No Agenda Episode 1160: “VAT Camel”

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episode 11 60 this is no agenda curry
from northern silicon better my hand is

stuck on some devices got that goop on
it I’m John C Devorah that’s right
simulcasting on sixty nine thirty

kilohertz USB today whatever that means
we’re on shortwave you can’t do a
commercial she wasn’t like commercial I
guess no you can’t do a radio broadcast

on shortwave I’m not doing that there’s
some pirates out there who have who are
taking our stream so they’re on sixty
nine thirty kilohertz USB I think they

tried to switch to am from time to time
but they’re not getting very far with
that so they’re I don’t know what the
power is
I mean they’re not getting very far with
that because you don’t have the right
gear or somebody’s knocking on the door

now you’re gonna get much you need a lot
more power with a and modulation if
you’re doing USB you can get around the
world with some skip skip skip skip baby
works like I can see you in Berlin I got

them skip oh yes well I know what we
were doing this week okay oh you taught
my last couple days yeah yeah well

that’s this week’s far as I’m concerned
busy and I and so you watch these pages
you take Monday off oh yeah
no no there’s no real days off people I

was like just talking to microphone for
three hours right to make my man
remember yes people
outside the country may not realize it

but we’ve had a democratic debates I
think we got eight more to go by the way
God um my Monday or Tuesday and
Wednesday because there’s still 20

people they all want to get in near say
something and so there’s have to do it
over two days I’m pretty much the same
question so this is basically the fight
the battle royale for who gets to face
off against Donald Trump yes and Ford

unfortunately for the Democrats the
party regulars the people the public the
Democrat voters they still seem to favor
I think you’ll he’ll drop a little bit

been pick up again they favor Biden and
I’m watching the debates and you have
clips probably I have lots of I have a
lot of mostly short short clips or that
you have a lot of them though because I

thought just funny little clips was the
way to go but unfortunately Biden is
their guy and you watch bite and perform
it he stinks we have to assume I have to

it’s yeah go ahead yes now go ahead go
ahead I have to assume that the other
candidates are so abhorrent to the
Democrat voters that they keep giving

biting the top nod because these guys
are just offensive all of them you know
when I looked at the spectrum of these

except tall thank you when I looked at
the spectrum of these you know twenty
candidates I saw first of all I from
time to time I heard something decent
like oh that’s an interesting idea
you know there’s some some novel ideas

some different ideas it’s you know but
no one really had the full package but
when I looked at all of them the
diversity I was really proud of our
nation of nutcases I mean it really was

a lineup of jabronis but I really
appreciate what see an ended it’s like
they were listening to our show they
totally made this into a wrestling match

did you see that opening there boom the
big bombastic drums and everything is

good done a little echo would have been
better a little bit yeah now a little

bit so something you noticed in the
previous round which were produced by
MSNBC it was similar the staging was
very similar to a degree no American

flag note and it’s really odd when you
get someone singing the national anthem
and everyone on stage is singing that
our flag was a shit not there you’re on
a roll today even writing material took

notes I took notes well just a few
things about notice that Bill de
Blasio’s holding his nuts
also Mary Anne in the first debate

marianne williamson also didn’t have her
hand over her heart when it started and
I think she looked over when aw crap I
should probably do that but DeBlasio
right next sir did not the de Blasio was
not next to Mary Ann Williams she was he

was on the second night oh who was next
to Marianne Williamson on the first
another dripped a lot of drips we don’t
care about a couple other observations
first night Dana Bash Dana Bash first we

learned how to pronounce her name
it’s Dana Bash yeah she is what is she
three feet tall with a big head this is
giant eyeballs he is an alien this is

the best they could do to make his
shape-shifting her into something
believable as a human they’re following
my rules though tiny people big head do

great on television so I was pleased to
see that her head was way out of
proportion with her body that was very
and the red outfit just didn’t word in
television you know executive mode here

the red outfit I thought looked very
good on her second night this black
outfit what was that
it wasn’t it was horrible well she’s
apparently has that you know she has a

dress circa CNN has these people in the
back there are you sure where this
tonight as opposed to Elizabeth Warren
who seems to somebody pointed out she
wears the same yes she does she does she
does and tulsi gabbard I’d love the

white outfit she shouldn’t my personal
fashion advice is probably not the
really tight pants because you know it’s
just she’s a little heavy but look great

and tan shoes not white shoes tan shoes
that was just that was a faux pas as far
as I’m concerned otherwise she looks
fantastic what else did you notice look
at these things this is important stuff

come on this is a show this is a live
show that both Klobuchar and Warren were
dressed up as we went to do with the
with the noteworthy and I can I’m from

the Bay Area we know these things out
here they were both dressed up like with
the color codes coded as dominatrixes
and that was to get some I guess

attention of some people don’t like
Andrew White I’m sorry the black and red
in that form it’s ridiculous there was
something else that bothered me and I it
about the whole first evening so to

avoid the mistakes MSNBC made with audio
they decided ah we’re gonna have the
gooseneck microphones will be just for

the for the theatre which Jake Tapper
one point I forgot to clip it said yes
everybody here in the Fox studio instead
of Fox the you know I didn’t know I just

remembered it from my notes well it was
the Fox Theater so yeah but he said the
Fox studio oh are you shopping around

what’s on your mind there the so they
had the the gooseneck microphones on the
lecterns those were for the audience and

then they miked everybody separately
with a lavalier mic which is a good
decision however however explains the
second night okay yeah
with how

ever they work sound issues yeah I saw
exactly what happened so the first thing
that happens is and particularly night
to Joe Biden did a lot of it but it
happened on the first night is you know

people would be the the candidates would
be leaning forward and they ruffle
against the mic like that with their
clothes and you in the in the in the
theater except to me it sounded like

someone was walking upstairs like what’s
going on is the garage door open kept
hearing and so but Biden had pushed his
mic to the side and this is why you got

you got feedback and they were trying
because no one could you know I guess
crawl under there in the commercial
breaks were sparse to go and correct

that and then when Campbell Harris came
on who was then that then the engineer
just got confused and he was turning up
the wrong shit and it just it just and
he I heard him filter it he went from

all of a sudden and then it came back so
there was there was a nightmare for the
piece I guess the semi-pros that were

doing this work yeah it was very bad
very bad poor but since we’re talking
about this you might as well I do have I

don’t have a lot of clips from the first
night because I really concentrate in
the second night but I have kind of a
rundown from the first night okay I have
I have a clip from the first night that
I’d like to share but yeah what’s we can

do the rundown which has a number of
these kind of built in and I think it
hits it pretty much this was the first
debates wrap NBC under the words first
okay I thought it would be under your

label here got it no problem this
morning a clear divide as moderates and
liberals clashed over the direction of
the Democratic Party and who can beat
president Trump’s folks we have a choice

we can go down the road that senator
Sanders and senator Warren want to take
us with is with bad policies like
Medicare for all free everything and
impossible promises that will turn off

independent voters and get Trump real
I don’t understand why anybody does to
all the trouble of running for president
of the United States just to talk about
what we really can’t do and shouldn’t

fight for the moderates trying to make
the case that progressive senators
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are
too extreme so again I I think if we’re
going to force Americans to make these

radical changes they’re not going to go
along you throw your hands up but you
haven’t some of the sharpest
disagreements over the Medicare for all
plan backed by Warren and Sanders that

expands the government-run health
insurance program for Americans 65 and
older to all US citizens and lawful
permanent residents the move would
eliminate private health insurance for

some 150 million Americans why do we got
to be the party of taking something away
no where the Democrats
we are not about trying to take away
health care from anyone that’s what the

Republican surprises Ohio congressman
Tim Ryan pressing Sanders on whether his
plan would be better than Union health
care plans heated moments on other key
issues from immigration and I expect

that people who come here follow our
laws and we reserve the right to
criminally prosecute them to gun control
when Montana Governor Steve Bullock who
didn’t qualify for the first debate

struck a personal note an 11-year old
Jeremy shot and killed on a playground
we need to start looking at this as a
public health issue not a political

issue in the crowded field many
candidates hoping for a breakout moment
author Marianne Williamson may have
gotten why if you think any of this
wonkiness is going to deal with this

dark psychic force of the collectivized
picture that this president is bringing
up in this country then I’m afraid that
the Democrats are going to see some very
dark days okay there are a couple of
things we have to say about this first

night first of all but let me mention
that I cut that short oh it was boring
that they what they made there and I
don’t mean it to reflect badly poorly on
you because it’s what we got no no

I think they hit the high points they
got the punchlines they got Elizabeth
Warren talking about that’s what the
Republicans do and then they had the

Dark Knight thing or whatever this would
have said they had Bernie I wrote the
law you know in this well I had a couple
other things mr. Bullock
now we hadn’t seen him before and as I’m

looking at this guy he went and he also
incorrectly kept looking way too far to
the right so you only saw him on profile
but about a 1/4 profile he looked like

Kevin Spacey and he kind of had that
fake TV president thing about him oh and
did not pick up on that but I can see it

yeah yeah he has a lot of Kevin Spacey
kind of look to him but for this way
it’s probably mugging he was mugging the
Holt that’s what I said he was like it
like a TV president kind of like oh I’m

above all this well no go away Bullock
before before everything started though
and I only got this off of uh off of
youtube so someone the clip that I had
missed this the DNC chair what’s his

name Perez yep he was warming up the
crowd and I don’t know why you are my
back I didn’t see that but I got 12
seconds of him climate change because
climate change is an economic crisis

it’s a public health crisis it’s a
so he sounds a lot like Howard Dean he

does all he needed was it been perfect
that would Dean scream speaking of green
new deal or climate was it Elizabeth
Warren who has the green initiative plan

now green industrial plan I’m sorry
green industrial plan maybe I liked
because the acronym is gypped like this

is traffic green industrial plan out
there please pronounce Gipp Bernie had a
nice of something you won’t hear in that

report for obvious reasons he had a very
nice point about the healthcare industry
could have said Big Pharma but
healthcare industry and was caught off
immediately for touching the third rail

by the way by the way the healthcare
industry will be advertising tonight on
this program you Center
40-point yeah don’t do that

Bernie yeah it’s wrong in Jake jump team
well done Jake today threw himself on
the grenade very good Jake now Don Lemon

who of course only got to ask a few
I really felt he shouldn’t have been
there is no journalistic integrity and
his questions were some of them were
very racist or at least bigoted what do

you say to those Trump voters who
prioritize the economy over the
president’s bigotry what do you say to
those racists over there what’s your

answer to that huh what do you think
like come on Don they should know how
you’re right she shouldn’t have been
there they’re not belong up there and
he’s just you’ve made the rich cheap in
the whole event now so the one clip I

have at some length here is from
marianne williamson you know I’m a fan I
love the candles and the baths and
everything and and I’m all about this
more of a bubble bath guy I like the

bubble bath sure so I learned this
morning that marianne williamson is
being coached by none other than antonio
moore who have we we’ve discussed on the

show a couple times in relationship to
american descendants of slavery found an
article that that spells that out quite
clearly that she’s been calling cuz when
she went into this i’m like either she’s

talking to someone who knows or she’s
been listening to the no agenda show
speaking of reparations miss williams
miss williamson many of your opponent’s
support a commission to study the issue

of reparations for slavery but you are
calling for up to five hundred million
dollars in financial assistance what
makes you qualified to determine how
much is owed in reparations well first
of all it’s not five hundred million

dollars in financial assistance it’s 500
billion dollars two hundred to five
hundred billion dollars payment of a
debt that is owed that is
reparations is by the way notice how she
deftly puts Dom LeMond in his place and

says yeah it’s not assistance dong it’s
actual payment for debt owed or as we’ve
heard here before services rendered we
don’t need another Commission to look at

evidence I appreciate what congressman
O’Rourke has said it is time for us to
simply realize that this country will
not heal the older the country is as a
collection of people people heal when

there’s some deep truth telling we need
to recognize that when it comes to the
economic gap between blacks and whites
in America it does come from a great
injustice that has never been dealt with
that great injustice has had to do with

the fact that there was 250 years of
slavery followed by another hundred and
hundred years of domestic terrorism what
makes me qualified to say 200 to 500
billion dollars I’ll tell you what makes

me qualified if you did the math of the
40 acres and a mule given that there was
four to five million slaves at the end
of the Civil War fortified and they were
all farmers 40 acres and a mule for

every family of four if you did the math
today it would be trillions of dollars
and I believe than anything less than a
hundred billion dollars is is an insult
and I believe that two hundred to five

hundred billion is is politically
feasible today because so many Americans
realize there is an injustice that
continues to form a toxicity underneath
the surface and emotional turbulence

evaporation thank you very much
well she nailed all the points I don’t
think it’ll help her much but she nailed
it well she nailed Don Lemon too while
she was at it yes while he deserved that

she had a couple of good moments and we
looked at the the Google’s darkside clip
you mean for her with the with the
that’s true girls is that what you’re

talking about no they do what she goes
on about you know the dark dark forces
yeah you know she needs to shut up about
that because I think she’s probably
evoking dark forces more than anything

unless I’m not so sure she’s clean of
dark forces
you know she’s got all kinds of
interesting spiritual stuff that she
I didn’t like that but these she was the
most searched thing she’s a Satanist no

