No Agenda Episode 1104: “Peoples Vote”

don’t take off the cat Channel Adam
curry is no agenda from northern Silicon
Valley where I’m seated by sore gum this

morning I’m John Seymour alright title
right off the bat satiated by sorghum
now I’m still on the sorghum trip you’re

never gonna make it taste good are you
writing your little intros down I always
okay why cuz the rubber knife thing I
know you just not something anyone would

ever ad-lib it’s funny you’ve never
heard this I think I may have used this
as an opening years ago the rubber knife
yeah yeah you’d probably but it’s true
that’s all we got compass rubber knife

good together no I’m understanding this
this teracle aspect of it okay yeah no
knives no guns no nothing all right sit

down all right so your sorghum yes I’m
sorry there’s some cereal some German
company made some cereals got sorghum as
a main element it’s and most of the
world eats sorghum in what yes I think

the number two or number three it’s in
the top three of the grains we have
wheat you have rice and you have sorghum
those are the big three

and you’d think he says it’s in the big
three that it would be something
Americans would eat but apparently it’s
just shipped to Africa well now you know
it tastes like crap give it to them it’s

like is it cheap to grow I mean why grow
it at all where the Africans not eat
wheat they refuse to eat rice too much
trouble to boil I mean I don’t

understand whether he’s sorghum and
talked about too much trouble to boil
maybe believe you had to boil sorghum to
death no I mean look for something here
I know what to do though we have a
number of chefs professionals people

that are far above and beyond our
cooking abilities that listen to this
show have they played with sorghum I
don’t think so well what can I get this
sorghum anywhere I want is it available

is very hard to come by you go to Whole
Foods you asking for some Sora the third
most popular grain in the world no
sorghum hey I would like some of the
third most popular grain in the world
sorghum do you have any well what well

can you send me some because I just
found a insta pot recipe for sorghum
that’s got to be that’s got to be the

epitome insta pot sorghum maggots or
goes through Amazon so you can order
some good anyway well this is a ruined
meal I don’t know I’ve been loving my

insta pot yeah you would like because
insta pot no it’s not that
instant cuz you always gotta sautee

stuff and then it takes 10 down about
the word pot oh it must be good oh oh
geez really okay as cheap joke and you
want to hear a cheap joke yeah Lindsey

here is he was asked to speak in front
of the was the team that the president
served fast food – oh the right the
Clemson Tigers Clemson Tigers so the

president asked Lindsay to make a short
well they said be short when I started
this speech short now we’ll end it short
you can tell this is an educated crowd I

found that it was semi charming

president went out and bought all this
crap food for this football guys the
reactions on Twitter were funny Kazaa

these been our you know they’re finally
precision machines of athleticism that
could never be such things knows any of
these guys ever by the time that’s like

my three months in college in West
Virginia I was the white shadow and the
football team the Tigers I think they

hey hey white boy let’s go to Mickey D’s
like I’d like eight big black football
players in my car would drive to
Morgantown oh yeah love it of course
they do yeah love it love it

the thing that you probably like that
more than some some kind of Faygo mate
gourmet meal that you know maybe some
other president would have set out for I

didn’t I didn’t clip it and I wouldn’t
even thought to bring it up but the the
president started off by saying
something about well you know first I
was thinking you know maybe have the
first lady make some salads and the

second lady do some salads in the back
which was deemed misogynist I think it’s
just rude towards his wife if I had said
that the keeper would have pulled me

aside a certain point said listen how
you talk about me it was salad maker Wow
sure he heard heard about it yeah but

that’s the kind of oh he is oh it’s a
good word you know he did him a favor
I’m sure those guys loved all those
besides of course they did
and he was he had Wendy’s and he had

Burger King didn’t have chick-fil-a just
thought was a mistake could have riled
some more people up with the races
there’s no way knows any Hardee’s in
there but this Lindsey Graham you know

he’s flipped 180 degrees on his attitude
about the president and we finally know
we finally know what’s going on we go to
MSNBC Donald Trump got elected Lindsey

Graham called Donald Trump a racist
xenophobic bigot that is Lindsey
Graham’s words I doubt Lindsey Graham
could tell you Donald Trump’s had a
change of heart in the last 24 months I

bet what the change of heart has been
with Lindsey Graham not the President or
it could be that Donald Trump or
somebody knows something pretty extreme
about Lindsey Graham we’re gonna be
secretly gay Stephanie that’s what it is

and he’s holding it over him I’m gonna
out you Lindsey cuz nobody knows there
has been so much nuttiness in the news

in fact I’m gonna go right into this
clip and then I have an observation this
is Carl Bernstein one half of the
legendary Woodward and Bernstein duo
we’re all journos today they aspire to

be these guys and Bernstein is on CNN
and what everybody can see is that he
has not acted with Russia from the
United States having a strength

advantage with Russia rather he has done
what appears to be Putin’s goals he has
helped Putin destabilized the United

States interference in the election no
matter whether it was purposeful or not
and that is part of what the draft of
Muller’s report I’m told

it’ll be about ah so this is about the
draft of Muller’s report and he Trump
has willingly or unwittingly or I even

heard clapper say wittingly his favorite
has helped Putin destabilize the United
States place is falling apart which
brings me to the shutdown if the

president truly is a puppet of Putin
then this shutdown is nothing less than
an actual attack by Russia yeah we are
under attack by Russia it’s so easy to

use these things why do why don’t they
do that dreamed up these are fantastic
means isn’t great means to sit around
and they dream the stuff up and then

they say let’s roll these talking points
they didn’t do this one they didn’t I
mean this is an obvious one they didn’t
sit down and say hey wait a minute we
can call this shutdown we can call it an
attack by the Russians yeah no they did

what you’re listening to our show some
people go into the pot and come out as a
talking point Putin’s puppet

speaking of the Russians sir Jean the
Earl of Texas yes Sheriff yeah he’s
these Earl Earl Jean sheriff of Texas

something like that something he
celebrated the Russian new year last
Sunday as he does every year I didn’t
know they had a new year of their own
yes Gregorian calendar okay and Here I

am I’m like well okay but does it always
fall like around the 12th of the 13th is
it always on a Sunday he’s like no
Gregorian calendar took me wild it to

get the concept that it may not be
completely in sync with our calendar so
he celebrated that at at Russian
Orthodox Christian he celebrates the new
year on that day I don’t know if he

celebrates all new years well where
there’s vodka there’s gene but I tell
you it’s Russians this you would have
loved this this dinner he brought it
with just people crazy interesting
people like guy who was one of the

founding partners of gut rancor and he
told me about how this whole deal with
Anthony Robbins came together which
really wasn’t Anthony Robbins idea they
had some of these materials and they

they packaged him into the very first
power talk series which I thought was an
interesting story well again see rank
rancor is a notoriously good marketing

company for doing that sort of it’s not
it’s abnormal marketing it’s done direct
customers usually over television it’s
cut yeah it’s the the infomercial that

they really pioneered the infomercial I
would say I don’t know they I would have
asked them specifically about Barry
Boettcher and his influence on the
infomercial but that’s another know then
I will ask him yeah cuz he’s an awesome

um the best part though this Russia
house man those guys know how to do it
right we had a waitress and he got
imagine she had and like just yeah a 70s
Austrian porn imagine that right bones

bah bah bow bow bow bow bow and she had
on a maid’s outfit with short pants I
swear to god she she had the white you

know the little maid like thing on her
head and everything’s black and then as
she backed away from the table it was
you know cut off like showing her legs
it was it was just completely odd I said

genius style in Moscow I said Jean you
should invite her to the wedding he’s
like yeah well I said but she has to
wear that outfit yeah I don’t know if

that’s gonna happen I think the keeper’s
you love that idea all right so this
Muller report turns out it’s gonna be a

big dud and everyone’s getting new you
hold on a second first of all we’re this
is right now we’re in the moment where
there’s talking about it coming out to

be that this mother report is never
going to come out for at least a year
oh I’m all-in with that but they have
before Christmas they were all praying
it’s like in this for it give us a great

Christmas gift Bob Muller Bob and I
found this to be this this was repeated
many times
incorrectly which I thought was kind of

fun this is ABC’s Jonathan Karl with his
information on sources close to Muller
what we’ll look I mean that the story in
the New York Times was an extraordinary
reflection of level of distrust between

the FBI leadership and the president and
the how suspicious the president’s
behavior was that they actually were at
the to the point of investigating
letters about firing Comey the interview

with Lester holes and and and actually
going to the point of investigating
whether or not effectively the president
was a Russian agent but what I am
getting is that this is all building up
to the Muller report and raising

expectations of a bombshell report and
there been expectations that have been
building of course for over a year on
this but people who are closest to what
Muller has been doing over interacted

with the Special Counsel cautioned me
that this report is almost certain to be
anti-climatic but if you look at what
the FBI I’m pretty sure it’s
he said fly Matic and alignment yeah and

a lot of people regurgitated climatic
but it I’ve looked it up it is kind ass
climactic it is close anti-climactic yes
anti-climatic because that’s anti

climate Matic but if you look at what
the FBI wasn’t investigating in that New
York Times report look at what they were

investigating Muller did not go anywhere
with that investigation he has been
writing his report in real time through
these indictments and we have seen
nothing from Muller on the central
question of was there any coordination

collusion with the Russians in the
effort to meddle in the elections or was
there even any knowledge on the part of
the President or anybody in his campaign

there you go so anti-climatic
never a correction you’ll hear it people
are so filled with climate change that
this climatic just kind of pops out

don’t even know it even that’s exactly
what happened even Stephanopoulos just
sitting there like is anything wrong
so that’s the Muller report I had

nothing else on the Muller report I
agree with you though it’ll just go on
for years
milk as long as he can’t cuz it’s free
money and I mean these you know I just
do something for a living

and he gives him a lot of power and
people do theirs Muller he still has
tons of other crimes to cover up yeah
you can do some 9/11 crimes that need to
need to be covered up and taken care of

get some people out extract him well
this is a good background this is the
NBC trying to bring us up to speed on
everything from the everything about

Trump all-in-one 109 minutes the NBC
lasing and to trump about everything I’m
Kristen Welker at the White House where
the president was focused on that

Capitol Hill hearing today with the
Russia investigation looming large over
him and it’s likely Moscow is watching
too particularly after the New York
Times reported today President Trump

seriously considered pulling out of NATO
last summer a move that would have
weakened the alliance aimed at deterring
Russian aggression
NBC News reported at the time military
leaders went into damage control mode to

calm jittery allies and during the
summit mr. Joffe stressed about the
possibility of withdrawal I think I
probably can but that’s unnecessary and
the people have stepped up today like

they’ve never stepped up before it also
comes as Senate Democrats and some
Republicans voted on a measure aimed at
blocking the Treasury Department from
easing sanctions on three Russian

companies linked to a close Putin ally
better than anybody the president has
also been defending himself this week

against revelations the FBI opened a
counterintelligence investigation into
him in 2017
now a couple things one I was always
told that he would never deny saying he

worked for Russia but there was a denial
on that tape yeah yeah and the other one
was the whip saw in there where she says
he was thinking about pulling out of
NATO and then they pull it throw to a

clip where he never says but they put
throw the clip in making it sound as
though that’s what he’s thinking well
done so that was chicken shit should

give her a little raise well done yeah
yeah buy bonus cash mm-hmm he’s 100 for
you sweetie a hundy a hundy have on D
with a handshake there it is

puts it in her bra if you don’t like
right so I have another kind of another

screw eclipses Democrats demanding of
the Republicans meanwhile Democratic
freshmen members of the House March to

the Senate side of the Capitol this
afternoon they demanded that Republicans
passed bills to reopen the government I
demand it these are the new the new
freshmen oh hey oh she’s from AOC as

well going over to the Senate do they
know how the system works at all well
you know you got to hand it to him for
trying some stuff out there’s nothing

that’s not a big problem Mitch McConnell
hmm you’ll just follow me round hey get
back to your own house really yeah

now do you know any other of the the
freshmen all Democrats I presume who are
over there I think there’s a a
Republican no I mean there’s the three

to move Muslim women that are all very
vocal yeah and a OC is about it I only
know about the de for those four well

yeah I think it was an email thread that
you or I were on and one of our
producers said you know the people that
that that brought her to light AOC that
is oh yes this is a good story you

should read it yeah it’s well I’d looked
I looked them up it’s the Justice
Democrats yeah and I looked at this
outfit now there are two justice
Democrats dot-com yeah we’re talking

about AOC here and they say right off
the bat our mission is to elect a new
type of Democratic majority in Congress
one which will create a thriving economy
and democracy that works for the people

not big-money interests and you know
it’s really the only it is a political
action campaign so and it’s a federal
pact so they they limit how much you can

donate to them they only did about two
million dollars in that’s that’s kind of
what they have in that look at the form
990 you can only donate up to five
thousand dollars but it’s clearly some

form of group I gotta say not a lot of
familiar names in here you know from
people who were running the joint the
people who are familiar all these new

