No Agenda Episode 1107: “Carbon Budget”

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to you yes Morey all ships at sea limit
an exactly well well well what an
interesting series of events yes again

show’s over we do two days it doesn’t
but hectic excitement yeah and it almost
result a lot of it resolves itself again
I’ve had so many calls from from our

producers in DC although most of most of
our producers who are really in the know
of stuff they’re much more interested in
talking about Venezuela and most of them

say pay attention because you know
that’s where we’re headed that’s that’s
what it’s gonna be like for us yeah well
yeah well like Bernie and that’s
probably true yeah Bernie came out made

a big stink about this whole thing
together we should be back in Maduro I
mean come on now let’s just let’s just
back this up for a second what what a
fantastic oh is what it is what I keep

hearing the term guys with guns well yes
it’s just I get it’s you know what’s the
difference between is soft coup and a

hard coupe I think Trump is more of a
soft cool no it’s just no soft coup is
until the military takes over oh yes
well that’s the definition I’ve heard

and I think
very close as my my sources sources say
sources familiar with the situation the
United States has offered visas to all
Venezuela military personnel – one guy

yeah that was in the embassy in or the
consulate in Washington who when he
refused to be called back and he was a

military guy mm-hmm he’s kind of hung I
actually have a clip which I think
covers all of this it’s not a bad run
down this is the Venezuela run down on

NBC the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
today putting the world on notice now
it’s time for every other nation to pick
a side no more delays no more games

Pompeyo urging action at a tense UN
Security Council meeting to address the
unfolding political and humanitarian
crisis in Venezuela if you stand with
the forces of freedom or you’re in

league with Maduro and his mayim i
forgot about forces of freedom mmm
that’s scrumptious freedom brought to
you by forces humanitarian crisis in

Venezuela either you stand with the
forces of freedom or you’re in league
with Maduro and his Mayim those forces
Pompeo spoke of led by 35 year-old
opposition leader juan guido this week

was named interim president by la
venezuelan parliament drawing criticism
from president Nicolas Maduro calling it
an American orchestrated coup Maduro

tweeting no one is going to subdue us we
will never surrender the split has
plunged Venezuela further into crisis
Maduro handpicked by former President
Hugo Chavez is largely blamed for the

country’s economic decline with annual
inflation rates up to 1.3 million
percent according to a study by the
opposition-controlled National Assembly
Maduro has support only from a handful

of countries including Russia and China
more than a dozen nations are behind why
though after the u.s. announced its
Maduro lashed out expelling american
diplomats from the collapsed

testing that states are resolved to
protect our own people the Trump
administration maintaining a hard line
as protesters in the u.s. pick sides we
can’t be sitting here complaining about

interference from abroad in our election
while we’re supporting the one that is
essentially creating a coup and late
word tonight the Venezuela’s highest

ranking military diplomat in Washington
has broken with the Maduro
regime i gotta tell you man Pompeyo and
whoever else was involved in this did a
good job on teeing everybody up getting

you know 17 countries immediately to
recognize guido as as the man I’m not
quite sure who’s the same way Intel roll
out the Itanium the what just you’d only

remember this do you know know the type
so they had this super chip that they
were gonna roll I was gonna replace the
x86 series oh okay yeah

and they they did this they did all this
pre you’re gonna be with us you’re gonna
be with us you do this we’re gonna do a
joint announcement and it was very well
orchestrated probably the best ever but

it resulted in so much embarrassment
that never never happened again quite at
that level but that’s what you do it’s
just it’s like it’s a mark form of
marketing you just yeah well of course

that’s that’s what politics is is all
marketing there was one extra little
thing about the voting machines that got
Maduro re-elected these were a bunch of
I think British machines Smartmatic

cybernetic huh who I’m not sure if they
still had Maduro in their pocket
thinking okay this is all good here we

go in March 2018 Smartmatic the
electoral product company which had
participated in the majority of
elections under the Bolivarian
government ceased operations in
Venezuela as said they could no longer

guarantee the validity of election
results through its machines uh-huh
as if they ever could well I guess they
had their their outcomes pre-programmed

and maybe someone got wise to it and
changed that around but this is very
important for for United States oil as
and you know more about this than I do

but it’s my understanding that our
refiners in the u.s. like to get this
Venezuelan crude to mix up with our
Texas stuff that I’ve ever heard of is

Bolivian mm-hmm and so I have to assume
that a lot of the crew down in South
America’s is so the stuff is so the the
problem with crude oil is the viscosity

and they not so much though as the
amount of sulfur that is in the crude
and they had stuff coming out of Bolivia
that they would run through this little

refinery they created over by the Union
refiner on the coast here I can’t
remember the neighbors Pacific I think
and they just took nothing but they had
they had this refinery was such that it

didn’t even need any equipment
whatsoever just put it through the pipes
sulfur out and yeah and I was told by
somebody when I was in there working and

up there
that you could take this Bolivian crude
and put it right in a diesel truck and
drive it off nice right right out of the
ground right out of the ground into your

truck but I’m assuming that this dis
Venezuelan oil which is right next door
is similar it’s a really high-quality
product right yeah

but but are you familiar with the with
the mixing that that’s what we know it
makes sense yeah but that’s generally
the way it’s not generally the way it

works you don’t mix the oils before you
put them through the process because
you’re just causing more trouble it’s
just doesn’t seem sensible Oh hmm if you
give you get refined

Texas crude you can refine Texas crude I
think I refined the other stuff too it’s
just a it’s almost like CMOS process
yeah this is from I got this from oil
price calm ever since we started

pipelines you know was looking at
pipelines I follow a lot of energy stuff
so I had no idea what what validity this
has but they said one reason Gulf Coast
refiners continue to rely on imports of

Venezuelans heavy oil despite the
collapsing oil production Venezuela
scene exports of crude oil to the UH
well shit where was it now I lost my
place anyway it was the refiners needed

it I don’t know well I don’t know you I
don’t know why they needed more they
need any other oil but maybe maybe has
some properties that are good for some

other byproducts so who knows I do know
this I was looking at the list of the
countries with the most oil reserves in
Venezuela’s number one Saudi Arabia and
for sure what we don’t want is more of

these four hundred consultants from
Russia who have been sent in you know
that means consultants code name for
Special Forces the Chinese are all there

now the Chinese are in there and they’re
they’re pissed because I think Venezuela
owes them forty or fifty billion dollars
for stuff that they never expected to

get paid for but hey that’s how they
works like okay you can’t pay for it
that’s ours so this could come to an
interesting conflagration yeah that is
an interesting situation right this play

they have a long clip here from
Democracy Now which takes a different
angle on this and I I think there’s some
justification for some of these some of

these assertions but actually let me
jump to the clip right that would follow
this but let’s play the short clip first
which is Venezuela the professor Toki

tundra Velasco let’s begin with you your
assessment of what’s taken place so far
are we seeing a coup in the making yeah
I mean absolutely there’s no question on

the other hand
the Maduro government lacks significant
amount of popular support in to a
significant extent also legal legitimacy
and as you just mentioned I returned

from a couple of weeks they’re just on
Tuesday and the level of discontent
especially among popular sectors that
have previously strongly supported
ludo and certainly beforehand Chavez is

palpable that has to do with prices it
has to do with public services however
that does not translate and it hasn’t in
the past and it’s unclear whether it
does now to support for the opposition

which on its own terms has advanced
certainly these last few moves and has
advanced an agenda that that is plunging
Venezuela into tremendous degree of a

political and social uncertainty
now in the the now in the long clip but
what he’s saying is that everybody’s
ready for this in the long clip they

bring something up I hope it’s in here
it’s not I’ll talk about it this whole
situation of the collapsed economy in
Venezuela which the Socialists are upset

about because of the Bernese and the AO
sees and the rest because they would
like to see something social that that
was pure socialism actually work now are
they also but please tell me that

certainly Bernie has also got to be
saying hey man maybe we shouldn’t be
doing these coos he’s he’s talking about
that at all I was just saying leave the
socialist so she hasn’t got any Bernie
clips okay I do know that he’s all in

for Maduro sure but let’s play the
overview from Democracy Now Constitution
President Nicolas Maduro Republic of

Venezuelan defense ministers comment
came one day after President Trump
announced the US would recognize
opposition leader Hwang Guido as

Venezuela’s new president why doe the
new head of Venezuela’s National
Assembly declared himself president on
Wednesday during a large opposition
protest on Thursday US Secretary of

State Mike Pompeo pledged to send twenty
million dollars to the Venezuelan
opposition in the form of humanitarian
aid to address the shortages of food and
medicine caused in part by harsh US

Pompeyo made the announcement while
speaking at the OAS the Organization of
American States right the time for
debate is done the regime a former
president Nicolas Maduro is illegitimate

his regime is morally bankrupt it’s
economically incompetent and it is
profoundly corrupt
it is undemocratic to the core I repeat
the regime of former President Nicolas

Maduro is illegitimate we therefore
consider all of its declarations
inaccurate and actions illegitimate and
invalid Secretary of State Pompeo speech
was interrupted by code pink founder

Medea Benjamin who’ll join us later in
the broadcast in other developments
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has
ordered the u.s. to remove all of its
diplomats by Venezuela from Venezuela

but Washington is ignoring the requests
claiming Maduro no longer has authority
to take such action while the US Embassy
in Caracas is staying open the State

Department has ordered non-essential
diplomats and embassy staff to leave
Venezuela meanwhile Maduro has ordered
all of Venezuela’s diplomatic staff in
the United States to return home the

crisis is happening just weeks after
Maduro was sworn into a second six-year
term following his victory in an
election last May that was boycotted by
several of the opposition groups the

international community remained split
on the situation in Venezuela on
Thursday UN Secretary General Antonio
Guterres are urged all actors to quote
lower tensions and pursue every effort

to prevent violence and avoid any
escalation Mexico and Ottawa have urged
all sides to hold negotiations on
Thursday Mexico’s new president Andres
Manuel Lopez Obrador

spoke out against for intervention in
Venezuela in politics today most day we
should conduct foreign relations with
the principles of non-intervention of
the self-determination of peoples of

peaceful solutions to disputes Pacifica
but many other countries in the
hemisphere have joined with the United
States and supporting the attempted coup
this includes Brazil Canada Colombia

Argentina and Chile here in the United
States the leaders of the Democratic
Party have also largely supported
Trump’s actions you know we do have a
new actor on the scene who has not

really come up yet in in any of the news
reports although I think they could have
a field day with it el
Abrams do you remember Elliott Abrams
yeah he was he was the and he was
involved in iran-contra he worked for he

cropped up and he was I guess
National Security Adviser forums
administration’s what I can’t remember
sorry didn’t he just get put into some
job a special envoy for Venezuela like

two days ago
like hello yes contra the guy knows
exactly what to do we’re gonna use local
South American assets which will be you

know some kind of some military
mercenaries and they’re gonna finish up
the job yeah wait from finger number one
know what they’ve China here to that

everybody if you listen to enough of
these whoa whoa did they come for you do
we need to stop tape Johnny you okay

mention these reports my okay yeah
what’s your mic did you Mike fall off
yeah okay all right problem what it did
was knocked over my volume control like

really well no go ahead turn it up I
can’t wait do you have your gaffer tape
to fix that again from the last time it
that’s test test yeah of course whenever

this happens it never falls on your
musical instruments and destroys them
forever that’s too bad never does that
get does the recorder get destroyed ever
anyway so what they’re leaving out is

that the United States and embargoes the
sanctions it’ll work you know so much in
Europe or places that were even Russia’s
that mean they do work to a point but
they really do work they worked very

well in Venezuela and what made it work
and it’s the sanctions that brought the
economy down over there yeah and and
what really did the trick was they
told citko which is owned by Venezuela’s

the it’s their outlet for the refined
products gas stations all over the place
so when you’re putting Citgo gasoline in
your car you’re using Venezuelan crude

as the base you’re actually a commie
when you use it so when you were so they
toss it go because of the sanctions they
couldn’t send any of the money back to
Venezuela that all the profits from the

gas station right so we’re so it stayed
here yeah we are so good at this well
it’s true it’s really well here’s the

thing but what’s the alternative some
people bring up the fact that we don’t
play fair and this particular trick
which was a good one just to freeze the

assets you know make them I mean right
we’re not stealing the money let’s put
it that way it still belongs to Citgo
but it can’t leave the country right and
that is like over a billion dollars that

