No Agenda Episode 1155: “Tump!”

hey man get the band back Adam curry
this is no agenda nobody really cares I
don’t think I’m Jesse Dubrow well that’s

not fair we have at least three French
listeners congratulations to you French
listeners three real French today’s the

day best deal day that they go on
vacation yes and they’re on vacation
through the rest of July first I know
that part that’s the life that part of

France is pretty good like I like what
they do there did you see makan with his
his military display he had he had a guy
on a hoverboard uh yeah a soldier on a

hover it wasn’t just a hoverboard and
Trump this thing oh yeah oh yeah this is
something Trump would have loved to have
this guy’s flying right up over the shop

sale he’s a he’s got his automatic rifle
in his one hand he said it’s just a
little board he’s flying all over the
place you’ve seen you’ve seen similar
demonstrations maybe on YouTube but I

never expected to see it over the shop
said he’s a that was good I’m gonna look
that up yeah Bastille Day is of course
the original French drain the swamp day

I guess it was more than drain this one
who was chopped off heads well after
they chopped the heads off they had to
drain who that here they had to drain

the swamp of the of the blood what blood
well it’s interesting you say that
because something funny happened to me
after the show on Thursday and I don’t
know why somehow I realized I think even

May emailed you about this
I realize it’s Bastille
day is his Sunday and then I’m thinking
you know Trump was messaging for weeks I
go that’s starting with the 14th Sunday

Sunday we’re gonna do it ice raids come
and I sigh and this isn’t he the guy
that always says I’m not gonna tell
anyone what I’m going to do I’m not like
Obama I’m not gonna have soup the

element of surprise or my mistake and
does he Telegraph stuff all the time
like this I know there’s a bunch of
people that have made this observation
which leads me to believe this is

another one of the faints a scam okay so
here’s how my brain was working at the
time remember I’m just finished with the
show and I think wait a minute
Bastille Day that was the original drain

the swamp day that’s this Sunday here we
have Trump messaging about stuff and I
thought to myself hey remember those
hundreds of sealed indictments that we

kept hearing about for four years forty
thousand oh I only heard about hundreds
about forty thousand yeah I’ve heard
about hundreds of course this is it

he’s going to arrest all the pedophiles
and everyone will be thinking ice rays
ice raids and then he’s gonna go and

bust the pedo bears yeah you put that in
the email it was an eye roller so I sent
that to PO genic my handler oh yes and
he calls me I calls me Saturday says

well Adam and if you don’t know who
Steve Botanic is I think most people who
are listening probably do you people
should look him up as P II’s ZZ and
you’ll find it

yeah he has a resume that is quite
impressive psychological operations
hostage negotiation so it calls me up
he’s my handler I mean I think we’re
pretty aware of it which is good because

that way we don’t get it too much
trouble as long as we’re we keep
reminding ourselves good Adam
congratulations what see well you
figured it out because I because I said
oh wait a minute you mean this actually

goes to the FBI or says no no this goes
all the way to Mossad
I said oh really says yeah this is but
there’s a problem
so what’s that says you can’t talk about
it since I can’t talk about its no no no

you cannot do this because it will ruin
your show you will be branded an
anti-semite and they will they will just
pound you into oblivion so instead he
says I will make a video about it so

imagine my surprise when he made a video
about it even more surprised when I saw
the clips come in this morning that you

saw the video and you you actually well
you’re in my beat but that’s okay you
clipped it so I’m going to edit it down
a little bit because there’s some

spurious information that’s unnecessary
so I’m thinking I’m very curious to see
what your take is on and we you know we
don’t have to explain the V don’t know
what you were planning on doing so I’m

going to leave it open to you well yeah
want you to play yeah you know just
stead of getting the hearsay but genex
thinking let’s listen to Poe genic you
want to listen to the two clips the

first one you got yeah okay I want to
talk about the Epstein pedophilia ring
what it really is is a Mossad Israeli
operative ring

yes Raya has not been our greatest ally
it’s been our greatest enemy they were
also involved in 9/11 and the stand-down
wolf or was his deputy and confirmed
that to me Israeli Mossad operatives who
I interrogated and threatened confirm

that to me and I put away to Mossad
operatives the key to this epstein
problem of Ted aphelion is the fact that
it goes back decades
Jeff Epstein was picked out by the

Mossad as the proper agent of influence
because number one he was grandiose too
he had some intelligence but came from a
poor Jewish background had no real

education did not speak a foreign
language and was so narcissistic that
they could manipulate him up and down
and create a false front for him which
involved the fact that he had

multi-million dollars multi-billion
dollar he may have no money
it’s not even relevant but to make sure
that Jeffrey Epstein was working
properly they had an operative from the
Mossad who’s named Maxwell the daughter

of Robert Maxwell one of the greatest
crooks in the world who was an Israeli
Mossad operative when he died in 1991 he
was either killed or he died he was one

of the biggest contributor to Israeli
national security of anybody else so his
daughter was the control operative of
Jeff Epstein at the same time we had
nexium in New York City which was run by

a non Jew named Randhir but controlled
by two Jewish women the Bronfman family
and they in turn were propagating
pedophilia now why is pedophilia so
lethal from an intelligence point of

view from my point of view as an
intelligence operative in a
counterintelligence operation one of the
most disgusting things that you can do
in the intelligence world is to double
you up or kawatche you through the use

of a honey trap but not only how an
adult honey trap but a child so when I
heard this when I seen him do this video
did he take my notes and just add to it

this is a lot of what I was talking
about on Thursday yeah but he’s got
names that he names sleep tosod heads
and hunch yeah yeah yeah

and he takes it a little further with
the Bronfman sisters and well I told you
that the nexium thing was connected I
knew that there was a connection there
how does anybody pronounce that nexium
it’s kind of in a hacks or so n X by VM

you know so it would be next i instead
of the via u next to you yeah but this
is cold stuff man there’s no other way

to pronounce it what what I isn’t
listening to what he was saying what I
had missed or what I had completely
incorrect was the hedge fund part about
you know like hey you got to send me

some money and I’m gonna blackmail you
that of course it makes no sense when
you think that wexner the owner of
Victoria’s Secret and Express and L
brands that he was

what they traditionally call a front so
all he was is just sitting there and
maybe he was passing money off to
Epstein but even today there’s so many

articles coming out saying who’s whoever
started this story the guy’s a
billionaire each there’s no evidence of
that whatsoever and that it was just
pure a pure blackmail for sexual
deviance and sex crimes which if you

think about it we had Jimmy Savile the
BBC in the UK a lot of the people who
tried to uncover all of that by
parliamentary order are now dead you

oops I mean that was horrific with kids
and orphanages and necrophilia and just
unbelievable elitist crazy shit but it

happened then we have the Catholic
Church with the clergy bishops knew and
this is no secret everyone agrees it
actually happened and lots of people

knew and no one ever no one’s gone to
jail so for this to happen to a bunch of
politicians and bankers not so
surprising so what politicians and
bankers did this happen – well Bill

Clinton for sure I don’t see Clinton in
jail not yet well I think that’s back to
the 40,000 sealed indictments I think

this is part two of your of your clip
each the mossad incurred so many
operatives that were involved with
pedophilia under the Epstein ring and
under the nexium and with the two

Bronfman daughters that you’re talking
about thousands of people now it also
goes all the way up into the presidency
it goes into the Bush family
Bush jr. Jeb it goes into Clintons as we

know Hillary Bill Clinton who’s a
pathological liar to the enth degree to
Obama who had a history of homosexuality

and pedophilia all the way down to the
bushes and beyond that so what the
Israelis did under the tutelage of true
brilliant Mossad cheese a lady and yet

Tom both of whom
use pedophilia as a honey trap to
encapsulate any one of our operatives in

Jeff Epstein was a willing operative he
willingly was involved in pedophilia the
Israelis knew that that created his
storyline that may believe he was a
billionaire Wexler was the theoretical

backup man to him and ironically he was
in Bear Stearns which was another
corrupt Jewish firm that went under
along with drexel burnham another
corrupt Jewish firm so we have a lot of

corruption here which goes all the way
back to 9/11 when we had Jews like
silverstein who had the least of the
World Trade Canada we had Lowry we had

Lauder and we had Eisenberg all of whom
were involved in the stand down in the
false flag of 9/11
so from 9/11 on Trump understood that
the Israelis had been involved in our

telogen service and in compromising
America he never forgot that and what he
blatantly was to turn around and on a
certain day he decided he was going to

indict every one of the most sought
operatives as well as the Israelis on
charges of pedophilia yeah now to answer
your I think somewhat sarcastic question

about what politicians you know well
sarcasm it was yes go on
there’s been no priest arrested no one
was arrested in the BBC scandal with

Jimmy vetted Jimmy Savile so I’m not I’m
not expressional is dead yes but it but
I think it’s pretty obvious that there
were a lot of other names just like this
case so yeah it probably most likely

history shows nothing will happen no one
goes to jail we don’t learn anything
else about any of this that’s very
likely doesn’t mean it isn’t true I mean
do you accept that I mean it is true but

we have victims just like the Catholic
Church I mean do you believe that there
was a pedophilia going on in the
Catholic Church
absolutely okay so it’s not that far of
a stretch to believe that this was going

but I don’t believe was organized the
way this is in Catholic Church why do
you think random why do you think
botanic would do this video if it’s a

well for one thing I think he went
because you goaded him into it
now he says he did this to protect well

us but really me he doesn’t know you he
doesn’t listen to the show but what you
left out of the video is his conclusion

which I liked which a lot of people are
scratching their head over is that Trump
apparently and I’ll just paraphrase
since you cut it out I don’t know why
you cut it out but the thing was 7

minutes long I cut it out because I got
to get it down I just wanted the core
elements in well I thought the Aleutians
and the rest you could you can bring
that in it’s fine bring it in I thought
thewhat was interesting is he said Trump

will use this a to stop the Israeli
influence or specific lists let’s just
say Mossad influence because Israelis
and Jews and Mossad is not all the same
thing to stop the Mossad influence in

particularly in our Congress but in
other in other areas of government and
who knows where else and at the same

time to put Israel on notice to make the
deal with Palestine which is something
that Trump said before he even was
president he said that that would be the

the biggest deal he wanted to do it
could be tough but do you think he could
get it done and so the thinking is that
he says ok now that I’ve got your
control mechanisms in our country gone
again this is just the conclusion was

that he that Trump is going to do this
or is the force Israel’s hand to make
the Palestine deal yeah and then the
reason I probably left it out is because

I have been hearing this in one form or
another how there’s the diss present or
that president in fact many of them can
were convinced that they actually made
the deal sure and it never happens and I

had it when I was in Israelite one of my
editor PC Magazine Israel was giving me
a lecture about this and he said
this is never gonna happen because

there’s so much money that is being kind
of a black market money that is going
into distributorships for coca-cola and
all these other operations that are and

there was one article in Time magazine
that was written about this this is the
only one ever done I read it and it’s
like there’s such a corrupt thing going
on it you know one’s gonna bust up a
good thing it’s a good thing if me

people are are just cleaning up on this
on the split and then I kind of like
bought into that and I don’t think I
think this is just nothing’s gonna come
with us to Israel and Palestine okay I
do have some additional information

think that it was that by the way I
don’t think that he I think pachán ik
was I don’t know worked he gets the idea
that we’re anti-semitic or something
were to discuss it no no no that’s not

what he’s saying he’s saying the minute
you do this you will be branded
anti-semitic and and already just from
one tweet pointing to Steve’s video

already I have several hate tweets Jew
hater anti it happens really quick yeah
do it cuz i retweeted the video Jew
hater anti-semite always the same with

