No Agenda Episode 1162: “Thank You Comrade”

um um um Adam curry
Jhansi Dvorak episode 11 60 town this is
no agenda from northern Silicon Valley

an area plagued with white supremacists

I’m John Cena Bradley they’re there too
Oh everybody all these Democrats into
Silicon Valley are all white

supremacists turns out and what to
evidence do you have of this I heard it
I read it uh-huh
the Canadians think so so do the Brits
so does the rest of the world this has

been is this quite the assault on the
United States we are phenomenon we are
the the biggest racial bunch of eight
holes in the universe yeah that’s

well it’s worse than that what do you
mean I’ve worse than Whitehall I mean
what do you what do you mean what do I
mean we’ve had this clip here it’s funny

you should mention anything cuz it I
realized I don’t know my glasses which I
have to go get while you’re playing this
clip okay this is the MSNBC clip yes

yeah the insanity clip where not only is
the internet facilitating the speed of
radicalization but but our leader our
our chief executive is seen as almost a
mentor and a radicalize er and

unfortunately today we did not hear what
we needed to hear from that person that
these extremists and unstable people
look – he spoke in the in the passive

voice in the collective voice we didn’t
hear first person from him we didn’t
hear I condemn white hate ideology we
heard the nation must condemn it well

the nation does condemn it but we didn’t
hear what we needed to hear so what
happens is the extremists in turn
what the president read off a script
today as something he needed to say
something he he didn’t really want to

say so
the president’s either getting really
good advice and rejecting it or he’s
getting really bad advice
and and I’ll give you an example of that
we have to understand the adversary and

the threat we’re dealing with and if we
don’t understand how they think we’ll
never understand how to counter them so
it’s little things and language and
messaging that matters the president
said that we will fly our flags at

half-mast until August 8th that’s 8 8
now I’m not going to imply that he did
this deliberately but I am using it as
an example of the ignorance of the

adversary that’s being demonstrated by
the White House the numbers 8 8 are very
significant in neo-nazi and white
supremacy movement why because the
letter H is the eighth letter of the

alphabet and to them the numbers 8 8
together stand for Heil Hitler
so we’re gonna be raising the flag back
up at dusk on 88 no one’s thinking about

this no one’s no one’s giving him the
advice or he’s rejecting the advice so
understand your adversary is to counter
the adversary I know you’re keeping your

options open there Frank but as chilling
as that is to hear you’re saying it is
possible that someone who knows better
is authoring or editing the words that
show up and our read verbatim or are

supposed to be read verbatim by the
president you know I’m glad you he
almost got the full clip and I’m glad
you did that a lot of things
particularly on conservative Twitter are
being played without context and you

even missed I think the context of what
this is Frank what’s his name
but Nucci aware is an ex-fbi top dog
well that’s why it’s important to have

it in context most people didn’t even
have that much when they when they
showed a clip of this guy talking it’s
just Oh Trump is ready setting the flag
on a date Hitler eight eight eight H

this guy is not by the way H H meant
hail Hydra
okay so the point is these are the
Marvel fans out there will appreciate

that and here we go on this guy is the
former assistant director of the FBI and
if we go back to the beginning of this
interview it’s a little more interesting
than just although out of context on

Twitter all you saw was this guy is
crazy numerology but you had here that
he’s explaining hey wait a minute
someone may be writing speeches for the

President and he doesn’t know what he’s
saying they may be slipping stuff in but
it’s a little bit worse than that
because this guy made some predictions
five days ago
Frankfurt Guzzi the former FBI assistant

director for counterintelligence wrote
the following in an op-ed in The New
York Times and we quote instinct and
experience tell me we’re headed for

trouble in the form of white hate
violence stoked by a racially divisive
president she imagined that and the
former FBI assistant director predicting

violence from white supremacist five
just five days before it happens on the
sixth day a cycle perhaps it happens he
has chosen a reelection strategy based

on appealing to the kinds of hatred fear
and ignorance that can lead to violence
and once again tonight we have Frankfurt
Lucy back on our broadcast Frank what

were the signs and how do we know how to
navigate this tomorrow and the next day
this is this starts becoming the
definition of terrorism when people

develop anxiety about what should be
free-flowing public places totally
scripted between the two it was
pathetically scripted and then and the

fact that Williams or any normal
journalist didn’t push back on this h/h
nonsense which is just a creation of
maniacs is beyond me I mean it well it’s

not beyond me because MSNBC works you
know like this is what they do they got
these scripted segments and they go back
and forth and they read the script very

well but
yeah yeah well you’re associating it
with the with the cycle and the
terrorism malarkey and all the rest of
it I’m just saying why does this guy
predict something it happens five days

later he shows up then he’s talking all
kinds of stuff like them he essentially
says there may be people in and around
the press in the White House and around
the president who are true white

supremacist Nazis who are slipping stuff
in and to be fair the President did not
mistake Dayton you know Dayton for
Toledo that was in his teleprompter and

I’m not sure how that got in there if
you do Toledo white supremacist in 2015
there was a huge neo-nazi clash in
Toledo Ohio I’m not so sure he’s

completely off-base I’m yeah I’m not
sure he’s not off-base I don’t know but
I’ll tell you there are provocateurs out
there on in the left-wing media and
they’re doing a really good job and I

have another example let me just do the
second example this is another thing
that Republican conservative Twitter
lost their crap over and this is Nicole

Wallace this is the clip that most
people saw the last Republican president
fought for thought and and and it’s not
an ideal that had 44 percent of Latino
voters it was so politically powerful in

inside the last for public
administration President Obama used the
power of the presidency to try to pass
comprehensive immigration reform with
the Latino community Latino leaders at

the table you don’t have a president you
said talking about exterminating right
Latinas what were you yelling what
comprehensive immigration reform did
Obama try to cash just listen to the

clip and then you’ll see what outside go
on play you don’t have a president as
you said talking about exterminating
Latino it’s not it so you now have a
president who’s talking about

exterminating Latinos of course we do
that of course people lost their shit
over this and she had to come up with
some half-hearted apology about that she
misspoke etc but if you really listen to

what she says you know
president as you said talking about
exterminating right my Tina she says you
now have a president as you said because
this guy she’s talking to Raul Rhys are

you is who is on the editorial board of
USA Today has no wikipedia page only
BIOS on the internet about what he’s

done who he works for
just he just shows up everywhere there’s
no background I’m telling you this guy
is a provocateur because he indeed did

put this in her head Nicole Wallace is a
simpleton so she picked that up and used
it stupidly but listen to this guy and
with regard to the president’s remarks

sad to say I don’t really see at this
point anything he can do in words and
actions throughout his presidency he’s
basically declared open season on
Latinos because we are one of his
favorite favorite targets and it’s not

just the language he used you know you
mentioned calling Mexicans drug dealers
and rapists when he came down the
escalator that was day one then it
escalated into attacks on Latino
journalists it escalated into attacks on

the so called as in his words the
Mexican judge then he ramped it up again
to the invasion the warning people of
the caravan and works like infestation
what do you do with an infestation with

an infestation the natural lot the
conclusion is to attempt an
extermination so to me there’s very
little distinction between his inciting
this violence and the fact that it is
now happening because I you can hear

this guy said it she referred back to
him she’s an idiot but this guy this
guy’s a spook or he’s something he’s
some kind of provocateur and I have no

other information about him other than
he’s on the USA Today editorial board
which is concerning by itself saying
these types of things so there is
something going on a concerted push a

real effort and they’ve we’ve abandoned
everything now abandon it Russia
everything else at the present now it’s
in the rotation so it’s you know a boy

in a band but but this seems to be the
all-in way that they’re all going and
worse what really irks me is what the
president said this is I mean this is

really I have not seen it so bad in the
United States as this and I pulled a
couple of clips from his statement that
he read off the teleprompter uninspired

this is where he and if you can go back
and look and you’ll see that he is
reading Toledo from the teleprompter in
fact it even looks like for a moment he
realizes that can’t be right but he

still reads it but What did he say the
shooter in El Paso posted a manifesto
online consumed by racist hate in one
voice our nation must condemn racism

bigotry and white supremacy these
sinister ideologies must be defeated
hate has no place in America hatred
warps the mind ravages the heart and

devours the soul so notice he’s taking
the manifesto at face value that this
guy did it even though there is evidence
to the contrary here is the owner of

eight Qian where the manifesto so-called
which we which we looked at in detail on
the last show where the shooter uploaded
that now a Chan is a weird it’s

basically a bulletin board we can post
off and you can do that anonymously the
guy who runs I think the servers are in
the Philippines he makes his money by
advertising on HN and of odd travel
books which you know a sketchy travel

books about weird stuff you can see in
different countries I don’t care but he
made a statement about this being
uploaded to hm first of all the old

passive shooter posted on Instagram not
eight ten later someone uploaded a
manifesto however that manifesto was not
uploaded by the Walmart shooter

I don’t know if he wrote it or not but
it was not uploaded by the murderer that
is clear and law enforcement was made
aware of this before most people had

even heard the horrific news by the way
he put the the taps bugle under it
that’s just the the drama of how he
wants to present this but notice he

could know by eye Device Identifier zai
P addresses it’s a tree said whoever
uploaded that manifesto it wasn’t the
guy who was posting on a chain
previously you don’t hear about that the

spirit and letter of the law have always
been faithfully fulfilled and my company
has always made certain of that it is
unfortunate that this place of free

speech has temporarily been removed all
right so for the President to take this
in his speech and he’s reading it so
he’s responsible for it to take it at

face value as the truth or as a single
guy who did all this is just factually
not true we know it now he should have
known that then he hears the president

again we must seek real bipartisan
solutions we have to do that in a
bipartisan manner that will truly make
America safer and better for all first
we must do a better job of identifying

and acting on early warning signs I am
directing the Department of Justice to
work in partisan partnership with local
state and federal agencies as well as

social media companies to develop tools
that can detect mass shooters before
they strike as an example the monster in
the Parkland High School in Florida had

many red flags against him and yet
nobody took decisive action nobody did
anything why not now
the Parkland shooter was mainly family
members and friends who called the FBI

and complained about him there was only
one small posting if I recall correctly
on mmm think maybe it was Instagram but
that was really

a social media case now the president is
talking about working with social media
companies to identify problems which
you’ll call red flags in a moment and I

don’t know is he going to stifle people
is he now going to work on deep
platforming is you know if he’s if any
of this is planned that is just the fact

that they want to go snooping around is
almost a direct violation of Fourth
Amendment rights this is an outrage
second we must stop the glorification of
violence in our society this includes

the gruesome and grisly video games that
are now commonplace it is too easy today
for troubled youth to surround
themselves with a culture that

celebrates violence we must stop or
substantially reduce this and it has to
begin immediately so calling out video
games is old trope there’s no scientific

evidence nor is there scientific
evidence that the litany of movies from
Hollywood and television shows have

similar influence Tarantino’s latest
bloodbath is in theaters now no mention
of that now for sure video games are is
a huge industry and maybe it conditions

kids I mean this president our president
is the guy at the front of the military
the most Merkers machine ever built in
history oh yeah yeah but let’s not have

a culture of violence anywhere what he
doesn’t mention of course is that these
things by themselves you know may spur
someone on but how about the combination

of drugs combination of SSRIs
psychotropic drugs not a single mention
about that third we must reform our
mental health laws to better identify

mentally disturbed individuals who may
commit acts of violence and make sure
those people not only get treatment but
when necessary involuntary

confinement mental illness and hatred
pulls the trigger not the gun okay so
he’s saying this of course to distance
everything from guns from what’s going

on what is he gonna do now if you if
you’re angry and you post something
hateful are you gonna be picked up and
and unvoluntary incarcerated because you
may be mentally ill all we just have we

just have to check you Mr curry just
make sure that everything’s okay make
sure that your your you’re not
completely out of control very dangerous
shit that’s going on here
fourth we must make sure that those
judged to pose a grave risk to public

safety do not have access to firearms
and that if they do those firearms can
be taken through rapid due process so
are we gonna go straight to rob reiner

‘s house and take away any guns you know
he has because he appears mentally ill I
mean may think it’s a good idea but it
could happen to me that is why I have
called for red flag laws also known as

extreme risk protection orders now none
of this is an executive order he’s just
reading from the script but when he says
extreme risk protection order I feel an

executive order coming on pretty soon
and it’s literally going to be like a
Gestapo force that is going to check on
you online if you’re okay if something’s
not wrong with you

we’ll do a little sanity check oh you
got some guns now let’s take those away
first just in case red flag today I’m
also directing the Department of Justice
to propose legislation ensuring that
those who commit hate crimes and mass

murders face the death penalty and that
this capital punishment be delivered
quickly decisively and without years of
needless delay understanding where the

president’s coming from that a lot of
mass shooters sit in jail for years and
years and years on end I understand what
he’s saying but you put that in
combination with a red flag maybe some

mental health issues clear hate
oh I’m sorry we got to go kill you now I
mean I know it sounds a little extreme
but is it really when you hear what he’s

saying these are just a few of the areas
of cooperation that we can pursue I am
open and ready to listen and discuss all
ideas that will actually work now the

way he says that
maybe he’s negating all of this and and
maybe that’s a signal saying well you
know this is all bullcrap I’m just

saying it so I’m open eyes it will
really work but I don’t like it it will
actually work and make a very big
difference Republicans and Democrats
have proven that we can join together in

a bipartisan fashion to address this
plague already the government is
swinging into action on this they are
loving it here’s a former Department of

