No Agenda Episode 1111: “Eleven Eleven”


George Stephanopoulos

I think I’m Jesse Devore so we have this
great show it’s episode 1111 1111 1111
is a magical number we start at 1111

Austin time and you’re gonna bring in
George Stephanopoulos his birthday it’s
also the day in 1763 that France ceded

Canada to England at the Treaty of Paris
ending the French and Indian War well
this is of course very important well
the thing about this the second thing is

that was the in were the Indians
fighting on behalf of Britain yes I
believe they were if I recall on my
history correctly well how did they mad
at the Brits managed to pull that off I

don’t know mmm anyway here we are 11 11
11 11 11 11 we’ve been talking about
this for a while now that’s 11 11 and I

don’t know if everyone has this we’ve
discussed it before but as so often I
will look at a digital clock and it will
say 11 11 and it’s it’s not just me it’s
people all over the globe witnessed this

all the time at 11:11 and you’re
supposed to make a wish and it will come
true so I 11 constantly – I mean you
just see it I mean you’re just so many

hours in the day it’s gonna happen two
hours a day
yeah that’s usually before you go to bed
and you know I should get up it is kind
of a good time well 11 I know is that
coffee time is that why people might
catch it more no no I

but eleven eleven
I only recently heard that you make a
wish oh that’s like you squandered
probably a hundred wishes yes yeah
maybe more mm-hmm well our wishes come

true at least mine has yeah I just want
to do another show every I breathe I’m
like we get to do it I’m still alive to
do a show I got another show another

show to go I’m very very happy and Tina
and I the keeper we had dinner with the
former New York banker and his wife

Friday night yes I come from the coal
mine where the canary has spoken to me
the canary said well there’s four eight
four to three topics three big topics

and he was I think I think I think he
may they both may either been there
significantly before us well maybe they

had they took a course or rosters I
think they were loose in the former New
York bankers literally you got it you
got to jump in right away so first of

all he’s like ha ha ha ha Trump did it
so what do you mean he screwed New York
what are you talking about so everyone’s
all in a tizzy about the to finally get

my attention
ones in a tizzy about the 2.8 billion
dollars a
taksim deficit and and he’s telling me
he’s like that’s because of the Trump

tax as I said are you just figuring this
out said you didn’t realize that the
state and local tax is capped that that
wasn’t to screw New York in California
I guess he hadn’t thought about it oh

you’re talking about that cap yeah yeah
yeah the cap is what everyone ignores I
mean because we were right on to it
almost immediately because we have one
of our producers as a local superstar

CPA it works in the Bay Area I believe
the anonymous gay as we call it now
another anonymous gay well the anonymous
gay I know is the is the accountant oh

they’re not as gay I know is a is a
lawyer but okay well maybe we should
to each other no but this guy is told
it’s right off the bat there goes a

zephyr tolls right off the bat on time
to him – because of this cap on property
taxes it’s gonna it’s really is a tax on
the rich yeah but nobody wanted to bring

it up none of these analysts wanted to
bring it up none of these superstars
none of these pundits not these people
on the network’s wanted to bring it up
because it would not it would be against
their narrative you know how we’re

trying to save them buddy
no the rich are generally burdened with
a lot of property yeah and they pay a
lot of property tax all what a burden
they used to be able to write it off now

you can yeah exactly
so this apparently wasn’t surprise to
everybody if they listened to the show
they wouldn’t have gotten so screwed
okay second thing he said and we weren’t

really talking polity he was just
blurting stuff out across the table okay
yeah and I always and I was drinking too

so alright remember I’m taking notes
under the table like I’m gonna forget
this he says just you know Stacey Abrams
is no Maxine Waters I said what yes

Stacey Abrams did you see did you see
her did you see here to give the the the
reply to the State of the Union see yeah

of course I did he made on the green
screen tada ha she’s smart man she says
and he kept saying she’s know Maxine
Waters said why do you say that well
just you know on the show it’s like

eight we don’t see every black woman as
it as a moron Maxine Waters even were
we’re not racist
so I finally calm him down over that
he’s like all yeah no it’s it’s all

agitated yeah well I mean I guess he’s
trying to what he’s trying to give me a
message and I appreciate you and he
doesn’t listen a lot to the show I don’t
think I think he checks or sometimes the
time and so you know his feeling is

probably well I like Adam you know his
racist and and
black women dogs blacks everything so I
guess I have to tell him again to make

sure he understands Stacy why Abrams is
no Maxine Waters I know I said you know
she’s a she wrote an article yes oh the
article in foreign policy magazine that

was brilliant
I said one where she says identity
politics brings us closer to get she’s
smart be on the lookout for her now the
reason I bring it up today is because he

is he travels in circles you know he
travels in circles where they are not
are circle where they don’t know and
maybe don’t care that the New York state
tax real estate taxes were not
deductible or not not for $10,000 but

also he’s like Beto remember he was all
over Beto very early on better better
better better better yeah but it’s not
Beto it is Stacey Abrams and he says

were presidents now Chuck’s gonna run
her for Senate he thinks but it could
get so crazy that they could swoop her
in depending on how things go I know
brother and confirmed for your

information she is a member of the
Council on Foreign Relations of course
that’s what she wrote in the magazine s

it’s generally reserved for those people
it’s a signal it’s for signaling a here
we well she’s lead is read between the
lines you’ll get the picture not go out

do your job well good so we need to keep
our eye on Stacey Abrams because she is
Aniston did you say to him why do you
why is a woman some random black
politician in Georgia a member of the

Council on Foreign Relations no I didn’t
know that I didn’t have this information
at the time will not use it next time
but the third thing was what kind of
caught me off guard trumps going down

with this Bezos thing it’s over what
it’s over Trump’s going down with the
bees OHS thing what are you talking

about and there’s this theory that this
entire fraca
over the dick pics that the National
Enquirer or more precisely American

media Incorporated has and has
apparently been blackmailing Jeff Bezos
over that if they find out that I’m just
giving you his version if if law

enforcement discovers that this was done
illegally oh yeah this is a big this way
there’s a couple of things so first the
National Enquirer made a deal with the

Justice Department after the payoff of
Karen McDougal mcdougal for $150,000
yeah that and they made a deal that
didn’t have to admit any fault but they
also would need not be accused of

political motivations and they have I
think it’s a three year period if they
break any law then American media
basically is over then I guess though

the Justice Department would come in and
bankrupt him and God knows what so
somehow the and he and he was just went
on about you know be so heavily secured
you know he’s got the best security

details not did he sitting dick takes to
girlfriend I mean do you know how many
places that cabana if they thought not
could be the girlfriend yeah but here’s
where the mainstream media is trying to

tie this in that his the other woman
shall we say Sanchez I think her last
name is that her brother has links to
Roger stone don’t think of your Roger

Scott stone thing no no no no no but you
know anyways just going on like this

comes out it’ll be over it’ll be
obstruction of justice all I’m like no
way suborning something or others more
like it so it isn’t any of what is

happening now is these those dreamers
these dreamers and how they have to this
everything has to relate to everything
has to relate to Toronto everything has
to have something to do with him going
down well this and you I’d like you to

check with your Lib Joe friends to see
if they’re picking up on the same vibe
I’m sure
but you know what Jeff Bezos did for
those of you who didn’t who didn’t I

have a couple clips oh good let’s let’s
do that then let’s say you have a
background or so we can really
understand both of them our background
errs there are two versions and they’re
pretty much they’re not the same ad
because there’s a different angle on

each one you play one or the other or
both but Bezos and texts CBS this is the
basic story Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
claims the owner of the National
Inquirer tried to blackmail him here’s

Tony Tecopa am I the publisher of
National Enquirer is on the defense
after being publicly accused of
threatening to run lewd photos of the
world’s richest man Amazon CEO Jeff

Bezos and TV host Lauren Sanchez a woman
he was having an affair with in a blog
post on Thursday Bezos revealed emails
he says are from am i threatening to
publish compromising images including at

least two naked selfies of him
Bezos says it was part of a politically
motivated hit which the publisher denies
wired editor-in-chief Nick Thompson the
tech no question is how the heck did the

National Enquirer get these pictures
because of the allegations of threats
Bezos made public am I may have violated
the terms of a non-prosecution deal
inked with federal officials after

investigation into campaign finance
violations am i admitted it paid Karen
McDougal a hundred and fifty thousand
dollars to silence her claims of an
affair with Donald Trump before he was

president sources tell CBS News
prosecutors in the Southern District of
New York are looking into the
allegations made by Bezos that am i
chief david pecker is trying to extort
and blackmail him am i said it acted

lawfully and said it’s launching its own
probe to promptly and thoroughly
investigate the claims actor Terry Crews
tweeted on Friday that a.m. I tried to
silence him and journalist Ronan furrow

says he also faced blackmail efforts
from a.m. I’m for his part Bezos hired a
security expert to uncover how his texts
were accessed
he’s Jeff Bezos he probably knows good

cybersecurity so the question of how the
pictures got from Bezos or Sanchez to
the National Enquirer has huge political
and possibly geopolitical consequences

it is the Bezos divorce worth tens of
billions of dollars is not yet finalized
and Rena Hina’s wife of 25 years
announced their separation after the
Inquirer said it was about to release

text between Bezos and Sanchez everyone
wants to know how they got those tax is
it and you and I were like gives a crap
you know I don’t think about how they
got the text if we can find out that

there’s a link to Trump that’s going
down actually this clip means a lot more
I’m glad you did it because I didn’t
think in those terms that they’re
thinking this is like a bigger deal than

it is first of all let’s talk about a
couple of well actually we can play I’d
like to I’d like to hear this the second
clip yes then you really need to discuss
this so people have some understanding
of where the National Enquirer fits in

the scheme of things yeah so I want I do
want to also want to talk about mcdougal
and then Farrow but okay the world’s
richest man Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has
publicly accused the owner of the

National Enquirer
of extortion and blackmail Bezos
recently hired a private investigator to
determine how the tabloid newspaper
obtained private text messages between

him and his lover and whether the papers
actions were politically motivated for
years the national Enquirer’s top editor
David pecker has had a close

relationship with President Trump who
frequently attacks Bezos in the
Washington Post which Bezos owns on
Thursday night a reporter at The
Washington Post told MSNBC bezos’s

security and legal team believed the
private X might have been accessed by a
quote government entity national
Enquirer’s parent company American media

he responded to bezos’s investigation by
threatening to publish revealing photos
of Bezos if he did not agree to publicly
state that the national Enquirer’s

coverage is not politically motivated or
influenced by political forces in a blog
post on the site medium Bezos suggests
the leak of his text messages might be

connected to his ownership of The
Washington Post
Bezos wrote quote it’s unavoidable that
powerful people who experience
Washington Post news coverage will

wrongly conclude I am their enemy
President Trump is one of those people
obvious by his many tweets also the
posts essential and unrelenting coverage
of the murder of its columnist Jamel

khashoggi is undoubtedly unpopular in
certain circles in his blog post Bezos
went on to write for reasons still to be
better understood the Saudi angle seems

to hit a particularly sensitive nerve
unquote meanwhile Pulitzer prize-winning
journalist Ronan Farrow of The New
Yorker has also revealed he was
threatened with blackmail over his

reporting on the National Enquirer and
President Trump let me just address the
Saudi Arabia part of this it was the
American media who released a I don’t

know if it was a part of one of their
magazines or if it was a separate issue
they had this full-on kind of
hagiography blowjob pictorial of the
saudi prince and how he’s gonna make so

much you know great stuff in america
yeah let cetera it’s all before
Khashoggi couple xi so that’s why that’s
brought into the story and you know so
that was seen as a trump saudi ami

triangle to show everyone how great
saudi arabia is which was then obviously
tarnished by the killing or really
subsequent reporting of khashoggi in the

in and by the post all right couple of
things i think we did you say we’re
gonna call Khashoggi a couple of things

the mcdougal situation which was
mentioned in the first report was not a

buy off they had hired her at a high
rate of pay 150,000 to write an article
which was then killed right which is

different the Ronan Farrow thing the so
called blackmail Pharaoh’s trying to get
himself back in the news

it seems to me
because he threw himself into the into
this store he has to do his his
blackmail was they said you know if you
do this we’re going to ruin you oh these
sorts of Hollywood style threats yeah is

never gonna work in this town again
we’re gonna ruin you are not blackmail
no it’s just a threat at Norton Norton
nor was that
nor was the note from the Washington

posta B’s knows the note did not say you
know this is what we’re gonna do it says
look this is what we have this is quite
a list of what you have but if you if

you want to make sure that never comes
to light then let’s all stop all
investigations yeah that well that’s an
interpretable situation I agree it could
be seen as blackmail now the other thing
is is that I like the way the Democracy

Now woman Mimi
always starts everything off with some
sort of a class structured commentary
that’s just subtle it seems kind of
subtle but it’s not really if you listen

to compared to anybody else’s report
where you start over the story the
world’s richest man oh yeah yes after
first words out of your mouth
yeah so nice person now let’s talk about
the Enquirer for a minute The Enquirer

is well known I don’t think that the
reporting groups of the general public
to live jaws your banker who seems to be
seem to be was flat-footed of a former
former back staying former banker former

paint right yeah was the Baker always a
banker he was flat-footed about that I
think that I doubt he or the general
public at large know about the copious

amounts of money that are paid for
people for photos and inside information
no certainly not in fact you know
whenever I tell stories about you know

this kind of stuff or my own experiences
which just as an aside when I’m uniquely
qualified to know what it’s like to be
in some form of personal situation that

the media and the is specifically the
the gossip press has latched on to the
one thing that can drive you insane is
who did this to me who who positioned

this who leaked it
who said something and when you are the
richest man in the world that can go a
little bit overboard it’s just – trying
to find out who because it’s really

embarrassing yeah well I could imagine a
picture of him his pecker
oh yes pecker not the pecker oh and
going right going viral and gets on the

net it’s everywhere so go look at this a
Bezos nice P nice package I don’t have
to remind you of my first wife do i what
about her

oh yeah that she would do dies yeah you
don’t get you forgot about the videos
already yeah I do I don’t care about I’m
just saying this is what happens he goes
you could throw his nuts people can’t

and it’s always the sex stuff well the
thing is is that this is probably I mean
he did think that a guy that he’s gonna
send the NSA or any of these agencies
because the NSA is not run by his pals

is the implication which is funny it is
but they always make this implication so
yeah that’s who did it not the you know
the Sanchez woman saying look at this or
to her girlfriend or her brother or how

about the woman scorned scorned I think
was is – I think she’s talked about

being bought off but it’s very easy and
you get you you send the picture to

yourself real quick some people are
really good at this and then you send it
to the in court you’re telling the
Enquirer what you’ve got they tell you
what they can what kind of a check they
can scratch and I said we’ll give you

five will give you ten we gave you ten
thousand dollars to those pictures right
which is pretty much pin money for these
guys who put the gossip sheets and that
mean that’s how they get all the Dai Li
get the pictures of John Edwards with

his second wife you know as old well I
also thought it was interesting that in
Bezos is post on medium which is just
tickles me that that’s where he
published him you know it’s like he
claims that this is not newsworthy you

know they really don’t have the right
intellectual property look I’ve
litigated that shit in court against
magazines and yes you are absolutely
newsworthy Jeff Bezos

and yes if they acquire that by buying
it from someone or some other means that
is not illegal they absolutely have the
right to print that and you have no
recourse to your so-called intellectual
property of your own person or of

pictures huh no just don’t public figure
it is even worse well he literally
writes this doesn’t you know this is no
good for anybody I’m not important no
one should care about me okay yeah well

good luck good luck with that argument
so they people do you know they’re
they’re seeing you know things that
don’t exist inquire this is just the way

they do business and I think that you
know they’ve always done business this
way they may have paid 50 grand for
these oh maybe more no maybe more this
is that’s not a huge amount for what you
can get for some things so it’s possible

and if you’re somebody has access to
these pictures we’ve even seen them and
you need some money yes your best friend
that you know that’s that’s you know
gonna get kind of embarrassed for a

while but you could use you could use
ten twenty thirty forty thousand dollars
you know everybody can count use and she
kind of you know it’s a nice you know
but you won’t tell her if this is
nonsense these guys are just making a

mountain out of a well I it’s it’s
embarrassing and it’s and it is lewd and
lascivious but the way they’re pointing
the food is somehow trying to point a

finger at Trump are you kidding me
not just pointing just saying uh when
this comes out he’s toast toast again
now look at the Trump rotation people I
I dunno why I think I know I’d be Zoe’s

has really freaked out and it’s not that
hard to figure out
except you know when you’re down in the
woods with the Twitter people and the
blue checkmarks and your mainstream

media you can’t always see the forest
for the trees the big issue here is if
you have the guy running Amazon and you
got to think of Amazon in the broadest
scope of

all its services and Huws and you cannot
keep your dick pics secure
why the hell should project Jedi for 500
million dollars be placed with you and

not with Azure from Microsoft that’s
behind the whole thing could that could
completely be true five hundred five
hundred million dollars

