No Agenda Episode 1106: “Smart Wall”

no agenda from the morning everybody

hi Adam Curry and from northern

Silicon Valley where we’re number eight
we’re number eight we’re number eight
I’m John Cena forever
okay sports reference no we’re number

eight overall best countries ranking US
News World Report hey to foam hands
eight fingers yeah what report is this
US News and World Report they do this

annual overall best countries yeah yeah
number eight huh number eight again we
were beat out I’ll read you the list
just give me the top ten just because we

got beat out at number three oh no no do
me they do the top ten with number ten
first come on like a VJ rate on the list

let’s see the top nine top nine good
nine yeah Norway hmm yeah number eight
the United States of America

number seven Australia oh yeah wait wait
a minute
seven is Australia yeah okay I just want
to see who we have to go to war with to

climb up the list well it’s gonna be
quite a few people we’re coming for you
Aziz number six is Sweden Wow
you know Sweden did you know rape
capital but just last night there were

four bombings in Sweden
yeah did you know this no I did not they
don’t play it on the news now let me see
this is because it might interfere with
the messaging yeah a nice uh I think in

a grocery store and apartment buildings
just the whole kinds of crap going on
all right here it is I have exactly what
it is
my hands are cold a pizzeria in

Stockholm suburb pizzeria in Gothenburg
it’s the pizza bomber beat Swedish Pizza
bomber alright we move onward I’ve

actually had pizza in Sweden now this
one makes me doubt the veracity of the
entire thing Oh number 5 the UK alright
is this done before the brexit ok number

4 Deutschland uber alles almost there
remember one day be your boss or not
surprised that’s got to be the the one

that is the most galling at least two
Americans but not necessarily to the
number three group Canada ah of course
well that’s probably true it probably

does but great to be there I’ve been
buying all kinds of stuff off of ebay
from Canadians to cheap you get the good
stuff there I got it

yes I got a bluetooth no yeah bluetooth
to 2.4 gigahertz streamer for my hearing
aids normally three hundred dollars two
hundred from kandan a via in new in the
box on eBay dynamite yeah number two

Japan mm-hmm maybe a number one a number
one on the list this week Switzerland

yeah if you can afford it that’s a great
it wasn’t about affordability
hmm so there’s your list we’re number

eight yes we keep move up if we make
America great again yeah well we should
all be wearing those hats the Hat will
do it cuz what that’s all you need is

that happen what did we learn man what
do we learn about ourselves this past
week we learned that if you see a weight
dude in a maggot
everybody thinks racist a whole jackass

yeah that’s really quite increment
people one guy’s Twitter feed it said

red hat equals racist well let’s listen
to Angela Rai former gofer for the wait
before we do this one let’s give you a
give the background to what we’re

talking about it okay although I think
the whole world might know this no maybe
not that’s possible that was not I’m
waiting for you to give the background
you doing the piece the background is a

piece of video went viral on Twitter to
be discovered that part to be discussed
in a little bit and it was of a bunch of
kids Catholic kids from Kentucky so we

got white Catholic South and a couple of
them were wearing red Magga hats make
America great again hats and they’re
waiting for their bus after they
attended the pro-life March there were

pro-choice and pro-life marches all
about abortion and what we saw on video
was these guys surrounding an American

Indian which is how they prefer to be
called there seems to be some confusion
in the m5m American Indian is the
preferred way to identify them who was
banging his drum and it looked like they

were intimidating him and smirking at
him which is as we know a George Orwell
1984 face crime is what he called that
so his face crime was taking place and

for some reason twitter has become the
editor in chief for the cable news which
then quickly spilled over into all news
and it was just like everyone was

freaking out and I gotta tell you I
looked at it and I went wow but I also
at the same time when why is this news
you know why is this now top free off
right I know the answer why of course is

orange man bad yeah but Wow and then it
quickly turned out to be just a piece of
videotape without the context know what
was really going on

and mainstream a lot of people
apologized said oh wow man I’m sorry I
tweeted all these horrible things about
these a-holes because a lot of blue
checkmarks on Twitter were saying pretty

no hateful harmful thing will harmful
can’t say that but hateful things and
calling for them to be Doc’s which they
were and call them to be thrown in wood
chippers and all kinds of stuff yeah and

that outrage quickly had to turn to
apologies that’s actually the one that
the person who was most disappointed in
because you could think all right I

thought it was like wow these guys are
none of races got came to mind right
away but just dicks teenage dicks Kara
she’s vile she’s really really really
vile and her apology was just

half-hearted it’s like oh well I’ve lost
so much caught up in the other one
before that right yeah I’ve lost respect
for her well I mean if she’s gonna jump

on every not proven uh-huh
to get your Photoshop out people we’re
gonna have some fun so instead of really
apologizing the mainstream was kind of

looking for ways out and you know
there’s other stuff that surfaced the
second time in a row yeah each time the
day after our show yeah we’re ramped up
and then ramped down like within 24

hours because of the it’s it’s a
borderline hoax well
CNN as reported by on tour actually
mentioned by NPR in this just this last
little bit of a 45-minute conversation

about it said this well Robbie suave
associate editor at thank you
so very much and we’ve got a little bit
of news here that Native American elder
Nate Nathan Phillips says he will meet

with students at Covington Catholic High
so that just happening and by the way
Twitter according to CNN’s reporting
Twitter has also suspended the original
Twitter account that helped this video

go viral it looks like it was being
amplified by a network of other
anonymous accounts
one analyst says we’re all conditioned
to react and engage or deny in specific

ways and we all did basically say you
know we can always blame it on the
Russians for trying to sow discord
discard because Russian BOTS they didn’t

say Russian but that’s coming oh they
amplified it and we fell for it and the
news is anything but culpable but of
course they are because that is what the
machine is we’ve looked at this many

times the machine is something trends on
Twitter sure knows lip Joe’s just
sitting around all day TRO there’s
something going on there you know usual
do they all of the saw and then before

you know it I’m out rate outrage ensues
now what’s interesting is that after
they got over there non-apology
the m5m is just sitting around going

like well there are some real issues and
you know let’s just be honest you know
do you see red hats it’s you know that’s
just a sign of racist
so here’s Angela Rai a former gofer for
the Congressional Black Caucus well it

not only is it hard to believe it’s hard
to accept I wish that for one moment
right we can talk about what we see
because people are talking about well
you know what is happening right now as
a result of what happened in this

particular incident is our varying
perspectives and I think that’s such a
powerful point our varying perspectives
okay like forget Donald Trump for a
second how is the very edges but she

said she’s a powerful point the very
varying perspective of how is that a
point how’s that a powerful point a

point is where you met you know you mean
you just made a point but just varying
perspectives is not a point it’s a thing
it is our varying perspectives and I

think that’s such a powerful point like
forget Donald Trump for a moment and
just think about the symbol of that red
hat when I see the make America great
again hat now Chris I am triggered i’m

so triggered andre i think in a lot of
ways our friendship has been compromised
by the fact that you continue to support
this man the one thing I will say to you
to be absolutely fair is more than
anybody else that I know on this network

you will regularly take Donald Trump to
task I don’t agree with you on this last
point but this make America great again
hat is just as maddening and frustrating
and triggering for me to look at as a

KKK hood like that is the type of
policies represent and until we can have
common ground and understanding about
that it that is that triggering we’re
gonna continue to have problems so

you’ve got to ountry me otherwise you
can’t wear the hat has triggered I’m not
record triggered wow this it is Wow
because what has happened here is the

media has really helped shape this
vision that oh the media’s responsible
for the whole thing it’s really well
done by the way golf claps well I don’t

know do it that the way they did but I
think it’s the better outcome than they
ever could have expected a dad I agree
with but man now you mean and there’s
other it now you really got a look at

all sides of everything yeah well I
don’t do it now get into AOC later you
know of course went viral with her being
an idiot so everyone said about only 12

years left to live but you know if you
take things out of context without what
I said before and after then you kind of
miss what’s going on and that’s really
our show has been about this but it’s

gotten very difficult I fell for this I
fell for these kids
dad not in a good way I fell for like
how man I wasn’t thinking racist but
just put your jag-offs yeah what else

why are they wearing the hats that’s too
bad and there you have it
red is racist anymore red is racist so
now when you go to the Great Wall of

and you buy the great wall caps that are
sold that Stan souvenir shops that’s
we’re up and down the Great Wall
everywhere you go and it’s a big red hat

it’s got a little bigger brim than the
Trump hat yeah great wall or China or
something on it but it’s a Red Hat
no it’s gonna be tricky to China Great
Wall China hat is gonna be triggering

people because it’s racist it’s because
red walls are racist so they’re trying
to now they’re just association thing
again we’ve got red Red Hat red states
yes Republican orange man bad that’s

right make people just resist luckily
you know that not everybody thinks the
Republicans have anything with the color

red but a lot of people do yeah it’s
just very sad that the news what they
call news media is doing this they’re

lazy lazy you get a Twitter feed it’s
what the job has become yeah pretty much
who’s Woo’s watching the Twitter feed

anything yeah I know man I’m following
all my alma usuals yeah well I didn’t
fall for it
you know what did you see when you first

thought please just name him pay any
attention to it I ignored it already
another piece of crap I didn’t want to
get involved with yeah I had the basic
same feet although I really felt like I

jeez but at the same time it’s like who
it’s like surprise surprise there a
holes in the world why is this all over
the place and that that’s the thing that
that they should be embarrassed about

well there’s no that’s a thing they
should be embarrassed about but also it
doesn’t matter because in a year from
now you will hear someone on the news
talking about the a native native Indian
man Vietnam vet who was hounded by those

mega hat kids no no this is true what
you said that’s the that’s the sick part
what you just said yeah is absolutely
true they’re gonna make it into reality

we had over the weekend one of Tina’s
friends from Florida who you would know
as the hill bought from Florida when we
were down there this is what a year and
a half ago I think and I got in a big

argument with her maybe it was two years
ago yeah so she came to stay I gotta
tell you she is so tired of everything

and she’s I mean she posts last time I
was on Facebook almost a year ago she
would drive by Mar Lago you know do a
selfie flipping off mar-a-lago I mean
this kind of hill but Wow

yeah oh yeah how juvenile in fact but
she was so open to talking with me about
stuff and so willing to learn because I
could tell she’s really really tired yes
because she’s complete because the

system of I don’t know lies and
propaganda let’s say by generated by the
mainstream media is short-circuits
people it’s just because it doesn’t make
sense it when you absorb enough of it

you you you’re you’re confused cuz this
none of it doesn’t make sense at all and
she and she’s very smart so she I think
she um unconsciously you thinking
subconsciously she knows that something

let me just tell you how you can
identify a true hill bot this only works
for women and I tried it out and I was
right what you gotta say is let me ask
you do you watch Rachel Maddow and you

know the answer is like oh yes and
before they can say I love Rachel you
all just say hey if you were a lesbian
and the first thing says I do or I’d
marry her that’s the true hill but it’s

universal yes yes yes Universal the the
obits and Austin used to say that
anyway I asked her I said you so she had

only seen the picture and hadn’t heard
that it was fake and cuz now she’s just
keyed into her own sources I guess so
there’s there’s an example of someone

who might not have known that because
this passes by and in 48 hours there’s
something else going on we forget about
it but for her it would have stayed that
way and I said when you saw the picture
what you think bunch of a-holes and said

let me let me guess when you heard they
were Catholic she said wow that’s really
sad you said that and immediate my first
response was Oh horrible you know crazy
religious racist a-holes and she caught

herself anyway for me it was it was
really encouraging that there are some
people are just so tired of it so burnt
out from what what the system is doing

to them that they seem to be willing to
listen and why so ever might come out of
it so the problem is there’s a good
study one of the best books on
propaganda it’s not about how to do it
or how it even how it works necessarily

but the mechanism of cocooning that is
required this is an old book is that
it’s written by the sociologist a French
sociologist Jacques Lu well and Jacques
le was one of his great books is called

propaganda and if anyone can get a copy
of it it was a major it was a major book
when it came out do you know that this
is one of the one of the first no agenda
books discussed on the show it could be

like I was 10 11 years ago yeah we kind
of forgot about it but it’s a close it’s
a good time to remind PS indeed anyway
so what he asserts in the book and among

other things it’s a great book to read
it’s it’s well written and it’s got a
style that is very singular to this guy
he really starts bringing things

together at the end he gets very
exciting it’s almost like a really a
chase scene in a movie script
anyway he asserts that the only way it
works at all is that you have to be have

people in isiliye they have to be an
isolation the best example of a
situation where propaganda would work
when people just believe whatever you
tell him is North Korea right because

they don’t really have any other sources
of information and generally speaking he
was I think hinting that in Western
society we don’t really have that
problem because we have all these

different sources but as we’ve witnessed
during the ten years in this show 11
we’ve witnessed that’s not true anymore
because the people because thanks to the
internet and the idea well I’m only

gonna give you the news you want to hear
right that notion which was right at the
beginning of the Internet we’re only
gonna give you the news you want only
the stuff you’re interested in yep that

is the process of isolating people so
they’re only hearing in their own little
group they hear only the whatever their
red group or blue group or whatever

group it is listens to it the right wing
has been shown to have a little more
leeway of maybe going out and watching
Rachel Maddow for example mostly so they

can complain but it’s really yes it’s
the algos that do it of course they’ll
let yes yes yeah it is L goes and and
that but the left doesn’t do that and

you talk to them they read the New York
Times they listen to Ennis NBC CNBC CNN
and you hear it when we when they’re
doing interviews of men on the street

that was awhile I don’t like any of this
that’s going on what’s your source of
news New York Times Washington Post NBC
CNN and then that’s it oh I would never
watch Fox oh I would never listen to

