No Agenda Episode 1110: “Kremlin Cush”

she’s alive Adam curry John C. Dvorak
this is your award-winning nation media
assassination episode this is no agenda

curry from northern Silicon Valley where
I am now self-identifying as an American

Indian I’m John Sita Bora now you can
see the point is you’re supposed to do

on your entrance to things not not when
you’re exiting everything that is truly
one of the most beautiful stories of of
the week Elizabeth Warren somebody

digging up an old form that American
Indian as race what a hit job Roger
stone no it’s now stones out of

commission there’s people who’ve learned
from him though yeah must be
if you don’t know we’re talking about
Elizabeth Warren who we actually called
Pocahontas years before Donald Trump so

we had to stop doing it yeah we so on
top of the DNA tests on top of

everything yeah I actually have a have
her apology and do you have anything you
want to play from a couple of clips but
but you know one of the things I was
thinking about before I play these clips

is that she was born and raised in
Oklahoma where there’s a lot of people
believe that their Cherokee or some
other you know Oklahoman tribe is their

ancestry sure so I decided to look her
up look up look her up for her cuz this
is possible that somebody’s told her
this and yes because that’s her story
Indian look you’re not the hygiene this

is exactly what’s in my clip so I’ll
play this as a that you can hear her
apology which is exactly this before you
do let me just continue okay so I went
and looked of all oral high school

to see what she looked like in high
school to see if she looked anything
like an American and he may be you know
just a little bit of somewhat you know
the cheekbones anything mm-hmm
no not even close she’s actually

gorgeous as a high school girl very
attractive and then she started taking
very slowly evolved that certain kind of
looked at liberal women somehow Gatos
kind of a kind of a weird smile she did

she always have the short hair no no she
had a variety yes yes I think that’s
what it is it’s the really it’s the
short hair the bob that’s that’s kind of

the trademark well we all you mean once
you turn liberal which is the one where
she’s looks the most like the snotty

liberal that you run into these girls
are know-it-alls
and yes you’ve got all of a sudden has
developed kind of a doing way to people
how to have maybe more sports or
inclined she has that that John Elway

smile which is like this forest kind of
oval smile which is very classic and she
knew he came from Stanford oh yes she’s
got a kind of a bob and the hair was

long earlier and then she got just look
about her well but but none of it was
Indian but what you just said gives me
an out for her she can be on the
Wheaties box she looks like a sports

star you looking at her pictures no no
she’s got the smile of a guy Mike’s
probably included her cuz she I do have

the same I think it’s within these two
clips I have but play yours we’ll see
where we go okay this is from Fox News
where they broke away to get some to get
specific questions about this latest

controversy where she hand wrote her her
race is American Indian on her Texas bar
applica our application prompter by the

way this is I think it’s Shep Shep Smith
and this was Dec who sent me this clip
you can hear at the beginning this is
something you don’t hear often but this
is very typical of television where

they’re coming out of the break and the
teleprompter has not yet put up the text
and so I think this is Shep Smith he’s
going prompter prompter prompter
Elizabeth Warren here that yeah I love

those moments Elizabeth Warren is
speaking about her history of claiming
Cherokee Indian heritage on applications

and otherwise the most recent
application for the Texas bar wherein
she herself wrote exactly that as
witnessed here Warren started speaking

during the commercial break so we DVR’d
it for you and we’ll play it from where
we began recording listen why did you
miss your self as an American on this
Texas bar you’ve used this part of your

background to get ahead and are you
saying that this is something you
fundamentally believed about yourself or
how do you respond to that criticism
that this was a knowing attempt to get
ahead by using that claim of ancestry is

a claim that has been fully investigated
and it has now been completely that
nothing about my background

ever had anything to do with any job I
got in any place it’s been fully
there’s no evidence any kind of others
anymore are there any more documents or

any more forms like this austerity that
you have listed yourself as I grew up
believing with my brothers this is our

family story yes it’s the story but I
think she’s lying when she says that
it’s been documented and investigated
that she never had a nobody cares

nobody’s documented investigated a
writer you’re right what am I even
thinking but listen to the big boys
talking about this and I have the two
CBS in this case the negress is effort

by the way CBS version and it’s about
how she’s actually rewritten I this is
very worth very much worth whatever I

don’t know what kind of phrase I’m
trying to come up with they’re using
valuable airtime it’s worth it I take
your word for it

the senator from Massachusetts
apologized today after a decades-old
document surface that shows Warren
declared herself to be an American
Indian Nancy Cordes has more on this I’m
not a tribal citizen and I should have

been more just more mindful of the
distinction Massachusetts senator
Elizabeth Warren apologized today for
listing American Indian as her race

after being accepted to the Texas Bar
Association in 1986 this is who I grew
up believing with my brothers this is

our family story but family stories are
not the same as tribal citizenship and
this is why I have apologized
Warren launched a presidential

exploratory committee in December I’m in
this fight all the way but she’s been
dogged by her decision decades ago to
list herself as Native American at the
University of Pennsylvania and Harvard

University and drew fire from Cherokee
tribal leaders
last year when she tried to put the
issue behind her with a highly
publicized DNA test followed very

closely this is a rewrite she’s

rewriting history the fact was when she
had her DNA test it turned out that
there were no real Native American
genomes anything that they can compared

her to and they had to use South of
South American huh
markers and so she the best she could do
is have a couple of ticks off the box
I’m some South American tribe or the

Incas or who knows what they were
talking about or I don’t know but now
she’s making it sound as though oh wait
a minute yeah you have so you get you
definitely the who were this recording

come from we never heard this before
some bogus recording of a guy tell me we
did yes no no no no yes we most
definitely did this was like it was a
either her husband’s brother it was some

some family relation and he worked at
the DNA company and he’s not I don’t
think he’s even qualified to analyze it
and he’s the one that got on the phone

and that hokey video they did and and
hold on here’s the his that bit again
and drew fire from Cherokee tribal
leaders last year when she tried to put
the issue behind her with a highly

DNA test I love the facts suggests
that’s the best part

definitely and suggests work together

fact-check Falls well anyway so she got
herself in a heap of trouble here and
then now she’s rewriting it to make it
sound as if if it wasn’t for those damn
Cherokee tribal leaders yes who don’t

recognize her who don’t recognize her
she’d be good to go yes when his
but anyway so let’s oh she’s in it this
is a problem for her but she might be

able to they maybe you know blow over
and she can still maybe take a shot at
things but I don’t think so but let’s
play part two or they kind of just put
some icing on this cake the chair of the

Republican National Committee filed a
grievance with the Texas bar today
saying attorney Warren should be
disciplined for lying in blood but many

Democrats argue the real controversy is
the president’s ongoing racial
insensitivity when talking about Warren
Warren insisted today that she wasn’t

seeking special treatment when she
listed herself as Native American and
that she was never hired because of it
but it could complicate her next job
application because Jeff she is set to

formally launch her bid for the
presidency in just four days and she’s
really going to go through with the
announcement it really seems like she’s
gonna try just ignore this well she made
a huge mistake when she didn’t run

against Hillary or take them take them I
mean she would have won I mean
everybody’s doing it here I’ve paid
careful attention to people like me me a

lifelong Republican it was she was all
in to vote for Elizabeth what does Mimi
think of Liz now she thinks she’s a big
okay dodged the bullet XV yeah she would
have gotten anything done cause she’s a

big talker and no big talk no action
woman well but we’re in this situation
by the way I want to mention that CBS
managed to turn it on Trump somehow well
of course what else is new but we’re in
this interesting situation and I’m

referring specifically to Virginia where
yeah we
Scott has become so easy to discredit
almost anybody based upon what they’ve

done in the past and you know thanks
internet thanks storage you know thanks
to scanners that’s the technology thanks
to technology really the only person you

can elect for elective office has yet to
be the biggest dud
ever well what’s you take a look so we
have this the governor who appeared in
blackface but then he said no that

wasn’t me I did do blackface once at a
Michael Jackson a dance contest which I
have to say coming from the Netherlands
I remember in the late 70s early 80s
when Michael Jackson just just when he

still had the the afro there were tons
of dance competitions at schools and
there was always some kid who would be
you know in blackface with the with the
big fro wig and would dance their ass

off and we’d be like oh my god it’s just
like Michael Jackson and you know now of
course I have you know all kinds of
privilege but at the time it didn’t seem
like anyone you know just seemed like

there was less inflammatory I don’t know
of course we had black kids there was
the Netherlands you know we had black
kids and we still still have the black
Petes you know there’s some you got to

put some context into it blackface the
Al Jolson blackface minstrel show is
very different than emulating Michael
Jackson or any black person for that

reason which is why Jimmy Kimmel and
Fallon are very quiet right now you
haven’t heard them made a lot of jokes
about Ralph Northam in Virginia because
there’s tons of video of them doing

skits in blackface yeah I wouldn’t be
surprised why I do have the rundown on
this situation the latest which included
the third guy now are these hit jobs too
or is this just I mean where’s this

coming from
I don’t know but the punch line this has
got a punch line to it’s a little longer
for a clip but it’s I believe it’s from
CBS and it has all the up-to-date
information i hey every time I was

clipping this all during the week it’s
like it’s oh god they got a new guy
another third guy
reclip hilarious Virginia mess first it
was the governor then the lieutenant

governor now the state attorney general
the top three leaders in the state all
Democrats all facing deep controversy
the latest is Attorney General Mark
herring who admitted today that he once

wore blackface at a college party ed
O’Keefe has more on the chaos in the
Commonwealth Virginia Democratic
lawmakers were in no mood to discuss the

latest scandal to Rock Richmond Attorney
General Mark herring admitting that he
also once dressed in blackface
has an undergraduate in 1980 he said in
a statement he and friends went to a

party as rappers we dressed up and put
on wigs and brown makeup he added I have
a glaring example from my past that I
have thought about with deep regret in
the many years since when word reached

the State House there were audible gasps
and expletives from staffers some
lawmakers hung their heads in disbelief
and this from the head of the Virginia
legislative Black Caucus Lamont Bagby

like I said we’re not praying enough the
scandal rocking it all the way up to
Washington today’s bombshell comes just
days after Haring called for governor

Ralph Northam to resign over a racist
photo including a man in blackface that
was discovered on his medical school
yearbook page I am NOT either of the
people in that photo after that news

conference herring had said it is no
longer possible for the governor to lead
Virginia Northam remains out of sight as
he contemplates his political future
he’s meeting with black leaders and may
hire a private investigator to prove

it’s not him in the photo then there’s
lieutenant governor just in Fairfax on
now where’s al Sharpton where’s where’s
Rover now he’ll be around I mean what
all this guy has to do is pay off Rev Al

and then Reverend I will bless him and
you know hug and it’ll be a big press
conference it’ll be good to go but I
don’t think Reverend Al’s not here
suddenly or maybe maybe these guys don’t
know how it works it may hire a private

investigator to prove it’s not him in
the photo then
lieutenant-governor Justin fairfax who’s
facing an allegation of sexual assault
during the Democratic National
Convention in 2004 today his accuser

Vanessa Tyson put out a lengthy
statement saying she’s a Democrat and is
sharing her story with tremendous
anguish she says she had gone to Fairfax
his hotel room to retrieve documents and

that after consensual kissing mr.
Fairfax forced him to perform oral sex
on him Fairfax has repeatedly denied the
allegation and responded today saying
reading dr. Tyson’s account is painful I

have never done anything like what she
suggests as all three men consider their
next steps
Virginia’s line of succession states
that if Northam steps down Fairfax would
take over then herring and next in line

