No Agenda Episode 1108: “Sarcasm”

I love Clinton you love Clinton there’s
a song there
Adam Curry John C. Dvorak this is your
award-winning Gipper Nation Media
assassination episode 11 Oasis is no

Silicon Valley where the polar vortex

can’t touch us I’m John see you tomorrow
sure it can polar vortex can touch
anybody anytime anywhere well it’s a big

dam that broke
according to the global warmest s– a
dam that broke no less yeah it’s a dam
that broke well before we get to that
I’d like everyone to know this show

episode 1108 is dedicated to the memory
of sir greg davies the heavy-metal
historian he passed away a couple days
ago and i want to read a note from his

partner Dame Jennifer WIDA of the gypsy
nation John Adam and the no agenda
family I’m deeply saddened to let you
know that my fiance sir Greg Davies the

heavy-metal historian passed away in his
home on the morning of January 29th 2019
the Barrett’s esophagus condition may
have indirectly contributed to Greg’s
death but the most likely immediate

cause was a heart attack
he was only 41 years old in his short
time upon this earth Greg was a dynamic
force in the lives of so many people
many of whom have reached out to me
since the news broke from his hometown

of Perth Australia to the UK to all
around the u.s. and indeed all around
the world condolences and fond memories
have come in I’m touched and honored by
all of the support expressed by those
who knew him even if he was even even if

it was only online but the No Agenda
community support has been especially
comforting during this difficult time
one of your producers that suggested the
donations in the amount of $20.99 be
made to the show and Greg’s honor the

reason for this particular donation
amount is inspired by Greg’s common
internet handle
CGT 2099 he had a huge internet presence
and worked in IT so it’s only fitting
that a

Oriol donation in this amount has been
promoted he would have saluted this with
two horns up memorial arrangements have
not yet been finalized but his family
and i have decided upon a huge party
open to anyone who wishes to come I will
post details online once we have the

date set I know Greg contributed several
jingles and pieces of artwork over the
years so can we have a 69 dudes and a
Putin don’t worry be happy in his honor
and can we also have some state

settlement goat Karma with much love and
appreciation named Jennifer WETA
of the gypsy nation in Lawton Oklahoma
absolutely you’ve got and he will be

yeah I believe he’s the one who did the
artwork for show 10th anniversary show
there you go yeah yeah I emailed with
him just a couple weeks ago yeah he was
only United you know just around

Christmastime well fuck that sorry yeah
not good no all right wow you just got
real loud all of a sudden what are you

doing why are you doing this to me huh
no easy easy partner you back off just
back off man just a bit yes back to the
polar vortex then yeah the polar vortex

apparently is freezing everybody do some
weather reports including some that
include the well here let’s start with

whether weather weather let’s start I
got bad weather
global warming report from NBC the bad
weather than global warming report
across the globe the weather picture is
one of Fire and Ice

bone numbing record cold in the Midwest
fire and record heat in Australia 120
degrees and hotter this month what that
really means is that fires will be
uncontrollable they’ll be fast-moving

and yo-yo weather cycles after the deep
freeze in the u.s. a 50 degree rebound
in some cities within days hard to
believe when you’re frozen like an

icicle but experts say that arctic blast
is in fact further evidence of climate
change in response to president Trump’s
skepticism the weather experts at NOAA
tweeting winter storms don’t prove that

global warming isn’t happening here’s
why at the North Pole scientists say the
melting sea ice and ocean temperatures
have caused the walls of the jet stream
or polar vortex to break open like a dam

in places that has allowed air to escape
rushing south into the Midwest not only
is greenhouse gas warming impacting the
planet but it’s really beginning to kick

in and it’s kicking in and the parts of
the planet that are most sensitive in
particular Arctic sea ice regions and
the Arctic you know I just believe it
also fine perfect you know I’m always

anybody note that it has the elements of
you know 1984 where good is bad and bad
is good and we let you mean lay you mean
new speak yeah new speak has it yes

always the jingle used it’s a double
speakers I think what we used to call it
I’m gonna jingle for that yeah yeah well
isn’t these not the same with just

pretty much everything so that which
clip was that that was well here’s the
here’s the jingle you were talking about

there you go yeah yes I have horrible
weather NBC on deck twenty seconds
yeah play that Tex holds millions at a

dangerous and icy grip a blast of arctic
air sweeping across the upper tier of
the country now rapidly pushing toward
the Northeast the weather blamed for at
least six deaths so far wind chills are

dipping as far as 50 below zero so cold
in Chicago that fires were actually lit
to keep commuter rails from freezing you
know there was this story that that

happened over the past two days about
this actor who’s in the I think it’s was
it a Showtime or HBO s Empire
jussie Smollett yes if Fox it’s a fall

Fox of what do I know
so you just heard Chicago was 40 50
below zero let’s make it 20 below zero
when this happened on Tuesday just to
make it easy and he was out in Chicago

in Streeterville by the way which is
very affluent neighborhood Streeterville
it’s not that it’s not the south side of
Chicago 20 below zero and he’s in a

subway shop and then something happened
and they can’t find any they can’t find
any evidence of a so-called lynching

because he had a form of rope around his
I’m guys with Trump hats yeah Mike Magga
hats I’m thinking you know let’s you and
I let’s just be racist for a moment hey

man I got an idea
let’s go wrap a rope around some black
guy’s neck it’s 20 below zero it’s 2:00
in the morning you ready I’m all in you
come on well it’s pretty sketchy and

it’s a shame that he got so much
let’s back bet back to the weather I do
have one last cup which is Amy since
she’s the one who would promote the

global warming stuff the most YES on the
Tech’s yes what am I look oh here Amy on
the vortex cutter back in the US the
polar vortex enveloping the Midwest it’s

causing record lows across the region
with temperatures in some areas
including Detroit dipping below
temperatures in Antarctica the wind
chill temperature in Chicago hit 49

degrees below zero
that’s Fahrenheit this morning President
Trump used the extreme weather to once
again deny climate change tweeting
Monday in the beautiful Midwest wind

chill temperatures are reaching minus 60
degrees the coldest ever recorded in
coming days expected to get even colder
people can’t last outside even four
minutes what the hell is going on with

global waning W a.m. ing please come
back fast we need you meanwhile raging
wildfires in Australia have caused

record-breaking heat bringing about
widespread power failure I do have two
clips regarding this it should you be

interested I do have an actual n oo a
scientist who appeared on NPR and I’ve
chopped a little bit of that so we can
listen to the official explanation of

the polar vortex and how it has nothing
to do with anthropogenic climate change
slash global those guys anthropogenic
stuff well maybe I’m just being

facetious the point is that scientists
and don’t you love her already he’s
great the point is that scientists in
general have been referring to the polar

vortex in the stratosphere but because
they caused these cold air outbreaks in
the troposphere the term polar vortex
has been somewhat adopted to explain
this cold weather outbreak but it’s

really just a part of our weather system
that we get sometimes we get these cold
extremes due to these lobes of the
Jetstream that gets separated from the
main flow and bring down these very

coldest very cold air are you following
so it’s really not polar
text at all this is this is what piqued
my interest with the cube okay so here’s
the here’s the key question then how

related is the the phenomenon that we’re
experiencing now how related it is it to
climate change so this woman give us a
nice explanation and maybe shed some

light on the situation
we immediately jump you’re taking a
valuable NPR airtime lady get to the

propaganda yeah so what’s been
interesting is that there is some
agreement that over the past thirty
years or so the polar vortex in the
stratosphere has weakened somewhat

however what’s less clear is whether
that’s been caused by climate change in
particular or sea ice loss or whether
it’s just some longer-term variability I
love that the climate scientist is kind

of three percent uncertain about this
and one of the reasons that we wonder
whether it’s really forced by by
increased greenhouse gases is because

the climate models running into the
future do not see significant or
agreed-upon changes in these cold air
outbreaks occurring more often in fact

they overwhelmingly see that we’ll
experience fewer and fewer cold air
outbreaks okay write this down right
down January 31st 2019
you heard it here less polar vortex in

our future into the future fewer and
fewer okay help explain that I mean I
get back I’m script perfectly honest I
feel like I’m not quite caught up with

you on on the script where are you in
the and I don’t quite see exactly where
you are in the pages could you please
you know get back it’s cold air

outbreaks occurring more often in fact
they overwhelmingly see that will
experience fewer and fewer cold air
outbreaks into the future fewer and
fewer okay yes can you help explain that
I mean it to be perfectly honest I feel

like I’m not quite caught up with you on
on why that might be so could you
explain that yeah so in general there
response to when you put more co2 into
the atmosphere
you’re gonna warm the atmosphere and

that’s going to be true in all seasons
and in winter as well what some people
have proposed is that maybe because
you’re also melting sea-ice that that
can weaken the Jetstream and you get

some more of these cold air outbreaks
but whether the models just don’t have
these processes modeled correctly or
whether this really isn’t going to be a

big influence we generally don’t see any
weakening of the of that vortex in these
climate models okay because I guess what
I’m saying is as you almost certainly

know every time we have one of these
extreme cold weather events there are
people out there including the president
of United States who say you know like
global warming or climate change what
gives like how can we have these extreme

cold events if we also have climate
change but but are you saying that there
is some kind of relationship between the
two I’m saying it’s possible it’s an
interesting idea you know we’re already
into spending a hundreds of billions of

dollars on this bullshit interesting
science where there’s not a lot of
consensus right now in terms of what
will happen in the future and with
climate change and cold air outbreaks I

think there’s going to be less cold
extremes than there are but the weather
is noisy and so you’re still weather is
noisy now this is new I like this have
these very cold extremes occur on

occasion it’s just gonna be fewer and
fewer of them weather is noisy okay
she’s wrong yeah since around the topic
she mentioned the models you know how
everybody talks a little bit more than

they should when they’re on podcasts so
it’s always fun to listen and
freakanomics the freakonomics podcast
had a see kate marvel on she is a
climate scientist at Columbia University

and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space
Studies and she sadly had to admit that
the climate models suck so we don’t know
exactly how hot it’s gonna get and a lot

of that is because
of human behavior we don’t know what
humans are gonna do but even if you take
out all the uncertainty surrounding
humans there’s still uncertainties in
the physical climate system and this is

really embarrassing because people are
like come on climate scientists like you
had one job and we’re working on it
right but the wild card is really clouds
because when we talk about global

warming we mean climate change and a lot
of stuff is gonna change when it warms
up and one of those things that’s going
to change is clouds and cause are really
important in the climate system because

they both warm the planet and they cool
the planet at the same time so why is
it’s such a wild card what will be the
variables that change the behavior or
the proliferation whatever of clouds

that might dictate temperature so clouds
are so hard to understand they’re really
hard to shove in a climate model because
they’re both really small all right
they’re nucleated by tiny tiny grains of
sand or dust but at the same time

they’re really really big they cover a
giant giant portion of the earth and
it’s really hard with in a computer
model of the climate system to simulate
something that’s both really small and

really big so basically we suck at it
yeah that’s all right you know what I’m
sensing mm-hmm because you had an NOAA

person now this one and then the and of
course the gung-ho woman from NPR and
the this guy is this is a blitz a PR

blitz no I don’t sense that what I’m
sensing is the slowly backing uh-oh
backing off let’s just let’s just just
when I was a chemist at a union oil I

was doing testing on certain things I
made some factor of 10 mistake which is
very helps they keep all the records I’m
always afraid they’re gonna catch up

with you so they make this mistake and
you send this back to them whatever
facility it was that was looking for
this information is off by a factor of
and then you and then they all panic

because it’s like I don’t know this is
no good
and so then you retest it and you go oh
my god I was wrong by a factor of 10 so
you start doing the bit that I wait can

we learn from this do we need to take
notes which is yeah this might be useful
for somebody instead of just admitting

now hold on what ten times what can you
just tell us what this was there was a
sulphur content probably huh and it was
off spec that’s the main thing right and
once it’s off spec they have to fix it

and so you start giving him test results
back on the new cuz they’re all that’s
out then they start throwing stuff back
at ya and you know that you’re wrong so
you you give them fake results that are
less and less and less and less over a

period of maybe six to ten just try to
bring down your your goo write down your
mistakes really boom you’re good to go
yeah and this all takes place within a

couple of hours so it’s not like a kill
you know the horrible but I mean I know
how much money they lost on this because
I don’t know what they did with this
stuff but that kind of thing which
happens it has to be bet you have to

