No Agenda Episode 1157: “Carbon Captions”

you can step over the body Adam Curry
this is no agenda
I’m Adam curry from Northern California

where we’re waiting the female for and
hoping for the male afro I’m John C
Dvorak this is rather interesting as I

checked into the shot room of trolls
today and all I can see is them talking
about some character and it’s gonna be a

woman and they said what’s going on and
was pissed off what is happening
apparently Natalie Portman is going to
be the female for everyone’s all upset

about this well it’s fun as stupid as
anything I’ve ever heard of but okay
let’s just make a female Hulk then
you’re talking and actually that’d be

more believable yeah and isn’t there
like a bat woman or something else just
everyone there’s a lot of bat women I’m
just surprised like of all the things to

care about in the world this is not high
on the list no but I’ve seen this go on
for at least a while I got bumped off of
course because my Wi-Fi problem but it’s

just been ongoing garbage garbage movies
yeah they’re fun to watch on the
airplane well I don’t know about that I

think nothing whole airplane viewing my
experience nothing holds a candle to the
Fast and Furious series and there’s
always eight of them to watch so it’s

oh how did I catch I think I was on a
plane once sitting next to somebody and
I was trying to watch some you know semi
good movie and the person next to me was
watching fast and furious five or

someone of the movement and I couldn’t
keep my eyes off their screen exactly so
I had to put it on well this brings me
to some unscientific research I’ve been

doing about the use of closed captioning
amongst Millennials and a Generation Z
yes we got some notes about this I got a
number of notes I did some informal

polls over at No Agenda social calm I
you know been hunting around people
giving me unsolicited feedback which is
always nice and really it comes down to

three people are blaming it or
attributing it to three different things
and I have three emails that I’ve just
picked out here this is JV I watch

everything with the carbon cap at carbon
caption there you go Carbon captions
that’s perfect I use watch everything

with closed caption / subtitles mostly
due to decades of frustrating sound
mixing movies and modern shows are mixed
with wide dynamic range room shaking

explosions and gunshots are immediately
followed by characters whispering
important plot details Game of Thrones
does this but it’s nothing new also like
many Millennials I grew up with a big

family stuffed in a small home and I’ve
lived with roommates ever since any time
there would be a siren or scream or
anything else unpleasant my mom would
burst through the door and tell me that
baby was trying to sleep

well these are these are these are two
two together one and that I got a lot of
people saying hey you know they’re

mixing it wrong the problem is trying to
jam Dolby 5.1 through stereo speakers
and therefore the balance is off
there maybe I think there’s some
validity to that part oh I agree I think

there’s plenty of validity to that
that’s one of the reasons you have to
take things into your own hands and
you’ve got to either pull back on some
of these processing systems like Dolby I
go to straight stereo there’s ways

around it I mean you’re just running
amok we’re just letting whatever happens
happens it threw a couple of squeaky
speakers on the TV yeah you’re asking
for trouble

I agree with that 100% yes it seems that
there there’s a real issue there and I
don’t I’ve really never interests been
ain’t very interested in surround sound
and and when it comes to television

never really set one I think I’ve had
one in the past because I yeah so I just
don’t care for me it’s just I turn it up
and then I can hear everything there’s

nothing out now we get into some
interesting areas accents this is from
Jay every single time I watch TV with
people under 30 they have the closed
caption on I don’t understand it either

I get it when it’s something British and
they can’t understand access but it’s
always on
I dated a gal who was 28 and I tried
watching Emily with her with captions on
because it’s in France and she fell

asleep instantly it was weird because
growing up we could focus on the film
and follow along with the translation
but for her it was like catnip every
single other thing she wanted to have
the captions on for it was infuriating

luckily that relationship failed pretty
fast okay
there’s one other thing there is a new
disorder that has not been codified yet

in the dsm-5 or you know but it is a
real thing and it’s only the the true
cause is not known although I have some

thoughts and that’s auditory processing
disorder and this is closely related to
ADHD and AD D both attention deficit
disorders and what happens is you can

hear perfectly well but you are unable
to process your brain is either unable
or slow at processing what the sounds
are and turning them into words

now and I want to say a front that I
grew up with subtitles
Dutch television had English movies
they’d play the English soundtrack and

they would translate and deathy was very
professionally done they had hundreds of
people working at the state-run
subtitling organization and I learned to
deal with them perfectly well to ignore

them while I’m while I’m while I was
watching television I think it also
helped a lot of people learn English
extremely well versus Germany where they
always did an overdub but the auditory

processing disorder I think is something
that comes from people who already have
a potential deficit disorder cuz a lot
of feedback that I received said well I

really can’t focus on the movie or the
whatever is on the television the whole
time and I look at my phone I’m you know
this the people are distracted this is

something we know the young people often
wake up in the middle of the night just
to check their phone so there’s a
distract and also second-screen I guess
to a degree it’s like oh let me look up

that actor or what’s he doing you know
what’s so what’s going on is someone
tweeting about this particular show that
I’m watching and because of that many
people have said well they’re really
helpful because I can just you know I

can catch up real quick and say look at
my phone oh I just I like and I could I
can follow along despite darting back
and forth and reading the subtitles and
I pause it to you as my research my
alert my posit to you as I as my

research will continue in this regard is
that because of the lazy use of
subtitles whether it’s to hear things
that were drowned out by sound effects

and music whether it’s to instead of
really focus on what’s happening with an
accent and try and you drink and parse
things from all the information always

in this situation he’s there he might
have said something like this
was it something I didn’t understand
that people’s brains have become lazy
and just like you have someone who may

be blind there
auditory skills increased astronomically
of vice versa
people who are deaf can often see things
much clearer or at least they process

the information in a different way so
the posit I have is because of the you
know some of the reasons that people
have resorted to closed captioning and
there abundant availability now due to

the American with Disabilities Act etc
that the brain is starting to lose some
of that auditory processing power
because I have asked people ok turn them

off and Heidi do it’s like I really
can’t handle it anymore I need the
closed captions I can’t follow along and
I it sounds to me like what a deadly
said she said it sounded like what’s the

little Woodstock from Charlie Brown
can’t really process the audio so I
would say we have possibly auditory
processing disorder being created by use

of closed captioning which we will
counter that okay most of these kids and
I would question any one of them that

have this problem which especially with
the Woodstock the phenomenon do they
ever go to music concerts yep the music
constants are over amped they’re way

above the legal limits of X number of
decibels I think one hundreds the max
and these things get 140 150 many of
them come home with ringing ears they’re
all making themselves deaf at these
concerts very rarely do any of them have

the wherewithal to wear ear protection
they don’t know that in for example in
California all the bars in California
that have bands in the bars they have

required to have ear protection behind
the counter that you can ask for and you
get it for free nobody wears the stuff
and they just listen to this music at
these outrageous decibel levels which

started in the 60s with with the
Marshall amp and bands like Blue Cheer
and others and now they’re all deaf and
that’s why they can’t hear anything I
don’t blame them before bringing up the

captions because they’re all going to be
wearing your hearing aids desta your
investment of the 21st century
hearing aids well I’ll add to that
because I’m not opposed to this theory I

would add to that the incessant overuse
of air pods which are hanging their ears
all day long now I don’t know if that
can cause damage necessarily but for

sure an unsound injection but it also
changes your auditory processing because
once it’s further away you’re not used

to that anymore people listen to
podcasts thank God
listening to podcasts they turn on the
the microphone functions so they can
hear whatever’s going when they just to
keep the earbuds in I’m taking a phone
call they’re in continuously all day

long and they’re intended that way I
think once you then remove that from the
direct in ear canal it may that it may
be still I’m gonna come down into a

processing issue I don’t know if it’s
actual hearing damage could be maybe
it’s a combination but we need to
research further so I will keep my lab
coat on yes please
GUP I think it’s a lot of hearing damage

going on I wish to I saw somebody the
other day somebody roaming around went
the store with the ear buds there’s
those hanging things as little Apple
ones the little white ones that’s the

ones the airport is there and they
looked like they were as zombies goo yes
goo but we’re changing the subject or
going to goo keyword goo so I’ve got
this little battery that I found and I’m

charging it but I realized it’s one of
these one of these devices and I have a
bunch of these things there Ryan does
and I’m not the only one oh ‘test this
because this stuff has been around this

goo has been around for at least almost
20 years and I’m talking about the soft
spray that they put over devices it’s
like a slightly rubbery compound that
they spray on top of cool associate ice

nice cool feels like a gives you instead
of a hard plastic you get this kind of
rubbery soft little coating that they
put on what would I find this on I’m not
sure I know it’s a lot of stuff you find

again you’ll find it when it’s over ten
years old it turns to goo
and he got this sticky goo all over he
and you can’t get it off you have to
take some solvent and maybe maybe it’ll

come off you can kind of scrape it off
with your thumbnail his Ben and I had
like a Sony a DAT player that was coated
in this old felt so professional

although it’s the professional coating
it’s a professional coating and then now
it’s like sticky you can actually know
if you grab it it’s like it sticks the
finest mainly on electronic devices is

that we find a lot of this this claim a
lot of electronic devices you find on
this battery pack that I have it was a
high end battery pack John is be honest
is there a problem with your real doll

that you want to tell us about no it’s
not even the same type of substance this
is some reliably informed well I’m
pretty sure this is always black is

always black I’ve never seen this in any
of the color dark you know just
perfectly pitch black and it’s then it
was used and used and used cuz it was so
cool hmm I surprised you haven’t run

into this I have I think but it’s been a
while I mean I don’t really have any
stuff that’s I don’t know well they
stopped I think they backed off on it

but I that’s why I haven’t noticed this
for a while – I found this battery which
had this stuff all over in this
batteries just sticky and gooey and it’s
got this this stupid coating on it that

somebody decided was a good idea
doesn’t seem like you to not at least
know the name of the coating that’s
something that you would that’s a good
point I think you got me there

I should know the name of this stupid
coating but I’m telling you it was a
dumb idea to begin with and apparently
it’s not worked out and this is the
classy example for all you know it’s
carcinogenic they just do the door look

what we got this is a great idea
I reminded uh how about like hand grips
on a bike would that be the same type of
stuff yes stuff the way that we approach
is the whole substance is softer rubber

no it’s a coating on hard plastic if the
hand grips on a bike or a hard plastic
yeah maybe but know that you can’t get
him on there if they were but I’m

remanded I’m reminded of us I was at
some event and you remember this when
they were they took all this paper off
the market it was all the stuff that was
used it was it was heat sensitive it was

used for cash registers and the purple
paper that would that the people were
touching and getting sick from well they
weren’t getting sick from but it was

carcinogenic that bisphenol or some damn
thing on it well I ran into the guy that
made a mint selling this the paper that
was sold to substitute for it oh and he

told me it kind of offed off to record
which apparently it’s not off the record
anymore not anymore he says you know I
know that her stuff was bad but they

never ever tested this stuff but they
say just anything to substitute he says
for all we know this could be ten times
instead of saying off the record just to

say because that sound then sound you
sound like a journalist who’s cheating
oh I I’m I’ve never been a cheater okay
no I think it’s there’s a time limit off

the record oh okay under umberto I must
say that it was he was skeptical about

his own product because and as I’m
skeptical about this goo all right well
I’d love to know more about what it is
and how we can avoid it
well I can’t avoid it they’ve used it
and used it and use it for years and now

it’s all over the place and it’s just
and if you if it’s left in the hot Sun
after goooo Feist this gets really bad
as sticks it’ll stick to whatever it’s
touching you have a piece of paper stuck
to it oh it’s unbelievable is that

people out there know what I’m talking
about yes
well we’d want to go for me you know I
have a little presentation I’d like to

do some some general news first
okay you have a story that you’ve been
following up on is that what we’re
talking about yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m
interested in listening to this you want

to do this now cuz I figure we do a
couple you know top news items first and
then like what what’s the top yes I
don’t know what do you got I don’t have
a clip for it bag just was reading this
morning about this situation in Canada

with the pipe liners going from Alberta
to BC and back and there’s a big
squabble about it which I thought was
kind of interesting no clip though huh I
haven’t no I don’t have about the

