No Agenda Episode 1109: “Pentacon”

I hate Super Bowl analysis Adam curry
this is no agenda morning everybody
curry and from northern Silicon Valley

where the birds are dropping out of the
sky but not here I’m Chelsea Devorah
please don’t tell me you’re gonna start

off with a hoax oh the dead birds in my
hey we got now we got to play it so I
can detox you hundreds of birds have
fallen from the sky in The Hague the

Netherlands during a 5g experiment to
see how large the range was and whether
the new wireless technology and what the
fine outfit was broadcasting this piece
that you thought wow this this has got

to be true this sounds like a real
mainstream outfit here to you on the
podcast report would cause any harm in
the local area news of the adverse

effects suffered by these starlings was
slow to break as initially I think this
is the same report they had for the
windmills I just added 5g you know like
you know when I was over there I visited

some of the major windmill farms this
huge windows there’s no dead anything
around those things no you think to be a
feather you think there’s a feather some
bird food now there were dead birds in

the park in the in the Hague but it
seems like there were some poisoning of
the birds that’s why they they forbid
people from taking their dogs in for a
while hey the way I looked at it with it

at the beginning discussing dead
starlings I was all in need more dead
starlings we got em up in Washington

hey can you can you just imagine if
maybe maybe maybe this 5g can Electrify
and nuke the grackle problem we have in
Austin now that would be a benefit
birds there they are creepy they have

their own Yelp page they do yes does
anyone have do you have a recording of
them cuz they make a funny sound

I can make one I’ll make one as we’re
walking by on 2nd Street and they’re all
in the and the load that little zoom go
that’ll sound great instead he’ll pick
him up like a champ

now there’s plenty of problems with with
5g funny problems with 5g I don’t think
the birds got nuked by this experiment
at all we had one of our producers in is
in Canada and I guess was it Canada now

I gotta think yeah yeah I think he’s on
Rogers and say he has one of those
phones that says 5g yeah and and so he
did a speed test

they I think in in town
and it was like you know half a megabit
per second went up to his home an hour
outside of the city on 4G you know 60
megabits per second and stuff is not

quite so it’s working faster on 4G of
course I mean the 5g stuff well we’ll
see it’s nonsense there’s no way they’re
gonna get fight with us there Brian

about 5 megabits per second it only
takes seconds to download a movie well
hold on a second now this is the wrong
eye I just got to say it since you when
you bring this up my experience

throughout the internet and I go a ways
back but also from the providing access
either to client servers or otherwise
and it’s not of so much about speed

that’s the consumer myth that’s been
sold to you like oh it’s 5g it’ll be
even faster it’s about the throughput
and I have seen throughout my career
consistently for anything for any though

of course I did big websites for you
know for Reebok and Continental Airlines
and Budweiser but even when we were
doing pod show slash me vo slash

whatever the hell it became the fatter
the pipe the more bandwidth not speed
the more bandwidth the more media is
consumed and it’s an this is something

important to understand with this 5g
rollout so if you’re selling if it does
say you’re selling ads and on whatever
pipe you have it could be a huge pipe
you make it bigger it is just the law

it’s the natural law of physics
you get more accesses and therefore can
technically sell more ads it’s just a
okay so that would be a main reason for

these idiots to try and you know push
this forward I agree with you I don’t
think it’s all that great in this health
concerns of course and you know what

it’s really coming down to now is hey
don’t use Huawei including Germany as of
this week as the US has asked German
providers to get rid of their wild

Huawei equipment for 5g which there is
some reluctance towards take the gear
back exactly very expensive but here’s

the thing I don’t think the market
really believes that I’m looking at the
I guess Nokia would be that no clear
error about Nokia Ericsson they both
have their trials their stock is dead in
the water it’s not really moving

anywhere it’s not like people are going
home Huawei is out it’s gonna be these
guys I don’t see it so I don’t know what
this noise is about
or what kind of guarantees we’re going
to get or if it even matters well if it

even matters if the deal so that somehow
the Chinese will be able to shut down
yeah the Huawei routers with all of that
stuff nice did you not learn in
podcasting school to hit your mute

button when you saw but if someone send
me one I’d use okay let’s go back to the
Huawei thing I’m the next phone I’m
getting is a wall way well that doesn’t

sound like a very smart idea by me have
you not seen Kingsman – i would be
careful no nice phone I’ve looked at and

they’re pretty they got all kinds of why
why when you you do a show with me twice
a week why would you want any kind of
smart anything in your hands why do you

want a phone at all
well it’s outside yourselves gonna use
it oh just to look at it to see how
pretty it is

or this you’re getting it for free maybe
that’s what’s going on I wish
well I wouldn’t spit I took I don’t
spend a dime on any smart stuff anymore
you know what you just make it big see
now I walked past here we have this did

I tell you this we have the stupid nest
because the apartment has nests and
you’re not allowed to remove it and all
this and so I’ve been looking at gun
well I did the next best thing

essentially is I turned on my piehole or
you know my monitoring and I walked past
walked pass past the nest it immediately
sent to pain to it’s logging server just

for me walking past it so they’re
building a profile of what I’m doing in
my own home
that’s disgusting blocks block locked
it’s getting pretty good around here you

turn on the Roku you know if you’re the
Roku you have the your overview screen
of your different services and it has to
the right it’ll show an ad of you know
promote something to watch yeah yeah

that’s empty now with me I successfully
made that box empty went away when you
block this service yeah maybe it’s
getting the that information from the

same service it’s or the same server
it’s not even on kind of yeah it’s just
like how this guy’s not here whatever or
these that the problem is these things

are not consolidated so the Roku boxes
you’re clicking on stuff knows you’re on
or doesn’t know you’re on but it just
responds to your clicking on just no
just picking up the remote the rogue and

it knows you’re on yep that part knows
you’re on but yeah so in other words
these services aren’t talking to each
other in some some micro services oh no
not yet say hey hey where’s where’s my
ad it’s supposed to be over here and the

guy says she’s not on what we think he
is yeah oh no it’s not doing that no and
it’s all just to Roku service and the
Netflix is just talking to home base all
the time even when it’s not when I’m not

using it so the app is not selected Roku
is not is it’s on but it’s not
you know app is selected it’s not
streaming to my television and Netflix
is just talking to home base to me

several times an hour a ridiculous waste
of bandwidth at these things keep doing
this well and this is another reason No
this is another reason why 5g is the
Valhalla for the you know for it for

Silicon Valley and all this stuff that
is totally going to destroy our lives
it’s already kind of getting there huh

yeah we should do a article together on
the piehole okay w out on the pie hole
building one but not perfect yes a

concept just the idea the EBI and
discuss and experience things cuz nobody
thinks that when you turn on the Roku
boxes you mean when you pick up the
remote no one thinks about when you just

walk through your house and the nest
sees you walking that it’s report also
pulls in local weather you know it’s
doing all these different things trying
to make decisions I don’t know if

they’re cloud based decisions or
whatever I just want this thing just to
stay at the temperature I said it to and
not be changing all the time
Zephyr some things are consistent and
always on time

okay so where do we when we do this
article and then we’re gonna put it on
night minutes late by the way we’re
gonna put it on medium this hey
everybody we got a post on medium maybe

HuffPo will accept our submission st.
Louis post-dispatch get picked up by
Scripps but this is this is really what
this war this trade war whatever we have

it’s not just a trade war we still have
the CFO of Huawei waiting to be
extradited you know it’s they weren’t
the Chinese weren’t so upset but they

just extradite her to the United States
and then they can make a fuss and get
she’s gonna be in limbo forever if
they’d leave it go on like this she
can’t be happy here’s the one thing I
wanted to ask you

considering where the internet came from
considering the dominance of the English
language not just on the public internet
but encode you know code is is English

air traffic control a lot of it
you know the commands you know very well
variables you can set to whatever you
want it’s not wire B what not just movie
instructions these lousy instructions

wire B yeah wire B what please wait some
time that’s my favorite menu so please
wait some time but taking all that into
account yes we need to be wary of China

and and their products and what they may
be slipping into certain you know we
have to be able to see source code of
stuff its but at the basis do we not

only have a head start but can we not
just say that are dudes named Ben are
dudettes named Bernadette are hackers
arc they must be superior to anybody

else in the world why do we give so much
credence I think our guys and gals kick
their ass any day you know this is funny
you brought this up I don’t have the

list in front of me but JC who manages
dudes named Ben has come up with a whole
thesis about what the different dudes
named been culturally which who are the

best ones and the worst ones and the
ones that can’t do this the ones that
can’t do that I have to get this list
from a woman who will sit down and do it
but he does have one interesting thing
which coincidentally kind of backs up

the kind of dudes named Ben we have he
says that the Muslim coders are
stunningly superior to the general Asian
code coder and Kenny Kenny pinpoint as
to why that is I don’t know

Manon asked but just in general just our
history our legacy our background you
know I think that we lost a lot of
ground to Eastern Europe
the Eastern Europe yeah he’s got

thoughts on that too they work
differently and Israelis you know have I
think also have a the Israelis gotta be
better than the Chinese I just don’t see
why everyone’s all upset about Chinese

hackers and Chinese spying they’re not
just not that great what about the North
Korean spires oh please oh please this
is an axis of evil this is bullcrap what
are they what are they practicing on he

did talk about the Chinese coders having
a certain characteristic characteristics
sure maybe but you know just this it’s
always in you know we had the national

threat assessment which is where Rachel
Maddow came out freaking out that the
you know the Russians can turn off all
of our heat everywhere so cold here I’m
using a space here it’s plugged into a

socket as a switch on it but you know
the Russians gonna turn that off we need
to teach some things to our kids
Russians are gonna turn off a fireplace
kids need to learn you’re gonna turn off

your fireplace kids need to learn some
certain base just as safe sex needs to
be practiced they need to understand
safe use of technology well and and and
one day when we retire when we exit rich

will start a scholarship called the
professor Ted scholarship for for the
prophylactics kids need to understand
that everyone’s given up yeah yeah I had

a conversation with a real estate agent
um yeah we’re trying to find a house

something affordable in Austin and that
and you have what she has to ask me
something so let me just text Tina so I
pull out my Nokia e75 a brother in our

family he’s kind of a project he’s 40 I
think she’s trying to say he was maybe

had some learning disability won’t be
sensitive and she know so we gave him
one of those phones but he wanted to
flip so comparing me basically
someone who was retarded Jordi you’re

retarded mental ability and I said no
the reason I have this is so that when
I’m talking with you I’m not distracted
so that when I’m talking with you I know
no one else is going to be eavesdropping

on the fact that we’re together or that
well maybe what we’re saying and when
I’m talking to you that I want you to
have my undivided attention that’s why I
have this phone and you can working on

this rap but it’s starting to work when
you say these three things like I don’t
want to be distracted when I’m talking
to you I don’t want anyone else to know
I’m talking to you and I definitely

definitely want you to have my full
attention not something that’s beeping
buzzing and flipping and throwing off
all kinds of alerts one more element
that third element is the same as the
first element hmm okay well we’ll work

on it and we’ll publish this in our
medium article as well you need you need
three r83 three points no but the one is
yeah it gets distraction yeah you’re

right is the same thing hmm I need a
third one oh and here is five dollars
from the money I saved I’m not buying an
iPhone how about that or just a dollar

and here’s a dollar because there’s over

a thousand people who I’m giving a
dollar to that I’m not spending on an
iPhone yeah I think we’ll get the three
will work on so anyway so no birds no

roller eyes and go what a rube she went
so do you do or you don’t have no it’s
probably purse no stop she’s probably

