because she went to see Trump
pretty quickly after he took office to
talk about getting out of Syria and of
course he’s seen as an Assad lover she’s
that really the grilling her or you know

just roasting her yeah man the other
hand she also did support sending half a
half a billion dollars in troops to the
Africa to fight Ebola so she’s kind of

on my shit list I do have an update on
that now you’ll recall that troops went
to the Congo for Ebola Ebola against is
no longer an issue we don’t hear about

it anymore in fact before the election
people were wrecking the Ebola camps
which seems like a really smart thing to
do you know if you’re really pissed off
by your government to go kick down the

tents where people with Ebola are lying
down unless maybe they didn’t have Ebola
I don’t know when we had the shoo-in guy
who works for ExxonMobil I’m now
thinking that he might this may be a US

EU war and I’ll tell you what fiala for
Yolanda burrs name is the guy who came
in runner-up who was Exxon Mobil he was
you know tip to be the guy we hadn’t

even heard of the guy who won the the
election it was just the son of some
radical back in the day who was in
Brussels the most recent part of his
life doing quote odd jobs as an African

in Brussels does and so you know now
this so this this no-name guy who does
have historical ties to the to the

regime that is leaving now he all of a
sudden wins the election this does not
sit well with Africa today Thomas you
were outside that court today a short

while ago when fula went in to demand
the recount and he managed to catch a
few words with him
what does he have to say Martin why you
told me when he arrived that this
election is the people’s victory and

that it cannot be taken away from the
people just because of negotiations
between the government and feeling
sophisticated because this is what

margins are you fear this fear that
Phoenix 60 carry was given the
presidency because he negotiated a
power-sharing deal with the current
government the whole morning on Saturday

massive Balinese lawyers were at the
Constitutional Court in order to bring
all the necessary documents to file the
appeal and among these documents there

are the the recounts from every polling
station according to to Marcel for you
and his team of witnesses that were

deployed in the field on the day so this
clip has one other piece of information
so what the accusation here is that this
this guy came in he made a deal with the

with the pretty much dictator who’s been
raining there for is now 13 years I
think who was clearly our guy
I mean I think that is you can’t tell me

that’s the that’s the Chinese are doing
this now this has got to be our guy and
our guy in and you know everything seems
to be reasonably calm but what’s really
interesting it’s a little hard to hear

is he he goes on to say that in the in
the in the Senate or their Parliament
the guy who one has you know like one
like twenty percent of the seats like

the guy who came in second his party has
a majority seats so it’s all screwed up
not that we didn’t expect anything

well yeah but now I just want I’m just
trying to figure out who’s running who
well we’ll find out shortly or they’re
gonna let this simmer for a while we’ll
see if there’s any more troops going
over there I want to make a correction

of the timeline of the Tulsi Gabbard
story mm-hmm they when they were talking
about her not running for re-election
they’re talking about when she was in
the House of Representatives of Hawaii
in 2000 was not a not a US Congress it

was state Congress so she was she quit
there and then she went to the
battlefield then she came back and ran
for Congress US Congress and she’s been

there ever since 2013 is she’s still
there okay thanks for clearing that up
my head was in the Congo yeah apparently
well with that you got the Ebola

there’s no Ebola Ebola is just nothing
it’s like that’s off the map it’s not
important Sweden somehow yeah Boland
yeah I have the story here I mean that

may be away I mean if it’s EU right
right if it’s you u.s. maybe that’s
their way oh you know this Ebola may be
gotta send somebody and although Europe
is not supposed to have any kind of army

a patient in Sweden has been admitted to
hospital with a suspected case of Ebola
test results Allah the test results will
probably be received sometime this
evening this is yesterday

the patients being treated at the
infectious disease clinic no other
details rumor at this point and but it
does say final line an Ebola outbreak
ravaging eastern states of Democratic

Republic of Congo’s claimed several
hundred lives so the so there’s one
story trying to bring Ebola back into
purview and as we’ll see we’ll see but

with that I do want to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning to
the man who put the C and D our siege on
the water out there

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bit of No Agenda joking capital Pickers
dot-com well thank you very much Ryan
and we’ll give you that jobs car jobs

jobs jobs and jobs that’s
Kharma uh sir :
in Cincinnati Ohio 200 even so calling

the friendly fat man from Cincinnati
here wanted to follow up on my short
PayPal note first off I have three
birthday wishes one Freeman pronounced a

mom and Haman I’m a demon demon
umin with a hard a Amon okay Amon on 110
my dad Arthur Kunis who is a regular

listener sometimes producer an
inspiration for donate for donation
notes on 115 and my aunt Cathy on 116
second I want to say no agenda karma

works huh my doctors found a brain tumor
about the size of a golf ball back in
September and I and I had to have a
pretty big surgery to take it out in

November huh yes I remember him writing
about I think I remember him writing
about that yeah
that’s so he’s alive clearly what does
he say I was long something like 12

hours the blunt wild 12-hour operation
but I recovered really well and they
expect a few bumps in the road after
getting home and losing hearing in one

ear I’m just about back to my normal
self but I can’t help but attribute my
speedy recovery to the amazing family
and no agenda i greedily hoarded shows
well as in a recovery knowing I could be

critical to my reassimilation into the
work world
I have finally run out and I’m donating
to say thank you for the help and
getting me back to the swing of work
without losing my mind is it possible to

get a job as cover for my boss I don’t
think she is looking I just hate working
for gets poached out of the company cuz
I don’t want to leave the team I work

with Sharpton and a Putin on the Ritz
well let’s think about this asking for
it positive you know hmm that’s a
request he’s a sir right right

and there’s something more it’s
experimenting with I guess it’s okay
because she would be happy that she got
a new job well or the was shoe yeah she

would make somebody happy or did someone
a favor
yeah so I think doing new people a favor
cuz he’s working for so she probably
doesn’t like him either so here’s the
question should I then give her Anansie

jobs or a Trump jobs or Trancy jobs
doesn’t Trump jobs is a to jinkx orient
no give her and irregular Nancy jobs

after blue an udon all weathers make
news why don’t you get your kicks let’s
mix we’re John Podesta walks with kids

though I mean pizzas in his mitts jobs
jobs jobs and jobs it’s been a while
since I heard the full secret agent Paul

Putin on the Ritz
yes great fantastic so I wanted to thank
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our second segment remember another show
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propagate our formula is this

we hear people in the mouth
No Agenda she’ll like a kick to the

any word on Ruth Bader Ginsburg yet no
no not yet but lobule feel her

retirement is imminent yeah no I think I
get for a health karma I just feel so
shitty about it you’ve got karma I know

that there’s people out there just hope
she’s gonna die and I just can’t it’s
really horrible must be must be horrible
and you know people are thinking these
things I think she’s probably think

there’s probably more people liking her
than not hmm
so we had a couple of funny things
happened one is this does the Sanders

clip I got the Sanders campaign sexual
harassment you hear about this now I’m
completely oblivious is this a me-too
moment or what is kind of but okay any
more leading necessary set up a

straight-up story senator Bernie Sanders
apologized Thursday to women who have
come forward to say they were sexually
harassed or discriminated against by
male staffers while working on his 2016

campaign the accusations surfaced after
more than two dozen staffers penned a
letter to Sanders requesting a meeting
to discuss sexual violence and
harassment on the 2016 campaign in the

run-up to the 2020 election several of
Sanders top aides have been implicated
this is senator Sanders speaking
Thursday that is part of our campaign
there was some women who were harassed

or or mistreated and I thank them from
the bottom of my heart for speaking out
what they experienced was absolutely
unacceptable and certainly not what a

progressive campaign or any campaign
should be about in other news on Sanders
possible run for president his 2016
campaign manager Jeff Weaver has said he

will not return to the same position if
Sanders decides to run for president
again but Weaver is expected to stay on
as a senior advisor I guess that was the

they’re gassing the women he’s gonna
still be a senior adviser I don’t know
yeah I think I did actually hear about
this is where Bernie is saying that well
you know I was trying to run for
president I didn’t have time to figure