Democrats that got elected so apparently
this justice Democrats is the outfit
behind Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and I
actually have a clip from when they were

recruiting her a sec yeah so before she
was known as AOC this is the caption of
this video it’s from from justice
Democrats before Alexandra was known

around the world as AOC there was a
movement that recruited
to run is he called out of very potent
crossroads in my life like you hadn’t
thought about running for office

anything no no you got to do something I
knew that I had to do something we would
try to call up folks that were like
doing all kinds of amazing stuff right
every conversation would have a very

awkward pitch at the end oh it’s so
great you’re like saving lives you’re
fixing stuff in your community and so do
you want to we are not treating climate
change as though the world is going to

end in ten years
it’s great that everyone thinks these
issues are important we need to make
them urgent what is happening in the
halls of Congress is deeply

unrepresentative of what is happening in
the streets of everyday life right now
with this administration with the role
of money in politics we need to put
ourselves on the line for this it’s

Cortes I love it when you abuse your
children that is violet violet is eight

years old she blogs the violet she
belongs to Carter and she said yeah dad
I’ll do that for you but only if I can

do one about Alex Jones too because
apparently she hates when her dad is
listening to him that’s what we need
from no agenda kitty Oscar yeah we need

to redo we need the same just well well
done though on the pronunciation of

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez that’s good for
an eight-year-old that’s very good it’s
fantastic anyway so this justice
Democrats went through the email that
put us on this has his notes he said

that they that chunk was part of this
yes the Young Turks I can find no
evidence of that in there in the you
know in their documentation what I do

know see we we can’t look at their
platform which is completely a o’seas
platform green new deal living wage
federal jobs guarantee
be building our crumbling infrastructure

block bad trade deals and tax dodging
and loopholes and unnecessary Wars and
nation-building some of this I’m bored
with by the way Medicare for all they
mean well I’d like to stop unnecessary

wars and block bad trade deals yeah I
mean on that there’s nothing wrong with
see how would you be bored then see I
look what you said you’re bored with oh

you’re on board on board not the way
they said you’re bored with it now on
board tuition free public colleges and
trade schools well I’m okay with that
defend and expand Social Security

Medicare Medicaid it’s too broad insure
paid vacation time sick time family
leave child care fight for racial
justice rather protect women’s rights
combat homelessness law enforcement

reform okay and that common-sense gun
regulation voting rights now there’s a
lot in here I like these new Democrats I
think they’re malleable I don’t think so
I mean for the green New Deal the only

thing that they that the the aoc Dems
have to be convinced of is that and it’s
not that hard actually the true solution
is nuclear energy and you know why

everyone’s been made so afraid of
nuclear energy it’s because of those
people you hate the big oil people have
been creating anti-nuke propaganda for
that’s it you’re dead guys I know what

you mean by malleable yes Dec who think
that you could use that that logic
mm-hmm yes I do to persuade them and
change their minds yes and I’m calling

it because I’m feeling it and I’m seeing
it there is a convo happening let’s see
if the convo I got to talk in their
language man cuz it’s cool yeah I dig it
so we got to change the regs so let’s

have a convo about that I’m seeing it
I’m seeing people looking at this well
this really is a solution and I think
yes I think that they may be open to

some logic I will try and present it to
Alexandria when
visits Austin as a keynote speaker at
South by Southwest in March god I know
isn’t that great deconstruct your own

logic all right I’m gonna go with the
logic and and assume that the Alaia
logic is actually true so what you’re

saying you can fight the giant oil
companies all by yourself me and maybe
one or two of these Stooges no no wait

stop I get to respond odd up no but we
could get it started and it’s exactly a

person like a OC who could at least
break through for this one this one this
information piece of the argument you
don’t even let me finish my argument

don’t worry okay we’ll finish no I yield
she is gonna be shouted down if she even
tries she gotta down by the same dipshit
said you know it would be great for the

show so I’m for the show isn’t
everything ultimately about the show
let’s be honest I think so and I think
that what’s Pelosi has put her on the

financial committee under under aunty
Maxine so I I’m sure they’ll get along
fabulously those there’s a number of

bills if who was the billionaire
publisher of zip Davis and during his
heyday before he died he was one of

these guys and he would every once in a
while he would somebody told me they
deconstructed his his his executive
moves and told me about this and the guy

who did that was accurate about pretty
much everything SIF would like to say
say you know I think these two guys hate
each other
I’ll make him as
and publish it to the other guy let’s

see what happens the way it was
described to me is that you get these
people that at the billionaire level
where they really don’t need any money

they don’t even care if they burned down
house just fun to mess with people they
just like to hey let’s see what happens
if we put these two guys together so
that’s what Nancy’s doing it’s a great
idea it is well a OSI is definitely here

to stay for a while and I’m enjoying her
I’m enjoying her very much and maybe we
can get some maybe we can at least get

some new focus for a nuclear maybe well
that would you could pull that off that
give you kudos if I can pull it off my
snot yeah you’re the one who says you’re
gonna go talk to her

god I was just just using that Elaine
shit no I’m gonna actually go up to her
hey excuse me from the No Agenda Show
podcast come ask you a question no I’m
gonna do that but I’m telling you this

will be a topic of conversation let’s
see if she’s really pure then she will
at least want to look into it she won’t
she won’t do it

she’s already brainwashed all right all
righty okay that ends that now stick
with your guns on this one man I think
the ideas sound and the logic is good

but I’m just saying I don’t think these
people have they’re not that bright yes
we know your stance on her I’m giving
her a little more benefit of the doubt
so we had the breakfast with the brexit

to fail we had breakfast we had the
breakfast actually the truth wants to
come out on Tuesday this was the BBC
headline news published a letter with

further reassurances about the draft
brexit deal that would be put before
Britain’s Parliament in Tuesday in a
crucial vote the withdrawal defeat is

facing but the were strong dealers they
seemed asleep withdrawal defeat okay
alright BBC
little too early on the script let’s
just discuss it for a moment this was

really quite interesting and what did
you watch to follow it would I watch it
were you watching it live I was
following this live on on Sky News on
Pluto oh I was following it live on

c-span which was the BBC feed ok so I
the sky which was was kind of fun and
yet BBC interesting yeah yeah she spent
had a really good coverage of this thing

hey let’s start with the vote which was
overwhelmingly rejecting does Mays
horrible proposal this brexit the noes

have it the vote the and wait for the
audible gasp eyes to the right 202 no to
the left

I love that
apparently the BBC guys had give all

this little details about for example
the ones on the left of the one they
move them to left to right
oh yeah eyes on the right the right is
the loser yes the left is the winner ah

yes to the left is always the higher
vote so you read the right first in the
left now a couple of other things I
didn’t know how for one thing there’s

only four hundred and some seats in the
parliament in the House of Commons yeah
and there’s over 650 about 600 member
650 members yes so where did the rest of
they’ll go yeah the the math looked a

little off to me to explain to the BBC
they have some expert ditch explaining
every little thing and they just don’t
have to place it that’s it so when they

have a big event where everybody wants
to come and watch they just packed the
aisles they sit on the floor they’re all
over the place huh I didn’t know that
because half the time is empty anyway so

you wouldn’t expect this seems kind of
disorderly very disorderly but when you
here for example I have a good just a
sound bite this is the eye so this is
where they have a yes and a no of what

we do I buy all in favor say aye all
opposed say no mmm-hmm this is the no
vote in one of these one of the
amendments yeah for one of the

amendments this the noes have it voice
vote I so no
I think they I think the nose habit

hey how about some electronic voting
over there they’re working on it never
told that to now the nose thing to see
people don’t just yell know they yell no

no no double voting doesn’t sound right
this this it’s just wrong man no no no
no three votes you can’t vote three
times yeah and then so they had so I

have one clip well anyway we these are
just incidental clips let’s play the one
where this is the next day when they’re
just writing that before they took to

have no confidence vote which she won
the next day they their everyone’s
writing her for being the biggest loss
in the history of ever ever loser the
capital L lose our yeah so here’s the

note this is the UK fends off Corbin on
Wednesdays kind of fun more taxes more
spending fewer jobs
Thank You mr. speaker thank you may I

start by correcting the record last
night I suggested this was the largest
government defeat since the 1920s
I would not wish to be accused of
misleading the house since been informed

that is in fact the largest ever defeat
for a government in the history of our
mr. speaker shortly after the Prime

Minister made her point of order last
night her spokesperson suggested the
government had ruled out any form of
customs union with the European Union as

part of her reaching out exercise can
the Prime Minister confirm that’s the
case the exercise that I indicated last
night is as I said about listening to

the views of the house about wanting to
understand the views of parliamentarians
so that we can identify what could
command the support of this house and
deliver on the referendum and what the

government wants to do is first of all
to ensure that we deliver on the result
of the referendum that’s leaving the
European Union and we want to do it in a
way that ensures we respect the votes of

those who voted to leave in that
referendum that means ending free
movement it means getting a fair a deal
for farmers and fishermen it means it
means opening up new opportunities to

trade with the rest of the world and it
means keeping good ties with our
neighbors in Europe my question was
about the customs union the Prime
Minister seems to be in denial about

that just as much as she’s in denial
about the decision made by the house
last night just to break it up for a
second from what I understand if there
is a No Deal brexit it’s not like that’s

and you know the repo man or something
then I believe there’s a default trade
deal which is what they call the WTO

rules yeah they go to the WTO which they
have with other countries already WTO so
we do we’re WTO yeah they’re well
established so there is something in

place it may not be optimal or ideal but
it’s not like there’s nothing and
there’s established infrastructures
another thing I keep hearing off just
just the technology alone what we’ll

have to do to change if we have
different customs agreements or the
forums or I was gonna be horrible sounds
like a money bonanza to me but okay so
yeah WTO rules so there is a way to deal

with that I understand the big
secretary told business leaders on a
conference call last night we can’t have
no deal for all the reasons you’ve set
out can the Prime Minister now reassure

the house businesses and the country and
confirm that is indeed the government’s
position that we can’t have no deal we
can’t have no deal is that grammatically

correct because no deal stands alone is
kind of a phrase then I was saying we
can’t have a no deal that doesn’t mean

it’s making the right right good point
yeah it’s not that important made
previously is if you don’t want to have
no deal you have to ensure that you have
a deal now I will give this if you this

is great this is new speak if you don’t
have no deal you gotta make sure you got
a deal what has made previously is that
if you don’t want to have no deal you

have to ensure that you have a deal now
if you don’t want to have no deal you
got ensure that you got a deal get it
got it good I will get this
I will Howie Mandel should come in do

Deal or No Deal
horrible gentlemen there are actually
two ways of avoiding No Deal the first
is to agree a deal and would be to
revoke article 50 in the European Union

the result of the referendum government
will not oh please Teresa we all know

it’s headed toward that we’ve been
predicting this for how many years three
since the beginning it’s almost three

now says the vote here is years ago and
the reason moving on three and this is
easy to predict because this is how the
European Union in the New World Order
the liberal world order does its

business we don’t like your decision so
we’re just gonna have a do-over they did
it with the Lisbon Treaty with the
Netherlands with France with Ireland do
overs vote again shut up all good but we

know where it’s headed here’s Nigel
Faraj the law is very clear 500 MPs
voted to trigger article 50 which said
we leave with a referral agreement or
failing that we leave on March the 29th

that was backed up of course by you know
an act of Parliament so logically
legally what should happen is we should
leave on WTO terms so there is some
faint hope I suppose for brexit ears the

reality of course is that our political
class in Westminster aided and abetted
by their friends here in Brussels must
fear Barnea particularly have been doing
their best to overturn this result from

day one what do I expect to see a
stalemate followed by an extension of
article 50 and you’re right there will
be a push for a second referendum in
Westminster but not out in the country

where interestingly that you got poll
yesterday showed only 8% of people have
a second referendum as their first
choice so I think and I fear that we are
headed on a path towards delay and

probably yes a second vote there you go
well they’ve packaged in little
differently and I was hoping that he
would have mentioned that the new
phraseology ah well I do
have Amin in Parliament European