I don’t think so she was the most
searched on Google according to Google
Trends um
during and after the debate and it’s a
lot of people love tweeting that those

maps out and for the second evening it
was Tulsi Gabbard who I liked the first
half of the show let’s just call it a
show I think I loved how see how she
zapped Kamla Harris a couple of times I

have that complete exchange yeah it’s so
good that it might be worth playing it
is it’s actually the only real long clip
that actually that I that I did most of

these clips are extremely short because
I know you’d be hurt by the fact that I
have one two three if I got like a dozen
clips including some terrific bite and
gaffs Joe was informed this is almost

almost three minutes this is it starts
with this is Tulsi versus Harris and
this is a and to set it up it starts

with Biden trying to do the exact same
thing you know with almost the exact
same points but binds up they’re

fumbling and mumbling and he gotta get
any stuttering and he’s making all these
he’s just not performing well and I have
to admit I was wrong when I pull on a

saying I think you dropped out what did
you say I said I it was wrong he must be
it must be Skype yeah I was wrong when I

said that they would juice him up for
this set for this debate no testosterone
I would think maybe some some various

kinds of roids adderall b12 worse than
that you heard what he said right in the
beginning when when Kamala Harris work
walked out

Oh easy on me kid that was dumb easy
yeah that was dumb but can I just call

you Joe so let’s listen to this back and
forth it’s a very entertaining moment
because it seems to me that here this
was tall see cementing the distinct

possibility of her being the vice
president on a Biden ticket false
accusation that Joe Biden is a racist
what’s your response I want to bring the

conversation back to the broken criminal
justice system that is
disproportionately negatively impacting
black and brown people all across this
country today now senator Harris says
she’s proud of her record as a

prosecutor and that she’ll be a
prosecutor president but I’m deeply
concerned about this record there are
too many examples to cite but she put
over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana
violations and then laughed about it

when she was asked if she ever smoked
marijuana big she walked everything that
was I mean what an easy one to do well
prepared and just nailed it I mean that

was and then yeah that was just the
first jab and then just from there she
sliced her from death row until the
courts forced her to do so

she kept people in prison beyond their
sentences to use them as cheap labor for
the state of California and she fought
to keep bail system in place that
impacts poor people in the worst kind of

I liked that she specifically said cheap
labor which of course is what the
Thirteenth Amendment does and is and is
one of the big problems is you cannot be

a slave unless you’re incarcerated and
California loves slaves they love
slavery that’s kind of what Chelsea was
saying yeah kind of
Thank You congresswoman senator Harris

your response
as the elected Attorney General
California I did the work of
significantly reforming the criminal

justice system of a state of 40 million
people here I could hear she had her her
whole Drive as a rebuttal to anything
was I did the work I did the hard work
I’ve done all the work I’ve done

gratuitous slack I mean she did some
some cheap shots in here and she doesn’t
get away with this she’s got her voice
is cracking she’s very upset
he’s protrude which became a national

model for the work that needs to be done
and I am proud of that work and I am
proud of making a decision to not just
give fancy speeches or being a
legislative body and give speeches on

the floor but actually doing the work of
being in the position to use the power
that I had to reform a system that is
badly in need of reform that is why we
created initiatives that were about

re-entering former offenders and getting
them counseling it is why and because I
know that criminal justice system is so
broken that I am an advocate to wise but
legalized marijuana in the United States

one guy word back in now before she what
she should have done here and this was a
mistake on her part because it would
have been beautiful she could have come
back Tulsi and could have said well

while you were doing the work of
incarcerated people too for cheap labor
I was in the rock all right I was in the
rock something like that I disagree with
you oh really I think yeah I don’t think

throwing the soldier card in at this
point was would be work does works I
mean we only have two candidates in the
whole twenty that have been to war and I

think the public generally speaking is
not interested in that and that kind of
bragging well I’m glad you didn’t listen
to me then well I mean it’s possible
right I’m just saying I don’t think I

don’t like the idea yeah I got you
you’re responsible bottom line is
Senator Harris when you are in a
position to make a difference and an
impact in these people’s lives you did
not and worse yet in the case of those

who were on death row innocent people
you actually blocked evidence
from being revealed that would have
freed them until you are forced to do so
there is no excuse for that and the

people who suffered under your reign as
prosecutor oh you owe them an apology
senator Harris my entire career I have
been opposed personally opposed to the

death penalty and that has never changed
and I dare anybody who is in a position
to make that decision to face the people
I have faced to say I will not seek the
death penalty that is my background that

is my work I am proud of it I think you
can judge people by when they are under
fire and it’s not about some fancy
opinion on a stage but when they’re in
the position to actually make a decision
what do they do when I was in the

position of having to decide whether or
not to seek a death penalty on cases I
prosecuted I made a very difficult
decision that was not popular to not
seek the death penalty history shows

that and I am proud of those decisions
thank you very much you know maybe see
if they’d come back to Tulsi after that
that’s when she could drop their Rock
bomb that’s what she said fancy it

wasn’t so fancy in Iraq Thanks no no it
goes like this cuz cuz Harris used the
words I was under fire ooh
yes I was actually under fire oh that

would have been nice wouldn’t it it’d
have been dynamite but then they went to
mr. pickles instead I thought this other
exchange between Harris and and Gabbard

was better for a couple of reasons and I
also thought it was showed how expertly
Camilla Harris pivoted away from the

danger this was about health care the
reality is right now we don’t have a
health care system we have a sick care
system and there are far too many people
in this country who are sick and unable

to get the care that they need because
they cannot open so the core of this
problem is the fact that big insurance
companies and big pharmaceutical
companies whose been profiting off the

backs of sick people have had to see the
table writing this legislation now
Camille Harris just talked about
Kathleen Sebelius who helped write her
bill this just pointed to the fatal flaw
in her proposal

sibelius works for medicare advantage
private insurance company you will stand
to profit under her plan if we’re
seeking to really reform our health care
system we’ve got to shut out big
insurance and Big Pharma out of the

drafting process so they cannot continue
to profit off the backs of the sick
people in this country who are searching
and in desperate need of care Senator
Harry service well unfortunately
representative Gabbard got it wrong

Kathleen Sebelius did not write my plan
she endorsed it as being one of the
plans that is the best to get us to a
place where everyone goes to health care
in America and when we talk about this

again I’m gonna go back to Vice
President Biden because you’re see and
this is what’s wrong with the rules what
I didn’t like because they should have
come back to Tulsi Gabbard after this
but she was very smart Harris well I’m

gonna pivot over here to Biden and when
you mentioned Biden then he gets to
respond so it pull and Gabbard didn’t
talk for another 15 minutes this is true
but I will say this because they kept it

on a on screen as a two-shot they had
Harris on the left and and Gabbard on
there Tulsi on the right when she says
well she had nothing to do with it she

just endorsed it and Tulsi just had this
great smile great house enough to close
the deal for me I agree I thought it was
a NN just got lucky

Kamla Harris did respond to these
attacks after the show with Anderson
Cooper did you did you expect that and
what did you see this bitter dad you

might have said okay so you know what
what her tactic is Tulsi Gabbard had had
you had interaction about that in the
past and how do you think it went
well I mean listen I

this is gonna sound immodest but I’m
obviously a top-tier candidate and so I
did expect that I would be on the stage
and take hits tonight because there are
a lot of people that are trying to make
the stage for the next debate for a lot

of them it’s do or die well yeah and
especially when people are at 0 1
percent or whatever she might be in and
so I did expect that I might take kids
but you know listen I think that this

coming is someone who has been an
apologist for Minh in dividual Assad who
has murdered the people of his of his
country to like cockroaches she who has

embraced apologist for him in a way that
she refuses to call him a war criminal I
can only take what she says in her
opinion socially and so I you know I’m

prepared to move on I’m prepared to move
on this may sound somewhat in modest
yeah I doesn’t look good on you MS
Harris she just came across as snide

snooty bitchy mean angry now I didn’t
think I don’t think she smiled once
about fake smiles like not like a nun I
think she’s toast that you know and and

just to finish up my thought on Tulsi
Gabbard all that stuff was great and
then near the end you know she’s
wrapping up and it said oh I heard was
progressive talking points and I have a
great ending no she’s the only one

unless you count Biden which I had that
clip she’s the only one who didn’t ended
this this is I think all the candidates
obviously watched the first debate

because in the first debate only one
candidate or maybe two dropped their and
when they when they rap they dropped
their website address Joe no no Tom she
didn’t have her either that I recall

I don’t think so oh no you’re right you
know what they they cut her off really
quickly at the end which is also odd I
don’t I don’t think they did as well
with the moderation the second night as

it did the first night which was really
good well the first night a couple of
you’ll did their websites and then the
second night they all
did it yeah except Joe and Joe did the
following I have the clip and it’s

gotten a lot of attention I don’t I
don’t do my job I didn’t stuff right
away but where is it here it’s the Joe
Biden 33 I think it’s cold we’ve acted
together we have never never never

but not able to overcome whatever the
problem was if you agree with me go to
Joe 303 305 and I’m kicking myself this
morning as I see that some guy of course

registered Joe 303 three Ocampo
no I don’t think so I heard it was yang
and he has a redirect right to his own

website no I thought it was some some
guy named as a fake candidate named you
let me see it might have changed them
you said Joe 303 301 slinks up there and
Larry in there Josh Josh for America Oh

Josh for America okay yeah meet Josh the
first Jen’s ear to declare candidacy for
this office all right so dad I was
pissed like oh what an opportunity could

have done it I’m we might have been on
time if I die this is like being the
tenth caller I mean you know everybody
was hitting that thing the you weren’t a
lot of people got that idea I’m sure I’m
sure what what is that well it’s a big

cock Oh Pete what he was supposed to say
is text Joe to 303 301 and said cuz
everyone’s saying go twos but it was it

was a text which is by itself is stupid
there’s no call to action with text Joe
to 303 that’s not a call to action
website think it’s Joe Joe Joe 2020 calm

yeah Joe 2020 calm though yeah it was it
was a Hewitt showed the world okay
general point I’m sorry I don’t want a
president this old

I don’t want Bernie Sanders the
president that old either this got to be
a cutoff it’s just it’s I’m done with it
it’s too old I can’t vote for guys like
that and
from the same boat you know the Trump is

crazy now wait until he starts losing
his mind and and you know dementia it
can happen you know it can happen at any
minute rapper they had it can happen at

any minute you start losing it and who
knows what could go wrong well it kind
of happened with Reagan and he was still
in office in the second term right well
I take Milania then running running the

show because isn’t that what Nancy did
wasn’t she running the show for a while
no I think you’re thinking of Woodrow
Wilson’s of life
I thought Nancy got all her star charts
and she always did that I remember when

when Reagan first got elected governor
of California they had the swearing-in
ceremony at like 12 15 you know right
after midnight uh-huh and they looked

into it it was cuz Nancy had obsessed
Rolla ji who said this was the power
line it’s the right time to do it I

