No Agenda Episode 1161: “Replacists”

when we’re dead and gone people will

know when it came to us versus the
Zephyr we ultimately were the winners
you got it I got it every single time
yes all right we want some time back all

right here we are
it’s trumps fault you said it yourself
before we started well let me I have a
quiz for you then okay I want you to ask
me the guys I’ll tell you what question

to ask me then I’ll answer it okay I’ll
play along all right
asked me if it was Clinton’s fault that
Columbine happened you know I was

wondering John back in the day it wasn’t
Clinton’s fault that Columbine happened
no look man as far as I’m concerned wait
I got two more three more questions

Oh God okay asked me if it was Obama’s
fault that Aurora happened you know
that’s another instance I was thinking

of the movie shooter the Batman shooter
in a row Aurora Colorado was that
Obama’s fault no I have another question
no the not one not two but three

shootings at Walmart and in addition to
that last night uh there was another
shooting god I don’t know where this was

no this more actually this morning
morning yeah Dayton Ohio yes
they said president Trump’s fault yeah
okay just checking

not only that so I’m watching this news
this morning and bado
Aurora comes on CBS and directly blames
Trump tell me you have a clip of that I

just couldn’t wait wait then beta
O’Rourke goes right over to ABC and

blames Trump not only that but he also
mentions all of trumps flaws including
the fact that without mentioning
anything other than this without even

mentioning were anything this stuff
happened he says Trump said that Nazis
and white supremacists are fine people
did he at any point say Trump is

literally Hitler because that would have
been the best no unfortunately no it
they went to a panel though with four
people that all thought Trump was
responsible holy shit well you know that

here’s what I saw it was within minutes
it was Trump’s fault everything and what
and of course this the shoot we’re just

talking about the third Walmart shooter
as if you’re some kind of prophecy you
know future seer wait we are we had a
newsletter wearing you specifically

before this attack even happened
mentioned that the two other Walmart
shootings had not been covered that did
that’s what I saw in the newsletter yeah

the newsletter you registrant out that
was before the third shooting was it not
even know it was before it or not oh my
it was before Dayton well for sure I you

know I I I was looking at these preview
there were two Walmart shootings before
this one two of them one in Lincoln
reported because I don’t think it was a

big deal that – I don’t know all I know
there’s a lot of shootings all of a
sudden yeah and and so this came on the
heels of a report about the from the FBI

a so-called memo that was uncovered
which kind of spells out well here that
people who believe in crazy conspiracy
theories are should really be labeled as

terrorists yeah yeah yeah that was that
was kind of kind of coincidental and I
was thinking the reason why we didn’t

hear anything about Walmart shootings
before the before this one in in El Paso
is you know you got to be quiet about
Walmart they spend three billion dollars

a year in advertising we don’t want
people to be afraid we certainly
wouldn’t want the news to mention that
Walmart’s are gun-free zones and I saw a
lot of people saying well Texas

everybody’s got a gun how come no one
took him out well before you go on did
you see the new unpublicized the shooter
in that Walmart in El Paso did you see

the picture of the black the black woman
who pulled out a gun and started firing
at him
no I didn’t oh alright the thing I want
to do first off is just whether this is

his or not it you know it’s it’s claimed
to be his manifesto I’m a I’m a student
of manifestos I feel if someone’s gonna
write something and then go kill other

people it’s at least more so shooter yes
the El Paso shooter it’s at least worth
or at least exposing what he wrote and
within minutes contrary to what he act

he writes he was being called white
supremacist white nationalist you know
it’s a Trump fan everything and I just I
marked up his manifesto and I just

wanted to read a couple passages from it
because the mainstream won’t do it have
you seen anyone read anything anything
from his manifesto nothing right not a

little of course not
well contradicts their idea of what
should be reported how it should be
reported what their objectives are which
is to get Trump out of office it won’t

be reported yeah and so I’m reading this
with the same interest I had when I
first read Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto as
the Unabomber thinking well Jesus read

yeah I’ve also read that character up in
Norway burrow or whatever his name was
Anders Breivik well that was a
compendium more than a manifesto which
really I would say a lot of it is used

as the ultimate background the the base
the base information pool for which this
and the Christ Church shooting quite
frankly these manifestos from the Christ

Church shooter which his manifesto is
illegal by law to possess you cannot
have that in New Zealand you are not
allowed to have a copy of the video
you’re not allowed to have a copy of his

manifesto that is illegal now what was
illegal pretty much immediately I think
one kid got in trouble may go to jail
for having a copy of the video so the
same interest I have as to why the

Unabomber killed these people with bombs
blowing up now maybe he had something to
say so let’s just start with the oddness
of mainstream media calling this guy a

Trump supporter and white supremacist
with the last paragraph of his manifesto
my ideology has not changed for several
reasons my opinions on automation

immigration and the rest predate Trump
and his campaign for president I put in
putting this here because some people
will blame the president or certain
presidential candidates for the attack
this is not the case I know the media

will probably call me a white
supremacist anyway and blamed
rhetoric the media is infamous for fake
news their reaction to this attack will
likely just confirm that it seems like
even if you want to call him and white

supremacist and a trump supporter you
might want to mention that he said he
wasn’t and that’s the main thing that
bothers me now let’s try and get inside
this guy’s head if he actually wrote

this now he called his the title of a
stop stop stop
why wouldn’t he have written it who else
would have written it or what would be
the point of it if he didn’t write it

and so first who does it benefit I think
we have to read through it to find out
if he didn’t write it if it means filled
with political positions and information
about his so-called thinking so whether

it’s him or someone wrote it for him or
someone wrote a completely unrelated to
him we can’t just ignore it that’s the
thing that bothers me why we have we
have nothing but panels and panels of

people on new shows so-called news shows
you actually watch real news you know
so-called real news like on PBS and m5m
and network news they could at least say

hey let’s just talk about this this is
interesting what is this guy thinking
about and he starts what am I thinking
yes not gonna happen
it just encourages others to write

manifestos bad idea
okay well obviously on the No Agenda
show we think a little differently about
that it’s probably worth finding out
what the guy was thinking then if action

needs to be taken then that can be taken
and he starts right off with the title
of his manifesto is the inconvenient
truth now this harkens back to the
christchurch shooter indeed back to

Anders Bravo’s compendium and he starts
off by saying in general I support the
Christchurch shooter and his manifesto
this attack is in response to the
Hispanic invasion of Texas I didn’t even

say anyone mention that in their
reporting it’s at the top it says it
right there this attack is a response to
the Hispanic invasion of Texas

that seems pretty clear no I’d listen to
the to the president and went and go
kill brown people that’s pretty much the
m5m message now I’m gonna read a few
paragraphs here some people will think

this statement is hypocritical because
of the nearly complete ethnic and
cultural destruction brought to the
Native Americans by our European
ancestors the natives didn’t take the
invasion of European seriously and now

what’s left is just a shadow of what it
was so he’s now saying that people often
don’t recognize that you’re being
invaded and before you know it’s too
actually the Hispanic community was not

my target before I read the great
replacement now the great replacement is
what the Christchurch shooter referred
to and that is we discussed it on the
show previously that is the theory that

Europe white Europeans are being
replaced by brown people from poor
countries systematically and then on
purpose and the great replacement if
anything is problem and that’s that’s

not a Menifee I think that’s an actual
book isn’t it the great replacement
we’ve talked about this okay then he has
a heading political reasons in short

America is rotting from the inside out
and peaceful means to stop this seem to
be nearly impossible the inconvenient
truth title of his manifesto is that our
leaders both Democrat and Republican

have been failing us for decades so but
by his own words he’s against both
parties the takeover of the United
States government by unchecked
corporations he’s really he’s against

corporatism due to the death of the baby
boomers the increasingly
anti-immigration rhetoric of the right
and ever-increasing Hispanic population
he’s slamming the right here America

will soon become a one-party state the
Democrat Party will own America and they
know it they’ve already begun the
transition by pandering heavily to the
Hispanic voting bloc in the first

democratic debate now he actually puts
some blame on the Democratic candidates
for pandering to Hispanics they intend
to use open borders free health care for
illegals citizenship and more to enact a

political coup by
porting and then legalizing millions of
new voters how can you not read that as
I hate what the Democratic candidates
are doing in this primary it’s he’s

saying that maybe that’s why they don’t
want to discuss it
hello the heavy Hispanic population in
Texas will make us a democratic
stronghold losing Texas and a few other
states with heavy Hispanic population to

the Democrats is all it would take for
them to win nearly every presidential
election although the Republican Party
is also terrible many factions within
the Republican Party are Pro Corporation

Pro corporation equals Pro immigration
continued immigration will make one of
the biggest issues of our time
automation so much worse this is
literally talking points of the

candidates that we saw on stage
including Andrew yang as he continues
America will have to initiate a basic
universal income to prevent widespread
poverty and civil unrest as people lose
their jobs and it’s gonna stop you for a

second everything that he says in the
opening of this manifesto is against
what we’ve seen in the past few weeks in
democratic debates he seems to be
influenced by what he saw couple of

things I could stop yeah please do
please of course okay the great
replacement was also the Garonne
replaceable Rempel small surplus manga
was a book done in 2011 you’re right a

French book and it’s and but if you read
the wiki page of course you’re gonna
take it a little differently they’re
gonna say the great replacement is known
as a replacement there is a white

nationalist right wing conspiracy theory
complicity of replaces replace ists we
don’t use that was a good one replace
them we write it down replaces replaces

elites right that to the white French
population as well as the white European
population in Europe at large is being

progressively replaced with non-european
peoples specifically Arab Berber and
sub-saharan African Muslim populations
from Africa in the Middle East through
mass migration and demographic growth

the theory was based on Renault k-kat
Camus is 2011 book the great replacement
is specifically associated the presence
of Muslims in France with potential

danger and destruction of French culture
and civilization so that’s that and that
would not and when you mentioned Andrew
yang there is a huge thing going on
right now to find that Yang’s campaign

is bitching about cos yang is the one
who promotes this idea of the robots and
the and universal basic income the two
things he mentioned yes this is main
thing his being hornswoggled through I

guess details or little gotchas in the
qualifications list of how to get on the
debate stage and they’re trying to get

him off the stage who is they the
Democrat Party oh yes of course well
then they should just say that the the
shooter referenced him in the manifesto

he’d be gone in a heartbeat well then
people would look at the manifest oh I’m
sure oh yes this would be Romeo yes not
gonna work even gave me yes may continue
even though new migrants do the dirty

work their kids typically don’t they
want to live the American dream which is
why they get college degrees and fill
higher paying skilled positions this is
why corporations lobby for even more

illegal immigration after even after
decades of it happening they need to
keep replenishing the low-skilled labor
pool I’ve never actually thought about
it like that but I buy it

recently the Senate under eight all caps
Republican administration has greatly
increased the number of foreign workers
that will take American jobs that to

compete I’m skipping parts obviously to
compete people have to get better
credentials by spending more time in
college it used to be that a high school
degree was worth something now a
bachelor’s degree is what’s recommended

to be competitive in the job market the
cost of college degrees has exploded as
their value is plummeted by the way
reading this and this is why I said we
really don’t know if he wrote it it

doesn’t sound like a 21 year olds
just doesn’t what do you what do you
feel well I haven’t read it okay but
what I’m reading to you when you just

the the structure
he might have copy pasted parts of it
that’s possible I don’t know I just felt
the grammar let’s say one where the
other cuz there are plenty of writers I
mean gore Vidal wrote his first novel at

nineteen so I mean anything’s possible
the American lifestyle affords our
citizens and incredible quality of life
however our lifestyle is destroying the
environment of our country now this is

very similar to the Christchurch shooter
his manifesto where he’s a green he’s an
ecological terrorist you know he fights
ecological destruction the decimation of

the environment is creating a massive
burden for future generations
corporations are heading the destruction
of our environment by shamelessly over
harvesting resources this has been a

problem for decades for example this
phenomenon is brilliantly portrayed in
the decades-old classic The Lorax do you
want to explain the Lorax I don’t know
the Lorax oh geez we’ve discussed the

