No Agenda Episode 1156: “Bivotal”

yak yak yak yak yak atom curry this is
no agenda Valley where it’s cold and the

traffic is slow

I’m Jessie 400 shorter than normal you
okay did you have your caffeine this
morning that’s fine all right

what you been up to what what you been
up to
nothing nothing okay prep it for this no

agenda show yeah me too me too
did you see the President’s speech
yesterday the one at North Carolina yeah
no oh my god

buzzes yeah I know he’s got some new
material yeah yeah that’s why we tuned
in you know we we usually watch you know
we watch a combo before seven of MSNBC

CNN then you know we’ll probably watch
the Tucker Carlson at 7:00 no way
not when Trump’s on had to switch to
YouTube that was fantastic
he literally comes in and says I got

nothing better to do tonight than be
here so yes he doesn’t know it’s gonna
roll but the best the best was this leg
that beautiful baby look at after the
Pope Wow what a baby

that is a beautiful baby
that’s like from an advertisement

perfect look how happy that baby is so
beautiful thank you darling that’s
really nice so someone’s holding up
their baby obviously in the front but

what Trump didn’t see is on the back of
this baby’s little jumper was a huge
queue to Twitter pretty much broke for a
moment as the cue baby was held aloft
debate the baby had a cue as bad a big

letter cute role or not it was funny
that was real and I don’t think Trump

knew it I’m sure he didn’t yeah it was
just funny it was very good uh so that’s
what I did
well it’s only an hour of your time how
long ago it was it was hour and a half

it’s always an hour now but it’s our
yeah yeah well he had to go through the
the squad he had vilify each and every
one of them was pretty funny yeah Jake

Tapper did a a bit on his show on CNBC
where he described the spectacle between

Trump and the squad as a as Trump
trolling the Democratic Party and and
the Trump haters mm-hmm by making the

squad the the party frontispiece yeah of
the party yeah I think that bait was
taken pretty much the bait was not only
taken but if you read the the multiple

you know by the way Twitter’s never
supposed to be used for putting together
twelve comments right here I went to the
other threads oh you don’t like the
threads I think there’s actually one of

the better parts of Twitter well that
you’d go to a blog true so go read the
New York Times I mean there’s ways of
doing it but so anyway so he does the
story and then he gets blasted by the

people would normally be worshipping him
Oh for being a
this is the way Trump’s not that smart
he’s a big dummy there’s no way so they
go on and on and people commenting on

tappers thesis is actually funnier and
it’s just like they see Ron they’re just
not possible to do it incorrectly but
they’re these people are out of control

and it’s really interesting because
we’re Twitter is just actually yeah I
think you’re right it’s it’s out of
I got a lot of hate tweets after our
epstein segment remember well we’re

anti-semitic just for bringing it up do
you know even though it was Steve
botanico that’s what Jenny said do what
happened yeah yeah imagine these yeah
but you know they can’t spell your names

they can’t figure out where to get you
it was a plus it’s a big atom curry it’s
so easy so easy but interestingly you
know the on no again to social dot-com

the the Fed averse the Federation is is
actually pretty calm and even with the
the onboarding let’s put it like that of
gab calm and this is a very weird

experience actually in the late 90s
early 2000s we were you know we were
still building out the network and we
had peering agreements and if you

couldn’t peer with with a certain
network than you because your traffic
was too low or you know it was out of
balance and you had to buy it what is
called transit to still get to that
network this was really the the

architecture of the network itself and
it feels a bit like that where all of a
sudden just you know this new network
shows up and and you know the this

people over there and gab you know then
they’re communicating to no agenda
social calm it’s a it’s hard to explain
but it feels oddly comfortable how these
things you know just noose new stuff new

people show up every single day and this
moment I think is now saying
that they’re going to federated to ever
they must have about a million people
you know there’s a couple others that
could do it too yeah

well I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself
I’m enjoying the future my friend you
can stay on that little Twitter linear
Twitter is gonna be dwarfed pretty soon
unless they federated still think Jack

Dorsey is smart enough to do it if he
did he might be able to dominate you
know because everyone what everyone
argues about on this is we’re talking

about Mastodon the open source yeah
federated network of servers what
everybody complains about is the
interface you know that’s why you have

play Romo you got pixel and all these
different versions of it and there’s
some you know video specific sites that
are also federating so Twitter can just
be its own its own interface it’s it

feels so much like the AOL days Twitter
is now AOL nothing like those good old
twitter twitter is america oh well was
still dominating this a key word no

agenda and then they open up you know
like you could click on a special button
and all there was a web browser oh my
goodness and i can look at the internet
and then before you knew it everyone’s

like wow that dangerous stuff over there
that’s where i want to be i don’t be on
this safe keyword business now don’t
tell jack that’s that’s what’s gonna

happen but i think you should still give
it a go you know the a lot of people
made a lot of money with America Online
yeah yeah have they sold it five times
what was the guy’s name now he was our

board member Ted Ted Ted Ted was there
who he owns the the hockey team now and
he owns the Leonsis Ted Leonsis
exactly that guy made some money off of
AOL Boop little Steve Case made some

money – yeah I remember Snoop Steve Case
type tried to buy my first company –
Ursula – yes you’re right
it’s all gonna be in the book remember

when I didn’t sell it the Steve Case oh
well well you’re not in the same league
as pointcast what am I saying ah that
was so cool

hey the network’s down hey turn off
one cast everybody you know all the
bandwidth and the other one the other
one another flop but was Friendster you
know praying everything for social

networks and then I couldn’t quite bring
themselves to sell out how much you just
like a 10 million but you could be
making you have like let’s eat will you

have a half a million you have 50
million dollars in your pocket and a
bunch of stock yeah now why do that
that’d be crazy

oh well it’s my buddy yeah I heard it
actually so I did yeah I did I have a
number of c-span things that I watched

but first view played a pretty funny
joke on me on the last episode where you
told me I was listening to Kamala Harris
and there was a lie lie because it was
marianne williamson who right away just

launched into yeah wait actually I
should see if I have that clip you know
what was what it was it was probably
called camel Harris yeah brother let me
see you see we played that clip I mean

you had me going for a second camel in
South Carolina or on a roll quiz on a
roll here we go this is what you played
and it wasn’t Campbell Harris it was
Marianne Williamson also a Democratic
candidate for the nomination ladies and

gentlemen not just superficial things I
want a Department of Children and Youth
I don’t want to just talk about
medicare-for-all although we need it we
need to talk about the chemical policies

and the environmental policies and the
food policy than the agricultural
policies that are making us so sick and
I don’t just want to talk about
race-based policies because if you’re
just talking about race-based policies

you’re leaving open the question is
whose fault that is
we need reparations that we need
reparations because reparations do more
than pay money they are spiritual power
they are inherent Maher culpa they are

an acknowledgment of a wrong that has
been done a debt that is owed and a
willingness to pay it and in addition to
that ladies and gentlemen we need to do
more than just endlessly prepare for war

and we need to do more than just say
things like we need to bring the boys
home we need to challenge the underlying
forces that make all this darkness
inevitable we need to challenge the
military-industrial complex we need to

talk about war as two big business we
need a Department of Peace by the way
that was the tip-off the
military-industrial can’t play that
without playing camelus clip these in

South Carolina
so I’m thinking you know this is

reparations like I gotta check out the
check this Kamla marianne williamson out
with the ad OS community with the
american descendants of slavery and

there was one other video that came out
on show day and so i sent and i figured
he had listened to it but then i also
sent this next clip of marianne
williamson to producer moe cuz he you

know this is my one black friend and he
always tells it to me straight and i was
curious you know what do you think about
is is she a possible candidate and i
added to that this interesting session

marianne williamson did at the Unity
Church in Houston which is a pyramid I’m
not quite sure what denomination this
church is but this is what she was doing

so to the african-americans in the room
who would wish and be willing to
participate in this please stand up and
now I’d like to ask white Americans who
are sitting or near you

to please stand up and if the African
American citizen would be willing to
allow a white American who wishes to
apologize to you and take partners to
hold your hands and

as I as I speak I’m going to ask the
white Americans in the room to please
repeat after me on behalf of myself and
on behalf of my country

to you and all african-americans
from the beginning of our nation’s

in honor of your ancestors and on behalf
of your children
please hear this from my heart I

please forgive us so this goes on for
about 15 minutes and so it’s a whole

bunch it’s in it in the church a whole
bunch of white people touching and the
black person next to them and I
understand the idea I see where she’s
coming from until this part of the

little the little ceremony please accept
my apology this night it is for you and
for your grandparents

and their grandparents before them and
their grandparents before them

may the screams that were not allowed be

allowed now no this is someone in one of
the congregation and mo calls me he says
black people will never vote for this

woman this is like Kundalini Yoga Yoga
he says this is speaking in tongues
black people run away from this shit she
will never ever ever get anywhere near

the black vote with this and I it’s
Pentecostals which I believe there has
to be some connection here the
Pentecostals are all into this stuff but

even in the black Pentecostal church
talking in tongues thing showed up in
the early 1900’s when some preacher that
was having had a failing congregation a

Pentecostal it introduced it to the
lexicon and started doing it and it just
packed them in always whites no we
haven’t seen blacks to go for this
tugging and tungsten ever and I watch a

lot of church sermons as a form of just
watch entertainers entertainment and
blacks have their own technique for

riling up the crowd but talking entices
not one of them and so Moe goes on he
says did you have no idea even Kundalini
Yoga which includes this screaming very
similar to this he said no it is seen as

the devil it is seen as you do in fact
he sounds like voodoo the way was being
done there the reason why Oprah is now
distancing herself from Marianne

Williamson is because she learned from
the past she made a huge mistake this is
it this is I think maybe 15-20 years ago
well I am a Christian who believes that
there are there are certainly many more

paths to God other than Christianity I’m
a free-thinking Christian who believes
in my way but I don’t believe that it’s
the only way
what I believe is that Jesus came to

show us Christ consciousness so if
you’re not you know 100% kind of on
board with the original Christianity
vibe it’s black people do not like it in

fact he said that when the rumors came
out about Hillary Clinton and the Spirit
cooking you remember that yeah he said
that really turned off a huge portion of

of black America like even if it’s just
the rumor was enough don’t want now
don’t want any if you look at the
hip-hoppers rappers they always have a

cross arm they call jesus pieces you
know they got a hold their religious
gear cuz you got to you got to have all
of that otherwise you just won’t be
accepted so we can that you could put

that on your list Mary even though we
don’t think she had a chance I was yes
very funny I thought for a moment maybe

but no no no no and that’s a little
nutty man and yelling stuff this plant
is doing screaming no no this is

remember the Unity Church you go look at
this thing it’s a pyramid you know
there’s no denomination doesn’t really
explain what kind of church it is so
it’s one of the minute somebody was

screaming yeah one of the congregation’s
actually to PSO I’m asking do you think
as I’ve seen this happen and no no no no
no it was meant to be it was yeah it was
planted not against her ripped it not

against her nois planet for her as part
of her bit oh of course
yeah that’s what yes of course part of
the show yeah that’s part of the show
yeah so yeah anyway as she walked right

into the next line it wasn’t like it was
a something that was just startled her
no in fact she was in the back of the of
the church and she just slowly walked

forward and put her arms around the
woman and you know it’s okay everybody’s
tastic you know what a crock a crap nice
to see a screamer I mean she could get
voice acting work if she you know it was

a fantastic scream I expect that to
being an end to show make somewhere yeah
not not by itself it’s not as solo no no
it has to be incorporated so that’s my

2020 news I think I don’t think I have
anything else for the u.s. except for
the Biden gaffe oh I didn’t get the

Biden Jeff now here it is where is it
yeah put it got to put it in the player
for the plate I will apologize the
deportation if in fact injury deported

because in fact you’re engaged in a
misdemeanor and
family was separated showed that I
didn’t put that part in because I

thought it was it was not as germane as
the rest of the clip which is nuttier
well by a standalone clip it’s I think
it’s pretty decent and I probably should
have done it it just shows that you know
these guys

Joe’s got same problems Trump has except
Trump’s president Joe’s fighting for it
so it’s gonna be interesting to old wise
I do have a few things they have a
couple of series of clips okay and

different I have a some of the opening
of the squad for women that decided to
become their own rock group and they’re
gonna be floating around as the squad

and Omar we start to discover she can’t
pronounce their ours very well yeah and
also she she can’t say Patriot just
Patriot she’s just cuz there’s an R and

yes yes she can’t she can’t say Patriot
she would be the type of person who say
woot beer that she’s let’s laugh about
speech impediments nice you just brought

the gap up so that’s what led me into
this because she had interesting gaff
see if you can pick this up this is the
omar quotes as martin luther king right

there Martin Luther King said all we say
to America is be true to what you say on

paper I believe this is a pivotal moment
in our country sometimes it’s a pivotal
moment in our country mark Martha Luther

