No Agenda Episode 1159: “Showly”

get in your car this is no agenda I’m
out of curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where the six-week cycle is alive
and dead I’m John C Dvorak
are you tracking another six weeks cycle

yeah dud
well let’s explain briefly the six week
cycle well you have the best explanation
it’s a it’s a methodology that the FBI

was alleged to be using during the Comey
era yes who keep their name and their
brand name and the public eye that
they’re doing these great this great

service by finding dopes we’re supposed
to blow up bank and every six weeks
which seemed to be the cycle we were
told by someone who’s in the know that
there and also to preserve budgets etc

and so you do is you Jack somebody up
here you know you put a CI a
confidential informant on him or her him
usually you tell him he’s gonna be great
jihadist great you give him some phone

you blow any bombs you give him a keypad
that does nothing and then you bust him
and then you make a big scene about the
bust and and then the timer starts all
over again

but it kind of stopped after Comey left
what kind of like it may ever may not
have it depends just whoever was doing
publicity Oh
during the Comey era was good a head of
PR that guy or gal to use the pejorative

that person left I believe or something
because they still do these these things

every so often it gets maybe one network
will pick it up maybe Comey left and
there was a transition document you know

it’s what you do when you leave you but
type of DOC it’s like okay
here’s how we do the six week cycle and
then going through the checklist but
they just don’t have checklist so you’re
never gonna get the professionalism of
the person who was doing it originally

yeah exactly
well this reminds me all companies that
notices in Silicon Valley
those have one or two real go-to people
that kind of holds some little

Department together but they do it in
such a way that it’s not really easy to
document and so when there’s any sort of
cutback and I there was a person at
Apple that used to service the media and

tube just got fired because they what
does this guy do I don’t know personally
Microsoft they got fired yeah they get
the checklist when they go what does

this guy do I could tell there was a guy
named Daniel Paul at Apple and he and he
ran a program I’m talking the days of
the Apple too so this is before and

before the the like this is OS know this
before OS whatever it says Apple too was
yeah and his job was to supply as alone
hardware to people in the media and I

had that thing for years and years and
then he called me up said well I’m
leaving and you’re gonna have to send it
back and that and that was it I never

saw another program like that within
Apple again at least I was never
approached this happens in all these
companies yeah and so I believe the FBI
probably had the same problem that’s

where you’re getting no publicity for
any of these these are all just run off
as a minor stories they have nothing
going on the faintly and so this is this
is the one that just happened it was I
see who I think CBS is the only network

at least the one only one is where I got
it from anyway this is a clip is 6-week
cycle another bonehead a man was
arrested on terror charges today at a
New York City Airport investigators say

he was about to fly off to join the
Taliban with the goal of killing
American soldiers chief justice and
homeland security correspondent Jeff
Pegues joins us now with details so Jeff
what happened today

or investigators say the 33 year old
Bronx resident was taken into custody at
JFK International Airport this morning
del waar muhammad husayn originally from
Bangladesh but now an American citizen
was about to board a flight to Thailand

with a final destination of Afghanistan
and his goal according to investigators
was to fight for the Taliban against US
soldiers oh saying dress casually and
shackled at the ankles was arraigned in

federal court on terror charges this
investigators say that he had been
planning to join the Taliban since
September of 2018 and had been under
constant surveillance by the FBI in

conversation with one agent Hussein
allegedly said I just want to take a
fricking machine gun and just shoot
everybody and kill them all Americans
attempting to join foreign terror groups

it’s not uncommon since 2011 nearly 80
Americans from 20 states have traveled
abroad to fight with jihadist
organizations though most have gone to
Syria and Iraq to join Isis or al-qaeda

now wait a minute
when did he write that line about I want
to take a freaking machine gun and gun
them all down when was that was that
before this arrest way before this

arrest it was yeah it was before the
arrest if it should have done something
then well you know it wasn’t you got it
match the dates that’s gotta be six
weeks I’m sorry yes that could’ve busted

the guy months ago it seems to me from
the sounds of it they’ve been following
her for years it sounds like yeah the
transition document said wait six weeks
go to line one okay there we go and

we’re doing it all over again
yeah they had to wait you’re right the
time about ten or twenty guys on right
now that are being observed and ready to
pick up I mean they just they’re gonna

have to do something a little more
spectacular to get any attention yeah
this was the dud I mean it wouldn’t have
been a dud maybe six to seven years ago
you know when this kind of thing noticed

yeah and this would have been played up
much more I guess it wasn’t played oh
there wasn’t court they would have the
local news stories would have done
something on
laid up by everybody been pushed but now
well it’s obvious that the the Mueller

news is ruining everything you can’t get
it you can’t get anything in the United
why’s the last six weeks cycle story we
had which is about six weeks ago
coincidentally was another one that was
similar it could have gotten somewhere

never went anywhere and I think this I
think we’re gonna I’m now marking these
these stories I’m heading them all with
the terms six-week at the beginning of
the clip uh-huh so we can start digging

them up as time goes by to show this
pattern is still pretty much this and
will you be using the AP style guide of
everything under ten you spell in
letters no I’m using the number six okay

I only learned this recently I didn’t
know that that was a thing yeah it is
that’s always a thing so all I saw was a

lot of posturing a lot of talking about
Mueller Mueller
I still have Fletcher Mueller we got

that Homer I still I still have the
distinct feeling that I don’t know the
you don’t you think I’m crazy to think
it but the idea of another special
prostitute prosecutor the prostitute

special prosecutor prosecutor that could
happen there you go there you go
wait do we have a different one in that

do we have a that was Mahler it would be
Mueller I think that the best clip I
found was very very short is one of

those the truth wants to come out about
the Mueller testimony this is Stephanie
ruhle she’s a former goldman sachs
banker and she has been on but depend on
embassy s goldman sachs doom you heard

it here Shh she’s been on MSNBC in the
midday slot with the Ali Velshi so their
shows pull she well you know I watch
this stuff all day I watch a Missy and

watch CNN I
yourself I do it for the show come on I
mean you watch democracy how sedated
well there’s the flower yes
so Stephanie ruhle starts off and I

thought this would this was the truth
wants to come out and it was there
Democrats strategizing their next move
after Robert Muller’s testimony while
the political and did you hear it

testifies strategizing their next move
after Robert mother’s testimony truth
wants to come out they just can’t help

themselves can they but there was a lot
of nutty stuff going on what did you get
anything from the mainstream anything

m5m funny about Mueller or Trump I kind
of skipped a whole Mueller team for
today’s show now I got a couple things
hold on let me look down the list well I

okay this was Mike Huckabee trying to be
funny I think it was kind of lame well
what I would say is after watching the
Bob Muller show the other night the
Democrats thought they were going to put
a movie – what was the book the

published report but the movie turned
out to be weekend at Bernie’s all right
okay but Joe to Genoa you know I love

getting getting clips from from Judge
Joe from mumbling Joe he was a US
attorney and he his wife have a law firm

together don’t use the same last name
but they’re always appearing together on
Fox Business News is they’re all
buddy-buddy and by the way Joe does
Genoa I’ve found has a very interesting

past which also connects to Roy Cohn and
Epstein you know he’s he’s no fresh
newbie in the game but he did agree with

me on who had actually created this
Muller report this was an ignominious
finale and I am
happy for the country that they got to

see someone totally incompetent unaware
and completely on and unable to respond
to legitimate questions from both

Republicans and Democrats what this
proved today was what we’ve said all
along this was the Wiesmann
Andrew Weissman ran this from beginning
and when you see Bob Muller in that

pathetic display today you know what
Weissman did it all he made sure that
Roger stone was arrested in the middle

of the night with SWAT teams he made
sure that Paul Manafort was put in
solitary confinement in an outrageous
display of prosecutorial vindictiveness
Bob mother a Bob Muller slept through

this event from beginning to end and
today his ignominious finale showed him
asleep at the hearing so there you go
Andrew Weissman that’s pretty much the

only example I have of any m5m and this
isn’t even the real fox news it’s Fox
Business News anyone bringing up Andrew
Weissman it’s it’s just it’s not being
discussed left right center anywhere are

they afraid of this guy I think they’re
afraid of this guy oh that’s possible
it’s possible he’s a badass huh and it
should be like a just a bad ass well he

brought down to aunt Arthur Anderson
yeah that’s pretty badass
somebody like your buddy there who you

always clip you know he’s just a
freelancer out there during me with this
so he’s not involved anything right but
the network’s you know if you’re a

badass guy up there and at that position
and you’re one of the network’s they go
after the any one of the networks and
networks are very vulnerable yeah so
they maybe just to put the kibosh on it

there’s your favorite word again
but is it keyboard kibosh she said
kibosh I’m trusting he botched that time
yeah because I will say kibosh it’s it’s
fine with me either way it’s two

different words yes yeah but they mean
the same yes okay good
and they’re spelled the same and see
here in our demo belt yeah that’s really

all that I did I had because CBS of
course is the you know with Nora they’re
Nora fired yet that’s what we want to
know is she gone yet because no but she

did a story the other day I think was on
Friday where she it was a funny story
she had a bunch of puns in it she
probably wrote it herself
a bunch of puns and and she was actually
smiling and if she would just smile uh

instead of grimace she would she could
get through this but I think they don’t
want her to smile now she is she back to
the long hair after that short hair I

went back later after the show and I
looked at those pictures you’re right a
very masculine looking that way that
kind of removes all their feminine
features yeah she’s a tomboy and by the

way we’re talking as TV executives here
no well I am I got my executive
executive hat on well she looks really

good she when she smiles she would she
ended the show is typically the formula
for today’s news hours that all three
networks and I don’t understand why Fox

doesn’t put its new show on the Fox
affiliates out there there’s there’s
tons of them they got nothing else going
on I mean our poor local Fox KTVU they
have they have news at 4 News at 5 News

News News
take a drop a half hour Fox with with
Bret Baier who’s a very good-looking guy
who is perfect for doing a news hour

they could put a bret baier in there to
do it we just just do a competing news
hour to everybody else’s news hour on
the broadcast networks yes they are a
network they do compute a network on a

network basis with the other three
by BC most of the time but isn’t that
now Disney property and Fox News is no
no the Fox Broadcasting part of it is

still Fox okay so they could do a half
hour and even if no take a that did no
no it’s not happening no got it they
could do a half hour I don’t know why

they don’t cuz they do it under on the
on the cable channel they could just
take that exact same show and push it
over to the affiliates hmm and it would
be fine it’s not like it’s not produced
like a cable show us produce like a

network broadcast news show and it would
be a little more competitive but they
all follow the exact same formula and
when one of them changes something they
all slowly change to that and one of the
things that developed over the years

when I was specially when I was doing
the 3×3 or whatever there’s light now
slide by five oh no 3×3 yes you’re right
to news three by threes yes and I
noticed that big they’ve all come up
with a kind of a happy feel-good story

at the end right of all the
broadcaster’s a feel-good story or a
tearjerker and B she tries to do they
try to it’s called the human interest
story one two three four five six seven

eight nine ten wait a minute wait a
minute that’s that’s above the averages
and I thought it was nine no no it’s

been ten for the last three months
summer time anyway so the this is all
empty anyway doesn’t matter Lois cutesy
stories at the end and so Nora did hers

and it was a bunch of puns about moving
Halloween to all to the weekend a lot of
it doesn’t have a ghost of a chance uh
but and this cute little smile and when

she wrapped it up and she look great
with this she’s a good looking if she’s
smiling but she doesn’t she’s just
grimacing with dead eyes most of the

time it does not work and I don’t know
what they’re gonna do about it cuz they
can’t make it a happy news show I don’t
know why they can’t but they can’t
now do you have a clip that goes along
with this introduced to start the same

ways of the impeachment clip which
there’s there is nor again with her
grimace and her stars called the RBF fYI

her face is called art resting bitchface
RBF okay this is what it looks like so
and I you know I wish they had to throw

this in this impeachment it goes and by
the way this is only a segment of it I
couldn’t play the whole thing House