Justice official this is this is where
they’re taking the president’s words and
the FBI alone tracked domestic terrorism
or doesn’t need all the agencies of

government it needs to be approached the
same way we approached again
international terrorism after 9/11 which
is working with foreign governments and
foreign law enforcement and foreign

intelligence agencies to track the
trends figure out who the radicalizes
are because white supremacy is not
unique to the United States now do you
hear what she’s saying we need to work
with foreign governments why because the

Fourth Amendment prohibits the
government from snooping around your
business in the United States but just
like they did with this you know the
FISA warrants they use the the British
intelligence and Tahlia natella do any

one of the five eyes they’ll use them
and send that information to us then
we’ll go pick them up that’s what she’s
saying – this has become a global
problem we need to treat it as a global
global problem which means information

sharing between governments it means
information sharing between the federal
government and States and locals and it
means information sharing with the
public with the American public to help

people to understand terrorism is not
just Islamist extremist terrorism terror
and terrace acts of violence can be
motivated by any ideology far-right for
left anything Mary McCool thank you for

being with us
no one mourn that I’m done with the rant
this is a former Obama DHS stooge and
yet President Trump is saying he will
now give the FBI whatever they need to
tackle it so what tools to the FBI need

well of course we need you know more
undercover long-term investigations into
those who are plotting terrorist acts I
think there’s a good lesson to be
learned in the countering violent

extremism program we actually had the
first three organizations in 2018 that
were given grant funding however that
funding was pulled for countering
violent extremism among white

nationalists so we need to reconstitute
that and have an equal distribution of
funding and resources for countering
violent white nationalism but how does
the FBI track people who go online to
these sites like eight chanoh

become radicalized incredibly quickly
yeah so here in America we have a bill
of rights that gives constitutional
protections to people one of those is
the freedom of speech and so the FBI’s

hands are kind of tied until they have a
criminal predicate or probable cause to
investigate so how they go about
monitoring these social media websites
is by contracting it out with private

companies who don’t have those
limitations that’s how you circumvent
the Fourth Amendment it’s a beautiful
system this is outrageous and I can’t
believe that where is where’s Fox News

on this where’s Tucker Carlson virtue
signaling about how dangerous there’s no
where no is no one picking up on this am
I an idiot am i over blowing it well
you’re definitely ahead of the pack okay

I’m I’m protective of my rights and
yours now a couple of things that I
wanted to get back up unfortunately
you’re already past this but by mile ago

but I was intrigued and I’m not gonna
say you’re right or wrong about this or
you’re you’re hysterical
I was intrigued by the early by the

notion that there’s an agent provocateur
in the White House
planting coded messages to white
supposedly to white supremacists

although it’d be more likely to be coded
by a left-wing or in the White House who
is slipping these terms and these ideas
and like raising the flag on 88 yeah
as a tribute to Hitler you have to be

somewhat nuts to even think that but
White House because it seems to be
working in concert with that guy that
you had interviewed that guy who was on

the FBI guy that was on Brian Williamson
told us stuff that was like didn’t make
any sense unless there was actually
something going on and this guy knew

about it and as part of a concerted
effort to do this to just embarrass the
president by putting in coded messages
using the wrong words or I’ve never seen
this phrasing the flag on 88 have you

ever seen this Frank sigfig Luisi before
I’d never seen him before
apparently he’s on MSNBC all the time
because when Brian introduced it he says
welcome back yeah well we missed him the

first time the BBC also did something
very interesting the speaking of coded
language in this time this time a little
more obvious this is from BBC World News

this is the report that came out at 1:00
President Trump is heading for the
sights of mass shootings in Ohio and
Texas amid warnings that he will not be
welcome the shootings left 31 people

dead mr. Trump’s rhetoric has been
blamed for inciting hate crimes against
immigrants and ethnic minority groups ok
been blamed for inciting hate crimes
against ethnic minority groups one hour

later this is the headline president
Trump is heading for the sights of mass
shootings in Ohio and Texas amid
warnings that he will not be welcome the
shootings left 31 people dead his visit

comes amid a continuing row over whether
mr. Trump’s choice of words in his
tweets and speeches has contributed to
white supremacists violence
president denies this oh I guess they
got a call from somewhere hey you know

you’re off message BBC get it back to
white supremacy that is a great catch
I’m wondering again taking it back to
the idea that there’s a Al Shean

provocateur in the White House and
there’s always been and they tend to be
lefties that are pushing an agenda
I’m thinking it’s communists possible

you laugh but you didn’t pay any
attention to the GSA convention oh I’m
sorry I not only paid attention
I saw your clips I got real clean better

clips good cuz I lost one of my best
clips by because I was randomly moving
stuff around and I I took out one of the
files and I didn’t go back and recreate

it but let’s put it this way these the
guy who ran Alexander Acosta Cortez’s
operation the head of the Justice
Democrats who’s now working on the green
new deal and he himself regarding the

green new deal said it was it really
wasn’t about ecology or greenhouse gas
or anything else is about a way to
fundamentally change to eat the economic
system in the United States that’s a

paraphrase but that’s what he said and
the idea that did just so many of these
guys all out of the blue they’ve come
out of the colleges and they’re
straight-up Marxist I mean when you

listen to the TSA people saying Thank
You comrade time after time you have you
come raden Thank You comrade that’s my I
so it’s like talk about chilling and

this is going on nobody is even
discussing it from the left and the
media is not discussing it they’re
discussing white supremacy I think the

white supremacy thing is a total red
herring I don’t know any white
supremacists I don’t know anyone else
who does but they’re all talking to so
the whole country’s crawling with him
suddenly and out of the blue because as

you listen to that FBI guy he said and
and by the way this route again confirms
that he may be him
self part of a conspiracy he said well
they look to Trump for his coded

messages and not did he didn’t use coded
but he looked for Trump as a mentor to
the white supremacist why are they
looking to trump Trump’s not a white

supremacist he may be Jewish his WisDOT
eyes of the Orthodox the whole thing is
ludicrous but not it’s not ludicrous if
that’s actually a message you look to

Trump because Trump has coded messages
that he’s unaware of do you want to hear
the full
now we don’t have to go back to that guy
I think it’s clear I think it’s well

that would certainly be a communist or
socialist way of doing things
communist communist well I’ll tell you
this D si now I I

whenever I see funny clips from
something like that and they were
extremely funny and we’re gonna play
yours and then I want to play some
things that I picked up they had taken

off about five hours of video that they
had posted to YouTube I was I was just
looking for one one full full video
could not find anything in search you

know tried being tried Quan two tried
everything then I even succumbed to
Google I searched on YouTube went to no
agenda social calm there of course our

producers found all of the recordings
which still closed Twitter for this this
methodology you used but all of the
clips were linked on the DSA website

they took them down I was looking for it
they took him down they only had one
left and that’s the one I got the clips

from but let’s do some of the funny
stuff first and let’s start with yours
which one you want to go with okay well
a couple of things were going on there
was say this is the Democrat socialist
of America DSA con 2019 this is the

convention of all the chapters of the
Democrat socialist of America in a hotel
in Atlanta and there was voting going on
about you know the actual structure the

delegates they were you know what you
saw is people trying to be social
justice warriors and socialists at the
time which believe it or not does not go

together very well
go ahead well they had a lot of and by
the way they also employed all the the
old Occupy coded ways of presenting the

audience you know that which you can’t
clap because it might disturb somebody
the clip that I lost was the guy
bitching about people mumbling to each

that’s one right here I’m good I’m glad
you have it sorry
wait wait wait and so you have a bunch
of people twinkling and so that’s where
you put your arms in the air and you’ll

wave your hands around if you’re a
that’s a form of applauding but you
can’t it’s not this finger snapping
applauding which was used and supposedly
there’s a better way to applaud in
nightclubs harkening back to the 50s in

a beatnik place and but there you hold
your hands in the air and you’re waving
will wave your hands and you will do
wiggle your hands around and that met
yay nuts just so you know throughout and

I really I watched it all throughout
this it was referred to as ASL that’s
what they call it and it is true ASL is
American Sign Language and clapping in

in ASL is the jazz hands so I don’t know
what you got twinkling from but
twinkling is the is the word for it that
but they they consistently called it ASL
well they can call whatever they want

but it came out of occupying it was
called twinkling and there’s and there’s
a downward movement they I guess to
occupy people got it from them but from
American sign language but I’m not sure

but I was lectured about this by JC who
knows all this stuff well he would know
that it’s from ASL v’n right they may
have been mentioned all I know is I was
attracted to the term twinkling cuz I

did in this clip no I don’t have that no
because I just describing the situation
because there’s nothing none of its in
these clips but what I have is for
example this is a woman that’s gonna

talk about the marshals because they
have you can’t just go to a microphone
and get in line and say stuff you have
to be ordered by the marshals to be in
certain order so it’s gonna be very
structured and so they’ve had nothing

but trouble with this system so they had
to add a second marshal who if you don’t
like what the first marshal said you
appeal to him and but I think about this
is the classic milieu driven woman who

is who has the podium at them at the
moment this is the clip but the UM girl
and I want you to listen carefully for
the number of outrageous

uncountable times that she says um-um-um
and it reminds me of the other real
major um girls and I have another girl

coming up but that’s gonna do with this
was that woman that was from NPR who
talked about advertising she was one of
these in the st. this same sounds like

the same milieu to me which doesn’t
surprise me that you’d have NPR and a
socialist milieu going um um um you
don’t say um there’s many times unless
everybody’s doing it this is just me

noticing something out loud as the chair
and you can take me up if you wish or
you can ignore me I have noticed that a
lot of our points of information and our

points of parliamentary inquiry and our
points in general are coming from just
about the same six to eight people I
would suggest that you practice being
socialist organizers and you see if you

can recruit somebody else to make your
point that’s usually a good indication
if it’s a good point to make second I
have received some questions about the
who are helping to sort of convene the

progressive stack just so everybody is
clear the marshals at all of the mics
are actually not delegate there has been
a concern that they may be politically

motivated none of them are delegate so
just putting that out there they’re not
something for specific resolutions
they’re doing the Lord Marx’s work the
Lord Marx’s work oh my goodness I don’t

think that’s in the handbook you’re not
supposed to call him the Lord are you
don’t know what the handbook says I’ve

never seen it but the Lord Marx’s work
okay resolutions they’re doing the Lord
Marx’s work second we have implemented
sort of a process because I have I have

learned that there has been a lot of
debate within the lines about whether
the Marshalls recommendations about the
ordering and the staff are appropriate
so each mic now has two marshals the

second marshal is to settle dispute
I’m a little upset that it has come to
that but if there are disagreements in
the stack about who should go first

again there will be a second marshal
there to make sure that it’s an
impartial decision let me just go
through and just so the another point
the marshals are very aware that some

identities are invisible so as much as
possible they are proactively coming up
to folks who are in the stack and just
trying to get a sense of who they are
and where they should be third I’ve
received a lot of complaints about I

know that there like some people just in
general really prefer to stand I’m one
of those people and very fidgety I can’t
sit for very long I think that’s totally
fine I’m just gonna ask as much as
possible if the folks who are standing

could do so in the back it’s a little
distracting to people on the sides the
movement so please do that if you plan
to stand for most of our sessions you’re

killing me with this um girl and then
just again I want to reiterate what
progressive stack is for the intents and
purposes of this convention

progressive stack is meant to ensure
that people from you know historically
oppressed and minor marginalized
identities who often don’t get heard
from enough not just at this convention

but also in broader society have a fair
chance to speak it is not about sort of
trading back and forth stories of has
the most relevant personal life

experiences to speak to an item that’s
up for debate yeah this really is very
hard to listen to that now you can stop
it and let’s just go to because it

continues with I want to follow it up
with the there’s marginalize people
thing is a big deal to this group and so
you have a bunch of people coming out
and everybody by the way does the

following when they go up there this is
a 3-second this is when you go up you do
this this is the DSA speaker intro
personal pronouns you always put this in
there my name is Matt Rubin I’m from
Pittsburgh TSA my pronouns are he/him

yes hello a point of personal privilege
my name is Adam Curry Austin Texas
hee haw no brother ok so there wasn’t
they them that showed up she was a an NB

was pretty obvious and she had to make
sure they wouldn’t knew that she was of
a them so let’s listen to this is the
marginalized people clip that that

precedes the next clip which but replay
this is they’re very concerned about
this because if somebody was
marginalized means you are you have
taken yourself out of the you maybe have

autism for example if you’re autistic
you’re marginalize if you’re handicapped
you’re marginalized if it you or you you
end up marginalized you don’t want to be
necessarily maybe you do but you are so

let’s play the marginalized people thing
and that the hard heartbreaking work
that this is taking from every
marginalized person in this room it has
been hard

I spent my lunch break working with the
marshals to organize through space for
us to center ground and process the harm
that has been done this weekend whether

it’s accidental or not we need some
space and time to do that I want to
invite the marginalized people in this
room to meet me after we adjourn at five
in Augusta II it’s on this floor just

directly across the hall so we can take
spend some time in community just
processing so that we can go out and
continue to organize with each other
thank you so much for your time he’s a
number two you just didn’t um yourself

my man bad I gotta pay attention to you
comrade now so this necessarily leads to

this back and forth which is the
marginalize marshals point of
information or clarity are they’re
marginalized marshals or they all like I

guess I want to know how many
marginalized folks are represented by a
marshal I don’t know that I’m
necessarily comfortable answering that

especially since many identities are
invisible right I understand I just my
main concern is not being represented in
having yeah I understand I think the

best we can do is try and have a fair
system where there’s the second person
to settle disputes and I just really
encourage people as much as possible
please respect our marshals it’s a very

thankless task and they are very very
critical to this operation we have going
on right here
now what would okay I’m gonna I’m gonna
take over here because I got some other

stuff that relates to this that happened
that I think is important to find out or
to hear about first let’s let’s really
talk about these are social justice
warriors these are not socialists I grew

up in a socialist country in the
Netherlands when it was truly really
socialist with 90 percent income tax
personal income tax you know the whole

