No Agenda Episode 1158: “Taking a Mueller”

robert muller is my dad adam curry this
is no agenda where I’ve been reading the
Mulder report and we’re in it I’m

Chauncey Dvorak mission
I’m sorry rented by hope
proof that were proof that it’s true by

omission yeah well how was your day
yesterday uh yeah exactly
what a gyp it was a gyp that’s a total
gyp actually I have a different word for

cruel well there’s an element of cruel
no no no it’s a big element Robert
Mueller was my dad three years ago and

my dad is now toast I hate to say it
this this I was blown away I couldn’t
believe it

but what do us explain with more detail
he is okay if you needed the fact that
he looks like a corpse
no he when you are testified I’ve looked
I’ve seen a lot of Bob Mahler

testimonies and a lot of them were he
lied a lot but yes but and by the way
didn’t we like outline a whole bunch of
his kind of screwy

you know quote-unquote wrongdoings and
throwing people in jail unnecessarily
and are going after people that
shouldn’t have gone after ORS a lot of
screwball stuff for this guy’s

background just like call me well here
listen to him on the weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq pointed out
secretary Powell presented evidence last

week that Baghdad
has failed to disarm its weapons of mass
destruction willfully attempting to
evade and deceive the international
community our particular concern is that
Saddam Hussein may supply terrorists

with biological chemical or radiological
material now he’s always been pretty
good at reading and he was he was pretty
decent at reading yesterday whenever he

read he could get through it but you
know when you’re when you’re testifying
and you’re covering things up because
that’s what he’s done throughout his
career and you have a whole bunch of

legal things you need to think about
when you’re answering your filters got
to be pretty damn active because you
have tons of filters what can I say what
can I not say and he basically just put

one up there
say nothing prefer them to report easy
one it’s beyond my purview
he actually said I don’t know maybe
twice but this was this was mean whoever

put clearly the Democrats had no idea or
most of them had no idea that he was
incapable of withstanding any type of
cross-examine or any examination yes

someone knew and that’s why they put
them in and I here’s it’s gonna have the
FBI guy next to him why and that was his
stooge doin it that was his a kill
button that’s this little button it was

close range
that was his secure his head off and
that was his security blanket
that’s that’s what that was about he in
case he completely keeled over that guy
would would jump in it was I could not

believe the answers he was given the
example if we’re gonna go off on a
tangent a little bit let’s go to this

one which really makes you wonder this
is and they had to cut this guy off of
course but this is the c-span call in
about Mueller
Cornelius Alexandria Louisiana this is

our Republican line what did you what
did you think of what the special
counsel had to say well I’ve had
personal dealings with the special
counsel I don’t know him personally as

for the but I turned in some paperwork
years ago where I was getting death
threats and stuff like that I was a
federal correctional officer at Oakdale
one Louisiana where they had to write
ads with the Cubans and stuff this guy

is a phony and a fraud he’s tried to
destroy Trump now I left the Democratic
Party because the Democratic Party
betrayed me and I joined the Republican
Party but these guys are never ever

Trumper Robert Muller has put innocent
people behind bars and like I said I
salute you c-span for putting anything
on that’s the truth he’s tried to
destroy President Trump and stuff and

the Democrats are – like I said Muller
put me behind bars and put other people
behind bars illegally I’m trying to
prove my case and try to get a

presidential pardon I hope one day
c-span will put something on about
presidential pardons and stuff how how
long did you say how long did you serve
for this from Cornelius how long your
service well what happened was they said

I threatened to kill the warden where I
worked at at Oakdale one Louisiana but
what it really was I filed an EEOC
complaint where they got the calling the
inmates and staff the n-word and then I

got death threats and stuff the FBI knew
about it and wouldn’t help me but then
they said I threatened to kill the
warden at work to keep me behind bars
this opti and eventually I pled guilty

because they put a piece of rope in my
food I will let you go there and Robert
mama was the former FBI director control
I want to make I want to make my point

upfront they’ll just do it with two
clips I have more I think you have wrap
ups and stuff and we can I know people
expect us to deconstruct at least some
of this what happens what’s deconstruct
well we can deconstruct

we can deconstruct the fact that there
are definitely two dimensions to this
but go on I’ll start with
with a little bit of evidence that
Muller is was not really a part of this
entire investigation he was the

figurehead and louie gohmert I think
expressed that well with this question
mr. Muller who wrote the nine-minute
comments you read at your May 29th press
conference I’m not getting you that okay

so that’s what I thought you didn’t
write it
yeah we didn’t think he wrote it at the
time either and it’s clear he didn’t
write any of this and his staff was
packed with shills most prosecutors want

to make sure there was no appearance of
impropriety but in your case you hired a
bunch of people that did not like the
president now let me ask you when did

you first learn a Peter strux
animus toward Donald Trump in the summer
of 2017
you didn’t know before he was hired I’m
sorry what you didn’t know before he was

hired for your team you know what Peter
struck hated and trunk okay you didn’t
know that before he was made part of

your team is that what you say did not
know that
all right when did you have to learn
when they did find out I acted swiftly
to have him reassigned elsewhere in the
FL there’s some discussion about how

swift that was but when did you learn of
the ongoing affair he was having with
Lisa Paige about the same time that okay
struck did you ever order anybody to
investigate the deletion of all of their

texts off of their government phones
once we found that Peter structure was
an author of did you ever
may I feel order what you not answered

my question did you order an
investigation and the deletion and
reformatting of their government phones
no there was my G investigation ongoing
so he really doesn’t know who was on the

team doesn’t know who was brought in why
and the question is who was on the team
and what were they doing and what was
happening which we’ve looked at before
is the report had there was exculpatory

information that was removed from the
report two questions about that Gregg
Jarrett describes your office as the
team of parts is McLintock by the way

listens and as additional information is
coming to light there’s a growing
concern that political bias caused
important facts to be omitted from your
report in order to cast the president

unfairly in a negative light
for example John Dow the president’s
lawyer leaves a message with Michael
Flynn’s lawyer on November 17th and 2017
November 2017 the edited version in your
report makes it appear that he was

improperly asking for confidential
information and that’s all we’d know
from your report except that the judge
and the Flynn case ordered the entire
transcript released in which Dowd makes
it crystal clear that’s not what he was

suggesting so my question is why did you
edit the transcript to hide the
exculpatory part of the message well I’m
not certain I agree with your
characterization as we did anything to
hide well you admit you omitted it you

quoted the part where he says we need
some kind of heads-up just for the sake
protecting all of our interests if we
can but you will admitted the portion
where he says without giving up any
confidential information so knowing that

Muller is toast and really was not a
part of this report not a part of the
investigation he was probably there when
people were hired but really it was just
coasting along doing as he was asked to

do as he’s done most of his career the
next clip is a clue as to who was really
in charge of this entire investigation
and report we have to rely on your
report for an accurate reflection of the

evidence and we’re starting to find out
that that’s not true for example you
your report famously links Russian
internet troll farms with the Russian
government get it hearing on May 28 in

the Concord Management IRA prosecution
that you initiated the judge excoriated
both you and mr. Barr for producing no
evidence to support this claim why did
you suggest

Russia was responsible for the 12 farms
when in court you’ve been unable to
produce any evidence to support it well
I’m not gonna get into that
that I already have but you have left
the clear impression throughout the

country through your report that it was
the Russian government behind the troll
farms and yet when you’re called upon to
provide actual evidence in court you
fail to do so well I would again dispute

your characterization of what occurred
in that preset in that proceeding in
fact the judge considering considered
holding prosecutors in criminal contempt
she backed off only after your hastily

called press conference the next day in
which you retro actively made the
distinction between the Russian
government and the Russian troll farms
did your press conference of May 29th
have anything to do with the threat to

hold your prosecutors in contempt the
previous day for publicly
misrepresenting the evidence what was
the question the question did your May
29th press conference have anything to

do with the fact that the previous day
the judge threatened to hold your
prosecutors in contempt for
misrepresenting evidence so this is a
pattern that we recognize from someone

on Miller’s team omitting evidence that
could be Excalibur Tory and the one that
and it was Korres never really a big
news story but we we discussed it the
indictment of the twelve so-called

Russian GRU Kremlin links spies at the
Internet research agency troll farm some
of them went to court who were

implicated in this or one company went
to court that was implicated in this and
said well why don’t you show it actually
took them to court show us the evidence
they had zero evidence the judge got
pissed off because these guys had this

big indictment and had and were not
prepared to prove anything at all
there’s one guy on that team who was the
lead of the report and that’s Andrew
Weissman and where do we know Andrew

Weissman from from Enron and Arthur
Andersen he did the exact same thing he
brought a lawsuit against he brought a
sealed indictment against Arthur
Andersen when they were begging and

pleading please don’t do that
Arthur Andersen is the accounting was
the accounting firm for many Wall Street
firms top firms and the minute you take
an agent a company that is responsible

for a truth in numbers and you put doubt
on them with a with an indictment which
I think lasted for up to two weeks
everyone runs away because you can’t

have a public company and your numbers
be drawn into question and Arthur
Andersen subsequently collapsed I think
it was 60,000 people worldwide who were
out of a job the case went to the

Supreme Court struck down unanimously
this is andrew Weissman this is what he
does and he’s been running this from the
beginning he’s also Hillary’s guy he was
the guy who was sitting at Hillary’s

inauguration party that wasn’t and
that’s what’s going on here and they’ve
been exposed they had nothing Muller is
a figurehead and it’s done I don’t know
why no one’s bitching about Andrew

Weissman that they could be all over the
place talking about this no one is
bringing this up well if you listen to
the three networks which I did and their
coverage of the their wrap-up coverage

all of them all of them went long up to
like eight nine minutes they all started
with pretty much the same premise which

is a very opening opening opening with
the Nadler asking the question is did
when Trump said this is that in the
report and Muller said no because it
wasn’t in the report per se and then

they just started falling they showed a
little kind of a rap they don’t show
anything good in fact none of the they
had parts of the Gohmert who I think NBC
had part of the Gohmert clip NBC was

actually the most kind of pro Trump and
CBS with Norah was way off the deep end
hating Trump but she does she hates

Trump yes and her I don’t you know I’m
thinking maybe they shot her up with
Botox or something they get her eyes to
look so dead it’s possible could be
there’s very expressionless and and then

so ABC with David Muir was a little bit
in the middle
it was still a little anti-trump it
wasn’t nobody that nobody was perfectly
poised to do the report property but I

do have the rap here we can listen to it
it’s from ABC Robert Muller walking into
a hearing two years in the making
you swear he was a reluctant witness but
Democrats forced him to appear pressing

him on whether the president obstructed
justice director Muller the president
has repeatedly claimed that your report
found there was no obstruction and that
it completely and totally exonerated him

but that is not what your report said is
it correct that is not what the report
says so the report did not conclude that
he did not commit obstruction of justice
is that correct that is correct and what

about total exoneration did you actually
totally exonerate the president no but
Muller did not reach a conclusion on
obstruction because the Justice
Department’s Office of Legal Counsel

says a sitting president cannot be
indicted but can he be charged after he
leaves office you could charge the
president nine states with obstruction
of justice
after he left office yes again and again
Democrats went back to the report to

highlight the ten incidents of possible
obstruction by the president including
when Trump allegedly ordered his former
White House Counsel Don Magan to fire
Muller when the request was reported in
the New York Times Magan said the

president told him to deny it
the president said quote fake news folks
fake news a typical New York Times fake
story in quote correct pregnant but your
investigation actually found substantial

evidence that McGann was ordered by the
President to fire you correct yes but
did the president obstruct Muller
Republicans pointed out Muller kept his

were you ever fired a special concert
once mr. Medvedev no no where were you
allowed to complete your investigation
unencumbered yes Republicans argued
Muller was out of bounds for offering

examples of potential obstruction
without drawing a conclusion you wrote
180 pages a hundred and eighty pages
about decisions that weren’t reached
about potential crimes that weren’t
charged can I speak for a second Muller

offered a passionate defense of his team
as Republicans accused them of political
bias I’ve been in this business for
almost 25 years in those 25 years I have
not had occasion once to ask somebody

about their political affiliation
yeah good try ABC you know here was the
strategy the Democratic strategy was

they split up at five of the ten
obstruction of justice charges year to
each you know different representatives
were addressing each of them in their
five-minute period and the leadership of

well that’s its general across all of
all government they’re old and they
still somehow think that you can have a

session where you know what you’re gonna
ask which was okay
does this adhere to the three statute
parts of the statute that that make up
corrupt obstruction of justice and so

you really couldn’t indict the president
because of the office of legal what is
the OLC

who said you can indict a sitting
president write write write write write
write write write so they kept trying
this over and over because that’s the
way it used to work you could get a
little sound bite those sound bite from
somebody you can build a story around it

put that in the headline put it on the
news okay it’s good everyone believes
what we’re saying yeah in the days of
dan Rather maybe but this stupid ted
Lieu even tried the classic the oldest

trick in the book like to now turn to
the final element of the crime of
obstruction of justice on that same page
page 97 do you see where there’s the
intent section on that page let’s see

all right would you be willing to read
the first sentence and that was starting
with substantial evidence indicates that
the president if you could read that

first sentence would you believe you
that I’m happy to have you written okay
Muller wasn’t all that lame because
that’s what it’s about let get the guy
to say this get the guy to say this and
then we’ll have a great sound byte on TV
and this is what of course he wanted him

to say I will read in that you wrote
quote substantial
this indicates that the presents effort
to have sessions limit the scope of the
special counsels investigation to future

election appearance was intended to
prevent further investigative scrutiny
of the president’s and his campaigns
conduct unquote that’s in the report
correct that is in the report and I rely

what’s in the report he tried to get him
to say that so that have a great sound
bite for TV he failed in that regard but
Malak sorry I was gonna say Moeller had
refused this was the only gout right no

assaults wall wall I think tried it
earlier and it was a Miller refused to
do it I think that was very savvy well
yeah that much still worked but leo
actually scored a huge win which smaller

then had to retract
so to recap what we’ve heard we have
heard today that the President ordered
former White House Counsel Tom Organa to
fire you the President ordered that

maganda then cover that up and create a
false paper trail and now we’ve heard
the president ordered Corey Lewandowski
to tell jeff sessions to limit your
investigation so that he you stop
investigating the president I believe

weasel person looking at these facts
could conclude that all three elements
of the crime of us function justice have
been met and I like to ask you the
reason again that you did not indict