Lorax I thought I don’t recall that no
well I wasn’t prepared to look at I
swear I was like yeah once you look at
I’m like ah Jon can explain that one

alright I don’t know it then he goes
into the gear portion of his manifest
now now this is also relatively new when
it comes to shooters very clear about
what weaponry they’re going to use he

had two main guns the ak-47 and also
known as the WASR 10 which is the
civilian version so it’s not full
automatic he actually complained that it
overheats massively after about a

hundred shots fired in quick succession
and then he discusses
the rounds he will be using or used the
8 m3 bullet which he says actually

fragments like a pistol hollow-point
when shot of an ak-47 at the cost of
penetration penetration is still
reasonable but not nearly as a normal a

k47 bullet it’s definitely a bad choice
without this bullet design then he says
my other gun they are 15 the round on
this gun isn’t designed to fragment but

instead tumbles inside a target causing
lethal wounding this will be a test of
which is more lethal either its
fragmentation or tumbling which is kind
of sick yeah very sick reaction guys

this guy’s last name Angola ya know then
we’re almost at the end he reading a
heading reaction statistically millions

of migrants have returned to their home
countries to reunite with the family
they lost contact with when they move to
America they come here is economic
migrants not for asylum reasons this is

an encouraging sign that the Hispanic
population is willing to return to their
home countries if given the right
incentive and then he goes on to say an
incentive that myself and many other

patriotic Americans will provide
personal thoughts reasons and thoughts
and so at the end here my whole life
I’ve been preparing for a future that

currently doesn’t exist the job of my
dreams will likely be automated thank
you and you young Hispanics will take
control of the local and state
governments of my beloved Texas changing
policy to better suit their needs they

will turn Texas into an instrument of a
political coup which will hasten the
destruction of our country the
environment is getting worse by the year
if you take nothing else from this

document remember this inaction is a
choice I can no longer bear the shame of
inaction knowing that our founding
fathers have endowed me where the rights
needed to save our country from the
brink of destruction are European

comrades don’t have the gun rights
needed to repeal the millions of
invaders that plagued their he says
plaque but plagued their country they
have no choice but to sit by and watch

countries burn people who are hypocrites
because they support imperialistic wars
that have caused the loss of tens of
thousands of American lives and untold
numbers of civilian lives the argument

that mass murder is okay when it’s a
state sanction is absurd
our government has killed a whole lot
more people for a whole lot less then he
has a portion here which is BIA and I’m

not sure what what reading this comes
from but I this is the this is the very
kooky part I’m against race-mixing

because it destroys genetic diversity
and creates identity problems also
because it’s completely unnecessary and
selfish cultural diversity diminishes as

stronger and/or more appealing cultures
overtake weaker and or undesirable ones
the best solution to this for now will
be to divide America into a confederacy

of territories with at least one
territory for each race this physical
separation would nearly eliminate race
mixing and improve social unity by
granting each race self-determination

within their respective territories this
is isn’t this something I’ve read
something about this before about the
splitting it up and giving each race its
own its own state or territory Malcolm X

probably that’s interesting you say yeah
that’s interesting um that just what so
I already told you about the ideology

part here’s something that doesn’t
compute with because you got captured my
death is inevitable if I’m not killed by
the police I’ll probably be gunned down
by one of the invaders capture in this
case is far worse than dying during the

shooting because I’ll get the death
penalty anyway worse still is that I
would live knowing that my family
despises me this is why I’m not going to
surrender even if I run out of ammo if
I’m captured it will be because I’m

subdued somehow hmm yet he got captured
they seem be like I know even look
subdued and then at the end
yeah then at the end again he says that

this has nothing to do with trumpet that
he hates
both parties he hates the corporatism
and yes so there wasn’t just as an aside
there say there was something I didn’t

record this and it’s not one of my clip
list but somebody was talking about how
cool there’s one one of these talk shows
how cool and weird is gonna be when the
Democrats take over Texas and and when

Roark was who do I guess will be the
king of Texas yeah Aurora was either
Kaiser Beto kaizo kaizo Beto and I had
something to do with it and it was I got

to start looking into this thing but
because they’re trying to flip Texas
Democrat which would be quite quite
amusing as far as I’m concerned
III think it’s actually quite possible

to do that I really do but I think we’re
not far off from just look at who’s in
Dallas and Texas Dallas and Houston and
Austin look at what El Paso is when the

Castro brothers yeah that’s a San
Antonio these are all sanctuary cities I
might add so this doesn’t this this I
think is correct now we had a Democratic

governor very famous one and Richardson
people like I think everyone liked her
or hate or hated or equally than young

there was a love-hate relationship but
she was very that she was respected I
guess I could say so yeah that’s that’s
possible but I’m just it means this I

never see this kind of talk on Twitter
from people who are 21 running around
pissed off well people on Twitter who
are 21 and running around pissed off art

are just a bunch of weenies on Twitter
because now Twitter from the conspiracy
side of the house which I feel I also
need to cover that this would be

categorized under Gladio operation
Gladio B which means there and maybe
there’s something well there’s
definitely correlation to what the
Gladio strategy

be which is a strategy of tension and
unrest and you do that by these types of
shootings we’ve had quite a few in a row
everything was dead nothing was to coin
a phrase nothing was what’s happening

news wise everyone’s getting ready to go
on vacation the government’s on is on
leave for six weeks we’re all quite it
down we don’t have another debate until
September and then we get a whole bunch

of shootings in a row I think by now my
count is 6 with at least several people
killed at each one and what is the guy
doing with ear protection the other
Walmart guy also had a shooter also had

ear protection what why did why if you
just a psychological question which I
have no expertise in if you’re gonna go
and shoot and you say I’m gonna I don’t
I need to die in this but I need to

protect my ears what the hell it’s very
painful I wish when I’d last time I was
shooting I forgot to put my protection
but or put the thing back on I took shot

a 45 here were you indoors my ears were
ringing for a half an hour I’m not gonna
go shooting without protection even I
don’t give the to be shot or not shot
doesn’t mean you have to put yourself

into miserable pain just seems if you
alright I know it’s not typical of mass
shooters can I say that certainly not

two in a row there’s two things they
don’t discuss wondering whether any of
them are wearing me ear protection seems
to me I don’t see that discussed a and B
whether they’re on some sort of drug

this is the real this is thank you thank
you well and nobody is disgusted on any
of these cases recently they don’t say
was he on ambien or was he on Ritalin or
was a kid that was on ritalin he’s alpha

ritalin now and he’s on adderall I mean
nobody brings any of this up because of
course the big networks are supported by
the drug companies which brings me to my
first clip for the day

we can move away from the from the I
don’t think we have anything else do we
I mean we had this is what we have I
don’t have shooting I have I finally dug
up some other stuff let me let me go

into what we were just talking about
about Big Pharma and how it’s not
discussed and all all these children if
you’re 21 I think you’re still before we
do go too far away I do have two clips

that are connected in an offhanded way
connected to the shooting yeah okay well
it connected to that what you read that
manifests on some other for sure okay
okay this is from designated survivor

Epis easin three which was moved off it
was kicked off the air and moved over to
Netflix what’s-his-face Sutherland kid
Sutherland plays the president who is

they killed everybody and he became the
survivor because they always take when
they get right he was kind of the loser
guy in Congress and because everyone was
killed he becomes the president yeah now

he’s the Democrat he’s running and
they’re up to season three in this the
end of it they’ve killed the show so we
got one episode left after see after
episode nine
so episode nine he’s running up against

a trump would not a trump to too much of
a trump like character but a Republican
bunch of creepy Republicans and these
creepy Republicans are up to no good and
of course in he’s like the good guy but

he’s behind in the polls because he
doesn’t want to do anything too
spectacular so we so we have an a
premise so this is the the designated
survivor episode 9 season 3 this is the

first clip and listen carefully to
what’s going on it held by the way wait
the guy running for president has this
aide his top guy who has who’s that

who’s that what the guy they’re talking
about and what nasty thing he’s done my
advice on target
the FBI has Phil Brunton under 24-hour
surveillance how the hell is Moss as

chief strategist connected to the
bioterror threat feds found someone
who’d been solicited by Brunton to
research and develop bio ethnically
targeted infections and we’ve confirmed
that NSA was brought in and they’ve
mounted brunt into the dead terrorist

malmberg through phone records do I have
to tiptoe around the GOP elephant in the
room is Moss involved FBI doesn’t know
he could be well if he is his loyal
attack weasel will never tell Moss is

ahead in the polls Brendan will stay
quiet hoping for a pardon if he wins
where are we at with the arrest that mr.
president is the question causing a run
on ammonium at the DOJ the grand jury

handed down a sealed indictment but
director Vargas prides himself on
keeping the FBI apolitical which is why
they back-channel this through the White
House counsel’s office I just want to
make a comment before you deconstruct

this immediately some trolls are like
who cares about a TV show well you’d be
amazed at how program how about program
ative these things are and how people

believe they’ve heard or seen some
historical fact based upon something
they saw in a television show how about
Chernobyl which people actually have
said it was a great documentary that’s

why oh you know anyone who said who
brings that up in the chat room
obviously doesn’t listen to the show
much a or Beach should be just kicked

and banned from the chat room that’s my
all right anyway so so okay so this
Bronson character has developed or
worked with someone to develop some sort
of a biological warfare thing that kills

brown people yeah great and the idea is
to change the balance of the the tipping
balance because there’s a bunch of

lectures and within the within the show
there’s lectures on how the white man
who’s really around 70% pretty much
self-identified whites the population
would it’s gonna be less than 50%

probably in a year so they have to so
they got to do something about this and
this and the evil Republicans of course
would be
but it turns out this is the second clip

here and I then I would wrap it up but
the second clip here which is a shorter
clip kind of takes it to the next next
level this biological weapon isn’t what
we think it is is worse mass

sterilization that appears to have been
the intended outcome the bio weaponized
flu was going to be introduced into
populations with high minority growth
rates large swathes of the population we

become infected but then they get better
what would be undetectable was that it
had been genetically sequenced to
sterilize its minority host whoa okay
let’s stop right there and let me just

do this I did this a couple of times on
this show this is an old science fiction
story that’s been redacted and in fact
the last time I saw this exact story

being run down as a drama was on
Stargate sg-1 that was Scott
what’s-his-name but anyway so the sg-1
they they go to this planet and there’s

two or three white folk that know this
tourist or has been switched two or
three of these white folk and they were
there working the planet and this giant
giant farms and there’s nobody else

around and they stay Swann during around
they fall in a hole and inside the hole
there’s they find all these documents
that show that this trick has been
played on the white people and they’ve

been all been sterilized or some disease
which was by a biologically engineered
to do it and spread like dogs
sorry it’s a new twist on an old classic

I’m working next round of this bullshit
story can come up and so they and they
these guys are just dumb and so this is
like you know these guys are so the way

this story goes on is it gets out and
the public finds out just before the one
week before the election even though the
FBI didn’t want to do anything because
they don’t want to interfere with the
election they go on about that quite a

bit and then as the story concludes and
it’s being brought out that they’re
trying to kill everybody with this
biological weapon the Republicans are
somebody finds out that the Democrat

main operative has been using CIA
exclusive CIA spying stuff to get these
get just steal information from the
other side because there’s a mole in the

Republican Party and the Republican
Party’s leaking a lot hello and but then
they find one clip where it turns out
that they got running for president knew
nothing of it and there’s proof that he

knew nothing of it but meanwhile the
election is now going toward the
swinging toward the Democrat it’s a it’s
a convoluted a Hollywood six story
trying to again using everything they

can in every direction to to demean the
Republican Party it’s just what it is
well in this case it appears more that
the Democrat Party specifically the in

the shooting case made Walmart
specifically the candidates and their
discussions in the past debates
certainly was some reason for deforming
this guy’s mind in opinion in actions

let’s go back to what we’re always
looking at is it was that was do we know
anything about any of these shooters
ever if they were on psychotropic drugs
at all no the reason why is we know just

turn on the news channels for sure but
turn on PBS you can see who it’s
sponsored by proudly brought to you by
all kinds of big pharma big pharma

research big pharma manufacturers etc
not just the only ones they got the war
machine in there to Boeing and McDonnell
Douglas ADM and all these fantastic
corporations so it cannot be discussed

and the the Empire is going after two of
the uppity candidates in the most recent
debate Tulsi Gabbard which we’ll get to

in a moment they’re going after her in
quite a classic way marianne williamson
is they’re really doing a number on her
and actually this is a two-parter

we’ll start with and it’s it’s big
pharma who was after her
and she’s made her positions quite clear
in her documentation on her website and
she will never become president in the

United States and the current status quo
for a number of reasons but one of them
is the anti pharmaceutical stance so re
member on MSNBC gets her on the show and

listen to him really trying to describe
her without saying it as an anti-vaxxer
he will keep pushing it I think she does

explaining her position but you can
already see that this is just she’s not
gonna go very far one of the questions
is is one that often posed sometimes
about Republicans who are knocking for
example climate science which is these

are your views where do you come down on
who you get your cues from on medicine
or science because as you know in a
related issue there was this question on
vaccinations you just mentioned the

well-being of children and pesticides
you had cast skepticism on vaccinations
I wonder if you could better explain to
us where you come down on that given the
science and the concern that back even

the science and the concern these
scientists the nation’s do work and
people need them to keep these
communities safe well once again I think
it’s an overstatement to say that I cast
skepticism on vaccinations on the issue

of vaccinations I’m Pro vaccinations I’m
Pro medicine I’m Pro science on all of
these issues what I’m bringing up that I
think is very legitimate and should not
be derided and should not be

marginalized particularly in a free
society is questions about the role of
predatory Big Pharma I’m gonna let you
obviously my viewers remind you she’s
saying predatory Big Pharma on a channel

which is mainly run by money from
predatory Big Pharma or keeping up with
us I’ll read a little bit of what you
said since your talk about the depiction
and then I’ll hand it back to you the

quote here was it’s different it’s no
different than the abortion debate the
US government doesn’t tell us citizen in
my book what they have to do with their
body or their child vaccine mandates
were in your view at the time quote

draconian and Orwellian
back to you well now she realized that
because she said a lot of stuff and she
really glosses over things she said in
the past because I think she’s kind of

an anti-vaxxer quite honestly in today’s
by today’s description so when she hears
that she’s gonna try and dismiss that a
bit and move into her position the issue
of joconi in an Orwellian this is the

issue when I was a child we took far
fewer vaccines and there was much less
bungling and there was much less chronic
illness I don’t know why you know this
is not a topic that I have consciously

chosen to this is not some big topic for
me yeah and don’t you realize you’re
trying to get rid of you and they’ll
take this topic to do it but I have to
tell you do you think vaccinations are

by tributing two things being worse now
he’s trying to get her to say it though
is that what you’re suggesting no no no
what I’m saying is that in 1986 there
was this vaccine protection law there

was and there have been four billion
dollars in vaccine compensation payments
that have been made and there was much
less chronic there was something like
12% chronic illness among our children
previous to that law and there’s 54% now

I don’t see why in a free society you
know what is going on here when you look
at the fact that big pharmaceutical
companies lobby Congress to the tune of