Venice or that could probably use the
way but no they don’t even have access
to the way I see this is it’s it’s kind
of a non-starter choice yeah either we
do it or Russia does it or the Chinese

do it somebody’s gonna do it it is in
South America it’s kind of close to us
so I understand I understand the
thinking it doesn’t make me feel much

better about the New World Order I I do
understand where they’re coming from
yeah it’s our it’s our we have this is
ours I’m kind of that’s like that’s why

you can see what China gets so upset
about us dicking around in Southeast
Asia and places like that
that’s very orchid the Chinese were
although they are very involved in

Brazil but now that we got our guy in in
Brazil another pet peeve of democracy
now and the Socialists that may be
ending and we really may have some

better relationships with yen’s way
Brazil jumped on board with us on this
Venezuela thing yes so
Olsen ro is gonna be likely to be a good

a life to us and he make you know help
us okay here’s what I’m gonna predict
this because this is much bigger than
just Venezuela of course I think that

we’re going to see a deal with China
Trump and G very soon to smooth over
whatever those guys the Chinese need in
Venezuela for their investments I think

that this may be a leveraging point the
Trump would use to get the trade
agreements in place feels like that’s
what’s gonna happen Russia I have no

idea what they’re doing other than
anything Russia’s cares too much about
this has said that means that though
that oil but they got four hundred
Special Forces I don’t know I’m not Jade
like to know what the what’s going on Oh

whenever someone sends in consultants
you know what that means
they had they had gold mining rights the
Russians in fact they’ve received it not

even too long ago I think oh that might
be gold let me see yeah the Venezuela
got a gave Russia a permission to mine
gold which is another issue that’s

wrapped up in all of this but the
Russia’s maybe just sending people in to
protect their gold assets that’s that’s
possible but the Chinese there they’re
really irked about it some of the

Venezuelans actually yeah but I think
that Professor that was at the first
clip I played mm-hmm now were one of the

early clips whose Vinc he’s Venezuelan
and he teaches a talks about this heat
it’s the upper classes of Venezuela that
have been when Chavez was running the

place did he think he kept them happy
yeah Maduro has not and he’s run him out
of town basically made him that’s part
of the three million people that can

afford to leave the country or there’s a
lot of poor people but there’s also many
of the upper-class
an intellectual class in the country was
forced out and once they you lose that

group it could be problematic because
they have a lot of influence another
other elsewhere and this was I think is
part of what’s going on now also have

the feeling that the president the Trump
knew nothing about this or was very
unaware of it and just that he just you
know Pompeo it might be his baby

I mean this is that this is what CIA
does and that may not be so coincidental
that we also have this Roger stone
fracas which is dominating the news I

would say the ratio of Venezuela Roger
stone news as Venezuela one stone nine
just in weight of what attention that’s

given oh yeah that and that in another
at least as much stone coverage was the
the Trump caved coverage you get all
this very kind of almost the Hollywood

tonight’s that style of stories versus
Venezuela yeah exactly which is a real
story yo it’s the only real story yeah
no it is not as entertaining and as weak

as you’ll find it when we get to the yes
stone stuff well what else do you have
on Venezuela cuz that’s about all I got
that quickie this can been already

actually been played well what is the
end game what is the end game for
Venezuela we have to get much shut
Maduro up everyone has to accept Guido
Bhama once we’ve accepted him then we

can start doing the deals and making the
Chinese whole and and give the Russians
whatever mining contracts they want that
seems like it would be something to that
order which as long as we control the

oil you know like Iraq what could
possibly go wrong
well I would like to know what triggered
this because we know that Java would
this is pretty much the story of the

book economic hitman yes economic hitman
which is one of them I think Confessions
of an economic hitman is one of the

primary books that this show uses for
theory the first book the first version
of early release after he got
compromised now the as the story goes
that you know it was Chavez who we

wanted to wouldn’t play ball with us and
what that means as I guess turnover and
half the country of the United States
interests and he would just wasn’t gonna

do it and they tried to kill him and
then he really got he ran outside all
the journalists and everybody out of the
country because they were all a bunch of
Stooges for the CIA
and then he took firm control of the

country and at some point we kind of
gave up hmm let’s sit go in you know
still has all these gas stations and
there nobody does anything about that
sister but you know we kind of gave up

on and then when the heap and picked
Maduro to take over it’s so I think
that’s when they put those whatever
section no in the in these agencies
intelligence agencies was we’re working

on Chavez problem they started up again
and I took him about this long to get to
this it took six years cuz Maduro has
been in for six years right he just got
reelected so six years have gone by and

now we’ve decided to go ramp it up again
so see no see no visa casino Venza I’m
sorry is crude oil producer in in
Venezuela and in September the the

announcement came that Maduro said
they’d sold nine point nine percent of
seen a visa to the Chinese National
Petroleum Corporation

who after that owned 49% of Cena visa
the that’s a problem Chinese will have a
real issue with that well that’s
probably what triggered that whole thing

that would be the catalyst we wouldn’t
do sell anything to us
cuz we’re trying to get in there yeah
and they’re telling us a pound sand yeah
I’m so they let the Chinese waltz in and
take 50% of the main refiner yeah over

the past 10 years China’s China invested
over 50 billion in Venezuela Venezuela
in oil for loan agreements securing
energy supplies for its fast-growing

economy right okay so that would be the
issue right there and I think China is a
little too far from home to get around
us now god this is so evil it’s great

it’s just evil yeah but what’s the evil
part oh just how the world works and
well it’s nothing new to us but if
people really understood you know just

take a random college kid he said hey
you know this is actually how it still
kind of works I think they would I mean
they can’t even have me read hazards
they can’t even handle a red hat I mean

just yeah just nothing changes nothing
changes it’s all the same well little
know one big thing no China no the

college kids are stupid yeah you
certainly are getting an interesting
education that’s for sure that’s you’re
sure coming out to be I guess that makes

sense that the the joint venture and the
sale giving China 49 percent of their
crude company is a problem yeah China

has every right to do that and I didn’t
have every right to have that commerce
but I guess for us is just we just can’t
handle that so we have to go down and

mess everything up we don’t trust the
Chinese no they’re not to be trusted
just look at your look at your
individual interactions with them the
Chinese believe that everyone’s space is

get out of my space is my space it’s
your space that okay whose space it is
they’re rude they think it’s funny when
they can steal something from us I’m not
saying anything else and that’s how
Chinese are that is their culture and

they and they admit it well that’s why
they have such harsh penalties in China
first what we would think of as simple

infractions right hang some guy yeah
this still doesn’t help well with that
one guy of mine sorry
well if they hang one guy for that one

guy it might change but not
okay all right now what we’re getting
closer to the – it’s good but it’s gonna

fall apart this is just uh this is this
is a coup and we’re gonna this looks
like one that they’re that they’re the
agency or whoever’s behind the actual
activities it’s not going to botch it

looks like it won’t be botched no I also
think it’s not necessarily the Central
Intelligence Agency I think this is the
national geospatial-intelligence agency

where you get that from but oh maybe I
can’t maybe I can’t tell you where I got
it from but why what’s there I don’t
care where you got it from but what

would be the rationale these are these
they’ve grown their capabilities way
beyond what CIA does they they they are
the true spy agency now in my humble
estimation because they’re looking from

space they got everything going in there
they change their name from National
geospatial agency to national
geospatial-intelligence agency gives you
a clue really space force

thanks for just think of all these
things think of all these things coming
together yeah they have they have
incredible capabilities and I think it

may go beyond their military
you know who’s running the show he’s the
CIA running the show

I don’t think CIA is running any show
anymore yeah the Roger stone show that’s
what they’re running well let’s talk
about the Roger stone show yeah who pops

up after months of being quiet months
he’s not anywhere to be found Roger
stone gets arrested who pops up who
Brennan propped up to you IU was not I

didn’t see one instance of Brennan
anywhere right there on the morning Jose
mr. director good to see you I know you
haven’t read through the indictment

we’re still reading through it ourselves
but what’s your initial reaction is the
broad term that’s being used as
unsurprising I mean everybody was
expecting this Roger stone was expecting
it as well but like many people in the

mr. stone has an established track
record of being unethical and
unprincipled and now this is catching up
with them and now a seven count
indictment I think it’s a very serious
start the clip over and tell me that

they booked that everybody in this
discussion admitted that they didn’t
read the indictment
oh no this goes this keeps going this
like oh I didn’t really read it I didn’t

read of course they all read it
it’s Liars his Liars it comes ready
plus it comes back and this this I
didn’t read it comes back in a moment so
instead of starting it over I’ll just
continue it comes back you’re absolutely

right about that but it shows that the
special counsels office is uncovering
the evidence it needs and so just like
mr. stones indictment I’m not gonna be
surprised by the other indictments that
are gonna be coming down the pike very

soon recently I will never testify
against Donald Trump you think that
calculus has changed this morning I
think it’s changing and will change you
know if he decides to go down for mr.
Trump it’s going to be you know his loss

but I think there many people who have
that a position and then change it very
quickly when as was
the federal guidelines and guidelines
tend to wasn’t getting to them so so he
shows up all of a sudden just after

months of being very quiet says he
hasn’t come on the air sure I mean I’ve
been so busy having that time but you
know for Roger stone I think I got this
massive massive importance nothing about

no no just about Roger stone so what
exactly are these I know you haven’t
read the indictment but oh my gosh what
are these indictments and what crimes
and who else is gonna get to indicted

how many more indictments would you
expect among the senior Trump campaign
official listen to AB laughing any more
indictments would you expect among

campaign officials that are referenced
in here stone told senior Trump campaign
officials about materials possessed by
organization one WikiLeaks so that’s in

the multiple and then also there is a
trump supporter that stone was
interfacing with about the WikiLeaks
drop well I expect that over the next 60
days you’re going to have a fair number

of a significant number of indictments I
think people are waiting for the report
that is coming out from Muller but what
I look for most is the indictments and
it’s just so rich in detail to me I

think all of these indictments are going
to be is basically the Compendium really
so all these indictments that he has of
process client crimes pretty much and

crimes outside of the scope you know for
tax evasion that’s going to be the
Compendium ie the he’s going to have a
binder filled with all his indictments
and that will be the report it’s the

compendium sounds like a great you got
the right term they’re processed crimes
exactly as they were processing the
crimes took place but let’s listen to
you know non-reading indictment P

patients so I expect there to be a
significant number and it’s a different
number of names that are going to be
quite familiar to the average American
who everybody who has a name
familiar with the American people beyond

there at you worn running as you kind of
watch the Muller dominoes fall and you
said more to come very very soon who’s
the next Domino on the spot when Jimmy
the Greek here who’s the next time I
don’t know Oh big names house what names

oh I don’t know because you know people
are innocent until people are innocent

until alleged to be involved in some
kind of criminal activity just listen to
the new laws of the nation please until
their alleged no because you know people

are innocent until well alleged to be
involved in some type of this is the
former director of CIA who has this high