Cummings in Cortes show that was
highlighted on Democracy Now okay I
don’t really know what it is let’s let’s

talk about it and there is the come I
got a clip the Cummings in Cortes Show
okay there’s testifying in front of
Congress is starts with duh the GAO is

testifying in front of Congress is that
the guy who’s the homeland security or
this guy and he’s trying to do a good

job and they’re just killing him yeah
back on Capitol Hill House Democrats
grilled president Trump’s acting
Homeland Security Secretary Thursday
over migrant family separations the
deaths of children taken into US custody

and reports of squalid overcrowded in
dangerous conditions in u.s. immigration
this is House Oversight Committee Chair
Elijah Cummings questioning the acting
DHS chief Kevin McHale inan we’re doing

our level best in a very G what does
that mean what does that mean when a
child come on man
what’s that about

none of us also at Thursday’s house
oversight here in Congress member

Alexandria Castillo Cortez confronted
Kevin Mack Elena and over hateful
messages shared by thousands of current
and former Border Patrol agents on a
private Facebook group the group’s
online discussions exposed by ProPublica

earlier this month are full of
homophobic anti-immigrant and
misogynistic content about migrants and
asylum seekers as well as racist attacks
on Texas Congress member Veronica
Escobar and on Acacio Cortez who’s

depicted in a photoshopped image being
sexually assaulted by President Trump
this is Congress member Acacio Cortez
questioning Mack Elena
did you see the posts mocking migrant

children’s deaths I did did you see the
post planning physical harm to myself
and congresswoman Escobar yes and I
directed an investigation within minutes

of reading the article did you see the
images of officers circulating
photoshopped images of my violent rape
yes I did are those officers on the job

and responsible for the safety of
migrant women and children so there’s an
aggressive investigation on this issue
proceeding you’ve heard the chief of the

ball roll the most senior female
official and law enforcement across the
entire country say that these posts do
not meet our standards of conduct and
they will be followed up aggressively is
this still about the secret group that

they were posting on yeah she brought
back up cuz it’s about her that’s why
she brought it back it’s about her it’s
about her that’s what it’s got to be
about me yeah I love Elijah Cummings
who’s just yelling and screaming come on

man that human beings was let’s not give
a shit about the human beings dying on
the streets of Los Angeles San Francisco
Seattle all right if she’ll let me

follow this up first let’s go to some
questioning about about immigration and
there’s no one better than campus reform
to go out and talk to this country’s our

country’s brightest future the new kids
who are just ready to graduate and
they’re thinking about these things and
here’s a test
let’s go read them something Obama said

and let’s tell them that Trump said it
and then see what their reaction is and
then let’s spring the truth on them
you’ve seen the gag before it’s
hilarious these could be pre-selected I

mean select they are selected could be
selected only to show idiots but still
the sampling is astounding so have a
quote for you here that’s been making
the rounds on social media about the

deportation of criminal illegal aliens
we are a nation of laws undocumented
workers broke our laws I believe they
must be held accountable especially
those who may be dangerous that’s why
over the past six years deportations of
criminals are up 80 percent and we’re

going to keep focusing on threats to our
security what’s your thought on that
quote in that policy in general
I think that policy comes from a place
of like white American nationalism
Donald Trump has kind of like embraced

this rhetoric of like racism and
xenophobia that is not beneficial to our
country at all I don’t think that that
quote really stands true this
administration has totally not done
anything immoral this is really awful

amnesty does not necessarily mean that
we’re losing border security I think
that Trump feels that way I think that’s
a bad decision
because like the United States should be
open to like immigrants like it’s like

they call it lands with the free for a
reason we’d have to advocate for those
kind of people with people like in
Congress like Ocasio Cortes who is
helping people overcome these kinds of
things crimes do not nullify your

humanity and people are coming here in
search of opportunity I’ll show you the
person who said that quote is that
surprising yeah a little bit why is that

surprising because I thought it was the
Trump administration or something like
that yeah it’s quite surprising why did
you not expect you to be Obama um

because I just I guess I dunno like it
just never it never occurred to me that
it could be Obama is that surprising
that it’s a quote from President Obama I
was surprising for sure yeah do you

think it’s still a practice of white
nationalism though to deport criminal
illegal aliens
I think the way Trump’s doing it is what
but to this point in Trump’s presidency
Obama actually deported more people

though so it’s in practice there was
more from Obama though what’s your
question I say my understanding of Obama
versus Trump is that just that Obama was

more liberal as far as amnesty and
border security
I expected that quote to come from Trump
does that change your opinion of the

practice to know that President Obama
did the same thing actually to this
points presidency deported more people
than President Trump at at this point no
again I just think that there’s a moral
way to do it and

I don’t know a ton about Obama’s
deportation policies but I imagine that
they were a lot more humane than the
ones currently going on there you go
there you go everybody that’s your mind

control at work the programming is
successful KITT can’t even when they
hear was Obama he was more boy he must
have done it a more moral way than drum
kabob yes education system now what’s

interesting with all this undocumented
illegal immigration going on is that
when I look around in Austin Texas the
people who I see who are unholy peeing

on the street and panhandling I don’t
know if they’re actually homeless
they’re panhandling for sure are mostly
white and they seem to be on drugs we’ve
been following and this is going to lead

right back to the illegal immigrants
only in California so bear with me for a
second in Austin we changed the
Community Guidelines the the local rules
where you can now sit and lie whatever

you want you can camp wherever you want
as long as it’s not in front of City
Hall you can do it on you know Congress
if you want no problem in front of
businesses but not in front of City Hall
everywhere else you can camp
you can lie down you can Panhandle and

from the school’s bus stops anywhere you
want and the reason for this is that it
was unfair and not taking into
consideration the challenges of life of
the unhoused and now we are a couple
weeks into the policy

let’s check in this is a report from
Lucca station KXAN complaints side to
Austin’s homeless population are growing
two and a half weeks after new city
rules were approved to decriminalize

homelessness some business owners say
they’re seeing even more problems with
the buzz of his blades Oscar Rivera can
clean up any mess but he’ll say his
customers hair line isn’t the area that

needs the most help sometimes you’ll see
people land right here right on the
ground in
and when you wake when you come early in
the morning you have to tell them to get
away please shop
gallery 44 right off at 290 and man

check isn’t the only business effect
it’s nothing against those people but
when you’re trying to build an
establishment it’s hard to go further in
and grow just down the street
straight music has its own problems VP

Clint Strait has added locks to the
bathrooms and dumpsters and told me he
regularly finds needles in the parking
lot community leaders say this is an
issue of accountability and the people

of Austin need to be willing to give out
more resources if they want to see
change it’s hard to hold homeless people
accountable for not wearing away their
trash when they don’t have receptacles
to put them in it’s it’s tough to hold
people accountable when they’re allowed

to camp for using the bathroom in public
places when they don’t have a place to
use the bathroom the bottom line this is
a complex issue which requires
thoughtful solutions and it’s up to
stakeholders just like those businesses
near the homeless camps to provide their

input one of the things that we can all
do is work together to come to some sort
of comprehensive solution next month
austin city manager spencer Cronk will
make recommendations on how to better
tweak the new rules it’s expected to

include reasonable limitations on
camping and potential changes to the
city NY ordinance we wanted to get a
sense of how big of a problem this is
for people in Austin here’s a look at

the numbers from 3 1 1 calls for service
requests with the keyword homeless or
transient show more than 2,700 calls so
far this year that’s almost more than

all of the calls from last year but it’s
also important to note that the rate of
homeless people is increasing in Austin
on the right you’ll see the point and
time count from Ecco while the number of

people living on the streets or in
shelters has increased that rate has
been much more gradual compared to the
number of complaints and I would say

extrapolating from that it’s because the
rules change so now there’s more
small business owners both of those guys

Latino now be damned who gives a shit
way to go Austin fantastic
now dr. Drew Pinsky has been on a tear
about what’s happening in Los Angeles

he’s talking on his radio show he’s been
I think he went on Fox and CNN I know if
he’s been on MSNBC but in two short
clips he explained not only what the

real problem is but also what the
solution is and we’ve talked about some
of the historical reasons for this and I
just wanted to share those he was on
with scott adams

which is a rare thing I think for scott
adams to have someone call in on his
periscope and technically it’s just a
huge nightmare i guess it proves the
content good doesn’t really matter that

much I think we’ve been pretty clear in
the past that what we see is this is a
drug problem that’s why I like saying
unhoused I don’t know if someone’s
homeless but they’re not housed when
they’re sleeping on the ground in Los

Angeles has a huge problem with this and
dr. drew who at the office used to but
he ran a drug addiction clinics he says
this is all about drugs so even if we

had if we had more housing if suddenly
you know housing just appeared out of
nowhere and it was free these people
wouldn’t necessarily even take a free

house would they correct that the the
part that is now driving me to my grave
I think on this problem is that this is
a population that if you walk up to them

and say let’s go I’ve got a great place
to live the majority and the vast
majority will refuse and people don’t
believe this but when you are
chronically mentally ill unless you have

treatment it’s very difficult to live in
four walls if you’re a drug addict you
seek the streets so there’s a attachment
to this lifestyle that is not being

addressed the other thing is not only
would they do not want housing the
housing is not the problem los Anthem we
just absorbed in the last year or so
about conservatively 800,000

undocumented indepence we’re a sanctuary
city we welcome them in none of them are
on the streets they all found a place to

800,000 people in a year found a place
to live so the government continued to
focus on the housing it’s a hoax and I
can’t understand why they’re focused on
it yes I’m so happy he said this because

it’s true
you have all these illegal immigrants
finding a place to stay they’re not on
the streets of LA either so just another
data point that this is that there’s

something else going on but all all the
politicians can talk about is that same
in Austin affordable housing need
affordable housing now you’ve actually
provided the reasoning behind this in

the past John it’s part of dr. Drew’s
solution so I’ll get right to it and
then when we’re done you’ll remember no
it’s easily solvable it just doesn’t fit
an ideology there’s something called the

lentement tetris act which is what
allows us to treat patients again you’ve
got to read this book called American
psychosis the language Petros I came out
in the 1960 and all throughout human
history when people had chronic

psychiatric illness or addiction the
system would determine need for care if
somebody met criteria for what was
called need for care

they were cared for they were put in a
hospital and cared for and stabilized
and returned to their life in the 1960s
there was a guy named Robert Felix that
that convinced President Kennedy that
chronic psychiatric illness didn’t

really exist that state hospitals caused
yes we have these crazy books that were
going out that made the idea of putting
people in psychiatric hospital inhumane

and they passed something called the
Lanterman tetris act which moved need
her care to the criteria for care as
simply harm to self or other and if you
weren’t saying I’m gonna kill myself or

I’m gonna kill somebody else or I’m
Napoleon I’m so severely gravely
disabled which there’s a definition that
we have to work on and we could only
hold you for 72 hours which doesn’t
accomplish much of anything so we could

so leave we could help people with with
harm to self or others in 72 hours
but gravely disabled could do nothing so
we must change the definition of great

be disabled we must expand
conservatorships we must modify front 47
so we can start to prosecute drug laws
again so we can motivate drug addicts to
get treatment from a drug addicts is

they go one of three places institution
which we’ve taken away prison which
we’ve taken away or they die so we’re
leaving drug addicts to die which is

exactly the policy and now I’m thinking
it may be on purpose if those are the
three options it’s clear that Los
Angeles San Francisco Chicago Orlando
Portland Austin are choosing the die

option let him die that could be and
this goes back to your story about
Reagan One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

in the sixties was the there was a big
stink in the 60s the year of Vietnam War
and hippies and in rock music
psychedelic scene LSD you name it and it

was that there was that they bought into
the idea that he just discussed which
was that we don’t these psychiatric
places are just terrible and there you
know nuthouse as it were and they

started trying to shut him down but
there was some pushback I probably from
the Republican side of things but once
Ronald Reagan got in he went with it and
so now you don’t have the pushback from

the Republicans because he is a
Republican and Reagan pretty much
following the lead of the Liberals shut
down all the I’d call him I don’t want
to call him internment camps but he shut

down all the insane asylum since
California let everyone on the street
and the problem worsened and worsened
and worse and from that moment on and
now it’s at the point where it’s just
nuts and they if they don’t reopen these
places you’re right you just have a

bunch of corpses everywhere and I guess
maybe that is what they want but in the
meantime there’s a couple of things we
can do okay the most important of which
if you’re in cities like San Francisco
or Los Angeles or Port Newark or
Portland find those cities like Austin

and tell people how liberal they are
about LA
it’s interesting because here I keep

telling people that this is there’s no
future and they need to go to San
specifically I recommend Berkeley area
well Berkeley’s not really as great a

place as Austin if you got free needles
on the streets
well there’s free needles everywhere but
Boston is the most liberal of the places
that allow gonna let you do it stop I

don’t want all those dead I don’t want
the corpses everywhere that’s what it’s
gonna be anyway don’t let anyone tell
you differently this is about drugs it’s

it’s a part of the opioid crisis as well
yeah it’s a big part of it
opioids meth it’s it’s very much that
special about Seattle the death of