Donald Trump is because of OLC opinion
stating that you cannot indict a sitting
president correct that is correct
so there’s Mueller actually saying
contrary to what is in what is in the

report that he did not indict the
president because the office of legal
counsel says you can’t indict a sitting
president he says yeah correct and then
the second session the judicial

oversight hearing before everything
started he had a statement I am sure
that the committee agrees the
intelligence for sorry intelligence yes
well here’s how he started it now before

we go to questions I want to add one
correction to my testimony this morning
I want to go back to one thing that was
said this morning by mr. Lew who said
and I quote you didn’t charge

because of the OLC opinion that is not
the correct way to say it as we say in
the report and as I said at the opening
we did not reach a determination as to
whether the president committed a crime

and with that mr. chairman ah great
answer questions so Oh boo boo rookie
mistake you got snookered into saying
that you didn’t realize it and then

someone oh man you’re contradicting your
own report you got he got to retract
that the man was dazed and confused it
was cruel it’s cruel Andrew Weissman not
only did he set up this whole bullcrap

thing he look you get to you get your
swan song in America no matter what you
did this was the saddest end for this
guy because that way he’s toast he’ll be

dead in a few years he’s 74 John 7 if he
looks 94 he acts 94 74 is not I mean
that’s and I’m sad for him but come on

this will say I said it again he looks
like a corpse yeah so then there were
you know there were a couple walks like
one two he walks with this kind of like
do you have to in fact they had to make

sure the audience didn’t get I could a
didn’t want anyone touching him yeah you
notice that both sessions did this is
everyone sit stay seated Stacy do not
move I’ve never heard this before by the

way let the you let the witness leave I
think one of the most damning pieces of
evidence that Muller should not have
been testifying there under any
circumstances is the softball question

from Democrat representative Stanton
Thank You director Muller I’m
disappointed that some have questioned
your motives throughout this process and

I want to take a moment to remind the
American people of who you are and your
exemplary service to our country you are
a marine you served in Vietnam and
earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart

correct correct
which President appointed you to become
the United States Attorney from
Massachusetts which Senator which
President Oh which President
I think that was President Bush

according to my notes it was President
Ronald Reagan had the honor to do so I
think there’s some things you remember

if you still have a long term memory I
agree you would remember that it seems
to me seems to me Ronald Reagan is not
Bush there was a lot of action in

between Reagan and Bush so one of the
big questions was that not his purview
I’ve given you 22 months if this is a
representative stupa given you 22 months

of Investigation tens of million dollars
spent and millions of documents reviewed
did you obtain any evidence at all that
any American voter changed their vote as
a result of Russians election

interference that going speak to that
you can’t speak to that we after 22
months of investigation there’s not any
evidence in that document before us that
that any voter changed their vote
because of their interference and I’m

asking you based on all the documents
that you that was outside our purview
Russian meddling was outside your
purview but the the impact of that
meddling was undertaken by other
agencies yeah yeah okay now this this

was really really bad really bad poor
yeah seriously all the pundits the ones

who took it the hardest seemed to be the
the Democrats MSNBC for example I don’t
have a clip but they were they were just
beside themselves about what his watch

this was I have I do have one clip
here’s Chuck Todd on MSNBC but he
provided such what do you call it
uncomfortable clarity it would he as

they were using him for clarity he
somehow fog it up but he didn’t how he
would do certain things and and so look
on optics this was a disaster what he
directly yeah yes Chuck Todd it’s all

about the optics that was the whole
point and they no I don’t think they
knew the Democrats did not know what
state Robert Mueller is in they hid that

from him
from them and and this is the result
they should have listened when I said no
no don’t he’s not going to testify don’t
let him testify no no yes we want him to

testify that the here in his own mouth
this was the 95 Democrats many of him on
these committees swallow well Nadler the
whole group of him that voted for

impeachment yeah or that it would
actually wasn’t an impeachment vote it
was a vote to talk about impeachment
they voted and if you voted yes that
means we’re not talking about it and
they voted they were on an impeachment

side and all of them were on these
committees most of them and with
obviously not all of them and there were
the ones all in on this and they were
the ones that can’t bring in mmm

Pietschmann impeachment impeachment ted
Lieu for example after the first
go-round was on c-span they just didn’t
want his round here everyone comes
through and they say something he says
we have a felon in the White House we

have a felon in the White House I have
that clip you want to hear it yeah this
play it oh that is what he believes and
establish what we establish today in the
hearing is that we have a felon sitting

in the White House Donald Trump
committed multiple crimes obstruction of
justice now what the American people and
other members of Congress deal with that
want to see in the next few days but
this hearing clearly established that

the President ordered down began to fire
him that the President ordered on began
to then cover that up and create a false
paper trail and then the President
ordered Corey Lewandowski to get Jeff
Sessions to curtail the investigation

and then we went to great lengths to
show how all those acts met every
element of the crime obstruction of
justice that’s what we established today
and then we establish that he also

tampered with two witnesses those are
all felonies and we hope the American
people see this for what it is yeah I do
see it for what it is Thank You
representative Leo we don’t have a felon
in the White House we have a dementia

patient in the witness box
it’s cruel cruel cruel cruel and the
worst is when it came to fusion GPS
boobs who who paid for and created this

who created the the steel dossier Muller
didn’t even know what it was about the
name of that firm was fusion GPS is that

correct and you’re on page 103 103
that’s correct volume 2 when you talk
about the firm that produced the steel
reporting the name of the firm that

produced that was fusion GPS is that
correct I’m not familiar it’s not it’s
not a trick question or any it was

fusion GPS I mean that would that sunk
it for me I have some danger to point
out and go ahead with you click this is

a herd and Trump server question I
thought was worth clipping heard the I
got it on a DS from Texas he’s our

Republican from Texas boy then we don’t
call him boy anymore John on April 13th
2018 McClatchy reported that you had
evidence Michael Cohen made a secret

trip to Prague during the 2016
presidential election I think he told
the one of the committees here in
Congress that was incorrect is that
story true I can’t I can’t go into it

got you on October 31st 2016 slate
published a report suggesting that a
server at Trump Tower was secretly

communicating with Russia’s
alpha bank and I quote akin to what
criminal syndicates do do you know if
that story is true do not do not do you
do not whether it’s true so did you not

investigate these allegations which are
suggestive of potential Trump Russia
because I believe not true doesn’t mean
it would not be investigated it may well
have been investigated

although it my belief at this point is
not true yeah I was just painful painful
now I forgot about this this one an
allegation that Trump had a server up in

Trump Tower that was in direct
communication with the Russians and
doing deals yeah I think we heard that
York Times so we we debunked that it was
was a marketing service holy images not

kinds of but I do it before you wrapped
I want to play this just because a bunch
of people sent this send hey yet plays
you got a place that’s kind of like
discussing our dimension a dimension B

it’s right and I don’t know why this is
going on but all of a sudden they’ve
decided I think this is the get to get
Norah O’Donnell because they know they
can’t that she can you this you are just
counting down the days until they fire

her you’re all over this here’s what
they’re starting to do Lester Holt came
out at the end of his news presentation
with an editorial ooh and this is

old-fashioned this is something you used
to hear with Eric severide this is the
kind of stuff that goes Bend and Walter
Cronkite would do it this goes back and
it makes it more interesting that Walter

Cronkite used to do cuz he’s with CBS
along with Nora and that is doing a
little editorial hit very short piece at
the end and Lester Holt can do him and
he does one here at which talks about

dimension a dimension B in his words
which I thought was interesting septums
a lot of our listeners thought it was
cool and then I know that Mira can do
them cuz I’ve seen him do some things

like that so they both don’t start doing
these as part of the formula because we
all know the formulas copied by every
you know everyone copies each other
Nora is gonna have to do one that would
be just priceless a final thought as we

end our broadcast tonight for two years
this country has marked time around
Robert Muller is 448 page written report
please some and disappointed others if

recent history is a guide today’s
testimony will offer the same maybe even
reinforce the separate universes in
which we often exist but the matters at
hand viewed from any angle remain too

important too
our backs on in other words if you don’t
believe Trump’s guilty you’re in the

wrong universe no just too well maybe I
don’t know what he’s saying it’s just
saying hey this is pretty important you
even though everybody thinks they won
well well I disagree I don’t think any

any any Democrat that I saw speaking
certainly not MSNBC CNN I didn’t see
anyone today and they won or they did
well or they got anything that would

they were sad losing so they were sure
no we had the seven hours of testimony
three years of Investigation 450 pages
of a report and this is what we got the

president committed the crime of
obstruction you could not publicly state
that in your report or here today can
you repeat the question sir you have to
repeat that for me can you repeat the
last part of that question yeah which

button can you read the last question
certainly got it accurate I’m sorry
could you research your individual is in

fact obligated to provide what’s being
demanded by the regulation or statute
meaning you don’t have any wiggle room
right I have to look more closely at the
statute I just read it to you

and what was question to highlight
correct and where are you reading from
on that I’m reading from my question oh
yeah then could you repeat it okay is

that correct on the screen and you can
you repeat the question and now that I
have the language on the screen is it

what was the question pardon can you
read the last question the last question
was certainly got it accurate I
apologize swing can you start it again
okay sure

I’m sorry could you repeat that one
attorney number two in the inspector
general support and struck both worked
on your team didn’t a pardon me yes they
both worked on your team didn’t they I

I heard struck who else were you talking
about attorney number two identified in
the inspector general’s report okay and
the question was volume 2 page 87 and 88
of your report true I’m sorry could you
again repeat the question

admittedly he was doing some of this I
think to just run out the clock and just
have less questions asked you know what
page is that on tell me where we’re
gonna go this is but this is this was a

cruel I have one final clip just to wrap
this up there are lots of little gotchas
in there the great examples of omissions
from the report things that are
completely we’re not reported on in the

report not scrutinized but the one thing
that I think you and I agreed upon was
this whole idea of saying like we could
not was it we could not not exonerate
the president because not not so couple

not so representative Turner did
something very mean but it was effective
I felt and he said look did you clip
this down as far as possible so for

context he begins by saying did you
write this for the Attorney General yeah
this is just a I’m sure he said can you
repeat the question and they said yes
this is a only internal document this is

usually so he didn’t write this for the
public at large no no no this is only
this only goes to the Attorney General
and that was a report and that’s all
that it was and then the question comes

up well why did you use this term
exonerate which is not a legal term mr.
Muller does the Attorney General have
the power or authority to exonerate now
when I’m putting up here is the United

States code this is where the Attorney
General gets his power and the
Constitution and the annotated vertices
of these which we’ve searched we even
went to your law school because I went
to Case Western but I thought maybe your
law school teaches it differently and we

got the criminal law textbook from your
law school mr. Muller no we’re in these
because we had them scanned is there a
process or description on exonerate
there’s no office of exoneration to turn

general’s office there’s no certificate
at the bottom of his desk mr. Moore
would you agree with me that the
Attorney General does not have
the power to exonerate I’m gonna pass on
that oh why because it’s been broiled us

in the legal discussion and I’m not
prepared to do a legal discussion in
that arena
well mr. mr. Miller you would you would
not disagree with me when I say that

there is no place that the Attorney
General has the power to exonerate and
he’s not been given that authority you
wouldn’t I take your question great well
the one thing that I guess is that the
Attorney General probably knows that he

can’t exonerate either and and that’s
the part that kind of confuses me
because if the attorney Joe doesn’t have
the power to exonerate then you don’t
have the power to exonerate and I
believe he knows he doesn’t have the

power to exonerate and so this is the
part that I don’t understand if your
report is to the Attorney General and
the Attorney General doesn’t have the
power to exonerate and he does not and

he knows that you do not have that power
you don’t have to tell him that you’re
not exonerating the president he knows
this already so then that kind of
changed the context no we included in
the report for exactly that reason he

may not know it and he should know it so
you believe that the Train bill Barr
believes that somewhere in the hallways
of the Department of Justice there’s an
office of exoneration no that’s not what
I said well I believe he knows and I

don’t believe you put that in there for
for mr. Barr I think you put that in
there for exactly what I’m gonna discuss
next and that is to the Washington Post
yesterday when speaking of your report
the article said Trump could not be

exonerated of trying to obstruct the
investigation itself Trump could not be
exonerated now that statement is correct
mr. Muller isn’t it in that no one can
be exonerated the reporter wrote this

that this reporter can’t be exonerated
mr. Muller you can’t be exonerated
in fact in our criminal justice system
there is no power or authority to
exonerate now this is my concern mr.