Parliament I didn’t no no that’s just
slamming people there but I’d love to
hear that first before I play my two
clips for the Europe’s the 500 MPs voted
for article 50 which of course makes

very clear that there are two years in
which the negotiated withdrawal
agreement or we just leave and that was
backed up of course by the act of

Parliament the withdrawal act which once
again says unconditionally we leave on
the 29th of March now mr. president you
say there’s no support for no deal but

then you all thought there was no
support for brexit in the first place
you might be surprised how quickly
public opinion is changing
mr. timmermans you say this would cause
great harm but if we leave on No Deal if

we stick to the law as it is we become
an independent country and I would say
to you what price freedom I’ll be the
first to admit I doubt this will happen

because working in cahoots with you we
have Mr Blair and many other leaders of
the British establishment who treat the
brexit votes and treat voters in general

with total and asseh contempt and there
is a great tradition here isn’t there
you we’ve seen it with Denmark and with
Ireland you make people vote again all I
can say is if we finish up with an

extension of article 50 we may well
finish up fighting the next set of
European elections and we will fight
them and if the betrayal becomes

complete and we are forced to vote in a
second referendum you may be in for a
big surprise the British may be a very
Placid people very laid-back class I
promise you they get pushed too far it’s

a lion that will roar we will be even
more defiant if we have to fight a
second referendum and we’ll win it by a
bigger majority

a smattering of applause he’s describing
the British that have seemed to all
perished after World War two from old

age a lot of Brits if you listen these
guys on the street it’s none of these
guys know okay and they like the word
now the thing that’s being overlooked

here is that they’ve decided the smart
money on the side of stay the lever
there remain errs have just kind of
redefined things they don’t want a new
referendum they don’t want a new

referendum they want a people’s vote oh
this is that’s the packaging oh okay of
course the ones behind it to most cuz

the Scots who are probably completely
oblivious to the fact that they’d be
exploited to death because they have all
the oil which is UK but the Riu would
love to get a hold of it the Scots are

behind us they’re a bunch of I think
it’s just a traitorous Bunch I don’t
even know why they’re in the UK or why
the British tolerate them but you can
hear us the Scottish independent guys

and all the rest in the in Parliament
yeah got a you got a lot of floor time
you got a lot of floor time this guy did
well this is the guy what this is wanted
there’s Angus is no longer there and he

did the original Angus and he’s he’s the
guy you said he was the best of this
group but the I got brexit Scots bring
up people’s vote one more the de
ciências because I mentioned it is clear

the clock is ticking the government
needs to secure the safety of all our

nation’s and should immediately respond
the article 50 process
immediately have talks with all the
leaders of the opposition parties less

work together in all our interests but
let’s listen to the voices of the
parliamentarians that have been sent
here there is no support for this deal
it must come back again

the obvious thing to do the right thing
to do suspend article 52 the people is
their people’s vote this may be

something this may be it
this is a different kind of deal than a
referendum it’s for what I can tell it’s
just a repackaging of the referendum but

the idea is that since pranic screwed up
the thing to begin with that we should
have that the people decide let them
vote should we do should we even leave
and yeah and they’re thinking there

maybe should be two items on the ballot
one of them which is a redo of the
referendum and the other one is some
some lame things but these these are the
remainders who want the people’s vote

correct yeah yes Stuart is as a member
of this group
yeah we’re surprised me it looks like
the type he lives in the United States
makes his money here and he doesn’t care

what happens to the UK brexit labour and
the people’s vote too there’s a
different member of parliament to make
sure that we can give the people of this
country a stay on this deal to resolve

this matter it is a mess that needs to
be resolved by the people in a people
vote this is crazy
and are people just buying this all okay
that’s not the same as it do over that’s
the people’s vote it’s different yeah

that’s what this scheme is huh good
yeah I’m not sure how they’re gonna get
away with it maybe so far they’re not
getting away with it but well is it it’s
just a move it’s a movement it’s a

movement as yes getting traction now I’m
hearing it more and more people’s vote I
like I like the term if you ask
Gerard Battin the current leader of the
UK independent party that won’t happen

for the European nations and freedom
group the floor now goes to mr. button
mr. president we’ve seen two and a half
years of an elaborate political sure are
roaaar based on an entirely false

premise which is that you can’t leave
the European Union without a deal there
never was going to be a deal there never
is going to be a deal we seen mrs. Mae
and her emissaries go back and forward

to Brussels in order to reach a
withdrawal agreement that nobody wants
the remainders don’t want it because
they don’t want to leave the levers
don’t want it because under it we don’t
really leave and what is the purpose of

it all which has now been extended it is
to where the British people down to the
extent where they accept defeat and
surrender and the result of the
referendum is overturned well for not

for the first time I found myself
agreeing with something that mr. vataj
that said he said how to break the
deadlock in the British Parliament we
need a majority in favour of something

absolutely right mr. hofstadt and in
three days mrs. Mae has to come up with
a plan B well the good news is there is
a plan B which should have been plan a

in the first place which is to repeal
the 1972 European communities act leave
the European Union under our law and
then to tell you how we’re going to
repeal and amend 45 years and tens and

tens of thousands of bits live
legislation under our priorities and in
our timescales
now mrs. Mae should immediately resign

and hand over to somebody who can become
Prime Minister who actually really does
want to leave the European Union and
Parliament the British Parliament has

the opportunity to redeem itself if it
betrays the result of the referendum
then it will destroy what remaining
belief or faith there is in our
democratic system which isn’t very high

to start with but they can turn things
around if they want to they can take the
initiative they can stop asking you how
we can leave and they can start telling

you how we’re going to leave and I can
tell you that the British people will
never surrender like I could do mr.

it is it he pulled the Churchill he
sounds like he sound like who’s the
actor – ah shoot the Michael Caine
that’s what he sounds like Michael Caine

bit practic system which isn’t very high
yes yes if he drawled if you just draw
that out a bit longer he would be a
shoo-in for Michael Caine yeah you know
what what is what I find it interesting

and maybe this is why the NATO thing has
come up again and I went back and looked
I could not find a single conversation
discussion argument or rule or anything
even in the terms of brexit that we that

our public that concerns the military
haven’t seen no debates about military
and you know we have this European Union
military Union that’s kind of popping up

and it you know how do we do our single
point pro-q or – yeah there’s a there’s
something that it’s not being discussed
and I think that for a reason and maybe

that’s why Trump is is messing around
with NATO because the NATO EU I mean
that’s almost synonymous yeah but we’re
pretty much in control of it sure we are

that’s why everyone’s freaked out my
wait a minute will be an island with no
guns let’s have some screwball that’s
all we got what are we going to defend
ourselves on guns baby we want some yeah

chemical warfare stuff no one talks
about it no it might be something worth
bringing up if you had any way to bring

it up with besides me no no we’re just
blowing in the wind my friend the this
whole thing which I do have a couple
other side clips I think we’ve got to
the gist of it which is that this is a

problem they got they got to figure out
mmm I don’t understand why
any British person would want to be a
member of the EU because they’re being
pushed around it’s like you might as

well just this is like Germany’s third
attempt to take over the all of Europe
yes hello they know how to do it now
yeah no bloodshed yes but it is just a
construct for Britain to believe that

they actually have to pay something and
have all these agreements to leave where
yeah they scrip we just don’t want to do
it anymore we’re out we’re out we quit
yeah no and I love how they make fun of

us yeah we got our problems but not like
no they yeah that’s true that’s really a
problem yeah it holds their whole

existence is up for grabs
now let’s listen I just want to have a
one I have one because they took it I
took an ISO out of this clip because
this guy Burke how the guy who’s the

Speaker of the House mm-hmm who’s got
that you know it’s just a Bora he he
goes on to some woman that came by the

way like if I can see no jack he could
be the Judge Judy of the UK he would
make nuts about money fantasy just
syndicated show raking it in just the

thought yeah now apparently some woman
it came and this is the big clip by the
way I’m setting up his breakfast at the
pregnant lady mm-hmm

this woman comes in and she’s pregnant
and she’s about they were gonna induce
labor all these things were bad she has
gestational diabetes she’s about to drop
dead but they wouldn’t let her bring a

proxy in to vote by the way the way the
vote went you think that you’d think
they would have more you know ears to
the ground to know that the vote was
gonna go this way that they have to drag

this woman in to vote she because she
voted no ah and so they brought her in
and she’s in a wheelchair it was just
and she’s didn’t they’re pregnant and
they have to rush her back to the

hospital where she came from and so they
became an a little
discussion is she with the Labour Party
there’s a little discussion about this

and burka gets very involved with it and
berates everybody but in the middle of
this which I haven’t I saw of a play
second he turns to some guy who was just
giving him a little just said something

and he turns to the guy and rips him
such a fast and interesting way that I
thought it was fascinating ballistas in
the whole clip baby because we have a
method of allowing those who are sick or

pregnant is disgraceful I know what the
honorable lady says and I don’t cavil at
it at all I made the point yesterday I

thought the situation was lamentable I
used that word I think several times the
situation was lamentable interesting
people chattering Francis reposition to
no obvious benefit or purpose I’m ruling

on a matter on I require no assistance
in the process of doing so
the situation was lamentable I thought
it better that the Honorable lady should
have the opportunity of a proxy vote and

that was my view and it was a view
widely shared the matter was debated in
February of last year and in September I
had indicated my strong support it would
have been necessary for a resolution to

be tabled by the leader of the house for
reasons which others can explain it’s
not my job to do their explaining for
them that has not happened I think it’s
regrettable but it cannot be sorted
tonight I mean they’ve been discussing

this proxy vote in this case since
February no it did in general Oh cuz
it’s come up before okay let me just
understand what is lot meant about

lamentable what exactly is the deals you
have to be able to come in unassisted
that’s the only if you are not able
bodied you had no you had to be
physically present okay got it and I

also learned something when the baby
said II didn’t know is that when they
make their votes you know they vote no
you is off camera yes there are two
halls the yes hall in the no hall and

you walk out if that’s why they all
leave they all leave they go through the
or the no door and they go into the yes
and no door and one of the clerks are
clark’s is there to count them and then

they come back I love tradition
it’s an old long tradition of course the
joke is that goes through those doors

and then they’re hugging each other in
the same room right behind the doors
like yes
so so he’s in the middle of that he
ripped into this guy who said something
to him and I’ve never heard this guy

talk so fast and make such a very
interesting point even though I think he
he mumbled a little bit cuz I couldn’t
fully understand what he said when he
turned to this guy and ripped off this
following phrase which is this clip of

speaker ripping heckler so I’m not
interested in people chanting for a
sedentary position to their obvious
benefit or purpose I’m ruling on the
matter and I require no assistance in
the process of doing so do you like that

huh I do like that it’s like that’s what
you’d like to say to your kids you child
people chattering for a sedentary

position to their obvious benefit or
purpose I’m ruling on the matter and I
require no assistance in the process of
doing so oh great hot exactly the way he
comes to a sleigh slows it down in your

ribs and then he slows it down to half
speed to slow speed guys talented he’s
got talent he is telling this nothing
you can do just can’t argue it the guy

has talent
he’s a remainer yes hey the Yellow
Jackets those just will just move over a
little bit across the pond there now
it’s it’s 10:00 weekends we’ve had

violence continues the although I think
this is fun to talk about there’s this
continuous oh we’re gonna do a bank run

a bank run and the fret the yellow vests
are gonna do a bank run yeah I don’t
think that’s going to work here maybe in
the days of of Jimmy Stewart a bank run
was real buddy no a bank run seriously

you’re gonna get you 200 euros out of
your ATM
I mean I don’t see how a bank run could
bring down globalism and certainly
France but one of our producers did send
me a link to the revolutions of 1848

also known as the spring of Nations the
people spring springtime of the people’s
the year of revolution was when there
were numerous political upheavals in

