No Agenda Episode 1154: “Goldfish Invasion”

you’re a moron Adam curry this is no
agenda from northern Silicon Valley

where we’re celebrating international

population day and the death of
Alexander Hamilton one down seven point
seven billion ago I’m John C Dvorak what
billion what people yeah all right

that’s the population of the globe at
the moment oh yes so how do we celebrate
Alexander Hamilton’s death he was shot
by Aaron Burr and Abdul and that’s to be

celebrated well monetarist you are yes
before we get my side maybe before we

get into everything today I wanted to
bring people’s attention to a brand new
series on Showtime which represents a

lot of what we discuss here in the show
and I don’t know if you’ve seen this it
is the loudest voice
it is the story of Fox News and Roger

Ailes Roger Ailes played by Russell
Crowe yes who also looks like him and
put the makeup yeah it so you’ve seen it
no I’ve seen two trailers

oh my god Oh John this is it’s basically
oh you want to understand what No Agenda
talks about watch this show it is
fantastic well I’ll give you an example

when we talk about what’s going on in
television you know we we joke about the
control room we know how that works how
the interruptions work how the

advertising works the commercials what
then what the news readers do you know
the it’s and what they’re there for and
what their role is to show it insofar as
the way we do behind the scenes yes the

behind the whenever we deconstruct media
we know exactly how it works yeah and
received several emails from people who
also have seen it and said oh now I get

for an example this is before Fox News
goes on-air they’re rehearsing and Roger
Ailes has come up with this fantastic
idea for this new news quote news
station which have a clip of Russell

quote talking about in a moment and so
it’s in the control room he’s watching
the set and again these are just
rehearsal so they’re not live on air yet
here’s a clip alright let’s look at

where we are
what’s she wearing but is the Bulldog
rodeo in town or something was she
running pants why is she wearing – I
like legs anybody else like legs
I like legs

what the fuck is that Halloween is
orange so you know this is this is the
beginning of the legs on TV that Roger

Ailes brought us and yeah and he was
right because he knew what the audience
wanted and that’s how it all works and
doesn’t just have to be following me and
it’s always been that way the funny

thing is everyone denies it or they go a
million but the in fact the would I
think it’s the way they handle it I mean
I think women don’t mind showing off

their legs but they don’t like to be
told to show off their legs no of course
not and and you know and the guy that’s
why Paula Zahn quit yes oh I forgot
about that now you know the Ailes of

course was also a creep and you know he
would have girls come in and audition
and out whirl around for me spin around
and I didn’t pull that clip but here’s
Russell Crowe talking about the

brilliance of Roger Ailes on Colbert the
seven o’clock bulletin with Shep Smith
he’s just the news you know the rest of
the time it’s opinion even though it’s
cold Fox News oh I’m I would granted

that I mean I think Shep does a fine job
at the Brit bear does a fine job so uh
Wallace is a fine job on the Sundays
over on Fox but I mean when he was
putting it together one of the things

that’s sort of shocking the other people
the other character is talking to in in
the in the first episode is his
willingness to make it look good make it
sound good to to make it something that
people will turn on regardless of what

the message necessarily is because some
people have their back up against his
willingness to turn it into
entertainment yeah well what he said he
was saying though is that you know
people don’t really want to be informed

they don’t want all of the details they
just want to feel informed that when I
think at some point and time in their
mind that they’ve got that covered
you know so he was playing into that but

also you’ve got to know that you know
Roger many many times over the years
said if he hadn’t have had seen a
certain bias in media and Fox News could
have been the exact opposite because he

was looking for the open area of the
and it was in his estimation that CNN
that MSNBC CNBC you know cease ban ABC
NBC CBS The Times The Post

everybody had a left-leaning bent so to
him what was the vailable was a
conservative audience that was being
underserved and that proved to be very
true because now you have one single

news network which dominates half of the
available audience right well he’s put
Fox News into an incredible situation

hasn’t there mean that that is a
money-making machine they make two
billion dollars a year profit now that’s
a hell of a thing when you think that
new services began with the

understanding that you would often use
as part of your broadcast but you did it
from a perspective of not needing or
requiring a profit so now you understand
why it works and why CNN and MSNBC have

lower ratings than Fox because they are
fighting for the same audience they’re
fighting amongst themselves foxes by
themselves just all alone except for

something minor
since pretty much everyone noticed Fox’s
dominance and what surprises me is that
nobody else has stepped up maybe there’s
a couple that pull it back a little bit

yeah there’s a couple trying one
American news I think is trying but it’s
they’re trying you said no one’s trying
they’re trying no I mean no one who with
any kind of clout hi Anna no the problem

I disagree the problem with one American
news is they’re not showing legs all
they got is talking heads
that’s what news is not on cable yes

this is on my cable you get one American
news on your cable I do huh yeah well I
mean it’s also news max and what else is

a newsy news II geez
but yet if you want ratings you got to
show legs

it’s just how it works
I don’t understand why people don’t
don’t get it and also let’s not be
hypocritical CNN tries they just don’t
have good legs erin burnett loved erin

or used to she wanted kind of overboard
really odd but you know talking heads
anyway it’s a great show the loudest

voice on showtime something to watch it
really is a series that was just a movie
no it’s a series they’ve had two
episodes so far no idea how long it’s
gonna take it seems like it would be a

seven or eight part just from where they
are in the story it depends whether they
get big always slow down the narrative
that’s what you want to do if you got a
hit show we’ll see Russell Crowe is

fantastic though really good lesbian
convention the Dyke off in town yeah

sorry it’s just how it works and if you
think we’re a bunch of sexist pricks
were just being television executives
that’s how we’d deconstruct business to

an extent all right well I think we
should start with the Epstein thing
because that’s what everybody is
interested in I don’t know why because I
may be mentioned the newsletter that I

thought the Epstein thing was a
distraction of the week and I have some
doors now you
I have clips too but yeah what do you
got well do you have you must have some

back saying I have the Epstein report
the PBS kind of a rundown you can run
that let’s do that let’s start first of
all with this Epstein case his lawyers
are saying that their client believed

these girls were over 18 years old and
also he they are saying that this was
not child trafficking because in their
words there was no coercion and there
was no violence I want to ask you you’re
also an attorney legally what is child

trafficking so under the federal law
there is no need to show force fraud or
coercion when it comes to the issue of
minors under the federal law
anyone who recruits patronizes solicits

a minor under the age of 18 for the
purposes of a commercials
act can be found guilty of trafficking a
commercial sex act is actually really
broadly defined under the federal law it

encompasses any sex act that’s exchanged
for anything of value so under the facts
of this case as alleged it could
absolutely constitute a federal
anti-trafficking case right this is

interesting because it tells you that if
you pick up a streetwalker who’s 17 and
you fly her to different the flyer you
didn’t hear that if you pick up a

streetwalker and pay her for sex somehow
you’re a sex trafficker hmm you’ll do
flyer anywhere you don’t have to even

put her in your car and walk off with
her oh you’re just traffic you’re try
okay yeah technically you’re trafficking
that makes sense how you trafficking is
a streetwalker this is the problem with

prostitution in this country it’s not on
television that’s the problem with
prostitution well there’s that but it
sounds like a bunch of bullcrap if you

ask me now let’s listen to the I think I
have the three clip sex trafficking
clips what you want to gather way that
may be a repetition no I don’t think so
let’s start with these ends here these

are the laws that are applying here I I
have some kind of differing thoughts on
Epstein now after hearing the Acosta
talk about it in in a segment which I

believe was clipped out of the PBS news
hour but played on the radio mm-hmm
first I didn’t record from the radio
think it was gonna be on TV and ever was
where he made a lot of reasonable

assumptions mm-hmm but this to me this
whole this whole thing is just a let’s
find some other way to disturb and get
Trump yes correct correct I agree

nothing else there’s no other reason for
but let’s just the sex trafficking clips
I got three of them this is number one
well the that the one we just played was
the PBS one that was this is all PBS

with sex treads under sex trafficking
not an Epstein I understand but I just
oh I’m sorry
the clip I just played was sex
trafficking one it wasn’t the Epstein
port I’m sorry oh okay well you heard

clip one which was the one I thought
that’s wonder why I started where it did
well we missed the one I play it then
play the overview I don’t think I said
well yeah well you can play the overview

and then we get back to this – well
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is facing
new demands to quit his post tonight
over a plea deal he arranged with thin
and CEO Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 Acosta

was then a federal prosecutor in South
Florida and Epstein was accused of
molesting teenage girls the deal kept
Epstein out of federal prison but now
federal prosecutors in New York have

filed new charges today in the US Senate
Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joined
other top Democrats condemning Acosta I
am calling on secretary Acosta to resign
it is now impossible for anyone to have

confidence in secretary Acosta’s ability
to lead the Department of Labor if he
refuses to resign president Trump should
fire him Acosta himself called Epstein’s

alleged crimes horrific and said he
welcomes the new charges president Trump
in a meeting with the Emir of Qatar
promised to review the plea deal as he

defended Acosta whom he appointed to his
cabinet he’s been a great really great
Secretary of Labor the rest of it we’ll
have to look at will have to look at it

very carefully but he’s talking about a
long time ago and again it was a
decision made I think not by him but by
a lot of people so we’re gonna look at
it very carefully
also today Justice Department official
said Attorney General William bar will

stay out of reviewing the 2008 plea
agreement his former law firm
represented Epstein during that period
actually I have they could have a clip
of him talking about that yeah here it

is I’m recused from that matter because
one of the law one of the law firms that
represent that Epstein long ago was a
firm that I subsequently joined for a

period of time alright so he’s he’s not
he’s recused but I’m sure he’s managing
in the background so I apologize for
playing the clip out of order so let’s
get back to sex trafficking then I have

a couple things we should look at well
let’s start over then cuz it’s only
fifty one seconds that start with sex
trafficking one so we get back to the
groove let’s start first of all with
this Epstein case his lawyers are saying

that their client believed these girls
were over eighteen years old and also he
they are saying that this was not child
trafficking because in their words there
was no coercion and there was no
violence I want to ask you you’re also

an attorney legally what is child
trafficking so under the federal law
there is no need to show force fraud or
coercion when it comes to the issue of
minors under the federal law

anyone who recruits patronizes solicits
a minor under the age of eighteen for
the purposes of a commercial sex act can
be found guilty of trafficking a
commercial sex active is actually really

broadly defined under the federal law it
encompasses any sex act that’s exchanged
for anything of value so under the facts
of this case as alleged it could
absolutely constitute a federal

anti-trafficking case okay so now that I
heard it again
does it have to be a minor for it to be
trafficking in any case or did she say
at the end there doesn’t even have to be

a minor know it for the for the purposes
of the generality she states here which
is that if you run into a 17 year old
hooker which is what I’m gonna use as
the example and you just solicit her for
sex right that’s sex trafficking I

believe that if there were 18 or older
the rules for sex trafficking are
different okay gotcha all right to be
rather onerous because of the nature of

open prostitution in some certain areas
or to open in other words
streetwalkers we’re talking about our
Vegas let’s say any let’s play sex