King said be true to what you put on
paper or something I mean I love our
government as Martin Luther King said

all we say to America is
be true to what you say on paper I
believe this is a pivotal moment in our
country all I heard was Biffle and I

forgot everything
the problem with Omar she’s beautiful
you just look at why do I dislike you
but she is a really pretty she would be

a model in short but she has gorgeous
features yes yes let’s play her I got

three clips from her but the thing that
bothers me is she brings out all and I
had to upgrade the Trump rotation no boy
we have an addition yes I there’s two

that were left out one now this is
children in cages Trump rotation calm
Trump rotation calm I had to add puts
rotation a rotation hello and the second

one was wants to separate families you
seeing a guy who wants to separate wait

a minute did we have a separate family
now wait a minute is it rips babies from
mothers arms already on the rotation no
hmm rips babies from mother’s arms is
maybe another one I should play so put a

slash rip straight because that’s
actually the extension with the same
rips yes yes yes so let’s play amar to
because now we start to hear the the
kinds of these memes that the Democrats

are relying on to get people worked up
and one of them is just outrageous right
now the president is carrying out mass
deportation raids across this country in

each one of our districts right now the
president is committing human rights
abuses at the border keeping children in
cages and having human beings drinking

out of toilets forces people to drink
out of toilets now this is I’ve been so
debunked yeah and you may be

should repeat what it is what they’re
talking about the various agencies in
some prisons have discounted as some
company that makes a toilet that is also

a sink and a drinking fountain it’s all
part of its giant stainless-steel one
device it’s a floor wax and a dessert
topping in one yeah it’s like it’s it’s

a it’s actually a pretty efficient
looking thing it’s got a toilet at the
bottom and then it’s got and then it
extends up to a sink where you wash your
hands and then and then on the sink I

believe there’s a drinking fountain hmm
but drinking from that is not drinking
out of toilets but that’s what dude they
want to promote which is okay if you
want to be a liar mmm-hmm but then

nobody seems to care about them lying
okay let’s go to her third comment that
I clipped this is the president was
called black people who come from black
and brown countries shitholes said here

is that the president is calling the
people yeah shit holes that come from
black and brown countries those people

he’s calling them oh yeah let’s just
listen to it again to make sure that’s
where she said this is the president who
has called black people who come from
black and brown countries shit holes

this is like this is gold comedy gold
from this woman I don’t understand why
people are to pay more attention to oh

she’s so right oh he told her to go back
to her home I mean and for those outside
of the country this is this is quite the
quite the news story here the

distraction of the week
although set up that way by the
president that for the reasons you
mentioned to make the whole Democratic
Party look mmm nutty the Democrats there

they’re kind of caught in between
they’re having to defend these people
these four women specifically who are
haters let’s just start with that

premise mm-hmm one of them it the ones
from Washington state is just a horrible
person and all of them are pretty pretty
rotten and but they’ve got to defend him
cuz they’re fellow Democrats and nobody

you know yeah they’re just they’re
they’ve been dad is the way I see it
mmm-hmm by Trump and they don’t seem to
they kind of know it but they can’t do
anything about it it’s very strange to
watch also saw a little bit of posturing

and infighting just just body language
when a question was asked and AOC or as
the president now says Cortes god I

should have thought I forgot about it
eat last nicest Alexandria ok co Cortez
Cortez Cortez it’s too long it’s too
long I can’t say the whole name I’m just

calling her Cortez so Cortez AOC wanted
to answer the question and Omar jumped
in and and physically pushed her away
who pushed who away Omar pushed AOC

aside to answer the question it yeah it
was just a body language thing but I was
an AOC she looked nervous to a oh she

didn’t seem like she was very
comfortable with the whole the Four
Horsemen of the horse women of the
apocalypse on stage she seemed I watched
that whole thing I I guess I didn’t pick

up on the push aside thing but I don’t
think she was prepared for it I don’t
think she’s uncomfortable necessarily
was being part of this group cuz I think
her chief of staff the guys running

everything that social justice warrior
guy Democrats yes sorry justice
Democrats only get these mixed up so she
I don’t know it’s something to watch for

sure it could be end up as the squad
could only be three she bails no that’s
doubtful she has no say in the matter
she’s she is she’s just doing what she’s
told yeah pretty much

and I’m sad about it because I thought
oh man you me remember I was kind of
title you’re jacked up you know that’s
your interpretation but I thought she
was very interesting I liked her a lot

I’d like to
she just the whole package was perfect
and yeah but she falls apart all the
time she just can’t do it she’s done me
no I don’t like people calling people
stupid or dumb yeah I know you don’t

know but yeah she’s not the brightest no
bulb in a pack let’s talk about the
impeachment attempt and send the other

thing which was calling out Trump for
saying being a racist prick you know
this is another interest it’s Al Green
who’s been trying to file articles of
impeachment and get a vote on the floor

for at least a year maybe longer no no
right from the get-go okay long mix you
are right soon as Trump’s took office I
think you’re right yeah and articles of

impeachment which can be on high high
crimes and misdemeanors
not really for being racist I don’t
think it’s not a it’s not great look but

I don’t think you can be impeached for
it and you know green you can being a
racist is a high crime or a misdemeanor
even Pelosi had to say that the Brit the

president wasn’t racist she said he said
something racist which I also checked
with Moe and he laughed to people don’t
think that’s racist tizen we’re laughing

do you want us to leave well then the
economy will collapse that’s a good
let’s do the impeachment thing here I’ve
got well just explain one extra thing

for people even people in the United
States there’s still many think you have
a hearing you say impeachment you vote
in this majority vote and the

president’s gone and no that’s not how
it works the only body that can remove
the president is the Senate in this
business process and there’s there’s no
way they have the votes they have they

send the articles of impeachment to the
Senate the Senate has to vote him out
and to make it more difficult they have
to vote him out by 75% yes yeah by a

huge majority so that likelihood I mean
the guy has to really be a complete
screw-up you I mean I don’t know what
you’d have to get to to get to that

point so this is just all showboating
yeah cuz they know there’s no it’s not
even close again it’s not impeachable
yeah but okay so I’m waiting for you I’m
waiting for you it’s yeah I got a cup of

CBS versus NBC Oh kiss talk about CBS
for a second Norah O’Donnell finally
came in
now we’re gonna I’m gonna put on my
executive hat cuz it’s gonna be yen okay

how did she look horrible things that I
do on the show now Norah comes in Mimi’s
here and she’s watching it when she does

her first justice oh my god and she goes
nuts she thinks wife’s just woman the I
told she’s the anchor what what happened
to the other guy and so Norah comes on
and then I notice and she’s got her

normal morning show hairdo and the whole
thing she comes on and and it’s
immediately obvious what the problem is
could you see her she has unbelievably
dead eyes ooh is this something new from

Norah you know I think she may have all
in the morning show they have our little
little differently they don’t but they
don’t have just focus on her head and it
may not be I mean she’s usually either

glowering on the morning show as
somebody as a Republican I’d never
noticed the dead eyes before right
oh it could be the situation where she
or I just have to die or maybe they gave
her a drug I have no idea but you it’s

so noticeable and so you look at it go
and of course her ratings plummeted way
below Jeff Glor already know so CPS you

know is having meetings like something
like what we’re talking about
and so this was they got a problem with
her so the next day she comes on and she
does a remote report in the wind this

was your eyes are squinty and you can’t
really see you
the other days and you can’t and they
got her made up differently were JC is
in the house and he loses his that is
that and he’s thinking it’s some sort of

a deep fake cuz the Facebook’s fake
because of the makeup uh-huh and I’m
saying no and then the worst part is
they put her in a kind of a man’s shirt
and they clipped her hair off and gave

her a pixie cut is there video or
photographic evidence of this bad look
put in the next newsletter and what I
thought was the worst and and then she

was glowering because it was they
started everybody else started off with
all kinds of stories about the weather
and an Epstein and one thing or another
but no no she made sure cuz you know
editor the anchor of a news hours

typically the editor-in-chief and so she
started off the whole thing in the whole
beginning of the show is about the
border crisis right and and she had the
guy was they had temporary head of the

department Homeland Security and he
seems like a nice guys answers the
questions the right way and she’s giving
him the stink eye she’s been on almost
every show and I think he’s handled
himself very well under attack very very

slick and she’s giving him the glower
and then they could cut back to her in
the field wind blowing on her and ice
kind of squinting and she just got that
she’s got a look on her face like she

smelled the world’s worst fart glowering
org our ring I think it’s glowering I
could be wrong but look it up and it

whatever the case she’s got this stench
in the air look on her face and her eyes
are squinted and she’s got a pixie
haircut she looks like a dude there it
is okay you’ve set it up for us

alright and then well and then I mean
I’m waiting for the overnights and that
was just yesterday every time she’s come
on apparently the first night they
decided they gotta fix something and so

they’ve starting to screw with her I
think she’s I began to think this dude
for today’s show I’m almost thinking
they set her up to fail me so they

really want to get her out now huh hmm I
think they may have always wanted to get
her out she’s she stands in the way I
mean you have to remember
that CBS has become a good boy good old
boys operation ever since Les Moonves

was there and and he loaded the place up
with his friends they can’t like this
woman and she bhavish you had high hopes
to becoming an anchor it’s okay you want

to be anchor babe we’ll put you up we’ll
put you up they put her up there
the everything is wrong didn’t they clip
her hair off just she’s not gonna be
there for more than two months okay put

it in the red book says they cut this
hair off into a pixie cut I’m just
looking at oh man
that’s horrible I got to see this pixie
cut hair I have a copy of the fly I said

to you I don’t have any honey $0.80 now
but it’s like it’s possible is not a
pixie cut but it’s a tight pulled back
yeah I see it now oh yeah it completely

ruins her face she looks like Kathie Lee
she look terrible the clip Oh anyway but
not expressed as much in this clip but

there’s a little bit of it in here of
her kind of she’s really is a negative
influence on the network in terms of the
way she puts it the way she presents the
news is she’s not gonna tell me I’m not

gonna set up I don’t blame her at all
impeachments CBS Donald John Trump
President of the United States is unfit
to be President it was a test vote of
sorts on the appetite for impeachment

and it turns out the hunger is low I
think we’ll get rid of all this right
now more than half of House Democrats
joined all Republicans to table the idea
for now I do think I’m winning the

political fight I think I’m gonna get by
a lot Texas Democrat Al Green forced the
vote by introducing an impeachment
resolution it says the president’s
racist comments this week suggesting

those who may look to the president like
immigrants should go back to other
countries qualify as high misdemeanors
if you did what the president has done
you would be punished the president was

referring to these four Democratic
Congress women who spoke to Gail Kim
so what is the point of so Al Green and
they both NBC had the same clip in

different forms but Al Green says if you
did something like this you’d be
punished really yeah well you have to
wash your mouth I’ve been on Twitter I
don’t think so yeah yeah I mean you

could nobody’s gonna get punished for
saying you know I guess sent her back to
Somalia or Sudan whoever she’s from
anyway going look to the president like

immigrants should go back to other
countries qualify as high misdemeanors
if you did what the president has done
you would be punished the president was

referring to these four Democratic
Congress women with who spoke to Gail
so what is the point of going through
the exercise of impeachment when it
doesn’t look like it will go anywhere

the Watergate class didn’t have the
votes in the Senate side
they didn’t function from that place
they function and putting the country
but Democratic leaders prefer to wait
and for now most party members appear to

be with them we have six committees that
are working on following the facts in
terms of any abuse of power obstruction
of justice and the rest that the

president may have engaged in the
president arriving in North Carolina for
a rally tonight called the results of
this vote overwhelming and said that’s
the end of it

but with special counsel robert muller
set to testify next week Nora this
wasn’t the end of anything God so tired
of this Muller all right you know all
he’s gonna say is all he’s gonna say is

no agenda is the best podcast in the
universe I mean he said stick to the
report so we know that that’s in there
oh that’s in there now you can contrast
that with NBC now CBS’s you know I don’t

know what they’re thinking what they’re
up to or anything at this point
and the Nora thing is just baffling it’s
just obvious is some you wanted to get
rid of her and this is one way to send

somebody upstairs so the point of
incompetency and they just then screw
with them make them nervous I mean you
know it doesn’t take a lot if you’re in
broadcasting to have every to be sir
by people telling everyone telling you

you’re doing it wrong you’re no good
it’s pretty much what broadcasting is
right podcasting Eve are you kidding me
you didn’t do that yeah put a timecode
down as a possibility let’s go with

here’s a rundown on NBC no impeachment
for now as the very vote Democratic
leaders had hoped to avoid is forced to
the forefront by a single lawmaker

congressman Al Green of Texas he’s
arguing the president’s racist attack on
four freshman lawmakers telling them to
go back to their home countries has
demonstrated that Donald Trump is unfit

to be President today we take a
punishment I will vote to impeach him if
you did what the president has done you
would be punished but greens motion was
effectively killed for now in a vote

late today on this vote the yeas are 332
that’s because despite pressure for more
than a third of her caucus House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi has opposed impeachment

concerned it distracts from Democrats
policies she prefers to proceed with a
series of congressional investigations
that is the serious path that we are on
not that mr. green is not serious but
I’ll deal with that on the floor the

president today unfazed
do you think you’re winning this
political fight I do think I’m winning
the blind but I think I’m going to get
by a lot why I think that they are not
espousing the views of our country the

for Congress women I’m not relishing the
fight I’m enjoying it because I have to
get the word out to the American people
and you have to enjoy what you do now
another escalation tonight Attorney