Muller this is the headline on all of
the news channels while you were
testifying today Muller Trump was not
now mr. Muller what you know is that
this can’t say Muller exonerated Trump

because you don’t have the power or
authority to exonerate Trump you have no
more power to declare him exonerated
than you have the power to declare him
and Cooper and of course he didn’t write

that he didn’t write any of this I think
I think I’m gonna stick stabs I’m with
you on this I I think we’re both wrong
in one way though we may be

misunderstanding the whole process we
may actually be clueless because there
may be a third dimension no I believe I
captured it this is the other c-span
call in and I’d this guy nails it

the vast conspiracy yeah in Phoenix
here’s James on our independent line
good morning go ahead James – thank you
I’m James now in 2016 during the
election I was watching everything that

Eastern results and the Western results
and Hillary was leading all the way up
until 11 12 o’clock a Sinclair Airy
Fletcher would know this news thing they

brought it and broadcast results late to
me that the night of the election there
now I’m back

I cannot say any more but check into the
news people that they’ve done it before
several times cut in two things I trust
c-span you guys know unfortunately I’ve

got Robert lower back oh and please
trust this trust this I should I called
the all others because I’m neither one

but I support you so much here’s the
danger I’m gonna it’s danger and an

opportunity since this is a big nothing
it’s it’s fell flat and I haven’t been
monitoring everything this morning so
I’m not quite sure how they’re trying to
get out of it but

if someone were to go so far to say we
didn’t realize that robert muller is
actually suffering from some form of
disease it could be dementia could be

something else
we feel that based upon his testimony
based upon his appearance and his entire
demeanor there is an absolute need now

to appoint a new special prosecutor to
do the investigation over again it’s a
big Hail Mary but that is not going to

happen I can assure you first of all
they’d have to get rid of Pelosi because
she would put a stop to cuz anything you
know she’s worse off than he is in some
ways but now I think they’re gonna

Pelosi is still the leader and she did
make some commentary after I don’t have
it but she made some commentary after
the event because they brought up the
impeachment thing again which is they’re

trying to get more numbers into that
impeachment group of 95 91 to 95
Democrats are just all in and she says
well we know what we’re gonna have to do
this doesn’t end things we just have to

do there’s a lot of investigation that
needs to be done into his holdings and
rush so they’re gonna bring in finance
committees to some of these other groups
and they’re gonna host they’re gonna

just keep this up to really keep the pot
boiling that’s what she said they’re
gonna keep the pot boiling until the
election because it’s gonna I think I
think I spotted a couple of new a new

tricks they’re trying to do you know you
can’t get rid of Trump because we don’t
have enough Democrats and so we gotta
vote more Democrats in because they only
have 95 that they got obviously the this
is ludicrous because there’s no way in

hell that 75 senators of either party
are gonna vote for it so it’s just a
technique to just keep messin with Trump
and there’s gonna keep it up but they’re

not gonna do what you said that’s that’s
out of the question I said it’s it’s a
it’s an opportunity to say Hail Mary but
I don’t even think they would attempt it
because that would that would be the eye

roller of the decade nothing surprises
me nothing surprises me
these guys are crazy well I don’t know

where it goes from here but it sure
ain’t references to Muller in the mullet
man remember how how hopeful everybody
was I hope people realize that the

Muller report by his omission does say
that the No Agenda shows the best
podcast in the university yes I refers
to get lost in this in this discussion I
know nobody brought it up at the meeting

well it’s it’s not his purview true it’s
true so so that’s that yeah you’re right
it was a it was a fail it was cruel not

fail it was cruel cruel towards this man
and I am doing everything I can do to
find as much as I can about Andrew

this is the guy Weiss was the great
Weissman is the guy it’s obvious that
Knoller was just he was I don’t even

know he was the editor of that document
he wasn’t nothing he was a figurehead he
floated along did as he was asked

remember when he read his press
statement we were you know like who the
hell wrote this he was just reading took
no questions shuffled off stage he could
still read and whenever he read a

statement it was good but the minute he
had to think for himself it just fell
down so people were not informed about
his capacity to be able to do this but

that’s why they had the backup guy
that’s why they had the FBI guy sitting
right there just in case oh if he keels
over I’ll jump in don’t worry I’ll
figure it out I’ll tell them what’s

going on one of the best little
soliloquies was a newness in the
Intelligence Committee after Adam Schiff
spoke newness pokies that head of the

Republicans in that group and he had a
very nice speech and one of the thing he
was very and people should go back just
listen to a newness house
it’s very very well done I was I was
impressed with it

well he he knows a lot and I mean he’s
on top of it but he condemned that guy
for being there the oh yeah the FBI guy
yes and you hear there was one point
where Mahler said well I refer to you

know my back up here FBI and like forget
who was asking the question but he said
no if you don’t mind I’m asking you the
question you answer it that’s just cruel
cruel cruel very sad to see it’s like

and I you know this is it’s almost as
bad as you know there’s a Netflix
documentary about Jane Fonda I think you
turn me on that Jane Fonda in five parts

I think is what it’s called yeah and she
goes to visit Ted Turner her ex-husband
the Ted Turner you know 18 feet tall
booming guy you know huge media magnate

and he has dementia and she visits him
in the desert and he’s just shuffling
along he’s a he’s a shadow of him form
of his former self that’s what I saw I
saw my dad Robert Mahler’s my dad I am

emotional about it was cruel to see it
huh anyway we got some late-breaking
news this morning

federal sources tell us the initial
report is that Jeffrey Epstein was found
on the floor in his cell in a fetal
position semi-conscious with marks to
his neck
investigators are trying to determine
what happened to Epstein inside the

Metropolitan Correctional Center in one
of the secure areas of the jail two
sources say Epstein may have tried to
hang himself a third source cautioned
Epstein’s injuries were not serious and

questioned if Epstein might be seeking
some kind of transfer this as a fourth
source says an assault has not been
ruled out that another man in the same
area was questioned Epstein was ordered

held without bail since his arrest on
the sex trafficking charges
he had asked to be housed in his Upper
East Side mansion with an ankle bracelet
and private guards but the judge said he
was a risk of flight and a danger given

the allegations he sexually abused
underage girls he has pleaded not guilty
Epstein had been housed with a former
cused killer an attorney for that inmate
says his client did not attack Epstein

that the two get along and that Epstein
was seen today and appears to be fine
Epstein’s lawyer did not return a call
for comment as the investigation very
much underway at the mcc now I saw a lot

of tweet saying Clinton body count like
no no this this is a sad little man who
wants to get out he wants he wants to

stay at his house he doesn’t want to
stay in jail they’re protecting this guy
this guy is not gonna die in jail I
don’t even believe that he has roommates
in jail cellmates

I don’t believe it for a second he peed
yeah tried to strangle himself or
whatever to make it look bad and then
lays down on the floor so dangerous I
have to go up now now now now now the

real Clinton body count apparently was
upped won in Austin ooh busted and this
is a story that has been doing the

rounds for the past couple of days I
have no I mean it comes from true pundit
so that should tell you enough but it’s
been repeated by many people true pundit
but apparently Salvatore’s since Anneli

former wall street bleaker who joined
the FBI in 2010 killed himself on the
dance floor at an austin nightclub on so
last saturday with a whole bunch of FBI

partying with him immediately they they
they all started telling everyone to
delete photos and videos off of their
phones and there was no reporting on

this in any of Austin’s local media so I
don’t know if it’s true but he’s a
murder in town and then nobody reported
in the Austin states very sketchy but
this is one of the guys who was

investigating the Clinton Foundation
he’s a fight user he managed the FBI’s
financial crimes program for the
Northeast region no so you know why is
it why is there no reporting on it I

don’t know it could it be completely
bogus possibly I have not seen anyone
about it publicly there’s lots of little
bits and bobs in the article so-called
quotes from people but that that’s

always sketchy when that means it killed
he’s committed suicide on the dance

yeah well that you want to make these to
be as ludicrous as possible yeah so you
can say so you can say look see what
happened to him exactly look at the
circumstances exactly who got caught for

that nobody it can happen to you too
I went wake wake surfing with the former
New York banker on Monday no you’re
right what a life is when you have a

friend who has a boat to go wake surfing
behind having a boat in doing all that
seems like a horrible horrible deal but
we are just a real waste of money but we
were talking about two things one you

know he’s a big fan of modern monetary
theory and he says he says do you want
proof that modern monetary theory or
monetary theory modern monetary theory

yeah modern monetary or new yeah yeah
the modern is he says just look at the
Trump tax cuts since nothing happened we
didn’t fall apart everything just went

on as scheduled but another 320 billion
he says makes no difference the economy
will or the the paper economy will
continue to look fantastic

everything’s gonna keep Rocking yeah oh
I’m gonna see him tonight it’s his
birthday and I’m gonna ask him if he
thinks that we could print a trillion a
year for health care for all and I think

I know his answer it’s like it does not
matter since there’s no proof anymore in
modern monetary theory that that just
printing money will screw us now it’s

not the same for every country in fact
probably none other than the United
States because of the infrastructure of
our money and then he went on to say and
this I thought was it was a big one

I’ve was blown away he said you know
Deutsche Bank finally hit the skids and
said yeah I know that uh he used to work
there he says the big one’s gonna be

next said really said oh yeah there’s
gonna be a big big Bank gonna fail do
you want to guess which one it is
because you you will not believe it when

you hear it ok well then it’s not Wells
Fargo or Bank of America no it’s not
retail bank Goldman
he says Goldman is in trouble oh no God

this grid is in trouble
well Goldman should have been in trouble
the first go-round in 2007 when Lehman
and bear bear stearns right went out of

business and Goldman was the third was
the third pier and that try did there’s
companies three major companies and

Lehman Brothers Bear Stearns and Goldman
Sachs were the big three of the big ones
Morgan Stanley’s another one of those
others but when those two went out of
business and nobody believed that was

gonna happen especially Bear Stearns
when you had Jim Cramer yelling and
screaming on his show about all Bear
Stearns is fine well uh Presley
embarrassment people could still dredge

up apparently they’re not so fine
well a lot of people at the time to
harkening back to 2007 2008 crash a lot

of people at the time felt that goldman
should have been one of the one of the
one to go down right well he says these
things to me with the reason we talked

about on the show yeah and if anyone
knows how to make money off of that
information what long put for Goldman
it’s not that hard to find

oh speaking of such did you and Andrew
talk about snap on Tuesday on the show
no ha so you know we had a couple weeks
ago we were just playing some clips

talking about
yes talking about advertising and how
and what power the advertisers have and
played this clip from the CEO of WPP the
largest advertising conglomerate there

is and the CEO was going on and on and
on about snap we think snap is the name
is oh it’s gonna be the thing and with
yeah the turnaround it’s great and they
got new technology and there’s great
partnerships and well I hope someone was

listening yeah and I hope they donate to
the show
cuz that thing went up five bucks did
they the earnings with specifically
revenues crushed it we knew it we heard
it straight from the guy yeah yeah I

hope yeah well I looked and I did yours
obscure clips that we dig up yeah
and that was an obscure or clip let me
tell you what you call it information

that’s valuable to people’s lives in
many a way not financially being only
one of them yeah yes I posted
psychological is the main thing we do
yeah it’s just an ancillary benefit but

I was actually thinking someone would
would write in with a donation saying
yeah I heard you guys know none of that
in fact I think that’s typical to keep
it money exactly typical all right what

else we got
you got a I got a pet peeve I’m just
gonna play the end of this clip tell me

if you can figure out the pet peeve it’s
not a pet peeve is called chance the
Gator and it’s about an alligator that
they gave us they put they put this