I’ll get you your dick pic botha no
problem and that image they they let him
have a helicopter pad there and wherever
it is and with the new headquarters in
Virginia it’s the big Jedi deal I forget

what the acronym stands for but it’s the
big CIA cloud of the Department of
Defense everything’s gonna be and it may
be much bigger than 500 we’re in the

of course it could why the hell would
you want to go with the guy who can’t
keep his big pic secure you’re gonna
keep our national security information
the CIA you’re gonna keep that secure mm

pass yeah I think that’s fine to believe
that’s the situation that exists in this
all this hole and of course bringing
Trump into it and pointing to figure in

am i use the government that’s what that
one report said they think the
government had some that come on yeah
yeah and I say hands all over it it is
he’s not gonna do anything yeah so I
think that’s the real issue and it could

be a dirty trick stur working for
Microsoft I mean at this point Microsoft
has a lot of fixers yeah right then
Microsoft is you know competing for most
valuable company all the time with

Amazon – yeah they’re right up there in
the top five you know pushing around
yeah that’s if I were B’s those that’s
what I’d be freaked out about for sure
my god damn manna give me the
headquarters that give me the helipad

and now they got my dick pics damn well
Squire I’m sure
pecker knows who the what the conduit is
but he’s not talking no does he have to

do Microsoft got to protect this or is
he smart if it was Microsoft so solved
we figure this stuff out exactly did you

make a quick transition to another topic
that’s similar she didn’t mention
khashoggi yeah and and here’s an NSA
this is what the NSA actually does they

pull this kind of crap if it was the NSA
but I thought this coincidence
was a bit much for me to take in fact
that it wasn’t even pointed out as a

coincidence or fishy by a me on
Democracy Now kind of disappoints me
which play this clip NSA under comes
under cover under uncovers voice
recording the New York Times is

reporting US intelligence agencies have
uncovered a 2017 conversation in which
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
told a top aide he would go after two

Malka shocked she quote with a bullet if
the exiled journalist could not be
brought back to Saudi Arabia thirteen
months later in October of 2018 Ashok
shoe was murdered inside the Saudi

consulate in Istanbul the discovery of
the crown prince’s statement was made as
the National Security Agency and other
u.s. spy agencies are reviewing years of
intercepted Saudi voice and text

communications according to The Times
Mohammed bin Salman made the comment
about khashoggi
in September of 2017 the same month when
khashoggi she began writing columns in

the Washington Post critical of the
Saudi government the White House faces a
deadline today to determine whether the
Saudi Crown Prince was personally
responsible for khashoggi Xi’s murder

hmm deadline tomorrow FAC comes out
today after two years almost two years
of September 17 magical magical facto
magical fact and the thing that’s

interesting to me is that they have so
much data in these computers the NSA in
particular that they can dig this up oh
sure sure

it’s unbelievable mmm the people don’t
people aren’t upset about this and
democracy now that she’s more concerned
about the Khashoggi thing because she’s
like I don’t know why the example of us

killing people here’s what I understand
but she’s not concerned about this kind
of spooking spying so how was this
unmasked that’s my question because

clearly I mean were there any American
citizens in these calls we’re never
gonna find that out probably not and I’m
guessing that you did a search of word

search for bullet or something the
president searching for the last six
months four different words and the
files are so big they can’t actually go
start listening to them because it would

take a lifetime so you have to do these
word searches and hope that you get you
hit a home run and they did with bullet
hmm yeah there’s this a lot of spying
going on yeah oh my goodness well there

let’s just stick with maybe get it out

of the way I don’t if you have anything
for 2020 which you know before I even go
into that I think we lose complaining
about it and you’ve always got the
stories I got nothing all right
well cuz there’s always you have a warn

things do we have a AAA OC thing what I
was going to say is that I think we
discussed a couple months ago that you
know we have to do more with podcasts
because the people that matter people

have policy people that are in the the
mainstream m5m they’re now showing up on
podcast many of them are doing podcasts
and I think we’re really at a close to a
tipping point and of course it’s obvious

that somewhere down the road 10 15 20
years you know it will all be podcast so
most of it will be probably
independently produced you’ll still have
a mainstream but I don’t know how

relevant we’ll be if you look at look at
democracy now that’s basically a podcast
that you and a couple other people watch
I mean it’s not much bigger than that so
you know Joe Rogan is almost like the

The Tonight Show of our era it’s not
if you don’t mind me saying so okay yeah
you know so so I think that it’s we’re
going towards this point where the

podcast and it’s hard because podcast
you know you can’t just you’re not gonna
get a little snippet from someone
there’s not a youtube video you have to
listen to him I’ve listened to a lot
this past few in its and the more people

can listen to them in timecode and send
us time codes the better it will be
because it’s very time consuming but I
do have a few gems I think but let’s
just stick with what’s going on and you

know who’s anointed or not I did see the
Elizabeth Warren announcement this I
thought was an interesting commercial
Saturday February 16

with Michael B Jordan Bradley Cooper and
federal rights
Oprah live from Times Square with Beto

do you think he’s gonna get anointed on
stage I think so he’s Oprah’s choice
that’s not to be that’s dangerous zone

on don’t underestimate what what Beto
could do with Oprah I’m sure that bit
that Oprah can make a splash is better

but the public is not gonna go for this
this guy’s never I mean the public goes
for whoever has the most mom it was
pretty bad he’s just sure you know
senator just voted present all the time
and this guy didn’t even get his job

couldn’t even beat Ted Cruz Ted Cruz
you’re disqualified be fair to be a
Democrat in Texas before all the

California says no he was a little early
he’ll get there if you were to continue
he might get there well I have the
Elizabeth Warren thing happened yeah and

I have the short version which i think
is all it should anybody should do this
CBS giving her her her do and this is
the last you’re gonna hear of her oh yes
I got it

Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren is
officially running for president she
formally launched her bid today in
Lawrence Massachusetts Warren says that
she will fight against economic
inequality and push for increasing
corruption regulations in Washington

yeah she’s gonna fight against
inequality and pushing against
corruption that’s original that’s odd
because that was not the big takeaway
from her speech the big takeaway that
was the green New Deal she’s all in on

the green New Deal yeah and she’s
sending out emails chip in she could
keep doing chip in email chip in he ship
in three bucks chip in green new deal
and then she and her campaign song

RESP ICT if only yes that’s her
campaigns are very brazen

she’s too much so she watched this whole
American Indian thing is she’s really
screwed because of the that statement
but I got adamson talking about podcast

I listened to his his periscope thing
yep it’s hard to get clips from it
because he’s he’s that one says he’s
long-winded but he’s he’s like a deposit

seems to be his best friend so you had
to clip a lot of load bet that’s funny
that’s when he’s looking at the chatroom
see if he has to block yeah spends a lot
of time interacting which is good this

modern yeah but so he did have a
commentary but about Elizabeth Warren
and her approach to the problem that
she’s faced with this American India
especially that document that surfaced

then where she wrote it down when she’s
trying to get into the Texas bar and I
think that he’s hit something here into
something we’ve always kind of he points
a couple of it points out something that

we probably should always take into
consideration and he I think nails what
she should have done but doesn’t have
the capability here’s what I think she
did wrong what she did wrong was you
know the way she handled it of course

but I don’t think she’s handled it with
the sense of humor that it called for
don’t you think a sense of humor was
necessary and apparently she doesn’t
have one remember I told you that 103

people don’t have a sense of humor the
smart way to play this wooded them to
consider it as funny as the people
watching it she should have paced the

public because the public thinks this is
hilarious and she should have just
agreed say yeah I got totally taken yeah
good point

she’s a mocker she’s not she has no
humor she’s one of those mockers sarcasm
she’s a sarcastic person
yeah no sense of humor whatsoever and I
never thought about it till he brought

it up when Susie said it you go yeah oh
yeah I never heard a good joke out of
her or anything even remotely funny no
she’s not that person with a sense of
humor at all
she looks always on the verge of Ebsen

to angry tears
this little this little but if one other
three people don’t have a sense of humor
that’s kind of sad if it’s true and I

think it might be hmm
tell me does that mean so much to
ministers don’t exactly what exactly
does it mean to not have a sense of
humor mean you you can’t make a joke you

can’t laugh about anything
yeah what exactly does that suppose do
the ladder huh but you’ve nothing’s
funny cuz you don’t nothing’s funny
every to you because you don’t have a
sense of here we don’t see you don’t see

humor in everyday life well well I think
I got a slap-happy joke I mean I know a
lot of people that have a great sense of
humor and cannot for the life of them

ever tell the joke and they’re not
interested in they don’t tell jokes they
just never weren’t a joke telling family
right but they’ve put their laugh at
things they seem to laugh at the right

time to not laughing cuz every I’ve
always worried about the person that
doesn’t have a sense of humor but knows
how to laugh and there’s peas oh that’s
B Zoe’s the phony laugh look around they
see somebody else laughing it’s for

their good they go nuts we have some
don’t we have that Vizio’s laugh
somewhere we probably do overcome you
see what is this what is this oh you
might have to play the gender Bezos okay

I’ll play that end of show sounds like a
winner oh I do have a gem just regarding

well not really
20/20 but just the political positions
Virginia I asked on the last show I
think where’s al Sharpton wit how come

these guys don’t know you’re okay here’s
how it typically works you’re in
blackface you do something stupid
al Sharpton shows up he makes a big
stink outside your office with this na n

the now Action Network I think it’s
called and then you write him a check
now and I’m not I’m not making this up
I mean you donate to the NA n and then

Sharpton goes away and you get
to do a little photo op and their
solution this is if this is where the
Catholic Church operated well Sharpton
has made quite a business out of it and

I said well how come he’s where is he
that this is such a beautiful spot well
see Mike who lives in the state said oh
he was there and listen to what Reverend
Al said yes governor Kinsey who you have

to be accountable for things that you do
yes the governor can be forgiven yes the
state can be forgiven but forgiveness

without a price is not forgiveness

forgiveness got a price he’s just open
about it yeah it’s got a price you got

to pay the price
die die nod design and I’d whip my
checkbook out so fast hey L let’s get
the Hasselblad in here so we look really

good together
that guy’s too much well he noticed you
know he’s got it down where he’s that he
can you know he’s got it down he’s the
whole thing was developed except was

developed by the other black Minister se
Jackson Jesse Jackson shakedown man
suspect oh yeah it’s the shakedown wait
didn’t like didn’t like a troll room

says they wrote a book about it called
shakedown you kidding me I I believe
that might be true ah Jesse Jackson oh
let me check shakedown that would be

interesting this is a book we uh uh well
it was written to bow okay I see
Sharpton shakedown I don’t know if he
wrote it was written about no I think

was written about us okay
yeah yes oh man this goes way back
sharpton shakedown getting rich off
racism nice yeah well good times
business is good forever now yeah you

gotta wonder what he doesn’t hurt and
let’s put it that you gotta wonder what
he has on NBC brass
I mean he’s not on the air for no reason
he sucks I mean can’t read can’t speak

guy totally sucks is what like he’s an
yeah so why is he on the air shakedown
you know just maybe hedging their bets
over there I don’t know know who can say

yes fantastic fantastic
all right well speaking of Scott in his
his uh his periscope videos I was

listening to and actually I caught I got
caught on some funky bias that I have
you know there’s this one guy Tim Poole
and if you ever seen him nope and he

does YouTube videos and from time to
time one of our producers will send me a
link to a video say this is great you
gotta watch it it’s like an hour like

you instead of saying well you know go
to this timecode you know you can also
send me a link that’s queued up for the
right time code just say that this is

you gotta watch it it’s and then I look
at the guy I see this he has like a
youtuber shot the guys in the bedroom
has got a beanie on his head I’m like no
and he talks a little bit like ben
shapiro about a little machine-gunning

not quite as bad and so I always pass
the Bible I’m not interested
and so I’m listening to this Joe Rogan
show with Tim Poole and it doesn’t dock
I’m only listening I’m not seeing the

visual like this guy’s interesting he’s
got a lot to say and then it really
dawns on me an hour into it like holy
crap that’s this guy so I this is why I
think video is a bad idea for podcasting

then maybe this guy has his fame through
podcasts through YouTube videos and it
should be a pocket I don’t know but it
was I missed out clearly on some stuff
because the guy’s interesting has a lot

of things to say he turned off by his by
his superficial appearance
absolutely and I I admit it look by the
way that’s I think broadcasters
discovered that this is important some
time back what they figured that out

the the appealing looks and and just the
vision by itself keeps people tuned in
yeah maybe not like we’re just shallow

old white guys if the fuck do we know
but he does know he’s been in these
BuzzFeed circles he’s worked for
BuzzFeed for vice for Vox you know he’s
a former kind of skater guy very

anti-establishment and he’s now
positioned into this place where he has
very very large following on on YouTube
and he sat down with an actually of

three clips because there’s two other
things that are really important that he
was in the middle of that that I’d like
to share but first why Alex Jones was
banned because they were talking about

this you know and Joe Rogan apparently
got so much hate for his interview with
Jack Dorsey from Twitter that you know
he’s like ha Jackson come back and and
Joe Rogan’s like I want to learn from

this and I mean I think he did a fine
job except for not disclosing that you
know he takes money from one of his
companies and we got answers out of it
kind of you know it’s like whatever it

was it was enough to satisfy his what it
was it was what it was but Dorsey never
really answered why Alex Jones
specifically got banned and Tim Poole
did enlighten the audience Jamie you

pulled up why Alex was banned to which
is you know it’s not very clear like
when when you think about the fact that
they were saying that he had never done

anything on their platform that was ban
a ball and then what was the one final
thing like any Jack didn’t know what he
was he got he confronted Oliver Darcy of
CNN in DC and for several minutes was

yelling at him while they filmed and
apparently that’s my understanding was
the justification for banning him that
he was harassing a journalist or
something that effect which is in my
opinion absurd and was doing it on

um I guess they post it to terms live on
periscope platform so if you do
something on periscope they can get you
banned from Twitter well that’s the same
thing right yeah this because they’re

connected that yeah
I in my opinion so it’s make it makes a
good point how does Alex Jones get
banned for giving that guy a hard time
but Kathy Griffin doesn’t get banned for
literally calling for these children

leading a harassment campaign names
someone with millions of followers led a
harassment campaign I’m gonna use their
language yeah if you’re calling on your
followers to do something York you’re
engaging in a campaign yeah but Alex

Jones confronting the journalist who
advocated for his banning his abandon
bull offense here’s the important thing
about Jones
Oliver Darcy said on CNN it wasn’t that
Jones broke the rules that got him

banned because you know what what Darcy
said is he’s been breaking the rules in
the past they never cared it was only
because of media pressure they took
action against him okay well we know
many other people break the rules we

know far-left accounts have doxxed law
enforcement we know Kathy Griffin let a
craftsman campaign there’s no media
pressure that’s one of the big problems
Twitter knows conservatives aren’t going
to be able to level any kind of campaign

against their platform there’s not
scared of it so this actually led to
kind of some enlightening information
about how Twitter functions the the true
reality of the blue checkmark

verification which as we know is it’s
it’s big-name celebrities and it’s
journalists you can have a thousand
followers and you’re on K podunk and
you’ll get a blue checkmark because

you’re a journalist you have a check
mark I don’t have a check mark I’ve
asked for one there’s been petitions for
one I’m not a celebrity I’m not a
journalist I’m doing both the celebrity
and a journalist that’s what’s funny I’m

just a douche dick and I need to shut up
but they consider you a douche but if
somebody does it’s like someone person
over their age very important point

because we have two sides to Twitter of
course we have the people who have their
hands in the code on the buttons all the
time which can be done with or without
whatever approval processes but more

important everything of course and more
importantly if you have a system we call
it the machine the machine that
interacts with mainstream tell mainly

cable news but mainstream television but
they also all interact with each other
and we’re talking the buzz feeds the
Huff Pose
all of these bullcrap operations well
and I say that I really mean that that

bullcrap and we have more about that
he so having been in the middle of it
for him to explain kind of the process
and he uses part of the example is the
the high school kids and the and the