I’ve lived in three different socialist
countries this has nothing to do with
how socialism works socialism has
leaders and they tell you to shut the
fuck up and I’ve seen it and that’s how
it’s lived this isn’t this has nothing

to do with socialism that in fact all
this was this entire conference was
fundraising every speaker at the end we
have envelopes and this people they

couldn’t they were embarrassed to use
the word square because they had square
credit card processing so they always
yes the square thing is whatever you can
donate we need your money comrade we

need to fund this we need to it was all
about getting money and they raised over
$100,000 at this conference all about
getting money for their organization and
the rest was just social justice warrior

bullcrap let’s let’s listen to the guy
who wasn’t reparent Lee in charge of
security or order and making things go
well and he talked about this ASL

American Sign Language hand waving and
more first of all in this room I see
that no one’s clapping for me it could
be because I’m not engaging but it also

is because everyone’s doing this and
that’s really important because those
loud bursts of noise even though this is
space when we can do something like
reducing that that’s really important so
please don’t clap shoot up these and

additionally with the the noise issue
like avoid hissing avoid waving banners
right if you don’t know what to do show
up these right I’m sure there’s lots of
ways that we can communicate to each

other without needing to rely on
something that’s going to hurt somebody
else we have quiet rooms that are
available there’s a range of options of
these right on seven there’s one that
has video but no sound if you still want

to be able to observe the convention but
the sound is a shoe there’s also on
Piedmont 8 a completely quiet room one
thing to note there please don’t go into
that space with anything that’s like an

aggressive scent for instance right
because that’s going to be difficult for
people the principle of collective
Security’s we don’t want to put people
in stressful situations that they don’t
consent to right and we have to be

accountable to each other that our
actions might have negative consequences
for other people if you we are also
talking about de-escalation right right
because people are gonna have different
experiences of things that some others

might think is normal heated ‘no sand i
think and some that there’s an
inevitability there but it’s going to be
really traumatic for people if we’re not
making an affirmative effort to
de-escalate each other and deescalate

ourselves right do you want having a
conflict with somebody feel free to step
away right we’re gonna make sure that
you can get out of that space let
somebody else step away if they need to
step away right don’t talk to cops don’t

talk to mega assholes we’re almost there
yes very lovely there’s just all just
lovey-dovey and everyone’s comrades and

don’t talk to mcih assholes don’t talk
to cops and don’t smell bad don’t wear
horrible perfume or just don’t smell bad
in this line a second you’ve made an
observation that i’m gonna take to the

next level which is this was just a
fundraiser yes this is a fundraiser for
people that are marginalized nobody has
exploited them before in other words the

autistic the people that can’t you don’t
want to smell anything it’s a new source
of revenue to people that do your clap
and your drug job and they
because they don’t like any noises that

also to go into the silent room these
are people that are here in all sorts of
weird ways and they have not been
exploited for money well it happened at
this conference for sure and you know

people inherently feel that that’s going
on and then all their trigger mechanisms
go into overdrive we are going to need a
party that will organize working people
to fight for the demands that we want

and to win socialism thank you so much
guys first of all Jena now this this
gentleman he him makes a big mistake

here by saying guys he has a different
point but he starts off by saying guys
big mistake guys first of all James
Jackson Sacramento he him I just want to

say can we please keep the chatter to a
minimum I’m one of the people who’s very
very prone to sensory overload there’s a
lot of whispering and chatter going on
it’s making it very difficult for me to
focus please can we just

I know it’s we’re all fresh and ready to
go but can we please just keep the
chatter to a minimum it’s affecting my
ability to focus thank you Thank You
comrade okay is there a speaker against
name point of personal privilege yes

please do not use gendered language took
to address everyone I know what you were
angling for but this this point of

personal privilege point of information
point of debate you can interrupt the
speaker at any time as long as long as
you say a point of something are there
is there any further debate on the

credentials committee report point how
important point of order yep thank you
so sorry what’s your name in my name is

I used a them and he/him pronouns I’m
from Memphis thank you for asking nice
to meet you sorry
I had a question so Nick Jack what is

his name or what if there’s a name Nick
J they were elected as an antlered
delegate but what you’re hearing here is

what they spent five hours on he’s
voting on voting on all kinds of stupid
useless stuff that got nowhere because
everyone kept interrupting with their

point of personal privilege issues were
they resigned
is that correct Joe no okay then never
mind now we’re going to point of
information could you please let us know

how many delegates there are so they
didn’t even know how many delegates were
there while they’re voting I believe
1,057 thank you great awesome and now

we’re going to move on to the
resolutions very brief very brief point
of information if you are using a
microphone talk into it directly like I

am right now and do not wave your face
back and forth because people cannot
hear you this is the way to say it from
now on do not wave your face back and
forth we can’t hear you at the back of

the room anyway they got in a big
argument the voting wasn’t done properly
they would tried to vote online that was
I’m gonna skip all these clips they’re
in the show notes if you want to listen

to them then someone said point of
debate the by laws don’t allow online
voting it just went on and on and on and
on because these are not socialists
these are social justice warriors who
put on an old army jacket that damaged

they are damaged that they have lots of
issues not underplaying or discounting
their issues but you’re right they were
there to be exploited and all of a
sudden the last hour well that changed

everything the real socialists came in
from Germany from Austria from Japan and
from Brooklyn one interesting one and

they they would just a gas with what
they had seen they were totally and they
and they said it to here and and mind
you when the real socialists came in in

the last hour
there was no twinkling no american sign
language people were Hootin and Hollerin
no interruptions point of personal
privilege I can’t stand the noise it’s

triggering none of that it was just
hooting and hollering because this is
what this is the real Socialists who
came in and they had a message for this
group of misfits this is the German
socialists following your Congress I

have to say something you’ve got
everything to have success so you are
smart you have got passion you treat
each other fairly most of the time and

you got the momentum so please stay
together I know that parties sometimes
have growing pains but go forward make

it productive and please avoid the
sickness of the left and that’s the
splitting we have several examples of
that in in Europe and don’t do that

don’t because they saw it these guys saw
what was going on and like hey don’t do
that don’t do that here don’t do that
and and as I’m from Germany it’s my duty

to say very loud and clear
anti-fascism is no crime it’s the
opposite anti-fascism is a duty to all

Democrats and we all together we are
anti-fascist we are going to the streets
and campaigning together for artificial
democratic and social society and if we

will not do that nobody will do the job
so our responsibility grew and let’s go
on forward and dear comrades I’m so
happy to be here thank you very much

so coming here to incite violence on our
streets by saying an tyfa is good it’s
good to be a anti-fascist take it to the
streets yeah this guy is you know these

are the people who are really
problematic and you hear the the hoot
and the hollering no ones no one’s
getting it they’re all hooting in
Holland because they’re LARPing children

they have no idea what this so there’s
an issue I want to mention so when I was
in high school I was one of the lucky /
unlucky appointees to the Model UN one

of those kids that was in the Model UN
they have this around orange robe
literally arm how interesting oh yeah
absolutely and so the model you our mock
you in I think was also called by this

is the Model UN and they every school
got to send two representatives as
though it was a country to the mock the
Model UN and I think it was in Berkeley
they had it of course that one of the

big auditoriums at Cal and so we all
went there and stayed in the hotel they
put us up in a hotel in downtown
Berkeley and me and if I’ve pal was Bill
Katie we ended up spending most of our

time tossing toilet paper rolls out the
window to see if they would unravel and
make a streamer but during the Model UN
you learned Robert’s Rules of Order
which have all these points of order

points of information points at this
point at that points at this points of
that and there’s a route there’s a
relatively maybe there’s about 12 of
them but in that event that you were
listening to they had they were making

some up I mean there was there was no
but there’s no such thing as being a
point of cliche or whatever was one
point of personal privilege no point of
personal privilege is one of them
pointless debate point of information

that’s one of them I think it was point
of debate or something they said that
was not one of them but all those other
was a point of orders the main when
point of information pointed to point of

personal privilege those are all real
and so when you went to this thing it
was a big UN’s assembly and it had you
had little signage and you sat there
like like one of those UN ambassadors
and you and they I don’t know what they

accomplished I do know that it kind of
childish in the way that we just
witnessed with the DSA it was a lot of
point at this point of that everyone’s

trying to show off that they know the
rules and so they wanted to say
something we didn’t have the pronoun
thing obviously but it was in it that’s
what I was reminded of I was reminded of
kind of a high school group you know

trying to you know figure out the world
and they’re up there in some fake
meeting it was it was borderline
pathetic and so who shows up at the end
to shame these people into these these

sad people into giving their money to
the Socialist Party is the head
muckety-muck of the DSA although maybe

not in by title Linda Sarsour our
favorite muslimah from Brooklyn and she
gave them an earful about how they were
doing it wrong and they need to pony up

and she also interesting refers to their
national political committee vote which
has the fun acronym NPC I just couldn’t
get past the irony of that listen to

Linda Sarsour wrapping up this
Democratic Socialist of America
conference and the question that DSA
needs to ask themselves is who do you
want to be what are you trying to do in

this moment what kind of story do you
want to be told about dear by the way
speak of milieu who does she sound like
to you

I’m not getting it right away well Wanda
Sykes she sounds just like Wanda Sykes
the comedial that’s interesting have a
listen and the question that DSA needs

to ask themselves is who do you want to
be what are you trying to do in this
moment what kind of story do you want to
be told about DSA forty years from now
if you are here because DSA is supposed

to be making you feel comfortable you’re
in the wrong place
if you are here to tell DSA you need to
do these 17,000 899 things to make me
feel good this is not the organization

for you if you are in DSA to take one
collective liberation movement to divide
it up into things that make you feel
comfortable this is not the organization
please there are people who are counting

on us literally there are people whose
lives depend on us building a political
movement that is centered on values and
principles and the most broken and

marginalized people in this country so
freedom in this country is not free it’s
just not so if you think that you’re
gonna talk to me about capitalism and we

gotta smash the patriarchy and capital I
get that got a do pattern attracts cuz
you live in a capitalist nation right
now I’m sorry to break it to you right
now and in order for us to build a

sustainable movement that is worthy to
the people we are fighting for we gotta
get our finances together we need money
to build this movement right some of you
may be like well I got a lot of time on

my hands I can come and volunteer not
everybody has that time so don’t be all
about you and your I don’t like this I
don’t like that I don’t feel it’s not
about you it really is not about you

tonight when you’re voting tonight on
NPC members you vote for the most
qualified people the most compassionate
people the most passionate people it’s

not about who you like and who’s in
another faction who’s in another caucus
it’s not about that and if that’s what
you’re gonna do tonight then you’re
proving to marginalize people all over

this country
that you don’t give a damn about the
most broken people you only care about
yourself and what you believe in what
you think so there it is that’s the
message give us your money you
marginalized poor people you’re no good

and shut up about your problems give us
your money
and I think this Linda Sarsour she’s the
one to keep your eye on you know we had
the bike we’ve been keeping our eye on

her she’s horrible I will mention
something though it’s not a bad idea in
terms of in terms of their approach more
thinking about what explaining these

poor marginalized people which is
exactly what this is it’s not many of
them have such a weird self-esteem issue
it’s not like they have low self-esteem

or high self-esteem they have a an
unusual self-esteem because they have
they many of them are they them’s and
they’re and they’re there n B’s and
they’re non binaries and they’re there

they’re been poisoned by this by the
food supply I don’t know what what
happened to half of them and there’s a
lot of weird autistic ones there that
are seem functional but they’re high

functional there’s as they call
themselves they generally may be
susceptible to because they’ve this is
like an insurance salesman I’m listening
to these different clips and you have

different approaches let me try this
approach and see if I can shake some
money out of these people let me try
that approach and let’s see if I can
shake some money out of these people the

the Sarsour approach is they they have
low self-esteem let me tell them what
they already know and condemned them and
telling it their shit is what she did

exactly shit that was a very terrible
thing she did she said you are you are
shit give us your money let me write
this down I’m gonna see if we can try

that in our newsletter won’t have that
many people that are that that that that
necessitate that sort of thing but I’ve