trafficking to for more clarification I
mean in this case we saw a man who his
friends even joked about that he liked
young girls I’m wondering how much of
this is in plain sight the problem of

child trafficking how much of this is a
cultural kind of ignorance or shrugging
off of a serious problem what’s unique
about this case is the sheer amount of
attention that it’s getting but it’s not

unique in the dynamics that are alleged
we know that men who are powerful who
have an enormous amount of privilege
exploit the vulnerabilities of young

women and girls everyday here and
throughout the country what’s
interesting about this case is that it’s
getting an unbelievable amount of
attention but from our work on the

ground they’re individuals much like
Jeffrey Epstein who are extraordinary
wealthy and powerful businessmen many of
them are actually white men who use that

power and privilege to exploit
vulnerable young women and girls oh it’s
just white men okay that makes sense
yeah let’s don’t by the way if anyone
wants to read something maybe a counter

to this you might want to read the book
pimp by Iceberg Slim which we’ve
actually promoted on this show before
hmm so now all of a sudden we’ve taken a
twist here and we have turned this into

a white privilege yes situation white
guys and neither but rich rich and
privileged so in other words what and I
find that you know this to be I would

think insulting to the working man it’s
not as those sailors the working class
the lower class they’re all sailors are
all also not all John’s dude who I’m

just saying just to say that all these
people are eliminated from the argument
because none of these people none of the
working class none of the sailors none

of the lower classes ever get involved
with prostitutes it’s always the rich
against ours this is bullshit
yes it is I agree okay let’s keep going

in this direction and wrap it up with
three channelize young women girls who
were runaways girls who had experienced
unstable homes maybe even girls from the

foster care system and that is
consistent with what we see in the young
women that we work with here locally I
think people sometimes imagine child sex
trafficking and happening in other

places to other girls not girls that
they know how are these girls being
lured in in these cases especially so
adults can be aware of the risks one of
the most important things to recognize
is that in the United States the vast

majority of sex trafficking cases
actually involve American citizens from
the federal data we know that upwards of
80% of all confirmed sex trafficking
cases involve US citizens and up to 40%

of those cases involve the sale of
children and so it’s an incredibly
important American problem and one
that’s happening in communities all
throughout the country I think that one

of the things that we’re hoping comes to
light and that people are able to
connect the dots between the Epstein
case and child sex trafficking all
across this nation is that it’s often
very powerful men with means taking

advantage of the vulnerabilities of some
of the most marginalized young women and
girls at least I didn’t say podcasters
jeez well we can’t afford it no so the
point is is that this is this is this

whole thing is now starting to look
pretty pretty fishy if you ask me and so
far as work they’re pointing the finger
at the white man the privileged guy the
rich business guy and all the rest of it
and we’re not just talking about you

know sex trafficking is any sort of
prostitution anything it’s just it’s
completely out of control and the net
nobody brings up the idea of a black
pimp which is a common huggie bear

person that that doesn’t exist because
it’s only the you know the privileged
the privileged to get the prostitutes at

any age apparently and everybody else is
just they’re going to shaking their head
and shaming these these privileged few

businessmen usually the way that I find
that that whole conversation
conversation really steered away from
how horrific it is to do this to
underage girls they’re just talking

about prostitution and any other just
mention a name a number but not about
the actual damage that when you’re doing
this to a 15 or a 14 year old I mean
that you’re right you are 100% correct
everything you saw on the news in the

media about this is distraction
what are they not talking about victims
they’re not really actually talking on
the victims they’re only interested in

Trump that would yes the media Acosta
and why do we have schumer coming out
demanding he quit the Labor Department’s
got nothing to do with this case unless

you want to consider prostitutes labor
force CAD like they say that and then
you could get rid of him when it comes
as a conflict of interest when it comes
to elites in government in banking in

royalty and pedophilia I have some
standing with work I’ve done over the
past 20 years

well you had a radio station burned down
when I mentioned that the director the
Attorney General of the Netherlands at
the time who was who not only admitted
as much but also there was video graphic
evidence and eyewitness testimony that

he was sodomizing young Turkish boys and
had allowed himself to become blackmail
Abal inside the highest position of the
Department of Justice in the Netherlands

I merely discussed it with Mischa cut he
is the journalist who uncovered it and
immediately one of the most high-powered
law firms came down on the station it

didn’t literally burn to the ground but
they lost their licence lost their
funding and the station shut down so I
became very interested in these types of
cases yeah and why not

and of course it’s fantastic to have a
guy like Acosta in the Trump
administration and to go get Trump but
why are they asking for Acosta to resign

that’s what it is everywhere
even abuse the problem here and that’s
why it cost a has to react tourism has
to resign because when you’re a
prosecutor your job is not only to seek
justice for your asking the right

question the victims of a crime to
protect the community from their future
crimes act by doing giving him that
sweetheart deal he allowed these new
victims to be victimized but also to

have him in the position he’s in now
like Alan Dershowitz should be on TV
right now while the kids you know weld

there’s a lot of people there’s not to
answer okay so they are calling for
resignations which makes no sense other
than that you might want this guy out of

the way maybe he knows something maybe
what really went down was a little bit
different than being portrayed so all
we’re hearing on the news is Acosta

Trump Acosta Trump Trump best buddies
best buddies flew on the plane once I’m
absolutely I said this before and I’ll
say it again and I wrote in the
newsletter and I haven’t said it
specifically on the show and I’m working

on a another essay that is coming out
shortly that discusses this they are
trying to equate the creepy behavior of
Joe Biden and his kissing little girls

on the lips and hugging them and
whispering in their ears and just being
a creep to trump so they can do a
checklist I believe there’s a checklist

out there that says whatever Biden did
bad Trump did worse but Biden did this
Trump’s worse
Biden to this Trump’s worse this is a
part of the whole scheme to get Biden
nominated I believe and they need to

smear Trump and all his buddies with the
guilt by association there’s series of
photos everybody that just Lane Maxwell
ever had a photo taken with which

appears to be half the men in the
Western Hemisphere everybody they all
show these pictures of her with these
other people so they’re obviously all
pedophiles and they’re all related to

Trump and the whole thing is about I
believe still is about propping
Biden okay and I have a different
opinion that is what the news media is
doing what is actually going on is I

think something completely different and
I’d like you to go along into Adams mind
for a moment and just leave it open for
information and supposition and
conspiratorial thinking let’s go back to

this original case it was a case that
was brought by the share the sheriff
found this out of the whatever at Palm
Beach County whatever it is took it to

the state attorney state attorney
wouldn’t touch it that’s when the feds
came in the feds like holy crap these
guys are gonna let the guy go so they
put a deal together then all of a sudden
there’s word from hire hand and this is

in the documents that Epstein was
possibly you know the he would had
worked for the FBI he had done some
stuff please go easy on him – what
Acosta wrote and he’s written a lot

about this he has a lot of legal
opinions he was very disappointed in how
it went down but there was literally in
a document that says he’s have been very
helpful to the FBI take that into

consideration why you’re thinking but
there’s also a moment where somebody
told someone that he was a member of the
intelligence community we’re gonna get
to that you’re jumping way ahead to just

go along for the ride let’s go back to
the woman who originally broke the story
Conchita Sarnoff she wrote an article
for Vanity Fair in which the editor had
a meeting with Epstein and cut out all

the salacious details of his sexual
abuse the timing of all of this is very
interesting it was 2002 when this came

to light but it wasn’t until 2007 2008
very important years when the case went
to trial and when this non prosecutorial
agreement was put in place he or she is

explaining what was going on at the time
this is my my biggest question and I
don’t understand why no one is pointing
fingers at

and actually explaining why berry
kerscher cut the deal that he cut the
owners fell on the state attorney’s
office as you know after the chief of

police michael ritter whom i spoke to at
length for many many years since i
started the investigation back in 2009
ritter said to me many times i did not
accept crushers deal he wanted to charge

him with a misdemeanor no jail time no
restitution and no registration as a sex
offender then he took the case ritter
takes the case to the feds gene that’s

yes Michael really the Palm Beach police
chief takes the case to the feds
that’s when Acosta comes in that’s not
until 2006
and so Acosta and his team with VF Anya

and others they start to investigate
that takes two years there’s a 53 page
indictment against Epstein but what
happens well we’re getting close to the

2008 presidential campaign Hillary
Clinton is the Democratic xuan at the
time President Obama was still not in in
the forefront at the forefront and so I
believe given the information that I

have and and what I’ve read that at the
very top of the food chain they did not
want to make as the Attorney General
said to me when I interviewed him

Alberto Gonzalez they did not want to
make a political mess so they basically
tapped Acosta again which is also why
they hired Ken Starr and Jay Lefkowitz
who were the lots of high-profile names

involved in this absolutely they were
the two attorneys who negotiated the
plea deal meaning the non-prosecution
agreement that was handed to Epstein
which by the way was not an order as a

cost to told me because I have been
speaking to Acosta for many years since
the original investigation and the
original arrests so you’ll notice that
what you don’t hear on the news is who
was Acosta reporting to who was above

him who was the boss well there were a
number of
people who were the boss Gonzalez was
was the boss and then we had Eric Holder
come in as the boss we had to extend

extended term for FBI director robert
muller who was in there so what the
original reporter here is saying is he
got some kind of notice from hire hand

because this would mess everything up
for Hillary which and I remember us
talking about this case back in those
days and and I think even the the flight
log was something that that had popped

up at that time but that became a
problem this is a true Bradley Edwards
he is the attorney for the victims he’s
been on this case for a long time and

there’s the case of the little black
book which was Epstein’s you’ve probably
seen some some scans of it scan of a
scan of a scan did I do that sorry was
accidental a scan of a scan but it

contains a whole bunch of interesting
names this F this was great evidence but
it became toxic and the document you
mentioned a moment ago listing the
massages is that the little black book

that Grail that every you know I think
that’s what you’ve heard too in the
documents right right exactly and that’s
actually a document that his housekeeper
stole from him at some point in time and
a long story but eventually tried to

sell it to me and then I had to
cooperate with the FBI and yeah he gets
more time than Epstein does he got more
time and then I think he died as soon as
the very unfortunate he was one of the
only people that we talked to who showed

up to a deposition it was not
represented by a lawyer that was being
paid for by Jeffrey Epstein or he didn’t
take the fifth like many of the other
witnesses willing to speak he was
willing to speak in willing to tell the
truth and then he just decided to do

something stupid and illegal yeah and
and ruined all of the the credibility
that came along with him I mean that was
one of the most unfortunate and sad
parts of the entire investigation so we
have the black book we have the flight

log you’ll notice if you go to Bill
Clinton’s wiki page that as he announced
that he had only been on Epstein’s
airplane four times instead of the 27

in the flight logs written up by
different pilots and on different
aircraft because Epstein has a couple of
them not just totally Express yells at a
Gulfstream this black book contained a
lot of names and I just want to give you

a little rundown of the people in the
black book Janice Dickinson Joan Rivers
George Mitchell Michael Bloomberg Andrew
Cuomo Barbara Walters Alec Baldwin Ralph