Rush Limbaugh I would never how can you
I won’t even watch the President’s
speech yeah exactly stuff you know it
was fun because I laid my North Korea

stuff on her because I you know I had
some I had some of some good back up and
say well you know who my uncle is and
yeah and here’s what he told me about
North Korea and how many times he’s been

there and how they just want they don’t
want armistice they want to be you know
the end of the war with South Korea just
please you know let them be a full
country and then Don’s quote which was
Dennis Rodman knows more about North

Korea than anyone in the administration
which was Obama administration at the
and and I and I gave that all to I was
like she’s like oh wow mm-hmm yes it cuz
she has in his mind in her mind only and

she and even though she would be
understand and and and had and her views
were changing she could not stop herself
from calling him that idiot or the moron
or the moronic orange Trump I mean that

just kept slipping out it was very very
interesting thank goodness because it
could have been a very bad weekend you
trying to save the weekend no I like her

it’s just you know she’s a little she
hot mmm she’s a New York Jew uh-huh that
has nothing to do with being hot but I

won’t even bother I don’t usually say
asked that but you always do that to me
so I thought I’d do it to you
considering she’s a friend of your wife
would be will be well put it this way
she says she gives mediocre blowjobs

long story anyway she’s cool she’s cool
but she remembered cuz she had listened

to the show after I met her last time
said you called me a hill bot see but
you are I said yeah I am
okay so just admitting it was good yeah
I guess that she’ll be back at her

Katoon well if you come to the wedding
she’s gonna be there you can introduce
me as the hill bought from Florida okay
she’ll buy that right away she knows who

you are you’re famous I’m famous
onward yes kiss the president just to
get signs on each lips about that about

what the redhead kid I don’t need this
we’ve been killed with clips the the for
me the importance is red is racist
that symbol is racist and media is off

the rocker and Liars and can’t even
apologize and oh by the way there will
be some lawsuits oh yeah the kids that
one kid in particular who was taking all

my tasks yep I have one of the women on
the Today Show mm-hmm oh he’s got it
they’re gonna did you know their money
did you know that when you’re a federal
employee certainly like representatives

they can say whatever they want about
you to you in the media anywhere they
want and they have complete immunity I
believed I know that yeah it was like

some acts from being ground up in court
yeah as a practical law it is a
practical law but there should be some
limits somewhere well that’s not gonna I

don’t think that’ll ever happen
most of them guys are the limits are
that if you’re that bad that you’d get
sued to death because you’re you know
the lips you’re gonna get voted out yeah

except in Berkeley so the president took
show the president took so the president
took the high road this morning they

said okay Nancy
I’ll do the State of the Union when the
government is open again which is kind
of unexpected I like that tactic well he

must be expecting the government to be
open again pretty soon I think it will
be and last night I’ve been busy I was
on my way to a dinner with the former

New York banker and on LBJ or whatever
it was we’ll heard came on and he was
talking about and he’s a Republican

Republican congressman from Texas and he
he’s the claims to be I’d remembered his
Wikipedia page says that he’s a former
CIA covert operative and he’s that guy

and he loves talking about himself as I
think if part of that’s in this clip and
I couldn’t get the clip
from LBJ and I looked everywhere and it
was just I guess there was no recording

was in the car so I could have recorded
it but he said something about how this
would happen would be something would be
passed in the Senate and then something
else would have to pass in the house

upon condition that Nancy Pelosi would
bring the Senate bill to the floor and
then Hurd said they have enough votes I
mean I I wish I had the clip so I I’m
just butchering it I’m sure but he

sounded very confident that there was
going to be this this process partly
just alleged you know the a protocol how
things work and also because it has to

end and see where is he here he is on
Fox with Dana Perino it was just before
the interview that I heard let me see is

this it damn I set that up so nicely and
where the hell is my well this is a

setup to me a flop well I don’t know if
this is the clip that I was thinking of
but this is one of them I would love to
lay a fiber-optic cable from sea to
shining sea now this is important

because will Hurd is also after he left
the service he became a Silicon Valley
guy and so he’s very deep with Silicon
Valley venture and he I don’t know what
cash in on this well of course because

if you have an electronic wall which is
what he’s going for here yeah until
somebody throws off the switch and then
the hoards come running in again me
going I’m sorry well if you have the

electronic wall it’s not just a you know
a thing of concrete that just stands
there no it needs upgrades and updates
maintenance plan and it’s perfect and

now he’s talking about fiber-optic from
sea to shining sea and your point is
well made you know one fiber cut and you
have nothing from sea to shining sea but
okay but it’s an interesting idea listen

to what he says I would love to lay a
fiber-optic cable from sea to shining
it’s a they’re sensing tools that can be
used off of a fiber-optic cable and then

guess what someone
rural communities along the border that
don’t have access to really high-speed
internet would be able to tap into and
you could allow kids and schools in the

city of Presidio to have access to
high-speed Internet so this would be an
underground fiber-optic Wow it’s it’s
one to write a fiber optic sensing can
help you identify somebody coming across

the board and I don’t hear you saying
wall so I just want to be really clear
you don’t think a wall is the solution
here as the President does well a wall
from sea to shining sea is the most
expensive and least effective way to do

border security go barrier in some
places does make sense with this urban
the urban contacts right but it’s not
along all 2,000 miles of the border and
there’s probably only a handful of miles

where something like that is needed yeah
I guess I didn’t clip that one
particular thing where he he went into
this a little you know when it was
background a little bit deeper but I

think we’ll see a combo deal you’ll see
wall you’ll see he’s got Trump has got
to give in to Silicon Valley a little
bit he’s got to and it makes sense and I
love this well if you string this fiber

out in the desert then kids can have
fast internet quite sure how that works
when they talk about children of Gila
monster but I think you well here I have

a clip from PBS it’s kind of in the same
direction I want to play it this is a
Pelosi shut down now yes when I wrote to
him the second time to say since every

we do not let’s let’s work together
unusually agreeable date and we can
welcome yoots quick happening to get rid
of State of the Union address government
is still shut down I still make the

offer the State of the Union speech has
been cancelled by Nancy Pelosi because
she doesn’t want to hear the truth she
doesn’t want the American public to hear
what’s going on and she’s afraid of the

truth and the super left Democrats the
radical Democrats what’s going on in
that party is shocking
amid the sparring over the State of the

Union there were faint signs of possible
movement on ending the shutdown several
top House Democrats suggested that they
might offer up to five point seven
billion dollars for border security but

not for a wall the number three House
Democrat james Clyburn said the money
would pay for immigration judges border
agents and technology I think that it
can be done using the figure that the

president has put on the table if he is
five point seven billion dollars is
about border security then we see

ourselves fulfilling that request only
doing it but what I like to call using a
smart whoa smart wall guy doesn’t know
how to turn a computer on smart wall

he’s talking about a smart wall yeah
well that’s what heard is pushing for
sure and somebody dropped that term into
the public domain yes mark smart wall

some some marketing we need a different
we needed if we need like a wall a wall
or wool wll you know drop a drop a
constant and we need something better

than smart wall-e wall-e wall-e wall-e
wall-e hmm says a game about electric
mystery walls here the electrified

wall-e wall yeah wall of death that now
you’re talking wall of death
the one you know Austin is a very odd
place in in Texas it being such a

perceived red state this is a very
liberal here Beto
signs everywhere Beto on cars still up
oh yeah the signs are up the cars have

the bumper stickers everyone see there’s
new bumper stickers colorful bumper
stickers now a bit too just like a
bumper stickers yeah I think I saw a cop
even after the guy already lost yeah
bring us more sticks or spit – yeah – so

obviously if you talk to anyone here in
Austin about the wall there um you know
it’s you can’t have a wall it’s racist

it’s immoral just a whole orange man who
wants this raw with live music good food
and nightlife there’s lots to bring
people to the Red River cultural

district but there’s one sliver of the
street where the city wants to keep
people out why do people want to come
out here if that’s the stuff that they
have to deal with Dave machinist is part
owner of the Empire control room
his venue backs up to this alley a small

stretch between beer land and the
Sidewinder that’s been a challenge for
the community you can see people dealing
drugs exchanging drugs for money you can
see fighting people having sex people

defecating I mean it’s terrible it’s a
third-world country back there when
police tried to fix the issue with
lights city staff said it made the
problem worse and Luke acres of Hoboken
pie had a front row seat the only way

needs to be shut down it should have
been shut down over five years ago
whenever we first started complaining
about it I because it is the head of the
drug and prostitution ring here in
Austin place so earlier this week the

city decided on plans for a fence on
either end of the alley it’ll be at
least ten feet tall and the businesses
on either side will have access a city
spokesperson told us it’s become a

public safety concern there you go
Austin does not want a wall to stop
illegal entry into the country but they
sure want one in the alley they want a

wall alley yes ten feet high that is
clip of the day for me hypocrites all of
them I tell you hypocrites

that’s a great cliff budget yeah there’s
your Austin for you now same thing right
let’s go to Arizona find out what
they’re thinking there about the wall

the president Trump battles it out for
his funding for the border wall and
Arizona lawmakers unique idea to raise
funds right here in our state is now
making national headlines yes what do
you think of this we’re talking about

Arizona House bill 2444 from
representative Gail Griffin she’s a
Republican from Hereford and it require
electronics manufacturers to install
porn blocking software on all phones

computers or tablets and the only way to
unblock it pain a one-time fee of at
least twenty bucks that money would be
used for several purposes the biggest

being border security right now the bill
has not been scheduled for any committee
hearings but it is getting a lot of
attention vote these people out of
office how’s this jive with net

neutrality none of it jive with net
neutrality yeah oh yeah the algos will
be able to detect what’s porn know what
could possibly go wrong that’s why they

vote these people out there stupid yes
it not not stupid for not knowing what
they’re talking about
but for doing that they’re stupid don’t
yeah let’s see what other heartstrings

can we talk oh yes
Don Lemon overnight sensation Oh your
favorite yes done yes he of course
understands the plight the plight of the

800,000 who are furloughed and standing
in food lines and just gets worse from
there done a little bit of pain somebody
to say that when the repo man comes it’s

a little bit of pain can you wait to
take the car a little bit of pain I
wonder how the men and women protect
this president the Secret Service how
they feel about that take a look at this
these special challenge coins being

distributed to eight two agents and to
their families pretty clearly expressing
their frustration with the words on the
flip side don’t worry you’ll get back
you know who loves a challenge coin

that’s the president he keeps a bunch of
them in the Oval Office wonderful ad
this newest one to that collection I
sure want one
I do get me one of those challenge coins
lately sounds fantastic

that’s funny very very good he does he
does a whole whole stand filled with the
challenge coins I’ve got an interesting
very interesting another room piece on

the shut down by that woman else in door
who is this that’s the PBS black oh yes
yes please
yes Gwen the woman who can never feel