I was at one time it was a sales guy
that took a liking to me because he
couldn’t sell me anything so he he was
insurance guys when I was in college and
I have pretty decent not great sales

resistance and I’ve run into people that
I can’t write there’s no way I’m gonna
get out of it I just okay I’m out of

whatever you
but most feel like an resist and then if
you go to the Middle East and deal with
some of these these Arab and Lebanese
and some of these sales guys you just

generally speaking you’re not gonna lose
a lot of money but you got to pay up
most American Western sales guys you
know they have all these tricks and they

go from one to the other to the other
and this guy went through the entire
litany and he kind of ended with this
condemning type of sales pitch and he
never could get break me I and so

eventually he says you know I like you I
need you bought me a cup of coffee and
that was the end of it but which I
thought was a personal victory victory
for you I had I had a similar situation

just recently when I took my car over to
get it washed at this place I kept
seeing this in Marin County it’s a
washing place I saw up on the other side
of the Richardson bay bridge and it is

theirs with cars out there and there
were scrubbing them down there just like
a hand wash that has a machine
augmentation and you go I say I gotta
get my car wash there go in there the

guy has a sales pitch for for this $500
worth a thousand and wax job where they
wax your car this other stuff on they

put this other stuff on and they put
this other stuff on it and so I gotta
tell the story if you don’t my weight
can I can I just guess the ending did
your 25 year old Lexus come out looking
like a 20-19 model I never bought into

it because I luckily did not have any I
just was gonna go to the paid cash for a
thing and I didn’t have 500 bucks in
cash and that’s what was that was my out
it was great I would love to do this I

will come back and do this later
but I only have sixty dollars in cash
and so I got to get a gas gas filled and
I got to get a wash okay he finally gave

up realizing I was telling the truth but
but one of the things he did was hit the
back of the of the car he had us half of
the of the trunk area
he had topology Paulson Poston pause and

then he did that he did a whole little
section he’s to feel that feel that in
you felt it was really smooth and clean
it was like wow yeah that’s great he
the whole car be like yeah I don’t only
got 60 bucks okay so I go through a

comes through the washing machine comes
out the other and they wipe it down and
do all what they do which is kind of
interesting in itself and then I go and
I see first aid as I check that area it
was no different than the rest of the

car Wow
close call John all right shut your shit
give us your money the final two clips

now this was a real Socialist member of
the DSA DSA Austin in fact I think he
may even be the president now of the

Democratic Socialist of Austin they’re
about eight hundred members strong and I
wanted to play these two clips because
this is well the first one is what the
claim is that the DSA has done today for

you in the American political system
since our last convention in 2017 DSA
members have been critical to the
ongoing teachers strike wave to the
election of class struggle candidates

like Alexandra Ocasio Cortes and we’ve
made Medicare for all the most important
issue of the 2020 national primaries
that notice no no triggering their

twinkling so they so the claim is that
they’re the ones that put Medicare for
all up front in the in the political
conversation I don’t think that’s true I

know it’s not true the hoop who did that
then anybody but them in Austin we’ve
organised to win a city council
ordinance for paid sick leave for

hundreds of thousands of workers that’s
true we also organize to win a long
fought campaign that forced Congressman
lloyd Doggett a millionaire Democrat to
sign on to the Medicare for all bill

pressure done so much more political
education canvassing for a green new
deal standing in solidarity with
organized labor and beyond
and now the chair of our health justice

committee Heidi Sloan is running for
Congress as a Democratic Socialist in
good one so the the thing that got me
though is his description of why he

joined the DSA but mind you he’s wearing
a Bernese Bernie Sanders sweatshirt so
this is a Bernie guy and I think this is
where Bernie is going to get a lot of
leverage from from people of voting age

marginalized as they may be but listen
cuz I think kids can identify with this
message you didn’t hear this throughout
the entire conference except this one
time my life was very different before I

joined ESA as I was becoming a socialist
I didn’t know how to cope with my
recognition of all the problems in
society problems that directly affect my
life and those of my friends rent is too

damn high
we couldn’t get jobs or jobs with
benefits and global warming was making
Texas summers even more miserable in the
short term and dooming humanity maybe
even the capitalist class in the long

term my friends also didn’t know how to
cope with these problems or with my
constant bickering and agitating about
them I was becoming frustrated with my
newfound ability to see the problems of

the world alongside what I felt was my
inability to do anything about it
as someone who was broke and thought
about every single penny this was a big
deal to me

but it also wasn’t a big deal to the
table and that’s what was important
because it meant that everyone had what
they needed to fully participate without
the distractions of just getting by in
society by relieving some of the burdens

that capitalism puts on us we were able
to devote our energy toward organizing
together this was so radically different
than the life I was used to with my
friends we had a culture of invent

moming each other for every slice of
pizza or six-pack of beer and it
fostered mistrust questioning and shame
but here someone who could do so just

got coffee and snacks for everyone and
we proceeded to have a productive
meeting what do you know before I knew
it I was spending 30 hours a week on DSA
and trying to build

now I think this is really telling
because this is what kids are witnessing
and I’m sure that there’s frustration
and mistrust and distrust with this you
know splitting up bills a thousand ways

ven mowing money back and forth I can
see where kids get disillusioned by that
and they also just want free food and so
when you show up with free food then you
can reel them in it’s very weak they’re

very easy to get so that should be noted
I think we’ve noted it uh this has been
my constant complaint about the fact you

can’t get a summer job anymore yep I
mean when I was a kid hmm I was working
summer jobs when I was fifteen you had
to get a work permit if you’re under
some yeah under 16 but at fifteen if you

got this permit hey you’ll get it we
didn’t work during the summer so you’d
make money or we there were paperboy
routes I used to have one of those two
of them actually and you could make

money that way there’s no such thing
anymore and it was actually taken over
by people and driving around in cars if
it even exists the whole thing has been
structured over time to like eliminate

all these jobs I think that the movement
towards shoring and sending stuff to
China I think has a lot to do with it
which Trump has been trying to correct

which is good for him but nobody that’s
nobody cares about that so they’re just
bitching and moaning about the fact that
it’s a mess but the real causation of
this situation is never addressed it’s

not addressed war was the causation
addressed to this work what are you
gonna do to fix the problem but just
become socialist and take everybody’s
money and then rip off the the
marginalised I mean this is ridiculous

but okay that’s what you feel
comfortable there kid so one final
thought / comment bring it back around
to these children who are going out

apparently allegedly shooting and
killing lots of people if these really
are the pictures I’m seeing
they look marginal

they look like they could be in the DSA
they look like everyone else there and I
noticed a an FBI statement regarding the
Dayton shooter the FBI for some reason

said well this kid have was really into
some certain ideologies and the
statement reads something along the

lines of we’re looking into the here the
Dayton shooter was exploring violent
what are these violent ideologies no
where did the FBI expand on that but I

did receive information noon knew shits
come to light men from our producers
several people pointed me in the

direction of the Bronze Age mindset
which I’d never heard of I presume
you’ve not heard of either and it is a
book which you can get on Amazon slash

I’d say almost manifesto about ninety
eight pages written by someone who calls
himself the Bronze Age pervert he does
have a following at tens of thousands on

on Twitter
very odd I’ve read through this entire
thing I don’t want to jump into it today
because I need a lot more parsing I mean
this could be a joke by itself I mean I
don’t even know if this is real it seems

like it is but this bronze Bronze Age
mindset a lot of the tropes in this book
return and are spelled out literally
right down to the we need to split up

America into States based on race or
culture or background is from this book
so that’s what was in the El Paso a
manifesto it was what’s written in

Christchurch manifesto it is possible
there is an ideology that some of these
children are latching onto and it is
very nee last nihilist very much like

there’s nothing else I can do except
these five things and standing up like a
so-called man is one of them

and I see how it can play into people
like this so uh Sunday I’ll I’ll dive
deep into that because it’s fascinating

if true you hadn’t heard of it I presume
no but I’m looking at the guise of the
Bruns Bronze Age perverts Twitter page
where he’s got 20,000 followers which is

not that many and his borderline satire
this is why I’m not entirely all
multiple people have sent this to me and
said this is what a lot of millennial

anons are into these days he has a
podcast too which is even worse than the
Twitter feed I mean I can’t even it’s
like some Caribbean type accent he says

he’s broadcasting from Suriname you know
I don’t know I really don’t know but
there it is possible that there are
other ideologies out there which could

just be a hijack of kids minds it could
be for all I know a programming project
and then you know you look no matter
what it is you add some pharmaceuticals

to the to the mix and you got danger on
your hand that’s the that’s that’ll wrap
it up for me because that’s what no one
is talking about and why would we well
oh yes no I will I will do one more the

reason why we never will let us go to
Anderson Cooper from the previous
podcast this was what he claimed they
putting out a blanket tweet when in the

wake you know on the day somebody has
died implying that they were on
antidepressants and that’s what caused
their suicide
that just seems irresponsible well
Anderson I could say the same thing to

you given how many pharmaceutical
companies advertise on your show not
impacted by who advertises on my show I

don’t know revenues on my show it’s not
any interest to me I’m sure it is to
people in this company but I don’t care
what I care about is people who are
dying and there’s a stigma for people

actually seeking medical help for
something that could save their life
and you know and I think it’s important
so so two things yeah you Scott yeah I
know he says it saved my life yeah we

didn’t hear that the first time did we
no I didn’t and yeah it saved his life
so the antidepressant saved his life but
still this is the problem with big

pharmaceutical so here’s a guy who’s
shilling for it because it saves his
life one of the lucky ones I guess but I
don’t care about advertisers I don’t
know who gives a crap it’s not important

unless Turner Broadcasting brings all
the advertisers together once a year to
do the so called up front where the
advertisers who Anderson Cooper has

never met goes and schmooze ah’s them to
make sure that they will advertise on
the stations that belong to Turner
Broadcasting CNN is one of those all of

course underneath Time Warner and
Anderson was there on stage even please
welcome Anderson Cooper

so much do you think he noticed those
people in the crowd do they think that
were just his audience or did they not
know they were advertisers I know

anything about sports do you think
Anderson Cooper at Turner our shows and
stars are constantly engaging with fans
this is true across every genre every
demo every platform really everywhere

Turner likes to call itself a fan
engagement company joining me to talk
about this or to entertainment icons
please welcome Conan O’Brien and
Shaquille O’Neal two other guys who know
nothing about the advertisers

and just listen to the advertising
jargon and then I’ll quit it

how’re you doing I’m doing great yeah
why the hell are you here I’m not the
entire Republic is hanging by a thread
well to be honest I guess you didn’t

know why he was there he didn’t know
that his job there is to sell the
advertisers the big pharmaceuticals who
advertise who he doesn’t know he might
he must have met somebody eating a scone
and you’re hosting this show yeah quite

and even whiter that’s right you guys
you would how do they contact you if
they suddenly need you trump just took a

shit on the East Lawn what I love about
these up fronts is they’re all these
terms that I don’t know what they mean
like like premium engagement different
everything Kevin O’Reilly said I don’t

really understand like yeah
differentiator yeah
digital custom yes variants cord cutter
maybe that’s his tactic maybe Anderson
just doesn’t know anything but he

certainly was there very funny but it by
they were just before you leave that
clip it’s funny that called Conan who’s
irreverent he doesn’t care no I mean he
got something like 30 to 80 million

dollars from NBC could when they fired
him and he says cord cutter yeah yeah
but again well Anderson I could say the

same thing to you given how many
pharmaceutical companies that advertise
on your show I don’t know what look at
it but I got to be tell I look at it I’m

not insane not impacted by who
advertises on my show oh okay I guess
you are Anderson cuz you had to go show
up and do the dog and pony show liar
that’s a good catch

and with that I’d like to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning to
you the man who put the C and comrade
John C Dvorak in the morning to you mr.
Adam curry in the morning I’ll ship to

see boots on the ground feet in the air
subs in the water and all the Dames are
nights out there in the morning trolls
how you doing good to see y’all there no
agenda stream calm very helpful today
the trolls

are all over everything you can join
them we have over a thousand listening
in live no agenda stream calm in not
just for the no agenda show but for all
of our programming on no agenda stream
comm which is quite extensive as 24

hours a day seven days a week and always
fellow trolls to go hang out with big in
the morning as well to Adam at see who
is not gone we’ve pulled this is the
second piece of evergreen art we’ve had

to use it was the the 33 on the side of
I think a container or container ship
and the side of a crane Oh a crane I’m

sorry you’re right Adam at sea is alive
and well and active he’s on no agenda
social calm actually but he he brought
us that artwork it was from I think
episode around the 600’s

it was really an oldie because we could
not find anything appropriate for for
the episode of the episode was title
replaces and yeah it just it just wasn’t

there there was just nothing that really
that really hit us we had there was one
piece I liked but you didn’t like which

piece was that well I’m now I’m gonna
have to reveal the the sort information
you’d like you’d like the Portland
campers and I just thought it was you

know it wasn’t very visual very small
you know a small to small mainly yeah I
was exaggerating and everything else was
just you know they stopped with the

faces of politicians it’s really not
funny anymore we’re not gonna use them
no just not everything was to me with
the one I did use in the newsletter and
I still think is usable for the burgh 4l

board is the Buddha judge as Alfred E
Newman we used that one on the last
episode on the previous one no we didn’t
oh I’m sorry you’re right no we use them

up at one I’m sorry you’re right yeah
but I didn’t like Buddha just well
here’s the way I’m gonna tell you about
that piece of art a and I did use it on
a newsletter and I wouldn’t mind using
it again I looked up I went online and

found all the
part of turning Budaj edge into alfred e
newman and this piece was so far
superior in the way it was photoshop to

make it look like it was Buddha just
looking at a gal 30 Newman there was
nothing out there that even compared to
it oh it was a good piece I’m just I
just politicians on our artwork is tired

the funniest one was George Bush and
Obama morph together and after that I
think it was just kind of done there was
a good one with Jeb Bush in those

eyeglasses yeah well you know what I
mean though this is this is a Democratic
primary these people are not really all

that important on an international scale
for sure I’m trying to find the Alfred
Enuma because I forgot the artist I
think was he might I don’t want to say

it was Mike Riley but it was some one of
our better guy Darren might have been
Darren I don’t know I’m sure it wasn’t
Darren Darren doesn’t do that type of
that type of thing this is really one of

these thing I know how this kind of how
it was done I don’t think I could do it
but I can’t find it I’ll keep looking
infinitely well anyway we do want to

thank all of our artists for giving it a
good shot a good try as you can see
artwork does make it into other avenues
of the show and no one just ask you a
Pettigrew oh yes no agenda art generator

calm is where you can upload your art
now we’ve had who knew one shout out for
headless Drupal developers since Sir