Fiennes feein fiends George Hamilton
Dustin Hoffman Kevin Spacey Liz Hurley
Lauren Hutton Naomi Campbell Christy
Turlington Henry Kissinger Courtney Love
Mick Jagger Cornelia guest Phil Collins

eat suck Perlman Simon Lebon Charlie
Rose Richard Branson Candace Bushnell
Tom Ford Vera Wang Dershowitz Kissinger
Tony Blair Rupert Murdoch a hoot o

Olmert Leslie Wexner which is we’ll get
to him in a second the Mort Zuckerman
Dennis Ross Bernard all rele levy that
asshole from France

Goldman Sachs strategist Abbey Joseph
Cohen President Bush I mean the list
killed Gorbachev Shimon Perez the list
goes on and on and on from my own
investigation over two decades I can

tell you there is without a doubt many
but maybe it a great into one or two
large ones paedophile networks of
powerful people and I know it sounds

really incredible to listen to but yes
there there are people who have so much
power money wealth standing that they
resort to this it’s like an addiction
now as with any addiction it gets out of

control sex addiction is a real thing
now you get to this younger children sex
addiction it happens and it’s used for
nefarious purposes in these circles
let’s go to Acosta

Acosta’s a press statement that he gave
yesterday regarding other individuals
who might have been involved I wanted to
ask him follow through your answer the

earlier question about the potential
co-conspirators were you confident at
the time that any potential additional
co-conspirators didn’t commit sexual
abuses against

her age girls like Epstein did even if
it may have not have been same scale
because some of those victims have
accused others of doing similar acts to
them so um let me see how I can address
your question without running afoul of

Department of Justice guidelines okay so
he can’t say stuff that’s literally what
he’s saying if my office had been aware
of individuals who committed acts such

as as a sexual abuse you know my office
it would not have been my position that
those individuals should have been part

of that kind of community
it’s not even immunity should not have
been part of that paragraph and so so I
know that there are a lot of rumors
about who those individuals may or may

not be I think those rumors are
misconstruing the acts of the office
with respect to that particular
paragraph okay nice non-answer but we
all understand that he cannot talk about

other people involved let’s go back to
the victim attorney Bradley Edwards who
was more than willing to talk to this
attorney and they didn’t even have to be
deposed it was Donald Trump the only

thing that I can say about President
Trump is that he is the only person who
in 2009 when I served a lot of subpoenas
on a lot of people or at least gave

notice to some pretty connected people
that I was going that I wanted to talk
to them he is the only person who picked
up the phone and said let’s just talk

I’ll give you as much time as you want
I’ll tell you what you need to know and
was very helpful in the information that
he gave and gave no indication
whatsoever that he was involved in
anything untoward whatsoever but had

good information that checked out and
that helped us and then we didn’t have
to take a deposition of him I was in
2009 I was in 2009 so 2009 Trump is
already very happy to talk to this

attorney about what he knows about
Epstein apparently was very helpful
I don’t think Trump is very worried
doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who
would do this if he was really
incredibly worried about being

implicated in anything in fact I don’t
think he’s this kind of guy he’s got a
whole bunch of other issues but I don’t
think this is one of them
one person interestingly enough who has
been all over the big question which is
not even addressed is who is Jeffrey

Epstein it everyone says billionaire
financed year
well shit I’m a finance year to our kids
here’s 20 bucks I’m a financier is he a
hedge fund manager well no one really

has seen any trades not quite sure
where’s his money coming from so
originally les Wexner who owns all the
Elle brands that was kind of his guy and

in fact I think he even bought the
mansion in New York was originally from
les Wexner and the the secondary guy who
comes along into Epstein’s life who was

no you know had no track record as a
trader no Wall Street experience but all
of a sudden here he is financier to the
rich and famous
Steve Hoffenberg Steve Hoffenberg is the

guy who showed him the ropes and Epstein
was in business with him and although he
the Epstein was very lucky because
Hoffenberg before Bernie Madoff had the

was convicted of the largest Ponzi
scheme in history at the time four
hundred and seventy five million dollars
and they also took away a lot of
Epstein’s liquid cash to do whatever he

was doing the person who’s been on this
and understanding who Jeffrey Epstein
really is would you’re not being you’re
not no one’s investigating it’s just a
family yeah just a rich guy billionaire

hedge fund manager bullshit no one knows
the guy on the street and Coulter
actually has been all over this I think
the most interesting things two things
about this case are number one where’s
Jeffrey Epstein get his money my theory

but my theory doesn’t account for it all
we know it’s not because he’s investing
money even you know a high school math
teacher this guy wexner grads know
you’re a genius and suddenly the amount
of real estate and private planes this

guy has it is billions of dollars
you’re not privately investing anything
without ever you know moving the market
this that is clearly untrue my theory
was that he was the concierge of this

underage sex club so to speak and locked
and some wealthy men paid for this but
you know this is kind of a niche sexual
fetish how many billionaires we have

here which means me and and let me throw
the other second thing that I think is
very interesting about this case Epstein
according to both the girls accounts he

wanted them to have sex with powerful
men come back to him and report on it
describe when they wanted what their
fetishes were and he had cameras
throughout the house so this is

obviously for blackmailing purposes it
just seems to me there is a bigger
something much bigger is behind this
perhaps a state sponsor powerful enough
people for as the evidence I described

for the original state charge forget to
you know Democrat Democrat Republicans
doing that whatever it just seems to me
there was something

very powerful force behind what’s going
on here and I am still nervous about
this not coming to a conclusion man I
agree with the Ann Coulter certainly
when you see the way the conversation is
being steered so it appears to me the

Jeffrey Epstein is the kind of guy and
this wouldn’t be the first in history
but has throws parties it’s all great
we’re all it’s a great time we know how

he recruited the girls this is you know
this is now open knowledge everybody
come on down to the island let’s hang
out let’s party maybe you can hang out
with these girls and then after let’s

just take Bill Clinton as an example
maybe he finds a 15 14 year-old very
attractive he has a good time with her
and then maybe a week or two later
Epstein calls and says bill man oh I

just found out that you know that girl
that you um that you hung it out with it
the island dude she’s 15 but but but you
know I got it under control I think we

can handle this why don’t you put five
million dollars into my fund which by
the way is 2% 20% of the profit and I
which he just invested in S&P 500 or

something wasn’t trading anything but
you just want you to do that and then
I’ll uh I’ll keep all of this on the Qt
and take into account the models the
relationship between Epstein and the was

it the Q something modeling agency this
is a blackmail scheme that is it’s clear
as day to me that’s clear as day and
it’s all under the guise of we’re having

a good time we’re partying it’s not a
it’s all great and then he just goes and
he starts to rake it in and then
everybody’s hooked and now everybody has
something on everybody else and I think

that is the basis of his wealth what
he’s been doing the scam he’s been
running everything points to it there
could be a bigger state actor but well
it’s just for a second here let’s stick

in in this this went
unfinished during the Obama
administration they should have wrapped
this all up they should have taken care
of whoever needs to be taken care of

because this was just waiting for Trump
politically to grab this and I think
that he’s that he is steering this he’s
behind it everything points to him not
being involved and wanting to help bring

this to justice maybe it also connects
to Mueller again he had an extended
period outside of the ten year term
which is is legally set in stone but

somehow they weasel that into two extra
maybe there was some stuff that he had
to fix or some things he had to change
or whatever maybe the FBI was using
Epstein for blackmail purposes to get

information through him here’s the
question you were asking earlier about
being an intelligence asset it came up
in the press presser secretary will you
ever made aware at any point you’re

handling this case if mr. Epstein was an
intelligence asset of some sort there
has been reporting to that effect and

and let me say there’s been reporting to
a lot of effects in this please notice
he’s not going to answer the question
case not just now but over the years and
and again I would you know I would

hesitate to take this reporting as fact
this was a case that was brought by our
office it was brought based on the facts

and and I look at that reporting and
others I can’t address it directly
because of our our guidelines but I can
tell you that that a lot of reporting is

just going down private holes a few a
few more question yeah so that is
another great non-answer wish I could
answer the question but I’ll just talk
about something else so it is possible

and this is where Gillian Maxwell comes
into play daughter of Robert Maxwell who
was pretty much seen as an Israeli asset
in Israeli intelligence asset which I

guess would be Mossad it is possible
that this was the Israelis running this
is possible that they were running it
with the FBI that they were running it
together that I don’t know maybe some of

that will come out of all this
but in my mind we are looking here at
the possibility something has to happen
something has to pop someone has to
there has to be another name that comes

out it could actually be Dershowitz who
was in a very bad position who was now
just this morning I read said well you
know I did get a massage at Epstein’s
place but it was from a grandma and she

kept her panties on this is not looking
good for Dershowitz or for anybody
involved in this and once one or two of
them fall I think we’ll see Bill Clinton

go down we may see Chuck Schumer go down
there’s a reason why Schumer is on the
floor calling for a Kosta to resign they
need a custo customer scuzz Acosta knows
who told him to put this deal it wasn’t

him autonomously a US state’s attorney
uh-huh so he’s black male possibly FBI
spying possibly part of it an Israeli
intelligence blackmailing operation and

that’s where I think we’re at yeah I’m
completely on the opposite spectrum of
this mainly because of Occam’s razor
somebody pointed this out you have
billionaires involved in us in a sex

ring billionaires
most of them have one or maybe two or
maybe more fixers that would have killed
this guy by now why isn’t he dead and he

should have been dead if this was going
on it was a blackmail operation there’s
too many people being blackmailed you
can’t keep that many balls in the air
it’s bullshit that it was blackmail in
the first place look at it from a more

logical Occam’s razor perspective this
guy is running you I think you’re right
about the investment thing although he
has had a lot of experience at Bear
Sterns he was no slouch but setting up
an index fund and just having people

puttin money into it so you could join
the club a whisper network a yeah you
know if you if you you know scream a
couple million into Epstein’s little
index fund here you get it you get to go

to the parties you get to do this
you get to do that and is gonna you’re
gonna be introduced to a lot of young
girls and that is not going to be filmed
there were no cameras there will be no

tapes there is no tapes no more than Tom
Arnold and his tapes of Trump the whole
idea of tapes is all queuing on kind of

there’s no tapes because you can’t have
tapes you’re gonna get yourself killed
at this level yeah you can you could
blackmail some jerk that you know makes
a few hundred thousand dollars a year
and he’s got a wife and kids this is not

happening with these people they will
kill him there are no tapes it was a
club it was a sex tryst club covered up
by a lot of celebrities who joined the

club by putting some money into his fund
and taking a lot of trips to Lolita
Island or whatever they call it the
little Lita Express to the island and
that’s that and we keep our eyes we shut
up about it we don’t talk about it