Democrats started down a road today that
could lead to impeachment of President
Trump they asked a court for documents
from the Muller investigation Judiciary
Chairman Jerry Nadler says he needs them
for an impeachment inquiry Nancy Cordes

has more on the dramatic turn of events
today requesting a threshold absolutely
in a parting shot before a six-week
break Democrats said they are stepping

up their probe of the president I would
say we are in an impeachment
investigation it could lead to articles
of impeachment or it could lead to
something else in a federal suit filed
today the House Judiciary Committee is

seeking underlying grand jury testimony
from the Muller investigation especially
material related to president Trump’s
knowledge of any potential criminal acts
by him or his aides the suit says the

house is considering whether to exercise
a constitutional power of the utmost
gravity approval of articles of
impeachment all they want to do is

impede they want to investigate they
want to go fishing the move comes as
some Democrats grow frustrated with the
speaker’s more cautious approach to
impeachment the decision will be made in

a timely fashion
speaker Pelosi cleared the air with one
critic today New York congresswoman
Alexandria Ocasio Cortes tensions
between the two / strategy and policy

had grown personal in recent weeks the
two sides trading barbs in the
and online do you think you were able to
bury the hatchet with congresswoman
Ocasio Cortez in your meeting I don’t

think there was any hatchet well she
called you downright disrespectful no
that’s that’s that’s we’re in the
political arena in our caucus we have
our differences respect that Nancy

Cordes joins us from Capitol Hill after
those tough questions there to the
speaker Soni I don’t think there was any
hatchet well she called you downright

disrespectful no that’s that’s we have
our differences respect that that’s some
grilling shit right there man bomb

straight to the jugular with those tough
questions Nancy Cordes joins us from
Capitol Hill after those tough questions
there to the speaker so Nancy back to
that issue what are the Democrats hoping
to learn from that grand jury material

that wasn’t in the Muller report well
it’s not entirely clear Nora but they
told us today that they believe that
Muller gathered some evidence of
wrongdoing related to the Trump campaign

and Russia that he ultimately decided
was outside of his purview and they
think that if they tell the courts that
they are considering impeachment that a
judge will be more likely to grant them

access to that confidential information
the president called Democrats clowns
for even pursuing it isn’t that kind of
maybe I’m misunderstanding but isn’t
grand jury testimony isn’t that really

like sacred stuff it’s really never
supposed to be release because it it
it’s not cross exams this is all
grandstand it won’t actually happen they
won’t get grand jury testimony keep you

know waving there our CBS plays along
right they did have a little line at the
end that I thought was funny you kind of
stepped on I might want to play just the

very end of that clip again because it’s
one of those things where they where
they quote Trump and it really is kind
of like a a nasty quote and they just
throw it out there so Trump’s an idiot
to say something like this I’m doing

related to the Trump campaign and Russia
that he ultimately decided was outside
his purview and they think that if they
tell the courts that they are
considering impeachment that a judge

will be more likely to grant them access
to that confidential information the
president called Democrats clowns for
even pursuing it called them clowns yeah
it’s just a little Jim yeah what he did

yeah I know clowns you know what to
write and actually I don’t want a body
shame but if you if you put a red nose
and a crazy wig on Jerry Nadler and some

big floppy shoes dude he would look
pretty much like a clown yeah yeah he’s
got the perfect body type for it so the
point is is that what I think they’re up

to here is they’re trying to make the
case and to get votes as a vote getting
yes Jake this is all by getting votes
for the Democrats in the twenty twenty

elections and this one is about you
because they keep saying it and they’re
kind of hinting at it in this story as
it continues at the YAC about it a
little longer
they do trying to convince voters the
ones that hate Trump that might not go

out and vote but they hate Trump but
they’re not gonna vote necessarily for a
Democrat hmm but if you can maybe
convince voters that Trump is going to
be if he doesn’t get rid elected he’s

gonna be arrested and jailed they’re
pushing this narrative well for
obstruction of justice he’s gonna be a

riff it wasn’t for the fact he’s a
president he would have been arrested
and jailed already even though it Muir
because it comes from the from the
hearing they’ve twisted this around I

couldn’t even bring myself to to clip it
the twist what they did is yeah it
clearly if he was a citizen he would
have been arrested which is the thing

they repeated over and over and over in
the hearing to which Marla always said
no no I wouldn’t characterize it like
that he actually had to start the second
hearing by literally correcting a bad
answer he’d given to Ted Leo by saying

it just so you know he did not get a I
did not not
him because it’s not allowed by the
office of legal counsel he specifically
stated it but somewhere someone asked

the question if he were a citizen
private citizen he probably would have
been indicted yes of course you know so
it’s like they’re just twisting it
around how many times I heard someone
say is some talking head say well Bob

mullah really outlined all of the cases
of obstruction of justice no he didn’t
every Democrat outlined it he went to
not in my purview this is complete crap

anyone who saw that hearing knows that
there’s a lot they’re just lying now
it’s just lying and by the way so is Fox
News they’re lying about other things

the Democrats have always been high and
mighty about it but until now play this
clip this is Danny Doyle what Emma Kratz
are gonna do now Danny the way Danny

Joyce is the the used to be advertising
guy who’s on Morning Joe now he’s a
major pundit a political pundit somehow
we are at war it is time for the
Democrats to wake up we are playing

against cheaters and liars are stealers
and with all due respect to Michelle
Obama when they go high and when they go
low we got to do whatever we have to do

I love an advertising guy you can’t get
the slogan right when they go high and
when they go low we got to do whatever

we have to do we actually have a
government led by Moscow bitch and
criminal Trump oh by the way we’re gonna
call him unindicted criminal Trump now

because in two instances he has been an
unindicted criminal so I know in regular
when you’re playing fair useful scoring
president Trump just like we’re gonna
call in Moscow Mitch wouldn’t call him

criminal Trump now again and for an
advertising guy does he not understand
that these things really work better
with alliteration and dick say oh I’ve
got a new nickname it’s called criminal

Trump wow man
gee I should hire you for my next
campaign just stupid and another message
for the demo by the way
Moscow Mitch isn’t bad well I have a

Moscow Mitch thing I think it’s from the
same segment we will play that after
your f Donny douche
well maskavich wouldn’t call him
criminal Trump and another message for
the Democrats it is time to move forward

there are two takeaways from model that
we’re going to use as we go to war
number one the president broke the law
and when he’s out of office he can go

and will go to jail and number two with
vulnerable with our election systems
that’s our two things we may not have
won the battle of impeachment but we’re

going to win the war of putting in jail
whatever we have to do and we’re not
going to necessarily play fair and for
all the intellectuals out there whose
hair is gonna go on fire but we’re
becoming like them we’re becoming like

them you cannot lose the next election
we will go back fifty years so I got the
segment before Donny Deutsch came on and

said this and this was Joe Scarborough
with Morning Joe with me Kyle though
Mika didn’t get a word in edgewise the
whole thing was about 16 minutes long
and I guess that they came up with this

I think Moscow missed you’re right it’s
it rolls off the tongue there’s actually
a Moscow Kentucky where it is where he’s
not from Moscow Kentucky but it’s funny
it’s Moscow Mitch because because he
blocked we always got to say blocked

instead of declined to take to the floor
the SAFE Act which is the I have the let
me get thee I think I have the name of

it yes here it is the SAFE Act it passed
the House HR 272 – and it is the
securing America’s Federal Elections Act

or the SAFE Act and instead of just
requiring gee I don’t know
voter ID there’s this huge bill that has
all kinds of stipulations as to how the

voting machine should run how it’s
supposed to work and I think it’s
actually a lot of really valid stuff in
there with a
portrayal the problem is that that
federalizes the election and I don’t

think that’s the idea yet right you
gives the states are responsible for the
elections and so the Republicans are
saying well if you do that then who
knows what’s next so I don’t know if
they can get around anyway that Moscow

Mitch because the last you know
statement robert muller made in his
6-hour testimony was all the rights
ongoing as we speak the russians are
hacking as we speak even though there’s

zero evidence there’s only evidence of
server pings and port scans no actual
hacking evidence of you one case where
someone and it turns out it might have

been Department of Homeland Security got
into the register registration database
but not into the voting machines
themselves and above all I’m pretty sure
that no one wants to change the voting

machines everybody’s got their favorite
manufacturer in their state and they’ve
got it rigged or not the way they want
it so no one really wants to change that
infrastructure it’s all set and it’s
like just leave it the way it is but now

of course that means that and it’s a big
setup and I hope it I hope the president
sees it if he wins it’ll be because
Moscow Mitch rig the elections through

the Russians and they were and this is
what they’re going for and then and
that’s how once again Donald Trump Rudd
and one thanks to the Russians here’s
the the Moscow he could not stop saying

it this is a montage we remember back
then the warnings came but Moscow Mitch
that being Mitch McConnell of Moscow
Kentucky Moscow Mitch a Moscow Mitch

Moscow Mitch Moscow Mitch Moscow Mitch
Moscow Mitch said it’s a hoax
Moscow Mitch calls it a hoax Moscow
Mitch says it’s a hoax

there’s an oligarch that I I’ve read is
going to be setting up a big aluminum
plant in Moscow Mitch’s a home state
I don’t know if that’s it but how could

Moscow Mitch how can Moscow Mitch keep
denying that Vladimir Putin continues to
try to subvert American democracy I love
that you call in a Moscow Mitch because

frankly it’s a continuation of something
people call him okay Mitch maybe I don’t
know maybe he’s right I mean he’s only
cocaine Mitch if he’s running cocaine to

Moscow because he’s Moscow Mitch okay
Wow that’ll stick though that’ll stick
oh I don’t know I like it with criminal

Trump it’s like a take off of crooked
yeah but the proctors there’s like

there’s a liability issue here with
slander which is you can’t call somebody
I believe I could be wrong I think you
can call it I think you can call it

crooked but you can’t call him a
criminal because the criminal is a
result of a of a legal action that was
taken and they were found guilty of a
crime you can’t call someone a criminal
without running into slander and libel

issues and he’s doing it just openly and
could find it I don’t know what does
it’s that I think maybe with the
president because it’s such a public
figure you can get away right I think so

it’s skating a little bit on he’s really
this is not he doesn’t know what he’s
doing that to put it mildly no so you
know the we’ve been looking at the I

don’t know if you were after we talked
Thursday if you’re if you saw any of
those videos in Brooklyn of the the
residents of that Brooklyn neighborhood
pouring water on the cops no do you

still haven’t seen that huh no okay you
know but anyway it was happening and is
happening multiple times and over the
weekend in that very same neighborhood

there was a block party which is this is
not just some you know casual block
party some going on for over 50 years
but it’s in this neighborhood and lots

of people come to this block party
there was a shooting 11 injured one dead
another one possibly might die now the
cops did show up for that but just I’m

not quite sure what it says or what it
means but I found the coincidence
interesting and then I got an email
because I was very curious you know we
talked about on the show why is this

happening why are people disrespecting
the cops in their own neighborhoods they
got a nice note from one of our
producers Adam John I’m a producer
devoted listener thanks for the great

material my husband is a retired NYPD
police officer I wanted to share his
thoughts on the water dumping on cops
phenomenon now my husband retired right
at the beginning of deblasio’s term and

he was going to stay another five years
but de Blasio had already made the job
difficult they were starting to face
people throwing batteries bottles at
black lives matter protests which he had
to work at often when he and his retired

buddies saw those videos this week they
were shocked they could not believe but
what they could not believe is the
officers reaction or lack of reaction
they couldn’t believe that these

officers did not defend themselves they
all agreed that when they were working
they would have reacted very differently
in this situation and might have
definitely got a handle on it
my husband’s opinion these last five
years have destroyed the morale of the