American Indian fracas and explains how
it works and what really runs Twitter
news organizations are headquartered in
big cities the big ones you know seeing

even Fox News is in New York so there’s
a lot of people who work at Fox News are
actually liberal people don’t seem to
know that you live in New York you’re
probably not a staunch conservative so
what happens then news breaks you’ve got

all these journalists because I’ve
worked with them you know I worked for
Vice I worked for fusion and they sit
around at tables they meet up after work
from different offices and they talk
about things and they all tell each
other the exact same thing and so this

is why you see covington happen these
people will follow each other on Twitter
so when someone tweets this Macha kid
got in the face of Nathan Phillips they
only see each other’s tweets and they
just write it they don’t do any

journalism it’s mind-blowing to me
because the second video that came out
from Covington you literally watch
Nathan Phillips walk in to up to the kid
in get his face but at the same time we
have a serious journalism problem and

this links back to Twitter yet and
what’s what’s what’s fascinating is
following this story an op-ed I believe
it was in the New York Times said stop
tweeting art said never tweet brian
Stelter from CNN then got a statement

that but someone from Twitter said
journalists are the lifeblood of our
platform and so that’s why I think
you’ve got these predominantly new
progressive writers they’re fresh out of

college they get hired for you know
moderate salaries to work in a newsroom
sit around each other all day sharing
the same ideas not exploring anything
outside their bubble and Twitter
supports them because they’re the ones

who drive traffic to Twitter they keep
the conversation going and I think
that’s where Twitter spies partly comes
from the other is that clearly you’re in
San Francisco you’re gonna have you know
your staff the people who are who are

you know running content curation and
banning people they lean left
I think he’s nailing it with the with
them all sitting around they’re all you
know barely there’s nothing we haven’t

talked about on this show numerous times
synched I’m not saying that we haven’t
touched on it and the last clip we’ve
talked about as well but never with one
important detail we’ve always talked

about traffic buying and how bullcrap it
is and how this this bubble has been at
which is now starting to burst clearly
since these very same news organizations
have to let 15 to 20 percent of their

workforce go but there’s one thing we we
never discussed in the traffic buying
equation and Tim Poole brought it it’s
it’s publicly known but not talked about

a whole lot that these media
organizations mostly these digital new
startups don’t actually get a lot of
views so what they do is it’s called
traffic assignment there’s a company
called comScore that tracks the the

viewership the unique views these sites
have if you’re trying to attract
investment and you say we get 20 million
views per month they’re gonna say that’s
cool but this site gets 60 what do they
do well there are some sites this is

according to Variety modern farmer calm
whatwhat is that I have no idea I’ve
never heard of it but there are many
sites which you’ve probably seen where
it’s like the top 25 celebrities who you
know mess up their makeup yes you click

the page and I’ll show you a photo in
order to the next photo you got to click
the next page that’s that way they turn
you one person at 25 unique views are 25
views I wants a unique then a company

like vice for instance will buy the
assignment of your traffic and attribute
to themselves so when the comScore
numbers come out it will say all of
those views from those clickbait sites

are actually vice again I’m quoting
variety here I don’t wanna get sued but
variety said that their traffic went
down 17% because someone they were
buying traffic assignment from was like
going through turmoil and shaken and

being shaken up and another one of their
traffic assignment partners switched to
I think like you know got told that NBC
or something so so what ends up
happening well I can say a little bit
there was a company that was a prominent

digital news outlet I knew someone there
who was decently high up who told me our
company is contemplating whether or not
we should engage in traffic assignment

to inflate our numbers and I said don’t
do it like that’s wrong yeah and they
said but we need investment
so I wonder if is that fraud yes but if
comScore is is just lumping the numbers

together and i go to you and say
according to comScore our network brings
in 60 million I didn’t lie that’s all
true yes that’s true so here’s what
happens these companies get massive

investment they don’t actually generate
enough clicks or enough money then once
the investment runs out those jobs never
existed those were those were padded by
investors everything collapses it seems

like magnet I’d never seems like fraud I
had never taken the comScore traffic
assignment into the equation yes and
this is very common

yeah and I can remember I think we did
in a pod show yeah I assigned a Devorah
go slash blog assignment a two of us
when I started working in fraudster did
you say said hey you got you want to

work here did you ever get it back did
you ever get did you get your assignment
back ID assignment is vision there’s no
they don’t have that anymore right

I mean this reminds me I mean all these
companies are like this there’s this
idealism that goes on there for example
we had this guy at bed pod show or media
who was Crist would guide the tattooed

IT guy and guy had like a minute he’s
just all tatted up but he was a really
solid IT guy that was a stickler so he
had barcodes on him call a dude named

Ben here come on he’s our dude named Ben
and he was he would be you know he would
he had a database so if you wanted to
like for example I had every sheet of
toilet paper had a barcode well it was

close to it by for example he had a
bunch of mics and some gear assigned to
me and it had barcodes on it was owned
by the company baby you need to check it
in it was an inventory for some reason
this is like firing the makeup girls

they fired him for some reason and
there’s a cost-cutting and they never
really nobody really took that job
the database was now missing in action

and all these barcodes are meaningless
and so all the gear that everybody
barded walking not the only one but
there were people with I mean anything
that there was just on loan kind of was

now gone it was missing it wasn’t it did
never existed right and this this is the
kind of thing these companies are just
it’s almost like a spitting of prayer
that the whole Silicon Valley even

operates at all well well this this
particular piece and kind of alert me to
two things one is NBC apparently
purchased one of their traffic assignees
so you know that’s how they see fit to

solve this traffic problem by buying
these companies that put these and
they’re not really scam and it’s just
you can you know what you’re getting

it’s like click click click click slide
show right I mean and but it has nothing
to do with the quality of the content or
the journalism represented by it so
there’s what I mean yeah and and so some

of these companies are running into
trouble other ones will just be
purchased by the guys with the you know
with the big big putt deep pocket so
that they can take them off the market
and use their traffic assignment for

themselves but ultimately you’re gonna
run into a problem when someone says hey
comScore if you shouldn’t be doing it
this way that’s when the whole bubble

completely disintegrates well that’s
kind of what used to happen i for
example i’m i can almost take credit for
this slide show cuz i don’t know anyone
else that was doing it when i was doing

him which was way back at pc magazine in
the in probably the mid to late 90s and
i would do these slideshows i go to a

trade show and i make a slide show out
of it with some with my typical snide
comments of all the pictures and it was
just a although the site comments were
at the price of admission but there was

a slide show I took a lot of pictures of
the boots babe in bows and I made some
comments and so there was really like 10
slides and there’s click click click at
the click click click through them and
then I get a feedback you know that

don’t want to see any of these slides
really really yeah I was told never to
do them again because it was well these
are nothing these are not on the website

see these are just these literally are
about celebrities and other and dogs and
other stupid stuff and they just count
the traffic it’s irrelevant to the
content so you understand that I

understand that I’m just saying that as
one retires hated is what you’re saying
at one point early on they didn’t like
it because it was jacking up the numbers
huh but when comScore comes along and
they’re using these jacked-up numbers

they did they become more popular than
ever just you can’t go you can’t go on
the web without hitting one of these
slides I was constantly al-jazeera
reminded us in a little piece they did
exactly where all this new journalism

money came from the other revenue source
that will likely dry up is from
mainstream media organizations that have
invested in their younger digital

competitors NBC Universal and Comcast
have injected more than 400 million
dollars into BuzzFeed Fox Disney and A &
E networks have pumped hundreds of

millions in device Verizon has long been
vacuuming up media content providers
such as yeah
AOL and by extension HuffPost in
multi-billion dollar deals there may

have once been a rationale for such
investments but those mainstream media
companies are now counting their losses
in some cases writing them off and
looking to invest elsewhere media

companies who made most of their money
in television and pay television was
just going off a cliff being eaten by
Netflix they were seeing their most

lucrative parts of their business
declining they were desperate to reach
these hard-to-reach young people in
their 20s and early 30s and vice and
BuzzFeed they offered a way to reach
these young audiences and now it’s

unlikely that they’re going to continue
that investment just because of the
difficulties in the online advertising
market who exactly is going to be
provide the funding for these companies
as they go forward venture capital

investors don’t just give you hundreds
of millions of dollars for nothing
they’re gonna expect that money back
it’s gonna have to come from somewhere
because the revenue model is now in
question not only are we questioning the

growth rates of these companies we’re
questioning sort of whether they can
even continue to be the same size so now
you’ve got something that’s not even
growing it’s probably shrinking that’s
not a business model that anybody is

going to be interested in investing in
no I think it’s well over now I think
these will over at all the VCS you think
they’re still investing in these things
I think as long as the scam continues

and I think this guy talking up with
Rogan referred to part of it but I think
about the buying of traffic they

arbitrage all this other stuff as long
as those things can continue you can
have these pumped up numbers that and
until dumb money goes away right here’s
the investment community consists of

smart money and dumb money as we know
and that smart money is already probably
ok this is bullcrap let’s find something
else to do it although they become dumb
money when they go invest in green

technology I find it somewhat ironic
first they’re smart money than they’re
dumb dumb real dumb money well it’s it’s
interesting that this these firings all
came at the same time could just be

signal financial end of year well we
talked about there was also that that
pot of money the Obama money from the
government it’s true if trynna
if true but I well if it was a combo

deal if some of that money dried up we
don’t really have any proof that it went
to them now if that money dried up
and by the way Canada’s trying to do the
same thing they’re trying to split up

five hundred million dollar retz amongst
the media companies having secret
meetings about it and stuff it’s very
funny these guys should realize that
when you get five hundred million bucks
and you give it to the media

it all goes upstairs yeah
I mean there is so much condemned nation
of Jeff Bezos talking about Bezos again
over his Washington Post ads and the
Super Bowl the juror hated the journals

hated it of course he did because it’s
ten point five million dollars he spent
on this ad that was useless and it was
and they skep saying this ten point five

million dollars could be ten reporters
at $100,000 a year for ten years plus a
half a million dollars to buy donuts and
it was and every because the journalists

know that they’re under stress to get
you know the very few newspapers are
doing well no magazine magazines are
shrinking the online there’s no money in
online you have to scam no you have to

scam investors it’s all investment money
it’s not like real money that’s coming
in from the public so they know that
this is a problem to see Bezos throw
away ten million dollars casually ax

them yes all the journalists were pissed
off and also she watched in post people
also these new journals should realize
that yeah Google and Facebook are out to
get you and they what they don’t care

about you and they change the al goes
and screw you over as fast as they can
for your scams for your scam money
excellent well that gives us hope well

we do everything on the up-and-up
we do in fact we don’t have we don’t
worry about advertisers we don’t worry
about pageviews we don’t worry about you

know assignments because we don’t look
we don’t get income from that it’s just
bullcrap that those people should be
ashamed of themselves
those people should learn to code and
with that I’d like to thank you for your

courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the sea and comScore
John C brown feet in the air subs in the
water and all the Dames a night’s out

there in the morning to the troll room
no agenda stream calm I wanted to
mentioned that anybody who wants to join
the Fed averse I think saying Federer
versus better than Mastodon me them

they’re great but if you want to join
the future of social media you can do
that at our very own no agenda social
calm you need an invite go to the troll
room and I’m sure someone can give you
an invite there and the troll room is

something that we always have scrolling
around in the not the background kind of
the side view corner of my eye during
every live stream so that we can be
corrected in real time then sometimes

get some good one-liner sometimes it’s
just trolling that’s what they do
they’re trolls no agenda stream calm and
thank you very much for that also in the
morning to the artists who brought us
the artwork for episode one one one zero

eleven ten title of that was Kremlin
crush this was a nice piece we had a
hard time actually trying to figure out
what we wanted to choose sir Trent Webb

has brought us the global warming fear
meter which I believe we got from the
evergreens yes it was it back in the
it was now why did we have such a
problem choosing art was fine any of it
to be artsy or compelling nor

can’t really remember I we really like
the the climate the climate fear ometer
we like that a lot and what else was
there that was yeah I mean we’re not

gonna put Elizabeth Warren in though in
the Pocahontas
I should mention a couple little tips
for artists yes here’s some tips we have
tips velocity should be accumulated what

is one tip it’s not necessarily about
Elizabeth Warren but it kind of applies
do not put something that is
unattractive and homely or ugly or some

like good gruesome something with
somebody with their head chopped off or
somebody bleeding from the eyes or any
of these things that are just repellent
so when you look at the art instead of

wanting to click on it and go to listen
to the show if you’re using it as a
cover art you go oh you don’t want to
get that reaction of does not want to
happen after somebody sees your the arts

as artsy as it might be the idea is for
people to be lured in
yeah be lured in by a pretty face
Elizabeth Warren kind of qualifies as
the not quite but almost like a

repellant yeah sorry you know what can I
say I’m with you I’m with you
she’s not gonna work out I’m with you

Cortez is funny she’s got a goofy face
she’s always gonna get it she’s but I
don’t still want to see a bunch of
politicians on the art necessarily no
not necessarily at all but anyway we
appreciate the work that all of our

artists do it makes this show uniquely
different just before you even listen to
it it shows up that way in in the
podcast apps by the way I think we
recommend overcast is one that adheres

to the artwork changing even to some
degree Apple’s own podcast app but I
like I would recommend overcast because

you you pay Marco you pay him heed that
he makes it better you know that seems
like a value system there that makes
sense how much it to pay I think it’s
two bucks it’s two bucks instable two

bucks a show or two bucks a no just for
the app just to get the app that’s not
that means you should charge twenty
people should pay him 20 bucks he should
leave it open let people pay what they

think it’s worth what the Apple Store
doesn’t allow for that kind of
grooviness what I’m saying is you know
in this world where we’re going to see

podcasts moving away from you can use
them on any device it’ll be any device
that has Spotify on it as long as you
have a Spotify account now and like if

that’s the world you want to live in
fine I think it’s better that we support
our local indepent independent software
developers for stuff that works for
just the thought all right well we do a

few people to think as we have a few
people to thank profusely
Cicero 1111 we have a bunch of people
that actually joined the 11-11-11 Club

and curiously our number one donor today
which is hieronymus of Dogpatch in lower
Seldovia I came in with $1,200 in two
$1,200 1,200 $2.00 Wow and he’s back

yeah he came back he one day in which
for this show specifically so it came in
he has it long as one of his notes ninj
no jingles no nothing from hieronymus to