284 million dollars last year alone as
opposed to oil and gas which is lobbied
Congress to the tune of 125 million last
year when you look at all the money
they’ve spent by pharmaceutical

companies even on our news on our news
channels when you look at the fact that
there are two pharmaceutical lobbyists
for every member of Congress and even
when you look at the tens and even
hundreds of thousands of dollars that

have been paid into the coffers of even
presidential candidates why why are we
why are we so okay with the complete
shutdown of any conversation about this
topic and it ends there of course so

that’s just a primer for what the Empire
is doing now we’re gonna try and go and
write on everyone that’s totally of
course she is it’s it’s I think it’s a
lot of our position to the main one

being you can’t have an honest
discussion if you’re being paid by the
guy who is being discussed it just it’s
difficult to do that if I would it
Anderson pooper takes it five steps

further when he gets her on the air and
oh yeah this was good now this comes on
the heels of a Kennedy kid committees
committing suicide with with diagnosed
with clinical depression again we can’t

have a talk about that and we we won’t
really know did she overdose on
something it was it was it her regular
meds that she commits suicide what we
don’t know we’ll never know because it’s

listen to the numbers a quarter of a
billion dollars and that’s just to the
politicians it’s it’s in the twenty
billion dollar ran a teen billion dollar
range for marketing in the u.s. of

pharmaceuticals a lot of that going to
television news networks so here is a
great slap down I’d say although it will
get hurt it will not get her elected

between Marianne Williamson and Anderson
Cooper with respect when Kate Spade died
you tweeted out how many public
personalities have to hang themselves
before the FDA does it was skews me how

many public personalities on
antidepressants have to hang themselves
before the FDA does something big former
cops to what it knows and the average
person stops falling for this the

tragedies keep compounding the awakening
should begin you do seem to be implying
a that Kate Spade was on antidepressants
which we I don’t think we have any
knowledge of knorr in anybody’s business
but you seem to be linking no it’s no

one’s business
we don’t want to know we don’t want to
know what’s going on because the truth
might come out again but with
antidepressants and suicide and many
people who are on antidepressants have

had suicidal ideation long before they
were taking antidepressant Oh Anderson
is a doctor no this is great and the FDA
there is a black box warnings on
antidepressants that for people twenty

five years old and younger right the
risk of suicidal ideation is increased
rather than decreased do you know how
many teenagers and young for not first
not for people over 24 but not for

people over 24 and again just putting
out a blanket tweet when in the wake you
know on the day somebody has died
implying that they were on

and that’s what caused their suicide
that just seems irresponsible well
Anderson I could say the same
wait wait listen to her answer it’s
worth it it’ll then we can discuss
listen to her answer when in the wake

you know on the day somebody has died
implying that they were on
antidepressants and that’s what caused
their suicide
that just seems irresponsible well
Anderson I could say the same thing to

you given how many pharmaceutical
companies advertised on your show I’ve
never seen the ads I don’t know you’re

talking about
Wow what a liar that’s that’s not true
oh yeah he’ll double the way that he

doesn’t know about the ads he’ll double
point I was gonna make was that when he
asks is that irresponsible how is he
responsible what way irresponsible in
what way that she said Jesus made some I

would say just an offhanded comment
snide remark in fact that wouldn’t think
we’re gonna do something about all these
antidepressants how is it what’s
irresponsible about that I’m not

understanding well he’s a scientist you
see he’s defending his advertiser saying
that’s irresponsible because if you say
that then people will really go crazy if
they don’t take our meds what you’re

paying for my salary I didn’t know that
I never see the ads on my show I don’t
know what I’m talking about
that just seems irresponsible well
Anderson I could say the same thing to
you given how many pharmaceutical

companies advertise on your show I don’t
know what but I gotta be tell I’ll look
at it I’m not in say God not impacted by
who advertises on my show I don’t know

who advertises on my show it’s not any
interest to me I’m sure it is the people
in this company but I don’t care what I
care about is people who are dying and
there’s a stigma for people actually

seeking medical help for something that
could save their life and you know and I
think it’s important
so here’s Anderson being a doctor
Anderson and explaining why he it’s

important and he’s agnostic and nothing
influences his journalistic crud
ability that is a lie of course it’s a
lie I mean you can’t turn on CNN without
seeing who’s sponsoring and that was and

I don’t quite frankly I’m shocked that
he thinks he can get away with a lie
like that
or that that that’s fine I just say I
don’t know and I don’t care it’s no of

no interest to me
that’s that’s the definition of use in
the world that honestly can sit they
would say that it’s not it’s not
possible I’ve I’ve gotten into

discussions with people about this if
someone’s advertising all the time and
they’re carrying the load in this case
the pharmaceutical companies are
carrying the load of the advertisement
it’s not as though it’s like some

schmuck dead oh wow okay well my pillow
guys like an advertising but what we’re
gonna do about it
although that may be propping up Fox he
is propping up Fox it’s not but that’s
just disingenuous and that’s a lie

yeah they always take you don’t want to
get fired for saying something bad about
an advertisement let’s wait for Anderson
Cooper to do a special and on

drug-related deaths from pharmaceuticals
let’s see wait I’m waiting for that
special that that would indicate to me
that okay wouldn’t he maybe he’s being
sincere but he’s not nobody’s sincere

about this this is just a blatant for
eight years I worked in a high-output
production environment with a lot of
sponsors on cable and you knew exactly
who the sponsors were you know how you

know that you know that by never making
a joke about skittles you never make a
fucking joke about skittles because they
were carrying the network in the
beginning you know and you know these
things you don’t make jokes

we could even make jokes about Madonna
because she was carrying the network to
agree to a degree at one point but now
know the definition of irresponsibility
is not knowing who is paying your bills

Anderson Cooper yeah what if it was some
right-wing and Nazi propagandists the
outfit you wouldn’t know pleased that
you know when I read people saying well

all these drugs cause suicide I mean
that’s just not
say that Anderson on this program I’m
sorry you said to me a few minutes ago

with all due respect I felt very little
respect here
I felt very little opportunity to say
what I believe and I feel the person
who’s had some blink statements said
about them on this program is me I have
simply never had the blanket

conversation that you are now suggesting
that I’ve had and when it comes to
people who are suicidal I have a 35 year
career working with people in despair I
have had a 35 year career working with
people in crisis I’ve had a 35 year

career working with people in pain I
have people who psychiatrists send to me
to have worked with them I have been up
close and personal with people in their
pain and in their despair for decades I

just know that I am glib about is a
complete mischaracterization and
misrepresentation of my career on your

career or saying you’re glib in any way
you are deadly serious about this and
you have very strong beliefs
I just don’t understand some of your
public statements and you’ve and he

can’t let it go because he has to defend
the advertiser at this point he’s
defending wouldn’t you say this makes no
sense if you don’t know your ads and a

why do you just once you just let her
speak or get into it but he’s defending
you first of all a couple of things when
you’re interviewing and someone’s got

something to say you try to let him talk
themselves out yes sir unless they’re
gonna be like beta O’Rourke tin on ABC
this morning where they let him talk too
much yeah and he went on and on and on

about how Trump you know was a is about
fantasy why
what’s the right message wrinkles and
they never cut him off but for the most
part in this situation with Cooper
trying to get the stuff out of her I

don’t know why he just he’s yeah he’s
being very defensive he’s defending
something exactly we’re seeing your glib
in any way you are deadly serious about
this and and you have very strong
beliefs I just don’t understand some of

your public statements and you’ve
speak Anderson then let me speak this is
not a conversation that we’re having
well I think it is I just I need to you

know try to you say you didn’t say stuff
and then I read you quotes and you
explained when people are taking
antidepressants who have had serious

serious pain and serious pain depression
in their lives and they are helped by
them I’m happy for them happy for them
when I’m by the way I’m pretty sure

Anderson may be on antidepressants
that’s that’s that may also be what he’s
defending young people and I meet them
all the time once again I’m the one here
who has had a lot of experience with

people in paints when I met I just don’t
think people that it’s gonna numb them
is a good idea
oh well that’s your belief I believe
that to tell a person under the age of

my aspect when I believe that a person
under 25 and I may find this in your
comments you’re saying one in 10 or on
antidepressants not a good sign not a

time in American history for us to be
numbing our pain telling a person who’s
depressed and is 40 years old and
thinking about suicide that if they take
what most of them I’m not math please

speak I’m not talking about people who
are suicidal I’m talking about people
who are depressed about the world today

given the fact that the world is
depressing clinically depressed people
are not depressed just because the world
is depressing they oh not now he’s
threatening to see again it’s dr.
Anderson Cooper who now knows all about

clinical depression wary but but you are
the one making some blanket statements
here that there is no particular
scientific evidence to prove you are

talking about clinical depression as
though there is a blood test now you can
talk about you can talk about chemical
yeah this is okay this is why I had this
long clip this is important because this

is the truth about clinical depression
and I think certainly today’s under 25s
as per the black box labeling ours told
this is just an imbalance in your brain

it’s a chemical imbalance and by the way
you cannot refute this if a doctor says
this to a young person and you say hmm
I’m skeptical you need to shut up the

doctor said there’s something wrong with
my chemistry in my head and that is that
is the selling point that is the unique
selling point of antidepressants in
particular SSRIs which we really don’t

have full research on by admission of
the of everybody we don’t exactly know
all the long-term effects of these as
they will actually state that they’ll

say we don’t know why or how this works
and then they just keep going yes and
the end the under 24 mention is also in
the disclaimer the world is depressing
wary but but you are the one making some

blanket statements here that there is no
particular scientific evidence to prove
you are talking about clinical
depressant as though there is a blood
test now you can talk about you can talk

about chemical imbalance but you can
also talk about chemical changes that
come about through yoga chemical
analysis that come about through prayer
does it come about through sugar with

you about through nutrition given that
what my conversation has been
particularly that I am very concerned
about is teenagers and people in their
early 20s that under age who are told

and I meet them all the time and they go
and they go and some young woman you
know the 20s are hard they’re not a
mental illness divorce is hard it’s not
a mental illness losing someone that you

love is hard it’s not we’re on the same
page about over prescription of drugs
and you know aggressive marketing
campaigns by big pharmaceutical

companies and people especially young
people should know dangerous side
effects of some of these very powerful
drugs I think we’re on the same page
about that and you know I think you have
expressed your opinion tonight I you

know some of the language you’ve used it
has raised concerns and I think it’s
fair that I ask those questions and I
think you’ve addressed them very well so
well I don’t I think would also be fair
for me to have a little more opportunity
to answer them but perhaps at some point

I would love that
I would like to continue and I I don’t
mean to make you feel disrespected
because that’s really honestly not my
Mary Williamson I appreciate it right
all right Cooper gets a raise good job

Anderson you made a look you hung in
there you coulda done better if you
wanted to really make you know the

farmer guys look good he could’ve done
better I was in a meeting afterwards I
would have chewed him out anyway nice
knowing you Mary Ann it’s too bad who

else shoes well they know they I can
guarantee you she will be in the next

debate because from a television show
perspective you need her you need the
crystal lady it’s very important she’s
there otherwise it will not be
entertaining enough so I’m definitely

want to get rid of yang I have I have a
funny yang clip from here in Texas our
our local broadcast Association known as

the Infowars have a new character out on
the streets called millennial Millie or
Millie the millennial correct it’s kind

of like a stuttering John type thing
from the Howard Stern Show today right
they throw they throw her out on the
street with microphone and they go go
ask these questions so she’s got a list
and she’s reading and she goes up to

Andrew yang who apparently has decided
that we will have a news Ombudsman in
the yang administration and what isn’t
when you say omnes bunt Ombudsman is

that even pronounce the damn word um
mom’s buds mom’s buds Minh why does it
just use our that’s so much easier to

remember there no I’m budzma is a very
specific person they used to have one of
the New York Times but they finally got
rid of like the public editor is that
what that is it’s a public editor is
also for a form of it but the Amish

budzma is a neutral character that the
he hires because the company a
self-aware corporation says to itself
say all corporation itself I am going to

we don’t we know we’re not really
connected with the you know do we could
be making mistakes and there’s no way
we’re gonna find it cuz we’re actually a
bunch of yes-man and that’s the way

corporations operate and so we’re gonna
hire somebody called an ombudsman and
that person is going to just be a
neutral person we’re gonna pay him I no
matter what they do we’re gonna pay them
and they’re going to take questions from

the audience
and they’re gonna resolve situations
that we are totally unaware of or we
don’t think is important do we and
that’s what the Ombudsman does so do we
have any examples in current go they

always get fired
well here’s Millie the Millenial a lot
of people said you did good during the
debates I love stuff right off of that
I’m good a lot of people say yeah a lot

of people said you did good during the
debate site do you feel glad do you feel
good okay I just have to stop here
there’s a couple things that bother me

one hears it this comes close to my one
of my pet peeves that I don’t bring up
with people because it’s petty but it
does bother me when someone says dear
did you did you a jab at me for

zoologists no no no no not at all no if
you ask me now this is this is very
petty is this is petty ER probably when
when you know said hey did you try did

you take a test drive in that car and I
say yes here’s the question yet how did
you like it well that implies that I
liked it on several levels you mean why

is that what can someone just say did
you enjoy it what was your thought or
how did you like it doesn’t that mean
you liked it if you don’t like to quit
the generalized question how did you

like it yeah which people ask all the
time it says who it’s almost like a
filler well it’s it almost means you you
so you liked it right how did you like
it well I didn’t yeah but you could
always say I didn’t like it

or watches once you do what you should
do I think I know what it is it’s eating
at you that you don’t that you don’t do
this I would do this somebody’s asked me
how I liked it I’m gonna just I just

leave the car right you know you’re
gonna be the guy I’m gonna be you so
that that bolts at both how did you like
it what makes you think I liked it you
dick down so I know how to do that yes

okay no we don’t do that in Austin
people are actually carrying weapons no

this is not that’s what I would do all
right so if I were you and I back slash
on the pettiness on my part here we go

continue with Millie the Millennial
Andrew yay I feel like I didn’t get a
chance to lay out my vision for the
economy of the country I feel like I did

this time so it’s great why do you think
that we need to have a news ombudsman in