Reagan was just okay whatever fine it
have to do all right Nancy let’s get it
I get this cuz some of these clips other

way because something we were short and
funny I have this is one that got my
attention this is Booker bringing up
some stuff I think this may have been at

the Enders during one of his raps and
I’m listening to this going what this is
Booker Debbie play that clip I believe
that we in the United States Congress
should start impeachment proceedings

immediately and I’ll tell you this
debbie stabenow has joined my call for
starting and peaceful proceedings
because he is now stonewalling Congress
not allowing they were subjecting

themselves to the checks and balances we
swore an oath to uphold the Constitution
the politics of this be damned
isn’t stabbing aah what is debbie
Stabenow got to do with anything that he

would bring her in she’s not a
antedate or an important person she’s oh
it’s because she’s from Michigan that’s
why they were initially just dropping a
name yes exactly he’s just trying to

help them okay the national audience
here’s another one from Booker this is
him on the redacted to report usage
respond stop uh this is one of those

clips where I want you I’m gonna analyze
it because it’s a way he does this that
I thought was fascinating because it was

made zero sense but play it part my
response is exactly that I’ve read the
report I’ve read the redacted versions
of the report we have something that is
astonishing going on the United States

of America we have a president that is
not acting like the leader of the free
world he’s acting like an authoritarian
against the actual Constitution that he
swore an oath to uphold all right this
is a very interesting structure in terms

of propaganda he makes it sound as
though the redacted versions are even
more important than reading the report
itself yes now he goes I’ve read the

report in fact he didn’t say in fact but
he’s what he’s implying
in fact I’ve read the redacted report
that was better well it’s a mistake in
his brain and I think there’s other

things that go on there
none of these senators or anyone in
Congress is allowed to say that from the
Democrats he’s allowed to say they’ve
seen the unredacted Mulla report you

remember there was like well no if you
don’t release it adapted to the world
and we don’t want to see it right so
he’s got that in his head and he has say
uh I think he was trying to correct

himself by saying well I’ve seen the
but instead he made it sound like it was
really super special that’s a good catch
I’d forgotten about that too now we now
we have Inslee who is the wait before

you can I do one Booker oh yeah oh yeah
have you got Booker Booker yeah I kind
of I kind of like this because it had
profanity and whoa couple things first
of all mr. vice president you can’t

both ways you invoke president this was
a good zinger so it was about climate
the thing was was it criminal justice or
climate change one Biden was being
really evasive because he didn’t want to

fall into you know the trap that
whatever Obama had little become
apparently play the clip so he was you
know waffling around basically saying I
he couldn’t say I didn’t agree with what
we did then didn’t agree at the time and

then Booker nails him with this thanks
first of all mr. vice president you
can’t have it both ways you invoke
President Obama more than anybody in
this campaign you can’t do it when it’s

convenient and then dodge it when it’s
not and the second thing and this really
irks me because I heard the vice
president say that if you’ve got a PhD
you can come right into this country
well that’s playing into what the
Republicans want to pit some immigrants

yeah against other immigrants we need to
reform this whole immigration system and
begin to be the country that says

everyone has Worth and dignity and this
should be a country that honors for
everyone don’t let the Republican to by
this party against itself and it and he
was right about that I thought there was

a gaffe that Biden made man well you
said if they could walk across the stage
bring him in you had some crazy gaffe
there too which I didn’t catch I mean
didn’t get a clip of yeah there’s that

and all that but when Booker goes on in
that direction about the just brunette
everyone flow in you know the he should
have added George because who’s gonna
clean our toilets that’s what that’s

what he’s implying yeah that was good
now let’s go to I this is Inslee who

came who was just horrible there’s the
two guys over the worst Inslee and
Bennett which I call mr. pickles because
Bennett’s got this little bitty mouth
that looks like he does nothing all day

but eat pickles and or juice whatever
else you would do in a really small
mouths mayo and
but Inslee is the nutcase with the

climate change takes credit for
he’s from water he’s from Washington
stays the Washington state doesn’t only
hear that now he has a either is it it
may be a tick or it’s the way his you

know something about is his muscles cuz
he is the right side of his mouth did
you notice that I’m really sensitive
said but it sounds like Bell’s palsy no

I think it’s a tic
yeah and I’m always looking at this
world where I’m not pretty aware of him
for a normal person ya know and but he
was lucky because he could turn his head

to the right all the time he didn’t
really see it but it’s it’s kind of odd
and he has a school headmaster kind of
vibe about it yeah he’s annoying but
there was a good one and then I had a

followed by a Biden gaffe which is
always which I’m gonna like to get into
a couple of those but let’s play this is
Inslee followed by Biden gasps well I
know the first horrific impact of

climate change on Americans across the
country already just look at my family
who I saw with their aluminum home now
just a pile of molten aluminum they lost

everything in the paradise of fires the
nonprofit in Davenport Iowa that was
washed away in the floods we have to act
now look climate change is not a

singular issue it is all the issues that
we Democrats care about it is health it
is national security

it is our economy and we know this
middle ground solutions like the vice
president has proposed or sort of
middling average sized things are not

going to save us too little too late is
too dangerous
and we have to have a bold plan and –
been called the gold standard now we
also need a global environmental justice

I was in zip code for 8 to 1 7
the other day right next to an oil
refinery where the kids have asthma and
they have cancer clusters and after
talking to these folks I believe this I

believe this
it doesn’t matter waiters it is it
doesn’t matter what your color is you
ought to have clean and water in America
that’s middling there’s no middle ground
about my plan the fact of the matter is

that I call for the immediate action to
be taken first of all one of the things
that we’re responsible 15 percent of all
the pollution in the country in the
country what instead of in the world he

said 15 percent in the country hit a lot
this is why he cannot be President did
he has too much is this Meister you know

I have a collection of gaffes if you’re
interested well let’s play this part two
of the Inslee clip today I put it there
for some reason to spray something he
said funny look there was a lot of look
fact of the matter look at the end is a

day deal is a lot of the deal look the
fact that matter is the deal is look we
have these deadlines are set by science
mr. vice president your argument with is

not with me it’s with science and
unfortunately your plan is just too late
the science tell us we have to get off
coal in ten years if your plan does not
do that we have to have off of fossil

fuels in our electrical grid at fifteen
your pan simply does not do that I’ve
heard you say that we need a realistic
plan here’s what I’m going here’s what I
believe I believe that survival is

realistic and that’s the kind of plan we
need he says the science determines the
timetable or something like that the
very beginning its computer models not
science do these guys even know that

computer models are behind all this
oldest crap no of course they don’t and
it just dawned on me about Jill Joe was
really in a fight for the first time

he’s always been set up he’s always been
the shoo-in he’s always been he’s run
for things he’s lost before of course
look at him with the with Obama you know
it’s like I’m gonna win it’s everything

I think he expected it to be just as
rigged as ever
for in his favor or something you know
it’s yes because these old-time
politicians Hillary was one of them that

they all believe that there’s a pecking
order that what the Republicans would
john mccain running for president run
him yeah i mean john mccain was you know
he was overlooked a few rounds earlier

and so he had the this the chosen one
mentality and they’ve been the party
went along with it this was gonna have
this happen again with romney to a

lesser extent but definitely happened
with jeb bush and he would have been the
nominee under most circumstances until
luckily and that’s what if anyone
doesn’t like Trump is president imagine
Jeb Bush

luckily Trump came along and knocked him
off the the knocked him out rather
quickly and that’s what’s happening to
Biden except for the fact that these
other candidates have no appeal and none
of them have a Trump kind of karma but

charisma none of them not a single one
they’re all playing the old game well I
do have if we wanted to start doing some

biting was I do have a couple of yang
clips that are funny okay couple things
about yang won socks stop it just wear
some normal socks he walked on stage or

like somewhat and he has black pants
black shoes white socks with blue
stripes top it’s you know your hip we
get it

the his slogan is I’m an Asian who loves
math yeah you know I double check this
ridiculous stereotype is it’s racist but
he can say but he can say it because

he’s an Asian who loves math so it’s
funny yeah I I think it’s okay but I go
but I go look at his math cuz the idea
is then that’s his only that’s really
the only thing every answer is what I’m

gonna give everybody a thousand bucks a
that’s 18 or older every man woman thing
18 years or older in the United States
will get $1,000 a month
and he said do the math I’ve done the

math so I go to his website they have we
discussed this how he’s gonna pay for
this cuz I’m doing the math I’m thinking
well how many people is that 150 million
that are over 18 I’m just making a guess
here $1,000 a month I count a hundred

and fifty billion dollars that’s quite a
lot of money for your little your little
universal basic income is that how he’s
gonna pay for it we’re just gonna know

10% value-added tax that’s right he’s
did that that’s his plan it’s like oh
yeah now I remember
ya know it’s ten percent today 15

tomorrow twenty one next year that’s the
way it works never never never gonna go
for the event especially not the VAT
camel and he’s got some crazy stuff

listen to this one this is debates young
moving people to higher ground eight
seconds yes oh sorry pooped out there we
go we are ten years too late we need to

do everything we can to start moving the
climate in the right direction but we
also need to start moving our people to
higher ground and I’m giving you $1,000
for the trip because we’re all gonna die

in the floods that’s that’s his point
mover to higher okay and here’s his
other short one this is a yang on the
AMA mmm-hmm

it is not just you Amazon is closing 30
percent of America’s stores and malls
and paying zero in taxes while doing it
how is Amazon closing 30 but what is he
talking about well what he’s well you

know what he’s saying he’s saying that
the Amazon success is drowning out small
mom-and-pop shops true and that they pay
zero tax while they’re doing it that’s

what he’s saying I mean you understand
that right and yeah it’s what he thinks
now here’s the other one that this is
not him or anybody else’s on the basis
but this is the clip that’s been

floating around this is the traumatized
girl clip and when I hear somebody
talking about moving to higher ground as
if something I’m looking at this is this
is this is such a sad

clip oh my yeah I’m looking by the way
the mudflats are there it’s not silt and
still there’s there’s a move I don’t see
em on higher ground but I don’t know why

should move to higher ground bill okay
well I bet you end up with this girl we
need a trigger warning a trigger warning
warning you are about to hear the voice
of a severely abused child I just don’t

know if they’re gonna do anything and I
just I’m so concerned with the fact that
if they’re not gonna change anything
then what’s gonna happen to humankind
what’s gonna happen to well doesn’t

sound real when you see the video it’s
so it’s so sad yeah she’s dead sincere
oh it’s just it’s the worst how do you

do this to the children is that there’s
global warming nuts how did they met you
know how do they have any sense of
anything that I mean it’s horrible yeah

it’s horrible you have a girl like that
there’s nothing she’s gonna live
invested kills herself which is always
possible with this kind of pressure but
she live to be a fine old lady but now

you know Greta Greta Thornburg Greta
pseudonym Bergen Berg she’s going to
visit a couple of these climate change

conferences and because she can’t fly as
you know I mean that would be killing
the world she will be making the
crossing with the crew of the Malaysia

to Malaysia to the 18 meter racing boat
and they will go from
New York I think what she’s gonna go to

New York and Santiago on on a racing
yacht which is small the c-team meters
what is that that is three about 50

footer and 55 feet probably that is the
world’s worst ride oh yeah no that you
see the picture should be she gonna be
puking the whole way she will not arrive

higher off with the chopper you know
that’s something for the book
Redbook right there they’re gonna have
to evacuate her from from the ship
there’s no I mean I and I I’m a pilot
have to be a professional just be on one

of those things for a I think I would
turn that down
I’d be I’ve flown a lot of crazy
aircraft but I don’t think I’d want to
do that one especially if you’re down

below oh you’re gonna be so sick so sick
but saving the world Thank You Greta
yeah okay so I have my two biting clip

so you wanna play you’re sorry I have I
have his end comment which is idiotic
let’s we can play that right now yep

debates flew four years of Donald Trump
will go down as an aberration hard to
overcome the damage he’s done but we can
overcome it eight more years of Donald