Epstein’s not talking about it
nobody’s rolling over nothing like this
is gonna happen whether there’s
intelligence agencies involved it’s
probably bullshit this is a just a
straight-up sex cult club and with a

cover that he’s an investment a hedge
fund manager and he’s a yeah he’s a
hedge fund manager he probably does
manage that money nobody’s losing any
money but he’s making a lot of money on

the kind of on the 2 percent 20 percent
thing you mentioned I don’t believe a
word of this blackmail thing at this
point I can’t counter about tapes or
intelligence operations because that’s

just the conspiratorial theories at this
point however the lawyer who was trying
to bring this to justice came back from
Chicago with his son he had of course

small aviation the plane blew up in the
sky and he had he had made a phone call
before he left saying oh I think I have
this I have that I have the info I need

he died the guy the butler who had all
the goods had the black book he died so
people are dying and we’ll have to leave
it at that but if this is what I think

it is and it is a
a push from Trump to get to a number of
people before the 2020 election then it

will unfold if I’m wrong then it won’t
then it just goes away the way I see it
it’ll go away
except I mean Epson is gonna get nailed
for some VC and end up in jail which is

what Acosta says he always wanted he
never expect him to go out on release
according to him the now expurgated
interview that I heard and so

everybody’s gonna be happy about that I
just think this was all promoted by the
media Nell and elsewhere as a point of
just another way to screw with Trump no

I got I got you made you made your point
you made your point really clear you did
you talked about it for 15 minutes you
made your point about that and that is
happening that’s what the news media is

doing about it for 15 minutes if I
talked about for two minutes it was long
the news media is taking this as a way
to get to Trump totally agree I just

happen to think that it is a Trump
operation to expose people before the
2020 election you can’t you can’t
counter that I can’t counter what you’re

saying let’s just see what happens right
now you’re ahead because it’s being used
to fuck Trump that’s no doubt about it
but I have been around I’ve I’ve been
around these assholes and they’re

fucking creepy and they do creepy stuff
so nobody’s denying that well when you
do creepy stuff and people know about it
blackmail comes into play whether you

have videos or not it’s just what
happens it comes into play kids die the
witnesses die all kinds of people die so
we’ll see

I I will say that it’s rather odd that
Maureen Comey James commis daughter is
apparently on the prosecution team

that’s kind of annoying but on the other
hand I thought it was interesting that
Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi
tweeted the following quote this Epstein
case is horrific and the young women

deserved justice it is quite likely that
some of our faves are implicated but we
must follow the facts and let the chips
fall where they may whether on
Republicans or Democrats some of our

faves what the hell does that mean there
was an article in The Guardian that said

let they let it be exposed no matter how
many Democrats fall yeah well you know
we had the we had a big Republican
scandal it turns out and this I actually

tweeted tweeted out of link it’s on
YouTube it’s still everywhere the
documentary that never aired thing was
for ITV or channel 4 in the UK it’s
about boys town USA which was in

Oklahoma and Lawrence King who ran a
pedophile basically rentboy network to
politicians you can go back and look at

I mean in fact it was on the cover cover
of the New York Times
my uncle was doing midnight tours with
gay prostitutes of the White House

during the Bush era then you know poppy
and George have been there’s a lot of
whispers about their sexuality for many
many years and many scandals involving

them right down to the press room
remember that when one of his boys down
thing is still if you search and search
his search you will fight you day

although it’s grown hairs as they like
to say sure and the audios grown
potatoes is out there it’s very
interesting and the Lawrence King thing

is pretty disgusting and gross right but
that so the Republicans they like boys
for summaries

that’s their kick the Democrats it
appears they like young girls that’s
unique it’s just the facts that I have
in front of me yeah that’s funny well

it’s kind of yeah i this is noticeable
some reason yeah it’s crazy isn’t it

yeah well what do you expect
alright well I think we got it we at
least we set the groundwork
yeah we need more to pretty much like

the the shoe thing which is kind of an
interesting situation too sorry shoes
and we’ll see what happens what happens
but at least I think we’ve given a
little more information out there than

the news media wants to do and we’re not
hounding Acosta to quit that’s yeah I
hope he doesn’t hat mom we’ll see what
do you mean the shoe said the shoe thing

what you think the Betsy Ross flag like
the shoe thing that was so last episode
John we’re moving on can’t do it Betsy
Ross shoe every single show well where

would you like to pick it up from here
well we can go in all kinds of different
directions from that Kant or the

cannabis story’s interesting but let’s
know now that this runs a little short
here’s one that you’re not gonna hear in
this country this is apparently this is

going on in the Great Lakes and all over
the place and Canadians the Canadians
are reporting about it but we’re not and
this is the goldfish invasion well
they’re an easy first pet a popular

ornamental fish a calming presence and
dentist offices but if goldfish are
discarded in the wrong way they can grow
into destructive well monsters parts of
Lake Ontario are filled with them so

researchers have launched a unique catch
and release operation in hopes of
getting the upper hand Kath Soucie shows
us how we started tagging goldfish
17 near Hamilton Ontario aquatic

research biologists Christine Boston and
her team are on a mission a mission to
rid the waters of an unwanted an

unwelcomed predator goldfish and not the
tiny orange colored variety in aquariums
these are meant to be in a fishbowl why

are they so big I don’t remember
goldfish being that big I think they
just they have the resources they have
an unlimited supply of food here in the
harbor for them that’s good for the

goldfish which are not only surviving
but thriving it’s doing well and our
native fish aren’t doing well it
competes for the habitat that our fish
need to spawn and reproduce it they

generate a lot of turbidity in the water
which decreases the water quality so how
did this happen well apparently
apparently that little goldfish and the

goldfish bowl those little guys are
stunted because people feed him so much
and they stand like if you give a
goldfish a little goldfish in your
goldfish bowl the opportunity to live in

a lake it will become 2 feet long so
those giant giant goldfish that you see
in the you know certain aquariums and
they show them often in Japan those are

the same fish the little guys and this
happened because people start flushing
the gophers down the toilet or no
goldfish I can’t get we can’t keep this

goldfish honey I’m gonna let him loose
in the lake and so they let him go and
the next thing you know we got we’re
playing with these giant goldfish are
they like Cory Lake Ontario for starters

but apparently every place else in any
place it has a lot of carp the carp
which are a pain in the ass and a
nuisance the goldfish have replaced many
of them and so this is like a huge

problem so he’s a these like koi yeah
this one it looks like it looks like
it’s about a 2 foot long actually
generally speaking about 12 inches to 24
inch long goldfish

that bitch they’re not good eating
pretty definitely pretty yeah Wow
that’s odd a bitch that’s happening

everywhere a bitch that’s happening in
Austin my bitch is happening in Austin –
yeah I got a note from the former near
bank relink – a Wall Street Journal
article which started off about Deutsche
Bank be the getting rid of 18,000 jobs

or whatever yeah they’re had firing a
bunch people but the title of his email
was remember five years ago he said I
told you we won and you look at this
article the the European banks are not

doing business anymore it’s all US banks
who are doing the mergers the
acquisitions the advisory role the IPOs
the the Dutch that’s our the all the

European banks are essentially out of
business and they still haven’t dealt
with the 2008 issues you know they still
have toxic debt this is what this

happening with with with Deutsche Bank
so it looks like we kind of I don’t know
if you talked about this with Horowitz
but it looks like the US banks have just
they have taken over the eurozone and
the European banks have capitulated

well we whine but how it what did she
explain why the European banks can’t
keep up I mean Horowitz and I talked

about most recently about the their
negative interest rate experiment which
is probably what sunk them you might
want to try and explain this because

it’s I think it’s useful for people to
understand by bonds overseas outside of
the United States our bonds are cheap
the bonds are expensive but their
interest rates are low they eat at one
point eight two point two percent for a

various length Treasury bond in Europe
and Asia they’ve been experimenting
because they’re looking at some other
kinds of numbers and they didn’t like
the idea of quantitative easing and they

had a different approach to trying to
stabilize they have negative interest
rates so if you invest $1,000 and you
hold the bond to maturity you get back
like nine hundred and something dollars

yeah what an investment so it’s not much
of an investment to say the least and so
that everybody’s using arbitrage to kind
of get free bonds from their government
and then buy our bonds and so it’s like

has strengthened our entire banking
system and our structures and all the
major major the big big ones in fact the
worst case in our was in Switzerland of
all places where I thought they had the

strongest banking system because they
have their you know their Swiss bankers
it’s like got a reputation but no they
have the luck the biggest negative
interest rate in in Switzerland and if
the whole thing is baffling I mean

Horowitz can’t understand it I can’t
understand it I don’t know why they’re
doing it what the point of it is and
it’s not doing them any good and it’s
doing us a lot of good and we’re the
target for investments and so the money
keeps flowing in the United States

hence we won I think that I think that’s
what it is yeah but we but what do we
get one yeah we did
oh I think when he says we won I think
he means American banks won I don’t
think that America’s obviously but

American banks won but what do we win
all the business yeah I guess so it’s
just the strangest thing I’ve ever seen
it doesn’t make a lot of sense let’s put

it that way I hope somebody writes a did
writes a book or has a better way of
explaining it so he’s not very helpful
we want okay great well why how you know

what was the mechanism how did they get
sad to get so super how’d they get
stupid overnight I mean what was what
happened that will be something for the
next dinner I take them out – these are
the questions I will take with me and

ask him profusely very interesting data
coming in from the ham radio community
as you know hams will save the world
they will yeah right where is my head

where’s my guy yeah here is here’s my
guy now here we have ham radio guys ham
radio is the public service network of

last resort when the apocalypse comes
we’re the guys who are gonna save the
world right so there’s a dude Victor
echo 7 Delta x-ray whiskey his name is

Alex and he maintains the RF seismograph
website and he has drawn a correlations
between earthquake activity and

propagation of the high-frequency radio
bands and according to the RF
seismograph so propagation the the way

shortwave I’ll just call it shortwave to
make it easy the way shortwave radio
works that hams operate on is your
signal goes out and it bounces off the

ionosphere and it can bounce back down
to earth and it can make several skips
or hops as we call it until it reaches
halfway around the world it’s it’s and
you know it’ll fade in and fade out

sometimes and this is what we call
propagation and it depends on the
quote-unquote RF conditions but around
the 4:00 p.m. UTC July 4th continuing to
July 5th there was a total blackout of

propagation in California’s Mojave
Desert and this leads me of course
immediately to conclude that there was

something going on that may have helped
spur these quakes along you know I’m a
big fan of the earthquake machine it’s
not like they’re like it’s not talked

about and it’s not talked about in
Congress we played the clips of Cohen
the mm was the Secretary of Defense who
said hey everyone else has got weather
modification earthquake new stuff we

need to have this too so it’s possible
that there was some high aural array
radio the activity HAARP as we call it
that may have either inadvertently or

purposely set off something or maybe it
was just testing but to have this
propagation just drop out before during
and after the event is I think is
noticeable is something of note huh well

that’s interesting also did he maybe it
had been a test of something but and a
good course a chart where we’re gonna

target without really causing you know
hurting anybody let’s do the desert and
it was right don’t even know when I
first heard about it being in the Mojave
Desert I didn’t even know there was a

town there well there’s a weapons
testing facility that’s the whole
testing facility I guess you had to have
a town to support it unless I was gonna
yeah China Lake yes so they have a town
there in the town was like shook has

been shook up I liked a shot of the
camera inside the liquor store so sad to
see all that alcohol go I’d like to
thank you for your courage and say in

the morning to you the man who put the C
in convicted pedo bear Jhansi
good morning to you mr. Adam curry in
the morning auto-ship to see boots on
the ground feet in the air subs in the

water all the Dames tonight’s out in the
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I had them cover our fourth of July I
had him over at the fourth of July
barbecue and I can’t begin to tell you
how entertaining it was to hear them
talk about the shoe controversy I did

not ask if Colin Kaepernick was actually
consulted on the matter my bad
although I don’t think they would be in

the know more to come on that it seems
as if the story has finally created a
rift within the company though the vast
majority thinking it’s BS they pulled

that they pulled the shoe the majority
oh wow which makes sense to me long
story short the night ended was one of
my s JW friends calling another one of

my friends racist
kept in mind these are two white 28 year
old lesbians in a room full of more
white people that’s a good note this is

exactly why we need guys like you more
than ever can’t thank you enough for

keeping me sane in the neverending sea
of bullshit
no jingles just jobs karma okay and he
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Sir Patrick COBOL was barren God surely
know he’s the Earl the Earl of totally

wanted to Earl
he’s Earl
do not a Duke of Earl is that Earl the
producer credit can be credited to the
Knoxville Tennessee Meetup uh-huh we had

a good turnout delicate so these he
collected some money well he’s qualified
to do the not just collects it bundle
clearly he’s a bundle bundler
that’s a great that we got a you add

that’s it that’s what he answers the
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he’s our bundler we had a good turnout
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okay no so the meetup got it produced so
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everyone who came to hang out a random
Sharpton another one it’s funny yeah and
an LG why would do the body good we had
two x dudes named Ben who were named who
were actually named Ben thank you see

and thank you Earl of Tennessee Sir
Patrick Coble he’s he’s the meat up
machine is what he is if he’s not in the
UK then he’s in Iowa then he’s in