back out slowly you can’t all of a
sudden say hey you know we realized that
these climate models these computer
models that were basing all this stuff
on or bogus and they don’t work now that
we’ve got more and more data we’re

looking at data from the last 20 years
these none of this stuff works cuz the
computer models are notoriously bad yeah
for all kinds of thought what are we
gonna do no no don’t do don’t make that
admission but it looks like we scammed

everybody so let’s just back slow slow
so we can that could be possible we’ll
keep our eyes on it well that was two
examples yes
just in this week alone of course kids

in America and and some kids from Sweden
are severely and we some politicians
even aoc severely traumatized by the
most recent report that we had from our

own government saying within 12 years
what they really said with is within 12
years if we haven’t fixed it then the
world GDP may drop by
about 5% which didn’t suck that we’re

all gonna die Wow yeah it kind of didn’t
say that but doesn’t matter the trauma
is there and there’s enough repetition
of the message of we’re all gonna die
however in Belgium the kids are loving

the global warming climate change
they’re on their third week of protests
yeah they don’t have to go to school
this is just a little bit of tossing
back and forth between the euro news

studio and a guy in Brussels and these
kids are all you know they’re like
they’re happy the other jumping around
they have on that I’ve written on their
cheeks save us they’ve got peace signs
on the drawers on the sheets by the way

we should mention it we’ve been doing
this report on pretty much every show we
should mention it’s freezing there and
they’re all bundled up they’re all but
they have hats on big scarves and all

hooting and hollering and they’re
hamming it up in front of the camera the
guy can’t even hear the studio because
they have the day off yet again from
kids and students missing school why do

you think this protest has attracted so
much support
for the first week in a row the students

came in the streets of Brussels there
were according to the police they got
vuvuzela now the blowing in the guy’s

face the time of their lives
another element of trying to back out of

this oh my goodness interesting these
kid this is now becoming a nuisance oh
yeah they’re not to be taken seriously
as protesters they’re truants the well

this this is a yeah we have a truancy
problem now we have these kids
completely out of control we overdid it
we turned the knob up too high some of
them are committing suicide and some of

them are just not coming back to class
or anything that just become you know
truant vagaries unintended consequences
with your so right so right you can

freak people out about so there you go
yeah that’s our weather report for yeah
it’s it’s getting a little warmer in
Texas though we’re on 50 degrees source

so to get warm we’re right underneath
the the vortex so we’re all broke you’d
be flooded with cold air all right if
that got someone’s got to stick his
finger in the dam no no it’s Dyke
oh that too we’ve had some rain even

though they couple of weeks ago this is
no more rain we’re done for this year
but no we got rain weather is not
climate weather is noisy just listening

to a bunch of obscurities too and I
would cut we talked about this a little
bit on the da chime plug show but we
didn’t play anything but I thought this
would be a good little piece of

educational information because I didn’t
really fully understand what are some of
the elements that had changed with the
cost of living that people live paycheck
to paycheck and our in debt because of
stupid shit there’s told to buy

no oh this is more about how the how the
inflation rate is calculated and how it
doesn’t really match with what we just
with wages what we think well no it
doesn’t match match what what we think

of as inflation or to do stuff because
the true em 1 2 & 3 money well that’s
yeah you know about the money supply but

that’s the government telling no no
everything’s fine everything’s fine yeah
well so I John Williams who’s this guy
statistician economist is in San

Francisco he does shadow stats and
that’s the ones we referred to once in a
while when we bring up the real
unemployment numbers and other things
such as that and such as and such good
use of and such and so I got this little

clip of him on some podcast with some
guy he wasn’t doing a very good job of
interviewing me but but I thought this
would be something for this show because

I thought it was a very good explanation
of the cost of living and and how
inflation works and how it how the
calculation has changed and I didn’t
even know how this stuff stuff myself in
1980s they changed they wanted to change

the way the cost-of-living adjustment
was calculated for Social Security
recipients of my others normally I think
the way Newt Gingrich put it was well we

can only get a more accurate CPI in
there meaning at lower lower rate of
inflation it’ll help us get the budget
deficit well that’s that’s that’s
nonsense what what they did historically

and then you had you have inflation cost
of living in this indices that go back
literally a couple of centuries the
whole concept of behind the CPI was to

measure the cost of maintaining a
constant standard of living so that you
could that would is a very good example
you might take a gallon of milk a loaf
of bread gallon of gas and price of an

MSA pan estate
I mean price prices had in one year that
he price about the next year and
whatever that best

going up I would be the increase in the
cost of living well Greenspan argued was
that well that’s that’s not the way to
do it again this is where most people

view it its way it had been for
centuries he said well if people find
that the price of state goes up they’re
gonna buy more chicken or or hamburger

and they do that then then their cost of
living isn’t rising as much but guess
what I don’t view eating hamburger
instead of the steak because I can’t

afford the steak as maintaining a
constant standard of living the whole
idea of introducing substitution there
knocked a couple of percentage points

off its and then they changed the the
the quality assessment things had
computers are just quality and things
that people really don’t notice okay let
me see if I understand what he’s saying

he’s saying that when the inflation goes
up people eventually resort to cheap
shit mac and cheese something like that

yeah the argument was made and this was
in the 80s because the Newt Gingrich

decided that hey the Social Security
people keep jacking up we have to send
them is there any way we can knock this
number back to CPI the Consumer Price in
rice right now it’s number down somehow

so we don’t have to keep giving Social
Security recipients more money that’s
what they did but they did it with just
cheating this oh well look your standard

of living hasn’t changed any you’re just
eating chicken you’re heating the John
that now we understand bugs bugs now we
know what buzz is coming look well and

all those wool sweaters cotton will work
yeah but this this is the whole theory
behind bugs your standard of living
hasn’t decreased because you have to eat

Roach’s John it’s with your tastes like
poop inflation but I didn’t know the

substitution angle great angle yeah yeah
we went from you know big American cars

and then we got you know plastic
Japanese cars which eventually turned
out to be really good and now it’s like
well I can’t really afford the Japanese
car let me go back to the cheap-ass

American car yeah a Geo I raced in a Geo
did you know yes MTV we followed the the
indie circuit one year and it was one

year they had the race in Denver the
street race in Denver and they had the
celebrity race and there wasn’t a Grand
Prix or IndyCar Grand Prix styling um

well it was on the streets it would be
Grand Prix more than well Indy well it
was the cars whatever it was the same
cars yeah for you you had a Geo I was
like the guy the drummer from white lion

Johnny Gill you know I’m sure one of the
motley crew guys was there and I had the
in-car camera I got to find that footage
of course I went around the corner and
crashed into the wall and kept going you

did yeah yeah the the stick shift had
come up about two feet but otherwise
it’s still drove but the commentary
because when you’re in the car and
you’re skidding around you hit the wall
and you bounce off it feels like wow man

this is spectacular then you see the
footage on TV and the commentator it’s
literally like what cause of Geo they go
how slow it looks then like it looks
like I’m a grandma who’s lost control

and the guys who were gonna call the
official race like oh there’s Adam curry
from MTV oh okay was like dude can’t
even hold on to the wheel my geo story

there you go
geo story I have one clip which I think
is important for something that has
dropped off the radar a little bit here

in the United States of Gitmo nation
which is the wall
the president’s wall and we know that
what has happened now is he has caved he
said uh negotiate we’ll talk about it

you know he’s he’s threatening a little
bit there with his with his state of
emergency and of course judges
everyone’s getting lai all this can’t
happen you can’t do this right just a

lot of noise cuz weather is noise and I
think I know what his plan is then it
came out in a hearing congressional
hearing with representative mo Brooks

think he’s from Alabama and he was
questioning the Undersecretary of
Defense John rude about a very specific
law which explains when you listen to

this it’s about a minute and a half
which explains the president’s
consistent push about the drugs that are
coming across without a wall the drugs I
think there was you know there’s a

couple of big fentanyl busts although
they may not have been outside of the
port’s entry right so there’s right
right so there’s a very specific law and
it’s explained here and then we can walk

through some of the details I want to
direct your attention to ten united
states code 284 which authorizes
President Trump to deploy the military
to the southern border to build fences

and to do a lot of other things and for
clarity if you look it up in the
dictionary the word fence includes the
word barrier and the word barrier
includes walls made of a variety of

different materials so that having been
said it seems to me that 10 u.s. code
284 can be used by the President of
States to direct the United States

military to build a wall now as of today
you’ve mentioned military forces along
the southern border have any of them
been deployed pursuant to 10 USC 284
congressman I don’t believe any of our

forces have been deployed pursuant to 10
USC 284 you are correct however that
that use of authority would authorize
the Secretary of Defense direct barriers
roads fencing what those type of

materials to disrupt drug smuggling does
10 us excuse me 10 USC 284 as you
understand it require the declaration of

a national emergency before it is
implemented no it does not
no has President Trump to your knowledge
ever use 10 USC 284 to direct the

military to build the wall that is
necessary for border security no not to
my knowledge congressman if President
Trump were direct the Pentagon the

United States military pursuant to 10
USC 284 to build such barriers as are
necessary to secure our southern border
from drug trafficking and international

crime cartels would the United States
military obey that order if we judge it
to be a law Florida yes sir and and I’d
assume it would be I love how they do

these hearings because the it worked the
whole intent of this kind of questioning
not like mow didn’t know what he was
asking is to get it to people to pay
attention and look up at 10 the United

States Code section 284 support for
counterdrug activities and activities to
counter transnational organized crime
and just to give you an idea the

Secretary of Defense may provide support
for the counter drug activities or
activities to counter transnational
organized crime of any other department
or agency of the federal government or
any state local tribal Lola agency funny

the purpose is set forth in the
following subsection so the president
can call upon this and indeed what can
be done with it is is quite quite broad
I see and we have Oman I just messed

that up yes here’s the
those types of supports we have the
maintenance repair of equipment that’s

been made available okay preserving
potential future utility maintenance of
anything transportation of personnel the
United States and foreign countries and
the transportation of supplies and
equipment so this is what the Defense
Department took can do when asked by the

establishment and operation of bases of
operations or training facilities for
the purpose of facilitating counterdrug
activities or activities to counter
transnational organized crime

we have detection monitoring and
communication of the movement of air and
sea traffic within 25 miles outside the
geographic boundaries surface traffic
construction of roads and fences and

installation of lighting to block drug
smuggling corridors across international
boundaries establishment of command
control communications and computer
networks for improved integration of law

enforcement act of military and national
guard aerial and ground reconnaissance I
mean it goes on and on oh yes now I want
to ask a couple of things here yeah now

obviously this whole thing was theater
for the purposes of hey we already did
it in the hearing we you should have
been paying attention where were your
morons and so the mainstream media of

course doesn’t pick up on this only to
know it’s gender why would they that
doesn’t sound right
you’re still talking about nationalist
when this particular section of the u.s.

code was put in place does it have a
date when it was when this was actually
made into law let’s see let me see
source credit what do we have maybe of

course these things change over time
which I’d like no it was initiated I see
a lot of 2016 quite honestly just look
in here these are when changes were made

I don’t know which ones but a lot of
changes were made in December of 2016
you caught me off guard I need to look

at that well I wouldn’t expect you to be
expecting that question but I’m guessing
it was if it’s 2016
yeah we’ve been bamboozled no wonder he
was so confident yeah now I’m sure that

the Ninth Circuit and you know everybody
else will just be all over this hey it’s
been sitting there for two years you

didn’t do anything about it now you
better than that it means it’s in law
just go change your codified as they
like to say and all that and there’s no

I don’t even think this from what I
could tell there’s no there’s no real
the only thing military budget comes
right out the top the Defense Department
all they have to guess right off behind

desks as we speak it’s a rounding error
they do have to make a report to
Congress and say here’s the budget

that’s what we’re gonna spend let me
guess about 5.7 million at stage one but
just change the change it just say okay
well this is why you hear him going
towards drugs drugs drugs the drugs the
drugs the drug right and he’s been

saying this from day one so I think
you’re right I think this was set up it
was I I have to look at the history of
the bill
maybe one of our trolls can do that one
of the producers in the troll room all

see if there’s any significant changes
made maybe it’s been around forever I
don’t know but it looks like there’s a
lot of it yeah it was flat-footed yeah
well he gets to make the point dad I

think here’s a couple points he’ll make
he says well you know we we had to do a
government shutdown they still wouldn’t
agree to the wall so we can’t credit
them with the wolf under any

circumstances and we lost three billion
dollars in unrecoverable something costs
right to do the shutdown and that three
billion could have been put toward the

wall if the if these Democrats would
have just the played ball here yeah I
mean it’s playing a long game if this is
the case which is
is a good game to play well what other
game is there it’s so much better than

international emergency this is clearly
set out you just say hope got it got a
copy I mean transnational organized
the Coyotes you could argue are that yes
its transnational it’s organized and

it’s a crime yeah it’s not El Chapo but
it’s a crime no so that the level of El
Chapo hmm exactly so very good I’ll give
you like I don’t have a good clip yeah

well I was on the on the switchback
evening you mean what do we call we used

to call it the whip saw a wrapper around
the way the wraparound switchback
whipsaw whipsaw mm-hmm so there was a
good example that was I thought was the

most shameless and I’ll probably explain
what a switchback is just okay this is
where you and today Adam Curry admitted
that he hates dogs and then Ike and then