New York Police Department rank and file
where they almost have internalized the
guilt and hatred and do not know how to
handle these situations anymore de
Blasio and the media have completely
neutered them now my husband’s a 9/11

first responder and finds a peculiar how
the NYPD went from being loved and
adored by the public and he worked in an
area where a lot of liberals and even
liberal celebrities lived in the
aftermath of 9/11 to completely despise

a mere 10 years later and by the way as
you can imagine he worked in a precinct
that was extremely diverse many black
cops female cops Hispanic cops and
especially gay cops worked with him

since his precinct was Greenwich Village
he always had a female boss in fact
white males were the minority but you’d
never hear that in the media anyway just
some boots on the ground info for you so
I thought that was an interesting

background er from someone who has boots
on the ground and standing in the case
and then I called Mo I called producer
mo and I said mo
Moe’s our American descendant of slavery
my only black friend said Moe what is

going on what is happening here he says
and it kind of blew me away when he says
this Oh to know this is being provoked
and it’s done on purpose

and I said uh-huh I said yes the idea is
to federalize the American police and
when he said that I’m like oh of course
this was this was a big conspiracy

theory when Obama was in office he was
talking about having a force you know
bigger than the than the army and they
would be on the streets and it is
something we discussed on the show in

some detail and then we kind of it never
materialized well it was some sort of a
weird threat and then we always thought
that maybe this you know he had other
initiatives that were maybe fronts so

the same idea but the idea never went
well the idea seems to be rekindling and
you’ll recall that Trump was talking
about sending the National Guard into
Chicago because things were so out of

control this is just in the past couple
months and the leadership of Chicago
said no no that we might take blue
helmets from the United Nations but not
the National Guard which is odd on both

counts one that he would want the
National Guard in but to that that
Chicago would would want the blue
helmets an international police force it
kind of it kind of starts to think about

it big article in The Guardian just
yesterday every state in the u.s. fails
to comply with international standards
on the lethal use of force by law

enforcement officers according to a
report by Amnesty International of
course which says 13 US states fall
beneath even lower legal standards
enshrined in Const u.s. constitutional

law and that nine states currently have
no laws at all to deal with the issue
and this article pretty much advocates
for a federalized police force and
here’s the sad thing

I believe Trump is all on board on this
I think he actually wants this
he announced his fan his plan to
federalize American police departments
under the tree under the plan city and

state police departments would fall
under the umbrella of the Department of
Homeland Security and would therefore be
granted broad authorities to enforce law
quote they’re going to receive the best
weapons training and resources this

country has to offer we’re going to put
an end to jurisdictional restrictions
and increased police capabilities in
terms of surveillance and use of deadly
force I think he’s all in on this idea
even though it I would say this is a

typical Soros sisters you know get the
get all the district attorneys to buy
into this and turn their police
departments in – you know federalized
law enforcement arms of the federal

government yeah national government yeah
that’s what you know it falls into that
thinking the Real ID Oh totally and
that’s implemented everywhere it’s it’s

it’s unstoppable well show me ice you
don’t need a real ID if you have a
passport hmm but it’s part of the Real
ID the system of documents yeah I’m just

saying it’s got a chip it’s got
everything it’s a beautiful little thing
you’re carrying around around there I’m
fine but anyway carried in aluminum foil

I I think that there’s something to this
this this and maybe black lives matter
was also a part of it it could all be a
part of getting a federalized police

force in place and I’m pretty sure
that’s a bad idea
you think yeah and if Trump’s all in on
it that’s not good yeah well Trump

sometimes doesn’t know you know you
can’t apologize for what he’s saying
there I’m sorry that’s no I’m just
saying he’s in many ways he’s not a
globalist per se but he’s susceptible to

the same propaganda that everybody else
is that doesn’t listen to the no agenda
show there you go he’s not listen to our

we’re stuck or or he’s certainly not
donating douche he’s got the money
yes or Dunsey yeah there you go and
maybe we can flow right into the shit

holes commentary this is probably more
under the heading of the 2020 elections
as or maybe not I know Trump made a big
swipe at Baltimore to get it racist

swipes somehow well yes it’s somehow no
no it’s been deconstructed by CNN
oh oh I like to hear it because I
couldn’t figure out where the racist

part came in the fact that somebody’s
black I know man he’s using all kinds of
racist terminology oh he’s using cold
yeah of course code so the background is

that Trump swipes it swiped out at
Elijah Cummings because Elijah Cummings
hate him hate soon yeah if you want we
can play the background noise of course

what is it versus Cummings yeah that
would be it president Trump is under
fire tonight after an attack on another
prominent african-american member of

Congress this time the president lashed
out on a House Democrat Elijah Cummings
it’s the latest in a series of attacks
on congressional leaders Paula Reid
begins our coverage tonight from

Washington before heading out for a
round of golf this morning President
Trump launched a Twitter attack against
Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings
claiming his district is a disgusting
rat and rodent infested mess

Cummings district includes much of the
city of Baltimore and reaches into
Baltimore and Howard counties the
president tweeted coming should spend
more time in his district to help clean
up this very dangerous and filthy place

the attack appeared to be related to a
July 18th hearing on border detention
facilities we’re coming spar with acting
department of homeland security chief
kevin napoli we’re doing our level best

in average what does that mean
what does that mean when a child sitting
in their own feces can’t take a shower
come on man what’s that about none of us

will have our children in that position
human beings today the president

insisted the border is clean efficient
and well-run just very crowded cummings
responded by tweeting that he goes home
to his district daily and fights for his
neighbor’s he then urged the President

to work with him on addressing
prescription drug prices Baltimore is
ranked as one of the most violent cities
in the US but the president’s language
today mirrored his previous attack

against the so called squad of for
minority Congress women where he asked
why don’t they go back and help fix the
totally broken and crime-infested places
from which they came House Speaker Nancy

Pelosi defended Cummings tweeting we all
reject racist attacks against him and
support his steadfast leadership races
races I think there was a second part of
this deserves yes there is he’s

launching this attack now arena clearly
he wants to draw attention to the
struggles of a democratically controlled
district but by tweeting about Baltimore
he’s distracting from two notable

accomplishments yesterday first the
Supreme Court told him he could begin
using pentagon funds for construction of
a border wall and he struck a deal with
Guatemala that may help stem the flow of
migrants over the southern border as his

returning from his Virginia Golf Club
tonight he’s also been tweeting about
anti fho the wall and the Muller
investigation wow that was really
interesting they reversed it and I yes I
mean that was fantastic a reverse saying

oh he’s distracting from these wins that
he had what what was that that was CBS
and again no I think you’re wrong I
think the right way it works is the

following you have to put yourself in
the other dimension at least for going
there all right
it goes like this this guy is so stupid
that when he actually has a good thing

happened for him he doesn’t care because
he’s such a racist yeah okay
yes but meanwhile they just gave some
information a lot of people don’t know

which has been very underreported about
the courts the court case Oh before I
could say they reported by the way right
there yes I can and before I played the

CNN explanation of why it’s racist and
another boots on the ground from
producer living in Baltimore Maryland I
love our producers in light of some of
the comments President Roh made the

other day regarding the city I want to
share some of my experiences and
thoughts on this first and foremost in a
we in a we in a way I agree with the
president while his comments were
dramatic as they usually are Baltimore
has unfortunately become yet another one

of the United States most terrible
cities there’s a lot to unpack as to why
from the corrupt leadership to the
extreme liberal policies of coddling and
yes of course our rampant drug problem
the community in which I live with my

wife and kid is almost a perfect little
place just on the outskirts of the city
proper yet we have a continuous influx
of major violence over the past year
alone four separate incidents of
residents being held up at get gunpoint

since this summer my house being broken
into while we were home again had a
continuing occurrence of drug dealing
you get the point it is such that my

wife and I are no longer comfortable
walking down the street I often don’t
sleep well during the warmer months but
probably due to some form of PTSD from
the break-in I can understand that one
of my biggest frustrations is my

neighbors don’t seem to mind the
violence they complain when it happens
but then their liberalism or something
else takes over and they decide it’s not
that bad or since it didn’t happen to
them it’s not a problem a lot more to
unpack if you wouldn’t mind I’d love to

send you a series of small write-ups
about what I’m seeing here of course we
love that also if I sound frustrated
it’s because I am frustrated and angry
the name withheld for work reasons yeah

it’s probably on par with many other
cities currently Austin is on its way
nice little a tweet war we had going on
there you trying to send bums and hobos
to Austin no well you’re the one that

encouraged it if anyone didn’t miss this
it was pretty good I said some I had
five was going through my archives and I
found some old pictures of Austin from
1999 it looked like terrible terrible

place and we knew what you were saying
with that I was going to it before you
jumped in I was going to say look how
much it’s improved the next series of
tweets you speak with forked tongue I

don’t believe it for a second you jump
in before I had the chance you jump in
and show San Francisco today being a

and that that dead it dawned on me
you’re right and Austin’s beautiful
homeless people go to Austin well worth

the price of admission which is nothing
on Twitter to see that so here is CNN

now of course you can you have to be a
black guy on CNN in order to explain
this and this is I don’t know this guy
is it’s a mid day host but maybe it’s
just on the weekends you see we’re

missing the cold words and what in what
the president is saying this morning the
president attacked another member of
Congress on Twitter
this time it’s House Oversight Committee

Chairman Elijah Cummings
he wrote this Cummings district is a
disgusting rat and rodent infested mess
if he spent more time in Baltimore maybe
he could help clean up this very

dangerous and filthy place no human
being would want to live there infested
it’s usually reserved for references to
rodents and insects but we’ve seen the

president invoke infestation to
criticize lawmakers before you see a
pattern here
weeks ago President Trump attacked for
minority Congress women why don’t they

go back to the totally broken and
crime-infested places from which they
reminder three of them were born here
all of them are American infested he
says a week before his inauguration

January 2000 did Scott Anna’s made a
huge stink about this in his little
thing oh really

yeah he says you know they always read
they why don’t you go back to the crime
infested blah blah blah but they never
read the rest of the tweet ever oh there
was my neck was more to the tweet they
never read this I saw the tweet when it

came out and I don’t have it in front of
me but I can paraphrase that it says go
back to the crime infested place and
where they came fix it come back and
tell us what you did there’s the there’s

the the notion to come back right we’re
not telling the good delivers right and
that in this case with infested being

the code word he would really be asking
for infestation to return which he’s not
doing so I got the whole thing is this
is another made-up oh I’m so upset by

this guy thing I’m surprised they don’t
bring you know putting him in prison
after he gets out of office nonsense but
okay but that needs to be mentioned

because they refuse to read the rest of
the tweet in the CBS report that we had
earlier on impeachment they read part of
the tweet and then they didn’t read they
they showed it on the on the screen and

then they had it highlight only read
from the gut of it they didn’t read the
whole thing I mean this is ridiculous
but okay go on go on on your Barry way
places from which they came reminder
three of them were born here all of them

are American infested he says a week
before his inauguration January 2017
wait more proofs Congressman John Lewis
should spend more time on fixing and

helping his district which is in
horrible shape and falling apart not to
mention crime-infested donald trump has
tweeted more than 43,000 times he’s
insulted thousands

people many different types of people
but when he tweets about infestation
it’s about black and brown people hey I
have some important data about the

closed-captioning mystery
oh I’m interested yes by the way before
you do already got a cat at least

ketchup my side of the bargain wishes I
talked to the kids about it and they
both say well the sound quality is so
bad hello sound engineers well it is so
bad that you have to have it on

sometimes and so we’re watching
something the other day and and I
somebody says something to go what do
you think of the possible and then I
said what is What did he say was that

what’d he say and then Jay says maybe we
should turn on closed caption well I the
analogy is a spot-on

because what you conjure up with that
and by the way almost everyone who
responded and the number of people who
are using closed captions today on
movies and television and that’s really

where it’s most interesting to me and
that people do it on your watching anime
or other things and whatever I’m totally
talking about you’re watching television
almost everyone says I think the sound
mixing is shit which would mean now when

when the movie goes to I know what it
means it means the sound mixing is shit
yeah but I’m trying to yeah when the

sound is being mixed you have you know
imagine a big mixer and there’s all your
sound effects and your music and your

and too many people and I guess it
happened to you as well I don’t know if
what happens often I certainly don’t
have it very often it sounds like the
the fader on the mixing board of the
speech of the actors is too low and I

think that’s what most people are
characterizing this as now for sure
although no one has written in with any
real technical data of this being a

rampant problem for everybody and an
explanation as to why or you know is
this not the default configuration that
you get a good mix even if it’s 5.1
surround sound you can hear it perfectly

on a stereo set or in any in any type of
situation but I haven’t received any of
that but I did get an email from quite
an authority on the topic and I’m

talking about the auditory processing
angle of what may be happening with
people’s hearing and this came from
producer Mariela I’m gonna read from her
email the young lady who wrote to you in