Muslim has nothing to do with these if
he’s a Muslim or not you just tested him
now no because you know people are
innocent until well alleged to be

involved in some dr. Brennan I noticed
in leafing through this indictment we’ve
only just gotten in Ted it Pierce Roger
stone is only indicted for things that
happened after the investigation began
but you said an investigation was

sounds like someone was able to read the
indictment this sounds like no one read
it and then this guy read it no
castigation began but you said an
investigation was underway back in 2016
can we read from this indictment that

the special counsels office believes
that what Roger stone did in 2016 before
he committed these lying to
investigators or whatever that that was
all legal

no again I haven’t read the indictment
and I know that in the summer of 2016
I had numerous conversations with Jim
called me about what was happening in
terms of what the Russians were doing
what was being pushed out publicly how

they got access to the information who
might have facilitated the release of
information and so whether or not you
know Roger stone was involved
again I defer to the special counsels
office but it was an ongoing very

intense investigation at that time to
see what US persons or officials might
have been working with the Russians
either wittingly or unwittingly to

interfere in the election and pay
attention to the words wittingly or
they will be very important I’m
convinced of it it propped it crops up
with the Brennan but the person who

initially used it in a lie was clapper
who was asked if the NSA ever has any
kind of eavesdropping on American

citizens and he lied and he said well no
at least not wittingly what is the exact
definition of wittingly explain my
Muslim comments I’m going to change

calling him a Muslim to calling him a
Salafist okay okay which is the sect yes
that is the radical one and we don’t

think we have one Salafist to list so
the show may be but I’m sure he doesn’t
donate let’s all just stay with that
Salafist cuz he has to be a Salafi he
supposedly became did went through the

process in Saudi Arabia which is a
Wahhabist generally speaking which is a
Salafist offshoot so yeah Miriam Webster
definition of wittingly is

it’s interesting chiefly dialectal huh
I’m not sure why that strikes me as odd

that that props up is so it means that
you knowingly knowingly did something
but it’s it talks about dialectal I’m
not quite sure how I’m supposed to

interpret that that means yes or no so
it’s a dialect here is pure yes or no
so really or unwittingly yeah it’s that
term I hear these terms hearing one from
Roger stone which he started off with

with his first getting arrested mm-hmm
right after the arrest yeah I had I have
the CNN the live stuff was like about a
minute oh and he when they actually was

CNN got tipped off that he was gonna be
it’s not it’s not even tipped off I mean
first of all they call it exclusive
because it’s exclusive they’re sitting
there they’re waiting they know what’s

happening this is part of the set up
everybody involved in this from the
Mueller side and I’m sure Brennan knew
as well this was set up listen this is
just remarkable it’s just remarkable to

watch you know what they call that’s an
FBI open the door and now they’re about
to say another warning sure seems to
know what’s happening FBI warrant this

is called you know the the grab shots
vernacular and it is that cetera is I’ve
never heard of the grab shot in the
television vernacular but I guess they

have it the have you ever heard of this
the grab shy no I haven’t but it doesn’t
mean it doesn’t exist in some news
organizations never heard he’s performer
ball to watch this all unfold you can

see Roger stone right here a little bit
stop this 6:00 in the morning
they brought their SWAT team out a bunch
of tanks and vehicles I don’t know about

you but it’s 6:00 in the morning if I’m
sleeping I’m in a back bedroom I’m
someplace you know don’t know how big
that house was yeah but I can’t pop up

and open
the door it would take me five minutes
or longer and they didn’t give him five
minutes I’m surprised that he got to the
door as fast as he did I have no idea I
mean he’s yes the whole thing is sketchy

and you heard brevis D even hers you
heard you heard Brennan say even Roger
stone knew this was going to happen he
said it right the beginning the first
clip Roger stone it was gonna happen
everybody knew it was gonna happen so I

guess that means no surprise
you know it’s listened to the rest of
this you know stand it off for any
procedure for the FBI to show up heavily
armed and right here like this but they
didn’t do this for other people

connected any investigation so it gives
me this wicked what they didn’t do that
for what’s-his-face for Miller no
metaphor didn’t they do the exact same

thing I think it was done procedurally
different first they busted into this
place at 3:00 in the morning to just go
through his papers no okay and then I
think they arrested him but they didn’t

arrest him with with the armored
vehicles and they’ve been the black
jackets so it is remarkable that they
did this without warning without any

indication of stones lawyers beforehand
that this would happen we don’t know
also if they executed a search warrant
on that I mean as an just told us the
reason they do that is because they fear
that the person’s gonna be a flight risk
so they want to do it under the cover of

darkness with a surprise or they think
that there’s so much evidence inside the
room inside the house that they don’t
want to give anybody a lead time a heads
up to try to hide some of that evidence
so that’s what we just watched this

morning all right let me if you wouldn’t
mind I’ll try and piece together what
I’ve discussed with some of our DC
producers over the past couple of days
because this really is just show it’s
all for show and what the ultimate

reason is is either this is some kind of
em end game which means that what you
heard that the compendium of this type
of activity would be Muller’s report

it’s it’s very possible that the fall
guy for all of the non provable
collusion Trump stuff could be Roger
it’s very conceivable he will he’s also

the perfect guy for it if you think
about it he’s a villain he’s creepy he’s
got all the elements that that could be
you know used as all well clearly this

guy was no good we got to get rid of him
here’s what I bet here’s what I
understood we have to take a couple
basic principles of the No Agenda show
into account one there is a continuous

war two between military intelligence
and central intelligence and central
intelligence or military intelligence
either one of them will quote unquote
run the president

so of course bush senior probably Bush
jr. it’s all CIA Obama CIA for short
Trump has been dia Defense Intelligence
Agency you want to say something just

say you left out Clinton I’m not sure
about Clinton I’d probably CIA I
wouldn’t think would be in be anything
else it’s what I would think because
running drugs that’s what they do okay

so you need to take that into account
now you also have to know about Roy Cohn
does this name ring a bell yeah Roy Cohn
is the old lawyer that was karthi’s

lawyer he was the adviser on the
McCarthy trials getting rid of communism
yeah in that was he was also a kick-ass

attorney in New York yes and he was in
all the bathhouses with Roger stone with
you’ll love this Bolton

what’s-his-face John bolt John Bolten
gay gay stuff gay bath houses george w
bush and yeah as mentor and who knows

what else to Donald Trump and Roger
stone so this is like this gay cabal
going on in the 70s pre-aids mind you
and so everybody knows each other and

there’s a lot of stuff going on there’s
always is weird kinky sex stuff that
gets everybody in trouble but Roger
stone is has always been intelligence
person like CIA FBI just look at his

history with Nixon who said we know what
he what he’s doing we know what his ties
are to intelligence or were or if
they’re still there I don’t know now
where does Rogers don’t work Roger stone

right now his only gig or his prominent
gig is Infowars Alex Jones you have to
be of the belief that Alex Jones is

quite possibly his rise came through the
Defense Intelligence Agency it’s not
like they’re sitting there writing him
checks but yeah I think there’s ways
that they can make that happen

and so as a dialectic I guess so there’s
you know you have your your alternative
media which amigo Jones have been doing
this for 15 years Austin Texas is

definitely a military intelligence
Stratford all these places Bobby Inman
lives here
yeah but he’s CIA Bobby Inman is still
ultimately military

tee’s army he’s a military guy he’s Navy
ok militant but military we just got the
Air Force you know the Future command
coming in with billions of dollars this

is not an accident this is Austin is
military military intelligence and I
would say it’s not out of the realm of
possibility to think that Alex Jones
came to rise after his cable show with
the internet through military

intelligence maneuvering things just
seemed to work for him and okay now wait
I want you to continue your thinking and
this thought but I want to throw just a

random clip in because you did what you
said it fits in with the I so I was
selecting for the end of the show that’s
two second click okay okay Roger there
is a war on alternative media there’s a

war on alternative media oh for sure for
sure now here here’s what and the
problem is Roger stone and again this is
just what I’ve pieced together and you
know I’m I’m shooting from the hip but

with some the input from our producer so
you kind of take these assumptions into
account so we have this military
intelligence Alex Jones thing running
along and then all of a sudden we get

Roger stone involvement and this is a
big problem because what if this is like
the enemy coming into the camp why is he
there and it’s very and there’s also all

this weird gay sex stuff going on with
Roger stone and that just look around
and see what’s going on with Alex Jones
and stone and a couple other people at
Infowars I can’t accuse anybody of

anything but it you can kind of think
there may be something odd happening so
Roger stone is not only a problem for
the Defense Intelligence Agency but for
CIA as well it’s like we can’t have

these guys working together doing pillow
talk I don’t know now who what happens
from that and made and I don’t know if

it’s coincidental that Tim Cook is gay
but he’s the first one that deep
platform Alex Jones some message goes
out we this has to stop this guy has to
stop we got to stop the stone thing

we’ve warned we’ve warned Alex Jones
boom he’s gone and it just continued
just kept on going so this is the next
step because they really have nothing on

him yeah they got some yep oh he lied
about this or that it’s really nothing
invites great to read the indictment I
want to mention a few things as an aside
in there they can you know that they
keeps talking about how he told some guy

to lie you’re one of his buddies to lie
to Congress when all he did and is very
clear in the indictment was tell him to
plead the fifth

yes that’s not talking so on the line no
so what I think you’re seeing here is a
very easy fall guy maybe we can say well
at the time this Venezuela stuff is

happening why don’t we just drop Roger
stone into the meat grinding machine
that is the m5m cable news media and
Twitter and everything and just let it

chop up and let the blood and the guts
and the bone pieces fly around well
we’re off there making our deal in
Venezuela and let this be part of the
Compendium and to then have Brennan of

not to come out for the Venezuela story
no Brennan comes out after Roger stone
he’s swatted for an indictment and of
course you know he didn’t even have to

pay an actual an actual bail amount
assigned and he walked out so all of a
sudden we have the the former director
of CIA after months of missing in action
he pops up is obvious and I would say

anyone near Alex Jones he go away you
should back away from the operation I
don’t think that’s going to end very

well well that’s a
now let’s listen to the the fourth or
the third clip I have on Brennan and

it’s a good question from the Morning
Joe people with with it’s it’s kind of
leaning as well with these indictments
what is the story Bob Miller is trying

to tell us what’s the story as you see
it that mauler has begun to tell with
the public information that we have that
there was an extensive effort to try to

influence the outcome of the election
that involved the Russians that involved
us persons and that may have gone to the

very top of the Trump campaign and so I
think the shoes that are yet to drop are
going to be the ones that are going to
be the most profound and that will hit

the people at the at the top of the
organization who that is the
organization meeting Donald Trump it may
be a family member well I think you know
clearly that they have been talked to

they’ve been interviewed by the FBI I
think there’s a fair amount of
vulnerability that they might have on
this but again I defer to the special
counsels office to make the
determination about whether what they
did cross that threshold from collusion

which i think is quite evident to
criminal conspiracy it’s past that
threshold that is going to lead them to
an indictment of individuals that are
close to mr. Trump that are part of his

family I want to be very clear about
what I was saying earlier about the gay
cabal again go look up Roy Cohn Co HN
look at what he did look at where he

came from
eat it he’s a Jew is a Jew self-hating
Jew homophobic gay guy it’s it’s an
incredible story my self-loathing is
this self-loathing

okay self-loathing loathing yes you
understood what I was saying the bath
the bath houses and it was Trump Bolton
who is oddly right there and in the