Republican Kirk Cox Speaker of the House
or the jewel there it is one seat
majority twist worthy of the movies the
race for that one seat and it is David

Yancey and was decided when the name of
the Republican winner was pulled out of
a ceramic bowl what what is sort of
ceramic bowl huffed is it wasn’t a white

bowl it was a surrett it was a bowl with
the date they ended up with a tie at the
end of the legislative session for who’s
gonna Democrat a Republican whoever wins

and it was a it was a tie a perfect tie
they would pick the name out of a bowl
and it was the Republican so the
Republicans a guy by one vote who gets

to be the next governor if they live all
these guys fall apart this was possible
but I’m so this was a porcelain bowl
ceramic oh I thought tiles ceramic bowls

because that that has the implications
of a toilet well done good reporting
okay so now this does ceramic balls

system this does give a a different
slant if we now after these three guys
are annihilated now the a Republican
could wind up governor this is a move

yes fantastic great move oh man
yeah the
this this morning some someone on
Twitter which is I think something a

phrase I use a lot someone on Twitter
it would just forgot tweeted out a clip
of the view from 2016 Joy Behar
defending this 2016 now defending her
costume was she dressed up as an African

American the New York Times they had an
op-ed piece in praise of naturally curly
hair they say that it’s making a
comeback which I’ve always had curly
statement picture now I know

I was soaked you’re in the circle 29 it

was a Halloween party I went as a

beautiful African woman oh yes that is
me did you have tanning lotion on I had

makeup that was a little bit that’s my
actual hand love it though do you hear
the obsession with well it was just
makeup a little darker wasn’t really

blackface and my hair is really curly I
didn’t I didn’t do anything wrong
wow that’s a great clip it’s kind of I
like to have seen that clip cuz you’d

have to know him if Whoopi was under the
ocean you know she was not sadly you
know broke up with Ted Danson for
showing up in blackface once when they
were I forgot about that you jeez so
what’d be would have gone off on her oh

man but you know it the end is not near
because now the New York Times even I
wrote a reason those op-ed but an
article how Mary Poppins is racist what

yes Mary Poppins is racist because nanny
amix was at Nanny McPhee

I don’t know the story oh it’s a
beautiful story and it’s coming back I
know that when they go down the chimney
there her face gets covered in soot but

instead of wiping it off she gamely I’m
reading from the article she gamely
powders her nose and cheeks even blacker
then she leads the children on a dancing
exploration of London rooftops with Dick

Van Dyke sooty chimney sweep Bert so and
this is quite a still dilled show
they’re talking about yeah well yes the
new one does she come down a black fish

in the new movie I don’t know I haven’t
I haven’t seen it I did even out I don’t
know I haven’t seen the new movie
she doesn’t but even but come on forget
if it’s forget if it’s a well I’m gonna

but I’m just gonna take decide that if
you’re gonna call everybody out for
doing this no of course there is new now
fifty years ago a hundred years ago
whenever including blacks who did it
most of the minstrel shows the blacks

had to put on blackface
just because they did be darker which
really revealed in a recent Broadway
play with which documented all this this
era it’s like you got a year they’re all

in or you’re all out
that’s why I think the black Piet thing
is gonna be done for let me see I’m
looking at this article the black Piet

thing is never gonna be done for the
Dutch won’t allow it put up with a lot
it’s gonna turn out that black Piet is
contributing to global warming well

there’s that
global warming yeah sad this point in
history we’ve but is quite funny for our

show is dynamite yes super horse to me
show it’s great it’s gotta be laughing
yes exactly I would like to stay with

the candidates for 2020 for a moment and
I’ll start that with the jingle

see gather
anything but Haggard

that’s Tom Sweeny
right here in Austin s’more jingle than

her political career will be I’m afraid
it’s kind of kind of over to who
for Tulsi Gabbard oh yeah poor Tulsi so

now NBC came out I think we may have
discussed this on Sunday and had a
report from new knowledge the
austin-based company that wrote the

bullcrap report for the Intelligence
Committee which no one references that
no one says hey by the way these a-holes
who then subsequently got deep platform
from Facebook because they were using

the same Russian tactics they reported
on to the congressional the Senate
committee they use the same tactics in
the special election in Alabama they got
deep platform for it but yet these guys
somehow are now credible to say we see

websites in BOTS tweeting about Tulsi
Gabbard looks like the Russians are on
her side week she’s gotta be she can’t

take seriously she’s Putin’s puppet
Putin’s puppet if the hijab couldn’t get
any better David Duke just endorsed her

I mean come on to be working for the
other side of course he is
can you imagine you okay Dave here’s who
we want you to endorse just of kiss of

death endorsement company yeah kiss of
death endorsement company is that an
acronym we can use codec I like it codec
codec the kiss of death endorsement

company well luckily we have a Democrat
liberal Glenn Greenwald to push back on
this and here he is and he actually he
he did something that I’ve never really

heard him say or this actually I don’t
think I’ve ever heard him
make this at this kind of accusation
when it comes to a political fracas
they claimed in a screaming headline
that predictably went viral that she was

the Kremlin’s favorite candidate one of
the reporters who wrote the story
tweeted which they the Kremlin has a
crush on Tulsi Gabbard something that if
it were about a democratic favorite

would even denounce not just as
adolescent but also sexist yes and of
course this is all part of the broader
context where the Democratic Party has
this maniacal obsession with Russia if
you try and debate anything with them

about the war in Syria or the ongoing
viability of NATO or troops in
Afghanistan they just start babbling
about the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin in
accusing you of being a Russian agent

and it’s like some kind of like neuro
malfunction or or a mania at this point
and what’s amazing he’s doing this to
Tulsi Gabbard she was a democratic star
just four years ago when she was first

elected MSNBC said the first Asian woman
elected to the Democratic to the Senate
to the house in US history she’s an Iraq
war veteran on the fast track to fame
they made her a vice chairwoman of the

Democratic National Committee and now
suddenly they’re smearing her as an
asset of the Kremlin using extremely
dubious journalistic tactics for which

NBC has become notorious on behalf of
both the CIA and the DNC I’ve never
heard Glenn green Glen Glen Greenwald
accused that and linked it to the CIA

that’s kind of a first for him I like
that yeah well he wrote a long article
on this and the intercept that yeah yeah
just condemned but to hold all this
practice of they was just trying to

destroy Tulsi Gabbard in in the article
he did not mention he doesn’t have the
background on new knowledge that’s the
part that he’s missing he’s missing that
these got these were the guys that wrote

the report that was heralded by
everybody did slam new knowledge in his
article okay well yes but I think why I
thought he could have expands a little

more I have a second he was on Tucker
actually from his hideout in Brazil at
the second clip about the neo-cons
moving from
the right to the left I thought was just

worth worth taking along here in 2014
and you can go google this there’s an
article in The New York Times are not
bad by someone who has tried tracked
neo-cons for a long time saying that it

was clear that there was rising
isolationism and anti-war sentiment in
the Republican Party and neo-cons were
therefore migrating back to the
Democrats especially an excitement over
the prospect that Hillary Clinton would

be the nominee for president in 2016 and
that she essentially has a neocon
foreign policy she supported the war in
Iraq she supported regime change in
Libya she was highly critical of Obama
for not doing more in Libya for not

arming anti-russian factions in Ukraine
they love Hillary Clinton and they were
migrating back to the Democratic Party
so Democrats have become reunited with
neo-cons so anyone who deviates from the

neocon agenda whether on the left or on
the right instantly gets accused of
being an asset or a stooge of the
Kremlin and that’s what they did in NBC

in this case relied on a firm that just
got caught six weeks ago fabricating
Russia data they got kicked off Facebook
for doing it and that was NBC’s leading
quote expert for claiming that chatter

shows that the Kremlin is now favoring
toasty Gaza there you go
you still missin a port part yeah you
know the funny thing if you don’t

realize that the neo-cons all these war
mongers that took over the Bush
administration the guy that wolf
Wolfowitz was the World Bank it’s a
whole bunch of them and they’re all

identifiable i’m john bolton how about
that john bolton yeah they’re making
some headway into the trump
administration not on a white trumpet
yeah we do know because they’re all
involved in weird sex shit that they

can’t talk about oh that could be
whatever the case they they were
originally Liberal Democrats from the
sixties the sixties style Liberal
Democrat which does involve often from

that era the pre-aids are a lot of kinky
so they revolve and they’ve some of the
Democrat Party get didn’t want these
guys and so they all became Republicans
the party thing was a non-issue to them

they just wanted to write because have
our create war take over the world they
wrote papers about it you can read about
American new century I think is one of

them a project for a new American
Century up right yeah that which is the
Teaneck which is the document that said
we need a new Pearl Harbor maybe someone
could fly an airplane into with the

world trade tower legend said that
specifically but that’s what they were
hinting at came pretty damn close so
yeah that’s good they should be out of

they should form their own party who
knew it neo-cons neocon party Oh sounds
like a winner you know I bet you I bet

you someone could twist that and make
people buy it I think I think it’s
doable some pretty a little bit of
Bearnaise sauce on there and you’re good

to go it just takes a lot of Bernays
before we get to the State of the Union
which you do need to talk about I’d like
to preface it with a couple of short
clips from

pod save the privileged I’m sorry pod
save America which is Alea this is your
new beat yeah yeah I’ve been listening
some podcasts and getting some stuff so
these are the positive America very very
successful podcast although I think

they’re doing some weird stuff because
they don’t have a show every day and and
they had a show before the state of the
day before the State of the Union didn’t
have one

the day after didn’t have one today
instead doing these shows on the road
and so they can’t record you know that
they can only record when they’re on
stage too hard but they’re making a lot
of money I mean doing these theater

shows I mean that’s that’s a bank
thank for them but you know and you can
hear they’re kind of tired over like
okay we’re gonna travel here travel
there that’s really their of their main
income although although I do have we

can decide if we want to play it I do
have one of their live reads but we’ll
start off this is pre the State of the
Union from pod save the privilege is
what I call them now and you know

they’re former speech writers for Obama
two of them and so they start talking
about speech writing and you know and I
I don’t know anything about speech
writing I know that Obama had some great

jokes he he could deliver Humpty Dumpty
and it would sound great but these guys
kind of take all the credit for that but
they also like to slam Trump’s writer in

advance of anything and here it is
Stephen Miller is such a bad writer
offend you guys as former well I made a
speechwriter he’s someone that can’t

even put together a sentence is writing
these things I mean it’s hard to get
past the racism with Stephen Miller
that’s upfront so you don’t usually get
to the fact that even if he weren’t so
racist his writing would be really bad I

was just a bad writer right look if
there were if there were if this was a
normal Republican president Stephen
Miller would have applied to be speech
writer and his would not have made it
out of the first pile because there
would’ve been a pile of better speeches

and then they’d been like oh who was oh
that racist guy yeah yeah well we didn’t
even get to that when we were we were
redefining his speeches
George Bush’s policies horrendous
horrendous policies Michael Gerson

pretty good speechwriter
yeah great speaker choosing greatness is
like a bad motivational speaker you
might hear at halftime of a high school
football game that is the theme I don’t
know much about writers but well I don’t

know much about high school football
games except that was in high school
once and I don’t remember any
motivational speaker coming out and
giving us a big pep talk what school
these guys go to I’m sure some