I get here’s a clip of him and I go to
the clip of you a quote from you going
hey I don’t hate dogs
no I don’t really hate him something

like that yeah nothing to do with what I
just said yeah
so I say one thing for its extra points
if I said if I’m talking about a
completely different topic right exactly

you know or something I mean it’s it’s
put in there it’s put in there to fill
up the report and to solidify in your

brain the information they’re giving you
which is marginally correct I consider a
dishonest reporting and this is coming
from you a reporter a journal yeah I was

actually at some level but honest I
think it’s very dishonest so we have
example after example of this and it
seems to depress some of our producers

but I love it I like it anyway so this
is Hallie Jackson who’s one of the
best at this doing it peace because they
had this just the left had to picked up
on this trumps Intel advisors all

disagree with everything he’s ever had
to say what what the heck was this I
mean they just say listen let’s give it
one more try boys I don’t know what it
was because it was out of the blue is

one of the many things that he doesn’t
listen to advice I guess as part of the
Trump rotation or he’s a headstrong and
he’s got these great Intel people and he
doesn’t think course there ought to get

him which i think is one good reason not
to believe anything they say but which I
don’t think that helps their cause much
so Haley has not what I’m gonna play as
a series of clips that are continuous
but I’m owning a chopping them up to

show the switchbacks okay and so it’s
gonna be it seems a little herky-jerky
but in fact if you put them all back to
back to back to back to back all five of
these short clips that would be the
report and so I’m gonna start it off

with clip one and it’s gonna end with
and each one of these is another example
of saying one thing and then
exemplifying it with a quote from
somebody that doesn’t really verify

anything you’ve said here we go to his
own intelligence chiefs publicly
contradicting the President on his
threat assessments of North Korea and
Iran the president lashing out president

lashing out selling them to go back to
school at Hallie Jackson has that
fallout the president calling the
intelligence officials he hired passive
and naive suggesting in a tweet today

they go back to school after they
publicly contradicted him not just on
Iran I went through the United States
from the horrible one-sided Iran nuclear
deal at the moment technically they’re

in compliance okay besides the lashing
out which is a giveaway codeword yeah
he said she brings up the she says that

Hallie says that the they contradict him
on his Iran pullout you know wants to
get killed the deal right and they quote

Gina I thinks her name the head of the
CIA as saying that you’re in compliance
with something I don’t know where that
came from
it’s like what’s so what but on Isis
we’re sorry I want to play that one clip

again uh-huh uh-huh and just roll back
that last bit of the clip here we go
after they publicly contradicted him not
just on Iran I would through the United
States from the horrible one-sided Iran

nuclear deal at the moment technically
they’re in compliance okay so what what
should have happened here isn’t on Iran
should have gone straight to Gina

Haskell with her quote but instead they
insert they inserted Trump yelling his
opinion on Iran what the old deal had no
idea we don’t know it’s that hey it’s

NBC fact true Trump’s dumb idiot orange
man bad orange man bad onward to two but
on Isis we have one against Isis we’ve
beaten them and we’ve beaten a badly

Isis into is intent on resurging intent
on researching oh man this is so good of
course they are they’ve done everybody’s

intent on resurging they’ve really done
I am this is this is a they formatted
this so it where’s the switch back or
the call back or the whipsaw used to be
a trip clip of Trump saying something

unrelated be somebody making an
assertion a source reporter says this
then they play that right but now now
there’s doing two together there’s more

advance yes this makes it even worse
she says this yeah drop then says kind
of something along the lines of what she
said and then they have a dispatch back
quote that has nothing to do with it

well we have to call it’s like a
switchback reach-around because it
next that’s what we’re calling it from
now on SBR oh the Switchback
reach-around because that’s how i coming

up with one thing in there okay so let’s
go on to number three it might be a
better example on Russia we expect
Russia will continue to wage its

information war against democracies wait
a minute well I couldn’t hear what the
first part was it was just something
about Russia’s you know as it would they
didn’t have a good Trump clip that time

so they played that muddy clip you heard
we play it against Russia
I can’t hear what is it I don’t know
just a muddy clip of someone saying
something Russia yeah and then they have

the other guys saying do we think the
Russians are going to continue their
attack on democracies using you know
yeah we were in the meeting we would
have both said okay we like it but not

that one you got it you gotta kill your
darlings one of these has to go this is
not the best switchback reach-around
you’ve done mister name what’s her name
Hallie Jackie Hallie it’s not so good so
we’ll drop that one let’s go to four and

on North Korea North Korea is working
out very well the capabilities and
threat exists we’re still there behind
the scenes multiple sources tell NBC
News intelligence officials felt
frustrated by the president’s tweets and

debated a response but in the end
decided that would be counterproductive
so stayed silent Republicans did not
it’s the best we have and of course we
need to rely on them

man now this was advanced because whose
hold on they start with trauma and on
North Korea very well okay just orange
man bad believe he said that how can you

say this and then behind is that more L
it sounds like more L who was that no no
I think it’s the Navy guy but it was
like he says that yes of course they do

because the deal none of this has been
finalized he’s working with North Korea
so how is this a cut you know I don’t
get what they’re trying to get at here
yeah they all this to me it’s

unbelievable then they bring out this
Republican who really says nothing at
all the capabilities and threat are
still there

behind the scenes multiple sources tell
NBC News intelligence officials I like
the behind the scenes multiple sources
felt frustrated by the president’s
tweets and debated a response but in the
end decided that would be

counterproductive so stayed silent
Republicans did not it’s the best we
have and of course we need to rely on
them therefore we need a realignment
intelligence crowd yeah wanted to do

something about Trump’s tweets and then
they didn’t of course you can always you
know great reporting you got nothing
and then but the Republicans didn’t stay

silent and they bring some Republican
guy out he doesn’t really say anything
at all and I’d hardly say that’s an
exemplification of the Republicans
shaking their fist so she finally gets

to wrap it with what they wanted to do
all along which was kind of bring out
Adam Schiff and the Democratic head of
the House Intelligence Committee warned

rhetoric like the president’s is
downright dangerous unless the president
is you’ve got the best intelligence
agencies in the world listen to what
they have to say when you ignore them
you do that at our country’s peril

Hallie Jackson NBC News
yes we’re going to die well she says he
says it’s downright dangerous he never
says it’s downright dangerous he kind of

hints that it’s not a good idea so this
is just was just to me poor well it was
dishonest to the nth degree and I
believe NBC has the most dishonest

reporting of all the networks and I
think you see that on MSNBC the whole
I’m surprised that they haven’t gone
after Comcast you know it’s this is just
very dishonest and what I think is

happening here is you know obviously the
the intelligence community know which is
not certainly not all of people who work
in intelligence but these pencil pushers

at the top they all like they hate Trump
they they work for a different group of
shadowy bankers and the different other
ones and so and they and they sit there

and they they try and pull all this
apart by having this transparent comp
hearing but for the news media it’s very
boring and they don’t really have the

time to play anything in context so
instead of like what we would do is like
play you know like like like it paid two
minutes of the the representative mow
over there about this law they chop it

up into these twenty second sound bites
with you know with your with your whip
saws switchback reach-around
and you just wind up being confused and
thinking and they’re trying to make it

entertaining I guess or just trying to
ram home them it’s really sound byte
reporting to an estranged romatic to try
to make dramatic that’s waiting by
definite I see something is is for the

purposes of entertainment exactly and
that’s why tell story tell us star yes
tell the story tell the story tell us
story story story hey you’re doing
Wizard of Oz pretty good

that was scarecrow I like that and we
have some employee
since you brought it up you brought up
how I hate dogs which I don’t love dogs
and curry hates dogs I just don’t I just

don’t like him in the amount that
they’re in now too many dogs as many
dogs you may be the the canary in the
coalmine here you know you are warning

us about the dog takeover well so here
is stuff is happening you know my
biggest complaint doesn’t live in a
smoke-free pet pet friendly building
which is fine I’ll smoke my weed on the

balcony no one’s ever really given me
any problems but we have you know I said
if a couple people have a dog we have
75% of all apartments in the building
have at least one sometimes more than

one dog and we have carpeting in the
hallway so everything reeks of urine all
the hallways the front door you have to
be careful you don’t slip if they have
to clean it every day it’s just it’s a

it’s a nightmare it’s just too much
there are now apartment buildings in
California and in New York upon moving
in as a part of your lease agreement you

always have to have you know some some
or usually after some kind of deposit
pet deposit in case your pet I don’t
know destroys the carpeting
they will also require doggy DNA so that

if something turns up in the hallway you
can as a concerned
fellow dweller you can grab a little

sample and you can hand it to the rental
office and they will within 10 to 14
days come back and prosecute the dog
that would the owner I guess so that’s I
think that’s great

I’m all for it I’d like rapid DNA it
should be you know for 20 minutes this
is where rapid DNA is important and then
a second one dogs are people too this is
something that we it’s almost there we

talked about it just a couple of shows
ago since we have so many dogs I think
we’re at 90 million in the u.s. we have
so many dogs
let’s help combat climate change by
feeding them bugs so I we’re not quite

there yet
because you know less beef is less co2
arts and whatever million cow farts so
now we have Purina who are big

manufacturers or makers of of pet food
they are going to come out with dog food
created from crickets and fish heads

that poop smells fabulous and they are
doing it indeed to help to combat a

climate change how good is that fish
heads is my favorite part
even though it’s not yeah I don’t guess

fish don’t wouldn’t fish do for co2 are
they good or bad they don’t fart like
cows they rot and give off methane yes
and then the final trend where do they

get you know let’s stop for a second
consider this a lot of people never one
of even it’s like numbers you can’t even
they have a processing facility where

they make million a millions probably a
pounds of dog food that is packaged in
sauna you can imagine the facility and
there’s a bags going flying by and that

thing’s been filled and wrapped and then
pallet it and sent off on a bonus on a
truck and in the process of making the
the pellets the kibble they have to

bring in probably tons and tons of
smelly fish heads
oh the process they have to cook them
down because it’s dry it’s a dry food

they don’t make a wet food right that
we’re thinking we’re talking about so
they have to dry that that plant must
stink to high heaven and it’s probably
getting into the area where their plants

located if there’s a obviously there’s
no residences around there or wouldn’t
people would be suing them for odor of
problems odor abatement issues this is
just disgusting and then the bugs they

gotta bring in a bunch of bugs like it’s
crickets every and crickets and fish
heads it looks like that it’s got
to be disgusting yeah I want to hear
somebody must know somebody that works

at a Purina facility now that’s a good
yeah we got to get some inside scoop on
this it doesn’t the doesn’t the Mars
company-owned Purina I don’t know

they switched in so many times I can’t
tell that’s always like was a suspicious
of a candy bar manufacturer that makes
pet food and they’re really quite like
that well I don’t think I know a blown

jack-in-the-box for a while or there was
some connection there too and the final
trend in today’s dog ownership and I
think we’ve reached peak dog ownership
with this is glittering your male dogs

testicles what yeah I got to send you
this link on the skype man it’s because
there’s so much yeah when you look at
the dog leash doing this and why it’s so

cute yeah you can you can see the
picture just popped up on your skype
with the blue glitter and the gold
glitter oh this is gross
it’s creepy yeah yes dogs are great it’s

the people that are the problem putting
glitter on your dog’s testicle is a
trend now yep

oh man couple of things going on so one

of the things that happen is after the
last show was I think it was after last
shows Kamala Harris Camilla Harris