Trump will change America in a
fundamental way the America we know will
no longer exist now when I heard that
the first time I’m like you see one of

these conspiracy guys that thinks is
gonna be martial law and Trump will have
a third term is that what he’s thinking
did he write it what what is wrong with
him there’s just four people who don’t

know you get two terms in America so a
total of a total of eight years yeah now
maybe maybe because you can get to two

extra two year periods in government I
don’t know if you can be present now no
no but you know there’s eight more years
of Trump I mean it’s for you know he’s

just confused this
your point earlier yep but this is also
my maiya culpa for thinking that there’s
somebody in his camp is smart enough to

juice him up well you know who he has
now he’s got the Sanders woman who used
to ran Bernie’s campaign last time in
2016 yeah he can you know they could

shoot him up with some vitamin b12 no it
didn’t happen
there’s all these other little crazy who
knows what the military has you get
something from the pentacon so this is

the other one that I could capture which
I thought was interesting this is the
this is the Biden charging station
comment oh yes my plan calls for 500,000
charging stations around the country so

by 2030 we’re all electric vehicles
yeah we’ll all be electric vehicles and
in Detroit was like what what are we
gonna do first of all let’s just do the

math on this 500,000 charging what do we
need 500 how many gas stations young you
don’t know on the top of your head
nobody does but I’m gonna tell you I’ll
ask you though just thinking against how

many gas stations are there in this
country I’m just gonna guess 50,000 the
estimate is between 112 and 150 they
don’t know for sure I guess because of
the kwik-e-mart right but so there’s a

hundred and fifty thousand gassing max
gas stations why do you need 500,000
charging stations if that’s the case

well maybe he meant to say 50,000 you
know at this point we don’t know what he
was thinking because he said everything
else wrong especially when it comes to
numbers a point well taken especially

when it comes to numbers is yeah I feel
bad for him because he got pushed into
this he got coerced in it dragged him in
don’t worry Joe we got your back and
they screw me no the way it the way it

went down last night I’m thinking they
actually they screwed him on purpose the
problem is no one really popped up to
take that space or if they did and it

was Kamala Harris then
tulsi gabbard derailed that something is
going on Joe is not well-prepared not
shot up I agree you got to shoot him up

with something and maybe a lot of this
is just you let him go let him go it’ll
be fun good for ratings well yes well
let me do the bump do you think you’re

right I think that they they put him in
that spot too I don’t know maybe they
figured well let him take a lot of take
a beating here so it cuz he’s got to
deal with Trump was a real prick when it
comes to doing this sort of stuff on

stage they said well Trump will kill him
and I had to remember I remember back
when Trump did his debates with Hillary
he was he didn’t win those debates now
it was old Trump you know no he didn’t

he was just he was intimidating and he’s
he I don’t think he was that good of a
pro he was great with the Republicans
cuz there were a bunch of weenies but
Hillary held her own and I think a lot
of people thought she won the debates

didn’t help it’s interesting you bring
that up I did a I did a pilot show
yesterday with Moe think about doing the
podcast or we did one episode and yeah
just it’s stuff that will flow into No

Agenda it’s kind of Aerosmith Run DMC
black meets white something like that
we’re still working on it and he brought
a clip which I didn’t realize may have
been very instrumental in getting Trump

elected by turning at least a percentage
of the black vote away from Hillary but
perhaps with this ad and I didn’t
remember this ad when you listen to this

because what what was the one line that
Trump used that made black America go oh
hold on a second but what
a chance it was what have you got to

lose yeah what do you got to lose I
remember that so here was Hillary’s ad
this is the newspaper of the Ku Klux
Klan today front-page story is make
America great again a big photo of

Donald Trump will you unequivocally
condemn David Duke and say that you
don’t want his vote or that of other
white supremacists in this election I
don’t know anything about white

supremacy or white supremacist so I
don’t know Trump management was charged
with discriminating against African
Americans and breaking federal law I
would love to be a well educated but

because I really believe they do have an
actual advantage I have a great
relationship with the blacks look at my
african-american over here look at him
the man that was battered or you say

roughed up he was so obnoxious it maybe
should have been roughed up why doesn’t
he show his birth certificate what do
you have to lose you’re living in
poverty your schools are no good I have
no job 58% of your youth is unemployed

the violence the dad the lack of
education in these inner cities it’s
unsafe you can’t walk through the store
and get a loaf of bread you get shot
total poverty drugs and horrible

horrible violence what do you have and
according to mo he says that really did
it especially the end what have you got

to lose big echo effect this is how
stupid people can be and and out of
touch so a theory is that with Hillary
with that stupid ad got him elected yes

could all you needed was the florida
theory is any you only have to pull a
couple percent of the I remember I do
remember it vaguely anyway I’ve got 30
seconds of Joe bumbling around Thomas

because we further support the the the
the ability with the whole and so I you
know I I looked at it anyway I that’s

what I think my fact is that the bills
that the president that excuse me the
future president here
that’s a that we need a realistic plan
here’s what I did

here’s what I believe go to Joe 300
because when he was saying something it
didn’t come out right either
so I’m sorry America if you thought Joe

was your guy
no he’s just not now how are the polls
did you see the polls at all I don’t
think the big polls will be out until
then did this show I just want to know

what the spin is it means that his main
stream still saying Oh Joe still the
front-runner but they’re gonna have to
do that because who wants these 20
people well he’s got well sorry I was

gonna say who’s got the money it’s what
it’s always about the media this these
shows are really just yeah the media
evaluating the candidates and who can

make the most money and give it to us
for advertising so that you know they
have to go with Joe I don’t think that’s
gonna change I mean there’s eight more
debates or six more debates there’s a

lot more debates so they’re gonna
definitely have Joe’s gonna have his day
cuz there’s no way that it one of these
debates they don’t pump him up with
roids speed balls anything sound cynical
but I’m serious well then let’s be

serious enough let’s not talk about
speed balls what should we actually
administer to him I’m interested in what
that what really is the solution what
does he need drugs in course yeah start

I think the blood as well for me now
till then but shots of b12 just to get
his levels way up sharpen him up a

little bit I think there’s a number of
other brain helpers that you could
probably use that would work yeah
testosterone for sure and get me a
little more and what happened to his

hair used to be your hair plug Joe now
he’s just a bald guy through the top of
his head’s been off what three times now
is it two times or three times yes we
forget about that no one brings it

that’s all you do we still have that
we see Biden head we had that somewhere
this maybe just take it off for a third
time it just pours some stuff in there

can I find that that’s too bad
heads top of my head I can’t find it but

yeah he’s had to he said is it to brain
do you have one aneurysm so it was an

operation I mean it’s it’s not it’s not
so great that’s so great for Joe there I
feel I feel bad he’s got like I do have
I do have for you’re at consideration to

ISOs okay no we always love that you’re
from Biden number one and two you can
play play one mr. president
this is America okay they thought it’d

be a nice ending to Jim yeah it could be
and there’s this to this is the United
States of America I think the first one
is better but if a second one he doesn’t

if you listen carefully he says you
United oh we have a winner
you know I I have a little ditty for you
as well

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segments there were a couple people who
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had basic Spanish for Democrats that was
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the art war that was a good one yeah and
Castro adios anyway so a bunch of closed

caption logos and it was you know it
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we should mention at some point that
Adams spiel which he just gave is all
supposition we have absolutely no
evidence for any of it correct correct
think I can’t come up with a contrary to

that but why would you why would you
talk me down man when I’m talking about
because I just think we should need to
be honest with the public okay I will
keep you to that go ahead sir

fine I like this opposition I think it’s
it makes nothing but sense but I
remember one time I had as I was doing
silicon spin and this woman who I can’t

remember her name now if she did one of
the books on Paul Allen and I’ve always
liked her and she says she’s always
saying this crazy stuff on the show and
she would say she’s out of the blue she

says is there any evidence that word of
mouth actually works
okay well this this is this is also kind
of you know you like these things yeah
this is true you like very literal when

people speak and you like to stop the
flow of conversation just to say there’s
no evidence of that that’s okay but we
like the art because it’s pretty yeah

but when you when you get to be Joe’s
age you know which once you’re there I’m
gonna have to start warning you about
stuff cuz you know I’ll be bobby juiced
up I get juiced up for the show double
buys I took your advice you take two

vitamin b12 before the show you told me
once I don’t know if you still do though
I take ginkgo Forte and bacopa cocoa
complex at but cope but complex oh yeah
no I’m tripping so let’s thank a few

people for show 1160 starting with Sir
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postulating prostitution should be
available as a career choice I think I
read a story but this I forgot to bring
it up

it’s like April 26 to 2019 why sex work
is real work yeah
and then he says perhaps Jeffrey was
just ahead of his time
Roy Pierce okay Thank You Roy for that
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sir cow lavender blossoms org thank you
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Traci Bassano and Madison Alabama 33333
she’s actually donated a couple of times

and I remember one of her no she was
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hello hola crackpot she’s a Bama girl oh
look oh right rocket rocket city where

we are dancing in the streets to
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moon landing wink wink
Adam space force I want to shout out to
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leading space force peace and love
fabulous she’s in that Madison is in the
Huntsville metro region and in a

whenever earlier no she suggested that
we do a meet up in Huntsville because
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that’s a really good idea Alabama is a

great place
brach pilgrim oh it was something else I
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John’s clicking through it right now
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as there’s no note beautiful

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sorry anyway thank you for that give him

out what you give him and also give
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New York – 33 33 John and Adam this is
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all right the show has been fantastic
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hey you know everyone sucks so bad I
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didn’t want to go through that agony
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solved thank you for the plugs you
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Carl with a k PS gen turned 50 on July
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straddling the toilet ball
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anyway 29:7 is Sydney which is the same
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again thanks everyone for all their
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and thank you all for your courage sir
Chris the drunken minstrel and another
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upcoming surgery for our moyamoya
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home from the hospital the hospital and
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all the hard work you put in for the
show and again the carnal work thank you
for your courage William buyer happy to

hear that did you look it up it’s
terrible if you didn’t look it up did
you yeah I did
what is Louie Boyd is he’s a rare
progressive cerebral vascular disorder
caused by blocked arteries at the base

of the brain in an area called the basal
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him to compensate for the blockage Wow
I learned something every day here on
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moyamoya it does not improve without
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surgery to provide alternative blood
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mr. president this is nervous

well what’s the date today is August 1st
2001 what day of the week it is a
Thursday Oh

huh well I’ve got this clip here from
Bill Sill these guys an old radio it
looks like a radio radio guy you know I
did not clip this uh it’s dumb nothin

happened but no you have to don’t give
it away to get this to rub it in my face
thank you all right plays a lot of
digenova clips like you do gee thanks

John my favorite guy Joe to Genoa yes
yes here’s the thing that ran he ran
this is on his podcast on Tuesday I
don’t have the whole thing I got a

minute of it but I should play this and
then we get we can talk such a dick
good afternoon porting on the coup
remember back to the dim recesses of
time when President Trump ordered new

Attorney General Bill bar to declassify
information regarding how spying on the
Trump campaign started in 2016 oh that
was May 23rd of this year I know it

seems like ages ago but it was only nine
plus weeks ago a month before that Joe
digenova the former US Attorney for the
District of Columbia previewed what was

coming down the pike with this
revelation which we discussed on April
25th 2019 and still report 26:48 well
the wheels of a righteous Justice

Department do grind slowly but very very
surely and the first visible fruits of
that are about to appear according to

the first load of declassified documents
ordered released by President Trump will
start to come out tomorrow Wednesday
revealing who was behind it and yes this
news will cover up to a certain extent

the next televised debate among the
Marxist socialists sometimes known as
the current Democrat Party
yeah yeah there’s an interview where he

said that I thought you were gonna play
that because I have the interview where
DeGeneres says it’s coming out on
I took the summary course I yeah I’ve
left the degenerate stuff to you if you
want to play dejenne of a clip but no so

what is he talking about this guy
now he well DeGeneres says that the you
know investigate the investigators is
starting up in these these uh what is

the guy’s name there’s two to
prosecutors two special prosecutors who
are going after the deep state drain the
swamp and it’s all happening and he gets

everybody all jacked up and then it
doesn’t happen so I know nothing came
out so I don’t know the digenova
is slacking well or that or somebody

should call him out and there’s now I’m
reminded you vent de Genovese reminding
me of this guy who’s now on CNN used to
be on Fox all the time and you remember
because if you saw me go yeah that guy

and if you look him up on the Wikipedia
or looking his back when he’s but he was
suspended numerous times that he called
he used to be on Fox and he’s this guy
Ralph Peters and Ralph Peters is one of

these hit man he’s like a guy’s ex I
don’t know his ex intelligence and he’s
ex-military lieutenant-colonel I think
and he comes on and he’s not he’s a he’s

a bulldog he said like Obama’s a pussy
and they go on and you slam the the
republic rats and Obama and that bomb
administration he was just a and he was

always grouchy and he was just like you
know horrible guy and I mean even under
if you like that sort of thing on the on
the right this was your guy for a while
but he got tiresome and they finally
fired him from Fox he says he quit okay

quit because now why’d he quit all
because now he doesn’t like Trump even
though he was a no attack dog for while
so now he’s on CNN and now because he’s
a hired gun this reminds me of remember

uh ed edge
Smith that used to be a attack dog on
MSNBC the man they say the RT I went the
RT and then he became a just the

opposite and this week and then he died
and he died it’s like within the year I
was really sad poor everybody was an
attack dog by profession so he could
take you to say so here he is Ralph