Gwen’s shoes of course not who can right
yeah who knew Twitter
Ted huh finally the No Agenda show comes

clean about Gwen Ifill that’s like I
think we’ve said this a couple of times
like we’re really sad she’s gone dead
gone because yeah she was talking about

for over a year
yeah it she kind of kept that whole
operation in line yeah she was the pro
yeah which is a problem when they don’t
have one anymore and there’s just a

bunch of Millennials you played this
analysis is kind of interesting well the
president doesn’t want to look weak and
he doesn’t want to look like he’s caving
in to Democrats today he called
Democrats dangerous and said that

they’re being radicalized and that they
can’t be trusted with water security he
also used what some people saw was look
as loaded language when talking about
spam Speaker Nancy Pelosi
he said that Nancy Pelosi is dominating

Chuck Schumer that would be of course
Senator Chuck Schumer and that said that
Chuck Schumer is a puppet of Nancy
Pelosi now we see the president kind of
scrambling to decide how he’s gonna deal
with Nancy Pelosi and his strategy for

her usually he’s given people nicknames
like crooked Hillary for Hillary Clinton
or lyin Ted for Ted Cruz but in this
case he just said Nancy who I’d like to
call Nancy the other thing to note is
that the president is facing pressure

from his own conservative base there was
a group of conservatives who met today
with the president at the White House
and one of them was a was the president
of the Heritage Foundation her husband
is actually one of the people

furloughed a federal worker and this is
a large think tank based in Washington
DC and she told me even though I want my
husband to go back to work I want the
president not to blink yeah well your
job right a few complaining letters for

sub the reason I wanted a place that
reminded me of what the clip you had
were Trump but or no the earlier clip
that I had where Trump says she the
reason she’s cutting off the State of

the Union speech which is required by
the Constitution by the way but it’s not
a speech that’s required you can just
send a memo email a text this graeme
this grand yes you can’t the grandiosity

of the State of the Union is not
required according to other ways but the
point is that the point is what I’m
trying to where I’m going is not it’s
gonna do with that it’s the fact that he

he’s decided to start going with his
propagandistic the ideas and he said in
that clip Nancy doesn’t want to hear the
truth that the reason cuz she doesn’t
want to hear the truth about the State

of the Union I guess I don’t know it was
just a she’s trying to project an image
of Democrats with their hands over their
ears yes ma’am I can’t hear I can’t hear

I can’t hear I guess but it’s silly
there is a I caught a law coming to the
floor it’s not even written yet but
it’ll be House Resolution 705 to

authorize the administrator of the
Transportation Security Administration
to utilize the security service P fee to
pay transportation security offers or
salaries during a lapse in

appropriations for the TSA which is a
good idea I mean the money’s still
coming in the airlines pay fees for the
job that these guys there is an actual

payment for this job that’s why it some
airports have commercial companies doing
it like or TSA they were all done by
so there’s fees paid and the idea who

put this in who put this bill in by a
timing I think this is gonna be over in
the next week Cato yeah I agree I agree
and there’s gonna be some kind of you

know what smart wall is actually good
because it still has the word wall yeah
we should make everyone kind of happy
and that’s got to be some wall everyone

agrees on some wall and you know the
border the border fence Act which was
never funded you know they’re gonna work
it out it’s just what a waste of space
and time just wasting everybody’s time

except for the cable news
they loved the nest and business it I
don’t know why they have to stay in
business they’re not doing their jobs

but yes they are denied giving us enough
stuff funded the overseas news is really
getting wealth etic do you want to go
there nothing from these guys you want
to go there now overseas let’s start

with Venezuela well I have seen some
news about Venezuela that’s the only one
so let me just what I understand
happened here is Maduro who which we
kind of predicted in the last show for

sure we saw it coming down coming down
so it’s cover art of the last show
included the guy who is now served
what’s his name again

yes no Guido yes so yeah so there was a
vote Guido did not win but then the
observers conveniently including the
United States and UN and way way Guido

did win now I thought he didn’t win
didn’t win what I thought I didn’t win
the election
Guido won the election he’s the head of
the assembly no he hmm I okay I read it

Maduro well knows that neither guy ran
against Maduro you must be thinking
about somebody else well let’s play
these clips and we’ll get to the bottom

of it well the bottom line is Maduro
doesn’t want to give up the seat that’s
the bottom line
Maduro won
yeah okay usually you tell me then tell
me what’s going on cuz I’m confused

yep airily he did not win the
presidential he won he’s the president
of the there government but not at the
president of the country and there’s
something that he did not win I’m pretty
sure he didn’t run he ran from what he

ran before he won what he ran for all
right and they’ve just all everybody
else I got three reports on the same
topic from three different angles and I

want to play all three of them they’re
not well they’re a little long and this
should be but first you have democracy
now which is a socialist operation as
far as they’re concerned Maduro should
be running the place into the ground is

okay by them then we have PBS which
tries to take kind of a journalistic
approach to them they don’t get anywhere
then we have the report from CBS CIA
report that just tells us what’s going

on now can we just say up front that
Guido if you look at his biography
everything’s kind of like ho-hum until
you get to his master’s degree at jord
was it

Georgetown he’s our guy yes he’s our guy
let’s start with Venezuelan update
democracy now and listen to what they

leave out the United States is
continuing to ratchet up pressure on
Venezuela and what appears to be part of
a coordinated effort to remove the
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro from
office on Tuesday vice president Mike

Pence posted a video message online
telling Venezuelan opposition leaders
and protesters that the u.s. supports
their efforts to Aust
the president hola I’m Mike Pence the

vice president of the United States and
on behalf of President Donald Trump and
all the American people let me express
the unwavering support of the United

States as you the people of Venezuela
raise your voices in a call for freedom
Nicolas Maduro is a dictator with no
legitimate claim to power Venezuelan

president Maduro responded by saying he
would revise diplomatic relations with
the United States
saying quote never before has a
high-level official said that the

opposition should overthrow the
unquote Venezuelan vice president Desi
Rodriguez also responded to the pence
video people might notice and that is in

Blair because mr. pence doesn’t have a
job now he wants to come and run
Venezuela handing out instructions on
what should happen in Venezuela tomorrow
openly calling for coup d’etat in

Venezuela I will say it like the
Venezuelan people would say it to you
Yankee go home Monday the government of
President Maduro said it suppressed a
military revolt in the capital Caracas

Maduro has accused the u.s. along with
Canada and twelve Latin American allies
including Brazil of plotting a coup
against his socialist government
meanwhile opposition groups are planning

to hold major anti Maduro protests today
across Venezuela well it sounds like a
coup to me this is the make good cuz we
could not get Chavez out of the out of

the office I think we just moved up one
spot I think we did we’re number seven
with a bullet now we hear the same
report on PBS we hear a few more details
in fact she never mentions Guido at all

in that report because and the previous
shows she’s had these experts on it says
this guy this Guido guy he’s nobody
knows who he is he’s an unknown he’s

just some sort of guy he’s just somehow
won the head of the assembly he became
that guy and that now is just be
familiarize himself with people reported
differently on PBS

venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro
faces the most direct challenge to his
nearly six years in power today as Nick
Schifrin reports the US and more than a
half a dozen other countries recognized

Juan Cueto currently the head of
Venezuela ‘s national assembly as the
country’s legitimate president on a
stage in downtown Caracas in front of a

crowd of thousands thirty five love
languages right hand and administered
his own oath of office
I swear to formally assume the powers of
the National Executive as the president

in charge of Venezuela around the
capital and country today hundreds of
thousands perhaps millions of
Venezuelans rallied in support of Guido
and called for a change in government we

are here to support our National
Assembly the only legitimate power for
the 14 million Venezuelan nuns demanded
freedom and other protesters demanded

president Nicolas Maduro step down your
time is up
and your cabinets understand this
Venezuela has outgrown you Venezuelans
have protested before but this time the

usually fractured opposition has a
consensus leader until recently rido was
relatively unknown but he’s
criss-crossed the country speaking
against Maduro asking for support from
the international community and

Venezuela’s powerful military no we are
not asking you to mount a coup or to
shoot on the contrary we’re asking you
not to shoot at us and defend together
with us the right of our people to be

heard so that sounds very much like they
got all these groups together yeah in
concert the CIA operation I don’t think
I think this is something that they

they’ve been working on and they I think
they’re putting all their real smart
guys on doing this this was a this was a
real good job because so far just the

guy just slips in he pops up he’s
totally likable looking Obama kind of
thing the CIA knows how to run that yeah
he’s only 35 the guy just inaugurated

himself I mean that’s good that all
right that’s it that’s a coup right
there yeah so that we’re gonna go to our
doubt ‘let CBS to hear what the how
they’re gonna try to spin it I think

that PBS did the best reporting on this
which we just heard very different than
the Democracy Now reporting where
they’re just all they all in on Teresa
well let’s just you and I are not jaded

but we’ve just accepted as fact that’s
what we do yeah and we put a basis we do
a good job these guys go broke because

of us I mean they will go broke if they
don’t play they dip play play the game
right bye okay Venezuela CBS hundreds of
thousands of Venezuelans protested in

the streets today demanding that
President Nicolas Maduro step aside 35
year old Juan Cueto the head of the
National Assembly swore himself in as
the new leader of the country journalist

Virginia Lopez glasses in Caracas there
were also videos of the National Guard a
throwing tear gas at protesters and also
taking some protesters a with them

prisoners backing the opposition the
Trump administration which today along
with Canada and more than a dozen other
countries officially recognized WeDo as
interim president at the White House

reporters asked President Trump if he’d
take military action to protect the
opposition movement
Venezuela once a wealthy country with
the largest proven oil reserves in the

world is on the verge of economic
collapse with food and medicine in short
supply it has become a haven for
terrorists and drug traffickers more
than 3 million Venezuelans have fled

into surrounding countries
scholar Moshe Rendon’s family still
lives there we’re talking about 300
children expected to die because of lack
of food the average Venezuelan has lost
24 pounds in the last year Maduro has

long blamed the u.s. for his country’s
problems even accusing Venezuelan and
Colombian immigrants living in Florida
for a failed assassination attempt last

today he severed diplomatic ties and
ordered US embassy personnel out of the
country within 72 hours the Pentagon and
State Department are determining how to
protect US diplomats still in Venezuela

sources tell CBS News that Guido is now
in hiding in Caracas the next steps are
unclear Maduro still has powerful
supporters including China and Russia

and for now Jeff his own military
right yeah so that we have the truer
picture yes Maduro did not revise me Amy
put it revised relationships with United

staes he he expelled the United States
it’s the difference seems to me yeah but
we’re not budging apparently well no we
laughter we’re leaving we’re trying to

get out of there safely hmm we’re not
sticking around the embassy
no no NBC’s got to get out but everyone
else stays well glad hopes they would we
know who’s gonna stay this Latino team

mm-hmm and they apparently then they I
guess they know enough about the
situation that they can take Guido
as I call me Guido and lock him up

someplace so he won’t get killed because
that’s what the module is no I want to
do and so if you’re running the show if
you’re one of the whoever the station

chief is and these other guys that are
having to do this thing they make it
look like it’s just natural
you know enough to get this guy buried
so he can crop up later as the big

reigning hero after Maduro either quits
or something happens they this just not
over I’ve been looking at the Dutch news
fitting I’m waiting for Curacao or
Bonaire and these are islands you can

almost see Venezuela which are Dutch
municipalities nothing from them it’s
right off the coast
they have been read in yeah well I think

so far
mission accomplished that’s so far so
good I don’t think that misses anywhere
near accomplished