General William Bar and commerce
secretary Wilbur Ross voted in criminal
contempt of Congress an extraordinary
move by Democrats frustrated with the
White House’s refusal to comply with
subpoenas about a controversial

citizenship question on the 2020 census
and late tonight we are hearing from the
president about that impeachment vote
ahead of his rally in North Carolina
he’s calling it a ridiculous project
saying it’s time for Democrats to get

back to work
you know I always say every country gets
the government deserves and we’re really
good we’re really getting that here we
really are I mean from all sides it’s

it’s tiring it’s dumb it’s childish
unfortunately it’s how American politics
works you know discredit is credit it’s
incompetent discredit call him a racist

column that it’s just back and forth and
it’s it’s been that way forever it’s
just now it’s amplified because of
social media and the Internet in general
more news channels they were calling
george w bush a racist they call you

everybody it’s Antichrist the Antichrist
well he might have been that that’s what
we do that’s what we do in our politics
and it’s sad and I think it’s a bit

embarrassing honestly you think the No
Agenda shows you just drop anything is
political not discuss not at all in
legalization of dope no I do have some

things to discuss but yeah I get this 24
hours a day this is this fight I like
the Norah O’Donnell stuff I like I like
hearing that she’s on the outside not

that I like it for her but well we don’t
know this is just my thesis but I’m all
in ID I know how it works and if you’re
given people remember MTV fired me
because I wouldn’t cut my hair and I
know because the minute I cut my hair

that I would have been out cuz I would
have looked like a penis with a leather
jacket knuckle under this hairdo and and
the boy and then they put her in this

she’s like telling you the photo I have
of her child running in the next
newsletter she looks like a little boy
alright like she looks like a no she
looks like a metrosexual guy from you

know maybe a 20 year old yeah it’s just
terrible I mean you just look and you
say what are they thinking and then you
did that’s when it dawned on me I said
oh these guys aren’t stupid they’re just

trying to screw with her so there were a
couple of interesting oversight
committees and so before I say that I’m
just sticking with the candidates so I
read the article you know the one that

about about mayor Pete and everyone got
all in a huff about that article and
then the article had to be pulled and
and the only thing I learned and we
talked about this in the last show by

the way the article was dull the article
was dull and dumb but what I learned is
as we know in in certain certain gay
circles gay men they have nicknames so
Elton John famously his his gay name is

Sharon and yeah there’s a lot of these
marma Dean I’ve heard all kinds of kind
of like funny knits campy and from this
article I learned that Mayor Pete’s gay

name is Mary its Mary Pete I thought
that was that was the only thing of Mary
Mary Mary Pete I don’t think it’s right
for us to call a Mary Pete but it’s just

this interesting to know in the gay
community community or whatever that is
among boys they call them Mary so there
were a couple of other interesting

sessions there was a censorship and
Google session which I liked and the one
I thought was most interesting
particularly as it pertains to being off
the grid and as you know it said what am

I going on two years now without a
I think it’s about almost two years
isn’t it it’s been a while yeah let’s
just call it two years and there’s a
there’s like an eternity there’s a

misunderstanding a lot of people think
well you can get dragged the government
control of course that’s not the issue
the issue is apps the issue is the
information your phone has on you such

as how you’re holding it where you are
what location you’re at how often you go
there browser history and these apps
have a lot of permissions uh I mean
remember they won’t even let you use

some of these apps but I wrote a entire
column about all the permissions that
the Google navigator asks for they
pretty much own you after you say yeah
to the maps yeah well the whole Android

platform is kind of a spying platform
and when I say spying is it’s really no
you mean spying but that’s when did I
say spying at you mean spying you don’t
mean anything else you’re not meaning

anything else
well I spy I don’t mean the
government is spying on you I mean the
the the it really comes down to banking
that’s what that’s that’s and this is
what I want to talk about so there was a

of the financial Oversight Committee had
a hearing and they brought in the one
guy who is the Facebook representative
for Libre this is the so-called

cryptocurrency that Facebook wants to
launch and they had this big white paper
and they have you know 27 28 different
partners and they know they want to do

digital money and they launched it in a
kind of a disingenuous I don’t know if
there was them but the marketing is
everything so the idea is oh this is a
crypto and it’s gonna be no it’s not

it’s a centralized token really that
will represent its in fact it’s more
like an ETF an exchange-traded fund that
your money is going to be a part of and

it’s just it’s you know why and how and
all of these things came up in this
session and there were some good
speakers and they had did have some
crypto experts and like one young woman
is a Bitcoin expert she had some

interesting things to say but it all
kind of kicked off before this session
with a message from the Secretary of the
Treasury the man whose name is on the US
dollar minuchin last month the Libre

Association a consortium of 28
businesses including a Facebook
subsidiary announced that it is
developing a crypto currency called the
Libre the Treasury Department has

expressed very serious concerns that
Libre could be misused by money
launderers and terrorist financier
crypto currencies such as Bitcoin have

been exploited to support billions of
dollars of illicit activity like
cybercrime tax evasion extortion
ransomware illicit drugs human

trafficking many players have attempted
to use cryptocurrencies to fund their
malign behavior this is indeed a
national security issue

the United States has been at the
forefront of regulating entities that
provide cryptocurrency we will not allow
digital asset service providers to

operate in the shadows and will not
tolerate the use of the cryptocurrencies
in support of illicit activities now
with that bitcoin actually took a pretty

big nose pretty big nose dive after that
announcement came out and the President
reiterated that and it’s starting to
climb back up a little bit since then I
think also since this Facebook hearing

because the the guy didn’t really do too
well X before we get to that here’s a
representative Patrick McHenry I think
he’s Republican from I want to say
Kentucky and he was on CNBC trying to

explain the difference between a really
the only true cryptocurrency Bitcoin and
this this this fake you know boy by

Facebook to to come into this space and
capture the attention and everybody’s
money the question though long-term do

you think that regulators and
politicians like yourself will allow the
emergence and the sort of of these of
these new types of currencies if they

don’t look a lot like the regulations
and guardrails that we currently have
around fiat currency and money well I
think there’s a no capacity to kill
Bitcoin even the Chinese with their

firewall and their extreme intervention
their society could not kill Bitcoin so
a distributed ledger full and open that
has in the essence of Bitcoin as a first

mover in this space the developer this
technology of this ask you a question
related to that because because bitcoin
is fallen in a large one or is you can’t

kill Bitcoin but new iterations of this
that are trying to mimic it that are not
fully distributed that are not fully
open there are different mechanisms to
kill it you say you can’t kill Bitcoin

and to some degree I agree with you and
some degrees I don’t if you said right
now that coinbase cannot accept us
money from an American citizen if you
said that any of these wallets can’t

accept money you would affect I’m not
saying you’d shut down Bitcoin Bitcoin
would exist somewhere and it would be
sort of in a sort of a dark web kind of
situation but it effectively would make

it very very difficult for me for the
mainstream to use it sure but I mean how
mainstream is that right now if it ever
gets me instrument ever gets to escape

velocity does Congress do regulators say
you know what actually and in the same
way that you’re looking at Libra as
closely as you are and this is gonna
happen at the g7 meeting as well do
people say you know what we can’t have

that Bitcoin will live in the shadows
but it boy it’s not gonna live in the
mainstream and that’s the question I
think I have and I think it’s the
question whether that that Bitcoin
investors have and that’s why what why

the price of it has come down in the
literally 48 hours you’re talking about
a something that was a joke ten years
ago that people were giving away for
free not a joke but people are giving

away for free is now trading $10,000 if
21 million coins but it’s a Bitcoin is
what Libre and Facebook and and
corporates are trying to mimic okay so

now you have kind of a background on
what’s going on I don’t know we don’t
need to talk about the validity of
Bitcoin or not even though I’m a
maximalist but they get this hearing
underway and it was pretty much we did

expect a bunch of uninformed boobs
sitting on the dais asking stupid
questions for hours on and even aoc
Alexandria Ocasio Cortes was there with
her obligatory nut job question well

currently the Liebherr Association is
governed by Facebook uber eBay Spotify
Visa thrive Capital Union Square
Ventures and a handful of nonprofits as
well as some other partners correct it

is correct what they democratically
elected I mean this is the kind of shit
do you know what’s going on woman no
there’s one guy who yeah there was a lot

of that actually Talib was chairing the
the committee for a while which was also
interesting she would nerve
I’m trying to make it off proper and

cutting everybody off on time in purple
there was one congressman Davidson I
gotta look up where he’s from and he
knows very well what he’s talking about
I think there’s a crypto caucus actually

a cotton it must be Republicans although
I’m not sure of the total makeup of it
but you know there’s some people who do
understand what they’re talking about

and one of the people there to testify
as a woman named Melton de mirros and I
think she’s had a couple of successful
Bitcoin ventures and she definitely
knows what she’s talking about and they

had a fun little back-and-forth talk
about Omar with her shitholes
highlighted a lot of background
information about about bitcoin and
about the you know immutable distributed
ledger and the benefits of that

decentralization versus centralization
you know a lot of people in this space
will use a phrase that you may be
familiar with there’s Bitcoin and then
there’s shit coin are you familiar with

that phrase and what people might mean
by that I am so could you elaborate on
how people would differentiate the two
absolutely I think the idea here is
Bitcoin has had a long track record it

the network has been operating for ten
years the Bitcoin network has been
tested the decentralized nature of the
Bitcoin protocol has been tested people
have tried to co-opt control of Bitcoin

source code and push it in certain
directions that benefit their business
models and this network and this
protocol and it’s open source governance
have withstood that test is there a
central authority they could dilute the

value of Bitcoin no is there a central
authority that could filter transactions
at Bitcoin no that can only be done
through the products and services that
people utilize to access the network

like coinbase for example absolutely
that is a US company that is regulated
based on the facts of what its business
model is with Bitcoin you can still
engage in peer-to-peer transactions like

cash correct absolutely and because open
source code you could have a wallet
correct all these features are different
than one of many of the things that
people call colloquially
I just love hearing that I like hearing

shit coin I do it’s been around for a
long time but finally it’s reached
Congress so the people are trying to
understand what’s going on and none of

them have it right and what’s really
happening didn’t actually come up and so
I want to try and explain what I think
is happening with the two clips from a
guy named Brett King and he spoke last

year at a bank a a bankers conference in
Germany and he calls it Bank 4.0 and the
whole idea is to onboard to get people
into banking without any physical

infrastructure and to use the the same
type of tracking that we’ve been talking
about the spying to suggest services for
you at the right moment and of course

when we say services there’s really only
three services that banking provides I’m
generalizing but it’s storing your money
so a place to store the value that you
have and whatever money whatever
represents money it’s for transferring

that for to someone else or to purchase
something and credit and credit is the
big one you’re not gonna get any credit
from Bitcoin this is what Libra is
ultimately about Libra is fighting there

in a fight to become the competitor –
really – Jack Maz ant finance so in
China you have we pay and what’s the

other one Alibaba pay I guess and pretty
much ninety ninety six or ninety seven
percent of all scientists agree that
that’s all the money is done through

those two payment systems and that is
where the social the score comes into
play and the social score is tied into
these payment apps which I’m sure

Facebook would love nothing more that
when you have a totalitarian government
like the Chinese there’s examples I
think was in a vice documentary where a
guy Jay walked and facial-recognition

picked up that it was him and within 20
seconds they deducted the fine straight
from his we pay and he noticed that on
his phone and it’s a good deterrent
because he’s not going to jaywalk
anymore but it’s obviously dystopian

very creepy but what this is really
about where the money is is in credit
everybody lives off of credit in America
for sure but pretty much around the
world and I think that the end game is

to get you into as much I think has
always been the game to get you into as
much debt so give you as much credit as
you can actually afford and squeeze it

down so you can just you just make in
those monthly payments because there’s a
lot of money you can still squeeze out
of people here’s this Brett King guy
talking about an example of how this

what he calls contextual banking will
work so he’s not thinking about utility
as it changes banking becomes highly
contextual and a great example of this

might be credit access for day-to-day
banking where I walk into a grocery
store and I fill up my cart and I fill
it up and I go to the checkout and then

they swiped my card and the cashier says
I’m sorry sir it’s been declined
yeah some of your customers may have had
this problem and so then you go fishing

for another card well let me give you
this one can you try this one what about
if we didn’t think about that as a
product based process what about if you
think when you walk in the grocery store
if I know you don’t have enough money to

do your grocery shopping I present you
with an offer for credit access right
there and then to solve that problem I
don’t wait for you to get to the
checkout this is experiential design of
this so then we come back to the role of

advisors because when it comes to
financial services we’ve had this view
predicated over the last 30 or 40 years
that the best way to get the best bang

for your buck in investment terms is you
need to have a human involved you need
to get that advice but technology is
also going to change the way we think of

advice in financial services in fact
probably the most common form of advice
our customers will be faced with in the
future from financial services is just
something as simple as this hey Siri can