Dogpatch and lower Seldovia thank you to
all the producers Reid repeating my last
letter the album art the jingles the
clips the show notes the knowledge

shared and the open discussion of topics
avoided or specifically covered by the
m5m continues to make this the best
source of information available and he’s
referring to the No Agenda show right
now after hearing two shows without a

traditional executive producer in
January yes something I complain about
I’m admonishing those who can but don’t
listeners that are douchebags if you

have time to listen you have time to
donate in-kind producers remember that
band that barter only goes so far in the
real world cash is still king so include
some of that in your contributions to

the show congratulations to the two
associate producers that were promoted
to executive producers your commitment
to the show and hard times is noticed
and appreciated to the one of the

executive producers there are only a
hundred and four opportunities a season
to be an executive producer of this
highly desirable primetime show this
show has global reach and is heard by

influential people around the world it’s
true put your name in the executive
producer lights for all to see important

people will note that your supportive
real-world insight and perspective of
such a noted and long-running show I
know no agenda use uses show numbers but
consider listening yourself as executive

producer of season 11 episode 20 know
whatever is appropriate huh what which
is not a bad idea that’s how I was just
thinking about that good one all right

so is it what you would do it if you
were on a TV show yes you’re right
show number one one one one is important
to know agenda listeners but season
number and episode number is more

traditional in the mainstream world and
may attract more attention in your bio
huh so we are on the 11th season I
believe it’s season 11 and show it show
11 I don’t think so cuz season 11 began

with the Anniversary Show in witness at
October I believe oh okay no and so it’d
be counted from there so we know sounds
complicated shows that ended after

eleven seasons include mash cheers

Frasier married with children Happy Days
Murphy Brown and The Jeffersons strong
producer support we’ll keep this show
going on beyond 11 long beyond 11
seasons we’re shooting for The Simpsons

the heft is what 30 season 30 30 liters
Family Guy yeah we’re shooting for that
in jae-in key thank you very much sir
autonomous of Dogpatch and louis LeBeau

via i’m glad you’re okay glad your
family’s ok it seems at least and thank
you very much you always drop by the
right moment and and humble us it’s
appreciated yes good little lectures too

and good ideas Jordan good fellow comes
in with a hundred eleven dollars eleven
cents a thousand one thousand one
hundred and eleven and eleven cents in
Arvada Colorado and he becomes a member

the one one one one one club we’re gonna
probably put we should put anonymous in
there just gratuitous so I think so with
show one-one-one-one falling on the day
before my birthday that is on the 11th I

could not pass up such a great
opportunity to support the best source
of actual news and media deconstruction
in the universe thanks for making sure I
don’t go insane and really can sleep

soundly knowing that the world isn’t
without about to end in some sort of
spontaneous combustion a quick PSA empty
out the PayPal account you freeloaders

this show is our sanity and it’s only
maintained with your help also any tips
on new on ways to remember more of the
info that is shared on the show it’s
tough to remember all the good stuff

when it’s really needed well I may
request a
sharpton clip followed by a jobs goat
karma for our revamped website giga g IG re NT dot-com launching in

late March it’s sure to be a success
with your help I’m looking at it now gig
right so you rent okay this is a though
but is it it’s you can rent gear for

gigs everything from projectors to
special projection lenses video mixers
audio mixers I guess they might have

what else huh yeah if you oh okay they
digital recorders signal yeah this is
this is for budget such a AV up yeah big
big AV gigs nice nice website I like it

very nice well thank you
Jordan thank you very much and yeah of
course we’d love to give you a jobs goat

ESP ICT jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s
vote for job you’ve got now we have
another one thousand one hundred eleven

dollars eleven cent donation from
anonymous and then sassy email for
donation note now I want to mention that
it’s kind of hard to look up the email
for someone named anonymous was actually

have an email address luckily I looked
up I did a subject search for donation
mm-hmm and it was there okay so if
you’re gonna do this kind of thing I’m

just telling the the producers you got
to give us a little info so we know how
to well you put donation for
such-and-such and put the amount in the
subject line and I’ll look up donation
that way I can to isolate the note

rather quickly which I did in this case
I got lucky okay no egos no karma so we
don’t to worry about that not a missed
donation yeah a little background on me
I seem to check many of the boxes that

other producers check ie dude named Ben
amateur radio operator marine NRA
instructor Scout leader oh my god is he

transgendered because then he’s just in
pocket I find it interesting that so
many have similar interests it’s true

dude named Ben amateur radio operator
marine NRA instructor Scout leader damn
we all have a lot of well you have
teachers he’s an instructor we have
teachers we have Scouts and this is

Eagle Scouts we have a lot of educators
we have them do we have a lot of people
in the intelligence community but they
don’t they don’t normally brag about

anything not much life has been a little
bit crazy of late we recently welcomed
twin new human resources to our family
shortly after birth we learned that they
have a genetic condition that is one of

the few known genetic causes of autism
or or at a minimum they will be likely
be learning have learning disabilities
this news
had our heads spinning a bit and we were

finally the slowing down and settling
into a groove with them through it all
no agenda show has helped keep my mind
in check
there is something calming about the
show that you know talking about this

only interrupt again this gonna be a
long segment anyway there was there’s
I’m not even gonna mention her name but
she’s a person I’ve known for quite a
while she’s always been an anchor or

co-anchor she’s been on various I mean
in Los Angeles got it well I’m not
actually this is the one back that’s it
there was an Atlantis with one of the
Los Angeles is different but I would say

kind of applies to her too but she’s now
got a new gig on CNN and because she’s
in that environment where you just don’t
you just get the same horrible the

president’s gonna get impeached where
country’s only a part global warm he’s
gonna kill us tomorrow we’re all gonna
be dead in 12 years no it is starting
this show I’m surprised this isn’t
already it’s you looking sick it’s

looking it’s starting to show on her
face yeah wow I feel bad now I feel
really but yeah that’s what I’m the same
thing about the woman in Los Angeles
that you’re referring to

oh wow and she’s so beautiful it’s like
you know it’s just you can just see them
being worn down it’s worn down yeah
you can’t you what are you gonna do I
mean you something you can he’ll never

environment you gotta be in the
environment you can’t go around if the
people who are reporting at if the
people on cable news keep reporting
about Trump and 2020 for the next two
years they may not see the 2020 election

from an IV in a hospital bed that’s not
gonna be good is salt drip bond word
anyway yes I threw it all that noise

Jenna show self keep my mind in check
there is something calming about the
show that seems to bring peace of mind
interesting recently I’ve been around
TVs and public areas that that they’re
playing the m5m they have that complete

opposite effect of no agenda the m5m
definitely exists to keep us in an
emotionally heightened state that can’t
be healthy for anyone’s amygdala I would

like to change my
ignition from Serban anima so this is
serb anonymous okay of the 1.5 x
playback to dream scott of the EIB

express oh no sir it’s no no sir Dred
Scott of the ELB Express shall be
Express sorry I don’t know what that

means no good I’m not very creative so
this will have to do for now
I have seen the error of my ways I used
to roll my eyes when you guys had

concerns with people listening at faster
well I still listen to some tech podcast
at higher speed I will no longer be
doing that for the no agenda show there
you go the calmness I feel listening to

the show at regular speed is heightened
by slowing back down yeah I would
however caution slowing the show down to
a half speed as it makes you both sound

completely drunk no no we’re just drunk
both on the high quality show you
produce each week I was thinking about
that today by the way listening to its

do a 1 X speed has helped me to hear the
little nuances I missed before
it also helps John’s recorder playing
has at one point 5x

it sounded completely spastic I know I
started with NJ n K but if John is
willing I’d like to hear him in his best

droopy dog impression say Bloomberg
Bloomberg Bloomberg I’ve heard him do
this in the past but it seems it seems
to get missed

thanks for I just did it yeah thanks for
all the great media deconstruction ok
right yeah and just threes by the way 73
s I’ve always said if you if you want to
listen to us at 1.5 speed or to whatever

it is that’s fine but I feel that you do
miss some of the magic of the show we I
sometimes we don’t say anything because
we’re thinking there’s a pause and it’s
intentional and I think personally

that’s kind of beautiful gives you a
give you a moment to slow down
it’s like is already quite fast than in
your face but to each his own of course
I’d say yes thank you very much sir Dred

Scott of the elbe express your support
is very much appreciated all right
Jay why surtax of the anonymous account
in San Francisco 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 right

this is you have this this is the
anonymous gay isn’t it
is it I think so well I don’t have a
note that I can see yeah I sent this to
Erica and I said specific I’m trying to

he says I have the note you should send
it to me if I have the note yes you know
if the guys asked me so specifically

enough to make sure that we that we do
his donation of course now I can’t find
it that quickly because I thought it
would be pastors again another similar
ok you do that and I’m gonna I’m gonna

look for it because I know where those
Johnson $111 at 1111 dollars in Tempe
Arizona congratulations on reaching the
milestone of a hundred and 1111 shows

for some reason I have difficulty saying
that I’m convinced you have the best
podcast in the universe and thank you
Adam and John for all your hard work I
whoops no sorry just for all your hard

work I also thank all of the other
producers who make the show possible
I’ve really enjoyed listening to your
outstanding shows and consider you the
button on the cap of media analysis and

deconstruction on the cap
hopefully this donation will make up for
years of douchebaggery on my part yeah I
think so would appreciate addy douching

and some job karma and any jingle
combination of your choice you’ve been
deduced jobs and jobs let’s vote for job
tonight and later assort type a lot and

I got the note here from sir text the
anonymous accountant do I get a no
agenda night ring package I don’t think
I asked for that with my last insta

Baron donation also I picked the name
before and I would like to petition the
peerage Committee for a change – ah here
you go sir taxed the anonymous
accountant so he has changed the name
that’s official I think we’re okay with
that uh before playing my requested

jingle which I don’t see here I asked
that no general listeners take a moment
to close their eyes and think about the
value that the show brings to them
please play Dvorak org slash hey I do

have this note this show along with ten
minutes of daily mediate meditation has
kept my amygdala small thank you for
your courage surtax the anonymous

accountant thank you very much sir taxes
that is appreciated
Michael saws nin $700 Adam and John hit
in the mouth a little over five years

ago by long overboard coworker thank you
for the ongoing Mental Hygiene
historically donated about a thousand
dollars as a birthday present of myself
I would have taken 48 trips around the
world on Friday the 9th that’s a lot

yeah well is that just yeah but is that
around the world or just 48 cumulative
miles that would amount to 48 uh-huh
please add because I’ve taken a lot of

trips around the world you’re gonna do
that I’ve never actually taken a trip
around the world where you just decide
you’re gonna go all the way around from
you’d leave San Francisco and you come
back all the way around through China

yeah no no no I can’t say as I have
please add me to the birthday list this
year I could not resist a chance of
proving John wrong
thank you I’ll show one 107 he made a

very specific prediction I immediately
thought that myself challenge accepted
to accomplish this feat I have to reduce
my annual woops sorry to accomplish this

feat I had to reduce my annual donation
to exactly $700 so I request that you’d
play the clip of the day jingle
something John claimed would never
happen again this was the this was the

the 700 donation which apparently allows
you to play to claim a clip as clip of
the day he’s taking it to a new level

he’s saying here’s the amount just to
play the jingle I like it but thought
you hated it no I hated someone’s no the

idea was that the listener could
determine the producers could determine
what the clip of the day was not just
the clip of the day gee it would say oh

that clip that you played then that was
actually clip of the day ah yes I think
that’s right god you’re pretty sure
because it’s birthed me so I think
you’re right that’s what really irked
you mm-hmm before I go and I have a

humble request for dog lover Adam my
wife and I are in final negotiations for
their four young human resources on
acquiring a puppy of all the possible
options they have landed on a stabbed a

hound which originated from the
Friesland province in the Netherlands
madam what if anything do you know about
this breed can you make my authentic

Dutch dog name recommendation please
thank you for again for keeping us all
st. Vikon sir smudges of the swansea
swansea swansea swansea all the stabby
how funny or stop by

which would mean stand i guess they’re
like a pointer
for West Frisian you know we have
Frisian producers who could tell me more
about I don’t know anything about it

but you know it’s always nice to have a
fifth fifth of resource in your house
pooping everywhere you already got four
of them why not add another it’s great
they’ll they’ll love it

young boys and girls need a little
doggie puppies makes their life more
they get to pick up all kinds of

diseases they wouldn’t normally get it
protects them from from the outside
all right I’m gonna play clip of the day
for the good Dutch name no he’s no he
says can you tell us about the breed no

can you make any authentic Dutch Oh dog
name okay oh I’m sorry yes Vicky Vicky
fi K kie
it’s kind of like Fido hey Vicky

hey Vicky no it isn’t yes it’s the Dutch
version what it means
no it’s Vicky I’m telling you Vicky is
it is the most typical Dutch dog named
Vicky fi K kie Vicky come here Figgy

means something different in German but
still that is a that is a Dutch dog
named Vicky and maybe what else with

Vicky it means something else in German
you can look that up yourself
it was probably developed as if there’s
some sort of a comment on the Germans it
could be I don’t know the etymology of

Vicky but that is that is that is the
Dutch Fido
Vicki is Fido
Joseph Finley $444 and $0.44 ITM gents
Adam is my brother from another mother

John you’re my bastard dad shout out to
Andrew dude named Ben in Wisconsin whom
I smacked in the mouth last week jingle
Jill Abramson’s New York Times stop the

hammering and el Sharpton random and you
wanna house Sharpton random you know we
don’t have that many randoms anymore

that’s kind of the problem it’s like I
need what you say just resist we much as
well okay let’s do a resist I think
that’s better
rize’s there we go obviously i reaiiy

read the New York Times like all day
mainly on my iPad stop the hammer and
desist we much we must and we will much

about you’ve got karma I do want to
discuss her I don’t know if I don’t have

a clip I should but of Jill Abramson’s
being accused I have mattress I have
clips oh yeah we can talk about later I
got some yeah because I have some

thoughts on the day I think people need
to realize okay Aaron of Las Vegas 388
dollars eleven and the let but excuse me
11 cents from the Baron of Las Vegas on
11 11 2011 one of the great producers of

the No Agenda show created a
commemorative 11-11-11 super karma
geocoin oh my goodness I remember that
it’s huge – it’s like a really big big

coin yeah this is a geocaching trackable
device that moves from location to
location I set the goal of this geocoin
to travel around the world spreading the

word about the No Agenda show to date
the coin has long
104 thousand and six hundred sixty three
miles Wow
it has its own tracking code I’d even

realized this yeah no one has stolen it
in all these years well that shows you
the value of this show the tracking code
is x 1j e36

that’s x 1j e36 it’s currently in st.
Vincent and the Grenadines how do we
find this whele it’s probably in some

some CIA guys pocket robbed but can we
track it is there a map or something we
can see well anything about this I’m
just giving you the tracking code if you
know what if you know what this guy’s

talking about you would know immediately
worried what to do we don’t maybe
someone can help previously was in South
Korea during the Olympics CIA guy truly
this is a magical coin please give

dreams not just jobs karma to everyone
in the No Agenda audience you bet you
thank you very much and I’d love to know
more but there’s got to be somewhere we

can track on the Google map to see where
this thing has been and where it’s gone
and thank you for kicking that off
that’s fantastic jobs jobs jobs and jobs
let’s vote for job you’ve got karma
troll room is fast here we go troll oh

that’s so you can door
and there it is the eleven eleven eleven
eleven super karma geocoin
and let’s see can we look at it on a map

as well it’s got where where it is right
now yes it’s Berta Buescher off took it
to Donner felt Wagner st. Vincent and
the Grenadines this is crazy

I didn’t realize didn’t realize it’s
been going on for seven years there it
is there’s the coin that is a picture of
the coin and everything you know long

from now we will be gone someone will
find this and go
what the hell is this all about even
work how does the tracking coin work do

you have to check in you have to check
in and you say okay I’ve got it and then
you place it somewhere else
but yeah tracking history one hundred
four thousand six hundred and sixty

three point one miles view map oh you
have to log in first okay well I will
check this out this very cool it’s very
funny sir david fuga Zotoh uh three
hundred seventy dollars and thirty cents

donation represents $11 $11 of each of
dame melody Dame Isabella and myself
then further multiplied by yet another
eleven eleven to celebrate and seek the

good fortune from this super duper uber
mega lucky number we’ve been saving this
donation for today as a karma force
multiplier ice in the last few months we

will the next few months we will one
retire from the service to sell a house
three start a new job for move overseas
and five probably start a master’s

degree in light of all that going on we
request that you facilitate some of that
karma goodness in our direction but no
problem I would also like an F Cancer
Karma for my beloved Uncle Leo who is

diagnosed with the dreaded C word you
should be aware that Dame Isabella
regularly sings the Dvorak gorg jingle
and has been dispensing karma on her
Catholic school playground well they

probably prefer to hear do Hail Marys
it’s better than calling kids out as
douchebags thank you for your continued
service deconstructing media and our

sanity and benefit Sir Dave Luba Soto
thank you so Dave and I look forward to
hearing about you know all of these new
things you’re doing I mean it’s retiring
from the service selling a house

starting to move overseas do tell more
and thank you for supporting the work
here at the best podcast in the universe
you’ve got karma what there’s a little

voice in there say something that was me
saying here’s your karma no no after we
didn’t during this the sound of the

whole thing you’ve got Karma we’ve only
played this yeah I know there was

something else is just like you do was
something it was me yelling here’s your
karma oh okay Robert quick cue we’re
cue we’re back we’re back yeah hard name
that must have been a lifetime of fun