Gator into a special facility because he
was biting or something I don’t know
what is just the end of the report and I
want to see if you can spot the pet
peeve cuz this is I want to this is a

professional a professional announcer
plate now chance the snapper will call
the st. Augustine Alligator Farm and
Zoological Park home the five foot long

reptile will be quarantined in a pool
until its health is assessed
hold on yeah I want to get your pee
right hold on now chance the snap but

we’ll call the st. Augustine Alligator
Farm in Zoological Park home no yes I
got it
it’s not zoological it’s so illogical
exactly Johnse Dvorak’s today you always

got to listen twice with your little
peeves a little peeves a little peeves
exactly all right I got a couple of

things you know this thing didn’t come
through I see a zero zero on there

I did get some interesting stuff if you
have time for this I wanted just good
this is part of a six clip rundown I
only have a couple of them I didn’t put
the whole thing together sure but I want
you to play this this is measles one

okay Sierra Walker’s death wasn’t a
homicide she was just dug out of a
shallow grave she didn’t fall in there
playing hopscotch well whoever put her
in there didn’t kill her encephalitis

did swelling of the brain brought on by
measles are you sure it’s measles no
signs of abuse or neglect no bruises or
abrasions either her teeth weren’t in
great shape but mostly from a diet high

in sugars that’s it
but measles how does that happen this
day and age she wasn’t vaccinated okay
this is clearly a leer Hollywood
Foundation co-authored script what fine

series there was this taken from this
was a SVU as law and order played
measles clip for what neighbors call you
why would they do that because they’re
upset at the choices I’ve made for my

family like not vaccinating your son
won’t put my son at risk because Big
Pharma and their lackeys in the media
try and jam vaccinations down our
throats even if that puts him at risk
what risk

he had measles two weeks ago and the
immune system he was born with kicked in
and now he’s fine
Sierra Walker isn’t fine
she’s dead after being infected by your
son oh man
lock him up punch line measles is one of

the most communicable diseases on the
planet it stays in the room for up to an
hour after the infected person has left

its transmittable from up to 200 yards
I thought measles had been eradicated it
was but right now
England has a measles epidemic because
people are refusing to immunize

themselves and their children and the
last serious outbreak here in the early
90s led to a hundred and twenty three
deaths in unvaccinated children why
would people choose not to vaccinate

their children against something so
dangerous the most common reasons are
for religious beliefs or suspicions
about the science behind immunization is
the science behind immunization faulty

absolutely not what is totally
preventable with the MMR vaccine not
being immunized is irresponsible despite
any side effects from the vaccine there

is a minimal risk but it’s more
dangerous to drive a car than to take
the MMR vaccine
these were two the day clips from 10
years ago 2009 and the acting is the

same as today the acting is just as
crappy but actually I think it may have
been worse

but this is obviously a foundation
script and this was the cycle it’s a 10
years measles cycle they they ramped up
all this bull crap and they throw it at
the public as hard as they can I could

have got pulled down 12 or more clips
because there’s a whole slew of these
clips that we ran from and these were on
the show by the way off in July and
August of 2009 which is ten years ago
and that was the that was then and now

it’s now wow wow that was a good one and
you know they they could easily do
another script for the HPV vaccine which
now apparently Gardasil that’s Merck I

guess is recommending that really
everyone get the HPV vaccine for cured
immunity we need to create herd immunity

to HPV everybody not just girls girls
boys babies old people Robert Mueller

everybody should have the HPV vaccine
what do you got to lose people it’s
unbelievable that was a good one John
and with that I’d like to thank you for

your courage and say in the morning to
you the man who put the C and chance the
Gator John C Dvorak in the money to you
mr. Adam curry in the morning I’ll ship

sassy boots on the ground feet in the
air sobs in the water and all the Dames
tonight’s out there in the morning
trolls they’re all hanging out at no
agendas that’s where the troll
room resides and it’s not just a troll
room where you can log in and troll but

you control shows shows that are live
that are being streamed live you can
chat about ones that are playing
currently I don’t know we have to get a
tally how many shows we have running on
no agenda stream comm but it’s 24 hours

seven days a week and good to see your
trolls thank you very much for being
there in the morning as well to Mike
and Mike brought us the artwork for

episode 1157 the title of that was
carbon captions and this was one of his
you can pick his art out of a out of a
lineup because it’s it’s a distinct it’s

always very professional it’s good
cartoonish drawings and he was drawing
or a pissed-off no agenda artist whose
art was whose Mona Lisa was passed over
by a 33 logo and he’s just tripping out

and it was very meta I think you really
had to listen to the show but it was
also pretty to look at so I think it
also achieves the goal of getting people

to click on it saying oh there’s
something there something new which is
why we have it which is why we consider
it to be a valuable valuable
contributions cracks me I’m thinking
about it this is the way artists think

and he knows it too which is you know
I’ve just contributed my my Mona Lisa to
the art generator and they pick up 33
sign from God knows where it’s and I

know you saw it because you’re always on
no agenda social calm net Ned took it in
stride you know he hates you but he took
it in stride because it’s your fault

obviously thanks for defending me Adam
John’s horrible no agenda our generator
calm we really appreciate all of the
work that goes into this we use it for

many things not just for show album
artwork but for pre streams we use it
for for newsletters no agenda shop has
the whole business doing and actually

making artist business with with some of
their work so you know it’s it’s it’s a
great little a contribution to the
network no agenda our generator calm
thank you very much and so no we did not

get anyone who made out like a bandit on
snap today looking at the donations
looks low low low well let’s thank a few
people for their executive associate

executive producers at least we had them
yeah Sir Anthony
Tresh grinch Baron of the Philippine
IIIC Trust trust niche G just trust me

trust niche trust niche trust me anyway
he’s in the Missouri actually three one
five two two popular poplar bluff poplar

Sir Anthony trust in its Baron of the
Philippines here saying thank you for
the jobs Carm it worked and here i am
again requesting baby-making karma make

it the goat kind a no agenda meet up in
st. Louis by the way no agenda meet up
it is a list at the end of the next
donation segment will mention at a 69
jingle and a Putin connection at the end

and I am up skis
maybe someone could maybe yeah someone
can send me the Putin connection I know

exactly what it is it’s Rainbow
Connection I think sir Chris Wilson did
it I can’t find it or its mislabeled is
it its I’ll find it the Russian
connection but I do have does get much

better than that thank you very much to

our Baron of the Philippines doesn’t get
much better than that really sir job do
you hope he won obi-wan d of Wicca POG
I’m guessing yes in wodsworth Ohio which

is not Wicca pod wiki pod we tweaked a
pod $271 11 cents will be the associate
executive producer for shows 11:58 sir
Joby one of Wicca POG here and I’ve

changed the spelling of my name from
Joby Juan so it’s easier to pronounce at
first glance just like the guy from Star
Wars and Adam can you lie up a couple of

but slam some pew pew say Rosie own yet
yet yen mash-up and pregnancy goat karma
from workouts

hold on a second we have two executive
producers and two of them asked for the
exact same goat Karma for baby-making
I’m an old millennial 36 and watch with
closed captions on because I grew up

with a deaf sister and I learned to
ignore it however it became useful when
shows like Modern Family in the office
started having people whispering key
plot points or jokes that you’d

completely miss without it yeah
interesting you know but I’ve received
more email about the the closed captions
than anything else this hate but I want

to say something we stumble when did
this start
you found this a youth discovered this
way at the house there you just kept
seeing this yeah the Millennial uh
stepdaughter yeah well it seems that way

I think this is a big deal thank you
thank you well it is it is there are
some articles maybe one or two I think

wired has done a little piece and but
everyone has different reasons and a lot
of it is oh here’s one that hadn’t heard
that’s because we all grow up watching
anime all right

my millennial my millennial doesn’t
watch anime is from something else
whatever it is there’s different reasons
I still think there’s an auditory
processing issue and I thought you might

be right about that
oh really you’re coming back to my side
you were saying it had a little bit yeah
okay I I was thinking it’s just death
from going to too many rock concerts

because people don’t understand ear
protection anymore no one goes to rock
concerts anymore chunks yeah they do
they go to little bars dates worse yeah
they go to small bar scenes not a rock
concert they go to small bars that have

loud bands all right so we’re saying
maybe that’s not it which is what I was
saying I think they can’t process it
anymore it’s possible all right let’s
make finish the note here yeah all right

so he says however became useful when
the shows like Modern Family and office
started having people whispering key
plot points I’ve
never had this problem hearing these
people whispering heat plot well again

there’s a lot of issues with audio
setups with people using Bluetooth sound
bars there’s tons of problems that could
be introducing these issues and I think
at some point it’s just lazy we’re just

all right I got other things to do I’m
looking at things I want to catch up
it’s multitasking whatever it is I’m
actually reading this book about how the
Internet is changing our brains there’s

a lot going on we still have tail bones
so you know I don’t think we know
exactly what’s happening now I digress
onward yes onward john-john

as right are you as you usually are I’m
sorry that you had to read that again
yes John is right as you usually are
there you gots better intonation you’re

pretty brave sticking with this Hillary
2012 yeah hey I’m still sticking to it
and I will say I’m gonna bring in
another variable somebody pointed out to

me that when Bill ran in 1992 he stayed
out of the race there was everybody’s
gonna dis guys gonna run that guy’s
gonna run until October uh right before
the election you mean no before October

the year before a year before okay all
right well that’s we’re in a very early
cycle here so there’s no reason for so
October it beckons mm-hmm and she can
still jump in so until after if it’s

November then I’ll pull her all right
now she’s ten she’s out okay okay good
he continues with she couldn’t beat a
loudmouth egomaniacal non-political real

estate mogul even with the sheepish
group think of our population centers
and Google’s L goes on her side she had
everything going for her and still

couldn’t win even though nobody wants
her I I want this for you so you can
avoid the embarrassment of another Jeb
Bush incident please clap also please

what a word that makes the most sense in
your cataract analogy from the last show
is extrapolate your interpolate when
something is inside the realm of known

data so if your I was interpolating
something that was blurry it would fill
in the blanks with normal data ie
two-armed tennis player if your I added
a third arm to Serena Williams that

would be an example of extrapolation
your eye filling an image that is
outside of the boundaries of normal data
I will look into these definitions yes I
think you guys keep I think you just got

a micro dose a little less that’s that’s
my thought
you guys keep kicking ass and keeping us
producer saying maybe a Northeast Ohio

Ohio gets a bad reputation but it’s
extremely cheap living and for the most
part we still have a very balanced
constituency people can still disagree

with each other without rioting in the
street or just wait for it yeah yeah you
get it it happens later and now Nick V
from Medina is a douche bag I love

everything that shows about I’m very
happy about the meetups I’ve taken off
like they they have I can’t wait for my
first one your faithful slave surge

obi-wan a week upon whoa you got butt

you’ve got karma and we finally have our
last associate executive producer we got
one and two anonymous two hundred bucks

anonymous please hello in a been a
douche bag for a while my brother Andrew
hit me in the mouth in the media news
dissection you perform is fantastic I’ve
sent e-mails back and forth with Adam

recently regarding the state of police
work in America and it’s almost as
though there’s a concerted effort by the
powers that be to have an anti law
enforcement position bordering on a
lawless society that’s the local DA’s

that have been placed in Mysore the
Soros Soros or sisters yep what am i and
this is going on everywhere one of my

usual encounters at work is
african-american people screaming at me
while doing my job and saying we are
killing them when I tell them there’s

been approximately 2,500 shooting 600
murders in this city and the police only
account for approximately 25 and six to
ten murders every year I get puzzled
looks it’s almost as though there’s been

someone propagating the lie to them and
almost creating a more hostile
interaction because now people are
thinking this way could be legitimately

people thinking this way could
legitimately be afraid for their lives
when encountering the police and making
things more dangerous for both officer
and citizen when tensions rise thanks
for everything you guys do I’m slow draw

McGraw you know this has been going on
what we’re seeing now and you probably
saw the videos from New York City where
people are just throwing water at the
cops dumping what have you seen this

know in New York City in Brooklyn and
Harlem but they throwing water on cops
for because so the cops are there
they’re you know doing a traffic stop

one cops doing traffic stop and the
residents just come out and just have
the water and start throwing it on them
why is because it’s fun and the cops
can’t do anything and the cops just

stand there get doused and then they
slowly walk away to their car and they
drive off it’s happening everywhere in
New York but it’s wrong with those
people well it they don’t want cops

around their neighborhood is that the
idea well that would be fun to watch
well remember that mayor de Blasio it
continuously tells people how dangerous
the cops really are because he has a

black son remember and so he keeps
saying oh no the cops are dangerous and
it’s but this is this goes this has been
brewing for a long time with any type of
First Responder bad Chad Aaron in