Mossad is a Jew that’s why he said I can
do the video he said Adam you cannot do
this because this hate will happen he
says I don’t care so that’s why now I

don’t know if he did it if he really
maybe he was planning this I it sounded
to me in the back and forth we had that
he had all this in his mind but this
came earlier than he thought and I think

the way he operates now he’s in 70s you
know that he doesn’t monitor everything
I think the way he operates is he puts a
couple things together this is okay
curry has it pretty much figured out for

whatever reasons he he likes what we’re
doing or I don’t know I have no evidence
he listens at all he doesn’t listen to
the show now he still think it how’s
your radio show doing he’ll say to me so

it’s great yeah the razor could be just
the disinformation who knows but he is
very specific in email
in text on the phone he says you cannot
do this they will ruin your life and I

and I know that this happens you can’t
do that shit I know how this works
and and glow-n-bowl just that just a
retweet gets me it gets me already on
Twitter I don’t care but anyway this has

all been going on for a while
surrounding the Clintons at least and I
just wanted to play a cup and Dershowitz
but these are kind of the only two
things you can focus on at this point

let’s just go back to 2015 I pulled this
clip from the archives it may be
circular I think I saw the video of it
circulating the web but this was the
Obama Clinton State Department in 2015

NBC News has obtained documents related
to ongoing investigations into some
disturbing allegations involving State
Department personnel and at least one
ambassador a State Department memo says

the Ambassador quote routinely ditched
his protective security detail in order
to solicit sexual favors from both
prostitutes and minor children the memo
also says a top State Department

official directed Department
investigators to quote cease the
investigation into the ambassador’s
conduct it’s just one of what another
document describes as quote several
examples of undue influence from top

state officials on Monday a State
Department spokesperson will not confirm
specific investigations I’m not going to
talk about specific cases but I can say
broadly that the notion that we would

not vigorously pursue criminal
misconduct in a case in any case is
a former investigator for the
department’s Inspector General has
complained to Congress and the media

that the investigations have not been
thorough because of the pressure from
those high-level officials we take every
allegation of misconduct seriously and
we look into it it was less than six

months ago that another major internal
investigation painted Hillary Clinton’s
State Department in a negative light
that scathing report on the failed
diplomatic security procedures in the
your math of the Benghazi attack what

difference at this point does it make
how back when NBC was making great
pieces nice little sound drop at the end
there perfect so that was Hillary State
Department there were lots of scandals

lots of weird things going on but even
nuttier is this clip from Dershowitz now
he was implicated in this from the
beginning and this is also from 2015

this is a classic example of the truth
wants to come out it always does
listen to Alan Dershowitz I will take

action I’m filing today a sworn
affidavit denying categorically the
truth I’m seeking to intervene in the
case I am challenging her to file rape

charges against me i waive any statute
of limitations any immunity because if
she files a false rape charge against me
she goes to jail
the end result of this case should be

she should go to jail the lawyer should
need to be disbarred and everybody
should understand that I am completely
and totally innocent did you hear it
yeah denying the decisions available

Jess yes I want to play that again hold
on a second I want to rewind I mean it’s
such an obvious one I will take action
I’m filing today a sworn affidavit

denying categorically the truth yes yeah
well he said and he was on the ingre ham
I don’t know if this is from Thursday or

Friday and he seems more nervous than
I’m he always seems a little jittery a
little odd but now he seems pretty
nervous and he’s really deflecting now

away from Clinton well it’s just a 1
minute clip the same woman who accused
me accused Bill Clinton and Al Gore and
Tipper Gore of being on jeffrey
Epstein’s island and the reports of the

Allen belt no no he was never on the up
but he never ever you know he was never
there he issued a statement the other

day saying he was never on the island
and Secret Service records confirm that
hey Ellen wait wait there was
discrepancies on other on other matters
with Bill Clinton he said he was only on

what two flights turns out or four it
turns out there were six I mean he said
Secret Service was always with him it
turns out they weren’t always with him
when he was on Epstein’s plane so it
looks Chatwood but I wouldn’t throw
yourself in with a Bill Clinton on this

necessarily talk about Al Gore not only
did Allen tip accord not know Jeffrey

Epstein but guess who Al Gore’s lawyer
was anyway clear cell doors lawyer
Oh David Boies the same lawyer ways who
claims that this woman made these

improper that there were improper sexual
allegations he could easily have just
called his client Al Gore and said out
were you ever on Jeff rehab sneeze
island and he would have told her what

he’s told everybody else No yeah I’d
love that Kenneth Starr was also on
epsteen epsteen side brought in to do
the to do the deal with the we went
across lips it was actually kind of

interesting Oh excellent well this is on
Laura Ingraham Michelle this ingre ham
I’m not using ingre ham it’s Kenneth
Starr onic been he’s talking about

Acosta and he’s got a lot of this is a
long clip but he’s giving a lot of
background and it’s very reasonable he
doesn’t seem like a douchebag and now
just for the background Kenneth Starr

was the special prosecutor who
investigated and prosecuted and I guess
successfully got impeachment proceedings
started for Bill Clinton well he was

investigating whitewater completely
different yeah and then and it went off
the rails which is the reason that
everyone was concerned about the Moller
investigation and which was more focused
and the Kenneth’s stars investigation of

Clinton was a witch hunt also Ken Starr
wound up going to Baylor I think he was
the he Provost or something I don’t know

what they I think it was the chance
Chancellor and he had to resign amidst
all president one of the chairs all
kinds designed over of well baler is a
as he resigned Overton

anomalies was in the athletic department
yeah and bailers one of those schools
that plays fast and loose and with the
football team in particular and he got

caught up in not taking action on some
accusation between I don’t
he probably I mean it’s kind of like a
good job for somebody else so he got our

stood but let’s listen to him labor
secretary Alex Acosta bowed to the
liberal mob today he’ll be stepping down
from his post next week now Democrats
blasted him over a secret plea deal that

he caught with alleged child molester
Jeff Epstein’s legal team and that was
done while he was serving as US attorney
in Miami during the Bush administration
of course over a decade ago now Acosta

said it was the best deal he could
strike given the circumstances the
evidence and the state prosecuting
attorneys desire to kind of let this
ride so should have he resigned at all

why did he resign joining us now is
someone who represented Epstein years
ago former whitewater independent
counsel and Fox News contributor Ken
Starr ken was a plea deal really
Acosta’s best play in this circumstance

I mean he said that Barry Kerr sure the
state prosecuting attorney was not
inclined to pursue the case against
Epstein because well for a variety of

reasons some of which we just aren’t
privy to what are your thoughts tonight
well there is a real irony here and by
the way Alex Acosta I believe as a
person of complete integrities an

honorable guy he took one for the team
obviously today but yes I was involved
in those negotiations and it was Alex at
how does he mean he took one for the

team today what does that mean he quit
instead of letting its letting it fester
him complete integrities an honorable
guy he took one for the team obviously
today but yes I was involved in those

negotiations and
was Alex Acosta and the US Attorney’s
office who were playing tough they were
insisting on some conditions with

respect to the plea agreement with
Jeffrey Epstein and we were arguing and
I personally argued before the US

Alex Acosta and then higher-ups in the
Justice Department that what was alleged
in Palm Beach County and which was under
investigation by the County were
quintessentially state offenses not

federal offenses so Laura you understand
this I was making a federalism argument
don’t federally criminalize this area of
the law that really does belong to the

states it’s a quintessential State
offense with respect of sexual
wrongdoing but Alex ended up disagreeing
with that and and and so here’s the
irony he was pushing for a harder kind

of disposition a tougher disposition and
we ultimately came to an agreement that
everyone was satisfied with but
obviously what has since happened has

happened well I didn’t really hear
anything super interesting what did you
like about was interesting it was ironic
this was really should have been a state
case and kosta sticks his nose in there

and he makes a big fuss trying to do you
know get this guy on federal charges
even though there’s no federal
jurisdiction and and ironically if he
hadn’t done that just gave it to the

state to let them do their own thing
which is what it was worth the way it
was headed according to Starr a casa
would have never gotten himself into
this current jam that he’s in looking
like a douche bag he looked like a

douche bag for trying to do the right
thing wow you’re really seeing a
different picture than I am that’s okay
because I don’t have any evidence that
the state was the state walked away from

it that it was in fact it was the police
chief who couldn’t get the state to
prosecute the guy that’s what I
understand and that’s when the point was
according to Starr is that it wasn’t a

federal case and a cost that’s correct
what so now how is he the bad guy and a
lightweight or a screw-up or
something because he’s actually pushing
for more for stronger stronger pushing

against Epstein that’s the irony that is
being pointed out here is that the cost
is not the bad guy no and it was
interesting when because there was

something that happened before a Koster
resigned on Friday and it was not your
typical resignation he was out on the
lawn with the president walking to the
helicopter it was not your your typical

thing a lot of this typical words he
would use like great guy great he was
he’s great labor of secretary but what
happened an hour before that do you even
did you even see the news what happened

when it comes to pedophilia what
they arrested rj kelly and it was news
it all of a sudden it captured the news
everyone was on it is like and i said oh
well there goes mont there goes my

thinking about about Epstein or this is
the distraction I thought maybe and
within an hour later boom there’s this
highly unconventional resigning ceremony
from Acosta it’s not how Trump typically

does it I don’t think we have any
example of a resolution like this way
yeah Miche else endure described it as
she follows the Trump presidency
close up she says or she D arises and I

don’t know where she gets it from but
it’s an interesting idea that a cost
that was sent out first before he went
out and gave his I’m quitting speech

with Trump there and it was a bit
different although we haven’t been
watching these things one after the
she says that he was given the
opportunity to go out there on his own

press conference where his apology tour
whatever it was and if it if he
performed well then Trump would have
insisted that he stay but he didn’t he
was a flop okay you’re out so all I’m

just for my concern my head’s in a
different place on this that’s okay from

my thinking like oh it actually is a
couple events oh there’s the big
yeah and I remember I’m still thinking
today we’re gonna have hundreds of
indictments instead of ice rate I

haven’t seen any ice raid so I don’t
know what’s going on but that’s my
thinking it’s like oh here’s the
distraction let’s move it all away from
Epstein because the news immediately
moved away we have a celebrity we’ve got
a perp walk we’ve got our Kelly and then

it swings around in rapid succession
right back to Kosta Acosta and then to
add insult to injury where I’m saying ah
this is the last night tonight yeah they

gotta get ready they’re gonna go if
they’re gonna go arrest hundreds of
indictments then we get a blackout in
Manhattan which could not have been more
perfect if you want to have people slip
out the back or if you just want to

distract again from whatever news it was
just an interesting thing the blackout
in in Manhattan yeah second part of this
clip I want to play sure after we do

that I want to read a note that I’m
gonna read this note before we play that
about the blackout this came through I’d
Twitter or something I guess or laptop
and this is something I think you should

you have you have some experience with
mega Syrian rights stuck on the 29th
floor with no air conditioning in a
fully glass apartment it’s been almost

an hour I’m losing my sanity send help
Linda see responds use the stairs
meg responds to that the door to the
stairs requires an electronic swipe once

we get to the bottom there is no way
outside because there is no electricity
also there are no lights in the stairs
oh yeah oh yeah oh I look in how about
restaurants they couldn’t they couldn’t

chart they couldn’t do any couldn’t
charge anybody anything is they don’t
nothing was working nothing was working
and yes and I dependency on the
technology without clear thinking

technology should be like it would but
convenience over maybe the traditional
ways of doing these yummy doors need
keys you know they don’t need electronic
swipes you’re absolutely right

it’s hopefully we’ll hear some more
stories over the next few days of things
that just did not work anymore but for
sure it’s I when I Tina was out and she

where was anyway I said she’s a blackout
Manhattan and and I said this is why I
always tell you to carry cash you know I

give her I give her cash give it a
hundred dollars hold it in cash you hold
just put that in your pocket and then
you know it’s you know she never hold on
to it was easy to pay with it’s great to

pay with it but the point is to have it
in your you know and your in your home
in your hollow tooth just hold on to it
she was thinking about a little more
after the blackout last night there’s

one thing about using cash for your
primary payments which is and people
point this out if you have a pocketful
of cash in your mind stuff you actually

know what you’re you have a sense of
what you’re spending as opposed to
sticking a card interesting she likes
that by the way she likes that aspect
yeah because you know keep you from
overspending it because you put what is

the what is a hundred and what and you
bring out the hundred dollar bill and
you got a twenty maybe or whatever
you’re paying in cash you really feel it
but if you just stick a card you know
yeah at one forty who cares and just to

reiterate I married Tina for her money
I’m just the guy that will go to the ATM
and get the cash it’s not like I’ve got
her on some leash and I’m giving her
money yeah this is this is this is my
small contribution like please please

hold onto that let’s play the second
part of this and then we’re really
talking about a little well can but now
we learn of course that there’s
allegations of trafficking people across

state lines that would indicate at this
point with apparently what the
allegations are that this is now of
course a federally triggered case
because of the crossing state lines

correct that would be correct Laura but
there were no allegations of crossing
state lines in the Florida situation so
you’re right these are accusations I
mean there’s a serious accusations

obviously every human being is entitled
to basic human dignity and so we will
see what happens but you’re absolutely
there was no suggestion of human
trafficking non-consensual use of drugs

and the like in the Florida case or the
state attorney in Palm Beach County
would have taken a very different yeah
an entire situation

all right well there’s some other
elements that botanic did not discuss
that are important and they can they
came to mind with the blackout in