Tennessee’s everywhere there’s a meet-up
it will give you a list of meetups you
can attend in our second segment thank
you very much for Patrick Cole and
everybody who attended the Knoxville
Tennessee Meetup and I did get a few

notes that it very similar to what to
our future Dame said that it’s so great
to just sit down and chat with people
knowing that you’re not gonna trigger
them doesn’t even matter what you talk

about it’s just there’s it’s like a no
triggering policy because everybody is
our ESP ICT you’ve got karma sir
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wrote about this and I had to go all JC
but that is utter bull crap to an
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been developed by Yahoo Isikoff they of

them once I used to work at the New York
Times Newsweek he read all these jobs
and he finally ran out of places to work
promoting his book which he wrote with

David corn the the dude in the do shit
the Chu guy well not just that he was he
also propagated the steel dossier right

right he was really pushing that he was
a welcome guest on all the all the news
channels he’s no longer appears to be a
welcome guest

well after groping I guess not or
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between episode seven one seven and
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Albert Peter your Shin ver hi
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I will look for a note okay and we’ll

run that note in the second half if I
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two hundred damn that puja needs to know

that you were talking about the dog
which I think the waters trouble it
damn that push it needs a name like
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all sort em well does the dog have a
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maybe I’ll come up with a name for him
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in honor of our beagle buck our first
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Lake the quote you’re looking for
regarding the Nike something Republicans
buy shoes – oh that’s what that’s a
Michael Jordan quote all Republicans

bite you to know Michael Jordan yeah and
John was right the Betsy Ross shoes were
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yah yah yah yah yah that was a good

group that was a great group and funny
too funny
I like it when it’s funny so we have a
report I just want to do as an

informational report okay this is a
summer middle of summer in most places
not here
desert in California of coast is always
chilly but kids and hot cars be careful
out there

next tonight to the warning to parents
as the first heat wave of the season
grips parts of the country police say a
three year old boy was found dead after
trapping himself in a minivan in
Morristown Tennessee at least 15 hot car

deaths now reported in the US this year
here’s ABC’s Marcus more this frantic
scene unfolding outside an Oklahoma
liquor store police trying to open a

car’s doors a 14 month-old child left
inside Wednesday as she walked toward
the car sister car open it up right now
turn to put hands honey back a second

officer removing the child police say he
was wearing only a wet diaper clammy to
touch and had bright red skin is that
your child on your back the child’s

mother arrested in 2018 52 children died
in hot cars across the country and
already this year more than a dozen have
lost their lives Wow

what idiots are these people I don’t
know it’s California it’s California
before you report this a national report
damn it
yeah that’s you’re pretty stupid if you

do that even for the kids wrote that one
kid was just crawling around anyway yeah
put it on a leave into the store I’ll
hold them you can put the kid on a leash

well good kids it was it was a baby no
he couldn’t walk okay hmm
so anyway I got this report I got from
PBS and I put at the beginning of it WTF

because it’s a report on drug prices and
it just there’s something in here that
makes zero sense
you you will hear it a federal court in
Washington has blocked the Department of

Health and Human Services
for making drug companies show prices in
their TV ads the mandate was to take
effect today in a bid to bring about
lower prices but the court said that

Congress never granted the power to
enforce such a rule what so here’s what
the report says that there’s a law in
the books now that says you have to put

these drug prices on there but because
there’s no enforcement uh
recommendations or any sort of
enforcement I guess part of that part of
the law has no way of enforcing its rule

it’s not a law it’s a rule I don’t rule
but there’s no enforcement of the rule
you don’t have to follow the rule what
is this wouldn’t it this ever happen
during the rules of rules the rule I
mean you don’t need the enforcement part

to make it a rule this is what the
entire Obama administration had rules
that were not enforced you kidding me
that’s every agency did not enforce the
how about immigration on the border they

did not enforce the rules now this is
this is very normal
it’s your regular as far as I’m
concerned I have seen drug prices on

some ads though I am and recently maybe
maybe three days ago and it was it was
how man I forget what it was maybe was

lexapro Teena caught it and it and it
was like $10,000 a month no geez yeah
you know people don’t see it but every
single I think every drug television ad

at the end has in the small print if you
can’t afford it if you don’t have
insurance you can call them and they
will give you the medication yes it will
help you there they’re gonna help you

yeah they did they and I have looked
into this and they wind up giving people
the medication they don’t I’m not saying
that they don’t do it once in a while
how they do it almost all the time they

do new stories about it and it’s not
something you’re supposed to know but
they will they will not let you die if
you can’t get their drug for some reason

now it doesn’t mean you won’t die by
taking their drug but that’s a different
story but they they say oh we might help
that but they will they will this is
this is a this is a No Agenda tip

actually just say you can’t afford it
call them up if you really can’t afford
it they will give it to you
well who can afford a $10,000 a month
drug yeah I can’t I don’t think I need
it either that’s I’m just trying to keep

my marijuana habit alive there’s a
marihuana historian here at cannabis
reform series is a new thing they’re
doing on PBS let’s play part of it
there’s been a big shift in the

attitudes toward marijuana use in many
places around the country increasingly
new state laws are following voter
attitudes we are still in the latest
wave of legalization of cannabis one

that’s not finished yet
and we’re going to spend some time this
week looking at the many different ways
it’s affecting individuals communities
businesses and state governments our

series is called the Green Rush and
william brangham begins with this
broader look Illinois is now the 11th
state along with Washington DC to

legalize recreational marijuana in the
US with overwhelming and bipartisan
support as the state legislature passed
a bill that allows for a regulated
recreational market starting next year

Illinois is just the latest date to join
the legalization wave that’s been
sweeping across the country Colorado and
Washington were first back in 2012 now
nearly 30 percent of the country live in

states where recreational pot is legal
perhaps it’s not a coincidence that
public support for legalization has also
soared to record levels a 2018 Gallup
poll found 66 percent of Americans

support it that’s up more than 20
percent from a decade ago and more than
50 percent since 1969 there’s really two
dominant forces affecting public opinion
around cannabis legalization John

Hudak is a senior fellow at the
Brookings Institution and author of
marijuana a short history States and
realizing the sky isn’t falling the
doomsday predictions of opponents are

not really coming true the other force
is generational replacement the people
who oppose cannabis reform are the
oldest people in our society okay I
found that to be somewhat insulting

because of the older ageism yes not only
ageism but I’m a huge proponent of it
not a pothead by any means so you can’t

have to write that part of it off and
I’ve always been for legalization I’ve
always thought it was silly that it
wasn’t legalized but I guess some other
people in my ilk I was my ilka age ilk

were against it all along these are
probably the same people that don’t know
how to use a computer but I digress oh
we can listen to part two if you want
the marijuana grown and sold today is

also far more potent and now far more
available than it used to be and that’s
raised some public health concerns
researchers warn of a rise in what’s
called marijuana use disorder where

chronic use of the drug often negatively
impacts the users life some states have
also seen an increase in cases of
driving under the influence of marijuana
marijuana related hospital visits are

also up though most cases involve
someone smoking or eating too much which
resolves pretty quickly in some states
that legalized the number of underage

users went up but in others it didn’t
what we know is that the legalization of
cannabis can have these public health
and public safety impacts but it does

not it is not clear that cannabis does
cause these effects and so the best bet
that states have is to recognize that
these effects are possible and to try to

combat them in advance before they
become a reality and having some
standing in the area just in the drug
dealer whose it was been with me for

well since I’ve been in Austin I think
yeah I think he’d yeah since I’ve been
in Austin uh the last delivery he say he
gets everything from California now and

the the actual flower the actual bud
that he gave me was soap is so
incredibly potent that I actually was
affected and I can’t remember being this

affected in twenty five maybe even
longer twenty five thirty years I think
now I think maybe even more than I think
the last time I I was so affected by
that weed was when I was 18 and I had to

sit down I said even said to Tina I was
going on when I got to sit down for a
second way too potent the whole
everything that’s happening in