America we’re just about to enter the
era of deep fakes where we’re not going
to be able to make heads or tails of the
stuff we’re seeing online and we know
the Russians have already been have a
picture of me so we need to start having

you know you guys are supposed to

protect our rights okay so a couple
things one she pronounced arms wouldn’t
buds men correctly which was impressive
I will say this I can see where you
didn’t understand the definition because

the way he answered that question was
wrong yes in fact the arms buds Minh
seems to be only there to protect
president yang
right that’s what he said if it comes

buds that’s what he said
yes what he said I said maybe yang
doesn’t understand what an arm’s bugs
men’s role is of the opinion that that’s
correct he doesn’t understand what an

ombudsman supposed to do he’s thinking
it was some sort of a you know a
fact-checker Snopes fact-checker
to protect my presidency and you know

and the way he just cavalierly said then
we ought to know the russians are
hacking everywhere fuck you yang get out
of here that guy says that guy is a
Silicon Valley douche bag with his ubi

yeah here get out of here this is nuts
I’m looking at that ubi it’s gonna be
it’s gonna be thousand times 150 billion
a month go away go away I can do math

alright laughter that’s how much money
the robots make well he did both he’s
right about automation I said this on

the show before I’m gonna say it again
when I was a kid and I remember this
when I was a kid and I’m talking fourth
fifth grade we were told that someday in
the future the robots would be doing all

the work and we the people would benefit
from all their hard work with that would
never you be I was never brought up
universal basic income was not what the
term was but we were somehow going to

reap the benefits of not having to work
and laying in the robots do all of our
work yes I ya membered that forever and
you know what people would believe it if

you gave them one thing if you gave them
one thing they would believe this story
and that’s the flying car because that
was the dream that Jetsons was the dream

we’ve got our Elroy we’ve got the mom
and dad we got a flying car we got the
dog we got the robot may mate robot made
and and everyone looked really happy

we’re flying around to go to some green
bubbles and over there and we never came
through with the flying car and that’s
part of the problem that’s why people
are starting to not believe it anymore

now let me just play this one clip from
Tulsi Gabbard this has been fantastic
the way they’re trying to get rid of her
she of course attacked

I wanted before you go on that on that
one I want to mention that because I
never thought of doing this as a segment
but Michael Savage nothing no I’m so not
Michael Savage Mark Levine the great one

Mark Levin has been going after her as
it is some sort of a moron that’s it
that Tulsi some moron yeah so he’s part
of the Empire then I think so in fact I

he was on I was driving around and so I
was listening to these guys and he was
on some one of his his show and he was
going on and on about how he was really
sounding like an eel can’t even though

he was defending himself is not a neocon
but he really had nothing good to say
about her and he was slamming her
slamming her about what specifically oh
by her what thinking that we should get
out of these wars and demeaning nickname

for her to see go see or something
stupid you remember what Gabby Gabbard
or something like that mm-hmm
interesting it’s not a very good one but
no no no we’re good well I’ve been a fan

of Tulsi Gabbard for five six years so
this is nothing new for me and and I’ll
and I like I just like her whole
appearance there’s a lot of things that
I don’t agree with but okay you know it

doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to see her
as president she’d be interesting the
soldier card gives her some credibility
in in some commandeering issues but she
attacked Hillary Harris but which by the

way is exactly what
kamilly Harris Kamla Harris is Hillary
she is black Hillary Hillary Harris I
get it she is Hillary the way she walks

the way she talks the way she reflects
the way she laughs the way she demeans
is she’s Hillary she is a Hillary clone
she’s done it herself she’s done a very

good job it’s a really good thing no
doubt but she did I find her highly
unlikable and she didn’t get to do her
storytelling in this past debate because

of time restraints which is her strong
point and she didn’t do that at all or
very well and she wasn’t expecting the
attack from the white hat literally
standing next to her she was blindsided

and she’s pissed about it and she
immediately went on the attack what
happened right after the debate is I I
saw bots on Twitter telling their BOTS
it’s not hard to see what a bot is

posting like a real person that that
tulsi gabbard is supported by Russian
I mean I’m actually seeing BOTS posting
about candidates being supported by BOTS

this is how stupid it’s become and that
you know the the search that everyone
was searching for her is not true was
Russian BOTS that were released to gain

the numbers so she would get more
airtime I mean I’m a conspiracy theorist
but even this is just too dumb for me
but okay the real way we attacked it we

tulsi gabbard is of course through one
of two avenues one is she hates gays
because her dad was very religious and

protested against a quote-unquote gay
rights when she was a child and I guess
she held up a sign and participated
which he’s apologized for way too many
times and the other one is her visit to

Assad and this of course equals you to a
Russian agent and because if you go
visit the dictator who killed his own
people who just ripped him to shreds

go ahead No
he said isn’t he an orthopedic surgeon
isn’t he sees like something really
mundane occupation this guy has his dad
yeah there’s a lot to be said about him

it seems like son got a lot of bum rap
and false Flags and we have some proof
of some of these so-called biological
attacks which turned out to be bullshit
including admitted in setting state

setting the stage by the white helmets
does a lot of crap but she went there so
forever she will be really an Russian
agent because Putin supports Assad and

Assad is therefore carrying water and
set all the way down the line so that’s
the attack and of course yeah who did
you get the Cuomo clip no I well I have
the clip that I have here is this is the

post that we hadn’t played this this is
the post debate chat with again our our
man Anderson Cooper with Tulsi Gabbard
and this is right after Kamala Harris

it’s had poo poo der she’s got 0.01%
whatever so here we are the only thing
really she said about you is she said
that you were essentially an apologist
for Bashar al Assad that you would never

criticize him as a
of dictator or murderer I think it’s
unfortunate and a disservice to voters
in this country that she resorts to
cheap smears rather than actually

addressing her record the issues that
I’ve raised and the fact that she said
she is proud of this record if that’s
the case then voters deserve to hear
about why she’s so proud of the lives

that she is negatively impacted the
families that she’s sort of hard in
California if if voters are wondering
what is your take on Bashar al-assad
what do you say my take is one of a

soldier where I’ve seen the cost of a
boom there it is that’s that’s where the
she plays the soldier card really well
that’s a smart move your take on
pressure on Assad what do you say my

take is one of a soldier where I’ve seen
the cost of war firsthand in Iraq
serving in a medical unit every single
day confronted with that high human cost
of war so I will never apologize for

doing all that I can to prevent more of
my brothers and sisters from being sent
into harm’s way to fight
counterproductive regime change wars
that make our country less safe that
take more lives and that cost taxpayers

trillions more dollars so that means
meeting with a dictator or meeting with
an adversary absolutely I would do it
security of our country understand that
position do you consider him a torturer

or a murderer that’s not what this is
I don’t defend or apologize or have
anything to do with what he has done –
if you’re president United States it’s
fine if you want to meet with somebody
but there’s traditionally role of the

president United States calling out
human rights abuses overseas Bashar
al-assad is head of a regime which has
disappeared many people okay
just that last phrase shows how slanted

pooper is there’s no reports of Bashar
al Assad al Assad disappearing people
that’s what the Russians are always
accused of did you catch that hasn’t

disappeared people Jay has he must have
know he also bombed him you know he
bombs his own people know what that is
the narrative but I’ve never heard Lee

disappeared he’s tying her to Russia
doing well also death squads in South
America yeah there’s that I mean he’s
CNN hates her I don’t know why and the

fact that that I can answer the
questions right is I can answer the
question easily but all you have to do
is look at who how much money everyone’s
raised that’s all they only care about

how much is in your FEC filing how much
money they rate you raise that you’re
gonna give to them and ads that’s all
they care about that’s how the polls are
done that’s how the rankings are done

that’s how the line up on stage is done
yeah yeah yeah but why do they have to
way even bring her on I don’t get it

because she hurt the Queen oh this week
the Queen makes it brings in a lot of
cash she yes she hurt the Queen you
can’t be hurting the Queen and she
potentially ruined ruined their show the

show was supposed to be be be between
Biden and Kamla
that was the show and she didn’t know
her place she didn’t get to do her

website at the end they cut her off nor
place I mean that’s what it appears to
be when Cuomo went after her it was

really nasty did you get any of that no
I got stuff to do I didn’t think this
was gonna be a topic and Cuomo goes
after her and she claims it why do you
have this you know that you she has on

her website he goes after a website she
has on her website all the dubious
aspects of the phony gassings the two of
them right including the one where Trump
sent a bunch of missiles over there

right which was now it turns out that
the two gas guys in you know in Geneva
or wherever they are that group that
takes that does only chemical weapons oh

yeah those guys they said there’s no
chance they didn’t probably wasn’t even
anything they took the whole thing was
acted yeah and she has all these these
data points on her website Akuma’s going

to her we’ve seen evidence we’ve seen
the suffering of the children he’s going
on and on and on he did a thing in fact
he did a thing on listen to this and
this is a good example just guys hard to

watch but let’s die this is a short clip
of Cuomo just doing a little aside at
the end of his show on Trump’s racism
and listen to this we’re missing point

of what the problem is with the
president’s pattern of pounding people
of color and the places they live here
is his best defense and the least racist
person there is in the world as far as

I’m concerned first and this really
matters least racist doesn’t mean not
racist that’s correct
pounding people of color in the places

they live people is he pounding what’s
nice pounding them okay well with that
I’d like to thank you for your courage

and say in the morning to you the man
who put the C and crazy Cuomo John C
Dvorak Oh in the morning you mr. Adam
curl so in the mind all ships to see
boots on the ground feet in the air

Oh hogs in the water and all the Dames
the night’s up in the morning to our
troll room they’re not having an easy
time this morning with me they you can
find the trolls and join in at No Agenda

stream com it’s fun to say whatever you
feel like
it’s just like Twitter only no one else
sees it that’s what’s great about it
it’s just a very small group of people
but it is where you can listen to a
great amount of shows including ours

we’ve got reruns music shows talk shows
all over the world the Netherlands from
Australia from Canada Naevia it’s 24

hours a day seven days a week and the
bonus of going in there and trolling the
hosts and everyone else no agenda stream
dot-com wade also of course we’re very
happy to – are very pleased with our

back office guys you know the
engineering stream management
wizardry of mark fun dyke void 0 ryan
dem rose it’s a cast of thousands in
today rose and today we want to thank

Darren O’Neill for the artwork for
episode 11 sixty one thousand one
hundred and sixty episodes the title
that was that camel dat the VAT camel

and this was a piece of art that we
discussed quite a bit before choosing it
this was didn’t like it
we’d had a discussion before we
ultimately chose it and this was by

Darren O’Neill who has done many
successful pieces of art through the art
generator and it was a I guess it was
Bernie with the old Muppet gold Muppet
guide the back of the Bernie

yeah what’s Staedtler and whatever their
names are one of those Gettler and had
learns that learn yes and with you know
clearly on stage of the CNN debate yes

go ahead you’re gonna tell me what the
deal was in addition people should take
note this is I like the piece overall
because your complaint was well that’s

not the background they used on the
debate no no like you could that was
wait I’ll tell you what I said looks
like he could be just one of the
panelists of that works for CNN and
there’s no real connection to Bernie I

said the way the way you see this it
looks like it could have been just a
talking head on CNN it did not really
show me this was the debate stage yeah
that’s what I said yeah and I agreed and

then I said my counter was I don’t care
even if it was if it was something else
I just think it’s a funny image and once
and once John says I don’t care I want

it you just gotta give it that’s it
otherwise you start spouting grumpy and
we both at the end you could have vetoed

it when you wouldn’t but good because we
did I save my Zito’s for important
things the rest of the artwork was it
was none of it was killer yeah I had no
alternative that’s for sure and we

couldn’t find anything quickly in
evergreens and so we do we really didn’t
have a lot of choice but you see we had
he said
listen we had fried eggs in the shape of
a penis we had we had come on got with

pickle heads we had that’s what I wanted
to talk about the pickle heads but this
guy mr. pickles Bennett the reason I
call mr. pickles cuz it looks like he

was eating pickles cuz his mouths rule
around us we got a little butthole mouth
and I thought that if you’re gonna it’s
not because he’s shaped like a pickle

but if somebody had shoved a pickle in
his mouth and made that the artwork so
he had a pickle Chokin on a pickle I
thought that would be it been a good
piece so now the the one that I liked
was by Mike Riley was the pumped Biden

where his head is is hinged open and
there’s a million colorful pills popping
out of his head and he’s got this really
goofy look on his face that’s the one I
liked I didn’t like it because I thought

it was gruesome and I’ll tell you what I
well I think was grisly reminded me of
one of the Silence of the Lambs movies
where they shot the head off of Ray
Liotta he have a top of his head missing

in his brain there and he’s sitting
there at the dinner table and I thought
it was so sickening and gruesome that
this harken back on that too much for my
taste and it gave me the creeps

okay well I don’t remember that argument
and I don’t remember that scene or if
I’ve even seen the movie though I didn’t
go into the great details I just said
that piece was was to me it was it was I
didn’t like it right it fruit right so

the way it worked is like this John had
a personal issue with that I
I will not pull a veto card on a pot
personal issue
well you can’t pull a veto Kirk has
already vetoed it you use the veto you

use the veto you didn’t say veto no I
didn’t use the veto I didn’t have to cuz
you knuckled and that’s how we choose
art we can do anything now of course we

we really do appreciate the work from

Darren O’Neill and all of the artists
who if sometimes have trouble creating
new accounts has this been fixed I keep
getting people saying they have a
problem creating a new account
is there something wrong I don’t know I

can you reach out to Paul
Spencer pocket or my note yeah he
doesn’t want to do this anymore by the
way you know it’s no one steps up no one
steps up no one except us because we

ain’t wicks twigs
why should I tell you something with
over see what is there now how many
pieces of art worker in this thing or
thousand or something no no I can tell

you exactly what we has it’s a Drupal
website so anyone knows how to do Drupal
yeah go drop go shoot yourself first at
thirty remember when Obama implemented
some slick shit and it was all Drupal

and we all wait wasn’t it wasn’t Drupal yeah maybe a two
billion dollar website two billion
dollars worth of you know over here I
wanted to remind everybody fifty-four

million dollar website and used to brag
about how much they spent do you
remember that it was so bad and they
couldn’t get it up and running and this
is important for for Hillary Harris they
could not get this thing up and running