privileged preppy school I don’t know
but I just thought you know if you’re a
writer is that how you talk about other
writers I guess you know I guess really
the sleaze balls that do that there’s a

lot of them yeah well they’re on this
they they lord it over everybody they’ve
just condemned the other riders that are
complete condemned the competition is
what it amounts to and that is what it’s
a fact that they dare that in public

cause is usually always behind the scene
yeah that’s kind of weak that’s beast
beyond weak that is very lame yeah and
it is extremely douchey these guys are

wait for it so now they’re going to talk
about the Democratic answer the counters
state of the union by Stacey Abrams yeah
the one who lost they bring her out just

the best they can do well listen to the
hagiography they perform on her the
Democrats have chosen former Georgia
House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams to
deliver the response to trump guys how

tough is this job what do you think of
the decision and what do you want to
hear from Stacey Abrams
I think it’s an inspired choice Sam she
is one of the most exciting candidates
who ran last cycle unfortunately she did

not win but that doesn’t mean she
doesn’t have a bright future in the
party great choice and she’s brilliant
we love Stacey Abrams you know I would
say it is a it is a very very tough job
to do this the speech that she gave on
election night and then the follow-up

speech she gave when she refused to
concede when she accepted the results
that refused to concede were two of the
best speeches I’ve heard from a
democratic politician in years she’s
brilliant she also just wrote this

really fantastic piece in foreign policy
magazine about places it is brilliant
and III defies you’re going to be seen I
defy someone to find a politician who
writes in that kind of academic style so

brilliantly in either party yeah in
politics today actually you know what I
appreciate about it is actually it
reminds me also it reminds me of you
know she’s not writing it to make a case

for herself as a candidate she’s saying
here’s what I believe here’s a kind of
politics I ascribe to that will guide me
in the future and it reminds me also if
so a lot of the early writing of
Elizabeth Warren that was not geared
around helping her win but just sort of

laying out an ideological case for a
kind of economic politics and this was
laying out an ideological case for a
kind of identity politics that she just
defended and in a really thoughtful and
smart way

she’s so inspiring she’s just the best
writer ever you should read this piece
if you have an informed policy magazine
it’s about identity politics and how
it’s good and it brings us together it’s
it’s it’s like whoa their foreign

policies the magazine you read if you
want to see what to see the Council on
Foreign Relations is up to what they’re
trying to push hmm well maybe that’s why
she’s there

maybe she it seems like she’s being
pushed cuz when I looked after the State
of the Union I saw yeah of course after
the after the Democratic response
yeah like AHA she’s a rising star she’s

great yeah Chuck Schumer wants her to
run for Senate it’s like okay that’s
well I watched her I don’t know what the
fuss is about no I didn’t read her

material and I by the way which I which
I doubt she wrote by the way tell me she
wasn’t on green screen she was talking I
didn’t watch her live and I was watching

on a small on the top oh you’ve got to
see it it’s no it’s so it’s so pathetic
they had good they had I think well
here’s what happened they had her in a

in a room and it did have a I don’t
think it was a green background of his a
background and it just felt really dead
and so they said oh we got to put some
people behind her and had this b-roll

footage and they keyed her on top of it
because it wasn’t green screen the key
the outline of her her hair her whatever
she was wearing or jacket or sweater it

was you could see it I mean I’ve been
around television long enough this break
is superimposed and it’s just like yeah
par for the course you phonies couldn’t
even get a crowd in to have her do this

speech was which is about her and her
family and her dad and yeah I guess it
was inspired but what yeah inspired by
Hannah hook it into me or I’m I’m

inspirational and then I think we can
play this the pot save the privilege
boys go from all this hoity-toity nough
straight into a NAD+ Americans
by Oatley Oatley is the vegan

plant-based oat milk originally from
Sweden now available in the u.s. sound
like they’re really into this product
ringing of insincerity weight gets
better because they’re gonna try and

play it off as well listen to this here
we go
actually this is really an ad for the
crooked media ad department because look
at Oatley they invent oat milk in the
90s and managed to make more than enough
of it to keep Swedes happy for 25 years
they bring their nice little oat milk to

the US run some ads on the pot and boom
they get cleaned out they probably
thought running it out in the pod would
make their lives better you know just to
introduce a few Americans to oat milk
but it made their lives a lot worse now
they have to build a bunch of oat milk

factories just to keep up with the
demand I bet they didn’t think this
would happen monsters this is a boring
story and there’s three people that host
this show in Los Angeles who is Tom
Oates stories hey there’s someone on the

there’s somebody how do you see how this
is going off the rails these guys they
can’t do it they have to make fun of it
they can’t take it seriously they can’t
bring themselves to actually read the ad
and just try and sell the product they

have to sneak in there and all kinds of
little nuances that they I mean they
have to do this but we’re really above
it you see on the wire there’s been some
wires cross because I don’t see any name

here and I hear somebody else oak based
editor the point is we are taking 100%
of the credit for making Oatley famous
and their lives measure meaningfulness
of course there’s a slight chance that
only taste so good that people just like

to buy a lot of it people like Tommy or
that it’s sustainable in people like
that because they’re interested in
having a planet to live on in the future
I think we should just take the credit
okay yeah it’s all us
alright what was the name of the product

John the oatmeal my point exactly
oat ly that’s right pod saved the
priviledge talkin nut milk good work

well you think one of them would have at
you me if they had it there and they
could all drink it and see what they
think of it cuz they probably wouldn’t
like it uh I’m sorry that we had that
you have to do this I don’t have to but

I kind of feel good about doing it as
well it’s an odd way and I like
listening to their show it’s like it
just wow

alright these guys definitely think
differently than me differently
different different ideas it’s okay
that’s what’s good different ideas it’s
all good that’s slam writers uh that guy

can’t write okay write can’t write maybe
they just talk about podcasting for a
second before we go in the state of the
union caste I mean go podcasting till
confirmed Spotify acquired gimlet media

and anchor and they now will be folded
into the Spotify business mm-hmm and I
went back and reviewed we actually have

two proposals that we received one from
Spotify one from Pandora and I gotta
tell you this we can’t do this we can
never go to one of these outfits because

when I read between the lines and this
is more from my own experience and
public knowledge not necessarily
something that they sent me you’ve been
taken already is that it’s going to be
these podcasts will no longer be

playable anywhere but on Spotify Spotify
app which is not necessarily a bad thing
but if you don’t pay you will be getting
ads and there’s a sufficient suspicion

that you’ll be getting ads even if you
are paying because they really have to
recoup this investment and yeah you’ve
got people on the service and using it

but I think a lot of people will you
know continue with the the free which is
what the bulk of their listeners are is
free and that’s based on advertising and
you won’t be able to skip past the ads

which is another thing that’s going to
be better either complicated
but just the fact that all of their
deals surround some type of advertising
makes our show impossible for that this

can’t happen wouldn’t be a show well why
don’t we put together something special
for them no that’s not our show it’s we
still do our show and they will do the

spotify version um no I’m not I can’t I
can’t bring myself to do tell me man
wait is it that cool stuff from Sweden I
keep hearing about

yeah I was it was really good as we say
in Sweden nutmilk
yes could I maybe we could do it
actually wasn’t that bad I think we

could so can we conclude this executive
meeting yeah it’s a dud it’s it’s not
for us but however there is I did find a

service which I’ll be talking about
somewhere down the road finally did what
I’ve been looking for they have a
blanket license for all music yeah yes
and you can but it’s not about streaming

cuz you know if I do it like the daily
source code if I brought that back which
I would really like to I’m not so
worried about you know a couple hundred
people listening while I do it live on
the stream but these guys have it so you
can download it put it on your phone

listen to it wherever you are no ads and
of course you have to pay for it but
it’s you know this is the pricing I
think is what’s interesting what they’re

doing you think you have to pay like a
minimum of $2.99 a month to subscribe to
a channel that has whatever music is in
it no matter how many shows are in there

and and all the royalties for the
artists are paid out of that and the
rest goes to the as they call create or
but here’s the cool thing you can put
any amount you want and the creator

himself can say here’s the minimum
amount so it’s kind of like a
monetization platform all in one the way
you can actually play music which is the
only thing I’ve been wanting to do for
10 years longer than that 15 years

so for daily source code there’s some
opportunities and also not including
advertising I just can’t do it I’ve
listened to these pods save the
privileged guys I I can’t I can’t do it

I can’t do it seriously anymore
I used to well you’re condemning them
because they can’t do it I’m condemning
them because they’re not taking it
seriously and they’re just you know
they’re so embarrassed by it even trying

they’re not even trying really you know
they tried to write a little skit it’s
just lame now but that’s all because
they can’t be writers big the segment’s
closed good work so we’ll stay here but

we do need your help so we can continue
to do things like what were you doing
you’re looking at Elizabeth Warren’s

that’s value for value right there you
made my podcasting partner go look at
Liz Warren pictures danger pay I say
danger pay isn’t as in order well we can

start off talking about this the State
of the Union speech with NBC’s in this
case it was compilation that they did

write off this is MSNBC take on so to
blaming bite and it’s kind of an
interesting an interesting little tidbit
they took the State of the Union speech

and instead of analyzing no no no
they’re gonna take the State of the
Union speech and then put some old trunk
material in there where he’s been
slamming somebody little more state of
the union’s slamming somebody slamming

slamming slamming stir and then they’re
going ah he’s a horrible person yeah I
think these guys are so stupid that they

allow they have all the Trump Slams of
Biden and it it’s like they’re
condemning Trump for slamming biting but
at the same time they’re letting all

this anti bite and propaganda go over
the air even though they’re supposedly
mocking it I’m wondering whether they
hate biting and they’re doing this on
purpose and letting Trump ticked it’s
like you know well this guy said this

and you play a clip of him even though
you think you know John what I think is
happening right now is there so many
contenders potentially for the 2020
United States election which is just

ridiculous that we’re gonna I refuse to
talk about it for the next two years but
okay we’ll have to do something all
these different stations are all
different fractions CNN is choosing
their people M NBC NBC News is choosing

their people in it and they’re doing it
too well first of all the kind of
vetting you know who has access to money
so the one who’s kind of quiet right now
is bet oh hey but he showed up on Oprah

I know Oprah’s own Network and he said
I’ll let something know by the end of
the month you know he’s doing the rounds
and and the the media outlets are just
seeing okay who really has the

capability to spend a lot of money
advertising with us and they promote
them yeah and they probably exactly what
it is and they of course the big-money
person who will come in late in the game
because she’s learned her lesson is not

to not to commit too early yeah and that
is Hillary but let’s just listen to this
little bit here it’s pretty funny this
is the time to rekindle the bonds of
love and loyalty and memory that link us
together as citizens as neighbors as

Patriots you are a rude terrible person
that’s okay I know you’re not thinking
you never do they call her Pocahontas
very low IQ

hello like you this is our future our
fate and our choice to make a life we
call him one percent Biden until Obama

took him off the trash if he couldn’t do
anything now he’s talking about right I
think she’s very bad for our country I
am asking you to choose greatness
no matter the trials we face no matter

the challenge is to come that hair is
getting whiter and whiter and he’s
getting crazier in praise we must go
forward together thank you for the

brilliant people on my team who put that
together that’s this at all I don’t
really have anything to add the proper
unity set all those things so it’s do as
I say not do as I do and if that moment

during last night’s address theme
sanctimonious consider what Trump told a
group of TV anchors that have private
lunch literally hours before from Peter
Baker in the New York Times he writes
quote mr. Trump dismissed former Vice