Trump cabinet the Lord knows why maybe
we’ve figured it out Roger stone George
W Bush and if you doubt me go look for
the Washington Post

page story about my uncle my uncle
Donald Greg giving midnight tours in the
White House to gay prostitutes for
president george h worker bush i mean

this is this is not like in like a big
thing I’m making up here this is
well-known but never really discussed
because it’s always the sex stuff that
brings these people down every single

time they can’t keep it in their pants
the other board yeah that’s probably a
part of it well I have a bunch of Roger
clips that I thought were worth going
through good good good

now he went on Tucker immediately after
they arrest and it was one of these
moments on Tucker where although
Tucker’s always got this kind of
flabbergasted look on his face all the
time with the kind of mouth open it’s

like just kind of like oh my god have I
hearing what I’m hearing the sad dog
that look but it’s one of those times
where Tucker wasn’t like trying to be
trying to start a fight or anything he

was actually the letting stone go on and
on so he could display that look of oh
my god he’s taking it a little further
he’s kind of like you’re so sad it’s oh
my god this is horrible I can’t believe

this is happening that’s you know it’s
bankrupting you that’s the take he’s i
Tucker is very compromised in his own
I’m little disappointed in some of the
stuff he’s doing but okay but he does

get he did get stone on and nobody else
did and so let’s start with the Roger on
Tucker on arrest a clip when he’s the
only one that has stone on no one else

did that’s when you want to ask
questions and we saw the very large
number of armed federal agents bringing
you out of the house is there something
we don’t know do you have an Arsenal at

home had you made threats against
prosecutors sorts of violence I mean is
there context that we don’t have no
first of all it’s disconcerting that CNN
was aware that I would be arrested

before my lawyers were informed
that’s disturbing if it was a dangerous
situation which would merit the SWAT
team well then CNN’s cameraman would be
in danger I don’t know why they would be

allowed to be there by the way good
point if you watch the video this the
cameraman are like right up in their
grill it’s not like a huge distance shot
there in the bushes they’re off to the

a fair point about that being a big
setup I had no firearm in the house I
don’t have a permit for a firearm I
don’t own a firearm things I would never
say on television Wow no that’s

something go rob that just don’t admit
these things a firearm I don’t own a
firearm only my wife my two dogs and my
three cats were at home I’m not a flight

risk in fact I think my passport has
expired or it will expire in a few days
I have no record of criminal past and
frankly they just could have contacted

my attorney and I would have voluntarily
turned myself in the proof of this is
that only hours later the judge granted
me a $250,000

surety bond meaning on my signature with
no funds put forward because I’m not a
flight risk and as far as the
government’s contention that they were
concerned that I would destroy evidence

they’ve been in my email and my text
messages and my phone calls for two
years probably longer because the New
York Times reported on January 20 to

Gerry 20th 17 that I was among three
people in the Trump campaign under
active surveillance it believe me a lot
of people were reading his email and

listening to his phone not just one
agency well that brings up this clip
here this is the Roger war on the press
clip which is kind of a kind of an

interesting this was probably scripted
between him and Tucker but it’s pretty
good so it’s clear I mean it’s clear

from reading the indictment and you’ve
been saying it for at least a year that
the feds were spying on your texts
there’s no question about I think I

agree based on based on the indictment
that they released today so given
they’re reading all of your texts you
text with a huge not happen to know a
huge number of journalists including me

and some of them you know work for CNN
and even maybe all of those texts were
being read by a federal prosecutor what
do you think those journalists some of
whom are talking about this case right

now on TV think of that you know the
that’s the amazing thing is the press is
not coming out and standing up against
this war against free expression this
war against the First Amendment which is

really a war against the press it’s
flabbergasting really why I can’t
believe they’re not fighting against

this he goes on with this thesis I think
or described before that at last clip
because that was near the end but play
Roger on the war on free speech the
charges against you which are primarily

for lying to Congress and one of the
things you’re accused of lying to
Congress about is whether or not there
was any evidence you had evidence of
communication between you and an
intermediary and Julian Assange again

given that you knew that they had your
electronic communications and would know
the answer already
wouldn’t that be a stupid thing to lie
about what is this charge yeah yeah yes

and dude it’s really simple I did forget
that I had text messages from an old
cellphone that were entirely exculpatory
which proved that everything I had said

about critical being my source regarding
the significance and the October release
date of the WikiLeaks material was

I believe he lied to the grand jury
about that that’s been reported but he
appears not to be being prosecuted for
perjury but I forgot exculpatory
information and therefore I will if

anybody had bothered to read my my
website the stone-cold truth they would
know that I’m basically refuted and
documented the refutation of virtually

every charge
this indictment the indictment is thin
indeed so what is this about
it’s about silencing me there’s a war on
alternative media there’s a war where

they’re trying to criminalize political
expression there’s a war where they’re
trying to criminalize free speech yeah
yeah I like that – I like you of our
producers independently said to me

nothing in this world ever happens by
accident and I think that that makes a
lot of sense in this case and you know
Roger stone it may just be the Hail Mary

for Mueller like do use this guy
everything about him is wrong I got one
more clip I’ll play shorter than a

Porsche which is him whining about going
broke it might be he might be yeah yeah
but you know he might come back it is
kind of a shame that the system could

just break somebody but they can this is
his use of the term and I ain’t he used
it a lot when he first got arrested he’s

gonna continue to use it and I either
he’s either using it to to send a
message to some Christians who are going
to be told to testify or something yes I

like to use this term over and over he
never says the word lie he uses the term
and this good clipped on it has an
example of it of bearing false witness

the efforts to shut down my show at
Infowars the efforts to silence Alex
Jones who’s one of my greatest
supporters and proponents are part of
this war so I intend to plead not guilty

I believe I will be vindicated it’s
funny to watch Preet Bharara on CNN say
this is a slam dunk calls me a liar
here’s a guy who a federal judge lashed

for lying in the William Walton case
you’re the liar Preet so and then
watching reporters jump to conclusions
Tucker and say oh well the the were the
Trump campaign official who directed

stone to find out about WikiLeaks was
no it was not there are several things
in here in the indictment that are
certainly not true so who was it if it
wasn’t the president who is well I have

to speculate about that because since it
never happened it appears to me that
they have composed testimony for someone
perhaps Rick Gates perhaps Steve Bennett
perhaps someone is bearing false witness

me but knowing what’s in my email and my
text messages
there is no corroboration whatsoever for
this yeah you know there’s so much more
when it comes to specifically these guys

in Florida and Broward County and
sheriff Scott Israel from the the school
that got shot up Roger stone good

friends with him
Trump mar-a-lago Maxwell the member the
the billionaire with his daughter who
then you know all these these sex cults
it’s a mess and Trump is in it he’s in

the middle of the sex mess in Florida
and I think there’s Epstein all of this
stuff it’s it’s it’s the more you look

the more you want to look away and I
think I think stone really had to be
she’s probably lucky they did it this
way to be honest I think he’s such a
talker he’s got so he has so much so

much information he’s a he’s a real
liability for all parties all parties
see none of the truth can really come
out about all any of this because all of
that stuff has to come up again just

coincidental that the Miami Herald does
this huge expose on Epstein you know the
Broward County up in arms or all these
different things yes said that he’s

looking forward to this case actually
going forward cuz he wants to see cuz
this worth a lot of money gets chewed up

too he says he wants to see what they
have on him in Discovery uh-huh they’re
gonna start asking the moon the thing
these these cases don’t get resolved and
people like doesn’t some guy on NBC by

age he’s gonna be guilty
for sure because these indictments are
well-written he’s the MSNBC legal
analyst once the chief of the DEA is

tough guys talks like this there you go
and he went on about this and I’m
thinking I doubt it because they for one
thing the indictment is lame and very

lame and it’s gonna open up a can of
worms if it actually goes to trial I
think they just could this was that you
probably right this was you indict him

to have him sign this surety bond go
home and now he has to shut up
especially he’s cuz he’s gonna plead not
guilty I’m sure they’re sure cuz he
doesn’t want to bear false witness

against the president and so he’s gonna
but then it just stays there like that
and he can’t do anything he can’t go
talk in because it’s all gonna be used
you know you just can’t he did shuts him

up then and all with the intelligence
community doesn’t like that what does
for stone is doing don’t like these kind
of people you know they like drinking no
drugs booze and women

that’s the intelligence community we
don’t do any other of the crazy bath
house stuff that everyone wanted this
guy out of the way I’m telling he’s
lucky to be alive in my opinion and he
may just be the fall guy this is why

Brennan comes out and says halt it’s the
Compendium here it’s all gonna come
together and for those of you who who
tune out after we say goodbye and don’t
listen to the end of show mixers I’ll
give you a little tease of what sir

Chris Wilson has put together there down
I mean do we have the best producers or

do we have the best producers yeah well
we do have the best producers and with
that I’d like to thank them but also

like to thank you and say in the morning
to you John crude Texas tea Dvorak well
in the morning to you mr. Adam in the

morning to the troll room no agenda
stream calm which is now pretty much
24/7 a great place to hang out this
morning void zero did a little musical

show if people are doing more and more
live stuff more producers getting on the
stream it’s heating up we like that so
thank you for joining us this morning
also in the morning to Mike Riley who

brought us the artwork through the no
agenda art generator for episode 1106 a
type of that was smart wall and we could
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only words people were talking about the
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the ram’s horn on the front just a nice

piece of art and there were other fun
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really popped and so Mike thank you very

much Mike Riley dad no agenda art
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yes sure Patrick Debbie in Wichita
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my glasses uh Sir John and added my son

hit me in the mouth about three years
ago but I did not listen to you
regularly until around and after the
presidential election I’ve been somewhat
astonished at the change in the news

reporting over the past two years you
have convinced me that the news business
is a business supplying what the
customers and advertisers want that’s
the same thing yeah yes customers

advertisers equals same thing yeah of
course it’s a business that’s the
problem with online news reinforcing our
own beliefs

