No Agenda Episode 1105: “BOMBSHELL!”

movie that that shouts out to me don’t
watch this movie
Adam Curry assassination episode 11:05
this is no agenda everybody I Madame

Curie and from northern Silicon Valley

where I have no idea what he said either
I’m Chauncey Devore
Oh surely you know you have to shave
away your toxic masculinity you’ve seen
the ad it was mumbled really yeah so we

do it over fine now that I said it twice
all right what’s going on you had

something bad happen yes I woke up I
mean I turned on the machine that’s the
good man you wake up that’s at all this
is a good turn the machine on and this
is your mom Grady escape oh no I said no

no no granite said well we’re rebooting
anyway well there’s no reboot involved
oh they just kill Skype I said whatever
you’ll click on it click click wanna

reboots you want to renew it you want to
upgrade away me where’s the Skype
apparently I can’t get Skype them run
unless I upgrade they find this was the
threat they made about six months ago

wait what you’re running Windows 10
though right yeah yeah okay so I don’t
understand what threat they made but I
do what they made was hey you’re using
an old legacy version of Skype oh stop

it you fool huh okay well it sounds good
so far
sounds fine yeah but I mean but and look

at the screen stinks it’s a big giant
blue screen with AC in the middle yeah
I’ve got al gore with the machete in the
middle of my blue screen yeah but it’s

not like a big picture about the
interface the interface is only part of
the yeah I’m sure the

yeah I’m complaining about the
interfacing I remember when I had kept
my legacy and you were on the new one
cuz you had to be yeah and you’re
moaning and groaning I don’t see this I
don’t see that I don’t see this I don’t

see that I’m looking hey I see all these
things I got a little monitor for the
feed and all the boob how’s it working
for the Noldor your tutor monitor I get
the jitter welcome to the club pal

welcome to the club where everything is
obfuscated you don’t need to know anyway
about this jitter yeah what is Jiri even

mean in a digital context let’s not get
started on this it’s really because you
know what 5g will save us all it’s gonna
remove jitter once I got a 5g report for
later no good yeah but first Amber

during the early days of the CD round
there are some scammers or I think there
was just naive dummies and that and the
cd-rom was the digital medium and they
and they sold these little little

attachments as little like a little lead
weight you can put on top of the disc
after you install it and it would reduce
not the cd-rom this was just the CD yeah

that’s right I meant to see it first the
early audio CDs yes it would reduce Wow
and flutter
I remember this are you talking about
flutter is a specific problem with tape

mechanisms in 1982 three I want to say
or maybe four I just started Veronica
broadcasting and we were the new guys on

the block and we like hey you know this
these CDs and the Philips of course was
leading in that and they had I think
there was two CDs it was Mark Knopfler
dire straits and was one other but you

know both phonogram act and we hooked it
up to the to the national broadcast
network you know to the big towers and
we started must have been a dire straits
track but the dynamics were so large at

the time it actually blew out the
transmitters the whole network was dead
the whole country particularly brother
brother in arms it wasn’t brother in

it was either actually at first was the
one that’s got the MTV thing in there
but they say the lyrics you owe money
for nothing yeah maybe it wasn’t for
nothing yeah you’re right

money for nothing and man when you play
the first time I had money for my
nothing on any stereo sight
cuz they didn’t I don’t know what they
did then pump the dynamic range to what
it was but it was a Norma he started off

with is very low no sound at all cuz
there’s no surface noise so there’s no
Wow and flutter man
yeah there’s no Wow and flutter was I
think Wow and flutter was something from

from the turntable days as well it was
not it well it was mostly for tape but
yeah I think you can get Wow you can get
Wow and flutter on it turned him like I
got Wow and flutter right here you know

right in the stomach anyway this was a
fun weekend there was a problem and
resolution within two days in between
two shows it was the most fascinating

yes of course buzz I have a compa lodge
I have a bunch of stuff that’s your
account balázs yes here’s a Kampala

which will start with the breaking
report from BuzzFeed and will well
you’ll see where it is breaking news
we’re following breaking news on what
may be the most damning allegations yet

against President Trump that’s fueling
new talk of impeachment another night
another bombshell a potentially damaging
new report from BuzzFeed this is
BuzzFeed reporting game-changing reports

BuzzFeed news is reporting the president
personally instructed his former lawyer
Michael Cohen to lie to Congress he
should be impeached immediately he
foresees I think impeachment coming this

is a completely impeachable of
time’s impeachment you should be
that is impeachable president Trump must
either resign or be impeached this was
like the Titanic coming at the iceberg

counsel Robert Muller’s office is
disputing they just come out with a
statement I want to read it to you

responding to BuzzFeed saying BuzzFeed’s
description of specific statements to
the special counsels office and
characterization of documents and
testimony obtained by this office
regarding Michael Cohen’s congressional

testimony are not accurate and that’s
where we started to pick a port apart
words to an infinite degree which was
funny and I’m sure you have some
examples of that Oh unbelievable I mean
the only guy the funny thing was is on

PBS news hour they did have Brooks they
didn’t have shields wasn’t there some
woman from Washington jerk The Wall
Street Journal who was more than happy

to to be she’s hoping to God that
there’s a tape to prove I mean I don’t
know why journalists are so biased to
the point where they’re hoping the guy
gets impeached but okay this is the way
it goes but Brooks actually said well we

don’t know that it’s true and he there’s
only one source and he’s actually hemmed
in hard it wasn’t like us like he could
have gone even further and said well I
want to see some more documentation this

one BuzzFeed whose BuzzFeed I mean some
I think it’s a really random news
gathering operation now BuzzFeed is
always cats well it’s been a click farm
type operation but they’ve they’ve

wildly successful I know someone who
works there and builds out their new
offices and they got they’re doing very
well but it’s yeah it’s not really based
on most of their success is not really

hard journalists ya know it’s cat videos
it’s a typical click and you get ten ads
and you saw the ten different versions
of Megan Markel’s belly stuff from time

to time it’s fun stuff from time to time
it’s not a it’s not even when Brooks
talked he said well you know but she’s a
real news organization he throws that in
a guy working for the New York Times it

says that I mean it was too much
actually this I don’t want to start I
don’t want to start with his stuff it’s
not the best but let’s play him talking
about about this Brooks and some woman

are each from felony president told his
former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to
Congress yeah this is significant for a
couple reasons one it’s a felony the
president allegedly committed while

being president unlike all the previous
stuff and then it is a bit of a you know
he’s president n states are running for
office and he puts the u.s. national
interest behind his own interest in
getting the Trump Tower built in Moscow

so these are both very serious things
David French of National Review pointed
out that in Michael Cohen sentencing
agreement months and months ago this was
right out there in the open for all of
us that cones lawyer said he did he lied

to Congress because person number one
Donald Trump told him to do it and he
didn’t have the strength to resist and
so that suggests there’s some meat to
this BuzzFeed is a real news

organization the BuzzFeed report you
can’t tell whether they have written
evidence they say there’s a trove of
documents they say there’s a trove of
emails and texts but is there an actual

piece of paper with Donald Trump saying
lie to Congress that would be pretty
explosive if that exists or recording or
recording lordy let there be tape
somebody said operation suppose lordy oh

lordy lordy be tapes a little bit biased
now the thing that they wrapped with

which is might you our thesis about the
which is really all about and then you
listen carefully to this Brooks and some

woman impeach or a vote moment and and
you’re gonna hear our meme can I just
just play something in the interim for
just one second that’s I just I was
searching for James Comey saying lordy

yeah listen to this you’re big you’re
strong I know the Oval Office hook it in
and the only thing I could think to say
because I was playing in my mind cuz I

go to
every word he said I was playing in my
mind what should my response be and
that’s why I very carefully chose the
words and look like I’ve seen the tweet
about tapes lordy I hope their tapes huh

she took it from Comey no she took it
from Comey I didn’t realize that lordy I
hope their tapes okay now I get it like
I’ve heard this phrase before all right
well you’re gonna hear it more from the

media so let’s listen are the thesis the
basic overriding thesis that’s part of
this show where they are we with it this
one the second Brooks clip yeah we’re
gonna impeach her are we not where does

their emphasis go this is an interesting
debate on the left do we want this guy
impeach or do we want to vote him out
which is better for the country
I think voting that would be better for
the country but if there’s the evidence
mounts you really have no choice it’s

interesting mean I know many Democratic
members of Congress who believe as David
said they would be better off running
against Donald Trump then against
whoever the Republicans will put up in

his face but this is as as jamie raskin
was suggesting an insult to the very
constitutional system so there you have
it day one I want to vote him out they

don’t want to impeach him because it’s a
scam yeah they just want to keep it
running for two more years now I want to
play the overview from PBS with DES yard
and woman and then I want to cut to this

guy this congressman Jamie Raskin who
just is absolutely off the rails and
he’s an interesting character because
our former economic hitman contact is a
buddy of his uh-huh and we condemned him

once before for something else he did
this on a dumb and you got a note yeah
it’s a pretty good guy have we heard
from our economic hitman no he’s over
well he’s flown the coop so let’s this

is the overview on PBS and this kind of
gives us brings us up to the point where
they hit the hit the horn and had the
room hey which by the way I shouldn’t

mention the next day because I have
clips of that too they were so sheepish
about backing off on this yeah they were
picking apart
the entire sentence from Muller’s office

yeah they’re picking that apart saying
well but he still stands by their story
and all the rest of it when in fact they
were busted for buying into just any old
unsourced no it was they had sources

Bullock read sources say yes sources say
we had two guys we know I mean right
away it was very sketchy but it’s just
bad but they were so sheepish about all

the fuss they made it just one sec I
mean we do remember that BuzzFeed was
the first one to publish the steel
dossier the rancid dossier I mean I
didn’t hear a lot of people saying well

you know last time they had a bombshell
it turned out to be kind of not such a
Bobson I don’t think anyone really said
that oh lordy all right what are we
gonna listen to here like you’ll realize

the overview PBS and a BuzzFeed this oh
wait that’s not it that’s a nice piece
like that yeah correction PBS no that’s
the next day huh huh

BuzzFeed with Lanny Davis BuzzFeed is a
PBS bombshell from BuzzFeed esta clip it
is a bombshell from BuzzFeed news that

it started out cries from Capitol Hill
it could be the most damning set of
diseases yet tying president Trump to an
impeachable offense Lisa Desjardins with
what we know and the response from

lawmakers a new serious friction point
between the White House and the Capitol
as Democratic lawmakers react to the
report that alleges president Trump
ordered his attorney Michael Cohen to

lie to Congress if these facts are true
this is suborning perjury Rhode Island
Democrat David Cicilline spoke on CNN
he’s on the Judiciary Committee the
committee with jurisdiction over

impeachment I think there’s no question
it’s an impeachable offense and it’s
again just one more data point about
what was the reason that they were
trying so hard to keep this Russia

and this Russia relationships so secret
the Democratic Judiciary Chairman Jerry
Nadler said in a tweet that directing a
subordinate to lie to Congress is a
federal crime and he promised

investigations the BuzzFeed report
alleges mr. Trump just a technical
question ordering a subordinate to lie
to Congress

I’m sure that’s that’s a felony but was
he really a subordinate
he’s a lawyer anybody to lie to perjure
themselves a felony okay use the word
ordering like he’s some big boss’s

attorney attorneys know what they’re
doing they’re not gonna be ordered by
their clients you say what if you ask if
you say hey would you mind lying to
Congress is that also a felony probably
investigation not that I’m thinking of

trying it anytime soon in my back pocket
the BuzzFeed report alleges mr. Trump

personally directed Cohen to lie about
plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow
no other news outlet has confirmed the
it comes after Cohen cleated guilty in
November to lying to congressional

intelligence committees about the
so-called Moscow project Cohen is now
cooperating with federal prosecutors I’m
sorry I gotta stop it again
she said instead of saying we have not
been able to independently verify the

story she says something very
interesting no other news organizations
have verified the story does that mean
that if other news organizations say
yeah we’re in then it’s okay they still

don’t have to do their own research PBS
that’s a very good catch yes it’s no PBS
ado jack I mean that’s that’s basically
what they’re saying but she’s saying

feed report alleges mr. Trump personally
directed Cohen to lie about plans to
build a Trump Tower in Moscow no other
news outlet has confirmed the story yeah
that’s circular reporting I guess of if

they cursive while CNN confirms but they
didn’t have it it comes after Cohen
pleaded guilty in November to lying to
congressional intelligence does this
sound like one of those CIA operations

what’s the way drop some bombshell
someplace and then they use that as the
basis for everybody else from saying
that this happened yeah circular
reporting that’s the trick exactly about

the so-called Moscow project Cohen is
now cooperating with federal prosecutors
BuzzFeed says Cohen was not a source for
its story
the president’s current attorney Rudy