President Joe Biden is dumb called
Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and
nasty son of a bleep and mocked Governor
Ralph Northam of Virginia who he said
choked like a dog at a news conference

where he tried to explain erase this
yearbook photo that’s according to
multiple people in the room joining us
is a reporter with that too Peter Baker
New York Times chief White House
correspondent Peter Baker there’s some
things that you read about him that are

amazing and it wasn’t joke like a dog
and son of a bleep that was amazing what
was amazing is that they tried to spin
the anchors that there was going to be
some grace note in this speech that he
was going to talk about unity that to me
was the big whopper lie of the night

well it’s one thing to try to turn a
corner to pivot away from some of the
division that there has been out there
and try to in effect set a new tone of
bipartisanship or unity but to have just

a few hours earlier a lunch like this
where you make clear that that’s not
really what’s in your head in your heart
that moment you know it’s pretty
striking I think you’re right in his
heart here’s what else came out of his

mouth he said he hoped he would get to
run against Biden I hope it’s Biden
Biden was never very smart he was a
terrible student his ghasts are
unbelievable when I say something that
you might think is a guy it’s on purpose

it’s not a gas when Biden says something
dumb it’s because he’s
yeah they do not want Biden to run
that’s for sure
yeah I think that’s not protecting him

at all you know then this is
what’s-her-face Nicole Wallace who
usually who worked for she was
Republican she worked for the
Republicans she’s really just mean she’s

Vidor and bitter and and I think Van
Jones you know he said the same thing
that she just did there except he’s did
it in seven seconds that’s right I saw

this as a as a psychotically incoherent
speech with cookies and dog poop
I mean you nailed it man just say that
not sure what it means

doesn’t mean anything cookies and dog
poop yeah well it was funny to look at
the numbers that seem to have come out
of the speech which is a huge positive

response from the Republicans to the
tune of 97 percent well yeah
and 30 percent for the Democrats and 82
for the independents which is really all
that can right how much for the
independence 82 and whose numbers of

these this came from the sources that is
a good source and it was Muse I think I
first saw it on c-span but it was it was
a decent source speaking of which c-span

speaking of c-span c-span and they
started to do all kinds of they made all
kinds of directorial decisions I had not

seen before they were cutting to people
when it was but they were too had shot
cues they were ready they were tight
zooms talk about socialism boom there’s
Bernie I mean they had this down you

don’t know that this wasn’t a feed that
were taken from NBC ABC or CBS I don’t
it’s a pool so I don’t know who was in
charge of it but it was not as neutral

as c-span typically is I would take I
would assume they’re taking somebody
else’s feed that’s something to change
their style their style is to put the

camera up there and leave it there well
it was a departure from previous state
of the unions yeah
at least what I’ve see and we should
probably say the state of the union that
because you sure everyone in the world

is heard about it because the all
foreign press just gets up in the
morning copy-paste and translates in
English whatever the New York Times or
was it wop oh whatever they said USA

Today and then they you know they paste
that file it has some coffee good to go
so state of the union is something in
our constitution where the from time to
time the President shall update both

houses of Congress on the State of the
Union so all of this is just show it
show and it’s also the you know he could

have quite honestly he said the State of
the Union is strong it’s like well I
disagree I think we got lots of problems
I I would have thought of the better

although Trump would never do that if he
said we got our issues but we’re doing
okay it’s something like that a little
more funny thing is is that there was a
good run down I think it was done by The

Times or the one of the one of the
papers of the length of of the speeches
it’s very clear when you look at the
shortest speeches and the longest

speeches that the shortest speeches are
always done by Republicans and the
longest speeches are always done by
Democrats except Trump falls into the

Democrat camp having two of the longest
speech is 82 and 88 minutes right under
the Brecker breaker which was Bill
Clinton I think it was 90 minutes this

thing should have been 45 minutes tops
it shouldn’t have been that there’s
there are some if you look at this that
this little there’s some shorty some
thirty minute speeches which would be
just fine we don’t need this long

what is this was his it was a tone I
liked his tone by the way I thought he
struck the right tone I think that that
does matter to heat something about it

was just right he started off with a lot
of the heavy breathing he got that under
it was me it’s more like a rally is just
it didn’t have the enthusiasm of a rally

but had all the same topics and he had
moments where like when he got
everywhere all of the house chanting USA
USA I would have been like all right
let’s go that’s what we need everybody

see ya
he walked off right there would have
been perfect all right we have unity
I’ve done it we all love USA go USA and
I’m out that would have been fantastic

but no then he came back with ripping
babies from mothers wombs it was a real
roller coaster well then there’s the
issue of these idiotic white dresses

well that’s that’s Nancy’s little army
Nancy’s army who’s she’s signaling to
like be quiet what the hell was Nancy
doing with those papers what was in

those papers that she had the papers
desk it was really and and she’s and I

think this is just age and on be a just
but you’re in your 80s and you don’t
realize everyone sitting down and we’re
moving on oh crap let me shuffle my

paper sit down now yeah and then just
signaling for people to get up for
people to sit down it was pathetic I
think it made it really was a disservice
to these women in my oppose every

Republican woman who was in the white
and they were doing high fives and it
was not Republican silly look like a
sorority club or something that’s very I
thought it was demeaning to be honest

about it but they c-span did have a
little thing at the end where they were
he had the mic out there and they’re at
desk and everybody would walk by for
some comments and so they wanted to know
what this what the point of white was

why wasn’t it red it could have been
yellow about blue how about green giant
paw of Washington a Democrat first of
all the Democratic women were all
dressed in white for what reason

it was very powerful and you saw that
almost all of us were on the Democratic
side of the chamber there were a couple
of moments there where President Trump
mentioned women and the power of women I

don’t think he expected us to take it
the way we did but we all started
high-fiving each other and we were very
happy that the power of women was
recognized so I would just point out we

were all on the Democratic side of the
chamber it seemed a little playful
though he was playing with you a little
bit I don’t think he really had a choice
I mean I think we sort of took over the
floor at that moment and and I think it

was really about the contributions of
women to this country and we’re very
proud that we have the most diverse the
most female Congress that we’ve seen in
a long time okay now I’m gonna ask the

question that you heard what she said
he asked the question for what reason
did you wear white well I know what was
written about this it was to celebrate

the suffragettes that was rich seemed
that seemed to be written after the fact
as an excuse and if you go back and look
at suffragettes though they were what
they were a bustle bustle do tell what

is a bustle it’s the thing it makes up
your hips look like they’re huge and
makes a dress flare way out Oh a bustle
like you have a corset and then a bustle

yeah of course it did a bustle well now
this is again he asked her specifically
for what reason what did she say did she
answer that question alone no she did I
don’t know I listened to it a couple of

times she couldn’t answer because nobody
knows it was a fence a suffragettes as
far as I’m concerned it was the thing
that IOC started when she took her oath
when she was sworn in and she at the

time said it was representative of the
suffragettes I think it was an AOC thing
that Nancy wanted to keep under control
and she wanted to pull it all towards
her and and I think the combo of the

white with the pearls they all had on
was kind of a fashion no no no there was
a horrible horrible look I mean I’ve
been around fashion like no that’s not

although a o’seas white outfit was
stunning what a great outfit I like that
a lot
that was good she
she had it was Eilish she’s the only
wild I saw that was a great outfit and I
love the you those do you see some woman

like with black on oh boy
or someone with red no hello State of
the Union five years ago used to be they
all came in red you’re the power the
power women dumb that’s white thing was

it was pretty interesting to see it from
them from the camera angle but it was
you I don’t think it was I think was a
flop well it identified everybody and
it’s it was about them well this is

what’s interesting is they were all
scowling at all but most were scowling
were not clapping until it was about
them and then they were all jumping up

and down
yeah which is like okay who are you
really there for it was a to me it was a
fun show to watch it was way too long I
mean that and I and I think Trump should

have had the the showmanship to know
when to stop it or he should have
reordered some of these topics and
gotten some other things they just it
the flow was way too roller coaster
there was no no build-up to the end in

that regard it was poor very poor I
didn’t think much of it I didn’t thought
but I’d never liked any of these now we
did have the guy again back to the
c-span guy I thought this was funny this

Paul Tonko he comes in and he has his he
condemns the this speech for a reason
that was kind of unexpected but I got a
kick out of this of course because it’s

somatic for our show what committees are
you on and what are your legislative
goals for this being in the majority no
sure I serve on Energy and Commerce and
I serve on Science Space and Technology
under Energy and Commerce I now have the

chairmanship responsibilities of the
Subcommittee on Environment and climate
change so very distressed that I didn’t
hear a word about climate change when

the president talks about national
security the climate change is an
ultimate solution
about international harmony climate
change is a threat to that harmony we

need to address it wait a minute I want
to go back and listen to that again that
was pretty it was pretty stellar huh
climate change is an ultimate solution
sounds very creepy let’s go back a

little more out climate change when the
president talks about national security
climate change is an ultimate solution
so national security climate change is
the ultimate solution that’s exactly

what he said what what do you think that
means I wonder myself I wish I’d ever
since he said that I’ve been wondering
whether it would it might mean uh
climate change is the ultimate solution

to national security how does that work
what in what way is it the ultimate
solution solution yeah Nazis is what it
sounds like

yeah Nazis do they have the ultimate
solution creepy when he talks about
international harmony climate change is
a threat to that harmony we need to
address it I will tell you we’ll
continue we’re going to continue forward

with our advocacy for climate change to
be addressed we’re having our first
hearing tomorrow we will show the
American public that we hear the people
we will embrace and respect science we

will understand let them know we
understand the urgency and we will work
very hard to develop solutions based on
science and evidence so we’re gonna have
a very aggressive approach there’s been

a dry spell for far too long in the
House of Representatives with this issue
not being addressed it impacts great
greatly on our on our economy it impacts
on public great and it’s costing us

yeah well the aoc faction just came out
with a new new version of the new Green
Deal which I haven’t had a chance to
review but I will for Sunday so it’s
it’s it’s kind of like the Constitution

you know it’s a living document now we
do have the guy saying that the public
is act by all this that we haven’t been
discussing it enough I don’t know anyone
who’s irked by personally but maybe it’s

just me
he’s just make
this up as he goes along but it but the
truth comes out in the second part of
his clip where he matches really what
this is always gonna be about it’s snuck
in there as usual you’ll hear it so you

bring a you bring a spotlight to that
issue but if you want legislation a what
kind of legislation or would you aim for
and beat what are you gonna do about the