Manhattan because we do have a confirmed
pedophile in the Clinton camp and that’s
Anthony Weiner Anthony Weiner who is
also the husband did they divorce ever
they know if they finally got divorced I

think so yes
the husband of guma Abidine the personal
as they call body man for Hillary
Clinton and they’re still together that
they were just at the Earth Wind & Fire
concert the other day dancing awkwardly

together in the in the audience when and
this there was a lot going on around the
Hillary emails and then we had an men
just remembering the show back in the

day every every every minute there was
something funny or crazy about Anthony
Weiner who I’ve met and worked with
personally and we’ve discussed that at
some length about what an asshole I

always thought it was but he’s Carlos
danger you know he’s a pedophile then he
went to jail for it so listen there’s no
argument and he had a laptop and the
laptop was a big problem when it came to

the quote Hillary emails and as the New
York Police Department who confiscated
the laptop initially the feds swooped in
and there was a whole there’s a lot of

stuff a lot of reporting what was on the
laptop a folder named life insurance
what was in the life insurance folder
you know some say pedophilia videos you
know I there’s no proof of what was in

there but the New York Police Department
several of the officers definitely know
it was there there’s plenty of reporting
in mainstream that they were got
physically ill just from looking at some

of the stuff that was on his laptop and
around that time Comey comes out and
doing something very odd he talks about
the Hillary Clinton’s poor choices in
her email management but decided just

says no this is not something we’re
going to prosecute and we kind of don’t
hear too much about the lapped
anymore and and this year for New York
Police Department

cops have committed suicide three in the
past nine days
the NYPD mourning the loss of another
officer tonight the officer died by
suicide today outside of a precinct on

Staten Island this is the third officer
and a little more than a week to take
his or her life I have no idea why they
say his or her life because all four
were male and this last one was a deputy

chief apparently at least he for sure
but maybe the others had seen what was
on this laptop and you know again just
coming from a conspiratorial slant

who knows what’s being covered up or
who’s being killed for whatever may be
coming out or not because as you will
say as my wife will say him Adam I

really love your stories but it never
happens does it so this true it’s so far
it’s never happened but home an it’s not
hard to draw these lines not hard at all

no it’s well if you want to draw them
yeah well that is what I do think is
impartially impractical but okay well
listening to the theories I think

they’re they’re uh I I object to the
guilt by association mechanism with it’s
always employed which is somewhat
bothersome we don’t know that all these

people are horrible pedophiles but their
names keep cropping up and this so I’m
saying I’ll always think it’s smearing
it’s a smear sure the target is smear
for some reason by sand someone’s doing

it for a purpose
mm-hmm politically usually mm-hmm and
I’m not and I’m waiting you know I’m
waiting for the still waiting for the
forty thousand uh well I I never said
forty thousand I know you didn’t I’ve

read forty thousand more than in one or
two times
well the forty thousand mostly from dick
you anon now dead queuing on bullcrap
missed disinformation operation

but it’s been around these high huge
numbers of the you know what’s also
pointed to in connection with the again
I only have hundreds of indictments is

what is the sealed indictment anyway
it’s an indictment that’s ready to go
that no one knows about and they’re
gonna pop it the minute it’s just like
knows about it how would you do that
there’s hundreds or how would I know

there’s moon bases I said come on don’t
ask me this stupid shit to ask me that
let’s look at more New York at least
let’s look at more New York New York
Bill DeBlasio Bill de Blasio’s one of

his employees this was just this year
March 29th the director of the Young
Democrats of New York I’m sorry the

Manhattan Young Democrats Jacob Schwartz
son of I think the elder elder Schwartz
well his dad was the New York Council to

Bernie Sanders presidential campaign
campaign treasurer for Missy Cuomo
anyway his name is Arthur and the kid
was arrested for pedophilia on his

young nude females between the
approximate ages of six months and
sixteen engaged in sexual conduct on an
adult male you know it’s just annoying

that that happens it was just annoying
and it’s a Democrat just annoying that
it’s in Manhattan annoying that it’s
surrounding these people so you can’t
draw too much from it but when it comes

to the sealed indictments a lot of a lot
of the websites that I look at point
towards a 2017 executive order on
December 21st the executive order

blocking the property of persons
involved in serious human rights abuse
or corruption and what this essentially
does is if you are I think it’s you

don’t have to be convicted but if you’re
arrested on charges including the now
let’s see
I’m going to find this if you’re

arrested on charges and you’ve been
engaged in his activities subscribe it’s
going to scroll down for a second well
it’s human trafficking I can tell you
that’s it paraphrase and that’s what it

then the US government by this executive
order not by law but by the executive
order that has the right to seize all
your assets all your property that we
can get our hands on and I remember

reading in the in the latest Epstein
indictment that they have said okay
according to this executive order we now

seize all your property I don’t think
they can seize the island it’s I don’t
know if they have any jurisdiction over
that but that’s kind of where those
thousands of hundreds that I know of
sealed indictments comes from is from

that executive order which has now
apparently been used at least in this
case against or with the Epstein
incarcerate or arrest and indictment so
you know there’s there’s just a lot of

stuff and you’re right I totally agree I
do not like just throwing names out
there but man I have some experience in
this area with with you know anyone if

you’re interested go look up Dutroux d
UD u TR o UX the Netherlands Belgium
that’s how altom Utley the radio station

I was working for got its license pulled
financing polled and virtually not
realistically literally but virtually
burned to the ground after just talking
to one journalist about one person who

happened to be the Attorney General of
the Netherlands at the time so yeah it’s
just it’s all very annoying little
things that all fit together but we’ll

see yeah we’ll see I do like the pachán
ik confirmed my thinking and not yours
well I thought Pichette ik was off the
deep end on that and a number of other

things he’s done over the year I mean he
far as he’s concerned Campbell Harris
will be the nominee from the further
party which is

like I haven’t heard that one and a
couple of others he’s got a couple
off-the-wall things that sometimes you
have to wonder sure sure anyone have
anything else here but are there any ice

rated not fun this top yes but are there
any ice raids yet this is what
everyone’s prepared we have well let’s
go to CBS New York and talk about some
of these ice what the ice roads are

supposed to do this is the ice
background er from viewer watching CBS
local news you’d be picking this up
President Trump says the crackdown is
meant to remove criminals from the

country CBS 2’s Dave Carlin has some
reaction from local leaders high anxiety
in some neighborhoods where raids by
Immigration and Customs Enforcement or
ice are believed to be coming Sunday the
possible wave of federal action in ten

major US cities including New York
focuses on criminals said President
Trump they came in illegally on Saturday
new york city leaders including council
speaker Cory Johnson said those targeted

by the drag Nets should not open their
doors to an agent who does not have a
warrant no you’re right Mayor Bill
DeBlasio again announced the raids will
come without city support including NYPD
the mayor sent out this tweet if you are

a loved one or approached by federal
immigration enforcement in your home on
the street or in public remember you
have rights and your city will help you
fight for them in a phone interview
Republican Congressman Peter King of

Long Island told us something must be
done about the estimated 11 million
immigrants living in the country
I believe these raise well nobody wants
them they’re absolutely necessary

everyone that Isis going after my
understanding is they’ve already had the
day in court the judges have ordered
them deported so they have no right to
be here in the country cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York brought up the

topic at this noon mass before the st.
Francis Cabrini shrine
he said staffers with Catholic Charities
are working this weekend answering
hotline calls and providing outreach we
defend the right of a nation

to make sure its borders are secure
and his people are safe but we also
depend the right of people to be treated
honestly justice and fairly there is
concern among religious leaders that

when houses of worship become safe
houses they aren’t necessarily set up
properly to become extended living
spaces the sanctuary can’t be limited to
this particular building Catholic

Charities volunteer Fanny Gomez spent
today spreading a message that help is
give them the rights to look at their
paperwork and see what it is that
they’re missing in order to become
residents but she says getting

information to those who may need it is
complicated by the fact that many who
fear ice this weekend are hiding out
inside their homes until the expected
raids peak and die down and what I kind
of missed in that report is the 700

million dollars that the Catholic
Charities received in this latest round
of border funding did they mention that
in the piece anywhere knowing that
that’s a very excellent point because
the he did mention the Catholic

Charities but he never mentioned that
and he says by a volunteer a volunteer
for the Catholic Charities as if that’s
the CEO of these outfits they make a

million dollars a year yeah but that’s
not these I these particular ice raisers
was pointed out only I think on PBS or
maybe at the regular NBC report were

these are all part of a deportation
order that not these people that as
Peter King says they’ve already had
their these are people that went to

court it was determined that they were
in the country illegally and they were
given deportation orders so the idea is
it’s got nothing to do with then what I
mean I agree that that should be

mentioned but but the idea is we have a
list of people that that’s art we’re
told to report and get deported and
they’ve never showed back up and that’s

all that’s what this is and they’re the
concern as well you know somebody else
might get mixed up in it but this is not
like just a random raid it’s not like
you know it’s all rain no but if you
look at Twitter right now the hashtag

ice raid I see ice ice raid yeah hashtag
ice raid is trending listen we have
of Nazis with the Pence’s head on it
yeah walkies hospitals Lord ordered yeah

oh yes not a random raid I just out of
the blue I mean these people this is out
of control the Twitter verse here’s a
Pelosi and just like Hillary Clinton and

others she was making sure you know your
rights but the thing she says in this
52nd clip in one of her press little
conferences is really discouraging as
ice deportation more a nice deportation

warrant is not the same as a search
warrant if that is the only document ice
brings to a home raid agents do not have
the legal right to enter a home if ice

agents don’t have a warrant warrant
signed by a judge a person may refuse to
open the door and let them in an
administrative order of removal from ice

or immigration authorities is simply not
enough families belong together everyone
in our country has rights all these
families are mixed status families we

hope the president would pray at the
president well think about this I would
say again hopefully it’s again yes

everyone has rights no it’s not true
you don’t have the same rights if you’re
not a citizen you can vote in a federal
election a general election that’s one

right you don’t have yeah everybody has
rights no that’s not entirely again I’m
gonna bring back in Pelosi in this clip
these were this is court-ordered
deportations like any deportations like

the situation you know that you’ve
experienced where somebody can’t get
into the country yeah I mean there’s to
all these issues that are legal they’ve
been gone through that they went through

the system and they were these are
court-ordered deportations and they’re
made to look like they’re not by the
Democrats yep I mean they’re making it
look as those as random arrays oh let’s
go round up the people let’s round them

all up and that’s not the case
Easton is very maybe one or two people
reported it correctly it’s very it’s
dangerous because it incites a lot of

you know I guess some guy was throwing
Molotov cocktails at an ice detention
center and then they wound up shooting
him and killing him
now this is trending as he’s the martyr
this is the start of the Civil War the