John last year with my associate
executive producer note about how the No
Agenda show helped me to survive a brain
aneurysm and two brain surgeries two
years ago remember this remember this

nice note we got from her yes she said
never forget listeners no agenda is
great for brain health and you know we
it was very nice and she gave us a lot

of credit which we of course could not
accept but she says because of our
whatever we’re talking about it really
helped her improve her brain health well
turns out there’s a lot of she has a lot

of standing in this area I am a
speech-language pathologist and
published clinical researcher in Oregon
while a graduate student earning my
master’s in communication disorders in

the filthy and decaying Portland I was a
student research fellow in the cochlear
implant and research lab at Oregon
Health and Sciences University one of
the top health research institutions in

the country for two years at the lab I
led the experimentation and data
collection at the National Institute of
Health funded research study that was
looking at the differences in auditory
processing data between individuals with

normal hearing thresholds and those with
cochlear implant
now you can imagine my joy when I get
this I’d like okay here’s someone and I
have learned a lot about hearing because

of my hearing aids and the research I
didn’t into that and just to review
auditory auditory processing
difficulties is when your your ear is
perfectly capable of sending the signals

into your brain but your brain is not
processing it correctly and so you can’t
hear anything certain things and this is
her direct field of research in order to
do this I conducted several experiments

that looked at various aspects of
auditory processing in both these groups
the most important and relevant of those
experiments was using an EEG machine to
measure the auditory evoked potentials
and Layton sees in the auditory brain

stems response to sound now I’m going to
explain what this means because I had no
idea but they can very accurately
measure how you are processing sound and

the way it’s done is with two little
electrodes which is the scalp electrodes
and they measure I guess some kind of
protein and and this is where it gets

completely nuts when you hear a sound
when they have the the EEG what is a EEG
electronic electro graph or something
I’ll look it up yeah it’s it’s it’s you

know it’s it’s been around for a while
as far as I know it’s not it’s not it
this thing is it’s not a very it’s like
some hot shit new technology these put
on your brain with a bunch a bunch of

prosy electro encephalogram okay so
here’s what’s cool about it when you
hook someone up to this with just two of
these two of these scalp based probes

you can actually record the waveform of
what someone is hearing at that moment
and it is in perfect hearing identical
to the waveform that went in so and it’s

and it’s very rare that you can do these
kinds of experiments because you’re in
in essence you’re getting exactly what
the brain stem is doing and sending off

to whatever Center to
you heard something now this woman who
she pointed me to Nina Kraus who I have
that all of her links in the show notes

she’s a scientist and she did a
demonstration and I hope the sound is I
mean if of course a sound demonstration
is always done with a room mic and not
you know not close mic but what they
discovered is when they were measuring

this you put sound in you get the
waveform on the EEG readout what can you
do with a waveform you can take that
waveform put it into audacity and play
it back and she’s showed doing that it’s

it’s mind-blowing and the land the
shittier it sounds or or certain parts
of it shows the latency in your auditory
processing so this is a true

representation with good hearing in this
case of what you are and are not
processing when it comes to sound I just
want to play this this minute and a half

of this Nina Krauss oh you can get an
idea of how how effective this test is
okay so how do we measure sound
processing in the brain of this with

this very very fast precision just with
a couple of scalp electrons so we play a
sound and here is the sound wave and use
a brain wave and what do you notice

right away that’s similar right the
sound wave in the brain wave actually
kind of resemble each other which is
very uncommon in biological systems and
usually you’re looking at some response
that is a very abstract representation

the system and when we saw this we saw
that we figured we have listened to
electricity we can play electricity back

through a speaker and it ought to sound
like the sound even and you know if it
kind of does so here is so what she’s
doing now is she has to she’s a slide up

and she has the original sound as heard
by the person and then she plays the
waveform that came off of the brainstem
played back in essentially audacity
brain wave a scale and the brains

response to the scale little Mozart and

then the brain will

and my favorite
so you get the idea they can actually

play back what you were your ears heard
and want your brain processed now the
mixer analogy comes back because what
how you process sound is a is knew each

individual your variance of how you
process sound is based on

you know if you don’t use it you lose it
type thing or if you’re multilingual
like I am you can process accents much
better so it’s all just you know how
your brain has been trained and what
pathways you’ve created so the point is

as Mariela says we can definitely
measure in science just how accurate the
brain stem is processing language giving
us insight into the health of one’s
auditory processing ability for which we

have normative data and she says it
comes back to the idea of brain
plasticity the human auditory system is
a top-down biofeedback system incoming
stimuli shape how the brain processes

those stimuli by stimulating our reward
system like serotonin these are things
you get from my social networks by the
way strengthening our neural connections
for things like speech prostates at

speech processing and the more exposure
to those complex stimuli the better the
brain is tuned to focus on those exact
stimuli with that in mind if this
generation we’re discussing are missing

out on crucial opportunities to engage
in communicative interactions in
naturalistic context such as one-on-one
conversations with caregivers friends
etc it’s a near certainty that over

one’s lifespan that would decrease one’s
overall auditory processing ability and
said one final important thing hearing
speech in noise is one of the most
important markers of auditory auditory

processing ability that’s been
frequently identified and research that
is to say the better and an individual’s
ability is to hear speech in noisy
environments the better their overall

processing skills are this is because
the part of our auditory brain strain
stems job is to block out competing
stimuli we developed this ability during
the early history of Homo sapiens cave

for lack of better term were tribal and
did not have language in order to
survive they relied on filtering through
the external auditory stimuli around
them to determine if their environment

was safe or dangerous so I extrapolate
this I’m not a scientist but I think
that if you if if the sound mix is off
let’s just take that as a top-line given
everyone complains about that and you

start using closed captions it is
entirely possible that the ability to
hear speech in a noisy or complex sound
environment starts to diminish and then

you just may be stuck on closed captions
forever and I think that may I think
that may be something that’s happening
in fact well that was a roundabout way
to go in to tipperary that I did not

expect a couple of things maybe doesn’t
account for that it’s fine and I think
the theory is good that what you’re

saying which I didn’t I wish you would
have teased it better but you’re saying
that is having the captions all the time
is going to hurt you
yeah because you’re going to be going to

lose that although in the fact of
learning languages you would you made
the point the other day which is just
the opposite of this which is you like

the how the Dutch would play there are
American movies with closed captions and
you can learn the english a little
better than the Germans who overdubbed
everything look I’m just telling you
what I was saying yeah I just want to

get back to what I I still want to get
back to my problem that I had hearing
somebody whispering on television I
think everything but you said there’s
fine and I think it’s probably correct

but I still believe it’s this is all
part of the Dolby ization of the sound
I think Dolby 5.1 has is the is the real
basic problem with the sound in today’s

on today’s movies on TV
yes I think it starts there and I and I
agree with you that’s and I start like

how many people do you know have a
center channel a real one no I agreed
with you and I said that at the top and
the clothes that that is the most common
thing people complain about now I think
this happened to me and I’ll explain why

and over this this similar occurrence
for a quite a while when people would
listen to the no agenda show your volume
was low it was about three D B’s lower

three dog biscuits now my meters because
I you have to trust your your vu meters
we’re showing the exact same level and I
was hearing you at the appropriate level

even though the recording was was not
the same I think that what happened to
me is I saw the meters I saw they had to
be the same I believe that I was picking

you out in a different I was moving up
that slider on my auditory processing to
put you on equal footing with with my
own voice and it really it threw me for
a loop and then once we figured out that

I was totally hearing it wrong and was
being recorded incorrectly we were able
to rectify the situation
but that could have easily been me just
wanting to hear that louder and it
processed that differently or it could

have been psychologically some deep deep
psychology of you definitely wanting to
get me down three to four DB voiceover
what I think was going on first because

I hate you exactly anyway I want to
thank Mariela and also congratulate her
birthday today so happy birthday on the

list yes I put her on the list and
before we take a break I do have
something very important to share with
you in fact this harkens to your
newsletter you had a trifecta of sad

animals today I saw that was a he had
the beagle 2 Broke Peebles beagle sad
puppy you had the
sad kitten the trifecta and we had

already agreed we were going to try and
use the elitist trick which is to abuse
children into making a plea for people
to donate to the show and we had asked

you know could we you know if you have
Greta Thornburg for the green New Deal
we had these kids reading the horrible
emails from the children who were caged

at the border ripped out of their
mother’s arms and jammed in a cage
forced to drink out of toilets and it’s
effective and it works so we need that
in a second this is up for debate

because there’s been a twist in this in
the psyche of the Americans and the
world consciousness which is were they
like they feel more sympathy and empathy

to dogs well rather than they do people
yeah thanks for derailing my
introduction we’ll just leave the dog
part alone and we’ll hear from our first
child all we finally get some good yeah

I’m not gonna let you walk on and either
okay you ready yep
my name is Felix Wilson John and Adam
are looking for an exit strategy

if we don’t do something now it will
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something else to do and they’ll be no
more show without my agenda amygdalas
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, for anyone they started to vork the
Loic / na and donate now it’s for our
children’s amygdalas maybe going
overboard we will have the full full

version dress that’s Chris’s son Squire
Squire Felix was on his way to a career

the full version at the end of show mix
and with that I’d like to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning to
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implant John C Dvorak any morning yo mr.
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Finance look at snap and go down into

the director who did the buy/sell
recommendations but what what particular
brokers are recommending it and then
scrounge around and you’ll see a bunch
of predicted limits in fact Yahoo

doesn’t pretty well and that’s to me is
always like a six month six month number
so take it for what it’s worth
it’ll be way low anyway if it continues
to build in value perhaps this is my

exit strategy to begin to no agenda
compound in Arizona that blitz blitz and
I discussed in the troll room just a guy
blitzed yeah sure there is I blanched

I’ll have to stay out of H AG’s
crosshairs unlike that other compound
thanks again for all the disk
deconstruction and such why you are

shut up oh my gosh can you see you’ve
got Karma and we should miss that Justin

Lee is berrin walk yes he is yes he
isn’t Thank You Baron Walkman for your
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McLaughlin and locus North Carolina King

with the exact same amount 333 dollars
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second guy f carts cancer karma for my
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Carolina plea plus general goat health

karma for the amygdala shrinkage tidal
change to earl of luna or earl of the
moon which ever sounds more grandiose
I’d like Luna personally I think so