366 63 congratulations on reaching show
1111 your insight and news
deconstruction are a valuable resource
and I’m here to return some of the value

is a douchebag for too far too long and
would like a D douching connections you
find in the insights you provide him

currently waiting to win a bet with a
co-worker when Hillary announces that
she’s running for president oh there’s
easy money whether it’s Adams
legislation analysis John’s whipsawed
two sections identifying the work of the

Lear foundation or researching the
corporate leadership of an NGO it all
works together to make no agenda the
best podcast in the universe the six the

three 66.6 63 donation is 1111 times 33
nice good one had a nice ring to it and
also thank you Robert for sending me

he’s in a couple of clips from a lear
foundation stuff which don’t forget to
today but it’s appreciated and i know
it’s him because i can see he spelled it
the same way thank you i appreciate you

yeah you spell it with drool coming out
of your mouth yeah i’m gonna give him
some karma here just
you’ve got karma okay uh Isaac the Baron
of Altadena 3-6 6-3 6-3 again the same

thing same thing what a coincidence
in my tradition of donating to six six
six seven seven seven eight eight eight
nine nine nine

I missed ten ten I’m making this
donation for the eleven eleven show via
PayPal eleven eleven times thirty three
3-6 6-3 6-3 first of all I want to call
out bald Hulsey as a douchebag and then
I have a 5 g story I serve on the board

of a local nonprofit here in Pasadena
that is focused on innovation design and
entrepreneurship in the area towards the
end of 2018 we received a random seventy
five hundred dollar donation sponsorship

from one of the big four telecom
companies as a non-profit we are
grateful and we set up a meeting to talk
about how they can participate in and be
active in our nonprofit well in the

meeting they were asking us if we’d
openly advocate for 5g in Pasadena
really if we’d host an event about 5g
and could introduce them to keek council

members and employees at Pasadena City
Hall can you omit any continues can you
imagine that these jabronis are selling
out $10,000 worth of donations all over

the country to shove 5g down the throats
of citizens by the way if they’re gonna
go that way tell him to say hey you want
you will do all that for you but it’s

$75,000 not seventy-five $100 for those
services right yeah please give me some
jobs cover for my new startup sales

insider dot I owe sales insider do a job
marketplace for software sales reps and
a ruble Iser random numbers jingle oh
that’s what he wants okay nice job karma

for the random number
I know what that I know what that this
keep up the good work gentlemen
PS this is good to know show 1092
is probably the best show you guys ever

produced it covers everything it would
make a good rerun 1092 was pros from
Dover and that was what was the date on

that December 7th
hmm I mean I don’t remember this will go
real issen will will will do we’ll do a

show and then you know Tina will say
something about it after Shum I don’t
remember what we did on the show my head
is just so full show you do a lot of
shows do a lot of show jobs jobs and


okay now we got we have sir milkman I
went to the mailboxes I’m trying to find

William Cameron’s email mr. Melamed sent
a note in he he actually sent a bunch of
stuff I can’t find my glasses I can’t
read the note there they are it’s hard

to see your glasses you can’t see
here we go um and this is interesting he
said first he had an airmail an old
airmail envelope and then he’s typed out
with her with a UH old typewriter this

note on some really old crappy paper and
then he also sent a whole bunch of stuff
in a giant package he was wondering this

you’re gonna get there by today we got
lucky you I picked it up and closer
would discover some fine revelant
relevant materials for your archive they
sent to the right guy I’m certain that

beyond the immediately sense of pure
delight spewing forth from your very
being having received these generous
totems they will be placed into relic
quarries I don’t know that word waiting

for the admiration and worship of the
onlookers by the way his donation is for
333 dollars and 32
in Pasadena and he’s what he sent it
sent he sent a self-published material

on heritage nooks called atomic bombs
and it’s a big thick thing and it’s all
this Declassified information about the
first two atomic bombs and how they how

do you make one no probably get me in
trouble owning it the world operations
manual which I really haven’t mailed a
look at was by this guy who keeps coming

and going named Bill Barker the
Illuminati deluxe a hacker a game with
some excellent humor it’s an old card
game oh yes inheritance heritage led

some mosaic animal samples original
samples 3d printed Raven skull nice
which my daughter saw she says dad who
is sending you printouts of dead bird

skulls well send me some of this stuff
and then a check adorned with ants in
the amount of three hundred thirty three
dollars and thirty seven cents when I
have under unless I probably put it
wrong when I put it in there I hope that

these items meet with your approval if
there’s been a packing or shipping error
please bring it to the immediate
attention of your regional fulfillment
center and do not retain the contents
made up the items and dump them off the

nearest bridge making sure the local
authorities are not following or
observing your activities we’ve got
enough problems without you right thank
you for your courage thank you for your
courage he also has a be enclosed a

question authority bumper sticker you
got to send me some of that that’s the
cool stuff gonna send you the I’ll send
you this stuff yeah I’ll send you the

couple of things
William key you would like to collect a
couple of these items William Cameron
you’re not a collector not really but I
like it when people send stuff to the
show I keep all of that you know it’s

beautiful stuff
William Cameron $333 nah I don’t have a
note from him on here and I’m guessing
that he sent something in so I’m gonna
do a quick search on my email you might

want to do the same you might we’ll play
the squirrel mail jingle yeah how come
it’s not
is ready to go here and that’s uh I feel
very inadequate today I don’t know what

it is but it’s I can’t find the squirrel
man I can’t find a lot of stuff I’m I’m
out of control you’re giddy getting
jiggy with it here it is I don’t have no
I found squirrel man let me check maybe

it’s a William camera
do we have William Cameron’s and no do

we have do we have
epic fail we do not have it good work

all right Christopher log llgg and says
in South Pasadena California $333 no
note from him Oh what yeah I don’t want

you to play that again I won’t but I
think I can look this up pretty quickly
this is his last name
a lot of people just send the sender
cash you don’t send notes it’s true I

don’t think we have one I’ve not seen it
it’s not I’m not seeing it but if you
guys have you guys you you’re all
executive producer if you will have yeah
just let us know be happy will be glad
to oblige onward to anonymous in

Brooklyn New York 201 dollars and 11
cents I’m loathe to admit that this is
my first donation I’m a freelancer in
entertainment and advertising and the No

Agenda show us kept me sane listening to
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m5m constantly pitting different classes

of a slaves against one another the No
Agenda show stands tall as a shining
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and decaying let me read that properly a
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propagate it our formula is this we go
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the classic Guillory barking now there
was something we were going to talk
about that I had a clear title Abram
said oh yes major ISM hi few stations I

have two clips I’m back right now that
mentioned she was she did this book
recently which slammed the New York
Times and and a bunch of other
journalists in the whole situation and

then somebody found some well okay so
lifted material in the book and I have
some thoughts on this all right here’s
two clips this is the because this is a
book slamming the media and apparently

also slamming some left media Jill
Abrams former New York Times editor felt
it was appropriate or Abramson its

no it’s Abramson I’m sorry it’s okay
good Abramson I believe so Abrams Abrams
Abramson Jill the Hummer the Berkley
Hummer she went on Fox with Martha
McCallum mistake mistake and you’re

gonna be asked to respond to the show I
certainly didn’t plagiarize and I Bach
and you know there are 70 pages of

footnotes showing you know where I got
the information do you think that it’s
possible that some of these are just not
there incorrectly footnoted perhaps this
one Lizzie would have come the bad boy

brand the New Yorker talks about sure
insky told Wired that he doesn’t
remember reading the article and that
his investment was a few hundred
thousand dollars and then the next

paragraph from your book is essentially
essentially the same do you think this
is a footnote issue no I don’t think
it’s an issue at all so you’re standing
by or your work a hundred percent and

you know I asked you because this is
he’s been going on I guess for the past
twenty well many people from the advice
have been making issue with the book it
seems you know and why is that I think

they don’t like the portrayal advice
although I think it’s a very balanced
portrait and I have a lot of praise for
some of their journalists and some of
their stories I

they’re fresh approached yes so you’re
on the record as saying that there’s
absolutely nothing in here that I
haven’t and you have I have another
clipper on NPR do you want to make your

comments first no no I want to hear more
of her good talking okay see and
devotion start that one over okay when
she’s the humming part she only really

does the vocal fry’ when she’s really
relaxed when she’s not when she’s
animated it doesn’t drag out as long I
think this is NPR so you get to talk

abou slow accuracy and devotion to the
truth are so important to me and I take
all of these allegations of inaccuracy
and plagiarism very seriously when I

found the allegations have merit I’ve
moved very quickly to correct everything
from so noted that the passages being

questioned are about vice news and
conceded that they do raise questions
I’ve looked at them and in several of
these cases the language is too close

for comfort and should have been
specifically cited in the footnotes
correctly I’ll explain to you why they

weren’t or put in quotations in the book
and what is the problem here is that
though I did cite these publications and

tried to credit everybody perfectly you
know I I fell short and in the cases
that Michael Moynihan cited there isn’t

the correct like page number for the
credited citation and I’m going to fix
those pronto what I like about this

is that no one in the audience gives a
rat’s ass about the story about the shit
you’re saying the footnotes

no one cares this is so inside baseball
and they can’t get enough of themselves
we’re gonna get hit and it’s it’s it’s
horrible for the audience I’m sad we

even played it really I’ve never said
that listener well she didn’t if she’d
done better could’ve done better yes
well let’s say I just want to talk about

a few things these accusations are
flying and I can do a little insight
this is for a journal for a Lib Jo to be
accused of any kind of greater ism is a
huge issue it sticks with you for a long

so here’s what I think really happened I
wonder if she wrote the book of course
before what am I even thinking yes

I say that because I had an agent a very
famous agent in New York this is 20
years ago lefty and yeah and he puts
some book out some philosophical book

and he got busted for plagiarism it
turns out he didn’t even write the book
he had Joey’s a writer but a lot of
writers don’t necessarily write
something when they don’t have time or
they how do I get that on there how can

we do a podcast where someone else does
the actual podcast you got to find two
good mimics okay didn’t get Caliendo on
here none of us anyway so and then he

just had to pull the book off the market
he was pissed because of this guy he was
just really just sloppy now the stuff
that they were showing McCallum was

showing was definitely plagiarism
there’s no doubt about it was just
lifted and the research he has all these
footnotes is because this is what you do
when you job you’re something out you
want me to make sure now I want you this
document it because I don’t want to get

busted for something I did and so
they’ve that’s where the book is over
footnoted because you don’t normally
write that way
I mean you write some footnotes you
don’t write you’re not Arnold Toynbee
you don’t really have to do a lot of

footnotes in some sort of an expressive
book about how you hate the media or the
journalism is sake and so I think that’s
what happens now the other thing that’s
not discussed because again I don’t know

why but these moments of one or two
paragraph plagiarisms are generally just
paid off it’s a pay off deal that’s

someone calls you up and says hey yo you
plagiarized my shit give me some money
you do it through the agents really I
didn’t realize this oh oh that’s that’s

that is that’s a accusation of
plagiarism huh if the if the agent or
the book colors just look at it and they
say yeah yeah yeah how much money do you
want and it’s usually between let me

guess they’re usually around 100 200
bucks gonna say no more than five 500 no
it’s very rarely that much it’s just a
little bit I had this problem with one
of my telecom books in a definition in

the glossary there was some definition
that was put in there and it was too
close to somebody else’s write-up and
people another thing people don’t
realize is dictionaries are copyrighted

John I’m learning a lot today I did not
know that you were – pulling this hold
no I’m pooh-poohing no I’m that this is
hello we’re the best podcast in the
universe what part of best did you not

get now dictionaries are copyrighted and
people don’t realize that so when you
define that’s why you want to get those
new words in as fast as you can because
you get to write the first definition
everybody else and all the other

dictionaries guy that’s son of a bitch I
have to and so you have to read you know
you have to read well it’s an actual
definition of a word if if we were to
create the the No Agenda dictionary well

it would be very different we couldn’t
take the gist description say this is
what that means you have to write it a
little differently
Wow yeah all dictionaries that’s why you
look at ten different definitions from

ten dictionaries and they’ll all be a
little different except for maybe some
some reference to the past that bit you
because if it was public domain for
example an old definition from 1600 he’s

just blowing my mind hold on a second so
dictionaries are really they’re really
hmm they’re not defining that they’re

not proof
they’re just documentary evidence of
language dictionary is not really an
authority this particular the dictionary

the better chance you have of getting a
very focused definition that Oxford
English Dictionary would be a good
example but if the but if the definition
has fallen into fair

I’m sorry into public domain because
it’s like a hundred years old so you can
take a hundred year old Oxford English
Dictionary go by one there around and
then you can just steal all the

definitions from that you’re good to go
right that’s all public domain got it
got it but if you got a new word coming
up like bonehead or you want to be the
first five G I’m gonna jump on that
right away and write your own definition

and what these dictionary companies do
they have they have a slew they have a
lot of research that goes on and they
have all the other dictionaries and they
check it’s a bit of ask your question
could we then for instance I saw the

jamoke and jabroni all these have starts
showing up in more popular dictionaries
that we reference on the show could we
do a no agenda no agenda dictionary just

has words and definitions in there that
we’ve used on the show publish it as a
Jim Latour what are giblet so that we
can then sue the dictionaries when they
steal our stuff it’s not a matter of

suit that’s the Podesta my next point
which is yeah if you stood took a whole
dictionary and publish it sure that
would be a problem Oh what to go back to
my anecdote definition in my glossary

that was from something else and it
seemed to be pretty close and so that
you I think I had to pay like 75 bucks
as far as it goes well that’s not too

bad no and so you give them the 75 bucks
which is the license you were basically
now 75 bucks is for a long time yeah a
lifetime license to use that in that
book let’s do it again

no but in that book it would be 75 so
you painted and that’s what the
situation with Jill’s little
plagiaristic paragraph god oh that’s
okay so that’s something very different

oh my goodness so that would have been I
looked at that graph and the one she
wrote and she seems to me that that was
probably a hundred bucks maybe maybe 150
I get them to say you know just just I

mean the embarrassment is still there
and the whole book may be riddled with
this stuff which is what happened with
my agent’s book he had to pull it off
the market huh because it was riddled
cuz the guy who wrote that guy who

actually wrote the book was just
stealing everything and he didn’t know
it and I think by the way with today’s
youngsters who aren’t taught anything
they don’t know anything they I think
probably don’t see it as wrong you’re

always taking a risk when you’re hiring
these kids they don’t yeah they did they
don’t understand the true concept of
copyright and plagiarism probably it’s
nits you know the Internet is based on

copying in just that’s what it is a copy
machine yeah everything you do yeah it’s
a copyright violation swamp that the
Internet is literally based on copying

data from one point to the other yep
it’s not like you you brought down that
web page and now the server is empty

things need clarification cuz thank you
that’s very good I I think she’s being I
mean they like to hound or I think
that’s funny it’s just there’s humor in

it and well locks go after but I think
it’s unjustified just put it that way
gonna be honest about it well thank you
for clarifying that you will not hear
that analysis anywhere everyone was just

guffawing and sniffling like me now we
know exactly what it really is that they
just hate her they hate that she did
anything that even slightly negative

they just jump on her but it’s really
mirin oka yeah it’s not a big deal all
right got it got it all right so that
clears that up you know

Grammy’s tonight at the Grammys and so
there’s been some pre-grammy controversy
as we always like to do we always have
to have some controversy going on this
is a something kind of slipped by the

radar but it wasn’t until I did a
typical No Agenda look up to figure out
you know just if it was worth bringing

to the show this is about the arrest of
21 Savage have you read anything about
21 no I didn’t look into it and I didn’t
pay much attention so joy Reid thought
it was very important because this is

horrible this is a he’s an immigrant
he’s he’s an illegal immigrant and he’s
been arrested it’s just horrible and his
right and bring the lawyer on white guy
lawyer and I cut down like a
eight-minute segments to a minute and a

half just to give you a background on
this I could you know I don’t think
anyone knows what we’re talking about
well the clip is the background okay
twenty-one Savage is an artist he’s a
performer from Atlanta he was arrested
by ice because he’s here illegally

just days after delivering that stinging
critique of Trump’s immigration oh I’m
I needed to needed to connect it to
something I guess you went on The