it wound up calling and costing at least
two billion what I recall Kathleen
Sebelius had to resign over that bot she
resigned in disgrace and yet she’s
writing the health care bill for the

health care positioning for Kamala
Harris that’s something that should be
brought up and what is she doing it
Medicare Advantage
she’s gonna build another great website

over there please alright so yeah you
know someone and and if this is lost if
this breaks and goes away or Paul really
gives up it’s possible you can just be
sick and tired of it I get it we don’t

pay anything we can’t this is this is
the beauty of the the value for value
network as people pitch in where they
can somebody please it’s on the home
page you would like to have someone
transition to maintain this you know

it’s possible that there’s not one guy
out there amongst our pretty big
audience that can do that knows anything
about Drupal that’s yeah that’s possible
who the hell would use that might be the

it is a good database backups at Drupal
is considered although I guess it would
be even better if it was headless Drupal
doesn’t the Drupal come from the head no

anyway no agenda art generator draw I
looked at Drupal once and I see cuz I’m
like do I do WordPress and other just
that lesser style of a page management

there’s content management and I looked
at Drupal said well maybe she’ll learn
Drupal you know and I don’t know ed no
it’s just not worth the time it’s pretty

rough but okay
anyway No Agenda are generated calm
Thank You Darren O’Neill once again
coming through and we do appreciate it
it although there’s no evidence ice I

believe that it does help with people
clicking on shows that are new because
they’re triggered by some beautiful
imagery or something at least
interesting and different and it’s a
it’s a little reminder and not a lot of

shows do it and we seem to be here after
eleven years which is also in thanks to
the producers who have no drupal
experience still want to contribute so
they send us their cold hard earned cash

and we like to thank all of them openly
and with jubilee for supporting the
program we do it early on with our
executive producers and associate

executive producers who come in with
amounts of two hundred or over three
hundred dollars that’s just like
Hollywood except we deliver the product
that you want you are paying for it it’s

your production and we’d like to thank
those people right now okay you’re done
yes sir Louis peps I carried the show
along with sherry Esther Co but he

carried the show in the big way with
twenty three hundred dollars in what was
322 yeah
23:22 that’s what he says did he hit the
jackpot the lotto what happened well he

did send in a PDF file which I will now
look at okay whoever in a sense in a PDF
or that Mises must be some something
interesting there I’m guessing oh that’s

their words the P I opened it
but it’s got to be here something could
have it here when I have it there it is
uncle J uncle Adam and brother buzzkill
look look where’s the deal this actually

came from Joe Biden I’m sorry you feel
that a year and a half of freeloading
makes me a douchebag but we all have to
learn how just with other words he’s

been this is a buildup how to be more
aware in this day and age well you
weren’t aware that I existed so perhaps
all three of us deserve a D douching
right I’m not sure exactly but yeah of
course you deserve a deduced first time

donor exposition I was reared in a
Catholic school in a ritual of confusing
the experience most of my prepubescent

high school holidays in a Southern
Baptist Chapel good old Kentucky
cognitive dissonance in other words
raised as a Catholic in the Catholic
school but but a Baptist I carried the
mantle of plottings of applauding stoner

through my 20s before transmuting into
an overly engaged small-business owner
in the first half of my 30s Lots in the
muck and mire of the m5m bullshit after
the 2016 election I toggle between the
apathy and over stimulation of my daily

entrepreneur lifestyle via real politics
oh that’s that’s the subreddit politics
that’s the the policy is nuts up read
reddit this adderall affected which is

sub right this adderall effective
side-scrolling had my amygdala the size
of a goddamn grapefruit man I was by the
way they don’t shrink so I know what

you’re gonna do I was hit in the mouth
by a flash flood of interest in magic
I’ll often indulge through podcasts hope
you know one of the Friends of magic
with a cave or the CGI CK it’s a card

game one of the friends of my son
buzzkill jr. his buddies brother is one
of the magic champions of the country

and makes over a million dollars a year
playing magic
and has he donated to the show since he
knows your family he’s playing magic all
the time and he would open this the

introductory conspiracy theory research
in the miracle of my twenty-something
girlfriend breaking up with me out of
nowhere the Apple L goes did the rest
talk about a superfecta the super
superfecta superfecta honestly I think I

hated no agenda in the first handful of
listens I was more than 25 episode Wow I
hate listener I was more than 25

episodes deep before I stop skipping
donation segments I was prone to only
listen to the first hour and then I
would insanely queue to the next oldest
episode this behavior was certainly

disconcerning then again he says
disconcerning in quotes
yeah just concerning again I’d find
myself cringing at alleged latent
misogyny in the early days blame it on

the béarnaise at least he’s got a lot of
puns in here I crazy low asides and
saying disconcerning thanks to the
psychological shiatsu of the best

podcast in the universe by the way
normally we don’t read letters this long
but if you want to send us $22,000 plus
it’s getting read and besides that it’s

somewhat entertaining shiatsu the best
podcast in universe side middle fingered
social media I now have an enoki 7 you
want on the deck to celebrate my

eminence exit strategy and often find
myself playing how to propagate the
formula without pearl harboring this
poor slaves brain in my downtime I’ve
learned that a hearty Trump the human is

a filthy shit heel but preface before
discussing Gitmo nation policy with my
lefty friends is a decent first down
gameplan that said I’ve had my fair
share of fourth and eighth pachán ik

Hail Marys which historically have a
piss-poor conversion rate
regardless I’m grateful yet but genex
last thing was he’s Kembla harris is

gonna be the nominee
regardless I’m grateful that they are
part of my playbook and it’s all due to
your tutelage on Thursday and Thursday
ok I can hear them playing me off the

please Knight me sir mittens of Falls
City baronet of the bluegrass long synth
melodies and Padgett and landed lambic
for me at the round table

he says analog synth melodies analog
synth do what I say
it’s not melodies ok melodies and pajota
land lambic i guess it’s some bear beer

yeah me at the table if it’s amenable to
Adams ad-lib
yeah I’m I’d live it’s it’s a request
I’m putting it in right away also cheap

plug for the mason-dixon meetup in
October 13th assuming it has gone live
on No Agenda meetups calm finally
jingles and I think he’s already
triggered those on the sub note Reverend

Al’s meant tulips in – that’s true
before culminating into brain surgery
recovery goat Karma for fellow Luisi

Louie villain and associate executive
producer Ashley Eisner buyer C episode
11 oh yes this is uh she had donated and

her partner her husband had sent in
another note as he was having brain
surgery yeah yeah so it’s he’s thank you
he’s giving this karma to her which is

super super cool yes thank you for your
courage ITM and such Louie peps all
right Louie peps plan sighs signature
and very very nice oh thank you I’m

gonna go dig around for some analog
synth melodies and Paget and land lambic
for you at the synth I’m sure I’ll look
for the pooja turn land we’ll have that

at the table thank you for your courage
this is very kind of you and very
supportive of the work
not on the sidewalk sipping mint dude
you’ve got karma do you wanna go karma

no recovery Gautama yes okay you’ve got

okay now we have sherry and rience Turco
who give two separate checks which
indicated to separate donations and I
gave this one to sherry cuz she’s gonna
be an insta Dame thousand thousand

dollars a check for a thousand dollars
from Bend Oregon Wow and I have a note
which covers both of the donations
you’re right they did come in and just

save everything this is so cool yeah the
time yeah the thirty three thing didn’t
work not to mention the math problem the
time has come for my smoking-hot husband
and I to claim our titles first a big

apology for me this is my first time
donating please d douche douche my
husband and I love this show and haven’t

missed an episode since introduction to
it in November of 2015
Thank You uncle Dennis or Danny the two
of you have brought a sanity and what is
beyond crazy times thank you for making

us laugh and saving or amygdalas at the
roundtable we asked for chairs next to
one another because couples that no
agenda together stay together this is
true and ample evidence of that to share

with other gin connoisseurs we are
bringing Beryl finished Gompers gin from
Redmond Oregon is made with handpicked

juniper berries golden pear and lavender
finished an Oregon Pinot Noir barrels a
real gem of a gin your bottle should
arrive to you shortly

mmm I hope you have Adams address
because yet my bottle my bottles tend to
leak break they never quite make it to
Austin that somehow they they just it’s

it’s the post office they’re in in
northern replacement for your weed cup
by the way that weed cup is of all the
mugs wait a minute I don’t even know

about a weed cup this is a wheat do we
mug is the one that got broken Oh
for titles my it says I’d rather it’s a
rather be I don’t know what it says but

it’s dynamite for titles my husband like
to be known as Sir Ryan of the Central
Oregon sir Knight Ryan so be sir Knight
Ryan of Central Oregon and I would like

to be known as Dame bear of Bend whoo
like that’s a good measure and any el
Sharpton ditty you can’t go wrong
keep pumping out rock solid shows and

we’ll keep punching people in the mouth
Cheers sherry and Ryan okay we got it so
I’m sorry it was any sharpton and what

was the other thing she wanted karma Oh
you’ve got karma can’t go wrong with a

red bow John Byrne in Oklahoma City
I said california oklahoma city oklahoma
333 dollars and 33 cents before Colin

Kaepernick Kaepernick completely
disappears from the news I which is
interesting cuz he has been this spring
from the news I wanted to pass on a
short excuse me I’m still waiting for

those shoes that you claimed was a
promotional stunt to come on the market
remember I don’t forget these bits give
it time
January 2016 my wife and I went on a

cruise out of San Francisco during the
NFL playoffs
there were cruise ships full of people
wearing their team’s clothes clothing
now this was before Kaepernick ever took

Annie was in Y hours of boarding I met a
San Francisco 49ers fan and asked what
happened to your quarterback this year
2015-2016 season to try and make a long

story short he told me Kaepernick’s
teammates hate him
if you replayed the games from that
season you could see where the offensive
line up often purposefully purposely

left Kaepernick
let Kaepernick get hit there’s a tongue
twister a hard and sacked he went on to
say that he had a relative relative that

worked for the 49ers I think the
relative was in the equipment guy nor
was the equipment guy and was told
Kaepernick had slept with the wife and
girlfriend of two teammates oh that’s a

no-no one of the teammates being an
offensive lineman know what that would
explain a few things from that year it’s
a good story I met this man every day

smoking area and we spoke of football
all 10 days of the cruise he was a
knowledgeable football fan and gave me
no reason to doubt him or a story that
he told me that first day

Kaepernick broke a gold and broke a
golden room of the golden rule of the
locker room
and word if such actions gets around the
NFL that is why no team well this is the

dad I know if that’s the reason I have
my own that one but okay this is why no
team wanted them in their locker room no
NFL owner or coach would want such a
person in a leadership position on their

team AF John okay CPS if you feel might
be appropriate play I’ve got information
before something good like we told you
so on no agenda which is but no that’s

miss BAM that’s banned but I did I do
have the other one when it is he done
here what does he say yes he lives on
easy street

well thank you very much John we
appreciate the note and and the support
of course I’ve got information man new
shit has come to light I’ll give a
little karma there you’ve got karma okay

good now we have Ryan stork oh and I
already read the Ryan and Sherri letter

up there at the top and he’s $277 in
Bend Oregon and will be knighted today
Sheree signed both checks oh you know if
he listens to the show honey don’t worry

about it you’re a knight Sir James

son in Denver $275 and he did write that
he also wrote a note in this came in as
a check he’s got there you go typed it
out a short letter and donations have

not had any extra money to donate to the
best podcast in the universe for several
months but I can manage it now living in
the sanctuary city of Denver has become
extremely expensive and I was not able
to make a donation in January as in the

past but I still relay largely on the
real and truthful news from your
interpretations other sources not very
much aside from the weather and that is
only fifty fifty four meteorologist
today I am sorry but I could not attend

the Colorado Springs gathering on the
19th as I had a previous engagement I
understand why you would not want to
meet in Den
/ with all the crazy people here I do
want to attend a gathering in the future

keep up the great work thank you again
and hopefully I can return to donations
when I wish to I listen several times to
each episode there’s a number of people
that do that to each episode to derive

the many things that might be missed
maybe that’s related to age I’m in my
70s now Jim Carlson are my night title
something similar at a cat man my cats

would not be pleased and do not mention
that so not sure what his night title is
no sir Jim let me see did he not send
anything along I think I have a list

here honestly
mmm he’s uh he’s already been knighted
yes he has okay
what is happening here well maybe well
the he indicated he might want to be

well yes let’s know what he wants Jim
Carson are my knight title something
similar to Cat Man my cats would not be
pleased not to mention that okay well
you’re gonna have to clarify and then we

will continue from there yes please do
and we’ll be happy to bring you to the
to the table just want to make sure the
climate first of course you’ve got Karma
sure ups rep in Seattle – 33 37 sir up

here you two are great got a humble
request John I don’t drink so I’m out of

my element here I want to buy a nice up
to $200 bottle of wine for a friend who
was getting married got any
recommendations white is his thing and
that’s not some neo-nazi white

supremacist crap
he just likes white wine over red well I
mean if you want to spend 200 bucks I
would say there’s a number of whites you
can get that extremely expensive but if

he likes white that means you probably
like champagne and for 200 bucks you can
get him a duck ball Dom Perignon that’s
what I would do mmm cuz that’s it that’s

a great gift
champagne is considered just a white
wine with bubbles that’s what that’s
what is it other than that I mean when
someone says I really am into white wine

who is not a wine connoisseur a white
wine drinker who doesn’t like champagne
and if he’s in the white wine he just
wants a white still wine you know it’s

like well yeah what I would recommend is
go for the Cristal
cuz it has more impact than the Dom
Perignon he’ll just make you look that
much cooler as a gift giver I don’t I
would disagree because well a couple of

things one I think crystals a better
product I agree with you on that but Dom
Perignon is more of the gift wine
I think Don para knows everyone

recognizes that the label is
identifiable from a distance which is
not the case with Cristal and it is a
good product and it’s not 200 bucks it’s
you can get I think Costco has it for