I fear the dimensions will divide more
and more completely over the next few
years and the fake news is our future
well I think that’s been documented your
analysis has been a breath of fresh air
for me my wish is for the new year that

more people listen to the greatest
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out and propagate as a formula our
formula is this
for here people in the mouth

and before we go any further I must stop
and say that I’m very curious as to your

response and perhaps even your coveted
vote now that you know that Elizabeth
Warren has proposed would you have been

a proponent of for as long as I’ve known
you wealth tax on rich Americans this is
something you’ve always been for yes but
I’ve been for a generalized wealth tax

with the elimination of income tax
altogether because the income tax
prevent you from accumulating wealth and
if you don’t accumulate okay so that’s
the caveat as you feel that as long as

we abolish income tax and we just do a
wealth tax that’s that I never really
remember you saying that but I did I
believed it I’m not the argument is you
can’t accumulate wealth if you’re being

taxed for your income and you want to
encourage people to make as much money
as they can possibly make income wise
you don’t want to discourage it so you
want to encourage that and then when

they start accumulating to the point
where it’s like a little too much money
and they’re not spending it on anything
except even if they’re spending it on
yachts and houses those are that’s part

of their wealth and if they’re putting
it into this back into the system by you
know hiring a lot of people and doing
all these other things that’s not wealth
you know you’re not you’re not
accumulating wealth if you got it gosh

okay well then I’m okay so perhaps you
should say a wealth only tax well I was
implied maybe it’s been a while since

we’ve talked about it so I wants to
imply here’s what I think is positive
she brought it into the conversation yes

that’s why it’s a gap I heard wealth
taxes gouged the rich and charged them
to 2% of all their assets and I think
that’s unfair but

it’s a start it starts the discussion
alright and people say well you know you
can’t do a well text because you it’s
impossible people hide no later you
can’t hide that much wealth you can’t

hide you bureau houses you can’t hide
your yachts right it’s really on your
your your worth your net worth
really yeah your network your portfolio

is the IRS knows what it is if you start
cheating on where you’re putting your
money hiding it in the Cayman Islands
you know they don’t like this so you
have to you’re your wellness of your
property and your portfolio and your

bank account yes and that’s it I mean
we’ve never had problems collecting
property tax no it’s a big building yeah
okay no good solved I did come up with

just staying with the 2020 election and
I believe this to be true you know I’ve
had a bit of an issue with Kamala

Harris’s uh uh well now she’s saying she
was raised as African American so she
identifies as African American I guess
that’s valid by today’s standards she’s
not African American I don’t believe she

had the pure African American experience
growing up in Ottawa but if she says to
say if she says she was raised as an
African American even though her father
as you make and her mother is Indian

okay I’m not gonna argue it however it
is my belief in order to be eligible for
president your parents have to have been
naturalized for at least five years
prior to the child’s birth could be

wrong but I think there’s a regulation
somewhere in there
so you think she’s ineligible I do
her father arrived from Jamaica in 61
her mom from India in 1960 she was born

in 62 so I don’t think she’s eligible no
well she’s not gonna win anyway
and they she’s high on some people’s
list yeah I’ve heard this too and it’s

just like you when you think about it
I’m just covering the bases here I
really despise this stuff together
because there’s a lot of guys running
yeah I mean it’s now it’s gotten to the

point where there’s probably 50
Democrats that think they’re gonna run
for president yeah yeah that’s opposed
to it the only smart money he seems to
be Gavin Newsom Newsom who’s our you

know one he’s a wannabe president but
they asked him if he wants to run
against Trump in 2020 and he said hell
no he’s smart he’s 2024 yeah he’s gonna
wait he’s gonna wait no one wants to do

this I just the morons want to go up
against Trump well you have a list of
them in there she’s a long list of
morons are the elites were all I guess
are they done now are they back from

Davao from there still going like
tonight I thought last night was a big
crescendo like a big climax because they
had their key key key speaker I remember

this I think there were fifteen or
sixteen hundred private jets that all
convened on Davao to talk about climate
change amongst other things talking

about climate change
so this guest speaker whose original
speech was about six minutes long but
once I chopped out all the spaces so it

has been modified for your for brevity
and for your entertainment enjoyment
this speaker did not come on a private
jet this speaker took a 37 hour train

to provide the sound bites that everyone
craves when you’re in the elite circles
because all they’re talking about is who
controls the spending and what are we

spending it on to grow and I think the
climate change is one that’s kind of
failing and 5g is the other one we’ll
get to that in a moment this is Greta
Thumb berg this is the the 12 year old
kid and she had some really interesting

things to say and I think it’s worth
it’s long clip up to this then good it
is long but it’s important to listen

because this is being said in a stage
that is intended to come across as
alarmist of course we’re abusing this
child to do this you know we’ve seen

this with the the invasion in Iraq we
use children to talk about children
being thrown out of incubators all lies
this child is being solved by the way

she has showbusiness parents did you
know that’s like her mom’s an opera
singer her dad’s an actor granddad was a
director so it’s a total show business
family and they propped this kid up and
they let her terrorize her age group

specifically I mean to say our house no
kids ever worried when you say the house
is on fire it’s just they’re all they’re
all fine with it according to the IPCC

we are less than 12 years away from not
being able to undo our mistakes in that
time unprecedented changes in all
aspects of society needs to have taken

place including a reduction of our co2
emissions by at least 50% and please
note that those numbers do not include
the aspect of equity which is absolutely
necessary to make the Paris agreement

work on a global scale nor does it
include tipping points or feedback loops
like the extreme powerful methane gas
being released from the sign Arctic
permafrost you notice how they slip in a

couple new things here oh it’s the
methane gas being released from the
melting ice and I’m not going to die so
at places like divorce people like to
tell success stories but their financial

success has come with an unthinkable
price tag and on climate change we have
to acknowledge that we have failed all
the political movements in their present
form have done so and the media has

failed to create broad public awareness
but Homo sapiens have not yet failed yes
we are failing but there is still time
to turn everything around we can still
fix this we still have everything in our

own hands but unless we recognize the
overall failures of our current systems
we must probably both probably don’t
stand a chance we are facing a disaster

unspoken sufferings for enormous amounts
of people and now it’s not the time for
speaking politely we’re focusing on what
we can or cannot say now it’s the time

to speak clearly solving the climate
crisis is the greatest and most complex
challenge that Homo sapiens has have
ever faced I’m not quite sure why she
keeps saying Homo sapiens I mean

obviously we know that that’s man
mankind womankind people on earth people
maybe it’s because of the possibility of
using the word man oh yes politically
correct thank you the main solution

however is so simple that even a small
child can understand it we have to stop
the emissions of greenhouse gases and
either we do that or we don’t you say
nothing in life is black or white but

that is live a very dangerous life
either we prevent a 1.5 degree of
warming or we don’t either we avoid
setting off that if irreversible chain

reaction beyond human control or we
don’t either we choose to go on as I
civilization or we don’t
that is as black or white as it gets
there are no gray areas when it comes to

survival now we all have a choice we can
create transformational action that will
safeguard the future living conditions
for humankind we can continue with our

business as usual and fail that is up to
you and me so say that we should not
engage in activism
it said we should leave everything to
our politicians and just vote for change

instead but what do we do when there is
no political will what do we do when the
politics needn’t are nowhere in sight
here in Davos
just like everywhere else everyone is

talking about money
it seems that money and growth are our
own only make common sense and since the
chronic crisis is a crisis that has
never once been treated as a crisis

people are simply not aware of the full
consequences of our everyday life people
are not aware that there is such a thing
as a carbon budget and just how
incredible small that remaining carbon

budget is had you heard of this carbon
budget that’s a new term to me yeah I
looked it up and the carbon budget is
Bheema it’s there it’s kind of a reverse
budget the amount of carbon you’re

allowed to use but here comes the next
piece which is very telling no other
current challenge can match the
importance of establishing a wide public
awareness and understanding of our

rapidly disappearing carbon budgets that
should and must become a new global
currency this is very hot future and
present economics so carbon becomes the
new currency thanks kiddo we are now at

a time in history for everyone with any
insight of the climate crisis that
threatens our civilization and the
entire biosphere must speak out in clear
language no matter how uncomfortable and

unprofitable that may be we must change
almost everything in our current
societies the bigger your carbon
footprint is the bigger your moral duty
the bigger your platform the bigger your

responsibility adults keep saying we owe
it to the young people to give them hope
but I don’t want your hope I don’t want
you to be hopeful I want you to panic I

wanted to feel the fear I feel every day
I wanted to act I wanted to act as you
would in a crisis I wanted to act as if
the house was on fire I gotta say I

gotta say
I think those Google guys are pretty
good on their new AI it’s it’s quite
convincing you know I think they you’re

sitting in the audience and you’re one
of the guys who came in on one of the
1,500 private jets yeah you’re sitting
there and you’re listening to her and
you think you’re probably talking to
your guy next so he said yeah they’ve

done a great job with the kids you know
they we have them under complete control
any any crazy notion and in fact it’s
gotten so carried away in Europe and I

expect to see this here even though it
did they try to do this here but our
kids aren’t quite this dumb but this is
the Brussels big student strike over
this yes yes yes yes and in Brussels
Belgium an estimated 35,000 children

held a one-day school strike Thursday
surrounding the European Parliament
building demanding urgent action on
climate change it was one of the largest
student protests ever in the Belgian

capital students said they’re ready to
skip classes once a week until their
demands are met we think that if we skip
every Thursday so we don’t go to school
that the big people in our country and

in the world will say that it’s a
problem and that they will do something
about it the students are following in
the footsteps of now sixteen year old

Greta ten Berghe from Sweden who is
leading the school strike movement
globally she is now in Davos Switzerland
dressing leaders at the World Economic
Forum well she’s 16 I thought she was a

little younger dressing leaders yes
instead of addressing he’s dressing like
dressing them hey come here I call your
those pants they gotta go she said to

every one of them all of your pants and
I was so hopeful I even saw that nuclear
energy was on on a couple of the on the
table a couple of conversations in Davao

it’s cropped up more and more as a true
alternative and right on cue I’m waiting
for our very own atomic sir atomic rod
Adams to check in he should be here

because he’s the guy that turned me on
to this lying scumbag
this is a former nuclear regulator of
the United States Jack so do you
remember this guy no okay
so Jasco he he left the the Nuclear

Regulatory Agency because he was a dick
mainly towards women but it doesn’t
matter he’s back no one has a problem

with him anymore he’s written a book it
is and we gotta love the the subtext of
the confessions of a rogue nuclear
regulator is the title of his book which
I think is intended to conjure up images

of confession of an economic hitman and
of course nuclear is the stupidest thing
we could do oh my god whoa no today 98
reactors at fifty nine commercial

nuclear sites in the u.s. provide power
across the country using a technology
heralded by proponents as a savior from
climate change and the key to solving

the world’s growing energy needs but our
next guest says that nuclear power is
more hazardous than it is worth and
warns that it can its continued use will

lead to catastrophe in this country or
somewhere else in the world former
chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory
Commission Bret Gregory Atsuko joins us
now he’s the author of a new memoir

entitled confessions of a rogue nuclear
regulator and thank you very much for
being on the show
wondering what the exact confessions are
especially given your tenure as NRC

commissioner ended in a little bit of
controversy first why you wrote the book
well I wanted people to really
understand how this industry is

regulated and how it works because this
is a technology that’s hazardous it’s a
technology that at any moment really
could lead to the kind of catastrophic
accident we saw at Fukushima so I
thought people should understand that

and you know as you said people are
talking about nuclear power is this a
view to climate change and that worries
me more than the risk of a nuclear power
plant accident because I don’t think it
can rise to the wait a minute what did

he just say he said something weird
their home
as you said people are talking about
nuclear power is to save you to climate
change and that worries me more than the
risk of a nuclear power plant accident

because I don’t think it can rise to
that challenge so in it so more worrying
to him than a meltdown of a reactor or
something else like that is actually

people using nuclear to combat climate
worse than that if you really
deconstruct what he said yeah I got a
couple more short clips from this guy

from this interview he’s using Fukushima
he doesn’t even go back to Chernobyl or
Three Mile Island fuck Ashima and you
know he’s conflating a lot of different
things it was an earthquake right off

the coast it was a tsunami the tsunami
is what triggered the meltdown and the
tsunami killed the people the tsunami
made everybody move away but okay yeah I
started in Washington as a physicist and

so I looked at every issue based on the
facts and made hypotheses and revised
those hypotheses as I learned new facts
and the biggest fact that changed my
mind was this accident in Fukushima
I saw a hundred thousand people

evacuated from their homes many of them
permanently evacuated and you know
that’s the kind of thing you should
never see from from a source that
generates electricity oh let’s see
do we ever had any problems with oil has

that ever been a bad for the environment
or for people let me think
he would also are your oils bad he did
we’re talking about a guy a climate
change guy was all in on solar he

doesn’t say this but this is the
mentality Noah oil bad nuke bad good
yeah you got and moreover we were
promised and in the industry pledge that

these kinds of accidents were in the
past and here we had one in front of us
which I simply couldn’t ignore anymore
and and I began to realize then that
this is a technology that simply was too
hazardous to really be a future