out what’s going on going on something
like that well I think what you heard
him say there is what you get forced
into saying yeah now the thing I want to
play a couple clips I do have the

rundown on what’s really going on in the
country which is the shutdown plus the
CBS takes the shutdown and they
associate it with Trump as his Russian
agent which is a big scandal this is

mine this was it then let me understand
the New York Times broke the story was
at the time to the post yes yes no time
and they said that after Trump as

president fired FBI director Comey
senior man P senior officials of the FBI
whoever that is
we’re so freaked out by they started to
immediately look in to see if he was an

an asset a Russian spy why did the term
is asset which is not quite as my per se
but he’d be an asset yeah asset yeah
he’s been turned okay by the way I
should make before I play this for these

clips there’s three of them and it’s way
they’d like Tony plana because they kind
of so they push the for summer I don’t
know how they do this but CBS pulls a
stunt here they pull us on i-5 that one

clip that’s really bad but so my
daughter and her fiance were in the
Denver Airport during this shutdown of
course I can’t get these kids to think

like like producers yeah like producers
because apparently the TSA staff in
total at the airport we’re singing folk

songs rive been working on the railroad
and there’s only songs about not getting
paid what and they’re sitting and
they’ve got their iPhones and everything

and they did not record it hello oh my
goodness I gave you read on the riot
ah I can’t believe it because it’s
material I said think another YouTube

hits especially since there’s you know
was this J Jenner fan fiance both hey
you guys are living rent-free right now
people paid a month’s rent
never thought of it just this is so sad

it is okay
this is shut down this is day 22 of the
partial government shutdown now the

longest in US history 380,000 federal
employees are on temporary layoffs
420,000 are working without pay TSA
workers learn today they’re receiving a

one-time $500 holiday bonus to help them
until their next paycheck furloughed
government workers lined up for
groceries today at a pop-up Food Bank in
Alexandria Virginia President Trump and

congressional Democrats remain locked in
a dispute over border wall funding the
president unleashed a tweet storm today
on the shutdown and an explosive report
that the FBI investigated him as a

possible Russian agent al Barnett is at
the White House hmm I didn’t know that
they got 500 bucks bonus to go to help
help cross the chasm

you know that’s CBS as far as I know is
the only one that reported that that’s
very interesting
was it what was it 500 cash in hand or
was it DEA they tied probably a

government check hmm I gotta tell you
it’s gonna come down to the wires gonna
get pretty nasty now I expect so this is
this is the way they started handling

the story though just part two in a
series of tweets this morning President
Trump defended himself a New York Times
report which claimed the FBI
investigated whether the president was a

Russian asset or potential threat
against American security after he fired
FBI director James Comey in May of 2017
CBS News has not independently confirmed
that report oh wait we’re still talking

about the shutdown if they put those two
stories together Wow I was going to fire
call me my decision

but the New York Times says it was
president Trump’s own public statements
connecting the Comey firing to Russia
which raised concern among agents when I
decided to just do it I said to myself I

said you know this Russia thing with
Trump and Russia is a made-up story the
president insisted today his quote
firing of James Comey was a great day

for America
absolutely ludicrous and in any of you
airing tomorrow on Face the Nation
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo say they
want to back up a little bit and usually

have the Trump quote and then it
followed by him upon pail quote saying
absolutely ludicrous God’s the way they
put this together I think is shameful
they made it sound as though Pompeo was

criticizing Trump’s commentary of course
they did this is CBS but wait wait wait
let me finish
in fact Pompeo is discussing the idea
that Trump is the net Russian axis it

not it’s not a commentary on Trump’s
quote but they put it together so
improperly that they give you the
impression if he’s just listening to it

Trump says well you would you call me
was an idiot and then I guess that’s
bull crap I mean it’s unbelievable how
they did this I have been an editing
Bay’s many times when something was

edited together that may even just have
come together kind of as an accident I
call man that’s really funny let’s just
keep that in there put those leads us
two together that’s great I’m sure
you’ve witnessed this even if not

political just for any horse yeah but
this is the top I yes this happens all
the time but in my opinion when this is
happening at eight one of the big three

networks yeah it’s shameful they got
money it’s another reason why we Owen
can only go through 2020 there will be
no more journalism it’s gonna end

there’s gonna be nothing left there’ll
be nothing to look at
journalism will be whoever does it by
sure thing with Trump and Russia is a
made-up story the president insisted

today his quote firing of James Comey
was a great day for America absolutely
ludicrous in an interview airing
tomorrow on Face the Nation Secretary of

State Mike Pompeo said he rejects the
New York Times allegation the idea
that’s contained in the New York Times
story that a president Trump was a
threat to American national security is
is silly on its face and it’s not worthy

of a response is that unprecedented
where any Intelligence Agency has has
done this to a president just in office
I don’t know if it ever happening before

me have been done but it’s been kept a
secret FBI is well known for spying on
everybody and blackmailing with sex
secrets and all this stuff so it’s true
all right so anyway that was that that I

wanted that clip in there for sure
because of this little that was very way
they edited it to make just for the
subconscious effect on the poor if I
said watch CBS News I’m surprised you

didn’t pull an iso from it it’s so it’s
so you can use it anywhere yes fact they
may bring it back I will get a nicer for
future use if you don’t want to pull it

uh doing finished is the last clip see a
little kick around from the White House
press secretary Sarah Sanders called The
Times claim absurd and said Comey is a
disgraced partisan hack the former FBI
director sent this tweet today quoting

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
quote judge me by the enemies I’ve made
now all of this leads to Special Counsel
Robert Muller
whose team has not made any public

comment call me tweeted that judge me by
the enemies I have made yeah now all of
this leads to special counsel robert

muller whose team has not made any
public I guess I missed it sit back here
Franklin Delano Roosevelt quote
judge me by the enemies I have made
interesting now all of this leaves the

special counsel robert muller whose team
has not made any public comment on the
extent of its investigation but Mullis
team has to kill the indictment of three
Associates of President Trump and the

grand jury used to secure those
indictments just received a six-month
extension to keep working this
investigation takes four months minimum

I think you may be able to explain it
better than I can but a grand jury I
believe that people in America but
certainly in other countries here grand

jury think alike I so fucked and I
really don’t understand what a grand
jury is what its power is but really
what it means and and what comes out of
it and what the process is and honestly

I’m I’m a little fuzzy myself a grand
jury is a special group that’s put
together called the grand jury that it
can look at the idea of a grand jury is

that District Attorney’s in particular
have situations that they don’t really
know if they should indict somebody for
now anything Dighton explaining you got
to explain that means you’re gonna be

arrested and charged with a crime got it
and so the grand jury has greater powers
than and then it’s almost like a mock
trial they can bring people in and

witnesses to discuss certain things and
they can and you have to answer to the
grand jury because it’s a closed session
as a private it somebody seems semi
illegal but it’s it does sort of a

purpose and the idea is that it can
bring forward information that the grand
jury can say we think there’s somebody
this guy could be I think you can indict
this guy for this crime ah okay

and then you give you hand your vertigo
and jury hands have kind of a verdict or
a a finding the grand jury hands of
finding over to the DA saying yes you

can indict this guy this guy this guy we
think do you have a case do you always
war you don’t have a case or this is we
could find nothing
which is what’s been going on by the way
is now the grand jury is something that

only a district attorney can can call
into existence or far as I know I could
be wrong so that was pretty powerful DEP

as far as I know it’s a district
attorney that does these grand juries so
okay look at the federal level I don’t
know how it works but they really their
job is to determine if there might be if

there’s a there there and I’ve always
heard it’s all they have you but they
are they’re picked from the public and
they’re one of the Lib Joe’s friends of
mine was a grand jury member for a long
time got into it you just think it’s

great you get to hear all this it’s all
secret information and stuff to you that
might not even be stop stop how can a
Lib Joe also known as a journalist don’t
you immediately get kicked off and you

ki if I went
I’ve been asked for jury duty I said
yeah hurry duty is not the same it’s not
thank you this is what I’m asking this
is what I want to understand different
the animal so how does he is he does he