Peters on CNN now he’s on the other side
and he’s attacking Trump well the
fundamental problem seems the we have a
president who refuses to accept
empirical reality whether it’s presented

to him before his eyes or through an
intelligence briefing and we have a
president who in the intelligence
briefings he does get and I can tell you
that our intelligence personnel have had

to reduce extremely complex issues to
one page of bullet points and the
president’s mind still wanders for off
that one page so you’ve got a guy who’s

not interested intelligence he was just
somehow believes that he can make it up
as he goes and yes he wants sycophants
he wants yes men he doesn’t want to be
challenged and he has found it appears

to me the perfect sick of it someone who
is utterly unqualified utterly
profoundly unqualified to be the
Director of National Intelligence and

Anderson my aren’t somebody on CNN
earlier actually saying well you know
you can learn on the job no you can’t
it’s like learning to be a brain surgeon
on the job except that intelligence work

is much much tougher it takes oh you can
learn on the job if you’ve got 20 years
or 30 years but you’ve got to understand
everything from human from the heat from
the agents are out there risking their

lives up to the satellites the
technology the analysis you have to have
a deep background in world affairs
you can’t just Wikipedia you know go to
Wikipedia for the problems and so again

this candidate the wonderfully named
congressman Ratcliffe
that’s a screenwriters dream he just it
shouldn’t be anywhere near the Office of

the Director of National Intelligence
think of the people we’ve had in those
Jim clapper people like that who know
what they’re doing it gave their wives
to enjoy this are you gonna put a monkey
in there

okay I was about to call you out for two
back-to-back boring clips but the end
got kind of funny there well yeah the
punchline at dinner was the funniest
yeah I heard it
he’s a monkey yeah I thought that was

waited so long for it so well you know I
this guy but the guy goes but he was
always long-winded he goes on and on and

this guy Radcliffe if you look him up
you know he’s a lawyer and he’s on
Congress now hold on you got it you
gotta back up you gotta tell people
what’s going on because okay it’s not
just American AM radio listeners you

know lecture here yeah I am lecturing
you oh yeah
and now the director of this is a bogus
position this is called Director of

National Intelligence has been peopled
by people that like there’s like a
retiree gets in there like clapper I’m
gonna disagree with you but I’ll come
back to you in a second and the reason I

say that it’s just it’s a figurehead job
because these agencies don’t cooperate
with each other and this guy supposed to
make it all come together with one big
boss who was the director of
intelligence for Bush the Director of

National Intelligence yes which is
different well let’s see who was before
Bush Bush preceded by well let me find
him here I’ll just I’ll just give you

the answer okay give me the answer Uncle
Don my Uncle Don he left the CIA to
become the Director of National
so I’m gonna disagree a little bit with
the figurehead maybe this was different

40 years ago
well Director of National Intelligence
DNI is a new
when was the uncle doni in that job Bush

well well you know what as they would
say let’s stick a pin in this and
they’ll check but okay it’s a in in your
this came in as a result of 9/11 the

monkey who was National Security Advisor
I’m wrong I’m wrong yes yes you’re but
this job was designed after the 9/11

okay yeah my god oh the FBI knew this
and the CIA knew that and if the FBI and
the CIA knew both knew what each other
knew well it never would have happened

so to read we got to create this bogus
position so they create this position
then the last guy was clapper and he
does the guy every time they ask of
course he didn’t know anything which
proves that it’s a bogus position so

this guy Ratcliffe who seems to be
qualified to me he’s on the dais on the
intelligence committees he’s been in
Congress for a long time he’s he’s a
he’s a hotshot lawyer he he’s big
defender of Trump there’s no doubt about

that he’s a guy who he’s on the
Intelligence Committee right yeah yeah
so he’s the shilla that’s the guy you
want so he’s a guy that can be to do the
job but now according to Peter’s who’s

now that you’re gonna see they they’ll
get sick of this Peter’s characterized
as CNN because he’s too much hit me as
bad as these other people are they’re
clownish ly bad he disguised seriously

bad in terms of he’s very serious and
Stern and the other ones were just funny
like Navarro and these other people
they’re just hilarious that you can’t
not laugh at him so this this guy’s not
gonna fit in new to it I don’t know

where he’s gonna end up the blaze maybe
who knows
there’s a couple of news stories that

desperately wants discussing since this
is all about connected everything in
your life and it’s pins going on two
years now that I have not had any type

of smart device that does anything other
than phone calls text message and has a
web browser and I feel pretty damn good
about it
we’ll start with Consumer Reports it’s

not the the hacking of vehicles is
unknown but you’re gonna want to think
about what your next car will be
consumer watchdog president Jamie Court
says this report released today is a

result of interviews with twenty
Anonymous whistleblowers including
software engineers technologists and
experts working in the auto industry who
warn many of the new models released

next year will automatically connect
their vital systems including engine
braking and steering to the Internet and
that these cars are at risk of being
remotely controlled by hackers watchdog

points to this YouTube video showing two
white hat hackers those who find
vulnerabilities and inform the auto
industry the guy in the backseat with a

laptop appears to be connected to the
car over a cellphone internet connection
he is going to try to take control of
the steering three
here’s another YouTube video which

appears to show Chinese white hat
hackers inside the car while another
hacker is reportedly in their office 12
miles away tries to take control of the
brakes consumer watchdog says

whistleblowers are warning it is
technically possible for hackers to take
control of hundreds or even thousands of
cars at the same time now wait for it

peach the brakes and all of them steers
the cars off the road and there’s cash
and people die so what can be done about
this consumer watchdog says a kill
switch could be installed that would

disconnect the car’s vital systems from
the internet that would enable cars to
be operated safely immediately following
an attack a more complete fix will be to
disconnect the cars computer from the

internet to begin with we are talking
about the possibility of a 911 scale
attack on America know it but haven’t
fixed it

we’ve reached out to all of the major
auto manufacturers many of them have
responded by saying their vehicles will
be equipped with state-of-the-art
security features and that they are
partnering with researchers both in
government and in private industry to

make sure they are up-to-date and can
of the future
I’ve really liked the idea of just all
of a sudden some nefarious terrorists
flip a switch and everyone’s car starts

crashing in and driving off the road and
brazenly rending hard to the right to
slam on the brakes everyone at once
it’ll be a beautiful choreographed move
maybe something to see yeah

but yeah this is obviously problematic I
think you stumbled on our exit strategy
oh I did manufacturing a small kill
switch that’s been embedded in every car

you get it on there and as soon as you
just turn it on all the time no no no no
it comes in up in the our kill switch
system it’s a system John our our

vehicular systems better than adds at
least 20 to 50 dollars our vehicular
cyber system a cyber protection system
is it’s about about a foot and a half

long box and so you get it at home and
it has basically some gaffer tape and a
lot of aluminum foil foil around your

car you’re gonna be fine but this is
this is crazy
it really is and and the oh so beloved
bill bar attorney general bill bar he

doesn’t give a crap about our own
protection and particularly when it
comes to encryption remember where Comey
was on all this crap Comey and Brennan –

they were always like oh you can have
these apps in Silicon Valley can they
can’t be encrypted it’s no good but we
have a term now for it it’s called
warrant proof encryption and your

current administration doesn’t want you
to have it
the deployment of warn proof encryption
is already imposing huge costs on
society it seriously degrades the

ability of law enforcement to detect and
prevent crime before it occurs
and after crimes are committed it is

thwarting law-enforcement sibility to
identify those responsible or to
successfully prosecute the guilty
parties these costs will grow
exponentially as deployment of warned

proof encryption accelerates and
criminals are emboldened by their
ability to evade detection converting
the internet and communications

platforms into a law free zone and thus
giving criminals the means to operate
free of lawful scrutiny will inevitably
propel an expansion of criminal activity

sure if you remove any possibility that
the cops are going to be watching a
neighborhood the criminals are already
in the neighborhood are going to commit

a lot more crimes but there has been
enough dogmatic pronouncements that
lawful access simply cannot be done it
can be and it must be we are confident

that there are technical solutions that
will allow lawful access to encrypted
data and communications by law
enforcement without materially weakening
the security provided by encryption but

I am suggesting like this is well past
time for some in the tech community to
abandon the posture that a technical
solution is not worth exploring and

instead turn their considerable talent
to developing products that will
reconcile good cybersecurity to the
imperative of Public Safety and national

security that’s right from now on we’re
gonna call them bill Barr the backdoor
Man and the Silicon Valley is adhering
to this there they are

obedient and here’s how it works
Facebook is the first one they’re doing
it with messenger and with whatsapp and
I know think a lot of people use
whatsapp they’re putting the encryption
in a special portion of the of their app

and this portion of the app will
actually be scanning based upon I think
key words

for certain things undetermined if it
finds something that could be deemed
illegal it will shoot that message back
to the cloud back to Facebook so it can

be analyzed for your protection of
course you know this kind of us so
they’re saying it’s end-to-end

encryption but it’s so smart that should
something really bad happened then you
know we got you back everybody because
it’ll just ping our servers with
whatever you’re doing this sort of
surveillance which we’ve already

identified is really part of a more of a
blackmail scheme by the government
agencies and on the behest of
individuals of course is really
ridiculous because and people buy into

it because what did what did all the
surveillance we got the NSA we got the
phones are tapped everything we do every
communication is followed and observed
and the term he used which was lawful

scrutiny all this lawful scrutiny and
meanwhile we have a shooting in Gilroy
at the Garlic Festival by some lone nut’

and we still haven’t got to the bottom
of and we still have these events that
take place they have not stopped as I
think Rory McGovern likes to point out

that all the surveillance and all the
spying on the public and all the old we
got to do this and that they haven’t
stopped one single crime that we know of
unless they’ve set it up themselves like

the FBI does every six weeks or this is
an excellent point it’s never upfront
it’s always after the fact unless it’s a
sting by the FBI something else that

just popped into my mind and I’ve been
going back and forth with the Sir Chris
pastor Chris Jacob you know he has he he
used to live out in that area and he is
in the armed sales business in Nevada so

he was the obvious guy to reach out to
first of all we had a shooting in Gilroy
we had another shooting before that in
York but neither those would mentioned

and not a single question in two debates
about gun I’m sorry um common-sense gun
legislation not a single question why in
New York

black people shot in Gilroy California
brown people shot by a brown person
possibly related to ms-13 or other
gang-related activity which is rampant

in that area which could mean illegal
immigrants nothing not a single word
about guns hypocrites good point
total hypocrites I stood out like a sore

yes it did anyway use protonmail people
or learn how to use encryption PGP or to
get GP GPG tool tools and encrypt your

messages even if you’re gonna send
something sensitive over whatsapp with
their bogus
what is it lawful scrutiny lawful
scrutiny encryption warrantless

encryption whatever it is encrypt it
again because and you know what’s
happening now see the United States
intelligence services they don’t need to
really spy on you they are literally now

going and buying the information from
uber lyft
your food services your delivery guy
wherever you have been wherever you’ve

taken a bird bike or an uber bike or a
car they just go to these companies and
they and they buy it from them they are
buying their data just like your city
does it’s a big joke so yeah guys keep
tracking everybody that’s great you do

it for your commercials and give us the
information and and it flows into the
axiom database they are buying your
profile uh go ahead
I should mention something since you

brought it up just in passing the food
services every debt includes food
deliver it is a scandal I have it I have
the clothes you have the scandal about
the PBS
major story a disturbing new study shows

nearly 1 in 3 food delivery drivers
about 20% of them admit to taking a bite
out of your food before it’s your door

and about half say they’ve tempted to
dig into your food just by the smell of
the meal the meal that they’re
delivering to your home the drivers
surveyed all deliver for the big apps
you’d expect like ovaries GrubHub
doordash and postmates yeah you know you

know why you know why they’re doing this
because they’re hungry this is the G
this is the gig economy this is side
hustles these kids when it’s not just
kids I see a lot of older people they’re

hungry it’s not because they’re just
peckish hungry let me look I’m never
using a delivery service again and I

checked it with the Millennial here at
home see oh yeah oh yeah all my friends
do that who were doing the food delivery
what that all of her friends that do
food that we eat the food yep yep well

if it’s edible you know so if you order
Chinese then it may not be sim you
didn’t get dig in get some rice or
something no but if it’s french fries if
it’s something else yeah and I’m just

dumb done guy grimy hands goes into the
guys disgust slops it all over the place
wipes his he mouths with his hand has
got grease all over and when he comes to

the door he’s all I got a greasy face
again me the giveaway seems to me now
back to you food it’s back to the
tracking so they’re just buying this
information we talked about actually I’m
actually I made a mistake I said that