Paul whose who’s been running the art
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specifically headless Drupal very
surprising I was stunned by this have
you sent these names on to Paul no I’m
still got Q I got one more name to put I

gotta put them in a file in the centum
over to Paul
it’ll take me another few days okay well
again thank you everybody
no agenda are joyna
generator calm important work as a part
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commuter anonymous is there any
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eight eight no agenda show so our
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anniversary and which is China 8 by the
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big ones yes this was also something
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heard no Heil Hydra oh sorry
god I got it wrong yeah so we’re having
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unaffiliated for Jay CDs comments mm-hmm
on a show about being able to vote for
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the years from both of you including one
of my favorite TSA travel tips from Adam
by taking by faking I had a bad shoulder
that was actually I can’t raise my arms

can’t reach my arms being radiated by
the first generation of backscatter
machines I have hit multiple people in
the mouth over the years including
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we need more of them I think I’ve had a
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came right up imagine of squirrelmail
last time I gave my written note with

the donation to Adam during a meeting in
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butchering my last name it’s a feature
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I think that’s right viselli could be
Vesely but I think it’s viselli well it
could be Vesely if he’s in Russia I

would think it would be Vesely Miceli
Boselli Vesely what do you care this
time I listened na only from episode 10
74 so I didn’t catch if you ever

described the origin of your surname as
a Czech or Slovak is Czech you should
finally learn the correct pronunciation
well you know this is debatable and with

the name like viselli which indicates a
Russian origin
the Russians pronounce Dvorak Dvorak and
the and in much of Czechoslovakia is
pronounced Dvorak and the American

pronunciation is Dvorak period and
ascend the progenitor of the name if the
fame of the name for the American
pronunciation is and Dvorak the famous

actress from the 30s and that would be
that so anyway
onward dad no no no nothing you just
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Morgan of
and see see who came in with I say they

click on these bikes three or three
dollars and three cents oh that’s
interesting we do have three of these
because yeah it’s three and three
apologies in advance for writing war and

peace please feel people please feel
free to paraphrase appropriately okay
this is actually kind of good regarding

a Hong Kong we’re on strike here today
so I had she’s in Hong Kong so I have
some time to write up a small
explanation of the situation the best of
my ability from someone who is
technically not a constitutional lawyer

hope Hong Kong was handed back to China
okay we have that we know about most of
this under the promise of two countries
one country two systems’ the agreement
was codified in the basic law which is
often called our multi mini constitution

okay I got to skip ahead here only
candidates to run for chief executive or
approved by the CCP and the final vote
is actually done by an electoral college
of parties no we don’t need this well
I’m a little interested in what he says

up front
having been knighted on the back of a
double credit donation promotion I’ve
felt ever since that I was in some way
relegated to the kids night table I

guess this was back 1,000 we had the the
BOGO yeah we had a well I don’t know how
he would feel that way like it what he’s
made up for it well yeah it was what he

says is even though he he made he was
knighted because because it was with the
promotion were a double credit he feels
like he was kind of at the kids

night-night stable like a teenager at
Thanksgiving says I know the round table
isn’t so judgmental but it’s been eating
away at me so no longer can I withstand
this dishonor with this donation I will

move from Squire to a true knight I
recommend other producers in my
situation do the same it’s there’s been
a number of people that made this
complaint and and there’s been a

movement actually amongst some of the
knights Tim to hound these guys in
tonight man
Wow now the no agenda staff and

management consider it to be full-on
night status but we understand your
grievance comrade and as a point of
personal privilege I have no problem
we’re going to talk about the Hong Kong

situation later in the show yes
appreciate your note because that is
that I did take some of that as
information for in the show yeah get
we got Catherine Sutton sent us some
stuff we have a lot of it for me and I

want to give Sir Morgan of an CC a big
Karla you’ve got karma associate
executive producer we got a Chris check

horrible horrible and Cortese Ontario
2 for 3 to 9 with this donation of 3 3 3
3 3 Kelly we have to buy yeah he’s

bumped up to this is the rule when you
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all right so he says give herself a
sweet new show credit and the process I
would like to be knighted sir acid of

the Canon a v n’j Woods will Beatles
reference there I think yeah and I do
hope to find anime and ambrosia waiting
for me at the roundtable

what is ambrosia ambrosia that’s a good
it’s something I say look it up thanks
bro oh yeah
having worked my way eastward since my

previous donation this is my first
donation of mine from my new house but
hopefully from the last however not all
is well here at the Maine at the Manor
as my father’s been in the hospital for

over a week making things worse in that
regard a lump around one of his lungs
which isn’t which can’t be biopsied
until he gets better because of this I’d
like to request the fuck cancer in hopes

that whatever it is inside him turns out
to be benign I would also like to
request jobs karma as I see myself
re-entering the market before year’s end
thank you once again for putting on the
best podcast in the universe and here’s

to many more seasons of the two of you
protecting our amygdalas Chris Hara
formerly of Pickering now of Quartus
Ontario and he will be at the night to

the roundtable later on ambrosia not
only a heavy metal band from the 80s but
also an American variety of fruit salad
yes okay I gotta do was gonna do his

things here jobs jobs and jobs let’s go
for job

Michael arseny in Boston Massachusetts
$200 in one cent donation on behalf of
my of Robert Reichenberg to tip to karma

scales toward recovery which one means
I’m guessing a karma yeah we got that
right here you’ve got karma and now you
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a search what I mean I usually do this
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usually do you light start as you could
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any nice and Phoenix Arizona 200 bucks

would thank you give her a car man we’ll
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yeah there’s it’s there is an interface
issue somewhere within that yeah okay
when you want to thank to all these
folks at 3 and 3 you have helping
produce show 1162 my name is Felix
Wilson and my daddy is a douchebag but

he wasn’t always a douchebag life just
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to say this daddy
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profit formula is this we go out we’re
here people in the mouth

and Thank You Felix answer Chris yeah

offcut well I’m not completely off topic
but there was a really funny our
interview with David Icke Oh a new one

yeah that’s pretty new it’s done that
called talk radio or something’s one of
the channels and it’s a very famous
interview whose name I can’t remember
but he was he gave let Ike talk which is
instead of just making him look silly or

saying stupid things about what he was
had to say but I had this unusual tale
of woe because he talks about five G
pretty much with are the same but pinyin

of things that we have and and this is
his this a little long but it’s worth it
because of the punchline this is five G
and trees we’re talking about a

communications network you’ve heard of a
3G 4G we’re not on to 5g David Icke the
alternative thinker on all of these
things was giving his view on that and

just to expand on that David well a few
one a few weeks ago there were hearings
on Capitol Hill in which representatives
of the telecommunications industry were

questioned there was a senator senator
who asked them openly how much money
have you spent funding independent

research into the effects of the on the
body on health on psychology of 5g and

they sat there and had to admit not a
single cent and this 5g is being rolled
out so fast and it’s it’s not the same

it’s if people think and I understand it
that they think it’s just a step on from
4G it actually operates in another band
of frequency called millimeter waves and
because millimeter waves do not travel

very far instead of having like big
transmitters transmitting this stuff
over a long distance you’re going to
have like they are having already as

they introduce it in America
little boxes on the lamppost down the
street pumping this stuff out and the
other thing is that this 5g doesn’t
travel well through solid objects like

urban trees for instance are the worst
nightmare of 5g which kind of interests
me with this phenomenon that I’m picking
up all around the place not least in

Sheffield where thousands and thousands
of urban mature trees are being cut down
it caused a big big scandal in in
Sheffield when they kept on don’t they

because they interfere with the
foundations of houses I you you right
interest well my brother is he’s a bus
mechanic he goes he goes out he repairs

buses on the side of the road yeah so
he’s constantly travelling all the time
every day and he said to me
independently this these big old trees
being cut down everywhere so yeah

whether that’s connected you know I’m
open to that but the fact is 5g would
not like mature urban trees oh that’s an

interesting take I never heard this
before I mean we got the bees is the
most recent thing that apparently kills
bees yeah but you know I’ve the number

of times I’ve seen the bee story and was
wet back when 4G came in with an in the
Netherlands I’m like okay and it’s just
completely nonsense articles it’s always
in the Netherlands usually birds I’ve

got the birds to the bees but the tree
thing is true it’s true
that they’re cutting here no I don’t
know they’re not cutting them down

around here because we haven’t got 5g
but but it’s true that the waves won’t
penetrate a good tree sure no way it
would just gonna but there’s somebody in
the chat room or not the chat room but

in the comments so no it’s not about the
cutting the trees now for penetration
because we can get the 5g signals
through it’s just that it’ll be
because the five g’s killing district
trees will be killed

well a couple notes about that in the
United States it appears that most
telcos are not going on the

they’re going in the so there’s like a
longer wave this segment which is I
think it really isn’t the five gigahertz
band which is closely equal to what some
Wi-Fi is at home the higher frequencies

I think those will be deployed in the
cities that’s where they make the most
sense they don’t make a lot of sense for
for real urban areas so it’s a
difference I guess what I’m saying it’s

a different situation in each different
country and I’m not sure what we’re
really going to get in the United States
there was a presentation that was not
worth clipping because it was a boring
scientist with five minutes of slides

I’ll put it in the show notes but he
says it’s you know you’re not really
gonna see the damage because the damage
is at a deeper level it’s to your DNA
which of course is also something we’ve
heard about the backscatter

millimeter-wave body scanners at the
airports so I don’t you know at this
point I don’t know I don’t know who
speaking the truth it’s a I don’t I

don’t like any of it I only have one
Wi-Fi point in the entire house that’s
it no other gimmicks got gadgets gizmos
no no more lights

none of this stuff I got rid of all of
it and just to keep in vein with the OTG
you know I’ve actually been Ted I told
you I was testing with the iPhone 5

cloaked and I’m very happy with the
results of this now of course I have no
apps I have only the the native apps
that get backup

all right cuz I can only can remember a
little bit of this but you ended up with
an iPhone 5 which a lot of people think
is the best iPhone ever made you must
almost say the for some will say the se

but for the iPhone 4 it only does 3g and
I don’t want
five G but LTE 4G is kind of required if
you want to do anything and the whole

idea is to make this phone very
difficult and slow to you so you won’t
use it because human nature is oh I’ll
just I got my phone right here I’ll just
look it up real quick so you don’t want
that but in an emergency yes you do want

to be able to either use your phone as a
hotspot which the iPhone 5 will do or
you want to have some kind of bandwidth
and processor speed that will allow you

to use the built-in web browser now none
of this works unless you get what I call
the piehole for the iPhone which is the
security Pro app and there’s multiple

ways to do it this is the way I chose to
do it and it you could set it up so it
doesn’t let anything through or anything
out so the only I mean and you can watch
it you can see what it’s blocking you

can see what the DNS requests are and
that’s why I call it cloaked and I’m
very happy it’s not pinging anything
it’s not getting out of the machine no
no other there’s no external apps to
Apple that are on it so I have email I

have text messaging I have a phone and
also this is the lowest end model
available that will pair with my hearing
aids so that was a big consideration and

because it’s not pinging in or out the
battery lasts for five days yeah I was
gonna ask that
that’s must be extended by quite a bit
those are big batteries in there and

they don’t last a day normally here’s
the problem though if you do use the
phone for web browser it’s doing double
duty because it’s also running this
relatively heavy process of stopping you

know it’s duplicating DNS it’s so it’s
it’s determining what needs to be
blocked or not so if you use it it’s
going to deplete them faster than you’d
expect so you’re not gonna use it that’s

the whole point text messaging and
that’s all I really use it for is text
messaging maybe just to check an email
from time to time and five days it’s
fantastic I feel very safe at least from