have buddies how did you get on this
grand jury I don’t know how he got on
would you mind asking him next time you
talk to it I think I know but it was
some Miss mundane but once you’re on it

and then you’re on no matter what the
case is it’s like a club like the Grand
Old Opry it tends to be about a specific
situation so it’s like do you
investigate one thing and then the grand

jury gets dissolved and does the grand
jury get paid for their time yeah but
it’s I think it’s the same as jury pays
mostly there’s a lot of things that the
grand especially in California grand

juries have these grand juries you they
even they’re just special kind of person
and in some cases you even have a badge
they give you a badge and a decoder ring

yes pull over by the cops cues me a
grand jury member we need this I need
one of those badges like a shield it’s

like an actual she lures a star badge
that once I’ve seen her Starbucks are
like a sheriff’s deputy
yeah is this is this in the Constitution
this Grand Jury idea

well now you asked me questions I can’t
answer but I’m not sure the history of
the grand jury but we could look it up
and then have some knowledge about it
won’t take much effort well I appreciate

you giving a little insight because I
don’t think anyone really I even learned
a few things the fact that you can
you’re on a grand jury and just keep
getting called back for other grand jury
stuff and you’re a journalist /lib Joe

and that says a lot I’ve always heard a
grand jury can indict a ham sandwich
that’s that’s the line I’ve heard and so
I’ve kind of held to that well I think
that’s probably true if they wanted to

mm-hmm but most of them do their jobs
and they don’t do that I mean otherwise
Trump would have been indicted by now
it’s really I mean I just know okay so
he’s keeping the grand jury for another

six months all these people are
sequestered they know they just called
in it’s like a job you know you kept to
go in every so often nice maybe that’s
my exit be grand jury my they dissolve

these grand juries you by the way my
great exit idea of butt-wipes that are a
glove so you can just turn them inside

out and throw them out and not
contribute to fatbergs yeah already
invented oh yeah you can get them on
great minds great minds yeah I don’t
know how I don’t know how great this guy

he’s different five cents I can’t
believe someone came up with my idea

about gloves so anyway that’s that yeah
yeah it’s just gonna be never endings

and keep on going
yeah that’s what I would do if I was
just like a full it’s a job it’s pays
well you got a lot of power and you got
people working for you taking you you
know the people getting your dry

cleaning bringing the car around all
that sort of
hey bring the car around thank you very
so this guy Steve King who we noticed we
talked about on the show before he’s one

of the congressmen that is yeah
Republicans you know yeah of course he’s
a Republican under attack for being a
racist pig and and he’s pretty adamant
about fighting the the charges and

everybody you know they give nothing but
grief about it because he supposedly
defends white supremacy when he doesn’t
now why is there some issue that he’s
involved in this under attack this is

the late this is a new version of plate
I got two clips of the same thing but it
get a little different dimension from
let’s start with democracy now the Steve
King DN background her a key Republican

lawmaker and close ally of President
Trump defended white supremacy while
assailing the diversity of the incoming
lawmakers in an interview published
Thursday Iowa Congress member Steve King

told the New York Times quote white
nationalist white supremacist Western
civilization how did that language
become offensive why did I sit in
classes teaching me about the merits of

our history in our civilization unquote
Congress member King went on to
criticize the freshman class of
Democratic lawmakers with its record
number of women and people of color
saying quote you could look over there

and think the Democratic Party is no
country for white men King said alright
this is a really bad this is a just
again who’s driving is full who’s

driving he never ever defended white
supremacy and they don’t have a quote of
defending white supremacy he was just
saying that these terms you can’t even

mention them any moral people get all
over your case you can’t even say the
words white nationalist he says he’s not
a white nationalist but he says if you
even use the word then all of a sudden

you are and that’s all he’s bitching
about and he’s kind of if you listen to
the CBS report which is Steve King again
I think they least make it a little more
palatable of a little more realistic but

they’re after this guy for some reason
because I regret the heartburn
that has poured forth upon this Congress
in this country and especially in my
state that’s as close as Iowa

congressman steve king came to
apologizing today for comments being
called abhorrent racist and reckless by
members of his own party in a New York
Times interview published Thursday the
Republican lawmaker asked white

nationalist white supremacists Western
civilization how did that language
become offensive facing a growing
backlash today King took to the House
floor to explain himself under any fair
political definition I am simply an

American nationalist this conviction
does not make me a white nationalist or
a white supremacist tonight South
Carolina senator Tim Scott the only
black Republican in the Senate calling

out King when I have to hit the pause
button to have a conversation about race
and racism and and polarizing comments
by other folks in my party it makes it
far more difficult for us to sell the
conservative brand and writing in the

Washington Post
some in our party wonder why Republicans
are constantly accused of racism it is
because of our silence when things like
this are said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
condemning Kings comments to has two

primary challengers one of whom told the

Des Moines Register yesterday I won’t
embarrass the State Garrett Haake NBC
News the capital Oh so this is just a
pre challenge we’re just a families just
challenging everybody just getting pre

challenged underway yeah geez you know
these people they better do some work
too while they’re at it and they’re not
gonna do any worse and work for us as I
was searching I searched the Google’s

which I always do during show days yeah
Steve King under attack every link now
on on my Google results page has a news
guard icon next to it because you put

that app on you yeah to show me if I
should even click on the link so in
other words the list of Google links
have I ever won it to the right there’s

a little well there’s that actually
happens with the vast actually to the
left it’s not a letter laughs yeah right
to the right real that’s not that’s
that’s that’s unsightly yeah so it moves

the link over one spot because the the
guard is there about that and get this
thing oh yeah you need this you need
this thing anything red is what I’d

click on that’s what I was looking for
it took me three pages I say well some
good three pages now four page so I have
a counter it this is counter-intuitive
it’s gonna get if I was running that

that little plugin I would definitely be
looking for the red one so I could click
on them to see what the hell’s going on
there I’m sure they’re also reporting
back I’m sure I’m sure I’m sure

publicist says building up nice little
little record of Who I am but you’re
like well just get a VPN and then they
can screw themselves it’s actually it’s
kind of nice because exactly as you say

when you do a Google search you really
want to get the red one so here’s my
first read one page ten the Palmer
report that has a red a red be careful
notice on it no what does the Palmer

have to say yesterday we brought you the
story of how a Republican harvesting of
Iowa’s long history of racism and gun
fanaticism posted a racial attack
against it’s actually seems like it’s a

kind of anti King it’s attacking him yes
well he’s got that one right no you
should get a red checkmark a green one
he’s one of the good guys yeah I mean

but every single other one is is all
green yeah that’s just need a yellow and
an orange for colors crooked media has a
new icon it it’s gray and it has a – oh

this website is still in the process of
being rated by news guard huh
well since we’re talking about forbidden
words because that’s really what it is

it’s time to educate ourselves just keep
ourselves up to date up to speed
o current with the with the with the
kids now the University of
california-davis has an LGBTQIA Resource