I afford to go out for dinner tonight
so the
the way the credit card companies work
is very slow and cumbersome to get to
this point is why we need to have

digital money you know so if you are
getting close to your credit limit but
you still pay on time what you’ll notice
is the credit card company says you’ve
been such a good boy we’re gonna give

you an extra $10,000 credit go ahead and
go nuts you can afford it that’s all
good so they want this in real time and
they’re competing I think a they’re
really worried about Alibaba Ali pay

which is run by aunt financial that’s
Jack Maas company but they’re fighting
against Google and we get to Google

after this next clip Apple is trying
although Apple doesn’t seem to really
have the whole all the pieces together
I need a banker on board yes the fastest
scaling financial services organizations

in the world today are digital that
enables them to get the scale very very
rapidly and the biggest financial
services organization in the world by
2030 is going to be ant Financial as a

result of that they’re going to be worth
twice what ICBC is worth by the in the
next decade they’re going to have about
three billion customers and they’re
going to be doing lending investment

gonna be doing all of these things
powered by the fact they have three
billion people connected on a super
wallet architecture over a hundred
countries and this is they’re well on

the way to this already they’ve got over
three quarters of a billion customers on
their platform right now they’re just on
a partnership with Paytm in India which

is gonna bring them another half a
they’ve got partnerships with cacao and
South Korea G cash in the Philippines
they tried to buy MoneyGram in the
United States and Trump stopped that

because he was worried about the Chinese
coming in but they’ll have another shot
at that I didn’t know about the money
gram that’s Alibaba tried to buy them in
a and that the thing is good that Trump
stopped that but they acted for Trump

but the real bad actors by the way no
other president would have done that
because they haven’t got a clue about
finance you’re absolutely right I didn’t
even know he did it
I heard it from this why how would you

know why would they anybody even mention
street media that would be crazy
asked I wouldn’t know so to wrap this up
Google is the one that I think is we
really this is a facebook Hail Mary

everyone sees the Google danger Google
is so entrenched in everybody’s life
they really didn’t know me even if I’m
Oda they still have a lot of information

on me is because they track everywhere
with you use Google or not and they as
we’ve discussed before are the majority
stakeholder and Credit Karma so when you
think of ant Financial and how you have

this social score which penalizes you
for not being a good person or or any
type of moving violation you might it
might make and of course rewards you

when you do something good I can tell
you that is now in place and and I think
it is the vantage 4.0 score which is
what Credit Karma is based on we we’ve

talked about the FICO score which is
still used by most major mortgage
lenders and auto finance years which is
compiled from very different very stodgy

very old data sets
whereas Credit Karma is basing your
trustworthiness on your timeliness of
paying your utility bills and others

certain types of things and it is
modifying people’s behavior to be better
so they can give them more credit I know
I’ve said this before but I went looking
at Credit Karma and trying to figure out

how they tie in just looking for some
more information on on what their future
plans are and it was much easier for me
to just go to the public marketing side
and just grab a couple of their YouTube

videos to show you not only where their
head is but how people think about their
credit score again this has nothing to
do with your actual what used to be
important FICO score this is really well

you’ll hear these Millennials in this
Credit Karma informational video hey
everyone welcome to credit crunch where
we tackle commonly asked credit
today’s episode is all about credit

scores and what they mean we’re hitting
the streets of San Francisco with our
financial experts to find out more
Jennifer thanks Kaylee let’s see what
people know about their credit scores do

you know what any credit score is yeah
of course I know what a credit score is
do you guys know what a credit score is
unfortunately yes I guess it’s like a
score that credit agencies gave you it
measures your creditworthiness if you’re

a cool guy or not a credit score is a
three-digit number that determines
whether or not I can get a car it’s
determined of whether you gonna get a
loan for anything what is their credit
score measure how much credibility you

have with borrowing money it’s almost
like a judgment of your ethical
character like how well you utilize your
credit essentially how much the people

that’s giving you money trust you to pay
it back who do you think uses credit
mortgage companies credit card companies
some jobs do I think they evaluate the
risk as far as are you gonna pay them

back credit scores can be confusing
simply put they’re what lenders often
use to gauge whether they can trust you
to repay your debt on time the higher
your credit score the better there are

many factors that could affect your
credit score thanks for watching
everyone he liked our video give it a
thumbs up and subscribe to credit
Karma’s Channel
so you heard it you heard it there
your general your character in general

you can’t get a job and yes that is what
this is being used for they’re tying
anyone to it would this has been used
for this purpose we’ve talked about on
the show at least five years ago long

before the thing happened in China yes
but now with all the data that they’re
collecting from you from your driving
habits are you speed it’s all we only

discussed it really in terms of
insurance I think typically but now it’s
going to no no we talked about it in
terms of getting a job because I think
you’re absolutely right but now Google

is doing something very interesting they
are launching a lot of different
services or buying into services just
outright acquiring or becoming majority
shareholder without their name on it so

Credit Karma is the big one got some
outrageous like 70 million people are
using this and they’ve groomed 70
million people into doing certain things

health ties into this your your health
data is in your phone it’s in a little
health store and of course people go I
don’t care I’m just gonna give it give

that Credit Karma
app the access to that they can take a
look at that so all of these things are
coming down to creating the perfect
slaves who will function exactly the way
that this bank I’ll just call it the

Google Bank wants you to be a good
person adhere to the speed limits so
that they can continue to give you more
credit and squeeze you all the way down
until I don’t know until you just have

to go work for Google I don’t know what
the end game is
but the social credit score is already
in America and it’s surfaced for now as
Credit Karma and that’s what this is

about I think you made the argument that
the social score or whatever it’s called
in China hmm has been here actually you
already been here and is just now

popping up as it was bit predates China
of course it does but China took the
money and run I mean the China has the
perfect government for this kind of
stuff to work yes

the government’s all over aunt pay and
financial systems so you know that’s
yeah we haven’t gotten to the point
where you can’t get on an airplane cuz
you have a bad credit score no but I
don’t see why it why it couldn’t happen

and it’s really not that important
because that’s a social issue that that
our government isn’t set up the way
China’s is but to benefit the Google
Bank yeah they’re going to make you do

things so that you have the right credit
to do certain things and it could come
to that absolutely or will give you you
know you’ve been driving too fast so
we’re just not going to give you credit

for for that car you can have credit for
a different car and there’s an older car
there’s lots of ways around it John I’m
just saying when people 150 million
around the world for the second time in

as many years installed the idiotic face
app ed to make yourself
the old witch thank you very much I have
no desire to make myself look old yeah

this what’s in the news oh boy Russians
just writing that bullshit
oh it’s they’re stealing your photos of
bullshit this thing is filled with

trackers that’s all that it is
it’s placing advertising IDs it’s
tracking it if you don’t want to look at
just the permissions you want to look at
their privacy policy and that’s where

you can see how they share everything
share with with the data brokers it’s
that is a complete spy app and
everyone’s all focused on the the

picture part of it it’s unimportant it’s
getting it I thought it was a fantastic
ploy well it is just as good as the one
that Cambridge analytics did with the

phoney baloney how smart are you quiz or
whatever was just the same thing exactly
these stupid questions I’ll just do this
and click and click and click and click

and click and yeah crazy and when you
look at what what they do is they they
continuously monitor your browser
tracking even if you delete the app I’m

not sure about iOS but on Android it
still leaves specific identifiers on
your phone that the tracking companies
will be able to use and they’re gonna

use it for this what do you think
they’re selling it to they’re selling it
to banks that’s the main those are the
guys how much money is the fine isn’t
the financial sector the only real
industry we have anymore in America

isn’t that what we do now it’s what it
is so that’s why you need to get rid of
your smartphone and it’s not just for

yourself it’s for everybody else and of
course I know I’m just I’m every but I
know I’m swinging away at the windmills
because every you know the Millennials
today are I DC I don’t care I don’t care

they know everything anyway I don’t care
well I’m here to tell you it I’m here to
tell you the new

generation you are setting yourselves up
for a big big fucking and it’s going to
hurt you already have your 30 40 $50,000
worth of student debt this is only in

fact how much you pay back on your
student debt will be determined by how
you participate in the Credit Karma
system well you know we see that you
don’t really have a job you’re kind of

doing some work but you spent a lot of
alcohol now we think that you can
probably remove some of the alcohol
expenditure and we’re gonna up the
percent of up your payment that you need
to pay monthly fewer lardy man I was

buying for a party I don’t drink that
much my time-coded that so that is the
danger and that’s that’s where we’re at
and you know so it’s not going to be

like China it’s going to be much worse
you’re going to be a true slave of of
these your own Bank of your bank there
you go be warned people everyone quiet

good I think there was a very good
presentation thank you I have a question
about Millennials just before we take
our break but you have a question for

you about your presentation first sure
the sure thing your Bitcoin maximalist
what happened to the Bitcoin Fork oh you
mean Bitcoin cash I don’t know what it
was called I can’t remember anymore but

it was that we talked about it when it
happened it was a Bitcoin Fork yeah what
happened to it it’s still working work
yeah well I mean I think it’s currently
it’s three or four hundred dollars

Bitcoin cash but that’s a shit coin it’s
not the same it’s not the same it
they’re really truly is only one
cryptocurrency everything else has its
own validity but you know you the
bitcoin is the indestructible one no one

can mess it up
Bitcoin cash is three hundred and
thirteen dollars currently huh let’s get
the question I had you’ve got

Millennials in the house oh yeah they’re
crawling all over the place when they
watch television like movies I would say
specifically your TV series
do they have the kid the closed captions

on generally no but everyone said well
they do and I usually turn them off but
they don’t I know what you’re saying cuz
I have seen this butchered this

phenomenon where there was once there
was a period of time where they had to
kept the closed captions on for some
reason I’m well I do you ask
because I have that here at home and I

this is the what you just said is my
experience as I flip on to watch
something and I got to turn off the
closed captions because they’re always
turned back on and I think this may have
started with Game of Thrones but

Millennials there’s another I think that
they’re so Auto buddy in this house is
what is a good game of Thrones person I
think a lot of Millennials are so
occupied with or so distracted by other
screens and other things they’re doing

they can’t just sit there and take it in
and turn the sound up and enjoy an
experience no they have to be doing
something else to say yeah so they’re
reading they’re not getting seventy

percent of the enjoyment is that high it
may just be me but I’m kind of throwing
this out there to see if this is a thing

I’ve identified this as a thing and I
wanted to know you know how widespread
it is it’s cropped up yes it has well
with that I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you

the man who put the C in the shit coin
John spelled with a see yeah well in the
morning you mr. Adam Curry also in the
morning all ships to see boots on the
ground feet in the air subs in the water

and all the Dames tonight’s out there
hello trolls in the morning to all of
you that’s right they are there they’re
in the troll room no agenda stream comm
is where you control along with every
single episode we do them live we do it

live no agenda stream comm which is not
just for this show you can listen before
the show after show 24/7 there’s always
someone in the troll room there’s always
some show going on and it’s it’s a it’s

a fabulous little community and
it’s pretty damn free and open I’d say
check it out also in the morning at 2:00
let me see where was my and here we go

no this is not working for some reason
what happened here am I supposed to say
in the morning this is weird it’s not

it’s not going to the right place who
did the artwork for stop it who did the
artwork for for episode 11:55 let me see
no agenda show calm yes okay this was

done by Mike Riley
I don’t think inside a piece from Mike
in a little bit and no a couple weeks
ago we had one didn’t hold Mike Riley

piece we brought forward I believe or
something yeah he’s saying well maybe
I’m thinking of my newsletter because I
keep putting up Riley pieces in there
well he had a pretty funny piece which
was the the moon landing the lunar

module there and at a buffer Serb it
says buffering and there’s a buffering
indicator because of course well we
talked a lot about the transmission of

the signals from the moon down to the
television signals down to the moon and
the Lost Tapes so it fit perfectly with
the episode thank you very much Mike
just one of the many ways that people
participate in their value for value

network you can add value to the show in
many many ways and certainly our artists
at No Agenda art generator comm do a
great job with that and we thank Mike
and everybody else and and we also thank
our executive producers and associate

executive producers I want to say
something about the art not you mention
it because we appreciate art and we have
this our theories about what benefits

the show just as standalone stuff is a
different way of looking at the world
yeah but it’s also for the artists cues
a lot of you know they just a lot of
work for them because that’s the list of
the show which is on the real time and

then gets cranked something out it’s
like speed art
but as an 8th floor just like speed
dating when you don’t get lucky at the
end of the day you don’t get lucky at

the end of their speed dating from what
I understand
so it’s like it’s good for the brain to
try to conceive art interesting point
and because it’s an exercise because

it’s not I mean it’s not normal it’s
nonlinear thinking to come up with these
art these art pieces and and to get good
at it

like Martin JJ did out of the blue after
working for years and years it’s a it’s
an exercise in you know kind of
nonlinear thinking that once you achieve
it you get it’s just very satisfying I’m

absolutely convinced to that okay well
our artists should let us know if the
how they feel about these things it’s
addicting Roland Roland costing Costigan

err what do you think instead Castaing
er could roll into Stanger Castagna

hey Roland well he’s rolled he’s gonna
change his name anyway so that’s the
good news
he’s addled Addlestone UK thousand
dollars instant ight jingle and he needs

a deduced I’ve been listening for about
a year and a half now I thought it’s

about time to chip in it keeps me sane
knowing that not everyone out there is
beholden to the opinions of the
mainstream media and the gutter press I
like that term the gutter press yeah you

got your gutter press you get your press
and the gutter press I’d like some
health karma and a F karma F cancer for
my mum who has just been diagnosed with

lung cancer and also some health and
relationship Karma for myself and a goat
okay because for naming he’s gonna be
this tonight he wants to be named sir

Rolly of the Weybridge he says that will
do it at the round table he’d like
poutine and remember my late father who
was French Canadian mm-hmm