California is now the vape pens that’s
that’s a big deal but now there’s the
pure THC have you heard of this the pure
THC yeah you can get it and it’s a
Washington is available too and it’s a

white powder is that what you’re talking
no I don’t know I’ve never seen it I
just know about it okay so this there’s
this the pure THC and they have some
process where they extracted and it did
it almost looks like cocaine and that’s

what people dab so you need to put it in
a on a hot coil basically and smoke it
in a vape like fashion but this is crazy
the stuff that they’re making now I have

to say I’m coming from me that’s a big
deal like this is a little too much
then we should people need to know level
responsible it is it is irresponsible

the I I it’s it’s just gone crazy and I
actually for a moment thought oh my god
don’t tell me I’m gonna scrum it that
would be funny

no that would not be funny cuz
apparently that’s horrible i i haven’t
vomited in 40 years can’t believe that
there are some people have never vomited

for some reason yeah i just don’t i
don’t vomit it just doesn’t happen i
know i think
have a stomach of iron dramedy would
really be an embarrassment that I would

enjoy it very very bad
can’t have any of that so yeah be
careful people remember you can always
smoke more not less you can always dab
more not less

you could always spray more by the way
the spray stuff that we got from Jambo
Joe I like that stuff yeah the THC spray
that’s good stuff anyway I think that

definitely needs some guidelines right
now it’s just Wild West this Wild West
but that I think that guidelines would
be good when when a lifelong smoker says
this get pretty heavy it’s getting

pretty heavy now let’s talk about the
2020 election which is still all that
has really talked about here in general

in the US I’m very happy to hear that
CNN has he’s starting to go our way they
are starting to turn these debates into
a little bit of a game show we’ve we’ve

got some some positive movement now the
there will be colored lights to help the
candidates manage their remaining
response times the lights will turn
yellow and then to flashing red and then

when their time is out solid red
yeah when their time is that this should
cut cut the mic Sandman come out with a
hook a candidate attacked by name by
another candidate will be given 30

seconds to respond
that’s an interesting that could be used
in interesting ways that was that that
was the rule before well here’s here’s
one that changed and we know why there

will be no show of hands or one word
down the line questions I guess the
democratic party looked thought that
they’d look pretty foolish when
everybody put their hand up and said

sure sure free health care for anyone
who’s here illegally so that’s off they
can’t do that anymore that was a I’m
reminded of the one classic example of
why that’s stupid and they’re still

pushing it which is yeah yeah well you
know they’ve kind of backing off a
little bit but the here’s the problem
you have free healthcare for anyone is
in the country every person who’s dying

anywhere in the world can just buy an
airplane ticket fly to the United States
without having to crawl over the border
or anything else now you’re here on a

visa for a tourist and you can be have
your your cancer cured they would it
would turn the entire country into a
award hospital award
it’s idiotic to even suggest that you

should be able to do this and that’s
what they’re suggesting they’re
suggesting that that one that’s no
longer well yeah there’s care if you’re
here and we get the free health care so

you don’t wanna bunch of sick people
walking around yes that invites
everybody in the world who’s sick if
they can get an airplane ticket for to
get our into our medical system you’re
cured here that would I was my right

over here and just get my free
everything questions posed by the
moderators will appear at the bottom of
the screen for television viewers that’s
so the could I guess people are

forgetting what was the question again
and here’s a new one a candidate who
consistently interrupts will have his or
her time reduced in the penalty box you
go I don’t know how they can enforce

that I can just see it
senator Gillibrand senator Gillibrand
we’re gonna have to deduct thirty
seconds from your time you really think
that’s gonna happen that they’re making
things too complicated I think it’s

gonna be a hoot I can’t wait to see this
oh by the way I wanted to ask you how’s
uh how’s that caramel Abidin ticket
coming well he says he’s sorry I’m gonna

take him at his word but again that
doesn’t address the issue of busing in
America and the fact that he still you
know we have to we cannot rewrite

about what segregationist were doing at
that time on a number of issues
including opposing busing so it seems
like she’s still pretty pissed off at an
Uncle Joe there all right well let me

I’m not going to change the the
prediction yet but I will say it’s
possible that she has I’m not the only
one who would think like this so she

would have that information herself that
is possible that she would be a vice
presidential candidate under Biden
because she’d be perfect
she’s a mixed race color woman with a
woman it’s not a bad idea and then

Christians should get presidency if he
doesn’t good last through the office uh
and maybe she doesn’t even want to
consider something like that and so
she’s submarining her own chances hmm

well she’s really trying with this why
is she doing this what is the point
she’s not making is she getting any more
people all on her side because she’s
slamming poor Uncle Joe maybe I don’t

think so I don’t know I can’t look in
her books I don’t know I do know that
what she’s pushing is this no redlining
mortgage plan that will help

that’s a new idea I’ve never heard of
such a thing well the problem with this
is that she’s calling it a plan to help
black America and there’s certain things

that are within this document that make
it clearly not just about black America
yes that’s right it’s time for my weekly
Atos segment Antonio Moore who

definitely leads a group of black
Americans who do not like Kamala Harris
had this to say my family is destroyed
as a result of slavery

tambul is easy my family is destroyed as
a result of American slavery time on the
Harrises isn’t Cumberland Harris is
presenting a no black agenda Kamala
Harris is presenting no black agenda the

housing plan that she submitted about
the housing plan that she submitted at
Cornell will hash it out later on this
tune in but it’s nonsense it is not
focused on black folks it is focused on

white people that were gentrified she
set the income threshold at 100,000 she
set the income touch on that I’m gonna
top she’s not gonna look at wealth
that’s gonna be transfers we not gonna

do any real work to make sure that white
people who come from wealth that are
good in their well white Millennials are
not getting the bulk of this program we
gonna set the threshold so high that
they don’t fall into the group and that

make it take most of the money
understand that the middle black family
in this nation makes thirty five
thousand dollars how do you set the
threshold at a hundred thousand dollars
because you’re not making this program
for black folks how do you get to go on

as in essence festival and say that a
program that is not for black folks is a
black homeownership waychel wealth that
culture she don’t know the numbers she
don’t understand the racial woke up and

she don’t understand Atos she doesn’t
know enough to be having this discussion
Carmela Harris does not have enough
policy under guarding to have a
discussion about the racial wealth gap
she’ll get out there to talk about it

and then give a solution that ain’t even
for black folks let alone Atos folks I
don’t know how this woman is running I
don’t know either Antoniou be a good

punch line what I found interesting
about her plan is it she’s going to
the way your credit score works or at

least that’s in her plan and and what
the plan states is if you pay certain
bills on time such as your utility bill
your your cable bill and your rent is in

there but certainly utilities is a big
one then your credit score will be
positively impacted and what does that
sound like I will tell you
that is exactly what Credit Karma does

that is exactly what all of these all of
these apps that are there to get you
into deeper debt owned by Google or at
least majority shareholder Credit Karma

Google they want they want to know
everything about you they want they want
to be your bank they are going to
bankrupt you and you know she I guess
maybe she’s in with him maybe this is it

I think she is the Silicon Valley
candidate although she’s definitely in
the area and so this would make sense
for her to be pushing something like
this because this would benefit Google

directly they would really be a partner
this would love to have her as president
yeah they were that this would be a good
a good thing for them you know that they
don’t care they don’t one bite and David
day would have her yeah you talked about

the borders earlier yeah and I’m I’m a
little surprised you didn’t have a clip
about this but I’m happy that I clipped
it cuz I add one of those moments and
we’re like dad John will have it this is
a learning moment for everybody when you

think I should I really send that link
to Adam and John or and I preferred if
you send it to me or John not to both of
us because then often just like same
problem Pierce and a half I’m sure so

much I’m sure I’m sure someone already
sent it to him usually they haven’t and
I’d rather receive a link a hundred
times then not receive it so do not
apologize if if you feel like oh you

probably have received this a hundred
times not just keep on sending it so
what I’m referring to is Joe Johnson on
the PBS news hour with Judy did you see
Jeff no I didn’t that would have had

probably clipton you’re right Joe
Johnson Jay is his real name you spell
it j8j eh fan favorite of the show Jeff
the jet we call him Joe Johnson yeah he
was on with the Judy and it was after he

OD is it Judy who’s Judy isn’t as Judy
no just he was a home with Judy and he
had written an op-ed which stirred a lot
of people up on the left about the

border situation how he was the ear and
Department of Homeland Security for
three years under a
and here’s what he had to say you’ve
talked about in fact he wrote us a piece
over the weekend and when she talked

about it’s time for straight talk from
America’s political leaders on from both
political parties one of the things you
you refer to was frankly what Democratic
presidential candidates some of them are
advocating and that is either

decriminalizing people who cross the
border and commit no other crime in
other words saying it would be okay it
would be legal for them to stay in the
United States you’re saying that’s not

realistic Judy I’m afraid this is
getting lost most Americans and I know
this from personal experience and from
polls most Americans want an immigration
policy that treats people in a fair and

humane way particularly those who have
been here for years who are becoming
de-facto Americans integrated members of
society they want to see us take care of
the dreamer class but they also want to

secure border and the other reality is
that and when we change our policy and
we signal to people beyond our borders
that effectively our borders are open

and that you will not be deported unless
you commit a crime for example the
migrants will hear that message it will
be aggravated and amplified by the

smugglers and instead of 100,000 a month
we’ll be dealing with 200 300 thousand a
month and these overcrowded conditions
will be even worse so continue to keep
keep it illegal to cross the border one
quick thing I do want to ok so just keep

it continue to keep it illegal let me
ask you something else wrong answer a
macro that’s a great clip wrong answer
Joe Johnson okay which is how I keep

continue to keep it II live okay Judy’s
off the rails she’s all in on open
borders and free health care apparently
the two things that can never go
together as you just posited I did I

posited it did it did it oh my goodness
okay so um Megan Rapinoe the co-captain
of the United States Women’s National

Team soccer yeah the American national
team and she hates the country I do have
a clip of this oh I have a couple clips

I’m a soccer team Megan complains
democracy now of course in New York City
fans are celebrating the u.s. women’s
soccer team’s historic World Cup victory

today with a ticker tape parade the team
won its record fourth World Cup Sunday
at second consecutive win the games also
brought renewed attention to the team’s

struggle for equal pay earlier this year
they sued the US Soccer Federation for
gender discrimination West Virginia
Senator Joe Manchin introduced a bill
Tuesday to withhold federal funding for

u.s. participation in the 2026 fifa
world cup unless the United States
Soccer Federation implements equal pay
for the women’s soccer team outspoken
co-captain Megan Rapinoe has also made

headlines for her comments about Trump
during the World Cup saying I’m not
going to the effing White House on CNN
Tuesday Anderson Cooper asked Rapinoe
what her message to President Trump is

your message is excluding people you’re
excluding me you’re excluding people
that look like me you’re excluding
people of color you’re excluding you

know Americans that that may be support
you I think that we need to have a
reckoning with the message that you have
and what you’re saying about make

America great again I think that your
harking back to an era that was not
great for everyone and might have been
great for a few people and maybe America
is great for a few people right now but
it’s not great for enough American Megan

Rapinoe also said the soccer team would
be traveling to Washington DC at the
invitation of several lawmakers in
Congress but repeated she would not

accept an invitation to the White House
as she did not want her message or the
team’s platform to be co-opted
interesting background her to kind of
when did she own the team by them well

let me let me talk about this because I
did a little deeper dive than just this
report I won’t play her matches the
president Trump because that was in your
report although I do find it interesting

she says people that look like me now
I’m sorry Megan that’s
black people what they have pink hair is
that what your problem is I didn’t that

just she was just spouting off like a
social justice warrior when she said
that and she actually you know what I’m
gonna play this she actually had to
think about it she had she didn’t have

an answer that readily available you
listen there’s a good chance the
president is watching this interview or
will watch this interview what is your
message to the president she wasn’t even
ready so she’s just gonna spout off

whatever she knows I think that I would
say that your message is excluding
people you’re excluding me you’re
excluding people that look like me is
she talking about she’s gay they just

know that but what goes on he’s
excluding everybody according to her
listen to the rest of it excluding
people you’re asking questions like you

know the answer there’s nothing there’s
nothing no that you know that she’s just
that’s what I’m saying
it’s just hate it has nothing to do with
anything she means when she says you’re

excluding people who look like me she
now thinks she’s black because that’s
what black people say to Trump that’s my
point I think that I would say that your
message is excluding people you’re
excluding me you’re excluding people

that look like me you’re excluding
people of color you’re excluding you
know Americans that that may be support
you I think that we need to have a
reckoning with the message that you have

and what you’re saying about make
America great again I think that your
harking back to an era that was not
great for everyone it might have been
great for a few people and maybe America
is great for a few people right now but

it’s not great for enough Americans in
this world and I think that we have a
responsibility each and every one of us
you have an incredible responsibility as
you know the chief of this country to

take care of every single person and you
need to do better for everyone so notice
what she said throughout the entire
interview she’s talking

this country this country this country I
would not go and every commit that I’ve
talked to especially about it would not
go everyone that you’ve talked to
everyone that I’ve talked to yeah I
don’t think I don’t think anyone on the

team has any interest in lending the
platform that we’ve worked so hard to
build and the things that we fight for
and the the way that we live our life I
don’t think that we want that to be

co-opted or corrupted by this
administration I think it’s it’s an
opportunity for administration to sort
of put us on display as they’re you know
sort of guests for the day and I don’t
think that that makes sense for for us

at all I can’t imagine any any one of my
teammates would want to be put in that
position there’s there’s so many other
people all right so she keeps saying
this country this country this

administration until she starts talking
about somebody else there’s a good
chance the president is watching this
interview or will watch this interview
what what are you sorry and that’s the
wrong one this is the one that you mean
this wasn’t here you’re taking out Nancy