Center which is not correct in my
opinion I believe it as LGBTQ Qi AAP ke
now but they say lesbian gay bisexual

transgender queer intersex and asexual
and there are and they have a listing
here of words that hurt and why well
that hurts far as I’m concerned that
moniker they’re using their acronym is

is is in itself hurtful hurtful yeah
would you like to hear it’s only it’s
about 2:15 Oh what do you think yes
words that hurt and why sometimes we say

words without realizing the impact they
may have on others say what you mean and
mean what you say take time to educate
yourself about language and histories of
oppression now that would be my this is

added by me we’ll start off with bitch
bitch is in hip-hop music targets and
dehumanizes women even if used towards

men including queer and gay men Wow
I know a lot of gay men who call each
other bitch but ok it reinforces sexism
so this is a word that hurts and should

be removed abolished ghetto yeah
describe something or someone as cheap
worn-out poor dangerous etc reference to
you guys ghetto you’re someone’s ghetto

yes ghetto yes this is this is a hurtful
word yeah illegal alien hurtful reduces
that is just a statement of fact
well maybe who you’re supposed to use

instead let me see
reduces undocumented immigrants to
something less than human fixate on
isn’t fixates on legal status instead of
people as individuals asserts that some

people like a perpetrator asserts that
some people belong here more than others
do ignores political citizens
this is your California of Davis systems

you see thing asserts that some people
belong here more than others do ignores
political social and economic factors
that impact people of color while they
are all illegal aliens people of color I

don’t think so in fact no I know they’re
not all right uh here’s one that I’ve
done well I should I got yep
no homo well you haven’t done no homo

now in a long time but in years you know
it’s like guys I love you man I love you
bro no homo yes it’ll Disick it
cornballs thing that bros like to say

stresses the speaker’s heterosexuality
masculinity and/or other traits to avoid
being perceived as LGBTQIA he goes goes
to great lengths to avoid association

with anything queer you know I’ve always
thought of it as just some dumb thing
that people say because it’s kind of
funny it was for a while until it yeah
I’ve been the 80s yeah oh boy oh you

actually you got away with it
what did you call a OC what do you call
her an idiot an idiot no you called her

any other words OHS any other words
stupid and I haven’t used moron but I
could well here are words that are that

retarded lame crazy and dumb I didn’t
use any of those I know you skated right
through it yeah so it’s okay to call
someone an idiot yes or even a moron but

you can’t call them dumb no stupid you
can call them stupid stupid you’re
ah another phrase that’s so gay yes
another late 80s phrase that’s going out

of vogue yeah whore ho or slut whore
whore Oh

who are cooler I think who maybe okay
yeah who where she’s a whore a whore
bisexuality doesn’t really exist people
are only gay or straight of statement of

fact in that document
it’s what that’s a it’s a hurtful phrase
who says that well apparently enough
people to put it on list this denies the

fluidity of sexuality with fluidity
fluids today and dismisses people’s
experiences and definitions of self

people deserve the right to define their
own I doubt get bla bla fine yeah yeah
well on the other side on the other side
of that we have I think everyone is

really bisexual ah yeah yeah yeah that’s
the classic thing a bisexual will say
this is often meant to acknowledge the
fluidity of sexuality but what they said

that’s a good thing this is a way of
checking people to see if they’re you
know just to come on you’re looking for
somebody say yeah I think you’re right

well next on the list I never thought
about it much but I think you might be
you’re too femme to be bisexual who says
that let’s be some other come on

bisexual people just want straight
privilege I’ve never heard this oh wait
what yeah this is a hurtful thing and

people say it apparently but check it
out here’s the next one this has gotta
be my favorite bisexual people are just
greedy and want to have sex with
everyone see this is the University of

California Davis publisher that’s the
farmers up there okay now we get into
some other things who do you see
yourself ending up with this is in the

same stupid book yeah it’s not a blind
want somebody from Davis to send me a
copy of this book it’s not a book so the
book just online an old crappy Resource

Center this is another way of implying
one has to quote end up gay or straight
and ignores bisexuality as an ident
who is bisexual wrote this yeah the big
problem okay so then we have people like

this writing so that’s just an agenda
then we have tranny yeah I would never
say that well interesting though our our
official transsexuals of the show called

themselves trannies but and they don’t
mind us saying it you just don’t like
doing it yeah this is my favorite what
is your real name I mean the one you
were given at birth this is of course
any douchebag would say there’s no

you’re not allowed to say he/she as ly
hasn’t hyphenated if you don’t know
because you should find out before you
use it
of course yes I guess is impractical

there’s a lot of horrible things that
won’t even say this is my favorite
thought that’s a big one these days but
th ot thought does that mean thought is
an acronym that whore over there thought

yeah this is only come up yet recently
when you’re saying that word well you
say look at her the thought that whore
over there I’ve never heard this is a

big thing right now
it’s it we’re online no an online let me
tell you what’s going on there are
entire groups of people who are
reporting sex workers webcam girls other

things like that and it’s called that
thought some like the girls alone they
report them to the IRS why they don’t
make enough money that the IRS should

care it’s called the thought but yeah
I’m just telling you you also can’t use
the word ugly anymore even if somebody’s
ugly how about butt ugly is that better
and doesn’t say and this one this is a

OC needs to cut this out you guys she
says that a lot you guys all right you
guys and this is a no no because it
erases the identities of people who are

in the room generalizing a group of
people to be masculine wrong
I said all the time to women the art was

and finally I’m such a fat ass right now
so you can’t say that about yourself
because they what if you’re a big fat
ass the guy from Cincinnati he called he
says he’s a fat guy from Cincinnati sir
: the friendly fat man from Cincinnati

you can’t say give him his money back ah
well we’re gonna go that far it demeans
and devalued fatness and fat bodies
reinforces harmful assumptions that fat

people are gluttonous and are fat
because they have less restraint the
friendly fat guy there’s a reinforced
effective fat men are friendlier jolly
it implies there is such an acceptable

amount of food to eat and anything more
as disgusting or that enjoy apply any of
such thing well this is what’s being
taught in collage this is what’s going

on in colleges I’m sure that’s not the
worst case scenario no well you’re up to
date thank you yeah I mean this is very

one of those rare No Agenda reports we
often do that really keep people on the
on the on the positive tip on them yeah
the cutting edge cutting edge of culture

all right well while you’re on the
cutting edge of culture let me tell you
where as we’re all aghast about the
Chinese social score and everyone’s
flipping out about it no boy like even

Hillary Clinton referred to a dystopian
future meanwhile is just building here
in the most beautiful way yeah we have a
control system like that it’s called for

your FICO score oh yeah it won’t be long
until you can wear little badge that has
your score on it I hear this converses
combo all the time people talking about
what’s your FICO score yeah it happens

to be that the keeper has some
outrageous score of like 886 which you
know she’s very reluctant to actually
marry me because she knows what’s gonna

happen yeah fight goes good
tanked all the way down to 500 or
something come a little closer to my

credit sorry there may be help on the
horizon for me people like me who have I

had not looked recently but I’m sure
it’s really bad I’ve never cared yeah my
FICO score it looks like they’re going
to help out you can get a boost you can
get a boost as much and maybe a hundred

point boost so I’m naturally we’re all
interested because for those who don’t
know it this credit worthiness report
this FICO this number lets people know
if you should rate if you can rent an

apartment even if you have the money if
that just second well you have kind of a
low FICO score you may have the money
but I don’t know you know
this rumor that some people look at it
in hiring and jobs it’s become this

important order there’s documentation
for this so it’s very important slave
well think of it as the credit catch-22
in order to borrow money you need a good

credit score but to get a high number
you have to show a solid credit history
with that in mind Experian one of the
three major credit reporting companies
is piloting a program called Experian

boost the premise is simple if you’re
willing to share more of your personal
information you may see an immediate
increase to your credit score consumers
who opt into the program allow Experian
to access their bank account and track

utility or phone payments that data is
added to their credit file and then they
get an updated score experience says
scores rose for two out of three
consumers participating in its pilot

phase and 10% of those with their
so-called thin file had enough credit
history to be given a score for the
first time now there’s another program
expected to be rolled out this summer
called ultra FICO it’s a partnership

between Experian the FinTech firm
Felicity and FICO the credit scoring
company consumers again must opt in to
allow access to their savings and
checking accounts their balances will

then be monitored to see how they manage
cash flow and pay their bills and all
to calculate a new impossibly higher
ultra FICO score now that’s good news
for many consumers and vendors – who

will be able to draw from a larger pool
now of potential borrowers it’s great
just let him access your bank accounts
they can see how you’re doing
it’ll give you a little grass a little

charts like oh do a little better pay on
time you can do it come on your little
engine it could Wow this is your
dystopian future this is where all right

this is what’s disgusting yeah and CNBC
is Gitty about it oh yeah I think that’s
great I can’t wait do they have one

critical thinker at CNBC ever that can
maybe say hey yes they do
oh good Jim Cramer listen there is
another product idea in here somewhere