Boulder Colorado he’s an EMT he’s
helping someone you know who’s been shot
or has some other medical emergency and
the crowd around it will start to taunt

him and throw stuff at him just because
you have a uniform it’s like now you
you’re just horrible and and you’ve got
to see some of these videos it’s it’s
mind-boggling the restraint that these

law enforcement officers are showing is
astronomical and this is a societal
problem that needs to be addressed it’ll
be addressed one way the other I’ll tell

you but it ain’t gonna be pretty
now this is subversive again you know
it’s the it’s the Soros sisters and the
other things going on with the district

attorneys in the various cities I think
for that so hey this guy just broke my
window of my car stole something from
the car yeah so what that’s what goes on

in San Francisco right now the cops have
to ignore it but you know the black
lives matter movement not so much the
black lives matter movement but the
media attention around it and the

blatant statistical lies that were told
has given the impression that cops kill
black people and that they’re doing it
for fun

and then and then their racist and they
just want to go out there and kill black
people that’s that’s what people have
been told over and over and over again
and now you see and the videos that I’ve
seen predominantly black residents doing

this throwing buckets at the cops the
empty bucket at his head and the cop Mia
the cop just okay well just alright and
he just walks away get to gets in his

car and drives off and this is a visit I
mean iris goes back to the 90s when I
was in New Jersey and I work out with
officer Bob and Kenny the fireman and he
would say he said you know I go to save

someone in East Orange which is a
hellhole go to save someone’s Incans era
no no no I’m not that old it wasn’t it
didn’t go back to car well it Koch or

anything you know Rudy Giuliani cleaned
everything up I don’t know what he did
with everybody but they threw him in the
East River but this was East Orange New

it had nothing to do with New York yeah
I always thought the whole thing was an
area white problem would go on no
tri-state area I’m sure but you know he
go and save someone from a burning
building and yeah the the the

refrigerator’s booby-trapped he was
blowing up in his face people are crazy
no anyway yeah so I feel for our
anonymous donor it sounds like he’s a he

or she is a law enforcement officer and
the statistics have been skewed and the
the media has done a huge disservice to
the citizenry at large for propagating

really what are lies now are there are
there cops who are racist sure there’s
lots of lots of racism everywhere of

course now the cops that are
trigger-happy oh by the way you know one
of the rookie cops who got the water
thrown autumns Asian which is different
in America and I need to point out when
you say in America Asian we think of

Chinese we think of from the Far East
when you say Asian in the UK it means
Muslim just so you
Pakistani typically but hey just that’s

just their word for South Asian yeah
they exist but they don’t they say Asian
and you gotta know what you’re talking
about anyway it’s very bad trend very
very bad trend it’s just gonna get worse

it’s great policies yes well on that
note I want to thank the associate
executive producers an executive

producing show 11:58 yes thank you it’s
it’s always a little bit disheartening
when when you see everything’s you know
just this not so much the numbers but
the amount of people donating is just

that’s just low I can look at the
spreadsheet it comes in like oh there’s
just not a lot of lines on that
spreadsheet but these people did help us
out these are real titles that they can
use so Sir Anthony can use this of

course he’s already Baron but he can now
probably display he is the executive
producer of episode 1158 of the No
Agenda show and Serge obi-wan and
anonymous can claim the associate

executive producer ship and you can use
those titles everywhere they’re valuable
they actually do work help people get
work and jobs and sounds like anonymous
may be looking for a different job soon
and we’ll be thanking more people $50.00

and above in our second segment again
thank you for supporting the program of
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need to know if you go out propagate our
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people in the mouth

before we veer – ah too far off hmm
I do have a truth wants to come out clip
there were always a favorite always a

favor especially for you and this is rod
Rosenstein who I didn’t know is married
to an Armenian woman in he’s giving a
speech before their Armenian bar so who
is rod Rosenstein again brought roses to

use the guy that was the acting Attorney
General who hired Muller
oh hello okay well I’m just asking to
make sure we all know if I don’t
remember who will know you do remember

uh uh so here he is he’s the cocky guy
that was behind you know behind when bar
came out give a speech and he was this
guy standing there on the right
just stone-faced so he gives his speech

and again and this is a good one but no
organization between thousand employees
is error-free nonetheless we have
serious professional internal watchdogs

we investigate credible allegations of
wrongdoing and we punish mistakes we
punish wrongdoers and we correct
Christmas we punish wrongdoers and we

correct mistakes he says with the truth
trying to come out we punish mistakes
nonetheless we have serious professional

internal watchdogs we investigate
credible allegations of wrongdoing and
we punish mistakes we punish wrong good
catch I love it when that happens that’s

usually funny we punish mistakes
so Colbert announced with glee that his
old boss and buddy Jon Stewart was

successful I would like to remind
everybody that the the legislation that
passed was the 9/11 Victims Compensation
Fund it goes towards descendants for the
next 70 years lots of people but the

vast majorities descendants of those
deceased and the way the numbers were
calculated was based upon your general

income at the time of that you were
injured or contracted cancer or any of
these other issues that are now
associated with 9/11 in New York so if
you were making say 40 grand a year as a

first responder you’ll get a multiple of
that for a multiple of years or your
descendants will if you were a hedge
fund manager you were making a million
dollars a year get a multiple of that so

it seems kind of unfair or I don’t know
maybe Wall Street guys are just worth
more in life in general
but of course the misnomer continues
just a little while ago this afternoon
that the you guys know the the 9/11

first responders bill that’s been
languishing in Congress for years it
just passed this afternoon

it’s securities what’s great about this
bill is the cures for the first
responders who rushed down to those
burning towers funding through 2092 and
of course in 2093 Mitch McConnell will

have to reauthorize the vote was 97 to 2
with only Mike Lee and Rand Paul voting
themselves into the dustbin of history

you see how program people are oh yeah
yeah I know it’s pathetic so they all
believe now well no one has an idea of
course it was continuously promoted as

the first responders bill but it’s not
it’s not it’s not it’s not it’s for all
victims and actually I think it’s kind
of racist

this whole thing is racist I mean if you
were in the towers or you were first
responder I can tell you most of the
first responders the majority were white
or white skinned if you were a Katrina

you’re black you don’t get any money for
the rest of your life hahaha
even though that was a government
mess-up but there’s tons of things that
happen to people shitty things happen to

lots of people but for some reason we
need to be paying for this for the next
night almost a hundred is the benefit a
few I think you may have stumbled onto
it just in your normal analysis it may

be just the kind of a relief fund for
stockbrokers well and again it was the
the the big issue at the time when and
yes it ran out but the Colbert kind of

makes it sound like they never got any
money now they’ve been the money has
been going out for quite a while the
fund is empty a seven point six billion
that we know of but the Los Angeles

Times says actually 38 billion has
already been paid but at the time that
this started up he was about people
suing the airlines and that the airline
industry would be out be sued out of

existence and if you sign this if you
sign on to the victim’s compensation
fund then you cannot sue the airlines or
anyone else so you sign

agreement for that oh who knows who
knows but it just doesn’t seem fair but
if you call it first responders bill and
they were getting screwed yeah I guess

it is fair than all of us yeah but
that’s not what it was at the same time
the first responders are getting water
thrown on him in New York so I don’t
know I’m very confused about the spigot
my what do you want damn it
found the clip okay I want it I want you

to put this clip into the evergreen bin
okay we talked about this when the me to
movement first began and it was the clip

from iliza shlesinger
the comedian talking about it’s okay to
be sexually harassed if the guy’s

yeah the comedienne the end committee
and yes she’s comic which is actually
something that I want to restate that
when the me to the hashtag me to came
around you had a couple of examples I

think we talked about it was your beat
saying that yeah it’s it’s it’s never a
problem when the guy harassing the woman
is a hot guy right and here’s an example
being sexually harassed is the worst I’m

sorry let me rephrase that being
sexually harassed by an ugly guy is the

he’s hot it’s just plain old flirtin
no-one’s ever been like get away from me
you model that’s fine now why do you

bring this up again well because I was
proud of myself for fine the Bob Muller
of Clips I got it I got a pet peeve I

got a this is this one really pissed me
I despise abusing children for any kind
of political issue great a funk Greta

Thun Berg is in my mind an abuse child
who was being propped up she has medical
issues who’s being propped up to promote

the green New Deal and climate crisis
etc always always bringing in children
always over the backs of children yeah
the New York Times did want them

suggesting well they did something
really disgusting they did a video of
American citizen children citizens of
the country I presume and they’re aged

between 5 and I’d say about 12 or 13 and
they had these children on video read

apparently notes from children who are
in the Donald Trump ripped away from
your mother cages drinking from the
toilet children now do I for a second
believe that these are the actual notes

from these children no but this is what
they created and this is just a short
piece of this whole six minutes we came
to the u.s. because there were people
who wanted to hurt us I’m hungry here at

klimt all the time I’m so hungry that
have woken up in the middle of the night
with hunger I’m too scared to ask the
officials for any more food there isn’t
water or soap to wash our hands after we

use the bathroom we have to ask for
toilet paper if we want any my sister
and I hold a plank it up for one another
so no one can see us go to the bathroom

and five years old I am from Honduras
I’m 7 years old I am Fri am from Asian
separate me from my dad I have not seen

my father again I was wet when I got
here and was placed in the cage without
being given dry clothes it is so cold I

was shaking so hard I’m the third
teenage girl who has tried to take care
of this little two-year-old boy I feed
him and give him water I also take care

of another little kid she calls me mama
she is six years old there is no room to
move without stepping over the others we
were not given a mat to sleep on so we
had to sleep on the cold concrete floor

the lights are on all the time we cannot
sleep because every 15 to 20 minutes the
guards are yelling something get up we
spent all day and every day inside of
that room there are no activities only

crime believable so not only do I not
believe this

they’ve now traumatized 20 other
children into believing how horrible and
I’m sure it’s no picnic but this is not
the way to go about doing these things

and that it’s despicable you know what
maybe we’re stupid you were stupid
Johnny no no we’re don’t see it that way
yeah weird we are okay yeah we need to

have children asking for donations on
our show we have plenty of talent out
there that can record a few duties for

us children begging for money for the No
Agenda show because it’s horrible it’s
horrible how bad things are exactly so

if if we’re just mr. blunt this is it we
could actually start an ad agency
our exit strategy yes you can see but

the bunch of very talented erudite kids
this is a great idea yes what we call it
kids for cash sounds like cars for kids
it’ll be my head for the rest of the

week no no don’t do that yeah this is
where we’re going this is a great idea
and then it’s our under way then and
then the newsletter you can do it with

crayons I’m sure it’ll work clearly this
is this is the way to go and for those
of you who are childless if you can do

something cute with your dog that’s fine
too we’ll take it there’s some
interesting developments in California a
in San Diego specifically regarding the

e scooters annual comic-con was a big
hit in San Diego over the weekend but
after it was over I mean the clean-up
crews they needed to move more than
2,500 electric scooters yeah look at it

just blocking wheelchair ramps sidewalks
busy downtown streets the city’s
imposing a $65 fine for each abandoned
scooter and that’s adding up to more

than $200,000 for the companies
including bird line lift right here what
we have an L everybody the companies
have until the end of the month to pick
up the abandoned scooters and pay those
fines I don’t know why there wasn’t a

plan in place well there’s more going on
with these in the San Diego area
specifically Pacific Beach two guys have
come up with a great scheme then if it’s
one that it would be a great exit

strategy they now go around to any
residence or any business as a couple
hotels anywhere that these scooters the
way it works is the scooters are just

late left laying around it’s illegal to
leave them out in the middle of the
sidewalk there’s designated parking
spots for them if you don’t put them in
the designated sparking parking spot or
you know in front of a

a wheelchair ramp or a businesses door
they are effectively parked illegally
and by law just as if someone parked
illegally in the parking garage you can
have them towed so these guys are going

around they wherever a scooter has been
left illegally they pick it up they
register the number they impound it they
take it to their to their tow yard and

they charge line bird lyft uber razor
all these companies $30 pickup fee and
$2.00 per day for housing and it’s
working and there’s no legal recourse

they’re making tens of thousands of
dollars a day doing this bounty hunters
basically I like it this is what tow
truck guys do that’s the repo man a lot
easier you kidding me this is a business

yeah I mean if I didn’t have it if I
wasn’t a podcaster I’d consider doing it
in downtown Austin I mean this is money
money in the bank yeah you could do to
have a kid what’s your way you would do

it to be on the safe side to make sure
there’s a thing is violating you take a
picture of it and then you’d record the
number then you throw in the truck right
and then you go to the next one to do

the same thing over and over again you
pick up probably you could probably pick
up a hundred a day mm-hmm that’s $3,000
a day in fees right there yes I’m
telling you this is a moneymaker these

guys are breaking it in yeah yeah so now
of course of course the companies are
trying to soothe is they’re trying to
sue them which they do anyway but the
the law needs to be changed which they
can’t do I mean this is property rights

you park your stuff in my hotel driveway
done it’s impounded I’m taking it away
you park it and illegally and on the
sidewalk done take it away and they have
a little app and they take a picture

they they actually have a little
citation a little write-up that
immediately goes off to the owner which
is one of these companies it’s genius
that’s America baby
yeah if we fight back we fight back in

in mysterious ways I love us for that
sounds very workable anywhere yeah I
suspect it’s probably mostly workable in
towns that are plagued with these things

and that would be San Diego
Austin San Francisco San Francisco not
so much because San Francisco’s a hilly
town and so you can’t really only have a
certain areas where they’re usable so we
don’t see too many of them in San