Giuliani denied the report and in a
statement called it categorically false
on Fox News White House deputy press
secretary Hogan Gidley questioned
BuzzFeed’s reporting absolutely

ludicrous that we are giving any type of
credence or credibility to a news outlet
like BuzzFeed there’s no president did
not tell Michael Cohen to do that I’m
telling you right now this is exactly

why the president refuses to give any
credence or credibility to news outlets
out of Virginia food bank today serving
furloughed workers the top Democrat on
the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark

Warner to reporters but it explains why
Michael Cohen wide and earlier testimony

to our committee he added the committee
is arranging for Cohen to appear again
next month oh yeah they’re all carry now
I gotta get to the serious Eclipse which

is the biz the basis for my whole report
all right we’re ready for it Jamie
Raskin what what a stooge this guy is
looks like he has a step for a month who

is this guy whose congressman I think
he’s from New York or somewhere but he
just a hellish looking man who and he
doesn’t know what he’s talking about and

he’s just making shit up and he’s and
he’s just oh I’m just looking at his
he’s from Maryland O’Mara I’m looking at
he’s kind of like Kramer from Seinfeld
yeah little bit he’s a horrible looking

and well he lets go he can be no good if
he looks this way well there is a basis
for thinking that way okay but I’m not
gonna get into it but let’s just put him

on but this is the first
the jamie raskin we know it is true
let’s hear now from Capitol Hill
representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland
as a member of the House Democratic
leadership team and he serves on the

Judiciary Committee he formerly was a
professor of constitutional law
congressman Raskin thank you very much
for joining us you said earlier today
that if this is true it would be an
impeachable offense how so well we know

it’s true because of course the
Republicans impeach Bill Clinton over
telling one lie about one sexual affair
we know it’s true wait let’s get this

straight so then we so he starts off
with a non sequitur he says we know it’s
true because Bill Clinton was impeached
for a sexual affair mm-hmm what is that
what does that get what does one got to

do it the other what does anything had
to do with truth so he’s off to a bad
start would by saying we know it’s true
was his first opening salvos we know
it’s true we know it’s true so it’s not
as as as questionable here we know it’s

true now was it I believe I should have
looked to find a clip of this that
Klobuchar Amy Klobuchar was ban addicted
okay then I’ll shut up and let you go no

no what I heard is that she was grilling
who’s the new attorney general candidate
yeah yeah I have that that’s in the
democracy I don’t have her complete
clipping it’s in that within the

Democracy Now clip yeah as if she had
already heard the point is she was
grilling what’s the guy’s name the
wheeler not what’s-his-name yeah
the net the bush guy here’s the rundown

she says hey if he did this is that an
impeachable offense right wears no it no
is that against the law and he says yeah

and and this is wooden and then she said
almost exact the president asked someone
to lie for him to Congress would that be
a felony yeah of course it’s Bar William

bar that’s who it is bar and he’d also
been bar also says yeah but it’d be a
felony for anyone so so they it’s clear
that Klobuchar had this information

that’s why she was doing it
I think that maybe this is before
BuzzFeed came out you must be timeline
right yeah yeah yeah okay yeah yeah cuz

they cuz she’s a stooge yep
so I’m just saying that’s why the guy
like this who’s on the inside like oh we
know it’s true we know he knows we got
that we got the briefing you see we got

the BuzzFeed briefing leo or CIA
briefing everyone comes first okay Jamie
Raskin – this is good one sexual affair
and this is about organizing a whole

pattern of lies in order to deceive the
Congress of the United States about a
matter of national security in a matter
that goes to the heart of American
national sovereignty so lying an

obstruction of justice have figured
centrally in the impeachments that we’ve
seen in modern times that is in the
Nixon impeachment and the articles of

impeachment brought against Clinton’s he
wasn’t impeached he wasn’t impeach no
our about our professor of
constitutional law

think that he was impeached this is one
of your favorites I think I’m starting
to notice it as a meme they’re trying to
push into the public consciousness the

idea that Nixon was impeached when he
wasn’t well tbh until we started doing
the show and you brought it up years and

years ago I’m pretty sure I thought he’d
be who had been in peach – that was
always kind of in the lexicon the way I
understood it growing up well you were
you were duped I was and I was

subsequently saved yes by the show yeah
okay well he doubles down on the Nixon
thing so let’s go to clip three the
articles of impeachment brought against

Clinton so but both in the Articles that
were brought against Nixon and the
articles brought against Clinton
obstruction of justice and lying were
central so I think everybody views the
president’s involvement in lying to

Congress and suborning perjury as
certainly a statutory felony violation
law but also a major constitutional
offense against the rule of law and our

Constitution okay Judy jump in and tell
him that Nixon wasn’t impeach hey judy
judy jump in and tell him that Nixon was
it in peach and guess get this back on

track Judy let me guess
does clip for pertain Judy jumping in
and saying that I know damn all by the
way these clips are continuation there’s

not nothing taken out so I didn’t cut
Judy out she’s right back in it now you
she’s so concerned anyway play this and
then I have a kicker because again this
is a problem with Judy play this law and

our Constitution suborning perjury
meaning telling someone else to lie
before the Congress or before a jury but
congressman what is it exactly in this

new information that you that that you
think makes it something that is an
impeachable offense what is it exactly
well let’s start with this we don’t know

whether or not this is true all we have
is one news report about what one
witness has said now obviously it’s a
key witness and Michael Cohen was the
president’s personal lawyer but what

Cohen is saying is that the president
urged him and counseled him and
essentially conspired with him to lie
before Congress and suborning perjury

that is urging and coaching someone to
lie in a sworn context is itself a
federal criminal offense it is a felony

all right you heard what he said now
we’re talking about the show does Judy
show a mere three or four minutes before
this guy we heard this this is now the

clip you’re gonna place overview PBS on
BuzzFeed slander jarred an I so BuzzFeed
says Cohen was not a source for its

okay well if you just heard what this
guy said and Judy heard yeah the guy
says Cohen Cohen said this Cohen said
that Cohen was the source of the story
let’s play clip four again after

listening to what you just heard law and
our Constitution suborning perjury
meaning telling someone else to lie
before the Congress or before a jury but
congressman what is it exactly in this

new information that you that that you
think makes it something that is an
impeachable offense what is it exactly
well let’s start with this we don’t know

whether or not this is true all we have
is one news report about what one
witness has said now obviously it’s a
key witness and Michael Cohen was the
president’s personal lawyer but what

Cohen is saying that is that the
president urged him and counseled him
and essentially conspired with him to
lie before Congress so this is he’s just
delusional because he believes that the

one witness or the one source was one
witness one the one witness or one
source he didn’t make it’s clear that
was the only one right he does say that
Cohen’s was behind this report and it’s

clear by the reporting done on PBS but
just five minutes before that he was
listening to because when you go and sit
down on one of these things you’re

hearing the whole show and they stated
he didn’t think they don’t hear this
stuff yeah they do he only hears himself
is what I’m saying he could actually
hear it I’m sure the audio but let’s
take it to another level

judi heard it judi heard the Chardin
report where she specifically says in
that die so Cohen did not contribute to
the BuzzFeed report he had he didn’t say

anything about anything he’s done these
Mommy’s over on the sidelines
Judy knows that she just heard it a few
minutes ago she did the report you know
just because well this guy saying that
his colon spilling his guts that’s

causing the problem and she doesn’t say
anything I would like to remind you that
just because she has a pearls has a
stately manner about her
doesn’t mean that she isn’t just like

any other prostitute she’s just reading
the prompter it’s what she’s not
listening to anybody
apparently not she missed the Nixon
thing she missed this and this one I

thought was more egregious because this
guy’s going on and on about Cohen
spilling his guts in the BuzzFeed
article when in fact he didn’t even
contribute to the BuzzFeed article as
previously mentioned in the same news

report yes this was a continuation of
what Jordans was doing this is extremely
poor reporting I mean I can’t believe
how bad it is she’s got to go I think

you should replace her I’m not replacing
anybody okay just a thought it doesn’t
give me the opportunity to grouch like

no no I got you I can tell you very
disappointed I think credibly did
somebody ever since Gwen my hope died
died this show has deteriorated to the
extreme I sure taught me a lesson

because we were always harping on Gwen
and then she passed away and it turns
out she was the real heart of the show
no we didn’t know just a rap food I’ve
got I don’t have that much but I do have

that the I have the correction on PBS
the next day which is so lame but I want
to play I got to Ikes I got two more
consumption but I want to play this

story by Democracy Now which includes
the Amy Klobuchar thing or we can skip
it’s only a minute yes please Democrats
say such an order would also constitute
obstruction of justice a felony Trump’s
nominee to become the next Attorney

General William Bar appeared to agree
with that position during his Senate
confirmation hearing Tuesday Barra was
questioned by Minnesota Democrat
timeline Tuesday Amy Klobuchar the

president persuading a person to commit
perjury would be obstruction is that
yes okay or any well you know any person
who persuades another yes okay you also

said that a president or any person
convincing a witness to change testimony
would be obstruction is that right yes
meanwhile The Wall Street Journal

reported Donald Trump ordered mic now I
ask you just for a moment though this
was Tuesday yes question by the way I’m
giving you kudos on this one thank you
for making this catch this is not only

is it kind of and the bar is even
answering kind of like why are you
asking me these stupid questions yeah
exactly he was he was like befuddled but

why is democracy now and why is Judy
showing this as the highlight of
Tuesday’s testimony judy judy is de me
Amy why is democracy now showing this of

all the things this as the highlight on
Tuesday almost you know five days before
the bombshell drop because they’re all
fucking complicit that’s why I’m not

gonna bike completely by that because
this this Amy report was done on the
Friday they had just dug this old thing
up and pulled it into the Friday report
cuz they knew that the buddy was out in

look in life how convenient
well I was yeah I agree with that it was
a little bit much but Klobuchar would do
this was no clue but chars complicit in
some sort of a scam well how about this

what if because remember Ben Ben white
or whether the gut Ben Smith in yeah Ben
Ben Ben Smith he disgraces the name Ben
all people named Ben we know dudes named

Ben they’re heroes this is no dude named
Ben there’s a douche named Ben he has
some kind of official mainstream

background doesn’t either editor right
he’s got all kinds of background he’s
make sense loaded with background you
should look him up
well me me me ever even be able to speak
how about this so why would he so when

Miller’s office comes out and you know
you can read it any way you want but he
said hey this is not factual that’s
probably a good
translations is not factual what you

guys put out there and a simmer down was
kind of the undertone maybe he didn’t
get it directly from sources maybe he
got from a Congress persons sources or
so because he felt pretty strong say no

no we stand by our reporting
well maybe the source is a club a charm
maybe the source is this Kramer looking
guy Raskin who knows who the sources I
have a feeling that that’s that would be

interesting to know the Raskin guys
definitely something wrong with him
I’m I wouldn’t trust this guy in the
inch I do have one last clip and I’m not
gonna play the the may a coupla clip

because it’s not that interesting but I
do have a clip where the truth wants to
come out of our favorites this is Lanny
Davis the lawyer for Cohen who hates