Tonight Show or I don’t know which which
late night show we went on and bitched
and moaned about the immigration system
while being an illegal immigrant in just
days after delivering that stinging

critique of Trump’s immigration policies
not to mention the Flint water crisis on
The Tonight Show grammy-nominated rapper
21 savage was arrested by immigration
customs enforcement authorities on Super

Bowl Sunday in Atlanta
according to ice the rapper whose real
name is Shia bin Abraham Joseph is a UK
citizen who overstayed his visa and has
in law and has a felony drug conviction

but his lawyers dispute that they say
his family overstayed their work visas
and he was left without legal status
like nearly 2 million other migrants who
came to the US as children joseph has

lived in Atlanta since entering the u.s.
at the age of 7
but now faces possible deportation
joining me now is his attorney Charles
Koch now before we get into Charles the

attorney I just wanted to mention I I’m
familiar with this exact situation as a
friend of mine her husband who was here
illegally I knew about I actually helped

her get legal he had to wait another
year before he could claim his whatever
status it was forget exactly what it is
but he got pulled over because of a
temporary license plate and they the

procedure is as follows I know the
procedure because it just happened a
couple months ago they arrest you in
this case they take you down to San
Antonio you sit there for a week you
wait until you get an immigration lawyer

then you have to post an immigration
bond which is anywhere between seven and
ten thousand dollars and they will hold
on to that for the next two years you
have to keep out of trouble and you know

don’t get arrested no duis no jaywalking
and then you will get a resident status
and so it’s actually I was quite amazed
the system kind of worked is that you

know the judge listened to his case he’s
been here 20 20 plus years and it’s okay
you got family here you got kids born
here I’m not gonna send you back but you
get two years probation and you got to
pay this bond so everyone goes through

that I have to say I was again I was I
was pleasantly surprised that Oh
apparently there are some people in the
immigration system will have compassion
and think about you know what do we do

with this guy so this is the same
situation overstayed visa been here for
a long time well thank you very much for
being here we know now that jay-z has
hired his added to your legal team a

gentleman named Alex Pierrot is now part
of the defense team with you guys and he
has said that the goal is now to get him
out of detention what’s the status of
that effort well that’s why we’ve been
barely relatively quiet this week we’ve

released a couple of statements just to
clarify some of the facts that have been
misreported in the press because of ice
statements to the press when he was
but this week we’ve been working behind
the scenes with ice providing them with

information about the fact that he has
no conviction providing them with
information that he has remarkable ties
to the community he works with the
police he works with local prosecutors
to get rid of gun violence to get get

encourage kids not to get into gangs
we’ve got letters from congressmen that
have come forward and we thought we had
an opportunity to get him out just on
ice letting him go and so we will now go

to immigration court immigration court
isn’t not like real courts we have to go
through a process to get in front of an
immigration judge and ask that
immigration judge for a bond in this

case unlike real courts in which you
hear 30 to 24 to 48 hours later it will
take a week or so to get in front of
those judges to get him a bond so they
just go on and on oh it’s so horrible

he’s in jail all this after the guy went
on TV Beach the body the grace okay to
six but here but here’s the thing who

are we really talking about Trump now
let me just this this guy he’s worked
with the local community and everything
he’s a good guy is a good kid he’s got

his white lawyers and everything let me
just read some of 21 savages lyrics I
buy a new car for the bitch I tear down
the mall with the bitch you can’t even

talk to the bitch you fucking with
bosses and shit I’d be Gucci down you
wearing Lacoste and shit yeah Montclair
yeah fur came off a bear got him tennis
chains on there real blingy Draco make

you do the chicken head like Chingy
walking Neiman Marcus I spend a life
fitty 7,500 Center on jacket yeah I mean
it just goes it’s just it’s all like
fucking bitches Gucci’s oh here we go

yeah dog yeah no dog yet for real
straight up out to six now got a house
in the Hills dog want to see a body
nigga and get you killed dog wanted
tweeted about me nigga get to kill Doug

kill Doug this is what we’re arguing
about this upstanding citizen get out of
town joi read and you look at any of his
lyrics that’s what it is it’s what it is

and here we are bruising boom
they want
this poor sap who didn’t got suckered
into construction two decades ago when
it was all cool to come across the

border he’s the same treatment she’s a
little worked up about these buddies
that was good figure heads of the
community we saw more rap lyrics we’ll

be talking about these guys already then
it’s pretty pretty hateful what his
lyrics yeah well there’s a lot of hate

about America I’m gonna lead you into
your clips because I saw you god I’m
very curious the AOC wasn’t she’s done a
number of interviews and I know you have
a couple so I’m curious I have the one

clip that I have the whole clip I at
least have most of it but I was noticing
especially that starts right away with
clip one where she makes this stupid
commentary and I will tell you this is

what I liked about this stuff this is
like I don’t know who’s whose clip this
is originally but it’s not the best but
she went out and talked about the green
new deal with a bunch of white old white

men Stooges behind her not nodding their
heads and and she’s going on and on with
her bull crap she’s full of it and the
thing is is that this good stuff which

is in this first clip democracy now CBS
and all these guys from from from the
most lefty democracy now to everybody in

maybe Fox didn’t play tit I’m sure Fox
did play it I’d be surprised they didn’t
they all assiduously avoided this little
thing that’s right in this particular
clip you’ll hear it in there and you go

what is she talking about so incredibly
excited that we are going to transition
this country into the future and we are
not going to be dragged behind by our

I’m so excited by that I think that
today is not just a big day for us as a
delegation us as a party us as a
movement but this is a big day for

activists all over the country and for
frontline communities all over the
country as a day is a big day for people
who have been left behind today is a big

day for workers in Appalachia today is a
big day for children that have been
breathing dirty air in the South Bronx
today is a really good day for families

who have been enduring the in Justices
of drinking dirty water or who have seen
their living rooms being flooded in with
the waves of in with the waves of right

wait I want one of those families on the
show hold on I said the sea levels what
let it your front rooms are flooded with

the rising sea levels these poor people
before you continue just so we
understand what happened with this the
launch of this green New Deal was a

little confusing first of all we read
the original green new deal before she
was even before she was sworn into
office it’s been on her website but now

we have a new green new deal yes and the
new green new deal is an actual now it’s
it’s not it’s not law it’s not a bill
it’s a resolution and the resolution
itself this is like if we watch c-span

all time resolution I resolve to call
the post office and yeah Berkeley
California United Nations crap it’s like
we result

it starts with agreements like we agree
that climate change is real we agree
that we have to still keep co2 we have
to keep temperatures at 1.5 degrees in

the next 10 years
therefore we resolve that we will do our
best to write laws and stuff to make
that happen
so it’s a resolution which is there’s no
law nothing’s and I haven’t heard anyone

say that properly really but the thing
that happened is they release an FAQ or
frequently answer to ask questions and
it immediately got doctored
redistributed putting put in farting

cows there’s all you know the stuff
about me you internet we need to have
people who would need to be able to pay
for people who are unable to work or
unwilling to work whether it was

original or doctored or not and that
everyone included talking tucker car so
there’s like bronze is what it’s just
look at the actual document the

resolution is a bunch of hippie hippie
dippie shit that doesn’t make any
it’s just positioning something and it
doesn’t say anything about the farting
cows or paying people who are unwilling

to work none of that is in there so
you’ve all been had or the piss
recycling none of none of that is in
their favorite but the internet just and

the machine it’s exactly what had the
machine went nuts over it but it was all
about the ethic and you could see you
can see like these different copies
floating around though is that this

little moment of her kind of stammering
and talking about people’s front rooms
being flooded by rising makes makes it
better it makes it better but it’s like

why wasn’t anybody talking about this
well I I I have an answer to this well
yeah why don’t why don’t you why don’t

you play what is the next clip and it
was the rest of her little spiel to
almost the rest of it and it was just
got more weird junk and then I have the
third clip is marki coming out with a
crate you can maybe talk after she does

cuz marquee comes on next and he says
the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard ever
at least for the last couple weeks never
in our history no no don’t help please

okay which one diet plan the AC part to
ramble rising seas
and today I think is a really big day
for our economy the labor movement the
social justice movement indigenous

peoples and people all over the United
States of America by the way that is in
the resolution it states that solving
this the issues of the day with climate

change will result in more equity and
all that crap so that’s less you say by
the way what you just said is really
become it comes to the fore with Markey
and it’s like they’re making a suit

there they’re on the job they’re on the
deer on the warpath to quote a Elizabeth
Warren phrase they’re on the warpath to
making a connection between global
warming and injustice inequity I think

is the term well they also ingest the
whole yeah inequity for sure rising sea
levels and today I think is a really big
day for our economy the labor movement
the social justice movement indigenous

peoples and people all over the United
States of America the day that we truly
embark on a comprehensive agenda of

economic social and racial justice in
the United States of America that’s
right that’s the West’s agenda is all
about because climate change
the change in our environmental

challenges are one of the biggest
existential threats to our way of life
not not just as a nation but as a world
and in order for us to combat that

threat we must be as ambitious and
innovative in our solution as possible
so what we are doing today and
introducing these resolutions here today

is that it’s not a bill it is a
resolution and what this resolution is
is doing is saying this is our first
our first step is to define the problem

and define the scope of the solution and
so we’re here to say that small
incremental policy solutions are not
enough they can be part of a solution

but they are not the solution unto
itself there is no justice and there is
no combating climate change without
addressing what has happened to

indigenous communities that means that
there is no fixing our economy without
addressing the racial wealth gap that
means that we are not going to
transition to renewable energies without

also transitioning frontline communities
and coal communities into economic
opportunity as well all right now if you
wanted to you want to give your little

analysis but I do have one little clip a
three second clip to play as a potential
I so what do we do a show when do where
does the Ed Markey thing come in that’s
after you make your comments no it’s not

okay what’s the ice okay okay well let’s
play the ice show first
maybe the show here’s Mark II now Mark
II I think does a Mark II as a complete

freak and I think he does a better job
of creating a bullcrap kind of could you
know connection between one thing and
another and they keeps doing it he’s

more political than she is and it’s
probably I think he’s totally off the
wall here but play this and he’s the
co-sponsor of the resolution Mary after
she was done never

in our history the interest of all
Americans been so United on a single
issue climate change from the air we
breathe to the jobs that employ us to

the neighborhoods we live it to the
economy we operate with it
climate change defines our existence
global temperatures are the highest in

recorded history
wealth inequality is at its highest
point since the era of the Great
Depression the erosion of our coastlines

the erosion of the earning power of
workers the pollution of our planet the
pollution of our democracy by big oil
and coke brother financing the

interrelationships of these ills and in
Justices is undeniable
but the challenge is not insurmountable
are you ready for my quote little

analysis or can you imagine by the way
yes I wanted to hear it but I’m gonna he
makes a cent you know I don’t know about
you but I can go weeks and weeks except
for this show maybe but I could go

months and never get into a conversation
with anybody that I know or meet or talk
to it the at the grocery store any place
else work climate change comes up in the
conversation no it just doesn’t happen

he makes it sound like that’s all that’s
going on oh my god ok ok I’ll analyze
that part first here is what is
happening the climate change just as as

something by itself
maths called man-made you wouldn’t even
have to use man-made at this point
except for the fact that there is a
apparently a man-made solution to it

this is what we’ve been told is it’s our
fault but we can solve it by producing
less co2 that’s the basis of the
argument this entire argument going back

to when it was going to be global
cooling which was in the 70s baizen many
of the same people
and now and then global warming Al Gore
you have to know about the Chicago

carbon exchange you have to know about
Maurice Strong’s a lot of stuff behind
it but that that climate change global
warming crowd we’re about making money
off of it let’s start and by the way

it’s not a horrible idea to have
industry more for change or create a new
industry that has room for growth
because we’re out of growth in a lot of

our areas you know there’s a where else
can we make money
well we create something new as this
climate change and we’ll have prices on
carbon and we’ll have a whole money
systems and that’s what it was abused

for now you have this whole generation
of kids who’ve been told we’re all gonna
die we’re all gonna die we’re all gonna
die we’re all gonna die in a guy and we
have a report come out just last year
they said if we don’t do something in 12

years they’ll be too late we’re all
gonna die so people like aoc not her the
people behind her the Justice Democrats
the Fermi the former Bernie bros they
have taken this and they’re abusing this

climate change to say oh no we fix this
and we know how to fix it because it’s
something that men can fix man can fix
this then we will fix all the injustice
and inequity that you have all you

horrible sad people who vote for me
because if you have some kind of
inequity in your life if you’re a victim
of something and we solve climate change
it’s going to solve it for you neither

of these parties relay oh she doesn’t
really believe we’re going to die
it really doesn’t believe that but this
is presented a big problem you heard you
heard Markey say it’s the warmest ever

no bullshit we just heard that 2018 was
the fourth warmest year on record now is
this celebrated worldwide by saying holy
crap it went down it’s working it’s

working we’re going to live no no it’s
just a blip anomaly if it’s still the
warmest popular years no one wants to

tell you the truth but here is the big
problem the climate scientists and the
the community apparently since 97 to 98
to 99.9% agree that this is happening

and it’s done by men and women and
people and horrible humans they are
fucked because now we have 2030 is 10
years away and they’re still gonna be

around when we don’t die and people like
aoc who are saying who are really
bringing it home they’re making it very
visual in a lot of case you just heard
her talk about the sea sloshing through

your living room the climate scientists
are going oh man we’re gonna look pretty
stupid this report from our own people
came out just last year it says if we
don’t fix it by 2030 it’s over we’re

toast we’re done for now they don’t
really believe it either this is why you
identified it first it looks like
they’re starting to walk it back a
little bit the scientists are starting

to walk it back they’re walking it back
in little bits little pieces all over
the place
oh clouds or it’s a little harder to do
modeling well Alec Baldwin had two of

the top US climate scientists on his
show and his show I’m gonna call it a
podcast because it’s a podcast isn’t it
it’s on the NPR station in New York mmm
but as far as I’m concerned as a podcast

and I pulled a couple of they’re all
relatively short clips but just some of
the insanity and some of the things you
hear them say I think shows that they’re

kind of a little more open-ended now and
I think we’re gonna see a lot more
walking back of this just how horrible
it is so this is a Kate what’s her name
now look it up with play she’s the one

that talks the most how much of it is
some cyclical geologic history and even
if the contribution we’re making is just
the one straw that breaks the camel’s
back isn’t that enough to get you to

want to curtail our behavior I think
that’s actually a really good question
I’m glad you asked it because people
keep telling climate scientists like
over the climate’s always changed and
we’re like we know we told you that

first of all her name is Kate Marvel and
very arrogant to say this right off the
bat like that but okay we are
essentially the people who study that we
figured that out what percentage of the

warming right now are humans responsible
for over a hundred percent over over you
need to be quiet when I’m playing clips

over a hundred percent you’ll say it not
once but twice what percentage of my
clips your clips then here we go on what
do you mean your clips but wait a minute

let’s stop right this is my clip what
are you talking about no I’m just saying
when my clips are playing you talk over
them and I can’t really do much about it
stop anyway that’s beside the point
the point is I for one thing I’d miss

that cuz I listen to the beginning of
the show too I couldn’t stand her cuz
she’s so arrogant and this other guy’s
the Dean of science I didn’t know this

science has a Dean but okay’s a Dean of
science at Columbia
I missed that because that is borderline
clip of the day stuff to say and she’s a
physicist you have to say over 100

percent I would take my borderline then
she’s saying over 100 percent and she’s

doing it with authority well she’s one
of the top US climate scientists there
is so now that you bring it up and I
could catch it now I’m very appalled we

are essentially the people who study
that we figured that out what percentage
of the warming right now are humans
responsible for over a hundred percent
humans are responsible for more than all

of the warming because if it wasn’t for
us the earth would be cooling very
slightly more than all of the warming
we’re responsible for more than all of
the warming I mean what is that what is
what is that because of what the Sun is

doing the Sun is getting ever so
slightly weaker so yeah if it wasn’t for
us tiny variation and the sun’s output
would be making a coal tar that’s the