Pelosi has said you know you’re you’d be
welcome to a bipartisan congressional
thing do you plan on going to Washington
in one way or another yes definitely and

I think even there’s the conversations
with the teammates that I’ve had I think
everyone is interested in going to
Washington I think we’ve always been
interested in going to Washington this
is such a special moment for us and to

be able to you know sort of leverage
this movement talk about the things that
we want to talk about and to celebrate
like this with the leaders of our
country and there it is and that’s the

problem with these people if you lose if
your side loses it’s still our country
it’s still our people it’s still our

president it’s still our leaders this
shit needs to stop and you can tell by
someone’s words within five minutes
where what they what they’re all about
and if this this country this country

this country this country but when it’s
something she likes our country country
very disingenuous Kirk’s me about this
is that there’s no way there’s not one

or two
normal people on that team that would
love to go to the White House but she’s
a bully and she’s prevented anybody from
speaking up except her correct

now I will say I watched the full
interview with her on Anderson Cooper I
watched the full interview with her on
Rachel Maddow I don’t dislike her I
think she’s good for the sport because

you need someone who is a loudmouth has
a great profile her stance were their
arms wide one little bit higher is
iconic is thought about is branding
maybe the Nike people helped her out

with that by the way they got a lot of
money in this Federation so this is all
infighting at the Federation level it’s
about sponsorships it’s about the money
she’s pissed off that they had three

World Cups all at the same time she’s
doing a very good job because you need a
loud mouth like a Beckham you need a
well you used to be a loud mouth you
need you need loud mouths who were great

players to propel the sport forward so
I’m not I’m not so much against that but
she’s at the end of her career you see
she’s 34 she’s almost 35 she only has a

few more years to go she’ll do the
Olympics she mean I didn’t even do the
next World Cup so I don’t have that much
of a problem with her I do have a
problem with the the US Soccer

Federation I mean this thing there is so
much money in here and it’s every single
sports brand it’s anheuser-busch these
those are the guys who determine where
the money go so you know to make this

about equal pay and all that crap
is is completely completely outrageous
here’s the here’s the ad that Nike ran
right after their win

we will be four-time champions and keep

winning until we not only become the
best female soccer team but the best
soccer team in the world and then a
whole generation of girls and boys will
go out and play in when I grow up


so what she is is a spokesperson for
social justice and brand identity
marketing that’s what this is all about

everything that comes out of her mouth
is all about the brand and as we know
from social media
anything Trump is bad for the brand
can’t be a part of it look at the logo
she’s wearing the Nike logo and that is

what is going on with her to add to that
there was a big conference recently of
advertisers called add colors and this
was about advertising towards people of

color and they brought out mark
Pritchard the chief brand officer you
can believe that title of Procter &
Gamble at Procter & Gamble is a lot of

what we call FMC g’s fast-moving
consumer goods would have tied really
big Procter & Gamble brands
John uh Colgate no ice Colgate Palmolive

pop I don’t know I don’t know him don’t
keep track of there’s two these two
giant companies and you know Colgate
Palmolive and Procter gamble okay where

they got Listerine they got two pert
they got Oreo they got all kinds of
stuff so this guy comes out and he’s
talking to this crowd than a date they
have Oreo toy there was a troll room

comment so I thought maybe they did so
Mark Pritchard the chief brand officer
comes out after showing a video of an
advertisement which was called the talk
and the advertisement shows black

mothers and fathers talking with their
kids the talk about how you have to be
careful when you get pulled over by a
cop how you have to how you have to act
that you may have to work twice as hard

than white than white children of the
same age I’m not sure I agree with all
everything that’s in this the talk
commercial so he comes out of that and
here’s kind of his little rap you just

seen the talk which is brilliant
creative work brilliant but it was also
a moment of truth where we stepped up to
take a bold stand we shined a light on
racial bias by focusing on the talk that

black parents in America constantly had
with their children to help them deal
with the everyday prejudice that they’ll
face now this is a powerful statement
but it was not without controversy most

of the responses were positive with one
group saying that’s my life thank you
for recognizing it and another group
saying wow I didn’t realize that happens

let’s talk about it but some reactions
were negative denying that the issue
exists at all and a few were very
negative angrily saying why are

companies involved in social and
political issues why don’t you just
stick to selling products well we had an
answer to that if not us then who if not
now then when we didn’t stop in fact we

doubled down on both advertising
spending and PR we worked with the ABC
hit show blackish to do
entire episode on the talk with national
advertising we reinforced the message

that this film has an important purpose
that is needed today more than ever to
promote conversation conversation leads
to understanding understanding leads to

changing attitudes attitude change leads
to behavior change and behavior change
leads to positive action we were even
asked to consider editing out some of

the controversial parts of the app that
we refused because that would have
denied truth and just because it’s not
one person’s reality does it mean that

it’s not another person’s truth now the
heat we faced was a real moment of truth
we read some very angry harsh and
hateful mail people within our own

company wondered if the fight was worth
it and we had to ask ourselves do we
stand down and avoid controversy or do
we keep going to speak truth and inspire

conversations we chose to keep going
because there’s so much more that must
be done the advertised life the

advertising community congratulating
each other but I know what this is about
and that I couldn’t figure it out why
why do they keep doing this why do
brands want to be all social and what is
the point and after I read this Wall

Street Journal article about regulators
who are really diving into the way you
can advertise on on the Internet today
particularly Facebook I think is

mentioned the most here where you can
where you can segregate right down to
age ray sexuality and all all these
different things to target a market

which is of course has been called
racist that’s racist so these guys as he
said himself they’re doubling down why
because they want to justify it they
they know that if they can find the

right product for LGBT qqi apk that they
can sell a shitload of product to that
group but when they do that they get
called out as being you know

as doing it off the backs of gay people
which they’re doing but now they have
this aw no no no you see we are speaking
up because if we don’t do it who will do

it they are taking themselves above all
of this to say it’s okay for us to be
racist or sexist or a just went are
getting advertising which by the way has

been the norm ever since advertising was
invented but because they give all the
scrutiny now they have to turn it into
something else
I think it’ll backfire but for now
that’s what they’re holding to we have
to do it you people can’t do it we we

the brand’s we understand we understand
the injustice
okay visit i yeah nothing to add nothing

nothing no comment uh no no not really

must disappoint I think it is gonna
backfire and that’s a dead I don’t know
how it’s gonna backfire but these guys
can get themselves out of it well they
can always get themselves out of it but

in the meantime I think the brands are
garnering a lot of power this way cuz
you know no I’m not seeing it well I you
know you you agree with me that they’re

responsible for a lot of the content
takedowns all the advertisers are yeah
yeah but mainly the brand advertisers by

the way on the big the big boys whether
they’re yeah nope alright
Procter & Gamble per se as a brand this
is their products it’s the individual

brand so the for instance they they took
t-shirts and they printed on the
t-shirts slurs against Mexicans and
Cubans except they didn’t print it in

ink they printed it in ketchup and then
they hung them all up in a store had
it’s all in Spanish that’s why I don’t
have a clip and they brought in you know
the the target market and this is an ad

by the way they’re brought in the target
market and they’re looking at these like
wow I can’t believe this is so
disgusting this is this is a completely
racist t-shirt and then all of a sudden
they say aha but we’re gonna help you

remove the labels with tide and they
pull out the tide pod and of course it
washes the ketchup right out I mean
that’s the kind of shit they’re doing
now I just think of it as pandering hey

Twitter is way down down like has a
massive problem like something that we
haven’t seen I think they may have been

hacked actually someone said Oh Twitter
is down right now you’re saying yeah but
it’s been down for a while and
apparently it may not come back
sue doesn’t take much of you get to

inside these things you know to bring
the whole thing down that’s a problem
with online everything I love that we
need more of this to go down finally
because we don’t need because you had
nothing but an hour’s worth of agony

this morning largely because of online
well now you’re gonna get your Reb web
browser you’re gonna get all technical
on me about that that’s not fair we love
it when someone else has technical

problems we hate it when it happens to
us problem is you know I don’t know how
this happens but I have a mic stand it’s

got it’s screwed into a base oh this is
the thing that’s falling down again yeah
and it’s and I don’t move this mic but
it’s slowly over months and months

unscrews itself and I’m reminded of if
everyone remembers it when they had a
phone with a cord oh it would tangle you
could never get it somehow over you’re

just picking up the phone you talk talk
talk and they put it back you pick up
the phone you’re talking to put it back
but somehow over months and months it
starts to twist you’re not twisting it
I’m not um who’s twisting it

maybe someone comes in when you’re not
looking into your studio by the way when
Twitter’s down a lot of people can’t log
into other things because they flew low
she thought it was a great idea to use

their Twitter to log into stuff well
Facebook’s worse for that you know they
they both do it but apparently the whole
authorization system is down yes
probably as microservices our Kitab

there it is
a little one little guy one do one
little system which they didn’t really
have a workaround for us this down and
the whole thing is down because nobody

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so we have a country to controversies

that you okay ambassador and Trump and
Twitter I got this Trump and Twitter
rundown which I have some thoughts on
Trump is violating the Constitution when

he blocks his critics on Twitter
Jameel Jaffer of Columbia University’s
night First Amendment Institute which
filed a lawsuit said quote public
officials social media accounts are now

among the most significant forums for
discussion of government policy this
decision will ensure that people aren’t
excluded from these forums simply
because of their viewpoints and that

public officials aren’t insulated from
their constituents criticism it will
help ensure the integrity and vitality
of digital spaces that are increasingly
important to our democracy

Jameel Jaffer said hmm okay well you
know hopefully he knows he can mute
people because there’s no discussion
going on unfortunately can’t go on

Twitter cuz if something is technically
wrong love it read some of the tweets
that he has to put up what these are not
discussions guru moron you’re a moron
you know that the Rob Reiner type of

thing I mean this is nonsense you should
be able to block whoever he wants and
it’s not like you can’t log out and then
look at it anyway I think even doesn’t
Twitter or when they were worse is true
back in the day when Twitter was working

you could click on the this tweet is
from someone who you’ve blocked oh no
that’s the other way around I’m sorry
I wouldn’t work that way no but you’re
right if you’re blocked you can just go
on Twitter and go to this thing bye-bye

unlocking yeah so it’s not as well you
can’t get to the tweets right so this is
bullcrap this is just another thing just
over to harass the President of the