Francisco but there are they are in
Oakland and a few of them in Berkeley
but not nothing like what you guys have
oh it’s it’s a mess and now our mayor
wrote an op-ed and the mayor Adler and
he said well you know really we need

affordable housing that’s gonna solve it
here in in Austin the homeless situation
the homeless the homeless they need
affordable housing affordable housing

and of course this is a lie because the
affordable housing if you if you create
affordable housing the people who live
in it will be the ones gentrifying
Austin now ie the underpaid low value

tech work there’s no tech worker here of
high value these are the people that are
you know the the people jobs are all in
the cheap state of Texas particularly

for labor though they will be the ones
get moving into the affordable housing
as we discuss many times the people on
the street they that’s where their their
life is their life is in general drugs

and drugs are on the street how many
examples are there you give someone
affordable housing you put them up you
put them in a house and within a few
months of back on the street but I

realize something in this in this op-ed
that the whole homeless or as the mayor
kept writing people experiencing
homelessness is a misnomer and bullcrap

they are unhoused home the word a home
nowhere in the definition of the word
home does it equate a structure or a

house this is why we say home is where
the heart is these people have homes
it’s under i-35 it’s in the businesses
in the campi in the encampment they have

it’s houses they don’t have you ever
think about that
you’ve brought this up before and it’s
one of those things that I don’t think
that yes you have you have brought this

exact same issue up before I’m down
recently I’m taking a Muller I’m taking
moer sure taking a molar a couple of
shows ago you brought it up

and the fact that you asked me do I
think about this I can just say no and
onward we move I got an interesting note
from one of our producers he said bring

it up here he said Adam I’m a bit behind
on the podcast but I believe you said in
the last three episodes that AOC hates
America during the discussion bit about

her testimony / questioning of the
Department of Homeland Security director
this is the first time I’ve ever gotten

that vibe that no agenda is biased or
Trump apologists and I’d like to know
why you said it AOC from that clip was
indeed a dumbass and she’s questioning
the guy and has no idea what to do if he

didn’t answer with what she was
expecting but how do you draw a
conclusion that she hates America and so
instead of disregarding this momentary
Muller moment I just had I said I’m

pretty sure I have never said she hates
America it’s a Republican talking point
it’s I’ve heard it on Fox News a lot but
so I I send it back I said ID please

send me a time code because I need to
know because if true then I am
susceptible to these talking points and
they’re creeping in and I and I can’t

believe I said it well he comes back and
he says well no yeah I went and listened
it was actually from a clip someone else
on the clip said it and I was shopping

at the time I was listening so I didn’t
have my full attention sounded like was
a comment that you stated on your own
given the tone it seemed to be your
angry tone rather than your mocking tone
and then he goes on to say I only

consume media through reddit top posts
and no agenda this should mean that I’ve
never heard this quote outside of No
Agenda no this is rampant on Reddit and
this is what happens people start seeing

and hearing things
and I want to bring your attention to it
because when you’re not focused this is
this is very disturbing that these

talking points this is not the first
example of this do you have another
example or no I don’t because I wasn’t
expecting it but there we’ve had this
happen before we’ve had letters with

people back and forth I never said that
yeah you did no you wouldn’t give me a
time code that it can’t find it yeah
exactly this is not uncommon it’s just
surprising how deep these talking times

yourself with the Israeli moon bases by
the way
well hello don’t get me started because
yeah don’t get me started okay I don’t
wanna get you started I want you to

finish your thought which was this is
disconcerning because it’s disconcerting
with a tea insert yes does it concerning
you say it a lot I do say disconcerning
and I don’t think that’s a correct word

no but the T is silent there’s no end
near the tea in disconcerting horrible
well I just wanted to bring people’s

attention to it because these these
talking points they really do seep in
and I don’t think it makes a difference
if you’re watching and whatever outlet
but particularly read it I mean that’s a

cesspool of talking points so just be
careful be on the lookout for the
talking points maybe we should do a
talking point segment from time to time
so you can just point them out what
these talking points are that’s all we

do yeah but but identified as such a
people can arm themselves against them I
don’t know if you can arm yourselves
against good ones especially if they
turn into memes no we’re pretty good as

I guess like adamant you Adam Adam it’s
not like Adam it’s like Scott Adams ah
and his one you know concede his figures

is a victory that they debunked the
Charlottesville’s bad people on both
sides and it just does not it doesn’t

stay on nowhere no it can’t it can’t
because it’s it’s it’s in the history
books for

yeah and there’s there’s a number of
these that we fight on this show
constantly okay well we fight the red
line the stories about the gassing of
the Syrians there are canisters that
couldn’t possibly come from the Syrian

army are still accredited to them oh
they gassed their own people
we’ve that’s useless you might as well
what’s the point to find that it’s not
going to ever change anything but you
see kept getting repeated repeated and
repeated and let’s go into something

else that’s going to be history very
shortly because everyone’s gonna believe
this this is from season two of the good
fight which is on CBS access it’s a
spin-off of The Good Wife and they and

because it’s on CBS access which is kind
of like a cable channel for CBS and they
play dramas and things that they
wouldn’t get on the network because
they’re not good enough or they or

they’re off they’re off the rails let’s
start with CBS it would be a good fight
one you think you’re being deported for
political reasons mr. Trump he doesn’t
want me here he sends me back to Russia

they will kill me who will kill you
Putin because of this tape the paper
tape so your accusation is that you were
videotaped urinating from mr. Trump in a

Moscow hotel suite you urinated on the
bed where Obama slept yes no who’s what

then then Trump peepee – oh my god –
this I am NOT political I have no issues
with American politics I only wish to

stay in America I want to stay in school
what are you studying hotel management
wait a minute this is a recent
television show episode season 2 is from
last year oh my goodness how come you

didn’t catch it last year well I don’t
watch it like this well you know what
you get for shit like this is a big old

and I’m afraid you have more I am
fortunately do have more now the way the
story goes I’m going to tell you the
story as it goes this woman comes in she
wants to get she’s gonna be deployed and

forget in a traffic ticket or beating
somebody but she peed on the bed for
Trump and she realized that she’s being
deported because of that I’m sorry no no
I demand a replay it was so good you

think you’re being deported for
political reasons mr. Trump he doesn’t
want me here
he sends me back to Russia they will
come who will kill you Putin because of
this tape the paper tape so your

accusation is that you were videotaped
urinating for mr. Trump in a Moscow
hotel room suite excuse me hotel suite
you urinated on the bed where Obama

slept yes but I did not know who slept
then Trump peepee – oh my god – this I
am NOT political I have no issues with

American politics I only wish to stay in
America I want to stay in school what
are you studying hotel management wow
that’s crazy okay so they go to they got

the first they think is Project Veritas
and they verify that it’s not and so
they’re looking and they verify through

this scene this is where the one of the
researchers from the law firm go over to
kind of look at the garbage and spy on
the woman thinking this she’s good –
followed her and she went home she
didn’t go to Project Veritas and she has

nothing to do with Project Veritas she
gets caught in the hallway with the
garbage and that now we have bring a new
character in we have the Russian girl
whose roommate is Miss Haiti after our
meeting I followed Miss suckle off and

she didn’t go to Project Veritas she
went home
and did this surprise you know what
surprised me is her roommate is Rochelle
Dawber so Miss Haiti from a previous

she says she introduced her to Trump at
the after party and there was no camera
in her purse how much of this is true
that’s the thing
the store is checking out Miss Haiti the
same country Trump called shithole oh

okay don’t tell me you have more oh yeah

two more no I know they’re bringing
everything they can’t they’re dumping
every bullshit meme they can dump into
the storyline as though it’s all true

and so they bring an FBI person and to
try to see if this girl’s telling the
truth and then they have this FBI
discussion but before they do that they
bring in a Democrat strategist about it

what to do cuz they’re gonna get a hold
of this tape by the way and all watch it
so let those exist so anyone watching
this show probably believes this you

know yeah it’s existing cuz they’re
showing it yes nurse they bring in a
Democrat strategist and I think this is
the funniest part because the Democrats
strategist poo-poos the whole thing

saying it’ll be just a short part of it
and this Democrat strategist is so
reasonable it’s beyond belief
let’s say your client talks to reporters
about this golden shower tape you might

win one news cycle you might if you’re
lucky but the stories will be about how
desperate the Democrats are we’ll be
seen as the ones scraping bottom
becoming the dirt mongers tony perkins

will give trump another mulligan Jerry
Falwell Jr will blame the media and
everyone will move on to the National
Zoo Smee this is not about morality this
is about the Republicans the Russians

using this tape for blackmail yeah that
sounds good
but we all know it’s bullshit it’s about
embarrassing the president and it will

be a blip I know this is hard but let it
go wait a minute is this on network
television repeat this is on CBS access
Oh UVs accident is a separate net right

that they run on cable and all over the
internet for you to click on and
subscribe to and there’s a bunch of
shows on there that’s where you get the
the Star Trek show this whatever that

one was are gonna bring a new Picard
Star Trek on it’s gonna be on CBS X it’s
not like it’s called Star Trek the
flasher II and it just seems to be there
is gonna be so they put a bunch of shows

like this on this little mini network
which is the same I think some of these
shows are network quality well except
for the writing no this is net that is
the example of network quality writing

that’s fantastic and so they they but
they run these shows on this too hoping
them I don’t know what the point of it
is but CBS access is a little mini
network of shows including some of their

main shows they put over there to you
can also when you subscribe to net take
a 6 bucks or 8 bucks at whatever it
costs you can get these things that
nobody’s watching this stuff because
nobody’s I don’t think anybody’s

watching any of it that’s why I took for
her to find out about this so here is
what happens now this is the last clip
this is they bring her into an FBI woman
who grills her say griller and they say

what colors are here and they think and
the lawyer goes back in afterwards and
asked the FBI person who is played by
the actress Jane that will always plays
lesbians uh pretty good actors fun to

watch from yes with the short hair yeah
the short hair Jane yeah Jane yes she is
the FBI agent and she they go back in so

why were these questions so specifics as
Jane Lynch have Jane what Lynch Jane
yeah so they have like people there you

know that are
I mean this is a good show except for
the story so they bring it and she says
well do you know anything about how do
you ask these specific questions about

hair color he says you’ve seen the tape
so in other words they reintroduced into
the storyline the fact that this tape
exists floating around the FBI has a
copy and by the way out after this clip

I’ll explain how the story ends
and so Lynch goes on and explains it
kind of clarifies things a little bit
he’s made miss talking yeah you’ve seen
the tape I’m sorry what your questions

that kind of specificity you’ve seen the
golden shower tape well I haven’t seen
the tape but we have received enough
chatter to know what’s in it and there

were two blond hookers not brunettes and
mr. Trump had just finished in
room/dining so your clients lying oh my
goodness that’s just that’s okay so

we’re introducing a shaker Trump’s
eating room service then he pees on the
bed I mean come on who what’s by the way
who’s gonna stay in a suite with one of
the bests coverless stinky pee me really

now he may be into that you don’t know I
mean there’s this yeah we do know if you
would think we’d have some indication
but the guy’s a germaphobe hello

we don’t need to this is not real John
it’s a show so don’t the way they put
all this together to make anyone
watching it they think that this is all
real is backstory and they’re trying to

finally somebody’s giving us the truth
and so they finally what happens anyway
they find out that the one of the other
girls that are involved sends a copy of
the tape on a do SB Drive with the with

the word P P two letters P P on there
and everybody in the law office watches
it no and they all look at it we don’t
get to see it of course but the end the

big bright screen they’re all watching
and saying oh my god oh my god oh my god
and they all watched and everybody
watches including the one Republican
that’s at the law firm and then the
Democrat strategist comes back in and
says I disk is no good

and so they she confiscated the thing
and and then you know she I think she
makes a copy but the FBI then has the
deported they the FBI has her sign that
this is the guy shoulda clip this knot I

think about it
the FBI brings the Russian girl in and
has her sign a document saying that that
this whole thing was of hoax and she and
she will be deported the minute she says

sign here and you won’t be deported sign
here and sign here and now you’ve have
tested that this the FBI by the way
telling her the sign these two documents
you won’t be deported but if she ever

says anything other than it was a hoax
she will be deported and so she looks
back and forth to the lawyers and Larson
or what to do and they go no no no no
they shrug their shoulders and then she

signs and signs and then they hand over
the PP USB drive to the Jane Lynch and
they wrap it up it says good you can go
home and so they all leave has said now
they the Democrats strategist or one of

the people in the law firm sends up with
a copy of it and they put it in a safe
and closed the safe and that’s how the
show ends what a crock and it’s very
it’s nice even think this was Lear this

was that this was freelance this is
modern-day propaganda just like the
talking point AOC hates America this
seeps into people’s brains it seeps into

their brains and they remember it and
that’s what it is and before you know it
it becomes truth and if we’re still
alive and I don’t know which a week
should we try let’s just say 50 years

well we won’t be don’t get 2010 I love
your mental calculation yeah let’s say
10 20 you ask anyone on the street oh
yeah yeah President Trump didn’t you

have hookers piss on his bed he I can
tell you right now that’s what people
will remember that’s how it goes
yeah no yeah no I know you buy
absolutely this is exactly where this is
going in it’s shameful it’s shameful of