Hatchin I think we’ve had these on the
list before having routine and potcheen
I think so I never heard of pot she
never I don’t even know what it is

poutine and punching yeah thanks again
keep great work let me look up potcheen
well you deliver the needed karma yes
and he did not jobs just health karma f

cancer car my belief yeah we got that
boy you’ve got karma I’m sorry I’ll add
that one after it you’ve got

it’s a Irish whiskey of sorts distilled
in the small pot still and then nice

yeah so it’s a it’s a it’s a here it is
another product we need to try
anglicized is pot gene or protein or PHA

it’s a traditional Irish distilled
beverage traditionally distilled in a
small pot still and it’s not as huge we
got it’s all set up for you how we know

um onward to Baron Walkman 333 dollars
and 33 cents they got the jingles ITM
jets cue jingles okay pure rage status

daily when reviewing tweets but you guys
and the troll room keep me sane right
but he’s in the troll room obviously
mm-hmm quick story quick story start

interviewing for a cybersecurity
position the interview asked me about my
executive producer credits on LinkedIn
it works it’s a talking point however he
thought it was for Adam Carolla sure

this is the bane of my existence yeah
you and your buddy Adam Adam and Adam
that’d be a good show
not really I corrected him you mean Adam

the hair curry he acknowledged his
mistake and said I don’t know who that
sorry Adam almost famous again any
anyhow thanks for the best damn podcast

in the universe confirmed by Muller and
such well I will have to correct all of
this with my book I’m writing it I’m run
on writing it and writing it and writing

my bed you should be writing it this is
good and guess what the title of the
book is I have here no bald yet no it’s
just called pod father from FM Huayra to

podcast pioneer what do you know that’s
a nice little memoir yeah oh yeah it’s a
memoir and you’re in it baby bingo

our ESP ICT long enough why you’ve got
karma you know these tell-all books ruin

relationships oh no it’ll ruin our
relationship but it’s gonna be a great
book code monkey sir code monkey as a
matter of fact from renner South Dakota

333 dollars donation from Sir code
monkey see mail note from okay I went
for this I only have an older you have
it okay good thank you for doing the

show i TM gentlemen I highly enjoy it
twice a week on Thursdays I want to call
out my brother Joe as a douche bag sorry

Joe but this freeloading has given dawn
on long enough
chip in for goodness sake can I please
get a dealer’s choice Sharpton and a

jobs karma as I’m starting a new gig as
a database developer and I want some
karma to start me off right all right
we’ll do the mint tulips then out on the

sidewalk sipping mint tulip jobs jobs
jobs and jobs that’s karma it’s my new
favorite it is a favorite it’s a good

sipping mint juleps by the way that guy
gets paid so much more money than we get
paid Ryan head I’m at Jed’s by MSNBC
Ryan hit him 222 dollars and 33 cents I

quit my tech sales okay a lot of techies
tech tech tech ease our dues name Ben
are on today’s list as well and you know
they they do keep the world running so

mom how they keep the show running no
kidding you don’t have to read this all
on the show but okay we will I quit my
tech sales job and moves out in the poop

capital a few weeks ago I couldn’t be
happier was that San Francisco I’m
assuming I am taking a few months hiatus
from work and will be looking to get
some more creative more creative career

into a more creative career once I her
return possibly film / entertainment how
about podcasting well all right he said
career I’m sorry yes okay got it

I am embarking on a two-month long road
trip road trip road trip throughout the
United States with no real plans and the
two of you will be keeping me company

during my many hours of driving as a
thank you here are some by the way I
have a product I gotta look it up
because I just bought it if you’re gonna
go on a road trip you should take this

with you it is and I’ll get to details
Ranch Hand well I’m not saying you
shouldn’t take that but there’s I so I
have this we have a number of cars in

one in this old Volkswagen that which is
battery seems to go dead all the time so
I bought this thing I thought it was a
joke it’s a small battery it’s the size
of a pack who like three packs is four

oh yeah you stick it into the cigarette
lighter and it starts the car no so but
you can charge them to see really so I’m
looking at all my battery chargers they

get different battery charge they always
have the same like a 2 amp trickle and a
10 amp boost and a 50 amp max pussy
stuff that’s that’s how you start the
cars with the thing you plug in a wall

yeah this is a 600 amp battery amp yes
okay so you take this and it’s a little
bitty thing man it’s just this lot of

electronics in here that make it 600
amps yeah you stick it on any I’m
telling any car and just roars to life
you sure it’s not amp our amps 600 amps

damn and it does that for a second thing
you got to charge it up again I guess no
no it’ll do 30 starts before you have to
charge it up again it’s a miracle
okay here’s my response in the met in
the mail from from Amazon uh-huh I said

oh I’m sending this back this ain’t
gonna start nothin and you know can’t
well give it a try you know I go out to

the battery’s dead so I just hook it up
and the batteries kind of you know it
has a boost
what kind of Volkswagen is this it’s an
old bug a beetle okay Mexican or US made
in Mexico so it has the flat screen

doesn’t have a flat so I mean the the
I’m sorry my mistake
the the calm concave windscreen the ones
in Mexico were flat I think I’m just a

newer car okay take it mm oh oh oh I
thought it was classic okay I’m sorry
well alright why is the battery dead on
that thing that shouldn’t be happening

doesn’t be it’s not driven enough so
anyways for this both I saw hook this
thing up saying I don’t know boom the
thing starts up now restart it starts up
violently so I get the thing off you

know and I run it and it’s fine now but
I was really looking at this thing as oh
another piece of crap from China I’m
gonna send it back and it’s not a piece
of crap right I mean it is from China

obviously but it’s not a piece of crap
by any means and it’s just a remarkable
and it’s a little bitty thing and it
also has this phone chargers built into
it which is another thing you’d want to

take it on the road for you want to have
this on the road in your trunk if you’re
driving across them do you know what the
name of this product is so we can tell
everybody don’t know I don’t I’m not
gonna say the name so I can get lots of

emails asking me the name okay John have
Devorah for the show yes I will have the
name before the end of this show sure I
will cuz I don’t want the emails I just
bitched about anyway so he’s on okay was

on a road trip thank you for some of my
profits from Jeannie energy GNE it’s
important because he apparently invested
in Jeannie energy stock symbol GNE after

listening to one of our deconstructions
of the pipelines the Leviathan pipelines
the bill clinton advisor ship of the
genie energy right and I guess when we

were talking about it he decided to
invest and he made some money on it this
is amazing now he can float around the
country like a maniac but he needs this
battery but he needs that battery no

matter what you do
to all producers I’m embarking on a long
trip and I want some help I’m starting
from Sacramento sacré tomato going south
to San Diego then making my way east is

taking the left I plan to spend three
plus weeks or about three weeks in the
southern United States and make my way
you’ll love it down there make my way to
Minnesota’s hot especially now over to

Washington possibly up to Vancouver well
what you so he’s gonna loop around Wow
the south and go up to Minnesota nuts
mhm and then over to Washington to
Vancouver man mover you know what he

needs you know what he needs he needs is
a battery yeah yes and he needs to hook
up to that battery and APRs beacon so we
can follow him on the ham radio maps it

has a USB power out yes it’s perfect get
an AP RSS thing yeah good good any way
you could do it he’s a techie back down
to California calling our producer for

your help and adding some things to do
to my to-do list I’m a fun 23 year old
who who loves food nature art music etc
and would greatly appreciate some
recommendations for my fellow producers
my email is Ryan hit him ry anhdd um at can I get some travel car my
health comrad the group and the loose
goat karma and then he says to be in

Texas and you can talk to him about that
oh he’s gonna come yeah be in Texas you
would like to buy you a beer do I doubt
that would be an honor
I’d be fantastic and I can take you out

for a beer but I’m now saying buy you a
beer okay
well I’ll be able to see when you’re
coming as you have that APRs beacon
flashing everywhere fantastic cool
alright travel karma health karma and

lose goat karma yeah we can do that and
thank you very much and that’s a great
American experience
I think it’s uniquely American to just
get in your car and drive without any

real plan necessarily I’ve done some of
that never really a cross-country but
it’s very enjoyable and let us know how
things are going from time to time
you’ve got keys all right uh where were

your red sir Jim zukul mm-hmm he’s our

last associate executive producer comes
with 200 bucks and I looked and looked
and looked and looked and I found no
notice up the note he wrote in February
complaining that he donated $1,100 and

he we don’t remember his name being
mentioned so he apparently this all he
cares about
instead of writing us a tome he just
wants to make sure his name is mentioned
you know and this says he we haven’t
done this show yet we’re doing it now

Jim your name’s just been mentioned yes
and he’ll be in four kids give him a car
my you can use one of course we can
you’ve got karma and that will be our
associate executive producers and

executive producers for show 10:56 yes
11:56 even hundred shows more thank you
to our executive producers and associate
executive producers it is highly

appreciated that you’re always here
especially in the dog that we’re not
even in the dog days of summer yet but
it’s it’s it’s been a tough one and so
your support helps the show enormous ly
thank you very much for that remember we

do have another show coming up on Sunday
it’s the second Thursday show of the
and before I do that I have a special
health karma going out to Chris Abraham
he’s getting what’s called a

cardioversion which I think he has a fib
so he says I’m getting a cardioversion
which would turn my a fib to sweet sweet
sinus rhythm how do they do that so

that’s when your heart is irregular or
go or just speeds up all of a sudden is
that what a fibrillation is did you just
walk away like Brian I’m done reading

that I’ll just go over here and do
something else for myself go work on the
other podcast with Adam Carolla all
right thanks
then I wanted to follow all of these
jobs Karma’s etc up with an example of
jobs karma working this is anonymous

although I her name is known Adam just
following up jobs karma works I donated
asking for jars jut jobs for jobs karma
a couple of times over the past year

during my pilot training my dad even
donated and got me cursed with the Trump
Nancy jobs karma but ho ho big news it’s
not cursed because I just found out I am

will be flying the b-52 bomber how cool
is that
and I want to fly by fly whatever Austin
with that thing the b-52 one of our very

own producers so one more karma for you
you’ve got karma remember huh we’ll be
here for another show on Sunday please
support us Borah
org slash and people roaming around the

country to b-52 bomber pilots propagate
us our formula is this we go out we hit
people in the mouth

I have I have the name of the product ah

okay no I know what I was up to the tack
life t6 card jump starter
600 amp Peaks 12 volt battery jumper

it’ll start up to a 6.2 liter engine it
says 5 liter diesel battery booster
quick charge it does it York doesn’t do

if I’m getting on it so I’m gonna get
one of those
is it a little fits a little pack and it
goes in your trunk that’s the TAC K L
IFE t6 there’s also t8 that’s got a
little more it’s got 800 amps if you got

a big engine you gotta definitely turn
over it’s a little bigger but it’s
actually the price is only 7 bucks more
anyway actually I got when I bought it

was fifty six books somehow it’s going
up in price typical Amazon but this is a
great product to have as just you know
just stead of jumper cables and worrying
about getting jump starts for your old

jalopy which cuz you want an old car was
gonna be track alright yeah that’s the
no agenda way you got your Nokia e75

starter your jumper and no friends
that’s the no agenda way everybody oh my

speaking of old jalopies or leave
leaving your jalopy at home the
e-scooter revolution continues in Austin
Texas we’ve been the pilot city em and
although I like the idea of this kind of

mobility it hasn’t worked out very well
for a lot of people because the rules
are unclear and the roads have not set
fort no one’s prepared for it and you
are getting killed there are at least
eight new lawsuits against scooter

companies in Austin all filed within the
last several days last week riders filed
seven separate suits in Travis County
against bird uber and lime another
lawsuit was filed this week

they all claim negligence saying Reiter
suffered injuries because of problems
with faulty scooter equipment one suit
at metro bus ran over a rider’s arm when
he was thrown from a scooter just wait

until they all figure out that the end
user License Agreement you agreed to
when you signed up with the app that
completely indemnifies those companies
from any of your lawsuits yep

cuz that’s how it works that’s how you
do it
somebody cracks the code on that yeah
this will continue somebody does crack

the code and one of these guys gets sued
out of existence then that’ll be the end
of it big news the way I see it is this
has been the same way with software the
courts have upheld two EULA’s which are

onerous and and probably illegal well
they’ve been held up by the clearly not
clearly not illegal if the courts upheld
them well clearly not illegal if the
courts upheld them although as far as

I’m concerned they’re well they’re
definitely onerous well it’s I’m telling
you I had I went to the spin class the
other day

and so now I have to write you know
drive downtown and park I’m such a I’m
such a suburbanite now and I had a
little lunch there Taverna on what is
that second street and I get up and I’m

done I walk away and there’s that
there’s now there’s homeless people
standing right and I’m sorry
pan handlers I have no idea if these
people are homeless as a panhandler they

say man you got something and said no I
don’t do that anymore and he starts
yelling and I’m gonna kill you and kill
your family and it’s like oh yeah yeah I
just get this on tape and then taking

the City Council they don’t care okay
then you know the City Council meetings
I find that are always on Thursdays this
is very annoying and if you want on a