I’ve ever heard it put that way the Sun
is actually getting a little bit weaker
she says which I’ve never heard anyone
say and if it weren’t for us it would be
getting colder but I think there’s

something some takeaway there so the Sun
is actually cooling down a bit and she’s
agreeing it Green was the Sun does have
a cycle well but she’s saying it in

general not just as a part of the the
solar min I understand now
Baldwin asked a very very cool question
he doesn’t know it but he’s asking about
chemtrails which of course would never

happen do you feel the people are always
talking about some radical solution I
was reading online and they talk about
dimming the Sun was the article the
other day they’re gonna spray the clouds

in the atmosphere with a chemical
yes called chemtrails does that concern
you that kind of attitude then there’s
some quick fix that can happen
absolutely that concerns me I mean first
it just begets this kind of hubris that

humans can control everything and we’re
far from that I mean do you hear what
he’s saying he’s saying the opposite of
what the party line is there’s nothing

more humbling than trying to solve the
climate problem the work that Kate does
for example on the climate modeling it’s
an incredibly hard problem and you know
the the amount of intellectual

horsepower of us to go and just to pose
the question to understand
I know this is I know this is this is
the reason I think a lot of people get
so to this brain scrambled there first

of all the thesis is that man is causing
this problem and then the second thesis
man can’t do anything that would cause
or or not cause the problem fix the
problem again

they’re useless they’re just a bunch of
little dots on the globe so which is it
yeah exactly you know the the amount of
intellectual horsepower of that I like
the amount of intellectual horsepower
doesn’t need to just even think about

climate models I’m gonna roll that back
a little bit you got to hear climate
models there’s nothing more humbling
than trying to solve the climate problem

the work that Kate does for example in
the climate modeling it’s an incredibly
hard problem
and you know the the amount of
intellectual horsepower that’s to go and
just to pose the question to understand
what the attribution story is how much

of the global warming is due to human
activities and natural factors that’s a
tremendously complicated problem the
question didn’t she just say over a
hundred percent was and he just said

very very difficult you need such an
intellectual brain to even think about
these models so Kate tell me about the
data models describe for me Kate what

exactly is the work you’re doing now so
I work on climate models which are
computer simulations of the climate and
those allow us to no I’m not I don’t

want to spoil it but she’s going to tell
us what incredible work she can do with
these climate models I mean what were
you would you what would you expect when

it comes to some examples of these
climate modeling that she’s doing hockey
stick no I mean just what kind of what
kind of things would she be looking at
oh she would be looking at uh I don’t
have no idea okay ice cores so I work on

climate models which are computer
simulations of the climate and those
allow us to do projections into the
future but they also let us do

experiments that we couldn’t do in the
real world so you know what if a volcano
went off in London oh now I know what
you’re spending your time on what would
that do what if humans didn’t exist what
would the earth look like I mean what if

the volcano went off in London important
scientific work so I work with climate
models I work with an incredible amount
of data that comes
and because I sit at an office of NASA I
work with satellite data sets to try to

see what are the models telling us
what’s actually happening and are those
the same thing sounds like she’s just
goofing off volcano in London what is
that about is there Valka is there any
volcanic activity near London that we

should be worried about for the climate
I don’t know if there’s ever been a
volcanoes or because there’s no volcanic
mountains there no it’s dumb sounds dumb
pretty soon in this interview what are
we going to do about it well there’s

obviously only one answer and I think
that they are from group one and not
group two group two is the justice for

equity for all group they’re still
working with money money from the old
group what would be I’ll go with you
first Peter what would be some of the
things you would do right now to address
this problem right so if I was king of

the world the thing that I would do
right now is support the green New Deal
which is this investment in
infrastructure and resupplying

repowering the planet it’s a shift
toward renewables it’s adopting
wide-scale battery storage it’s
basically built adopting wide scale
battery storage what does that mean wide

scale battery storage batteries are just
batteries not all that great in this
country national climate resilience as a
way of addressing the climate problem

because there’s in my opinion there’s no
toward this other than an economic
market-based one we can’t drive the
world into poverty we can’t drive the
world into you know a dramatic way of

living relative to where we are now
certainly on a timescale we’re talking
about which is my lifetime this is not
even my children’s full lifetime this is
at the end of our lifetimes we’re going

to be seeing these impacts what about
you what would you do if you were the I
don’t want to get it right gender wise
if you were the King I can be whatever I
want I could be whatever I want right
now emitting carbon dioxide is free

right we don’t charge anybody to do that
and I don’t think it should be free
because there is a cost to it we’re all
paying that
and so I would put a price on carbon

dioxide I would say you cannot do this
for free you actually have to pay the
social cost so I think at this point I’m
sorry can I ask a question no please I’m
sure about now and you could tell me if

I’m wrong that Baldwin and all his you
know high intellect said hey since this
is a situation that is existential

meaning our existence is at stake we
have to move as fast as possible what
about turning everything off having a
five-year tip time period to do a

turning every fossil fuel plant and
everything like that often putting
nuclear energy and everywhere and going
to an all-electric economy and that
would end the co2 emissions to zero
almost within five years well he didn’t

ask it at this point in the conversation
but I’m happy to skip ahead I am
agnostic on nuclear power I’m actually
willing to be convinced one way or the
other because it is true that in the
course of generating electricity and

nuclear does not produce carbon dioxide
emissions I think you’re absolutely
right that you have to take into account
mining and enriching the uranium both of
which are energy intensive processes and

then the fact that once you turn on a
nuclear reactor you have a ten thousand
hundred thousand year nuclear waste
problem and you can figure out what to
do with that a contamination

decommissioning all those companies are
gonna turn around they’re gonna sit
there gonna go wow you know we thought
we had set aside enough money and we
thought we had government supervise the
supervised funds where we set aside
enough money but we really don’t and
then we wonder I’m gonna have a lot of

Hanford’s all around the country one
thing I do want to point out is there
hasn’t been a nuclear reactor built in
this country in my lifetime and that is
not because environmentalists have been

mean to nuclear that’s because it’s not
cost-effective it’s not if it if it made
money people would do this and so I kind
of think that how I feel about nuclear

doesn’t matter what about you
my viewpoints are not that different
than yours but actually I’d like to also
ride this this middle ground which is
that let’s put it on the table let’s put

it on the table and and have people
decide and what and the decision
inevitably comes to don’t build it near
me and then it comes to where we can put
the storage I actually got a master’s

degree in nuclear waste management and
and you know one of the results of my
study was that we had no place to bury
these you know what the idea was to try
to to do pursue underseas leaving it in

the tanks in the water on the site
exactly and so it’s a mess that’s not
cleaned up and you’re the failed Yucca
Mountain storage facility is a right
exactly so here we gave our absolute

best effort our top scientists trying to
figure out where to put this stuff and
they couldn’t agree but if you asked me
do you want a nuclear plant built next
door to you or a coal plant I’d choose
the nuclear plant every day because if

if you are interested in harming people
killing people the best way to do that
is to build a coal plant so I found this
very enlightening I was saving it for
the last because you never hear them say

this they’re poorly informed clearly
they do not know that modern reactors
actually reuse their own waste so
they’re all misinformed on that but I
think it’s also part of you know we

should not like it I mean we can’t
really be telling everyone we’re all
gonna die cuz we’re really not in fact I
think this this I’ll just make this the
last clip this kind of proves that they
know they’re full of shit I mean like

the Earth’s are rock right it’s really
Oh hold on whoa did you hear what the
physicists said the Earth’s Rock right I
mean like the Earth’s are rock right
it’s it’s a really special rock but the

earth doesn’t care about climate change
it’s still going to be here and I
actually I’m not sure that climate
change is an immediate threat to human

but I know that it is an immediate
threat to human happiness
human civilization and so a lot of times
an immediate threat to the way we live
now for sure
a lot of humans gonna be extinct are we

doomed and I kind of feel like I mean
we’re probably not doomed but like I
have higher standards you know what I
mean like if that’s the best thing you
can say after a day you’re like I I

didn’t go extinct today then it wasn’t a
good day row row row your boat backwards
up the stream we’re not gonna die this
is the top flying site you it’s less
happiness oh okay this to me is the

Evergreen clip forever we’re not gonna
die from this no no no I don’t want to
look that stupid in 12 years when I’m

still around and we’re not dead no we’ll
just be less happy that’s kind of what
happened with all the guys who were all
in with y2k it was really within just a
few years that they had to eat their

words mm-hmm and I have a friend who is
one of them all in and it wasn’t like
they weren’t sincere that’s the thing
with the climate change people – I
disagree that anyone that Cortez is
insincere for example they were all

sincere about y2k I mean love if they
were making a lot of money same thing
you’d make a lot of money you’d kind of
convince yourself that what you’re doing
is you can be sincere but you know all

the cash you’re making but if you like a
year after the whole thing was over
you’d run into one of these guys and
write them a little bit about this holy
mackerel they get angry really well this

is the model so here’s the model because
I know there’s plenty of people who say

yeah because we spent all the money we
did all the work we saved the world from
total disaster and y2k I’m sure that’s
the story with most of these people
well I think you hit the nail on the

head with the idea that this year is not
the warmest no before your fourth
warmest forcas you can now start this
this is your excuse to start backing it
off all the things we’ve done all the

good work we did all the cutbacks we
made all the Obama laws all this stuff
has apparently made a difference yeah
but that doesn’t solve the problem for
the carbon pricing people it doesn’t

solve a o’seas problem she wants all
kinds of stuff and you know money to
spend on things okay okay I got an
alternative it’s the same thing only
this time it’s way in the future when it

would argument go like this now the
thing is Adam we’ve noticed that back in
2018 this was already reversing we just
didn’t realize it at the time

sounds legit do you remember Georgetown
Texas just north of ATX Georgetown who
bogut of Lee claimed that they were an

all green city Oh green right now green
and OJ and we deconstructed that dessert
to mean that they were connected to
other green providers on their grid how

did that work out for them let’s check
in a year later meanwhile a small town
in Texas winning high praise from Al
Gore and a green movement when it made

all of its electricity 100% renewable
back in 2012 so I assume that the reason
you did this is that the two are you’re
just rabid environmentalist well not

exactly a conservative Republican but
you know our duty to our ratepayers to
with the lowest possible utility cost
then money talks

well you’re absolutely right money talks
to the tune of nearly 30 million dollars
a year which is what the city of
Georgetown lost when they realized they
could not rely on wind for powered
detective or is vice-president of the

but then they go into some douche bag
from a think-tank
but they wound up paying about $1,000
per family more actually over three over
three year period so I guess it wasn’t

just last year was three years ago yeah
so cost them more didn’t work out they
lied and they lost and it’s the whole
thing is rather complicated with this
backdrop Reena we’re at the famous Pikes
Place Market and all of this snow here

is a very unusual site to put it in
Seattle usually gets about six point
eight inches of snow a year they got
slightly more than that in just one day
I mean at a certain point yeah well

weather’s not climate it’s been freezing
at night here in Texas it was cold here
last night Mimi’s up north at the Surry
to have two feet of snow it can’t get

anywhere and she says you wouldn’t go on
the road anyway because nobody knows how
to drive in the snow and they’re
crashing into each other I see okay do
we need some producers to go and bring
her supplies now she’s smart enough to

get yeah house full of supplies
we’re hoarders archive is ablaze two
freezers archivist is my preferred term
but there’s another thing that’s cool is

that when it’s cold like that you can
put all the milk and a lot of this stuff
and refrigerate right outside and just
put it right there in the snowbank my
question is who is controlling HAARP I
mean someone’s making the weather this

way I just want to know who has their
finger on the button
well there was storm in here last night
like I haven’t seen for a long time it
was just battering the place and then it
raining it was he only got very cold so
anyway so I think basically all eyes on

on scientists walking stuff back a
little bit oh and I did have one just a
funny kind of thing because the the
parents in the Netherlands are starting

to catch on they’re getting really
pissed off
they’re figuring out now that their kids
you know Brussels is kind of spilled
over to the Netherlands now the Dutch

kids also want to protest climate change
all bundled up in their wool hats and
their scarves and their gloves and this
truancy is being promoted by the schools
and parents are saying oh ho ho hold on

a second why this you know what just
tell me what’s going on
and what’s coming to light is this group
youth in action which is promoting this
is going to the schools giving the

schools materials this is a 100% fully
subsidized outfit subsidized by the
European Parliament the European Union
that is youth in action and they are

part of wait for it the European
solidarity core remember we talked about
them yeah three hundred forty nine

people because it wasn’t talked about
recently yeah the last show three
hundred and forty million euros in the
budget for the European solidarity corps
I will read a little bit the European

solidary core is a professional mobility
scheme for young people aged 18 to 30
who are citizens and residents of the
European Union funded by the EU but
wrong among others by poorly employ the

French public employment service and its
European partners for the Occupational
strand it covers the entire territory of
the European Union therefore it offers
you the opportunity to go and work in

another member state and get involved in
paid placements that are useful to
people and the community this is like a
protest group that they ship around the

whole yen and its really I mean you read
through this it’s in the show notes of
course it’s easy useful and effective
all you have to do is register at the

European Commission portal dedicated to
European solidarity court from there
you’ll get your armband your hat and
your secret badge doesn’t really say
that so these are the people pushing it

it is the European Union who is pushing
this and and what do you think they have
it what is the point
money taxes taxes to get people to buy
into the – bullcrap get them to buy into

climate change more damn just that’s
what it is get all the kids all the kids
are out there oh well the kids are out
so if the kids are doing it
Paul we it must be real let’s you know
let’s cut up them whatever

what do whatever the government tells
you to do control control brainwashing
berries child abuse how about that child
to be shines with you this child abuse
all right you got anything I I got more

but you know I think we maybe we should
take a break thanks thank a few people
okay hold on a second we should do that
officially in the way that it sounds the
best show my food by donation to no

agenda imagine all the people who could
do is awesome oh yeah
we have a few people to thank if

obviously for sure one one one one and
we’ll start with Margaret Schultz over
here in San Francisco 132 dollars in
1332 dollars and 32 cents and she has a

birthday call-out and some other things
this is anything here that we should
read I think maybe no no agenda feeling
otherwise tedious Bart commute you know

so surprised you can hear the show if
you’re on BART no maybe because of the
noise of the silent tracks
Christopher Hara Baruch Horeb our oak in

Pickering Ontario a one two three four
three this is the square of eleven
eleven is that true

no no the square of eleven I was one oh
it’s close its close he says okay close
I don’t know what’s he saying here all
right Philip Vinnie straw ain’t Veenstra
the Veenstra in Chatham Illinois 120 121

and now the following people I’m gonna
read him name and location if I have a
location these are the people who came
in with the square this is the
competition between the square of eleven

times eleven eleven times eleven the
square of 11 which is 121 versus the 111
dollar and ten cent donation ready yeah
I stopped it Coon about because he’s

being a knight and I got to read his
Paul title or tittle 121 Scott Finland
Eric gruenewald yeah here’s where we got

to stop for a second he’s from South
Africa I believe first of all thanks for
the 800 plus podcast had the pleasure of
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commuting and staying sane
commercial-free with this donation I am
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knife thrown night night on being the
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neither Oh hashtag knife thrown on
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guru Coleman Vorst and karna MA karna
milkman soccer which is some Dutch ass
stuff kind regards from irie-kun without
another Dutch member of the roundtable

living in milk bottle near Cape Town
South Africa
previously I sir Fontaine thank you for
your courage and thank you Eric and I
will put that on the list for you and we

go we’ve got Guru Coleman divorced
incarnate milkman shotgun with
Christopher Hinkle sir Gator of the
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Patrick Coble our night down in in

Murphysboro area Sir Robert Bruckner
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Dennis Brown Robert Franklin
hold on Dennis Brown that this is
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serves as an early Valentine’s gift from
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fix that he also finished with finished
his studies at the end of the year we’re
trying to get for baby number three
fingers crossed for a boy okay thank you
very much Shila Robert Franklin Allah
Hamad in Dubai