Senate okay
I think we have support in a in both
houses and I believe there’s growing
support based on the public’s desire to
have this issue address so I’m confident

we can approach this issue along two
tracks simultaneously one where we
harvest the low-hanging fruit energy
efficiency weatherization conservation
research grid modernization a recharging

stations that are made more accessible
more readily fueling the the cars that
we electrify and then also on a separate
track but when what did he saying

more readily back a little more here a
great modernization grid modernization
whatever that means a recharging
stations that are made more accessible

more readily fueling the the cars that
this is an odd statement to say recharge
stations more readily available to fuel
the cars and we electrify and then

realign a separate track but
simultaneously address a price on carbon
of reduction of carbon pollution we need
to be much more soundly the stewards of

our environment and we need to respect
the generations that will follow us your
district has been affected by industrial
job loss the president seems to have an
industrial policy do you agree with not

always I think he his rhetoric doesn’t
match his actions
hmm so the guys have been a Rust Belt
area and I guess this did nobody can get

work because of him and his stupid ideas
but they keep voting to man so what are
you gonna do it’s a Democrat bunch of
Democrat Union guys is my guess all
right anyway that’s one of the one of

the things that I noticed the climate I
call them the climate change jerk you
want to transition to climate change for
a minute or you want to stick a couple

more of the things I do have a
switchback example that was on the State
of the Union speech done by NBC well we
can’t do anything until you call it a
whipsaw I can’t remember what they call

so tomorrow night the State of the Union
divided with President Trump fighting on
multiple fronts like immigration the

very topic that prompted the first 35
day government shutdown now mr. Trump is
refusing to rule out a second shutdown
unless Democrats fund his border wall
well we’re gonna have to see what

happens so let’s go over this one he
refuses to rule out a second down we’ll
see what happens and he says we’ll see

what happens how is that ruling it out
not at all it’s not really and I never
heard him you know make up an assertion
I refused to rule out a second no he

never did that and then they have this
lame clip of him saying I mean let me
listen to it again tomorrow night the
State of the Union divided with

President Trump fighting on multiple
fronts like immigration the very topic
that prompted the first 35 day
government shutdown now mr. Trump is
refusing to rule out a second shutdown

unless Democrats fund his border wall
well we’re gonna have to see what
happens yeah and it’s even more
interesting that you know this is
threatening threatening with a national
emergency that was a question that was

initially asked by a member of the press
and he said I I could do that that’s
possibility he never came out and stated
it the press you know hounded him for it
yeah at least that’s the only instance I

can recall well I think we’ve already
isolated what’s really gonna happen
which is not a national no it’s 10 USC
284 which gives the president this
absolute authority to implement all the

things he’s been talking about under the
auspices of stopping drugs and
transnational crime and that’s already
law and he doesn’t have to get any
appropriation for it he can just go do

it yeah I think that was the one of the
if anyone listens to this show regularly
they’ll note that this is one of the
greatest observations that I think we’ve
ever put out there well that’s when I

came up with it let’s see if he uses it
he will
is with that guy when this questioning
we could go back and do that segment
again but let’s go to the second by the
way there’s this was a series of about
four switchback are whipsaws I these are

the only two that were the best and so I
just took these two this is number two
and the president is ramping up his
threats to declare a national emergency
even as some allies urge him not to

how can president Trump strike a
unifying note at his State of the Union
address with the threat of a national
emergency on the table well the two are
not the same the national emergency if

he were in fact to execute on that
Christine which he has not so far is
because he believes that we have a
crisis on the southern border right man
I missed this one good okay let’s start

let me give it another run
Welker says he’s ramping up his threats
ah declare a national emergency they
can’t even find any sort of a clip that

would see anything to do with this so
they bring in Kellyanne Kellyanne asked
her an obscure question it’s got nothing
to do with anything it’s Richard what
she says I don’t know what you’re
talking about

we’re it worse so the point is that they
this is a little more advanced instead
of you exemplifying the the idiotic with
a comet that’s got nothing to do with it

by the person that they’re accusing of
having something to do with it they
bring in a third party they can’t even
get that close I’m gonna play it again
and the president is ramping up his
threats to declare a national emergency

even as some allies urged him not to
how can president Trump strike a
unifying note at his State of the Union
address with the threat of a national
emergency on the table what the two are
not the same the national emergency if

he were in fact to execute on that
Christine which he has not so far is
because he believes that we have a
crisis on the southern border also she
put in there that allies our allies are

urging him not to do this what I didn’t
even know the ally allies were urging
this we didn’t have an example of that
either they got a Kellyanne Conway who
was an obvious ally she was like

befuddled by the question so he’s not
ramping up his threats this is NBC it’s
shameful really
the misleading reporting that just never

has which is exactly what Glenn
Greenwald was talking of said at the
beginning of the show that from that
clip of his says these guys are just
hopeless and the Republican wealth Fox
News I should just say Fox News well

here’s an example of Fox News home run
knocked it out of the park
great speech that’s pretty much with
everyone that was it that was all home
run knocked it out of the park coach

rockin and rollin and great good and
then they all go off and yell about the
women and white and everything is it is
so harmful to your health and I hope
that a lot of no agenda producers tried

to save some of the family members and
not even let them watch it just just in
these cases it’s much healthier to let
us do that and we’ve built up some
resistance over the years yeah and our

family in a sense of humor yeah and our
families understand us like no well okay
but thanks to you now I don’t mean you

John thanks to the producers of this
program which is everyone within the
sound of our voices it’s as possible as
if you make it possible for us to do
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type of deep dive look for stuff try and
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to mark gee he brought us the artwork
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pentacon we named it episode Pentagon
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there was a moment where I thought to
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Canadian okay well just to confuse
things even more your moobs are like all
right boobs um Joe Rogan had a Jack
Dorsey on I should tell a band beard

yeah that’s pretty much all you can say
about him but it was quite interesting I
I thought it was a a good interview no
it was not really a great interview but

I heard the things that Dorsey was
saying and I did bring a couple clips to
share what was kind of interesting is
that Rogen put out on Instagram uh

Jack’s gonna come back because a lot of
people really unhappy that we didn’t
address D platforming deeply enough
which is like wow okay I mean it

certainly was address but and he gave
the answers I just maybe people don’t
hear it and there were some other issues
with this I mean I think that if you’re
gonna have a main advertiser on your

show you’re gonna interview him that you
kind of should mention that up front
not until almost at the end of the
interview as Rogan gets ready to promote
the square cash app does it kind of come

up like yeah yeah we really love your
cash app yeah so he’s getting paid so
that you know that that’s what we call
that it’s just not clean okay well it

wasn’t but it’s just like
Dola yeah it’s like you know this whole
I mean that’s when you get is then when

people feel that you didn’t dive into a
topic deep enough they’re gonna get
accused while it’s your it’s your
advertiser which of course is true and
I’m sure that the Rogen you know you
always think about these things I gotta

piss this guy off and by the way why
would you he has some interesting
thoughts so I’d like to play a few clips
that I that I selected from from this
interview that answers a lot of

questions lease did for me I’m not quite
sure why people didn’t feel they got
enough out of it
the first thing is how Twitter and and
when you’re listening to these guys talk

me listen to Dorsey talk and I had to
cut out a lot of pauses so that
disclaimer upfront you realize that you
know Twitter the thing about Twitter
this that to me is the most interesting

is it’s used by politicians and and you
know and of course Trump started this
really started the big use of it but
it’s as you as you realize that all over
the world leaders and politicians are

using Twitter now in a similar fashion
to Trump maybe not with the same
fabulous humor but they are using it to
set policy and communicate directly with

their constituents it’s kind of a big
it’s plumbing and it’s much bigger than
Instagram or Facebook in that regard
because it’s so instantaneous and well a
lot of it has to do also with the way it

it functions and as we’ve discussed in a
lot of our different segments about this
it’s user interface is really what makes
Twitter unique and and it’s it’s it’s
not it’s you know not the colors or

anything but it’s be giving weight to an
original post giving the same weight to
the comments and this is the reason
although not implied in this clip the
reason why Twitter blocks the you know

you can’t basically create a different
Twitter client you have to use theirs
because they know the minute someone
changes the visual context of Twitter
their game ends the thing is every on

Instagram for any any blog you have this
this post this statement and you have
comments underneath
whereas with Twitter everything is on

the same surface right it’s all one
surface you know there’s room for both
models but I this conversation most
conversations it’s it’s not you making a
statement and me just reacting to them

right like the our conversation of all
is based on what we say we can interrupt
one another we can you know we can
completely change the subject I can take
control of the conversation and the

people who might find that interesting
follow it and the folks that don’t just
stop listening course you can’t do that
in a post comment model but it’s so
thinking it’s just so close to thinking

like there’s no composition and I think
that deep how so how is it different
than a post on Instagram or a post on
Facebook the the speed demands you know
the the the character constraint the

speed kind of just demands a more
conscious present focused thinking
versus like stepping back and composing
a letter

yeah and composing a letter and thinking
about all the outcomes that make sense
now because of this and because they
maniacally control the way it’s
presented the way the information is

presented this is where they get to do a
lot of things like shadow banning only
they don’t call it shadow banning they
just call it like moving you down and
kind of you know moving you away so

people don’t see you right away
and and so this is the main I’m sorry do
you want to say so no no I thought you
doing this is kind of the main clip
about the deep platforming and it was

always a riddle to me and that to Tina
as well would be like well how can this
person say this and and they don’t get
in trouble yet this person says it and

and they get warned or kicked off and
what the conversation always goes down
to as well that person’s right wing that
person’s liberal that person’s Democrat

that person’s Republican you know
they’re suppressing Republicans and not
suppressing liberals
Dorsey’s answer to this was very
surprising they don’t look at the actual
content at all it’s about conduct so the

simple answer is we look at conduct we
don’t we don’t look at the speech or so
if we look at conduct we look at how the
tool is being used and you’re you’re

right in that like I think when people
see Twitter they see and they expect it
to be a public square they can go into
that public square they can say whatever
they want they can get on the pedestal

and people might gather around them and
listen what they have to say some of
them might find it offensive and they
leave the difference is there’s there’s
also this concept

this megaphone and the megaphone can be
highly targeted with Twitter as well
right so it’s not it’s not the it’s not
the speech it’s how its amplified when
do you decide this is harassment when

decide this is hate speech when like how
do you miss as we look at the concepts
this is a fictional account right that
you know person we’re talking about but
what what would dictate something that
was egregious enough for you to

eliminate them from your platform well
that’s a that’s a that’s a heavy action
so that’s the last resort but we look at
the conduct the the probability of
someone who is harassing one person it’s

highly probable that they’re also assing
10 more people right so we can look at
that behavior we can look at how many
times this person is being blocked or

muted more reported and based on all
those all that data we can actually take
some action but we also have to we have
to correlate it with the other side of

that because people go on and they
coordinate blocks as well and they
coordinate harassment and they and they
coordinate I’m sorry not harassment but
reporting reporting a particular account
to get it shut down and to to take the

voice off the service so these are the
considerations we have to make but it’s
it’s it all starts with conduct and
oftentimes we’ll see coordinated conduct
whether it be that one person opening

multiple accounts or coordinating with
multiple accounts that they don’t own to
you know go after someone and there’s a
bunch of vectors of people use retweet
for that the quote tweet for that a lot

as well like you know they’ll quote
tweet a tweet that someone finds and
they’ll say look at this idiot Twitter
do your thing and then just this mob
starts and goes and tries to effectively

shut that person down so there’s a bunch
of tools we can use the permanent
suspension is the last resort one of the
things that we can do is we can down

rank the replies so any of these any of
these behaviors and conduct that looks
linked linked we can actually push
farther down in the