Thursday day yes they are on Thursday
day and if you want to speak they only
allow ten people of the public to speak
at each meeting and you know there’s a
calendar you sign up well that signed up

forever you can’t get it on that it’s
undemocratic here in Austin it’s
well I’m glad that city had the

experience of a guy cussing you out for
not giving him money there you go
there’s your future there’s your future
dystopia yep but no tents on the on the
sidewalks yet though even though it’s
legal I haven’t seen those yet but it is

coming and Austin is going down with
that meanwhile over in the Euro land
well I guess they got their gender
balance all set up as they voted in

thunder lay is that her name
you see I think that’s her name isn’t it
Ursula that’s right
Ursula von der Leyen and she has been

confirmed as the next president of the
Starfleet Command known as the EU
Commission right well the magic number
first LaVonda line was to get 374 m EPS
on site 383 did get on side with her she

made the the threshold by just nine
votes there was a lot of promises made
in the speech she gave to Parliament

earlier on Tuesday morning she has she
made a lot of promises about green
policies she wanted to try and reenact
some instead she promised far too much
things that she can’t possibly deliver

but those were the promises she made she
also made promises on the dublin treaty
to do with asylum in the EU in who has
the responsibility to take care of those

who seek asylum here again another big
issue that many people want to see
reform on but does she have the ability
to do it she made those promises anyway
so she got those people on side that

were needed initially we had thought
that the greens were going to vote
against her that the far left and the
far right in the parliament were going
to vote against her it does seem like

she might have one round some of those
green voters this is what Ursula von der
Leyen have to say though as she accepted
the role as the first woman to be the
European Commission President I thank
all the members of parliament who

decided to vote for me today but my
message so all of you is let us work
together constructively
the endeavor is a united a strong Europe

thank you very much right
Ursula fun to lay on that’s her name
next role room so finally a German once

again running the German Empire shocker
from steam amounts the the Dutch guy who
a lot thought would be the front-runner

and we hoped so because he was now we
know the guy I know I know the guy I was
like maybe I gonna interview with him
someday so he was cutout sure he’s not
German he’s no he’s not even close he

does something stupid the other day oh
yeah he said now all of a sudden he’s
got a big mouth I guess he’s out he’s I
don’t know if he has any position you
know I don’t know if he I think he’s

just out altogether for the time being I
have to look that up but now he’s got a
big mouth and say whatever he wanted so
now he’s doing interviews about brexit
and how well the it was crazy when they
came over they had no plan here is we

thought about they’re so brilliant they
will have some in some vault somewhere
Westminster there will be you know Harry
Potter light book with all the tricks
and all the things they need to do but

then the first time I saw public
utterances but David Davis and I saw him
not coming not negotiating grandstanding
elsewhere oh my god they haven’t got a

plan they haven’t got a plan that was
really shocking frankly because then the
damage if you don’t have a plan and the
you know we see it that time’s running
out you don’t have a plan you know it’s

like a lance corporal Jones you know
don’t panic don’t panic running around
like idiots so he makes a reference
there do you know the reference Lance
Corporal Jones don’t panic don’t panic
no I do not it’s a 1960s TV show known

as dad’s army
only people 50 and above who lives in

the UK or MIT well the Netherlands Air
Tattoo would know what that is what is
he thinking this la that’s a callback
des obscure sixties TV show which wasn’t

even all that funny oh man no business
is bad I mean I use a few I do I’ll do a
callback not that bad but I’ll do some

callback to some that’s really something
that I just wanted to deconstruct I

don’t have an opinion really one way the
other but there’s a lot of
misinformation about the
first-responders fund that jon stewart
has been around talking about and trying

to he’s been in Congress he spoke he’s
very one that that the one that the
squad voted against did the squad vote
against it I think most of them did yeah
well here he is on Fox News complaining

bitterly after the latest round of
discussions of this bill yeah this is
what the Washington Post says about this
fund this is the fund provides money to

those who have contracted diseases that
have been linked to exposure to toxic
debris in the aftermath of September
11th attacks which we knew under current
law the fund is scheduled to stop taking
claims in December 2020 the new

legislation would extend the program for
seven decades at an estimated cost of
ten point two billion for the first
decade here’s how Senator Paul said it
on the floor today any new spending that
we are approaching any new program

that’s going to have the longevity of
7080 years should be offset by cutting
spending that’s less valuable we need to
at the very least have this debate I
will be offering up an amendment if bill
should come to the floor

but until then I will object Jon Stewart
your reactions it’s it’s absolutely
outrageous and you’ll pardon me if I’m
not impressed in any way by Rand Paul’s
fiscal responsibility virtues signaling

Rand Paul presented tissue paper
avoidance of the 1.5 trillion dollar tax
cut that added hundreds of billions of
dollars to our deficit and now he stands

up at the last minute after 15 years of
blood sweat and tears from the 9/11
community to say that it’s all over now
now we’re going to balance the budget on
the backs of the 9/11 first responder

community Brett this is about what kind
of society we have at some point we have
to stand up for the people who have
always stood up for us and at this

moment in time maybe Kenneth stand up
for themselves due to their illnesses
and their injuries and what Rand Paul
did today on the Senate was outrageous
he is a guy that put us in hundreds of

billions of dollars in debt he was the
51st vote on that cut and now he’s going
to tell us that a billion dollars a year
over ten years is just too much for us
to handle you know there’s some things

that they have no trouble putting on the
credit card
but somehow when it comes to the 9/11
first responder community the cops the
firefighters the construction workers
the volunteers the survivors all of a

sudden man we got to go through this so
here’s the problem I have with what’s
going on here cuz I just really wanted
to look into it it is not the first
responders fund it’s not what it’s

called it’s the 9/11 Victims Fund and
you and I discussed a great length that
we remember this going on in the early
days of the show when they brought in
that’s the special as a name there’s a

near the manager this special manager of
the 9/11 Victims Fund and he had seven
and a half billion dollars to hand to
victims of 9/11 which includes anyone

who was injured killed etc harmed
physically by the by 9/11 attacks
including first responders is not just

first responders also people a lot of
Wall Street people perished during that
so he’s making it sound as if it’s only
about the first responders and and this

is not
a standalone bill this has been in place
and for the past 18 years people were
paid an average of $200,000 per year and

this edition which reopen to years takes
it up to 20
92 20 89 I think is in addition to us

code for Oh 101 and what is happening
now is descendants so the the way it’s
set up now is you can no longer submit

any claims after 2020 the bill opens
that up and allows descendents of the
victims of 9/11 to also participate in

the program the estimation is it could
wind up being five hundred thousand
people who ultimately over this 90 year

period will be receiving two hundred
thousand dollars per year in
compensation which will be adjusted and
that’s also new will be adjusted for

inflation at what point in so the
taxpayers are paying for this it’s not
just for first responders it’s for all

victims and their descendants I think
Rand Paul has a valid point as to well I
mean that’s that’s what I don’t think he
he worded it correctly but at what point

do we stop I mean where does it stop and
is the American taxpayer are we supposed
to be the only ones for this I

first respite a different response to
the first responder fund I think we need
to pay firemen and policemen a hell of a
lot more than we’re paying you maybe pay
them 200 grand a year instead of doing
that after the fact but this there’s

some dissin validity to it and I think
Jon Stewart’s not being completely
honest by calling it the first
responders fund it’s just not true and
there’s a lot of very wealthy families

who are who are receiving this money as
and from you know a lot of Wall Street
people so I don’t really have a
an issue with us certainly not the

amount of money a hundred billion over
the ages being a dishonest on purpose or
you think he’s being misled or you think
just being naive or a do-gooder I mean
what is the but what is his motive I

really don’t know that’s why it’s kind
of baffling to me because there’s a lot
of people who let me just take this and
descendants of slavery let’s give them

some money you know it’s at a certain
point where does it end and where does
it start and what what are the rules of
the road for competent compensation of
these types of issues or is it to shut
people up I mean that I’m just saying

it’s a conspiracy thought keep people
but shutting up about anything that
happened because that is if you accept
the money you can’t you couldn’t you
can’t do anything you can’t take anyone

to court it’s over and I remember this
because we talked at great length it was
a it was difficult I remember the guy
was trying to I was his name is a famous
guy who came in to who was giving up the

initial seven point six billion dollars
it’s just you know something’s off about
this and I haven’t quite figured it out
but Stuart must have some something in

this besides just first maybe he’s just
blind to the what’s really going on and
why does he not call it the Victims Fund
why is he keep saying it’s only first

responders when it’s just not and that’s
a rhetorical quite really don’t have an
answer well I think it’s something
you’re gonna have to watch through it

out there just for people to to think
about but it’s it’s very odd it’s very
odd and Rand Paul of course now looks
like a total dick because it the way he

always looks like a total dick it’s fine
he does have that call you know just you
know but as a society we also need to

say maybe it’s better to pay people more
for dangerous jobs they do but you know
the victims should we just go to Saudi
Arabia sue me can we get the money from

them seeing is most of them were from
Saudi Arabia most of the so
called hijackers I think that’s a good
yeah it’s like why does it have to come
out of taxpayers pockets for descendants

for the negative longer than I will be
alive you know I had I mean I didn’t
have physical harm I had all kinds of
issues I I did an entire helicopter
company went down the tubes after 9/11

yeah I was like all right you know
anyway again I have I have no no really

I am befuddled this is a moment of show
befuddlement I am befuddled by this
maybe someone can help no I’d like to
talk I’d like to talk to have a bunch of
clips about the incident that took place
in Congress that to me was very

historical okay
there was a number of things that I’ve
never seen happen before um there was it
was just it was funny in some ways this

was a Pelosi comes out and calls Donald
Trump a racist probably I agree with
this mm-hmm
they basically stopped a show for two or
three hours they just stopped the show

because of one guy’s saying to take her
words down she leaves the place she’s
not supposed to she violates the rules
of this of the of the of the house over
and over again and so does everybody

else it’s being violated constantly and
the guy was who’s that who’s running the
show the her at the time yeah Evans I
thinks his name he’s from nice from st.

Louis he’s a st. Louis said he gave up
he threw down the gate Rudy I have that
on tape the gravel down to gravel but
let’s listen to the how that part

started well actually let’s start with
I’m a bunch of clips here now can I just
say something I saw the whole I saw the
whole thing I don’t think a single
so-called news program showed the actual

clip of Pelosi violation they all showed
the end where people are getting all
rowdy but when she actually called the
president of races they didn’t air that
most of the time no what’s the point the

problem is they gave her one minute fact
they have their let’s start with the
Pelosi clip they gave her one minute all
right give her one minute she talked for

minutes yak yak yak yak yak and I kind
of have it summarized and then I yeah
this is the main incident so she’s
talking ously clipped it quite a bit I
sped it up and my favorite the guy got

the guy at the end and then they shut
down to shut down the house and I kept
the tape going waiting from don’t come
back c-span turned off the c-span turned

off the mics bollocks because there was
nothing going on and they start trying
to fill because it was just dead air but
here it is incident Pelosi one speaker
and now yield one minute to the

distinguished Speaker of the House the
distinguished speaker of the house is
recognized thank you very much mr.
Speaker I thank the gentleman for
yielding I thank him for his leadership
in so many ways in this Congress mister

I went to Spanish Mass this weekend just
and saw the dignity of those families
the beauty of the children and the fear

that the President had struck in their
hearts the words that were used go home
to some of our colleagues as he wants to

split up families these comments from
the White House are disgraceful and

disgusting and Vicks comments are racist
forcibly restrain us in condemning the
president’s racist tweets to do anything

less would be a shocking rejection of
our values and a shameful abdication of
our oath of office to protect the
American people I urge the language

know that the balance of my I was just
gonna give the general speaker of the
house that she would like to rephrase
that comment I had cleared my remarks as
a parliamentarian before I read them to

be taken down I make a point of Ward the
gentleman’s words are on polymerase
ready to be taken down the chair will
remind all numbers please please do not
make comments toward personality based

or personality based comments
Ellen from Georgia is recognized my
point of order mr. gentlewoman’s our
parliamentarian requests they be taken
down mr. gentleman making a demand that

the words be taken down I request they
gentleman gentlewoman’s words are on
parliamentary request that it be taken
down I don’t want to interrupt your
presentation I just have two comments

one the whole issue here is that you are
not allowed to call members in chamber
any kind of name be disparaging against
him and the president by definition is

represented there too just before that
the Democrats had done the same shit the
Republicans asking for parliamentary
inquiry and and to strike words from the
record for the very same reasons what

I’m not hearing is Pelosi say Trump is
racist he said racist tweets his racist
tweets so I’ll step back that’s all true
now this resulted in let’s see I gotta

get these look these are not in the
right order
these are let’s see random violation
okay we got that there’s a bunch of

these by the way here’s the incident
congress’s where he comes back finally
after two hours plus and the chair comes
up and says this is the incident
Congress for abandons okay this happens

to try to do this in a fair way I kept
warning both sides let’s not do this
hoping we could get through mr. Powell
had a situation where we could be
here on another motion to take down

words of a friend of mine
and but we don’t ever ever want to pass
up it seems an opportunity to escape and

that’s what this is I dare anybody to
look at any of the footage and see if
there was any unfairness
but unfairness is not enough because we

want to just fight abandon the chair I
like that
toss the gravel its gavel people we know
we call it a gravel he taught rows to
gravel down and walks off what do we do

so they bring another guy up but he
never does anything and then we wait
another I don’t know how long it was
hour and then all of a sudden higher
comes up Oh who’s the majority leader of

the Democrats standing over Steny Hoyer
comes out and he does this and this is
the and he says the following incident