guy was a nut ball yeah well I’m just
telling you what’s going on what he was
trying that he was trying to light up a
propane tank and there you go outside of
a facility which would have made a hit

would have killed him but now just just
to bring this to the heartstrings of
America there was a well as two parts it
was very very long yesterday it was a

the migrant children border crossing
hearing and I was kind of expecting you
know someone to get up there and talk

about how you know Pence and Trump
personally had taken babies from wombs
and and incubators and thrown him on the
ground and stomped on them it was pretty
damn close actually did you see any of
this cuz it was there was some very

interesting stuff in it died probably I
don’t know I’ve seen so much stuff
well the firt so this was Cummings his
panel I actually have one back and forth
on this well I have I have a series so

just let me roll with this yes it
started now a Oh see she had it all set
up of course she didn’t have it set up
her handlers and she’s even she’s
slipping so badly that she isn’t even

pretending that she’s doing the work she
isn’t even pretending that these people
are in her office anymore she’s reading
everything from a script including
including this little this little ditty

they gave her a what is it called
a script where you can skip logic script
if well they didn’t have enough of the
skip logic answers for when she got to

the former director of ice who was the
ice director
present yes Holman but before any of
that happened this happened thank you

very much mr. consul cortez mr. chair i
would like to be sworn in that’s right I
would like to be sworn in all right we
usually don’t require a swearing-in uh
but do you want to be sworn in all right

okay do you you stand up please do you
swear or affirm that the testimony you
are about to give is the truth the whole

truth and nothing but the truth is it
the truth you may be seated
let that be weird well there’s a reason
mr. Castillo Cortez answered in the

so the strategy was for her testimony
now to be she can always go back and say
I testified under oath that I saw women

who were forced to drink out of toilets
I could not have lied about it
and so she goes into her testimony and I
only have the last two mr. toilet won’t

drinking out of toilet ease these aren’t
toilets that they’re drinking out of
this justice system yeah it’s a test
irrelevant to the story the reason she
wanted to be placed under oath is for

her to say I was under oath and she and
I have to say if you see the video she’s
reading this she’s she’s glancing over
out of the corner of her eye she’s

picking it up she’s doing a great job
she’s getting to the climax where the
tears are welling up and then you can
actually hear that right at the end of
this clip someone faints they keel over
right near the door you can actually

hear audibly someone faints just by the
door and off to the side so she’s
interrupted her entire demeanor is and
there’s no tears she leans over to
Birk by the by somebody stepping on her

act and she doesn’t get to finish it
because her time was up but here’s how
here’s how she was going with the app
that their sync was not working and we
tested the sync ourselves and the sync

was not working and they were told to
drink out of a toilet bowl I believe
I believe these women I believed the
canker sores that I saw in their mouths
because they were only allowed to be fed

on nutritious food I believed them when
they said they were sleeping on concrete
floors for two months I believed them
and what was worse about this mr.
chairman was the fact that there were

American flags hanging all over these
facilities that children being separated
from their parents in front of an
American flag that women were being
called these names under an American

we cannot allow for this one she
apparently hates doesn’t love America

also no American flag and did you hear
the little of the little boom in the
background there is somebody someone
faints in this gun she was working
herself up she was ready for it she was
and she was already over time Cummings

lets her do whatever the hell she wants
but then I didn’t clip that but then yes
it’s like oh I’m yeah your time’s up kid
with you it went over your time anyway
so I have a couple more Clips three only
so then it’s what do you what are you

happening about the woman is the worst
and you know who was sitting behind her
when she was testifying the girl from
the woman from code pink and all these
people in the background rather what’s

her name the little the little widow
cold pink woman she looks like a like a
psychopath yeah she was there and then
all of her all of a o’seas curmudgeons
around there whispering in her ear so

finally it’s her turn to ask a question
of Thomas Holman the former ice director
and this guy probably seen a clip or two
was just not taking shit from anybody
and certainly not from AOC who fumbles

the script there’s no skip logic answer
for her to go to she’s humming humming a
hum and it doesn’t want to that and I
think she just really lost it on this

family separation the way that we have
and I should preface this by saying the
idea here and you’ll even hear say the
staff you know the staff like the staff
at what the Justice Democrats and no one

in your office is doing this is all
other people these former Bernie bros
who or put this these actresses in that
the squad actresses and the idea is
she’s Nancy Drew Nancy Drew has

uncovered who is really responsible for
writing this child separation law this
is this is the man look at him he
couldn’t be more white and more horrible
looking it looks like a no he’s like

Shrek family separation in the way that
we have seen it will we take children
away from their parents without due
process began last year undersecretary
Kirsten Nielsen but I had to dig further

and our staff dug further I had to dig
further and our staff are stuck isn’t it
your staff it’s our staff because this
is operation that she’s just an actress
4-year undersecretary Kirsten Nielsen

but I had to dig further and our staff
dug further but where did this start
within the administration she
implemented it and we found a memo dates
back to April 22nd here you’re always

satisfaction right in the middle this is
one of my favorite performances by it

truly is a great performance there’s no
doubt by and our staff dug further but
where did this start within the
administration she implemented it and we
found a memo dates back to April 23rd of

2018 where there was an official
recommendation to quote pursue
prosecution of all amenable adults who

cross our border quote illegally even
though this applied to legal asylum
seekers in practice including those
presenting with a family unit between
ports of entry in coordination with DOJ

is the memo that I would like to submit
to the Congressional 23rd 2018 subject
increasing prosecutions of immigration
violations without objection and so I

looked at this memo and it seems like
this is the source of it and it seems as
though mr. Holman that you are the
author and will provide it over but I

would like to note that here it says the
official recommendation there were three
different options presented the third
included the option for family

separation this initiative would pursue
prosecution of all amenable adults
including those presenting with a family
unit mr. Holman your name is on this is
this correct

yes I sent a memo so you are the author
of the family separation policy I’m not
the author this memo
you’re not the author but you signed the
memo yes well you already hit her did
you hear voice go
you’re not the author but you signed the

memo see she expected to hear that he
was the author they told her this guy
did it he’s the guy Yossi nail him I
can’t my separation policy I’m not the

author this memo
you’re not the author but you signed the
memo tolerance memo so you provided the
official recommendation to secretary

Nielsen on families for the United
States to pursue family separation
I gave secretary Nielson numerous
recommendations on how to secure the
border and save lives but it says here
that you ret you gave her numerous

options but the recommendation was
option three family separation I’m
saying this is not the only paper where
we given the secretary numerous options
to secure the border and save lives and
so the recommendation of the many that

you recommended you recommended
tolerance now wait for it wait for it
because now now and now she’s gonna blow
it which includes family separation the
same as is whatever US citizen parent

gets arrested when they’re with a child
zero tolerance was interpreted as the
policy that separated children if I get
arrested for DUI and I have a young
child in a car I will be separated well

the police office in New York and I
father for domestic violence I separate
that all due respect legal asylees are
not charged with any crime when you’re

in the country illegally is violation
eight United States Code 1325 seeking
asylum is because you want to seek
asylum to go through the port of entry
through the legal way the Attorney
General the United States has made that

clear okay
mr. chair the the memo is it’s submitted
to the record for review someone didn’t
inform her that this Asylum seeking has

to be done at a port Ravenna to entry
and so the whole thing fell apart
she’s a fizzle total fizzle total fail
next we have Chuy Gonzales he’s from

Chicago Illinois Democrat and he his
real name is hey Zeus and he did a
really despicable thing and God blesses

a Thomas Holman for just not taking it
mr. Holman you have said that most
immigrants are quote not criminals other
than the criminal act that they do when
they entered the country illegally that

is why I think we ought to revisit the
criminalizing desperation striking
sections 1325 and 1326 of tidal wave of
the u.s. code the statutes that the

administration has leveraged to separate
thousands of children from their
families mr. Holman do you understand
that the consequences of separation of
many children will be lifelong trauma

and carried across generations have we
not learned from the internment of
japanese-americans mr. Holman I’m a
father do you have children how can you
possibly allow this to happen under your

watch do you not care is it because
these children don’t look like children
that are around you I don’t get it
have you ever held a deceased child in
your arms first of all your comments are

disgusting I’ve served my country 34
years well I’ve served my country for 34
years and yes I held a five-year-old boy
in my arms that impact that

tractor-trailer I knelt down beside him
and said a prayer for him
because I knew what his last 30 minutes
his life were like and I had a
five-year-old son at the time what I’ve
been trying to do my 34 years serving my
nation is to save lives so for you to

sit there and insult my integrity it
might love my country and for the
Emperor children that’s why this whole
thing needs to be fixed so that was
really nice of Chewie there to say hey

you racist
I guess cuz the kid wasn’t white like
you that you don’t care I mean
unbelievable to say these things I was
flabbergasted it this was a showboating

yeah but he was just purchasing he
thinks he’s hot shut by doing this well
it was never seen this guy performed
before he’s he’s an idiot

this Garcia guy so what did come out of
the hearing was the three things that
need to change and you know you’ve heard
a lot of this could be change in 15
minutes it turns out it could be fixed

pretty simply and the one thing that was
there was a guy didn’t clip it there was
agreement that if families are detained
in a family detention center for forty

days which is the amount of time it
currently takes for a family immigration
lawyer to be assigned to their case that
there is a 99% a success rate of the

families returning with their attorney
to a hearing for asylum now of course
this is a very small group that that is

actually admitted but instead of the
almost zero percent people who were let
loose and come back for their hearing
99% when they are held in detention for

at least 40 days now for a number of
reasons and rules and regulations the
fluores agreement stuff that is I don’t
think we need to go into here families
really only are able to stay in these

detention centers for twenty days and so
the whole thing is just a big cluster
but Jim Jordan asked Thomas Pullman to
give the three things that need to
change in order for this crisis at the

border to not to be over of course but
to subside and the guy said it multiple
this four five hour session so I just
wanted to wrap up with that it’s pretty

we’re the ones have to change law so
give us that recommendation a fifth time
the three things that we got to do if we
would close the loopholes in the T V PRA
where children sent to America treated
the same as children Mexico okay this I
didn’t know that there’s a difference in

the status of children seeking asylum
from Mexico versus other South American
countries but that seems to be a problem
if we would change the for asylum
agreements that we can actually detain

families and family setting long enough
to see a judge and plead their case if
we can change the rules of asylum so it
makes more sense so ninety percent that
people don’t pass the first interview a
lot fewer pass it in front of a judge

those three things would would mean a
big would make a big difference on the
border and decrease the immigrant those
three things go to the heart of the
matter they go to the incentive is that
right they go and send up along with the

other things such as talking about
polishing ice having no detention free
education yeah free medical care
citizenship for those who are here
illegally when you keep authorizing

incentives for people from sanctuary
cities come to this country you’ll be
protected from ice as long as you keep
having as well as kindest people people
won’t keep trying to come those kind of
statements made by Democrats in the

United States Congress or in positions
of influence in this country they have
an impact don’t they that was
significant impact there you go and
there it is
stop talking like it’s all gonna be okay
and then these people will not come so

harsh so on American Adam yes I know
there’s a theory going around on the
right wing talks or maybe some other

group I can’t remember where I got this
from I don’t have a clip I was looking
for it that Trump is is is leveraging
this to the hilt because all the

evidence shows that he’s not deporting
nearly half of what Obama Obama and and
he wants to keep this thing going so he
can use it as a campaign issue because

he knows he’s got the Democrats by the
balls here by the short hairs they’d
like to say because the public at large
doesn’t go for this they’re not all in
on the sanctuary cities they hate it and

hate people like the ones who just
ambushed there was a little sister state
at a with the bite in and I don’t have
the ho discipline where the people are
taking this cuz bite it bite and says we

got em separate families but he said it
accidentally and they they think that
was that you know I have a bunch of
Biden gaps but this is the one this is a
short clip where it’s hard to hear but

you’ll be able to hear the chant and
Biden is talking to somebody about don’t
you think we’re all deportations should
stop and then whitens not going for it
he’s saying no people need to be

deported who need to be deported I mean
just can he still be the front runner it
makes no sense so but so then they came
up with this little chant which I just
thought was a gem if we can hear it

three million deportations under Obama

administration is that what they’re
singing it goes three million
deportations under the Obama
administration’s apologize now
well we’ll keep our Joe gas for a little

bit later because I’d like to thank you
for your courage and say in the morning
to you and the man who put the sea and
children that we need to think of Jhansi
Depp alright are you Adam Curry in the

morning all ships at sea boots on the
ground feet in the air subs in the water
in the Dames and the knights and the
dames in the nights of day and in the
morning too are trolls
Haitao trolls good to see y’all in the