I mean you’ve seen the black mirror
episode where you can look at some of
his augmented reality we can see
someone’s score above their head you
know I think that there’s there’s a way

for us to create some kind of app or
something yes I agree that it takes your
foot you’re ultra FICO score your
Experian boost ultra FICO score and then
moves you from your thin file and then

you can add stuff to it now I’m just
taking how many likes you have on
Twitter and just you know average it out
and give someone a score higher or lower
and we just need to claim it take FICO
it’s just commercial commercial company

who started this business and now
they’re like the government standard of
worthiness as a citizen yeah we can go
on top of that we just need to brand it
right we can have a better score that

incorporates the FICO score it was
something that I teach like it’s just
loud if you show side do business if
you’re shy so sideboob you get extra
points on your Instagram let’s see this
is where the author I’m sorry I’ll stop

Klout was trying to do something like
right cloud it was it was a reputational
score yeah reputational score but they

really get that for some reason one of
the reasons was people like myself
wouldn’t join mm-hmm and I’m not just
saying I didn’t do it that but lots of
people were enjoy cuz it’s like who
cares what they think my Klout score is

I mean you how hard up are you for self
esteem yeah you have to work get a claw
claw score
it was quite if it could be
institutionalized which is what you’re

suggesting as opposed to being just
someone yes to McDonald’s kind of thing
which was junk well it was it was Klout
with a K which apparently was purchased

by lithium technologies and they shut it
down so I don’t haven’t looked into
lithium yeah they’re doing there was
possibility that GD p– APR may have
played into clouts downfall this was

pretty recent when did this happen this
year or they just folded interesting
yeah just folded hmm well they they
appear to have only done like oh here’s
what you mentions on Twitter Facebook

and Google but I think you should be you
know how many for how many pictures are
in how many pictures of friends are you
also in the picture you know that’s what
that mean that would be which I would

agree with that plus so you could get a
plus for that there’s gotta be a little
more I think the way they make it work
because nobody really cares about what
crime is about to say it should be a
little more spooky spooky yeah like
spy-ish it’s like CIA stuff right what

you just said is how many times are you
in the picture somebody else took yeah
that’s what I said yeah that’s why I

said that’s spooky that’s great you need
to be more spooky you need to have more
ideas that are spooky spooky ish right
stuff said that way you can build the
company up and you got some of these

algorithms you cumbersome L goes that do
this searching it goes through the
Flickr pictures all the rest and then
then that one of these operations buys
you we yes we notice your hands yeah we

need a name for it though
if we if we have the right acronym or
the right name I think we could build it
we reap score the what creep score creep

no keep working on it John it’s if we
did it with a K and we could come up
with a great freaking score score yeah
there might be okay but it’s too
confusing we want it to be something

aspirational that people realize yes
you’re right creep scores negative has
to be aspirational now think of
something okay thank for show 11:03 none
of them creeps by the way that was about

value score something like that I think
there’s already a value score out there
okay Robert blank Shane I believe
hundred bucks you must know how you

reaches us I email I never seem to get a
reply from Robert blank Shane I don’t
think so I don’t think I never heard of

a note from him maybe it could be my
fault he wants that you’d like to speak
of my college st. John’s College a great
okay well oh he says most definitely oh

okay yeah all right we want to hear from
you last time I heard from him he was
going to Rwanda and Tanzania oh you know
a hit man we need to hear because I lost

my guy he stopped literally I think he
still listens but he’s soaked he’s
turned into a just large amygdala Trump
hater there’s such an extreme that he
can write to show any more doubt he

doesn’t give us tips on anything going
on oh I mean not not blank Stein but
your your guy yeah my guy this guy might
replace him okay blanket that will be
looking for your email blank shining

upon the orchids Adam at curry calm it’s
not that hard
yes blank Shane on deck waiting for you
yeah we want to know more
sir Joel battleborn black baron of
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um John Knowles Baron of Murfreesboro
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surrounding that area in Tennessee a

0:08 sir Michael Moss 800 8 he says I
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old-timey calculate her boob into some
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Cookeville Tennessee another he’s I
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5678 Jonathan Evans 5555 Patrick

samokutyaev in Arlington Virginia good
area for people soon to be rebranded as

national landing by Amazon that a joke
I’m not getting it has to do with the
Amazon open up shop there got it got it
by count Jeff Gerlach in Lincoln

California and the following people are
and he has a he has a title change I
hope it’s on there I believe so was that
what his note was about yes he yes he

becomes vacant I think he’s changed of
yes I have it here we’re good to go
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the graveyard shifts in Brownsville
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peyt snakes SERP answered sir pay sir

page your page for paid sir paid it’s
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Gardiner in New York Pennsylvania’s got
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Mickey a happy first birthday on January

12th Sir Andrew donated for his first
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Coon KOAT Co no that can’t be right cone
cone Gabby cone oh it’s his name okay

yes all right cone cone Beckett Gardner
born December 27th welcome human
resource welcome citizen
Jason Clegg and San Diego’s Dame

Patricia Worthington who owns half of
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Washington I think he’s a sir it’s
pretty much our group of well-wishers
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such things as you know giving our our
audience members a flu shot like
happened on the Golden Globe Awards you

know I’m just like that’s that’s the
that’s what Rite Aid had to do by the
way irony of Rite Aid sponsoring flu
shots for celebrities on the Golden
Globes the New York Stock Exchange is

warning rite-aid they will be delisted
if their shares fall below $1 and
they’re closed so maybe then for the
reverse split me yeah right

maybe they need a little strategy on how
they want to add
reverse split that’s your bet that’s
your easy way out meet-up news so we
still have the 22nd of February on deck

in Des Moines Iowa I got to talk to Mimi
cuz I don’t hear any noise coming out of
what’s going on I thought that was in in
an organization mode you know anything
about it other than from me I don’t know

anything I’ll ask maybe she she’ll tell
me I sent her to producers who wanted to
organize okay well she’s been busy okay
that’s fine that’s why I’m checking

Texas meetup we have a date and a venue
Oh bull March 2nd
Saturday March 2nd yeah I wish it could
have been March 3rd 3 3 but that’s a
Sunday and here’s how of it yeah Fridays

are better but shout is okay it’s well
we could do Friday I mean it’s just
better it’s not we’ve been doing ok the
reason Friday’s better is because you

have a bunch of people it depends on
where you put this if it’s gonna be
something like a long trip that
everyone’s gonna have to take then it
doesn’t make any difference but if it’s
in a town where people work and they
commute to their job they would like to

be their Guardian town on Friday and
they quit work around 5:00 bold old
nowadays is for but they quit work and
then they come right to the event
otherwise if it’s Saturday they go home

and then they’re now there is some
distance from the event because we’re
not in did town anymore they’re in the
suburbs or they’re someplace else and
then they have to make another trip into
town which is a lot of extra work and a

lot and you lose you’ll lose people well
it’s going to be Saturday and just
listening to you and you have no idea
what Austin traffic is like yeah you
leave your job at 5:00 and you’re gonna

be at a meet-up not until 7:30 so no
it’s not gonna happen on a Friday he
will be Saturday and I will tell you
about the venue based upon a note I
received two days ago Adam I was turned
on your podcast by the grime Americans

and absolutely loved it
growing up in Austin the true Austinite
I love listening to art bell the George
Gordon School of Law Alex Jones when he
was still on public access and pirate

microbe and FM radio right here in town
you two guys really nail a sane
fact-based version of the truths that
are out there in front of all of our