I mean don’t forget that we went around
and around with shadows Caesar with some
Java stuff a lot yeah and we tried to
kill him a couple of times and we tried

to make him do deals and everything he
ended up becoming more powerful than
ever so it can turn the other way he
never wanted to play ball and what is

our benefit what do we want a world
largest supply of oil oh really
reserves the world’s largest reserves
bigger than Saudi Arabia yeah I think
yeah I think we want that yeah I think

so yeah who’s in there what companies
Whelan right doesn’t yeah it’s a
Venezuelan company that is gut issues

all over the United States and there’s
all Venezuelan oil that they have their
own resins pretty much they pretty much
vertically integrated so it’s fine not
as long as the oil comes over here but

yeah you know it’s still
if we could get Venezuela we all should
just take Canada for their oil – yeah
Canada’s at number three don’t forget

we’re number eight so there are that in
our sights but the Venezuelan oil we
don’t need Canada we don’t need anybody
if we could get a hold of that oil right
all right so something to do with this

well suppose oh yeah
there was the the two marches over the
weekend the March for Life and the march

for the women’s March which was split up
and really there’s some clips and less
show about the women’s March yeah but
there wasn’t much it wasn’t much to do

about the about the marches they didn’t
have the scale they didn’t have the
right to the march for life so that
would be the anti-abortion people that

an interesting speaker but they never
get any coverage no well there’s a
reason so one of their main speakers was
ben shapiro huh now you got us i wish

you could see the video so he’s on a
stage he’s sitting down behind a desk
with his laptop open his laptop as a big
daily wire sticker on it on the lid and

he’s reading he’s reading from his
laptop while he’s on stage with this
crowd and actually the crowd microphone
reading his speech from his laptop

sitting down so I’m gonna play this what
a stylist it’s it’s baffling and he also
lost a couple sponsors over this speech

for his radio show which is just the
finally argument number 10 this one has
become popular in recent years after the
book Freakonomics came out that argument
is that abortion lowers the crime rate

right that all the that what has lowered
the crime rate traditionally has been
killing all the would-be criminals
first of all hey I don’t know who’s
comfortable with the pre-crime version
of humanity where we got to decide

before you’re born whether you’re likely
to be a criminal and then abort you
based on future and criminal activity in
which you have not participated and the
crowd is just riveted by this fancy
the presentation the argument I guess
here is that would you kill baby Hitler

and the truth is that no pro-life person
on earth would kill baby Hitler right
because baby Hitler wasn’t Hitler adult
Hitler was Hitler
maybe Hitler was a baby and when you
presumably want to do with baby Hitler
was take baby Hitler out of baby

Hitler’s house and move baby Hitler into
a better house where he would not grow
up to be that’s the idea would you kill
baby Hitler and the truth is that no

pro-life person on earth would kill baby
Hitler right because baby Hitler wasn’t
Hitler adult Hitler was Hitler maybe
Hitler was a baby right would you
presumably want to do with baby Hitler
was take baby Hitler out of baby
Hitler’s house and move baby Hitler into
a better house where he would not grow

up to be Hitler dude dude no he’ll be
much coffee so much coffee Ben he’s

gonna go to decaffeinate is gonna be de
platformed it’s gonna happen no oh yeah
platform to worry about it hmm okay
coming up I have see I’m sorry were you

gonna say something no I just really
realized something just don’t mumbled
one interesting piece of news for people
who believe they can monetize the

network which there you go yeah it’s
just a shorty though I love it after
years and years and years of and I’m
looking at every single developer like

Google so great they’re really making
the best browser yeah crumb crumb crumb
crumb crumb oh yeah everything workers
croak yeah Google knows what they’re
doing this is smart
yeah well here we are Google announced
they are changing the extension API

which for all intents and purposes will
make ad blocking impossible with
third-party ad blockers specifically

it’s the one that I was using Pro no no
no no you block origin is probably one
of the better ones

no actually adblock Pro
but they will be allowed to continue to
function but of course they allow ads
through for a fee so now we’re in the
situation that just when Microsoft as an

aside announced that they were moving to
the chromium engine on the backend for
their edge browser Google is really
clamping down and everybody’s like oh

what this is well is an ad agency this
is what we warned you of and here it is
and actually there’s a thread with
Brendan Eich from brave and so the brave

browser will obviously be able to combat
this change because they have other
other systems in there a lot of noise
about everyone going back to Firefox
which I doubt I never went to chrome I

wish I was Crum I’m pretty sure that
everyone just go oh ok and they’ll take

the adblock fro and everyone will just
move on their merry way except people
like me I installed my piehole yesterday
based on this news I have to tell you

this is what is my piehole my piehole
PIH Oh Ellie this is I think we’ve
talked about it before it’s you get a

Raspberry Pi pronounce that bit holy be
holy yeah well there’s a – piehole
piehole ewwww
so you get a Raspberry Pi very

inexpensive you know like what is it now
20 bucks you got a good one go to the
Internet you issue one command it
installs this pie hole which includes

community open-source lists of all the
URLs you want to block and whenever you
in your own network at home whenever you
are on the web any of these it’s kind of

like what brave does inherently anything
of any program in this case anything
you’re using will then be routed into
kind of like this dead zone so it never

appears in your browser but it kind of
appears as though it it did
go through for the service serving of
the ways which brave does yes and but
this is fantastic
cuz brave has his problems you know it’s

still wonky it’s it’s very wonky kevie
do images properly has all kinds of
issues with it but this pie hole oh my
god and it’s also fun to see you know

like this Microsoft is they have like 18
different things they’re pinging once
every second it’s coming from all over
there even pinging Bing God knows why
but it’s just oh my god

all this stuff is blocked out is really
really good and I’m thinking this would
be a great product if if we could do
Hardware yeah everyone just needs one of
these you need a thing to just you know

I got a USB stick if it will be possible
it’s not to just have one of these
everywhere you go it’s real it’s and it
speeds up your whole experience because
it’s blocking I’m blocking a little

under 30 percent of all traffic that is
just ad based bullcrap
yeah 30 percent is really good get off
the net now everyone has to go towards

these things because yeah the Chrome
browser is just completely compromised
and thank you very much developers who
thought Google was the best thing ever

and now you’re gonna have to deal with
it yourself hey Google does what they do
because they do what they do and with
that I’d like to thank you for your

courage say in the morning to you John
see Derek had no see for you just maybe
your name Chrome I’d like to thank you
for your courage and say in the morning

to you John see where the C stands for
chrome Dvorak in the morning you’ll miss
random curry also in the morning to the
ship said to see and the feet in the
water in the subs and the water and the

dames and nights out there and in the
morning to art roll room you can find
them at No Agenda stream comm also
starting to be blocked here and there by
some corporate to firewalls because
apparently we we steal your we fish on

you I don’t know what the hell this it’s
we’re slowly going down people
and all I’m trying to bring up the
firewalls I say what let me as
ridiculous if it anybody blocks us this

uh but I mean that’s what they do I mean
you get reported by someone then all of
a sudden you’re just on the list there’s
nothing you can do about it it’s called

deep platforming bitching moan in the
morning – Darren O’Neill as we discussed
earlier he brought us the artwork for
episode 11:05 the type of that was
bombshell and we had our Guido Obama
picture up there so you could see how

close the the resemblances in stature in
gaze as in Gaz smile everything is very
very similar uncanny almost it looks

like I don’t want to say too much but
this show did kind of predict and here
we are knew it was gonna happen alright
nice if I had my reading glasses but

okay I wish I was the bionic eye doing
by the way
it’s great you still need reading
glasses for him
you couldn’t yeah these lenses only have
you there’s different kinds of lenses

you can get whiners fixed focal and then
you have some different focal lengths or
our variable focal lengths but the one
that I have is like medium to long –
focal ranges but binocular vision

most people they get the single focal
length to get long and then we’re
glasses right but they you something can
sometimes lose mine ocular vision and
then then there’s these crazy ones that

are just you look at him and you go why
would I put that in my eye but
apparently they give you a full range of
vision which would be the reason but the
way that they explain it it’s like yeah

I know it looks weird this this lens but
apparently your brain gets this images
just by the way this really makes you
wonder about the basis of reality seeing

is believing you mean no I think
sketchy okay because this thing is
parently just throws a bunch of crap
into your eye and the brain goes I think

I can piece this together yes look
perfect and you have this great vision
comes random scraps that are thrown into
the under the retina it’s just like okay

so it’s Oh
okay so it’s not just a clean focal lens
it’s like a whole bunch of like sand no
it’s a lens but a lot of debris got all
kinds of little dips and doodles on them

it’s like now like just a lens that you
could like a camera lens it’s got more
going on and it’s not natural because
our drill lens is like a rubbery little

thing that you helps us focus because it
changes shape right but it’s just the
one there’s a lot to it more to it than
you’d think
okay okay start with us start off um now
we don’t have any official executive

producers today I saw I wanted to
mention that we have no executive
producer again this is two times in the
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you for your twice weekly sanity check I
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this very small crazy-looking writing
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a couple
of dudes named Ben at work so that’s a
good sign we got dudes they’ve been

converting dudes named Ben hey they’re
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he needs a probably give them addy
dishing okay let me just grab my douche

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karma you know a lot of California’s but
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he’s gonna be CEO of GE well let’s see
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a very sad news jean-claude sad news

yeah sad news came across the transom
our favorite streaming television
service pluto TV has been purchased by
Viacom uh that’s the end of it that will

be the end of it cos we’re gonna take
the cat channels off may I think that it
was 340 million dollars which is pretty
good I don’t know it’s area is just
attic it’s a good low here’s I think

that I think they do have to pay that
they’re paying some fees to some of
these outfits for probably have about 10
channels they gotta pay for the rest of
them are all free and the cat channel is

their own I think it could be cat
channels now if you go that’s probably
where all the value was Viacom’s like
340 minutes I agree now I want to
mention something that you brought this

up so I and I think this is a reason
Viacom bottom hmm because if I come
didn’t bit by a man Xfinity would have
because Xfinity has a streaming service
for its subscribers and I have a Comcast

connection to the Internet and I’m a
subscriber and I get to cable the if I
want it I don’t use it necessarily but I
have it and I’m allowed to look at the
Xfinity streaming service because I’m a

subscriber hmm okay so you loaded up on
your Roku you hit a button
who thinks spin in a spin and then you
hit it by imma and then you see your
channels come up all the regular

channels and you say I want to watch you
know the channel 5 you put it on and you
wait at least five oh yes I’ve had that
service is horrible it doesn’t work no
meanwhile I go over to Pluto I hit the

button it populates the channels almost
instantly and you go to any one of them
it did just one spin and you’re on yeah
so why why does Comcast NBC Universal

big giant company they can’t get this to
work and some operation calling
themselves Pluto Pluto TV they roll out

of bed and the
thing works absolutely perfectly it’s
slow yeah you know who has similar
problems is hulu hulu also has problems
and they always have to have some stupid

logo so everyone knows it was an ABC
show or an NBC show and that’s like an
an interstitial stream insert it appears
to me there’s a lot of buffering going
on with that service to I don’t know I

don’t know what’s going on Netflix seems
to do pretty well but Netflix well
Netflix has their own appliances over
the country but Pluto that the bomb but
this is ridiculous pollute I know Pluto

doesn’t have an appliance at the ISP
level so they’re just doing something
right and I think it was a smart move by
a Viacom to bind by us to steal to catch
channels for technology cuz nobody else

seems to be able to understand and what
is wrong with the Xfinity they can’t get
this to work are they that bad at
engineering I mean do you want to trust

this company which like I’m just gonna
wager here’s a shot Xfinity comes from
the IPTV people and I think that that
you know IPTV which as far as I know
never really took off the way they

expected it with the technology at the
time this is when I was in London and
British Telecom was doing all this
everybody was working it kind of like
that works just a big leader yeah they
kind of come out of that camp which I’m

sure it’s top-heavy tons of Engineers
all kinds of stuff and the Pluto guys
just by the name alone you get the
impression now they’re a bunch of dudes
yeah but dudes name band goofballs

let’s put Artie on they’ll give it to us
for free a great hey let’s put some
eyeballs as our logo yeah I love it
totally and you’re right about the RT

I’m sure they get that carriage for
nothing yeah I mean black on will drop
that right away just kind of our hacker
our hacker TV Service well hopefully I
do you know I can say I’m hopeful they

don’t ruin it but you know they will
they won’t ruin it tomorrow I sold out
man well they probably were losing their
ass I got a lot of feedback on the 5g
segment I did on the last show

segment thank you there’s a lot I could
say a lot of feedback we got but there’s
only one clip I want to play today one
clip in one clip only I think it’ll do
it for today’s 5g segment and this is

because only a year and a half ago this
was at the United Nations and I think
this was about health also about the
World Health Organization the WTO this

is Clare Edwards and she is addressing
the chair of may even been the Secretary
General not sure at the United Nations
who also at the end will chime in about

what she is saying and this is very
interesting because when the elites are
worried about a technology and you’re
still it’s still being jammed down your

throat let’s say maybe they were
apprehensive about using the technology
you know we’ve all heard Steve Jobs and
didn’t let his kids use iPads smart or
iPhones there’s a lot of this you know

kids in Silicon Valley go to private
schools where they use an abacus that’s
kind of like a lot of may have been
taught an abacus because it’s actually

very good little luck so to recap for to
the 5g technology which is going which
is being touted everywhere as the savior
of our world because that we can have

self-driving cars even though I never
heard that before but we need it now we
can get superfast internet all the porn
you can drink all the time it’s gonna be
just you know there will be applications

you’ve never even thought possible
virtual reality augmented reality on the
streets it’s going to be great and it
just might kill you
we don’t know you’ve installed

repeatedly been told that they are the
most important resource of this
organization since December 2015 the
staff here at the Vienna International
Center have been exposed to

electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and
mobile phone boosters installed on very
low ceilings throughout the building’s
current public exposure levels are at
least one