Trump blathering on and he has a little
flub at the end Democrats it’s a
bombshell claim that comes with a caveat

if it’s true if the president directed
Michael Cohen to lie to Congress then
that’s a clear case of participating in
perjury and obstruction of justice and

he should resign
that’s after an explosive new report
which says president Trump personally
instructed his longtime lawyer to lie to
Congress to hide his involvement in a

real estate deal for a proposed Moscow
Trump Tower NBC News has not verified
the report and neither has any other
news outlet BuzzFeed sites two federal
law enforcement officials involved in an

investigation of the matter after
President Trump tweeted a vague
reference to Cohen’s father-in-law one
of Cohen’s advisers says he now fears
for his family and may not testify as
planned in front of Congress next month

family is out of bounds there’s only one
person in the country one president in
our history that would threaten family
as a tactic to make fear of somebody who

calls a rat for telling the truth and
that’s presidential Trump president who
president truth damn
and my mouth what was he saying

president truth
that’s funny in a whole bunch of ways
yeah I got quite a kick out of the panel
over at CNN who immediately threw
BuzzFeed under the bus which is the only

way to go I think you’re CNN’s like
blaming on those guys quick and they had
who they have on they had the
constitutional lawyer that Toobin who’s

there a lot lately work and Brian
seltzer water
you know the meet the media guy big head
here does I have a different view of the

implications of all this my view is this
isn’t that the larger message that a lot
of people are going to take from this
story is that the news media are a bunch
of leftist liars

we’re dying to get the president and
they’re willing to lie to do it
that was some self-awareness that’s for
sure that’s good now we got to fight
back against that of course we can’t

have that
well that and and I don’t think that’s
true medias I preach talking about the
law enforcement side but I mean they’re

not they’re not contradictory but I just
think this is a bad day for us you gotta
admit Toobin is on point with this this
is a bad day so I I have respect a

little bit for I disagree a little bit i
but I just think you know it reinforces
every bad stereotype about the news
media it does reinforce bad startups
about the news media I agree with you I

am desperate as a media reporter to
always say to the audience
judge folks individually and judge
brands individually don’t fall for what
these politicians out there want you to
do they want you to think we’re all
crooked we’re not BuzzFeed now the onus

is on BuzzFeed right now the onus is on

say for buzz Ben Smith says he knows the
identity of the two sources obviously
the reporters you know the identity of
the two sources they’re gonna be going
back to those two sources and hopefully
to other sources to try to get to the
bottom of this oh how many so

could there be Brian now it’s a dispute
and I don’t know how that disputes gonna
be resolved I’m not disagreeing with you
this this will be used obviously against
the media as a whole I hope not
everybody else to use it against the

bright think that the president is very
likely if past is prologue going to see
this as evidence for his attacks on the
media being justified and I think that
his supporters would say that that is
understandable then we need to keep

reinforcing to the audience how much
smoke there is but as a massive fire so
I saw much evidence of wrongdoing but we
do do that we do that ever we do that
every day I think the important things
to remember that part of why it if if

the media gets are doing wrong and then
Smith the same they stand by their
reporting if the media gets something
wrong it is incumbent on us to correct
it and I understand that it is
frustrating to the press and also to

people who believe in the press that the
the White House does not necessarily
follow that same standard for themselves
but that has nothing to do with what we
do we have to keep our standard size
lower than ours in this case it will we

kept him high he kept them high by
saying well we couldn’t confirm the
report but the bombshell report
explosive report bombshell and jeez yeah
now that was just fantastic to see that

happen in this happens the next day and
ends the day after it was just so
interested twenty four full hours no no
didn’t in that pretty small period that

small window they all piled on like
maniacs it was interesting because
Saturday morning we woke up and Tina’s
like oh man this did Twitter’s blowing
up she’s my canary in the coal mine and

I said was having a while yeah this that
BuzzFeed BuzzFeed like what it’s had
this is you know if you lie then screw
this guy alright okay and I said yeah I

think I said you know it’s BuzzFeed
let’s see how this shakes out and and
she was monitoring people who were just
losing their crap over this and that was

just Twitter that wasn’t even till we
flipped on the TV and saw everyone going
nuts and yeah 24 hours later gone
yeah although not really because you
know it’s so unusual for the special

investigators office to make any kind of
this isn’t so unusual it must be some
code as code we got to parse the words
better it’s code there’s definitely some

code in there that’s why there’s code
the mainstream guys the big boys not to
you know BuzzFeed’s or anybody lesser
yeah the mainstream guys just kind of
brushed it under what’s that but they

did a real quickie they all do it quick
turn in a way that they start they led
with it but when it comes up for example
I have a good example this is the the
Saturday PBS teaser okay so now this is

the teaser so I’m expecting because I
think the biggest news story was that
the wisdom was the the killing of this
other story especially when you lead

with it the day before and you made you
made person after person after person
talked about it and you brought in Jamie
Raskin to go on and on you’d think that
you would lead with it again the next

no let’s bury that below you’d think
you’d even tease it no this here’s the
teaser on the next day on PBS on this
edition for Saturday January 19th a

presidential announcement as the partial
government shutdown enters its fifth
week at day 29 the third annual women’s
March takes place across the country
despite recent controversy and in our

signature segment Iraqi soldiers feeling
forgotten after fighting for their
next on PBS Newshour weekend
and BuzzFeed was not a bombshell where

was it nothing you think it would be in
the teaser that would because it was
such a big deal today before but no they
don’t even bother to mention do a little
piece on it and they it was mediocre was

hardly anything like it we screwed up
yeah but it was an it was an
embarrassment for the media I think that
Toobin is right yes now but in this case
you know when he does that that also

he’s a lawyer you know I’m not really a
media guy over here these news guy I’m a
lawyer so I got it seen I got it
straight almost as bad as these guys
where they get caught re reporting a

bullshit this least a couple times a
year yeah well they did exactly look
anyone who reads a report in the New
York Times it’s just become normal we’ve
talked about this for years now it used
to be get someone on record to state

their name and say here’s what I said
and that’s just turned into sources and
at first it was government sources and
it was people who know government
sources and now it’s just some sources
and they got caught it should be a big

warning to some of the other big
mainstream publications and mainly the
New York Times they should be very
careful because they’re going to they’re

going to get caught in this someday as
he just cleared before the source into
some of the fake reporters that they had
working for MIT oh yeah but then it says
well this guy was bad it was a bad apple
and he made stuff up he was bad it was

just him there was nothing New York
Times not the institution just one slip
through like the TSA letting an old
granny with a with a handgun yeah in her
bag that’s the way it’s handled
granny with a handgun granny get your

gun okay so we did have some other
things happen over the weekend I thought
I thought the thought the press the
president’s 3:00 p.m. speech was

interesting I just clipped it wait you
used the word interesting yeah I thought
it was interesting it was interesting
for a number of reasons he had a

different setting it was kind of like in
the hallway with George Washington
behind him it looked not very regal and
presidential it looked kind of like off
to the side I don’t know someone just

built a quick little set no your
impression was but I thought it was kind
of weak yeah that didn’t bother me at
and he offered a deal and he tried to
explain why we need a wall and I don’t

know if anyone watches these things I
don’t know if there was any real
reporting what I got was I think this is
from CBS and they actually edited this
because you know why give you everything
the president said but this was his

offer in the CBS edit our plan includes
the following eight hundred million
dollars in urgent humanitarian
assistance eight hundred and five

million dollars for drug detection
technology to help secure our ports of

an additional 2,750 border agents and
law enforcement professionals 75 new
immigration judge teams to reduce the

court backlog of believe it or not
almost 900,000 cases our plan includes
critical measures to protect migrant

children from exploitation and abuse
this includes a new
system to allow Central American miners
to apply for asylum in their home

countries and reform to promote family
reunification for unaccompanied children
thousands now that kind of went by in a

weird sentence but what is this about
miners who can then apply for a visa it
is there some mining company he’s
hooking up here that’s what it sounds
like to me with so miners these are like

that to me sound like kids to allow
Central American miners o miners as in
children not geez what the hell are you
talking – okay sorry it’s the we apply

for asylum in their home countries and
reform to promote family reunification
for unaccompanied children thousands of

them next up on our border doorstep to
physically secure our border the plan
includes 5.7 billion dollars for a

strategic deployment of physical
barriers or a wall there are two more
elements that’s where they cut out what
he explains it as I just cut that out as

to my plan
number one is three years of legislative
relief for 700,000 daca recipients
brought here unlawfully by their parents

at a young age many years ago this
extension will give them access to work
permits Social Security numbers and
protection from deportation most

importantly secondly our proposal
provides a three-year extension of
temporary protected status or TPS this
means that 300,000 immigrants whose

protective status is facing expiration
will now have three more years of
certainty so that Congress can work on a
larger immigration deal which everybody

wants Republicans and Democrats
so when I heard this to me it sounded
like a little light on on the offering
hadn’t hadn’t we been it like 2 million
Dhaka and the Dhaka kid the kids parents

that was the last time we heard about it
and I would think that the Democrats
would jump at any Dhaka deal
well the but with the Trump did this
with the Dhaka deals a year and a half

ago or something like a year ago they
refused it it’s not gonna buy anything
he does they don’t care about Dhaka
they’re a bunch of phonies side of the
aisle okay I’m just yeah Trump doesn’t

he’s just trying to make something
happen I guess he’s not doing any I mean
he’s the great negotiator should be able
to do a better job than let these Pelosi

and Schumer to to like weirdos run him
around like this but okay well let’s see
what happens they’re all they’ve they
have some power right now so they can

totally do that
well Schumer not so much but Pelosi
closer us now so of course we had the
you’re not allowed to do your State of
the Union in the house

according to Pelosi you can you can do
that from the Oval Office
screw you and then Trump grounded her
plane that was funny
now and then Lindsey Graham comes out

and space them commentary about this
being one sophomoric act after another
well before we go any further what she
was doing was and there was a not much

Adam Schiff I think was going along and
a couple other Congress persons yes sure
and they’re going to Brussels and we
know what what’s what’s happening we

know when they go to Brussels why are
they going to Brussels well they’re
gonna go to they were supposed to stop
at Davos do some skiing and they’re
gonna get some french fries a few meals
there maybe meet up with some EU guys

and maybe they’ll pick up the tab matter
so there’s a name for this which I had
not heard before but makes total sense
as Steve Peconic sent me a link to his
video that he did yesterday

I clipped the beginning of it it’s
called a code el Nancy Pelosi for
reasons that are beyond my
understanding decided to go on a Codell
now let me explain what a code L is a
code L is a congressional delegation

that goes through specific countries I
was in the State Department as you know
I was a senior official and I was in
charge in many cases of having our
ambassadors represent the country that

the Congress people are coming to and
literally having to act as a
receptionist for the congressman or the
congresswoman utilizing all of our

assets in the embassy making things
happen that in fact we didn’t need to
happen we had to use our deputy chief of
mission the station chief our political

officers were all tied up making sure
that the congressional representatives
were happy please entertain and for
maybe a few minutes they were involved

with the key issues of a particular
country in this case Brussels was the
beginning point and that was not an
accident Brussels is where they can go
out they can have a good time the

Congress people and they can enjoy
themselves for the most part they could
care a little about NATO you can find
out anything and everything you want
about NATO on the Internet and they know
very well they can get on the phone the

real issue here is that Nancy Pelosi is
known for having these junkets all
through her career she had over 80 of
them between 2009 and 2010 one of these

hotels costs us a hundred and eighty
five thousand dollars in tax dollars
that means that when Nancy Pelosi is
ordered to go on a private plane as

Trump had ordered her to do she said no
and the reason why she said no is that
her husband wouldn’t pay for the flight
and she didn’t want to use any of her
own money to fly overseas there you go

the Codell yeah you can hear that these
people show up but like an embassy over
there and everyone’s pissed off totally
now we got to look busy and make these

people feel like they’re doing something
that makes so much sense and then you go
gallivanting around town
do some shopping yes used to watch
Hillary do these things since you always

come back with this fabulous hairdo
yes when she saw Pierre in France but no
one wants to go to Paris right now cuz
you know it’s kind of a shithole it just
it just keeps on going

demonstrations by so-called yellow vests
protesters in Paris turned to riots as
those taking part demanded that French
president Emmanuel macron should resign
police used tear gas and water cannon as

demonstrators became violent police also
tackle them with batons and
controversial flash ball guns crowds
calling for macron to step down also
scary the coffin shaped items to

represent the ten people who’ve died in
the protests there were 30 arrests in
Paris many suspected of carrying
offensive weapons similar demonstrations
took place in other French cities and

towns and more than 50,000 police and
Jean Dom’s were deployed the yellow vest
protests began on November the 17th
there were an increase in fuel taxes
those fuel taxes have been scrapped but

the campaign has now become an anti
macron protest yeah and very quiet in
the international news gathering and
reporting business about this the UK has

a growing Legion of yellow vests so the
media is all in with the government’s
that not really talked about this too

much I did as far as I can tell
except for that report where you got it
from a thing I’ve seen some minor stuff
on Sky News yeah we’re the only ones to
talk about it yeah and these flash balls

yes doesn’t talk about it no no no we
have no time to talk about these things
it’s way too important now the flash
ball thing this touch killing people
with these shooting them in the back of

the head trademark for the normally less
Leith normally normally or nominally
it’s not nominally less lethal a hand
you know it’s a big thing it looks like
a grenade launcher yeah definitely huge

bore me a hundred millimeter bore
officers not situated apparently they
fire these things and they it was
developed by French hunting firearms man

facture Vernie was it Kari Karen I guess
it’s aro and the weapon exists in two
versions that the caliber is dama it’s a

44 it when it looks bigger than that it
looks much looks like a 88 oh I see is a
44 but the 83 it’s an 83 yes a 83 huge

and what is it what is the projectile
super pro version features vertically
stacked barrels and what does it shoot
what does it just flash ball what is

that it shoots a ball rubber ball the
main one just shoots a rubber ball well
this is a big giant river pause I get
hit with a hand ball well I saw a guy in

the end they put have had to put him in
an induced coma probably hit him in the
head with it hit him in the back of the
head with a rubber ball yeah but yes the
UK apparently has a real movement now