Congress ruling the Hoyer last chair is
prepared to rule chair is prepared to
rule the words of the gentlewoman from
California contain an accusation of
racist behavior on the part of the

president has memorialized and Nationals
precedence chapter 29 section 6 P five
point six characterization
characterizing an action as racist is

not in order the chair relies on the
precedent of May 15th 1984 and finds
that the words should not be used in

debate hmm what purpose does the
gentleman from Georgia rise Mr Speaker I
have a motion at the desk clerk will
report the motion
mr. Collins of Georgia moves that the

words of the gentlewoman from California
be stricken from the record
the question is on the motion all those
in favor signify by saying aye opposed
nay the nays have it

oh-oh there was previous rules on the
books specifically about calling an

action racist
yes I didn’t realize okay so that makes
sense so she broke the rules but she
broke the rule in the car stay back to
rap anyway but the thing was there were

two other ones I have two other clips
that are they’re only here for the
entertainment value yeah
and they both could have been called out
for the exact same thing nothing
happened it’s as if Doug college has

waited for Pelosi to do it because these
two are actually it’s one of the two are
worse than Pelosi this is the incident
there’s a random violation of the same

rule by Bonnie Watson Mr Speaker I rise
today to call out the blatant racism in
the president’s tweets I believe his

and his defense of that rant merit
censure from this body the phrase go
back where you came from as a racist
trope that has been used by
segregationist neo-nazis white
nationalists and Ku Klux Klansmen to

create a framework in which non-white
people are not truly American describing
non-white countries is broken and
crime-infested echoes the racist probe
the president has used before that such

countries are dysfunctional
dysfunctional dirty and violent because
their populations are black his comments
are indefensible and so is the silence
of my colleagues across the aisle I

wouldn’t bother seeking an apology from
him but I do hope Republicans here will
join us in fully and roundly condemning
his words and I’d remind them that
history won’t look kindly on those who

refuse to stand up for what is right it
is not lost on me however and I hope not
my colleagues either that this is simply
a distraction from the president is

friendship with a documented pedophile
pedophile and news reports that he lied
to the Supreme Court about his census
question with that I yield back members
are reminded from engaging personalities

toward the president for what purpose
does the gentlewoman from Illinois seek
recognition now so now it just you just
lets it slide yeah you let that one
slide but wait a minute

incident another violation see this is
the dead clip three and here on the
floor outside of you the gallery filling
with people watching what’s a fairly

process here in the house the cameras
showing the floor are controlled by the
US House not by c-span speaker Pelosi’s
comments are under review by the house
Republican looking for but the point is
is that there was three people that did

the this very negative action saying
they tea should be censored they never
did censor and they just scolded him as
supposedly for these violations by

calling out this for congresswoman the
whole thing though I was watching and
you saw most of it yeah it was very I
thought it was watching a kind of a
crazy kind of a wacky history guy throws

down the gravel and mist stomps out
Pelosi leaves when she’s supposed to
stay you know I what a waste of time is
what I know kidding and what a waste of

great c-span airtime well I’m sure they
weren’t happy about it cuz it when he
when they said that we shall cease after
callers calls for her taken down to
thing they stopped they stopped the show

for two hours I’m sitting there with the
recorder going cuz I actually got up and
left into something else figured I’d
come back and see how much time there
was so I could report on the time

accurately and it was still going blank
and so I’m saying I’ll I had to stop it
wait waste well you said it right there
you said they stopped the show that’s
exactly what it is show business for

ugly people and that some of them said
these days aren’t even that ugly it’s an
embarrassment it’s just an embarrassment
they’re people calling Trump racist in
the chamber all the time all the time

but now now he had they had to go after
Pelosi it’s just uh looked kind of
Haggard – well Nancy’s Nancy’s having a

hard time having a real hard time she
can’t she can’t keep it all together she
has to gettin old and she doesn’t have

the skill set hmm to deal with these for
the squad what what do you need
sorry what skill set do you need to

handle them I don’t know I don’t have it
I mean here’s you’re not old enough to
be speaker damn it that’s your problem I
have a clip from a couple shows ago
Pelosi and AOC battle which kind of

describes us too long it’s a long clip
it’s alright but when she had when she
had the just a oh she did contend with
it was one thing but now the squad these
four women have ganged up on Pelosi for

the House Speaker a difficult issue I
said when let’s say on the subject now
is yesterday when Nancy Pelosi was asked
about the public airing of what had been
mostly private frustrations in her

caucus those began months ago as a group
of new members including New York’s
Alexandria Ocasio Cortes pushed openly
for the party to move more to the left
at one point she protested in Pelosi’s

office for her sweeping progressive
green New Deal Pelosi reached out
offering Ocasio Court has a spot on a

new climate change committee but she
turned it down pointing out that the
temporary committee had fewer powers
than others soon Ocasio Cortes and three
other freshman women of color emerged as

a tight vocal group of activist members
but they did not openly break with
Pelosi until this month as Congress
heard more news of child deaths and poor

treatment of migrants at the border
Democrats initially passed legislation
to force bitter conditions but that bill
hit a wall in the Senate we already have
our compromise so Pelosi compromised

agreeing to a more generic border
funding bill that didn’t require better
treatment the motion is adopted
the only Democrats voting know those
same four freshmen sometimes called the

squad and Ocasio cortezes office went
further her chief of staff raised race
in a tweet that attacked moderate
Democrats writing they certainly seem
hell-bent to do to black and brown

people today what the old Southern
Democrats did in the 40s that seems to
be the only that’s like the only thing
left in America
in the people in political America if
you have no argument just call that

person too racist
it’s if it didn’t work they wouldn’t do
well it doesn’t seem to work it’s it
just doesn’t they think it works I mean

if use if you’re outside the buff you’re
not in if you’re in I’m sorry if you’re
in the harsh bubble the same bubble that
I pointed out that was showing in the

tweets against Jake Tapper’s theory that
showed up in the comments on Twitter if
you’re in that bubble it’s working great
if you’re in the Rob Reiner bubble right

but it doesn’t have any actual effect on
the outcome George W Bush from still
Behe think it does I think it’s working
great it’s gonna get rid of this yes

these four women they need to go review
the history books it just doesn’t really
work that well you know the one of us
been reading a lot of Marshall Luther
King Martha and you know the way I

actually saw this come down was a little
different they called Pelosi a racist
because she was oh she has to be very
careful what she says about women of

color and even after all of this they
went on with the Gayle King and I think
was I don’t was to leave or Presley who
said well you know she has to be really

careful Pelosi saying things about women
of color cuz we get death threats
you know it’s like and I thought Trump
went in actually to draw fire away from
Pelosi I thought it was being chivalrous

at first right oh well that’s kind of
nice he’s like giving Pelosi a break but
then it turns out he was pulling
everybody in to make them all look
stupid anyway did you would need the

rest of this clip cuz I’m I see where it
goes those words but a few days later
Pelosi told the New York Times the group
made themselves irrelevant saying there
are four people and that’s how many

votes they got then on Wednesday Pelosi
went behind closed doors with her caucus
making an extraordinary plea for unity
at one point saying that members should
come to her with complaints not tweet

about one another but the squad of four
felt they were being wrongly scolded
Anacostia Cortez told The Washington
Post it was just outright disrespectful
they explicit singling out of newly

elected women of color that comment
resonated with another prominent
Democrat progressive caucus leader
Pramila jeyapaul who also said I don’t
think the speaker is used to having a

group of members who has bigger Twitter
followings than her which brings us back
to policies response at the request of
my members an offensive tweet that came
out of one of the members offices that

referenced our Blue Dogs and our new
Dems essentially as segregationist our
members took offense at that I addressed
that we respect the value of every
member of our caucus the diversity of it

all is a wonderful thing
diversity is our strength unity is our
power and we have a big fight and we’re
in the arena and that’s all I’m going to

say on the subject this all goes deeper
than large personalities at odds
Pelosi’s Democrats have real policy
divides between moderates many of whom
are in vulnerable districts and

progressives who are not it’s a fight
not just about who Democrats are but
what they want to do it’s actually
something in there was kind of

interesting with offices that rep of our
caucus the diversity of it all is a
wonderful thing diversity is our
strength unity is our power and we
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org slash na will be here on Sunday very
important news you probably heard about
the area 51 storm which yeah I’ve stayed
oh I’ve stayed away from reporting on it

as much as I could Mimi had a good idea
at the table
since you said it I said this is not a
bad thing you have a half a million
people and want to storm the place

million the government set up shop and
charged him a hundred bucks each bring
him in and a bus give him a full tour
and take him out well probably because
no one is actually going to go well I

think it was I think if they were gonna
give a tour
I might go I don’t know if I pay out I
think hundred bucks a little steep but I
think these most of these people would
pay a hundred bucks

I remember our producers in Utah when I
did the Utah meet up about four or five
years ago and there they had seen really
weird stuff out there I got to go back
and listen that episode I forgot but
they were contractors and they worked on

one of the hangars and gosh do you
remember what it was they were seeing
weird things saucers and I wasn’t
saucers I stayed away from the story
until until I got this fox news report

with a kicker it was a joke but one the
Air Force is taking seriously a Facebook
post an avowed fake designed to get
likes announced a plan to raid the Air
Force Base in Nevada known as area 51

which has been at the center of UFO and
alien conspiracy theories for decades
more than 1 million people have signed
up for the storm area 51 they can’t stop
all of us event slated for late

September in which the post declares we
can move faster than their bullets
let’s see them aliens it’s been enough
to spook the Air Force
which doesn’t use the term area 51 to

describe the 2.9 million acre live-fire
training range the largest in the United
States located at Nellis Air Force Base
in Nevada one of the many reasons Air
Force officials don’t want people to

trespass on the base they are worried
some might be killed quote any attempt
to illegally access military
installations or military training areas
is dangerous it’s not clear the 1.1

million Facebook followers who said
they’re going to storm area 51 are real
and not Russian bots I mean really now
they’re Russian BOTS what it’s not clear

whether they’re real Russian BOTS now
please the least bit cliff at least my
stepdaughter she got green net pointing

nails cuz I’m ready it’s because did she
sign up no of course not it’s just a
thing now it’s a thing it’s like the
face app it’s these are all

psychologically mentally controlled
children we’re doing whatever the phone
tells them to do phone tells me to move
I’m showing off my nails yeah I’m part

of the club oh well there you have it
yeah all right what else we got here
today because a bunch of stuff just some

interesting news coming out Kevin
Spacey’s charges are dropped
yeah that it’s kind of sad because well
I followed this story I guess what turns
out is that they’ve figured out that

this kid maybe had you know had texted
his friends that some information that
would have would have been exculpatory
ie would have proven that it didn’t

happen and they deleted those and they
manipulated screenshots have a clip oh
that’s what I should just stop
you see I presume it would be called
Kevin Spacey yes got it

prosecutors dropping charges against
actor Kevin Spacey something his
attorney called for in court last week
this case needs to be dismissed I
believe it needs to be dismissed today

the state of Massachusetts dropping a
Nantucket case due to the unavailability
of the complaining witness that witness
a young man who was 18 when he worked as
a busboy at this Nantucket restaurant

his mother told me in 2017 that Spacey
assaulted her son it wasn’t until Kevin
Spacey put his hand inside his pants
that he really knew he was in trouble he

said he didn’t video of the alleged
incident to his girlfriend and texted
with friends but last week at a hearing

his attorney said after police reviewed
the phone it went missing Your Honor we
could not locate the farm Spacey’s
attorney asked if the accuser had
deleted messages I don’t believe so he

said but his mother later admitted she
did delete some content at the hearing
the alleged victim stopped answering
questions asserting his right against
self-incrimination she turn any evidence

in and in this case it was electronic
in furtherance of a criminal
investigation and you altered it that in
and of itself is a crime yep

well Kevin Spacey definitely has some
odd quirky behavior to his name but this
is this is he’s a I would say to a
degree is a victim of the me to movement

no I would agree although they still
have charges supposedly supposedly in LA
in London no they have not been made oh
okay I just have three three me fold up
the whole thing may fold up shop uh I

mean I think they’re early assertions we
have what this is really all about Trump
yeah and it’s just they got the
Weinstein guy out of the way and

everything in the Trump things not
sticking well let’s let’s try something
new and let’s go after us make Trump a
pedophile this is taken to the next
level so I have to Epstein clips if you
want to hear them yeah as a lead-in to

that I don’t have a lead I have a
I just wanted to mention that Vanity
Fair a Vanity Fair is a people read
Vanity Fair it’s a I’d say they they’re