Seattle is dying Seattle is dying
there’s some good stuff in there because
they have a bunch of regular characters
apparently who they you know the cops

can’t do anything about and the guys are
strung out and they brag about being
loaded all the time on one thing or
another yeah meth is a problem meth is a
huge problem especially in the Pacific

Northwest not just the opioids meth
which is a cheap drug and it gives you
kind of buzz these guys were looking for
I suppose and yeah
fentanyl and math these are terrible

products yeah yeah so there’s there’s
the solutions yeah I don’t know about
prop 47 we don’t have that here but I
wish dr. drew could come and speak at

the Austin City Council meeting and give
him a little piece he was invited he
probably show up nice too he’s got
enough problems in his own backyard
we’ll just keep playing clip see if

anyone cares nobody cares they just
assume that everyone drop dead yeah you
can step over the body hey hey hey
you can step over just step overs don’t

be just step over and come into the shop
at the very end of our last show I
received the clip of the day which I

thought it was a good clip but I was man
hindsight like of course I deserve clip
of the day and that turned into a little
bit of research I’ll refresh your memory

this is from the Google and censorship
I’m sorry is laughing at your self
assurance about clip of the day sure I
deserve clip of the day just throw it in

in the number one financial supporter of
the Hillary Clinton way I need to set it
up more this is the clip that I receive
clip of the day for and it’s a senator
Cruz interviewing doctor Robert Epstein

who has done research and claims that in
the 2016 election at minimum about two
and a half but possibly 10 million votes
were swayed to vote for Hillary Clinton

based upon Google’s algorithm ik bias in
their search results say some before you
play the clip nobody

and there’s shows that specialize in
google podcasts have played this clip I
was looking for it I haven’t heard
anyone play this clip it was on the

hearings and there’s a there’s one show
that’s a Google show and they were
playing clips from the hearing and they
never played this clip what Google show
was that material we know these Google
shows it’s like do you trust Jeff Jarvis

to be objective on Google in general
people who do who have if you’re allowed
in the building at Google you’re not
gonna say anything bad about Google

no it’s a conflict of interest thank you
so here’s the clue we have no conflict
of interest because everyone hates us
and we taken a vow of poverty it’s a
twofer the number one financial

supporter of the Hillary Clinton
campaign in the 2016 election was the
parent company of Google alphabet now
who was our first witness they were her
number one financial donor and your
testimony is through their deceptive

search methods they moved 2.6 million
votes in her direction I would think
whether or not you favor one can’t do or
another should be deeply dismayed about

a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires
having that much power over our
elections to silently and deceptively
shift vote outcomes again with respect I

must correct you the 2.6 million is a
rock bottom minimum the range is between
two point six and ten point four million

depending on how aggressively they used
the techniques that I’ve been studying
now for six and a half years Wow could
you say that again please just two point
six million is a rock bottom minimum the

range is between two point six and ten
point four million votes depending on
how aggressive they were in using the

techniques that I’ve been studying such
as the search engine manipulation affect
the search suggestion effect the answer
bot effect and a number of others they

control these and no one can counteract
them these are not competitive these are
tools that they have at their disposal
exclusively there you go now of course

when you hear that you’re like even I’m
going yeah I think I said it on the show
I don’t know if it really swayed ten
million people to you know to vote for

Hillary over Trump if they were you know
they’re on the fence and I think I was
reciting with it with the professor I
think it probably could have and you

were very skeptical so this is better
that you do this report yes you took it
on I will mention this just as kind of
as an aside
let’s just say the max is true here and
the max is true about the illegal

immigrants that are brought into the
country to vote for the Democrats if you
could sway 10 million votes and and have
maybe I don’t know another 10 million
immigrants all voting for Hillary and

she still loses how much people really
hate this woman or or how much does he
decide or how many how much do people
really want to vote for Trump

I mean you could look at it either way
so a little a little background on on
the professor is a PhD and senior
research psychologist research scientist

media professional author of 15 books
and reading from his own bio more than
300 articles on psychology related
topics including empirical studies and

science nature psychological science and
the Proceedings of the National Academy
of Science as a PhD from Harvard
University under BF Skinner dr. Epstein
is this father yeah do you know him BF

Skinner oh yeah he’s the famous
okay well the most famous guys ever
Epstein is the founder and the director
emeritus of the Cambridge Center for

behavioral studies he’s also hosted
several radio shows etc he is a
registered Democrat he voted for Hillary
Clinton and he started a nonprofit which
is the American Institute for behavioral

research and Technology 501c3 I checked
the 990 filings has about a hundred and
fifty thousand dollars on hand raised

about forty thousand dollars every year
for the past couple of years a little
bump in 2016 the only people in this
organization were three Epstein himself
Tyler Healy who is the the technology in

fact if you read his bio you know
exactly what his technology director
cybersecurity expert full stack
developer so he basically put together
all the tests and then Brian Meredith a

managing director he came to the AI BRT
after a much honored advertising agency
career spanning three continents four
a vice president of Benton Bowles

founding member and director of the
International creative team and
mccann-erickson these are big
advertising agencies he passed away in
2017 I think he was probably the
original funder of of this organization

and clearly not a lot of funding has
come in but of course if you’re fighting
Google you might have a lot of enemies
the Google has I think is the largest

Lobby er in DC at the moment may be
battling with China who the hell knows
maybe they work together I don’t know so
I looked at the research and he has a

number of research beyond what we’re
talking about here which is search
engine manipulation effect the SEM he
he’s also looked at the search
suggestion effect the answer bot effect

anybody’s done many other things would
that come to psychological behavior and
I think having an advertising guy in
early which probably hey how do we use
today’s technology to sell products and

that’s probably he stumped yeah so
probably the most fair research you get
because they were looking to figure out
what manipulates people towards choices
the research as as published in the PNAS

which is a Official Journal not only was
it accepted reviewed it has been
replicated in Germany this is a big deal
if you go look at all these bullcrap

studies everywhere look and see if there
was a replication of it the replication
crisis is rampant in in certainly in the
psychological sciences this you know
that people can’t recreate these studies

and but still there except what are you
eating what are you doing it’s it’s
distracting me sorry but you’re ripping
paper or I am actually going I’m looking
for some notes for one don’t tear paper

I wasn’t tearing paper when I’m in a
yeah I’m gonna name the mica so don’t
talk to me name the movie I looked at
his research it is large groups tens of

thousands of people double-blind study
you’re tearing paper yet double bluff
taking people out of a pile
like don’t deem Mike I need you to be

able to interrupt for a reason I’m just
here’s a pile of paper I take it paper
what are you looking for something are
you doing crosses already gone

is your chair squeaking to your paper
and they’re talking back to each other
normally you’re bitching and moaning my
interrupting because I’m not

interrupting please go back alright so
the research is very deep it is done
with all of us I mean I’m not a

scientist but I’ve seen a lot of
research throughout 11 years of doing
the show and it really looks like Keith
he did all the business the way it
should be done and in 2014-15 but

particularly in 2016 he did a number of
studies and again in 2018 where he would
look at the results based upon political
questions that came in from Google query

from Bing and from Yahoo and the results
for Google were significantly different
I don’t I think that you know their
their algorithms are different but the

research really focused on and this is
what I found to be interesting is that
there’s the bias of what people click on
in search results so when you search for

you propose a question to Google the top
two results receive all of the clicks
with 50% going to the top one 30% going

to the second one it drops off quite
dramatically interestingly the last the
bottom one on a page gets more more
clicks than you know the the five or six

above it and you can probably figure out
why we’ve all done that let me scroll
down the bottom I’ll click this one I’ll
go to the next page but the the click is
pretty much always on the top one or the
top two and depending on what is driving

the results he found that amongst
undecided voters this is key
people who are really on the fence and
it could be you know undecided voters

can be 10 percent can be 15 percent can
be 20 percent of an election people on
the fence that that the the choices
people make benches usually over 20

percent the undecided voters are always
very high right into the election so
really what kind of percentage we
talking I’ve seen as high as 40 so he
claims and that given an a/b choice that

the top two links determined people’s
choice and regardless of what that
content is well obviously it’s it’s it’s
pointing towards a or B if it’s a 20 to

90 percent will choose a over B just
because they were the top two links so
we understand the research because
that’s really what all his research is
saying his research is saying unlike

anything else when you have a choice
between the two candidates and you
oppose a question the top two link
answers that you click on that on the

top of the page will determine who
you’re going to vote for in aggregate
over your research I should stop you
mm-hmm I remember it because what you’re
what he’s doing is maybe deconstructing

what has already been done at Google
because I will remind myself that Sergey
Brin used to come on the silicon spin
show one a lot and he one time said to
me you know we have the most ph d–‘s of

any company in the world and one of
those ph d–‘s doing their they’re
probably trying to figure out well they
can do stuff to manipulate things or is

that really what they’re doing cuz I
have I have some some thoughts about
what is what the where the bias has come
from but I have a bunch of clips most of

them are about 50 to 60 seconds long but
they do tell the story as from different
interviews that I’ve put together and
the first one is Epstein introducing
himself and giving a brief overview of

which is the search engine manipulation
effects this is what he proved in his
research by the way the whole PDF of his
research is in the show notes I’ve been
researching all kinds of new methods of

online influence the Internet has made
possible my first discovery was of
something called seem SEMA the search
engine manipulation effect which is the

impact that a biased search results have
on opinions and votes when I first
started doing experiments on this which
was more than 6 years ago I thought the

impact would be very small it turns out
tündi impact is its enormous it’s one of
the largest behavioral effects ever
discovered in the behavioral sciences

and I published my first report on this
effect in the Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences that was in
2015 and that report has since been
accessed or downloaded more than 200,000

times and that’s that’s a lot for a
scientific paper and since then I’ve
discovered about seven other effects
these effects are so powerful that if
they’re in the hands of people who have

particular political leanings together
they can shift upwards of 15 million
votes in a presidential election without
anyone knowing that they’re being

manipulated and without leaving a paper
trail for authorities to trace so that’s
kind of the same background or I gave
but it may be more succinct language so
2016 he decided to monitor searches this

is before the election of leading up to
the election and to compare if Google
was delivering biased search results to
those top two positions versus

competitors 2016 I actually set up the
first ever project to monitor the search
results that Google Bing and Yahoo were
showing users prior to the election when

they conducted election related searches
and I found that the search results were
strongly biased in favor of Hillary
Clinton whom I supported by the way I am

NOT a conservative
and so they shifted votes lots of votes
away from Donald Trump toward Hillary
Clinton but in a way that people
couldn’t see because the way this works

is people trust and click on search
results that are higher in the list so
50% of all clicks go to the top two
items in the low why well sure and what

Google was doing was putting items high
in the list that led people to webpages
that looked that made Hillary Clinton

look a lot better than Donald Trump
and over time that shifts the opinions
and votes of undecided voters and of
course in close elections its undecided

voters who determine the winner in this
particular case we calculated based on
the bias that we found that Google could
quite easily have shifted two to three

million votes toward Hillary Clinton
just using this manipulation without
anyone knowing that they were doing it
and they’re not that the part of without

anyone knowing they’re doing it is is
important because this is not just a
clear bias that stands out it has a name
they can shift millions of votes using
what they themselves call ephemeral

experiences that in other words things
like news feeds and search suggestions
and search results answer boxes these
are ephemeral because they appear only

for a second or two they affect your
thinking they disappear they’re not
stored anywhere no one can go back in
time and retrace them and Google
employees and you know we’ve seen in

leaks recently say they are well aware
that they can use ephemeral experiences
to shift votes and opinions and they do
this deliberately I’ve proven it with my

monitoring projects
so the ephemeral experiences means it’s
just it for an instant it’s just there
your search results something a search

box your your autocomplete all these
things are really not trackable by you
even in your mind because it’s the way
you’ve done use the Google product for
ever since you’ve been using it now

there was a political article that he
wrote explaining all this after the
election which was followed up by a the
top research scientist at Google search

in Politico I think with the only audio
report I could where video report I
could find out it was from RT and they
they of course say this is total

bullcrap the tech jaundiced admit
dismissed his previous finding saying
that its algorithms are politically
we have never reracked search results on
any topic including elections to

manipulate political sentiment moreover
we do not make any ranking tweaks which
is specific to elections or political
candidates period we always strive to
provide our users with the most accurate

relevant answers to their queries Google
completely disagrees with you I should
say first of all like they said there’s
no way this this can be true but you
disagree is it really possible the

results of Google searches can influence
the way people vote well there’s no
question about that I’ve been doing
randomized controlled studies for more
than six years measuring quite precisely