unaware that these phones can be used to
see who you’re having a meeting with
yeah if you wanted to do it
I don’t believe cuz I’ve heard too many
but dialing episodes where you can

listen in on the phone oh I’m not gonna
allow you to pass that fake news off
but dials go through a different system

than through digital IP connections when
you’re calling if I called you on the
phone right now it’d be a horrible
connection I call you on skype it’s a
great connection but dial phones are not

comparable to any ease dropping a phone
can do you have to just stop I’m not
buying a thing you’re saying people
usually have the phone in their pocket
the thing can not pick up there’s not

that good okay you’re embarrassing
yourself I’m not going to argue this
point again with you all right

what you are correct about is the
proximity that is the number one
tracking these things do if you’re next
to someone near to someone that’s when
you start getting each other’s

recommendations that’s that’s a big one
that’s a big thing that they do then
eavesdropping yeah
whether people believe it look kids
believe it so you don’t even have to
convince him anymore even if it’s not

true if you ask any kid of course it’s
happening up they think that it’s that I
believe it’s purely proximity someone of
your friends looked at something they
all goes no you’re together a lot or one
from time to time there you go you start

getting it that’s the whole thing anyway
get rid of them and I’m getting a wall
way yeah okay well it’s nice knowing you
the Chinese will know who I’m hanging

out with yeah don’t come to our wedding
without this guy good this Cades a lot
of Chinese food we could probably turn
him today is the big Super Bowl that’s a

big ol Sunday it’s Super Bowl Sunday big
event here in the United States of
America it’s being held in what Atlanta
right yeah Lana

so they’ve cleared out all the homeless
camps I think they did I know they did
hey everybody it’s great you can be here
all year but now you gotta go

just swept them underneath the rug get
rid of them I think we’re gonna have
it’s always about the commercials of
course we love watching the Super Bowl
commercials let’s see what kind of
social justice warrior stuff will pass

by today I’m sure we’ll have some oh
that would be that Barbie the only
interesting stuff the rest of our just
overpriced commercials I believe I
believe that well a washington post has

taken out an ad i rezulin to five
million dollars so maybe more than one
ad and they apparently they had a copy
one ad he always really want i think

it’s up to five dollars five million
dollars for one ad let me I’ll look up
the price raising really high so
apparently they have hired Tom Hanks to
do a voiceover for this ad and you know

it’s obviously about real news only
found in the Washington Post yeah
Washington Post only place it as news
the only place that has actual actual
news that’s good news well good news and

as is traditional with the No Agenda
show when it comes to big events now
this could be a big event could be the
Super Ball is an example it could also
be it could also be the Eurovision Song

Contest or the World Cup soccer we
always like to choose the winner based
on geopolitical data points and with the
knowledge that all major sports games

are rigged the price is up slightly from
last year’s 5.2 million as that’s for 36
yeah I think that would be 30 seconds
what are we doing here 5.2 million

here’s the weird the NBC has an actual
price I think okay it’s five point two
five million this year for a 30-second

spot during the championship matchup
fantastic one hundred seventy five
thousand dollars per second nice so yeah
what are we doing here yeah well we’ll

talk about that in a second because we
have options but let’s talk about the
winner we have the New England Patriots
where the New England pastry pastry it’s

where the pastry its base is a pastry
the pastry is where they base their
fat but where what is their hometown
Boston okay New England Patriots and
then you know playing positive they play

New England and then we have the Los
Angeles Rams yeah okay so first of all
we have the president tweeting about how

horrible the refs were even allowing the
Rams to make it into the Super Bowl so
this needs to be taken into account
crafts and the Patriots owner has said

nothing bad about the president ever as
far as I can tell they’re buddies
exactly so that is another plus but I
think if you look at the hatred of the

NFL of the league and the owners against
the president and all that he stands for
and the pure power of the goat I think
the Rams are on deck to win well I think

they’re on deck to win because they have
a better team they’re inexperienced in
these situations and this would be
Brady’s ninth Super Bowl yeah which is
it counts for a lot

oddly at 90 isn’t he isn’t he known as
the goat yeah he’s the goat that’s the
crazy part greatest of all time right
but the Rams are goats and the Rams are

their goats yes they’re in a sense so
yeah no not in a sense the Rams are goat
so I think goat power goat power how can
you be against goats goat power to the

tune of Hot Pockets another suggestion
try to get from the lyricist sitting at
this end of the microphone power it’s
not it’s more like let me give it a shot

for you hold on let’s see if I can do
this well I know you’d be so off-key
it’s very hard I hear I’m here I’ll take

another medal
get it from a non geopolitical person
well why bother with that we can watch

any telling any cable news show for that
but okay go ahead no I’m taking it from
a non geopolitical spectrum that’s what
I’m saying you’re gonna actually look at
sports if you what the point is is that
the Rams have been relocated to look

back to Los Angeles from whence they
were originated from st. Louis which was
turning into a mediocre football town
mm-hmm and they moved him to the Los

Angeles the big market one of the two
big markets New York and Los Angeles
being the two and they and blas angeles
has gone four before the Chargers moved
up there and before the Rams moved back

in three years ago the rent the loss was
without football and they were getting
they were doing just fine with their
baseball teams and with especially with

their basketball – they had two
basketball teams in Los Angeles one came
up from San Diego and they were doing
just fine in the NFL saw this as a huge
problem because this is a massive market

they had to get football back into Los
Angeles and so they got the Rams they
have to win this game it’s just for the
purposes of saving the league and the
league it appears there’s documentation

people are suspicious of the league
fixing these games and the reason that
that crazy play took place in New
Orleans which was not called and all yes
Trump’s all upset everyone’s upset

I think there’s reasons that it could
have been not called but everybody
disagrees with that that was to make
sure the Rams got into the Super Bowl so
the Rams could win the Super Bowl to get
interest back in Los Angeles to a peak

if they’re gonna win easily or it might
be exciting in the win at the end but
the Rams have to win this game because
that’s what the NFL needs all right the
Rams have to win this game because their

goats end of that’s it I’ll give him
seven points on the spread good to go
goats for the goal
now let’s talk about options for us I’m
sure you saw the news that Spotify

apparently is in talks to buy gimlet
media gimlet now so gimlet is this is
the former producer or creator of this
American life I believe who spun off and

created this American Life clones right
and we just went through the fact they
have a hundred people working on 38
shows they got beautiful studios in
Manhattan no wait

is it made Manhattan what scene yeah I
think it might be in Manhattan
yeah man had the high-priced so they
they just had a final round let’s I want
to talk about two things one about what

Spotify is odd well starting off for any
deal when there’s a buyout and it’s very
shortly after I think they’ve had four
rounds of financing the last round

reportedly according to crunch base was
evaluation of seventy million dollars
which is not all that huge after four
rounds but they had four round so they
keep having to pump money in to have

this deal not officially announced by
anyone but sources say I think is very
bad in general you want the announcement
to be okay Spotify bought us Forex or

maybe not even mention a number to have
sources say they’re in talks the number
is 200 million bad
would you agree from a business

perspective well it’s now I deal it’s
not ideal
I don’t know that is bad it usually it
means that the deal is not gonna happen

well not in a stage where it’s going to
happen so somebody leaked something or
spoke to a Chinese meal but second you
know so this is co this is great for

podcasting well maybe and I wanted to
discuss it with you briefly we have
received an offer from Spotify for the
No Agenda show we have received an offer
with numbers and it’s a it’s an actual

deal I’ve shared it with you a while
back if you recall
okay keep talking you don’t remember her
well I’m under non-disclosure I cannot

discuss the details of the offer but let
me tell you that they’re talking big
numbers but complete exclusivity it
right down to no feed so it would be I’m

not kidding you would only be there
which better be really big they’re
actually interest will you it’s in your
email from two months ago you know we’ve
been been quiet about it because it’s

we’re on I’m under non-disclosure so I
cannot discuss the elements of the deal
but if this is really what they’re doing
I think they’re gonna have a real hard
time real hard time making up making the

money for this you know and it all has
to be unspotted from what I understand
you know but your feed is not your feed
anymore yeah you can’t just like throw
it anywhere you want

I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to
have a feed that has stuff included in
it or whatever they want to do but um
that offer is being put out to a lot of
big podcasters now our problem is I have
no idea how many people how many people

listen to the show you know we’d have to
go in and quanta qualify the logs and
all that stuff
which I have no intention on doing but I
just wanted you to know I thought that

you hadn’t seen this because you never
replied to me about it but yes we’ve we
received that offer yeah you know it’s
not really a podcast anymore it’s a
thing on Spotify I don’t know for that

interested yeah the only thing that’s
cool and I personally might be
interested in this is you can do a music
show on Spotify but hey what can we do
to get that cur to come over I know I

would never go she’s a DJ never go they
didn’t this was not a part of any talks
or any offer I’m just saying but that is
something that could be done now I’m

quite happy sitting where we are just
doing what we do for now
let me see the spreadsheet let me say
hmm okay well anyway I wish the gimlet
media people lots of luck and I wish the

many ads in their future you know it’s
getting to be it’s really I’d listen to
maybe six or seven podcasts in between
our this have last episode in this one

and it’s getting a little annoying
because you have to keep pressing the
fast-forward button on the ads and yeah
Joe Rogan who had a two had I haven’t
pulled enough clips from Joe Rogan had

what’s-his-face from Twitter on dorcy
dorcy yeah boo – now is a member of the
Taliban you have to go through six
minutes of ads in the beginning of Rogan

I mean especially in the beginning
everyone’s gonna fast-forward through
that how can that possibly be effective
me on these and you know the beats juice
and all that stuff is this how if it’s

at the beginning of the show like any
even pods say I gotta I know I’m gonna
start pulling clips of people who think
they’re really intelligent have really
cool podcasts such as pod save America

when these guys who are just sitting
there telling you how the inner working
from they worked in the white house
giving you the inner workings of the
white house and then have to switch and
tell you how great this insurance

product is you can hear their disdain
their hating it no aha
this is a good point I’ve noticed this
too these guys shapiro is one of these
guys same thing yes yes yes he rambles

this is the reason we’ve talked about
this off the air and we talked about Leo
Laporte yeah Leo Laporte master he’s a
master he is the yes live Reid went from

radio where he had to be sincere and he
had all these reads yeah and yeah you
believe it sir when he tells you that
this product is the best ever and then

they dropped their that advertising
campaign and picking up another one for
the same type of product and now this is
the greatest thing ever and he sounds
extremely sincere cuz he knows how to do

these shapiro
he rattles through the thing like oh my
god I
yeah well you got to hear these these
smarmy douche bags from pod save America
you wrote speeches for Obama and now

they’re sitting there reading you know
copy for Squarespace me I find it very
funny all right boys and in fact you
have to be this required in this is such

this extension of radio personally I’ve
always been against this whole thing
when you do you don’t have profession
there’s like maybe five guys in the