166 I’m along those lines if you want a
white white I’ve got a couple of ideas
they would be in the pelini Montrachet
or one of these Montreux spaces are
gonna say that RA Cortana Cortana

Charlemagne which is a high quality okay
here’s your backup it’s not that much
it’s not that expensive it’s probably
about 100 bucks 220 bucks is a Louis

Latour Courtin Charlemagne no yes
Charlemagne yes get them two bottles
yeah well nope you’re gonna do that buy
one for yourself buy a magnum oh that

would be nice yeah I think magnums
there’s never enough wine talk I think
as a gift just as a layperson
if it’s not so who really is like

technically into wine the way you are
like it knows all the names big deal
actually knows the name knows the names
inside the brand it just looks cool like
a Cristal Magnum just looks dynamite as

I’m just looking at a gift from a gift
professional magnums at least 250 maybe
300 bucks maybe fake closer to 400 he
said to honors his bed budget
okay and finding those is not easy also

finding a magnum of court on Charlemagne
is probably impossible you know a lot
about wine for a poor podcaster my
friend I started early before it was
over before the gravy train and I

actually can buy wine I was telling the
guests red wine and sell it for a enough
money to buy more wine than it don’t
this that’s the trick yeah that’s the

trick that’s how you got to do it that’s
not easy yeah I was telling to keep it
wasa telling but just you know it
doesn’t know a lot about your history
ha ha Manny was the shit back in the
Comdex days didn’t you organize the

chili cook-off weren’t you the king of
all chili cook-offs no I was that that
was organized by by one of the software
companies and I won the first two of
them that’s where I fit into that well

/ soldier then he organized his chili

people used to buy PC Magazine just to
read the back that’s true they would
even I was in the middle I thought where
were you on the bet you on the back of
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deck professional yeah yeah I have a
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we have any more to thank you I know

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shut up slave

and I spoke to you know Ken Ken who used
to work at my at the first company and I
don’t think you know ken do you Ken
Clark I never heard of it Kenny well he

worked he was the v-j coordinator at MTV
when I got there in the 80s and he and
he worked for me for a while actually at
home for a couple years when I was very
busy with syndicated radio shows and

running around and so we’re also good
friends been friends for about 30 years
and we haven’t spoken in well he missed
my second wife entirely so that’s how
long we haven’t spoken and he called me

married so let’s talk so he lives easily
I’ve been living in Portland Oregon for
the last 17 years I just wanted to give
a little a little bit of feedback on

what he told me and because we don’t we
talk about wines we talk about what we
know about Portland that it’s you know
seems like things are kind of weird up
there they’ve always been weird in fact
this Austin sister city so they so

people claim but he had a number of
things I just wanted to run down cuz I
thought they were all very interesting
and the first one is that you know
obviously the housing market got out of

the housing market went so insane which
is exactly what’s gonna happen it’s
happening now in Austin as Portland
Oregon was the number one country to
move to he says that half of Silicon

Valley’s employees have now all moved to
Portland and they’re telecommuting with
the exact same jobs their jobs are in
Silicon Valley the jobs are in
California now they telecommute yeah I

mean and and of course their living
expenses are half they literally could
not afford to live in the community
where their company is located because

of the gentrification and the wealth and
the the prices going up mainly the
high-end houses go up with all the
houses I mean the problem is that they
didn’t get in early when they had a shot

at it some years ago and then they
because it wouldn’t sacrifice right at
which you have to do and now they’re
priced out and they even know they can
make 120 150 thousand a year they can’t

afford it and the people who were there
who were holding out they were just
living and they see their homes
all sudden they’re worth a lot of money
they look around like well he’d be great
to sell my home but they can’t buy

anything nearly comparable for the same
money so they’re not moving out they’re
not selling so the right the radio yeah
so the rental market is exploding to the
rental units is there’s two big

employers that Nike of course is the
huge employer in Portland I think is
that that’s a well-run company it’s very
respectful of its employees the other
one is Intel and he says that Hillsboro

yeah all the Intel employees all
other than all developers because it’s
it’s completely it’s a home of the h-1b

and here’s what because we’re both we
both enjoy the flower very much and he
says that what happened in the weed
industry them with the legal marijuana

has he said this has ruined Portland
whereas they had a very vibrant they’re
still I guess to a degree have a vibrant
microbrewery culture although India has

come in and bought a lot of them up
they’re still you know little breweries
and you can still have a good time and
somehow the Portland ears thought you
know this would be great and we’ll have

be kind of like one big giant you know
Grateful Dead City will have nice cool
little coffee shops and places to go you
know talk about weed smoke weed have a

nice weed culture he says it’s the worst
you can imagine they have over like some
crazy amount of ten million tons of weed
they’ve over produced which they can’t

ship out of state so they can’t get rid
of it people can’t smoke it there’s so
much of it and everyone’s going out of
business except for these big chains
these big boxes you know like the
Walmart of weed

he says it’s horrible and everyone’s
going out of bushes the Walmart of weed
I forget the name get me the name yeah
that these company a lot of these are
public companies now and they just

screwed everybody over it’s really it’s
yeah you can go to the big box
dispensary and get some cheap weed but
is it all the mom and pops who had you

trying to build on their own farm all
have been either bought out or pushed
out so this is very it’s a very great
example of American corporatism ruining
everything now that I’m against

corporations but this is what you get
and I sent you this morning did you see
the the they finally released the plans
of the Google building for Austin did
you see this article I said no I did not

I did not see this holy crap it’s going
to have 5,000 Google employees it’s
Austin yeah it’s right next to our old
our old building in downtown Austin yes

it’s like this big keep saying like like
a damn millennial it’s it looks like a
large sale it’s right on the water so
that’s the whole idea that that building

the hotel in yes by Dubai it does a
little bit more shallow drop it does a
little it’s not quite as high it will
have how many stores always maybe 35
stories I think they said which is

comparable in height but the thing is
monstrous 5,000 employees
where are they going to live well that’s
gonna jack up prices how are they going
to commute to downtown we don’t have a

real transportation infrastructure that
can handle this and apparently they
might in the City Council zoning people
do something stop it and that’s the next

thing that we talked about Portland
our sister city has the camp anywhere
rule which this is the city ordinance
that was just lifted in in Austin where
you can camp anywhere Ken says Adam

there are in public parks on jogging
jogging paths bike paths sidewalks
everywhere you go there’s tents and
people camping that you cannot walk

anywhere in a public space without
they’re just being tons of tents
everywhere he said people used to like
to go to downtown Portland it was cool

you can hang out people aren’t going
it this this tents on the sidewalks
this is where we’re headed in Austin
although just as a side note the
community the community first it was

very happy to see Scott Adams tweeted
this People magazine did a feature on a
great nonprofit here in Austin called
mobile loaves & Fishes where they have
affordable housing which is micro homes

$300 a month and you have to pay for
your own electricity but they help
people go through drug addiction other
addiction programs then they bring them

in then they can actually work on-site
doing certain jobs to make money for
their rent and it’s run profitably this
nonprofit as in a plus balanced a look

at the 990 yesterday the CEO only takes
one hundred and ten thousand dollars a
year and that’s him in the CFO everyone
else is pretty much volunteer fantastic
program which should be a model for

anyone it’s mobile loaves & Fishes the
community first village I’ll be
reporting more on that as as I’m gonna
go visit them because I’d forgotten
about him in this whole conversation to
the laughs what I have a clip of mobile

wishes now I know I gotta cook about
homeless encampments and all the rest of
it Oh guys are all you know the gap in

Portland your buddy actors moaning and
groaning and your moaning and groaning
and I we got into a beef about this some
time back when I was in Austin I said
yeah you’re homeless thing it’s kind of

it’s kind of lame it’s kind of like
well I mean we’re not living up to
people shitting on the sidewalk like
your hometown if you want to play this
clip it turns out that as usual despite

the size of Texas California is number
one and this is the clip Trump on the
homeless local report California at a

campaign rally last night saying half of
all homeless people are in California
KPIX 5 political reporter Melissa Kane
in San Francisco with a little fact

check Melissa
yeah Allen president Trump drop dropping
that jarring statistic during his
campaign last night saying that half of
all unsheltered Americans live in the

state of California so we checked and
he’s right today but we wanted to know
why why are so many people living on the
streets in California at a campaign
rally in Ohio President Trump said

Democrats can’t be trusted to run the
he cited San Francisco as an example the
conditions and Nancy Pelosi’s once great
city of San Francisco are deplorable

they’re deplorable
he also said California is not housing
its homeless nearly half of all the
homeless people living in the streets in

America happen to live in the state of
California what they are doing to our
beautiful California is a disgrace to
our country it’s a shame the world is

looking at it according to the 2018
homeless assessment report by the
Department of Housing and Urban
Development 47% of all unsheltered
people live in California the

unsheltered are homeless people who are
not in shelters or temporary housing
well now that’s an honest report finally
using a term that makes sense thank you
so when the president says nearly half

of all homeless people living on the
streets live in California he’s right
according to the report the total number
of people is about 90,000 governor
Newsom says he welcomes the federal

government’s ideas and resources if
you’ve got a critique offer some advice
and counsel on solutions and if you have
advice to counsel on solutions also
provide resources governor Newsom also

said HUD is slashing funding for housing
and that’s an issue also brought up by
Jeff Kaczynski he’s the director of San
Francisco’s department of homelessness
and supportive housing since 1978 the

federal government has cut HUDs budget
Authority for low-income housing by well
over 50% in current dollars and I think
that cut has really tracks the rise of

modern-day homelessness
he says the funding cuts hit California
especially hard
because it is also very difficult to
build here I think we need to figure out
ways to streamline housing construction

we need to look at our zoning laws we
need to look at our investments in
affordable housing that netizen homeless
more so as we said California is 47

percent of the nation’s unsheltered
homeless and to put that in perspective
this state with the next highest amount
is Florida with seven percent of the
nation’s unsheltered homeless so

California is not just at the top of the
list it is far and away the state when
the most people living on the streets
live in San Francisco
Melissa Kane KPIX 5 okay you keep

bringing yourself when she says
unsheltered so I’m sure you have a point
to make no the point is is that you guys
moaning and groaning Portland Austin I
said this is nothing you have no clue

we’re at 7% is the next state on the
list this situation here is unbelievable
it’s beyond believable compared to this

just whining about a couple of tents on
the streets and Portland we have nothing
to complain about
I apologize what are we thinking here
this is so stupid of us we don’t want to

prevent anything that is my point
well your points made you live in a
shithole apparently well this is another
example of Trump pointing out persons of

color and the cities they live in and
attacking them
oh well Pelosi is not a person of color
and it’s gonna do with anything but
that’s beside the point

this trumped attack dog they wanted to
do this report one of our producers sent
me this clip which is embarrassing so
this is a local station but and they
wanted to do this report as bullcrap
here’s Trump again let’s fact check him

and let’s get him you know it’s nailing
for this because this is new this has
not come up in the conversation and so
they started fact-checking it turned out
to be true there were these do social
justice warriors at the at KPIX are oh

my god he’s right well what’s
the term unsheltered so the two things
that were interesting the consents
consistent use of the term unsheltered
which is much more accurate than saying

homeless and again and this is what our
mayor Adler and Austin is doing you’re
right we have nothing to complain about
you’re completely right
it is very innocuous and and minor
compared to what’s going on and on the

entire west coast but California in
particular is that his plan is the same
I hear the same but we need affordable
housing no you need the mobile loaves
and fishes they have a truck food truck

program where you can get free food and
that’s where they they onboard people
say hey man you know you could get
yourself off the street you can make

some money you can pay your own rent be
independent be a member of society go
through this you have to have at least
mental-health issue or an addiction
problem and they’ll send the help you go
through the program you come out of the

program and you can go right in into
their program it and it’s successful
they have 200 people there now they’re
building phase 2 which I have another
500 people now I’m gonna go visit I’m

gonna come back with a report this is an
Austin this is very very encouraging but
I know our City Council and our mayor
are man we need affordable housing
idiots and speaking of which being a

former real estate agent for Remax he
told me what is going on in this
industry and that will be my final
report from Portland Amazon in
particular but also the typical real

estate sites like what’s your favorite
Zillow etc they plan to remove the real
estate agent entirely from the process

and he says this is what the Amazon home
delivery door lock was all about because
they want everyone to have a door lock
that they can open or close for people

who want to come into your home to look
or if you want to have your home looked
in by prospective buyers and they want
to do everything online
the whole process from finding a home to

purchasing it to have
your mortgage all through Amazon all
seamless no real estate brokers no
humans involved at all that’s their

endgame I didn’t know this was happening
yeah well the real estate people would
know makes sense though doesn’t it when
you think about it yeah bald especially
with the the creeping prices going up

and up and up and up so every so the
houses now with it used to be selling
for I’d say $50,000 or million-dollar
houses now and so the real estate

brokerage fees that you pay for the
signing the same paperwork is going up
from being oh it’s yeah the fees are
posted tens of thousands of dollars just
to sign some papers yeah
markets got an issue I’d I’d I always

thought that the this you know you have
to get a license to be a real estate
agent I thought this was just a lot
isn’t it is there liability for agents
if they mess something up or if they

don’t explain something is there some
insurance coverage that mm-hmm anything
gets messed up you get your that’s what
title insurance is for you really but
when you think about it when you think

about the the data and the surveillance
and all the information that you that
most people willingly give to Silicon
Valley which eventually winds up in data
brokers data warehouses such as axiom

owned by big advertising giant WPP or in
any of Oracle’s data broker databases is
very easy to know how much you can

help you to fix your credit through our
other app you know Credit Karma or
what’s the new one now credit seed or
there’s a million of them yeah or your
bank your bank is doing this too and you
help you get on a better path pay your

bills on time ooh your magic number one
up oh now we can give you some more
credit you can go buy this house and
we’ll take care of cradle to grave
you’re just a piece of meat human
resource a brain in some in some body

with a wallet attached to it which you
don’t need no piece of meat just want to
make sure I got it without me talking

all right let’s talk about something my
teased in the news learned I got to talk
about because I this is unbelievable to
me ABC NBC a CBS maybe there’s some

articles and some of the newspapers
maybe but nobody nobody and I struggled
and struggled to find out what the
hell’s going on in Hong Kong

yeah yes it is well they have it don’t
even general a general strike scheduled
for tomorrow tomorrow yeah now and I
have finally found the report I went to