the impact that they can have on
people’s thinking and behavior and
purchases and elections but this
monitoring project that I conducted that
should this shows beyond any question

that there was significant liberal bias
in google search results but not in
search results from a Bing and Yahoo
unfortunately about 90% of the search is

conducted on Google not big in Yahoo so
Google really is the deciding factor in
in close races in fact we calculate that

upwards of 25% of the national elections
in the world are being decided
without people’s knowledge by Google’s
search algorithm this is important to

know and he says they’re influenced he’s
not saying that they that is their
political agenda that they are putting
in there and if you listen carefully to
Google’s rebuttal of his article they

say we don’t rear ank results that’s not
what his research is calling for he
actually had something to say about it
himself that disclaimer that denial that
you just played from Google we have to

listen very very very carefully to what
they’re saying they’re saying they don’t
rear Inc they’re very careful you know
in their their denials we don’t rear a
cup I’ve never claimed they rear ank

anything I’m just recording on what they
actually show people and what they show
people is dramatically biased enough and
our 2018 elections to have shift shifted
upwards of seventy eight point two

million votes spread across different
races in the US and 2018 so they’re not
being completely honest with their
answer but they’re not really lying

either I don’t think their rear anka I
don’t think Sergey Brin is sitting there
saying oh let’s only make let’s make
this the top results take that Trump I
don’t think that’s what’s happening well

no I mean they the professor agrees with
that but the point is is that if you
said your algorithms up right and you do
our bias let’s face it I mean Sergey and
then the whole team over there were in

tears after Hillary lost they’d it’s on
to the Internet the videos are out there
and they’re weeping over this law saying
we didn’t do enough so there’s no reason
to rear ank when the whole thing is is

rigged and to begin with and and it is
and I think I can explain what’s going
on first let’s go to 2018 he had some
very surprising results this was our

most recent election not a presidential
election and gitmo nation it was for the
house and for the Senate we did this
very very carefully we had a field
agents focusing on three congressional

races in California which were very
hotly contested races and Republican
districts and we gave to these field
agents about

500 election related search terms each
one had different search terms for
different districts where there are
different issues of course and the point
is we we simply looked at what happened

of search results they received when
they were conducting election related
searches and we found very consistently
that on Google they ended up with search

results favoring liberals and favoring
liberal news sources and it was quite a
dramatic effect and I’m sure that some
of these House races were won by people

undecided voters researching receiving
biased search results so we’re going to
take it as a fact that Google’s search
results political search results have

been biased and have been left-leaning
that’s just the fact that that’s it’s
been replicated there’s no disputing
that but is it the algorithm or is the
data which one is it can we establish

any certainty just how much influence
what people see in their internet
searches what impact it has upon who
they vote for well yes that’s what the

the scientific research has been all
about and we know that among people are
undecided on an issue if we show them a
search results that favor one cause or
favor one candidate like brexit for

example among people who are undecided
that easily can shift twenty percent or
more of them in the direction of the
bias upwards of up to 80 percent shifts
in some demographic groups people trust

algorithmic output they trust Google
they think it’s because it’s generated
by a computer they don’t see the human
hand they think it’s impartial and
objective and their opinions change so

we’ve measured that quite precisely now
in five national elections in in
multiple countries and so we know for
sure that that is occurring now around
the world without people’s knowledge so

again is it the algorithm that’s making
decisions or is the data now we’re going
to move to two other scientists
we’ll actually we’ll start with Cathy
O’Neil she wrote the book weapons of

mass destruction she used to be a hedge
fund quant
which means she would write algorithms
to determine market moves and how you
can take its you know that’s a lot of

the flash trading is based on on quanta
quant work
I think Kwan stands for what corner uh I
don’t know what it stands for
quantitative analysis ok so a quant is
looking at an algo is programmed to look

for little moves and grab those and it
can be pennies or sometimes fractions
and enough of those over the course of a
day and you’re making millions of
dollars and she got bored with that and
she went to go work in the in data

sciences for commercial companies for
insurance companies etc and she
discovered pretty quickly that she was
really separating people into classes

classes of standing at really the
opposite of a lot of what what America
is supposed to be and she did I became
interested in what she was saying

because I you know we’ve been following
algorithms for a long time on the show
I’m gonna paraphrase her algorithms are
automated opinions of the status quo so
there’s an opinion that says anyone

living in this code zip code is
worthwhile to me for my marketing if you
see it on from the zip code taken right
away so that is an opinion and that is
my opinion at this very moment and the

algorithm from now on will make that
decision automatically without any
exception it will not change it and if
that’s the only data it has it’s only
going to find people in that zip code as
being valid your some of her talking

about this algorithms don’t make things
fair if you just lively blindly apply
algorithms they don’t make things fair
they repeat our past practices are
patterns they automate the status quo

that would be great if we had a perfect
world but we don’t but the data
scientists in those companies are told
to follow the data to focus on accuracy
think about what that means when because

we all have bias it means they could be
sexism or any other kind of bigotry this
is all from Ted Radio hours I couldn’t
get too much about the music they put
under everything and she’s very

interesting talk that she has now how
our algorithms program they’re
programmed with data and the data
ingress of teaching the algorithm you’ve

probably heard this term is machine
learning and depending on the data you
have you’re going to feed that in you’re
going to program the algorithm which is
very simple if this then that it’s

really not much more than that it sounds
really really complicated but the
underlying data seems to be a much
bigger issue now we’re going to talk to
MIT researcher who graduated for MIT it

you have to kind of get over her valley
kind of girl speak up talking cuz she is
very smart and she has done a lot of
research in this area joy woolum bulam

weenie and she ran into a data machine
learning issue very early on I when it
can she’s black when it came to facial

recognition I am the founder of the
algorithmic justice Li so my personal
mission is to fight algorithmic bias yes
the algorithmic Justice League which is

a group of computer scientists and
coders who try to raise awareness about
the social problems that exist in
algorithms if something joy recently
demonstrated by using a basic webcam and
facial analysis technology it’s a kind

of technology you might find when you
upload a picture on social media and so
what I do is I sit in front of the
camera hoping for my face to be detected
and I have pretty dark skin so I’m

sitting there with my face dark skin
there’s no detection
then I pull on my friends face who has
much lighter skin that I’ve been ideas
she’s Chinese and you see that her face

is immediately detected so then I switch
back to my face dark-skinned and
gorgeous not detected I put on a white
mask and after I put on the white mask

that’s when I’m detected and I wanted to
show this as an example that in the same
conditions right a typically lit office
we were having a different experience

you’re saying that that a lot of the
software doesn’t detect black faces
absolutely this kind of technology is
being built on machine learning
techniques and machine learning

techniques are based on data so if you
have biased data in the input and it’s
not addressed you’re going to have
biased outcomes so this is a real-world
example you recall that there was a

outrage over google recognizing black
faces tagging them as gorillas I think
it was Google it may have been Facebook
doesn’t matter and the reason for this
is when the algorithm was built it was

done with an initial data set that
developers probably a bunch of dudes
probably Asian and white dudes use their
faces to train the algorithm and they
just didn’t have any black faces at the

time and lo and behold the machine
didn’t know what they were cuz it had
never been given black face algorithmic
data and so it it went to whatever it
thought was the closest thing and sadly

it said oh this is a gorilla so it was
very embarrassing but it’s because the
core base even at the development stage
didn’t have the right amount of data
here’s a fun game to play I want you to

picture John a shoe everyone can play
this at home so think of a shoe don’t
tell me what it is just create an image
of your shoe in your mind now we’re
going to feed that image into into an

algorithm and say this is a shoe
whenever you see this label this shoe
what image of a shoe did you have in
your mind John I had an image of a
beat-up the kind of flattened leather

shoe with Ruis
some shoestrings right so I had a
sneaker in mind and if you don’t put the
sneaker in or a high-heeled or I did

this with Tina yesterday she was
thinking of a sandal I never would have
thought of a sandal so if you don’t put
the sandal in it’s never going to show
up in the algo as a shoe and this is how
the core data is biased it’s not

necessarily left right
you know black/white the Republican
Democrat Democrat it’s just missing data
that creates an inherent bias detected
well we have to look at how we give

machine sight computer vision uses
machine learning techniques to do facial
recognition so how this works is you
create a training set with examples of

faces is the face is the face this is
not a face and over time you can teach a
computer how to recognize other faces
however if the training sets aren’t
really that diverse any face that

deviates too much from the established
norm will be harder to detect which is
what was happening to me so now let’s go
to what’s happening with political
questions and results in Google Google

is a left-leaning company it is a
liberal company so their base
algorithmic sets are always going to be
based on their inherent bias and I’ll

give you an example if someone asks a
question about Hillary Clinton’s emails
they need a result I let me take a look
what we have we have some Wall Street

Journal some Fox News oh here’s a New
York Times article that says it was kind
of a big nothing burger it’s the New
York Times so yeah I think that’s well
put that at the top and we’ll put number
two we’ll put maybe some maybe something

from The Wall Street Journal little less
nuanced okay now you’ve just trained the
algorithm based on whatever it’s
supposed to be doing that these are the
shoes for that kind of shoe question

take this one step further who is
training the machine learning of Google
is done by my future daughter-in-law we
talked about her sitting here on the

back porch just like tens of thousands
of other people who are reviewing search
results some
it’s just the pure search results on
that’s from hey Google they do it from
multiple companies then let’s say

there’s a question about Hillary’s
emails that she’ll be now let me go take
a look I don’t think this answer is
right because it doesn’t fit what I
think about it so I think that this
article over here from Politico that’s

that’s the right answer so I’m going to
tag this it’s going to be inherently
biased towards left-leaning results
because of the data because of the
employees because of what Google is this

is not it’s far worse than Sergey Brin
sitting there going hey let me change it
no it will never change because the
organization is inherently biased and

the data scientists are not real
scientists they’re assholes who are not
checking their data they’re not
replicating it checking it for any kind
of fairness bias etc that they’re also

probably very left-leaning
and this is a mind-blowing problem above
some unfair shit they’re putting in and
that’s why they can easily say we’re not

doing anything we’re not rear Anki no
but all the people you hire who they
don’t check they don’t check these
people who are who are that being at
task to make sure the results are proper
did I do it just bring something they’re

paying him 14 bucks an hour if even that
they don’t care these reviewers often
well then you have to explain a couple
of things okay

first of all is no coincident that
coincidence that Google was the largest
contributor to Hillary’s campaign and it
would be in their best interests as they
won yes or she won sure secondly how do

you you match up the Google employees
with the Yahoo employees which is what
one of the elements that he compared
with or the Bing employees up at
Microsoft ah the Microsoft employees in

fact I believe are probably much more
liberal I do not bias then they are at
Google I do not believe that they have
the same algorithms and the same data

that they’re using google has vast
sources of data that they’re using in a
variety of ways that that
Yahoo and Bing have no access to I don’t

think that their algorithms are basing
it on thousands of people in fact I’ve
heard of no one who’s reviewing content
choices for being or for Yahoo I don’t
hear about that I hear it’s for Google

Facebook and Apple and what’s not
explained and you’re not explaining it
is Yahoo if anyone doesn’t know this
uses the Google engine I don’t know I

don’t know that I don’t know what
they’re using I don’t know if they have
the exact same data see what they’re
using is their Dave Dave they’re using
the Google engine well whatever that

means you need to show me what that
because I don’t believe so I don’t think
it’s the exact same thing Google is
using it just makes no sense why would
they even be contemplating building it’s
the exact same thing cuz you’re not

getting the exact same exactly but not
the sense the word is that that’s what
they’re using right it does not that
that by itself does not mean that
they’re manually or or overriding the

algorithm because it would have been
what Yahoo output now I don’t believe
that for a second this is a much bigger