Austan meetup could be planned at Austin
beer works where I work he doesn’t just
work there he is the brewery ambassador
so if he says you know if you’re
inclined to do it there and not only

planning one let’s do it so I had it
back and forth with him so they’re very
happy to host us they can the Austin
beer Works has a 250 person capacity he
says he just like a heads up more or

less how many people are coming so they
can staff appropriately and they will
also bring in a food truck for us and if
the weather holds up the patio is very
nice and shade it allows for more room
to mill around and this is Ross Reynolds

the brewery ambassador at Austin beer
works and looks like we’re going through
this March 2nd ok and this is the Texas
other states more than welcome to to

join now I might get some possum
somebody coming in from Louisiana maybe
or oh I think we got Arkansas I think we
have Arkansas Oklahoma you know probably

some people crossing the Rio Grande yeah
let’s see some Mexicans it’s a Mexican
letters well I’m very excited about it
and it’s the perfect timing because

we’re back from you know from Des Moines
it’s also before South by Southwest
that’s all that’s a it’s a good time to
do this and we will be sending out
emails soon to Texas and states in the

surrounding area so that everyone is
reminded of this and it’ll also go on and this is gonna be good
it’s the big Texas meet we need some
jingles yeah this is the long awaited

long long arrayed and long awaited
always underrated Texas meetup March 2nd
Austin Texas Austin Adira worries Buffy

have you’re gonna get one you get 50 I
think we’re good we can have a hundred
people at this thing yeah well that’s
what everyone thinks god thanks for
being so positive John right there
thanks buddy fantastic and again thank

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today is the 13th of January 2019 they
have a couple of belated birthday she
heard him earlier sir Collins his happy

birthday to Amon celebrate on the 10th
of January Elliott Gardner says happy
birthday to sue the Sir Andrew
gardener’s daughter Mickey she turned 1
yesterday and then we have sir ray
Jacobson turning 57 today sir Collins

father Arthur will be celebrating on the
15th and his aunt Kathy will be
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we say happy birthday from everybody
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don’t gather round douchebag would you
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as we all think your brothers and

sisters who

that’s right everybody we’ve got Vikon
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appreciate your support as well thank
you so much we’ll put all that in the
show notes at any show notes calm holy
crap it was so short this donation

segment why well normally we’re 20
minutes later in the program than we are
right now oh yeah this is a good time to
be not yeah it’s fine what else we get

to talk about though oh I have lots to
talk about okay well let’s talk about it
okay how about act 9:00 okay 9:00
buffaloed again she let Jean Laviolette

Jean the yellow vest the yellow yellows
that’s right
it is now act 9 so 9 weekends in a row
as many as 80,000 police officers will

be deployed across France this weekend
as the authorities prepare for the 9th
week of the yellow vest protests by the
way I keep saying the next show is
Sunday with Thursday today Sunday I’m so

5,000 police are expected in Paris alone
for the July Jean movement which was
first created to oppose a planned fuel
tax rise but grew into a print notice

how they euronews just kind of skipped
over the carbon tax oh it’s just a fuel
tax first created to oppose a planned
fuel tax rise but go into a protest
about in a corner and spending power

that the demonstrators carried a range
of placards including one that called on
president Emmanuel macron to either give
in or step down just once the demands
are quite simple and the answers are

either violent or strict this
demonstrator says when there is real
recognition that we’re here in the
streets and macron acknowledges this in
the media then maybe we’ll make some

Frances struggles to contain the
movements in parts because it has no
apparent leader nor is it affiliated to
a political party or a trade union
making negotiations rather difficulty
past weeks have seen violence on the

streets but some she dejan have put the
blame for that on far left and far right
groups fantastic how now they say that
the protesters themselves are saying the
violence is coming from far left and far

right which in fact was what president
McCrone said he’s the one that started
that yeah they’re these guys man
this whole French thing I mean he’s

French but they think they think that
they’re gonna negotiate no this this
will not end the phret the French is
gonna link the government down it ends
when your head is lopped off yeah that’s
where they’re always that’s what the end

yeah that’s their target always that’s
their endgame everyone has to quit
oh I don’t see that happening I don’t
either but yeah Stewart is gonna
continue article 13 of the EU copyright
reform law you know a new year new round

new chances looks like we’re going for a
January 21st finalization you’ll
remember this John this was being
discussed primarily a article 13 as it
would basically prohibit any copyrighted

work from being used anywhere without
direct attribution payment and all kinds
of stuff and it seems like an another
attack on fair use and night me as an

attack on fair use well negotiators
currently have reached an agreement on
the core of article 13 they still want
to make Internet platforms directly
liable for copyright infringement this

is going to be a tough one for the
social nets and the Google’s here’s the
timeline this week 18th the national
governments will vote on the council’s

position ahead of the final negotiation
this is how this is a find use the words
how fucked up the EU is
so we’re talking about something that is
completely unenforceable will ruin

Commerce they need EU I guess hopefully
will ruin social media I don’t want to
say it’s a bad thing
but here’s how it works national
governments vote on the council’s

position ahead of the final negotiation
this is the moment of truth for EU
member state governments will Italy keep
its promise to vote against it will

Germany say yeah we’re against it or
will go for it as long as small
businesses are excluded Poland up in the
air so that’s the 18th that’s just

before final on who’s behind this that
anybody wants it in the first place what
is wrong with the current copyright that

we have the copyright they’re very
liberal copyright laws that we have
where you maintain a copyright for 150
years after your death I don’t know who
wants this Disney probably yeah probably

January 21st then we will see the
trilogue negotiations between Parliament
and Council which is an attempt to

finalize the text then March April
timeframe final vote in the council the
Starfleet Command
you know unelected people March 25th
28th but more likely mid-april they’ll

have the final vote in the European
Parliament so here’s the current status
article 13 applies to Internet platforms
that organize and promote large amounts

of copy write protected works uploaded
by their users in order to make a profit
so that is let’s see are they saying
here copy protect

not mean copyright infringing ah this is
what they’re arguing about so the art
that I think it’s come is coming down to
semantics and words copyright protected
not the same as copyright infringing all

creative text photos of course
everything is automatically copyrighted
more or less yes so there’s going to be
this this distinction of copy protected
versus copy and copyright copyright

protected versus copyright infringing
see it’s still about who will be liable
for it and if the social if the social

media networks can demonstrate that they
are doing everything they can to deploy
the strictest possible upload filters
this is how never going to work no

that’s not gonna work put it what is the
real target here are they worried about
people you know reproducing a photo and
ap photo on their Facebook feed no are

they worried about downloading a new
latest new new movie I actually think
it’s more about we’re seeing politicians

now in the US who have figured it out
that the old system of politicians and
news news corporations working together

and to determine policy to set the mood
to set yet to set the tone the narrative
the in Europe they’ve still haven’t real
and they’re not in the States either but

we’ll having figured it out that that
way of doing things is over they’re
still operating on the premise of well
if we can control the news and make sure
there’s no fake news and people aren’t
using you know stuff to create fake news
out of other news then we can control

the news help our news friends not only
the good news gets out it to me it feels
something like that yeah you’re thinking
it’s more Disney like generally speaking
if anything gets this far it has to have

Disney like characteristics meaning some
you know otherwise it wouldn’t get this
far I mean just a bunch of lamebrains
from the news media they can’t come up
with a scheme like you just described

well they already have this
the copyrighted works and YouTube and
you know they have things in place so
it’s I don’t think they’re relitigated
that there’s something else going on

here we have to look into this somebody
out there knows that we have lawyers
what is what it’s really really about
now somebody knows what the trials are
going oh it’s just stupidity

well it’s protection of something cuz
everything they do is either to protect
some brand of cheese you know some soap
you know the agreements was it the the
big TPP agreement you know whatever is

public and that was to protect a
pharmaceutical company
exactly to protect what kind of drugs we
got it’s not about you stupid Slayers to
protect the prices of drugs is not a
scam exactly so there’s something scam

assha bout this but we don’t
specifically not as long as we find out
it’ll open up a huge door of information
it will see what the hell’s going on

I only once by the way Austin announces
yet another new ductless mobility
solution oh god now what yeah let’s see
what the name of this outfit is Oh Joe