United States okay well you know what he
did he brought down Twitter says hey
bite me it’s what he did right there I
go Trump you should just keep it locking
people and keep bringing Twitter down as

hilarious and this is on social media
day by the way you know Trump has a like
it’s social media conference or
something of which he hasn’t invited any
social media companies

and though I have no knowledge of this
oh yeah yeah yeah so we invite I think
he misses social media day White House I
know he invited like the grower or

graphics guy now let me see I wonder who
does it say who was invited here Ben
garrison fringe conservative cartoonist

who else is invited Charley Kirk carpet
donk tum’ uh justly Kirk yes let me see
is anyone else here troll room maybe you

can help me out with some other people
there so I’m not sure exactly what he’s
doing but I having a party yeah and and
then he probably went hey watch this and
then he brought Twitter down ah crap it

just came back no we’ve having trouble
loading your timeline these guys are
this you thought I get pissed off when
she doesn’t work here on the show these

guys someone’s must be banging their
head right now this is not good that’s
money money lost yes every second
they’re down they losing money okay well
so let’s just talk about that ambassador

a situation which is kind of funny and
the other hand so I kind of did a little
dive and do what I couldn’t get anywhere
but let’s play UK ambassador D and this
is the democracy now retort Britain’s
ambassador to the United States

Kim Derrick resigned today following the
fallout from leaked cables in which he
called Trump inept insecure and
incompetent in cables going back as far
as 2017 Derrick questioned whether the

Trump administration will ever look
he also said Trump’s presidency could
crash and burn and voice fears that he
may launch an attack on Iran on Tuesday

Trump continued to lash out at Derrick
tweeting the wacky ambassador that the
UK for stood upon the United States is
not someone we are thrilled with a very
stupid guy Trump said he also called

outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May
foolish and blamed her for creating a
mess of brexit
so in that report it says that they went
with you know he’s bitched about Trump

since going back to 2017 so I found a
clip of him in 2017 at some meeting
talking about the Trump administration
in public forum and I want to play it
and I don’t know why like I don’t know

what this guy must be two-faced or he’s
just a nice guy in public and he hates
people in private heroes I have no idea
but but this is what he thinks of the
administration supposedly when he was
still writing bad bad memos mr.

ambassador and Garen with the Washington
Post could you expand a little bit
please on 2017
yes that’s what I’m playing UK
ambassador 2017
actually it’s UK ambassador your 2017

ones away it starts mr. Bester oh yeah
okay let me preface it this is a
question from The Washington Post
okay go mr. ambassador and Garen with

the Washington Post could you expand a
little bit please on something you said
a few answers ago about your
government’s dealings with the new
administration and how you’re finding

the flow of information
there’s been a lot written about nobody
home at the State Department and
difficulty getting people confirmed at
the the higher and mid levels are you

finding any problem getting your own
questions answered getting in to see the
people you need to see and then just a
moment ago you mentioned Tillerson

at NATO how do you assess the he was
going to go then he wasn’t going to go
then he was going to go again to the
rescheduled meeting were you surprised
by that what would your advice be um

your first question I mean the Frank not
straightforward the short answer is no
we’re not expressly experienced
performance indeed the contrary the

Prime Minister was lucky enough to get
into black I mean she was invited to see
the new president within a week of
inauguration 27th of

January which was actually historically
early for a British prime minister to
get we checked the records back so um we
couldn’t have had a warmer or more

gracious welcome all got in sooner we
felt Foreign Secretary was over as I say
last week and in one day a day also but
I think there was something going on on

health care you know don’t follow these
things obviously but it was a quite a
busy day for the administration
nevertheless he got to see basically the
course of the day vice president pence

Secretary of State Ellison and national
security adviser HR McMaster
which i think is pretty good of the
restoration to be that accessible on

such an exceptionally sort of pressure
today in the in the domestic you know
kind of legislative calendar well this
guy should be fired for being boring ah
I couldn’t guy I knew I could get some

clip off of this but this boring is like
them is not even close to describing it
so what’s up with this I don’t see what

you know he’s like thinking singing
their praises I guess and in the back
you guys are rushing a holes I find
people like this to be reprehensible
well that’s what everybody does we’ve

read the the US diplomatic cables on
WikiLeaks they’re all hey they’re up
there with the with the Epstein people
they all think they’re better than you
so here’s a funny this is a clip is the

I didn’t want to play the veritas saying
with a guy who talks or I don’t like the
that whole the way they’re doing these

voices but I did like this document read
about Google Google’s really you know
this whole area it’s not anything that
you can blame on tech really the bay
here I’m missing some information you’re

talking about there are you talking
about the whistleblower the Google
whistleblower from very tough but they
read this document just fun Google does
okay it’s a new all right
please joining Google to remove ads from it is dated March 23rd
quote I’m sure most of you are aware of
the extreme sexism that articles and
comments on Breitbart disseminates for

this and many other reasons my
colleagues and I have drafted an
internal letter to leadership asking
them to end Google’s business
relationship with Breitbart 1186

Googlers have co-signed the letter okay
so there I was I was listening to this
and then I heard that bit that

whistleblower guy which I am NOT taping
him hmm I’m thinking what is wrong with
these people I mean do they know
anything about the Internet are they too

young to remember the good old days or
oh there’s a sexist comment on Breitbart
there’s sexist comments everywhere if
you leave the comment channel open maybe

you know that’s how her I mean come on
you know what this is about but these
guys are just upset about everything
yeah Hillary it’s about deep plot it’s
about deep platforming it’s about
getting rid this is Media Matters

sleeping giants all by the way one of
our producers took that whistleblower
put with the phony baloney voice and it
wasn’t even I thought it was a vocoder

which is a you know it’s a way of
digitizing a voice so you can make it
sound very very different they just spun
it down 5% he spun it up for us this is
it’s just some millennial guy facts that

you can interpret anyway that’s it so
the things that changed was that for
some reason them this is just one

channel only I know you’re hearing it
but they don’t think the stream hears it
be it’s just a regular Millennial
Kingdom at YouTube they have the same
like talks by the CEO Susan and this is
so poorly done that I think I’m doubting

this even more now this whistleblower if
you want to be kept confidential all
they did is just spin your voice down 5%
you can hear exactly who he is when you

spin it up 5% kind of whistleblower is
that or what kind of protection is
Veritas giving him well that’s pretty
really lame huh yeah but this is just
this is just more the same just it’s a

fight it’s an ongoing fight to remove
people Bitcoin has been doing interest
has been had actually has had
interesting moves whenever and this is
the way I’ve been tracking it whenever

there’s talk of the Federal Reserve
maybe maybe we won’t cut rates maybe
it’ll be less than you expected boom the
thing goes up it was up to over 13,000
yesterday this morning the the Fed notes

were I guess what they call dovish which
means you know we probably will might
cut that right anyway boom Bitcoin goes
down so it seems that at least these

levels it may be a hedge for some for
some investors like okay if the interest
rates are gonna go up we’re gonna put it
into Bitcoin because at least that has a
set interest rate schedule this is

disturbing the elites in the banking
community on deck to become the new head
of the European Central Bank is Fifi
Lagarde also known as madame christine
lagarde for most currently still of the

International Monetary Fund and she was
asked about it about M well she was
asked about crypto currencies and notice
she won’t mention Bitcoin by name one of
the main topics up there was crypto

currencies and all sorts of companies
now getting into this effort and not
least among them Facebook what kind of
threat does this pose to the traditional
banking system well I think it’s you
have incumbents the banks commercial

banks and you have the disruptors and
clearly the disruptors are having an
impact on the incumbents we just heard a
very large systemic Bank here saying
that they’re launching the digital coin

currently piloted in a way within the
institutional trials but to be scaled
beyond that we heard from the European
Central Bank that they are they have

launched in November something that is
called tips that enables all the banks
in the eurozone to actually transfer
instantly at virtually no cost money
between them so I think that the role of

the disruptors and anything that is
using distributed ledger technology
whether you call it crypto assets
currencies or whatever and it’s far from
the bitcoins that we use to talk about

year ago that is clearly shaking the
system the voice that we heard which was
I thought really interesting where those
of the the regulators and central bank
governors who said well yes this is good

and this is helpful and it is changing
the business model of commercial banks
but we have to be mindful of two things
trust and stability of the system and we
are equally concerned we are the IMF

about stability we don’t want innovation
that would shake the system so much that
we would lose the stability that is
needed and our regulators and doing
enough right now to ensure that

stability and as well competition from
some of these big tech companies being
involved in this space you know I think
they’re mindful of wherever the
competition is coming from the central
bank governor of Kenya was explaining

first that they gave a banking license
to a telecom company and I think in the
future we have to look at what lots of
data collectors and movers are going to
do and whether they’re going to move

into the banking space forcefully in
which case they will have to be
regulated they will have to be held
accountable so that they can be fully
trusted there you go looks like the
lines are being marked Facebook we’re

gonna have to regulate you the banks are
gonna do complete cashless society this
is little irritating at this bitcoins
thing just those disruptors I think

they’re a little worried about this
especially since the end near the
Iranian the special purpose vehicle in
sticks that was supposed to enable

European countries to trade or to yet to
purchase oil from Iran Iran’s like yeah
this is really great but if you guys

don’t have any any credit behind it if
it’s just you know some stupid mechanism
we’re not gonna do that we’re gonna
trust you like that so this thing is now
off the table they can’t get it up and
running because they won’t put any money

behind it well you’re asking for
troubles they do anything true we
we do not give stock advice on this show
that’s not what we do but it was

interesting that we were talking about
snap about a week ago because we heard
some executives in con talking about how
they thought it was a good competitor to

facebooking and Google and Twitter and
they were putting money into it
well that stuck kind of took off
interestingly yeah and again read
between the lines yeah so it’s all just

to show you how valuable our show can be
to people who understand information
here’s something else and I just thought
was interesting this is in southern Utah
all right so this is out right here
there’s a bag on it this one’s out also

and be but you have the next one and
this guy is lb property you own it all
so as Tesla telling you to put the bags
on here no but they’re not they haven’t

paid me rent since since November a
black here this guy is putting big
burlap bags over the superchargers on
his property they’re supposed to be

paying me rent for each charging station
they have paid me nothing Siri will not
answer my email they won’t answer my
phone calls
they will do nothing so and therefore

nobody charging on them until they start
paid me what they owe me
so I’m charging on own over there you
get it back those things up soon too I
will eventually
what’s the super charger I’m sorry oh

the super charger for the Tesla yeah the
charging sister this guy has all these
charging stations on his property and
they just don’t pay him rent that’s odd
that’s like the one thing you really

need to have kind of functioning for
people to believe in your idea and this
guy’s shutting them down wow that’s an
interesting story maybe something you

talked to Horowitz about I don’t know
it could be just a fluke maybe somebody
got fired who knows anything’s possible
well that ladies and gentlemen ends our
deconstruction for today remember we do

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