Kamala or Supra now she pronounces it
okay well camel alike Pamela yes that’s
why she’s doing that okay it used to be

common law yeah okay well she did now
says she’s gonna be running for
president and then she went on the the
one of those great CN n scripted town
halls yeah where everyone everyone has

their question ready yeah ask her about
her affair with Willie Brown by the way
when you look at her you see the
pantsuit you see that when she claps her
arms are fully extended palms flat very

good you know like she’s like she’s
clapping for a seal or something yeah
hilary 2.0 ya know she’s got all the
earmarks of hillary some copying

complete hillary 2.0 it’s Rob with
Hillary who I’ve never considered to be
a very good speaker because she speaks
every word yeah as a single word and

this camel a woman doesn’t quite now
look she doesn’t even got that much
skill allowed me to say something

I think she’s got a lot going forward
not for my obviously my personal
perspective but she’s she’s good-looking
she she does have a good rap she’s got
these he’s got that all the arrogance

she needs she really has a great air of
arrogance superiority about the District
Attorney arrogance yes oh yeah because
she has a badge you know she can throw
people in jail she’s very powerful as a

district attorney yeah yeah hey you got
a badge man I’d be walking around a
little more cocky nobody got a badge
baby got a badge so she’s she says a lot

of crazy stuff but
I was listening to her speech the
Oakland speech and she does stuff like
this is her gonna be her downfall

I think okay she’s well besides I think
she’s she’s a um she used sex to get to
the top it went for more than on fault
yeah with Willie Brown now Willie Brown

was Willie Brown runs California really
he runs California pretty much who the
hell is he he used to be the Speaker of
the House this is the state assembly it

was a top guy and then he became mayor
of San Francisco and he brought her up
groomed her by giving her a bunch of
jobs when they were kind of dating even

though he’s married and when she was he
was 60 something analyst and she was 30
and then she got a bunch of it so you
immediately accused her of sleeping her
way to the top way to mansplain Dvorak

yeah okay I do all right
and the brown Kate was mayor and then
the mayor after him was I believe Gavin
Newsom and anyway the whole thing the

whole problem is really Willie Browns
got a lot to do with it but he’s a very
powerful character he knows all the he
knows where all the bodies are buried he
knows everything about California and

he’s I’ve talked to him a couple of
times he’s around and about you see him
and he’ll chat with this have you
chatted with him yeah I’ve chat with him
a couple of times I’ve just run into him
oh well you see good restaurant once in

a while there he is and you could just
you know you see Drumright chat with him
yes yeah you go over they say hey Willie
how was that piece of ass huh yeah well

you don’t do that oh okay now so this
buddy I think the bigger problem is I
think she’s a dingbat and and this
dingbat comes through with this

particular she’s she’s giving a speech
and this is an excerpt from the speech
where she asks a question and then
answers it and I am going to play it in
two parts I got the her asking the

question through fifteen seconds and
then her answering it and then you tell
me you explain to me what the
answer really means first I would like
to say the official definition of

dingbat is stupid or eccentric person so
I think I think you’re right on both
counts because we must answer a
fundamental question all right who are

we who are we as Americans so let’s
answer that question who are we who are
we as Americans ok that is has kind of a

an essay question isn’t it’s not more
kind of an offbeat way I’d say but who
or just remember the question is who are

we as Americans what ok let’s answer
that question to the world and each
other right here and right now America

we are better than this you know you
know I’ve heard this speech I didn’t

never really deconstruct it like that
who are we well we’re better than this
yeah we love that hmm yeah whatever it
is we’re better than this who are we

we’re better than this that’s who we are
we it’s wait wait a minute
you left something out lady that’s funny
so then she did the CNN Town Hall and

she had where she was taking questions
these things well we know they’re
scripted because Matt Lauer the start of
the downfall of Matt Lauer’s when he

deviated from the questions with Hillary
yes you’ll recall and she got quite
angry this you know there’s no proof of
what was said backstage but then Matt
Lauer is now now between you 67 and you

69 somewhere on the on the UHF
television band it’s there so they
bring it so she doesn’t stir pot whoo
that’s quite a drop he’s not even that

so they bring in these people who are
given questions and you know they just
know this read the question and this I
thought was very well done it was

another you know get the crowd all riled
up and excited and hooting and hollering
question senator many Democrats that
I’ve spoken with agree that the primary
objective for 2020 is to nominate the
candidate that has the best shot of

defeating Donald Trump some have also
said that given what occurred in 2016
and the current political climate that a
male nominee will have a better chance

this time around than a female nominee
would you please respond to this so that
this man has a response ready the next
time a man tries to mansplain why
Fant that is you could not virtue signal

any better than that guy just did he’s
easy he got sex from somebody
yeah probably another guy well maybe
it’s irrelevant what I mean that was
just hey I suck tell me how I make sure

no one like me ever becomes president
whatever yeah yeah and then president
get the white thing in there now we
followed Sandy Hook at the Newtown

tragedy very closely and we feel that
there was quite a lack of evidence I
don’t I don’t want to get into it too
deep because it’s just such a hot button
but we’ve discussed that ad nauseam the

in most interesting thing about the
Sandy Hook was the if you recall Wayne
Carver he was the the medical oh it’s is
what’s the proper term examiner yeah he

was a chief medical examiner and you
remember that press conference he did
where he would had know everything was
contradictory had all the wrong answers
was talking about wrong weapons hadn’t

really looked at anybody hadn’t done
autopsies on all of the all of the
victims he was really really odd and one
thing we know for sure well here’s what

the Kamala Harris says about gun laws
and what she thinks should be done in
relation to the Sandy Hook twenty six
and seven-year-old babies were massacred
in Connecticut they fail to act here’s

what I think I think that somebody
should have required and this is gonna
sound very harsh I think somebody should
have required all those members of

Congress to go in a room in a locked
room no pres knowing nobody else and
look at the autopsy photographs of those
babies and then you vote your conscience
this has become a political issue

I’m all for that I’m really for that
because as far as I know there are no

photographs there are no o2 autopsy
photographs I would love for some
representatives to go in to ask if I
presume see these pictures and then tell
us what they saw that was one of the

biggest problems with this thing is
there’s no photographic evidence of
anything and then they lower they
flatten the building oh well hey that’s
what we do that’s what we do with all

big tragedies like 9/11 the rubble was
gone so quick so in this camel a ludic
Camelot come a la cama cama cama like

pamela camel camel was the Ben Shapiro
who was going on and on about we have
mixed feelings about him on this show he

was going on and on about the Willie
Brown situation and thinking it should
be answered and I just say I am becoming
so disinterested and I really don’t feel

like we can survive two years of this
bull American people they kind of turned
TVs off yeah I think it’s way too much
way too early and Ben Shapiro should

know better okay
well Ben Shapiro is going on and on and
I was and there’s some basic reason I
don’t like Ben Shapiro because he’s an
outrage whore that’s what that just it

just hit me he’s an outrage sure he may
he may be right but he’s always on the
outrage tip he’s not he’s a little bit
like that I agree well I’m not gonna
argue about that but this is the thing
that I think is his problem he has a

problem and a lot of right-wingers have
the exact same problem and I only
discovered it by deconstructing this
stuff that he just did about her when
he’s going on and on about Willie Brown

is that and he’s not the only one who
does this and we kind of do it but we
don’t do it like these other guys do it
right he uses sarcasm to it XS oh yes to
it yes you’re right this is a trend I

agree and it’s not well
done that’s the dollar it’s in fact it’s
just very poorly done in and if I’ll
take it one step further and say that it
actually produces reverse messaging you

know before you play your your your clip
I want where is it here’s the here’s
that I so cuz you’re right because that

whole baby Hitler thing that was also
kind of trying to be sarcastic but
here’s how it came out would you kill
baby Hitler and the truth is that no
pro-life person on earth would kill baby
Hitler right because baby Hitler wasn’t

Hitler adults Hitler was Hitler baby
Hitler was a baby right would you
presumably want to do with baby Hitler
was take baby Hitler out of baby
Hitler’s house and move baby Hitler into
a better house where he would not grow
up to be Hitler
yeah that’s one of the great Clips I

have by the way it’s a great cookie yeah
well this is a little more extreme than
that this is and this is what he does
all the time and a lot of guys do this

all the time and when you just hear it
straight up like I’m gonna play it I’m
taking all the context away look how big
is this clip 24 SEC’s
okay 24 seconds is a long clip and even

without context you just take the long
clip you start to see what the problem
is when you use sarcasm constantly to
make your points and the thing and what

it is what you let me conclude what it
is that happens is that you don’t make
the point you assert something that
should not be asserted and in fact you

state something as fact if you don’t
hear the sarcasm it sounds like what
does this guy’s nuts but let’s play this
and I’ll explain later as you should
have to answer questions about that and
she shouldn’t be able to shy away with

with answer like oh yeah I fell deeply
in love with Willie Brown when he was 60
and I was 30 yeah yeah that’s that’s a
thing that happens all the time I know
lots of six-year-old men you know how
many of them who are you know kind of

middle-class slobs who aren’t powerful
men in politics are getting 30 year old
up-and-coming law student girlfriends
tons of them tons just it happens all
the time yeah yeah explain it yes I

totally understand what you’re saying
what he said is a lie yeah but he went
what he was trying to do is be sarcastic

about the notion that she was her and
will he makes some sort of sense but he
didn’t do that he bit would just decide
to become sarcastic and make that crazy
commentary and he ended it there he

didn’t say it he be after it was over he
didn’t say and I’m kidding of course
because there’s never had
right-right-right doesn’t do that
assumes that you get the joke of his
sarcasm which is very poorly executed

the guy is not a comic this you have hit
on something
it’s important to me I know if is
important anybody else but yes this is
the problem I have with Laura Ingram

with Sean Hannity with Omaha the
horrible host who’s on one America News
kind of the the cheap Tommy larren
knockoff tommy Lehren another perfect

example the sarcasm is so poorly
executed and not necessary and and it’s
almost it’s condescending like everybody
knows this you know that don’t you know

this you listening to me you know that
that’s kind of the feeling I get from it
and I think you’re right everything you
just said it’s condescending it assumes
that you are on on the same wavelength

yeah it’s never explained and it’s and
most of all it is unnecessary Danice
sarcasm is really a technique used for

humor it’s it’s very weak as it’s it’s
bad broadcasting yes it’s very bad
bright broadcast even Limbaugh I don’t

believe does it no no it’s the guys and
gals I don’t listen to you know because
that’s and now I you’re right that’s why
to now like you don’t don’t like if it’s

like if we disagree if there’s a
question will actually stop talk about
who is this what do you mean what you
know if you just do well oh and by the
way it’s not just this one you know you

had the other groups like pod save
America they do this all the time and
and I think hey you know what what if we
just everyone stopped the sarcasm with
the sarcasm is sarcasm it’s also

something that is on Twitter this is you
know this is so important what you’ve
hit on here everybody thinks they’re a
comedian and the way people who are not
funny exude their comedic stylings is

through sarcasm so sometimes it’s kind
of funny
so a tweet that says well a reply to
something well this didn’t age well it
was funny the first 8,000 times someone

used it but in general
because at the time is you know you have
limited character space or whatever
people can’t write anymore they always

throw in sarcasm and it’s not funny
it’s not helpful it is something that
people if you find yourself a great hit
this is what I would assert if you find

yourself agreeing with sarcasm like this
a lot
you should check yourself then you
should say oh wait a minute
I’m just cuz yo yo its negative you’re
being pulled into sarcastic crap it’s I

think it’s like a warning sign if you’re
if you find yourself like listening or
watching a lot of sarcastic opinions

yeah and all the right-wing guys and I
think a lot of the lefties at that level
that you mentioned the Hannity’s and
this guy this guy’s the king of it

because he uses it I’d say half of his
show is just sarcasm yeah you know it
also shuts out any other thinking
because you know if you have a different
opinion and he said yeah this is just we

all know that that doesn’t have you yeah
sure normal guys get you know thirty
year younger dick you know it’s like
well maybe have a different opinion but
then I Walt shoot you know I guess
everyone knows it because he’s even

sarcastic about it I must be an idiot
yeah there’s that that’s an element yeah
I’m wondering i play this i would like
to play that clip again by the way

people get a clue let’s do that and then
i we have a comment okay you should have
to answer questions about that and she
shouldn’t be able to shy away with with
answer like oh yeah I fell deeply in
love with Willie Brown when he was 60

and I was 30 yeah yeah that’s that’s a
thing that happens all the time I know
lots of six-year-old men you know how
many of them who are you know kind of
middle class slobs who aren’t powerful
men in politics are getting 30 year old

up-and-coming law student girlfriends
tons of them tons just it happens all
the time
yes sarcasm is not even good
is that do we do we employ a lot of