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morning to someone who I’m pretty sure
is no longer listening to the show but
you never know Alexander nori now we
were looking for artwork for episode
11:54 1154 episodes goldfish invasion

was the title of it and we really didn’t
find anything appealing that came in
part wise and so we went back and you
know this was image number I think was

image number 4000 that’s how old it is
right now we’re at the me see what we’re
at we’re at over 17,000 14,000 and this
was somewhere in the yeah somewheres

about five years ago yeah 41 60 or
something and it was a pair of we had
talked about the Nike shoe so as a pair
of shoes with him with the Isis Isis
slogan on it which for some reason

seemed appropriate I think we were just
I was tired it was a rough show we had a
rough start

we worked an extra hour yeah well I did
you just
I hear that here in Grouse you know I
got it I got a nice note from a guy who
does audio for bands
he says Amen I know exactly how you feel

so you imagine this when something goes
wrong with the band with their PA and
there’s a lot of drunk people going hey
man get the band back on it is the
plight of the of the audio engineer when

it goes wrong although I do appreciate
having the troll room there because they
I think the adrenaline once they get me
pissed off enough I start cussing did
the brain somehow it kicks in and I do

find the solution eventually so it’s a
it’s it’s a match made in hell no agenda
art generator calm is where you can find
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much more than we can ever use in the
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gallivanting about the country countries
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so the show prior to his mentioning it
okie also I guess took a train right on

a non-stop from Virginia to Florida the
cohort trip took about 24 but I was able
to buy the with it again reminds me of
the story of the train or the
cross-country train Amtrak that was two

days late hey you know my neighbor Arnie
Steve told you about Steve so see so we
had we had him over the other the other

night and Steve told me that he took the
Amtrak from Austin to Chicago he says it
was fantastic says it takes 21 hours you
get your own sleeping cabin with bunk

beds well you buy it of course but it’s
your own little little home your own
little house I got 24 hours of TV’s TV
he was smoking his vape you know it was

great I got there 21 hours later you
could stick his head up to the
observation deck to to look around just
like he says it’s a really it’s insane
you know it’s about the same as easy

easy jet this is a Southwest this is
really it’s worth it except for the time
now it’s something I had this I remember
one time I was in New York or nas in
Washington DC and I had to go down to an

event in Atlanta and so I I had to spend
either another night and then take the
airplane down to Atlanta and that had to

spend a night in the hotel or I found
that the Crescent which is a famous
train that runs from New York all the
way down to New Orleans I was like a
commie train
The Crescent yes and I could get on that

thing in Washington DC at Union Station
and it was a night train so I could
sleep on it and I’d wake up the next day
in Atlanta so that saves the cost of a

hotel room mm-hmm and the airplane and
it was actually cheaper there you go
wouldn’t have been there was really zero
time difference in terms of what it were
when I would have gotten there and

everything in between and I found that
to be a very interesting idea they
should run more of those trains this
concludes your former segment a 12 hour

trip took about 24 but is able to be he
continues I was able to bring my car and
it was overnight so it was well rested
what kind of train is he bringing his

car on something something you’re like
yeah clean comfortable and good they do
have those in Europe and courteous a
pleasant experience in all but because I
got a stateroom they had was an absolute
necessity for my son

pricey yeah in addition to supporting
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are you messing around with Knology
flageolet on earnest something to do as
I see what no as I was going ah he’s

retiring from the Navy I get it
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don’t read ahead I still have a handful

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sailer I get it
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men going their own way as a movement
though I think we’ve discussed you’ve

got yeah that’s an excellent one Thank

You Dennis Adams 33333 and his one
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it and no I don’t think so
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I want to mention something about
LinkedIn okay so I cancelled my
executive subscription which gave you

all these extra features hmm because
LinkedIn I always would download by I
would back up my contacts every so often
but I went for awhile without doing and

I did it recently and I’ve noticed that
the back ups no good it doesn’t have it
just halves names hmm there’s no phone
numbers there’s no addresses there’s
nothing but names and it may be a

company that’s it
really I used to always back them up and
I have the email addresses which you
could use and if you wanted to go to
another system you want to say oh
there’s another code add a portability

is what you’re talking about which is
always expected I can do that with my
MailChimp stuff I downloaded a list of
all the contacts and it’s fine I got
everybody all the information is there

now all of a sudden out of the blue
linked and doesn’t do give you anything
more than just a bunch of names right
I’m not paying extra money for anything
from this operation if they’re gonna

pull that scam hmm that’s my email
addresses where’s my portability I don’t
see it is to download nothing I might as
well just you know where they I have to
go back to it to their system to get

some whiskey melody that’s when I have
my own address book yeah that’s the
Silicon Valley
roach motel no kidding yeah that’s how
it goes so they lost that means I was
paying too much anyway my wife wrote I

said it’s the LinkedIn thing I’ve got
useful I am calling me me after the show
and playing that for her yeah I should
be like oh my god he nailed it so

uncanny that’s my voice so so now I’m
right she’s right I’m not spending money
per month to do these guys for what

funny funny thing I never got a job from
LinkedIn funny thing is you know Mimi
does all the expenses for the show
she’ll call me up and say why are you
still using that gives me shit about

using stuff stop doing that
yeah oh man she keeps it was this one
right you know I had it I’m not dead

this is not worth it i’m not gonna i’m
dumb i’m probably gonna phase out and
probably quit the whole thing eventually
cuz it’s just not a good system since
Microsoft bought him I think there are
two Adam curry accounts one dates back
to the whenever that’s first started

maybe that was in the 90s till late 90s
I guess do they start then LinkedIn for
sure around 2005 it was there anyway I
just got so fed up with the thing and

people building their profile I got no
time for this
and I’m glad I didn’t because it seems
like you’re only facilitating them and
yeah and I’m not looking for a job and
I’m quite sure I will never get hired

for a job anyway you know all you got to
do is listen to this show like guys
don’t want him in the organization so
ever since I became a maximalist I’m
tracking the bitcoins it’s been an

interesting two weeks with a high of
almost fourteen thousand today a big
drop down to the mid 10 thousands in
fact it’s about ten thousand six hundred

right now who knows what the reasons are
it does seem to go with the feds
decisions or their or their implications
you know when the president says
something whenever the whenever there’s

a a threat of perhaps not cutting
interest rates as much as they say they
mind if at all a Bitcoin seems to go up
when things seem to be going good with

the United States it really it seems to
be the enemy of the United States the
United States dollar but this did come
up this week on the the Federal Reserve
Board meeting notes and the Fed chair

Jerome Powell was asked a question about
crypto and bitcoins specifically in
regards to the United States dollar and
more to return to the question that

Senator Purdue had asked you about the
impact of a crypto currency system on
our reserve currency in the in the world
particularly in the United States

reserve currency which as as you both
indicated in your
has I think the United States has
benefited from our currency being the
world’s reserve currency

if a crypto currency system were to
become prevalent throughout the globe
would that diminish or remove the need
for a reserve currency in the

traditional sense I think by the way
what an asinine stupid question to ask
but okay I ever this was I like that
they ask in the traditional sense I
think there’s things like that are

possible but we really haven’t seen them
we haven’t seen widespread adoption
I mean bitcoins is a good example really
almost no one uses Bitcoin for payments
they use it more as an alternative to

gold really it’s a store of value it’s a
speculative store of value now this is
something that I’ve argued against for
many years before I saw the light and
here’s the chair of the Federal Reserve
Board saying it’s a store of value just

like gold
well like gold um so we don’t have in it
that people of course have been talking
about this since cryptocurrencies
emerged but we haven’t seen it but

that’s not to say we won’t see it and if
we do see it yes you could see a return
to an era that in the United States
where we had many different currencies

and you know in in the so-called I guess
the national banking era now that I
found interesting and I wanted to ask
you about it because the way I see it if
Bitcoin truly became the international
unit system of trade or anything for

that matter I’m pretty sure the guns
would come out there’s no way certainly
Trump will never let that happen but do
you know anything about this period when

we have all kinds of different
currencies in the United States well
yeah that was we had everybody had
pretty much their own state currencies
there was sitting currencies there were

Bank currencies and they were all over
the place in the 1800’s I’d I didn’t
know they’d in this in the US we had a
whole bunch of them I didn’t know that
oh there was a slew of them they’re very
collectible hmm right now we have the

farmers market wooden nickels we have
it’s it’s money it’s cut out of wood
it’s cool
anyway I am a maximalist I do believe in
Bitcoin I think it already is I think it

is a unit of international monetary
trade and transfer because I’m using it
as such

we’ll see we’ll see but he did this this
is quite a from where Bitcoin came from
this is quite a statement from this guy
to say you know it’s kind of like gold
alright store value that’s a first

yeah it is the Gold’s up to fourteen
hundred dollars an ounce
well you recall that I had a whole bunch
of gold at 700 and was saying buy gold

buy gold now unfortunately you must have
made out like a bandit that was after
the first divorce that wasn’t said
that’s so great anymore

nope not very smart it’s alright I’m a
podcaster remember so you know so you
listen to Kamala Harris every so often

podcasters and once in a while she gets
on a roll and it’s like you don’t hear
too often when she does is pretty
something there’s something to listener

here listen to Kamala on a roll I got a
quiz for you I want the real thing
ladies and gentlemen not just
superficial things I want a Department
of Children and Youth I don’t want to
just talk about medicare-for-all

although we need it we need to talk
about the chemical policies and the
environmental policies and the food
policies and the agricultural policies
that are making us so sick and I don’t
just want to talk about race-based

policies because if you’re just talking
about race-based policies you’re leaving
open the question is whose fault that is
we need reparations and we need
reparations because reparations do more
than pay money there are spiritual power

they are men here at Maricopa they are
an acknowledgment of a wrong that has
been done a debt that is owed and a
willingness to pay in addition to that
ladies and gentlemen we need to do more

than just endlessly prepare for war and
we need to do more than just say things
like we need to bring the boys home we
need to challenge
underlying forces that make all this
darkness inevitable we need to challenge

the military industrial complex we need
to talk about war as two big business
we need a Department of Peace this can’t
be camel Harris who is this oh I’m sorry
that was Mary Ann Williams yeah Wow the

a dost candidate cold now yes I’m sorry
do I died here’s the kid here’s camel a
Harris in her normal but this is the way

this should be called fired up this is
Campbell Oh Caroline John but that was a
really good one and I I’m sorry if I

kind of blew your punchline because I
realize now that you were gonna go to me
along and completing that was hurt but
what a growl marianne williamson way to

go yes no i i was like that she has a
cold or something that doesn’t sound
like camel at all gonna be a close call
and when it was catch it but you caught

it really you should have well I mean I
can’t believe what she’s saying but not
to bleed Marianne Williamson is now my
new candidate well she was before
because of the candles let me calmly
play calmly play calmly in South