CBS to produce and allow this to be
broadcast is that even though it’s not
even on their littles Channel but this
is really bad shameful

television that CBS should be ashamed of
itself now they got Nora of course she’s
the big Trump heater running the news
but it’s ridiculous well let’s listen to
some more nut job shall we

I guess it’s 20/20 nutters for you first
Booker was on Seth Meyers and he’s
taught this is Cory Booker he’s the a
senator Booker former mayor of mmm
Newark New Jersey waited a horrible job

I might point out at least that’s what
many say and he was on Seth Meyers
talking about Trump and he’s chucking a
big game in fact he’s talking right past

uncle sleepy Joe I was running on at
Iowa stage and we were so psyched
hundreds of people there I’m about to
jump up and this guy sees me the former
Titan from Stanford University he’s a

big guy he puts his arm around me and he
goes dude I want you to punch the hole
Trump in the face and I stopped in my
tracks and I go dude that’s a felony man
you know the this Donald Trump is a guy

who you understand he hurts you and you
in my testosterone sometimes makes me
want to feel like punching him and which
would be bad for this elderly out of

shape man that he is why did that even
that’s his tactics and you don’t beat a

bully like him fighting him on his
tactics on his terms using his turf he’s
the body shame or he’s the guy that
shows tries to drag people in the gutter
and I this is a moral moment in America

I think you can take Corey off the list
John he’s always always been in tier two
if you look at the list now after we

have it stopped by it’s linked in the
various newsletters and on Twitter he’s
not on the list I mean in any real way
he’s got no chance of winning anything
and there he is he’s bitches about Trump

body shaming now what does he do body
shame exactly I mean these guys is the
same thing you see this constantly these
Democrats are hypocrites well here’s a
fun one from our favorite senator who

was our favorite senator the
days if it ain’t Cory you know who it is
Maxine gravel no major favors may see
her Oh No Oh her owner she’s who’s a

favorite idiot well just so you know
she’s going to she’s gonna explain the
problem she’s gonna explain the problem

here why Democrats have a hard time
communicating their ideas you see
because they they well you’ll hear it
one of the things that we Democrats have

a really hard time is connecting to
people’s hearts instead of here we’re
really good at shoving out all the
information that touch people here but
not here and I have been saying it all

of our Senate Democratic retreats that
we need to speak to the heart not in a
manipulative way not in a way that it
brings forth everybody’s fears and
resentments but truly to speak to the
heart so that people know that we’re

actually on their side we have a really
hard time doing that and one of the
reasons that it was so to me at one of
our retreats was that we Democrats know
so much that is true and we have to kind
of tell everybody how smart we are and

and so we have a tendency to to be very
left brain and we think it says we
really that hasn’t that is not how
people make decisions so one of the
books that I always bring up is the

righteous mind by Jonathan Haidt so
she’s trying to tell us that the problem
is the Democrats are you know they don’t
communicate how smart they are because
they are smart they’re the smartest this

is delusional thinking from this lady
right brain left brain completely this
is really the problem where the images
of an elephant and the elephant is

making all the decisions go right go for
whatever there’s a writer on there
and the writer simply explains the
elephant’s decisions Republicans speak
to the elephant the Democrats speak to

the rider that is why we’re not speaking
to people here and we’re just really
quite here and it’s a huge issue what I
think she said please vote me out well

we don’t you people to think but now

that you mentioned it because I rebooted
the Machine a while ago I also blew up
the spreadsheet how knows which that
means I got to go find it well I can get
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there was lots of animated conversation
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that’s enough
no enter a second episode that’s right

we are ready I have a new beat John I
got a new beat I’m surprised I had not

heard of this previously just that when
you thought that the Israeli moon bases
couldn’t get nutty enough oh no oh no
did you know John C Dvorak that the

birds aren’t real all right
maybe you think the bill this is I’m
sorry this is from WREG TV news in

Memphis Tennessee
all right maybe you’ve seen the
billboard near the Highland strip or her
the story on Wednesday’s live at 9:00 a
campaign called birds are not real

brings us efforts to the mid-south and
this morning we are joined by one of the
messengers of the movement Peter McIndoe
is here to tell us how this all came
about we want to emphasize you were not

the founder no no wow so how did you
become aware of it what is the message
of the movement the message of the
movement is essentially to spread
awareness that from 1959 through 2001

the government mercilessly genocided
over 12 billion birds and simultaneously
replaced them with surveillance drones
in disguise that film us every day as

equally as these cameras are filming us
right now are you with me John I’m bored
with the program yet small and so what
do you have to back that up to back that

up I have as much evidence as the birds
have provided there’s so much so this is
really satire I mean you don’t really
believe what does that happened correct

this is a satirical campaign to make the
point that what okay you’re looking at
me like no it’s not that I really do
believe this

honestly it’s kind of offensive okay so
it’s not that I don’t think you would
say that if I said birds are real I
don’t know why the other side of the

argument can’t be treated with equal
respect before we came out on air you
said this is a satirical message so what
is I never said that this is what point
are you trying to make here I mean why

why did this movement come about and how
well this movement came about in 1976
just to avoid any you know liberal media
hit job this didn’t start with me this

started in 1976 when whispering started
coming about from the White House saying
that birds were in the process of being
murdered on a mass level when this

started coming about that’s when the
movement began this movement is
reactionary we really didn’t start this
the government started this
birds aren’t real calm everybody if you

want to know more
they’ve got billboards they’ve got
t-shirts they’ve got an entire theory
they were replaced by drones with
what about chickens they’re pretty real

I just thought this is a chicken the
other day I thought this was a fabulous
in this direction I have a series of

clips okay that I stumbled on because I
didn’t realize how you know the Democrat
Party is largely memberid is I think I
think a good portion of them are in on

this deal here and let’s just start with
and I’m talking about is Satanist
podcasts oh boy
and I thought our second half a show all

right so let let’s start with start with
just a generalized to Satan podcasts or
just like hear it get a sense of how
these podcasts go this is radio free I

got two of these this is Radio Free
Satan we’re gonna get a little punkish
post-punk I’m starting off with a show
glendalough Joy Division an inner zone

right here I’m a metro only on Radio
Free Satan sounds like Nick they’re at
another Radio Free Satan and welcome to

confessions of a wicked winter
my name is magistrate green and this is
my podcast confessions of a wicked witch

on Radio Free Satan we are continuing
the year of sin and I’ve made it in just
under the gun this was supposed to be
available in May and it is currently May
31st so it won’t be available in a and

you’ll get two of me in June so just
think hey June rocks it is the year of
sin man we really messed up that whole
no agenda stream we’d misbranded it is

now that the story that triggered this
was what’s going on in Canada but it
stems that what’s going on in Canada
which is an opening of a satanic temple

and and it started with this issue in
art Little Rock Arkansas where they want
to put a Baphomet this horrible looking
thing at the State Capitol and so

they’re gonna have a satanic what-is-it
what-is-it what-is-it Baphomet it’s a
big thing with goat head it’s got a goat
head and horns and just a horse just
look it up
it’s a horrible looking thing but it’s a

Satan you worship it but these guys you
don’t have to Satanist and can’twe you
know it’s not really about Satanism it’s
about it’s about burying yourself so
this place that an ik temple in Arkansas

for starters birds of a feather flock
together approach the rhetoric matched
the temperature on the steps of the

State Capitol a group called The Satanic
temple out of Massachusetts once this
statue of Baphomet put on display on
State Capitol grounds they say that
since the ten commandments are in place
the law should allow them to erect this

and you have a First Amendment right to
say so we find ourselves here because
our elected officials who may have been
voted in by 50.1% of their district
they’ve failed and forgotten to

recognize that upon taking that office
they then represent a hundred percent of
that district state senator Jason rapert
spent the rally in meetings at the

Capitol he’s sure the ten commandments
tablets are legal constitutional and not
going anywhere if the Ten Commandments
display is good enough for all of those
other state capitols and the United
States Supreme Court sir it’s good

enough for the people of Arkansas and we
will defend the law Lucien Greaves of
the Satanic temple says the law is on
his side but the senator fails to
mention is that on the same day as that

decision was handed down the Supreme
Court ruled against two standalone Ten
while the arguments appear headed for
more litigation even Christians finding
common cause with the Satanists see
little room for compromise it will be a

very cold day in hell before we are ever

forced to put up a permanent monument on
the state capitol grounds that’s as
offensive as this group that hides
behind fake names as they travel the

well this is a this is quite a loaded
little topic you got here and so let’s
go to the final thing now this is had to
be clipped down because it’s one of
those mix comment finding words on the

screen which is just like you know hoard
but this is going on in Canada right now
and they I like the Satanist who comes
out and he says we know Satanism
Satanism is like it’s not really about

worshipping the devil or worshipping
Satan no let’s hang out it’s about it’s
about your inner freedom or Chelsea’s
left-hand path right-hand path all that
stuff ya know he doesn’t go into that

but it’s bad enough that we’ll play it I
had seen or heard about with any kind of
tempo because they were having a lot of

success in United States and I realized
that there would be a need for this in
Canada who wasn’t heat for this in
Canada who would build a statue to Satan
so we don’t worship the devil

we don’t believe in a personal devil we
look at the devil we’ll look at at the
Luciferian character as being
representing that eternal rebel within
all of us there’s an undeniable rise in
more conservative thought and

conservative thought has always been
deeply ingrained with tradition which in
turn is often deeply ingrained in the
predominant religion The Satanic Capitol

is always found and important to
actually take on the institutions and
systems that would use tradition and
religious freedom to actually promote a
dominant rule

it turns out that the the move to Canada
was a positive and new thing mm-hmm okay
and of course what he said there was
that all Satanists or Democrats did you
hear it carefully all Satanists or

Democrats and he says it’s been very
successful so the Satanic movement in
the United States well yeah well you
know I think this is a bad thing

personally yeah people can believe in
whatever they want to believe in then
I’d really don’t condemn at all what you
do not need to do anyone you do not need
to send me an email explaining Satanism

and what it is I’ve received a million
times before and you know Aleister
Crowley and all that I don’t need to
know you can send it and we’re not gonna
talk about it again I wonder how many

safe necessary in our audience I don’t
think there’s many I think there’s more
than oh yeah oh yeah we have quite a
number that’s why they’re ones that have
Adam at curry calm as their address book
are you thinking that the people that

have Adam at curry calm in their address
book or Satanists see I’m not I’m not
afraid of that I’m not afraid of them
sending me emails okay well I work I
worked for the Satanist MTV so I know a

thing or two the true Satanists are in
Hollywood and they do sacrifices and yes
I would say in the wash Washington DC in
the examples I know it would probably be

more Democrat than Republican there’s
all kinds of Satanism crazy worship
going on but it’s not this it’s not this
it’s not that you want we want to have a
temple no no there’s real evil stuff

going on for sure but this is just I
know maybe it’s a distraction you know
to make people look like nutjobs art you
could never inclues and you could never

accuse Hillary Clinton of being a
Satanist or Satan worshipper or human
sacrifices because that’s just crazy
clippity-clop so there’s dozens and
dozens of Satanist podcasts and it’s

just like I said they’re all terrible by
the way in terms of their production
quality and
it’s just I just find fascinating I just

stumbled on it out of the blue
yeah it really detracts from my
statement about how hard we work to put
this show together all right we do have
some some actual news to discuss as Bojo

as predicted wasn’t that hard to predict
is the new prime minister of the united
kingdom’s of Gitmo nation East
he has already pretty much fired

everybody and his but his new cabinet in
place and this is the clip that was
going around of his acceptance speech
the last few minutes of it last minute
where there was already pointed out that
deliver unite and defeat was not the

perfect acronym for an election campaign
since unfortunately it spells dud they
forgot the final E my friends people
energized and I say I say to all the

doubters dude we are going to energize
the country we’re gonna get brexit done
Hawk take advantage of all the
opportunities that it will bring in a
new spirit of can-do and we are once

again gay to believe in ourselves and
what we can achieve like some slumbering
giant we are going to rise and hang off
the guy ropes of self-doubt and
negativity with better education better

infrastructure more police fantastic
food fibre broadband sprouting in every
household we are basically a knight
amazing for a country and we are going
to take it forward I thank you all very

much for the incredible honor that you
have just done me I will work flat-out
from now on with my team that I will
build I hope in the next few days to
repay your confidence but in the
meantime the campaign is over and the

work begins thank you all very much
at least he didn’t say the extra e is
for extra P it looks like you could have

fibre broadband sprouting in every
household this is a this is fantastic
I’m so happy for them
I can guarantee you he will not get

brexit done well this is what I’ve been
listening to as London Zoo know whatever
talk show lb hmm LBC and they Nigel