Silicon Valley snooping as we know
that’s the way that the government is
now looking at
you especially with these red flag laws

they just buy it from the from the
social media companies that buy it from
Google they buy it from the data brokers
they don’t need to go spying you’re
giving it up willfully so I’m gonna

write this up the iPhone the cloaked
iPhone 5 which is how I like to call it
I still I still love the Nokia e75 phone
5 maybe the way to go about a hundred

and fifty bucks on Amazon so it’s a
comparable price
you’re really not being of course you
have to turn off location and you know
don’t install Google Maps just in case
you got no all of that has to go in fact

no Google site will work on my machine
because I blocked them all same for
Facebook Twitter all of those all those
those you know little widgets and pixels
all that’s blocked I’ve done kind of the

same thing with my old Google phone and
I get my battery life’s about I think
about two weeks that’s pretty good
especially us because it’s all all the

time now I have some bad news in the OTG
Department OTG stands for off the grid
is that we’re both and I really learned
it from you

we’re both big fans of over the air
digital television which we have here in
the United States yes every modern
television does it you get a like a $9
antenna it sticks right behind your ear

set on the wall and you can receive a
lot of Spanish and Asian that channels
but you’re gonna feel a lot of
Vietnamese channel yes yeah you can you

can get you can get your you know your
your main network channels and it’s it’s
a good it’s free it’s just over the air
comes in for free so you can have maybe

one subscription service you want and
for all the other stuff you can it’s
just it’s out there and it’s it’s
digital it’s high-definition and it’s
also a non track system it’s one way

it’s broadcast so no one knows what
you’re watching I shouldn’t mention the
bandwidth is also higher than you get
from cable which is compressed this is
rest with full stereo uncompressed video
is it’s a better picture well they’re

gonna fuck it all up well of course and
it’s called ATSC 3.0
here is a Steve melter I don’t know who

he is but he did a pretty decent
overview from the most recent National
Association of Broadcasters meeting in
Las Vegas on the new digital standard
which will not only replace this fine

non-trackable system that we’re using
but it will be built into your phone
it’s not just about a prettier picture
but it’s about interactivity what can
you do with your TV set what sort of

experience can you have that will
compete with screaming or over-the-top
capabilities imagine your TV combined
with a set of early powerful apps all
happening on the same screen and using

the exact same remote very cool so let’s
say you turn into your favorite show and
it started 20 minutes ago you could
start over again and watch that show
from the top instead of just basic video
on demand like we’re used to right now

you could access a video on demand the
library for streaming including current
events or special programming maybe the
Super Bowl of the Grammys one of the
ATSC credo features is Dolby dialogue

enhanced and very cool you can actually
change the level of the dialogue without
affecting the background music or the
background noise by the way that’s a
smart feature that’s what kids need

maybe you’re at a party you’re at a bar
or you’ve got a bunch of kids playing
nearby you can’t quite hear the dialogue
you just turn up the dialogue and it
doesn’t affect anything else even the
programming guide is totally different
you don’t just get what is coming up in

the future you can also see what
happened in the past and you can catch
up with shows that you missed but we can
do all this over streaming today but
imagine being able to do it over
broadcast network while you’re watching
regular television let’s say you’re

watching a game
you want to know more about the stats in
the game of the players you just press a
button pops up in real-time same thing
if you’re watching a television shows
that you want to know about the actor or

the director of the cinematographer you
just pull it right up and
picture-in-picture on live broadcast at
live television one of my favorite
things multiple viewer angles from the
camera let’s say you’re watching that
game you can command where you see that

broadcast coming from in live TV also
great for reality TV programming and
then you have coupons and promotions
that can be sent to you and your
favorite shows linked in to your
favorite content so much cool stuff told

you they fucked it up this is you’re not
doing any of that well let me tell you
why they will because this is a
desperate of a final attempt to make
these frequencies usable before they

have to somehow you know be eliminated
or whatever it is because this is about
interactive ads about targeted ads I
won’t bore you with all the technical

details but really you’re getting stuff
in real time and they’re adding all
kinds of gizmos
you know they’ve changed the compression
algorithm so I’m sure you’re also gonna
lose some of the quality doesn’t really

speak about that but that’s how you’ll
be able to separate out the middle
channel the center channel to enhance
dialogue which would be a feature these
days on anything that’s how you’ll get
multiple camera angles that’s all live

events and then they will essentially
use the IP portion of your phone to
route packets if you’re doing something
on demand or if you’re catching up so
it’s really only about a target

addressable advertising that’s and he
doesn’t mentioned this of course because
this is for the consumer this video but
they’re doing it it is definitely
happening it’s too expensive they’re not

doing it well there’s a lot of money and
the big companies who say they’re doing
it so I think they’re doing it they
everyone talks at big everyone’s doing
it they always say they’re doing it this

reminds me of the Ford you know and they
decided that they’re gonna tell everyone
they’re gonna do a six door full Ford
Explorer or whatever this giant thing
was and they show pictures of it and

everybody got all over they’re doing it
so we have to do it so everybody like
these six door suvs no none of them came
to market but you know and it was all

because four was full of crap they
weren’t gonna do it in the first place
and I think this is the same thing
they’re not it’s too expensive okay
we’ll see I can wait I mean I did this
I’ve heard this the same thing about all
this interactive advertising and all I

have to do it
you’re watching friends and during the
Friends era
you’re watching friends and you want to
know what Rachel but they’re actually
doing that today I mean in vid is doing
it today they are doing addressable

set-top boxes this is happening yeah a
set-top box version of it but
over-the-air is not gonna be affected by
this because it’s not affordable I got
enough problems with the what’s changing

the digital because some Ament in fact
sinclair broadcasting the cheapest group
amongst them all and they own most of
the stations in the country they were

didn’t want to do that they made a big
fuss and push it up pushed it off as
long as they could before we went
digital which probably was a good thing
because that early days of HDTV was an
analog system which would have really

broken the backs of everybody all of
this tracking is causing changes in the
consumer marketplace we’ve had
alternative search sites for a long time

I use quant qwan T quant comm the seer X
which I liked a lot but I find there’s
some security issues if you’re not

hosting it yourself and you’re still
very trackable and now the alternative
sites are coming out and attacking each
other of being of tracking and targeted
advertising and perhaps even being in

bid with the big shill this is the CEO
of the search company yippee Yankee
India Papa Papa India echoed yippee comm
and he’s slagging off DuckDuckGo if

Google will bias censorship and privacy
concerns some Internet users are looking
to alternative search engine options
like DuckDuckGo one American you spoke
with Rich Granville CEO of private

search engine company yippee
and Ville says even search engines that
claim to provide privacy are still
sharing your data the search is the most
informative and the most influencing

media there is in the world
Google controls just about 90% of all
searches duck-duck-goose
talks about their privacy right they’re
saying that we’re a private search
engine well I mean if anybody has six

great developer tools they can go into
DuckDuckGo and they will see tracking
cookies in DuckDuckGo tracking cookies
are bits of data a website sends to a
computer through search engines like

Google or chrome that DuckDuckGo
advertises its search engine does not
track users is to granville highly
suspect and they offer targeted
advertising through the search engine so

if you search for plumber in your
particular city you’re gonna get an ad
for plumbers in your particular city
it’s called geo-located advertising so
if you are a private search engine you
cannot give have advertising that’s geo

targeted you can only provide
advertising that is general a New York
Times article bolsters duck duck goes
claim that it does not track behavior
like other search companies writes The

DuckDuckGo displays ads at the top of
each search page but unlike others it
does not track the online behavior of
its users to personalize the ads
Grandville says this is an odd claim but

what I can tell you is is that they have
targeted advertising and they have two
cookies on their site somebody’s
tracking you DuckDuckGo may not be
tracking you on their servers which I
find hard to believe but certainly

they’re handed an information off to two
other cookies and who knows what those
companies doing which I suspect is
Google and who Google is selling that
information to on down the line
DuckDuckGo has not responded – Oh a ends

requests for comments as of this
broadcast I also have not verified these
cookies by funded more interesting that
there’s now competition in the
alternative search marketplace and this

to me actually sounded more like a
native ad I felt it was it was more it
was more advertorial than editorial or
investigative and it’s on one American

news they must have to make their money
somehow I don’t think many people watch
you know Trump recently gave them a big
plug oh really well then they up the
rates or something they gave them a

special so I’m not too sure about the
claims of VP ups I never heard of the
EPI well now you do and the search is
pretty good actually now they have a
consumer facing search but they’re

really a search company they sell their
search capabilities to two companies I
haven’t checked out any of the image
results or anything like that but it’s

fast and it doesn’t look into it but on
the native ad front and I just wanted to
share this last one but one of our
producer sent me a note and said hey you
know you could build an OTG phone really
cheap and and then you could use it as a

premium just look at the Wall Street
Journal they’re selling it a Wall Street
Journal $70 smartphone so I’m like
really no I go over to the page it’s a

five-minute video but this is fantastic
what could they possibly say about this
this is what a revolution introducing
the Wall Street Journal smartphone one

we don’t have a splashy celebrity ad
campaign but we made this phone and all
it took was a short journey over the
border to a Chinese city just north of
us here in Hong Kong the city of

Shenzhen has become a mecca for
electronic pots and talent leading to
new Chinese brands coming up from
nowhere and grabbing market share from
Samsung and thanks the po river deltas

low-cost ready to go supply chain
building a custom smartphone is not that
difficult that’s exactly how we made the
WSJ one which is only $70

Android has a touchscreen display front
and back camera fingerprint reader and
even takes two SIM cards and an SD card
there are thousands of factories in

China’s pella River Delta region that
bill product I could play it for the
next five minutes it’s a it’s an ad for
Shin gens ready to go supply chain yeah
of course

it even tricked one of our producers
into thinking this was some kind of this
is a 70 cent smartphone by the way this
is really but there was no ad there’s no

didn’t say advertisement it was just
right there on a stop do it everyone
stop doing that you don’t have to say
it’s an ad anymore if you donated ad say
anything I thought you had to at least

disclose who would make this the
governmental advertising oversight
emergency borders nobody nobody’s
noticing sometimes they slip it in

somewhere there’s some little mention
there’s a little it’s like when you do
an April Fool’s gag somewhere in there
you should have the alert bus leuf
spokeswoman right or you should have it

something some code date for one
whatever the year eight eight three
eight eight yeah hail Hydra it’s like no
and there again there at the point now

where they’re not gonna do this because
many outlets that you think that were
once legitimate news gathering
organizations or pretty much just native
ad organizations it’s the way to go if

you’re a publisher why should you even
be paying people why even have a
reporter when you could just buy some
native ads and put them up and I that
but instead of paying somebody they’re
paying you by the way I made a mistake

yippy is why I ppy dot com and one
additional caveat I forgot to mention it
is powered by IBM Watson so now I know

no now I know it was an ad slow could be
slow and wrong but if
typing no agenda we’re the first page
and that’s all I care about

okay what that’s a plus it’s the most
important thing I’m running a little
late but in other words this is IBM
slipping into the game yo yeah I think
that’s what it is

huh yeah well your IBM used to have I
remember about when I visited their
facilities in San Jose
they had a proprietary search engine
during the early era of Google that was

better than Google it was some it was
only used in-house and I kept asking us
who want you guys commercializes name
were you talking about that I remember
this story did some how did they not

like fold that into Lotus Notes or some
stupid stuff no they never did it never
got out anywhere as far as I can tell
but it was really a good ad a good bunch
of I guess had a lot of worms out there

digging around putting stuff together
and they had a server farm and but it
only was used internally I don’t know
that it ever got into the wild maybe
this isn’t it maybe this is it well you
know what we should do we should do the

ultimate Jhansi Dvorak search engine
test we go to hippie calm and we want to
say what is the best weed whacker weed

whacker that is the test and I’m going
to so powered by IBM Watson or their
public ticker symbol yippee why I Pio
didn’t know though jeez all right we hit

it and what do we get search okay see
the first link best weed whackers of
2019 best string trimmers and it’s all
reviews 2018 consumer search so it’s not

giving me answers per se what is the
best badr battery-operated weed trimmer
you know what there’s not that it
doesn’t seem like there’s any ads in

here which maybe that’s good well
there’s something going on something
called cluster they have cluster on this
is interesting anyway no everyone should

play with this for a while and report
back yes we have a lot of dudes named
herb and that are really good at this
stuff so let’s stay in China for one
second even though we’re running a
little behind I think we should do Hong
Kong yeah I have a few Hong

calling clips and I first I want to just
discuss Hong Kong for a second because
we got a lot of there I bet I looked at
a lot there is a lot of stuff out there
and it seems it did there’s two theories

and I’m subscribing to one of them the
two theories are one that the PRC is
gonna come in and kick ass and they get
different guys discuss it I have a clip
that discusses it or the People’s

Liberation Army the PLA and the other
one is and this one’s the one that I’m
just subscribing to which is that the
Chinese have got a big event coming up

on October 1st that they wish is the
anniversary of 75th anniversary of the
People’s Republic or 75th 75th I think
and they can’t you know mess it up by

clamping down on it under Hong Kongers
at least until after that but one thesis
has it that they’re just gonna let it go

and they’re gonna maybe firelamb and
then pull back this other thing and then
just abandon Hong Kong and just leave it
to its own devices and then kind of very
slowly because the Chinese thinking long

term like thousands of years
pull the banks and put them in Shanghai
because they want to make Shane high the
world’s banking center would right now
the honk you know or one of the world
banking centers to compete with London

and other places and and Zurich I guess
and and they’re they’re gonna they wants
Shanghai in New York and Shanghai they
want Shanghai to be the place where

they’re gonna start pulling the Bank of
China and these other places to move
into Shanghai
very slowly however long it takes and
just kind of abandon Hong Kong and leave
it until it 2047 when they could just

walk would you know just open the
borders and all into place and I’m
inclined to think that this may be it
because a lot of the bitching and
moaning going on in China has less to do

with it the extradition bill than it
does the cost of housing yeah exactly
then people can’t pay the rents at this
just before we get to your clips have a
short one this is from CCC TV and it is

about the accusations that the United
States of America
is behind or at least an agent
provocateur in these in these

demonstrations in Hong Kong and I have
see this is I don’t know this guy I mean
I’m always wary when someone says I’m

from an institute so this is a Hudson
Institute you know with you know what
they stand for they’re obviously a
talking point Factory thing the other
day they’re there legit legit what well