I mean Limbaugh can do a good read
mmm-hmm that can do these that can
actually sell you something on with
their manner of selling you by doing a
read of an ad copy piece of paper listen

in front of him right just very few of
them I think the ad should be produced
you don’t see anybody on television
stopping the show I mean like they did

in the 1950s and go on and on and on
about something tied hammam but it’s
podcasting we have much more engagement
with the with of listeners I think it’s
myth yeah I think it’s a myth – when I

hear Shapiro going oh my god I you just
hear it in his voice he doesn’t like
these guys he doesn’t like the product
isn’t like doing this read yeah give him
a pre-programmed ad to run to play

anyway I can tell you that when we do a
donation segment about 15% drop off and
come right back up after we’re done and
that’s I think that’s a good good
drop-off it’s you know minimal yeah it’s

very minimal it comes back and people I
think have realized that there is also
content in that in that segment yes sir
because we’re not promoting a product

that somebody says here promote this
we’re promoting our producers and
whatever thoughts we have during this
segment now I’ve been looking at Fox
News and CNBC specifically I believe

they are in they are pre-sold in a big
scheme to sell
any Altria vaporized product those who

don’t know Altria used to be known as
r.j. Reynolds and Fillmore Morris and I
think there was one other company that

all rolled up into this Altria or they
rebranded and this is the guys who bring
you in the Marlboro Man so this is the
this is the cigarette to Big Tobacco
let’s call them Big Tobacco the nice
name Altria they saw the writing on the

wall and they purchased jewel for
thirteen billion dollars which was
largely cash thirteen billion dollars
and that’s a vape product and I’ve been

watching these ads and I’ve been waiting
for them to make their move and finally
they’ve figured out with a new study no
less what we need to do and what’s going
to happen so they have announced they

will be doing self-critical ads in the
United States but also jewel has a new
television campaign which fits right
along with the study that just came out

a year long study on the use of
e-cigarettes turns up some surprisingly
positive results of John Kerry with the
story we always mind we’ve had just bad
story after bad story and all of a

sudden cold but it’s good news here
Jonathan what’s behind the study
certainly good news for a cigarette
users a team of British researchers has
determined that e-cigarettes are

actually more effective in helping
people quit smoking traditional nicotine
therapies such as those that you wear or
gum that you chew how do they arrive at
this will they followed more than 800

smokers over the course of a year what
they found is nine point nine percent of
the group receiving traditional nicotine
replacement were able to abstain from
smoking during that year long period
however the success rate was almost

twice as high eighteen percent for the
group using e-cigarettes this new study
published in the New England Journal of
Medicine is likely to bolster the
e-cigarette industry which has been

trying to market its products as a safer
alternative for adults who already smoke
but want to quit however many public
health officials say they’re concerned
east cigarettes may provide a gateway to
traditional tobacco use among teens

because they’re marketed and all sorts
of different enticing flavors
although e-cigarettes lack the
carcinogens that you inhale while
smoking traditional cigarettes critics

point out that they contain nicotine
which is highly addictive yes so from
now on they should be referred to as big
Nick big Nick that’s what they are big
Nick now they’re all in this hey yes

it’s right out of the Bernays playbook
from the nineteen literally when they
when he wanted women to smoke yeah tell
the story it’s a bogus story planted you
pay somebody to you know you can do this

with most universities that have any
research capabilities whatsoever
if you it’s only it couldn’t cost you
ten grand maybe might not even cost you
that much you can go to some of the

professor’s leading different
departments and say hey I need to do
this I want to find out whether this
does that or not and I’ll pay for the
study and they put the students to work

and they’ll do a study it’ll be
authentic it’ll be the rights they’re
the right stats to do it right and you
get it UC Davis so you can go up there
and have them do something on wine how
much is you know how much sulfites our

button did the average bottle of wine
you can have them study then you can put
a report out and it’s official and you
can do this with an marketing guys know
this and they go out and they they come
up with an idea and you you if you put

this if you put the research study
together properly where you almost guide
it by what you’re looking for I’m
looking for this see if you can prove
this and then they go out and prove it

and they give you the report back now
it’s yours to distribute or what depends
on how the deal was arranged right and
you could roll it out and if you sent it
with press release you know Oh press

release goes out wasn’t a press release
was it not that’s separate from the
advertising was it not Bernays who
wanted to promote the smoking of
cigarettes by women and he had wasn’t it
like some as if they were suffragettes

on in a parade walking up Fifth Avenue
smoking in public that was that was a it
was a fantastic campaign and he got I
mean from that became we got Virginia’s
limbs and a whole new whole branding

he’s the one who developed the ideas of
influencers brand influencers he was
ahead of his Instagram time and so Brent
you notice in other words you get some

famous person Cary Grant you know
somebody’s very famous everybody likes
and they all admire cuz he’s a big set
actor and you have him smoking you get
people you know I like the way he looks
smoking I think I do that most people

just look at you know they have their
their influencers and they look at him
as role models it’s called a role model
that’s where he was all bent out of
shape when somebody’s supposed to be a
role model doesn’t want to be one he’s

just a punk and they just condemned him
until he becomes a role model cuz he’s
got too much power to be just some punk
he’s gonna have a bad influence on the
kids and so this is all part of the
scheme sure I love it

I’m also I’m all my faith in you know
I’m a big proponent just like I was I
saw the talking tubes coming down
Broadway I saw this vaping coming down
Broadway and now we’ll have limited

choice and it was fun while it lasted in
our little cottage industry of making a
liquids I’m sure we all still get some
illegally someone made up in the bathtub

but big Nick is here to stay and I
expect them to do a lot of a lot of ads
denouncing their previous product which
let’s face it the cigarette was just the
administration vehicle it’s always been

about the nicotine yeah and so now you
know it’s it’s everybody wins
your clients can’t you win and there’s
money your clients don’t die as fast
from your product so it’s good I think

this is a very good development but Fox
News CNBC they’ve been on and from I
think from the get-go saving all of oh
yeah finally we have the study now now

it’s great
big Nick my friend big Nick I remember
the time I was listening to Michael

Savage who was getting all worked up
bent out of shape which is the best part
when he showed his shows always best
when he’s like completely freaked and
he’s bitching about some guys that came

out of his office and they had this this
advertising vehicle they wanted to put
together and they had a term for it he
was moaning and groaning seen ever do
this in a million years and it had to do
with you have to they’re gonna give you

all this money to have this one expert
has to come on once a week to talk a
little bit about something that they’re
promoting and then this X and then you
have to talk about it favorably and all
the rest of it and you could use just a

very complex one of those complex
advertising deals which a lot of
high-end advertising sales people put
together right and says he refuses to do
any throw him out so be mean why he goes
to commercialize flipped the channel to

the hannity show which was on at the
same time he’s actually doing it guys is

yeah well we can always go to spotify we
always talk about we often talk about
how things that are clearly been proven
demonstrably false and admitted so

remain true links a guy has true in the
lexicon of what m5m has created for all
of us and something that is cropping

back up and i think it has to do with a
lot of different circumstances but mike
pence the big homophobe this is the this
is coming back oh mike pence
big homophobe conversion therapy now we

went through all of this and I actually
had to go back into into the archives
being at dot IO if you want to do some
research and this was about it really
was 1414 words Mike Pence uttered I

believe and from that moment on he
became a guy who wants conversion
therapy for the gays hates the gays
is against the gays so I shall debunk

first and then show you what happened
has it’s coming back and how it always
stays it remains to be false in the
lexicon mike pants it so yeah there was

I think wasn’t a bill and or an opinion
on a bill and it was about money to go
towards an anti HIV program helping gay

men reduce high-risk sexual activity and
so he wanted to take away money from one

aids program and int and put it into
this other one and the way he described
it was he said he wanted to I don’t like
him this debate today is not about

discrimination I believe that if someone
chooses another lifestyle than I have
chosen that is their right in a free
society which you know has been turned
into this I hate the gays and yes and he

said I’m trying to find this here it is
he was advocating for public spending on

conversion therapy in Indiana but what
he actually said is if someone wants you
wants to change their sexual activity to
reduce their risk which is not the same

as saying we’re going to engage like hey
maybe you should change your sexual you
maybe your promiscuity and use more
protection so you don’t always have a

lower risk of contracting aids but that
somehow turned into and it’s all its I
put it all back in the show notes it’s
totally she’s ever mentioned conversion
therapy the word conversion therapies

never come into it it was it was
literally him saying I think this money
is better spent in helping people choose
a less promiscuous lifestyle if when it
comes to AIDS HIV and AIDS

but here’s how it was portrayed by Ellen
Page actress PewDiePie she’s from does
she x-man I think she’s in that she’s
Canadian she’s not American so anyway
but she brought down the house on the

Colbert show by propagating this lie
unchallenged and it was set up and ready
to go because when she talks about her
wife she’s married Colbert had a picture
of them ready to go of the two of them

and you know their wedding picture which
he had on a printed board so this was a
set up thing and I’m sorry is just a lie
president and the vice president Mike

Pence who like wishes I couldn’t be
married let’s just be clear now for sure
Mike Pence is against any kind of
marriage other than between a man and a

woman which is his religious feeling his
vibe and that’s his belief the no no
argument there
the vice president of America wishes I
didn’t have the love with my wife he
wanted to ban that in Indiana and no she

said he didn’t want me to have the love
yeah the vice president of America
wishes I didn’t have the love with my

he wanted to ban that in Indiana he
believes in conversion therapy wow that
was like British Parliament almost
wasn’t it laughs applause oh he wanted

to ban that in Indiana he believes in

conversion therapy
he has hurt LGBTQ people so badly as the
government of Indiana and I think as the

he’s the government of Indiana he’s not
the governor of the government yeah
and he’s hurt the thing we need to know
and I hope my show gay keishon did this
in terms of connecting the dots in terms
of what happened the other day – Jesse I

don’t know him personally I saw lice and
all over my love this is the Empire
actor who allegedly was assaulted by
racist in sub-zero weather but I don’t
did they call him gay did they say

something about his gayness or it was
just because I know that he was gay yeah
well this is what she’s saying it was
because of the guy I think he’s pretty
out but the story true or not was about

Magga hats and racism and now it’s about
gayness what happened the other day to
just say I don’t know him personally I
saw bison all over my love connect the

this is what happens if you are in a
position of power and you hate people
and you want to cause suffering to them
you go through the trouble you spend

your career trying to cause suffering
what do you think is gonna happen kids
are gonna be abused and they’re gonna
kill themselves and people are gonna be
beaten on the street I have traveled the

world and I have met the most
marginalized people you could be I am
lucky to have this time and the
privilege to say this this needs to stop

and of course this went completely
unchallenged by Stephen Colbert
yours you know and it’s okay I mean look
I have I’m not even gonna say that’s not

the point
this is a lie and it’s just I mean what
what did what are they what is going on
go back to Canada go back to Canada and

to hell you know it it you know Mike I
saw him do a speech the other day the
guy is creepy is a F he’s very creepy

he’s creepy when he reads is creepy when
he looks when yet when he looks at the
prompter he looks to the side instead of
pretending to look straight at somebody
his eyes shift over someone’s got to

call him on that didn’t need to adjust
that behavior no it kind of looks in the
middle and then still you can see his

eyes shit that’s not good Octus and and
he comes across as generally you know a
bit creepy no doubt about it but to say
that he is that he has spent his life
hating gay people and trying to ruin

them and he believes in conversion
therapy this is just not true I don’t
know I don’t know it’s these things that
just their shameful it is shameful and

then and and you know what dear that
there was a five women were murdered in
a bank this week no you didn’t know that
no I didn’t actually

yeah the guy walks in kills five women
well I think it just happens to be five
women shoots up the place five women
died yet not a blip because we’re
talking about Roger stone we’re talking
about anything you know that how can

that be more important than the the gun
conversation that we’re always having
that for some reason is not but then you
have just to you know to show what

happens is CNN the most important thing
they can talk about to this day is not
actual things that matter in Paris and
the rest of Europe the yellow vests the
Venezuela that even if even China even