I am so just stop all developments it
could never be any good it’s it’s no
good it’s you know it ruined Japan yes
so there’s really the area around the
plant there

larger is the plant that are still
uninhabitable most of those people who
were evacuated can’t return to their
homes or won’t return to their homes so
lives have been disrupted in a way that
we think about more with Wars than with
with energy generations then you have a

lot of radioactive water that’s being
stored at the site people really don’t
know what to do is so it’ll be decades
before this really gets just how likely
could this something like this happen
the United States you know it’s so hard

to predict there’s plants kind of
operate always on this precipice of
normal operation on one side and
catastrophic failure on the other but
what we know is the accidents will
happen so it’s just a question of when

and where and it’s it’s hard to predict
which is why the industry often Taos
that everything’s fine
so his solution to sorry because it
rarely happens there’s a three major
incidents at remotes are noble Three

Mile Island Fukushima yeah and how many
years has it been I mean did new nuclear
power probably began in the in earnest
at least the discussions in the late 50s

I mean Myka that could have brought up I
don’t know France shut those down yeah
that’s macron that guy
well our buddy here has some solutions

and if I’m not mistaken isn’t solar
energy subsidized by the government
LA yeah I think it most of it is Elon

Musk cars were certainly subsidized by
the government so there’s all kinds of
electrical stuff that hold take down of
the wind powers as subsidies in the

museum and all the rest of it well
listen to his last bit here people who
as a part of Morning Joe I guess they
bring in the BBC USA woman Katie Orr

Kathy whatever his name is I don’t know
why she’s there but she gets to ask a
question so for people who are trying to
find a counter to fossil fuels in the
fight against global warming having

nuclear power written off like this is
kind of depressing because this was the
hope right that nuclear power could be
made safer and it could be the counter
in our effort to keep global
temperatures from going up if you weigh

the risks of higher difficult mperatures
because of fossil fuel inquiry
usage and nuclear power you still come
down firmly in the favor of non-nuclear
of non nuclear power so she’s got a she

got a good point here except for the you
know the accidents even with that I mean
this is not a good idea to try this yeah
yeah I mean I think that’s a false
choice because the policies are right
now in the marketplace cleaner Sun wind

geothermal these technologies are
actually in some cases cheaper than
nuclear and they’re getting cheaper much
much faster so I actually think the
future is pretty hopeful but what we

need to do is really let the markets
decide and kind of get out of the way of
subsidizing reactors to try and keep
them around because the reason people
are doing that is to keep the reactors
around they’re not really doing it to

deal with climate change because we want
to deal with climate change you just
have to let the market decide and then
you need to do things with gas to maybe
make gas a little bit more expensive and
if you do that the things that are gonna
fill in is really winds on in geothermal

it’s not nuclear and that’s what we’re
seeing in the market here in the US and
throughout the rest of the world except
it’s not true god I hate this guy it’s
such a dick we’ve done a lot a dude and

since he’s back on the scene I’m gonna
follow him because he was he was
expelled you know for be basically a
me-too moment it wasn’t long after the
maybe was just before the show started

I’m trying to think know is 2012 when he
announced his resignation but it was
because you know people to complain he

was a dick especially female
subordinates one woman told me she felt
the Chairman was actually irritated with
someone else but took it out on her I
mean this guy would have been excoriated
and Mika Brzezinski just says oh yeah
this was a little bit of controversy oh

no problem all paid all big it’s a big
this is business your big oil money
right here that’s your big oil money
that could be

there’s a possibility that exists that
oils behind this this guy you think well
I mean some it does to be some

explanation he can’t he doesn’t seem
like a guy specially vism if he’s a
masher or whatever he was you know a
kind of a crunchy guy that’s too logical
I got another

would you do something like another
presence report I want to push justice
and I want to make a commentary oh geez
checks we are we getting checks what

checks let’s start with let’s do the
longest one this dude no checks report
FBI ATC Kathy Kalani is an IRS worker in
Florida and I want to believe and I pray

that the politicians in Washington will
do this economy and everybody right by
doing the right thing
hours before the president’s
announcement the shutdown was escalated
right on a brothel in the Northeast

air traffic reduced to a trickle I
wouldn’t be surprised if it takes you
know another 20 to 30 minutes before we
come become airborne after a number of
air traffic controllers called in sick

when they probably saw the second and
zero paycheck that probably puts so much
stress on them and they’re not fit for
duty if they are overstressed New York’s
LaGuardia Airport brought to a

standstill totally sympathetic to them
because you can’t operate a business
that way meanwhile pressure was also
building at the FBI it takes a lot to
get me angry but I’m about as angry as

I’ve been in a long long time FBI
director Chris Rea today told 32,000
employees it was unfair and
short-sighted to make them work without
pay an IRS backlash has also been

building 14,000 workers called in sick
this week after being called back to
work without pay among them Laurie
Wilcox in Utah who fears she’ll be
furloughed again next month

we’re terrified that we’re gonna lose
our house lose our cars you know hmm
this was a this was a pretty slick move
and I think this is why Trump
quote caved what I understand that that

from the Union the air traffic
controllers Union and perhaps more of
the well certainly air traffic
controllers that some liked a quarter of
them or mid twenty to twenty five

percent are working but they’re
completely eligible for to take a
pension and to retire and yeah that I
think there was some noise like oh we’re
gonna have twenty percent

walk off the job and just take their
pension and never come back
no that’s a possibility but that’s kind
of not gonna be my point um when I plays
another one of these clips this is the
no checks report NBC belt buckles and

Los Angeles furloughed FAA inspector
Kurtis Calabrese is expecting back pay
but says the political tug-of-war should
have never happened in the first place

this all began over debate for a wall
right has it been worth it to weigh that
against the safety of the American
people that are flying every day is that
worth it absolutely not in Washington DC

some agree I don’t think it was worth it
what did it accomplish nothing back in
Colorado single mom and Devin Lintz lost
her job at the belt buckle shop I don’t
see myself going back to work before the

end of February until something is truly
signed and done families caught where
politics turns personal Morgan Chesky
NBC News

let’s go to this one I got a note checks
again the FBI checks report NBC this is
shorty federal workers like Carla Davis
a grand processor at Housing and Urban

Development need a little more help
waiting on Backpage I’m glad that’s it
and then let’s go to no checks report

random and Democracy Now with coast
guard kicker
this comes as some 800,000 federal
workers who’ve been furloughed are
forced to work without pay for over a

we’ll miss a second paycheck today
federal workers are increasingly turning
to food pantries as they struggle to pay
for housing food and other basic needs
among them more than 40,000 active duty
members of the US Coast Guard this is

Coast Guard commandant Admiral Carl
Schultz I find it unacceptable that
Coast Guard men and women have to rely
on food pantries and donations to get
through day to day life as service

members ok let’s just stop a million of
them but let’s listen to these and now
analyze these things we’ve got guys in
the Coast Guard guys in the FBI ATC

everybody and they’re gonna miss a
second check and a woman did one woman
as you heard says we’re gonna lose our
house we’re gonna lose our cars that’s
total bullshit and is it yes yes it is

and I have I think I may or may not be
but what they’re there standing is that
this economy is so weak and so flaky
that you can’t miss one or two – let’s

say two paychecks without losing your
house your car and everything in between
yeah that’s what they said that’s the
case you can prove it’s not the case and
that would be fine because I don’t

believe it is either you can prove
that’s the case but if that is the case
that these people are so bent out of
shape about this over the one or two
bloss paychecks which tells me that too
many people too many people and it I’m

assuming that there’s some truth to this
too many people
that are making good money working for
the government it’s not like a lousy
paying job working for the government
the federal government in particular

they’re a living paycheck to paycheck
what happens if we have an actual
economic collapse we’re all going to die
I would think so if you’re working for
the federal government and you’ve been

working there for let’s assume for some
time that you have cars and you have a
house that doesn’t mean you started
yesterday and you’re you can lose all
these things overnight because of a Mis

paycheck no it’s not a good signal
that’s that’s also not true it’s in this
case I believe if if our economy tanked
and people miss paychecks yes I think I

think there’s a lot of people living
paid to paycheck to paycheck because
they’re on the credit bandwagon and are
overextended and have been this way for
decades and this is what the system is

you know watch TV you oh I gotta buy
this stuff that I can’t afford buy it
with money I don’t have go back to my
job repeat cycle yeah I think that’s
real yes I do well this is not a good

signal it’s not it’s not and the worst
night now let me give you another worst
but can I whenever you’re ready I want
to prove that it’s bullshit these

reports are bullshit that’s what I let
me finish this democracy now had a bunch
except some Wilbur Ross yes that’s
exactly where I want to go well Ross

comes on and and of course she takes it
from the perspective why listen to this
guy he’s worth seven hundred million
dollars what does he know about somebody
getting a paycheck so I’m gonna play the

two clips this is the end
deny democracy now versus the bridge
loan idea that he has meanwhile
president Trump’s commerce secretary
multi millionaire investor Wilbur Ross
said Thursday federal workers should

simply take out bridge loans until they
get paid
Ross was being questioned by CNBC anchor
Andrew Ross Sorkin there reports that
there are some federal workers who are

going to homeless shelters to get food
well I know they are and I don’t really
quite understand why because as I
mentioned before they the obligations
that they would undertake say a

borrowing from a bank or a credit union
are in effect federally guaranteed
I can’t wait to start I’m waiting for
that started and then she goes to number

two and instead of saying here’s the
read I’ll tell you what really bothers
me then you can play your clip this play
the second part where’s all she does is
just give Wilbur Ross crap for being a
rich guy so the 30 days that pay that

some people will be out there’s no real
reason why they shouldn’t be able to get
a loan against it Commerce Secretary
Wilbur Ross whose net worth is estimated

around 700 million dollars also
diminished the financial hardship faced
by unpaid federal workers 800,000
workers if they never got their pay

which is not the case they will
eventually get it but if they never got
it you’re talking about a third of a
percent on our GDP so it’s not like it’s
a gigantic number overall all right now

she mocks him for being rich and she
goes on it this is crazy now instead of
doing that if Ross is right and you can

just get a guaranteed bridge loan which
I guess a lot of people don’t know what
a bridge loan is and they probably don’t
go to a bank or I have no idea what the

what the problem is here but instead of
educating the public here if you’ve lost
your job let me let us explain to you
how you can go to your bank and get this
guaranteed according to Ross guaranteed

federal bridge loan to keep you afloat
instead of coming on NBC or yes
Democracy Now or any of these other
stations and moaning and groaning like
that one woman did about she’s gonna

lose her house and they’re gonna lose
their cars they got nothing they can do
John and instead of saying well that’s
not true you can you can do this and
we’ll show you how no no they just

ridiculed because there’s always
something to do with Trump yes with the
whole thing to be incredibly it’s not
useful and you will really despise it
when I unveil the rest Democracy Now did