ISO Wells Canadian Broadcasting they’ve
got something nothing so well the BBC’s
got something nothing so let’s see where
did I finally get the final report al

Jazeera the only people that had that’s
where I got my report from to get a
report well wait I found something in
the process of doing the research I have

the reports of that but there is a
really good little summary it’s about a
two-minute summary which I had to chop
out all the Chinese because they a lot
of Chinese people talking with subtitles
which does not do our clips any good but

this is a background Iran that Vox put
together then is pretty decent and this
is the name of this clip is Hong Kong Oh
Hong Kong background er God you want an

independent investigation into alleged
police brutality and for charges against
demonstrators to be withdrawn they fall
as weeks of escalating protests

triggered by a controversial extradition
bill Andrew Thomas is live for us in
Hong Kong and how many people are on the
it says Hong Kong background and that’s
what it’s coming up as Hong Kong’s

background or Vox yeah that’s what the
clip plays ah hai bicha Digby I know
what happened I overrode it alright
never I I go dig up that clip again for

the next show we can play the Hong Kong
1 & 2 if we want did this ruin
no no that was just a background that
people need to know which discussed how

this whole thing began
and you know because I think has been
dropped from our news media to such an
extent that nobody knows what the hell
is going on it doesn’t really affect the
major report of what’s going on today

which is all hell’s breaking loose all
right so we’ll go back and we now we do
Hong Kong news one yes actual hardener

probably bout a hundred thousand P so
this is a particularly significant
protest because those protesting a civil
servant they work for the government a
government that they have come out and
defied by protesting against an open

letter was sent out on Thursday by the
head of the civil service here in Hong
Kong telling civil servants teachers
doctors other professionals who work for
the government not to come out to

protest because to do so would be to put
the idea of impartiality of the civil
service at risk but they’ve been defied
we’re expecting tens of thousands we
think there was well over a hundred

thousand people here right in the heart
of Hong Kong in a park right beneath one
of the main bank buildings here in the
center of this city and the people just
spilled right out of that park into the
streets all around they were hundreds

deep now these protests started of
course in June we had further protests
throughout July and here we are now on
the 2nd of August and the protests show
no sign of dying down at all we’ve got

more due on Saturday to on Sunday and
then the calls for a general strike on
Monday now this protest was completely
peaceful it’s quite a festive atmosphere
in fact people had cars driving past

blaring out of the music of Lainey’s
Arad the musical than revolution song
from that it’s become something of an
anthem for this movement
people seem to be going now there’s been

a bit of rain in the last half hour or
so we just perhaps dampen things a
little but certainly no sign of violence
but in the last week there be more days
with protests and the beam days without
and it looks as though that will

continue throughout the month of August
as they go ahead now the thing that
happened was Beijing sent out a bunch
they’ve got their own propaganda arm
which is with the Hong Kongers they

watched and they said well the one thing
is this is just a bunch of radicals
rioting and there’s day you got nothing
like our civil servants the people
working for they go there
I gotta do anything cuz they know better
and so there they went immediately went

on strike those people yeah and so the
the government is completely beside
itself and because every time they try
to do anything it just gets worse they
will refuse to get rid of this woman

who’s running things and they and these
rights are not stopping until they pull
this this this bill and now they’re they
get into I had esteemed to as he
explains in the second part of the clip

to maybe you know let’s we don’t like
this direction that they’re the Chinese
are dealing here or doing because in
fact when the which is the first this
clip does lost clip would have discussed

is that when England turned over Hong
Kong in 97 there was an agreement that
they were that Beijing was supposed to
be hands-off until 2040 seven

specifically fifty years
what does hands-off mean that means they
can’t be running Hong Kong okay so
there’s got to be that’s where the

choose two systems one blob of bullcrap
comes from can I add some context from
boots on the ground
sure producer no-name Hong Kong will get
worse each week worse than before it

will get worse until annihilation the
China I’m reading verbatim the China
government wants it to escalate young
men without property ownership have no
hope at current income levels it is

impossible to buy a house young women
with no money won’t date men with no
property and the women can easily get a
middle-aged sugar daddy in fact multiple
sugar daddies most government workers

come from law-abiding hard-working
families but now are priced out of
buying a home and even renting rents go
up a good 20 percent per year violence
is coming late September or into October

massacres and civil war have a nice day
no name in China I’m not gonna disagree
that that is obviously beso fueled by
the the gossip scene there

be that as it may this isn’t getting
better and the Chinese aren’t doing a
very good job of dealing with but the
problem they still have is this night
2047 issue right and so if they violate

the terms of the agreement that britain
set down to turn over hong kong i
suspect that there’s a possibility that
hong kong can either turn into a

singapore city state or the british may
have to come in there and do something
about their the deal that they got
screwed on that’s what it looked like
that’s that’s the Zen the British Navy
Hong Kong lump of coal to get the Navy

going so let’s play part two is this a
problem for Kerry lamb and a problem for
Beijing and as much as I guess to ask

you the question a different way Android
does this chime with the atmosphere the
feeling that that makes people go on the
streets and protest even though those
earlier demonstrations are kicked off in

May the hook for those was a different
issue completely that’s right well this
all began with these controversial
proposals to introduce extradition laws
here allowing people to be extradite to
the mainland China and the government

has essentially put those on ice it
hasn’t completely scrapped them as the
protesters want but it’s effectively
done the same thing but these protests
are no longer about that this is now
just a general movement calling for more
democracy in Hong Kong and for corley

the less oversight from Beijing but of
course that’s the last thing that
Beijing wants to give people here they
do not want to be seen to be backing
down than anything and when it comes to
one of the big issues which is the
resignation of the chief executive

Carrie Lam well if they were to and I’m
talking about Beijing here if they were
allow her to step down it would look
like a big victory here for the
protesters in Hong Kong and the concern
of course in Beijing is that that
potentially could spread beyond Hong

Kong to other parts of China and that is
the big big elephant in the room here
they don’t want that rabbit to be pulled
out of the Hat they don’t want anything
here in Hong Kong to happen that could
spread elsewhere now they have tried to

dissuade people from protesting there
was that video that was released on
Thursday by the garrison of the People’s
Liberation Army of China and that was
showing the army dealing with
hypothetical riots the essential message

there to protesters was if you come out
the big numbers we could if we wanted to
send in the military and look what would
happen if we did that was a warning it
certainly hasn’t worked tonight though

they were expecting as I say tens of
thousands we think there was well over a
hundred thousand people who took part in
this one and there’s no sign of these
protests dying down anytime soon Andrew
thank you very much here’s a question is

this a result of our current economic
policy ie tariffs and trade wars or is
it is they part of it well what is not

discussed here is are there provocateurs
are there people on the ground helping
these protesters to stand up against the
evil Chinese government well noodle them

is not there not that we know of there’s
no evidence of this and it hasn’t been
brought up in the conversation by any of
the outlets that you’d think would bring

it up it’s mostly being suppressed I
personally think that there’s got to be
some I would think because because
whoever says you have to remember that
the CIA network in China was wiped out
killed uh kill all killed abodes a

couple years ago during the Obama
administration uh by what but there’s
some some bad actor in the CI a was a
Chinese guy never got everybody killed

so they killed all these guys and this
could be some sort of payback for that I
don’t know I mean there’s a problem that
we have is that nobody is covering this
why do I have to go to Al Jazeera though

I can answer that for a story that’s
just huge who owns everything if you’re
not getting it out of Hollywood
the Chinese own Hollywood they own the

theater Democracy Now doesn’t have this
story hey you don’t know how deep this
Chinese stuff goes man there is Chinese
money all over the place the Joe Biden

the likely nominee for Democratic
candidate is entrenched in Chinese
finances with his son hunter and the
billion dollar hedge fund shameful this

is an example of a failure of the
mainstream media we’re gonna have a
general strike in Hong Kong tomorrow
this is not a minor couple of dip shits
I mean they’ll cover like 40 people

protesting a trump visit oh this forty
people are here and they’re all so why
don’t why do you hate Trump and they’ll
cover all that crap and we got a close
to a million people day after day if

this is like the same thing with the
yellow vests protesting here they’ve
stopped covering it yes and now what
good are they if they can’t cover this
stuff and now in France you have the
black helmets have you heard of this

movement no oh yeah of course not why
would I how could I possibly have heard
of it the black helmets are immigrants
who are pissed off that they have no
opportunity and they’re dying and now
they’re rioting and they’re rioting

properly you didn’t see any of that you
barely get it on your own news it’s
serious this is ver now we have the the
mainly African immigrants flipping out

about not getting enough money not being
taken care of no jobs no opportunity of
course they were promised all this and
now they’re rioting these are major

worldwide events that need to be covered
by somebody in it and if I have to dig
these stories up from Al Jazeera you

know something’s wrong that’s our
promise to you we dig to get it yes we
call it the podcast promise imagine all
the people who could do with us oh yeah

that’d be fun
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I had a I’m deep in this so I can do it
really quick I was gonna in fact can we
do that at the end we do the meetups cuz

it’s a there’s a couple things going on
okay so don’t make a note cuz I’m gonna
forget what my plan oh I have it all
lined up to talk about it
Brian Smith in Raleigh North Carolina
6610 Peters precipitous his house is

number 33 oh he’s in Netherlands I could
not resist though I thought I’d chip in

thanks for their weekly amygdala stimuli
it’s a non stimuli you don’t want to
Alexander mercury F in Nashua New
Hampshire in New Hampshire 58 58 he is

going to be knighted he’s gonna actually
is gonna send it towards his spouse’s
Dame hood okay he’s on the birthday list
oh he had already reached knighthood

last year which he didn’t realize he
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spouses Dame hood and he wants to be
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White Mountains which I think we have no
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her endeavors coming up Jonathan Evans
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Sir Tom Darian DeForest Wisconsin 5510
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5432 Nancy Murphy and San Bruno should

be at the next meetup in the bay or
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grandma please got it
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Knight and lost wages Nevada sir Bret
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finally sir Brian Watson in Raleigh
North Carolina that’s our group of
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everyone and every one of them yes Lee
also thank you to the people who came in
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John had come up with some math equation
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today yeah yeah of course you got Cherie
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let’s vote for John you’ve got karma

today is the 4th of August 2019 we do

have a list for you of birthdays
alexander mercury f who will be speaking
to in a moment he celebrates his
birthday tomorrow on August 5th champ of
the Mid Valley says happy birthday to

his douchebag dad Kent turning 70 years
tomorrow Jill John tree to her husband
Kevin Nixon Knutson there you go
also on August 5th Zach Brown says happy

birthday to his wife annalisa that is
today and he will be celebrating on
August 8th that will be Zach Brown
himself happy birthday for everybody
here at the best podcast in the universe
all right well for the knighting yes we

always do that you asked me this is the
last show ok so here is what’s going on
I got to night and notes of despair

one from the professor over on No Agenda
social calm who went to the Seattle
Meetup walked around for an hour could
not find anybody had no idea if was even

happening was very excited to go to his
first Meetup and did not find anyone
there and that sucks it’s sad when that
happens and I thought that was bad until

I got the note from sir hashtag null ITM
Adam unfortunately my son sir
Dragonheart and I just returned from the
Orange County meetup very disappointed
in what in that we could not find other

na people we drove an hour an hour and a
half from West LA to get to Golden Road
brewing and got there around 1:15 p.m.
the meetup hours were 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.
and we’re very lucky since parking was

completely full but found a spot as
someone was leaving the location is very
big with a large inside space mainly for
people eating and a main bar and a large
spread outside space now anyway my son

and I spent the next hour and a half
walking around trying to find where the
meetup was going to be based or at least
to find other NA attendees with no luck
we asked the staff know no one knew
anything anyway he says this is not a

reflection of you or John or the meetup
organizers but if people are going to
set meetups they should be some
way of connecting with everyone finding
everyone this is especially true for
people we have never met or location

we’ve never been to he was very sad with
lose giu back here okay so he and this
her dragon heart were very sad so I of

course got in touch with the back office
and with lo and behold do you know what
happened it was a glitch this is my
favorite answer and the glitch there’s a

couple things going on here but the big
problem is for some reason on the No
Agenda meetups dot-com site if you don’t
specifically set the time zone of and

this is what the glitch is this is why
we like explaining it the time zone will
default to Africa if you don’t set it
explicitly so that’s why they probably

showed up six hours before the meetup
didn’t know it and had a bad experience
and I think the professor may have had
the same at the Seattle meet up so that

that it defaults to some GMT time well
lastly yeah that’d be great yeah
and now there’s also things I believe we

can do to make it easier for people to
identify and you know there should be a
contact that you can reach out to so we
are definitely having that worked on
Daniel of no agenda meet ups comm is

fixing the glitch so I’m really sorry
that happened but in general I think we
need to be careful that that these
meetups you know that you if you’re
gonna go you have to have had some

contact somehow what else did you have
on this that was it and I think people
who put together the meetup because
these are not our meetup Caesar meetup
said the communities using should check
the time on the meetup site to make sure

that it’s not in Africa yeah and that
apparently was not done right but a lot
most people found the meet evident which
makes me wonder how what’s the

difference do they because there was not
especial mailings or anything I’m not
sure what wipes some people right didn’t
this issue but well said first I thought
people were just scheduling meetups and
then bailing and not going that does not

seem to be the case because I did I saw
pictures happened yeah I saw pictures of
the Orange County Meetup but I guess we
have to have some kind maybe we should
introduce the lapel pins here cuz that’s

a lot easier to recognize people G and
John just you’re just disconnecting all
over me here today now twice in a row
anyway so uh yeah it was very annoying

yeah but once you get there once you go
to one apparently you can have a darn
good time and I would recommend if
you’re in California you can get to one

today today is the 4th so Solvang
California simultaneously there’s a
Hamnet Meetup
I have this is new to me I haven’t

looked at the detail so I’m not sure
what frequency this is taking place on
but go to no agenda meetups calm to find
out about that and I’ll give you the

rest of the list we have another new I’m
just going to do the new ones here we
have Berkeley California on the 8th this
is the one you’ll be at I presume yes
this is Berkeley California Gilman
brewing it’s on the website no agenda

mediums comment be at 5 o’clock to about
5 6 7 8 maybe on Thursday the 8th and it
will be and that’s the West Coast time

what is that in Africa ours doesn’t know
it is an African ours but I guarantee
and I’ll be there and I think buzz kill

jr. will be there and me me I’ll be
there be a big Mora it’s a beauty
everyone will be there
except Eric who’s gonna be up it
obviously who went to the Portland meet
have been a couple other ones up there

yeah we’re getting lots of good reports
except for the two I mentioned so this
is something that works and it is
incredibly important for mental health
to go speak to people in person who are
if not like-minded at least won’t get

triggered about anything you’re thinking
or saying
and another new one is August 14th in
Warsaw Poland so they are international
you can find one almost anywhere where

you live go to no agenda meetups calm
and if there’s not one near you start
one yourself there are a lot of fun and
as you can see John and I are starting
to attend those where applicable and

where we can again No Agenda meetups
dot-com and now it’s time to bring out
four people we’ve got a couple of
knighting in a day so you need the big
blade for today’s procedure before your

seat at the roundtable the No Agenda

knights and dames thanks to your
contribution the amount of $1,000 or
more to the best podcast in the universe
and I hereby pronounce – Casey sir
mittens of false the baronet of the
bluegrass Sir Alex the knight of the