Russia no we have to have a two minute
hand over and talk about is it okay to
wear a red maggot
or not right so you have the legality

this is Chris Cuomo handing over to Don
Lemon and then right you’re the attorney
you can refuse service you know no shirt
no shoes no this is I think it’s the san

francisco restaurateur who said you’re
not allowed in my restaurant wearing a
maggot hat which by the way i don’t
think you should be allowed in anyone’s
restaurant with a hat at all unless
you’re a fast-food restaurants i don’t
know what kind of restaurant it was but

you know it’s just okay but if you’re
wearing this hat you’re not a lot
nervous now you’d have a counter First
Amendment argument you’re chilling my
rights to private place well then how is
this any different than the Baker with

the cake well that was about refusing
service to a group of people that should
be a protected class and unless you
could argue that Trump supporters should
be a protected class I don’t think you
have much of an argument on that and
John lemon obviously has a lot of

privilege in this in this conversation
because he’s black and gay so he is the
he has privilege to speak his mind and
be correct so let’s say this isn’t so
much about whether he has the right it’s

about whether or not it is right and
here’s my problem on this issue
ordinarily I’d go down the line look be
bigger than that but I don’t want to
fall into the trap of underselling the

significance of the trigger of the
expression to people I think the more
appropriate analogy to say is if people
were wearing shirts and that said I hate
black people would he be okay to say

don’t come into my place with that and I
think most people be like yeah if that’s
how people like him see the mag ahead so
does that make it okay I think that’s
the right word

well the thing is should you but just
because you yes that but just because
you have the right does it mean that you
should does it mean that it’s absolutely
should you be aware again your clothes

your clothing tells a story about who
you are what you think about and what
you represent right and also you life is
not in a vacuum that hat means a lot of

things if you’re gonna if you’re gonna
wear that hat that hat means everything
from I would say the beginning of the
campaign maybe even before maybe that
hat means the Central Park five two
people maybe it means birtherism two

people maybe it means you know Mexicans
are rapists or people
and so you cannot erase those things
from the story of that hat and say well
I’m just wearing it because I want

stronger immigration well a lot of
people want stronger immigration it just
can’t be about what you want it to be
about there are symbols and things in
the society that you have to take as a
whole my point is this is not news

this is unhealthy to consume it’s
nothing to do with news actual news
taking place all around us it was doing
the job as you could tell when he talked

about the wearing the t-shirts as I hate
black people association we’ve been
tearing this on and on associating the
Hat it was all sorts of things to make
to lock down the association that the

Hat is bad no and we have seen this in
this case it was to associate the Hat
with wearing a shirt that says I hate
black people and I had obviously means
that yes it’s just getting annoying and

that CNN is just just can’t stop doing
it that’s all they seem to do it’s it’s
it’s just it’s tiring it’s very tiring I
I did have a tweet I didn’t print it out

here but for CNN they on their news site
they have this this assertion it could
have been a hoax I saw this I know
exactly what you’re gonna say it could

be a hoax but I don’t think no I know I
saw the article it’s in the show notes
the they have that article on it
does the argument asserts that when the
Europeans came to North America and had

it killed all the Indians let’s say just
to generalize they didn’t but they
otherwise wouldn’t be any left but they
kill all these Indians it was the it was

the genesis of climate change because
they weren’t farming the land anymore
and so there was so much vegetation they
grew that we had no what what is their

assertion that doesn’t make any sense no
well I’m gonna stop right there it
doesn’t make any sense it had some
it had something to do okay I have the

article here let’s take a look at it
European colonizers killed so many
Native Americans that had changed the
global climate researchers say hmm
that’s where that’s what the the claim

is so when Europeans arrived in the
Americas they caused so much death and
disease disease that it changed the
global climate a new study finds a new
study yea from science talked about how

those are done yes
European settlers killed 56 million
indigenous people over about 100 years
in South Central North America causing

large swathes of farmland to be
abandoned and reforested researchers at
University College London or UCL
estimate the increase in trees and

vegetation across an area the size of
France resulted in a massive decrease in
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere how can
that be bad carbon levels changed enough

to cool the earth okay by 1610 ok so
there do want to reach around reverse
trying to do is there’s a bunch of the

try Amelie I see in the historical
record about global warming it doesn’t
seem to be Caesar you have more to do
with the Sun than anything else and so
they’re trying to shoehorn theories way

to why this might be and this is a
shoehorn theory so by this so to combat
climate change but I’m sorry to combat
global warming we can change the climate

by colonizing hello China
let’s colonize it’ll be great
I learned from NPR besides the fact that

weather and climate are two separate
things do you know who created the term
climate change oh I should know this and
I am now I feel like I’m in mud I’m

going you know what I’m I’m I’m gonna
let you sweat it out and we’ll listen to
the report
well media organization by the way the
guy who was talking about climate and
not not the host

is NPR’s media guy so he’s not the
climate climate researcher he’s giving
his opinion and his analysis of how the
media are handling climate change
climate change issues climate change

deniers and in fact the history of the
term itself well media organizations
including NPR have pointed out the
connection between the polar vortex in
the Midwest and climate change I noticed

on a network news show which are often
criticized for not making that
connection to climate change David how
have news organizations evolved in I’m
sorry that was a shitty Eddie I took out

a whole piece of something unimportant
so I’m sorry about that well you stopped
it yeah this was part of the movement
this isn’t with Al Gore when he chewed

out Judy for even suggesting that they
have a counterpoint yeah on climate
change and this is part of the that
there was a big stink we had it on the
show we discussed it about how any time

any weather anomaly is reported climate
change should be brought into this came
from layer by the way the Lear fund
most likely they have to mention climate
she’s now he’s condemning a network news

report that apparently just talked about
the weather yes without yes without
making a connection to climate change
this is a faux pas I guess well and and
actually I have two clips or will

continue this recall that first it was
hey climates or weather’s not climate
but then it turned into extreme weather
events now that is because of climate

and the biggest problem they had was
with the local weather forecasters and
of course we had the the founder of the
Weather Channel who passed away recently
who to his death remained saying this is
the biggest hoax ever so we pick it up

again with with this David guys for not
making that connection to climate change
David how have news organizations
evolved in connecting these extreme

weather stories to the overall trend of
climate change this is CBS this morning
you’re no fools in acknowledging that
role you’ve seen their sort of
increasing efforts by scientists and
some journalists with specialty in the

area to an
incorporate that as the science seems to
be clearer about not just the fact that
the that man-made emissions to carbon
and the warming of the environment are
present having an effect but that you
can start to make connection to

individual events and so you’re starting
to sear that that is a change you used
to see particularly a meteorologists on
TVs especially local but also national
TV really resist talking about climate

they’re gonna saying we’re talking about
weather climate is global climate is is
a whole different layer there it’s too
unpredictable heck we have trouble
predicting more than 10 days out and
what you’ve seen is sort of a joining of

meteorology and climate science to say
yeah these things are interconnected in
a real way and therefore you can start
to see this in all kinds of coverage
from local TV to you know national
newspapers and then there is Brian
Kilmeade here on Fox & Friends on Fox

News listener you know it was true that
the climate change became climate change
when global warming wasn’t adding up to
global warming it was getting very cold
and then people say with though the
temperature went up a couple of degrees

ago we’ll change it we’re start using
climate change so anytime there’s a
tornado a typhoon a flood what did I
tell you and then their head starts the
debate David what about that have we got
past that where where we can recognize

that global warming is the overall trend
even if it means severe winter storms
what climate change really means is
there’s global warming and the the

atmosphere is warming and all kinds of
other things are warming then at the
same time it’s calling all all kinds of
weather disruption and you know spikes
in variables in all directions you know
the real thing is in some ways the

climate change became very much part of
the political that vernacular in the
1990s in part as a result of Newt
Gingrich the the Congress that came to
power in 1995 in opposition the Clinton
White House wanted to call it something

that seemed less threatening than global
warming and they they focus group tested
the phrase climate change and it seemed
less threatening to people at a time
they’re trying to hold down certain
kinds of regulation I didn’t know this

you telling me the Republicans under
Speaker Newt Gingrich came up with this
they focused test it on a focus groups
and this is what they can and now we’re

left with this
thanks to them Wow I didn’t either I
don’t know if this is true but it’s it
sounds very believable she’s still alive
II verify it
yeah but like Wow way to go

good work noot so what is the media’s
responsibility in all of this we’ll just
finish out the segment since we’ve got
it so what are the media to do when
President Trump tweets out you know

global warming come back fast we need
is it the media’s responsibility to then
do a whole fact-checking session about
that well let me ask you

jean-claude is it the media’s
responsibility to what I do fact check
and do a whole is what are you just said
a sarcastic remark how do you even fact
check something like that or do they

just let it go either said it or he
didn’t there’s your fact check did he
say it yes okay fact check is true fact
check false the media’s responsibility
to then do a whole fact-checking session

about that or do they just let it go you
know I don’t think the media has to in
every element go after the individual
tweet I do think it’s it’s not fair simp

to read he’s got to really to say you
know the president without any evidence
says you know we there’s no such thing
as global warming I think that the the
media and reporters and journalists need
to perform a civic and educational

function of the public to say this is
what the science shows and incorporate
that into its mentality you’re modeling
just crap stay where they have simply
just hive that off into fact-checking
columns as useful as those can be for

enduring correctives online I think that
the media has to be front and center and
confident about reporting what it knows
make sure to contextualize it making
sure not to overstate what science says
but to say you know it isn’t appears

increasingly certain that such severe
weather spikes of winter chill or of
summer heat appear to be increasingly
likely as our more tornadoes and

hurricanes and like as a result of of
climate change which of course we have
really had for 15 years but I think
that’s that’s journalistically valid and
important thing will do for the public
so they can make choices that affect

their own lives okay so now we get into
my favorite topic is you know how many
people don’t believe it in the
scientific community
and how many of those voices do you
allow to speak in your public air for

airwaves we produced this show in
association with the BBC World Service
and the BBC told staff last year not to
include outright deniers of climate
change in BBC coverage in the same way

you would not have someone denying that
Manchester United won two to nothing
last Saturday yep how common is that in
terms don’t you love that analogy as
fantastic right now to send out a

message from the top saying it was a
false analogy no the guy says it’s a
false analogy she doesn’t eat changing
BBC coverage in the same way you would

not have someone denying that Manchester
United won two to nothing last Saturday
yep how common is that in newsrooms
right now to send out a message from the
top saying here’s how we’re gonna do it

well in some ways the bead well one of
the world’s great news organisations is
a little late to the party it’s been a
few years since even cable channels in
this country by and large have been
willing to put on climate change denial
lists shall we say people who reject the

science just on the basis of what’s
convenient for them ideologically oh how
about actual scientists who reject it
but that’s okay and the BBC which has a
you know statutory mandate of
even-handedness was overcompensating

that is you know if one and a half
percent of scientists or so believes
that you right now it’s one and a half
what happened in 97% so he went war you
know this is a mistake they keep making

well it’s I know why they’re doing it I
late again for them ideologically and
the BBC which has a you know statutory
mandate of even-handedness was
overcompensating that is you know if one

and a half percent of scientists or so
believes that the you can’t really
attribute climate change to man-made
emissions or the like it’s not fair to
balance that out one on one with
somebody who believes that is the case

even that represents 98 percent of
scientists and you personally he’s
missing a half percent here there but it
used to be 97 now it’s 98 and a half or
maybe it’s 98 thought that and things in

but yeah I was originally 97% of climate
scientists who already wrote reports on
it which is what’s been overlooked
because then it became 90% of
scientists know 90% of climb climate
scientists then 90% of all scientists

and then just that was then it was just
like uh this can’t really attribute
climate change to man-made emissions or

the like it’s not fair to balance that
out one on one with somebody who
believes that is the case he was that
represents ninety percent of scientists
and you thought that and things in
Britain over the questions debate about
the economic effects of brzeska that

you’ve seen it in this country on
certain things we’ve had to work out the
fact that this oppositional debate in
which we staged a lot of our journalism
through a argumentation doesn’t work
when the science is so clearly on one

surely not on one side know what’s gonna
play Cindy this is just to dis is de
ration now they need to get this number
up to a hundred percent or close to it

so they can keep people off the air from
making the opposite argument
unfortunately can’t keep them off line
there’s a lot of people that have
websites and they haven’t be able to
shut them down that have very good

arguments as to why this is a bunch of
bullcrap but and they’re scientists some
many high-end scientists and some very
famous physicists some I’m sorry some