Europe in 1848 and you know you being
mr. cycles thought maybe you could maybe
you could as a revolutionary cycle it
was all over the world every school it

was literally oceans yeah it was it was
really huge but also a lot of defriend
but a lot of the the the factors around
that time were sound familiar some of
the major contributing factors were

widespread dissatisfaction with
political leadership demands for more
participation in government and
democracy demands for freedom of the
press demands made by working-class the
upsurge of nationalism regrouping of

established government forces middle
classes and workers tried to form
coalition’s of course tens of thousands
of people were killed
yeah and serfdom I think emerged from

this time but for a while there they did
have it they did this is what Karl Marx
and these guys started to rise up around
this time yeah which we have our new

version of socialism am i taking it too
far in the revolutionary cycle I don’t
know okay you know things they do cycle
in the French word pretty much in the

middle of the cycle so I don’t know I
just tend to follow financial cycles so
much there’s the beginning of this cycle
mmm this is I think it’s just beginning
oh maybe well historically the fray I’m

rooting for him now you tell ya well
historically the French are forced to be
reckoned with and and they’re not
letting up and what did McCrone say he

said oh yes yeah he came out and blasted
the French saying oh you want things
without proper a proper effort you want
to get the stuff for free
yeah hello that’s exactly what the deal

is isn’t that isn’t aren’t shouldn’t he
be saying okay this is what we’ve always
wanted we want this New World Order give
everybody a living wage here you go shut

up stay home don’t do anything isn’t it
time you just say here you go
well that times are coming it is that’s
why I’m saying maybe this is the moment

well maybe I don’t know this is not
something I can I have not figured out
okay I think maybe just I’d be I don’t
know I just have no clue no clue which

is throwing I have no clue either but if
you redo it it’s in the show notes any
show knows calm take a look at the
revolutions of 1848 before I take a
break here two little quick promos we

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well I do have the clip of the day if

you want me to play it now you have the
clip of the day where I certainly have
the clip of the day but yet you claim to
have the clip of the day okay you play
your clip no no no no we’re playing your

clip of the day first all right so you
forget the button ready well you have
you got a somewhat click to play before
I can hit anybody yeah set the clip up
okay this is the Berlin station clip now

this is a show on epics that I keep
trying to get you to and and and I want
to say Tina and I watched the first
episode of the first season had never
watched it before found it very

stressful that’s pretty good like this
is stressful a little stressful it’s a
little less stressful as it goes along

the second season is less stressful the
third season is really interesting
because they they’ve set up this thing
where the Russians are trying to take
over Estonia but it’s not the Russian
system it’s a one of the patriarchal
flag false flag it’s worse all kinds of

this just cool it’s very interesting and
so there and I think it’s a great show
people should watch this I think ten
nine episodes or a year it’s not that
big of a deal but in this particular

episode they’re checking in with Langley
and the woman that’s out at Berlin
station is having a debriefing and the
guy is now concerned about some super

spook who is now coming out of the out
of the woodwork from the olden days and
they’re concerned about this and here’s

how the dialogue goes what do you know
about Gilbert Dorn Gilbert Dorn same as
legend put out to pasture sawn did it

all during the cold war cast a pretty
long shadow at Berlin station he never
left retired in Berlin did not know that
let me guess he’s writing a book worse

that’s right the lowest pole of spycraft

you cannot get any lower on the ladder
than being an expert podcaster it’s the
worst congratulations I feel proud yeah
it’s pretty good well you’ve probably

heard my clip of the day but I’m always
bringing these things along just in case
this was a radio show and the radio show

is David Webb’s radio show he’s a Fox
News contributor and he had CNN analyst
Arriva Martin on his show calling in and

this is what happened shouldn’t their
requirement their primary requirement
regardless of ethnicity regardless of
network be that they are capable of
covering politics for instance if you’re

going to cover political campaigns
sports may not be the most qualified
background and that brings to the point
of if people want to get into these
fields regardless of color I’ve chosen

across different parts of the media
world done the work so that I’m
qualified to be in each one I never
considered my color the issue I
considered my qualifications the issue

well then you know that that’s a whole
nother long conversation about white
privilege the things that you have the
privilege of doing that people of color
don’t have the privilege of how do I

have the privilege of white privilege
David by virtue of being a white male
you have white privilege this whole long
conversation I don’t have time Arriva I
hate to break it to you but you should

have been better prepped I’m black bro
did you hear this exchange yeah the
class and play the rest of this so
beautiful okay then I you went to white

privilege this is the fall suit in this
you went immediately with an assumption
your people obviously or you didn’t look
you’re talking to a black man

he started out in rock radio in Boston
who crossed the paths into hip-hop
rebuilding one of the greatest black
stations in America and went on to work

for Fox News where I’m told apparently
blacks aren’t supposed to work but yet
you come with this assumption and you go
to white privilege salting it is and I

apologize because my people gave me
wrong information if they told me the
whole white privilege thing is inside
the record I want to apologize I look

given wrong information about you and I
apologized on my color you were going to
something that I was part of and just to
add to it my family background is white

black Indian Arawak Irish Scottish I
mean it’s so diverse I’m like the UN

when it comes to this and this is part
of the problem with driving a narrative
around a construct like white privilege
privilege is one thing were applied

wealth economy various social factors
but not necessarily determined by color
of skin I think this is such a beautiful
example of exactly what is wrong today

in this social justice warrior movement
and white privilege and I mean literally
she was calling the guy out for having
white privilege for something he said

which meant that he could only have had
white privilege but then when it turns
out he’s black then she actually
apologized says well of course you don’t
have that I mean I don’t then this just

puts this makes your head spin as to
well the fact that this has not gotten a
lot of I mean it’s online we got some
social media viral a little bit of
attention just a little bit but really I

wanted to take this one step further and
talk about brown privilege because I
think I can point to that as well
not black brown and this comes in the
form well so you have all these twenty20

hopefuls all the hopefuls and they’re
all doing cool stuff like a OC you know
hey you know we’re gonna go on Instagram
we got to lose with Warren going on

Instagram we got dead OH
at the dentist on Instagram and
everyone’s you know doing cool little
stuff and then Kamala Harris now this is
not exactly the same and it’s part of

it’s a joke for Stephen Colbert show
it’s like okay when I do a little
Instagram thing which he couldn’t
actually do a real Instagram but I was
gonna do her this is my what is it her

mix her her mood mix them I’m Camilla
Harris here’s my mood mixed now what do
you know about camel Harris well she was
a DA in California very poor one by the

way she how about her background us
she’s like Hawaiian she’s gonna song
weird knocks of races no not just a mix
no she was raised in Canada she was born

in Oakland in 1964 he’s a Canadian yes
she’s not a Canadian she was raised in
Canada but her parents her dad is from
Jamaica her mom is a Tom Neal Indian she

is not african-american yet somehow
brown color skin gives her the privilege
to appropriate black culture ah I see
where you’re going

Carla Harris and this is my mood mix
a song that has always made me day and
it’s not about the songs about how she
check the rhyme of Tribe Called Quest
you know I’m talking about fight a song

from my favorite movie Purple Rain
by Prince and shallow by Lady gaga
oh yeah okay so it’s supposed to be my

favorite song at a cookout but you don’t
play just one song at a cookout you play
a lot of songs now she sounds like any
Beyonce fan right now I just want to say
it’s not appropriate we’re gonna talk

about white provision and appropriation
and brown privilege just because your
brown skin doesn’t mean you can act like
you’re an African American I can make
this argument yeah well you you’re

making the argument now yeah I’m done
that was my argument yeah no she’s a
phony big phony it just goes on and on
and on well she could be I mean I the

high-end Lib Joe’s yeah not the twosome
but some other ones I know you got wait
your your guys are low-rent there’s not
there’s high-end Lib Joe’s yeah yes they

are low-rent compared to high-end Lib
Joe’s okay yeah we talked about the
Silicon Valley billionaire class ah
which is high-end they all think it
Camelot or Kamala I was thought it was

pronounced now she said Camelot
okay what’s Kamla but she is a candidate
for president she’s like a kid you know
and she’s a dummy she’s not as dumb as a

si I will say that you like calling
people dumb no I don’t I really don’t
like calling people that might feel bad
about it no but I can’t just call let’s

say what it is I mean if somebody’s dumb
like a Oh see I wear much worse can I
describe it
maybe ignorance she’s ignorant hey I

don’t like the word ignorant okay
and so I had this what one clip I think
was we both watched the Golden Globes
yes now the guy who was nominated for

pretty much everything for Best Actor is
because they get played Cheney what’s
his name the yeah the Batman guy yeah
Batman guy bad guy

Batman Cheney so Batman plays Cheney so
he and he’s British which I then he’s
very good actor cuz he played a
excellent Cheney if you’ve seen the
movie movie I find the movie to be very

uh I didn’t like the movie Christian
yeah Christian Bale so I we didn’t play
his acceptance speech I don’t believe No
well here it is best the Golden Globes

uh best oh here it is I see yeah God
thank Mitch McConnell next that could be

thank you to Satan to give me
inspiration on how to play this role
played Dick Cheney everybody got bent
out of shape about oh really I thought

it was funny I think it’s funny
oh geez no because someone didn’t thank
God he’s Satan what’s your take actually
I have a table what’s your take on this

Gillette ad I didn’t think much of it I
thought was insulting to normal men yeah
my immediate reaction might no I didn’t
just see you have to see it if you

listen to it it doesn’t quite work yeah
I also was like really you know I spend
was it how much is so expensive their
product I went straight away to see if I

could short the stock but the part of
Procter and Gamble I think they got some
winners in there don’t want to get any
traction that’s actually surprising that
they did something like this cuz Procter

& Gamble is notorious for being one of
the greatest marketing companies in the
history of the United States you know I
got a lot of attention but I think it
worked for their end no I think it does

work a bit no I think it does I think I
think it works for them I think they got
the attention they wanted it was
interesting or one of our producers sent
the tags that they put on the video
which are invisible unless you know how

to look for it they know but it’s not
they’re not surfaced but I’ll read some
of these tags that that they these are
in general these are search terms they

want people to find this video
anti-harassment stop harassment
anti-bullying stop bullying modern
masculinity crisis of masculinity
manhood masculinity me to movement and

power meant campaign diversity and power
commercial inspiration Gillette
commercial and Neetu
they were really going all out for this

one yeah well they went all out I think
it’ll help I do really don’t hmm
I mean I there’s the old you you’re
going by the thesis that you know any

publicity is good publicity which is a
common thing you can I think it applies
mostly and it might apply here but
generally speaking I think it’s just
created a lot just a little nagging

ill-will well the problem is especially
with men who are just feeling that they
were insulted by a product by companies
whose product they there’s alternatives

to especially in the middle of this
moment where you have all these cheap
alternatives coming out of the woodwork
now from every which way and it’s like
this is not the time to do this what I’m

more interested in because they have
more marketing than just this I mean
people are already sending around
pictures of the Dutch Gillette promotion
team are the who were the girls with

Gillette the really tight like kind of
dominatrix outfits with Gillette across
the girls are well shaped this is the

mistake they’re making is they’ve got a
worldwide Gillette on their butts yeah
and so this is like how does this work
with the other ad I mean are you’re
trying to like is this is this is that’s

even I think there’s even more insult
this is the short thinking this this is
the mistake this is the mistake should
not have let that happen
but it’s happens do in all kinds of

weird things I mean I’m not a comic book
guy at all but I do know that shade the
mutant drag queens superhero might be an

well now I’m I’m not gonna say that I’m
less or more of a comic book fan than
you are because because I have collected

a few copies of different things not
that I have a comic book collection per
se I’m like you’re way ahead of me just
say it and even saying I have no idea
what you’re talking about
oh so apparently Marvel Comics has they

have Iceman
is one of their comics and in addition
for there’s a new drag queen superhero
named shade and she has I guess she has

some super powers but you know like it’s
like a mutant drag queen he’s now a
superhero in the Marvel lineup okay and
the world is changing around us how that

comes around in this in the next movie
RuPaul is a shoo-in
good to go superhero RuPaul is a
superhero who would have known who would
have thunk it could happen there’s some

sort of there must be some trade
association for drag queens because
they’re promoting drag queen eree with

little kids and the single moms who
dress their boys up in dresses and these
are the things this are disturbing if
you ask me it’s this odd transitionary

phase where the idea is you can
transition you can change to be whatever
you identify with or how you feel so

male female female to male but then
there’s this interim stage where you’re
just fabulous and you have to celebrate
that for a while for it to me it seems

like you know I thought you want to be a
woman but never this seems to me this
you know just gonna be fabulous I think
I think there’s some of that too just in

between so just be fabulous for a little
while before the full transition fine by
me and some of them are quite fabulous
know this just to touch another
third-rail this Steve King I was Kings

day is getting more interesting by the
minute I don’t think he had a good last
show I have I have a quick clip just cuz
you know it’s all these things

apparently what he said he’s been such a
racist we went over it with the exact
quotes and we read through the thing it
is not well targeting him for some other
reason out loud before you go on with

this I did get a note from what cuz I’m
still baffled by it
he is the guy behind the birth
begins at conception bill ah so here
whatever our producer says this might be

the reason they’re targeting him because
this is a nasty bill if it got through
but this this kind of thing doesn’t get
voted through so he has to go well just
just looking at well so the New York