exactly what Don Lemon does on CNN I’ll
just play a little bit he he had a clip
about the ADA

thing 800,000 oh he doesn’t give a shit
about these people and here’s here he is
about the loans listener reports that
there are some federal workers who are
going to homeless shelters
let me get food candy festival no they

are premium you know shouldn’t be able
to get a loan against it that is the
most elite out-of-touch thing that i

have ever heard in my life in all my
years ever on this earth that is
insulting thing that i’ve ever heard the

most elite elitist however you want to
put it thing that i’ve ever heard
i could not believe it i had to go back
and i say i gotta find this on the
internet is this true hey you folks who

aren’t getting paid just go take out a
loan take out a loan here’s what he’s
saying okay follow along with me take
out a loan for the money that you’ve
earned the money that we owe you because

we really have no idea when you’re going
to get paid even though a lot of you are
still on the job so yeah take out a loan
pay interest just to get the money that

we owe you and the Commerce Secretary
may know where you can get a loan
because this departments Federal Credit
Union is offering emergency loans at
almost nine percent Interest nine

percent it’s according to the Washington
Post okay so it’s generally the same
story what an elitist rich prick

last night Saturday I didn’t clip it
because without the visual doesn’t work
but kate mckinnon whatever her name is
now she’s taking her her character and
she did Wilbur Ross very well as a

creepy elitist a whole which he does
come across but it’s disingenuous from
Amy and from Don and everybody because
it’s only a part of what he said you

might be surprised he said a little bit
more and I did some checking on it
Wilbur Ross who was on CNBC it’s a
business news network it’s not the fast

paced CNN Fox News MSNBC Democracy Now
war and peace report where everybody’s
already made for television and gets to
point out in ten seconds well Ross said
something very important as a part of

this suggestion mr. secretary many many
of these workers clearly need that paid
me to fast forward a bit we’ve heard
those three times now
then they risk me well first of all the
banks and the credit union should be

making credit available to them when you
think about it these are basically
government guaranteed loans because the
government has committed these folks

will get their back pay once this whole
thing gets settled down so there really
is not a good excuse why there really
should be a liquidity crisis now true

the people might have to pay a little
bit of interest but the idea that it’s
paycheck or zero is not a really valid
idea there’s no reason why some

institution wouldn’t be willing to lend
and indeed we’ve heard tales of some of
the private sector the private sector
needs to step up where the public sector

can’t no but I’m saying is there have
been ads run by a number of the public
sector credit unions which are member
organizations of the people who work in

the departments those have been nouns
very very low interest rate loans to
bridge people over the gap oh wait a

I guess Don and Amy didn’t hear that
part and I went and looked and if you
look for local news reports all across
America this is what you heard the
phrase living paycheck to paycheck is a
stark reality for many Americans as

thousands of Ohioans are figuring out
how to pay their bills while their next
payday is uncertain this is from January
3rd here in the Miami Valley day our
credit union is offering assistance of

their own to these impacted workers
preferably our members would have direct
deposit coming in here to the credit
very easy for us to look and see what
that dollar amount is and then we can
match a loan amount to that direct

deposit 0% interest for 30 days direct
deposit is not available a current pay
stub may be required to get the loan
after 30 days prevailing interest could
begin to kick in but Theobald says they

will look at the program if that becomes
an issue right now he says it is mostly
Department of Transportation employees
seeking assistance if it anticipates
many more if the partial government

shutdown now this is their own credit
union called day ere let’s go to San
Diego let’s just see if there was any
issues there with credit unions
Washington stalemates our phones have
been ringing off the hook things are

busy for Cabrillo credit union people
are scared but it’s something they’ve
dealt with before they’ve been through
multiple for those multiple government
shutdowns over the years and the San
Diego founded business is loaning
government employees their paycheck
value with no interest until the

shutdown is over federal employees they
weren’t expecting this I mean I can play
18 of these clips all the credit unions
local news the chickenshit news subvert
of this obvious skated and they just

found either idiots or people who are
willing participants to cry whereas
every single one of these credit unions
it’s not a familiar concept in the rest
of the world go look at what a credit

union does they’re also part of these
organizations themselves yeah it’s very
hard to work within any government
operation I can say that as someone who
knows I was a member of the san

francisco city workers credit union
because you’re if you’re a work
government worker there’s a credit union
attached to what you do if you’re in the
Armed Forces there’s a credit union
attached to what you do and these credit

unions do what these clips are telling
this is most really mad about this
because they me and everyone they they
did not play everything the guy said
besides that they it was the Don Lemon

one that was the eye-opener first he
mocked of whole idea of going to the
bank and I don’t even care where these
played the whole thing or not you can go
to the bank and get bridge loans it’s

not that big of a deal and then he
emphasized the Washington Post bullcrap
article but oh yeah but it’s
thank where they going to payday loans
what kind of a loan and are we talking

about here so that was a bullcrap report
so these are these are blatant lies by
the big boys yeah and done on purpose
purposely I mean okay I totally believe

Don Lemon just looked at the clip just
the one little clip that everyone was
passing around on social media and
obviously democracy now is no better
just that clip just make fun of the

asshole old guy NBC Saturday Night Live
make him look like he’s the like he’s
death himself guy definitely does not
have a media presence that is very

helpful to what what is going on here
but it’s disingenuous and really just a
lie to say that people were you know
couldn’t get and just couldn’t get any
money a car gonna lose my house yes

bullshit that was on NBC NBC you say
that like it means something anymore
well I did more reach than we do and I

and I could but and I commend every
single credit union I love credit unions
hey banks can do this to know bad credit

I think credit unions are better than
banks I’m not gonna argue that point
yeah but these this can be done by at a
bank level if you have a good
relationship with a bank but Okuda wait

Don Lemon sees it this is an elitist
thing yeah you’re too stupid to go to a
bank well how did you get your car well
you got your car probably from GMAC
maybe didn’t I have the UFC you the

University Federal Credit Union I’m like
you know let me I don’t
I ran the air stream through there so I

don’t really do that much business with
them anymore but like you know why don’t
I go take a look and see and yeah lo and
behold they said it right there we can
offer you zero right in might in the
bill or the the state this is the paper

the statement we can offer you 0% loan
if you’re if you if you’re if you’re
furloughed or not getting a check due to
the shutdown contact us we’ll be happy
to help you

so it is just a lie and it doesn’t
matter because that’s just what we’ll
always think forever that will just be
that will be the truth from now on out

and it’s too bad that this little
podcast doesn’t have enough reach to let
the world know how really disgusting
this reporting was across the board

right down to Washington Post
yeah well none of it unexpected since it
just seems to be just all Trump hate yes
and they were not giving the public

actual information that’s valuable and
your point is very valid because I know
that’s what your point was it’s like
instead of doing this whole what an
asshole what an elitist what a dick you
know yeah do a little story which local

news was all over we’re talking three
weeks ago they were already doing this
this has been and you can just look it
up go go to youtube and local report
after local report with credit unions

with their local guys say hey we’re
gonna help everybody out not a problem

all right well we do have a few people

to thank for sure 1111 1107 mmm-hmm
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Report now he’s ready for the 5g report
sure okay well first of all we got a I

know if you saw this email I forget
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out PC Magazine is now it’s whenever
they have a new story they tweeted out

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email see PC Mag with Qualcomm sponsored
here’s a look at the four biggest
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and it’s gonna change your life

just another data point and why you’re
that same article appeared in Mashable
which they also own now right presented
by Qualcomm who are the company when it

comes to five year a company that is the
company could be the downfall of
Qualcomm well you know I I gotta tell
you we’ve been talking about this you

think it may not happen
I think it’s we’re too late I got a note
from one of our producers in in Texas
who’s in the biz so to say and all this
went down in 2017

Austin already has 5g transmitter
now it’s the AT&T version whatever the
heck that means there’s $500 300 in
Houston it’s already done
it this it’s over it’s already accessed

under well here okay
you had other problems in Berkeley here
is the report from 2017 just before the

vote was made and really the only thing
that Austin was pushing back on is how
much money they would get Purcell
installed that’s the only thing and when
you hit an you know we’re in session

here the legislation the legislature and
it and the whole town is filled with
money people just walking around just
doling out cash left and right so this
is a report from 2017 so you kind of get

a background as to how long this has
been playing the future of wireless
technology especially for 5g will be ran
through little cell towers across cities
known as nodes there aren’t any up and
running in Austin just yet but several

hundred are expected after city
officials came to an agreement with
major telecommunications companies in
October that agreement has Austin
getting fifteen hundred dollars per node
per year that could change this

legislature is weighing in that’s Adler
our fate mode mayor with considerable
weight mayor Adler is worried about a
bill scheduled for a vote Wednesday that
could cap the fee at 250 dollars for

each device every year losing big money
for the city Austin would also lose some
control about where these devices are
placed on public lands now the
legislature is stepping in and taking

what is highly coveted public space and
turning it into cheap utility corridors
so far the bill has nearly unanimous
support at the Capitol that’s to give

our customers and effortless wireless
customer experience AT&T is a major
supporter of the bill and says it’s
necessary to bring tomorrow’s technology
to Texas quickly things like 4k video
the Internet of Things what the powers

smart cities they all start with 5g it’s
a fight over money and who calls the
shots for 5g coming to cities in Texas
so that was 2017 the bill passed of

the 22nd what do I was listening to that
it sounded like they were gonna get
$1500 per node yeah and then it went
down to 250 and that’s what passed no
that’s not what passed it passed at 750

that was 1,500 no that’s what that’s
that’s what they wanted the the
lobbyists wouldn’t pay a lobbyist paid
everyone off to move it down oh that’s
what you do yeah that’s how you so it

wasn’t about is it safe should we have
it is it effective is it good for us
just how much money is the city gonna
get that was the only question the
20,000 satellites to date here these are

the 5g satellites let me just tell you
what’s already been deployed SpaceX is
deployed half of their 12,000 satellite
allotment oneweb is looking at 45 4560

boeing is just under 3000 inspire global
oh I don’t know who that is they’re
looking at 970 to 5g 300 they’re saying

300 watts I find that hard to believe
that that’s what they’re gonna be pumped
from from out of space I don’t what
power they’re gonna use for that but I
don’t know we went to the moon Tom
wheeler who was then FCC chairman in

2016 did a speech which I cannot find
the original from sadly because what he
says now this is three years ago what he
says in this speech at the National