Lunas better a Jon and Adam your opinion
matters below thank you god bless the No
Agenda nation you’ve got that was ready
for it this time yeah I noticed that’s

very unusual Oh doing that for a while
now but you just notice it now is that
right yeah okay onward whoops I have to
hit the Escape key windows 10 will

sometimes look just minimizes everything
in the what everything up on the screen
I don’t have that how does it do that
it’ll happen oh you’re hitting that the
timeline thing is what you’re doing

probably Archduke Nussbaum three
fourteen fifteen from Virginia Beach
Virginia ITM Adam and J CD I’m at a
halfway point of a 10-day stint on cipro
isn’t that if you have a bladder

infection maybe and you can also take
cipro if there’s a if there’s some kind
of radiation I think isn’t that what
what they say I’m not a doctor we’ve

talked about this you are a doctor I
don’t remember any of this
okay for anthrax I’m sorry cipro combat
yeah I remember cipro and anthrax sorry

I didn’t do a definitely not radiation
that’s iodide from from the Seidman
sorry I didn’t respond fast enough when

the backup was called for on Thursday
he’s just writing in to apologize well
that’s very kind and I did want to add
to that that after the show six people
total six people had recorded the live

stream and it blew me away cuz usually
Martin Jay he wasn’t there Martin JJ and
he usually has a backup and I think they
were probably more and I really
appreciate people who do that I think

they’re also doing just to record all of
our banter and stuff before the show now
they want to have some exclusive
some people like baby they like that
anyway it’s nice to know and thank you

Archduke that Nussbaum for having a
recording going and also of course of
your support of the show next on the
list of Audrina Fox is Sean clunk I and
Sean didn’t write I look for his note ID

I do have a note from him from 2014 but
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all right J CD must have the note I have
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here’s one from this is the one from Tim
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segment on social deep platforming an
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important that I forwarded on to my now
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my apologies for not getting this to you
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is important and it does make a
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it anonymous look at him Timm Timm
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that’s what I’m thinking I just want to
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the calculations I got I got I got it
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good oh well that was Tim Larsson no
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know now I’m confused
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notes it’s 66 66 down under bucks for to
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a douche bag for a long time and I feel
something of any karma I need some karma
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grand and when Freddie he was there when
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no one mentions that no I’m an

information security dude named dude
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security but for me and cyber kids and

lured bad memories of the disgusting 90s
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producer ship thank you very much
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curial two hundred twenty two dollars
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gents Bobby from the Big Island of
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the ability to be grateful for what I
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to an island with such abundance and the
absolute best water on the planet which
island is he on oh he’s on the Big

Island Hawaii tested racist my-my boss
whom we referred to as Jeff pastor ray
Oh Jeff II I don’t know good pink Jeff

that’s the way last week and it was only
not only unexpected but left more
questions than answers my request jobs
karma but there’s several employees of a
new Mamaki tea farm huh look up that
Mamaki see what that is and then myself

to continued Jeff’s vision Accord Jeffy
I would like to know what it takes to
get a Jeffy scream like Mueller noose
Nussbaum etc its and dedicate that

him in addition I’d like a random a
gesture Miche Maxon I think he means al
sharpton but he’s saying at Jesse

Jackson somehow Jesse SHM accent yeah
mom I’m looking to my knighting Aloha to
you and what you do okay we we may I
talk to the Fletcher about this we may

read it we just to do this about five
years ago we instituted a you could buy
a fresh out uh-huh
and I visit was expensive I think it was

three hundred bucks or something oh it’s
quite a pricey scream we did quite well
for that promotion okay do it again well
you talk to Fletcher about that in the

meantime Mamaki
tea is an all-natural decaffeinated
herbal tea from Hawaii and I can’t
really there’s a lot of Mamaki links
that I’m seeing here so I’m not sure if

the VAM Aki farm oh it looks like they
might sell on Amazon actually hmmm yeah
you learn something on this show every
single day we learned something new I

love that okay so he needs a little a
little bit of rev owl and a jobs karma
crown all day too we are watching that

was upturned General Eric Holder a
biddies about some Republicans at halls
are already beating the drums of war

today the Pentagon refuted that and he
said the American people do not want him
to quote literally they do not want him
dribbling his thoughts jobs jobs jobs

and jobs let’s vote for job
MSNBC pays him a lot more money than
either one of us make oh yeah well he’s

the Rev Bobby curial comes up next 200
$22.22 in the morning know that we just
had oh I’m sorry just did curial he was
the one in Hawaii Aloha Mahalo vanden

Heuvel oh you sales guy you you oh man I
haven’t heard from him in a while Marcin
yes Madison Marcin you got MRSA MRSA you

know over 13 years I’ve now been
listening to both DSC and No Agenda
you’re still doing that
no a via the show’s I get in touch and
meet many nice people

the last old Trek meetup was great as
well I brought my 14 year old daughter
along it is the meeting we missed along
and we had quality time together
valuable talks on many different topics

and she met a group of people who were
open-minded and have the ability to
converse respectfully thanks for all you
do and for being a part of my life sales

guy you poop yeah he’s been a supporter
of the show he was early early listener
one of the first listeners to the daily
source code when podcasting just started

so nice to hear from you you thank you
very much and congratulations on
bringing you I think I remember when she
was born I think I remembered I do
nuts is that let me give you some karma

there and yeah consider having your
child do a sad testimonial for us but

she’s old like 10 year olds not 14 14
just a mature woman okay John we’ll cut
this part out of the show the Epstein

segment is next we’re not there yet give
me some room of course she wasn’t pastor

Patrick comer $200 best line from the
last show he says we don’t have a felon
in the White House we have a dementia

patient in the witness stand another
zinger from the No Agenda show yeah
we’re so on you that was your quote oh

yeah well there you go we’re so
underappreciated well as artists in the
quote books or AZ quotes or anything we
got plenty of material it’s unbelievable
we have our great group of nice and and

our great group of producers and
executive producers and producers for
the no agenda showing we want to thank
the execs and the associate executive

and these titles that we hand out that’s
not just willy-nilly there’s actual
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if anyone wants to know so you are

either an executive producer of the No
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it looks good
it appears to help people get jobs can pick up people with it yeah

guys girls like just so you know I’m
producer oh really
only I can find an unknown producer for
a podcast you’d be surprised

actually where’s your house can I get in
your car you’re all over the map with it
today we will we’ve got a couple
knighting Zand as you heard there we

have a title change and more people to
thank $50 and above in our next segment
but for right now please for those of
you who are considering donating you
heard a whole bunch of different ways

people like to donate and by the way
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again for you on Thursday please
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org slash
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our formula is this we go out for hit
people in the mouth

ooh oh maybe we should do little brexit

it’s kind of a general UK jingle we have

now I’m liking it mr. Bojan yeah you
know that’s Sir Chris Wilson
you know this the guy is unstoppable yes
unstoppable I need to go to Australia if
only to meet with him

you guys can produce a material oh you
know you’re right we just do both keeper
and I are talking about it we really
want to go and it’s it’s on the books
for as soon as we can but yeah I can

just a matter we need three days just to
hang with Chris we could probably
produce some stuff make sure you get
some people to come by I mean you’d
Sarah over there she wants to do some

voice work for those really Sarah the
Sarah Dame Sarah Harris the famous Dame
Sarah she’s very famous she’s super
famous she runs that morning show I

think we even had a clip of her doing
something silly at least and these days
she even tweets at us from time to time
which I find I’m like she does yeah
that’s risky she’s risking her

all right thinking Australia you know
whatever yes okay because I was teased a

little brexit chitchat that’s why I
started off the newsletter and I can end

it with nothing well what I don’t have
clips per se but there are a couple of
things going on first of all in general
the expectation now is that Boris

Johnson the new prime minister of the
United Kingdom’s of Gitmo nation east
his going is driving hard towards a No
Deal brexit and they’re operating as

such he fired half of the the the
cabinet I guess and he’s rehired
everybody and they’re bringing him in
there turbocharging the No Deal brexit

and in a surprising move well maybe not
to us he has hired Dominic Cummings
as an advisor to the Prime Minister
Dominic Cummings featured in the movie

about brexit this is the guy who drove
the nose ago that was the guy that get
to make it happen go yes the guy with
the L goes the guy with the with the

with the face bags with your idea yeah
so he hired him I guess he’s going to be
the he’ll probably be doing marketing in
PR it is seen as not just controversial
it is dangerous how’s it dangerous well

today it was confirmed that Dominic
Cummings has been officially hired by
our new prime minister as an adviser in
number 10 the BBC’s Laura cruising Berg
tweeted that the appointment was

controversial but it’s not just
controversial it’s dangerous even more
so than Boris Johnson becoming Prime
Minister this shift in tone dangerous
get to that this shift in tone leaves

liberals like me and this was from The
Guardian no cheese no doubt we are now
in a battle for the very future of our
democracy here comes let us remind
ourselves of what Dominic coming stands

for dramatic music made famous for
masterminding the leave campaign
immortalized by Benedict Cumberbatch in
a channel 4 drama this is a man who

commentators described as either an
eccentric or evil genius he’s
responsible for the iconic 350 million
pound a week busts slogan the lie that

Turkish immigrants were ready to join
the EU and flood our borders with kebabs
and cheap labor and fined by the
Electoral Commission for illegally
spending in the 2016 referendum lies are

his currency at his own admission
accuracy is for snake-oil pussies so
there’s like that’s apparently his
intention maybe wasn’t in a coil pussies

now so I have a kind of boots on the
ground report from our friends in the UK

whose Mimi’s best friend Teresa and
might never heard this super famous
rocker that is
known for his harmonica and Bob Dylan

mitt Gaiman used to work with Ian Dury
and stick me slowly hit me quick yeah so
the word over there is that Trump is

going is studying the NHS closely to
bring it to the United States ha that’s
what I said really Yeah right and then

somehow it gets convoluted to to add an
additional little dimension to it which
is somehow he’s also going to take over

the NHS in in the UK because you see and
I’ll say that you see him and Johnson
are like tight they’re really tight

everybody knows that the two of them
were just hanging out all the time yeah
even though I see no evidence of this
and they’re gonna do gonna kind of sell
out the UK to the United States and what

are we shape or fly by taking their NHS
I don’t know that’s the all they know
and it’s just like there’s you know
because their papers over there is bad
or worse than ours their information is

shoddy the NHS is such an expensive
program granted you’re the only pay five
dollars for no matter that is your copay
for everything no matter what it is for

for medication because I was in the
system but I also remember Cristina
dislocated her knee and as she was you
know developing woman at the time she

was in you know in high school and it
actually happened again and so we said
shoot you know let’s go get a scam and
they said sure come back in eight weeks
and I’m like well well it seems kind of

like no there’s a waiting list just it’s
not priority and and don’t run in the
meantime but thanks so I took her
private I paid for it
and we walked into the same place there

was no one there they were just sitting
they took my five thousand
and did the scan the next day so it’s
not a very efficient system it doesn’t
seem to sounds like a crock of crap to

me yeah so now we had multiple
experiences with NHS an emergency
appendectomy did get taken care of
pretty quickly well that’s a plus but

you know otherwise I don’t know it’s see
ya when you socialize the medicine the
healthcare to that degree you can get

waiting lists and prioritization it’s
the only way it can work and that’s what
you yourself just proved it that’s not
how it don’t wait can work because you

waltzed into the place there was nobody
they’re just slacking off they’re
featherbedding they’re screwing this is
corruption this needs to be fixed well
maybe that’s what the president is

studying I think I don’t know if he’s
studying anything but doesn’t that
sounds like fear mongering to me a lot
of people don’t like Johnson they’re

trying to push first another general
election that’s the big thing I was
talking and moanin and groanin about and
if they can get that to happen of course
that would put Faraj and i think he

would probably just totally kick ass if
he because his little brexit party is
very popular I’m even more convinced
than I was on on Thursday that Johnson

is not going to lead the country to
brexit I still think a new referendum
will be in order
and I don’t know what the mechanism why
that will happen but at just Johnson

doesn’t I don’t think he even really
wants I think he’s just talking a big
game I don’t think his heart is in
brexit I have no proof it’s just what I
missed the smell test with this guy and

his odd background and I don’t know I
had a very strange character yeah I’m
just not so sure I have a feeling he may
bring it to another another referendum

that’s the European way they’re still in
the European Union that’s the way
who’s the one who’s been promoting this
idea both of us both of us we’ve been
promoting this ever since the Lisbon