Chane so it’s all still there but you
might have to push a button to actually
see it you might have to show more
replies to actually see this harassing
account or what might look like

harassing language so I buy this
I think you’ve course there’s always
exceptions to it but I do think that’s
kind of how it happens because it makes

sense that it’s not so much about what
someone is saying but you know there’s
so many of these we see it ourselves you
get someone who’s tweeting out shit to
you shit to me you know there’s a

conversation showing just go to racist
start yelling in that regard if please
in that regard it makes sense because

you know it is a public square the way
he views it and you know people yelling
and not being constructive there’s a lot
of this conversation talk that he does

and he backs it up by explaining how the
initial work not the platforming not
kicking off but definitely
identification of abusive conduct and
subsequent a shadow banning is what

we’ll call it that is really done by as
he calls it artificial intelligence and
this is manually done this is all this
is all automated its automated there

yeah but how would you like the ranking
in the end looking at amplification and
then looking at the network I love how
Dorsey just says automated and then
rogen of course is automated right like
in terms of down ranking is there a

discussion as to whether or not this
person’s reply should be down ranked
like how do you how do you figure that
out it’s it’s a machine learning and
deep learning model and they I’m really
blown away

yes skip logic is what it is if this
person has five mutes then consider him
to be down rank it’s just skip logic
it’s not like I love doors it’s machine
learning is it not it’s it’s a machine

learning and deep learning model and
they just say I and they
you know and we we look at we look at
how these things are doing and where

they make mistakes and then we improve
it it’s just constantly improving and
constantly learning and those are the
things that our technology allows it
changes the velocity changes how you
know to broadcast a message that someone

didn’t really ask for and didn’t want to
hear we don’t touch if I follow Joe
Rogan you’ll see every single tweet we
don’t touch it right right
but that’s an audience that you earn but

in your replies page we have a little
bit more room because this is a this is
a conversation that starts up and some
people just want to disrupt it and and
all we’re saying is we’re gonna look at

move in the disruption down not that
it’s hidden but it’s still there but you
know you just see it a little bit
farther down the algorithms rank and
order of the conversation but they don’t

take suspension actions they don’t take
they don’t remove content they might
suggest to human to look at this who
might look at our rules and look at the
content and and try to look at the
context of the conversation and then

take action but we would like to move
towards a lot more automated enforcement
but more importantly how do we how do we
highlight how do we amplify more of the

healthier discussion conversation it’s
already apparent you know and I look at
the troll room as this is playing that
people are like this I believe really

does another timecode no I can’t keep
doing time codes I believe him I think
he’s I think he he’s telling a a version
of the truth that he wants to believe

I’m sure there’s all kinds of funny
business going on but in general that’s
the way it’s being run and he’s smart
because he realizes that Twitter has no
real future as a centralized service

when you look at Mastodon and basically
the federated universe that fetter verse
as we call it of social media which is
growing quickly and he wants to be a
part of it but and in this this clip

we’re almost done here he sees Twitter’s
rolling in the Fed averse which I
thought was eye-opening
we’re going to a world especially with
technology like blockchain that all

content that exists that has ever
created will exist forever you won’t be
able to take it down you won’t be able
to censor it it won’t be centralized at

our role is around what we recommend
based on your interest and based on who
you follow and and and helping you to
get into that on-ramp but if you look at
the architecture it’s a given that

anytime something is created it’s going
to exist forever this is what blockchain
helps enable down the line and we need
to make sure that we’re paying attention

to that and also realizing that you know
our role is like how do we how do we get
people the stuff that they really want
to see in the fine valuable that they
learn from that they’ll make them think

that that will help them evolve the
conversation as well now I don’t know
how commercially viable that’s going to
be but to say you know our job is to get
you what you want is I think it’s a

pretty big statement versus everything
happens on our platform he realizes
that’s not going to be possible and also
that negates the whole idea of having 2d
platform someone if the tweets and the

information is out because he’s talking
about DHT I just distributed hash table
where where this is going and then the
final one is his his belief in

cryptocurrency specifically Bitcoin so
back to the end I believe that it or not
will have a native currency really no
have a native currency and I don’t know

if it’s Bitcoin it I think it will
because just given all the tests it’s
been through and the principles behind
it how it was created and you know it
was something that was born on the
internet that was developed on the

internet that was tested on the you know
it is of the Internet I I just look at
this and like how do we embrace this
technology not react to it and I and you
know more from a threat standpoint but

like what does it enable us to do and
where does our value shift it’s it’s a
fascinating time
in technology because like that that to
me was one of the one of the last big

centralized nationalized
instruments is is currency is money and
when you think about the Internet as as

a country as a market as a nation it’s
going to have its own currency and he
puts his money where his mouth is they
did the Lightning Network Bitcoin

transfer thing yesterday participated in
that so and that seems to give some
credence to Bitcoin as the future and I
would have I would have had a got a
little mini man crush on door see if he

hadn’t messed it up with just 112
seconds of answer messed it up I can no
longer like him one of my favorite
things when someone posts something

stupid and then underneath it is a bunch
of gifs we say gifts or gifs I say gif
does anybody know yes I guess no I’m
sorry that’s just wrong Wow I’m stunned

he should know better the guy who
invented it calls it gifs calls it jiff

what does he know so that kind of ruined
the whole thing for me that coupled with
the lack of the question of how do you

make money would have been interesting
to know where does that billion dollars
a quarter come from would like to know
I’d like to know how much of it is ads

are you selling the data brokers that
would’ve been a good question that
wouldn’t be a good question well that’s
probably was gonna bring him back
know he’s bringing him back to talk more
about deep platform oh that’s a lie just
said that just as a he there’s some

reason he’s already probably booked him
to get him back as he likes some I was
totally cool thank you rich no Dorsey’s
coming back to rescind and sit and call
it gifs that’s that’s the only reason to

come back
the meme is what he should go back for
no I don’t know if he’s really running
his company with with this insight and
this deep thinking deep learning but I

think I think he’s saying some
interesting things here I think it was
interest he does have a handle on what’s
happening and of course this the shallow
we’re only interested in your food I

would stood that was the Alex Jones
question even asked yeah but the answer
was so long and it was a repeat because
he said the same thing it was he said

when and when he was deep lat formed by
Apple and everyone else they kept him on
because they just didn’t see any abusive
conduct and to wit there was also very
low reporting of his account he says

that was the odd thing is that people
were not reporting and I think a lot of
people forget to do that today
because you know it takes four clicks
you gotta answer a survey you got to do
it if you’re not a bot and then yeah and

then you can say oh and then the well if
nobody would their way to get deep
platformed because apparently conduct
there was some some conduct that he used

that that’s remedy at the company
you know they got social justice
warriors working there behind of course
I mean that’s that’s another question
this guy I’m gonna just drop him that’s

another thing yeah that’s a good way the
computer told us to do it right was
always great to have that cuz computer
as a backup excuse I just thought it was

I thought it was a good I thought it was
enlightening I learned something I did
wanted something yeah let’s get to let’s
get at least catch up with these some

current events yeah like how wrong we
were about Super Bowl the Super Bowl
yeah well okay I mentioned in the
newsletter what was the social political
reasons for Boston to win your New
England because Elizabeth Warren is it

can’t be President
we have no reason that’s what maybe the
game was rigged as possible that the
game was rigged for the for the Rams to

win but they sucked so bad that then no
matter what you did the only score three
points the whole game cuz they’d shut
down the New England team and only

scored 13 points I mean there’s nothing
for them I guess maybe 60 at the end no
I don’t know but let’s talk about
something interesting we said we talked
about I promise we talked about we

talked it yeah we were I thought the
Rams you know I kind of confused them
with goats for goat power but of course
the only goat was was was the team yes
now right now the Rams that here’s the

for these guys they need a rebrand
refresh they need new uniforms new
helmets I’m looking at these outfits
like the Patriots they got like cool
like warrior helmets with all their they

got little sides to it and little flat
bits and a thing that looks like it’ll
pop up and shoot her a laser gun from
the top and the Rams like you know hello
1970s uniform that was just bad

television God alright that’s enough I
guess no I I noticed some other have no
clips or anything but I noticed the

commercials oh yes let’s talk about that
a too many commercials with robots and
or talking tubes like is and all of them
come not at all anywhere near reality

they’ve got these you know Alexa like
you know Google devices that you know
they just interrupt the conversation you
have a real conversational flow with
them complaining like the four of them

and then every added a robot this a
robot that it was it was not if it’s not
good I don’t think any of those ads were
funny really or or entertaining and it

kind of showed this dystopian future
that we’re not even really living in
because these talking tubes are still
pretty lame
I just didn’t yeah I’d like the t-mobile
ads actually thought those were the

funniest I thought they’d bud like
commercials with the King because I’ve
been following these commercials since
the beginning and
did a really good job I thought Bud
Light did a great job of pointing out

the fact that the other light beers used
corn syrup of course they didn’t point
out that they use rice but all right
they pointed out they have their their

ingredients label and it says rice on
and they point that out but they don’t
use corn syrup and they made it I
thought that was a good add with the
corn syrup barrel being moved from place

I was like yeah you’re right that was
funny and then they had a guy there’s a
lot of ads that were co-sponsored by
more than one advertiser and I think the
Bud Light commercial that was also
co-sponsored by the that show that that

whatever that crazy shows with the
dragon that breathes fire okay Game of
Thrones The Game of Thrones I never get
those commercials you know you and I not

for me I’ve tried I couldn’t get through
it and so that whenever these references
it takes me until the very end like oh I
see it was Game of Thrones
it’s just lost on me it’s lost like the

Bud Light commercials just to say that
they do a good job and I really find it
very funny that this King the Bud Light

King who was something of a of a prick I
just find him very funny all right
but Boston also he had a this did you

see this and Tifa clip I’m not sure it’s
real no what does this I don’t know some
kid is on there’s a meme floating around
about some I’m Simon auntie fuckin he

has this little phrase he likes to use
and it became a meme on the I think
Twitter or one of these systems but this

auntie play this just play Boston and
Tifa MPC meme chant okay Dustin 29 here
Boston antifa I like everyone to repeat
after me

in PC may go away we are human here to
NPC may go away we are human here too
NPC me go away we are human here to stay
shame shame shame shame shame shame

shame I think we played this months ago
yeah it’s possible but whatever the case
is I didn’t I saw it but I have it now
Forza 4 is a candidate for end of show

which is the shame I saw which I think
would be nice let’s check it out I do
have a competing one as an option let me
see I have this this is a I thought this

might be good that was God told me
destroyed your oak I don’t know

pretty close to your shame clip well
they’re pretty competitive I think I
even had a an extra one yeah then I have
this is a one our producers put this

together they found they got they got
the Google home to say this there was a
glitch try again in a few seconds I
don’t think it’s good enough no I think

shame shame shame I landed shame shame
shame all ended nicely yeah because we
got some great end of show mixes today
so we’ll do that
so back to back to international news I

do to have a brexit clip ah good I’ve
been wondering what’s going on on yeah
what’s going on nothing
Faraj on his show on his LBC on his
radio talk show LBC I think he dug up an

old corbin clip in horses the the
socialist labor leader
yeah he’s the labor leader he would be

the prime minister of labor ever took
over and he found an old clip of Corbin
going on and on about how bad the whole
idea of the of being in the EU is which

is contradicted by the way to me I’d
like maybe you can explain because you
live there quite a while hmm

labor the Labour Party was supposed to
represent labour mm-hmm isn’t that am I
wrong about that is the Labour Party
because it represents labour yeah it’s

like one-hour laundry if you want to be
specific it could be that they’re about
labour yeah because it seems to me that

being in the EU is not really supporting
British labor no no it’s not it’s
supporting British freedom of movement
so what they always say not the same as