I’m just getting this from bloggers no
mainstream reporting Anna you know
thanks to Sir Jeanne who by the way is a
Duke could not an Earl made that mistake
on the last show you know I did the

keeper and I we got our yellow vest
we’re ready we’re ready to take to the
streets good if that is another no
agenda premium item we could consider by
the way do we don’t sell product

thousand troops the ISIS of virus the
killer from Nigeria

the troops are soon to follow and we
have confirmation wait I’ll do this in
order the Democratic Republic of Congo

now particularly the northern part is
where your iPhone comes from the cobalt
materials which by the way are only in
Apple’s case taken from artisan miners

that’s little kids but their art isn’t
small-batch little kids using stones
smart they are truly a small batch of

miners so the small batch works here
they had an election which you know it’s
never really gone well there and as
predicted this one is now being

seriously disputed we go to Africa today
Martin for you Lou an opposition leader
the Democratic Republic of Congo
declared himself as the only legitimate
president of the country on Sunday his

reaction follows a ruling by the
Constitutional Court confirming Felicia
as we know the December 30 polls the
Constitutional Court has once again

confirmed that like the thinny it is at
the service of a dictator or individual
it is neither more nor less a

constitutional coup d’etat because it
brings to the Supreme Majesties and none
elected for you though honest
international community not to accept

the verdicts by the country’s top court
asked moreover to the whole of the
international community not to recognize
a power which has not neither legitimacy

no legal standing to represent the
Congolese people Martin foyer also
called or the Congolese people to

organize peaceful protests across the
country to protest against a ruling by
the Constitutional Court so the point of
me playing this report is one this is
the only report I could find on it
from Africa today there is a ongoing

dispute and just before the election
which not everyone even in the country
is voted in yet just before the election
there was an outbreak of Ebola in this

very region it was small and there were
some protests and people actually went
and kicked over the Ebola camp which
makes total sense that’s that’s what I
do when I’m pissed off and so now we
have this true dispute there’s been

articles filed and there’s problems and
although I have no audio no video
reports Vox picked it up the Ebola
outbreak in eastern Congo is moving

towards a major city that’s not good
680 cases officially now the second
worst outbreak of Ebola ever in history
so troops are on their way there’s no

way the troops have to come now this is
how it works yeah we already have about
80 of them we sent the troops over early

the the reconnaissance team but now it’s
going to Goma this is apparently where
the outfit has spread to Goma koma koma
yeah this is in northern Peru this is
where all your artists and small-batch a

cobalt comes from Goma is not only
entirely run by the Chinese it is also
the kind of the crossroads of
Transportation so we’re very worried now

that if he bola gets to Goma it could
then spread via train all over Africa so
let’s go to China well maybe that is a
new strategy that I hadn’t heard of but

I’m pretty sure in strategy I’m pretty
sure it’s every bullet of China see how
they reacted they got a lot of people
I’m pretty sure everyone there knows
this is total bullshit oh no

well you’re on the topic of these crazy
things that aren’t being reported here
and might as well play this this do you

know what’s going on in Venezuela no
covering the BuzzFeed story but let’s
play this actually is from Democracy Now
but is this is the unreported action in

Venezuela this is hot stuff the United
States and allied nations in Latin
America are ratcheting up pressure on
Venezuela and what appears to be a
coordinated effort to remove Venezuelan

president Nicolas Maduro from office
Maduro was sworn in last week to a
second six-year term following his
victory in last May’s election which was
boycotted by the opposition days before

Maduro was sworn in opposition figure
Juan Guido became head of the National
Assembly which soon voted to declare
Maduro a usurper in an effort to remove

him from office the United States Brazil
and other nations have welcomed the
effort vice president Mike Pence tweeted
the u.s. strongly supports the

courageous decision by juan bueno to
declare the country’s presidency vacant
on the day of Maduro is inauguration
january 10th US Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo called Guido to congratulate him

on his election victory to head the
National Assembly then national security
adviser John Bolton announced quote the
United States does not recognize
Venezuelan dictator Nicolas maduro’s

illegitimate claim to power unquote
Brazil now led by the far-right
presidential year bole senado has gone a
step further by saying it recognizes Ron
Guido as the rightful president of

Venezuela even though Goodell himself
hasn’t even claimed that title a group
of Latin American countries known as the
Lima group also recently voted to not
recognize the legitimacy of maduras

presidency Mexico was the sole the
center the us-led effort targeting the
oil-rich nation of Venezuela dates back
two decades since the late ago Chavez
became president in 1999

so there we go so we call it action now
now if I’m around the water cooler what
can I actually say I learned from that
well you learned that this is the

economic hitman always win yeah yeah
okay got it thanks yeah the little thing
I’m seeing here just you should look

this guy up wongu I do gu AI do and look
at his images he is a dead ringer and
the way he acts in the way he speaks in
the way he moves around the way he mugs

the camera Obama hmm take a look no bomb
a clone and he’s going to be put in
office that said there they had other
testimony on this show so you know that

nobody knows who this quiet old guy is
but you can see what he is he is gonna
be put in office as they had at Venice
whether he’s gonna become the great
long-term dictator that’s our buddy huh
so we can get all the oil we want off of

that huge reserve they have off the
coast now how who is this guy this Guido
how do we know that and can we just post
pictures you look at him yeah yeah it

looks like yes I see what you’re saying
yeah he’s Obama uh but who’s he’s the
guy became head of the Senate or
whatever they’re surprised they have
this legislated he’s the head of the

legislature okay and he but he he’s got
American stooge written all over him and
they said you know we can’t like the way
Obama operated huh and he’s obviously
gonna go along with the program and you

can see it’s coming down Broadway not
being reported yet but it’s gonna be
something going that someone’s gonna
shoot Maduro yeah we got it yeah they
were gonna pick him up and drop him off

in an airport runway to what they did
that guy on Doris that’s got to be all
CIA running that I mean who has time for
that who has time let’s say CIA’s the
only guys got time to deal with that

yeah I guess yeah they like this Obama
look so that was their first guy so well
with that well I want me to thank you
for your courage and say in the morning

to you the man who put the C in the DRC
well good morning to you mr. Adam curry
and in the morning to all the ships at
sea boots-on-the-ground feed their

Sunday Sunday and all the Dames
tonight’s out there yes in the morning
to the trolls in the troll room at no

agenda stream calm we love seeing you
there thanks for helping out always
giving us a real-time rundown of what
we’re doing wrong and sometimes they
troll and also a hearty in the morning
to Nick the route I believe yes Nick the

rat Boris the artwork and uploaded that
too no agenda our generator calm as his
contribution to the value Network for
episode 1104 the people’s vote this was

our bouncy castle our bouncy castle
flotilla yeah he’s the bait that’s quite
a bit to get that one in yeah well there
were a couple other really interesting

ones what was what was the debate the
debate was we could never use this one
again probably all right we had another
one on there that thought was really
good it was I think it was another
daring one it was something that could

be used it sometime in the future yes
and so it’s often when something is
evergreen would mean it can be used you
know in any situation it comes up in the
Congress and we often say well you know

what we’ll remember that isn’t evergreen
and of course we always like to thank

our executive and our associate
executive producers at the top of the
show just like Hollywood does except we
honor producers unlike Hollywood and we
like to thank them here yeah because our

top rag executive producer is Hieronymus
of Dogpatch ah he’s alive curiously we
well I’m we were talking about him we

were and we were concerned for him yeah
yeah cause he hadn’t shown up for the
December Christmas season or anything or
New Year’s even any oh he always says he

sends us a handwritten note or is it
typewritten note so it’s always
typewritten because he doesn’t want to
give away anything okay
although the printer probably has some
codes I should mention this to people we

do be mentioned this occasionally to
would-be counterfeiters out there that
all printers all modern printers print a
very light yellow code on every sheet of
paper they print which includes the

serial number of the printer and makes
it traceable if you’re a counterfeit er
you will not see these little yellow
dots but they’re there and that’s how
the this is a trick that’s the the

printer stopping the printer digging
deep deep stains of printers state so I
assume cuz this looks doesn’t look like
a typewriter which is also traceable
that there’s some code on here but I

just know it he just shouldn’t send us
anything I was thinking she burned them
Burn Notice I burn the notes first very
good burnt the notes first more the

fireplace just to be sure you know what
I believe you believe you hey Brooke
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best Iran emissive dog pet she came with

1333 dollars Wow yeah cause thank you
all the producers that make this the
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non-contributing listeners come on
okay it’s a new year and with your help
John and anima can continue to build on

their years of hard work to make this
program even better
Lloris LeBeau via was suffering more
than I expected this visit o indexing
domestically manufactured goods to the

dollar makes survival even harder I
don’t know what countries do that but
Roberts going no the growing population
of educated use use youth youth more

disgruntled with the lack of local
opportunities we know many EU countries
suffer this but in poorer countries the
challenge is no better and perhaps more

dangerous Lloris LeBeau vias social
welfare groups outside government’s
opposed programs are extremely modest
and I visited a few NGOs seem to focus
on education and construction places you

can get attention extract some cash
the real needy are left to the poorly
funded government agencies and a few
religious organizations and with the
price indexing issues the needy are

getting even less I had an opportunity
to reflect on how when you don’t have
the safety net such as your mobile phone
believing you can get help at a moment’s

you are more thoughtful in your
decisions that you did I had to read
this yeah reread again read that again
it’s because you have to listen nobody
essay he reflected on how when you don’t
have the safety net such as your mobile

phone uh-huh
believing you can get help at a moment’s
you are more thoughtful in your
decisions well this is true and we were
kids we were more thoughtful because we

had no safety net yeah my mom said if
it’s messed up go to a police officer
asking for help I don’t think kids get
that advice anymore he’s saying no
triple-a around to help change my tire

and nothing but a few wild animals in a
distant village to watch caused me to
reflect on how foolish decisions
increase when you don’t fear for your

no wonder Millennials behave as they do
they believe there’s always someone
available to help them when they take
foolish risks wow you know what they’ve
been taught that yeah
well the phone doesn’t hurt help I am

sure you some games by the way I’ve
decided to to not use my navigator
oh very good this I’ve I’ve stopped
doing that myself yeah it’s better it’s

not just better but it doesn’t tell
everyone where you are well besides that
but it’s still better it’s better for
you it’s yes just as a quick aside Tina
and I did something for our aging

attention spans and brains which I would
recommend we built the Lego roller
coaster together which we were it was it
was a gift and we liked and we just

found that it’s kind of fun we put the
whole thing together like 16 hours of
build and it was there it’s good for
your brain and it was good for us as a

okay yeah it was nice it was good Lego
therapy is pretty neat okay I will say a
couple of things about use not using the

navigator and just kind of you know you
look up to where the place is and then
you say oh I like that’s where it’s over
here over there and then you just go uh
is that I’ve been having a lot of dreams
of roaming around lost Wow

that’s and you wake up in a cold sweat
now I wake up saying what that was dumb
I was lost in Berkeley because I had
parked my wherever your Prius Telegraph

Avenue and then I kept going down telega
up the street this wasn’t Telegraph
Avenue was some Street I’ve never heard
we were in Oakland and then I said whoa

wait and they looked around I saw the
top dog and I really needed myself with
the area say ah that’s a block away from
Telegraph we weren’t supposed to be I’m
not supposed to over here and I went
down and I eventually found it – a

series of missed turns and miss
directions all in your dream yeah well
okay yeah definitely time to start
working on your map skills I’ve barely I
read an article about how learning music

learning a new musical instrument is
very good well yay yay for us yay for
the show what are you gonna take up now
you virtuoso on the anyway

dogmas I am sharing some gains from a
year-end market volatility John the debt
market crisis you watched for is about