sarcasm on the show I don’t think so I
think we try to avoid it I think usually
if no I think we do I think we avoid it
and and probably timers if I try it you
get worked yeah I think I was just about

to say if I do it you get worked so I
guess we keep each other in check
hey thanks friend don’t make me look
like a douche and the other thing is if

there was sarcasm on this show it would
be if it was done and it was humorous
like Shapiro is not hmm it would the
other person would laugh and that would

give clue to the fact that it was a
sarcastic comment not a not a factual
comment because the way Shapiro presents
that that little statement of his he
state says it as if you don’t hear the
sarcasm which is hard to do cuz he’s

kind of a he has a machine got
approached to speaking mm-hmm and you if
you don’t notice it was sarcastic you
could take it as him telling what he
thinks is the truth and you could say to

yourself does this guy actually believe
that I don’t know anybody that’s 60
that’s hammering any thirty year olds
this doesn’t make any sense I don’t know
okay well what else does he get to say
it’s a problem it is and and it’s a very

poor way to make a point
and I did just realize one other place
where sarcasm it really irks me and this
the the troll room if people are in

there going you know ooh you know sark
it was sarcastic one-liners it really I
shouldn’t have said it now because you
know the trolls gonna do it but you can

really it’s like a reddit thing that’s
read it that’s it’s all sarcasm social
media is sarcasm it’s not humor its poor
and it’s not healthy how about that yes

and with that I’d like to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning to
you the man who put the C in

condescending John C Dvorak well I can’t
find my tube so in the morning to you
and the more naval ships to see all the
boots on the ground the feet in the air
also the subs in the water and all the
Dames and all the nights all the Dames

oh the gold and all the nights all the
Dames all the nights that are out there
and in the morning to our very own
trolls in the troll room which is no
agenda stream com only people we got in

there today we’ve got a lot of people on
the stream and we’re about a thousand
that’s nice people always check in
listen live hit the chat room which we
of course know is the troll room your
sarcastic calm drop they drop a

sarcastic comment or to see if they can
rile me up it’s cool you know there’s
the kind of like I guess it’s everyone’s
way of being the president where he’ll
sit at home or if home in the White
House he’ll tweet something he sees a

show up on TV three minutes later I
think that’s what people in the in the
troll room were trying to do and let me
see it like an ear carisi if he says
something about it it’s kind of the same
mechanism or curry and also in the
morning to Darrin O’Neil Darren brought

us the artwork for episode 1107 the
title of that was carbon budget and we
had a hard time there was a lot of
different things we were looking at I’m
not quite sure what it was but Darren

you tell when Darren comes in to he
Riley won the week before right and I
think there’s a competition between
those two and maybe some of this is kind
of like the comedy Martin JJ and Nick –

Reza oh yeah and you know it’s the real
competition when they’re complimenting
each other after the show on Twitter for
the person whose artwork did get chosen
great work here’s my great doesn’t
submit a P a great piece forty pieces

eight pieces and one go all good yeah
anyway this was the NBC logo which he
dubbed nothing but crapped the peacock

logo it was just an it was a we also go
for art it doesn’t always have to be
funny it doesn’t always have to be
sometimes it can be just pretty just a
pretty list the Rams head one was we

picked it for that Rams head was yes
sometimes it’s just for the art but most
importantly this is a part of the value
for value system that we’ve created here
we’re 11 years strong we’re hundreds of

thousands of producers everyone’s a
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everywhere and of course we also need
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more or less it’s not the end show
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Sir Carl of the lavender 33333 from
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way time to get cheap plates and copy a
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names unreliable sources fake news sound
bytes of snippets fake news big news big
news big news it affects the left and
the right

no that’s not it I don’t know where the
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the one worries is some maybe some
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I remember as a ping-pong ball that the
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and closes my sanity check for the best
podcast in the universe I don’t know how
so many people misunderstand you were
John when you plainly explain how the

show works such as Adam explaining why
he likes AOC I’ve been listening since
the 200s and I’ve never thought you were
a fan of Trump AOC or any other nut job
in any context outside of that person’s

utility for every
how the media and political machine
operates I like Trump when he provokes
the m5n em into showing their hand
I liked Hillary for the same reasons and

I loved the show for teaching me that I
sincerely think or thank you for your
courage many people give up when they go
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basis I have a lot of respect for you

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got two shows left it’s gonna be 11 11
11 11

oh you’re right I love Allah slack I’m
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thank you to our executive producers and
our producer and our executive associate
executive producers this is the value
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will be thanking more of our producers
fifty dollars and above in our second
segment and we have another show coming
up on Super Bowl Sunday
remember us at Dvorak org slash n hey
now that you have the definition of

dingbat go out there spread the
knowledge and the formula our formula is
this we go out for your people in the
I should make one quick statement okay

Bernie Sanders is a dingbat yeah I think
the way because yeah do you have any

idea why I want to do that because you
have a clip of Bernie Sanders saying
something about no he is a dingbat
though yeah because dingbat is
considered at least around here these

parts uh-huh a sexist term only
referring to women oh really
it didn’t say that in my dictionary well
you gotta get a newer dictionary well
then let’s do let’s play a dingbat what

was the definition again in California
it’s a sexist term only applying to
women oh good here is that Kirsten
Gillibrand well yeah another one and she

did this speech for her announcement of
her candidacy for president like an

Oscar speech he was so passionate she
only forgot to thank the Academy yeah
listen to this King junior continues to

inspire us every single day because he
believed in a set of values that
transcends time and movements he knew

that only lights can drive out darkness
and that we are all called to fight for
others until now until this person in

the White House and to our president has
chosen to tear this country apart orange
man bad on every line every division

every racial line every religious line
he chooses to divide us community by
he has inspired a hate and a darkness in

this country that I have never witnessed
myself he is tearing apart the very
fabric of who we are as a nation are
very common decency and that is what we

are being called to fight against Wow
yeah maybe a little exaggerated

it’s the tad hey and then we had cheese
get a hold get a grip yeah well no one’s

getting a grip because Howard Schultz as
we know the Starbucks billionaire is
going to run and he would be perfect we
love billionaires we love people who

don’t like Trump and what you’re not
gonna run as a Democrat would what this
was a problem for the m5m and well I
have to give them props

Supercuts did another Kampala if you
want to hear that event right then
freaking out about definitely a lot of
Democrats are freaking out absolute gift
to Donald Trump
blowing controversy swirling around the

billionaire visionary behind Starbucks
the man he could take away votes that
would go to the Democratic nominee
handing President Trump a second term
many Democrats fear that could be

scares me yes is that your entry into
this race wolf guarantee Trump another

four years number one are you still a
Democrat and number two why are you
doing this even if it means hurting the
Democratic can it and helping to reelect
rump and that’s that’s just a awful
thing to do running as a third party

candidate only helps Trump and maybe put
two words for you just don’t it doesn’t
get to be king just gives you so much no
I don’t think you should run the boats
are so precious as we saw last time I
really do not think that this is the

time for us to have an independent in
this race would provide Donald Trump
with with his best hope of getting
reelected he doesn’t quite grasp the the
depth of the impact that that decision

would have Donald Trump was not all that
concerned about the Republican Party he
ran because of hubris Howard Schultz is
suggesting he’s gonna run register is
independent and yet they still tilt one

way or the other I’m not for third party
candidates that could hurt the
Democratic ticket it is not the time
2024 is your year 2020 is not what he’s
doing right now I do believe it’s very

dangerous we cannot allow this town
there are billionaires some Democrats
are threatening to boycott Starbucks
really vanity projects that help destroy
democracy are disgusting and he’s there

for the so he’s there for the right
reasons in your vehicle without any
party infrastructure any party backing I
have respect for Howard Schultz if he
chooses to get in the race I hope he
gets in the Democratic Party will will
treat him very fairly then the last time

this happened it unleashed a tragedy the
likes of which the world has never seen
oh what a mistake you foolish man you
thinking that you can represent the

people of America you can but you have
to do it the right way you’re holding it
wrong you have holding it wrong there’s
a lot of incorrect noise certainly in
the European reporting on this people

are very baffled and maybe in the US as
well like wait a minute I thought you
all had a two-party system well no
uh we have you can anyone can run to be

president the parties is that part eyes
that’s where you get your power and your
money from and so this is competing
agendas you know I don’t know why you

don’t bring up that Bernie Sanders isn’t
independent yes DNA and he got
bamboozled into running as a Democrat he
would have run but he was too good he

was suckered he was too good so they had
to screw him over and that wasn’t just
the DNC and debbie Wasserman Schultz and
the Clinton clan and the hag the Hilary

assassination group it was it was the
media and the media well that is hag I
guess they completely ignored him they
he had crowds his biggest Trump’s anyway

so now you have Howard Schultz I don’t I
didn’t know much about his background
delighted to see that he came from the
projects I didn’t even know that he’s
got a great background he’s my dad means

stuff right it’s not like that I
recommend everyone come from the
projects but yeah he’s I mean for a guy
who made himself a billionaire American
Dream backstory

no but that’s no longer about Trump’s
dad involved yeah so he has everything
going for I have not heard anything
about his policies all I hear is but I
have no idea what he stands for he’s not

getting asked any questions that are
being shown anywhere of any importance
it’s just know he’s wrong you’re wrong
man boycott Starbucks try it let me see
the Millennials boycott Starbucks

they’ll go into shock from withdrawal
sorry sorry Howard you’re you’re from
old America my friend because if he does

successfully run now I think people are
right it would split enough votes to
give Trump the upper hand well you know
but crazy votes away from Trump well of

course that’s the whole point
but who will then be left over
maybe this guys are gonna be a great
candidate you know I’d like to know more

about him I’d like to see him speak and
let the guy talk a little bit instead of
pounding his head down immediately
yeah it’s pathetic I mean Ross Perot it
was the last one of course this happened

disastrous results or the world has
never seen before because we got Bush no
what no when was that when it would win
right yeah but that was with Bush I

thought that we I thought Perot first
ran against Clinton and hwae and we got
Clinton I know I’m confused
well well then what are they

what are they yappin about them that
that was my strategy I thought that it
was that one of the supper oh I think
they’re talking about Nader

yeah but troll room confirms Ross Perot
gave us Clinton well that’s the model
right there then what’s their problem
yeah one billionaire I think that’s what

Schultz is even thinking huh well so it
ya know their the reference it was not
they never said Perot
oh I thought I thought Nader Rossi I
didn’t know this Ralph Nader ran that

he’s the one who gave us Bush okay I
wasn’t in the country at the time that’s
why I’m there’s holes in my memory there
is disingenuous to say it was disastrous
where it worked really well another time

everyone was pretty happy with Clinton
when he well they love God I love I love
Clinton you love Clinton there’s a song
there yeah don’t worry it’s time code

song alright it’ll be in some mix in
your future well that’s odd because well
you know everyone is just shut up you

know one has it they don’t have a
candidate is it so important that it has
to be it someone who’s a member of the
Democrat Party is that is it unthinkable
to it I mean isn’t just the idea get
Trump out no matter what

who cares nothing could be that anything
is better than Trump isn’t that the
general idea they should glom on to this
guy what is the party these days I have
no idea I’m looking at these headlines

though why Schultz is the new Ross Perot
Howard Schultz would not be a spoiler
for Democrats the way Ross Perot was for
the GOP hmm could howard schultz be the
next Ross Perot yeah nobody is talking

about poor Ralph Nader
I’d like to switch topics to Venezuela
for a moment we have a number of boots
on the ground reports and we got quite a

few actually I have some some official
Clips yeah but before we get to that
just to set the stage a little bit see I
I love that you know we had it we were

talking earlier about Venezuela’s or not
on a previous show about Venezuela’s oil
and I’m not quite sure what came out of
our mouths but ultimately yes the
Venezuelan oil is in fact heavy high

sulphur crude it’s not the light
Bolivian crude and the refineries here
in the US are kind of set up to mix that
with our much lighter crew no to get it

through the pipes and but we get this
from one of our Knights sir Ryan the
refiner and I’ve checked his credentials
he absolutely knows what he’s talking

about so check his credentials cuz we I
think about six seven years ago we had
some guy who claimed to be in the oil
business on but I here’s a brief summary

we were received multiple similar
reports boots on the ground people who

live in Venezuela or other parts of
Latin America and I I kind of liked how
how our first producer start off by
saying hey you and John really don’t
know anything about Venezuela that’s