British labor but so I always wonder why
the Labour Party was always so pro EU
and Pro remainders when it’s really the
bankers out of this super remainders are

the ones who want to stay it’s there
whereas of course
cuz they see themselves as a different
class of people and they’re in their own
City in the middle of London and so I
was always baffled by this one but it

doesn’t surprise me that somebody from
Labour would be against the EU but let’s
just play this Faraj clip what he’s
writing him about this remind ourselves
of what he said in that speech we are
creating for ourselves here one massive

great Frankenstein which will damage all
of us in the long run well I mean I
agree with that but god he’s more brexit
that i am i think albans are hardliner
I only called it the new Soviet he calls

it a Frankie
Stein and yet how does that work how
does that fit with the shadow brexit
secretary Kearse tarma speaking on this
very issue of second referendums if we

cannot get a general election labour
must support all options remaining on
the table including campaigning for a
public vote that was out I think there’s

gonna be trouble ahead at some point and
I remember folks calling is in a very
powerful position and he turned a blind
eye to eight of his shadow ministers

last week going against the party line
on the Cooper amendment goodness knows
could it be that it’s Jeremy Corbyn that
saves brexit Wow what a thought now
Farraj it kind of lost a little

credibility with me just yet yelling on
the sidelines okay I mean he’s not the
best radio guy he’s so Ricky’s voice is

so recognizable though that makes it
great you just like doesn’t know it
immediately that’s him right off the bat
I just call you an expert on

collectibles I don’t want to say hoarder
but you’re an expert on collectibles all
right you know you know you and you I
know how the market works yes I saw a
commercial I don’t know if it was local

or if it was a national spot for the
Trumpy bear understand this Lynda Trumpy
bear you got well I don’t have a clip it
I thought you would have seen at Trumpy

bear calm and it’s this bear that has
you know a red tie blue suit you know
like a teddy bear with Trump hair orange
Trump hair which you then you know you

can comb it and then if you zip him open
an American flag comes out it’s like
it’s one of the most unbelievable
products I’ve ever seen like this is got
this has got to be a collectible 35

bucks for this thing
sturdy your limited edition Trump Eber
3295 what do you think is this a
collectible is this something that all
of yours it just
something they’ll clutter a clutter

everything else no it is a collectibles
totally a collectible and it would go
into the political collections that end
up in museums usually so the other stuff
that’s you know associated bumper

stickers plans God pennants wall
hangings there’s a lot of them in there
they’re collectible the problem with
collecting this stuff is not a near-term
collection this is uh you’re in it for

the long haul yeah you got it you’re
gonna hold on to it yeah you got a hold
on it this puppy right you have a
collection of some political stuff
including a box a box a box of Kennedy
bumper stickers from 1960 I guess is 62

nor 64 what did they say or 62 is 60 no
is 60 1960 says Kennedy the buttes in a
very distinctive font and I have like I

must have a hundred of them and I don’t
know somewhere along the lines I
described a hundred and put them in a
box and I’ve picked somehow kept it 60
and they’re still good I think it’d be

funny to have a Kennedy bumper sticker
on your car even as collectibles are
worth maybe five dollars apiece maybe a
dollar that’s what I love about you I’m

holding on to him anyway one day they’ll
be worth money they’re five dollars
today is seven tomorrow you could get
that kind of money for yeah okay let me

see yeah there was something odd
Associated Press reported the day before

the State of the Union which was also
picked up by The Washington Post that
Ruth Bader Ginsburg made her first
public appearance since undergoing lung

cancer surgery in December yeah so what
they claim is that if she wasn’t at the
State of the Union we knew saw her
absence 85 bill Ginsburg is attending a

concert at a museum a few blocks from
the White House that is being given by
her daughter-in-law and other musicians
the concert is dedicated to Ginsberg
Ginsburg’s life in law she had surgery

in New York on December 21st she missed
arguments at the court her first illness
related absence in more than 25 years
the Justice sat in the back of the
darkened auditorium at the National

Museum of women in the arts the National
Constitution Center which sponsored the
concert did not permit photography
interestingly there’s tons of photos
from this event tons of them on

Instagram everywhere and not a single
one of Ginsburg and this just fuels
conspiracy theories I think well it
should they’ve got to keep that least

they have to keep keep it going they got
to keep her quote-unquote alive she’s
alive they have to keep her alive for
two years even though she may not be

alive okay they gotta keep her alive
we’re 12 now I think they can do it for
a year and then they can stall oh yeah

then they can stall with tube argument
at all though with all with the Senate
being really run by Republican that may
not be able to completely stall I mean
they’ll try to stall like they did with

this last guy Cavanaugh right but they
have to do that so now it’s gonna be
people on the lookout for she’s got to
show up somewhere producer Seth and I
put it all in the show knows he wrote he

has this I mean this is like trying to
look alike by the way and get away with
that they should yeah producers are old
ladies out there that looked like her
producer Seth did a huge rundown with
links and everything you know to back up

his assertion that she’s dead and and
that this is being covered up by the by
the fake news media so that and that was
here at Washington Post says the same

thing makes her first appearance and
this was a day before the State of the
Union and then we heard nothing after
that did it there was I didn’t hear him
talking about her not being there

Norris Clarence Thomas well but yeah I
think you’re right have to have to keep
quote-unquote alive for at least a year

okay the watch is on yes like that
weekend it what was it weekend at
Bernie’s a new burner yeah we can have
Bernie’s that’s about right yeah I’m

just gonna coin a little term here I’m
not quite sure even if it’s the right
term yet we need like something like
living the app life or app society I
think living the app life may be better

because this is what a lot of young
people are doing and is living their
lives through apps such as IKEA who have
just announced that they will have an

app very similar to Ober where you’ll be
able to rent furniture from Ikea this is
how bad it must be oh you wanted how the
economy was doing yes I think the next
step is you rent someone else’s IKEA

furniture it’s coming it’s coming this
this is pretty pretty sad this sad state
of affairs and then this happened in
Austin many electric scooter riders and

drivers extra aware of their
surroundings tonight after hearing about
a crash that sent a scooter rider
to the hospital with a head injury now
this happened last night at i-35 and
sixth Street police say the person on

the scooter was at fault going the wrong
way on the frontage road
kxan’s yoojin cho discovered some new
information about the car involved and
also spoke with people who ride scooters

about how they’re trying to stay safe I
talked to the owner of that car that was
involved in this crash you’re at this
very busy intersection he told me he was
actually renting out his car through an
app called hire car he said the driver

who was driving his car through this app
is shocked and upset so this is a
fantastic situation I’d like to know how
it works with the insurance so you have

someone who used an app to rent an
electric scooter that was then hit by
someone using an app to rent someone
else’s car

this it sounds like we’re dealing with
future we are live in the future but
who’s responsible who tell who pays for
what where does the insurance come in of

course those covers at fault is supposed
to pay for everything and the insurance
company typically is supposed to
orchestrate that that scenario yourself
rock your world luck with that I can’t

wait to see what if anything comes of
this some has got to come of it but it
does bring up an issue that needs to be
addressed which is people renting bikes
and renting scooters and not having a

helmet and it in a state that requires
helmets we don’t require helmets we do
in California I know there’s not much
see anyone on a scooter with a helmet on
this happened in Austin no I see these
people and a lot of homeless on the

bicycle and they’ve got no helmet okay
did you want to go talk to him about it
hey buddy where’s your helmet no agenda
imagine all the people who could do with

us oh yeah
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I did want to do a little climate change
stuff okay you know open the climate
gate yeah you know it doesn’t feel right
to climb a gate because you know this is

not I mean that was how many years ago
was the climate gate years ago you
typically have clips from the United

States about climate change and you’re
all gonna die and twelve years
well the be sure that you mentioned the
twelve years producer Simon got put

together a couple of clips for us from
BBC’s breakfast show radio 540 destroyed
eat Wheaties you know this is the
intelligence bound there on the radio
five and let’s share some of the current

information information refining that is
going on in the United Kingdom of Gitmo
East a first off let’s go on about the

myth-busting and the the myth that this
ain’t happening or it’s not man-made or
human responsibility there’s quite a lot
of this online and it goes all the way

up to president Trump who notoriously
said that there is no such thing as
climate change it’s all the Chinese
conspiracy to attack American capitalism
and you see it from commentators online

but the BBC quite responsibly now it’s
like evolution there are no equivalents
is given to the naysayers because the
science is overwhelming isn’t it coming
overwhelming yeah I mean you’re quite

right and and I think in some ways
talking about it as as a myth and kind
of reasoning attention of it again and
implies that there is some sort of you
know some equalness to to these two

sites and and they’re just absolutely
isn’t the evidence is overwhelming
contrarians it’s overwhelming should be
no equivalence at all maybe we’ve

reached some form of tipping point
what’s absolutely clear about climate
change is that it’s a it’s a big problem
and it’s urgent and we all absolutely
do something about him but yeah what was

it with there’s no there’s no absolute
certainty over there over there over the
timescales sometimes we’ve been hearing
recently about a twelve year time scale

in some ways that’s useful to think
about wait I thought we were gonna die
in 12 years now it’s just useful to
think about meaning but nobody really
knows whether whether 10 years might be

a time scales we’ve got before something
really nasty with before we start a
tipping a feedback mechanism that makes
quite nasty things happening our climate

weather we’ve got 15 years or whether
we’ve already gone over that tipping
point now know what kind of bullshit it
is but he’s got no idea at all and he’s

not completely with the program cuz the
12 years is death death man I tell you
so much to get into more coming up later
on but do you don’t just very quickly do
both despair about the fact that this is

you know in America there’s a certain
strain of evangelical thinking which
says this is not happening because God
would not let this happen where is that
what this is this is a lie I’ve to show
me one rapport with one evangelical code

for nutjobs cuz you holy mad that’s a
good one forbid you have any faith let’s
listen to the whole thing it’s it’s only

10 sir yeah I’ll play it from the
beginning that was pretty lame so much
to get into more coming up later on but
do you just very quickly do both despair
about the fact that this is you know in
America there’s a certain strain of

evangelical thinking which says this is
not happening because God would not let
this happen and it’s not just a Minority
Report these people are in the White
House in you know in in rational terms
do we need a new president you need a

new Broadcasting System you dork cuz I
thought he said president of the planet
oh I’d not let me see let’s say let’s

play at home in rational terms do we
need a new president for the planet
president plan

we need a new president for the planet
yes so these guys are all in on
one-world government
yeah when they’ve and also ridiculing
religion with a lie I mean I I have you

ever heard someone say God God wouldn’t
have this I think that would the
opposite would be true
hey if God wants this then that’s what

he’s doing instead if God wouldn’t let
this happen it’s okay because they have
learned from our media and they go
straight into abusing children to drive
home their point
well it’s your dad’s obsession isn’t it

he’s got a panels on the roof the
Gridley electric car is he mad no help
the it will help the world from global
warming do you think so yeah yeah do you
agree with all this your house is the

only one in the street with solar panels
on isn’t it so what difference is this
making good morning so we need to get
other people to do this yeah how’d you

get other people to do it we talked to
them and do you really what go round
schools saying boy go green that’s what
we need to do yes I understand what’s

that well that’s coming in a moment stay
tuned boy

go green what we need to do yes yeah all
right and so you too as I understand it
have never been on a plane is that right
no not even a propeller plane or in a
glider no why do you think that is

because the fumes from the plane pollute
the world and where’d your friends go on
holiday well my friends usually go to
like shiness your and Mexico on planes

sounds great like that right so you’re
not flying do you feel you’re missing

out at all not really but it’s quite
good as it’s not polluting the world
poor child no ace never gonna go on here
you were talking about the Hitler you

goons no it’s called the
your Union no it’s the European youth
for climate action they what the elites
in Brussels have seen is the great