Oracle had purchased axiom Oracle
purchased a number of big data brokers
but axiom was bought by WPP biggest
advertiser advertising company in the
world and one thing I have to say

something else about them in a minute
they have teamed up with the Dish
Network and AT&T and they’re working
with Roku and with spectrum and
everybody who has a set-top box and they

have come together in this consortium
known as in vidi I envy IDI Nvidia
here’s their commercial like a letter
that arrives in your mailbox

TV ads can now be tailored to your
household it’s called addressable
advertising and our innovative solution
is really quite simple take two
different households watching the same

TV show but deliver distinct and more
relevant commercials based on who’s
watching through the power of
addressable TV advertisers can finally
move beyond age and gender proxies to

target the exact audience they want to
reach using unique identifiers such as
income household composition and even
purchase intent powered by Nvidia TV
operators around the globe now have the

technology to enable household targeting
via set-top boxes and other connected
devices and because addressable TV
targets the person and not the program
the right commercial reaches the right

audience regardless of program format
time or device the invitees addressable
TV technology is transforming television
advertising delivering a more relevant

and satisfying experience for the viewer
and allowing marketers to more precisely
target their audiences this solution
reduces wasted impressions while
producing measurable and improved our

greatly enhancing the value of
advertising inventory for TV
distributors and programmers in fact
with hundreds of billions of addressable
advertising impressions delivered in the

past year alone chances are you’ve
already experienced an addressable TV ad
and didn’t even know the most powerful
way to reach your audience no matter

what when or how they’re watching great
that’s great you know by the way you
would know when that happens because
they’re always that mister you see an ad

for something you already bought yeah
well I’m not seeing that yet so will you
keep yourself out of it as best you can
y-yeah but we’re in the devil by the way
this has been the holy grail of

television here advertising forever
yeah now I don’t see what you’ve heard
about this in the 70s
seriously Yeah right next to your
refrigerator we’ll know when you’re out

of milk
it’s the same kind of nuts nuttiness
yeah now speaking of WPP they were
behind the creative for Gillette’s had
the the so they they went from be all

that you can be to be the best man you
can be and it was the whole social
justice warrior ad and mens suck and we
got to teach young men not to suck you

suck just horrible misogynistic sucky
so Procter & Gamble came there Gillette
is a is owned by Procter & Gamble they
came out with their numbers they wrote

off eight billion dollars five billion
of which was attributable attributed to
the crap ad and and competitors they did
this big virtue signal and lost five

billion dollars hopefully now hopefully
because they got the reason why did this
happen you have to ask yourself that’s
because they had this happens a lot they

have hired somewhere along the line they
hired some hotshots I’m not gonna say
women necessarily but they hired some
hotshot Millennials who are all in on

like that poor little the same person
that makes that poor little girl cry
that we play her except earlier yeah
those people and once they get into an
operation is you can’t get rid of them

is because they hired themselves they’re
like everybody else do you hire your
like types if you get a but you just are
you go to accompanies all everyone
there’s tall how did that happen you
know we have a bunch of babes like an

Oracle to say it’s true that’s true
Oracle hires babes yeah and and and even

the people that do the hiring are
usually babes themselves doing hiring
more babes because they like to be
amongst you know it’s a and so you see

so once you get one of these social
justice warrior types into these
operations to it and they move into a
position of power they can start hiring
and it be some respond they bring in
their friends and next thing you know

your company is done and that’s what the
hopefully is happening to WPP they can’t
stop it once it happened once it starts
that was a signal that that Gillette
thing was the tip of an iceberg that’s

going to sink this operation huh you
watch do you think that’s interesting
these are the ways around it was if you
can isolate all that all the SJW some

because WPP owns all these companies yes
they have the ogilvy & mather a grey
advertising Young and Rubicon all these
Cooper cam Rubicam Rubicon can pentacon

maybe so you take off and yet it’s a you
should be working over at grey we’re

gonna move you over then they move them
all into one company and then just
shutter it yeah you’re right only way
they’re gonna get rid of these people
well I think the Gillette account is up
for review is what I think oh that’s

yeah well there’s some didn’t go to Omni
Omni come they have to go down the cone
yeah the only competitor shiet day or
one of those guys the shite days part of

one of these groups i think they’re part
of Omnicon Tom Omni come on econ
no con it’s a con just before I close
out the OTG segment I got a great email

from producer trevor further to your
various comments about the financial
sector how they want to increase debt so
you were more beholding to them this is

what we’ve been talking about Credit
Karma you know they are tracking
everything about you hook it up to your
bank account they know exactly what
you’re paying when you’re paying it how
much you pay off they know everything
and as I’ve learned in the terms of

services even when you stop using these
apps like Credit Karma they still retain
access to your bank account you have to
go through quite a rigmarole to get your

bank to unhook them as it were yeah
that’s kind of shitty but it’s in all
the terms of services so Trevor works
for a large Canadian financial
institution a couple of years ago we

were putting public Wi-Fi in the
branches one of the network managers
said the following as I guess this was a
meeting imagine a person coming into a
bank having their cell phone on them as

expected and us being able to since they
have downloaded our app and accepted our
Terms of Service immediately know who
that person is being able to approach
them directly ie

good morning mr. curry and then we can
take a step further by leveraging their
social network data finding out mr.
curry was recently engaged and had been
looking at a real estate our
conversation will continue along the

lines of congratulations on your pending
wedding have you considered a change in
housing would you consider talking to
one of our mortgage specialists who can
assist you with understanding your
options and pre-approved mortgage this

was met with applause by the audience of
internal staff meanwhile this has drug
laws called stalking yeah Trevor says
he’s never gonna enter a physical bank

again and this is another thing these
Bank apps the bank apps are the worst
and they are selling your information
indiscriminately and it winds up before
you know it’s you it’ll always be after

the fact they’re not gonna catch you
doing anything
but I think the most damning part is
just taxes you don’t want you don’t want
the IRS to know what you’re doing you

don’t want them to know what you’re
paying what you’re not paying who you’re
paying who you’re writing you know
you’re giving cash to how much cash
you’re getting none of this it’s then
they get there locate it’s just it’s so

bad and thank goodness I think the Li
bream v Linux phone is finally going to
ship really don’t want to be hopeless

but yes so and then just before we get

to our next break I want to do a
follow-up on the closed captions this
has been the most emailed topic of the
past few weeks we’ve gone through the

brain part of this which I’m now pretty
convinced is being what we’re seeing
some auditory processing issues as a

result of people watching movies and
television with closed captions on and
just to come back you said that on the
last show you said well it’s not true

with you because you grew up with closed
captions and I wanted to say that I that
was actually my brain was an overdrive
because I was listening to English
reading the Dutch subtitles and I was

actually learning better Dutch by
following along with what I was hearing
and what I was reading but in general
you get lazy and we’re very lazy we
don’t talk on the phone anymore you used

to call someone on the phone you and ask
anyone do you call him on the phone
no why not it’s crappy can’t hear it cuz
you know we’re not used to deciphering a
voice through a phone line anymore it

also has gotten worse with digital phone
calls admittedly I use a landline there
which is really good in the landline is
duplex we also don’t talk duplex anymore
you can’t talk at the same time on on

any modern system we can barely do it on
skype so we’re texting
yeah we’re text this is the world we
live in short bursts of text I can’t
wait until the first clue

caption comes with emojis and you know
what I’m thinking it’s coming pretty
soon anyway
well I don’t want to before you go on to
that no I don’t want to get away from
what you talked about earlier about the

banks yeah because I do have a clip I
wanted to play to get it out of the way
because you mentioned that you don’t
want the IRS looking at what you’re up
to because you may be but buying

something for some money some cash money
and you don’t want anyone knowing what
it is you’re buying or something to that
but let’s play the Abba clip he’s
singing about it for years and making

truckloads of it along the way
but now Abba is in the vanguard of a new
wave in Sweden where there’s no money

money money just cards cards cards and
phones phones phones just ask Eva Amurri
to Matz’s we trying to have a quiet

lunch until we showed up the last time
you actually used cash month ago maybe
or something which is typical last year
only 13% of Swedes could remember using
cash for a recent purchase

what what news organization did this
CBS well someone needs to be fired who
the hell uses ABBA as a musical money

reference in 2019 that is what he stupid
now nope nope nope nope nope I didn’t
have the whole clip the clip wraps it go

it’s a long feature it’s one of these
news features that they do nowadays
which is what everyone does now this
wraps around the fact that Abba did that
song and now the Abba museum which I

didn’t know existed oh yeah a major
Museum and Sweden sure will not take
cash and that’s the punchline huh okay
they only take cards and then they had

some of the Alba people there going oh
yes why use cash it’s crazy crazy to use
cat crazy so I thought that was
disgusting I’m gonna go back to the

closed captions after this slight
musical interlude of ABBA
you won’t you used to tell me you were a

huge Abba fan yeah oh yeah me Bjorn
at Nita and Frida like this so tight now
it’s more a rock set guy I’m second

closed-captions and I finally got a
technical analysis of what’s going on
with today’s streaming services and this
is I believe this is the main reason why

closed captions are used we’ve everyone
has this says I’ll kind of off the cuff
like uh it seems like today’s stuff is
harder to hear the Grand Duke Dave Foley

who does this for a living says here’s
what I found
modern mixers are coming and we’ve
deciphered a lot of this but I really am
happy that we got a a technical analysis

and and he runs ultra flicks which is
for D F for 4k 4k 8 a million like
hi-def real cool it’s at 8k now mostly

just Hayes working on a cake
all right all modern mixers are coming
through in 5.1 only with no emphasis or
effort put into the down mix into

two-channel stereo during our
remastering of movies on ultra flicks we
have discovered very often that the
stereo mix is not properly balanced with
noise versus dialogue or as we say music

effects versus speech dialogue we
created the hyper audio remastering tool
whereby we run the equivalent of a
compressor on the sound track to bring
the levels more in balance in addition

to fixing clipping run through a warming
filter to mimic tube amps and also
ensure that levels between movies are
always the same so the audio experience
between different movies is always on

par we also found that and this is I
think is key that many of the streaming
set-top boxes and Smart TVs tell the
sending side to send 5.1 even if the
output is only going to stereo speakers

built into the TV so I think there’s a
big flaw is in your your Roku box or
whatever you’re using it’s sending a
signal saying yeah send me that 5.1

which of course is looking for a center
channel to send the dialogue through the
audio processor and these devices often
does not do a proper down makes a stereo

and in several of the low-priced models
there’s a very poor job of the down mix
levels leaving dialogue always lower
than other sounds in particular by not
properly mixing in the center channel
with the front left and right this is

where I see our exit strategy we need a
box you need a box yeah I need a box
need a DSP digital signal processing box

there’s an app that does this for the
Xbox apparently I don’t have an Xbox but
a lot of Foley box use this software
license it there you go done exit okay

well that’s it last show everybody
imagine all the people who could do is
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the Congressional District in Baltimore
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Arnold SN is the chemical symbol for tin

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love can I stop you for a second well of
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decided to do a meet-up to the Gilman

the beat have we’ve done before in
Berkeley on August 8th oh and that was
not on the list no cuz she hasn’t put it
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August and it’s going to be we’re at the
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at bat last Berkeley meetup okay it’s
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the 8th which is a Thursday after the

show and I think right 5 o’clock I guess
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next show yes aunty Fah is on alert that
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we have a meet-up taking place in
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meetup apparently it that lot fest of
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4th I can’t wait to get a report from
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ones on 31st in two very different
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no one gets triggered there’s no

condemnation you meet people you have a
human interaction it’s incredibly
enjoyable we even get John out of the
house form so that’s yeah that should
tell you something right there but they
are very good a very enjoyable and I

have a report from the Frisco Texas
Meetup and this is from brian goldsmith
since we had a frisco

we had a frisco texas meetup last
Saturday night I worked for FC Dallas of
Major League Soccer he says can’t wait
until you get your team Adam you think
they’re crazy now I’m getting a team

here in Austin so I thought it would be
cool to do a meet-up in conjunction with
a game a soccer game maybe tailgate
meeting the stadium club etc I
coordinated the logistics of the meetup
and got it on the site cross my fingers

had absolutely no idea what to expect
I’m an older millennial just turned the
magic 33 last week originally from
Buffalo New York moved here with my
smoking hot girlfriend less than a year

ago for all I knew she was the only
person who listened to the show on my
area to my surprise we had seven people
show up for the meetup a nice picture
attached what’s even crazier we have
Dame firecracker sûreté so a night in a
dame who joined us who happened to be

season ticket holders for the team we
were from all from different backgrounds
but it was really great to talk to
people who had the common bond of the
show and to be surrounded by people

whose amygdala were not swollen to the
size of their head since I worked for
the team I was busy running around but
would visit when I could I thought maybe
the group would sit together for the pre
great and pregame or a little bit of the

first half and then go their own
separate way but everybody stayed
together for the entire match it was so
cool seeing the night rings in person
for the same time and really look
forward to eventually getting my own in

true slave fashion Don got mac and
cheese burgers for everybody to eat
sure of that thank you very disgusting
and I think we’ll have repeat meetups in
Frisco at the ad another FC Dallas match