Oh Jo Jo Jo electric announced Austin
will be the launch of its first sit-down
scooter service that really looks stupid
go there you know what I would say if it

wasn’t you spelling
Oh Jo electric if I wasn’t know if I
didn’t learn right now to say to not be
able to say this I would say these
scooters look so gay but I’m not allowed

to say say that Vespa ask InDesign the
light electric vehicles hit speeds of
the commuter scooter buy a Joe Electric
how many are they deploying we don’t we

already have was it nine thousand
scooters God knows how many bikes looks
like it looks like a moat it oh you know

what it looks like it looks like a vest
but with no motor yeah yeah yeah it does
look like a Vespa and has a little box
on the back the compartment down the
street with this dangerous little guy

can’t get probably if he gets to 25
miles an hour would be
Mira no 20 only 20 is Austin regulation
20 miles an hour but it has a cool
little that little box on the back you

can put your dog in there this is yeah
yeah little baskets got baskets what
what am I thinking is I don’t want to
say well what am i hearing there John
what’s going on I’m playing the video oh
okay I understand kill it kill it that

usually you can’t hear it motion alarm
said I turned off the sound wireless key
fob ooh 25 mile range oh brother
top speed 20 you’re right that is the

top speed it’s a piece of crap yeah and
and just more shit on the sidewalk yeah
well the other people are taking another
yacht drive to their yacht they threw in

the back meanwhile something and I
although people are getting hurt and I
don’t like to see that something get
hurt with all these things something

beautiful is happening in Switzerland
the lime scooters all received a
software update which is an over-the-air
update and I’ll read the headline lime
halts scooter service in Switzerland

after possible software glitch throws
users off mid ride yes here’s what

so you’re riding along at 20 miles an
hour and then all of a sudden it’s
anti-theft kicks in which blocks the
whole thing up and you go you know
lining yeah boom this is the way to do
it we got to get into their updates cue

mat it goes backwards there’s all kinds
of cool stuff we could do I don’t want
people getting hurt but there’s another
one that right after this ran off the

YouTube another one called the Xiaomi me
electric scooter review by some dilled
millennial who’s got like you know he’s
got the whole it’s got the throat beard
he’s got the whole scruffy look to him

he’s now he’s going on and on
mostly promoting himself but he’s gonna
eventually review a scooter I don’t
think we need this
in the cities of Basel and Zurich

scooters been taken off the road for
safety checks after multiple ports of
people injuring themselves after their
scooters braked abruptly while in use
the company sent out a notice to uterus

presented in screenshots below in German
the foal okay now it currently is
investigating whether the malfunction is
due to a software fault where an update
of the software causes a scooter

inadvertently to reboot during a ride
thus engaging the anti-theft
immobilization system but if you’ve been
thrown off they will give you a 15
minute credit doctor’s appointment

injuries fixed this is this is this
shitshow is just starting this it’s

really funny though and we get these I
looked at that the the the the article
about the the Vespa scooter was at the
Ojo anyone if you listening go look at

the show notes when they’re up in a show
knows calm you can see this map of where
all these things are deployed it’s it’s
it’s really a small area of downtown
where they’re just flooding the place

and and we walk on the street it’s just
everywhere there’s things things laying
around scooters bikes now these Vespas
people don’t give a shit about God

Maduro out of Venezuela get a little
update on him we’re here I’m speaking a
little bit and he’s blaming everything

on Trump formal legal constitutional and
peaceful ceremony into a world war

against our country the US and its
allies have refused to recognize medoras
presidency calling last year’s election
illegitimate other Latin American
leaders including Ava Morales of Bolivia

Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Miguel
Diaz canal of Cuba welcomed maduras
re-election and joined Thursday’s
inauguration in Caracas the Trump
administration’s continued to ratchet up

sanctions against Venezuela
as its economy faces hyperinflation with
severe shortages of food and medicine
about 3 million Venezuelans have left
the country in recent years with many

settling in Colombia and Brazil yeah
that’s just going down the tubes
first I like she kind of sides with this
Maduro character even though he’s the

Trump of Venezuela
you know Maduro that’s not what you said
no no I he’s blaming Charlie’s blaming
I’m sorry he’s blaming Trump I was gonna

say but he’s not the Trump a bit worse
of course she’s on board because it’s we
have immigration illegal immigrant
entry to say that illegal entry because

we fucked up all the South American
countries that’s basically what that’s
the story right there which is also
Trump’s fault it is a mouse yeah 40
years 40 years 50 years of policy his

Trump’s fault that makes makes sense
well what also makes sense is to
flashback for a moment the news came to
us that the brain damaged caused to

employees of the MB United States
Embassy in Cuba that that really just
was because of crickets grin it’s just

crickets and a note from someone oh yeah
we got notes from people who live in the
region and I’ve said I’ve heard crickets
all my life I don’t have brain damage
that’s what he says we can’t prove it of

course could have could have could have
but these people were you know that were
physically ill and but you know the word
came out it’s crickets everyone
everyone’s like oh what a joke wow so

glad it was just crickets wasn’t some
directed-energy weapon or anything oh
man whoa that’s good I think every all
the m5m are on board everyone is good
with it everyone’s cool to go right have

you seen anything else than Wow
geez we’re a bunch of dopes it was just
crickets I’d like to just go back to the
Andrea Mitchell show on MSNBC for her
reporting when this first took place and

just recognize what
she was saying and what her sources are
the bizarre incidents beginning last
October left a group of US diplomats
with severe hearing loss blamed on what

one official says could have been a
surveillance device deployed inside or
outside the Americans Havana residences
which are all owned by Cuba’s government
several US agencies the CIA FBI and

State Department’s Diplomatic Security
Service are all investigating we don’t
know exactly where this came from okay
we can’t blame any one individual or a

country at this point yet an
investigation is underway we take that
very seriously Canada also says some of
its diplomats in Havana also suffered
symptoms newscaster says the government

is investigating and quote Cuba has
never nor would it ever allow that the
Cuban territory be used for any action
against accredited diplomatic agents or

their families so who’s responsible
perhaps a third country some suggest
possibly even Russia where there has
been a surge of harassment and outright
attacks against US diplomats in recent
years or just a surveillance attempt

gone terribly wrong says a former CIA
veteran I personally think it was an
a surveillance attempt I do not think
the Cubans would attack us physically
like that especially given the timing

the US has already expelled two Cuban
diplomats from Washington because of the
unexplained illnesses in Havana only a
first step depending on the
investigation Andrea Mitchell NBC News

it was not the CIA it was not any other
Intelligence Service it was not the

shill she brought in it was none of
those people was not the State
Department who said this was crickets it
was a bunch of jamokes who took a
recording from Associated Press that
they say was the recording and they

matched up the waveform looked just like
crickets mystery solve everybody’s on
board bullshit
disgusting I don’t get how everybody got

on board after those early reports we
played both of the ones that we had in
the archives and it doesn’t make any
sense unless the early
according was completely bullcrap well

doesn’t sound like it it sounds like all
of their stuff that’s really true yeah
it sounds very believable and it was
seems like they did some work on it and
they even brought a CIA shill and
they’re kind of hemmed in hard which it

was me with at the time I that’s what I
thought I said was CIA had something to
do with this because of the way that guy
reacted but the rest of this is crazy
and it’s being dropped nobody’s gonna

follow up on some kind of memo went out
I was like okay it’s crickets shut up
that’s your news yeah that’s your news
have you heard about this the Earth’s

magnetic field moving faster than
expected well I would expect to hear
something like that but well it’s
starting to get a little bit of
reporting okay we know it was wandering

a bit well it always does and as an as
an aviator lips every so often yeah well
as an aviator you know you often have to
have your because you have med net

magnetic north and true north and you
have to have your compass adjusted when
magnetic north changes and this happens
typically at a 15 mile per hour rate
they kind of you know it’s it’s we have

a case you didn’t know the earth is
filled with all kinds of liquid molten
goo there’s magnetic and now it’s it’s
picked up its pace and the goo is moving
at almost 50 miles an hour

pushing the the actual North Pole
magnetic north pole closer to Siberia
and the only place you really hear about
this right now is you know people who

work on GPS is stuff like that because
they got a you have to you have to
change some of the code to take this
these small deviations into into account
but you don’t think that could change

anything unlike I don’t know a global
scale do you like what what you’re
suggesting I don’t know the weather
wobble or do we wha