Times did a rundown of all the things he
said and I completely understand how you
can have a certain mindset an idea about
someone or who they are and isn’t he

like a tractor driver he’s some hay from
Iowa it wasn’t like a basis of Ohio I
could be wrong is he from Ohio
no he’s Iowa it’s like a farm guy so

okay I can understand where if you

already have in your mind well he’s
clearly a racist white nationalist for
sure so let’s just look 202 in 2002 he
filed a bill requiring schools teach

that the United States is quote the
unchallenged greatest nation in the
world and has derived its strength from
Christianity free enterprise capitalism
and Western civilization yeah now first

of all to look at anything from 2002 and
a 2019 lens is complicated but this
doesn’t necessarily show racism these

types of comments know in 2005 he
introduced the English English language
unity act a bill to make English English

the official I can’t even speak English
to make English the official language
he sued the Iowa Secretary of State for
posting voting information on an

official website in Spanish lotion
Bosnian and Vietnamese so these are all
racist things and I can totally see I
understand how people who are looking

for you know if you are is a hammer
everything looks like a nail I get it
I really do but then to say this is also
completely racist from 2013 and you know
there doesn’t mean that there aren’t

groups of people in this country that
you know that I have sympathy for I do
and there are kids that were brought
into this country by their parents
knowing that they were breaking the law
and they will say to me and others who
defend the rule of law we have to do

something about the 11 million and some
of them are valedictorians well my
answer to that is and by the way their
parents brought them in it wasn’t their
fault it’s true in some cases but they
aren’t all valedictorians they weren’t

all brought in by their parents for
everyone who’s a valedictorian there’s
another hundred out there that they
weigh a hundred and thirty pounds and
they’ve got calves the size of
cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75
pounds of marijuana across the desert

now this is somehow racist is there
misunderstood I’m I’m misinterpreting
what he’s saying what I understand him
say is either

there’s people have so many drugs
strapped to them that their calves look
like cantaloupes and they’ve just got
all this this dope strapped to their
body or two they carry so much drugs
that their calves have blown up to the

size of cantaloupes I’m not quite sure
which one it is either one how is this a
real issue well they’re out to get this
guy now you were reading I realized some
of the New York Times article which is

another thing the New York Times is all
in on this let’s guess I have a
technical question for you yeah cuz this
is this I noticed this immediately in
this in the most recent fracas the one
that really set everyone off here in

this in this New York Times article I’ll
read the paragraph before and then the
offending paragraph and I have a technic
lat technical question okay okay
at the same time he said he supports
immigrants who enter the country legally

and fully assimilate what matters more
than race is quote the culture of
America and quote based on values
brought to United States by
whites from Europe this is not a quote

now comes the quote white nationalist
white supremacist Western civilization
how did that language become offensive
mr. King said why did I sit in class is
teaching me about the merits of our

history and our civilization so that
apparently was incredibly offensive but
here’s the thing in his quote white
nationalist and it’s in quotes white is

capitalized white supremacists is not
capitalized but then Western
civilization is capitalized why did the
second white not get capitalized white

nationalist white supremacists Western
civilization of white supremacist is not
capital no well I think it’s because I
just that is a that is a technical

detail that the New York Times has a lot
of editors who have nothing better to do
but determine whether something should
be capitalized or not there’s a future
for I thought maybe they made the

determination that white the first ones
white nationalists capitalized yeah
which means it’s like an it’s an it’s a
standalone item white supremacist is
like a thing that is not standalone it’s

just a it’s like an attitude or way of
being and instead of being a group it’s
not a group you can yeah it’s not it
can’t be categorized as a group where’s

white nationalists can and white
supremacist is more of a way of being
it’s not part of it of an institution
right and the last one which was Western
civilization is a thing as a group is

also a group kind of a thing I think is
illegal the way they did it the what is
probably the most egregious actually is
the Western civilization part I think
that’s what people take the most offence

to lot of them so I mean II Genest I
also don’t them to understand the Greeks
and if you say nationalists but you know
he did if he actually said white

supremacist yeah what the how can you
not find that language offensive so he
screwed up their big time but just all
the stuff that’s brought in you’re right
they’re out to get this guy ya know
they’re out to get him

we’re talking about and starting with
the New York Times which for example we
had that we had Jill Abramson who the
Berkeley Hummer said you have a clip

from her that perfect clip yeah I can I
can get it while you finish yeah yeah
well Jill Abrams lambs but slam the new
york times for being irrational about

trump and then kind of ruining their
journalists journalism chops a few
months ago on al jazeera a Hersh seymour
hersh was floating around promoting his

book reporter and he was asked
specifically about journalism the United
States from this kind of a douchebag
interviewer and I want to play that clip

of the Hersh on journalism is what he
thinks of journalism I think it’s going
to hell now what you have is if you
don’t like Trump you read the New York

Times and Washington Post and what
certain cable shows CNN if you like
Trump you watch Fox News and you read
out the paper that’s equal oh you’re not
spying into a Trump narrative Fox News
is not the same as no x no Sam still

does good journalism by the way the Fox
doesn’t but the credibility the New York
Times because it’s so hostile to him
maybe legitimately but over the top I
think they’ve gone way over the top in
terms of like running an anonymous

letter how is that any different from my
assertion that journalism is just an
invalid profession no longer should
exist they didn’t say that no I know but
I did yeah well that’s how it’s

different anyway you have Jill you have
Childers so we just get a feeling for
her obviously Irie I read the New York
Times like all day long mainly on my
iPad just a gratuitous Jill Abramson and

why not and why not the New York Times

is out to get King I don’t know maybe I
have no idea what the what’s behind it
but there ought to get him yeah I don’t
know I I mean I think it’s possible
that did all these elements have all put

together is like hey this guy’s bad bad
let’s get rid of him I mean they tried
to get him voted out this last election
cycle they couldn’t do it yeah but he
barely won right

uh yeah barely won but he won well you
know what I’ll be boots on the ground in
Iowa in about a month maybe always
you’ll be able to do some math some QA
some some boot on the ground somebody an

Iowa would come up do you say here’s the
reason that they’re going after Steve
King and it’s gonna be something
probably that we don’t know that’s a
hidden to you showing up for that meet

up people yes on the 22nd of February
date to be determined to what
a second if February is a date yes you
said you mean time to be determined a

place to be determined place to be place
to be determined thank you for keeping
me honest honest yes I’ve got us some
other social justice warrior stuff a

little bit of our on that topic let’s go
to the layer foundation I got some new
clips from okay do we need to explain
the leader foundation probably good I
think you should explain it and maybe

play the original clip and then I have
some some additional clips that I think
work well okay well why don’t you start
while I look up the clip okay well the
Lehrer find a ssin was actually a it’s a

subset of the layer foundation which
runs out of USC and it is a group of
people it’s got a certain name the
health into something Hollywood Health &
Society a Hollywood Health & Society and

it’s it’s a it’s for all practical
purposes a lobbying group that lobbies
writers working in LA mostly to do
certain kinds of stories

oh it’s beyond that if you look at how
they operate they offer free experts so
if you’re in doing a show it’s in the
clips yeah if you’re a disaster movie
they’ll they’ll get someone for you

here’s the here’s the background ER that
we choose I don’t even know how old this
is I see if I can find out most of these
revelations came this clips I have her
from 2013 this is the clips I have her

the guy who found
did it yeah this is from 2013 as well I
think yeah so here’s a quick
understanding so in the course of our
work this is in the two years eleven to

thirteen 335 storylines that we worked
on have been aired we’ve worked with 35
networks in the past four years

91 different television shows yeah they
got some numbers for sure yeah I have
the same I have that clip too but I have
some additional things that that cuts

start with some additional information
that is kind of interesting let’s say
here layer kaplan writers meetings and
it’s got a little that clip and some
more so we will put on a topic that is

of interest to us and we hope it’s of
interest to writers so in in that year
or recently addiction fact and fiction a
world of stories which is about global

health stories place matters which is
about the in particular how income is a
huge determinant of public health
beyond Erin Brokovich something about

toxins in the environment who shall live
and who shall die and why which was
about violence and unnecessary deaths
from disease so in this way by putting

on these briefings we are in some ways
choosing topics to get them onto the
radar screen of writers but it’s all

voluntary it’s there if you want to come
great we want to we want to throw a
spotlight on it similarly we call the
writers the showrunners and we say you

know the most marvelous expert is coming
to town next week this person knows
everything there is about epidemiology
me ology or biological warfare we

thought your writers might be interested
we’d like to bring him or her in
an hour and almost always they say yes
so even though we are a resource

we’re a especially friendly and a little
bit aggressive resource trying to bring
to the attention of writers issues of
prominence and by the way the people

that we bring to the writers rooms turn
out often to be the basis for characters
that appear in series and because of
that we spent we pay special attention

to having women and minority scientists
among doctors among the people who come
because that illustrates without saying
a word about it that these are people

that do this kind of work excellence
you’re doing God’s work great stuff we
should we should remind the listening
audience that Norman Lear produced all

in the family Archie Bunker and and just
to show you the power of the Norman
Lear’s work Archie Bunker the guy at the
time as we’ve discussed before on the

show was your typical middle-class
white-collar working Democrat however
down a blue-collar blue cop side by
caught blue-collar however he was he was
branded as as the Republican as a

Republican racist which was not not I
mean he you’re you said your dad was
very much like Archie Bunker everybody’s
dad was back then yeah and there were

Democrats and they were all Democrats so
that all worked for a living that’s how
I used to put it to you work for a
living now very powerful poet made them
somehow made them Republicans and

they’re not there was never a Republican
in the group and the Archie Bunker
character was a was a stereotypical
Democrat Union guy and it was so
effective that Rob Reiner is still

mentally disturbed from that whole era
very scrambled so I got a kind of a kick
out of this following thing this is Lera

Kaplan climate changes so in the course
of our work this is in the two years 11
to 13 335 storylines that we worked on
have been aired we’ve worked with 35

networks in the past four years
91 different television shows we have a
brand-new spective Hollywood Health &
Society which is to work with on a topic

of climate change where again all these
different activities writer briefings
screenings newsletters and so on are an
attempt to provide free resources to

writers who want to include climate
change as one of the storylines that
they’re working on and just to give you
an example of that climate change work a

few weeks ago there was a field trip we
do something called story bus tours to
the JPL NASA lab in Pasadena where we
brought something like 37 writers and

producers to experience the most amazing
stuff that they have going on to inspire
them in this area amahzing so we get to
propaganda coming in from every whichway

course nobody and it’s free it’s free
writing and I was wondering about that
do these Hollywood Health & Society
writers do they get writing credit no
they’re good consulting credit when they

bring the experts in and some expert you
know wants to do a little extra work is
hey you know we’d like to bring you on
to do some help us with the story right
they get a consulting gig

yeah but this but they know know your
movies Jill controlled no no no okay the
writers guild controls how those credits
are doled out alright and these guys
don’t get any credits got it now so I
found this little that last little

tidbit to be the one that was the most
interesting to me which is Lyra Kaplan
23 how do they get their money when I
started Hollywood health in society it
was the first program that we started so

it is now
about to enter its 10th year we are
funded largely by the US federal
government since the beginning has been

the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention and other federal agencies
that have supported us are the health
resource I’m sorry the division of

transplantation of the Department of
Health and Human Services the National
Institutes of Health the White House
Office of National Drug Control Policy
and the agency for Healthcare Research

and quality and in recent years our
federal funding has been joined by
private philanthropy in the funds from
the California Endowment and also from

the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
now there’s your borderline
that’s enough to make you cringe so the

u.s. code now by the way this speech was
given in 2013 so you have to add another
four five six years I’m sure there’s
tons more fun people for and financing
that yeah this is out of the University

of Southern California or as we used to
call it in the pac-12 the University of
spoiled children they have this little
group right out of the Annenberg School

and I think it’s deplorable I think it’s
the fact that there’s nothing to counter
this is propaganda it’s a propaganda
mill it is kind of in you know it’s
certainly for in the day that well that

might have hit up against the Smith
Month act I mean it truly is
propagandistic and the government the
fact that and I’m gonna I’ll say this
from I think of reasonable perspective

that generally speaking writers are lazy
and in in the journalist area they are
fed stuff by public relations agencies
traditionally nowadays they are just