Tilian that’s 18 zeroes 1 quintillion
times above natural background radiation
according to Professor Olle Johansson of
the Karolinska Institute in Sweden the
highly dangerous biological effects of

EMFs have been documented by thousands
of studies since 1932 indicating that we
may be facing a global health
catastrophe orders of magnitude worse
than those caused by tobacco and

cigarettes mr. secretary-general on the
basis of the precautionary principle I
urge you to have these EMF emitting
devices removed immediately from these
buildings and to call a halt to any

rollout of 5 g at UN duty stations
because 5g is designed to deliver
concentrated and focused electromagnetic
radiation in excess of 100 times current

levels in the same way as to directed
energy weapons can I just stop there
just say how much I love that she said

radiation is the same as directed energy
weapons I thought that was just some
conspiracy theory that I talked about
now it’s in your goodbye we talked about
the directed and it hurts daily yeah I’m
being a little facetious because if you

bring this stuff up and you say you get
radiated like a do de W then people roll
their eyes at you thank goodness it’s in
the United Nations as it’s being
discussed 100 times current levels in

the same way as do directed energy
weapons maybe she’s just a listener in
line with the UN guiding principles on
business and human rights to protect

respect and remedy 5g technologies must
be subjected to an independent health
and safety assessment before they are
launched anywhere in the world there is

currently an international appeal signed
by 237 EMF scientists from 41 nations
urging the UN and particularly the w-h-o
to exert strong leadership in fostering

the development of more protective EMF
guidelines encouraging precautionary
measures and educating the public
about the considerable health risks
particularly the risks to children and

fetal fetal development Cheers
mr. secretary-general I think we have a
unique opportunity here at the UN office
at Vienna

since our medical records are digitized
you have the choice and the possibility
of releasing data on a closed population
exposed to office scale levels of
electromagnetic radiation in a metal

ward building which exacerbates the
situation to establish if there have
already been abnormal health
consequences for the UN staff here in

the last 28 months I urge you to do so
and stop any rollout of 5g immediately
thank you
now this guy’s sitting there listening

to this and he comes back with this talk
to the Wi-Fi systems on the ceilings of
these buildings Wi-Fi boosters and cell

phone boosters were installed without
consultation without information to
staff in December 2015 the situation
here is extremely dangerous

I have heard anecdotally of many people
who have had health problems I don’t
know if they are related but the
precautionary principle would dictate
that we use our medical records to look

into this and that we remove these
dangerous devices immediately thank you
I’m worried because I put those devices
in my house

I these I will have to I mean I’m I
confess my ignorance on this we will

have to i-i’ve but I’m going to raise
this vbeq show which I think is the
organization that might be able to deal
with it properly for them to I mean put
someone their stuff or polarizations

work on that because I must confess I
was not aware of that tension all right
so of course nothing has happened
oh no wh Oh worse they’re worse than

now this Clare Edwards does have she’s a
part of a group which you can find at 5g
space appeal org I just wanted to read a
little bit number 5g space appeal dot

org and the space part is what caught my
eye I just gonna read from this for a
second so they have an open letter they

have a lot of signatories of course or
any other tons of medical people who say
this is bad right off the bat they say
the deployment of 5g constitutes an
experiment on humanity and the

environment that is defined as a crime
under international law now listen to
this i’ma read two paragraphs
telecommunications companies worldwide
with supportive government’s are poised

within the next two years to roll out
the fifth generation wireless network 5g
this is set to deliver what is
acknowledged to be unprecedented
societal change on a global scale we
will have smart homes smart businesses

smart highways smart cities and
self-driving cars virtually everything
we own and buy from refrigerators and
washing machines to milk cartons hair
brushes and infants diapers will contain
antennas and microchips and will be

connected wirelessly to the Internet
every person on earth will have instant
access to super high speed low latency
wireless communications from any point
on the planet even in rainforests mid
ocean and the Antarctic bullshit what is

not widely acknowledged as that this
will also result in unprecedented
environmental change on a global scale
the planned density of radio frequency
transmitters is

impossible to envisage in addition to
millions of new 5g base stations on
earth and 20,000 new satellites in space
20 billion transmitting objects will be
part of the Internet of Things by 2020

and one trillion objects a few years
later commercial 5g at lower frequencies
and slower speeds was deployed in Qatar
Finland Estonia in the mid okay here we
go and then they have but they’re doing

this in space and the space 5g
transmitters they say will be operating
at 200 megawatts that’s crazy and it’s

gonna come from the satellites yeah it’s
trying to burn they’re gonna burn the

place down so where does that leave the
smart wall do we have to make that 5g
enabled so we can oh yeah thrust fried
fried people come near this boy here so
I continue to stay on top of this the

studies are there what is just most
interesting now and one of our producers
ago we had a lot of people right and one
of our producers was denied access to
think that the big barcelona show the

mobile show even though he’s a current
is and for whatever reason they they
they wouldn’t let him in which lets he’s
0 credentials yeah he’s not being

accredited even though what is his
credential what does he what does he
work for he’s have a business card or
anything yeah he does he works for an
outside I don’t know if he wants me to

mention the outfit cuz he’s going there
super city news operations it is a news
operation well they should let him in he
says really says it looks like a lot of
this is about Qualcomm and that’s why
the Qualcomm deal didn’t go

did it go through wasn’t Qualcomm
supposed to be purchased by the China’s
oh that I think that deal was put in
abeyance that’s part of what’s going on

because we don’t want China deploying
the network’s in determining when
they’re gonna fry us our government
wants to must do that at their own
schedule oh yeah we have our own way of
frying ple we don’t we don’t want the

Chinese to have control over that so and
that will be the 5g report for today I
thought that clip was all telling ya
that’s good how does a check into this

because if there’s something going
around cuz this is the time if there’s
some document with a bunch of scientists
sign it because you know those science
is in this is what you take to your city
government and locally everybody I’m
talking to all everybody take it to your

little your little town they’re gonna
try to put these things in you take this
the City Council and you just put a stop
to it
it’s not that hard mm-hmm they’ll stop
no they will put the fosters are you

kidding me
no way not talking about awesome talking
about the little towns because it just
doesn’t work unless it’s everywhere so
all the little towns or I’d say Berkeley
they shouldn’t put them up i but ii

think Emeryville the whole bay area most
of the little town San Francisco they
should probably be able to stop them
there Austin I’m not so sure I’d like I
think it’d be probably hard to stop it

in palo alto austin any town that’s
really high tech you know it’s just a
bunch of you know that’s an interesting
point let’s see how how they deploy that
in silicon valley if they really are
going to deploy this all over the place

if they do that yeah well let you down
doubt it
well they may employ it like in palo
alto but not mountain view i don’t know

and this is not gonna go over i’m this
is too expensive it’s i think the
economics of it is gonna kill the whole
idea you can’t put a billion of these
things out there’s too much too

expensive it’s more than just the
transmitter i mean yeah okay let’s just
a hundred bucks there’s a hundred
billion dollars in sales but then you
gotta buy a pole or you got to have a
guy you had to have some guys got to do

a truck roll because everyone has got to
be a truck roll that’s a truck roll for
every 250 feet everywhere i mean this is
not possible to this is impossible to
afford you’re missing the point aren’t

you but uber is not profitable either
you know it’s like this is just this is
money the money is going to flow into
you further say you’re missing the point

okay this is not an uber scam or you
just have a bunch of money coming in and
you just hope to god that you go public
and you can pay off all your bills
this is companies like Verizon yes

proportions yeah you have real revenues
yes epic proportion they are going with
5g this what do you mean that NACA it’s
not gonna happen it’s not gonna roll out
AT&T is already faking it are you

kidding me
they’re faking it but they’re not doing
it okay you know what stay in Berkeley
don’t worry you will get fried no okay
van was getting fried its you why you’re

in Austin
yes yes well I’m not gonna get a 5g
handset but I think it’s a little
short-sighted to say it’s not gonna work
would get a handset in a million years

they still use horizons spent seven
billion of China’s money on getting the
frequencies they’re going ahead with
this this is going to happen we’ll see
we’ll see they do they have to go up

against the public the public is the
public is being wooed with
demonstrations of augmented reality and
self-driving cars out oh man okay I you
want to make a bet

what do you want to bet on it bet on
what well how’s the bet go this thing
there’s a rough you said it’s not gonna
happen and you said it’s not gonna
happen it’s not gonna happen what’s not
gonna happen there will be no fight

you’re not gonna happen they’re gonna
come it back it off to some faux 4G with
you know just saying it’s 5g and I never
do 5g phone oh he’s not gonna put these
little transfers all over the place

there’s no way yeah okay I’m sorry you
want to end your technology reporting
career with this okay yes you cut the
platform by reporting on it what am I

thinking it wasn’t necessary s’en okay
and reality and objectivity and perfect
okay well you know I hope you don’t mind

if I continue to do these segments no
that’s a or do I mind let me back up a
little bit this won’t happen because of
segments like ours yes nice there’s
something about there’s something about

the 5g that it’s called slicing uh it’s
a cold slice yet network slicing which
AT&T and Verizon are all jacked up about
because I guess the way it works is you

can slice up the 5g signal and you can
offer like 20 different tiers of speed
yeah this is like when they finally
discovered multiplexing ah yes very

similar yeah
yeah yeah you can just probably slice
this thing a million different ways
there’s a lot of a lot of room to play
around the problem is there’s people in
the way now I wanna go back to that

other clip I think I had this I was
gonna mention this I think there’s
something funny about this woman’s
complaint about all these little
repeaters all over this place in a metal
building yeah well so you’re basically

in a microwave oven yes yes being fried
it’s not just that the signal goes
through you it goes through you bounces
off the metal building it goes through

you again bounces off to this side goes
through you again and again and again
until you’re into your toast literally
so that’s it I just found the imagery
hilarious metal building the the most

recent article I could find from the New
York Times on 5g which is negative but
not for the reasons you think PEM
president Trump wrote in October

presidential memorandum it is imperative
that America be first in fifth
generation 5g wireless technologies
while the administration especially the
Trump Federal Communications Commission
FCC makes much of how the 5g race with

China is a matter of national security
not enough effort is being put into the
security of the network itself nowhere
in the president’s directive for
instance was there a word about
protecting the cybersecurity of the new

network so it’s all bad because Trump
has loosened regulations and there’s not
gonna be enough cyber security and
China’s gonna come in and kill us that’s
all they can say about it not a word

about health concerns or radiation or
any of that yeah it’s great yeah it is
great no we’re on top of it
yes we are so let’s go back to go back
to some other more generalized news day

I have a couple of just one more thing
do you remember we had the report of
some general and I and I think I accused
him of being like a some kind of douche
he’ll who had this idea that we would

nationalize the 5g network and then sell
slices off to or build use allowed to be
rented effectively by the by the