okay I don’t expect you to but here’s
new boots on the ground executive
summary in Latin America what’s been
going on from the sixties to the present
day is a battle between the civilized
world and the Castro and Cuba with help

from Russia mouthing there’s any dispute
about that all guerrilla movements in
Latin America have been and continue to
be financed trained and supported by
Cuba and the Cuban g2 now with
Venezuelan money today Venezuela is

being run by Raul Castro and the Cuban
g2 what’s the G to the Cuban g2 you keep
reading Maduro legally cannot be the
Venezuelan president because it was not

born in Van
Wailer he was born in Colombia six years
ago the elections were stolen but
because the Intelligence Agency ah Thank
sex six years ago the elections were

stolen but because they had money they
bought the International silence that
would be the m5m and everyone’s
complicit with that and military
industrial complex oil etc got it in
last year’s fraudulent election most

opposition candidates were either in
jail or in exile since they no longer
had any money to buy the conscience of
the world they the world said we don’t
recognize these elections according to

the Constitution the elected President
must be sworn in to the National
Assembly and that did not happen today
the situation is that there is no
president who was elected properly
because the elections were rigged so the

president of the assembly is according
to our Constitution the president in
charge with the mandate to make new
election process as as soon as possible
thanks to the efforts of President Trump

and guys like Marco Rubio with the
support of the international community
it seems that the days of the
dictatorship of Venezuela are over so in
this case yep believe it or not the US
are actually the good guys now and he

has a whole bunch of other things and
other points that he makes this is very
consistent and I don’t know if it’s
consistent because everyone who was
emailing us is some kind of agent and is

giving us false information ideals right
I pulled off of YouTube
Joana Houseman and she lives in
Venezuela and she gives a version of

that background her but better than I
just did it short 2017 the Supreme Court
that was handpicked by Nicola maroudo’s
party nullified and stripped the
National Assembly or Congress of their

powers the National Assembly was chosen
by a vote and was the only government
institution that was run by an
opposition majority imagine when the
Democrats took the house if Trump was
like no I don’t like this anymore the

house is no longer a legitimate part of
government and here’s another house that
I made up with everyone that agrees with
me Americans would be furious so too are
Venezuelans Venezuela erupted in protest
hundreds of protesters most of them

teenagers were detained some of whom
were tortured and murdered meanwhile
despite these protests
Malouda made his own congress that he
could control just like that
fast forward to May 20th 2018 where this

illegitimate Congress calls for
presidential elections now during these
elections the most popular opposition
candidates are either jailed exiled or
banned from running in other words there

is no legitimate way for the opposition
to run
so these sham presidential elections are
held anyway by my ludos government where
only 20 percent of the population voted
however a lot of the twenty percent were

public employees who were intimidated
into voting by threats from the
government these were called
illegitimate elections not just by the
Venezuelan people but by the
international community interim
president Wong royal has been backed by

the international community yes this
includes the United States but do you
know who else backs one way though that
isn’t Trump Argentina Brazil Colombia
Costa Rica Ecuador Germany the Socialist
Party that runs Albania Canada’s

progressive Prince Justin Trudeau
Australia para why pay to the government
run by the Socialist Party of Spain
whose president said what is going on in
Venezuela is the opposite of socialism
the list goes on now for sure this Guido

this guy is one of ours he’s an asset
there’s no doubt about it but I think
what is the script that is being

followed here by the way we should
mention he went to Georgetown yeah
Georgetown Georgia at Georgetown
University spook school book school it’s
one of the major spook schools yes so
this is not a typical but I think

they’re following the Trump script which
he interestingly before he was elected
and he was still running this is a video

that he’s shot in his office memory used
to be in his Trump Tower office and you
know he do crazy little videos then he
had the Eagle that good tried to kill
him kill him and then he had the taco

bowl and so this is what his famous like
Mexican food good times was good was fun
back then wasn’t it more fun to know and

so he was talking about Libya and how
Libya had been messed up we had done it
the wrong way and it’s not so forget
Libya and what why

it happened and just here’s the
simplistic straightforward thinking I
believe is in play for the u.s. and
Venezuela clearly with our guy but we
have to go in to save these lives we

should do on a humanitarian basis
immediately go into Libya knock this guy
out very quickly very surgically very
effectively and save the lives after
it’s all done we go to the protestors

who end up running the country they’re
gonna like us a lot better than they
will if we don’t do it more importantly
we’re gonna save lives and we should
then say by the way from all of your oil
we want reimbursement we should have

said we’ll help you but we want 50
percent of your oil they would have
absolutely said okay a hundred percent
in fact they would have said how about

75 percent so and isn’t it sad we could
have had anything we wanted we could
have had fifty percent of those oil
fields you know the old days when you

had a war it’s to the victor belongs the
spoils so we could have had something
special when the so-called rebels came
to us we should have said fellas we’re

gonna help you we want 50 percent of
your oil they would have said thank you
very much we have a deal
write it down sign it we have a deal we
would have been a rich nation again they

have tremendous oil reserves in Libya
instead we help we get nothing we’re
very very foolishly led I think this is
a that’s your strategy and from a

leadership position of the United States
doesn’t sound very globalist and world
friendly of me but we have two other
parties if we don’t do this then China
is going to overrun Venezuela they are

already in there they have deals that
are not advantageous for anyone but
China and they don’t always play fair
the Russians who are in their mining I
think gold mainly they have thousands of

mercenaries is from the reports I’m
getting who are in theirs I don’t know
if that’s true or what they’ll be doing
but you know it’s obvious that this is
the strategy and here is John Bolton the

vicariously ker on his yellow pad
talking about the plan we’re looking at
the oil assets that’s the single most

important income stream that the
government of Venezuela we’re looking at
what to do to that we want everybody to
know we’re looking at all this very
seriously we don’t want any American
businesses or investors caught by

surprise they can see what President
Trump did yesterday we’re following
through on it so if you think of a
company like Cisco which is owned by
peda base which is the state-run oil
company there in Venezuela we have a lot

of those Cisco assets right here in the
US is that something for example sir
that you’re looking at yeah look we’re
in conversation with major American
companies now that are either in

Venezuela we’re in the case of Citgo
here in the United States I think we’re
trying to get to the same end result
here you know Venezuela of the three
countries I called the troika of tyranny

it’ll make a big difference to the
United States economically if we could
have American oil companies really
invest in and and produce the oil
capabilities in Venezuela it’d be good
for the people of Venezuela it be good

for the people of the United States we
both have a lot at stake here making
this come out the right way so that
sounds like the plan troika of tyranny
cuba nicaragua venezuela the troika of

tyranny had not yet laid every phrase so
bolton just as an aside john I’ve done
some research on him some unrelated to

this research now you we know why a
mustache like he has is called a porn
stache and the guy is low odd in his
hobbies pornstache he has a 70s porn

stache looks like on the hour the guy
who gave us the original briefing this

and the refining business mm-hmm and
it’s possible he’s in the information
refining business
as so many of our friends in firm ation
refining operation but I would say that

I buy that whole thing you know I’d like
this the central information refinery
yeah central information refined at sir
sir refunds so being in the refining

business doesn’t seems to me to be so
geopolitical but apparently it is now so
I but I by that I believe that he is
someone who was designed to give us this
information properly so now we have it

and I I agree with that totally buy it
yeah I totally buy it so I’m not having
a problem with that information I’m just
questioning the real origins of it

now the we’ve had other people and I
also think is assertion that we don’t
know what we’re talking about about
Venezuela is probably true at that level

sure and now that’s been corrected it’s
been corrected in one show so it wasn’t
that we’ve been dragging it out so it is
the central information refinery who we

deal with I’d like this this is new this
is very good information refinery so
you’d find it and we got it which is
which is a plus so let’s listen to what
the mainstream media has to say yes but

let me before we play the quick
Venezuela hit and by the way NBC made
this a very quick forty eight second hit
I have the whole thing it’s very short
but before we do that let’s just a
forty-three second the at the UN the UN

Venezuela ambassador blasting the United
States pulling everything everything out
that he could Venezuelan ambassador to
the United Nations Jorge Valero blasted
the USS Apocrypha on Tuesday a little

different than slammed and it’s way
different than lashed out blasted is
Venezuelan ambassador to the United
Nations Jorge Valero blasted the USS

Apocrypha on Tuesday what is this
government want this government that
doesn’t recognize treaty that doesn’t

recognize any of the agreements made
around Iran and signed by various
European countries
as a trade war with China that threatens
Russia with a nuclear war that attacks
in a very sadistic manner migrants from

Central America who arrived there that
has built a wall a criminal wall that
sequester’s children to make them suffer
children of migrants and this government
this US government would have any moral

authority to impose any diktat on
wow man he went to the wall that’s great
so here’s the quick vent this is the

update from NBC and I think they’re just
want to keep the public this much
informed and no further
tonight massive crowd supporting
opposition leader Wanhua Joe calling for

the ouster of Venezuela’s embattled
leader Nicolas Maduro it’s a cold war
showdown guardo’s supported by the US
and most of Latin America challenging
Maduro bankrolled by Russia appearing on

Russian state television thanking Maduro
even accusing President Trump of
ordering a hit squad to kill him trying
to show military strength

US officials again warning Maduro
against any violence toward guardo or
Americans President Trump tweeting that
he called Bardo and reinforced strong
United States support this is not a u.s.
initiative this is an initiative for

which all the credit belongs to the
venezuelan tonight the White House is
tightening the financial squeeze on
Maduro blocking it from getting any
revenue from his state-owned oil company
well horrible orange man bad so well the

Venezuelans that are refining
information to us seem to be very happy
with it and and noticeable is that none

of them defend guado they don’t talk
about him it’s unimportant to them yeah
it’s you know this this narco-state led

by Maduro is it’s it’s pretty bad
oh it’s been falling apart for a while
yeah I mean it started with Shabbas when

we tried to you know do deals with him
and then he went nuts and started doing
a TV show remember Obama went over there
hung out with him didn’t he oh yeah and
also did Charlie not Charlie Sheen but

Sean Penn and all these right hang and I
would do it with old Shabbos yeah and
then as per Shabbos
the United States intelligence services

gave him cancer and he died that’s what
he was always saying yeah he said that
CIA gave me cancer Zoe said yeah oh he
was possible how was it when he died I
don’t know let’s take a look I really

don’t know early 70s yeah still he died
at UH you go chef as the funny looking

guy now we don’t laugh at appearances
here on the no agenda podcast how long
is this taking I am sorry okay he was

born 54 he died in 2013 they don’t put
his years they put his age but for some

reason they don’t do it with him 63 62
yeah it wasn’t that be 69 I think or 59

59 59 he also was young he also knew
about the earthquake machines that we

deployed he talked about that a lot no
weather modification he he was very open
about what the tools that the elite a
didn’t get to is ready to age 58 oh poor

yes a very interesting piece of
information came to me as you know I am
I have a hard time believing that we

landed on the moon and this is not going
to be the whole segment about that but
there’s enough things that point in the
direction of no proof this is
she with the Van Allen belts you can

look that up if you’re interested I
think the thing that bothered me the
most is that 10,000 tapes including not
just all the footage of the Apollo moon

landing but also all the telemetry data
10,000 10,000 tapes were lost NASA
doesn’t know where they are you know
it’s annoying and so over the years you

know you always look for I’m always
looking for these little clues as to you
know what what other bullcrap but we’ve
been told about this if it didn’t happen
it was just a couple years ago that I
think was the ambassador to the