I know how fair Vanity Fair is but when
Vanity Fair Farah is well-written
well-written and well read quoted as the
headline is going to be staggering the

amount of names as the Jeffrey Epstein
case grows more grotesque Manhattan and
DC brace for impact
and the article talks about hundreds if

maybe not thousands of names who may be
implicating implicated once the the
cases are opened up and doesn’t some of
this happen today on a show day of

course maybe maybe not all I know is you
know my position on this nobody’s gonna
be okay there’s nothing to this I mean
the guy’s a creep and that’s about it

and there’s a lot of voluntary action
going on I just don’t see that this is
just again an anti-trump the thing going
on and it’s not gonna help anybody but

that’s just me now Epstein at party NB C
there’s two clips I have both from NBC
NB C dredge
up in 1992 video of when he had
mar-a-lago was not fully built out as a

resort it was just something Trump owned
it was a party house and he likes to
party with the folks down in polls his
Epstein four feet tall Epstein’s
apparently quite a de minute he’s not

petite male you know he looks like a
Formula One driver you know I mean with
a little big head skinny body I’m not
impressive at all well so this is 1992

which is 27 years ago and then they’ve
also has some mentioned did they try to
make it sound like was yesterday in
Trump’s his pal even though Trump has

said he hasn’t talked to him for 15
years they can’t find any evidence that
he’s even talked about him even just in
any way since 2002 which is 17 years ago
so they’re just trying to oh god there’s

got to be some way to can end that you
heard on Congress that the woman on the
floor of Congress this woman Bonnie
Watson go on and on about Trump being a

which was you know the chair goes I
don’t do that again this is not a
yeah so let’s go with Epstein at party
NBC these mar-a-lago was Trump South
Florida party palace one frequented by

Jeffrey Epstein who was facing charges
for sex trafficking he has pleaded not
guilty the president says his
relationship with Epstein was no
different than anyone else in their

elite circle well I knew him like
everybody in Palm Beach knew him he was
a fixture in Palm Beach I don’t think
I’ve spoken to him for 15 years I wasn’t
a fan yeah
a tape in the NBC archives of a Marla go

party shows Trump giving Epstein his
personal attention the footage shot in
November of 1992 before Trump opened the

resort as a club shows the future
president surrounded by cheerleaders for
the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins
capturing some fun-loving bachelor
lifestyle for an appearance on faith

Daniels NBC talk show we’re going to get
great ratings in your show Trump is
surrounded by women as music blares in
the background after a while Trump goes
to greet three new guests among them the

financier Jeffrey Epstein
more than a decade before his guilty
plea on state prostitution charges later
in the footage Trump is seen talking to

Epstein and another man as women are
dancing in front of them
Trump alternates between dancing and
pointing out women to Epstein and the
other man and telling Epstein about the
cameras though exactly what they say is

difficult to understand as they discuss
the women and their appearances you know
I’m sorry just quick stop I saw the
video it’s not clear he’s pointing out

women and their appearances it’s not
clear he’s talking to anybody about the
appearance right you’re right this is
sir and let’s talk mention something
else this was this was a staged a staged

event yeah will you talk to someone to
make it look like you’re busy they
brought in these people there doesn’t
mean he knows any of them this was

staged by NBC for one of their talk
shows so NBC could have invited the
cheerleaders in and then and another
thing they could do and they probably

did since they’re filming it directing
it yeah okay talk to this talk make it
look like you’re talk to him don’t run
shake this shake his hand okay no no go
over there go over there now now go over

that now dance can we get Sean let’s
just take another analogy from NBC which
they do to this day
when the news program is over what do
you do you take your papers here you go

okay I’m shuffling what they’re empty
shuffling my papers and I’m pretending
to talk to my co-hosts well that was
awful wasn’t that really bright it is
totally done for the camera now they’re

exposing it understand as they discuss
the women and their appearances

Trump gestures to one and appears to say
to Epstein look at her back there she’s
hot and then something else into FC’s
ear that makes him double over with

black sir but as the president says now
he never liked x2 I was not a fan of his
that I can tell you I was not a pair of
his wasn’t full borderline because I’d

seen most of this reporting but I hadn’t
seen this particular report he appears
to say something and he’s here NBC

doofuses with the camera they’re
recording everything we dude they’re so

stupid probably was it’s called b-roll
people and that was bean update trying
to implicate Trump they push it a little
further no further also being talked

about tonight some video shot by NBC
News 27 years ago that offers a glimpse
into the past relationship between
President Trump and Jeffrey Epstein who

was now facing new sex trafficking
charges NBC’s Stephanie Gosk has details
a 1992 party at mar-a-lago Donald Trump
and Jeffrey Epstein shared a joke and

the lack NFL cheerleaders danced among
the crowd the video from NBC’s archives
was shot more than a decade before
Epstein served 13 months in a Florida

jail for procuring a minor for
prostitution last week after Epstein
pleaded not guilty to new federal sex
trafficking charges the president
characterized their relationship people

in Palm Beach knew him he was a fixture
in Palm Beach I had a falling-out with
him a long time ago I don’t think I’ve
spoken to him for 15 years I wasn’t a
fan but in a 2002 magazine article Trump

called Epstein a terrific
and it is even said he likes beautiful
women as much as I do so we had to back
it up and deconstruct this because this

is interesting he says I haven’t talked
to him for 15 years I’m not a fan yeah
and then she uses the word but now you
use the word but in this sense to negate

the previous yes to negate it to negate
he said this but well the but is from
2000 to 17 years ago and he hasn’t

talked to him for 15 years so how is
this a but oh my goodness hey who are
they trying to fool at NBC with this

package what here’s the thing why don’t
they show video of a hood Barak from
Israel entering and leaving Epstein’s
Manhattan townhouse and with at the same

time multiple young women you know
there’s pictures that’s it’s being it’s
in some print pieces it’s online but no
they won’t do anything about that and

that’s it’s not Trump I know hey who’d
Barack who gives a shit drop I had a
falling out with him a long time ago I
don’t think I’ve spoken to him for 15
years I wasn’t a fan but in a 2002

magazine article Trump called Epstein a
terrific guy adding it is even said he
likes beautiful women as much as I do
and many of them are on the younger side
on Thursday a federal judge will decide

if Epstein gets out on bail prosecutors
have argued he is both a risk to the
public and a flight risk citing is more
than 500 million-dollar wealth piles of
cash loose diamonds and an expired

foreign passport under a different name
but with Epstein’s photo his residents
listed as Saudi Arabia the defense team
said the passport was acquired from

Austria in the 80s for personal
protection when Epstein traveled in the
Middle East stating their client was
concerned about kidnappers hijackers or
terrorists tonight decades later Epstein
fate is in the hands of a federal judge

Stephanie Gosk NBC News New York
alright let’s let’s do I want to mention
something here that this is a hit piece
as a piece of crap
if the Saudi Arabian passport and his

excuse for having it is valid as far as
I’m concerned if it was a valid passport
today then it would mean something but
it’s an expired old passport that

apparently he kept for some reason right
that’s useless so why is it even in the
report it’s not as in material they’re
just trying to build this nonsense case

and it’s like but it’s not really trying
to build the case they’re trying to meet
and do Saudi Arabia cause was mentioned
for a reason oh yeah that’s the reason
you bring it in Saudi Arabia Saudi
Arabia own Trump in the bad prince the

Saudi Arabia who chops people not be
chops up journalists this is like a
trump and they Trump piece in every way
it’s unbelievable how poorly done it is

well I want you to stay on this I’m
taking the Epstein information I’m more
interested in or I’ve become interested
in the companies that he invested in
which appeared to be a lot of mind

control or singularity you know Nathan
Myhrvold these guys a lot of this and a
lot of companies that would need human

people to experiment on remember he
collects people and and some of these
companies are very interesting they do

some no I think you should just your be
mathematical biology and kinda dit to
you yes please please do so I’m looking
at that stuff like what was this what

was he doing with this money and he but
you know a lot of Silicon Valley a lot
of these singularity type dudes he was
hanging out with so hilarious yeah yeah
okay that was that was funny it was a

good catch on that on that NBC report
what a bunch of crap by the way if it
comes out the Trump was a part of this
wouldn’t surprise me either

well it actually would surprise me
nothing surprises me anymore I just have
two more things two clips but this is
from the Google censorship a session

which was also the judicial oversight
committee I think it was Ted Cruz
presiding the senator from Texas and the
first clip has no real further

background other than they had one one
guy was a dr. Robert Epstein and Robert
Epstein and testified that Google

actually swayed real votes in the last
election just to give you an it is a
different Epstein or Epstein he’s an

American psychologist professor author
and journalist PhD from Harvard editor
of psychology today visiting scholar of
University of California San Diego
founder and director emeritus of

Cambridge Center for behavioral studies
in Concord Massachusetts a commentator
for NPR’s market plays his writings have
appeared in The Washington Post Sunday

Times in London Good Housekeeping
parenting then he was published in 2006
perspectives in cycle I mean he’s got
he’s got quite the resume could be a
complete nut job he also has a beef with

Google Google search over security
warning we’ve had that placed on links
to his website you know it’s like oh
this could be bogus anti-vaxxer not that

he is but you know one of those types of
things so the guy has his is conflicted
with Google but here is the kind of the
summation of his testimony and what Cruz

thought of that the number one financial
supporter of the Hillary Clinton
campaign in the 2016 election was the
parent company of Google alphabet
who was our first witness they were her
number one financial donor and your

testimony is through their deceptive
search methods they moved 2.6 million
votes in her direction I would think
anybody whether or not you favor one
can’t be or another

should be deeply dismayed about a
handful of Silicon Valley billionaires
having that much power over our
elections to silently and deceptively
shift vote outcomes again with respect I

must correct you the 2.6 million is a
rock-bottom minimum the range is between
two point six and ten point four million
depending on how aggressively they used

the techniques that I’ve been studying
now for six-and-a-half years Wow good
could you say that again please just two
point six million is a rock-bottom
minimum the range is between two point

six and ten point four million votes
depending on how aggressive they were in
using the techniques that I’ve been
studying such as the search engine

manipulation affect the search
suggestion effect the answer bot effect
and a number of others they control
these and no one can counteract them

these are not competitive these are
tools that they have at their disposal
exclusively funny how you didn’t see
that clip anywhere and I’m sure you

didn’t hear about it but there it is
happened just the other day and that is
a that is a great clip and if I’m gonna
give you a clip of the day for
uncovering it something happened on this

panel which I have I don’t think ever
seen before

typically you get you know someone there
there’s a witness you’re gonna grill
them and yes there will be easy
questions from the from one side of the
other softballs all pre-scripted

everybody knows what’s going on but
really do you hear a representative or
senator actually sit there and defend
the witness without asking any questions

so you have to wonder who is paying
mazie Hirono mazie Hirono is i think
she’s nuts

she represents Hawaii the guide and his
two to ten million dollar ten million
vote no no not that was it that was a
witness spending google google the
calendar says it’s July 16th but it

feels like Groundhog Day in the United
States Senate a little more than three
months ago this subcommittee held a
hearing to explore allegations of anti
conservative bias in the tech industry
my friends on the other side were

critical of witnesses from Facebook and
Twitter they claimed a vast conspiracy
to silence conservative voices after
listening to some of the comments from

that hearing you might think that some
liberal mastermind such as the controls
of those platforms looking at five
hundred ten thousand Facebook posts and
three hundred fifty thousand tweets
posted every minute and removes anything

that might have aligned with the
Republican party platform I would repeat
now what I said then claims of anti
conservative bias in the tech industry

are baseless
study after study has debunked two
suggestions of political bias on the
part of Facebook Google and Twitter in
June of this year The Economist’s
released the findings of a year-long

analysis at ran on search results on
Google’s news tab Inc economist you your
bell ring is correct they found no
evidence that Google biases results
against conservatives in April Media

Matters completers at 37 Media Matters
study into alleged conservative
censorship on Facebook I found that
right-leaning pages actually

outperformed outperform left-leaning
pages in terms of overall interactions
with users undeterred by this evidence
here we are again three months after
that initial hearing with Facebook and

Twitter it is now Google’s turn to be
raked over the coals Google will be
accused of political motives for some
common-sense actions that are entirely
within their rights just like we saw it
the president’s so-called quote social

social media summit last week President
Trump invited a rogue’s gallery of
social medias leading racists
conspiracy theorists to hear about

supposed censorship by tech companies
but none of these people had actually
been banned from any platform each
remains free to use the megaphone social

media provides to spread their messages
of conspiracy and hate this tilting at
windmills comes at a cost
fears of being tarred as biased have

made tech companies hesitant to deal
with the real problems of racist and
harrassing content on their platforms
according to a report by Vice Twitter is
afraid to use a proactive algorithmic

approach at users to remove Isis related
content to rid the platform of white
supremacist content the reason Twitter
is a freedom might also catch content

posted by Republican politicians they
can’t use the algos because you know to
find racist stuff because it would trap
Republican politicians thanks mazie

Hirono thank you thank you
go get your check now what a horrible
woman she’s a horrible none of these
people are doing any service to the
country none of them bündchen I do like

to tender two to ten million votes way
though I yeah that’s possible it’s yeah
could be could be you don’t know but you
probably result in that means there’s a

lot of lot in that clip that was a great
clip we will finish with that and that’s
for the deconstruction say Shawn for
today we return of course on Sunday

that’s the second Thursday of the week
right here and no agenda please support
the program at Dvorak org slash na and
we got Nick dirac coming up on no agenda
stream com thanks to sir seat sitter a

UK PMX and Matt’s Lazzari for our end of
show mixes in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry dan from northern Silicon
Valley where it’s cold and the traffic

allowed the traffic’s cleared up a
little bit but geez and it’s windy now
heck I’m John C Dvorak we returned on
Sunday right here on no agenda don’t
miss it and until then






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