Nobel Prize winning people we all know
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General Eric called the a biddies about
some Republicans at home
ready beating the drums of war today the

pentacon refuted that claim and he said
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quote twiddling either they do not want
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gig as a court of contortionist
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middle of this note so the BART DeBary
rapid transit system I remember when I
was first it first was built so olam and
I remember when they pushed it through

and they got the people to vote for it
after trying a few times in it and they
put this guy in George Silliman I think
was his name he was a gas station he
owned a gas station in the middle of
nowhere somewhere I think at Warm

Springs or Dakota or someplace it was a
he kept running for office and running
for office he finally got the job he got
the job as head of Bart but in the
promises was we’re gonna use these heart

these special hard rubber tires that
won’t make any noise there was promises
of the system being silent hmm I want to
just remind everybody I was there I

didn’t remember this this debate oh it’s
gonna make too much noise these noisy
trains going overhead no no they’re not
gonna make any noise because we have
these special hard rubber tires that

won’t make noise they won’t squeak they
won’t make noise they make so much noise
there’s over 100 decibels if you’re
under one of these tracks not all the
trains make all the noise but many of

them do and so this is what he’s
bitching about and I’m just gonna say
this is a type of promise you get from
your government the Golden Gate Bridge
will always be free to drive over this
Bay Area bridge free after the first

five years of $0.10 tolls free after
that so this is bullcrap these guys just
lied to get these things done and it’s
continues to this day and nobody

remembers I do I remember that silent
trains anyway I also need to send John a
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speaking of No Agenda social fuck Gargan
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migration tool whoa that’s big news
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exhale your VAP faster so you’re not
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frog in your throat is the guy doing a
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hate it I love our dudes named Ben thank
you very much so let’s talk about this

what is what is I don’t know anything
about this plural Roma if you look at
the history of Mastodon it really

started with ghanoush all new social and
you know the the concept of the Fetty
verse and so all these different things
came in and just like podcasting there’s
a who started who was first who’s

important who’s the Big Kahuna and
Gargan manages the the github repository
for Mastodon and pleura ma is a break
off a fork or a fork of people who are

pissed off of this guy is your typical
open source shit that’s it’s the same
everywhere it’s political it’s you know
and you know it’s stuff like this the

guys hey you got a problem with your
Ruby on Rails implementation and it’s
you know fixed without going through the
official process and I guess crediting
erener with with having found it this is

the dude named Ben stuff um I don’t
understand that much
it’s you know they have their own
political sphere apparently you’re
supposed to be credited if you did

something good and believe me just this
announcement moving tuple or OMA will
will have a never-ending thread on no
agenda social no doubt is it goes with
bad should we do what you I think all

that if as long as it connects to the
Fed averse I’m good with it
and thank you very much for all of your

that’s a quote I’m still trying to get
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activity activity pub is a good thing
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an enable Kirby says I should have
mentioned I was listening to the show in
the shower jumped out to record this
then jump back in to rinse off I just

got a just got a do a little goat power

thing oh my goodness we have some great
great jingles today an end of show mixes
Sir Chris Wilson is back from one of his

digital detox hiatuses she’s going the
she’s going to lead
I’m agreed because she’s scheming and

leaning collecting age stars she’s
fighting and fighting flying all the
she’s going the distance yeah that’s
right he’s got a whole Hillary mix

sounds good
yeah how about going to distance so I
got just a beginning of Tulsi gabbard’s
announcement that she’s gonna be running
for office which I want to play because

it’s just most it’s under the title Low
Energy now wait is this the because we
played a couple of different things
which one is this I don’t know it’s one

of the ones I’d say only the beginning
of it cuz it just it was like it’s
almost gonna hit by the way it was just
about to knock me out
you know asleep and I had to like I

struggle to hit the button to stop it
recording otherwise I would have conked
out and it could have gone ours things
we need to see must begin in the White

House because the White House should be
a beacon of aloha respect love and
compassion for every American our nation
was founded on the values and principles

of putting service before self rejecting
the rule of Kings who prospered from the
sacrifices of the people and forming a

new nation founded on the premise that
leaders should be motivated not to serve
their own interests
but to serve the people yeah I I think

it was one or two shows ago when she did
this apology because she got railroaded
immediately for having a conservative

stance as a much younger human resource
was heard father had about marriage
between being between a man and a woman
which Obama had and Hillary had and
everyone had it at the time and so they

changed yeah but she’s not allowed to
change but they’re pulling a different
tactic on her NBC is doing this this is
how they definitely get rid of her
headline Russia’s propaganda machine
discovers 2020 Democratic candidate

Tulsi Gabbard
experts who track websites and social
media linked to Russia have seen
stirrings of a possible campaign of
supports for Hawaii Democrat Tulsi

Gabbard so they’re already saying uh ya
know she’s gotten Russia on her side I
should mention this because you had this
I liked her too until I found out she

was a member of the Council on Foreign
Relations and I figure well what’s the
point of that how’d she get on I think
her cuteness factor makes up for a lot
of that she’s very cute yeah I know it
makes up for it the dish but you said

she’s a danger she’s gonna you know
she’s something to keep an eye on at the
time it John we’re talking four years
ago and you went on you know more
recently you said no no no no no yeah

more recently before she came you know
like I’m saying like a year ago no okay
love her fuck I still like her but she
has zero chance you know let me get to
my real point which is that one of the

major Lib Joe’s who I keep in touch with
says I think Tulsi gabbard’s the way to
go excellent so I want you so that’s

telling me here’s what tells me it shows
me a you know you a good known crackpot
and a Lib Joe both are looking at Tulsi
Gabbard as a potential president this

second no no no no this is no good so
they’re going after her she’s gonna get
knocked out quick yeah well she I don’t
think they have to do that because she’s
so dull well if you were on the if you

were a part of the show a couple weeks
ago when I played the apology and said
she has absolutely no chance and she’s
we wouldn’t even be having this
conversation but the fact that but no no
no let me make my point the fact that

your lip Joe friend said that I would
like you to check in with the Lib Joe
after this knowledge cos you know this
is NBC so your Lib Joe friend has seen
it and say hey what do you think now

because I would like to hear if the
person well clearly she’s got because
the reason why they’re doing this is
because of her 2017 meeting with the
Assad in Syria so they’re saying that

because she met with Syrian
hater Assad now Russia is helping her so
I want to see if your Lib Joe picks up
on that line motion the progressive side
of things and I doubt if you watches NBC

but we’ll see about the reason I brought
it back up was it because you’ve already
dismissed her two or three weeks ago
it’s because of the Lib Joe connection
like I have to bring that in which brash

rationalizes why they think she’s a
threat because we have somebody extreme
opposites of you and the Lib Joe most of
the times you’ve had so she’s a doctor I

got you right she’s a threat because
both crackpots on both side of the scale
can get along with her yeah well she has
to go sooner than later so while we’re

talking about elections and meddling and
Russian interference our friends up

we’re in Gitmo nation proper here in
Canada Navia have announced something
very important they have a plan they
have a protocol we expect the social
media platforms to take concrete actions
to help safeguard this fall’s election

by promoting transparency authenticity
and integrity on their platforms
I have initiated conversations with the
social media platforms to identify these
actions as a starting point we are

looking for a commitment from social
media companies to implement changes
here in Canada that they have already
applied in other countries I am also
announcing the critical election
incident public protocol the protocol

establishes a simple clear and impartial
process to inform Canadians of a threat
to the integrity of the 2019 federal
election it is designed to avoid the

kind of gridlock that could prevent an
effective public announcement it’s the
core responsibility for the protocol
resides in a group of senior civil
servants yes so they’ve taken these five
old guys which I think are mentioned in

this next clip and they’ve given that
they all gave them a badge and this
badge says at any point when you feel
that you need to call something out as
fake news although it’s not implied that

way and how they’re explaining it you
have the authority to go before the
Canon avian people’s and say this is
fake news this particular clip they talk
about I think the the host is talking to

this woman who you just heard about the
SWAT team of the Ministry of Truth what
guidance you’re giving this this this

group to say here’s the moment you have
to tell Canadians is there a tipping
point so I mean it’s going to be context
dependent and context specific which I
love I don’t know what that means but
sounds to me like we kind of make up the

rules as to when we can do this or when
it’s important what we think it is it’s
context what we have set a threshold
needs to be high it needs to come into
question whether the elections will be

free and fair for them to be able to
inform the Canadian public it’s a group
of five right you’ve got the deputy
ministers of global affairs Public
Safety and global affairs Public Safety
and I love where she can’t remember the

National Security Advisor the clerk of
the Privy Council to make sure that they
are having a conversation we don’t want
a situation where one official is trying
to determine whether or not they should

do it in the mist and the deputy
minister of justice sorry – really you
know protect Canada right and they will
be looking at you know things that have
gone on around the world that have

called into question other electoral
events and thinking about how that
applies in the Canadian context did you
understand what she said no it’s a
bullcrap she’s just yakking away and
here’s what’s gonna happen if I was the

Russians or I was will trying to mess
with him or not even in Russia some guy
in a basement yeah I would inundate them
with bull crap to take those Macedonian
kids who really hated Hillary that put

all his websites up just have them crank
stuff out so they’d be there be singing
raising the flag so much that nobody
would take them seriously the yeah the
obvious question is you know will this

this team of five be able to invalidate
the elections or what’s going to happen
is there a point where this group or
some group could say there’s been so
much interference this elections invalid

well I think what’s important to note is
whatever Canadians decide right and when
we go sorry let’s take a step right
because one of the things that we can
have confidence in is that we have paper

ballots here in Canada so if the ballot
box isn’t stuffed
if the results aren’t tampered with the
election results are valid right so
right it’s Canadians making the

decisions when they go into that ballot
box what this group will be determining
is if there’s been a disinformation
campaign or something that has so
altered the discourse that Canadians
need to know where this information is

coming from that’s what they would be
alerting Canadians to but ultimately
Canadians are going in marking their
ballots casting their ballots and making
those decisions our job is trying to

provide them with the tools and the
resources necessary to make informed
choices so what I course I did research
this and it sounds like a lot of
gobbledygook but the idea I from what I
understand is this panel will be able to

say that news story is fake news there
so they become the news guard you know
here we have commercial companies like
publicist the actual advertising agency

running the news guard X browser
extension to tell you if something’s
fake or not you know they’re just doing
that to make sure that no ads from their
clients run on anything that’s

controversial that’s why they’re behind
it in this case they’re taking one step
further and they’re allowing this panel
of five to say that’s fake that’s fake
news and that’s taking it a little
further than we’ve done yeah this is

gonna be a fiasco worth following
exactly what written all over it it does
let’s see how good you know we have hot

we hold Canada in high regard here you
know they’ve got their their prints
pretty much in the same regard we hold

oh well hold on in that case when Maduro
comes now of course everybody all in big
major news media excuse me is all in

with yes this is the best Fred to look
at these protesters that go as far as
the eye can see there’s half a million
of them they all hate Maduro they all

everybody’s bad so and that’s the one
side but democracy now being the
socialist operation that it is is not
buying it and they’re just sticking with
this guy who is a loser but they’re

sticking with this guy and his and his
nonsense because well you know the
Cubans like him and we want to we like
the Cubans socialists so let’s listen to
how they’re handling this thing because

it’s a foregone conclusion I think
unless something weird happens that
Maduro is gonna end up getting kicked
out of there but this Venezuela report
on dn the US backed effort to oust
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro is

just the first step in the Trump
administration’s plan it’s the US backed
after it began I think the people that
argued that this was actually a and NBC

had a lot of good clips on this that
this was something that was initiated in
Venezuela now it could have been started
by us but US backed makes it sound like
we’re you know sending troops and it’s

just a very poor way of putting a hold
on I just have to say yes it’s a
us-backed plan of course it is it
appears it appears to me that the
Venezuelan people like our plan but to

say that this was not a complete us plan
that this guy is not now the glide oh is
not our guy from the single mommies

obviously oh god stop listen to this a
military helicopter passed over his head
but the security force BBC list has kept
their distance speakers told the crowd
this was a moment of history a moment of

hope for Venezuela beaming onstage the
man many now look to as a savior 1y
though already being called Venezuela’s