I that’s well this guy does say
something very interesting when the
accusation is queried in his direction
Chinese pro-democracy demonstrators have

taken to the streets in Hong Kong and
the Chinese media state-owned media has
said that it’s all above the Americans
Johnny is now to make some sense of this
is dr. Michael Pillsbury senior fellow

of the Hudson Institute and former
Reagan administration official thanks
for joining us so what do you think it’s
all the Americans fault it’s not all our
fault but we’re partially involved we
have a large consulate there that’s in

charge with taking care of a Hong Kong
Policy Act passed by Congress to ensure
democracy in Hong Kong we also have
funded millions of dollars of programs
through the National Endowment for
democracy to help democracy in Hong Kong

so in that sense the Chinese accusation
is not totally false I liked and it is
the National Endowment for the Arts and
that’s the one man that’s that’s
National Endowment for democracy a

democracy I’m sorry it’s a big funder of
all kinds of shenanigans invite looked
at this and I thought I’ve looked at
this a number of times in the way I see
I’ve looked at their grant system I

think we can get money from them you and
I no agenda show this doesn’t sound like
a good idea before you know you get it a
knock at the door it’s like I want to

make sure you’re a talking the right way
for this grant you’ve received no buy
veto I’m gonna look into it now there’s
one other thing that maybe I don’t know

if different jumping ahead or not but
China has some real economic financial
issues I was reading in the New York
there’s a approximately 200 billion
dollars of IOU circling in the system

and if they actually are a piece of
paper with I owe you on it and now
that’s become tradable by itself so do
the trading these IOUs at a lower price
than face value based upon that them

thinking a the company can pay that debt
or not we had a deflation of the
currency which is a an interesting move

it’s a it’s a move you at a certain
point need to make if you have problems
in the in the economy and this has been
such a huge overproduction
there’s warehouses full of crap that

that we don’t want to buy the Chinese
ghost cities even Chinese middle class
can’t afford it right now people are
being laid off left and right this may
be an additional pressure tactic by us

and and I just want to add one more
thing we laughed about Clinton Hillary
techno experts in the State Department
I’m pretty sure when it comes to BOTS

and trolls we’re doing most of the work
here in America course we’re that we’re
number one always foam finger number one
so next time someone talks you about
Russian BOTS who are you kidding

it’s a state-sponsored battery and it’s
us we’re good so what do you think about
that part of it because China could
really roll into a recession if they’re

not already in one further into a deep
present they’re really good at
Liza Goering the number lying really
good at lying and they’ve done a pretty

good job of supporting their economy
with a technique I think it’s quite AI
because of the lack of news coverage did
not draw attention to this especially

with the American public and Europe yeah
that makes me suspicious now we’ve got
our people behind this you know you guys
don’t want to really write about this
right now and by the way when we’re

ready we’ve got a first-class ticket for
you to go to Hong Kong and report on
about white supremacy why can’t I take
you over and let’s go to Jen Jen that’s

the report on what’s going on there
because that’s your ready to
ready-to-wear pipeline whatever is ready
to go supply chain

yeah don’t focus too much on all the
other stuff now here’s the Hong Kong
underlying prop problem click clip and
where I got these two clips was from
CNBC which I realize they’re the guys of
you know this is the investment

community CNBC has a very small audience
of investors that listen to this show
religiously or religious to all the
shows and they would be the guys who
bring some Hong Kong guy in to talk
about the numbers sure what the hell so

here we go here’s Hong Kong underlying
problems which is what reiterates what
we had on the last show David it’s
interesting what you’re saying I mean
drawing parallels the dissatisfaction of
these protesters with other movements

we’ve seen around the world I think of
the yellow vest protests in Paris as
well it seems you’re saying what started
out as a movement against the
extradition bill and frustration perhaps
with Beijing’s control over the city is
really about dissatisfaction in general

with the quality of living in Hong Kong
so if that’s the case how does the
government respond to this because
you’re talking about Carol Ann being in
a bunker but it’s one thing if you have

to solve dissatisfaction with the bill
it’s a whole nother thing if you’re
talking about dissatisfaction with
economic conditions and with very deep
roots I mean there are a lot innocently
from outside Hong Kong will believe this

is some sort of recent phenomenon if you
go back to 2003 and the demonstrations
very large demonstrations against the
the treason legislation article 23 and
then go forward to 2014 and the Occupy

movement this is a discontent that has
extremely deep roots and the first
source of anxiety or disappointment for
me is that in spite of 15 years of clear

evidence of what’s going on the
administration clearly hasn’t gone to
the roots to understand the heart of the
this is a community but suffered quite

severe stagnation incomes have not risen
household circumstances have not
improved over a 30-year period in that

same time because of the post 2008
qualitative easing zero-interest
environment the holders of assets ie
profit properties and stocks remember

neither of those attacks tin in Hong
Kong owners of those assets have moved
forward including people like me who
owned a home we’ve been in you immunized

from this but those that don’t have a
home and don’t have assets have seen
their income stagnate and all assets
disappear over the horizon mm-hmm yeah

kind of sucks it’s kind of happening
here too in some funny way yeah so you
got you know they don’t have just a jet

there’s a lot of people in Hong Kong
Millions and there they got screwed and
they’re taking to the streets under any
excuse they can find and they’ve
developed all these great techniques to

battle the police that you know are
attacking them with umbrellas and they
got this this methodology when they have
a gas bomb that comes their way they put
a cone over it and then throw water in

the top of the cone and then stuff a rag
in the top they’re using laser pointers
to thwart facial recognition you can
learn a lot and when they’re done they

clean up the street now I think that’s
now here’s the one that this is a new
idea I never thought of this but this is

just another guy is a different guy
thinks that this might be going on this
is the other could the Hong Kong fake
police clip message that if the knocking
situation here would deteriorate they

would consider using police or military
forces according to my information
shipping has still not yet made up his
mind whether to use the six million

strong People’s Liberation Army Garrison
in Hong Kong
he is now focusing on the October 1st
celebration of the 70th birthday of the
people’s work of China so before October

1st is highly unlikely that troupe may
be mobilized however there’s a
possibility that the law enforcement
officials in Shenzhen and neighboring

areas they might be saying in Hong Kong
they will put on Hong Kong police
uniform and join the Hong Kong police
people in a joint effort to put down the
unrest and restore law and order this

might have happened already even though
we don’t have a highly advanced evidence
to this effect great idea yeah you know
what this is this is finally a solution

to the homeless problem in America put
them in cop uniforms somehow it feels
right I don’t know it could work for us
yeah wow that’s nice thought of that but

so this is continuing and we’ll cover it
nobody else seems to want to cover it
and for whatever reason it’s possible
that it’s it’s a it’s a something our

intelligence groups are behind in some
funny way but I don’t think so this I
think this the first guy talks about
this is a diff Semmering this I mean we

may have to help trigger it but it’s
they’re really helping to sustain it or
to keep it going
yeah just to embarrass the Chinese for
their 70th anniversary no agenda imagine

all the people who could do with us oh
yeah that’d be fine

we do a few bill thank for show 1162
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thank you again for everybody this is
the only way it works after all it is
your show your show your show few things
that we haven’t discussed okay I do have

one of these side clips that we could
use it’s like an evergreen all of a
sudden where I have now the CEO of the
National Public Media on a podcast
well now National Public Media is what

yeah that’s what I said okay
”’l public media is an arm of
National Public Radio oh this is the
compare that ones who sells ads yeah

it’s the commercial end of the spectrum
yes yes so we you know we’ve talked
about this before that most of these
so-called public radio you know they’d
ask for donations but they also why are

they asking for donations when they’re
doing their commercial it doesn’t make
any sense to me why anyone would give
them money they should be giving it to
people that aren’t
like ourselves that we don’t have you

know people buying ads for the no gender
than asking for money – do you want me
to play the advertise the NPRM for
advertising clip first the the Evergreen
yeah let’s play that first then we’ll

play this and it just reiterates in a
different way the same thing only as
newer well this is when these they did
they just have the brand new CEO the
woman who came from BBC I think wasn’t

yeah no she can’t board New York Times I
forget where she came but she went off
and did something else but this is a yes
she was being course she was talking
about revenue being down and what the
problems were

Richard shit shit what that’s the wrong
clip I throw that whole damn setup are
you kidding me
you did it big this has happened to you
a number of times you’re cursed I hate

myself for this and it’s a curse so let
me tell you I I actually I actually
dreamed labeled this thing because I had
such a hard time finding it and now

you’ve relabeled it to oblivion I feel
so stupid well just cut that out oh let
me make a mark here I’ll cut that out

I’ll fix that in post okay done so let’s
just pretend you heard that very funny
I can’t believe she said call it

advertising whatever you want to call it
man do you have it no I’m gonna I’m
gonna put it in post I told you and by
the way would I do all the time which is

I put it someplace where I know I won’t
lose it
how come you moved it from the kitchen
table it’s been on the kitchen table for

three months well I’m booted to
someplace where I knew I wouldn’t lose
it wait a min you’ll never find it again
in your whole life you have to say why
do we delude ourselves with this sort of
dump so now you need to say wow that’s a

great that’s a great glass let’s just
skip that and we’ll go to this clip
which is the newest clip and this is

another examine by the way this guy’s a
there’s on a podcast that they’re
putting out in this guy’s like a podcast
junkie and he’s talking about the Golden
Age of podcasting him–had casting
podcasting podcast and he’s got this

woman on here we go
joined by Jeana guru Boeing CEO of
National Public Media and we are gonna
talk all things audio this Golden Age of
audio that we’re inching and welcome
thank you Brian it’s great to be here
okay so let’s get let’s get one thing

out of the way first and that is
national public media I always get
confused when it’s national public media
and then it’s NPR and and if there’s a
difference what’s that difference is

National Public Media’s the sponsorship
subsidiary of NPR we have an entire team
that helps bring corporate sponsorship
to our member stations and then another

team and PR corporate sponsorships just
dedicated to driving sponsorship for NPR
across all their platform so money yes
is not the sort of the government funded

sponsorship brand advertiser world that
sounds a lot like this clip okay move it

on to money how our NPR is corporate
underwriting revenues holding up in the
recession and what about foundation
grants two different stories
underwriting is corporate underwriting

is is down it’s down for everybody
I mean this is this is the this is the
area that is most down for us this isn’t
isn’t sponsorship underwriting

advertising call it whatever you want
this other lady now I I knew I haven’t
spoken to her in years
yeah I had someone on my sales team when

I did the top 30 hit list which was a
nationally syndicated top 40 cap top 30
countdown show everybody with out of
curiam TV guys at Pepsi was the main
sponsor if I recall

and I think Reebok at at one point but
we had sales people and they would sell
for multiple they sold for Rush Limbaugh
they sold for my show and and this one
woman her sole job or the outside of you

know this was selling
National Public Media and she said I
talked about it it’s exactly like any
other radio sales job
the biggest frustration is there’s not

enough inventory because it’s you know
you only have so many places where they
can say brought to you by so they jack
up the rates but they don’t have they
can’t create more inventory and maybe

they’ve done it now with online that
they’ve been able to add to that mix but
for the pure radio side it’s sold just
like regular radio advertising and
they’ve got a lot of things in there

that are if he like calls to action go
to this slash this on the site just
short of giving you a promo code
basically yep so the fourth route this
is a greatest scam in the country yeah

they’re full of crap and I heard Bernie
Sanders on Joe Rogan I don’t I don’t
want there’s no clips that I thought
what I mean he was boring I got a good
clip okay will you hold on about your

story first with my clip has got a
double faux pas by Bernie yeah but I
would let me gonna play it what you said
you said tell me your story then you go
into leading into your clip okay yeah

you’re right it’s a mistake so the one
thing he said is in other countries they
give each party half an hour of

television time so you can go to
whatever you want you want the word talk
about the healthcare you want to talk
about student debt whatever you want
that is how democratic is Iran now what
he neglected to say is these are was

even like in England they do this in
England they have to give it to him yeah
it’s a state-run Corporation the same in
Europe the state-run television stations
the you know the the desh that those are

the ones who are letting you do that and
there’s all kinds of stipulations but
turn it around
why wouldn’t NPR be doing that here in
America why wouldn’t PBS do be doing it

you know why because they’re corporately
sponsored that’s why there’s nothing
public about it as we just
I agree well I realize what you think of

my Burnie am I getting there well never
it sounds like somebody and I’m not sure
who it sounds like but does this shot it

doesn’t sound like Burnie it sounds like
a generic character but it’s not quite
Burnie ish
oh we’re not I’ll work on it well I
don’t have the clip you’re just gonna
talk about the clip this is a teaser for

the sunday show Oh the other Thursday
okay the other Thursday the next
Thursday show it’d be on Sunday yes and
I will have that uh yeah we do have some

good news as kids apparently this Caban
woman who is going to I do have a clip
of this it was this oh this is the the
Republican running wants to run against
AOC in Brooklyn the bond is the

socialist DSA woman who wanted to take
over the district attorney’s you know
and she was gonna legalize prostitution

and take the police off the street and
release all the prisoners this sounds
she I was thinking that she almost won
and they announced that she won on

democracy now we played that clip before
but it turns out she lost so let’s
listen in New York City Tiffany Caban
conceded Tuesday to Melinda Katz in the
race to become the Democratic nominee

for the Queen’s District Attorney Gabon
appeared to narrowly win the race
election night but a paper count saw her
lose her lead by a razor thin margin in
the final tally she lost to Queens

borough president Melinda Katz by just
55 votes after a judge refused to
reinstate the discarded ballots cabins
campaign was fighting for Caban a public

defender and Democratic Socialist ran on
a progressive platform of ending cash
bail decriminalizing sex work and going
after bad landlords police officers and
immigration authorities she vowed to

keep fighting to reform the criminal
justice system tweeting quote we showed
that you can run on a boldly D carceral
platform you don’t have to compromise
your values or give

fear-mongering you don’t have to play
by the old rules she said yeah
yeah how’d that work out well she barely
lost by 50 votes Oh
how many votes were there about 98 no

she just barely lost I mean it’s a
I think they rigged the vote to get cuz
they couldn’t take a chance on this with
she got in it would have it would have I

may be great for the show but it would
have been unbelievable what would happen
but she didn’t so I have a question just
a random question how come there’s never

a mass shooting at a car DA party in the
Hamptons see it seems like that would be
the place to make an impact you know
they’ll go shootin poor people Walmart

well they have a you know you do have a
lot of polio match the polo match yeah
you have a lot of hired help at these
events yeah so it would be very easy for

the hired help to be one of them be a
radical with the with a machine gun okay
we should probably stop John the Trump’s
read law Gestapo are gonna come and get

us if we talk like this now see now if
these guys are so good at doing all this
read this and read laws and all and they
can track us and we’re already under

incredible surveillance that for
surveillance state how come we don’t
stop any of these things because it
doesn’t really work yeah it only works
after the fact and because the algos are

really not all that good at all all the
algos don’t work but they can predict

global warming yes hey there’s a big you
know I’m in the I’m in the indoor
cycling community known as spinning as
you know as you know I know I have a

clip I have a clip yeah well I have an
old clip deal spinning clip once you
play it the old spin did you the old
spinning clip

there’s an old spinning clip look up
spinning you’ll find it uh okay
spin or spinning spinning oh well
there’s a couple of them actually let me

see what was this one the other one this
one what is happening it’s amazing you

can convince huh I had an old spinning
clipping plaited a couple of times on
the show
it describes spinning I think that’s
what it was it’s a comedic routine yeah

yeah I’m not gonna play that you’re
trying to embarrass my my sport I won’t
stand for this
does anyone win or you just sit around
and tell a secret we hold hands and we

tell each other secret exactly and
remember to put your arms up and bring
it all down to heart center have a great
day everybody so there’s a controversy

in the spinning world now I spend
locally that at ride which is a local
Austin born and bred small spinning
corporation I would never go to the

overlords of SoulCycle those phonies
over there with their candles in the
spin class but especially this weekend
where it’s pride in Austin can you
believe soul cycles are empty also

tonight backlash is growing against
equinox and solstice revealed their
billionaire owner is set to hold a
fundraiser for the president as our