Google is biased the company is biased
whatever Google is is what they will be
presenting to people
the sad part is as it turns out that
bias swings large percentages of

undetermined voters that’s the I mean
the only solution in the near term is to
make google searching illegal for some
period of time because it’s it’s it’s

not stoppable it will not they cannot
stop but it is their system you can go
through it and you can look at every
every piece of the step logic to see

where the results comes there won’t be
no injection of oh it’s about Trump
let’s give him something else no this is
happening throughout the entire system
the whole their whole data structure is

biased you cannot walk away from this
now the only other thing I’d like to say
in this presentation is that sadly this
is not just happening

with our elections this is happening
everywhere in your life and if you don’t
know what’s going on you’re getting
screwed and you’re at a disadvantage
back to Cathy O’Neil for a quickie
algorithms that sort through resumes or
algorithms that personality tests are

algorithms that decide who is a good
insurance risk they’re very very similar
to in different companies so they’re
sorting people in the same kind of way
and if you think about what that doesn’t
a society level it’s sorting winners and

losers in the standard old-fashioned way
that we’ve been trying to get over that
we’ve been trying to transcend through
class or gender through race and it’s
against the American Dream you know it
is actually a social mobility problem

and that’s what I realized I was like
I’m working on this
I left finance and now what I’m doing is
I’m I’m sort of codifying inequality and
just as a as a as a goof I was looking

around saying looking for search terms
such as how do I beat the the insurance
algorithm and there’s a lot of
information people have figured out how

do I circumvent the job site algorithm
your if you put a resume in to a job
site your shit is not even getting to
people you’re being pre sorted and let
me give an example one of the data

fields would be where did you hear this
commercial and I heard one just the
other day job site comm slash NPR please
go to job DICOM so job site comm slash
NPR as you know that in many cases the

algorithm will be looking only for those
people whether you listen to NPR or not
they got the code they put that in those
are going to be the smart people there’s

the 1i they’re the ones I want screw
everything else same with insurance
Colossus which is this big algorithm
that is used for almost all the
insurance companies and you know what it

all starts with you know what the number
one field is in all of these algorithmic
decisions the number one data point for
insurance for a job for I don’t have to
tell you all the different things what

is it it’s your credit score
another damn algorithmic piece of crap
determining your life so if you’re
wondering why you’re not getting a job

maybe you’re not submitting it right in
fact we need to have our data scientists
our dudes and dudettes named Ben and
Bernadette you need to be whistle
blowing what’s the bias within your

company you know it’s happening you know
that something’s going on you know that
results are being filtered out based
upon X Y or Z we need whistleblowers and
it may not even be malicious but it’s

happening your life is being determined
by bad data choices anyone who’s a data
scientist should be ashamed of their
hey I’ve said for years the Internet

should have been shut down well it just
really not as exacerbated as it is if
there was no internet it’s correct well
I don’t want to mention professor Ted

with that I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C in the carbon
captions John see Dad mister I’m Korean
they’re mourning all ships at sea boots

on the ground and subs in the water
there’s any out there left and all the
Dames tonight’s out there in the morning
to our troll room
hello trolls they had nothing but stupid
comments during that presentation very

demotivating but thank you very much and
no agenda stream com be looking at the
troll room where you’re giving a
presentation like that it’s interesting
you say that I have noticed I don’t
usually by the way push stop you and

destroy room and I would say horror
which is the same way it’s just like the
closed captioning I don’t know what you
mean by that it’s just like an addiction

is something because you did you just
need this these words up there
no actually fuck you know I I was I’ve
had it written down for a number of
episodes to bring this up there is

it’s off to the side it’s not my main
view it’s always scrolling it’s a small
terminal window and I always wonder why
I pick out certain one-liners or certain
things and I believe what is happening

is in my peripheral view I’m seeing this
my brain has developed over the course
of a decade develop some mechanism to
process in the little little side thread

processing what is being said there and
it actually alerts my active speaking
brain to look over there when there’s
something that may be of interest that’s
what’s happening I’m just smart if this

is true I would recommend anybody in
their ol room to start selling atom
stuff okay because this looks like he’s
open for subliminal suggestion that’s

exactly what it is in the morning – Adam
at sea the artist who brought us the
artwork for episode 11 56 title of that
was pivotal now we chose an evergreen

for this and I got a really pissed-off
bunch of them a bunch of messages since
we artists yes I got it I’ll tell you
exactly who it was from

the artist is hold on net Ned and this
was actually my favorite piece which was
the Charlie’s Angels as the squad and he

was yelling and screaming and I said
well this is a passionate you know it’s

very passionate I said it’s interesting
because that was my favorite piece and
as you know what was I agree with that
we both have veto and you said no I’ve
seen it on the M’s m5m news and you

didn’t you thought it was you didn’t
like it anyway but you said you would
seen it somewhere else and so you vetoed
it and you know I was like okay I
haven’t seen that specific piece but I

saw that the reference to Charlie the
reference yeah the reference well he was
very corny to be honest about it well
just letting them know what the process

is so at least I also don’t like the
idea of a quaity
here’s here’s my final rationalities
interested because we do have to
rationalize what we pick and the two of
us being the art critics that we are I

didn’t think it was it was correct to
glorify this group of four in that way I
thought it was a glorification piece and
I didn’t think it was appropriate well

you didn’t say that as such but did you
I did I remember said I did I thought
you said you didn’t like it for a number
of reasons and maybe you said course one
of the reasons were already agree you’re

already looking at evergreens by the
time I came up with that it was a
glorification piece that was unnecessary
and improper
so Jimmy NAND and we look at these
things whenever you won’t want to put a

person in the artwork we’re gonna be
hypercritical so you know having a Oh
see it may be a funny joke to put a
little Mensa label there but that’s not
artwork that I want to click on I know I

click on her and this the whole idea is
to get someone to click on it so when
you when you vilify people you know
there’s a really a 50/50 chance it’s not
even you know it’s just the way it is

yeah you’re asking for trouble well it
could be you make us laugh out loud I
mean there was the one instance I still
remembers to George Bush I think this
was done by Nick or or Martin JJ one of

them where George Bush had those big
coke bottle glasses on and the huge
eyeballs and that was all the art was
yeah but when you looked at it you

cracked up right now so we picked it
that’s the one that got economic strip
bloggers all bent out of shape right
also a lot of if you there’s a lot of
kind of like mainstream joke we have to

manage artists imagine this nightmare
hey that’s your beat as far as I’m
concerned the artist you deserve always
been a nightmare for anybody who’s worth

in the you know as an art director well
thank you very much Adam at sea and all
of the artists who always participate or
not it’s okay it’s totally understood I
get it it’s a you spend a lot of time

you don’t get chosen it sucks no agenda
art generator
that piece with the Charlie’s Angels
thing was there was some effort put into
it it wasn’t like it boss away no it
wasn’t at all but that’s why it was act

of course he was act yeah I just wanted
to make sure voice was hurt anyway I
made sure that he hates you now and not
both of us or means yeah yeah I’m the
I’m I’m the one responsible for veto you

need that that’s another that particular
piece yeah
anyway we appreciate the work that all
of our artists do and we also really
survived by our executive producers
associate executive producers and all

producers who support us financially and
we like thanking those the top category
as quickly as we can’t even though our
little behind today in the show so let’s
see who we have on today’s list well the
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of Dogpatch and Louis oblivia this is
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it’s gonna maybe for code for somebody
else thank you to all the producers from
their continued support of this show I
would also like to thank your respective

spouses for their support and tolerance
of your work demands this year alone you
have worked on national holidays on
vacations and while traveling right Mimi
and Tina thank you both for your sharing

your spouse’s the for the sharing of
your spouse’s and what would otherwise
in what would otherwise be your time
personal experience having a spouse that
is most socially and politically engaged

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that help us see through their agenda
with no agenda no previous wars were
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of all kinds including ideologues use
m5m and the social media wars to win the
territory of your mind using the old
saying generals always fight the last

war so politicians as social media fight
the last internet war it is the war of
ideas with growing expertise to win more
Minds giving the power to influence
culture society and politics it is more

infectious than measles
deconstruction is the best vaccine well
not as financially lucrative it
vaccinates the participants again
listeners donate wow there’s all victims

of our own life experiences thank you
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lowers LeBeau via of Dogpatch and louis
LeBeau via thank you that that’s one of
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heard yeah it may be reproducible and
and I think we kind of proved that in
our our search engine bias
conversation it is a war and you’re

losing we’re all losing we are losing
losing big time he never asked for it oh
you never does give him one yet yeah I

think that would be appropriate
you’ve got karma not one one he doesn’t
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Ernest Selma summons Selman yeah Selman
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yeah and I don’t want to mention
something last night the keeper and I
went to Celeste Barbour she had a show

here in Austin at the Paramount that was
pretty packed you’ve probably never
heard of Celeste Barbour I wouldn’t have
heard of her either nor would Tina she

has something on Instagram which I don’t
look at but Tina follows her which is
the Celeste barber challenge and she’s
from Australia and she’s a good-looking

a woman but she’s not not a model if I
can if that explains what I’m talking
about and so you know a model will be
doing something gracious you know
getting out of a Kate Upton actually

slipping out of a pool with her breasts
protruding and the water just slipping
off or svelte body and then she’ll post
a picture of that and have her go down
of her doing the same thing which of

course is hilarious and so this was
really a comedy show probably more for
women than anything but I learned a lot
of things about giving birth and being

pregnant that I never knew about and if
your wife is expecting see if you can
catch a Celeste Barbour show you will be
both horrified and informed there’s a

lot of things we as guys don’t know and
it’s probably it might have been better
we didn’t yeah keep it that way
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Kouga so I’ve been putting a lot of
notes on Twitter demanding that they
start putting a Hillary on these polls

I’ve you are now in the Democrat Hall of
Fame I believe that people really love
you trying to bring her in I think she
knows no gurus they don’t want her

that’s probably true maybe it’s not true
all I know is that if you’re gonna start
doing these comparisons about who can be
trumpeter who’s gonna get the most votes
or who can get the nomination why isn’t

she on there just as a test I’m with I
didn’t was on there before he ever
declared to run yeah I’m with you I’m
with you okay so the reason would be
they hate her that even with Google’s

biased algorithm in her favor she’s
still lost would these be the reasons
that they don’t want it happened
somewhere you know here’s what my

thinking is cuz I’ve been trying to
figure this out myself I think that
Hillary was not a good candidate because
she really didn’t she she just thought

she was gonna waltz in and she did they
no effort she had her same cronies
running the campaign that they were
doing that the loss to Obama they’re
lazy campaigners and they didn’t really

do a very good job of it because she cuz
they all were taught themselves into
believing like the Democrats do they
talked themselves into believing that
they’re gonna run against some bonehead

this Trump guys joke in fact they wanted
him why a candidate they wanted him to
be candidates like oh please would be so
great we need him to be kidding the
media was all in on that so they kept

and I’ll say it again according to
reports because I don’t know the media
won’t cover Bernie is that I less likely
to blame Schultz for the screw-up with

Bernie they’re you know putting Bernie
on the side then I am the media the
media would cover every giant Trump
rally there were 25,000 people at a
trump rally let’s say on average and

there was 50 people a hundred people 200
people at a Hillary rally and 25,000
or more at a Bernie rally they would not
cover the Bernie rallies no and they’re

still not covering I understand I not
don’t know for a fact because the media
is not covering it but I heard there was
a one Bernie rally recently with 50,000
people attending I wouldn’t surprise me

this is this has been very consistent
with his campaigning but of course he’s
not really a Democrat and they all know
it that’s why they like he says he just
leeching off our ticket like a good
socialist would do there’s an element of

that he’s not a Democrat as an
independent and so now he corns in at
the end I can see them not wanting him
you know the guy’s not even a Democrat
he’s an independent just using us you

know using us he’s a huge loser
socialist user socialist user has yeah
that’s what he is
that’s what he is okay so I just want to

see I just want just put Hillary on a
pole I mean you know double-l not and
not Elly yeah I love the story that

Bernie’s campaign workers you know who
have a union yeah are thinking of

striking because he’s not paying him $15
an hour which is what he’s the very
proposal he’s making for the rest of the
country yes oh it’s bent I thought for

sure you would have had something about
that I miss oh this is great yeah
they’re all great we work in 60 or 70
hours and we’re making the equivalent of
about 1350 so you got it up it for us

you know we need to have 15 out of 15
dollars an hour this is what you’re
proposing here labor fight Royals Bernie
Sanders campaign as workers demand the
$15 hourly pay the candidate has

proposed for employees nationwide no
Bernie Bernie when they busted him last
go-around when he was like there was
some sexism or some crap in the campaign

they throw it at him at the end I said
what word about this and what about that
Bernie’s really good at deflecting this
stuff will come out and say I don’t know

big stink about it and any of you look
into it may I just say you’re Bernie’s
pretty good to get in there Horowitz has
got it nailed interesting so see if I

Hey all right we got a few things going
there say yeah I got a weird gaff the
Judi had a gaff on PBS that was kind of

odd okay can we go straight to it yeah
and that’s on healthcare Bernie Sanders
is out there saying let’s move to single
payer doubling down on that saying

that’s the way we take care of all
Americans but you have Al Gore doubling
down on Obamacare what does this add up
to yeah I mean the the Joe Biden was
said Al Gore hey overshadow but not that

much yeah Joe Joe Biden hmm what was
going on in her head I mean you can make
all kinds of different mistakes but Al