success of the truants out there now for
four weeks kids protesting something as
long as they’re bundled up warmly they
got shawls and hats and gloves to to
yell against the global warming and now

they have the wait for this name they
have created a new European Union
initiative which creates opportunities
for young people in the European
solidarity core how about that how about

that’s what I just want bringing it up
you just said it only it’s not called
Hitler Youth that’s called European

solidarity core and they have they will
have a budget of more than I’m reading
directly from the European Union press
release more than three hundred and

forty million euros to cover a bras to
cover a broad range of activities with

this overall budget the European
solidarity Corp could dedicate over
forty million to creating volunteering
opportunities in the in there and in the

areas of environment and climate action
by twenty I get throw a rock through
your window if you don’t have solar
panels an important focus will be on
getting the right skills and

competencies for the labour market of
the future especially in the growth
sector of green jobs yeah yeah tell that
decline er Perkins new projects under

the European youth for climate action
can cover a wide range of activities
from training youth workers to reuse and
recycle materials motivating youngsters
that line standing there going through

bottles motivating youngsters to use
smartphone applications to save energy
what motivating youngsters to use

smartphone applications to save energy
stimulating the spirit of green
entrepreneurship to developing skills in

sustainable agriculture sustainable
industry or the tertiary sector such as
groom green tourism marketing and
education additional funding transferred

from other EU programs to could create
additional opportunities you’re right
this is the Hitler Uganda the European

solidarity Corps the ESC write it down
that’ll be a logo yeah hello yes we’re
here to check and see if you’re green

this is gonna have a sash in an armband
armband armband Zirin baby

well now back to the United States got a
note from one of our producers my
daughter 9 is in the school play this

semester she says to me dad
wait until I show you the script they
changed the story it doesn’t make any
they’re doing the was it the I this the
ice princess what was the Disney movie

with uh you know the ice princess and
now I can’t springtime for Hitler
no no troller will help me out yeah the
the big one would let it go Rose it

frozen thank you frozen dad they change
the story doesn’t make any sense how can
L sustain gore global warming arendelle
isn’t even a real place this is my dad

this is just pandering so he sent me a
copy this nine year old said this well
that’s what he wrote yeah a copy of page
17 and 18 oh and if you’ve seen the

movie then you know the story but I’ll
just read a little bit Elsa says but
this power it’s too harmful I don’t want
to hurt you Anna Anna says you’ve been
hurting me for years Elsa you have shut

self away from me in the world we are
sister sisters are joined heart-to-heart
Anna and Elsa embrace Elsa says look
Anna you’re not frozen
we really are joined at the heart makes

a heart sign Anna don’t be afraid of the
power use it for good Elsa for good how
can I use it for good
Olaf ever heard of global warming snow
and ice are melting at our polar ice

caps with your power maybe you could
stop the melting frankly some things are
worth melting for but I want to stick
around and see how this story ends Elsa
wow I can use this power for good to

help people all over the world that’s
powerful it’s not in the original script
a rewrite artist at the school but it
was like the lear foundation is at the

at the grade level now at the grade
rewriting classic scripts it’s just no I
wanted Anna do as Romeo and Juliet

meanwhile the news came out that 2018
was sadly not the hottest year on record
only the fourth hottest year this is a

fudge they could not budge it this is
NOAA the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration may be part
of them backing off yes we’ve identified

now it’s this the fourth hottest year on
record it used to be the hottest year
ever hottest year ever hottest year ever
but I think it’s kind of hard to get
away with saying that when you have

electric car owners noticing that their
vehicles lose about 40 percent of their
range in this bill in this bitter cold
into blizzard yes and Tesla owners who

don’t live in sunny warm California are
very disappointed in their model three
vehicles where the have door handles

freeze you know the door handles on the
Tesla they pop out yeah they can’t pop
out because they’re frozen so you can’t
know what to do if you can’t open the

car ticket do what you do in the Midwest
take a cup of hot water can throw it on
the handle it’ll open oh it doesn’t guys
are hopeless doesn’t make it fun to
bitch and moan about it and then I have

to kind of techy stories Google is now
claiming are we leaving the Climategate
do you want to close it well you get if

you gotta close it you gotta close it
okay close the Climategate when it comes
to machine learning and AI artificial

intelligence I’ve been very skeptical
and one of my main mantras has been why
don’t you fix my email if you can have
machine learning look at my email and

make it work and and give me things I
absolutely want when I want them then I
will have some belief in your artificial
intelligence and Google now announces
that they will here’s the here’s the

headline what are you doing well I’m
just saying this bullcrap whatever
you’re gonna read by Google spam does
not bring us joy ridding Gmail of 100

million more spam messages with
tensorflow tensorflow is there tilts our
flow that’s their open source machine

learning framework no brother
and right away that means more than
newsletters gonna be put to promotions
yes it’s true right away people were
complaining that PayPal security notices

we’re going to spam sounds like that
tensorflow is doing its job you know
when someone logs into your PayPal
account it sends you a security message
now that’s going to spam will be routed

to spam no doubt
but they’re saying that they can do it
sure they can’t machine learning makes
catching spam possible helping us
identify patterns in large datasets that

humans who create the rules might not
catch it makes it easy for us to adapt
quickly to ever-changing spam attempts
okay oh yeah really nothing new in spam
it was the latest dubuque me everyone

gets some spam somehow I mean I don’t
get much because I haven’t I get no spam
but I looked in the spam boxes the
creativity of the spammers is not what
it once was you know they used to put in

code certain kinds of characters that
the spam filter would miss and so you
get this crazy there’s not that much of
it and the other thing about spam is
nobody cares if some of it’s pushed the

spam box you’re sending out millions of
messages you only need a few to get
through right except it hurts because we
get trapped in there yeah I think what

to go miss anyone who has a newsletter
gets trapped and then which is one of
the reason you want email so they can
get their newsletter they subscribe
somebody subscribes to the newsletter
and it goes into spam they subscribe to

and then they’d lot against it while I’m
whitelisted it I’ve tried to do
everything but it keeps going to
promotions or spam promotions usually
yeah and this hit and miss why because
there’s a cup I have about five people

that are looking at this that constantly
send me a note would just tell me where
it went and it’s like no reason who
should have done that right but whatever
and then we got a note from producer who

goes by the name of hacker 1000 and it’s
just reiterating something we’ve talked
about we’ve witnessed ourselves we’ve
known about and just wanted him to weigh

in and say hey you know it’s I’ve been
working as a freelance video editor in
New York City since 2014 it has now
become painfully clear that all digital
media companies and he’s talking about

ones like oh I don’t know Viacom our
buying fake views for their online
videos when they don’t meet certain
somebody at Comedy Central told me they

were doing that a year ago but ever
since I’ve been asking people at various
companies if they buy views so far
everyone I’ve asked has said yes which
leads me to believe that all of the
media companies are doing this for their

YouTube Facebook Instagram etc I
wouldn’t be surprised that these
companies are buying followers as well
all of it being done to lie to their
advertisers exaggerating numbers to
secure ad buys and he says he believed

it was a surprise to us the constant
layoffs were seeing is because the
waters are receding and the tsunami is
about to hit so yeah no surprise to us

and of course it’s true I wonder what
the real traffic is of the Internet
I don’t know but nobody wants to look at
those Apple numbers the podcast app will

podcast numbers yeah no no they’re not
very encouraging no at all for anybody
at all my goodness okay I do want to

keep up with current events has been my
theme today they’re very good and I
think they do have the latest Venezuela
report this is from CBS’s and noted

noting the CBS history they’re all in on
Venezuela overturning the government no
problem yeah if I could only find it I
got the US wants Maduro out Elizabeth

Palmer in Caracas the Capitol reports
military leaders support Maduro the
soldiers maybe not what we need is
Maduro to leave we must overthrow this

government without the Armed Forces
president Nicolas Maduro is finished so
state TV broadcasts pictures almost
daily showing apparently loyal troops

with their commander-in-chief
but in reality vast numbers of them on a
salary of about $6 a month have had
enough why are they ready to desert the

president because they’re tired we are
suffering just like the people are
before me no more my family for example
my salary isn’t even enough to buy food

formula formula for you is this
something you can talk about among
yourselves in the barracks or is it too
dangerous we trust the people we talk
about what’s going on in the country but

the higher ranks don’t know what we’re
talking about what is that is why I’m
doing the interview like this to protect
myself to convince soldiers and their
brass to defect to the opposition one
Guido widely recognized as interim

president has offered them an amnesty
but the rank and file need more than
what will it take to get you to change
sides in the National Guard all we need
is a high-ranking general to rebell lead

the way for the Army will be in the
coming days when large quantities of
humanitarian aid much of it sent by the
United States reached Venezuela’s border

president Maduro has ordered the
military not to let it in and everybody
is watching to see whether or not they
obey now this is CBS yeah you know you
would you think they’d be involved in

this they are through their CIA
connections well this was the I think
this was messaging I think it was done
to indicate that one of you generals is
gonna make out on this if you are the

one cuz I yeah and we and we know that
the the military has been given
guaranteed visas US visas to you to
remain loyal so yeah I think you’re

right that’s like hey hey hey anyone out
there yeah it would just need one guy
one guy will give you they will support

well that whatever you make you make you
very comfortable so just somebody do it
so I figured in the next week one of the
generals will break away could be yeah
that that’s definitely a good signal
good catch

the other thing going on whose current
adventure wise is it should be last we
got some good mixes we’re running on the
low but then I’m gonna skip this okay a

measles I’ll put it to the next show
okay I shall put in her own you know
that woman that crazy Hawaiian that her
own oh whatever her name is

yes she’s the Congress she senator or
congressman congressman yeah it might be
a senator because this was a one of
these hearings for somebody becoming a
federal judge which only takes part in

the system must be to look it up and I
forgot I should know but anyway she
somehow brings in dwarf-tossing
as the topic of conversation Chris makes
a fool out of herself in this situation

I think you responded to a something
that happened in France where they made
dwarf-tossing illegal and you I think
that you said something like you know

it’s up to them whether they be but they
this is an individual decision but why
wouldn’t she having a seizure what is
going on with her always this is the
woman she’s always sighing but she’s a

it’s little people throwing not
little people throwing that’s very pun
on PC it would seem as though you’re

writing about dignitary harm would apply
to something like dwarf-tossing
wouldn’t it yes senator thank you for
the opportunity to clarify that again it
was in the I wrote about a particular

case in France that was was that use
different conceptions of dignity there
was a town in France that banned dwarf
throwing there was an individual mr.
Wacken Haim who made his living doing

that and he said that this van affected
his dignitary interest but but in my
article I don’t take a position one way
or another on these issues I’m just
pointing I think your article has been
interpreted as that you were okay with

odorous tossing this is one of the
reasons that in organizations that
supports their their issues is very much
against your nomination or
well what organization is is that is a

that is an organization for the banning
of dwarf-tossing
I guess I need to I want to be a member
of this club this is very important
stuff may see her oh no Maisie Maisie

her own lazy vote these people out she’s
the worst is doing them special thanks
to Fletcher

Carolyn Blaney sir Chris Wilson cyborg
Dave Tom Starkweather rule feed
productions all of them contributing to
end of show mixes on today’s program I

think they’re pretty dynamite so we
appreciate that
and thank you all for being here for
episode 1110 and consider supporting the
show for 11:00 11:00 which is coming up

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if there is going to be peace and

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foolish Wars politics and the only thing
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fuck you the disco party at the Taco
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