Carolina because that’s going to give
you the contrast thank you thank you
thank you I just want to start by

thanking you South Carolina Democrats
because y’all have been holding it down
you’ve been doing what needs to get done
and it ain’t easy you make it look easy
but I know it’s not and I know that for

every one here this is personal to you
you dedicate time from your lives where
you have so many other obligations but
you keep giving and giving and giving

what a loser I got to hear Marianne
Williamson again I’m sorry I this is my
new candidate I want the real thing
ladies and gentlemen not just
superficial things I want a Department

of Children and Youth I don’t want to
just talk about Medicare for all
although we need it we need to talk
about the chemical policies and the
environmental policies and the food
policy than the agricultural policies

that are making us so sick and I don’t
just want to talk about race-based
policies because if you’re just talking
about race-based policies you’re leaving
open the question is whose fault that is
we need reparations that we need

reparations because reparations do more
than pay money they are spiritual power
they are inherent Maricopa they are an
acknowledgment of a wrong that has been
done a debt that is owed and a

willingness to pay it and in addition to
that ladies and gentlemen we need to do
more than just endlessly prepare for war
and we need to do more than just say
things like we need to bring the boys

home we need to challenge the underlying
forces that make all this darkness
inevitable we need to challenge the
military industrial complex we need to
talk about war as two big business we
need a Department of Peace now I did

pull from her thing her ending as a is a
three second end of show I so a

possibility because I think it works at
the at the end and this is the way she
finishes this is the think thank you
much clip candidate I’m all in a
Marianne Williamson I already liked her

I’ve already been a fan of some of her
stuff that not if not a fan of her first
performance at the debate but oh man
she’s great when she’s fired up she’s
hitting all my buttons okay well that

was one opportunity for the I want to go
with the ISOs so that’s one of them okay
I like yeah I’d like it so I think it’s
a good general one that’s a dynamite I
have the other one which is not really
good for the end to show but I thought

was funny this is part of the debate and
gaffe collection this is president thump
president tone yeah I’m sure you have
the whole collection I have it too

there’s a lot is the commons comment
during that that the series of clips
that you had and this is the bang and i
so okay that’s why that’s why i was

banging i think i think an end of show
very much I think that’s the one I mean
that’s we end the show yeah it’s

goodnight you I like the banging one but
it wouldn’t be as good very funny
Oh as well I’m banging your banging
banging and my neighbor just fired up is
what’s the thing called jet no no no

it’s no it’s it’s like the pickup truck
let’s the pickup truck sedan it’s it’s
like the Mafia car he’s got a glass pack

muffler and everything it’s what is that
thing it’s the El Camino locomotor El
oh yeah ELCA me he’s got a classic El

Camino there let me turn off the noise
gate that’s how he already left
wait what the mob used to use in the Bay
Area see if I can turn it off here we go
is too dry they listen listen you’re in

the Mafia
listen ooh sounds good
that’s the glass pack baby I have no
idea what that means but my dad used to

say it all the time glass pack muffler
it’s the best it does even make those
anymore they probably do oh nice though
El Camino beautiful you know who else
you know who loves Kamala Harris is

Rosie O’Donnell although she really
wants to vote for Elizabeth Warren your
party the Democratic Party but this was
a ten-minute interview that Rosie

O’Donnell did with the Cuomo kid
that Rosie is known for being a comedian
10 minutes not that she didn’t crack a

single smile not a single joke nothing
funny at all most comedians are morose
oh she’s dead well she’s
yes morose is a great descriptor your

party the Democratic Party where is its
head versus its heart because you can’t
want Joe Biden and all of these ideas
that are being pushed out by the persons
in second third and fourth position

currently in the polls at the same time
what are you guys I agree I think that
Joe Biden should say I’m gonna sit this
one out
I may be an elder statesman and I’m
gonna advise and then whoever is the

nominee I think should think about how
to best use somebody with the experience
that Joe Biden adds and all these years
of politics but he’s not the future of
the Democratic Party and I think we have
now until we get a nominee to figure out

who that person is and in my opinion
it’s either Elizabeth Warren or camallo
Harris well you back Warren yes is that
fixed or you open to either one being
that the Warren or Harris now listen to

Rosy’s in yes that either one of them I
would be very thrilled to stand behind
I’m really for Elizabeth Warren I think
her plans that she has for just about

everything and all that she did with the
big banks and corporate think long and
hard Rosie because she didn’t do shit
she challenged she what she was a leader
in so many ways and still is and I think

she’s formidable against Trump and all
of the money that she’s raised from non
lobbyists you know the it’s pretty
astounding to me what she’s been able to
do nothing nothing I still get robo

calls all these things she her
leadership and I can’t come over the
single example but know that you
mentioned Cuomo he also had on Bill

Maher oh boy and Bill Maher is obviously
all in for Biden so we have a little
battle here the Democrats have a huge
field ya know what do you see in the

field well first of all too many people
that’s what I see in the field that
alone looks silly when you have 23 24
and some of them are I don’t even know
what their raison d’etre is for running

I’ve asked them they’ve been on the show
I’m like why you know right off the bat
we’re stumped you know do you believe
that if you have so many that means you
have nobody well I just think it look

Donald Trump it should have been someone
who made the Democrats go wow we got to
get serious now we’ve got to cut out all
the nonsense that made us lose the
election last time and I don’t think

I’ve seen that so far midterms the
identity politics and the cutting each
other up Obama said about a month ago he
said circular firing squad he invoked
that phrase about the Dimmick you’d

think with Donald Trump as president and
the existential state were and in this
country that they would not need to have
that warning be given but you know I
hope Obama does that again after he is

the one person who has the excuse me the
authority both as the ex-president and
as a rather beloved president of recent
vintage who can do that who can knock
Democrats heads together and say look

we’ve got to get serious stop carping at
each other at Joe Biden for example the
whole thing with the kissing the back of
the head and the Eskimo kiss isn’t look
who cares you know if this is the guy to

beat Trump it is unconscionable
to be pecking at him this way in the
beginning he’s not like was very helpful
in that also
he went after Biden for that and the
media picked it up they ran with it it

got traction and how he gets away with
it with his history of real sexual
assault when this guy he’s just being
Joe I mean okay you don’t like it it’s
creepy I get it sometimes people do
things to me that are too close and I

don’t like it but that’s life hello
hashtag Epstein that’s life on the
island ladies and gentlemen thanks Bill
now I saw Lynn with Biden and he doesn’t

like anything but anybody doing saying
anything about I’m talking about this at
the dinner table about what’s gonna have
to happen and because I mentioned this I
think in the one of the shows and I may

have said someone on the tweeters that
they’re gonna have to dope Joe up well
they did for the
next no for the next or the next debate

did you see it I mean I’m not talking
I’m already I’ve already figured out
some of the formula you give them like
eight shots of testosterone which will
make a huge difference and also the

testosterone but then they’re gonna have
to give us some because he can’t be
sleepy Joe the sleepy guy oh no he’s got
to be pumped up so they’re gonna give
him a durably vyvanse has timed release
delayed so it’ll be a little more

consistent so I won’t have peaks and
valleys so just be constantly on see
this is gonna be the problem because
unless he’s getting this stuff all the
time so I think he’s gonna go nuts
talking and interrupting well he gets

thirty second penalty if he’s
interrupting too much you know that’s
this is the new rules of the game show
did you see his bad teleprompter day oh
poor Joe now I think that this is a

combo of all of what you just said him
not having that and a rough prompter day
and sometimes you just have a rough
reading day I I’m 54 I have it you know
yearns to me all the time as you can

tell when I do the reach from the yeah
no donations Joe is 76 so it’s
understandable but it it’s a little
embarrassing challenge of following this
disastrous presidency over well not be

just to restore the reputation our
credibility Donald Trump and the
Democrats are demagogues around the
world are learned are leaning into these
forces that triumph of democracy and

liberalism over fashion and autocracy
that has driven all our economic process
in progress we believe in free speech
that’s why when the gag grill the Global

gag rule prints money from getting it
NGOs who even talk about family planning
president Tom took those words those
literal words nation of immigrants out

of the statement the mission statement
of our citizens have been Immigration
Services we have to be honest about
now it’s about because we’ve Negrete
we’ve neglected the basics by

strengthening by strengthening by
strengthening folks I think I think
what’s happening is that prompter is not
going to the next page I’m not seeing it

that way wait wait after he does the
strengthening strengthening
strengthening then he’s waiting for the
next word – what – call Trump was lected
the basics by strengthening by
strengthening by strengthening folks for

virtually every virtually energy
independent he has he has I don’t know
how to say it from he’s alienated us
from a very democratic good that to me

sounds like he has he has I don’t know
how to say it because the next word
isn’t on the screen alienated yes I
don’t know how to say from he’s
alienated from the very democratic
allies we need most and partnerships

build on cohesion of assuming coercion
to take on non-traditional threats like
weaponized is corruption it cannot be a
credible voice on the proliferation of

nuclear security and on proliferation
and nuclear security we’ll look we’ll
look for enforceable commitments they’ll
produce for a ships leader conditions
police clap for Joe I hate seeing a

fellow podcaster struggle like that
well he’s it sounds more like he was
probably you know had a couple really

and was mispronouncing a lot of stuff
and kept saying things like
proliferation of nuclear security what
is that he you know they just crate it

may have been a prompter issue felt like
it to me may be a combo deal here it was
definitely a confluence of horrible
things happening to him at once hey had
a couple in the you know a couple of

couple of those at least he’s not
angular Merkel we’d forgot to mention
this on the Sunday Thursday show
whatever what day is it today Sunday I’m
more confused
she had the shakes third

yeah and now the most Germans are saying
uh you know that’s really in her house
it’s just a personal issue we should
stop reporting on it okay fine you don’t
have to report all you do is just watch

her you’re a logical condition it seems
to me that’s what most pros are saying
it looks like there’s some something in
her brain and that’s maybe the same
thing that letter opened up the borders

and that took away remove nuclear energy
miss you got a tumor I feel bad for but
people of Germany what are you thinking
and German hey where are German

producers what’s the what’s the boots on
the ground what are people really
thinking about this what are they saying
what’s the word you know we have German
producers we had quite a few of them

where’s Eric kögel I have more news out
of out of Euro land that’s right
everybody right after that flying hover

board space force yes the Falls discuss
as a manual McComb announces France will
now have a space force we need a French

version of the t-shirt no agenda shop so
they’re getting a Space Command the same
same idea I think they may be folding it
under the Air Force but France is going

to have a space force I hope they laugh
as hard as they did at Trump when he
came out with space force because it’s
just too crazy is just too funny but

that does bring me to our fiftieth
anniversary of the moon landing um a lot
has been said about the moon landing I
am I think my stance is well known I do

not believe that initial landing was
real the problem for NASA is the missing
tapes and what kind of rekindled my
interest in the story is the notion that

the tapes were found an intern had the
tapes and the intern
auction these off at christie’s millions
of dollars for the last moon landing

tapes and they showed three tapes and
these are the two inch for head Ampex
tapes well I can tell you with quite a
lot of authority that these are not the

original tapes has nothing to do with
the original tapes they’re not even the
same format as the tapes it’s a complete
bullshit hoax and anyone who buys them
for a million bucks is an idiot because

I found something I’d never seen before
10 years ago on the 40th anniversary
they redid the moon landing video and
the moon landing video was when I said

redid it means that they enhanced what
they had and this was done by Lowry
Digital Lowry Digital unfortunately for
them is a Hollywood company they do a

lot of a lot of 3d stuff for big-budget
movies they cleaned up a lot of the
Titanic footage and Avatar work with
James Cameron a lot it’s quite a quite

an established operation pros pros you
know sad that it’s Hollywood pros
because that only fuels the conspiracy
but this was at the Newseum which I

didn’t I think they closed it now the
Newseum and finally shuttered it for
good reason yeah it was it was a front
anyway so let’s go someone just close

the door really hard so they did this
little presentation of the cleaned up
moon landing video and it’s all right
put contrasts and it looks better but

let’s talk about these tapes or actually
how the video got from the moon down to
your television set and there’s two
people in this piece dick Nafzger he is

he was charged by NASA with there’s a
younger guy with creating it with
overseeing the the these touching up and

the polishing offered enhancement of the
but he he explains here how the video
got from the moon to your television
screens I’d like to explain briefly not

to you if you’ll put up the first
graphic of how TV got from the moon this
is a graphic showing that on the moon we
had a mr. Barr and Westinghouse LESBIAN
camera the downlink to three locations