paid extra money to toll to write a
native ad but that’s different now this
is a similar situation where you instead
of having public relations agencies
knocking on the door saying hey we
wanted you to promote to climate change

they have this this right out of the
j-school of Janet Berg school at USC
they bring these guys out and fellow
journalists I feel that everybody means

well this needs to be disclosed if if
this has taken place you know it’s like
how much of this so for instance in
everything we’re seeing how much of

eating bugs is coming from the Lear
foundation is that something they are
advocating is next question ask will I
put a dollar and say that Kaplan this I

want to do an interview with him AHA now
whether or not he’d this ever happens is
another case did you say go ahead and
listen to an episode 11:05 he talked
about guys got any chops

what he’s doing he would gladly have an
interview to tell me where I’m wrong for
instance so what’s happening now

it’s interesting that it’s CDC so it’s
health oriented that’s why Bill and
Melinda Gates are in this because they
can all everything they do is under the
guise of health yeah and I guess climate
change is for your health seems we’re

all gonna die yeah voting Democrats for
your health for your health what’s this
this meat stuff I do the CES they had
fake meat everywhere there’s meat when
people trying to recreate meat yeah now

the meat industry is about climate
change yes the meat industry is trying
to protect the term the word meat so
that you can’t use it if it’s not meat I

agree with them yes here there was an
Israeli firm I left farms and they say
they actually have grown real meat in a
lab what we’re going to try to there are

the first thin slices of steaks we have
produced in a lab setting I think this
is going to be the greatest revolution
in the history of modern agriculture
this lab-grown meat is not just a
plant-based alternative like the

impossible burger there’s a technology
that exists that allows us to be
fronting the purposes have our bacon and
eat it too without any pigs being harmed
cultured meat lab-grown meat clean meat

whatever you want to call it is
identical to conventional meats at the
cellular level just grown in a lab no
slaughter involves its arrival could

have massive implications for meat
eaters the u.s. is 200 billion dollar
meat industry and the environment and
it’s happening at a pivotal time we
can’t handle more agriculture and this

growing demand is asking precisely that
and we’re going to reach a breaking
ooh breaking points breaking point
breaking point you know what that means
eventually so they have done it they’ve

done it at the cellular level
so they’ve cloned meat yes yeah kinda I
guess yeah I’m curious about that I’m

sure it’s got you know their well let’s
just take meat for example let’s take a
nice juicy steak mmm
let’s take a New York steak now when you

eat a new you cook in a different you
can cook it for different amounts of
rareness and you have a very rare gonna
overcooked and the steak will toughen up
when you cook it too much and then if

you compare it to another cut of meat
which has some connective tissue within
it and those which you can make into a
stew there’s all these different ways of
cooking meat that have been developed
for hundreds of years and there’s

different qualities to the finished
product to the point where you can bite
into a allow z piece of meat from one of
the lousy meat growers and you do chew
on it and you go this is terrible I

don’t like this meat you spit it out and
then there’s optimal meat a really good
you know prime filet or let’s say a New
York like that sirloin from Costco and

you do bite into a good prime piece of
meat you got the right type mouthfeel
the right texture the right flavors they
can’t do that in a lab know that

everything the show would be grisly it’s
gonna be it’s gonna be a grainy or you
are right you know like like a dried let
me just tell you the dried but you never
have a dried grape hold on everything

they make everything this show is not a
steak it looks like hamburger ground
beef you know it’s great they’re not
making sense ground is around yeah
hamburgers for McDonald look what I

believe is gonna happen they’re gonna
start experimenting with this by
slipping it in so you’re gonna have the
hamburger will be contaminated because
there is I think a rule where you can’t

call it a hamburger after this you know
so much
you know wood pulp or whatever they
might can put in these birds no silicon
no there’s actually a wood pulp don’t
you remember it was no Taco Bell had

like Sam that’s Taco Bell it’s meat it’s
meat and sand yeah they got a bunch of
weird stuff in there but this will go
into the Taco Bell Taco and you won’t be

much of a difference and you know
there’s 10% 20% and it’ll say to them a
bunch of money maybe I don’t even know
it’s gonna be that cheap now it’s just
gonna owe it of course it won’t be cheap

they’ll be gouging people with this
technology it’s to save the world you
have to spend extra to save the world
save the world 10 bucks but hey climate

change it’s a problem eat it yeah what
else we got well that you know we we had

the confirmation hearing in the Senate
of the proposed the nominated Attorney
General a very interesting choice and I
will have to say that woman for that

senator from Hawaii
Hirono is the worst she is a moron do
you have any clips of her no I couldn’t
stand it I got one of her fighting back
against her fellow Islander Tulsi

Gabbard who was announced he’s running
for 2020 but we can’t have Tulsi Gabbard
because back when President Obama didn’t
want same-sex marriage she had the same
idea now she did reform but I just think

Obama did yeah but it was you know a
little too little too late
senator I also want to ask you about the
2020 primary your fellow Hawaiian
legislator Tulsi Gabbard has made clear

she’s gonna run in 2020 but she’s run
into some trouble over past opposition
to LGBT rights as well as with her ties
to Assad do you think you could support

congresswoman Gabbard in her bid in 2020
I’m gonna be looking for someone who
has a long record of supporting
progressive goals and ideals so and I

certainly wish all of our candidates are
the best because it is gonna be a long
hard race and so I wish everyone well
but for myself in these times of what I
would call not normal times I want

someone who is very much has been on the
page in terms of supporting equal
opportunity of choice all the kinds of
issues that I have been fighting for for

decades it sounds like you don’t think
tulsi gabbard has done it why wish
you’re well though as I do all of the
other candidate yeah oh man I like Tulsi
yeah I’m not a not a big fan you think

everyone’s dumb everybody’s dumb at all
I would not put that moniker on Tulsi
Gabbard good you don’t like her I just
don’t like her she’s know this Council

on Foreign Relations everyone’s got the
issues everyone’s got problems you went
to you know the Owls eating do what I

what is that called again I forget what
it’s called he me and grow and grow
yeah you loominatee yeah it’s like it
talked about your drinking Club well I

wanted to continue here because I wanted
to go to well we’re gonna talk mentioned
that Kristen Kersten and Kristen
whatever her name is Gillibrand has also
thrown her hat in the ring no we were
gonna talk about bar that’s where I was

and you brought up the wrong yeah back
to bar cuz I have a couple clips
so he was so we need a new Attorney
General because rod Rosen Stein or Steen
he is apparently resigning getting

thrown out I don’t know you know he’s
God knows so this is the guy who was he
was Attorney General correct for H word

long w HW uh and so I guess it’s kind of
like bringing the guy with experience
and you know he said I don’t worry about
it I’ll let Bob Bob Bob is it buddy Bob
my big but Bob at Bob’s up a Bob Bob but

Bob take care of it
Barbara Barbara Barbara know Bob Aaron
but when it came to what’s actually
going on with things that affect us

really affect us such as privacy data
sharing I’m tracking the guy is
completely and utterly clueless I mean I

was old school no he doesn’t deserve to
have the job you gotta have a hold
well these clips will prove it here is
the first one and this is actually

Senator Josh Hawley Republican from
Missouri asking the questions and the
aides can ask couple questions about how
he would as Attorney General would would
work with and handle some of the issues

surrounding social media companies in
Silicon Valley in general just on the
subject of ownership of data as you know
Facebook is currently subject to a 2011
consent decree as part of what you’d
agreed not to release or share or sell

personal user information without the
knowledge and consent of its users at
Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has
adamantly insisted under oath as
recently as April tenth of 2018 that on

Facebook users have complete control
those are his words over everything that
they share
however as I’m sure you’re aware recent
media reports have indicated that

Facebook in fact routinely has shared
user information without users consent
or even knowledge now the Justice
Department has the authority to enforce
the terms of the 2011 consent decree and

potentially to prosecute any violation
will you consider doing so well
because that is something that I might
have to get involved with and supervise
if I’m confirmed I’d rather not you know

make any comments about it right now
okay so you okay Wow great yeah the guy
doesn’t know what he’s talking about no
I’m sure he doesn’t he’s probably
thinking to himself who got shot is

anybody using a gun your mission of a
crime is there anything going on as a
communist involved well the senator from
Missouri is going to try to explain to
splain this to him and saying hey man

you know this like um there’s a
hampering of the flow of information we
got deep platforming going on it’s all
kinda crazy stuff let me ask you this
these same technology companies also
control the flow of information or lead

to flow the flow no they don’t control
the flow but okay I used to influence it
the flow of information to consumers to
an unprecedented degree I mean you have
to go way back in American history to

find any analog back to the paper
Trust’s to find an analogue of a group
small group of companies that control
the information and influence the news

and its flow to Americans to an extent
to the extent that these companies do
and there’s growing evidence funnies
have leveraged their considerable market
power if not monopoly status to disfavor

certain ideological viewpoints
particularly conservative and
libertarian viewpoints do you think the
Department of Justice has authority
under the antitrust laws or consumer
protection laws or other laws to address

bias by dominant online platforms I
would just say generally you know I
wouldn’t think it would yeah I’d have to
think long and hard before I said that
it was really of an antitrust matter on

the other hand it could involve issues
of disclosure and and other and other
implicate other laws like that he has no

clue and also neither does Holly from
Missouri the data that’s important it’s
not your pick yeah there’s some valise

yes we’re scanning and getting your you
have facial recognition your friends and
theirs but that’s the data that is not
yours that’s Facebook’s data they
created that day

they have their SDK and all the apps
they get all the data that’s their data
that’s at least how they view it there’s
a complete disconnect between what these
jamokes in in Congress feel data is and

what it’s really about and this guy’s
just he’s just stock answer
unsatisfactory okay well you can bitch
and moan about this character all you

want but who would who could they
possibly put up there for this job that
would know anything I don’t care I don’t
give a crap I just want to play these
clips is there any point do you think it

which political bias could require a
response and I’m thinking for example
Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain
has written how Google or Facebook for
example could manipulate their
algorithms to significantly swing voter

turnout to favor a candidate of their
choice would that sort of conduct
require a response from the department
I’d have to think about that you know
I’d like to know more about the the the

phenomena and what laws could be
implicated by it well that’s at least an
honest answer and that I say and it’s
the Facebook actually has done massive

experiment with more than thing was five
or six million people to see if they
could motivate them to vote and they did
and it’s published and it’s we’ve talked
about it on the show yeah but nothing

really comes quite close as what and I’m
happy to see that people are catching on
to this and they’re analyzing it and the
media is doing this but I think this is
CBS this morning even it’s not the real

issue what’s going on but they at least
people are aware of and when I saw this
happen it was over the weekend that it
started this post the selfie of you

today and ten years ago yeah everybody’s
posting a selfie of you and ten the
first I saw this is like yeah I’m not

gonna do that this is clear something’s
up with this and CBS this morning did a
pretty good job but they missed the main
point I think Facebook Twitter and
Instagram users are posting photos of

themselves a decade apart with a hashtag
ten year challenge some well-known
people have gotten in on the fun but the
millions of public
the shared photos can be a treasure
trove of information for companies

working with facial recognition and
artificial intelligence data and
emerging technology consultant kate
o’neill warned in a wired opinion piece
that’s out right now thanks to this meme
there’s now a very large data set of

carefully curated photos the people from
roughly ten years ago and now similar
concerns were raised last year about
Google’s Arts and Culture app it matched
people with artwork where artwork that

supposedly looked like them google says
it discarded users selfies once the
matches were found the website popped
sugar released its own app for finding
celebrity doppelgangers the company

later revealed photos submitted for its
twinning challenge were initially stored
on an unsecured server also many
Instagram users who created collages of
their top nine most liked posts of 2018

may have given their email addresses and
other user data to a company and you’re
going really Wow regarding the 10 year
challenge Facebook told CBS News quote
our face recognition symptoms are not
tracking studying or aware of this mean

wired senior writer and CBS News
contributor Izzy Lipowski is here good
morning this was a user-generated mean
they didn’t have anything to do with it

but how could Facebook use these photos
right so there’s nothing inherently
about it was all good fun
generated by users but what we have to
think about is what we’re giving away

when we’re having this fun right and so
in the case of the ten year challenge it
is this streamline to organize data set
that shows what you look like ten years
ago what you look like now and if you
are trying to train a machine learning

algorithm to learn how people aged this
is something that Facebook could do this
is something that other researchers
might want to do this gives you a pretty
nifty way of doing that so I think
that’s a red herring because that’s not
what’s going on here well my hair might

not be a red herring but I like the idea
I was gonna post something I just didn’t
hit I’m too lazy I was gonna post a
picture of an old black man that would
be me ten years ago and then some other

you know Yoda or some of the others
there’s just some other pictures of some
some other races mean old Nick Nolte’s
mug shot now that’s whatever if that
would have been good use Nick Nolte’s

mug shot
and you know just some random two photos
and saying you know well I look a little
better now so now so my my view on this
is yeah I mean here’s the things that

actually do that are intended to get you
to get information from you and learn
about you and profile you yeah maybe
these pic maybe this particular mean I

don’t think so the the games like do you
know all these top ten songs from the
80s those are all those are all about
tracking and getting information on you
yeah in this case I think it’s pure and

this may be the only thing that there
that Silicon Valley really is going
after is how can we move the needle just
a little bit how can we make you do
something and I think that’s what this

is about
how can what can we create that you will
engage with and if you look at what the
if you know we’ve seen the brexit
actually heard the actual brags that
brexit guide Dominique Cummings talking

about what he used we’ve heard parce
qu’elle the Trump digital guy about what
he used all they’re looking for
continuously is what what words what
color what interact what’s button to

click can we use to make someone do
something when we want to buy something
yes buy is the low-hanging fruit I think
that’s just that’s just the beginning

yeah tell that to our donors on today’s
show if we’ve gotta you gotta engage
some AI and ml to make sure the stuff
works man that’s what it’s all about
we had to get by the way I got a note

from a producer that who news knows
somebody in the higher echelon of the
White House and he or she said that
there are people writing tweets for