I might even hop up there for for one of
these yeah go see a game soccer game a
guy doesn’t like sports at all catch

some of the action
that’s right well we have known items we
have know

no title changes today and a very short
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call her Berger says happy birthday to
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exactly is I’m sorry I have a note I can
read can I’m one of our producers mm-hmm
cuz I just thought it’s gonna be

interesting this is a good kind of a
technical note about microphones and she
has some applicability to what we’re
seeing on television what we do I’m a
professional this is producer Ellen I’m

a professional production sound mixer
he could probably chime in on the sound
of the five point one thing for many
decades all presidents have used the

same lectern mic set up to shure sm57
mics with asher a to WS windscreen in
asher a 55 m shock mount on a dual mic

bar we’ve seen that now I always thought
that this rig was specific to Obama but
oh okay I didn’t realize me I thought I

thought it doesn’t every president have
his own sound guy that’s well kind of
and he discusses it a little bit in here
that’s why there’s notes so interesting
because I always thought Obama just like
the sm57 which to me is like a you know

mediocre it’s not mediocre it’s a good
sounding flat mic but bombers gotta get
the right voice for it anyway he says
the Navy provides the audio systems for
all POTUS huh

Trump whom I love came along and being a
sound system expert not told them he
wanted a mic that was right in front of
his mouth so rather than getting modern

mic with a slender profile that they
would have to
I like mics used in Congress of the UN
the Navy goes reaches into the only pile

of only kit that they have and put an
sm57 the same mic in the same shock
mount and hung it upside down on a
gooseneck foot assault we had to look

for this now result the ugliest
stupidest looking face blocking mic ever
used for a world leader with the
exception of the 1960s mics used in the

USSR ha the photo of Joe shows him
looking more presidential than Trump
because he is using the classic twin mic
setup that every president has used in

modern times and Trump is using a rig
like you’d see at a State Fair in the
hog-callin competition little things
like this are seen as a least

subconsciously by everyone and I do not
think it helps Trump and huh he’s in
Virginia you might have my dad that is
yeah I thought so stuff that only two no

agenda show would reveal I knew about
yes 57 yeah we don’t in the rest of it I
think just goes straight to a snowball

from Yeti so we we all have seen the the
outrage the controversy over the

president saying Baltimore’s infested of
course that’s totally racist it’s filled
with rats you know it’s extermination
and kill black people he’s racist

horrible guy there was something
interesting about the original tweet by
the way do you notice that he spelled
Cummings without the s no but you’re
weird net I think of the joint opinion

now that there’s a lot of code going
into these tweets yeah so you know and
that would be a very pornographic
word something to find on the pornhub I
find stuff I’ve know you come in to

haha yeah I have no follow up on that I
just thought it was interesting as I was
putting these clips together and I’ve
got your Elijah clip it fits in

perfectly here so of course you know
everyone’s all up in arms trump is
racist here’s Bernie joining me now in
Detroit 2020 presidential candidate
senator Bernie Sanders and senator

Sanders I know you want to talk about
issues but I do also want to talk about
what President Trump said about your
former colleague in the House Elijah
Cummings and his district being quote a
disgusting rat and wrote and infested

mess that no human being would want to
live in what’s your response
Jake it’s it’s unbelievable that we have
a President of the United States who
backs American cities with tax Americans
who attacks somebody who’s a friend of

mine who I drew Cummings is one of the
most decent and outstanding members of
the House of Representatives he fights
every day to improve life in his
racist horrible man what a dick Cummings

my best friend thing was that all the
people I saw the word infested as
meaning is a racist term or infested
infested yes and I understand how that
works because something’s infested its

rats what do you do with infestation you
exterminate kill people there you go
it’s about killing Brown humblest
unfortunately Bernie in 2015 and it went
to Baltimore and here’s what he said the

fact of the matter is is that America is
the wealthiest country in the history of
the world but anyone who took the walk
that we talked we took around this
neighborhood would not think you’re in a

wealthy nation you would think that you
were in a third-world country now he
didn’t say infested because that would
be racist but he kind of said it’s a

thank you in fact we both had this clip
Elijah Cummings in 1999 the very guy
who’s responsible for this and being
called out as such Elijah Cummings this

I left my community of Baltimore a
drug-infested area what where a lot of
the drugs that we’re talking about today
have already taken the lives of so many
children the same children that I

watched 14 or 15 years ago as they grew
up now walking around like zombies this
is only 40 miles away from here
and now everyone’s walking around with

zombies but that’s just because a
smartphone’s it’s not even because of
the drugs or the rats or the infestation
but this has been a problem in Baltimore
for a very long time

the mayors and the most recent mayor
another woman mayor black woman mayor is
rousted from the job because of
corruption that their city government
has been the problem the whole let me

get to that in a second first I want to
stay with the infestation in 2015 PBS
produced a documentary called 2016
called rat film it was literally about
the rats in Baltimore it’s just a little

piece from that it ain’t never been a
rat problem involved
always been a people problem and then
angling change can you educate the
people necessarily his diet right now I

think there’s a one of favorite poisons
for the guys cuz it’s a no choice poison
most of the time we kill exactly what we
trying to kill that’s about it me
there’s this guy who’s a kind of a funny

old guy who says there’s not a rat
problem it’s a people problem there’s
guys with baseball bats and tasers and
the size of these rats when there’s big
as your calf that’s how fat they are

just just disgusting so it’s been a
problem in Baltimore now there may have
been something some kind of weird sting
that went down a report just came out

and this is actually here it is
inspector general Horowitz this is the
guy that dojo de Genoa was talking about

and this did actually come out on
Wednesday a report came out about the
crime let me see I think it’s the crime

victim fund yes the Crime Victims Fund
I’ll play this because he’s kind of
boring but here is the the inspector
general Horowitz who we have such high

hopes for for draining the swamp
previewing his report today we released
a report that assesses the OJS
administration of the Crime Victims Fund
or CBF DOJ is not only responsible for

prosecuting federal crimes it also plays
a critical role in providing services to
crime victims as part of that effort the
office of Justice programs or ojp

distributes CBF funds to States to
implement programs like legal aid crisis
intervention counseling and shelter for
crime victims the OIG conducts audits of

CBF programs to ensure that funds for
victim services are used properly and
are not wasted or poorly managed in
recent years Congress has significantly
increased the amount of CBF funds

available for distribution from
seven hundred and forty five million
dollars in fiscal year 2014 to over 4.4
billion dollars last year since 2016
we’ve issued nearly fifty CBF focused

reports today’s report provides an
analysis of the systemic issues we’ve
identified as a result of that work
among our findings is that some states

use the recent increases in funds
effectively to enhance victim programs
and support new initiatives like
extending services in rural areas but
other states struggled to adjust to the

increase in award amounts didn’t plan
effectively and had millions of dollars
available as spending deadlines
approached we advised ojp that this
created significant risk for rushed

wasteful spending and we encouraged ojp
to help States develop responsible
spending plans additionally as the CBF
program has grown states have been able

to increase the number of direct service
providers they fund each year of about
four thousand in fiscal year 2015 to now
over six thousand providers this creates

more opportunity to serve crime victims
but we found Oh Jay P needs to help
states conduct more effective oversight
of these providers our report includes
several other findings about steps that

can be taken to improve the management
of this very important fund so I only
got this this morning the report is long
it’s a PDF I found 58 references to

Baltimore is it possible with the
increased money didn’t Trump talk about
1.6 billion or some some amount he
mentioned an amount which is why I
started to put it together in my head

what if they upped the money they
usually send and the IG was doing his
investigation found out that oh there’s
a lot of these inefficient services that

expanded and and the money wasn’t
handled properly by Sunday I’ll have
combed through the report it could have
been a possible sting maybe
you’ll see you’re done about the mayor

getting kicked out well that that the
whole state is corrupt and Trump sets
this up by calling out Cummings someone
has to do something with this report if

it’s really in there what I think might
be in there and then you know you can
show oh well there you go Cummings it’s
full of corruption
they only had just a little bit where
the was it the woman who sold her books

and they never bought the book or never
they never took receipt of the books
that one with the child kids books yeah
that was the mayor wasn’t it maybe there
was another anyway that was like last

year I think it was the other mayor that
was kicked out hmm one mayor after
another gets kicked out of that place it
sounds like the like Baltimore truly is
corrupt yeah I’m kidding yes squares are

crooked you’ve got an update on Epstein
okay I don’t have that it’s not really

an update it’s something just surfaced a
piece of his depth as well it is we did
learn something with this clip this is a
piece of deposition from 2009 and a
deposition is when Lloyd pretrial

lawyers get to sit together and ask
questions and it’s under oath correct
you can’t lie on the you can’t you can’t
lie but you do whatever you want but you

do – you do the Pledge yeah you have to
hold your I’ve done them and you have to
hold your hand up and do the whole thing
know what you do before you have to be
sworn in will you depose for some crime
no I was never deposed for a crime I was

deposed as an expert witness for a
number of number of situations give us
give us one exam time people don’t know
this about you give us one example I was
a part of the AMD I was giving a

deposition for AMD against Intel okay
but in what’s your speciality in this
marketing they bring it’s true they
bring me in they say what which is

reaction to the public as I was writing
for these all these magazines and I kind
of had a sense of what was important in
what wasn’t they would ask me questions
yeah and but was this gonna be a big hit
with you know this kind of stuff that I

write wrote about and so they’d asked me
these questions about it of course then
they’d always say so what makes you the
expert and what’s your answer to that
this is what I have a lot of experience
I think I’ve been doing this for like 25

years and blah blah blah
I got a pretty good feeling for it and
I’ve dad you just you know go along with
them but you know they always tell you
in advance that the lawyers they say

here’s what they’re gonna ask you
they’re gonna here’s they’re gonna do
this they’re gonna do that then I’m
gonna do this and they’re gonna they’re
gonna slam ya or you know you if you do
a video deposition they’re gonna
definitely ask if you’re wearing makeup
are you wearing makeup really is that a

question yes it is why what would the
advantage of wearing they make you look
like I would the jerk or something I’m
not sure it’s the other side that’s
doing these questions but they do

everything to defame you they did you
actually graduate if you do have a
degree what what sit-in well that’s got
nothing to do with this does it and it’s
just a bridge done that was from the

very first time I did it I was I was
briefed very well by one of the Morrison
Forrester I think was the first group I
worked for big boy law firm and in the
South Bay that handles most of Silicon

Valley stuff and they gave me that they
read me in I knew exactly what was to
expect and how I was gonna go and it was
exactly that well I don’t that one is

that one case the guy’s one of the
lawyer forgot what firm this was that
may have been Morrison Forrester but
they were they’re always there with you
so this was the AMD Intel thing and so
Intel had this funny strategy and it was

really hilarious they would just keep
you there for as long as they could to
rack up the lawyer bill so they kept me
I’m there for like hours answering this

account is very slow you can ask another
question yeah we’re getting to it and it
would go ahead to the point where the
lawyers for the firm there was work
representing AMD at the time left Wow

they said you’re on you’re on your own
deal with it
we gotta go home well this is a
deposition of a convicted sex trafficker

no he wasn’t convicted yet creep Jeffrey
Epstein I don’t need to explain what he
is this is 2009 before his sweetheart

deal conviction they do a deposition
they’ve got his lawyers you’ll hear them
speaking in the background in between
the the question and the question
restated because you know it does have

kind of like a court process to it and
you can say hold on you know objection I
think you can even object can’t you in a
deposition can the opposing but they
typically at least in these civil what

these cases are but they is not in
criminal well this is very this is
really interesting they objected
generally speaking they said the
objection observed and they just
override it and then it gets cut out

later so you’re still down he’s
generally speaking you still to keep
talking okay interesting well this is
what what great fortune tell me if in
any of the depositions you’ve done if

you’ve ever been asked this question and
it starts off with you know the typical
deposition you know state your name etc
and I’m curious if they’ve ever asked
you and maybe in the AMD case that they

asked a question like this would you in
your right hand please yes do you
solemnly swear the testimony you’re
about to give will be the truth the
whole truth and nothing but the truth so
help you God
yes I did
could you please give us your name