Netherlands who would who had been that
we had a moon rock was given either to
the country or to the ambassador and it
turned out that moon rock was just a
rock from Earth you remember that story
remember but you can’t really talk about

any of this without playing theremin at
least four all right well it’s always
the truth that is the strangest I would

do to though I’m giving away moon rocks
which are worth millions of dollars
I would give a rock just a rock I have a
lot of rocks in my backyard I’d watch

one often well you could work for NASA
so now they discover there’s a problem
with one of the largest moon rocks ever
collected emission brought moon rocks
back to earth

well now scientists have made an amazing
discovery do you think some of that rock
came from Earth and could be four
billion years old the earth rock was
discovered on the moon near the edge of
the cone crater it was part of the

largest sample brought back by the
Apollo 14 mission it was nicknamed Big
Bertha so how did it get to the moon
well the theory is around four billion
years ago an asteroid or comet hit the
earth the impact sent rock hurtling

through Earth’s primitive atmosphere
where it collided with the surface of
the Moon back then the moon was three
times closer to Earth and it is now
researchers say the rock which is
similar to granite contains feldspar

quartz and zircon common on earth but
not on the moon when researchers took a
closer look they discovered the rock is
from the Haiti in time which shape
solar system during the first billion

years it’s thought the rock formed about
20 kilometres below the earth’s surface
the extraordinary fine means there could
be other little bits of earth scattered
on the moon a discovery that could help

paint a better picture of Earth’s
earliest days call me skeptical yeah
there it is just feeding into your what
75 million years or 100 there’s some

cycle involved with that apparently
there’s it one of the guys one of the
big shots one of the superstar
physicists up at the Laura at the
Berkeley Livermore labs or whatever at
Berkeley Lawrence Berkeley labs LBL has

this theory and because of the nature of
the die-offs because I guess is the our
galaxy goes through some other galaxies
once every once in a while it goes

through an asteroid belt we get pelted
and it kills everything oh yeah
dinosaurs the last time when this
happened and it kills most of mankind I
mean we have all these issues that we

got these kill offs at these different
if the if the new world order leaders
are trying to kill us anyway but they
don’t feel like waiting for seventy five

billion years they won’t they want to do
it now because they think they can run
things with their planned economies
anyway uh so it’s possible that just
this far-fetched story is true yeah sure

okay it’s good I’d I just say I’d like
the central information refinery to at
least inform me before I die just say
curry you all right that’ll just bits

all I need don’t you wouldn’t you rather
meet some of the aliens that they have
bow I went through that scam already
remember that I was gonna meet the alien
you were gonna meet was just a weird

dude I totally missed the signals why
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details of Adams life why where how’d he
learn to fly rotary wing aircraft I’d

like to know it seems very suspicious to
me oh yeah he ever learned anything did
he did he really own and drive a
rolls-royce named TV days yes why did he
drive it well because I could afford it

shouldn’t have had people for that no
like you drive it why didn’t he have
people drive it I couldn’t afford people
the drive is for me he was CEO of some
company yes
think new ideas why was C tío of

thinking ideas but founder took it
public in 96 people know any of that
he was rich for a while weren’t they
trying to what is he trying to what are
you writing a book he was rich for a

while how long how did he become poor
well back to the Rotary back to the back
to flying helicopters the show when he
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until you have made some effort to learn
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yeah no kidding anonymous a 6008 is the
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ISM oh really

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count yeah
yes let’s do a head count to make sure
okay we got a couple of things since we
were talking about Venezuela and we did
mention the democracy now of course is

the socialist news and they’re all
against everything going on because you
know leave that guy in he was voted in
for after all yeah who cares where he
was born

cares about the Constitution but they
did bring on this investigative reporter
called Allan Nairn mmm and it was mostly
to talk about this Abraham’s character

who’s this the guy that dead Trump just
hired oh the yeah the guy of the
iran-contra guy
you war criminal hey if you want to do a

coup do it with the right people get
some pros in there so that you know
bringing this Elliott Abrams bringing
this guy in it’s kind of a red flag
makes it look as though you know even

though you had that clip from NBC where
Rubio said well you know that we had
nothing to do with this and other people
say this we don’t have we didn’t trigger
this it wasn’t with somebody to have

Hillary’s hitman go in there and do
anything it just started spontaneous not
spontaneously but the Venezuelan people
got fed up but if you’re gonna make it
look like we did it now do you think
that Bolton hired them cuz I still don’t

understand what Bolton is doing in
Trump’s orbit I don’t neither because
he’s a neocon and Abrams is the neocon
these are war mongers he’s the kind of

guys that Trump always bitches and moans
about yeah it’s not very not very de
swamp II of him no not at all but let’s
listen to what Naren says about Abrams
on Democracy Now he just agrees he gives

us the background err that is worth
listening to it was the key man and
Reagan administration policy toward
Central America when that administration
was abetting what a Court recently ruled

was a genocide in Guatemala when the US
was backing the army of El Salvador in a
series of death squad assassinations and
and massacres and when the US was

invading Nicaragua with a contra force
that went after what one US general
described as soft targets meaning
civilians things like cooperative’s

abrams later came back during the George
W Bush administration joined the
National Security Council and was a key
man in implementing the u.s. policy of

backing Israeli attacks against Gaza
when the u.s. refused to accept the
results of the Gaza elections

mas defeated Fatih in a vote and instead
Abramson company backed a war operation
to overturn the results of the election

backing the forces of Mohammed Aslan
some commentators have said well Abrams
is not a Trump guy he represents
traditional established u.s. foreign

policy and that’s true yeah which the
oil business is also traditional
American US policy yes brothers game for

a reason he’s obviously a hit man how
much do you how much do you think
Tillerson had to do with this before he
got outed or did he screw something up
because he must have been all over this

this has it this is a Tillerson type
operation I mean he’s he’ll be the guy
for that I have no idea cuz I always got
the sense that Tillerson never got any
direction never really took any

initiative just a bumbler but who knows
mmm give me the oil guy you’d think he’d
be all over this maybe you didn’t do
anything with oil because fearful that
someone would call him out for being

conflict of interested interested Abrams
appearance on Charlie Rose in 1995 I got
this clip ha and he was with with the

same reporter this guy would apparently
have been at each other so it’s not I
kind of accept this reporters take on
things because if you look into him as
being like compromised you know big went

to Georgetown and went to you know this
little yale law and then ii once we know
he didn’t do any of that he was just a
background it wasn’t stationed and
berlin and then stationed in tunisia

none of that
he’s just an investigative reporter who
seems like he doesn’t he’s totally
disconnected from the intelligence run
these guys hey you gotta fake it til you

make it right so this guy was on with
abrams on Charlie Rose and he said he
should be tried as a war criminal right
there on the show it was dynamite I mean

I think you have to be you have to apply
uniform standards
President Bush one took once talked
about putting Saddam Hussein on trail
crimes against humanity Nuremberg style
tribunal I think that’s a good idea

but if you’re serious you have to be
even-handed if we look at a case like
this I think we have to talk
start talking about putting watermelon
and US officials on trial
I think someone like mr. Abrams would be

a fit subject for such a Nuremberg style
inquiry but I agree with mr. Abrams that
Democrats would have to be in the dock
with him the Congress has been in on
this the Congress approved the sale of
sixteen thousand m16s to Guatemala in 87

and 88 one thing I did before because
they voted more military aid than the
Republicans asked for and again I invite
you and Elliott Avery back to discuss
what he did but right Charlie but go
ahead you want to repeat the question I

want to be in the dock it is ludicrous
it is ludicrous to respond to that kind
of stupidity this guy thinks we were on
the wrong side in the Cold War maybe he
personally was on the wrong side I am
one of the many millions of American

history don’t worry wrong side they’re
supporting the massacre of thousands in
organized crime that’s a crime mr.
Abrams which people should be tried you
put all the American officials who won

the Cold War I’m getting in the dock you
know it’s never too late you know the
funny thing is this gabe’s was and
Charlie did nothing about this Abrams
made the point that it was the Cold War

that we went and massacred a bunch of
people and Guatemala and it’s kind of
screwed up that cut it what does it have
to do with the cold war against Russia
I mean he’s and then he and he says hey

this guy you know he’s against the Cold
War I mean he’s against being on our
side in the Cold War it’s got nothing to
do with it and Andros that zip about hey
we’re not talking about the Cold War

we’re talking about Guatemala no no that
didn’t happen so this guy did but anyway
I thought it was very funny exchanged
nobodies you know nobody’s going after
Abrams again it’s never too late we can
still do Nuremberg trials their father

yeah they won’t do term berg trials are
great yes not happening I come from the
frontlines of Technology to discuss
something with you yeah you know I’ve
been messing around with a pie hole yeah

we I just think it’s a great name the
pie hole is a software package that’s
open-source you can download it and

typically you run it on a Raspberry Pi
which is the very inexpensive $25
computer that’s pretty much complete
it’s just a just the board with some
chips on it but it has you know you can
get it with Wi-Fi and you pretty much

plug it in you you burn a SD card with
whatever you need you stick it in and
the thing kind of works I mean you
anyone can do this certainly with a
little bit of help from some of the

people in the no agenda a value network
if you needed it now so what this does
is it you you load block lists which are
also open source put together by

communities people who are looking at
things that are spying on you mainly so
I think it initially started as a way to
block ads on your home network and that
turned into blocking not just ads but

trackers and it is because I’ve been
watching the logs go by first of all my
internet is sped up by 20 percent feels
like just because I’m not loading all
this crap anymore but I was very

surprised I was reading on the piehole
reddit that there’s also a way to stop
Roku from tracking you and I’ve been

reading what the Roku box does holy crap
it scans your network every minute and
reports to back it’s a home base that

has 25 different tracking servers it
reports to and it reports you know stuff
like your your network card your NIC
card information and you know what what
kind of devices you have it’s reporting

a lot of information and so I’m like
well of course I want to install these
and usually the block lists have
everything so that it’ll just still work
for instance Tina still uses Instagram
that doesn’t work anymore Facebook

Instagram that doesn’t work in my house
anymore you know you block the the
tracking server which is graft and stops working which is
fine we’re all happy with that but the

Roku so I’m looking at this thing the
Roku is it’s not activated it’s just
it’s it’s on but I’m not even watching
TV I’m watching the log file of the
piehole John I touch the remote

immediately it starts reporting back
just I just touched it there’s an
accelerometer or something in it yeah
actually there is the remote on the Roku

acts as like a week and try okay well so
it can be used that you can turn on a
pointer on the screen and by moving the
remote you can move the pointer around

on the screen so that but what is who
has have it does have this fee okay well
it’s also reporting that immediately
it’s like someone touched me pay
attention what’s he doing how’s he

holding is he sitting is he close what’s
he doing sorry holy crap pretty much
and so you you’d be very surprised what
kind of spying is going on Microsoft
Windows is unbelievable why does being

have to be talked to every minute
everything use being my browser’s not
even open it’s talking to being there’s
all kinds of stuff block block block

block block and then I come across you
know this is the world we live in
we’re trapped just by all kinds of stuff
and you have no idea what what really is
going on except building great profiles

of you and then I read a very
interesting story which I want to pay
get a timeline in history as maybe a
tipping point very important Facebook is
now in some hot water because they had

an app in the App Store which included a
VPN and the concept of this app and it
wasn’t the regular Facebook app is that

if you download it and install this app
the VPN would with your knowledge spy on
everything you’re doing on your phone so
anything that’s running all went to

through Facebook so you have to envision
it as your phone’s connected the
Internet but it has a a tunnel straight
to Facebook they analyze everything with
every app you know GPS information

accelerometer just you name it and then
of course the connected to the internet
if you if you’re using it and they were
paying people for this now Facebook or
Apple told them to stop that they

stopped and they they did it again by
putting it into some research app and
kind of hiding it and now Apple is
oh you’re kicked off that their apps
haven’t been kicked out of the store but

they’ve lost their developer certificate
so there’s all kinds of feuding going on
for something that Facebook was very
open about they were advertising mainly
two teens Millennials so not just teens
with Millennials $40 a month if you

install this app so we can track
everything you’re doing and this is that
this is the tipping point there were 10
million people who at one point or

another signed up for this program to
sell all their data everything they’re
doing for $40 a month and while this has
created outrage I think it is the most

wonderful thing that has ever happened
Thank You Facebook thank you 10 million
people for putting a price on data I
mean I’m sure that their companies who

would pay $50 for you to do this or
maybe you know some combination this is
turning the model upside down and I
don’t think anyone sees it yet but I

feel that it’s a very interesting
opportunity to turn the spying around
into no I’ll give you my data for X
amount and under these conditions so I

think this is being misinterpreted I
think it’s a fantastic thing that has
taken place it is the first step where
consumers are maybe able to get the

upper hand it’s almost like carbon
pricing you know we’re still waiting for
a price on carbon and now we have a
price for your data and your life that
your digital life $40 a month it’s a

good start well it would the way you
provide us with this information the way
you put it out there I think you’re on
to something so I like it too I think

it’s a fantastic idea that everyone get
all bent out of shape about this is
great people you kidding me we just need
more companies doing it and I think that
there’s lots of people who would say

yeah I’ll give something away 40 bucks a
month I’d take a 40 bucks thing if I
could yeah 505 on me here yeah exactly I
don’t even use my phone exactly

exactly the new Johnny English movie
with mr. bean Oh talks about this the
whole movies about that guy who’s a