I actually to be honest about I don’t
remember any of this okay I’ll bring
that for the next show but I think the I
actually was trying to warn us about
something oh you take it a second you
taking a second look at yeah yes yeah

and you thought he was douching yes I
thought it was douching but he might
actually be on to something
all right but that’ll be for the next
report okay I just got to switch backs

yeah switch guys what’s the switch boss
a whipsaw yeah I get my whip star report
which I got a letter from one of our
producers saying that he stops listening
to show cuz it’s too depressing and he

says it’s depressing because every time
we bring up these tricks that the
media’s pulling on the public he gets
depressed about that instead of taking
it as a great piece of knowledge to

apply every time you turn on the news
you can you can actually apply this
knowledge to see what the fakery is
which is kind of the game I’m guessing
that what we have here is a person who

is idealistic and doir show is designed
to kind of debunk everything that is
sold by the mainstream media and and all
these commercial operations corporations

and these messaging up companies and and
so he being idealistic this revelation
that we do on a day’s show by show basis

is depressing to him I find I was very
disheartened well then the show was not
for him no I don’t think it is because
most people I think get a kick out of

this stuff although I will say that I
got enough bad feedback about the
gruesome animated gifs in the last
newsletter some of them were a bit harsh
yeah yeah I can’t took it to heart I’m

gonna back off yeah I think it’s
probably a good idea
yeah and if we didn’t get the kind of
donation anyway which is also we got a
first of all this start with look at the

whip so I’m gonna outline these let’s
start with a Amy Goodman and she’s doing
a she’s on a roll in the last show about

climate change I’m gonna play this not a
whipsaw this is just
what what the reporting is like this Amy
climate gloom over the tipping points
new study published this week finds the
melting of Greenland’s ice sheet may

have reached a tipping point and could
severely increase sea level rise over
the next 20 years the report confirms
other recent studies which warned the
Arctic is warming at twice the rate of

the rest of the planet due to climate
change people wonder why a OC talks
about dying in 12 years it’s this kind
of reporting that yeah terrorizes the

children thanks Amy
it yeah well here she does a whipsaw or
switchback depending what you are you
want to call these things I’ve never
really concluded what to call this is

her Davos oh oh oh is she in doubles no
she’s not there but she’s reporting
about because they talked about climate
change of Davos a little bit and here’s
an example in Davos Switzerland global

elites are gathering at the World
Economic Forum this week while some of
the world’s wealthiest that could have
been an Alex Jones intro when she says
global elites yeah that’s total info war

speech in Davos and global elites are
gathering at the World Economic Forum
this week while some of the world’s
wealthiest people discussed economic and
business issues other speakers including

renowned British natural historian Sir
David Attenborough sounded the alarm on
the dangers of climate change it’s
difficult to overstate it we are now as
so numerous so powerful so all pervasive

the mechanisms that we have for
destruction are so wholesale or so
frightening that we can actually just

exterminate whole ecosystems without
even noticing it
that was David Attenborough speaking
with Prince William Tuesday you might

he’s not sounding the alarm about
anything except population control which
this is the true solution we all know it
is climate change you know he didn’t
even use the word climate change global

warming or anything in between it’s more
full of crap if she says that she makes
this assertion that he’s sounding the
alarm and he’s dented she plays a random
clip more terrorizing of the American

public particularly the young ones it’s
I’m really gonna start paying attention
to this because there’s a reason why we
have stories like the boy who cried wolf

there’s a reason why these stories work
throughout millenia it’s because it’s
true if you keep saying oh it’s gonna
melt oh it’s gonna rise oh we’re gonna

die oh by the way the hill bots thought
this was funny she’s like you know every
day in Miami it’s under water because of
global warming and Tina I swear to god

she said do you see fish flopping oh man
I’d love that woman
anyway yeah this is this is what it’s
doing it’s terrorizing everyone and no
one will believe you anymore and there

may not be a reason to believe you cuz
it’s not very apparent that what you’re
saying is true well I find it very
disappointing I this is the first
whipsaw switchback I’ve heard her do I’m
sure she’s done him before I didn’t

realize she was part of that clique
which is really headlined by CBS and the
big networks but I do have a CBS one
okay and this is a discussion of Cohen
this Lorelai the president’s lawyer who

the president lawyers that doesn’t want
to just find the guys that douchebag is
pretty obvious but hold on for a second
the date Michael Cohen yeah Michael
Cohen he somehow we had that news report

that the president forced him to lie to
Congress and now he was supposed to
testify in front of the in front of
Congress again but he says he’s been

threatening these resins and like a mob
boss that’s what I hear on MSNBC oh yeah
via practices nice president discussed
that a little bit in this clip but then

there do you see there’s a whipsaw in
here and it’s like please but it used to
be Cohen was on the attack here he can
be heard threatening a reporter who

inquired about aspects of mr. Trump’s
first divorce Cohen’s testimony was
highly anticipated as lawmakers wanted

to grill him about a now disputed
BuzzFeed report that mr. Trump directed
Cohen to lie to Congress Democratic
Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings has
warned the president about intimidating

witnesses I promise you that we will
hear from mr. Cohen congressional
leaders have not decided if they will
subpoena Cohen but they need to decide

soon no brother
so they’re taking him down here in this
report that’s interesting so here’s what
here’s the whip saw Elijah Cummings has
warned the president about intimidating

witnesses yeah then they cut to him yeah
you’d expect the cut to would be
something to do with him warning a
warning or something in the clip as he
says they cut to him he says oh he’s

gonna we’re gonna get him to testify
don’t worry yeah warning the president
about anything
listen Elijah Cummings has warned the
president about intimidating witnesses I

promise you that we will hear from mr.
Cohen totally totally nailed it it’s not
about that at all so we have this

situation and I only catch a few of
these because they’re most of it they’re
they’re designed to get into your
subconscious and the only thing designed
to go into your subconscious is that is

what the reporter says right the
reporter says all and then he says he’s
gonna eat the babies in the hospital and
then they clip to the guy saying you
know I I’ve had two kids my I got two

kids I like a little of my kids done
and it’s got that one doesn’t equate
with the other and it didn’t you wonder
why your Hill bot buddy so kind of
confused and muddle-headed because yeah

so and you hear that as if it’s proof
but it really has nothing to do was just
planted in your head and that gets
shoved in there it’s crazy yeah yeah and

I know I’m like cuz you don’t catch them
half the time when I play around to tell
you there’s one there I don’t believe I
must we only hear about one out of

twenty and I because I’m always doing a
lot of stuff running driving the the
ship and I love listening to the show
after we’re done cuz I hear all these
things that you’re saying and sometimes

it’s funny and I’m so deadpan cuz I just
didn’t hear it I was doing something
else and these but these whipsaws I mean
that’s the problem with these is when
you really focus on them you become that
guy yelling at the TV little wary of

that yelling at the TV I do it when I’m
alone I do it with the people around it

cuz I say what do you want like at the
TV don’t pay attention my problem is I’m
trying to yell and Tina’s yelling louder
I don’t know what to do
Kier’s okay just a quick little trip

around the candidates for 2020 because
we’re going to be killed with this for
the next two years which is probably
gonna kill the show we won’t be able to
survive it until we find out who won

just because it’s so debilitating so we
need to take people out we need to you
know frame people a certain way let us
start watch the Kirsten Gillibrand’s

Gillibrand of Gillibrand its Gillibrand
or Gillibrand so she had to go on the
apology tour because this is how it kind
of works today in in left-wing leftist

media all media I would say is oh you
want to run well hold on you want to
host the show first we got to go back
into your history find something that

you did that was a portent
we’re gonna force you to apologize about
it and then maybe we’ll consider you to
be one of our candidates so CNN is doing

their vetting
they’ve you know we had so they had the
three B’s Beto Biden and Bernie Bernie
those are kind of on the back burner for
now now they’re trying to flesh out the

rest of the field Gillibrand and this is
a Supercuts montage I didn’t do it
myself so they they put a song under it
but it’s still funny it’s only a minute
this is the Gillibrand apology tour
because she was so wrong about so many

things including her a rating of the NRA
and you know she’s really she really was
kind of all-in with border security and
that was very racist so you want to run

for 20/20 you have to apologize if
Trump’s immigration positions are racist
were they racist when you held some of
those positions as well they certainly
weren’t empathetic and they were not

I was callous to the suffering of
families who want to be with their loved
ones I just knew I was wrong I couldn’t
have been more wrong I was wrong to feel
that way I was wrong I realized that

things I had said were wrong I think
it’s important to know when your hadn’t
really spent the time to hear those kind
of stories and that was my fault that
was not fighting for other people’s kids

the same way I was fighting for my own I
recognized I didn’t know everything
about the whole state something that I’m
embarrassed about and I’m ashamed of I
came from a district that was 98% white
we have immigrants but not a lot of

immigrants I really regretted that I
didn’t look beyond my district I did not
think about suffering in other people’s
I was not caring about others when you
representing a district in Congress you

had an A+ rating from them were they
engaged in all of that bad stuff back
then they sure were and now I have an F
can you understand president Trump’s
position on immigration since you were

there no I think his positions are
racist yes that was very well done by
whoever did it that’s the Supercuts guys

Supercuts they did a good job wouldn’t
throwing that little jab in the end that
was good so now we have I think she’s
just qualified because she said and that
run down she said important right oh

yeah no I heard it I heard it important
I love how him leaders of this country
really show that you know you can follow
my example because I went for that F

that’s the great I’m going for from A to
F Elizabeth Warren has been cranking up
the Instagram in her attempt to capture
some of the I think the young millennial

audience maybe some of the AOC audience
and she’s taken it one step further if
you want to get Millennials what do you
need what do you need we talked about it
all the time as laird it’s not babies a

dog so she takes us she takes her dog on
the road now her dog Bailey Bailey both

pens so Bailey has Bailey cam I mean
we’re actually just trying to we’re
going to fall in love with the dog the

dog is adorable no doubt about it
and everyone’s and Bailey’s got a camera
so it’s Bailey cam but she goes so far
this dog she you say a dogs adorable I
get what sorry I should have said he’s

there you go but listen how she
introduces Bailey and her schmuck
husband mrs. Bailey’s first political

himself here
today I thought I’d bring the two guys
in my life Bruce and Bailey anybody
wants to stay around and take a picture
her husband has been downgraded to a dog

the two guys in my life Bruce and Bailey
I’ll be here when we can do that and
Bailey will be out there with his own
separate photo line

this is not a competition
the dogs onstage there’s everyone
fawning over the dog

notice by the way this is a produced
video on Instagram with the music mixed

in and everything did you see did you
find her dog yeah he’s adorbs isn’t he
it’s a good-looking dog I would say yeah
he’s adorbs so that’s her tactic that’s

her strategy from now or I attack the
King her strategy kids that’s what I’m
looking I’m looking her up oh that’s a
good question I don’t actually know
she’s hildren she doesn’t get much as

yes have children she’s got Emilia and
Alexander she got a boy and a girl
perfect scent you know two two kids and
boy a girl and I’m guessing uh but the
dog is more important again much more

important and that’s what the kids want
the kids love it it’s a watch for the
Bailey cam
Bailey is it now the third clip and
final one I have for today’s 20/20
rundown is Kamala Harris or she that’s

Kamla she says camel now camel a–
announced that the howard university
black university i would like to remind
you that she was born in Oakland of a

Jamaican father an Indian mother and
grew up in Canada in Ottawa she is not
an African American but she has a lot of

things going for her persisted Meir
Harris is is an MSNBC commentator her
dad I think her parents divorced that’s

why she moved to Oakland away from
Canada her dad is a professor at
Stanford with tenure and her sister’s
husband is Tony West he is general

counsel at uber now this is the Silicon
Valley candidate I believe make sense
they got the MSNBC tie-in they got the
Silicon Valley tie-in with uber and her

brother and she’s in California mm-hmm
the issue of course is we need to
present her in the same light that we
presented Barack Obama who also was not
african-american he was