Gore she was probably first thinking of
VP you know cuz Biden was vice president
and then she probably thought of some
dick oh yeah it must have been a you

know I don’t know something weird kind
of odd it’s very odd well at least

someone caught or called her out on it
gee that doesn’t even happen that often
anymore no usually they just keeps going
now there’s the story that was under
Mockridge that worked I’ve said this

before democracy now is not a great news
outlet but but occasionally they do
stories that nobody else touches yeah I
agree with that that doesn’t mean that

they’re good or they’re correct yeah
they do them but they at least I mean
and that you have to give them credit
for in fact that’s one of the reasons
I’m always compelled to listen to the
show a lot of its eye rolling a lot of
it that they do they do the Association

stories where they talk about one thing
and switch to another to make you
associate I don’t like that I have an
example of that today okay
but there’s this one and to be honest
about it

I don’t remember the story at all and
this is the story about Katherine gun
and only democracy now covered it it was
that she was a wish whistleblower for
GCHQ the British blew the whistle on the

first go-around did the British
yeah they stands for government
communications headquarters and it’s a
it’s the NSA NSA of England and she was

a worker there and she blew the whistle
on some bullcrap that was going on some
blackmail which is what we’d say these

agencies are good for that was gonna
happen and she and this is before the
Iraq war came up with the idea well met
weapons of mass destruction they were
going to go in there first and they were

going to use these tricks a trick to get
in there without having to bullcrap the
public with their weapons of mass
destruction and so her story is just
discussed on Democracy Now cuz the other

ones have covered it and so let’s listen
to this is a long clip is two minutes
low over two minutes
Katherine guns story DN as the British
government says it’s identified the
person who leaked cables that forced out

the British ambassador to the United
States for calling President Trump inept
we look at the real-life political
thriller of a British intelligence
specialist who risked everything to blow
the whistle on us dirty strict on us

dirty tricks at the United Nations in
the lead up to the Iraq invasion in 2003
Katherine Gunn was working for Britain’s
government communications headquarters

known as GCHQ the Intelligence Agency
similar to the National Security Agency
here when she opened a top secret NSA
memorandum the highly confidential memo
revealed the United States was

collaborating with Britain and
collecting sensitive information on
United Nations Security Council members
in order to pressure them into
supporting the Iraq invasion guided by
her conscience Katherine Gunn defied her

government and leak the memo to the
press setting off a chain of events that
jeopardized her freedom her
but also open the door to putting the
entire Iraq invasion on trial the claim

Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel
Ellsberg described Katherine guns action
is the most important and courageous
leak I have ever seen Dan Ellsberg said
no one else including myself has ever

done what Katherine Gunn did tale secret
truths a personal risk before in a
minute war in time possibly to avert it
well now Catherine Gunn’s story is being
told in the new film Official Secrets
starring Keira Knightley at the time her

actions received very little attention
from journalists in the United States
unless Democracy Now
in 2004 Democracy Now interviewed
Catherine Gunn I asked her why she

decided to leak the memo when I saw this
email asking excuse helped to bug these
three nations to get a vote for the war

with Iraq I was very angry at first and
very saddened that it had come to this
and that despite all the talk from both
Tony Blair and George Bush about how

important it was to get the UN on on
board and legitimize any kind of
aggression that they were actually going
around it in such low handed manner so I

decided that the risk to my career was
minut compared to the coming war in Iraq
just for context the six nations that

the next clip okay then I’ll be quiet
now the reason that the next clip is
they actually brought her on again she’s
on the show now and they’re asking her

about the six nations in this and they
have the director of the movie there and
a whole bunch of other people it’s
actually a big group and she’s there and
a couple of things I found it
fascinating which was one is that and

we’ve discussed this on the show and
this is discussed and a couple of new
items being developed whereby it turns
out that

the CIA has at least one or maybe two
people in every major news outlet in the
country and they put a stop to this sort
of thing so that’s why the story was

never discussed in the American media it
just was killed he’s bragging about it
democracy now did it because democracy
now if they have a spook in there is a
me yeah because I don’t know anybody so

they have and they figure well we can’t
get a spook in there we’ve had
situations where we know people that

have worked at certain organizations
that have discussed with us people that
are there that don’t make that why are

they there or what are they doing there
what and they keep screwing with us
we’re talking about within the NPR world
and every place is read me vo we
identified one working there we believe
and they’re all over the place and I

always like to spot him and this is our
spot to spook game oh is that where
you’re going this okay so we go you have
all these I just wanted to mention this
because people should know that the it’s

really difficult on the No Agenda show
for anyone to get in to be a spook
because this is just a small operation
list I know I’m not a spook I know I’m

not a spook he knows he’s done so
there’s nobody that’s why our show tells
stories about you know it’s not like
it’s not like within a giant
organization where there’s a spook or

two that will quash store now you know
guys just the people aren’t interested
in that they’re not interested in that
once you talk about do we had a better
story than that so you like you know if
you don’t do that story would you like

us to write a book for you and put your
name on it yeah exactly and you can go
on CNN
brought her on and they asked her about
the about the about the countries and

the she gives she won’t she doesn’t give
the laundry list but directed us and
then they imply it was all it was all
part of a blackmailing operation but
what did you see in your email well it

was a memo from a chap called frank cosa
who worked at the institute and i was
just a request from the NSA to for GCHQ

to assist them in bugging the domestic
and office communications of the six UN
Security Council delegates wait a second
in bugging in spying on in eavesdropping

wiretapping whatever yeah and who were
these six countries yes Angola Cameroon
Bulgaria um Chile Pakistan and Mexico

yeah and and six countries were the
non-permanent members on the UN Security
Council at the time and the idea was

they would figure out which way they
were going to vote so that they could
sway them well normal that idea was to
gather information that they could use
to bribe them or you know I’m threaten
them into voting YES for the resolution

the term is blackmail I don’t know why
she didn’t use it the term is blackmail
and that’s what is going on with all
this snooping and this is another

message that people need to understand
when you say well I don’t care if they
listen in on what I’m doing cuz I’m not
doing anything wrong
that’s not the point no it’s not you
that’s doing anything wrong it’s

somebody else who can be blackmailed and
they would maybe vote against your
interests yes and that’s the problem
with that’s why privacy has to be a big
deal it’s not because oh I’m not doing

anything wrong I don’t care if they’re
listening in now there’s no such thing
as privacy you could have stopped a
horrible war which hundreds of thousands
of people were killed in but now

you didn’t care about your privacy now
of course this ended up being they did
screw up the war’s beginning so it had
to come up with the yellowcake and all

the other crap looming him to aluminum
I’m looking at the at the Wikipedia
entry for this story of Katherine gun
and it says Angola Bulgaria Cameroon

she’ll a Pakistan but not Mexico it says
Guinea this guy said Mexico Mexico
Mexico Mexico is not in Wikipedia its
Guinea he said Mexico it’s not in the

wiki end on the we have to look at who
was on the Security Council at the times
there’s some as this brought urge that
tomorrow lots of people but who was the
swing it doesn’t really matter I’m just
saying let’s go out for a reason again

yeah Wikipedia had very trustworthy over
there at the Wikipedia with grey hair
blue blue this he’s got a nice kind of a
Brooks Brothers jacket a blue shirt or

light blue shirt or even a white shirt a
tie kind of a regimental tie nothing
fancy use the white hair for some
unknown reason and that guy is the guy

who probably put a court cross that
unites arguing against it my theory oh

how could I absolutely right it’s just
it’s just sad how you made a good point
there it’s like it is important what
people can hear what you’re doing or see

what you’re doing it is important it
does make a difference unbelievable well
that’s me that’s pretty good so they’re
bringing her back and what was kind of
the whole point of this revisit this

really ties into the guy who got busted
that you know the British ambassador to
the US who said Trump was an idiot we
talked about this in the last show of

the show before this good character and
I guess you know this is just democracy
not trying to keep the flames bubbling
about so they can keep saying well he
said the Brett and Bowser said Trump was

inept I see I see what you’re saying
okay I make sense I mean there’s a lot
of these I don’t know if you call it
conflating I think there’s another

example in here where they’re talking
about one thing and she has to throw
something else in she does this constant
here’s here’s a me changing the subject
I’m sure she did that expertly

Environmental Protection Agency
announced Thursday it will not ban the
widely used pesticide chlorpyrifos even
though the agency’s own research shows
it can cause brain damage in children

the Obama administration said it would
ban the use of the toxic chemical in
2015 but the rule never took effect and
was suspended in 2017 by then EPA had
Scott Pruett this comes as the Trump

administration is preparing to roll back
government regulations on nuclear power
plants with staffers at the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission recommending
allowing the nuclear industry to carry

out more self inspections while slashing
the size and scope of radiation
protection and emergency preparedness
inspections and nuclear plants well very
a very slick got to do it the other a

very slick transit transition into
something I didn’t really even hear
anywhere so while completely unrelated
I’d like that news at the end it was
interesting yeah taking a bit back by

but I’ve been hearing these these these
kind of stories like this where you talk
about one thing and somehow get it into
another topics we make a transition they
want the other example that is this one

you can’t climate change transitions to
jew-hatred noise so why did the old
party environment mental committee
accuse the government of coasting on

climate change
I just wage or something here does it go
from denial from climate denial to
Holocaust denial oh it’s a different
kind of transit oh okay well the pay

attention everybody so why did the all
party environment mental committee
accused the government of coasting on
climate change the government has a fine
record on climate change including our

emissions but then the Prime Minister
changed tack this morning more than 60
Labour members of the Lord’s put their

names to an advert in The Guardian
newspaper they accused Jeremy Corbyn of
failing to tackle anti-semitism and said
he’d allowed a toxic culture to grow in
the labour party before the right

honourable gentleman stands up and
parades himself as the champion of
climate change or the champion of the
people or the defender of equality and
fairness he needs to apologize for his
failure to deal with racism in the

labour party to resume produced a copy
of the advert and began to read from it
welcome everyone
this is great we that was quick and she

just went from you know what you hate
Jews to you know the people or the
defender of equality and fairness he

needs to apologize for his failure to
deal with racism in the Labor Party
Theresa May produced a copy of the
advert and began to read from it the

Labour Party welcomes everyone
this is your legacy mr. Corben you still
haven’t opened your eyes you still

haven’t told the whole truth
you still haven’t accepted your
responsibility you have failed the test
of leadership apologized now

the Labour leader said his party had
been the first to introduce anti-racist
legislation this party totally opposes
racism in any form whatsoever

anti-semitism has no place in our
society no place in any of our parties
and no pays place in any dialogue

unbelievable truly I mean that’s that’s

I mean they I’ve seen the newspapers
talk about a little bit in the UK and
people but I mean just for Theresa May
to jump out like that that was that was

out of the blue cuz they’re talking
about climate change that was just lame
but it was funny and I’m you see I
thought you see comedy bits about
there’s one thing I remember from you
years ago on an old show called Fridays

we’re actually Larry David was playing a
character and he comes in and there G
comes in as a substitute lawyer and then
he so he comes in as a substitute lawyer
into some case about about whatever the

case was he goes up in the first thing
he does is he accuses the witness of
being a lesbian for no reason for no
reason fantastic that was good that’s in

fact I think that is worthy of a clip of
the day I’m gonna give that
but that was truly bizarrely nutty and

what a way to shame someone just in a
horrific way you Jew hater apologize now
Jew hater what’s the guy gonna do I’m
sorry it’s not that different than what

did calling everyone a racist if a Jew
hater is next level shit man now there
was something going on there was a bunch
of protests being discussed on democracy

now I want to play these two clips real
quick cuz one of them is neither one of
these stories keep cropped up but the
second one is very strange to me because
when you hear the second one you’re

gonna wonder what is going on but this
is the undiscussed protester says NIN’s
but of nuns there’s a nun protests going
on in Washington DC
Capitol Police arrested 70 Catholic nuns

and clergy Thursday as they held a
non-violent sit-in protests inside the
Russell Senate office building against
the Trump administration’s inhumane
treatment of immigrants and asylum
seekers more than a dozen protestors

stood in a circle holding the
photographs of migrant children who’ve
died in US custody reciting their names
the latest protest came as immigrant
communities across the country have

prepared for reported ice raids that
were scheduled to begin last weekend but
have largely not materialized nearer
never getting materialized but that’s

the thing is a conflict of interest the
Catholic Charities and the whole thing
and we come on nuns oh yeah totally
this is a very good point and people
need to understand that the Catholic
Charities receive over a billion dollars

just recently actually it was two
billion for all of them but these the
Catholic Charities and the charities it
would locate it here in Austin I think
it’s because it’s a Christian or
Catholic I don’t remember there one is