Matthew Janiszewski sir Matthew Jenna
Soucy out of Chicago sir midnight of the
rivers Michelle Dorsey John Knowles the
Baron of Murphysboro these are barren

there Sean McColl and that’s that’s a
group of 1 1 21
yes very nice now we got a few in
between here before I get to 111
starting with Sean McColl in Bloomington

Minnesota you need some baby-making
Karma put that at the end
sir and now we have 11111 which is a
different group that was never really
suggested but there it is

111 11.11 Oleg RAC a teeny John Hall
Robert REITs writes one second about sir
oleg he becomes a baron today he would
like to be Baron of Tajikistan which i

think is available yeah okay jika Stein
are you in Tajikistan this is it there
God seems possible thank you very much
sir Oleg we got you on the title change

list yeah sherrod in Amsterdam Naomi
Creole in Las Vegas lost lost wages
Nevada and then we have somebody were

streaming long note here yeah Tom yard
he’s from til birth in the Netherlands
and seized from Venlo what else is 1111
of course a very important number in the

Netherlands it’s the second at all 1111
is when carnival starts it’s it’s a very
sacred number in the lowlands I’d
forgotten about that
Chris Daly and Bert beeves and these are
all eleven 11.11 and he birdies in white

bear now we have now we have the one
that was called for which is the
competitor with 121 which is 111 dollars
in 10 cents which is one 11.1 sir a

total lung heat that too long yeah how
does something I can’t pronounce it

quite too toriel toriel Joe yeah you
know he’s the baronet of Sonoma and Glen
Ellyn Scott Penton Scott Moore Matt
sieminski Jennifer rank snitch in ski I

think it is the chin Skiba Jimmy is
probably Smith yeah I think so he’s
gonna birthday Jennifer Frank we got a

lot of birthdays today Jennifer ranked
Stefan Kunkel Ryan Brady’s Phillips
Sanders Sir Tristan banning and Toronto
Sir Christopher Knight of the blockchain
he’s back Sir John

Fitzpatrick Sir David Bailey Ryan this
is goals in loiter let me see Rosen

liked her and he becomes a knight today
so congratulations see you at the
roundtable in a moment and he’s in

Bellingham but these are actually Bailey
and Ryan are both a hundred so we the
one 11.10 and beaten by the 120 ones
oh yeah mutt Ned more for sure yeah by a

lot so there you have it for some
competition that doesn’t exist Marlowe
99 66 this is a new number for me this
is a tits and ass donation I see that I

might look at the number now I see it
too yeah got it
alright thanks router yawn Matt’s very
good vow to your month 88-90 randolph

title in Arvada Colorado 73 73 Michael
asked Falk in Berlin Deutschland he will
become 82 he will become Sir Michael

Knight on the recumbent as in 1111 euro
Knights congratulations
see you in a moment Brian Pierson 6 6 6
6 michael ballard 600 6 small tits

Dallastown pennsylvania the nexus of
small breasts John listen ski Wellington
Florida 55 sorry violife membered Rory

54 54 54 44 sir Jonathan of the double
bladed paddle in maple wood missouri 54
32 Eric Schmidt 5150 serve living surf

held as a surviving the media at
Instagram 51:11 Anthony Rodriguez Tucson
Arizona 51:11 James Davis 50 51 and he’s

in Redford Michigan Anonymous 50-33
loves the show
mark Dunford 50:11 in Waco baronet’s or
economic hitman 5001 parts unknown and

he has a birthday coming up I’ll do
Philip Watson who I believe comes and
becomes a knight today yes and close I
complete my knighthood of the No Agenda
round table band listen your show since

the mid 100 episodes or so can’t recall
which one has started with your show has
been informative insightful and
entertaining which is very or a very
rare combination these days I’d like the
title of surf in bird night of the

reunion tower and we will definitely get
you a money shot jingle before we
continue to the table so Philip from
Garland Texas congratulations

he’s a $50.00 donor and they’re
following people are all $50.00 donors
just name and location drew mo check in
El Cerrito California
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Banneker pie knocker Netherlands Meaghan

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michael winger in West Allis Wisconsin

Tony Smith in Fort Worth Texas Larry hay
in Mooresville North Carolina Joshua
Parker in Austin Texas right down the
street from you as a matter of fact by
count Sir Alan bean who had a little

note I’m going to read I just put it in
there he says a couple of women I work
with call me Sir Alan I haven’t told
that I’m above I count

I tried hitting a few of the men in the
mouth but to no avail
not quite sure what the meaning of that
notice could be code and finally last
but not least on the list is for Kyle

Meyer in Atlanta Georgia I want to thank
all these folks were really helping out
today putting us well over the top and
contributing to the celebration recall
show 11:11 yes and thanks to everyone

who came in under $50 we had tons of
11.11 that is incredibly appreciated
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value Network don’t need no stinking
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Pandora’s all we need is our producers
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us on the right track

thank you another show will be here on
Thursday for rad org and lots of Karma’s
needed jobs jobs and jobs that’s their

maybe that birthday lettuce for today

February 10 2009 teen happy birthday in
advance to the following people well
actually belated Jordan Goodfellow
celebrated on the 11th Michaels Oh
celebrates tomorrow on the 11th Michael

Sussman turned 48 yesterday Margaret
Schultz his happy birthday to her
smoking-hot boyfriend Dennis Garcia
turning 32 we’ve got new mats lens syncs
since in ski say happy birthday to his

father Michael and Sissy commence in ski
turns 55 today breathless you sir and
baronet sir economic hitmen Alex as
happy birthday to Laura fini turns 19
today and we say happy birthday from

everybody here at the best podcast in
the universe we have one two three four
one four five knighting to do so there’s
my blade if I can have your gentlemen

all of you become members of the no

agenda roundtable today I’m very proud
to pronounce Kate be by their night
names we have sir type a lot the sun
iran sir eric the ninth row night sir
ryan goals in leichter Sir Michael
Knight of the recumbent and surf in bird

night of the reunion tower for you
gentlemen hookers and blow rentboys and
chardonnay buta cold would force the
karna milk with soccer warm beer and
cold women wife busan waffles beer and
blunts redhead and rise chvotkin vanilla

bong hits in bourbon ginger ale and
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have let you I won title change so you
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one today on the titleist appearance

committee will now reflect the following
change sir oleg rock team becomes the
baron of tajikistan congratulations
baron we salute you from afar alright
well I got a note in the email from

Vasilis of Annapolis Maryland one of our
associate executive producers that we
couldn’t find the note for mm-hmm and I
want to read a note since these do a

note read and a couple of jingles we
could throw at the end all right and
I’ll tell you what they are before I
read okay uh boom Shakalaka
I’m triggered so triggered I don’t even
know with that one I’m triggered so

triggered somebody said that as a jingle
hmm okay I don’t know keep going you
might die and logo yay okay read the
note millennial here first-time

associate executive producers thanks to
my first salary job thanks for all you
do donation note below a happy 1 1 1 1 1
thank you both the listeners the
producers support the show I started
listening in around episode 960 after

getting hit in the mouth by Reddit
hooked ever since the media at least
that got it somebody that would be a
true these guys bitching about me go

check this out the media deconstruction
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to all the listeners who are still
douche bags donate I have used the
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the show and feel so much happier as a
listener weekly subscriptions also
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I am triggered oh my god
most bad karma I don’t know this

triggered one yeah I didn’t either quite
honest just like what I am triggered I

think that’s gonna be our ISO for the
end of show oh yeah I know your laugh
was not all that great
no is applause laws no I mean that’s

applause for the long one one one one
show I get to I get to determine if you
know that but I’m just saying maybe
somebody could send it 700 bucks an
editor I call the shots on these things

all right let’s see um I do have a few
things oh yes this is a this is the
future of Austin people you know the

keeper and I are looking at moving out
looks like we’re gonna be successful
maybe the next two months moving out of
downtown for sure moving eastward and I
but I think that too yeah yeah is uh is

this good to move I thought you liked
downtown you could go down and go to the
library and go to all the clubs a lot of
clubs and restaurants so just a jump in

the area right or no well it depends if
you don’t mind being assaulted by
vagrants trying to dodge scooters coming
up a scooters on the sidewalk that you

can’t hear and or something to do and
they brush past you and you’re barely
hitting you if you want all that step
around the dog crap everywhere yeah
downtown is great no it’s a total

Thank You mayor Adler here’s your future
outbreak in downtown Los Angeles has
workers at City Hall on edge tonight
after at least one employee came down
with a dangerous disease the office of

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez shared
this video showing a mouse scurrying
across the floor typhus is typically
transmitted through fleas infected by
rodents there have been many reports of

rats and other critters running rampant
through City Hall the city employee was
diagnosed with the bacterial disease
back in November she believes she was
infected at

work and refuses to return to the job
until City Hall East is thoroughly
fumigated I was so sick I thought I was
gonna die who thinks of typhus I think
of typhus is something that I read about

in history books
symptoms of typhus include fever chills
and severe rashes extreme cases can be
there were 142 confirmed cases of typhus
in LA County last year

what typhus it’s a third world disease
you know in Holland always has these
phrases that they use that stem from
very long ago and they’re still that

like something I grew up that I think
kids still say today if they’re mad at
someone else you say crack the Daevas
yay or they would say thief is young so
it would be get typhoid get typhus or

you’re a typhus kid these are the
insults that today still stands but they
are from the Middle Ages and they just
came all the way through typhus it’s
just it’s insane that that’s back 142

cases in Los Angeles I’m just getting
it’s just getting ramped up baby it’s
typhoid mary goes well well in hand with

a hepatitis what is what is the typhoid
mary legacy wasn’t that some typhoid
fever and typhus are two different

diseases okay all right so what’s ink
pretty sure I don’t know typhoid and
typhus yeah that’s maybe two different
things I don’t know I don’t know enough

about it but it doesn’t set be a bright
outbreak of that next what is the actual
bubonic plague it should not be coming
soon oh that’s always been around but it
seems so obvious that if you have this

problem and I don’t know that does not
mean you from time that like stossel did
a report recently the exhibit on fox
business news or whatever
yeah there’s typhus fevers different

typhoid yeah the doctor Drew was in LA
always talking about he said we’re gonna
get the plague it said yeah it’s if you
have a mess if you don’t have a sanitary
situation do you

he’s got a bunch of people living on the
streets like you were dead I mean even
in Brazil they go and they live in the
favelas that’s nuts
we just need a shantytown right proposed
turning Daly City in the Bay Area to a

shanty town that’d be great all right
you guys think West Austin in your case
uh at West Austin I’m not we’re not
gonna move to West Austin that would be

as far away from you as possible which
is the ritzy part of town I think is
that right am I wrong yeah West Austin
is is Tarrytown it sounds like shanty
town we can just rename it yeah turn

Terry town into shanty – okay yeah we’ll
see mostly well I have to clip the up
States’s on Venezuela with the course

the Democracy Now angle and a couple of
little tidbits in here there aren’t
really being discussed by the gung-ho
you know CBS and all the rest of the pro

do it yeah the pro coup operations this
is aunt thang khuu so you get this you
get a couple of tidbits here McClatchy

is reporting Venezuelan authorities have
uncovered 19 assault weapons 118
ammunition cartridges and 90
military-grade radio antennas on board a
u.s. own plane that had flown from Miami

into Valencia Venezuela third-largest
City the Boeing 767 is owned by a
company called 21 air based in
Greensboro North Carolina the plane has

made nearly 40 round-trip flights
between Miami and spots in venezuela and
colombia since january 11th the day
after Venezuelan president Nicolas

Maduro was sworn in to a second term
Bolivarian National Guard General and
espelette C of Ortiz said quote this
material was destined for criminal
groups and terrorist actions in the

country financed by the fascist extreme
right and the government of the United
States quote this comes as the United
States is openly pushing for the

toppling of maduras government
on Thursday the new US special envoy to
Venezuela Elliott Abrams ruled out any
negotiations with President Maduro
Maduro has proven he will manipulate any

call for negotiations to his advantage
and he has often used so-called
dialogues as a way to play for time we
urge all involved to deal solely with

the legitimate window of government the
time for dialogue with Maduro has long
passed Elliott Abrams is a right-wing
Hawk who was convicted in 1991 for lying
to Congress during the iran-contra

scandal later pardoned by President
George HW Bush a guy flies way low under
the radar here we go yeah I’m seeing I’m

not seeing the action where you know
this looks like this could be a little
more complex and we hope not quite as
slick as we all expected it to be a yeah
we’ll see there’s some want some they

gotta get the defections if they don’t
get the defections you gotta be the
native I predicted on Thursday to be
within the next week yeah we called for
him he called for a guy yeah a general
one of the generals but we’re not seeing

anything so we’ll see what happens this
doesn’t look good
it’s a mess what were you gonna do if I
want to say one thing before which end
the show hey Valentine’s Day next
Thursday show will be Valentine’s Day

contribute to the show and the end and
call out your Valentine yes and fine
ending to the show I was going to maybe

I can tie it in by saying there’s no
love lost between France and Italy and
this this is actually kind of big news
yeah this I couldn’t clip I was well
there’s nothing to clip I just got the

news I just wanted that everyone know
that we’re on top of it and if we have
any more boots on the ground info we’d
appreciate it France has recalled their
ambassador to Italy which is gonna have

a war between France and Italy that be
sung well the last time this happened
19:40 when mo saloon Mussolini declared
war yeah so why this exactly is such a
big deal besides the fact that I don’t

know Italy probably owes everyone knows
100 billion euros well the French claim
that the Italians are meddling in their
affairs I what is but we will know more
by Thursday as it starts unravel as the

producers in the value for value network
give us as much information as possible
we swing that around presented to you
and we do it all with our producers I’ll
be watching the Grammys for Illuminati

moments tonight we’ll discuss and thank
you again to everybody who supported the
show not just financially but to every
other way that does take place I look
forward to the artists renderings and
wherever you send us may your amygdala

remain small as I beat you a Jew from
downtown Austin Texas capital of the
drones star states FEMA region number
six on the governmental maps in the five

by nine clue do in the common law condo
in the morning everybody by Adam Curry
and from northern Silicon Valley
at least we’ll the clouds are coming in
again this is ridiculous

I’m John C Dvorak special thanks to Leo
LaPook roof productions Chris Wilson and
Tom Starkweather for our end of show
mixes until Thursday everybody remembers

that Dvorak org /na until then adios
mofos and such
we’re all trying to figure out who are

you where did you come from
and how the heck did you become the head
of the Department of Justice
there was back-and-forth grandstanding
and as I call it pettifogging

congressman I’m not a puppet to repeat
what you’re saying I think it is very
consistent and your inference to somehow
that that process was was corrupted or
corrupt is absolutely wrong in the

premise of your question beverage at its
the Attorney General
we’re not joking here supposedly oh I’m
back to the attrex again the curtain
opened up and we found out what was

really going on no we want to damage the
president considering that the acting
Attorney General was previously the
pitchman for a fraudulent company that
sold toilets and time machines so he
didn’t put his best foot forward for

Shore I don’t know if your time sooner
story wrong mr. Attorney General
we’re not joking here mr. chairman I see
that your five minutes is up
if we week we I am making I’m here

voluntarily and we have agreed to five
minute round there are many Americans
throughout the country who are confused
I’m confused I really am



let me level of slack I’m always seeing
11:11 on the clock 1111 I blast out the
ghastly contents of philosophic they

whited Sepulcher and land with sardar
grass mukesh ECB 1111 booze
on a Sunday afternoon

Ezra we’re interested on the trailer
I can’t imagine anything better you get

no wait for the Zephyr while recording
no agenda boozing watch the mud flats in

the Sun

now the donation segments done
we’ve wrapped the show a finish with
Twitter bitch bath relations in the

coming his letter and I’d have said
hurry big more routes of boozing

Jeff Bezos where did you get that laughs


my laugh is something that I have had
since I was the tiniest child there was
a time when my brother and sister would
not go see a movie with me because it

was too damn embarrassing I would make
like a great Ed McMahon that they’re on
the sofa and just laughed all their
jokes it would be very genuine I’ve
turned out to be easily amused

[Music] Adios Mofos