Treaty yeah okay I bet if they do a hard
brexit which is again neither one of us
believes that will happen but if they do
I think it’ll collapse the stock market

everywhere or just there’s everywhere
nice it’d only be assured by the dips
it’ll be a flutter by the dips you know
what I was looking for the reverend al

teleprompter thing for the donation
segment i came across a clip from 2015
called reverend owl calls titled
reverend al calls for the federalized

police is twenty seconds can we just
give it a listen
yes as we were talking about it in the
twentieth century at the fight states

rights and to get the right to vote we
got to fight states rights in terms of
closing down from these cases police
must be held accountable I don’t think I
don’t think most of them though you said

it right there in the beginning so what
what makes these people think that a
federal police department runs
centralized from Washington DC with no

real interest in any of the states or in
what states are like or what they you
know what kind of barbecue they eat what
makes them think that that would be
better than the local people policing
themselves when all they talk about in

when it comes to like even policing
within New York
oh I we want the community to police us
we want more black cops we want
community community community policing
my god okay make up your minds do you

want community policing or federal
policing I think they wanted out
remember he’s not speaking for himself
he’s a known identified FBI informant so
you know who’s he’s speaking on behalf

of someone that’s a good point though
he’s speaking on behalf of the federal
bi is a ineffective version of federal
police centralized power he wants to be
a part of it that’s this game that’s

it’s the globalist way next we’ll have
global police the global police force
standby citizen yeah well that’s the
problem now you bring up an old clip I

have a retrospect respective of ten
years ago today clips this is something
we can only do on a Sunday I like it
it’s as ten years ago today mm-hmm what

do you mean we can only do it on a
I’m just making shit up here I’m feeling
just a remind people what was going on
ten years ago on the No Agenda show and

the kind of things that we were
discussing so this is 2009 Barack Obama
was in office I was I presume was in San
Francisco or still shuttle back and

forth between London no no I think
you’re in San Francisco at 2009 okay
yeah pretty sure all right but let’s
listen today I’m gonna be mixed up there
we’ll first start with the top of the

list which is swine flu was a big D this
by the way was the measles year too but
they also have swine flu for remember we
poo pooed the whole swine flu phenomenon
us some sort of scam we didn’t know what

it was but let’s listen to a clip
they should stay home from school for
seven days at least if it looks like
they have swine flu and people who are

sick should actually wear masks at home
also wash your hands often and sneeze
and cough into your sleeve not your hand
the vaccines are also going to be
available but you must get one for the

seasonal flu and a separate one for the
swine flu which is two shots will be
gearing up for on-site vaccination
programs in probably about 40 schools in
Contra Costa will be doing drive-through

vaccine programs for the public in
shopping centers beginning in November
in the meantime the health department’s
are working with each other and the

school districts to track absences if
another kid gets it then we’ll just
bring him home and he’ll be funny I
think I think a lot of the media if you
put that back frighten a lot of the

media around it has been around the fear
of what it might be as opposed to what
the flu turned out to be it turns out
the swine flu isn’t more dangerous than
the seasonal flu but it’s also here to
stay won’t be going away we expect its

we coming back in the fall with larger
numbers what we hope is that it doesn’t
come back with more severity Lisa James
CBS 5 and wash your hands after touching

any raw meat now you hear that in there
which part it’s deer to stay so every
year the flu is oh yeah and where and
where is it it came and went two years

ago no one even talked about it yeah CBS
I had the swine flu you recall oh yeah
you did and I coughed and I stopped

although when you’re on the show you son
this is one of the amazing things I will
give you credit for this you’re such a
pro dead and I will tell the public dis

you have been sick as a dog
but when you hit the show hey boom you
sound perfect well thank you for at

least giving me credit for something yes
you need credit for that I give you
credit for something you also better
hair than I do I would never say that
yeah yeah sure okay here we go now this

now we’re back back in 20 2009 tell me
if this joke
this kind of homophobic joke by one of
the great liberals of television who

could even be told today by anybody with
everybody night because especially
somebody like Trump but let’s this is
the second clip which is inflatable
Anderson Cooper I don’t know if this has

anything to do with the Gay Pride Week
but here in New York City maybe even
notice this that all the street vendors
are selling inflatable Anderson Cooper’s

I don’t know if it does or not hey you
know around 9 o’clock which is about an
hour before we go to bed I’ll always

flip on the TV land and Two and a Half
Men which I think they made 8000
episodes the most homophobic
misogynistic jokes ever I can’t believe

that it’s allowed to be on television at
all and it’s funny the jokes are
incredibly dirty that too yeah yeah and
it goes then you have oh yes great ok

changed in a decade we have to imagine
we had trumpet you know trying to make
amends with North Korea this is where we
were with North Korea in 2009 just a

mere 10 years ago this is the Hawaii
clip oh I remember
also tonight American warships are
tracking a North Korean vessel off the
coast of China that may be carrying
illegal weapons meantime the Pentagon is

beating up our missile defense system to
protect Hawaii from a North Korean
missile attack a Japanese newspaper
reports the North may be planning to
test fire another missile this one aimed

at Hawaii on the 4th of July most
analysts doubt that it could reach the
islands but Defense Secretary Robert
Gates isn’t taking any chances
deploying a giant radar and missile

interceptors to the Hawaiian Islands
yeah didn’t it turn out that all that
was just a bunch of fear-mongering
bullcrap yes now our president the
taxpayers millions and now our president

just walks across the Demilitarized Zone
hey bro how you doing
and no no more testing and hmm
unbelievable there was only 2 years ago

when I was in yeah 2 years ago I was in
Europe and people were so afraid you
remember I reported on it we’re really
afraid of this North Korea Kim Jong Un’s
gonna blow us up yeah it’s crazy this is

interesting I think the reason I said we
can only do it on Sundays is you don’t
wanna be doing it every show no no no no
no I don’t mean it that way because

it’s just hard to get quality well
forget quality reporting to get any
clips from Thursday to Sunday
it’s either stuff we’ve been tracking

throughout the week you know we can go
in-depth in a few other areas I like to
do a little business
that’s good sybiz like a side gig but it
gives us a little perspective idea is to

give us perspective and to show what
this show has been about since day one
less day a hundred yeah let’s go to this
one that this is the classic to me is

one of the great clips ever collected
and this one is the cuz they just try
everything everything and this is ten
years ago mind you this is the fat

people clip kit dough on why researchers
say obesity is bad for the environment
obesity and global warming both heavy
topics now linked by a new study from

the London School of Hygiene and
Tropical Medicine it says people who
weigh more tend to drive more and eat
more and all that food it shipped on
average 1,500 miles from words grown to

your plate fat people researchers
contend are killing the planet more so
than those worth in they would be if you
played that for who I was that CBS who

did that that was the local CBS
affiliate oh they would be so
embarrassed if they heard that today fat
shaming body shaming it’s just
unbelievable it was one of the swings
for the fences that the global warmest a

mutant empted thinking that maybe this
will work go on a diet you’re killing
the earth we should bring that one back
I like it
the main thing nowadays is to just wish
the eighteen months we’re all gonna die

yeah I know this is another Jim that’s
right Jim all right the last one it
turns out to be more of an enigma and
this was a clip that I pulled and I

don’t know if you even played this one
on the show but this is something that
Democrats have to kind of kind of deal
with it seems to me and then out I did
kicker to it is I’ll discuss at the end

which is this
from from a American experience on the
kennedys done by not NPR but PBS Kennedy
carried Wisconsin but he did lose key

Protestant districts and the next
contest was at an overwhelmingly
Protestant state West Virginia to win
there Kennedy would have to confront the
religious issue at every public

appearance senator Kennedy
how can we stop the religious issues
that keep coming up to confuse the
think that oh I don’t mind I must say

that we shouldn’t do because it’s a I am
running for the Presidency which is a
powerful office getting great power
under the Constitution and it is a

matter of concern to a good many people
in the best way to get a tax it seems to
me is to ask the question openly West
Virginia was not only Protestant it was
notoriously corrupt once again the

Kennedys left nothing to chance I tell
the story about Eddie Ford Eddie Ford
went out there pocketful of money you
see a sheriff in the state of the
sheriff sheriff I’m from Chicago I’m on

my way self I love this young Kennedy
boy he can help this nation my god he’s
got the feeling for it you know he he’ll
do things for West Virginia I’ll tell
you what he said his 3,000 I his 5,000

he said you carry your village for him
or your dyrdek Audi for him and I’ll
give you a little reward I’m where I’m
on my way back FBI wiretaps would later

show that underworld figures said to
have old ties to Joe Kennedy were also
distributing funds on behalf of the
Kennedy campaign Kennedy won West
Virginia and all of the primaries hmm

yeah there you go there’s your measure
virtues signaling or Democrats yeah a
nutshell so I looked into this this is

actually from this show was actually
broadcast in 1992 huh and most of this
information is long forgotten huh so
well first of all thank you that was a

nice a nice little segment I like that
and we should do that more often
we’ll do it every Sunday until things
loosen up well that reminds me of this

clip that I brought along regarding
climate change this I think when the we
only have 18 more months to go before we
die a story came out which was

propagated by the BBC I mean it’s not
just some origin uh well let me see I
have it here
mmm green New Deal what’s the rush all

of a sudden we don’t do something in 18
yeah this is not gonna work out for them
that’s a good there’s something in 18
months we got a start well when is what

is the 2020 election is that about 18
months from now yeah but even so what’s
a good wasn’t gonna think we’re gonna
change their vote cuz of this nonsense

well so they can chat it up and
countdown to Armageddon we only have 16
months 15 months and Counting thirteen
months and Counting destruction is

impossible yeah that would to me would
be a Hail Mary well well yeah at this
point look I’ve seen it all you’ve seen
it all I don’t put anything past anybody
this was doing the rounds in regards to

that so it’s not brand-new I think it
was a year ago maybe these four climate
scientists are on a panel and they
discussed the following report I just
want to read saying that they should

read this at the climate summit I think
they should really read this today to
describe what’s going on and this is
from a reliable source American leader
logic citing monthly weather review
publication that the Arctic Ocean is

warming up icebergs are growing scarce
or in some places the seals are finding
the water too hot according to a report
by the commerce department at Bergen
Norway reports from fishermen see

hunters explorers all over point to
radical change in climate conditions why
aren’t they reading this and hitherto
unheard of temperatures in the Arctic
zone exploration expeditions reports
scarcely any ice as far north as 81

degrees soundings show the Gulf Stream
very warm masses of ice have been
replaced by more rains of Earth and
stones and it goes on and on within a
few years it’s predicted that due to the

ice melt the sea will rise and make most
coastal cities uninhabitable what year
was that written oh oh that’s right I’m
this is 1922 this is November in 1922
and this is real this is not urban

legend I know it’s an old gag but
the problem is that the one guy do you
know jumped on the punchline which was
too bad but that is a verbatim reading
and I like that he just shows you some

of the insanity it’s the same it’s the
same as playing these older clips holy
crap what happened to us in ten short
years yeah I did that I had a thing in
the newsletter I think it was similar to

that what that guy just read and it was
from the late 18-hundreds person yeah we
have that this is always going on and
then we had the period in the 70s where
we’re gonna have a Ice Age and that

didn’t work out this frighten people
enough and so they backed off so Ilan
Omar we’ve been tracking her a little
bit does this come controversy as she is
a I think she’s the leader of the squad

at this point and I think she’s pushed
aoc aside and AOC is she’s gonna have to
disassociate or go down in flames I
think you’re right about that yeah it’s
probably not smart and I I saw the body

language already you know and this is
she has a very different style than than
Omar she’s Bors she has a geog that’s
because Omar’s more of a puppet and boy

yeah OSI is more of a POC is a puppet of
the of the Justice Democrats in that one
guy yeah so she doesn’t have the

self-confidence that Omar has Omar you
exude self-confidence you really think
she’s hot shit well I don’t know if you
saw this thread a lot of people
supported this to me it’s from the Imam

of peace who was a real guy Imam man hi
Keaney I think his name is and he posted
this thread on Twitter and it’s about