Catholic says Catholic but they are
religious organizations who are
receiving this government money to to
take care of the kids take two kids and
then have the nuns protesting yeah that

is pretty sickening thinking that they
may be just protesting for money for
their organization it’s not where was
the mention of that I’m sure that I’m
sure Amy came back and said something

that didn’t you know okay well now yet
but that what came up next was this and
listen to this carefully and tell me
have you heard anything about this and
why does it what what is what’s the deal

this is the last clip that says I know
what it says is will Indian asylum
something you see it yeah I see you got
meanwhile a group of Indian asylum

seekers in El Paso Texas have launched a
hunger strike from inside a nice
immigration Jail demanding they be
released while they appeal their
deportation orders one of the men told
the Texas Monthly if I go back to India

I’ll be tortured and killed
I can die here it’s the second time this
year that Indian men have led hunger
strikes at the El Paso processing center
oh I think we should just open the

borders for all Indians so you know what
this is about
what are they protesting if they go back
to India they’re gonna be tortured and
and they’re gonna die there what well

you know anything about Indians being
tortured in India and coming over here
somehow getting over here and ending up
in El Paso well I’m pretty sure they
have millions of slaves in India people

are in slave labor situations in the
caste system it’s a very divided culture
they have so yeah I’m pretty sure if
you’re in the in the lower tiers that

you just screw you you’re no good
well I’d like to get more information on
this story she didn’t provide anything
she’s just a vague it was just a vague

general story like as I said we all
supposed to know about this I don’t know
anything about this life I was
distressed hmm somehow I get a short
picture of you really being distressed

but I understand I see the show I so I
can offer since we’re in the topic okay
latest racist remarks ooh that may be a
good one we’ll have more unprecedent

Trump’s latest racist remarks remarks
it’s you didn’t clip it very well a
little thing at the end more on
precedent Trump’s latest racist remarks
so now I gotta commit I had a great clip

at the end
mmm it’s a poor consideration we’ve been
talking about the face app that changes
your face that once again went viral and

even though we discussed it clearly in
detail on the last episode as to why
this is a problem your government not
yours maybe mm but here in America we

got Chuck Schumer one of the leading
Democrats the the copied a cootie copy
of all the Democrats certainly in on
Capitol Hill telling us the American

people’s that you should very Fred be
very proud of his up but his reasons hi
everybody and I’m here to give by the
way this is how he talks to young people
hi everybody this is what he thinks is

hip so it’s like hi everybody hi
everybody and I’m here to give a warning
for all Americans
millions of people have been downloading
facia it seems like fun it applies a
little AI to a selfie to make your face

look older younger add a beard whatever
what seems like a new social media fed
however may actually not be benign at
all recently it came to light that the

parent company the app wireless labs is
based in st. Petersburg just as
worrisome it came to light that the app
not only takes your picture but retains

the right to keep your photos or even
your search history it allows quote
perpetual irrevocable and worldwide
license to your photos name or likeness
so this is a breathtaking and possibly

dangerous level of access and it raises
substantial privacy concerns the risk
that your facial data could also fall
into the hands of something like Russian

intelligence or the Russian military
apparatus is disturbing I’m
flabbergasted by this for a number of
reasons one he could have been reading

the terms and services of Instagram
Facebook or any other social network
they all have that irrevocable worldwide
license in Perpetua in perpetuity to use

your name likeness they all have that
they can all do that and then because
the company is headquartered in state
you didn’t even say Russia at the

beginning saint-petersburg oh now we
have to be worried about your face it
data falling into the hands of the
shut up Schumer what a nincompoop the
real issue is that app is tracking your

ass all over the place it’s got us
trackers in it actually I got so pissed
off when I heard this clip I went to
find I did I went I’m like who who are

these data brokers we’ve talked about
this a lot the data brokers the data
brokers do you have any idea who that
data brokers are well other credit card
companies our credit companies that

Viking guys are there’s a lot of them
actually the number one aggregator of
data broker content and data is Oracle
yeah and there you go and you know why

they had a couple they had ad tech all
in 2014 they were buying up little ad
tech companies but then they made a
whopper they acquired axiom ACX io m
you’ve never heard of axiom you’re not

supposed to hear of axiom but they have
and it’s a very old company they’ve been
around since the early 60s and they are
the original Mac Daddy of collecting

your purchase history they have an
entire network of getting offline
information they sell this back to
Google I’m sure Google has its own
competencies and everyone’s building
their own databases and profiles on you

but they use the right term spicey a
yeah in fact yes it is a dossier
nine of the top ten automotive companies

use them 8 out of 10 financial companies
the credit card companies the
pharmaceutical companies these are the
people who have the dossier on you and

they can take all your disparate data
source for a long time very valuable
company they were purchased by Oracle
for almost 3 billion dollars and this is

all being stored in Oracle databases you
use Oracle databases yeah the government
in fact in 2001 Acxiom pitched the
Department of Justice to start scouring

the internet and websites and people’s
profiles I mean the dossier for keywords
now the government rejected them at
least according to this letter but they

the government was also spoke very
highly of their capabilities and was
finding oh there was some conflict of
interest you know the thing you’re
overlooking and you shouldn’t mention it
you know you just know how accurate

these dossiers are about you and you can
attest to that as you usually get pulled
over every time you’d left the country
no you know and once you’re in the

dossier it’s hard to get something out
of the dossier if there’s bad data in
there they used to allow you to look at
what they have in your in their dossier
on you they’ve closed that down although

they do say that beginning 2020 they’re
bringing back a new customer portal they
also bought something called the I think
was live was at livewire I gotta find

this they bought some other company and
you can opt out of that opt-outs yes
here it is that company would live ramp

there you go live ramp and so that’s how
they get a lot of their data from the
web which you apparently can opt-out of
what I thought would be interesting is

to listen to their marketing pitch they
have a you know a marketing video and
it’s it’s gobbledygook marketing poop
but it’s interesting because from my
research over the weekend into these

guys it’s real what they can do they
really have the goods on all of us
across the globe always connected

consumers expect seamless omni-channel
personalized experiences from the brands
they engage
maxxium the data and technology
foundation for the world’s best

marketers is a trusted advisor helping
brands build an open garden reality that
unifies data at the foundation layer
connecting the marketing ecosystem for
the ultimate customer experience and

that means consumers when with more
relevant content and timely offers that
align with their needs axioms robust
suite of offerings combine 50 years of

data-driven marketing experience and
leadership and ethical data use and
privacy enabling brands and their
partners to create powerful experiences
across every consumer touch point in

more than 60 countries across Asia
Pacific Europe and the Americas
maxxium provides clients access to
two-and-a-half billion consumers and
two-thirds of the world’s digital

maxxium helps marketers by delivering a
suite of superior services and
omni-channel data environment solutions
omni-channel solutions leverage the best
data identity management strategy and

analytic services combined with a
unified data layer framework connecting
mark tech and ad tech at the data layer
to deliver quantifiable business impact
by providing the most advanced program

for data ethics and governance axiom
always puts the consumer first axiom
brings a powerhouse of data-driven
marketing expertise to serve the world’s
best brands

axiom powerful capabilities centered
around a trusted unified data foundation
that advances that data-driven
next-generation of marketing these
capabilities unlock more value and new

opportunities that unify first second
and third party data at scale and
protect privacy across the ecosystem
what experience matters brands trust
axiom that’s a two minute video

explaining how they’re spying on you
what I find kind of sad is if they get
something wrong some data is incorrect
somehow or you made a choice that was
different this is the this is what

everyone pulls that pulls our
information from this is where they get
it from and you know throwback to our
call back to our algo and machine
learning example this company could

screw up your life you might not even
know it absolutely
these are the guys and so and the thing
is they’re the thing and the government
itself will be more and more reliant on

these databases yet for one good reason
their FOIA proof ooh yes no freedom of I
want to do a dossier they can let you

these guys do a dusty and they use it
and you can purchase it legally it’s
that simple and it’s just so I don’t
have to invoke his name I think the only
people actually read the User Agreement

lawmakers in Washington journalist that
are writing about it today but I just a
quick quick point to make when you sign
up for this app it asked to enable your
entire photo album and so that’s the big
question why do they need permanent

access before these app yeah everybody
does it so how can sighs so how could
you really are they
I have news for you unless you live like

the Unabomber in a cabin in the woods by
now yeah who’s been talking to steady

Hitler yeah I usually say professor Ted
would be proud but now I mean okay so
they calmed the Unabomber like you’re

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reset the eyeball Carl hamburger it’s
funny because I think if laces I know

from like a clip you know and you say
well it says this and I can clearly see
what it’s then I know your eyeball needs
resetting but I need to get be able to
get your cue to say eyeball reset

because it’s not it’ll be in the book
but the this is not discussed by the
your ophthalmologist this eyeball

situation but I was talking to over my I
have two neighbors that live next door
to me two neurologists and I expand they
had a friend who had a cataract
operation then something he committed

suicide some because he was seeing
things or something like that I said you
know is I said you get this crazy it’s
not like it’s not like LSD level
hallucinations but you get these just

just semi hallucinations worthy and my
explanation is as follows and the two
neurologists agreed with the theory and
it is that when you’re you got a
cataract and you’re living with this

cataract for sometimes years and years
and years to the point where it’s just
kind of a blurry eye and but you still
have the two eyeballs working and so the
one eyeball is doing a lot of

interpolation I’m gonna use that word me
me call me out on it
interpolation which it means this dream
is making images that aren’t there
because your brain read your eyeball
read this to see as much as your brain

makes it see you know but it puts the
love these images together and that’s
how I we see the old tube the old TV
tube was you never there was no image on
it take a photo of one and it was just a

stripe of something and your eyeball put
it together yeah interlaced yeah we was
not only interlaced but it was really
there’s not a lot of info at any one

time what was the word you used again
interpolation what
Interpol yeah interpolate interpret
interpolate mm-hmm now that’s why by the
way and people should note this this is

one of our turning into a segment I like
it dogs dogs could never see the
television when you had an old screens
the old screens the old of tubes the

dark wood dogs and cats couldn’t see
that but they can see it LCD TVs that’s
where there’s dogs watch TV now if they
see another dog they’ll bark at it the
do all these things they never used to

do because there was no full image up
there that just took up just stood on
there like a picture like they are today
so it’s a different phenomenon well your
eyeball used to use to dream and stuff

up so when you get your cataract removed
and put a clear beautiful lens in there
sees everything it’s it’s thinking well
maybe there’s more to it and so it
starts the dream stuff up while your

brain yeah so you see stuff sometimes
that is a that isn’t there or you’re you
interpret something wrong I was watching
a tennis match with Serena Williams and
it for one split second she had three

arms she doesn’t have three arms and I
realized it was just I caught an image

of something in the background I my
eyeball decided it’s kind of you know it
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didn’t last that long but if you you
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you’ve ever spoken what well I’ll play
it back to you after the I mean you were

like I can’t believe it the woman had
three arms and then I did my I’ve just
like wow
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you and it is incredibly highly
appreciated you get the rundown the
thing that’s still kind of happening

boiling is this ship ship seizures
they’ve been going on in the Persian
I’m glad you tracked because you know I
was listening to the BBC and they were

kind of pooh-poohing it a little bit
they didn’t seem like all freaked out
and warm it was none of these these are
too out of control but let’s play the

background here which is ship a seizure
by raft she’s the worst
tensions in the Persian Gulf have

escalated sharply today with reports of
Iran ceasing to oil tankers Britain says
one was British flagged the other was a
Liberian flag ship operated by a British

concern the vessels were stopped in the
Strait of Hormuz and diverted to Iranian
waters Tehran confirmed the first
seizure but denied the second earlier
Iranian officials also denied that the

u.s. warship boxer destroyed an Iranian
wrong yesterday they deny the drone just
thing and they had this guy on PBS
newshour this jarv ad serif’ who’s the

UN ambassador from Iran mm-hmm and they
did had a little discussion with him at
there’s some information there’s a long
clip but there’s information in here I
think that’s valuable I think we should

play it
Minister Zarif thank you very much for
talking with us good to do again let’s
start with the downing yesterday by the
United States of the Iranian drone in
the Strait of Hormuz President Trump

says that this was just the latest in a
series of provocative and hostile acts
by Iran is that how you see it well
first of all to the best of our

information we didn’t lose any drones
yesterday so it doesn’t look like that
they shot one of our drones
maybe they shot one of their drones the
reports that they thought probably

somebody else’s drums but provocative it
even if it were our drone we are in our
own neighborhood the US naval vessel is
about six thousand miles away from its

shores so I would ask you what’s wrong
with you man
don’t you know who we are heart being
provocative the Trump administration
official line is that the u.s. is not

looking for war with Iran do you believe
that no we didn’t come to the Gulf of
Mexico they came to the Persian Gulf now
they have to watch that they should not

undermine our sovereignty our
territorial integrity or our security
and then we won’t have a war you’ve been
saying this week mr. minister that if

us that if that Iran may be prepared to
change the course of your uranium
enrichment no we’re not we’re not we

have an agreement that we negotiated
with the United States it doesn’t matter
which government of the United States
because the outside world considers the
government sitting in Washington

representing there as representing the
United States there is a provision in
the current agreement that is in 2023
we’re supposed to ratify the Additional