Silicon Valley a date at Munger oh
yeah he’s gonna take over the world if
we don’t stop him and you know this
bumbling what’s the name of this movie
Johnny English something it’s the new
Johnny English movie it’s like this guy

Atkinson rowing at this Hector has not
done anything fun I can tell for 10
years but I would say this movie just
came out huh
take a look I’d say that this movie let

me see if I could find it the full name
of it is Johnny English something I
enjoyed it I thought it was a place it
on the on-the-job strikes again is it on

the Netflix or the Amazons no tanks no
theatres you saw it in the theater
yeah Johnny English strikes again they
give it two three out of five stars

nobody likes the movie cuz then they
hate the actor this is also two bits in
here mm-hmm that as someone who admires
good writing there’s at least two bits

in your one in particular that is it’s
just like do you go oh my god why didn’t
anybody think of this before
where he puts on a people see this I

won’t even give it away but he put let’s
just put it this way this is where the
bit starts he puts on as some VR VR
thing yeah it goes from there and it’s

very entertaining good movie excellent
well also several people pointed out
that no we’re talking about five G that

the Kingsmen two had a variation of this
everyone has a phone it controls you and
then if a central point can kill you if
you did you see Kingsman – you know I

I’m not seen Kingsman – and I should
have cuz I really like Kingsman one yeah
similar where they put little
implantations and everyone’s head you
could blow their head off if they were

disobedient yes this is it’s it’s a very
good point and the best part of actually
we have so many Network admins dudes
named Bend who have checked in a couple

of things I’ve learned one 5g is
actually the protocol so that’s what
AT&T is doing is they’re rolling out 5g
on 4G radios which go up to about 6

gigahertz that the other thing about 5g
is because it’s being made into this
national emergency which and I have my
thoughts about that

you know we’ve we don’t have 5g we’re
all going to die cars will not drive
automatically your fridge won’t know how
to order the milk you know all the stuff
that that we’ve been promised you know
the flying cars all this will be
possible with 5g it’s such an emergency

that the I think the push is to make it
national infrastructure already it’s
very simple for the telecommunications

companies with today’s regulations to
put these things anywhere they want and
if you make it part of you know our
national infrastructure they can do
pretty much whatever they want so

they’re just getting their boxes in it’s
about getting your boxes in close we’re
looking at some of these higher range 5g
cell systems anywhere from 60 to over a
hundred watts and went at the higher

frequencies that’ll be interesting but
we do have a possible rollout yeah it’ll
be interesting when the birds when u s–
notice there’s no more birds in your
neighborhood that’s all they’ll be great

we have grackles here in in Austin
Brackins veronique know they’re very
scary they’re annoying they sit on the
tree at night making noise
yeah but they just sit there looking at

it all all down second Street every tree
is it looks like the trees black but
it’s just the birds sitting in there the
creepy of course the first people to fly
hates bird I do no I don’t I don’t I

really don’t hate birds
anyway the first 5g rollout of some
significance where are we going to fry
people first let’s go down under the US
unveiled sweeping charges shoot this one

I mean and today we are very proud that
we are bringing the very first
application of 5g using our new 5g
network to provide this new home

broadband service we are proud to be
able to bring this to residences across
Australia starting right here with two
suburbs in Canberra in the Dickson

suburb where we’re at and mineka and one
in Glendenning in Sydney and gradually
over the next 14 months in capital

cities across Australia and in regional
cities we will be bringing this up this
5g home broadband service as we deploy

1200 base stations by March 31st 2020

Canberra you’ll be on the barbie you’ll
be you’re a the Barbie now I’ve really
been thinking about this 5g and in the

world of growth where every industry has
to continue to expand and grow and we’re
seeing the the strains of this like
healthcare you know prices are so

overinflated why because these companies
need to grow they need to do more every
company needs to grow and I think that
this this religion this 5g religion is
is really gonna come down to that and

the fight with China yeah we have a
trade war but really it surrounds that
even the trade war the stealing of
technology all these accusations it

comes down to 5g who’s gonna be in
charge of it who’s running it who runs
whose network and The Wall Street
Journal had a decent breakdown of the
the 5g war which

you probably figured out is that
includes a huawei in China the US
unveiled sweeping charges against
Chinese tech giant Huawei on Monday

formally accusing the company and its
affiliates of stealing trade secrets and
violating Iran sanctions nearly two
dozen charges were filed in two separate
indictments first in Washington state

authorities charged Huawei with stealing
technology from t-mobile the
investigation stemmed from a civil suit
brought by t-mobile in 2014
back when Huawei supplied phones for

t-mobile the company said that the
Chinese firms stole secrets about its
testing robot named tapi Huawei entities
directed employees to take photographs
take measurements and take other

protected information without permission
and finally when all this still did not
get them what they were looking for they
tried to steal tapis robotic arm in
order for engineers in China to

replicate it now the Justice Department
is alleging that the theft was part of
an organized effort and that Huawei even
paid bonuses to employees who
successfully stole confidential
information Huawei has denied wrongdoing

and second in an indictment unsealed in
Brooklyn the u.s. alleged that Huawei
its chief financial officer and two of
Huawei’s affiliates were involved in
violating US sanctions against Iran

Huawei through its executives and others
repeatedly claimed two US government
officials and various banks that the
company its subsidiaries and partners
operated in accordance with US sanctions

and export laws and in accordance with
EU and UN sanctions as charged in the
indictment those claims were false
the indictment includes charges against
the company’s CFO Manju for her personal

involvement in misleading financial
institution ms mung is the huawei
founders daughter she was arrested in
Canada in December and is fighting
extradition the u.s. is global campaign

against Huawei has enraged China and the
latest indictments are likely to
escalate tension between Washington and
Beijing just as trade talks are set to
resume Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

tried to make it clear that these
charges are separate from trade
discussion to be clear these indictments
are law enforcement
actions and are wholly separate from our
trade negotiations with China fall wait

products have largely been blocked from
the US but even without access to the US
market Huawei is the world’s largest
maker of telecom equipment and the
second largest smartphone company after

Samsung Huawei poses a threat to the US
officials say because it’s positioning
itself as a global leader in 5g the
ultra-fast wireless technology that will
soon be connected to everything but that

could also be vulnerable to cyberattacks
so the more I think about this and I
Maura hear these types of reports I
think that the the move has got to be
towards some kind of nationalization or

some way to to get it subsidized by the
the Treasury basically to port to print
money to to smother the Chinese or
whatever it is somewhere we’ve got to

bring this to a national level and all
this other stuff may just be window
dressing I’m sure yeah Chinese have a
different culture they don’t care that
everything’s from the people so they
don’t see you too stealing

to paraphrase no this is always told us
years ago by a communist when I was in
the Soviet Union they said we believe
that all intellectual property is the

property of the people right and that’s
the Chinese thing too and they are ok
well they only pay lip-service
our notions right but this 5g there’s a

lot riding on it you know it’s like I
think health care is also you know the
insurance industry let’s call it call it
the health care industry it’s Big Pharma
it’s bankers within with insurance it’s

all of this I think that their their
version of growth and maybe this is why
it’s happening is let’s give everybody
free health care that the government
pays for and then let’s let a lot of

extra people in it’s like you know who’s
gonna win is not gonna be the taxpayer
but someone’s gonna make out like a
bandit because they expand it to an
infinite number free health care and

bring in all kinds of extra people let
them just run in yes there’s a formula
for success
it’s a winning success but of course you
know some people also take it a little

too far the Sackler family
which is this is not something that is
in the news a lot because it’s a
pharmaceutical in the and I was
surprised to see this on Good Morning
America but they did a piece about

Purdue Purdue is the company owned by
the Sackler family that owns the patents
on oxycontin and who well the report
explains how brazen these people are

Michael good morning to you the National
Safety Council says Americans are more
likely to die from an accidental opioid
overdose than a car crash this morning
the Attorney General Massachusetts is
accusing the billionaire sackler family

of contributing to the epidemic saying
they knew the risks but push the drug
anyway the complaint alleges certain
members of the Sackler family or worth
thirteen billion dollars were aware of

the dangers of oxycontin but continued
to push sales according to newly filed
court documents when oxycontin was first
Richard Sackler Purdue’s former
president and son of the company founder

is quoted saying at a company event that
the launch would be followed by a
blizzard of prescriptions the complaint
also says years later as evidence of
widespread abuse of oxycontin began to

mount Sackler urged the company to blame
addicts allegedly writing in an email we
have to hammer on the abusers in every
way possible
they are the culprits and the problem

they are reckless criminals who do
Pharma telling ABC News the Attorney
General has cherry picked from among
tens of millions of emails and other
business documents produced by Purdue

the complaint is littered with biased
and inaccurate characterizations of
these documents Purdue and the
individual defendants will aggressively
defend against these misleading

allegations now Purdue Pharma statement
goes on to say that we continue to fight
for balance in the public discourse so
that society can simultaneously help
pain patients in need and create real
solutions to the complex problem of

addiction the company and Sackler family
are facing dozens of other lawsuits
across the country that’s nice
kill people blame them well the worst
part about it was the idea of behind

oxycontin and their sales pitch was it’s
not as addictive
Frank as morphine or yeah thanks guys so
they went out the sales guys this

stuff’s not as addictive so we can just
go ahead write it up this is the thing
that and it also has some ill effects to
certain people I mean Rush Limbaugh got
strung out all the time yeah and of

course he used to be a began take you
know he used to be a big talker about
people getting strung out in there but
then he stopped talking about it but it
made him deaf yes and it has that

affected you overdosing on it or taking
too much of this stuff which apparently
just blows out is real I I didn’t
realize that that’s where his deafness

came from I that’s interesting I didn’t
know that’s what everybody thinks and
then I heard his show before he got his
whatever he had some operations to get
his hearing its kind of back well you
only is not the same but he there was a

period of time where I heard him when he
was deaf still doing his show hmm but he
couldn’t hear himself very well and he
did not sound anything like rush lip it
was really I’m saying who’s this guy and

now he has the the implants he’s got
some implants and so he’s now he sounds
like himself again but he didn’t sound
like himself when he was just flying
blind as it were and it was a very

interesting voice he had it was not it
was not as bombastic and wasn’t it
wasn’t yeah he’s got a great voice so
it’s I guess I guess it uh you lose the
hair in your ears which is exactly what

makes you here that could be it’s not
good it’s not good stuff what viagra
makes you blind
no John what would people telling you in
that chat room all right how are we

doing we’re done actually unless you
wanna I got that funny one okay bring
one more this is B this is a coat this
is shorty this is only uh know eight
seconds this is a man on this just from

a man on the street thing that was done
it by some podcaster and they was of
course he laughs a lot at the end which
makes it funnier but this is a question
man on the street question about what is

the Cold War
I’m trying to find this old war question
okay got your Cold War what was that
about bring the flame freeing the slaves
Cold War what was that about bring the

flame oh yes we really don’t deserve to
be a country all right nice all right
everybody that’s it for today’s

deconstruction I think we’ve brought you
a lot we didn’t get to the the roe v–
wade conversations I’m sure there’ll be
more outrage over that it’s all

posturing it’s all for votes it’s all
about the election and it’s quite
disgusting the way it’s being presented
on all sides Sunday I think we should
try and shed some light and deconstruct

what’s going on there
and I’m sure you’ll be here then yes
I will be here as well I’ll be in there

yeah I’ll be probably will you guys be
hey you will you be coming to you from
downtown Austin Texas capital the drone
star state here in FEMA region number
six on all governmental maps in the five

by nine clue do in the common law condo
in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry man from Northern Silicon
Valley we’re supposed to be three days
of rain we haven’t had it’s not raining
so I think they’re wrong I’m John Steve

Dvorak we return on Sunday with another
best podcast in the universe
thanks to Mix Master Rule feat Tom
Starkweather and Alex and lob G for end
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adios mofos and such breaking points
breaking point

breaking point do you know what that
I’ve never heard of sugar frosted flakes

how much does an 18 ounce box of

Cheerios cost
and an 18 ounce box of Cheerios Donald
Trump have you ever used a coupon in

your life well I’ve never even gone to a
really a food market my wife why I don’t
eat Cheerios I’m sorry okay

never heard of it I worked out a lot
made a lot of Wheaties but me let’s look
at the facts of what I’ve tried to sit I
don’t eat Cheerios I’m sorry okay
if you go out and you want to buy

groceries you need a picture on a card
you need ID so why you need ID I never
heard of it I’m sorry why you need ID
I don’t eat Cheerios I’m sorry okay

I’ve never heard of it some good