Faraj right and he feels the same way
you do
he thinks it’s not gonna happen he
thinks their whole thing is designed to
keep a general election from occurring

before the 31st because something like
that but this is this party would win
too many seats they don’t want that to
happen so they’re gonna do some scam ish

thing and when it when the due date
comes some scam yeah I think Bo Joe will
be the shortest prime end prime minister

tenure ship in history I’m afraid no I
don’t know I’m not gonna go on that I’m
not getting on it well if they call if
they call a general election this is why
I don’t think I think Bo Joe’s nothing

he’s if you look at his documentary
about him he’s not a dumb guy I didn’t
say that he will get around this somehow
I think he has influences in his

background that are going to push him
towards not making this happen
maybe yeah I’ll see ya we got jock tober
31st is first to see what happens and if
they do have a general election and they

don’t get this done and if the brexit
party will all of a sudden appear as an
as a specter in parliament that will be
nothing but trouble yes yes so okay well
I have a couple last things wrapping it

sounds like oh I got this one we got to
put in the evergreen theme digitally
Obama ignorant clip forgot about Obama
ignorant clip is this new where’s this

from what’s the context oh it’s just a
nicer or white folks and then there are
ignorant motherfuckers like you Wow
yeah hello 2009 when this was funny
well why you’re saying that 2009 is

another Evergreen I want to keep on in
abeyance which is another clip I dug up
from 2009 which tells it like itches the
problem with climate change then you go

altogether when it comes to India for
example and this is the clip where the
guy one of the representatives India
says we’re not we’re not doing anything
we’re gonna expand our economic system
as much as we can we’re not gonna do

this this climate change thing is it not
a non-starter for us and people forget
this India’s position is
I’d like to make it clear and
categorical India’s position is that we

are simply not in a position to take on
legally binding emission reductions
reduction targets developing countries
like India don’t want to be forced to

slow growth in the name of reducing
emissions alright since we’re doing
classic Clips then I have an Obama clip
a classic for you this is not 2009 but
this is right before the 2016 election

we had the hack of the DNC server now
remember it was a hack right John right
right it was a hack it wasn’t an inside

job it wasn’t seth rich or his brother
Aaron it was a hack a hack and they
didn’t have the bandwidth for it it was

it was a hack it was a hack and so it
wasn’t leaked from the inside out no or
you know it was a hack hackers Russian
hackers to be very specific according to
pew pewpew CrowdStrike who was hired the

FBI never looked at the server by the
way just as an aside that they had some
interview with some CrowdStrike
employees on one of the Nets mmm when
networks and I I was watching it and

there was just a bunch of dumb fucks
it’s unbelievable f-bomb in today crazy
two times in a row so here is Obama
talking about that part of the goal here
was to make sure that we did not do the

work of the leakers for them by raising
more and more questions about the
integrity of election right before the
election was taking place so why would

he say leakers if it was a hack maybe
out of context yeah I don’t think so
I’ll put something like I got one more

here I got something for you this is
your latest is a rapper a rapper this
gets us out well we’re ending early oh
we are longer except I can play but I
mean you’re not the keeper of the time

so I didn’t know what you’re talking
well you have to keep her the time
we’re rapping you keep saying we’re
wrapping up we got another the energy
okay hey John I got a great funny clip
about schools in Oregon

next tonight our series one in five kids
at risk Oregon is making a major change
to help young people face their
struggles it’s become one of the first
states to allow students to take mental

health days as an excused absence
NBC’s Kate snow with the story Haley
Hardcastle and Derek Evans were seniors
when they lobbied state lawmakers for a

new bill when Oregon’s students head
back to school they’ll be allowed to
call in sick not just if they’re
physically ill but if they need a mental
health day I think the most amazing part
about this whole thing is that it was

student-led I’m personally in need of
mental health space Derek told lawmakers
he struggled with anxiety in high school
I’m being marked absent unexcused can’t
make up these assignments because I

don’t have the willpower to go to school
today it’s just too much and there’s no
system set in place to help me Oregon
has one of the highest rates of teen
suicide in the country it’s the second
leading cause of death for 10 to 34

year-olds in that state nationally
suicide is at a 50-year high under the
new Oregon law mental health days will
be considered excused absences students
won’t be penalized and can makeup exams

their parents still have to call the
school but now they can be honest about
taking a day off to deal with their
depression to deal with a panic attack
to not have to be anxious about not
being able to make up work our biggest

goal is just making sure that everyone
knows that mental health is just as
valid as physical health
there has been some backlash on social
media wondering if kids will take
advantage children are already missing

school for mental health reasons the
thing is they’re lying about it we’re
hoping that this gives them the
opportunity to start a positive
conversation about what’s going on and
why they need help it’s such an
interesting idea how many days could

someone take for mental health so Oregon
law says that any student can take up to
five days over a three-month period for
any kind of excused absence and now each
school district will be able to revise

that as they see fit for their students
needs norville see if it helps Kate
thank you very much
this is the state of our country and in
particular these I think it’s the

antidepressants it’s all the the meds
that got the kids jacked up on and then
they get tired and they can’t handle it
and they’re told they’re told you can’t
handle it I don’t know what to tell you
yeah I think the kids are all drugged up

you know at the drop of a hat to make
him take stuff they’re not mature
they’re immature they’re not fully
growed until they’re these 21 or older
yeah and they’re it affects the way they

develop this is the developmental issues
is what we’re dealing with here well
this is actually when the kids are
drugged up at a very early age before
you know before puberty this is this is

enabling enabling all of this I drug
companies yeah but no this is the news
discussing this nitin no one brings that

up no one said what’s going on with
these kids did you hear that list the
depressed they can’t get out of bed I
just can’t handle it today
how bad is school how hard is it these

days oh man geez I think the curriculum
doesn’t help it’s not inspiring and you
got some of these psycho teachers well

the teachers aren’t allowed to teach
anymore they have to follow all this
crazy stuff and they’re evaluated on
computerized algorithms of yeah the
whole thing’s messed up homeschool

people there’s the thought for you my
final clip for today as we’ll let you
wind it down with your last one is once
again secretary Treasury secretary
minuchin who is now so afraid of what

bitcoin can actually do to the US dollar
and our ability to control finance
around the world he’s so afraid he’s now
just denying it I think we’ll be talking

about Bitcoin in ten years from now I
won’t be talking about Bitcoin in ten
years I can assure you that but you
might be in at least six years
Treasury Secretary’s exactly I would bet
even in five or six years I’m no longer

talking about Bitcoin as Treasury
secretary I’ll have other priorities
you’ll be loaded up on Bitcoin and have
done a gazillionaire
I can assure you I will I will
personally not be loaded up on Bitcoin I
never say never and now he’s just

denying its existence but it’ll be gone
you might be misinterpreting this okay
he might be privy to some information we
don’t have okay continue that it’s gonna

just basically make Bitcoin illegal oof
well you can’t make you know a random
string of numbers illegal what you could
make illegal is money changing from

Bitcoin to dollars make its life
miserable this may be a signal you’re
missed okay I just want you to know you

cannot outlaw Bitcoin because it’s just
a hash is just a string of numbers is
nothing it’s it’s it’s not something
that can be continued it’s it’s like I
use it to do trade you can be it could

be an illegal currency yeah well we’ll
see I mean we used to have all these
currencies in the United States that are
now they’ve been made Yoli we can’t I

mean we even when Ron Paul supporters
built the Ron Paul dollar if you
remember that well I think there was
they were stamping it and yeah they were
calling it first of all calling it
dollar was an issue it’s a whole bunch

of things
sounds to me well I take your I take
that into account well you’re saying
there but still I mean you can’t it’s
the the exchange of Bitcoin on the

Internet is unstoppable literally
unstoppable exchanging it from one
currency into another currency or vice
versa yeah that could be a problem

except when you do it on the street in
cash I guess no there’s ways around
everything but there are things called
black markets oh well we’ll see well
good page took it as an ominous warning

okay I’m doubling down I’m stacking I’m
stacking Satoshi’s baby
yeah good I think you should so I’m
watching the KQED news hour and they
have Brooks and shields and I found it’s

interesting clip little law my sexy but
how long is it it’s a minute no it was
only 41 seconds this is David Brooks and
he because I’ve always been baffled by

the fact that although PBS NewsHour’s
really gone downhill to an extreme
something was not even usable democracy
now gives me better material and he has

a certain vision of what America is and
his vision America xenophobic yeah the
good people of the Heartland are being
threatened by outsiders and by Muslims
and by people who don’t look like them

it’s a vision that is nostalgic looking
backward to the past and it’s a vision
of a white America that white
Protestants created this country and the
rest of us are here by their sufferance
and this is the national story he wants

to tell and I think it’s up to the rest
of us to tell a better story about
America that were a universalist the
country we’re a country to find our
future what we’re building and not by
our past and that we’re a country that’s

traditionally had a mission to cross
frontiers and one of the missions we
have right now is to create a mass
multicultural democracy yes this guy
David Brooks will be gone from
television before Bitcoin is gone okay

I’ll tell you that this guy is overdone
and toasts no one gives a shit about him
anymore these people all of them gotta
go where is the new where’s the new
people where’s the new opinionated

people they’ve been kicked off a Twitter
now I wanted to mention the one he had
couple things in there I didn’t like the
mission of the United States once when

the Union was formed and when we had
their revolution to get rid of the
British was never never ever to cross
frontiers the mission of this country
has never been to cross frontiers people

have observed a number of historians
have observed that we we do it and and
you can define the country in the way we
think because of it but it was never the

mission it’s just a happenstance
what do you mean like crossing frontiers
go west young man go open up the web
go to the West open up the new frontier

go to California discover gold maybe
nowadays move from the Midwest to
California and work at a Silicon Valley
go go go
maybe he’s confused with starch the moon

the moon we’re going to the moon we’re
going to Mars it’s not a mission people
don’t know the difference okay then I
have a last 12 second door for you what

is wrong with this CBS news report which
came on the 50th anniversary of the moon
landing oh here we go
this weekend marked 50 years since

Apollo 11 moon Walker’s took one giant
leap for Humanity you can’t say that
that’s not politically correct anymore

so she changed it you gotta say humanity
baby here it is again this weekend
marked 50 years since Apollo 11 moon
Walker’s took one giant leap for

that is terrible I’ll give you a
borderline clip of the day for that just
to end the show you know
I’ll hold over on it you know it gives
me daddy

well it’s been quite the show for those
of you listening to us live we’ve had
coupled ASAPS we’ve no they’re called
what are they called glitches yeah you
go glitches everybody but we will return

on Sunday and we really hope to have
some support
Dvorak org slash n/a and then the
following people I’d like to thank for

our end of show we got some Fletcher we
got some Anthony farmer we got Matt and
Ashton Lazzari and we got Tom
Starkweather and right after the show on
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no agenda jingles and I’m coming to you

from the frontier of Austin Texas FEMA
region number six and the governmental
maps in the morning everybody I’m Adam
curry from Northern Silicon Valley I’m
John C Dvorak we return on Sunday right

here on no agenda remember us at Dvorak
org slash na until then adios mofo

I am NOT going to speak to the series of
happenings as you articulate them I have
no idea not a hoax

yes yes

no I’m not familiar with that those
areas I’m going to stay away from I’m

not going to speak to the series of
happenings as you articulate them
I can’t get into internal deliberations
with regard to what nothing

yes yes

how many times I what

not discussed your iPod readers to see
as much as your brain makes it sing it’s
not like LS these level hallucinations
situation like a picture dogs two cats

please see that what now two neighbors
that live they started in two

neurologists and my explanation is false
the two neurologists agreed with the

dairy Serena Williams she had three arms
three arms two different phenomena but

dogs cats couldn’t see that and and so
he put the three arms on the woman waist
so you see it isn’t there but what’s the

word you used again interpolation where
this dogs watch TV now it’s village

there’s the dream stuff up and so I said
this is right the do all these things
they never used to do
I am i hallucinating

your eyeball put it together so one of
our turn into a segment was very druggie
of you but my ball reset I can’t believe

it the woman has three arms
interpolation interpolation that’s
perhaps the most insane is johnsy Dvorak
bring it to you twice a week is about

it’s under attack for the folks in the
media call the top the main stream on
the left
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