yeah they’ll still be wobble boring
let’s say gabagool in the middle is
getting you know unbalanced I’d be kind
of interesting
well that’s what it seemed well no one
knows geologists don’t understand nobody

knows anything but yet climate changes
were all in Sciences in shut up it’s all
good to go we don’t even know what’s
happening inside the earth I didn’t know
it was increasing in yes maybe we’re

ready for a flip I mean it could happen
in our lifetime it seems unlikely acting
but we had to flip a couple years ago
and flail we didn’t have a flipper
couple years ago I thought we did in
your lifetime yes look were the polls

reversal it was south and the South was
north are you kidding me I’m not kidding
you that I remember something like that
yeah pole reversal the poles had okay
the poles have reversed frequently over

the history of the plant the last
reversal see was only seven hundred
eighty thousand years ago see in my
lifetime yeah well you’re home and okay
seven eight thousand years or so it

reverses about what they’re expecting
they don’t talk about this so much is
that in the process of reversing the
poles actually there’s not enough
influence North and South Pole that it

kind of kind of shuts down before it
flips so we get to see the aurora
borealis everywhere
oh not only that satellites will fall
from the sky a geomagnetic apocalypse

you’re reading from the global warming
no I’m actually reading from National
Geographic for what year January 31st

it says the satellites are gonna fall
from the sky well it says that’s what
people think might happen it’s a he
literally says we are all going to do

just because of things flip doesn’t mean
gravity’s going away anytime soon we are
all going to die eventually but chances
are that we will not immediately perish
when Earth’s next geomagnetic reversal
occurs that’s their conclusion okay good

it’s okay if it happens soon won’t that
be bad
unclear scientists estimate the past
polar flips have been rather sluggish

with north and south migrating to
opposite positions over thousands of
years this is both good and bad if
you’re concerned about Howard G oh my
dear a bla bla bla bla bla alright no
one knows anything nothing but if we can
stay with climate change there is

something a great idea and I’d like us
to push this idea okay to save the world
from nasty co2 and the BBC came up with
it Roger Harrigan the BBC environmental

analyst so we know that meat consumption
of meat contributes largely to what do
they call it a carbon pollution all

right cow the farts from the cow just
the process the wings just all of this
stuff so what if people been asking us
to do hold your breath no no eat bugs oh

yeah but ofcourse have people eat bugs
you see bugs everywhere bugs on the menu
now people have some kind of reluctance
to eating bugs I think you and I have a

reasonably big reluctance to eating bugs
certainly to save the earth
we’re not reptilian but BBC has a great

pet food manufacturers should be forced
to make pet food from bugs well that’s
an interesting idea this is a great idea
huh and it kind of puts two of our

favorite memes together dogs are people
and laugh and let them eat bugs
but a lot of what dogs eat or byproducts

of the meat industry mm-hmm where those
byproducts gonna go now know they’ll be
less we’ll just have you know less I
don’t know I like the idea feed your dog
is definitely a trendy idea

yeah and then the dogs you know
eventually they’ll get all angry and
start attacking their owners yeah that’s
your wishful thinking that’s right here
in National Geographic I have I do have
a global warming story global warming

report is the latest of oceans warming
climate news a major new study published
in the journal science finds the world’s
oceans are absorbing heat at a far
faster rate than previously predicted

finding with troubling implications for
the future of life on Earth
the study found greenhouse gas emissions
are warming the oceans 40 percent faster
than even the dire predictions made by

the UN’s top climate scientists five
years ago the author’s write quote this
warming has contributed to increases in
rainfall intensity rising sea levels the
destruction of coral reefs declining

ocean oxygen levels and declines in ice
sheets glaciers and ice caps in the
polar regions yes lots of stuff
happening tons of stuff going on there

look at the window and the same thing
nothing’s changed I want to play a
couple more Clips William Arkin guy who

is this new book out we didn’t this is
the this is the during the well writer
journalist journalist level crap and he
left they’re all just a bunch of Spooks
let’s play his his take on the FBI well

there’s a crazy collateral damage of
donald trump and that is that there are
a lot of liberals in america who believe
that the CIA and the FBI is going to

somehow save the country from donald
trump well I’m sorry I’m not a
particular fan of either the CIA or the
FBI and the FBI in particular has a

horrible record in American society from
Martin Luther King and the peace
movements of the 1960s all the way up
through when holy and others who have
been persecuted by the FBI and there’s
no real evidence that the FBI is either

is that competent of an institution to
begin with in terms of even pursuing the
person the prosecution’s that is
pursuing but yet we lionize them we we
we hold them up on a pedestal that

somehow they’re the truth tellers that
they’re the ones who are getting to the
bottom of things when when there’s just
no evidence that that’s the case he
never wants to work again is that his I

don’t need work I made plenty on my
Wow we heard before from other super
progressive the real left now remember

those black guys that have that they
have a podcast and they were going on
it’s baffled by the fact that all these
progressives are talking about how great
the FBI is when it’s been known to be a
good kind of a horrendous operation

that’s doing anyone any good that’s
but you know Jaime’s are still worked
about the fact that she’s you know a
stooge yes she’s she’s working in stooge
land and she has to listen to this guy

go tell her about herself doesn’t good
you got another one from the information
society option I thought this was kind
of interesting well there’s no question

that the national security establishment
has grown and has become far more
powerful than it ever was
but here’s the change we’ve shifted from
the Industrial Age to the information

age and and consequently we’ve also
shifted from the dominance of the
military-industrial complex if you will
to a much more insidious and much more

difficult to diagnose information
complex so the advent of contractors the
advent of a professional military which
means that the military itself and
touches fewer and fewer lives in America

all of those work together to make the
national security state more and more
embedded with
in our society but yet at the same time
more difficult to get to more difficult
to understand so most people would be

surprised to learn for instance that
Amazon is one of the largest defense
contractors that they’re building the
cloud and they’re building the the data
centers which support the intelligence

community and support the military and
there are other civilian companies that
we associate with being civilians who
are all so terrific beneficiaries of the
military’s largesse so so to me to

diagnose properly where we stand today
the point of the top secret America
investigation was to show the wild
growth of all areas of national security
and this new invention of homeland

security if you will but at the same
time to point out that it wasn’t
something that was necessarily
segregated from our society was more
more embedded within our society and

that that made it more more and more
difficult to analyze properly and to do
something about oh I wanted to hear what
Amy said – that pushed them on to the
next topic she didn’t say anything my

yeah well there it is it’s just there
will be no news by the time it’s time to
it to elect a new president nothing and
we’re riding this ship all the way to

the bottom we get the support to write
this baby and we will yes and we
appreciate the support we received today

we’re twice a week now on Thursdays so
even though I said Sunday I meant
Thursday and this today is Sunday and I
have an overexposure of fake news

coursing through my veins that’s what
causes it
thank you all for supporting the show
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remember sir Dvorak at org slash in a I
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morning everybody my name’s Adam curry
and from northern Silicon Valley where
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until then adios mofos and such
even morning everyone is trying to

figure out who the Democrats will run I
have plenty of time to consider whether
or not to run forever we have really

qualified people I do interesting
results here first of all almost 1/3 29%
said someone else I don’t know
pick senator or Jenna tells 13 News he’s
stepping down in order to focus on his

run for president in 2020 george w bush
phthalo said everybody said no he’s the
one you could want to have a beer with
yeah he’ll make a great president cuz we
want to get get drunk with him yeah

worst for a woman though that whole idea
well I think that women are held to a
different standard hold on a second I’m
gonna get me she’s now revealed that the

beer was she was sipping was a michelob
ultra what she calls the club soda at
beers and her favorite I have decided to
run and we’ll be making a formal

announcements within the next week Amy
Klobuchar of of Minnesota she’s the one
that I think is interesting to watch
because she does very well in rural
areas which is not something most

Democrats can say these days in the
morning so if my florida run doing its
independent wouldn’t work whether he
actually runs a democrat i don’t know i
know he’d be the best person to be
President you’re so I can’t either but I

bet she did

there’s no video of President Trump
sucking a ding dong


Adios mofo