Protocol which requires us to put all
our facilities under UN inspections for
life that would be permanent and it

would also require the United States to
lift its sanctions by Congress
permanently that is a provision that we
already negotiated he wants to do better

he can implement that provision right
now and rest assured that Iran will
never produce nuclear weapons if that is
his objective he can do it now 2023 we
are prepared to to bring that forward we

need to go to our Parliament our
Parliament needs to ratify it we could
bring it forward so that President ROM
could make history by making sure that
the relations between the two countries

would change forever Wow let’s do it
yeah I didn’t know that that sounds that
sounds spot-on I mean that’s first of
all the Iran nuclear deal was never

ratified by the by Congress Ryan by
sanity and it is like it was a piece of
paper promise from Obama it wasn’t much
more than that so but but if this guy is

saying hey will in perpetuity you know
have everything open you can check it
won’t build nuclear weapons lift the
sanctions sounds like a great idea I
mean it’s like this is what an olive

branch is move it forward from 23 to 20
but the problem is Saudi Arabia and I
think Trump has put too many marbles
over there including that troops now

going over
standby cuz that’s what this is all
about it’s the Saudis and the Iranians
they hate each other – you know at a
fundamental level
yeah well fundamental fundamental the

religions are disparate well I call that
fundamental yeah fundamental from the
middle yes
damned well maybe maybe he’s holding us
on the I mean he has the president has

said consistently he hey we want to talk
we want to talk to him yeah he’s one of
the few that Dex you will go talk to
people he stepped in North Korea
well this to me isn’t almost a

no-brainer except again what do we do
with Saudi Arabia lets you and I think
this through because the part of Saudi
Arabia doesn’t want to want a Ron to be

a nuclear power they also don’t want
them in the oil market I think they can
both be in the oil market but maybe it’s

just the oil but they’re not the big
players I mean Saudi Arabia still is the
big plug the big dog all right I thought
we were the big dog now well yes as
we’re pumping like crazy but I think in

terms of but your reserves usually count
include the shale and all the rest of
the stuff I don’t think we have there
just the raw oil as much as Saudi Arabia

I had to look into it I don’t know for
sure now that’s a great clip I’m keeping
that on standby because the guy is very
clear you saying it right there hey we
can fix this right now you want to be
here oh let’s be a hero and by the way

I’m pretty sure that Trump gave
operational control of that reading to
the Brits right he said hey you guys
take care that you guard that we’re
not–we’re no longer operationally

controlling anything in that area if I’m
not missing possible I think he gave
that he said okay Brits it by the way we
have no real dog in the hunt other than
protecting the damn Saudis for some

reason no even after we know that all
the 9/11 hijackers pretty much came from
Saudi Arabia so on for some reason we’re
still protecting there’s a reason we

just don’t know exactly what it is now
was a shooting in Tokyo can I just stay
with with that for one second because I
can jerk right into the 9/11 Victims
Compensation Fund with a follow-up to my

to what we talked about on the last show
also this is very much right yeah this
is the Jon Stewart yes the Jon Stewart
the debate yes he consistently is called

it the first responders fund when it
hasn’t it is the Victims Compensation
Fund it’s for much more than first
responders as we’re about to learn this

is very much a third rail like talking
about if you talk about Jeffrey Epstein
and how possibly there’s an agency it
may be Mossad you know we didn’t really
even say it but the you know we’re

anti-semites Jew haters you know you
talk about 9/11 your asshole although
many people yeah I think Carly pretty
plus more on Twitter as she got what I

was trying to say and said hey you know
there’s so many disasters that take
place you know Katrina or the BP
disaster you know where does the
compensation and for those people well

much quicker much shorter notices and so
why why is this fun not only been in
place according to I got some numbers
here follow-up numbers according to the

Los Angeles Times the fund has already
paid out thirty eight billion dollars to
9/11 victims someone else reminded me

that back in the day this was also
quietly called the airline bailout fund
the reason for that is if you took money
from the victim’s compensation fund you

signed away your right to sue the
airlines or participate in any action
suit against and the airlines not
everyone took the the Victim

Compensation Fund money and did sue the
airlines they’ve been billions has been
paid out but the fear was amongst other
things that you needed to have this fund
in place otherwise the airlines would

have been bankrupted and and they might
not have ever gotten out of that hole
which would have been another
issue four I guess our national security
and our transportation security etc hate
all you want on me I’m just trying to

give you some facts with two short
pieces of testimony that are pertinent
to this fund and where the all you’ve
probably heard on the news is that

asshole Rand Paul just want to get mind
about the fog a little more behind it
let’s find out first about the program
okay there are three changes as this is

about to be re-upped and these changes
are extremely important and I think the
reason why some people are questioning
to what end

there have been I think four major
changes for I’m sorry
in the VFC over the last few years from
what Congress saw when it last we
authorized this bill in 2015 and

allocated the seven point three seven
five billion dollars the first is that
the total number of claims that have
been filed has increased significantly
in the first five years of the fund from

2011 to 2016 we had just over nineteen
thousand compensation forms filed in the
last two and a half years we’ve received
twenty eight thousand more and the

reasons for those I think are three the
first is that there is a significant
increase in the number of claims being
filed on behalf of victims who have died

as a result of their 9/11 related
conditions as we get further away from
the attacks but as the seriousness of
the illnesses become more apparent we

see more and more of these claims at the
end of 2015 we had just six hundred
deceased claims we now have well over
two thousand of them the second thing is
that the number of claimants with cancer

conditions continues to increase we have
found over eighty eight hundred
claimants eligible because of a cancer
condition and we have made over seven
thousand five hundred awards due to

in 2015 we have seen only have
action of that number and the third is
that we are seeing a substantial
increase in claims filed by the survivor

community those who lived worked or went
to school in the area in the first five
years of the program survivor claims
were just 14% of the awards that were
made now they account for almost 40% of

the claims that are being filed and we
think that’s due to two things the first
are the increase in cancer rates and the
second is that the VFC suffered from a

significant information gap in the early
years of the program many many people in
the New York area were under the
assumption that the program was only for
first responders and as we have been
able to do more outreach as the World

Trade Center Health Program has been
able to do more outreach partly because
of the reauthorization of the bill in
2015 we have been able to reach more
people who are sick more people who are
dying and those claims are now coming in

so there’s some new information in there
that I was not aware of that cancers are
if you got cancer and I guess you can
then prove it was from 911 but let’s not

sue silverstein or anybody who had
asbestos in the buildings you know let’s
forget about the give it from the
American people I think that’s what the
Los Angeles Times is trying to say is

that even though the initial budget was
seven point six billion they’ve promised
all this money to people and it’s
totaling up to 38 I think it’s higher
than that billion dollars the the the

way that they calculate a lot of these
it’s also it’s I guess it’s fair but is
it really calculate these payments so if
you were a fireman and you died on 9/11

you were making thirty five thousand
maybe forty thousand dollars a year they
will calculate what you mitt would have

made at that same level over your
lifetime adjusted for inflation and
that’s your that’s the payment to your
widow your descendants if you were a
hedge fund manager you already
understand what happens some of those

people some widows and orphans received
a seven eight million dollars
or a life but because that life
apparently was making more money it’s
worth more than another life that went

in on almost slave wages to go and save
people so by itself that I can
understand where there’s anger from Jon
Stewart but it may be a middle Oh
misdirected and they think it’s unfair
of him to focus it only on the first

responders so the second clip short one
here is how many do they expect to enter
the program because it is now open-ended
as it stands that’s why Rand Paul is

saying hold on a second how are we going
to pay for this because it specifically
states in the bill this does not fall
under the pay and go system and the
pay-go system says if you are going to

pay something out you have to show where
the money is going to come from right
away that pretty much means you can have
to scrap something else and that is
excluded from this by law in the

language of the law so how big can I get
how many more people do you think would
be at risk of developing 911 related
illnesses including cancers in the next
25 to 50 years and is it possible to

know the exact number of people who
develop illnesses at this point in time
it’s not possible to know the exact
number but based on the rates that are
increasing there are going to be 10 to

20,000 more cancers I would estimate
into 20,000 more cancers yes most other
diseases plus other diseases and look as
we heard about sarcoidosis which is a

fairly rare disease but is common in
World Trade Center exposed individuals
we’re going to see folks who have lung
diseases that may require lung

transplants there have already been a
number of individuals in the World Trade
Center health programs that have
required lung transplants due to
scarring of the lungs from the glass and
the concrete and everything else that

caused a reaction in their lungs so
there’s an order of magnitude you said
what about 3040 thousand maybe you know
what it’s hard to predict but based on
the rates and the number of folks that
were exposed it that numbers is accurate

there you go you’re paying for it
seem so seem so I find it to be yet I

didn’t know it was so broad well I
didn’t know that anyone who can get you
on Stuart gets cancer 20 years later can
still claim that it’s 911 related I

don’t know
cancer rates are on the rise is all I’ve
heard across the across America across
the world so we’ll pay for it with that
somehow no health care changes could
make a difference in that regard that I

think that may be taken into account so
there’s two clips they have left to have
the final clip well they do have this
mass shooting clip that’s another
example of a Democracy Now Playing a
story nobody else plays or at least an

element of a story nobody else plays but
then again they don’t go into it so I
have no idea what the hell’s going on in
guys no mass shooting in Kyoto Japan 33
people were killed Thursday after a man

burst into an animation studio doused
the three-story building with a
flammable liquid and set it on fire
police arrested a 41 year old man after
the arson attack on the Kyoto Animation

company witnesses reportedly heard the
suspect shout they stole my ideas and
they copied my novel as police arrested
him if convicted the man could face the
death penalty

well that’s the first I’m hearing of
that yeah I didn’t know that he was
claiming copyright yeah nobody else
reported that they just reported that
some maniac oh it’s good gun control Wow

huh yeah but now there’s no details
what’s the details something somebody
must talk to this guy what did he what
specifically did they steal
I don’t know there’s no reporting there

it’s well I guess it’s kind of worth it
would have been knows nice to know I
guess I’m just maybe somebody’ll come up

with something somewhere somehow so you
have any more clips cuz I do have one
finishing clip I think we’re up to show
nicely I’m ready to rap if you are sir
so this is Walter Cronkite in 1969 it’s
kind of an inspiration at least to me

this is an inspirational commentary cuz
we didn’t talk about the moon shot today
because it’s not really something we’ve
talked about it before and it was a
celebration you know everyone made a big
deal so I found this one clip that I
thought was you know it was it addresses

concerns it’s got an element of futility
that I think applies to you in
particular and I just found it very
inspirational because this is a 1969
this is Walter Cronkite talking about

the the late takeoff of the moon shot
the Saturn 5 rocket reporting now from
CBS News Apollo headquarters at Kennedy

Space Center correspondent Walter
Cronkite they resumed the countdown on
schedule two minutes after the hour
which puts them three hours at that time
and 30 minutes 3 hours and 30 minutes

from launch time 9:30 2 a.m.
ever since they first rolled this is a
Saturn 5 out of the Vehicle Assembly
Building right by us here at the press
site three miles from the launch pad put

on that big launcher to take it out to
the pad things have gone exceedingly
well but with the flight of Apollo 11
now there have been only one or two
small glitches oh thank you it was the

adrenaline shot I needed to come back
and do it all over again on Thursday
1969 the first glitch bullcrap statement

by Walter Cronkite thank you very much
nailed it
it’s just a glitch who cares that will
do it for today’s program episode 1157

of the best podcast in the universe
proud to bring that to you and to do it
all over again on Thursday please
remember us and support the program at

Dvorak org slash na so we don’t go the
way of Mad Magazine I’m coming to you
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region number six and all the

governmental maps Here I am saying in
the morning everybody I’m Adam curry
from northern Silicon Valley I’m John C
Dvorak coming up next on no agenda
stream we’ve got Hogg Story number 32

eating birthday in celebration of Dame
Carolyn and thank you to our end of show
mixers Gallup Tom Starkweather and
circumference until Thursday everybody

and such
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