Allah quiddity not credit I don’t think
ever said it was about credit remember
long term although now I believe dis
last graph and the last thing he says he
writes and could we noticed this from

him he writes in code ISM code it may
not even be meant for us
remember long-term capital couldn’t sell
Treasuries in their crisis December was

a no buyers market for debt and not
because borrowers were defaulting last
graph says Excelsior he will be missed
Wow we dive at dawn read three really

this paralyzed at night Excelsior he
will be missed

Wow did you thing that no I probably
should have I was trying to think who
died recently or what the connection
would be with I don’t know what this
so is that a spider-man thing I hope not

that’s not a guy this guy’s not a guy
that uses spider-man reference well the
reason why is I just did a Bing and it

says goodbye Stan Lee excelsior you will
be missed Excelsior might be it because
he’s got excelsior with an exclamation
mark he will be miss that could be just

a tribute to Stan Lee well let’s put
let’s cut this out of the show because
I’d like to spry what’s five Hirshman
damn yes okay well it could have a

double entendre in there could be okay
well maybe is baby new him I don’t know
I met Stan Lee once onward to the
donations well thank you very much your

honor miss of Dogpatch and Lois LeBeau
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first two lines but it’s not actually in
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expected to use it I use it it’s always
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so you’d have read this notice as a and
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it it didn’t have zero effect except
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thank you all and we’ll be thanking more
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anything that happened on a show day so
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to Iraq
that formula is this we go out for your

people in the mouth

so my uh my interest in 5g has been has
been Reaper a little bit perked up a
little okay and well there’s a couple of

reasons why I probably wouldn’t even
gotten this far into it if two things
hadn’t happened the first being your
actual deep platforming from a

publishing platform gnome was known as a
PC Magazine which initially was thought
that you were just unceremoniously let
go after 30 years over 35 years of

relationship just via email like yeah
you know yelled coot we don’t care about
you anyway that was kind of the thinking
except the article the last column you

wrote but actually wasn’t the last
column was a couple columns earlier do
which makes it even more egregious so
please explain what happened cuz it
happened to you and I’m just

paraphrasing yeah I had wrote a column
and then a couple I did a few weeks went
by and then I got fired put on hiatus
lat formed he platform dive got deep
platformed and nobody says anything they

never communicated with me and then I
noticed just coincidentally cuz I was
downloading somebody will call him
consolidate them in a book that this one
column was missing and was replaced by

another column by somebody else about
the same topic except it was that my
column was talking about the problems
that 5g may may have in the future
because there’s a lot of people digging

up health concerns uh-huh and the other
column was just no 5 G’s great yes and
so I got suspicious made me very
suspicious so I over the weekend a very

odd video came out and it was a it was
kind of sandwiched in between some other
typical info war stuff in a single

YouTube video and it was a production
meeting with the seed man send your seed
man Alex Jones
and I think I could hear one of the
producers who I know is in the meeting

maybe maybe one other guys just voices
but it’s kind of at first it was hard to
believe like is this really production
meeting it sounds just like Jones sounds
when he’s talking on the air but then I

compared it to what he how he’s talking
today on the air and he’s I mean he’s
unlistenable unwatchable he’s just he’s
so insane mate mostly so I’m listening
to this and it was about the movie Bird

box are you familiar with this movie the
Sandra Bullock movie there’s a lot of
jet chatter on the trades and online
about this movie I didn’t I have not

jumped into this – no it would anything
about what’s what is the chatter I don’t
what is the chatter on the trace just
minor chatter about this movie I wasn’t
paying enough attention to tell you

so I I’d seen it I’d heard about it I
think I’d seen some chatter it’s like I
look good no this is something I’m not
interested in at all there you go that
was me yeah you know why it looked like

a stressful movie like you sit there
just gonna be stressed about Sandra
Bullock and the kids and don’t look and
you’re gonna die and so we hadn’t
watched this but that wasn’t gonna
swatch this movie no I and I did movie

that that shouts out to me don’t watch
this movie now it is I saw in the
credits I think it was like it was

award-winning directors that is
beautifully shot there’s no doubt about
how well it’s made and now sandy Bullock
we got to say that in Austin sandy she
yeah she’s executive producer on the on

the movie and now so it look great but
actually yeah just like you said it’s
like something I just look stressful I
don’t need to see this you know on the
river and a rowboat and the rapid it’s

not kids screaming I don’t like it so
then I’m listening to this and it’s just
a black screen as Jones is talking in
this production meeting and then they do
switch to other visuals so it’s clearly
produced afterwards but it pulled about

a minute and a half from it everybody
kept talking about this quote stupid
movie Sandra Bullock word box bird box
and no one knowing what it was about and
icesat-2 this morning on the elliptical
started watching it 10 minutes into it

was well they call it dumb and silly
it’s all designed for a sequel and
before I even finished the movie I went
and did it
guess what the synopsis was I even told
Pat Riley a simulator

no it’s cell phones that have gone in
and triggered people but but it’s a
political manipulation the brain like
the person’s following a map with the
Pokemon game to kill themselves but what
do you do once the power grid goes down

a certain percentage of people are gonna
end up being killers and crazy only
believing what the program cleanse the
earth and that’s like how do you know
that’s the movie because fucking know

the enemy’s operations and they’re
saying it all to our face man dude dude
we gotta go to the microfilm to find the
Baltimore Sun 1999 they did a DARPA
article admitting they were testing cell

phones to calm the public cellphone tars
now I’m visit attempts for us at
burtenbach so mister radiation oh when
you mentioned it I’m like that totally

makes it shows everybody’s on them and
it shows the phone rings that’s like the
trigger yeah your symbol where’s the

phone it’s everywhere it’s the stephane
gene all right so this goes on for quite
a while
but it was a very interesting point
because we’ve looked into the dangers of
5g and what could what’s there and I’ll

get to that in a second but what he was
saying and so I watched the movie after
I heard his entire theory about this is
a metaphor and as you know because he’s
seen the documents the elites always

like to tell you what they’re doing it
has something to do with Beelzebub and
the devil and you know they have to tell
you what must come out but they have to
tell you exactly what they’re doing the
truth has to come out and so when you

look at the movie and so spoiler alert
if you look at this movie through after
having heard this about the 5g it does
indeed seem that people who are on their
phone a lot in the movie are the first

ones to go once they see this invisible
thing and then they want to kill
themselves and they immediately start
suicide it becomes interesting in the
context of 5g when you think about the

grid that is going to be built
throughout all our cities that you know
in these high frequencies I think
they’re talking about over 45 gigahertz

for the u.s. those frequencies can’t
actually hurt you I’m a licensed amateur
professional I love saying that licensed
amateur radio professional they do know
a little bit about radio frequency you

know it as well John it can burn I can’t
know there is hazard I’ve had high
frequency like a hundred Watts around me
I’m like I don’t feel very good turn off
the transmitter something’s wrong with
the antenna or not just too close

interestingly these microwaves do you
know with where they penetrate the
fastest on the human body you talking
about this particular frequency yeah ya

know what the testicles and the area
under the eyes the soft skin under the
eyes so the what Jones is saying is that
it’s a metaphor for the future where we

will and it’s not that the towers
themselves end up looking like Jamie
Raskin yes and it’s not the towers
it’s the handset because you’re looking
at the handset and you’re effectively

radiating right into you the soft part
of your of your skull the eyes and he
says it’s like a binary thing so you
have your phone your phone is mushed
your brain and then when the 5g signal

cloud comes over then you start to
commit suicide so in light of that
theory let’s go back to May which I
think when did when did you write the

article the the article about 5g do you
remember oh I don’t know I don’t
remember I think was October so I was
that was pretty recent yeah it was
recent it was written when it was I

fired I don’t remember Ike maybe we said
I think what for those after this I
could look it up but it’s after this
summer well I went back and just pulled
a random report about the dangers of 5g
interestingly if you’re looking for a

mainstream m5m report about any dangers
of 5g you’re not gonna find it you’re
gonna find it months ago so this is the
most recent one I could find

that was from a mainstream as tons of
videos and and testimony of people
saying it’s dangerous but this is a
mainstream report this is CBS this
morning from May 2nd at a lab in New
York Verizon invited us to meet some of

the entrepreneurs developing tools to
run on the next generation of wireless
how important is 5g to your mission a
5-trey is extremely important Jonathan

Reeves demonstrated his product or Visio
as you move around the object stays
fixed in space look at that by the way
you’ll love this report because it’s the

dangerous kind of sandwiched in between
all this fantastic stuff that we don’t
need at all he’s walking around a 3d
object thanks 5g I’ve got 3d Lemmon ope
that’s amazing allowing users in

different locations to interact with 3d
images projected through a lens today we
do we can do this using Wi-Fi technology
and we can do it using landline
technology but of course you’re then

tied to particular locations with 5g now
we can begin to extend this so we can
actually speak into to start doing this
on building sites we can start doing it
on the factory floor so this guy is
actually saying we need this desperately

so that we can have augmented and
virtual reality on building sites sounds
priority to me chief so it really opens
up a whole new world but before this
world can become reality this one needs

to change
5g requires the installation of new
equipment across the u.s. so this pole
here is 5g this is the future right here
you got it every wireless company is

working to build its own 5g network
Melissa our nolde leads 18 T’s efforts
if you don’t already have one of these
in your neighborhood she says 5g uses
high frequency waves that support faster

speeds but don’t travel as far as
current wireless frequencies so instead
of relying on large cell phone towers
spread far apart they need small cell
sites that are much closer together

we’re gonna use our existing at the
structure today whether it’s light poles
whether it’s street lights we’re going
to make sure that we don’t make it a
to our customers to the citizens yet
some don’t share the enthusiasm the cell

towers are called small cell towers but
they’re not so small when they’re in
your front yard
Donna Barron is protesting plans to
convert light poles in her Montgomery
County Maryland neighborhood in the

small cell sites this will cause cancer
she was one of several people who raised
health concerns at a government hearing
last month the stuff is untested on kids
their safety is not certain these

untested technologies are at this time
not ready to be unleashed into our lives
cell phone equipment emits radiation but
research on its health effects has been
inconsistent according to the National

Cancer Institute a limited number of
studies have shown some evidence of
statistical association of cell phone
use and brain tumor risks but most
studies have found no association our

nolde insist her workers are focused on
safety pointing out they live and work
near this equipment – do you have any 5g
antenna in your neighborhood yet no it’s
coming soon so I’m guessing from that

reaction then you’re you’re very
comfortable with it rolling out in your
neck of the woods
absolutely wireless carriers have
announced plans to roll out 5g service
to a handful of cities later this year

but don’t get too excited to really take
advantage you’ll need a 5g enabled
device which probably won’t be available
until next year so our current phones
aren’t 5g ready they’re not fighting

ready the pole outside your house might
be 5g ready but your phone is not gonna
have to upgrade yes exactly gonna have
to upgrade that’s what it’s about
so knowing that this and we’ve talked
about this 5g is at this point touted by

everybody in Silicon Valley as as we
cannot live without 5g life to date yet
I’ll tell you what everyone is using

this as an excuse in either their Ponzi
scheme or their failing business model
two examples
uber uber tried to raise a couple
another billion dollars about a year ago

we talked about it with their uber drone
the flying car oh yeah it’s great of
course no one buys in that bullshit so
that didn’t
and then I’m sorry we killed people with
our with our with our experiments so

yeah once we have 5g Oh it’ll be great
we’ll know within milliseconds there’s
no jitter no no-one flood there’s no Wow
and flutter it’ll be perfect the cars

will talk to each other
we’ll have smart cities well let buses
without drivers it’s gonna be fantastic
and who who is saying negative things
about 5g he was doing it when 4G came

out is Alex Jones who was the first
company to deep platform Alex Jones
Apple Apple and why because Tim Cook

knows that that is the only way he’s
going to save his company he needs
everybody to upgrade to the next iPhone
with the 5g radios and there’s a real
race on and now so keyd platforms it was

very odd it was out of left field has
nothing to do with what Jones is saying
except what he’s saying about 5g we
cannot have that they’re railroading it

through PC Magazine who I’m pretty sure
is just taking money from Silicon Valley
companies whether it’s an advertising or
not I’m sure it’s very plausible that
someone went you know 5g is it real it’s

a really interesting thing now we need
to have this and we really can’t have
any negativity around it right now and
that’s why you get reports like this
from the Millennials when it comes to 5g

right after CES the latest on 5g and I
guess the question would be that here’s
the setup boom is there a catch there is
just a small one it might kill you good

well a few days ago actually a group of
scientists doctors environmental
organizers and concerned citizens got
together and they called for the urgent
stop to the deployment of 5g they said

that it’s been proven harmful to human
bodies that this is an experiment on
humanity and that this should be called
a crime under international law let’s
talk about today’s technology what we

have going on today your phone is
constantly sending electro Matic
magnetic fields in and out of each
whether or not you’re receiving a
notification right now all of our
digital tech sends this data back and
forth right using these invisible

microwave radiation signal signals aka
radiofrequency radiation that’s today’s
tech we have every cell tower every
router constantly pulsing with radiation
whether or not you’re using it science

shows that this causes DNA damage cancer
among other things but don’t take my
word for it and that’s just with 4G
that’s just with today’s technology
before we got the 5g right now you’ve
got some of it but exactly if 4G is

already doing some of this
how much more potentially dangerous will
5g be and why well here’s what’s really
dangerous about 5g I mean it’s being

sold to us a super-awesome you know your
toaster can talk to your door lock it
could talk to your self-driving car like
you have a thermostat in your home that
knows when you’re home you have these
smart homes like it just really sold to

us as being awesome the downside is that
with this rollout it will be impossible
to exist in a city or to walk outside
without being exposed there’s going to
be a cell tower in front of every few