Obama he’s a terrible leader
I heard that first right here on this
show I heard it from you yeah there
Obama okay so okay we’ll just let it

slide one way or the other but it is us
back now but these guys aren’t what you
just heard there is not the same as what

democracy now is for you know I
understand it’s not feeding us it’s only
feeding you John it’s feeding them
socialists and listeners may I make it
11 tez AOC ever been on that show oh

yeah I think so well I want to know who
was really watching this show well I am
because I think they the reason I
watched Democracy Now because people

said I never heard of this show mmm-hmm
spent on for like 50 years it is always
left-leaning it’s been on for a long
time when we first started doing this
these clips on our show
I was bitching about Amy you know a

decade ago about how she never combs her
hair and she doesn’t make the important
things of television production as you
yeah well it was just a commentary on
that it wasn’t really a in fact the fact

is they cover a lot of stuff on that
show that nobody will touch I have a
couple examples today so I by Madonna I
used Democracy Now is a nice buffer and
it’s completely the opposite kind of

coverage so this is what we get but
let’s listen to it well just as a quick
aside I do like that you identified him
as Obama that Obama
is of course if you look at the whole

comparison grideau is a US asset
probably CIA Georgetown well yeah what
does that tell you about Obama the US
backed effort to oust Venezuelan

president Nicolas Maduro is just the
first step in the Trump administration’s
plan to reshape Latin America with Cuba
next on its radar whoa
according to the report the u.s. is

planning to announce new measures
against Cuba in the coming weeks
including new sanctions and restoring
Cuba’s designation as the state sponsor
of terrorism the move could seriously
hamper foreign investment in Cuba

according to The Wall Street Journal the
u.s. then plans to target Nicaragua in
November national security advisor John
Bolton dubbed the three nations the
troika of tyranny

huh yeah nobody else reported on that
the troika of tyranny have we actually
had that we talked about reported on the
fatties going after Cuba next well that
would be you know our information

refining producers send us information
about the g2 being in control of
Venezuela the g2 is Cuba’s Intelligence
Agency right so that would make sense in

in this context exactly well is this the
part 2 of this report in the latest news
from Venezuela opposition leader and
self declared president Juan Guido said
he’s reached out to both Russia and

China the two countries are Venezuela’s
top foreign creditors and have refused
to recognize why Jose claim to be
President this comes as Reuters is
reporting the Maduro government plans to
sell gold from central bank vaults to

the United Arab Emirates for cash as new
sanctions from the u.s. threatened to
further purple Venezuela’s economy there
are also reports the Venezuela owned oil
company Citgo is considering filing for

bankruptcy on Thursday hundreds of
workers from the state-owned oil company
paid a visa marched in Caracas in
support of president Maduro this is vice

president Dulce Rodriguez addressing the
March all masks have been removed from
Donald Trump president of the United
States from his vice president that

dislocated mike pence from the National
Security Advisor John Bolton all without
exception have said they’re coming for
the oil of Venezuela and what is our
response Yankee hands off our oil

industry they will not return to govern
Venezuela or come to take our oil well
he may have a problem on his hands
because it looks like the visa idea that
I told you about that we had offered

visas American visas to the Venezuelan
army yeah looks like it worked another
massive anti-government rally in
Venezuela’s capital Caracas calling on
president Nicolas Maduro to resign they

want opposition leader Hwang Guido who
has the backing of the United States to
take over and now a general from the pro
Maduro military has switched sides
recognized the dictatorial Authority of

Nicolas Maduro and I recognized ball
maker Juan cuido as interim president of
the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 90%
of the Bolivarian armed forces are not
with the dictator but with the

Venezuelan people wariness whele
dictator has every day two planes ready
he should go later on Saturday Maduro
promised holding parliamentary elections
earlier than planned

three million Venezuelans have already
voted with their feet and fled the
country now I wanted to go back to excel
pipe the second clip from the Democracy
Now yes where they were the vice

president of Venezuela under Maduro was
going on and she mentioned Trump and the
dislocated pants oh I didn’t catch that
yeah the dislocated pence yeah is that

in the beginning of the clip where is
that it’s in the middle of the clip on
Thursday hundreds of workers from the

state’s oil company paid a visa marched
in Caracas and support of President
Maduro this is vice-president Dulce
Rodriguez addressing the March I said
before this or is it after this right

there kids a play all masks have been
removed from Donald Trump president of
the United States from his vice
president that dislocated Mike Pence

from the National Security Advisor John
Bolton the dislocated yeah I think we’re
missing some that maybe the translations
a little weird unhinged unglued well I’m

sure we have someone in the production
audience who can hear what the what was
me okay just locate what does that even

mean it’s like he’s moved out of the
executive house that the vice president
stays in or he’s committing politically
just it politically dislocated is there

a different definition of dislocated
other than your shoulder or that I know
that’s kind of where it goes from me
yeah well we can always

so dislocate disturbed the normal
arrangement disturb the organization
disrupt disorganized disarranged arrange
ah must be deranged yeah

instead of dislocated meant deranged the
deranged Mike Pence
he hates gays did you know yeah he does
he wants to do conversion therapy on
their oil and that of course was a

probably some sarcasm there that some
somebody sent us a note bitch she said
you guys do more sarcasm than anybody
well know that voice yeah I think he’s
right sweetie said yeah I think I think

that is an example
hmm but I just did there was probably
that probably he’s probably right I’ll
be right we’re just sarcastic douches
all right let’s go for what’s another

country with a Cameroon update we
haven’t done that camera ruin what is
all hell’s break-in loose in Cameroon
opposition leader Maurice canto was
arrested as the government cracks down

on unrest after last year’s disputed
presidential election Campos lawyer said
the arrest was due to opposition
protests over the weekend security
forces reportedly responded to the
protests by firing live bullets

meanwhile the Committee to Protect
Journalists is calling for the release
of two journalists who were also
arrested while covering an opposition
gathering in Cameroon huh well there’s
no there’s now nine hundred dead in the

Democratic Republic of Congo that and
that’s not from Ebola but that’s just
people who were pissed off about the
elections that’s still there now we
don’t have much news these elections
cause a lot of problems you know I’m

wondering if maybe the whole idea the
democratization of the world is really
just to create these these murders
elections are rigged else Spain
be careful Madrid has seen big protests

Spanish pensioners were on the streets
of Madrid on Saturday to demand better
public pensions the protesters say and
by the way they’re all wearing yellow
vests recentiy we’re not all but a lot

of yellow vests showing up your pieces
have been too small and she
stet rise at the rate of inflation they
were joined on the march by taxi drivers
who’ve also been on strike for nearly
two weeks our parents and our elders are

supporting us economically so we can
continue this fight to end job
instability the flight of money from our
country and the corrupt politics we’ve
seen over the last 25 years Spanish

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has offered
a 6 percent increase but pensioners are
holding out for more they’ve allowed
themselves to Madrid’s taxi drivers who
are on strike in a separate protest of a

regulation for ride hailing apps like
uber and then we hear what they were
doing these taxi guys know the taxi guys
they take like a a thousand cat taxi

guys and they get on the main freeways
yeah and just stop abandon a thousand
cars never lock it lock the doors and
close them take the keys and walk hi I

gotta tell you I kind of understand it
it’s got to be the same anger I’m
feeling with these damn uber scooters
you know it’s just this is the whole

thing is just annoying everything about
it is annoying I’m kind of starting
become a real Grouch about it well I
mean there were regulations I mean they
daily this is one of those the thing is

it’s an attack you know it’s because
they come in and they just do it that’s
the problem is that if a nice
immigration funny you say that because I
have a comparison there in a minute

but that’s that’s really what is the
most axon is they just dropped the
service in drop it on top of a city and
say oh here you go and then you know
it’s always beg for forgiveness and then

then they leave after everybody’s hooked
like a drug dealer it’s you know it’s a
very typical Silicon Valley model and
you know so now the same thing now
Austin is talking about 17000 scooters
and bikes in downtown Austin and last

night Tina and I for the first time I
did this with her we were walking up the
street and there’s a scooter you know at
a scooter parked diet just right across
the path of the sidewalk

you know in obstructing walking and so I
walk up to it and I take it to the curb
and I hurl it into the street and just
kept on walking with my girl

I felt it felt oddly satisfying well
good for you
now I’m it’s if I’m doing this then
other people are gonna get really

aggressive pretty calm I’m a pretty calm
guy in general yeah now the in the
Netherlands just like in Belgium the
kids are now truants there was a massive
truancy for cuz of course they’re saying

hey does it’s only just you know it’s an
hour and a half away hey the Belgian
kids they got the three weeks off of
school we’re gonna yeah protests climate
so they all go out there all bundled up

for testing global warming freezing to
death protesting global warming and you
know then there’s all these reports on
the news all in Dutch so it doesn’t make
any sense to play clips but yeah so what

do you think you know they asked the
principal of a huge school system but
yeah it’s actually okay for them to you
know to to cut class if they’re gonna
protest you know what’s happening with
the climate and the interviewer said

well what if they were to protest
migrants no no no they would not be
allowed to go on the skip school for
that just shows you what the thinking
isn’t this is very socialist country and
we’re in week 12 acts 12 of the yellow

vests in France you think that’s all
over nothing happening recording no no
report well there’s this from euronews

another day of protests in Paris for the
yellow vest demonstrations against
President Emmanuel macron and Frances
high cost of living this week the focus
is on a police weapon that fires rubber

bullets it’s called the flash ball and a
court ruled on Friday that it was legal
but protesters say it’s causing them
serious injuries so at the rizzuto space
protester who injured his foot said the

police measures were excessive
I’m in contact with a large number of
injured people he said and I can tell
you that they were nonviolent I myself
am against all forms of violence on

either side demonstrators and police
forces but let’s be realistic there are
many more yellow vest victims than
police several protesters say they’ve
lost all ease in the demonstrations I

thought it was important that I be here
today to tell my story as a victim
because I think I should never have been
I’m not a hooligan I’m not someone who
throws things at the police