Parkes radio astronomy in Australia
honeysuckle Creek tracking station which
was a man flight station and two
Goldstone in the Mojave Desert the slow
scan from Parks was remoted to Sydney a

honeysuckle converted video to broadcast
to Sydney and the best video they had
was transmitted via innal SAP and you’ll
see that the video came down into
California Goldstone and the analyst at

cycle California relayed this by
landline and microwave directly in
Houston where it was released to the
world and this video originally before
conversion for formats that could be

viewed by the world was called slow scan
was recorded on 14 track tapes and was
considered just a tract of telemetry
also there has been some questions about

the solicit and search and what we’re
looking for we’re looking for the
original slow scan video which we all
know has a higher quality than the
converted by the nature of the
state-of-the-art in that year 1969 we

are not looking for video that hasn’t
been seen there was no video that came
down slow span that was not converted
live fed live into Houston and fed live
to the world so this is very interesting

the way it worked is they had a slow
scan TV ten frames a second 320 lines
that they broadcast from the moon

it was then received by three different
stations including a honeysuckle
whatever it was in Australia I think was
Park YouTube Utah it’s two other

stations in the US now this slow scan
yeah which that really caught my
interest because I’ve done SS TV
broadcast slow scan TV broadcast ham
radio which is not the same transmission

the same type of transmission but it’s
the same the same encoding technology is
for the first slow scam video and and
this is the reason for the ghosting that

you see because it’s really it’s you
can’t move too fast because it’s as the
name implies slow scan the real problem
was that it had to be converted to in

order to put on that television or the
the the the quality of television at the
time so it needed to be up converted
from those 10 frames so you’re repeating

a lot of information and the way they
did it was optically so you had a slow
scan camera broadcast then crazy I mean
they did they

FM modulation and it was only 3
kilohertz bandwidth strangely enough and
they then they so they would they’ve
received that it would play on the slow

scan television which does give a pretty
decent image even the 10 frames and they
had a TV camera on the slow slow scan
screen to capture that image and then
send it back to Houston and then it was

eventually sent off to the network’s to
be put on live on television except
Australia they broadcasted directly from
their honey suckle station now so this
was a live television event it was

recorded so they claimed and the
recording was done on these huge
one-inch Memorex reels with 14 different
tracks this is where the loss telemetry

comes from because the telemetry is on
the 13 other tracks is talked about in
this next clip and one track again only
3 kilohertz worth of analyst which is
very very very small was used for the

slow scan video recording he’s going to
talk about he had a copy of the tape
there with him
it’s on YouTube so anyone who’s the old
Christie’s may want to take a look

before they start auctioning off some
bogus crap it’s a it the thing is huge
they apparently still have a player for
it and here’s his explanation of what it
is for this tape which is a telemetry
tape had one track on it

that was for videos lesbian they had 14
tracks of data such as voice telemetry
biomedical data this was all treatise on
Turkey why did we record video there for
backup in case live didn’t go we had

something to playback from the original
source we also recorded the converted so
we could play from Sydney or anywhere
else back to the world but the
requirement was live TV as you know live

TV was successful the converter did
degrade to some extent the state of the
art of trying to get slow skiing
converted to a broadcast signal that
everyone could see has a degradation in

it and it had to be I took a lot of
setup a lot of even art to set these up
correctly these tastes are recorded at
120 inches a second to be able to record
this list pan TV in 15 minutes 9000 for

the tape was used up during each 15
minutes of that lunar television walk so
there were 45 tapes approximately that
were shipped to Goddard into the W NRC

and amongst about 4 to 500 thousand
during the full Apollo program so that’s
well the problem with these tapes is

they had 40,000 of them they’re filled
with telemetry and 15 minutes on a
single tape very expensive at the time
and it was never really intended to be

saved it was just intended to be kept as
a backup and you know so they could use
it later if they couldn’t do the live
shot and these things were recycled
frequently now why now they do have a
lot of the telemetry data from other

tapes with these particular ones and he
has a whole bunch of reasoning as to how
those got degaussed and put back into
the system and it was nobody’s fault it
was the protocols at the time also on

stage was Stanley lebar a former
engineer of Westinghouse who at the time
was tasked with building the camera and
he went into some interesting detail
it’s it’s worth checking out the video

it’s in the show notes in a show notes
he went into some detail about the
camera as the cameras at the time
weighed about 700 pounds and were huge
power hogs through early integrated

circuits at the time and I looked it up
and see it fits
than the timeline they were able to
reduce the size of the slovsky’s scan
camera from the cameras at the time to

seven pounds and the total power needed
was seven watts which he keeps
reiterating is like a Christmas tree
light bulb the conversion process is it

was kind of the the kink in the machine
here but worse is that Stanley was asked
to speak at this event and he talks

about his experience and he was unhappy
with with the way it went not Stanley at
this point is he’s I think eighty-six
and listen to what he said and how his

brief comment kind of ends oddly and
then has just done this moment in time
was historical and that I would remember
it for my lifetime and I had

when what when Armstrong came out on the
he pulled a d-ring which opened a door
or a large door that had the camera

mounted on it so when the door swung out
the camera was positioned so it saw the
latter and that’s how that image was
taken there was a great deal of concern

although we were totally elated the
camera work but what we saw at that
point was rather disturbing because it

was not what we had simulated and we
knew we had a problem and that would
concern me for some 40 years so that’s

what I experienced at that point in time
and that’s what I remember so let me
turn it back to dick what in following

up with what Stan said this was a
one-time event as you all know I support
shuttle now I support external tank
television now at Goddard we simulated

it was shocking haunt me for the rest of
my life sadly Stan Lee died five months
later on the operating table with some
routine procedure

oops so the way I see it to fake the
moon landing it was so easy all you had
to do was throw a slow scan signal out
there with the right sync pulse and they

took it for real no one at NASA would
have ever known and you could have done
that from terrestrial didn’t have to be
from the moon you could broadcast a
signal from a single satellite if you

wanted to you could have little little
stations at these three receivers and
throw that signal in the air couple
milli watts it would have worked so it’s
a big hole in the moon landing video and
I’m surprised that that that all of this

you know this noise about the Lost Tapes
is you know somehow they’re talking
about these three you know 2-inch tapes
that are going on auction which is just

it can’t be true as bogus so I think
that this is definitively shows that
The Smoking Gun is in the transmission
of the slow scan TV from the so-called

moon which wasn’t what they simulated
this would haunt him for the rest of his
life which was only five months after
that what was the what do you think what
was the difference we saw the slow

scanned and they produced I think I says
there was something it wasn’t like that
what we had worked on in the lab I think
he’s I think he looked at whatever was

coming through the cleaners I stand in
there I mean what was no I think that
he’s nice I think he saw that it could
not have been his camera that it that it
wasn’t his 10 frame 320 you know again
that’s the proof we don’t have we don’t

have the actual proof that it was 10
frame 320 lines slow scan TV I think
that’s what he was seeing like oh
because they received it’s a different
clip which I don’t have they received

the pulse signal but they they were not
receiving it there it was received these
other stations and so I think that he
looked at that one that’s not coming
from the camera that I built

it’s possible that’s what he was saying
he didn’t say that specifically no he

but you heard what he does say yeah well
there you have it I don’t know what that
means but it doesn’t mean anything other
than for sure

this these tapes that are going on going
on auction or have nothing to do with
the actual actually if it’s an amp X 2
inch tape because it sounds to me as
though they ran cuz I’m a friend of mine

back in the very famous inventor Steve
Beck he was always inventing all kinds
of stuff and he was showing me slow scan
TV on a cassette recorder the little

bitty cassette on the real trust sure
and he had a slow scan system set up
that could record on that tape yep but
you can do so much it was kind of cool
and I’m thinking if this was if this was

with their day he’s describing his
telemetry 14 over 13 tracks of telemetry
in one track of slow scan that sounds
doesn’t sound like a helical or or

that’s spinning heads thing that Ampex
knows it sounds like sounds like some
special gear that just put it just and
it infected there’s so many tapes this
had to just be a linear recording

correct correct well if that’s a linear
recording then those tapes that things
you guys have can’t ever be looked at
you have to have that one piece of
specialized gear yes well apparently

they have one one machine that can
playback and they have retrieved these
telemetry tapes which is the big the big
one-inch Memorex reels and they have
been able to get telemetry data off of

it but they don’t have the telemetry
data that tape that includes that 14th
track of video and they do so they
really don’t know it wouldn’t be marked
anyway or it wasn’t at the time so

they’ve gone through everything they
have and those are missing but they were
also never intended to be kept and blah
blah blah blah blah or whatever but look
how pretty it looks now thanks to the

Hollywood guys
well what are you gonna do nothing but
it’s might be 69 you know it’s a miracle
that you could ever even build a Saturn

5 we know that’s a fact remember this
show is going until 2024 just to see if
we really make it on to the moon this
time it’s a it’s is futile
what’s the futile did they’re not gonna

do anything in 2024 there’s only five
years from now but that’s the promise
two promises bogus yeah well I don’t
understand how how can it be so hard it

seems easy look what we were using back
in the day my iphone should be able to
take me to the moon well to the moon

okay well it’s good just catch up with
popular culture there’s something you’d
actually probably kind of like this
because we talked about a little earlier
in the show which is the cashless

society and cash and the rest so Oh Jay
Simpson the murderer
you just found not guilty he posted
another note on Twitter and this is

actually pretty good
hello Twitter world this is me yours
truly you know in the last 48 hours I’ve
learned that you’re never too old to
learn two days ago was my birthday and I
got hacked in my computer well I

probably got more dope than hacked and
in the event that they got into all my
information fortunately for me my bank
alerted me that there was a charge to
coming in from Europe and euros and they

didn’t honor it so I really didn’t lose
anything except some time and stuff but
the problem was I was traveling the next
day which was yesterday and I had to get

some cash for my friends I think I was
in good shape I need to get some cash
for my friends that’s what we call a

drug deal that’s no good the problem was
I was traveling the next day which was
yesterday and I had to get some cash for

my friends I think I was in good shape
little did I know do you know there’s
companies in America that will not
accept the Amer
can dollar for goods or services really
I mean at one point I couldn’t even buy

a bottle of water you know I I just
thought well when did the American
dollar get usurped
when you were in jail fool grew up they
said cash was king I guess not has been

relegated to a Duke or an earl in any
event I know there’s a lot of Americans
that don’t have credit cards and I just
didn’t think it was right right oh no
Jay the juice is loose juice is loose

you know just for the record I don’t
think Oh Jay did it I think his son did
it and I think that’s and he was just
taking one for the team

yes second time you’ve used that no
second time has come up in the show
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some show left I do I have a tribute I
by the way I have a good end to show
clip so remember that when we get to the
end okay but this is not it this is more
of a tribute to Elizabeth Warren since

they somehow I guess the the Google
Voice phone numbers have been given out
that are on them you’re on the lists now
for people

just make random calls from robots what
exactly what exactly does that mean
what do you send me you know that Rachel
I’m Rachel with direct services yes
they’re calling now they’re calling the

Google thing and I don’t have the phone
hook to it I just did but it will record
oh okay hold on so you’re saying is the
telemarketers the bots now have moved to
all of the Google Voice telephone

numbers and they’re calling those
numbers yeah okay so a compilation since
I’m not there but you get this is what
you ends up but I don’t know quite how
it I don’t get the beginning of these

discs it mostly the the guy comes on
afterwards I’m not sure how this works
but I have one minute of actually a
minute and 10 seconds worth of grief of
all I really got to hear when I got when

I went to the messages for the Google
Voice and hit play and and I one after
the other this is a series of them hello
hello hello hello hello hello hello
hello hello hello hello hello hello

hello hello hello hello hello hello
hello hello

yes time is alcohol incontinence better
and there is that of my call and
supervise you oppose or never care

insurance also known as Medigap I’m just
to verify I saw the state of California
am i crap my name is Kelly and I’m
calling from insurance enrollment center

and the reason of my goal today is to
provide you a free quote on Medicare
insurance also known as Medigap and the
two a verifier still in the state of