Jeffrey Epstein
is it true sir that
you have what’s been described as an
egg-shaped penis now shake you up what

what now the well let’s continue the the

lawyer for Epstein of course immediately
objects to this banging that met and I’m
going to give you the first one mr.
chairman that these types of questions

are not only argumentative but directed
in a manner to embarrass mr. Epstein if
you continue with this type of question
I will adjourn the deposition this is
ridiculous she was trying to embarrass

mark my client yeah we can’t just can’t
have this we’re gonna end this
deposition if you do this so of course
you need to restate the question in a
friendlier term sir according to the
police department’s probable cause

affidavit one witness described your
penises oval-shaped and claimed when
erect it was thick towards the bottom
but was thin and small towards the head

portion and called it egg-shaped those
are not my words I apologize but does
mr. gouge our prize mr. Chris rips off
the mic what an odd penis what that clip

get into the public domain Hey oh it’s
it’s so much someone slipped it out but
is this a I’m not familiar with this

penis shape is this is this a common
occurrence you know I don’t know it’s
something I’ve never studied so I’m sure

there’s people in the Bay Area’s of just
specialists in this that would know we
don’t happen to be one of them and if so
is there is there a nickname term for
this is there you know it’s like oh

you’re asking the wrong guy yeah I know
I know that John I know that people
think that’s your chair that’s squeaking
I know I’m just asking
out there you’re on a roll all right I’m
sure someone will tell me yeah we’ve got

we’ve got members of our larger
production group that have very a lot of
insight at us and they’re probably is
I’m guessing a nickname for something
like that yeah

probably Nicholas I got one oh this is
yeah this was big news and you know
amidst all the purge that’s taking place
on well certainly YouTube man you look
at a YouTube channel these days all you

see is this videos remove this is
removed this is gone done you know it’s
also purchase a purge there is a real
purge and youtubers are variable and the

life of a youtuber is so difficult
you’re always chasing the algo you’ve
got to have the right titles the right

picture art very important on YouTube
extremely important what you know what
you’re tagged it all these things come
into play
and you know people are still getting
kicked off their being demonetised

they’re they’re really unable to make a
living you recall loom are the loom or a
woman loora looral or Loomer you know
just crying she’s I have no more job I

have no more income well she got kicked
off right so the youtubers they created
a union because they are somehow in the
delusional illusional it’d be good yeah

there they are delusional about the fact
that YouTube needs them where they
believe that they’re you know they’re
millions of views or whatever

really makes up a big portion of the
what is it eight billion dollars a
quarter or something that YouTube does
in the revenue sure I’m sure it’s your
animal yeah I’m sure it’s your YouTube

channel that does that not hundreds of
millions of cat videos or whatever else
with the averages on there
yeah so but okay be delusional now the
Union really hasn’t done much this one

kids the kids they you know they’re
especially on the dinner nights when
everyone’s here they everyone so we’ll
go do the YouTube thing and everyone

gets the gun for a minute you know the
little remote to find the different
kinds of things they’ve found have you
seen the one this is one guy has he’s
got a bunch of he’s got like hundreds of
these videos of him eating ridiculous

amounts of food and crying the whole
time no no yes he’s in tears Creveling
just a piles of food and then he’s broke

he’s sick and he’s crying he’s moaning
and groaning that goes under the next
one where he’s doing the same thing with
some other food
it’s unbelievable some of the stuff
that’s on YouTube anyway that’s well

sight well he well there you go look at
how hard the guy has to work to make a
living he’s gotta eat all this crap
foods gotta spend some of his internet
money his YouTube dollars on the food

it’s very hard to make a living so the
the YouTube Union has decided to make a
bold move this is a German guy who is in

charge of the YouTube Union he will
explain attention YouTube here we go
being a youtuber is a dream job for lots
of young people but two years ago

YouTube turned the dream job into
illness the real youtubers this is
bullcrap no it’s not whole story I’m no
no no no no why don’t you while I’m no

I’m not gonna I’m not gonna blow the
punchline to this it’s real and there’s
something really big really you just
sure me it’s real so I’m not gonna be
suckered no you’re not gonna be suckered

okay go on
attention YouTube here we go being a
youtuber is a dream job for lots of
young people but two years ago YouTube
turned the dream job into a nightmare

the real youtubers there are the reason
for YouTube’s big success are getting
censored deleted erased and hidden
making a living on YouTube is actually
no longer possible many channels have

been tried
disappeared or are now reduced to a
minimum there is no job security it
seems like YouTube doesn’t want
independent youtubers anymore because
now YouTube prefers like channels run by

TV stations or Hollywood celebrities and
for those guys completely different
rules apply they won’t be censored they
won’t be erased they won’t be kicked out

YouTube is actually pushing these guys
with everything they have all this
happens simply out of greed for profit
oh wow simply because advertisers prefer
Will Smith over the independent youtuber

let me see hmm Will Smith guy eating and
crying Will Smith guy eating and crying
hold on but YouTube should not be so

sure about that strategy since one year
we have the youtubers Union and we have
thousands of youtubers that are now
United and picked up the fight the only

problem is that so far we haven’t been
able to achieve much but exactly that is
gonna change now I G metal the largest
independent trade union on the planet
and the youtubers Union are now joining

forces with a clear goal to bring back
the old YouTube we have found it the
joint venture fair tube and now time
will change for YouTube since we have

125 years of experience in the fight
against injustice and over 2 million
members plus superb lawyers and now
joining forces with thousands of

youtubers who are really unhappy with
the way things go together I think we
are completely unbeatable fair tube is
fat tube is unbeatable can I give you a

clip of the day
because that guy’s accent was just well
you know who sounds like sounds like

something from Hogan’s Heroes he sounds
like comic strip bloggers a little bit
yeah so they’ve joined with IG Metall
which is the used to be the metal

workers union in Germany they do have
two million members and that this video
goes on for for another 15 minutes and
he is talking to the IG Metall Union
lady they really have hooked up their

fare tube you tubers Union to IG Metall
and you know here’s the sad part it’s
the people who are members of these
Union and who were serious like this guy

they truly believe that they put YouTube
on the map said you tube would be
nothing without us and they just don’t
understand how it works and they don’t
understand that yes yes Will Smith is

preferable not to YouTube to the
advertisers when YouTube can say we’ve
got Will Smith and you know this is
great your ads gonna run on Will Smith

pretty much for free cuz Will Smith just
putting this stuff up there it’s great
yes you you’re just losers sorry yeah
but okay believing your Union like you

know give at least be nice be nice no I
I want to be nice but I want to be
realistic people would really think that
they can make a living off of someone

else’s platform you can’t it’s not
supposed to work without that is the
issue now I mean if you had your own
servers and did your own thing which is
what we do on this show as opposed to

using pod beam alright last one from me
we have not had any update on the
college admissions scandal have we we

don’t even know what’s going on it’s
been wiped off the point of the face of
the map taste it I would say it’s not at
the top of the list of news items that
they’re playing on now so I have no idea
what’s going on with that but there is a

new scam a new college admission scam
which is when you think about it could
have been the great exit strategy thank
you a new fire
storm is erupting over college
admissions families reportedly

transferring legal guardianship of their
children in order to get financial aid
it’s totally legal but there are critics
who say it is unfair NBC’s Ron Mott has
details it works like this

families some of whom live in
million-dollar homes with incomes well
into six figures go to court to have a
legal guardian with fewer financial
resources appointed for their college

bound students giving them a better shot
at qualifying for need-based financial
aid and it’s perfectly legal
according to Pro Publica Illinois and
The Wall Street Journal citing court

records the tactic has been used
effectively dozens of times they were
filed by one of two law firms and many
of them use language in the petition
such as the Guardian would provide
educational and financial opportunities

that the parents could not otherwise
provide advocates of the legal maneuver
argued that unlike the college
admissions scandal which has led to
multiple criminal convictions these
students were fairly accepted and are

looking for a way to pay for it as the
annual cost of tuition and fees at the
nation’s colleges have skyrocketed
rising more than one hundred fifty
percent over the past two decades a
bottom line increase of nearly $32,000 a

year on average
they are absolutely cheating still some
critics contend these families and their
students should endure the appropriate
pinch based on their resources this

technique in particular is new and
absolutely deserves everybody is sort of
shocked and scorned another wave of
controversy cascading down on college
campuses money once again at the center
Ron Mott NBC News Chicago

if you wonder why there’s a wealth gap
is because these people does this guy’s

bitching about their just smarter yeah
interest is the smartest thing I’ve ever
heard this is you here you go oh yeah
you got a maid working for you

hey maid 17-year old maid sign here made
the troll room reports DC girl says that

she knows someone did this in 1995 oh
yeah of course they keep it to
themselves but they’re saying dozens and
dozens it sounds like this is probably

something that’s just been going on
yeah it’s have been under the radar what
a great scam that is it’s fabulous in
fact somehow I think it’s something you

could actually put your ethics aside for
no because your ethics not really not
aside because these schools with these
ridiculous tuitions out of the blue when
I went to college at the University of

California Berkeley for almost free is
their dare them to ethical ethically
challenged this ridiculous ridiculous
it’s ridiculous I tell you I have one
last clear okay so I just thought this

when I heard this I said here’s a guy
who’s this is I realized that booted
judge is a is nuts
yeah I think you may be right on that

and and this is my proof this is booted
judges concept of true quote unquote
Trump’s gift and and what he’s saying is

what is true what is Trump’s gift and
when I heard this I’m gonna give you the
punchline for it I’m gonna give you the
analysis before I play the clip this is
from a science-fiction movie I think

even Star Trek did this once before you
know maybe it’s Star Trek’s time more
than one of these scenarios that he
describes with Trump and it was just a

slapper you know the gift of this
president is to take any energy that
goes his way even if it’s in the form of
criticism and turn it into a kind of
food that he just grows off of and gets
bigger that’s the code that we’ve got to

crack and I think the way to do it is to
name and confront everything that he
does wrong but then immediately go back
to talking about the impact that we will
have on voters lives
in energy and turns it into whatever it

is it makes him bigger let’s listen to
this president is to take any energy
that goes his way even if it’s in the
form of criticism and turn it into a

kind of food that he just grows off of
and gets bigger that’s the code that
we’ve got to crack and I think the way
to do it is to name and confront
everything that he does wrong but then
immediately go back to talking about the

impact that we will have on voters lives
I think yeah and it’s one of the older

ones with you know like the the original
Star Trek I think you’re right
all right everybody that’ll do it for
our deconstruction for today’s media

landscape we missed a lot but there’s
only so much time we have so we’ll pick
some stuff up on Sunday we still have
nutty brexit nutty 90 brush all those
memos will be released by Horowitz

special thanks to Sir Chris Wilson and
Felix Wilson thanks to Sir seat sitter

PMX UK PMX there we go end of show mixes
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let me just say that let me just let me
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am I at the time I had the time America
deserves the time it’s my time I’d like
to knock the crap out of the Jews hold

on hold on
shame on this body that’s not America
let’s get sophisticated about this up
good fight fire with fire

okay this is ridiculous we should have
got a body in that RV and it’s getting

warmer outside understand and we’ve got
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way that no one will ever find it now
that that last part is very very

important therefore it seems to me that
our best course of action would be
chemical dissin corporation this is all

Feeny in strong acid no it’s
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cement on hydrofluoric PC hydrofluoric

acid won’t eat through plastic and will
however dissolve metal rock glass
so there’s that it’s not the best I

think nitric acid to be better look you
skipped clowned around or otherwise
jerked off through every lecture I ever

gave as far as I’m concerned your
chemistry education is over well let’s
stop with the the hydrochloric acid this
being a good way to dissolve the body
because it’s not it might be useful as a

clean up to get rid of all traces of DNA
the best you would use lie or sodium
hydroxide or something that really is
caustic sauce even a little body heavy

it would just be a mass it would be tore
about and it was just not work it’s not
a good way to go
suppose you could buy two bins legs in
one torso inhaler most time mr.

by what they’ve always been told that a
Czech hydrochloric acid eats human flesh
we thought that we surprised now

obviously we can’t try human flesh and
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