Trump could be that he doesn’t write
tweets don’t know what that has to do
with Silicon Valley trying to to get you
to buy stuff or click stuff well I think

it’s part of the same to say is the same
is all price okay long yeah all right
blogosphere yes well there’s a there’s a
lot of interesting things happened Tim

Cook actually wrote an op-ed in Time
magazine about the date of brokers
because that’s really what it’s about
and it’s not yeah it’s about what you’re
clicking online but until you integrate
that where the data broker who has your

credit card or your debit card
transaction history that’s when it gets
and Tim Cook is writing in Time magazine
we all deserve control over our digital

lives that’s why we must rein in the
data brokers so he’s on a jihad a jihad
against the data groaners yeah of course
that’s he’s trying to tell us that the

iPhone you’re protected while Australia
just passed the law
that all digital platforms must be
prepared to give unencrypted data with

some kind of key to decrypt upon request
yeah that’s all Australia Nazis well
you’re on a roll today

well they are part of five eyes which
makes it very interesting because they
share data amongst us and the UK and New
Zealand and who’s the other one at
Canada and the navier–

yeah so you know best thing is just not
to just don’t say anything just sit at
home with my phone yeah take it off the
hook you can’t even you can’t even watch

Roku anymore Roku is is they’ve become
such a tracking advertising because of
course they build some cool boxes they
couldn’t make enough money or they have

to make more that went public so you
have to have a 20% increase continuously
and of course they got caught in the old
well within like three days we’re gonna
put Alex Jones on our platform because

we feel that you know it’s free speech
blah blah blah
three days later they D platform him
well because people said that we got a
lot of pushback from the community know

your advertiser news to me brand new
yeah happened yesterday I know that they
they said they’re gonna put Alex Jones
on the platform and I’m thinking to

myself okay he’s on the platform I go is
he falling or what sure Alex Jones I
could see him online he’s still there
yeah on the Internet’s
and so I heard that they’re gonna put
him I know they kicked him off already

that’s pretty lame that’s pretty that’s
that’s not a good sign that’s a very
this gutless wonder kind of a move well
here they said before they took him off
which was just days ago we’re a neutral

platform we’re neutral we just uh Roku’s
decision to allow the channel at all hey
that’s not a quote I’m looking for a
uh.okay can’t find a quote but just a

couple days later they take him off
after the Infowars channel became
available we heard from concerned
parties sleeping giants and have
determined that the channel should be

removed from our platform platform
deletion from the channel store and
platform has begun and will be completed
do not move it will only hurt more

during the deep lat forming process what
if Pluto put him on what would happen
then well Pluto is is on roku so then
pluto would be platform yeah well I

think the cat I think the cat Channel is
a problem quite honestly if you want to
be platform anything imagine all the
people who could do this oh yeah

and we continue our romp through the
through the various producers who at

least came in for today’s show 11:04
starting with James Meltzer in Honolulu
Hawaii in his addy douching yes

something here to say no no I have to
read this over later Joseph DeFeo in

Long Island City came in another one
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David Boswell in Georgetown Texas a
hundred dollars with it thank you Tim
Lang in San Francisco California hundred

dollars Lisa Lisa from Bensenville
Illinois 100 dollars oh I have a note
hold on okay oh it’s one of those notes
that’s you got it the table get up and

get it it’s a cute low notes I printed
let me print it up with a with a pen uh
this week the Gulf of not donating

finally got to me and a check isn’t
thank you I walk a mile to and from my
government building in the Chicago Loop
from the train every day and listening
to your show has made the walk a lot

more entertaining and fun even though a
guy on a bicycle almost killed me
yesterday instead of shouting at people
wouldn’t it be better to bring back the
little bicycle bells on the handlebars

you know the new doc less bikes in
Austin all have a bell can you take the
Bell off you’re always sabotaging
everything I’m just wondering well I

will say our our producer Scott in see
he said those damn Birds of Columbus
those damn bird scooters are all over

Columbus Ohio now I was walking around
the city learning to use my pilot dog
since I’m legally blind and they’re
everywhere I’d be fine if people use the
charging stands that around them but
that’s too much trouble I took out I

took a few out though
clothesline one idiot right off right
off is
when he almost hit me and Tucker my
guide dog let me know which wires to
clip and I’m thinking no no he has one

he doesn’t have you need one of those
collapsible canes
I don’t see how I just needs to just
bash the shit out of these people are
from them’s if they’re on the sidewalk
boom and yeah well I think you should

definitely go to the City Council and
complain that this is a hazard to the
blind folk it is it is it’s no doubt
about the dogs don’t like it no and he

did offer Tucker as the official pilot
dog of the show okay he is now and he’s
pretty is a hairy aisle so Ford you the
the pictured very handsome dog good

hello Tucker good little boy she says
I’d like to hear that jingle be one of
the requests and we can make it when we
donate which one is like I actually have

one of those little bells around
somewhere I haven’t used it on the show
Oh buy some yeah please de Deus me be
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about our private business and they are
probably more stressed than the rest of
us because they have already lost their
paychecks good karma to all of my fellow
800,000 government workers I hope this
ends by the time you get this it didn’t

I put 108 because eights are supposed to
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sir Greg of the parts unknown 999 Gary
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Neal 800 H did you have a boob linked in
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rest Corey 64 it’s for 64th birthday
coming up Bob Baron Baba High Point 55
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want to give it Baron baba mc4r g 73 73
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cool dense and Jansen I think 55 thank
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last but not least J Robert Appleby jr.
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we’ll get more people to come on board I
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and actually to be honest about it I’ll
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feel okay we’re done this time yeah and
it’s usually around the the mark yeah
it’s the Browns if yet we try to do 2:45
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hardest part well I do want to think I
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Dvorak org slash and a oh yeah there was

a weird story in California yeah about
this about the officer who was killed

was that the woman was was that in Davis
California no there’s a bunch of people
getting killed in California everywhere
it’s just a woman San Francisco I and it

was all bent out of shape about it
I don’t know listen to this when the
note was not a woman the Gators got into
the house where the suspect was they
found a letter open-faced on the bed

Davis police lieutenant Paul door Shaw
showed reporters this six-line
typewritten letter with the signature
line typed out citizen Kevin Limbaugh
this is a photo of Kevin Douglas

Limbaugh now identified as the gunman
who killed officer Natalie Corona before
turning the gun on himself inside his
home his letter offers new information
about his mindset the night of his

deadly attack Micheli speculate that it
was there to be seen immediately but it
was certainly in a position where
to be seen immediately the letter reads
the Davis Police Department has been
hitting me with ultrasonic waves dogs

from barking I notified the press
Internal Affairs and even the FBI about
it I am highly sensitive to its effect
on my inner ear I did my best to appease
them but they have continued for years

and I can’t live this way anymore that’s
quite the accusation of course yes this
was kind of a story floating around but
it was kind of superseded by another
story well you know that you know the

cops they found out what it was
what he was complaining about of the
supersonic weapon what was it crickets
wait the door was so open at least I

didn’t try this I didn’t I didn’t kill
it no true well so this woman this
before she was a policewoman a couple

years earlier she was showing dancing
I’m holding a blue line flag uh-huh you
form it two blue lines no I’m not blue
line and a red line flag no is the blue

line an American flag that’s in all the
B’s and all black except there’s a blue
line in the middle of it and Reavers
representative police oh okay the thin
blue line yeah and it really represents

the police and it just commemorates or
celebrates if you want to call it that
all the police that were killed in the
line of duty there’s also a red one for
the fire department

so she’s held now all of a sudden
especially around here they’re all bent
out of shape about the flag now has
become according to the me to people
it’s become a symbol of racism oh yeah
that’s what the blue the blue line flag

is a symbol of racism oh yeah I wish I
think I’ve been happen for the next show
but yes is a major major major symbol of
racism so anyone who has that flag or
displays the flags are racist Wow Wow

yeah there was a story they caught my
mainly because I know how to pronounce
it will am it most people don’t know how

to pronounce will I’m it how would you
pronounce it otherwise oh people say
willamette oh no it’s always been will
am it yeah and I know that because I I
got my fixed wing license at Willamette

oh well I know it because my daughter
went to University of Willamette well
it’s pretty crappy up there and
Willamette listen to this the sign is up
at River place there is no dumping of

sewage in the marina weather treated or
not vessel suspected of dumping will be
asked to leave eyes do see feces I see
bags away so it’s clearly print somebody

living on the river Marlin bump is the
harbor master here at the private pay by
month facility and just a few feet away
we have a couple boats over here that
have been on the docks for a little bit

of time
it’s a city-owned dock with to transient
boats tied up more than a few days and
it’s trespassing but there are a few
Rangers to enforce it there’s some of
the 54 boats on the state’s watch list

right now compared to 85 in 2016 we got
a tour around Ross Island to show you
close up some of these transient boats
homeless folks buy them for a few

hundred dollars off salvage dealers they
don’t have working motors to get to
shore and pump out sewage or drop off
garbage no lights or anchors to be seen
and some like the one two weeks ago

along the east bank Esplanade are so
dangerous they catch on fire written
warnings to move along last summer did
nothing now anyone living aboard these
is trespassing the Department of State

Lands plans to start seizing some of the
worst offenders at four thousand dollars
a pop and towing them out right now we
need to get the feces out of the water
yeah turns out of the water so as I’m

listening to this it hits me our exit we
miss removal no better than doing that
now no there’s a homelessness problem in

America that is really bad and in Austin
we see it too it’s all under the
highways under bridges is is tent camps

a solution and we kind of missed out on
the no agenda tents no but we have a we
have another shot are you ready for it

I’m I’m all ears
inflatable bouncy castles you see we we
take the basic inflatable bouncy castle
then we we of course no agenda on them

we you know he outfit them with some
pockets and stuff so you can put all
your gear in there and you can just line
them up on any river they’re easy to
deploy you can snap them together so are

you your homeless friends you can have
like a like a
a convoy you know you can have a whole
platoon you can you can be a big float
and it’s perfect yeah yeah we can brand
this we can brand no agenda branded but

I don’t know if you see one of these
floating out to sea behind this can you
imagine that promotion okay now you’re
just making my point for me some

attention yes especially was floating
out to sea what the Coast Guard choppers
but unfortunately probably sent us a
bill flotilla was the word I’m looking
flotilla yeah then he’s a fun in there
too well I like the idea I never heard

by the way this clip was interesting too
because the homeless houseboat dwellers
because right now in Berkeley the big
thing in the Berkeley area East Bay and
San Francisco of course has been this

way forever the East Bay has got these
people who buy or rent these RVs and
they live in those yes and they’d say
yeah as they’re everywhere

and they’re everywhere there’s there’s
certain streets where they’re lined up
there’s just a slew of them all lined up
maybe like 50 of them you gotta imagine
just garbage everywhere all over so

what’s what’s the biggest problem with
with that type of situation you have the
RV it’s broken down it won’t go anywhere
so you have to get the drag with the
bouncy castle idea you just put the

people on the bouncy castle and you can
move them wherever you want them to so
we’re gonna move you guys over here the
flotilla goes along and it’s perfect
back to reality okay I’ll stop the these