houses and this means that your personal
choice is whether or not you personally
use a cell phone or hold it 10 inches
away from your head that cannot escape
you from your radiation exposure so
don’t go looking for this on CBS or NBC

yeah Rick Sanchez you’re listening to
Artie that was Artie yeah of course yeah
there was our team but I happen to agree
now I think that reporting should be

more generalized so there’s one last
thing to look at this this tariffs and
ZTE this may not be just about tariffs
there is a real race going on for who

was going to build out and really
utilize the 5g network first and who I
mean China according to sources as in
isn’t is investing 400 billion dollars

in 5g in fact when Verizon bought their
spectrum for what’s of like seven
billion dollars there was almost no
haggling you know why the Chinese lent

them the money
so are we now going to have Chinese
Huawei and ZTE devices every you know
150 yards are that all is gonna be in

every single phone radiating us I mean
it could either be a spy grid issue
could be a cybersecurity issue any one
way of stopping it or yeah what if the
Chinese just flip a switch and fry all

our brains well the thing I’d like to
know the the little devices that are you
know they’ve been showing they outside
of England there’s a bunch of poles and
they’re testing yeah and so you get

these little transmitters at the top of
each of these poles it’s a little 5g
transmitter that it’ll go very far they
won’t they can barely penetrate I just
talking to somebody I can’t even go

through a wall really they can’t really
go through a wall but they can if you’re
really amp up the power yep and I wonder
what the variation of the power is on
these things because the the device that

is used by the by the military
these millimeter wave devices is used by
the military is that skin burning yes
they fry you from a distance yes big

antenna and then they just send these
beams at you and then it feels like
you’re on fire yeah that’s because going
to the to the epidermis your pores
actually act as an antenna array at

those frequencies and so the so is it
possible to crank up these you say you
have a you you have one of these poles
every 50 feet let’s say or 100 feet and
each one’s got the lit thing on top I’d

like to know what their what the range
of power is on that thing where are they
going out some milliamps as an ant
I’m sorry watt milli watt a watt 2 watts
hundred watts what if I was going at it

can I do 5,000 watts of power I mean how
much juice do these things can they can
they pump out well like – no there’s no
nobody talking about any of this stuff

no it’s great you can see you can have
the smart roads and by the way let’s
look at the logic of the smart road
thing and you brought up which is ok I
get these 5g antennas everywhere in my

little car I’m driving around my
driverless car and it’s now and somebody
jumps up how does it well what
difference does it make if somebody
jumps out in front of this
whether it is 5g in the area or not

that’s attracting every no wait
if he had to the part you’re forgetting
which I think everyone is focused on the
wrong thing
this the towers is one thing it’s not
about the towers it’s the fucking 5g

microwave riding device you’re putting
in front of your face all day I know I
understand it but I’m not talking about
that at all so if you have if you have

the 5g radio in your phone you’re part
of the grid so they would know if I
guess if you’re walking towards the
vehicle technical in my pocket well no
you’re gonna be dead you don’t belong in

over by one of these things as to what
you’re saying yeah you don’t belong in
the grid yeah well that but it’s it’s
less about that’s just what they’re
using as a scan the whole thing is a
Ponzi scheme this is not gonna make

autonomous cars drive any safer in our
in your and my lifetime that’s the point
I’m trying to make because it’s not
about that it’s about okay dokay okay

because well go look at what everyone’s
look at all the media reports because
when someone says something negative to

get the platform so the only news out
there is positive I’m buying into your
idea that Apple deep platform Alex Jones
for this particular reason yes because

it’s it makes more sense than anything
else and of course the other guys just
followed suit cos herb you know roses
whatever yeah but it kind of leads into
a bigger question how much control is

Silicon Valley really exerting you know
for instance let’s take it back to the
wall I’m pretty sure there’s no argument
about the wall the difference in the
wall is Trump wants a physical barrier

and Pelosi and Chuck
they want a electronic wall you know
it’s like a Silicon Valley tracking type
system it’s money for them

a good point I mean and there’s a lot of
that oh we need eight eight hundred
billion dollars for tech at the ports of
entry where’s that coming from this
coming from Silicon Valley so they may

have a lot more power and and you know
come on we listen to the Congress people
talk to the face bag and and the tweeter
people they don’t know jack-shit about
how anything works they’re gonna oh well

5g don’t worry it’s safe look here’s a
here’s our guy
oh it’s safe okay fine yeah every report
on the news it’s safe what’s your
problem the National Institute of Health
I’m gonna put this I put a whole bunch

of links in the show notes any show
knows calm that’s on PubMed it’s the website has a study that says
yeah this stuff can be dangerous it can
mess with your body and your DNA it says

it in their own reporting so there’s
this to me is more egregious than almost
anything happening right now
I would not I’m not gonna put my face

near any of this stuff oh and that’s
based on my experience with it I don’t
necessarily have experience with with
with microwave frequencies but I know
enough about UHF VHF and I know where

the dangers are and it can’t I’ve been
burned by by you got an RF burn of
course I have any any self-respecting
half is burnt himself with RF yeah and
it sucks but I’ve also felt like the the

like whoa when I had the was using the
loop a lot he pumps it 50 watch through
a loop tuned at one particular frequency
and you’re sticking your head in it you
can feel it and that’s it

you know we’re just talking what are you
talking there you know 20 megahertz
so I am hoping that we have some
producers who may be able to give us

more information on your questions power
I look there’s no real standard yet and
I’m looking okay what’s the power output
of these radios and I’m more interested
in the handset than anything no the
handsets a definitely no go as far as I

am concerned because you know in the
hands that even put even if you’re
holding it wrong and you have your hand
around the antennas this is well known
with microwaves that your finger can
block it the finger can block the signal

so where are my I Triple E buddies who’s
got the inside track on this well let’s
hope that there’s a story written five

or ten years from now saying what a
fiasco 5g was too bad those Korean
Dvorak died from it well we could give
him the medal he got deep deep
platformed exactly oh man all right well

that’s a good report I enjoyed that yeah
thank you for picking up the gauntlet
and take a look at the at this movie if
you feel like it with different eyes

then I was we had to the conversation
this morning that’s like you know the
metaphor is kind of there you know not
initially with 5g but cell phones people
are killing themselves at a higher rate

and there is a direct correlation
between female young female suicide and
face bag or Instagram specifically so
it’s not that far off you know people

are depressed and committing suicide
from their phones maybe we just need to
add a little 5g radiation to push
everyone over the edge yeah there’s
population control there’s your binary
you know you you could depressed from

the from the content the radiation takes
care of the rest
so of course I was looking for another
exit premium I don’t want an amulet or

something that could channel away the 5g
energy but of course this doesn’t little
crystals doesn’t really exist crystal 5g
crystals that’s right no agenda 5g

crystals will save your life from 5g
or maybe just a simple armband that
lights up when there’s too much 5g
around you that would be cool and that’s
pretty inexpensive to make that’s not a

bad idea yeah you could just be okay I
got I got bread here on my boy used into
fashion so people can wear a fashionable
dress and so and there’s all kinds of

cool stuff
do many phones in the area that’s one of
the few times you’ve agreed with my exit
strategy premium items I’ve always
thought that wearable displays of LEDs

and things flashing around we’re always
I went years ago beefy I think it was in
the 90s I went to China and they were
selling this stuff on the street and
I’ve always thought it was just a

dynamite idea this weekend it wants to
know about sneaks into the fashion shows
but it doesn’t really it hasn’t totally
caught on well this should be very
actually quite easy to produce if we
just create a little element that has

the right length that it would fire up
on it you know it’s just like any kind
of magnetic loop it’ll it’ll resonate
and it can throw off a little
electricity may be enough to light

something up on a band yeah all right I
will be in the air they can help us of
course it’s gonna be some douche you
already did this no you don’t think so
okay so let’s listen to some biscuit

better we have to shut down a government
shutdown we don’t make a point of
talking about too much but I did get a
kick out of this this is the food stamps
people you know food stamps are any

issue because they’re they have to be
light you have to be a licensed retailer
to take the this a debit card now yeah
it’s the snap the Supplemental Nutrition
Access program I think yeah and so the

here’s a report and I want you to listen
to the millennial girl who’s who’s a
Trump hater who comes on they bring her

on PBS because she’s so knowledgeable
and of course Judy or nobody mentions
everything really goes after her for
what she says which is agreed just the
way I see it but let’s play this is shut

down food stamps
krummy millennial clip with a government
shutdown now in seventh day many federal
programs have been affected including
food stamps so far there is no major

lapse and benefits used by nearly 39
million people each month that’s because
of the US Department of Agriculture it
found a way to pay SNAP benefits as they

are called earlier than normal
February benefits awarded through a
debit style card used at stores are
being paid out this week several states
including California and Florida are

warning users to be careful and make
sure they managed to make the money last
longer for twenty five hundred retailers
the problem is already here that’s
because those stores needed to renew a

license for the electronic benefit
transfer or EBT debit card program and
they fail to meet a deadline before the
shutdown those renewals required every

five years are on hold Sarah Jackson is
an employee at one store in northern
Arkansas we have been completely unable
to take any snap EBT tables grocery

stores need a license to process EBT
payments and ours expired and was unable
to be renewed on schedule because of the
government shutdown

because of an argument about a wall I
have to look people in the eyes every
day and tell them they can’t pay for
their food for their children’s food
Sarah Jackson in Arkansas we reached out

to the US Department of Agriculture for
a response
a spokesperson wrote back quote over
ninety nine percent of snap retailers
are able to accept benefits as usual

there is a small percentage of stores
that fail to complete a required
reauthorization process that was due on
December 21st
these stores can take steps to update

their status once funding is restored
end quote
all right you know so this the
millennial first off the millennial
blames Trump and the way she says that

we’re unable to do this because of this
and that the fact is and Judy could have
pointed this out to this woman the last
day that you could do the five-year

renewal was December 21st you had to
have your paperwork in by then you would
have gotten your license the government
shutdown began on December 22nd oh man
you are a sleuth so this woman’s moaning

and groaning about how they have to look
people in the eye and talk about the
wall is bullcrap
they didn’t do their job to renew their
license on time what yes what irks me is

that there’s there is a lot of talk
about how sad this is it’s sad is

horrible it’s sad 800,000 people you
know they they will eventually get paid
and so it’s definitely a hardship but I
never hear this about I don’t know the

hundreds of thousands of homeless
everywhere I never hear that about the
food bank and EBT and snap and food
stamp never hear this about the homeless
screw them they’re off the reservation

we don’t care where is that in the
reporting it’s never there no it is an
end of thing that somebody did do a
report on this I don’t have any clips

but I will mention it and I thought it
was like kind of creepy and it brings us
back to the other moment that oh I’m
troll room just had it right of course
the homeless don’t vote that’s why they
don’t not important I’m sorry yes

continue is that it’s becoming apparent
to a lot of sociologists and observers
because we did this homeless situation
is completely off the rails it’s

ridiculous around here there’s tent
cities all we’re missing are the shanty
towns that are permanent which is gonna
happen probably starting around Berkeley
San Francisco should have them in the

south Ella well favelas
or yes a favela it might as well call
them favelas with favelas are a little
more advanced in a shanty town that you
find outside of some of these areas like

in Africa because they have mayors and
stuff they got some kind of the favelas
have cement buildings they have all you
know they did it’s an unincorporated
mess right then they do have their they
have a kind of a ruling elite and crew

lot of criminals but it’s it’s a the
highest form of shantytown is a favela
but that’s what we’re gonna just where
we’re headed obviously because somebody
pointed out that the way things are

going with the with the the job market
and the less of a need for middle-class
workers like putting the manufacturing
in China and not doing anything here

anymore because we because the profit
tiers don’t care about the workers as
you mentioned the show recently who
cares we’re getting a class of people
who are being defined as ear relevant

yeah and the idea that you have a
complete class of people within your
society that are ear relevant they have
there’s nothing relevant about them

there’s nothing they can do to get back
into this scheme of things they are out
of the picture they’re irrelevant and
they’re never gonna be relevant because
we’re not moving in that direction

anymore we’re moving to robots
yeah and so you end up with this
underclass that is never existed in this
country before because nobody was in the
past in the 50s and 60s when we had
factories in Oakland there wasn’t

anybody that was irrelevant everybody
could get a job if they wanted to and a
routine housing and everything which was
somewhat taken away by some of Carters
actions the the housing situation and

now that Millennials have been sold a
bill of goods they’re being pushed into
irrelevance as they can get him there by
bullcrapping them with items on line and
I’ve seen one report buts under some

millennial guy here’s why you should
never buy a house National Mortgage news
which I subscribe to believe it or not I

had a big report house thing
why aren’t millenials buying houses and
it turns out this is the research
indicates that most Millennials who are
deeply in debt already believe it takes
20% down payment to get into a mortgage

that has been jammed through their heads
I’m sure it’s been jammed into their
heads to keep them out of the market
when in fact the mortgage news will
point this out that if you have if you

do things right you can get a mortgage
with a 3.5% down payment
so the whole thing is giant scheme to
create in the irrelevant class that can
be moved to site pushed into the favelas

the shantytowns wherever they’re gonna
end up it’s gonna be like a third-world
and there’s nobody doing anything about
it and you’re mentioning that don’t
nobody talks about the homeless anymore
in these situations that the government

shutdown is another just another good
example it’s this is dire and it’s it’s
really interesting that I will say Obama
did a lot more for these people he

really did because he didn’t just leave
them irrelevant everyone was happy yeah
yeah get them Obama phone that’s true

well we’re gonna give him a 5g phone
next that’s actually pretty good the
homeless guys you know they can be keep
nice and warm underneath the the 5g
towers on the street it’s gonna be great

so it is kind of a program
I guess so we’re worse this regard we’re
screwed and nobody’s addressing it
nobody cares they’re all they care about
Oh Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump

Trump yeah what a moron keep me that D
Cocina might have some guy bitching
about you guys aren’t deconstructing
anything he just oh just a deconstruct
or or the government-to-government all

right I’ll deconstruct the government
the government you know the people in
the government they have to go to the
food banks in DC president Trump
responded to Pelosi Power Move with
uncharacteristic silence but lawmakers

made plenty of noise Democrats have made
a marketing decision to obstruct
president Trump at all costs I want
President Trump to look in
to these faces as Americans increasingly

turn to one another they can grab some
non-perishable goods lunchtime they need
some help
thanks for the restaurants and food
banks are helping people put food on the

I mean who can’t pass up mac and cheese
she’s live mac and cheese by ein rent

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we didn’t get a reservation I didn’t
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the only time we had a problem they
wanted to see how I we tried to do
reservations it was a fiasco the one in
Oakland was a bar a big giant place that

should have no problem dealing with us
but they didn’t like that we had a big
group we had like 40 plus people
and there were just a bunch of creeps

there and so we didn’t do another event
there yeah that’s what I like now now
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to Disneyland so we had a bunch
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or they won’t open huh screw it we don’t
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see a ttle but the Seattle’s doesn’t
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the Sacramento it was a good good case

we had like almost 50 people and it was
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you that’s very helpful and please take

that to heart
des Moines meetup organizers and the
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yes flash mob cocktail party yeah that
idea and March second is the big Texas
meetup at the Austin beer works and that
will be exactly what you just prescribed

it’s a nice space
the additional cool thing is that the
are brewmeister over there the beer
ambassador the brew ambassador will be
bringing in a food truck so that we have

something that’s glass very cool
that’s very cool so that’s okay so
there’s a meetups and we’ll be
scheduling more as we go along and again
thank you everybody for supporting the
show it is our value for value model
which we’re extending now with face to

face meetups it’s really important
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your brain with 5g and please support us
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here’s the Karma requests jobs jobs and

jobs let’s vote for job karma

today is the 20th of January 2019 here’s
a list of birthdays celebrations at

Joshua Smith says happy birthday happy
birthday to his brother Justin he turns
the magic numbers 33 Joanna Ortiz happy
birthday to her smoking-hot boyfriend
Eric Ross he turns 35 on the 22nd an

advance happy birthday to DJ power boy
he’ll be celebrating on the 23rd ashley
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drow Alves happy birthday to his

daughter Helen a brand new human
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birthday from all your buddies here an
Uncle John and Adam at the best podcast
in the universe
and we have exactly zero knighting x’

gaming’s and title changes nothing
yeah that’s always just found that
peculiar by the way I did get a chuckle
just gonna see it on my thing here that

Trump is now sending out you or the
Trump whatever sending out emails and I
subscribe to all of them including
Democrats everybody and the campaign has
now send a brick to Chuck and Nancy and

we remember these bricks because you
know there’s these companies where you
can send a brick didn’t that twit do
that with the brick house yeah brick and
everyone bought a brick and then they

sent the brick so that people are
actually gonna see brick showing up in
the Senate which is pretty funny
send him send a brick to Chuck and Nancy
no way to go see oh yes just for us
since we kind of floated past our

donation segment
you know podcasting is the hot new thing
John well there was recently we kind of
got left out of the Dax Shepard Jonathan
Van Nest they went big at the first ever

i heart radio podcast Awards yeah and by
the way it was hosted by Charlamagne tha
God and Bobby bones Bobby bones who is a
good morning DJ but yeah Mario Lopez and

Holly Frey were there yeah on a night
celebrating the best podcast of the year
encompassing true crime comedy food
sports and music topics some big

Hollywood names came out on top
gee you wonder why at the first ever i
heart radio podcast awards this is like
he’ll reminds me of reminds me of the

what said that poor and operation that
they do all them they produce most of
the porn movies and they do their own
awards yeah it’s the Adult Video Awards
with those guys called they used to live
near them in LA

why do we know for the best breakout
podcasts were Shore show armchair expert
he joked with the competition during his
exhibit that’s a vivid vivid but thanks

dr. death was robbed bullshit no way our
show is better than dr. death hold on
now okay

screw the awards so CBS is now doing you
know a report like a podcast like it’s
the hot new thing bring Jane Pauley out
of the closet let her talk about it oh
by the way go and invite the man who had

anything to do with it that’s okay I’m
I’m bigger than that hey what you
already blew your wad when you and you
said Michael Jackson may have been
murdered and that was um and he was in a

black list man you’re doomed but I just
wanted to so we have we know how this
works we have we have you and I so
forget podcasting for 11 years you and I
have developed a value for value model

and it’s feeding to families but I think
anyone who’s doing a podcast will be
happy with that hey I’m doing this
I’m able to do it because I make enough
to feed my family and that is the future

by the way of all media and pay the
bills that’s the same thing feed the
family pay the bills yeah you got a
pivot a service is the future of media
with I always tell people this this is

why do you what are you doing what your
mana laws and I said well the first
thing you do is you you don’t start
hiring people produce some of these
shows start and stop stop I’m sorry I

say that again the last bit you said
there was a part an important part of

our model stop hiring people to do these
shows they’re overloaded with they got a
producer and an engineer and a gaffer
they get all these people they do what

is the point can’t you just do this
yourself we’re talking about you know
some gear of my whole guys thought yeah
so we’re that we run this show I work
with Horowitz we don’t have an engineer

and I would horror which uses the same
model he
he produces the show I was producing it
originally but he would likes to produce
he and he’s faster than me and he
produces the show and it goes to gets

get sent up to one of the systems that
distributes alright so here is a CBS
report they bring out they roll out Jane
Pauley I think is Jane Pauley and it’s
Oh podcasting is the hot thing so they

send their tech guy David Pogue we all
know David Pogue yeah manager podcaster
so he’s gonna go out to one of these
podcast networks you know the ones who

are creating the future I mean this
report this report was done about our
company in 1314 years ago it’s the same
evo yes that well pod show at the time

no that’s your plan G yeah and remember
what we just talked about you cannot do
this in your traditional NPR type way
it’s just there is it’s not that what

you can’t get enough advertising there’s
no there’s no reason to do it in your
there was a reason in the old days you
needed it engineers because you were I

mean you needed all this stuff in the
past now with all the new gear and the
little devices and the Internet
v don’t need all this extra baggage it’s
official podcast pandemonium is

definitely a thing with David Pogue we
listen up flat ways and exactly 15
seconds we’ll be on the air you may have

heard people refer to the 1930s and 40s
as the Golden Age of Radio
well today we’re living in the Golden

Age of podcasts we like a bowl of stew
each liter had all the makings of a
modern man a podcast is like a

pre-recorded radio show that you can
listen to on your phone as you commute
do errands cook or workout podcasts are
available on demand so in the same way

you can go watch Netflix shows anytime
you want you can listen to our podcast
anytime you want Alex Blumberg and Matt
Lieber are the co-founders of gimlet
media these are studios which they hope

to build into these hvo of podcasts
studios it’s 120 employees produced 24
podcast shows in 13 state-of-the-art
recording studios a hundred and twenty

four employees produce what 37 shows
just make sure are the co-founders of

gimlet media these are studios which
they hope to build into the hmm yo of
podcasts studios it’s 120 employees

produced 24 podcast shows in 13
state-of-the-art recording studios 120
employees and 24 shows yeah that’s

that’s approximately five employees or
six – they had pictures of meetings and
meeting rooms you know it’s like the

guys like alright I’m here do my shit
what do we have today for the show it’s
like I’ve got six people around here
talking okay good yeah it’s gonna be
great cheers buddies it’s so funny it’s
not gonna work you’re not you’re going

to Ling’s just I’m just here to say
that’s not how it will work that’s not
the future we are the future we are the

we are the words closer to the future
than gimlet that’s not the only model
that does that I’ve seen other
operations they get a bunch of money
they use old media model that’s the

problem – doing here we’re talking new
media no PC model yes they have an old
media model a bunch of studios all
soundproof booths with a double glass
and the engineer on the other side of

the glass and he’s watching it getting
cues from the guy with the microphone
and a boom big boom expensive boom
expensive mic yeah and they’re just
talking in there signaling to each other
and the guys fading it in and out and

every cording and then when it’s done
they go then I send it to post and spend
a couple of days editing it so it’s all
really clean and nice and then they
didn’t put some sound at the front door
I mean it’s closet these other systems

Shea’s lounge mushi’s Lounge I got a

window here with the traffic going by
one guys sounds fine very direct use of
Ohio PR 40 it’s a very directional mic
you know I mean I’m well I also noise

gate you so that’s my suit right well I
got directional mic and your noise
gating so we playing with we’re using
modern equipment to do a show with two
guys and that’s the way bit that’s it

and but but it is true if you look at
the amount of pre-production that we do
ourselves because you know we don’t mind

working for it did this say the same I
saw this in the Netherlands
because when I grew up just right
because we’re getting clips as opposed
to our producer getting clips for us so

we’ll spend a day or two getting clips
ourselves because we know how to do it
and this is what’s I’ve seen this in the
Netherlands when were the first US

government controlled radio you know
everything gray.gray equipment and you
know you couldn’t even you had to have a
technician to edit something it was a
like Union and all kinds of weird shit
and so eventually we became friendly and

they just let us cut stuff our cell this
is tape you know we’re doing
reel-to-reel with with actually with
razor blades and tape and so we learned
we learned how to do this and then we we
have a Reeve ox at home and you do stuff

at home and it was really out of
frustration the government overhead and
booking the studio and booking a guy and
so we were doing every we could and that
model kind of was the way I always

operated but then when the commercial
stations came in and I was gone by then
you know it’s probably already at MTV
then did the same DJ’s like well now I’m
gonna producers you know this guy is

gonna do it and the shows all start to
suck it all kind of devolves because
you’re removed from the actual process
you know that if you want to be a
radio host if you want to be Bobby bones

pretty good listen Bobby bones all right
he’s a country country music morning
guys podcasting guys I Heart Radio it

was I heart did they own all the
stations so they own his station they
own him so that you know there’s nothing
better than creating a ward and giving
it to your own people they’re artists

right so anyway yeah bottom line it’s
this the model no matter how you get the
money even if you go the advertising

route which I also predict will fail
time and time again the model is you
have to do it yourself you have to if if
you’re on the show you have to be doing
some active work can’t just show up and

read the script that’s old-school when
when the network was closed now it’s
open yeah I thought you’d get a kick out
of that
yeah thanks it’s very funny but then it
was awesome

that you also since you’re doing the
producing you can drop the little
jingles and snide asides and little do
all control then stuff in there when you

feel like it and it doesn’t go in after
after the show’s over for sweetening and
post-production yeah none of that it’s
really it’s ludicrous but ok report it
that way with the big studios in the 13

studios that you don’t need
it’s just old-fashioned control and you
think poke poke knows better poke but
he’s just not talking head nowadays just

it’s poke poke well on the other hand if
you look at our model where we have
actually made our listeners producers
which is something people still don’t
understand will the supposed to be

consuming well we want to have
interaction now the way you really do it
is you call people producers do you tell
them we expect you to help produce so
and they do and of course they do and
here’s how it works we talk often about

the Hollywood the Lear Hollywood
Foundation Norman Lear is propaganda his
writers he puts out there in Hollywood
there all over the place you brought a
couple of clips I think the last show

you you gave another example of them
talking about how successful they are
where their social justice narratives
that they helped put into movies and
television and one of our producers was
watching Roswell which is a show I don’t

watch of course watch but was pretty
sure the Lear foundation has been at
work this is from a Roswell New Mexico
tip one there’s an ice checkpoint on 285

we’re gonna sell vagina move to a
sanctuary City I need to know you’re not
gonna get supported I like it here