Saturday’s protests began the 12th
weekend of action since the Asian first
took to the streets in the middle of
November you kind of miss the visuals in
this report where you see people with

you know eye patches cuz their eyes have
been gouged out by these flash balls
yeah getting the flash ball to the eye
is never a good thing and people who

work doggles people have been blinded
and you know some people some people
have been killed by someone getting hit
in the back of the head with doing these
flash balls and it’s it’s just spreading
mastress in the very the tippy tippy top

of the down of the bottom of the
netherlands same thing yellow vests
protesting it’s just it’s just not being
covered by the mainstream and therefore

I guess doesn’t kind of exist well it
doesn’t exist to us well it does exist
to us you and I it exists well I mean
there’s no agenda we’re aware of it but
it’s not pointed out at the beginning of

the show CNN’s more concerned about the
the hat to the Hat the Hat and Roger
stone Roger stone oh I know one of our

producers cut this for us this is Brian
Williams a revelation about this Roger
stone arrest Barbara I have to ask you
about a point of that Roger stone made

that has been dangling out there all
week that is in your bailiwick he says
he was never given his Miranda rights
not mirandizing

someone you are arresting if it’s
correct that there were 26 officers on
that raid show up at the front door with
a battering ram they know they’ve got
media in the front yard failure to

mirandize would be a big deal some
people straight up don’t believe is casa
just everyone understands when you’re
arrested and when you’re going to be
interrogated you have the right to

remain silent
yeah because I think you’ve heard this
anything say you say can be used against
you in a court of law you have the right
to an attorney
if and it is many famous cases where

this has not been done
someone was questioned they had their
rights had not been explained to them
which I’m still I think there’s still
all kinds of weirdness about this actual
mirandizing but if you’re not Mirandized

then you know there are issues if
someone wants to take whatever you said
in during that time into court and use
it it will be thrown out in tension
actually Miranda warnings only kick in

if you’re going to interrogate a suspect
and so if they didn’t mirandize him and
they didn’t ask him any questions that
wouldn’t be a problem at all the remedy
for failing to mirandize someone is that

their statements to the officers then
become inadmissible at trial so if there
was no question in her interrogation
there would have been no need to
mirandize him so he may be telling the
truth without any problem at all this

was more sure than we even thought well
the other thing about mirandizing is
more than just using what you said
against you is that anything that that

it that comes out of the arrests were
there not Mirandized in other words like
you do something indicate that in this
lock box

you may find some incriminating evidence
wait a minute so even if they found
stuff in his home that they took and he
wasn’t Mirandized that’s then not not if
you properly collect what he had said or
done gave them a clue to that to the

evidence yes huh but they had a warrant
to search anyway so that they would use
that as well no we had a warrant so
we’re looking around well you wouldn’t
have looked here if it wasn’t for what

this guy said right the net would get
thrown out okay that’s more than enough
on Roger stone I think yes cares amend
all things
getting more publicity out of this than
anything yeah now Alex Jones did have

something I don’t have a clip of it but
he brought up a point that as Obama was
leaving office they put through this

like I don’t know three hundred million
dollar bill to for the government to go
after fake news and propaganda from
Russia and all this yes it was a has a

very specific act yeah and it ended like
about two or three weeks ago and the
money it was never read the way he puts
it and he says that that money was used

by the media there Trump he says that
was that that money went nah the timing
is interesting I have it I think I put
it in the last to last show no so look

it up
it was a subsidy that went to new media
and his claim and the claim from others
is that the reason why you’re seeing
firing from BuzzFeed and HuffPo and all

these other or recently vice vice yep
laid off 250 people advise to bring it
to profitability they’re not even

profitable YC be profitable if you got a
you know of 50 60 million bucks from the
government to spend well I have it here
I know it’s actually in in these show no

so we also have Snopes is no longer
fact-checking for Facebook I think
that’s something something structural
happened yeah and I hadn’t heard this

from from Infowars but I did hear about
this particular pot of money which
expired and see if I can find another

month ago yeah and so then all of a
sudden all these all these guys getting
laid off in the joke of course as all
these people are being told they learned
the code the code was one of the most
beautiful memes ever that’s fantastic

dude hey laid off journalists learned to
code that’s what you’ve been telling
everybody through this I did learn what
the what the number one piece of content

BuzzFeed and I presume on other outfits
like this it’s the quizzes that’s that’s
where everyone that all of their traffic
comes from the quizzes you know like
this or a good gimmick I’d say well

apparently it’s as good as the you know
the animated gifs in your newsletter
people love quizzes in a Jew so there’s
stuff like you know what is this which

which Jonas Brother are you is one of
the biggest most successful God people
love this stuff and that’s really where

but BuzzFeed was making their money or
still is I presume yeah will they laid
off a lot of people yeah vice laid off
10% of their workforce yeah no you
cannot monetize the network that is my

mantra and I am sticking to it imagine
all the people who could do this
oh yeah that’d be fab

and we do have a few people to thank
starting with Sir Marcellus from I don’t
know where he is he wants stock tips he

says we don’t do stock tips yeah I got a
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so sure Marcellus $165 is 16 cents now

there’s a whole rigmarole involved in
giving stock tips okay well it’s not as
I’m not giving a stock tip it was it was
being sarcastic
ah you sarcastic bastard

you could have to read between the lines
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New York the government in His infinite
wisdom gave each state 50 not 57 a two
letter identifier when it first went
into effect a small town in Hopkins

County White Plains Kentucky KY and the
bigger city White Plains New York were
mixed up a lot hmm on a map Kentucky is
between north and south but for me I’m

the Yankees burned our Hopkins County
Courthouse during the War of Northern
Aggression as the south would say I
think they should apologize for burning
down our core

house don’t you and they stole your
white planes but no apology and today
some of it are added again with the
destruction of removal of our monuments
is there fear the south will rise again

it’s sarcasm start closing I would like
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Lerman who was diagnosed with lymphatic
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different kind of Karma for that I do
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my name no that’s interesting read this
yeah I bet listen to your incredible

podcast for less than a year working in
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respite is a welcome respite from the
insane liberalism that surrounds me for
now let’s just say this a lot of what’s

wrong is academia is fault
we are brainwashing America’s youth
first it was feminism and Marxism now an
almost religious blend of cultural
Marxism and identity politics it poisons

everything and our graduates go on to
staff the BuzzFeed’s of the world
oh my much more later clearly this
professor Anonymous has no tenure

maybe maybe not well if he does then I
think it’s just duty to stand up and say
these things now I know you can lose
tenure you know no it’s not like what

kind of what kind of bogus racket is
that I thought tenure the whole idea is
you’re tenured and you can speak your
mind yeah you think that’s like being a
fellow at I be fired

okay well then the chordal are and you
i’m Oudin a madden I’m out in in the
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guess let me read this
only one day until knighthood but
couldn’t wait any longer your sarcasm
piece on ben shapiro was excellent I
actually listened to Ben show off and

yeah a lot of people do and we also said
that he’s not wrong but I couldn’t
figure out why sometimes I miss out
weeks you nailed it on show 1108 I had
the same issue with other podcasts by
the way but not with no agenda what a

great show the two of you make one of
the last shows of 2018 John said all we
do is talk about the news just a bit
more in depth you were selling yourself
short there John although it might feel

easy for you after all those years
you’re both very skilled in what you do
I can’t even remember what my view of
the m5m was in 2017 but I seem to be
disagreeing a lot more with a lot of
people these days apart from all the

deconstruction you do the show brings me
lots of laughter sometimes attracting
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source version of a talking to which is
great because you know you met you
maintain it it’s not spying on you you
keep all the data and of course it sucks
a little bit we know we’ve tried it on
the show well you know it’s a it’s a

little bit slow and she says yeah it’s
open-source she’s figured it out
acquainted open source to wonky junky

stuff that doesn’t quite work the way
you expected which is programmed in them
in the fourth effortless Lisp now it’s
not what I feel about open-source but to

her a consumer with technical with some
is more than technical knowledge than
most I understand the equation of wonky
crap it was wonky performing stuff to

all its open source well Alex keep us
James McClure 5510 by the way he also
comment on the sarcasm kind of a

commentary you thought was great
Christopher a read read read girl in
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see I’m gonna give that I’m I am on a
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you’ve got karma fighting it is the kind
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which is I Billy part of the random
number theory this is why if you get on
a roll at a craps table it should
probably you know to put some aside but
we start just doubling up and doubling
up because you might have a long run and

that is bad things happen to you or good
things but bad things will happen to you
in groups of three this is why this
superstition about the three celebrities
always dies three of them and they say

you know it could be four could be ten
but it’s always a grouping and it really
takes a lot of people out of the game
because they have a bad thing happened
to him the son death is terrible and now

he’s got in that then his his co-workers
got this issue and a saddening and so
that you know I would expect to try
another tried changing something in your
pattern of behavior but I don’t think

you can stop the the what I think I
don’t believe that’s true
it’s like for example you’re at the
craps table and you think there’s a role
going on where he’s gonna run it just
get our way from the craps table that

will stop it
here’s what I do when I get a speeding
ticket and I only get them once in a
while I changed all of my driving
behaviors for at least a month cuz I
notices when I was younger you’d get a

ticket then you get a ticket to the next
week and you did you get bang bang bang
you get three tickets all of a sudden
how many tickets have you do you I’ve
never I don’t think I’ve gotten a ticket
in 30 years you know go fast enough I

don’t have that swanky Lexus
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just to make sure you belong on the road
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best method of preparation can we get a
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straight one-to-one substitution with
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I’m curious how that would tell you how
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any and I’m not sure that I don’t know
if the sourdough is going after the

gluten I don’t know what to prot wood
yeah I don’t this product this product
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they should they should carry this I
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there’s probably a lot of spooks turns
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that’s all I need to say and right and
such before we didn’t do this on the
last show I just wanted to do a quick

because of this I guess now it’s it’s
the the whole roe v– wade Virginia New
York abortion bills have been such a
contentious just a contentious topic

everyone has an opinion but no one just
reads the damn law to just say what is
and is not legal and the reason I

figured we do this is Kathy Tran from
Virginia Democrat from Virginia who
wrote the bill she’s kind of doubled
down with just yeah kind of fuzzy

language and I wanted to play that hi
I’m Kathy Tran and I represent the 42nd
district in the Virginia House of
Delegates I know women in my family
women in my district and women across
Virginia who’ve had to make the very

personal decision as to whether or not
they’re going to have an abortion that’s
why I introduced a bill to repeal the
medically unnecessary and in duly
burdensome barriers that Virginian women

face when they’re accessing this health
care service in consultation with their
doctor I present in my bill this week
and I was really surprised by the line
of questioning that I got this bill had

been introduced in the General Assembly
in previous years and in fact this
session was also introduced in her state
Senate I want to be very clear about
what’s currently allowed in Virginia law

right now women are able to access an
abortion in the later stages of
pregnancy under certain conditions with
the approval of medical doctors I’ve
done nothing to change that what I have

done is try to make sure that women are
able to make these decisions and access
these services in a timely manner since
the bill hearing I’ve heard from many
women in my district and across Virginia

who support my efforts to make sure that
politicians don’t get between a woman
and her health care decisions I
appreciate their support and I will

continue to stand with the women in
so this is fine so this wasn’t it the
this third trimester as far as I know
was not law it has been proposed before

and she made a few small changes I think
it’s just helpful if we just read what
is actually in the proposed bill and
then you’ll have that information so
you’ll not because it’s not that hard

that’s yeah I’m a I’m an and legislation
analyst but if this is just English it
is not difficult so this is specifically
about 18 to – 74 when abortion or
termination of pregnancy is lawful after

the second trimester of pregnancy so
that is after 22 between 24 and 20 and
40 weeks which means any time in that
period it shall be lawful for any

physician licensed by the Board of
Medicine to practice medicine and
surgery to terminate or attempt to
terminate a human pregnancy or aid in or
aid or assist in the termination of a

human pregnancy by performing an
abortion or causing a miscarriage on any
woman in a stage of pregnancy subsequent
to the second trimester provided that
the following conditions are met so

that’s pretty simple if you’re certified
doctor you can do this if number one
said operation is performed in a
hospital licensed by the Virginia State
Department of Health or operated by the