RVs are all over because I never thought
the creativity I have to give him credit
up in Portland for coming up with the
idea of finding old abandoned or beat-up

or pieces of crap and by the way a
crappy houseboat piece of crap houseboat
is kind of redundant and you could kind
of fit in except you’re not paying your

monthly dues that’d be moored anywhere
right but yeah I think it’s not a bad
thing in these houseboat homeless
houseboats for the homeless we have a
lot of oh we have a lot of people living

on houseboats and all sports for the
homeless okay River
how do houseboats for the homeless
bouncy castles for bums I’m telling you

it’s an idea yes we have lots of
houseboats in Austin Thembi they’re big
they’re big houseboats are they for the
homeless no they’re for rich people yeah

that’s the correct answer
I just got an interesting note from the
keeper yeah so we have kind of ties in
this story so Nancy Pelosi has said to

the president
you can’t come to our house and do your
State of the Union until you stop the
shutdown and past the the appropriations

now she has that right I presume she can
she can do that I guess
yeah yeah she had this an invitation the
reason she rationalizes this and I’ve

been told agreement with this
she says they says they don’t have any
they can’t afford the security oh really
right correct well let’s go to CNN and
listen to Phil Mudd notorious CIA shill

and let’s see what he has to say about
it if you believe that this is a real
national security threat you’re gonna
have all 100 senators 435 members of the
House the diplomatic corps the Supreme

Court justices you’re gonna have members
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff the entire
cabinet with one so-called designated
survivor who doesn’t come because of a
god forbid some sort of security

incident is this a legitimate security
concern heck no I mean this is political
genius I give Nancy Pelosi credit for
her political sense it’s national
security nonsense we’re talking about

less than 60 acres in the huge national
security threats of US senators u.s.
members of the cabinet Supreme Court
justices and guests of for example of
the president and that’s that we can’t

secure fifty eight acres are you kidding
me there’s 40,000 plus flights every day
in this country wolf they’re still
flying in the FAA which in the midst of
this crisis is still operating can

manage 40,000 plus flights and we can’t
do 58 acres I applaud her for coming up
with a genius of trying to corner the
President on this but from a national
security perspective this is a

Kardashian moment this is fake how dare
you disagree with Phil mud you’re wrong
bronzor actually some CIA reason they
want to do oh yeah oh yeah I witness I

think that she’s correct and there’s no
end you know he’s gonna give the State
of the Union address at some point and
it’s gonna be whenever it is and well
cares apparently big deal according to
the keeper who just sent me a message

Trump just canceled Pelosi’s trip to
Belgium Egypt and Afghanistan because of
the shutdown and said she can go but she
has to fly commercial a little back and
forth of

a little back and forth well does
800,000 people who haven’t been paid
it’s good it’s getting a little
complicated for people they’re gonna
have to do something about this I gotta
look for PBS work recall no pay they’re

doing this stunt which has got a Berk
people also today the Federal Aviation
Administration called another 2,200
aviation safety inspectors back to work

and the IRS recalled to work 46,000
furloughed employees 60% of its
workforce to handle tax returns and
refunds none of the workers in either

agency will be paid yeah there was an
interview with Trish Gilbert and she’s
executive vice president at the Union
the national air traffic controllers
Association and I think it’s worth

listening to what she had to say because
her message is clear you know obviously
it’s a stressful job you you know not
having enough people is stressful but

her mind I’m not quite sure where her
mind is she seems like a very political
person let’s just have a listen here in
the air is there any reason why people
why people flying should be concerned

that there’s not enough man and woman
power to keep playing safe as they’re
flying right well you know each day that
this shutdown continues the situation
gets worse and worse

there are several complicated complex
layers in our system two interests just
so you know several complicated complex
layers in our system that is a bunch of
gobbledygook if I ever heard it yeah
yeah it’s a good one several complicated

complex layers in our system to ensure
that it maintains the critical safety
components that we all rely on when we
fly yeah we don’t want to see is a
catastrophic event occur and for us to

come to you and say we told you that
controllers are working longer hours
they now they don’t have their support
staff they’re going to work unpaid so
they’re not sleeping at night they’re

looking for other jobs I like to I’d
like the conclusion I mean yes I can see
the stress but she’s you gotta be very
careful when you say these things like
and I also think the air traffic
controllers who were there should be a

little pissed off at this woman they’re
very capable of doing it also
short-handed they’ve done this a lot
though you know I will you knocking you
can’t sleep aid so they’re not sleeping
at night they’re looking for other jobs

maybe they’re driving uber before after
their shift this is unacceptable mission
we cannot come to this country and
expect these people to continue it’s
also weird we cannot come to this

country and expand don’t understand is
she talking about immigrants or is she
talking about the shutdown or just just
know is this again
she’s the executive vice president of
the National Association national air

traffic controllers Association this is
a head of the Union aid so they’re not
sleeping at night they’re looking for
other jobs maybe they’re driving uber
before after their shift this is

and we cannot come to this country and
expect these people to continue to work
without pay how long how long can they
do that we cannot come to this country I
know it’s that’s why I said she’s weird

but she continues right these people to
continue to work without pay how long
how long can they do that everywhere
alarming do to raise the possibility of
a catastrophic event are you saying that
the effect of this shutdown just in

terms of folks not sleeping not having
some people have been called back but
not all those workers have been called
back are you saying that that is is a is
a reasonable credible concern I’m saying
the system is disruptive or disrupted

another one is disruptive she’s got
other things in her mind
I’ll back are you saying that that is is
a is a reasonable credible concern I’m
saying the system is disrupted or

disrupted and the people are need to be
focused on the job that they’re paid to
do unfortunately they’re not getting
paid to do it right now they need a
hundred percent focus they need not to
be fatigued they need not to be worried

about whether they’re gonna have to sell
their house whether they’re gonna have
to leave this profession all together no
the the air traffic controllers is
interesting by itself we went for a long
time without them when they had the

walkout under Reagan right and he wound
up firing all of them yeah you guys
walked out you’re out of here I believe
there is also some law or regulation or

something some rig that if the if the
shutdown has lasted for 30 days then I
you can start firing people there’s
something weird something I’m not sure

I’ve not seen in writing I’ve only heard
people talk about it
well maybe somebody can help us I have
one more us it’s part two to this clip
just a about the safety of flying you

fear-mongering given all that you’ve
just laid out and it is alarming to hear
bottom line would you say Trish that
flying is less safe today than it was a
month ago I would say it is less safe

today than it was a month ago absolutely
we do not have the professionals on the
job we are working with bare-bones crews
we have controllers they’re doing what
they do very very well but how long can

you expect them to do it without all of
the systems behind them to keep the
system safe and that the planes just
talking crap now the systems are up and
running I’m sure in the air it’s not

just the air air carriers that we’re
working through the system its life
lights with organs its packages with
cargo flights it’s the military all of
this is very important to this country

it’s an economic engine the air traffic
control system in this country and right
now you’re putting this incredible
strain on the system which is
unacceptable and unreasonable this is a
horrible game of chicken that we’re in

the middle of and we need to get out of
it and we need to get out of it today I
agree we need to get out of it but I
disagree that this is somehow really
making life unsafe for air travel really

stand it huh all right well I do have I
don’t have a clip about the Richard

Engel did a whole bit on Syria and I
wish I had this clip I don’t understand
why I don’t have it I see here Richard
Engel NBC on Syrian war and recent

murder is that at the bottom yeah that’s
the clip let’s play that clip because I
pulled an ISO from him that’s quite
that’s very funny witnesses tell NBC
News US troops were at a restaurant

halfway down this street and then this
happened when a man in civilian clothing
approached the door
a suicide bomber apparently lying in
wait with a powerful explosive vest four

Americans were killed to US service
members a civilian working for the
Defense Department and a contractor as
rescue helicopters came in witnesses
told NBC News US forces may have set a

dangerous pattern coming to this same
restaurant repeatedly Isis almost
immediately claimed responsibility the
group it seems trying to show the world

President Trump is wrong we’ve beaten
them badly we’ve taken back the land and
now it’s time for our troops to come
back home but US troops are still here
in Syria for now and their allies

Kurdish forces from today who took us
into the battle zone say the US is
leaving a war that’s not finished these
areas here on the front line are
completely devastated and US and Kurdish

LED forces are still fighting against
Isis there as many as 4,000 Isis
fighters still in this area
hardly mission accomplished defeated I
like his alliteration the Caliphate has

crumbled well done pens boy nice has
crumbled Isis has been defeated again
but one of president Trump’s allies is

warning about pulling out the 2000 US
troops in Syria too soon is set in
motion enthusiasm by the enemy were
fighting you make people were trying to
help wonder about us I saw this in Iraq

and I’m now seeing it in Syria the Trump
administration says it will leave the
fighting on the ground here in Syria to
the Kurds but it’s hard to see how

they’ll be able to do that after US
troops pull out because they have no
planes no helicopters and almost no
heavy weapons no he’s just such a dope
now this is a pro war report you don’t

buy a single and there was a bunch of
discrepancies in here that I thought
were weird I thought we were pulling out
and made a deal with Turkey to take over
let the courage go back to Kurtis what

was formerly Kurtis day well there’s
another threat there that if Turkey
messes with the Kurds then Trump would
destroy them destroy them economically
so why is why is angle saying that the

Kurds are gonna take over the fighting
when it was supposed to be Turkey who do
have air and all these other
capabilities that the Kurds supposedly
don’t have now why was why is this

report being made in the first place
and why would he report that the Kurds
are bitchin and moanin which is what he
said about the pullout which I don’t
believe by the way I don’t believe this

report I think this report is slanted
and he has this little that would really
got me and got my attention to this
report was the little ice so he has in
here which is hardly what I would call
good reporting by making this commentary

and you could see the ice so a hardly
mission accomplished hardly mission
accomplished yeah
what would you say that it hardly
mission accomplished which has got which
is not a reference to anything trumpet

said but a pastor reference it’s a call
back to Bush on the aircraft carrier
with the mission accomplished banner
which is a piece of propaganda that the
notice people like to use the ridiculed

Trump for some reason now so this is
something scam –is– about this so very
very unhappy with this report let’s have
this conversation as if we’re in the
Pentagon hey did she did you see rich

great job he even snuck in that stupid
George w thing about mission
accomplished oh great he’s really should

put a little something extra in his
paycheck for this week well there is
that element somebody told him to make
this report that way oh yeah because
angles always been kind of a stooge for

the intelligence agencies I noticed that
when I first picked up I picked up bunny
years ago with that fake kidnapping he
went through and all this other stuff we
ridicule on the show years ago but there

was also this moment where he turned on
the intelligence committee let when
Diane Feinstein was leading it and they
wanted to release the torture report and
he was all in with the see

no no he shouldn’t release it what kind
of journal is this what got me what kind
of journalist wants less information a
Lib Jo
anything is a point yes you have and I

would like to thank Gallup Tom
Starkweather Danny loose and William EB

and Cyborg Dave for all your work for
the end of show mixes coming you from
downtown Austin Texas capital the drone
star states FEMA region six on the
governmental maps in the five by nine to

do in the common law column that we in
the morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley where I am
gonna say hello red-tailed hawk I’m John
C Dvorak we return on Sunday right here

on no agenda remembers at Dvorak org
slash and a adios mofos and such

remember hit it cousin bad I thought

that was disgusting right now we have

Obama he won’t call television but some
black guy just cranking away he was

seriously hot it did wish I wish it was
a little longer yeah he was soaking wet
and wash your hands after touching any
raw meat

thanks Obama
show some RESP I spent it all on hookers
and blow

yeah ain’t that great we need a couple
more these songs man those yeah



what do we give you some little quick
salads that the first lady will make
along with along with the second lady
they’ll make some salads and I said you
guys aren’t into salads eyes to the

right 306 the nose to the left
325 compiling an exploratory committee

for the United State
whatever happens to get me to give me my
job back I don’t care I would warn

against being the stating anyone’s
taking their eye off the ball about
what’s going on in the world over some
fast food at the White House to a
football team and the truth of this
shutdown is that it’s actually not about

a wall it is not about the border Burger
King Wendy’s and McDonald’s we have Big
Macs where quarter pounders with cheese
we have everything that I like that you
like according to officials from within

the Trump administration the shutdown is
costing more than previously believed
and I said you guys aren’t into salads






[Music] hardly
mission accomplished