California correct and they let me just
ask you a quick question are you
currently on Medicare or Medicaid hello
hello hello hello hello
hello it’s me yeah I’ve gotten those


not at all conspicuous the one that got
me was the last more the woman says
you’re in California right people are
piece of work I love it that’s very

funny and that was all on your Google on
your Google Voice huh yeah all of it
that’s fantastic
I love it I love it good work Elizabeth

Warren yeah she’s so fabulous you should
send that to Rosie O’Donnell
Thanks so great she’s really rocking it
I have a one belt no road three-prong
China clip as if it wasn’t you if it

wasn’t bad enough that we you know
they’re buying up all the ports they’re
putting in the railway now they’ve now
they got Russia in on it a privately
financed Meridian High where will become

the Russian segment of a new Europe
China highway stretching over 5,000
miles and ultimately connecting the
ports of Shanghai and Hamburg it will
run from Kazakhstan to the Belarus

border and its length will be more than
2,000 kilometres or 1,250 miles it’s one
of a number of projects promoted by
Beijing as part of China’s belton Road
initiative the work has already begun

around the staggering Frontier Post at
the eastern end of the road at the
western end before lane highway will
enter Belarus close to the Russian city
of Smolin the highway will pass through

the territory of eight regions of the
Russian Federation its longest section
will be located in the cerrado region
the construction of meridian will be
completed by 2020 for the new toll

motorway is expected to cost more than
9.5 billion dollars and will be built
using a public-private partnership it’s
expected that the road will start
bringing profit in 12 years the main

source of revenue is likely to be
trucked between Europe and China it’s
planned to take some of the phrase that
currently uses the trans-siberian
railway or the suez canal at pres
the delivery of groups from Asia to

Europe by sea by the Suez Canal takes 45
days by the trans-siberian railway 14
days and if the new road is built
through Russia the delivery time will be
reduced just 10 days some experts

believe that for Washington this could
be something of a nightmare because the
new road will allow Asia and China in
particular to trade with European
countries by passing this series used by

the United States France China will
receive more access to the European
market partially compensating its losses
from the current and bitter us-china
trade war but Russia must hurry up and

finish the project China won’t wait and
can build new routes to Europe bypassing
Russia who knew that just the road would
be the easiest way to do it all these
newfangled trains and boats listed build

a road people well geez that’s quite a
road they’ve gotten out of control these
Chinese not generalizing or anything out
of control right well let’s talk about

the Richard angle of course the
correspondent for NBC who was it could
be he seems like a CIA guy to me he’s
not really trustworthy in our eyes he’s
he’s lied a lot about reportage but he

comes up with you know he’s gets
assignments that are very targeted into
some reason instead of being in the
Middle East like he normally is is in
China oh really

yeah here we go um what is it called
here I’m looking for it
Oh Richard tonight China is sparing no
expense to dominate the world of
artificial intelligence though much of

the technology was developed in the
United States President Xi Jingping
wants China to be the world’s AI leader
by 2030 officials showed us this
sprawling port where thanks to AI human

workers are being replaced and while
Americans encounter AI every day with
companies like Amazon and Netflix using
it to rank products based on what we

fought and won
China is now using AI to rank its people
there are an estimated 200 million
surveillance cameras in China and now

they not only know where you are you
know who you are many of the
surveillance cameras feed into an AI
system which can not only recognize your
face but bring up your name your social

media activity financial status and
criminal record the AI calculates what’s
called a social credit score if your
score drops too low you’re denied access

to airports and train weight so this guy
is just doing this report which we’ve
done for years about the social you’ve
done it for years but now it’s going on
then to the NBC ritual richard engel

there’s some reason they’re giving us a
support the blue well why aren’t they
reporting on the actual spy operation
that someone just went to jail for well

you just send a note to NBC News and ask
him there was a former State Department
employee sentenced to over three years

for a spying for China yes this story
which I don’t have a clip I don’t have
it flipped over either no one written me
do it it’s recovering it it’s an old

Hillary woman and she’s got I think
almost four years in jail 40 months in
ohw huh and she’s very sorry that she
did this but she was like spying for

China and she’s you know it’s crazy
Porto Rico you said no I don’t know
there’s no clip the onlythe on one
article I understand what this has been
repressed it’s an OHA you

you just said it yourself an old Hillary
woman we don’t report on that I’ll do
this on Thursday we got a
boots-on-the-ground report from Puerto

Rico but this is a juicy story also
underreported the government is about to
thanks to a log of a telegram chat which
wasn’t that supposed to be all and I

don’t know how this gets out these logs
the governor apparently was was just
chatting away let me see if I have the
if I have some of the quotes here it’s

just chatting away with everybody you
know talking about you know those
there’s just a lot of slurs basically
same wonder that I’m looking for the

slurs here that’s always a good look
well it’s not it’s not a very good look
so somehow this this law gotta ear the
log the document which details

conversations made through the messaging
app telegram from late 2018 to January
20th of this year is filled with
profanity laced misogynistic homophobic
and sexual comments from the governor
and other members of the group attacking

opposition leaders fellow party members
journalists and activists groups the
converse conversation also reveals
efforts to manipulate public perception
of the administration through public

polls and they so-called troll network
on social media where is the reporting
on this
this is everything you want wait nuts
Puerto Rico no that would mean that the

president was right when he says it’s
it’s corrupt that’s too bad it seems
like a great story
I thought telegram was supposed to be
this secure messaging system which is

obviously what they thought yeah well to
me if this was a group chat then someone
leaked it someone someone leaked the the
log of it it’s not that hard if you’re

in the group chat and just copy it paste
it send that off to somebody but you
know they’re talking about duping the
meteor manipulating public perception
through public polls

and they and they that’s never happened
and a troll network on social media I
mean this is this is a scandal of epic
proportions but no no no and it’d be
great to have a clip of this I’d love to

read this law if anyone can get a get a
hand on it get some other law guide look
that that’s your radio play right there
John well that’s also debby good play
are you right I would love that that

would be a good one but there’s also I
want to get a hold of the article that
was pulled from the The New Republic I
believe that ran this gay guy supposedly

was going off on Budaj edge this has
happened like today or yesterday like
key and every link that’s I found so far
because I wanted to read it because it’s

resulted in almost a collapse of a
climate summit for some reason wait what
I have not heard of any of this yeah the
New Republic they had this piece on

Buddha Jed’s written by a gay guy who
goes off on him talking about is he a
top a bottom he goes this gets pretty
and he’s just giving him grief and they
was somebody I guess it’s a magazine

said hey wait a minute why are we
publishing this this is pretty gruesome
and so they pulled it which got more
attention than it should have and then
because they’d ran it in the first place
a whole bunch of sponsors that were

going to do this climate summit I think
it’s in September which included the the
magazine and then Gizmodo and a whole
bunch of other people they said I have
nothing to do with it now we’re pulling

out and so they’re all pulling out of
the climate summit because of this which
is I don’t can see the connection but
okay and just you know just politically
correct out and now I’m trying to find

the original article and I know somebody
out there can find it I know how much
work you have to do to do it myself but
if anybody has a connection to that
article said Wehling producers you have
your mission now this is something that

that we need to find sounds like another
great radio play
but one after another reading in essays
the maybe Oh sounds pretty funny I’ve

read an article this morning let me see
who wrote this article
oh it’s Associated Press hmm
Google is going to take another course

Forbes is gonna take another crack at
building a social network this should be
interesting this will be the third third
one third iteration they’re gonna try it

one more time so the idea seems reading
from the article the idea seems to be
setting up local social networks right

now the New York domain dot NYC shoelace
sees its shoelace dot NYC is connecting
it sounds a lot like mastodons actually

when you think about it so that’s if I
invite only right now always that way
but there they’ll be of course Google
doesn’t do anything without the money

part so they’re focusing on hyperlocal
advertising it’s not in their DNA you
know this is this is not a good idea I
don’t think they’ll succeed well word
they have won’t work but I can see what

what to think and it’s like who is
tapping into the local advertisers which
used to be using newspapers local
newspapers and other and even local TV
stations are the ones that used to get

all that advertising and then local
newspapers are just drop the ball
completely yeah so there’s a lot of a
lot of untapped advertising potential in
the oval yes so they’re going out no one

has been able to capture it online they
have all these backyard and all these
different kinds of these different kinds
of websites that are supposedly just for

local listeners or readers I’m sorry and
they have not really scored big on the
advertising side because I think
advertisers are practical and they don’t

see if they don’t see it on a newspaper
they don’t spend the money well it’d be
interesting to see how Google’s is
trying to horn in yeah what would be
interesting to see how they drive
adoption because that’s the thing that
you know Google did have a social

network which was that thing called
derision or cut or cut and it got it got
adopted by transsexuals in Brazil and
was very resilient really made that

thing work they loved it and they loved
it Brazilians are very social and they
loved it Orkut because it nor Google is
so transphobic they shut it down because
they couldn’t stand transsexuals it’s

Google’s all against that they’re anti
trans trans hate seem so trans hate and
and then they came with Google Plus
which was a horrible product unusable
remember buzz buzz on there was buzz and

at least everybody’s info yeah the great
keep that together now even though they
are putting their social network
together they will not be invited to the

White House social media summit next
year if there ever is one again what a
what a what a horrible showing really it
was just whole thing was pretty odd I
did like this one clip that I pulled

from the president about talking about
his numbers viewing when he didn’t
really sure what he’s talking about
because he’s talking about subscribers
and followers and I think he means views

of a tweet and I noticed things
happening when I put out something a
good one that people like write good
tweet it goes up it used to go up it

would say seven thousand seven thousand
eight seven thousand seventeen seven
thousand twenty four seven thousand
thirty to seven thousand forty four
right now it goes seven thousand seven

thousand eight six thousand nine ninety
eight then they go seven thousand nine
six thousand seventy four I said what’s

going on no it never did that before it
goes up and then they take it down then
it goes up I’ve never had that just does
anyone know what I’m talking about with

I never had that before I used to watch
it be like a rocket ship what I put out
a beauty it was humorous the our video
on on c-span within a total shit show in

the Rose Garden where I guess that’s
where he did his his census question
announcement they would just get it from

from all the databases and you know
Gorka is out there threatening people
and they’re all it’s like but I think
it’s very smart it was wrong on

simultaneous is I’m sorry but the other
thing going on simultaneous Usenet root
oh oh that’s that’s the big black thing
the net root listen black is just a
bunch of it’s just activists I think it

I thought I thought it was I thought it
was a black eye maybe I’m wrong I think
you are that but is every year they have
it assumes it’s the same thing it’s a

bunch of so that’s why I think Trump did
his at the same time Netroots yeah why
why do I think this it was a social
media gathering of all that you know I
said daily cost is one of the major or
sponsors of it okay I’m wrong I don’t

know why I’m confused about that all
right yeah and a show clip is it from
the Netroots thing no it’s it’s it’s
actually goes back to you’re talking
about the moon okay

well I’m ready for it if you want to do
end of show now yeah this is the Douglas
Brinkley who wrote the book moonshot and
he’s at a conference he’s giving a
lecture about the moon and then what

happened to fifty years ago and all the
rest of it and so he’s asked the
question here at the ED at the end where
there’s the Q&A session there’s a scene
in the movie first man where it shows a
protest against the moon race saying

that’s a misappropriation of resources
and I just want to hear from you how
much was there a kind of account of
movement against the space race during
the 1960’s great great question
that’s how you close the show ladies and

gentlemen listen and learn from the pros
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morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Chile
con Valley I’m Chauncey Dvorak coming up
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mortgages episode 32 new guitar day and
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/na until then adios mofos
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that to a song

I hear this for coming it’s coming it’s

coming it’s coming



yep you have to figure out alright what

do we do from here and you’re right
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and a very very much