Department of Behavioral Health and
development developmental sciences I
believe this to be the actual problem in
this bill because this is not necessary
in up in the up until the third

trimester it can be done in the clinic
and hospitals do not want abortions in
their facilities it’s the biggest
problem with access to this particular

service hospitals don’t want the bad PR
that’s why you’ve got shittiest clinics
but that’s just an aside to the
physician certifies so this is second
you had the this has to be adhere to in

order for this to be legal the physician
certifies and enters in the hospital
record of the woman that in the
physicians medical opinion based upon

the physicians best clinical judgment
the continuation of the pregnancy is
likely to result in the death of the
woman impaired the mental or physical
health of the woman so I think that the

impair the mental health of the woman is
an issue for a lot of people because
that’s open to wide interpretation third
measures for life support for the

product of such abortion or miscarriage
shall be available which does not mean
it has to be available but legally shall
means it’s could be available and
utilize if there’s any clearly visible

evidence of viability and then finally
before performing any abortion or
inducing any miscarriage of terminating
a pregnancy as provided in the for

mentioned the physician shall obtain the
informed written consent of the pregnant
woman however if the woman has been
adjudicated incapacitated by any court
or competent jurisdiction or the
physician knows or as good reason to

believe such a woman is incapacitated as
adjudicated by a court of competent
jurisdiction then only after permission
is given in writing by a parent Guardian
committee or other persons standing and

local parents the woman made a physician
perform the abortion so yes to say that
no one will do this when that when the
woman is dilating may be true but

technically as possible and the
technical issue that I see is if the
physician believes the mother’s mental
health may be affected by the birth then

this is legal the tip literally up until
the child is born so that is the factual
information anything else you hear is
just posturing and bullcrap I have two

things to say personally one you know
Tina and I met through the Ronald
McDonald House that’s we met and I’ve
been a supporter of Ronald McDonald

House for a long time there family rooms
they have the house and then they have
family rooms the number one use of the
family rooms which are in hospitals

where people who typically have children
in their
could you be a little quieter with
whatever you’re doing yeah sorry
are you yeah you’re paging through the
law okay I got it look in your law books

the number one use of the neuron
McDonald House family rooms is for
premature babies born at 24 weeks who
survived so I just want to say for me

personally it’s like wow 24 weeks you
know that’s a long time to make a
decision about an abortion and I’ve seen
two lots lots of children survive this
what are you doing it’s so loud it’s

really loud I’m looking for some paper
second thing I’d like to say I hope I

hope you’re with me I’m listening I
personally feel that as a parent you
should be able to kill your child up
until they’re 13 or 14 because they can

hit assholes ah sarcasm yeah there’s my
sarcasm is right
yeah damn it so that’s all I got that’s
the law and anything else anyone says

any posturing you know the physician who
said who was you know on I’m sorry the
governor who is now now he has a whole
bunch of other problems the governor’s
in trouble he was a little disingenuous

he was only talking about physical
deformities but yeah that’s the law
that’s all there is to it it’s in the
show note you can print it out you can
take long you haven’t he has someone has
an argument you say here’s what the law
says that’s all you got to do everything

you hear is just a bunch of dickheads
typically men by the way who we all know
it better including the governor well
that doesn’t preclude the the woman

herself when she gave testimony and
pretty much so the baby could be half
born and they have to kill it that’s but
that’s true yeah that’s my point it’s
legal yes yeah so yeah it doesn’t

preclude anything that what I hate about
this what I really despise is that this
is all about politics has nothing to do
if you think that you’re Democrat

liberal politicians are out there trying
to protect your right or if
think that some a whole Republican
politicians are trying to protect babies
rights or has nothing to do with it it’s
about votes and here’s Governor Cuomo of

New York just abusing this and abusing
women for votes Kavanagh is going to
reverse roe v– wade I have no doubt

whose knowledge is going to reverse roe
v– wade I have no doubt so what do we
do protect ourselves pass a state law
that is a prophylactic from the federal

action and that means pass rose
reproductive health

that’s all that it’s about it’s just
about winning votes discusses that but I
think what he’s really doing there which
is kind of ironic is he’s pushing states

rights right it’s very ironic because
the Democrats have never been for stage
rights I think everything should be in
the hands of the federal government but
those rights is a reversal that’s the

old Democratic Party has nothing to do
with this well I still think we should
play the 58 second clip which one is it
Virginia bill on abortion where they

have the woman who wrote the bill that
you just read word for word
mhm being grilled by one of the state
senators in Virginia so how late in the
third trimester would you be able to do
that you know it’s very unfortunate that

are there are physicians witnesses were
not able to attend today to speak
specifically I’m talking about your bill
how late how late in the third trimester
could a physician perform an abortion if
he indicated it would impair the mental

health of the of the woman or physical
okay okay I’m talking about the mental
health so I mean through the third
trimester the third trimester goes all
the way up to 40 weeks okay but to the

end of the third trimester I don’t think
we have a limit in the bill so where
it’s obvious that a woman is about to
give birth she has physical signs of
that she is about to give a birth would

that still be a point at which she could
request an abortion if she was so
certified she’s dilating mr. chairman
that would be a you know a decision that
the doctor the physician and the women

understand that I’m asking if your bill
allows that my bill would allow that yes
yeah exactly
I’m all for it I just like it televised
I want to televise I want art hour

executions televised I want all of this
killing people should be televised
that’s not sarcasm I’ve said this for
years televise it let’s see if we all

like it I like killing the baby yes I
want televised executions I want to
everything should be televised why not

it’s reality TVs the ha
format well would put the kibosh is word
I only used rarely reservedly
or kibosh as some people would like to

pronounce it it put the kibosh on any of
these activities because it’s gruesome
yeah well I mean I met electrocution I
don’t know maybe if you’ll get me they

used to go to the town halls and watch
the the hangings and they’ve been there
people getting shot and all the other
executions at least we were led to
believe that when they were chopping off
heads oh yeah during the French

Revolution we understand from reports
that the huge crowds would gather and
then the knife would come down and chop
off somebody’s head and the head would
go rolling into a bucket and everyone

would cheer so I don’t know that it
would put a stop to it
no it wouldn’t it would be also feel
that we should have live telecasts of
how your beef is made how your chicken
is called all of this is you know don’t

not just one little documentary a live
channel yeah on your on your Alexa
what’s that screen thing they’ve got now
or the Google a whole screen all of that
beautiful the Google whole the Google

assistant should show me where my should
be on the carton see the electrode going
in let me up guys butch room up and then

they hold up the stake that you just
bought and say look there’s the stake
you just bought have the hooks in there
and they ripped the hook out chopped his

head off gut and while he’s living yes
why not
if we gotta be honest let you’re gonna
kill kids until they’re 13 so nice well
that’s a parent I think you should be
able to kill your own kid just yeah I
think that I think kids at this one’s no

good so here we go let’s play yeah let’s
get to it I just want to get one clip by
are we how are we for time last clip
alright I’ve got a clip here on I think

this is underreported story about the
fake school that was used to lure a
bunch of do
bags into signing up but they were all
illegal immigrants so I don’t know it’s

not reported by the mainstream media
what’s at all oh I don’t know anything
about this
yeah of course not because it would
overuse reporting on the fake school
underreported deeds details have emerged
about how the Department of Homeland
Security set up a fake college in

Michigan as part of an elaborate sting
operation to crack down on immigration
violations the website of the University
of Farmington claimed to be a nationally
accredited business and stem institution

but in fact the school did not exist
earlier this week
eight student recruiters were indicted
for conspiring to help foreign citizens
and role in the fake school and attempt

to for them to remain in the country
in addition immigration agents have
arrested about a hundred thirty people
who attempted to enroll in the school
wait a minute you mean they pulled like

a honeypot like the FBI does with idiot
people who that they turn into
terrorists and these people wanted to
actually learn they wanted to go to
school and that was the honeypot yeah

now that’s not cool man
that’s not okay no that’s not cool well
there was must have been some other
element I mean they’re not gonna go into
any details on this on democracy now of
course cuz they never do but it must

have been something about it that was
the lure people longed to learn people
wanted to learn and then you’re nailed
no indicators to disagree I don’t know I
want to I have to look into it no thanks

to you you’re welcome
all right everybody that’s it
now you may now return to your regularly

scheduled sport a little Sport
goat power power I’m coming to you from
downtown Austin Texas capital the drone

star state FEMA region six and the
governmental maps if you are looking for
me in the five by nine clue do in the
common law condo in the morning
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I say go Rams build the

wall I’m John seed all right we’ve
returned on Thursday right here remember
us at Dvorak dot org slash na until then
adios mofos and such



sometimes I

breaking news a city Democratic governor
admitting tonight he is in the photo

you’re about to see but I believe them
and now that I am NOT either go through
my yearbook yeah I’m actually interested

you know it is definitely not me but I
can tell by looking at it I have had
friends also look at it and tell me it’s
not me
Beach week Ralph’s Club the biggest

contributor what does the word Ralph
mean in that that probably refers to
throwing up on no no weak stomach and
this was a horrific photo that was on my

page with my name Ralph Northam above so
the vomiting the reference in the
Ralph’s club reference related to the
consumption of alcohol on my page in the

1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School
have at it if you want to go through
my yearbook yeah I’m actually interested
you know for now governor oh there will
be kept comfortable you can be certain

of that
they’ll be resuscitated if that’s what
his party desires it’s definitely not me
either you stand with the forces of

freedom your league with material and
his mail
when Maduro comes out to play we’ll send

in the CIA
Nicky we don’t know we’re headed and we
let our global sanctions

to make a

you don’t want another suit
for us for being a military coup
you be worse and Mose and me

you can see that we know every
this is evil it’s great evil what’s the

evil part just how the world works it’s
nothing new to us but if people really

understood you know just take a random
college kid he said hey you know this is
actually how it still kind of works
that’s where are you from BBC there’s

another Beauty have a feeling is going
to be beautiful I hope that we’re able
to get everybody in a very big and
beautiful room and do a new treaty that

would be much better and we’re gonna
have that big beautiful door in the wall
he won’t be beautiful letters discusses
the purchase of lots of beautiful

military equipment because nobody makes
it like the United States and at the
very center of that plan is a giant
beautiful massive the biggest ever in

our country tax cut it really could be a
beautiful bipartisan type of situation
we had the most beautiful piece of

chocolate cake that we have ever seen
beautiful barbed wire going up today
barbed wire used properly can be a
beautiful sight

luckily John Podesta declines Hilary’s
gonna be running this time campaign news
flashes the posters go up churning and
burning she’s going for truck she deftly

maneuvers and muscles her ranks
corporate donations of funding from
banks reckless and wild the media forms
the DNC yield she maneuvers have fought
as they speed towards the finish the

opposition goes down others give up and
they get out of town the White House is
hers except for one man still slamming
and scamming as long as she can the Sun
has gone down and the moon has come up

and last election clearly was stolen by
Trump but she’s driving conniving and
changing the turns so she’ll be the
president of the job for which she’s
still yes she’s lying the distance she’s
going to lead

I’m agreed because she’s scheming
meaning collecting each darn she’s
fighting and biting lying all the time

she’s going the distance
[Music] Adios Mofos