Indonesian in a half Indonesian half
white so they need to kind of set the
stage and Chris Matthews did a piece
with I forget the guys name and black

commentator on MSNBC and you’ll get the
idea once you hear the clip let’s talk
about today according to Politico
Harris’s announcement on Martin Luther
King jr. Day was steeped in symbolism
her aides said the red and yellow color

scheme by the way for Harris’s campaign
logo was inspired by former
representative shirley Chisholm of New
York whose 1972 run for president was
the first by a black woman from a major
political party Harrison’s video by the

way outlines the theme of the career
prosecutors candidacy for the people
Ruth let’s talk about this come on this
for obvious reasons racist is that this
for obvious reasons I got the feeling

that she’s gonna have that set up for
headquarters in Baltimore yeah largely
African American town yeah explain I
don’t understand why she’s in Baltimore

she’s from Oakland should be you know
now listen to what Chris Matthews asks
well she wants to win the South Carolina
primary for the headquarters in South
Carolina I think that listen I think
that she’s got a lot of strengths here

she is she’s got a bio she’s got a
record she’s a prosecutor with a harsh
that a lot to deal with keeping people
out of recidivism is the organization
that she put she pulls up yeah that he

seems African American that the fact she
was at Howard University today one of
the oldest is they call themselves the
oldest I went to Morehouse I think we’re
a little bit older but she said when she
was at Howard University today when she
when she did her announcement press

conference she’s going to South Carolina
in the first week she’s bleep Lansing
her feet in the african-american
community I think she’s gonna be a very
strong candidate this is cultural
appropriation of an incredible magnitude

she does not have the african-american
heritage she does not have the
african-american experience she grew up
in Ottawa
and yet hey wellcan will drop that the

appropriation bomb honor this has to
have ol crap no way no way okay
what did mark this time and you said no

way no way way mark the time people
somebody out there make a note book the
show number and this showdown you’re
gonna regret this no I’m not gonna

you’re gonna regret betting with me in
this very show I’ve never regretted
betting with anybody okay but I always
okay I’ve marked the time down everybody

he always wins
203 okay mark the time he always wins
anyway back to Camelot act she is you
know she’s just going straight ahead
with african-american now if she said

I’m brown or black fine you’re brown
that’s of course Ted of colored be fine
that’d be fine to know she’s
african-american I’m sorry it’s a lie
did she actually say that no I don’t

think she said that but this is what do
you hear them positioning her Chris
Matthews even asked hey is it gonna work
for african-american skin color I guess

which is a kind of racist
it’s very racist alright we’ll see how
this goes but somebody’s gonna drop the

bomb on her and I’m gonna do it in
public it’s gonna be during one of the
big debates or something like that and
that’ll be the end of her just she
doesn’t have a chance uh Kirsten Kristin
Kirsten Gillibrand she doesn’t have a

I’m telling you the only people that
have a chance and I’ll say that here
right here now is one is Bernie Sanders
and Hillary Clinton it’s the same two
people why would it be any different you

know then I was talking to a good friend
of mine the other day a Silicon Valley
guy billionaire he says I said Clinton’s
gonna win because he was thinking Kamla

Harris maybe has some shot that makes
which lines up with your thesis that
she’s a Silicon Valley pick but then
they do a crappy job of picking by the
way Hillary because of return on
investment they put too much money in

that’s a good point
we’ll talk about that and more next few
people thank for show 11:06 yes moving

toward we got a lever 11 11 coming up in
a couple of shows that’ll be 4 11 11 11
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you’re not gonna spell it for me if you

spell it I can probably tell you that
sorry yeah a GU TM en s CH en goods
mention boot mention good mention I
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chicken shit
not to mention it in today’s hyper John
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would not be nominated wrong again
Dvorak you can’t even say in a group of
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they’re stupid cuz now it’s gonna get
worse but I I can predict I think
what’ll happen black panther will be

nominated in best movie and popular
movie it’ll win popular it won’t win
best movie the Academy thinks okay well
we gave them an award so we’re all done
with the racist thing but there’s gonna

be huge backlash and outrage about it
not being the best movie racist
Hollywood it’s gonna be fun to watch and
they’re just pussies that’s why that’s
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category in four years nobody nominated
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your cunt not that was the bet but

further earlier in their commentary you
said it’ll be nominated it’ll win
something no popular or listen no I
didn’t pull the whole clip because it
was going to take too long but now

you’re trying to Welch on the BET I’ll
explain it in your commentary that you
just play yes I know exactly a popular
note but it won’t John yeah did you work

John listen the comp discussion was
about a possible new category which did
not materialize and I said he will be
nominated for both they’ll give him the
bullshit award and they’ll just

nominated for Best Picture and the bet
was about being nominated for Best
yeah ok sore loser I won’t comment on
that nasty remark something else he

already did the most important part yeah
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it’s good to go and they charge more ah
good bit former New York banker he took
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nothing for the show nothing I was it
was it was a dud and I paid how stupid
am I now invest a little bit to get
anything and I’d do it again well we

have another dinner coming up and maybe
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tasty okay good
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and here’s our list only three on it for

the 24th of January 2019 the No Agenda
birthdays William Durkin says happy
birthday to his twin sister Beth his
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celebrating in two days from now on the
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night although I I wrote a memo to
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Dvorak org slash n a YouTube can be a
night one day so it’s the Patriots
versus the Rams yeah just as I’ve just
missed it my prediction at the very

beginning of the season was the Chiefs
vs. the Rams and I thought that cheese
were gonna pull it off but they couldn’t
for a lot of different reasons and the
Patriots are in there again and if it’s
gonna be a game of talent the Rams

should win but they don’t think they can
I mean it’s gonna be a coach great
coaching versus I think superior talent
now we typically look at these things
based on a political or geopolitical of

geopolitical nature at sports games
considering most of them are rigged what
I don’t know about much about the Rams
is that the Los Angeles Rams yes the
less I did just moved to Los Angeles

from st. Louis where they moved from Los
Angeles from to get the st. Louis mhm
it was Los Angeles and st. Louis now
they’re back in LA technically because
it’s a bigger market and they’re trying

to boost football the interest in Los
Angeles I would see if it was a rigged
game the Rams would win for sure cuz
boss has got nothing going on and
and it may be the rigged game was

already taking place which was letting
the Patriots beat the Chiefs because the
Chiefs and the Rams which gave us a game
earlier in the year that was something
like 58 to 57 it was about rageous game

of just nothing but non-stop scoring by
both teams I don’t think they wanted a
replay of that so they puta so you think
it’s gonna be Patriots no I think it’s

me the boost of Los Angeles fortunes of
football I think it’s gonna be the Rams
as well but maybe not for the same
reasons you psyched and first of all the
Patriots are obviously nationalists so

that’s the you can’t win you’re a
nationalist you cannot win and the Rams
I mean what does it RAM remind you of
exactly the goat power go to power the
goats will win this year

well greatest of all time so anyway it’s
gonna be a good game I think yeah except
for quite a big fan of the RAM so
unifies maroon 5 doing the halftime show

either root for the Raiders of the 49ers
49ers of your own liberal nice now I’m

for tarantulas the Rams have the gold
Kelly University of California
quarterback and I’m a big fan he is you
a tease something in the newsletter

which hasn’t come up so maybe I can spur
you on with this Yee and now you didn’t
have any clips I do have a couple clips
I’d like to play I’ve really just two
maybe three first we’ll just play the

news bit and then I’m sure you’ll come
in this is about this is our little AOC
segment and why isn’t it playing there
we go a few progressive names now given
significant positions and a powerful

committee the House Oversight Committee
adding congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio
Cortes and other freshman progressives
to its ranks Arizona Republican Andy
Biggs is on the House Judiciary

Committee sir how you doing
morning to you thank you for your time
what do you think this means well I
think it’s indicative of the direction
that this this Congress is going to go
with the Democrats their goal they’ve

stated this they want to at the bare
minimum embarrass this president if
possible they want to do fully D
legitimize the administration and
certainly the ultimate goal is to either
impeach or forced this president out of

office and I think the ogr committee
which is going to be very very involved
they’ve just named four people who I
think have that agenda for the Democrats
so gr Government Reform correct yes okay

I’m just reading this from Reuters now
House Democrats turbocharge committee
probes aplomb
Democrats in the US House of
Representatives have quietly tweaked a
rule on taking secret depositions that
will let staffers of house investigative

committees take testimony from subpoena
witnesses without a lawmaker being
present end quote how significant of a
change could that be well what it does
is it allows the staff to do two things

bring in a whole lot more people to and
investigate and depose so that’s gonna
create a log jam but the second thing it
does it allows to essentially freeze the
Republicans out in some meaningful way

where sometimes the deposition is the
only way we can get at the the other
side of the story so to speak so so
we’re not going to be able to
cross-examine witnesses and get the full
story out so what I’m seeing is AOC and
other troublemakers are being put on

these committees this is oversight but
also the Finance Committee which will be
run by Maxine Waters and they’re going
to give them these great subpoena powers
which even staffers can now use this is

this is to me the the Trump hit squad or
something well I always think I saw this
going on I saw the latest one and that’s
when I this White T’s in the newsletter

she got in this particular committee
after being on the Maxine Waters
committee I was under the impression
when we first started seeing this woman
coming out of the blue
AOC that she was gonna be sidelined like

they do with a lot of people that are
making too much noise and kind of an
embarrassment right Pelosi being a
genius at some level
she’s decided now let’s do just the

opposite let’s put her on these big fish
while she can really make a scene with
the power yes a peanut power all this
other things so she will either be a big
benefit because she’s gonna ask a lot of

tough questions which I doubt or she’s
just gonna make a fool out of herself
and then she got to be relegated to some
lesser position I think pulao she’s
letting these and by the way there’s

other ones that are on the this last
committee the government oversight
committee they’re all also justice
Democrats yes yes yes this is discussed
enough on the last show that defected

this is what operation was started by
chunk and his buddy and they both got
kicked off because they were they were
because they weren’t on board for six
years ago somebody said something that

was miss not chunk chunk he went through
the the rigmarole but I think it’s this
is this to me
AOC she is backed she is backed by
something very big it feels a lot like

the Obama plan certainly this tiny
stupid Obama is actually correct right
so a couple things I’m going because
I’ve run into this when I talk about

Alexandria Ocasio Cortes which I’m going
to do and it’s going to be happening a
lot more in the future I just want you
John you to understand I’m not I don’t
love her policies I’m not a fanboy I get

this from everybody now just because I’m
trying to point out that she’s something
to watch and I don’t forget you you
getting a little sensitive well what I
don’t want anything I’ll tell you why
because we just went through that two

two and a half years with Trump I’m a
little sick of it yeah yeah so I don’t
want that you know and it’s interesting
the same not you but you know when I
would say hate Trump’s gonna make it all

the way then people yeah you pay fanboy
Tramp TV and of course I was right now
the same people who agreed with me on
this are like oh you’re fan boy for a OC
it’s just it’s it’s mind-boggling I’m

just pointing out that she’s a force to
be reckoned with you can say she’s
stupid every single time if you want I
don’t know I don’t think she’s stupid
and I want you to listen to at least one
clip and if you want to hear more I’ve

because on Martin Luther King Day she
did a sit-down interview in the East
Riverside Church was huge Church denotes
in Harlem stacked to the gills and she
was interviewed by what’s at ten a hey C

coats he said he’s the superstar he
wrote the Black Panther comic series but
he’s written a whole bunch of very

famous author okay
never heard of him haha I had to look
him up he’s yeah he’s very let me just
see I have it here make sure he’s got a
huge fan base and that’s he’s probably

famous we don’t know every famous person
that has this as nish fame he’s he’s
famous and he’s black and he’s loved by
the community so in this clip this is
what leads up to the clip that everyone

was excoriating her for about the twelve
years going to be dead from climate
change in the way everyone aired it
including Tucker Carlson is and what you
would probably have said is it she says

well in twelve years when he be dead
from the award was gonna have me dead
from climate change and everyone’s like
she’s stupid what an idiot yes but in
context and that’s why I want to play

this whole clip she’s talking about what
I’ve been talking about is the
terrorization of Millennials into
believing that the world is going to end
and she is she is leading a pack of and
I’ve and this it’s going to be very

interesting she’s leading a pack of
young people who can vote already or
next year and she is the Pied Piper of
the Millennials and she’s definitely a
force to be reckoned with

so here we’ll talk about in this one
clip will take us up with a climate
change stupidity remark about her social
media her clap box which is a food slang
for you me John about when you Aslam

somebody you like a but slam like hey I
just slammed you what’s interesting
about it is that she only does this to
blue checkmark people so listen to AOC I

think she’s anything but stupid in her
quest to lead the Millennials
the things that I love about your use of
social media and one of the things that

makes me scared is man you you clap back
at these fools man you had some of our
organizers ask me this and I told the

joke that you hear that some of our
organizers so she has this she has T
she’s got a team she’s got organizers
and money there’s money flowing I’m
gonna ask for two and a half minutes

instead of mocking the whole way through
just listen and then you can mock her
afterwards I just want you to listen cuz
otherwise you miss stuff organizers
asked me and I told the joke that
basically it’s like whoever’s coming at

me in my mentions with a blue check when
I haven’t eaten in three hours but it’s
also it’s also it’s like what bringing

that we’ve taken for granted for so long
should we be dismantling and when the
really good example comes up that’s when