I like making milkshakes for tourists
dressed like little green men hmm go
upstairs get some rest yeah I’m not
ready company ting I could cover until
closing I could do it in my sleep
you rest I like this clip a lot because

she’s talking about a sanctuary City and
here’s your typical illegal immigrant
and what does the illegal immigrant
really want to do serve the people with

some ice cream milkshake see and service
for them and then we have the ice
checkpoint trooper you’re gonna stop the
latina and tell me this is just a DWI

I know Roswell is well past 100 mile
border zone vato
ma’am so I will have the ACLU so far up
your ass you’ll be resetting the tenth
circuit fence or Castillo verdict in
your sleep

I own these things here so ice chest i
sir a-holes call the ACLU Norman Lear

foundation fingerprints all over it
I would say yes just want to get this
other way so people know that we do

cover this stuff because I’m wet wonder
where Clooney is Clooney Clooney what
happened to Clooney what happened to
Clooney in South Sudan and Sudan stuff
it’s interesting you say that because I

also got the I got the South Sudan news
and I was thinking what you were
thinking guessing

sorry Sudan update oh yeah I hit except
I hit the eject instead of the play
sorry I’m still working with cassette
tapes in Sudan security forces opened

fire today on a crowd of mourners
outside the home of a man who died after
he was shot by authorities during an
earlier protests in the capital Khartoum
it followed the killing of two other
protesters Thursday elsewhere in

Khartoum a doctor and a 16 year old who
were both shot in the head by government
forces protests erupted across Sudan a
month ago calling for the overthrow of
the ruling National Congress party and

an end to the military regime of
President Omar Hassan al-bashir well
that’s interesting my report from the
European Union
put a little different spin on it one of

Africa’s most repressive regimes is
facing a growing popular uprising
thousands of protesters have taken to
the streets in Sudan demanding an end
the rule of President Omar al-bashir and

the latest violent security forces shot
dead demonstrators including a teenage
boy dozens of people have been killed
since the protests began last month
after the price of bread was tripled

bread is going at the price of bread
doubles or triples in your country it’s
the bread yeah you win that one Lindsey

Graham you know getting back to his old
somebody tapped him on the shoulder and
said hey get back to work

and there’s a PBS you pardoned him
kvetching about Z Graham kvetching about
Syria in Turkey today Republican Senator
Lindsey Graham continued to raise
concerns about the Trump
administration’s planned withdrawal of

US troops from Syria Graham met with
Turkey’s president Reza Pahlavi Bedouins
and other officials yesterday he told
reporters today that quote withdrawal
without a plan is chaos and said the
goal of destroying Isis is not yet

accomplished keep that money flowing
I’ve had two two clips I want to play
here the first is AOC Alexandria El
Castillo Cortes

at the Women’s March which was this
weekend I guess it was that ah are you
clipping your nails no actually what I’m
doing I have a are you flicking your pen
no I’m not you mentioned I’m gonna tell

you what it is because you always like
to save them clipping my nails like
that’s all I do
this is one of those pens with a cap and
when you push the cap on or take the cap
off it makes this noise but it’s like

it’s like a felt-tip pen so I have to
put the cap on or I’ll dry up what’s
interesting is when you make that noise
with the pen it makes me want to jump
through the skype and wring your neck so

this is only one screw it I’d only do

one channel that’s very simple okay what
would you say to some of those people

have concerns about anti-semitism within
the women’s March groups well first of
all I think that right now and if I
can’t listen to it on one telling it’s
coming through both channels on my end
yeah because you’re getting mono for me

oh you’re on skype I’m gonna play it to
play this this is the woman’s March
rundown report they had a woman on the
street in Washington DC from PBS and

she’s some I never saw her before she’s
a correspondent she’s telling you this
whole story about how this thing is
starting to fall apart she’s kind of
hoping it doesn’t but you can tell that
it is and that was a pretty good report

even though you know it just play it
we’ve met people from all over the
country this morning and they brought a
range of concerns you know in 2017 after
the first women’s March the focus was

really on the inauguration of the
president last year and the two
looms large this year there was a broad
range of concerns that people are
talking about we heard everything from
concerns about the president’s tax cut

to climate change to the shutdown
obviously women’s issues like women’s
health reproductive white riots equal
pay those are on people’s minds but I
would say even more generally there’s a

sense that people just wanted to be here
deliver a rebuke to this administration
we heard a lot of people talking about
just wanting to exercise their right to
be out and be politically active and be

engaged in their community you know for
some parts of this year just the
organization of the March itself seemed
to fracture a little bit there were some
controversies by a couple of the members
of the original organized there were

different marches what’s us all about so
a lot of this is related to allegations
of anti-semitism on the part of a couple
of the leaders of the National

Organization one of the women Tameka
Mallory has appeared with the Nation of
Islam and has expressed support for
Louis Farrakhan who has made a lot of
Ana’s metic comments in the past and

this has led to a lot of controversy in
New York where you are hari there are
actually two competing marches going on
there have been some sort of national

groups that are not partnering with the
March this year here in DC so we asked
one of the marchers here today if
they’re paying attention to this this is
something that concern

and we heard a range of responses we
spoke to some Jewish marchers who said
that they had friends who asked them why
are you even going to the March we
talked to other marchers who said that

they felt concerned that their presence
here might convey you know a sense of
supporting what’s been going on when it
doesn’t overall I’d say people feel
disappointed that these controversies

have taken away from all the different
messages that they’re trying to convey
here today and a lot of them just said
you know what we are gonna be here no
matter what marching right Megan

Thompson joining us from Washington DC
well you really did punish me I think I
would have rather listened to a OC in
one channel yeah it was a big
anti-semite thing going on like they

mention it right but a OC was
interviewed while she’s in the crowd
walking and she said well clearly we
know that the real anti-semitism is
coming from the Oval Office I mean this

is the kind of shit going on like yeah
this is this some shark jumping here
with with the women’s March oh I think
the thing is jumped ish yeah dinner I
think that’s the way to put an attitude

and this you know the anti-semitism from
the white hat what is she talking about
they get you know if anything that can
be viewed Trump’s being condemned for
being plowed for being pro-israel and
too pro-israel the anti Palestinian and

you know there was a lot of so what’s
she talking about this is another
example of her just shooting oh yeah now
that was definitely well that’s because
you know she look she goes on TV says
I’m stupid and the script writers do

their thing on Twitter that’s how it
but the worst the absolute worst I mean
she’s so Tulsi is toast I can’t believe
she allowed this to happen when I
predicted it oh it’s so bad so the the

candidate who now of course is
representative still from Hawaii is just
like Kevin Hart the same playbook is
called out over stuff she has already

apologized for that happened years ago
the concerning statement she made about
same-sex marriage which she now just
concatenates into LGBT issues and noting
that Obama didn’t say well in fact it

was the same time
but then she does this video and iPhone
video in the snow I don’t know if she’s
a Davao or where she is you know wearing
gloves and she’s from Hawaii this is who

is running her stuff anyway and listen
to the energy Aloha in my past I said
and believe things that were wrong

and worse they were very hurtful to
people in the LGBTQ community and to
their loved ones save your money
many years ago I apologize for my words
and more importantly for the negative

impact that they had I sincerely repeat
my apology today you can’t even listen
to this lower register she’s using yes
I’m baffled by this no she has low

energy trying to be I’m sure she’s
sincere but this isn’t in the snow I
don’t get that that’s the dumbest thing
you’ve ever done you’ve ever said the

dumbest thing anyone could do you’re
from Hawaii and that it makes it look
like your kit you’re in Colorado you
know she could be a davao but still why
would you do that why are you out in the

snow white you showing yourself being
there it’s like you’re showing off look
at where I am I’m in the snow you’re in
Hawaii it was completely I mean I’m so
disappointed and it’s also it also

speaks to how much the landscape has
changed when change when I was a big fan
of hers you know for four or five years
ago but you know she could be President
one day you know yeah the old days maybe

but not anymore not with that energy
she’s got no energy very disappointing
that was bad hey we got a hurry up here

actually we’re done I think it’s done I
have other stuff that can wait nice one
shorty I want to get out of the way
about this I can push it off never come

on now you’ve teased me it’s a short
last year I just as December 8 that does
a story that has no rhyme nor reason but
Democracy Now ran it I don’t know why
this woman was grabbed

in jailed she’s from that IRA you know
the Iranian news organ is a Press TV
that you know kind of a whatever it is
propaganda is Ronnie and journalists
jailed an American journalist a news

anchor for Iran’s state television
network Press TV is doing a Washington
DC courtroom today
after she was arrested and detained by
the FBI during a visit to the United

Marcia Hashemi who’s a US citizen who
lives in Tehran was arrested at st.
Louis Airport Sunday then transferred to
a prison in Washington DC according to
her son the Committee to Protect
Journalists says it’s concerned about

her arrest and called on the US
Department of Justice to immediately
disclose the basis for her detention for
the past five days this is another spook
story that what’s going on I have no
idea it might be me that’s big it sounds

like a spook story but yeah our
relations with Iran ma’am you know you
know Lex my buddy Lex
Alex yeah Lex my boss so I’d send Lex an

invitation for the wedding and he can’t
come he’s because you know he went to
Iran on one of his previous trips and he

has a stamp in his passport the same no
he can’t you cannot get a no esta for
you no visa you got to go through a a
new interview and it could take a year
before you get the interview he can’t

come to the States
well is he pull the old lost passport
stunt no he’s he’s on these that he’s on
the list man he’s on a list it’s no way

that’s your globalism report so you’ve
learned a lot today hopefully you can

use that to keep the amygdala nice and
tiny and rattle around in your brain
avoid the 5g handsets and never eat the
brown acid special thanks to Tom

Starkweather Abel Kirby and UK PMX for
our end of show mixes and remember that
we will be back with you on Thursday
live on the streams no agenda stream

calm and on the podcasts without 13
studios or 120 employees is just us so
remember us at Dvorak org slash
na and until then I’m coming to you from

downtown Austin Texas capital the drone
star stage theory Jan 6 on all
governmental maps in the five by nine
clue do in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where it’s gloomy I’m John C

Dvorak we return on Thursday right here
on no agenda again
Dvorak org slash a until

and I like likes I like people who ride

but Nate you her team is going to Puerto
Rico doing cocktail parties and Broadway

shows they need to be sitting down at
the table with the president they need
to figure out how to open the government
nobody nobody can ever know what they’re
doing forget collusion I want to know if
there’s penetration collusion being

involved in what could be characterized
as collusion there but you know what you
don’t impeach people when they’re doing
a good job and you don’t appease people
when there was no collusion because
there was no collusion they begin to

change they sacrifice the beauty of the
individual for the sake of the group the
join then the president then canceled
the trip I don’t think the president
would be like

there’s singing it I heard I heard him
saying build that wall
you might want to take a look at some of
this because now you have people coming
in talking about congestion pricing and

I kind of feel like it’s a setup
collusion de Kooning yeah we say it’s
time that we open this television
copyright and public eye a growing my

sharings wrong fair use is gone like
video store

when a licensed clients on the public
mind its
forever can
the corporate cost on Disney’s ghost is

coming back
the streets are filled my picture girls
resist because

the orange fruit hired the bass Alou
with swastika

I imagine words we get more girls and
better days and a long I hope can smoke
histone in his Chevrolet

lordy Lordy lordy Lordy lordy Lordy

lordy Lordy lordy Lordy that would be
really bad
look this is terrible it makes me mildly
nauseous but i sat there that morning

and I could not see a door labeled no
action here
there’s no Anthony weaner statute but it
is there’s already said well maybe we
need one more tea Lord hater Center I
think if I said that I misspoke she

forwarded hundreds and thousands of
emails some of which contained
classified information a made of stone
the zombie armies I love this work I
love this job he’ll fire you know what

by the fire if I Lordy that would be
really bad you know what if I get by
lordy that would be really bad you know

yeah bye bye Morty that would be really
bad you know once you fire if I if I
so they came in and said we can see

thousands of emails from the Clinton
email domain including many many many
from the Verizon Clinton domain
blackberry domain they said we think we
got to get a search warrant go get

things you know what the fight if I
Lordy that would be really bad you know
what if I get by the authority that
would be really bad

lordy that would be really bad you know
fire if I that would be really fast

you find authority that would be really
forty that would be red

lordy that would be really bad
pick on the Attorney General Loretta

Lynch who I like very much her meeting
with President Clinton on that airplane
was the cap referred somehow her emails
are being forwarded to Anthony Weiner
including classified information

oboe stop the hammering