Stephanie Gosk reports he has some
celebrities calling for a boycott and
customers canceling memberships high-end
fitness brand equinox gyms got their
members heart rates racing in an

entirely different way today criticism
and threats to boycott the gym and it’s
spinning studio soul cycle came flooding
in after word broke that the
corporation’s owner billionaire Stephen
Ross is holding a lavish fundraiser for

president Trump later this week
talk-show host Andy Cohen raged outside
a gym so
equinox and solstice rump campaign but
later added he was keeping his

membership everybody’s whatever Equinox
says neither Equinox nor SoulCycle have
anything to do with the event and do not
support it in a statement Ross writes I

have always been an active participant
in the democratic process
I’ve known Donald Trump for forty years
and while we agree on some issues we
strongly disagree on many others

it’s the latest example of people using
their wallets as political hammers so
I’m recently boycotted Nike for removing
a line of shoes with the Betsy Ross flag
and multiple student blah blah blah but

I will be monitoring the situation here
in Austin for it is my belief that
soul/psyche will have to close because
of this could be and I’m going to tell

you something interesting out a bunch of
people in Texas you’re his brother his
brother the one with the beard Joaquim

is the brother well he’s got now he’s
got blond hair he’s changed his hair
colors he’s got a tattoo his face like
Tyson and I think he’s going to
eventually go trans personally that’s
what I think now and then he did his

brother a follow later and people be
confused like off skis I think did this
now once he outed these people and did
this and this is gonna happen with the

soul cycles to the media is going to the
media which is stupid is going to have
to realize that you can’t do this
because that means it’s gonna slow down
on donations people aren’t gonna want to

donate because they don’t want to be
outed cuz it’s very easy to do cuz all
the donations are listed on this website
if you want out somebody say oh let’s
our local barber is is donated the max2
Trump and he’s a lousy guy and he won’t

donate again and it’s gonna be not just
for Trump’s campaign no but people gonna
stop donating to any campaign who’s
gonna be hurt who is hurt by the

donations slow down Jared Kushner the
people are gonna be hurt are the media
the media won’t get their money and so
you can’t let this even be part of the

news cycle you’ve got to put a lid on it
you gotta have the good point good point
you’re gonna have to condemn Castro get
him he won’t even be on the debates

we’re after the next one but for Duke
for pulling this stunt and then doubling
down on it anybody in the media that in
other words the guys who have a clue the
higher end in the media
what are we letting this guy get away

with this for cuz that money is our
money now mind you it was his brother
who’s not running who did it it’s our
money I don’t care whose brother it was

that guy’s done he’s out I think you
make a very good point and we’ll see how
that goes the research was done he’s
toast the reason I said when I said

Jared Kushner is for something else I
learned about recently you know the
Democrats Democratic National Committee
pretty much used this as I think it’s is

it chair blue yeah cher blue so all the
donations all run through one company
and they do the they have a website yes
and they do the payment processing and

I’m pretty sure they also write the chip
in email since it’s all Donald Trump had
a COO and created win read and win red

is it was set up by Kushner he brought
in I think the guy from stripe yeah I
think it was stripe to run it that was

there that’s a credit process credit
card processor and Trump has now
finagled this win read into being the
central place for all Republican Party

donations to all run through win read
nice well what’s nice is they probably
are using I mean they have all the

information now they know everything of
you they’ve got your credit card they’re
taking a 6% cut so probably about three
deems hi yes hello

it’s um I think it’s a ripoff it sounds
like it and I don’t think it’s very cool
and no one’s reporting on it of course
well I’ll look into well it’s probably

comparable to what the big blue whatever
that up wide I bet you it similar cuz I
don’t think they would overdo it they
don’t want to be cuz then if you compare

one it might be a setup so you have to
compare the other what but what win cuz
I have you know I mean the share blue
system because I always donate to both
sides although I don’t vote for either
side as unaffiliated as I am but I’d

like to get all the emails and really
this win win red outfit I noticed the
difference because all of a sudden I was

getting text messages from them with
links and it’s it’s several a week and
it’s like the president wants you at
dinner and they got a match we got a
match I mean consistently fundraising
within you know and and all you have to

do is say yes and that odd they
automatically deduct from your card on
file which they don’t have anymore
because I haven’t donated anyone this
year and that credit card expired so you

know but the Trump Organization
especially this Weasley Kushner I think
they’re making some money on this could
be and this stripe guide seems kind of

untrustworthy but I more reporting on
that on on Sunday I’ve got to dive a
little bit deeper but I’ve been meaning
to mention something about it it’s kind
of douchey at the point is I was making

it was different which now I know I know
it was done there’s no doubt about it I
think that’s a very valid point well
maybe they threw this you know let’s
focus on this let’s

let’s boycott SoulCycle I think they’re
public aren’t they public I have no idea
there that holds that whole part of
society to be yeah I got one more thing

unless you have something else well I
guess some stuff but I think I can move
it I do want to talk about that that

Jessica woman guy Jonathan up in Canada
yes Megan making a mess up there and
they have a bunch of clips about it but
mostly the clips aren’t so much about

her this is the woman who isn’t it she’s
exploiting Canadian law and in Canada if
you say you’re a woman then by law
you’re a woman and even if you’re a
podcaster or a youtuber you can’t deny

that you can actually be penalized yeah
you can be fined or jail yeah so this
Jonathan character who seems to be some

sort of a character and being all caps
he is exploiting the Canadian sister the
Canadian laws and and he seems to be he

just says he’s a woman he said he’s
never taken hormones he doesn’t he puts
the lipstick on and he wears a dress
once in a while but not always and he
says he’s a woman therefore he should be

able to get his because he’s a woman by
his own statement that means his
genitalia are women’s genitalia cuz he’s
a woman and they’re although that’s a

dick and balls and so he is demanding to
be waxed by the various operations in
Canada that do Brazilians by the way in
what you said earlier by saying he that

can get you find in Canada yes this is
true in fact we have the couple lawyers
talking about there but I’m not in
Canada right now and everybody who’s

paid any attention in the New Republic
did a greatly good article on this and
they refer to him as he cuz if that’s
face reality
but the Canadians because he’d
self-identify self-identified not having

just you just say you’re a woman you’re
a woman and so now he’s making a fuss
and suing everybody he already put a
couple of these little salons which are
business out of business and some woman
he even extorted $2,500 from someone to

just get him off his case and so some
legal eagles are all on it and they’re
you know fighting back and what I have a
are clips that discuss the legal

weirdness of Canada in regards to this
character and I’m gonna save those for
some oh no I want to hear them okay I
got him let’s go let’s start with let’s

go with Human Rights decide there’s four
three clips and I’m gonna play them all
now because because he demanded it human
rights discussion this is a very good

clip we’ve got two conflicting ideas of
human rights and two conflicting ideas
of equality and I think it’s the same in
the United States there’s a more

traditional understanding of human
rights which is a classical liberal
approach which is that my my human
rights fundamentally are about my right
to be left alone by government so I can
practice my religion I can say what I

want to say I can associate with whom I
want to associate I can own and enjoy
the fruits of my labor by way of private
property rights so my human rights don’t
really conflict with other people’s

human rights is simply a right to be
left alone by government and that’s also
the older idea of we’re all equal before
the law but there’s not necessarily an
equal outcome because some people are

more talented some people work harder
some people are smarter people make
different choices good choices bad
choices and at the end of the day we’re
not all equal in terms of our our

appearance or how much money we make or
all kinds of other factors so the older
idea was you know free people are not
equal and equal people are not free and

I think that still holds true today but
now the new notion of human rights is it
it’s kind of a change too
human ambitions human demands human

entitlements said you know I I have a
right to to be sold goods and services
and and nobody can turn me down or I I
have a right it’s become an imposition

on other people yeah it’s one thing for
you take the example gender identity
gender expression under the old idea of
human rights the classical liberal idea
every person has the freedom to dress up

whoever they want so if a man wants just
to call himself a woman dress up as a
okay that’s your human right to dress up
as you please but the new human rights
extends to what other people have to

agree with yourself conception and have
to affirm your own beliefs that you
really are a woman and other people have
to treat you like a woman and that’s
that’s a big leap away from the the

traditional understanding of human
rights and are they teaching this in K 1
through 12 oh yeah
absolutely in fact you exhibited a good
quality when you called me out for

calling this guy a him he when he says
he’s a girl I should be now I’m required
by law in Canada you mentioned this
yourself I have to call them a she so
it’s an imposition on me let’s play this

clip this is the huh the this is the
next clip which is the hierarchy of
rights but what’s happened in in recent
decades is you’ve got more and more
conflicts between sexual orientation and
religion like in the United States

you’ve got the the cake decorator cake
Baker saying look I’ll gladly serve gay
and lesbian clients but I’m not going to
participate in a same-sex wedding and

make the cake because that’s contrary to
my religious conviction and the US
Supreme Court ruled in favor of the the
Baker in that case in Canada the courts
would far more likely rule in favor of

the of the customer that was denied the
cake but that is a real conflict there
between somebody wanting I think
legitimately to practice their religion

and live out their faith
versus you know some of the demands and
so there’s always lots of clashes
between the LGBTQ and the religious

freedom are continually in conflict and
nine times out of ten if not nineteen
times out of 20 the court’s ruling on
the LGBTQ side even though they continue

to insist oh there’s no hierarchy of
rights there’s no hierarchy of rights
well the court rulings themselves proved
otherwise there is a hierarchy of rights
and then the last one is just what is

these things gonna happen and this is a
very short clip these cases receive a
lot of publicity whether the Justice
Center is involved or not our arguments

in the Yaniv case is that the Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is
the supreme law of the land which is
superior supreme over any law passed by
any province or by the national

parliament Canadian Charter of Rights
and Freedoms guarantees a right to
Liberty and a right to security of the
person and one of our arguments is that
a woman as part of her security of the

person should not be compelled by law to
wax male genitalia yeah and you know
hopefully the and the tribunal is

required to at least consider that
argument I won’t predict whether they
will accept it or reject it wow this is
what you get when you have a weak
governmental system I guess well if this

is what you get when you listen to
maniacs these the social justice warrior
types are these these Democrats or the
Democrats socialist or any of these

people that have gone out of their way
to corrupt a system in such a way that
common sense doesn’t even come into play
they swimming in Canada these these wax
ologists some of them are called

they may be required to grab this guy’s
balls and then to fondle them and pull
off you know put some some stuff on
there and then wax the guy by law they
were required to do this this is like

this is a perversion and and the
Canadian law is actually encouraging it
is a perverted country you can donate at
Dvorak org /na or you can the Navy it’s

alright to lighten the mood I would
leave us with a joke from a podcast it’s
only one minute but I thought it was a
pretty funny joke and it’s about Los

Angeles in San Francisco this is from
the Bill burr podcast he does a podcast
on Mondays
he’s usually too depressing for me to
listen to but I

I appreciate that he’s doing it and he
has guests on and this is a comedian
Steve Sweeney let me tell you something
you want to look at a portrait of life
right uh-huh

okay so right now here’s my take on Los
Angeles cuz I’ve been here a few times
now this year with this movie but I
lived by the way it’s called Sweeney
killing Sweeney it’s on iTunes and it’s
on Amazon okay

so right now here’s my take on Los
Angeles the camping it’s amazing this is
the greatest place to camp out in the
world because I see everybody’s camping
out wherever you go every sidewalk

there’s somebody’s sleeping right right
you know what I’m saying it’s a great
city to be homeless as far as like the
wallet everybody’s camping out it’s nice
they like the outdoors but and then in
San Francisco I’m at The Improv tonight

so I’m trying out some little material
on you San Francisco I went there and
you know I went to see all the Golden
Gate Bridge and all the sights Telegraph

Avenue but then I said let me When in
Rome right not to as the you know people
that live there didn’t do so I took a
shit on the sidewalk and I gotta tell

you it’s very liberating I thought there
was a good joke was a great buildup yeah
it’s cute

yeah all right everybody whoa the
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