White Mountains Dame bear abend and sir
Knight Ryan of central organ for you
we’ve got hookers and blow
rent poison Chardonnay analog synth
melodies and something else I forgot

warm beer cold women kebab and Persian
wine guises and sake bong hits and
bourbon sparkling cider and escorts in
and mutton and Mead what was that thing
I’m supposed to have at the table darn

got cut off and that one extra one extra
thing was in your note oh darn
I didn’t get it I meant a beer and
something else

he was analog synth melodies in
choppered oppa jotting land there we go
but jot and land Lambie yeah wait got
messed up sorry but jot and land lambic
there we go it’s in there thank you for
becoming Knights and Dame of the No

Agenda roundtable this is a this is
something that is cool when you go to
meet up and you see a lot of your other
peers and you get on the peerage map ITM
that I am slash peerage it’s it’s an

honor to have you here at the round
table and thank you again for all of
your support and all of your courage go
no agenda slash rings Eric
the shield will get your information and
send them out to you as soon as possible

remember Dvorak org /na okay I have a
joke I have a Joe to Genoa update your

beat yeah well you you jumped in to tell
me he was full of crap
well you can shake hands with Lou Dobbs

jump in yeah you did you came in with a
bullcrap clip to show that this guy is
full of crap and is not coming up with
anything as he promises which is true
it’s very true and he has following this

guy as long as you have and he’s got
good if is funny to listen to him but I
never seen anything come of it okay well
he’s now he’s good now he’s doubling
down as he and his wife Victoria tons
and tons aghh they don’t have the same

last name in their law firm frequently
appear on Fox Business News that’s the
bastion of conspiracy theories on the
Lou Dobbs program and they keep

promising Lou Dobbs it’s happening any
day now that’s where the initial oh it’s
coming Wednesday which of course was
last week nothing happened so now
they’re back a two-parter we start with
well this something new has happened we

have John we as that we have Inspector
General Horowitz who is investigating
the investigators we’re gonna drain the
swamp and now we add to that

Connecticut’s John Durham gonna drain
the swamp take it from Joe but by any
traditional standard this thing is
moving with lightning speed
let’s see what’s lightning speed in a

very short period of time John Durham
has interviewed well I understand dozens
of potential witnesses and has moved
into setting up a grand jury so it’s

going to happen I will say this I think
people need to be to be reasonable in
the expectation of potential criminal
charges this is a very difficult area of

the law to bring criminal charges where
government officials are claiming that
they acted in good faith we may see some
initial cases which are not brought but
eventually Durham is focusing on a very

large criminal conspiracy
involving defrauding the United States
government of the faithful service of
these agencies I think ultimately he
will get to the point of bringing

charges it isn’t going to happen quickly
and there are going to be some instances
where he isn’t going to have enough
evidence to charge even some pretty big
people initially but some of these

players will be involved in more than
one series of criminal investigations so
if they get a pass in one instance they
may not get it in another it’s going to
be rough it’s gonna be difficult but

believe me bill Barr is not going to
pass up the opportunity to do the right
thing alright so more promises from from
Joe that it’s gonna happen you gotta be

like when you see Comey get off on the
on his leaking charge that’s because
we’re gonna catch him on something
bigger mm-hmm but now I really want to
believe this it’s just we’ve been burned
so many times by believing that it’s

going to be you know tens of thousands
of indictments grand jury cleaning
sealed and oh it’s gonna happen but he
does have an additional data point as a
result of the appointment of Durham

people are flocking back to Horowitz to
quote correct their testimony to let him
know that they remembered new things
that they found out stuff that they

didn’t know about people are worried and
they should be because it’s now
beginning to become very clear that
Durham is moving forward with speed and
people are going to Horowitz and asking

to be re interviewed this includes FBI
officials and others and as a result of
that I’m delighted he’s delaying and
it’s gonna make Muller look even worse

when dr. myth suit gets to have his say
and he’s being he’s already been
interviewed by both Horowitz and Durham
fastest new oh I trust you implicitly
and explicitly all right there you go

right after that they did was did they
leave the building to Fox building there
and a guy in a white jacket and a
fine then chase them down the street I

don’t know John I don’t I don’t make up
the news I just reported sir
I’ve reported what the news is reporting
so I don’t know I don’t know they fall

on bad times that they’re about to be on
on Fox Business I mean you’re really
going downhill
Fox Business is your outlet we’re still
very hopeful mm couple things I think we

just should just mention that AOC
Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is the she is
these she’s the storm of the new justice

Democrats the Democratic socialists of
America she is the one that is driving a
lot of the narrative of the new
democratic party um her chief of staff
has been this not just I mean he was

chief of staff but this is the guy who
found her who trained her who set her up
who funded her has left the building
and that was the news of the meeting

with Pelosi yes so he was probably
pushed out
I think but did you read this morning
apparently the feds are investigating
him for a lexan finance fraud yes they

were using a middleman they were doing
some kinky stuff with the money yeah so
do you know exactly what they were doing
he had a corporation that they ran all

the money through that him and his wife
I guess ran or something along those
lines I just was brought up during the
campaign I remember yeah I remember yeah
and Pelosi seems have been fed his fed
up with this guy after this all this was

all stemming from a tweet that came out
of either her office or one of the
offices or from or from the guy or they
or the assistant who also got fired uh
that that made an illusion that the

Democrat moderate Democrats were a bunch
of were kind of inheritors of the old
southern Dixiecrats a bunch of races

right that was what he had said yes and
so Pelosi that was the end of the line
for pullet Pelosi I guess read her the
and told her I don’t know what she can
do that’s really horrible it sounds to

me like it went like this
okay here’s how it works in the big girl
world we’re going to pursue your guy
we’re gonna hang him up for a finance
shenanigans you should probably get rid

of him now either why otherwise you’re
going down with him I think that’s the
kind of game Pelosi plays that would
work and work and the time line works
and now but where will that leave her

can she actually tweet without tweeted
anything since we’re we’re waiting for
the writing other than that she can even
make it cognate you know a coherent

sentence without this guy I don’t think
she’s dumb but she certainly doesn’t
have the the writing that would show
sure that he is pretty much everything
that she says he has gone to all the

questions in the committees yes and he
has now gone to the Democrats socialists
of America and they’re going to continue
with their group green New Deal which by
the way is fitting in very nicely with

all this fake meat that is that even
Horowitz is eating fake meat impossible
burgers and other chemically produced
soy he’s crying because he wanted his

recommendation I was recommendation
before the game we play on the show he
shorted it he had to eat it to see what
it was like
no he’s short and kind good well part of
part of the new IPCC report which

according to the Guardian was leaked so
this would be the inter
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change a leaked draft of a report on
climate change and land use which is now

being debated in Geneva by the IPCC
states it will be impossible to keep
global temperatures at safe levels
unless there’s also a transformation in
the way the world produces food and

manages land and they go straight to
farting cows all part of the green new
this new we laughed about it all part of
the green New Deal the methane so we

need to eat different meat and I guess
because America just rejects the idea of
eating bugs it’s really not caught on

they keep trying they even released
grasshoppers in Vegas or trying you know
now Vegas is making grasshopper pies and
and and different grasshopper dishes as
a as a promotional goof but Americans

won’t really eat bugs I mean we just
evolved a little further than that try
that in Europe maybe so instead we do
what Americans love give me something
fake that looks just like it spam we’re

the country you can hand it’s long as it
looks the right way we’ll put it in our
mouth I hate to say if that’s what
America is and so now it makes sense to

me now I understand it was always
thought it was odd that these impossible
burger and fake meat lemon and whatever
they’re called they go public they’re
worth billions of dollars for fake food
now I get it it’s all part of the green

new deal well everything’s part of
something yeah but this is a scam well I
don’t know if it’s a net stuff
I’m not tried it once and she didn’t

care much for it but all Burger Kings in
for a rude awakening when it people are
gonna try it once I mean yeah if you’re
a vegan would you fear a vegan you’re

not eating at Burger King anyway there’s
no way well if you’re just some
experimental doable let me try it
because it’s trendy you have one go I
tried it this is going anywhere

I hear people who say they like it all
is it very interesting you’ll answer you
Americans yeah well they’re lying to
themselves Americans will eat anything

as long as it looks the right way we’re
really stupid I mean that old
disagreement with that they’ll eat
anything because it looks so right wait
until they taste it

it’s made from Peas so anyway I’m not
buying it it’s not gonna go anywhere
it’s gonna be dead
get on arrival well not dead on a row
because everyone has to try it once cuz

they’re promoting and wait until we see
the TV shows where they’re promoting it
we’ll be getting clips I’m sure it’s on
its way
yummy yummy yummy yummy all right where
did the time go

yeah when we write too fast I have two
funny clips then alright to finish if
we’re finishing yeah and but I do have
okay no no no no we’re gonna note that
it can easily wait until she’ll be funny

I got OTG stuff which is fun not funny
but fun so what we moved that to
Thursday what she got for funny well I
got a couple of retro Clips one okay but
these are what there was a time there
was a time I was noticing these I’m back

in 2009 looking at old clips and there
was a time that we tried to do stuff
that was that was we did it more we do
more things to make things funny and
more ludicrous than we do today

really I’ve noticed this trend yeah hmm
for example here’s one this is the
coming to an end clip this is where
remember in 2009 when Ling Ling and ding
dong goes to oh they gotta listen they

were walking in wandered into North
Korea for some unknown non CIA reason we
were just hiking and they were caught

and they were they were blocking it
aside and then Clinton went back flew
him back you know it came in a boy and

they were all they were crying in their
press conference and so this is the kind
of joking way I I produced this
particular clip okay which one isn’t
coming to an end Ling Ling but we knew

instantly in our hearts
the nightmare of our lives was finally
coming to an end
okay it was more it was more a comedy

show back then I guess you always call
and the other one I’ve got is another

example of this sort of I would call it
juvenile humor that we’ve kind of grown
out of yes is the way you would edit a
clip so it would sound like this is the

Hyundai ad okay so really what you’re
saying this is what you used to do cuz I
did these clips this is your this is
your doing of all the things that are
changing lately Hyundai Assurance has

remained rock-solid and gotten even
better because now it gives you
something else gasps okay I’m gonna give
someone everyone something really actual

on the way out this is on the street in
LA it’ll be our last clip John Legend
the famous composers singers songwriters
John Legend’s the guy who said that if

you’re a creative a creative person and
Andy circumstances there’s you have to
be a Democrat because there’s no way a
creative person can be a Republican it’s
just not possible

holy crap do we still have that one I
wonder if that you’ll never find it yeah
what is this pitch it’s John Legend here
I’m hosting a virtual phone bank for

swing left this weekend to help get out
the vote ahead of the special election
in my home state of oh yeah that’s too
boring anyway here’s a couple of
thoughts he has on the President as he’s

leaving a restaurant to to get into his
a blacked out vehicle to drive home my
president is a flaming races
shit he says piece of shit to shit all

the time
that’s what he does we need to get him
out office
what do you think conduct
there’s a lot that can be done it’s

covered over a century of history that
created the problems that they have and
when you don’t focus on making all of
our communities better instead of
talking shit about our communities just
because you’re a racist prick Donald
Trump is an evil fucking canker sore on

America’s cold landscape so we need to
get him out of office really makes you
wonder if he writes those songs himself
easy really that doesn’t have a good

command of the vocab you see very poetic
didn’t even rhyme so disappointing
all right everybody Wow jam-packed show
today thank you to all the producers who

participated with stories artwork
jingles clips and financial supports
it’s highly appreciated and we’ll be
back here on Thursday to do it again
join us William and I would like to

personally thank our end of show mixers
once again Chris Wilson and Felix Wilson
the dual the duo of the day evil Kirby
is long along with the Michael Tyler

it will bring in our end of show mixes
and I’m coming to you from the frontier
of Austin Texas couple the drone star
state FEMA region number six and all the
governmental maps in the morning

I’m Adam curry and from northeast of the
conve Lam John C Dvorak we return on
Thursday right here on no agenda stream
and no agenda remember us at
Dvorak org slash na until Thursday

adios mofos and such
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