Ilan Omar and now what is going on right
now is there’s a lot of question and a
lot of investigation going on as to her
committing immigration fraud tax fraud

by essentially marrying her brother
bringing him in legally then divorcing
him and you know then you know filing
joint taxes with the guy she wasn’t

married to
a lot of problems which I think yeah
most people will leave alone however
this guy the Imam of peace which and I
got a lot of people talking about this

post of the following I have sources for
what I will say their solid rock
authentic many officials were
criticizing me for making this public
but I have a duty to do so the public
needs to know I understand the potential
consequences of this threat and I accept

them I’m willing to go to the fullest
extent with this matter even if I’m
required to testify in Congress this is
the beginning of the uncovering of what
could be a giant scandal the sensitive
details of this matter will be shared in

private upon request this congresswoman
has confirmed to the above group of
Qataris that the recent investigations
into her cases will not end well for her
they also fear that she’s in trouble now
they are coming after several coming

after several people I am one of those
people and their plan is as follows this
congresswoman talking about Ilan Omar
told the group of Qatari officials who
have invested in her that speaker Pelosi
is happy she is being investigated

because recently they had rebelled
against Pelosi and she hates the
pressure coming on to the party because
of her the plan of the congresswoman is
to make all of this go away and strike a
deal with speaker Pelosi to put her

cases aside if she puts the case of this
congresswoman aside and ignores it
this is Qataris goal in DC with regard
to this congresswoman the congresswoman
along with a Palestinian female activist

from Brooklyn that would be Talib agreed
on diverting the attention of by
planning to seek the assistance of the
intercept al-jazeera and the middle
easy.i to fabricate the following

scandal they want to claim that all of
those criticizing this particular
congresswoman are paid by Saudis and the
United Arab Emirates and that would make

sense because the Saudis and UAE have a
big beef with Qatar they do not agree at
all down to almost military action and
that it is a collusion against the

congresswoman so they are planning on
separating people look it goes on and on
so the idea is that to distract from all
the problems she has she’s going to
launch into everyone who criticizes me

about this he is a Saudi shill and
she apparently asked the the intercept I
don’t know if they accepted this
intercept but also al Jazeera which is
Qatari owned and bass to propagate this

and I just found it fascinating a lot of
people are looking at this and she has
started to appear on al Jazeera recently
which i think is relatively new here’s

the here’s a controversial statement she
made on al Jazeera a lot of
conservatives in particular would say
that the rise in Islamophobia is the
result not of hate but a fear a
legitimate fear they say of

quote-unquote jihadist terrorism whether
it’s Fort Hood or San Bernardino or the
recent truck attack in New York what do
you say to them I would say our country
should be more fearful of white man

across our country because they are
actually causing most of the deaths
within this country and so if fear was
the driving force of policies to keep

America safe Americans safe inside of
this country we should be profiling
monitoring and and and creating policies

to fight the radicalization of white men
yeah that’s right not just crazy man not
old men not straight men cisgendered men
no white men just white men in general

Elon so we’ll see what happens we’ll see
if we played by her I’d say yeah I don’t
know do you think someone’s running her

at all or do you think she’s autonomous
I mean it sounds like she’s being she
became she became part of the Justice
Democrats block right all four of them
are and so they maybe she doesn’t seem

like anyone’s running or she seems to be
running herself and it’s like well but
if she has the backing of Qatar that’s
very interesting

well that’s would give her the even more
confidence to say stuff like that and
there you go
all right we’ll see how that goes
I mean if the intercept is I don’t know
how they got their name in there but at

least knowing some of those guys they
have to make a statement about that
because that is intercept would go after
her they should because it’s very
damning that the intercept really touts

its independence 250 million dollars
from PR drive my car I’m only me TR but
there’s independence there Omid are is a
Trump hater so there’s that but I don’t

see how he’s helping this one would it
benefit that that perspective no she’s
she’s trouble I think she just left her
husband that you know that one she yeah

yeah she’s more of a she’s more of a
character from like the Star newspaper
or or or Entertainment Tonight you know
she’s got all these tribulations yeah

yeah um do that see more of a Kardashian
than she has anything else you know how
if you’re watching TV and I don’t know
if I don’t know if you have this but the

pharmaceutical commercials come on and
you look at he go maybe I have that
those moments like well maybe you didn’t
but I may have tardive dyskinesia god

what is it before I was diagnosed by my
doctor I didn’t know why my body was
moving like it had a mind of its own my
eyes blinked way too much even though I

didn’t mean to it turns out I have
tardive dyskinesia a condition that may
be related to important medications I
take from my bipolar disorder my fingers
like they were playing a piano that
wasn’t there I was embarrassed that

others could see my movements my doctor
said part of dyskinesia can affect
different parts of the body it may also
affect people who take medication for
depression and schizophrenia I know I
shouldn’t change or stop my medication

I was glad to learn that TD is
manageable if this sounds like you or
someone you know visit talk about TD
comm or call one eight hundred eight to
five six five three three to receive a
free brochure that describes the

uncontrollable movements of TD and where
on the body they might occur you’ll find
a free discussion guide with ways to
start a conversation with your doctor
about how to do it’s a relief to know
that today TD is manageable

learn more at talk about TD comm so you
know I have all this I got bullied
what what is the drug involved here what

they’re saying well what they’re saying
this is neuro cream neur o CRI any neuro
crane and apparently though they’re very
sketchy because they say it could be but

I think what they’re saying is people
who are on antidepressants after you
take what is that what’s the the booster
medication that they’ve been selling
xarelto or whatever so you have your

antidepressant dose or relatives or elta
you’re a so that may not works you need
to boost it with Xarelto whatever it’s
called and then you may get all these
twitches and tics

maybe I think here’s another example
I’ve been pretty stable with my
schizophrenia for a while and then my
kids asked me why my body was rocking
back and forth my doctor said I have
taught at dyskinesia which may be

related to the important medications I
take for my schizophrenia I also felt my
tongue darting and pushing against my
cheeks I was glad to learn that today
tedious message tongue yeah

I have all of these all these symptoms
so maybe I could just try the the meds
and you see if it’s if it calms me down
and you can call me tiger no I’ve never

heard of this I’ve never seen these
commercials I don’t know what you’re
watching down in Texas this came on Fox
News and I was the and it caught my
attention for two reasons one an ad that
isn’t my pillow com4 gig firm yeah good

and second you know they were talking
about twitches and ticks so I usually I
turned the volume down because I feel

that all these men these big pharma
commercials can actually give you
what they tell you you might have I like
that that’s good that doesn’t surprise
and so this tardive dyskinesia I don’t

know I mean it’s I don’t take any
antidepressants but I have all the other
symptoms it may be related to my
Tourette’s I don’t know what do you
think should I talk to my doctor
yeah you should talk to your doctor for

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talked a little bit about it comes up in

the conversation but I’ve got some more
details and this is the office of legal
counsel ha the one that prohibited
prohibited Muller from in throwing the
president in jail I have our baby but

they’re always getting involved in I
didn’t you we always talk about him a
lot of the office of legal counsel did
this the office of legal counsel did
that and so we have a guy here who’s I
think work for the Justice Department

know who he is actually but he’s on
Cheryl acted at consensus
yes just go in in her name so it’s hard
to pronounce
on her show discussing this and it gives

us a little background this is the
educational segment and I found this to
be quite interesting there’s a lot of
secrecy surrounding the office of legal
counsel why is that is that treated sort

of like attorney-client privilege
because they are advising federal
agencies and the White House yeah so the
office of legal counsel claims whenever
we ask for these opinions they claim

that it’s attorney-client privilege and
therefore needs to be confidential but
the problem is that the office of legal
counsel knows that the rest of the

government doesn’t see these opinions
it’s just legal advice they see the
opinions as official decisions people
who follow these legal opinions

essentially receive legal immunity for
their actions because the Department of
Justice doesn’t really like to prosecute
people for following its own advice

huh so I thought that was interesting
and and this guy is he’s like I think
he’s a Justice Department guy now I you
know I went back and tried to get his

name in it but he’s given the scoop on
this and he’s here is the follow-up clip
which is she asked him a specific
question and about she would be
preoccupied with the torture memos that

were done by this office of legal
counsel given everyone the okay and
here’s this is a short 20-second clip
explaining what was in those memos to be
clear what was the decision in the

torture recommendation case the decision
from the office of legal counsel was
that what became what we call enhanced
interrogation techniques did not
constitute torture as defined by

international law or you know applicable
US laws wait a minute so that did that
phrase come out of the office of legal
counsel apparently huh that’s
interesting there you have it that’s one

of those and once they say something is
gold cuz no one’s gonna do anything that
is kind of surprising
no every second episode

I don’t know I this is I’m going out on
a limb with this one this is really
off-the-wall okay well I have one clip

for a second have a show to sustain that
the zone well why don’t you go first
well mine is just about the asteroid oh
don’t wait almost got killed and talk

about a close encounter an asteroid
barely missed earth this week this space
rock is named asteroid 2019 okay it
whizzed past the earth on Thursday at

54,000 miles per hour it’s several
hundred feet across and it came within
45 thousand miles of Earth that’s
actually less than a fifth of the
distance to the moon scientists call the

path uncomfortably close astronomers had
not been tracking 2019 okay which made
the flyby all the more surprising no not
only you but I think I heard her also

say asteroid asteroid yeah you seen it
sounds like asteroid hit it again I know
I said it again Astro let me just say
asteroid asteroid yeah hmm oh I know I

said asteroid okay almost fine all right
I don’t know if you may hate this but
you’ll since you will okay let’s put on

our cue glasses it’s time once again in
the hole thought behind the cue glasses
is when we put them on we see cue for
what it is so you can’t condemn us for
believing in cue when we’re wearing the

cue glasses do you have them near up
nearby oh you know hold on a sec all
yeah we have the cue glasses on ladies

and gentlemen perfect but he’s mine
do you remember the controversy over an
email that a pamphlet supposedly would

change the timeline meaning that Donald
Trump jr. had received
the Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks emails and
decryption key before WikiLeaks actually

published them and it turned out that
that was incorrect and CNN had to make
this big Mia culpa apology do you
remember this uh to be honest about it

no I have a clip just to bring you back
up to speed
we’re actually correcting a story that
we have been reporting throughout the
day today about an email that was sent
to the Trump campaign to then-candidate

from Donald Trump jr. and others during
the heat of the campaign season this
email included a decryption key and also
it’s something a link to where they

could access some of these hacked
WikiLeaks documents from the Democratic
National Committee now we’ve been
reporting that this email came on
September 4th
that was before some of these documents

were publicly available but we have just
received a nack Oppie of this email and
instead we now learned that this this
email was on September 14th

so that is ten days later than what we
originally reported earlier today and
and this is pierced and changed the
understanding of this story because
initially it seemed perhaps they were

being offered access to documents that
were not yet publicly available our
initial reporting on that September 4th
date was based on two sources who had
seen this this email but that

information was incorrect now based on
the copy of the email that we have
obtained this afternoon about this email
is came on September 14th not September
4th as we said earlier brother so you

may be I’m glad you stopped it because
because I don’t know why you would do
anything like that I am listening to it

this so they sent the the be stringers
out to do the big apology because just

before that they were like oh we got him
smoking gun he knew about it collusion
with WikiLeaks do you kind of remember
vaguely well this what you will it was
so much of that well you remember in a

moment this was as it turns out an
intelligence trap to find a leaker and
this is what you do you you you send off
the incorrect information with separate

pieces of information into the system
and whatever poops out the other end
you’ve got your leaker so the shape well
right after this apology cascade of

apology came out President Trump tweeted
the following finally little Adam Schiff
the leakin monster of no control is now

blaming the Obama administration for
Russian meddling in the 2016 election
but he spelled little Li ddle
you remember that yes well with our cue

glasses on we now know why Adam Schiff
is an active participant of a nonprofit
charity called little kids li d dl e ki