I do that because when I clap back it’s
not just reflexive self defense I’m
trying to dismantle some of the frames
of misogyny classes and racism that

we’ve just allowed to go on and I wish I
didn’t have to do this to be frank I
wish I didn’t have to but I feel like

our public in our public conversation
we’ve abandoned the posts of
for a very very long time and we’ve

allowed so much nonsense to go unchecked
because someone has a Harvard degree and
they’re saying something or because

someone comes from a certain family and
they’re saying because someone has
like reputable pedigree that the
pedigree a person has legitimizes
anything that comes out of their mouth
and I think that the part of it that is

generational is that Millennials and
people have you know Gen Z and all these

folks that come after us are looking up
and we’re like the world is going to end
in 12 years if we don’t address climate
change and your biggest issue
is your your biggest issue is how are we

gonna pay for it and like this is the
war this is our world war ii and mcfar
people we’re looking at this and we’re

like how are we saying let’s take it
easy when the end person has just died
from from our cruel and unjust criminal
justice system how are we saying take it
easy when the America that we’re living

in today is so dystopian with people
sleeping in their cars that they can
work a second job without health care
and we’re told to settle down
I don’t it’s a it’s a fundamental

separation between you know the that
fierce urgency of now the why we can’t
wait that King spoke of at some point
these chronic realities do reach a

breaking point and I think for our
generation if it’s reached that and I
wish I didn’t have to be you know doing
every post but sometimes I I just feel
like people aren’t being held

accountable mm-hmm and until we all
start pitching in and holding people
accountable I’m just gonna let them have
it very interesting to see the troll
room as well everyone’s like yeah yeah

you can’t wait to slam her down I’m just
gonna say this woman speaks for a
generation that was educated in the same
way this indoctrination that she’s

received is a whole generation of people
of voters who were coming up and and
it’s gonna be really really scary when
they get into real power and she’s
leading it right now yeah okay well

thanks for the clip I still think she’s
an idiot
and the 12-year thing I didn’t realize
was actually she was I thought she but

maybe was joking around and just threw
it in and they liked it right on her but
she was she said it was our world war
two climate is our world war two yeah
that’s how it’s been
what she believes that’s what these

children all believe well luckily not
all of them yeah the ones in Austin the
ones in California the ones in New York
luckily there’s some kids other places

that maybe have gotten a better
education than that oh it’s actually the
it’s the hi it’s the Ivy League schools
where this is coming from I’m all spring

to that yeah daivi League schools may be
shooting themselves and they had but
it’s also in Fayetteville Arkansas it’s
everywhere all higher learning
institutions have have brought this

social justice warrior and all of this
stuff into these children you know she’s
talking about framing the power all this
stuff and she’s there now and she’s
gonna hold that door open and a lot more

gonna come in and she’s not stupid she’s
just educated which is worse than stupid
in America probably all right we’ll see
how that goes

I have a couple of isil’s for
consideration for the end of the show
and this first one it works out
perfectly kind of I don’t know if I have
the shortest short short version of it

but yeah I do
and I think it applies to what we just
heard this is Peterson that’s wrong
not bad not bad I was gonna I was

thinking of using the triggered actually
and then I have Judy on ice Oh huh
fascinating I was gonna use this one I
am triggered so triggered I think

Peterson is best actually that’s wrong
yeah I think Peterson nails it well I
like the Judy one especially again after
that last the little clip you play

because it’s like it’s so blase
fascinating no they won’t sound good in
the end of show mix it’s got to be the
Peterson it’s better yeah you’re

probably right
yeah because he’s more adamant comes
from me by the way the Peterson one
comes from he says this all the time
this is his main
complaint is one of his theses very sick

six second clip Jordan Peterson main
complaint no there isn’t a job for
everyone and no you can’t train everyone
to do everything that’s wrong I have
another Peterson clip about his about

his new service you know he’s leaving he
always I guess he’s left patreon yeah
and now he is setting something else up
but just just a minute to listen to his

thinking and he says some stuff that we
would agree with yeah well you know I
think the subscription model the private
subscription model is not a bad one
because it does leave things under your
control and part of the way that you
know part of the way that the people

like me and Reuben and some of the other
people that are associated with this
hypothetical intellectual dark web of
survive to some degree is by not having
any any corporate masters right and so
preserving that which is which makes the

whole idea of the in intellectual dark
web kind of suspect in and of itself
because it it indicates a grouping of
sorts but everybody has their own
private fiefdom in some sense and that

does offer a certain amount of
protection I’m experimenting at the
moment with the production of a system
that would serve as an alternative to
patreon but and it’s well underway I
don’t know when it’ll be launched

because software development is a tricky
business but I would suspect in the next
couple of months and we’re hoping that
we might be able to figure out how to
solve some of the problems that patron
ran into at least we’re going to do our
best not to throw people off arbitrarily

you know good luck with that
first of all if he says the term buys
software developments a tricky business

that’s me there you go he’s gonna win he
says two months we retired two years
somebody is charging him money yes money
and they’ll charge him money for the
next two years they may be getting it

out of India who knows I mean there’s a
lot of ways to go I it seems to me that
if I was gonna do this if I was him
I would just clone patron just clone it
and just have a different policy what’s

it why does he why does the whole
mechanism have to be different pick some
of the problems there’s no inherent
problems with patreon now the problem is
the processing its MasterCard MasterCard

through everybody off not patreon and
just the stooge yeah but okay there’s
only so many payment processors you can

use we like checks we like bank
transfers I like this is the way to go
doing this so we have a couple of issues

coming up we get the new census question
I could come and skip debt here’s a you
heard about the Islam burg attacks the

war did which i think is an FBI 6-week
cycle I know if anyone’s keeping track
of the dates but this looks like a six
week cycle scam and didn’t get any much
ink in the New York town of Greece

police arrested three men and a minor on
suspicion of plotting an attack on a
local Muslim community the suspects were
said to be in possession of multiple
improvised explosive devices and

Firearms and were charged with criminal
possession of a weapon and conspiracy
the suspects were allegedly planning to
attack the small community of Aslam burg
in upstate New York police discovered

the plot after the unidentified 16 year
old suspect made a comment to a fellow
student about a school shooter the other
suspects are 19 year old Vincent veteran
male and 20 year old Brian culinary an

eighteen year old Andrew crystal police
say the attack was planned on the gaming
chat platform called discord no there
was a six-week cycle and we missed it it
was two weeks ago we completely missed

it this guy the guy from Georgia here is
according to this affidavit the FBI
investigation started with a tip from a
community member the person told police

that 21 year-old ha shirt ahem had been
radicalized and changed his name another
example of how important it is to calm
tact law enforcement if you see or hear
something suspicious that tip came

nearly a year ago mind you a year ago
the tip came in and culminated today as
agents swarmed to haves home outside
Atlanta before this documents show an

FBI informant
and undercover employee partnered with
two Hebb and made him believe they would
take part in the attack for a year for a
year let’s intent was to tax it over a

year and other targets of opportunity in
the Washington DC area by using
explosive devices including an
improvised explosive device an anti-tank

rocket documents say to have wanted to
blow a hole in the White House and take
down as many people as possible he
allegedly showed off hand-drawn diagrams

of the West Wing investigators say to
have also planned to attack the
Washington Monument the Lincoln Memorial
and a specific synagogue that’s not
named notice not name that chickenshit

FBI didn’t want to make any trouble had
said that jihad was an obligation he
wanted to do as much damage as possible
and was ready to die as a martyr as I
mentioned it was earlier today to have

thought he was trading his car for a
bunch of weapons those were fakes
brought in by the FBI to have was
arrested after that and Jim he is now
facing a charge of planning to blow up a
federal building so they this this

schmuck for years you were talking about
probably a guy with now I want to back
off I wanted to contrast these two
stories one it was kind of a
straightforward story and the other one

had all these twists and turns when
you’re playing mm-hmm FBI and it with
the FBI angle constantly and there was
just classic six week cycle stuff from
the from the good old days and it has
always involved some guy with a probably

a very low IQ I’m guessing in this guy’s
case 75 and they can get him and they
make friends with him and they work him
for a year yes a year a year make him

into a criminal yeah and then they they
let him trade in his car for what he
thinks his weapons and they swoop in
and like whoa press-conference

disgusting yeah so it has entertainment
value I got the last 29 seconds it’s
about the FBI as well and I wish I had

I’m gonna see if I can find the full
clip of this Tucker Carlson had a former
FBI deputy assistant on talking about
you know how horrible the FBI is and
this FBI you know they’ve been

investigating the president and all this
a horrible horrible horrible horrible
and then this guy says something which
Carlson never responds to just thanks
Emily you don’t have to thank you but

just never responds goes in the break
and you never saw the guy again Terry
Turchi is his name listen to what he
says about the FBI
you know this not unlike today’s FBI
where we’re investigating the president

we’re coming up concocting schemes we’re
sending text messages no no it was very
different back in the day and I think we
can expect more of this because quite
honestly the electrode in some places is
putting more and more progressives and

self-described socialist in positions
and ironically years ago when I first
got into the FBI one of the missions of
the FBI in its counterintelligence
efforts was to try and keep these people

out of government why because we would
end up with massive dysfunction and
massive disinformation and massive
misinformation and it seems to me that’s
where we’re at today so did he not just

say the FBI does this on a regular basis
well I thought what he said he’s talking
about in the olden days we used to put a
stop to people like AOC in the

government yes would be communist but
nowadays we don’t know we stop people
like Donald Trump it’s the same thing
he’s saying the same thing we don’t want
the crazies to come into government so

in the old days we used to stop him
they’re still doing it am I just
misunderstanding what he’s saying yeah I
think so I heard very clearly he says in
the old days we used to stop these

people yeah that’s what he said but
doesn’t since we never said we’d do it
we’re now I’m not sure what you’re
hearing okay what I heard was that we
used to stop these people in the old

days and and now we don’t well it’s in
the context of the FBI trying to stop
Donald Trump well we used to stop the
netball’s in the old days and that we

don’t do we go after Trump is that what
you’re thinking oh he’s another nut ball
they’ve just always done this it’s not
the FBI’s job to stop people from trying
to get into government it’s not their
job justice to spy on them and not get

them not elected that’s not their job
maybe I’m Jame B I’m just hearing it but
I I was flabbergasted by this guy I’m
upset that no one said anything about it

well you had to go to break well there’s
that special thanks to let’s see
Marco Garcia and Tom Starkweather for

our end of show mixes we always
appreciate that thanks everybody who
helped out many ways you can do that and
one of them is by supporting the work

and becoming a producer you can also
become an executive producer or an
associate executive producer remember us
for that at Dvorak org slash na and we
look forward to Sunday’s show coming to

you from downtown Austin Texas
capital of the drones star state FEMA
region number six on your governmental
maps while I can still afford it in the
five by nine include you in the common

law condo in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where we’re number eight I’m
Jesse all right we return on Sunday
right here

remember Dvorak org slash na until then
everybody ideas and such


where’s the phone it’s everywhere it’s

the spot a certain percentage of people
are going to end up being killers and
crazy we have with the program cleanse
the earth

you know running into the same kind of
buzzsaw when I look to the Republican
Party I see Tim’s gone I see Elise
Stefanik I don’t see Steve King so we

just found out that she’s cancelled and
I think that’s a great blotch on the
incredible country that we all love the
Catholic school teenager who was wearing

that Magga had caught on viral video in
a bizarre stare down with a Native
American elder that a president Trump’s
direction the United States of America
became the first country in the world to

recognize president wide oh I am running
for president in the United States and
there’s a deal in the making and the

more extreme Nancy Pelosi gives the more
likely we’ll have a deal to assist
family members to actually bring food
home so they can feed their families
that that’s just outrageous she

officially has more Twitter followers
than Nancy dear okay zo Cortes Stalin
Hitler Matt’s they all came to power
promising the same kinds of things that

Miss Ocasio Cortes is promising the left
wants to take away your right to wear
whatever the heck you want and the
American people are forced to pick
between seventy-year-old retreads in

many cases who got us in this mess to
begin with again she’s afraid of the
super left Democrats the radical
Democrats what’s going on in that party
is shocking idle hands are the devil’s

legislative agenda mofo
that’s wrong