Press Club which is why I find it weird
I can’t find the original and it has
some music mixed in it which just pisses
me off but it’s it’s pretty much
unedited as far as I can tell but even
the things he’s saying are clear enough

this is what he was touting to the Press
Club in 2016 that’s the that’s the
people in DC who are supposed to report
on these things the big game changer is
the 5g will use much higher frequency

bands than previously thought viable for
mobile broadband and other applications
such millimeter wave signals have
physical properties that are both a
limitation and a strength they tend to

travel best in narrow and straight lines
and they do not go through physical
objects as well but
brilliant engineers have developed new
antennas that can aim and amplify

signals now to make this work five the
5p build-out is going to be very
infrastructure intensive requiring

deployment of small cells I’m confident
that the efforts will lead to a
cornucopia of unanticipated innovative
uses and will generate tens of billions
of dollars in economic activity and

that’s damn important because it means
that US companies will be the first out
of the gate and that is why 5g is a

national priority and stay out of the
way of technological development
unlike some countries we do not believe
that we should spend the next couple of

years studying what five days should be
how it should operate or if it’s safe
the future has a way of inventing itself
turning innovators loose is far

preferable to expecting committees and
regulators to define the future we won’t
wait for the standards to seize this
opportunity Verizon and AT&T tell us

they’ll begin deploying 5g trials in
2017 and the first commercial
deployments they’re talking about are
expected in 2020 and we’re not done as
part of our July 14 action we also plan

to ask for comments on opening up other
high frequency bands many of the high
frequency bands that we will make
available for 5g currently have some
satellite users as well as some Defense
Department applications or at least the

possibility of future satellite and
defense users this means sharing will be
required between satellite and
terrestrial wireless an issue that is
especially relevant the 28th Iger Hertz

but if anyone tells you that they know
the details of what 5g is gonna become
run the other way if something can be
connected it will be connected hundreds
of billions of microchips connected in
products from pill bottles to plant

waterers we must reject the notion that
the 5g future will be the sole
providence of urban areas the 5g you
revolution will touch all corners of our

country yeah our antenna citing
decisions by local governments and
tightened our shot clock for citing
application reviews America’s local
governments will play an important role

in determining how we fulfill this
national priority you can be sure only
one thing the biggest Internet of Things
application as yet to be imagined that
was the FCC Chairman at the time I think

his words are pretty clear and all these
municipalities all they were thinking
about is can I get the 1500 instead of
the 250 I don’t think about anything
else and I had forgotten about the the

capability of of RFID you know to
connect at short distance to these 5g
spots which will be everywhere and it
truly becomes a kind of cool spy grid

it’s quite mind-boggling and that in
that aspect I think he’s right but to
say that this is not happening or that
some reports of your home value going
down or health I don’t I think it’s

unstoppable that video you and I watched
over the weekend this is this is what it
is this is the this is the this is the
banking the future on this of the the
money expansion you know capitalist

system of the liberal bankers is this
that’s that’s what they put all they
climate changed it kind of doesn’t work
stupid Trump but even Trump is dumb

enough to fall for this well that a dad
I will say yes well anybody generally
speaking that generation is gonna be too
dumb to realize the issues with this

technology but okay we’ll see I I have
high hopes that the there be enough
be enough action and I’m seeing a lot

more action on this and I’ve seen a lot
of different things squeaky wheels and I
think a lot of its gonna come from

California yeah probably
well I’m Texas apparently just knuckles
under to a need you know to bit some God
comes in hey this guy came in and he

offered me ten cents to do this I’ll
take it it’s better than no ten cents
wow that was really quite awesome of you
to do there in California now I’m hoping

for an earthquake so y’all can die well
you can do what wish for all you want
but I got my ten cents
I hope the fires reach your house Dvorak
racist man just racist

hey it’s white privilege oh I’m sorry
yeah we’re rednecks down here we are
white white neck privilege stop it I’m

gonna I bet you I’ll find some some 5g
in Berkeley you know it’s already
happening okay the last place to do 5g
that’s but it’s coming it’s coming and

you know and they’re gonna place it at
your house first because they deep
platformed you over your negative
article what am I gonna do so the first
thing they’re gonna do is they hey
Dvorak look look out the window baby you

won’t see mudflats you’ll just see this
beam of light coming India the soft soft
skin under your eyes already get the
tinfoil so that will help actually

I just have an oddball clip okay
actually I said this is the end of the
show well then let me just play I have a
background if we want to listen to it

but we didn’t get to a kind of an
important part of brexit even though
brexit isn’t really the story but France
and Germany signed the Treaty of Aachen
they now two weeks ago and the Treaty of

oktin Akkad Aachen
like the city Aach en yes I see yeah
it’s a city the Treaty of Aachen yes I
know it’s the city the Treaty of Aachen

and this treaty brings the Germans and
French even closer together which is
kind of what the whole breaks of thing
if we don’t want the whole idea of the

European Union yeah is like we really
don’t want people pairing off like
Germany and France being all buddy-buddy
and it specifically states they will do
more to share military resources I mean

and very little coverage I mean you got
coverage in Europe and if you want I
have a two minute background err which
is kind of interesting just from a story

all during this process they drilled a
nice underground tunnel so they could
invade Britain quickly quickly
easily you want to hear this little
background there two minutes it’s a

history lesson okay here we go
Frances president Immanuel my corn is
really speaking German and the German
Chancellor Angela Merkel is speaking
during their mutual visit to the

french-german youth center last summer
they were clearly among friends but it
wasn’t always this way shortly before
the end of the Second World War French
soldiers moved into southern Germany
this after Hitler had occupied and

humiliated France for years German
soldiers became French prisoners of war
and it looked as if these tried and true
enemies would always be at war with each
other but the head of the French

military troops was Charles de Gaulle
and ten years later when he became
president he had great plans while at
his private Country residents Columbia
LeDoux’s eglise he shook hands with West
Germany’s post-war Chancellor Konrad

Adenauer and in 1963 the two of them
signed the Elysee Treaty of German
French friendship president de Gaulle
wanted to join forces with his German
partner to become a world power and 18

years after the end of the Nazis the
young West German Republic wanted to
return to the community of nations and
renew friendships with their European
Democratic allies the West German

celebrated the key to the newfound
friendship was young people who were
untouched by the hatred that motivated
their parents the german french hughes
project was founded and even today it

brings together more than nine million
members from both countries through its
exchange program the Chancellor and the
president planned a common political
agenda in Europe and the world good
friends valid Aegis card estar and

Helmut Schmidt found a coalition of the
seven most important industrial nations
in the world
the g7 in 1984 president Francois mentor
all and Chancellor Helmut Kohl shook

hands invade our close to the graves of
the First World War
they wanted to show Europe that the
worst enemies had become closest of
allies today Germany and France
continued to meet daily to discuss

European policy they even cooperate
militarily on weapons programs and in
conflict zones such as in Mali it’s an
alliance that 80 years ago nobody would
have thought possible and even though

the French don’t donate to the show I
will give you some advice I would lock
up my bike
just saying I’m from Holland you know I

don’t know we got some experience with
that so but isn’t the Dutch and the
Germans always good buddies until that
war broke out and they stole all the
bikes yeah I stole they still looking

for the bike back I know you went after
Anne Frank oh god don’t get me started
go on know that I had that I thought
maybe you do and we have a pretty

eclectic mix of end of show mixes so we
can do one or two more clips and we’ll
get into that and I do I got a couple
clips but I’m gonna just go with the one
and it’s gonna be this is Michael

Bennett he’s from Colorado and he is
senator and he made say he had to go on
and on the Senate floor to bitch and
moan about Trump was like a filibuster

Democrat sorry you see a Republican
Democrat okay and I think he was drunk I

don’t know about that drunk on power
maybe let’s play this clip this build a
medieval wall across the southern border

of Texas take it from the farmers and
ranchers that were there I listen to
MSNBC most of the time during the day

just it’s the most entertaining thing
you can imagine and he did some
interviews and they were like all Gd on
and man like is great why I mean you you
really spoke truth to power about

through the germs of power by it was
really fantastic I found the will heard
clip that I was missing on the last show
about about the the the smart wall and
let’s listen to this when we talk about

the physical barriers the guy have as
you said I have 800 miles of water a
border excuse me and I’ve always said
building a wall from sea to shining sea
does it make

but in certain places it does make sense
whether it’s urban it’s an urban contact
we need technology we need to be looking
at all 2,000 miles of border at the same
time the only way you can do that
technology we need additional manpower

and so there’s already a bill that most
Democrats are voted on it’s called the
secure fact the secure Fence Act and it
was amended in two years later in that
amended bill all the leadership of the

Democratic leadership right now have
already voted on it there’s been much
publicized about how is Senator Obama at
the time and Senator Clinton at the time
had voted for this this should be the
framework and there’s there’s much

physical barriers that weren’t completed
in that these Timbs already voted on
that that should be the framework from
which we are looking have the technology
make sure we double down in our ports of
entry as we should know everything that

goes back and forth across the border
the head of the Department of Homeland
Security should be able to say I want to
know what’s going at mile marker 36 and
they should be able to pop up I’m not
describing some futuristic Star Trek

episode I’m describing that this is
technology that exists today that we
should be using along the border we’re
not right now but there’s programs that
are in existent that to do that but they
can’t move forward because we’re in the

middle of a shutdown look I spent almost
a decade as an undercover officer in the
CIA I was the guy in the back alleys
collecting intelligence on threats of
our homeland Wow that’s not how most

spooks I know talk amen I was that guy
in the dark alley like protecting you
from the terrorists sounds a little
little too much the bullcrap were in the
CIA I was a guy in the back alleys

collecting intelligence on threats to
our homeland
I did this in dangerous places like
Pakistan and Afghanistan I was in India
chasing bad guys terrorists al Qaeda you

name it stopping nuclear weapons
proliferators this is what I did and
when you look we got to remember the
drug trafficking organizations and
kingpin human smugglers that are

operating in Mexico they don’t have to
worry about government shutdowns they’re
make the they’re making sixty seven
billion dollars a year in the United
States and guess what the US
intelligence budget is only 61 billion
so we have to

look at every mile of border and make
sure we’re using the right tools for
that part of the border because every
mile is different that’s something I’ve
seen having the largest largest amount
of border if anyone in Congress yeah I

think that I think herd knows what’s
coming down the pike and I think it’ll
be some some version of a combo and one
of our producers who wanted to remain
anonymous has actually worked with these

fiber-optic listening cables he says
they’re really incredibly good you can
hear you can pinpoint exactly bait it’s
vibrations it picks up all kinds of
stuff he says it’s very very good the

problem is it doesn’t stop anybody just
alerts you to something that’s happening
it’s somehow yeah and Trump is kind of
simplistic in that way he’s like now if
you’re running you hit the wall it stops

you but I think herds basic ideas
probably was to what’s coming down
because it were you’re hearing more and
more like well wait a minute

you know the Democrats actually voted
for this stuff you know no this does all
been playing on the way don’t just
exploit it orange man bad it is being
exploited to makes borange man look

better all right yes all right everybody
I think we’ve earned our stripes for
today I want to thank Danny Luce Tom

Starkweather and Alex who helped them
out galloped sir Chris Wilson of course
for the end of show mixes of fantastic
lineup today

and I’ll play the the love-hate Trump’s
on the next two many clips in the next
and Thursday Superbowl predictions we do
that’s from a geopolitical standpoint

and for now coming to you from downtown
Austin Texas capital of the drone star
state FEMA region number six on the
government two maps in the five by nine
clue do in the common law condo in the

morning everybody I’m Adam curry from
northern Silicon Valley plain and simple
I’m John C Dvorak we return on Thursday
with another edition of the best podcast
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once upon a time you do the crime total

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laughter down now you don’t talk so loud
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to be

the black
like a Rajasthan

to our request to open the government
and then debate border security and one
of my dogs is still traumatized will not

come out from under the bed and won’t
stop shaking no one should ever
underestimate the speaker as Donald
Trump is going to dog walk me and you
know viewers can look up on urban

dictionary what dog walking someone
means but sad to put it simply it’s to
severely beat somebody out oh we have a
dopey park at the hotel and I’m gonna
take it for a little walk thank you have

a good time I’ll be back in a few
minutes is clearly concerned about how
this development is being viewed
politically especially because can’t do
that then will do obviously we’re gonna

do the emergency because that’s what it
is this is like giving you a bowl of
doggy Doo put a cherry on top and
quarter chocolate sundae this is nothing

and one of my dogs is still traumatized
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