DZ dot org little kids is the gold
standard for pediatric touch therapy

education yeah yeah exactly
little kids org in fact they do a lot of
this touch therapy in Haiti where we see

pictures of little Adam Schiff with
children romping around in Haiti little
kids operates in California in the 28th

district which is Adam shifts district
keep those glasses on John you’re gonna
need him so what really was the
president signaling here was he saying

you’re a douchebag for having a
nonprofit or was he may be calling this
little kids organization into question
for touch therapy and now I’m sure it’s

the gold standard I don’t know I don’t
want any congressmen touching my child
touch therapy I love that oh yeah so now
we go back to 2009 interestingly where

we were in a few terrifying moments in
the early morning hours it was actually
Martin Luther King jr. Day Martin Luther
King Day there was what authorities

initially thought was a terrorist attack
launched in a downtown subway station
several people had been overcome by a
cloud of noxious gas causing two of them
to begin vomiting and it was a it was

they were the officials were freaking
out but they figured out where it came
from hazardous materials teams
ultimately found that the toxic cloud
was chlorine gas or initially found the

toxic cloud was chlorine gas emanating
from a storm catch basin two blocks away
the culprit prosecutors alleged was not
some scary extremist group but the owner

of the standard a trendy downtown hotel
with a reputation for celebrity
sightings and a rooftop swimming hotel
hotel maintenance workers initially

admitted this is from the Los Angeles
Times that I’m reading it made it
pouring a small amount of chlorine down
a rooftop drain but investigators did
not believe that would have accounted

for the noxious cloud an FBI agent who
specializes in environmental crimes
conducted the follow-up interviews in
which employees eventually acknowledged
emptying the majority of 250 gallon
drums of muriatic acid and chlorine into

the drain now muriatic acid is what can
we do with muriatic acid
no it’s hydrochloric acid it’s used for
cleaning cement can you dissolve bodies

in it it’s not the best I think nitric
acid to be better but if I it would yeah
but it does when it mixes with chlorine
it definitely will produce chlorine gas

she was with them with the Clorox or if
he has Clorox it would produce chlorine
gas so I don’t know why you would pour
250 gallon drums of this down the drain

but they did so here’s what’s
interesting the standard hotel is owned
by andreas Bella’s boyfriend to several
actresses including I think Chelsea

Handler also boyfriend to spirit cooker
marina Abramowitz and boyfriend – Helene
Maxwell there’s there’s our pitot

connection the standard hotel if you
look at their website the standard hotel
dot-com I think it is they have a number
of one this is the West Hollywood one

they’ve got the they’ve got well first
of all they have ping pong tables it’s
always fun to bring that up in regards
to anything
fiddling you know I don’t know touch
therapy but they also have a picture of

a guy with a big pedo bear the head on
in bed with a young woman it’s a very
creepy looking so the standard WeHo
location is in Adam shifts district and

right around this time when Trump
tweeted the little Adam Schiff quote
there was a helicopter accident the
general manager of the West Hollywood

the standard was on her way to I think
the there’s one on Catalina Island she’d
been the general manager for 11 years
helicopter crashes no Mayday call boom

gone so Q announced conclusion point to
a shift problem being solved with the
muriatic acid and potential witnesses of
the crime being taken care of and this

is the reason why Adam Schiff is so
insane about removing Trump he may have
committed some horrible acts that were
covered up and taken care of for him and

now he has to pay the bill well let’s
stop with the the hydrochloric acid as
being a good way to dissolve a body
because it’s not man not even a small

it the best you would use lie or sodium
hydroxide or something that really is
caustic now there was just the opposite
old honest thing let’s take let’s take

the glasses off because you’re bumming
me out in queue mode I know I felt it
too I’m not completely buying it cuz

that’s the I mean you would use the
hydrochloric acid in this situation with
the Clorox it might be useful as a
cleanup to get rid of all traces of DNA

oh there you go okay something like the
along those lines solves even a little
body I mean it would just be a mess it
would be Torah ball
and it was just not work it’s just not a

good way to go and I think if there’s a
mystery writer out there who listen to
the show they can you probably know the
details of this but you know you would
you would use something else well
they’re what they’re doing with that

acid not sure well there you go it
depends on also we never heard the
concentration of the acid was it low
concentration like a cleaning fluid I
don’t know I’m just reporting on the cue

I like the ship and the kids though
that’s kind of interesting
well also Trump tweeting little that’s

Dania is like he knows something that
that makes receipt that was signaling
that yes yeah that makes the story
interesting never thought it Trump has a
shift that way best possum talk look

it’s creepy well he’s a creepy looking
he’s a creepy guy right yeah so if you
look around for pictures of him with

this little kids hmm I was listening to
one of these podcasts where somebody’s
going off on that Epstein older and they
go into the Ted Heath Jimmy Savile
connected it’s Matt and one of the

things he points out he says you know
people you know there’s nothing wrong
with you know helping children being you
know babe
you know getting involved with the Boys
and Girls Club or doing anything but
when you do except you really hanging

around a lot of little kids and you’re
not a kindergarten teacher yeah you know
it might be something no you might want
to check the guy out a little more
closely yeah so yeah so there was David
Icke oh well the kid there the

connection and by the way just to remind
everybody I know it sounds unbelievable
could we really have a ring of
pedophiles in America elites in the
government and Hollywood and I say I

don’t know we had priests who were
molesting thousands of children we had
Jimmy Savile who proven proven to have
done the same Maxine sheelane Maxwell
also did a lot of work for the BBC

children’s programming department with
Jimmy Savile so you know I’m sure that
all the Hollywood elites are always

hanging out across continents but the
coincidences get a little a little weird
little yeah I don’t like guilt by
association and I mentioned when I see
it I don’t like it not because you’re

throwing too many people in the pot and
that’s do one of the ways you do the
smokescreen to protect yourself you know
you go all the way don’t you put a bunch
of other people into the smokescreen and

they’ve served and then they can be just
can be easily disproven they got nothing
to do with anything and so I’m always
looking on the lookout for that but
there are too many people that are

involved in some of these things whether
it’s a I mean it’s like the necrophiliac
clubs in New York that used to exist in
the back doors and the mortuaries or

they’re out there still buncher there’s
still people that do that according to
David Icke and this really very recent
interview where he calls on everybody
he is getting really bold about he says

that Jimmy Savile was a necrophiliac yes
well that that I remember many reports I
think we talked about it
he had he would be left alone in them in

the morgue yeah for hours on end damn
people are sick and then he died oh gee
I’m funny how that works alright do you

have something upbeat together sighs
give me a beat a beat
well you got a couple of thee well yeah

I got one I get a real good one to every
let means I may have two clips left all
right first of all yeah I do I do have
to kiss because I have to get this out
of the way we got to play at least get
there’s not an upbeat but it’s a good

story this is a short version of a long
story about the route Hong Kong is
really in out of control now oh yes
let’s get with that but the rage and
chaos in Hong Kong hit its highest so

upbeat heat yes
police Saturday night’s storm the subway
station in the general neighborhood
hitting people with batons and arresting
protesters who refused to leave it was
the worst violence the city has seen

since June and came after thousands of
protesters again squared off against
police for hours protesters blocked
roads and threw bricks bottles and

police fired back with round after round
tear gas and rubber bullets but this
time protestors wouldn’t budge they were
better prepared and ready to fight

the plaintiff at the rear police and it
looks like they’re succeeding this in
the past minute or so so right police
with was the first wave of fear death we

ourselves were afraid it’s only a
verdict created in the world they’re
angry after a mob of men last week and
brutally attacked protesters and

innocent bystanders in this town subway
the men are believed to be members of
organized crime gangs and it took police
roughly 40 minutes to respond how we’re

going to demonstrate walk justice
furious protesters today try to take the
fight back to the neighborhoods where
the gangs are from but will repelled

repeatedly by police this is the worst
chaos we’ve seen on Hong Kong streets
it’s gotten worse every single week the
fear is that if this continues to

escalate the People’s Liberation Army
will step in
I like the talking in through the gas
masks bit that’s kind of cool that’s new
even I didn’t like it
he should have miked him in the gas man

yeah it’s true now I do have the fight
the clip to leave which is this one now
there’s a guy now I don’t like the fat

shame or do any of these kinds of
critical things and and now when
somebody has just a silly voice and he’s
on network TV doing reporting and he
sounds somewhere in between the only I

could describe it he sounds a little
like somewhere between Comic Book Guy
and The Simpsons the Jerry Lewis
professor character on The Simpsons and
Sylvester the cat and then they give him
a story with all the wordage in the

story designed to kind of promote his
silly voice and this is on NBC and it’s
the Bison who it’s a little girl

story done by Steve did you never I’d
known as they ever give his last name
but Steve he’s the fabulous Steve the
way I call him I’m gonna look for him in
the future
I enjoyed this to no end and so the
story because I saw the video of this

some idiot parents with their young
child are walking near a was it 5,000
pound bison house about full-grown male
bison yeah let’s go pit let’s go over

there and pet him the Bison starts
charging the parents run Lee drop the
little girl behind they get to almost
kill she gets launched by this bison and
at least 15 20 feet in the air and

apparently she was it she was okay yes
that’s I hate it when they say that up
front I don’t want to know if the kids
okay until afterwards I want the
suspense but don’t worry that

I wasn’t really heard in this video I
want to think the kid got you know gored
and died and then make me happy but okay
I’m not producing Network News which
families are inspiring encounter turned
to horror but in a matter of second a

crowd of curious tourists getting a
close look at a massive bull bison then
suddenly it charges plowing into a nine
year old girl
launching her several feet into the air

the shocking video taken close to
Yellowstone’s famous Old Faithful geyser
were wild bison graze in clusters bison
can be aggressive they can move quickly
and they can get bothered in a moment’s

notice the girl rushed to a nearby
clinic Rangers say the child is lucky
she was not seriously injured
although bison attacks in Yellowstone
are rare it’s not the first time tours

have gotten too close Rangers say stay
at least 75 feet away from animals like
bison or most and more than 300 feet by
through bears or wolves they’re wild

animals and they’re huge they can kill
you according to park officials 50
people were standing just feet from the
Bison before it started charging getting
close to wildlife is not a smart idea

and I know everybody likes to get that
selfie they’d like to get that great
photo but safety needs to come first
Park officials have so far decided not
to issue citations to the girl’s family
and as of now the incident remains under

Lester hi Steve hopefully lesson learned
thanks he has yet again network news
with speech impediment bison and moose

listen to that clip closely I think he’s
putting that voice on I think it’s just

an extra problem you really think he’s
putting that on because he drops out it
he’s got a certain sound and timbre to
his voice and it rings a certain way and
then he comes out of it and he sounds

very normal and the end that everything
kind of changes too much my thing is I
think I could be wrong but I think he
did that as kind of a goof doing that
voice and I don’t know there’s something

suspicious about it because for one
thing the guy’s way out of control at
that voice for networking
network Nightly News and it just sounds
you if you listen carefully I’ve

listened to it a number of times I think
it maybe not hit I think he may be
goofing on somebody I’m not sure who or
why well I think it’s a sheet of the
problem and that wraps up your
deconstruction for today everybody yeah

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